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^-^Tufiisla! ...
Vol.   1.
St'llSl'llll-TluN I'llICK ,1 .hi I'KK VKAH
s.siu.K coriKS 1'ivi: CENTS ka.ii
CapbHm LOIt— Mn*. l.ylle.
Hut-rial Suit Balo-Clias. Parker.
Musli—('nliiiiiliiu Conservatory.
Fnwh On rles— [.Nile's CasliQroccry,
Hpeelal Subscription o,,.-r—Free Press.
llYiniYrWH Mn,- Balo—I.D. Smith ('•>.
Lecture on Ohlim— Muthallsj Bpwortli
Bakers mul Hattirtlay ^teolals—Smith's
L.  V. Chin,  ul Moo Sltuliti for
Head the Freo Press Want Ails.
(\ Parker announces a special Bnlo
nf man's suits in hlsadvt, in the Free
Press today.
Two oar load of brlok wore received
this week fur the now Hunk uf Montreal building.
The Chilliwuok Free Press from
now until Due. Ill, 1012 fur #1 OO.
Hubscrjlkt now.
Hoe the Smith Bakery ftdvt, itt
the Free Press to-day a Tho specials
quoted for Saturday will tutorest
The regular meeting of tho Board
nf Trade has Ih-oii postponed frum
to-morrow night until Friday October i:i.
It is reported thut there art! ti
niniiliT uf oases of measles among
the Indian children in the Institute
ut Bard Is,
Will those who sent donations tu
the Hospital Tent uni| have not re-1 j.
If you 1 nro receiving a sample
copy of the Free Press, take it
home, rend it, and if ynu think it
is good value funic in and give us
$1,00, We will Bond it to any
address in Canada until Dec. 81,
Miss Hoylo, Milliner, is showing
a beautiful Hue uf smart feather
toques this week, besides (lowers,
feathers, and a dainty lot nf Children's Imis, Storo opposite tho Post
Ofllco, formerly in lho Knight
While Mr. Burnett, one nf the
ll. C, Kleetrie wl ronton, wns titling
a street light on the Hart Block
onrnor Tuesday afternoon, ho some
how missed his footing on the pule
nntl theren was tmnblo uf tools, etc,
Mr. Burnett came part way down
hut wns fortunate in regaining his
hold nu the pule, 01 he would have
hml a nasty fall.
Have you any nows? tell the editor nnd he will serve it 11 la iiinde.
hi ease you du not happen to meet
him, use the telophono ur the mall,
Vuti will In- helping tn make your
town paper of greater interest and
thereby serve the general com
inunity. Whatever news may in
terest you, must surely interest
many others.
i New CeiMfsl ami MarUe Process
Mr. McHween, a former resident
of Chilliwack was a  Visitor in the
.City Kriilny accompanied by B.C.
uure,   managing director  nf tin
Art Stone   and   Marble   Builders j
Ltd., uf Westminster, sole   mnnu-
Hottse-elenningtinie i* here again facturers in British   Columbia, of
and \V.   It. Stevenson   the Valley j the "New   Cement   and    Marble
Painter and his staff of workmen 1 Process
eeived  tbeir dishes kindly
Mrs. H. Eckert'a fur them,
call ut
Man Probably Drowned
J. Moore of Westminster Disappears While on
a Fishing Tn) Last Stwiiy. Nt Trace
of Missing Mu.
A aloud uf mystery has surround*
ed the extraordinary disnpjioarniiee
of Conductor J. Moore, uf the It. C.
K. R,,at Westminster, who on Sim-
day eiimc up lu the Voddor river on
a Hashing expedition, ami whu has
nut since been Keen or heard of by
his friends.
Moore came up ontheonriy morning train in ordor to reach the Wilder by daybreak and enjoy a whole
day's fishing. Ou his way he fell in
with WaltorC. Chnmborlaln, also of
Westminster, who was going out for
a day's tlshhig, ond they journeyed
together up to the point where the
H.CK.lt. crussesthe Vedder river.
After each Ing their wearing shoes
and donning long gum waders, they
sel nut on (heir soporato ways proposing tu meet in the afternoon und
tuke the same train back to Westminster. Mr. Chnmlierlaln returned
lo tht* starting (mint al the time
arranged, mul while his enmpnnton
was nut about, he did nut think
any harm  had come to him su that
ewln-n the train came along he hoarded il for Westminster.
No alarm was felt until M lay
morning when Mooro should have
reported for duty at tho B. C. E. It.
offices. He  failed  tn
1 then anxiety as to I:
jlirst entertained,   Mr. Clmmltcrln
land u parly  uf It. ('. K. It. nu
i-aine up nn the noon train in ordi
Chilliwack Theatre goers wlj
have failed tn attend ihe product-
Ions uf Miss Verna Folton and the
Alien Players in the Opora House
this week have missed a series of
entertainments whieh were eon-
sideralily above the average, in fnol
Ihey an- the best we have seen here,
uinl il Is seldom such excellent i»er-
furitianees nre presented outside the
larger cities,   The Company carries
twenty-twu (icoplo.    IHIil a  hill ear
ul' seeiu-ry nud equipment, Kueh
pcrforinanco is well staged, the costumes beautiful and tin- work nf the
entire Company is uf a character
that meets with unstinted approval.
Die playing uf the Itoyal Hungarian (Quartette is a pleasing uu very
|toptllar feature. The Company is
one uf real merit, the management courteous, aud they leave
Chllllwaek with n reputation thnt
will fill the nperu house un the
occasion of a return visit in the
Spring.    The plays   presented   tlio: CUy wi„ given site for tho building,
three nights of this week wen-' The|„,wi ,i.„. ,*_.. _«.1..  n —1 •
Christian"   "The    I,inn   and   iln-
The City Council Meets
Regular Session Held or Monday Evening.
Street Lights, Hope Street and Armory
Site op for Consideration.
The City Council held a  regular
1 ting nn Mnmla.v evening, all the
members lining present nml the
Mayor presiding.
A communication was read from
Ihe It. C. ICIeetrlc Railway re the
opening up "f ITojw Street. The
matter was referred in lho City Engineer and the chairman nf the Board
i»l' Works, whu will take iln- matter
up with the Company,
The City Dairy and Produce Co,
made application fur a bonus toward
au ieo plant, The Clerk wns instructed tu Inform tho company thai the
City did nut favor bonusliig,
A communication was read frum
ttie District Engineer ro the purchase
of a site for Government Armory.
We understand tho Government has
offered  tn  build an armory if lho
Real Estate Sales
Hart A Co., report the
seventy-live feet on  Princess
at   880 por foot, to Mr, Tin
Vancouver.   The vendor is
I Team Ron Away
il*-  of     Ed. Allison, who is engaged in
tvenue hauling mining supplies from the
mo, of city wllh 0 two horse loam was on
David In return trip  Tuesday  afternoon,
id  "Tin- Spoilers
Potato Growers in thin district
nro   informed thut   tlm  I'rnviueinl
Government hits iloiiiilcl tu inula, ii
display uf potatoes ut tin.- Ainericnn
Liiiul uml   Irriuutinn IDxpositiou tu
ppenr, until fa liulilnt   .Muilisuii  Squnro, N'tnv
safety wn*'Yirk,   Novomber  3 to   12.   Mr.
Anuhol Stliitn, of lAilner, l.ns boon "tonatl:
appoiutod Coiiiuilsslonor to urriinuo *"0,
for tiie collection a)n1 preparation I*- "
of  Hits
I to wiiri-lifui'ilii. lust niuii.   Another „f  t|,|,  cxliiliit, uml will nlso ao-1 M-II15.00, ui
'arch i«rl,v cninc up nn the fuur j company   it to New  York.   Tlio | KiiKinocr, «
'clock train, Moore hud not eomo
^^^^^^^^^ The   Company has an k^j, toclrlmtheshocsho hadcach-
are kept busy papering, tinting etc. [Authorised Capitnl of 9260,000 and \el\ an() u10¥ ,v(,a, picked up where
A  ipeeinl  return   fare of M.451thc ahm Bentleiiien were  here so- j ho ,,„,,
und ihui ii portion of tho old oxhl
I.iii..n grounds ii favored h.v lho
Ciiiitii.il. Tl,t! Mii.yni' ivas asked In look
inl.. tin- inattcr.
Iti-v. H. .1. Douglas wrote re grant
nf 8S00 In thc Hospllal uud same
was ortlered tn lie pui.l, und the
Mayor wus ro-appoiiitctl City representative nn the llospltiil Hoard,
The Kire, Water und Ught Do-
lnii'tineni was inslructcil lu huve
kitchen hi Kire Hull furnished und
■ennui ofsidewulk contractor
Hemphill   fur the sum of
rtilieil tu hy Ihe City
Stevonson, of Mountain View-. Alsoland when in front ot the school lie
tour loin of W, M. Griffin's property poised two aulomoblles, whieh  so
in uld  Hoiulorson sub-dlvlslon, to Irlglitc I his teams that Hey 	
local people, leanio  unmanageable.   The wagon
collided with mi..Id telephone pole,
breaking it off, un.l the whole out-
—n^^^-— lout9 °'Bt Including tlio driver got   badly
tho Vnlloy passed nwn.v last Batur- (angled up.   Mr. Allison pluckily
' '"     ''   'n   lho   person of atuo|( to tho reins, but on trying lo
Itusscll,    iii   her Ul.o found Ills ankle to be dislocated.
Another Old Resident Pain, Away
Another   of the   old  resi
.In> ut [tosotlal
Mrs.    EI imi Is-lli
seventy-first   yenr,    The   remains
were   Interred in   the .Ottdfollmv'i
cemetery on   Monday,    Kev.   Mr.
Meku.v   of   Hosediile   Presbytorian
ehiireh, officiating,
lie immediately pulled the disjointed limb into place and proceeded
to get the horse*" uiel wagon
disentangled. The wagon and
hurness were Iw.th somewhat damaged und Mi. Allison uiii bavi l
very sore ankle f..ru lew days,    El
is fortunate tliat  i
juries did not result.
sertous iii-
J-Ksidttt Tafl U Ms-bai,
President Tuft  ot   tho  United
States is billed to spenk nt Helling-
hum on Monday next Oct. 9,   An
excursion   will   leave   C'liilliivrirk C-H.ll Cwstrodion
over tho B. C. Klectric at six a.in.     The valley of t     N'.irth T
Arriving ut Ilellinghnni   at   8.05, [son lliu begun already i
Returning, will leave   Helliiigluini|thc various noises
al   4.80 arriving at Chllllwaek at way conitructi
(l.fiS,   Ttie return fare will be 11.80 and bilstle alnng the     ■
Men B«y Seoul,
A second Troop of Hoy Scouts
has been organized iu this city and
will he called the Wesley Troup.
It is under tho auspices of the Hun-
iluy school "f the Methodist Church
un.l already some fifteen havo kilned, with a prOBpeot nf another ten
nr fifteen in the near future. Mr.
Win. Abbot is Scout Master and
Mr. Clifford Wnndwnrth, assistant.
Left Far Mats
from Chilliwack to Westminster |||ll*Uing   stock.
The   business   is
irdered to Ih- pui.l.
preparation of the exhibit  will lie j    "wing  to  lho over valuation ot
undertaken  at New Westminster, lot8  82> xl> M. l'l"|,|< 1-1. division
frnni wliieli place the  exhibit will B. City, that a refund or two-fifths
be Bhipped to New York.   In ordorM ""' "el  amount of tuxes (or
which Maedonal.l i
oontrnct it is qtdte
they <!" not int. i id to ti .
grow under their f< ■ 1
llllS   nOW    three  .':l'u| -       	
and the dirt Hj ing it tw
Work  nn. im -1]
Monday.   Seyuit]
will lie eni[il. y..|
this eoiitriu't   which M. --      '■!:.
donald  hone  to
long Is'L.re tiie   mbdtUiiil I    h   i
up.    The greuiei' pare of In. SNttii •[
in -Beet this week over .be   B. C. | «"""»»"<! »»»i» «me„t concrete | polipe and „ llllrtv ioillctl ,,,„ „„„„ ^ ^ ^^        ^ ^ ^
El-elric.   Tickets on sale Oct. 2 to j construction.   The, formulae,   de
7, gun) to return Oct. 9.
W. R. Stevenson the Valley Pain
ter will not keep ynu waiting tu
have your paper hanging done as
he b.s a staff uf first-class work'
The total reward for the capture
ol the robbers who plundered the
Bank of Muntnal'sNew Westminster
branch has been increased to the
snug fortune of 132,000.
The Westminster Pair is tin
coast attraction this week. Chilliwack is well represented in the en
try list and quite a number of vat
ley people arc in attendance.
No* ia the time to have your
li.iiiw-ele.ning done. W. R. Steven
nn, the Valley painter, keeps none
but tril-clas. paper-hangers, dec
orator., etc
J.H. Ashwell wns a business visitor
to Vancouver on Monday and while
there disposed of a ear of rhubarb
and a ear of impeded pears, the product of the Chilliwack Cannery.
Pay thc printer and preacher.
You're sure tn get yuur money back.
The printer tells you tne news
iil.iut this world and the preacher
tells you iila.nl the uther to conn.
The cm.tract tor furnishing electric current to the city ol lllaine,
Wash., by the British I'uliinihin
Klectric Company wns signed Inst
week nt Ihe meeting uf the council,
The regular m.mthly meeting uf
the Cliilliwnck HiMpitnl Auxiliary
will I.' held ns usual on the .-ecu.I
Monday ol the month, Oct. 9 in tha
llddfellnw's Hall, at 8.80 p.m.
The finishing tuiiehes are U'lng
put on th.- opera lidtiM this male,
There  are  nuw   four exils,   each
prominently shown by   red lights.
veloped after many yenrs research
• work, wiiercby the «rength and
durability of the concrete is increased from 100 per cent, upwards.
This proven fact, ns may rendily lie
perceived, enables the Cumpnny tu
use about one half of tbe cement
ordinarily used, thereby cutting the
cost very mnterinlly. On a test
brick, mode VI to 1, 1200 pounds
per square inch wns applied without crushing. Walls and flooring
are of a plastic material applied
with a trowel nnd adheres to either
wood, concrete or iron in n manner
impossible to duplicate, thus eliminating thc cost of wood or metal
lath nnd mnkes nil iil.sulut.-ly fireproof construction. Tho material
used fur this plaster tins stood 1700
'degree. F. of beat, and showed no
crocks when nir or water ended.
The cost of this material is about
one half that of the nr Hilary plaster
and less than half tbe cost of any
aggregate, tile or simple flooring.
An imitation marble Is produced
iu uny size, thickness or color, at a
cost of otic-ip.itrtcr that of real
uinrl.le, and as this material is
niunufaf lured, it eliminates the additional cost caused hy cutting,
trimming nnd fitting murble slabs.
This material <dso is fire proof und
pmduei-s n surface almost Itnpos-
sililc lo tell npnrt frum the genuine
article. In summing up, the cost
nt inuleiiuls o| the ordinary structure, and ..ne under the jmtcnts
held by this C.iiuimi.y, the difference is ellurniullsly in favor of tbe
latter prm-ess uml will eveutunlly
be the only mcllusl used in producing nil hoii-es uml buildings where
llluderute cost is essential.     Hence,
left them. ,...,.    	
Joseph Scott,   nf the  Provincial | to allow latitude lo Mr. Smith, it"1"' year wus made.
•"—*-J - :.:.....-..-        .      --. ^   ^   The clerk niis instructed to corn-
party   Mondny   und Tuesday.    Al j |Mst flftv unumls nt cucb vnrietv nf | mnnicato  with Ibe 11. I'. K. R. Co,
Vuueutiver,  callingiiltenliun lolbe!
londny und Tuesday. At [ |,,„,t fifty pounds nf
  . : there is u very deep eddy | carefully named nnd selected inland a jam of drift wood nml il Is taldw, and these potatoes must bo
thought the body inny bq Uicre.. chosen liming reference to linooth-
Yesterday morning tin- U. ('. IC. II. [ „rss „r BKjni uniformity of size, und
men nnd Provincial police look down! Dustiness uf eye, and absolute free-
a  quantity uf explosives wilh thc|,inm frum nil senbor blemish, nnd
Intention of dislodging Iho j and all potatoes must  be reeeiveil   in attention
possibly'finding the body.   Up un- x,,,v   Westminster not  Inter  than oxpedili
til Inst evening  the body had not October    II.    It   is  desired    lo system.
been recovered. j „,ake this exhibit as comprehensive |	
Tho Vedder is not a largo river, M nomible.   The Sllllwell Trophy A POTATO ENTHUSIAST
and it .-an Is- wailed will, ease at U^^, v„|„c $1,00(1, will be given Asahcl Smith, Ihe Potato King,
many points. At plnces tho current ky tho Expoiltlon to the best col-Lf l^ulner II. C, spent Thursday
is very rapid, ami some Ireacherous, leo0oni ,, |, ,|,,qir,,(! „,„, „ |,|gftm, Kri||nv ,n ||u. yMry ,„ „,,, |n_
holes are to be found hill. Al other Lfjor.   i^  nlm|P  lo  capture this Lrosbi of tho Potato Exhibit, which
-pot* where the water• runs slowly -Trophy.   Any point" growers  Inl the   Provincial Govornm ,  bus
there Is n considerable depth of mud 11|,|9  district  who nre   willing in j undertaken to send to Ihe Ameri-
fact Hml' fur suine weeks past, there
tins been much difficulty wilh street
lights, a nutnbor 6flhoni Is-ing out
of commission, nud thut tin- .li*|Mirt-
meiii Ih> requested (ogive immetllhtc
to Ihe mailer nml nlso
Ihe   eumplelinn   uf  the
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. I,. Traverse, of [ will he straight grading  thi
Hosedalo, have  disposed   of jUmIiIIi ■  b-'iiw iota i.    a
property and lenvc to-.lny for Olds, I points along the line, lot . I
Alberta,rtholr former home  where] there is will all come
they will reside for   a tiim- witli n! fills.
view tn   improving Iho   health   "f T* Balk, oa, Ckauel, Uwwa
Mrs.   Traverse.    Mr.   nnd     Mrs.      D ,, , ,
m .... !       Ballot-. Ilill',: JUSI I e.'ll      s::,-: ,-
1 ruveisc have heeu hero fuur years,
nnd like the vnlloy very much,
and h.-pe to In.able to return in the
Ai kerntai Lectot
in the river Imltnm,
the district in   which the   potatoes
are  grown,  and   the  hearty  cooperation ..I nil potato   growers   is
to   make   the
On Tuesdny evening, in plnee uf
the regular mivting uf Chilliwuek
Temple Nn. Ill, the Sisters entertained the llmihers tu a Sin-inl and
Oyster Supper, springing a surprise
un the boyi by m doing.   The dis.rs | r«)ueste<l,   iu order
of i lie dining r wore thrown open [exhibit n success.
and  a  sumptuous spread uf  gimd 	
things un gnily dissmited tnhlcs wus UYMAN'S CONVENTION
a temptation ti.i strong to   be  re-      .,., . ,,
,  ,      .„     ,,       .     ,, The program   of tin
siste.l.     After the elllovnlile ri'luisl, ,...   . .,
,,,.,',     Missionury tutiveiiliun
the en.wd rc-nsscmhlcil m tin- main
hall, nnd gullies uf curds, ele, fulluw
ed another surprise which uwuiled
ihe Invited guests,   Hruthcr Howard
uf Kaiul.H,|is. u renowned vontrilo-
assist in inuking this exhibit, arc I can Lund und [rrlgntlnn Expoiltlon
requested to communicate iinincd- [to lw held nt New Ynrk, pnrtioillars
lately with Mr. Asnhel Smith, Lnd-|of which nre published elsewhere in
ner, B. ('. The winning nf this!this issue. Mr. Smith culled nn
Trophy will menu n great deal to|tlio Free Press, nnd thut he knnws
the point., business frum the select-
^^^^^^^ tu im held
nt Vancouver on Oct. 18,19and 20,
is to hiin.l.   nnd is
tilings nln.ig  the
inn of see.l to the marketing of the
tuber, is rendily nppnrent nml bis
selection  us pnlnto   Cotniniulbner
terian membRrshtp tfirnughi nr. ritt.
Dominion in nrder&B nhtnin dl.de
decision on the qnatfon   i    m i n
 ^^ witli   the   Methodist   mil   '    ngre-
On M.indny evening, H.-v. t'. K.! gation.il chur-I •-.   These   i
Hurl iv. II, of Chentu, West China, lientto every Presbyterian
will  give an Illustrated lecture on |Canada,the  nnmner   sing
the West  China Mission Field,   in 1180,000, a sixteen png
the Melh.nlisl ehiireh.   Mr. linn- givinga hit ,    i   ermim
well  bus s|«.iii seventeen years Inlttonsandthebm ,
China und is thoroughly convcrsanl gen-ral asseml!       ''
with conditions and prospects there, | be sen tout u	
nml (hose who avail lh selves of'arale colore nre   i    ,
lho opportunily. of hearing him on ballots to he nsed  iy    s
Mondny ..veiling will be amply re- members other than -
jiniil. adhereiiL., the respeeti        lo,
lasaj-j ttttlia Ing blue, white and ml     V
„„ ,        ...    ,  land is the nnml --.' '     •   	
I he annual meeting,, the C hill. ,,,,,„„, „,ree ,,„„,,,.,, „,,,.„,„, ;„
wnck Hospital wil   l» held in tbe; (||o merabsnltHp Uld 20 | el m       I
schoo mo„, of Cook s Prcabyterlan L,,, mmbtt nt .nU ,Ll ,.,.,„     ,
cliiirc. mi   Wednesday  nlternoon bsMntt(iadti«M'a,*o«rt
Oct. II, nt two o'clock.   All those
who hnve paid   en.no during this I
yenr, nr who will do s,, |..f,,r,. Mn
tbey concor, nlthoiigli rheir v.ife
would nut efTeel the result .iisirt from
either way.
Iny next, an- members nud ure onto select nnd nrrnnge the exhibit is (titled tu vote and hold u nniJtian nn
n wise choice.    Besides   be    is 1111'Hie  Bouril.     RoporlS of   the   work **■ ■*" '**** " "''*"'
entliusinst nlniiR this "line, nud   isjfnr the pa-t yenr will In- mul and      Uf- Fntndl W, II..;.   1 „■    I II •
anximis that the  potato uf B. C. the Hoard for the ensuing year will' leaders of the medical prshainn m
should receive Hie   Ircatnient and In elccksl.    It. .1. Douglas, Sc-'y.' Vietorin. and indeed, in the pr.r-
recognition it justly   deserves,   as!, fM„MMu „. illij fluIll l"<».   iV"*]   'uddenly   on To-day
full  of Boodlonsol thoiuiplo articles of diet on r ..     ^^ ,r'""   hemorrhage  ,,f Uu   brafa
„, oflort U10 "''I"" »"1"'"t"1'1''-   'I1'" i''1-'" I' I      ,° ' "' "' •    '""' Mrs'''"'"'; K"r ""' P*" '"•"'>' v,:"" '
: Hint    potatoes
Should be   selected
•nro as nur apples.
I'nndiieted   by   this   urgnuimtiun
.    ,  ,. ,   ,, Tin- Convention opens ut four p.m.l"1''1 <* i™1
mul-l ul no mean  ulillllty, ffellglil.sl >        .     ,,        .        ... ., iv,. Ihe same deui f utleiiti.ui
1                              ,             V.      Oil Ibe brsl day with n  session nt "hi i\* in. s,um ,ugu. ui uiu niiun.
enraptured    uml   upptis'iuiivei ...     ....        m.   ,.,,  ,,      Ti„.., should he hn.ed nml s..l,l	
.                          ..                I eight. Mooting! Will In? held ut leli I ""' simuin u. .s.xiu, uml soiaaco-
:,u. len.'e   Willi  snugs uud Jukes III 11 ! ,     .  . lit. union.'   In nri.de nml vnrietv    1*1 1
„ ,   ,       ,       ,„,       a.m. ami nl Iwo uud   eight p.m. """"H  ." grum nm, iiiriuj. i, ,
most    n lupfished   style:     I unci        , ,  , i    ., i,t,i Ibis basis the huiuble ikiI'iI,. uill
.              -                   nn the seeund dnv,  uud   lliroo na- v ""* """* lllg llup""" l™<aio will
 '»<<"* "Imwen-afraid l» venture ^  ||)(i (||jr(1 (|||j,    .|Vro |g |H)|pruve ,, bigg.-r money innker un the
am. „,ii the mill <ll<>p-. llii—."I u gO'llt
The new opera chulr.i nre enroulel'V producing material cheaper und
and are oxpeeicd mam. '   bolter than any competitor by virtue
at.   B   m j. i  i    .       *•        . lot the method* nnd   turmulne con-
W,   n.   I renh,.Im is making ml    ,   ,,   . .    ,,    ,,
.„,      ,   . ......   ; trolled bv Ibe I nmpnnv.
ditiunnl   iinpnivemeuls m  Ins big. *, \_.	
liirliiture stun' llii- week h.v Install-[
ing shelving fur hulls,, furnishings, ]
nml u repetition of the oven-
| ing's enterluiiunenl   is eagerly illiti-
..i|Nileil by iill   whu  wen  pn-seui,
it i, thc intention „f the Company „,„.  „.,„, „,,.,„ ,,„,„. .„ |„„,r ,„..
tu build houses,  brick, blocks and | ,„„. „„.,. „,,,.„, „„. ,,„,,, „„„
munutnetiire uny building lunlerinl j ..„   „„,„.   |11|iN,  , „.,   „   |„li,v
whereby Ibey   enn   gnin n   profil |0y.ler"
wiieb  will  In-  bmught   frum   Ihe
Hcund fl.n.r I.. Hie ground tl.n.r
Wall Pajwr, Wall Pmn-r, Wnli
Paper—- lluiise-clenning time is
here again. We still hnve a large
asMirtnient on hand which we must
reduce in order to make room for
our now stork. A reduction of 20
per cent on all wall paper in our
Molt, the Valley Paint and Wall
Paper Mouse.
A (imminent busines. man said
recently, "If I could snve the
money 1 spend in advertising, I
hnve common sense enough lu du
su. Hut I nm nut only in business
Uuw, but expect In continue ill
business fur several veals lunger,
und I value thc etiuiiilulivo effect uf
my advertising sulesmnnship. If
our product wns nil sold until 1912,
I would still cuiitimic advertising,
because t lielievc ill creating n waiting list."
\Ve*itiiiin*i|i-r Mtrei-t i- mm i*t.id.-.|
pn'tKiriitnrv to being MphftllOti.  Mi
hveeti   Nn-iYi-H mul Young fond the
**ireei grnde iRpcrfcctljf h'\v|, mul lo
i-nrr.v "IT ihe ilirfnee Hitter It in lie-
ei-H**nrv Iii pul in mi under Knuuiil
ilr-iin, eimitneiieitiunt tliepOBt nlHei-
iiihI conllnnlng hIumk tin- north -Mini" ihe MtrrH to Novell, where surti-
eieiil full is t..nml tn eitrry witter
tiwii.v. Young ntixl H>uih i- now
ri'iiiplelid nnd I'iM'li i*t ln-iiiK lumleil
lo Westininiter itlMt.
limit to the number of dolcgnt-wiIlnV08iment°rb\iwwn\ moneytlmn
Inltendlng from ench ohurohnml it fruit    T,w 'M,tu,n u ft" flrtlo-° "f
, is hoped tlmt a verv lartfe   nUUlbor ,|irt ,:,,, ff,,ol° *vn,r rnun,, ff,,llfl lho
[ will avail tnoniselvt-H <.f UloprlcelOH nPP!o U^ ,,ul *' ,,,,, mo»1' ,,,1,f ,,f
Iprlvflogo of honrlng the world re*,,,,nt iM'r"hl- Mr- 8miUl ™P.orw
nowned ipcalten who will Im nt l,i0 ^P'"1*1™ mol»iou» In voguo In
I tho Convention. Application cauls P0 "mn-v "|fc,il",,,'?, '" «" Browing
fur rr-giHtration are now in the!"' IM,l«t,Mrt- Thwllgll lita oITorla
fanndi of tho IocaI pnstora nnil|ll,° P°talow oi U» B. 0. will ».
I Hi oo hi Ik* f<.K.,.-,l at  mice by Llinne Mvo ll,° l»i""»"",,'"(,»' »W «owrvo
Intending tn ho nl the Convention. ftUl X|-W|1 " Noff   v'"'k-
Tlio Rev. .1. II. ('.it »n, Y. M. r.,Bw,,,e, Bmwin* f,,rt*v n™ ol tirf,t
A.   Vat.ei.uvrr, i- the Conventionk*111*   P^lotx nt   l.a-lner,
SiTrelary   ami   will glndly answeriH",i,,l ,i,|,Is ,lim* ,n   I1"*" "
nil enquires. The meolings will lie
ln)l*l in the Kirs! Uaptist Cbureli,
Every line in |! i-> newspaper oovU
the proprietor * ... thing.
October is the montli when nil
who p;iv nun I tax nr business tax
inilHt n'Kister in order to have a vote
at the imini< ipal elections in Jan-
nary. Forum may In- had from tho
City Clerk, affidavit-- to#bo nindc
Ivforo a Justice oil lie Peaee.
| lerosls of the Udner Brnneh.Prnser
Valley Tile ami Cemeiil Co. Ltd.,
whieh Imsinuss has a l-iu future
ahead of it. He is also n Director
of the People's Trust Co. Ltd.
A freststitisa wi Stoal tmim
The homo of Mr. ami Mm. John
Henderson, Goreave,, was the scene
[of a   happy surprise   nn   Tuesday
evening of last week when the men
; friends of Mr. Henderson, with their
ladie-, (mil; possession,and present-
led   Mr.   Ileiiilersun   with   a nicely
worded address, of congratulation on
.his recent marriage, and whieh was
nccom panted by a more tangible
cxpreasinn <>f the i**mh| wi-lns of
those present i in lho form ofa beautiful leather upholstered rhair. The
evening wns pleasantly s|n-nt in
sanies, dancing ami inusie.
