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k Fr
Sl'llSl'IIU'TIIlN fKICK Sl.nu Hill VEAR
SlSut.li COI'llSS   l-'lvl; CUNTS   K.M'II
Vol.. I.
WD Not Observe Holiday j Buildisi Permits Issued
Contrary to report  Mondny  will     Inspector W. .1. Laughlin has is- .
not be observed us n holiday by tlic sued lho following building permits!    •)   change -I  mnnngors for tbe
business mon of tho city outside oflforMayi IS. J. Boucher, altorutlons Chil iwnck olllne nl  K .1.  Hurt A
the banks und government  offices I anil repairs to rcsideni i  West-' "• L <L.  bus   lajon  nllected   Ihls
„.nd post office.   Tho wicket of the minster street, 8100.   R.  A,   Ncl- «eol« by the promotion ol   U.K.
latter will be ..pen from 8 to9 a. m.oms,  stable  and  drive  shed  on Muun, who hns hud charge ol   ho
iRoi avenue ssn.   (1.   I',  Clinin-!"" hero for the pnst year, tu the
licrhiiii, business block nn Welling-1Vniiiiouvor oiliee of lbc  linn,    l>.
tnli   street   f}4000,      W.   Bathgate,
resilience on College  streel   $'2000.
T. II. Lav,   resilience   on   Princess Chilliwuek, will  he lhe   new   iiiun-
uvcniic  gieOO.     Total 87080,    In'nger lor lhe firm here.    Mr.  Munn
:',i i,
,.   HAItllKIl
anil I'roprlfl
No, 39
His Bought a Home Site
Conductor 15. Bimlohns purohnsod
u boinesite of nine nnd a half acres
ol tbe A. II. Douglas -nli-ilivisioii
near lbc Chilliwuek  Central  road
; I). Munro, of that nlliuo,  going
Victoria,   while   W.   I.. Macken
and will creel a new resi
mi in the nonr future
was lit'goljulfil by F
(Vs. Chilliwuek office.
induction Services
• lhorc-i addition to these U.  II.   McLennan j
The   ileal   is   erecting   a    line   resilience
I.    Hurl iV   Woodbine   aveiiiie,    u   permit
: wliieli will be taken out before
. imi of the month,
A Fut Freiftht Service
llo May '.'I tin II. C Electric
trieil lhe experiment of operullng
all way fl'oiglll between Westminster
ami Chilliwack and nliirn. The
trial trip proved so successful that
tho company will inaugurate the
1st, or us soon
secured for Ilia
run. The   freight    will     leave
Westminster at six a. in. returning
to Roynl City samo afternoon,   'I'ln
new   service   will   furnish   u   rapi
Special Induction Services In eon-
iiectinii with the beginning of Hev. I
Mr. Marshall's ministry "ill lie
held ai the Baptist church on Sini-
ilny, .lillie i. Hev. Mr. IMcrbrnnk,
of Viineouver, will conduct Ibe sor-
vices ill the morning, uinl   Ilov,   I'.
C. Parker, of Vancouvor will nronoh sorvico about June
iu lbc evening.     There   will    be an n motor can 1
special music.
Fumis' Inmate Meetin
The  depart ment   of   Agrioullun
is been with I'*, .1. Mart sV Co.  for
i,n ithe past eight years, having started
for In Ilu' oiliee ill  Westminster,    Ily
)|H. {strict nttculion to business and   his
i adaptability iss  iu pai'tlciilnr   requirements, bis prumothin to pos-
' it ions of trust and responsibility li
been steady and marked for a young could be seen Ibe vulli
ll was a huppy uml delighted
crowd Unit stepped nil the "Helen
M. Sciinlon" at ilie Minto Wlinrf,
nu the evening nf Ibe _lth, al'lcr
pnrtiei puling in lhe river excursion
tn Harrison I lot Springs, The ilay
was ideal for such a jaunt, lhe
crowd buoyant anil mirthful, lho
limit comfortable, roomy, senwurlhy
mul carefully piloted. 'I'lie scenery
jdong the Frasor and Harrison riv-
ifj'S US lhe buill steanieil ultillg null rare Ireal, the rounding nl' cneli
benil presented entrancing and
delightful views of the mountains,
el..Un1.1 iii Iheir mantles nf green iu
various shinies, rising   hundreds  of
feat on either side     I king iiorlli
y of the linr-
till'   opposite
anil while iii Chilliwack   Mr, IrJKon River, whili
bus proved himsolf to be a direction a splendid view was had of "'ids  U'.urope
•apable rciircsenlalive nf  the i Hie Chilliwuek Valley, tbc eye rest-: risk nl loss hiu
Hie  Van- ing mi the foothills  then rising a  the greatest   pnssiblo extent.    Su
who are able  to  properly  develop
thu same would consider ii  worth
while to spend the amount ofiuuney
required,    ll will cost   the  -'tilers I
nothing, bul in llie ovcnl of siicccs-
ful operiitiniis   wuilil ciibni   the
value nf tbeir holdings ami prove a
source of direel revenue In ninny,
For instance l.os Angeles reeuiveil
in lllll 812,000,000 In supplies fur
nil eiiiiipniiies, The nexl furm of I
cncoui'iigcmenl is financial support,
not in the form of a bonus, bul  for
value r 'ived, in lhe stock  of  lhe ,
company, which stock  would  pur-
licipillo ill Hie entire holdlllgSof Hie
eompniiy and in nil iis fields.
As (be   greiilesl   care   has   I n.
used ill forming Ibe coinpnny nml
si'lecling iis ground, whii b isbacked
up by the nviiiluble reporls nf the
hesl known exports nf two conlili-
Amorion)  Hie
elilllilialeil   tn
lis promotion lo
lhal money subscribed for the
eoiiver ulliee is well earned  uml   be : magnificent view of Mt. linker ..,-,,
Will no doubt continue to  win  the had. a pnnnrnnin nf nalure.leligbUiil  limitation of this volley, Would   nnt
same siiccss in liis new field,   thai' t" bohuld.    Al the Springs there was be losl even ll operations here  were
that he has in tbc past.    In  social, P sure and enjoyment for all and unsuccessful.    1 lie company, thoro-
auil fraternal circles Mr. Munn will!about six hours were spent   at this|„*« lira asking  the   people  "I   Hn
bo much missed as woll  as   in   the  pleasurable  n
j,| business realm.     In lhe iippnint-l wilh  its hut
mont nf Mr. Macken tn tliepositlon mountains  and   mountain   trails,
of manager for Chilliwack, tlic com- lake, islands  and   rivers,  cunoos,
puny bus made a  wise and  happy hunts, shaded lawns and lawn sports
choice.   Mr. Macken is another ex-1 andits guests from various polnl
golable I destination only a couple of hours ample
Poultry, i Inter that by passenger train und nt Isistont
iiii   refreshing  resort
springs   and   baths
huve arranged for (he spring meet- j transit between all points nn tlie
ings through uul lhe province. For line which will be ssf great viiluc to
Chilliwuek the meeting will be held'shippers of iKsrishoblogoods.   Fruit,
on June 5 Chilliwaek    Forester's prodl , etc., shipped will arrive ai
hall, W.  II. Robortson
production; W. X.   Scott
Chilliwack Coqualoctsn,   June   0, regular freight rates.    The
\V, II, Robertson vegetable produo- in sure to be appreciate!
'.ever increasing number
the li. ('. E, 11.
by  tho j
of patrons
Secured Leal Advice
Mayor  Waddington
tion; X."X. Seott,  poultry utility
Smile's Thrown Opel
The tender nf a light  engine wus
derailed near the water tank in tbe
C. N. R. yards mi Saturday even-1Eckert have
ing, und it required nearly a  whole cotiver whoro they  interviewed  thoi
day's wnrk on Sunday   by   a   large I lnw linn of   Bowser.   Reid & Wall-
Staff of men to replace the tender I bridge regarding tbe arrangement
ou the truck.   A switch hud lieen j of tlie city's credit to carry out the
thrown open, the lock being broken various iiiiinicipul  enterprises  pro-'
and curried nway.     More serious! posed,   The tirm advised lhe city I
damage might easily have occurred,  to sell half of Ibe IhiiuIs of lhe   Elk
Members nf I.  W.  W.  fraternity Creek Company and to dispose of the
! other half on the credit of llie city. I
f a young uian who by eon- [of the compass, leisurely absorbing
nnd persistent effort lins (the congenial environment. Aboul
icbievcil a splendid measure of sue- \ forty of the
•ess in the business life of the city. Iin evidence und thoroughly en-
A mun of keen business discern* joyed tho outing, dipt. .1. ('. (Inr-
iiieui und well balanced optimism, vie wns Ihe "man at the wheel"
these qualifies have wmi  fnr him I and was right at   home in the po-
aii honored place in the opiui of isitlon, and W. It. Nelcms was pur-
his associates, who will be pleased sor but mainly interested in siring
to wish him continued achievement Ihul everybody had a good time,
in his new field. Mr. Macken will! S. Johnson wns on hoard with a
retain all lbc important positions consignment of delectable holiday
he holds at present in addition to necessities to come to tbe nid of
the managership of F. J.  Hart * such ns were troubled with   i	
Co. Ltd.. nt Chilliwaek.
are blutued for the troublo
Cr-tam Raiser
Before  the  big  game
afternoon  the   chilliwuek   junior
lacrosse team und what was to Imve
heeil the East End juniors played a
curtain raiser.    At tin' close nf play
the score was six troll tn nothing  in I which should
favor of Ibe New Westminster buys. | business sell:
North  Vancouver  peoplo   handled
their ferry proposition iu this way. 'orj„ |).1V (|rew
It wus also learned that  Bchool  ns
well ns local improvement loans do
not affect the borrowing power of
tlie  city.      Tlle   method   outlined
seems to be a very safe one mul one
appeal  to  the good
if the citizens.     We
The program of horse racing and ;
iiise'sull ui Recreation Park on Vic-1
i large attendance
and a good afternoon's sisirt was
witnessed. Tlic racing committee,
comprising II. II. Gervan, chair-
innn, A. 1,.  Coote,   It.ll.  Atkins. |
In justice to thc Chilliwack hoys illboliovo tlic great majority of tlie
Should Is' snid tbnt the local team ; people here are favorable lo tlie pur-
wus picked mostly from lbc inter- chase of lhe waterworks system,
mediates nml was fnr loo heavy for realising ihul it is imperative Hint
tho littio fallows from up tlie line, tlic city own  such an  important
Hardly u  cily,  town  or village
throughout Western Canada, which,
without doubt is an example to the
whole world in matters nf progress,
but has had frum time  tn time,   a
proposition put before them for in-
Fred Scmple and J. II. Anderson nsI'««*■■•■■ enterprise! nnd its  encoiir-
scerelurv-lreastirer are to be con- :''gonient  sobcileil.     Hour   mills,I,|mt ,|lepub,jc )mv
gralulat'eil on  the success of  the I 'notorics,  transportation  and  var'
Fraser Valley, und particularly the
Cliilliwnck Valley, to take an intelligent interest iu the proposition ami be ready tn bllilil up their
own community, raise the value nf
their 00,000 acres"of land, nf which
the company haw an insignificant
proportion, and make it not only
were much |)ossible Imi advantageous, for manufacturers nnd other industrial
workers, tn cimie In Chilliwaek for
business purposes,
In order to satisfy the public
that the company mean tn give
Chilliwack a square deal, tbey have
guaranteed to spend nil the money
subscribed, iu the district and spend |
as much of their own capital here,
and whatever is necessary to complete operations and provide ade-
wero mini- quale equipment for transportation
and marketing the product.    Fur-
j titer than this they agree to refund
I any monies subscribed and not
sts'iit, if tlie results al  nny  time
j during operations are such lhat
their engineers deeni it advisable to
desist. These features ensure" to
subscrilscrs here that their money
will be spent solely in developing
or exploiting the valley or if nol
|spenl will Iss' returned and not used
fur other purposes,   lt is nnt often
the  chance   to
their money properly handled
It wns not a fair deal for the visitors.—Columbian,
Tim Senke to Hope.
Beginning August 1st two passenger trains and two freights daily
over tlic C. N. H. between Westminster and Hope will be 111 opera-
linn. Wc understand the ('. N. It.
has purchased the Great Kolltern
road   ls'iw i     Abbotsford   and
Conlbrook  and  lietween New-Westminster and  llazelllleie.      By   Ibis
purchase tho C. N. H. will hnve n
Ibrough line to Westminster via
Port Mann. Tlie Groat Nothorn
will havo running rights over the
X. IS. line to 1Io|m' Ibere lo con-
utility, and Ibat such being the case
il will never bo purchased al a lowor pries' lhan al present.
Victoria Day Observed
01,1 Sssl   smiled   most  graciously
upon the observance of ihe  dny
event. A lurge nun .were pra. I low other iinproveiuei.ts nud de-
cut from points down the line, and velopmcnU hnve received mimic,-
the races were nil well filled and the I"1 ""' "' I1"'  r°rl*1  "f  exemption
from taxation, freo grants of land | ntiotiH priori
I and cash bonus.   There is no doubt IT,X<
haH thnt It does nod  ,,;,y to assun •   -p|, ,.■,,,,.,. „,,„„.,
McCawlter-liko nttittulonml wait for n.atjk |i,.|,| \
contests wer
thc results;
Two year old trot   <
mile heals; purse 860.
lively.    Following are
on their own ground ami the  unspent portion returned if results do
not warrant  continuance of opor-
discovery of oil nr
Buwiiinn's (bn Mel/'iin, sec
.ml AC.' -oinelhing to turn up.    If a  thing' ,,„,.„„,,„ t„ ',■'„,
i us I.
if the Chilli-
i givecnoour-
iinipnny In pre
Hummer's Boise   Adams;   third, is worth having it is worth going with drilling nnd if the citizens of
C. W. Mctlillvurv's Aclnin.    Time '','■'''',•    Iho community that n IsU'liilliwack value tlio   opportunity
1.26 development must dn wbu   it enn now before thom ns they undoubt-
2 10 trot or 2.1S pace,   purse townrd thnt development before it odly should they will give this ninl
inincinornling the birth of (irenl  «,,-„    ■.•[,.,,,_    ye     „,    Marshall's Cl*{-
Britain's greatest Queen, Victoria, oiga8. ; C. W. McGilllvnry's Mac """
.in May 24.     I'he clouds of the pre- I pul|,.r ,m,i C. Smith's Haeev divided
vious days rolled away and n bright | sl.(,|in(, :)>|ll .||iril ni(in,,v   .n„1(, u |
kissed moiuitnin and val-
i'X|secl    Iss   receive   n'd
•s.      Chilliwack    Vnlley
reached a slate when  il  most assuredly can give every   reasonable
uent nnsl impetus to uuy
warm sun kissed mountain nml vol-;   ., gg tl.(l( ,„. 2.40 pnee, purse SIKO encouragement ami impel
ley inn! filled Ibe I its of Ibe Imli- ]_pjrilt .|   Hownian's  l.'ivoln;   sec-' l*'",w' of devclopmciil Ibal is legiti-
■ ■    ■   ■ ' ' ' ' ... ,,,,.,     proiiiabl
licipnlioii.    Chilliwuek  people  ob- i,.ijr|!;"l').'S.   iiiinilns'   Bill   Miner,  While iiiiieh nioney bus in the  |snst
served the slay in vnrious w*om> Idrawn. * Timo 1.10.
...  ,, ,         ,,      .,      ,          Some spent tho dny cultivating in     Kive-eighls ilnsh,   open,   purse
C.N. IS. line 10 llo|H' ibere 10 con- ,,„,:,. vegetable nntl (lowor gardens, U45 FlAt J   \   Evans' Mlsscon-
ncct with Ibe \   \ . ,V 1'.. olherspntronucdll.eB.  C.   E.   II. L'   , „|W.   Nevurds*   llillv;
Sl Join's Ckurch. SardU i'""1 trnvollcdtoBolllngl i.Sumns, Ip^j \\am' white Wings, drawn.
Westminster     and     Vancouver. T|mo j \->
eycning garden Others hold  family  picnics,  nlong;    |falf 'intla isniv race, under  14.2
,  i'i"     1.!   .nil   ,l"'.,V",'lll,'r "'"   "I  C1.ll.1s  Lake   ,,„,„,,  |,|g-,   ,„,, |„  „„.,,,.  hantli.
lii-ld .111 Ihe  JOIh while aUmt ..in-lmnilr.il and sixtv
from, (,,,. 11!,.|,- niosl eni'iicsl considcrntion
'':1!* and their generous support,
Fnrtlier infomintlon cun bo secured Mr. A. .1. llosnm president,
Mr. II. Silver vice pesident, for tho
next fow days at the Empress Hotel
Chilliwaek or front II. J. Harbor,
,1ns. Munro nnd ('. E. Eckert.
Social and Personal
An nfleriiiH>n am
party and sale of w
the above will I
purse |26—First 0. Kvans1
not r
Mrs. II. J
on tlie first
till niituniii.
Mis. H. E
('. A. Harbor, (lo
five on the   llrs)
IIVS'. will
ridiiv  nl'i
Barber will nol receive
Wednesday or again
Iscrri.'s. nnd Cream Ion  cents
[OS Clean,    ten  1 Is.      Hig>   will
llieel lhe one, six ami nine  o'clock
trams to and frnin ('hilliwaek.
Gneroiirf A-fKriat-d
The Ladies'  Hospital   Auxiliary
fwl grateful lu S.  A.  Parsons for
I'layers made a huppy hit   iu Iheir
|iri'seiilat ion of lhe delight fill comedy
Tho Rond to Ywlonlny."
his coiiliniied thoughl fulness in  DS- impn.veiiieiits on  liis  lio site  in
l-llng lho work of lho hospital. Ho-1Mountniu View.   Mr. NVI s ro
sidos lho contribution of n linnd
some rug. some lime ngo, Mr. Par-
sous lias, unsolicited, given 11 night-
rnl.', s!ip|scrs, booliJi nnd periodicals,
nn.l tiiis wook sonl up a largo nud
comfnrtablo arm chair for uso in
Ibe public wurd. These hnve enn.
itltutod deligbtfiil uml wclciimesur-
priscs and displays n public Spirited
generosity which tlioso who huve
shouldered the responsibility of
maintaining Cliilllwruik's new liospl-
lul, would like to sec LwoomS lllfco-
The basebull exeilemenl i.ns fur-
Inlsliod by (lie Chilliwuek Tigers vs.
I Sumas Cily nud ibeChllllwiiek Culm
,,   .. , ... ,    VS,  Itosiilnle.    Ill IhiIIi  games  lhe
II. Ne ems, of \ 111 uver,   is  .     ,.       ,.   ,,    ,        ....   .     ...
I local boys hml lo lie   snli-lied   will.
Ibe iibbrevialcil end of the liilly, the
'lw» visliug tenuis winning by   IJ
I lofl and 7 lo I respootlvoly.   The
I games were very g.Mid exhibitions
iiliul kepi the crowd on the alei'l.
-pending the week iu III.' city
looking nfler various inleresls lie
has in the valley mid iiriuiigiug fnr
centl.v returned In llip const afler a
six weeks visil   lo   Eiisleru Cunudil
uinl llie prairie provinces,
li is understood ihat Ilia Colonial
(HI Co. will begin drilling 0|»r>
ntiisns iu tlie vnlley nl an early date.
The pr.lpnsllli.il of Hi nilinny   in
litis regard is mooting with n favorable reception uml oonsldorablailooH
has already been subsoi'lboil,
The new ollli'i'i's of Rxoolslor
Lodge, I, I). II. F. No. 7, for lhe
current Imlf vear were oleoted on
Tuesday evening,   Theyare; Noble
(Irnild, 0, A. Weeks; Vies'-draud
A. II. Turvey; Itee-Sec. Wm. Ibis-
lerhnft; Fin. Sec, Jos, Peers;   and
Treasurer II. J. Barber. Fuurean-
llldntci  were  iniliated   the    same
mate and   likely  In
While much money
two years gone oul of lbc valley   lo
oxploil various enterprises in ot'icr
places and lias alsn been used very
extensively lo build up other communities tliere is still ample capital
In assist in llie building Up nf its
own urban and rural areas. This
tuny he done by straight innrioy
contributions m by ilu- granting of
OOnCOSSlnUI llllll privileges Which   of
themselves oosl nothing, nnd in ihe
evcni of su ss crowning lho elTorls
iiniilc, will become n grenl source
of revenue lo lbc individual-.
No scheme for dovclopinonl ami
in. body of men can In- got lo spend
largo sinus or money in uuy given
urea Where there nil' several lo
choose from unless Ihey receive
proper encouragement.
The Colonial nil Co. Lid, is mn-
trolled by prominent business men
oil bulb sides of  lhe   Internalioiinl
Boundnry,   whose   Integrity   nnd Vnnoouver this wc
rcpulnlion hnve lieen the subject  of     Mrs. Kingseoto was a
suiisliictory enquiry by lhe businessI Vancouver this week.
men of the cily,   This company     ,,.    .,   , ,   ,  , ,
have iieiiuireil huge iiieus ol ground .   A"** '"'"""" "I"*"1 ""' holidnys
receive    Monday.
ngnlll this season.
Mrs. O, II. W
ui homo ou I-1 ii In
of Monday June I!
until autumn.
i    Min. E. Join
! ver on Tuesday.
Mrs. I). C.  Meilillivinv
A-bwell    Will    Iss'
.lune 7 Instead
ami   nol   again
went   In   Van
Mntlneo of moving plclurcs nllovoulng, lho work being exceed-
ibe Lyric Theatre every Saturday!lngly woll put on. There wus un
nftornoon nt 8,80,   Admission lOo, nlteiidnnoo of over fifty momliers.
ive neqilireil huge
ill lhe oil fields of I nlil's.iiiiii uml
Alaska nml hive some llftcen to
twenty Ihniisnnd ncres nf ns vol,
undeveloped Innd, of whieh Chilli-
wus'k   bus  so  fur   supplied    iilsmt
'J.mki acres.
The company hnve dotildcd  lo
exploil Iheir holdings iu Ihis district upon certain conditions whicli
roll with the citizens of this vullev.
In Hie first plnco more ground inusl
Ik' aviiiliible before any eoinpnnv
Willi her parents here
Mrs.  Justinian   Pel ly    went    tn
Vancouver on Monday.
Mis- McDonald, ol Hurl A- Co.,
wns n holiday visitor to the coast,
Mrs. (
spellt  till
Mr. uud M
went t
P. Hooves
week end
und daughter
iii Vnncouver.
W.   B.  Treiibiilni
New Westminster nn Tlio
Miss Helen Chadsey sponl tho
week end ivilli friends in New Westminster.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George were in
New Westminster this week for n
few duys,
Mrs', Armstrong and Miss Mac
Donald were passengers lo Ihe euusl
mi Tuesday.
The Misses Trow of  Vi liver
were lhe gnosis of Mrs,   li,   Spronl
over Sunday.
Miss 1 llndy- Siimpson has relumed Iinui :i hm weeks mention
spent nl Victoria,
Mrs, E. \V. Thomas i- visiting
in Viineouver and is attending the
 ivenlion of Ibe W. A. Society.
Mi« I) ie of Columbian College
New Westminster spent the week
end with her mother, Mrs.   Deane.
Hev, F,  II.  Si y   returned  to
Vnncouver on Saturday after spending n week nl his fruit farm at
Mrs. Percy Burton is in Van.-on-
ver this week ns n delegate from
W. A. of St. Thomas church to
the convention being held there.
Mrs. .1. W. Carmiehael was a
visitor to Vancouver nn Wednesday
.in mpiinyingMiss Carmiehael who
bos been her guest since  the  2lth.
