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 aek Fr
Vol,.   I.
Nu. 8
I* i nt
A NI >
, PC
i Brcu
kfust C
llei'kcjnlic Ten, per lb. .50
Braid's licit Ten, per III. .40
Princess Ten, tier ll,. .35
Brouko Bond Ton, tier lb. .35
Pry's fnenn. Iiiill pound tin .25
Cowan's Coenn,   " "   .25
Smith's .lain, 5 lh. pulls,      .75
Afternoon Ten.Iuiu (glass)   .25
See oar Window Display ol
at 25 cents per Bottle
Mlielline Sll I I! m
per lb. .25
Ham, Boiled, per IB.. •*><>
Uncooked Ham, Sliced,
IHT »)., .30
Whole Hum, per lb., .21
Sonictliini! S|K?ciul fnr Afternoon
Tens nnd' Receptions, per lb, .30
3mok  ' Fish and Fii'.'i
in Season.
Chloride of I.imc, 3 tins for .25
B. C. Cream, 20 nz tins,
:• for  .25
Come to US and get
Cash Grocery
We liavc roceiveil direct
from Knglmiil n large
shipment of the  famous
For lVfen
See our
R J. Mcintosh
Local  Items
I-.F.Ctoft,atMoo Studio for photos
County Court Thusdny Nov, 0.
Thanksgiving Monday Oct, 80.
Ashwctl's fnr Hehis Sweet Pickles
and olives in liulk.
0. \V. W-abb was n visitor tu
Vancouvor tliiH week,
I Robt. Cannichael was a passenger
to Vancouvor, "Tuesday.
Fred .Toudry was a Sunday
visitor lo Now   Westminster.
It, A. Henderson wuh 11 business
visitur to Vancouvor this wcok,
Sec whal Chapman offers fur
Christ inns, i" tht' Kri't*  Press,
I Chief of Police Derby is advertising three acres uf land in this Issue,
Mr. aud Mrs.,I. Howe Bout spent
a low *li ys in Vancouver ibis week.
ii. \V. II. Ash well ia un a bust*
noss trip iu Vancouvor this  wcok,
I Chilllwack's new meeting place.
Moot yuur friends tit Ashwell's big
Vuu :ir«- helping to advance Chilliwack when .vuu trade al Ashwell's
big store.
Mm. II. Eekerl ami children
spent iln- week-end witli friends iu
A very attractive program is be-
ing presented at the Lyric Theatre
this week.
Tea will bo served at Ashwell's
dig -tun*. Friday and Saturday from
3 tn 5.80 p.m.
Women's and girl's mats at give-
way prices. Henderson quits busi-
ncss Saturday.
Hendersnit's doors closes forever
next Saturday. Merchandise literally K-vrit away.
A. M. MeKclvie, of the Opera
House, was a visitor to the Terminal City, Tuesday.
After the doors close forcv r don't
rsgrot you missed th»* lost day... f
Henderson   sale.
"K." shoes for men and buys are
featured by It. J. Mcintosh in the
Free Press to-day.
The four foot concrete crossing
which is being laid across Westminster street at Main street, will
lie a great improvement. We ho|>e
to see many more in the near future.
Ladies rest room at Ashwell's big
store, at rear nf Pry Goods department, is now open.
Chas. Ken-and family havo moved
onto tint ranch recently purchased
from J. T. Maynard.
Meet mo at Henderson's next
Friday or Saturday you'll find me
at the bargain counter,
If ynu want to lie well informed
take a paper: even a paper of pins
will give you some points.
dipt, and Mrs. Milne, ol Vancouver, have been spending a few
days in the valley tills week,
You can gel a good dunr cheap at
tho Chilliwack Planing Mills. For
price sec tho tulvt. on page 6.
Miss Olive Wondwnrth uf the Post
Oftlco stalT, was in the Royal City
from Saturday until  Monday.
It. S, McCabe, nf the Cily Restaurant has sold uut tu Wuug Luck,
a Chinaman from Westminster,
Millinery renovated*, also new hats
supplied; latest styles; moderate
prices.  Apply Crooin, Mary Street.
Standard books, -KK1 of them, are
advertised by II. .1. Barber, the
druggist and stationer   this   week.
The Chilliwuek Candy Kitchen is
serving various and delieiuus hot
drinks,   The list Includes the best.
James Burton, nf Denmark &
Burton hardware merchants, spout
Monday in Vancouver on business.
Front room for rent, suitable for
two gentlemen, lioardand residence
given.   Apply ('room, Mary street,
Invitations have been issued for a
Halloween dance to be given in the
Opera House on Tuesday evening
W. S. Wilson left on Sunday
on a business trip to Princeton,
where he has interests. Good luck
Mi*?s Clndys Kipp, of the Burrard
Sanitarium, Vancouver, spent a few
days with her parents in the city
last week.
D. K. Munn, local manager for
P J. liar* & Co., spent the week*
-ami 'n W*tttain$ter ami Vaneouvei
on business.
Smith's Bakery have something
to gay about the price and quality
of Purity flour Ibis week that will
Interest you.
The twelfth annual convention of
the B C. Sunday School Association
1 is being held at Westminster yester-
Jday and to-day.
The Gilliert Co. has a speeiiil removal sale announcement in the
Free Pree to-day. Look up the
bargains offered.
Remember Henderson's going-out
of business sale ends Saturday Oct,
*28. Bargains for everyone. Come
curly if you can.
Mrs. Claude Hill and daughter,
of Hum a by, spe'it Friday aud Saturday witli her cousin, Mrs. N. S.
McKcnzie, Cioro avenue.
House-cleaningtime is here again
and W. It. Stevenson the Valley
Painter and his staff of workmen
are kept busy papering, tinting etc.
Canada has declared war ou
Turkey. The ranks of the latter
will 1h*. sadly depleted after tin-
engagement scheduled for Monday
.1. K. Parker, of East Chilliwack,
will shortly commence the erection
of a new borne two miles east of the
city. Contractor Callieck has the jub.
Monday Oct. .'10 being Thanksgiving Day and a Statutory holiday,
Ihe Pust Office will be closed. The
wicket will be open from $. a.m. to
9. a.m.
W. R. Nelems, real estate agent,
sold last week, lot 2 in block 25,
First avenue, to TI103. Hardy, of
Vancouver. The owner was Samuel
L. Carson.
The I. D. Smith Co. will see that
everyone who comes to Hendersun's
last-three-days-it.-busines-ssalc gets
two dollars worth for every dollar
they spend.
The restaurant and fruit store
that has been doing business in the
Irwin block for the past few months
has been closed out. Failure to pay
tent was the cause.
Matt Robertson left on Friday for
Winnipeg where he will take a
course in the Manitoba Agricultural
College. Matt has been a clerk in
Ashwell's   departmental store.
G. R. Ashwell & Son have a half
page advt. on page eight, of the Free
Press to-day, in whieh you will
find many items of interest to thc
frugal buyer of the lines carried by
this fine store.
Bent A Goodland have sold to
Mr. Creelman, of Cloverdale. the
Cusack property nn South Humas
road. Mr. Creelman will take possession in time to prepare for next
next year's work.
The Free Press is not the only
paper that believes in boosting the
hometown. The Cumberland Islander remarks that it is "pleased to say
that thc town lock-up is comparatively comfortable."
A special meeting uf the City
Council was held oil Tuesday evening in the Clerk's office, all tho
members being present,
A letter was read Dr. Pagan of
the Provincial Health Department Wostmii
stating that lie had received ;i colli-
munlcttticn frum Chilliwack making complain! of an unsanitary
condition uf a septic lank in centre
uf city, ami asking the Council tu
write him as to what the Board "I
A Big Match Industry'
DominionJNatch Company of Westminster Will
Erect Big Factory. Deroooslratioa of New
Process in Old Irwin Store.
Matches manufactured at   New
iter ami un the market in |
Beginning   on   M lay uf   this
tek a change in the mall service
went into effect. The mails are
now made up fnr the east and west
at 7.80 a.m. and o p.m. The incoming mails arrive at 12.15 p.m.
land 9.16 p.m., as formerly. The
change in th.;  outgoing mail from
... ...       .. i ., i i twolve o'clock to five o'clock allows
six months is ono of tho new novol-      ., ,-     ,   . ,. .   . ■   .,
 cm. . of .1,.' Pacific coast,   A l»»'": '"'" r£lc"»™ ''""T"'1'"   '«
site litis tan scoured,'plans aro l'>fa*r?ail
course of preparation and construction work is expected to start in it;    Nelson, Oct. 'JL—Parties of men
,.  u. ...   ,, i fow days.     The now concern is and boys are scouring the mountains
Health was  doing In the  matter. Ul,own utJ t|10 r>utuinton Match Co., |n the vicinity of Rooslnnd in search
instructed in ^i*-1--' Limited,   of   New    Westminster, of Mias Maude Bruce, sinter of Mr.
Messrs. H. Proctor and F. M. Blake,j Leslie Bruce, principal <>t the Ross-
representing the company, are in |land Public School,  who went out
The Clerk was Instructed tu
that the Board  uf Health
tending to the matter, and
Dr. Fogan fur a copy of the letter
referred to.
A loiter from City Solicitor
Bowes revealed the fact that owing
to a discrepancy in the advertising
of the money by-laws voted on and
carried last April, tho purchasers of
the debentures, whieh latter are always purchased subject to approval I'vain.."'^
of the buyer's solicitors, refused t *
fulfil their  contract,   The   May
Chilliwack ami have secured thoialone
IL A, Irwin store, nn Westminster Inton
street, where free demonstrations been
will be given uf the Parlor process that
jf match manufacture, which will whu
on Sunday with the avowed
ion uf hunting. >!,•■ has i-■ «t
neon nor beard "f since noon
lay.    Ai t n   Mi-   Bruce,
s a   ncl 1 te;i'.-l.--r, was seen
and the local member, Mr
had interviewed the Govern men!
with a view to having a public bill
passed validating the By-law as il
stands, but in this they were unsuccessful. The only alternative is
to submit the matter to the ratepayers in the form of a now by-law,
which will be dune at tin early dale.
be used by the new company. Isume miles ..tl in the mountains by
Mr. W. II. Parker, whu is tho Mr. Charles Williams,   who uked
Superintendent of the Pacific Coast her if site   wen-  about tn   return
and for nineteen years home.   Sl..- replied th.tt   she   was
n experienced match maker, was "going farther yet."   That is the
I the mn ny inventors to work | last heard of iln   missing ^iri. and
J. . '?.'.' ;*d"ng this line.   After a great many
ill yesterda,
-^^—f. nd   [i tu ,i Lite hour
years of patient toil, and at an j hist night -..mi. parties trailed
enormous expense to himself and mile after mile ovei • ickly-wooded
friends, he finally succeeded in per- mountains withoi • ti dingany trace
feeling a match cutter that is ad-1 of her. [Miss Bruc- - kao*n to
apted to tlio use of any kind of tlm- many in Chilliv ,* uught
ber that Till make matches, sueh as a department i -....,
fir, spruce, hemlock, bass wood, as-1 for six months ■. ■ .4.
pen, I In wood, poplar, alder, etc., 1—Editor, j     Ln   — -t-
■ which can bo obtained nt a fraction from cold and h   „■ ■■■••
A young man hailing from San-L* ih0 COst of white cork pine, and after sixty ho
eouver  ami   giving   his  name   as .1(,rfurm;, ihe work automatically, elements, found her M01
Scott was the object of considerable j w|.|c|. jlftg heretofore been largely; day night to tli.* \-I*,m      ■   1
"" "I:"~    '""     IM "     done   liy   hand,   thereby   meeting she ws  supplied   ■ ti       ••■    1 -■
every requirement  of  the   match warmth by Watebi  ■    -
manufacturer.   To give an idea of later taken to mra*.
tlio originaiity of our machine, ilthaek.   She is n. 1 ■■•  t
might bo of interest to you to know a physicians, *■ •    ■■■ ..-■     m
thai nur patents were passed upon , will be some weeks   • ■ •    --
by the United States Patent Office, covers from the tert   ■    Pinal
ami completed within two week***,'	
without a single  reference tu any j
other patent over granted. I    W"'    ,"'^"p::'' ":
Millions of dollars have l>een spent to Mr. and Mrs - Pugh. -.san
in trying to perfect a machine that *    Born—In C^ilBwack   n    1 ■•■
would cut match sticks from the[24, to Mr. ami Jtrs. A   S    ■ idut
cheap wood, ami at the same time,  wn( ;l J|(J1
eliminate the great amount of ex- j
ponso   of  hand   labor   heretofore     Bom—OniThumlay, Octobar *itf,
searching during Thursday aud
Friday of last week. Ho put up al
the Harrisonliouse and in company
with another boarder set out to hunt
last Thursday. The two men
separated ami that was the last
heard of Scott. It being supposed
thnt he had got lost or met with
some accident, diligent search was
made for him Thursday night ami
Friday. As the circumstances became more fully known and his
movements traced by K. F. Robert's
bloodhound, it became evident that
the erstwhile hunter had vamoosed
taking the train al Sumas for parts
unknown. His debts and worthless
cheeks discovered since furnish
reason of Ins quiet but earnest desire
lo leave Cliilliwnck, without harassing the tender feeling:
by going away iu the present-
any of them.
necessary. The match manufacturer! to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Satuar, Yu«
equipped with such a machine would road, a son.
bo in a position  to manufacture
..    . .matches for at least one-third less,    Walt  Paper.   WaH Pip-
I rnencts t|iau U)M*,or ,iny ot|It.r process, and paper— HciwMrJewring   anra
therefore, drive all competitors out here again.   We it
■ I of the field
On Monday afternoon, Mrs. Clor- The patents aro owned and con-
don, secretary and Mrs. Roberta, trolled by tho Dominion Match Go,,
convenor, of the Home commlttco Umlted, with head offices at 6 and7
of the Aid -Society, took a pleasant Canadian Bunk nf Commerce lll.lg.,
drive through the valley in Ihe in- New Westminster, B.C. A large,
terests of tho Children's Hume In j fireproof plant will soon be in opcrn-
rV ui
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ '.argil
assortment on band vueu wttjatoA
reduco in order m make   nom Sn
our new stock     A    ruction  if S)
per cent on all vili paper :i me
store, tin- \ 1.'.■•• Pain! uul ■ t-i
Paper House
Opera House One Night
Wednesday Nov. 1st
And His Excellent
\V. II. Ntov.'iin.ii tlif Vnlloy I'uiii
lor will not k.'i'p yon waiting to
liuvi' your iiiipi'i' liungiiit; tlono as
hi' Imi 11 staff of first-class work-
::',:.' •'■.•••i\W'
"The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer"
50      PEOPLE      50
Prices:    $1.50   -   $1.00   -   50c.
Scats on Sale ot ALF. WHITE'S MUSIC STORE.
lion on the Fraser river, where the
raw material can be tlnated to within 'Jfi feet of the saws, and when-
deep water vessels can be loaded with
the finished article for any part of
the world; with a side-track Into
the factory where cars can lie loaded
for interior shipment.
it has lieen trulv said that more
money lias beeu lost by the timidity
of men iu not grasping opportunities when  presented, than in had
speculation.     Another great truth
is that "one gtx-d  investment is
worth a lifetime of labor.n   Any
man the age of 40 years can recite |
numerous instances uf fortune he
could have made had he accepted
the opportunity  when   presented.
We are presenting au opportunity
to you, now, for the first time, of
getting into one uf the most profitable Industries in the world today,
with   possibilities  uf   exceedingly j
large dividends only limited by the i1
capacity.   This is not a speculation t
nut au invesmout of your capital in f
an established business.   Vou must
act at once if VOU wish to secure a
block uf this stock at the present iZ
price, $7.60 (par value 110.00,) for it
the enthusiasm shown hy the men If
with mono) to invest proves to us
'   it the  limited amount nf stuck
at this price will soon l>c exhausted.
Dominion   Match  COMPANY,   Lth.
il. pitocTOK F. M, BLAKE
Vancouver. It is the wish of the
committee to arrange for a carload
nf fruit and vegetables from this
district and the generous response
of the farmers who were interviewed
Speaks well fur tho success of the
effort. There are at present 128
children in the homo ami as the
society is largely dependent upon
the public fur BUpport it is to be
hoped that everyone will try to help
the cause in some way. Contributions of clothes, vegetables, money
or in fact anything is acceptable as
it all works in somewhere in the
caring for of this large family.
The committee wish to thank all
who BO generously helped and regret that they only had so short a
time in tho valley and were not able
to call on all. But if anyone feels
inclined to help in this cause kindly
drop a card or phone to Win. Beer
at the B. 0. Klectric station and he
will ece that the donations are collected witli the rest. Tho collecting
wagon will l-e aiuutul the first ol
the week, so please help the little
ones if you can. The ladies of the
eumnuttcc expressed a wish tn visit
tho valley at some future date as
they were delighted with the drive
aim the crops thoy saw along the
Max Dill, who is the greatest nf
laugh-makers to the people of
America, is rolling up a merry
triumph iu the "Hich Mr. Hoggenheimer," which he brings to Chilliwack opera House ou Wednesday,
November 1, Max Dill is funnier
than he ever was in his present
"Hoggenheimer" rolo. A series of
extremely comic adventures have
been provided for him and bright
lines and good joke; are also his
portion.    For nearly three hours he
keeps his audience in roars of laughter. Perhaps thero never has been
a more hilarious bcenc on the slagc
tlum that in which Dill impersonates a rlvorcabman and is surprised
into undertaking the Joy of driving
Ins own wife tn '28 Bkfdoo street."
The scene is irresistible and it is notlmont
possible to describe how tbe audi- The unknown comet whicli
encos almost fall off their seats while trunumeis have been watching for j J
it is going on. Bock of Mr. Dill tslsomolimo past ond endeavoring to •
'a great, big, musical show wiih Identify may now bo seen by dwel- X
plenty of pretty girls, clever boya lent on the Pacific coast who have •
aud an abundance of tuneful songs, (sufficient curiosity nboul it to rise
The most popular uf these song hits I at 1,90 iu the ruing and look for
are: Daffy Dill, MIm Pah* Pink It in the Eastern slur. It will W
Pan sol, Little Old America for Mo-, lobservcd on n parallel with the
I'm in Vaudeville, Bye and Bye, moon, with the tail pointing up-
I've a Garden in Sweden, Bug P.v'n* ward. Local early rlsors had a good
Serenade, cive O'clock Tea, I'm view uf lite comet on Saturday
Glad I am a Boy, and others. morning.    Il wu** worth seeing.
A t Chapman 'i Studio
for Christmas
Pi nt - ' raj as, Bn mides,
Frames, M aid ags md
Matt* Camerai, ft r 'a..*
ami renl *■*■" land
Cameras bought ami -• d
Supplies, films, 0.a.-. Ofl
and developing bt ima*-
teurs. Post cards and fiewe
of Chilli-crack sold Tben
3D.    Open rrnninini
Messrs A. K, Stevens and II. L.
Legge with fifteen men an- lioring
for coal on Sumas mountain. They
have now gone down considerable
distance and hnve every indication
of getting thc desired black
diamond.*—AbU.tsford Post.
The Chilliwack St. Ardrew | ami
Caledonian  Society   is   completing ♦
arraiigements fur a  Scotch conceit;j
to be given in  thc   near future,
First.class singers  from   (he COOStix
assisted by local talent will furnish jf
the program.      The beat Scotch
dancers of the const will also be
present. Watch for later announce*
1 JUST arrived!
cl fr.'iii England
Standard Fictli
Favorite I.i
Favorlto I.i
PoeU, etc.
Druggist and
Stationer —■ ■■,. — .,„■ .,, —
* if Low ot LlttU Thomai Crouse ol
Westminster Tot? nthip In AprU,
1632 It One of the Talcs That Ari
All Too Common In the Records ol
the Heroic Men Who Built Up
Toronto—Younger  Ltd Wae Saved
The livea ol Uiu early pioneers of
Ontario,   il   Uu-y  could  bt*   hilly  tol-i
would oot i tat ii romance, tragedy ami
luiih.is such un iu tlm hand* uf an
able writer would UU volumes. Man)
of Uu- moat pnthotto stories wlitcit
■till linger around tlm concession
lines in rural Otrtar*> will booh pair
iWOy   Hlld   bu   tin   mora   unless   bo tut
organization in formed to insure Iheli
being gathered together mid placed iu
book form Ior Uie future goueratloui
to   read.
in tin- Township of Westminster,
Middlesex County, wtth ita northern
boundary on the River Thames, there
are many authentic stories ol the
pioneers of ', iu district which deserve
io bu told to succeeding generation
H only to inspire them with the same
feeling of brotherhood, heroic eooragj
and persoverahoo which distinguished
these early settlers, There huve* beeu
lliree st-parate surveys of the township, On the first and second cun
cessions, running parallel to the river,
the lota ure a mile aud a quarter iu
length. Tile second survey, wllicn
was made along the west -id.- of th.
township, ahii..m at right angles witli
the first, gave concessions two and a
hull mill's wide. This is kuown a*
the North Street survey, and the roml
which runs through it is purt ol tin*
old Talbot rood of Elgin County
Tne remainder ol the township waa
surveyed several years after the se
cond, and the concessions are live
sixths of a mile wide. Iu const-
quence ol this variety of surveys a
map of the township looks something;'
like a section ol a crazy patchwork
Digman's Creek runs across the
towuahip from east to v.-.tt, crossing
aud reorossing some of the concessions nearly a dozen times, und close,
to this creek occurred one of tilt"
most pathetic incidents associated
with the early settlers of the town
ship. Here lived a family named
Crou-ie. about three-quarters of a
mile smith of the second concession
but at the time when they settled in
the locality there were no road-
simply old ludinn trails and the foot
paths mi !e by the incoming settlers
On the 4th of April. 1832. two hub-
boys, members of the Crouse family.
which. by the Way, was a large one
wandered away Irom home mid w.-r-
lost in the woods. Thomas, the elder
of the two, was nearly five years,
and Nelson, the younger, barely three
years of age. As soon as it was real-
tied that the children were lost the
signal was sent around and the set*.
tiers, though few ami widely scattered, came From nil directions in au
■•ver to the frantic calls of thu parent*
lor help to search lor tlieir missing
The blessed feeling of brotherhood
which was such n striking character
iatic of the early settlors never showed
itself umre strongly than when ior
row or trouble fell ou any family, and
work waa abaudutied, homes left with
one   to  car.-   for   them,   while  old
unto tne si,uu was Unit of a little
child, there was iiltsohltely nothing t'i
tliow   llmt   n   wus   thnt   of   tliu   boy
The Crouse family a few years after
this inovjd to another farm on tlm
fir-i concession of lho same township,
uud thai prnperty is still iu lh» hiind-
of descendants of Mr. und Mr-.
•'.'rouse, lliu boy Nelson who wu-
found beenme a skillful millwright
and died two yours ago near Strath-
roy nt the age of 80. He was very
highly esteemed by all whu know him
Isaac' Grouse, an older brother of the
lost children, soil lives in ihe ctt>
ot London, il.- was a successful
bridge-builder, and many of the
i.i'.dges in the County of Middlosei
oid elsewhere bear tesliinony to the
excellence  of  his  work.    He.   li
very hlglily esteemed. -T. o- in Saturday Globe.
A P.rli,
i. Goat.
Somotimo, it i
Tlmrii is   fnr Inn
I la nl |ii'raiiiiaimi i
ll   t
I..  I,,'  Ihe linal
'i'.  nn  ainiiiiil nt
:„■  Tnriilllii   .l.iek
vnr.ls.   nllo   iluil
which is pruvi'ibi
kiai.t.   Hv miaou
worthy ol Hi,' in
V     ,
ol i
■seniles   the   t	
■ in .tore l,ir llii
il. duplicity hei
i.i  JuJm.      lit
reuai.li nl In- pin
ho  tins  linen .In
.1  nothing  worn
uuin Jerry.   Ami
tie '  uj, lu Iii- na
tlmiiith  In- Might
Al  the  sliek   y
are  uut   II'eling,
very oldest inlinl
leiiiinli doe, n,i
II,. is nol sad
'   where  career,
ry U one ot ihe
its.   His pnlrinr
chill beuril 1 1-
ln Ins ;ij |,..|ira:u'i'
. »'l
touch   il illgnilv
ueli al once (jive,
him a standing  with  Impressionable
new arrivals.
But. as the French sny. "Reveiiotu*
a tins inoutotiv" Of tht.1 "nioulon*1
Jerry coiialitutes hlinsell the leader
and, incidentally, the betrayer. Tin*
sheep as is natural under such cir
cumstances, are ruiln-r (lurried. They
show a tendency to disperse them
selves over the laud-cape in a way
which is trying lo tlieir guardians
That is where Jerry earns his iitimuu
ity front slaughter. He is trained b
inix with the strangers on the most
friendly terms. He is the shaggy per
soul(ication of the chairman of a civic
reception committee. But just whet*
fie is the centre ef attraction, one o'
the -lock men culls his name, Hu re-
spends with an Obedience horn of long
custom and the knowledge that lew-ill be -imply repaid, The sheep follow him in tin ndmirtrg phalanx. 'Ti.*
done. He leads them to their destruction an.l th.-n forsakes tin-in. Man's
wisdom spares Jerry iu order that he
may do iin- trick again, aud again
and again; and then some more. Duy
after day he betrays his followers to
tlieir late. The sheep are separated
from the goal, hut it is the goat which
goes free.-Toronto Star.
Westminster Hall, Where His Challenge Used to Be Uttered.
Wostiulnster halt, In London, was
built originally by King William Ru-
file (lOfiO UOOt nnd iraditlou guCN thnt
thu oak of li- i-elliugy was brought
from the forest oi Shillelagh. In Ire- j
laud, Umber which possessed peculiar
properties rendering It hateful lo spiders and Ihelr webs. Richard 11
transformed the hall. Leaving the old
walls aiu tiding, hi* buttressed litem
strongly nnd raised over them the
mtlglllflceut roof of onk Which Is sllll
extant uud intnet It Is iiluety-iwo
feet high, The length of the hull Is
■JIM) feet. Its breadth sixty-eight feet,
lt was large enougb for mounted men
to enter lu order to ctiulleuge uuy who
would dispute the rights of the king,
a ceremony Unit le quaintly described
as follows on (he occasion of the coro
nation or Ilk'hard ill mid Queen Amu*
In 1483;
"In tlio iifternoone the King nntl
Quccno entered the hall, nnd ilm King
stitu In thu in Idle, uud ye Ouecno on ye
left side of the table, und ou every
side of her stuodu a Cuimtesse, bold
lug a cloth of I'lettstitiee when she
listed for to drink And on the right
hutiil of yo King ante ye Arch bis hup
of Canterbury, The ludyc* sate all on
one side In ye mitlle of the hall, uud
nt lho table against them sate the
Chancellor nud all the Lords, And nt
(bo table DOXt Ihe cupboard sale ye
Mayor of London. • • • At the sec
otld course ciiuh* luto ye hull Sr (tot)
crt Dluimoek. the King's Champion,
making ['rocluHindoo ilint whoever
would say that King Richard wns not
lawful! King, he would fight with him
at tho utterance, aud threw down his
gauutlett, and then all the hall cryed
! King Richard
J    "And then one brought blm a eupp
of  wine covered,  nud  when  he  hnd
^ drunlt he cast out thu dilulte and do
j parted with the rupp.  • • •  At tbe
end of tbe dinner the Mayor of Lon
'■ don served iln* King ami Querne with
■Wceto whu*. nnd hnd of each of ihein
| a cupp of gold und u cover of gold,
; And hy that time thai nil wus done. It
l was darke nighte, uud so ihe King re-
i turned to MU chamber, and every man
' to his lodging"
! Tbe last time that the halt wns tbe
, scene of the challenge of tbe king's
i cbampkm was at tbe coronutlou of
| Ueorge IV.