A Mew F«sr Mtf 11
Tho Canadian four dollar bill hns
been iniprnved on. Now there is no
powiblo ehniico nf mistaking il fora
One-dollar bill.    Hefore the  defeet
been a leading  practitioner.   Hii*
unqualified.efflctencj  a-a - :.■
and pnytlclan was \-.i-i*ly reengnU'
iii   au*l   nf Lit*- y.ar- 1.;- j
bad been a remarkably wide om.
Soil reliant t" ,i degn i I ■
the same UmopuSSevK \ i u
tributes which make f r >ueo -* in
the profession of metlh Ine, ni' the
po*>itlon which hcoorupicd was due
tn hi- remarkably oapackj for **"rk
ami bis personal ability snd ki ow«
ledge. He wa* tifty yean old ind
ja native of Rich n*l Hill. Ontario. A wire wan recoivedby his
| brother D, tt. Hall, of Chilliwack,
on Tuoaday evening Informing him
of his broillor'n sudden death, wim
in company with his son Frank h*fi
was noticed hy the government and rnr^ ■>','?'u'r,,Il.v morning f*.r  Vic-
Sanlis telephone exchange is a
thiiik of the past as all lines are now
connected with and worked from the
chilliwuek exchange
Subscribe for tho Free Prow
reelitied, many complaints were
mado to the elTeet that those hill-
were handed out hi change for one*
dollar bills. On the new hill the
won! "/our" has been pointed in
large type across the top in both
corners, while the same change is
duplicated, thu word being printed
across the fluuront both ends of thc
hill. The Lord and Lady Minto
portrait* are being used on these
Folluniiig nr,- ill,- prevsuing wholcssle
priii's „i Vancouver iln. week:
liny 111.il. io f 17.uu per too
O.I.  29,00 i" itl.00    "
Kec.1 Wlici .... :i:;.fii "
Corn, Whole »7.on "
l'.,'.»t..s  111.001„ J1.00      "
Chleln-M, live welihl  Iv to Me lh
Dnek.  Mnjv It,
Ilniwe.1 l,.,k-  ifr i, ll,. II,
I-.mli    11.-in IBr 11,
Rincnegga uie .\<„.
A|.|.l..   II.M tu «'.' llu l«,x ' FREE PRESS, CHILLIWACK,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.
A Coincidence Lead, to
Serious Results
Copyright li)'  Aim-rli'in, I'l-ftM AMO-
cluliiin, lull
"All right, nir." mini a Htewur-J ot ttie
lltn-f Polyhemulu, scheduled to sail In
two hours. "Tbli way, nir." And. sell-
Ing Mr. Jones' hiiiii) baggage, ho led
"Dim li, sluti'i'.inni No. '£\    Flinging the
dtmr upon. Hi ere were n trunk ami timid
bugguge, ladles'  tun pa it ml olhor aril-  |
cles, while en ilii- nl a lid was a bouquet
ut  fl()WITH.
"Winn's  Hi In?"   nr.iwl.-il   Mr.   Jones   j
Thin Ih ttie muni deck, Isn't UT"
"Yea, sir."
"Ami No. IM?"
"Yob. sir."
"Well,   what's   this   bugguge   doing '
hero J"
"I don't know. sir. I'll go to tb*
piirsora ofllce nnd s«*«."
While  tbe  steward   waa  nwny   Mr. j
Jonee examined  the  bug-pine  In  tbe
itiiieroom.    pulllm- the trunk around
whore he oould see ihe iihiiio painted
Oil the einl. be wiih iisioulshed.    There 1
was bin own name wlib the prefis ot a 1
lira.  In-fore  ll-"Mrs.   K.   h.  Jones."
Mr. Jones find do wire, had no Idea of ;
taking a wife and wouldn't have a wife '
tf sbe brought him 11 fortune.    At tho .
Mine time Ibere wua n peculiar feeling
at seeing woman's paraphernalia In hla i
stateroom-that Is, all eseept the Dow- !
in, for ou oxiiniliihi-* » ntni attached i
to tbetu  ho saw Unit they  bnd been  ,
■ont by u nun, and ibis brought a tinge
of Jealousy.    A fur line.] clonk lay on
Ihe berth, umbrella* ami parasols were
■trapped together, nud baskets, aome of
tbem marked wltb tlu* letter J, were
on tbe floor.
ma ibe luil.v, entering (be room, the
lnor nf wliieli win hooked o|ien, invIt
i*tl Mr. Joni'H in sli dtiwii, hut be
,-hnse io renin In stlltutlllg ll oeeurrcil
io li Im to useerhiln whether tlm lllil.v
were wife ur widow.
"1 wonder." be wild, "If your bus
band's inn lu in at nnd for ihe buhih
•iuim* an mine. 1 am Kilwurd Richard
I ones.1'
"My husband's name was F.dwln Ul
ier .lone-*,"
"Ah. I seel There la a (IKTorence
ifter nil"
Tin* he I- looked at the nunio on tbe
:ard itlsrhod lu I lie flowers, sniffed at
thorn und, obiMialng a rose, took it out
if the whut pllebor mul handod It to
Mr. Jones, Mr .lanes bowoil. smiled
ill over nml emii-av.ired m put ihe itteni
I in bla liulii'iibolo. Palling In lho at
! tempt, Mrs .tunos inserted it for him,
bringing ber round whlto iiuyera in
■lose proximity wiih hla lips,  lie could
icuiccly retrain from kl-islhg tboill.
Tin* Hie wurd enine Itaek with tbe
j punwr, wbo snld » room had Just bi*eu
, <lveu up which Mr .tones could dure.
I iu which Mr. .1 title* saseiUed*, ihon.
1 bowing very low ami bucking reaped
j fully uul of fin- stateroom, be loft the
•ady looking afler blm with a curious
| expression on Iht face, ll wua a blank
, took lu utie sense and one full of meuu
> dig In atioiher li meant u groat ileal.
'. but Mr. .tout's could not Interpret it.
There waa one rirrmnstance connect-
1 «d wllh the brief iiit-ellng that meant a
I {rout deal. Tbut waa the bestowal ot
, ihe rose,   It enabled Mr- Jones to ad
: dress Mis. ,1 lines, when be met tier
I again, on friendly tern in. Without ll
tie would bave fell i-onstruined to wait
for ber io speak to blm, Aa It wns Ihe
lay afler sailing, Ihe went tier being
Ine und ibe ocean Hlliontll, Mra. Jones
being on deck 111 her steamer chair. Mr.
(ones approaeliod ber, duffed his cnp
ind eutt-reii into von versa t Ion, The
tun was glittering nn tbe water, merry
young men mid maids wero pluyiug
ibuMel-onrd. the deck stewards we're
lauding 11 o'clock bouillon-in short,
Mr, uud Mm Jones wore in tbe midst
it one of llnwe si-enes of Idle comfort
bat nro utTnrded by an oceuu liner
when old Hun-its Is asleep.
Sums Epiouras Think  It Mors Tooth-
on**** Than Terrapin.
The muskntt bears an unhappy suf*
fix; one euunnl cuUtolU|)lule Ibo eating
of uuy "rut" wlili feelings of unalloyed
delight. Then, too, being a destructive
lliiie tunneler In embankments, it
makea a nulsunce of Itself und tiiunt bo
At n formal hunt club batniuot In
Bultlmore rcfeully tbe piece du resistance wus muskrai. An exquisite
ragout of it wua given ihe palm over
cativusbuck uud terrapin by men of
epicurean tastes, und the tiuesiloii wua
gravely debated of recbrlsieulntj the
"rut"- Hml la. of reviving Its Inoffensive Indian mime of "muatiuuah"
or eveu substituting ou menus tbe popular lorul mime of "marsh in libit." If
this ia d.itiu In northern homes and
bntels there la little dunlit tbat n now
and dellclOUl food will Und Its way to
our ma il, t-t i.
The musk rat, or, musquash, is one of
tbe Cleanliest   of  edible  nuluuils,  tbe
very nutiibosis of tin- nu liy domesticated fowl und unspeakable bog.   It
j Uvea uiion nutritious roots and tlollb-
i erstely   washes  these  before  euUng
' them. There la not bt tig whatever to be
' alleged against  It save the harm It
j does in Its Rubierrnueuti explorations
I for food. Tbe business of trapping It
! Is spreading rapidly and already cou
atltufes and Industry  of respectable
proportions In our custom ildewuter
stairs.  Hut most of the trappers hate
been seeking Die fur of the miiskrnt
only; It Is now euilucutly probable lhat
a  large reward uwaits tbcui in  the
tooihsome   flesh  of  ibe  musquusb.-
l'hlludelpbla Press.
Wild Chase Through the Streets
i    In the Heart ot London.
Then Mr.'Jones got a scare.   When ! *b* wU" a w,doff "l,,, *vm More mar
•lage had bud u naiural Inslgbi Into Ihe
a young man. while roistering with a
lot of boys nml j-iria. he had gone
through a mock murrluge ceremony.
Be bad been told uftcrwurd that the
Klrl waa meditating an attempt to
prove ihe ceremony legal, und It bad
Worried blm.    Suppose tbut ahe had
Lat Your Imagination Run Wild and ll
May Kill Vou.
Coo you make your brulu your niur
derer or your resctierV
Borne of the episodes of the studies
Of tbe bruin and the nerves have beeu
Intensely tmglc. lu Warsaw recently
the Polish novelist lloymoui wus tu be
Though Mrs. Jones was stilt young. I tr-e,j -or having written u abort story
tbut criticised the government. A local
attorney, fumed for ihe success wllh
wblcb be predicts iln* resulis of trials
Tht   Pellea   Officsr   Wai   Not   Only
Rapid   Min-iMlf,   but   Com pi I Ud   an
Unauspacting   Bystander  to Join   In
thi Mad Flight and Capture.
I   In defending Ibe London police from
charges uf Incompetence a contributor
to Mack wood's Magazine uarraiea an
tucldeul   In   which   he  Hgured a   few
years ago,  wben be accouipuuled bla
wife lo u Itotid si reel Jeweler's, where
•he weiil In to mulch aome pearls and
have   some   gems   reael.   he   awaiting
ber on ihe street,   where he smoked
bla cigar,    He says:
"I noticed three well dressed men
go Into the shop and several women
when suddenly one of the well dreas
ed uieu i-uuiv out through the glass
doom of the abop and pushed rapidly
past me as be turned up the sirool
At the same moment 1 was seized
vloieutly vy the tii-ui by a milkman
who bud boon a minting bis i-uns on
bis bandeurt Just In front of the shop
" 'Quii'k. governor!' he shouted. 'After him or we lose him: Look; he's pass
ed the bug io a pair
"Now. Tor the life of me 1 euunnl
tell you what Impelled me. I'm noi
the kind of uiuu tlmt you can picture
tearing up lluud street lu the wuke
of au agitated milkman. Hut there
wua something In ihe grip tbat man
took of my Ul-m thut Impelled uie, so
that I threw tiwny my cigar und run
after the man wtth the bug neck aud |
ueck wltb the milkman, wbo exhorted ;
me to continue lu my efforts by about
" "Throw  a  leg.   governor!    If  we
lose him we lose blm foreverr
"We tore up Conduit street   I don't
know whut ibe passersby tbougut.
Humora of tha Right of Way on tho
Streets ot Havana.
Uelween '-' uud :t o'clock lu Ihe afler
iHHJii llavaiiu begins lo revive from
ibe lull wblcb falls ut about It, for
although this city no longer frankly
retires lo sleep Ihe siesta ns she ought,
she does doze dully In the motionless
i hl< k bent of midday.
After 3 one sous Indies venturing
forth lu twos und threes to ihe streets
where the host shops nre Tina Is tin
hnur lu Which to witness, It one bus
eyes and humor for ti, ji whole series
.if comic occurrences,
lluviinu'a Midi-walks are narrow,
and Ihelr lack of width given rise to
some local customs and a deal of heartburning    One doea IIUI keep hurt! to
Valued Above Every Other Advertise
ment by British Tradesmen.
Naturally enough, the British
tradesman values no advertisement
more than the royal warrant which
allows him to place the royal anna
over hla place of businean and describe himself as "p.rvoyor by appointment to His Majesty the King."
Each tradesman who hus the royal
custom must aend in his bill at the
end of the month. It is compared
with hla lodger account kept at Marl*
borough House, und if correct is paid
in the first week of Ihe month. No
discount la asked on uny ol the royal
accounts; .. tradesman who receives
the roytil custom la Informed that he
must supply goods ut the lowest rea-
soiiuhle prices, nnd there ia never
any  attempt st  bargaining  by tlu
the right, regardless, in upprmit-hlua j otltcUl of the royal household,   ll a
aunt tier person traveling along Iht
narrow (lugging In lho o|iposi:o dlroc
iluil. Olio must tuke under advise
tiii'iil sex. age, color uud presenl •■null
ilon of servitude us bluxnucd forih fot
all lo read la Ihe details uf |ieisonai
Men usually  give women (he Itialdt
tradesman ia thought   to lie   making
extortionate charges he simply loses
the  royal cuatoni.
Coal  ia supplied  to Marlborough
House hy contract, the contract ho-
lug iiiinle for three years anil the contractors paid in equal half yearly
payments. Window cleaning, carpet
cleuning  und  chimney  sweeping  nm
of   the   walk,   stepping  down   when ' H]| ,jl)m, |,y contract, mid the   glass
Mrs, Raymond  Robins of tho
Woman's Trad* Union League.
liecessiiry  lo let   ihem  |iftSS,    Sorvltiv
i i*eo|>ie. regardless of age and sex, and
all others who so humble themselves
I ua io curry  packages ure 0X|ioclod It
yield Ihe walks to ihelr stiiici'liirs, win
i ihon are about everyla*dy they moot.
t-'roiiucuily. of course. It la diluculi
, to make In Iho flash of turning it cor
| tier all the nice calculations retpilslti
\ to dc idltig who shall have the walk
; and who ahull surrender II.
;    1 know of nothing funnier than k
wuteh two fairly well dressed and cor
I pitleut Cuban  Indies determining, a*-
lliev stum! I..tiering, face to fut-e on a
fool wide Hugging, the whole dolleai*
| problem of their relative rank Tin
one arrayed In ibo giddiest garmeni
seems usually lo win.
If there la small choice lu color nnd
cost between the pluk coaiume or om
aud the blue eostlinie of Ihe olltet
the Utie with the straighten! tuilrstundl
fust and ihe other wulka round. Home
times with grunts aud commente aoiu
Ur. all deiulla seeming e*iual.  the)
: tnunugemenl of uieu. It was her de
| ilgu to make herself uttrnctlve to Mr.
' (ones, and bow did she go uhotil It?
I Did she charm him hy the depth or
| iprlghtllness of ber conversation? No:
j the let him tulk to his heart's content,
i iho drinking In every word ho was aay*
I ing. 'I'be only subject she seemed able
' ir at least willing to discuss was the
| lingular coincidence of a Mr. and Mrs.
K. It. Jones who were not married and
aud never seen each other before buv-
j inn l«..-u .asl|<ii«l io III., hisiw        „,      ,. „.,„„. „„„ ,
(to kem tarr-W no ibh Mb «t. Ibua I ^,m\, ,„, ,„„ „,„,.„,
I leading him to dwell on It till he be   •
1 {im to wish be wua married.   Aud once
i  man  begins to wish for the double
Itnte and his Ideas of a partm-r lu that
Hale Is'iomo llxed ou any one woman
tt la merely a question of time with
■llm, provided the woman consents.
Tbey were taking *4*c Mediierranoau
; trip,   and   there   were   thirteen   days
' luring  whlcb  Mr. Jones couldn't  get
•iwiiy from ber without Jumping overboard.    Hbe wnde no wetitluu of the
remark she bad overheard.    He had
bud no time to think of thou    Wben
we reached Itegeui street our quarry
dived lnio tbe traffle like a frog Into I ^^.^^^.•^^i! *£*??!.
a mill race.    We went In after blm.
isa »M,
since concluded to take ble name—
what • frightful supiKmlilon. But, oo:
that ifioo far lined cloak could never
belong to Reeky Stoddard. And yet
be did out kuuw what changes bad
come to her aa well aa himself. She
would now be forty years old and
might have acquired menus Forty!
Mr. Jones waa forty himself, but at
tbat age men do not usually covet
women ao advnuced In years.
While these things were passing
through bis mind the steward came
back wltb a record of assignment of
rooms wblcb showed No. 2-1 to bave
been given to Mr. and Mrs. E It.
"There's a blunder bere." said Mr.
Jones. "I am K. It. Jones, but I have
ma a wife, and. whai's more. I don't
want one.**
Now, It Is a well known fact thnt our
destinies art often lurned Id this and
•hat channel by some trifling cln-nra-
•tatii-e. Mr. Jones, happening to turn
bis bead after aa> lug with grout acerbity that be didn't want a wife, stiw
not attached any especial Importance
| to ber having heard It and hud ul-
j ready forgotien It himself. It did not
jeear to blm ibut so small a thing waa
' to be tbe turning polut io bis whole
I life.
| Mr. and Mrs. Jonos parted at Naples
'• to moot again at Venice. Moonlight
■ >n Ibe (J rand canal wus the cause, sub-
\ Udlury io that uf tin- stuteroora, wblcb
j turned Mr. Jones from n bachelor to
' oiurrtcd man. Ilo projKised lu u gun*
, tola to the sound of uiasle from flout-i,
I M-, rutber, Italians screeching out of
lnio SOOffS. Love, moonlight and tbe
I jtitrani-lug scene Uiade the songs seem
' J.-li. loiis harmony. Itut Mr. Jones
lifln t need romance to plunge htm
into matrimony. He hud some one to
, Jrag him there. Ho awoke to a con
I Ktotisnesa of having, after all, wanted
I « wife.
!    Rut the question that troubled Mr.
lonos was. Did ihe widow wish a sec-
| and husband, and If ho did sbe wish
blm. to flll ihe position?   All Hint Mr.
Jones could get out of tier was tbut
Uie would take hla pro|sasat under con-
1 ■idemtlnti.    She wus going to Hwltzer-
! bind, where she would remain until a
: few days before sailing from Henna
If he could meet  her in thut city she
; would giro him his answer.
Mr   Jones spent   Ibe rest  of bis SO-
long before ibe doclslous ure reudored,
was usked whut would be the outcome
of Reymout's cuse.
"1 can't lell tbut." he answered, "but
1 do kuow that ihe Judge who irle-J
blm will die suddenly '"
The prediction became generally
known, aud such was tbe dread In
which ibe local prophet's predictions
were held thai every Judge endeavored
to uvotd the brlnglug or tbe charges
On Judge Kiibrtvlua, who was u close
the re
tuctaut duty fell He acquitted Itey-
motit. It wus believed, In the hope of
averting the fuie foretold. Nevertheless within an hour utter be hud returned to his borne from th? courtroom
be was fouud slitl.ig In his chair stone
dead. Warsaw baa now elevuted the
lawyer wbo foretold ihe mlafortune to
tbe heights of an Infallible prophet,
but science, wherever the strung* tragedy hus been discussed, bus unhesitatingly attributed Judge rubrtctus' death
to the mind's fainl Influence over the
body.-Philadelphia North American.
How I missed being knocked dowu I
don't kuow. Tbe milkman took tbe
same risks. We were across almost
as soon aa tbe man and sped after
him.   I don't know what atreeta w* j
with least nerve wilts, swerves Into at
adjuceni doorway, aud the vlciorlom
ono sweeps by with uptllied chin and
exultant |H*!licoala.-lreue A. Wrlght't
Rivalry In Drsadnouihts.
According to a recent statement by
M   Dolcasse lu  (be   Kretnb  chamber,
the   French   fleet   will   equal   tbut   of
Germany   in   lu'JU,   both   In   Dread-
oughts (twenty twoi nud In armored
, cruisers, but wlib uu advantage ou Ibe
, German  side In  <be  matter of ordnance.  The Paris Journal des Debuts,
doubted down. 1 kuow tbat at this
period It Hushed across my mind that
] was making a conspicuous ass of
myself. Here I was racing down tbe
slums of Soho at Ibe bidding of a
airunge milkman, wbo never stopped
In bis exhortations to me.
. '"Keep It up and we'll get html*
I "Our quarry doubted and tacked, but
w* stuck lo blm till Just as we were
pacing down tbe very worst looking
street of the lol be suddenly slipped
luto a low bouse, of which the door
waa open. My milkman never lost a
second. He whispered hoarsely lu my
** 'Stop bere. governor, snd grab tbe
Orst iwrsoo as comes out of that
bouse, no matter wbo be 1st 1 know
tbe way behind.'
"In a Bash be was gone. He bad
nipped down an alleyway and dlsap
peared. I felt a real fool, and tbe
whole folly of my action rushed lo
upon me. I bad loft my wife stranded In a shop In Rond street 1 bsd
lost my bat and my stick, and bere I
was In an almost deserted street,
standing outside a door waiting wltb
Warning Before Command.
In bringing up my children I fouud
tbut al  uigbt  wben they  were tired
ibey were spu'-ed many tears by bolus,
warned  before 1 gave tbem a strict   „,„.„_  ..	
vommund lusteud of saying "Now ll ; them try the handle of a wrong door
Is time to go io lied. I'ut uwuy youi when seeking the manager of a thea-
blocks at once." I would say.   "It ll 1 *» °r the offlce ot m MflnV. a,llJ lilP
Irani.-s o' large pictures are alao kept
clean by contract.
Servants' wages are paid monthly,
the upper  servants  being  paid  by
check sent to each from the treasurer's department. The King's accounts
for clothes, cignra, thealrea, nowa-
papers,    hooka    and   other    personal
articles are sent to his secretory, not
the    treuaurer,    and   are    alao   paid
monthly. King Qoorgo alwuya likes
to see these iteeounts latore 'h"V are
paid (ind it waa once it rule that '.hey
should he initialled by him beft.ro
they   were   discharged
Ilt-Omoni Which Actors and Actresses
To whistle In a theutrc. is a sign ot
the worst luck iu Uie world, and there
is no olTencc (or which a manager will
scold on employe more quickly
Vaudeville performers believe it ia
bad luck to change the costumes in
which they tlrst achieved success. Old
actors believe the witches' song iu
"Macbeth" lo possess the uncanny
p*jwer of casting evil spells, und the
majority of them strongly dislike to
play lu the piece. Hum the tune In
the hearing of an old actor, aud the
chances are you will lose hia friend*
Actors, says Mr. T. Sharper Knowl*
sou, in "The Origin of Popular Superstitions and Customs" (Werner Laurie), will not repent the last lines of
a play at rehearsals, nor will they go
on the stage where there is a picture
of an ostrich if they can avoid it.   U*t
ueurly time io go io bed. finish youi
bouse tiisi and Ihon put uwuy -.out
blocks." lu this wuy the chlldwo
wore fully propured lo go, uud (here
regard it as an omen of failure. The
looping of o drop-curtain, the upsetting of a make-up box, are the certain forerunners of evil, just as certain  shades ol  yellow  iu  a tie,
wus cousoi|uently uo liegglug und ut : vettt, or hat are thought to exert an
temptation for me to show my luck ' injurious influence,
of Urmuesa by being persuaded lo al j    Even Uie orchestra leader would not
low   i hem  to  build   "Just  oue more : allow  a musician  to  pluy  a yellow
j.oUH6» ' clarionet; everything would go wrong
absorbing chupier being told by oue In   Je  may   be   wearing.    Certain   wigs
higher authority io put down ber book ■ bri     iuck anj Hmfl totors will wear
at onto nnd go to bed.   Would It not   OIW even though the part does not
save u frown of I in patience to be told ' need one.
to finish ibe chapter tlrsi?-Harper'i
The biennial or ibe National Wow*
Hi's Trade Union league, lo be held In
Boston June l'J, draws attention io tbe
fact thnt trade unionism Is making
great strides wllh Ihe woman wbo
tolls. It la due to the Iniereat sud
the agitation of such women as Mra.
Itayuiond Itobltis that women's unions
are now on a substantial bnala.
Mrs. Itobtna la a woman of wealth
and culture and has no practical ex*
! perlence as a  working woman.    Hbe
was Miss Margaret Preler of Itrooklyn
and was educated In private schools
1 sud by tutors    lo UHjT> she married
ttaymond Itohlns. tbe t'hlcugo soctoio-
, gist and advocate ot organised labor.
In 11)06 Mrs Itoblns was president ot
tbs New York Women's Trade Union
I league aod has been president of tbe
| Chicago Women's Trade Union league
1 since 1007. Sue has also beeu president
I Of tbe National Women's Trade Union
i league sluct 1007,   Sbe Is a member of
tbe executive board of the Chicago
Federation of tabor, president of tbt
, Chicago Political Kqualliy union, mem*
bet of tbt committee on industrial edu*
cation of tbe American Federation of
Lsbor. member of tbt executive com*
mltlet of tbt  Illinois section of tbt
American Association For Labor Legit*
union, chairman of tbe Industrial com-
1 mlttet  of   tbe   Illinois   federation  of
Women's Clubs, etc
Mrs. Itoblns was ont of tbt founders
of tht New York Women's Municipal
league, wblcb bat originated so many
acbemes  for  betterlug coudlUoua U
< great ciUes.
Workmen as Cabinet Ministers.
Where is there a more democratic
Cabinet than that whieh to-day controls the destinies of '.he Australian
Commonwealth?  W. M. Hughes, now
A Curiosity tf bound.
If wben riding In a  balloon at a
height, say, uf j.ono feet a charge of ._.„...	
 m - - _ ,-..   .._..„.   , guiK-oltou la* tired electrically luu fee* a barrister, but once a swagman, and
orders from t strange man to grab   below ihe car. the report, though really , later a bookseller, is Australia's Attor-
tbe Orel person tbat camt ont of IL | na loud ua a cannon, sounds uo wort ney-Gcneral.
than   a   pistol   shot   |nmlbly   |«rtly „"?.IK)r,*ry
oo tbe other band, places the Ugtirea ■ But Just at tbat
lo two seconds mora I would bavt
left tbt place and gone to tht nearest
batter, a wiser aud chastened man.
Ministers    Frazer    and
for 1030 at twenty two Dreadnoughts
for France and tweo.y-elghl for 'Jer
many und at seven armored '-mi-ers
of 18,000 to 2^000 tons for the Krt-uch
navy ss against tift.-wi for the Gorman. The Temps calculates Mul by
tbat time tht Uerman navy will stir- I
pass that of tbe republic by one third  .
M ,'UI,*,' b«,r «. mme. b.v.0,! ™ B-J '^-•'{t .builder-i
• bo, ol   no i,„.'ki:r..iii,<l in n-a«i ii. almplj  Uborer. Honie Department Minlattr
.bout flfleen cam. out of lh. door    ai^mls Itself Iii Hie air    Tlicn. nhvny,   O'Mall.y,  all   inaurance   agent;  De-
■Fi"      VENISE LACE.
, A Revival ef Many Quaint Yet l«-
tjulslte Medieval Patterns.
Patterns beautiful enougb to bare
■domed the state robes or tbt doges
■rt shown lo the new point de veuist
, laces, many deslgua of wblcb bavt
been actually adapted from exquisite
laces now treasured lu Italian mu-
teutus. Veu.se lace Ik one of the most
fashionable of tbe season's laces, and tf
■ good quality Is purchased It la prac*
! tically   lndtstrucUbls     Veuist   point,
i Bullht ordinary point, wblcb Is only of
My milkman must bavt left bla spell   and under uil conditions of atmosphere j fence Minister   Pear.ce, a carpenter
■lauding In the uisle n very pretty wo  ' (onrii In K«r not In sightseeing, but
nun looking him straight In the eye-	
Bbe bad beard blm say that he had no
wife. If thla were all perhaps tbe
■talenient would have boon of no Importance. But ahe had nlso benrd him
•ay tbat he did not want a wife- This
fiurt of his remark acted ti|s»n the . .„,,.-,. ttoin re
lady like ■ slap lu the face.   Outward   \ rjo hied "Yes
In walling. A week before the sailing
of the vessel ou which the widow wns
to return to America bo appeared at
tlcnon und fretted and fumed till ibe
wl.low appeared Moanwhl'o she had
concluded thai ahe wanted Mr. Jones
■nge She guve him B
They were married at
Italy's Petroleum.
Tht Itsllau gorerumeat la encouraging the search for petroleum. That tt
j e11sts Id Italy la fairly evident. A century ago tbe city of Ucuoa wss Illuminated with thlt oil, and yet. curiously
enough, no borings were muOe lo ub
tain tbt twtroleum In very luige tpiuu
'■ titles,   nor   wus  any   machinery   em
i ployed for that purpose. The peasants
collected It as it floated ou tbe top of
tbt  water  In  small  pools,  and tbey
were able lo use tt fur tt-eh  lumps
I without having It reOued, owing to Us
1 purity.   This, It la stated. Is puitleu
I lsrly found to be tbe case In .-ertaln
parts of tbe "zone of Emilia."
"1'poil my word." exclaimed the
Broom. "She's ihe Polyhemnla!"
Mrs Jones led the way to their static-
room On reaching It her husband
marte another surprised remark:
"And stateroom No. 'HI"
A Pitcher's Rtiponslbitity.
lh.    Walter,   dear    Walter,    yuu ra   home
wim us nowi
rtie i-1Hint "tan.I Is n-nity m rheer.
fnu once wen » prodigal son. bul We vow
Uml your -i-ii-lci-iua in none thr Inn dear.
il.-iir Watier, a warning pray
..in*, na -.on «
■y abt did not retaliate.   Inwardly she    njice   and   ihe   sntue   evening   wmit
SlSde UP ber mind that If she got an , nUmnl the ateumer.
iplntriunlty ahe would make him est
lis words.
•'la Hilt. No 24?" ahe asked
■"Vet. ma'am." replied the steward,
••Haa my baggage been put InF
••Thert'e baggage here, luu'um."