Miss A. Munn, Miss (Iff. r and
Mr. Pratt,   of   New    Westni    -
weie     week    slid     glll'StS     ol     M  --
1 Munn's brother, I). E. Mui
W. II.  Sid.lull   stpenl   the  1 ••..
end in  Vancouver  returning   ■
Mrs. Siddall who Im- heen  visit   g
friends there for the past twovre. --
Robert Ferguson from   Daupl
Manitoba   wus   visiting   two    nl.l
friends R, 1..   Rowat   and   Dti
Johnston last week, returning   Eam
mi Sunday.
Mr. and   Mrs.   Vietor  Low .
(Ii'anilview.   Vancouver,  spewed; end visiting their brother and
sister Mi.  iih 1   Mr.   ft   11    I, nr,
Tupper strut.
.1. s. Patterson, ol Voncou-rer,
and .1. Ciimbie,  ol  Victoria),   wmi
holiday visitors al the h •■■ {( m
 I Mrs. Hamilton Ramsay, I
wuck Central IS I.
Miss  Carrie   Hiimphn
Seattle thi-  week  where  she  will
meet her mother who  is  returning
ts. Cltilliwuck after  spending   the
winter in California.
Cun.ui and Mrs. Hinehliffe i.n!
litlle daughter are spending 1 t'.ev
days at Vancouver this week, tin-
Canon attending an exo—utfrr*
meet iug previous t" the mi •
of the Synod next week.
Mrs.  John    McKenzie ,•(  \.■«•
Westminster,   and   Mrs. K.   VI.--
I.aehlaii  nl   Vancouver, are    I e
guests of Mr. nud Mrs, Reg E.
Hrondhend, (lore avenue.
Miss Esther Hanunar, Mi- Myrtle
LnrliT, Mr. and Miss Menzi.-s nml
Miss Denholm of the Okanogan
College Suininerliind return I" th. ir
lioiui's here to-day for ini.tsnmmer
Mrs. l-i.il 1 i.ik.- und tw,. children, of Vancouver, who hove boon
visiting Iter parents Mr. nnd Mr-.
Alex. Mercer, Rcoee avenue, the
lust month, returned homo tins
week, her mother going with her
for a -hurl visit,
Ladies keep   Friday   often 1
June 7 n|»'ii In attend the Jan-
iincse Tea ami Muslenlo In !«■  hold
nt   the  bun 1   II     II.   Gorv	
Mountain View, Admission 23c.
Proceeds In go lo Isldics Aid "f
Cook's I'rc-livii linn cbiireh. Ton
will !«■ served (nun :'. In.*,,ill), p. III.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cnmemn
uud two children, of Slinughnewy,
and Mr. Wm. Cunieroll, of Fair-
view, Vancouver, enmc up l.y auto
nnd -pent the week visiting tlis-ir
sister, Mrs, Thompson, Prairie
Control  Road, returning  Sunday.
Mr. and Ml- I'. II. Calvert ami
son, of Cliilliwnck, will -<|>.-n,l the
wii'keii'1 iii il ity.   Mr. Calvert,
who is principal of lllc Chilliwack
public   school,   ; mpnnicd   tha
Chllllwaek junior liiersssse leillil,
win. played the  Wcstmlllltor  team
US Hu' prelminary tn the big  game.
I    Artistic Printing at Free Press. CIHLLilWACK  FREE   PRESS
Copyright, 1911
{Hy Small, Maynard & Co., Inc.
CHAPT1SH   XVll.   (Continued)
The Second Year
Somo families spenl ua mucli for
bear as for milk. Uuth could-
n't change- tbat practice, but she
dill muke i hem more careful where
they boughl tholr milk—especially
when thero was a baby in the house,
Then, too, she shared all lier secrets of
where and how to buy cheaply. Sometimes ndvantago was taken of those
hints, imi more often not, They dld-
n'l pay milch more fur many articles
ih.hi she dill, Imi thoy didn't get as
good quality, However, as long as
ih.' food lasted good ami satisfied
tholr hunger you couldn'l make them
take nn extra effort and get stuff because ii was iiiii!*'" nutritious or moro
healthful. Thoy couldn't think ahead
oxccpl in Hn- matter of Bavltlg dol-
Inrs and cents.
Theso people, of course, wero of lhe
lowor class, There was another demon! ol' decidedly liner quality. Giuseppe, for example, was ono of these
nml ihoro woro hundreds of Dthors.
it was among those thai Ruth's Influence counted for the most. They
not only took advantage of her superior Intelligence in conducting their
households, bul ihey breathed in
something of tho soul of hor. When
l saw ihem send for her In their-
grief and In their Joy, wh.-n I hoard
them ask her advice with almost tho
confidence wilh which Ihey prayed,
when I heard them give her such
names as "the angel mother," "the
blessed American saint," J fell very
proud and very humble. Such things
made me glad In another way for
the change which had taken her oul
of the old life where sueh qualities
were lost and brought her down here
where they counted for sn much.
These people si ripped of enliven timi
live with their hearts very near the
surface. They don'l try to conceal
very quickly Into close touch with
Hi. in. Ruth herself was a good deal
like that and so her Influence for a
day among them counted for as much
as  a   yenr   With   the   old   ei'nWil.
in the meanwhile i resumed my
night school nt the end of tho summer
vacation and was glad lo get back
to It. I hud missed the work and
went al it this next winter with increased eagerness i*> perfect myself
in my trade.
During this second year, too, 1 never
relaxed my efforts to keep my gang
up to standard and, whenever possible, to heller ii hy the addition nf
new nun. Kvery month 1 thought
I   increased  the  -"Sped  of the  men  for
ni<- by my lair dealing with them. I
iinui mean to say I fully realized the
expectations of which 1 had dreamed.
I suppose that al lirsl I dreamed a
tiit wildly, There was very little sentiment in tho relation of th.- m< n to
me. although thero was sume. still, 1
don'l want to give the Impression that
i made them a gang of blind followers
such as some religious cranks get together, ii was necessary to make them
st-f ti);ii it was for their interest t«.
work for me and wiih me and lhat 1
did do. I made them see also lhat in
order to work for me they had lo
work    a    litlle    more    faithfully    than
thoy worked for others, So ii was
a Straight Inisiness proposition. What
Sentiment there was como thruugh the
personal Interesl I look in them outside i.r their work, li was this which
made tbem loyal instead of merely
hard working. It was ihis which
made ihem my gang instead of Cork-
ery's gang—a thing that counted for
a   good   deal   later   on.
The personal reputation 1 had won
gave me now opportunities of which
I took every advantage this second
yenr. It put uu- In touch wilh tin
responsible heads ..f departments.
Through thom I was aide to acquire
a much broader ami more accurate
knowledge of lho inisiness as n whole.
1 asked iih many questions la-re as
I nad below. I received mnre Intelligent answers and was able lo uuder-
stand Ihem more Intelligently. I nol
only learned prices, hut where to get
authoritative prices, As far as possible I mnde myself acquainted with
the men working for the building con-
itruotora mid fm* timse working for
firms whose specially was lhe tearing down nf buildings, 1 used tny
note-book as usual ami ontorod the
name of ovory man who,  In  his line,
seemed   lu   Die   especially    Valuahl't.
Ami every*,*, hen, | found lhat tny
experiment wllh tin- gang was well
known. I found als<> ihat my tendency for ask int,' questions was even
bottor known, it passod as a juke
m a good many casoi, Hul better
(ban thlli I found that 1 had established a reputation for sobrloty, Industry ami level-headed ness. I can't
help smiling how lillle iin.se things
rounled for mo with lho Unltod Woollen nr when I lough I work after leaving that i otnpnny, Here lhoy counted for a lot. I realize.I lhal when
It   . .inn-   lime   for  me   lo  look  elVlllt.
lu iln- meanwhile I didn't nogleol
the flghl f<>r clean politics In my
I resigned from tho proildeni > of Ihu
young men's club at tin* ond of a year
and we clerlcd a young lawyer whn
was   lak Intr    i   gronl    Inl en ll    In   Ihe
work down hero to nil lho vacancy.
Thai was a lin< selection. The man
was fn-sh I mm He- law ichool and
u is full of Metis wliieli ihih.l hnek
I.,    lhe    Mayflower ll"    hadn't    heen
I.uie   el -li   in   tb*'   world   (o   have
them dimmed ami was full of energy,
ll.- i..nk hold of th** original ideal mid
devolopod it'imiil lh 'ganliallon In-
eluded every ward tn Ihis lection nf
ihe city. He held rnllloi every month
net brought down big ipoakora ami
kepi ih<> s. uuin. nt i.r tin* youngs ten
ml h.,t. This had Its offOCl upun lhe
older im-n ami befOH we knew ll we
hnd ii machine thnl looked like a real
power  in  tho  whoto elty,     Sweenoy
law  it  and so did  lhe bigger busses ..I'
hoih panic-'. Dut th*' president k> ut
clear of alliances with any of them.
lit* stood   put   with   whal   promised  lo
I he a balance uf power, ready to swing
•■ it to tie   'leanest man of either party
who camo up for office.
I made several speeches myself,
though it was hard work for me. I
don'l run in that soil of thing. 1
did it. however, just because I didn't
like it and because I lell it was Unduly nf a citizen it) do something now
and then  he doesn'l  like for his city
and his country.      The old excuse wilh
me had  I n  lhal   politics was a dirty
business iit liest and lhal it OUglll to
he left to the lawyers and such wbo
had something tu gain from il. The
only men I ever knew who went into
ii at all were those who had a talent
lur ii  and  who liked it.     tif course,
that's dead wrong.      A man whn won't
take ih>- trouble lo Dud oui about the
men up for office ami who won't
bother himself lo get oui ami hustle
tor tie- hesl of I hem isn't a good Citizen or a w I American. lie deserves io I..- governed by the newcomers ami deserves all ihey hand out
to  hllll. All.I   lhe  lillie  1.,  (In  ll).'  Wnl'k
isn't when a man is up Cor president
of the United Slates, ii's when the
man *.-: up for the common council.
The higher up a politician wets, tho
less the influence or the single voter
CO u nis.
II was in llie spri ig thai sume of
my    ideals    received   ;.    Set-hack. The
alderman from our Wi rd died suddenly
and  Rafferty was na.urully  hoi after
the    Vacancy. He   car..ie    lu    see    me
about it, hul hefore in broached ihis
subji i t he laid anoth -r before me
that took away my br«*ath. it was
nothing else than lhal 1 should go
Into partnership wiih him indor tic
firm in ire of "Carloton ami Rafferty."
I couldn't believe it possible that he
was in a position In lake sueh a step
wiihin  a  couple of years  ut digging
in lhe ditch, I'll! when he explained
lhe scheme tu me. it was as simple as
rolling off a log. a Arm of liquor
dealers had agreed to hack nlm—form
a stock company und give him a third
Interest to manage it. He hat! spoken
to ih.-m ,,!' me and said he'd do it if
they would make it a half interesl
and wive us each a quarter.
"Hut wood Lord, Don," 1 said, "we'd
have to swim.* a Int nf Inisiness to
make  it  go."
"Never you worry about thot.
mon," he said. "I'll fix thoi all right
if I'm (dieted to the hoord."
"Vou  mean city contracts?" I said.
I began to see. The liquor house
was looking for more licenses and
would get iheir pay out of Dan even
if the tinn didn't make a cent. But
Dan with sueh capital hack of him
as well as his aldernianie power was
sure lo wet the contracts. Ifo would
leave ih-- actual work to me and my
1 sat down and for two hours tried
in make Dan realize how this crowd
wanted to use him. 1 couldn't, in
nddll*y>n in being blinded hy his overwhelming ambition, lie actually couldn't see anything crooked in what thoy
wanted. He couldn't understand why
he should let such an opportunity drop
for someone else to pick up. He had
slipped nut uf my hands completely.
This wns where the difference lietween
Ave or six yenrs in America as against
two hundred showed Itself. And yei
what was the old sleek doing tu oft-
set such personal ambition ami energy
as  Rafferty stood  for?
"No, Dnn," I said, "I can't do it.
And what's mnre I won't lei you do It
if I eau help it."
"Phot tlo yt-/. mane?" bo asked.
"That I'm going io right you tooth
and  nail,"  I  said.
lie  iurned   ted.      Then  he  grinned.
"Woll," he said. "It'll be a foi no light
l wein lu the president uf the "dub
and told him thnt hen- was where we
had to stop Rafferty. lie listened uud
then he snld:
"\v«ii, hero's when- we do stop him."
We wenl at the Job iu whirlwind
fashion. 1 Spoke a half dozen times,
hut lo save my life I couldn't say what
I wanted tu say. Kvery time 1 stood
up I seemed to see Dan's big round
fan- iind I remembered the kindly
things be used in dn fur the nid ladles.
And I knew that Dan's offer to take
me Into partnership wasn't prompted
altogether hy selfish motives, Be
could have found olher men who would
have served his purpose bettor,
In th*1 meanwhile Dun had organized "Soulnl Clubs" 111 hall a dozen
leCtlOM, For thO first few weeks nf
the campaign I never heard nf him
except as loading grnnd marches,    But
lhe Inst week he Waded ill. There's
II.,    UH    gOlng    llllo    del.ills. lie    heal
us. lie rolled up a tromondoui majority. Tin- presldeni <*r tho olub
couldn't undent nnd It,    Me was dli-
"I   hid   every   hoy   in   tie-   uanl   OUt
working," he said.
"Ves,"   I   said    "hul    Daii   had   every
grand mothor and every daughter and
every grand-daughter oul working."
Dan   camo  nround   lo   the   Unt   one
nlgllt    afler   Ilu*   election, He    WllN    US
happy as a hoy over hts victory.
"Carleton," in* said, ngain, "It's tno
domd bad yo ain't an Irlihmon."
Afler he luul nunc. Uuth said In
"1 don'l think Mr. Rafferty will make
ii had alderman nt all."
Maturing  Plans
l received several offers from othor
firms and as a result nf Ihese my wages
wen- advanced flril lo three dollars
■ i dnj ..ml then to three and u hnlf.
Still Ruth refuiod In tako Ihlnws easier
i>v increaslhfl the household expenses.
During Ilu1 third yenr we lived ex-
ncll) .is we hud lived during the lirsl
year, In a way it was easier tu dn
Ihls now ihat we knew then* was nn
actual ncCOISlty fnr II. 'if course ll j
W I ■ tslcr, too, now that we had fallen
ml., a familiar routine, Tlie thlngH
whhh   luul   seemeil   tn   us   like   neces
sities when we came down here now
seemed like luxuries. And we none
of us had either the craving for luxuries ur the time to enjoy them had we
wished lo spend the money on them,
lu the mutter of clothes we eared for
nothing except to be warmly and
cleanly dressed. Strip the problem
of clothes down to this and It's not a
very serious one. To realize tliat
you've only to remember how the average farmer dresses or how the homesteader dresses. It's unly when you
Introduce style and the conventions
that the mutter becomes complicated.
I'crimps it was easier for mo to dress
as 1 pleased than for the hoy or Ruth,
bul even they got right down to bed
rock*. 'I'ln* hoy wore grey flannel
shiris and sn at a strnko did away
wiih collars and cuffs. \Tor the rest
a simple blue suit, a cap, Btocklngl
and slines were all he needed outside
his underclothes whicli Uuth made
fnr him. Ruth herself dressed in plain
gowns that she could do up herself.
For ihe street, she still had ihe costumes she came down hero wilh. None
of us kept any extra clothes for parade.
We carried oui the same Idea in
our food, as I've tried tu show; wo
Insisted tliat il must he wholesome and
that there must 1 nough of ii.   Those
win* ibe only two things lhat counted. Variety except of ilu- humblest
kind, we didn't strive for. I've seen
conk honks which contain live hundred pages; if Ruth compllod one it
wmi hi n'i have twenty. Hen- again
the farmer and lhe pioneer wen- our
models. If anyone in lhe country
had lived lh" way w<* wen* living, il
wouldn't have seemed worth tolling
about, I Utul tho fad which amazes
people In our experiment was that we
should have tried ihe same standard
In the cily. Everyone seems tu think
this was a uiosi dnngorous thing to
attempt. 'I'he men whn mi a camping trip consider themselves well fed
on such food us we had lo eat expect
lo starve to death if placed on the
same diet ome wil hill sound of the
trolley cars. And on the camping trip
they dn ten limes the physical labur
nnd do It month after munlh in air
that whets the appetite. Then they
cume hack and boast how strong
they've grown, and begin tn eat like
hows again and wonder why they are
We camped out In the elty—that's
all we did. And we did just what
every man in camp does; we stripped
down tu essentials. We could have
lived on purk scraps and potatoes if
Unit had heen necessary. We eould
have worried along on hard tack and
jerked heel" if we'd heen pressed hard
enough. Men chase moose, and climb
mountains and prospect fur gold un
such food. Why in Heaven's name
can't ihey shuvel dirt on the same
So, too, aboul amusements, When
a man is trying to clear thirty acres
of pine stumps, he doesn't fret at the
end ul the day because he can't go
to Un- theatre. lie doesn't want t*>
go. Hod ami his dreams art* amusement enough for him. And he isn't
called a low-browed savage because
he's satisfied wilh this. He's called
a hero. The world at larwo doesn't
say that he has lowered the standard
of living; ll boasts about him for a
true American. Why can't a man
lay brick! without the theatre?
As a mailer of fact, however, we
could have had even tin* amusements
If we'd wanted them. For those who
needed such things in order tn preserve
a high standard of living they were
here. And I don't say tbey didn't
serve a useful purpose. What I do
sny Is that Ihey aren't absolutely necessary; ihat n high standard of living isn't altogether dependent on sirloin steaks, starched collars and music
halls, as I've heard a good many people claim.
This third year finished my course
lu masonry, i come nut in June with
a t ro de at wli Icli I coii hi earn from
tin  dollars to five dollars a day. according to my skill. It was a trade,
tun, where there was pretty wcnerally
steady employment, a good mason
is more iu demand lhan a guod lawyer. Not nnly tlmt but u good mason
can find work In any city In this
country, Wherever he lands, he's sure
of a comfortable living, i was told
that uul  west sume men were making
us high its ton dollars a day.
1 had also qualified In a more modest way as n mechanical draftsman,
I could draw my own plans fur work
and what was more useful still, do
my wnrk  from the plans of nthers.
By now 1 had also bocomo a fairly
proficient     llallan    scholar.       I     Id
speak ilu- language (luonily nnd read
ii fairly well, it wain'I ihe fault
nf iiiuscppo if my pronunciation was
some! lines queer and if very ofleii 1
used iin- Jargon of ihe province!,   My
Objd I was served as loliK us I eould
make myself understood lu the men.
Ami i could do that perfectly,
This year I watched UalTert.v's progress wilh sumethliiw IlkO envy. The
firm was "D. Rnfforty uml <'u." Within iw.. months I bogan i<> see tin* namo
on liis dump carts whenever I went to
work. Within six mouths be secured
a big contract fur repaying a long
stretch of sired iii nur wurd. I knew
out- firm had pill in fl bid on II and
knew tiny niusl bave been In a position   lo   imi    lu   a   mighty   luw   hid.     I
didn't wondor io much about how Dan
wm this uwuy from us us I did how
lu- wot n away from Sweeney, Thai
was explained lu me Inter when I found
llmt Sweenoy wus In reality hack of
llie liquor dealers. Sweeney owned
ttboul hnlf their stores uud hud lukeu
tiiis method to bring Dan hack to tho
fold, once he round he couldn't check
bis progress,
During ihls yeur Dun bought n new
houso and married. We went lo ihf.
wedding ami it was n grand affair with
half ihe ward thoro. Mrs. Rafferty
was a nice looking girl, daughter uf a
well-to-do Irishman In the real estate
hasincss. She hud received a good
mi Mention In a convent and was altogether a girl Dan enuld ho proud of.
'i'he house was an old-fashioned strue-
ture built by one of the old families
wim had heen forced to move by the
foreign invasion, Mrs. Rafferty had
furnished it somewhat lavishly but
As Uuth and 1 came back that night
"1 suppose If it had been 'Carleton
and Rafferty' I might have had a house
myself hy now."
"I guess it's better as it is, Billy,"
she said, with a smile.
. Of course It was better, but I began to feel discontented with my present position. I felt uncomfortable
at still being merely a foreman. When
we reached the house Ruth and I look
the hunk book and figured out just
what our capital in money waB. Including the boy's savings which wc
could use in an emergency It amounted in fourteen hundred dollars, During the first year we saved one hundred und twenty dollars, which added to the eighty we came down here
wilh, mnde two hundred dollars. During the second year we saved three
hundred and ninety dollars. During
lhe third year we saved six hundred
dollars. This made n iotnl of eleven
hundred and ninety dollars in the
hank. 'I'he hoy had saved more than
Iwo hundred dollars over his clothes
iu lhe last  two years.
(To I"- continued.)
i'n ihe casual observer the secrelary
bird appears us a long-winged, long-
i.uinl. bluish-gray hawk, mounted upon vory long logs nnd having a decidedly bizarre look, in fad. ihe bird
is considered by ornithologists as a
lung-logged hawk, highly specialized
.oui adapted for ground hunting,
liis specialty is killing snnkos. The
cuologlcal status of Ilu* secretary bird
has occasioned a wood deal nf controversy,   hui   most   modern   authorities
admit Ms alllnilies wllh lhe nCClpllrlno
birds, ami place il in a separate suborder of lhat group.
The imil derived ns ...id and significant name from the crest of long
dark plumes rising from lhe hack of
lis h.-ad; soim- Imaginative person
thoughl it looked somewhat like a secrelary    nf   comical    aspect   with   quill
pens stuck behind his ears. The male
stands fuur feet high, the greater pari
of him being made up nf legs ami neck.
In general color lhe bird is a lilulsh-
gray, wiih long unfeathered legs, ihe
wings, thighs, nnd abdomen black, tho
In-east white. Ill the male, the naked
skin nf tin- face Is .vclluw, wilh long
heavy   eyelashes   and   !al*we   tine   gray
eyes. Tin- feet are formidable weapons and the only ones used in attack.
the beak, which is short, strong ami
greatly nrched, never heing used until
aft.-r the victim is dead. Each foot
is equipped with a sharpened, raised,
inner talon, which specialized claw assists in holding tlu- prey during ihe
process of tearing It with tlie hill.
Perhaps also It serves as a spur in
A garter snake was thrown on the
ground some distance from the male
bird in the New Vnrk Zoo. Unlike a
hawk nr a vulture, he did nol dan
upon the prey at once, hut Cautiously
approached lhe snake wilh wings
purtly  outspread,  so as  tn in* ready
to tiy mu of th" way and escape any
sudden lunge in event of the victim
heing combative. Siill watching Its
movements, lhe secretary slowly circled around It, looking for an opening to
strike, hut keeping well nut of danger.
Suddenly, like a (lash, lhe bird raised
and shut out nne of his powerful feet,
and struck Uu* snake fairly on the
head, stunning it. This wus quickly
followed by aunt lier crushing blow,
which  proved a  finisher.     The prey
wus   then   quickly   swallowed.
In South Africa ibe secretaries are
of great use ns destroyers of venomous
pests, for tbey destroy great numbers
of cobras, vipers, and oilier poisonous
repllhs that make constant raids upon the farmers' poultry, young pigs,
etc. in Cape Colony thoy un* protected by law from hunters ou account nf
the effective warfare which thoy wage
against   serpents.
Tin- secretaries travel In pairs, male
and female. If disturbed ur pursued
their pace is about as fast as that of
an ostrich. They seldom use tholr
WlngB,   hul   if compelled   tn do su,  can
Boar to a considerable height. Thoy
build bulky neits in luw trees, twenty-
five feet nr Jess ahnVe Hie wrouiul.
