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Voi„ 1.
C,  A.   I(.MIHI-I1
Editor mul Proprietor
Secured $10,000 More
Chairman H. J. Barber Secures
Another Splendid Grant (or
New High School
' H. .1. Barber, is ut Vietoria this
week, iii his capacity us chuli'iiiiui
of lho Cily School Board, in con-
neolioil Willi Inisiness pertaining tn
tlio erect inn tif (lie new High School,
Last evening u telophoito mowugo
was received from Mr. Ilnrlier by
Secfetiiry .Inn. Robinson, of lbo
Hoard, tss Die effect dud un addi-
tiuniil grunt nl  glO.IXHI  hn.l   been
inuil.- by Uie Provincial Kduoationnl
Department toward tin' enst of Chil-
iwiick's new High Subool. This
inlilitiniiiil grunt will cover tbo cost
of u modern bent ing mul vent ilot ing
system, nne nf the best in the
province. A $60,000 High Subool
fnr Chilliwuek ! The Chllllwaok
Sch.sil Hoard dues not bollovo In
doing things by halves. Huts oil
olf to thrill, gentlemen.
On Tuesday morning tbo City
Transfer Co., took ovor tho cauip-
ment und transfer business of
Atkins * Murray. The latter tirm
started lust full Bbortly nfter the
arrival of the City Transfer ds,,
and since then the two linns huve
been catering tn liscal needs. Since
coining tn Cliilliwnck Mr. A. M.
McNeil, the manager of the City
Transfer Co., ban-proven himself a
cnpnhle und st might forward Inisiness mun, uml alive to tho interests
of bis customers. Under his management the transfer business nf
thc City will bo looked nfter, the
needs of customers being met by u
eureful and prompt service.
On Thursday lust the growing
town of Rosedale received u visit
from the members of Damon Lodge,
K of P, Chilliwuek, and n good time
was spent by all who attended tbe
meeting in the llrnitbwaite Hull.
Several automobiles journeyed early
in the evening, and the scene around
the Hotel soon became one of animation. The lirst auto, of course, hud
tbe privilege of clearing the roud of
obstacles, the only obstruction bowever, being un idle Hook of sheep.
One of the wnywurd animals deliberately commited Buioid; by trying t..
prevent the rotation nf one of lhe
wheels, and its owner wns offered
the price of the mutton by nne of
the "lioys" in the cur, au offer
which was generously refused, showing the kindly spirit in which the
visitors wore received. A representative crowd assembled in the Hnll,
under tho chairmanship of Chancellor Commander, Bro. \V.II.Siddall,
who, having explained the purpose,
of the meeting, called on Bro. .Inn.
It.sbinson Deputy Grand Chancellor,
to expound on the principles of the
Order of Knights of Pythias, Friendship, Charity and Benevolence.
Brothers Polley, Mileson, Budd, and
others followed briefly and then came
the speech of thc evening, when
Supreme Representative, Past Grand
Chancellor Bro. Jeff llammar spike
at length on tbe origin, aims and
objects of thc Order, which now
ranks third in the list of Fraternal
organizations, although one nf the
youngest orders. Mr. C. Munro
extended the hand.of wolcomo to
the visitors expressing the wish thai
these visits could be arranged more
frequently.   Itev. II. .1.Douglas uud
Rev. A. K.Roberts had been expected but were unavoidably detained.
The luncheon which followed nt the
local Hotel, reflected great credit on
thc catering abilities of the Hostess,
Mrs. C. Homers, and the spread was
something not to be easily forgotten
by those fortunate enough to be
present. After the usual Royal
toasts, came the toast to Ihe" Knights
of Pythias," Bro J. llammar responding in a free and easy style
which was readily appreciated by
thc lifty mon seated at the tables.
"Tho Ladies," brought a gracious
and apt response from Mr. C.Munro
wbo proved himself quite capable
of satisfactorily handling this delicate subject, "Damon Lodge No.
44" was responded to hy Bro. Jno.
Robinson nnd Bro. T. L. Lillie.
Other toasts and short s|K*eebes, u
song by Bro. Mileson and tbu singing ot Auld Lang Sync brought to it
close one of those pleasing little episodes which go towards making life
worth living,
Purchase Waterworks
Citizens by a Vote of Almost Three
to One Decide to Purchase
Elk Creek System.
The vuli. mi lbo Waterworks
Purchase lly-lnw last  Friday  was
nne which wuuld satisfy the must
urdeiit supporter of lbo movu for
municipal ownership nl this public
utility. The vnle wus nearly throo
to ono In favor of the purchase us
For Purchase 80
Agalnsl 38
Spoiled liilllnts I
Necessary to curry lill
Thc vnte nn the purohllSO nf II
strip of properly six feci wide nn
tbo Voting roiui ul the live cornors
for purpose of widening lho street
from B. A. Irwin at n prico nf
sj."siHK) was decidedly against pur-
ehnsr, being ns follows
For I'liri'linsc 17
Against 7:'s
Necessary lo curry lill
Local Orangcnii'li will celebrate
July 12 this year at New Westminster where tin' Jubilee yenr nf
Ornngcisin in British Columbia will
bo observed. Special fiirt-s will
prevail on tho II. ('. IC. It. nnd a
special tram ' will loavo tbo Royal
City nt 1.80 a. in. on the morning
of tbo 13th fur Chilliwuek ami inter-
mediatc points for tho accomida-
tion of those who wish to spend the
evening in the City. Regular trains
will carry the excursionists to tho
city. The celebration promises to
he a monster one being a provincial I
ulluir. Local Orangemen extend a'
hearty welcome loall members nf the
Order in the Vnlley und friends to
jnin thisiu in their celebration at
New Westminster. The lodge will
leave Chilliwuek nn the 8.80  tram.
The Soldiers Welcomed
Reception and Supper Await the
104th on their Return from
Camp at Victoria.
Au ciiiluisnsiie reception greeted
1) Company of lbo  Kilth regiment
and the llunil nu their return   froni
camp nt Victoria on Tuesday evening, lhe depot being nvercrowded
with those whu were illlxloUS to .Vol-
como back our soldloi1 buys. Proceeding from tho slut ion tho Company lieuded by the blind inarched
around Iho block and lu tin. Parish
Hull where u bounloous und appetising supper, provided by lbo Indies
in connection with the Company,
niol with much favor, nl the conclusion uf which Captain Coote proposed throo cheers nnd a tlgor fnr
the Indies whn hud su kindly treated
Ihem and left nu doubt us to their
appreciation of such kindness. Sergeant Major Robinson alsu spoke n
lew words on the prollclonoy nf the
I) Company nnd hum! und Canon
HiiichclilTc thunkeil Captain ('note
and others fur the many kind remarks
they hud given him regarding the
Hnnd. Canon HiiichclilTc hns uow
his papers complete us a lender of
tho regimental band. When inspected at camp the verdict on I) Company wus given by the Inspector as a
company of men of splendid physique A thoroughly gisod time wns
reported tn huve been hnd hy ull and
Chilliwack hns every reason to feel
proud of her Company of the Hl-ltb
regiment uud nlso uf her regimental
A very unfortunate accident look
place on Dominion day ut the hall
grounds when before the game,
Gordon Knight sun of Mr. and Mrs.
W. Knight, City, wns strucK un the
temple by u passing ball, tho skull
being fractured as a result. He
was al once conveyed in the hospital
and the lutest reports nre as favor-
abl us could possibly lie expected
and guud hniics arc lii-ld mil for a
complete rcdovory.
It. H. Brock, of Chilliwaek, was
tbo successful tenderer for the contract of erecting the new High
School, Mr. brock's tender was
lowest submitted. While the contract is snid In Ik- the largcft ever
attempted by u lucid man, .Mr.
Brock is thoroughly competent and
will, we sure, give good satisfaction.
That u loeal man secured the contract is worthy of note and a source
of satisfaction.
Better Thai Ever.
TIlOSO whn have seen lho last two
or three performances at the Lyric
Thentre will appreciate the change
iu the Film Service which bus heen
mode at this popular resort. The
two red feature, Sliamus O'Brien,
which was shown lust wcok was
certainly a masterpiece of acting,
staging uml photography, and the
educational iiiiii " Lugging iu the
Northwest" showing the handling
of tlie giants nf the forest from the
time of felling until they are brought
to the mill, the clever wny the
drivers amuse themselves spinning
logs in the wider, uml u close view
uf nn enormous forest lire were
really worth much mure thnn the
price uf admission. On another
pngo will lie found the program fnr
Friday nnd Saturday which promises to bo equally attractive, con-
tuiniug us il sloes, 0110 druinu, twu
splendid comedies and an educational lilin "The milking .if  metal
filament lamps." We understand
that C. W. Ingle, of Vancouvor,
will Imve chnrgc nf the musical program fnr these evenings.
Among those who are in London
attending the big gathering nf representatives nf the Chamber of (torn-
merce is Mr.   ,1.   W.   Johnson,
M. P. P., uf Belleville, (Inl., and
father of Mrs. IC. M. Johnson
Wemp, Bliporlntontlentof tho Chilliwack hospital. Mr. Johnson was
also u guest of the King and (jtieen
ut a garden party which they gave
at Buckingham Palace recently.
A garden party will he given by
the members nf the Baptist Churcli
on Tuesday evening July 1(1, at the
home of .Mrs. 0. L. Marston, First
avo, The hand will be in attendance
and raspberries, ice cream etc. will
lie served. There will also lie a
side of work.   Admission fee 10cts.
Next Sunday morning lhe members of tho Orange Ordor will attend
divine service in the Methodist
Church. The sermon will lie
preached by the Rev. A. IC. Roberts
and there will Is- special music fur
the occasion . ll is expected (hut
lbo service will be nf very great
interest. The inombersofChilliwack
Ludgeexteiid n cordial welcome to ull
members of the Ordor in the valloy
Iss attend the servile with them.
All will meet nt the Foresters' hall
nt 10.16 a. m. uud proceed to the
Please reserve Thursday July IS
for the monster P. S. A. Garden
Parly to ho held on the grounds of
the Presbyterian Manse. Admission
by Ticket, by price 60 cents, wliieli
will be un sale ut half price up to
the day Isefnre the Party. The
monoy raised is to help furnish the
P. S. A. Reading Rooms in the
Ashwell Block.
By Uev.T, (i. Barlow on Monday
July I nl the home of Mr. George
Copeland, East Chilliwack, (here'was
solemnised the marriage uf his unly
daughter Nora A. to Morley IC
Wilson uf ICIk Creek.
Tiie Cily trade licenses fnr I In-
half year ending Dec. 81, 1012,
will be due ou July 16. Cily Clerk
Carlciuii will Ihi ou his semiannual tour on Hint dale. Business
men are OXpccled to greet him with
real coin or its equivalent.
Forty-two candidates are writing
nn the Junior Teachers' Examinations at Cliilliwnck High School
this week. _. B. Paul, City
Superintendent, nt Vietoria, is presiding, and Miss McNiven and
F. G. Calvert are assisting.
Tlie Free Press lu-day contains
ten pages nl local news, lirst class
reading matter and live advertising.
The reader may |«'ruse the columns
for Information, pleasure and pro-
The Chilliwack  Implement and
Produce Co., draw attention tu the
features uf the Dain Mower in lliis
See Ashwells half page advt. on
page ten nf the Free  Press  In-day.
To Picnic at Chilliwack
Vancouver Foresters will Come to
Chilliwack by Special Train
(or Annnal Outing.
Three hundred Viineouver Forost-
oi'8 will picnic ul Cliilliwnck on
Wednesday next, July 10. Chilll-
wnck manners «f tho Order huve
secured Rouroatloii Park for lho uso
of lho visitors nml hnve completed
othor arrangemonU for lho ontoi'tnin-
moiit nf the City brethren. The
visitors will provide the program ol
ciilcrluiniucul nnd nre looking forward lo spending ll pleasant duy ill
Cliilliwnck. Citizens us far us
possible should lend assistance nnd
give   u    lii'iirly    welciiine    tn    the
Messrs Easthopfl, of Viineuliver,
brothers of IC. F. ICiisthnpe of
Sumns, met with a misty accident
near Sardis on Monday evening.
The two men hud been on a visit to
their brother and were hastening to
Cfltcll the evening tram at Surdis,
their conveyance being a tandem
motor cycle, when in passing a rig,
the knee of one uf the men came
in violent contact with the hub nl
the buggy inflicting u deep cut
which required ton stitches to
J. M. Williams returned on
Wednesday evening aftorspondinga
couple of weeks at the silver und
cupper 'claims nf the McGillivruy
Mountain Mines, Limited, iu the
Bridge River Country. Development work bus started und Mr.
Williams is enthusiastic in regard to
the prospects which show every indication nf being exceptionally rich
ill silver nnd coppor, and very
easily mined. He brought several
samples of ore taken from the ledge
where work is in progress, and in
these the silver nnd copper is seen
in splendid proportions. Tbe
Company which is largely a lucid
one is delighted with Mr. Williams'
report on the property and success
which has already resulted frum
the work on Ibe property.
The recent oil discoveries in the
Huntingdon district have had a re-
Ilex net imi across the boundary and
tin- announcement is now mnde thnt
a discovery of the money producing
fluid has I seen discovered nearSiunus
The owner of the lund on which the
discovery has beon made is putting
iu a modern drill and will sink fur
oil immediately.— Star.
Notice is given that prices nre
reduced on all sizes of photos and
|M.st cards frum 60 cts a dozen up.
Also on amateur .supplies and picture framing. Chapman's Studio
phone 89.
Agent George of the B. ('. K. It.
has received many compliments on
tho decoration ol the'tram station
fur Dominion day and also fur  the
evening nf the Militia's return.
Summer Snlo Prices in Dry Goods,
Rcudy-iu-Wear Ladies' Tailored
Suits, Boots nnd Shoes, Clothing
and Gents' Furnishings, at Ashwells.
Great Reduction in Millinery—All
huts trimmed ami untrlmmod must
in' sold tsi make room for next sea-
son's goods nl Miss Hoylo's opposite
lo |H.sl ulliee.
Autos will leave the Five Corner's
on the evening of the ll.sspilnl
Garden Purty to convoy tlioso who
wish io gu out to Mrs. Larter's.
The frcighlhuiise doesn't add
much tu Ihe looks uf lhe town; but
thnt's all the mail order patrons
help tn build.
Wanted—It»ynl Ann cherries.
The cannery will pay (i cents a lb.
fur good fruit.
The Chilliwuek or Fraser Valley
line carried sume 2760 people on
Dominion Day.
Men's Shirts, all kinds, all sizes,
at Slimmer Sale Prices ut Ashwells.
Telephone III for nil express and
drny work; City Transfer Co.
Brick laying bus started on tbe
new post oiliee building.
Thursday, July ISth P. S. A.
Garden Party.
To Develop Oil, Gas, Coal
Local Men Anxious to Develop the
Chilliwack Field.   Would be
Big Boom (or Valley.
The local eoinuiittoc whn arc engaged in raising 860,000 lor the do-
velupliiellt nf t.lle nil,  gns   Mini   cun!
pros] Is in the vnlley nre   making
u lllllll n|i|sciil tu the people of tin
vnlley this week, through It circular
issued und a copy uf lhe agreement
ns mado between the local men mid
the Colonial Oil Co. Sume Hi.ihki
shares huve been sulisrrilieil, but us
the lime is now shorl for raising the
balance nil whu wish to see this development wurk proceed and will
buck up thnl. wish bv a practical
support shnuhl not delay the matter
As we have before stated, men coin
potent to know state Ihnl oil, gns
mul coal do   exist   here.    There is
but one method of determining the
■quantity mid that is by drilling,mil
in a superficial wny hut thoroughly.