A   Good   Returt.
Dr. Rutherfo'd. Live Stock Commls*
lioner Ior Canada, who used to be in
|n litlcs, got back neatly at a m. tuber
uf Parliament, a short time ago,
Tin- doctor was under examination
iu tin- agricultural committee, and in
speaking oi Canadian cuttle he produced an old photograph which he
-tai.d he had obtained In the Province
ol Quebec. II - said that lie had found
it i*n tin- ham of a farmer, aud In*
tmil.ngty related how. by a little care>
tul manipulation he hat) managed to
carry il away with him.
H. II. Miller, lie- member for Boutl
Grey, thought he saw a chance tu
take a fall out ul the doctor, so lie
interrupted with the comment, "I
hope you lefl the bam. docti
Yes," said Dr. Rutherford,
lee, I've been out of politics tor
years,"—Canadian Courier,
and young gathered and formul them
selves into search  partiei to* look In:  l	
the    boya.    The    gathering    Included ' Wireless Achievement,
men from as far away as Barilla, \ Another remarkable stride iu the de-
Chatham, nnd even Windsor ou th-- velopment of wireless telegraphy ha-
WeBt, and oil the east from polntf been made by Ihe recent sending of a
Utility n lies distant, for the news I message from the Marconi station .it
was carried from log cabin to hit- | Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, direct to tin-
cabin. All came on loot, foi il the*. ! Eiffel Tower. Paris, France, and it.*
had brought conveyances they would {re-transmisslon from there to the ita*
bay* been useless in the forest. At j tiou at Dakar, on the coast of French
that tin.*, howev.-r. horses were tea
and the beast ol burden was the. slow
but useful ox. Every inch ol tin-
ground within easy distance of ttie
home was searched, but no trace ol
the missing children found. The party'
W.-st  Africa.    The  message was  received  at  Dakar  within  one hour  jl
the tune ii was cent from Glace Buy.
The apparatus at the Mar coin sta
tion there js now. one of the most cum
plete ..I tiny of tin Marconi Company's
then divided itself  Into sections and I stations, end tiie   >ower Ior the transformed a long line foi the purpose of  mission  uf  wireless  waves  is  being
closely searching farther away from
the Crouse home. A nutiibei of tinmen stationed throughout these long
lines had guns or the useful dinner)
horn, and the system ol signalling
■was  arranged so that  if the children
added to wheuevt-t  necessary.
A 300-Mile  River.
.   A new Canadian liver, at least 300
miles long,  has just beeu discovered
«re"t>unT'i't c"ouid"bI' made""."!,'.'.''.; ,""IJ, Wf1™,,!. ^•.■"'T'llH'?1. 1,1
•lot..- the wholt Mt«nl ol Ihe .caret, i, '' '" 'h," tlllu| Lrow  llrvcr. a III'
Tl.    .n.    -     , S!S ,l   -k"„ 1300 Hides up it   n a gasoline launch.
Thomas, a distance of about seven T)l, ..-.-.p. :. „,.,,,?„i..,...i ,..„.. ,.„,,*
miles, not a Stick of timber had been - T,,c *Vm& riSSSthiKCfc°S
cut. and this was the district it was ' ' tl,1,lv J *'lL*J°/«? 155 \m\\£
agreed to sweep.    Hearing one of the    JjiH S?S S . M Id ,1 ft
many curv.-s ol Digman's Creek lat-* ,,u*;■»»«**»«'»'*' "'«■<.« "d'" • »jtor
In the evening, a Mr. Patrick found "»'« l0 ,lltf *[? J r0,*v*"-, Th« %>*
the younger boy, Nelson, seated on a   WplM is a tributary  ol  the  iukou
log, crying and almost perished with   "iver. ^
the   cold., for   the   twu   children   had
fniie away barefooted.   As Well as thu
ittle lad could till, he explained tlmt
I        Ball With the Walt ef a Child.
A gueerly shaped gong which occu-
i plea a position ot honor lu the center
, of tbe cily of Seoul, Korea. Is suid to
he oue of the largest lu ibe world and
> Is called "the bell wllh the wall of a
child lu Its voice." When first cast
the  bell   sounded   wlib   a   harsh   and
i cracked note, and the auiierstlthma .-tn
1 peror. fcuriug au 111 omen, consulted
with his magicians.   These gentlemen
' held a long confab and finally staled
that the hell would never sound rluht
until n live child was given lo It. The
mass waa then  melted ngttln. and a
' live tin by wiih thrown Into the molten
metaL The wall of npony uttered hy
the  Utile  tot as  the  bronze cnctllfcd
1 It seemed to be repealed every time
tho   bell   wan   tolled,   nnd   todaj   the
- Korean*, still clntm that the wait of a
child can be beard ln tbe voice of the
But She Wasn't Satisfied.
Lady .L-kyll. who was fotid of putting herself nnd olhers with such ques
(Ions as hiid lieen eoinui.ii enough n
generation before Iter, In lite days of
the "Athenian Oracle." asked William
Whlston of berimed oamp and eccentric memory, one duy ut her htHhnnd'i
table, to moire " dlfllcilty which occurred to her In Ibe Mosaic account
of the creation
"Sin. e It plea-ii'd Cod. air." ahe snld.
"to create iho woman out of the mnn.
why did he form her mu nf ihe rib
rather than nny other pnrtV"
Whlstoo r-cratrhed hU head and answered: "Indeed, madnm. I do not
know, unless It be that thc rib li tbe
most crooked part of the hndy."
"There." ber husband snld. "you
bare It uow! I hope you are eatlsfled."
—Bout bey's Doctor.
titer had gone in search ol wild outoiie,
and ibut he, being unable to keep up
with his brother, decided to wait then-
while Thomas went farther utVld.
Mr. Patrick heard the older boy
call back two or three times w.u.U
of encouragement to hie little brother.
Tht signal wui sent uut t,.at ona of
the children had been fouud, and al
most everyone bit sure that tin n
would bo no difficulty lu locating
Thomas, lor he could not be very far
away, seeing that he had been heard
shouting lo Nelson. Bui although ii>
search waa cofttimnd all that night;
and the neii day. aud tor MVeral dlfl i
after Thou i was never found, I
What btcaOII "f hla was Qevsr even
known for certainty, Home wougnt
that the .'uar of stranger* whieh char
actirixed all the children ol the earl)
■pioneers- Ior th. v seldom law -trang
en—had inuucud Tommy lo hide m
■ome place, Slfd in thai hiding he had
probably perished. Other thought thu:
iorne wandering Irtbe ol Indians had
tarried hllfl away, but. whatever tin
(■tu ol the lad was, no trace ol iniu
wae ever found from that day to this.
The marks ol his little feet were .■■*.
Ily traceable on the opposite bank
from where NuNon was louud on Dig
•leift Creek, at the point where be
rll.nhed up out ol the wet-r liter
rmislitg the creek, but that wae ill
ihnt indicated even the direction tl*
hnd  taken. ..
ll tea- almost a week before the
search was finally abandoned, and lor
a long while alter the father still he-
lieved that h.i boy niilivi l-Jtt*
forest. While at work £? «n■■</;"m'''
imagined he heard the child call hini.
«nd WOO! I leave whatever lie was doing, speed away to the LW«t and
ipend sometimes two W three day*
in the vain search lor nl* lan.
At the following Chrlst-iia* lim-
John Lee, a neighbor, ound a 1. tb-
akull in the woods, and this iwmed
to somewhat satisfy the lather. II**
had the skull burled In the graveyard
at Pond Mills, but. beyond the last
Montreal   Values.
Taxable properly in Montreal pos-
a valui  <*l  -WHi.ts-i.isNi, ru-cord-
ing to a special report prepared ader
thu elVlO assessor! had completed
their annual amendment* to the Mis
This represents an advance ol $"0.000,.
m-' Mute Ust >■■«! in taxable property,
Thm Increase ha- been largely due t..
the bul mat ilia city ha* decided t>>
tax properly In the harbor ot M.mt
real and has idded iwi.oim.ooo lo it. ■
list  as  representing  the  anseasabu
valuer1 Iu th.- pltipOllj between lh-
fa.vimeut wall J*'-<1 Uie M   I,awr«oc«.
The Re*ort Ssreastle.
I    "Thnt new family next door borrowed our ax again this morning." bis
. wife told Jones.
"Well, «Iiv did you lend It to tbem,"
be complained.
"How oould I help tt7"
"Vou mltzht hnve given tbem aome
kind of nn excuse."
Mrs. .biiiet waied snreastlc.
"Yes." she snapped, "1 might have
; told them that you were going to use
It-or   aome   oilier   cruzy.   Impossible
I lulng."~Youugsiown 'ivicgram.
A Hospital Nuree'e Hands.
Aa an ctumpU- of ididciuark* hnre
you ever lioll.nl Ihe hands of tbe hospital QUfsel 'I he soft whin, hand
whieh in thil.aii Is iK.iipl.il In cooling
f.'ti-reil bii>WK..Io.'*t n-.i result nml ctiuhl
not. It Ih n skilled tiaml. but lis work
Ui*km 11 rmi-jn und chapped, 'lr>
bulbing your band* in dUlnfcrtaobi
twenty lliu.-. 11 Uny and you will tiinl
Hint. l.H.k afler Ih.-iu as fOD may. thej
will soon he seuuied wuh tracks.
Wblcb an ciihi mini often turns to
lilee-llng cuts. Ami as they are work
ed hard for some twelve or thlrieen
hours ri d-iy  Un* nurse lake", n r-oine
what larger ibte in iloree than nmst
women. If you ever see the photo
grnpli of n bnspllfll iiii-nl* you may oh
serve that she pieh-rs to heep those
liondi in hiiil her uucit.- ly.nd .nt/tuou
Leelng the World.
A new light 011 the servant question
In Rngland la shed by Mlsi l-oaii* tn
h.-r book, "The Common Uruwth." "I
l*ked," she nf$, "one capable, ileadj
servant of live or s:x and tWctll)  «hy
she changed places eeery year and by
what curious chance her ml stresses all
lived -,, Ur tt  one another She replied frankly, 'I lov* to see the world,
siel '.■ ihe only way I can sfford te
The Ignorant Patriot.
A very raw mrult wns being put
Ihroucb nu examination In geography
wherein hv prowd himself nsionlsblng-
ly Ignorant. Al Inst, afler a failure
on his part of unusual flngrunce. Ihe
examiner scowled nt blm and thunder
•Idiot, j nu want lo defend your
country tn.d you don't «rvu kuuw
where II Is!"
/il Up With Him.
"Ton bnd a h ,.'. old time In Hu
"Ves." replied 'he relumed tourist:
"I had. I tins done up al Monte Car
lo. helil up In the Apclililuca und laid
up In Itoine."
Her Ability.
"Are you nhle 10 keep your eervnnta
nny length of timer
,    "Is-t mo mo    I've bnd my husband
Nit yenrs."-Ki. I...11N I'ust Hbpnlch.
Keep tour heart high    That 1* tbe
sum of philosophy -Cousin.
Ledy Qodiva'e Coslume.
The rued quesll in ol how lh* principal character should be dressed iu
the I.n.ly fJodlva proeessioti at Coventry, tor tie- coronation oelebrallonsi
was lottted In favi.r ol the rcprcsenta-
lion as carr.ed out Im-ally in the
, Inst  coronation   program,   The lady
. then npjieaiitl In silk fleshing! with
a gau/..' cape carried under the lelt
anil to the right shoulder aud a long,
flowing n, .: ,-,.veriug the grealei purt
I nl her figure.  Other suggestion* «<•**
! lhat the chnrnrter should he represent-
, .-I as a Mercian countesa or that ths
ilady and her attendants ih.uld be
1 children. ' I
Fine OU Stone Church Near St. Andrew's Locks Was Built About Six*
ty.Two Yean Ago By the Selkirk
Pioneers—Rev. John West Was Its
First Minister and Some Are Alive
Who Remember Its First Service,
"I hear the tread of pioneers,
Uf nations yet to be.
The first low wueh of waves, where
S.i.ji shall lull a human aea."
We will soon be celebrating iu Canada west the centenary of the landing
on the bunks of tho Red River ul the
tlrst of tin- Selkirk pioneers, says Our-
ahl Wade in The Globe.
The  portion  of  what  is known  as
the  Province  ol   Manitoba  was  lirst
settled by  Lord Selkirk iu IbTH.    In
I a country   where  historical   records
and memorials are all tou scarce, as
in tho west, whieh is practically de-
void of any marks ol appreciation of
those who did su much for Hub couutry, it is to b,> hoped that the coming
"Selkirk Cetiteuii.ul" will bu marked
by a luitubla memorial to the founder
j ul the "Ited Rlvoi Colony."    He was
' a pioneer Imperialist and one of the
I lirst advocates of ICmpirc-buildiug by
: colonization.
It was iu the autumn of HI- when
this kind-hearted Scotchman's first
party ol Highlanders reached "The
lied" via Hudson liny and I.nke Winnipeg. The '"Sett lenient" llici eased
slowiy by ua'ural growth, by dls<
clung d and retiring employes ol the
Hudson Hay ami Northwest Cotnpau-
i ies, Uie Coming ever ol a lew cun-
I grants irom toe Mates, and the Buttling nb ut (hum oi hall -breeds,
I "Wherever British lutlucucq has
genu thruUfflloul tiie wm hi, Ihe Christian faith of thu British people has
followed," wrote Uryce, uud tne lirst
clergyman to urri\u iu Rupert's Land
was in connection with ttie Selkirk
colony. To-day beautifully sltuuted
i on the banks of the Red River above
lower Fort Carry, near St. Andrew's
Locks, and many miles below "Old
Fort Garry" (Winnipeg), stands the
oldest churcli in Canada west. It Is
thu   link   between   tho   past   ami   the
' present. Thi* solid stone house or
worship still holds great interest [or
thu visitors to tins historical spot,
especially to those who are descend-
1 ants of the settlers.   Beside the many
interesting "tablets" erected to the
memory of "Tha Pioneers ol Canada
West" which one sees on the walls uf
St. Andrews, not ine least interesting
is a beautiiul memorial Window over
the altar to the memory ol the "pioneer builder of churches in the west,"
the Rev, Archdeacon Cochrane, placed
there some thirty-two years ago.
St. Andrews Parish, which is so rich
iu history, has one historical advantage over Furl Garry in that it .-*,;,
retains its original name and identity,
while Fort Cany and other places are
lost in name to the people of to-day.
The old Church building und rectory
are iu a good state of preservation,
und the latter is occupied by toe
present  rector and his family.
Mr. Bryce, writing to the Kev. John
Went, who was the first minister ol
St. Andrews, **">*- "H» arrived In ihe
Red River Settlement in October,
1820. and at once began his labors by
holding services In Fort Carry, and
in ltfiia he erected the lirst Protestant
place of worship on the Red River,
and when In- r-turned to England two
year* afterwards the second minister
of St. Andrews, the Rev. William
Cochrane, and his wife arrived at the
Settlement, and to Mr. Cochrane, afterwards created Archdeacon, is given
deservedly much of the creJit of laying
the foundation of the church uu the
Red River. He not unly laid the foundation of the Protestuut Church in
, Canada west, but he also supervised
, the erection of this pioneer church
sixty-one years ago. It was not until
Ml thai the lirst Protesunt Bishop.
Dr. Mountain of Montreal, visited th.s
then remote spot.   In ltH'J the Diocese
of Rupert'e Land was established, and
thu Rev. David Anderson consecrated
its first bishop. To this church belonged, besides the settler*, nearly all
thc BngU*h**peaking halt-breed population of the clony, as well as a large
number of the Hudson Bay Co.'* Jl*
1 fleers.
During Uie sixty-two years of its
existence the pans], has hud, besides
the Revs. Mr. West aud Archdeacon
Cochrane, Ihe following incumbents lu
order named: Rev. Dr. J. P. Gardiner,
Archdeacon Hunter, Rishup Young,
Bishop Qrltdale, Rev. a. 1.. Fortin,
Rev. Mr. Barber, Rev. Canon J. W.
Mathesoii, Rural Dean Johnson, Rev.
Mr. King, Rev. 0. E. Brownlce and
Rev.  A.  J-   Warwick,  the present in-
. cumbelit, who still preaches to the descendants ol the settlers twice every
Sunday. There are still a lew members of the pariah living who were
present ai the opening services sixty-
two years ago.
The old municipality of St. Andrews
has a lUperflelal area ul ■bout Ave
hundred miles, and extends from
Paikdale   to   Winnipeg   Bench,  along
the west shore ol Uie Red River. The
, municipality where Lord Selkirk established the flm colony, exactly one
century ug«. has just been born to a
low life, and 11 f.-w yearn hence will
se- this picturesque valley become one
of the most uttiacllve and densely-
peopled suburban district* In Canada.
St. Andrews, however, still affords the
travel*! a rare glimpse of the olden
lime*,   as   hire   are   to  be   aerli   the
souare-hewn and ptetunnui cabins
of the earllesl Hitler*, inhabited today hy their ions and grandsons. The
snelenl fort re** ol the Hudson Bay adventurer-* Sllll  (lands ii-  il dbl  when
it entertain Selkirk's governors ot
S lop-.n'   voyageurs.
"Uur brave buflalu-huuters, oh, where
ate they  ii..w?
Those  true  sons  ■■(  Ireudom  now  follow the  ploW)
8U1I if'', and his labor provides for
his all.
In  this  great  land  el ours,   wc  old-
tuners recall."
Chancellor Burwash Is Young at
Sevonly-Two Ye rs of Age.
A splendid typo (of Canadian, a
great Christian geii letunii, a.,d a
churchman w^ ;<*, lull a-nuu will never
j be measured is Dr. Nathaniel Bur-
wash, president arid d i/iiicclior of Victoria CollegS. who cdebrctod bis aev-
enty-secoud birthday recently. Meu-
ll.n the name of Chaicelkr Burwash
to anyone who has et er cume iu cou-
tact with him ia an;/ way, and you
will heur froui his lips 01 see iu his
eyes a tribute of resp-ct to this great
aud guud man. This can be suid ol
tew mortals, either in Toronto or elsewhere, but it ia a simple fact.
Une day a member of the staff of
Ihls journal was chatting with u dealer iu rare bouks. The name ol Dr.
llurwa-h was brought up as a man
whu owned a fine library. The dealer's attitude at once became one of
actual affection, and he took Irom his
pocket a letter which the chancellor
nad written to lum years ago, aud
which he alwti.-s carries. The Jitter—
just a brlol note—was oue of those
manifestations of courtesy so easily,
yet so rarely, given in this hurrying
agu. lt was to thank the dealer for
■; securing a certain book, una a delight-
1 lul note it waa. Moat ot us, with our
trivial duties, aro "too busy" for such
courtesies—not so, however, men who
have big duties and big minds like
Chancellor Burwash. 'Ihe doing ol
such little tilings, which did uul nave
to be done, wus, by the way, one ol
| tlm characteristics ol Gold win Smith
which made him deeply respected eveu
: hy those iu disagreement witli lu*
Homo newspaper workers havu occasion to call up many prominent men
j by telephone irom time to time, aud
1 in this way tbey havu experiences
i which   cause   them    to    modify   their
judgment of  certain characters,  al-
lhoiie,h well enough known perhaps in
1 a mure personal sense. Call up Chun-
1 eel lor Burwush any tune and ask his
; view uu nny subject, aud you wlH not
; only get a view worth while, hut
promptly and wilh distinguished courtesy-even io an unk'nown. bothersome
person.   An.l the chancellor's voice is
so young and fresh you would not
believe him to be past thc "alloted
1 span."
i    The courtesy of Dr. Burwash helps
, you to understand how, in  all cou-
diets id theological opinion, he calm-
' ly holds his way and yet escapes tin-
] kindly criticism.   Other men may he
a*   absolutely   sincere   and    yet   mil-
understood.    But the chancellor can
; no  more  lie  misunderstood than  the
shining   sun.     The   influence   which
, his character ami attitude have had
I on    Victoria   students   would   alone
murk him as a towering figure,  but
ids influence  has gone  Out Tor many
years in many directions.
Chancellor   Burwash   was   horn   in
: Argenteufl, Qu>bec, of United Empire
Loyalist stock.   With a broad e-iuca
\ tion on a broad foundation of virtuous,
1 virile manhood, he entered the Methi-
dist ministry in Ontario in 1SG0.   lid
became   a   professor   et   Victoria   sn
years luter, and was appointed preif*
dent and chancellor iu isn    He is the
author   of   a   number   of   theolngic-tl
works, also of "The Life and Times of
Egerton Ryerson" and "Development
of the University of Toronto as a provincial institution/' As preacher.
, teacher, writer, and administrator, he
hus shown high ability. But his ability, great ai it is, is as nothing to hii
strung, steadfust, end peculiarly winning personality.**-Toronto Stiu Week
Major-General O'Grady-Hsly.
The deuth took pluce at Cumb.-rb y
Hug., recently, ol Mujor-Ceueral R. II.
o'tirudy ..»iy, aged 70. who command
ed the Canadian Militia from July.
: 11)00. to 1002. Gun. O'Grudy-llnly''
' lather wus ulso connected With Canada, having been in enmmund ol the
Imperial forces in Hahlax in 1477
ami acting as the Administrator of
Canada while Lord Uuffchn. then
Governor-General, was absent in
, Washington, To the late general is
due the credit for the establishment
ol Canada's School of Musketry,
which, to use Sir Frederick Borden •
wi.rds spoken in October, luh3. has
"proved oue ol the mutt valuable adjuncts thut the militia ol Canada na*
ever   possessed."
Gen. O'Grudyllaly acted as ADC
to ihe general in Canada from IS70 t»
' leTo.   and   had   thus gained  a  tb .r
otigh acquaintance with Cana linn cou-
, ditions before his appointment to the
: militia   command,    lie   did   distinguished  service  iu the Kgyptian ex-
ned.Uon   Ol   l*""J   and   again   iu   tbe
Hatara expedition, 18SS.
Eastern Townships Regiment Ranks
High In Canadian Cavalry Corps.
The I3tlt Scottish .Light Dragoons
Is u cavalry regiment from the Eastern Townships in tie Prjvince of
Quebec. The regimett, although organized only in 1903, has attained such
a degree of efficiency that it ia to-day
looked upon as one of the best cavalry regiments in Canada. Last year
it won the Turner Efficiency Shield
for being the best 'regiment ia the
Province of Quebec, 'and at the camp
which just closed at tVarnham it again
won the shield.,      •*
This regiment wh-n organized tn
1903 took the place ol the old 70th
Infantry, which previously had been
recruited Irom the Eastern Townships, lt consisted at fir-t of five
squadrons, "A" being located at Stan-
stead, "B" at Knowlton, "C" at Waterloo, "D" nt Stanbridgo East and
"I'." at Cowunsville. Two years ago_
when the -Hitli Stanstend Light Horse
was organized "A" Squadron was
transfererd to the new regiment, and
"I," Squadron changed to "A." The
regiment was organlted during Lord
Duudouald's regime In 1003. The
lirst commander ol the regiment was
Col. Charles A. Smart, who was succeeded by Col. D. M. Stewart, and
he in turn hv the present command
er, Col. li. il. Morrill. The present
squadron commanders arc: "A," Mai
li. 11 Baker, who is senior squtidrun
commander  and will likely succeed
Col. Morrill aa commander of tho regiment; "B," Ma). Miltiinore; "C."
Mai. II, Slowart, and "D," MaJ, Bus-
The change from au infantry to a
cavalry regiment has proved very
popular among tbe young men of the
Eastern Townships.   There is now no
di tli unity about securing enough
uieu to keep up tho strength tif tin.1
cavalry regiment, whereas there had
been considerable dill.culty iu obtaining sufficient to nil tin* ranks of
the infantry. Tito fact that the regiment has won the Turner Efficiency
Shield two years iu succession is in
itself a very good guarantee ol its
standing among the other regiments
in tin- province.
Christening Midland.
At the extreme southeast, end of
j Georgian Hay is tne inlet marked on
the Bayfield chart "Mutidy's Bay,"
now better known a* "Midland Bay,"
It is the exact shape of a horseshoe,
aud the waters are deep enough, even
at thu shore, to permit the old sailing ships to lock their spars in the
branches ol the trees. The buy is
without ruck or shoal, and is by long
odds the best harbor on fresh water.
Thirty-five years ago the laud along
the waters ol the buy was an unbroken
wilderness. To the south, about half
a mile from the water, there were oue
or two farms, the merest clearances In
the woods, which had been cut out
by one or two settlers who were half
farmer and half trapper.
The location ia uu ideal one for a
town. There is enough r.at laud close
to the water for business situs and
factories, while as you go further back
the land rises in terraces so that the
residents can have an uniuterupted'
view* ol a magnificent sheet of water
beautiiul iu calm or storm.
Tiie place took the fancy of a number of capitalists in Port Hope and
that neighborhood, who had become
Interested in a scheme put forward
by the late Baron Adolph Von Hugel
tu build through the Midland Counties ol Ontario a line of railway (rem
Port Hope to the Georgian Bay. They
I-- i.vud it as their terminal point and
christened it "Midland City."—Canadian Century,
What  Did  Hs Say?
Some Cauudo-tus were di-.cu-sing recently the humor of elections, when
one citisen declared that Ihe lint
Governor-General of Canada, I.-rd
Muuck. had been the author ol the
t.it bit ol election repartee.
Jurtng the course of a British election. Lord Monck met his opponent,
and Die two discussed political issues
in ao entirely friendly fashion. As
they parted, the opposing candidate
remarked: "Well, may the best man
"1   hope  not,"  said  Lord  Monck.
Ili'luiy does uot record Uie answer
tj this r, mark.
The Ketchesons.
The    reunion    of    the    Ketcheson
family held recently in Sidney Township, Hastings County, was attended
1 by  about 600 of  the descendants ot
' the founder of the Canadian branch of
the family.   Wm. Ketcheson was born
in Howden,   Yorkshire,   England, iu
1759 and came to the States with hi.'
parents in 1773.   In 1736 Wm   Ketcheson,  one of the old loyalists, came
to Canada,  settling in  what  is now
Hastings County,    lu  1800 the King
granted  him  the  patent of GOO acr.-i
1 ol land on the tilth concession of Sid-
, ni-y.   and   there   he   built  himsell   a
home,  which  still  stands  and  Is in
excellent repair.    The farm  is occu-
. pied by George  A.  Ketcheson, a dl-
i red descendant of the original pioneer.
The title of lieutenanucolouel was
, conferred on Mr.  Ketcheson for ser-
vices rendered the country in the troublous  days  of  l-ia.    In  lsl*.  at  a
{ reunion of the family of the veteran.
I there were living eight children, 71
I grandchildren,   and   b'J   great-grand-
' children.      The  descendants   to-day
number nearly 1,700, scattered all over
this continent.
Duhl    "Thi-. hook says   th.
fourteen original jokes."
Keene  "What a pity some
trot   rOStl"    Judge.
A Fashionable Wife
"M-'i your wife lately!-"
Rare Relics Fer Museum.
Two rare altar blocks ol carved
brown et'jue nf tho time ol Mt-riowe
have beeu acquired ly 1' I. Currellr,
curator ol the provincial museum. Tbe
stones wire taken Ir- in I . tombs of
that dynasty, alocg with gold from
the King's treasury. Pert of the gold
has already reached Mr. Curr-lly.The
relics will be placed iu the archaelo-
gical section of the new mo- um when
the building is cnnpU-t.il Two vases
end other relic* have also been acquired.
