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 r,l^Ty^A^A^<u~.ctJ ^^Jjuxola^o^i^
/^tary L^
\   «<
1   l/>
,   c
Cn O-fl-flO -AiAA*M.o.
You will Like Chilliwack.
Vol., 1.
lllil.ii mu,  I'n.iH ..-..it
No, -I
Kri* 1-riHH■ liiil Wanted
All. Willie—.iinirliiy i.iiiiuis
T. Ilalp, y—Money finiiul
Ij.U.Uarvan—Homes (or ante
II. .1. Barber  Cough Homely
Mks liuvisiiii- Mii.ii- TimliinK
A. Ii. MeKacliorii-ltone, en-.
Onora llouao—The Allen f-layera,
W . II Ti. nlu,Im    Illmiki'ls ,$ r,.nifi.it,.rH
I, .1. Pull.-y A Co.—Ileal tialuto S|ktIiiI,
l.n.siniili en .llargniimat lleiiilQinoii1,
lii-iiiiiiuk iV tlm ton-Quiia uml Bnorilng
U,ll sis
I.. P, Ciuft, nt'In,. Studio tor
Head the Krce Pros. Want Ails.
Head IV, II. Tronholm'fl ndvt. in
to-dfty's isslli.'.
T. 1'. Pulley was a biiBlnosa visitor
In Viineuliver, Kriilny.
Hnve yuu gut a enlil?—read Bar-
Iht'i. ndvt. un |iagi' eight.
Miss Hoyle, Millitu-r, wan a visitor lo Viineuliver thin weak.
Iluw in your cold? in a froquont
siililliilinn liennl iibuut ibe city Ibis
\V. It.  Treiih.ihii, tho tiirnlluro
denier, was n visitor t" Vai uver
mi l-'ridny.
('. K. Hniilh, of Smith's bakery
left Tuesibiy tin n btlslnoss trip In
Mr. nnd Mrs. II. P. Clinmborlaln
hnve returned frum n holiday trip
I,, Ontario points.
II. 11. i lervnn attended Abbolsford
Knir yesterday nnd was judge nf
horses in all rlnss.-s.
IV,   Ogllvlc, nl Ibe B, C. Kiel-trie
Railway, Vancouver, Bpent the week
end nt bin raneh her,1.
W.O. I.illie, of the Cash (Iroeery.
vviiii a piissenger on the train to
Vnncuuver thin niorniiig.
Mrs. Byron Rtirker, was the gue.si
ul  Mrs.  P. It. McLennan, at the
Klnpress bolel, lust WIH'k.
J. A. Hamilton, id the Merchnn-
tile Triwt Co., Vancniiver, wan n
business vinilur in town Tuesday.
Mr. E. Dutliic, manager u( the
Bank nf Mnntn-nl, letunnvl on Friday from a lew days visit to Vietnrio.
W. P. Ferris bus lungiit at srxit
canh prices the largest supply of
Brass Beds ever received in this
Denmark A Hurtnii an- advertising, guns, ammunition, and sporting goods, iu Ihe Free Proa to-day,
See their ndvt.
Mrs. \V It. Saunders, of Van-
COUNT, has liecn a guest at tha
Hnrrinnu llullse this week, and also
visited .Mr. ami Mrs. I. 8, Hill.
Miss Daisy U-ary arrived here
Inst week from Manitoba and will
reside with her parents, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Jubn Leery, Fairfield bland,
Hiiuse-clcaningtime is here again
and \V.  It. Stevenson the Valley
Painter nml his stuff of workmen
arc kept busy pniicriug, tinting etc,
\V. it. Stevenson Ibe Valley Pain
ter will not keep yuu waiting to
have your paper bunging 'lone an
be has a stall of lirst-cbiss workmen.
Mr. E. B. Hull, "f I'rilietnn. B.
C, is in tnwn this week. Mr. Hall
bus leased u biiini-ill Chilliwack and
will witli his family reside in Cliilliwnck.
Now is ttie time tn have your
liiiusc-eleiining done, W, It. Steven-
son, the Valley painter, keeps nunc
but lilst dims (..ipcr-hangcrs, dec-
orotors, etc
Chiis. Parker, theclothler, wns in
Vm uver   ln-1    Kriilny and while
then- piirclitiscilii tine sti.-k nl Men's
(Tutliiiig iu ih.- newest stylos nnd ■■
pall.-rii- fur spring.
Ciinstnietiiin iv.uk uu the Itmiknf,
Mnntn.nl building is now prugn-ssiiigj
Tin- stone lacings, brick and other
material is now mi the gmuml and J
further (lelny is imt anticipated,
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, nf1
Winnipeg, imve In-ell the guests <>f
Mr. ami Mrs. Geo, Leery, Folrfloldl
Islanil, Inst wi-ck. They tell mil
Monday and will make their home I
in Vancniiver.
Burlaps, Burlaps, Burlap*— Wc|
currv Staunton's the Is-sl grade
made, In toil, green, nml brown, nn
wliieli we are givinil a reduction nf
Hi per cent, nt tin- Valley Paint and
Wull Paper House.
Mr. Goo. In-nry, of Fairfield
Inland, ban returned fn.m n business
trip to Winni|ieg. Mr. mid Mrs.
I.eiiry leave thin week for the enst,
and may go to Ireland, where Mr.
Is-ary ia likely lo represent Ihe Canadian I111111igrnti1.il IX-pnrtmciit.
Ho will lease his ranch in the
A line uf It-JII nml ensls wns Imposed nu 11 mil, Teskey, of Wilder
River, by Magistrate Polly, nt the
Court Huns.., rei-eiiily for unlawfully
having grouso in bis nossossslon, nn
Sept.  |s.    These breaches uf tlio
(bline    l,invs will In- severely tleiilt
with i„ lho fiitiiro by fho Maglslralo,
'I'be llbuve inslnneeslluulil bi' 11 sufli-
eient warning  In nil nnd sundry, In
protect ibe grouso during tl lose
t.r ci
A logging train loft tha truck in
tin- vicinity of I-ungley on iln- B.C.
Klcctric Railway nn Tuosdny fore.
noon, Tlic truck was dtunnged In
""me cxlont nml passenger wjt'vlco
delayed u short time
Mr. J. Manning, lied Den-, In-!
spcotor for Merchants Bank of Can I
tula, mul ti. s. Harrison, manager
for thf Vancouver branch, wero
visitors lo tin1 local brunch <»f the
kink here on Wednesday,
Miss Clara Davison, recently of
Alborta College, Edmonton, Is roady
tn receive, primary pupils in piano.
Tin* family residence in on Princess
AvOi Miss Davison has a cart! in
this Issue of the Free Press.
Work on the grading and asphalting of Westminster slreol comiuonu*
I'd this morning, Business men on
this streol wore u smile of approval,
uml on tin* strength nf this sotuo
have visions of tin' now i*"i olllco
ut un early date,
Chas. Korr, of Stillwater, It. C.
uml family moved to tlio Valley on
Friday, Mr, Korr hus puroltnaod
seventy*fivo acres from John May*
nui'il on tin* Vnl(> road uml will tuku
np rnnohlng Itoro, Ho also owns
forty aorcB on tho Prairie Central.
In recording the death of Mr.
Kitchen in lust Issuo wo Btated thut
llu- holy wus interred in tho Potter's Field in tin* Odd Fellow's
cemetery. We wero misinformed]
und Mr. Poors, the Wit-run litreo Marguerite Thomas In
linker   informs  uh   thut (Ik;   Odd with $1*1,40, followed olo
Chilliwack Fair Best Yet
A Record Entry List.   Splendid Exhibits. I
Big Program ot Races and
Other Attractions.
tiliur oxpcrlohee was tho lol
.  Parkor, the Clolhlor, the
iy,   He weni Into his gardon
to raise some potatoes, when u largo} res
nne  Hiihhornly adhered to nmthor lur
earth I in un i-ITort to raise il by ovi
liiiiul, he raised tho nail oil lho ihinl'tlu
finger of the loft liiiiul. This is u
Into point,> story mul u very sore
linger is now u eonsiunt remlndor to
Mr. Parker thai when he again desires to raise Chilliwack Vnlloy
iKititloes, In- Iind bettor use a small
block mul tackle* or ul least a g I
strong sptule.
The iiiiniuiit realized by the indies
uf the Auxiliary nl ihe rofrcslinient
lout uu the Pnh-ground was 1800.
of this tSJ.OOtog nyivnseollecl.
ed hy energetic eaminittco of young
Indies under M!ns I.. Mnrsdon, .Miss
I   the list
Iv by Ada
Tin-  lliiny ninlli  ti il fair ofU
Ibe Cbilliwiiik Agrlalllllll'lll S.ii-ii-ly |
lllSl Weeli luil.V easily be lerineil Ibe j I
bi'-t yet, liy infurmalinii we have i
Ix'Oll   able   lu glltbul'i (lum variulls'i
suiuvis.     Ilul fur Ihe Ini-ll ley nl'll
Ibe U'ealbl-l'UII ll pellillK illl.V.'llli-' 1
result   from  nil st Ipniuts ivmibl
hnve b i   liigjily snlislneliiry, fur
even  wilh tbe wealber mail llgainnl
llilllllgenicnt,   Ibe receipts nre
Wbiiwurib, Grnco
Knight, .Miss Hell,
Fellow's have no such plot.   A plot Coolo, l-'i
wus purohnsed hy lm-nl Orangemen Johnson,  Mi
ami the body buried therein.     W'el Is-ua Wnddington, Dorothy Howler-
regret the error. 'sun ami others.   Tin- ladies are in-
_,„,,_ ,.   _      dolilod to tho Agricultural Hocloly for
The Rally Pay nervine of te Pre.-1       .i(|i,     ,.x,.(.,|,,nl   ,„, |llt|0|1
bytennn  Sunday Schools for  this land In a
end (if Ihe Valley in funk's Pres- l|ona or |n
bytcriun Church on Sunday morn- j
ing was n  very   nueecssliil   event. fl    iMPonvryruTc
There was i large representation of I SIUMt ■nWMWH
Who nssisleil by
ny uther way.
likely lu lialiuu-e Ibe heavy cx|X>l!SC
nf this year's fair. The Interest
iiilieii, il iitbusiiisin, ami the Intrinsic merits uf tl xlilbltlnn mi-
Kllrs well fur the future nf tlu- I'hil-
iiwaek fair ami sp-aks volttlnns for
iln- high class and vnrloly of products
pruilii I in   the valley,    'i'be l-'rei-
Press man, having lived un the
prairies, where bii- yields nml extensive  farming is tlio nrdcr, nml
whore lho soil, under favnrabl m-
dlllons, produces, i-egetnbles ..f uu
mean order, had visions uf great
things iu fruits uf tin- soil uf ibis
favored Vnlloy, We were mil dls-
iipptilntcd. A visit ,u the fair was
linn- well spent, evennsido from tho
sp-eial attractions, and it is itgrott-
able Ibal iln- weniber was unfavorable to the nttondaneo of u lnrgor
number ul visitors from outside
Tlu try list this year made a
record lur the fair, lho number being
in th ighborl I uf 1700, which
niaile iiusniiill (usk for the Secretary
.Mr. GoodtnudondstolT, Tin- sjmri-
inn attractions, generally wcroof a
 inn   nf  nil.   The ladles also
vented n k 1 showing nf fancy
ik   in iiuiiiy eliisses, wbi.-li drew
loll rnvi.riil.li- i iiuent. The   lisl
ibis purllon uf the .xliil.il might
cnlnrgeij lo soma extent, Bchooi
work as itii-nliunt-il in Insl issue was
a decided credit In tcnehor* uml
pupil-uf Cliilliwnck Public School,
Tbeilepilly iiiiinsli-r ofllgriellltllrc,
«'. IS, Scott, wim opened Ihe fair,
said "Tin- vegetables nro magnificent
ami Illustrate ll npabililies nf the
valley and ll lure nf the soli yuu
must have boforo yuu run prodltco
such exhibits.'' The depuly minister congratulated ibe Society mi
Ibe iiiiirkeil Improvement in the
grounds ami buildings, Mr. Scull
uml P. Iv French, awarded ibe
prises in the fruit M-etiuii, ami noted
a marked advance in iln- grading and
pnokillg "I Iln- apples and pi-ars.
Among tie- bj inl exhibits noticed was a display nf pillars, mouldings, fruit buxes, nicely arranged,
 I Ibe product uf tlio fhilliwui-k
Pinning .Mills.
Tunis Urns I Austin Myros, had
a showing of seeds, bulbs,   bee hives
1.. F. Croft, photographer, Iind a
ense of samples of hi;
in photography.
Hack ttonlon Evan,
Jinnies 11. Nowoll
I inlla In-iits J Ind
Hymn l.iu-1- II. Mi	
Mn,,,,. Iln, Uml liinsi
Nelly Willis T, V Morrl,
•.':!.-. Till IT in lmopai-i:
i ii,il,- in uis:, in ii
llusiilii 11. Sletsnii
IliMi-l lill-H Uml UllO.1
Sii,..i Henri I'. Dolman
D ,; TIIOT or 8.25 Vkt'U
V, mill- licnu :> iu Ii
Km Mniiluna J. Phi r.'
Jul i K. llinlil i
liuri.. T, A. Morrl,
MII.I-: DASH, Open
Tlilnl Chiuieu T. O'Scll
l.n.ly M i.i In nl .IA Kuui"
Bycllyo a.ll.Nlcolla
'■j mite lli-ltt -J in :,
Nlgscr Erins Dsvo sum
JOH|lillllO llllM-Slllli
riiiss s,
iii'nu.UN >i-.,
Iln,I i'.,w III    nil iii  ti. 1.
l.l-l'-r    I   y, ii.   liiil
ll.ll.i.   I   >■ ,r   old
llellrr . "..ll  .- i   , ,11 -
ll, ii. i i nil -   n
i-liiiini  Bull   Dip, n
i-h..>■■,-. .■,   r.,ii    Ullilmna
II, 1.1   . ... . in.
..ii   ni I   ...    n.ii, r, : -.. ,i-   ■
I, J    A
E   ll
Hull     ... ., '..    :
Hull.  I y.
Hull call i*i
Hull L-alf I
Ii. It.iiu.-1. first, O. Dickie
-l>. Ranch first,O. Dickie
II. Itnuli llrsi ll. Dickie
Under fourteen years! 100 yiwU— O
Dickie   lii-i.   I». Coiicli-i-i-oii.l. F. Mul
coin, third.
Hiiili Jniiip
Quarter mil
Mi I.
Long Jump
Over fourteen yearsi luO yards—C.
\cv\liy llrst, \. .luckiiuii second, W.
Houston tliirtt.
iiiLth jimiji—A. Jackson ilr-t, 0. Evani
SI'Cl 11 III.
Quarter mllo—Houiton lirst, O. Sowby
w coin I.
Ung jutiiit—O, Kewbyltret, 0. Kvans
w ml.
OlK'lll One mile-I'. Roilfll Unit, II.
Ii.illniu Kcniul, ii. Dickie third,
Suck ruci.—ii.  Dickie first, 0. Newby
.    Thrci'  li'um'il   nice    H.   RoiclmnuJ,
anility I Hiiteliecoti titm.do smlUIckloserond,
riirowlhu   lM.iel.iill—r\    Mi-l-ttiighli
ihililren mid parents present.   The I   The hardware firm ofDonmark *.*< \tPod order, and furnlalMtl Interest-
service was bright und helpful und j Burton,  who ure the sneeessors or ni* entertainment for the visitors,
much  appreolated.   The  addrofwlj-tmefl Munro, are transforming tho    There was n largerentry of horses
wan given by thu pastor, Rev. R. J. [interior of their store.   The olhYo than formerly, tho Clydestlates and
Douglas, I hag been moved t" the renr t" make Poruhcrons, being Csneeinlly worthy
room for three fine new silent Bflles->J
uieu   which   are expected to Ik- in |
place this week. The gasoline light-
ing system hus been replaced wllh
electricity, and the front portion of
the store is now lirilliunlly Illuminated by two 160, and two GO, caildlc
On Monday, October 0, tlio Ep-
worth League of tne Methodist
Church are looking fnrward to a
special treat when the Rev. G. E.
Hurtwell, of Chentu, West China,
will lecture on the Went China Mission Field.   The lecture will be ill
../•    I \T\eZl:t CJS Power lights.   The firm Is carrying
ustm«l by* large large numberot J   llirjI(.%(H.k ((f thl. ,M„t ,iu;, $
excellent lantern views, and an Mr,
Hurtwell has been seventeen years
in China, he will apeak with authority upon conditions in that laud.
The territory that has been the
scene of the recent revolution will
lie described, as it was in that part
of China that Mr. Hurtwell spent
his life as a missionary, The meeting will lie hel-1 in the church and
will be free to all. A collection will
lie taken for the missionary fund of
the League.
The firm, of series of Provincial
Laymen's Missionary Conventions,
wilt Ite held in Vancouver on Oct.
ISth, to 20th. It is hoped that a
large number of delegates will attend
from the churches of Chilliwack.
and a committee ban Ireen formed
to urge the claims of the convention
upon members of tlie churches. The
program? it* a most attractive one
and the lint of speakers includes
such well known names as Nir Andrew Frascr. John R. Mott, Rev.
Canon Gould, II. K. Coskey, Jas.
Ryrie, and the missionary secretaries of all denominations. Encb parish ond congregation is expected to
lie represented by tbe clergyman in
charge and as many laymen as can
pn-siUy attend. We hope to publish
the full program next week.
A great treat is in store for the
theatre going public of this comnt-
hardware goods, and by progresslv
business met buds and courteous
attention ure receiving u large share
of iMitmuuge.
mg espeeln
of note.
The li-.is of prize winners a! Vancouver, uml Victoria exhibition
limply prove thut the Cliilliwnck
Valley is the home of tome
breeds, und prfce getters,
cattle classes. Red Polls of .1. T.
Mu v nurd,    The    Guernsey's    of
iBanford Bros,   A. C. Well & Sou's
Ayreshlrcs,  und  Mr.  A. .Mercer's
; llolsteins, formed a combination of
cattle   herds,   that   would    lie very
difitetill to duplicate In any portion
of the Dominion. The cattle
Iflhed wns a very interesting feature
Iof the fair, to any one who appreciates A I. Stork.
Ill   the sheep clasSCfl tllOre WOS a
largo entry of DoKclhorns. Shrop-
shires, Llnculns, Tccccsters,SulTollu,
and Si.ulhdowns wen- well represented uml tlu- standard, good.
I   Swim* In the Yorkshire, Berkshire
iiiitl other cIohsos were extra giMnl,
ver an hour ttiulahttlf electric
power in the city of Vancouver,
New Westminster, in Chilliwack
and all over Southern British Columbia where it is supplied by the
B. C, K. It. Co., wns a minus
quantity Tucs. night, shortly after
7 o'clock one of the compuuv's Immense 10,000 horse power dynamos
at hike Bunt/en broke down, cut- there some very fine specimens,
ing off one-third of the electric sup-      ,n „|(. M|.w -,.,-■ W;H dUpluved the
ply for power, light und railway] horticultural and industrial exhibits.
purposes. When the employees
opened another dynamo of the twine
capacity to replace the broken one.
the switch burnt out, leaving only
four Woo horse power machines in
working order.
There were six hundred guesses showing, hut Illustrates tho |w»ihili-
registored  on tho weight ol  the tl«. of the vrJtar In lho prwluctlon
Gourlay Piano nt Mr. Alf. White's"!   «PPl«i  which will find ready
booth at the fair last  week.    The «<*C*S l" J,".v '"arkel.
I    Pears were extra g"««l also ami
me very finevnrieties wero shown,
Apples were a strong feature iu
the fruit class. The entry list was
targe, the fruit excellent and the
taste in display as well us the packing and gruding, secured much favorable comment. Tins year has boon
au off season to BOmo extent for tin*
apple grower in tlu- valley, and the
correct weight was 029/1 pounds
and the nearest correct guess was
given by Mrs. James Merecr, of
Itosedole, who guessed 020 pounds,
and is now the possessor of the
Victor Gramophone, offered by Mr.
While.    The loffost   weight  givi
unitv.   On Moudav night Oct 2nd Wlls   m R°un^* i""1 l,iy Mf1'0"'
*...   "    ...   " .     .. -|-.'»il   a...aa.,.I^ '..,..,   ..-nu   ..,.■._ i. L. r _
2680 pounds,   Then* wni
able interest taken  in the   contest  kll
und the foregoing figures <vill pr
that there   were u great   variety
Plums  and  grapes  while  not so
numerous, wen- of ,i good quality,
In root- ami vegetables thero was
a splendid array in all classes, Potatoes wen- exceptionally good, nud
rahlmge, celery and roots, second to
•aulllluwor, onions, etc., wen*
the Allen Players will Open ut tl
Opera House for a three nights en- -- -  -
mement, opening «itl,"TI,i- Chris- Und th- foregoing Bguiw »ll pi-i-o nf nntonlc-r,   ll,,-v,lI,i,,l.l,-il,s,,n.vi	
fin,, ".lliilH'iiinswi.llkn.nviiilr, I.  U«l Uww Wen ., gn-i.l   vuri.-t,- ul ,v,,s,i u,,lu,sl,,k,-i,bl,-lu-liin.,n.v l„ ll„-
Alt Kb Ihe Allen fla-en have gm**»-   , I"1" "''llv"»';" "' ,l"' "'"7 *■>* <"r
,   , 1        1  :     ,i : .I  , gun I'liing.   A   in nl   lenlun-in
never before pluyeil m this notion « .0,7 niP cab rsirmrK ?i      1     ■       t        ,11 ,i   1
of the .-ountrvthev have for the lust \ k »U W ™ CRIttCTERS ,|,e   showing of vemlnhies was iho I
three years boon wmsldered us the Tiie various erickel clubs, cast ol \*il\ i;1"1 oxl»u»l. "■ ,";T". V-.'1"."
best si.K-k company on the road In but uot including Now Westminster, f"« 1ll,,:-1:l,"11nlll!rrs' "f g"1 *llli"
Western Cunadn. and huve played will have the opportunity of play-' Hmirk- 1 hocahlMl was well armng-
to wpedty houses in all the large ' ing for a trophy iu 11.0   form of a  "'■• ."'"   qnnl.tv unl.spti.ablc I
cities of tile west. jsilver cup,  wl.icl, will    Ik*   put Up  "»■ "» '■<'■>• ot\\v>t>x\ to» CO...-
Miss Veins Felton is the star of for competition, through tho goner- inKmufHiie-
tho company, ami Is conceded by losityof S. A. Parsons, thoClothtcr, Then- was a small showing ol
all who have watched her for tho Chilliwack, for the season of 1018. grains und s Is, The b-t of pro-
last few ware to be one of the best Cricket us an athletic spnrl Is fast servwl fruits was also no! large. Ihe
emotional actresses on Iho stage in-1 mining favor in the Valley, ami it display of potted plants mul ent
day.                                          lis possible that with the  Incentive flowers was wry good, bul we be>
The Allen Playerscurry their own ] furnished by playing for a Cup, a ; Here if more people would lake in
special baggage car, and new scenery'a league of clubs In the Valley will creased Inleresl in this particular
Is usetl for every production. Among be formed and a good season's iporl branch of the exhibition, it could be
their extensive reptrtoira un- such {result.  Improvwl upon.   Fancy bread, buns
ploys as "TheSpoilers", "The Lion ami cake-, hud n -mall representnt-
aii<) The Mouse", Clirlstopher The Rev. A. K. Roberts, pres* inn bul the bread display more than
Junior", "Sappho", nnd The blent of the li. c. Conforenenoftbojnmdc up for any shortage in the nre
Second in Command", Mothndisl Church bus been Invited of king fancy food stuflis.   Cbm-
Tills company Intend to make this'to nttend tiie coiner stone laying of. |*.<tilit>n in Invud baking wns keen,
one of their regular stopping places the new Mothodlsl church at Kam- and then-wns a very largo collection,
every season from now on, so it is to [loons on Thursday Oct. Sill. Ho ntn quality that assured tho onlooker
ho hoped that tbey will bo well put will leave next Wcdiiesdny for thut that then- must In- a large nuiulier
ronitedon tlieir first appearance in city and will take part in the stone, of first class broadlttkors in the valour midst. I laying ceremony on Thursday nfter- j ley, who provide a wholesome article
Seats \w now on side al Alf noon anil in the evening deliver alitor the family table. Inmost home.
address at the public gathering on butter get-*- wry close to bread, nud
tho subject "Tho Church of To- so it was at ilia fair. The dairy ex-
Dgy," hibit was a feature that attracted the
Chas, IlntchesoiuvCo., real estate
und Insurance agents, hud u neatly
arranged booth, where Information
regarding the soil which produced
the ninny evidences to bo seen, was
dispensed, Listings,maps,discriptivc
pamphlets, etc., of volley real estate
wore given nway in largo numbers,
by this enterprising firm.
"Chapman for photograplis" wns
prominently displayed on all sides.
Mr. Chapman bad n line exhibit of
his work, including, portraits, in\s-
tela, crayons, etc., which wns a credit tohisenterprlse, Mr. Chapman
. had gone to considerable expense
M- --' ami tTOttblo to huve nn attract!**)
exhibit nnd the result must have
been very satisfactory.
The Chilliwack Feed Co., had
samples of the various grades und
classes of Hour nud cut feed on
The business energy of Alf. Whito,
the music mnu, im well as the qualities of tlu- lino of goods handled by
him attracted much attention. His
display or Gourltty pianos, musical
instruments ami music, tastefully
arranged, mul the manner iu whicli
he received uml liled guesses on the
Gourlay piano, was worth seeing,
uud be no doubt feels repaid bu- bis
The following wen* the judges who
dealt with the various classes;Horticultural produets, Messrs, W. E.
Scott and P. IC. French; cuttle ami
swine, A. E. Holtman; horses nud
sheep, Mr. Elliott; poultry, II
Iteid; Mowers, Mr. Tidy, Now Westminster; bread, Mrs. Smith, Chilliwack ; dairy work, F. Wflanco;
ladles' work nnd school exhibits,
Mrs. Spencer, Chilliwack.
No accident marred lho success of
the Fair and everything passed off
in good order. The directors res-
pnnsiblo for the exhibition wen1,
President, A, Leslie Coolo; vice-
president, Horatio Webb; seeretary-
treasurer, II. T. Uoodland, and
directors IMI. WHs G.T, Thorn-
tun, .1.  Bailey, J. W. Walker, J,
T.   Mavnanl,   II. II. li.ivan, J. II.
Ashwell, J. A. Evans, T.E. Qtskey,
c.  Huteheson,  W   Knlghl and J.
II. Chapman.
The ladles of the Hospital  Auxll-
llr-l, ('. Nettby KCOIlll,
Scots' relay race—J. Psrkor, 0- Boacl
j. Huteheson, I. Coote,
rni/i'. mst.
t'liiKu I-—Ilorscs.
I. Htnlll.Mi   iH-illKn-.il-I.  J.   A    Kvans:
1,     J.     A.      KVIIIlrl
-.'.   Mar.-    wlili    foul   nt   root—1.   J    A
Kvinis; •:, J. A. Kviins; S, j. O, Blanch-
flpli): I. J. 0>.  Ml.hi. t.r. Li
8, Ycl'i mart, i rsan "r over-1. J  A.
BvfllW!  1'.  .1    A.   Kvimn; 3.  A.   K.   Willi*-,
r..  (it-iiiitiK or filly I roan ota—I. A. B,
Wllllil   2,  J.   A.   Kviiiih;   X   1    A.   Kvuni
r,  i-oii.  i  yean ola-1   A,   B-  Willi-..
:-. J. A. Kvnii**.
7.   Kmtl.   ISU—I,   J.   O.   ninnchtii-lil:   I,
A. B, won**; 3. J. a. Bv-uti; *. j. a
lllnn. hfli-lil.
N. Drart tmni—1. J. A. I-.vumt; 1, A B.
9, BUlllon mill llvr of hlri n**t-I, J. A.
Bvnnsi 2. 1». flrcy.il.
io. Mart nnd two <>r tirr prof.—1, a   b.
WUIIll  2   J.   A.   Kvinif.
II. rimmiiloiiHhl*, Htitllloii, nil ver meilnl.
ii..ii.ti. -i by the it.nik or Vancouver, Chit-
llWOCk-J.   A.   Kvntia
12. CMmplomhlp Man*, tUver oimmi,
tiorutled by the Hunk ot Vancouver, **hii-
liiv-.ii k   .1     A.   Bviihk.
ii. Vi-nti), ntdlnsa or mam in hir-
neu in vehicle—t, Jno Bahleri 2. I«hn
Bnsllih; x a. B, wiih*-.
ii. Mare or Kfi.iini.', any ,w.- i J-um
Bnglfihl 2. A. ti Willi,
Ilrooil miir*- wllh r»iil iii foot—1   T. O,
Klnmcote: 2. j. t. Haynard.
Veld mure, * ymn or over—I, Dooglasi
1,   IhiUKlim:   3,  John   H-i'tmrn.
OeMlng or tllly 1 years old—1, D. Knr-
roW| -. J.   ll'i'i.tini. 3. Jan. Coulthnrl.
<;.-!.imi' or tllly 2 yean old—1, a.  H
Mercer; 2, a. ii. Mercer! a. a. ii. liter.
r.iit ona year old—I, H. Bruth,
Pot)   itli—1, j.is   Coulihirti 2, T. <i
KIllKHcnlc;   'I.   I>.   Uirt.r,
Team scldfnsi or mares to be nhown
In w.-iKon or democrat—1, A. II.  DoiiKlav
;, John Hepburn: x A. K. Willis.
Bullion, pMljrreed—1, J. Nation. 2. J
T. anil J.  h.  Wiikin-.n
Mare with foal at foot—1, Jai Row.
man: 2. Jan. Ilowman: :t, A. I.. TtBVtfM,
Veld mat*, 4 yciirn »r over—1 J. T
ami J. II. WllklllHoli: 2. Thus Dolman:
8, A. C  Hummer.
n.-filliiK or (illy 3 years old—lit, J.u
Uowmau.  2. J.  C.   UtanchfleM.
ilelillni; or Blty I years Old—I, J- T.
mid J. II. Wilkinson. 2. J T. and J. ■<
Colt, 1 yi-ar-l. Jas-. Bowman) 2. A. r.
Hummer: X J. T   and J.   ft   Wllktn-m
Foal. i«n-i   A.   U Traverae; 2. Jas
Ilii-Ammi:  3. Jas  llowmnn.
c.iiiii.iii..'i..n Horse fK|>e.lal |irlXel .1,.tinted hy J. M. Miller, riillltwark New
Kn   I.  II    II.  <:.'i\.in. 2.  II.  II. Itervan:
I, w  n  Bliinftr,
Saddle Hor-w—1. A. U Cootti 2. J. A
Bvans. X J    lliunmar.
suml.   Driver   1,  II.  UriiKh.
Span   lloidsi.-r«*-I. i'.   lt.wlm.in:  2.   H
• I, IttlJ.i-.ll .Int.
SLilIton      I>lidonn-J
Mare.     Diploma—J.   T
ml J.   II    Wllklm
iiest r.irm lean, |wra«ufd to wison.
MP t.,1 |.M«e donated hy J P Mil'nnnell.
oi...in.-r Halnrd.iy Buiuet-1, A. II-
■o'lKtas. 2. J   A   Kvans.
t-'or th.- beat i*n**rnl putpoae team of
.      , , ii ..     Bil.lin**-  >.r  mares   M t  <-f   .(n*cl<-  h inoss
liiul a   DUO* I     -Meal- uctv \ Vllh„. *,-,,, pr-MMiled by Menn   RockwtH
a Oo., I'htniwifk  l. J   a   ani.hr.
For    the    I***.    Ideal   nwne.1    rlydemlil.-
mitre     ellaH-nite    howl.    |ire*,.|i1,i|    liy   the
M.-r.h.itits Itank <>f CUUUU, rhllllwa.k
The   howl   to   he   Won  lw»   years   In   -U.--
i-e-.-ii.iti before btcomlnji the properly "f
the wlmnr -l   J.  A.  Kvans.
For   the   iHst   local   bred   and   owned
farmer'*, .frlvliir*  man- or i*<-lilln*-:  to he
lO.i.h.d   t<>   a    M- ;i.'i,   hiiKxy.   (No
.lifT.r.-tn-e for Iron or ruhher tire-* i l»on-
ited hy niilllwa.-k lni|.l.-m.-nt tt 1'ro.hiee
Po 1. J. II. A- J T. Wllkln-.n: 2. II
II rush.
iiian of roadtlere. presented
■'""-1— '""■.. thnmah 11.  II
,.   IVilman.
hors*.  rldd-n   hy
nie.i by Iteairi
■ I   Ixilb day*i hi a large i<-ni
ilu- grounds, while a tag campaign
wus also conducted, tho proceeds of
{all netting the ladles a lutndsomo
amount for a worthy object.
I'liKi: FOB u.i, TROT
llali-Mil,' Hem--, Two In Three
White's Music Store und those wishing t» secure good seals should secure
their tickets without delay.
I   Joluiiiv K.                      Uml (iuct
;   Kcru SloiiUnS \V. J. I'luiii r
I    ll.nii- McAllley    W. ll. I'liltin-oti Jr.
•4 mile In-atH -' iu '3
i   Byron l-ace It- Slctsnn
9  SclU Wilk- T, A. Sorrls
:i   Dscn *-'■ Smiili
l mile heats 9 In i
l   nill Miner l>- *w Rnndss
9   WUIismstto A.O. Hammer
:•  sis W, li. Psttlnson .Ir
',. Mil.K I'onv u.ui:
Ottctl 11 -' or iiiuler '« mile ImUS In II
Sihii -I- Huiitiiiur
THxIc J< A. Kvans
Hick C. Ncwuj
IV.-t •.' in "• liests
Tlilnl Chance T. O'Noll
Uaterliu .i.a i-vmi-
CSriOS '•■ biisnorili
Ladf Hlrthtnl J a. Kvsns
The llltlii
It It .I'll I
On Sundaj in >n    -■
land appreciative congn g
sembled in Ihe  Meth< ■  -■  i
j to listen t'i an address
|er pu-tur, lb      E. Manut
stationed al L   ;.-:•■     1'i i   >    -
Orchestra iviw ■.  .\!,..