The plan of operations is on a scale
large enough to settle the question,
thftterms of agreement as to the local
money put in to the scheme and the
expenditure looks very fair und
reasonal ilo, so that the present would
appear lo Ise a very opportune time
for the peoplo of the valley to throw
their energies into the development
of these resources, whicli if found in
paying quantities, would mean greater wealth producing activities, than
could be the cuse with any othor line
of development, oil, coal und gus
hnve mado mure millions in shorter
time thuu any other resource. Oil
is the greatest because nf its ever increasing uses in so many lines of
manufacture. Besides the marketing value of oil, gas and COttl, which
wilh the splendid shipping facilities
and nearness tn tlie center of demand, would he uf untold value,
there ure the benefits to be derived
locally from the use of these. Gus
for instance would lie carried through
the valley for lighting and heating
and become a convenience, even in a
domestic wny, which would Ihi of
much importance, whilo from a
manufacturing and industrial standpoint, tlie use uf any or all would
assume magnificent importance.
With the proven fact that these resources nre here in profitable quantities property will be greatly enhanced, uud altogether the valley would)
in addition to the presenl productiveness, become a center of wealth producing activity such us cullld ssiily
result frum the development of these
three important resources. The
committee asks nil to give lhe matter
consideration, mul if it is thuught
that the results which would attend
tho finding of nny or all  uf  these
minerals here in paying proportions
ars. worth while, in put a shoulder
to lhe wheol in effort tn have the
Hold tested by the Colonial Oil Co.,
which shows its faith in the same hy
putting up $60,000 of its funds lor
the purpose. If oil, gas nr coal lies
beneath uur foot it is .if no value until it is brnught tn the siirfnce, and il
is not likely to leave its confines and
seek the light of day, without assistance. If it is worth having it is
worth going after.
Pluvius kept expectations wavering nearly all Dominion day, 'uu
happily decided to be guud till
must nf the games nf the tennis tournament between Sardis and Chilliwack were finished. The Ladies
Doubles botween Sardis ami lown
were lefi uncompleted, but will Ih1
finished un   Saturday   afternoon.
As far as the games went the Chilliwack ladies had llie advantage nf
Iwo sets. In the Men's Doubles
the result wns even, each winning
Iwo sets. In the mixed tournament,
Sardis was the winner, the games
played resulting Sl to 77 und in
sets !l to 7 in Iheir favor. Tea was
served during the afternoon and
much interesl shown in the different
Chns. Parker, the Fit-Rcfnrm
Clothier, announces a big alteration
sale of mens wear iu this issue.
The sale starts to-day, July 6, ami
Includes tha well known lines of
clothing and furnishings carried by
Mr. Pnrker. Extensive alterations
arc twn bo made to the store and
before Vacating Mr, Parker desires
to reduce his stuck. Sec liis advt.
on pi.gi' 8s
Free Press Printing Pleases.
School Pupils PassExam
List of Public School Children who
will be Advanced on the Reopening oi School.
Tho following is the list of pupils
whu were silt Bsful ill the promotion
o xn mi nut inns held during the month
of .lum.. Fifty percent on tbe total
mul thirty-four percent inoaohsub-
Joel wns necessary for a pass mark.
A number nl' pupils missed either
lho wholfl or greater pnrt of tlieir
examinations thrntigh measles or
uther sickness. These pupils will
receive consideration at the re-opening nf school in August.
The following nre the names in
order of merit; the figures denote
tho percentage:
Class IV Senior to Entrance.
Gerald Gervan - 78
James Hutchinson  72
Millie Topley  69
MarionSleightholm  6.*"!
Iliimish Ewen  68
Ian Coote  67
Huzcl Hopkins  65
Aubrey Roberts  59
John Johnston   38
Foster Malcolm   . 37
Class IV Junior to Class IV Senior.
Hilda Fox	
Norman George 	
Ivy Davies _	
Heather Burton 	
Georgina McManus	
ICwurt Orr „ ...	
Stanley Henderson     	
Lizzie I'ilkingten	
Lillian Nevoid . 	
Vera Mnrdeu       _
Alvin   Webb	
Usury Phnprnnn
Noel Clarke _..  -
Basil Smith  _ 	
Marie Tait _	
babel Mercer _..._..	
Class III Senior to Class IV Junior.
Vina. Bradwin       ..
Ada Coote  .
Raymond Trenboim 	
Willie   Ncvurd 	
Anna Broe 	
.luck Junes 	
Frances Calbick , ...
Vevn  Eckert	
Violet Halpenny	
Helen Spicer	
Cecil Bradwin _	
Agnes McManus	
Recce Galloway -
Frank   Klckbush  	
Charlie Mali'ulm 	
Russell Arnnlsl	
Lillie lingers	
Class III Junior A to Class III Sen.
Charlie Davies	
James Grafton—   	
Thclina  Nevnrd 	
Oliver Douglas  ,
Duncan  Menties       	
Florence Boll...     .
Dorothy Kipp	
Class 111 Junior   B   to ('la-
I   111
Junior A
Frank Bradsbuw „	
Vera Webb	
Sybil Ashwell	
Vern Munro _	
Mercy Sparrowhawk	
Class II Senior to Class III Junior.
llerridge Smith	
Fiances  Stringer  ...
Jack  Keith 	
Waller Benlley	
.lames Keith	
Lilian Waddington	
Class I Senior to Class II Junior.
Anna 11 annum'  78
Harold  Clarke _...„ 76
Lena Halpenny  76
Givennie Jones  75
James  Roberts    78
Lottie Ballam  69
Louise  Hodgins _  68
Anna Johnston   67
Nettie Yuen  66
Bruce Webb  65
Mnriou Harrison  66
Murgret  Keith „  53
Gordon Lillie  50
((',.lulu.1.-.1 nn I'ugi' Toil CHILLIWACK   FREE   PRESS
Copyright 1010]
[l.y W. .1. Watt & Company
CIIAPTEU V,   Continued
'i'he man raised hla bi'ows in challenged astonishment,!
"It's ih*1 oho thing I inlHK in his pictures, bocauso It's the ono thing l moat
admire strength, virility." Bho waa
talking more rapidly ns hm- enthusiasm
gatherod headway, "A man's ploturoa
un*, in it way, portraits of IiIh nul iht.
He can't paini strong things unloBs ho
la strong himsolf."
Snxon felt his heart leap, ll was
something to Know that she holloved
liiH aanvasaoa re (loo tod o quality of
strongth inherent to himself,
"You nnd your muster." alio wonl
on, "nro unlike In everything oxcept
your stylo. Can you fancy yourself
hiding nway from the world becauao
you couldn't faco Mu- music of your
own fame? That's nol modesty it's
Insanity, Whon J was In Paris, everybody wiih raving about some m-w pictures froni IiIh hriiHh but only his
agent know where he actually wuh, or
where he had been for years."
"For the.man," he acceded, "I hnvo
iih small respect as you hnvo, but tor
the work I havo something like worship! 1 begun trying lo puin... und I
was groping -groping rather blindly
nfter something t didn't know just
whut. Then, one dny, 1 Stood hefore
Ills 'Winter Sunset.' Vou know thc
picture?" Sho nodded assent. "Well,
when 1 snw it, 1 wanted to go out to
thc Metropolitan entrance, and shout
Eureka up and down Fifth Avenue.
It told me what I'd been reaching
through the darkness of my novitiate
to grasp, It Beemed to me that art hnd
been revealed to me, Somehow," the
man added, his voln- falling suddenly
from its enthused pitch to n dead, low
one, "everything that comes to mo
seems to come by revelation!"
Into Duskn's eyes came quick light
nf sympathy, He had halted before
ner, and now she arose Impulsively,
nnd laid a light hand for a moment on
his arm.
"I understand," she agreed. "J think
thnt for most iirtlstn to come us close
as you have come would be triumph
enough, but you—" she looked at him
n moment with warmth of confidence
—"you can do a great deal more," So
ended her tirst lesson in the independence of nrt, leaving the pupil's heart
beating more quickly than at its commencement
In ttie days that followed, as May
gave way to June nnd the dogwood
blossoms dropped and withered to be
supplanted by (lowering locust trees,
.Snxon confessed to himself that he
hud lost the tlrst battle of the campaign. II" hnd resolved that tills close
companionship should be platonlcally
hedged about; that he would never allow himself to cross tho frontier that
divided the realm of friendship from
the hazardous territory Of love. Then,
as tin* cool, unperfumed beauty o_ the
dogwood wns forgotten for the sense-*
steeping  fragrance of  tho  locust  he
knew that he wns only trying to deceive
himself. Ue hnd really crossed this
forbidden frontier when lie passed
through the gate thut separated the
grandstand nt Churchill Downs from
the duli-house hit-Insure. With the
realization came the resolution of silence.    He was a man whose life might
at any moment renew itself tn untoward developments. Until he could
drag  the  truth  from   the  sphinx  thnt
guarded his secret his love must be
as tnartfculnte as was his sphinx. He
spent harrowing afternoons alone, nnd
-wore with mnny solemn oaths thnt he
would n**ver divulge his feelings, uml.
when lu* sought ubout for the most
sacred and binding of vows, he swore
by his love for Duska.
Because of these things, he sometimes shocked and startled her with
sporadic demonstrations of the brus-
querle into which he withdrew when
ho felt too potential an Impulse urg-
Ing him to the other extreme. And she.
imi understanding It, yet felt that
there was some riddle behind it ull.
it pained mul puisled her. but sit. accepted It without resentment—belying
her customary autocracy. While she
hud never none into the confessional
of her heart us he had done, these
matters sometimes had the power of
making hor very miserable.
His happiest achievements resulted
from sketching trips taken to points
she knew In the hills. He hud called
her a dryad when she first appeared
in the woods, and he hnd been right,
for she knew all the twisting paths
in the tangle of the knobs, unbroken
and virgin snve whore iho orchards
,.f peach-grower* had reclaimed bits
of sloping soil. One morning ni the
md uf Juno, Ihej started out together
on horseback, armed with painting
paraphernalia, luncheon and rubber
ponchoi m lb* event of rain. For this
occasion, she had saved a coign **f
vantage she knew, where hla artist's
>\- might swing out from a shelving
cliff over mites <>r checkered valley ami
Hal. alld league upon league or cloud
.md sky. She led the wav by zigzag
hill mads where thoy caught stinging
blows from back-lashing branches and
p -.. |. Upper) acclivities. It wns
one of tiie times when Baxon was
drinking thc pleasant nectar of to-day.
refusing to think of to-morrow. She
sahg as she rode in advance, ami ho followed with the pleasure "f a man lo
whom being unmounted brings a sense
. r incompleteness He knew lb i> he
rode ii" hotter than she- -nul lie knew
that he could ride,    in his ears was the
exuberance of the birds saluting ths
morning, and In hts nostrils the loamy
aroma stirred by tholr horses* hoots
from   lhe   steeping   fragrance   of   last
year's leaves. At the ond was a view
• i, i ; rougl t hi hn .''h In deep
draughts of delight
Por two hours, he worked, and only
once his eyas lefl the front,   on that
-. iBlon, he glanced book In seo her
slim iiu-ute stretched with childlike snd
inoonsoloui grace In the long grass,
her oyea gazing unbllnkimrly nml
thoughtfully up to the hVoco thnt
drifted across the blue of the sky.
ri,.ver heads  waved fragrantly about
her, and one long-stemmed blossom
brushed hor cheek. She did not seo
lilin, and the mnn turned Ids gaze back
to ihe canvas with a leap in bis pulses.
Afler thnl, he painted feverishly. Pin-
ally, he turned lo tlnd hor ut his elbow.
"Whal is tho vordlcL?" ho demanded.
She looked wilh almost tense eyes.
Hor voice wns low nml thrilled with
wondering delight.
"Thore is somotliing," she said slowly "that yon never oiiught hefore;
something wonderful, almost magical,
I don't know whal It Is."
With u swift, uncotitroiiubie gesture,
he bent it little toward lier. His face
was the faco of a man whose heart
Is in Insurrection. Ilia voice wna Im-
"I know what It Is," he cried. Then,
:ih she read his looks, her cheeks
crimsoned, and it would have been superfluous for him to have added,
"hove." He drew buck almost with n
start, ami begun to scrape the paint
smears from Ids palette, He had
quelled the insurrection. At least In
Words, ho hud  not broken his vow.
For n moment, the girl slood silent,
she felt herself trembling; thon, taking refuge in childlike Inconsequence,
she peered over thu edge of Ihe cliff.
"uh!" she exclaimed ns though the
Inst few moments hnd not been lived
through, "there Is the most wonderful-
est Mower!" Her voice wus disappointment-Ind on. "And it's Jusi out of
Snxon hud regained control of himself. He answered wilh a composure
too calm to be genuine und an almost
flippant note that rang fsil****-.
"nf course. The mosl wonderfulest
thlngH are always just out of reuch.
The edelweiss grows only among the
glaciers, nnd the excelsior crop musl
be harvested on 1 naecesslble pln-
He eume und looked over the edge,
Stopping close to hor shoulder. He
wanted to demonstrate his regained
command of himself. A delicate purple
Ilower hung on the cliff below ns
though It hnd been placed there to
luro men ovor the edse.
He looked down the sheer drop, appraised wilh his eye the frail support
of a jutting root, then slipped quietly
over, resting by his arms on the led^e
of rock nnd groping for the root with
his toe
With u Hhort, gasping exclamation,
the girl bent forward and seized both
his elbows. Her lingers clutched him
with a strength belied tiy their tapering slendernesH.
•'What nre ymi doing?" she demanded.
Sli"* was kneeling on the ledge, and
In her eyes, only a few inches from
his own, lie read, not only alarm, but
hack ot thut lu the depths of the pupils
something else. It might have been
the reflection of what she had a few
moments before rond in his own. He
could feel the soft play of her breath
ou his forehead, and his heart pounded
so wildly that it Beemed to him he
must raise his voice to bo heard above
it. Vet, his words und smile were
"I um going to gather llowers." he
assured her. "You see." he added
with nn Irrelevant whimsicality, "I
want io see if the unattainable is really
beyond me."
"If you go." she »ald with ominous
quietness of volco "I shall come too."
The man clambered hack to the
ledge.   "I'm not going," ho announced.
For a time neither Hpoke. Each.
with a consciousness of being much
shaken, was seeking about for Unsafe ground of commonplace. The
man's face had suddenly become almost
drawn. He was conscious of having
been tno close to tho edge in more
ways than one, and with lhe consciousness came the old sense of necessity
for silence. 11** was approaching one
of Hie moods that puzzled thc girl:
the attitude of ttKhtlng hor off; thc
turtle's churlish defense ,,r drawing
into himself.
ll wns Duska who spoke Ilrst. She
laughed as sho said lightly:
"For a mun who is u great artist,
you are really very young nnd vory
His voice was bard.