These nesis are built uf sticks and
measure three feet in diameter and
ubuut two feel In thickness. As u
rule only two onus ure luld; Incubation takes six weeks. The young havo
in remain in their nest several months
before Ihey can slum) on their long,
slender lows, which urn very weak und
brittle; thoy eailly break their logi if
The   appetite   of   the   secretaries    Is
nul exactly what one might oall delicate, us the following hill uf fare
found  liishb* nf ono wilt show:    One
tOrtOllO,      t-iglll       chameleons,      twelve
lizards,  throe frogt, ono udder, twu
locusts,  twn quails and   two  hares.
(Reprinted from tho Engineering ond
.Mining Journal)
It seems remarkable Ibat In the-face
of a universal financial depression the
price nf diamonds uud pearls shnuhl
huve advanced considerably since uuin,
and this after only one year's shutdown of the gronl group of diamond
mines uml wilh tm attempt to rogulato
tin*   price   nf   pearls,    The   Import!   "f
precious itonea huve remained con-
stant, fur. nlthough ihe Import! in
1008 were less ihau iu ltiott, a banner
y.-ur, Ihis wus partly tlu- result of
over-buying, nnd the offecl nf lho
small Importation in 1008 was tho soiling down uf Die old slocks, which in
urn led lo lhe greuler Import! of
1000, 101*0   ami 1011.
Tllltt the snle nf preolOUl slnnes does
not   always   fluctuate   with financial
com)Minus wns never more apparent
thun this yenr, which was marked hy
a llnaiicial slump In September, by
threatening wnr olouds betwoon Germany and l-Yanee, Russia uud Japan,
hy Ihe revolution In Chinn, ami. finally,
hy Ibe wnr between Italy and Turkey.
Hut il will Invariably huppen that
'hen  people ure assured of tbe per
manent worth of an Investment ihey
will nul hesitate tn buy even when
the financial situation appears lu be
less favorable lhan usual, or else they
buy because they will buy under ull
However, the upward trend uf prices,
especially Ihnl of llie diamond output,
has steadily continued, in spite of occasional setbacks; this Is clearly apparent when we compare the average
prices uf tlie uncut, rough diamonds for
five-year periods for tlie last twenty
ycara: ISM tn 18515, average price per
curat, 2_s.. 9.45(1.; 189(1 to 1900, L'9s.
l.lFid. per carat, Increase in price 8.U
per cent.; 1901 to 1905, -17s. 3.__d. per
carat, increase 02.5 per cent.; 1900 tn
1910, 55s. 7.93d. per carat, increase 17.7
per cent. The diamond syndicate advances on the price of rough diamonds
When sold to the diamond cutlers have
heen as follows! June, 1900, 4 per
cent.; Mny, 1907, 3 per cent.; June,
1909, 5 per cent.; June, 1910, 2 per
Thut lhe advances in diamonds are
justifiable mny he seen after a study nf
the report nf ihe De Beers Consolidated
Mines for lhe year ended June 30th,
inn. The amount uf production was
£4,088,086, the lutnl revenue being
25,028,830.    Doduotlng from tbls £2,-
980,213   fnr  mining expenses,   deprechi-
liun, Interest un debentures, etc., (here
remained n balance of B2,998,fllG.
Knnn   Ihis    6310,187   was   paid   lo  ihe
I'nl f   South   Africa   for   taxes   on
profits fm* ihe year ended Juno 80th,
191U. and 1.206,408 was sel aside |o
cover the taxes on profits to Juno 80lh,
191 I.       This  shows  the   Increased  cost
..f minim: ai greater depth Pro
forred dlvldonds to iho bmounl of
E800.000 and deferred dividends
um.uinlinw to Ci.000,000 were pnld nml
provided for. Afler subtracting those
Items there remained a balance of
£-211,010 mi ihe year's operations. On
January I. um. the balance nC ihe lirsl
mortgage dobenlures uf Ilu- company,
bearing Intoresl al 6 por oonl. lo the
almoin*   of   V. 1,210,120 were redeemed, IIS
wen- alsu E27.080 nf Ltultfontcln obligations Ul IJ per cent. The reserve
fund was increased from E068.006 to
C 1.37*1,700 during the year, and lho
company was relieved of a contingent
liability of C030.000 for lhe Klorks-
drop-l'iiiirleeii-Streains   Hallway I'oin-
pany hy ihe Union Government's settlement of ihnt company's debentures,
Tlu- total Importations into the United states for ten mouths of uu i are,
from official figures, $86,418,085, ami
the amount   tor tlu1  whole y**nr may
safely he put ut ahniil $42,500,000, This
Would he aboul $1,000,000 less than in
1009, $1,760,000 less than iu 1006, and
a small  increase over ilu-  figures fur
1010, it is noteworthy thai in no
triennial period wore so many precious
stones imported into tin- States as lu
the years 1909. 1910 and 1911, during
which time precious simies worth
nearly $128,500,000 were brought in.
The nearest approximation of these
figures wns in 1905, 1900 and 1907.
when ilu* Imports totalled $114,806,458.
We can wain sume idea nf the enormous production of diamonds in the
Smith African fields frum the fact that
Hie De Hcers group uf mines has furnished diamonds weighing al least 07,-
000,000 carats and worth more than
., nr $500,000,000. If In
this immense sum we add the value of
the diamonds extracted from the Premier mine, from a number of smaller
independent mines and from those lu
German Smith west Africa, we would
probably have a total nf nearly, if nm
quite, $000,000,0110. The wrcnt and eon-
sisieni demand for diamonds is strlk-
Ingly shown by tlu* risinw prices, notwithstanding ihis enormous production.      Before  these   reach   the   final
customer. When all the costs of cutting aud handling are added, the value
will amount lu about $1,200,000,000.
The diamond, the pearl, the emerald
and tho sapphire are now enjoying
public favor lo the full. Cameos,
which bave nut been in vogue for over
twenty years, are heing revived to
some extent, although not onough to
enable tin- dealers to sell out their old
stocks. Coral is now In ureal favor.
Many necklaces are inipnrted at a wide
range of price, the cost varying from
5 cents to $2,000. Pearls are higher
in value, this boing 'im- both to tho
decreasing fisheries nnd in ihe universally accepted edict thut Hie pearl Is
one uf the richest and at the same time
one nf Ibe lllosl modes! of Jewels;
therefore Hie price has steadily advanced since 1X95. notwithstanding the
depressions of 1907 uml 1910.
Two-thirds of all fine Jewels nn* now
mounted in platinum. Whether il is
tlm- lo this demand or not, platinum,
which snld at $1X p.-r mince lu isst.
and ut $24 in 1801, bring! In 1911 $50
per ounce when combined wllh 5 or
to per cent, of Iridium.
In contrast wllh the condition nf
thirty years awn Uie quantity and variety of foreign B Is of all kinds offered fm- suh- in the simps hove onor-
mouily increased. ".Mnde In Germany"
Is In he lead ull countless articles 111
every Japanese cily and town, and Hie
market fur even sunn* of the widely
known ipeclaltlei nf japan ims heen
Invaded al holm- hy foreign competitors, and this In spite of the very high
import   duty   thai   prevails.      s
Occasionally one discovers thnl u
.nice   highly   valued   uml   profitable
Inisiness or profession hns heel) completely wiped uul. Thirty years awn
Hie beautiful metallic mirrors iheu
universally In use among Hie Japanese
could ho bought nn every street.
Mirror costing, grinding and polishing was au art demanding much skill,
und mirror making wus a inisiness
thai hml descended from father tu sun
fur muny generation!, Hui the superiority nf tbe silvered wlnss mirror was
tin mediately   roCOgnlROd   and   now   nne
muy search iu vain in nil the grenl
tiles for simps in which metallic mirrors urn nlTereil fur sale, and Ihe guild
nf mirror mnlcors in extinct.
The metal mirror is une uf the su-
•red treasures of Japan and Is always
tn he found 111 II  place nf dlsl Ulcl loll  III
Shinto am) alsu In many Huddldst
lemplcs. Whn I little there Is In
be dune In re-pnllshlnw the temple
mirrors uud supplying new ones In
these days has been relegated tu llie
umbrella menders.
The modern mothods uf transportation have been well nigh fatal to tbe
picturesque jhirlkislui wllh Its swift
nnd   graceful   runner,  fur  In  spite of
the very considerable increase lu the
population along with an enormous increase in tho business activity of To-
kio, the numlier of Jinriklsha men Is
only ten to twenty per cent, of that of
the early days, und the cost of employ-
biw them Is correspondingly greater.
Most of the streets are well lighted
at night, the mure important being
quite brilliant wllh a display of electric lighting and electric advertising,
There are several line new theatres
where until the curtain goes up one
might easily Imagine oneself in Paris
or Berlin, though behind the curtain
in  must cases all is siill Japanese.
Many Innovations, however, have
been made in the theatre in the last
thirty years, one uf the most interesting being Ihe introduction of female
actors upon the Japanese stage. Western plays are now frequently put uu
nml during one week of my slay in
Tokio there was a decided run on the
box office uf the leading playhouse.
"Hamlet," translated into Jupuncso,
being the attraction.
Fow ihlnws weie more astonishing
than tht; growth during the last forty
years of a taste fur foreign music.
The remarkable flexibility of the Jap-
: se mind  Is Illustrated  by  tho fact
ihat  while u-w. very Tew  Europeans,
even   thoSO tif  long  residence,  even  Ull
derstand Japanese music woll enough
In bocomo really fond of it, hundreds
of thousands of Japanese  find  groat
pleasure In lhe works of QoOtllOVOn
llamli I   and   Wuwiut.
Uni iheir i.wn sllll holds first place
In the hearts of all th" music loving
people    nn.l    somo   <>f   Ihem    who   are
capable  of  thoroughly   understanding
nml enjoy lur. holll systems sturdily
maintain     Ihnl     It     pOBBOSSOS    cerlalli
qualities uud  characteristics of such
excellence    lhal    II    Will    have   a    lair.c
contributory Influonce In llie .volution
Mf   Un-  mUSlC  i>f  Ihe   future,   nnd   niusl
he reckoned wllh accordingly,
Hunt. I."    In     tl-Oplcal    countries   llmt
dlillculiy   in   prosei-vlng   turn  until  .<
cooler    Climate     Is     reached. Tlle     foi
lowing method la rocommonded hy a
well-known InxldormlBt;
Th.- propor way of skinning Jagaurs,
ole, is t.i cul from the tip of Um talU
along the under Blda nnd along the
stomach ami throal right uul through
the under lip; then cut across from
paw lo paw on Uie under side on front
mul hind legs; remove the entire skin
from body ami lead or skull, Don't
h-ave Ihe skull  hun-   in or attached to
skin. I'.e! off all superfluous flesh
which siill adheres to the skin, also
I,.- very careful t" skin nut the ears
us tar as possible. Turn th«*m Inside
out. remove all lumps of flesh adhering
i.. Iniu of em*; also split open the thick
lips and remove or trim down lips and
around eyes us thin as it is possible
to work,
When this is all completed take two
parts of fine table salt, one part of
fine ground alum, one part of powdered white arsenic and mix Ihese all to
wether thoroughly. Stretch out the
entire skin and rub -ill over tiie flesh
side with Uu* salt alum, and arsenic
mixture, but he sure   md get it all over.
. s|" ci illy along Uu- edges which are
apt to curl in. When Ibis is dune,
tny ihe skin together, llesh _ide on
flesh side, mil up. and lay awuy in a
cool, shady place fur about three
hours. Then unroll the skin and hum:
it over a stick nr pole under a shed,
In a cool, shady place; he sure while
ii is drying to keep stretching it, getting out all lhe wrinkles.
Winn skinning, care shnuhl be taken
tbat eacb toe is cut open un under
side nml Imiii' taken .nil to thc claws.
The skull can bo put lu an ant heap
tu gel rid uf the llesh. It can then
he brought along and used In mounl-
ins the lead for a rug.
"'Me hai is in lh" ring.' says th'
brave Rosenfolt nt Columb'y. 'Hooray!' I says; says 1. 'Hoo-ray! a real
white hope at least! Is Colonel Jack
Johnson in th' liair."
"Well, sir, I've read Ivcrythlng on
prlze-liwhlin' fr'ni Brian Horn to Jawn
BoylO O'Reilly, an' I've nlver yit knowed a real chanipeen to win be throwln'
bis hat Into Hi' ring an* thin talkln
through it. Corbett has been tryin'
It Iver since he got th' sulus plexus,
an' ye see when; lu* is: Twinty elnts
a throw; bnx sutes thirly-live, come
wun, cume all. mi' see Glutlcniiii Jim
sprint three fast round! iv Hi' manly
nrt. No, O'l-cary, tbey can't come back,
an" Rosenfolt can't go back. He's nn
Ixclptlon, an' whin he finds it out 1
shudder in tblnk what']] become lv th'
plain people. 'Twill be a sad day for
Gilford Plnchback, the lightweight
champeon iv Alaska, who's been in
Rosonfelt'i corner in Ivory tight since
Mrs. Minor Morris. I'inebback Is wan
Iv tb' pianist Iv all lv us- a wood-
chopper be trade. An' tbln Ibat othor
sou iv toll, Jonathan Burns, wbu
served bis lime us a plasterer. Wlmt'll
become lv him, 1 dlnnnw. Hul 1 feel
WUnt fr Charlie Cruii", un* Mathilda
McCormlok, two as hard huhs lv th
plain | pie as Iver drove an ice wagon
I'm afoor'd It'll go hunl with thim
other day laborers like Hill Ward an'
Cecil Lyons an' Frank Muuscy an' Illu
nary Qrabbll Lodge win worry niunw
somehow,   They're Jack! lv all trades,
IIS   quick   ull   their   feel   US   Willi   their
bauds, an' wuu'l be long uut iv a Job."
"I'll het yo'll vote fr Roionfolt yo'r-
silf." said Mr. O'l.eary.
"No," replied Mr. Cnsey. "No, I'm
agin third terms, slcniid-nnd-n-huir
terms, an' first terms. I'll VOtO fr
Wlliuin Jonnlnl. I'm too old a man
now r change th' habits iv q lifetime.
Whin hi* run Ilrst mi free silver 1 heard
him say niesllf: 'Vole fr nie an' guod
times.' I louk him al his word, an'
voted fr him, nn' times lias been good
iver since, Ho I'll vole ft* him again
Bosldas, I've acquired th' Outlook habji.
nn' Roionfolt Is wun iv th' most Inter-
lalnlu' writer! thai Iver upset n buttle
Iv Ink."
BtUdontl al Ihe University ul' Call-
torn In spent fob, uu building it new
ruad nn ibe university grou'hds, Fob
_:i is the Students' "labor day," and
every four years on this day they Join
In mnklng lomo needed Improvement
about (he university. The tirst lahm
day was observed In 189(1
An eminent scientist, the other day,
gave his opinion that the must wonderful discovery of recent yeurs wns
the discovery of Zam-Buk. Just
think! As soun us a single thin layer
of Zam-Buk Is applied to a wound or
a sore, such Injury Is Insured against
blood poison! Not one species of microbe has been found that Zam-Buk
does not kill!
Then again. As soon as Zam-Buk
is applied to a sure, ur a cut, ur to
skin disease, it stops the smarting,
That is why children are such friends
at Zam-Buk, Tliey care nothing for
lhe science of the thing. All they
know is that Zam-Buk stops their
pain. Mothers should never forget
Again. As sunn as Zam-Buk is applied In a. wmi ml or to a diseased
pari, the eells henealh tin* skin's surface ure so stimulated lhat new
healthy tissue is quickly formed. This
forming of fresh healthy tissue f om
bolow is Znm-Buk's secret of healing,
The tit*.mo Hue '..rtlieil Is Worked ip
to the surface and lllerally easts off
Ihe   diseased   L.8SU0   al.oVe   it.     This   Is
why  Zam-Buk  cures  nn-  pormunonl,
Onlj   H h.r   daj    Mr.   Marsh,   of
nil helorlmler Ave,, Montreal, callod
upon ihe Za in-Bilk Co. uml lold Ihem
Ihul for over twenty -tlve years he had
boon a martyr lo ocioinn, His hands
wore ui on.* time bo covered with Boroa
thai lie had lo Bleep in gloves. Pour
years ngo Zam-Buk was Introduced lo
hltn, and In a  few nioulhs il  cured blm.
To dn) over throo yours after his
cure i.r n disease iu- had for Iwonty-
llve yens ho ts still cured, and has
had    nco  of  any   return  of  tho
All druggists sen  Znm Huh  al   BOo.
I>n\, .il* \ve Will sen.) lice Irial ho\ If
) on  scud   Ihls advertisement   aud  a   le.
Btnini  puy return postage).     Ad
dnss  Zam* Bull   Co.,   Tor	
The blades aro lie.ited until hiu.-.
Tho letters aro then applied with the
aid of oil colors and a small hah* brush.
AS soon as the characters are dry, the
blade is immersed in strong vinegar,
The bluing will then disappear except
.ui the parts coven.I hy the oil color.
This is finally removed with the aid of
:, piece of soli rag dipped In oil nf turpentine, whereupon tin*- blue letters
become visible.
Th.- howls ure placed In a solution of
one part silicate of soda In four parts
of water, and  lefl  there for three to
four days. Tliey arc then taken out.
dried in tbe air and again placed iu the
same solution. The following day they
are dried again, and immersed In a
hath consisting of equal parts by
weight of alum and zinc sulphate dissolved In hot water. After two or
three days they are taken out and dried
carefully. They may then lie polished
or varnished. Howls thus prepared are
absolutely fireproof.
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WeU, Well!
. can use
I dyed ALL these
of Goods
•Ith lho SAME D«e.
17: ■■"_-    -"" 'nB O*
^    I used:
GLEAN and SIMPLE to Uso.
NO rfiince nf mini Ihr WHONf i Dy* fnr the f Jno til
mu' Im* i<> ri.l.ir. Allrnlnr* front ynur l>i uiulif nr
Oi-lrr. I It KB Color (.Nr-j m,<J MUHY lluukUl It,
Iln- Johniun-Hlchariliiui (.'11,, l.lnilieil, Mouiri-I,
IT'S an nid question," snid the gray-
hnlred, young-looking man in the
club room, "whether gambling or
drinking in the mure Injurious lo lhe
average mnn. Possibly It's one of thu.se
questions that never will be answered
conclusively, hut there's heen a prae-
tlcal solution of 11 pretty well demonstrated su fur as one certain class uf
men is concerned. And it's rather in-
"I've talked with a good many contractors who have had large experience
in the hiring and handling of gangs
of men whn go out fur a Benson into
sparsely settled districts or even into
the wilderness wheu there is construction wurk of une kind ur uiiother to be
dune. Say It's the building of a rail-
i-uad ur the development uf a mine ur
perhaps the clearing uwuy ur a forest.
"Now, tho contractors have a positive nml clearly donned opinion us to
whether gambling or drinking in tho
moro objectionable, nud while thoy will
mo as  far nn  Iboy  eau  to  prevent   lhe
men they employ from gelling LU] ',
there are very few largo employers of
labor who mako nny Borlous objection
in gambling.
"Houghly Bponklng, Ihis mny he suid.
I think. i.< he ih.- nllltudo of inosl Inrgo
employers of labor, 1 know ibal wns
the wuy Mock Martin felt, and ho was
 * ul ih.* largos I lumber operators in
MlnnoBOln when I knew him b after
tie- civil war      Whilo he usod his in
Mlienee  .IS  Blt'Ongly   US  he  could   to  keep
his mon from liquor, ho Imdn'l tho
rnlntoBl objection lo tholr gambling us
 eh as thoy mv lit, and In fuel ho
wus u grenl poker player himself,
though in* seldom But in 11 game un
,111 ri- in- had i-ios.ii up his contracts
for tho season,
"I'etrle's  fainoUS old  madhouse,   lieur
tho .Minnehaha Falls, 'lose to Fort
Snolllng on tbe western side of tho
Mississippi, aboul hnlf wuy from St.
Paul tn Minneapolis wns ut that tlmo
a groal resorl. 1 'otrlo was unu of
tin- hesl eooks ihnl ever Weill West
of tho Allegbanlos, The way he
would get up s gnme supper waa
enough to muke any mun famous,
"When Aleck Martin played poker
then, us he frequently did, there was
likely iu be 11 corking good game to he
soon. He was nut u rash player, hut
he wus certainly huld, und he was us
entirely merciless us a man ought to
he if he means to play the game properly. I've seen him take an entire
season's savings from une of the best
men on a single hand at poker without the slightest apparent compunction, and I have seen him lose equal
amounts with entire equanimity. It
wus true that his men knew perfectly
well thai under sueh circumstances
Ihey could rely on him to curry them
through Nil the next season opened su
far as living expenses were concerned,
"One night I met hi in und a party at
I'etrle's and sume nne proposed a game
of cards, 1 was nne whu aat in. .Martin was another, and two uf Ills best
lumbermen alsu took places at the
table. Then there was a young doctor
frum St. Paul named Waring und a
travelling man whu had been In aud
nround the neighborhood for some
months. He had made many friends
and was popular, helm; a good mixer
and a man of engaging personality.
His name was Doming,
"We began modestly ennugh. They
didn't play a limit game very much iu
thai part of (he world at that time.
but the practice uf table stakes had
grown up. though we didn't call it by
that name then. The custom was for
ii man lo declare lhe amount he'd play
for and he couldn't be raised beyond
Ihnt.      It came tu the sume thing.
"Well, we each declared $100 iu the
game und beftan with nn ante of half
call a dollar. There wasn't a terrible
Inl doing for the flrsl hnlf hum* or Hu,
lho ugh twu nf us declared another $100
iu the game before that time had
elapsed. I wus one uf them, having
petered out half my money on small
plays Without a winning and then being
caught with a pat Mush against a two
card draw by Doming that resulted In
his getting a full house.
"I was doing fairly well on my second
hundred, though) wben there cume one
of tho unusual deals that sometimes
demoralize a game, if 1 romember; it
was Gallatin, Martin's foreman, who
deal!, and there wasn't the slightest
suspicion of anything crooked; but w
all gut guud bunds. Vuu dun't often
see   six   uut   ai   tuu-   lime   In   Straight
poker, hut when you do it's Interesting,
"Doming hud anted ami I came in
with three aces cold. Naturally I
didn't raise nor did Martin, wbu sat
next; bul he trailed and Holbrook, the
other one of Martin's employees, who
had the next seat, honsled il $.1.
"Thnl seemed lo suit Waring, and li
nml the denier hull) h.iw the ralflo. Then
Doming Haiti. 'This looks u I to me,'
und lie mnde it $f» more. It wasn'l
hard enough tu scare me out wllh
three uees, but It stopped me frum
raising uguin, ns I bad meant In do,
and 1 wus surprised when Miirlln made
It $85 mure,
"I'.vcn thai didu'l drive utiylmdy nut,
though nobody boosted 11 uny further.
nnd we hud 11 bll- pul before Ilu* draw.
My own figuring wns (hut I hud excellent chnncos with my hand, even
though 1 shouldn't got the fourth ace,
fur an ace full wus heller Hum anything else OUtBldO of fuurs.      We didn't
pluy straights al thai tlmo,
"I didn't lose my cunlldeiiee, oven
after the draw, either, for 1 made my
full and II didu'l  look tn me as If Iheie
were fours iigaiusi me, Doming stood
pal, uud If lit* had had fuurs he wuuld
have gone bach ul Martin before the
draw, Then Martin took two uml 1
knew 1 hud been heller thun ho before
drawing. Holbrook also took twn,
Waring stood pal and Gnllntln drew
"I throw iu n white chip und Martin
Hailed before looking at his cards. It
was gnnd pluy, for n raise was almost
certain wllh two pal hands out. Ilnl-
broott was also cautious, but Waring
hei his pile.
'"Vou may have uie heal,' said Oul-
latlu, nfler he hml kinked ul his draw,
'but I'll hnve to call wllh what I hnve.'
und he pushed- his renin In lug money
"Then Doming raised il for all he bad
and I culled with my pile. Martin
looked and pushed all his in the pot
nnd Holbrook laid down.