•■ Knlghl pn riding at I     piam
Mr. 0. II. w   ;-
The superinte ■    I ■: true   i
the meeting
' platform wen- l;.
the presenl i    I
erts, who w pres
Conference thi i
by the children       '
hymns was runrl
a spirit ol
voded Uie whu
recitation   by Mai
was nice - z <
iWinnie   !'■
fatherly can I •    i
cut's amis, recil
iu a wry winsome
| Gladys   Satnpsni •
'from a couple ot w ■ h
i sang ber solo wil    p ■ ■       ■■
in a pleasing way
choir, in cap ind «
the way hu ■ a
ance,  rendsred   in andti
(their usual Supdn f  uv
(torn.   Tl e speaker
after a four ^ n-
, the city, recent
j Introttuctit      mil .:
ened to by   -
j not so young in his am
■advice be give
Ileal, and was iptl
llssjDOS sod   mecdi
ssnsfsing. smoking; .ul: i ,•
j svits Kcefved tfiefs nflsenn -f
[cbndemnotii n
■ that pap
; was    ttrODfl
I The yasl c
[Soouts under
called the   \\   -
Scout Master    I    ■
Clifford   W ■ ■ ■   ■
' pleasing fentur
I proves there
:al side is s
in the !:*. ,   . .-
[boys,    I
to be
many .i- :"■ ■•
Kiclioll   is  I
Willerb i
invitation I
the respons
emphasised   \-   -.
The young ladies class   ■
by Mrs. Day, and Mr  •
big class of young nn
ior Bible class.   The     ■ ■■■
land  teachers In   tha  ichooj   ,tr-
Snperintendsni;   John   Robj   -
Assistant   £upertntendsnt,    J  t/
Chapman; Pianist;   V
Sunerintendt  • ■ I if       Dei' v "'
SIsler; Secretary   I Scl       Mrs \,
Thornton; Treasun      M
Sampson;   Te* -■ -- -
above) Mr- '\'\, \\ -   -
Mr-. Whit-. Mrs CW    c, Jl •- \r
Cartmell, Miss M  Street, M •- I
Cartmell, Mrs ' : iprnaii md Mr,
I A. Duncan, Miss   In      K
■ the raperintei lent I I ( ■< ■•
Roll, und the    libra ;
charge "f Mr- 1 has !*.rI-
!«l    by    Krne-t    Trel
[school ii.--Is every Han '
noon nt  _•:>'.
and an hum -; ■   ■
time   well .ii. I
The pastor annoi
school mu   dee!
[commencement ■   il I
the near future '   ;
[odatlon f"i tin     .  i
ing the ii price.
le.ihr-l.  n
hesi nddl
1 or lentjejnan,
Storey ft Campbell, vanoouver-1, h   n
Ilesi  laily rl.lrr:  Horse t» rouni  W per
ceni., ridina to lonni i" per cent., ■- ,-i i:
mid   hrldh-   i*   per   edit;   uri*-s   doli.tted
by a. I. coote k-..|.-i. mu* BUter iiam.
inei. |,  \h  .  Nellie .M.ivnard
It. t I,nl)- driver: Horse to count l-i
per rent., drivlna to count W iwr cent.,
h.irness    Hll.l    Hi;    31   per    cent.        fllierlll
iiriKe*   doiiHted   hy  John   L   Dennolm,
• .uidier   u.i hirnem maker, Cbiuiwack,
-I. rim-. Iiolmnn-. ?. II. In., t,
lleti   Rill   drlv.-r   under   if   Horse   lo
count S) per cent., drivlni to count M
|..r cent. h.iriH-ss and ria M per cent.
BpNtal prllen doii.ile.1 hy ||. Wel.h. Rm.,
value: 1st   ftir.ii; 2nd, ISM; Inl, fl.,-«i, 4th.
mk* i. iv Dolman,
Hell hoy rider under II; Horse to count
m iH-r cent, rialns \P count in por cent..
Mndle and hrldle 5> i>er cent. Specl.il
l-ii*. - >l->n it.-l Uv Win KntRhl, Kmi , to
-1. II.  II. lli-rvan: 2.  II.  II   Oervnn.
Hesl boy rider under 11: Horse lo c-oiml
li> ner cent.. ri.lliiK io count n Mr cent .
nddlt  nnd  hrldle  31  -,er tent.     Special
prltei donated hy t.  Hayaard, Bm.—
I, II. II. drrvan; :. K   Hmedley.
Beat  Hhetlnnd  pOnV   ridden  hy hoy  or
..ul  under  l.'    Si-.-, ill  prlita dnnnted hy
ll   J.   Ilurher.  ('hllllwiu-k-l, J.   T.   May-
■ni-l. 2, J. T. Mm, u.i
j   Tiie Metlioilisl ( hurcb Ti
are planning loen i a building on
their church lol for tl        i n
Minn ol the steadily jSui
].|ay School, The presenl building
has bv*u found t< o small f,-r the
' purposes "f the ichool snd ll lias
been decided to erecl an entirely
new building. In this there will be
a large RUnltorium f"r Sun lay
School purposes, ;i young men's
parlor, which, il i< hoped, t" have
open every evening <-f tho nreck, n
Boclal hall for the special gatherings
of the church, and un up-to-date
kitchen, while Ine ladles may do
the work necessary to socials, ban*
qbets, etc. Plana are now being
piepir-l and if the tint' weather
continues, Ihe building will be roady
for occupancy tldfl winter. THE (lAltM.N CITY LEADER, CHILLIWACK, 11. C,
*-H-l-l-H-M-l-l-'|..|..|-I'I.H-l-l-l-H-l-l- •
Her lntereil  In   Him Wm   Mr.nl-
totted to the Uut Moment
By Allen G. Lanioiu.
Copyright hj  "t*n**rl i I'rwi .\***n-
Wlii-ii   I   It'fl   Itisw Si-moil  io ku I"
Bull III  Africa   lo Hi<uk   my  fort tine  mv
ticitti h.-.iio-ii iu in- raMtlliiji rlglil ilmvii
diiWII   UK.-   u   llllll .1   lllt|l      U<-   fuel
prumlHcfj tu in* ttiie iu -it oilier mul
III    tli.il.    lull    I el low    my    nm i
IHIHV told   tIn-1 full* Wns ilHillllrU u-
\\i- IVllllIU l»e ite|i.i nil I'll hy nu OCI'llll
I Uml only  I lie |iiiwpeil of r-|tt'llilliiK n
llleitiii,'   iii   Un-   HUl'Vlcf   of   h   illinium.I
liiliilu-j i-uiii|iuii,i    H'lien* uu  iliiclii oi
Untie  llllll  MPI'liml   Uie UII  lUflTlol   post
thin      N.-i i    If    not    |    Inn)   uny
Hihiiih ur we would mil lime |iurleil
Niul  having piirti'd, | huiv un |iriiii|u*i'l
ur .'M-t Ki'ttluu lugi'llicr ugtllil
I wu*. mi ai't-oiuiiiiiil fur -lit'i'i' yearn
dlil'lllH   whirl-   |   t|o|»..,l  Hllll   f'-itif il.l.i
fur tu i it- wuuld raver my ri'turuliig i.
no    s west I *ti   (lieu   smlti-ni?   i\\\
rireiuiin were reiilbtctl,   Mi  uiilemliuw,
tll<- Ill-till of UUP id file ih'|iMllliieii(ri.
Ii-nf ioi uu* utie day anil null) tu in.'
-iluw would you ilk* tu inula- h trip
to AiiiithaV"
1 hrl ft tit i'ii i*d up at om-e •• I replied
Iii the iiltlruiiHlve,
"<im* of yuur imerleaa millionaire--
tin-   Multinl   our   tulni-H  hiuI   Imi   per
t'llll-.-lt    (IIH*    uf    Dili'    luiue-l    lllUllllllluN
lie is on H trip a nm mi mi- world nod
deNlres tin* slum* delivered tn iiln wife
lu New York, wliere ll will lw piild tin
ih»- res|Kiuslblllly lur iin huIV y rvsilng
ou iih mull It Ih turned uver. I'liere are
ri-usoim why It -'lint n-ry well he wiif
by the unlliiury method, om- .tf ivlileb I
Will till yuu. ll hai fc'.u uul Mi.,i a
diioitiiiid worth a hiitulre.I thntinand
do'.ure. In tu go lu New York Tll|n fail
Ij.ih it i to ho iiiL'h » charge for It**
iniimpuriatloii itmt I am delermllied lo
aetitt li liy a Hpecini itietweiiger, A falre
■lum- will lie sent by eipreas 'u iuIh
lend those who inny try iu capture Hm
real one un the  way.    We have ipl*?*
right here among ns who know ever)
tlilim of import a m-e Hull |(nei un ll to
our in.i'i'oHe to outwit (hem |.e| It Is1
known that yuu have determined in rt*
•Itm your piMitiuu mil go liuiue, per
mining a inontb to liuerveiie iH'fore
|»Ur ilepurimv.    Vmir ->t|H-n*u*H will Ih*
puiil, nml If yuu su ed lu making *
delivery you will receive u tliutisand
tloiiiiri and an agency to Htlend iu our
tiiHliiLHti In New York."
The iluy I huIIiiI ii middle ftged WO
num. well ilri'N.Hi'il mid uf ladylike K|l
|ii'iiriiii(f. druvv ii 11 in i in- nt earner
Mi.' looked up an she alighted nnd saw
im- trailing over the mil un deck An
expression ot satisfaction thai I could
mu acrouiil for |m*-*ii*d over her i.if
Ii surprised me, for 1 did not remutn
ber i-ver lo liiive seeU li*-r hefore Hindi ine ii I.on nl. nnd I did mil see hei
(tnl-i till ih»* licit day, when we were
din on ttie oci'iin I wuh pueluit, Hie
de* k when I puH»ed her sltlliia lu n
lleuiuer tliHlr. She culled me to her
and -oiid lu me:
'Hitii-: a ehulr and lie neuied. I
hint* MoiiH-thiiiK ot luipurtsme tu •*.»>
lu yuu "
a-.iuir-.hHl. I did is I wae bidden
The hn.y caul glaucen lu every direction und. HeeliiK no oue wlihlu ear
•not. mild tu uie In a low lone:
"I uiii un Atin-rliiin mid u frh-ud uf
Ur oider-liiiw l.fiiruiu-- Hun 1 was
auoiii n> muII fur home on till* slilp lie
cio.cd un in*- anil mid iuv tli.ii tt. yuUUg
inuil. wbu-tr phufo|*,ru|ih he Hhowed uie.
would. !«* abontd. koIhk on un lui|Hir
inl iuIhhIuu tu New York. Mr. Older
Ihuw ui-ltvd in* tu keep ii wiit.-h ov.-t
)ou uud H I im.v any suspleluus pet
fui mm fronting lo •-ii in yuur fulitldeiice
oi in uuy i*.a*, cunsplrlus Ugulusl you
lo warn you There; I Iptve ndd yuu
whut I tiiivc lu uuy    You don t need to
place uuy filth In It; nil you i oi do
i> ir i warn> you igalnsi sny uue dm
tun ihe ruyaire, lo beware,"
"Oue q Oust hill I would ink yuu." I
■eld "Why did not Mr OldetsUaw
■ a. i-if uie of hlH request n> yuu**"
"Mr. older*haw's phot win- for me
tu keep a wutii over yuu wlihoul yoin
knuwiUK li. -I**,t"* aoi think it would
be lufvesaary for me to uinke luysetl
kii-iwi! iu you put alread) i have ob
m-i'i-.l two tuiii lalkltqi tuitether. Ihiiii
looking dlriitiv al Jfoll. uud I ueed lu
wio-u yuu ui nm-e. Later I win |aillil
Iheiu uut W- yi'il"
'Did .Mr Uldershaw Inform yuu •»•
to the oatura uf my ulsalouT"
"lie did uut. 'Ih.if wua not neres
tier itory nppesreil f#ry plaualhle
aud I eoufeas I fell dlsiawd to truni
ber. but I did lot uue lo slmW loo
uiin i, uiioriiy in tl-'liiu su, mul. rifting
bade her j-ihn| mural an. IhsiiVlnS Hei
(or her lll'eresl lu me.
"Yuu ire under no utilisation 10 me.'"
■be wild. "%\ lint I do is in repuvmi-ul
o' a  kindness nnce dune  no* hy   Mr
Older-Hi. w    He has (H'rfect euntill •
lit yuu. Imi has mreiiiitbelied you hy
giving yuu un iisslsiaul."
Thai   after    while  laklns  no
o-iiui essri'lse. wntkiiiv ihe deck back
and forth. I ni**i Uie ludv.
•H'tinie with  .' she snld, "und l
will show you the men who were ntik
Ilk about you. Ihey hsve u stalertaiiii
nesi mine, Hiid I overheard one of
them hut. *a** -""'ii ss li hi dark I'll
try uud Ihvlegle nun on some pretest
to ihe stern"
I went with h"r i" the forwnrd deek,
ind she |sMnte#l lo twu men "tnndlns
hut al-o\e the chiwaief lookiiia <>ut at
th** ocean. Ont* wsn a hurlv fellow
with u Hiiudy uiiistui'be; the uttlttl wj*
sinml. Hpiire und clean hIiiimii.
"Thnl's all." said my tiiuipanlon
"You have seen iht-m uud sre uuiirdeu
■gu lor I tliem,"
Ihe natue even)U|! Just before dark I
Wlj ,  deck,    ibe mun  wltb ini
labdy niustscbe wss fouuirlng sbou'
Mid. preseotly «ominu up lo me. s*-kei
It l .oiuo tell mm ihe day's run Im
the Hhlp.    Wllh liiil «« sn npeDlnu
wedf-e he etin-ted U|HI0 a culivereutloli
wlib me. turunig it U|wu some curluUf
pheiionieiiH of Ihe -ii-H He UielitloueU
tbe phosphureHceut  light tu the wake
oi ii hui|>. SIIJ'IIIK! "II 8 very pronoiuo-
ed tuiUHllt. Jlisl come tmcli will) me
I'll hIiuw It to yuu."
I (old mm Hint l hmlofii-u seen wlihl
he referred lo mul, blddliiu llllll good
evening, went liulow.
It wns very plain tu me thai (lie wu
(hull's itory wus I ttie. r n-iii till" turn
lorwfiril l luid perfeet eiiiilldeopp \v
her Hlie did uul usk uie Uu* nttllire
of my mission or show uny rurlosit)
nbOltl It     I urn I Mint If III*' WHS de
slrous ot iHissesslim tierislt ol the dm
uiond hIu- would sooner ui Inter li-ml
im- to H|ietii{ oi li in lite hope (lint i
would fell hut where ll was Hut wtllh
•die hoimhI my coulhli'tue lu ulliei j
wii.vh hin- never referred in the ubjci"
Of my Joiiiuey.    I (old her tlllll I  Wllu
glllllg holm- to ii Hweetlii'iirl I hml mil j
svufl lu itiiei' yi-uiH, mid Hie Bympiitli)
ahu guve me wm dellgblful, Blif «	
i*d io iippi-ecluttf iierleiilv the feelings
or n young mun deeply in luve.  Hu In ,
leresled  wus  she  in  thl*> ttilii   I  told
tier I  wiiiiid bring my Itinicee to see
her iiftei reuihing port, mul nhe whs
uood  i ngli   lo  ti-Hitre  me  Mint   she
would i>«- delighted io know her
it wssnfiei this refrestiing eonrersti
tImi. iii oi.h-i lo iliow aome s|i|in*cln
Hon uf het  lUleresi  IU me, thill  I mild
to hen
"I teel perfectly mifc In inylng to
>toi th.ii I nm currying s very vaiunhli1
stone belonging tu tbe Oistfiund com
putty in New ^nik nnd wish lo colisnli
you tin to ii hiift* plme ti keep It"
"Id Hun I cmi't ndvlss yuu    We wo (
men hnve meili.nU of concealing inch
things thai du nm pertiilli to men,    I ,
en nt Hunk or miv snfe pliiee where ti
tun ii rati pin Mir 11 n iii-ii-niiH."
"The only uitfe place 1 know Is mi ,
my person.   I huve It suspended uboui
my wttlsi dtiy Hiid night."
"My dear boy," she mild, "whal du
yuu mi'itti hy i*eveitl|llg IIIL'h a Hivrut to
hie or to miy mu* r"
"I hnve perfect confidence lu you."
"Nevei'fhi'h-HH   you   Htnmld   not   hnrv
told me such s secret."
"I uinill surely n-ll no one else, tr
uny uue call tuke ll hwiiv from me by
force in ttie daytime he's weh-ome to
do so. Ity nlghl I am locked In mj
"I Wk ot you lo give your secrel to '
no one else."
The evening hefore miking pnrl mv
friend while IStklhg fu me of Home del
learles lu tin* way of eat shies nhi- tin.I
I hoard lurftPil me to come io het stale
room timi partake of them Hhe hhM
there would be un pnpmprlety lu my
doitii*. so, since ihe would hook the dooi
wide open    I ai-cepled ber liivlimlon  ,
Her Biaierooni fiei-d on Hie Mime n|||e
iih mine, hu 1 hml nul f.ir lo gn She
broilgbl mil Home pit*- of chickens' llv
ers mill other nice things, Including
some i'i-:ii m.uleirn wim*. a mriu out
■hie th*> Island ur Mndeln I His oi
her ds In ties uml drunk freely of tin
In the morning I awoke In my owt
berth wlib u remeinbrstici ol mv nup
per, bill wllh no recollectlou as tu hoc
I koi lulu my own iiateruoin I ptU
my hand lo my waist, mul tht* puinh I
ki pi SlUhg there wuh Rom-.
Bverytlilng being quid and no tuu
(Ion tn ttie -liIfi. I arose mul looked on'
Ihroilgll a porthole We were docked
Hresslnu myself, I went anhore a fe«
uf (he passengers remained, hut m>
lady fihud wan uut among them, uo
wt-re the two men agalust whom ah
had warned me.
When I mul my Itosa after the first
tniii-i-oii-. of om tueetlhg I amU lu
"And now ynu must benr the reason
uf my coming mul the Mury cotiliect
ed with my tourney Kegtunlng with
my meet lug with my lady friend, I t.u.i
tn*r every ineidein  every word -w fu'
UH  I COUId reilieiulier lilt- loiiversiilioii-
Hint tiioi |Hiased between uie nud hei
When l reached me pari ut my story
where I imi) told Hint I kepi Hit* "torn
■hoot ui) walsl Ihwe cou to md repnw
the ei'lmmilion, -on, how stupid*'"
And when I gave uu account ol the
■Upper uud my u.-imk drugged my
iweetbeart wuh hu iinKtnd aa to say I
I. ui iici-n right ly sit*, eii   i concludes
uiy alory Wllh ttieie words:
"Ind uow. my darting, Hie diamond
having I'ccii safely delivered und n
check in payiut-m mHtied tu South
Africa, we huve fl.UOU on which lu
brirlu houHekt-epliig and un assured
an tary"-
"■Itul thp diamond Is stolen!'" i
"I did nul say on, In order to pietist*
my Kuiirdinti angel, as I mlleil her. I
toid net where I kept a lump ur Kins*
I tn- dimtmtid was in my trunk, litten
with h lot l, tbut I .none km-w how to
open "
(lose pimped lor me, thruwtni; he-
arms ar-uitiii my neck,
"And you susperted her from the
fltNt*" the iiski-u when tht* trauaporlf
hud subsided
".No, I didn't sniped her at all or I
wouldn't have been driit:*--*d uj hei."   '
■Kiplntn "
"Wen, ynn m*. when she lynps .
tblaed so sweetly with me about yon ,
she knocked the underpinning- ulli 1
from beneath me. I yearned to make
ii return sunt thought thut I eutildiil
llitikv ii  better one I tin li by s show ol
confidence Ho I told her ■bolll where
i sept my treasure, uuiy I iuiIhhi to
say (hut it wns n fnise one. l thought
that wuiiui du iot well.'*
Thtj  Baby  Qmtril.
i'nit- Infsni #ni|#ror nf China tiat txt-tn
itven i.iiir. in* eummand or ih* aim*/-
NCWI tl,.ii |
When n babe heads »n armr
in ii nr .i.-iHf lh* rannnn usllat
in-tici |iut lum tu Hit navy.
It.- * nn t>i|wrt on ii.e iqualla.
hum on* infantry might lis* rumi
Iln ■ .ui pound Him n ■ m tiiKtii. |
llui •ut'l'"**- hu not "ir rnltcT
1 litiit* Mould n< ver It* ■ Unlit
-H|-okmi« riiiukr«m'in-H«iitw.
In Proportion.
wifle i waul n rap, piense. for siy
Hhopkeeper Yes, iiindntn Whatslts
doe" he weiirt
Ulfli- Well, I really foruel ills col
mra nre ante iu though I Hipert he'd
wnul  about   hi/c   i*. ur 'Jti fot   a cup, I
wouldn't bei  Philadelphia I'reas,
Th* Hobbl* Shoit
Havr you f***-n Iht ISieal itiiiiB
Wntrh iii* sdveritmnienti •im*>>
Tht- tnihiiif •hot
Hrlff  VHIlip    llulil   (lie
And tuflt an ttUltildliiotii*
Thiy're a-mnna iiajm right now
Wnii you <i ii-ti ti,* mm
Tlw* mi about
Uald* ifH-i tout MnUI,
Tiit't.-. hobblers tnulllluditioui
Aim,in . urn ino
You will find tellof In Z-m-Bukl
It date. Die burning, (tinging
pain, stops blooding and brings
eaie. Perseverance, with Zim.
Butt, moans euro. Why not prove
this? *«aft-wjj"jj-4**«•*-
Thlngi Thai Havu Brought Mlitortum
In Their Wuki.
Wbotbor it i- pouluId that it curse
pronounood hi Uie dim pnit oati by
mi;   iii-iiii.-i   work  luiriu  llimugli  Uut
IgOl i» a limit.'I ol opuiluli, I'oiuiiii'IlLl
a bondon weukly. but -urb i to rim
mul ihe ilrangu laoli ooonooled with
ih.<m ure i lumaroui to bfl uliogetli-
»-r neglected.
Wo uuiy initance tbe cane ot lliu
painted Egyptian coflliplld, numbered
ir.'.:.i'j. wlueli ilaudi In tin-  hni.-ii
MuiOUIll, mid  tin-  remarkable tale of
mlstortuns and death which lias been
BMOclatod wllu this pletured lacti ol
lh.- prleateii ol tiie (Jullege ol Auu-u-
The itory li fairly well known, for
two yean UgO all tlu- daily pupor*,
were full ut it.    It il luffloianl to nny
that (root th.- ii  ..I tho dlicovury
uf tlm colUn iii 18bI) thu prleitew iijem*
ed lu bring uii.-I'il'iiim- on I'veryoiie
whu ii.nl iu-.Hi inn to do wuh her
colli u.
All Ave ul the original linden came
to grief* mid i \vn tin- riirner who
took the caia to iln- museum, tlm
photographer who photographed it,
mid the well-known writer who de-
icrlbed tha eventi cutnu'ctcd with It,
all died shortly oltcrwardu,
Tben tliera was On- cine ol Mr.
(leorge Alelounder, who, IniMug di>-
covi-red a tmiiiiiny, too large lu conveniently curry awuy, deliberately beheaded H. mid brought the heud back
to Kuropu iu ti bonnet box.
Then everything went «*rtmg with
lum.   Miifoitune piled upon uililur-
tUlie,     One   day   lit-  tli.tUted   tu   I t
ii medium, Thu latter at once (old him
thm he could ie« a figure with It n11
cliff- behind It. mid clouds ol dual
about it. The llgure, he mid, wai
beadleu. Tin- wus enough. Ha lent
the head back al once to ita original
lu ihe lummer o( 1000, M. And reel,
a well-known buiineu man ol Ht. Pet-
enburg, bought al auction lor $10,000
a beautiful old necklace made about
nw yeun ago by u (umoui Parlilan
leweler for Uie llblsted Uuis XVI.
Nearly all the mem hen of tha
French royal family loll their llvai in
the Revolution, imt tlu- necklace was
taken by a mrvivor to Brunei! uul
there  sold.    Uv. r  mid  over  ugmti   it
changed hand* mid every ono who
owned it wai unlucky, Finally a Km-
sun prime bought it (or VJO.UOU mid
gave it to the dancer Txukkl,
Tiukkl'i health (ailed, ibe was re-
duced io ub'.'t poverty and died, The
necklace wai wld to M. Llnevltch,
tlm collector    IK- died luddenly ut
Motile Curl., mid t poised to a relative whu lost all hi- money and wai
only saved frum beggary hy lelllOg
tin- pit-v't- ol jewelry,
Andreel bought It, and almoit the
flrit tune hi? wife wore it im fell
into a tit of iFiiieteifl fcalouiy mid
cut her  down  with  u sword.
Such Inatancei may be multiplied,
Count  Zborowikl,   wlu-n   killed   ill  .1
fearful motor Occident ut Nice in 1003,
woawearing lho fatal ring which haj
belonged to hii family lor lour genera-
tloni, every head of which bud met u
violent death.
Still more amazing is a story told
by the late head •,! the Pans Morgue.
Five tiims within his experience dead
bodu-s brought in tin- morgue wert
louud to be wearing a certain ring
easily distinguishable by its strange
It bore iu eaatern character! thi**
legend. May whosoever wears this
ring die u miserable death," ol,
Mace, lute chief of Uie Parisian police, vouches fur the truth of this.
One says, "1 have Great Faith in
Cuticura Remedies." Another,
" They Always Bring Results."
"I Wbtl tu lt-t you know of * roup1« tt
recent cum »imii i have nuiie by tt.-- ua*
■; inaCuilcura Remedial,   but Aufuit, Ur.
 of lIn*. Ctty I u lu my ofllce, tiuiihlt-d
wuii i r-evera -km erapiloa,  At tu.i l louij
not undentind Iln nature el tin- case.   1
Iinallv li*.f.l It tuliL-w-itiiuiion ii, he *jh t,
ml i
ll i
ICll  to, III.      11     Urli',1  Hllll *  . ||f |l|  . Itljl
lum aad w'uii'i 4ii.-1 ukhI I-.. ■ i- ut io- inxi) —
Itucltt. t-IUll-A-   tln-1.  Imi k ..,,.1  .,,..!..11,"    -
:o,.i uoiiM termlmte in i.*»i, pu*lnl<a    lh*
lit hln-c aii'l  tiiiriuiiE n.t -i,•■..-!■ ,,  an-t  h*
V.,ill I   illtlll>-t    If-il    iih      l.l'l   Hl-U't,   lltllit-   to
e.t relief,   I imminendfd ail ti„- vaiiom
tti-alt'i'-iit- I i.mill Hunk of nml In- n|it-iil
klmllt    fllttoli    ,l,.||.,l.    on    t.M-Mli|.lkjlls    l.lll
tuiii in,, .it ili.it nm.' I Mu-tlmil.uiii -Alirtlit-r
it would ti'l-i her.   lh-r -km wmihi iln.ken,
hrt-ak   ami   bleed    »|>ttl..lly   on tlir tilif-i-ll,
•All-Is Uld anus      I u.i.: ! ilo :,..(ltii,K lu a-
\\<-\f Iht pFmaneolly,   wiit-n Mi-, ant up-
|iIip.I Hi.- waitn tmllil or t'ulii lira s...|. and
ipnlli an of Cuilctim Ointment ina kuw
r. ueetded [mpfovr^nient ami hi ». lew daya
mt-mllnc tin* Cut:-
ur.i tt.-m-ili.-s lu Mr.  . ami IliLs wu
mi nmiiilis ar-o. I i>>: t him to wa-i. with
firm li-lli* of Hi.- run. ma N,.|, and tu
pitlv Un- (iiltiiiia Oltitmi'iit ertiFiuudy.
lelleva in*-, hum Hi- very iir»i day'i me uf In!
Il'iiii'dli-i lif was cn-jiiv ri'llfvt-d
ki-in.'ili.«n>, t rihallalwnys ha vt- » f-iKxl «iml
|u.- *!..-in now Hint 1 mu luinliii.-d of UiMi
w Ififnl iiK.-rlt-." (Siiimtll ll. I.. Whitehead IIH., 108 liitrlitiuiilh bl.t Hostuu,
Mass., July 22. 1910.
A*i   tlium-li   in .i.iilirmntlou uf Hits imwl
r-iiivliM'lii*- stale nt. (1. M.  lisli.-f. MIL.
111k I'lxii. Md.. Willi-.-: "Mv l.i.i-wn. nttllel.d
with i-c/i-ini fa Hit- year IKU7. I un-d 111*
I'lilinii.i ll.-iiii-ilii-s and wai FiilliHy 'UiM,
I am a i.tiiilirliiR iilivslilati and vt-ry oflfn
fori nl,. ruilcura ]('-iiit-dif*i In .'iisf- ot
ecwmi, and tlit-y have CUftd whrre Other
furiniila-i liavt* failed. I am not In the habit
of huIii'sIiir palt-iit tiinlii-tiii-s, Imt when I
tittd remedlM nuw-wliia true merit. Mich m
the Cuticura Btnuwlei do, I am broad-
Sir  Charles  Topper Showed   HU  Old
Form nl Coronation.
Sir Ohurlei Tuppor win in Uu* Lhtok
ul thu coroiittlloii pugeuntry in l,uu-
doii. Thu veteran Ciuiudiati wai
ainung Uie Iiiu '. m-I »roii* mid SllthUI'
initio oi Uium.' whu chsor'Qd King
Liuurge to the crowning. Tba Empire.
en iote—in whut u holt of memorial
and apaoulatlom the doughty Tory
baronet tnwt huve indulgeil the lusi
lew days, Sir, Charles ihoolf handl
with dot,-in tl luiililul h ti inu'ti
l io in overieui wim helped him light
his huitlen in ihe Dominion in uthur
day-, lie mud iu Tlio Loudon 1'Imoi
nl  lho .ii-veiiii-eii  pre n gnUiorod
in Imperial dticuiilon 111 Downing
itreutj in- vlowed the crowning ol another Knit* who is it" much King ol
Cumuli! as he li oi Ktiglur 1.  Indeud,
in om* mouth ni London, tjir I'liiirlt'i
saw the modern machinery uf tba
great ltriii-.li Kinplru ox posed; nu
do ui it us he watched Um smooth running uj the parti, thu great I'mm-
diitn  itateiinun  fell  the  pride ul  a
workman,  icioui ol tha elllcaey ol
hi- .-i.iiiMi.iiin.il I., tiie whole.
out- incident occurred during coro-
Hill loll    week    III    ttllitfll    tt.r    L'liutl.-l
wm- the control (Iguie That ««• ilia
unvFllliiy ot th > in, uioiiiil in memory
of Cahuduiii Uoiib'dcration at the
Woitminitur Hotel, in the very ho art
id Loudon, ll wua in a sense one ,t
the iiidit dramatic epliudui ol corolla-
tioti week. Here in tin- v.-iy to  almost hall a i uny  ago, gut be red a
group of men who -tnooth.'d awuy tha
linn) obitaclci, wh.i-h tbrealeuad iha
lederutioii ol thu Cuiiadlun province!
Into Uie Doll 11 II, winch i- the winder of the twentieth century.
ibe r'atheri ol Uon lode rat Ion today me hut achuriihed memory, Dm
ol.i picture ot them gutbored about i
table,   thu   muml   prlda  ul   many   a
Ciinadiau lariil lluUlO well tlu- modem Canadian icboul boy ncedi a key
to  pick  them  uut     S.r Charles  Tup-
|u>r in there, lb- ami Senator \. \.
Macdomitd alone ol tin- Vntberi remain to us. No doubl In- Imi Chang-
■■•.I mice the picture wai taken   hut
in apii.-aranci- only Sir CharlCI iu(>-
n.-r is now mi old man, In yearn Im
is ninety, Uut in iplrlt he ii the
mm.- ..Id Ur. Tuppei ul Novo Scotia,
Tl  who were M, [urtunale to bear
lulu at tin- Westminster I'ftloce Ihe
Diner day w.li never lorget tba icetie.
Around lum were leulet] the lend ih
men ol Ibe Kmnire Sir Charlei unm
to ip.'Hk. Tne lla-b ol the warn.if
wai there in In* eye, thu lame clnl-
1,-iL-*.'  ol   ihe  "llliiiiio-i-"   was   iu   hi!
voice, as iu veheiiieiil, declamatory
sentences he declared hii luilh iu ihe
lUlUre of the Canada he had helped
lo much to build.
Sir Charles iunper Is the aristocrat
oi Canadians, He i* oue ul the losl
ol the 1'atres. To hii woi. a* a on-
stitutioti uiuld r, io tiliuiKly couiiii.tn-
orated at ihe Weilmlniler Pulace, lei
s.r Wilfrid Laurier'i word! bear tribute:
"During tin* forty-tour yean ilnca
Canadian Conlederullon, there hul
been only uu<- aim iidinent of mi Im-
purtonl I'haracter, and that came without friction and lo the satisfaction ol
everybody. I say lo Sir Charles Tup-
per, iu your name and mine, 'Well
done, g„,",d and afuithful servant'."
Of course eminent Canadlum <>l
both  political   pnrtlei   w,re   In lha
audience  winch  wit    lied Ihd unveil-
ing ot the tablet. Hut these men lur-
got t-.r the moment that Ihey were
Liberal! or Coniervatlveai tbey re-
iu<iinhered only that ihey were Canadians; that they had assembled lo
honor the Canadian Constitution and
Ita founder-. Sir Wilfrid euloglxed hii
old political Ine.