Canadian Vegetables,
Ihe growing ul vegetable* is one of
Canada's youngest iuduMr.ee, and It
ill n..*.'i»»n!y so, tor there must lirst
develop adt-tmtnd before 1 supply will
eprug up, and this demand did not
exist until the country becini* dotted
witb Cities and towns, But young es
this n.lu-try ]-, it has tilready attalii-
rd proportions that -iij* it is ol cou
lldftable,  impnrtsuc*.
Paid Fer the Privilege.
8ome people have a great and clear
Idea of their rights, and don't fail to
insist on getting them.
A woman was fitting near a front
bedroom window in Toronto the other
day in order to watch over her child,
who was getting his first natural sleep
after a severe illness. Worn out by
work and anxiety, the mother lell
asleep. She was awakened by an Italian push-cart man, who was loudly
•calling, "Banana ripe I Banana ripel
Ten cents a doxen I'
Leauing out ol the window, th*
mother put up her hands and begged
the Italian to be quiet.
"Aw, what'* the matter with your"
he said. "I pay leu dollar for holler
round the streets."
Be. Un Advancing.
The Berlin B>ard of Trade Is proud
' —because the tow 11 has been getting
'.along There are to-day M,G00 people
-in B.-rlin. two more than last year.
I Ol course, there had to be real estate
1 activity to house these additional citl*
sous, so hammers wero quite loud
'during the past twelve months. One
1 hundred and forty new houses went
' .up, several faclor>i'*, ten factory ad*
,.diiion*. and a fireproof public school,
: which cost the city 1100,000. 1140.000
; was put Into local improvements. Hy*'
I dr.. Klectric power Irom Niagara has ;
' lust begun to light the houses and
I tutu the wheel 01 Industry iu Berlin..
Literature Is Accountable For Severe!
of Britain's Peerages and Many Are
Due to Commercial Success—Lord
Morley Was Editor ef The Pall Mall
Gazette, and Lord Milnsr Wrote
Editorials For Him.
Lord Wolverhampton is the eon ot
a Wesleyau preacher, aod up to tb*
age of fifty was not eveu a member of
Parliament, but ..imply a public-spirited Wolverhampton lawyer. Lord In-
verclydo is great-grandson of a Glasgow Presbyterian minister. Hi*
grandfather was a clerk in u shipping-
oflice, and eventually, with Samuel
Cuuard. established tht world-famed
fleet of liners. Baron Ulautawe, a
Welshman of Swansea, also represents
ships and shipping, and ia ihe first to
bear the title. Lord 1'irrie entered
th.< famous shipyard ol llarland ft
Wolff ns a hoy of fifteen, and is now
Chairman ol  tho company.
Lord Morley rcpn-seiile literature
ami journalism, for he lirsl rose into
tiium by Ins writings and hy tun edi
toruliip ol The Pall Mall Gaxetto, And
it may not he generally known that
Lord Milner, then Mr. Alfred Milner.
a distinguished young University
graduate, was ono of his leader writers.   l„ir.l Burnhain, also, whoa.- lam*
ily name is Levy l.awsoii. is the proprietor and ruling spirit ol The Daily
Telegraph; whilst Lord Northclifla
owes his elevation to the |Hierug.* tu
the lad that he established The Daily
U>rd Glonosk, too, who was so long
known as Sir Algernon Borthwiek,
whose decease with so much regretted,
was proprietor ol The Morning Post;
whilst IhiLIi the Bar] ol Crewe and
Lord Tennyson owe their titles tu
literary lathers, for the first is the son
ol Richard Muuektou Mllnes, and the
other of tlu* late Laureate. The Viscounty of llambletlon may also he In*
chidi>ii among the press ix-crage-,, (or
it covers lb.- sobni(Uct of Smith, to
bo seen on hundreds ul railway book-
Stalls, and it originnlly sprang Irom a
Utile news shop in the Strand.
Brewing has produced a crop of
peers. Tho title of 1-ord Hindlip covers the well-known name ol Allsopp.
l,ord Burton taket> hie title from the
town in which Haas's ts made. Lords
Iveagh and Ardilaun both built their
fortunes on bottles of stout, fur they
aro both Guinnesses.
liord Allerton was known, aud
known favorably, lur many a long
year in Leeds at Mr. W. L. Jackson,
tho tanner. As everybody knows,
I-onl Armstrong gets his millions aud
bis title from the well-known Armstrong gun made at the great Klswick
works at Neweaatle. Lord Ashton is
a philanthropic and highly-respected
citisen oi Lancaster, where lie is engaged iu the manufacture of oilcloths. Lord Maaham has great mills
at Maiiningbatn, and practically owns
the town from which he takes his
title. Two of the most remarkable
romances of the peerage attach to
Lords Mount Stephen and Strathcona,
who l-Mh began lite as Scottish shepherd lads. They emigrated lo Canada,
where both mado huge lortune before
returning to the old land, and each
found his way to the House of Lords.
Banking has made peer* in the past
and is making peers still. Lord Kin*
naird is a banker, and so are Lords
Aidenham, Avcbury, and Rothschild.
Lord Kinnaird. however, belougs to
ft very ancient Scottish stock, where*
a* the others are recent creations.
I Lord Aidenham was Mr. H. II liibb-,
la director ol the Bank of Kngland;
I Lord Avcbury was Sir John Lubbock,
'the founder of "Bank Holidays";
I whilst Uml Rothschild i* the descendant of a Jewish money-lender of
I The Karl* of Craven spring from
a laborer's cottage in one of the most
Insignificant villages of Yorkshire,
-and their ancestor went lo London in
a carrier's carl. Eveu the Marguess of
Rip. n. although he has s little blue
blood in his veins, traces his descent
to a plain Mr. Robinson, who had a
'small business in the county town
of York; and although it is a far cry
back to 1445, in that year the ancestor
1 of the house of Russell was part ewu-
er of a barge.
I The founder of Lord Carrington'a
I family lived and died a Nottingham
-draper. Lord Dudley is the desceu-
dent of William Ward, the son of poor
1 Staffordshire parents, who was ap*
ipreuitced at a u-nder age to a London
.goldsmith »'-'* I,lI>de * fortune, while
one of the forbears of the Marquee*
ol Bsth wa.- au undur-lorester of
, Shropshire.
She Had Him.
Jodge Austin, who was among the
guests at the Law Society's batiquet
at Bristol, told a story which shows
thc power ol a wutuun's tears in a
Court of Justice. Om- miserably cold
night, at the dose of a long sitting
of tin- Bristol County Court, a poor,
■hivenng woman, with un ill-clad
infant in her anus, asked Judge Austin to stay tin- execution of a warrant
mainst her husband. Tears poured
iow.ii her ch.-eks as she told a piteous
Itor) ol want, and hi* helm* ut once
t-implied wilh her request. Drying
her eyes, she thanked him (or the
tH-.it As she pantd out ol the court
she winked al the pulic-man at tho
lour, saying, "Had the old chap lhat
A London Miser.
To be worth a small fortune, and
fi-l live Uke a beagar, were the nocul-
ar If alar es in the life of nn elderly
man named Charles Phillip*, who
died recently In a cheap lodging-
ltouts-i iD I/mdon, Kng He ass a
bachelor, and seemed poor and uii*>
ereble. After his death he was found
le hnve been entitled tn property vsl-
nod at alwut 114,000. He had served
In Ihe Lancer-- and spent some tllM
in N*w Zealand, whrre he made money, lie had lived (<>r many year* at
Uo-t. -I House. »|M-ndlug about eisrW
Mats daily ou wm-JL
Poor Recommendation One  Advsntsgs With Ihe Muckrakers
"IL- mentis well," she said. "So vou   have   adopted n luihy to     "You suy Qaraton made a complete
"Suy no more," he replied. "I know | raise*" we n*k ol our friend    "Well,  eonfeailonf   What   did   hi*   get   live
of ihem now oiacljy what sort ol 1 fool ho Is."I ll may turn .mt nil right, but don'l roanF*'
■- Deli-oil Free Press. you think you nrr taking chance-*-   j   "No. fifiy dollars,   He contosscd lo
"N..|   a  chance,"   In-   all»wer«..    "No1 Ihe liiugiirinos."    I'uck.
Isidore wus turning over the pages matin ho* ninny Ind habit* the child) —	
  of his new read.r.   The picture of a' may develop, my wife can't say he In-    Bowly Visitor—"Do you hnvo many
"No; bm 1 gee by ihe society papers row greatly excited him    "Teacher,1 bent- sny nt them from my side nt wrecks slmui her.-, boat man •"
that she will he home 111 September." teacher." he called.   "I vonce seen a] ihe house."— Life. Itoniman   "Not     verv    ninny,    sir.
Washington Herald.
A dual existence
I* liitl-iT's hv right
A toiler hv day -
Floorwalker hy night
"Did youi1   Where*
"Iii the street.    A mun hud Iht uud
Chicago woman   wai
Hand,   "An* you married or
You're the first I've
in   Ihe     Tit-Biti.
Ihe VSS going In kill her for her milk." j unmarried j" Ihundenil   Ihe   counsel.    Ho   "Darling. I don't know whnl to
                  for ihe defence.    "Unmarried,   (our I say to yonr father.
There nre IH recognised syitemi ot I time*," replied Ihe witness, uiiblush-     Hhe--".lusl sny, 'Mr. Miiim. ' wish
Wlrelosi telegraphy. I ingly. M •"> fOM daughter,' then dodge." FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA,
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
The advent of smokeless powder called for improved methods In
the manufacture of rille and pistol cartridges with the result that
all cartridges are now made better than formerly. Winchester
rifle and pistol smokeless and black powder cartridges are made
in the most complete plant in the world, by experts, and can be
depended upon to be sure fire and accurate, and of maximum
shooting strength.   They cost no more than many inferior makes.
Ask for the Red WBrand
Jack Frost Hurled It Down Into tht
Yestmite Vallsy.
Delicate frost tracings on tbe win
d*iw panes seem to he tbe work of fan
elful und harmless sportlveness, bui
tbe hand tbat forms tbem Is capablt
of gruuter deeds nod of otber kinds.
Mr. J. sineiitou Chime, lu "Yosetulti
Trails," describes au einerlence thst
must  huve beeu  wonderfully Impres-
Felt So Small
nil i
Bogga   Did you gel
Wogga- oh, yoa.
Hoggs- Th.-n,     th-    doors    won
locked UM vou feared.
Wogga    Ind I   they   were,   hut
wife yelled ul me uh I wua going
Ihe steps, ao 1 crawled in through
raincoat   suits     you
Makes you look ten
splendidly, sir
years younger.''
Customer—"Good. Then vou can
send in the bill in 1921."— Fliegende
It Has Bseoms, In a Mtasurs, a World-
widt Menace.
The terrible bubonic plague, whlcb
appeared ln Hongkong In 1SIU, spread !
from there to Bomhuy aud iu tbe next j
twelve   years  curried  off  more  than
0,000,000 victims, bus been almost qui-
estont for tbe pant few years, but lu
1010 It appeared In n virulent form iu '
Harbin, hus since spread to other clt-
IUIHI     nil 1 n     uitii      miuuci.unj     MU|»«>>- , _       .    . „,J      ■•
.Iv. to tit. ."octntor.   tlo Had bean    lL'» "'"* '", 00w, n *'»""-"H« ■»""««>•
More uliirm ig than th, ru,.,,,„„r- Mra 0, ,.,.v..r... „, preloott|
am* of tho illat'iiai.. In Miindiurln to North Channel, Ont., tells how 2am,
the dlBcovcry of tho ulaeoae In tba Buk cured Iter bony. Blm atiyat—"Mv
eastern rouatwlHo cutititloaof Bngluud, | btiby'a liend mn. luce wna 	
Hands Tied to Prevent Scratching
e  Doctors  Failed  to  Relieve,  But
Zam-Buk  Worked a Cur,
Don't wait till Wednesday comes around-malte
sure  now that you have one of
No oilier Waalihnard can live
Vuu Hie Bam,, genuine Balla'actlon Made in .lin.ronl atvle. .nd
aiwa to .uil tlio taat.'a ol didcrent P'Op.e. At all good Orooere.
WANTED — Repreaentntlvea, etthei
flex, locally, on good, neceaaary a,
bread! salary two d„liars por duy nnj
commission; experience unnecessary
J. I.. Nichols * Co., Limited, Toronto
«■■*.*, Winmlovy'-, SiHniitM-; SvRer he* bee* '
•Mil lor .ivt-r SIXTV YKAKStiy MILLIONS t-l I
MOTHKKS >>t their rtH.bKtiN WI1IU. [
TKKTHI.NO. with l-KHK'-t BUCCRSo. It
RlioTllKS the CHII.I1 SDl-.fc.-.'S tilt OUMS '
U the list Tr-iin-.lv fur UlAKKIIiKA. ll it to- ,
■uliudy hamuli--..- He sure anil sik for "Mn I
Wio»lu*>> Soothing Bynip." and lakt no utbcf
kiwi    Twenty-live itDtu but**
Tha "Wellington" Hat
(or men. Cunadiun-uiade. Guaranteed best list value in Canada.
All Uses nnd ahupes in ■mil and
still (elts, Ask your Dealer, or
write at once to
CHAS.   C.   PUNCHARD  &  CO.,
Toronto, Ont.
United Watch A Jewelry Co., Toronto.
iT.eftUT. »na yoo
ii* Due* Dot
t ..If . CM »ei
twill...d.'i.vr.'l.   Do k« tittaa.
AHSIlUniSt:.  Jf,.,  I::  B'.-nl  t-t
_,. Bin,.. 1ml. riJm-i • Vjrl.o-r V«.tit Hu,.-
SAM Mr-M Md-l.'S ur Lmuii-nl*, KnUrj. t
■ SfctUUBda, i.-ltrv». W.-n«. nM   AIU;*
"*—■** painqakki*.  frleell Ulaod SIJDa b. i-
tts SI tlrtwiuii 01 u.-iirrrru.   Will UU rim mult
Ujtie write.   lUnuf*ctut«d oclr If
U.I.■/«■**•: f.0r.,ll7l*r*i»P»BI#f-,ll**afrtal.fa-».
Um fwii-Wai *#•* sUitm Mi a w™* 0a, Wkatjai t
Tk* tfUam In nf■»* ri».„>, ,1 Co.. wit-,!,-*(* l**J.-.*rt
A ltm*M,|hly Mil n.*-- |] tin, di lUmnwf■
■tuC.I-.i Knii-hpfi.^rl t.i.fd i-it.tif HI
Vutlc*reivrvnrd  hut* In a i-wm     Mu-iik,
wtu«t, *aay l ■ "",* aud tmea.
Aid-tit -
si   th.   tNW   Hall   Hill,
Caatlo« WU. teem
And For That Wary fttaaen Ho Didn't
Join In ths Laugh.
"They" were chatting In tbt amok
Ing room of ■ ilttit Kcnlnklljlto Paket
rssrt MaatscbnpplJ coaster, on ■ two
mouths run among tut Islands below
tbt equator, wben some ont iiie-iltlng
of tbt Mi'uj peninsula some oue else
ssld, "My Impremdoii of ibe Htrali*
Settlement* ean be summed up In a
■Ingle picture—a strong black man
standing lu tbt reoter of a mudd>
at ream, trying to spilt a rock wlib h
Now Mis always provokes a langb
It la referable and Infallible. But to
my surprise, aald Frederick 8. labaro
tbt novidlst, out ot tbt smoking room
contingent, on this occasion It partial
ly railed. What was tbt trouble?
Tut delinquent, tat ant man out ot
seven who didn't laugh, waa sallow
saturnine and l-.iiki.nh
"What's tbt mi iter, old chapr ask
ed tbt nostllSL "Lion't you sew tbe
point or art yon waiting until lomor
row 19 wakt up *o It T
Tbe other mSn turned hts head
wearily. "See the point V ot snld sad
iy. ''1 sbotiuJ ifcink I did. I might to
I." t'nglniiiy. "t-ui tb* man wbo own
«d thr ahlrt
Tben we, ktowtng ht bar) lived
twenty live tenfi in tbt orient, ntoanie
slleut; our iNu-riiter c-eas-HL A sjm
pathetlr iiieinn -limy aemended il|K>n
us. Knglb>iiuiHti ur uul. w# took blm
to om heart -*f iiesrta and msdt t
hnitUei ul niiu.-- ItuiUuioro Aiuerksu
JoW-oi. R stallvaa.
Ono ot tbe eunujr* auvial eustom-
prartit-e-i ny i^« Cfuw aa wall as by
many otbtr Imltan tribes it thr
■uiuther in iu» iHbuo"-thHt li to say
a man Is nnd'r im rin-umstanres per
mined to bold coiivtnuUun wltb bls
wlfee mother Anuiuer ttrangt n-g
ulttlon la that relating to tbe playing
Of p.aclleai ]• ken. A man Is ool per
mlttod to Jest wlib suy out benlMRM
but U limited to ibf Indlriduais whose
fstben belonged to tbt aatnt clan as
bit own taller Wltbln thla group
however, pra tlrslly sny Ubttrt*/ la at
towablo. If ■ man dlarovers tbat a
"Jokablt rt stive" bat committed
tomt foollsii sr di-*grac-efui art bt can
publicly twu blm wltb it. and tbt nor
too derided *nust not get angry, but
bldt hla tlmt for mm* favorablo op
port unity to i*eullaia,-Aincricsn Mn
stum Journsu.
s|>endluR some weeks In esplorlug tbt
Vouemlto valley uud the "great rocks,"
like 1CI Cnpltan, Hint wall It In.
BliiudluK one Juy of late autumn '
about Ihe middle of Ibe valley, I was I
m nrt led by a report like a cannon abot. [
which tilled the whole valley wltb
echoes Unit roared and boomed, re-
plbil nnd multiplied, In a long contln- i
ued, glorloun tumult.
As the deiifetilng sound died away In I
sullen nniilerlnga under Ihe visor of
El Cnpltan I wus nhle to dlsilugulab
tho iiuiiit of attack hy the lung, cist-
terlng di'Hiviit ot a vast quantity of
The night had lieen a cold one tn tht
valley, aud on ibo seven to eight thou- |
Bund foot levels of iho upper rim lbs
t*'tii|ieruture   must   havo  dropped   si
moHt to sera
l-'rost. working quietly wltb his
Archimedean lever, had just succeeded lu shining from the shoulder of
tbe sentinel a trltlu uf fifty tun* ur so
of grunlte. Fur m-ar a ibiiu*utid feet
tbe bowlder fell fdieer, swift nnd silent; then, striking the cliff, It hurst
like a lii'inb. shuilered Into a myriad
flying utiurds nnd splinters and dis
lodged a Fiuolher of friigments that
trickled dowu tu the valley lu a atreum
tbat lusted for minutes.
Tben from the xput where tbe bowlder bad struck du«t began to rise luto
where BOVCrnI deaths have occurred.
Until l.KMi little wus known regurd-
lug the mode uf propagation of ibis
terrible disease, although the dlsense
Itself In us old ns history, 111 IPOG
the Indian plugue rcHcnri-li com mission dellnliely triu-ed (he H|ireud uf (he
epidemic to the ileas uu the black rata
of the country. The rats themHelves
have the disease. A flea whicli sucks
the blood uf the rut lakes the germs
Into Its Hloimich. If the Ilea bites a
human being within n period of three
weeks the germs are transferred and
thu human being coutniclH the disease.
Until recently It hud been supjiosed
that uuiy the black rut Ih susceptible
to the plague and thnt only the Ilea
known as I'ulcx cheopls could transfer It Later discoveries, however,
bave shown thut the common brown
ur Norwuy rut Is also liable to the disease nnd thut it may he transferred by
the ordinary rat Hen.
Still another matter of great Interest
has been disclosed hy the cases in
F.ugtniid, which ure not the bubonic.
but J be even more deadly and more
dangerous pneumonic plague. The bubonic form, In which the lymphatic
glandi swell and suppurate. Is trans
ferahle unly through some such medi-
pbic i t- id sores.   Tbe Itching uud
Irritation wen- (earful, nud the little
one's plight wus no serious that at
one lime we feared lict oara would be
eaten off hv the dincuse.
"Wc had'to keep her liaiids lied for
days to prevent hor rubbing ami
scrutclllllg tiie sores. Doctor alter
doctor treated hor in vain, until we
had bad live doctors, They all agreed
it was a frightful case of ccxema, but
untie .it tin-in did uny pcnuutiant
"As ii last resource we were advised  to  try  Xuui-Hiik.    The  first   box
did   so   much   good   tlmt   we   felt  sure
we were at lust working in tin- right
direct inn. Wa persevered with [he
treatment until wo hud used thirteen
boxes, uml ut the end of thnt time
I uiu glut! to suy Zam-Buk hud effected a complete cure."
For ccxema, eruptions, rnaliCB, tetter, itch, ringworm and similar skin
discuses, Zam-Buk is without equal.
It also euros cuts, burns, scalds,
piles, abscesses, chronic sores, blood
poisoning, etc. All druggists and
store-, at 60 cents a box, or post free
for price from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
Refuse imitations.
*ho ge'  '.ttie exercise, feel better all round for
an occasional dose of
"NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
They t(Jfl» up the liver, move the bowels gently but freely, cleanr* th.
syjtem and clear the brain. A new, pleasant and rel.rble laia'.lve, pre;i.-<*
by a reliable firm, and worthy of the NA-DRU-CO Trade Mark.
25c. a box.   If your druggist has not yet slocked them, send 5!>. >?i
we will mall them.
tbe sunny nir. slowly building up and i Um as the rat and the flea.   Tbe pneu- | curisus Contagious Daaaia Thst At-
burgeonlug like a summer cloud aud ' -     ■   - 	
every whit un snowy. It was the Hour
of granite, powdered lusiuotaueously
by tbe terrific shock.
monk furm. ou tbe other hand, is directly infectious.—Youth's Cotnpanlou.
Cltra-I Bee Cynthia bee decortted
ber room wltb guns, pistols, swords
•nd tbe like. Cora-Tee; sbe always
haa been ■ great girt for having arms
about ber.
The lnuocent seldom Ond as uneasy
> Tho Great  WasU  That Comes With
Making Up Their Beds.
In logging operations thu felling of
one of the  big  trees  requires  much
skill tn order that It muy not he bro-
\ ken lu the full, us such un  accident
: means perhaps tbe loss of fully fSUO,
': owing to tbe value of the wood.   Aa
1 yet, however, the old method prevails ! I*0***1   <«  «   lem|*«ture  beiuw   tbe
I of cutting It part of the way through   lowing  Hnt  ut   mercury  sbuwa a
with the crosscut sow worked hy two I klll(* of «ni|ittou of pustules In wblcb
men, the nx being used for an incision   tu,! ">«■■'  '""^ ltH «"-!•-«» ■«■*"■•
 s    *■■•-- •—■■ "•■-* on being
tsoks Tin, Brssa and Lead.
I Tbe alleged cuiitugtuus diseases ot
j metals is a ttip.it- thut bus been men*
tloned frum lime iu time, but shall be
menitoned again because It tends to
prumote uniformity lu our views of
mineral life and uther kinds ut life
uud tu discredit Ihe fiiahlon ot regarding anything lu nut ure as dead nud
In a lecture before tbe Suclete de
Cblmle Physique at Purls a prottMOf
spoke of the fact  Ibat  tin  wbeu ef*
Joseph. Levis. July 11, 1903.' « the oppo.lt. .We. the truuk being 11""***  ^«*»» «W «*
Minnrtl's Lintiiieut Co., Limited,
Gentlemen,—! wus badly kicked by
my horse lust May and after using
several preparations «n my leg nothing would do. My leg was black ni
jet. I was laid up iu bed for a fortnight nnd could not walk. After using three bottlese of vour MINARD'S
LINIMENT I wns perfectly curedi sa
that I could .-tint on the road.
Commercial Traveller.
felled by means of wedges. I «'ut ttl11' » Wl* "*ltn«r ■#0"» to P0***
In   felling   the   tree,   a   number  of | »f b-^^ up lutu a bundle of Bbera.
ChoUy-*-'*The dentist told me I had
ti large cavity that needed filling."
Kthel—"Did he recommend uny
ipecial course of study?"
Trial Up to Date
Hrei'i wut aecun.-d ol bribery.   Hi
tiduiittiil the charge.
■'Wlmt. Mr!-" the ju.Il*.. thunderetl.
"Whal, you ii practlalng lawyer, admit   without   r-hiiliic   that   you   hrilM-d
tiir witneaaf"
"Yen, your honor." -.aid Hreef Itant-l
ity. "Hut I bribed him lo tell lite 1
tttiili He hud been brihid hy Ihe
other ildo lu li.-."-N.-w York Trl-
The young woman m the ■(ern ..i
the boa I had   whliperod   loflly   the
word "Ye-." "Hilt ■lay right where
you nr,'. .luck." ihe udd.-d hastily: "if
you  Iiv  tu  ki--  iih* you'll  upH.t the
hotlt "
"How do you kimw**" hoarsely de«
iniiii'l. I Jack, a horrible lUBploion nl*
ready taking noaeeulon uf hint.—
A Imrxe mil live Iwenly-ltve day*i
without aollil footl. merely drinking
-siit.r, K.'vt'iitriii (lays wlthoul plthet
eating or diiukiiui. mid only live diiyn
wlu-n parlakiUK "I Mild fo**d Hilhoiii
Plssi-Fes In the Reeklea.
to some st tbe high plateauo or
mesas of taw Itoeky mountains tbsre
are to be fotind e abort dlstauca from
tbe edge cracks or flssureo oot more
ibao four feet wide aod often ae much
as eighty feet deep. During the ter
rifle bllssarls that rage In tbe winter
tbeee crest'es sit tilled to tbe level,
aod rattle %ud faoraee wblcb are oot
acquainted wltb tbe country frequent
ly drop Intr tbem. tbelr struggles only
causing thr.i lo sink deeper and deeper. Ibe e-a-ka, into which tbe ona
nerer penrtistee, ere like rrfrtgera
ton, end 'tt bspless brulte, when
death has -i-nt to their relief, beeome
to all Inier-ti and purpooeo uummlea,
A Remady tor BIMoua Haadachi.-To
thuac .tiilij.Ti tu lull.uh hi-atlni-he Par-
uiii.,- V|.|*i-ttil.li> 1'lllrt nr.. r.riniiiiH-iidi-tl
in the way to -i> Iy relief. Taken affording tn iliri-.tii.ii-* they will aubdur
irn-aiiitiritif* nf tht* atumarh and ao a.t
upun the ntrvf-H and blood t**hkcU lhat
thi* painN In the bend will ira-e. I'hrrr
tiri- I,-* whu nre nul at K.jitu- lime rtub-
jret tu bllliKi-tneai* and familiar with lu
alivndaiil evil*. Vet ii'Hii- m-rd auffcr
with th.-.- pill-, at hand.
A red-bended man met a bald-head-
ed man ou the street one .lay. The
red-headed man said tu the hnld-lu-ad-
ed mnn:
"Hull' there don't seem tu hnve
been much huir where you came
"oh. yes," replied the bald-headed
man, "there was plenty «■' hair, but
it wan all red. and I woiildn' hnve
It,"— UppinOOtl'l   Magazine.
Minard's  Liniment  curat burns,  ttc.
