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 rkjri ^' ■ ■ •■  ■ ' '• '    ;
/5fO    *,„ \    ,
Published in the garden City of B. C.
You will like Chilliwack.
Vol, I.
C,  A.  IIAItlll-.lt
I'.ilil.ir unit l'i„im,!,.i
No. 16
A Ckriitau Music Feilhril
Through the energy of tho
musical committee and officers of
the P. 8. A. a real musical treat is
in store for all who attend the
Festival of Christmas music in tho
opera house on Sunday afternoon
nl 8.80. Tho P. S, A. are making
this nn opon service, Absolutely free
to all, even the usual collection is
dispensed with. Mr. MoKolvIo has
generously given the free use of llie
Imll, anil tlu1 society is anxious
tliat overyono who enn possibly do
so will bo presenl to listen lo aud
lake part iu a sorvloo of music
befitting  tin- joy and senliinenl of
the Christinas season. 'I'be Invitation is whole-souled and wc Impe In
see a packed house in honor of the
spiril of Ibe season nntl nlso as an
oncouragomont to the enthusiastic
and worthy efforts of Ibe I'. S. A.
iu it work which is of eminent
Importance and whicli is laden with
possibilities for good along exceptional lines. Attending tin- mooting
will add to your appreciation of tho
spirit of Christmas. So don't fail lo
lie present, The soloists who have
kindly consented to take part arc:
Mrs. T, W. Carinichai'l, soprano;
Mj**- Kathleen Henderson, contralto; Dr- Pntton. iirst tenor: R.
Marshall, second tenor; T. W.
Carmichacl, tirst bass; Unlit. Car-
michael, second Iras',; F. \V. Dyke,
cello; Alf. White. Accompanist.
It. J, Mcintosh, the shoe man,
and son Gordon, were visitors to
Vancouver this week.
******************** i
I. 0. 0. F.
All Oddfellow's and Rebekalis
are respectfully invited to attend the
which will  be given  by  the
local lodges on Thursuay night
December 28th
in aid of a sleeping pavilion
for thc Tuberculosis Sanatorium ut Tranquille, B.C.,which
is being erected by the Order
in this Province.
Juki Torvey, N.C Eiceliior Lodge Ni.7
In. Wa. DutcikcA, N.C Rnth Lodfe
No. 4.
I I >
Extends to all his
customers hearty \\
thanks for their
liberal patronage j|
during the past;:
year, and wishes
Prosperous ii
New Year
Married it Vancouver.
Earnest .1. Webb, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Webb, and Miss K.
Gibson, daughter of Geo. Gibson,
of Lucknow, Onl., 'voro niarrlod in
Vancniiver   on   Wednesday.     The
I young couple will make tlieir homo
at Royal Oak, whore Mr,  Webb
i conducts a sin s„ful grocery business,    Mr. and Mrs. C.   W.   Webb
I attended the marriage I'oturiiing to
the city  lust evening.
Citnivil it Roller Rink.
Ou Wednesday evening next the
Roller Kink will be a UlCCOtl of interest when tbe lirst enrnival of the
season will lie held. Specially good
prizes nre offered for best .sustained
ebarneler  and   also   for   llie   besl
ivsimile. Tho grand march lakes
place al nine p. tu., afterward till
will initiinsk. Tlle iiiliuishiiiu fee
will lie 1.1 cents and 26 cents fnr
skating. A evening of mirth and
exercise is pi'tunised.
Debentures Sold ai Good Price.
At a special mooting of the ('ity
Council hold on Wednesday afternoon, the nlTcr of tlic Ontario
Securities Co. for lbc City Debentures, was accepted. The purchase
prico Is $84,600 with accrued interest, utul is a good price, being
$1,073 more than was tillered for
tho same amount last June. The
Iinui sale of the IhiiuIs, alter tho
vexatious tlelays and hindrances of
the past few months, will ho a relief
to the City Council, and should be
fairly satisfactory to the ratepayers.
A Splendid Address oo Man.
Tiie two hundred and fifty men
wno attended the P. S. A. last Sunday were afforded a treat when they
listened to an address by Bishop do
Poncier on tho body, brain and
soul as constituting the person and
personality of each one present, thc
ideal mini—the actual mnn. The
speaker lias a fine command of tin
language anil his address was earnest
nnd  uplifting.   Fred.    Hart sang it
aull>''Xla!lan!til  "ill |(Mi>lv<.i<«.   Malll.V
expressions of a congratulatory character were heard regarding the address', the singing, and the objects
nnd results of P. S. A.
Mill M. R. Blow Panes Away
After a lengthy illness from cancer
Miss Margaret ffoseinond Blow,
aunt of Mrs. J. It. Walker, East
Cliilliwnck, passed away on Saturday, at the latter's home, witli
whom she resided since the family
came to Chilliwack about six years
ago. Miss Blow was I mm at La
Chute, Que, seventy-live years ago,
and resided for sonic time with Mr.
and Mrs. Walker at McGregor, Man.
Miss Blow was a faithful mombor of
the Presbyterian church and was
much esteemed by all who knew
her. Thc funeral was held on Monday to the I.O.O.F. cemetery Rev.
K. J, Douglas conducted the religious services.
A Sncceutil Cantata.
"Sleepy Santa," as given by the
Wesley Troop of Boy Scouts on
Friday evening was quite a delightful surprise to all those who attended. Thc entertainment was
not too long, bright all the way
through with catchy choruses and
full of Christinas Spirit. Tlic singing was especially good for girls and
boys and Mr. Al.liolt ami his assistants deserve much credit in preparing in such a short time such a
worthy concert. Tlio Fairies, the
Winkles and the four dear little
Tots, iu fact everyone, .1 i.i their
pari well. Between Acts, Dr.
Patton sang a much welcomed solo,
anil A. L. Coote, heud of tlio Boy
Scouts Association in lho cily, gave
a practical talk on the work of the
Boy Scouts, uud their future.
A BatJwt Social.
Tho Oddfellow and Hoboknh
Lodges of Chilliwack are holding a
basket social in their bull on Thursday evening Dec. 28. Thc object
of the social is tn raise funds in uid
nf a sleeping pavilion to accommodate twenty-four patients at tho
Tulierculosis Sanatariutn at Tranquille, B. 0. The object is a
worthy one, and will no doubt
bring out a large number, Ladies are
requested to bring baskets or boxes
with lunch enough for two, these
will lie sold and the contents
partaken of by the purchaser and
original owner, whose name should
he enclosed. An evening of good
entertainment combined with a
good purpose affords an apportunity
to tho nictnliers, whicli should be
taken advantage of.
The Westminster street property
occupied by Bent & Goodland, and
owned by John MeCulcbcon, has
changed ownership, having been
purchased by u Mr. Cupplo, of Vancouver. W, H. Noloms, real estate
agent negotiated the deal the price
paid    being $0000,      Mr.    Clippie
Intends opening a tailor shop
iu his new property aboul the lirsl
of I'Vhruni'.v.
Cannery Shareholders Meet.
There was   u   fair iillenilnnce of
the shareholders of Ihe Chilliwack j Surely  the  answer  is  "Joy
Canning aud Preserving Co., hold Vtjis a song of joy that the
The Free Press lias been fortunate in Booming two short original
stories und a bliot article on Christ-
mas themes, by local authors, and
lakes much pleasure In presenting
these to our   readers.
A Christmas Meditation
nv II. .1. n.
What should be the dominant
note of   the  Christinas   Sonson?
"   li
In the Cannery on Monday afternoon fling on the Ilrst Christmas morn,
James Bailey presiding,   The audi- Jf hat a wonderful song that wosl
*lrii ,..,'..t    i ...:n *..
ie lllllll
tors report wns presented nud laid on
thotablo, The report of Ihediii'clors
covering lho business and activities
of ihe Company for the year was
also presented. This showed a not
profit of $1190.01, which reduced a
dollioltof $177(l.(l'l to $580.95, and
Ibis during a season when two of
Ihi' principle crops were very short,
apples anil plums, The manager .1.
II. Ashwcll presented tho financial
statement showing the foregoing
profit, togethor with a considerable
supply of stores on band which
would add to tlic profit on the years
business, Mr. Ashwcll addressed
the shareholders on the advisability
of raising small fruits and
supplying thc. Cannery, showing
how this had lieen done at tt profit
to the growers, Beans and rhubarb
were   shown  to yield  good profit
[Glory to God, ponce, good-will toward men", "Joy" was one of the
Master's gre'it. words. "Tliat your
joy may be full" was spokon of the
first desciplcs. It may be His word
10 us at litis time. To-day we join
Hands with the early Christians iu
making lite Christmas time one of
joy and gladness. Indeed wo all
are one with all Christians and
peoples, for practically all join in
this festival, lt is pre-eminently
humanity's hour. On this day the
marts of trade are closed. Would
that we could stay even for one
brief day all thc hurrying machinery
which drives our nerve destroying
life; clcse up every haunt of sin
where shame and loss have for thc
moment the garb of a spurious joy;
dry up every tear; hush every sigh;
bid every soul enter into the  peace
giving two instances. One patron | and joy ot Jesus Christ. Wim can
bad sold sixteen ton of beans off at this time keep back his heart
live acres, at $581, A syndicate; from liis fellow man? How the
had from three ami one half acres of i crust of selfishness should melt in
worn out aud unfertilized land, three I the worthy obseivanccof this festival I
and a half tons, After paying for all I 111 little acts of kindness and in
the work llie good rental was netted,' little deeds of love we nourish the
Twenty-three tons of rhubarb j Christ life in our mul and enter the
had to bo brought ill for which $18 j "Fullness of Joy."    Iu  this way
a ton was paid. During April and
May forty pound crates of rhubarb
bring *t.00 and $1.25, and during
I July, August and Sept. CO cents.
I During the season 8700 cases or
I twelve cars of fruit were put up,
I bringing about $20,000. Not a
i single case remains in the ware-
I house. Prices were good, the pack
second to none and highly satisfactory to the   wholesalers.    Last year
we   may   till to enter into tlic true
spirit of Christmas day.    '
"His Name Shall be Catted
UY A. R 11. .
Ronald's father wusa missionary.
He was living in Chentu in China,
and teaching the people of that
large city to follow iu the way of
the Saviour.   Ronald, himself, was
HOOD cases plums were put up quite interested, and though he
while this year the puck was only ( was not yet ten years old he found
200; while last year 8800 cases of much that he could do for the
apples were put up against 1700 Jesus he loved. Ho had learnt the
this year. Tho officers were re-elect- funny language of the Chinese
eil and J. II. Ashwcll again chosen j people quicker than his father had,
as manager, Mr. Ashwcll has a and quicker even, than his gentle
splendid grasp of the business and I mother, who loved him so mucli.
under liis guidance tho business and He played so often with the little
production of the Cannery isadvanc- Chinese boys and girls that he
ing steadily. The now officers aro: learnt from them, and very often
A. Unsworth, president; P. H. ho told thom about Jesus.
Wilson, vice-pros.; W. H. Hodgins One day Ronald was silting in
P. W. Crankshaw; A. It. MoKcnzio I the church   looking at some Bible
"that's what our golden text says
today, "His name shall be colled
Wonderful, Counsellor, Thc Mighty
God, Tiie Everlasting Father, The
Prince of Peace."
"Peace, Prince of Pence" echoed
the old man, docs He give peace?"
"Yes, oh I yes" said Ronald, "ho
makes you fool so good inside, lie
helps you to keep back liatl teiniier
uud naughty words, anil to he kind
and loving like Himself, 1 do love
Him and 1 wish so much thai yon
would love Him loo."
"1 don'l know how" was Ihe re-
Ronald was silent; this was a
puzzler for him. Ho couldn't put
il in words just what he knew in
his heart and he did so long to lead
this poor soul lo Jesus. But soon
a nappy thought, came to him ami
he said softly, "We can pray to
Jesus and if you like I'll ask Him
to show you how."
Then reverently he bowed liis
head and said softly. "Dear Jesus,
this poor old man don't know how
to love you, please, won't you come
to him now and help him? I do so
want him to love you and be good,
please Jesus help him now—
When Ronald opened his eyes he
saw his father looking at, him witli
shining eyes and he thought he saw
tears in the eyes of the old man.
His father came nuickly down from
the platform and sat down on the
other side of the old man and he
said, "Tell me more about Jesus,
this little boy says He loves me, is
that true?"
And so the Missionary found another scholar and had the joy of
leading him to know Jesus as his
own Saviour and Jesus indeed became the Prince of Peace to the
found thai it could bo dispelled for
a time by drink.     Deliberately  ho
mado preparations for a drunken
debauch. He cached his provisions, Hi- supplied his stabled
beasts wilh food for  two  or  three
days,    nnd
morning In
early     on
rode lo tin-  I
'ive  t.'orn-
J. II. Copeland, directors.
The City Conncil Convene!
A  regular meeting of thc City
Council was held Monday evening;
all the mem hers lieing present. A
letter from C. Rummel of the B.
C. IC. It. explained tlic delay in
installing of now street lights, as
lieing owing to inability to secure
materials, and also that there was
no advantage to tho Company in
having lights out, as thc same
amount of current was used whether
lights were burning or not, and
that notice of burned out lights
would receive prompt attention.
The Bank of Montreal, through the
local manager, E. Dutliic,
given permission to lay a live
pictures thnl his father was throwing on a screen by means of a
magic lantern and he was staring
with wide open eyes at a picture
of Jesus and the children, when an
old, old man came quietly in and
sat down beside him. Very soon
liis father began to talk to thc
people alHiut Jesus and his love,
and he got them to sing the words
of the familiar hymn, "Jesus loves
ma this I know." Thc words of
tbo hymn were put on the screen so
that everyone could see them, and
Ronald thought tbey looked so
strange in tho letters of tin- Chinese
language. Yet he liked to sing
lite hymn anil sing it he did, his
was | clear boyish treble sounding above
foot I nil   the   rest of   the   voices.     He
coment walk on Young Btreut alongIsang tho  hymn so  heartily that
sldo tho Blink huilding.    A petition  tin- old man next lo him gazed   tit
was presented  by  II.  J.  Barber. 1 him in great surprise,
Hank of Montreal, A. C. Ilutnnicr "Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus
ami ll. 11. McKay, for a live foot. loves me, Yes, Jesus loves tne, The
walk along Young street between I Blblo tolls mo SO." Over and over
Wesliuinstei and Victoria streets, j again tbey sung the chorus until
This was referred to the Clerk for ovorybody knew it nnd could sing
correction. Tlic Oddfellows hall 1 il well; and all the time Ihe old
was selected for place of noinina-1 man continued to look at the little
tion on Jan. 8, and for election on ] boy next him and wonder what it
Jan. II. The fin. limit all meant, Al last his curiosity
by-law was changed lo include prompted htm lospeakand he turn-
brick veneer structures. Ac- ed to Ronald and asked eagerly,
counts amounting to (0824 wore | Who is Jesus?
ordered lo Ik- paid. The snow bylaw was finally passed. The limit
of time allowed for complying witl:
this ordinance is eleven a.m. nntl j
not seven a.in. as previously stated.'
The following resolution was adopt-j
Ronald's eyes opened wider than
ever. "Don'l you know Jesus?"
he asked. "I never heniil of Him
before" ho sadly replied. And
then Ronald told thc imiii the story
that he knew so well. He told him
That the Municipal Council: all aboul Unit lirsl Christmas Day
of the Corporation of Chilliwaek SO long ago uud then about the
borrow from the Bank of Montreal cruel Cross and the death Jesus
lho sum of 166000 by hypothicating died tor all tho world because He
and pledging with tho said Bank all I loved U8J0 much.
tho debentures issued or to bo issued I As tho poor old man heard the
under the four by-laws recently | story he said, "Wonderful, wonder-
passed. Same to he paid out of I ful, 1 never heard anything like it
debentures when sold. Interest nt I before,"
six por cent, I    "Yes"   fluid    Ronald    eagerly,
A Chrhtmat at The Five Corner*
About a mile and a half west of
the Vedder Creek, on the old Yale
Road, hidden iu thc thick growth
of hush, lie thc ruins of a little
homestead. Scarcely one log remains
upon another. Many are rotted away,
and the rest are so overgrown with
moss and weeds that thc casual
passer-by sees very little to show
him that a human habitation once
stood there.
But some thirty years ago what
is now a ruin was a comfortable log
shack. A little garden lay to one
side of it, and behind it stood a
rough looking, but rather extensive
The owncrandoccupierof this little
homestead was au enigma to the
unsophisticated settlers around.
Apparently he had no visitors. He
never went to the post offlce either
to send or receive letters. He held
as little communication as he could
with his neighbours, and none with
the outside world. Sometimes a
belated freighter or traveller would
ask for a night's lodging for himself and beasts, and though the request was always grunted, the guest
went away with no knowledge of
his hosts' hopes or history.
This lonely, retiring man, however, had a history. He was the
only son of one of England's noblemen, and heir to one of the proudest
titles that England knows. In his
early manhood he had quarrelled
with his noble father, and, in a fit
of anger had left his home, and his
native land, vowing that he would
never return. He was now close
on forty years old. For twenty |
years he had kept his vow. Hi [
had wandered the world over. The
Australian deserts, the Californian'
gold fields, the Ceylon pearlfisheries,
had one after the other been explored by him, nnd now, apparently with no very definite reason for j
doing so, he had settled on his
lonely homestead.
During till these years the bitterness in his heart had grown and
loo polled. The lapse of time, in-1
stead of softening his feelings towards those who had roused his
resentment, seemed only to have
hardened them. Often, in the
loneliness of his secluded habitation,
he would rave and curse aloud,
denouncing not only father, and
country, hut Ood Almighty as well.
No wonder that thc other settlers,
who sometimes heart! from a dis-
tanee ids unintelligible raving*,
kept aloof from him, and left him
in his mysterious solitude.
It was Christmas eve. Upon the
lonely man in the lonely habitation
tho lonesomeness wns exceedingly
oppressive. Once or twice hefore
he had felt its great weight, nnd hnd
Very   dlfforcilt   thirty   years ago
was tho Five  Corners  from   the
Chilliwaek ol' today.      immense
trees  stood   where   the  stores  and
offices of busy merchants are now
i built, and on tho corner where a
| big cement block rears its bold fa.e
| today, nestled, at that time, among
trees and flowering shrubs, tbe
little old   church   of  St.   Thomas'.
The tiny bell began to call to
worship just as this unknown man
arrived at the Corners. The sudden clang, the startling break into
the calm silence of tiie morning
seemed to unnerve him, Almost
without thinking he tied up his
horse, entered tiie church, and
knelt with the few who had gathered to celebrate tiie birth of the
Prince of Peace. So long had he
been a stranger to sacred things
that tin; simple service at tirst
Seemed unreal. If it had any
meaning for him he could scarcely
grasp it. He was about to leave
the church with a curse upon bis
lips when the little congregation began to sing the glorious old song
"Hark! the herald angels sing.''
The song wa- familiar. The tune
he knew well. As verse after verse
of tho familiar hymn was sung
visions of other Christmas days
came to him, lie could hear voices
tliat were audible to no ears but his
own. He closed his eyes, but he
could not shut out pictures of Eases
that lie had known and loved. Se
thc good Vicar told the old. old
story of "peace on earth, goodwill
towards men," the anger and bitterness of twenty years faded from
his heart, and in tlieir places sprang
up an unquenchable desire for peace
and rec.mciliu.Uiju.
Two or three days after <"*hrstrrnia
it became known lhat the mysterious, lonely settler bad disappeared.
His house was in order. His animals were wandering loose. Of lha
man himself no trace was tstes
found by the parties which miuie »
half hearted  search for him.
In the following spring a iw»et,
gray-haired old lady in England,
who had almost given up hope,
reaped the reward of earnest, faithful prayer, when she received back
again her son who had been lost
for twenty years.
Before a year had gone by the
good Vicar of the church at the
Five Comers was presented to
a valuable ami important living
near Pontefract, in Yorkshire, He
has not yet learned to whose favor
and influence he is indebted for his
He has noticetl, nowever, that on
each Christmas morning a gentleman whom he does not know, and
who certainly does not reside in his
parish, conies to worship in his
church. Tiie stranger is now fast
approaching three score years and
ten. Regularly for many years he
has appeared on Christmas morning
and then mysteriously vanished.
He is getting feeble now and his
Christmas visits are nearly over.
The Vicar has never been able to
find out who Ills strange visitor may
be. If, however, the Vicar were more
in touch with national life he
might learn that the Oreat Queen
more than once leaned upon the
arm of this unknown man: that he
often sits at the council table of his
King; that on slate occasions be
wears the insignia of the Order of
the Carter; and that he worship-,
once a year iu the Vicar's church
iu memory of a Christmas day
spent nt the Five Comers, some
thirty years ago.
Death Of Annie Irene Kerr
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Kerr, Cheam, Ins lieen bereft of
the joy of tbe Christinas season, by
the sad death on Friday Dec. 15,
of tlieir eldest daughter Annie Irene
a bright little girl of four years anil
ten months. Deceased had lieen
ill about six weeks, hut her death
was quite unloosed for. The
family are new comers to the valley,
having conic from Vancouver a few
months ago and taken up their residence on the farm which Mr. Kerr
purchased from J. T. Maynanl.
The funeral took place on Saturday
to tho l.O.O. F cemetery, Rev.
It. J. Douglas conducting the services. CIUUilWACK Fl ■'■ ■ i"'; >s
'I I  is 111, iiiiii liviny whu twites of I fovt'OH, ill llie ilefouce ,,!' liihtil
li,.,.;   witli uretitor wlsil  uinl uutholi   cuiieontrutl    Hritihli force
iv   Hi.in   Mr.    „.'..,l    h'ruaur.     In   llllll  tiali  Ic.titi.i.t   hcllluil   tltoiil III
sunn.I   inilrjinoiil   eouion  lo  Iln- nlil  uf gunril un.l n -1,s,i■ ■ ■ 11,  I imp
ni.ic  ,.\|,ciici,..|.,    lie  is  mi nrinulinlr uf eonimiinlcutluiia in lliq rout
tinlitlelnii illacouralng uf whnt ho kauwn iiruiloul   poliej   lum  i I  i
l.t   l.c.isi.t.    Ilo,  too,  lum  |.li.vc.l   In- HUti'ti   iiil.    Wl.Ho il nppi
iln- oviints ttlii.'li I coi'ila. lie  fen • il MillBflotl  nplii
ite,I   I li,-  s. -   wliieli   lie  tlos   our i lho pnllttl'lll Ml
rrllien; lie lum inraisloil nl  tiie aploiuliil aenm  wn .  li    Mr.  I'n.-e
e. Ionian which Incilo lie pen t i linnlio llm Lrilioxn.au rospn
line i.e.in. 'llie upilliollH Wliieli lie CX-
prOBSCH me liiiirlicil liy :i atllllloil mn.lci
illii.n.    'I llOllgll  lie  is  111  :i  sei|.-e il   |,:ll'l i
-mi lie .1 ; mil p..nnil ni- piirtisiinalilp
iii cloinl  In-   judgment,    Nnt  even  In-
.■ii]..;. .   ul    linrtl   l in   en   i     ni;,tie,I   l,V  It
III loll I    : 1....■   wli.,   i,
i i '  upporl lilm,
lh      I elee.l.    I      fill    wilier    III
 po  .il"l   mleie I   lllllll   'I ■  liMe  WOlllil
uiply,    li la I lulin rather tluiti Hii
iiini    Vleuioj    ttliii li    cnernnsr
,i' he;,ii from tholr constitutional cun 11 bi'icta   lo  halnneo  tlio. iiecouut.   In
Lrol  ul   me  leu..., army ur not uu ti Um li-'' °( '»'n»™J wealth nldnb, thoro
...,,,.,■ , imumniloi'  lu   limit phico." i """  10I"J "V"'  rl1cl1""1
.in,,,, could Im imiii ou tuu utiiei' aide. niiniiiB  fono»  in   tin  world ■ und  tlio
Uuiurtiii ill nolihor Lord-Jurtun noi ""'i'1"'  lmB '"'' ,1,,'-v.'"'''" ',"'"'  '"
,„.,,! lUtchonui' love iiiui nmao I .'"■    ''"'"' a™ J-orj i ildotuhlo arana
.1   .   I „'..,„    lid   UOt   1IUWIWH  lliu   l.ll', Ol  i'""1  """  W1"   I""1'"1'0 h"!'!M* U1'01'8'
eh  might luuo inuuorutod Lliu dU'-jH'*'™  ';i'"1'"   ;'.".',"
,,.,.  .eiitcon  thom,    Ktun  in  ti,,), nvors ua Um Willi
in llm
t, nml
l.lsl    moululll    jieilec    llheill    l.lltu    i.e. IU
lh,. Slioonn to tlio ivost, is to ho
i in i'.i'i-
11   Bllfo-
(.11, I
,"   This
od mllltury
ly tlio oxlg
tion, lis oa
n-rltoa, "to
lapnnalhlo tor Hie
"   ilia alfoel of
Uie I rihesmen lum
huon  tinlfnriulj   gnoil,  ituii  n   woleomo
.■   ni lull ei  ' null ier win in i,- i, Uie ho -I
iu i illriil i ,:  Lunl ' IU7.IUI' ■ I',,!,,-..