Th* Hurtling, Buttling West.
Easterner! visiting the West havi
before no* commented on the Imt
thut despite the "..usllt*" which il
talked 10 much abcut, it lake*} ubuul
twice a.- long to buy u cigar er a necktie out there a- it does in un eastern
city, and tlmt tin- gentlemanly clerk
i- always willing to detain tin- stronger with tulk about his town's prospects, no matter how tunny uther customer! may be waiting. A Toronto
financier win, is now in the Weil
must have had the cup o! bis bitterness tilled to overflowing, fur this ii
tlu- postcard In- sent tu a friend frum
one uf  the  nourishing  smaller citiet
•   uf  tiie  new  province*}:
i "Arrived lure ti am. Now 10 a.m.
Barber expected down shortly. Baf
opens 9 a.m. Bartender begins tht
morning papers, intend! to serve
drinks when In- finishes "porting page.
Evening paper offices not yet open for
business. Leading merchants away
fishing. Bustling West! Hell! II-
Sttturday Night.
Sleeping In.
A couple nf men, who don't get down
to work till nine o'clock, were talking the otlu-r duy ubout the truubla
nt getting up iu the morning, and ont
of them told    hut iu- considers tbt
funniest   remark   tie   bud   beard  con-
' oerolng  tbut  trouble.
11   appears  that  one  cold   in-.ruing
, last winter in n barber shop in a western Ontario town, a man who looked
pretty  tired  said. "Say,  I  tell  you  I
tell like sleeping in this morning."
"What   tune   do   you   usually   gel
; up5'' lie was aslo-d.
"I'm a mllkmiO," be said, "aud I
usually Mt up at 4.30,"
The id.-a of a man who gt-ta up al
1 that time on a winter morning talking
of "sleeping in ' atruck '.tie man who
rises late us being mighty tunny.
i      "Thut nniu  would  have to lie half
' a   day   longer   before   talking   abuul
' 'slcepiug  In,' " he mid.- Courier.
Plenty ot Coal.
' Tbat olarmlitl who predict Care
I ado's fuel supply is on the vcrgtj, of
I exhaustion, will he prupbeti without
' honor in tbeir own country for some
j bltle time yet, is in luiitcd by I
i geological survey report just issued.
I It is on ttr Big Horn cnul basin ia
Alberta, wherein it is estimated then
nre li.UUO.01)0,000 long ton- of coal ia
mi area ol about 187 si-uure miles thai
\ ore workable. The Big Horn basin
1 is about S5 miles northwest of Banff.
140 miles southwest 0f Edmonton and
70 miles south ol the Grand Trunk
I'ui-ific and Canadian Northern Bail?
ways' lurveyed rouks.
No need to apologize to family or guest when
always right — every biscuit Inspected before it is
packed— and tln-y are as fresh as the product of yout
own oven.
»re the great favorites for every day use.
They aro made in the dig sanitary factory in
Winnipeg and como to you in air-tight packages or
lu sealed tins as you prefer.
%fP 'Jit ■
Force of Habit
"Your meringues,"   inya   the into*
In--, "an- go delightfully  frothy mill
lik'ht.    How in tbe woil.'l do you get
tu.ui ibm may}"
■    "Ita iln- new   bullor,   mum," ok
1 plains  Iln-  cook.    "II,-  UBOil  tu  In-  u
burlier, ilium."
Minard's Liniment curei garget tn cow* j
Heavy-goer tut dance, nt n late
hour) "Huveii'i tin- least Idea whal
Hun- it if- have you?"
Long-iuffcrlng nnrtner (actalng her 1
opportunity-)    On,     just     ordinary
viiU.-iitno." 'Punch.
"And how arc VOlir tine- brother-.'- '
"Two nre married, but the oilier li
still    ulive,    UiQtik      j '    Spoki	
un.rt   lor   lh*   lif-in ■**-,!■ il     riiVHii-at   nml
mental    1I.-1.11--1..11    moiallv    have    their
orlitn in a .it...liiil.<t Niiitc of tin. -t.-iii
Coitlvemiiii  iiii.l   lu Our*.    Wlu-n  the  ei
i-reioi*' orirani refuu  to  perform   tbelr
fitii.-tioiH   pl-opcrU    tin-   liltcitllieH   hi-i-uftie
I'luiru'iii    ilo- ii kii'iHti a* r-catlvt-ncai an.)
K   m-irlei'ti-il  llVfU  NN  to  i|jiiik'.-i.oi-  i'ii*!-
Diiiaii.oi- Parmelee'i Vegetable Pllli
Mill effect a ipeedy eun-. Ai lho Brjl intimation    of    i In-    nilim-iit   I In-   -iiifi-i.-i
ilioiihi procure a paekei of nn- ihin nml
(Hit Inn.-.It mul. t a COUrif of I relltmcllt.
tin-  i_'ooil   fffcctl  .if   tin-   lulls   will   be   ul
iiiohi   Itnmealately  evident.
Bome  yi-tirt  ago  in  Indiana  one of
tin- question! In un examination was, \
"Whal ih nicotine-'"
Tin- answer given wnsi     "Nicotine,
is so deadly n pol  lluit u drop on
the end of n dog's lull will kill a]
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
■tth LOCAL APttlCATIOttS, «' its.-v rannot met ;
Uu- K-nt ut tin- dL-j-u-c. Catarrh U r. *j1."-J ur cuimU- '
tuduiial Oik'iim-, ami In order to cur* It you inuil Ul*
Internal run.-did, llv:.* . !.i.,rn, Cur* a Ukr-n to-
wriiallr. ami m in (lire, Uf \i\—n U.i- b:ooa anil umruua
Rirfan**. Ilall'i Citarrh run- a nut a quark ni.sll-
-tin-. It mat [ir.-M-riliiil by uiii- of (tie beat |.h-mrtan*
in thk* roiintry tor )inr» Um| ta « nt-ular prrwrlptlon.
II h cuiti.mw-I M Uie bcM tun lea known, rutntimrd
■lib tin- PtU I.i.-nl i-iirin-rs acllii-; dlrrrllr uu tb*
DUi-uuj >iirl-,n-a. Tm (h id, I utriihlintl.in uf tbt
;«o umr-.li.-tiu la ahal priHlm-ra lurh «..iiitertul rr>
Nlta lu curl,m ralarrh semi fur Irallgioulala, Ire*.
V. J. TIIKN ey a -,-u.. I'rofc*.. TiMMu. U
S.... by Urumau. prlee ■-..-.
laHa Hail a VruHUy i'uia fur cunaUpau-A,
Try   l'urun-Ici-'n   Vent-
Bvlv« tiie digestive pro
 ally on  ilo- un u- nml
> the -i.inih iin no oilii-r |.ill- will.
They nr.- i-hi-ni>. himtilc ami nun-, aud iln-
effeeti *n> luNtiinr.
After a iniin bus I u touched bo
begini io reallxe tlmt In- was hard hii,
The destruction ot tin* bouse liy is
it public duty, tlinosf every American
State hoard ol Health is carrying on
,-i orusnde tntaiut blm. Hi-, lilt 11 y
orlglll ami bablts, und tin- fad thai
hla body is laden with disease-producing germs, makes him ona of tho
greatest enemies of tin- bunion race.
If tin- housekeepers of Canada will
ii-.' Wilson's Ply Pads persistently,
this peril would be tremendously re.
, due  mnn's  weakness   may  be  mi-
itin-r mania opportunity.
Nut Qualified ta H.ip
Itlobbs   a unlet snyi he doesn't believe  in  benriug otliur  i plo'o  burdens.
j Slobbs No wonder Qunler Is gon-
ernlly currying a prelly good load ol
In-, own    IMillailelpbia llccord.
Minsrd'i  Liniment Cum  Diphtheria.
"Tin- man on tin- curb 1)01 just
mud.- Investments in Inflated stock "
I "How   do   yuu   know   Ibat-"     "Don't
I you see be i^ selling toy balloons?"
Ralllmora Aiuericnn.
t'idfss   worms   in-   espelled   froin   the
HY-li-in  im  i lol.I  eon   In-  tieulttiv      Mollier
iimii"' W'onii Rsterminator -• n..- bssl
inedtelae extent to deilroi worms.
! Kdwnrd Kills, superintendent of the
Buffalo   pmk   m   Wnlnwrlght, slates
i that there an- BOH buffalo, 7 .-Ik. .13
deer and :t antelope, a total of BC6, in
the enclosure, ininnv the year llu
burfnli. were added by natural In-
oreose, mid 7 died. Thero were
eighteen hundred visitors to th.- park
] lust  y.ar.    At   Elk   I'nrk  there nre !*«
head, and at Banff 84, making u total
I number of bison in captivity iu Al-
berta of rvtl.
•Ut <ijp that tviiUimg heedethe moot, anj ture.   Will not harm aemft a# —ir^it e**'am,
II Mn(« • S-Mt it aifd-vM-au* ,
miii'l-i! moiifli w luodalai llif-lr vIMm** to
(he WOfM, I h*ve lieen prartk-liijt niwlkln*
fur twenty ye*m, 000 inm.1 nay I Iind yuur
Harry and Carrie
Then- wns a young mun named Unity
Also a young lady named Carrie.
"I'd like to marry yuu,' said he.
"Tiie like is mutual, sir," hii id she,    I
"But   nm earning four dollars u dny
\nd hut,, lo give up mv job uml |inv.";
"Don't." said she.   "The pay is Hue.
"I cam but twu.   I'll give up mine."
•-Oblcago News,
KfinedlM A No. I. I Mill nnil the lIHkiu*
HenMMS M(food u ever.    Ttu-y S'Wiys
" rullcur* "kerofdles wre told by (lru«Uti
eterywliere. Putter J>ru, * Chem. Corp.,
Hole Htiins.. Ho-ton. Ua.«, Mtlled free, on
re<iue).t litest 32-psie l-lilk-ur* book uu lh*
•umhIv UMtuwut «l skin e-*—-*
Mrs. Nnggg—"1 understand Mr.
Cblnem is nof ou speaking terms with
bis wife." i
Nuggs- "Well, perhnns ba isn't lol
bin ine His wife uuiy iln all tbe tulk-
ing" I
Thero wouldn't be ball ns much
pleasure in eating on n dining car if,
ibe passenger couldn't look out of the
window ni poor folks mid sny in his
mind. "Dan- you, you ciin't do this."
How it Effects the Manufactursr and
the Farmer
' It wns Abraham Lincoln, who gavel
I popularity to the Protectionist side;
of Hie tariff question, when be said:1
"I do not know a great deal about the
tariff, but wlmt 1 do know is, Hint
when wo buy goods abroad tlu- forelg*
tier gets Iln- money, but when wc buy
goods ut home, we get both tin- goods,
mid the motley." This sound philosophy chnructeri7.es another of the
Inn- president's famous homilies. ■
"Tin- farmer mid tin- manufacturer,"
Ibe   president   once   said,     with     Ills
1 characteristic shrewdness, "nre both
iu iln- same boot und I reckon they've
I got to lentil to navigate ibe craft together or they'll upset." "He compared the cum- of ii Pennsylvania
farmer." continues the historian in,
question, "und u Pennsylvania iron
men-hunt and Implement milker whose
i properties adjoined. Under n protective policy tiie farmer supplied
the Irontnaker With bread, meat, vege.
tables,  fruit,   [odder  for  horses,  etc.,
, nnd the Irontnaker supplied tin- farmer wiih nil Hie iron, iron Implements,
etc. which he u led.   Assuming that
a change is mad.- and tb.- Protective
policy abandoned,   the   farmer then
I discovers Hint he nut buy his iron
implements cheaper from Rurope •bun'
froni hla neighbor, ns-iiiiiuu- that be
■-.'lis u sufficient quantity of flour In
Rurope fo enable him hi effect the
purchase of tbe iron. He ultimately,
discovers Hint the cost uf eiirringu to
i iln- const, transportation by sea to
Rnglnnd, Insurance mid cartage nn,
arrival, does not enablo him to re*
reive such ti good reward for bis labor
jus be formerly did when selling his
i flour lo bis neighbor, lha Irontnaker. I
He. therefore, determines lo sell hla
' flour as before to his neighbor,   But
meantime the farmer discovers thnt I
while lu> litis been purchasing his;
iron implements' from Europe bis
neighbor, flu- ironmaker, bus been
compelled to stop bis works nml dis.
miss bis employees, not having auffl*
clctlt  work for them.     The   Farmer,]
therefore, now finds thai he litis more
wheal tbun lie knows what to du with,
also thiil  lie is no longer able to --ill
bis fruit, vegetables, fodder, meat,
horses, ,.ii>., lo bis neighbor, Ilia iron-,
maker, us lu- 1ms none nut of bus!*]
nesi. In fuel, he finds tbut through
buying abroad In the cheapest market
lie bus destroyed tin- home marketI
fur bis own product! und thrown n
number of bis fellow-countrymen out
of etnplyment."
Toronto Typo Foundry Co., Ltd.
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Eddy a "li..yiil Oenrue" combine Sad-ty Bursty and Si
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Tha Tltna, Money and Spain Saver.
A Hint to the 8. P. C. A.
Tin* Ntiib Home—Voti'rt- rather mob
nnelioiy of Im.-, inn. What's preying
on your inlndf
Tin- Off Horia (onrncfltly)- Hononb
ly. Mike, if Un-y in uul with ono uf
those   cliiiuliel ■   hnls   Mi la  summer
I'll bitu u polipoiuun until he shoots,
mo I   Voiiki'ts Statesman,
Minard's   Linimeiit  Curui Colds,  Etc
A colored preacher   in   closing bli
HClllion   inlill.-.sseil      (he     eiing'cgtlf idll
lliun "And now let un pray lor the
people of tiie uninlutbHctl portion of
lb.' earth."
II..lily     nool.-      Mi-.ll.ln>.   -Villi     IM
-il    no
lilivxli'iioi for onll v IIIh «Iu-ii \„
i lime
lit linn.1 A hot He of l)i<   'I'll ■■   )-;,
nil.      l-'or    eniiitliH.    Dulifa,    ioro
1,1 Illtll     It..till,           ll      ll     lllMllllllll
e,    tor
scalds,   burns,  i„i,i-...  him,nn-,  it
In   UU
surpassed, whiiq   to.   ■•ui«.   lurui.
111 rl
nntl tin-  like  ||   |m nn  n Ilniiiiltl
er.     II    h   no   tixllmi.tilul   Dttlfl
Hie line,  nml  tlmt   will   .:nit\   uny
me   ii-*
.  II. |.||i...||ii.|i..ss.
Til. Crlni, Drnma
A Mini I n.v,.| .'Im t I.,  I.
II  nil cmiilor I mil any
l.l  -sl,   ll|.   l.ll   liiillll   l.illk!   I..  ||li'..|
Olio  wllu  I ami  ll Ilium
i,l llio.il iii llm .l..i.,..|>vi. piny,
-  —  A flitch   ol   lini'on   iimlerneatl
Wh.n   H.at  W.v.i   H.v.   Prcduead I How to Supply th. Pruning N.adi of liougl
Curloui Efl.cta,
Tho riiciont (fry:,I w»nllii.r through-
nut lh- Dominion it by no mean, cun-
Unci to Cunailii. An Rnull.li p.por
.ft.r u dot api'll is niiivt.il tn Home
iiit.Ti'sliiii; rcn.liii,oi.|)L.|ii ciinoornili,
nut ipella.
It win a iliirlliiic eftoot which the
lioat had on o cmiplt- nf yiiiinn tadliia
.1 Unlinks, In lh» |,t, o| Man, Uil
aiiminnr. WetMrciaed, they wpro
■iru.Iliiii al.uiK  the Marina Promon.
n.lii, wht'ii the iun', n.j'H linulii lho
water in Inviting tlmt Iht-v .Imiily
walked lllle it Jll.t ns Ihev  were.
Bii.-Ii IndKIerenoo t« their injck.nnil.
itpan nrrny Minimi look the arHHlintors'
tirealh awuy. This, linweyer. .llii mil
trouble Ihe two ilnmaela, who aplni.li.
"I a,...nl nn,I i |n| Ihetnaeivei, while
a limuhlnir en,wil ol linliiliiviniikeri
eilii.yeil  Ihe Unique m-eue
Then the Iwiiin niade t..r term
flriuii.  honrde.lt   11   Iriimenr.  nnd   pro.
 Kled 1..  their  loiljlnga lo  ohnngn
their ilniii|i mini t, f.ir dry one..
A ■..mnwhiit iliflereni   ooliltruolliin
wai placed on iln lion nl „ wjpi.
dreis.-.l  son  nl  Krln  whniu  lltc  hent
llde.l     liitii       p iniL'nia       InUi      the
th. Qr.wl.ig VV.at.rn Country
Winnipeg:—Aa Ihe siiniiiier imigres-
aea nml the wheel growth nl ihe Woal
ntlvaticoa toward, .....tinIty thero
come, this yeur, ns there oomoa nioal
yours, nu n|.|ielil lur help in tlio Inn-
vest llehls; nnd llm probability Is Hint
even though KiiHleiti I'niuulu limy
BOnti nut tliullsnmls of men nml hoys
tu in,I in Mm gntiierlng ul Ihe grnill.
the  West  will.  Oliver Twist-like,  imk
(or iii
Tu shun
II   III   tile  plesell!   pii,
my I,,,im,
ill III,
I      When   hi'   to.
' clothing on. tli
I ed off lo llm  re.
; than tha bather
I  wlli'll    he   -iiw    li
nroparing tf "
k hi
plunge with hit
iver waterman pull-
u*'   Thin wim mora
I'tirniii |   (or;  Hint.
, would-be reicueri
h. uflio ,k.   be   felt
"1   nlli   over   HII   Veins    ol     llgc
huve hue 11 suffering with Kidney
Itlinl.le.  Troublu lor 111! i yeut
lorn' luedluliia   hut   «.,t
\Minl lo ih ink Vou for
the   aampla   box   of
Ing   to
I 1,11
e   lilki-tl   slK      boxen     of     (UN
allugelber hut got relief before
f IiikI taken near thut amount;
to   gel   up   lOtno   nights   every
ml it u tea and hml to tine   uu
llielit  hefoie   I  C.iultl  llllllllte.
Now, I cnii lie in Ind tour
hours wiiiiout getting up. I •
ihut (UN I'li.i.s have  nearly
It would be baiter to "take h|k hook
j tliHti In- tiik.-ii by ihelr*.
i    Thin, however, proved   impossible,
! an.l, to convince them tlmt  he wu*
not on sol Most rticfJnn bent, \\* ronr-   .•\i\t\\>
f.l out ut the lop of hi-, voice: "("Wt
ye   lei   h   fellow   hnve   h   ijiili't   ttwilil   A
day like llii--" llm his roar was
nolhlng to the roar of laughter which
went up from ihe spectators Ht tht.
unexpected gaily.
Wlmt was described un n "Startling
scene^oh Ihe Terrace" was  re-iortel
In the newspapers one   hoi summer
I hml (not long since.   Passenger* on boats
fifteen, od the Thames, passing the Houses
iimiru- of Parliament, were   (rested   to the
i unit-lie spectacle of numbers of our
or five j usbally  grave   mid  digit ifl-*d    hgislu-
uu say   tors sitting iu their shirt sleeves,
un-il ]    a few, indeed,   were  even   minus
Mich cotuliiio
misery  and
uml I
un.l I
4.       I  '
(UN i
me and 1 aboil always keep a box in, their waistcoats, h breach nf the pro-
the house " I priuti^H which   some of   those   who
\V.   II.   PIRRCEi    | Witnessed  it   would   not  have deemed
Uo un Mr Pierce -Inl write us for poMlb!e if they bad not seen the
In-,- sample box of OIN I'll.I.B ami I scandalous fact with their own iiak.-d
aea for yuursoll Just how much tlley' eyes,
will do (or you then buy the regit* They seemed to consider It u hein-
lur »i/..- boxes nt your dealer's—ftOc.,; ous crime for a member of Purlia-
ur « for $9.80. GIN I'll.1.8 nre sold ment to dispense with hla waistcoat,
with a poaltlve guarantee   of   money! However that may be, there are pre-
tuick if Ihey futl to give prompt re- cedent* for dispensing with super-
lief. National iJnig ami I'hemi.-iil ftuout apparel under the sum" con-
Co., Hep;. N.U., Toronto. fit dltiom- in the law court* of the
United States, If not of England. An
Tha orfffnf I | amusing incident of this kind happened in the town of Cincinnati,
While   an    impurtnnt   action
Qln Rills made by
National DruganO
Chemical Co. ol
Canada Limited,
Toronto, mra told
ewly to thla box.
t problem of how to supply the
' pressing floods of u new un.l rapidly
growing country fur » few weolts (bo*
' en into Hint  in nil thnt lite Invltntlon
really moons to Basternori) in one of
those which on ly bo solved by oo*
opeitiiion nntl looking abend.   Ii i*
', title Him Uio tlov. iiiiiieiil, thi'inigh it,-
i h ignition dopartmonl li ndvertlalng
in Ibousauda of nowspopora thMiugS-
[ out  (ileal   lliitiiiii    iiiul    the    United
Bin tea (Imt "tho Imrvoat It plou*
loous, Imi 11ii- laborers ure few," and
Hint SOIIIO relief cun he gained in Ibut
way; but the rOBUlt would utnlouhl-
filly he uiucb belter if inure dependence WDS to be liinl uuoii iutlividutil
Take tllO 0a80 "f a man who goes to
ihe Canadian Weal from <u«i Canada
or  from  nnv  of  tbe  Western ur Con*
I nil   Slut,-I  or   from    (Irciit     lliitain
He In tt very  unii.sual man, indeed, if
he tloos   imt   "tiik.- up   bin pen    iu   |u',
hand," ut soino porlod nt Ids pioneer-  |(|(MP(| |(
inn und wiife hoiiie lo complain either   t,l,l|l.ra|
of bis lonollnoaa or of the weather or
of the gopliori <>r uf the nnow or of
ihe bent, or of uuy doion other ililll-
whicli pioneer-, huve to over-
He does no, a*-, ii matter of
course, not with tiny doslro In 'knock'
ihe new country, imt anlmuted tiy
tlmt human sentiment which seeks
comfort in trouble and, hilling to
Iin,I it in it new locality, h><>ks tor it
I in the old homo,
I   Hut when tlmt siime iikiii has made
'good,   how   often   ilncri   lie   write   home
I to tell of bis fortune.1 The habit of
j writing home |g much like Ihe hnhit
, of t.ikiug the locul newspaper from
; home; it IiikIh ii yeur nr two or three,
land then it in dropped, hecause of the
new environment crowding out inter-
jest in the old. Ilnw much better both
I for himself uud the country would it
he for such u innn to write home, tell
the old folks at home of his good fortune tiinl usk  them fo send a brother,
u cousin or even only au old schoolmate to help him gather tho crops-'
I Thut would In- u practical I lid I*
; vidual Way of solving the harvest
i problem, partially at least; It would
'be good advertising for the West, be-
j cause we (ill know thut then! i- no
vertisement so good as a satisfied nettle r; tiinl  it  WOUllI create a new  bond
| of   interest   between   tilt-   UIUII   ill   the
i West nml those I. ft behind nt home.
And  the most  attractive    feature of
Oh, wilderness were parndlso onowl
The moving linger writes and, having
Moves ou, nor all your piety nor wil
.Shall  line if  back to cancel half a
The price nf bai'oll's heeli ndVltllO
fur Ihnse wim fur today prepnra
tlioao Mint nfler Boino tomorrow
. 1 Iluil In ehililli<iiiil'> yenri
ttmv acornad
more per pound Minn ihey onn
hope tu spuro.
Chicago ll.,...r,l.||,.iiil,l
llr. Williams' I'ink Pills liaV ado
no many remarknblo euros m serious
canes   Unit   people   ure   halite   fo over*
heir  value  us  u   tonic  far the
I  nerves    in    debility    ami j i
mi-down   conditions,     That
a nre the cause of IllUOtl;
unbapplneas in fully
known lo those who suffer from them
and Ihe need ol curing thciu iu us
vital as is nlicf from diseases with
higher sounding names. Wu com-
mend the following statement to uny
om- suffering from weak, thin blood,
or  shall.-red   neive.-.     Mrs,   Mae  Mu*
What tho Motor Has Dons lor London
—Pandumonlum  Ra-born,
The London uf to-day, cumpUluu n
HritiidiLT uf tha samuwhut ohMashlon*
ed, oonservatlva type. Is repletw with
horrible sounds, bewildering and destructive of legitlmat". peacei tlm city
grows wilder and niore ohaotiO every
yuur. Jim imugiue the London night
of twelve years ago, with the easy
rhythm ol the horse 'bus, the nwing-
ing, half-silent dash of the brougham,
and tha eternal tinkling melody of thu
hansom—llkfl a solo piping through
the whole opera; then think of the
rihriek and tootle of the Loudon of
lo-day, ll la like n city in nuuui-ih. n
dty racked and torn by dovoiirin-i
pains which cun find relief only in
groans uud shriek:*-, iu coughing.-* ami
belcbingSi The motor has altered thu
j nun' of the niuilo uf London, melody*
1 ft I embroidered harmony no longer ex*
I latai the imi-.ii' of London l> now a
modern lone.poem in which cacophony
I'lnjs the part "I melody, 1'erchume
.me of these days we shall get used
to tb« new tune of the metropolis, hut
iu the meantime. It l» very dlicon*
Not r-n many years ago the chief
way of getting lo-i in London wai »
mere matter of geography; it wnn dilll-
oult tn llml your biianngi in the wilderness   of   nt reels;   and   you   bad   to
learn very thoroughly whether thr
omnibuses marked "Hank" were on
their way backward or forward journeys; once that w.h accomplished,
half tho bnttio, that ut leant pertaining to the main thoroughfares, was
won. Now there in H new terror for the
stranger In the trafllc noUui,
In the old days tin- traffic pu/./.i.-d
you by its immensity; it sound whs,
on thu whole, a rather ph-aning
rhythm,   inviting   your   confidence,
Vhat sonorous old xnug of the itreets
gone (or ever.   The truffle ol Lou-
Sametln.ii pcopif- do. md ri-'tar,
because tlio atoinuch i.*i>n.
Ate Unwisely?
relievo the discomfort »l once, and help digest Ihe overload.   The lever of pood
thine,! may (eel quite sale wllh a box ol NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets al hand.
50c. a box.    II yuur drug-fin hu not atouked them yd ienJ .-.-j. and we
will mall iherr 34
NaUnn-,1 Dmi mmi Chemleel Co. al Caaasfta. lia-Jte-j,      « MantTWJ.
•hen, Alfa., snya; "A   few
I became tun down, nut
II, but just tlrod uml weak
all the lime. I consulted nur family
doctor, whu gnvi' 11)0 tonic ufler
Ionic with no effect. I gradually got
weaker ami weaker until I could UOl
du my work. Then I went to another
doctor, who pronounced by case one
of decline, ond recommended a warmer climate with complete rest. This
I could not afford ami I became u
compl.-te nervous wreck. One duy
whlle visiting u neighbor an old gen*
tlcmail who wnn taking Dr. Williams'
I'ink fills for partial paralysis recommended tin-ill to im-. I .-cut out
ami got three boxen, but without
much faith that they would help me,
but   before   tbey   were  gotu-   I   noticed
1   iin Improvement ami 1 continued ink-
! illg   the     Pills,     constantly
stronger,  until   I  had  token
don tn-duy mars and nbrb-ks like
wild beaat show; the stranger in London standi aghat-t no longer at its
Immensity, he stands aghast at its
war-wlioopn and Its muttering*; at the
Inllnlte and appall,tig variety of its
motor horns. The invention of the
rubber type promised un comparative
ijui'-lnens iu uur it'teti, and for a
while its line on hor** -drawn vehicles
did actually reduce the clamor of the
trattle; but then came the motor, with
musketry rattle of machinery und Ita
pneumatic horna, aud pandemonium
wai re-born.
, -   „ , ,, .the suggestion (which cornea from \V
proceeding in the Court of Common 1 0, Scott, tho bend of the Immigration
Plea*, the presiding judge. Mr. Jus* , branch) ta ■*-■-■
t'lij.iil.l.- Woman for Qood  PosltlOfl.
Teacher or Nur-..- preferred.
VIAVI co.;
Confederation    Life    Ul.lg.. Toronto.
the jurymen were suffering considerably from tbe sweltering atmosphere
of the court.
He at once gave (hem permission
to take off tbeir coats, and by way of
example proceeded to divest himself
of hii own. The learned counsel ap-
learing in the c»»e Immediately fo,-
wed suit—this is not a pun— and
' ebirt-sleeve   freedom   became    general
thnt it is just the sort of
t   the
ment  of the westerner and
time reasonable in cost
Here's to a man. He is like ti kerosene lamp—ho in not especially brilliant;   he   in  often   turned   down;   lie
generally smokes nml he frequently j jJedJ3'ne Oo,
goes out at night.
A New Zealand Bull.
Hern Is a good story t-r.Id by Sir
.lo-epli  Ward:
A   few   years   ago.   the   Chinese   In
1 New Zealand were found to be doing
I a very great deal of the laundry wortc
, available, and had no thrown out of
; employment   the   women-workers   in
some of ih-- laundries,
In New Zealand   t\   laundry   1*.   a
factory   within   the   m 'lining  of   the
Factories Act, and numerous restrictions for the purpose-i of' health and
for other reasons are placed upon the
.   (  hours during which young girls un-
growing  jef (tsigiiteen   years c'   ago   may ba
o.mi''i ,?« employed.     The-e     provisions     aro
extent-lve, and are found in tbe New
Zealand Factories Act.
It occurred to a Inw-mnker that he
could   settle   the    difllculty   of   this
.     ,    .-     . 1    . ,-     1     , , ,      ,   Chinese competition by a neat amend.
he hod not hod the lenal hope that 1 ment ... .,10 i„torpr.tutInn clause of
would he s rung ugnin. Now al- the Act ftbov(, mpn,inIIC(j. An amend-
ways keep th.- p.lls on hand and 1   I menl   was    thproforP    dri(ted   ,„,!
eel luhgied or weary take them for prjntod and |ent with tht utmoat
three or four days so na uot to got ier|ouineB* and good faith to the
ran down. Crown Law Office   f-.r consideration.
Sold by nil medic ne dealers or by  f|   C(intoined   a provision   in   these
mail  ot 50 cents  a  box  or six  Imx***! WOnIs,*
for $250 from. The    I)r.    Williams!    MFof the p,)rpof-B of tn)§ Aet (tha
Factories Act) a Chinaman shall   bo
eight  boxes, when I
cured. I could do my woi
an ever I had done >'■ in
Ihe doctor told men   that
scarcely believe the change
as easily
life, and
be could
in me, ni
The    Dr.
Brockvlllo, Out.
Write to un  today  far our choice  In tbe room,
list  ol   Agent**'   Supplies.    No  outlay | ______
necessary,   They nre  ney makora. Patchlna tha Colors.
Apply  B. C.  l.tV. Ltd., m Albert |    A h     ^^^^
St., Ottnw
I. Co.,
wben a
*Hai. Wimilow t _S«uTKi>o.avai-r kas fMH
are   no   longer   presented
regiments, there was a turn
lady's   ti.k   wedding dren*   formed
considerable  part of oue.
When  the   colors   of   the   old  W.I
Poll eni-tin are difficult t«» eradlente. bill        Farmer—"Do   yoll   wont
llnlbiwav's Corn Cure will draw ihi-iu uut   ging potatOOSr
i-ainiessiy. 1   Tired Tim—"Tes, T do,
' It'a digging 1
"Which would you rather be, 11 poet
deemed to be a girl under eighteen
a Job dig-  years of age."—M.A.P.
nt of gravy."
™_.jfOWf HITV Y SAM fa* MlULIutft- . ,,,/.,
(aoTHUKS   for   thrir   ".iafcHaH_J»'l,*ta I Foot   were   brought   from   OloJgow   to
Privileges ol Hendon.
Hendon, the haven o| flying men.
'"■; Sl*&. , .., J ««' ™" —8 THR'"V I ^/SS^^S&taX
he disturbed  while you ure practla-     A good pasture will keen your aui-  Mr. Walter Jer/old. in   Highways ind
Ing."— Washington Star. I main thrifty  but  dry  feeds lack the
  aromatic qualities necessary   to   tin*
I Minard's  Liniment Cures Distemper.! thorough ftssimilallon of food.     Her-
tlKTMINO. -ith   r*)LP'U      SOCCKfta
auuTHaa tht chii.o *.iih.a;.'s the ut^s
ALLAVSalll'AlK CI HI-.** WIN11 LIU.IC ••«
b th*keel reawJy fw lHAaaHu>;A. II ts as
eoluttly »iimlr»t He imt aid ask Ier "SSfS
Wml«*>'i Ocwlhlaf Axrup." aad take a* «UM(
' hla4.   Twnl|-l-i«iu»Wlli
Gall Cure
01 a
CUIUS Whil* Hon,s Work tr ImI
I^ndon for tbe funeral of the link-
! of Wellington, after whom the reirf.
1 ment is named, their tattered cond<-
■ tioii, due more to cliniatie vagaries
I than campaigning, excited the f.-tnin-
1 Ine pity of lira, Blake, wife of the
I colonel, iu whose house they were
j lodged. Tbe regimental color being
j white, with a red cross, the good lady
1 promptly utilised her white silk
I wedding dress lo patch the same.
: greatly to (be com-ternat'on of the
j officers when they discovered the obliteration of a great source of regi-
: mental pride. But with One chivalry
they allowed tbe patches-to remain;
' anil tbe colors, passing Into the po*-
j session of the colonel on their retire*
ment in ISM, were subsequently pre.
[ sented by bis widow to the Boyal
United Service Institution.