"Martin had caught his fourth king
and touk the pot, but there were two
Hushes and two fulls against him, Naturally we were all excited, hut I didn't
care to lose more, nnd I pulled out uf
the game. The others dug for money
nnd I think all put in us much as they
had, Anyhow, the game was fierce
from that on.
"But Martin's luck held, and his
nerve being always gnnd he pressed
the play. The first lu go out after
me wus Holbrook uml he took it hard.
Martin soaked him for all he laid nn
tho table with a full against his Mush,
and after he had cursed Ills luck ll
said. 'Aleck, hunt ine a hundred,' but
Martin shook his hem) withoui 11 wurd.
mul 1 urseil sume more, half angrily
nml  Imlf humorously,     Ho wasn'l
bud loser oven if ho did lake 11 mil
"Thon thoy ployed f - bunded und
Doming wus the noxl lo gel u knock
       11   happened  mi   Martin's deal
too.      Waring  had  put   up  tha ante,
Which  had grow  *_ ''all $S by lhal
lim.'. ami Gallatin had stayed, so Doming raised il tli and Maiiin mnde il $r*
"Waring s I ihe double raise, bm
nfler (lullutlu hml dropped und Doming
ha.l    1 P   $30   ami   Martin   $iiu   he
laid down without .1 murmur, leaving
He IWO I.' Mi'hi  i 1.
"I'll slay.' said Doming, pulling ii|
ihe money, 'Glvo mo une card.' And
Martin gavo him ono, saying 'I'll play
these-.' Then, when Doming put $100
111 ih- pot. Martin pushed his pile for
"'Good,'  snid   Doming.      'I   call   for
whal 1 huve, und here's where 1 doubt
And ho shoved Ills money ull forward
and  showed dnwn four sevens.
"(loud hand,' snid Martin pleasant
ly, 'but mine are tens,' and lie showed
fuur nf them aud raked in tbc pot.
"Doming turned as while ns u sheet
I did not knuw till afterward thnt he
had overplayed himself badly, but I
suspected It when 1 snw his face. Ther
must have been a yellow streak in him
somewhere, or else he had Insl control
of himself entirely, for nobody had ever
cost n slur on Martin before, hut he
leaned hnek nnd said very deliberately'
"'I suppose ynu call thai luck.'
"Then Martin turned white also, but
he kept his self-possession,
"'Ves.' he said, very quietly, 'that's
wlml I call It. What wuuld you say It
" 'Well,' replied Deming, 'considering
the fact that yuu dealt. 1 should say it
looked mure like skill: And he drew
a revolver from his pocket -ts he spoke,
"Gallatin, however, was as quick as
he was and caught the gun and the
hand that held il iu a grip thnt few
men iu thai purl of ihe world could
have broken and Martin sal motionless
for a few seconds as if thinking what
to do. I bud seen enough of poker along
the big river even then to expect a
serious conclusion, und alsu enougb to
make tne hold tny tongue, but I was
greatly relieved when Martin spoke,
" 'I   ought  tn kill  yuu   fur  that.'  Ir
snld, 'hut  I reckon 'tain't worth whih
Tuke lhal gun awuy frum him. Gallat
in, ami the rest uf ynu all stand hack.
I'll see what I can do with my lists."
"Whal he did was a plenty. Deming didu'l get uul of bed for a week
When he did, he took the lirsl bunt
down (he river."
Brittany Is a land nf ancient customs
and quaint beliefs, ami nowhere In tin
world bits folk-lore reached such a
high development, Take, fur Instance,
the 1 tret uu marrlago customs, Hundreds of years ago marriages were arranged by professional matchmakers,
or "bru/.vuliins," us ihey arc termed In
Brittany, who were recruited exclusively from amongst tho guild ot tailors,
who then enjoyed great nml peculiar
rlvlleges.     Nowadays, however, It is
Hie   liquor   sellers   wbu   uct   us   bu/.'
When churned wllh a marriage offer,
a couple of these matchmakers repair
inwards midnight, In (he houso of tin
ludy und wake up the Inmates, wim
h> ii polite notion, ure supposed to In
asleep, although in reality wultlng for
the event. 11 is tin- mother who ims
to open (be dour, und If she answers
evasively tho wink is taken fur a nod
nml the bu'/.valiins wish her good night,
If, on the contrary, she nsks them in
uml lights a lire, 11 Is a good sign; ami
if sin* places a tripod on tho hearth it
Is  belter sllll.
Afler talking ill I  tlu- Weather uud
uther such subjects uf modloore Intorost, tlu* bosvalaiis begin n marvellous
account of the riches uml guod qualities or (he uther purty. nol being ovor
careful in adhere lo lho lllllll. If We
are in judge by (be eurreiii expression
iii Muse purls ttf "lying like u bnsva-
Inn." They then, fur form's naks, re-
ruse, in die name or their client, the
girl's uml her uud grandmuthor, wim
nre ottered lo llu-m us substitutes, und
finally, when ihe damsel herself is
forthcoming) tho business is settled.
11 is an Interesting fad thut the Inhabitants of lho utile peninsula of
Plougnstel, iu Brittany, hnvo fixed duys
fur marrlngeSi births, uml, in a measure, deaths, From time Immemorial
ovory true Plougnstel mun uml woman
Who decided on wedlock hus presented
himself or herself before the maire and
(lie   cure   uu   the   second   Tuesduy   In
January, Tin* usual month for dying
and burying In Plougnstol Is September, nml ll is curious to nolo thai the
groat majority of deaths oortalnly occur In lliis* in..nth.
Sore Chest Cured
in One Night
Relief from A.thma.   Wins i'lm ilo-
sni'iiu. tho I'uiiiiiii'ii' r.'iii'f frum siiir.T-
ins! whloli r.siisswK tho ussi' ssf nr. ,t. i>.
[<o!!OaT_8 Astllinui Remedy? Who i'lm
express tho fooling of joy I lint comos
whon iih Holt iiiiii ffontlo inilin'iH'i* ro-
Moves tin' tightened, choking nir tubosl
ll    Iiiih   nlilili'    llHlliltiiitli-    itlllli'tlnli    n
ihini,' of tlic isiihi  fur thousands,   n
sit fulls.     (I I druggists 1 ry-
whoro imve Hnii] 11 for years.
"Anyone that goes through all that 1
suffered last winter will appreciate the
value of a remedy that euros liko Norvilino ruri'il me." Theso nns tho opening words of the Bolemn declaration uf
IS. P, Visn Hoyden, tho well-known violinist. "My work kept me out late at
night, and playing in cold, drafty places
brought nn n severe cold that settled
mi my chest,   1 had a harsh, racking
__________    cough utul Bevere
NERVILINE through mv Bides
CURES •f**"" ,'" "*■'•;
riiFCT shoulders, I  used
ttltsl dlfforonl       11 n I-
COLDS "'"'"•"' '""  ""'"■
*    broko up my cold
-——"---*"—    iill I used Norvilino,   I rubbed n on my nock, chest,
and sl Idors,  rnlng and night, utid
all th.. puin disappeared, itonllslng
Ihnl such n lioavy cold luul mn down
m.v system. I took ivm./,,,„. ,i meals,
nn.l    wns   complolei)    buill    up   nn.l
strengthened,   Sl islnx Ncrvlllno I
have no more r.il.is nr iileurisy, nn.l
onjoy i>.n. .1  honllh."
it's  I ;ins.>  Ncrvlllno I'lintiilns  the
I'ui'si    nml   inosl   honllng    i Ilclnal
principles, because il hus llie power
ul' sinking llirougli tho pores in llie
kernel of the imiii those nro lhe roa-
suiis why it breaks up colds, cures
lumhngo, s.iiTn.su. neuralgia, sciatica,
and rheumatism, Itofuso any substitute your dealer nmy suggest Insist
mi Nerviline only, Largo family slue
bottles, 60c.: trial size, 26c; all dealers, or The Catarrhozone i'n., Buffalo,
N'.v.. mul  Kingston,	
All these dittos do| I Inrgoly upon
the crops, beginning with the strawberry-gathering in the wheat-harvest
und pen-picking, which entail a series
of extraordinary efforts, at tho end of
which tho Plougnstels, who hnve been
working ni high tonslon fm- months,
retire tu rest well earned. But many
ssf them profit by this "dead season" to
die for good, iiiiii thai is why September nod October ure funeral months,
Among the machines nnd tools that
muy lie profitably run by electricity on
a furm ure house pumps, churns, cream
separators, coffee nnd mem grinders,
corn shellers, egg beaters, fund cleaning machines, potato peelers and other
purliig machines, sewing machines,
washing uml wringing machines, dough
kneaders, emery wheels, iuu-k saws, ice
or refrigerating machines, polishing
nineiiines. dish washing apparatus,
ventilators mul blowers, horse und
sheep  clippers.    Nearly   nil   of   these
can 1 perilled l.y portable motors, so
ihnt one or two motors—preferably of
two different sizes will suffice lo run
n dozen or even more inn.bines m
Tn facilitate upplieuii.su ihe motors,
particularly those of smnll size, ure
placed on portable trucks or hand-
carriages; tho latter arrangement
iniikeH il possible mul convenient fnr
the m.ilnrs to In- eurrled up mid down
stuirs by two persons. I.urge motors,
suy aboul two-horse' power, are best
placed ..ti n smnll hand-truck ur un
skids uml transported from pine.- tu
place, when they mny I... drawn by
hum! ur horses.
Willi the motor gues u long llexlbl.
copper cable mid n plug liy whieh con
nectlon  is rendily  Iinui.'  wllh  lhe eiee
in. iiistriiiuili.il system, through outlets located ul convenient places.
Whore li is possible to huve Bcveral
farming machines, sueh us dairy ap
paratuSi laundry machinery, blacksmith shop machinery, etc., located In
u single room, ll Is best to operate nl)
of ihem frnin ii Hlinfi driven by n single
motor, leather bolts being used to
transport the power rmm tho driving-
siiufi iii in., several machines,
Mnny of Uie products uf lhe farm
whieh ure now allowed to gn to waste
could be turned to good account by the
OHe   of  eleetrleully   I.perilled   lippurill IIH.
especially designed to turn by-products
llllu   Illerkelulile   goods.
Nearly all fruit Is rich In sugar,
varying In contents from r. per cont. to
in per cent The two most
Important plants for yielding sugar are
tho sugar-cane und sugar-beet. For
Instnncc, sugar-cane contains in to 40
per cont. of sugar, while sugar-beets
i.i.ili. from IU i" is per cent. ..f
sugar. Sorghum contulns In the stalk,
i the lime the seed is matured und
tlu- starch hardened, from li to 16 per
ont, of sugar. Indian corn contains
from h to if. per cenl.
lu packing frull fur market, sueh uh
iipples, griipes, eh., only sound fruit
is selected; thai wliieli Is In any way
bruised or m lhe tirst singes of decay
is iiin.w ii.   Instead of allowing this
fuse lo gu lu WnBtO. It sllll, lis lhe
use of eleetrlnllly   u|ie|'iiled   presses,  or
suits,   l.e  turned  Into  elder  or  grape
Jlllee. The piilllili'i- whieh relllilius enn
lie  used lis fertilizer ful- Sllll.
l-'iirm prodnets from whloli starch
muy he oliliilned us u liy-prodiiei nro
ihe potato iiiiii cassava,   'i'he potato
ntiilns IB in 10 per cont. of starch,
wlileh in iurn may ho converted Into
alcohol. In mnny Instances potatoes
re accidentally exposed to severe cold
frosts uud ure frozen, or aro sotiielluieH
frozen in storage, in Duropo potatoes
In such condition aro of some valuo,
yielding   I nslileriilile   pereentllge   of
alcohol of high slronglh,   This prac-
u r converting frozen potatoos Into
alcohol is common abroad.
Recent Gorman roports, in bringing
lit fuels on elei'lfleillly opel'nleil
fiiriiis,   show   lliiil   sline  the  engineer
lins worked lu hurinony. nnd esi hilly
slnee the government hits token nellve
Oil for Toothsch..—'I'liere Is no pnln
so ueute nnd distressing ns toothache.
When you huve s.. unwelcome a visitor
ipply Dr. Thomas' Bolootrle Oil ne-
•oidlng tss directions and you will iind
Immediate relief, it touchos the nerve
wllh soothing efi's'il iiiiii the pains do-
pnriH nt nine. Thai n will ease toothache is another fine quality of this
"II, showing lhe mnny usos II bus.
I interest in the matter, u number of
plmiis have beon installed for drying
the leaves ..f the potato nnd the beet,
io bo used us food for entile, bocauBe
Ihey ure high in protein or fat-producing elements; Germany used to buy
$8,000,000 worth of entile food from
foreign countries. The records show
tlmt tliere ure yearly twenty-four million tons of green leaves' for drying,
giving nbout six million tons of preserved foodstuff at ii cost of nearly
In Chartres Cathedral tliere arc 176
stained gluss windows which are re-
garded us lining among the most wonderful in tlie world, most of them dating frum tlie twelfth century. Scarcely
"lie nf Ihem (lilies rriini Inter tbun the
thirteenth century, and the entire col-
lecllon is considered the must complete gallery of the rich mosaic gluss
of Ihul period.
This Is lhe reckoning, 134 greut svln-
dows, three great roses, thirty-five lesser loses llllll twelve Slllull ones!     Ami
Iii these ure piilnlod 8,880 figures, In-
cludliig thirty-two contemporary historical porsonoges, n crowd nf snlntB
nnd prophols iu llilrly.eight separate
legends und groups nf Irnilesnieli III
lhe i.isliiines uf their guilds.
The reds, liko thuso nl lieiios, nre
everywhere wonderful; llie saffron alsu
ami   Ihe     III,,|i   yclloWS,   llie   brOWn   llllll
il moriild groom bul must superbly
beautiful of nil nre Hie bluos, lho lucid
iriinspureni nzui ' the twolfth century lancets, und tlio .hep sapphire, tho
blue Ot  1'iilllers. whieh   Nils  lhe  loWOI'l
wlini-isys ..I  ihe nave.
Tlio s.-irei of iis manufacture is lost,
bul y nn understand, when you behold II. huw easily Ihul Btory WIIS he-
lloved which suid Ihnl in order lo se- I
cure nds depth of Mae the monkish
glnziers used iii grind sapphires to
powder mul mix Ihem wllh their glass. I
There is only one thing that cull be
compared with lhe stained glass of the
north, mul ihul Is lhe mosaics of llie
south, of Ravenna, Palermo, Kan Sofia.
The cathedral offers lo lhe student of
glass n perfect model, not indeed of
detail, fur upon lhe path which leads
lu ilie perfection of detail the thirteenth century glazier hud still muny
steps to lake, imt of effects In decorative coloring. In lhe rose you
have a confused .fleet of color, In
whieh   there   is  nol   nny   loo  definite
form I,, spoil n harm of lhe broken
bits of color upon the senses.
Hut il is In ilie lancet windows of Hie
nave lhal lhe row of otherwise (let it
1 onfessed) ungainly figures supplies liy menus of lhe drapery, cloaks
und borders lhal mixture of color nnd
shade lhat makes color beautiful, nnd
wiih those iiroioi masses of stain combined wllh absolute simplicity nnd sev-
erlty of design which should be the
Ideal of lhe glazier. And Ihey are not
erowd.'d with loo much story.
inn though Hie palette of the early
glazier was so rich in quality with
those splendid reds and ineffable blues,
the seerel of which has long been lost,
and other primary colors, it was poor
In extent. To ihls poverty must he
ascribed ihe curious coloring of many
details. Beards ure often painted
hiu.'. nnd faees usually brown. Some
shades of a rich purplish brown was
Iii fuel the ordinary llesh lint of the
early glazier.
The sunburnt offecl of their brown
visages ssnly nccentiiates the Oriental
aspect of many of these glass figures.
As ai Iti.ui'ges. so here, ihe Influence ssf
the Bust is plainly visible, not only In
the hieratic type of the personages
and their sumptuous apparel but also
ami siill more undoubtedly In the mosaic borders liy which they and the
medallions beneath are framed.
The widow of uii American diplomat,
wim has published her memoirs of foreign courts in "Intimacies of Court nml
Society," describes the royal pair of
Russia ns ihey looked ui their coronation.
Worms reed upun the vitality ot
children uml endanger their lives, a
simple and effective cure Is Mother
Graves'  Worm  Exterminator.
"I had terrible pains in my head.
My appetite faded away and wl en I
did eat anything it disagreed and made
me very Bick for hours after each
meal, Tho active pains in my stomach and the dizzy headaches I had to
endure almost set me wild. Some-
tin-ins attacks c.me on so severely that
I had to go to bed. I would feel so
wen, df-nressed and utterly miser?!*!,
that for hours I wouldn't speak to my
family. My system was poisoned with
wastes and nothing helped me till I
usfjd Dr. Hamilton's Pi iis. Without
this grand system-cleaning remedy I
would be sick, but each aay brought
mo better health and spirits. I was
cured and made as strong, ruddy and
healthy looking as one could wish. 2nd
will always use and recommend Dr.
Hamilton's Pills.
"MRS.   B.   «*.   CUBRAJS
"Westport.   P.O '
Thousands whu art- in an ailing, tow
Btate of health need nothing .u_e but
Dr. Hamilton's Pills. They cure blond
disorders, pimples, rashes, bud color,
I'lliu us ms.*., Uver, stomach and „_di__j
troubles, Mild, certain an.l safe. Be-
ware of imltutlun-? and -substitute.-?. 35c
per box "i- Bve boxes for ii ')» U tl
dealers or th.*- Catarrhozone ''.Mr:'
Kingston, Ont.
"The Czarina was **a_ily th-: moat
beautiful woman to b*1 s-een. and many
Mpolit- uf her .as the artiste idea! of the
queenly queen. But her loveliness had
nothing of the vanity whieh nebs i
public h*im:iKe; it had rather 'lie ip-
peallng £entIene.*-._ which mad«*. ber
mother, under the happy freedom ;_
English skies, the most beloved princess nf her day. and to me me wu
mure the type of th*i sheltered w man
I" In- mated to a Brutu„ of [1 r - ...
. . . Her face upon her car notion
day was charged with profound emotion—It has haunt-.I m  -r iim -
was liko the face of a martyr minting
wiih measured steps ■*■ her " insral
"And the man who wa„ the .antra r
the gorgeous pictures, arhusa i *.* .■
cratlc aloofness and sanctity ut rier-inn
were proclaimed by every poS-Utfa ur-
cessory of pomp and sacred ceremonlar,
produced in himself no iHuslon -if
royalty such as may impress imi thrill
even the most democratic when bun
In face wtth a kins* who la reaily t;n_ -
ly. His narrow forehead and receding chin, vlslhle even behind the bear:.
spoke little of intelligence and nat-ttktfl
nf power, while the Insignificance .f
his small form wis empha.-uzed ^hi..-*
tbe lall men of his family splendid
Ion-kins* fellows, all over stx feel '
.Ml of Merlin's sewage is pumped
out of tho city to disposal farm.* -v *..- •
have a total area <-f about 10 IQfl teres
• mice. MCE.NTS
Why doesn't she take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop a headache promptly, yet do net contain any ef
the dangerous drugs common in headache tablets. Ask . - -.-
Druggist about them.   25c. a box.
National Oruq and chcmical Co. or Canada, Limited   \2Z
Dral.r. E,,t|wh,f,
HARNESS     OIL Thr Imperial Oil Co.. Limited
i.vri.l i:%/. \
CATAMtlMI, 1 l:\ ill
Booklet "Dlsttmpsri Causes, Curs uml Prevention," P-BE.
All druffalsts. Iiiirnt'ss dealers, II uml BOe, is hotti.-. lit
anil Hi a doien. Distributors   ai.i. WHO_.J8At.1J: DRUG-
..roll*. HIBDICAI. ..... Ooel  Indiana. (>.\.
The "Empire" Brands of Wood Fiber, Cement Wall
.uul Finish Plasters should interest you if you
arc looking for the best plaster board.
Write today for our ■pacification booklet.
The Manitoba Gypsum Co.. Ltd.
Parson's Store
Clothing and  Furnishings
_OT-;_v«5MHB_sa_s-_5_-w«-iSw» CH/LL/WACK free press
Formerly [The New Km.)
l'linUsi iiii.l iiui.ii.siifii every Tluusiiny from its
olllco, VsYsiiniiisl.T Street, Clillllsviick,
Siil.sn iplion prico ssl.im iht yenr in iitlvnncc tn nil
[mints in llritish Kinrslro : In I'niiiii stillestli.no.
Isiaislns uilsi'i'lisiliisriili-sinmlc kiiuivn im n|.pli  |      -A
prompt iiiii'iitiini
iiiiii lutvi' sum..' Iinui;  in  city  hull. *********************^^^
Tin' llnnnoo cnniniitteo repoi-ttid *
(tivornlily on accounts amounting l" %
81SI7S 00.    Report wiis adopted. X
(lussiii.sl nih.itisfin.'iits. I cent per wonl cncli . =„
iisn'rtlou, piiynlslc in iiilviiiu'c, ' I rnii-ls'i" I1
t.     llls|.l;il u.h.-lliscls will I.I.msc  rcinellitier Hint
I   I., insure in'
(4   Wei lllnv
.ul uml wood oi'doi's  i ivi'■ *
I Imiii' 111.  Cily i +
.sl hu In not Inlisr Ilmn
C, a. IIAIUIEIl. I'liijlislicr nml Proprietor.
A New Discovery
I    Miicli.'ln.   Suture's Sculp  Tonl
i oulv  remedy ever dis.
1 .[...ii..., ...   ,i...   ,„,,.,,..,i
ovcreil   llmt   i."
I rilliiilar t".   Hie   lllllilinl   lliiil'   I'iiiiiIh   ur
—— i lii|iiiils nl'lhe si'iil]i.    lins  ii   ii.'..r.I   (i.r
The City Legist-tors met  in  tho Ki'ywIliK hull'-IB ciiscs   .mt   ..(    Hm.
Council Chambers on .Mondny even- j J,',"',^ ''sL'.'.i.i'V.V.'.I 2
ling;  nil  llie  niciiihei's  heing pre | i*.:,,i>.-r-.
II. A.  Irwin  wrote, stating llm'
in   view  of   im   si'llli'ini'iil    being
Iinnii'   Ireiiliiient,
initeeil  l.v   II.  -I.
Paid up Capital and Reserve $11,400,000
One 1
i Hart Block
The Fraser Valley Nurseries
Including Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries, Small
Fruits, and Ornamental Shrubbery.
For Full Particulars, write
General Manager,
District Agent
Successor to WM. AI'C'HIIUU)
Estimates Given
Phone 58 P.O. Box %',
If,vou hnvo any Cedar Poles fur
sal.-, ent lasl Fall or Winter, pleas un-
inunicnte witli Mr. Ueer, l.iglit A- Powor
llppt, iv dimensions and sjiucillenlions
el.-, at onee,
B. C. Electric Ry. Co. Ltd.
Hindi' in  dealing with  arbitration
award re Ibe expropriation of  pro-l
pert)1  "ti   *%",>.11in street,  In'   gave
I notice thai unless u setllenienl   was
ielTei'li'il   within   thirty   days,    lie
would consider the award null  uml:
void.    This matter was referred to
B the Mayor to report nl  nexl  meet-
I ing.
I*. I.ei' wrotecompliiinngofobstruc-
limii .ni l>e Wolfe nvanue und Itnad j
Superintendenl wus requested lo
S. Carson nml others presented a
petition I'i'I'u live (onl   plunk   side-j
wnll; un Si'i'uiul uveinir.      Ilefervetl
for investigation,
.1. ('. (Iiirvie petition  I'm' n  live
I'not ei'llli'llt sillewilllc mi llie north
side of Spniliiin uveiiue, between
Mlllll nnd Mai')' streets, repayment
tn be extended over a period nl'
live .vein's. The petition wus referred back In Mr. Clarvio for additional signatures if possililc.