•Tm worse than thai," h>* acceded,
For a moment more, there wus awkward Silence; then. Duska asked simply:
"Aren't you going to paint any
in oro?"
lie was gaslng at the canvas moodily, almost savagely,
"No," he answered shortly: "if I
were In  touch  It   now.  I  should  ruin
Th- girl said nothing. She lull-
turned uwuy from him, and her llpl
set themselves tightly,
As in* began packing the Impedimenta, storm-pregnant clouds rolled
swiftly forth over the valley, nnd emptied themselves in n deluge on the two
wunderers. The girl, riding under
dripping tr-es. hor poncho nnd "nor'-
wester' shining like metal under the
slanting lines «*f ruin, went on ahead,
In her man's saddle, she sat almost
rigidly erect, und the gauntletod hand
that held ihe reins ot tho heavy cavalry bridle eluhhed them with unconscious tautness of grip. Saxon's faco
wns a picture of struggle, and neither
spoke until they had come to tha road
;it the base of the bill WhCTO two
hones could go abreast. Thon, ho found
himself quoting:
"Her hand was still on her sword hilt,
tho spur wns sllll on hor heel,
Bhi   hnd not '*ust hor harness of gray
war-dinted  steel;
High   on   hor    red-splashed    cluirg* r.
beautiful,   bold   and   browned,
Bright-eyed  out   of the   battle,   tho
Young Queen rode to be crowned"
He did not realize that  ho had re-
peato. the lines alnud, until she turned
her fueo nnd spoke with something
nearer to bitterness thun he had ever
heard in her voice:
"Bode i" be crowned—did you say'.'"
And she laughed unhappily.
For moro than a week after the ride
to the cliff, Dusku withdrew herself
from tho orbit In which Snxon revolved, uml the man, feeling thut she
wished to dismiss htm. In part at lensl,
used the "air line" much less frequently thun in the days that hud been.
Once when Steele had left tho cabin
early to dine at the "big house," Snxon
protested that ho must stay und writ'
letters. He slipped awuy, however,
in the summer starlight, und took ono
of the canoes from the boat-house on
the river. He drovo thc light craft
us nolselesHly nnd gloomily ns a funeral barge ulong the shadow of the
bunk. Iho victim of utter misery, and
his blackness of mood was intensified
when he snw u second cunoo puss In
mid-channel, und recognized Steele's
tenor in the drifting strains of a sen
tl men tal song. There was no moon,
and the river wus only u black mirror
for tho stars. The tree-grown banks
were blacker fringes or shadow, but
he could muke out a slender figure
wielding the stern paddle with un easy
grace which he know was Uuska's.
His sentiment wus in no wise jealousy,
but It wus in every wise honrt-hun-
When they did meet she wuh cordial
jam) friendly, but the old Intimate regime hud been disturbed, und for the
| mnn the sun wus clouded. He wuh to
send n consignment uf plcturca lo bis
Eastern agent tor exhibition and sale,
ami he wished lo include several of
the landscapes he had painted since
his arrival at the cabin. Finding creative work impossible, he devoted himself to thnt touching up nnd varnishing which is largely mechanical, and
made frequent trips lo town for the
selection of frames.    --
So much of his time hnd been spent
at Horton House Hint unbroken absence would huve been noticeable. His
visits were, however, rarer, nnd on one
occasion Mrs. Horton made an announcement which lie found decidedly
st nrt I ing.
"I have been wanting to take a trip
io Cuba early in tho full, and possibly
go on to Venezuela whore some old
friends ure iu tho diplomatic service,"
she said, "but Mr. Horton pleads business, und 1 can't persuade Duska to
go with me."
I ,\t once, Steele hud taken up the
project with enthusiasm, asking to be
admitted to the parly and beginning
nn outline of plnns.
Snxon found himself shuddering at
the Idea of the girl's going to the const
where perhaps lie himself had a criminal record. He hud procrastinated
loo long. Ilo hud secretly planned his
own trip of self-Investigation for a
time when the equatorial heat had begun to abate lis midsummer ferocity.
Hut the Blrl's answer in part reassured him.
"It doesn't -appeal, Aunty. Why not
get the Longmores? They are always
ready io bo louring. They've exhausted tho Far East, nnd nre weeping for
now worlds." ■
Snxon went back early thut night,
and once more trnmped the woods.
Steele lingered, and later, while tho
WhippoorwlllS were calling and a small
owl plaintively lnmentlng. he and
Dusk.i snt nlono on the white-columned verandah.
"Duska," he snid suddenly. "Is there
no chance for me- no littio outside
She looked up. nnd shook her head
"I wish I could say something else,
Oeorge." sin; anSwered earnestly, "because I love you aa a very dearest
brother nnd friend, but that is all It
can ever be."
"Is there no way I can remake or
remold myself'."' ho urged. "I have
held the Platonic uttllude nil summer.
but to-night makea all the old uncontrollable thoughts rise up and clamor
for expression.   Is there no way?"
"George."'- her volco wns very soft—
-ii hurts me tu bun you -but I'd
have to lie to you if I said there was
a wav.   There can'l be   ever,"
"Is there any uuy new reason?"
he asked.
For a moment, sho hesitated in silence,  and  th*-  mun  bent  forward.
"I shouldn't huve asked that, Dusku
I don't ask it," ho hastened to amend,
"Whetber   there   Is  a   new  reason  or
jusi nil (he old ones, is thero any wuy
I  can  help--any  way,  leaving  myself
' out of It. of course?"
Again, ahe shook her head,
•i guess there's no way anyone can
help." She snld.
Back al tho cabin, Steele found his
guest moodily pacing tin \. raudnh.
Tb" glow of his plpo bowl wus a point
of red against tho black, ,_£he Kentucklan dropped Into a chair, and for
it time neither spoke.
At  last. Steele snld Slowly:
"Bob, I huve just asked Dusku if I
hud n chance."
Th** other man wheeled In n_tuitl_n-
ment. Steele had Indeed maintained
his Plutonic pose so well that the other
hnd not suspected the fin* under what
te   believed to bo an extlncl  cmtor,
I If own feeling hud been ill  thing
he had not confided. They hud never
spoken to each other of Duska In
terms of love.
"Yon!" ho said, dully. "I didn't
know   "
Steele rose.   With  IiIh hand on tho
door-knob, he paused,
"Hob." ho said, "tho answer wus the
old one. It's also been 'No.' I've hnd
ni) * hancoi of course, t really knew
It nil the while, and yet 1 bad to ask
once more. I shan't ask again, It
hurts her nnd I wunt to se her happy." Do turned nnd went In, closing
the door bohtnd him.
i nm Duska wus far from happy, how-
over much Steele umi othecH might
wish to sec her so. Sho spent much
tlmo lu solitary rides and walks, Sho
knew now thut she loved Snxon, und
she knew that he hud shown In every
wordless way that ho loved her, yet
could she he mlHtnUen? Would he ever
gpoak, since he had not spoken nt the
cliff? Her own eyes had held a declaration, and she had read In hla
Hint he understood the message. His
silence at that time must be taken to
moan silence for all time.
Snxon had reached his conclusion,
lie know thnt he hnd hurt hor pride,
had rejected his opportunity. Hut thnt
might be a trunHlent Brief for her. For
him It would of eourBo be permanent.
Men may love nt twenty, and recover
and love itBuin, even to thc number of
muny times, but to live to the age
which he guessed his years would total, and then love us he did, wus irremediable, For juat thut reason, he
must remain silent, and must go nway.
To enter hor life by the gate she aeemed
willing to open for him would mean
the taking into thut sacred Inclosure
of every hideous possibility that clouded his own future. He must not enter
the gate, nnd, lu order to he sure that
ii second mad Impulse would not drive
him through It, he must put distance
botween himself and tho gate,
(in one point, he temporized, He
wus eager to ilo ono piece of work that
should be his masterpiece, Tho greatest achievement of his art life musl
be lur portrait, He wanted to paint
it, not in the conventional evening-
gown In which she seemed it young
queen nmong women, but lu the environment thut he liked to Ihlnk wus
her own by divine right, lt wuh the
dryad Hint he sought to put on canvas.
He asked her witb so much genuine
pleading In his voice thut she smilingly consented, nnd the sittings begun In
the old-fashioned garden ul Hot-ton
House. She wuh posed under a sprend
of branches nml in such a position Hint
the sun struck down through lho
leaves- kissing into color her cheeks
and eyes and hair. It was u pose thut
culled for n during palotto, one which,
If ho succeeded iu getting mi his canvas what he felt, would give u result
whereon lu* might well rest Ills reputation, Bul to him It mount more than
Just ihul. for it wns giving expression
to what ho saw through his love of art
and his nrt of love.
The hours given to the lirsl sittings
were silent hours, imt that was not
remarkable. Saxon always worked in
silenee, though there wore times whon
ho painted with gritted teeth because
of thoughts he rend in the fnce he
was studying- thoughts which the
model did not know her fnce revealed.
At times, Mrs. Horton sat In the shade
near by, and watched the hand thnt
nursed Ilu* cunvas with its brush, the
Steady, bare forearm that needed uo
mahl-Stick for support and the eyes
that were narrowed to silts as he
studied his tones and wide as he painted. Sometimes. Steele lingered near
with a novel which ho road aloud, but
it happened that In the final sittings
thero wns no one aove painter nnd
It was now lute iii July, and the
canvas hud begun to lake form with
a miraculous quality and glow. Perhaps, tbe man himself did not realize
that he (oiilil never again paint such
a port rnl t. or any landscape thnt
would be comparable with it. .Some
men wrlto love-letters thut an* wonderful heart documents, but they write
them in black mid white, with words.
Saxon wan not only writing a love-
letter, but wuh painting ull that tits*
resolve did not let him say. He wus
putting Into ihe work pent-up love of
such force thut it wus almost bursting
Ills heart. Here on canvas an through
some wonderful Hufely-vnlvc. he was
passionately converting it all into ihe
vivid eloquence of color.
It had been his fancy, since tho
picture had become something more
than a strong, preliminary sketch, that
Duska should not see it until lt neared
completion, und she, wishing to have
hor Impression one unspoiled by foretastes, hud assented to the idea. Bach
duy nfter the posing ended,,and while
ho rested nnd let her rest, the fnce of
the canvas was covered with another
which was blank. Finally enmc the
time to ask her opinion. The afternoon light hnd begun In change wilh
the hint of lengthening shadows. The
outdoor world wus aglow with gracious weal hor and the air hud the
wonderful, almost pathetic softness
that sometimes comes to Kentucky for
a few days In July, bringing, ns it
seems, u fragment strayed out of In-
dluti Summer nud lost In the mid-heat
of the yenr.
Tho man stood hack ami covered
tho portrait, then, when the girl hnd
sen ted herself before the easel, ho
steppeil forward, und laid his hand on
the covering. He hesitated a moment,
and his lingers on the blank canvas
trembled. Ho was unveiling the effort
of his lifo, nnd to him she was the
world. If he hud failed 1 Thon, with
u deft movement, he lifted the concealing Canvas, nnd waited.
For a moment, lhe girl looked wilh
bated breath, then something between
n groan and n stifled cry escaped hor.
she turned hsr oyos to him. nml rose
Unsteadily from hor sent. Her bands
went to her broust, and she wavered
ns though she would fall. Saxon was
at her side In a moment, ami, OA ho
supported hor. ho felt her nrm tremble.
"Arc you 111?" he nsked, In a frightened volco.
She shook her head, aud smiled. She
had rend tho love-letters, and she had
read, too, what silence must cunt him,
»>ther persons might see only wonderful art In the portrait, but she hiiw nil
tho rest, nnd, because she saw It, silence scemotl futile.
"It Is a miracle!" she whispered.
The man stood for u moment nt her
Hide, then his fnco became gray, nnd
he hnlf-wheolod nnd covered It with
his hnnds. •
Tho girl look u quick step to his side,
and her young hnnds woro on his
"Whut  Ih It. dour?" she nsked.
With "ii exclamation thai stood for
the  breaking of nil  the dykes  he  had
lieen    building    nnd    fortifying    nnd
strengthening    through    the    past
months, ho closed his arms nround hor,
und crushed bor to him.
For n moment, lu* was oblivious of
every lesser thing. The past, the future hud no existence, only the pro-
sent wns alive and vital nnd In lovo.
There wns no world but the gardon,
und thnt wus Hooded with tho sun
und lho light of love. The present
could not conceivably give wny to other
times before or nfter. lt wus like the
hills thnt looked down—unchangeable
to the ond of things!
Nothing else could count—could mutter. The human heart nnd human
brain could not harbor meaner
thoughts. She loved him. She waa ln
hlH arms, therefore his arms circled
the universe. Her breath wna on hia
fnce, und life wuh good.
Then enmc the shuck of realisation,
His sphinx rose before him—not n
sphinx that kept the secrets of forty
dead centuries, imt one thnt hold In
cryptic silence all the future. He
could not offer a love tainted with such
peril without explaining how tulntcd it
was.   Now, ho must tell her everything.
"I love you," he found himself repeating over ami over; "I love you."    .
He heard her voice, through Hinging
"I love you. | have never said lhat
to anyone elso-nevor until now. And,"
she nddod proudly, "t shall never any
It   ngnln    except  to you,"
In his heart rose a torrent of rebellion. To toll hor now—to poison
her presenl moment, wonderful with
the happiness of surrender would be
cruel, brutal, He, too, had tho right
to his hour of happiness, to a life of
happiness! in (he strength of his exultation, II seemed lo him thnt he could
force fate to surrender bin secret. He
would settle things without making
her u sharer in the knowlodgo thut
peril shadowod Ihelr love. He would
Hml a wny!
Sinnding there wllh her dose to his
heart, and hor own palpitating against
his broast, ho foil moro thnn n match
for mere facts ami conditions. II
seined ridiculous thnl he luul allowod
things Id bur IiIh way so long, Now.
he     wns      thrice     a lined,     und     must
"I know now why tin* world was
made," he dcclurod, Joyfully. "1 know
why nil the other wonderful women
and nil the other wonderful loves from
the beginning of time hnve been! It
was." he nnnounccd with the supreme
egotism of the moment, "thut I might
compare ihem with thin."
And so the resolve lo be silent was
east awny. und after it went the sudden resolve to toll everything. Snxon.
feeling only triumph, did not roullzo
that ho had. In ono moment, lost his
second and third battles,
An hour later, they strolled buck
together toward the house. Snxon wns
burdened with the eaiivuH on which he
hnd painted his masterpiece. They
wore silent, but walking on the milky
way, their feet stirring nothing meaner than star-dust. tm the verandah.
Steele met them, and handed his friend
n much-forwarded letter, addressed in
euro of the Louisville club where he
had dined. it bore the stamp of a
South  American  Republic,
It was not until ho hnd gone to his
room that night thnt tin* man hud
time to glance at tt. or even t
mark Uh dlstnut Starting point. Then,
he lore open the envelope, und road
this message:
".My Erstwhile Comrade;
"Though I've hud nu line from you in
these years I don't flutter myself that
you've forgotten me. It has come to
my hearing through certain channels'
subterranean, of course—thnt your
present name Is Snxon and thnt you've
developed genius and glory as a paint -
"It seems you are now a perfectly
rosptsctablo urtist! Congrntulntlons -
nlso brnvo!
"My object Is to tell you that I've
tried to get word to you lhat despite
appearances it wns not I who tipped
you off to the government. Thnt Ih
God's truth and I "nn prove It. I
would hnve written before, but since
you bout it to Ood'H country and went
went your whercnboutH huve been n
well kept secret. I nm innocent, ns
henveu Ih my witness! Of course. I
nm keeping mum.
H. s. n."
A  short   time  ago,  Hnxon   had   felt
stronger than all the forces of fate.