< imgeiim   will   economically   rcpluce
"Another I tbeaa aromatic qualities nnd ensure
Byways In Middlesex," recalls the
good times enjoyed by the ancient
H -ndoniun. "Edward the Confessor
granted an extraordinary exemption,
renewed by many succeeding monarch*. In giving certain lands at Hen.
It  the fifth year ol William and Mary
test of trial for nearly I "i ll '*reed »• inhabitants from all
l    Even packet of Wilson's Fly Pads i breeders and  l«
wi'!  kill  more flies    than    can  DOS-  pas Stood tin   t.  ■■;-'"■  -■■■-• i-.ii. in  .-i   *liri  .nd  markets   and
Tlhi-i he ,-,,,,l.i,i  nn    tlirs» boniretl: twen v- ve  years  nnd  is   horoughly J0"1 •»  ■« "'",*na y1"*1-1"' ana
sibly he cauglit on    tnree nunureu j                                                     e   ', from ti .*reat to s and every other
•ets of sticky fly paper.
Safe and Mine men have large feet,
safe and sune women small, according
to two French scientists who huve
made an extensive research into the
question  of  pedal  extremities.
A  tiiiin  who  will  brag    about    how
much money he litis rarely ever hus it.
Thi* rhanae of dietary that rntneo with
spring and summer has the effect In weak
utd 111 a.'hs of neltlnf  up  inflammation   re
milt i 11K In dysentery and cholera mnrliui
toll whatever in every fair and every
market, and every bridge, and every
way by water and also by sea, for
themselves and their wares for ever'."
A Day Off In B.O. es Described by a
Hospital Worker.
An hospital In the bush sounds very
lonely; but only those who haw lived aloiifj the const of Vancouver Island cun realize how wonderfully
fraud it is. The hospital of which I
have charge is situated  many  miles
north of V111 uv.r.   I hud had heavy
work lor many months, and WBI jUlt
getting a bit slack wln-n 1 awoke o' e
morning in August to find the sun
streaming Into my room. It was one
of those sparkling clear mornings
when everything stands out with that
rem ark able clearness peculiar Ui
Western Canada.
Think how much I should like to
take a "duy off," and repair to one of
the hikes to llah. I made known my
wish at breakfast time, und we ar-
runged thai the doctor's wife and rtiy-
self aliouhl go off. taking with us a
male patient convalescing. After am
putution of leg. and a mad suruuible
After helping with the morning ward
work, ami picking up   a hasty lunch, I
was just fixing up my fishing tackle
when ihe whistle of the first trtun ot
logs came down to us from uot very
far up iu the woods.
This meant hurry, for the men can
pot lose time waiting for holiday-
makers. So off we trotted just in time
to scramble Into the engine cabin,
and awuy eight miles through tin-
bush till we reached the beautiful luke
which was to be our destination,
Having got down again Irom the
engine, wc made our way to the lake
edgp, there to Iind au old hunt; into
this wc scrambled, and pulled out u
little wuy, then threw out our lines.
Wfl bad plenty ->l b.tflS, and lauded
some haif-doteii line trout; but the
auu shone t.H. brightly for th-.- Ash,
and they soon  became lazy.
While tbey weie enjoying 11 "siesta,"
we rowed about two miles across the
lake, and landed ou the very smallest
of islands, which we christened "The
Isle of Delight." Here we made n
tire and prepared a lunch, giving inpatient his iu lho boat, us he, poor
fellow,  could  not   laud,
After our repast we again settled
down to fish, and a very exciting two
hours follow.-.1, lauding trout a- fa-'
as we could for two hours. In foot
we wen- so engrossed that we hud
forgotten the tniin toreiiiun's tnstruc
UonS to be at the water lank at 4 HI
p.m. Now it was alter f) urn. 'Ihe
fast train of logs had gone down, ami
our position was indeed u serious one
After   much   consultation   between
ourselves we linully agreed that Lhcrf
was at any rat,- no use remain!ns
Li the boat, thai we litis) better gel
to shore, and thai I should walk thi
two miles to the nearest camp ami
ask the mannger to kindly send u-
home on u "loon- engine."
Suddenly through the Stillness cam-
a strange sound. Oh. joy; it was lb-
win-die of a train! We could icarul]
believe our ear-, but it surely en tie
nearer and nearer, and at ln*f hov-
into sight. We waved Irauticully, and
pulled with all our might l» snore
but the men saw us und called out
to us to hurry. And we obeyed theli
Instructions to the letter, but th-'
task ot getting our patient out of the
boat uud up through the bush to the
train in a hurry was all extremely dil
lie Hi one, uud, looking back on it, I
hardly know how we accomplished it
However, we eventually reached the
line, and managed to squeeze our
selves into the small space available,
for it wus no train and carriage we
had stopped, but an engine only, and
we were soon speeding on our wuy
home. We learned that ...e emiim
was going down to bring bark a water
tank, otherwise we should h%ve fir- I
badly—how badly I do not like ta,
think. As it waa. we got back sai-li
with our tine load of fish.
And a very nice homecoming ii
was! Patients waving lo us. as WI
rounded the corner, evidently on ti.
look-out. and even military lion.>r*
for  the gramophone  wa-  playing ui
tor in.
All  -1
Sllfl   1
II.   Ciliiiiljiili.ltiii.li.
I'l's, l.ll, Vllllll' ill
Pi Mill ihopiM ill
ll- All. your D
it once to
llll   llllll
iilor,  or
Toronto,  Ont,
81   CO.,
Good Looks
should   be s   (mir--- nt  prid-. tn fe*t.
Suitew ikin, pimples, blotches and
eruptioai call f.,r Immedlattatteetioa,
it should be y.mr ami to get r.-i of
ti.-i--' disfiguring ilgnsof uapon b.oosi
— quickly, culatoly, laei aastvarr,
No outward  eppb-sattoa   «ni  imx.fy
juu* blood.
kelp Mtarafly fna wttbin. They
cleanse lha system * eoaMs rout
Stomach, liver and bowtla ta work v
Nature Intended,
Try a ft** doaes md n*« how
quickly yon will ha f.l uf LmpuriUM,
aud how yuur blood i;: .r looks
will be Mai R 1 triad
tud proTcd good this ......      - oral*- j
The Best of
Beauty's Aids
For Iraslae, ft •■■ 1. » . -   >, - 1 . .B tf
■uiuhle. ••■-- tneU'i. Unas • B m 1 >»*l
IMS e*-'srv«a«t«. -> *•«-• :s^
the  veranda.
Making Themselves Known.
Persons   who   expect   to   receive
Back to a Fortltjn Clime.
:     Authority   has   It   that   Sir Eldon
GoM  has no  intention  whatever of
  ! retiring   from   bis   post   in   Egypt.
tnUrm«tl*MMaallOyr«lsaearUln.sura I There was a_ period in last winter
fillet and lufatliDlauiir* fur OalU. Bora Ntcka,; wheu Sir Eldon s health wai so pre-
"ma IU ki,*-urtf Mun.hsi. nit".nrui««HlU«eli.   carious that it looked ns it be wouM
I not nifeU anddUrjul
Mai heat,
-•'Inn and tmolhliil
qualities,    Inlarnallwnal OutU Ovi ia tbs    »-■    • '.,.'■.-      1  ,<   u,i«
elsjaawum«>tantl-«pli^ vu«-iandt*-wt(l»l)l of  a   suecek--or.     But  It .is  definitely
Care en tha markau   We will refund »oui] understood now
rsaner If It aver Ulla to eura.  Kaep a bos oa   that Sir  Eldon
>aH aa It la almoat a dally aaad on the farm,   j jje  jR a(   preSMX  rosting.  and  going
very little into society.
Son   of  Sir   John   Unr«t,
Most I'l'tebmted of iint-ient libraries
wns that at Alexandra. It contained
700,000 volumes.
oii-intie It  money orders in a strange town take '
 ■■■ "-   - *   -   —oar""'" ' '
 jib ...  -	
The amiormal  rondltlon   , .     _._ ._   	
not aitended to ami win «wae an es- i inSuite precautions to Identify theni-
haustivp drain  on  the  nvnIimii.    The ln-«l , , ,,'    .,    .    ^_...i   .u.i.     ••<-»-.
available medlrine is Or. J. n. Ktfloft'i aelves, said s, postal clerk. One
HyM-ntery Cordial. It rie&rs the ntomaeh way that particularly commends it*
ami bowels of irrlinnu. eiiumerat-is the te\\ -, (of th, Granger to call on the
aeSSr«KB<l ,(M paying teller in the money order de.
  I partment before his own order arrives
I Tbe mosquito is saddest when bo | and present a bunch of correspon-
| stings-unless lie makes a quick get- deuce rfhuwing pretty clearly wbo ho
. awoy. ; •'■   He then explains that he Is ex*
j 1 peeling a money ordor from a certain
; Minard's Liniment Co., Md. 'person. Can the clerk rememeber blm
.u      ,-.,.■«     , 1   ,   J   Gentlemen,—In June, 'iw. I hud my when he presents It for pay ment 1" Af*
I Worn Out by the Monotonoui Indoor, hnnil  ^   wrjs(   |(jt|i>n    iui(|    badly  -for that   impressive   introduction tbe
Life of Winter I manalcd bv it vicious   horse.     I suf-[ clerk usually can remember, and when
the order is presented be cashes It."
I uinngled by a vicious   horsi
lered greatly for several days and the}
aicoodfOo.   Atoll
"ALWAYS sire junsirir
Icclaadie Klvtr, Uaa.. Sept. atth tfte
Da. O. J. KamiALLCo.
Dear Slit—Will you plraet Ball In
■if aitdrcu a cupr of your "TrMllse
•a the Hiirw'T I have been u-iug
Kendall's Spavin Cure and always fuuud
ll safe and sure. aUrlno Ui km.
Thai tells Ihe whole slory. and It Is
Ihe experience that huadre-Js of Ihou-
sands have bad la tbe -imi 40 years, and
It's Ihe er-perlence you will have—"It Is
tbe only sure remedy "—
Ht S.svla, lla|stae, Cert, Sfllot,
.   ...       .w_
amU hy Drast.su - SI 00 * OoOl.. 6
Buttles fur |}.oo. Keep It on hand
Ohnys- Be ready for Die taer|eacy.
Kendall's slops the pala, starls lh*
circulation, peittta'eiaad remo*f a the
cause of the disorders. Aik for a fret
copy of "K Treatise on Ua Item." If I
■ul at dealers, write to-   , ■
em. ■■ J. tPtsui ca- Iii a sii taas, ft
M.P.. Sir
Eldon wtw   hord   in iw.t.   and   wa*
educated at Eton and Trinity College,
I Cambridge, where he was OTth Wrangler of his year.
Toads Worth 38 Cents.
English gardeners are always in tbe
market lor live toads, and not un-
frequently ns much as I'Jo per hundred is paid for this insect destroyer. It is estimated tlmt every time
a boy kills a toad be is destroying
$100 worth of stock on a farm.
must luffsr Anyway.
"Tbe attempt to commit suicide Is
not a punishable offence under the
German criminal code. But, ol
course," say*- a London paper, "li
you succeed you must be prepared to
take tiie consequences."
Too Sweeping
"Absalom," mini Mrs. Itumhn, "you
have got lo quit your drinking, your
Htnoking, your chewing, your swearing, your "
"For heaven's sake, Nancy," protested Mr. Hnuibo, "don't commit me
to such a wholesale, reform. Let me
revise my habits acbcdule by schedule- "-Chicago Tribune.
The effect was magical; iu five hours
the pain bnd censed, and in two weeks
I the wounds   bnd   completely   healed
a I and my hand and arm were ns well SS
Will not tnt.lt eiiddUrjuhefrotn th* an* j,e ootnpeUed to relinquish bis work,
iMkbutatararlahtwh-NaUtaawlteii d Bt'that date the Foreign Office
«.aa.rnUrdl..-ryhea.b.g.ndr«»lhl^i;n«   J,",   (o   ^   „,,„.,.   |»    |wew
But it is definitely ■ -  ,       ,       -.*--.
nl the Foreign Office ! Spring Finds tha Blood Weak and tha i tooth cut.- refuse, to heal until yom
trill relun. to Egypt, i 8y,tem Run 0own_ViBor is \ W$xf&%mlLS"",1" l!. " ' ',' i J
t rostiiig. and going : '*       Rtltortd by IMNIMENT,  which I    bepan   using.
Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food
.lu*! at the time when the buds are A. K. ROY.
bursting uud  the  birds ure chirping' Carriage Maker.
  merrily in the tree lops, many people St. Antolne, P. o.
sftsmitllkl PZ^"     ""l,V"*' ""iur™",'^-^.*" 7nfT'n«V -V-7   b'el moat keenly the debilitating and,	
SLwINefK^V sj--'""' •'"-'"»»*"'h"": ur < "'"",s ul ""u,"r ,|*,LIT^'""""ynu""""'
UTMVI |M. \    dr«l I. .,ai,l lo, thla In.cct dsriw   "V„„ ,,,„„,, „ so „„„ ,nd w.i,ry "Wfont-i'Via, doctor, Hut not „
that it fails to supply nutrition to the much as yuu   did."—Huston   Trans*
nervous system and to the vital or- cript,
guns.    You feel tired, weak ami dis-J ^——. ■._.
couraged, energy nud   ambition   are] ^^mmmmmammm^
lacking, uud strange depressing feelings conic over you,
llul nature bus provided certain
restoratives to be used at tills time of
year lu form new, rich blood and
create new nerve force. These elements are found in condensed and
easily iissiinihitt-d form in Dr. CIuim-'.s
Nerve Food.
Thousands of men am) women have
learned lo escape this spring depression and weakness and discouragement by using this great restorative.
Vitality is increased, strength and
confidence return, buoyancy is felt in
every movement of tbe body, pallor
and weakness and disease give place
to the glow of health and vigor uf
mind and body. •
l)r. Chase's Nerve Food, the great
spring tonic and restorative, fine, a
box, 6 for $2.50, at all dealers or
Kdmanson, Botea & Co., Limited, To
Right In the Swim.
Mra. Newgold—My daughter has a
chaperon now.
Mrs. Bboddie— Dear mt, that's too
bod I Why, it's only last week that
she had a boll on the back of her
neck. She seems to bave everything
there is agoing.—London Telegraph.
A Famous Acter. 1
"What  makes you think yuu can
act?" asked the manager to the stage
1 struck applicant.
1    "Burglars came Into my room last'
night," replied the young man.    "1
pretended to be asleep and deceived j
them utterly."— Pearson's Weekly.
Ontario's Prlsan Figures.
According to the annual  return  fni
1910 for ihe prisons and reformatorid
of t hilar.o, IStUed by the I'r.ivi **cia!
Secretary, a decrease of lib in th
number of prisoners sent to Kinf-tnt
ia shown, while there was an itii-/-:j«-
of 61 in tbe number sentenced b,
the previous year. The cominitni-Mil*
(or murder last year were 41, as com
pared with 'il iu 1009; manslaughter
10, as compared with 11 the previon*
The total number of persons committed to juils or lock-ups of the province last year wus I3,tlel7, an increa*--
of 15-J over 1909. Of this total number
J.&U were temperate, but less than
13 [ier cent, could read and write.
Dr. Bruce Smith lauds the parole
system which has beeu recently iotro-
•lories    P!|-tfio>t    -ft-J    Pwmltnd    'Hat
Nov*** It* -Ho   -   j-- .
Tbe Bookman r"-iuiiit--fi*** 1 inr*"** <**
Pror-j-rwor   Hri'ider   HttttUawa  "n t;.-i
' "Cnwrirtfu   Baoaar*   nun    eas   tnt
printed    oinny    f»ar^    140.     | -ni--a»*.ir
llatthewf   ■.'.•■■,..    -r   "t»    ni-f ■-1
I booki and piuyi Ulal  aa*or  *u » Dte
I Ugbt ami bate 6n»n raatt UKu HUM u
cuagi-tru. by tuie uaiy
'    UoUe>rw plaanvd t nnnsani wnas  tu*
title) "I.lbiui .,.-   le '    in- '   wm 1   ana
to  bo   in.-*   iiiaalai uloeai    Msftiliqj   a
known of It  fo*!tty    nte'inrt  :ii-iiHle»
I •btrtdan intended *u wrtto 1 Itinpiasa
to "^"bo School Kir V-irniin" lad  -T*ti-(
j Rivals."    Tb»   -niUjMc!    r n    * i.f.**-*a
■ tioo."    11   oe*-a*r   fSttlt  Ittymrt  a   flur
[ random aataa.
1    Wot yean 'ho iiapae rorfafa it -mr*
new book taut Vlrtor Bota ammt ■»
; Umied to annonn.--. m Minn '0 in tttfi-
I Itabed a ramnne*' safflM "la vuin-
qaeogroini* * Baay 1 ■ innmims "ni-
i ames of rbe Fraai'tl   Hsrfs -v-r.ng n
proa* and »»*-w  lava  laaa •*»nt ASftt
by bla ilt**nry nsarafiseai mr  if -bin
oddly totftuil BclfOD lo-'iini*   inn   n«j*n
heard.    Ia   ISdS   i,phi-u*w  Onu.Je'   1 i-
Bounced se in praao 1   ntUSM  uE utorr
I atotiea fo be .-a lid   'bS  f1»*ataiH*»nm.'
' Tho  book  r-»niii!a.**t   ninunilaned   ind
, apporeotfy   rowTirroti,    rn*   -nine***
Danae bai Isfl "i laeert nsas Am
one referen.--*  n i namSf   1  ■*• wflsil
"La Route de TlUflaa." 3ianne*t  Utfasa
"Fraadiion," bur never f.v«i -u -iia
; paodc.
' S!-ia** - ;   an   £411.
1 Every boy and girt :.. - . ia turn "-iru
Id tlmeo gone by is**-! Bs masr •»«»
plectt of Bear snd p.i-jm«*-i us -mioei-i
to the old  wood •.'•-.;4  stave ar la tbe
. big often Dreplaco. hsni wert* **»*i*t*i>
ed for Oetia' aeate. ami to* 1a*». fraatt
ajp   »«*■#   wrapfM-d   la   Ostavy   p-to-*r
1 Tbt paper was daiopen-*-l au<l aa>v«rsi
tblckoessMi nf tt prof.*-*>f'*-*J -*»* aajgt
from ».*■ r.".. .z You know w«t p»
per lo a ball Is 1 -'. to born. \av.
iba wrappeti ip eifS wefra am in t*»
live coala aod parUstty Sae**mrJ b*?
tbera. In frum :'. ■• 10 ;'■■■■.-. onrnires
tba egg waa roa«':ng Bot and -eady 'o
eat wltb aait, ;-: ;..*r aod butter A
pin bole was nude lo toe big end of
Ihe egg so as to M tbe it vim e-ieap*
, to ki*ep It fr-itn bunitlug tb* sueii ao*1
tbe meats from  ruoniog ouL    IT yo>i
• bare nt-ter as a small boy roaited isrs
eggi you hare roisaed "-.-» or cblld-
boodo greamt Joya.—.New Tork l't>*aav
Maple Tree S*<d.
s<*eds oi   maple  tPetsi  btw
known tu germiuuii* in ne.
ftltie that catinot  D-» re*n*>i'-*1 ifw
rnoiing t* made by i.luitie so  .g^**e of
' bichromate ..f  fa-tasB  to ball a   plot
, ut best .**. ..I- i, giot,
Potatoes and Electricity.
A fre**niy Mil potato make- n pfhnl
polarity lmiinii..r tn two cnfrvnl ear
rylng wires ui*-.-it.u into ll ine i*u«i
tire wire will ciiii-e n l*i.-»-h -tain.
*vol!e If atalua -urroiino nn-n wire ti
".bows Iluil ine current IS ftltcriii'hng
Thufir )'■•*•  Vaunts ns
Tbe Tbnrlnatau tuoonlplna hare al-
waya irf-vo ti gmi snanaes *,t**.ii nc
nn* Inbaldisoia "i toe larger 'Jeruian
cities bin it I- only within ibt last
few rtan Usui ti.-y (rare puss ioto>
oronUoeoce a« 1 motel n*«.irt
tale   for
Sole Survivor
Mnnter—"Why were   you
early school. Wright?"
Wright   "Please, sir, I  must have
ovetwashed myself."
^   PILLS 4
A Centenarian Family.
Mrs. Magdalene Trousdale, widiw ol \
the late John Thousdale, died at Sydenham. «i,.d 1C2 years, recently. The ,
deceased s mother at the time ol her I
death wa* also 103 years old.
Any Old Mark
W. N. U., Ne. Ml.
"Of course," said tin
hud iiiieruleil for tippet
will be a -.car."
"That'*, all right," 1-
tient.   "Leave uny kil
you    like   that    will
strange doctor: from
nud    operating     again
"He told ber thai lie would gludly
die for her." The same old bluff, did
It catch her?" "No. She told him
ahe would gladly lol him " Houston
surgeon  who
licitis, "there
piled tiie po-
d of a  murk
prevent some
Mining    along
"- -Winchester
Honored by Women
When a woman speaks ol her
silent eeoret suffering tbe
trusts yon. Millions have be*
■Iow-kJ this mark of confi.
dence  on  Ur. K. V,   Pierce,
of Buffalo,  N. Y.     Bverr
wbara there are women wbo
bear witness lo Iba wonder*
working, curing.power of Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription
— whieh saves the tmjftrint itx
/ram palm, aad atiecessfully
grapples with woman's weak*
Besses and ttmehrm  Hit,
No woman's appeal was ever misdirected or ber con*
■dance   misplaced   when   sbe  wrwle   lor   advice,   to
lha WoatVt  DisrsNsaar  Muh.-.»i Association, Ur.
R. V, Pierce, President, Buffalo, N. Y.
PsPsSi mmmm OSSM aatmral kaael atafawal aamaaay. FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA
"Mora *r»
and     , .S
*»»'t«r ..,
Sold l>y Jloi-olmntBiif uliillliviu-k, Iln
♦♦♦< « ***************************
Dairy Farm !
80 Acres, alloloaroil nml umlor oullivntion, 7 I! i
House, Barn and Outhouses, Private Water Supply.
Good Orchard, Buildings valued nl $(1000, lionulifully
situutod,  200 yards fi i School, 2 miles from Post
Office, 4 nvilos from Church. Tho will is tho host lo ho
obtained in thi* vnlloy and produces 'J tons of liny
per acre, everything in llrst-clnss condition,
Price $2ti,0Q0,
$10,000 Cash, Hnlnnce In soil purchiisor,
lo, nnd .Mcliclllx.
Fall Goods to Hand
■   Trouserings, Suitings and Vestings
Fit, Style nml Wnrknmiii-liip Guaranteed
Agi-nt tor Tin' 'inl. Hei Ic
SOconta por Ih.U1.. nl Hip "lore.
;   G.C. CARTER   . Merchant Tailor
IMMMSSllltTT*********1 *******************l
Situated ten minutes walk lopnsloftlco.
All in lii-si-i-lnss suite nf cultivation,
high, dry un.l level, with wide frnntiijii'
nn Charles Street, l-iu-li ipiiirler-ncrc
hns n lilltnltor "f rli'.ir.' [mil trees in
full I ii-ii ri nl'. and lho |ui  mv ipiile
The ChilliwacK Specialist
humeri*.' t'l'lio New l-;ni.i
C, A. PAHUKil, I'uiiiixiK-riiiiii Pniprletor,
il nnil |iiiii]|*ln'<l I'.etv TJiuraUuy lt*«» l,s
III.-!-, WcMinlii-Ui-t Sli.Tl, t'lillliwni'k.
iiil l.m in Ire l|.*U per p-iir In IlllVIUlCO In rail
in HiitUli i;iii|>lte ;  In I'nlti'il SliiU-H St,so,
im iitivorlbiiiK mtus iloiwiiiluiil on term uf
tl uml -Jim i' iii.il. uml will In- nu-ili-kiiiiwii
ilii'.iiinii li. tin-iiiilill-ln-r.
cei in iiM-.il column uie per count lliu oncli
Mlnltiiiilii eliillKc UV,
.nu.i iiiiu-ftiiM'Miriiti, i (.ni pur word tnu-li
on, iHiyiiblo in Htlviuu--),
l.» ,..!.. ili-..'l'. will |.l t-   teim-llltirr lli.il
Hi- il . Iiiuiue. lnpV iiiii-.I Ih- III imt Intel lllllll
Thnt tlio pgoplo of tho Prnaoi
Valley mul tin- I'hilliwuck portion
ii it, I't'iiiuuli.v Buoftkiug, fiivtir the
homo market, nml itIh«» favor tlu
pfotufllluit nnd fofltoriny nf linim
imitlllttluus. no a piiinupli', wns
miulti tlatiltiotlls plain in llm vnli
ciinI Itisi Tlnu'wlny. Taking Uml n-
ii furl—uml placing it along ■if iiii-
othor—Clitilfwnfik. wo imturollj
UkiIc t» tho iwopio nf thu Valley
ami City tn rainittn trtto and loynl
in lite town which wo on 11 our ow
Patriotism in lho larger ii*-I*I Blinuld
ulsii prodtica loyalty hi tlio Binnlloi1
spliuiu—mi tiie ."iinii- basis uf roson*
Ing, In advocating rcolpmulty
w.' bolioYOtl il WOtllil lie iii'iii*!it'iul
gonomlly, uml ui the Hiiinu tinia In*
uremia tlm growth ami duvolopuionl
uf f'hilllwiiok. Tin- grunt niajnrity
have said in ofTool that Catuulii
inu-t tratlo ut homo for tlmt is the
way tlio mibjact nf reciprocity wus
prouontod hy tho Victors. Thai
our markets would have sttrTorod in
eoiiipetltion with those of tlu
Aiuoriitau, in boliovod h.v many,
.uul iheretoro tht' stihjaot  intisl be
im- 1 down.   Now what tho Kroc
I'i-qm would like tobco Is tlmt -in-
tl tnent cnrrictl into oltool locallv.
In ntlior wards "Buy in Cliilliwnck,
tu- homo town, the homo market,
riiut this is not being done tu the
extent it should Ih- in too evidont.
Hut if pouplo boliovo as they voted
lust Thursday, Cliilliwnck and the
Val'oy, and not Scuttle, Vancouver,
Winnipeg, will receive the bom-lli
uf their trade* Wo have hoard u
gootl deal about Canada for Canadians, and why imt Cliilliwnck for
Chilliwuck people. We huve nlsn
been told considerable about big
monopolies getting nur trade nnd
profits, Imt why support 'mt ol
town departmental store monopolies
by sending the ready ctsh tn them,
ami asking the local denier, tho
homo mun, to carry nn nccounf foi
various periods of time, or perhaps
turn him down, altogether. Hard*
ly "Canada for Canadians" sontl
ment there. Lot us in' pntrlotio toward nur own town, its industry,
its capital, mul its talent. This is
good Conservative argument, whlcl
bus been very popular in the Prnscr
Valley, nnd the chilliwack portion
i.f it particularly, mul should meel
with general approval ami practice
nut more than ono humlreil mile*
from Chilliwack. See J. I). Taylor's majority.
Tbf* Dominion election and Chill*
Iwack's big Fair nn- now over. It
future, Governments should not sel
election date on tbe duy of Chilli
waek Fair. The clash was dim*
IrouB. 'The Government was knock*
eil cninpletodly out and had to take
the count, while the vibration wus
so great as to cause an over flo«V oi
water works, which severely tested
the dikes of the Fair. Ol tlio two
I however the Cliilliwnck Fnlr emerg-
•-il from the fray in the better eon*
illtlon, nml will come back strong
aboul a year hence, Wo eannnl
exactly state the data of tin* return
of tho Liberal Government, but it
may not lie many fair dates distant,
Revised returns of the HI in tin-
New Westminster riding compiled
from declarations of the deputy n*
turningoftlcom, except in afeweases
wlu-n- these have been Incomplete ns
In the votes f*»r Mr. Oliver give n
total fur .Mr. .1. I>. Taylor nf 8530,
and fur Mr. John Oliver of I WO, the
majority for Mr. Taylor bolng now
lflM  with two polls lo hear fr	
|*orl Douglas nnd 23-Mflo Creek, in
Dowdney, when- a small j>"ll Is
antlclpnteda ThoCniwervalive maj-
"lity in tlu Home i- now placed at
buiy-nioe. which may be Inerrased,
Tin- City rofitlmakiiig equipment
bos been engaged on S'oung road
bctwoon Rrinccss avenue nnd the
live  comers this    wi-ek.   West*
I minster street should receive nttcn*
(inn un the completion nf the piece
! now being constructed,
1'I.AHH in.
iWi.i-u tn in- .lime tiv bnya <>r 10 yoniH
"f under.)
l,li..ti.Mn,|,)iyl    |lj    »|,e, ImeiiH   1.        Will.
Item    ...Ili-rt1i.il  .nf   loilVOU     Ili.iUltle.l-l.
Mr,   11.   Itatley.
t'l.AHH   If.- BOIIOOI-   WORK.
Qdmi t» any imi.ii up school a «r t'liiui-
wneu oily nr tiiHti'i.'i.  Mm. iimwlnH io
Ih-    tl.ilii-    ley     nn-l,,,,, y,    ieillll.-il     hv     (he
Punmnnshln I,  mii-m  ifnuny  w
X  llofittiar  itiitiM...
I'l.iwiu,',   sliiullliB   1,   M
wli'lc  X  J.   A.   i'..,'.lliiiiu.
Cniifibi n<'in.'ii, uv i, .1. A, t'.iiiiliiiiu;
a, c. T.  iiihhUimui. , ,,
iiiiiiii..h nr|.in, live i. a. ii. McKtmslej
a, it. i.. iii.iinsii.il,
In  |(nil, live   I, Mni, .1, Tleuuimiiii',
ll   JUS.   Miilh-V
.Tuiinllmu,   live  1,
('.    W,    IMI.Mum.
Now ton Pippin, Hv
\      II     WeliHler;    \
I,  .1.   A.  Ciinttiuu
-   I,  T.   If.  ibtiltRiil
i lis
INTKItMIMil WV. illtAlii:
l' -ii.' J..|.    I,    Ml'X    A.In    I'm..I
Miss May IVonurn
Mun Uniwliiit. fiovllli'f nl HUM
In in I-1,i I ,\|ln i- liniiiwlii; ■■' Id
JI'NIult .lltAI.I'
I'.-i.in in .|,M. 1 11..1.1 U.i- Vim.- i.
hi.y.l,  j),   [fldwhl  Allinl.l
Piil in   nf   l'*lnwers   I.   Vt.   Mv
iiber Wlntsr Appl
I, c, J, MISBlnson.
HolUlQI'-l     ClflBp's    I'':. V.i rite    IV.Ifrl,   II Vf?    I,    Vt,
Ihyim i. n. c, MoOllvnry.
llllll'    I, <     lllllll.II    I'.IH',   live    1,   den.   Itelhurie
T   lllllll-    J.   A.   C..I.II..HI1.
Ilk,   the -I,   ,1
■I I
T    Ml,eli
1    ruir-Tum
ii. DnrU
C,   Hi.lt-
tiiio" lii.ii  do""jar»y,   llvo  I.  0    I.
nton; 8, .1   A Coailiani.
,|.i. th-   I. <1    I   'll it  '2. Jim
ib* Congress Pcur, flvi   1. 0
ile   AiiHln.i.iiie,   live-  I.   i\   T
IMvIhIOU  lt.— lliii--es.
it .ii.ifi h..iHen, mun. uml trolil-
nwn iii liurnfM i. >'. M'»it<
X T,   Vt.   Piilorsniii  It, T.   W
n tiKi'li'iilliirnl linrsns, nuirrs oi
'miii   in  I,.,in.'.-.   I,  ll.   .Munt
B,   l».   M..niK<iiin-iy;   D,   T.   I-I
ill.O.iii tn
your   I,   i-'
ri.ASS  ■
■nlniru   Applni
Vt.   K nlnIn
Al'l.l'H.    I|\l-
,    1!.   H|.i
n  .'.  ueiiilnm
:i, H|i«n nnrrlags |ton<i*s pvor IB i i-
Hhnwn iu lutm-MB 1. Ur, wukuii, I, w
.1   it-roilorlclo
-    I.   K|uoi raiulltoni, l* IiuiiiIh uml 11 till Of
IhIuhvti In hnrnws   I, t'    M. Klllup
,'..  fi'iin Ki'int'iii piirpum inure*, or golit.
11) HI,     Kll. I Wil    III    lini'llOIS,     HelKllI     UM    tl
t-IM   t. iv   linvH
li,    Hiikhv  linn*    I,  A.   Di.vle;  I.  T.   W
I'liieniiii;  3,   Dr.   wih.m
■     7.   Kuihlli-    ImrfcU   I.   A.    Iinvle;   9,    W
sniiiii. . :i, r. M. Hiiii"
(■i,vih:m|'\i.i:s WITH PKl'iuiiKi:
R,    I I  mm.,  bllll til  fOOf    I, Uul.Inn
Kutiiti-; U mul .1  'I'. Vt. l*nlor*wn.
D     Km Ki.ii-  .nil    I,  T.   Vt,   I-iiI.-ih.Ui;   S
'ijnl.lt.>i(   IM.ile.   .1    A     IHiVle
1    tu. Whl  i'   1 mill I, T, Vt, I'.iti
W.   Pu
ll   PI "   AH
:\   Win    Km
.ni   H.ntH
I.-hi'ImIii. Hi.
, ■:, A   it  Mi
B.       Wll.N
ii   I     l>    (.'    M.illl-
.   l. .1   ll.  Ptiiil; .:
,1,   A.   I'M,un.nn.
klml nt full Appb'f
i- Inuil. '.•. r   T   IHiriilMHon.
live   I, tl. I. Thiuiitim; U, Jim,
,  Kin,  live    I.  (*.  T.   HlKKlnROli;
TomphlnH, uv-  i. i'   T   IDs
A.   It.  Mi-oKnsl**..
llvo   I. (I.  I. Tli.iriitint; ■<, Jim.
>«. lh.-   I, J. A. I'.iiilhiini, 9,  A.