\    I'll ,    liol ll.l    t»l|| L'l I'li-e   IVHH   t lie    le
i i  eilui'iilIon un .'einil.eii l.y Lord
. ii   "u ll    p'nit ii   !    nt. IO liii iii ion
ind I is ;i ■ i.." ie i ol'   tuti  nun  liip
nil  tiie  wuii.l  .... .    Ii   lins  wrecked
 re I'eputtitiini    in  I'-ngltuid Uuin liny
itliei hrinu'h nf pulltlcnl ncthItj. i'.ten
 lo ,'  in" homo govainmout had :„    oxeollaul liuubor, aovarlng largo aroai,
.,■, I .,-. Ilrst unllt-un  Bupply tuouibor   ■>"'"'  :'"'   "'"""'''>  sullcioul;   lu sup-
Bn   tidnmud  Harrow,   'iiui it docllnod  fort  n  vory  largo populnt , und, so
lo do, und l,„i,l Uurzuu I,.,., uo tihoico  rapid has boon tlm uiiircli of program
i,nt lu roturu li,  i"  l'10 district,  "■  will  mil  uu  many
.'.,„,,   wub  tho  ooBtonalblo  ci.ii.su  i.i'tt'im   I"'"'"'. l|l!'''   population   followo
le.,,i curaan'a roBignutiuu.   Thoro wuu''",',.!",  ,,''*'  '"',   , , ,
i.e -I. . Bomotliiug in  Ills totiiporumoul <    Witli tho contra  latorlar, trims porta-
WHICH   nii'le  llIB   poBlthlll  dilUllUlt.   I'l'lie  |"""    ''T,  a""T     ""'",         V""""
i.,1,1 iib lie is, 1,,'ul Ounson wai tuuohoil "">"" "bl° bnrrlot '," "' ,""""-'• , *"!'""'
, ,  luuiu on Its ro.un.itic sldo.     li'roiii «>", ' vo, '" " ;"'""',•' ''"' "',', ","' !"'
.; I Uo hud .Iron ,1 ul  lho vico   I""1/"    "'"H '"'B1'1 l!;l"s that rondor
...'..,.. -  und ..i, n ii- ',„■,  ruliibi'vo    ,""', '7"u   '""'  t'Port.
Oocauio  .,in.   Uo uliumiod tho tu»l<   "   i:   ' lv0"'   "'   Uuiisportutiun-
nllior llie iiiinmilintt, pvonpoet ut nulls
n't'   Vleoios    il  ioli    ,ie ■  "I  hram-li nl i.uuticni ooiivi.y. mini
...,| i   ,. '«   ,.,     li   lha  to-.lu.i  tho I'm is ci'-i.—."
• ,., i.  ,l . I'.. i"   ontlrolj   ol od   It.  '»« «  P'»'
,",,'  B,u,,l.?r.    He liua glvo  In I'oie, 'vhicli  i- tlio pn •« train   g of
"■ii.ii ^^^^^^
..ml  plo  pilgOB 1 lie l„'st  lie, "Illl!   ,,    le
rout I nditu. lilatory I l.nl is known to us.
lie writoB lis one inspire,! with faltli
nntl Impc. In BOino olinptors- ub, I'm'
instance, in liis brltlluul uccounl of Hie
Persian Qulf nnd its dinigors—ho rlnos
i.. n lofty liolghl nt' narriitlvo un.l do .
l.nie. tnctilontnlfy lio litis akotoliotl
wilh it vivid lualglil moBl of tlio por
aonagoB win, in our day linvo Bhopod
tlm life ni' In,I'm. liis portrait of Jam
Botjoa 'Pata, for ottatiuilo, win, ntlglit bo
eallt',1 llie i'eiI Rhodes nf Imlill. is i>
little niiislerpicec. Of this groat nimi,
ivno Biiw in cmly youth Unit tndln cowld
not thrive sulely nu agriculture, win.
liuilt inills, 0','gnitizail industries, on-
e.ouragod sclontTflc oducation, un.l win.
spent liii, money with royal wisdom nud
magnificence, wo would gladly hoar
more. Mfinnvliiie, wo ucknowlodga
Hint fur llm senle en wliieli it is paint
...1 Um portrait could mil he bottorod.
Ili.wevi'r, Lord Curzon's policy is Uie
ohiof text of Mr. I.evnt. Finscr's dis
courso, thougli Im allows himself tlu
wiiicst, digroBslons, uud it is by hii
Iroatmout nl' thai tuxt thnt his hook
urns! -Iiui.l nr full. Colorod as the treat-
ment is with enthusiastic approval, il is
wholly  I'lec  from   pes I   bins,   Mr.
Km.-e'r tolls US llllll lie spoko With
I,,m.l l'ur/.>n unly unci- wllilo Im was in
In,liu, nml il is Hie mciisnics, nut tlic
man, which tip liis pen with eloquence.
This is how lie sums up Hu, Viceroy's
nrdimiis work:
"If I wore nskod to nemo," says Im,
"llie four nrlncipa! uclilovomontB nf
Lord Clinton in India which were ul' n
constructive nud pormnnoul charactor,
I would sclc-t llic partition of Itongnl,
llie   sululiuu   of   tlic   nrobloin   of   tli
ihe youug. in In.I'm iin' problem was
compllciitod ly tin ovll nn lltlon, " Evor
since tlic colt! hrotitli ,,t" Macaulny 'fl rho
totic pinBOil ' Uie Hold ,,i' Uie' Indlnn
litngiiugo and Indlnii toxl I lis," said
Lord I'uiv.nn. "tlio olpmontnry oducation of Uie .'Iiiiil.en in tholr own
toitguo lins shrivollod and plnud," Tlm
universities   tvelc   ill   the  llniltls   nl'   poll
llclntiB, uinl  tholr unly Bystom  wns a
s.vslcm  nl    y   iiini  cram,    Tn   at-
imnpi roforni inoanl to urouso Um bit-
torofll hostility iu mnuy i|imrtors. Uul
Lord i urr.on did m,t pfiiiak, and lutro-
,In,'ed u Hill which lie lilmsolf IIms sum
wim ' i,.ei   uwuys ii,,j','u  ttu.ii.i ua   ;,"       ..,:,      ,,",
 , ,'oriflli actnuy.   in- ,»rtl"  I:"il      Inl  ': B'vnB »''»
loio,    , tl   giivor "      ' 1 it tlio Loail cltlos
iu ;   Siwayi   bt   n   worn   ol   growth  llll1voJ11 ' bnW" "'."'"''.'■'.* "'     ,.       ,
 ' un,;, , i  no  id    ;"'""""1,w"11""- ^ ,'"
        ,,',i,   If hu had .u-ltrousportaUon  llie upper country  hns
Tlmt Tripoli Ib h Bphoro ol' lUiliuu
itiiltii'iti'i* lias boon I'oeognizoil I'm' iniuiy
years liy llio chlof IDuropoiui powora;
bnt whui I'owurtl it inny olToi' Cor tin-
trouble mul oxponso ol1 oooupation uutl
ilovolopinonl is, t.i Bay tlio loast, pro-
blomnllcul. I liavo [msaod ulong tho
Trlpolitan ooast aad stopped at the
prinoipul porta, curious to boo wlmt Inducements tlio country niight olToi' Ln
I'Otunioi'co or Industrial outorpriao. And
tlio ii'suii of in*) obaorvutioiiB U to occasion in tlio [iro-sonl u ml a Cooling
ni'  Burprisa  thai   nny    two    couutrioB
slioukl  Uiink  ii  worth  going to   v,-
Bul picl uroanuOi old world cuatoms
timi ;i linlt'-lmilmnm-i race oE pooplo,
un mattor wlmt thoii1 pliysical attrae
tions, will uot buIUco in tliomsolvoa to
inuko n country a valuable acquisition,
.uul il. i:< ililtit'iill t<> BOO wlmt. Ititlv \n
liltuly to got out of Tripoli whloli could
possibly Gou\pQUBUto hor for,fcho trouhld
it is liltoly tn cosl bar. Tripoli lias
not boon a soureo ol! bono.lt lo Turkoyj
hut. latter Ims had In koop up n eousld'
o aula garrlHon there, and us llm Cootl
Bupply nt tho couutry is vory Inndo
nuata pvo.vislona havo had to uo largo
Unportod,     Ou lho othor hund, Tm
" is not u country able to make the
uiu Nil.'it-it i lit' injuuci ion oJ the > liiuot
-i ilo us .■■■'ii  If u .-mall lisb, aau uoi
ti, ru.i.  I,.   No i I'M-i i \ .- uppol nf   : .ii
sou torosllug tilt-- in toll,    in Hu*
t   iiin'ii-n   in.'   li. lilin i ,n;t  in   tin-  i  iinii'.-i' ■
opl  r, tliat .'.i mu I   a ,:■ -   '' "■'   ""''   ™"1'  duys, mon  pnekod  a
,i ., ,,,,,. I'Kiiin mi tiioir backs Irom  Now Wosl
i'llHf un l;
iul     'i i'i QuobiioI iii salt ify iho must
i nl luuglugs of n lady plouaor,    Kvon
,,.",,ii ,. ,,",..1,1.1.1,. uud I , , „i   eal long ugj ol  u lady plonoor.   Men
utlempted ... pac ol s ol  bull   ]f">   oigut-liorao   tetuiiH,   Biipphu B
it ..t.ttiiv Intosovoit roan, .' ". '*«■ .wl,ldl '" """ l"" .S"J;
k ten mi tho piiBt. b-or ii.,. in ■!'!:l,!!,J'!.tl''f,.:/1:1 V" ■!.!"' V:".,''1'^,].!"''
it.   Luvul   I''imh'i   iniugluB   liopo
rag   Croighl   Crom   Ashcroft
mil,  iniiglving.   Uo thluks iho  wavo!*? H,;i" c™°" il( fuur cu.,ltll i10r f,0U!l.tL
1 '   ' t'ppor country—■' * - 	
is itm much.   I
h.' buys,     tin* iimv ui Hit) jiuM'iii-1. ' ' .- . .". ,,    \   , ,,
i    ,    i ii L I liiivi* si't'ii tiniiiliii   UUC iiiM-rv tlO    ft'ii; il
M      0    III   B  illlilliii i-i . lit' llOOS  im   ' . ■   , i   i- i     i   ,,     i iii
h,„   M.i„,i i    ,    nu.  iv      P"1 whieh, doUvorou n   Burkorv   u, ra
turn wim I sqoius lu ns iliu worst
.uugor Umt tliruutons ladla- tbo pro
vaiiiug ptiBslon lut' popular govorniuout
llmt a ilciiiHi'i'iu-y Biioiild guvuru sue
ally uo vusl a dopotidouey us Ind
up tn BC ci'tits por pound
Su it will come aboul llmt next son
'itm, whon supplies can Im nii'ii'ii down
ilu*  Prnaor from  tbo nul  of stool ut
, - ,.        iTotaJauue Caeho in Povl Qaorgo, thoro
ooms aluioBt   mpoBBiblo, as uiii)   a       ,,,   ,,„ ,     ,,     .n^i,,,,,;
t tioslgns io thrua   upon   ut la lti own L        ,„.  t,     cflu       Q    ,      „,  ,«
 « lh"  w""'1"-v "'.""Isent down  fn 'Vi  Qoorgo t
me  mul   slmplo  doflorl
st uf uny of
•'Its main  pro.,.,pic  is tn rn.se  tne bullot.b()X,    h,   ^uu|am|   itself,   where! "'""■."."""  ', ,.    ',",""-', 	
standard  of oducation nil  round, am ^rllomonts  havo  uourlibod  for many *r"T,k by i ! '',','"",".'" o'1*'" ''•, w1'	
pnrtlcularly of highor oducation. What !,.„„„„,„,  ,|„„„„.K„.V   ,„  „„w   ,„,  ^   " tho point.ontlio Cariboo road w '0
wo want to do Is to apply bottor nntl ,;,,,  ,||1U.        ,,,.,,-  ivu„m101.  ,hu „,.{"">  Mitntt  Inlluo   boglns, A
loss fallacious tosts than al present ox- ,„,..   ...,,,     ,.„,  .,„.       .transportation oxporl  mlgbl  llguro mil
--- ^ .,. ,1'IIUIIIIl     11 III     nil! I ll 'I    Ul      IMJl     I IK      lit."»t !   ....      h       . I ,, i ",. ,'M     I -     I
ist, tn Btop the sncrlflca of ovorythlng
in ilu* collogos which couatitute our uul*
vorslty system to cramming, to bring
ii iinui. bottor touching liy a superior
class of toachors, to provide for closer
ut colleges and institutions
uow loft practically alouo, to
L'uvi'intiHMit  of.  tho  itiiivi'isi-
which ii
■ Inco lh
ooinpotont, oxport, und onthusi
oration will discover,    lu  liuiui its
uu- could only etui in uppulllug dis
Itowevor,  though   wo  cuuuot
rlooh tm' daugor tnreatouod by Mr.
win it- tlmt polut will Im; cui'latnly il
must como where tho froighl rates Irom
tVshcroft oquulizo tlioso from lOdtnonton
vln Tote Juano Cucho and l-'mt Qoorgo.
Today thoro urn farmers ou tbo upper
ituiusiiy MimDun.id a,,,! uiiiets, wu uu.,-1,,,,;:;:;:'m.;;;i,;^.'n;,;;*;;;^;.",';;;:,,;';;,.,;;j;;;;,
at leusl tuko a in tlmo, and ami Bliaro1 '
tlio proud coulldoueo of  Lord Cuizuu.
ui  uu nm
nubia peroral
suid  lit*  in  tt
much us $15,000 utul $20;000 pi1
yoar, Thla is another fuel nut gouoral
ly known iu tho Coa^t cities, yol it
oxtcn ling im tho north ovou to tho
margin ol! i ho bi a.     ' lasoa aro sprluk-
led in- u nml tlio ii tho arid, barron
Biirfuco, nnd those aro tbo BlteB of oe*
cnBioual towiiB nnd vlllugOB. In tho
Interior i'i*1 population is mostly no-
nm He, tholr chiof coneorn in 11 lo l»'
lug iu koop within accessible ilistaneo
11 wator 1*1 lugs, Tha town of I'rl
poll, liko tbo othor eoasl townn, lins
ou Lho vor,\ lirlnli of tbe doH.irt, wliieli
.m-i-mis tu grudgo it   ii-- i".i-ii'iuu, an.l
would fojii olbuw IC off its anndy I	
Into tlm aoitn Tripoli wus formrily n
plnca ut much grantor Imptiriaucu Umn
nowi it w.i'i ti lieudf|Uiirtors and atari
ing point of earn vu im, «lileh trn lad
right across the Bnhnru, liilornhiiiiglug
Hu- morehaudlfio of Kuropo fur lho pio
ducts of Nigeria and ovou tba fni od
Coi.go, lint those roglouR hnvo now
othor uud inuil1 conveiiioiil outlota, nml
tin* greater \-m\ of Tripoli's Inula hus
coiiBoquontly hoan cut off, liar chief
Boureo nf wealth 1ms vanished uinl bot
pristine glory Ims frnaud. Oornvnns1
still start from tbo?a on tholr traiifl
Unburn ii journey, hut thoy have uuw
bocomo luii* evonts, and tlm profit! Ihey
yield nro hardly conn Btirnto wilh the
lull nml tish Involvod.
It wus my good fortune, how evor, to
witness tin*' ili-i-urliiic uf t  uf those
cut'uvtitis. All morning and aftoruoon
uu-11- was ubusuIiI b'uatlo utul coin mo
Hon in tlm uinrket-plnco, Tirst tin*
cuincls, to tha number of uenrly two
hundred, wero nsBomblodj than vast
piles nf morchandiae wore nccuiuulatad,
togothor witb provisions for the jour
w nud nloro clvlll/.od roglma
Bucb rosourcos us Tripoli doos possaaH
would havo n cb :a uf dovolopment,
.it;.1 in tlmt  rot| i  Italy would be na
npnblo ns uuy othor poworj bul I much
doubl if its mtcupatlou will ovor ln< n
paying proposition, Tbo fortlla patcboa
ut ilu' country aro tuu fow uml tun
amnll tu Imil, for much roaull from nu
rleulturo, uud owing tu Hu* lack of uuy
rivor nrtiliclul irrigation dooa uot up
pour Coaslblo. Runion of tba nsM
once of mlnoral wealth pooiii  Lo bava
I ii anfoundad.     Ami    ilnully,   tbo
populutloii Is inn Bcunty tu provide ti
very vuluablo innrkot for ititliun maun
fnetmos, In fact, Holy harsotf eau
hardly bo going in for tlm occupation
nl' Tripoli us n money tn tilting Bcuomo;
hor motives would Boom rain or in ba
duo  tu  iiiitiitinn, undotibtotl  uml  pro
longed, o tsl I hy Turkish inothods
mul mlsrulo, paltry Blights, uml pin
prlolts ropontadly aliaad al Ituly iu pui
lii-iiliu', aud tho fooling Hint Tripoli's
proximity to Italy gave tho latter bu
parlor rights us woll us suporlor iulm
cmIs in lliu proper udmtmstrntlou ul'
the couutry.
Ordinarily nut* would think llmt. .»
lish iu tin* Bon could go whore it wished
in tin* wator; tbut is llmt it aould go
aa fur down or coma ns close l<» tin*
surface ns it uosirod, Ah thoro aro
dofluito natural laws thai prohibit this,
of courso it is not possible.
Tako u deep sen nah,   It is undor on*
o .lelnm nn.l  rogulato the ,.,,«, s„ M Ulnt wo ^ a    lud.    ()l|li.,    I'url  U-nu,..  Um  Haser   l,„l,„ d,s      ,;„,,„,„, ,„ ,,,„ ^m     bmJ „\    Iorn.ous  pronaro at Its  proper  uontb.
the  syn.l.eu.es,   .   .   .   t„  slum-   the,   ' unmaking.   'Uiu:",".    u ,    ' ,"i'i       i- n' ' , ',I ''  hnooliuff, ive.l  tholr burdens will, P"'1- " stray too high, howoyor, and on
w»y ''>' *■*•' '    iii.iym-i ie", wl'.' 11,., uut (,10 „,,„ roadiu   of hl,t0*    .,,,,„    u.,,,,- Hi   I'm klc Vnlloy, mill, .has       ',  **f   ,,„,,,,. ros|gnntion.     A lho pressure lossealng tho nan got* hug
aro now■ merely oxaniinng.boar,!., can , . « - ,,   s „>   worth  ,,,    tolling.     Tlio uld . ,      ' A   ,     * A \„   ,„„, conaoquontly  lighter por  i.u,
ultlinatoly l„ vert nto touching|mG llh, fuaum js ^^ ,u       ^      tow   ul  Borltorvillo, soon to disnnpoar       |l0J  ,.„.„,„,, t||„ „ropnrati0„9« „. volume and In.consoqnonco ia propol oil
I ,,,.,,.,,-.l   „,   „,.   ..„,i  islv   inercnstn''
■i-l it nt I,,i
Imlin   intu
the message is curved  In granlta, I j~ ,llllIt0 ,vav for a'now, was iuciiidcl 	
reality  in-1 ;T.„V !™?".,T ■?*u,'°»°L T^'" ""* "i"""!^'. At Itanlton the l^>t> j ^;^' V^.'iV. l"'\iV^ni llo.l>Sl;o,ikV■, whTwaalrito ,,y tho buoyancy of the wnler, un
llmt „ur wurk is ri(,lile„us nnd tlmt it   „,,,.   „„(|   i,lt,,',.vil,.vU.,|   |,,,.,i,l,,|,t   llnvs.
niinrc."    With   which   iplfudi'lj „f tl.o tlruml 'i'iu.,1-   i'neilic, ns I., iii.
i.si'n'nnl'n'nrd'uf' "i'liKt rue-1 "l™"*""*1 ,ut   »»   •»
^^_^^        .',1
irfnously   Ihcrdaslng
N'urti. West l-'rtniticr, llie roforu) of llm'trive n sunn,I systciu of oducntion, Win
It Is tho loftiest ambition to which a ..     ,,. ,   . take'   I  "". '.'. V   ".'"'Vr •	
\   well ,„l„.-.t,..|    '       ' ^ pnut    all,I   imp,,    cc    L.u.t   .jI.jj^    f0;.   ||u.    ruilronu.     Here     s   une
,\ ii, ii i,iui .in i|k.|lvi, ot  M|.   |.,.„sl.,.-s mo„   valuable I tliins Mr. liny's .-i.i,1:
otitslbutlou   to   l.istut|>',   cominouding|    "toavine mysolf n  sniv  tnaraln,  I
tiitcsiiinii enn usj
entry is csilv S'"-'"1''";'1 •   ■'j' "" «'|    | c.nii.nutioi.   to   nistuij', cominouoingi    "Louving mysolf n  safo  mar
 ' l'^'MI •"' '"'" ''"' '          !'■'  uuroscrvodly to ovcry politician iu Lay frooly predict that tbo road tv„,
.™tam''o7"oiiiiewa'tion  and "tlio "formula-1 thor Urd Curaoi occ led In ln|1"" '»""">■        bo comploted  front  coast  to  l.t in
SystOUl   01   (HmJiunu,   »m    iiii    i   " -i_„n  ,,-ill  nrnvn       It'  In I l!"t.      1111 -->   OOVOrS   nil    DOBSlblO    li'llivs
^.l^TTl0AS" ™C ta^li^rta^toalbors' t°o curry oil !    THE NEW EMP1KK AND OOAST    ! «6 nmy oncountor."
There is ii work which ouly a  hi   o  wiso policy sho inny triuinpli wh J OlTItS	
,i,l  lleicles could porforni in ii brlof llnglanil  with n  loss dlracull   prolflom     Through the uppor country, wborovyr THE ONLY WAY
siiiin of yonrs, and hy Its success or fall- to soivo hus luniontnbly falM.   Moan- y0ll g0| >ou   wii,  bear  men  cm],nun!    Throo or four of tho dorks in a city
me must l.ortl C'urzoii ho juilgod. while we enn hopo only that, aa tno oui [Uri|   nnU(,onvor „„,|  victoria uro e«!f- office were rocontlv nmuslng thomsolvcs
--   ' which Lord Mucnulay did has survived18„ti8||ci|,   Thoro  may or muv  not  !„■ j —0f cour-c   In tfiolr omphjycr'i    '
\s  I.i  il,    leirtili.i.i   of   ll.'imiil.   Mr.   wine" '•'""  •"'" ". " ',' aittisneu.     iiu-ie   inn.t   ur   inny    uut   •"■   _0I   cniir-e.   in   their  elui.tuver s tunc.   ■","•"" ™ ™« ■ ••■	
',,„, I ..sui.inl.ts    Urd Ourzou, ho lt» incoptlon almost a itory, tho good somo i119t,c0 ln tho criticism i thoro it Thoy wore dooplv intent  upon  trying oouchod  upon  the    doaert,      "boro  I
i,    •      tic    Into   If proloc   by whicli l.ut.l Cursoii uttotnptod .nny bonr ,   „„,, „ ,„„„, „, ,.ockollC(1 ,vUn, ,.,,,,|0 ,,.,         ^ , rt   d „|.        J ,« st,,,,,,,,,! awhile to watch It ai It grad-
■le i' anI    .reel" without tho eluh !"'"'" «'1""1 ,l1"1 gonoratlon and its oon- ,m    tll, m      , L,008t eMm ,,,,v0 i,,,,.,, ,    „  ,,„.,,  n   „'„   cornonvi80   ,,,,„„ ually grow lem dlatlne   nnd at longlli
.;.,,;!,;,,.Iitni.'n    wlilch     us. y trovoralos have  id mr ever oul u. t„„ „„„.,, .„,.„,,„„, ,„ [mb,em ..outer j,1,,, „, „,„. 0,''ti1,,„ lla(1 „ largo curd disappeared In the gehlei, glow ol tho
nrkoil his roforms: bul by it ho will "'if"''    ,                     ,.,,.,., ,l'"ir ]m"h t0 .""f? ,tnB, nvteotla, ri» nicely bnlunccd, tho door ope 1 uud "otting •««•
if   n     the   Indies   „t   llie   llnieiii   were   -.-■■ i•••-      -,        - ■         ,
,.,.., |        l,      I..   ...11,..     wnralOVOB     1I.VC    ..(.['.I'd   I,lit    l»t    its    lll'llll    .HU1
f tho catnols nnd loader nf the
enter,iri.se,  nnd   who   watchod  the operations with BCruttztng attoutlon, Lust
f all the Indies of the luiroui wor
nil wns roady, and Um Btraggliag pro
cossion sel out, From tho sun,I i,t"
tho markot-placo it pussod nl„„^ n snndy
-ircei intu n more snndy tune, borderod
with prickly peer, and In a fow niin-
utes the limits of eultivntimi wore
reached. I had hastily birod u donkey
1 accompanied tho caravan till it dc
til at insl it tins to In' expelled frum the
Biirfaco of tlic sea will, great force, lu
the meantime the fish aas sulTored nn
internal explusiun, us it were, uml  ita
r.ileildv be best rbmomborotl aad, ail    Tho fourth  tnslt  ncliloved  by  Lord Uf a "uow empire" la tho central pnrtI in walked the hoatl of tho nrm.
illi liniinrtinl norsons who have seen the I'ltraoii touched n yol wider public than of litltlsh Columbia.   IVrlmps tho virile     "Why, llogan, I am surpriaodl" lie
u.'.v iinvinee lu'lieve   tiltimntelv bloss- lho rei'ui' ' clueiitiun.   'Ihls wna to , ,,ic  who  are  pionooriug  along the: sternly observed.   "Uow eve, can v,„i
,,,' formulate u Inn,I rovonuo policy whicli line of tho Ornud Trunk I'neiiie Hull-1 do HI"
'"'• ,   I, i       ■. .,, ,i,..i u.i..I "it" elenr, contlitont ami considornto. wuy aro too jealous of tholr own,   This     "Practice, sir!" Hogan replied, em
it wns by n foolish . eci.ioui tan. tu   : ( ||(| rurZ(||l WM ,„.,.,■,,,.!|v COU8cioiiB of ,,,i.,li is sure—Vancouvor and Victoria,! rlcd away,   "l'rnctlcel
|,:irium» was laid  holtl  ol   rjy   ti.uiii   .^  i„,p0rtunco.      Tho Indian  poOBant. whothot thoy wish it or not, niiisi ex I 	
iigitutora,     Ihe   nnnsonse   Wliion   una • '■hauld I"' tlio lirst and final tend recognition t.i tho country Unit is     „„„._ „„_ ,,..OTT> -,„ „_,,
tolhod ubout it wns In-plrod by tlio. r I,     ( ^ viceroy's regard." And being opened up by tho new iranacon-     K0UND THE V.OELD I*OS $r„b
craving for unrest, no   hy tno 'm';." |,,;. Inca,urca which ho took as summed , tai, ami thnt shortly. Andre Jugor-Schinldt, who as repre
tl„  ,asc.   And now iiiiii tho agitation       h|   fc|   ,  .„.„ im.:ls„r,., „f ,,„,      T)     BitUatlon   is   lust  this.   Acroia Bcntotlvo of tlm Paris papor Bxcolsolr
is prist nnd over, nut even Mr. Nireiuh. ,,, .,„,,.„„, „„„|,.,,.,;,,,. ' I.       . .