••Mrs  Jones' baggageV"
•Yes. ma'am."
•"There's been a mistake, mndsro,"
•aid Mr. Jones, dolling bis hat and
■bowing a small bald a|mt nn the top
of hla hend-"a very curious mistake
My name la Jonos too"
"Indeed!" anld the lady In a tone
which Indicated that ahe fully under
•food tbe sit mil Imi.
"And. singularly enough," continued
the gentleman, "I have the sunu
Initials that are on your trunk. 1 am
Edward R. Jonos."
"indeed!" the lady again said, not
taUodtflf to convey any meaning,
"An odd circumstance, lao't tt. that
two persons of the same unme should
be unsigned tbe same roomV"
"And still more remnrkuble that one
should be Mr. and tbe other Mrs. 7"
"Quite so."
"It nfforda me treat pleaaure, I assure you. lo give way to yon."
"Vou art very kind, but I thluk It
mid  bt  more  Just   tu  discover  to
■ui the room really holoogs.   Stew-
can't you bring Iho purser borer"
think ao, ma'am    The crowd Isn't
.Bg aboard yei."
i steward  went  for Ihe purser,
Sign With Letters a Hundred Pt»t Tail
Whst Is presumably ihe ir.rge-Jt sign
lu tbe stale of Washington was recently constructed un tbe easl buuk of
tbs Columbia river Just pit«.*- tbt
tuwu of Beverly. It sivertiiea tiie lo
cstlonof ibeOiinmMii valley orchards,
tbe uew Irrigation district being (pen
ed lo settlement. From ibe wltn/ows
of |iasslng trains It catches tbe eyt of
tbt traveler snd may he easily ateu
for a dlstiinee of several miles. The
sign Is nearly a quarter uf a mils long
The loiters are 40 feet wide and too
fetl high - Inland Herald.
upon me. for I Immediately threw my
arms around blm.
" 'Lcmmt go. govtrnorl' bt shouted.
1 ain't done uufflu* to your
"Ht ttruggled bard, and the mora be
ttruugled tht more 1 ftlt Impelled to i
bold blm.   And then suddenly, aa if '
by magic, two policemen appeared oo j
the scene and Belied my boy, for mt- !
My milkman, wreathed in smiles, ap
peared In tbt doorway from wblcb tbt
boy bad Just come, saying blithely and
quite respectfully:
" 'You've done that very well, air.
Wt'vt got tbt other two Inside.'    Be j
tben added, 'I'll Just put my bands
over thla young feller'
"Ht took off tbt boy's battered bat :
and out of tbe lining came a roll of
{80 In Bank of Rngland  notes    He
tben weut through tbt boy'a clothes
and produced out of bis aocka a pair of
ruby aud diamond earrings which, to !
my astonishment, I taw were tbe very j
gewgaws tbat my wife bad taken wltb
her to have reset.   Tbe detect I vs. for
my mllkmao was nothing less, than
plucbod tbt boy's ear and aald:
'"Where's the lady's bagp 1
*"In the yard, air,' be answered sulk-
liy enougb.
"The milkman retrieved il and, aore I
enoi,, \ It was my wife's bag.
" 'Hut,' I aald to tbt detective, 'bow
did you know that I waa connected
wltb tbe lady who owua thla bag?
" 'It'a our business to know a few
things.' bo said. 'But If you hadn't
been game to run we should have lost '
tbe lot   Wt were only Just lu time.1
ibere ensues absolute silence until tbt ■ Trade and Customs Minister Tudor, a
time for tlio echo back from earth ba>
fully olap-ed. wben a deafening out
burst uf thunder rises frum below
rolling on ofteu for won tbau half ■
Professor C. Alpbmiao Smith ones
wrote nn Knglish grammar. Tbe book
was published while l>r, Kraltb was
teaching at ihe I'ulvorslty of North
Carolina. One day be received from
a farmer a letter containing tbt follow
"I am glad somebody bus written an
impartial grammar at last,"
Dr Smith Immediately wrote to tbt
farmer asking what be meant by no
■■Impartial grummur." The auswtt
"Vou give tho children this sentence
felt hatter; and Minister (or External
Affairs BaUhelor, an engineer.
Postmaster-General Thomas is a
miner, while, prior to entering Parliament, Andrew Fisher, Treasurer
and Prime Minister of the Commonwealth, earned his living as a work*
ing miner in the gold-mines of Gym-
pie. Queensland.
Of the men who have Uiub risen ,
Irom the ranks of labor to the high-
est positions In a great Dominion, Ave
are Australian, two are Scotch, one
American, and Wales and Cornwall
supplied the Attorney-General and ■
Postmaster-General respectively.
Wsathsr Forecast.
"I do not think," says Edmund
Yates in his book. "Recollections
and Experiences," "'I ever met a
man   more    hopelessly   deaf    than
Oh, Wiiitn
fill-    iMtSMll.n    Hll Ikl'l   .
Hut Were louklng to you In our moment
nl nrei(
To hold htm until he strikes three.
So, Waller, dear Waller. Hie fatted cairs
Ai,-I your imrtlnn Is not tn be small.
Uul un'i'f ■> one link' fact nut to tie over.
ll la now jp to you tn pluy brill*
-VViif-'tili Kiiiii Slur.
Rail Not Bar.
"Do you lake this woman to he your
lawfully wedded wife?'1 Iieglm' tht
minister, when iho bridegroom. Mr,
Checttn Stui, the eminent flounder,
Interrupts wllh:
"I don't remember."
Then, seeing ihe luok of nmmtement
on the faces of all. he retinites where
ht Is and ext'lnltnii
"I ben your pardon! For the moment
I wua ihititalng nhout my trial last
week, rertaluly I lakt ber."-St. Louis
Dickons' Vootolo.
Of English built veasels named after
Charles Olckeua or bis characters
there were three built In tho seven
ties, the Charles Dickens, tbt Btiu
Weiler, botb of which wert lost, and
tbe Gudshll). now tbt Japanese vessel
Kutuamoto Mam. A vessel called
Pickwick uow flies tbt Norwegian flag.
as does also aa Iron ibtp called thr
Charles Dickens.	
Monkey and  Parrot Partners.
In Hmsr.il luoiilicys und parrots not
only roost In the same trees, but work
for mutual benefit Tho parrots gnaw
the hlg nuts loose from iho trees, lei
them fall lu order to cnuk tbem. and
the monkeys tour ibe husks asunder.
«   "We left tbe buy aud the two men   -*Ujraeir.   Hilled r»r a M|N*-*-b>"
In the house In tbt custody of cob '
stables and took a cab bark to Bond
afreet, aud hero tbt strangest part of
the story cornea Id. Wt found my wife
still  dlacusalng  ber  pearla  with  the
Jeweler, finite unconscious ot tbt tact
tbat btr bag waa gone."
to |»arae; tine r«utederuie killed JftJ"  Kemh,le. ■* S^fe "J"!
.ork lost j the G„rick C|ubi when a tremendous
"      *        " j thunderstorm broke over the house.
Where Hentsty Failed. j    "It raged with extraordinary fury,
"Tuu are siili inning trouble In your | one clap exploding with terrific noise
search lor an honest uiauf"
"toe." replied iHi-geiies "There art
plenty who are s*ruputoua hIniui bust
noas nnd |H*lltiea Itut I nave uevor
yei found a mail ao iioueei tbat bt
woiMiin t iry to ring lu a iwrtralt take*
wheu no whs ten yoan* younger when
you ask him tot a ptcturt for publics
tlou "- v\ asinugtoii Slur.
A Cltver Bloodhound,
inditptnsabls. I    "Shadower,"   tht   Wiltshire   police
"Thut   lsiit.|tiei   louigbi   can't   get \ bloodhound, which   is  being  trained
thing without me." | at    Marlborough,    has    successfully
"Vou have a pretty g«Mid opinion of' passed  a  very   difficult  test.    A police
"Oh   n*i.    I was invited lu
l^iulsvtlle Courier Journal.
immediately above us like a volley
of artillery.
"We looked round at each other
almost in horror, when Charles Kern*
bio, who was calmly reading, lifted
hia eyes from hia book and said, in
, his trumpet tone, 'I think we are going to have some thunder; I feel it
in my knees." *'
riNiai ponri lacss.
thread, la made ou a foundation ef
Dot sheer linen, which is worked over
wltb buttonhole stitch. Wheu tbt
pattern la completed the uu worked Unco la cut awuy. A heavy lace llkt tbt
point dt vtulst can be worn wltb
heavy or aheer fabrics, combining at
It does tbe light nud heavy workmanship. Collars of tbe venlss lace art
especially pupulur Point de Krnnct
or Vrtucb polut resembles grestly tbt
tenltt point oo wblcb It Is believed
to bavt been modeled King Louts
XIV.-who was a great admirer of
besutlfui laces, brought a number of
Ihe best Venetian lace makers to
France and established u school, Ibt
workers In which luld the foundaUon
for iht preseul colonies or French
lace workers.
A round collar and a handkerchief
bordei ot veolst polut lact are shown
What la not good for tbt awartn ta
not good for tbe bt*-Marcos Aire-
Ditcardad Ore.
In tbe old Spanish days In Mexico
labor was no scarce and irnnsportutlou
gather the'nuta nnd divide tbem with I ao expensive that ore yielding less than
Leather Cannon.
Leather cannon  were used at tbt
battle of Leip/lg. Sept. 7, 1031.
the parrots.
"Tt Cadge."
•'To cadge" la "to sponge or Hve opon another." The "cudger" uin*. assume to be more respectable thnti the
plain beggar, but the difference be
tween tbem Is luirolv nercentlhle. '
sixteen ounces of silver pet ;hhi pound**
wua coushlered  worthless.
Gorman Army Officsra
Array Ofllccra in tiei-uniuy net reductions on railway and tln-atci  tickets
and Jake precedence uf uil clvlllaua at
auv social fund lull
Kicker   Have you a conk engaged at
present**   Snicker-I think so; there's
a man uul In the kltcbeu every olght.-
Harper u 1 In m r.
Polltonoas la good nature regulated
by good sense - Sydney Smith.
Phlloiophsro have bMn. thoy say,
Por ages Impecunious olvoa.
Thoy cava their cood advice away
Instead of taking It themselves.
-Wsshlnfton iter.
He-Your cousin's name, Aallt, la
■ peculiar one. Wonder wbtrt btr
parents got 111
She—Oh. they christened ber Elba,
and she simply reversed IL-Botton
What makes ths gentle moth to hungry t
why, bless your curious tool.
Tht senile moth hath naught to tat
Except a ragged hotel
across the downs, partly on loot and
partly on bicycle. At the end of the
trail he placed the bicycle against a
bush and hid himself In other bushes
some distance away. As soon as "Sha-
dower" was put on the scent he went
awuy nt a groat pace, and, without a
•ingle check, ran past the bicycle, ol '
which he took not the slightest notice, I
straight tc the spot where the police*
man was hidden. The performance
eras the more remarkable as a high
wind was blowing at tht time.
"I bsrt just finished writing a mod-
am novel."
"Doea tbt heroine marry tbe hero?"
"Tea, Indeed!    A different ont In
tach chapter."-Youngalowu Telegram.
."Let mo Bleep," In pleading terms
Was couched tho minnow's wish
••Tho early birds may have your worms.
Thty art not good for flsh."
-Chicago Ntws,
Tea Leaves.
Tea leaves are utlltted for removing
dost from carpets In every household,
more or lest, but they should be thoroughly washed beforehand nr thoy
will leave a stain upon all that they
come In contact wtth. Tea leaves art
also useful for scouring bedroom wa*
ter bottles when tbey shew s-«ua -t
tUscolormeob _____
All the wm ill'-, a stage.
Once pat, Uu longer ..o,
■inco It la all tho rngt
The world's a picture show.
-Detroit Freo Prsat.
"Ah say, Mis Mandy, am yo* program full!"
"Lordee. no. Mr. Lnmlty! It takes
mo' 'an a aan'wkb mt' two olives Ut
111 nub program."-Coyote.
"Tbey soy a wotnuu can't select el*
"Nonsense; Pre been sounding my
husband, and I hud he likes light cigars. All yuu have tu do la to match
tbe shade."-Washington Herald.
Because your blamed   old mart will balk
don't cum* and beat her so.
Just drop a nlekol lu her ear.   It's money
>   makea her go.
The Time, Money and Oraln Saver.
■ jury in
"Qustnve's letters fo me ar
lngly iluil ami commonpluc
one (air girl.
"Don't you know whv:-" t
the oth.-r.
"Qitilavc one served mi tlu ,.
u breach ol promise cose."—Washing,
ton Tunes.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc.
"I thought you told me your dog
Could lick anything m Bight P "So Ilo
can. He's licking tlio sugar off the
lop nf your eake now."- Unit I more
Aliii-i ictiti.
.Irmly . ni.iiie    Meillclnr*.   - Von
I'l.v- a fur iii'ilttmi v  ill-, wh.-l
hi liiiml a hottte of In   Thomai
ii I   no
.'•all   llllll-
H.I.-.-I Mill, ion- til rout.
' liiMilnahle. tor
JDMltlS It is im-
SUrnUSCll. while for cuts, sores, ulcers
lliiil the like il is nn llllipicilloimhle lieal-
Sl*. It ii.'..,h no ii -linn.nml ,)J|h.,- tliiin
the Ut», ami tlii.l will Niiiury iiavoiii- as
to Its t-n'.-clivi'iicss.
"Anything interesting develop nt the
Bhiikeancarc Oltth today-" "Yes;
Mrs. Woiiihat showed Up ill a uia.le-
ov.-r gown an.I a Inst year's hat re-
trim il nud turned up.id,, down."
Washington Herald,
Frisndly delations   Lead   to   Strange |
Adoptions. I
The cses in which cats and dogi '
have foriued close friendly relations
ure, of course, too numerous to mention. It really seems as ii there were
no aminiil friendships no strong and
Isstt.tg un that between cats ami dogs
when once it it formed. It Is well
known Unit mother-cats when deprived of their newborn progeny will adopt
puppies, rabbits, monkeys, or almost
any other tender young creatures that
may be handy. Hut there has recent-
ly come to light a ease lor which there .
is no such apparent explanation,
A cat and a letnale lux-terrier,
which had brought into the world
tlieir progeny at about the fame time,
deliberately swapped their young, the ,
cat taking flic puppies to bring up,
aud tin- dog the kittens. Tho exchange was satisfactory, and both lit-
1cm were brought iu good health to
tin* wcuiiublc stage Nobody knows
wliat led to such abnormal conduct.
A somowhat similar case is n-jsirt-
I'd from Montreal, A householder
there, having a female cat ami a female dog with fatuities of young, lelt
that lua house was iu danger of becoming a soil of Nouk's ark, utiO took
uwuy uml drowned all tiie kittens.
The puppies touml favor in his eyes.
Deprived of her little ones, Uu* cut
begun to "Spell" the letnale dog ill
taking cure of the puppies. As soon
u.4 tho mother-dog left Iter nest the
bereaved mother-cut cruwled into it
and nursed the puppies. Nothing
loth, the puppies took all thut came
to them, und throve prodigiously. Thu
at licked them aud took cure of them
I met n lady going by,
1 Whut ia a harem aklrlP
'What .Iocs it look like?
I i
said f.
1 frit
i Ami
lell In
ti niy spfi
>ch I.i
>  IWlhlilf
lliati    tin
, "Wil
She ,
mly tossed I
il is a liaicii
iiswaretl i
ringlets liiirli,
in skirl P'' said I.
I don't tiiiiul explain-
I Th.- former «tyh* wuh so restraining
Thai to del Ivor ut from trouble
lh     Paslilan   lum Ic    Hi.-    hobble
iloilhle." puck
"I am over no years   of   age   ami,
have been Buffering wuh Kidney  I   « »'». would have taken cure ul her
llhrddi-r Trouble for (irteen years.    11 0Wn*
took doctors' medicine imt got no I * certain Cllt- the story of whose
help. I wiini io thank you for Bend- c'urot'r f1 vouched tor by a cat club,
ing me tin- sample bos of tllN ' atlopted a litter of young rah tula uud
j'll.l.S. '     nuurished  tliem  well.    The cat  wus,
I  have taken six    boxes    of    (IIN   '"■* »'iut matter, very sociable and In*
PILLS altogether bul got relief before  °*ualve in her likings.   One year her
I had taken near tlmt amount.   I hodf £1Dltant *-,,J«»P»**><!»   **■
cry  lift
minutes and had to use   an   instru-l
tnent before I could urinate.
Now, I can lie In bed lour or live
hours without getting up. I can soy
that GIN PILLS have nearly ouredl
me an.) I shall always keen
the house."
How to Supply the Pressing Needs of
the Growing Western Country
Winnipeg.-As the summer progresses uml the wheat growth of the West
advance-; towards maturity then*
COIIlus this year, na there CO 11108 must
years, mi appeal for help in the harvest fields! and Ihe probability is thai
even though Eastern Camilla may
seit.l out thousands of mun ami hoys
io aid in the garnering of the grain,
ih.- West will, Oliver TwisUllko, ask
for more.
This problem uf how to supply the
pressing needs of a new ami rapidly
growing country for a fow weeks Ibo.
cause that  in all that the Invitation TniPn TWA IM/TAno
'! V nie-Mii to Kuslernors) is oi f - TRIED TWO DOCTORS
those which can only l.e solved hy cooperation mill looking alien.I. it In
tine that the Government, through its
Immigration department is advertising
in thousands of newspapers through*
out Ureal Britain nml the United
States that "the harvest la plenteous, hut tin- laborers are few," mul
that some relief euii he gained in dial
way; Imt the result, would undoubtedly he much belter if more dependence was to he hml upon individual
Take tin* case of a man who goes to
the Oil Iind In II West from old Canada
or from miy of Ihe Western or Central Stales or from Great Britain,
lie |h a very unusual limn, indeed, if
lie does    not    "take up    his pen    in
hand," at some period of his pioneering mnt write lioiiu- to complain either
of his lonollnoss or of the weather or
of the gophers or of Ihe snow or of
the heat, or of any do/en other dilli-
cullies which pioneers have to overcome. He doea ao, as a matter of
course, not with any desire to 'knock
!!:;;,";;u„;;:;:"s,^i„u.,,, 'srui^-' *>••• «-«•■ •«■■.■ *<•-.
comfort in trouble and, failing to
find it in n new locality, looks for it
in the old home.
Itut when tlmt same man has made
good, >w. often does he, write, home „ cVumU, w|t|| ^-^ m{      n
I f could not afford mul    I    became
complete  nervous  wreck.    One  day
Alfred Austin Has Published His
Memoirs of Men and Events.
Mr. Aifrod Austin, the PoeULaur*
sate, who Im. written hii reiulnis*
Oences, is mA only .i pact, but also a
barrister and journalist, He practiced
uuiy a few years at the Uur. und his
reminiscences are mamly occupied
wiih bis career u- a journalist and
man of letter*. He was educated ut
Stonyhurst, nud the son of worthy
parent\ iti comfortable circumstance*
living ncur Leads,
Mr. Auitln once heard Lord WoUe-
ley giving a useiul piece of advice to
u young officer who asked what was
the best way to I'gel on" in the urmy.
The answer was very simple t 'Try to
get killed."
There i-t a good deal of Intimate
political mutter iii Mr. Austin'.*, second
volume. Lord VVolseley, we learn, wa*
highly Indignant at being ordered
luck hy the Government after ihe failure ot llii expedition  I
dou.   Writing to Mr. Austin, bo
pressed Inn fueling-, in lite Words; "He
(u great party leader) deserves to be
torn tu pieces iu fin- market place by
uu Indignant people."
The author wus once asked by the
then Sir Francis JeuilO whut he
tin,in-lit of Mr. Chamberlain, to whom
Ate Unwisely? Z^zst&gi"'*
relieve the discomfort at once, and help digest the overload.   Th" lover of rood
things may feel quite safe with a box of NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets at hand
50c. a box.    If your druggist haa not stocked them yet send 50c   and we
will mail Iherr- ..
N>iir.n-J Dm, mM CUald O. el Q-n.-U. LbeMed.      .      . .       MtwWaai,
Williams' I'ink Pills have
THEN DR. WILLIAMS' PINK PILLS, llu,.llU,J «»» talking at luncheon.
How did he atnhe your     "Ai being u hard licii'l. -l vlslouary," 1 replied, "whu brings the most business*
lit. Williams' I'ink pilhj have  tie I •jktf **llJ practical mind to bear ou the
so many remarkable, cur.-.s in hoHoiis Impracticable* not to say the unattaio<
oases that people ore liable in „ver. | *•"'■-'■
look  tlieir  value ns n Ionic fer the I-."■." .B(t*,r.Mr*   Austin   told   Mr.
I.hunt  ami   nerves    in    debility    and
general run-down   cmidltlons,     That
such conditions are ihe cause of union
misery   ami     Ultliupplliesa    is    fully
known lo those who suffer from them
ami the need of curing them ia us
vital as is relief from diseases with
higher sounding names.      We   commend tin- following statement to any
one suffering from weak, thin blood,
or shattered nerves.    Mrs. Mae Ma
cube, (Uriel
years ago I
I nil tin
ill, but just tired and weak
time.   I consulted our family
Alta., saysi "A
run down,
English Couples Take Special Care to
Be Unir* e.
Americans huve not shown much !
desire for uniqueness an regard to
equipages in whieh they ride to (jot
married. Most everybody who has a
thought   of   sotting   married   never
thinks of departing from the usual
, cab or taxi ami as u result nil wed-
relieve Uur- dings in this country are noted for a
certain lameness. The people of
"Merry England" have different
tastes iu the matter and when it
comes to getting married Ihey spend
a great deal of lime devising some
novel way in which to be curried to
the church Speaking "ii the subject an  English  writer says:
A fire engine makes a very smart
turnout at a wedding. There is
nothing dull or commonplace about
a fire engine. It i*i always bright
ami Up to the murk, and reuily for
action, Evidently this line of thought I
occurred to a happy couple in Devon-
shire   sotno tints   ng», for the   five
bridesmaids who were to support the
bride ui   her   nuptials   rode   to  the ,
church on the local lire engine, ami '
It was one of the best attended wed-
dings in the annals of the parish.
A circus equestrienne  had  a very
unique    wedding
The "Wellington" Hat
lor m.'i
I .1 value lu Canada.
I iliapea in nit and
Ask your  Dealer, or
.1 value in
All lUe. i <l,„|,,.s in
-lif! lell
write at once to
CHAS.   0.   PUNCHARD   &
Toronto.   Ont.
Good Looks
Should be a MQrre ot* prde to yet
Sallow skin, pimples, btetchea *QJ
eruptions call for immediate t.'-.-'at.uo.
It should ba jour a.m to ir**t rid ot
tb«e di-ti-curini- upm uf tmi nre b.ood
- quick ly. carta niy. tact *ui
No outwiird IpplieatJoa wai
your biouiJ.
! The   two   ate   hubituully   out  of   the
sumo dish, and slept every night in
'. the game enclosure.
There is un authentic story of a
' male mid a female cat in Halifax that
I lived ou terms of perfect amity with
box in'*'* t,ie animals on the place—dogs.
: chickens, and what uot. It so hap.
VV II, l'IKl;i'K ' peued that a hen whicli hi 1 a brood of
Do ns Mr Pierce did- -write us for' 80Vt'*1 chickens was killed accidental-
fr.-e sample' box <<f GIN I'll I 8 ond! *y" ^ne Cli*' Wn'cn some two weeks
see fur yourself just how much they  hetoT* httd b^en <-?P'ived of her kit-       .
will do for vou   then buy the regu- lens* »PpM«d to <JP"frvet_?h-5 pred!^' \mie *" he!P lli"' K«ther the cropsP
lur size boxes nt your dcaler's-Mo.,I mn\ °] *he aeven little chickens. She \   Thnt woU|,]   he   rt   practical Indl-
or tl for f2.60.   GIN  PILLS are Bold I f'«wled luto tbeir nest, and the chic-   vtdual way   of   solving   the harvest
with ft positive guuiniit >f   ni01l(.yjkeni. looking lor warmth, neetled into j problem, partially ut least; it would |,,
| her warm (ur. peeping grateful.]". The I be good advertisln1* '— "- "'-'   '- '
totllc with no effect, I gradually got
weaker ami weaker until 1 could nol
do my work. Then I went to another
doctor, who pronounced by cuse one
nf decline, ami recommended n warm-
lo tell of Ills fortune? The habit of
writing home is much like the habit
of taking the local newspaper from
home; it hints n year or two or three,
and tlien jt in dropped, because of thc
new environment crowding out interest iu the old. How much better both
for himself uml the country would it
he for such a man to write home, tell
thi- old folks at home of his good fortune ami ask them to semi a brother,
a cousin or even only un nhl school
back   if  tbey   |,-nl
prompt re-
National   Drug   and' Chemical
Dept, N.L'., Toronto.
,,.--,- -t -■■  - dug for the West, be-
chickens, fed by their owner, throve   cause we nil know thut there is no ad.
The orlr'nal
Oln Pills made by
I National Druf and
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, aro sold
only la thin box.
if expecting her to find them food af
ter the manner uf a hen.
Capable Woman for Good Position
Teacher or Nurse preferred,
Confederation    Life    Bldg., Toronto.
Write  to  us  today   _
lint  of  Agents*  Supplies.    No  outlay
necessary. They are money makers.
Apply It. 0. I. Co., Ltd., 288 Albert
St.. Ottawa, ou.
Helmut who wus Inking Dr. Williams'
Pink   Pills  for  partial  paralysis    re-
commended them to me.    1 sent out
and  got  three  boxes,    but    without
much faith that tbey would help me.
hut before tbey were gone I  noticed
an improvement ami I continued taking the    Pills,    constantly    growing
stronger, until I hail taken seven or
eight boxes, wlu-n I was completely
cured,   I could do my work as easily
ver I  hml done in my life, nnd
loctor told men   thnt  lie   could
scarcely believe the change in me, as
he had nol had the least hope that I
'     j: again.     Now   I   nl-
Pills on hnml nml if 1
West uml those left behind ut home." j [^ta'!*lrfw%jS,l2 U,V" !lT ,0[
And the most  nttruetive.    feature of   J '"j"   « ' "*  "0t  '°  B°!
thr suggestion (which cornea from W.i   "*?_,"■ ,     „„ ,,  ,- .       .   . ,
I), Scott, the hem! of the immigration, ', ' 'J' L"" ' \mht' "" ,l,'"]"rs (/r },>
branch) is that it is just the sort of EI so sn trZftS« "1,"' ■fitm™^
thing which will appeal to the sentl- '&K gj"^*gj£> Qllm,,,l,w
ment of the westerner aud is at the1         '  h",,laiM'- ('l,t
not be sorry if he succeeded." Wheu
the crush came it was Mr. Austin
who treated with Mr. Goichen as Lord
Salisbury':- plenipotentiary, and be,
with Lord Itowtuii, felt Lord Hon-
dulph's auger.
Lord Row ton said to me, in a voice
anybody might overhear, iu the dining room of thu Curl ton, "It is a new
thing for members ul this club to cut
their oM Iri.-ii.ls. . ." I said, also
while visiting a neighbor hii old gen-1 .•loud, "You do not mean anyone hero
Chamberlain of this e.-tiin. )j and the
great stutesmun was pleased, saying:
"It is nut uulluttcritig, is itf"
It is well known how on a historic
occasion   Lord    Randolph   Churchill
"furgot Guscheu."  Mr. Austin has retold the story of that strange event, I unique   wedding   in   a   continental
frum ti new point of view and from ! town home time ago.   The man who
behind the scenes.   Mr. Austin warn* ' drives the team of 40 horses wub the
ed Lord Salisbury: "Randolph is as-   bridegroom, and  he   drove  his   own
piring to jerk you out of the saddle,"   bride to church behind his 40 steeds,
tu which the Prime Minister replied 'the bride herself being seated, dres*-
enaracterlsticajly enough: "I should   ed in all her splendid robes, on the
[ top of the triumphal  cur.    Whether
, their  married   lite   Im*   been   as  triumphal as their wedding procession
' history does not  relate,  hut  we  may
; bono so.
|   Six arilllerv hori-es, driven by non.
■ commissioned   officers    In   uniform,
6II perfectly, and every day   he strange   vertlscment so good as u satisfied set-1   m    '','  «i  ,, ,
, sight was presented of their fo lowing   tier; ami it would create a new bond   "   . V  n        Vi
,,    Ibe mother-cat about the premises, as   0f Interest between the mini in the, TSrtS?RJi
time reasonable in cost.
Soft roriii are difficult to eradicate, hut
llulluway'a Corn Cure will draw th.-iu uut
haii-l Io her cheek
"What's ih.- matter:
"I've   bitten   my
A good   name   being   better   than  moaned.
riches,   it   behoves   ua  to  take  belter'    "How   I   envy   vou'"   li
care of our reputations. ( grlly.-Harper'a Weekly.
A Gallant Retort
rii.l,    putting
' he asked
'Mas. Wmuow't SoOrmno avace hu *eee
metd fur o*er SIXTY VKAKS by M1LLIUNS •*
rUTHIKS tor Ihcir -HIt,DHlfN we'll
BKTHINO. with eHKI-'-i til'CCKsa I
SOOTHKS the CHI1.U SUCSAS thc G-o-*if
b tbe belt texutdr tot I'lAKKHiF.A. 11 It aa
Mluulr haimlct*. He tutc and aik (or "Mn
WiailaW* aoothlaf Hyiu|«." aa4 take H aim*
ktad. Twaaty4vaetiua battla
A Bright Boy.
In most regular lines of work the old
hands usually try to play some joka
on each new boy that starts in at the
business. That bank clerks are no
eiception to this rule was indicated
by a joke played on tbe new "junior"
in a bunk In Colllngwood.
The youngster  wus  sent out to  a i
merchant to collect two dollars on a !