A communication wns rend from
the Columbia Ritulitlik- i'n-, stitt-
ing a priee nf $5,00 per running
I'niil for paving roadway eighteen
feet wide. This wns thought to be
Inn expensive.
It wus decided to proceed with
proposed improvements on l lore
avenue between Voungnnd Williams
Austin Henry und others nsked
for u live foot ennerete nr plunk
sidewalk on College street between
Young street nnd Henderson avenue
approximately 500 feel. Referred
ti i clerk for report.
Tlie Cily of Chilliwaek Water-
Works Purchase By-law 1912 lo
provide for tbe raising of S'JHI.OOO
to purchase the Elk 'Creek Waterworks Co. properly, payment to be
be spread over n period of forty
yenrs, was rend twice, ami the
third rending, being deferred one
It. A. Henderson, on behalf nf
llie management of Cook's Presbyterian churcli, wrote asking tlie
Council to puss subdivision plan.
put in box drain, till in Slough
nnd rough grade sections of Victoria
uml Henderson avenues, under ihe
provisions nf the local improvement
by-law, the tenn In be live yeurs.
It look ii long time nnd n good muny
explanatory opinions to conic to n
decision on Ihe matter, Finally
the Council decided lo pul in ihf
box drain nml rough grade Ihe
streets ami neeept plan,
.1. II. Ashwell, on Lei in U of lhe
Sports Committee, stated that the
••• I committee luul sps'iit between 8700
and 8800 on improvcmonls ul ibe
**-% llccrcalion Park, luu wen' slmrt
8150, und nsked I'm' n donation nf
js7"i toward clearing nil' this in-
Idebtcdness, the Municipality to be
I nsked Tor thc balance, The Council acquiesced in the Hinder.
Aid. ilei'vuii recommended lhe
purchase nf » second hand mower
frnin Hr. Ililtliei'fol'd  nt   8115,  uml
sume   wus   u pted.      The   im.w.'i',
will lie used in I rimming the nur-
plus grass nu ibe city slreels.
The Major uml Aid. Kekert
wen' niithiii'lzcil in procure
legal mlvise in connection
wiih ihe extending nf the t-lly's
ei'cdii nml regarding lhe purchase
of the Kill Creek Waterworks I'n's.
plant, uml ul-" in Interview ilu'
I'mvinclnl I'remler iu ibe ninller,
Tenders will be nsked fnr lhe
printing of High Sehnnl llehcntiire.
lis be in ut ibe nexl meeting.
The dork Wit' ilislrili'leil lo III..-
CHIC illl llp-tn-dllle limp nf lhe   cily
Fii-li   Untiled   Milk uml Cream
delivered daily in nny pari
of the cily
Order for Morning Delivery.
City Dairy
* We give special attention to Savings Accounts.     .......   ^
* Dollar only is necessary to open an account, interest J
| allowed tit highest Bank rati' and added twice a year. ?
I No delay in withdrawals,     Two or more persons may J
* open n joint account ami  either party can withdraw %
* money.
*  '
t Manager |
::  We have just received a shipment
of Dain
R, A. Hbndriisojj, cm, & m.e,
asmh'Iatk Ml-Mlll'll ue TIIK C-ANAtllAN       I
B. ('. I.ami SunvKvnn
Rooms 10 & 11, Westmlnnlei■ Triifl Block
OllIT.UWAOK, li. v..
Westminster Trust Building
 , __ , .	
II Mowing Machines
Dain Hay Loaders. Side Delivery
Rakes, Success Manure Spreaders
Each nf which gives the best ami most
»       i'1'iiiiuiiiical service in its own particular
Bold of work.
Wc waul ymi tn conic and sec them, so that we mav
Notice is hereby [riven thai all peli-
tioiiH fm* cement Blucwnlks in In- con-
stnit'tcil during tho current year inusi l»*
rtri-ivi'it liy tin* Oity Clerk imt Inter tlmn
July Int. Petitions receive*.! after that
date will imt Ik- Acted upon.
City Clerk.
Chilliwack Implement $ Produce
Fine driving Imrsr lour years nisi (slresl
liy lll:is Tumi uiluriililivii -i.im.l uii.t n
perfect Imilea driver, uinl tlioiiiusilily re-
liulile, also slightly iw<l Mcljiiijtlillu eiish-
inn lyrs'il bujoiy, mid linriicasi.
K. .1. Ilmiclier, ..III..'.
Westminster si reel.
I'm. lliiil 11. .1-1. it. Hull, lit tnr service.
Prom Imporleil Mock.
.1. lll'.U.AMY, plioiie !•' Km
I    Villi-
llcfristcrcd Pcicliemn Maiv,
lllll, wcIhIiI HtUll II.-. Will
ini.li- i..i work ii-iuii.   Api'l. ti.
II. CIIAHI, i'l.r.l liiiiul.
Sniilli Siiinii-
Unliable men with selling
ability and snnie knowledge
uf the fruit Inisiness nr Nursery Stuck, In represent lis
iii Piiiti-li Columbia as lucid
and general agents.
Liberal   inducements   ami
pcriiiiiiicnt position fur tbe
I'iglll  men.
Tin' I'onlhlll Nurseries.
I r..lul.|i-li. .1 181171
Who wants 160 acres
of Fine Land ?
within live miles of new railroad, where the
adjoining land is held at frum $15 to§20 per
acre now, and will be double that price inside
uf three years. We have located a tract uf
uver lo.tHli) acres, covered with willow, poplar
and pine, with occasional patches of npen
country. Gel full information about this from
.nir ulliee. This land will all he taken early
ibis Spring, so hurry. Call at uur office this
Chilliwack Land and Development Co. Ltd.
Box lull Phone ITS Chilliwaek, B.C.
Wi' Imve iii sinek n numlier of Rtnndnrd doors, mnortcd
si?.es, wliieli we liurelinsed nl u Knap priee.    We liouglil
ilie'e i In. us rigid uml will -i'ii iluui eight.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare lliesi' with regular prices nnd conic und sec tlie
il.ii.r-. I's.inr curly ii" tliey will nol last long ul lli.se prices.
P. 0. Box 243
Phone L2442
Chilliwack Planing Mills
To All Points in Eastern Canada and United States.   Accommodation Reserved Either by
Rail or Steamship.   For Tickets and Information Apply to
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Agents For the Canadian Pacific Railway and Dominion Express FREE  PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
********************** •**_
StocRs of Lumber
_ The Rosedale Lumber Co., Rosedale \
and £. 0. Patterson, C. C. Road
Anil   will  be pleased tu quoto prices at
these points as well as delivered un tbe
Yard Phono MANAGER
I mice Phono
Church News
previous to il pening of the re-| jW-W**-*******'^
I jgulur session nl'(Vinfnronco nml  ul;*
II the  same  lime  ns   llie   Minslerinl I J
 essiiui.    Mr. George Hell,  uf  Vic- *
jtoriii, wns elected I'residenl  uf lhe $
Win.  Sampson,  the  ovangolmt, h aym,n,'s Association, Mr.   II.   H.|J
closed n series of successful scrvieos|Cuirtts, .if Snnlis. secretary
I'lie Pustortil Address, prepared\*
by tlie retiring president, Rev. I
A. 15. Ruliorts, wns well received |_
by the Conference, and h,v resolution, it wns urdereil to lie rend in
idl the churches ns soon us possible.
Tliere wii-i u very large attendance
at nil the sessions, und the Conference gathering was, in many res-
peets, one of the inosl interesting
uml profitable ever held.
Music Examinations
Ml'        Illl
The Associated I'.uiii'il
ifnynl Academy of Music nnd llie, *
lloyal College of Music, Uindjip, |
Kiigluinl, will huld Iheir pi'iielicnl *
exnmiiiiitioiis mi Monday ul lhe i
-iiiili.i..l Mr, ii I. Minimi,    Ao-  +
I Have You Decided?
Yet  what  kind of Fence
you   want.     Sure   Mike!
An X or Z  Lawn  Fence.
And buy it at
Maynard ® Murphy's
Lawn Mowers and Rollers
Garden Wheel Hose
il Cheam, on Sunday evening and
J! is conducting similar services this
week ut Rosedale,
(.In Tuesday evening lust lhe nn-
nutil congregational gathering of the
Sumas Methodist church wns held,
with Rev. A. E, Roberts, in tlic
chair. Roports were given of the
work during the pusl yenr of the
different departments of the church,
uml refreshments were served. An
interesting feature of the evening
wns ibe presentation In Rev. Al,
Pike, retiring pastor, of an address
mul travelling writing t'lisu, Mr.
I'ike Biiitably replied to the kindly
expressed sentiments of tho address,
On Sunday June I),   Uev. \V. I'eroy
lliioi will nipy lhe pulpil io sue
rout-inn In Mr. I'ike,
Vm Sunday morning Hie Rev,
A. K. Iloborts will commence n ner-
ii". of "Studies in Ibe ICplsllo of Sl.
.lames" in eonnccliou wilh the
regulnr morning service io lhe
, Methodlsl nhurcli, The topics uf
of llie Writer; The Joy of Temptation, Clinp.l: I-I; 'the Prayer for
WlKtiom, l:ii-8; A Paradox or High
uud Low, 1:11.11; Sources of (lood
nod Kvil in ns, l:12-27| Hosisuct of
Persons, 2:1-111; Ptillh uml Works,
2:11-2(1; Resiionsibility of S|iccch,
III 1-12; ICitrthly and lleavenlv Wis- jamoiifo*t others, ibe Macfarren j
slum, 15:18-18; On Worldly Plea- ««lipI'U'ship, Ibe Charles l.ucas *
sores, 1:1-1(1; A Maxim ngninsl Modal, and tin- Worshipful Com- |
.liulgiiig, 1:11-12; The Judgment P|*--iV of Musicians Medal, awarded j
to chic, 4:18-S.:18; Blessed Work lo the mout distinguishoil student. *
of Converting. S: 111-20. °" leaving the Academy be wus *
.      .,„..,,,     ,.    elected  un  Associate,  and shortly j
I hesessionot thoBriUshColumbia | aftenvmds gained llie Mondolssohnj?
11 Maynard >. Murphy
Is Fly-Time
We have a large assortment ofSc.reon Doors ami
Adjustable Window Screens. Screen Wire I'lutli in a
doxon widths. Lawn Mowers, IJoso and Lawn Sprinklers, Grass Shears, Oil Stoves, ami many other but
weather necessaries ami conveniences.
ure I'cipicslcd Iii lie iii attendance ut  *
phenols   fur  Ibe  various  division
____________        |  !|u.' +
Kli'ioeiiliirv   IU :i. io..   bowei' 2
... .  -_-_• i
the following Imiii'
II a. io.. Higher II.KOn
cul (Vntl'e  2.80 p. in.     Thei'e  un1
Iwi'iily-une I'lindidales this year, in
tbe subjects of Theory, Pimm.  Violin mul Singing.     Tlie   cxaininei
for the section from Calgary lu Victoria,  Mr.  Percy   II.  Miles,    ivns ^
triiiiieil ul  Ibe  Royal  Academy  uf  '
Music,  whore  he gained n    large
***************************'e***** ****** **************
City Market
Main Street, Vancouver
This murket is  operated liy the  City  ns   n
means of bringing tho
producer and consumer
together. Ymi niv in-
vid'il to send yuur produce. Wo handle everything from Ibe furm.
(excepting milk.) Ily
consigning your produco
tu the City Murket vou
will gel Ibe best   prices,
sharp returns, and very
prompt settlements.
john McMillan
Tin* si/.e uii*) quality of tin1
showing the 1jouiu1U***» nwnit*
im-iit*. .tl' nil ilu* iii-w styles in milting*, iii the riilii-si iinporttHl ,'ali*
iit*-* ilnii wo uri* slio\vmu llii** wn-
nn li on i ihi- llnii-i',,! llnlilH-ilin.
I.iiniii'.l. will roimnnii'l your lull
nttention, Wo want you in eomo
in anil look over tin- Vuiiii* run*:.'
while tin* I iin--- uii* still unbroken,
Wellington st.   Opp.Oporn llonso
Solo Agency House "( lloliborlln,
Conference of the Methodist Church,
held Inst week  iii Victoria, closed
mi Wednesday night wilh the Iinui
J reading of the station list,   In ihis
Valley the ministers are stationed
J!us follows:—Chilliwuek, Itev. A.E,
Roberts: Cheam, Itev. T.  (I.   liar-
low;  Carnian(Sardis), Uev. G,  II,
Hidluiul; Siiions, Uev. Percy IIiiiii.
f IA  change was made at   Lnngloy
J where Uev.  Wilson  succeeds  Hev.
P. It. Carpenter, who goes to Cres-
I ton in tlio East Kootney Dislriut;
and in Sixth avenue ehureb,   Xew
Westminster, where Uev. \V. 8. A.
Cruix, of Manitoba, succeeds  Hev.
ll*. S. Okell.     Uev.  A.   E.   Itobei'ls
j was elected Chairman of the West-
I minster District, with Hev. T. (I.
Barlow, Financial Secretary,  Hev.
II.     Wilson,      Sunday     School | froi
Scholarship, which is ibe pretnior J
scholarship for tho Culled King-1J
ilmn und gives iis holiler Uu' privi-: *
lege uf three yi'iiis Continental ex-'J
pai'lom-o. Mr. Miles was appointed J
Professor at the lloyal Academy nf I
Music iu 11102 and nn Examiner tu *
the Associated Hoard in 11)011. I|e *
is also a member of ibe board uf +
studies in ibe I'niversity of I,<>i.<I.,i. *
and his compositinns ineludo an If
Elegiac Punlasy fur Orcheslm, *
Concertos fur Violin mul 'Cello, he- %
sides ii largo quantity of chamber f
music nnd songs, lie bus vi<i11•<I *
Australia   us    Examiner   fur   the  *
Associated Hoard mi tin  occasion  *
viz: in WOK, Kins uml nm. *
Wear A
Stylish Suit
Timi intangible, ull-inipoitant J
tiling I'ttlled Style is pan anil parcel +
ifevcry Rl-lleli "*-" --■"--
\ glance in nm
Tailored liariuent.  ♦
Sjsring .li-pUv  isill *
irovcil. ♦
A.I.I i.. Btyle I'iii'-i   Fabrics.   Es- ♦
liinivo   l-'ul.ii.s  nn.l   p. si    v.n!. run; *
ii.I you'll SCO why "in suits ,tP  «rorn ♦
iy  -.. iinui}   ..i    Cliilliwaclt'a   i.-i ♦
i,.,,-,,,,,,,.,,. ;
Snppos* you  drop  in   to-*lujr.   '■ J
nnrrow or nny tiuu "-  «•   hun     *:•* *»
nf tli-iu uotiM look on you.   Si m >
now lines oflured at poj    ■.■.■■■- *
$15.00 to $25.00 I
—————a-— *
Chas. Parker:
Your Outfitter ♦
Hie Canadian |K)tnlo will Iwsiivotl ♦
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        in Ibe danger of   eiuiker, llireul-' I
rctary, and Hev. E. I). Bradcn, lening from Euro|K), if lhe depart- |
Temperaiice   und   Moral   lloform j ment of ^*J™™"P%m. l*************************************************^**
Secretary,    It is very likely  Unit potato winner is tleoiareci ny uepau-
lhe K'liiiiuciul Distriet mooting  will j mental experts to lictbeineslilreuili
beheld In Chilliwack early in Au-1enemy of the pototo, lieing prncti
!    The Uev. (I  II. Uiilev, uf Port
Simpson, wns elected to thc I'rcsid-
eiiey of the Conference, nnd Hev.
II. K. Stilltnnn wns re-elected seerc-
Inry.    Mr. Hule.v bus been   liinleeli
vs'iirs in the Indian work in  11. C.
uud his election lo highest olllco io
tlie gifl of Conference wns u tribute
t.. bis faithful services in ibis Held
ally iri'adicahle.    li stays in (be \ ******«******************************************,****,
suil fur yenrs.   It is a fungus growth IJ ♦
and is very prevalent in continental ♦
Europe nml in England, where ii bus *
wroughl havoc wiih lheIuIktcrops. J
The disease wns recently discovered . ♦
in Canada in un imported shipment *
of Europoun iwtntoes and ibe coii-lX
sigiiinenl  wns   deslroyed.      Sim
then the   regulations   Imve   I n *
nineiiili'd mul eirculnrs will  Ik'  is- J
IAL Investment
Tlu' laymen of ihe  Conference]sued hi'imd cast over lhe lioiniuioii., j
lu form u pcrmanont nrganitation. I use of seed |>otiiloes from
They will iiicct encb yenr the day]—Ex.
Free Press Printing Ileuses.
Wr luivr a now uml up-tii'sliiie
iilnnt Willi lli.' Im.—, iiu'iIkuIs for nil
kinds of Cleaalag. Pyelag and Press.
lug.    (-.Xpert bi'lp lur nil branches,
SjH's'inl iilliiilii.n will Iw uiV.'ll l.s'nll
Mail mill Kxnrcfls nnten. front Cliilli-
was'k mul ib.' valley, Wonollell atrial.
British Columbia Electric Ry.
|„«V0 Arrive Arrive
Traill.        Clink. WiHlmiii. Nu"'
;i S.llOa.ni. II.M '-•'■'
6....,.l.l»i».m. 8.J« •••'''
j 0.00 p.m. 8.40 IM"
l.'liv.' ArrlVfl Arrivi
Traill      lllgiln. WeHliiiiu. Van,
1..'.'... .«.:«> u.iii. 3.M l'l'
|,.|ive Arrive Arrivi
Train        Van. Wssliniii. CHWK.
•i   8.80a.m. 0.80 U.I'
,.1'j.ir. iissiui 1.30 3.IH
. 5,00 p.m. il. io
bave Arrive
Van.       Wesliuin.
.3.(0 p.m.      4.0ft
l.ve. Cbilllwaek fi.oo a.m. I Daily Except
"   Van.'iuiver 7,00   "    I     Niinilny
AU [saiwiigiT train.) bandle Kx|ires«.
' •_• _?L	
Don't let repairs
eat up your profits
Whether thoy represent actual cash outlay, or
only the time of yourself and your help, repairs
ure waste just the same. When you make an
improvement—no matter how small its cost may
he—let it be permanent. Then it is u real investment, something .rn which you can realize in cash should you decide to
sell your propertyi ami gomcthlng that will pay you constant
dividends in convenience, sightliness and coquort us long an
tlie farm remains youi' own.
Concrete Improvements Are Permanent
They last na long as tie very hills themselves. They do not
require experts io buhd thom, Tlieir lirsl cost, in most eases,
is no more than for inferior materials.
Aren't you interested in tlie subject of permanent, modem
farm improvements'!
Then write for the book that describes hundreds of them—
33 acres on McSween Road two-thirds
cleared ami tbe balance easy clearing.
* First class soil for mixed farming.
| Price $ 250 per acre.    Terms to Suit ♦
1   :
. A -_—-_*._-_-_-_,
j Adjoininff Property  lias  lieen  sold ♦
♦ for .S40()_per acre. ♦
Chas. Huteheson $ Co.
♦ ♦
I Household Articles
It Isn't a Catalogue. Every ont of Itl 160 handsomely illustrated pigu li inttrpit*
l and Instructive. They tell how to mix concrete, how to place it, what can be done
th It   The book wai printed to aell for 50 cents, but we have a copy for you, free.
Vour   nam.   and   addr... en . po.l.l will bring (1.1. boos,
Mull tl..' isusiliiiiil tii..l.i>'.
return inilll.       Addraaa
Tiss I.'s.i, will come 1" >■"- by
-. rwn.k—~/ —11
El oilo
The little immersion healer. II oils
water in a few
El Stovo
T b e s t o v 0
ffllioll boils
your      kettle i
all cooking
purposes as
well as toas-
El Perco
Makes dolic
ems   coffee
ill al few
Phone 257        S.   PUGH Chilliwack I'llll.LilYVACK   FREE   PRESS
At Once to Lonrii Barber Trade
only olght weeks required to leant, titnlB
free mul puy wagoa while learning, Positions scciirod .111 ooinplotion ul fi-mii $15
to fS_u per wook. Wo have liundroda ot
lii.'ininiiH whoro you nm man buBlii.aa
t..r yourself. Tnuiondoui demand for
Imrbi'i-H. Write for Free Catalogue; hot-
tor itlll, call. If you would hooomo an
oxport you mum bo an International
Alexander  Ave,   Tirst  Door WuHt
of Main St.,  Winnipeg.
< »\vim; i.i the shortage In tho point-
crop this your dealers in umi growors
ni' potatoes Mini it necessary in import
lurge supplies Cor tabic and seed purposes tr  Oronl  lii-Miiin. inland and
othor l_uropcun i ntrlos.    Hullelin 03
Issued bj tin- Dominion I3x perl men tal
I'.nm. Ottawa, explains how potato
cun Iter has found Us wny ncrosa the
Atlantic Into Newfoundland with potatoes I m por tod Prom Europe.
potato canker is u dlsouso al presenl unknown In Canada. It Is one ot
the musl sorlous diseases known, affecting nol only the farm lands on
which potatoes aro grown, hul tho disease is also directly Injurious (>> tho
health of th«' consumer of affected pot-
aloes, riolllns does mil destroy the
Injurious properties. The dlseaso Is
characterised hy nodular excressences
wiiirh. may ofleti be larger lhan tho
tuber Itself These "cankers" affect
lho eyes of the potato and aro very
small in the early stages, Any tubers
i'< ni ml with smaller or larger outgrowths rising from where the eyes
nre Bftuated should under no condition
be used for Boed or tablo purposes,
'i'ii.' Introduction and establishment nf
dlseaso would seriously compromise one
nf the musl Importnnl agricultural Industries nf Canada, vl?.., potato growing. Farmers und consumers should
bo exceedingly careful in using poi
loos thai may have been Imported from
Grenl Britain or Uh- Continent nf Ku
ope. Suspicious looking tubers should
bo destroyed by lire and nol thrown on
the ground or the disease, if present,
will establish Itself permanently in the
The bulletin referred to explains in
detail tho character nr the disease and
la available to anyone making application for tho same.
Aapcn wood is used almosl exclusively in tho manufacture of matches in
Sweden, as il Is easily out and porous enough to be easily Impregnated
with sulphur or paraffin.
That Reminds Me
ECK   "lias  your wifo tiuuk' he
Peck—"No,   she's   meroly   do
loped H.'
\*Jl*N I i    "•'
Proved of Great Value to Mer
There is only one explanation fo the
numbers or enthusiastic letters that we
receive praising Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets, ami that is that these tablets
certainly do cure any kind of stomach
Here is o typical letter from Miss
Eliza Artusworlhy, Canso, N.8.!
"It is witb pleasure I write to inform
yon th.it your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets have proved of great value lo
tne. I tried remedy after remedy but
without any lasting f;ood. Having heard
of your tablets curing such cases as
mine I decided to give them n fair trial,
Tln-v proved satisfactory in my vase."
Tin- remarkable success of Na-Hru-Cu
Dyspepsia Tablets is such a success as
ran only come  to nu  llOUCSt   remedv,
compounded according to an exceptionally good formula, from pure Ingre*
ilieuts, by expert chemists. If you are
troubled with your stomach just ask
your Druggist about Na-Dru-O)
Dyspepsia Tablets, compounded by the
National Drug nml Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, nml snld throughout
the Dominion at 50c, .1 box. 142
is Putnam's Painless Corn ISxtraolor,
r.iitv years' success in many lands
proves Mm- superiority of 1'innam's
Painless Corn Extractor over every
oilier remedy. Sale, painless, prompt,
Putnam's Pn In less Corn Extractor ab-
oliiti 1' cortain lo remove corns. Sold
by druggists, price lt. couts,
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cat art afertin mad nrnttnif.   Thrf en b
—hmh" in eiiff.   Tnr     _^i
P\tt*h »fii-itb_*. Ad
tmar oa lh* 6***t,
r-tM-b* hik. tad
3WMM of
C'l——_> tat talasstss.