(Inlih-n,   live   1    It.   A.   Smith*
ir., sin limit ,..i
i;    |,i,.Im i. ft,
III    V.l.t   III.tie
it, Thri-i' y.-ui
i    Tutubol	
I 111 Vie.
is. Two-year
nl- linn fiituti
.  I mvl.
T. \v. Pntrnon.
I.I     uel'llllr!     Or     lllly     I
ri-hn    Itr.iN.;   ;i.   A
iillni-    golitlns   nr   lllly   li.   Mmil
(iiiiihiiti'ilnnimici- Km-
l'iiiil-up Cupltul nml Rosorve
Monoy I.niiiii'il to Hi'spntisilili. PooplUi
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms.
Citii.i.iw.MK Branch   -   N. S, MaoKhnzir, MainiKor
l-hon. R 197
F.o«. R m
Abbotsford Timber H Trading
Co., Limited
Office and Yards, YOUNG ROAD
Wi. Iiavo n I'liinpli-tc sinrk ,.f fjOtig .liiist«, Rongji
uml Drossoil Lunilior, hittli, Slilnglos, Kiln Driou
Flooring, Colling, Skiing, Mouldings nml  Finish,
Lime, Comont mul l'lnstor.
Prompt niti'iitii.n glvon t.. nil ordors.
Local ManaSer
x Chilliwack Steam Laundry Co.
Phone 172
J Ladies and Qontlcmon's Clothes Steam Cleaned
* A Specialty.
!  •
I All Work Promptly nnd Neatly Executed.
Parcels Culled For Every Morning.
If Your Lights Go Out Phone 178
Wo spi-.-iiiliz.. in Private Irmtiillatiim. and Motor Work.
Prompt attention kivoii to Hoimc Lighting.
Phono 17S      .   Electric Signs nnd Are Lights. Phone 178
Hart Block
Ask Your Grocer For
Nabob Coffee
Forty Cents a Pound
A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd.
li-uk Cnwtwn llmtil Miuliiin-ry Collirartnni' Kt|iii|niMiit
MitiiiiK M.i. Imi- iv ltnilir** Kntriiu**
Int. t-iiiti-   Viit..nnil.iii-
t.rmnin M.iinr Trurkn
Kudu Ii-i|ili-iih-iii*i Hairy Bappllct Hui-IwomI Milking Mai'liiiii-**    i
1048 Main Street Vancouver, IX.  ;
Publicity  is the keynote  to   success.
Advertise in the Free Press for results.
|^     Imp   Hml Ihi-ii'.-n li.i-    •-•■■-. I nlliii-h-
\^^^g^L\\     ''-I-    'I'1'- iii.-mi-" Ihnl  «ith tin-
em fc^ii'.ii"i\T i:i.i:(Titit'ii:iiN
J| B^^"11        'I"       i" ni.
necdloss sl.-ps to ninki-, nn-l iiIhiv,-all thai—you n-nlly
iron in comfort.   Tlm!   i-, lh.. Ilolpoinl ivny.   Just
nttneh tin- conl In your i-lcrtric liglit socket nnd commence Ironing.    No wailing.
Over Fifty Hotpoinl Iroiwsnlil in Vnni-oiirprpnolulny,
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Limited
PRIZE LIST-Continued
II..I ',    Mrs   A   I',   |.',rr..ll. :. Mr"  '
II     ll li
IVr....|   Oris.   I.   Mrv   A    M.-r.cr.
I     |-ii..s-t.i|.liv     I  iii....-   I,   Mrs.   A     SIMS
..I     I    Miss   li.   Iliii.lirw.il.
N..i.ii> ... ..uv kin.i I, Mm a Meracr:
I S  Mis. IMii.i  Kills-Ill
I   il i-iMiniiii rhiiM  I, lira. J. II  Aii-x.
Subscribe for the Chilliwack Free Press.
ikI> i
\\i„k tlone by ladle* ov
I    llm  J    II   W.lkcr.
U'omen's   w»rk.    .. u-.n .i urtlcla not
M >'.-.ir» uiii
8"fi   rill«w-l.   MlH   Marjurlr-   B-SM*11
:. UIh Pino*/ WhHjsr.
Pun.-*.- Apron—l, Mix** ninny wheslfri
: mi-.-. Marjorll saam,
H..ni..l   Borll   nr   Ht*M-kliiRii-l.       Ml*-**
Unrjoric nion! x mi-*- i«.>,-.i>■ > * lltn-
I'fwmphy—1, Mis- DorothM liMulfr-
*">n: I,   MlM  F.innv   Wlir-i-lf-r.
H.--I Dt^MM polli f-n'ti Kurnvnt MM
mails -1.   Mi--.  Marjnrli*  F.i-.ii
itiitt.in ii •!" mi i in-ti. 1—Miss A
w ,-   ,n    J.  Ml-*1*   Mn i.ni-   Kamui.
ll.n.illt. In-il       llainlkrhlilrf   1.        M
ii .iii,. i. :. him fhnrntnn.
t-syer PnloJ-j MM MfMriurdi 2. Mtw
Ksinny Wh*lM#f,
Two   LlMTM  »f   Hrc.nl-1.   MlSfl   Fanny
Uh"|,i     2.   Ml-.-   ll.iMlinK.
H.iklnr* rnwikr llli-tiii** I. Ml"* Funny
UI1..1.1    3. MlM M.iynnril
W'Hk ■liiiic hy KiM- 11 nr UtUwri l>ln-
. hlih.n   I.  MIm  ll.n .linn
I'liiin X.'1-aiiowiirk-i, mim a. Wntnon.
Kner Oiki- 1. Mix* M.»t1*»y.
HakliiK I'..*.Ui   Hi*., nif    I,  MISS lliuil
ll.il.iiiK I'iiwiIit Mi-
Ini-,   !.   Ml       Hilti-y
A Bargain in a Homesite
Six Arcis \\ itli frontage on two roads, half-mile from town, neM* five
roomed house, land all cleared and fenced, extremely well sitnated.
One and one-half acres of this property is in bearing orchard, consisting
of Northern Spy and King Apples.
Price, $4000. Good Terms.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
The Chilliwack Specialists IF
Chilliwack Planing Mills
Manufacturers and Doalors in
I'llUIT Hi iX KS . sent ILL AND BAND
.     .      .      PLANING .     .
Mills at HOPE SLOUGH, Young Road
All work roooivoi our careful and prompt attention,
Butlinalou furnlslicrl, < 'nil nml boo us,
P. 0. Box 243
Phone R 121
ChilliwacK Planing Mills
flul AU' Furnaces,
Roofing nnd Corn loo,
Metallic Ceilings,
Sinvi's nml Ranges,
GoiiPi-nl repair work,
Gatiinntcs furnished
Phone 94
It Millis'l'l-.lt. hOMfUTOII,
MIT.MIY I'l'lll.ll'
Wralinlnslor Trust lluililiiiK
I'llIU .IWAl'K, II. 0,
PRIZE LIST-Concluded
SO. Itrn.nl iiinvi., riiul nl Tiinl -I, 11
MnillKniiiiiy; 'J, H, M, Clllliillilfra; II W
HI. Hiirlillim isili- i, li. Mi.iiiiiiiiiim.; s
I-'isIih- lllllll,; ||, |. Miiii,,.,
I     Tl.   V.-I.l  llllll',.    |,  II.  .ll„Nl,;„l,|,.|.v; , ;„„
II.    II.    Mi mi )■
"■'I. 'I'll' vi'iir   "III   lli'lillni!   ur   lllly   I
T. H.   I,mill.i    It. A.   Illivini II, ''.   Ki'llln
111, Twp.yiini- uiii. il.lilllii; III' lllly   I,   Ii
, M..iillli.Iin-iy;   1,   I),    II.    ImvIh;   II,   In
Dill   I   ,ii
Biiccunor to WM, AlirlllliAl li
Estimates Given
Phono 68 P.O. llox 206
«•>♦<,, *******************
: Electrical Contractor
Wiling for Power
and Lighting
A completo line ..f
Fittings nml Supplies
l'l. Hin 1,1ml' ...II
A.   Kill.
I'    II
llAfKNBVH    WITHOUT    Clllilillli:!.
:tl.   y.'l.l llliiti. -I. T. \V.  I'lili'lsnli; ;■,  A. I
11,1 VI.--
1',   Tlini.-yi.ii|. ..1,1 ,;.!.lliu nr lllly   I ;.n,l
!   Ur.  Wlls.ni,
r iil.l   m Mini;   nr  lllly   I,  R.
In mi ufliirl lrt I'sliilillsli li nailery n(
ill is ,,( lliu I'm-, i Vulliy, I uill
irlvn I" i-vi-iy man win. Iiim lavn a in-
Sllll'lll      nl'  III.'    Villi.'!'         I.        lllllll
I u. Illy li'..    uiii.   I fflm In elllllhlo
Ii.   lniliiliii>lii|>   ill   Tlm HI'I Tun, .-
Awwolailnii, onti lariie I -In. iin- I'lutali
IllltllOUrtipIl  ••(   Ilium'II,   Hlllltlllll'   Inl'
IniiiilliU, <"'<■■
I'mvlilwl,  linn Im u III.i.iiii'in my
..iinll.i I., lull' llm Iil.l .l.il ul lli'liiln'l'
linsi  uml jlvo ii i.'» liuiliii'lili nl hla
li  iii iiii Ml.nl iii iilmiiii ii Ml -•
iln.l  mil mil mill III' ll .'li.I llllll
■nil   iiiiiI llm piu'mi'l.  "I llm Viilli-v.
lull llm WniHnM u.'ll.
L. F. CROFT. Pholoiirapher
Th. M.< Studio    Chllllw.tH, B. C.
Implement and
Produce Co,
l'liim.i  Diggers
1111J11.1111 -111 -   111 (1
Phone 9
i. n.
illin.'. i. Minn nr lllly   I, II. Ml'
na, Burkina ™n  I, riaftar limn.; 5, .in
Itlnlinrilaoiii :l. i'.   Kettle.
in. iviil nun., i. nr.  Wllaoai '.'. .in:
lllilnit'ilsiiii; :t.  In-.   Wllsiin.
il Tin year nlil. tfolillns "r lllly
i'.  llii.liliiii: 8,  n   Kim..n
III. Tivn-yriii.  ,,l,l.   iii'lillint  in-  lllly.
Inin      Kl'liHlUt    "I'    lllly-l.    .Ill'
KI'lli'lAI. |.|ii/.i:h.
liniinliil   l.y   Hi,.   Iii-llii   t''iiiini.rs'   In-
silluii., in In. ...nu,it,,i for liy nii'iiilmi's
i.r il... ill-nun,  ivlni iniiiiii before Jiiim
90,  mil;
i.  iinnii nr nam broil horoa, oon.1.1'
im' nr three tin. am nr ono alrol 110.00—
llnliliiin  Kslnti..
II.   Iinnii   nl   ni.nl,.   lint'sin,   .-,  uny   ,ii;s
i.i'tn'  I   yniir; llill.l   t».   MniitKiiiinry.
ll.   1  wiilHliitr li'tim lill.liiil in i-miny '
liimlii'i   ivimini;  ,.'..ini  \v.  .1.   l-'i'i-ilorick.. I
I.    Il.'sl  ...11  mi |I| .In isliilllntl. iinli
I U'i»li>iiii-iii Tni-i 111,1k.     l'l i' Ill
Arthur E. Baker
SiiI.iiiI.iiii HmiHM ii Specialty,
Il|.|iiisili- 11.1'. IC. Sllllioll
l.'iUinl   Willi   lll.llll'l'll  11.11-
voiilencofi   un.l    cointiiruilily
furnished llivoiigliout.
D. tt. rl.cLENNAN, Proprietor
*****************************************************   **************************
Now the End is Near!
More than Half of
has been Sold!
The IV D. Smith Co. has received orders to
clear out the balance of the stock at any price.
To finish the sale in a blaze of glory, as the
artistic mind would have it, we will put our
best efforts in the way of bargains for the
closing days, and the last half will be greater
than the first.
No pains will be spared to make the closing
days of this sale the most intense, in point of
busy business that Chilliwack has ever seen.
New bargains, lowered prices, monster attractions are arranged all over the store. Don't
YOU overlook this chance to get winter
clothes cheaply.
Henderson's Dry Goods Store
The I. D. SMITH CO., of New York, in charge.
;..  ii.-rii formorn tlrlvlnii irniro or nolil-
Inir iittii(-hi-il in fiiiir-wliciti-il v.-lih-h-;  '■■-
nilli-   In-lit:   Kt-.li-   nml   mjk-i-<!  cotlHldorcuI
hoincH   h,iVint;   prevlQual*,1   won   pulillc
nioni-y racing ili-hiiiTMl; *5.00—T. K.
<i. MiiiHi.-iii ii.i.i ii imii under n yenre,
■: iiiifi'iM iimler 1 yearn, 1 heifer calf)—
I.   Smh.-i-tiv   Hi-..-.
7.   llllll, ihilry  breotl-1,  T.   D,   Luilm-r.
0. IVn purr liri'tl nln -i> (1 shenrlltlj*.
rum, 1 hIii-iii'IIiil; ewe, I cum lumli. 1 imvh
Iinnii):   *:. !•>.
in. Pen fut Hhi-ip (1 HlicniilnK wi-llur,
i wolher iiiiniii; Jtf.uo. '
It, Best   cxlill.lt   nf  hwIiip:   W.00.
IS. Best exhibit uf poultry! *-■""•
;   (Donnteil  by  iiriti-.li  r.iiumhiii  si-., k-
breedcrs' Association.)
I   Bail twu heavy .intuitu nnlmnls, murcH
im- Ki-iiiiiiK*- (registered »r unregistered),
,:!  years  nr  under,  bred   In   HrltMi   ("'>■
Imi.I.i.i    .mil   •-xliiliii.il   hv   owm-r:   llrnt,
120.00; second, 115.00-1. tlulclion  Estate.
•   Best two iinimiiN "r Hit hi breed; mnrei
or ireldlngs (registered nr unregistered),
:t yi-iirs or  umli-i-.  mul  cxlilliitiil  hy  the
owner:  First, $30,00; serond, tij.-jo-i, c,
UcKlllop; X C, Haddon.
Ilr-Kt rum l.mil. und l' owe lambs (regl-i- ,
lered), medium <>r short wool breed, bred ;
In Hriu-.li <-<i|iiinhia uml i-xtilhllcd by
owner.1 Kirst. tMi.wt: hi-i-»iiiI. IT.W.
it.st r.iiii lunih ami '£ ewe lurnhH iroglx-
n-p-ili,  long  wnnl  hrci-il.  bred  In  Hiiii.-'t
Columblfl and • xhiiui.-t i>y owner: Khxt.,
(III.(Mill   sen,ti.l.   r.X
Anyone wlslilng to compote fir these
prises mum  tirnt  become »  member of
I the Stockbreeders1 AssocUtion,
.   fiiiiiiiti-d by a. Daylii president of tii" i
I Delta   Fiiriin-iv   liixtlliio-:
Best hnUer-liroken Buckling colt, led
] by hny under IS years of ago, the mure
t to   .(■ . -.tiiii.ii,v   .-..li    and   he   tied   lip   nn
the Judging ring; 16.00-1, O.  H.  Dovls,
i   i.i. iiem collcctlfln nf imAtoes, f*orrectiy
| naim-d.  I iiei-h  eaeh: H.«l-1. ».  Huff:  J,
; It.   P.   llan.irnril.
; 11. Ji.'f-i oollsctlon Ihld I'-.i.o. -1. C II.
I Davis.
. 15. Best collection of (resit fruits: ts.00.
I KntrfeH tntmt be ihe bona fide property
..if .-.\int.ii..i-
.   Division A.—nest   Jeifsey   hull   *i>eiii-
I greed)—Dally Cotumblnn, one year.
1   Division *'.—Hesi  n.-n fnt sheep, ewes
or welhers,  Victoria Dally Times, ono;
] year.
!    Division BJ,—Besl pen brown  E-eghOrtUli
; I.   |I.    H-    UcCollUml   best   pen    Huff   Or-
pjngtons. W.60.  Presented by Columbian
Co..    I .id.   Hefia rate   ent rlen.
Iiivi-.i'.'t H,—Besl !'»• p.inn.K' wbii"
illillini;  oats, (."..m ,ash--S.   Mnrley.   I'n-
senled   by  Braokman-Ker Mining  Co.,
I.i.l. Hi-par.ile entry and ixtiil.it in uny
Iilvlsion J.—Pally Province, one year;
innnt prixi-H in HiN divlidon.
Division K.—Semi-Weekly Colonist)
must prises in ihls division.
(Oxford Downs (Pure nml.)
I. Aged ruin, two shears nr over—1,
J.   Kiehatd-on; X  A.   IUVIp.
:*. Shearling ram-1. A. Davlei 2. A.
I la Vic.
:i,   It.nn lamb-1 nnd 2. A.  Dcvle.
i.   Kwe, two shears or over—1 uml x
A,   Davie.
S.   Hli.-.irlin,:   i w.    1   and   2.   A.   Davie.
8, I-:*- lamb-1, t. i:. Udnerj x A*.
T.   Pen:   I   ram,   any   age;   ewe.   Iwo
shears   ur  over;    ewe.    shearlinx:    -»"
l.nnla-1. A.  Davie; % T.  K.  l-uillu-r.
R, Aged ram, Iwo incurs ur over-1. J.
t. Shearling ram-1 and 2. J. Richard*
10. Ham i.miii 1 nnd 2, J. Richardson,
II. Kwe. two shoare or over—1 and :*,
J. ntchurdson.
12. Shi-arlliiK ewe—1 and 2. J.  Ith-li:ird-
U, Kwe lamb-i and 2. J. Richardson.
11. Pen: Ona ram. any age! BWC, two
Shears nr over; ewe xht-iirllnic; ewe lamb
-1 nnd :\ j. Richardson.
|l, Aged ram. twn Hhrars or nver—1,
J.  nichiirdson.
l".. Shearling mm-i. j. Richardson,
17   Hum l.iml.   1  and I, J.  Itlehnrdsnn. >
IS, Kw,\   two   shears   nr  nver-l   und  2,
J.   HI. h.11.1-.11
I''. Shearling ewe-1  mid 2, J.   llli-h.lld
K, Kwe lamb—I  and  2.  J.  HlrhardH.ni.
21. Pen:  One  ram,  any  nge:  ewe.  iwi
ulnars nr nv.-r: ewe Biieerllngi ewe lamb
-1 and 2. J.  Hlchardsnti.
22. HhearlliiK ram, two Hheam or nver-
1. T.  W.  I'.ilersnii: a. A.  Davie.
B. Bhearllni mm--i. t. \v. Palerson,
21. Hum luinb-t, A.  Duvle.
2'.. Kwe.  two  sin-urn  or over- 1  uml  2.
t. \V. Peterson,
M, Bhwrllng ewe—I nnd 2, T. w. pmcr-
ft. BW« lamb-I. A. Hiivlc; I, T, W.
H, Pin: One ram. .my .ig'-; ewe. two
nhe.iix nr nv,r; e-xe ■.||.-atllii|!; ewe,
hi nib.
2n. Aged ruin, two sheen nr uver.
ID, HIi'-urllliK   ram.
tl. Hum lamb.
:I2. Kwe,   two   shears  or  over.
n. Hhearlinu •«•-.
21. Bwe i.niii..
.v.. pen: One rem, any ape; ewe, two
■hoars   or   over;   ewe   ineirling!   ewe'
hi nib.
.■'aimers" Insiltiite spe.til: pun- bred
sheep-1.   A.   Davle
l-.-n fat Bheeji -1. t   k. I-ad ner.
Times special;  fat si 11-1. a.  Divle. I
M.l'    Htoekbreedi-rri'   Special)   liesl   ruin
nnd 2 ewe Linii.-. medium or slmrt wool
I  and X A.  Davie.
B.C. Stockbreeders' ipecteti i»osi ram
atnl   '.'  ewe   lanihs.   Iiiiik   Wo-il-1,   J.   Itlell-
sum:   wv priti-: hhkkd.
i   l.   Hnar, ogetl—1,  A,  Davie) 2. T.  R.
2. Brood now in farrow, or that hns
been ho within mmiiliH-1 nml I, A.
I, Hour, under three month- 1. A.
Da vie.
l. How, under six niunthx-l, T. l'
l.adner; 2, A. Davie.
.'.. llenl Utter Hits (nO( lens than 5l
! under three inonthH.
il,    ll.i.ir. nged.
T, Iti'i.i.l sow In farrow or thai hfll
bvi-n ho within mojitna—I, T. E. t-ndner.
1, Hoar. Hinli-r three months—1, T. U.
Ladner;  2.  T.   E.   Ladner.
*i.   ttow, under nix monthi
C. T. Vradenburg
Fletcher St.
Feed Co.
is now roady for Imsi-
ni'ss mul offor to soil
nl lowost prices: Flour,
iii-niii, l-'ct'il nnil Poultry Supplies, retail nml
Fruit, Potatoes, Pi.itl-
, try and Eggs,
Conn.ctlona *l V.ncoov.r,
Victoria and Prlnc. Rup.rl.
PoLlo and Grain Sack.
lor Sal*.
ChilliwacK Feed Co.
Macken- j
I Smtih
! Lumber   j
! Co.
I j
% will bo glad |
I to furnish you j
| with an esti-1
I mate on your |
! lumber bill!
| whether you j
I place your or- J
I der with them j
| or not. *.
i <•
♦ Phone 86    :
* i
* I
+ t
* Macken-
J Smith
ill Lumber Co. j
,   **************** ,*i*+*-H
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|MejHH»OeJMHBejMOO(sTssjs-ejMHMOejMHM amy
Opera House
Three Nights Only
Monday, October 2
Miss Verna Felton
The Allen Players
"The Foremost Stock Company
On The Road Today."
Opening with
"The Christian"
Hall Caine's Well-known Drama
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^iM-mMMmOaamaaMmmammaOOmamaaaaaaaaMoammm THE GARDEN CITY LEADER, CHILLIWACK, B. C.
The Art of Making Them Resemble Their Human Patterns.
They Fit the f-ya Socktt Perfectly snd
May tcvsn Ba Worn During Sleeping
Hours—Msde ol Glass, For Which
•No Subttituu His Yet Baen Found.
Germutiy It-mla uil uther eountrlw In
tbu uiuiiiifmliirii uf mt HI. Jul eyes.
Hit* Auierlrmi COIIlUl geiiurel al CO-
Imri[ relnit-H Unit I'luDuiiiy ever ali»-a
the lii'Ultiiilu-; uf the wurld cIvlllMtl
people liuvti eiuJ>itvo*etl lu hide ur
re in »ily tiny tlnw m un-ir apptttiruuea,
siii ll nn tbe Iiixh uf mi eye would
ruijHU. Uuw I Ills WUH iluil.- Dy lilt- VII
yiuiiH uutloim It In third lu uuy. Up to
tbe jiifHt'iit llinu uu UiMUn-rles bnro
fceeii wiide tlmt would uffer tfuiliehieu
ini-ui uu ihls Hiitiji-n. There are. It Is
true, a few utiuullii'iitU-uifd ai-ruutits
as fur biK'k uu tin- middle u-if*.. but
tile Drat rellutilo n*|iuri la given by the
Freueh aurgeou Aiubruliw I'me lu l&tiu.
Two kinds of urtlllelal eye* were
tnowu to blm, ibe ekblepbnrua uud
tbe bypoblepburus. The ekbteiibanm
f/aa made by painting ibe eye and ail
surrounding parts as fur as ibe bruws
on a plate, which wus placed lu riuut
of the eye socket aud held In pusltluu
by a siring tied uver tbe bead. The
liypoblepbaroa was used In a muuner
■liullur lo tbat ot today, being put behind tbe eyelid. In tbe eye socket It-
Mir, and wua composed or a metal
■hell or copper, silver or gold, covered
Wlib enamel und glass fusions.
It was only at the close of tbe elgbt-
teutb century tbat ibeat artificial eyes
really became of practical use, It being
then found possible to do away wlib
(be metal sbell altogether aud employ
•numel and gloat*.. Tbe aiuterliil used
•waa a eofi lead glass, easily iun|W4l,
but also easily destructible, and uu
eye bad to be renewed every three or
four months to prevent ibe socket
from becoming affected.
It ta known tbat lu the middle uf the
nineteenth century eyes were mude by
•namelera In Dresden. I'rugue. Loudon
and Stockholm, aud In 'fburlr.gi-i The
Tuurlnglau makers were not enamel-
era. but glass blow em working In cun
section wltb tbe porcelain pulntlug Industry, whose endless and untiring
experiment resulted In the discovery
of an Ideal material, cryolite gluss. ibe
use of wblcb led to a new technique
lu ey« manufacture. Moreover. ih**re
can now be produced all tbe cbaroe*
terlstlcs of tbe human eye wblcb bud
been possible In enamel work 'Ihe
Hew prosthetic eye received the uume
"reform eye." To be of value, how
•ver, It must be made to exactly 111
tbe eye socket.
I Today It la possible to glee to tbe re
form eye any form and color dexlnd.
and In most cases It can be even woro
at night, thereby preventing tbe lid
from sinking Into the socket uml the
lathes from sticking together. At
times attempts have been made to replace tbe breakable glass by vulcanite
or celluloid, but sucb efforts bave long
■luce been given up aa useless.
lu ISM tbe method used Id France
fur making eyes was as follows: Uo
tbe broadly pressed eud of a small,
colorless, transparent rod of enamel
tbe pupil wae first made, and tbe Iris
was tben formed on this by means of
a small, thin pointed, colored enameled
rod. tbe designing of tbe iris being
made possible by melting tbe point of
tbis rod.
In Paris tba good cyea are now so
sonde. A glass lube, closed at one end
and of tba color of tha sclerotic, is
aext blown Into tba form of ao oral,
and In Iba middle of this a hole Is
melted, tba edges of wblcb an round-
ad off evenly and pressed a little outward. Tha Iris ts tben placed In this
opening and well malted In. A thick
coating of glass remslns behind. Tbe
aye la rounded off. tbe projecting rim
•f tba white coat Is smoothed with a
metal rod. and this com Is thereby
Joined to the sclerotic. By means of a
thin, pointed red rod the blood vessels
te be seeo on tbe bard coat of tbe
bumsn eye are then melted tu The ,
euj-frfliit-.ii!, iini-k part or tbe eyeball le
melted off, thereby giving to the eye !
tbe desired form. Tbe eye le Anally
placed on hot sand, where It becomes
gradually cooled off.
tllsss ayea are made In quite a different manner lu Lauscbn, the center
of this Industry In (ierniuny. where
their manufsciure Is sllngeiher s
bouse Industry. Tbe eyas are u-^iinlly
made by one member of a family, snd
the art la banded down from oue generation to soother. A gas flume Is
tsed for melting the glass. A small
drop of while glsss Is put on tbe white
blown ball from which tbe selenitic 1*
tit be msde snd Is tben blown so aa ti
tanks a circle about eight mllllmeiert
10.310 Incbi In diameter. Ou this cfr
cle tbe struriure of ihe Iris Is built tiy
means of variously colored glus*t rutin.
A drop of black glaaa makes the pupil
Over tbe finished Iris crystal glen Is
melted lu order to Imitate ibe cornea
Tbe further manufacture Is similar to
tbat given In the Brat description.
Csrafutnass Thst Was Not Appreciate
by the Miaaionarlai.
Ardent   missionaries   were  trying to
convert the unllvas ot u village lu uu
dud Africa lo niodesly at. well in*, lo
t.'hi'lHiliiuliy and for llmt  purpoMi* pro*
vided tucui uil wiih mure or le-w coin
plete ouitlin uf clot lien, Hie autlvcs
were delighted nud api-tu n-cverai days
Hluipiy In [iiirudinji lu civilized gnrb
thruugh the one tinrrow village street.
Hut when Sunday arrived und the
blacks ibrunged to the weekly church
service, carrying the new clot bos in
iiuiidk-s under their urtus, tbs mission-
Uriel were dismayed uml reared hi>null I ml of bur bu ilo outbreak.   Hut since
thero Heemed to he tlio usual nil It-
fcllug of curiosity und reverence un
the (mii uf tin* unlives ttiey decided
tu ask no questions until after the
service. There wns u iioriiinl i|ttlut
until Just ui ihe Hcriuoii was begun.
Then   Hltddi'lily   u   Inn;**   chief,   who
had been squatting with bis face toward the ope" doorway, leaped lo tils
feet wiih uu PX0 III (tuition.
Immediately the others or ibe trltw
did likewise, crying, "The sun-ihe
nun!" unwrapped their bundles and
proceeded to put ou their clothee,
"Wlmt does It uil meant" Inquired
one of the white teachers.
The old chief turned to him wltb
equal auutftutuent, "Of course," snld
he, "we could nut wettr our beautiful
ornament a when ihe ruin might corns
aud spoil ihem."~New York Tribune
You will find relief In Zam-Btikt
11 cases the burning, •timing
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Porseveranco, with Zsm-
Buk, means cure. Why not prove
am BuK
It's s Mighty Big Job, but Blsok Death
Looks on snd Wsits.
The pneumonic plague is due to thi-
marmot The tuurmot lives In the
Lake Italkul region Kill It off and It
can easily ta* killed off—and tbe pueu
tnonlc plugue will dlsuppeur forever."
The speuker, n linclerluloglst of the
University or I'etitisylvnnlu. resomed:
"The bubonic plague Is due lo the
rat. Kill the rat off nnd ihe bubonic
plugue will dlKup'icur. Hut lu kill oil
tbe rat!"
He mude a gesture of dexpnlr
"A litter or ruts," he said, "number**
thirteen. Of these sit will he dues. A
doe rut will have her first litter at the
age or three mouths and ihereafter un
otber litter every six weeks all through
the year, winter und summer alike.
Thus If every member uf these litters
survive the progeny uf on-.* pair uf rats
lu a year would number 2.1.000.
"They don't HUM ber i but, of course,
but tbey number numel hlng like It.
sud ir our mllllumilie pblluuibruplsts
don't help us to exterminate our para-
slies-our mis utul mice, our cots uud
dugs -If ihey d"ii t help us to exterminate uil animal* mire those that are or
direct vulue to us— why, sums duy ao
other black dealt- will nearly, will per
haps completely, extermluuie civilize
tlou."—Cincinnati Koqulrer.
It You Don't Think So Try to Start s
Uama In Turkay,
It Is, ut was until recently, a difficult
mutter to hv u Hfturtsumu lu Turkey
One 11 ci hntl Hey tried it. with s result Weird enough to serve ss s basis
for a iit-ii-i tive story or a comic opera.
The young Turk hud organized s
footfall team among his Mends, to
gel her wllh sume (Jiecks sud Arms
nliins. iiiiii bi-Kiin practicing. Not very
loug after. In the middle or tbe nlgitt.
police Hum- tu hh bouse and curried
blm off lu Scutnit There he was sub
milled to n long Interrogation as to
tbe club and the game o( football.
The authorities were convinced tbat
tbey bad found n great pint und thut
the club iini.il be n secret society. A
special messenger was seul fur tbe
ball, and that was duly examined nud
fouud to be no Infernal machine. Tbe
rules or the game were considered to
be another piece of dimming evidence,
and still worse were the nweuteis snd
colors of the club.
After long deliberation the culprit
was sent to tbe higher police nul hurl
lies In siniuliuul. who went through s
second long exnmlnalloi, nud came to
tbe conclusion that the empire had
been saved from disintegration by the
early discovery of n great plot Tbey
dlaputcbed the whole matter to be In
quired lntu al the sultan's palace at
Ylldlz. and a apec-ial commission took
tbe matter In hand
After much careful thought and ex
amluatluu uf the evidence of the crime
It was decided that there might uot
be nothing in It. but that It must not
be committed again.-Harper's Weekly
Mary Queen of Scott Loit  It at the
After many centuries, and In a cur-
ion*, way, a historic nooklftce ot nliiek
pearls, which Queen Mary ol Scot I
wore on Old morning of her execution ut Fotheringuy Castle, hat baen
recovered in a romantic way. From
that morning, wlu-n. at the foot nf
the lO&ffold, the ill-fat.d quoeri dis*
trlbtlted her id wall nnd money ntnona
her friend*, tile Muck pearl nerklitee
hml beon lost bight of. and waa only
recently unearthed in an old curiim-
Ity  shop  in  a   -mull    villnuij  in  Bent-
ln'i'l. The keeper of the snap parted
wilh the pearls ti a Indy customer
for 12h. fltl., hut there was then
nothing tu Indicate their real value.
Now exports  have il'-clared Hint  they
are Incomparable, uml, in (not, they
have been resold for no leu a sum
than EH..IIUI (about SM.OOO). It lefltlll
that a snort tiim* iil'i) a lady, tilling
h.-r bicycle iii Boot I nnd, accidentally
hroka the chain hy which her eye*
D]at<soi wero impended, Homamber*
lug that in a Utile -hop she had seen
a   few strings  of   heads   nnd  other
trlflei dear  to youttlfill  village niaiil-
ens. she rode there to tee if sna could
Iind something to replace for a time
her broken chain. Bin- found nothing
to serve her purpose, ami was on the j
point of leaving, when the old lady
behind tho counter said, "I have got
an old necklace that miifht tin hut it
It much more expensive. Shall I
f teli it for you?" A necklace of
rather large, dull-looking "head.-'*
was produced, It did not seem to ho
rjuite what she wanted, hut the ot*'-
ous workmanship of the clasp took '
the lady's fancy and for the sum of
twelve shilling.*-, and sixpence she
became its owner, and lo it ntt'iclihii .
her eyeglasses, sha resumed her ride.
To her  purchase  she  attached  hut
little Importance, hut being one day
In London, a friend admired tho
"beads" not a little, and expressed
ti wonder as to where such a pretty
string had conic from. It wt chanced
that shortly afterwards Ihe owner ol
the "beads" had occasion to visit the
shop of a dealer in antiques, her
object being the purchase of n grand- I
father   C.0CK,  ami    while   there    nlie
ihowed her "beads"   to   tho  dealer.