Null. Bunor eo wl    ever ennor again .    . ,    .,
fo, union.   To anyono who looks St a     "»o    Introdueod    new    principles
■   '„,ii. ii,,.',,.', 'or tbo dlvi   writes Mr. b'raaor, "ol Buaponslon nnd
Ton la eo"u     To govor    bo wtolo nf remlsBlen of  I revenue collection In
,,.„.!! tr,™ Cnlcuttn was, uml nlwnya times of scareity, which   urgoly trans-
"...     i,  plain  ImposBlblllty.  Even J 1 tho spirit In which I Ine. of
!i   .i   „,„, ............ t.. lev,' the Oovornmonl   t Ilectod.   .   .      tto
ffl  i\ is in i terms that Mr. credit  ict.es. now groiy tig rapid Iv  n
viceroys,   ll       	
Prasor akctclios ii boforo tha pnrtitinn:
'*0f nil tlu- territories in hidln noni
wns less known or loss enrod for unti.
roeently thnn tbo prosonl provluco of
Ijnstorn Hen tin), Assam wus eouipani
tlvuly fantlllnr to tbo world without; it
imil Its own Chlof Commissioner, aud
tin- im in tot est ut nny rato waa audible
enough. Dut Kastorn Uonfjal, nltliuu^li
it- .-Iiiui' i-ily, Unccn, was only JJ30 lullcs
troin Calcutta, was ground lt"-*i trodden
liy Kuftlisumon tlutn tho Khybor. It lay
hoy ond wiih*. brimming rivers, To roach
it wna n muddled business of cnsuul
t ut ins utul forry boats and uncortniii
at en mors, lu tba rainy son son it is nua
i:i*t swump, Nn wandoring trn vol lot
Tho  very
tteut mul   usefulness, which "enabled
the cultivator to obtain cheap capital
und brolid tin- monopoly ul' exorbitant
ouoylondCrs.    II'- Bavod tho laudbold*
is of tht* I'unjnb from expropriation,
tho Rocky Mountains by tli.- easy pass has jusi Bet up tho now record of :h>
ut' tin* Vcllowhcuit lias Edmonton, a
\uiiny city, extraordinarily fortunato
iu Its location, ambitious, growing ub*
normally iu wealth and importance.
Tho Grand Trunk Pacific, building westward from Kilmimtou. has passed the
Vfllowhfjinl utul is creeping down to-
wiinl-t tlm contro of this province, leaving a stool highway tlmt bin-Js tho territory covered to tha Kdmonton mar*
kots. Trade will follow the cheapest
cauuelsi bo it is Bafe to predict u
time when l-Mmonton—of Albert
nd oneouraged tho dovelop
      ■■M§aaaagMMMMMMMgttttt—       ' bo*
ter relations botween landlords and
tenants in other provinces. . . Fin-
nlly In* accelerated the process of ap-
plying Bcioatific principles to Indian
Thnt i-* imt .i mean program me tu
hnvo carriod out iu tlio brlof tcnura of
his oilii-o, aud tho ryot, at any rnto, muy
pay n tribute of iiufciu; I gratitude to
Lord Curaon,
Ami tin* tale of Lord Cunton's sor-
vlcCB !•• In.Ii:i I- Imt Imil' toltl.    His vlg
days  It* hours -V.\ mluutofl •*" -1
onds for a trip around tho world, summarizes tlu* cost of it as follows:
"My ticket from Paris to Paris mist
$570, to which must bo addod supplementary furtM between Montreal and
Nfw Vo:l; *U, and on board tin* Olympic $23j nil other oxponses, Including
tips, enn *■ to nboul $000, bringing tho
i-u-t of tin* whole t:i[i to $1,-1-.
"Tips cos) mo about $100, dlvldod
unong   sleeping  cur   conduutor
the-metropolis of con
ern llritish Columbia,   There is a way|
of the difficulty, bul   it  Involves!
■ ii mum iu   wiii ; VHn(fl   1(|(  Bhiubonrd.   iniot    poltshora.
I,'tral ,,ml ""J"1; ; ull.min porters, Chitlose lervuta, bag'
gagemeu,  restaurant   waiters,  barboi
tint hut en, a u.i  mon  to  tako  my tola
out of tin*  Uiuicuitv,  imi   it  invotvos ■ .
rapid decision on tbo part of Vancouvor  l':iUi:,;,':i- «"«  moq
and Victoriu business mon, somo team  f"™ t! ™"« {y1 ?
I   had  mi time
work, uml more than u little enterprise.
to 'ii* it myself.   I spent $iiti in buy in j
crime nlmo -i unheeded
Tbo purl ii Ion wna nlndo, nnd nlready
:i rbango for tho bettor i-* visible, l>t»i
en i- im longer ii dcsnlnte city, bul a
roal capital. Pnr Ihe lirsl time In its
hiaton l-Iaatem Mongnl kuow wlmt It
tu un *• n -i* Iso nud actttcd hovoi n
The craft of the rlvi-r pirates
- n'.' t  upon it- wntenvaya	
Inudlordfl wore nbsontooa, squanderingloroua oxclusioii of all rivals who aoughl
in ii. tin- doligbts of Calcutta tbo sub to ostabllsli themaelvos in Hu* PoniTnn
stance which their ngonta wrung from Gulf inakoa ua proud »•' our country,
the peasantry, . . . flood ndminls- With untiring wai ho *ilhl bis host tu
trntinn stopped ahorl nl the flanges, l<** ' put right the machinery of government.
yond wns u place wl  millions lived* No um- wim attempted to inflrooso the
uud worked nnd fought and cmnmilteil  i*ummoree nf  India lackoil hts encouh
iigement, Nor did ba ncgloct the noble
heritage of India's past, lie rescued
from min <ir basa uses many a noble
mosque. In the stately hnll which lie
inaugurated  in Calcutta Ihora will be
-foi lav  nu   Imperlahiiblo   record   of
hravo dOeda faithfully done. A wo tlij
ucniorlal truly, bIiicq ii  U In tli
iow linen (lurlug my journoy. 1 did
inoif muai uu Hiiimi,* ,""",'',7,,',l',,.,,,i m.i spond mora than $10 nl botoli dnr-
n' wi'i-n tin* centra   interior anil  in*'.. ,     '   .    ,   .   ,  ,.
\. {" ing my stops nnd  my  food,  Includlnu
0,h?V       ., ,■ , |t. .lMl,i    .• in wine,  ou  bonrd  tho  boat   cost  about
I bis matter  is  i rooty talked  oi   m: ^
tbe  now towns  tlmt  have sprung  dpi*     '
-since iln* <:. '.'.  p. Invaded tlio upuor     "I  »■■ moving nil tha tlmo except
eountrv,  in   tlio  old  sattlomonts  tliat foi"  alxty-tlireo  hours.      I   ilopt  four
havo liaon rejuvenated since thai somo ;,""'s uinior n roof—at VoKohama, Vi
ovont, in  rnnch   Iioubos, on  tho trull, couver, Montreal and Now York.'
averywhoro!   Al  Port Ooorge thoy oro 	
looking for clionp freight nttos by next
,.,:lng;  I   thoy  nra  looking  up  tlio|I<AST FRENCJI WOMAN TO MEET
Krascr Itlver to Tela Jauna Caeho, bond
,if iiavigattbu, and thcuco over tba rail*
I is tho prevailing note at Tri
poii, and is alike its blessing nnd Its
curse. Au absonco of evil smell-- in
tha narrow strcots nud covered in Bouks
(os tin* bazaars mo mor irrccMy call
o.li is attributable chleflly to the absorbing quality of the sand and tho dry
iiess of tbo nir. lu a place whore
thoro is in- systi'in of sanitation uud
where somotiraos no rain falls for a
spaco of years, it is a morel ful dispensation that sand should possess properties tending to purge disease and thus
proven! this town of dirt from bccoiu
ing a hot boil of pcstllenco.
In certaini othor respects Tripoli is
of fascinating Intorost. Its European
population is so small us tu ho almost
insignificant, nnd thoro uro very fow
tourists lo such an inaccessible spot.
It cannot ho reached nt. nil hy rail;
und tin* Italian steamers which mill at
regular intervals are not exactly choice.
Dm* consequence is that Tripoli has
preserved its Arab characteristics lunch
more than moil North African towns.
Visitors to Cairo and Tunis, fot  OX
nmplo, may ba much Impressed by tho
nntlvo baxaara, and at flrsl bollovo thut
ihuy an- beholding tin* real thing. Lot
thom yo on to Korouan or Tripoli (an.l
especially thc latter) and they will
quickly decide thai tbo former cities
wore frauds. In Tripoli you ice t.in-
Arab life a*. It has oXlstod for ngOf
past, from Porsln to Morocco. As you
wauder throngh tin* souks examining
tho wares oxpoiod for salo; or stand
lose back to a Im/aur to inako way
boles in the body. This is why thoro
are uo perfect specimens of doop .sea
lish in uuy museum. Tht* dlOlculty
could bo partly ovarcomo hy batiUug
the fish n-i gradually; but, u heavy
weight would havo tu bo attached lo
tho lino to overcome tbo buoyancy of
the flab. .
On tin- othor hand, tako u shallow
water flsb. .t dares not stray too tar
down, for tin* Increasing pressure
would tond to inako it heavier if it
was al all compressible; hut as it is
not much so it would remain practically
tho sumo \ uliiino ami would hud uo
difficulty iu propelling Itself to almost
any dopth, Tho Increasing pressaro,
Itowevor, would inako it border for the
lish to move its organs uml its eyes
would l<o pressed into its bead.
Por all these reasons there am well
dofined strata of wator in which certain lish are found and no others. Tiiis
ia one method of determining the depth
Of a former sea where fossils of lish
are found nu the land—the depth of
the sou at that place can lie tohl within
certain  limits liy the fossils.
Anotbor fuel known by everyone is
the peculiar apparent beading of a
stick wheu thrust into ilear water. It
is iluo to tho refraction or bonding of
light. Now, if one saw a fish in fresh
wiiter and desired to shoot it, tbo gnu
mast bo pointed under the lish; for il
must bu romomborod that the fish up
pears us did the submerged oud of the
stick, tno fur up. If tin- lish was direct
ly miller tin* obsorvor, however, the
light would not he bout, and it could
lie -hot  straight ni.
A fact in regard to bunting swift
birds is well known to oltl hunters. To
shoot a bird un the wing the gun has
to he aimed in front of the quarry.
Now. just ho-,\ mm h in front depends
on the speed of the bird, nud tho <lit>
tattoo away, also the direction of lli-L-hf
nf the hint and the direction of wind
tit the time. While old hunters have
learned Iiv experience nml hate a sort
of aim "feel," amateurs have to rely
'nra big loaded camel, who nearly liiM,,,,   ( i(,|r j0jginent,  Uut  the judgment
"  '    ""'.'"'' '    "'    '    ,i       . ii '...|'"*i"'i ol tlm nv ' '""oo. tint
Im.   bo- •    ni-iipploil   Willi,  nnil HJ,       ,,    „,   „,,.,,.,„,,,   [„co„tivo.
wlion ii- li - bwi act npoi, I,-tun,    i      '     ,  ,    „   h|    ,_,„.,, ,.„,..
,.   imala Kn.torn  Itonnnl will  "lolil In\'™? ™tM „,',„„ , , ,„„,. „otM.
"** '" I'0 """''■ provinco in tin ||(i i,.m||.ii| ;|_ l)loug]| h, Wl,n, e0I1,c|0U.
I'lro, ,,-i„P,i nil  tno  wlillo  tiinl  n  brlof tlmo wns
'" '"-l ";'' '■"""   '     ,'   ,'I,.;,,„■ him 1',,,'H llnininunt nf liii nn,
'.« 'J ,".1 'I''.'"'";"" '<   ' . . |,:ti„„s.   .m„i liy ili„ ,rm,| Irony nf fnto,
|iro«poHty i tbor provinco m ■■■• I M|. ,vl„.|1(„i „, ,h»iiSl) 1.6 wore eonacloui
Itiitinn Kmpir
Snclt it t
lirnt'od'liy Mr. I-nviit rra-or lo tlio^.u..- j-,-j-jj-j „-,,,,; „,„,,„„ „„, z-„|„lli
" i !"' "' "' fho N...ili vit'-i I  ... i-i ,    ,,  fa| h „,,.„„ willl
Hiolvo,   for tlio moment, If not por «     ,»„ Bc, .„,,
1B0IltlVi    Till,  problem  hni1,nil                 J ,  ^ ,i( ,,„., („r
'u\:z:vz:z ;:;':;•,.. 'XiyXi »«*•*■ * s-h™  no,,.-, «.
wu> 11 lie tu Kdmontuu, A week ago u
man who owns the largest ranch in the
Uulkloy Valley told ut.- thai " Edition* I
The last   Pronoh  woman    who   mot
inolcon 1. imo io face died recent.;
it Troves, Prance, aged 102,     Bhe was
■«■««>   vi y toi.i mo tim.      i-auinou* Md|ft  MU|      H w,doW   whoifl        Bt|
in wnul.l-.'wn central liritlsb Loluinbla wore ,.„ t(j(, .jomostic Btnff of the Pal
ttsnlo two years. rills Is the state ||f0 i(i- r.'0„talnbleau. She wai five wheh
if niTnlrs. Now whal aro we going to I MipQ.eull rtorU, ,,,,,„, takhiu loave
,0tn1bou!   "„ ;   . ...    ....    ,.     ,.   | ut' his guards, spoke  to  her    iu    the
The 'in*--* nmenl n.' Inrtin  ri
I.ut l Our/on'a solution of tin* p
was lo-y heroic and fai more .   icticnl,   	
Ai he said himself, It conalsted in "the hlied   thai   they  "r-hnuld   regard   with
withdrawal of  Uritlah  forces i   ml  INniny an;  chnngo tliat would
vn ■■•■ I pn   ii- i . pmploymeni   d  ti '■■ »  ■''.*' degree dethrone tho govorninonl
First ul' all. is it worth while for th
''oust cities to bother about tin* trade
of this now legion / That U the im
portent factor iu the ease. To answer
tho question tho Colonist and News-
Advertiser sent two representatives on
■i tour of eontrnl British Columbia this
summer to investigate con lltlona and
report oil thom. This t ip began nt
Asheroft ond ended at Prince Rnport.
From careful personal observation the
Inquirers have arrived at conservative
conclusions as to the future of central
llritish Colunibtn in tiie various do*
part mon ts of agriculture, mining, lam*
Without olnbprnting, th*- net result
'if this tour of Investigation is a ver*
diet that contral British Columbia has
n great future as a rich and favored
region, li is woll worth wlillo for
the I'* nal cities to t-ultivnte hor nc-
rpuilntnuro and her favor. While nil
llmt Im* been said nboul portn'n porta
of tbo country is not strictly true, yet
i'ii"ii':li Ims been left linanld about other
pa la i-e   pill k.    .Mine.   Mi lies   rela inc.I
vivid recollection of this mooting   im
til the day of hor death, und ou that
count  alio wns something of n local
Denmark has probably tha finest uu
toral outdoor thontro In tho world. It
is situated In the royal dooi park,
about six miles out of tho capital. There
tho avenues of mighty trees servo as
wings and background t" a stage froul
ml by n beech encircled ilopo that forms
a perfect luiditurintn. Right thousand
peoplo can be accominodnted al ovcrj
A pipe said to be worth -$30,000 is
owned by tbo shah of Persia. M la
mluri fl with nil hind- i ' precious
slum*--', ll h i■■•■■*•: uitlv guarded by n
higli rourl f iiiel lonnn .
tlio narrow stroot] or watch the leather
workers plying tlieir trade, which has
been passed OB from father to son
htough many gonoratlons) us ymi
ninglo with ih<' |Hiop1o, uml for :> time
llvo  tbcli   life,  you  gradually  absorb
il pitit, un.l understand it in u wnj
you have novoi iltM^ bofore, thai w
iireathod throngh   the   mtgei   of tlmt
■ -,.;.', fnl      boob      "Tlio      Arabian
■ ■-, ■ 4tnn llufl before tho hi • i
worker's ihop you nmy sen n lamp foi
-ah- which might have been Aladuln's,
A closely veiled famnio llguro, attend
ed by a partly veiled degress who need
have no fuur of exposing hot questionable charms to tho masculine eye. re
calls tn the mind the adventurous
princess who euiere.l upon an Intrigue
with u handsome young morcor.
The veiled fares of tho WOUIOtF imt
ui ally provide fund for Ihe imn-gitm
tion:' are tbey beautiful, or do Ilu
vulla meroly screen hideous features
To the mule visitor in Tripoli it must
noccssnrlly remain a matter of conjee
inn-.     Uut  I  am  Inclined to boliovi
thai  there  must   bo n g the Ami
women a high degree of beauty. My
grounds Cur this opinion uro simple
enough; tbo mon are for tho mosl part
n line, will aot'iip, beautifully prapoi
tinned, handsome rnco, which fact Bug
■-.■ss ih.* .• lunlun that tholr mothors
would be si ui ilii ily PndoWOll, More
■iter. tllO avenge of gQpd It.nks among
the young children tliat one sees ubout
mi i.. i ■ i I.i-- view.
can In* regulated by well ..unwn principles of physics nnd thc knowledge of
the customary Bp I of different birds
Take a wild duck, for Instance. It
ilio- nt hii ordinary speed of about
forty-live miles an hour, or ilxty-alx
foot* a soeond, If the velocity «f tho
rltlo bullet (grantod tlmt the riuch was
hunted with ;i rlBo, and several hnnfors
use nothing else) was twelve bundrod
fool 0 sect.ml. ami the duck WM Dying
directly across tho view* of the observer
at n fourth mile distanci* or a bunt
twelve hundred foot the rifle would
have to be aimed nbu.it tho dir-1-ince
ahead the bird would go iii ii second;
for the rilie bullei takes a seeottd to
•get thoro, So the distance- in this ease
would   bo about   slxly-atx   fee!,
of courso, when n shotgun i- used tho
distance is much shorter, nnd tho -need
oi' the -imt will take cue of ;-uy
slight Inaccuracy iu estimating the
distance; Imt it roquiroa n trained oyo
t'i shoot on the wing with u rilie.
In Moscow*. Russia, the pawnshop Is a
municipal affair, Last year ovoi half
a mi'lioH articles were pawned, having
a valuation of over #11,000,000, it is
noticed tlmt In March and \yi\ the
poor I'lement of Moscun heaps the
pawn-hop- lm-v. und during thai porlot)
customarily parts >-*.itii iis worm over-
clothing. ClIlliltlWAt'K MUSE I'K'KSS
Zam-Buk  is  no Vory Useful
Road how beneficial it proved in thia
Mra, II. Sawyer, of Koono, Out,,
writes:—"My husband is engaged on a
fa nn, uml ono duy, while (shopping
wood, tho top of the axo broke uud
fell upon his foot, cutting u misty
gash. The wound was so bad that we
first thought wt* would havo to got u
doctor, hut wo linn My decided to dress
tbo cut  with Zam-Buk.
"Woll, tho Zam*Buk trout moot proved
n grout success. It nol only eased the
ptttn, bul it prevented tiny inlliiiumn
tioh; and right from first applying
/.um link, the cut begun In ileal. ' It
is now completely healed, ami my husband aaya ho will never be without u
box of Znm-Jtuk iu tlm house, fur we
nre sure it saved us n grout deal of
Ovor   nnd   over   again   /nm-link   lias
Ik   ptovud tn  bo the worker's host
remedy. As Boon ns applied to ll cut,
a litirti, a scald, or tuiy skin injury,
it rotlovos Ihe pain ami il sols up
boating, M also prevenis blood-poisou*
inj* or i ii Iln in it*n I ion. tl is u mite cure
too     fur     OcXOIIIU,     pllofl,     ulm-is,     old
wounds, bad log, ringworm, Bcolp oroa,
foatorlng, running soros, oruplions, cold
sines, ehappod hands, etc.   Ita absolute
pin ily,   nlso,   lliukca   il    t lu-   ideal   bttllll
for babies.
Xtim Duh Boap should in- nam I along
w'.ili   llie  halm   for  washing  nil  a	
places. This snap tt ill bo round oxcol
l.nl for Imby's bath, even whore the
balm is nol being uiod.
All druggists nml stores noil /.nm
Ituii nl flOe, box, uml /am -1 in lc Soap at
::■!.- inblel, or post free from /am link
fu,, Toronto, upon recelpl nf price.
liefuso harmful substitutes.
New Zealand dairymen have over
como tin- dlfllculh uf semiring rolinblo
farm hands in buIIIcIqiiI nuiiibora by iu
stalling milking machines. They' nut
unly hiivo a largo labor oust, but also
prevent Boriotis iucouvonionco lit tllllOS
when  farm hands suddenly leave tliolr
i riroful military commontatorB will
nut roinii.it themselves until the (llm**
from Tripoli arrive,
Business College
College open tlirounliout the whole
year. Students may join at any time.
.,   "Ihe Practicil Colli!*"
Write for froe catalogue.
D. COOPER, C.A Principal
No practical question is of moro concern to the breeder than the dolmmiim
linn uf sex. Tli ere am those who claim
thut the problem hus been snivel, thai
sex can bn controlled, Many hundred
hypol hoses huve boon formulated. Most
of. tlioso have seemed lo work- tor a
timi* nt least, Tho reason that, most
any hypothesis will hold good for a
time is Ihul in the. wide field uf ua-
turo the soxos me about equal iu mini
hers. But when n certain locality is
observed for it lew years une ur tllO
evaiIs in  numbers. That is
ling '
to any, ti single breeder is, incur
Ihe   laws  uf   i-lmnce,   liable   lu   have   ll
groator number of mules than fomulos,
while  tieurliy  ither is, aoourdlng 1'*
Die BUltiq law* nl' idiaiii-e, liable In have
mure foiuulos ilmn males, ll is I his in
equality pi tha aaxos Lhat can bo booh
uu dllToraul farina whicli has caused su
maiiy to bollovo thai box Ims been ne*
I ually aontrollodi   As u itintl f fuel
I du md holiovo thai box control is ul
till   in   the  pOWOr ul'  Hie   bl'OOdoi*.