"Why, Willie, you don't seem lo he
enjoying youfielf."   "No. uncle, I'm
having 'i inivr.ih!.' lime. Auntie told
in,* to ent aa much an I wunted—and 1
This affect ion la cupnble uf being com*
miuileuied by cuntaci, fur tbe appllca*
tion uf a few graius uf tbe puwdet to
the surface of n block of perfectly
wm ml tin brings about Its trausfuruia*
tion to a few days.
lu anuther traiismlttabte dlsmse of
smaller oues are frequently cut down
to form a bed uu which It may fall so
that It will not break on account of
Its weight. Here Is n great waste,
since tbe felling of a fir ISO tons lu
j trelftbt in.ij* r..|itlrc tbe t-ucrt'lCC or U
group of other trees which at inuiu- .
rity would equal lt In size. In tbe tin the siructure of the metal Uchanr
"clearings'* muy he seen thousands of , •*■ autl *»*'*»*** crystalline. This dis*
the young trees which have been cut ' *■•« '»»» n "peclal tendency to attack
down merely for "heds." Join,» which hnve beeu soldered, but
Dodouhtedly n mechanical system ' 't attacks brass aod lead as welL
could be utilised lo the work, such as j Ho"'* <1» «*«• ««*e «'»« «ud or*
a lwrtohlo power derrick, ibe tup of j miulaed  than  tbe earthy   mluersia.-
whlch could bo aitucbed to a tree hy   Ceuiury rath.	
tbe block and tackle system, thus ol- '
lowing the trunk when cut through to ' Punished For Looking Healthy.
be lowered gradually by means of, In the days of tbe Puritans tbe-Jiorke
rones of steel cable wltbout the tlm- were not unknuwn as n penalty fur iuug*
ber being injured und tbe crushing of l"g ton beaitby. Hnddhiess of cumpiea*
Ibe smaller trees near It.-W. A. Doy I''-' ***•'■ " trlme when a gauut visngo
In Cassler's Magazine. *<" regarded as an outward sign of
______„_— laiii'tity    Dr. Kctifi-rd. writing in tne
"v,l, ,U"*' j..,.„„„ I bla coiKiii inn wns aecuunted dangerous.
merged. Maps of the sea made twenty
years ago show nn Island near tbe
northero extremity of tbe hrj-e wblcb
was uot found during a recent survey,
and It la supposed tbat this has been
lost ln tbe rising waters. The Turkish
government sold tbe mining rights on
the shores to a syndicate fur about
$3.riO.0uO, and If tbe sea for some unknown reason continues to rise tbeee
holdings will be almost unattainable
* hu need tu come ulgh mi official tea lot a
buuse might be sei in tbe stocks only
fur looking tiei-h on a frosty morning."
Few uf the January facet tu be tt-vo
In u Ixmdoii street, however, would run
any risk ul drawing duwn this penalty,
-London Cbruuh-le.
Dltt lhat Enabltd Mrs. 8lddens ts
Rise to Lady  Macbeth.
It ta not altogether easy to Imagine
a Lady Macbeth eating chops. Yet het
greatest Itnpersonntor got her Inspiration from tbem. If oue muy rely on aa
altogether delightful authority. On a
certain occuslon, writes 10 V. Lucas In
his book "The Second 1'oHt," the painter Hay dun puld his butcher, whu reciprocated hy expressing greut admiration for tbe artist's painting of "Ales-
"Quite alive, sir." snld the butcher.
"I am glad yuu think su," said tbe
"Yes, sir; but. as I have often said
to my sl.-u.T, you <-uuld not bave palmed Unit picture, ntr, if yuu bad uot eat
my meal, sir."
"Very true. Mr  Sowerby."
"Ah, sir, I huve u fancy for geu'os.
"Have you, Mr  SowerhyT'
"Yes. sir. Mrs Sldduus, sir. bos eat
my meat. air. Never wus mii-b a woman fur chops, sir: Ah. sir, she was a
wonderful cruyture!"
"She was. Mr  Nowerby."
"Ah. sir. when n-lie used lo act that
there chtiracier nut. I-"id, sucb a
head, ns 1 say tu my slHipr-ihut there
womnn. sir. Ihnl murders s king be*
tween 'em."
"Oh. Udy Mn-beih"
"Ah. sir tlm't it Udy Macbeth- 1
used io gel up wlib ihe butler behind
ber carriage wheu hIiw acted, and I
used to ser ber muking quite wild sod
all the people quite irlghteued. 'Aba.
my lady,' says I. 'It it wasu t fur my
meat, though, yuu wuu'dn't be able to
du tbatr"
Paid for the  Privilege
Some people hnve u gnat und clear
idea of their rights, uul don't full to
Insist ou getting them.
A Toronto woman was sitting nedr a
front bedroom window in order t-j
watch her child, who «"* getting bis
fir-;t natural sleep after a severe Hi*
-ii;-.-. Worn out by work and anxiety
tha mother fell asleep. Bhe was awakened by an Italian push-cart man,
who wai loudly calling "Banana ripe!
Banana rfpel  Ten cents a dosen!
Leaning oul of the window, the
mother put up her Itandi and begged
the Italian to be quiet.
"Aw, what - the matter with vou."
Ite Mini. **l pa) lei lollat fei holler
round the itreets
1    Wart-   will   rtodtr   th.-   prettlMI h»n.t*
' utiii-'ii'i.     Clear   thi  n r-~^i„r, »»*,
by   twins   Hollowar'i   C«r*   Cart, f»nua
a.tri iboruuKtily  and pslaltrul]
Mother—"N - 1 ■ ml . * l
us fur away   a*   ■ ■   -    -   ;   ...   ■   ii
Jon.- boy. He'd the * rst m
your schoi 1 '
Bobby-   ! always do. He i at ths
head ol ti.. asa all the tixm :• i
York  OI.-I
Minard's   Llnlmtnt  rttlsvts   "•-.~ i -t j
"Mr    Cll avi ■ •    ■      .,. j    i ■■■. out
■ for the fact that     found a ph-cs
: rubber tin wxam .
bought hen   :
i    "My dear mn :■■■-■
■ show  that   the ,     ■ •
kite   hor* -    ■■    ~i
A pin    icratel
; poison,   i rustj     ■ ■
i hi do bo     Ham . -
1 at once draws ■ ul   i ,.: |
mokes blood ; i   h
Cards For the Puppies.
A novelty in I'aris Is tbe lap dog
visiting card.   Poms and \mg» which
f hTwt!y iff lhelr.?1?treMe,H!ni—"'s' »■ -""»*"«■» w«««*
fashionable elide.(have their;o« ««»   iW|ltlHl  mumt   „,«  Kr«i   y.u.u  king
pasteboards tucked away In little pock-
eta of their outdoor coats.   Sucb dogs
Murdtr as s Pine Art
It has lieen popularly suppi-oed that
NuiHjieoti wat directly ami iiidlm-uy
re-[iont.ilde for more deaths tliau auy
une else of modem times. But that
estimate must be n-vlwed If the statement of Miss Souibey In "Sturm and
bave two seta of cards, whlcb are duly
left on otber dogs at the bouses where
tbey are culling with their mistresses.
Oue card gives the dog's real name and
i'shukn, s cmileiiqrorary of Napoleon,
wbo "Is believed tu hare u.voinited
for the lives of over a million uf hla
fellow creature*." There still eih*ted
sl tbe time nf Mi-s Huuiheyt visit a
very old lady whu bad kuown tbe dee*
A Class -Student
Tbe lete <loldwio Mmlth. writing for
the NlneiA-itti century, recalls thst
Hobert Use. afterward Lord Bber
brouke. was so neanlghted that wben
be was rearing bis bote literally toucb
ed bis book,
De took kjgh honors at OtfnnL bot
• wit aeld P| blm:
Ml«we wuid have taken higher hnn
ore at Oifcd If be had not rubbed out
wltb bis Pose what be bad written
with his poo."
Nerves Are
And  Nervous  Prostration or  Paralysis Are Crstplng Steadily Upon
Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food
Ynu hell "I |h.,i|,I,' auitili'iily fallini
vlotlma nf   iii'rvtms   proatration   or Melbourne |i.i«r: "It mraii, thai lo
will, l.iriu ol luinilj.ia.     Hut .li.-umoihiT ibre. or lour tan w. .hall
you K,,| all tt„. hot, ul till ousf ynu blT, ,„ rearraue. our in.ll Mrvlr. lo
tm.l thiil 111." Iwti Iiu.I mouth. iiriKllrop, ,„d „ur wno„ xnait ,„„,.
^l",°U,,.™t%l well,  THor.l,,,IJ-J*"- eg*   -"-a-- root, to
I „   lr.-qaa.-nl    latlii.'ka   .,1   aurvuual *""»"" "I" to ''* »*» bo-,»d-anuil |o
hoadacho.   i> o.-n im. railed. Tlwr -***■"• n» Veum cml win .hort-
llln I    Irritable,   iiisily   mirriea M lt» )ourn.j; lo and from Itrltnln bj        	
■ml .'U'H.'il uml hul,' I,.un. I uiimiiry' ..r.r.l days and thu. put ,11 uaera of   ^i^li'o.'.nnurrr bloiMlt luouoiuv-"
uinl r..ii,.iiiiritli,'ii lulling lh. new rout. In po..,..lon of an In-
Mad Uuy hul  known    that    il.,-—- cumtiaralil. Konomlc .dv.nl.|. o.,r
ajrmploma   t.ill  <d   .'.hnuat,-.! nervea UMtn 0, ,h. old."
ir had th,')-   raalliwd   tlu-ir   ilani.'r
II. raw, while lho other rcc<.r.l. II. pet      , BU(1 „,„ „„      „,,„„,„„ „r
um. Joined to tbe family nam. of It.   U||Q
owner.    Card, are left oeeonHnu lo 	
lb. pedbjree of Ibe dof vl.lted. -N.bla.ee Obll,e.*
—^- ,    tn   Mr.   Walton..   ai„ry   of   tjori
Aualr.li. and Our Can.I. JlrniaflHil In ber ls„,« .ntlllrd "llvrol-
Tb. .il,mu.«" of tbe Panama eanal   iisiloua ul n Sis.nl.n Nurellu" Iba lop
to Aualr.Ha U lliu. referred lo lo .   nul. uf iiroprtrty I. mined
Th. iioltie turd', yuiiii, oepbew, u*
Ing him ...noye.1 al a railway .ir.Ioq
.1 bavin, uo •errant al band lo let
hi. newspaper., ran po.th.ai. aad
prorurrd itieni |j,rd llaa.ll.ld .bowed nu itratltud. wb.tef.r.
"Kdwanl." we. .11 b. would oaj,
"rwullerl. Rdward. Ibal a eeulleniao
AltHandtr Hemihon Ferttaw Itt Im-
raortanee In Thia Country.
There eilstt in ibe an-hive* of one
of Ihe oldest ii lining ibe cotton Kp'.rj
nlng tamilles In norllieru >ew Jer»"j
n lung letter truiu a banket ot .New
Vurk addr-Msed lu Aleiandei llaauit<*D
wbeu he was -4«*.retary ul the tr#nsury
The banker bud heard thai Huuilltua
pur|>used tu bund a cuttuu mill at I'at
erann. X J Tlux (irujet-t tbe banker
cuudemued and united that it waa the
opiulun uf all the merchuuts In Nc«
Vurk whom he knew that not tu a bun
dred yearn would the cotton mltiiug
busluess lu the 1 tilled Suites employ
Hamlllon went sbead and niutmeo
tbe Indusirlnl t* **ti lie naiu.-d I'aiefMin
nnd alm> ptanind sud tlnum-ed a c-^m
pany fot dereiuniu-f. a water |nwef and
for lltMueinj* cu(*|iuratlonn theieaL
Muuilitont ortglntl couiimuy. kuuwn
ns the Huclfty Hor t««fui Mamifac
Hires, eilats to this day tt I'aiersua.
Tbe sgeul whom HatniHun tent to
Englanrl tu buy etfltoo mill mar ninery
was Instructed to bare It 'knocked
down" and placed In amaii bote* mat
were to be markvd "Itibiea Kot ine
Mururtsns of I'eunayivaunt" It wn*>
ut that time agnimu the tawt uf Kng
land to ahlp any Ithid ut tiidimtrtai ma
cbluery out uf tbe klngdmu Hutnii-
tou's brother aud twu of bla ageura
were caugbt trying to amp the cmtoo
mill machinery to l-aim-on. and tbey
were Impri: ued fur tea muoiba—Cot
Waldo and tha Picsh-d Ptpp«r«.
"Now. demV." said Uie ourte. "I
want you lo lean this ulce little poem
about I'eier I'lper deked a path uf
(tickled pepfira.'"
"Shan't!" answered the Huston chlM.
mucb lu ibe mauoer of uther children
"Ob. naugbry, naughty! Why, Waldo, wby won't you learu thla pretty
"Kor two reaaoua," anawerrd Waldo
"lo Ibe flmt place, tbe alliteration of
tbe line you quut-f la at* etct-wnre aa to
destroy any lltt«ary finish tbat such
adveutltlotiR aids to metrical conpoas-
tlon might lend 'f u«*d more sparine**
ly. And. In the second place, coeilder
the ImpuHtibiiity of nicking n<ppera
which hnve already bet-u pbt'ed. Tit*
whole thing la beneath ibe attention of
any intelligent peraoo,"- Button rra*-
The    lam
through thi   ■■ ■ mpt   .
tracteu his attei
"Poultry     Di !
Style "
"\\but   du   ■:■ u  men
tr----.  |   ;n   ths   I i*   it il i   I    '
the salesman
"Why, an-  yuo  bllml
lealer, painting tu *n.
ens with their  ■■■■. ■ ■ .1 '   ■ .n
lee tii.\ an habbled
U*«ful .n Camp -K.::ii',i-r-.. nir-'"-'ir\
pro-ipi*.'t.ir*t xml inntur-t *'ll bul )r
ni- I-... • Hlenti-n* Oil ■'•*■" 1**1-ii ti
i-uiup Wtii-ti -ii^ taei nm **a i.-> *m
siiiI .-nlil it in *.•.! .. -in .n"0 thaaU
with th* Oil. uul u* -»-iitt vill n «»
proven'ion -it pmiii* n Uh ni- i* mu
-h-i'il't x ''ill. ae ,!..nt:i>-i',ii. ir -ur-iui re
«UHtiiui."l. Sothmg UUld M .•"•er is i
'lre*)Min»x   ic Im ton.
Iniiiitii-in-   Strnnger—' • if   -i
your* threw i srgH minn u nn mrt
now.   missing   ny    uuul imll   m
Proud Patent—'"Ton wg le m ad
tndfgnam    *irriiiif*-r -   ' >u-'
nu--. rj   mn
Proiul P ir ': Thi n * * is mi ny
How'3   T*U3 1
We ..fT-r Une !I iii.tr-l )<.ilnr> le-«-ir*l
for aa* '-leM. nt '.urn CtUU inn..! •*.
rureti by ll.ill'- Catftrrt*. Cnra.
V  .1   <'HK"tHV  i   '<    " ii.-ii-    -
We. th,- air-lershpitd, ts - raown 9 .
Obtnef for ':ie laei  sfteefl    ■■■     na   -
llf*ve   h,:il     >-*•■•.'     I   ll..-  : or     ii    |,1     ,iui-
net* traatai -.. u-  md  laopttaH**  une
rarry ml UU inliir-i.li. na iimic i- n»
WALDIf*;    KXT^ »'-'   i    l ■ :
Whole... -     *"U'-*: '-    "o«l...
Hall'* Catarrh Cart i **,-n Btr-raattr
sating dirtetly i»-"i the ilon-l iad diu-aiu
mrffUflt 'f the ,/«torn. T—.i.in..Fii-u-. -*ni
tree.      ftuta    "S     -::■ ■    it    .■ <■■*     Wg     IS
Color Trinsitiwi
An aged        red man wa       .  |
■. in burning the gras      -
ta young  broker   *•     . attw    •
[turned to hia :.. nu  md i
I have aome fun aith I ma
j   "Simbo. it you bum thai iraaa
entire lawn will t.e ,i.- blaea  u   nra
"Oats all rnrht. mn," raaponoeri
tne raagro "Some a daaa l.tvi thmi
gra.t* grow up an' b*» as tr-en .ia you
Mttplig  Tl-ilngi Along.
"The family in tbe nest flat bei
three phoni-grapha end four boya eriU
toy eipreae wsgont." aald Mr.
(irowi-her't wife. "Whal on oartb
shall we dor*
"Send fur tbe piano inner and ant
blm buw much ne ti take to work by
tbe day."*Wothingion Star.
Good News.
J    "My dear, om landlord aays be'e going to ran-, our rent."
".Had to near ne ran do It   I rant"
-HtlMtDiire American.
BtroHlng ilong tho boardwaft r *•,■-
lantlc City, Mr UulUgan, *.n.- Tar-nlthy
r.-tir.-*l eontractor dropped i piarter
through » crack in tha plunking v
(nend eante along a mmute laitsr and
found him iqnatted down,  induitr-.*
fiii-ly jH'kitiir d t-jro J- liar hill thrr.ugh
the Imeherous cranny with hfa tors*
"Molllgan, what th-* dtwil ar- *-
doin - ' Inquired th- friend.
"8h*h," laid M- Mu'! iin "I'm
t ry mi ' to make 11  **•-;" ■
tear Up this board "
The  Man  at  the     iVr   "Madim**.
I'm the piano-tuner'
Th.' ft'oman   "I   IMn'l   »nd an •
piaiio-t. uti.-r "
Tb.- Man • l kn * H i!- th«
neighbor-, did      '       igoMewi
"Keep youi - ■*■ i ■ ■
gentlemen," sold a th**stn<*sl   m»n-
ug.-r: "th.r*- ll ■' •' '    '     '    ''
but (or some in. *.i'Ii' abls rati     •
kui ha* ifoti-    ni
Then m boy ihouted ("•"> »li- gel-
lery: "Perhepi it didn't like the
Dltsatisflnl   Hualiantl   "Ihlorc   wo
were lliurried I wu* led to believe ynll
were well oil,"
Dlisntla(1c<l Wife- "No I wan, but I
didn't kimw It"
W. N. U., Na. Ml.
Il.dg.a HI. Dulf.
Chnllj-V'bti. i w» r.nini on |onr
d.ii|hl,r la.t ..rtilni, Ur llutra, year
do| irowled .1 me Uld llull.-Old b.
bit. loot Chnlly-Ub. no-only fnw|.
ed Uld fliilt.-l'li bar. lo let rid of
blm aad |.l .nothw.-Chlraio N.wa
la.1,1 L.m.n.d..
-Ibt ■ noted 'of ta. eoelal
•mur* thatr
•tajtu Mribii* tai nrnl i
Ihey .uul,! hav,, natoml tlta fable,
waited nerve, hy Qio ol auoh treit
nt as tar   t'liaa,'*. N,>rv,' K,a„l
C..y M.n.y.
I an working my way
A F.m.u. War Fleel.
Tbe baltleahlp. of the Atlantic Oeet
Tills iriat rntofltln Ir, nlm, ill wbk-b Killi-d uul ot Hampton Ituad. ln
cure, hy tormina new, rich hliiial ami' December, 1007, on tbe f.nioua .round
liy i. I.iiit.liiis- lh,' wasti',1 niTvt' lell. | tb. world crulw-the Alaham.. Illinois
Nu medicine ia inure curtain to prove. ii.tnc, AlbwourL Ohio, KcrMri*.
I'l-iii'lii'iiil, tor clch .lose mill, jo tin' Kentucky, WIkomIo and New Jereey
inn a certain ontounl ol rich, ,>,i _rj<v(. paMod from tbe drat mbtut
sl ,wlv iIlne-   Todn>' every one of tbem la Ueted
"Dravo glrll Uuw do you nro moav
"WelL father give, me 110 for every
.Inglng Meaon I dun't uka."-Luoa>
rill. Courler-Juurn.L
'Aids Nature
Nervous tltaogsee come
und fun only he overi-omo by pntieiit
"In reaerre," and their plat-en ln tha
lid ponlitoht treatment.   ProventlonI •••• have been taken by newer and
is always hitter than cure, and for auofo powerful abl-pa.-ArgooaQt.
this  rention you ahould emleavor to
keep llm dyxtem at high water mark
hy lining Dr. (-hase'ii Nerve Food nt
the first sign of trouble. bO ct-nls n
box; 8 hoxos for S3.M; at all denlera
or Kdmaiiion, Bates & Co., Limited,
"Ntlllt" Grant
Hie Protest
Doctor-Now,  ourse.  take  tbe  pa*
Senfe temperature.    IMtlent (feebly)
-Oh, doctor, do leave me oometbuif
n my system.--*-Baltimore American.
Old Gentleman   I'm g''*d io are thai
Ellen Wrensbnll Oront, affeetlonale-    ,uu *n ,"",*'m,,h ",-f ."'■ wA M r0BI
ly remembered by most American wo- i  m"8 Dro,hfr u"° 'n* "ku,ffl ""''
pie a. "Nelll." OrtM, wa. tne {£       u,,»*  H^™  Siitt?1 J
tUM of a pmldtot to he married at    mni wn u th* W* woUl4 ,,--r~"
iht White Uaoe* A. P.
The great toecest of Dr. Pierce'* Golden Mediesl Dit*
covery ia curing tresk atomseht, wotled boditt, wetk
lungi, and ob-itlaete and lingtrlng oought, it btifd on
tht recognition of Ihe fundamental truth thai "Uoliicn
Medical Discovery" tupplitt Nature with body-building, tissue-repairing, muscle-making mtltrials, in con-
dtnttd tnd concentrated form. With this help Nature
supplies the necetiary strength to Ihe stomach to digr-st
'uod, build up thc body and thereby thruw .iff lingering
ohstinttt coughs. The "Discovery" re-eslthlishes tht
digm've and nutritive organ* In sound health, p-.rifi.-s
and enriches the blood, and nouri Hts Ihe ner-.es -m
short tsttblishcs sound viguruus hcsltl..
It your deafer altera anmatklnf " fast aa tfoorf,'*
If la probably better FOP} Ml!*, -it paya better.
Hat you are thtnktnt of lha care not tha prt.tlt, am
there'a aothlmt ",utr aa good" for yon.    Sag a*.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, In Plain Rnglish; or, Medicine Simplified, lOOg pages, over 700 illustrations, atwly revised up-to<dato
l-'iliti'.n. cloth-bound, sent for SO one-cent stamps, to cover cost of wrapping
aad msliiig *mt>.    Address: Dr. R   V. Pierce, Huffalo, N. Y. FREE   PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA
-r.irm.rlv (The New Km.)
r ,\, H.MtHKIt, I'ulilWicrtuu! I'niprlutor,
a uml iiuiilislu-il everj Tluirmliii" from ii-
iti,',- WtMlmiiislir Sliii-t. riiillbviii-k.
iniii.ii nrliT ti mi iht vent in advance u> mi
n.l. iMiijiiri' - to Unitni StatesItaM,
vertlslui rutm dopenilciil mt lemi or
,imiv n-v.1  llllll *■> ill >>*- Himb' k'KiWii
ii, in I tic puiillslier.
im ul Kiiiiiiui loc pel I'l.iint line ciu-li
nl vert Iwinoiitj, i ten I pel word raicli
n jih
-Mors l»r«
• nd
b t • » a1
Sold by MorchantB'of uliilliwiwk, Koswlalo, und Atcliolitz
Dairy Farm ! |
80 Acres, nil cleared nml iiikIit t-ultivnlinn.  7 Room
House, Hum and Outlidiises, Private Water Sup|)ly. *
Good Orchard, Buildings valued nt ffSOOO, beautifully ♦
situated,  200 yards from School, 2 milos from l'osl +
Office, 4 miles from Church. Tliosuil is tlio hesl lo he ♦
obtained  in  litis  valley and produces I tons of liny {
per acre, everything in llrst-class condition.
Price $26,000,
$10,000 Cash, Iitiliinco to suil purchaser.
Sitttatod ten minutes walk lo|)ostofilce,
All in firsl-elass state of cultivation,
high, dry and level, with wide frontage
on Charles Street. Each quarter-ncro
lias a number ot choice fruil Ireos in
full hearing, and the prices arc tpiite
The Chilliwack Specialist
ilium.', ctuii must t«' in imi lulur tlmn
VVi'iilli-nlil) mi.titniK'
Tho Puritan PitU.ers, wim mivi* u
tlm world   tlu*   ClIHtntn   nf   w-Uit
aside onoll ymr tmu du,v in whirl
wc aro culled upon Hnk'ninl.v I*1 n
count our hlcssinan. * vine. I <
found knowledge i-t liiiimin   u
tiinl niiltiro'fl needs.   Mint in imn'1
hu) prone to think upon the ' hunl
times" through which he huu pnwil
uml to forget tlic lmpplni'W    It i-
true thnt ho  cotistitntly turn-*  IiIh
face to the past nntl talks of ''the
good nlil times."   But thai h more
because he sees chiefly thu evil in the
dnys thut nro now thnn thut ho it-
painstaking in t nting tho good-
neKS nf the Almighty mul All Good
in tho past. The sotting aside of n
day of thanksgiving hrought with ii
an influonco working for sweetness,
sanity and ofliciency. The mun
who is always brooding on his
wrongs in tho weaker for it, and
In- who revives his courage with recalling the happiness and successes
of the past, therchy renews Ins
strength for the morrow. Thanksgiving has a deeper meaning than
the more offering, by the voice or
pun, of tllllllks for favors from the
All Giver. True thanksgiving is a
force in the life. It is not content
with the formal uttoranco of gratitude. Il translates this gratitude
Into action. It recognizes that tho
receipts of blessings carries with il
responsibility for extending happiness to other.'-, und returns thanks
to tlio Oivor in serf ire of his
creatures' and in seeking to bring
about tin- prevalence of 11 is will
among men.
; ■     Phone I 197 Phone R 197
Abbotsford Timber $ Trading
Co., Limited
Office and Yards, YOUNG ROAD
Wo have a comploto Block of Long Joist*. Rough    {
nml   DroBfletl  Lumber, Lntli, Shingles, Kiln Dried
Flooring, Coiling, Siding, Moultlinga nntl  ITinisli.
Lime, ('-in.'hi nnd I'IiihU'i*.
I'l'ninpt nlli'iilimi giVilli  to till ordoffl.
TH0S. KIRKBY Local Manager
.*+++♦+♦♦♦++***>*+♦<* •>•>♦«*•>•> *>***>*t«'t4 4 4 •>4**4*>4*>e*f'>f*»t*>e*a*t*'><>e
The day laborer with a family
who earns $00 a month cr less docs
not want any taxes to pay. British
Columbia is a rich province, rich
in natural resource*, from whieh a
large pari of thc expenses of government are secured. That the \n»>r
man should hnve to pay $'.\ a year
shame. The excuse that hy
levying a pay roll tux is tho only-
way to [*rt at the Chinamen is hut a
lame one. The collection of thai
*?;t deprives thc worklngmon nf sum*'
mall luxuries during tho month in
which it is paid, and he gets few
motlgh. Oil limes it puts him in
leht In thai extent or he has to do
without some of Iho necessaries of
life, lt is only the man who ha:
lived aud kept house mi 850 or SU0
a month, and that within recent
years who ran thoroughly appreciate whal the tax means,
Many nf ua hud to live on or jmt-
hups less than the sum above
mentioned, Imt thai was ilm-ing
(he time when commodities wore
comparatively cheap. Now they
are very dear, and even those with
a much larger salary liml it ilihVnlt
to make both etuis meet. Take tho
head tax of nil together and let
those who ran afford to do so pay
the taxes. The |MHir man pays
enough already in the shape of
duties on everything ho eats and
wears,'—Victoria Times.
Two farmers, ono a Canadian and
tho other un American; and both
residing on the bordor on tho
prairies huve boon arrested for
smuggling oats and barley at which
game thoy were making a good thing
by using what is called tho chain
system. Tho Canadian farmer
would take his grain over lo tho
American farmer during the night,
and the American would tako it to
an American elevator, The profits ;;
of courso arc divided, lu smuggling barley Ihciv is n gain of abmil
liir. n bushol li Ml .put*, -mow
thai tli. former* tilui ■ : ■ i rr
lieliovo in reciprocit;, win Ll-nr ihey
voted for it or nol,
. Stored.