Small PHI, Small Data, Small Prico
Genuine m_u»i Sigmitiuu
"liiil that young mnn kiss you last
"Mothor, do you suppose lhat he came
all iln* way 11 [> here Just to hoar me
"Mow does ii happen that you are
iiv minutes lato at school this morning?"   thO   teaohOI'   asked,   severely.
"I'lease,    nia'aiti,"    said    William,    "I
musl have ovorwashed mysolf."
Magistrate "Whal is the chargo
agalnsl this old man?"
1 iille. r "Stealing some brimstone,
your honor, lie was caught in tho
Magistrate (to prisoner)—"My agod
friend, couldn't you have waited n Cow
years longer?"
* *    •
A Colorndo school superintendent
noticed a llttlo nirl standing jusi outside the gate, watching tho playing
group inside. [Tearing some injustice,
he asked, "What is tho matter? Won'i
they l.t you play?"
"Oh, yes," Bho answered. "I'm tho
baby watting lo be born."
* *   *
Ai dinner Mr. Manning sampled lho
hie. Looking across llie tablo al ids
wife, he raid:
"I am sorry to be critical, my dear,
Imi (his pie is not the kind thai mother
used in make, nol by a long shot."
Mrs. Manning smiled. "It's loo bad,"
she answered, amiably. "| don't know
what to do about it. I'm sure. Perhaps
ll would be a good idea for you to call
her up nnd lell her. She sent il over
this afternoon."
"Talk orbout your easy marks," said
Uncle Silas Geehaw who had boen
passing a week In lho oily, "us rubes
ain't in ii witli Ihem air teown chaps."
"Did you sell 'em enny gold bricks.
Silas?" queried old Daddy Squash-
"Now, I didn't," answered Silas.
"but I seed a feller peddlin' artificial
ice   lied th* sign right on his wagon
an' blamed ef th' chumps didn't
buy it fer th' real thing."
* •   »
Little Johnnie wus puzzled over the
mime of the explorer ami asked his
father about It.
"Say, how do you pronounce this
first name of K-n-u-d Rasmussen-—
with a short u or a long one?"
Father (who, of course, doesn't
know). "Oh, it doesn't make nny
The Uuy. "Well. 1 guess ii makes
a good deal of difference whether a
man is nud or nude up in the Arctic
In London, England, tin- saloons are
pen on Sundays between the hours
Of three and five in the afternoon.
\ couple of roughs wero standing
in front of one of these accommodations waiting for it to open when a
Salvation Army captain who was passing said:
"Men, don't you know thai when you
miter a saloon you enter hell."
"That's all rlghl, old top," piped one
of the roughs, "they'll throw us out
n a couple of hours."
* •     *
My little boy stood, open-mouthed,
while a friend elaborated the details
f a sudden death.
Tho patient had not been considered
very seriously ill, and his nurse entered, bringing a baked potato for
which the sick man had expressed a
But," said my friend, "before be
had lasted It lie died."
I   deprecated   the   sadness   of   such
cital hefore the child, bul I need not
ive   feared.    His   baby   voice   piped
"And What became uf the potato?"
* *    *
une of the yuiing men attached to
the American embassy at Berlin tells
tory to Illustrate that modern advertising can cope even with lhe etl-
liiette of courts.
A young American woman wished to
be presented at the court of the King
«f Saxony. The high officials, having
nqulrod Into her social standing at
home, objected. They represented to
that   the  King  could  scarcely   re-
• the daughter of a retail boot-
s oiler.
The young woman cabled home, and
told Iht father the situation, The nexl
morning she  received   his answer:
"Can't call It selling. Practically
giving them away. See advertisement."
That solved the difficulty, She was
presented as the daughter of an eminent  philanthropist.
* •   •
A New-Yorker who put up at 0
COUntry hotel In thO Middle West was
much impressed by the deft  skill of a
brisk waitress who attended him.   At
brenkfast   she   waved   a   glass   pitcher
above  some   sl earning-hot   buekwbe.it
cakes tbat  she hnd Just  placed before
"How  will   you   have   It -round   an'
round or In a  puddle?"
"Pardon nie, hut I don't—"
"Hound an' round, or In a puddle?"
"in a   In a   puddle, I think."
Whereupon the golden stream began
iis sticky descent tn the centre of the
cakes,   Aw   she   poured,   the   waitress'
Why Sniffle and Sneeze
With Gattarhal Gold ?
By   Breathing   the   Healing   Vapor   of
Catarrhozone You Get Relief
in  Ten   Minutes
Evory second person that you meet
seems lo have a sneeze and stuffed
feeling iu the forehead nnd nostrils. To
euro promptly, sny, iu half an hour,
there is nothing worth using except
Catarrhozone, You inhale its balsamic   vapor,    and   feel    as   If   yuu    were
among the Norway pines. This is because Catarrhozone contains a healing
niedlcine, light iis pine nir, which Is
breathed straight Into tho lungs and
bronchial tubes, Awny goes tho cold;
sneezing and catarrhal cough cease,
bronchial Irritation stops: in sh.ni.
you an* cured of catarrh by n pleasant, simple remedy, free from sedatives  and  irritants,
Thai Catarrhozone is a swift, certain means of destroying colds and
catarrh is proved by lhe following
staleni.-ni of Mr, Pulos, one of Brock-
\ die's besl known merchants:
"In the fall of 1903," writes Mr. Polos, under date of June 10th, 1910, "I
contracted a very severe cold whicli
developed into Catarrh. At that time
I was living in New York State and
treated with four different physicians.,
who afforded me no relief. On coming
to Broikvillc I was advised by a friend
to try Catarrhozone. I bought the dol
lar outfit, and was gratified by the re
suits. I was completely cured by Ca
tarrh ozone, and have used it since ti
check a cold with unfading results, tt
is the grandest medicine in existence
and I hope my testimony will bo ol
some use to other fellow-sufforrrs."
(Signed)   George  Puloa.
An Ideal protection for the chest
lungs, nose and throal is the froquonl
use if Catarrhozone, Two 111.mile
treatment (the largo size) costs $1.11*1
medium size 50c; nt all dealers or Un
Catarrhozone Co.. Buffalo, X.Y., and
Kingston, Canada.
A Safe Pill for Sufferers.—There ore
pills lhat violently purge nnd till the
stomach and Intestines with pain. Par-
melee's Vegetable Pills arc mild and
effective, They nre purely vegetable,
no mineral purgative entering Into
their composition and Ihelr effect Is
soothing and benellcinl. Try them and
convinced Thousands can attest
their great curative qualities bocauso
thousands    owe    their    health    and
trength  lo  timely  use of this most
Jtcollonl   medicine.
eyes embraced the New-Yorker in 11
contemplative glance.
"Some prefers it round an' round,"
she explained, "but 1 likes It best in fl
Wife "The doctor has advised nn
In go South for a month to rest. The
question now ts where to go?"
Husband   "Go to another doctor."
Hubby -"This sailor must have been
a bit of an acrobat."
Mama- "Why. dear?"
Bobby—"Because the book says,
'Having lit his pipe, he sat down on his
• *   «
A city visitor heard a farmer's wife
say that she got up at four every
morning, and the city visitor said:
"Yuu must go lo bod with the chickens to be able to do that."
"Indeed.   I   have a   nice   house of my
own." was the Indignant reply,
• •    *
The s.m ..f the rector of the village
church was passing n friend's house,
aud, seeing one of the ladles on the
lawn, stopped  for a  chat.
"1 am going over lo see the nave
of the new church," he replied, in response to a question from her.
"Is    Hint    so?   Well,    you    needn't
ditlons for the expulsion of the me-
conoum, Is a serious mistake.   A small
dose  of a   mild   laxative   may   be  used
whne the mare bus lost the colostrum
by leaking, but even In. such cases
rare must be taken, as the material
which clogs the system Is in the
bowels In hunl lumps not easily act-
id upon by purgative medicines. The
tumps are lodged In tlu* rectum and
held there, because tho colt's expulsive power is not strong enough to
overcome the contraction of the anal
sphincter muscles. It Is readily seen
that laxatives or purgatives administered through the mouth are of little
use. Oil the lirst finger, after carefully trimming the nail to prevent
scarification, and insert It Into tho
rectum. It is surprising how much
of the obstructive material can bo removed hy exercising care with this
method. The cult will make stivi
nous elTorts to relieve himself, and as
lump after lump Is removed, mure wdil
be forced buck Within reach. Pol-
low this operation by an injection, Different substances an* used. Warm
water and linseed oil, warm water and
soap 1 east lie), ami warm water and
glycerine, are recommended. The en-
tiro operation should bo repealed at
short intervals, until the faeces is noticed to be yellow. If Ilu* rectum appears   lo   be   empty,   and   more   of   Uie
moconoum is lodged just out of reach
of thr finger, a  pleo ! hoavy bonl
wire, wiih ib<- blunl end Inserted, may
be found to do good service in dislodging ibe balls ami clearing tho pas-
BUgC. If   tllOBQ   piacll.es   d I    Sll.  -
..■.■ii, then trj ih.- purgative, Itooplng
up    tin-    Injection.*    regularly      Give
from one lo two
When (his has ti
. hanees for recuv.
nol   ba notice
iu   removing   tb.'
roll, .1^ il  relievos
iniount   of strain
hO    leSOlleil    lo,    the
•rj ure slight. II is
h. mechanically aid
noconoum from tins
ihr coll uf 11 certain
and distress.
We   have   already   advened   to   lho
fact  of  ibe discover*,   of  fllnl   Implements  in  Northern  Africa as dlspmv
ing Ihe long-assorted proposition thai
lhe Stone  Age had   nol   existed on   Hi.'
African contl I.       In addition lo this
we may slate, Ibal   within a  few years
past   similar  objects  have   I n  found
in South Afrtcn, over an area extending u thousand miles from lhe Cape
of   Good    Hope. II    is    still    believed.
however,   that   the   modern   inhabitants
of Africa, even a 1 the time of their
first discovery by tlie whites, were unacquainted with Ho- use of stone for
weapons; and it Is therefore asserted
that these Implements must have been
employed by a race anterior to that of
the present day, of whose ethnological
character we can al present form no
How much the word "sanitarium"
conveys to the average mind. Disease
and death to the morbid and hope of
curability to tbe optimist. For others
a haven of rest from whicli one emerges rejuvenated. Tbe old Romans knew
Its use and weiv among thc Ilrst to
erect sanitaria for various illnesses.
Their famous baths have long stood as
monuments to the greatness of their
physicians. Emormoua establishments
known as thermae, the best known being built by the Roman Emperor
Agrlppu B. C. _l and was probably thc
Ilrst of the sanitaria, for the Romans
knew the uses of baths and other spring
treatment. A famous bath, so Seneca
writes, was al   Hatae, where the wealthy
mention  any  names,   I  know  who  he men ..-■ Rome erected their villas ami
is." responded lbc lady,  with a  knowing  look.
With the Horses
Knch year many mares foal In lhe
stable, and on dry feed; and each year
throughout lhe country several foals
are losl because of Inability to rid
their systems of the contents of the
Intestines at birth, known to veterinarians as  the meconeum.     The dry
food seems to provoke Hie trouble, bul
It Is often seen where every precaution has been taken to avoid it. Undoubtedly, the most favorable condition foi' the mare Is a free run on
grass, but during lhe early season this
is Impracticable, so some precaution is
necessary lo keep her digestive organs
in good condition, nnd at the same
time make It easier for the foal's digestive tract to commence Its normal
functions after birth. The best way
10 prevent the trouble is by feeding
the pregnant mare a considerable
quantity of rather soft food, as scalded bran and oat chop. Raw roots,
turnips, carrots or mangels, fed one or
iwo daily, will be found beneficial,
'I'h*' coll, under normal conditions, u
few hours nfler birth, will begin to
pass small, blacki waxy lumps of material which are formed during the
last months of foetal development, owing to activity of lhe liver, whicli secretes bite, whieh  mixes  wllh  miaous
of Un membranes of the intestines, the
whole remaining in the small intestine
until after the coll is foaled. A
strong, healthy colt should relievo himself of all this material lu about 84
hours after birth, al which lim*- the
faeces evacuated should be of a yellowish color, Indicating that the dam's
milk is being digested and all Intestinal
obstruction bus vanished.
The colt, suffering from Inabiblity
lo relieve himself of this putty-like
substance, will be noticed In a humped position, Willi bin tall elevated, and
strained in an ineffectual endeavor to
defecate. Repealed attempts are made,
but nothing passes the bowels. The
colt becomes restless und shows sinus
or colicky pains, which, if relief Is not
Immediately found, become more severe, Inflammation sets in, and death
The best preventive measure, as far
as the reeding of lhe colt Is concerned,
is to gel It lo lake some of the "colostrum," or lirst milk, of the dam as soon
as possible nfler fouling. Some mares
"run mill*:" before parturition, ami In
these eases, as well us In nearly all
eases of the trouble, the common belief Is ibat purgatives are Indicated.
Giving purgatives, under ordinary con-
recognized the therapeutic nature of
the hot springs found there.
This was the beginning of the system
which today extends to every country
that possesses medicinal springs or a
'climate which aids In the treatment of
In olden limes arduous journeys were
undertaken and long pilgrimages made
to resorts which were renowned fur the
curative properties of their waters. It
was not until the beginning of the eighteenth century that sanitaria as now
understood wen- built und recommended by physicians.
in England the famous sulphur
springs of Hnth were the resort of
fashion in tbe times of the Romans,
In ihe centuries following Bath was
looked upon by the Knglish aristocracy as a centre of fashion of England.
The waters are still in use for the
treatment of various ailments. The
sanitarium system has spread all the
world over and each country has its
own special sanitaria for its own special illnesses, thousands flocking there
either for the sake of their health or
to follow the crowd.
Probably the most famous sanitaria an- situated lu Germany.
During the last forty years German
physicians have developed the idea
of therapeutic treatment nnd are now
reaping ihe harvest, The famous
German resort of Carlsbad, Hud
N'aiibeim, Wihlungoii are known the
world    over.        Here   diseases   of   the
stomach,   kidneys   .md   bladder   ara
treated and encb resort has 11 enter le
that swears by lhe marvels wrought
by the waters, Othor sanitaria are
in ihe Black Forest. Bach of these
has certain curative waters, The
most famous of the saline springs
Is at Carlsbad. Others are al Marl-
eiibud and Kraiizenhad. Here journey
ihe gourmets, who nftor years of overeating pay the penally or sloiuach
Here also may be found the easterner whose years of work In the
tropics have lofl tbelr truce.
Mosl waters depend on their purgative principles for a cure, and
there are two classes of water that
effect this end, those containing BUl-
phntes and those containing chlorides. In the latter class arc the
Bprlngs ai Horn burg, Kissongen, Baden Baden and Saratoga In the Stale
of New York. The majority of Hie
frequenters nl these resorts do not
show Iheir illnesses in a marked degree
but   at   Ibe   springs   al   Alx   le   llalns
'; here is nn poisonous Ingredient in
llolloway's Com Cure, nml ii eau be
used  without  danger  of  Injury.
Mnny patent medicines have come
nnd gone, but Blcklo's Aiit!-Consumptive Syrup continues to occupy n foremost place among remedies for coughs
nnd colds, and as a preventive of decay of the lungs. It Is n standurd
medicine Hint widens Its sphere of usefulness year ity year, If you are In
need of something tn rid yourself of
11 cough or cold, you enniiol do better
thnn  try   Bloklo's  Syrup,
For Infants and Children.
The Kind'You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Franco hundreds of mon and worn-
suffering from chronic rheumatism
gout hobble painfully about on
itches or are wheeled to the springs.
lundreds of sanitaria are ob tabled through the length and breadth
the United States and like the for-
II ones Specialize oil tlie treatment
certain   ailments.
fnllke the watering places are the
iltarla for the cure of tuberculosis
all  its forms.    This scourge,  which
She Had Diabetes, Sciatica, Backache
and Headache but Found Speedy
Relief in the Great Canadian Kidney
si. Boniface, Man. (Special).—After
suffering for three years from a complication of diseases. Madame Oct Du-
f.-mlt. of 84 Victoria Streel. this city,
is mice more in perfect health and
Dodd's Kidney l'llls are credited with
another splendid cure. Speaking of
her cure,  .Madame  Dufault says:
"Ves, 1 am again a well woman, and
I thank Dodd's Kidney nils for it. J
suffered for three years and I may say
1 had pains all over my body. I had
sciatica, neuralgia, ami diabetes. My
back ached and 1 had pains in my
head. I was nervous and Hred all the
time; there were dark circles around
my eyes which were also puffed and
swollen, and heart fluttering added to
my troubles.
"Hui  when I Blnrted t«. use Dodd's
Kidney l'llls I soon began to get belter. 1 took thirteen boxes in all, ami
I  think they are a grand medicine."
Kvery un* of Madame Dufault'S ailments   is   a   direct    result   of   diseased
kidneys. That's why Dodd's Kidney
Dills so quickly cured ihem ail.
has ravaged the world and yearly
takes lis loll of human life, has been
recognised by Governments ami millions have been spent [11 an effort to
find a cure.
A sanitarium for consumptives is
entirely unlike that for the treatment
of any olher diseases. Taimais are
those iu Switzerland, the 1 Slack Forest of Germany, in tin* Highlands of
Scotland and in California. Here
climatic conditions play an important
part, for it is claimed that pine laden
air has a beiielicial effect, as also a
dry climate.
The sanitarium building is generally made of wood. Each room Is
destitute of corners and then* is no
furniture that is not absolutely
1'aper boards which can be worked
up into driving belts ami for various
purposes as a satisfactory substitute
for thick leather can be made from
hemp rope, ground for .1'! to ;is hours In
the small Hollander and make iu the
cylinder wire machine, To render them
Impermeable to water, these boards are
coated wiih paraffin wax or with animal glue solution and afterward treated with formaldehyde. Strips about
four inches wide cut from such boards
and joined by rivets to make a long
bell showed no change after thc belt
had been iu use six months.
John Wilson a naval pensioner who
has died at Bexhltl, Sussex, aged 103,
did nol know that he was a centenarian. His hue age was only discovered
after his death, when his naval service
papers were examined. Previously bis
atre had been estimated from the date
uf his baptism at  ninety-nine.
..... ..,,.». HEM.S THE I.ONG1
STOPS COUGHS FKicg. as c-ius
Owing to ao mucli unfavorable -Miner, many farmers ova- Waalarr
Canasln hav. Kathered at leaat part of their crop touched by froit or
uthorwlsH- wator damaged. However, through Ihe large ahurtaia In
corn, oata, barley, fodder, potatoea and vegetable., by the unuaual heat
and drought ssf laat aummor In the I'nlte.l mates, Eastern Cisnada and
Westtsrn Europe, thore is going lo ba st sstoa.ly .ls.iiuil.il at gout! price,
fur all tha grain Weatern Canada ha. ral.p.l, no mutter wlmt Ita quality
may I.e.
So much variety In quality makea It Impossible for those laaa eg-
parlenoed iss Judffo Uio full volufl thftl Ihoultl be obtained for auch grain,
thorisfore tho f.trmor never stood more In noed of the service, of the
exporlonced and reliable grain commission man to act for him, In the
looking nfter selling of hla  grain, than he does thl saeaaon.
Farmers, you will therefore do well for youraelvea not to accept
slreot or track prices, but to ship your grain by carload direct to Fort
William or Tort Arthur, to be handled by ua In a way that will get
for you all there Ib in It. We make liberal advances when desired, on
receipt t.f shipping bills for cars shipped. We never buy your grain on
our own account, but act aa your agents In selling It to the beat advantage for your account, and we do so on a fixes! commission of lc. per
We have made a specialty of this work for many years, and are
well known over Wcsitern Canada for our experience In the grain trade,
reliability, careful attention to our customers' Interests, and promptness
In makng settlements.
We Invite farmers who have not yot employed ua to write tu ua for
shipping Instructions and market Information, and In regard to our
standing In tho Winnipeg Grain Trade, and our dnanclal position, we
bog to refer you to the Union Bank of Canada, and any of Its branches,
nlso to the commercial agendas of llradstreols and It. tl. Dun & Co.
703 Y Grain Exchange Winnipeg
By Robert Carlton Brown
The two dearest things In Howard's
life were. Miss Alice Tracy and alphabet soup. Miss Tracy despised alphabet soup but found Howard simply
charming. So things go in life. No
dinner was in perfect harmony to
Howard unless the overture was a
clear, luscious bouillon with a scattering of bloated, pasly letters floating
about In the bottom of u deep plate.
His peculiarity did not go unnoticed,
some said that even In his cradle he
cried If nursle did not dip his spelling
blocks In his beef broth before serving
it to him with a spoon. The story is
untrue, Howard acquired the habit at
a private school In his youth where It
was the only dish his little delicate
stomach could stand; In* finished oft
the hnliil al Munich during three y *urs
In which he studied musl - and how tn
get   along   ou   au   allowance   of   three
hundred a month. No one had aver
been so unkind as to connect Howard's
Interests in snup and mnsl<"  he handled
both harmoniously, though his i.ddla
bow somotlmes scraped on ihe bridge
and his spoon on tin* (late.
Howard made u science of moods.
he studied hlmsell ns a li.ii.ndst pulls
aparl  ih.   plnlt petals of an anomonu
.md ii.un.l ih.n ih.- miniature n Ilos
Hon ling  In  Ids Houp  put   htm  lu  turn*
wllh  lhe  Inflnll ' something far bo
wm,i, iii-i inmost organism roqutrod
i lie soup, bis lemporumonl shuddered al ib.- thought, and bolwoon tho
two Ihu*, somehow sottlod on lbo ro-
lined liith- ulphubo.ll. bus ot flour ami
water beaten up **.*. lib ogg,
i mi the dn) <>f bis return from Munich, Howard buni.d up an exclusive
restaurant jusi off fifth Avenue that
h.> romombored woll for a dish lu
which the chef excalled ami mused
ilellghtfulls over Iwo i.owis of the pol-
ngo iu whieh In- was no nlphabolarlan.
Aflor Lhal he fell nt to call upon Miss
Tracy, whom he had    not    so or
heard from in throo years,
"Is   .Miss   Tracy   in'.'"   ho   asked   lhe
maid who opened the door of tho
Riverside mansion In which tho lady
of  Ids choice    second  eh..ice    lived.
"I'll see, sir." answered Dm- maid,
taking the card Howard extended; a
card with fat little round lettors engraved in outline, showing that Howard was consistent in bis appreciation
of one tyj f letters.
lb'  stepped   in   and   sat   anxiously   iu
a  large front  room, reflecting on the
excellence of ids lunch and anli. ipat-
tr_F ihe pleasure of seeing Miss Tracy
When she entered he sprang to his
feel and grasped both the warm hands
she held out, only to drop them as .Mrs.
Tra.-y. her face powdered into a proud
. blank, stepped in behind her daughter
and extended a rigid hand for Howard
i.. clasp.
"li   is   splendid   t<*   see   you   both
again," said  Howard, looking straight
- at Alice.
"And It is BUCh a pleasant surprise
in t.. us that you have returned." said
Miss Tracy, dropping gracefully Into a
deep   ehair   opposite   him   and   leaning
toward him personally with a flusl
i ver so slight. "Munich seems i<> hav
agreed  Willi  Vou."
"it was simply splendid." Howard
answered. "1 had such a good hotel.
Heir Riddle had a cook who made the
most superb- -"
"1 know what you're going to say!"
sh" laughed, her eyes echoing. "Alphabet soup."
"Why. yes." he answered, flattered
that she bad troubled to remember his
"So you an* still addicted to il?"