He hud believed that circumstances
WOW pi stlc and mnn invincible. Now.
us he bent forward In his chnlr. the
South American letter hanging in limp
lingers ami the coal-oil lamp on thc
table throwing Uh circle of light on the
foreign postmark and stamp of the
envelope, he realized thnt the buttle
was on. The forces of which lie had
been contemptuous were to engage him
nt oneo, with no breathing spnee before the combat. Viewing It nil In this
light he felt the qualms of a genernl
whn encounters an aggressive enemy
before his lliu* Is drawn and his battle-
front arranged.
II*- had so entirety persuaded himself
thnt hts duty wus clear nnd that he
must not Speak to the Birl of love that
now, when he had done so, his entire
plan of campaign must be revised, nnd
new problems must bo considered.
When he hud been swept nwny nn the
lide that had curried him to an avowal.
II had been with the vngue sense of
realisation that If he spoke ut all, he
must lell Ihe whole story. He hnd not
done ho, nml now came a new ques-
tf : Hnd he the right lo toll Hie itory
until, In so fur aa possible, he hnd
probed Its mystery? Suppose his worst
fears proved themselves. The certainty
would be lillle hnrder to confess thnn
the presumption and the suspense.
Suppose, on lhe other hand, tho flght-
Ing chance to which every mun clings
should, nfler nil. acquit him? Would It
not be needless cruelty to Inflict on her
tho feurs thnt hurried his own
thoughts? Must he not try Ilrst lo
nrm himself wllh a definite report for.
or against himself?
After nil, ho nrgucil wenkly, or perhaps It wns the devil's ndvoeato that
whispered ih.. insidious counsel, thore
might be a mistake The mnn of
I'lhero's story might still be somo one
else. Uv had never fell the Instincts of
murder. Surely, he hud not been the
embezzler, tin- llherltie. the nssnsHln!
But, in nnswer lo that argument his
colder logic contended there might
have been to his prcKcnt Dr. Jokyll n
Mr. llydo of (he past. Thc letter he
hold   In his   band   of  course   meant
nolhlng more Ihun that Klbero had
talked to some oue. It. might be merely the fault of somo Idle gossip in u
Latin-American cufe, when the claret
(lowed too freely. The writer, this unknown "U.S.It," hud probably taken
Rlbero's testimony at Its face value.
Then, out of the page arose Insistently
lho one sentence thut did mean something more, tho new link In a chain of
definite conclusion. "Since you beat 11
to God's country and wont, west—"
That, was the now evidence this anonymous witness hnd contributed. He
had certainly gone west!
Assuredly, he must go to South
America, und prosecute himself. To
do this meunt to thrust himself Into u
situation that held a hundred chances,
but there was no oue elae who could
determine It for him. It wns not merely
u mutter uf collecting nnd sifting evidence. It wna also a test of subjecting
his dormant memory to the stimulus of
placo and Bights and sounds and
smells. When he stood at the spot
where Carter had faced hlB executioners, surely, if he wert! Curler, he would
awaken to self-recognition. He would
slip nway on somo pretext, and try out
the Issue und then, when he spoke to
Du Kit, ho could speak In definite
terms, And If he wero the culprit?
The question came back us surely aa
the po.dulum swings to the bottom of
the ure, utul rested ut the hldeouH conviction (hut he must be tho malefactor.
Then, Snxon  rose and  paced the lloor,
his hand convulsively crushing the
lell    lulo a crumpled wnd.
Well,   he   would   not   ■ ollle   hack!        If
lhat were his world, be would not reenter 11. He wuh willing to try himself io be his own proseoutor, tint, if
(he thing spelled u sonton tf disgrace, bo rosorvod the right to be nlso
his own executioner.
Then, the ilcvll'H advocate ngnln
whispered seductively Into his per
Suppose  hO  Weill   und   IcHleil  tllO  Oil
vlronmonl, soarchtng consolonco and
memory and suppose no monitor gave
hlui nu answer. Would he not then
have ihe right lo feci certain that IiIh
memory, bo stimulated ami still inactive, was not only sleeping, but dead?
Would he not be justified in dismissing
the fear of a future awakening, and, as
Steele had suggested. Ill going forward
In the person of Roberl A. Snxon,
abandoning the past uh completely as
he had perhaps abandoned previous in-
carna tions?
So, for the time, he stilled his fears,
and under his brush the canvases became more wonderful thnn they hnd
ever been. He had Duska at his side,
uot only in the old intimacy, but in
the new and more wonderful intimacy
that had come of her acknowledged
love. He would finish the half-dozen
pictures needed to complete the consignment for the Eastern nnd European
exhibits, then he would start or. his
A Yeek later Snxon took Duska to a
dance at the club-house on the top of
one of the hills of the ridge, and, tiftcr
she hnd tired of dnnclng, they had gone
to u point where the brow of the knob
run out to u Jutting promontory of
rock, 't was a cape In the dim sea of
night mist which hung upon, and
shrouded, the tints below. Beyond tho
reaches Of silver gray, the more distant hills rose in mystic shadow-
shapes of deep cobalt There were
stars overhead, but they were pale In
the whiter light of the moon, and all the
world wns pninted. as the moon will
paint It. In silvers nnd blues.
Buck of them waa the softened waits-
music thnt drifted from the club-house
and the bright patches of color where
the Chinese lanterns swung among the
As they talked, ihe man felt with renewed force that lhe girl hnd given him
her love In the wonderful way of ne
who gives but once, and gives all without stint or reserve. It waa as
though she had presented htm unconditionally with the key to the archives
of her heart, nnd mnde him possessor
of the unspent wealth of all the Incas.
Suddenly he realized that his plan of
leaving her without explanation, on a
iineni that might permit no return, was
meeting her gift with half-confidence
and deception. What he did with himself now, ho did with her property.
He was not at liberty to uct without
her full understanding und sympathy
tn bis umlertnklngs. The plnn wis one
of Infinite brutality.
He must tell her everything, and
then go. He struck nt match for bin
cigar, to give himself a moment of
arranging his words, nnd. ns he stood
shielding the light ngulnst a faintly
stirring breeze, the miniature glnr*» fell
on her delicately chiseled tips and nose
and chin. Her expression made him
hesitate. She wns very young, very
Innocently childlike and very happy.
To tell her now would he like spoiling
a little girls' pnrty. It must be told
soon, but not while the dnnce music
was still in their oars nnd the waxy
smell of tho dance cnndlos still in their
When ho left her at Horton House,
he did not at once reiurn to the cabin.
He wanted the open nkles for hia
thoughts, and there was nn hop** of
He retraced his steps from the roud,
and wandered Into lhe old-fashioned
gardon. At lut, ho halted hy lhe
sent where he hnd posed her for tho
portrait. The moon wns sinking, and
the shadows of the garden wnll and
trees and shrubs fell in long, fantastic
angles across the slivered earth Tho
hotlBQ itself wns dark except where
the panes of hor window still Blowod.
Standing between the tall stalks of
tho hollyhocks, he hold hla watch up
to the moon. It wns hulf-pasl two
Thon, he looked up and started with
surprise ns he saw her standing In tho
path before htm. At first he thought
that Ids Imagination had projected hor
thero. Since she had loft him at the
slabs, lhe picture she had made in
her white gown nnd rod rosea had
been vldldly pormnnont. though she
herself hml gone.
But, now her voice wns real.
"Do you prowl under my windows
nil night, kind sir?" she laughed happily. "1 believe yon must be almost
as much In lOVO as 1 nm."
The man reached forward, and seized
her hand.
"It's morning." ho said. "What aro
ymi doing here?"
I To he continued)
Had Pains in Back,
Side, and Chest
i-urfered for Weeks, But Finally Found
a Quick,  Sure  Relief.
Cured Quickly by "Nerviline"
No stronger proof of tin- wonderful
merit i.f NerVillno could bo produced
Uuin ili.> letter of .Mian l.ucy Moshor,
whu for years Iiiih Isecti a well-known
resident i.r Windsor, N.S.
"I want tu uilil my unsolicited testimony I.. Hip efficacy of your wonderful
liniment, 'Nerviline.* I consider It the
Isest remedy for a cold, sore throat,
wheezing tightness in Uio chest, etc.,
anil can state that fnr years nur home
lias user lieen without Nerviline. 1
hail i, .lreiisirul attack of essld, that
settled on my chest, lhat fourteen (liferent remedies couldn't break up. I
ruhl.i-tl s.n Nerviline three limes a day,
used  Nerviline us a gargle, uml  wish
COmpl. ts ly    r.-Klisrs-sl.      I    have    lllllllci'll
dozens i.f my friends In use Nerviline.
ami lhe) aro all il.-llulsls.,l wllh Us
wonderful powor ..ver pain ami slels-
"Veil   are   al   liberty   In   pillillsh   litis
signed Liter, whieh I hope will iilii.w
Hie w«V I., health I., many Unit need
I., us.   Norvilino.
"(Signed) i.irv   MOSHBU."
I All sorts of a. las. lnilllH. anil HIIITer-
ItlgM internal anil OXtomal yield In
Nerviline, Accepl no •iitulllulo, Largo
family slzo bottlos, mi..; (rial size, 8Bc„
ai nil dealers, or lie- Calarrlinzono i'n..
Hull, lo,   *sT,Y„   ami   Kllmsl    lllll.
Canada's Crops
'1'lu Num!»v Inbolj in li new Issuo of
pO-tngc stamps, is ii device which is exclusively Belgian. Home twenty years
ago, in nu uiti'hh of Sabbatarian Boa1j
a lain 1st or of post- adopted the domlnl
eul label, with li view to lossonlng Sim
dny labor in the post nHl.-e. 'I'lie label
which forms part of the stamp as is
lUOil   b\    the   post   oiliee   heiirs   the   in
[unction "Noi to deliver on Sunday," In
French antl in Flemish, The parfora
tinn** extend ull round    the    compl
About, tho first of May tho census
uinl statistics ofiice issues a bulletin on
crops und live stock.
The reports of correspondents bIiow
thnt, our. of a yield of 815,851,300
bushels of wheat' harvested last year
lSS,_u;),000 bushels or 87 p.o. were merchantable, and that ut the end of
March r)_,l_!>,000 bushels or 27 p.c. of
the whole were yet in farmers'' hands.
The quantity hold by farmers in tho
Marl tlmo provinces on March 111 was
:i_i),0(10 bushels, in Quebec 350,000 bushels, in Ontario 11,874,000 bushels, in
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alborta
03,528,000 bushels, ami in llritish Columbia 48,000 bushels. At the samo date
lust vear the quantity in hand in all
Canada was 33,043*000 bushels or 22 p.c.
of the total crop of 140,1180,000 bushelB,
of which I-II,0011,000 bushels ur 0-1 p.c.
wen* of merchantable quality.
Oats, which last year gavo a yield of
848,187,000 bushels, wns merchantable
to ihe extent of 310,074,000 bushels, nr
M!> p.O,, and the quantity in hand at the
end nf March was 158,840,000 bushels,
or 44.18 p.c.   In tlie Maritime provinces
tl  were iu Itauil ut Hint date 1,007,-
000 bushels, in Quebec 12,780,000 bushels, in Ontario 84,870,000 bushels, in
Mini it oliii, Saskatchewan and Alberta
111,785,000 buahols and in British Columbia I'll.oiio bushels, In Ihe preceding vein* thc quantity in band out of a
total harvest of 323,_4D,000 bushels was
l_7..riN7,oi>n bushels or 80.44 n.C, and
Iheie wus ii total of 801,778,000 liushcls
or 03,80 p.c. of merchantable quality.
The barley yield of HHI was 40,041,
000 bushels,' ami nf this quantity (here
wus it, luin.I at the end of  March  1H.835,-
1)00 buBbolB or ,'f2..r)0 p.c. The merchant*
able yield was ;j0,f>H:t,00l) IhisIicIb or
00.2(1'p.c. The barley crop of 1010 was
45,147,000 bushels, und the quantity on
hand at the end of March last yeur was
13,185,000 bushels or 20 p.c. Tho merchantable quantity of that crop was 41,-
505,000 bushels or 91.93 p.c. Ontario's
crop lust year was 18,760,000 bushels ami
tlmt of the three northwest provinces
84,048,000 bushels.
The merchantable yield of com last
year was 84 p.c. of the crop, of buckwheat 84 p.c, of potatoes 80 p.c, of turnips ami other roots 85 p.c. and of hay
ami clover 88 p.c.j as compared with last
year's percentage of corn 84, buckwheat
87. potat008 77. turnips and other 87 ami
hay ami clover 88, The quantities on
hand al the end of March were, in bushels, com, 8,059,000 compared with 4,7.14,-
000 in 1911, buckwhoat 1,728,000 against
1,750,0(1(1, potatoes 20,404,000 against
211,5(14,0(10, and turnips and other roots
14,050.000 against 10,150,000, Of hay
and cluver tliere wen* ou hand at the
end of March last 3,184,000 tons compared with 5,287,000 tuns on hand at the
end uf March, 11)11.
The condition of live stock at the end
of March, expressed in lhe percentage
of n standard represent Ing a healthy
uml thrifty slate and denoted by 100
was for horses 00, milch cows 02.58,
other catlfe 111.5,1, sheen 08,40, ami swine
04, Only in I'rinco Edward Island for
cattle, iii Nova Scut in fur milch cows,
in Ontario for cattle, nml in llritish Columbia for cattle other than milch cows
uml fur sheep do tho figures representing conditions full below a porcontago
of 00.
The Col OB tin! empire is the chief customer fur edible birds' nests, ami nu
Chinese dinner with a clnim lo "class"
is minus its birds' nest soup. Apart
from their alleged epicurean value, tit"
Orient attaches certain dietetic and
tonic qualities to the nests, to which,
says Charles S.  Hraddock,  I  tuke more
tamp  nml   between  Ihe  label  an.l   the 1 *'r loss respectful exception.   Outside of
'Tat   if  il   be  urgent   "'■' '''	
stamp propc
thai tin- letter nr other packet should bo
delivered on Sunday, all the sender has
to di* Il to remove the dominical label
before affix Ing the stamp to the on*
velnpi or wrapper. If the label is -affix*
,-d tc the letter it is not sent out with
thc Sunday oYlivery. Thc addition of
the .Sunday label docs not improve the
appearance uf the stump, and it is
B01iiewhat doubtful whether its purpose
is much appreciated by the Belgian pub
Chinese home consumption, quanti
ties of the nests an* exported to other j
countries in which there are Chinese1
colonies. There is also a very limit")-]
demand foi* thom in Japan. Tlie Siamese!
only make use uf them for sick or convalescent persons—never us an article
of normal diet.
My personal opinion of the lies': is
that it is a gustatory fraud, uud !
speak from a goodly amount nf expert-
with it.   Jt is us a soup that the
lie, reports" having frequently"reached 1 nests are invariably served, liy the
philatelists that thc Use of'the label; way. should the reader wish to export*
was llkelv to be abandoned. It still re- once the joys that are supposed io wait
mains, however, on the new stamps of: *>•* the birds' nest epicure, let him in*
King Albert's reign. j vest a few cents in a package of flavor
HOW did y.
1   tike Ul*'
j he will now venture to dig a spoon into
J?,*8'- , ,^,    -,,„  _,.,,! ..   1 m-_j|tbe mass and eat. lie will know exactly
MIS, Brigg«-Oh, Mr. smiley. 1 liked | ,,„„.  ,,,,,  ^  aHM>,  tll3toa—whi.,1,  is
equivalent  to saying that  it  is pnu-ti-
yours in the
evening much better.