My reason Por making tha Btatoiuonl
i, timi  box duoH nol originate hai'iiugo
Of  Illl'*,    rOBpOUl '■  Of   I li"   I'o.'tili/ed   OVUIII
in extoriinj siimuli. This Btatoiuonl ami
all iu tbla urtlclg refers tn ihe mum ma
lian   forms of   life,     I   1i:i\ e   In   mind   in
I he-   illscili -    i b>'   horse   nml   fall In
brooder only,   If thou box is nol dolor
 it*t| by externa! inlla es, what  doc.
determine il / 'I here is bul  one answer;
in tin< sperm ceils which unite in form
the   fertilized   OVUIII,   Or   KJ'golO,   I here
IIIUBt   inlieie tt  BOX dole rmiiHiig factor,
i inly a  iiinuient 'a cousl (lorn tion will
muke Hie statement   plain,    ll  is one
oi ibe fundamental biological factB thai
wrapped ii|i iu llie Iwo genu cells Of
Ilu- sygoto aro all llm heiodilaiy clmi
ncteitslics of Ihe adult life. For nu 11
lustration of this wo will take (he spor*
mutoxoou iind ovum of a trotting stal-
lioil and nun', la these two immito or.
gnuisms are all tho factors of a successful trotter, except tho training. Thoro
is lirst the fat-tor which decides thut
1 new life will be a horse, next thai
will bo of tbo trotting type rather
ni timi of tlu- thoroughbred, saddle
ut* draft type, 'Jhun, tuu, thoro ih the
factor to which tho peculiar family of
the parents boiongod, su that the foal
will exhibit characteristics of this family only. Nor is this ail. Wrapped up
iu those minute orgunlsms whicli have
Uiiitod to make a new hese tire the de-
i terminer;*,   for  color,   endurance,   style,
action  and speed.    In  like  inuiit.ei' tho
[zygote   carries   lho  dotoruiine.*  of   sex.
j'1 his maker* sex purely hereditary and
PM-Mraw-M wooyot
You can never tell when
a horse is going to
develop a Curb, Splint,
Spavin, Ringbone or a
lameness.   Vet it is hound
to happen  sooner or later,
And you can't afford to keep
him iu the ban. Keep a bottle of
Kendall'-' Spavin Cure
hnnily at .-,11 tiinci, Mr. llrictti,
of Ici'liunlii- Kiv.-r, Mini., writes)
"1 liavo been using K-.Kill's
Spivin Cure a ttl Itiul it s.tlt- und
Oct Kendall', Spavin Ctira at
nnv druggl.t'f.   ;'i   i tr 1, tlle—
r, bottle, l„r f;.
'uTjl*l"''r ''''"' ' " *■'"'
,s ■■■ .*'VH'!"' '•" !i '   "
Ttr*      'j* Inr. B.J. KIM) 111.(0., [*
I total f I -. . .u I ».
ittnaci'.     —:t*
mine sex, it Iiiih not yot beeu proved
that ago of purents or ago nf genu
cells before union do not play 801110
part. But if ihey do havu an Influence
il will be un indirect one, Age may
dotormlno to some extent the vitality
nf the spermatozoa, so that one of tlm
two classes muy be more active or pro-
put mil thitu Ihe uther. So nlso the
tlmo that olnpBos after liberation of
the egg before foriilizufion muy inako
it inure easily penetrtited by ono or the
other cIiish tif spermatozoa, lint whether tllOBO things he line or not, the
main Ihosis remains true, Ihnl sex le
uncontrollable by the brooder bocause
it inheres in llie germ cells which form
llie   KygotO,
Tu   Bum   up   Hie   whole   mailer   in   ;i
short space, il 'um of tho fomalo is
noutral or hullfforont. il Ims within
Itself im tendency to produco either n
imile or n fomalo. when il is fortllUod
hy ii sperm cell uf Uu- Bimia lunubar nf
i-lifolilosouii-s ns ItBOif il can only do*
Volop IlllO II IV.mile. I'.nl wlu-n LllO
sperm roll thnl unites wilh it hicks a
cltromoBoiuo tbu nou life is n male. Tho
I'l'fin colls of any innlo uro produced
 Imlf wiih an oxtrn cliromosomo, Al
au> uniting nf htirsoa or cattle (axcopt
tiit line Intervals) only ono ovum Ib tu
be fertilized. The llllllo ill the 8111 110
lime furnishes thousands of Bpoi'innto*
SOU,     duly   uue   id'   llii.-.   large   number
i*uii unite with lho ovum,   Ono-hnlf of
I hose BpOl'lll cells would lll'oduco males,
(he othor half females. This makes Ihe
i limn es equal fur bolh BOXOS, And when
largo numbers mo considered the boxob
lire pruclicnlly oquiil.
Nov then is Inherited. It is not Mm ro
suit nt' slim uii frum without bul of
u quality from within, 'lhat quality ot*
dotormiuor is in  ihe sporm  cells fur
llisliod by the male. Nalilfo has so can*.-
I'nlly nifjustad those that the whole
result   will  be  un  equality  of the   twu
Suppose tho fanner, iu a tb Iii ion to
getting a good value for the flesh of
his 0X011 uml snoop, wero also able to
t-oll their skins nt the price of furs
like seal or astruchan! This is precisely what u Texan, I ir. CJ, <,'. Youug,
is aiming tit iu experiments ou his ranch
in crossing domestic sheep with tne celebrated A in hi or Karakul bleed, originating in  Bokhara, Central Asia.   Thesi
toillttcb, lungs,
it.  out-- cure
The roal danger of Catarrh lies iu
pulling oil' troatmont. Vuu may havo
Catarrh yoiiraolf, but von may not
kuow it. Boforo llm disease, spreads
from your noao to tlm
or bronchial tubes, n
il wilh "i 'alai'tliozoa
the following symptom
Bad Breath Stuffy Nostrils
Frequent Sneezing    Ears Buzzing
Watery EyeH Hooking Cough
Bad Tasto Droppings
Raising Phlegm       DiitlcuH Breathing
i ..mi i contlnna to bunion your sys
lem for a md lier Auy will, tho genua
of siu'li a lilihy. loathsome iUkouru us
( iilisi i h. (iol i 'alarilio/oiie lu day -
inhale    ils    BOOtllillg    Vllpul*,    Illl    yotll
bie.ii hiug   urgniis   wlh   its   balsamic
•jsroi i, and all trace of Catarrh will
forever dopart, uoad whal til wood -*.
I..-,', of Sydonhum, Out., rays of his
rinr wiih i alarrhor.ouoi
"i was a chronic sufferer from eon
tinuous cohts in iho throat and nose,
and for many yo.nH have constantly
had Catarrh, i waa recommended to
try Oatturhosono, and Iind tbat by
using tbu Inhaler on tho flrat. ioulU
of a cold or In g.'ippo 1 am ahlu to
stay It in a tow hours. X havo beon
abiu to breathe through my nose froo-
ly Hinco using Oatarrhozono; in tact,
I am completely cured, (Siguod ISL
Once you try Calarrhozono yuu'11
realize bow indispensable it is—the
huge dollar size coat a ins nn hide-
structiblo hunl rubber inhaler and
Bufllcionl medicution to last two
months. Bawnro nf the substltutor
nml iiiiilutuis of Catarrh ozone—use the
genuine ami you'll get Clirod, By mail
frum the Ciilairhozuue Company, MulVa
In, N.V., and Kingston, Ont,
1100 because of this Injection of valuable
blood. 'I his increase is brought about
by Hul Karakul grades In ho retained
as breeding bucks, to be sold to breeders
for at least $160 each, and 500 lamb a
killed for fur at $10 each, making a
total of $20,000 above what would bo
secured if this Arabi blood had nut
been Introduced.'"
Dr. Noting himself contributes an article on his experiment to the New Votk
ting hi Bokhara, Central Asia,    those,.. „.,, /n    '   ,  „ ,,,.        .,
r    , i.ii -. lent,    (.".-p uinlie *   10),  in  the  course
animals,  WO  are  told  by  a  writer   in!   ,.„... ,v . '
,.,,,, ,  , J   .   .,    i       io   which no says:
Animal Husbandry, belong tu tht*  ong■
I family
varieties de
crossed on I
the  result   i
from which all broad-tail
and, iind when they aro
* natives of any country
a   high  grade  nf   mutton
l -a^—**.-..-*—.^—
'As is well known, it is oxcoedingl,
dillicult to secure breeding stock frum
Central ttsia, as those animals are religiously guarded. Dr. Young BUCCOed*
Od, however, iu bringing lifioen bucks
to America, and they are now  nn hi
rthrows every hypothesis of sex do
1 Since then sex comes automatically
; because of the inherent character of
| the germ cells, our next inquiry is tho
nature of the mechanism by winch it is
brought iibuut. The result of the study
[of thc structure of colls with tho micro*
I stupe is that the chiouioaouies are the
I vehicles   of   hereditary   characteristics.
'i hose ehronosomos are  little  rods or
bundles, smnll us compared to the coils
tbemsolvoSj but  huge as compared to
molecules and  atoms,    'ihe  number of
those little bundles is uniform for all
the somatic or body cells of any class
of  animals.    'Ihe  ovum   of  the   female
contains Imlf as many chromosomes us
the   body  cells  contain,     It  has  been
found  tlmt   tho  spormatoza  of  many
forms aro of two kinds so far as the
num.ier of chromosomes are concerned.
Oao-half of them  contain as many as
does tiie ovum,   The other Imlf contain j j
one less than the ovum. When an ovum dales.   Pur thus produced possesses a
and a spermatozoon with tho same aum* (lustre almost equal to the Angora goat,
and is fur too superior to anything that
Asiti can produce. Kxpcriments iu
Amorlcn,  conducted   by  aucb  men  as|
"On account <>i the wonderful natural luster of the Angola goat, il COO
easily be seen tliat a magnificent commercial Karakul-Angora fur will be
obtained from this cross. We havethe
.-est proof of this in a black Karakul
Shropshire*Angora kid which was horn
a few days ago and possesses great lui
ter, notwithstanding the fact that it
only contains twenty-live per cent, of
Karakul blood, and its luster was int
ra licit In north-western Texas, and will  tirally  greatly reduced by the Shrop
bo used iu connection witli the shoop 8n""0 Strnin,   .   .   .
already in the country iu producing tin*!.  "ln order to avoid all dangers result
high-price   furs   f
great ti demand.
wliieli  there !s"so|iDff fnim in-breeding, another iinporta-
"Dr. Youug is convinced by his own
observations and by experiments In this
country, as well ns in the Old World.
whore his father lias b
Hon should he made, and wc have already received tbe very necessary con-
i-u raisin
^^^^^^^^ nother iloek of lifty
head to this country, ami have reasons
to  believe  that  on  our    second    trip
for thirty yoars, that tho boat "results | through the desert of Central Asia wo
can bo secured by croSBing tho Karakul   Sll:l11 ,,(l -"'ooinpanicd by certain gentle
buckfl ou como of tho lonjr-wool breeds  ll,pn now connected with the Department
particularly   in   Loncolnshiro, although "f Agriculture, as there is very much
rWolloilt   furs  hnve  boon  secured  from''cf*.  Mood, to  learn  about   this   won
tors Cotswolds and the Wenaloy* dorfnl breed, which, in the near future
when wibi fur-bearing animal-* will have
become extinct, will have to lie utilized
cm   provinces,   nsited   to   be   relegated
tn  Uu*  rank   of   a   village,  as   it   pro
I to be unable to boar tho oxpouaoa
bio would hold 100,000 of them. About
a million aro made iu a month, luti. no
attempt Is uver mado to couut thom.
I' municipal dignity. In the single j In determining Ihe number, Mm uf
province uf Pueen 'mun- than twelve ihem uro placed In n vory delicate
luwns have ti population of less than a|balance, ami ihe number of tho whole
thousand, These towns are gradually
decaying, choked off by lho vast ostutoa
which encircle them and pravont them
from having iho olomoiits of vitality
Which nro ntvossary lu Ihem. It is
thus thut? the curronl nf population set:
amount is calculated from tht; weight.
All tbo .-mall parts of tlm watch arc
counted in this way, probably BO out
of tno 120,
After being <-ut the s.rews are hardened and pot in frames, about 100 to
nine and mi,re rapidly toward the west,I the framo,"heads up. This is done very
imptylng the towns iirnl rural districts rapidly; but entirely • the sense of
of tho oast." touch instead  of  by  sight, so  tlmt  n
What Is moil fearoil by the Gorman blind mun could do it as will as tho
government is the Influence of Pan- owner of the sharpest eye. The hoods
slavism in the province oast- of the are then polished in an automatic itm
lllbe.      "'.Ihe  kulturkampf    of    Bis-|clilno, 10,000 at a time.   The plate on
which Ihey ate polished is covered wltb
oil and a grinding compound, and on
this the machine moves them very rapidly by a reversing motion, until the polish   IB perfect.
sj.ler ii wn«t.-
Slella-    Wlmt >U I       ^^^^^^
of opportunityf
Bella   A freight train going througl
a  tunnel.
'' Dnmlev hns Pound a cure for tlri
trouble ' "Kh! Whal'- thst!1
-* Mr - bouuhl a motor boat."
marck, ihe Imprisonment uf priests, tli
Incessant  voxatloiiB  of  tbo    Prussian
iiiiiluniiios," havo Only served to stimulate tbo Slav spirit of nationality.
I'ollab pape.s tire forbidden by law to
be suid al railway slut ions or book*
sliimls;   BOtdlei'H   nre   furbidden    to   r\\
tor ii Polish cafe; Polish lawyora aro
nol ii.hi.iiti<t to pructlso In a Prussian
coiirl of law, 1ml in vain. To tpiulo
" i ho  nuthorltloa  hnvo  nl ly  ox
poiidoil mon- Ilmn $13,000,000 In nt
tempi lo bring back the peasantry ta
KiiBtorn Prussia and to settle thom
i lime,     l n qulin rocenl  t linos :i uuin- ]
her of laws Im*. o b i passod witli tho j
objoel  of nee oui pluming  this ond and |
of   depriving   lliu   Polofl   n\'   their   lllllds
and   In trod uc tug   Pnrmors   of   PrusBinn ,.  ..- —      —   n—-. t
..alioaallty.     Bul the contrail lio-im «"^^ ■tops, po.-lhs, car.. col-ft. heel*
iln- west, rich, Industrial, covered wilh
a   growing  population,  and   tho  oost,
ilwiiidliug in  ita iuhabilunls,  wl ui
grate to lho .*.ow World or tbo west o(
lUuropo, grows deeper ami doopor, oi
course, ihe gnpa Ihey leave in tholr
native luml are partly filled up by
Hussion ami Galiclan immigrants, wno
work for the great lauded proprietors
at low wages and contribute to swell
that great tide of I'tinslavic invasion
which Prussia so vninlv strives to with*
Shiahhb Cure
aultMy aluu* * Lu-jfli*.
10 llif.%1 Sad lunili.
80 emu.
The smallest screws in the world are
nmdo in n watch factory. They nro
cut from a steel wire by a machine,
Imi as the chips fall from the knife it
seems us though the operator were
simply cutting up the win* for his own
a in moment. Nn scows can be seen
and yet u screw is made at every third
The fourth jewel screw is next to
Invisible, and to tbe naked eye if looks
like a grain of dust. With n magnify
ing glass, however, it is seen to bo a
si-row with -ti" threads to tho inch, uml
with a vory fine glass tho threads may
be  seen qulto  clearly.
Those llttlo Bcrows are fonr ono
thousandths of un inch iu diameter.
It   Is estimated tnat uu ordinary thim-
Whon llollowuy's ('om Cure is ap
plied to a com or wnrl it. kills the roots
and the callosity comes out without Injury to tho flesh.
ff$b Ever* Woman
f-^I'A  "-::•.**,:"■:.:     ■■
.. " 1   HASVa Whli 1-    BJ
• ■?■; '\     '..-.".'       ■ -.-^
rm-taHtir**,„•** •*.        '.-*, ■V-5''-J''V""''T:*\
l«r»j-.i iir-ALM., lat-i uie* ., UtW.     r;« r J
riNDsoR supply co., H^jy
Business College
C#r. Port j'.- Av«. inl 11 nun- m fl
Courses — Bookkeeping,    Phott
hand. Typewriting i Bsgliali
l*iill term sow opt*,   tmermt y ttra*.    ffi
**»i*.l our il .'luntu in M<mfill|
|OOd pdr*tttoiw>
Wrltl today (or '\r-£e tli atm\o%»
f. C W8B0TT.
e. vwaiiA
bor of chronoiomOs unite the resulting
sygOtO tlevclopes into u fomule. On the
othor hand if a spormatozoon with one
less chromosome than the ovum tiuds
it and fuses with it, tbe now life resulting is a male. As flie ova are all of
one kind, tho spormatoza Of two kinds,
the box determiner is iu the latter. As
the sperm colls are one half female determining ami ouodiiilf male determining, then- is, by the laws of chance, un
equal chance for the production of a
female or a male, lint Ihe produce of
any one dam to tho same sire or dif-
fereUt si »•- nmy nil be of one sex. Any
brooder may through 0 series of years-,
have lii.-t ii preponderance of the male
sex and then of the female se.v in his
stud. It is oven possible (imt a par
ticular stud will for a number of years
for the protection of
-even* cold WOO thl
mr people against
The people of Rasters Germany. Ilk<
! their  cousins   in   Knghiud,  aro     bcin-.
crowded out by the existence or cxpan
' -ion   of   huge   landed   properties,   say*
,„       ,. •  .    ..     j Raphael-Georges   Levy  in  the   Kcono
Bhropshlros,    and    Mor.|m|tJtfl ,,r.in,Jli,(l (pttrfB-j,      The Prank
Goodnight. Albright, and others, prove
conclusively that wo can produce fu s
that excel iii beauty ami lustor the Persian In tuba kin b sold in the United !
States. Hr. Young states that bis ea
porionco is limited to crossing oa tli
??'•»     ,. ,      .i      ,.-      i      .i        iiurter Zeltung,  which  is  a   democratic
-Hr. lotiDK Im. tho akin «l ll tlirpo-l,,^ „„,,    *,„n,mi,    lk,    ..y,,,,,,,,
Uermany"  s*i  much  disliked   by  tho
Kaiser, confirms |his saving, aud gOOl
into particulars. It appears that while
lbc rest of the (ieriiian Km pi re 1ms
increased its population at the rate
ol im per cent, 'luring the la>t forty
years, the provinces or tho Upper Elbe,
including Poson nnd Bllesla, show a
loereaso, duo to emigration.    The pen
quarter bred Karakul Shropshire, which
was priced at $10,     In his opinion tho
Shropshire produces a much better skin
than  tho .Merino, because of the fact
that the Shropshire stands between the
short or tight  wool and the long wool
sheep. The half bred Karakul Lin-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ colnshire is so much superior to all the
bo noted mr lh cpruductioi' of n major -j o.mus tlmt ho believes WO must Confine
|ty "''  *■   B«i »'" w»lt ovo: a o.ir.olv-',   ontjmljj   to   tho   long-wool I^ta"^ ,i,0 ,„„ntrv bocouso thu,
largo ii'rriii.rv will bo ii vory cliwo ap- brood, in making thla crow,     rhoro la,        1-,n.ll.       Thov rrarohnaoil    ,i,..:,
proliiniatlon to „„ equal numbor of tho howovor, vojy  Rtlo dlf*oronco botwoon » g«»   .„'        ^1,Jf .,.,„' r'
SH^ft^? I I"'""  '"""•""   1811 and   186.1  bj
I • ot unmlnilfnl of tho fad thnt wol(,1.w1'?" 'r"";"1 »."! "",' ^"J"1-,   c, ling tholr  property to tho noblei,
',„„,. i„ „ groal wbllo a alto prodae      "*• t*" *m*T »   Karakul buck. I,     d f   h       ril| J,    , ,  ,. ,
vary   argo'    .'onl  nf , I only.ptattf-1,1   l^^STZshM?^  ' "" !" "'" ""-"* '"'"'"«"""■
This may bo oxplainod on tjio aaaump   "rg-lj npon     li l,.,',"K |.,„i.,ll>.   to .,,,-;,, , „„, f       ,        , ,.
tion  that  Uio apormnto-on of anch na bring a I  the „.,„„i,",„■„.  do.ir-,1,       |h       „.	
miii lo nnl  hnvo oqunl vigor. That J''.  ><»»'K l"''""* " '    " -'>  '! Weal '•Prnr.lo,   I'omoranla,    I'oaon
ta, th  s inatoaoa whieh nro of tlio   h" ZuT.ik.S^.i''.] '     Bllwla, th.   Prankf     J ns
,ck iloto mining chnrnetor found In th. ""'  ; !l ",!   '"'l •• "'j'1"    •>»«"<  Mya thnl  from  10 to Ml par ront, ...
nffatirlng   nro   normal   aud   vigoroua, ^'-".V,,,:"-        K  "",'      i" ■  V      "" ""   '«  """"l  '''
inlni.. ih imil niinil-r of   normatoloa    r from « to in,     rh la, I „.,...
ol   thoopinail x doiermining ennr-  •.      ■.,   .. .. - . -....       I    "ll„-  pnpulnl i   Kn.t.rn    Ooi
n«tor n.o woak nnd unablo to flu   '"' '"":•'""" "   ■*"''1" ' '•     l'"-'"   .  ,„.,   „„',   „,.,.,.
ovum  mil  to  ii,.,' with It.    This „. :'"">"" i'.'"ii-i. iiiuit".. i'.r-,      ; ,„,,, n,;.L      ,
aumptlon is ,orlH.d by a.tual o.porl   l*"'» I""" 1 to that nl iir.l nn,      , , ,« ,
mania „„ th. lawor form, of aulninl'nnd ««'l "'".1»'"^l,l» °,.". ^J't hn"\\t," moro „„t to orowd lain the In u
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relicf--Ptrminrnt Cin
tail.   I'u,.Iv te*e\-
able—ut aurrljr
but grntly oa
the liver.
Slop ahei^
cuieindi-l - ..
Sr,ii„n— impiore th. romnlratoa — brisKm
>eeye..   feuell Pill, Sra.ll D.,.. S..U Pria
Genuine auut™, Si^uatare
plant lilu.    In many -per
eont o. tlu- gori I - fu
i ale   ■■ *•    uaprollflc    o
sl Ill ihi- ocmir In raai
ml Iho degenerate
a large per
nished by the
doge eroto.
ma 11 an forniB
of a  male be
of the female dotonnlnlno chnrnetor all
tbo proitmi- would l*. mates. To explain
Uu* product! t females wo only in* i
1 | silppiee lh.it the yoWII Cplls of the
IlinlO, in llii" POlo, me dogeneralo lor
the production of males.
v. alio, thon, recent InvostlRntlon
points to box nn a h**io litniv character
and not tlio rosnll of onvlronmont. and
while in the mammalian forms of life it
is tho genu colls of tha mule llmt dotoi
Tho pt'ii eny linn mm h n| ■■■ anl
tent ■ onitltiitlon, The animals
g -nw rnpldty, oro i ■■ ullorl) nble to
witlmtatul i". •• .- drought and r-obl wen
tlu-r, can llvo on a s'uall amount of
iui.-l. Boom tu profor i<* stay out In
stoieu-, and produco mutton th.it i^ ^tni
llorfltlly MVi'.'l and tomb"; emu e.|ii.iit l> ,
profit  from ih.* Introduction ol   Karakul blou.l comes, not only from tin* furs      , ,,     .     .. il* —— «.*.i .1
.. ..        -.,..• ■ 1   , 1 oM tne iiiiiiim i- nms 1   • rnsc w    1 the
he animals, bat trnm mure and bet- .- ,- 1 ,
rest or Germnnv where sn uinnv urban
^^^^^^^^ rrow-t   .
rial centres of Western Germany,   Hi
tween   ls8fi  ni d   ':* 0  lho
Knstorn I'mssin have lo :  half :i mil
Hon Inhnbltants, 84,000 more thnn the
ox 'oss of births ovoi Hon tin ■'■ 1
primo  peiiol.      In   IWKi  two thh Is  0
il.- teiritn y eastward of tlio Kibe wns
le«*s densely  |»opnlat-oi1  than   In   1870,
The number of towns deerensod, whil
eontros  nndenvent    oxti    rdl   irj   tic
celopmonl since Iho war.     One town,
[ftltuntc'l nl ore hour's distance  '1 in n
j provincial capital of one of thc 1 u I
if the sheep alou • I by -!'
Asthma   Ko   Loni;cr   Dreaded.—Tho
dioad  ui' renewed attacks from lint In   I
has   no   bold   upun   thoie   who   hnvo l fntl.bloodotl Karakul bn
learned tn tcly upon Dr. .1, D. Kello^g's    * ■*
\n\ hma li- no-iy.   So snfo do thoj
tlmt eoinplete rellnnce li placed 011 thli
true v. 0 ilic  Willi  tllO eotiiintv  lint   it
will always do nil thai iis makon ein I   .
If yi.a l"*\-- im! yol Ion mod how safe]
vim aro wiih this propnratlon nt band       -,^--r—  .m. —     -  m—t.-1
....!    ll    i„ ,ln,.   „„,l   L.„„„.   i-   i.   , t .1, S«lrV1f   cluna  vnaihea    itrai   ...J.I-,.    h--.l
get  it  to iln*.   and  Know rOI  yoursolr,     ' J»» UiffMl smwbK     •  •  •     tlo mi
to- mutton ns well. Experiments sli >w
llmt the Injeetl in of BS por cent, "■
Karakul blood Into Mo • 1 ihcop m I 1
neul raliso lite shcepy ti lo of the meat,
unking high grade "'nt.■•" "iili a -liar    ^^^^^_^_^_^.1^_^.1^.1^.1^.1^.1^>^>^11^
aetorlstir flavor of it- owa. '   ■,-  . 	
"By n euro fully proparod statement     .«,.„.-      ,      . ,     .,.
I*r. Vottnn shows thnt by starting with ,    A *p'11 Th"t "n«Woni Life —I.. Ibe
250 Llncolnshl ive«   ind Introdnelng     "'   u,)"  ^ n  vll?t,m  '"   '
nt the beginning of the third rear I ' l-on ,,f business bet  nn
"""    * '*  "     -      - tj|(,  vnj„01 added  misery.    He cannot  concent at
','. mind nrion hii ; 1 and loss nn '
vexation attei l him, To inch n mnn
Pnrmofoo's Vogi table I'ii     iflfor relief.