"U Is so much a part of my life that
I have come lo fear I shall some day
swallow a T crosswise and choke to
deatli. lien no more—"
"Soup." she smilingly supplied,
"Why, vu're getting to be a very
monomaniac on the subject," Mrs.
Tracy drawled.
"Yes," lie said, "I have reached tin-
stage where I don't mind being sbk so
long as the doctor orders a liquid
"How awful!" cried Miss Tracy In
mock  alarm.
"What a singular mania," added Mrs.
Tracy iff tlie remark could be called
an addition).
"Hut you haven't told nn* how you
have been these three long years?"
Howard turned to the girl, tor lu spite
of his one failing he was perfectly
human and could not fall to set* what a
gbrgeOUS, beautiful Woman she had become.
"ub," sin* shrugged her shoulders,
"Newport and bathing. New York and
the opera. We were South last summer.    Itrldge and boating."
"llow  lerrlbly  exciting."  be smiled.
"Alice has had a really line time for
threo years," Mrs. Tracy put iu. "They
were simply wild about her rowing at
I'nlin Bench and she has kept up her
music; al a inhale recital lids spring
Romanoff saitl per technlquo was as
exquisite us Esnye's."
"Itoniuimff Is her lonelier ihen?" remarked Howard.
"Yes." laughed Miss Traey. "Not a
difficult deduction."
"My dear, vou musl take your arl
| more seriously." Mrs. Tracy reproved.
"I should like to hear you play." said
| Howard quickly.
"You must come to dinner some
I night soon and bring your violin," she
'That   would   be  sph-mlhl!      Hilt   I'm
ifrald  my  progress  would  be dump*
"Oh, we shan't urge you lo ploy."
"No,  Imi I," a.Mod  Mrs. Tracy.
'Mini como_.anyway," tlu* daughter
[ u.tdc un error I to soften het- mother's
Howard   repealed   that   he  would   be
■ leused to and left shortly, noting wilh
i   shiver thai   Mrs.  Tracy  smiled  for
I be lirsl time when be suggested going.
"My dear,"  cried   Mrs.  Tracy  beforo
ds coat tails had disappeared through
| ha ouier door, "what  ever made you
Sl. him to dinner?"
"Why. mama," she pouted, "he's an
| Id friend of mine."
"We'll  ask   him   for   Sunday   then,"
[|lghed   Mrs.   Tracy.     "There'll   bo   a
owd and I do hope yuu won't let him
I lonopollSO you.    Remember thai  Mr.
',*poiiner will be here."
"I couldn't forget it if I tried," replied Alice with an unconscious curl of
her upper lip.
Howard came with the Sunday supper crowd and by persistent tactics
which would have developed him into
a good business man, had business
been of necessity to him, he managed
to secure a seat nt the table beside
"While she was engaged In conversation with Mr. Spoonor, a vapid man In
painfully correct attire, Howard sipped
his soup silently and the least bit sadly.
Miss Tracy turned to him nnd said
hurriedly, as thuugh she had just run
away from somewhere to bear him the
breathless message; "H's alphabet
soup; omnia objected, but I Insisted,"
her head flow back to tlie voluble Mr.
Bpooncr boforo I Inward could murmur his thanks.
Mrs.  Tracy,  at   lhe  top  Ol   tllO  lable,
looked disapproving as A.lice turned to
Howard, hul rather appreciated her
daughter's clevornoss as she nave her
aiiention to Ejpoouor so promptly thai
she was al.h- lo reply to a quOBtlon Jusi
Issuing  from his rose-bud mouth.
Howard was compelled to converse
with Hi" nlil al his rlghl, a pretty llltlo
thing tn pink, nol without sonse, for
she consumed her soup even In the
bloated lot tors,
"Was   li   ■■ I?"  asked   .Miss  Tracy,
turning to Howard in a second Hash.
"Very nice." he said llllblly, "I notice
y Ii<In'l   lum |* yours."
"Nn," she bald, stlrrin. lho llttlo
alphabets aboul In Hi.* bottom of her
dish,  "1   despise It,"
"I , e.iaie your having it to-night
.-veil more then." ho said in a vibrant
Bul AU*** had turned back to Mr.
Spooner and tho plntos were being
taken away, so Howard, having lost all
Interest iu life ami not daring to take
another plate, sal exchanging commonplaces wilh .Miss Fordyce, the girl
in  pink.
During tho meal Alice guve him but
snatches of conversation and I hough
he tried persistently afterward to bo
alone with her, someone was always
breaking ln and Mrs. Tracy hovered
close at her daughter's side during the
occasional   absences   of   Spooner.
The following week Howard called,
but Mrs. Traey was present and he
departed with a vague, wistful, hollow
reeling, his poor lonely soul only tinged a little With the warmth Of Alice's
It became even more impossible to
see her ahuie. Mrs. Tracy could not
keep him from calling on account of
his family and sin* bad, occasionally.
to ask him to dinner, but her province
permitted her to keep Alice from accepting invitations to ride or walk or
skat.- with him. When the thing was
nol to be prevented otherwise Mrs,
Traey went along and served so suf-
flolently as fl damper that they nl-
u'ayn came home early and Anally
gave up all attempts at being alone.
Opportunity had not offered for either
of them to say one private little word,
yei they daily grew more fond of one
another and If the language of the
eyes means anything they held fluent
conversations In the presence of Airs
Six months of this sort of pleasure'
snatching luul gone on and Howard
chafed. He could not become intimut
enough with Alice to suggest writing
to her. and yet there was that Intimacy of tho eyes which told him he
might. Still Mrs. Tracy would doubtless seo tin* letter by some device or
other known to mothers.
Howard languished, oven losing Interest in his favorite dish, sitting
stupidly through tho punday suppers
to which he was usually Invited. It
was a very desperate time, yet be felt
thai unconsciously he and Alice were
mowing closer together: the very restraint on all communication hail developed   a   psychic  speech.
li was spring beforo Howard Anally
thrilled with a feeling approaching
hope. The occasion was a dinner
somewhat more satisfying than the
others, the tlrst course being -but the
alphabets of love and soup differ so.
Howard felt the thrill of a new Spring
as be toyed with bis spoon during the
tirst course ami even neglected the
liquid in the dish before him as Alice
Tracy turned away from Spooner with
an   Illuminating smile.
"You see 1 managed It again," she
Hashed, dropping her eyes and slowly
stirring some llttlo white pasty sub-
Stances lu the bottom of her plate.
"It's simply splendid the way you
look after nie. I'm enjoying It immensely:" he slowly played with the
spoon  in his dish.
"The soup?" she asked.
"iih. I'm losing Interesl in Hint," his
voice trembled sllgthly and be looked
down abruptly oh Mrs. Tracy cast a
perturbed glance tbelr way.   "1 ahull
l.e  leaving  It   UntaStod  before long,  like
you." Ills eyes rested with fascination on the favorite soup that had so
loan held Ilrst place.
"That would lie a shame. I think
ovory man should have the thing he
particularly likes."
"So do I," he said III a far awuy tone
lhat  culm* husky al  the end.
"Thon why- " she turned abruptly
to aiiswi'l' a question Spooner had been
persistently  putting in  his thin, tired
Howard still gazed at lhe dish before her ami then stirred Ids own.
BomohOW II bad losl lis savor. Something greater had come Into his life.
He trembled wllh lhe surely of It.
Alice glanced hack us tho plates
were  being  taken  off.
"Why, you've lost your appetite! Are
you 111?" she cried, a flush making her
face radiant
"Yes, a litlle," he snld. "I'm afraid I
can'! stand Ihls much lunger. I've losl
Interest,  I've—"
"I'm sorry, I--" she had lo turn
agalu to tin* little parrot ut her left,
ami Howard had no chance for another word during lhe meal. He was ill
at ease, feeling lhat everybody ut the
table was watching him, bul most of
all Mrs. Tracy, lie full that bis heart
was   bare   t"   the   world.     Everybody
musi   understand   why  he  rump  nt
every chance and they must all sec his
pitiable plight.
Despair and hope still wrestled In
his breast. He would like to plan a
little party tn which he und Alice
would be alone. Uut thnt would be
Impossible. There was always ber
mother to be taken into consideration.
A bold Idea came to him. Unable to
sec Alice during the evening he hunted
up Mrs. Tracy, did his best to please
her with subtle flattery and Anally
suggested: "I'm giving a little birthday party at the Cremone this week. I
would so like to have you and your
daughter come."
"I'm afraid it would be Im—"
"I'm Inviting Mr. Spooner, Miss For-
dyee and some of tiie others," he added in a sudden Inspiration,
"1 am afraid It will be Im—impossible to resist such an Invitation," Mrs.
Tracy adroitly altered her reply ut tho
mention   of Spooner.
"Then 1 shall count on you?"
Howard hastened io secure spooner,
using Miss Tracy's name as ball, and
Anally rounded out i m for table mile
party of eight.
Ills preparations for Mu* dinner were
ilaborato; ho saw tl hef personally
.md arranged everything Iii dotall, inr
much depended on thai  dinner,
ll<* was on hand early lo welcome
his guests and afler au amazing course
if bors il'..
oryotto was expect ■
,..ii.   looking   forward   to   tho   dinti. .
Which    had    liplod    Howard's   entire
lh fill   for three days
'I'he   soup   followed.
"Of course H's alphabet!" launhed
Mt'S,   Tracy,   pleased   that   Howard   had
given her daughter lho placo of tumor
id  bad pul  S] Her al   bet* right, him-
i|f sitting humbly   al Miss Tracy's lefl.
"Thai's as plain as A. B, *-.'," rejoined   Spooner.
"I hope you'll like it," Howard remarked to Miss Tra.y, poising a spoon
above  his  ptale.
I'm  sme   |   shall."   sho  murmured,
"1 must add my congratulations,"
said Spooner Btiflly, extending his hand
to Howard, who released Alice's to
grasp It.
"And niin.-:" cried another of the
Amid the congratulations Mrs. Tracy
had stepped lo Alice's side.
"What does il all mean'." she, hurst
OUt, "ll can't be line! You haven't
had a word alone witli him, You have
deceived nie.   When did ho propose?"
"Just now," said Alice calmly, pointing to the untouched plate of soup before Howard.
Mrs. Tracy gazed Into the depths
of tho clear liquid and found the following words neatly arranged iu little
bloated alphabets:
"I   L-O-V-E  v-u-u
W-l-H-H   Y-U-H   M-A-K-U-Y  M-E?"
Howard saw her stupeiled face as
she stared.
"Oh, don'l think I'm n magician,"
he said. "1 had ii all planned. The
lettors are stuck  together In a strip.
I had Ihem specially stamped nut  lhat
way. The chef arranged them in the
pltttO tor me. Alice and 1 bave conversed iu alphabet soup boforo, but
only crudely, stirring ihe hits about
wlib our spoons, Alice discovered It;
lust Sunday she spelled 'S-P-R-I-N-0'
pi her soup ami il sot me thinking."
"And whal is this?" cried Mrs.
Tney, Jerking away hor head lo stare
lido    llie    bottom    of    Alice's   dl:ll.   where
throo inn*' loiters stood oui boldly.
strung logoihor Into lho word "Y G-S."
"Thai':,   her   answer,"    Howard   said
simply, raising his bund quickly as
Mrs. Tracy glanced up nt him. "Oh,
I gave Alice a lair olmncoH' he cried,
"I had the chef place the letters 'N-0'
right below lhe 'V-K-S.'"
"And what became of them?" cried
Mrs. Tracy, suspiciously.
"I swallowed them deliberately with
a spoonful of that awful soup', Mama,
and I'm sure they'll never disagree wilh
ine."   Alice Mushed a deep crimson as
"Why, Alice, I thought you never
touched it. How Inconsistent you
aro!" cried Mrs. Tracy.
"This Is particularly good." the girl
answered, gathering several of the alphabets on her spoon aud sipping with
them some of the clear bouillon off
tbe lop.
"It Is good," admitted her mother.
Howard glanced nervously at AIU
she   had   dropped   her   eyes   and   was
thoughtfully stirring her soup.
She sipped a second spoonful and
looked straight  Into his eyes.
"To you," she murmured.
Howard dropped his gaze In confusion. He started; pushed back Ids
chair abruptly, rose am) cleared his
throat  m-rvously.
"Krleiuls," he salt) in a soft, oven
lone, motioning the waiters to withdraw, "I have planned Ihls parly with
a purpose. The news I Imve will
doubtless COmO as a surprise to you
all. I cannot express my feeling," hi1
crushed u napkin In bis tuiml ami
spoke with an effort. "Hut I know
that you will all wish the lady Joy;
my joy is unquestioned."
An expectant murmur hovered about
the table; Mrs. Traey beamed from
Miss l-'ordycc to Howard uml laid
down her spoon to he ready to clap.
"1 am the happiest man iu (he world
to-night," he continued. "1 know il
sounds trite, bul ymi will believe nie
when I te'l you thai Miss Tracy--Alice
has promised to marry me." Ills
hand groped out across the sparkling
clotli and his lingers entwined In a
llrm clasp Willi Alice's before them all.
He stood awkwardly a moment.
There was no applause. He sat down,
dropping his eyes. Miss Kordyee was
tin* thst to recover.
"I.el me congratulate you, you've
won the linos! girl In the world!" she
cried, grasping Howard's other hand
ami shaking it vigorously.
"Alice, Alice." cried Mrs. Tracy,
pushing hack her chair and Staring
across tho linen al the girl who ro-
I urned her gaze steadily, unafraid.
"What dues this mean?"
"Just whnt he said. We are to DO
married, ln June 1 hope?" she nodded
to Howard.
—From the Edmonton Journal
Howard's hand stole across the cloth
again and their lingers entwined In a
confident clasp.
By inn Nye
No. 13. Is the "Execution of Muxi-
millun," hy ICdouard Manet, a foreign
artist. The scene is labl at the base of
uu old Mexican slaughter-house. In
the foreground may bo seen the rear of
the Mexican army with Its wealth of
tournure and cute little gored panties.
All Mexican troops have their trousers
gored nt the hips. Sometimes they else
have them gored al lhe bull-flghta
Which take place there, lu the contiguous distance Maximilian may be seen
wearing the hai which has evidently
Infurlated Mn- Mexican populace.   The
artist suys that Maximilian objects to
being shot, imt I protend not to hear
hlm ami he repeals the remark, so I
have to say "Very good very good,
and then we pass on lo No. till, which Is
entitled "Dreams," by PUVll de Cha
In Ihls picture a weary man, win
has worn himself oui sleeping In haystacks uml trying to solve the labor
problem, so that the great curse of Industry may he wiped oul and th*
wealthy man made to pay the taxes
while the poor man assists In sharing
tlu- burden of dividends, Is lying on th
ground with a pleasant smile on ills
faco, He is asleep, with Ids mouth
slightly ajar, showing how his teeth
are fastened In their places. He Is
smiling In his slumber, aud there la
buy in his whiskers. Three deoalCO-
manie angols an* seen fastened to tho
sky lu the form of a tableau. One Is
scattering cookies In Ids pathway,
while the second has a laurel wreath
which Is offered at a great reduction,
as the owner Is about to leave the elty
for Ibe summer. These are the ijew
style of wingless angels recently Introduced Into art nnd now becoming very
M. Chavannos is also the mechanic
who constructed a picture numbered
ill and called Hie "Poor Kishermnn."
The history ,,f (his little picture Is full
of pathos, The scene Is laid In Newark
Hay, N.J.    A  poor fisherman and his
children go out to spend the day. taking   Huir  lunch   with   them.
"Oo, papa, let us take two or threo
cucumbers with our lunch," suys one
of the children, in Mice.
"Very well, my child." exclaims the
father, with ill-concealed delight. "Go
town to the market and get one for
•neb of us."
Thu artist has chosen to make ids
study of tho fisherman a short time
after lunch. The father Is engaged In
regretting something which It Is now
too luto to recall. Cholera Infantum
has overtaken the younger child, and
the other is gathering lobelia for her
father. The picture Is wonderful In its
conception and execution. One can sec
that he is u poor fisherman, for he has
not caught any fish, and the great
agony ho feels Is depleted In his face
and thp attitude of his hair. The picture might have been called a buttle
piece or a French Interior, with equal
Manet has several bright and cheery
blls of color, among thom No. 117,
dark-blue hunches of boneset In such a
way as lo deceive tlie eye.
1 have always hltn-rly rogrelted thai
while I was abroad 1 did not go to
Qtverny ami see the purple hay and
iinvy-hlue tansy ami walor-oress which
grow there in such great abundance
llow often wo go hurrying through a
country, seeing lhe old uml well-worn
features shown us by tho professional
guides ami tourists, forgetting or ovor-
ooklng moro important mailer, like a
icono in Prance, No, Hi!, entitled, "Wo-
non 13athing." I presume I was within
hree-quartois of a mile <*r this view
nul yet came home without knowing
inylhlng uboul  it.
No. 128, "plana Surprised," is no
doubt the hesl picture in the whole collodion, The mil and bonutlful figure
of Diana in (lie middle distance, in Hie
act of being surprised, is well calculated lo appeal to any one with a tender
hearl or a few extra clothes. Diana
has just been In swimming with her
entire corps de ballet, and nn coming
oul of the water is surprised to find
that someone has stolen her clothes.
The artist has very happily caught the
attitude and expression at tlu- moment
when she is about to offer a reward
for them.The picture Is so true to life
that   I   instinctively  stummered,   "Ex-
ie me," and got behind the artist
who was with me. The figures arc life
size und the attitudes are easy and
graceful In the extreme. One very
beautiful young woman in the middle
foreground, about seven and one-half
inches north of the frame of the picture, with her back to lhe spectator,
roaches at Diana's feel. She has done
her beautiful and abundant hair up in
i graceful coil at the back of her bead,
hut has gone no further with her toilet
when the surprise takes place. The
Idea is lufty and the treatment benefl-
lal, 1 do not know that 1 am using
these terms as I should, hut I am doing
the best I can.
"We often hear our friends regret
that their portraits, dressed in clothing
that has long since become obsolete,
ire still ln existence, and though the
features are correctly reproduced, the
iistume is now so ridiculous as to Impair the de trop of the picture and mar
its aplomb.
Jules  Lefebvre    has   overcome this
great obstacle In a marvellous manner,
ml gives us Diana nnd her entire staff
surrounded by an atmosphere that time
cannot  cloud with  contumely  or  ob-
ire with ridicule. Had the artist
seen tit to paint Diana wearing a Garibaldi waist and very full skirt with
large hoops and her hair wrapped
round twu or three large "rats," be
might have been true to the customs
nd costumes of a certain period In
the history of nrt, but It would not have
stood the test of time. As it Is he has
wisely chosen to throw about ber a
certain air of hautciir which will look
Just as well in. a hundred years as it
does now.
The picture has a massive frame and
would brighten up one end of a dining-
room very much. I was deeply mortified and disappointed to learn that it
was not for sale. Aeteon Is lhe party
who surprised Diana.
Buildings where pianos are stored
and urned as well ns those where the
Instruments are put together should
be free from vibration. To eliminate
vibrations from structures Is u dlfll-
cult  matter.
ln the spring of lfl-o:,, thirteen years
after thc construction of a New York
building, serious vibrations were observed In llm upper stories, and n
careful examination showed tlmt tlu
building was In excellent condition
without evidences of undue set
tlement or cracks, nnd failed to ills
close reasons for tbe development of
vibrations In lhe building Itself. The
sixth floor of the building wus used as
a shop for cutting brass dies for book
covers, a process in which the principal
plant consisted of routing machines
having rapidly revolving needles about
1-1*8 Inch In diameter which cut designs In soft brass. These machines
bad heen In operation for about twelve
years without causing Vibrations and
were not considered responsible for the
vibrations at this time. The remainder
of (he building was devoted to storage
ami commercial purposes ami light
manufacturing which did not involve
tin* use of machlm-ry.
The vibrations became so serious
that the tenants who had long occupied  the   sixth   story  threatened  to
have, [nvOBtlgatloni mnde by lhe
architect of the building, by engineers
and others showed that there Were
very frequent but not entirely continuous east and west vibrations In Unbuilding which were most noticeable
In the upper story.
After a numlier of unsuccessful attempts had been made for the OWfiers
to explain the vibrations, Daniel K.
Morau was dually retained by Ihe
owners to determine the cause of these
Vibrations, and to BUggeSl remedies.
Maurice DoutBCb, under Mr. Mnrnn's
direction, spent several months making
special Investigations of (he cause and
extent of the vibrations and their
ffecl. Numerous evidences were observed and recorded throughout the
building of the effect of (In* oust nnd
west vibrations, similar vibrations,
but of less degree, were then for the
first lime observed In lhe adjacent
three and lour Story brick buildings
Intervening between it ami the six
story building, Hill feet West of the
Hennerl Huilding. occupied by the
Carey   Printing  Company.    The  wnlls
of these buildings were In contact, thus
providing physical connection lietween
them a .d serving, it was thought, for
tlm transmission of tho vibrations.
Heavy machinery installed on tlie
three upper floors of the Corey Huilding includes twenty-five cylinder bed
presses and one large Howe press.
There were eighteen cylinder bed
presses operating oust and west and
seven operating north and south.
Some of these weighed from six to ten
tons each, and being located close to
the side walls and operating with a
horizontal reciprocating motion produced In Hie walls of the Carey Building east and west vibrutions which
wore successively transmitted east-
wardly through tlie other buildings and
apparently Increased until they became
a maximum in the Gennert Building.
Vibrations were not noticed in the
Gennert Building until soon after the
installation of the Carey printing
plant, Tho building at til Fifth Ave,
which is separated from thc west sido
of tin- Carey Building by a court about
six feet wide, experienced absolutely
nu vibrations, The vibrations in th*'
adjoining small building caused the
falling i'i' glassware, ele, and loose _
bricks and mortar in ihe chimneys and
loosened masonry and timber in the
upper stories.
After Information of tlo- operation ol
the Caroy printing plant had been requested and  roftiBcd, a  machine was
devised   alld   pl.ieed   on   l|,r  Md"   Wall  Of
ihe (jeimei'i lJulliHng in lite upper story
lo register vibrations automatically and
record lb.- OXttCl Ullle of their occurrence. Tlie records of this machine
were made entirely without knowledge
of thi' details of tin- machinery Instnll-
ed in the Carey Huilding or of the periods in which this machinery w is In
operation. Tiny showed periods of
sovere vibration, of moderate vibration
and of no vibration. None of them apparently iiad any relation to the operation of machinery in the Gennert
Building or to the passage of heavy
trucks In the street. The records of
Sundays when the Carey plant was not
In operation showed no vibrations.
During the period of Investigutiori**.
cracks appeared in the wail, and their
measured widtii Increased from 1*16
inch to \ inch and an uneven settlement occurred in the huilding, depressing thc floor adjacent to the side
walls more than in the centre of the
building and causing a perceptible and
injurious longitudinal hog back of the
floors. Bearings of the beams and
girders were impaired and loosened so
that the beams were displaced and .1
considerable quantity of the masonry
was disintegrated.
Legal proceedings to prevent the
vibrations wen* commenced, and after
the evidence had been pre-em.-*... ■
friendly lest suggested by the court
was arranged under known conditions
of the operation of tli-} Carey presses
nul showed vibrations in the -J-enner*:
Huilding' when all of the Carey pre^s ■;•-•.
were running ami wh*>n only the east
ind west presses wr** runnm::, < :■
Teased vibration when only four of the
I'ast were running and when only the.
east and west pressi s were running,
ml no vibration when only the
and south printing presses w< rs .n operation.