No need to apologize to family or guest when
always right — every biscuit Inspected before it ia
paeked—and they are as fresh itj the product of your
own oven.
Mo the great favorites for every day use.
They are made in the big sanitary factory In
Winnipeg and come to you iu air-tight packages or
tn sealed tins as you prefer.
Applied Scisnee.
When James Ituasell Lowell was
minister to Knglaud bo was guest at
■ banquet at Which one or Ihe speak
era was Sir Frederick Hramwell. Sir
Frederick wns io reapond to tbe toast
"Applied Science" It was long afler
midnight when the toast wus proposed, and several speakers were still
to lie called Itlalng to bis pines, the
scientist said:
"At this hour or the night, or. rather, of tbe morning, my only Interest In
applied science 1** lo upply the tip of
tbe match to the side uf tbe box upon
which alone It Ignites and to apply
tbe Hume so obtained to tbe wick of s
bedroom caudle."
A moment later Lowell tossed s paper across the table to him  bearing
these two lines:
On,  brief sir  Frederick,  would  that  sll
could cslch
Tour Itisi-uy tslnit and supply your match'
How It Got There.
A gamekeeper was going over his
master's esinte one morning, when be
fticoutiter.-if n gentleman of the poach
Ing class TV gatuekee|-er noticed
tbut the other's but wus bulging lu s
curious iiinmier Afler subjecting the
Imi to an ciainlnutluii he fouud a title
young plieiPMlDI
"How- did nils get ber»r the game
keeper linked, glaring at ihe culprit
"Hlowetl It I kimw." growled the
poacher, noting ui the iiheasatit with
so apparent loot, ut greiii perplexity
"Tiie bhioniltiK t iiini! uiMt 0»»s crawled up m> trousers leg."- i.«udou rit-
Love Litter of a Kaffir.
Here ht a Kafllr love letter:
near Miss B Nsstrenl-1 nave **r<*at eon-
ndence In Ihutnlprins tt*- width of my
opinion that I ■nail thank for klndneai If
you will |iv- m-> ihe privlits-a at letterlns
with you cciic-rnin* lov« as ynur moil
winning teem has amen tiiv tenons attention to you, and that I aliall appreciate
«.u In anticipation if sn early reply nnd
also termlnstlns this with eupiema ol
Mich enunciatlun. 8AMUO.
Easy Enough.
Just before the capture of Savannah
General Logun,  wiih two or three of
Iih staff, entered the depot at Chicago
to take the enrs east ou bis way to rejoin his command.  Tbe general, being
a short distance In advance of tbe oth
era, stepped on tbe steps of s car, but
was atopiwd by nn Irishman wltb:
"Te can't go lu there."
"Why not?" asked the general
"because them's u leddles' caer, and
do gentleman 'II be goin in there with
out a lealdy.  There's wan sate to thst
caer over there If yees want IL"
"Yes," replied tbe general. "1 see
there Is one seal, but what shall I do
with my ststTV'
"Oh. yer staffr was tbe reply, "(lo
take the sate and stick yer staff out of
tbe windy."
The Worm Turned.
I!er Dud-No. sir; I wont bare my
daughter lied fur life lu a slilpld fool.
Her tfultnr-Thcn doirt yim think yon
Had heller let me hike tier off yuur
baud*.''   HoHliiii  IruuscripL
Tri*  Rul'nrj  "aitIan.
Opnrter -ni Inuil doon- There Is s
minor thai Mr iir>-ntiunn has Jusl
dl»tl In Ihl*- inlet I'utler Yes. tun
be has uuthing lu ss> tor publication
Wssn't s Bit Impressed.
The rtiler or the rlui of Mcintosh
once had a dispute wltb a London cab-
by over the fare.
"Do you kimw who I am''" tbe high
lander nskej angrily. "1 am lbs Me-
"I don't rare If you are on umbrella."
retorted ihe cabby. "I'll bar* my
In For Itl
First   Small    Hoy-We'd    lietter   tw i
good   «•*>.,>rni Kiiiait Itoy-Wtiyl  Firm
small luv-t h-.H.i doctor ten mot bet
to lake  pli'titf  of  eierclse.- Wyiuau *
il.no- Cutnpnntna.
One says, "I have Great Faith in
Cuticura Remedies," Another,
11 They Always Bring Results."
"1 w|>h to 1.1 you know of a couple at
rrc'iit cum which I have msde by ii»' ues
• t ii.- Cuticura Remedies. Ust August, sir.
——— ot iiii> iiiy csom io my uitiie. troubled
wuti a severs ikm i-iuptsun. At (mt 1 vuuid
not iiini. i-tjini tin- natum i>i the cane.   1
littiallv tin. ■'•! ll to btS imi iiiatmii SS l«- ***.- a
titlntf-f and ili-fniutnr.    It «ru ila-Mtielith In
'i-king llllll what lie thought ot lhem.
After a short Inspection, the dealer
became qulta animated, lingering
i'ik-Ii "head" In turn, and asking so
initiiv questloiih as lo how and when
tlu- lady had liccomo their owner,
that her curiosity was completely
aroused. Subsequently the "bends'
were submitted t<i n jiwoller and hii*
Interested Inquiries served io con-
firm the owner's Impression that her
possession was positively ol rnre
value, and the impression was strong*
tli-n d when an offer WW made of
lj;fi,nin) for the string. This offer wai
declined, and Instead the string wa*.
i submitted to an uckuowlf-dgcd expert
■ in matters connected with sntlquition
nml ancient j.-wcll-ry. H-re » brief
' examination of the "bcatls," and a
. glance at a book of reference, were
' sufficient.
j "Thi.-'. madam, i* the string cf
Iblack pearls worn by Mary Queen of
|8ootS *"jn the day ol lit execution.
The pearls have suffered by neglect,
hut I can buy them from you, should
, v.iii   wish    to  tell   tli -in.  for    sixteen
i thousand   pounds.     I   shall   re-sell
! them Ot a profit to a customer il yo'i
' rii-c-pi my offer which remains open
i for your con-adcration an long as you
i like."
i The lady accepted the offer, nnd
i shortly afterwards the old shop
' woman in the little Scotch village
: was equally delighted aud aMonlbhed
I to receive a cheque lor one thousand
j pounds.
Queer Ideas of Arithmetic.
i In a village churchyard in Worcestershire there is. or used to be, a
- tombstone stating the age of the ten-
; ant of the tomb below to be 304. The
1 mason apparently had the crudest no-
; lions of the mysteries ol arithmetical
1 flotation.
I Oddly enough, to the present day
' we would find in Burma 1000 900 11 1
used lor the year 1910. this being a
I case ol an admixture ol an old nota*
l tion 'vith modern lymbols. The seme
, kind of adtnixture of new end old is
taught in the indigenous monastic
schools of Thibet, snd Is prevalent all
ever India among the Hindu astrologers. In the purely native schools Indian children are said to learn their
multiplication tables up to 100 Lines
Teachers  In  our own   elementary
school* may bless their fortune that
they are not called upon to listen to
I such   a    nerve-ending   drone   from
"twice two sre four," up to the numbers just mentioned.    Even   In   the
i Government schools   (-1   the   United
' Provinces the children had to learn
| up to 40 times 40 until s lew years
mini ne
•« Why-
other ii.
tit-IU to
Ihey   w-
An  Illustration
igQ is often the result of ig-
do you make that out?"
lo yuu suppose tlm mice the
| Projectiles Hretl even from the
i heaviest guns wlu-n llicv penetrate
I concrete do an without splintering it.
 .,...!..    ..,.-     i    Relltl   tor   the   Depressed
ight Would have go. your hair |^\n,,;,,a;;i:.r;d"UH?^ oTlVe
 tils   ou   the   Hour   and   lorn .   .   ...
if tin- mice had known
sr"- Baltimore    Amort*
Minard's Liniment cures garget in cows
Bright children usually outgrow j Even when the
tlu-ir brightness, thus becoming fitted some fellow* can
to till the rol,- of parents in their turn. ; 	
Physical and
i hair
 ml liver, un when these uraaiis sre
ilerauied in their tu-lluu the whole sys-
li-to   Ih   alli-ili'ii Try    I'armi-li-e I   Vege-
titiile Pills. They revive the disvtitive pro-
cesseSi net henefli-lally on tbe nerves and
ri'-tnn- the spiHttt as no other pllle will.
They nre i-lu-ap, simple aud sure, and the
effects are lastliif.
Chose a Bad Title
May-Mad at him? Why, he wrote
ti lovely  poem to her.
Hiidie — Yes, hut she never read it,
When she saw the title of it she ture
the whole thing up in a lit of anger.
You see, he called it "Lines un
Mabel's  Face."-Smart Sot.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
itncfls, thus becoming titted
•ole of parents in tlieir turn.
Ooitlvene*! and Its Cure.- When the ei-
cn-tory un-nn* rrfnsa tn perform their
function* properly tin- ititctines ln-coine
Hogg'-d. Tlii- in known an i-osllveiicei- and
if neglected lives rlie to dangerous mm.
plications. I'll mi elt'e'H Vesetshle 1'ill-
m 111 effect a speedy care. At the first Intimation of tin- ailment Ihe sufferer
*.iniilil procure n pneket of tin- pill- and
put him-ilf under a cuur-ie of treatment.
The good itr.-.-n uf the pills will be ul
nnn-t   iiiimt-dluti-ly   evident.
She-*-"Somcone has snld that the
ocean never sleeps, hut I'm lure it
looks calm enough now to be taking a
He—"Yei, nil except that part
ast'-rti; that's awake, you know."—
Boston Transcript.
Even when they hnve nothing to do
■ fellows can't do it well.
The destruction of the house fly is
1 a public duty. Almost every American
| Slate Board of Health is carrying on
a crusade ngahit him. Hi*, lilthy
i origin and  habits,  ami  the fact that
his body is laden with tlisease-pro-
> ihieing germs, nukes him one of tho
] greatest enemies of the human nice,
'if the housekeepers of Cnnada  wilt
use Wilson's Ply   Pads   persistently.
this  peril would he tremendously  reduce.].
We know a good novelist who Is fn
Insy thut he writes them backward—
otherwise he'd never begin.
Au Knglish aviator keeps his feet
warm while flying by an ingenious arrangement of pipes from the chgine
and radiator.
If there is anything surer than
dentil nnd taxes it is that the gump
who goes to bed full of booze gets up
full of l.lues. .
I'lili-pas wurmt* be t-xpa-ll.-.l from the
system no child can lie hentthv. Mother
Urn vert' Worm Kxtt-rralunfnr *- the Lent
Nii-iii.iiit- citniit to ilt-truv  worain.
Sopio folks imagine that all they've
got to do to become highbrows is to
lose their hair!
A truly grent orator,Is one who can
sny the most convincing things In the
fewest words.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
•tth LOCAL APPLICATIONS, u they rennnt rf-u-,
tin- eril ot tlir dlteaM-. Cutatrt In a tilood ur c-uieU
tulMfuU aieew. siid In iinl-f tu cure tt you Runt lake
Utrrnel rrm*-ilr«. IU1I* t'm.irrli Cure tl Ukra *D>
t*ninll)-. ami aria fJIrrrtiy U|«ni tlu, bluoil and nni'-uut
iu(l»f,*. Ilnti* c-.i-.rrh Cure k out a qur-ck mnlt-
eln«. It «u iirrai-niMil by one of ibe beet ptiysHrieoa
la thla niuniry lur j.rire anil m a re-ubu- prrerrlptloa.
tt h t-.:iii».M-,l ul the tH-rt tut'In knuwn. miulmm
aitb the tHit lituu-J imririiT-. ertliie dlm-tli- on lb*
BUruiisi mrfims. The p-rli-rl runtbliialhti ul tbs
;wo iner-.iii tin te what prmlum eut-b aondertul rs>
nlts Si curl'ic caUnli. IVnd r.-r tretimoulan. Ir-a.
r. 1. CIIKM.'V S km., rtusa.. IWaaU u
St... by UnuNhU, prire lie.
Take SUU-s StaiUy run lur i
m etea l-iil eeMUea tmateeme ^,*k mrt ssies.   Writ mot eatm emert ee «mw te,
aa team a Sea st aMawaaami m   t
Dolly—"D'Auber painted this portrait of inc. li look- quile like an old
master, doesn't itr"
Polly—"Quite like an old maid, you
11 leu ll.    Yes,   it's a good  likeness."—
Toledo Blade.
How It Effects the Manufacturer and
the Farmer
uit im
iil -li-. I
• ■  .   •   ■ S*i  cliei
and miiiiM ler-mlnsl
lti lliu**  und   Imiiiui
V. ..l.l.I   ll|tllll-l   l".l
It -tail-.I  h
i-i- K uml ..'•.I'.iiii-ii -
in i.**l. | ili>.    IN«
*4« iltr-il'til uml tn
< 'kin Spsrl. trt mi* to
-"   il.'tl    Ull    till'     UMi.tll
liink of mul hf spent
i. ul
Beautiful, But  Dangerous.
:    The laburnum is ■ beautilul tree.
Unfortunately, however, like many
1 other beautiful things, laburnum blot*
i icm is dangerous. The long, yellow
j flower* and the seeds which presently
^ take thelf plsce contsin poison—cyUs*
! mi-   i-i   powerful   thst   a  hundredth
part of a grain inject .-d under the
I skill of a cat ur a dog Is sufficient to
: cause its death, lu ten Seeds of
. laburnum there is sufficient poison to
kill a child, and there are a num.
I ber of cases on record of death Irom
, this cauic.   Alio the laburnum eier*
eif.es an evil effect Upon tht) vegetable
! Korld. The gardener will tell you
1 that flower* will not flourish in the
' (round shout s laburnum tree.—Lon*
don Globe.
The Victim.
Flannaiart's Way.
rsssldy-Flannairau s tbluklnn of goto' Into tbe hiniilu" Uuslue-ts lis
tougbt ■ folne new cart today Ca**v
•--But fbqre be has do borse. Klsnos
g&D-No, but he's golo' to buy who
Casey-Well, thnt's lolke Flsnnngsn.
He always did git the cart befoor tbe
Lorss.-rblindelphlB Ledger.
' It Is ■ eery great thing for ue to do
tbe very best we ran do Just where
end as we ere.-UshctKlfc
The Cruel Maid.
Tie nailer duel reiussd t me.
An,i, wus an angry f.i--.im
lti t#Otti tier eyes, llm Jail t imiM
Uul mad end whipi-wl me uie
. -star
And w*ie-i she round the punished erea*n
\,n-il'l neither "-team m-r i-'K
S-:i«i*wh"re she I tinted her cruelty
Al.J ue.,t a  feet,le eKK
-rt'-rji.toii Tribune-fteputillcso.
An), fi.mlns still, s tsier'a eye
Mie IpSred not lu liar wraili:
Tli-n ll'iiif a helpless doughnut In
Ao oily, sisiciina ustn.
-Cleveland I'lala Ueslsr.
Clectr c Light Globes
Electric iiiiii I'lote-s may lie . hr-aplf '
fMitail or colored by dipping In a th'n
uiiluiinii of while "helac slid alcohol.
to wblcb may  tie added any desired
The VVhsts Show.
■■i-Vlini const It Uteri s tlrst clnss socle-
iy drntnaT'
■Three ads. sis cow ns snrl nine ept
gram*).''- Uiui-iviiu* Oourlir JournaL
Mr tVoL'irs--I'm throngb wltb Hump.
I  t'lll  llllll Wt? ure gUlllg to ll.imi- our  |
iiali.v aller some i"icni  |N***s0h-lgp nnd
naked nun tor u sliggHsliuti
Mrs Wnggs-Wunt did beany)
Mr   \\0gV*.   Itv s.iiii. ".Nutut- ti utter
ours  —I'ltvll
rum U.i
l«., mm
lies m Mt
. mt     t  i.-i-l
v  on lti
'III   llllltll
.It lu le-
lif-t  ji-
nth ic.« .*•■...i> nml
• ti.-  -,.*
•J in a
'■w ilays
ill-mill, r
ths t'ut:-
tin- was
ai-li with
.1.1     SlMl
ami   to
mi J!
An Earlr/ Explorer,
in nrlsnn poor LsilllRibus ami to fret.
tu su-nisi   'i   ui, i inorcsue my scaotf
Fii»a- si
if.r lei t-irt* nlatfotn's nm dsvslopSil ys-t,
An.l I here l no ciuuce lo write lur tiug-
—Waslifnston Star.
i or ih
ijii.IV   the   Ciilitui
lt.li.-v .,li.iiiilli, vr-iv tuvtil.1.   ...
lulu tilu It'-llii-fl.-, In- V.u< CifUllv rella-vrd
linl m-ltiy Ite ti i.iti,[il,lilv iiiikI tlirouch
thnt Use, I hsve Stent I.mu In tin- Cuticura
lli-tii.ill,-4 ;,n.| .hull ijttuy tiati- h cinhI wutd
lur lli'-tii ii.,«' that  I uiii --outlined uf tlieir
*..iiti.-ii,ti merlls?'   tsienwii u. I., widt*-
lii-.nl M ll.. IDS I lur I uiiiii III 81., llonluo.
Mum.   July  T2.  IDIO.
A*   t'i.ni-!,    Ill    hrniiitl'iti  nf  tliU m'xt
ri.tivimlitit -ui. in. nt, li. M. t-i-ln-r, M.I'..
Ill* Pool, Md., wrlti-n: ".My f.ur wj- nrflh tul
•Ailti Kirtiia In Die year I8W7.    I UBM lha
Cutmirs Hemsawi u»'i **«i mufeif conn.
I uiii » (i.e. li. mi- pliv-li Imt uml v-iy iillen
lit... nt,.. t'liiliiita It'-mi-lii-- la rate* of
ei/emu, atnl llie*/ list,- CUM *l»ete MM
'••iimilu*. Iiavr fullrd. I >ta imt la the hal.it
of endur<ltu> patent HMWOeS, l»»t when I
Hml renir-dlr.* ivowwiiis tme merit, r-ucli M
Die futlniia llemrdlc* do. 1 nn taoud*
liiiiided i-niiimil to prawlm ttirlr vlrliie- lo
the world. I hsve MM piscllrllis nii-ilk-lne
for twenty yean, and iau.-l SU f«"" JJM
ItHiinlle/A No. I. I sllll Iind the In kuia
PwrnalS M,fo«i si e»er.    Hiey s'wiys
'''ftuKn^emedles sre sold tar drilflristS
eerrywhere. IVitter grut * Jmjfl^Oofpj,
Hole rroiN.. men, "sss. Mailed free, on
Sq.^t luleul »-pfff Cutlrura Book oo Ibe
io«dv tiesiiueui sTskls dlssssss
| "I hear poor Ilohbs, the humnrlit,
Im- gotiu to a sanitarium," Blnks
"Yes," Hlggini said. "He's worked
hiiti-»!( into a state of nervous pros*
lint]..n thnt I (ear is incuruhle."
"Thai's to had." Blnkl said. "How
did 1 ome to do thatV
"Why. mx week- ago he got sn answer to a riddle, one's a chau-fleur
mid the other'* a fur show, and he
lays he'll n ver he able to tlecp until
he tlntls the question it will make a
Kuud answer to." Higgins seid.
In quavering tones the dying man
dielaled  to  bin  lawyer  his   last   will
nnd testament,   "To each and every
chrk who has I ij in my employ leu
"oars', El,W0."   "Bul, my dear sir."
j gasped   the   lawyer,   "think   of   your
I sous ami riaughtotsl   And your fortune is imt  colossal!"     "Thtit'a    nil
'riifht!"   murmured   llm   sick   man.
, "People have iilways said that I was
! close and hard,   I waul them to think
| well of me when I am gone.   It will
louk so well in the papers, and there
Isn't u clerk in my place, by the way.
who hu   In.,i it jiii tne ten months I"
It was Abraham Lincoln, who gave'i
popularity to the Protectionist side
of the tariff question, when he said;
"I do not know n t'i. m deal about the ■
tariff, hut what 1 ilo know is. that!
when we buy goods abroad the foreigner get*, the money, hut when we buy
giants ut home, we get both the goods,
and the money." This sound philo-
-npliy   cliarac1eri7.es   another   of   the'
late president's famous homilies,]
"The farmer and the manufacturer,"
the   president  once   said,    with    his
1 characteristic shrewdness, "tire both :
in the same hunt and 1 reckon they've
L'nt to l.-jiin to navigate tbe craft together or they'll upset." "He compared the case of n Pennsylvania!
farmer," continues the historian in.
question, "and ti Pennsylvania iron!
merchant ami implement maker whose]
nrdpcrliei adjoined. Under a protective policy Ihe former supplied
the Ironmakcr with bread, meat, vege.
tables,  fruit,  fodder  for horses, ot«.,j
, mul the Ironmakcr supplied the farm-!
•t with all tin- iron, iron implements,
etc., whieh he needed. Assuming that
a i-liuiiL'e  is iii.-kIi- nnd the  Protective |
policy abandoned, the farmer then-
I discovers that he can buy his Iron j
implements cheaper Irom Europe than|
from his neighbor, assuming that he,
-ells ii sufficient Quantity oi Hour tn j
Rurope to enable him  io effect the
purchase of  lho iron.    He ultimately
'discovers that  the cost of carriage to
(the const, transportation by sea to]
England, Insurance   and   cartage nn
'atrival, does not enable him to re-'
ccive moll a uootl reward lor hji labor
11<< he formerly did when pelting his
flour to bis neighbor, the Irontnnker,
I He, therefore, determines lo sell his
' Hour us before to bis neighbor. Hut
meantime, the farmer discovers that
while lie tins been purchasing his
! iron Implements from Europe his
j neighbor, ihe ironmakcr, has been
■ compelled lo stop hi*- works and (lis-
I miss hii employees, not having sunt-
J cieiif work for them. The farmer,
I therefore, now finds llmt In- lias more
I wheat than he knows what to do tilth,
I also Hint be ii un longer able to sell
I his fruit, tegotablea, (odder, meat.
, horses, etc. to his neighbor, the iron-
. maker, as he has pone out of bnsl-
1 nese. In fact, he finds that thmuuh
' buying abroad in the cheapest market
he has destroyed the home market
lor bis own prod nets and thrown n
' number of his fellow-countrymen out
of rmplyineiit."
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Kildj". "Riynl Gi-orje" coit.blne Balety Suri'ty and Si
l.'iiiv la Mitch., mil aell .1 .bout 1,000 lor 10 cetti*
Tlit'u-'s   nutliing  "juat  aa good."
W. N. II., No. IBS.
and OTIIcm:
The beet equipped factory for producing Counter Check liooks
in Canada.
50*000 ateckitooki
=====  per Day.
We are supplying the Largest users of Counter Check
Books in Canada with out
(NM In III. Trual.l
I SuMhtHn kMMM q.ltl. In til M.nll.b., S.tk.lihiwu,
Md UrHM C-Mwa.'. tt»« Will, u. It wndlli.n. tnd prim THE GARDEN CITY LEADER, CIIII.I.TWACK, B.C.
"   1PANY
Tho Time, Money and Grain Saver.
"Gustave'i letteri to nn- are exceed.
lngly 'lull mill   con npluctV'   said
on.- fair girl
"Don't vou kn.nv why?" responded
I In* other.
"Gualavo one,, served on Iho jury iu
a broach iif promise, oust?,"- Washing*
ton Times,
Minard's  Liniment Curea Cold*,  Etc
"I thotighl you told nn- your dog
could lick anything iu alghtr "So ho
can.   He's licking lho sugar off tlio
top of your   cuke   now."   Dultli ■*■
ltrii.lv "intfn Mfillclne. - Von IH-I'il mi
jiliv-iiiiin for .intimity i I It- uln-n vim lime
ut liiiiul ii l.tillli- of Ur. Tlniiniiri' Ki-li-i-lrli-
oil.     Cor   aougna 1<Ih.   lore   iliiout,
in..iu Uml trtiiiMi-H. ll i- iinulMiilil.i. for
m-nliR liiiriH. linilH,-H. hlitnIih Ii In iih
•nirjui-iii'il.  wlille    lor   ruti,    miri'H. iili'iTti
uml tin- tlio- it Ix nn  |iii-<it[..'iril>1r> li.-nl
er. It h.i-.l- no lu«tIttiailln] otllor lliu"
(lie ii-.,-. nml Unit wilt siuinfv iiiivhii,< iih
In  Uh effectiveness.
"Anything Interesting dovolonnl tho]
Bhitkeapenrp Club todayF" "Ymi
Mi- Wombat ahownl up iu a mndo»
over gown und n hint year's lint re-
trimmed mid liirnetl upside down."—
w.i-hii.i'  Herald,
ANNAI'OI.18, N. B.
"I nm over r-M> yenra ol age and
have h.ni Buffering wiih Kidney audi
Itlii.ltl.r Trouble lor fifteen yenri, 11
look doctors' iiiedlelno hut nut no
help. I waul io (hank you for Bending UO- Iht- BIIIUplo DUX Of lil.N i
I have taken ilx boxen of GIN
PILLS nltogcthor but got relief hefore
I had taken near tlmt amount. I had
to net up Bouic tilghla evory fifteen I
till nu tea nud had to use uu lustra*
ment before I could urinate,
Now, I con lie in bed fpur or five.
hours without getting up. 1 can say
thai GIN PILLS Iinvo marly cured j
uu- nud I -.bull always keep a box in'
the house."
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ain Pills made by .
National Drug and
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, era gold ,
only In this bos.
friendly delations Lead to Strange
The o.SQfl in which cats and dogs
have formed close friendly relation*
are, uf COU Tie, too numerous to uieu-
llotl, It really ICOmt an if there were
no animal friendships no -drotig and
lastl .g ns that between eats and dog*
when once it is formed, it l* well
known that mother-cats when deprived of tbeir newborn progeny will adopt
pUpplot, rabbit*, motlkeyi, or alnio-st
any other tender young creaturoi that
may be bandy, Hut there ha* recently eome to light a ease for whicli there
li tin iuqIi apparent explanation.
A cat and a letnale fox-terrier.
whicli had brought Into tbe world
their progeny at about thu same lime,
deliberately swapped their young, the
cat taking the puppies to bring up,
and the dog the kittens. The ex-
oliango wan latlsfucjury, and both litter*)  were brought  ill  good   health to
tin- wcanabla slago. Nobody knows
what led to such abnormal conduct.
A somowhat iliiillur cane in reported from Montreal. A householder
there, having a letnale cat mul u l«-
mab- dot* with lamlllofl of young, lull
that Ids bouse was in danger of be-
ci tig a mul of Noil It's ark, and took
away and drowned all Uie kittens.
The puppies found favor in hi*- eye-..
Deprived of ber liltle .men, the cat
began   lo  "spell"  the   leuiale dog   in
taking cure of tin- pupplDB, An aoou
ai   the  mother-do-*   left  her   nest  the
beroavod tuother*eat crawled Into it
and   nursed   (be  puppies.    Nothing
loth, the puppies took nil that came
to them, and throve prodigiously. The
cat licked Hi. ill and tool, cure of tlu'tu
a- alia would have taken euro ol her
A certain cut, the story of whose
career is Vouched lor by a cat club,
adopted a litter of young rabbits and
nourished them well, The cat wns,
lor that matter, very sociable and in-
elusive ui her likings. Oue year her
constant companion was a chicken.
The two ate habitually out of the
same dish, and slept every night iu
the same enclosure.
There is an authentic story of a
male and a temale eat in Halifax that
lived on terms ol perfect amity with
all the animals on Uie place—dogs,
chickens, and whut not. It so happened that a hen which h: 1 a brood of
seven chickens was killed accidentally. The cat, which some two weeks
before had been deprived of her kittens, appeared to observe the predict*
ment of the seven litile chickens, She
crawled into their nest, and the chickens, looking lor wurmth, nestled into
her warm lur, peeping gratefully. The
chickens, fed by their owner, throve
perfectly, and every day the strange
sight wa* presented of their following
the mother-cat about the premises, as
if expecting tier to Iind them food after the manner uf a hen.
Capable Woman for Good Position
Teactier or Nurse preferred.
Confederation    Lib'    Bldg., Toronto.
Write to un loday for our choice
list of Agents' Buppltea. No outlay
necessary. Tln-v are money makers
Apply ll. (\ I. Co., Ltd., g98 Albert
Kt.. Ottawa, OU.
'Bias. Wmtuwi SonTMiNa avai-r but Bmi
MUTHBKS lor thru : ■II'.DKKN WF'U
TftKTHINC. with rHNl"' SUCCHAn I
SOOTHKH the CHll.U. Mil"",HUS Iht Gt-Sf
la the beat tewed)- fur iilAKHIIU-A. II Illl
aol.ii-1-r hattuKu Br aui* and aak fur " Mil
Vimwv'i HoMhiDg Syrup," aad take aaathm
Had.  Twtatv>l*t rtott a aawa
Gall Cure
oh a
__________ knnt
CORES VYkil* HorMi Work «- ImI
Intamatlarml (Sail Our* lu a curtain, •of*
aulok aud Infallible HI* fur Uallu, Bar* Neck*
Mora Battle, Hon* Muu.hu, t'ut«, Hruluad H.«U
•tt. Will not mutt aiiddlnauhefrom tha ant
awl haul, but utuj * rl|{hi wheie It la applied.
Nsesesss astraoralaary tu-a'ii-f and aeoihtoi
qualliiua.   Inlarnatlanal Oa.ll Cu*a ia tbt
claaoa>t. moot atitl-t-puc, -.ur.-lf.nd It-MlQal.
Cora oa tha aiarkaf. Wo will refund >oui,
BMnty ttltararfalli tArura. Kaopabotot
baad m It U almwt a dally naad oo lha (arm.
A Bright Bl/.
In nv-st regular lines ol work the old
hands u-uully try to play some joko
on each new boy that -tart- in at the
business. Tbat bank clerks are no
exception to this rule was indicated
by a Soke played on the new "junior"
In a bank in Collingwood.
The youngster wns sent out to a
merchant to collect two dollars on a
draft, and he got back to the bank
with two American silver dollars.
"Where did you get those cr.rt-
wheels?" a.-ked the collection clerk.
"Don't you know that they're worth
only forty-eight cents each?"
Tbe boy looked badly --cured.
"Better take them to the accountant." said the collection clerk, with a
wink at that official. "Hut 1 guess
he can't do anything for ynu."
"No, only worth forty-eight cents
each,   said the accountant.
The boy wa.- itt.l more frightened,
so he look the big silver pieces home,
intending to turn in two bills il he
could persuade hi* father to let him
have  the bills.
Next morning the youngster turned in two Canadian bills. He had a
big parcel under his arm, and he
proudly exhibited to the clerks a
great colL-ction of ties, stockings and
other things to wear.
"Say." he said With a smile, "I put
a good one over on that stxre-keeper
down tbe line. 1 got Mm to give me
two dollars worth of stuff for those
old cart-wheel*."
How to Supply the Pressing Needs of
Ihe Growing Western Country
' Winnipeg Ah the hiii r progresses uml Un- wheal growth of the Wosl
ml vn tii-i-a Inwards mul ut ity there
comes Ihls year, as there comes most
years, an appeal for help ill the harvest llobls; ami ihe probability iii that
even though Knstoni Canada may
send .nu thousands of moil aud hoys
to aid in Hit' garnering of tin- grtiin.
the Wosl will, Oliver TwIstMIke, nsk
for mure.
This problem of how lo supply tin'
pressing llOOtll of a new uud rapidly
growing COUIltry for a few weeks (bo*
causa ibut is nil thnt the Invitation
really melius tn I'lnstertiern) is olio of
those which ran only be Bolvcd by cooperation uud looking ahead, It is
tiiie ibut ih.' Government, through He
Immigration department is advertising
in thousands **f nowspiipora through*
mil   lin-iit   llrilain    and    the    Dnlled
SI a lea that "ihe harvest is plenteous, bul Mu- laborers are few," aud
that some relief can be gained ill that
way, bul ibe result would undoubtedly bo much better if t e dependence was to bo had upon   individual
Take the case of a man who goes to
tin- Canadian West from obi Gnniidn
■ or Irom unv of the Western or <Vti-
|trul Slates or fr    Great   Mtitaiu.
lie is a very unusual man, Indeed, if
he does not "ink,, up bis pun in
hand," ut Boino period of bis pioneering and write home to complain either
of his loneliness or of the weathor or
of the gopheri) or of the snow or of
ihe heal, or of any do/en other difficulties which pioneers have to overcome. He doc*-, so, as it matter of
course, not with any desire to 'knock'
tiie new country, but unlimited by
Hint human Boutlment which seeks
comfort in trouble and, failing lo
Iind it in a new locality, looks lor it
in thi- old home.
Hut when that sit tne man has made
good, bow often does he write home
fo tell of bin fortune? The habit nf
writing home is much like the habit
of taking the local newspaper from
home; it lustn, a year or two or three,
and then it is dropped, because of the
new environment crowding out interest in the old. flow much better both
for himself and tbe country would it
be for such n man to write borne, tell
the old folks ut liome of his good fortune aud ask them hi send a brother.
a  COUSln  or eVi-ti  only an old  School-
mate to lu-lii him gather the crops?
That would be a practical individual way of solving the harvest
problem, partially at least; it would
be good advertising for tbe West, be-
cause we al) know that there is no uii-
vi-rtisi-meiit so good as a satisfied s.-t-
tler; and it would create a new bond
of interest between the lllllll in the
West and those left behind at home.
And tbe most attractive feature of
the suggestion (which cornea from Vt.
0. Scott, the Ilea.I of tin- immigration
branch) is that it is just tbe sort of
thing whicli will appeal to the sentiment of the westerner and Is at the'
time reasonable iu cost.
inel a lady going by,
■Whal is a harem skirtr said I       ,
What dues a h.ok like.-" qunilluned
I tried lo tell lit-r carefully,
And iheti my h| oh began to wabble,
"It's Minieilumt   inur    Hum    the
Til.. In.lv ti.s-.sl Iht liimli'l.. lllllll.