■ in *   nci irdiug  ii*
■ *:       ■     -■ blm ol  t■. 1
grenl excollenro.   The'  1 ro * onfldpnth
'■ - oinn lo 1 In auso th ij will *h> nil
elali led for ihem.
The Raffi L^amp
ifyS^) ^Q Lamp That
?3rM    ^aves Tke Eyes
- mn-'i Children  natunily never tl-.mlc of
%*sT^*f j/j j       poaiblc strain on their eyesight ■■• ".,:.i
poring over a fardnaLnq bcolc.
It is up to you lo see they do not rain
their young eyes these lonir evening
by reading under a poor light.
. The Rayo  L-rnp is an insurance
against eye 'troubles, alike for voting
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      and old.
The Rayo is a low-priced lamp, but it is constructed on thc soundest t
scientific principles, and there is not a belter lamp made at any pnee.
It is easy on thc eye because ita light is so soft and white and
widely diffused.   And a Rayo Lamp never flickers.
Eaiily lighted «vidioul removing .hade or chimney;  e.,y lo clean and —■   ..
Solid bi.u throughout, with handsome nickel finiih; alio in many other atyles acci Qnunea.
Aak your dealer lo ,li„, vuu l>i> line ol Rayo l»n>p,: or write lor deKriptive iircsjr
to any agency ol
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
Owing to so muih unfavorable weather, man] fanners ■ •*' * sststi
Canada have gathered at least part of tholi  <       ■     bed       fi it
othoi rise weather damsgod.   However, ti.f no   1..      -■   il
corn, oats, barley, fodder, potatoel and trogetaoles, bj  thl        ina   In  I
and drought *.i lasl mrnmoi In ttie United Statu
Western Europe, there Is gol ■.- t** u,- s stead) its l good
fm nil iho grain Western Canada bai raised, ni      •     ■    I Its
may be,
Bo mu-fli vaiiety tn quality makes It ■•■--.
perieneH t-* lodge the full ralue thai should bool     *      • *    . I  .-  .
. n - *;..- farn e   novel stood more in need of I es of I
experienced and relish e grain eommisston man to set for I
looking afier and -.ring i*f bti grain, than ho does t' ■ »t*.i«(i(
i ■ ■..■!-, u n :l therefore do we foi ursehes, not *■ 1 1
it reel or iraell prlee* bnl t-i ship your grain t.\ earload til reel to ■' *
ttl . mu or l'..rt Vrthur, to be nan died by as In » « 11 thai wil get
fm vuu all there li In It. We make liberal advai •■« whei lesl :
reeolpt if shipplun bills fot tmn shipped, We nevei hnj youi grab ot
wn ■ ■*; bnt act ai youi agent 1 in 'i-liii.c it to tha l*e*>t sdran-
tage for yoni aceonnt, and we do 10 on 1 fixed rommissiot ol le per
«,      We hnve mad.  a spe I   •-. ol this work fo   mini  ynxra, m.! are
irt 1 ' t iwn  • er Western * am Is for onr c\; • rle the gram trade,
reliability, earefnt attention to onr envtomers'lnti ests. ai I .■•■ nptnesi
in making settlements, I
\\o invite farmeri who have not yei em        ■ n   te ti  ni foi
ihipplna     itrn lions nnd market  Ipfoi    tlo        I in regard to our
■ 'in- in ths Winnipeg (Iran Trade, s ■-:   art an, wr*
boy to refer ymi to the l-olon Rank of 1 snsds, Si il ■■     • - it- hi 11
a'-,   to 'h mmerelal Igenelee of Braditreets and R, fl Dnn k Co.
703 Y Gt> in Exchange Winnipeg
"More bread
nd     Mr
stte-.- >/
Sold by Merchants of Chilliwack, Rosedale, ami Atchelit/,.
raoFOR SALEmea
All Cleared.   Beautifully Situated.   High
ami Dry.     One Mile from City on good
Price $200 per acre, on terms.
The ChilliwacK Specialist
Wo havo in stork n number of standard doors, assorted
sizes, which we purchased at a snap price.   We bought
these doors right and will sell them right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare these with regular prices and come and see the
doors. Como early us they will not last long at these prices.
P. 0. Box 243
Phone 1121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
♦♦«»«...♦*.*.«*♦♦«♦*.)♦**♦♦**.•*.♦♦.)♦♦♦. i
Just Arrived!
:" I
? Tlu.' Cliilliwnck Harness Co., aro carrying a full line <>f +
I Dr. Pattie's Celebrated Australian f
I Stock Remedies.              f
1 for Horses and Cattle.   Also instruments in Drenching %
X Kim, Syringes, ami .Milk Fever outfits.            J
t Do not miss tho opportunity of getting a good necessity for your J
t ' '*' |
| HARNESS A SPECIALTY                    |
| WM. THOMPSON                             DELL WH1TM0RE I
Kormrrly criic Now K.rn.)
C. A. HARDER, i'ubllaliai nnd Proprietor.
II you consider in an inquisitive
fiiiinc of mind, please romember
I that we am nil moody at ono time
or another, and it you are inclined
to reply, lie brief nnd kind, and do
not lose any sleep in endeavoring
to solve (lie problems. The solutions nmv be obvious.
* .
Hit takes u competent man 7
weeks, 5 days, il hours nnd 'Id
minutes to clean a lady's watch,
after promising 111 limes to havo it
"ready lo-morrow sure," how much
pin money should n mail allow bis
wife during Xmns week when bargains are given a way, and she cini-
not romember tho size of her husband's gloves?
If a loaf of bread is a few ounces
short of the correct weight, is it
right to break open the baby's
money box to give the tot a Xmns
present, instead of calling nt lbc
Bank for the necessary? The baby
cannot count the "dough" and the
customer inny not weigb tbe bread,
but Ibe doubtful way is thero nil the
. »
If tbe crazy limes cut down and
otherwise dnmnge the young trees
on the roadside, how niiiny yenrs
must n Btreit be gnzetted before the
authorities become cognisant of its
existnnco and permit the residents
to share some benefit from tbeir
own taxes.
If it is necessary to remove beautiful shade trees to allow the proper
construction of a sidewalk, whilst
there is no objection to telephone
poles obstructing the same, why do
the suburban ratepayers have to
bear more than their share of cost
nf improvements near the centre of
the city, whilst their immediate requirements are totally ignored?
If it takes one night's rain to
convert neglected streets into a
quagmire, which would be the more
economical:—To build plank bridges
over thc mud holes, or All them
with gravel or even crushed rock if
it could be spared for such a purpose! (The office lioy advises the
erection of danger posts, but they
would   totally  obstruct  traffic  in
some parts!)
* .
If it takes(either change the sub-
ject—oi—quit—Editor C. P. P. )
Alright, boss, just this and no
more! If it takes six months to
fix the crossings at the corners,
what has become of the dozens of
rubbers lost in navigating a successful passage from one side of the
road to the other, these lust few
Is there to be an election for
Mayor of our thriving city? It is
time some definite announcement
reached the electorate. Party politics should lie as dead as a door
nail and the idea should lie greatest
good for the greatest number,
irrespective of politics or creed.
. .
And so another Christmas is upon
us when families gather, and goml
will seems to predominate in all
men's minds. It may lie a time of
happy memories or sad recollections
to some, but to thc younger generation, the greater thought is Santa
nnd bis toys.
. .
Sleepy Santa singed by tbe
Wesely troop of scout boys, assisted
by their yotng lady friends, provided an evening's capital enjoyment for a good crowd, and it is
evident the parents are Oncottraging
the youngsters in the right direction.
. .
The I'. S. A. is doing line and
an audience of almut •.'.in men gathered on Sunday afternoon, I am told,
In listen to a very able  address  by
Bishop de Pencler, Next Sunday
wns announced as Ladles Day, ns
the men will take their lady friends
to the sacred concert in the Opera
House, and listen to a programme
such ns never before presented to a
Chilliwack nsserniily.
. *
It is nn old wish, but I feel justified in closing these icinarks by
expressing to my readers, one and
nil,the sincere, genuine, hearty wish
A .Merry rhristiv.fi and A Happy
New Year.
Don Toby.
Mr, Editor,—Since iny letter of
Inst week, stating tbe possibility of
my becoming a candidate for the
office of Mayor for 1912, and which
wns written prior to thc publication of Aid. Jackason's announcement, the instsUnce of many of my
itipporters has decided me upon
iiei'omtng a candidate for the office.
The men whose names were
given under Aid. Jackson's announcement, are such men as 1
would like to see on the Board of
Aldermen, whosoever may be Mayor, and I am assured by such
names, and of others who I know
will present themselves, tbat there
will bn a Rood board of Aldermen
for the coining year.
As n enndidnto for tho office of
Mayor, 1 stand first of nil, for good
government, nnd the enforcing of all
laws tending to the City's welfare:
For the extension of goml roads
uud sidewalks, and the effectual
draining of the City:
1 consider the question of
dealing with sewage, one of
vital importance to the health of
the city, and will lend all the aid 1
can, to obtain a satisfactory solution of this problem:
To take up and expedite all
measures tending to the general
and progressive welfare of the city,
with a due regard to keeping down
our taxes, as low us is possible and
consistent with progressiveness.
1 wish to give special emphasis
regarding the matter of good government, and the protection of every
man's rights, because,—last Satur-
lay, I heard that a report was being circulated to the effect, that
should I bo elected Mayor, our
present Chief of Police would lie
dismissed from the Force, 1 do
not for a moment credit that anyone who knows me, would place
any credence whatever, in such a
report, but in justice to myself,
and in justice to others who might
entertain any doubt, 1 just have to
state, that I would be one of the
Inst men to countenance the discharge of any man preforming his
duties faithfully, and have never
even thought of such a thing. All
I ask for, is faithful performance of
such duties for which a man is engaged,—and as regards the police
department, thnt the officers shall
avoid any unreasonable harshness
in their dealings with the unfortunates of whom they have to take
charge. Every man has certain
rights, and it is the duty of each
one of us, to respect such rights.
I stand for "Justice" in all that
that  term  implies.
Chilliwack Dec. IS  1911.
To thc Editor.
Serious reports have lieen made
to me of horses which are not being
properly cared for, and my attention has been drawn to one or two
lieing driven into the city whbh
arc not in a fit condition. Also
very many cases of cruelty have
been reported of chickens lieing
shipped in too small crates in some
Instances causing suffocation. So far
when the attention of owners has
been drawn to these cases, they have
been remedied. I hereby give warn
ing tbnt no more instances of cruelty
will be passed by, but prosecutions
will take plnce and heavy penalties
will he asked for. Those interested
pleased take notice.
Yours etc.
J. M. Galloway.
Inspector S. P. C. A.
Paid-up Capital and Reserve
Money Loaned to Responsible People.
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms.
Chilliwack Branch   •   N. S. MacKenzie, Manager
Millions Know theValue oj the Name
orv a
For ttie past
sixty years
the Studebaker
has set the
standard tn
farm  wagons.
__11__i^iI-1-1-1-_1-1111111111-_^__. Confidence
in Studebaker value and Studebaker service, has
been handed down from father to son
The best proof of how Studebaker service ts
appreciated is shown by the fact the Studebaker
plant covers 101 acres of ground—the largest vehicle
factories tn the world.
If you want the wagon of finest appearance and
_  longest life you'll choose a Studebaker.  Come in
▼ and let us show you scores of points of superiority. 47
For Sale by The ChilliwacK Implement
and Produce Co.
Successor to WM. ARCHIBALD
Estimates Given
Phone 58 P.O. Box 265
t    Offlce Phone 221
Residence Phone 225
Abbotsford Timber tt Trading
Co., Limited
Offlce and Yards, YOUNG ROAD
It will pay you to get in touch with us. Rough and
Dressed Lumber, Fir and Cedar Shiplnps, Kiln
Dried Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Mouldings, and
Interior Finish. Cement, Windows, Doors, Shingles.
50,000 feet No. 2 Sized Dimensions in 2x4 to 2 x 12
at $10.oo a Thousand
Prompt attention given to all orders.
TH0S. KIRKBY Local Manager
Wishing you all a Merry Xmas
and   a   Prosperous   New   Year
F. J. HART & CO., Limited
The Chilliwack
C. T. Vradenburg
rutchw St. ChilliwacK
Opposite B. C. E. Station
, Fitted with modern con- (t
] | veniences and comfortably ..
"       furnished throughout.       *
I i   D. R. MacLENNAN, rcprletor   ;;
R. A.. Henderson, o.e. & m.e.
B. 0, Land SunvBVOB
Rooms in & 11. Westminster Trust Block
ChilliwacK Orchestra
I'lillllwaek  Orchestra,  six  or Kiiilit
pi.ns tipcii for engagements.
Aik   IViliTK, Secretary,
Furnished Rooms to Rent
To RENT -Three nicely liimliliod rooini
ileum heated, Imiii, electric ll|{ht, etc.
Apply I'hilliuil.'k Free Press.
For Rent
FOR RENT—Rooms nnd ofllcos with hot
water heating. Geo, lt. Ashwcll A Son.
Sold and delivered.
Order now.    Phone
Christmas Presents
Church News
Roller Rink
The Chilliwack Roller Rink is now
open for the season.
Two-T|iirty to Five
Seven-Thirty to Ten
Come and enjoy a pleasant
Hot Air  Furnaces,
Roofing and Cornice,
Metallic   Ceilings,
Stoves and Ranges,
Ocneral repair work,
r.stiiuates  furnished
Phone 94
British Columbia Electric Ry.
UttrV Arrive
Traiii.       Chwk. Weatmin.
3 8.30 a.m. 11.20
A 1.16 p.m. .1.45
* 0.00 p.m. s.-to
Loavo Arrive
Traiii      lllgtln. Weslniin.
1 0.30 a.m. 3.60
lx'iive Arrive
Traill         Van. Weatmin.
2    8.30a.m. 9.80
4 12.16 noon 1.20
8  6.00p.m. 0,10
Leave Arrive
Train       Van.      Wvatmln.
0 3.03 p.m. 4.06
A visit to this store will reveal to
you an exceptionally nice range of
Ties, Gloves, Scarfs, Handerchiefs
and many articles of wear for men,
which are very suitable as Christmas gifts. You may be sure of
first quality, the latest and newest
goods,  and very moderate p. ices.
Hart Block
\A Xmas. Gift
An Ideal Christmas Gift for the whole Family    *
A Gourlay Piano   j
see them.  J
Special prices up to Christinas.       Call and
Alfred White   The Music Man
Lvc. Chilliwaek 5.00 a.m. 1. Daily Except
"   Vancouver 7.00   '     j     Sunday
All passenger trains handle Express.
Useful and Acceptable
The little immersion heater, li o i 1 s
water in a few
El Stovo
The   stave
which    boil*
your     kettle
Toaster ii
all cooking
purposes ns ..
well as toasting
£1 Perco il
Unices ili-lic  |>
ills    CuffcC
ill     II    f 0 W    i '
Phone 257        S.   PLJGH Chilliwack \
Piano and Organ For Sale!    Dressmaking—MissCarvolth nill
  I lie plensed to see her customers, at
Nerncoinbo Piano, In good condition, her lioiiienn Corlionld street. Phono
AhaWn ai $.60,    ■ta-Orp, 2H7      nl t,,    }y ,,  Exchange
splendid tone, ease in Rood
snap at $00.
Mayor Munro visited the Capital
City last week on Municipal business.
in  the Hart   block,   on   Tuesday
afternoon from two to five p.m.
Dry hardwood for sale    Telephone R 21.
Wood for sale—Phone L 181)0.
John Robinson conducted the
muming service in tho Methodist
churcli at Sardis on Sunday,
Rev, Mr. Yates of Abbotsford was
in the city on Wednesday, taking
tlic service in St. Thomas Church
on Unit evening.
Tlio children of the Baptist S. S.
were treated to a supper and a
Xmas entertainment in the Oddfellow's Hull on Thursday evening.
The Rev. R, A. Forde, as Rector
of Rosedale, hus tendered his resignation to the Bishop. He
and Mrs. Forde left for Ontario
last week.
Tho children of Cook's church
Sunday School were given a supper
in the school room on Tuesday
night followed hy au interesting
In connection with Chilliwack
Catholic Churcli, Sunday services
will bo conducted os follows! Mass
nt nine ti. in.Sunday, and eleven a.
ill. Moiidtt}. High Mass at eleven
ul Indian Roservotion and midnight
Muss at twelve p. in. Sunday.
At Conk s Church Sunday evening u quat'totte composed oi Miss
Hell, Miss K. Henderson, Fred
James and Arthur Henderson, will
render Dr. Arnold's "HarkI The
Herald Angels Sing." At the
illuming service Miss Frankie Kipp
will sing a solo.
Bishop de Pencier of Westminster
ci inducted confirmation service in
St. Thomas' Church on Sunday
evening when sixteen candidates
were confirmed. In addressing the
candidates the Bishop gave a very
helfpful address on the history of
tiie church, the importance of the
service of confirmation and also
that of Christian living, basing his
remarks on the subject of one of
Paul's letters to the Philippinns,
Knowledge, Love and Judgement' '. There was a large congregation present.
On Monday evening last the
Epwortli League of the Methodist
Churcli held a most interesting and
unique social gathering. The
young people were invited to meet
"Around the Camp Fire" and the
room was appropriately decorated.
In the centre a huge bonfire was
blazing (a electric light and red
paper giving just the effect needed),
in the comer a tent was erected
wilh the usual camp adornments oi
wash bowl on wooden block, frying
| pan, etc. Stories of camp life were
j told by Messrs Orr, Abbot and Beer,
j songs were sung by Miss G. Sampson
i and Miss F. Orr, a recitation given
j by Miss S. Woodworth, and camp
\ scenes were depicted on the screen
I by means of the lantern. There
was a large attendance and all
thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Christmas Sunday in the Methodist church will be most interesting
and proiitable day. The services
will be of a most appropiate character and will doubtless be attended
by a large number, ln the morning the Girl's Choir, under the
leadership of Mrs. Geo. Ashwcll,
and assisted by Miss K. Henderson,
will give a special programme of
music and there will be a short
address by the pastor, Rev. A. E.
Roberts, on a Christmas topic. The
full programme folbws,—Duet and
chorus "The Angel's Song", Misses
F. and O. Orr; solo, "Christmas
Mom"; Miss Irene Knight; duet
nnd chorus, "Fear Not, Arise",
MissesG. Sampson and L. Cartmell;
solo," I heard the Voiceof JesusSay ",
Miss F. Orr; chorus "The Wise
Men's Offering"; solo, "Christinas
Morn", Miss Gladys Sampson;
chorus, "Sing, rejoice"; solo, selected, Miss K. Henderson.
In the afternoon, commencing
sharp nt 2.30, the Sunday School
will have an open session, when nn
appropriate programme of songs,
recitations etc., will be rendered
and the pastor will give an address
to llie children on "Thc ChllstmaS
Heart." Tlic children are to bring
a special offering to lie devoted to
the purchase price of a new mission bout which has lately heen put
upon the Kootonay Lake. Mr.
John Robinson, tlio superintendent,
und the ntlicers . and teachers,
extend a hearty welcome to all who
du uot attend any other Sunday
School to visit the Methodist school
next Sunday afternoon.
The evening service will lie n
"Lantern Service." Mr. Roberts
has scented a number of colored |
slides of the fatuous paintings of
llolTniiiu on 'flic Life of Christ and
these will lie shown upon the
screen, wilh appropriate words
descriptive of the pictures and of
the matchless story of the Christ
life. Thoro will also lie hymns
sung to illustrate the story. The
service commences at the usual
hour, 7.30 p.m.
I Christmas Greetings
We wish all our friends and
Customers best   wishes for  a
joyous Christmas Season.
Denmark & Burton
t I
Suggsetions for the Holiday j
Season \
The first one is, make your purchases as early as
possible.   You will get a better selection and better
Partial List of Suitable (lifts
Dressing Robes
Smoking Jackets
Fancy Vests
Sweater Coats
Kid and Moccn Glores
Wool and Silk Lined
Poplin and Silk Neckwear
Collar Bags and Tie Holders
Men's Felt and Carpet Slippers
Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs
Silk Squares and Knitted
Fancy arm Bands and Garten
Fancy Suspenders
Men's Umbrellas, all nrices
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A visit to this store will help you in your purchases.
Chas. Parker . Chilliwack, B.C.
Wishes all his friends and customers
a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year.
And takes this opportunity of thanking his
customers for their patronage during the past
year and solicitates a continuance of the same
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Cliilliwnck Boy Scouts No. 1 nnd
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Useful Christmas Presents
tiie electric coflee
the disc on which
thc electric current
will do light
tlte handy imtiicru-
iuu hi-jilt-r for tr-uil-
iiiL' water quickly.
the indispensable
kitchen convenience forironinitday
Drop in at our
Chllllwaek otiii-e
and have these appliances explained
to you.
B. C Electric Railway Co, Limited
Canal Worker's Experience
Mtinin til tld ago I en mt! tn tlii> plaCQ to
work on tho canal and through luclo
mont woathor antl oxposuro contracted
tho worst ltin.1 of nonrulgiu, Tho pain
would (111 my forchoad so that I could-
n't sec; it was just awful. I went to a
druggisl in town ami wuh advised lo
uho a 50o, bottlo of Novvilino. That was
tho host ailvJco noil tin- host iiio'lii-iiic
I over got. I will always rocommend
Narvilliia for any acho or pain. It is
ho Btrong and pouotrating  it U bouiid
to   ('111*0.
(Hlg I) A. I'.. GIOHQI,
'..'ronton, Ont.
Doctors will lell ymi thai nothing Imi
tlio iMiic-i ami inosl honling antlsoptic
drills arc uaoil in Norvilino thai 's why
it is m. wifo I'u;' gonornl family um-. Cor
Ilu* baby as well iifl llie poront. II' yon
liavou 'I tried Nerviliuo, do ho now—
your neighbors tiro almost sure to kimw
nl' Itii nuinifold merits ami uses.
That Reminds Ne
"Their chnufl'our seouis a sober, care*
ful follow." "Woll, for thu wages
they pay they can't well export anything else."
Stella—When ymi are engaged you
tell him mat  he must economize,
Bella—Ami after you aro married he
tells you that you nuisl.
Maud—You'd uev
poBnla   I've  hud  Ui
Klliel    .No, dear;
dreamer  as  you   ur
■r dream of the pn.
I'm  not so  good ;
Klltuion, <>o the inland nl' Hawaii, as
high ns Vosuviiif and twice as wide,
lien thirty mil."; l roill Ihe son in :; mouii
tain range w heroin are t broo doad vol
ouiiooh uud ono partially alive.     This
las|,   .Manna   Loll,   sends   I'r    time  te
time stream*** of lava down its slopes.
la l«8l throe streams burst forth from
the did08 of Ihis monuiain. ami ono of
them   ci    WitlllU   I hree-i|iiarters   of   a
mile ef llil'i, the chief city of the la
Intnl. There have boon several oul
breaks of Kilauea iu the last ono bun
drod years. lu I1*-ln there was a bril
li;nil eruption of lava, tho light of
which, it was reported, could bo seen a
hundred miles awuy.
Where the lava flowed through the
forest it left curious relics in tho shape
of lava arches, bridges, and groat vases.
These vanes were formed by the lava
piling itself about some lofty tree trunk.
burning away the wood within and killing thi! upper part of the tree. In
thi* course nf time seeds were deposited in the opon top, fit tod with decaying
bark, until now there is a gigantic lava
vaso. holding ferns unit flowers and
Lawyer for Defendant—Now, sir,you
say Hml my client disappeared in 'the
darkness lifter kuockiug you down.
Whal   lime of uiglil   was this?
i oiiipi'iinani l can't sav exactly.
Your I'lienl  had mv witch.
• '• Y
Hobby Mrs. I'.ione.- has a friend who
has  died  and  gone  to  tho  bad   place.
Mamma-Why, Bobby! What makes
von eay Biieb.  tilings*
Hobbj Well, she said lhat she had
a warm friend who was dead,
Mrs. Oldlimer When we were in
Egypt wo visited the pyramids.     They
Wore   just   covered   with   hieroglyphics.
Mr.-.     New lie h    lloirnis!       Woven't
you afraid that some of the ugly things
would gel on you?
Physician—Havo you any aches or
pains this morning'?
I'litiont—Yes, doctor. It hurts tne
to breathe. lu fact, the only trouble
now seeum to be wilh my breath.
I'hysician—All right. I'M glvo you
something  that   will   soon   stop   that.
"1 liunno how Hill's ugoin' to vote
in tills election," said tin* campaign
worker. "I've Ileum toll he's ou the
fence. "He wu/, thai." replied the
neighbor; "Imt one o' the caudordatos
let fall a dollar on the oil' side o' the
fence, and Hill got dizzy an' fell
"Sir," with the haughty Ameiican to
his adhesive tailor. " I object to thi-
boorish dunning. 1 would have you
know   lhat   my  great groat-grand father
was one of the early settlers. "And
yet," sighed the anxious tradesman,
"there are people who believe in heredity."
'' Would you say thc presidency or
the -judiciary is tlo noblest institution
iu tin* lam1.}" asked the Entorrogativo
Person, "Without intending to cast
a slur on either the presidency or the
judiciary," answered the Opinionated
1'eison, " I should say that, puy day
holds  that  enviable  eininem-e."
trlsh Boatman (surveying the solitary result of the day)—" It's a foin
fish for the si'/.e uv' ul; them'11 run
about three to the pound."