When Your Eyes Need Cere
Try Murine Eve Remedy. NoKraiirtinj;—Feels
Hoe—Aet* Quickly. Try It fur Ited, Weak,
Wnti-1-y Byes ami Granulated Eyelid*. niu_-
totted Booh in each Package.    Murine is
,-. ini>, ■;.!....-l by our OG-Ultl -nul a "Patent Med-
It-itii*' —tut usi'i) in Mict*i"ssf"il Physicians'Prat*-
un f**r iiiiuiy yean,   n..** dralcated lo the Pub-
.li' nnO si. _ li*r imuuciMs im '_Jc nnd fit1-' por Hot tie.
Murine hyo Barf, in Aseptta Tut.cs. _v and Wc.
Murine Eye Remedy Co.. Chicago
apart, iu whom lit.- iiu-rc intellectual
excitement is Increased by Die hope
nf gain, Disappointment, want of appreciation, tmk of means, a squalid
home, u scolding wife nil these things
have io be lukeii into account ns tending lo shorten lifo.
The longevity of -statesmen bus been
so remarkable thai during the last
half century or so It bus been said with
truth that the world is governed by
old men. For the poet it has been
said thnl the fatal age Is 87. This
seems to be founded on nothing more
solid thun the fact thut Byron and
Burns died at that age. Leopard! died
at .(!'. Shelley ut _!■. und Keats at 25.
Before he was 40 Alfred de Mussel
was according to Heine's hitter Kibe, a
young man with a great future behind
him. Heine's own life after 47 was
spent In whut he culled his mattress
grave. .Shakespeare died at 62, but
his creative life hud ceased some years
Goethe, on the other band, lived to
. ■ ,82 In the1 full possession of hts facul-
6S8 white gelatine and soak the name t|e8. He wus a mnn of powerful phyla warm water until it Is fairly soft. sIque ,imi ihoagh he ate nnd drank
adding a pinch of salt meanwhile.. IfL, md other things ■„ anything but
I moderation, und in fact was supposed
to be doomed to nn early death In his
youth, he continued eating ami drinking umi high thinking almosl to tne
Victor Hugo died at   S3, yet poets as
tm.'.     Cr   |..r--„n,   who,,-   di-estive   <if\a ela8a, arf  not   long Uved;       In   ,hem
generally intense exercise of the iin-
glnatlon   alternates  with   periods  of
Inaction, and these have ion often been
ncss and Ites t.Conlalns neiihrr
Opitim.Morphinc nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
fimeiiit SnJ-
Anrrii-ri Remedy forCnnsHpa
Hon, Sour Sloraacli.Dlairlw]
Worms •Tonvulsioiis.reverislfc
ness anil LossofSlkkb
Facsimile Signature of
Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Kind You Havo Alwnys Bought, and which has hecu
ln uue for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
i and has been made under his per*
£^^_*2-      sonal supervision since Its Infancy.
/■C(AC*M/V. Allow no ono to deceive you in this.
AU Counterfeits, Imitations nnd "Just-as-good" aro but
Experiments thnt trifle with uud endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Custor Oil, Paregoric, Orops nnd Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narootlo
substance. Its age Is Us guarantee, lt destroys Worms
und allays 1'everlshness. It cures Dlnrrhieii and Wlml
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and lliilul.n y. It assimilates the I'oo.l, regulates tho
Stoma. Is and I towels, giving heal! liy and natural sleep.
Tbe Children's Panacea—Tho Mother's friend.
Bears the Signature of
IAtb months oln
j5 Doses-35 Cents
' Guaranteed under the rooda
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over pO Years
The dietetic  value of the    nests    is
bout equal to that of ordinary ffehv
Fur persons whose digestive organs ure out of condition, jell}*, in nest-
t'nriu  nr otherwise,  is acceptable, and  ;
that is all thnt can lie said in this i '
A Ne^^enddlis
t'i   Cure ?
. nee tlo ti.
Thouflfh Iowa le one of the most
i fruitful sources of emigration to the
Canadian Northwest, the Des Moines
i Register claims that "mure fanners nre
(moving Into towo thnn are moving out
€ut the State, according to the railroads." This claim will doubtless hold
good until tin- next census Is taken.
Save tbe differ-
eace. between the
coat of a good
tiorsc ami $1.00-the
cost of a bottle of
K-ti 'tall'* Slut vlu Cure,
Vou can cure a Spavin, Splint,
Ringbone, Bony Crow tli or I.ameneM,
wil:. it, like thou*an<li have done. Head
tlir«e tellers — tliey will piove tbat
Kendall's 1*
Tbe One Safe, Reliable Core.
Ca-ml. OH.. Dm. IMi. 1110,
I > •■* *rr\ mi y»ur 1 r-u.w un tl.- linn*. I
1,-v. (MP .IMH( j'.isit >■ snt, l* irr f.ttli-iINtUT
el win wilh nimd ',i.'. *« htXns durthf tl<*l
lltai cutcd • Spavin »u m i_.i,i.i- hm-M and
I - aiu* maud twiil---*, im-!iii._i, ite.
•r,.. !i»-ij. CbnitUii lirtfla
W, «  l:iuwii,Coiiunl, AlU.wriu.  lalf tnh.HU
"I hart uw- your Sparln nm for jemn. and
hit* « m-'Mrlr rurfil K.-ot Itol In mr herd of
Mill*, fci.il Sl.liuUatn! Sp**/Iii* »n hnrsti.   I And
i.i ii. iir-i wii-itiT u ii uiu.fuiir applkd."
No need to worry ntiout your horse tf
you have a botlle of Kendall's Spavin
Cute on hand for emergency. Get m
bell., from your drugffjlt at once. Don't
take a substitute. The great book
"Treatise on the Ilorte," free, of drug-
gi*-;», or wm* to 69A
Dr. B. J. Ken.sll ۥ., Estsborf Fells, Vt
Well, Well!
can use
dyed ALL <heie
of Goods
rr        I used
OLEAN and SIMPLE to Us*.
NO, -Itanvr of using lh* WRONG »> i* for Ihe (food*
nne ha* in mlnr. All rnlnra Irum your DrnauUt ni
Dealer. PREB Color Card and STORY Hmiklct II.
Tha Johnson-Rlthardion V.n„ Limited, Mnnlrcal,
The "cost nl" living" is u verv i-imi*
prehensivo expression.    And it  is not
[ntoudod here to touch uu the questions
f ri'iit, rotes, or tuxes.    Hut tin* price
I' food  is u very material purl  of the
/hole.    What  foods, then, Imve, iu re-
en t years, shown a marked tendency
ii increase in   price!   Not,   speaking
eiierully, teas, cull'ees. currants, raisins,
uud other tropical products.   The food*
tnil's  that   have    become    dearer—in
many cases Btartilngly su—are, in the
in, moat- vegetables, grain,   fruits.
butter, poultry. OggS—in other words,
the products which we depend on occidental farmers to supply us with. And,
side by side with this largo increase ia
the price of the products last mentioned, we have to note the fact that, so
far as Canada is concerned, there has
been—and coincident with it in point
uf time- -a very large increase also in
the populations of our cities. In fact,
this latter increase is so marked that
today the number of our city dwellers is
unite disproportionate*—if one has regard to the fact that Canada seems destined for a mainly agricultural community—to that uf niTr rural population.
These two" factors in the situation un*
intimately correlated. Tor there is
something more than coincidence-there
is the working of the inexorable law of
cause »ad effect*- to be discerned In the
patent fact that while the number of
mouths which the country has to feed
has largely increased., the number of
hands to "produce the commodities ro*
qUlrod lo feci those moulii- has nut proportionately Increased, if, Indeed) it has
not Actually decreased.
According t.. Bonolston da Chateau-
iteuf the averago life of members of
tho French Academy from 108B to in.is
was 78 years and it) months, Potlquel
roekonod Hint between 1706 nml 1848
tbe average for members of tho Institute wuh 7i years und i months, while
for members of the A end oml 68 of the
Klin* Art*. Sciences, etc, it wns respectively 7~ years nml - months, 71
years and i months uml 70 years uml
s months. We know of no corresponding statistics for members of other
learned  societies,  though to mention
only the most r 'itt eases Sir Joseph
Booker ami Lord. Lister had oaoli passed the ordinary limit nf human lifo.
To arrive nt nny definite conclusions
we must discriminate between different
forms of Intellectual onergy, Poets
nnd artists ure md In the same eiito-
i*n]\ na mathematicians, for Instanc
nr workers at scientific problem
Then there are the Inventors, a cta*
passed In excesses which lend lo undermine the constitution.
On the other hand, painters are tonp
lived, as pointed out by Huzlltt in a
well known essay*. Michael Angeto
wns fl:', Titian 90, nnd there are many
other Instances. Men of silence too,
Whose   life   Is   spent,   tn   use   Xew'tuti's
phrase, in "intending" tbeir minds mi
problems in the solution of which disturbing Influences ore deliberately put
aside, hnve n high average of longevity. They are to u large extent free
from ib*- baleful emotivity whieh is a
frequent   accompaniment   of creative
liliis.     Tbey   ore   not    the   slaves   of
passions which wear out the body us
tin* sword does the scabbard.
If an "Intellectual" enters on life
with ;i weakly constitution in* is more
likely to tuke cure at his health thnn
.-i man whose only aim is to get as
much enjoyment as be can, Itut apart
from tbls. the man with a powerful
brain is likely to hnve u corresponding
vitality In his other organs. He Is.
in fuet, better equipped than his fellows for the race Of life. Ittil a (Ine
cerebral organization may en-ex 1st
with luck of slaying power. Hence
success is largely a mutter of survival.
the strong outliving possible rivals.
Men of great Intellect, if they start
In life with a wood family history, ure
more likely to live long than (he common run of men only us far as Ihelr
wuy of tike keeps them out of the sordid struggles for a livelihood lhal beset most people. There Is an element
of truth In the cynical saying that a
bail heart ami a good digestion constitute the secret of long life,
Lcguminothompy is the latest sclen
title novelty.   It is a bit,' name for vegetable diet   not, however, thc ordinary
VOgetablo did, but n scientific diet
whereby (he nxiu-1 physiological and
temperamental relations of each vegetable to lhe human system are carefully
Qrooo pens, for example, according to
this new science, cause frivolity, un.I
Should   >>c   withheld   from   VOUng  ladies
wiih a tondoncy to flirt,   On the othor
hand, they are excellent for walllloweis
and pessimists, and should be glvon in
generous helpings to bashful boys.
('ariots develop good temper ami
amiability- and are particularly rocojp-
mended for janitors, car conductors ami
ticket agents, The potato develops re.i
son, as Well as calmness and reflection)
hut care musl be taken lest it induces
apathy nnd Indifference or thai disln
clination  to  work   which   is observable
Neatly describes the celerity of Putnam's 1'iiluless Corn and Wart Kxtrne-
tor.i Removes a wart, takes off n callous, roots out u corn without pain. In
twenty-four hours. When you use
I'titnnm's rainless Corn ami Wart fix-
tractor there Is no scat", no burn, no
loss of lime. Satisfaction guaranteed
wiih every 86c bottle of Putnam's
Painless com und Wart Extractor,
among boys who are fed daily on fried
potatoes. '
String beans stimulate the poetic and
artistic faculties: while cabbage and
cauliflower, nourishing though they ar*1,
excite to obstreporousne.ss and are there
fore to be shunned by those in training
for thc parlor.
General Diaz makes no secret of hia
gratification at the troubles that huve
overwhelmed Madero. He wishes well
to Mexico, but he would be more thun
human If he felt no exultation at the
discomfiture of his momentarily successful ,*lvnl. Madero, says Diaz, allowed It to be believed that he would
cut up the great haciendas utul distribute the fragments among the people. They believed that every one
would get everything and thai days of
toll would lie replaced by a perpetual
Sunday afternoon with nothing to
break the beatific dolce fnr nlente except an occasional cock-fight. Being
disappointed, tbey naturally li^ht, for
even fighting is preferable to work,
Diaz Is living with his wife near Toulon, in, France, and describes himself
us contented and unusually well.
The proprietors of a Siamese newspaper have distributed handbills containing the following notice:
"The news of English we tell the
latest. Writ in perfectly style and
most curliest. Do a murder get commit, we hear of und tell it. Do a chief
die. we publish it, and in borders sombre. Staff has each one been collegod,
and write like the Kipling and the
Dickens, Wo circle every town und
extortionate not for advertisements.
Uuy it. Muy it- Tell encb of you Its
greatness for good, Heady on Friday,
Number tlrst."
Solomon's exhortation tu "go to the
anl" Is behTg followed in Paris, where
the  latest    erase   among  fashionable
women is tn have an  ant-heap.     in
eight OUt Of ten salons a glass cuse is
kept with a colony of ants. By one of
those inexplicable freaks of fashion the
works of the aged entomologist, J. II.
l-'abre. have suddenly become widely
popular in society, and every one Is Interested In the unt and Its ways. But,
adds (he chronicler, there tho craze
stops. Nobody in society thinks of following out King Solomon's Injunction
to the end.
A telegram from Cairo states thai
the Egyptian police are engaged in a
search for ten big guns which are bo*
llevod to be on tlle way to cross tin*
frontier of Cvrenui.a for the Turkish
.amp near Tripoli.
According to Information rocolved
the guns have beon forwarded by a sailing Vessel and described, us cereals
The vessel, it is stated, has beeu delayed hy contrary winds, and llie guns
have therefore been landed at a coast
\ illage in lower Egypt.
Tlie Theusophista theatre is the latest
thing in esoteric cult tire in Germany.
It is about to he built near Munich ami
will be the official heailipiiitters of Ihe
Thensophisfs in lhe Ealherlnnd. The
theatre will have several special annexes, Including B temple, nnd a hospital where believers will be treated
according tu theosophlcal  methods.
Tiie tempi.* will afford the shelter of
a monastery to theosophicul students.
Ample mentis arc already on hand for
the Institution.
King QeorgO has presented a    Challenge Cup to the Storks Coach Horse society to be competed for annually at
representative local shows in the breeding area, which is ehielly i-otiflncil to tho
North and East Hiding,
Tho council of the society has accepted tho gift with thanks, and agreed
to the conditions under which it is offered.
His majesty has bought a number of
Yorkshire coach horses for state
coaches, aad some fine specimens are
now in the rovul stables.
There is no other wood-using industry in the United States so dependent
upon a single species as the pencil industry is upon red cedar. The scarcity
of the pencil material will soon be felt
also in Europe, A single firm in Xurn-
burg, Germany, makes annually over
300,000,000 lead peueils out of the American cedar. About 100,000 tons, or
7,500,000 cubic feet of wood are required for making these pencils.
In the Straits Settlements there are
now 218 miles of telegraph aud 7,321
miles of telephone wire. Thc Oriental
Telephone & Electric Company, Limited, operates in Singapore, and the gov
ernmont elsewhere. Thc 2,018 miles of
telegraph and 8,118 miles of telephone
wire in the Federated Malay States are
all government owned. The market for
telephone appliances is certain to extend, by reason of its adoption on the
various rubber estates throughout the
Malay Peninsula.
An American bought a "Raphael" In
Home some years nKO. The Italian law
prohibits the exportation of masterpieces, und the American had the huppy
Idea of getting the "Raphael" pai.nr.y-i
over. This was accordingly done. The
rare old painting reached New York
in the guise "f a modern snow scene.
Then a restorer under the watchful
owner's eye, set to work on tt. Wit'i
;i sponge dipped in turpentine he proceeded to sponge the snow -jcene oft
He sponged it off readily, but he sponged a bit of the "Raphael" ott too—and
behold, underneath the Raphael, n portrait of .Marconi was revealed.