,    -—...—. [ draft, and he got buck to the bank
,      with two American silver dollar*-,
for om- Choice |    "Where   did   you   get   those cart-|
wheels?"  asked  the collection clerk.    Minard's  Liniment Cures Distemper.!   KEEP YOUR ANIMALS THRIFTY
"Don't you know that they're worth ! -  v    |  *ttK TUUK *"'■"*« tmkifty
News for Mother A &m,i P«»ture will keep your uni-
A series ot revival services was be*   "I"1*  J!,ri,ly ,.,,,!t   ,,r-V  fwls  '".t,k   }'»«
ing held  iu  a  western  eitv.  and  ph.-        ""'!,f SSSlft|,?TCL  * mP*
*"''<i-  irlviiiB   notice  ol  the  serv cea [*,orou8« •wlmltalloii of food,     Her-
'    wnsScuous  Sees   \?**um   wl"   e«>»m*caHy   replace
n'"' |ml*""     !',,ceM those  aromatic  qua tea  ami  ensure
snid  hum
has been cutting your" "Yes," he
Buid, "Randolph," wbo was sitting at
luncheon uot far off. "Really," I said,
ou purpose that 1 might be overheard,
"1 never give him the chance,"
And some years Inter Mr. Austin
and Lord Randolph were reconciled by
•Sir Henry Irving.
Deserved to Fish.
Sir John Kenmiwuy, who sat in Par-
llament for forty years, has completed
his seventy-fourth year. Ilia grand-
father, the tlrst baronet, was a -servant [
of the East India Company, and was
sent by the Marquis of Coruwallis aa
formed it bridal team at a Brighton
wed'lini* and a very -mart turnout it
wns. It wat- no' so commodious,
however, a-, the uayly decorated tram
car, with whlto-gloved driver and
conductor, whieh v.fls the chosen
vehicle at another lady's wedding in
a   Midland    town.     Tin-    bride,    the
bridegroom, their   respective   lathers
uinl inolbers, ami nil relatives and
guests rode in their best attire both
Inside hiuI upon the t.ui-i<h* ol the
car, and the whole made u very bruv«
show indeed.
fcelp naturally  frmn   wthia.    TVs*
clcanie  the  iy«*mi ami   ,-mto.i*   pro**
stomach, llftr ind  ...*
Nature Intended.
Try   a   f  .     | M    ,
quickly you will be rid
and how ;,...■..- ■
will   bo   mo
aud [iroreii |r»d this Bui ..■"■  _ .    «
The Best of
Beauty's Aids
fit friTW •-. fti--. <\nm I Ptm li" in-" -milf
■uiUbiai.  Saa imtr-n •;„«» *   :\ r-HtS wt.
fMs e*--arv*fe*---t' n atarn mm,
HI   «''ra */
!   mta   how
.■;. itfitiaa,
■  — .
A Bettiig Transaction.
Addressing a conference uf the Na-
Tha Child Ajmirid   H.a   F ithaf 1
Trun   Hu  K 1*4
Majesty's   racantitl      uid
Gall Cure
on a
CURES Whili HoriM Work-r RmI
Inter national Oall Cur* ft* oarUla, inra,
Sulok aud lu'aiilblr*ear* fur Ualtn. Hera Seek*.
Uot* lUuka, Hum Mou.ba, Cut-). Hrul-tnJ H#«1*j
tie. Will not null aiiddlM,,h«rrotn tha ani
Bial h*i«l. but atafa riuht whaia II la appllad.
wasssssa sattaofUlnsry he«iiNf and •ooihtns
quallUoa. Intarnatlanal Oall Ou-a la thi
ctMoa-t, Diont ti.tl-eyttc, iiurant and hail 0*1
Cara oa tba aiarkaU Wa will rafumJ jam
asanay If It aver falla to rare. Keop a boi oa
kftiHl M It la almost a dally need ou tba farm.
only forty-eight cents each?"
The boy looked badly .-cured.
"Belter take them to the accountant," said the collection clerk, with a
wink at that official. "But I guess
he can't do anything for you."
"No, only worth forty-eight cents
each," said the accountant.
The boy wa.- lti 11 more frightened,
ao he took the big silver pieces home.
Intending to turn in two hills if be
couU persuade hi- father to let him
have the bill.*.
Next morning the youngster turned in two Canadian bills. He had a
big parcel under his arm, and he
proudly exhibited to the clerk-* a
great collr*ction of ties, stockings and
other things to wear.
"8ay," he said with a smile, "I put
a good one over on that a tore-keeper
down the line. I got him to give me
two dollars worth of stuff for those
old cart-wheels."
were posted
One day the following notice was post-
.ne- ii iv i ne no ion iiiu i oi ire whs uuai* i _    ,.,.      ,. .    . , ,    .i" •      «    V
nl: "Hrll-lf, l«il> a,„l Abaolute   ,V,fs," " "  r','•'" """"' "'.•* "" "
Certainly.   Thomas lone.,   Baritone   , ""„, ''"",t'r,"' , l'l'",, •",?'!"" nn „'s
MpJ-t.Vl.ll SU* "Tell Mother in Z"^T:1.^..^ ^"":\L^
tlo. mi loe.   Ill
"uvats safe jus srar
Icelaadic Kivtr, Haa., Bapt. **th ir-ia
Iia.a. J. KamiiLt. Co,
Dcai sn.—will rna pltaN mall to
taf aililiri-, a c>.|>» ot yrnii "TitallM
oa th*> Hoik' I t hare U-o un.ig
KcmtulI'lStMivlu Cute aa.l alwavi rouad
tl *«lf atiil i.iit'. Uailno lltt*i...
That i-lli iht wlioli- story, and It li
tha* caprrlfacc tliat huajicfti of thou-
Mu.lt lia*« had la lh* j.i.t 49 •/earl, and
III l'ir tijif I triu* yuu will bavt"""ll ll
tbt vat*- mie temnly' —
rsr Spavla. llagkoH, Carl, Sallat,
Sold by Di-attUU 11.00 a BollU. 6
butttei foi »,.-o K-rj. ll oa hand
aVM-ft. H< feady for Hi* cntr((acr.
KtaJatra Horn* Iht pola, tlatta ihe
L'liculaltua, p«a<ttalrian,I remove*ttie
eauH at the dtwnlcit. Aik for a fiee
copy of "A Treatlte on tha Uaiat." If
aat at dealers, write if*— aj
ae s.J.asniuco.
Blaming tha Reporter.
There is a certain kind of humor
which wins Its way more surely than
any otbei policy. Sir John Macdon-
aid was a ma«ter in its use, and
seldom resorted to it In vain. On one
occasion Sir John delivered an ad-
dress, which, for some mysterious
rea-on. wm slightly incoherent. The
following day. a newspaper man
called on him and diffidently showed
him certain notes which he had taken
of the speech.
Sir John aurvejred tlv nttes for a
moment and then turned to the reporter in a kind and fatherly man-
"Young man. will you let ma give
you a word of advicer"
"Certainly. Sir John," said tha
flattered  -erile'.
"Well, don't ever try to iwport one
of my speeches unlesn you are mra
that you are perfectly wlier. Now,
I'll tell ycu what I really did say"
And the young reporter wai wlae
enough to say "thank ynu."
OyttBr Rat Traps.
Catching ra'J with oyster shells Is
the unique method employed by soma
pearlers   roundabout   Broome,   Weat
Austral,b. Tney leave a large oyster
on tne Hoor of the cabin al night, ll
opens tor a hreatii o( (rash air, and
the smell of fresh meat attracts tho
rais. Wh.-n tin- rodent thinks he'll try
a little supper, the oyster audilcnly
decides ituii lie doesn't like Iresh air.
Next morning the shell it pried o|
faUd the dead rat thrown ove '
Be There.' "—I.ippfncott's,
Every packet of Wilson's Fly Puds
wi'! kill  more flies    than cun  pos-
sihly be caught  on    three hundred
sheets of sticky Hy paper.
"Your AH-ert ia going bald, ain't
be, Mrs, Smithers?"
"Yea, Mr*/. Peters, 'e certainly is
nml it makes it
the poor dear.
'na to keep 's 'at
where   'ia
Beaver Munufiiettiring Cu,, Limited,
ami js endorsed hy the foremost
breeders ami feeders of Canada.   It
has stooil the lest of triul for mnrly
twenty-live years and is thorougbly
getting 'igh Vailed,
very awkward    for
When 'e washes, 'e
on 'in 'end to tell
"Dad, there's a girl at our school
whom we call 'Postscript.' "
"Postscript.* Why do vou call her
"Cos her name is 'Adeline More.' "
"The greflteat good to the grentcflt
number, is a mighty unsatisfactory
philosophy in minorities.
.„.,„ i Thr- rtimiKf of ilii-tnry that romp* with
,ux-v ; sprint and -niiimcr has the e-ffwl in weak
•.ti.injt.h- of "i-Hiiii* up mtliiniiioiiiioi rt*-
MilliiiK hi dysentr-ry and rhulrra morliua.
The aliuurrnal i-onditlon will continue It
nut attrndt-d tu and will .mi-.- an m-
haiiatf**- drain on thr sv-tt-m The l.e-i
availahlp mnlii-ine i- Dr. J. II. K.-llogtr-
Djrwntcry Cordial. It Hear* Ihe stotna.-h
and liowfl* »f irrltatit*. i-oiinteraelri Ihe
iiitlnmrnation and r.-nu... the ur-*an* tu
healthy art Ion.
tioual Association ol Head Teachers,
at Manchester, recently on "The
School uud thc Home," Bishop Well-
don, Dean of Manchester, said it
envoy to the Court of Hyderabad to [sometimes happened that the hems
demand the cession ut the province of i militated again-.! school because *>1 '.he
Ouutoor. His mission was no success- »ill-example *..-i by the parents,
ful that he waa created a baronet aa "1 remember," said IMiii Welldun-
a reward. The present holder of the . "writing to th ■ father of a pupil of
title is president of thu Church Mis- mine-a peer of tin- realm—to tell
sionary Society, and his country seat I him tlmt bis son bid opened uu ac-
Is Kscot. Ot>ery St. Mary, Devon. It cunt of transactions with a betting
was while staying on this estate that j agent. He wrote back thanking me
Thackeray wrote "Pendeniiis." In thia fur the Information, hut ad-ltng. '1
book Kscot Park became Claverlng, think I ought to tell you that 1 am
and the Jttery was renamed Brawl.      j much worse  myself.'   1   believe  tint
Sir John Is fond of a good story, end statement was strictly true,
one particularly relished runs thus: i "Every child desa-rved study and
Due day a boy went fishing in a | cure, as though there were no other
itrearn. and had just commenced when child in Ihe world. If you go to
the owner arrived on the scpne. "Now, Stratford-on-Avoti ami see the records
boy," he said, "do you know you of Shakespeare's baptism, and tier
are not allowed to fish herer These cottage in which he sat with Ann
are my waters." Tbe lud never spoke, | Hathaway, you will realiie that gen-
but pulL-i his lino out and waited, : ius is something whicli God has kepi
and the ewner then went ou his way. : In his own bands, ami you ami 1 -i,u-i
Returning, however, Inter he was sur- '■ always be ou the look out lor (-emus."
prised to And the boy still fishing.
"Now," said the owner in a rage, "didn't I tell you before you were not allowed to fish here; thut these were
my waters?" "Oh," replied the boy,
"all the water you said belonged to
you has gone past long since." After
thia the lad was allowed to fish.
Tha Power of tha Shilling.
London is usually regarded as one
of the most expensive cities in which
to live. But it is doubtful whether
in any other town in the country a
shilling could be made to go further
than in certain parts of the East End.
For a grocery ticket, value one shilling, the following articles can be obtained:
There nre 1850 electrical works anil]
central stations in Germany in aildi-j
Hon to more than 4.".,"no private,
< — ._
8 pounds of coat	
Loose lirewood 	
3-d of brawn or 11-4 pounds
mutton (raw) 	
Loaf uf bread	
3 pounds of potutoes	
1-11 pint of pure milk	
1-2 pounds uf sugar	
1 ounce lea 	
1 candle, which would burn
about two hours 	
Pepper and salt 	
. d.
"Knights of th* Road."
;    Sir James p. Gibson. Mi., who has
been unanimous1}- elected pres dent of
the I'nit d Kingdom Comntercia
Travelers' Association, adds one mora
to the long roll of legislators who,
I prior tu entering Parliament, were
, "'knights of tbe ruad," in a tradiug
| sense.
. Sir George White. M.P., confesses
. that he gained experience as a com
mere.ul traveler which has been ot in-
[ estimable value to him, while Sir
j Robert Kopm-r, when Ml' for Stock
i ton, owed much of the great luccesi
. of his business career to the training
1 he went through as "un amh.i*,*ador
' of commerce."
|    Tbe   tii-t   great   step   in   Ufa   that
Richard Cobdeii obtained wa- when ha
' was promoted from ch-rk to commercial traveler, and Mr. Joseph Nolan,
M.P.. has been a commercial traveler.
, thoroughness   -.. ..    »ii u    ■■
I throu^r, whets w  te at tern
theme of   in   article u:    'A.a*
Qeorgs thi Thorangh.        n
j ol one who kno • •   I  n      ai   iupe*n
i in th-i June   number   n    ' ■*» mn .
Magaalna   I . as its .      a nun-
ber ot anecdonu  limrfrafcng   .- neni
sldedness .t Hia  .1 nu o •;■■.:«*.
. and others that  ittow   .     .... ....:-•*.
A typica.    .        . ing   ...- \..;+ .
Iipeeuu using for shil I
lowing, whieh ;r-'-.—•: pute ->«-*it.-
"An odic-r In '.iu mny   •wevairnj  :i
i In-iia. died before ite brad    tea, '***t  *
medal   *■     rbiofl    :■•    vee    ••.•.-.■.i.tvt.
Shortly *.'*-*r'*/i.*:»  :.a  vtdhw    - •
1 a soounand *•; --pa..-  ..  Jnohinihain
Palace,  bxjpgmg   *       ier   i aort,   i
■ she had one,   - •— » taoghi
i lady obeyed *.. utamn*
Denied by bee .."•. ■ - ■   ■ au ■  .     .
1 Th"? -rar* sowfooted   nto   be .'-■-
1 ence, snd pr-H- a   ■ - ouetni
1 all alone with the EEmg, eb     b netinj
trie boy v. ::.:::, ind gvtog  am .-•
fathers medal   Mid    what ." un icing yon k   . *   ...-:      in: i  »   ins
y;u will   :r. :--■■ t .-:   ■   na   I ■ •    Ball
me, what tn •  . .    - i when
you trow 1     - i  ..
" 'I am going   ■     ■■   i - dies   lha
my father,   uu rsrad   ..e :..:..:
"Well.1 observed £.* M4]-i- ■
:**.§, od thtoj ■.  .-* l at titer   Un
your tathet   mi r...   '. ...... wt-«•
you to z* * satl ir, ..i-* ; mi X...4
"'No,' '.:.■* ...; lenueted, I x ut
be a so. liar, * -
"Soon eft-sr Ari.-via tha imttanaa »i<
at an end, sod then the ■...-;. -tn.*...-
ing the door, turned and made 1 low
bow,  saying,    t,-   ,i  ,y-,   / .,i.-  Ifoij:*-
trat«'—b.s tatr.er baa  Med  1 BHft»
trat« in Itidu.
"The king smiled ■*.«.!.y. and .**»-
piled—'Ah. i t-e y .u haVa .«ariiK.t
yow .-#-.r. well; only you have not
g.t it quite r ght*
Fin-jir-Pfint  Ltf.
The itu./    : Hi ger ; 1.. u
ing -qui;-'  \ i ishl    *
Worn Out by the MonotonouB Indoor. M«'Hrij^  Liniment Co.. Lid
I ti     -1  ui-   t tit-lltletiieli.     Ill  .Inn, ,    !«,   I
Lit. cf Wint.r ,,,„,„,   HU(|
' —* mangled by
Spring Finds tht Blood Weak end tha  f- r. .1 greatly for I
System Run Down—Vigor is
Rattored by
Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food
■fust at the time when the buds iM
hiirsiiug ami the Im,!-. ure nliirpiiig'
merrily in the tree tups, uiiiuy people'
fed most keenly the debilitating and 181
eiiervallUK effeeta    of    indoor    winter]
life. !   Carbon donoslls which
The  blood  ia  so  thin   nnd   watery ■ gas intiiille can be remov
I bad my
en    mid    l.iiillv
I    horse.      1  BUf.
rat dnyi and Hie
ith cuts  refused  I., heal  until   vi.lir
agenl lave uu* a hollle *>f MINARD'S
1.IMMKNT. whieh I began using
The effect Was magical; in live hours
Ihe pit in had ceased, uml in two weeks
the wound- had completely healed
and my hand ami arm were a* well a*
Yours trulv.
A. K, ROY,
Carriage Maker
Vtitoine. P. O.
1   0
, These figure* have been verified
I end were given recently before a meet-
\ ing ul the Metropolitan Prisoners* Aid
Society, who grant dischurged prison-
! ers tickets enabling Lheni to obtain
: Uie necessaries of lilt,
Tha Quean's Kindllnrts.
A pretty itoTt,  Illustrative of the
Queen's kindliness toHards Ihose in
her service, is ju-t now going the
round ol the Court When Her Majesty was out shopping recently the
Drass end tbt  Men.
Thc late Lord Beaconsfleld was not
j the only individual vno endeavored
to make his tlr-t "aplarge" in the
world of men by means «.f a fancy
waistcoat Thcoplls Gautlef was like-
wi»e   a lover of   seeentrlo   costume.
His erim-i.n WHJ-tcoat of tbe tir-t
p.-rformHuce of Victor Hugo*! "Il-r-
noni." when a> a young man be wis
one of Ihe leaders of the band ol
• lud'ttt- who had turned up in fores
to   ensure   by    Ibe   tumultuous    ap-
fiiauas the success ol the play. "You
teeame oelebrated when very young,"
said Maxima <lu Camp to him in
later yean, "Yes, wh.-n eery young."
he answered, "because of my wai-t-
ing ■,..-  a fu
blng tak*-r.  ac   with  si U ;* 1
young Isdles   i.-.-* : .   *   41
Sttma   Pessibls.
Editor (looking over new rcport**r's
footman In opening" the d'»r of the I BBMIUSerlpt)—You -ay here, "It was *-o
carriaf-e in which his royal mistress I cold that the air fairly cracked." Hot
pried opee
The Dad—"Hy son, I wnnt to tell
you thai the secret of my success, as
it must be of any mail's, ia hard
work.   I—"
The Bon—"Shi Dad, I don't care to
hear other people's secrets, and I urn
to., much of a gentleman to tnke nil-
vantage of information gained in that
way.   Sny mi more."—Toledo Blade.
Mrs. Raye --"She is simply mail on
the subject of germs ami etcrilixea
everything in tho house*?"
"How does ahe get along with her
family P"
"Oh, even her relations are
Utrltlon to the   ing   11   little
o the vital or-, burner.
weak  and dis.
teprcstjing (eel-
thut il fails to nuppty
nervous System and '
gnus. You feel tired,
oouraged, energy and
lacking, ami strange
ings come over you.
Rut nature has provided certain
restoratives to be used at this time of
year lo form new, rich blood und
create  m-w  nerve  force.    TlieSO    elc-
ments are found iii condensed and
easily assimilated lorm in Dr. Chase's!
Nerve Food.
Thousands of men and women havel
learned to escape this spring depression and weakness and discouragement by lining this grent restorative.
Vitality ia increased, Mrcngth and
Confidence return, buoyancy is felt in
every movement of the lwtly, pallor
nnd weakness ami disease give place
to the glow ot health and vigor of
mind nml body.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, the great
spring tonic nnd restorative, 60c. a
box, 6 for $8-M. at all dealers or
Edmnnsnn, Ha tea A Co., Limited, Toronto.
wai sitting, happened hy some means
or  another  to  lilt   the  Queen's  hat
blacken   a I Mightiy, cnusir.g it to take a distinct
I hy l.utn-  ,i!int [n the way it should not have
■an the air be made to crack?
New   Reporter -Well,   it  might
ut with a windbreak.
i Ms a-
. to.: te
|*.   t/v-
ed t-- be v. 1 ..• ied »<
cult A fiia.. *.-.. • *- ., •• sffl ..1
nails Is nnquestl aahly very had .'
lai.ea' society- bat, *.**. u */-ry Hex.a
in his sttschtnents .\ pfood tsar, is
Invariably told by ■**.. r rutded fl.-.g-r
Dells, while transparent :.*,..*. *qSh*-
ed wtth light red, ienote a sheevt«t
fsntle, sn 1 . nng dti|■ ittlm B.i
ndi's must parti ..*- « us of taa
man who b.tei i-.ii nel . 1 large
port! n of the skin is - - :-i. .-r
sueh k ■:,- would prove * perl
Othello lor a husband a una ».ta
long at.-: pointed * : st kess '. .*.
the owost .-   ither a playti   a tbe
guitar,   a   bu I ■    .        I '  *.f  the
eachequcr, a fas      .       . . :, cr ao
amuiti. ui attorney, «        1
tug the nail   : ■. -     It thum    •
si eaka I—as 1     go. it ha itain*>
ed wim snufl  .- •.    ■   turn    .
be   a  SChot :•   : Sill   .:. It'
cats obstlnoi y and rbtle y< .-
low  om-»  «r-  ;....■ . .■ -.• -■   ; r -,f  t:.*t
the p sseaaor is a "villain ut the
deapeet djt."
alt   on    the
fa PILLS   yts
X   H\"i'*.t_OM*T.»tW-c.
W. N. U., Na. Ml.
gone    far (r»m expressing any an-
noyatice at the mishap, which doubt.,
less many 11 mistress would have done
under    Mtuilar    circumstaneca,    the'
Queen merely rmilcd, saying to the
contused footman, 'That's the worst ot,
these large huts."   As all know, the
Queen is fur from being a wearer of
large hats, which fact emphasises her '
(Unduvs on this occasion.
Love Song
(Poem l"iin.1 In a puil'lcd cell.)
Wh. 11 the auu is  in the north,  mv
And the cow is on hi* neat I
When the ring is in the pawnshop,|
Anil   the   wheels   in   inv   head   11 1
Oh, then I think of you, my dearl
Oh. llicn I think of youi
Yes, then I think ol you, my dear!
Ah, then I think of you!
If a young man bu-n't the cheek to.
kiss a pretty widow she may be v-.il-,
ling to furnish il. I
Honored by Women
Whee a woman speaks of her
•ileal aetrct sugaring shs
treats you. Million* have bestowed this nark ol confidence oa Dr. R. V. Pierce,
ol Bofalo, N. Y. Evan*
wbare there ere women who
beer wiieett to the wonderworking, curing-power ol Dr.
Plerce'B l-'avorite Prescription
—which tevta tbt imfftrtmt itt
/ram Seia, ted aucceiilullv
grapples with woman'-, weak-
Milt 1 aod itaeeera   Uh.
No wonta's appeal was ever miidirtctrd or ber coa-
Idonee   mlspltced   when  aht wrote  fur   tdvict,  10
the Woblo'b  Diipsniabt  Mioical Aiiocuiio.n, Dr.
R.V, Pitree, President, Bugalo, N. Y.
•seam's H r Fallem mataea mtew eararal aaael meeemeat aaaaaakf. FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA
mul will Ik
,.- |ial>li-.|i>T.
■lllli.n lllr pQI *'i
Imiiga, rap*/ imiii uu ii
im-iln v uiuraing.
formerly ITHo Now Bra.)
c a. HAHDtilt, Publliltct ami Proprietor.
Tliuralay from Hi
•l, Cnfillwaclt.
..,,olio ii ,ir,.'.. It .HiiH-r year in advance Ml all
t,,,. loni-h I'. Ir,'; l» I'ntU'.l Sti.l.'s.l.M,.
lepelitlon, op term of
Tl„, ,'iirl.v ii|iplk'iint (or n Govern-
unl position rcooivin lliu lii'Bt ui,
knowlctlgmunl llmt I,in oonimunicii'
ti.n, hus lieon receive,! und .vill l„
un uunililuiutloii  in .In,, curse
bo, In oiaohoe nnil !u spirit, tliol ♦'
Cimiullnii Navy policy ol the |
Uiirior Oovorniiiont. It may Ih- J
mi ii nn,ni expoiialvo sonlo; and, ot j
cunrso, ilii'iv will l,o disguises whicli' I
will In, pointoil 1" us making il u %
uuw ami original policy, Uut itj J
will bo tho same policy, In.purposo, j
ii, method nud in olToet; anil ill j
will bo rnlllloil by tho popular voto
No polluv dllTurhiB cBBoiitinlly [ran
tlio (.'iiini,linn Navy policy nl Hi
l.iiiiriui' (Iiivi'i'iiniiiit will got 'I'
approval ,,f ihe pooplo ot C.'aiiadn,-
Manitubii Froo Press.'
fc.tt.r j
Sold by Merchants nf Chilliwack, Ruscdale, ami Atchelit",
Dairy Farm!
80 Acres, nil cleaved nnd under cultivation. 7 Room
Hotiso, Barn nnd Outhouses, Private Water Supply,
Good Orchard, Buildings valued al $0000, beaulifully
situated,  200 yards fi  Sel I, 2 miles from Post
Office, I miles from Cliun-h. The soil is ihe best to be
obtained in this valley and products 4 tons of hay
per iiei-e, everything in lirsl-clnss condition,
$10,000 Cash, I'.u
•| pi
Fall Goods to Hand
Trouserings, Suitings and Vestings
Fit, Style nnd Workmanship Guaranteed
Agent lor Tin- Only Reliable
OO cents l»-r bottle nl tlio store.
G. C. CARTER  . Merchant Tailor
Situated leu minutes wall; In Jinstoffice.
All in flrsl-i'liiH* sliili- ,d cultivntinit,
high, ilr) and level, wilh wide rrnntago
en Charles Sli',',1. Kiu-ll ,|iiai'ler-aei'e
lias n mtniiier ,.( i-hnice friiil trees in
full honring, ni
,1 ll,.- pi
I The Chilliwack Specialist
Tlio boat thing nbcn.t Lliu uloelioii
is that tin- into tit ion ol tlio peoplu
is boyontl bolng mlitnken. Wisely
ui* unwisely, thoy il" not want the
tarilT ngronmont negotiated witli tho
SUitcs, nml tlmt is n« much as to
say thoy tin not want any tnrilT a-
grcomotH. for none cnti ho verv woll
negotiated in which luss nf the
ulumenlH of ontnngloinont and in-
stability could npiiciu', The verdict of the people undoubtedly re-
IIVcts the determination of a poopl -
to run thole own show, Tlioso whu
supported tin* agrcemont. ami wim
nover had thu slightest Idea tlmt it
meant relinquishing any shadow (tf
control, can have no reproach tn
address against those who look the
othor view, and who havo •#>( a
majority <>f tho people to agroo wilh
thorn, What is particularly grati*
verdict in that no
■i-tioii nf tin- country has any right
build up yourself, (let away from | *° ««*.p.fl.n about it. Its malerinl
the idea thnt the good things are twnoftts wore manifested for the
away off. Heaven isn't up there; j Marltfmo Provlncos, for tlio west,
licftven is here and now—if you make! -"«• •»•' tho farmers near tho border
The Toronto Mail ami Empire
ran a no von-column headline on
Soptembor 20 winch read: After
To-morrow tho Manufacturers Can
Laugh at Lauder's Threats,n It
would seem sn, but the consume
-tre not doing any laughing just
It required nu skill in phophesy
to foretell that if the Conservatives
won, tbe first delegation to reach
Ottawa would In* a Crowd of woollen
manufacturers asking that the British Preference ba offset by higher
Praise  your homo town. Wlu-n
ynu   praise  your homo town, you
assist in its upbuilding, ami when W*W !'n('llt *'»'
yuu build up your home town you
will be glad ;
| to furnish you !
I with an esti
| mate on your I
I lumber bill::
I whether you \
I place your or-!
| der with them
♦ or not.
Phone 86
it. No town is better than the
people in it—ami no worse. To say
mean things about it is to admit
mean tilings about yourself. And
Ih* sure to patronize the home merchants, In so doing you benefit yourself and others.
The only question settled by tho
emphatic pronouncement of the
people of Canada on September 21
was the imputation of possible dis*
loyalty to the British Empire. The
questions of protective tariffs which
give the privileged classes the |t*uwer
to mulet the consuming classes, the
high cost uf living ami the relation
of high taritTt? to these as well as
the question of an ojien market fur
natural products are still to lie settled. Thc next fusilade of the
iwuple of Canada will lie mure furious and it will hit the   bulls-eye.
Who knows what that bright boy
or girl of yours might develop into
if given a chance? Because your
life may have been narrow ami
cramped, anil comforts denied yon,
don't withhold them from the young
people, who in tin-struggle of life in
the years to conic, will need the full
measure of the powen that now lie
latent within them. Give the lmy
or girl a chance, and if nothing else
comes of it, they will be better men
and women for the time spent with
in college walls. And better men
ami women is the crying need of
the world, yesterday, to-duyand for
I Macken-
| Smith
! Lumber Co.
■Have You Seen Them ?-
11 Iwlrlt ...ll.-'
tlio ,li-<  whlrli
tl ioctrtc cum-nl
nill ,1., light
tin- liitini)' i l'l*
M., li.-tite'i fni Milan water ipilrhly.
,1,..  I„.lis|.,',,«ul.l,.
kttrlipn  ronvon-
'" l"iir..,,i,,tf,li,y
|lro|i in .1  our
riiill',«i,,k  ,.ltl...
.1,1.1 lull.   Ill, -■■ „|>.
|.|i;iin. *   . \|.)„iln .1
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Limited
Subscribe for the Chilliwack Free Press.
David Douglas, the returni ng
ofllcrr for the district, formally de-
el a red .1. D. Taylor elected as the
member for the electoral district of
New Westminster on Monday.