Angler—" Hardly that. I should
Boatman-*-'' Well,   maybe   t he   ot her
two'd be a bit bigger."
■    «    #
Pred Lennox, spending the summer iu
; Chicago, took a Itat dose to a railroad,
Whlcb he surrendered afler a week's oe-
:- iiorses
  "I think  I coiil.i have bocomo n*.'.!
Oalottn, Ont. to the trains going l.y in the night," he
"Mv   liuslinml   used   lliu   Pills   for »aid, "but ovory morning at 8 o'clock
Backache  un.l   Kidney   Disease     The two  engines canto under  in
pain in his back, ivaa.di Hul and the '""1 rohoaraod until noon."
kiiitievs failed tn di. their work proper* ... ^^^^^^^^
Iv.   As he became worao, we found it     Bobby  luul  worn   his  mother's  pa-1 ?,"''"•"",""" •"■"""lti '" » ',"'" »k«iu.i
necessary to begin trentinonl :. in- tionco to the limit. l'"",1'' " ! 1"|"«" ,"••";■ 'ofl*.  i 7,
fortunately watted ti. ind mouoy on     "Vou nre a porfoct little I then:     ;""i.»ns Lie.  by I ut.-hcu Willies Farm,
 ,._.,  i,... ... ,..„, ILoxiugton, Ky,
Couldn't Get Strong
Seemed  to Have  Lost All  Ambition,
Was Pale and Anaemic
Made Wonderful Recovery   v. hen Dr.
Hamilton's Pills Wero Used
sF*%       S      wl
"1 wns neve:1 actually sick." writes
Mrs. Ln I'ierre, wile of 11 well-known
resident, of Labonie.no, "yei. I uovor
could got strong like otber women. 1
uie well enough, bul somehow blood
rich un.l roil I could novor make, When
I married I took n great pride In my
housekeeping, hul il kepi mo lire.I all
tho lime. Mis. I.ecluince, my uolglibor,
looked woll—she told mo her lioiilth hud
been made by Hr. II Minn's Tills.   I
only thought of pills ns tt physic, bul
now I kn..w that I'r. Hamilton's Pills
are nu.ie. for thoy qiiickonod my
stomach, liver un.l bowels—iniule lllc
stouter und strongor, gave uio such col-
or in my . I ks ns I never hnd before
They do good to purls lu-ways I nee.l
not mention in this letter, bill I sin
 Cly   believe    Dr.     llutnllton 's    Dills
should bo usci in roguinr intervals i.y1 -j;;,;;:;;;, :;■;.;,„ mootl    gll(
every  wuinnn   -thut s why   I   write  tins'
No medicine Invigorates a
like Dr. Hamilton's l'llls. 25o.
uil dealers or the Catarrhozi
Kingston, Cnnada,
wus won by Hillbrooko Qiioen. At tho
Se|.leniher moot she look the second
and third heats in '-'.-iil-j und -.liji.j,
after losiag tho Ilrst to Louiso Wilson
ia 3.17%. Al tlio bjg "trots" in October sho started In both the Futurity
and tho Lexington, finishing 0-5 to Native Hollo when that phenomenal filly
.stepped her famous second heat in
:Mi7:,'i. while she won'I he hitter ovont
In straight lieitts, time 8.10%, 8,17.
As a throo-yoar-old she lirst appeared
in tho llorseniau stako nt Detroit,
whore she was distanced In tho third
ami Iinui heat won by Emily Ellon in
8.10%. Al Loxington ill tho memorable
futurity won by Grace sho mot tho
Bumo Fnto in tho fifth lieut, while iu
tho Kentucky stake the following week
she finished 3-8 to Colorado E, tho second heal boing tho record mile of thnl
i-cmiirltnblo colt—2.04%,
la both her two aa.l threoyoiir-ohl
form she was driven by Ed. Willis, the
very capable trainer nf Patchon Wilkes
[•'arm, no.I this yoai in Lou McDonald's
stable she hus had a quite strenuous
campaign, having started eleven times
prior to her time trial ut Lexington,
hturting witli Ihe (Iran,I Circuit nt
Indianapolis she secured third monoy
I.. lho famous "plowllOlso" I.'. 'I'. 0.
i ho uoxl week al Knlaiuozoo sho gol
fourth in a race won by The Huguenot,
Al Qrnnd Rapids she wus sec I in ike
2,10 Dot. when High Admiral look u
mark   ol'   3.07'J.i.     At   Dotl'lol   sho   wns
drawn after Hie st I heat iu the 8.13
trot, won by i hurley Mitchell, Al
Clevelan.l she wns third in Ihe seem.I
preliminary ul' Ihe Tavern "Steak."
Al Qttfl'alo she wns unplaced iu tbo
King Qoorgo tfafiOU stnko, won l.y Del
vasla, un.l iu the Massachusetts stako
nl Ilea.hillc silo gol third, Al Hurl
ford she look Ihe third ami lilll) heals,
aa.l second money in nu ovonl  won l.y
I' •  lied.    Al   Syrucuso  she  llnlshcd
I throo limes to Ludy Willow. Al
:i I ■: :i
(IS, 8.08. 2.IISI... uud 2.00%. Al  Col
true to a Etntal] extent, bul   it  is nnt
probable Ihul more than live per I.
additional power cun bo obtained from
tile motor liy disconnecting Hie inuO'ler,
un.l us tills increased energy is only
necessary when Hie power plant is call
ed  upon to exert  its utmost  strength,
per In.s
.Iocs gel onto who I uut I
nil   winter.' "
"Alwnys ai
puts it. "nu.
Alwnys  Bay  "yos
never bo divorced.
"A    sixteen pujio
sweelheurt!    What
..' " uu old proverb
will   never  lie  inur
.1   you    will
lottor   from
hi  earth   dues
" He says he loves me!"
A   ln.lv in u snuthcru town
notice Irom ber conk Hint thut lady
wus about to leave her service in or-
dor lo cnler int.. the ln.lv -tule ot
"Why," suid sue. "I Illoo I didn't
even knnw you hud tm admirer."
"(Hi, vans, mu'ant, lor some time."
"Who cun it be, Cliloof"
"Don't you remember. Miss Lizzie,
ilnt I attended de funeral of 0 fren' ol.
mine ubout two weeks ago.'"
"Waal, ma'am, it's de eorp's hus
With t
L. U
lunibuB she was second throo heatH lo
| Vanity Oro, when the Canadian inaro
tramped three miles in 2.01) Vi, *J.l I -,.
2.12»/|. Her pedigree shows the intonso
trotting strains to which sho U hair,
Wlu-n lho Indians triivollod togothor
Ihey seldom walked or rode two or more
abreast, bul followed one another in
Blngla lilc H has boon thought by
pome that this practice resulted from
the lack of roads, which compelled them
to mnke their way through woods ami
around rocks by narrow paths.
If this wore 'ihe real reason tor the
practice then we should expect  to find
that the tribes who lived in opol ill-
tries travelled in company, as do while-..
The true reason for journeying, ns
tae Indiana did, in single lib* seems to
be a feeling of caste. This feeling wa"
at the bootom of other customs of the
Indians. It made their women slaves.
and rendered the men silent and un
This peculiarity is Asiatic. Uow it
has warped ami disfigured Hindoo life
is well known. Home is scarcely pns-d-
ble where it prevails. To tin- women
and children domestic life is boiulogo.
'I lie women of a Chinese household are
seldom seen ou the street. Tht; children, when accompanying their father,
follow him at a respectful distance, in
single lib*, and in the order of their
One box of them cured Mrs. Mary A.
Cook's Rheumatism from which she
had suffered for fourtcon years
Mannheim, Ont.—(Special) — Uow
quickly and easily Rheumatism cun be
en red when you use the right means is
Bhowu in the case of .Mrs. Mary A.
Cook, woll known antl highly respected
here. In an interview regarding her
i'ure, of which all the village knows.
Mrs Cook savs:
■*1 had Rheumatism so bad thai
sometimes I won hi sit up- nearly all
"I lirst though! I would try Ihe doc
tors, imt luckily I docidod to Oral try
Dodfl's Kidney l'llls.
"They   cured   mo.  and   I   didn't   have
to try i'he doctors, And just io think
that after fourteen venrs of sulTorlng
one box of Dodd's Ki.luev Hills should
enrol    I   will  r on ol   I in.Id's  t,  .
uev Tills lo anyone who HulTors from
Vos, il is easy In cure h'houmnlism
when you go I lie right ,VIiy about il.
Uhcnmulism   is   caused   by   uric   arid   ia
Ilu- blond. If Ihe Kidneys are working
rigid they will strain all Iho uric add
out   .if  the   blood   nud   there   ran   be   UO
Klu intlsin. Dodd's Ki.lm-v Hills always iiiitko the Kidneys work right,
Thai is a barbarous way of treating
corns—dangerous, loo. Any corn,
bunion or ra lions ran be removed
quickly and painlessly by Putnam's
Painless Corn Extractor, Putnam's Corn
Extractor, mark the nam i. .Safe,
prompt, painless. Sold by druggists
Price 25c,
the absurdity of using tho cut-out on
level city streets and iu traffic in which
tho engine must be throttled is apparent. It is only iu races and in hill
climbs in which every ounco of energy
which the motor is capable of developing is roquirod that the elimination of
the miill'ler serves its purpose us a
power increase!'. Of course, tho mulfler
cut-out may be used as a wanting in
stead of a horn, and it is useful in
determining the quality and quantity
of tho explosions of a well fdlem-ed
motor, but to depress this podal in
crowded streets, when tho freed ex
plosions call serve no purpose uue to
attract attention lo the car and driver,
is a "crime11 of whicli many chauffeurs
uud some owners are guilty, ami ii is
no   ivOlldor   thnl   so   largo   a   number   ot
the populace look with dis favor upon
thoroughfares which are popular rmiles
of nutomobilists. Automobile clubs nre
doing Ih.'ir best to dlscourilgo tills on
necessary  use  of  I he   miill'ler cul "id.
Imt    whether   the   motor   ear    shall    be
lin* qniot, poweiful, smooth running con
voynnco for which it  was dosignod, oi
whether  il  shall  becoui lorvo rilok
in!:, spluttering dlBtractioii on onr city
streets,  is  a   question   that   must  he  do
< oled i.\ the Individual owners rnthoi
I huu by auy club or society.
Wlso motiiors win. know Ihe virtues
of Mother (ii-a-.es' Worm Kxlorminator
always have il al hand, because it
proves   ItH   VltlllU,
Evn Tanguay, 2.0094, that enter,'.1
the 2,10 class at Columbus during Hie
September  meeting,   in  a  trial  against j
remedies that  were little  or no good, she remarked, giving way at last
Afler taking one doso of (UN  PILLS,     "Do vou mean it.'" demanded Boll
IjO  found   them   to  bo  exactly   what   lo-   hy.
needed, and after taking two boxes oil   '"I   do,  indeed,"  said   his mothe:.
GIN  PILLS, was completely cured. Wc      "Then say, mu,*" said Hobby, "why
heartily   recommend   (H\   PILLS,   at I enn't 1 keep tliat ten cents a week you
'•btndny school   coll
•erv"opporlui.itv  to our  friends nndlgimmo   for" the   Sunday school   colicc-
.Wives" Mrs. JAMES H. M1LFOBD. tionj  |  guess  I'm Bi hard up us any
f tho rest of   em.
Write us, mentioning this pupe* aud
we   will  send  yon   a   sample  box   li
Then, If ymi cannot yet the rogll1ll? .*•
boxes at  your dealer's  we  will si'pph |
you ai tin* regular retail price—COc  e
box, o" for 12.50    and  monev  promptly
refunded  if (UN   HILLS  do  not  give
aatiftfftction. National Drug & Cbomtcal
Co.  of  Canada,  Limited,   Dept.   It.p.,
Toronto. **7
;"VV- "■
18,1   pi mini*'. '■  ..
V        :ir* I:.*]. . l, l   ■    I,
\      i: q . I   l -■ • ■: i'ii** iii.au-* t»t....j
(iptimist—"A gran ' morning the
morn I"
Mi.-authrope (grudgingly)—" It'- no
a'lhegither 111—(brightening) but. eh,
mon, think o' the national debt."
"My! Miss Mu'r," subl the obi
darfcy to the young lady of the house
thc morning after her eoiuine-out ball,
|"you sho' did look sweet his' night
j Mv! I hardly knowed you, Dey wasn't
, :i thing about ynu dill   looked lintchol."
Apropos tn the |'i*ii-iHii >>f $10 a week
that  the  English govommonl  has jnsi
granted  t*> the popular  English novel
i-^t, Joseph Conrad, a Chicago i t said
Ihe  oilier day:   "Tlo-  trashy   novi li**t
tide-  in a  1'iemh motor car aiol drinks
<■ v.;,1.    I   dinner, bat    the
"■ ...i   novi i ul   tor a meal
. tof  macaroni.      ihi;*  1 ad    taste  i-   t"
* I blame.     Listen to this te nuie storyi
ih* \r**.k*» *•> -9 4iftT» fMit r a miMt fti., Hif-f.1,-,,
Hi*  littQBIl  III » * CHI        .      ■     HImIm *j.|.
ten' •**•* lUiUkU'U.t   l-.J -v t«-  LU.  IUI.HT,      ^
: ■•*.  f '• :■■••  :
m \ '       IWHM
' ' <' 1ffl-**ll
ir- "n   *;*.'-' i i -r      ■■   n
i-i.r*   .. i   ■-*.. •.;■.■- r-M   UM  ••  tii it*4
■   1
Chilliwuek,    British    C   lumbia
l'1!- (i.nl.ii ..f |.< . oi iht (aUnoai I'mrr
'tll-y Koi'-M f.in'iin/ .-.'.I frail Iind In thi
•/nrlil   trrfftttlon jnkiiof     B.I    KlMlrio l(y
ro'i.   Vll iv. r:  O.N.R,   •-■>i-u-.-in-■ i ■'   i    .
M       i"       ■ ■ 11 ng,    *. hllllwieh i modtri
It]     v. ... ,      r. ■   ll(hL   Ite,    l.r-.'r,
-rnM  ihi   -.    i   - ni d     Phi   Pralrli   Mnn'i
Ptradln    no   \tua\    ■ -   i ni    nonihi*  mmw
Wto    n    •*.   Ooadtin4,   Bwy.   lionnl  ol
Tr.il'    rir-illiwu-k.   (or nil  lnf»rm;itinn,  hmik
m\a   mipi  at*      rHKN GOME.
CSTADLtSMlO inOj\^ ,   ^
■Oot. Porugi   v I      '    Port Ht.
twin led fti 1
... Mon   a tt* *
Ante for ■ free
pirn luntruetiou by mill.
Her racing career started in 1909,
when at two years she competed in foul
events for youngsters uf her ago. Her
lirst start was at the August Lexington
moot, where, in the lirst heat she took
a  record of -J.HH-,., but was defeated by
Hillbrooko Queen in slower time. At
Columbus sin- was third and fourth tu
Native Hollo in 2.13'Jj and 2.12Vi« fc-ne
was fourth in each heat of the big fit-
turlty iu the second of which Native
Belle stepped to the world's record mile
ui 2.07'tt, Her last star I of the Benson
was in the Lexington stake, where she
finished :: 3 to Sue D, iu 2.10% and 2.17.
In HHo she faced Hie starter but twice
in both 0. which events she was com
polled to meet Colorado B. At New
York she oof fourth money, the time
bring 2,07$ and 2.07%. Afterwards she
started in the Horse Breeder stake
at Road Vi Ho, and again secure. I fourth
monoy in a winning event for Mr.
|£*tabrook'8 great colt, the heats being
iii 2.00'.d, 2.07%. TliisNcar she has
stalled six times for the money. At the
i ollimblll nllglist mooting she gol thirl
money to LlUU Arion during the utsl
week, and the same portion the iccoud
week to Klet-Irie Todd. At Reildvlllo
ihe   took   Ho-   In-,   he.U   in   2,1 M ,,   bul
\,.i- beaten by Poti' "'-'I.   At Hartford
;. ji MviMod  i jo* liisi  heat   wil It a
i   *   was  bonton  In  the
I | mo'    l]  \ i   ion   hy   I'elei    He I   and   BllO
l».   Bin  ivns second throo hoots to Uids
. n| S-, ra< in e. Ihe bosl ol which
;ii .i ni thc I lutroll Hi
bet ineetinu rho finished third to Morn-
i    ht, best time 2.00'Ji,
Ifei   podig Hsrlosoj  ii  won!tli  of
; ri diieing  bli •■ I
\ venlth)  1 i ■■ ■ '- ' publisher visltod n
atumr often n,
i ■ .i   .:.*        * natli     1 tlced  u
,.,.  h     fiugoi    and
■ i, intry, cutroy, rornl
,   nnd briar thorn,
,1     L |   ......  ed H     nan ii
Vbotil  thr* "'
■       ■ ■      : ■
I   ii - lj   famll :■■■
■ lutry,  try, i utrey, corn!
\ppjn -c--1* nnd brloT throrn,
■•ThS "wiW   hei     id bit h ml on tho Inl iu 2.flS*<jat "Tho Trots," In a trial
mnnlne's shmildoi and Hiid   odlyi 'M;   ngninsl  time, Is n brown man-, foalod
oor 1|hl|il   ,. || ,,,. | li,  tli I  mi yon  11)07, and was hred by K. ll. Oaltbor,
.',- nrreel   ol wh      llarrodslmrg, Ky.
H i    ,;;,. . - i   gouiu .  A.1    Like  Evn Tanguay, hei  lurl  rnreo
y     tf|| |  0f thai  I "■'"*■   began ns ii f« i-year old, in which   uu
. , ,        ■      -.'iin   no!" the  -"ii she modi  flvo starts, all nt Le Ing
.  ,       torruiitod   n  n  Oetce whisper, ton.    Vt tlio duly meeting she won, tak*
,   ,. cautiously ii   ml   U.- lug tho thud and fourth henti  in 2.23
.  yon  old   fool!     Do |<nnd 2.'.%   At the August meet, she fin
ruin i
Bue "., B.08I ■. the  i'a-t ilauchtei
Tod 1  lAtytt t'-;"   I   M'Doaall ...ark
If noi f u.
vide I  lo
affair thut
Lyddite, the powder which has si
enormous explosive force oad that can
lie fired from a gun which is easily
carried about, floes not. as has been
widely supposed, take its numo from a
man, Imt from an ancient town near
the coast of Kent, in Knglnnd—tho
town of l-ydd. where there is a government artillery range.
II,-r.- the "tests wen- made thai resulted in Ihe preparation of this explosive; mid the name of the peaceful
Kentish village is now associated with
a substance that has dealt out death
to thousands. It has other odious qualities besides its explosive force, since
j - fumes are so suffocating as sometimes
to  be   intolerable.
Lydd shares the notoriety which attaches to tin* name of Dumdum, that
other peaceful city, iu distant BoUgal,
where aro manufactured the expanding
bullets that Groat Britain 1ms used from
time to time.
The Ncstoriun stone has attracted
much attention from Western scholar*.
One American scientist has pronouucod
it   a    forgery,   bul   later   investigations
 'i  to have established its outhentl
city and show that its Inscription pre
sents a truthful account of the first
* iiii Mian mission to China.
Tlio stone was found by workmen in
tho year 102B.    The inscription consists
of thro luinns of Chinese characters,
with a few Byrinc paragraphs, tho .at
tor language being now unknown In
Uhl a. ll Is n long exposition of tho
i hriftian doctrlies of 'lo* period,
la i hi mi antiquarians have long hold
i! ■   -tine  ;n  great   venorntlon.     'Iho
stylo i- brlof i logroo, bnl nul easib
undorsl I.   It has boon conto ida I that
wen* lift j i hit i-e ntudonti vorsnl li
tho vai'en-* diatieti id tha empire i"
I o employed in it*- trunslnt Ion ran li
woul I offer a different interpretnliou of
Bomo part of the Inscription.
Municipal legislation to do awny wilh
the muffler cutout has bee i possod ot
threntonod In many cities. When usod
wiiii discretion, the muffler cul out
podal i- a valuable nppitrtniico of the
car, bul ii is because it is so often
.■r.i yod a- a moans for making nighl
und day hideous on erowdo 1 streets
ami ity bonlovnrdi* thai ii has fallen
under lbc ban of the nntl-liniso hm ie
i los,    There   is   a   popular  superstition
prevalent   nmong   111 rists   i,,   general
lhat the muffler decrease* the power
dovelopod by the engine.    This may be
mt Alcohol,—Hoi Is
have alcohol as a
■   ,        .
n.tl otls compo .
i'    Tin.; n  ' Kclo • I    ■■
;    hot In it. -•• thai its
nrr   lasl    -     Thoro   Is   n -  me
hat can i      I
■ ■ ■   -■ nnd  !■  ■
■ '   Qrnnd Medicier" i~ the ci   omi
um     ti i pa- nod on Dickie's Am i Oon«
sumptlve Syrup, and whon tl units
from it* use nro eonsldorod, i • borno
iy persons u lia Iin i i
od   i   iu i   >■,'i.i-: coiiahi nn
■   mo e i linn grn id,   K ipl
in I v i  in ■ i. i- nhvn*i n nl :       an
■   .,.:.: ns a ready rei    ly,  II
yon ha- c nol tried it. da in    .
A Warm Bathroom
Every mother should be careful
that the children take their balhs
in a warm room. The chill of a
' cold room is dangerous after coming out of the hot water.
A Peifftction Smokeless Oil Heater brings bathroom or bedroom
to just the degree of warmth you want in five or ten minute*. All you
have Id do is to touch a match.
The Perfection Heater burns nine hours en one filling and is
always ro=dy for u:c. Ycu c :i rrovc it ar;.\rvre il is nrcded.
Thero is no waste of fuel cr'! hc.-.t warming unoccupied room.;.
Jxt the heat you want, when and where you v. anl it.
1 he Pcifection is fitted wilh ,-.n aulomauVtocking flame spreader
ihil prevents thc wick being turned hiah enough to smoke and is
easy It remove and drop bad; wh.n cleaning.
Drums fir,i;li«l cither in lurquoirr-l.Ii;: rr-inrl cr plain slcel; Iiiiil and ornamental, yet strong and durable—suitable [ci any mum in ar.y houie.
Dcjlei. artfjrwtwr.; or r.i,ie lo any cjs icy ci
ihe Imperial 01! Comnmy, I.iniitc:!
80FT  AS   A   GLOVE
Srlil bu Dealer. Everi)wh.rt
The Imperial Oil Co., Limited
■ffllB 1K0 III UlSt
ilu-  lick   *i 11*1   it. Is  us  .1  {.r.-v.-iiliv.-   for  0the 1*1.     I.Wind
i- tonjpio,   Sari.' for brood nmrei and nil othera. Ifnit
ily: ;.i i- nnd $] B hotth : -**:. ami 110 th.- doton,   H-.1i)
ii .i-i- .1 Imn. a.*.-.!   iioui -   Dlitrlbatort; au "Ai.oit-
' Uc Drug Iloimen,
SF04H MEDICAL CO.. CIlRlttl and Giclcilologlsts, GOSHEN. (NO., D. S. *
, l(>*i   flvcn'on Ilia
/SJ/   kitln.y mrnil
UonclccJ    I
Wi ui0 "nr (went) >...r..' upvrlitira In lh* rr*»In bmln«w In Wrtwrn ' nn
h'.iii markellng ill (rrtln eonal-ram-fnti lo bral KUYiniagt tmt ihiti|>*r    We h   il
vheil,   .n-.   Imrl.y   nml   llux   inlpfHNl   in   I .i   ln|i     (ll Ipwlitl lllon   l<
Itriiltng of .'I. It ilit|nn«*nt, ind look ifior ll until fli ill] inilondnl li   I   ■
• i-v.ii-.r.   u I U.K..ii. is ni;.»l" on bllli ol Itdlng, mid i(tcr mle   - .
returni ir-til  lo iliippor.   <*nr oonimlulon ehitse  i*- t'--   lownl nllQwrd  ' ,>   ill
.if Nir Wlnnlpog Ornln i iclinns**, nl wliieli we ■r*- mrnntH-ni
Ai Mum ii yuur mr is It Hied forward, n»nj nplng bill t" ui with Ib
oiloni iiii'»ii  bold ins "'   K*"i'''"'. snd   ■■•   ■■ II  nitrnil  In thi   - il«n i
lillllneil   f"r   roll      Khl|i  ont*   mr  lo  Ul   ..nil   y..ii   will  .mil.,ni,    in  id),   fur   >...i-
We IMH'.IISTWH iii- lU'fllNI -*- TlliitlOUUIIl '.   nnd thnl (X)l»ttT8
W.. in-.- UlCKN'SKU nud   UONDRI)     Itefrrenee; Unnk »l I Uinl I  Wl ■
Mi. ii
if yon have, not nhlmietl n rnr "f Bruin jc-l, wrlto ui f»r full itilppltii Inttn
tiniiK.    Bhlpplug L*r;iiii fnr   i co ni million uionliaiil i" liitiidle li rery itmpl
01IA.IN I'.XOHANOi:    - -    WIHH1PB0, MAS.
jftasi*!X'aME*i>vA.'*:.WT..'.»j.' -. '.««f.-wr.a»erw.5»»;. ■■■■^-
t'or Itr.l, Weak, Weaiy, Watery l-yf,
Murlna O.ir.n'1 !'.nn.-t -looth,. t,.. I-i In
Mnla.r.».K......I.. l.i.i.. j, Jit. in.. *l.no.