Potatoes stored in
in trust nrwif whit
limine, three itioiitlis
for Two Dnll'ir .
I.i  oral   itilMiiii'i
: ii .-,-■.. if i. . ,i
1'aid-up Capital uml Reserve
M v i-.iiiin.'il In Res| nilile People.
Accounts Opened on I'.-iviinilile Terms.
\i -,. :■ i    ii-, Mttiiiiuei' *
Oil,' llllll,    III, in   lis,
flirlllli'ls'   Assiiciiltiilll   .
nniiiiiil mooting tiinl tn
Hritisli |iivf,'i-  uiinli
nil in ti J
I Lli U.
VANC0UVE11    .    B. C. f
lower  st hml of   living fur   i lie | ************ >
Ciiiiiiiliiin    iKi.ptn.     N.'   ilulllil   lie
n il thill t" li.ivr th,- prim'K   ul
woollens nml i-iiilini goods s,i lhul
IKOplo    I'ltlll'l ilri-ss     tiMiiv clll'tipl.V
would iniiki' tin-ill I'i-i'I llml lln>}
wort! neiirlng .-h.-upi-i- i-jutlies.
There is nomi'tlting in the argument,
for huh iln' pletifiireof wearing g 1
clotllCH Ilea ill tht' t-,,iisi-i,nisln-ss
that tlii'.v rust it lot uf iniilH'V.
How really etover this manufacturer
Will tu ilisu'ii thin I'lusivi' trait in
human nature.
The milliliter of an Oiilai'io   fair
is I'ntitli'il tu the  Carnegie   i Ial
tor optimism. The .vol weather on
show ilu.v ri-iliii-i-il thu gate receipt,
to J.7.60, uml ho cheerfully boasted
tlmt his (nir excelled nil rivals in
the iirolougeil preelpitation uf
j. ri. i>OOh
I Inl Air i'liriini'i's,
Roofing mul Cornice,
Metallic Ceilings,
Stoves nnd Hiiiigos,
OoilOI'al repair work,
Estimates  furnishod
Phone 94
Live upon the sunny side of life,
and kei-p away from tho grottcher,
who know- nothing but hard luck
We Have Moved
lho Knlghl lllonk In the htiilillng f ,-. I> Il| I   |,y
lho Kiwi l're.9, o|.pi«lle the poslnllii'i,,  ivlii'l-l-   jolt   will
Uinl ii« fully i.ptippi-,1 I , i \"in- ,1,'in.mil- i i-lin,'.
UV i'itrr.1 n lull li iih.-l"-si   mul,- of  liitrnem nnil
; i*s->,ri<-. iii priees thai .pell  y for ti„- fartnt-r.
In propnieil to give.von ej plim.al ..rviiv,  mul n  ,-ull
The ChilliwacK Harness Co.
Opposite the Post Office
We would like to remind reodors
of the Preo I'tess of the coming scs*
slon of the Provincial Tax Commis*
-ion whieh will Im* held in thc Court
house, Chilliwack ou Wednowlay,
Novoiubcr8, at III a.m. Tho meet,
ing will Ire opi-n In the  public ami
any porson lutorosltitl is invllotl to
1 alteti'l uinl give tllU Comilllwloil the
Innofll of Iii-1*piiilous nr vim- mi
In iu.iti,, Hml mti-i i.i< iiuiflldoroil nf
in**!*'  than  hi*.11nary   Importunec,
Theiv is Iln- jmll tax, pOtTWIial pl'o-
|hi(.v Uut, Lilllbor lIUUSi mineral tax
I and "lln'i |*M>ll I.- whirh euine witlllll
| tho scope of llm Compilation, Auy
'■'oinplaini- iiiiiI nuggoalctl amend'
inciitH will hoi nidercd.
Tlu- siuteiiii-ni ihnl iKilitenwwniid
jiiiiisiilciaii.ui for ot hem i-; nol iu evidence among thc youth of the laud
!*< mislciiilinji. A new hath itMim
wiw o|-*-nrtl in connection with a
■ i»iy'-*ic|i...i| iu Toronto lho other day
nntl Ihe hmt rue tor Invited the pupils
iu the (it-si tlivision toeoino forward
uml lokoH plunge. With iidmirablu
gallantly the front row prom pi I >
-irpp.-il niilside to give the rear
Hi in l'Is a rhaiice.
Hot Drinks for
Cool Weather
Clam Bullion
Tomato Bullion
Tomato Nectar
Beef Tea
Hot Molted Milk
Tea, Chocolate, Coffee
Theae delicious drinks served
day and evening, in our
Tea Rooms
We Make Our Own Candin
Chilliwack Candy Kitchen
lu ua effort i<> eatuhlish n rgnllrcrv uf
I.i.iii.ri-! of tin- fruer Valley, I Mill
itlvu in overy man who ban been a re*
si.liiii ol iln- valley nol lets thou
twcnty*tlvc yean ami who i^ eligible
tn iiioHilx'whlp ia Tin- nl.l Ttiiwn
Amiociiiifon, <•!»■ lurge I'latlnu l'ini-*li
ijliutoKrupli •■! hitnsclfi Haitablo for
irAiningi free.
I'i'.iviili-il. thai lie will come ta my
Btutlio before the tir.-t of NovciiiIxt
next mul give ii few momenui *>f hie
linn- in uu effort to obtain a likeiicru
llmt will not only be a credit to himself ami the pioneer*] "f I lie Valley,
Imi the Sttullo us well,
L. F. CROFT. Photographer
Th. He. Studio    Chilliwack, B.C.
t j
! Macken- I
| Smith *
! Lumber
ffygi   ic Dair^ Farm
Thursday, November 9
Commencing at   12 o'clock sharp
Lunch Served on tho Premises
Wc have reeelveil luslMiclloiiH from lliu Llqtililaloni in w-ll tvltlmiil re*
Ni>rvi-  tlic  uii.li-r-iiKutiiiui'il  sunk,  |iu|ilcmt-itu-j ami  eiiul| tit ut  the
llyglcnlu Dairy Kami, Mut«nul, Otirunl Station, II.U, B.C. Klectric, on
tin- .luti- above meiiliuiied,
TKIt.MS $2ft.OO and under, Cntih. Over tlmt amount throe montlm
t'tnlit <m npprnveil joint notiH ut •*tt,ii-
Hohsks—(I splendid farm howa- lionwH that iny matt would Im- proud to
nwnj ulsti nni't'lii'iiiiut driving inure.
COWS—I a, I'liiv hred llolntoin cow, 6 yearn old, comes duo January80,
luiii to Kin-.* Delia.
MtsNir, Ayr-iliin- gradu cow, ti yearn old. tltw curly in December.   A
lliKt-rlii**H ibiiry eow.
IMPI.K.MKNTS- 4 WugonH; -2 Mast«-v-Hniri« Binders; 3 Mowers; -' Horse
Rakes;   i Hay Uader;  1 Hay Tetlder;   I I-hiuI Holler; S fln-ukiuK
Plows; H s.-iM ut Hurness; l Garden Cultivator; l Four Horse Seed Drill;
jjuiiiocrat Wagon; Bnggy; Panning Mill, also numerous other niuUler
IIAUNKSS—;t Sets of Team Harness, complete; I Set Heavy Tug Harness;
1 Sci Single Driving Harness,
DA IKY sri'l*I.IK-\—ti only. 10 gal, Milk runs; l Do IavoI Cream Separator; mo Metal Sauilary Milk Cases;"- Gorier Milk Kails; 1 Dairy Scab-.
*»rNDI(lKS-l.!iivt' quantity of miscellaneous tools uml farm tcoessorics,
Including 12 Stable Luuu-rns, H Water Buckets, II Tiling Spades,-4Scoop
Shovels, ti Lour Handled Shovels, 6Stable Korks, lli Hay Forks, a Hoes,
4 lIuiiiinriH, l Vise. •", Seta Curry Combs ami llmsht-s, (.'row Bar,
Spreader, Etc., Ku*.
HAY TACKLE—2 Hay Forks, Wire Cable, Etc.
FARM PRODUCE—130 Tons Good Clovei Hay, I'S Tons Clover and Red
Top Hay, 80 Tons Oats.
Storage to Djceinb?r I, to stilt convenience of purcbiwcni.
FURNITURE— Complete ontfil of Household and Office Furniture.   Largo
quantity of lk-d Llticn, Towels, Etc., Etc.
OHICKENS-30 Laying Hens, :i Roosters, 20 Young Pullets.
FENCING—SO Rolls of Barb Wire, 50 Cedar Fence Posta.
CORDWOOD—20 ford-* of 4 foot Wood,
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Mother « Noble and Charlei Hill Tail   .   Liqaidaton
! Co.
will   be glad
Five Acres Land For Sale     j      ... "     .
■'.... s.M.K-v,,y,.I ,, iT.w-.Jt with aa esti-
Uliilllirat'k Octiirttl roa.1, lltlcen iitiiiiitca X _^_^j._    _.ta _^.«M
»ulk lr„ni ll,i.|iv-.,-„rm-rs, t'liillivui.-k. |+  IliaTJe    Oil VOUT
ll.C.    J. W. HiiHiiv.  Uox 7.1, Cliilli- f ,             , ,   .,,
- lr                  * lumber bill
Chilliwack Steam Laundry Co.
T. E. HALL. Proprietor
Phone 172
Ladies and Gentlemen's Clotlies Steam Cleaned
A Specialty.
All Work Promptly and Neatly Executed.
For Sale
I'l.lt KAI.K-hir.' hml ivkin Diicka,
siiitjii.li- for brmllngi!-', ts-r pair. .1.
McC II. I.HMIII I .".Is--. Clu'Wii,
For Sale
KOlt SAI.E-lInM il six yiiirs.,1,1. wclalll
almui linollw,Den nu llniujy, "li'Wi
1111,1 Iiuiii,—. ,-lu-ji|, f,,r null, Hiiqiim1
"f A. li  Ml lii.'lii-rn. CltV.
I whether   you
J place your or-
I der with them
or not.
For Sale
lllt'Yri.l'.. l-'iilt SAI.K—11. s. A. malt.
tlin- s|s,,l ii'-iii--. trout nml l,a,-k tollvr
iii ilk.-. -,-,n,,l\ri,|,l,-ii; Applyllox
111. I'rvi- l'n-ss.
Phone 86    I
Furnished Rooms to Kent
I'.ilt lll'.NT  Mivly   Inrnulicd  r	
A.   |iim	
Macken-      |
Smith |
Lumber Co. I
Parcels Called For Every Morning.
axav ak*->A eaa taa* *aau*AAa\Aa\AAAi a a iaAAAAA«\AaaAaaaa
rww www twwtw ffvffffwfff w www wwwwwmrnmefm
Electrical  Contractor
Wiring for Power
nml Lighting
A comploto line of
Fittings and Supplies
Implement and
Produce Co.
Potato  Diggers
Implements of all
We Have Listed Exclusively
A Few Blocks of 5, 10 and 15 Acre Subdivision, situated 1 1-2 miles
from the city on the beautiful banks of Hope river. Peaches, apples,
plums and .small fruits in bearing.
This land is in a No. 1 state of cultivation and unequalled for early
For Further Particulars, Apply
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
The Chilliwack Specialists FREE  PRESS,  CHItLIWACK,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
What is a bargain '! Attend
ter f-r nr
Gilbert's Great Removal Sale
were bargains in tbis town it is here you will find tbem.    Wben wo move into tin- Henderson Mi
be in a few days, we expect to bave something entirely different from anything in the past—A   I,;
whore a lady may come nnd purchase anything or everything site muy require, and that article, tu
it may be will bo the vory latest style, tho last minutes production.     Think what this means,
Ladies' Store rigid hero iu Chilliwack,    What dues il  inoun  to  us '.'     First—We have several
we will not carry in our new store.   These must bo disposed of quickly, a big loss to us but a gr
you.    New Goods—Hats, Caps, Shoes, Clothing, Gloves, Mitts, etc.    Carpets, Curtains, Linoleums,
find no place in our new location.   Ladies' and Children's Boots and Shoes, and several  other si
havo to be disposed of for We Positively will not move any of them.
and yuu will
sunn knowfor
if ever there
re, which will
.adies Store—
matter what
An Exclusive
lines of goods
at benefit to
Oilcloth, will
lo  lines will
Probably our greatest loss will Iw in our Shoo Depart*
nit'tit for wo havo it largo stock and t*> dispose of it
quickly moons prices must Iw right, and so thoro will
lu- no delay wo havo cut prices away below cost price.
.•'or iostitn mr $4.00uml 85.00sl sore
our 88.00 ami tft.60 shoos for 82 00, and
82./K) shoes 91.IHI per pair. Children's -.In
to 82,ail a pair for I1.2A. Up to 81.50 ai
.I.V. a pair. Up to 81.110 value for 20o., a
is all new.    Also out* Utihbers ami   Ituhlie
now 82 IM.
82.00 anil
is worth tip
(181.75 for
id lho stock
Hoots for
Women and Children nl ibe. same low prici
Men's Shoes at Just Hall Regular Prices
Ladies' Costumes, will be
fine of nur specialties in our
now locnlion, at the same
tune we do not wish tn
move any tif those now nn
band, therefore grout reductions have been made.
Soma are spring suits but
tbey are all stylish ami the
pupiltur styles for next year.
Tli** prices make it worth
your while to buy now,
885.00   and   830.00   suits
now 812.50.
825 and 820 Suits, 89.50.
$15 and 812.50 suits for
$0.50. Cheaper suits arc
given aw.iy free. Separate
ikiits also como in for a big
Slimmer Suits worth up to
812.50 [or only 82.50.
Men's Suits
Moil's Salts will I'm.I nn place in
nur new Btnre, Ladies don't
Im.v tin-in, si, nut thoy go. These
suits wore made by tlio greatest
uf all tailors, Gopploy N'oyes and
Itniiiliill of Hamilton, Thoy are
the finest tailored goods uf anv
make iu Canada nnd if tvo have
your size, 'Our Stock is Limited'
The prices wo know will plottso
you. 820 and sii'l Serges lor
HO omit. SIW nnd 885 pure
Knglish Worsted goods only "l/i.
Others at *:',, SI, nnd So. Separata trousers away down. Pick
them up gentlemen. Such an
opportunity inny never occur
again. Fancy vests worth up to
85.00 for only 9,'ie.
J-;*-  lints worth up to82.60and
IllfifftrS-sKSl      s:i °° """' ""'-v *' ■'"
iw!•H«KHsJ  Hlelsons the world  tainoiis
Mon's lints including nil
tin- latest and in-west shapes
nml colorings, The fainoilfi
lltu'i'ington huts worth 80
nml 88.60 fur 81.50.
Oranvlllo & l'o. Now Vnrli
***♦*******+++•> -.****+**-h**h-*)*
I Communications £
Toil,.. Edilor;
The autumnal tints and fnlling
leaves remind us of the upproaching
winter; a move or less dreary period
exletunco for many when in litok of
work or amusement. Cannot some*
thing bo devised lo brighten Ihe
lives of i hose who possess no home
but an hot.'I, at least for ti time,
where scattered and dismembered
newspapers represent, practically
tlic sole relief from t-niiui? The
establishment of a free library has
been recently mooted, but such an
Institution    requires    considerable t
! !
lAre You Clearing j
the best thut can be
hud anywhere 81.50 lo 86,
several shapes and colors
ami all or rathor your choice
t'aps of overy doscrlptlon
for men and hoys at the
most ridiculously lowprlcos
Really we hate to let the
other stores know how
cheaply wo nro soiling them.
Closing out our Carpels, Huns, Linoleum,
Shades, Poles, etc. also means a (■real saving to those ne tiiiiL*
new carpet or Moor
covering, We won't
move thorn. 00c to
75e lines For .15e per
yard;n0c lines for 2fia
per yd. ; 8oc oilcloth
for 16c.    We mean it     ...
ami wutii yon i.i believe it. 'Uny *vom bo movwl
uuw stun-. Carpet squnrcfl wortli *m fur 94.76; I
worth ST..'>ii im ?.\.oo; worth $fi for $2.75, \Vindow
.-oltl everywhere for 7fic now !15c, Clieatier ones
Curtain jwles with wood ends, rings ami bracket
[.It'll- forS5e. White enamel poles, ju-t tin- thlait
rooms, with silver ends, brass brackets, only ISc,
rods 5c each und dozens oi other bargains,
ami its Bargains, llargains, everywltcre at GILBERT'S GREAT REMOVAL SALE.       Old store opposite Posl (jfS
Office,   New store, where Henderson now is.   The same plume 150. The same courteous treatment. The same 7f^
Gilbert Co.   Buy early and often.   Terms cash.    No goods exchanged, no money refunded during this sale. ife.
Chilliwack, B. C. M
The Gilbert Co.
DKAKE- II.i. km-*, stallion, Rcglrrteml.
DOLLT   Pay Mare. Oyeors, best family
man* in tne provituf.
HAUL— Brown mare, <• years, p..-I
combination in all liuni*-*** iiiiil M*Tdlc.
HAROLD G.-Sirn-I poll - years put, h
good prospect t" make W&wj,
For further pnrtlcitlan apply
Oilll, Time, ur K*<i'liniip'fi>rl..'all>t.it*\
Miss Olum Davison, teacher in
Piano, and pupil nf Mlsa McGulre,
AHiertu I'*>ll*'(,'!-, Edmonton, is open
to reeeivo primary pupils, I'npil-
iniiyiM-gin ut anytime. Terms,cte.,
on upplientinn.
I«l4»cti Frlnctu A«.i CMMwick
BOCltrV ov iivu. i:ni.jnki:ks
B. C, Land Sduvbyok
Roomit 10 a Ui Westminster Trust Work
♦ I
St. Andrew's and
; Caledonian Society
Organist Wanted
WANTKD—AppHcatloiu for tlio position
1 nf organist of si. Thomas' church,
Chllllwaek, will be recolvwl in wrltiiiti
by the i-uderstitnco' nol later ilmn Sat*
, nrday, Mtli Nuvmibcr, 1011, Applications i" suit.- niiflli(teatIons and salary expected,     V.. Dctiiir. Secretary,
Watch for the
Scotch Concert
Particulars Next Week
Applications Wanted
WANTED—Applications will In iwclved
by tliojtnclcraignc-tt, In writing, f*»r tin
IKvlttcff of matron •>( tho neit Chilli*
waek Hospital, alaofor a man and wife
tbu former to make himself -wnernll;
useful 1 tin- latter tn havo u knowledge <*f cooking an.l id <|,. general
housework, Applicants to give refer*
.•titer urn! Mate salary expected,
lJ.iiir. .M.-iii-iiAii, -S-.n-uicv.
For Rent
[ l-iilt IIRNT-Hoouu ami ofllceswitli hoi
water heating. Oeo, It- Asliwi II A Hon.
ipilal and a liberal income, iu
order lo sustain it, even though
supplemented by a Carnegie grant,
.Many great, important ami successful enterpriser! have sprung into
Whig as Un- result ur   modest and
 nomiciil hul determined, ofTort.
I'rriiiit mt' lu suggest that, if our
young city cannot bear Ihe onus
and responsibility <>f n freo library,
yet the nucleus nf uue mlglll lie
formed by thc ereatiuti uf ;t free
rending room, supported by
voluntary contribution.-.. No doubt,
the local papers would generously
-upply free copies of their product-
Ions, The public might be Invited
in   tender   offerings  of  tllsrnrded
magazines and bonks.   Oi started,
our genial M. I'. might In- induced
<i exercise bis   valuable   Influence
imards     obtaining   a    Provincial
grant, and  presto, In the surprise,
itisfuetinn and admiration nf all,
free and imposing library would,
most probably, arise iu mu* midst,
as   a   lasting   monument   of  the
voluntary   effort,   energy   and industry    of   our   fellow    citizens.
Will some promiucnl citizen kindly
take the initiative and gladden the
heart of the writer of these lines?
An Ol.li ClTIZKN.
Th.- casual or regular visitor to
Cloy bum, lhat enterprising manufacturing town situate about il mile
from tho B. C. 13. It. depot nf Clay-
burn, COltld not help but traverse
either lliu heavy gravel ruad or the
railroad track to town, und while
> doing sn realizo what n noon it
Would Ih-Iu the town and pedestrian,
' if ihe progressive townfolk would
lg*-t after thc official wbu has charge
of tlu- laying uf side walks ami point
nul to liltn the dire noccssityof hav-
, ing, at least, a twu plank walk from;
ih*- depot to the town, There being
un light nf auy description along the j
road one cannot tell whether he in
going Into a mu<l puddle ur a, ditch.
If a walk could be laid, om* would
feel safe in following it. There may
iw many othor Instances in other
nearby towns that could, at u very
small outlay, !«' vastly Improved,
and it seems a shame that our progressive western townfulk dun't louk
afn-r the little (big) things nvorothan
they do. The writer cites tin-* particular instance bcc^tiso ho had occasion In Il*nverse tlu- ruad in point
quite recently.
with "in- oomplolo line of Tools for this purpose,
Wo stock Axes, Wedges, Hammers, Crosa-CtttSawa
in all lengths, Poavlcs, Cant-ilooks, Ug Chains ami
Snatoli Hlni'ks.    Wlro Cahle in all sizes.
Fuse ami Caps.
These Chilly Mornings anil lSvenings, one "f tlntse
little ilinky till,   HEATERS   Is just  the thing,
They aro  clean, safe an.l  odorless,
*********************************************** tt****
* *
* *
|   Newcombe Piano, in good condition   |
$175.00 {
J McMillan, good as new. Splendid tone :
t Price new $375. For quick sale \
$250.00 \
J Terms arranged. Call and See These. •
| :
| Alfred White . Music Dealer :
* •
♦ •
Havo you tried Purity Flour? wl        . the
most economical flo.ur in the valley, beeauHn
it makes more l.ron.l to tlic tack tha
other mi account of tlic (mculiar grann at -
t.f this  Ilmn-.     it  inakca  a  larger   i
ntul hottor loaf thnn any other we ho
Try a 'Sa.k
Special Price: Saturday $1.75
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ >•>*«•>->*>+->*>+*+«*4*-Ht •>•>**> •>•>*> 4 4++*>+♦ *>+++*+-«.-*
fraction "f Voice, llano and Vii.Hn
in Cliilliwnck weekly.
Apniv t>> i»i-t..i .-Mm to tin- CMwrntori I
WM llrumlniiy Welti Vwtcouver
and OUT IcH'tlrl   Hill .nil .ill  )I>U.
iiAiiitisri:it. mm.n ituii.
NOTAltV l-l'III.U-
WrslininstiT I'ni-i  Iluil,ling
C. T. Vr»denb«rg
We havo in itook a mtmbor <*f atondanl iloorn, nwortc-l
sixes, which wt- purohnicti ;ii n mmp prloo.   Wo hnughl
these doon riulit nnd will soil (hem rl|tht<
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
('*iiu|nirr these with .i-itulm* prices .nul conic nntl loo the
d'Hirf. t'liim- early ai they will nol last long nl llicse prices.
P. 0. Box 243
one R 121
Chilliwach Planing Mills
rialck.r Sl.
(I],|l„sitr II. 0, r   Sl.ili.-n
Kitt,',l with modern t'oii-
vonioncoi   and   comfortably
Itmiislii'd tlir,,uul,,mt.
0. «. HuLINNAN, Pro|rl.l.r
Tlio man int.'tit wlily on enjoying liiinaclt, and havitiK a giHid tiliii
ia nibbling a rat biscuit,
Bucctwor i" WM. .tlltlllllAI.il
Khtiiimti-s Given
Pltonc 58 P.O. llm 208
St-vt'iiil brand now cottages
.•imi hungnlnuit in dtlTcrcnl
jiaii- uf tin' city fur sili- nu
<'\i'.'|i!|M|i;ill> .'il-* Irrill-ninl
tit extremely low nrtces, fur.
snlc for ii few (lays ai a
We also havo onqlrles fur n
Dairy Itanch for rent, must
liavc iii li'n-t 80 acres mid
in shnpe t" operate.
We wimi llitinm of largo
an.l   imall   lilocks   nf   land
where the ii>tlit prices nml
terms aro quoted, Our ar*
rnngonients for veiling land
in eastern farmers i- iu|ier*
lor In any in iln- vallt-.v It lid
it proper oflbrs pro made,
WO ran sell tin- land.
Tub tiui.i.iw.M k Land and
l»i.vi,ni'Mi,\T('t>. I.Tii. :ir«* in
n position i*> handle large
um-Mnpol hloeks of laud
now nud »•- Invite all WltO
havo such laud tu sell to
notify u- and quote their
vory besl price ami terms
nn same. Thin Is n matter
which deserves prompt ami
careful notion.
t'nll nml qpe un.
P. 0. loi 147        Fhemt 171
Chllllwaek, B. C.
Cfiurch News
A two w.rk.s' aorlosot inoclal wr-
vi'T-. will  U-jjin in Oook'fl I'rcslty-
ti-r'uin ciutroh on Sondiy Ootobor
2». Il.v. ii.i.. Pldgcon, >.r Nc«
Wi'stniinsii'r, accothpanioil by a
ph„1 s..|iiist, will conduct tl..' Mr-
viooi, whii'li w ill in- hold every ovon-
mi: i-xi't'iit S.iturbiy.
N,-\i Buniloy llicro will l«- -i»-i-L.I
icrvlccfl in tin- Mctliodiil I'linri-li in
recognition nf tin- Notional Tlinnki-
giving Day, In iln- morning tho
Young  IjwIIoi Clioir,  under lho
dlroctl f  Mrs.  o, II. II. W.
A-li.M-ll, will rondor nvcrnl loen-I
-,-l,-,-ti,,n.s ,,f itiii-i,', nnil tli,- nmion
will Im given by Rov. T. W. Hull.
ot Surdis. In tin- ovonlng llii*
i.isinr, Rov. A. K, Rolnrli, will
preneh i.n.l tho Mrvleo will l.- „f
i'.|.'i'ii,l i real.
Tb.' Union Tlianktiglrlng nrviai
I,, bolioldoil Monday next ut 10.80
a.m. will  Ik- la-Id   in tho   ll.,|,ti-i
Churcli a- tin- City Counoll .'i.iil'l
ti,,t sn' in way clour t'i provide«
Imll fur the gathering, Whon llm
now City Hull in linMu'd   It   will
limit,' nn oxoaltonl placo lur iuoIi
i public gntliorlngi, bul in llw mean-
lime Ihe Minlitorlal  Anoelallon
have dt'i'iili'd to tti'i'i'iit tbe kind ill-
lir n(tlir Itaptlitttonoinlnallon ami
| hold tin' nrvico lliero.   A  very
l.rinlit IntaroiUng lervlee will bo
] ai-r,iii|{od tn Iiini one hour, and it ia
Iio|k-i1 Uml thoro will la- a good at>
lomlaneo,   A cordial wolcomo will
I* ogtonded lo all.
New Seasonable Goods at
.lit-i arrived ilirecl from th.- Mill-.
200 Pairs of Wool Blankets and 200 Comforter*.
wliieli I am putting i'ii "ale at Cost, i- I have an-
iith.T shipment yol tn come,
Just Look at Them in the Window
SIikni worth uf l-a,v Curtains, Net, Madras, -.rim.
Portioroi ami Tnblo Covent, to I"' sold at prices, that
Ior Lit: vahir, huw never been heard "f in t'liilli-
ivack before,
The Leading Fnrnltare Dealer      Westminster St. J
Roller Rink
Th,' ri.lliiw.i, I. Il"ll,-i Kink i «
rjaim for tin amaan.
T„.,'l'l>iil> to I n,'
s-.tii-'I'liiity lo T'i'
Com* and enjoy a r-Wataat
Head the Free Vtm Want Kit,
British Colombia Electric By.