"Wim! is ii linn in skill'" lllllll I
Stir unaworetl; -I tloti't mind >'X|iliiin-
Tlio fiirmt'i style wus su mainlining
Tlmt In ili'livi-r us ll.illl IliiilM.'
Hi    r'lialiloii   innilo   Un'   Imiiiili'
ili.iilili." - l-iii'k.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have miido
so many remarkable curea iu serious
cases i J hi l people ate liable lo overlook  their  value  as a  tonic  ter tho
blood and norvea    in   debility   ami
general run-down   conditions.    Thai
such conditions an- Ihe cause of r-.itn.-n
misery and iiuhappitu-ss is fully
known to those who suffer from them
and ibe lu-cd of curing lln-iii-is as
vital us is relief from diseases wilh
higher eoundliig names. We commend tin- following statement to any
one suffering from weak, thin blood,
or  shuttered   nerves.     Mis.   Mile   Ma-
cube, Glelehen, Alia., saysi "A few!
years ago I became run down, not
seriously ill, but just tired and weak:
all Ihe time. I consulted our family
doctor, who gave me tonic after I
tenia with no effect. I gradually got ,
weaker and weaker until I could liof
do my work. Then I went to another 1
doctor, who pronounced by case one
of decline, und recoiuinciided a warmer climate with complete rest. This|
I could not afford and I became a
complete nervous wreck. One day
while visiting u neighbor un old gentleman who wus taking Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for partial paralysis recommended them to ino, I si-Jit out
and got three boxes, but without
much fuilb thut they would help me,
but   before they  were gone  I   noticed
.m Improvement and I continued taking the Pills, constantly growing
stronger, until I bad taken seven or
eight boxes, when I was completely
cured. I could do my work us easily
as ever I bad done in mv lib-, nml
tin- doctor told men that he could
scarcely believe the change iu me. as
he bud not hud the least hope that I
would be strong again. Now I always keep tin- Pills mi baud and if I
feel fatigued or weary take them for
three or four days so as not lo get
run down."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
run il ut Mi cents a box or six boxes
for $9.80 from The Dr. Williams*
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Out.
Alfred   Austin    Has   Published   Hit
Memoirs of   Men   and  Events.
Mr. Alfred Austin, iho fuet-Lsur*
cute, who liui writleti hii a-iuillM-
oeuces, is not only a poet, but aUu a
barrister uud jdurnallst. He practiced
only a tew years al the Bur, atid bis
reminiscences are mainly occupied
wiili Ins carver m u journalist, and
mun of letters. He wus educated at
StonyllUrst, and the dun of worthy
parents in comfortable circumstances
living near Leeds.
Mr. Auitin once heard Lord WoUe.
I y giving a useful piece of advice to
u *.iiini- officer whu asked what was
Uie best way to "get ou" in the urmy.
The answer was very simple: 'Try w
get killed."
There U a good deal ol intimate
political matter in Mr. Austin's second
volume, Lord Wolsoley. we learn, was
highly Indignant at being ordered
back by the Government alter ibe tenure ot bia expedition -.,, relieve Gordon. Willing to Mr. Austin, ho ei-
prcssod his feelings In Ihe words: "He
ta great party leader) deserves to be
torn to pieces in Ihe market place by
an indignant people."
The author was ouee asked by thu
then Sir l*'r*'|iols JeUHO what he
thought tif Mr. Chamberlain, to whom
he  had been talking at luncheon,
"How did he BtriKQ your" "As being a hard-headed visionary," 1 re*
plied, "who brings tin- most business,
like and practical mind io bear on the
impracticable, not to nay the unattainable."
Years alter Mr. Austin told Mr.
Chamberlain ol this est I in. ij and thu
great statesmun was pleased, saying:
"H is not unflattering, is IIP"
It is well known how on a historic
occasion Lord Randolph Churchill
"forgot Goieheii," Mr- Austin huu re-
told the story ol tbat strange event,
from a new point of view and from
behind the Bceu.-s. Mr. Austin warned l*ird Salisbury-. "Kuudolph is aspiring to jerk you out of the saddle,"
to which the Prime Minister replied
characteristically enough: "1 should
not be sorry if he succeeded."   Wheu
the crash came It was Mr. Austin
who treated with Mr. (iuschen as Lord
Salisbury.- plenipotentiary, and be,
with Lord flow ton, felt Lord Kan-
dolph's anger.
Lord Kowtou said to me, in a voice
anybody might overhear, in the dining room of the Carlton. "It Is a new
thing for members ol this club to cut
their old friends. . ■" 1 said, alsa
aloud, "Vou do uot mean anyouo here
has been cutting your" "Yes," ho
suid, "Haudolph," who was sitting at
luncheon not far off, "Really," I suid,
ou purpose that I might be overlteurd,
"1 never give him the chance."
And some years later Mr. Austin
end Lord Haiidolph were reconciled by
Sir Henry Irving.
i pf-.pl*- rlr.. and su'tei,
Ate Unwisely?
relieve the discomfort at once, snd help digest th*- overload,    Th- lover of good
things may le«l quite jaf« with ■ box «I NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets st hand.
50o. a box.    If yuur druggist hu not slocked them yet v.i.J 50o. snd we
will mall then* M
National Drag aad Cha«lc*J Cm. el Cagaja, U***JU*t, - MuaitTai-J,
1 Boft .'..ni- art* .liill.-nli to eradicate, Imt
i Hullowav's Corn Cun- will riruw tin-in out
I t<nlnli-s<i|y.
A good name being better thnn
riches, it behoves ua lo take lietter
cure of our reputations.
A Gallant Retort
        'Owchl"   she   cried,   putting   her
Iraw'thtitn out   hand to her cheek.
1    "What's tin- matter?' he asked.
"I've    bitten    my      cheek!"      Bill-
"How I envy you!" he said bun-
grlly.-Harper'a Weekly.
Minard's  Llnimsnt Cures  Distemper.!   KEEP YOUR ANIMALS THRIFTY  j
A good pasture will keep your animals thrifty but dry feeds lack the1
aromatic qualities necessary    to    the;
thorough assimilation of food. Her-
bagetiin will economically replace
these aromatic qualities uml ensure i
results almost equal to those of a tlrst-
class    pasture.    This  preparation    is
manufactured nt Cult, Ont., by the
Heaver Manufacturing Co., Limited, J
and is endorsed by the foremost
breeders and feeders of fnnadu. It
has stood the leal of trial for m-irly '
twenty-five years and is thoroughly j
Newt for  Mother
A series of revival services was being held in a western city, and placards giving notice of the services
were posted in conspicuous places.
Dm- day the following notice was posted: "H*-ll—It's Location and Absolute
Certainty.   Thomas Hones,   Haritom-
Soloist.  Will Sing.  "Tell  Mother  I'll
He There.* "—LlppInCOtl's,
Every packet of Wilson's Fly Pads
wi'! kill more flies than can possibly be caught nu three hundred
sheets of sticky fly paper.
Deserved to Fish.
Sir John Kennaway, who sat iu Parliament for forty years, has completed
his seventy-fourth year. His grandfather, the first baronet, wus a servant,
of tbe East India Coiniiauy, and was
Dent by the Marquis of Cnrnwallts as
envoy to the Court of Hyderabad to
demand the cession of the province of
Guutoor. His mission was so successful that he was created a baronet us
a reward. Tho present holder ol the
title is president ol the Church Missionary Society, and his country seat
is Kscot. Ottery St. Mary. Devon. It
was while staying mi this estate that
Thackeray wrote "Pendennis." In this
book Escot Park became Havering,
and tbe Jttcry was renamed Itrawl.
Sir John is fond of a good story, and
one particularly relished runs thus;
One day a boy went fishing in a
dream, and had ju-t commenced when
the owner arrived on the scene. "Now,
boy," he said, "do you know you
are not allowed to fish hen-? These
are my waters." The lad never spoke,
but pulled his line out and waited,
and the twner then went on his way.
Returning, however, Inter he was surprised to find the boy still fishing.
"Now," said the owner in a rage, "didn't I tell you before you were not allowed to fish here; that these were
my waters?" "Oh, replied the boy,
"all the water you said belonged to
you has gone past long since." After
this tbe lad was allowed to lish.
Eni-ltsh Couplet Take Special Care te
Be  Unlq e,
.     Americans   have  not   shown   much
i desire for uniqueness ns regard to
equipages in which they ride to get
married, Mott everybody who ha*, h
thought ot getting married never
think- of departing from tho usual
rah or taxi  ami a-, a result all  wed*
dlngi hi tlm country are noted for a
certain lamoness, The people of
"Merry    England"    huve    different
tiisfes   in    the    mutter    and    when  it
comes to gotting married they spend
a great deal of time devising some
novel way In which lo be carried to
tho church. Bpcuklng on iho iub*
fed an English writer says:
'     A   fire engine  makes  »  very  smart
turnout ut a wedding. There it
. nothing dull or  commonplace about
a lire engine. It h always bright
' and  up to the mark, nnd ready for
action,   Evidently this line of thought
occurred to a happy couple in Devon*
[shire some tint.' ago, for the flva
i bridesmaids who were Io support tbe
bride at her nuptial* rode to the
| church on the local  lire engine, ami
it was one of tho hest attended wed.
dings iu tho annuls of the parish.
1   A circus equestrienne had a very
unique wedding in a continental
'town some lime ago.   The man wbo
drives the team of 40 horses was the
I bridegroom, nud lie drove his own
bride to church behind bis 40 steed*,
'ihe bride herself being Bested, dres*»
ed in all her spit mild robes, on the
top of the triumphal cur. Whether
their married life h«s been as triumphal as their wedding proceialon
history does not relate, but we may
1 hope so.
i Six artillery hort-es, drlvon by non.
commissioned officer! In uniform,
, formed a bridal lentil at a Brighton
: wedding and U very  -murt turnout it
< was. It was uo* so commodious,
j however, us the gnyly decorated tram
I car, with white-gloved driver and
I conductor,   which   v as   Ihe   ehosen
vehicle tit another lady's wedding in
in Midland town. The bride, tht
bridegroom, tb-ir respective fathers
and mothers, and all relatival and
guests rode in Ihelr best oltlre both
: inside and  upon tl utslde of the
cur, and the windy made a very btavs
j show indeed.
A Betti ig Transaction.
1 Addr. ssing a conference of the National Association oi Head Teachers,
at Manchester, recently on "The
School and the Homo," Bishop Well-
i don,   Dean   ot    Manchester,    staid   it
< sometimes happi in d that the home
I militated ag.iin-t sol 1 b.-cause of tba
ill-example set by the parents.
"I remember," said Dean Welldon,
| "writing lo tlu- Itttlu-r of it pupil ot
mine—a   peer   of    the   realm—to   tell
l him that h;s sou had opened an account of transbciiutis with » betting
! agent.    He   wrote   back   thanking   uie
1 (or the information, but adding, '1
| think I ought to tell you that 1 am
much worse myself.' 1 believe that
statement wus Btrlctly true.
"Every child deserved study and
Care,, ua though there were uo oilier
child iu the world. If y--u go to
Stratford-ou-Avop and see the record!
ot Shakespeare's baptism, and tbs
cottage iu which In- sat with Ann
Hathaway, you will realize that gen*
ius u s metniiig which God has kept
In his own hands, and you and I must
always b- on the look out lor genius."
The "Wellington" Hat
Im nun     i'iiii.i linn.nm.I,,    limn.
niiti'i'il bu.l Imi vulu. in Canada.
All llll'l mid -1, ii | ■• . in loll mi.I
-1:11 lull- Aik your Orjl.r. or
write at once to
CHAS.   C.   PUNCHARD   &   CO.,
Toronlo,  Ont.
Good Looks
should be a lourca of pri.f-? to yow,'
fallow   fckin,   pimples,   btotchtS   tod
eruptions cull fur imnn-dia'.e ititentioo.
It iliould b<- your i.tn to get nj of
tbete disfiguring ii|:nsuf imiurt, blood
— quickly,   certainly,   mei .-iisi»--t**.
No out* ir.i appucattoa »r_ ,-.".:*«■
your biood.
help  naturally  fr-.a   ■*• thin.    Tn-*f
c!i *.(>*.'■ the lytttttl un.: -.laDia raoff
ttoiim. h, liv.-r ind bowils ts wurif. at
Nature iiitfn.lr-d.
Try   s   f«w    lotas    ,   ■   -.,-   how
qu'ckly you wil ,.-     -,,
and how your Wood u   ou*j
will be  twnc&t ougl       - -4
»ud pro vol j . ■; :...- :.... ■■_■ «
The Best of
Beauty's Aids
tie.a*too.   Mill
lcdatiili.- Ri.*t. Mai . Sept. **lt> lei*.
DB* la J. RSNUUaCti
Dtir SlTi-WUI you pteaM mall to
ray ■il.ltf*.'. I copy of yuur "TlMtltt
oi Iht? llmm"I t lime Iwci utlni
ftcadall'S Spavin Cure anil alWuyifouii
tl mlr anil lure. M-ainu ll. inn.
Tlial tr ll- Ihe whole »i..ry, and It li
Ihe eiprtirtire that liun.Itt-iU of ttnni-
Mini, have to*.I In Ihe -»M40 yctri, tint
li t thecip-M-me you will lot-.- "li I*
Ibe only .me remedy"—
Far Spavii, Rlagbsw, Cark, SpHat,
Swelling aad All Uranus
I«M by DntiiUli - 11.00 a B.nl.. S
■Millet fur I50U. Keep It on hand
•tv**y«. Be Kaily for the emergen ».
Ktadtairi itopi Ihe pals, tia.ti Uie
circulation, pcae tta'ctan.l remote athe
cttiK of the dtwtdtrt. Atkforafice
copy uf "A, Trtr-tlM OB Ibt lloite." If
■ol at delicti, wrltt ta— fj
at. 1.1. IISUUCa.Bat4aafflA.fi
Blaming tht Reporter.
There is a certain kind ot humor
whieh wint its way more «urely than
any othet policy. Sir John Macdon-
ald was a muster in its use, and
st-M-m retorted to it in vain. On one
occasion Sir John delivered an address, which, for -om.- mysterlpud
KSSOn, was slightly incoherent. The
following day, a new-paper man
called on him and diffidently t-howed
him certain notes which he had taken
of the speech.
Sir John purveyed tlw nttes lor a
moment and then turned to the reporter in a kind and fatherly manner.
"Young mnn, will you let me give
you a word of advtccP"
"Certainly, Sir John," said tht
flutt'Ti-d si-ribi*.
"Well, don't ever try to report ona
of my speeches unlet! you are sura
that you are perfectly solwr. Now,
I'll tell VOU what I reitlly did say."
An I tiie young n-tiorler was wiae
enough Io say "thank you."
Oyttar Rat Traps,
Catching ra.s with oyster shellt Is
the uii.aj.u-- met iod employed by sum*
pearlers roundabout llroome. Weal
Austral.a. 'I ney leave a large oyster
on the Hoor of the cabin at night. It
opens for a breath ol fresh air, and
tbe smell of fresh mat attracts tht
rats. When tin- rodent thinks he'll try
a little supper, the oyster suddenly
decidet tiutt he doesn't like fresh air.
Next nn.riling tiie anell is pried oueo
a-ud the deHd rat Ihfou n overboard.   1
Tho Dad—"My non. I want to tell
you that the secret of my success, as
it must bo of sny man'!*, is bard
work.   I—"
The Bon—"Sill hud. I dun't euro to
bear other people's secrets, and I am
too much of a gentleman to take advantage of Information gained in thnt
way.   Bay no more."—Toledo Hlinle.
"Your Albert t* going bold, ain't
he, Mrs. Smtthersr"1
"Yes, Mrs. Peters, V certainly is
getting 'igb 'ended, and it makes it
very awkward for the poor dear.
Wben *e washes, 'e 'as to keep 's 'nl
on 'is 'end to tell where 'is lace
"The greatest good fo the greatest
number," is a mighty unsutisfoftory
philosophy in minorities.
"Dad,  there's n  girl   at our school j
whom we call 'Postscript.1 "
"Postscript!1   Why do you cull her
"Cos lu-r name is 'Adeline More.' "'
Mrs, llnye "She is simply mad nn
the subject of gernin and sterilises
i-vervtliiin.' in Mu- house?"
"HOW dues she get along with her
"Oh, even her relations are
Worn Out by tht Monotonous Indoor
Lift of Winter
Spring Finds the Blood Wtak and the
Sytttm Run Down—Vigor is
Rtstorid by
Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food
Ju«t nt the time when the buds are
bursting ami tin- birds are chirping
merrily in the tree lops, many people!
(eel  most  keenly  the debilitating aud
enervating effeeia of indoor winter
The blood is so thin and watery
that il fails to supply nutrition to tbe
nervous system ami to the vital organs. You feel tired, Weak and discouraged, energy and ambition are
lacking, and strange depressing (eel-
ings come over yuu.
Hut nature has provided certain
restoratives to in- used at this time of
year to form now, rich blood and
create new nerve force, These elements an- found in condensed and
easily assimilated form in Dr. Chase's
Nerve KikiiI.
Thousands, of uu-n ami women have
learned to escape this spring depression and weakness and discouragement by using this great restorative.
Vitality is Increased, strength and
confidence return, buoyancy is Mt iu
every movement of the body, pallor
and weakness ami disease give pi unto the glow of health nnd vigor of
mind nnd body.
Dr. Chase'ft Nerve Food, the great
spring tonic ami restorative, M)c. a
box. 0 lor $2 Ml, at all dealers or
Kdimiiisiiii, Hatoa A Co,, Limited, Toronto.
The rimiii*i> ot dietary thnt (-nine* with
-(li'iiiit nnd summer has the effect In weak
stumnehs of scttinir up fiiflnnimatlon re
sullliiir in dysentery nml rlmb-ra morbtis.
The abnormal rondltion will ronilniie it
not attended to nnd will i-niise an <•*.-
hniistive drain on  the system.    The best
available medlrine is i»r. .?. D. Ketlotf a
Dysentery Oordial.  it rlenrs ihe stomaon
and bowels of irritants cniintemrls tin-
lti tin m mat Ion nnd restore*' the organs to
healthy ai-tion.
There nre IB50 electrical works ami |
central stations in Germany in nddi-l
tioii to more than 45.000 private
Minard's  Liniment  Co.,   Ltd.
Gentlemen,—In .lum-, 'tit*. I had my
hand and wrist bitten and badly
iiuingled by a virion* horse. I suffered greatly for several days and the
tooth cuts refused to heal until vonr
agent gave im- a bottle of MWARD'S
LINIMENT, which I   began   using.
The effect was nuigieal; in five hours
the pain bad ceased, and iu Iwo weeks
the wounds   had   completely   healed
and my hand and iirin were as well as
Yours truly,
A. E. ROY,
Carriage Maker
St. Antolne, P. O,
Carbon deposits which blacken n
gu* mantle can be removed by burning   a   littli mmon     salt    on     the
I) ODDS ' v
'/, PILLS d
W. N. U., Na. Kl.
Thi Power of tha Shilling.
London is usually regarded aa one
of the most eipenm-e cities in which
to live. But it ll doubtful whether
in any other town iu the country a
shilling could be made to go further
than In certain parts of the East End.
For a grocery ticket, value one shilling, the following articles can be obtained:
s.  d.
8 pounds of coal       i ■ ■
Loose firewood         X
3-4 of brawn or 11-4 pounds
mutton (raw)        3
Loaf of bread       3
2 pounds of potatoes       1
1-2 pint of pure milk       I
1-2 pounds of sugar       1
1 ounce tea       1
1 candle, whicli would burn
about two hours       %
Pepper and salt       Y%
1 0
These figures have been verified
and were given recently before a meeting of the Metropolitan Prisoners' Aid
Society, who grant discharged prisoners tickets enabling th.iii to obtain
Die necessaries of life.
The Queen's Kindliness.
A pretty itory, Illustrative of the
Queen's kindliness towards those in
her service, is just now going the
round ot the Court When Mr Majesty wits uut shopping recently th*)
footman In opening the door ol th*)
carriage iu which his royal mistress
wai sitting, happened by some means
or another to tilt the Queen's hat
slightly, earning it to take a distinct
slant in the way it should not havs
gone. Far from expressing any annoyance at tbe mishap, which doubt>
le*S inuiiY a mistress would have done
under ilmllar circumslanccs. the
j Queen merely smiled, saying to tbe
confused footman, 'That's the worst of
| these targe hats." As all know, the
' Queen is lar from being a wearer ol
, targe huts, whicli fact emphasises ber
| (midu-JS nn this occaainn.
Love Song
(Poem found In n padded cell.)
When the .-nn  is  in  the  north,  my
And the COW is on his neat;
Wlu-n the ring is in tlm pawnshop,
And   Ibe  wheels  in   my   bend   need
Oil, tben I think ol you, my dear I
Oh, tli*'ii I think «.f vou'
Yes. then I think of >"». my dear I
Ah. then 1 think of you 1      ■ ,
It a young man hasn'l the cheek to
kiss a pretty widow sin- may be willing to lllltlih it.
"Knights of tht Road."
Sir James P. Gibson, M.P.. who ha*
beeu unanimous!)' elected pre- dent of
the United Kingdom Commercla
Travelers' Association, adds one more
to tin- long roll of legislators  who,
, prior to  entering   Parliament,   were
.   knights of the road," iu a truding
: 'sense.
■ Sir George White. M.P., confesses
lint he gained experience as a com
j merciul traveler which has been ot Inestimable   value   to   hi in.   while   Sir
\ Robert Hopner. wben M.P. for Stock
ton, owed much of the great luccesi
ol his business career to tbe training
he went through as "an ambassador
i of commerce."
:    The   first   great   step  in   life   that
i Richard Cobden obtained was when he
i was promoted from clerk to commercial traveler, and Mr. Joseph Nolan,
M.P., has been a commercial trVreler.
Drtta and tht  Man.
The Int.? Lord Beaconsfield was n*".t
i the only individual vno endeavored
In make his first "tplarge" in the
world of men liy means of h fancy
waistcoat. Theoplle Gsutler wai likewise   a lover of   eccentric   costume,
1 His crimson   waistcoat of  the   iir-t
i performance of Victor Hugo's "H**r-
noni," when ai « young man be was
one of the leaders of the b,,i„i of
students wbo bail turned up in force
to   ensure    by    the    tumultuous    up-
i nliuise the success of the play. "You
became celebrated when very young,"
said Maxim.- du Camp to him in
later years. "Yes. when very young."
he answered, "because of my wal*t>
Tht Child Admired M"*    rihw vim*
Thjn   Hit  Kin,-
Hu  Majesty i   nma ind    .•
( UuHougluiBti with    > •
I through w:iut-r   ■
■ them-- of in uUola ■■ . Ling
George tha E *    igJi
i ■ f one whu kxii ■• ■     m      u a
! in the June    -, ui   ■r   tl    ! •*.. • a
Uagastne    I . - i. i      i n utv
' ber of anted •■■-   .   i ■. i   . .:      ■ u i.i •
Bldednesfl   i li. i M i. - ■   ■  >
and others that        ■■
A typical Lncldanl ■• -. ting *
j special liking    .
lowing, wl...-..:..
I   "An officer ...    - u m ■      - -^  a
' India, died   ■■•   •  . ■  iul    :"-i t
medal   to   whloh    is   »is   mtttJad.
Shortly afterwards Ilia viduw t ■ ■ d
1 a command ■•, -■-• air I    lu ttngham
Palac*. brj^ngtng i th isr t nm, t
. she nad ana,      • ■■■ t t***ignw"1   She
lady obeyed the    •■ inouui;.    a     n*
j Wtusd '*>' .;■:   ..-■.■■■■,.-   .      :
j Th«y  w**r*i ■■ n hi ..
' eoee. sn I pr i* .. .....  ,. ■ ruetvu
' sll aione with *.. ■ King, i I     . I • --4
the bey t    aim,  ia I h " -^   .....   .
father'* a.jdal   ia! I    whal     us  I •
;ng you :       I   md -■■,.: ana    tut
you ■*'.:. isdexstand fwnw lay '-..
i me, whal *: •   ■  . ;    %        -  * ion
■ you grow i     - \   :. m
' " 'f am going te » i *■ dlee, ,ij
my lath -   * ■ > ■   I tha
" 'Wei;,'   ibaerved H.a Hafasty
is a good thin4 1   ae t s inat   x *
your Fa*.:.--     .v ltd!   I Ai . I id • ^*
yon t', b- b isi  - * 1 .-• .\—a
" N-.' tha - .    . aiuat
be a 10I tier, . . 1 Ltai
i    "Boon attar wards tha  LOdienaa »u
l at au end. it.-; :     ..'■■• -i
ing Uie door, usrntd ind nods 1 ..»
bow, saying, 'G< -i :■-. . u SCagi*
trste*—his lather - w bean t rnag:**
trutc in India.
"The King tmilad UndlT, and .•*•
plied—"An. i *-o y u ba*M ttfrrttd
your Iitston well; tnly jiix aav-i o..t
got it quitt r.grjt'."'
Setmt   Pottible.
Editor (looking over new rc|iort**r't
manuscript)—You SS? here, "It wns *o
cold that tbe nir (airly Bracked." How
can the air be made to crack?
New ReportaT Wei,, ii might be
me with a windbreak.
Finjtf-Print   Loe§.
The itndy   : Ang 1    ..*   * leuoB'
ing s**,ulte  1 lashi ■.*... - one   and .t
b-iNg Via-:.   .,    •.   .   ■  ■    .■ urn   .7
young ltdl *    the : .   wh 4 t.--* Btau>
■ ed to be eatal ..* ltd    it   mi
cult.   A man with while .jr'«
nails Is unquesUonsbly wry '■■•'■
le lies' loeisty; -. -\ »-ii. a v-*ry ftokle
in hit attacnrnci.ti.   A proud m*r. it
itiVttr:ah.y -.....; :>   •*.-.. t  ...-.-. .4-'
nails, while irsnsyarent Bails, 1 .* i«-
*d with light red, deooti a ch*«r:u^
f' entie. snd . "-.ri-; dhpositioa Hi*.
tdt'-s nius'. - \: . . *:. * ».•- of : .*
until who bites r..4 nai 1 till a larga
portion of the i*.in i* anr. ■■-:*;. fuf
Bueh a 1 n-* would prove * perls 1
Othello (or a hu*b«n-i. A man with
long and pointed nails betokeai mat
the o*:.- r li ther a player . I -
guitar, s buddtng ■ r of the
axehtqai 1. a lai r. or an
nmbiti'-u* stti rm * 1 an. * -
ing the nail hla :• - amb sll
Btreakc I—as tl - . ■' *- ■ a r.\::.-
ed witn »;,uff .* iar< • tarn **ui *..
be a schoolm ul . 1 -. nolli In ■
t-nte obttma^y and cruelty, while yellow ones art- tht cie-ar. •*. proof tiuat
tne possessor 11 a ' villain wl tr.t
d-.-i-i-f : dye."
Honored by Women
When a woman tpeakt of htr
tileal ttcret tufferinB the
truttt you. Million-, have he-
ttowtd thit mirk of confidence un Dr. H. V. Pierce,
of Buffalo, N. Y. Bvsry
where there are women who
bear wim fit to the wonder*
working, curing.power of Ur.
Pierce** Ftvorite Pretcription
—whieh uvea tha tmfftrint iti
/rem  palm,   ind    auccettfully
grapplet with woman'1 weak*      	
ottici aad ilmeeera  Uh.
No woman', appeal wa. .ver miidircclld or her co«-
Sd.nce   ml.pl.cd   when   .he   wrule   lur   .Ju.t,   m
Ih. Wo.id'1  DuriNiiar  M.DIOAI Aiiuciaiion. Ur.
_ H. V. Pl.rc, Praald.nl, B.falo, N. Y.
Br. M.K.-1 Hiaiaal S.UM Mm mlU Mnn./ knl awnxM MM . «*/■ FRF.F. PRESS, CHILLIWACK, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Let Us Have Your
Order for
Tlio Hunl Quality,
Tin- l.nwi'si I'rii-n
nnil n Cri'tniiity ul'
Prompt li.liviTv.
Have You Tried
Robin Hood Flour
Om- Qiiamntoo ii
behind every sack.
Cash Grocery
Fall Suits
n,i,' Wnnli'iilii'i nn' full
n[   \,.u  iiiiii.l-,   Sow
Styles nml  New   1'iitt-    ;
irii- nf Suits nml i.Iiit-
•niil- in   I'mii'v Si'iili'li    '
!!   T\v I   ii'iul   English
||    Woi'rtlod   SllilK,    l.iil-i-t
'•     I'miey   Si'iili'li    TwOOtl
i Ivoreotits iii iill stylos.
Chas. Parker
Your Outfitter
Fit Reform Clothier
Reciprocity is Bustj
*   And Otiwuln is doing luinitioss nl tlio same old stand.  J
So are wo with n  Full Line of Sporting Goods.      J
The run mi those goods has hoon plion.on.enal with us +
and we have had to sort up again and again.
In (Inns we have L. C. Smith, Tohin, Remington, J
Ithaca in double barrel uud pump,
lu single barrel wo have Stevens and Osborne.
A Full Line of Fishing Tackle and Ammunition.
Shooting Coats, Vests and Waders,
Sliekor Water-proof Coals nnd lints. t
Call nnd see the best assortment nf Spurting Goods
iu the Valley.
uttttmt********************* *♦♦++♦*+♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
No. 3857
Weighed 629 1-2 lbs.
It is worth $1.00 per lb., bul ran be bought on
Fasy Torino for $475.00
fall and Inspect tlioso Fine Instruments,
| Alfred White . Music Dealer {
New Seasonable Goods at
.lust arrived tlirocl from llic Mills
200 Pairs of Wool Blankets and 200 Comforters
whieh I am putting on wile al Coot, m I hnve another shipment yet to conn*.
Jast Loot* at Them in the Window
SKliio worth of l.nee Curtains, Net, Madras, Scrim,
Portieres and Table Covers, lo l.e sold al prices, that
tor big value, have never been heard .if in Chilli-
waek before.
The Leading Furniture Dealer      Westminster St. X
Publicity  is the  keynote   to   success.
Advertise ill the Free Press for results.
PRIZE LIST-Continued
■r   t'nlf   tH.*nl.n*   I'lilf.)
,■ c.iir  (junior nilM
ni,mu itiiii, ih-iIiiikii   i-:. il. Barton,
anion  Cow,   Mi-Huim.
i,   i.iiisiMiiiH   -it   I   tuill.   uny   ftffei
any   hk'\   liolfor,   9   years   otdi
:i   yean   »M   anil   upwnrdl—1,   J.
I yuur iil.i"ii'ml  ui'iwar.lH   1,  A.   II.
•;   If.   A.   11.   MiTi.-i'.
t-nir (aonlor folf.)
I'llir   (Junior  .alf 1-1.   A.   II,   Mit-
.1   liiiilnmy.
i'iih in pair or milk—t, a. ii. Mer-
ir, 8 yean nlil  I, a   ii.  Moircr,
-r.  I  y    1.   Iv i*.   Ki-i-Uiii:; -'.
Until ti   L'ow     Hiiil.'iim   A.   II    Mercer.
ll.'i.l, cntiHlallitv nf 1 hull, .my llgfl
i i-ow, uny ago; liolfor, 2 yuan nTili
.rnrUini- I, A- II. Moreen 8, A. 11.
M< mr.
Hun. 'i years ni.i .ni.i upwards,
Hull, .' v.'iiri nl.l un.l upwards—I, A. C,
Vrlla .V Bon,
Mull, I v,,ir nl.l un.l ntm.if.i-.
hall   full   (senior   fair.)
Hull rnir ijiini.'r uiir.-i, D. Fetterly.
Itiiii   (,'OW   In   •-.ill    nr   null.   I.   A.   >'.
Vflla & Hon.
Il.-lf-r   8  years  olu-1,   A,   C.   Weill   *
liolfor, i year olu-1, A. C.  Wolli &
Heifer Calf (senior cnlf)-], A. C. Weill
i H.ni,
fl.-lt.-r  Cnlf   * Itml.ir .alf)
ciininitlmi  fiaii, Dlploma—A, C.  Weill
9   Soli.
Champion Cow, Diploma—1, A. C, Weill
v  Hon.
Herd, conslBt.ns. -if i  (mil.  uny hk*1;
i  tow,  anv  nm-;  hojfor,  8  years oiilj
.'.■iiriiiiK- i.'A- C. Welti 4 Bbn.
HKI>   l'Hl,U.l>.
Hull.   1   years   un.l   Upwards—1,   J.   T.
ituii   8 y«tirn *ii«i and upwards,
Hull,   1   year  old  and   UpwartlB-1,  J.  T.
Hail calf (senior onlfl-1. J. T. Mnynnrd.
Hllll    Cllir    Mlllll-M     ..,11   I
Hud   COW   in   calf   or   milk—1.   J.   T.
Mnynnnl; 2, J. T. Mnynnnl.
H.-lf.-r,  8  yo.trs  old-1.  J.   T.   Miiyiuir.l.
8, J, t. Mnynnnl.
n.-ir,-r. i yt-ur oi.i-i. J. t. Mnynnrd;
■'.. j. t.  Mnynnnl.
II.-if.-r '\.ir is.-nl.ir <-iilf)~t. J. t Mnynnnl: 8. J   'I'.  Maynm.l
Heifer Calf (Junior rail".)
Champion nm Diploma i J T. May.
i tiamplon Cow, Diploma i. J T May*
Herd consisting ut I bull, any a«r.
i cow, any nit*', heifer, 8 years old;
yearllng-1, J. T. Maynanl,
Hail, :t year* <>i<i uml ujiw.it-.i--  i. Han*
I'.r.i  Bros.