,turM l.vs ?.itse. It A.-nic 1 ,il- lh. »l.0l
Vltirino tyn fteinotly Co , CiiIciirc
I'liiNti't' Iiimi'il taken iln- plnco ol' Lntli, mul ia Hrepronf,
The "Eiupiro" brmidsof Wood liber mul Hmifwall
I'lnater for rt""il coiiatruotlon
S.'At.l, WB SF.NIJ VOU l'l.ASTER LlTl!).Alii' 1
| The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Ltd.
ifcJ. i Xc  . jnnrrTsxieneKvm...   »',.    imweww:.'
iOBKM, :?-.-.ijl:».t.ak5 ClllLUWACK FBEE PRESS
Men Outnumbered in Britain
(Londqn Dally Nous).
l'lio preliminary report ol' tlio coiisuB]    In. tlio  |irpe.erliii{r
'    ■■ - ■   ■  •   - '-  '■ i . .i... nitos ol' lucronso in tlio iirlinu an.I
intorconsal pot1
tuuon on April 'J lust bus boon issued
us n lilim book, It contains much in-
corseting Lnfortnation su^plomoutnl to
tbo proiiininnry llguros given in tbc
pai'liaiiioatary papers Inst, moutli.
in tlio ourlior roports tlio populutlou
ol' (Seiii.liiiul was overstated liy sovouty-
six, utul tlio corroct figures tor tlio dif;
t'ort.iit parts of llm United Klugdoni uro
uuw gtvoii
Willi's..  .
Iiulun.l   .
1 ur. or tlo.
from IDIH
.3',043,070 — 10,5 p
. 2,032,103   — 1S.1  po
United Kingdom lu
ill' llm 30,075,200
...  Ungl I   Wi
iii:ii,.h and 18,020,711
n.vs, ..I   I.I7S,;||7
wblcb would, Itow'o'
uuin. ...I II Ilu' lingl
bora ..I tl". army ai
chant Borvlerj tiliroi
,445   —   0.4 pe.
■i,::si,ii.'.r        1.7 po
16,210,006      -   '.1.1 pn
in poraons ouumoratod
iVulcs 17,1 is, 17.'. .wore
703 word foninloa, no
7 f.'initios over initios,
........ I... considerably
sli iiiiiI Wolalt mem
I navy, nt tbo titer
^_^^__      .1   Hei,.   iiii''lil.l|..|   in
iln- rockonlug. Tin* proportion <>i' Po
ititil.-H tn in.ties iu iln- population ol'
Kagliunl 1111.1 W11I0H wns l.n..,' tn 1,111111
in 1801; if ilmn .l.'.'liin'.l constia ul'lur
.....su... ttmiittli wiib si.nn. irregularity]
down  I..   1851, w   il   stun,I ul.  1,0'lli
in I.nun. Itui after tliat 11 change in
iln. opposite ilii...ti..11 sol in. nml up
to tout thoro wna 11 sllglil bin eon
linuiius lueruiiBo in iln' proportion nf
fniuuliis lu mules. Tin. proportion uf
fi.iuuli.il in initios tvns tlic nu mn in Hill
aa in llllll, vi/.., 1,008 tn 1,000. lull wben
iluc flllowattco la made fur tlm ntttnbor
nf mules absent on military service in
South Africa in llie Inst 'uainc.l yenr
tlicrc is nu ilnulil tbut llie true pro
portion itt' females t.i mull's wus si.llle
rtluil lower in Uml tbun in 101 I.
Tho  sex   .list riliill inn   nf   tin.   poptllll
linn dllt'ers vory greatly iu tbe dilToronl
parta nf the country. Tlio following
aro tho ten roglatrntlon coulitioa in
wliieli Un proportion nf famulus was
lowest uinl   tbe  ten   iii  which  it  wus
Proportion of Females to 1,000
rural districts (as constituted in 1001)
bail boon 16.2 unit 2.0 per cunt., respectively. Tims, wlillo tbc rate uf iticreaso
in urban districts lias declined from
15.2 to U.I por cent., tbo rato ot iu-
douse iu rural districts lias risen from
2.0 tu 10.2 pcr cent. U.ib puijlU'd uut,
however, tlmt the rates in tlio last dc-
cotitiiiini represent nu uctuul increase
nf 2,SIS,072 persons in tlic urban, and
uf only 729,304 poraons in tiie rural districts.' During tlic fi.'st bull' uf tlic past
lentiiry tbe population nf 105 distinctly rural areas iu tbc itLjLrli-LTtito increased iii oach ilcceiiniuni, Imt at n gradually diminishing rate, except iu liie 10
yours IMI 21. In tbo second balf nf
tbe century thoro is n wnnl nf regularity iu lbo scries, but, tllO guileful
tendency lias been fur lbc dooroaso of
population, which lirsl manifested it
sell  in tlio  hi years, ls.il isr.l  i n
linjle al all uceoldratod rule mini Hie
Inst two .le.vnnin, when Ibeie was a
niitul.le .'Illine,.'.    This  is lies!  shewn  l.y
the T'lllnwnio, figures nf tbc populailoit
iii ihe 105 district", which coutiiln tm
pnrlinu ..I au urban districti
Per cont.
'.'.'.    '.'.'.'.   Dl.yKI     '7.21
.... ....I.2o7,.riso
x! Increase.
•from -i
is longer aud
sheath  nf  llie
llnotl   with  syi
socreto  lul.ri.-i
chock liga-
goinont usually
nl involves the
'J'liu slieatlt is
niliraucs, wliieli
.1   fur  the   pro-
olng tlmt thoy 'uro more or less
emu,. The Icmi "buwc.l" ten-
is applied to Hint condition in
i the profile nf tbo buck leiuluns
of the log, frum knee nnd hocll In
I'otlock, is bulgod instead nl i" »
straight lino from nbovo to bolow. 'I'he
bulgo nr onlnrgomont may be at tbe
upper third of lho tendon and involve
lbc juncturo of tbc chock ligament and
tbc 'flexor tendon, or it may be just
l.nvc tbc fotlock anil implicate the
itrsn uml sbcallt uf the tomtom!, lu tho
upper part tbu tendon felt between the
nml thumb inny presenl, U
' nr "bunch" ur iiinrkcd colli. That condition is ut. the
. mentioned ami has resulted
severe strain of t
The lower onb
■ birgor i
I en.lun.
..vial  111
bricittlng  ll. 	
volition of friction. The thlokouiug
has rosultod front Inflammation nf tho
ittcuilinines and llie walls uf the sbealli
uml IJtoy huve bei'111111' perinunenl ly liar
.lei.e.l  ' (indurated)     I    tliloltonod.
Whore Die Bossatnold bonos uf Um buck
nf llie t'otlocll urn inviilvcl the Oldargo
iiionl will be largor and harder than
when moinbruuoa, sheaths, tendons nnd
'during'light win.is, une   uf   thdBO son
Boavougers  will   follow  a  slow  atilllug
Ship   f"l'   several   BtlCCOSSivo   'lays     un.l
nigbts. ami il  was erro 11 eo,usly nsBUin
did sn boeauao   uwiiro    iu
■.I  lh
sieii.ius way a
1 board which
rill Insure for
■ is nut less mar-
1i.n1. Whothor lie
luiie •    by lbc
ir,     llie     fuel    ie
vicinity of a shaiii
mil up by tho lut
I',    'it   is the   evil
reputation.uttuching to tlio whoio sbarli
tribe as regards   IndllToroiico    whence
eiiines u meal lhat rondors liicui su all
horrent to seafarers. 'Ihey are by 111
means epicures. r'uiliuj,' othor food, t:
shark will .1
nf   I'binese   moat  und   gume
were Boat 111 tin' United Kin
groat success, und  iu  those  shi]
were Included poultry uud eggs.
quantities   uf   poultry   thus   oxportod
howovor, cannot be glvou witli any de
a 00 of accuracy since the returns in
products  pr.ifcibly nu spot of oqual size on tlio
  with I oarth'a surface thai is et moro inlcrest
A snarl
vcb.us than his digo
be n muu-oator by c
compulsion nf lningi
mains tbat, any une
fall iiverlu.aril in Ihe
is likely in be snap]
ter without
li productB under the geuernl
iens.'' the am.uinl, is
rover, an.l it is in
intly tlic only requiro-
ito cxpuusiou uf this
shipping und soiling
^^^^^^^^lle pl'Uiluct. bntll ptiul.
try un.l oggs ran lie dolivorod ut ex-
porting points in China moro cheaply
than probably ut any similar place in
the world.
H-llnUliIro . ■ ■
Uutlan.lsliire   . .
Badnorskiro  ..
llnabiglisliire   .
Willslii-c   ..   ..
. 012
nil 1
■ 0,88
X0.-I I
x 1,28
x l.2li
llgtimoills abine nre IllVl
is 11 Mill  pull' uiu.\e Hi.
si.l.-, nr In be pies
le I.. ihe othor (IIS
Cardiganshire ■
t'ornwnll   . .    ■
Uiiiillcsox . .  . .
Surrey   ..   ••   •
I .nu.IL .   . .    . .
  1.1 lu
.. .. .. .. 1,128
'i'he number of families (seliodulos
collectod) was 8,018,857, ns compared
with 7,030,808 in Imil. an increase of
111,880, or  II  per cent.
ParluilncuUiy  Anomalies
Very instructive is tlic analysis uf
tar. population intu parliamentary con
siitucnftics. Tho number of members
nf the llousn nf I'limmons fur liis parliamentary mens in England and
Wnlcs, not iiicltidiiig tlic Universities,
I.imi.j 4l)fi, uml lbc population being
3li,07S,2liil, an equal numerical distrihu-
tina w.nld give .mo member to 78,023
panons, How far the actual representation depart* in either dlroction frum
thi. average is shown in tbc following
I'eaulHtinii per lle(.rescutattve
No. of   No.
Discussing tiie falling off in the rale
nf Incrcnao in tlm population nf the
towns, the registrar-general makes the
following Interesting observations!
It is obvious that a falling 11IV iu
lbc rato uf increase, nr even an ac-
I mil diminution nf the population resident within tlic limits of a town, dues
net necessarily imply nny corresponding ileclinc in its prosperity. Unless
lbc boundaries uf tlic towu arc poriodl-l
.-ally adjusted the rotation between its|
area ami its population must constantly
ultttr ns tlic latter increases. Tbc ten-j
ileiicy is fnr further ihcroaso tu slack-
en within, und probably to accelerate
witlinut tin- town limits, simply bo-
cause thoro is less and less room left
within for new buildings: if at tlio
time ovcrci'nwilcil slum areas are
rebuilt witli mule gelii'rnlls provision
oi light mnt air. and if residences are,
placed liy railways, warehouses, and
owing to increasing site value
placed   by   railways,  warehouses,
' '11  the central   por
- resell *
108,000 aa.l upw
ir.l.   ..    S3
Ul.ul'i and nmIer
100,000    33
.in,».i'j    n
110,000     Hi
80,000   50
nn.Mill   „
70,000 . 7<l
7 J
i0,8M    „
00,1100    15
60,11011    57
30.000      ,.
4II.OII1I    20
20,088    ,.
30,0011    Ui
B 1 tl.880    „
20,000     7
Under  10,000  (City of
If tboro
joint, i»" oficli
1 through from one
    Un- «	
.Hii..ti cullod "tliorouahplii" of tho
hock joint) Ilinl is a djatonsioii of ilu1
synovial I'ursn (mn*) nf tlio pnrt and is
imiii ily  tormod  n  "wind  gall1'  or
"wind, |uiiv." it Is tm indtcntlon Mint
Ilu* parts Involvod hnvo boon sprnlnod
11ml lilDninod nl sunn* lime in tno liis
tory nf tin* Uorso, Tliat nlso Is tint cor-
tain iiiBtory wlionovor ami vvhorovor an
enlargement ot puff is found in conn cation wiih Uu* toodons ami UgainontB ut'
n joint in* log,
"Filled leg" is a common term and
mav also In* applied Id the tendons, Imt
tlu' tendons nro not "filled"} i.e., drop
"0,82 I steal or swollen. In tilled lug the condition may otther be active (nc.nto) or
passive fiion-actlvo). When a log is
swollen, hot, soro nnd lameness in present, thoro is acute ur active congestion alld liy por 0U1 In, There is un in-
creasod flow of blood to the part and
there may be in connection effusion of
Inflammatory lymph nnd even of extra-
vnsntcd blood into the surrounding tissues. The leg then is "ailed," because swollen; but the products of inflammation generally arc reabsorbed
and llie teg is then restored to its normal Condition and proportions. In passive congestion, tilling" or "stocking,"
tin* blood circulation is deficient or
Impeded, Active congestion is not present; then* is no exaggerated flow of
blood to tho part. The liquid portion
of the blood (scrum) has been poured
into thc tissues involved and is not
removed until active exercise caused
restored circulation ami the dropsical
condition disappears, roabsorption bov-
ing taken place. When roabsorptlon of
tiie products cf either active or passive
congestion does not occur the enlarge'
business  promises  in  coo control   i*or* ■   - <-   ,      ,,. \\,,,mmmm\
lion of the town, it may well be that I J11™*^. J^^L1^11118 p,'imUII,M   ?''
ven an actual decrease in population
represents  not  decrease, lint  increase
of the town's property.
"The growth of large urban communities can only be measured by
considering jointly the population" of
the centra! area and of all its suburbs,
whether tne latter do nr do not happen
to lie under ihe same I.teal government
as tin* central area. The . oasys of
Dlrm Ingham, Liverpool and Mane lies
Ier illustrate *!bt-**. The population of
Birmingham at the census was 525,000,
au increase of 0.5 per cent. Since the
the   provisional
having become, organized into new, abnormal tissue. To sm-h a condition iu
some places we apply the term "callous," usually the skin is involved, or
WO nmy sny that there is a "thicken-
ling" of a ton don, its sheath or all of
the   tissues   involved.     A   "filled   ten-
j don" would most often mean a distension of its sheath witli synovia; a thickened tendon, one that siiows permanent
hardening and thickening of the walls
of the -sheath ami other surrounding
tissues; a "filled leg" a dropsical leg.
iu which condition the swellings when
|ucezcd show dents or "pits" rej-
it relative    that    is
1 sailors never wi-aiy of enlarging
Hie voracity and tlic digestion of
 ;s.      When  in  llie China  sens, ns
related by ihe late Captnin Basil Hall,
K.W, a 'large uiiark was caiiglll bv
II.M.S. Alcesle, which was found lo .'nn
fain, among oilier thlngB, n buitalo hide
Uml hml been thrown ovorbonrd the
ling day. due of the Bailors ox*
, I I his in a way which seemed ii
roidstibly logical iu tho opinion of his
shipmates. "There, mv lads," said
Jack, "wlmt .I've llmil; .it' thai .' He
swallowed   the ' wh.de     buffalo   right
onougli,   Imi    hi ultliifl    digosl    the
hide." As a mailer nl' fad, the cur
enss or the bulTnlo, unknown to those
nmaleur makers of history, was slill on
board the A lest c.
Circumstantial accounts aro iu evidence ol' iiislnnces where the shark has
boon defeated by Iho man. At Jamaica, for example, n huge shark is said
to have been n lei'ror to froquontors of
the harbor he affected. Once he overturned a bout carrying provisions to tho
.shipping, and devoured the wife of the
boatman. Tlu- maddened widower
reached the nearest ship, seized a shark
knife, invoked the aid of his patron
saint, leaped into flic water, gave bnt -
tlu to the shark dosplto the awful odds
and succeeded iu avenging his wife by j
slaying hor destroyer. I
A shark is very tenacious of life,1
and a well known authority has pointed out that "wounds affoct fishes generally much less than higher vertebrates. A' Greenland shark continues
to feed while his heud is pierced by
a harpoon or by a knife, as long as
tho nervous centre is not touched."
A Norwegian Antarctic explorer, IF.
•F. Hull, gives a startling word picture
of a shark's tenacity of life. 'lliis
man-eater was caught at the Ecoland
cod fishery; his liver, heart and internal arrangement wero removed, so as
to put a period to his career, and the
thus mutilated body was then cast
into tho sen. He simply gave a leisurely wag of his tail and swam rapidly
out of sight.
Tho shark is comparatively clumsy
in his movements, and is compelled to
turn over iu order to seize his prey,
am) his muny enemies are not slow ill
availing themselves of these peculiarities, In issn Captain Frasor, of the
barque Thomas S. .Stowe, when one hundred miles west of tho Galapagos Islands, caught a shark which had been
bout iu its body the weapon
lo the oriutho
un Hie island
'Iln-  flight   an.
familiar to - ><
ih   instautb
Nearly every  one
)j*u ornithologist,
d note ui overy bird are
ory islander. A new bird
detected.   'I •»■   Gsberraau
gnu al   his Mile;  the   pea-
potatoes  with  n gun
a   heap  of  birds
\'.y the prosoul ratio of progression
it will take twenty-five years for every
other marriage to end in divorce. In
INTU the ratio was one to thirty-four,
in ISIUV it. was one to twelve. The
Christian Work nml Evangelist (New
Vurk) estimates Hml already Ihe ratio
.-ince Iin- altor ditto has become one to
ten. 'the condition Im-- dmwn the attention oi1 othor Umn church peoplo.
Oovernmeul ofllchilfl seriously diM-us.--
the 1,1'cl nl' uniform divorce laws for
I he entire counl ry, but this religious
journal is dubious of the beneficial of*
foci <n' Midi legislation, " It. will only
be a luw which expresses the composite
resull   of all |hc Inv.r, uuw ou tin- stale
I l«."    And-  il    is   pointed   mil   Hut.
" pi act icnllv mi tin nice laws in uuy
stale hnve' been nl.le lo check Ihe'
growth of divorce." No help could
como from such it sourco unless tho law
wore "leu limes moro drastic than auy
laws which now exist." Tho paper we
ure t pint ing speaks in a despairing
"lint why not accept a condition of
free love and bo done with it? Why
keep up the hypocrisy of marriage,
either by churcli or city 1 Why not,
if the health authorties wish to know
who are living together in a city aud
to keep a record of children, simply
compel the man ami his mistress to go
to tho justice of tho peace, and say:
,'Wo are going to live together for the
present?1 Why not set aside a largo
part of the city where hugo communal
bouses, with plenty of playground for
cnrildren, can be erected;1 They will
need large playgrounds, poor things,
not knowing father and mother-love
care.    Hut it is between this condition
Meets with a ■,
soul, digs  his
the  turf, and 	
Kvevy bird thai appears is whistled
within range with marvellous skill. The
common suits ure oaten, the rare ouob
Mild   hi   ihe   bird sMiller,   and   lbc   new
ones taken to the 6ruithologh:-.
'1 he autumnal migration is a spectacle
that ornithologists from nil ovei* tbe
world are wont to attend, <>n une such
occasion a distinguished bird -student
was waked at half-past twolvo tn the
morning with llie news that the migration hud already begun. Hastily dress
ing himself, ho at once made for the
lighthouse. The uigkt wns almost pitch
dark, but ihe town was nstir. In every
Btreol men with large Inntorni ami a
sort of auglor's landing-net -*. o iiiak*
hlg fur ihe lighthouse
At tin- lighthouse un Interesting sight
presented itself, 'the whole zone of
liglil within range <>( the mirrors was
alive with birds coming ami going, Nothing else was visible in tbe du kneu
of tho nighl but the lantern of the
llghthouso vignctlod in a drifting sea of
birds, Prom tho darkness in tne east
i'luiii Is of bird-' wore emerging in an
uninterrupted stream,
Nti une could urn"-* how ninny huu
Irmls uf tlioupauds *if birds there passed
in a couple of hours, but the stray bird-*
which the lighthouse-keeper mcceeded
in securing, as they ll uttered against
the   wire-net ting,   amounted   to   aluiu-jt
three hundred. The night was starl*?-is
and the town invisible, but the island
looked like the outskirts of a well*
lighted city, being sprinkled all over
with brilliant lanterns. Many larks
alighted on the ground to rest, ami al
lowed the islanders to pass their net-J
over them. On some nights us many
as liftoeu thousand skylark-i have been
taken on the island. At about three
o'clock in the morning the clouds b-uke.
tho stars caino out, and the migration
cume to an end ur wa*> continued abovs
tho range of human vision.
taking   **f   the  census,   the   provisional j r,i,,v;''--"-  .-*•■"»   ......... ...      ,..._     ..,.
order  for  the   extension   of   tho City 8«-tlng the points of Iho  fingers nnd
has been confirmed by Parliament aud "-on'n-J-n'nK xor somo tlmo after tho pros-
.■.-    i..*: e  ti'..,   ,..i,nirt   «r * ft,,,! sure has been removed.   That condition
the population of the whole of ' the
area to be include 1 within the new
city amounts to Si0,'l"2; at the census
of I Ool, 150,050 persons were enumerated within tho same area. Thc rate
of increase is, therefore, in." por cent.
The population of Liverpool at the
census was 740,500, au increase of 0,00
per cent, Within an area, comprising
the city of Liverpool, the county borough*- of Bootlo and Blrkonhond, the
municipal borough of Wallasey, the urban districts of LUllCrlOlid, Waterloo,
with Keaforth, (Treat Cosby, little
Crosby. Ellgber Boblngton and Lower
Beblngton. and the civil parish ui
West I'erby rural, no fewer than I,-
005,558 persons wero enumerated, show.*
In connection with tiie Nile irr^atiou
of free  love un.l  ,r  marriago systemI >J,tm :,t  Wll,li, K""1 "'i;''   '
mucli freer fr i™,™ than ive uuw  l,,l'u" constructed a cane     I   iteel, tlve
thousand f.wo hundred  reef igtll
wherby water from thi •        <
is distributed to the earth ca   >
In section this metallic eanaJ is L'
shaped, twenty feet brou i uul ~.welve
foot deep. It is mad< ■ m ■■■■-.■u
sections, connected by expansion \a tf -.
ami the riveted -fteel plates ur v i -,>
it consists art; -ix millimeters Ln tUtiufi
ness. During the constrnctlon :iie in
gineers were troubled among -ith«r
things by tin* unequal expansion i>
metal. The expansion was greatest ..i
the side where the sua happen I ; I
shine full upon the plates, :im: the i
equality was often sofficient tn . -1 •*
the end of a section about to be .■■■ nad
as much as four Inches to on** tfdia u-
the other.
much      J,^_„„_      ,,,,,,,,,„„„„„______
havo, thut tho nation has soon to make
choice. Ami quickly, too, for even uow,
some localities are Becoming practically
free love. Thoro ure women in Now
York wno when thoy meet ono of their
husbands can not always toll, without
thinking, if it is tho one she is now
living with. At some tables it is unsafe to address a woman by the name
you have known her by, unless you have
met her within hnlf a year, for she
tuny havo changed il.
"The plight of children is becoming
pitiable. Keepers of private nurseries,
hospitals, and even private sehools, will
tell you pitiable tales. Moro ami more
'dumping-grounds' for children of divorced pu rents aro being required.
What a sight that recently seen, in a
Now York court, of a little boy distracted, running back and forth, from
cariviiig ^.^.^i^.^.^.^™
of offence of two swor.ihsh. The Ial-, his father to Ins mother, crying pitiably
lor. class of sea dwellers are plucky | for love, while thoy snarled at each
fighters, ami occasionally break oil' their   ■**-*■—*    ' -'     ' -■
words in the body of au opponent wh.
would, perhaps, rather floo than tinht.
Sharks of ton*, attain to great size on
other in a divorce court. Law
nol going to stop it. There aro too
tunny people who want lax laws, to got
trict laws passed.   Refusal of church
the coast of Southern Calil'ornii
1000 apparently the largest on record
was dispatched. He measure.I thirty*
two feet from the tip of bis tail to the
end of hia snout, and  had a girth  nf
lit I to  marry  will   help   a   little,  but
much,   for   thore
Daniel Webster -v.'u* to Daxtmdntb
College iu a homespun suit oif wuieb
probably every thread was eardtti, nam.
ami woven by hi*1 mothers hunti from
the wool of their own sheep. 1" *..
a dyed-in-the-wool suit, id tbc aai*xt
was indigo blue.
In   the   Si,,i*.h   butternut   ■•va.*   is-ai.
peace  who have no qualms ^"'fo*|but though the Yankee dames Idww ail
about the usee of butternut bark, ran
Bt roving
in the
-ial  fabrii
of marrit
is a good
■bis 400
N#t«. -Where nn undivided emistitu
ency is represented by two members,
oach mombor is reckoned in the above
lublo ne tepre-enting half the popula
tiou of the entire constituency, which is
classified accordingly.
Thorn   are   eight   constituencies    iu
whi.-h iln- population per member is
under  80,000, and  tbey  may  be  compared  with  eight   Bxtromoa
tbo   population    per   member
Burji Bt Kdmunds	
\\   .,-.,. ...-..*.''.
Cltj ot I*oiidon r- members)
Harrow • ■ ■
Wallhaui-dow . .   . . ■	
Well   Unm. South..   ..   ..