PAJIgSOl '■ Utavl.:
tan< IrHv. Arm-c
Train,     Ch«k, w,-iu,ii, V.n.
:t I.DOa.io. II-1" U-M
a LIS p.m. J.W .30
,   ; LOO p.m. I ¥> 0.30
L-a.e Arri"- Arrive
Train       11*1.1 «',-ini.i V.n.
1    ii .1,1 a in. -v, 0.4!
Lav \,ii\'-        Arrh-e
Train       Van.       tVaunln,    Chttk,
'.'  ....    VUlB II,. !. Ill 12.1ft
t .... la.ismon     I.SO .i.so
i   H Sim p.m.      0.10 O.in
L-.vu        Ariivr Arrive
Train        Van.      W>«u,,iii.       Itt.-ln
a 3.03 p.m.     4.OS 11.30
iiii.ii.iir IKRVtrS
- I.VCI, .'l,illi«.,'k I ii  i I'.il) t'-vi-pt
j   "    Van,"iiv,r ".i.i   '     \      Siiml.y
,    All pOSRmlll lr.il" liati'll.' 1 vfi.s*.
Novelized From Eugene
Walter's Great Play
Ccftyrighl, 1MB. by G. W Diilinih.m to
in- Venlured no furlbur retntirk uml
lunsud Iniu hla gloomy n-tli-i-ilotm.
Kiiitiia   put  ll*?r tl rill  arutiiiil  his neck
imi snuggled in-1* fin*- ugalnst his.
"Pooroltl buyl" she murmured, "That
Htbnck wt* ttot lodny when we had it
nil  flJHKl  up  was  mgtl  In null..' you
feel Bore nml slum,  fiever uilutli ebcei
up. Vuu know wlmt Jlmsy says, 'Hard
luck can give you an awful buttlt*. but
If you're on tbt* square yuu cun baud
It ii knockout punch buna* time.'"
it was no use, however. Joe'a sulk!-
nesa bad sunk In; lii» temper was vicious, deep nnil Ingrowing, « tomper
such as she bud never suspected In
bliu, and uil ber petting, uil her loving
coming, could uut wenn blm from It.
She pressed ber cheek more closely to
his and fondled blm, but he Jerked
away from her embrace and surlily
Bought another chair.
As he dltl so the bell rang from
"I'll bet that's Jlmsy now," be muttered.
Much hurt, but disguising her feel-
lugs, Knmin hurried luto the kitchen
aud pressed the button that opened
the entrance door of the house.
THERE  was a knock,  tbe unlatched door opened, und Juuies
Smith walked In.
"Anybody at home?" he demanded briskly. .    ,       ,
"Not a solitary living soul,"  Emma     2uch ""J^" !l 8'' dcr £m» ■ ^
_    -   . " ™ 1 In     ..ui.,,,,      i.i-,.11     i.-liAii     I...    ,,h.,ii l.v.l     ,,*.
"Why, Williams," he replied.
"Loin have donu Hint." BUld the superlu tendont,   "But whin's the matter
now, JoeV"
"Ills luck." went on llrooks "Tho
Orinoco isn't siTiiti'lu-d. If any one
else owned U ship ami she gut lnio a
. muss lilii* (hut tin- cbuiices are u bun-
. dn.-d tu one lhat she'd have foundered
| —been a complete loss."
1    "That's right," assented Smith.
"Rut Williams-bo don't lose her, He
! couldn't."
I    "I should think you'd he ghid," re-
marked Emmn.   "She's a brand new
i ship, Isn't she?"
"No,  I'm nut  glad,"  be declared furiously, rising nml walking about Iho
] room.    "I'm Hred uf him. of Ids rot-
' leu uiii steamship line, uf till uf it -
\ ynu hear?   Of till of It."
1    "Joe, plea.se!" she protested,    "You
i kuow I"—
"1 know you've slaved and bnre wllh
me Itui'- ajih:   Mere I um   handling
alt ttie  money uf Unit line, ain't lhat
hu, JlttiHyV"
"That's right." admitted tbe latter,
"Itut what's the mutter?"
"Milder'.'   Isti'l It matter enough Uml
1 I sinmiii du nil this for n mean, miserable livlugv 1 Butter ami work, and
work and suffer, fur thut nasty, nig
gardly Salary nml thin I-east, this wild
animal of n Wllllums, keeps us all
starving- yes, Bturvlugl Don't I de-
Herve something a little better? Do
you know what 1 could do? I could
steal thousands, uml no one would
ever know It!"
i    "Joe!" she ejaculated, greatly shocked.
"Ob. I'm not going to do it; but, witli
, all this responsibility, when I ask for
! money I don't gel it-nut n dollar.  Yuu
■ tlo, Jlmsy; you're single ami you can
quit.    And then Williams—what dues
1 he do? Comes around hero to my
wife with my motber-lo-lnw-d—n blm
', -and rubs it In."
Emma boked at him pleadingly.
"Joe, you mustn't Captain Williams
means well, but"—
lie turned upon ber savagely.
"That's    It—he    means    well,    ne
meant well when he was a south Pacific trader,    lie meant well when be
treated bis crew like dugs.   Fie meant
, well  wben  he'd  kill  a  sailor  with  as
assured blm. "Come In.
"Hello, Joel You a dead one, tou?"
be said.
"Almost," replied Brooks, brightening up a tittle In spite of himself under tbe influence of his friend's good
notured smile and cheorliiess thut positively emanated from him. "Just
come up?**
"Yep, and I reckon lu about time tn
help," he said, glum Ing at tbe crockery on the table.
"Just In time." assented Emma,
whose drooping spirits also began to
rise under the diversion caused by his
advent, "But first explain what you
mean by not co.nliig to dinner."
"I couldn't come, really. I tried my
best, but I hnd to attend to such a lut
of business that couldn't be put off
tbat I wus unable to get bere In time.
I hope you didn't wait long for me.
I'm awfully sorry."
"You luuk lt-1 don't think." *he
scolded, "(io oi:; get busy If you'it
going to!"
"All right," he answered, taking up
• small pile ef cups and suueers very
gingerly. "Where do these go? If
yuu left It to me, like as not I'd Ix
putting a soup plate behind the door
and slip n broom Into the sideboard."
"Tbey go rlgbt In here."
lie stopped on the way to the eMe
board and turned to Brooks.'
"8een the latent eitra. Joe?" he In
quired. "Tbe Orinoco wasn't lurdl*.
scratched getting out of RIo Janeiro."
"You don't say!"
"Kind iV scraped over the bar. She'll
only be a day late now."
"Do Iw careful with those cups. Jlin
•v." admonished /mma. "They're
•Don't you suppott I know thntr
"1 mean real china." sbe empbn
"All chluu and Chinamen look alike
to me. Here's the paper, Joe. You'll
find all about the Orinoco on the Inside page."
lie drew It from hla pocket, nud an
be did so one uf tbe cups balanced on
tbe saucers slipped off uud sinoshed to
bits on the carpet.
•■Now. Jlmsy, you certainly ure going
to get It," commented Joe, rising and
taking the paper extended to him.
Smith looked sppeallugty at his
"Jlmsy," abe chldi-d, assumlnc an
expression of mock gruvliy, "how
could you-my very best Sunday go i<>
meeting china!   How could yuu!"
"Not how could I-bow did I't" be
corrected, afoopltig and picking op tha
pieces. "You kuow, Einmn. I've bud
butter lingers ever Blue* I was u little
shaver, and I guess I always will
buve-lli business und everything else,"
"Why, bow do you mean?"
"I've been clumsy nil my life, that's
all. Everything I've ever hud In my
bands ibut wus worth much I've gen
•rally let slip und fall,   out lu Colo
redo wben I  was a kid ar id Lead
Wile they us.d 10 aay thut I sun
would turn out to Iw a BSWed «>ff nml
hammered down, good tot DOthtOI
man. K» ymi hi*** Iba wa) things Iih-..*
turned out I've broken about -v.-..
wi.ii mul prophecy.
"Uow broken even?"
•Taking tbelr side for Iba book, I
win tbe lirsl lH-t ami laW the set-mid
There ain't Uot llllll sawed "ff ana
hammorrd down about me. Is itiere1*"
"I should say mil." iba snld. with a
merry laugh- "You've been pulled out
like n plocs of inffy"
•Then I win. bul It wns In rtmihi
Millie aome lime. Never really did
start to grow unill I wns fifteen, uud
Iben I Just eased OUt Into my presenl
altitude,  imt tba second proposition
lhat good Tor UOlblng bit    I guess they
"Nonsense, Jim**, How can you suy
Fij> li a thing! You're good for u whole
"Emma." tin declared solemnly
"there have been momi-nts of financial
sCIngcncy when that de* hirnilon seem
ed to he fpfii to doubt."
"Jlmsy. you're tin Idiot!" she Itiugh
"IHacoven-d!" be avowed, bOWlBR
Brooks, wim had l*een reading the
paiirr. threw ll down angrily.
"D-n him!" he growled.
"Joel" exclaimed his wife reproach
"Do who?" lunulnd Siultb.
He meant well when he cheated natives, murdered men, smuggled Chinamen Into this country, sunk vessels
for insurance. He meant well when
he came east, bought the Latin-American company uud put your father out
of Inisiness, and now—now that he
hus his money. 1:1s minimis maybe, be
means welt when tie refuses tn give
hi| ".en a fair share of what ttiey produce. Means well? Yes. he does—
"Joe. nre yon crazy?" demanded Ids
wife, alarmed and a llttto angry at hi*
, outburst,
"Well, there's a whole lot of truth
In what Joe says." put In Smith con
CltlaIlngly, "You see, Williams did
start out as a captain of a south Facile- trader, but. like must of them
fellows. I guess In* stole a good deal
more than he traded. He bud the reputation of lH>ing (he strongest mun on
the roast "r in the tropics.-could break
a man's arm with as much ease a*
you'd snap u straw. He's harsh. Williams Is— harsh! When he cume east
he got coitr-J of tbe Let In* American
. He loved money, und he got It -most
uny  way  he could.    Yes, Joe ought to
, nuve more, that's sure. He ought to
have more."
"You know I should." went on
Brooks,   somewhat   inoiiiiicd   by   his
I friend's acouicscence and support and
r drawing a bulky pnekethook from ihe
Inside pocket of bis waistcoat. "I've
got control of all thc money of tbe
company. That's my Job Why. here,
this alone Is the afternoon collections,
too   late   to   put   In   the  safe,   nearly
rf.t.t-.ii. mure [ban twice hs much as I
Ret in a year. I could take It all and
then nut be caught or at least uot for
months, but"—
■'Why. Joe, I'm surprised!" his wife
broke in.
"of course .l..e wouldn't (nke a cent
thnt don't belong to blm," said Smith.
"I know thut. Williams does too, So
I guess be .Inures him safe and dun't
see the least bit of use In paying him
! more."
"Rut I won't stand It!" Brooks declared, waxing wroth again ami fling-
, Ing himself in hla chair. 'Why do you
get raises. Jlmsy? You've Is-en advanced time and time again."
| "Lord, I don't know." he replied. "I
Just tell Ihe old fellow lhat I calculate
I'm wirib more money.   -Come acresi
or we separate.' I say, and so fur he'i
always come."
"I was so ehiii to bear of your last
goisl hi' k." remarked Emma sincerely
1    A look of regret came over Smith's
"I only  wish Joe hud got It Instead
of IM," be said.
'    Brooks Jumped to his f.-et.
1     "You    don't    need    to    wish    that.
: Smith."   he  cried  excitedly.   'Tin  no
Object   of   chirity-iio.   |   ain't.    And
! you're like nil the rest or ibe capital
imlc crowd   grind, grind, grind   Well,
look out. there's going ta In- a sinuslm*,'
yuu understand)  a Niunshup, and yuu
all go millionaires, toadies and-well.
that's all I've got to suy."
i     Me matched Ills but fr nu a hook hi
' Die hull nnd uent nUl without another
, word, shimming the front door U'hlnd
{ him so hem ily Mini the glasses on the
sideboard ■ mi.<i
Km ma gated al Bitillb la blank dis
1 may.
I   "I can't understand Joe," sin* said.
I shaking  her Lend In  worry  and  per
pieiity   "He's growing so moroaeand
, discontented."
I    "It's funny, ain't n." observed smith
I reflectively,    "Joe's Just  rushed out.
1 tilled   up In  the   I Iin'ill   Willi  anarchy.
socialism, Biiiaahups snd all that shut.
' almost ready to throw a bomb."
"He Is. yet If Williams ha.) r.il«cd
! him today 110 n week he would huve
I been a firm believer lu capital and the
way It works."
j     She Sighed,  look  a   sent  opposite to
| (dm ai  the table uud  wiih  grem ear
lioatooss started III in iniesllmi him
[     "Jlmsy,*' sbe Is-j-iia,   "lell   Imnost-
i ly-why doesn'l Joe get onr
"I really don't know," he averred.
"I'm afraid you do," Kmma Insisted,
I     "llonc-l. | dnn'l,    I've Is-en sn busy
getting slung  myself that  I   haven't   i
, I'"''' ' h attention to any one else."
•    He paused mid gaxed Dp Rt Ibe eefl*
j Ing, engressed In thought,
"Vou know. I.nnita." be went un sud-
'deiilj. turning toward ber. "Ibis set-   ■
VII Relieved by Lvtl'ia M. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
Klkestoti. Mo. — "l-'or seven years 1
Buffered everything. I was In bei
for four or live day
at a time e v e r >
month, and bo weal
I could hardly walk
1 cramped and ha<
backache and head
ache, aud waa s.
nervous nnd weal
ttiat 1 dreaded t-
see anyone or hav
anyone move in tie
room. 'I'be doctor
gave me medicine t*
ease me at tbosi
times, and said that I ought to bave at
o|H-raU>>n. 1 would not listen to that
and when a friend of u.y husband tol<
him about Lydla K. Fiiikham'i Vegi
table Compound iind what tt bad doiu
for bis wife, 1 was willing to take it
Now I look the picture of health am
feel like it, too. I can tlo my own house
work, hue my garden, and uillk a cow
I can entertain company and enjoj
them. 1 can visit when I clioose, am
walk as far as any ordinary woman
sny day lu tbe month. I wish 1 could
talk toevery suffering woman and girl.'1
—Mrs. II km A IlKTItUNB. Slkeston, Mo
The most successful remedy tn thli
country for ttie cure of all forms ol
female complaints Is l.ydia E. I'ink
ham's Vegetable Compound,
lt Is more widely and successful!)
used than any other remedy, lt hei
cured thousands uf women wbo havi
been troubled with displacements, in
fl Animation, ulceration, tlbroid tumors
Irregularities, periudie pains, backache
that liearlngdotvn feeling, indigestion
and nervous prrstrat ion, after alt othe
means had failed. Why don't you Lry ii
Investment    and    Loans    Negotiated
ting along Inisiness is a funny game
Such a lot depends ou what a mun
menus when lie gels along, Some get
along wheu they have got u lot uf
money, some when ihey have u wife
and a home and a bunch of kids, some
when they are able to pick pockets
und foot the cuppers Getting along
nnd why you do or why ymi don't depends a good dent on win-re you want
to get."
"And you. Jlmsy? she questioned,
"nuve you been getting along?"
"Oh, yes. I guess so. I ain't got a
whole lot to kick about! perhaps a lit
tie less, maybe a little more, than Joe.
But the great idea is nut to get sore.
Joe's nil right Maybe he's just being
prepared for a betVr living,    When It
comes he'll appreciate It more."
"Somehow I don't seem to understand him at I used to," she confessed
"There's been a change that worries
mi*—that worries me greatly."
Three sharp rings of ihe bell put an
end to further conversation, and sbe
rose, disappointed, and pushed tbe button.
"That's mother's ring." she said.
"Please help me to bring some chairs
from the parlor. We can't go there because everything's covered up and hi
disorder. They're papering ihe room,
I shouldn't wonder if Captain Williams were witti them He takes
mamma nnd Helli out in Ids new auto
mid has brought tbem around here
quite frequently of late."
"Hoes he ever take you for a ride?"
"He asks me to go, hut I won't."
"Why not?"
"That's Just what I can't tell, There
1b something about ths man that Is
repulsive— be looks at me so strange*
ly. And then I knuw Just how he has
treated Jik-. nnd"-
"And whal?"
"I don't like blm-that's all."
"That's   enough,   It   seems   to   n-e.
Afler ail. I guess lie figures all to the
had with women - d.s-eut  women."
".Mamma and I'.etb like him."
"Well, yuur mother never did shine
up tu me nmre'11 Ihe law allowed, and
ss for Belh, she's n nke enougb gin,
tm" ber education hurls her, t think."
"FlushI    Mere they nre."
And   tbe  little  woman  hurried   Into
the hall tn npf-n the door fur them.
(To be continued.)
L»np-*it Family Tr<«.
The btggHSl itin.lt> Ii.e In ibe worlt
Is believed io be the which im.-et
the j- •m.iL'v or 'Mi.-n KlltnlM-ih bar)
lo King I ini id am) Hi-ice io Adam
or al hitsl ns u.-.u to Ailuiu us onu
could get Ihe ...nl of tiruis I- given
In nlni'isi every .-a-e. nith full pat
th-ohim of the dales of ht rt lis nnd
dentin    ii..- ta imi „| pioviiinu rental
of ariOS I" al.um|..i,.-,| in fori- MetllUSS
lairs iiini'. t.ut in.- . nun mensural
furtf the 1...-1 und i-rriHiulj does tags
um- ibreugli a mate ot nubility,
An  AM.nhot, |i>t.
"Yecs" remarket! i ruung husband
ai breakfast *iii-*i idm-nlta are pretty
P«id ' I*"" jrnu Hunk (here ungbl
to l.e a llltli' nior.-"-
"iour luniimr u.sde ihetii."' Interrupt
ed Ihe n lie quirk iy
-'*..»   iii'iiif   ended  the  biHliand,
wiih ii tl...uul in-Hi-uHou.
And tht Old Man Didn't Know Whlch
Set Was tho Worst.
An old mail from rural England
with tils wife wus on u Holiday In
London nnd decided on an evening ut
B tbeuter. lie looked up tbe advertisements tn ihe papers sud selected a
bouse where "'All i-tuba and tbe Forty
Tbieves" was being played, it was a
"cheap" house, ttie price of stalls being given ns two nnd sixpence. Tbe
farmer was surprised, however, on arriving at ibe bos ottice to be met wltb
a demand for U shillings tor tbe two
tickets. Tbe extra Blxpenco per seat,
It wus explained, wns for booking.
Then he was culled upon to pay six-
pence for a prugrnm, nud tbe female
attendant who ahowed him to the
Beats also asked fur sixpence, In addition to wblcb thero was u shilling to
be paid for bats and coats being isken
care of In spite of bis protest thst
they could luko cure of them themselves. A footstool was brought for
bts wife and was accepted without
suspicion that It would be charged for.
: but the attendant who brought It de- ;
' manded another sixpence, nud dually
! opera glusses were timided to tbem
and payment of another sixpence re- ]
[ quested. Then the fanner went In
search of Ihe manager and. Uniting
blm, said In a lone of deepest disgust:
"You may do what you like with these
tickets. There nre so ninny thieves In
front of the house that we don't think
we want to ace iho forty on tbe
stage."—l.ntido-1 Answers.
i Thty Kill Over 300 Persona ■ Year In
|    Thunderstorms  never occur In  the
arctic regions, ami even the north ot ,
I Scotland   very   seldom   suffers   from
: aucb n visitation.   The nearer yon get
i to (he cqililtor the inure frequent  uml
1 Bevere nre itie electric manifestations.
In puns of Central Africa the overage
of thunderous days rises to the astou
lahing (oial of UNI per annum.
Yet there nre curious exceptions.    In
i Java and Sumatra, both Intensely hot
I climates, there ure but ninety-two
storms yearly, and lu Uorueo uuiy ]
! Tbe (.old coast of Africa bns only
sixty a yeur. which Is less tban occur '
i In Florida, though the latter country
Is outside (he tropica.
i In Jamaica there Is a thunderstorm
every   day   during   thc  rainy   season.
' which lusts for tlve mnntba. These
storms almost -ihvays occur between
vlddny and a lu (he afternoon.
Perhaps the must astonishing fart
wltb regard to Ihuudersiorms Is thut
tte island of Mauritius, which Is only
CM) miles east of Mudnguscnr. has. on
au average, only oue thunderstorm In
eighty years. Yet In Madagascar the
lightning Is more destructive than any*
where else In  thu world,  the annual
1 death roll being over SOO.-l'earsou'B
After a day
with the mow*
er,the binder or
the threshing
machine you
cun get tin--
grease and gritno off
your hands in a mitt
ute witli "SNAP".
At your dealer's
Sure  Return
"Out to luncheon—back in five minutes," read the Blgn on tho door.
"An- you sun-  he  will  get  back that
booh?   naked tin- anxious caller.
"Yes'in," mi it I the wise office boy.
"lie ain't  K"t the  price ol a  t.li.juili
ute.-' lunch iu   his   clothes."—Toledo
Coetly Privacy.
Although a waiter, he was very human, bo when be perceived that tbe
young couple whu had been assigned
to bis table had many matters teudei
and confidential under consitieratiou
he retreated to a respectful distance
and stared at thu opposite wall. Tbs
restaurant proprietor disapproved ol
that huuianltarluu attitude.
"Don't stand away back there," he
said. "Oo up nnd bang over tbat fellow's chair buck for awhile."
"Oh. no." expostulated the human
waiter.   "They want to talk."
"Of course they do." tbe proprietor
retorted. "That Is why I want you to
butt In. I*very lime yon come near
tbey will send you lo the kitchen for a
fresh order io get you out of the way."
—New York Times.
To   Men   Who     Lend     Inactive     Liver..-
RxerelH in the opec air ta (he beat (onto
for the -toiiiiirh nnd nynlem in n<-r:.llv,
hut (here nre those win. ure comuellcd to
follow rwdontary oeaupatlona snd (he in-
activity tendl in restrict the healthy action ot the dinatlva orR-iit* nn.l -n-k-
in-• follow-.. Piirtti.-l.-..'- VcRi-tablf Pill.
reitulnti- the Htouiach and liver und re-|
ritori- li.ii 1* li. action, It is win to liave
u packet ••[ ih.- inii- alwayB on hnnd.
Hawkins—'"How's Henpeck getting
nn since lii^ marriage?   He used to
vow   Mint  no  Woman    COUld    ever gel
ahead of him."
Hagg—"Oh, ho's still leading: I;
suppose sin's behind—hold ing the
Minard's Liniment tor sale everywhere;
"Isn't your speech a little ungram*
matlcal here and thercf" "Perhaps."
answered tho new M.P.j "but, you',
ue, I've got to keep it from being loo
severely  grammatical.    Some .d my
constituents might Ibiuk 1 was trying1
In pul ou air-,."
Complete in itm-it, Mother (braves' Worm
t-: in-rnu mi tor does imi require the on-
-i-iatt. i- of nny other nicdi.-iit** to make
ll effect!Te, It a-1 - not fuii t,. do ita
What tha Fossil Ramalna ef Plants
■nd Animaii Tall  Ue.
There wua a time wben even tho
(Hilar regions Mounted with many ot
the splendid aud varied forms of Uf*
tbut now adorn lho tropics.
Tbe fossil remains of these ancient
forms preserved in the bosom of lbs
rocks curry us hack perhaps millions
of years In the eurtb's history and
show clearly what wonderful revolutions ibe surface uf the globe has ua*
deruunc stme the tlrst plants and tb*
lirsl animals uppeured upou It
Who would think of meeting a rhinoceros nowadays on tbe prairies of
northwestern Canada unless perhaps a
traveling menngerie should pass tbat
way? Vet tit one time, as discoveries
of recent years prove, a creature closely resembling (be rhinoceros of India
and Africa dwelt In tbat now comparatively cold, snowy and barren region.
Remains of these extinct ancestors
of an nnimnl that tn our day thrives
only lu tbe tangled tropical forests nnd
under the hot equatorial sun hnve been
found buried In tbe Canadian rocks,
where now ihe cold blasts of winter
blow over treeless plains and sweep
tbe flanks of i-e Incrusted mountains.
Tbe rhinoceros of tbut remote ego
waa no less formidable u beast tban
Ita descendants, fur the skull of one of
tbe skeletons discovered Is three feet
long, while some uf lu teeth are four
Inches across.
The fossil remains of many other
forms of animals hnve been found to
tbe same region wltbtu recent years.-—
Harper's Weekly.
Well, Well!
.can uae
'I dyed ALL the"
v-—•-      of Good.
== ■UK II. SAME Oil*
I used
OLEAN and SIMPLE to Uee.
NO.tuncc.lu.lnnh, ■ WRONC, llvt (or IttfCoo***
onr hallo culnr. All coin, a dun. mm l)rii||l>l or
Dralaf. FRtrfi C.nU.r C.rJ.nJ M'llKY Kimfcl.t It.
Tb* Juliu.ut>K..li*iJ.<>a Lu..  Urn if J. Mmlml,
Up to Date
j   "Yes.  Windy   Marker     has another
big idea."
"Going i" put on Shakespearef"
"No, no.   He's getting up a Cumor-
ri.-t vaudeville net."
i   "A Camorrist net I   Why, what do
the actors do:-"
'   "Just Bcream   and   throw   tils."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Grim Relics.
A prison sale Is beld annually tn
Paris, 'i'be articles offered for sals
are the clothes uf murdered people,
tbe Instruments wltb wblcb tbe crimes
hare been committed nnd tbe effects
wblcb have t-ei.mi.ed to tbe deceased
pKsoners. Articles which bave been
taken to tbe prefecture of police and
bare not heeti claimed are also sold.
Tbe proceeds go to tbe Paris almshouse. Um-lnliued Jewelry hi usually
bojght by ordinary brokers, but tbs;
articles which havo belonged to crlm*
Inals, es|>cclalty those who are ooto*
rlous, are bought ut blgb (.rices.
"What  ar.- In*r duy.-> at  home''"
"Oil, a society lender hu- no days nl
home any   inure.     Nowadays  she  bus
her telephone hours."- ^sinurt Set.
Dodging a Difficulty. '
"Are yuu going io send the Sparkler
i girl n weddiug presenl?"
I    "So. old Sparkler aud I bad a squab-
; bit* yesterday r
'Thill's   too  bud    Wbut   was  tbs
|     "1 really cnn'i nlTord bla friendship.
Hi has tlve marriageable daughters."-1
: I'leulaii.i Plain Dealer.
A Fatt Talkar.
The orutoi spoke nlsitit the things be
1  had uot suid. the things be did nm be
I  lleie ind Die things h** would imt do
"Tbut fellow." observed ihe sniiur.
i  "is talking at lh*- rale of about thirty
Oois au hour."-Judge.
a Faithful Likeness,
Rnpie|gh-|   realty   dou t   think   lbs'
ph.ilograplier FBUglll my ei press Ion. du
1  you'/   Miss Keen Hooking at pln-toi-
I dull I are nny.-ltestnii  iranscrlpt    |
Stomach  and  bowel troubles  is the
cause of nine-tenths of the ailments]
frum which litib- ones suffer, Let the1
tittle Itomacll    nnd    bowels    lie kepi'
right und baby will be happy, healthy
ami llrong.    The only Mire and suit-j
means ol keeping baby's stomach audi
bowels sweel nml regular is io give,
lum an occasional dose of Baby'i tiwn
Tabid*.    These  TabtctS  are  ti  gentle'
laxative; Ihey sweeten the stomach,
regulate Ihe   bowels,   expel   worms.
break   up  olds  nml   prevent  or  cure
the doxens of ailments that afllh-t th.
baby.    Tin- Tablets are sold l.y uiciii-
cine dealers or by mail at SS cents a
i-.v from Tlo- l)r   Williams' Medicine.