Hull, 8 years old nnd upwards.
ittill. l year and  iiriw;iriln,
Hull Cnlf ixi'iiinr onlf)—I, Danford Broe.
ituii fair (junior calf.)
llrt-d Cow Iii .-alf or milk—1 Hatifonl
BrOB.i  8,  Haiironl   Hros.
Heifer, 2 yearn oi.i-i.  Banford  Bros.
Heifer, i  year old—1,  Banford  Broe.;
:•. Banford Broe.
Heifer    Cftlf    (senior   calf—!.   Banford
lit-ifcr Calf (junior calf)—1. Banford
rhamiilon Bull, Diploma— 1, Hiuifi.nl
Champion cow. Diploma—l Banford
ili-nl consl**tln(t of 1 Imll. any age;
t   row.   any   a«t-;   heifer,   2   yean   old;
yearling—1, Banford Bros.
Herd Milch Cow.
Beit  Heifer,  1  year and  under 2.
Hem  Heifer, under l year—1, W.  H.
Beat  Heifer CM, under « months***].
W,  Hornby: 2. W.  It.  Hawlwiaw,
i.KAI'KI' CATTLE tUeef.)
It. ot Beef Anlmul.
Beat Animal, 2 yeara old,
Ht-st Animal   I year old.
Besl  Beef Calf.
Bell Bull, dairy animal! lironz** medal,
iire-o-ntei) liy Camidlun Bunk of <Vni-
nii-rie. Chllllwni-k-l, It. C Wells A Son
Belt COW, dairy unliii.it. ('am- ut oarv*
eri i2 ruts), presented by Messrs. Wood,
Valtance & Mtrxatt, Vancouver: value |lo.
-1.  A.  C.   Well** A Hon.
Clans 3.—INir*. Ilrcd S»K*fp.
I.Kit -K8TKRS.
Iteil Ram. 1 year old and upward.
I'i'ilil*reeil-1, Banford Mron.; 2 Banford
Two Ewes, ihearlmgl or over—1, Banford Bros.; 2, Banfoid Bros.
Ram Uimi>—i. Banford Bros.; 2, Han.
ford Bros.
Two Kwe Lambs-l and 2. Hanford
I at
Belt   Ram.     1   year   old   and   upward
<|..-.lli-r.-.di-t and X <'- T.   Hltxitinxon.
Two Ewes, shearlings or -.ver—1, r. T.
Hlgglnson <v Hon; 2, c. t. Hlgslnson *
Ham Lamb—1, <*. T. HtmneOll & Hon;
8. i*. T.  Illnrinson ft  *»n.
Two Kwe tombs—1. '*. t.  Hlgglnson
ft Hon; t, C. T.  HlprKln*m ft Bon.
OOS    p"-li:     ROffl.    ewe      -li-.H -In.-;    ewe.
1.1 mil ewe—1, (.•. T. lttgglnson ft Hon; 8.
*•. t. Illfglnson * Bon.
Besl  Ram,  1  y.ir old  and  upwards,
pedigreed—1. J*>». Thompson.
Two Ewes, shearlings or over—I and I,
Jon. Thomiiwli.
Ram Lamb—I. Jos. Thompson,
Two Ewe Lambs—1, Jos. Thompson.
Two Hwes, shearlings or over.
due Ben: Ram. ewe, uliearlllift '«''.
I.imti    ewe—1,    Jot.    TlunniiHoii:   2,   JOS
mami-shihi:  DOWNS,
Besl  Ram.  i  year old and  upwards,
Two Ewes, shearllngi or over.
Ram   I.nn'-
tine Pent  Ram. ewe   shearling,  ewe.
I.illll.   ewe.
Best Ram. 1 year old.
Two Dwes. ineartlngi or over.
Ram   l..ml.
Two Rwe (Afflba
due I'eii: Hun. ewe StiearlinK. ewe.
Inmli '-■*••.
Besl  Ram.  t  rear old  ami  upwards,
|i.-.ll**n-..l-l,   J.    T.    Maynanl:   X   J.   T,
Mu) Hard.
Two Ewes, shearling <»r over—1, J. t
Maynanl! 2. j   t  Mayiura.
Ram lannb-1, J. T. Maynard; :, J. T,
Two Kwe l-uiii.-   I, J. T   M.iynar.1
One  I't-n:   Ham   ewe,  ihaarllni  ewe
l.iiiil..'*.'   I. J   T   Mn.mnl
Bent Ram. I W ir olil and Upward,
|.-.|i,;i..'.|   I.  A.   C.   U-U'   ft   Hon
Two Bwts, shearlingi and over—1, a
C,  Wells ft >^>n
Ham   I ■
Two   kwi-   Umbs  1.   A    c    Wells  *
line I'a 11. It.1111 ewe, hlii-arliiu: ewe.
lam)*  BWC.
H>-i Rum. 1 rear ••!•• and upward,
pedlgreeO  1,   iv   11   Wilson 1  ;.   w.   11
Two HwM, shearlings and ovsfr—1, P
II \vn*;n. 1, i> 11  uiii..11.
Ham l...uil> 1 I*. II WllSOnj 2. I* H
Tw.. Bwi Umbt- i. P. ll. Wilson; 2.
i-  11   Wilson
I Ilia-     I', ll       Ram      Mfff        .In at In,1:     >-Wi-
hint'   eWI    I.    I'     II     Wilioii.    2.    I'     II
Besl   Him,   1   year  old  und   u|iwji.i
T« 1 Bwea,    (.....it.,    or over.
R.1111   I.ultil.
Tw.,  Bwe   lamb-*
Note    |>ill>-    t i.'.l     -I.I,    aallllot    "i.i'f    ill
the llesi <ir...ie
Two Bwes, •.ft*'*rlliian and nv**r-l, W
II    ll-wki|,.,w.   8.   Hi«,-hi...n  ft   H<in
Two Kwe i.i.i.i..   1  w  11  (Tasnohatti
t,   11., . ■'.   -i.  A   Hon
Tw.. Pal  neep -1,  P.  H.  wn*.n. 2,
Mi.-i.-i,  -ai  A   Hon.
HI'K'lAl.   PRH.RA.
I'..r id.* besl Ham. any hrerd, bmnte
medal, in-  .m--i hy  IHnry  llltk-4 A Man
l>   11    Wilton
f..r the betl Kwe, any breed, nrnmw
medal, presented liy n- nn  HirkH a s>m
I'.   II    Wll*"in
(la--*  I—Pun* II111I ling--,
Ho.ir, I year old nnd upward--), A. C
Weill ft Hon: 2. I»-  Kellerley.
Itoir    under   I   >*e:ir  old.
How I year old and upward—I, A. ' .
Wells A ten I 2,  D.  Keiterli-y.
Sow. under 1 year old and upward-I.
D   Keticrley; 2,  l>-   Pellerley.
Saw ami ini.-r (plus not over in weoki
old) not  Iohm  ituiii g ■■lit-'.
Hour, 1 y.-ar .,1,1 1,1,ii ttnwnrtl,
Hoar,  iin.i.T I  year old   I, Jus,   Hiill.-v
2.  ii;.nt..1,1  Bros.
How,   over   I   year   old.
How, under I v-m- old* 1   Jan. Bnlley
8.  .la*-    Htillev.
How ami iitii-t- (pigs not over 10 woekt
"I'll    Hot    ll-.-     ih.iii    S    |ilu*
rilKM'i'KH   WIIITI-.
Hour,   I   y.-in-  nl.l   (inl   upward.
I yi'ii i' old.
111     I
der  1
How. i vi'iir old aud upward.
Sow.    tlll.l.'I'    1    Veill'    old.
Sow uml  lllt.-r (pigs  tV0|- HI weelu
■lili  not  loss  Hi.in  h  i.in-t.i
Hoar,   1   yuu* old  ntlil   linwnnl -1,  Jos
Hoar,  iin.l.-r 1  yiar   1, Joi, Thoiniisoiti
I  Juh  Tliompsuii,
11.mi-, i M-.ii old .imi upward.
How,   i   year  old   and   iipwnnl—I,  Jon
I'lininpmuj  x Jos.  Tliompioii,
How. niiili'i  oil" v..tr nlil-  1, .lo« Thomp
"in;   8.   Jon,   Tl niaoii,
HUW nud  lltt'-r (plui n"t over in weeks
■Mi  not  less  Uuiii  <>  pigs.)
Hiiar,   1   year   old   and   Upward—1,   Hml
-I,   Banford   nn
ilt r  1  i
.,   Bnnford   Bros.
How, i year «i.i nud upwnnl-1 Httn-
r.'rii   Bros.;  8.   Banfonl   Bros,
How. iimi-r I year old i. Banford
Bros,)  8.   Banfonl   Br
•er hi
;   pu
car old   I, J.   T.   Ma
ar   I,   J,   T.   M.iyn.in
.   Mayiiaiil.
How and litter <i>1k*> not over i.i weoki
lilt    not   lens   than   S   |.Ikk.
Note—Pure bred mock snnnol ontor n
Haw    i   vein   old   and   llii vni I.
How, under I year old.
How und uu.-. (pigs not over iit wecki
il.li a .1  '."-■. iliiiii 8 pin i   I.  I-'   Itaili-y
Ileal rnl hogs between IW ami aw in*.
8 intimitis, pure (uld or Bi-ndc.
Dally  Hi
vt  for i
Stork    I'MiH'l
leu  I
ilx-1,  A.  ID,  Wob*
Iv t'll-1   lit my
Bolrosoi 8.
ii,   Six—1,   tleo.    H.-lniHe;
full,     M .1     I'll.Ill-     III'.
liuv.-y; 8,   A.   H,   WellHtfl
I'tnui-s.   Iliillnii,   kIx- I,
II,  Davey,
Prunes,   Hern
8. A.  I'1.  W.-Iihi
itei-v.-H Prune, alx- i   win.  Kiiiuiii.
Qin-beo, Orange, six—1, Mix. Juo. Hon.
lu.rii;  8.  II,   Davey.
('uiii.-.'.   Ren's   M.itiiiii..iii.   »lx.
Ilr H,   IIkIH.   8   liiilirlies   1.    I).    1 lit l'l h
ttrnpes,   .lurk.   Hired   l.un.'hes.
I'oaelii's    Blliertit,   Mix.
i'ii, in-,-,  Kii.iv  Crawford,  ■■'*,
PonchuS,    uny    ollur   kind,   nix-I,   It
.■.--1,   J.   D,   May
noc-1,   Mra.    J,   D,
Ill-Klll-i-'ll    i-v    Holl.
II. Wllsnili X n, t
Apple, six   I. Mrs, H.  II.
lay;  8, ,1.  A.  I'Diilliat-l.
Mnrth'a Crab, fix   I. u.  Halley: x A.
■;    Wil.-ti-r,
Plnreiin* Crab, ilx-1, A, it. MoKoniloi
ii  Tltoniion.
Cnllectlotl "f fi,-i.il   milt. :. of i-ii.-Ii.
Best pai-ked 8 boxes of Apidei   I. J, A.
o.'lliain.  8.   W.   II    llluulni.in.
Ileal two boxes of Apples, any variety,
"i- uninineretn! punioses- I, J. A. Coal*
mmi 8, W.  H.  ifiKKin-ioii.
of  Appll
of fr>
v. tin.i i.v iii.< iii'ii-ii
niumuin Nursery Co,- i, J. a. Coutham.
CLASS   W    Kl.nHAI.
I'oii.i'tioii  of  Hot   I'lniif*  Iii   Bloom   I,
I. li. chapman.
coil.-.iii.li ..r put Plants in Bloom, not
■ver ll varieties   t.   M.   Hilton.
foil.-Hon met us- I,  J,   ll.  chapman:
.  D.  I*.  M.'iHlvuiv.
L'ollei-liiin  ur   Pullam   Plants   I   J,   it
liapmnn: 2. J. c.  Holiliirioii,
him*,  double—1,  J.   i*   Bob-
Two    He)
, .1.  II   <
imle-1,  .1.   II.   (-imp-
double—1, M. Ulli.ui
Hltmle -i. M, Milt.ut
ins   i,   Thomas   Bros,
worlug  i. M.  Hilton;
herons   I,  M.  Illllon*
i.   m.   Illllon; 8.
I.  if. rii.i
Tw..   l-Yriia,    Blove   or    Breenlinnse  I,
J.  H. Chapman; 8, J, c   Robert ,
Two Halms   i. j   n   Chnpinnn.
One I'o.ius  i, j   ii, cimpman,
Mil.-    I'iimIiIii    I,    M      Milton;    1!     .1     tl
ilium    ].    .I.i
It -rtsi
.1   ll
i.iit  Chapman
J. it   Chapman
la, flowering   i. D. Pi
, .lum.'
Horn   i. Joseph Thnmpsi
tin-in,, a, i*. ii. Wilson.
Por those over 81 yours, making larg*
es| number of iioIjuh in uuy two we.
tlons-l, Clurenee Newby; 2. ii. /.Ink; :\
It.   Hat'tiiiili.
CLASS   :.   I'Mfl.THV.
iHre.-diiiK pen eonslsis of a cock ami
tw., hens.)
Turkeys, bronse breeding t""i t, W. A.
Turkeyk, white, breeding pun.
Tnrl.. >■-■, black, breeding p«-n.
Bmbden Oeese, palt*—1, E. Bmedley,
Toulouse Oeese, pair—1, Jos, Coultharl:
8, Jno.  Paul.
Itoii.it  Ducks, pair.
Indian  Runner   pair.
Cayuga Ducks, pair.
Anoona. breeding pen,
Leghorns, white—l. E. a. Orr: 2. B. A
Leghorns, brown—1, J. B. Marshall) 2.
J   H. Marshall.
Wyandotte-, white, breeding nen—1. J-
a. Coultbnrt; 2. J, Arnoui.t.
Buff Cochins, breeding pen-1, J. Hal
White Plymouth link* t.re.dim' pen-
Barred I'htn 1 it-, 11... ii- breeillng pen
-I. C, W. Bobbins,
Huff Orphlngtons, breeding nen-l, c
\\.  Robblns.
Best  pen of any breed no:  mentioned
Hiu.k  Aylesbury  Ducks, br ling pen
Hutii-r. •:  lbs.   In   roll-,  or  priiim-l.  Q
1, Thornton; 2. i>.  Petterley,
flutter, packwl, not len Than 8" Ibs.-
I.  J.  Tojdev;   8.   M    Hilton.
por ihe best display or homemade
dairy butter, exhibits to t»- i-tiown in
rock brlcKs ami prints. Exhibits ink
Ing prises io become the property of tin
donor; presented by B Hutiiie. Bsn
manager <>j ihe Hank »f Montreal, ('hint
waek-l, J. l. Denholm: !, Jas. Tnpley;
X  M.   Hilton.
For ihe best (lvc one*pound prints <>f
homi-niadi      dairy     bin ter,    made    from
cream separatwl i*v .1 i».- Laval Cream
Heiiaiai-ii: i.rlst- In .a-li itlven by Messrs
Hart A II..11. He Laval agents, fliiltl
Waek—I.   i*.    IV,   *"o|ielatifl
Brace Cabbage—1. Jno, Barrett; :. E
Bra.a- Rt-d Cnbb.iR.-l K Bmedley; 2
C W, Copeland.
Turnips, three—1, D. l-irier; 2. j. 1.
carrots, live-1. J. H. Copeland; 2. T
I*arsnlps, three—1, C. W, copeland: :
J.  ll. Copeland.
Onions, yellow, flve-1, Mrs. W
Stringer;  2   Win.   Anderson.
Onions, red,  flve-1, C.  vt. Copeland;
2. W. C. Morris.
Onions, white* I, C. W, Copeland.
J, Jac   Topley.
Beets, long, time-*   \\*. 11. Hica:in-*on
1, Jas. Topley.
Be.-tH. b.uit. three—1,  R. J. Hmithwl.-k.
2. A   K. Webster.
Beets, tuin.p. three—1. J. H Copeland;
t, I.  It. Weber.
Celery, two l. Mrs. vt. Stringer; I
c, w. Copeland.
l^-ttu-H.  two—1, C.   w.  Copeland;  2
Geoff Hornby.
Squash, Hubbard, brace* 1. 0 1
Thornt-n: 2.   W.   B.   I'.itiln-«n.
Squash, brace »r yellow 1. C. W Cope
liind; 2. W. c.  Morrl**.
Pumpkin-     brace   «f    table-],  11    I
Tit..int.m.   .'.   J    T.   Mavnanl
Vegetable    Marrow,    two-l,   lira,   W
Stringer; -. c, w. Copeland.
Tom -.  tiv.-i,  Mrs,  A.  K.  Farrow
'. w. K, a   Watson,
Cucumbers, green, tivt- 1. lire, A. E
rarrowi 2. lira,  w. sirinuer
Cucumbers, i>i<ktitiu 1 .1 L. Henit-liii
t, Mr-   Geo.  Now.-ll.
Cauliflower,  brace  I,  J    H.  Coi-tiamt
Rhubarb   llv    I.   Mi-,   ibo    No well;   8
J.  II. Copeland.
Onions   Miiitiidicrf. quart.
Hru--.-l H|ir>iiii*>. two i. Win. Knlirhi
2,   W.   A.   S.-vnr.l.
ilr-ei, Beans In nod. ', Riillon~1. J II
• 'o|irlaii.|.   I,   K    A.    Wntfan.
il.    ':   gallon-l.   Hen.
w.i>  Beans  in jmhi.
Belli..-, .   :.  Ja-    Ball-:
• in.   Bushel Ktarina Wheal -I. Jno   Hep
• me    Bushel   Chevalier  Barley  1.   D
urn- Hu-lol un-   wblif   I   11.  I.   John
••11; 8. John  IL-phurn.
oiie-h.ilf   Bu-iei   Burly   Rose   Pntalon
I, J. 1   Barrett; 2. .la-. Rarh*y
• 1 htir  iionhei  Early  Mix  Weeks-I.
J    Vt    Hair. tl.
**n.  lull   Biinlol   m-w   variety   I'.ital	
not    iH-fot.-   p-xhlWlfll-l.   Ja-     H.il.y:    8.
iv Vt   Copeland
in..  I...H   lt.i-h.-l   K.-irly   Whit.- Htiiprl-.-
Potslnes   I.     Wm      Auder-ton;     8.    Jai
t j.i- tlrh-ve
tim- lull   BiMlnl   Rrotrh   I'h.Hiii-.oii   I
Wlnthn.|..    8,   A    R    W.'b-*ler
• iiiehiir  ltr.i-ti.-i   Uie  Rose  Potatoes
I.   A     K     W.-bnler.   ?.   Ja-.   Hiilley
iiio-hiir Hoihei  Dakoia  it..t  Potatoes
I,  Fred   WootlHr    *.'.   Ii   Qttevt
Hlie-biilf    Itiiiilit-I   of   in]    otfni    kind
i. Vt  il  lUoderson; t. Mi- w minrget
ttsngolds    I oik   ml,   I   lo-j\|t'it    I     D
Urtrr; L w   i:   a   Watson
Mam-nidi,    v-llow,      I    h'-i-ii. a    1.    I'r
Maii»t»d.lv   yellow,   t  1 eavlesi   l il   Rl
ut-il   L.iir-i .  X   W    II    IHiorfnioii
HiiK^ir Beels, t hsavlesi   t, ,\ I-:   Wat-
'•hi. 2   W   II.   ItlKKiiKon
ll-w. II,  live   I,  C.  T.   Ilti.-ahisi.il:  I,   W
hdles «r any other rill Pear—I, Oeo,
AnJou,   live-l. J.   C,   Robertson;  :   J.   A.
ClllrgeSII, Sve-L J.   II.   Paul;  t   II. .1
ITU.- of my ntlier variety »r  Wli.l.-r
Penra-I, Q, I. Thorntoni l J. A. Coal-
Reave-. BeefJIIng) stx-l, J. A, Coiiib.im.
.   It.*. -I.   M.    Illllon;   L   .1
ii  (Miniimnn.
line  I'lyr-anitomuni-  1.   M.   Illllon
Ona Lily I ll.nry Btodoj X J. II
im.- Petunia- 1. Jaa, C.  Rnlwrtaon.
(in.- ivy la-iir aernnliim- I, J, it. chapman.
One specimen) of any other variety,
nm in.-atl..Ned 1, J. II. t'liapniun; 8, Mrs.
t.   Cook.
Cl'T   t'LOWKRH.
Ploral Design for Table—1, Mrs. A. B.
'•'..noil; t,  l.  it.  Weber.
Table Bouquet—1, w. a. N'evard; X L.
ft. Weber,
Hand   Bouquet-1,   vt.   a.  Nevard;  8,
M. Hilton.
six Roses, different varieties—1, Tomns
IlroK.   iind   Austin   Myers,
Hlx aiadlolas-1, I.. II. Johnm-m: 2, 1.
it. Weber.
six Dahlias—1. Tonus Bros, and Austin
Myers*;  X  M.   Hilton.
Hix Blocks-1, Mrs. a. B. Farroll; 2.
I-: Wooster.
six Asters-1, Mra. vt. Stringer; I, Mrs.
A. B. Fnrroll.
six Zlnnlns-1,  M   Hilton;  I,  Mrs, J.
six Verbenas—1, M. Hilton; 2. Tamas
Bros, ami Austin Myers.
six Marigolds, Prench-1, vt. H. HIg.
tlnson; i, Mr-, j. cook.
Hix Mnrlsolds, Afrlcan-l, M. Hilton;
.'. Mrs. J. cook.
c.albr-ilon   Annunls-1,    M.    Hilton;   8.
Mrs. a. K. Perroll,
Collection Perennial-*-!. M. Hilton.
Collection Pansles-l, Tomai Bros, and
Austin Myers; X M. Hilton.
Collection   Hw-.-.-t   Pea»-1   Mrs.   II.  T.
A. Myersi x p. Wi
c|,.\ss   ll-MISCELLANEOL'S.
Exhibit    of    Honey    in    l*nliila-l.    II.    L.
Collection of itotti.il Fruit, home>mad«
lot leas than 8i bottles—1, Mra J. L
Wllman; 2. j. r. Thornton.
Cot;,-, tt.m of Jellies, pur,- home-made
■■ot losa than 21 bottles—1, J. it. Thorn.
Besl Collection of M.irmalade-l, Jas,
Whit.- Bread, 2 loaves in pon-1, J. n.
'opelnnd! 2   Ja- Topley,
Brown   Br.u.l    |,    D,    Lardes;    1.   J.   L.
Den holme.
Dinner of Plain Rolls-1, Mrs, J. A.
MeKensle;  8, Jas,   Bailey.
Baklna Powdet Biscuits, 1 doten-1,
ia- Bailey; I, m Hilton.
Besi assortment of Pickles, « kindn-t.
Mm.  A   H. Wb.ater; 1'   Jos. C. Robinson
Best Liaf ot bread hak'.i i-v xfrl under
It t. Mrs, r. J   Harding; :."<*   Dandell
Ri-t f.ij.r c.ike baked by uirl under!
i.v I   Jas, Bailey; 1   M.- Oroce Hervm.
Besl Prull Cake linked by Kin under
18-1. Mt-   Robert Bason
8PKC1AL   Pltl/KH   l-*i Ht   BRKAD.
Ro.v.,i Household Plour—Par the be-t |
loaf of home-made bread made from ihls
lour, presented by the Ogtlvle riour
Mm- c... i-t. i barrel of Royal House-
io|d Fl.-iir: second, *- barrel of Royal
Household Flour-l. Mr-. A. D, Wheeler;
.', Mr-. I;.-.. Watson.
Purity Plour—For the I*-*.! loaf nf
■tome-made bread nude from tiiix ttour.
■r.-.-iit.-d by the Western Canada ri-ur
Mills Co.. Ut. | barrel Of Purity Flour;
'ml. '- barrel of Parltv Flour l Mrs
I,-... Watson; 2. Mm. <}.-•*. Nowell
Five Roses Plour—Por the heal loal
•f home-made bread mode from thi-
lour.      presented   by   the   l^.k.-  ..r  lha
W i- Mi.Xm* en. i-i, i barrel of Five
Roses Flour; 2nd. '*- barrel of Five
Rosm  Flour i.  David  Larder;  t  Mra.
fl.o.   Hephutn.
Robin it I  Flour—For tin. h,nt loaf
if home-made bread made from thin flour
•resented by the Bbskatchowan Plonr
miii- Co.. im. i barrel -r Rotdn 11—>
Flour:   8ml.    U   barrel   of   Rohln    H..-..|
Flour t Mm ibo Watson; 2. Mra. A. K.
Crochel Laca, fi specimens—1, >ir-. t.
if  Jackson; i Mrs  a   r. MeKsnsla
Wool Shawl l. Mra Jn.. Hepburn; :.
mi-- winiiia- Wheeler.
Infant's Jacket, wool t. Mr*, t. ll.
larkaon: 2. Mr-   Roberl  Bason,
I uf ail it   Blh    eot ton   or   linen—1,   Mm.
T.   II   Ji.-k-on.   Mm    M    Illllon.
Wool Hio.k.iii**---!. Mm J. W BntHlhl
*    Mm    Jno.   Il.-|tl,iini.
Wool Bocka-t. Mra Jno Knallxli; 2.
Mrs  Jno. Itepburn.
ItSce, •> Mjiei'lmin- 1st, Mrs, Jno. Bug.
Infant- .)... ket   1.   Mr-    A    M-t-.-t
T.altlns. 1 n|mh lineim 1. Mr- Roheri
Bssont X  Mr-   M.   Illllon
potnj l-nce i. Miss fi. C. Chamherei :.
Mm.    M     Illllon
ih.iwn Work  i. Mrs, Domlneyj 2 Mn
\   Mercer,
Wallsrhlan  Bmbrohlenr-I.  Miss win-
ol.    Wh.il.r,  L*    Mm    Itoli.-rt   Ka-on
■ry -I.   Mm.  C   Rnyds;
I lur I'l'iivs l.uHi'l' tliau
Enloii's nnd in. Pi'olglil
ur Mail 1 !linrgoa tn I'ny.
Compara • lur I'i'ioos with
Kiiiuii's Now Cntaloguo,
Wliv imt liuv nt Home,
Hen's Thigh Boots, $5.00
Men's Knee Boots, $3.00
Boys' Knee Boots, $2.75
Men's Storm Rubbers, .75
Women's "      "       .65
Tlioso nro Good Quality
mul nro Fully Qunrntoed,
R. J. Mcintosh
Several brand now cottages
ami liuiigulowH in dlfToront
partiiot lho city I'm* wile mi
nl cxii'i'iiii'ly low* iii'luos, for
wtlo for it fow iln.vs nt. n
Wo :il-n have t'liqlrloa for u
hairy lEiiin-h tur rent, must
havii ul li'ii-i mii in*i'i■> anil
in nhajH) tu operule,
Wt' want li.iliiiK1* uf largo
nml lllllll I bluetts <>!' liiml
whore lliu tiylit priuoa nml
t 'nun nro quoted, Our nt-
rnngotiienUt fur soiling Inml
tu eiutorn fiinnors i.-* super-' *
im* to tiny in tlio vnlloy nud
if proper odors nro niiulo,
WO fill! W'll  tllO llllltl.
Dkvkoi'MBNtCo. I.tii. nro in
n iwsltlon in hniullo largo
UiulovoloH blouka of Inml
now ami we Invito nit whu
have stieli land to s.-ll to
notify us ami quote their
very best prleo uml tonus
on snmo, Thin Is u mattor
whit-li desorves prompt and
1    earoful aetlou,
full nml hop ui.
P. 0. loi 247        Phone 178
Chilllwuk, B. C.
Remedy i
An Invaluable
Coughs and Colds
Every Bottle
FOR KKNT—Qoal right  roomed lionse
• •ii Mii/i-l St., nl) ■■uiivfiii'-invn. At.iily
lo A, .Malcolm, City,
«Al.i:   llnv hi.rs.. llvi.
RO0.I .1
lll-l   .IlISS
11 ill
- II siimriii
ll   ..r
mil 111.
.1) Clitlllmu
li Kr.s
1. IV    I.   \l.       M    llill.all.
.'.   Uln W,inn.-  Wli.t-l.-r
l.lliin   Hit   tn.i.ti-   ti|.   li 1   nihl.r-.i.l. ri
i   Mii ,i. N   Dsnholms; x Mh t  If
t-i ■   ,.    or   il.'i-'iui.    Ii.iii.l  nint.r.il.l.-rv
i   MIm i»   R«rds; :   Mrs   a   B. Perroll
'nit   Uul  I'ollar   Ri-l,   li.ind  tnil.r.il-li ry
i   Miss Wlnnia- \\i,..|..
Tahle ijow, iiii-ii.  tun.I •-mini.i.i.i-i
Mn.    M..I..H   Rawni   x   lira,   (Iotikd
'M.tt.  I'..... i..md pmbrolilfry-l, Mm
i   ii   r..|..i.ind. I,  Mr-   a   Msresi
Hl.h-li.,.,1,1   ..r   Hum mi   Rear!    li.ind  •-•■-.-
 t'i>   I,  Mrs   l>   llnj-di; ■>. Mm   .1
H..I..M   ..tl
iiiiid-i HrsiM, ii.ui.i fmlirolden  t. Miss
H. Il.iv.l-.
*-.ir-i-l t'.av.'t    ti.ni.l . inlirol.li-rv -1. Minn
NlltlS   K ii'I-lit;  :*.   Mis    R.dii'tt   Kimoli.
I'Ui.iw Hiii.i. hand .*int.r.it.i.'ry-1. Mrs.
c  Roydsi 2. mis- r.v.i isckmsn,
Tmrvls. hsitd .inl.r..t.l.-ry-l   Mm. Hold.
Bason;  .'.  Mir*   A.   K.   Krrnill.
T.-u IMr*y. hsnd •-mlT.il.l.-ryl. Ml*.- W
wii.-t.-i, -i. Mrs, A. I-:. RoberU,
s..,   piupWi   ii.ind-i.   Mrs,   Roberl
Resoni 1. Mrs, a. Mercer,
i-mtiim.il i.niMiri- t'mii
FOR SALKOR iii UKNT-Klglit* screi
Willi •H-.i-tttl housee snd orclwrd,
Sv.l. Howe Rent,
FOR Hi-:NT—Front room sultslilu for iwo
(p-iiil.iiiin—boanl amiraridenoogiven.
Apply droom, Mary .-t.
IIICYCI.E, FOR sai.K—ll 8. A. inskei
llm-a- r>|nii| |*,iti>. h.-tii aii.llm.-k mllii
rim I.ml,.-, sctrorij! ri.bl.-n; Apply Ibix
80, I'rii* I'hfi.
POR  SAI.K-I'.m-   l.n-I   IVltln   DttcltS,
-iiiini'lr f..r bn<ctUiigi «f0 per pair. J,
HcConnrll, l-.vutt Ixslgp, Ctmiit,
l'i Ut >.\ I.i: -llnrsu ti-ti-i mn ..hi. n, Mu
iiInhii iiii.iiiw.ii,. nu Htugr. sli-uli
nml liameas, rlmipforawli, Kii-iiim*
**f \. I» MiKiiili.tti. (itv.
I.O-.T oiM-n iiin-wnii-ii. i.i.k.'l. between
tin* I.iuh nhool un.l !■: A. Kllip'i n-
rddence, two |<| on of chain attached.
Finder plerue ntnru to Ernest Trelli*
MONKY FOUIVn-Oii Rerrean .mnni
<»l ii f, in bills,     Apply lo T. II...I
|* imy. i Ity.
• .Md. V?ANTED-Itrlghl rIH waiileil
in limn lypeselling, mtM Imw fall
i.lii.ntlon Apply evenings to edltoi
Five I'n-****.
It. A. 1Iknih:iisi»n. r,B, & m.k.
AsnciATR uftunni op thi caitaman
MXIVn OPCIVll, i:miinki:rs
H. c. Land Burvrvor
noomi in A l!.\V,'Miiiiiii-|.-rTiiHl HI.hI
CHII.I.IW.U'K, 11.0.
Roller Rink
Tin' L'lillliivii.li ll.ill.r Kink is no
n|sn im-ii„.aciuoii.
Two-Tliirly lo Flvo
Si'VuJi-Tl.irly to Ten
Com* and enjoy a pleasant
Candy Kitchen
Dainty Lunches Served in
pleasing style
Afternoon Ttat and high
class Confection
We make -mr own Candy
Fresh,   Daily
DRAHI—1 linkn.-y Siallion, IttvUtenMl,
DOLLT   Hsy Marc. Oycsrs, best family
man* in ih.- pmviiur.
HAUL— Hro-Aii   limn*.  (1 yt-nnt.  bihmI
i-oiiiblnatiiiii in nil harnrm unit Mi.i.lt.-.
HAROLD C- Borrel iiilt i' years past, a
k*""-i j.i..i-|M-,'i to niaki- moneVa
Fur imtlii-r pnriii nlur- apply
Oiull, Tiinc. ur BxcbaflfO for Heal Fstali*.
Mis. ('lum  Davisiiii,  teaohor in
I'in .ml pupil of Mi- MoOuire,
Mlnrta Cbllen, Bdmonlon, i. open
lo riHiiv.. prii.iar.v pupils. I'lipHs
i.iit.v iH'tlin i.t any I i.i,*-. Titiiis, etc.
oil tlpplii'illioll.
■nM.ac.1 Priam, An., Ckllllw.cl
BriUlk C.lombt. Eltclric ly.
p.mwksiu'i. urvich
1 .
 11    H.l...
II. V.
.S.10 11.111.
.1        |l.III.
. ...fl.-*ri) |l..||.
...ii.i.i p.m.
.. H
.. Ittnnnn
....*.  p.n..
 1 nm.
l-m Qlillllwacs 8.80 a.m. / Dally K*«vpt
''   Vamimvi-r 7.tW   '     1     Ninirlsy
All pMscngi-r trains li-m.lli- Kxpr*vtH.


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