The following limine- show the linal
and eiirreel account of the votes
pulled- J. D. 1'i.vlor, VMSi John
Oliver, 1819, giving Taylor a Majority of 1003.   Thus  Mr.  Oliver
| saved his deposit by 7S votes.   The
role 11..lie.i  iu  ibis federal elect-
|lon was nearly a thousand greater I pm
than in the federal control of Phis _
when tllC rellirni gave a total vulC ay
of 1-Siiii. The iucreaie may Im*
taken iuiui indication of the growth
nntl ilevelopuienl (hat lias marked
the pa-t three yean lu the Praser
Mr. llonlon has pledged liiin-elf
in the most definite manner to repeal Ihe   legislation pnssetl by the
l-nurler Government creating the
Canadian Navy, ami todo nothing
in the way of a permanent alternative policy until Wioh policy is
first submitted to lho people of
Canada in a Special referendum,
and Approved bj them. The Free
Press, while not de*iringto attempt
iln- role of prophet, ventures to express thc opinion that when tlio
naval scheme that has to bfl evolved
hy the ■visdoin of Mr. Hordcii ami
bis colleagues is brought forth into
thc public view, It will l>c found to
[ties. In all cases the potential
beneficiaries not merely failed lo
increase their support for the
Government, but actually failed in
ud tlieir former support. They
cannot blame anybody, unless il
may be tbat some time they may
blame themselves for I icing fooled,
but that is their affair. It will be
many a long day before any political parly in Canada will risk H->
fortunes in giving  them  rmother
it'll opportunity. The farmer has
had Ins turn, lb- cannot blame
tbe manufacturer very much if ho
lid not take it.—Montreal Herald. |
Mr. Bordon, in his manifesto issued on Aug. It, pledged himself
md "the I.ibcral-Conservativo party to carry out this policy:
1. A thorough reorganization
of methods by which public expenditure is supervised. Increase is what
is known as ordinary controllable
expenditure from 821,600,000 in
1896 to nearly $74,000,000 In 1911,
is proof of extravagance beyond any
possible defence.
""2. Granting of the natural resources to the prairie provinces.
''3. Construction of the Hudson's
Bay Railway and its operation by an
independent commission,
"*l. Control and operation by lho
state of terminal elevators.
5. Necessary encouragement f**r
establishing and carrying on the
chilled meat industry.
"0, The establishment of n
permanent tariff commission,
"7. The granting of substantial
assistance towards the Improving of
Otir public highways.
"H. The extension of free rural
mail districts,
9. The extension of civil service
"io. 0ranting of lilwral nsslst-
mice |o tin* pmvinee-for tin* purpose
of nuppleiiienllngandexlendingtliel
work of agricultural education and'
for tin- Improvement of agriculture*1'.
. Thi** Ian large and ambitious pro-1
gram nml wc suspect that Mi. [fair-
den Mill U- considerably older ami;
I graver .Wore it Is translated Into for
mnl   * uaclmcnts,—Winnipeg Fn• i
In an effort to eslabllnli n gallery nf
pioneer* nf ihe Fniser Valley, I ulli
itlve in every man who Inis been a resilient ot ihe valley nm Wm limn
iwi'iiiy-l'm- yearn ami win. in elluiblu
in iiit'iuliei^lii). it. The OM Tltnew
Awoefnllnii, one large Platiae Kiui-li
nlioiognijili nf hiiiisi-lt, Biiilahlu lot
framing, free.
Provided, tlmt In- will ivirnc lo my
Blntllo before tin- flm uf November
next ami -jive u f.u iiioiiienM o| bin
time in an cfl'ort t<> obtain n llkeuetn
iiini will ii ,ly beaerrdll la him-
-<li  nn-! ibe pioneer* >.-i iln- Volley,
lull llieSlli.li.iil-* Hell.
L F. CROFT. Photographer
The Net Studio    ChilliwacK, I.C.
fc«>4*4 *.> •:.*>>>«•:■•:• ^-> •:■*:-'>•*-•>*:•*>•> •>*;•'*.-:.**■:•■;••;• .:••:-**♦ ♦•>*:*•:•
Paiil-up Cujjital uml Rosoi'vu
Money Loaned to HuBponsiblo
Aeoounta Oponod on Fuvorablo
J  Ciiii.i.nvA. k Bham'ii   -   N. 8. Mackenzie, Malinger X
J *
J     P on. R 197 rk.H II 197
Abbotsford Timber ® Trading
Co., Limited
Office and Yardi, YOUNG ROAD
Wd have 11 complete Block of Long ,lm«ts, Rough
mul Di-ossoil Lumbor, l.nlli, Shingles, Kiln Dried
PI 'ing, (ViliiiK, Si.lit.g, Mouldings nnd Finish.
l.inii', Comonl and PlaBtor.
Prompt nltontion givon to till ordors.
TH0S. KIRHBY Local Manager   J
X x
I Chilliwack Steam Laundry Co. j
Implement and
Produce Co.
Potato Diggers
Implements of all
Phone 9
 » ***************
T. E. HALL, Proprietor
Phone 172
Ladles and Gentlemen's Clothes Steam Cleaned
A Specialty.
All \V,,rk Promptly and Neatly Executed.
Parcels Called For Every Morning.
,„, „,„„„M,aMia>a
If Your Lights Go Out Phone 178
Wo srMx-ulizn iii Private Installation! .in,l Mntor Work.
Prompt attention given to House Lighting.
; |   Phone 178 Electric Signs mul Are Lights. Phone 178
. a»,a,„aa„„aaaa,a„„„„„„„,aiaa„„a„ni,„i
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Connections ol V.mouv.r,
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For Sal..
ChilliwacK Feed Co.
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Nabob Coffee
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nnowN * I'D.
Il.sk 1
lt..u.l Ma
V Mai'liinrry
A, „,.iu, .hi lea
■ry      Contractoni' Ki,„i|„„,'i,t
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.irainm MotorTrn.ks
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llatclKOod Milking Machines
1048 Main Street Vancouver, B.C.
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and we have Iind to sort up again and ngnin,
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Hills tt HOPE SLOUGH, Young Road
All work recoivos our careful and prompt attention.
Esthnatos fui'iiishod. Call and se,- us.
P. 0. Box 243 Phone R 121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
Success,,, I.. WM. AltCIIIDAI,!)
Estimates (liven
Phone 68 P.O. n„x 2(l.r,
Thty Atmoit Kept tht Totirlits From
Getting th* Boat.
A couplo of tourists ntii>'liijj nt a village whicli Is lu closo proxltnliy to a
well known Soottlsli loch Iind a fancy
ono Quo Sunday to k» tor n row on the
loch. Thoy Accordingly fttilllotl forfh
in M'linii of iht- bout mo n, wbom tin-y
met Just leu via g Itis house, dressed lu
tih Hiindiiy he»t und cu trying u mule
under IiLh unit.
"Wo wimt to uo for n row," snld ono
of (hi! (oillistB.
"JJiic ye no' ken It's tho Rnwlintli7"
ansvvci'i-ii Sandy. "Yc'll no' get n lion I
frit uu-- lho dny, futliy I'll huu ye tne
ken Unit 1 uin tin elder o' the kirk."
"Yes, yes." el postulated (he tourist**.,
•'thnt's nil very woll for you, hut we
don't requfro yon with ««• You cun go
to church| we call row oiiihcIvch."
"Aye. tiye," until the elder, "but jUt
think whit ibo iiiet'iilHtci- 'II sny."
"Never uilntl Iho uilnlsler," wits the
reply; "ho will know tiutblng ubout tt
We will puy yotl well."
"Ah. wi'i-l," snld Sunt.*/, "I'll uo' let
ye tin* limit, hit I'll lell ye whit I'll
tine, Mm* ye boo J'OH wee bon tlu doon
among ih« ruilimV   Weal, she's ready
\\'V Ihe Oft IU Inside .list ye pinj* doun
there tin' low out fne llm middle o'
iho loch, nu' ni cotnu doon (no thc
lunik nu' swear nt ye. Hit never ye
ilitii*.); ye Ji--l row un nil' I'll cull tor
the money on Mondny." — Loudon
An   Impromptu   Ceremony   In   Whieh
Kino Georgi IV. Figured.
Tlmt wns ii curious son of Impromptu coronation In wblcb bis majesty
King wiiihiu IV. of I'.uglnud figured
Thing! did nul go very well with Etirl
(Irey's government after Ibe second
rending of the first reformed bill hnd
licet) curried hy n majority of one In
18111, uud out* I'lldny lu April Ihey
suihlenly got (ho king to go down und
prorogue parliament In person. Some
body went off to ttie Tower lo fetch thr
crown, nntl With u scmtcli body of at-
tetiduutn bis majesty drove duwn to
the house of lords. Wlmt hnppeiied
there Is described In -Urevllles mem
The king ought not properly to hurt*
worn the erown, never having been
■ -rowned. but when he wns In Hie rob
Ing room be suid to Lord Hastings
"Lord Masting*, I wenr the crown
Where Is if?" It wus brought lo blm
and when Lord Huntings wns going to
put ll on tils tit-mi Ite said. "Nobodj
Mm II pm the crown un my hend Inn
myself." Me put li on and then turned
to Lord flrey nntl snld, "Now, my lurd
the coronation le over."
The erown did not tit very well, wc
are told, but the prorogation was sue
cessfully effected.—London Gbrooicle.
8ervlng Soup,
If anybody weru usked to suggest
why the soup pl.-tte wns made brrmd
and Blmllow the almost certain nnswet
would he thnt such an nrrangement
facllltnles Ihe cooling of (he Boup to n
temperuture comfort it hie to the mouth
We believe thnt ntilltnrlnns drink ten
out of n SOUcer fur the same reason
While ibut mnjf he tho explanation of
tbe pectillur shnpo of the soup plate
tbe advnutage indicated Is surely In
Rlgnllicunt compared with I lie olivlotif
dlsadvnutiiges which may prolmbly
arise frum eiposlng so large a surface
of nutrient fluid to Ibo air. Suit-
should lie served In a cup, a low hroml
teacup, and the method, which Is be
coining more usual. Is hygienic. Ton
deep a vessel would be an error on th.
otber side. Its udvaulnges would hi
cnnceled by Its great drawback. Wi
should miss some of (be delicate flu
vors of tbe soup.-Louduu Lou- «l
Stage Scenery.
Walter Prktuird Kututi.the dramntlr
critic, iiellevcs modern dramas are tot
elaborately staged. In "The guest im
of .Scenery" lu tbe American Mugu
due he says:
"Afler all. It was not (be Elizabeth
mis who were stupid because they
could enjoy Ibe drama on a bare stage
It Is we who nre stupid because wi
cannot enjoy the drama unless tbt
singe Is Uttered wllh 'realistic- seen
ery. We have ao fulth In our own Im
aglaatlre powets. It would be a goud
thing for (he dmma it all scenery
were abolished tv the nest ten years
Having learned to gm) along without
It, we would perhaps frerp It lu Its
proper place for awhile after It re
turned. Its proper place Is as i pictorial and suggestive background V
the actors nnd the play aud nothlnj
but • background."
Ruined by Jesting.
Ttie Anilii, henes themselves brought
about the ruin of thc beautiful city of
Anttoch, (he ancient capital of tbe
Greek kings of Syria. These people
were famous for their blflng and scurrilous wit as well as their ingenuity
In devising nicknames. When the Persians under Chosroes Invaded Syria Id
MS the Anllocheites could not refrain
from Jesting nt tbem. Ample revenge
for this was tnken by Iho Persians,
who filially destroy nl (he city.
Would Do His Own Biting.
The llrithh gentleman new to ont
*<li.lies stepped up to the clunr counter
and requested of tho "chirk" a cigiff*.
"What will you have, a bit clgur?'
nsked the "dark."
"No; I'd raw (her bite 11 myself." re
piled tho Hilton. — Suu FriMcisct
Men Are Beacons.
Kvery man Is the cenier of porpcttia
radlutlon like n luminous body, tie Is
as It were, a beacon which entices s
ship upon (ho rocks If it dues uot guldt
tt luto port.-A ml el.
Opposite I), i'. i-:. station
Kilted  will,  modern conveniences   nnd   comfortably
furnished throughout.
D. 1. H.cLSNNAN,-ro-rl.lor
The inolhocl ndoptod h.v ussocin-
lions in C'lllifol'lllii nml else,lice ,.|
rapidly cooling Iholi- fruit de Ignod
fur shipment, hy forcing n cui'l'onl
uf cold air through tho luiuloil can,
is described   by .1.  A. Iludilldi,
Dairy    I   Cold   Slorngo Cum.
inisslnncr, In lho rjopli'iiilwr isslu,
„f Tho t-n.im.limi ilnrlii-ulliirlil
published ul   I'utcrbiirn, Uut.   Hy
'pra-i-ooling" the fruit in ihi's
manner, ii can he shipped longei
disiniices uud will arrive In ninol
heller condition, thus ensuring i
nilicb blglicr price lo tho producer
Coniinoreiai llox rucking" is an.
other subjoot lioilll with 111 Ibis
number by Itnbt, Thomp on, Man-
ngor of tlio Si. Catlinrlnos Cold
Storage anil ForivanJIng Co. This
nriiclc is well ilhistiiited, and contains much valuable Information
for llie Iruil grower Interested in
this ,ip.|,,.il,i(c- mollioitol handling
high cliiss fruit, llliislratloiis in
conncclioii .villi this article nud another by It, M. Wlnsloiv, Pmvlnolal
llortleilltltrlal for British t'olnnibln,
show Ihe dill'crenl sl.vlcs of box
packs for apples, nud the method of
The possibilities ol New lliuns-
wicli ns an apple producing prov
,1-0 well set forth in an arlielc
by A. CI. Turney, Provincial Horticulturist, Rapid progress has been
made in this province during the
past few .vein's.   A description of
.millions ill Nova Scotia, and the
advancement wlildli has boon made
n the fruit growing industry ot
that province within recent years is
given in another article hy G. 11.
Vrooin, Dominion Fruit Inspector.
Many othorintoiostingand timely
articles relating to fruit, (lower and
vegetable growing appear iu this
number which is called the "Special Packing Nuiuher. An attractive cover printed in three colors
adds i,inch to its general appearance. Fruit growers wishing to scenic a copy may obtain one by
writing to lb. publishers,
"The age of oil is only just he-
git,i,,g," Bald the chairman of the
ll. Jl. Oilfields, Ut., a company
which holds a large slake in the
New Zealand nil Holds, iu the course
of bis speech at n general meeting
of thc company. The chairman,
Mr, George Mactlonald, went on to
-:,y that he had preached for some
time that soon we should see, not
a few trains propelled hy liquid fuel,
but all trains, is well as the mercantile marine and thc navies of Ihe
world. Ill five years' time he
thought it would he a rare thing to
see a horse cob in London. Prole
ably iu from ten to twelve years it
would Is.- n rarity to see a ' steamer
on the ocean with funnels. He
had hefore him au account of a
steamer without funnels, which bad
imule its first voyage successfully
with liquid fuel. Ii burned about
two tons of oil a day, instead of
eight tons of coal, and it was cli'in-
er and easier to handle.
Publicity is the keynote to success.
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lli.t Air Furnaces,
Roofing nnil Cornice,
Metallic Ceilings,
Stoves uinl Rnngcs,
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The I. D. SMITH CO, of New York, in charge.
iE==30Ez==aomoomoE=.>.,aoE==='a t
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Hei Interni  la  Him Wai  Mruil-
faitad to iht Lut Moment
By Allen G. Lamoad
Copyright by Am-rlean Praia ahd-
■11*1-1 "IM *M"M If| *M**|.|| |..| |*|.*|i*IH4
When  l  left  li.im- si-h  gu tn
Bmitli Africa io att-k my fttrtuue my
tn-iiit seemed iu la* settling right down
ditwn like u tluuiiM'd nhi|i. U i- litid
|iiuiiiisi*u to tn- trite to cm li oilier mul
• n tlmt, Imt
RI-tlHV mid in*-
We tt uillil be
1 tint) .inly Hi
■ IU.-ll*
llll-l    I
-iI   hy   uu  iHt-iiii
i-l  uf *|M'l|illlij- n   i
•* ot a dlHiimud i
mining riiiii|inii.v. where uu illicit* ol
li.iiii- fiml mi iin-il tin- un lufi-rliH |KHl
Hon Neither Itutte nor I ii.nl any |
iiienn* or wo would not hnve purled
(nut. having purti-d. I hu-v un piusped
or cvfi getting together ugtiltt:
I wuh ao m-coitniiiiit for three years
dnrini; whicli i impi'ii |Uut same tin*, .
fortune would favor t»y returulug i*  ■
in*,    sweet heart;   iht'tt   maiden iy   in*. ;
drciium were reallsi-d,   Mr OhlVrHhitw, ■
the   lii-iul  of  one  of  tin* (lepttrtmenia.  !
•••til W me otie day aod said to me:'
"Iloti would you llktj to make a trip
to Auuricu'/"
I brightened up at once aa I replied
In the ittUriuatlve.
"One of your American millionaire**
hat  vkuted our  mint's and  ha-  purchased  one  of  our  largest   dtHtnnutlri
lie in un a trip it round the world anil .
de-tlres tbe stone delivered to tils wire
In New York, where ll will tic paid for
Ihe responsibility for lu safety rest lug
ou us until li ia turned over.   There are '
reason* wliy It can't very well tie sent  ,
by tbe ordinary uietlu><i. .me of which I ]
Will   Ml  you.     It   lutH j-ni   out   that  a
diamond   worth  a  hundred  thousand
dollar* la to go to New York    Thi?* foci  !
baa  lei   to so  high  a  charge  fur  Its '
transportation that I am determined to
send It hy n special meanetiger.   A riilr-e '
atone will be aeut  hy expivns to mis
lend those wbo may try to capture tbe ,
real one on the way.    We bave apli*
right here ntnunj*, us who know ever)
thi ii k nf Importance that gi>ei on    It In
Mir purpose lu outwit them     Let ll he
know*- tbat you huve determined tore
llgn your position at.d go hiune. per
tnlttlng a   moutb  to luii-rveiie  la-fore \
your departure. Your eipensea will he „W(, -„„ Mliuii of MmMri_ , ate or
paid, and If you succeed In m:.kl..K s h„ ,,.,„..„, UU{t (,rank f|wI of (h(
delivery you will receive a thousand | w([|(.
In the innrohit; I awoke In my owt;
oi a snip, saytngt "it» v.-ry proiiuuiii'
ed 10111).lit.   Just come buck wllh mu'
I'll BllOW It to yuu."'
1 told hllll Unit I had often seen wil ill
he referred to and, bidding liltu good
evening, weul below.
It waa very plain to tne I tint the wo
man's story wus true.   Krum this time
forWIirtl I Iind perfect I'ufl'ldelico In
lier title did nol usk uie tbe nature
of my mission or show any i-prlqaltj
nlinni ti. I urgned that if she was dish-one of iiussesslng herself ot the dm
in..mi utie would sooner or inter lend
me to speak ol It in ibe hope thnt I
ivmiid ten net where it wus Hot wtiil.
she ttollghl my coutlileiiie In oiliei
wuys -tin- never referred lo Hie objet"
of my Journey, 1 tuid tier thai I wa-*
going home to a sweetheart I mul not
seen In llireu yeur**, and ibe sympath)
Shu guve me WUS delljihtful. She seem
•il io appreciate perlectiy tin- feeling-*
or n yollllg lllllll deeply In love. Ho In
tcrested wus she iu ihls (hut I told
Iter I would bring my liniit'ee to see
ber iiftt't reaching port, sud she whs
Knoil eiiuuglt t<> assure me Hist she
would be delighted to know ber.
it wss n f i im Mil-* refreshing con versa
j linn, in order to iliotv some UppreclN
Hon of her mteieat in uie, that I said
| to her:
"I  feci perfectly safe in laying to
you that I am carrying a very valuable
, atone heloiiglug to the tiiamond com
puny to New York and wish to consult
you ua tu a safe plate tc keep It."
I "lu that I can't advise you We wo
tiii-u huve methods of i-om-eailng audi
! tliim-i ihut du nut pertain tu men.    I
1 cunt 'tuiii. of any wife place where s
umu can pin such a treasure,"
I '"I'be uul)' Mul,- place I know In on
my person. 1 have it Hiispeuiled about
my wuhti day and night"
"My dear boy." she said, "what d<<
you mean by revealing such a net-ret tu
i me or to uny one'"
"I have perfect confidence In you."
"Nevertheless you should  not  bave
told me foich a secret."
"I shall surely tell no one else. If
any one can take it away from me by
force in the daytime he's welcome In
do so. Ry ulght I am locked in my
"1 hen of you to give yuur secret to
. no one else."
■ The evening before making port mv
friend will!,, talking to ine of some del
Icacles In the way of eatables she nml
aboard Invited uie to come to het mate
room and partake of them. She t-alri
there would be uo Impropriety In in?
doing so. since she would bonk the dnoi
wide open I accepted her Invitation
Her stateroom faced ou the samp nisle
aa mine, to I had not fur to go She
hrouubt out Home pute of chickens' liv
en* and other nice thing*, lueltldlng
some real madeira wlue. a  rarity out
You will Iind relief In Zam-Buk I
It eases the burning, •tinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Peneveranco, with Zam-
Buk. meant cure. Why not prow
thia?  At DrveiUia* a**~
Sir Charles Tupper Showed Hit Old
Form at Coronation.
Sir Charles Tupper was iu thu thick
ol thu coronation pugcuutry iu Loudon. The veteran Canadian wai
among the mo.*, vigorous and enthu*-
laitto oi those who cheered King
George to tha crowning. The Emplri
i'ii fete—in what a host of mmuuriei
und speculations the doughty Tory
baronet must have indulged the ltu-1
few days. Sir Charles snook hands
with dozens, of laithful h.nchmeQ
from over-teas, who helped him tight
his bullied iu the Dominion in other
day*; he read iu Thc Lotidoii Times
ol the seventeen Premiers gathered
in Imperial discussion iu Downing
street; he viewed the crowning of another King—who is aa much King ol
Canada as he is uf Kugluivl. Indeed.
in uue nn'ulli in Loudon, Sir Charles
saw the modern machinery of the
groat British j&mptre exposed; no
doubt u.i he wutch.-d the sinouLh-ruil-
ttlll great Canadian statesman  lell the  pride ol a
workman, conscious ul the etlicacy ul
till cuiitributioti  to the whole.
Thlngi That Have Brought Misfortuni
In Their Wake.
Whether il Is notslbla that a curse
pronounced In ibe- dim pint can by
uu;   iin-iitijs   work   liarm   through   thu
ages is a mailer <>l opinion, comment! . uing   ul  the   part.-
a  Loudon   weekly.    But such stories     '	
and ihe strange lucta connected with
them ure too numerous to be altogether neglected, One incident occurred during euro- I
We umy Instance the case of the . nation week In which Sir Charles
painted Egyptian culliu-lid, numbered <mu the central figure, That was tha
22,643, which ituuda in the British unveiling ol the metnorlul lu memory
Museum, uinl the remiirkable tale ol of Cuuadiau Conledcration at the ,
misfortune and death which haa been : Westminster Hotel, in the very heart
asauciated wltll this pictured lace of , ol London. It was in a sense one ol
the priestess ol the College of Amen- ' the most dramatic episodes of corona-
Ru. i thin week.   Here in this very room, al-
The stury is lairly well known, for most half a century ago, gathered a
two yours ago all the daily paper*) : group of men who .•.mouthed away tha
were full of it.   It is sufficient to say ': liual obstacles,  which  threatened tha
 _...  lederatioti  of the Cuuadiau  provinces
I „■ .t.,. „„m uwii it... ,.ru,*,.,au a.,..m.     jrito the Douilltlon, which L4 Ibe W0I1-
; der ui the tweiittetli century.
t The Futhers of Confederation to*
''■ day ure bul a cherished memory. The
old picture ot them gathered about a
table, the muml pride oi many a
1 Came lum furm house—well the iin-d-
i ern Canadian school-buy needs a key
I to pick them out. S.r Charles Tup*
j per  is there.    He  aud Senator A.  A.
; Macdonald alone of the Fathers remain tu us. No d'.ubt he hus cluing-
ed since the picture wus taken- but
in appearance only.   Sir Charles Tup-
; per is now uu old man.    lu years he >
in ninety.    Hut  iu spirit he is the
fame old  Dr, Tupper of Nova Scotia.
; Those who were so fortunate to bear
him. Mlsloituue piled upon mlslor* i 111 in ut the Westminster Palace tba
tune. One duy he chaiiced to meet | other day will never lorget the scene,
a medium. The Utter ut once told him
thut from  the  tune  uf  the  discovery
ol the coffin in 1869 the prleaiess aeeui-
ed lo bring misfortune on everyone
who had uuythiug tu du with her
All five of the original linden oame
to grief, and even the earner who
took the case to the museum, tho
photographer who photographed It,
mid the well-known writer who described the events connected with it.
all died shortly afterward?.
Then there wus the case of Mr.
George  Aleloundi-r,  whu,  having  di-
covcred a mummy, too large to conveniently carry away, deliberately b-
ht-uded it, ami brought the head buck
tt) tiurope in u bonnet box.
Then everything went verong with
No need to apologize to family or guest when
always right — every biscuit inspected before it ia
packed—and they are as fresh as the product of your
own oven.
.       .      —^~»^——
are the great favurites for every duy use.
They arc made in the big sanitary factory in
Winnipeg and come to you iu air-tight packages or
lu sealed tins as you prefer.
thai he could see a ligure with b !*,.
cliffs behind it, und clouds of du>t
about ii. The ligure, be said, Was
headless. This was enough. He sent
the heud back ut once lo its originul
In the Bummer of luOU. M. And reef,
a well-known business mun of St. Petersburg, bought at auction lor IIU.UOU
a beuutiful uld necklace made ubuut
ll!') years ago by it faiiluus Parisian
jeweler fur the Ill-fated Louis XVI.
Nearly uil the members of Ihe
French royal family lust their lives in
Around him were seated the leading
men ol the Umpire. Sir Charles arose
tu speak, ine Hash of tin- warrior
was there in his eye, the Mime chil-
lenge ol the ••Uluciiu-e" wus in hii
voice, as in vehement, declamatory
sentences he declared his faith in the
lulure of the Canada lie hud helped
su much to Iiini-1
Sir Charles Tupper Is the aristocrat
uf Canadians. Il«* Is one of the lull
ut the Putres, To his wot; as u constitution build, r. so fittingly commemorated at the Westminster Puluce. let
S.r Wilfrid Laurler's words bear tn-
Fore* of Habit
"Your meringues," says the mistress, "nre so delightfully frothy mid
light. How in the world do you gel
ilniii thnt wayP"
"It'ri the new butler, mum," ex
plains the cook. "He used to be a
barber, mum."
Minard's Liniment cures garget in cows
r (nt dance,
nt   a   lute
hour)*  "Ha
.-n't Hu- lem
t idea what
time it is—
uive you?"
ring partner
(selr.ing her
-"oh.     jo-.
"And how ure yuur three brothers?"
"Two nr.- married, Imt ihe other is
Mill nlive, ilmnk you."- Spokane
llrllef for the Danreued t'ln-iml nnd
in,-mul ili'preNFii.iii iiMiiully huve tht-ir
..I'titiii In a ili-ur.l. ii-il Hate ul tin- stum-
u.-ti anil liver, an wlu-n tin-.,- urgum* are
ili-ii.iiif.'il In their aetlim Ihe whuk- lys-
lem in ulli-rii-il. Try I'uriiii-li-.--, Vfi*,-
nilili- Pills. Thi-y revive the diBt-ntlv,- pro-
nases, act ut-nendally on the narves nml
I'l-.-i.iM- the HpirltH an nu other pills will.
They are cheap, simple un.l nure, aud the
elti-i-t*  are  lantillK.
After  n   inuil  lias  been  touched  he
pglns io realize tlmt he was huni hit.
dollars and an ag--ney to attend tu our
tiuslneai lo New York."
i'be day I tmlk-d a middle up-i) wo
tnao. well dressed aud of ladylike up
l-eiiruiiie. drove up tu (lie sliiiuiei
Rile looked up aa che alighted und -taw
un* leaiilug over lh* rail on dock An
eipreMHli.il uf hu tin fact loti that I could
Dot account for pa**-.**! over her (ace
It stii-prlseil me. fur I did mil remem
her ever lo bave m-eu ber liefuie Slu-
t-uiiiti aboard, and I did uot nee her
again till Ihe nest day, wheu we wen-
out on the ocean. I waa pacing the
de*-k when I passed ber sitting lu n
•iearner ehalr. tibo culled me to ber
Bud wild to me:
"tiring a t-halr aud lie aeated. I
bn>e aomethlug of luportancw tu aay
tu you "
A-itoiilHhed. | did aa I wraa bidden
The lady i-aat glances ta every direction and. aeelog uu one wltblu ear
Bitot, said to me lu a low tone:
"I uiu au American and a friend of
Itr Older-thaw. Lenrulug tbut 1 wn-*
■ iiuitt iu will fur borne un thin ship, be
raited uu me and told me thai a youug
Uuiii, whose pliotograpti be allowed me,
aruutd i« aboard, going uu au linpur
tut mlHHl.ni to New Yurk- Mr. Older
aha* naked me tu keep a  watch uver
; lien h wltb u remembrance of my sup
per, hui Willi no -recollection as to how
, I gul   Iniu my  own alaterooui     1 put
mt liatid to my waist, and tbe pouch I
kept hIhiii* lIn-re wuh gone.