Consul Francis li. Keen, of Genevjj,
learns that the only exploitation if
asphalt iu Switzerland is at Tn •
Canton of Neucbatel, by the N nxchnl ■
Asphalt Company of London, EmgfriniL
The annual extraction amounts '■■ thon
25,000 metric tons, and there a enough
asphalt to keep the company re i
for a hundred years.
The meridian of the earth, the lefen
tists will tell you. is an imaginary line
running from north to -muth. It is aot
generaDy known, however, that oaaz
Greenwich observatory rh»* mer I a
line can be actually -seen anA wai ^ ul
upon. It ii deeply graved m .tons. 11 I
is laid ia the footpath that leads round
tho observatory.
Owing to to much unfavorable weather, many farmers ova- W***-at«rp
Canaua have gathered at lea-It part of their crop touched by Croat or
otherwise water damaged. However, through the large shortage In
corn, oatM, barley, fodder, potatoes and vegetable., by the unuaual heat
and drought ot last summer In the United Slates. Eastern Canada and
West.-rii Europe, there Is going to be a steady demand at good prices
for all Hi-- grain Western Cannda haa raised, no matter what ,*_* quality
iii.i,   bi
Ho much variety In quality makes It impossible for thoae leaa ex-
pwi.-iu *-.i tu judge the full value that should be obtained for such grain,
therefore the farmer never stood more in need of the services of the
experienced and reliable grain commiaaion man to act for him. In th«
looking   after  selling of his grain,   than he doea thl .season.
Farmers, you will therofore do well for yourselves not to accept
Street or track prices, but to ship your grain by carload direct to Fort
William or Fort Arthur, to be handled by us ln a way that will get
(or you all there is in it. We make liberal advances when desired, on
receipt of shipping bills for cars shipped. We never buy your grain oa
our own account, but act at* your agents in selling it to the best advantage for your account, and we do so on a rtxed commission of lc per
We have made a specialty of this work for many year*, and are
well known over Western Canada for our experience ln the grain trade,
reliability, careful attention to our customers' Interests, and promptness
in makng settlements.
We Invite farmers who have not yet employed us lo write to us for
Shipping Instructions and market Information, and tn regard to our
standing In the Winnipeg Grain Trade, and our financial position, we
beg (o refer you (o thu Union Hunk of Canada, and any of Its branches.
also  tu   (he  commercial  agencies  ot  Uradstrcets and R. O. Dun *% Co
703 Y Grain Exchange
The " Empire" Brands of Wood Fiber, Cement Wall
and Finish Plasters should interest you if you
are looking for the best plaster board.
Writo today for our specification booklet.
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Ltd.
f&[% mvM&m o h 4m:*m^yj*i^^
kefs Gigantic Alteration Sale
. *»
EVERYTHING must be positively cleaned out. The Cleanest and most
up-to-date stock of Men's Clothing and Furnishings ever offered to the
public of Chilliwack and vicinity, thrown on the market at practically your
own price, regardless of cost. We must vacate August 1. Our loss is your
gain.   This is no fake.    This sale includes well known brands and standard
lines of goods, such as
Fit-Reform Clothing, Jeager and W. G. $ R. Shirts, Stanfields and
Jeager Underwear, Stitson, Kenmore and Buckley Hats
and other well known lines, which in themselves are a guarantee of the
quality and style of the goods offered in this sale.
This is the greatest money saving opportunity that has ever presented itself to you
FOLLOW THE CROWDS AND YOU'LL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.      Stock will be Re-arranged Every Morning. £
Strictly Cash
No Goods Charged
At Sale Prices
> *■ *■*■■% a-/ iu^s^a***va$^
t *.*
Auction Sale of
Boots and Shoes
S.  Huston, the shoe specialist, will offer  his
entile stock of Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Gloves,
etc. at public auction, at his store,  opposite
the Bank of Montreal, on
Saturday,  July   20th
Commencing at 2 p. m. The store is now
leased to Mr. Broadhead, Jeweler, and this
high class stock of shoes must he cleared out.
This Sale will Furnish a Rare
Opportunity to Purchase High
Class Shoes at Your Own Price.
Don't forget the date, hour and place.     Bargains for
Shoe Specialist       Opp Bank of Montreal
Police Court Report tor June.
Nineteen cases were deal! with nt
tlm Police Court during June.
Four appeared for riding bicycles
im tho sidewalks; three for disorderly conduct; ono for running
tin opium joint; eight for boing
drunk; one on a fidse prelcnse
charge; nml two for vagrancy.
The latter wore sent to the com*
j limn jail, New Westminster tor
threo months and forty duys, respectively, both with hard labor.
On the false pretdnso charge tho
I prisoner was committed for trial.
Tho total receipts for fines amounted
10 8llil.ll.).
Ovor twenty Sumas business mon
havo purchased now autos this year.
A good drnl of Canadian money i-*
invested in these machines.—Huntingdon Slur.
Froo Press Printing Pleases.
Electric Co.
Chilliwack Hospital Report for Jane
During tin1 month nf Juno nine
patients havo boon treated in the
ii.enl hospital, six nl' whom havo recovered sufficiently lo leave. There
wns one liirtb and one operation
during the month. The donations
received were as follows: .Mrs.
Parry, llowors and rhubarb, Mint
Marshall, llowors, .Mrs. Pulley,
rnagunlncs, Munro Uidlos Aid, pr.
blankets, six bIiocIs, pillow eases,
white spread and two pillows, Mr.
Knight, strawlii'rries, S. A. Parsons,
strawberries and oranges, Mrs. Ilul-
den, lelluee nml greens, Mrs. Illl.
Hpieer, i'hiekeiis, magazines, bottles
of items ami leitme, Mrs.,I.Thompson, throe llowor VOSOS, Mrs. .lames
Topley, four pillistvs, Mr. Holdaill,
wheel chair, Burr iV riianiliers, ice,
.1. II. Howes, two Imt water bottles,
.Mrs. Calvert,  lottlICO,   Miss Miuse,
strawberries, Mrs.  Day, fruit nml
piekles, Mrs llniieber, llowcrs nnd
magazines, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall,
raspberries, Mrs. Muiirn, vegetables,
Mr. and Mrs. Hidden, tomato plants
and now potatoes, Kev. Mr. Roberts,
Mowers, Mr. Peers, lettuce. Free
Press nnd Progress, loeal papers
eaeh week, Mrs. Suart, roses, Mrs.
Goodland, dressing gown.
Mrs. Harry Archibald Is spending
n couple of weeks wilh ber parents
iii Vancouver.
The ball game of Satiirilny last
between Sardis ami Itoseilale was an
excellent game from start to finish.
Thompson for the locals pitehed an
excellent game while Grieves caught
just the snnie.    The BOOM was IS to
12 in   favor of  the   Krascr   Valley
A number from here look in the
garden party at Sardis aud report
an excellent time.
Will. Bennett has erected a line
residence on his property, recently
purchased from li. II. Smith.
Noble Ryder maile a Hying  trip
to Vancouver on Saturday with n
light heart anil smilingeotintenaiiee.
What for? Beeauso wny I Ask him!
Mr. ami Mrs. X. Munro ntul family, of Vancouver, are tho guesfs of
Mr. ami Mrs. .lames Munro.
Tlio score in the ball game nt
Cliilliwnck July I was 11 lol in
favor ol llosodalo.
House Wiring
J. H. Patterson
Wellington St., ..pp. 0|s.r» House
ChilliwacK   College   of
Principal:  Thro, J. Hinrox, L.VH.
Ili«.llii. li.Hl IN :lll t,l.illi'lir-* ut   IlllUlt"   llllll   In
elocution, Y-'iirly rxniuitiiitioni by (lit* Knjul
AiMiU'iii) uf Uuilcnnd Die ltt.\;,i Culknr ut
UU-IV, I.* nit Ion. KiirIuiiiI.
Ti'rm*. $A fur f.mi Iv-Miti**, imynblr in uilvnticv
I'. 0, H»\ Mn riium* K ItM
:'•'> II. I'. Donkey Kiiitine, I'ylin.l. r
7 x lu. boiler ::.s \ ihi, in na•■..i condition,
Willi Inui feel nl mn ruble, iilm-k.,, ele.
Prico *7im.   Apply
ll. IIUI.DKtlT,
llnllte I, Sin.lia, II. 0.
Siimns City, Wash., is Indulging
in three days of Fourth of July
festivities this week. Tbe program
started .veslerilny nml will   be con-
eluded to-morrow, whloli Ims been
labeled "Canada Day."
Advertise in the Froo Press.
Having Seettred the premises uuw occupied hy Mr. Huston, Hoot
and Shoo Merehant, opposite Barber's Drug Store, will move into
these in a few weeks and mu offering my entire stock nt u great
reduction. Thoroloro if there Is any article In tho jewelry line
you are thinking of purchasing Jl will pay you to call mid see
our bargains,
Would also like In Inform you that Dr. I.. II.  Stevens,  the eye
s|>ceinlist, enn lie consulted witli at any lime at tny store.
Don't forget nur repair  department   where ynu  can  have your
work attended to promptly and cnrrcclly.
Watchmaker anil Jowoler. -ml 'loor i...... Kmprvs« Hotel FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
City of Chilliwack
Nl). (i.
Victoria Street Improvements\ i
Tho Municipal Council of tlio Cily of
Ohllllwack having l.y Resolution deter-
mined and specified tliat ii is desirable
t.s carry out lite following winks, iluil is |
to Ntj i j
To construct cement sidewalk and
works contingent thereto on North and
South sides ssl Victoria Street lietween
Couk Street and Robson StriH't, and that
said works be carried out in accordance
with the provisions of the " l/scnl Improvement Gonoral By-law 1012."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to tlio Council iu accordance with the provisions of the suid
By-law upon the snid works giving statements showing the amounts estimated to
he chargeable against tlio various portions
sit real properly to Iss' benefitted by the
said winks and oilier particulars and the
said reports sif said Ciiy Engineer nnd
Ciiy Assessor having been adopted by the
Notion is hereby given  thut the snid
reports ars1 ..js-ii  for inspection  ut   tlic
oiliee ol tho Cily  Assessor,  City  Hall, I
Chilliwuek, I).   C.,  und   Ihul   unless it |
|M'thiisit niiuiiiMt   the   proposed   works
above mentioned sinned liy n majority of
the owners of tin* html or real property
to lie assessed or charged in rospool of j
such works representing nl Iciisi one hull
in value thereof is presented to lit,. Col...-: \ •»#
ell wltl.lll fifteen duys from  lhe dale of If   >..
lho Ilrst piihlli'lillon uf this notice the Jr
Council will proceed Willi  lllll |iro.ioscd \saff  r-
itiuirovenieuts finder such U-rms mul cm- i ]L
dilmus us lo the puymcut of llie  cnsl   of  T-%
such Improvements as the Council  muy
hy lly-liiw in Ihul   Ischulf  rcgllillto un.l
ds'teimiuc und nlso lo muke Ihr suid  us-
IMed this 27th duy of Juno A.D, lul-.
Ciiy Clerk.
Oslo ul Hrsi publicationsluno27lh lul-.
City of Chilliwack
NO. 7.
Topper Street Improvements
The Municipal Council of the Ciiy of
ChiiliwHi-k having hv rcsoltltion deter-1
mined and Rjicclucd tnat it is desirable
10 curry mil tlle following works, thnt is ,
to sny:
To construct cement sidewalk and
works contingent thereto on the Kust side j
of Tupper Street, ami that snid works Is- j
carried out in accordance with the pro-1
visions of the " I/x-al Improvement lien-
oral By-law nil'.'."
And the City Engineer and City Assi«- J
sor having report..,! to tin. Council iu ac-
cordanee with the provisions of the suid
By-law upon the said works gi\ inj: stats--
iiseniM showing the amounts estimalcd to
be chargeable HKainst the various portions
ol real property to bo benefitted Isy the j
raid works and other particulars and llie j
mid reports ol the City Engineer and j
City Assewwr having been adopted l.y the
Notice is hereby given  tlmt  the sui.l j
reports are open  for insjsection al  ths-!
olfieeof thc City  Assessor,  City  Hnll,
Chiliwack,  B. C,  aud lhat unless   a
petition against   the   proposed   wssrks
above mentioned signed Isy a majority ol
the owners of the land or real property
lo U' aiwessod or charged in respeel of
such works representing at least one hull I
in value thereof Is presented lo tho Coun-
cil within fifteen day from the .hue of;
the first publication  of this notice the
Council will proceed with the proposed
improvements under such terms and conditions as to the payment of the cost of
such improvements its the Council   tuny
by By-law ill that   I.-half  ivguhitc and
determine and ulso to make tbc said as- |
liul.il this 27th day of June A. II. 1012.
City Clerk.
Pate of first publication Jtuio27th 1012.
Stocks of Lumber
The Rosedale Lumber Co., Rosedale
and £. 0. Patterson, C. C. Road
lit- pleased to quote prices at
S ns wt'll us delivered on tlio
Vim 1 Phono MANAGER
Ollici' Plume
Church News
Sainl .Tunics will he tho life reviewed by Itev. .1. T. Mnrsliall ul
the Baptist church on Sunday evening. Morning service at eleven o'
Tliere will lie service in the St.
Mary's I'nthulic Church, Cliilliwnck,
un Sunday July 7. Mass 10:30 it.
in., Benediction 7 p.m. Pastor,
Hev. Father Sales 0, iM, 1.
II.   II.  Hob-on, of New  West-
i 11 minstor supplied  for Uev.  \V,   P.
Bunt nt Siiinns on Sunday.    Mr.
Unison's addresses were  much  ap-
Ml \
Fruit Crates
We Imve anticipated n Iuk fruit yield for
tins season and have oil hand a big supply
of fruit crates both for local and shipping
purposes. Your order will receive careful
? TheChilliwach Planing Mills ?
£ P. 0. Box 243 Phone L2442 ^
City of Chilliwack
NO. S.
Bolt Avenue Improvement*
The Municipal Council of the Cily of
Chilliwack having by Its-solution determined ainl H]MH-ill,-,l that il is desirable
lo curry out the following works, thut is
to say:
To  construct   cement   sidewalk   nml
wsirks contingent thereto on the North
side..(Bole avenue licl ween Fletcher street
ami Williiuus lload, ami that suid works
In- carried out in accordance with the
provisions ssf the " Uscnl imprssveinent
By-law 1018 "
And the Ciiy Engineer and City Assessor having reported lo the Council in in-
rat-dance with the provisions ol lhe sui.l
llyliiB upon Ihs' suid works giving Slate-
mollis showing the amounts estimated lo
la' I'lmigs'ublc against iho virions portions
nl real prusH'rtt lo Is' Im-ik-IIii.iI by lho
said works ami other tsartis'iilars uml the
sai.l reports ..( the City ICiigims'r nud
Cily Assawsor having Iseen adoptiil by the
Noli.-,- Is hereby given  that tin- sui.l
n-.H.iii hi.- open lor Inspection at the
utiles, of the City Assessor. Cily Hall.
Chllllwaek. B. C, and .bul unless u
|<ctilinu against the proposed works
als.ve ineiil issued signed by a majority ssf
the owners of the html or n'ld properly
to l»' hsmiiwiI or charged in n's|rcl of
nii'Ii works representing ut least one halt'
in value thereof Is presented totlioCotin-
ell within llll.vit days Irssm Ihe dale ..(
the lirsl publication nl this notice the
Council will proceed with lhe proposed
imi.mvcmci.tH under such terms timi con-
dillnlis as I.) Ihe payment of lhe COS) of
such improvements as the Council may
li/ lly-lnw III Ihul Ischnlf trgnluie nn.l
di'lerininc and ids., lo make llie said assessment. .