Tottenham - -  • •
Kuflold    .   .' ' -■   ••
lu   a'l   then-   nre-• l****.'!
whin-   an    M.I',    leproent
is seen iu passive congestions nud stocked legs of old, run down, ill fed, or
over worked anil badly cared for horses,
or those that are insufficiently exorcised, overfed and stabled ia insanitary
buildings. The blood circulation iu
such Instances is impaired or flu-re may
be chronic disease of the heart, liver,
or kidneys, nr of all three. Where a
horse suffers a sudden attack of lymphangitis ("milk leg" or "shot of
^rense," or " Mondny morning disease") the leg becomes intensely swollen, hot and sore. That condition is
acute and active, When inflammation
and fever subside tho swelling should
disappear in a few days if sufficient ex-
ing an increase of 112,820 in tlu* docon- j0."**" is "'lowed.   If Tcabsorption doc"
nium. or  11.5  per COOt-J '     '    *'■
Ihe rate recorded for th
"Dining the  past   inteicensal  perioi
Manchester had  been  extended by the
addition of the urban districts of .Moss
side, Wllhlngtou, Gorton, und  Lovon-
shuliuo,  and   part   of   I'restuich.    The
population of the city ih constituted in
1011  was ?14,4&7;  this total shows au
ii.crease   of   00.554,   or   10.8   per   cent.
If, however, wo take the city boundaries tm constituted in 1001, the increase «f population amounted to only
--1.7 ***." potions, or 4.6'per cent."
fifteen feet just forward of his dorsal beginning. But people-got married by
(in. Two children of about six years impulse and rarely think of Compati-
,.f a"o were depicte I sitting erect w'th-jbility until it is uver—especially iu
In tho extended |aws of tho slain shark, America this is true. Only one thing
their lens dnngUng in space. 1 will   help,  and   that   is   au   inculcation
\  shark 'steak, proporly cooked,    is] of real  Clirjstiaiiity.    This  worka  two
neither lightly despised n'ur ignored by   ways, it establishes forbearance, ehari-
tilin.' ship's crew wbo mav not have  ty, sweetness of temper, overlooking of
tasted  fresh meat or fresh fish for six   little things iu tho household."
ths  of  leaden-foote.l  hours, though '     •s,,i'"'  •'*"-'■* that   threaten "the very
3 cannot forget that the shark is a i stability of tho nation," if the increase
aa-oator by choic
the subtle  power for  -Ur.*  eolor titat
lay in tho sumach iiern.--*. antl bark at
white maple, and were lot     teqtia
with  the  various  dye-   that   root   to
flower, bark and leaf, eoul i be mmti
yield through the   igi "'>' ind
alum and copperas * i "set1 them fast,
the universal stand-by ia N'e-v England
was  the  blue  pot. I       ami  :he
"dye pot," that -t"-i i :: tiie chimney
corner of every kitchen ;:i *  j      ■.    i
So Webster was fit!
blue from collar to ankle.    Before retwfi
grows   iu  another  twenty-liv
it has iu tiie last quarter of a century, I."~~t» " -J-- *!.„.. •..—.* «- —.-. * *.-»—
,   , , .1 .1      1V.   ,     .      r; inir Hanover, there .urne on ')ne ut toosn
are noted hove with the eilnrts already   ,b    ,. ■      *u  .       . .    *„.
. , • i   ,, i . hi r    dren** nn-' rains that wet a man ta tne
begun to provide the remedy. Wo read:     ,T      ™P ,   , ,   ■        _      w  .    .
P-m.    , r; ,.■    ,   , .,   . 'skin.   The   suit    o-■    its   own,   bnt   it
The (onsu-i Bureau estimated that,     V  ,    .:, ,     .   .        r, „   ,
..  ..     parted with enougb *   ■ je ElunieJ
jirlv double i u"' '■•■i,' P*ncoi ,,H '*- often fails to do
ItV alone.     iw'10n l'10 horse has had several stieces
I   sive attacks of the disease, the log remains permanently thickened, especial
ly at its lower extremities, where circulation  is  least  active, and  it  remains
I permanent ly  *' filled     or " stocked'';
l»ut tho condition is really due to organisation of the products of Inflammation,
not to be removed by exercise or bnn-
daglng, and technically known as "ele
phantiasis" or hypertrophy of the cellular titties.
A " QUod1' condition usually disappears under  pressure, exercise nnd  tho
treatment usually adopted in such con-
] ditioii   tloOfl   not   respond   to   treat ment
'uml proves lo be a chronic, Incurable
1 condition   and   blemish.   A   "bowed''
| tendon, wherever found, indicate-  that
has   beon   tho  cause  uud   thnl
xtrit   exertion   nnd   siii"--*.  of   a   suit
lenticiit or similar In that which orlg
uall\    cause!    the   enmlition,    w
porieiiced, be likely t<> li
Ike sprain or aggravation nf flu* con
lbi;i   plCsent   ami   COUSOtptontly   rOfull
j    minOUOSH,     The    " bowed''    tendon
tin-'of "ii' i- a most sorions eouditiou;
| the "filled" condition likely to be torn
.   ill though   possibly   am!   nften
untile, but responsive to treatment and
Remarkable Growth
l.iiiidon, it is pointed out. fUWUIieS
the most leliuukable insiniue of do
dine in population in the control portions of  large cities,    This  ftfet   has
,.   ...already bei-ii I'lnphnsi'i'd by tho flguroi   *\'r'iu
f/SJl! fiH'on last   inonllt. but  it  is worthy of  ",,r"
\u,-'s '■ note thai the literoaiQ of 084,807 in the
tT*A4J    "OU*or   ''"I'"  "'   t!,t'   "ictlopo'i-   ill   till'
' *.'.  Insl   ton   veins  represent*  a   number "K",
u''"i\ V,«M«lderah*ly   morp   tli mi   .the    iwtlrej'l
i**1 " t-o'imlntlon of ibo ''but/i titur" 5fl veavi'i*'
S'rtiS '■'■*■'•     ""' mto nl   ilu,l':lM' I"  ••>i" «,tl
,'*,-h'"  circling bell  between  ISf.l aad 1011  i
qJtJSL "" Iom than 580.1 per cent,
oiiV'j     •"  ,Im'  •,,'l",rl   pablihbed -last  jiionth<l"
'-J7,1 'I Ihe  figures  for  Ihe  larger tt.wns. (flu ,, ^	
S4"*80'country   bnronglw)   wore  given.    Tho  not so likely to return
IKi/JMH n.l-IUlnmil     «latistics     now ■ published |     '» «'''h<*r case the i*
l-'or hundreds of years China wus tin
greatest   poultry   producing   nation   in-despite the obsfructiv
tne world, nnd probably this is true to-! Church and the lawmaker
day. not  only ns regards the total pro*
production but also in per capita use.
Of tho more than 800,000,000 population nf China shown by the last census
thero are fow indeed who do not in the
course of a year consume something in
tno May of poultry—chickens or ducks
or geese—aml certainly u huge number
of oggs.
For   considerable   portions   of   tho
population   poultry   is  the  only  animal I >»Ktun gtaiited. during 1910, iu it
lood   used,   am!'for   more   well to-do I populous county
elusscs it is an ordinarv meat diet thel*15-" marriages, i
vein* around.   Ducks are pickled, dried, j Ma-vu'Il!'1*   "*'   Iowa,   published   figures!
'tinned   and   otherwise   preserved   and  "'the state rovoallng one matrimonial
.-hipped io many parts of the world to ttt-tion In court to every seven mnrrln
( hiii.-se who aro away from a home sup-'W?*   llu' tommiislouera on   Uniform
ply.    Eggs of all  kinds aro used  fre-dt! I>'v."."'<,  l'iX™* Ii:iv«'  heen  studying the
 " j the ratio of
I divorces to marriar-es bad increased
I from one to thirty*four in l^Tn, to one
j to twelve iu ltlllf. In a letter to the
I Timoa of January 24. 1000, l*rof, Walter
: l-\ Willcox ost)mated the ratio thou ob-
I talnlng as one divorce to ton marriages,
titatistics eompiled in Kansas City early
'this year showed a ratio of one divorce
I suit to every four marriage licenses
1 granted in that city: tlu* state cf Wash-
' ist
blue from head to foot.
Webster had a liberal - at im >t
sentiment in his mental make-up; snd
for some reason th.* ■■ ■ * 1' ■ . ■-:
manhood remainod his favorite wea»
through   life,    lie  won at-,  to
hi| dying day. [f any one ever saw
him iu one of a diffore ll ■ r, the f;i»-t
has  not  been  made iif    -
to    OVOIV I - - ^L^mjmjmm
I Stjito *^n u    usually requires a 1
I Divorce I.
,.. ...red bv burying In"cby 'and problem and devWnH a
until thoy acquire something of that will suit all tho itati
ity of "cheese uud aro a groat) Py^.n--- iiiiil" L -°-SJ!2
itarriage act
-.   It is also
There   uio   few   families   in   I hina,
OVOU   iu  the  larger cities,  that   do  uot
„   havo at least somo chickons, Ni*ar the
if ! ports open to foreign trade there arc a
to j few rather good si/ed poultry fnrins as
a  rule.
Ducks a ic raise 1 iu immense mini
hers on fnrins along the en mi Is ami
rivers of central and south  China  and
Illicit mine common thnn chick
One of tho customary sights along th
grand en mil iu mid China, fnr example,
     lilts of line Or
IW«I show" thnl   Roiititond on-Ho-v" with   a I'»'« •""■ ^storing i- to strengthen tin
iso.ssl  ..inn,,,,   nf ,12.723,  |nCresStJ<1  bv  no j l"»''ls nnd  provont   recurrence  ot   sim.
mhlions Iqaqlng I" lameness.
population  of H'J.TL'a,  in
..   180,100 |ow ,!,.,„ ur.i p0r COnt,   Other big iu
nstltuonoles creases  me:   llford,  Ts.Lm.'i *.(S!'.ii  per
el;    Haling.   nl-,...V.   (85.4
Tbo Rural Increnso
mote inhubilai.ts.    lu l^t'l  theie woro |(4,r ,.,,„(, im-rea-o). and  Actum in,oa»8
only sovon, and in 1001 thero,wore tl.   -;,■_>,., per cent, increase),   tn nddltlon
tn  the  four towns  molltloiiojj a   mouth
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ago   ns   -bowing   decrouM'-., ' vi/.,   Ilur
Dividing the populftllnn in urban and ,(m> Canterbury, Halifax and llnstlngn,
iniai, it is pointed out that the 1,137 u„, following nre now uiwil. Chester,
nrluin distiiels iu Hngland un.l Wnles -§0^038 (1.0 per cent, decretiso), and
contained :>.|i;*Ul7il persons, ami the ^„lun m,,,,,,,-, 7.-..0PJ (II per cent, de
(15? rural .Hstiids ■$00,801., so that, oronao).
broadly 'peaking, the proportion living
!:;::i";:,:r!,^::;''!.:!::n;iuusT:,,i:'^''i:r; bowed a™ filled tendons
cent    The Ineronso in the urlun dis     A snbacriboT u>ks for a dffiniiion oi
tricm  wn-   I I.I   per cent., and  ic  the them* terms und they certainly an
rutal districts  I0.S pot cent.
cniisi'lerable    interest,   and    especially
Shall;*, at
but   it   is  di
from the do ^^^ ^^^
slowly in a refractive medium such 11
wate*- so  twenty or thirty li et bet
the obnorvor,      Heme lite mntiy err
ens deiluclii.us of ^^^^^^^^
to tllOSjQ, unsociable deniv.eiis of li
deep, The -hai k hetongn to a ty\>
which has survived the flight of tlmo
while other mure attractive sperloi
have censed to exist. The onrly voy
ngers were wont to nttrilmte supeina
tural   prccience to the •.hark,    often
I uttorncy*gonerats to u conf
n.1 uniform divorce laws.   Dot oven aa
the prospect of such a law draws near,
hopes iu it*, effectively oporatlug
It would appear th.it the man of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ upply
of substantial food. Iritelbvr-jil work
demands full nntrition to repair th.*
waste of brain tissue. S ■•:: was wont
to attribute his extraordinary capacity
for continuous work to hi** ^ .ci diges
tiou and tho wholesome r.><.traint« of
his appetite iu his youth. " I hav*
as keen an appetite uow as any man "
lie aald, "but I know wheu t,. -to;..'
Mlrnbeau   is Stated  to have been an
euormou*.   feeder.   c:.t:*.i:   a-   : .mdi   at   a
meal   as   would   suffice   three   ordinarv
against the growing evil. " Four-fifths j men. Talleyrand was ::i-' a nob sat
of divorces, it lolls us. are by mutual, or. Goethe and N*apoloon ate larg**
consont, ite suit being novoi contoste.! qnantitlei ni fond, but cared litt1, for
by the defendant. In four out of five''he quality. Bismarck wa- noted for
cases the divorce was obtained iu the his appetite, which was insatiable, but
state whore the marriage wns perform-1 his food wns of the simplest
I.   Strnngo to sny, the divorce 'colo*     Many -t.rios are told of tl.- er.
Ulos' in the West, while being porfeet 'delight  in  rating evinced  liy thc Iwo
ague spots nml dlsgrncos to tho nn    Dumas, father and son. one o'f which i«
l micli  nmie counnoii  111:111  ciucnens. ,     ,   -       ■-■               .
Oue of Ik" CUStomnry sights along the u M    '" the West, while being porfeet   delight   in   rating  evinced   bv  thc  Iwo
urn ml camtl in mid chinn. fur example. l'.!:,""t; "P™ 1i",;l dhffrncos to tho nn    Dumas, father ami son, one 0"f which ia
U thnl of a Chin luck farmei iu bis P0"'."0™ ,,:"1 1,,.,l,, lnfluon« '? ■»««    that  the yonng.-i. being owrrrtkon  bv
boat  watching Ids dock  ivoA  iu  ami  '.'>'. "'!' *:"< ► divorces granted in the ■-   lorm; took rofugo in n hotr, In Paris.
til-nig the canal.   'I he ducks are trn hied V",       ..1       •"l",',!    f    . PU\     , ',r'  T '' ,!,v''"'ir turkey-*. w.*t.* hanging upon
10 obev   him. an.l.  armed   with  n   long fUothoJ  ' ""«  l*-   'li:,t   ■Uhough   tllOtO  tie -pit.
bamboo polo to mildothoin, he controls * no dou,,J  !,",  ,ll,lt  "'/".y marrm«es|    ,,A||(1   bI,   fflr  fl   n[n |fl   .,, .v„,.r,..
their movements and takes Ihe... back J1,1 ""'' «n ■" ^ .h's «' ■•; iMH,*-r-.;l into wua !(,    ,. .„„„, „,„ 1hmi|<
to shelter for the night. Ihe omterManoiiig    tlmt  .1   ts s.mply a,     ,.rV^   mo||          ,,.  0X1.|.lim(t,,  AIox.
The surplus of poultrvand poultry e,nt,on '" .!l  "ff" , " " ^^- ;""! -.,..,: e.   He was right.
1 '■       '           ' .     * i-. soon to be dissolved, the  vast  nm 1
ry' and poultry
uh cowardly and cruol, I products which Chinn can export audi  to study their way-*   nu-.llv In Immense.   Up to the prose a t
It nf a ship us thev movo J exportation has taken the form largely
' ogg products, mostly dried nlbiimcu
I yolks, ' Tho tnido in eggs nml egg
lucls is rapidly ini-rea*-ing, as may | \
itnieii witli'respect (bo «eeil from the fact thai the oxporta
of egg albumen and yolks in 1008 woro
valued at f 1^1,038 gold, ami tho ship
Mints  nf  fu  li  1111-I   pre-erved  egg--  nt
il,234,?M gold, while iii  1000 the vol
lies   wero   »S1S,S0II   and   ■*l..V_MI,liSo   ro-
During the Inst year several curgooi
Ivod,  Ihe   vast   nm
nfter ton yoars.
whole   dii
' t •
be  .1
jnrity of divorce
'I hero are v,,|fl.^.^.^.^.^.^
voreo is the result nf an agreement 1
fore marriage. Nearly half of tho.*
i>s were for desertion, but desertion is generally a 'fake' reason agreed
ipon by both  parties.   Ono*fifth were
rrantod for drunkenness."
Tho   i**I»'; l  °**   Heligoland,   In   the
North Son, i-  * trlnngulnr roek of poi
luij.s   a   huu I   acres,   but    thore   i-
Fuginiol i- Naval Cndct R. F. Wheeler,
who is just fifteen years of age, and
who iccenilv look hi-* certificate at the
Bristol Salisbury Plain School. After
leaving his training college the yonng
cadet joined the I'ii tol nchoo) on Aug
i"t Stll| hi** tuition lasting only four
Week**.        Ills   pi'ogrc -   thro   RllOllI   WM
rapid and hla tirst *«olo flight waa mado
only live days before Ite gained hi**
i i
[New Jewelry Store
A New Jewelry Store is now
being opened up next to T. J.
Policy's office on Young* street.
First quality goods only, and
all repair work done promptly
by   an    expert    watchmaker.
Local  Items
* X
Do You Know
Thai owing to building operations having commenced
on Lots 7 and  8 facing on  Young Street,  South,
business lots in this locality are going to increase in
We Can Deliver
A 50 foot Lot, exceptionally well situated on Young
Street at $100 per front'foot.     For terms see
Chas. Huteheson S Co.
Dollars to Spare?
Wc have perfected arrangements with ii  Liinil Com-
puii.v by which wo arc able
tn soil
Dairy Land at $7.50
por aoro
Mixed Farming Land at
$12.50 per acre
Fruit Land at $17.50
jx-r aoro
in 40 Acre blocks.
It is fully guaranteed by
tin- owners, nnd while it is
nut close to existing railroads, within five years it
will !«' opened up by a
trans-continental ruad and
will then prove a true
money maker for anyono
owning it. Booklets and
maps free nl our office,
Terms on land:
$50 cash, balance $10
a month at 6 per cent.
P. 0. Box 247        Phone 178
ChilliwacK, B. C.
♦ will   be  glad |
I to furnish you t
I with an esti-j
| mate on your *
I lumber   bill
| whether   you
I place your or-
i I der with them
III or not.
Phone 86
Lumber Co. j
Suckling I'il'".   Km tloga, Store Hogs,
Will Calves, slit-,-|, un.l Limits.
m.imxv  BiancPRlcn,
S Minis.
Hum—in Chllllwaek, on Tuesday
Hit. 19, to Mr. and Mn, Robt.
Cartnlohaol, a daughter.
L.F.I 'toft, at Meu .Studio for photos
Foil Saw-'Building 11x18 feet on'
ground; in good condition. Apply
at this office,
All millinery is reduced to half
price at Miss llnyle's, across from
tho post office
A black fur ruff hits been left nt
this office lot' tho owner. It was
found in thc opera house.
Foil S.u.k—a number of choice
White Plymouth Rook Cockerels;
B. A. Kipp, plume F. 191.
Foil I!knt—A modern 7 roomed
house on Williams street. $20.00
per month.   W. It. Nolmos.
Man or Men Wanted—to blow
out slumps. Apply to (leu. henry,
Bent place, Fairfield Island.
Monday being Christmas Dav
lho Post Oflloo will bo olosud. The
wicket will ho opon from eight to
nine a.m.
Call up phone '■'■'■) and muke an
engagement to have your Photo
taken Xmas or New Year's Days.
Chapman's studio,
House and Lot to Rent—Nine
roomed house, bathroom, elootrie
light,hot and cold water,aero of land,
stable, buggy shed, on Hanoi street.
Apply tu A. Malcolm, Hazel street.
I luw many shut are in the tulic
in tho window of Folix McManus?
If you guess the correct or nearest
to tho corroot number a gold-filled
watch will bu yours. An opportunity is given witli every 2'iets.
spent in this Store.
Christmas and New Years Gifts
in profusion, arc on display at
Miss Hoyle's. Deinty evening
waists, smart hair ornaments, handkerchiefs, etc.,arc attracting much
attention.    Make your choice early.
Caiiii Op Thanks—Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Kerr wish to extend their
heart felt thanks to their friends
and neighbors for the many acts of
kindness and sympathy extended
to thcin during the illness and
deatli of their eldest daughter,
Annie Irene.
The progriune at the Lyric Theatre
for Friday and Saturday, is " A
Quartor Past two " a pretty Imp,
Drama, " Vengeance Hath Been
Had "an especially strong Drama,
and two screaming Comedies, "Tho
Schoolma'an of Snake Ranch',' and
"Chicken".These are Worth seeing.
Yes you can have your family
group or oilier Photon t'ikeii
Xmas or News Year's Days at Chapman's studio.    Phone 39.
Chas, Huteheson * Co. real estate
agents, have sold lot 11 block II.
division K. owned by Mrs. S. F.
Boucher to Messrs John and Alfred
Kregear, of Vancouver Lot. 2 of I).
Is. 'AH, comprising 1% acres owned
by H. J. Barber, to N. McLeod,
of Vancouver. Fourteen acres of the
(irigg Sub-division to J. C. Glenton,
also of Vancouver.
Have you put in an estimate on
the number of beans in thc jar in
Fred Joudry's window? An estimate is allowed for every dollar's
worth of goods purchased. The
lady coming nearest to the correct
numlier will be presented witli a
ruby and diamond ring, thc gentleman a gold watch, and the third
nearest a handsome umbrella.
Thc beans will be counted on
Saturday night Dec. 30 and the
prizes awarded, Oct your estimates in as early as possible, as
tbey arc filed iu order received,
One estimate allowed with cnunon
which was published in the Free
Press last   week.
Personal Mention
L, I!. Waddington, of Vancouver,
is spending the Xmas holidays
under the parental roof.
Mrs. 10. M. Manford who lias
hern the guest of her sister Mrs.
C. A. Harlier, left for her home on
Lieut, and Mrs. Onudland, Lieut,
and Mrs. Caskey attended the Military dance in Lester Hall. Vancouver last Friday.
All the good eats. Beef local
grain fed. Pork from Denholm's
Lamb and mutton, choice. Of
course our Turkeys are bought
from the only Turkey farm in
B.C., which means the best.
Geese, Ducks and Chickens in
endless number.
NO. 18
A Lady's or  Gentleman's
Gold-Fined Watch
.will be given to the person
telling nearest to the correct
number of shut contained
in a glnss tube in my window
In the event of two or more
persons guessing the same
number it will be decided
by a drawing.
Every 25c
spent in the store from now
until   New  Year's  entitles
you to one guess.
Felix McManus
The Watch Han
Rov. Mr. Robinson of Vancouver,
will take the services in thc Baptist
Church on Sunday.
Among those who are home for
tho Xmas holidays are, Miss Laura
Denholm, Miss Mrytlu Mcnzie, Miss
Willis, Miss Esther Ilammar, Peter
Mcnzie and Oarnet Willis frum Ok-
anagan College, Summcrland, B. Ci
Mrs. John Knight, of Eganville,
is tho guest of friends in the city,
where she will await the arrival of
her husband, who is expected to
return from Katalla Oil fields,
Alaska, about New Years.
Dr. and Mrs. Allen and children
of Vancouver spent Sunday with
Mrs. Allen's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. R. Ashwell. Mr. Ashwell received many congratulations on
that day the occasion being hi.
nigh teeth birthday.
Dr. and It. II. Henderson expect,
lo leave on Tuesday for their extended trip abroad, intending lu be
away about three months.
The Misses ltutli and Dorothy
Henderson kindly assisted Patrol
Leader Turnbull, who had charge
of thc Tuesday evening practice ol
Chilliwack No.I. in the the absence
of Mr. Collin, in the teaching of
the Scouts of "The Maple Leaf
The home of Mrs. C. E. Eckort
was merry on Saturday afternoon,
thc occasion being the eleventh
birthday of Miss Viva the pretty
young daughter of tlic house.
About sixteen girls attended thc
party in her honor and enjoyed
every minute of the afternoon's
The popularity of Miss Florence
Morse with Iter pupils was evidenced last Saturday night when about
thirty two of them made up a
party surprising tlieir teacher at
Mrs. II. Eckcrt's home and incidentally presenting her with some
pretty gifts. The evening was
spent in games and u jolly social
Married—On Thursday, Dec.
Margaret K. Good, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. George Good of East
Chilliwack to Mr. Robert John
Taylor of Flctt Springs, Sask. The
marriage took place, at two-thirty
at the home of the bride, Rev. Mr.
Douglas officiating. The happy
couple left on thc six tram amid
showers ot rice, and carrying with
them many good wishes.
■ *
Christmas Meats
and Poultry
We have in stock a full line of the choicest meats and
poultry for the Christmas trade.     The kind that give
real pleasure in the eating.
All local stock and fresh killed.    No storage or frozen
meats handled by us.
You are invited to purchase your holiday supply of
meats at our store.
Barrett & Banford
2  Phone 8;
I Get Your Xmas. Presents I    .    .   I
jj     Special Designs    g
AT   F.   JOUDRY'S I        inJcwelry        I
s    Wafches, Clocks,
*fi i*4
ft      Rings, Chains,      JK
***" *w
el    yA*%m*i*y™^^ f      made to order
s ft
r:   Try your wisdom.   How many beans in the sealer ?   §
*. S *™


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