Everything tn-iin- ipiiei and uo mo
I Hon to the ship. I arose and took<-d out
ttiruiik-li a iHirthute.    We were docked
HresiliiL" myself, I went ashore   A few
of  the  - ia-sein-.tr*   remalueil.   hut   at-
: IhiI)  friend wua uot among them, uo
were the two men against  whom ah'
had warned 108,
When 1 met my Rom after the first
i transport-! of our  meeting  I  aald tu
"Ami uuw you must bear the reason
\ of my coming and the story connect
. ed wilh my Journey.    Beginning with
my meeting with my lady friend. I told
her every incident   every word ao tn*
a-* I ('.nnil reineiiilH-i ttie couvenoitlou*-
' that tin il passed between uie and hei
! When I reached ihe part ot my ston
I when* I tiinl (uiu Mint I kepi the stum-
; abuut my wai-t ituse could nut repress
the eicliimutton, 'tin. m.w stupid:'"
And when I (fave un account ot the
htipper and my being drugged m-
Bweetheart. waa su tiuaind as tu nay I
b.td beeu rtgUily served    1 cum-iuded
the Revolution, but the necklace was i but<  „	
taken hv u survivor to Brussels an I       "During  tbe  furty-four  years  since   functions properly  tin
there sold.   Over and over again It    Canadian   Confederation,   there   has   plogfed- Thin .is know-
changed  hands  und  every ono  who    been only oue amendment of an unowned it wus unlucky.   Finally a Ki*=- i porta lit character, und thut came with-
slan prince bought il for $20,000 and    uut friction and in the satisfaction ol
gave it to the dancer Tzukki. I everybody.   I say to Sir Charles Tup*
Tiukki'a health failed, she was re- per, in your name and mine. 'Well
duced to abject poverty and died. The dune, good und -faithful servant,
necklace wus sold to M. Llnevltch, i Of course eminent Canadians ol
the collector. He died suddenly nt both political parties wire iu the
Monte Carlo and il passed to a rela* ' audience which wlt..?s*ed the unveil*
live who lust all iii- money and was ing of the tablet. But these men for-
only saved from begary by selling . got lor the moment that they wert
the piece ul jewelry. \ Liberals   or   Conservatives;   they   re*
Andret-f bought it. and almost the membered only that they were Cana-
flrst time his wile wore it he fell dians; that tbey had assembled to
into a lit of senseless Jealousy and honor tiie Canadian Constitution aud
cut her down  with a sword. ! its founders.  Sir Wilfrid eulogised uii
Such instances may be multiplied. | old political foe.
Count Zborowski,   when killed in
Ooitlvenei*  and   It* Curt.   When  the el- i
uriciins n-lii-f    tu    perform    their
■ iin.'-   become
. .  ...    .     . mtiveiiemi ami
if iM'tch'cte.1 Kivrs rine tu (lainteruuM eotn- j origin   ami   habits,   an.I   tin-   fact  that
pHqaflona.     ParuieiNa   Vegtlabla   filU}I,-,,  i^jy  JB |at*en  witti dlscase-pro-
Not Qualitied to Help
Rlobbs Quulor sayi he doesn't be-
. Hove in bearing oilier people's bur-
! dens.
'■ Slabbs - No wonder. 0ussier is sen.
ernllv currying n pretty good luud uf
his own- Plilladelphiu Record,
| Minard's Liniment Curei Diphtheria.
1 "The nian on the curb has Just
, mad.- Investments in inflated stock."
I "How do you know thnt?" "Don't
| you see he in selling toy balloons?"—
Baltimore American.
rnl.--.ri worms he enpi-lleil from the
system no child eafl he li,-i.liln Mother
! lifiiu-.' Worm Ri term inn lur in the best
medicine .■mint to destroy wurnis.
The destruction of the house tiy is i
a public duty. Almost every American
State  Board of Health is currying oil
rusade againt him.     His    filthy |    Edward Ellis, superintendent of the
Buffalo   park   at   Wainwright
should procure n packet <*f the pills and j greatest enemies of the human race
pat himself under a coum of tmuMDi. J| t|,.- housekeepers of Canada  will
The  Koud  fllt-'t-   of   the   pills   Will   Im*  al- ... ,        ,     .„ '    n   , .  ,      ,,
iii.-t   immediately  evident. >**"' WilSOn'S My    Pads    persistently,
  - ibis peril would be tremendously re-
Some years ttgn in Indiana one of
the questions in an examination waa,.
"What is nicotine?"
The answ.-r given wa-*:     "Nicotine i'
is sn deadly n  poison that  a drop on |
the  end  uf  u  dug's  (all   will  kill  a I
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
i-   mun's   weakness   liuii
mun's opportunity.
be an*
thilf   there  ure  m bufliilu,  7  elk,   ,
deer ami :i antelope, a total of 868, in
tl nclosurc,    During the year nu
buffalo were iidiC-.l by natural Increase, and 7 died. There were
eighteen hundred visitors tn the park
last year. At Hlk Park there nre 4H
head, und at Banff "i-l. malting a total
number of bison in captivity iu Alberta of SSI.
fearful motor accident at Nice in 1003,
was wearing the futal ring whicli hu 1
belonged to his family lor lour generations, every head of which had met a
violent deuth.
Slill more umustng is a story told
by the lute head of the Paris Morgue.
Five times within his experience dead
bodies brought lu ttie morgue WCX3
found  to  be
..Hy dlatLSshablc bfTSrSS   « wH»'™ «* *™'> P"*
desigii pt'cl8- no muIter how mMy other °ua*
•nth LOCAL AlTI-ltAl I'iS-i. u thry ranoot rvaca
Utt M-at ul tin- oti'i,..-. (aunti m a bkMl ur oiwu-
lutwiirJ di.. xv. ram] In unl.T tu curt It vuu must Ul»
Idutii-J rtmnllM. luiii fsiiffh cure M Ukru la-
t-ftialir. uul arta dUv-ilr ui-ua ttie blood and rnuiroJ
,   -  -'.    ,    _„    ,k„    »,. .1     -urtaci-a.   llalia CsUrrh Cure to not a qiutk m*dl-
before   now  commented  ou  the  laei   Ellh., lt..,, .irr»-.(l,.,- br mr ot the ^ plirrtftoM
that  despite  the   "i.ustle"   which   is   »taa wmnry j..r y,in wa u * muiar pm-tiptioa.
. * .       .        ..... a. i    ...  I IIH foaiotMnl ur tin- t>-il  t..i im knuwn. ruroblnr-J
•itb the ti.it tiiiM.1 i.uriflrn. mtinc dlreril*- un Uh
nuriiiM   ■iirl-,»«.     Thr   pirlrrt   rumblutlua   of  UM
iwo imcrrtli.Tit* t* what produrr* aurb vutidtrtul r»
ulU la cotttiK eaiarrh.   Hrt.d t..r t-trtlinorjliia. tne.
_     K J.nitX*»V *LU. erepa. TuMdu.U
Nm by nrum-lii*. [irne TS*.
lata UaUa ttmilj 1'uii tut a»mk»Mm
Tht Hustling, Bustling West.
Easterners  visiting tbe   West  havi
talked so much about, it lakes about
twice as lung to buy a cigar or a necktie out there as it does in an eastern
city, and thut the gentlemanly clerk
is always -wiling to detain the Strang-
It bore in eastern characters this
legend: 'May whosoever wears thi.
ring die a miserable death." M.
Mace, late chief ol the Parisian police, vouches for the truth of this.
sou aud If I aa-r any ausnli luua i**-r  i "™ "'" ■■'■**•■' *■-••*-    •
iitdeutf ' my ,"ur-, wttb ,,1Me ^n*"
■on attempting tu gain yuur
or lu auy way cousplrlug u-jaiust yuu
lo warn you. There; 1 have juia you
Whut I bave tu auy. Vuu dou'i need to
piuce uuy filth In It; nil you need du
la If I rtiira. you iij-uln-,! any one dur
lua Ibe Voyage, to beware-"
"Oue quest nm I would itak yuu." I
■Hid "Why did nut Mr. uldershaw
advl-ie me or Ida request to yuu'*"
"Mr. older-haw"-, plan waa fur me
to keep a Hatch uver you wllhoui yoUl
knowing It. lie did tiui think It would
be uvveaaary fur tue n» make myseii
kuowu to yuu Hut ii in-tidy I have ul,
Beivt-,1 twu mm lalklug tottether. bolti
luotiing directly at yuu. aud I need tu
wurti yuii ul nine. Later 1 will poiul
inetii uut a* j ou "
'bid Mr. Uldershaw in furm yuu as
to ihe natum ef my mlaaiuu'i"
"He did uut. '1 lut wae not DCCM
Her  stury   ap|ieun-l   very   plausible
aud I ronton l fell dl**iai**ed iu truai
ber, but I did out tare to show loo
much iilii'-rliv In dulua so, and. ii-nic
bade her ti*'***) muriilug. Iliunklllg bei
lur her in'i-reii tu ms
"Vou nre under no ubtlgatlnn tn ma."
sbr Htiid. "Whui I du i- iu repayment
o' a kiiidne-t um-e ilmt** uo* >>v Mr
(ilder-tiiiw     He llii" t»«-rf^i conlld *■
lu ymi. but has r-ir..nntuem'*j yuu by
giving you hu gium-i a ni "
Tbat  arteriHMin   aiitlf*  taklnn  "'^
Dxilal eieni-e. walkiiitl lha- deck tmt-li
aud forth  I met the indv.
"Cume wim me.' -*Ue -4iil*1 "and I
will show ymi the men wjm wert* talk
lus aliuiit ynil, They have n atateMOIIl
Ue.t mine, mul I ov.ilieiit-J aim- of
tbem uny. A* ***"« M " I" dark I'll
try und luvieitte him uu Mint pretest
lu the *.tern "
1 went with IW '" the forward deck,
and she |u«lnirtl t" twu men standing I mtn'i^nd
luat utH.ie the >uiwater h-uking out at
Ibe ocean.    One  was a  borlv   fellow
witli a .i.itidy tinMiui bf; the utbei waa
email. *pare and clean sbaveu.
"That's  uil."  said  my  cumnanlon
"Vou uave seeu theln and are guurtleil
Ngaiaal ihem."
the an me evening Just before dark I
went on deck. Ihe man with tin-
aundv mu-tucbe wu. lounging ahull
auU. prVHt'Dtly cooling up »«» uie. askei
It | lotild tell him the day's run foi
tbe Nbip. With ibis as au o|ieulnu
wedge tie entered u|ain a conversation
wltb me. turning It upuo aome t-UrluUn
phenomena of the aea. He meniloueii
tba pnu-iplioreHceni light lu tba wak«
"1ml uow, my darling, tbe diamond
baring   been  aafeiy  deilwi-ed  and  u
, check   In   payment   mailed   to   South
- Africa,  we hare ll.uuu oo  wblcb  to
tK'irtn   bousekeeping   uud  an   usaureit
1    '"Hut the diamond la stolen!'"
"I did nul «n> an.   In order lu please
; my guardian angel, as I called ber. I
. told bet where I kept a lump uf glass
Tbe diamond was iu my trunk, mteo
| wllh a lok tbat I alune knew bow to
Ituse Jumped for me, throwing be'
arms around my neck.
"Aud   yotl   sus|*e-ieil   her  from  the
, flrwtV" ahe asked wben the tr-itispurt-
1 bad atib«lded
"No. I didn't au«peet ber at all or I
wutinliit have been drugged by her "
"Wen,  yuu aee.  when  shi*- aympn
> thlwd so sweetly with tne about yuu
, ahe   knocked   the   underpinning   om
from lieuetilh me.     I yearned lo nml e
a return and ihotigbt that  I rotltdti I
make ii t*etter une than by a ibow of
euul1deii.-«    Su I told her about where
I ke|'l  my Men nitre, uuiy   l t mil led in
!  aay that it n-aa a faNe one.   1 thought
ibat would du aa well."
The Baby General.
(Ttio in-omi emperor nf China has been
' elven  iutircme a mand of ihe army -
s'awi iii-iii i
IMirn a tinbv t.oaile an arm?
Can lie .l.elaa n.» ratinnn natlaT
li-iiii'i imt nun u. me navyi
Ilea m< hi -n nn ihe at|uallB
Htm lha infantry nuahi uue nim;
lie can aoun.i aiarnie at ntRtit,
Hoi   ai.,,|-u»-  Me ■'■!   Ihe 1'olltT
ftititw wuald U'-vei t>e a iiaht
tji-'-K...... dtwkeamaa itevtew.
In   Proportion.
wide   I  want u nip. pieusa. for liy
Hbupkeeper Yea mn-luin Whatslza
doea he wear?
Utile Well. I Will) fnrgfl Ills col
lara are ante lu ItmUgh I elpet-l he'd
want   iilmiit   alt-e   IS ur   .11  fur   ri   cap,
wuuidut tie/ I'hllndelphlu I'nna.
pects, no mutter how many
turners may be waiting. A Toronto
flnimcier who is now in the West
must have had the cup uf his bitterness tilled U> overflowing, for this il
the postcard he sent to a friend Irom
one of the flourishing smaller cities
of  the  new  provinces:
"Arrived here 6 a.m.   Now 10 a.m.
Barber  expected  down  shortly.    Bat
Open. 9  a.m.    Bar-tender begins tha ; How It Ellecti the Manufacturer and
morning   papers;   intends   lo   serve the Farmer
drinks when he finishes sporting page, i    . .   ,
Evening paper office* not yet open For ,   j'     ; J *l   '■ ««' {jJHjJf M
Leading  merchauts  away   l,ulM.,ll,r,u   '    ""   ll"I",lll,IM    ","
lisbina.    Bustling    West!
Saturday Night.
when w
There wouldn't be halt as much
pleasure in eating on a dining car if
ihe passenger couldn't look out of the
window at  poor folks and say in hi-
mind, "Dun- you, you can't do this."
b»s.ue».\>«ding mereiant.  away  ^-^ u>m qi|ai||o||( ^^ fc| ^
1 "I do not know a gnat deal ulmul the
' tariff,   but   what   I   du  kuuw  is.  thut
Steeping In.
A couple of men, who don't get down
to work till  nine o'clock, were talk-
ing the other day about the trouble
„    .- -      n       ......        i ol getting up in the morning, and one
lutlCUra Kernedies.     Another,  ' of them  told     hat he considers tbe
funniest  remark   he  bad  heard concerning that trouble.
'    appears that one cold   morning
One says, "I have Great Faith in
Cuticura Remedies." Another
"They Always Bring Results."
- '■ ~ e
"l wl-t. to let you know of a couple at j i-,-*, w;,/ter in a barber shop io a weaU
Rt3LStU&CA5e! VeWMi°A !Sf,«f\1ftl ttSi i
otihL-cityciimMua.yuiikc.iiouhM  ' PMltf tired laid,    bay, I tell you I*
felt hke sleeping in tins morning.
"What time do yuu usually get
up?" he was asked.
"I'm a milkman." he said, "and I |
usually get up ut 4.M."
The idea of a man who gets up at
that time on a winter moruiug talking
of "sleeping in ' struck the man who
rises lute as being mighty funny.
Willi a seven *.ktu • lui-tiuu.   At (una 1 could
not understand the naturt- of n.- case.   1
{anally traced It lo Ills occupation a» he wu a
palmer un<i decorator,   it ■-»..■ dennailtls in
lti wi.r-l ful III. It :-U.t.-.| Willi N -litf',1 .iii[>-
tioll tUXl W I.Ill-1 »!l*. 1  III. 1-1   |..lllM.[ In-   t.inlv     •
ItlillH. rll,i)«* cheat, h-i'k ami alxlolueli —
ami would terminate in hftl« |ni-liilr-. The
ll. lilux wikI huiiniii w-is .|t.',i.!i ,i ami he
would iila.o-1 ii-.it l.i> -km j|.*n. hjii.j- to
get relief. I leiotnmemlril all the -.alluut
treatment*  I  (o.ilil  tl.ink of ami  he *|>eiil  .
ai.."ti fifteen
.l.ll.i-'.  oil   liieMiiiitlou-,   bul
nollilnv  ii-
1 lu lie||i hltn
-in lite mr
nun..- mv wile win. wai na
tll-.l-.llv Mitlei
na. miiIi a djfjil .km lioiihle
• ml  who Jl.,-1  I
lliC /.He,
ni- iba wu tolna to ret -nine <>i tin-1 uii. n:.
Iteuie.fi,-. llttt a-. I ilt-l mil know mm li ahoul
t'tlll'ilt- nt ti,..' tlllle | n.. .)..ui,Uul whether
It wmiM In-lii her.    Her -k.r. ■■>. ] thkketi,
hreak ami hired, e-m-, nth on Uie Intrd-rs,
wrl-1* Binl arm-. I nml.I .lo liollilin; lo it-
l-.i- I.-I |»-'i. uirlill'. Wtictl nh« ln-t BO-
|ihe.l the Wditu t.atlii ..f Ciiliniia S..|> and
• |iji|n jli'in- of t'ntliiira Olttlinetit -lie Kate
4 <l i-ti Improrrmenl nml hi a few days
I toll) him
The Hobble Shoe.
Have you Men the l.teei thlnf
tt i.i.-h ihe adverllseinenia n-*,: -
The hobble erma
llrlef vauiH, limit loe
An-1 heel. •>, ■Ulludinnua*
They're wt-arme them right now.
ttlati youd tell me r.ua
They r*et about
Malde iran and «lnul.
'I tie»« hobbleri tnultlturllnous
Ailaol.i (.'umiutullora.
nf the fun. ma Hoa|i ami to
lha t'ntii iu« (.ilntiuriil leneioii-ly.
- me, inuil ttie vary i"-< •■.*.*• - ust of the
Lutlriini li.iin.li'- tie wai Rreatlv leli.-vid
ii.-I lo day he t- completely Mii.it ttuoueh
Ihelr uii-. I have Kind lallh In ttir ('nth ore
K'-imdie-. and >hali ulway, tiav> a (.■•«»I ao'<t
for them now Out I am tonvlmed of their
wumlrilnl im-t.l-." (SlRm-iil It. I.. While-
head, M IL, ins Darlm lUtn Ut., llv-ton,
M.-,. July XX 1UIU.
A- tl.ottcli In iimfirmitloa of llii- mo<t
nn. .I'm in,; i.,i.-,i.'in, (i. M I l-ti.-r. MM
111** Tool. Md.. wrilm: " Mv luce w*« ufllli-tt-u
Willi nii-iim In tin- vcat  1WI7.     I  o-.-l  Hia
Cuitcura Rerntdm and was entirety cuie-t.
I am a iiraitlrhiK |iliv-i(l-n ami very often
prescribe CutKUr. lUmeow hi ?***■* of
KMin., uml they have cufet) where other
formula-! have talli-t    I am not In the hnl.lt
of endorsing patent medicines, mil when i
hml rfme,He.H *>o.*»F*isliie true nterll. tairli i*J
Hie CillMUra Itemed I.-.-* do, I am hioad*
minded enouih 10 proclaim their vhliie-. tu
the world. I have heeli efaill. In*, medtnne
fur twenty yearn, and must *ay I Hml Vonr
Hemeillea A No. I, 1 still Hml the Culfcura
Heiiipillei as good U ever. Tln-y aKayi
larlnK renulti."      . ,. .     .
tutkura llemedlej are BOM by dfUMWS
"That man would nave to lie hall
a duy longer before talking about
'sleeping in." " he suid.—Courier.
Plenty ol Coal.
That alarmists who predict Can*
iniu'- fuel Mi|.|i|y ii on the verge ol
eih.Ultlon. will tie prophets without
honor in their own couutry (or somi
httle time yet, is indicated by a
ecological survey report just ibsued.
It is on tht Itig Horn coal basin il
Uml. the Coil* I Alberta, wherein it is estimated thers
and thin was i ure 6.WIO.0W,0UU long tona of coal ll
an nr* a of about 187 square milea thai .
aro  workubla.    The  lljg  Horn basifl   "our t
is about Bo miles northwest of Banff.
140 miles southwest ol Edmonton ana
70 miles south ol the Grand Trunk
Pacilie and Canadian Northern Bail*
■ays' surveyed rouks.
Harry and Carrie
Then- was ii young man named Harry;
Also ii young lady named Carrie.
"I'd like to marry yuu.' aald be.
"The like is mutual, -or," Miiid she.
"Bui    a
And hat.
buy gumls abroad Ihe fnrcig-
iiit gets tin- money, hut when we buy
goods at home, we get both the goods'
nml the money," Thla sound philosophy characterises another of the
lute president's famous homilies.
"Tin- farmer ami the manufacturer/'
the president once suid, with hia1
characteristic shrewdness, "arc both
in th.- same bout nnd I reckon they've
gut tu learn to navigate the era It together ur they'll upset." "He compared the case of n Pennsylvania
fiiriiu-r." continues thn historian in i
question, "ami a Pennsylvania iron
merchant ami Implement maker whose
properties adjoined,   Under   n   pro-'
tcelive  policy    Ihe    farmer    supplied
the iromunkcr with bread, meat, vegetables, fruit, fodder for horses, etc., I
und Di,. iruiimnkcr supplied the farm-!
er with nil the iron, iron implements,
■-tc. which lu- needed. Assuming that
a change i* made nud tin- Protective
policy abandoned,   tha   farmer then:
discovers   (hut   In*   cun   buy   hi*-   iron!
Implements cheaper from Rurope than'
(rmn hii neighbor, assuming that he!
sells it sufiicieiit quantity ol flour In
Kurope to enabte him to effect the
purchase uf Hie iron, tie ultimately
discovers Ihul the cost of catrInge, to
the coast, transportation i-v sen to
Km-latnl, insurance uml cartage on
arrival, does not enable him to receive such a good reward for his labor
ns he formerly did when wiling his.
neighbor, iln- Ironmaker.'
Toronto Typo Foundry Co., Lid.
Thi LarS-it l*rinteri' Supply Henit in Canada
We Carry la Stock Cylinder Preuei, Job Preun,
Paper Collen. Type and Material. Can Fill
Orderi for Complete Equipment from oar Stock.
Wo are the Lar*eit Seedy Print Publisher, ia
tho Weit. We Publiih Beady Priate from oar
Winnipeg, Calgary aad Refine Houiei.     i     i
Order From  Nearest Branch
Eddy's Matches
Cover Canada Like Sunshine I
Eddy» "Royal Oeor«" combine Safety Surety and Silence In Matches ami sell at about 1.000 lor 10 cent'
There's   nothing   "Just   us  good."
He. therefore, determines lo sell his
I flour ns before t«. his neighbor, But]
meantime the farmer discoven that]
while he has luiii purchasing his,
. iron   implements    from    Europe    his
neighbor, thc ironmaker,   has   I til
compelled lo atop his works and dia*>|
miss hit employees, not having suttv
cii-nl   work   (ur them.      The    fnnner.l
therefore, now finds that in- linn more
; wheal than he knows what lo do with.
i also that he is nu longer aide tu sell;
< earning four dollars u day hla fruit,   vegetables,   fodder,   meat,!
lo give up my job and pay.' horses, etc., lo his neighbor, the iron'
"Dun't," sail] ahda   "The pay is tin.
"I earn but iwo.   I'll give up mine
•—Chicago Mew
1-ff'r'yVl.m. " Pollrt Drill * <;!>'*'■■•. *-*-»P. ' \tllti.
Bolf Fropa.. Huston, Mam. Nallc-l fi*-*-. an . , v" l
rMUtal fatMl 32-IHfc fiitk-iira Uuuk vu ilia
"   !_J_ .._._^.tl a! akin illwiu.
inker, as he hfls gong out nf business. In fuel, he mull that through
buying uhroail in tin- chenpest market
he   hflS   destroyed    Hie   home   nuirket
Mrs NnggH-"1 understand Mr..for his own products and thrown n
Chinctn is nut on speaking terms with!number nf his fellow-countrymen out
his wife." of emplymont."
'Well, perhaps ha isn't i*-* ^^	
blame.  His wife may do all the talk- ■        ,■=■*=■—
Ing." 1 W. N. U, No. IU. 1
The best equipped factory for producing Counter Check Booki
in Canada.
=  per Day*
We are supplying the Largest users of Counter Check
Books in Canada with our
(Nat tw the Trust.)
We wart ^UMien ta art at aur agsrts tn all Manlteba, Saak«icha**M,
Albr-rta and jfHfafc Celumfc'a tawwe Write ua le* cendltlens anal mrkmt .
Married In
But Then I. No Record
ot  Repcniinf tt
Copyrtiht by American Pr... A..o-  <
V olatlon, mil. \
**I wish you to be my bridesmaid,"
wrote my friend Clara Wlgbtuian,
"and you are to be matched wltb
George's beat mun. Uf all men John
Bucklln ts the beat, except Ueorge,
wbo, you know, la tbe best la tbe
world to ma Just uuw. And I hart a
(feeling duwu lu my heart, dear, thut
[you aud John will make a thatch. Ua
everything yuu could wtah fur, except menus, llm lie Is aelf reliant,
'ambitious, full of energy and hope,
and, after all, n marriage wltb thai
wind of man bring*, more hupplneas
it bun wealth. At any rule, It brings
.more seat to life."
| I don't know anything tbat will
.more Intercut a girl tbun to bare some
'one any, "I huve a man picked out for
you to marry." A pleaaing curtualiy
la aroused ui unci*. True, Hies* part-
nera picked uut by a third peraun are
.Usually Jual what the girl doesn't
Iwant. or ht doesn't want her. or tbey
art repellent to each otber. Never-
tbeleas till ihey meet thcy-at leait
tbe girl -lives In a world of -v/mumo.
Bhe wonders whal be la like lu appearance, in Intellect. In disposition,
forming au Ideal picture of blm whlcb
when alio twea him brlmra a great disappointment. I'erliiips thla la tbe reason such intended mtiii-l.es aeliluui ma
luaiead of being dIanppoluted Id
John Hucklln I wua greitily pleased
-With blm. llii serious looks indicated
that tbe world wuh tu him an Important problem. I bud feared he would
turn out oue of tUtma mo called fascinating society men thai I did not admire. He was very deferential to me,
but If he bad heeu told tbat I bad
beeu picked out for him he ahowed no
consciousness of the fact. Altogether
our meeting waa satisfactory to all
respects but one. Mr. Rucklln showed
no etgu whatever that he took more
Interest lu me tbun wua warranted by
tbe fact that I waa man-bed wltb blm
at a wedding ceremuuy.
However, the acquaintance msde on
that occasion was continued, and Ur.
Bucklln became a regular caller at
our bouse. Be waa usually very busy,
but found time to ahow me some st-
CeutloD. Tet It seemed to me tbat be
waa doing It to plea*** Clara, wltb
whom be waa on very friendly terms
Occasionally 1 would twit her wltb Ibe
failure of her plan for me. whereupon
ahe would say: "I don't think John
considers himself able to marry Just
now. Ilealdes, Il seems to me tbat
you treat blm with marked Indifference." Aa to her excuses for Mr. Buck
Hu. t did nut consider tbem or any moment whatever. I was surprised at
her saying thut I treated him with Indifference, for I wus not conscious of
doing aa And yet Clura was doubt-
leaa right. If n mai'ih la designed by
a mutual friend and Ibe man lo tbe
cat* doea not make a move lo a matrl-
moots! direction the girt la very likely
to treat blm wltb either Indifference or
sometblog more pronounced.
Tbera was good reason why t should
marry. The family purse waa not plethoric, and father was growlog too old
to remain much longer In bualoeae harness. About thai time we discharged
our housemaid, giving out tbat we
couldn't get a servant, but really because wa couldu't afford to keep one.
I did ibt work tbat the housemaid hid
done. When I swept and dusted I planed my dress back and wort a towel
over my bead. Father encouraged me
by saying tbat I looked prettier In that
costume than wben dressed for A ball.
Out morning I waa sweeping tbe par
lor. It waa separated from tbe dining
room by folding doors aa well aa a portiere. At this particular time tbe folding doors and tbe portieres were both
cloaed. I beard the doorbell ring. I
couldu't go to tbe door In sweeping
costume, but father had not yet gone
out, and I knew ht would do so. 1
waa about to run opetelra when I
beard father's atep lo Ibe ball and
knew I was too late. Fearing be
snlgbt bring aome one Into tbe parlor,
1 stepped between tbt folding doors
tod tbt portiere.
I bad scarcely got Into concealment
wben father entered tbe room and
wltb blm another person. I couldn't
act wbo this person waa, but all doubt
on the subject was onou removed by
bearing ibe deep sounding voice of
John Bucklln. Naturally 1 waa very
much astonished.
MI must go Into an explanation." be
Mid lo father, "for ranking a call al
tbla unusual hour before I stale tbe object of my visit. | aall this afternoon
for South America, and oo far aa I can
Judge I see uo proe|ttct or my gttUog
back here possibly fur years."
J surely thought I should faint.
"I ebal-.fpiter tutu some particular*,"
continued tbe man who bnd been picked out for me, "the reason fnr whlcb
Will apftrnr its 1 proceed. I have been
admitted lo a iwrlm-rshlp wltb tbe
Arm by whom I have been employed
■nd am gulug to South America to
•pen a branch house there 1 confess
Ibat I dislike going from home, breaking Uea that have been forming ores
•Iocs I waa bora, to dwell iseos-g
What In tbe world could tbe man be
driving at?
"Now, || has occurred In Oi> that-
I'm a praitiiul sort of fellow, ynu
know-1 have thought that tbe moat
sensible thing I can do -of course there
Isn't much time for such au Important
move- what I am trying to get out'-
Kor heaven's sake, get It out!
•The matter I am driving al la Ibat
I'd like lo take your daughter wltb
me aa my wife."
Well, 1 declare! He wants to take
some one down Into that hu rim runs
couutry simply for company to help
bias through with bis blurt time   lie
won l nine mei
Thero wns n brief silence, at the
end of whicli I heurd fulberask, "Bavt
you spoken (o my daughter?"
"I hare uut. lu uny event I would
have naked your permission tu do so,
and this very uuusuul busie renders It
"Sn far as I am concerned," ssld
father. "I hnve nn objection. 1 will
call Sadie, nud If you think you can in
dure her to consent to hui h a husty
marriage you ure ipiite welcome to
try. Itut If you will lie guided by an
older man, n married man. you will not
word yuur proposition tu her as you
bave to me. I would advise you to
tell her Ibut this move Ih the result of
lure, imt an expedient. It doesn't mul
ter thnt expediency li your principal
reuson. Wt* niiisi give women a little
taffy, you know,"
Ob, these men!