Iint.d this l!7th dny of June A.I). IIH:'.
City Clerk.
Dale of Unit publication June'JTlli I0U.
— ST""	
Thnmiighhnsl Poland China Sow (or
Sale, •IUU.
B.C. HUP CO., Sardis.
Quarter Acre Home
=_____ Sites
I have for snle some Quarter Acre
well situated for Home Sites,
Lots exceptionally
Prices from
$350 up, on terms
of $30 Cash, balance $15 per month, interest 6 p.c.
It will pay you to see these  before  you  select your
sec these  before
building site.
Real Estate and Insurance    Chilliwack
predated. Hev. Mr, Bunt
visit lu his appointments
I'uluiubiii Vnlley.
up  thi'
City of Chilliwack
NO. '.).
Hill Street Improvements
Tho Municipal Council of iln- City of
Chilliwuek liming by Itemlulloii determined and specified thai il is desirable
lo carry ..tu Iho following works, that is
to say:
To construct cement sidewalk und
works contingent thereto on lltcKastside
and West side of Mill Sircot, and lhal
snid works lie curried nul iu acconlatice
with tlie provisions of lho " Ish-iiI Improvement By-law IIII2."
And the City Eiiglneci nml City Assessor bus ing rolsortco to llie Council iu tie-
e,.illume with tho provisions ol lho suid
lly-lnw Upon the suid works giving state-
iiieuts showing the umi .nuts estimated to
l«. chargeable against ibo various portions
ssl real property to In. ucnclltlcd by lho
said works and oilier particulars un.l lllc
•■iii.I repuris of snid Ciiy Kngineer nud
City Asses*..!- having ini'l, adopted by the
Notice i» hereby given   llllll    Ihe   suid
reports nro open ior  Inspection  ul  the
office of the Cfiy Assessor,   Ciiy   Hnll,
Chllllwaek, II. Ci un.l thai   mile-  a
petition ngninsl ihe ihe propaMsl works
ulssvc .... i.i i..... .1 signed by ii majority ol
the owners of lund or real pro|sCI1y
I.. Is' assc—ted or charged In moral ol
such works representing nt lensl ono half
in value thereof is presenl.*! tolls' i'.ui.i-
cil Wlthltl liii.. n duys from tho dale of
the lirsl pulilicuiiiu'i of lliis notice the
Council will proceed wllh lhe pmitoaed
liiinroveinunls under such lerms uinl conditions US to lhe puyiuelll of Ilu sl   of
■itch Improvements as lho Counoll nmy
l.y By-law in ilmi bchnlf regulate ami
doteriiilno uml also io mako (he suisi as-
Dated this -JTlli day of June A.D, 1013,
Cily Clerk.
Dale .sf lirsl publication June-i'lll lull.'.
A low tons of pu ii I Timothy hay
B.C. HOP CO., Snnlln.
Advertise In tlio Free Press; it pays
ivcreil tn uny |>arl
City.   Ordor by
City Dairy
Donkoy Rnglno iu good eonditloni cylinder 7 \ III '.   boiler HO N (St.   lllll.le   III
Tliori.l.l, Ontario, bought from Portlo >v
Co , Vuucoiivcr, Spring of Iihs.i ..ith I lo"
feel •*.„ cubic,::.;, feel '„ an feel *,. all
new \,iih blacks, Can is- seen on s. K.
lu acres ssl x. \v. ', Hoc, l.'s, Township
'Ji'., Xew Wesimiusier llislrict. Apply 1.1
llollte I, Surdis,
The Epwortli League of
Chilliwack Methodist Churoh enjoyed Dominion Dny nt Cultns
Luke. A large number went to the
l/tke in ii capacious conveyance,
commonly kuown as it hay ruck,
while smaller, select (?), parties
proceeded by  the   more   prosaic
IlUggy. TllO duy wns spent in bunting, bathing uml in shorl trips to
points of interest and the picnic
was voted n huge success.
Tno regular monthly mooting of
the W.C.T.U. was held at lhe homo
of Mrs. McKay, June 21. After
regular business, Mrs.   Mules   rend
an excellent, presentation address,
.uul Mrs Chapman presented Muster
llnss, Mrs. McKay's baby with a
beautiful spoon from the members
of the Union. Mrs. Mckay responded in a few well chosen remarks,
then sung a beautiful solo and the
meeting adjourned to meet witn.Mrs.
Calbick, Yale Road North, July 10.
The members of the Ladies Aid
Society of the- Methodist church,
and their husbands, gathered at
the Parsonage lasl Thursday evening to enjoy a social time together
and, ineidcntly, to say farewell to
their President, Mrs. C. K. Eckert,
who left Inst Tuesday on a holiday
trip of two months. A very enjoyable evening was s|«snt and a remembrance wns presented to Mrs.
Eckert in the shape of a souvenir
album of Chilliwack Valley views.
The special services last Sunday
in the Methodist churcli attracted
large congregations, The church
was very prettily decorated with an
abundance of dowers, the Union
Mack being draped nround the pulpit in honor of Dominion Day.
The Girl's Choir rendered the anthem, "Welcome, Happy Morning" |
in splendid style and duetts by the
Misses Orr, and Misses I. Knight
and Miss (I. Sampson, were also
greatly enjoyed. Al the evening
service Mr. nnd Mrs. Marshall sang
Jorome's "Come, Holy Spirit" and
the choir rendered the anthem,
" Saviour, Breathe an Evening
Blessing."      Both   niiiiilsors    were
much enjoyed.   The sermon was n
patriotic one, the pastor, Kev. A.E.
loberts, preaching nn   "National
'rnsperity." Afler, Ibe llowcrs were
distributed lo the sick and aged   in
tho congregation, and l<> the hospital.
The Chilliwack delegates returned froni the W.C.T.U. Convention
told in Vancouver lust week. Mrs,
Thornton Wednesday evening, Mrs.
Chapman Thursday, Mrs. Cartmell
Saturday and Mrs. Midgley visited
with friends until Tuesday of this
week.    The Convention was a grand
success utul eould every temperance
IH't'son Is' enthused and encouraged
by attending such conventions as
this, the death knell of the drink
evil would Ik' rung In B. C. Tuesday evening, the Presiilenl, Mrs.
S|silfnr.l delivered nil able uddress
on "World's Cunclousness" lo n
amo audience. A number otsplen-
Idld pa|s'rs were read during the
educational hour each day, uue by
Mrs. .1. K,  Macken of Vancouver,
he   Messers. Mn.'ken   of
mt "Womnn. Wnges"
vory Interesting and In-
Wednesday fnrennsin the
illiccrs tis.k place as fob
•res. Mrs.  .1. L. Me-
What we want to HAMMER in should be
PLANE to every builder. AWL our bard-
ware is the besl you ever SAW, tind our
business HINGES on a SQUARE deal. None
of mu- customers ever BOLT. This is on the
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your business. Good hardware ADZE value
to any huilding.
^ PHONE 10 *
*** ************ **+*, *.^ii.e,'..Jt"i'<'*****'f*****************ar*a,
*j| " Hello Johnnie 1 in bed? "   "No, just taking off
tit my shoes."   "Well get a move on and get down
H and pull out another buggy."    "Well 1 thought 1
t^ had done my share,   1 pulled out three to-day."
4 The New Style McLaughlin takes the lead.   They
m all know a good buggy when tbey see it.
m Maynard & Murphy are doing the bir*.     Drop in
h if you want anything in their line.
+*****', **********************<•*■*******+*********+**+.,
! AN
Al. Investment
lhe I'artucrship licn'tnforc subsisting
Is'twHi'tt .1. Howe Bent nml II. T. ij.hs.I-
luiul us Uinl und <s Ilmi.I, in the City
of chilliwuek in the Province ol British
Columbia, hns ihis dny been dissolved
by milium consent, All debts owing to
the said partnership un' to Ih< pnld to
cither member ssl the lute linn ill tlic
olllfii of Ihe lute linn iu Chilliwuek
aforesaid, and all claims against the
suid partnership nn' to Ih' presented to
cither inoillbor of the hue linn, by
whom llie same will iv settled.
Dated nl Chilliwack, II. ('., Ihis lllll
ilny of .1 A ll UU''.
of I
mothor i
this valley,
which was
it motive,
election of.
lows,   Ihui.
33 acres on McSween Road two-thirds
* cleared and the balance easy clearing.
* First class soil for mixed farming.
* e
j Price $ 250 per acre.   Terms to Suit
i Adjoining Property has been sold
for $400 per acre.
Chas. Huteheson S Co.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ meeeeeeeeeeeeeemeeeeeeeem
Continuity of Impression is successful advertising.
NailKbtoli, Victoria, Presiilenl
C, SpofTonl, Victoria, Vloo Pros.
Mrs. M, A.Cunningham,Now Waits
minister, CorrMpomllng socrotnry,
Mrs. M. II. Ilrnves, Victoria, lie-
cnriliiiKSecretary, Mrs.T.II. Wright
Clovorualo, Treasurer, Mrs. Perkins,
Nearly thr iiiinrtersnf a million
more liassengers were carried on lhe
ll.'-'. ICIecirie Railway Company's
city nud stiluirban lines iu Viui-
enttver during May lasl lhan in llie
month of Mav It'll Tlio figures an t
Mav, 1013, 4,106,770; May, 1011,
8,884,228! Inoretuo, 722,651. The
percontngos paid to the oily frntn the
trallle nn cily lines alsn showed n
healthy increase. Por May, 1012,
the company paid 17.184.18 tu the
city, as against 15,288,68 for the
corresponding monlli of lust year,
the inerensc hclllg 11,840.00.
Household Articles
The litlle immersion heater, ll (. i 1 s
water in ft few
El Stovo
Tho   st.) ve
which     boils
your     kettle
Phone 257        S.   PUGH
all cooking
purposes as
well as toasting-
El Perco
Makes delic
ions coffee
in ut few
At   Oncft   to   Learn  Earlier   Traitf*.
Only eight weeki required to learn, tools
fri't- ami paj waiji'u while learning. Positions secured on oomplcttoii at from $15
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fnr "ouraelf. Tremendous ilomand fur
hflrbiTH. Write fur Free Catalogue; bet-
ter still, mil if yon would become an
expert yuu must be uu Inter nut ion it I
Alexander Ave..   First Door  West
- of Main St., Winnipeg.
Perhaps Cow pooplo know thai tho
torm "Spit" ua applied to n watoring
plaeo origin a to tl with tho rosorl uf thai
name in Belgium, which a Imudrod
yoars ago wuh ono oC fcho bosl kuown
resorts in Europo.
lis \*oguo hus continued to u groat
oxtont up to tin* proBonl tlmo, though
the high play thnl, onco mado il famous
is imi now nllowod hy tho Belgian government. Thoy call it tho "pearl ot tha
Ardennes,1' nud Its nttino in moritod,
Bi tun tot] ns it is in out* ol' Ilu* most
(.harming valleys of tlmt rango, with a
most beautiful country surrounding it.
\iiilniii' i imiii oxcaotl thoboauty of tho
walks and drivos in thr height nl' sum-
mor, for tho woll*tondod paras and gardens of Bolglum aro famous, and tlic
whole country is dotted with beautiful
country houses. Tho nir is pure, no
factories boing allowed within many
miles. The bath establishments oro up-
to-date, and tho new casino is nm* of
the finest in Europo.
r DODD'S''/
Women's commonest ailment
—ihe root of so much of their
ill-health—promptly yields to
the {entie but cortain action
of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25c. a box at your druggist's.
iSwiillfti. Vurlrofle Vein*, Had I.ecn»
*'ollrt',\vi'ii,(;imtuncl Ktieiitnutl'- I*»«*
lt'.-lt-*, hi'i-iiiim und llmlti-** ri"iponit
A*- ,1.*. In.ilin-.-^.ni Iniu:. mil iM|.iioIlului.'nt,
tl. .• [i- n.iraii Ml<> Uio s.at i.f trmililo tusKt*
tny n.itiint io mako pomuuwof tfearen.
Allays j'.iin :ir.-l liitlniiiiii-uli.n.    Mi  I unij
pi. i .nn to ii <■—<<i111 ;>*v ootornit into i -
nii-s. Mm-,-ot.-,!ni tn min-r ruses, why not In
1 wmi Aitst>lci[lNr:,.lii..»i and r, pit
**»■•*    - * '.ru- K's or iI-iiviti-iI.   Itooh I 11 fn*«.
It ii ipelled A-K-S O-R-B-l-N-F. Nnd Menu
foturcd only br W. F. Young. P.D.F..
210   Lyman'sBuiMinK.Montreal.P.Q.
Ako fiinii,f.,i i.v uu*.i, im!   ,i k_  On., W)m_pH
Tli.- S.itKniiil lir.ii; it. I ' 1.1 | Oa . *-.*. limlM UkIOaIbuT
ud ll. n.l. i.i .p. Dm, Oa, IM.. V*Moonr
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World -famous cure for Epilepsy and
Fits, simple home treatment. 'J5
ream' luocess.
Testimonials   from   nil   parts   of   tlm
world,   Over 1,000 lu one yenr.
107 St. .hunt"-' ('bum firm, Tnronln.
That Reminds Me
Sheathing Paper
—a high-grade paper, od; rless,
tasteleaa, free from tar,
waterproof, exceptionally r.lrcng
- will not tear. A durable
and effective Interlining I r
wall:. floori and ceilings.
Examine DURO carefully at
yc ur dealer':., or write lor _.: i i-le
and Booklet to Hie
Ifltf ( arss.lias. Mamifactur.,.
I III   SIA Ml AUK I'AIN I  < .1.
..I , n..n..as. limit.-...
Mnmi'.t. .......lis,., ,'at.ary, Van.ns.srr.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Cm quickly he omcome by
Purely MftflMl .
—Oct Mill
teotly oi lti
nver. Cure
mam, ud lodige-rioo.   They do thw duty.
Sm.ll Pin. Small DftM,  Small trite.
Genuine mmUu Signature
\x-ii.\    it's a lino morning;, Sandy,
iSandy grunts.)
Snxon    l   said   II   was   n    fine
nornlnfr, Sandy.
Sn inly   Verra   wed.   verrn   wee!,   i
linnn want tae argue!
Meek Sister (sorrowfully): "Seem
like ii ua'n'i hardly fair Cer Provl
donee to glvo yon four husbands am
Aggressive Sister; "Now, Hatty, don'l
you lay that onto the Lord. Ha never
had nothin* lo do with It. i Jos' gol
.mt an' hustled fer them husbands."
• *   *
After asking u blessing on lho various members of lho household, Mary
closes Iht prayer, as usual, with tin*
potlllon thai ail rn' ns may bo taken
iu heavon ni lost.
Half rising from hor knoos,  in an
Instant she ducks her 1 d ihf second
time, earnestly adding:
"Bul take the othor children first;
don't take mo."
i   i   i
a young wife had accompanied hoi
husband on a tuur t<> tbc market.
After some deliberation sho decided
they wou}d purchase some lamb oho pa,
ami upon asking the price was Informed Ibey were twenty-live cents a *,» niiul.
Turning to her husband she said in an
"Isn't that cheap, Charlie, considering eaeh animal bus only two."
• .   •
A lady making a social call wns told
by lhe maid thai her mistress wna
not at home.
The caller smiled sarcastically and
"Oh, indeed! Will you please tell
your mistress that when I saw her
peeping from the front window as I
camo up the drive 1 foil very much
afraid she was."