Co.. Itrockvllle, (hit. I
Chsrms ef Lsbrader.
People ore uul apt to think of Labrador as a particularly delightful land
to dwell ln. No tourist thinks of going
there for a summer vacation. Vet tl
Mr. II. 11. l'rt< nurd's impressions,
gathered while bunting big game, are
to be accepted, Labrador possesses
charms of scenery that It would be difficult to mntr't elsewhere In tbe world.
Tbe words thut be quotes from Halts*
tba. t "Yellowknif* Indian," beat Indicate ths nature of these sceuest
"You say tbe kingdom of heaven le
good, my father, but tell me. Is It
better tban tbe land of the musk ox
Id summer, when tbe lakes ar* sometimes misty snd sometimes blue, snd
tbe loons cry often? That Is good, my
father, and If heaven Is better I shall
be willing to dwell tbera until I am
very, very old."—Youth's Companion.
.   Altaeki «f cholera and dysentery pome
QUlckly. there -elil-nii hflnr nny "line
inl of the visit, lt.-me.lial action mint
l>e taken m-t n« quioktj* if (he patient
U to In- sn-cil Brent -miTcriiiK and jut-
mun.-nt injury to the liniiiK nn-ml)rr.net
nr the howeln. The readiest preparation
fur tin- purpone Is Dr. J. P. KVIlntr -
liv-i'iH.-rv (Vntlat It ran lie aut at
-iiiiill eon at any drui*. more or lonersl
i.-iil.-i -. nnd It will nlTord relief heforu
a doctor ran lie . nihil
|    "I suppose you wilt soon be diving
I up vuur motor and getting an airship?" "No. at nil," replied Mr.
Chugglns, "There's u.i fun iu going
, away up there and frightening a lew
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff
On* Man Overeemss ■ Natien.
Jean Angot. who died In .Ml. was a
French men-hnnt lo the African and
Kast Indian trade. Wbeu some of bis
ships bad been taken by tbe Porto*
gues* be nti.-d out au armed Meet tbat
kept l.lsiK'ii (no. knded until the government of I'ortui-al tlidemnlfled him
for bis losses. At oue time he waa Immensely wealthy, mil he lost In speculations and lu money lent to tb* king
of l-'runce, uml tin- closing years of bts
Uf* were passed lu destitution.
A lew days after sol I opeud u
teacher was testing ihe members of
om- of her old classes on wlmt they
hod remembered of the definitions -b
bad luiii-hi iiuiii diiriua tin- preceding
term, Finally she asked tin- brighl
boy ol lb*- class ibis question
"Now. Robert, lell mo tvlial a hypo
orlte Isf "
",\ liypocrlte," replied Robert wllh
nilt b.-*italio|i. "is a kid w'al COniOl U
school uit' (i smile on In- mug "
A Strong Playtr.
Mother   wi.r.t d» you think you will
i  make  out   of   my   daughters   tnleotf.
I   Professor-About a dollar a lesMiu, if
j  the plum, holds out
h. PILLS  ^
Ht. M.n.pftty,
"lt.< tin. tiMl„,imili'(l fallh In hlmaelf.''
"In n.tii'r words, be haa a munopore
nf thi- rillh In nlruatlt, rl.l"-..'Ulca».
B«oril Ill-raid.
Hero la n ttr,'lly qulbblo Irom llio
now million „( "Uglo lor tho Million," wbtob Bbirnor Knowlaon line
l.nvi.l s„i,i in his wralli, All iiu'ii
nr,' liar,.
Tl„-r,-l,,r,- l.nvitl was a linr
Tli,-i'-l'ir,'. wlinl llnvid sai,l «ns nol
TlnT'-fni,-. Iinviil Vila mil n linr.
llm if Dnvld was mil n linr. wi,,,. hi
Mill wns hui' nami'ly, II.at al] tm-li
nr,- linrs.   Now Vurk Qlobo,
Mn "I, iin- dock running, Wllilof"
Willi,-   "No, nm;  U'a  iu.l   .1 m.l,,if
ft ill mul  «.'i-rinr lis lull."-   luiii!"
They keep th*
whole system
In the pink of
Their alngular euratlva pro-
pertlu discovered by an Indian
tribe- Introduced loCtvlllMtlM
nearly a cenlury ago—com-
pounded since I0S7 In tht
Comitock Laboratorlea at
Brockvllla, Ontario.
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills
have a remarkable record for
consistently curing conatlpa-
tion,biliou.uies£and Indigestion,
purifying the blood, banishing
headaches and clearing ths
U       akin, 25c. a boi everywhere.
Tht Truthful Milkman.
Mr. Ymincwcd We never gtt an/
1 cream on tbe milk. Why Is It?
1 airs. Youngwed It's sll right, dear.
I I've spoken lo Hie milkman about it,
1 end be eiplalued that Ibey All lbs bottles so full with milk there's oo room
j left for any cream on lop.-Loudoo
Ns Heps.
I    "Well, how nre you getting oa wltb
your admirer. AlleV"
I    "Uh. I hnve -,'iveti up sll bops now,
j We got stu- k In a lift for three hours
1 yesterday, and even tint didn't uske
hint propohu."   I'liegendo i.lntttr.
Tht Ptnaltv.
'There neems la lie s penalty provided for everything but stealing a man's
dam; titer"
"There's n penalty for ihnt too."
"I'd like tu know what It Is*
"Hard Inbot for life."-Houston Post
And these, according to (he examination papers in one room, nre what
Andrew Carnegie is, wns, and did:
Invented the mower and reaper.
Member of the President's cabinet.
A British spy.
Went over in Prance to get help lor
the Dtlltcd Slates.
Best after-dinner speak in America.
A steel magnet.
Invented  wireless telegraphy.
General   in   the   Hpanisb-Ameriean
Itenil uf the Steal Trust.
Those who pan command tbemsslrss
commaud others.- llazlliL
A Reason
"1 never judge n wotiinn by Iter
Clothes,"  observed   Itlikilis.
"No," pul in Mrs. It. sarcastically,
"a man wbo gets tn as many burlesque shims as ynu tlo wntlldii'l." Mil*
ivailkec   News.
"I'ii, you know VOU lohl me lo count
twenty before 1 nunohed anolhoj
hov'-'' "Yes." "Well. In order to
make it work out right you have got
to go around tho nolghborhood and
make iho other bom promise to count
twenty before Ihey lake a puneh at
me."-' Houston Post.
ic oi i ir«r i.iu.
it  know  »ii>l
til in  suit  irstl
ry    nivi-rtiwij
i Mass of Humor
Parents Decided He -Could Not Ba
Cured. "Cuticura" Soon Made
Hit Skin Perfectly Clear,
A Toronto msn. Mr. Huberl Mann, of 7tt|
Qtitvu HI. I.ft-i. emyet "Our t.o> •*»* bum la
Toranlo mi Oct. >•>. n"'"4- **l|,! v,!"'n it'"'"
Uuuilii uld ■ fliKtii rtvib ipi-vsri-d on hit
chw-k. Whal ■i.|«tn-.l IO
In* s wal'-r lili-i-r voultl
(una. w ti. ti It timk**,
n.aii.-r wnitl.1 nia out.
Martini: liev, tili-tin until
tin fillire face, head ainl
nli.i.ilil.-r*i BretS a mem nt
m*I.- und you 11.1 iii I nul
BBS A pirti-Tf uf > i.-*r ikiii.
We .Inl mil '
, lo do lor lilin
*. annul erery
\y i.-en-.lv miiiiiiii avail, in*
.t.s.l Him.- "f iln-in only
-.■I I.-.I tu l.ts niilT<-rltiK anil
un» In parlliular. IM ——
ll.-in.'ly, ahmwl |ixt Iks
infant Into loiiviitikii-J.
The ftiiuly dOCtOJ (it*
«-n1..-.| lor tuiii lilin did
not 'lo any K'ssl. «i -»•
h.ik turn lo a tit-stilltl.
tn-.l.il as an out nail.-nt iwne s
HH iiiiil lir ni won***, if sflytbtu. Wl lh**n
rtllisl Iii anottu-r ilislor and iii-ldo "f » «"«*
Ihe bay waf., lo all SMmmnOBI, CUM and
Ihf tint mr nai.l his work was .lone Hul lbs
wy nt-»i day ll hroke out sa bed ss t-vrr.
"We il.n.l.-l lliat II nmlil out be i-iirrd
{ad must run ill colli**-*- and B0 we Juil krnl
h anus tiaii'tatpst to hii sl.le In prevrnl hla
Irarinit lib tl. di. Tlm nillcura lleiuislks
wire mMmrn.'ii.hsI. We itanSd UBtU IhMB
In May, |BW, an.l noa Hi*' cun* Ml nnwM%
t'ntit-iira ma.|e Iih skin jHrf.slly elr-ar and
tie Is .'iillo-ly fr.s* I.uai Hit nkin .l'.-.t'-«t*»."
(f-.mif.li Itots-rt Mann, May 3. 1010.
la annllier Nlt.-r, ilaled June .19, 1911. ha
B'htv "My hoy tim m-ver isd any umia
Irunlila iliioo using ("nlntir*.
Fur tiittr.' lhan s rfenrntlnn rMllcnrs Soap
an>1 titiiiiiiiuil have afToTil'il tlir imst «m*-
Cfisful tr.-atin.-ni for skin and witli) tmnblrs
SI in fan is, rhil.lrm and tdtill*.. A *\ut\* m>I
i od.'u -niflli-l'-nl Althniiffii -old hy tlnig-
f'i.1' and <|i-alirs Ihmuithoul lha wurltl, a
ilii-ral ..'iin-lti nt eacli. with 8M. b0H OS
lh<- skin, -n ill ho «.iit free, nn -.r.iilleilioo lo
I'ot'rr hnnt A cliem. Corp., tti (Joli
Avi,. noilm. I!, n. fi
W. N. U„ Ne. MS. TT
{•♦-MS^MsM'M-M il-HH *******
- THE =
A Story ol China
Copyright by American Press Association, 19LL
Garland and Harpetb met on the Pa.
elfic liner Troplco, and frum Ihe tlrst
attraction of congenial natures tbera
developed a warm personal liking.
Garland was from tho stale of Maine,
and Ilurpelh was a bou of California.
Out or 70.tssi.tssi hunum souls fate
had drawn these two, ono from tlm
east and the other from the west, to
piny the principal parts lu a strange
Thoy Iind left the fairy Islands of
Japan far behind nntl wero drawing
near to tho Hut outline ol the China
"Aro you going to slop over In
PhiuighalV" asked (Jtirhiud, with a
touch of Yankee luqulflitlveiiess,
"Haven't heard you say."
There Wns » lillle pause while linr
pclli's eyes Bought the rising const line.
"Possibly." lie flipped the won)
rather sharply
Garland glanced at blm curiously.
"You know I really didn't mean to pry
Into your nfftilra," he said apologetically, "it's nn her n natural question for
oue tourist io ask another."
"Surely; no harm dune," returned
Hnrpeth ipilekly "Uow about yourself-ymi going In slop over''"
It wns Garland's turn to show embarrassment 'lite ipik-k look of Interrogation he Mashed at Ills companion
was met by Uitrpeth's expression of
languid itnlliTi'H'iice. It was quite
plain Hint Hnrpeth had asked theques*
tlou merely to make eonvcrsntlon. not
that he eared a rap about ihe matter.
".Maybe I'll atop over to seo the city."
ssld Garland.
Clumsy Junks rame teetering over
tbe seu to'.turd tbe mouth of ths
Ysngste, hut the Troplco left them
far behind ns sbe steamed up to ber
anchorage off Wusung and landed ber
eager passengers on to tbe little transfer tugs that would convey them up
the tributary tidal river, tbe Dtiangpu,
to hospital.ic Shanghai.
Iu tbe crowd Garlund and Hurpetb
missed earh other, accidentally or by
design. Garland could scarcely wait
for tbe tug to make ber landing at tbe
Jetty before be was off snd swinging
away up ibo bund toward tbe hotel
of bis choice.
Tbe electric lighted hotel, with Its
■Ir of western luxury mingled with
Its quiet eastern service. Impressed ibe
Yankee wanderer most favorably, and
be retired to bis room and bnib. whistling cheerfully at tbe prospect of the
excellent dinner tbat be was Biire
awaited him below.
Itut when tbe meal was concluded
■nd he had enjoyed tbe gastronomic
delights which his fancy bad conjured
up be retired tu ihe smoking room to
pore over a queer little map drawn
wltb brush strokes of tndln Ink ou
mottled tissue paper.
It was an hour afler midnight when
be left the hotel nnd made bis way
along the bund to where a flight of
stone steps ted down lo tbe river.
Here were several sampans moored to
tbe landing, and tbe coolies immediately fell to tlghllug for bis patronage.
Oe settled the mutter by stepping Into
one of tbe little boats, nnd. being
pounced upon by Its delighted owner,
be was soon paddled out Into the
stream, which glistened lo tho moonlight like molten silver.
"Ktioynnj;!   8flbef be cried sharply.
Tbe coolie nodded bla bead and
whirled the sampan about until It
beaded up stream For a mile be pad-
•Sled steadily wlib bis long sweep like
oar nnd then suddenly mo the boat Id
between blgb hanks on tbe north shore
■nd grounded lu the mud.
As If guided by some Invisible hand.
be who could nut recollect ercr bnvlng
touched font nn this soil before sought
for and found a narrow path winding
Upward to where a mined temple
crouched nmutig a group of distorted
wind blown cellars Tbe moon sent
long rays down and here nnd ibere
pierced the secret places with nn liln-
mlnstlng nmi-h It showed Garland
tbe outline of a dark arched opening,
■nd he made for It fearlessly.
Just before he reached It be drew
from his pix-koi the little map be bad
Studied earlier In Hie evening and turn
ed tbe flash fro in his pocket light upon
Pocket I no tin- (nap and snapping off
the light i*> bob) It In his left haud
while bis  riihf    hand closed  around
■ small repesllni revolver. Garland
plunged Into tin- opening io find himself In the crooked passage, whl.-b was
lighted down lis b'ticih by Ihe moon
wiih h hung above Its roofless walls.
On ellher side of Ihe while stone
walls there stood oul sharply Ibe little
black daggers, which seemed lo point
bis way. Glancing to ihe right snd
left, he followed ihelr guidance until
one last elrelllll curve of tlio passage
brought him sharp.* up ngaliwt an
other arched opening which gave forth
■ dump, earthy smell. (In the stone
post of the door wns painted another
black dancer polnilng downward Gnr
land dashed mi his inmp and saw a
wriggling flight of broken stone step*
dropping down Into n black pit for
■n Instant he hesitated, and then, wltb
a shrug of bis shoulders, be aUppsi
hs counted iw-f-ntv seven steps In all
before his feet (uut ind soft earth, He
eitinguisiied hh ligbl f«r nu instant
■nd tried io pb-rc. the darkness wua
bis eyes.
Hefore be snnpp'-d on Ibe llj-hi ngnln
bo wns startled into rigidity hy ihe
Bound of fu.it-.ieps irending Ihe pus-
ssge overhead. They came rapidly
wltb sharp, nipping clicks ol lent lief
boot heels on Blum* This was imi ihe
■oft padding ot le tod unlive slippers;
It was the trend of it fearless mutt
Wearing Ktiro|tesn lou-gcur or periuips
American hoots like bis own.
Garni nd muled imckwnrd nud away
fi .ui lbs sti'iia until b.a back struck
shnrply against n cold wall. There ha
stood, a part ot Hie enveloping black-
ness, while llu* (outsteps stopped at
tho nrctictl door, and Iheu by tbe tiara
of tl sputtering candle Jammed In ttie
neck of n soda water bottle Garland
kiiw a pair nl trousers descend the tlrst
few steps. Then ns Ihe innti eiuue
down the candle Maine lighted his siilri
front und reached his chin Just aa a
whiff or air from out of nowhere in
particular extinguished the light
"Dash it all!" muttered tbe mao in
English, nud Gurluud felt a queer IlltlS
thrill of relief that tbe interloper was
uot a Chinese.
After hour- fussing nnd a Una) exela*
million uf disgust because he fulled to
And another mntcli ubout bis person,
the newcomer tlung bis candle aside
and seemed tu slop and consider tbs
Perhaps he heard Garland's carefully
controlled breathing, fur suddenly lis
asked, "Who's l hereV"
Garland hesitated nud then decided
not tu answer. I'crhnps ihe stranger
would go nway nuw lhat he tvds without a light, lu tie- meantime he would
endeavor tu reach his goal by edging
along the wall ugalnst wblcb ho wus
Ills feet made no sound In the soft I
earth, and he had made considerable ,
progress when lie hecniuu conscious of
heavy breathing behind lilin. and tie
knew thnt ihe uf iv coiner was follow-
ing lu his wake.
Gtirlnud reached nn angle of ibe
wnll, followed ll around, turned again
sud once Ugltlll Into a small squaru recess which had a window slanting upward in Nome cunningly contrived
opening above ground wblcb admitted
the niOUtlllglll to throw a silver clotb
over a slouu table. Gu Ihe stone table
was n small shadowy slit perhaps tbe
width of a dagger's blade.
The two men reached the table together and lu the moonlight stared
panting))' at each other. The uiuoti
lighted them up in their lips, and above
that their faces were In darkness.
"If yos'va got n light for heaven's
sake turn It ou!" growled tbe uewcom*
er lutpaileiiily, and Garland, as If It
wits the must natural thing lu the
world fur blm to hnve met a fellow
white man un thla secret errand ot
bis, snapped mi Ids lamp and threw
Its broad white beam across the face
"Garland." said Hnrpeth stupidly.
And ihen wltb ilerce suspicion be
wentun: "You followed me. 1 thought
better of you than that, old man."
"I was here tlrst," ejaculated Garland. "I'm blamed If I don't believe
you're following me!"
"You bad au errand here?" Harpetb
put (he qtiesliou hesitatingly.
"Yes, and yours Is probably ihe
same," said Garland, wltb a trace of
relief lu bis tones. "I was fearfully
afraid somebody would find out und
get tbe cinch on me. but somehow it's
ao confoundedly spooky down bere I'm
glad of company, even If it's u rival
for"—   He puused suggestively.
'The black dagger f" asked Harpetb
Garland nodded. "1 guess you've
met with Wall Sung Loo. baveo't youi
1 saw him lu Portland."
"And I In Los Angeles," admitted
Hnrpeth. "Did he sell you information concerning the black dagger
which contained one of tbe biggest em*
eraid-4 in tbe world and wblcb waa
concealed by one of bla thieving ancestors in this spot? Did be tell you
bow you could reach It. and aa be was
dying and might never come back to
this country he would sell a map of
Its location for Sinn'* Well, be told
me the same yam, und I took a chance
on It too, since l started, however,
I've hail a thousand misgivings, tbs I
chief one being that tbe uld rascal
didn't believe ihe siory himself. 1 b***
lleve that to lum it was a tradition— i
nothing more, snd be made money out ;
of It"
"He stung me. too. and yet-I'in go*
Ing to try for thut black dagger. Harpetb.   Here's tbe black dagger be gave ,
me.    1 suppose you've got Its mate.
I'll Just d.-op It In this Bilt   Well, by ]
Jove, It touches something that's glv* I
lug wnyl   Now. wont do you think of
Tbe table top swung up and slipped
back Into n recess disclosing a small
square stone receptacle In wblcb waa [
crushed n heap ot tattered yellow silk,
which dropped to dust under their Un*
gers.   lu the heap ot dust was ■ dark i
object which  llnrp-eth's  lingers drew I
to tbe light    It was a small dagger i
of finely leiupeieii steel, almost black j
In color.   In ihe hilt was set tbs lur- J
gest emerald the Americans had ever |
"It's a good thing It's big enough '
ts divide,  so  we  won't  quarrel over
tt." snld Garland, and the oilier oodded
"I wonder If Wih Hung l.oo knew I
Ibis wns here'"   in-gait Garland specii-  j
lutlvely as they eu.erg.il luto the open
•"Never." Interrupted Hnrpeth, -wltb :
a grin.   "Indn r believe it himself and I
thought he'd stnilg us for fnlr— hardly
calculated  wed **mne mil after It"
"I'm not sorry, though.' chuckled
Garland as ihey went hack along tbe
winding path to ihe river, where two
iiiecpy coolies awaited tbem wltb asm-  j
Hunting en  T***at'h*reua Bet
Snipe shooting on an  Irish bug ts
an et eel lent lest ot s gunners skill
ami enthusiasm    Au csperieiirt-ai hog
simmer if ne finds bmiseir going down
throws himself fiit on bis side or iwk
end st the Btme lime throws bis gun
to his ntieiitlint   generally an unshod j
"ginu-Hin."  who rarely  falls lo .-Bleb
It   Ihe sensailou of being bog-ted Is
very unpleasant, but It a man throws j
himself on hh side or back there Is |
strength enougb in ibe peal tu sup- i
port  his body.-'Torty Ore  liars of I
A Ortst sVhssl.
Ijney. In the Isle ot Man. Is tbe
hcMd.-nniters uf the lend mines of tbe j
Isi'ind    It la celebrated also for Its !
great   wheel,   which   was  erected  tn
Wit.   Its diameter 1b seventy iwo feet,
snd so splendidly Is It set ibat iter*
la un oscillation, and It baa been g*>tiig
practically ever sluce Us crscUm
T -/lee Tee Much.
"Two heads are better than aa**,"
quoted the wise guy.
"I Iind one quite enougb tbe owning after," replied tbe simple «n*>-
PWUdelpbla Hecvrt
How a Gunnor'B Life Was Saved at
ths Royal Review In Dublin
During the progress of the Royal
review ot the troops iu the Iri-.li command, ut Phoenix Park, Dublin, recently, there was a thrilling incident,
which, but Ior the heroic act ot a
general officer might have resulted iu
.ne death of an artilleryman. The
latter fell Irom bis horse as hii bat
tery was galloping past His Majesty,
uud lay unconscious right iu the path
of the cavalry, who were coming al-jug
in a mad charge. It looked us ii tho
mun would |*l* killed, but, with great
presence ot mind, Brigadier-Genera.
i!), A. Funshawe, who, as commander
ol the artillery, wus riding on tin-
right ol tne column, at once wheeled1
nia bursa round in time to meet the
Hussars. In consequence of the cloud,
of dust raised by the artillery, the
gi'iiciul run a great risk of being rid-
iti-ti dowu before tho Hussars bad
nine to open their ranks but the
lluaasra smartly opened just iu time
to avert » catastrophe. Gen. Fan
shuwe's two aides-de-camp bad in thu
meantime dismounted, uud one ol"
tin-in placed  bis  arm over the un-
uDIUCloUH     lllllll,     leal,     by     suddenly
.■.tailing up on recovering conscious;
ness. tu- should again risk ins lil".
in Hi;." way the whole remaining
ni dy ol cavalry galloped past Uiu
mile stationary group. As aoou as
Ibe danger was pussed, the gutinc-
ivus removed Slid the general and hi-.
nldea-dU'Cnnip rode oil, ami some time.
elapsed before tin- facts wen- known.
Thu Incident was made known to Lliu
King m-xt day ut the garden parly
ut Viceregal Lodge. He scut tor Gen
Faushuwc, ami expressed to hllll, Ilk
tin- warmest terms, hid appreciation'
uf the enrage uml presence of mind
which bad been displayed. Tbe lol-
lowing order lias now been issued by
Major-Gen.   Campbell,   commanding
the tmops ut the Currugh:
The   General   Officer  Commanding
the Filth Division wishes to place ou
record,   fur   the   Information of all
ranks, his appreciation of the conspicuous gallantry displayed by Brigadier*
General V.. A. e'anshawo. who placed
himself iu front of a fallen driver of
the Royal Horse Artillery aud pre.
vented him being ridden over by the
■Jrd Cavalry Brigade, when galloping
past at the Royal Review in Phoenix
Purk, Dublin, on 11th inst.
The Gold Penny.
The most valuable penny eVcr coin*
ed in Great Britain was tbe gold
penny of Henry 111. Un Augu.it Id,
lit!?, u writ dated ut Chester wus is-
sued, commanding the Mayor of London to proclaim in thut city thut the
"gold penny which the king hud
caused to be made should be Immediately current there and elsewhere
witnln the realm of England, and all,
transactions uf buying and selling, at,
the rate of twenty pennies a sterling1
(i.e. twenty silver pennies) lor every
gold one."
Ibe time, however, wus by no ui'-ana
favorable for the issue of the pieces
of a denomination so much higher
than hud previously been known. Accordingly, the city of London petitioned against these coins, and the
King issued a proclamation that no
one should be obliged to take them.
The coins, nevertheless continued t..
be current, uml in 1205 their value wus
raised from twenty to twenty-four
pence; probably equivalent in pur-
cnusing power to two pounds sterling
of to-day.
It is unlikely that any great uuin
b.-r ol these coins ever was struck, lt
H probable that, by reason of tlieir
high value, they would soon be melted down, for they were ol pure gold
witiiout alloy of any kind. The collectors of to-day know of only three
or four specimens. One of thesj was
sold tor mote tuuti s-jw), anotuer for
SiOU, and un..liier for 11,000.
Qss and Matches Wars Novelties,    j
We  left Geneva somewhere  about'
lKi\ uud 1 mnde my lirst acquaint*)
ui.ee   with   Kuglainl.     I   recollect   be-
ing   very   iitucu   struck   by   tbe   gas,
ligittiug   iu   tin-   streets   and   simps,
then recently  introduced and stiil  a'
matter  ol  Interest.   The  muster ol
a lodging bouse taught me how gas
wim   uiude   by in.-itns   ol   a tobucco j
pipe,   tuc   bowl   of   which   he   tilled
with eoitl dust, covering it with put-
iy ami placing it  tn the Are.   In a '
short tun- gas enough was generated.
to be lit ut ttie mouthpiece.   Lucifer
matches ut tbut time were quite a
novelty.   All lighting had previously [
been done by Hint und steel.   At first
then was a complicated arrangement |
by which Ibe Lucifer had to be held
iu a bottle of some putporation, which
lighted it.   Rubber Lucifers were ol j
later date.—From Wolff's "Rumbling
litC. ii lei' li i.tlM."
Admiral Sir Arthur Moore occasion*:
ally permits hiinsell what may be
culled "tin soft answer that Btimu-1
late wrath." Ou one occasion, during gun pruct.ee nt a floating target.
one ol ttie guns nud.- rather a bad
iu:-s. The officer in charge was summoned to the uiimirul's speaking tube.
Down Hunted ti.e gentle inquiry In
sir Arthur's most r-uave tones; "My i
dear sir, do you think the Lords ol.
the Admiralty supply you with live
shell tor tue Mile purpose nf shooting,
mackerelr" Thc udlcer hud his re*
veiige. however. Ior the ueit shot
Irom the gun he was in charge of
knocked ibe target' to piecei and stop*
ped practice lor the rest ol tin- day.
Juvenile   Gams.
Here ure sum.- Instances of curious.
mistakes made by lehool children in i
examinations i
Oxygen u a thing that has eight
11.. cuckoo never lays its own egfl.
A mosquito Is u child ol black and
-.l.i'i   parents.
A blittard is tbe inside of a hen.
A meridian is tin- name ol the place
where the* keep time. (
"Parasite" is thc slang name given
to an  Inhabitant ol  Paris,* it should)
be written "Parisian."
The following has sn odd ring about
it uud ought to he true: "liaslc Wai-]
tun was such a good Usher that men
celled him 'Judicious Hooker'."— i
Uvup.1,,1  Post
These wordi wers Pops's: "Whsteve* Is
Is right'    Out now ths song
Of mmli-rn pessimist Is this;
"Whatever la Is wrong."