But a mutter of fnr greater Importance urn-sled my atteutloo-at leant
tt seemed more important at thu time.
Father went to the door uud culled
me. of course then* wua nu answer,
lie weut uut lnio the hall and called
again. Theu I heard him go upstairs.
"Where's Hiidie'*" "She's below."
"No, ahe Isn't" "She surely Isn't up
here."   "Find tier."
Imagine my feelings, standing boll
upright in the narrow space l-ctween
Ihe door* mid the portiere, the man
who had pt'i|iuHe.i lor me so near Ibal
I was afruid he would hear me
breathe, angry with him at bla out-
rageotiH proposition tu take me away
tu amuse him, sure to be discovered In
this uiiloitiiiiiite, disgraceful poaltlou
and, worse than all, lu sweeping costume. 1 surely thought 1 should suffocate.
Well, | must do something. They
all knew that I was In (lie boost and
would bunt till they found me, I
could better endure tu face my lover.
My lover-Just think of III Belter
call him my buyer-I n pet dog for
bla amusement! Better Ibat 1 aboutd
come out uf hiding aud face blm than
be cuujjlii eavesdropping. I tried
three limes to make a move befort i
succeeded. The third lime, my heart
beating like n kettledrum, my face
red Sa a beet, I ladled fur the door
leading Into (he hull, culled to father,
"Never mind: I'm here In ibe parlor,"
then slammed II to Impress It upon
everyone without Ihe room tbat I was
abut up wltb my prupot-er and waa to
be let alone. Then 1 turned uud faced
And he faced me. I don't know
whlcb waa the more ludicrous, tbe
gape on bin face or the mortification
mingled wllh wounded pride on mine.
It aeemed .'.hat we two rather than
take up low* aud murrlnge were shout
lo spring at eacb other Ilka two wild
The proper thing for me to have done
under the circumstances was to wait
fnr him to speak. But consider Ibe situation. If ll was uut enough to rattle
any girl, hud she even the heart of a
fish, then I am no JnuVe of situations.
Instead of appearing sensible of Ibe
compliment he mul paid me In asking
me to Ik> hla wire, instead of explaining that 1 had been an enforced eavee-
drupper. Instead of saying a lot of
things I sin.uld hnve snld. I did what
I should not. (touring upon blm a tor
rent of abuse for pruning lo make
a convenience nf me.
lie stood Ihteiiluu lo me deferentially, attentively uud. I must add. admlr-
In-m-. Wheu I cume to a pause be
"I've aeeo you In a number of cos-
tumeo, hut I never saw you look to
pretty aa In this one."
Then for the tlrst time It occurred
to me thut I was doing the wrong
thing, nnd I became conscious of my
I supisme It ra*« ibe sudden change
of expression on my face. Al any rate,
my pruposer smiled Theo the absurd
Ity of li all occurred to me, and I re
pressed a smite I was In uo luood
for trlfllug.
'Let me explain." he snld "In talking to youi father I was talking as
man to mun, not as man to woman. I
assure you I have uo such talk foi
you." He came up to me and, taking
me by the band, led me to a seat and
eat down beside me. What bt Mid Is
not to be repeated, but It certainly wae
not what be aald to father, tt pot as
entirely different complexion ou tbt
matter aud out only mollltled me, but
thrilled me.
He didn't apeak long-there waa no
time. As soon aa he bad my snswei
be took op tbe practical part ef tbs
matter, explaining to me bow much
loneliness It would save him If I would
go wlib blm to s.nith America, for bt
hud a work lief ore htm tbat be could
not leave for a long while 1 couaent
ed. agreed to meet him al tbe parson
age at r, o'clock aud go wltb blm from
there lo the steamer, whlcb wss to oall
at 7
How I got ready In a unarter of a
day to Im> married and go Into a coun
try lying on the other aide of tbt
equator, bow without a trousseau I wai
Joined In wedlock to a man who had
never s|aikeit lo me of lore before that
morning, how tht* lelephoiie summoned
Clara aud her husband to be present
at the rhun-h and how wt were waved
■way to our foreign home wero aad
urn tht wonder of mi life.
Pert Penonali.
"Don't use long words" la an admonition from F. lleaikliiMHi Hmlih Still,
be uses ibe •ilupk1tieou."-l'ougbkeep-
! sit Star.
J I'lcrponl Morgan complains that
he is losing bla appetite, probably tbe
only thing thut ever got away from
him-Detroit Free Press.
Mary Harden tblnka women's clothes
art dhK-ussed much mote than tbey
alwuld lie In Mary e ease ibere should
bt less dlacu salon-and mora clothes. -
Hot,mon Chronicle.
Having snubbed" tbe Ducbeee of
Marlborough and Mra. Ave Willing
Astvr, Queen Mary tblnka It's Just de-
llifjiifui to be tba wife of a klug.-
Htuburg -Uasetle-Tlmaa.
Dr.   J.
= - - IT HIS COME 10 HIT
A.   Macdonald   Tells   Plain
Facts About War.
"The great twilight sone of modern
civilisation Is the international area,
and there should be such a meeting
uf national minds as would make lawlessness between two nation? ss dtf-
8cu:t snd reprphflnslte as crimi
again.-t a state. The international
area must be civilized."
Thst is the v'gorout statement
made by Dr. James A. Macdonald, of
Toronto, Canada, editor of The Globe,
director in the World Peace Foundation established by Edward Glnn. ot
Boston, and it wits utterel during a
discussion of tho proposed arbitration
treaty between the United States',
Great Britain and France. Or. Mas*
don a Id thinks the rubmi*-sloii ol tbe
ireutly particularly timely, since thi*
month murks* the 100th anniversary
of the outhreuk of Ihe war of I'M'2
Two year.- hence the centennial ol
peace between the two countries wilt
be celebrated.
"l)o vou think so long a period ot
International amity would have been
possible,*1 continued Dr. Macdonald.
"had the 4,000 miles of t'una liun
frontier bustled with fortification*
ami the Great Lakes been patrolled
wiih hattlc«hipi of the two natlnn-f
"Tin* bunion ot armament* caused
by the old uncivilised method of
nettling differences between nation*
hii*. become simply intolerable. Thi*
watte of revenue is oue ol the greatest obstacles in the way of Urge
locial reforms. There U necessarily
a limitation in the amount of money
that can tie applied to internal im
nrovement* wheu a nation like Great
Britain spend* $:iiaJ,0u0,0(X) a year on
her war budget.
"The warfare against lannrnnre
and crime, ami to advance the cause
ul civilization, and enlightenment and
human welfare, requires as much
courage and eelf-facrilice a* ure needed on the battlefield. Canada cannot afford the cost of war. I do not
mean so much the money cost as the
coat in men. We need all the brain
and brawn, thc courage ami putri*-
tism (J .our people for the Held* and
shopi snd to curry on tbe work of
"The same qualities of unselfishness snd sacrifice that are drawn out
and stimulated by war ore nccd**d iu
the fight agunis-t the lues of honest
commercial aud industrial life, the
great organized and leagued forces ot
greed. The very term 'captain ol
industry' is taken from the military
lexicon, and perhaps unconsciou-ly
reveals the belief that many of our
grcute.it corporations! are organised to
defeat the interests* ot the people and
to prevail st the expense of our public welfare.
"Oue of the things hat hai haunted me, ei-peciaUy since 1 was in tug
land lust, ii the reaction of war ot.
the ;i(e ot the people. What wae true
of Rome under the Cseaurs and of
France following the Napoleonic wan
ii true to-duy. Tbe standard of the
nation's manhood has suffered. In
Scotland 1 found it had been necessary to lower the physical requirement! three times within the laft
century lo secure men to complete
the regiment'.
"Iu war the law of evolution—the
survival ol the littesl—works Inversely, It is (he fittest who ure sacrificed
and who do nol survive. The unju*t
land laws ot Great Britain sent many
cf her most ambitious sun- over the
seas snd formed one of the bla factors in the social degeneration of
the country. A more important factor, however, wa* the loss ol capable
and virile men slain oa the field of
Medal Farms Far North.
Tbe stage which left Edmonton for
Athabasca Lauding on a receut day
carried among ita passengers Messrs.
G. Card and A. J. Bell, formerly ol
Guelpb and Prince Albert, respective-
. ly, who will plaut and maintain lor
j years to come along the lonely shores
ol the   Mackensie   River   Ihe  uust
| northerly demonstration farms iu the
; Dominion.
Mr. Bell will be stationed at Fort
buiitn. which lies on the line of tbe
I northern boundary ol the Province of
Alberta, while Mr. Card's lot will be
cast in Fort Simpson, on the Mackensie, at one time tbe headquarters
I of the Hudson Bay Co. for tbe whole
north couutry.
These points were chosen as the
best adapted for lite location of farms
for the demonstration of the agricultural possibilities ot Canada's hinterland, aud at tne same time to hold
up to the northern Indians the manner of life lived by men in civilised
communities. For this reason the
terms are to be more or less under tba
Department of Indian Affairs.
Crime on Incrtaa*.
6U months activity of the Ontario
provincial police summarised in a report made at the Parliament Buildings recently. The statistics art lor
Uie balf year ending April 30,
Tbe work included Mi cases, an increase of 100. There were 898 convictions. 376 tine*?, 133 sentences, 33 suspended sentence-, and 130 cases peud
For violation of the liquor license
laid 167 cases, IJi fines and 3 other
sentences.   The fines totaled $9,110.
The provincial police seised &.-M3
bottles of liquor, 1&3 gallons, 4 bar-
j fcls, 166 gall-in of high wines and
008 gallon* ot beer.
Violation ot fish and game laws: 11
prosecutions, 47 fines, amount 11,740.-
Houses ol ill-fame: g sentenced lo
imprisonmt-nt, 9 fined, 4 released, I
I    Biily-eight   charges   of   vagrancy,
| with 63 Canadians.
Total aggregate ol fines, $I3,!git,
Rapidly Qrawlng City.
Windsor, Ont., is boasting of its
growth, and indeed it seems to have
cause for boss.ajig. The record of
building returns lor Canada in April
■hows that the only place that beat
to ind*.<»r was Prince Albert, which had
an incrests ut K15 per cent. Windsor's
Increase was 335 per cent, and fit.
l'homas came third with 187 1 it per
And Windsor is kee|*eug at It. Tht
amount ot its building permits for
Ihe first half if May is more than
loublv tbat ot the whole ef May. 1*18.
There tea  dwarl   deer  to   M files
welgblug lets tbau 100 pounds.
The RifHan firsts**.
Among tbe Indian pirates of Morocco tbe women do all lbs sgrhu.ioral
and other bard work, while tba man
.wben at borne do the cooking and
mend Ibt ckitbea, including tbt worn
A Reporter Learns Something of the
Queen's Tast*.
"Dressing like a queen" Is a phrase
usually  .sugg.-sting  uu uxtraVagatitl)
ip-ri-cou*;  wrii.lr.ibi-.    But in the case
i of Queen Mary th..* idea does not hold
Brltlsli Society • aader Soys It la the indeed, the lady whose income will
Proper Garment tor Women and I not admit of rich and gorgeous cloth-
Will Do a Great Deal to Reduct ! *nS' und wh" therefore i« neatly but
the Headaches and Doctor.' Bills-   unVljt,ll?'vVl*v 4***?d, ™V '"'! «««:
U Will Prove the Emancipation ot
According to the Countess Russell,
of ...nglaud, the attack!* ou the harem
skirt which have been made repeat-
edly by English newspaper- since thai
article of apparel first made it* appearance in London, "only show too
plainly whut women have to t-onteud
with when an effort ii made lo break
away from a convention which ha*
proved a misery lor age*," meaning
.led with the knowledge thut sin
th.* Queen huve a taste in common.
A woman journalist recently hud an
interesting cum whu u member ut thu
timi ol Lucil.', U.I.. uml learned soma
interesting Information ubutit (Jii	
Mary's tuste ill drc-ie.
"In tiie matter ot all lour style* of
dress- morning, afternoon, evening,
and walking co>tume for country weal
— Her MajestyY taste lies in the direction of quiet simplicity," said thu
iittonnaiit. "For morning wear her
dresses are usually light-ltttiug tailor-
made tu style, und the material la
generally tweed or clotli, in either case
ol fair'y line lextur.-. The Queen pre*
ut* tight-tilting clothes of not too soft
material, Httd her Invorlta color is cbr*
t-tinly blue. Her morning costumes
ir<> miiii 'time* of ■ uppli r -blue, hul n 1
shades of Mint color in both becoming
to, und fuvored by, Her Majesiy.
"No, Qu"t-u Mary i* nut an admirer
ol tho Peter Pan style of neckwear,
nnd invariably wears u high collar.
"In the ufteriiouu y.u will more
iften ;ee Queen Mary dressed in pule
mauve, or perhaps In white or pale
o,ue. The material varies in accord-
iinv with tho season of the year.
"Fur instance, iu the sumuivr she
will weur cr.*p«*dc-Chine, hue voile, or
u niatciiul composed ul silk and cot-
Ion, with perhaps u lace jacket of
clinging design.
"By the way, Her Majesty shows a
distinct partiality (or embroidery, and
will often favor brocade worked in
graceful patterns.
"She dislikes the 'floppy' style, and
even in full evening attire inclines
towards a simplicity which is almost
scv re. This style of dress wis off
Her   Majesty's   figure   to   udvantagi
lor, as many of tier loyal subject* will I U*S)aaurn.
have  noticed,   she  is  built  on   ideal j ,   /hewI'
I lines—a slender waist, a full bust
snd gracefully-curved hips, and, abuvs
I till, u perietuy-loniH-d neck.
,    "For evening wear Her Majesty is
| fund of sutin, und iu colors her choice
i* frequently  a combination  of  black
1 aud white.   The chief characteristics
as  regards the  actual  adornment  of
Uu   heavy,   weighty,  clinging   skirt*
that women are accu*lumed to.
"The divided skirt," she states, "it*
in innovation tbat undoubtedly
frightens our men, who du not res
liie to what extent the dress of wo
men hu* proved a lactor iu cramping
their development, both physicall)
and mentally, or they would gladly
w.'Iconic any change which would tret
them from the burden ol doctors' bill
and  the annoyance caused by head     .
aches, occurrences which have not al'llie Q*"*f« s  evening  costume  are
any time added to the happiness ol!'«» «""■} diamond* or pearl*, and
home life.    Any improvement in this | *»"•"  °i,blue  somewhere about  t
direction  is surely to  be welcomed j  *"'•. T.W" ,nBy ^fc? tl,H toVu °\ *
and it is because 1 consider the bar ! *>°w, °* »bbun- V»**My » s«l» ur *"'
em  skirt,   when   properly  made,  an. ■*€',r.*IV"*   „       ,     .   , ,,
Ueal garment tor my sex that 1 wish \ T* Queen * hats are usually
to see it given a fair chance. Th* i ■«••»: Iswuentltr they are toques, us-
harem skirl has come to stay, and il I UdU-v "■ d*rk co1""* ^'"H °J «•■**,'•"*
will prove oue of the (actors ill the I shales of brown and grey. Sometimes
emancipation of women, which is Ihe ■* nattier serves a* aunic.eut trimming,
secret of it* interest for me." > " jwrhap** a small buckle.
The crunless is regarded as a wo- M" tht; Queen wears a large hat, it
man of brilliant mind and tasclnat i I* generally turned sharply up at one
ing personality. She is deeply inter *iiiv- tne Henri II. style ol hat be.ttg
eited   iu   socialism. '. ^ty popular with her.   On this style
 _^_^___ : of hat feathers are usually worn.
Soldi.!-'.  R.ii fi.rpifir. "Quiet smartness is the keynote of
im       .     in   » ,,       . t.       -.     »>•« Q**"'* tmtn.    She i* fond  of
When Lord Dudley relinquishes tht ci,iflon material. Her belts are us-
post   of  Governor-General  of   Austra  | ually
Ths Antique Collector and a Bargain
Jewel Casket.
The collector hml been (mooring at
Americuiu- for their ignorance of antiques, We hud boon walking in
Venice, down u narrow cull.- while he
wub speaking, "Look ut that old brass
bosJq, ' hu resrumed, pointing to u Ban
stall  in  Uie  little oul-loor in.irk.-t.  un
whicli we hud just omorgod. "Thsre'n
a gem, not very old, but of th« fines!
seventeenth century Venetian work.
If you saw tbut in u New York ileul.
er'a, till cleaned up, you'll give up a
goal deal for it, but you'd V p.'is-y.j
it by u dotmn times if I hadn't apnk-
en ubuut it. Sue tbat old junk Bland
over there:- I never paaa a thing like,
thut. You can novor tell whut you
may pick up -If you only know."
Wc luid scarcely roaehed the cuml
when the collector thrust out his hand
with the liwiftii.-sr, of a hawk darting
on ita prey and swooped upon u litll.i
jewel box.
Carnellan! Ruaalan, I should say,
from the 1'nii mountains,  If* imt of
gretit value, but il'u a pretty Httlo
thing if it w..s cleaned up. It's mine,
anyway." To the kc*-j>-*r of the atoll:
The Vunetian slowly uncoiled him-
self and (some down from Uie church
stops, where he had been sleeping.
Does tht- signore want the pretty
trifle'' The signore knows its value
better than I, und he']] b- generous*?"
"I'll give you u lira for it. It isn't
worth it, but one muutu't be hard
with the poor,"
"I had hop;-  I should get five!"
"Well, I'll moke it two."
"It la Die slgnore's."
There, you soel" exultlngly chuck.
led the. collector. "Thut'* whut it is
to know. An exquisite carmdntn Rua.
siau jewel oaoiket for 40 conte! You'd
never huve tliougut of looking among
a lot of maty old iron for u thing
like that, would youf"
While ape-iking he held the boi with
a miser's clutch.
"May I uee it, please?"
He reluctantly handed it to me aa
though fearing I might make a sudden  daub  down   Uie   oulle   with   his
A Custom Quite Popular at One
Time In This Country.
at.id I i-<int«"t!ijitu"u-'v.
handing the box buck to him. "If-*
not earth-Han at all. It's gltus -noth.
ing but gl-tsti'."
'Glaaa'" drawing a magnifier fouti
hla wuJHtcout i-ok.-f, und muUdy examining the. 'purchase. "I'm—I'm—
afraid—it is!" he suid sheepishly.
"OI course it is."
"I—don't know," audly. "Yes, it \A
ghusl You foe, it's so dirty. Oh
wall, we all make miatakea at limes.
Do you want it?" diugust tuking the
pkkou of badm-.-ttt. "You con huve il
fur a uuurter."
"Well, 1 gueas it's worth a quurter. '
1 Hunk my eyoa must have smppe.1
And that is how un almost unique
example of thi- cinque uuuU- canie into my collection of Venetian glu-w.
The Spirit of Football Play.
Wo have surely impr-oved Un- npSrii
of play.   The charge of interna li. ma i
brutality no longer statala.   We |utv ■
shortened the |>-riod of play and lessened thereby the strain.   The p-cord
, .-.in.-.-r,.    .... .«-..- ».-   «-  ?!*•"• Yate.(»luiMbi» game tn Novdhv
plant,  and  always  milch  the ! «*• 187a* .ahowed something either of
1 .. ■■    ■      . ',.     _, . Ill-*   WAV   L.tno    un.    Ir.itil    ■»    th,....   J».
lie in July be will be succeeded b> | f^tume™1tIer^MsleBtV'«  gloves  ar« I •*■ ,w"vLUln* *"» 1"'Pt "> 'hoee day
' ■ -    " *       ■      •      I or elae the ability of the twin to keep
LorJ  Den-nan. ..«.-■  generally while kid.   Black is her lav-
Educated at Sandhurst, Lord Den   orit« ...Jot i„ shoes and stockings.
mans tastes and interests from boy       »fn  private  life,  especially  iu  the
hood   inclined    toward*   a   military   coUntry, the quietness oi Her Majes-
career; but before he had completed I ly*1 jr(Jti j-, ..yen intensified,
his twentieth  year  he succeeded   to      **it iB a pleasure to make dresses
going lor an unlimited j>-ri*-d. Think
ol this, those of you who feel thut
two thirty-tiv. minutea )uilvc-i U utmost too long! "Ttie first goal wu
scored in fifteen minutes, the s-von.1
the peerage on the death, at a very ! iur Her Majesty " wound un the in- ' g,°'V,UK,k fifty-eight minute* and th-
^J„-7^.„J   «„..    ,.»   I.i-    . I.    »1* 1 IOr   mf   '"*'*'■"•.     w.ou,M)   »P   ""-   »"    ; (UirH  -,-1   l„rtw   M,m.,f.~ "    Tl..«   ill...
advanced age, of his great-uncle, thi
second Lord Deuinan, whose venerable figure, strongly marked personality, and sturdy adherence to the
dress and manner of an earlier period had long rendered him a notable
"character" of the Upper House.
The new peer, however, wa* not disappointed us regard* military experience, for ou the outbreak of the Boer
War he weut to South Africa with the
Yeomanry and did some hard lighting, nearly losing one of his leg* (rout
a j iinshut in the ankle. He was noted for the care he took of his men's
Comfort   whenever   possible,   and  on.
lormant, "tor she i* always so thought-
.ut aud considerate."
The White-Eyed Kaffir.
That popular music-hall artiste.
Mr. Chirgwin, the "K.-.thcr of the
Profession,' who recently celebrated
hi*, jubilee, says thut it was really
owing to an accident that his black
face wilh the whit.* patch over one
eye became lamou*. "I was playing
it a garden f te in Gloucci-terahin '
he   says,   "and    whih
third goed forty minutaw." That fifty-
eight minute goal muat law i>,!n
trying on both aitk-ti. We huve also
brought tiie playing seasou to un earlier eliding and avoided some of the
risks of former days on Iroxea
some dust blew right into my
On the spur of tie moment I
The Shillalah.
The shillalah  is not a mere stick
picked up for.a few pence or cut cue-
ually out of the common hedge.   Like
the Arab mare, it grows to maturity
giv.ng    my I under the fostering can* of its owner
one occasion, after a particularly long { rubbed the spot, and in
aud  trying  march  in  pouring  rain.; black   paint   off   my face
The shillalah, like tiie poet, is born
n-ut made.   Like Uie poet, too, it U a
loing the   choice plant, and its growth ia ak-w
When  I ! Among 10,000 blackthorn shoots per-
be distributed a bottle of whisky Irom . looked up again the yokels gathered ) hapa not more titan one is destinc-d
his own store tu ihe soaked troop*.' round the stage roared with merri- to booome famous, but one of the io -
That, of course, wu* what he bought I ment. 'Ah, look at the nigger with {000 appears of singular fitness. As
it for. but the men looked upon it as • ihe white eye!'_ they shouted in i waau discovered it ia marked end '
the noblest act of sell-sacritice in tiie '
Since reluming home -ord Denman
hat devoted   him.-.-II  to  politic.-.,  and
horu*.    1   hud  fortuitously  and   in- : dedicated for  future service.   Every- I
stantly achieved a   triumphant   sue* ; thing that might hinder its develop.
ceas.    Here you  have the authentic I moot is removed, and any offdhoot of
story   of   the  White-Eyed  Kaffir.    I | Use^mstn stem ia skillfully cut off.
became Deputv Speaker of ihe Upper j may truly say thnt the grit in my eye i With constant can* it grows thick and
    atrong upon a bulbous root that can
be aheitt'd into a handle.
House and Ministerial Whip.   Three I brought tho grit in my pocket
years  ago  he  succeeded  Karl   Beau-
chump in the pleasant and ornamen-
tal ottice of Captain of the Hon. Curps I
of ucntlemeii-at-Arms, and he is also
a Lord-in-Wailing to the Kiug.   L-ird
Denuian. who is 36 years of age, is I
decidedly   good-looking,  an   effective,
Coffee Drinking.
Commenting on a recent report of
eases ut  -<oi.---u.ng ar-ciibed to drinking  colKv,  tne   LoihIou  Lancet offer*
some •-.-..tiling views to lovers of the
Host aruclea ol  food,  may disagree
young mau with ambitions.
What Causes Thunder.
It used to be supposed that thunder
is caused by the collapse ol the atmosphere up.m   itself   in   a   partial
vacuum created by the electric spark
Motherly Encouragement.
"Mother," site said, with a little
catch in her voice, "I'm beginning to
be almost afraid tiie count wiuite tne
only u-i-nuse he thinks he can got a
lot of father's money with me."
"My dear child, don't worry about
■•■■'    Your pa ia enough of a biui-
H*th soma people, who soou Iind mat
.act out and take care to exclude it
.rotn ti.eir dietary.   Bul it is innocent
,t ,»:«,» ...u Hif-Mg "I \mmeTmTm\UlkTa7iBS,
people i* au undoubted boon.   Such lil-TJSL- u.  L;.-. ."_"   "K"l > •"'
,.crsoii* may continue tu enjoy their
of tiie lightning. Thi* theory has no I lavorite iK-verage without the slight-
foundation, according to Dr. Klihu t-»l tear that tot aome mysterious rag-
Thomson, an authority on electricity, sou nature makea some of the bean -
Dr. Thomson's explanation i* that the I poisonous,    ine   widespread  publica*
electric spark  heats the   atmosphere 1 lion of the fallacy lias beeu most un- I STi »!,-«-..    »,    ...   .     ,
and cause* ite sudden expansion. This   lair to the public, besides constituting > SJLT  1fTfe^^%,.Z^Ld!g?i!
expansion sets in motion atmospheric   an obvious  injustice   to   the   co0ee ' tM7-ar analliu .mVIJ , if\'% °,j^r*!f',
or liberie wave* that produce sound ! trade."     ' j B&tff^M-T K8    Fr '^tk"
when  thev  sWke  ihe  tympanum  o   »1rB    You loaah your  ' -     '■■
the ear.    Dr. Thomson says also that ' *■ -j •*•*	
neat man to get him at tin* lowest possible figure, ami the title will be just .
— much yours if Im* marries you for
1*7 as it would be il he took you
because he worshiped the ground you
walked on."
International  Humer.
In   America   all   jokes   Concerning
'logs and sausage* refer to the rumor
rolling ul thunder is not due 16
reverberation* or echoes, but to the
l.-tiKtb and the erratic course of Ihe
lightning 'park, causing the sound
waves to reach the ear a* a continu-
ols sound of varying Intensity.
Hugo and Dumas.
rations;    hence    this    French
.   ur dog wiih -
chim of sausage*:''   "Ye*; they are
went  to  Uuern*ey,
ceived Inn kindly nnd took him to
breakfast on a veranda overlooking
the ocean. It did not take Duma*
long to discover that Hugo wu* already po-mg as the proscribed prophet, und the poet said, with an
Olympian wave of ' is hand. "You
sea tne, my dear Duma*, on my rock
Ueorge was on * trying lo explain to I uf exile like   Ihe   proscribi-d   one ol
him  some  incident  that bad  taken I antiquity.
"Never   mind.'
hi* mouth  ful
During Victor Hugo's exile Dumaa i J1™** osMoaaW'      American  rulers
cnl  to Guernsey,  where  Hugo  re-   *"«•»* lor the old Wrt
Prince Secondary.
Sir Arthur  Bigge, secretaty to the
King,   tell.-*  an  entertaining  story  of !
how one ol the body servants ot King i
An opera • n*aaS>1 Miss Rsxia
Bays, "I'm Mr-amf i'.<•••> here n gaga
And them silly old rhymes
Of mini limes
And these bum .leal lata!"
-Chicago News
Stella-Men are queer.
Rella-Tee; ihey are delighted when
you forget how to swim and mad
when you forget how baseball la
played-New York Sun.
I mska Iwo blades of grass le grow
Where only one Usi year dw blow,
And If at thla rate I keep on
la eighty years III have s laws.
-flvekene ■snkesman-Review
him some incident that bad taken
"Me and the Prince " he began,
when Sir Arthur pulled him up.
"Yuu should say 'the Prince and
1," he observed. The man looked al
him tor a moment and then said:
"1 beg pardon, sir, but I did not
kn.iw you were there at all. However,
you and me and the Prince."
Sir Arthur was compelled to laugh
at thi*. and, after another attempt to
explain tu the man how the story
should be told, was content to let him
tell it iu his own fashion.
better here than  in  Paris.
uo disputing that"
which they
are accustomeil (ail to «n* tiie point.
It means that army euuasges are so
poor a dog wouldn't eat them.
Ts Receive Royalty.
Lord Selborne has summoned a con.
fersuce    uf    representative--    of    tiit
State* t*i elaborate dctaile t«r the re-
o'ptiun <d the Prince and Princ-t-j <>t
Wales on their visit to Cape Town to
said Duma*, with   -SSL i? -Hni1 lH""M>"** °l United
The butter is tax ! ££t/     a' wt,,c" takci nlac,, *"W
There ta
Her Chance and She Task It
Wedmorc—1   msde  the   mistake  of
my life last night.   I told my wile I
didn't like her new gown.
Singleton—And she flared up, ehf
Wed more—Oil,  no; il wasn't that.
But  now  she  wants the money  (or
Ssmalls sn Rsmpnge,
Mormons In Britain. J^S^mSi  h,?ind  itofc,» *■»•* ■ fsrty
lu ttie i ..n u  Ivitigdam there Vfttf'  9* HJ Sojnoliland Mullah's spies ai-
1 »t year according to utliclal returus, | H^ffii.' ™KUf' IIative Wbe reount*
ti,m Mormons        ' ll',,"""1 W.,01^ «omen, and
  , eiiiWre*, and looting 900 eaiuela.
Judge-Why did you steal tbe geo- ' ____
tlemsa's purse**
Prisoner - I    thou-jlil    the   cbsngs
would do aw good - Huston Trsuocript
Tell me not In mouinrul rstsee
Lift Is sklmmilh, mth ne cream.