A  subsequent    * xomlnatlon    •:
cords of the operation of th" Cares
presses, showed that the Independent
iiisirumcntnl records of vibrations :n
the Cennert Building agreed with these
tests and that the vibrations occurred
when the Carey presses were runntng
ml only when they were running. Thi*
vibrations recorded bj the -utrumeni
for several months previous te the
friendly test, when compared with tha
record of operation of presses i.i
brought out by testimony in : . ..-
given by the superintendent of the
Carey plant, were found to agree wtth
the Btortlng .md stopping oi presses,
As the continued vibrations of the
Gennert Building threatened the removal "f its tenants and the serious
Injury or destruction of the building;
it wns proposed to stop them by turning all of the Carey presses north ar.d
BQUth or by cutting a clearance through
the east and west wall adjacent
Carey Building, thus physically He-
connecting the latter from the Gennert
Building. The presses were accordingly moved and the vibrations were
decreased so much that the walls were
not cut.
Pew things in Japan have been so
fixed and unalterable BJ the fashion
In woman's dress. While the material I
of whieh it is composed may range
from the poor and cheap to th*1 rich,
"ostly and exqulsit.-ly beautiful, th"
model has been praotlcally the same
for centuries.
But even In this a very COtufdi
change has somehow been brought
about, and It is especially noticeable
in the style of halrdresslng now all but
universal among J.ip m..-.- |:l.!,.■-. Th-
new style is vastly less complicated
and difficult and lance less COStl) thin
Up* obi. It Is not very unlike some of
the fashions recently jn vogUS .intone*
tlie Western peopb-. ..„d to ,(„. „, n.-r.**.!
European taste is m**r.* .iri;»tle and
beautiful than tin* elaborate eoiffure
which so long prevailed.
Tip-re are many Indications *<f a tendency to cham.'" Other long •■"t.ihllshed
feature- of tin costume of Japanese
women and ii does not seem raah to
predict the abolition ot Un 'bt. the
tremendously large, henv> and often
very expensive girdle, win. its enor-
ii I  bow  in  th.-  back  with  which a
Japanese holy enclroloa her walsl and
which in th-* oyes of moat foreigners
detracts so.much from ihe grace, of
lor movements,
To abandon this classic feature of
woman's dross at once would be little
short of a revolution-, but already It
has disappeared from tin authorised
and generally prescribe.) outfit of
young women and girls at  school, wl...
now dr. ss in a very attract've style,
uniform tn model with charming variations in color according t'» the taste
f Hie wearer.
Twenty* five or thirty year** ago
there was a pronomice.t leaning toward Buropoan models of dross among
Japanese ladloi, whicli now hnppily
seems to have quite disappeared. At
present tills fashion Is so rare nmong
them that while a man may travel
about tb. country in ISuropeafl dress
withoui causing ihe slightest remark
a woman clothed as she would be In
Rurope or America Is lnim.di.it. ty surrounded by a horde of the curious of
both sexes and all ages, to whom hei
dress Is ri ureal novelt)
Local and General
Advortiso in tho Free Press.
L.F'Ci od, at SI fe Stml io for photos
For photos atChnpman's—plume
Fob Sale—All cedar row boat,
and two pairs of .mi's, on Hope
river; apply toF, Thornton, Sardis.
Matinee of moving pictures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at B.80,    Admission lOe.
A. S.Watson, of F. .1.  Hart & *?} \ £W « \ i® \ *.*#£ U */ IW IW. SW&W&J^Mm&m
\ Is'- , . ** -_
Co., is spondlng ii few days in
lorin this week on Inisiness.
Mr. Al.'x. Wilkie, of Wow  West- s>
minstor, was tlio guest of  Mr.  uml
Mrs. o. II. Johnston, during tlie
Koh Sale   Splendid little sadi
pony, cheap fssr quick salo;   A hai''
The first open air hand concert| Westminster to-day. **■
Victoria, May  57.—On   Monday
The Chinese wlio have booi
.I,,.' Robinson, tinselsireet,InuclllJ? ,1"' Cit'}' .1'e8tll\''*«"1   f'"' m*
Isnine time moved tin' equipment to]
: Prices That Tell of Saving
5 Opportunities  at Ashwells I
Transfer j of t ho season will  be  held nt  Uu
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page S.
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(!. I', Clinmboi'lain was in Vancouver this week.
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Sec their ad. on page 8,
II. G, Itownl wus a visitor lo  lb.'
lhe const cities this week,
I'upt. Ramsay is spending u few
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Telephone 111 for all express ond L. f»,»^f,
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Ice cream   in   all   thc  popular
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old.   Apply al the Free Press oiliee
■7- Juno a, the Kings birthday, there!» In Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats, Whitewear, Etc. S
,..„ I will he n statutory   holiday,   nlil **i.
the province being closed, j*""**
,.,...,•       is i       S VISIT
tilly ( hainlii'i'lnin. who hns heen'*
conducting n tonsoriitl  parlor nexl! f>_ "      ~~
Big discounl "ii ull millinery nl
Miss Ihsyles; nlllrimi I nml  un- |,„ „„, ,,,„,,,, |'|miae for 'hoiiio tl ,IW
trimmed huts nt
. prices.
irronlly   rcdiuicd
Jueop ,V I'i.'s, I'eek, Freans,   aiu.
McFiirlane, l.ang A Co's biscuits '" <l*tp.l up,
fresh iit Smith's nt  spocinl  prices     a Cantata ontitled "E
Snturdnv. fl.nn, rn,.|,, -*.-„,,„ Ciijj
wil veto tlm store vacated  Ihis    4 CLEARING SALE
Week Iiv lhe I'iiv  Rcstillirnllt   ) M-e sisl.-   ***
'       *_
Will   he
Pure maple syrup, just arrived
from Ontario.   Buy it at Ashwells.
Gentlemen's fancy socks—50 and
7.5 cts. socks for 'ii> n pair at Holfe's.
Ladies' nnd children's whitewear
on sale at Ashwells. Sec their ad.
page 8.
Help Wanted—male and female,
apply Chas. F. Smith at Chilliwack
ladies' and children's new summer hats at Ashwells. See their
ad. page 8.
Crown Timber Inspector E. W.
Beckett, wns a visitor to tho valley
last Saturday.
.1. D. Taylor, M. P., of New
Westminster, was a visitor in the
citv yestorday.
A. A. Cruickshanks was a business visitor to Aldergrovo and
Clovordale to-day.
The Chilliwaek Opera house is
being equipped with fire escape
ladders this week.
A. M. McNeill, of tho City Transfer Co., visited his brother at Vancouvor on Monday.
Light aud heavy draying handled
with can' arid promptness. City
Transfer Co., phone 49.
i.        ii         ii,-         ..ivi. iii ih,. Piv.hviri'i'ii. I'hinvh ..ii H Ladies'Tan Straw Outing Hats
Saleofs plehiiss—Ladies fanny "'*' " l" "" ■ rwojii nan i nun n on   % »
hose, silk uml lisle thread I'cgulnr 'I"esdny evening June  I al eight * , llcgulni'$1.00  Mile I'r is.
50 and 75 cts,  for R5 cts.   lit' !'■'»•   under ihe auspices nl  lhe j. Maid's White and Tan Colored
i\,i  il'--'   ;>'l'~-'V''.'^. _T Straw Hats
■ All   Boy   IN-silils   will   he   ailinilteil  *»,,,. ,       .
Wanted—A second  hand  Indies free.                                              I. Regular Sue.         Snlo pnee oOc,
bicycle in good  repair, apply  tof                  \eS Regular 81,00.      Salo price 115c.
of Free Pi
Miss A. care
ing price.
Messrs. Robt Carmiehael, Peter
Brown and II. T. Goodland wero
passengers to Vancouver on Tuesday morning.
Have you seen "Blllikon?" lt is
a beautiful short bread biscuit.
For Saturday only, 15 cts. i pack-
ago at Smiths.
F. J. Hart, of Now Westminster,
President and Manager of the linn
of F. ,1. Hart & Co. Ltd., was a
business visitor to Chilliwack on
Try a package of Jacop & Co's
"Alphine Wafers" at Smiths.
This a most dainty and tasty biscuit. For Saturday, only, 15 cts.
pcr package.
Matinee of moving pictures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon nt 8.30.   Admission 10c.
Fr H. Dunsford, who lins been
with Messrs. Denmark & Burton fssr
some time, lofl on Monday on a
holiday trip to Vancouver and thc
Tlie Dominion Cartridge Co.,
have presented a leather gun case,
through H. 11. Gorvan, to the
member of the local gun dub making tbo highest score in a total of
lifty birds.
Provincial Chief Firo Warden j All elocution contest will Iso
Gladwin, of New Westminster was a bold in tbo school room of the Car-
visiti.r in town Tuesday j man Methodist Church,   Surdis,  at , .     ,
visitor in wwniuesuny. eight p   m   Friday the 81       v boys wore in charge ,,t Scoutmaster-:
Girl Wanted-good  general  sor-: hcartj. invilat ia extended to all. < JVbb«"'' CoUin and Woodworth, and
vnntj apply Mrs.  Hamilton  Ram- boy-like,  managed  to  put in   a
sav Chilliwack Central road, D. E- Stevenson, a brother of I thoroughly enjoyable ami compro-
W. It, Stevenson, the valley  Paint hensive lime,   After a good soaking]
Pat-a-Cake and   Mar-one fancy anil Wall  Paper man, who spent in thc hot plunge bath ibey ciiiiic|
The Chilliwuek  Choral   Society "V Regular 81.25,      Sale price
recently presented the leader,  Mr. 5 „, „   - , .     „.       ,. .
S. Kelland, with n pins,, of 825 us Eg G,rls Gi*latea Straw Hnts
a slight tokon in recognition of his fm Regular flOc.         Sale prico, 86a
valued and most capablo services as *^ Regular ".V.          Sale prico 50c
conduclor.     Tbe  gift   bus   boon !ct Regular S5c.         SalopriceOOc
gratefully  acknowledged   by   Mr. \2i 	
'                                   j "J Ladies' White Cambric and
''!'• -W* »•  Lambert   of   New A Nainsook Night Dresses
Westminster,    Graduate ot loronlu  *^
University, late of London   F.ng., I—u All sizes, nicely trimmed, selling
oyc, enr, nose and throat exclusive- "5 at 81.00 t.i 83.50 each,
lv;   will ho in Chilliwack from one y! .-,. ,,    ... ,. p.
p. m. lo live, at room 3 Hart block \fm Gnrl s N,gh* Dresses
on Saturday of each week,  opening "V Sizes two to twelve years, selling
Juno 8.
Tea Special foii Saturday—
Golden-Tipped Ceylon lea regular
50 cents for 15 cents per lb; Royal
Blond regular 50 for 15 cents pcr
lb; Orange Pekoe Ceylon Tea, Spe-
oial, regular 35 cents jier pound, on
Saturday only, 30 cents, at Smith's
Bakery and Grocery.
Tho Allen Players completed a
six night's engagement iu Cliilliwnck
on Saturday evening. This splendid company gained in popularity
with each performance and their audience increased in numbers. A return engagement will be looked forward to with interest.
at 85c in 81.25
Ladies' White Cambric
Fine Range Men's
■•uie price 81.35
Snl,. price 81.15
Sale pl'lco SI.Oil
Sn!.' price    mi,'
eck Ties al Sale Prices
•C. Is.VTies      Suh' lilies'
!,'. olleTics     Snle price
(S. 85c Tics      Sale priee
Summer Wash Ties
2 lor 25c.
Straw Hats
On the Bargain Tabid, Selling
at 25 per cent Off
Regular Prices.
Summer   Underwear.
Tomato Plants
'!' Nicely trimmed, selling at 81.00
(n4 to 88,50 each.
: _ Girl's White Underskirts and
J*. Princess Slips
me Sizes two to twelve yenrs, selling
'_ at 75c to 81.50 each.
For Men and Boys — in
brigan,    Silkette   and
Visit the Shoe Department, See \™
the Display Tables (or Bargains   '^
in following lines : e .
Sl s   now   on side
s si.ihi si s now .in suh' 3}
88.50 tf*)
s «:',-.'ill Shoos now   on  Riilo %m>
88.00 g
' ijii.illl Shoos now  on  suh' M
82.50 eai
Hoys' i'.'i.'i'i Shoos uow  on  snlo Jj
nl   82.76 Tn
Ladies' 8'L00 Shoes now on sals' 24
nl  88.60
Ladles' 88,50 Shoos now on sale .
m        82.76 S
Ladies' 88.00 SI s now on sals' J*
ai       «•_'..r.o me
Ladies' 82.50 Shoos now on salo
Grocery News
81.00  4
Pure Maple Syrup  direct fn.iii J]S
Ontario, in one gallon and half K
gull.iii tins. **J>
Nabob Lemonade Powder 26a tin |2
25o per doz.  *•
Sterling Tea 40c Ib 3 lb tins        f*
81.15 me
Chick Food 6e lb 81 iwr UXIlb.    3j
sack ai.
Navel Oranges 20c to 10.' |>er doz ^
Cowan's Cocoa and Chocolate starting Tuesday June 4, in our Grocery.
The 21th of May wns  celebrated I J*
$15 to $30
$10 to $25
by both troops of Boy Seoul- Iry; a I J. £J\ «.% ,2 \ , J \ if \ 17 Vfl^ll **' il •/ IW \lf iJMelR
iver trip to the llssl Springs.    I he
biseuits, ssn Saturday, only, lor 15.
a package, al Smith's Grocery.
City Transfer Co, have thoir nltice
with tho Chilliwack Land and Development Co., mi Young streel,
Matinee of moving pietures  at
thc Lyric Theatr
nfler noon at 3,80.
Lyric   Theatre
lbc- past few ri ths basking in" the! back home, lired, but  very .lean! PROGRAMME  Ful!
sunshine of California  is a visit..r Scouts,  Mr. Howes has very kindly _>  .« <_.   C   «      J
to Chilliwack. I invited all lho ScouU to tho moving IrflQfly   Sl  ddlUf(lcty
pictliro show and  is ream   nfter-!
wards.   A convenient nighl  to be
arranged fm' by thc Scoutmasters.
Mr. Burton, of the Messrs.   Den
ver!'  Snlurslav  "'ree rress loi.ay.    Se.
Admissi '.  '"•''■dl'.vt nrtici
issspnlur resort.
City of Chilliwack r;
Loc»l Im-irovtrntnl Nolle*
Cer* Avtnu* Improvcmtnti
F. McManus, iln' Lyric Theatre
man, announces n special program
for Friday ami Saturday iu lhe
Free Press Indny,   See what is of-
wner of this mark 4 Burton bus nlso made a
very linndsonie offer tn the Scouts
viz; lo give n prize  for competition
Tho siil.ji'cl  ssf ('hilliwaek  pre- ,.js|„,. individually   or   hy   patrol.
paring mi exhibit fur the Toronto The  Hiibjeel   of  com|ietiti<.ii   ami
will lie one .if Ibe matters .lis- |Mi/,. i,, i„. deelded Inter,
eiissiil nl tbo Hoard of Tnidn ineel-
in,, next \V„l„es,lny evening. COMMUNICATIONS
A    likellsss   ..f   .lssse|s|i    I'eel's    .if 	
('billiwnck   i-   piihlishe.!    in   tho Turin (iiii.i.ihai'K Fiii:i:l'in;ss:
;| weekly   Brllish   Colllliihiiin.    Mr.'
Peers is nu Odd l".ll..\v ofjiliirly-six
Mny 31st un.l Juni'  Nt
Dear Sir:
Tlie Miiiiis'lpnl .'..iiih'M ..I ihe Cli\
('lililiwnclt iiaving lu   l>'<-..Imi.ii> ile
mlncl nnil ■l.vllloililuH  ii  Is .IwlraWo  reers is ni. .ki.i w ..i.iiiuiy-six ,u v    j,.,,,,  „,   Mny
im i-iiiT) ..ni th.' (silli.isiiii! n.irks. llmt Is years nml  was  recently  present. .1 •> ",,.,| Vl,M ,vl ',|v   „>„),,  ||„,|   "||'„.
'"tI-V;.,,,,,,..' i-i R-. „.|. "i"':' mm'* i"""'' "'••' >!-'• lunnll** I'Un y  nr ,-l.v
sinlzctl maibvny, Imnlevanl. .nil.   uml Mi:\l Vou nre  Invited  t,, mine did sl.lcmblo d gn Is.'t.sic n
A prelly Solnx Drnnin of love ami
gratitude, wiih a morn!.
Played Uv lb-' Yankee Moving Pic-
lure I'".
■s by  ihe
Quarter Acre Home
.—— Sites
I Imve for* snip somo Quarter Aero Lots exceptionally
woll siluaii'il f.ii- Homo Sites.    Prices^ from
$350 up, on terms
of $30 Cash, balance $15 per month, interest 6 p.c.
It will |)|iy ymi  In  seo   those   lief.nv   ynu   select   your
building site.
Real Estate and Insurance     Chilliwack
tvorkiiponiiniioiiitherein nn aim-iivciiiio nnd llsloii lo n twenty minute talk  was got iniilcr cnnlml thnl nci .f ■(•„,, „ |   |nURli   makers I.
lining..inn.- mi.-i in Wiiiiin,,. Hon.!, , ,   ..    , ,,    ,    .   iiointow, grain, ele In lie peat nud \merlcnn Film Co
nil.   I Illl sum    svi.ik-   !«•   .'isiT.iil   ..ill   III   "■'   '"" "'"   """   '"     'eioni II ,  . ,     . I    l .1... .\l... Ili.lll   lion....
,i,v,,r,li,,i,r will, ihe |.iMvi-i..i,- ..I■ ii,.- ill the shade of (be  maples ni  lhe dwtrl.-l  were dosln.ye.l  and   Uml 	
'bsi'lll       lll.|S|M\.'IH.'lll      < Il'lll'llll
Ami ,1,.' t'iiv l'.i,|-'ii,''S'i uml I llj   \.-<
u.vii.s.  corner of X. .well and Wert minster there Is likely lo I i_c for dnm
sireet at ten u. m Siinduy. agi*- a- a result ..f lhe b1n*o."
\- you hnve no righi to make
! We Repair Watches j
.,... ......... ;"'."•'   -,?"                                                                            ,\s vou   Huve   li.i  r g il   I"    nilKO «, . .in vrr , >v u I'l'l'nil V V i i , n     i              .   i        i          •      <"    .   > il         _>   I           is
irluivliia i.|...,is'.i  ,,• i,.,u„,i nr    |flW_o„   Vol,,   rond   between this sin,. nl and as it Is  Ilrarv MAIINftl*. ON >.\ 11 l,l»A. L ( lucks, nml .lewclery in l-irst ( luss Style.     Engmv-
ildbffi'it!!..'.ti"' sni;r'»!',rk.''ii»ii.«'''.iiiiwnck   nnd   Cluw.    Korr'n, jm fni-t I cull upon ymi to wlthdraiv AT 3.30 p.m. !! Ing nnd Optienl work nttoiuled lo promptly nml wr-
iiii.ii„iii> sluswiii'.s ilu'isniMiin.s isiinsii-'Cheam, n purse eoi.lniiiing a sum It as publicly luyoil mado It lllld to LimitniiAV    I'vi'vivr     IT    s '                              rcctlv.     \ trial ml id tod,
,ii„i..,'i,i,i...,',ii,iei.i!iiii.-i the various ur money  nml   valuable   papers, give  H nmo of lho ponon A1  "      .v,Vii ir '.'                               '	
orion.... iei.1 |.i..|.'iiy io i- i.iieiiiifsi, ,,-j  i,. w)|| |„. nHUftijiv i-wnnlccl bv „1,,.mivc ran ihi*falseInfornntlon ANI     '"*  "" ""■
yilipwl. woriis I oi her, mrilriil-n ,  ,,      ... unognve joirinwrai-w niormniion                                   -_-._«     mm     nn/Mraiini^
,|„.   leaving ul Flee Press oiliee.
..u.i the s.ii.i i..|i,iiis ..I mlil Cliy l-'.nuiii'
ner mut .'ity Assessor IiavIiir been i,.l..|.-
i.'.i i.y ilie Council.
Nniice is liors'liy  given  thnl   llie siii.l
niKiris ar,- ,s|Kii lor Inspection m ihe
rS^tn%^Tlitnl\SSni __I_5J_*__1_1«.,L_. S_ yir,- i !'.»K'»'•'" "»»•'•''" "1"'"" """"■'
yours truly
II. lluborl bus purchased a homo' 11. IU'LIUCRT
"Ho iii III w rraidenliaJ Boollon     [In conneatlon with tho foregoing
BtNortliSannloh, Vancouver Island, the only point which nmy Is- dis-
l»iiiiiiii  ngninsl  llie   nrnpose
iiIkivo iiieiilliincil siKiisil hy « ninjnrity
nt tin' owncn ssf ilie I,..,,1 nr n„i |iroporiy
Ii. bo MRHDll <sr clmrgcd  ill  >i'S|H's'l   >.f
sni'li works repmentlng ,u leasl one-ball
in value lliorsssl is prennlcil Iss ll,,'
Council within  fllteon  slays  Irom ihe,
lillle nl the lirsl publication nl llii liee
th.. Council will priK'si-sl wilh the pro-
|Mssse.l iiiiiirovpiiii'ius nii.lsr moll terms
nml conditions us lo the imj'iiient ,.f 11..-
cisssi ssi Kiieb Itnproveincnts as lira Council nmy hy hylnw in llmt Irlinll regnlnlc
uml sli't.'l'lllilie 1.11,1 "llO In milks' lhe said
HhIwI thi. HOUl slny nl Mny.  A. D.
I). E, I'.MII'.l.TON.
Oil} L'lsak.
list.' ol lirsl  publication Mu;  30th,
u.siks. |Hulborl's purpose t» leave the vol-1tho dnmngo, ns thoro were other
ley permanently. , nrca |n n„, vicinity at tlie lillie, lbo
  ,„„..lontandNam-W to crops miw or .uny nol
Mrs. I'.. Boueher Trousuror of St. '•«",*»*•", t*}«Ma11 b2   ":! Br? ,r
Mrs. .1.(1
siossniun, prOSII
Tlioiinis \V. A. arc dologales lo the
annual mcollng of ibe Woinnns1
Auxiliary of lho Diocese of Now
Westminster whicli is Is'ing held
in Viineouver Ibis w.'ek.
fi'rred lo in lhe ilein. Our infor-
iiinlion was authentic and in ac-
eorilanie wilh fuel.—Editor,]
if you nre Inl,• going in In Ibe flrsl
show you muy remain for tho
si nil.
Don'l I"' nf.'nid iii send tin- chlld-
roii.    They will loam nothing bill
good nt these performances.
A uioilern interlocking plant  is
Iseiiiu Intallod nl tl pissing of tho
II, C. B, tl, nn.l C. N. II. near tho
Born—On Mny 20, to Mr. nud AhlwUiftml Timber * Trading Co.
...      ■   .      . .•       is      \ls-j     fltim     l'..li.i..ls       IVnslmln.la.   Vllt'lls.       A    tower   tWelll.V-llVi*    fs'et
To in ns nee our excep lomilly  ',lrs-  ami. uih.i.k,    «est minstor •''."'" ... .     .   .   ,     ,,.' ,    ,,	
high class s,,'k of fancy' biscuiis sired ,, „ daughter. Jfjrfflta ercotc-l    W. J. Payne
wo will offer for irJe .... mutrdny,     Horn-On Mny 80, lo Mr. and Ltd.,of Montreal, has chargo ol lhe
only,  forty vurielies at  L. ds. a Mm< Rfclmrd Wannnmnker, Sumns, I „,,rk.
pnekngi'.   Those goods retail gonor-1a80_ 	
all at 20 and 28 cts. por hall pound]'       '	
package-0. 8. Smith. Free Press Printing Pleases, Advertising is the lif,. of business
We iln engraving on Iln. prcmlsci
2nd door frssm Kiiipn'sw ||.»i..|
Electric Co.
House Wiring
J. H. Patterson
WslliiiL'lMii Ml., i.|i|i. (I|«,ru II,.us,.


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