-ChUh-iic Utei-dard aod Tint*
First Cat How sweetly you slngt I
mver heard anything so entrandngl
What wss thnt last song)
Second Cat (sentimentally)-If I had,
nine thousand Uvea to live. I'd Ilvs
tbem all for you. Women's Hams
Whitening  ths  Skin,
There Is nothing heller ilmn lemnn
Juice fnr whitening tbe sklu and iiink
lug It smooth and soft, imi It must
never be applied undiluted It is much
too strong.
The besi lotion to mis with II when
ll Is lo be used on the face Is ruse
waier. To three parts of rosewutet
add one part of lemon juice and wlib
a soft linen rug dab this all over tin-
face. Then rub It genii) Into tin* skin
until nil ibe tiinisiuic is absorbed,
To obtain ihe cited ymi desire you
should wash youi face Itmruughl) h:
tepid water In ibe uiuruliig and (boll
apply   some  of  Iln-   lemon   Juice   uud
rosewnter lotion Instead of using
soap and wnler fm I'teniiHlug dorluu
the duy. Just wipe your fine ovei with
tin* luilou. wim n \ou will llml quite
elTeclunl hi removing nil the dust.
Al  Itlglll, before retiring, wash yuur
race ttinroltg'.il)   in  imi  water  which
bus In  softened  wllh toilet naliueal
(or ordinary on I men I tied up In a mu*
Hue bagi. dry well nntl tin-u apply some
cold cream Leave this on your sklu
for live or ten miiiutes, then wipe l»
off gently wiih a soil rug.
Cars of ths Lips.
Pomi'fliues girls with good lips spot,
Ihelr beauty by careless Utile tin bits ot
whlcb tbey ure unaware nnd no one
has  been  kind  enough  to  lell   t lie in
A   faulty  closure  of  the  mouth   will
alter tbe entire expression     It gives a
look of heavy  vut-aucy and stupidity
and la often due to Improper breathing
Biting  or  gnawing   the  lips  or  cou
stiinily    moist en im-.   tbem    with   tbe
tongue Is a bad habit, due sometimes
to excessive nervousness, but often to J
a desire to make tbe month brlgbt red
Such  treatment  not  uuiy   makes  ibe ,
lips thick aud colorless, but ibe dell  ;
cote   muscles   become   distorted   aud
twisted, or a protruding mouth Is the |
result.    A few minutes' study before
ihe mirror will show just how io bold
tbe lips ln order to preserve their free, j
delicate curves.
Unwise Nsglsct.
The girl wbo tuns or freckles easily
must never neglect her complexion for
s single day lu summer. Hummer
freckles ure not so had as the perma-
Bent variety, but both csn and eUould .
be avoided.
It  Is advisable  to  go collarless  In '
summer both to give the throat a little ;
freedom from restrain and also to al
low tbe neck to tau, no thut the dread- j
ful line between  sunburn und  white
BklD is safely  avoided
The present pretty fashion of col-
Urless frocks Is a boon to the girl wbo '
wishes to develop a well rounded
throat, l.tneti collars will line Ihe neck |
Any tight or stiff collar will spoil the
contour unless constant massage wltb
a soothing cream Is persisted lu.
Puffy Eyes.
Pufflness under the eyes Is usually j
caused by bile hours or eye strain ;
Apply tbe following eye wash to the
eyes twice a day:   Ten grains borax j
one ounce camphor water-not spirits
of camphor.    An outwurd application
to the skin beneath tbe eyes will alsu
assist tn removing tbe pulUuesa.    To j
this mis together twenty grains of tan
Ole st-ld wltb one ounce of pure glycer
In snd paint the sklu beneath Ibe low I
er lid, using a flue ctimel's balr brush ,
Accompany   ibis   treatment   wltb   a
course of gentle massage to the skit
around tbe eyes nnd In a short tlmt
all traces ur the trouble will bave dis
Cars ef ths Fast.
A tblng tbat Is most important tn
cart ut tUe feet while traveling Is the
dally aod even twice dally change ol j
■tot-kings.  Guides who con dud tramp 1
log paril-*i through the woods Insist I
tbat eacb trumpet ahull carry several
pairs of fresh storking*, and when a j
Stop Is made beside a stream Hie feet
art bathed In tbe cool water und ibe I
Blockings changed-    It Is said thai i. '
ihls way ous muy wulk many mori
Lsvsndsr Wster.
To make hi vender water purrhasf
tbe dried flowers and nbo u few drop-
nf tbe esseiiihil oil Steep Hie (lowers
lo alcohol, keeping Hie bottle closely
corked, lu a few weeks pout off tin
liquid nud ndd more alcohol Th*
same flowers will make double th
quantity. A llnie essential oil should
be ndded It la not cipeindve nnd
makes tne wnler vsqulsliely fragrant
► or the fly slashes.
To Increase ihe growth of the eyelashes, making tht-m long and thick
Use Hie following lol Ion: Sulphate ut
quinine, tlve grains; sweet niinoml oil
one ounce Mix well Applv lo iln
eitreme edge of ihe eyelids, using i
Very line camel's hair brush and ink
log cur* not to gel Hie oil lnio tlu
Eyibrew Tenle.
Formula for uu eyebrow tonic: Om
ounce of vaseline, nnehnlf drum line
ture of eanibarlries nud sic hi drop-
each of oils uf lavender and rosemar*.
After washing the face smooth tb*
eyebrows carefully with an eyebrow
brush upon which a drop ot tbe Nut-
haa been placed
f-Vnts or   Excellence Ctslmsd   For tlu-
Red Polls.
The Ited Polls ore tlio supposed
fanner's cow—first, because the great
bulk of farmers live by diversities
It Is often "catch as catch cun." Often
tt Is too wet or too dry, too hot or too
cold, for u crop to mature perfectly ot
sufficiently for food or reproduction
Stock the farmer must bave for labor,
food and fertility. There are success
ful apeclallsta among farmers, and
Ibere are special breeds worthy of all
honor   bestowed   by   enthusiasts,   bu;
Itrd Toll cattle ars advocated **•
IWClSlly for ttietr combination milk
uinl beef vuIuh, says C B. Plumb ot
lliu iiini. Aj-rk-ultural collej,n lu
Hro-kiml Itt-il foil herds have intuit)
tmieii butter showings in milk pro-
tliieiinii iii,in In America, The or-st
Red Poll record in Kiit-laini lhat
the wt Iti-r Is aware ut la 13,124
p.iumla lor 817 days, The heal record ot Ited Poll cuttle iiinler i..-.-,t Ul
Ainericu in mi'- wua of Uie cow
•Joid Drop, wllh a record fur tim
year or I1.W-, pounds ot milk and
&10I.H jii.iunl.1 of butter fat. I-iiuiK.
ly spe-iking, Ited I'oll cnttlD ure not
recognized as Iln* equuls or either
ttie Bliorlliorn or Annua In beef pro*
ductlon, The Ited I'oll cow shown
her* wus chanuilon at Mm BuRolM
show in [England.
the average farmer Is by necessity re
quired to "average up" at tho end of |
tbe year, and those things that  meet ,
bla environments best he soon leurus
are his stundbys, writes Jobu bl. Him
shaw In Mum! New Yorker.
Therefore we claim tbe dual cow and
especially the ited Polls are best nulled
to thu conditions uu the great majority
of furuis east, west, north and south.
We are proving this every year by.
records In milk, butter nud beef. It
bus been proved by public rest over
aud over again, both here and tn r.ttg
hind, that the duul cow often ranks
first with any competing breed The
dual cow will often thrive where a
dairy bred uue would sicken nnd die
They (tbe Ited Polls, eat brush, weeds.
course fodders nnd damaged uud over
ripe buy that would go to waste II
fed to the more delicate dairy cow |
The elements of the weather and In
stifllclci.t shelter do not shrink the i
dual cow to u shadow like her dairy
sister, though care nud feed are appreciated by these cattle, nud profitable
returns are often tbe result ot care
and pro i >er nourish ment.
Cows  average  from 6,000  to   10.000
pounds or milk per yenr. with butter,
variations from 300 to 000 pounds nu
nually.    Many cows with spis-lnl care
nrs capable of going fnr beyond this;
but, as a rule, they nre supposed  to
bustle much of tbelr owu living and:
help keep tbe family on Hie wastes of
the   farm.    Tbe  dial   steer   properly
bandied often tops tbe market side by
side wltb the beer bred brother and Is
a valuable asset over tbe dairy steer lu '
the  farmer's  feed  lot.    Last  but  not
least  of the good merits of the  tied
Polls,  nature has been kind  to them j
and   us   In   giving   tbem  a   beautiful
hornless bead.
Odd   Way   tba    Plays   Wrrs   Recorded
Back   In the Sixties,
The baseball public uf today, necua*
touted <<• Hie [illume reporting of
guuies. wherein etieh run in compounded and luiiny a pluy analysed, is offered the account ot a gstne played In
Syracuse in ISiW The eoutestaots
were the Central City* of Syracuse
and the Athletics of Philadelphia, and
the score was 41 in lit.
The game wus delayed a half hour
by the difficulty In Hndlng nu umpire.
Tben the report cues nn lo stnte:
"Tbe game opened loosely upon both
sides, nnd nt the mid uf ihe tlrst Innings the score stood Athletics 5, Central Cily 4 ch side making lis tallies
promptly from the loose playing of
the out club Afler the lirst inning tbe
Athletics played more carefully, while
the Central Cltys crew mure careless
until Ihe 11 fill Inning, when ihey became mure (li'iiiiii'iillr.ed ihaii was Hie
Union tinny ai ihe baiile ol Hull Run,
"Considerable tlisBiiIlsfnctlon was
manifested and expressed, and in Iwo
Innings rightfully hi, ai Hie evldeut
uue shied decisions ol (be umpire.
"We will not particularise, but suf*
tice io say that several of the players
ou both sides did well, while others,
.■specially the Central Cily side, were
not fully up lo their stundard efforts.
The fnllowing Is Hie
Central CUv    ft U      AihtPiici,      o ft
Crint--i.it.-ii   .lit     l   i   riavtiursl. rf.... it   *.
Porter,  li i   l   McUrlfie,  P I   I
Boiwell, cf i  a  ttanclnte, a I  i
A.tuns,   rb  I    '   WIlHIus,  as 6   ii
In nl Kit.  p  -i   i   Hsler,   2b  I   4
Johnson, o  I   l   Merry.   3b  !   i
Telford, Kb i a t utnttert,  lb.... "*■ >
Vale, lb 0  f  Hensentlerfer. cf I   4
Sedgwick,   rf.... t   J  bcnallvr, If  4   I
Totala  12 fl     Tmils    11 'I
Central city  4   I   0  1   I   I   *J   I   1-11
Atblellrn     a   I   &   1 II   6   0  0   3—11
I'ly Halls CaUKlil-'eulrnl City: Adams,
4; Poriur, &: Johnson, li Crultendeti, >,-
Uoswull. 1-18 Altiietlcs: Itadcilffe. I;
Fisher. I: Kerry, I, Cuttibert, li eeuseo*
derfer, 3-ia
How put Out-Central Cllj*: Fly. II)
first hnao, 7; Second nase, I; foul houn-l.
4; homo base, 'l-ll Athletics: Fly. 11)
first base, 9; aeronri hnse, I; third buso. l,
homo base, 2: foul bound, i—'H
UmpliQ-8. V. ItitltlUte, Union Baseball
club, Ciimileii,  M   i
gcororfi-Portcr and RrownsIL
Uow would Hint go In n sporting et*
trn today V Tbe only familiar slgus are
tbe criticism ol lho umpire and Hie
•Herman names In the Athletic lineup.
A Pr'tty Study In Blue sed
Wh.te  For  Afternoon   Wear.
Edith Is being trained In tbe way
sbe should go. Hhe Is sometime* re-
belHoaa, and th* day she was Bts
sbe returned from ber outing In lbs
country wltb renewed determination.
"Mamma." she cried breathlessly
"ours* took n* to see renl cows, and
wbst de you thlnk-lhey were chew
big gumr-nsrper*s Magasht*.
■ome womsn say ihsr wsnl I* wxte;
B-ama ethsrs say they *sosi'L
■om* mss aay w*-n sss them wstsi
■sesa atbsrs mat w* m't
R* had hie beak of vers*, his lost ss wet,
■hs sent s-ietd* him. elsar toned as a bast
Hs lilted am Ms lug.   It fall snd brake.
This isn't sswsisss," k* ssMi "It a MN»
Alfalfa Per Hags.
When fattening bogs for market j
some Colorado experimenters found
tbat a rutlou consisting ot three parts
of com and one purl of alfalfa wus ,
very wit--.factory For young bugs
wblcb were being kept tor growth one
pari of corn uud three parts or alfalfa
seemed lo give best results. It will j
thus be seen lhat nlfalfu cun be umde,
tbe principal ration for hogs that are
not living prepared for market. Kven
wben put lu the feed loin tl Is proilUi
ble to feed a little alfalfa In cou nee !
tion wltb Ihe grain. It enables the1
■nlmals to assimilate more freely the
feeds tbat are given for laying on
<-M-tij--f ii**t^ :-•-?;••••;* •
If sows are expected to raise n ''.
fail litter It la best tu wean ihe 4
spring pigs ai from eight to ten  ll
Weeks Uld. 4
If Hie pigs nre allowed to re '.I
main wllh Ibe S>WS too long and   _■ ;
no attention  i**i1d  to  leeching
them lo ent tbey pull Ibe sows
duwu uiin.-ec-orlly. and tin-*
menus tl lutol,    in such cases the
sows would be tn m> condition
for producing fall liners.
The young sows Ihnt are lo lie
kept fm breeth rs must be Sep
a nil .'il st « i-ii*i Ing time from
thoie ihnl ure is be futteiud tor
Tber* should be placed In ev
erv put yard aid pasture a Ian
with sail, ehtireoal. nir slaked
lime, done meal and bard wood
«-lu-s su Hie pigs can bel|i tbem
selves ni "in
ll Is neeex-mry Ibal pigs have
variety ol find If Ihey are
el|teeh-d to iin.ke rapid growth.
They must havu bone forming
feed as well a-* fat forming.
Alfalfa has proved a splendid
ration for hogs tbut are thin ur
a little off reed
Tor the greatest profit the pigs
should grow rapidly from birth
to market day.
Mme. Songbird Paid Her Haughty Se*
cisty Patron In Pull.
Last yenr a prominent Huston society
lender, In arranging a musical surprise
at an elaborate dinner given to tbe
town's elite, called on n slimer of renown to engage her services for that
event. It chanced ihnt the singer wss
mturnlly Independent. On Ihe other
hand, tbe caller was notoriously
haughty. As a result this wus wb.it
transpired between tbem:
After the visitor bnd announced ths
Import of her coming, the slnser succinctly snld she would sing oue number fur t-'JiK). nnd that ll would bs s
Wagnerian selection.
"The price wc will not haggle over."
ssld Hie visitor, "but Instead of thnt
grand opera selection I want you to
render one of tbe light nud populai
ditties of the day!"
"For the Wugmrlnn song. $300; for
the popular ditty, $'M0," was tbe Arm
"Itul. mndnme." eiiio*-tulntPd thc society lender, "your classical song is
much more eim-tlng on your power-;,
so why should you charge more for
the llghfer and easier song':"
"Ah," replied Die Independent one.
"the harder song is all fun to me; tbe
easier mu- nil work!"
Ho the prlrp wan (lied at WOO.
Jusi ns iho haughty visitor wns
nboiit to deport, ah* turned to tbs
artist and snld:
•*4>f course, I shall not expect you te
n.tin-ic with my guests."
"Ah." was ihe biting retort, "I shall
throw off f-t)"- Life.
A handsome % *., ter ir"«ni'.i;n
wenr is  shown : ■,.   rutin   >c
chiffon opens Ilka t  ■■. ■ 11  tn>
dersllp nf gray eblffoa -l-*er -nuw ills.
The  two  deep  bands  bek *   in ,nn-
brotdered, uot bended.   I .■■  : i  -of.
Ier of soft, lustrous silk s btstvusd ut
the side with q ■mart Rnerta the
bat Is of blue straw idorued wt'i
sprays of white byacioib, Che dmrktl
parasol of blue nod - til ■ una band
of plain white wil Haeb r*I»«i laau*
and black velvet dots.
Sems  Hints  Fjr  Makltflg   "m  WiWiii*
Yut EffSQttve Smap-i.tfarv.
Cross stitching may lie lorn m ein*
vns of leveral U0 mm higrsssj if
fineness nf mesh, i End vbldJ a "ul
of meaning for tbe varfcer rbu stthss
to i«s«t.n ir Inrrssse i "jatrern »'t*i-
out harming tbe lymmetry if ua to*
The tttrcbM must, if "lur-m. M
counted ou Hie tnateiiui lt3tnf nut in
the printed paftsro, mr if nau:ng
due alio wanes f ir gnntar ir ess
coersenss* in ";*• -ansae :ih uh--** h*
fecrs enn be obtained.
A hiitnr palmed rug isetfls md mercerized cotton, wblcb can is Ibnblad
when lb* pattern lomandh tt, tn *n*
best Implements ta -mnioy.
Of course i {rent leal if LU* it>
trtctlTsness    (   this   eort   lentnin
Upon Hie <■*>!" i" ••■T- *.i.  lie    i   'ie -nor
of the canvas tod ie tbrssnt .■* 4***n-
eral quaint cbinrx-IIke ina-ies in mm
-dull r*ds. bines and irr*»**ns. naft i»
thdse used fur ii.i gaiifla *mbiwidke*|
It Is se*i ft nl -banning » rk '..r i
lonj summer afiernoon in *.ie inr-*j
or tn tie* tamauck indksr 'tie rrr***.
Extremtl*/ Poliis.
Tbe forms uf Mexican politeness to
the stranger are sometimes embarraas-
Ing. Mi.-s Mury Iturtun. who visited
the country to paint lundscupes and
tells her experience ln "Impressions of
Mexico," nii.vs lt:nt "people seemed
unxious to help me In all possibte
ways, frum Hie railway conductor,
who Invited me lo dine wlib blm, to
the very smart young man ihnt 1 met
In the post ul I ice v hen 1 hnd a number
of Invitations In my bund nud wbo of*
fered to lick ihe stumps for me."
Papular'*/ a' Last '
Efgiin  C<3ur-
.     Cblppen.i.i *    '
j quite a re
many otber irtl u
of the Uenrgss
Rncinnd is keenly
thing  that  ■*i>u->nn
i and  Windsor cflSThk
, rorlie   resilience   if
| ronraius nm* lot
handiwork   uf   the
lantury  Mnrt-as st
Ita '■•-.'
■ ire i mloftnei
• mgttnrsr via
.-.. ■.*•   ie sslrff
mg '",^inr» 7    >f
latercsted in an7-
bla predsesassrsntj
-.V: .-■]    n   ttU  *i-
tbe nyml ssopias,
*H**»ciin.'ns ■"* 'is
gr**sc   rr-*.'Miiia*»
Shutting Him Off.
The Hnd- My sou. I war* to fell you
that  the see ret  of  my success, as  It
must  lie or nny  man's. Is hnrd  work.
I-   Tin- Sou   sb dad,   I don't enre to
hear other | pic's secreis. uml I am
•uu min-h <.r n gentleman to inke nd-
-nnfnge of Information gained In that
H'uy.   Say uo more.-Toledo Hied*.
Tasty Peiien,
Customer- The poison may be excel*
et.t, but the nits won't lake it. You'll
hnve to make 11 more lusty. Drug*
rlnl-I've tried ibal already, but lbs
uppreuike buys ent IL-t-'liegeude Mistier.
There Is considerably less renBon
why Ihe plural of mouse should bs
mice than why the plural of spouse
should lie spire. Any bigamist will
admit as much.- Puck,
Sunshine and violets.
H.Hiili wind sin! *"-ng.
Sonnets nntl trlul, la
iiuiii.um-, along,
Clou.Is loinmlpri.il.
Birds on iln- wlng-
lAvcly. el'it'i -nl
visions or spring!
Snows BWlfttl BOSH -ring,
Bwlfl. stlnnlns pltelj
Mint ii.i.i is ■ i'lieiiim
lllgbwsy snd street.
COUghS, COldl anil wariness;
Iliill  li'.lli!. thut  I'lhlK.
fSctsSi-i void of ctiefTlnesB-
Tb* rtsl thln«.
-Ws^hlnilton StSl
Ths Only Mourner.
Itandnll- Wns Hprntt n popular nsnll
"Popular!   Tbe only mourner st ble,
funeral was tbe insurance company."*--;
"There's n stntlige man nt the door
"Ir." niimiiniced itie new servnut Irom
■'Wlmt does he WSOff asked Ihe
master of Hie house tnipuliently.
"Hegudng your pardon, sir." replied
the servant, n lhads of disapproval
ninnlfest In Ids voice, "be wants a
bulb, but what be Is asking for la
something to en I .''-Syracuse II em id.
A wtimr.n ftf-ble. old sud ars*/
Ool nn a car on** day,
And sli men -ilTerr*) her a seat
ll ofl occurs tht*> »•*)■
-Detroit rre* I'rtsa
cntrrrvr *r.r *,n»rs.
The chair llllisiralrd here !■ a hand
j •ome >e( Hpl- Sl •pe.ltner, of CbJppSIl*
I dels style sbowtog lbs llebtoesi nml
■rare yei streuath of the *<\\a 't'i*
frnmeworfe i" ol nehegeny lb*
square rbnlr seat  l> apbubueesd  in
■ tsjiesiry
j     The   repnidneilons   of   ridpnendnl*
worktnnnshlp   are  so  seeuraie   nnd
) miln*lAktug thai. Hllhoiiu-h most of us
| i-nin-nt iifford reil old rhipj,endsle fur*
;'ilturi*. these Imitations, e*>p**cislly Itj
int. form of i-hnlrs, ar* nut beyond tbe
sneaua of most.
"Sny. old mnn. will yon tell me
where the fish bite best ihls time ot
day?" our frleuj called out io Oar
"Yes," Garland answered drylv;
"wherever Ihey hnpi*en to be wbeu
I tbey feel hungry '-Uutlag.
I T^l FJ)S tlks a ety\AWr dl«r
He wsrblrd like a cow.
But still he Bnng It lustily
And rnlstd an awful row.
Ills sii'Iltora sst sadly by.
One of Hum murmured: "Ws*wl
Dla any srsy you use. old top.
Bul do 11 now!"
-Cltvtland l-sadse.
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Tlio lied is so soft llmt tlm ruck Is demonstration  ol  lho Cull   Auto-
putotuot siRht almost by lho road mi'tie Sw'tch  is given.    II..-  m-
.roller,   Tlio work slionlil linvo boon  " '
£ completed early in the season,
Lust week soinobody purloined
vontion Im- proved il- usefulness in
practical service mi railroads, and
iln- ingenious Imt reasonably simple
method "(its operation, iis safety,
lino bicycle, the property of Mr. .u„| Us world wide usefulness, kc
I Alli-iH-k, book-keeper at Donmark & j It a very Interesting invention.
| Hlirton's hardware store, Tin-pre-; Mr. A. W. Grundy, of Vancouver,
vlncial pnlleo huvo lho matter in has charge of the demonstration
blind .ind il is hoped the guilty aud Is placing stock nt tlOOn share,
party will bo brought to justice mid Cali and sec the invention; it is
I taught u lesson. worth while.
**l*.'.**.! ********************************* ************
Coronation Concert
**********************'■ *** ** *************************
A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd.
st-rrKssiuis ru A, u. IIKOWN * CO.
lt,a-k Onialieni       lton.1 Machinery      r,,iiuu,-i,,rs' Rnjulpmcnt
Milling Miiel.inery        Bollen        Knglnc.
lulcnlito Aiii.'iii'.l'il'--
Mill M  Truck.
Farm Implement.        Dairy Suppll'1.        Haarlwood Milking Michlnea
1048 Main Street Vancouver, B.C.
-Have You Seen Them ?-
el perco   r»
iln* electric nitlio
the .lis,' nn nliich
the ,'1,,-lrii- iinr.'iit
villi di. Ilalil
EL B01L0
iln- liiin.ly uiiiiii-m-
loll liriltil  (Of lx.il-
ini* water quickly.
iln- Imlifpcnsahle
kitchen   eon von*
l'l.i|i   in   nl   .-IR
rlillltwurk  *.iHi«*i*
Hint   IlllV.' till'*' ll|>-
|.iiaii.'i* pxhlaim-il
Monday, October 30
will thou) over 100 magnificent lantern views of
London and the Coronation
with his wonderful electric lantern
The itory told with wit and humor and bright description.
Commences at 8 p.m.     Admission Free     Collection
Under tht auspices ol the Epworth League t
B. C Electric Railway Co., Limited
I The Marvel of the
20th Century
Don't Fall to See the Working Model of the
Automatic Railway Switch
Now on Demonstration hr a Few Days at the
LONDON CAFE, Wellington Street.
Seeing is Believing
Nissourians Welcome
Harry Clii-l1mini, a negro ami
Alex. Charlie, an Indian, goi sand-]
wiched between a supply of boose
and tlio Police department on Tues*
I day* Tin* Indian paid a fine of
!■?■.»."., but tin* negro will have lo
work his line of 850 out at West
| minster.
A driver belonging lo Mr. Hatch
nf tin-  Commercial hotel made a
I lively run along Yah- road Tuesdaj1*
evening, turning down Nowell direct
Ito it's own stable. At the turn it
left tin- rig ami portion of Die
harness came ti* griff.  The damage
Was  not  SOrioUB.
' Mr. mul Mra. Dan. Mcintosh and
son James, of Vancouver, ore tlio
guests of Mr mul Mrs. H. J. Mcintosh this week. Eighteen ur twenty
years ago Mr. Mcintosh was a resident >>f tin* valley, Imt well! lo Van*
cnuver, where he invested wisely
and luis benefited by tho hlg stride*
Vancouver has made during Ihe past
livi- nr six years.
It. s. Carvnlth and S, Carloton,
who are serving on tlio jury at (ho
Sow Westminster Assixes, fame up
fur lho week-end, returning on Sun*
day. The docket tins year has been
an unusually serious ami prolonged
i ono mul although tlio court has been
silling for over two weeks, only
about half of (he coses have 1)0-811
disposed of.
1 Tin* idea nf having permanent
residents In lho form of a batoholor's
j hall ut tin' till- hall is a good nn*,
serving a double purpose, tlmt ul
having willing hands ready in the
time of it 1 and of i!.r>>uping a few
uf the mom hers uf the brigade lo*
gether enabling them to spend tholr
i-vi-iiii.g" profllnllly. It wns a move
in  tin* right direction whon lho
COUncll passeil litis motion.
A blotting accident occurred hut
Thursday afternoon hy whieh Stirling Mcleod, nf Humns, had hii
face an.) one eye badly hurt hv tiy*
Ing earth mul pieces ol wood. He
was in (la- act of lighting a fuw
whonn pernio! ure explosion of some
powder he had placed aboul th*,*
hole containing tho chargo, occurred,
Tho accident is a very painful ono hut
tho young man is progressing favor*
The Royal WVMi Indie* Choir
appealed   in   Ihe 0|iei*a  HoUSC on
Munday evening under the nusptcet
of thc Hospital Auxiliary. Thc
eiilertaintneiil merited the large
alleiulaiiee. being o( a li.gli-cla**.-*
nrdor. Tho only unsatisfactory
phase of the ovonl was ihe sninlineat
uf the llCt receipts to the auxiliary.
whieh considering (he work and
tlmoexponded by the ladi«?s, i« vory
small lltdeod,
Hart Block
Advertise in the Free Press for results.
«     i


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