Just be thankful for y.mr nisrcln
Chans* i*«»»' nlsinixara le a drtsak
-llHllltniira A••rlean.
Th* lire beneath the motorcar
than rubber holds mere air oy lar
Th* grassy iiuhbi* in the arm*
Is wurtn tnr sum it ■.-una. *«mt think.
The tan my isaj. nroudiy pn*a
han valUS on tnat wuul.t sur|iri«e
I nr prices mat w* pn*/ sr* qu<-*r
»or nomine mor* than sim.i>|in*r«
-Wanhiniiuii sur
In Colonial Days Ducking Stools Were
[     Common   In   Maryland.   In   Virginia
the Penalty Was Often Inflicted, and
I Georgia Sinned aft Late as 1819.
Nowtidays tr a woman forms ihe
bablm ol tulktng too loud and too loug
' or luslsis upou aiiying uupleasaut
things tn wrong places and at wrong
seiiHons thero are several tbingv wblcb
muy happen lo her If sbe Is a person
of some social slandlug her husband
may get a divorce, or If she belongs
lu one of tho lower strata bs may
leave her without that llttls formality.
If shs makes life too unbearable for
the neighbors sbe may possibly he er-
rested aud fined. If sbe lives In Kb*;-
land and Interrupt* the procecdOag-t of
parliament, calla uumes, cause* dignitaries to cover wUenever tbey soow
tUemselvea tu public aad mocks oil
pollcetneu's helmets she is culled s suf*
fragetie and auuieuuie-, ■.■:., :-..-...>n~i
Dut eveu the tuoat "otaUaateiy opprobrious und virulent womua..' ta nuota
the stately AddHoo. may be cjuDdeuc
tbat sbe wi!i i--R-ape tb* puabbmetit
meted out ■ ber slater of old. SVaat*
ever happens, sbe won't bo aeoteacwl
to tbe ducting stooi io mauy ways
modem life u lame sad isck'ug tn
drumaitc Inddedt for 3 self aaawrttvej
lady, und e»eu tne tuogUah •»uiTrai'''t;«
complain tbat tney s:« aol tafeeu seriously e;.-.. .   .
No sucb ciaia cooid Dave leen gaada
In ibe past, say between ilia BJtMUtn
and efgbteeutt) ceo irtes, eQeu rac
more rigid ttewa pre  i ed    :   m mo-
Jevl   ol   fefnifu!;-;   -- .,,.,,        ,
those days rnsglstrsus vers nmm-
motis lu tbe convlctmn tai 'awetaassi
Is ye cbojMest ornlmeot tat i *■ an r'
and it mu Qeid i krlma to ... -n iitf-
eorufuily" ot triune ta uttinnty, -*vu
or ecclesiastical. 4 womaa must wt
even induiue In too greal —r-*uum it
epeecb in me privacy if mr iwn bums
snd QelgUbornooi-. BamsrllnM SBs int.
sud theu ahe ma ■ tcadad a u » mu-
pie yet sptotacuuu .uuuuer.
Sin- wua Quoad SSSmrstg to t «-nit
Cbulr tJruity UxeU u Hie -ititl it 4 1-114
team, arranged Ba SMrt ip mil tu-en
on the principle >t tils e—*..i * m
tbe edge of a river or uuu.L m t&a
bank at tbe other -nl 4 -uuu Mftfll
tne rontnviiui '• hy in-i.1:1 if t it:-oii-
cnuln, sad sbe wm gttssn 1 lluUlis
watch lasted unto ftttfim rm «;>
fled or reform ens ijrmnliair. ie ups
la.-e of eourse gatArOIng u ur**n tub
bere to .i'iui si tae ftinfftfon.
In Eogiuod me jmaOem waa w ;*-'i-
srsi tbat cscii town  lad   1.1  iucscuk
pood COUTemently oeuietl tie*-*- jert7
offenders of nrtuua tnnia *-nt gtMSj
pllned. The pood tal .ju t-.ten lart
of Loadou was wtmi ts now 1 )ur:un
of I'm fa mar jipiara. ttwtttg imam.
alany or tBH old iluciting itome us
stiu ia exlstanca ia ourllsaltlasi n am
dnya of t:teir activtry tba] mm -,«n
In ths anustfJ pomftasa. •-lor-* -ae?
duubtleu •..';'■•; 1 imni is o tus
baugbcy #;..-: witch fofii lerani 1
Tbe first culoalars kronghl :ia gasns
tution to 'bt* couutry .mtioug-i t 1..-
sr flourtabed ta >■•■■■# Bflglamt n .tier,
there are 30 aut&antk tssassaw  if  ;>■
arm a I ojo of > ua duc't'ini itooi n
tbeae cuionlee. aitMougn 1 nuuow >f
womea were ssntetiesd to j* w pna*
Isbed   Tbey nd, twwevsc  »:ier ne**!-
Sds of trefitmeui for miles if 1 mr.-e
Isti dtsposttiau, one of disss] jmir-
tbe weartog of a Haft ids -ipno ttm
Id ibe central snd SOUttasni *oioni«>i
tbe .-:.-■:. was i,-jit# puijuiar .u 'aa
sereiite. :.:i ceatury l'uv.m it 0*11 a
were lo etery 1*0111:17 la Maryaad. nut
to 177ft one was pieced 1: Eha *nudn-
•ncs of tbs onto end sloooogaaeui (ts*
•srs. In tirgioia tae peoatry »ia ir*m
employed, snd in 1*134 a Viva oue H.i.--
ly of IbSC colony siMt IT la eatii »
Uorenor Kodleoii ef sfasaaettasetta
ftrtag a detailed sreooof of s doeVam
sduiinlstered to "ooe Hsrssy. wis* of
John tucker, who by -rtoienee mt bar
tongue b;id made bis ooms stag ys
netgbborhood unrorofonarne."* after
describing the mnenlne be idda- "te
rofio wss alarkSBMd by ye onVar. and
js woman was allowed to go do**3
under ys writer for ye apere of is.f •
uiinuts tietjtey bad s stout troov* 1
•nd would ool ytetd soril sos bed si-
lowed bereelf to be ducked fi -e severs;!
limes." After abe prumleed to "sin so
more" Hetaey wai untied and a'.lswed
to "walk bome In ber wetted ciofa-***,
a Uu'-efully -ji-etiltent womax"
Tba ducking stool prevailed longer
In America iban in h::B ...-I la *bs
old couutry ll does^t seem to asv*e
be«D used later than ISUK. boi in Georgia women were ducked for Oa-oMllag
(M late i« I81U, It Is Intereetloi to
note ihat In >-■ > woman in I'blis-
delpbls waa *♦•:■-. *"i io r-e diKked.
but Ibe diH-ree was out rsrled out. aa
II was "deemed ot-soteie aad <*ontrsry
to the spirit of ttie time* •>, writer
00 colonial customs %■.<■• thst ooe of
tbs last indictments lor ducking ta
Ibis country was 'hsi or lira. Anns
Muy all la Washington, s lobbyist, wfio
*beiama so gbUfavg to ctioareMinen
tbat she was lu.licted sa a m-nmen
•cold before J ■•:.*-» w: .am 1'rancb
and was sentenceo by turn to be duct*
ed to tbe Potomac. Sbe waa. however, not subjected to the ducking indignity but was released wltb a Boo."—
Wben ear hatred Is too bitter It
places as Melon moss whom wa hat*,
-*> MocbefoocsDid.
me graeerymaa raits up by -,'■■■* 10 t*s
•Ahjt you rray »t?h
The i-i;.ri   stays "»i 'n ih« ftir.rt auJ
lou.ii) rrtea his it*h
rh* messenget in aatferm you. u-n pets
nut ui |i-ii
And when )*>J "t*fn IS prmest »»)> fXaat*
aioly,   tin,*! here."
-Lluffalo l.x-.r*-ss.
The Knglish Prayer Book Is ss'ated
tl do lewer than HO lo*ssgB Iwfcun,
"Do you believe I* iislni words of
sua ayllnble'/" a .ed the student or
politics, "t.'ertalnly mil." replied Senator Sorghum "Every real gentlemara
says 'iwruu.Hlte* InMead of grslt' ••—
Waahiasion nur
"I can't «ee." he snld, "why we may
not Inioiue pltili.iih* luvera"
"I can.' she replied, "nnleas ion
■bluk you will be able lo snp|N.r| a
wife as sunn aa It develops Iniu ru.---*.
thing elee '-Cblrsgu Hvcorsl Herald.
Tbe Ail mi ni I 11 ■>« mtiny c>uples
liuvc -,'on s| li. ed un ueiii-liui .'
Ihe Mi*Imp Uh, us Dnttt) as twenty
In two iioiira.
ihe Admiral-Hat A *•'''<• of 'en
a no ia ao hour!- I'uck. FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
i... dins,  t
X  Cream Roll-, :;.V. .!.«. C'iiIToo Calii
A|>|>lu I'ii's, liii'gii size, 15c-.
A nice li I' ntlii-r Califs nnd I'ios for Saturtlny
lliinili'v's nml I'nl i-'h liiseuiu.
I'J lli'lTl'I'l'tll liillllH ul 2tlu. III.
Watch Us Grow
Clonnoil Cm-i'utiU', Imlk, |n-rlli.       . .          Ill-, j
l-'niii-.v t'lilif.ii-iiiii llloai'lu-il Sultiimi ItnisiiiH, :'. lb, for 2o ♦
White Wine Viniigiir, per Imlllu          . .     liie, %
XXX Mull Vinoj-m-, pi-rniillnii .     I0e. J
Stuno'o liniiiiiiuil Liiiiii .Iniee, per liiilllii .        80e. J
Eafurtuu'ti Rinipliorry ViitPKiir, |)er linltlo .       30e. J
Shi-ll.-.l Wnlinils, per II..          .          . .     'I5e. ♦
Smith's Saturday Specials! |
Selected whole Japan Rico
Huyo Brown Bonus
Corn Menl B. nnd IC. .       .
Cross mid Blackwoll'a Potted meats
Libby Luneli Tongue,
Libby Potted Chioken,
St. Joel Sliced Ox Tonguo
Lioiil. Tongue
Lamb   '
Canned Shrimp
Broiler's Best Clams, fine quality
Sardines in oil, good quality
Canned Pineapple, culx-s
Braid's Best Coffee, per ll..
Nabob Blend    "
Sterling Knglish Breakfast Coffee
Golden Tipped Pokoe Ten
Ceylon, high quality, per lh.
this Tea generally retails nt 50c.
Simeoe Strawliorry Jam . . 15c.
Fresh  Grapes, Apples and Oranges for Saturday at
Suit Values to $20 for $15
A chance that seldom
comes to you—to buy
y. .ur new Full Suit at
hut   it's   our   mistake
and we havo placed on
snl.-, 100 Suits to be
Bold  at
5 lb. fur 25c.
.". lb. for 25c.
4 lh. for 25c.
in lb. sack 30c.
.     2ik\
large tins -Ilk-.
large tins 20c.
mult.'. Sauce      .     40c.
.     20c. tin
2 tins tor 25c.
•1 tins for 25c.
1 'ic.
Sib. for$1.00
Call early and  secure  J
yours Mi\V before the  ♦
sizes "i i broken.
Chas. Parker
Your Outfitter
Fit Reform Clothier
New Seasonable Goods at
•lust arrived clirecl from tin.- Mills
200 Pairs of Wool Blankets and 200 Comforters ♦
which 1 mn putting OH wtlo :it Cost, ns I  have nu- $
other shipment vol to come. J
Just LooK at Them in the Window I
$1000 worth of Laco Curtains, .Vet, Madras, Scrim, t
Port'eraa and Tabic Covers, to be Bold at prices, that t
for big value, have novor I ;i  heard of in Chilli- X
wook beforo, *
And th« Trsst Provad ■ Flna Ad. Far
Liszt and Rublni.
An article In tin llallnn review run-
tnliis im lutoroatliiit story of Liszt mid
Itublnl. line leuor. Thty were touring
logetlior nml vlslletl ii town wliere,
fro in lite protltutnurlei which iind i>«vii
tirt'iiiiRcil, ffrcul IIiIuki wero eitiocted.
n»t they "ere fllinnpaliilctl, tor wlu-n
the*- oulerod iho hull the-,- fuuutl only
fifty poraotie prcKL'tit.
Itlblnl wan furluliR iind Haiti lie would
not fling, Imt l.ls/t cnlnicd him. "You
must ■log/' tio mid. "Tlila small fiudl-
i-tiii! Is cvtiknll.v compoacil of mimical
connnlssciirs of Hie tOWU. «o tvosliutllil
tri'iit tlicm with ronpect." Mszt act
the Qxittnplo with u urnnd overture,
anil llublnl miik to iwrfu-llon. Liszt
gate tiii'iilicr piece and tlicu nddieiaed
ihe iititlk'iire.
Ms/I ua nn orntnr wns na tactful as
he hml l.cpii In the role oi pacltloiitor.
Addressing his nuOlence of fifty, he
snld:  "I.ndies and gentlemen"-there
wua only niic lutly present-"t think
that you hnve hud enough music. Allow uie io tin.lt yon to Inlte a little supper wllh tis." After a few aeconda the
Invitation was accepted, und Liszt und
Ittililnl eniertfllned tha audience to
tupper nt their hole), wblcb coat tbem
1.21)0 fr.'iiu'S.
When Hie Kucsts separated the hosli
tliouf-hi Hie nlTiilr hut) been n juke,
utxiut which noihlug more would be
hettrd, Imt ttiey tlecltled to give Ihelr
concert ns advertised on tho following
ulKlit. To ilielr antoii.slii.ient the hull
wua packed. There was not atnudittg
room. The wliole town bnd turned out
on i lie off chance of an Invitation to
Custom* ot tha Remnants of s Ones
Powarfut Tribe.
Norm-ill*- ihe Tehuelcbei, as the
PatngoiiltiD Indian-* ure culled, are a
peaceubie and kindly people, yet tbey
are Impulsive, capable of strong prejudices, very revengeful and—often
wltb good reason—suspicious of stran*
ners. They are not to be trifled wllh
nnd when under the Influence of drlnlt
are brutal and dangerous. They show
love for tbelr children and wives nnd
ktndoess to their old people. They are
divided Into numerous tribes or groups,
each baring Its chief or cacique, upon
whom tbe burdens of government rest
but lightly.
Tbey believe tn a good and an evil
spirit, whom tbey propitiate, and have
mnny stories, myths and superstitions
connected wllh the sun, moon and
stars, while the slaying ot horses and
drinking of blood form a conspicuous
part of tbelr auperatlHons, birth, mar*
rlage snd death ceremonies, many ot
whlcb are most repulsive.
When Mngellan flrst passed through
tbe strait there were perhaps no fewer
than 10,000 Paiagonlaus roaming from
tbe Olo Negro to tba strait, while today, driven bock from tbe littoral to
the blgb pampas nnd tbe foothills of
tbe Andes, altogether tbey would
probably not total over 500,-Uarpt-r's
The Smallest Pension.
Great Britain's pension system ts as
liberal as may tie considering the vast
number uf persons carried on both tbe
military and tbe civil lists, but In uue
ense the record for smallnesa of payment has undoubtedly been established. Various factors enter Into determining tbe amount to be paid sailors,
and tbese factors so combined against
one old salt that it waa fouud tbat be
could draw a pension of uot auy
mere than fourpence—8 cenls-a year.
Promptly on eacb quarter day ibere
comes an official communication transmitting the amount due In the form of
postage stumps, and be la granted
leave of absencs lo order that be inny
cotivcrt tills Into money at tbe post-
office. Tben, after tbe proverbial uiiiii*
tier of sailors, be promptly proceed* to
"blow" tbe entire amount-New York
Wsrdswsrth's 6mm sf Small.
Poets have uot fatted to do i«rfumes
justice, but one major poet-Words-
worth—went through life without a
sense of smell and waa not sorry for
It Nature, bo told Aubrey de Vera,
seemed to blm all (lie more a vision.
But once, and unce only, did Wordsworth smell, and ths prosnlc occasion
Illustrates ths unpolished household
ways of his time. Us sat down wltb
his family to Ihe midday dinner and
began to carve a leg of mutton. The
teg sf mutton was stuffed wltb onions,
antf for race, and once onty. the sense
of imeH was nvrnlvd lo him. Ths
onions. stnlJetly laid bore, conquered.
-London Standard.
* Social   and Personal    t
* +
ll.ll.tii'fiiniii is it business visitor
|(i Yaiii-iniver this week.
Toned ths Itsrris.
Peter the (Jreut of llussis levied a
tni on beards. Finding tbat his subjects were disposed to keep their
beards at any eipense of money, be
ordered all those be found bearded to
bave tbe bnlr plucked out with pincers
or shaved wltb o blunt raior. Kussta
tbsn Imams s beardless nation.
*«*•>•»•>-»♦•>•>++ >♦♦♦*♦+*+•>•>♦++++ >*♦*•:***+***+++♦*+♦♦♦♦♦♦
Bank Presldeut-Wbnt's the matter)
Batik Vies PrcHldent-l was Just think*
Tht Leading Furniture Dealer      Westminster St. J '»«   • sat nut to our miner in
« church yesterday, nnd I don't quite
like the wiiy Ir* singe "Will tbey mist
ms when I'm goner-Puck.
Men. It. Douglas, of Vancouver is
(lipguesl of friends nl C'nnip f-luugh,
K. M. ituui.Kfull, tif Vinuimvor.
wm :i visitor in Uiu City uver Hun-
Miss Dolly May. of Naiiiilmo, If
Iln* guest of her ulster Mrs. W. (I.
\V, M. Pnttiitsi.il, of Chilliwm-k,
wns ii visitor in Westminster on
Mr. nnil Mrs. J. Jl, ford, of Stir-
•lis, loft this week on u trip to east-
t-rii Canada,
Alf. Wliili- mul Stewart Hllbblo
s|H'iit ii tow dttyfl this week tit Vie-
tui'iii tin business.
Mrs. W.T. Itolfetind little (.Hugh*
tor art* spending a few days In Van*
couvor this week,
H.J.Shell ill  ul' the Chilliwuek
Feed Co,, was n passenger to Vancouver this morning.
Miss Vina Part! nf Vancouver,
has boon tin- guest of Miss Floaslo
Putty during the week.
Mrs. It. J, {'hailwit-k, of Vancouver, is on it visit lo I ier tonlher
Mrs. Smith, nf Kust Chilliwn.-k.
Mr. nml Mrs. W. G, Hughes, of
Vancouver, wen' ntnong tho visitors
to Cliilliwnck over Ihe weekend,
Mrs. Hamllton-Hnmsny,   Wood*
uuiir, Mnuntaiu View Park, will Ih-
al home on Tuesday next, Oot. 10,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peers visited with their daughter, Mrs. E. B.
Ash worth, at Vancouver this week.
Mi*, und Mrs. Woodruff, of Vancouver, arc the guests of their
daughter, Mrs. W. II. Si-Hall,
Spndina avo,
Kev. A. E. Roberta i-- In Knm-
Ioojh this week assisting at lho hiving of a corner stone nf a new
church there.
After spending a month in
Alberta and Saskatchewan points
Councillor   Brett, has   returned t<
his lmine here.
Mrs. W. <i. I.illie ami sun ro
turned Monday night frum a cotipi-
of weeks visit III  Ml'S.l.illie's furine
home at Nannimo.
Miss Cawley has resumed her
position mi the I'iiUir School staff
altera weeks' illness. Miss Sloven-
son uf Hardls supplied during Miss
Cawley's absence,
A. Cruieksliank and daughter, nf
Matsqtli, were visitors in the City
Monday. Mr. Cruieksliank wns
•aiupaign i,.imager for Mr. Oliver
in the recent election,
1 J. II. CVipelnnd, tho Celery King,
*.f Kast Cliilliwnck left this WiH-k nn
In trip tn Bofssevain, Man. Miss
Copeland also   left this   week on a
visit tn fjichute, Que,
.1.1). Taylor, Conservative mcmlwr
elect for West minster, was n visitor
, in thoelty Monilay.aiiil tvorcn lmppy
fottnlenanee, as he received the congratulations of friends in hoih political camps.
!    Mr. Joseph II. Houston, President
Of (he II. C. Kntnlln Oil Co., who
| litis epenl Ihe |tnst Tew months in
the old country, in tho Interests of
the company* suits for Canada on
Saturday, Ot. T.
1 II. A. Featlioreton, teller in tho
: Merehant'- Bank, has been moved
tn Victoria, and is replaced here hy
ill. Stncey, of Neopatva Man., son
Iof Rev. Staeev, of Vancniiver, ami
formerly of   Vale mad, Chilliwack.
Jolt,   Harrison,   of Chilliwack,
and l.Vv. M. Slillinan, of Van*
COUVOr,   hnve reiiiniiil  from a Irip
to the l.illiHH-t Country. It is hinted thai they established a Mission
among the Indians, Imt we ran-
imt vouch lor ihe statement.
Pi'ogrdins 111*0 oul aunouueing the
eighth annual couvotitiun of the
British Columbia School Trustees
association tu In- held in Vancouver
uu Nt.veml.ei' 8, !l, and 10. The
lust convention was hold al Kotowiui
when there wore nearly one hundred
sehonl trustees in alloiuliuvo, nud
lite sessions were product I vu of good
results. A Interest lug program has
liei-ti out lined I'm* this year aud an
even larger attendance Is assured.
A Yankee was dilating to suiue
of his friends un the splendid catch-
03 lie liad uiiule at ii certain lake" in
"Are there any IfOUt Oltt there?"
asked ono friend,
"Thousands of them," replied
the man.
"Will they hile easily?" asked
anolhor friend.
"Will they?" said the fisherman.
"Why, thoy are absolutely vicious,
A man has to hide behind a tree
ttt bait a hook."
The housewife sang 08 sho did her
i-hures ami the music floated around
outdoors, Her volco was far from tlio
Mciha class; it would drill a hole
through a pano of glass; the words
wero tierce ami the tune was wnrse
and she shrieked at the end of every
verse. The Judge was passing along
that way aa he mile to court on his
knee sprung hay, nntl he s| k his
head ami lie heaved a sigh aud he
wiped a tear from his good left eye.
"When a housewife sings as she
works,"he said,"then a blessing
rests un tlieir faithful head for her
hltsbnnd's kind and her ehilderu
good and peaee illumines her neighborhood. For wives don't sing if
their hearts are sore, if sorrow stands
In the cottage door."Then the jurisl
thought of his dwelling grand, with
pomp and riches on every hand; of
the jaded woman who lingered there
filled with grumdlings the perfumed
air. They did not work and thoy
sang no Bongs, hut wearied him with
tlieir social wrongs; and the judge indulged in another sigh, nud wiped
:i tear from hisgood rightoye. Then
his old horse stumbled and fell down
Hat, and he took a header and soiled
his hat.—Walt Mason.
Publicity is the keynote to sttcccss.
Advertise in the Free Press f«>r good
Our l'ri.-.'K Lower tluw
Hilton's nml im Freight
nr Mull Cluifgnaj tn 1'n.v.
Compiu-o Our Pricos witli
Knti.n'K Now Cntnloguo.
W'liy not Buy nt Homo.
Mens Thigh Boots, $5.00
Men's Knee Boots, $3.00
Boys' Knee Boots, $2.75
Men's Storm Rubbers, .75
Women's "      "       .65
Tlioso nro Gooil Qutilily
uinl aro Fully Qunratood,
R. J. Mcintosh
Cash Grocery
An Invaluable
Coughs and Colds
Every Bottle
l.«ist—A hlttck «nl csporino, between
llolll'f'f I'iry Goodl More ami Frank
i iinitp'- premlscSi nu satimlny even*
in*/. Finder will |-Ji-um- leave at this
FOU ItKNT-Oood -iu-ln rooracdlionsS
mi lliiw-l 8t.i all rouran*>nees, Apply
lo A, Mslcolni, t'itj'.
FOB SALE OK To ItKNT—Kitrhiy acres
with n-vi-ral Ihiiih-h Hint nn-linnl.
Boo J. Howe lli-nl.
##^4****»»4S*SS*+*S> ++-"»*>**S+**>**>*>+->'>SS*SSS*S**SS*S*S*
No. 3857
Weighed G29 1-2 lbs.
It in worth $1.10 ).i'i' IL. l.ui .-un In.- Imuglil mi
ftmy Ti-rni* fur $475.00
Cull mul ln-| t litem- l-'lne Insli'iiinontu,
I Alfred White . Music Dealer j
Selling th. O.parlunity.
Crab.bHW-lf ynu insist un lut. new
«o.vn ru ha., to net ll un credit.
Mra. Crsbabnw-i.. limp .. it', fulfil
tu l.e iliiimwl, uVar. I ua, a. wall (.1
. uur. cipenalv. on,-I.lf*.
rur.rly U lb. .UIU aron.-0.nam,
»?r»»«b, |j,,
ll|i|H>*iti- II. I'. I. Stnltnll
l-'itt.-tl  witli  uimltTii roll-
reniettOM   mul   coijiforttilily
Ftirnbhod UtKiiigtiAiil.
D. I. "alUIIIIM, Pr.irl.l.r
X lor Seventeen Yean a M'iifoirarv in Weal China
♦ on
\ The Land of the Revolution
Over One Hundred Excellent Lantern Slidet
Methodist Church
Monday, October 9th, 1911 at 8 p. m.
* Under ausfiicf. ol lh* Epxmrlh League.
;   Admiuion Free. Collection lor Million Funtf-
Kill! IIKNT— Knuit momMtiUblolor two
uviit]i'iiii>n—1 mmr.I uinl raddenco given.
Apply 1'r.s.iu. Mary Ht.
Kim MI.K-1-nn i.n.t p.km liiiiks.
sllititl'l..   lor   l.l.'.lilii;; S. Js I pnii    .1.
UcOonneil, i...\.nt ....lar.-, uiewn.
KHISAI.K-lli.r- il-ix yiarsi.l.l, ».i«ln
Until in"i II- I'." rat lliifltv. uliliili
ami   liarmss, tllOtp lur ntsli. Kmiiiin.
..I A. II  .M. Iji.tiirii, I'll,.
It. A. Hkni.khsux, n.B. itM.K.
.iwih iirr. mi:m.ii... ur nn: ..imiiiak
NH'irTV ...' .'IVII. I MUM Ills
ll. c. I.am. Surveyor
Hn.tt.is 10 A II. MYxhtinistrr Trust Hl.sk
rllll.l.lM'Al'K, II.I'.
I'r.H'li.ft ..I I'nlcn, I'iiin.* ill... \ i.'lin
in t'liilli..t..'k ...s'kly
IpMl I.i tss.1,1 ...u.i I.. Iln* ('..iiM-mlon :
wil P.r.in.l\vny MYsl, Vnn.'..itvrr
ni.it ..ur Iwehel ..in ..ill "ii .mi.
C T. Vradenbnrg
CUNTItAti'lllt ANI> lll'II.DKII
Il.lck.r5t. CMlll«c»
Several ln'iinil now eottttgeif
nml bungalows in different
purls ul' the city I'm* suit* on
exeeptiuntill.v eiisy tertup and
til extremely low price*., for
Stile fur » few illl.VS ill ll
W'e iilso huve onqifJcfl for a
Dairy Hiuicli for rortl, must
hnve at leuHt HO ntirofl ami
in sli;i|>e tu ti|ieriite,
We want liBtiligB ol large
uml stnnll lilueks of laud
where the right prleea anil
terms are tpuiletl. Our nr*
rnngomonts for Helling land
to eastern farmers is Btipflr*
ior to any lu the valley and
if prn|H*r offers are made,
we can well the land.
Tin; CmiiUWAOK Land and
DkVBOPMRNTCo. I/Tii, are in
a position to handle In rue
lindavolopod hU-ks of land
now and we invite all who
have Sliell lanil to sell to
notify us and quote their
very burst price ami lern.H
mi same. This is a mailer
which deserves prompt and
careful action,
Cull and see us.
P. 0. loi 347        Phons 171
ChilliwacK, B. C.
Roller Rink
Th.' I'lilllinitik Itullrr Kink w nuw
u|.'li fur III.' srastm.
Twn.TI.lrly lo Five
Suvcn-Tlilrlj to T™
Com* uul enjoy a tltuaat
Candy Kitchen
Dainty Lunchea Served In
pirating alyle
Afternoon Teoi and high
ciaii Confection
Wo iniike our own Cntidv
Fresh,  Dally
DIA1I—Ilsckiiey stallion.  Regigtrn<d,
DOLLT   Hay Man*, tt ycam, limt (»inily
iimn- In the pnivimv. •
HAZRL— ltrnwn  nun*,  0 y.nn.,   ipi.nl
i'.>iiil.iimti..n in all luirtii--* anil Mt.lillt*.
HAIOLD G.-Siirn-I coll '2 3-esni psst, s
1*1x1.1 nrospoct !*• make moaer.
Fur fitrtlit-r i-urtiiulitn* ipply
0*sh, Time, or FacIiiii*^-tor KchI Fittste.
Mis. CUro linvis.iti, i..;ii'ln-r iii
I'ititii., nntl |.ti|.il ul Miss Mi'tiiiiri..
Alts'rhi ('..lli-t;.', K.lini.iit.iii, in i.ja'11
t.. m1.'!!'.' priin.iry pupils,    l-npili.
miy begin ut my time, Termi, etc.,
"ii ;ip|ilii:itinii.
l,aM»c,i FrlKM. ttt., Chllllwaek
■ritbk CtlaakU Electric ly.
Train.      .'link.
Milk.....1.11. pin.
Trail.        Van.
S  B
*   I- I11.11.1
11 :l  pin,
H ■-.   |..n>.
Milk  lain.
Mt. I 'liilllna.'k .'.iln ...n. I Daily Kaivpl
"   Vanruiii-cr 7.00   "   j     Siimlay
All pawnin tnina liwdle Kipma.


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