*i *      *      *
Flrsl Custer Well, pure old Bill's
Second Coster (scornfully)—Pore, Indeed! Luckiest bloke in the market.
Couldn't touch nufllnk W If out it turned
to money. Insured 'Is 'ouae- burned in
a month. Insured 'isself agin haccl-
dents broke 'Is harm fust week. Joined the burial society lust Toosday, and
uow 'e's 'opped It. Pore old BUI, indeed!
lu Georgia they lell of a prisoner
wbo had been convicted a dozen times
of stealing, who. when placed at the
bar for his latest offence, displayed u
singular curiosity.
"Your Honor." saitl he, "1 should
like to huve my cuse postponed for a
week.   My lawyer Is sick."
"Hut." said ihe magistrate, "you
were caught with your hund in tbls
gentleman's pocket. What can youv
counsel say in your defence?"
"Exactly so, your honor; that Is what
I am curious to know."
• •   *
She appeared to be somewhat excited when he came home that night, and
lu- naturally asked tbe cause.
"Thc man In thc top (Ial has fallen
In love with our cook." site said.
"What of il?"  he asked.
"He's been trying to get ber to run
away and marry him.'
lio you mean the man who practises
witb the flute every night?"
Sin- said she did; und he mnde a
dive for bis pocket.
"Tell the cook." lu- exclaimed ex-
cltedly, "thai I'm a poor mini, but I'll
give her ten dollars If she'll do it."
Tho story of the Irish Bergeant who'
would not teach bis militiamen to shoot
oul of consideration for (he landlords;
• >f .Minister may he matched by Sir
Mountstuort Oram Duffs anecdote of
an Irish landlord.
As in- drove an Knglish visitor In
through bis lodge gates at dusk a bullet Ih-w past tbem.
"Oh, It's only ihe lodge keeper," he
...oily explained io ids agitated guest
"Lodge keeper? That gUfl was loaded  with  Imil."
"Of course!"
"Had we not better send for the polio-  Immediately, and  have the rufllat)
"Heaven forbid," said the Irishman;
lie is the worst shot I ever had."
• •    •
The Westminster Qaxotte recalls tbe
ait that the redoubtable Paul Jones
l/as a lover of llowcrs. and might, but
for the irony of events, have developed
nto un eminent landscape gardeper,
The father of the celebrated privateer was a Steady, methodical Scotchman,  John  Paul  by name, and  bead
rdonor to Lord Selkirk -young John
Paul, as Paul Jones was then known.
(Ing in n subordinate capacity under
in   the garden   were  two  summer
houses corresponding  i wh other.
Ono day Lord Selkirk observed a man
..I,, d   up   Hi  "ii**  of  Un in   and  at   II).'
orrespondlnn window of tho other ap«
peared young Paul Jones,
■*\vhy are thoso persons confined?"
•..id Loci Selkirk io bis lua.i gardener,
".\tv lord, I caught the rasi tl   teal
nit: v  lordship's fruit," was tho reply,
"Hui  there are two.    What  baa your
ion   ibme■'     Has   ho   i n   stealing
"Oh, no, please your lordship. I
lusl put him lu for symmetry!"
• •   •
Although ibe New York judge fell
constrained to Impose a lino, tho reason
ih** prisoner gavo for attempted theft
enlisted ih.- sympathy oj the courtroom.
"I   V/aS   homesick."   he   pleaded.     "I
stole lo gel money enough to go home
Kvery man  present  had experienced
hunl.- sickness himself al some time in
Ins life, and out in the emirtroom loli
by ihey collected sufficient money i»
pay his fine and leave ten dollars over
''* tako him home.
With the balance In bis  pocket  and
n Bonorous sympathiser In attendance
lo see him safely on his Journey the
discouraged prisoner lefl the court-
room. |n half nn hour llie attemhini
"By the wuy," snld a contributor to
the fund, "where did that fellow want
\ our back aches and fairly groans
wlib the distress of kidney trouble.
You'ro discouraged, but you mustn't
give up. The battle can lu* quickly
won when Dr. Hamilton's Pills get tu
work. These kidney specialists bring
new health and vitality to young and
old alike. Even one box proves their
marvelous power. Continue this great
healer, and your kidneys will become
as strung, as vigorous, as able to work
ns new ones.
Romcmbor ihis: Dr, Hamilton's l'llls
an* purely vegetable; they do euro
liver, bladder and kidney trouble. Thej
will cure you, or your money back,
Mrs. W. LT. Rosslter, wif ' a well
known nierchanl iu Kensington, writes
as follows:-
"Ten years ago my kidney trouble
started. I suffered dreadful paint; in
my spine and around my waist, my
back feeling as if hot irons were running through. I couldn't sleep, had
no appetite, was pale, thin and very
nervous. Cruet headaches, and de*
spondency added to my burden. Not
until I had used Dr. Hamilton's Pills
did I get any relief. Thoy proved capital and helped me immediately. Eight
boxes made me well, and now I do my
own housework, feel and look the picture of health."
Vour complete restoration to health
Is certain witli Dr, Hamilton's l'ills of
Mandrake and Butternut. Refuse substitutes. _f.e. per box. or live boxes
for ll.ou, at all dealers or the Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Ont.
to m't to. anyhow?   I never thought of
It before."
Tbe attendant glowered indignant ly.
"Jersey City." lie said.
With the Horses
The horse hill for the Cana.linn West
for mil through Winnipeg was a littl"
over $7,000,000, and the hulk of tins
money went to Ontario, though tliere
was betwoeu four and five thousand
head of draft horses brought in from
the United States. These figures, of
course, take no account of horses
brought in with settlers' effects.
Though this hill looks enormous, it is ai,
improvomenl on that of 1010, when th *
west spent over $10,000,000 for horses,
There  has   been  A  good  deal  of conjci
lure that  the decline in the number 0 '
horses from 33,000 head in 1010 to 20
Him   h !   iu   1011   was  due   lo  th.    ii
creased number of agricultural tractor.-*
used, ihe horse-power of the agricultui
I tractors sold being roughly  100,000,
While there  is  im doubt   that   the sale
if agricultural traitors lufs meant tlieir
KIDStItUting horses ou some farms, the
H(Terence between the numbers of IP10
and 1011 is not wholly accounted for in
that wav. The difference was consider*
nblv made up by the number of western
horses for sale'. 1011 brought ou thfl
mnrkol practically the first large crop
of heavy horses which the west has pro
ducod. Manitoba shipped many hundreds of liead west to Saskatchewan
nml Alberta, the district of Brnn.lot*
alone accounting for 1,800 horses. There
are now a siiiib-ient number of horses
fur sale iu Southern Saskatchewan to
warrant a series of co-operative horso
sales, the first of which wits held during
tlle   hist   week   of  January,   wlleli   gold*
ings nnd mares, sold Individually, ran
from $2*J"i to $300 each, uud tennis front
$460 to tfiffO, It is estimated thut tin*
ncroased si/e of farms has raised tin*
average of the number of horses carried
by the Individual farmer within tlu*
piist    Ove    years from  1 tn B,    Of the
R. Muni i.'.nfi. whom two doctors treat-
ed.   finds   relief   nnd   permanent
cure  m  Dodd's  Kidney  IM.',.
Sureito Island, Vermouth Co., n.s.
m.i\ to, (Special)- Mr. Renlo Moulal-
kon, n weii known resident here, is
ti Ding his neighbors of bis cure from a
severs attack of Kidney Dlseaso whieh
kepi   him   In  a   stale of pain  and  suspense for iwo months nml dolled lbo
efforts of iwo doctors who were treating him.
"My   trouble   started   wllh   a   ndd,"
Mr. Uoulaison says. "My musotoi
woitld cramp amt I bud lux-kin In- nml
dizzy spells. My bead ached, and I
bad a tired, nervous feeling, while
specks of light Hashed In front of my
"I SUffored In this way for over two
months ami was treated by two doe-
tors, but ihey didn't worn to bo able
lo do much for me. Then I Started In
tako Dodd'S Kidney l'llls and Ihey
helped me almost at once,   six boxen
cured   nie."
Dodd'l Kidney l'llls ulwuys cure ihe
Kidneys,   Cured Kidneys Strain all the
Impurities out <>f the blood. That
makes pure blood nnd good health,
,157,000,000 acres of arable land iu th-
Canadian west, up to tho present time
less lhan ;i0,000,lini acres hnve boon
brought under cultivation] so that ther*
is small danger of the. horse market be
ing overstocked for niiiny years to conic.
Some idea of the profit In raising
horses may lie gathered from these figures, furnished to mo by one of tin
horso  lam-lies, -nul  that  by  no  means
oi f the largest.   Six yeurs ago this
loinpauy took an inventory of their
linisi's, ami made up the value to $•(.•"),-
nun. Today their books show that tho
natural increase of these horses 1ms
brought the value of their present stock
on the ranch up to $75,000. The number of pure-bred stallions of heuvv
breeds is now roughly 1.000 for tho
throe provinces) and nearly ono-Imlf of
theso are iu .Manitoba, which is at presold our largest horse-breeding province,
though Saskatchewan is running a very
.■lose second.
The foregoing is roughly an outline
of the present conditions of the live
stock industry iu Manitoba, ami, to
some extent, the whole west. The figures show that wo have paid out it very
large amount of money, namely- over
$8,000,000 fnr foodstuffs and- horse
power, that it would seem to many wo
might have produced ourselves. It is
rather a fad uf those whn are enthusiasts iu live stoik raising, tn berate
.soundly the western fu liners for uul
having gone mon; fully into stuck raising: and on this subject Ilu- western
farmer is very much in the position of
thfl woman with tllO lurge family, who.
being left a widow, was nsked by her
rector if she had received any advice
ns to what she should do for the fullire,
utul whu replied tartly that she had
hud su much advice thai, if il had been
greens, she could have stocked a shop.
There is no doubt Mini the wcsl hns nul
raised as much stock as il. should have
done, but tin* crit i*'s should bear in mind
Ihul, like nil new countrios thai ure
easily nccossiblo for   agriculture,    tho
wesl /lias received ll   very huge  nunilici'
of Immigrants who have never farmed
in their lives before. The richness nf
the soil hus cnuhlc.l these people, wilh
\cry iinlilVereiil farming, to raise crops,
frequently onorniously profitable crops;
but they' have no knowlodgo uf stock
raising, ami siune of those who hnvo
gone into ii failed ou lhal account.
Again, it is natural in nny new countr**
to follow the liiu> of lea*-"i resistance.
Even tlie Alps have made concessions to the exigencies of luxurious
travel, for before the summer is over
the tourist will be able to ascend the
Jungfrau by rail and elevator. The
first 13,432 feet are to be accomplished
by the funicular; then an elevator will
take passengers the remaining 210 feet
to the summit. Needless to sny that this
journey's end will be crowned with further ease-taking appliances—there is to
be un electric kitchen and well-covered
lounging couches, mil telescopes to view
the scenery.
Still, it is deemed that the ense with
which some tourists will now be enabled
to climb the Jungfrau will serve, in
other cases, to inspire the climb on foot.
Hut these ambitious ones may safely
wait for July and August. However, a
year ago hist Master the Jungfrau was
ascended, partly on skis, by nine persons; the Finstoraarhom ordinary
route—by seven; the Gross Fleschoi
horn by twelve; while the Aletschorii,
Mittigliom. Wildhorn. and Wihlstruhol
were all ascended, the first named peak
being traversed thri.e. lu the SU*
vretta range and the Hernina group
alsu a certain number of ascents were
At Whitsuntide stili more people
spend their holidays in iiimintaiueering
and easy mountain excursions, ami
tliere was. as usual, a heavy list of
fatalities afterward. It was at Whitsuntide that l>r. llittmaler. chief librarian nf Innsbruck University, lost his
life—a fatality probably due to his
having been quite alone.
Monl Blanc was climbed last year for
the first time enrly in May. After Mr.
Mead's mid-winter ascent of the Mat
terhoiii its summit wus not again trodden tilt .Lily 4, when unother Englishman, Mr. Tborman of Tadcaster, and
Dr. Spuringor of Berlin, both climbed it
with their guides. The summit wns
reached as curly us 7.30 a.m., the
wenther and snow conditions being excellent. The Lyskamm (14,85d feet)
was first climbed lusl year on duly 17
by u Beyrouth alpinist, ami by the middle of .Inly most of the great peaks in
the Alps must hnve been ascended at
least ome, although the l-'iiistcrnnrhorn.
via the AgassUjoch, wns not climbed
until July 84 by Julian 0 ran do with
one Grindelwald guide, Frit/.  Amntter.
I am quite  sure he thinks that   I  am
Since   he   is   (Jod   on   whom   each   one
For Hfe. ami all things that his boilllty
My dear old dog, mosl constant of ull
Not quick  to mind, but •piii ker far
lhan  I
To turn  lo (Jod,  I  know and own:   bis
Deep  brown  ami  liquid,  watches  for
my mul.
He is more patient undornoath the rod
Thau I. when God ills wise correction
II*-   tookl   love   al   me,   de.-p   a**   Words
"'re  spake;
And  from  me nover crumb  nor sup
will take
Hut   he   wans   thanks  with   bis   most
vocal tall.
And when some crashing noise wake-.
nil bis fear
He Is content uml qulol If I'm near!
Secure lhal my protection will prevail.
.So faithful, mindful, thankful, trustful.
Tells nm what l unto my God should
Hero is n little scheme which J» wife
tried on a good—but  rather  careful
husband when she wanted a particular
something for a birthday present.  One
night, when he was comfortably seated
after dinner smoking his pipe, she
brought out a bundle uf papers and
sin.I she luul hesitated for a lung lime
whether or not to read him some letters she had received. He pricked up
his ears, seemed interested, and sh*
tnolt the rubber band from the package.
telling him he tntist prom ise not. to ask
whn flu* writer was until sho had fin
islied,  and   then   not   to    go    hunting
round for her correspondent. Ho promised, and she began to read.
''My own darling," she bogan, "I
think of you all day and ilreaiu of you
by night. "Wherever I go you are with
mo, and I live for you alone. The other
night wheu I discovered that you loved
ine "    At this point lier husband's
ipe went out und ho sat up vory
'What?" he said, rising up with a
red face.   " Who the douee-4*-"
"Now," said liis wife, "you promised to wait until the end—to be quiet
until I had finished."
"But " suid her husband.
She continued to read, "Your eyes
ure my sun, yuur mouth is the mouth nf
dreams, your lips "
"Well. I'll be hanged," said her
husband, furiously.
'I dream of a day when you'll be
mine and mine alone." rend ou his
wife, calmly, "and I long for the day
when 1 can call you	
"Stop lhat!" shrieked the irate husband. "Who wrote that rot? dust let
ine got my hands oa him!"
"You've  got your hands    on    him
now, dear," said his    wife,    sweetly;
"you wrote those letters when we were
He sat down uud lighted his pipe.
' What did you say you wanted for
our birthday?" ho asked.
liecenl improvements in transit time
between Trieste uud Alexniidrin are ex-
niplilled by tlu* performances of the
twin screw express stcinners Wicn and
llelouuii, of the Austrinn Idovil line.
These vessels since October lasl have
been running between the ports iiunied
iu seventy I wu hours, and huve acquired n lurge measure of public favor.
The eiiiployuielil of liquid fuel instead
of .'(inl assures au absence of smoke nud
sool.     while     the   provision   of  wireless
telegraphy and lhe ehuractor of the nc
i om iiiodu I ion nn.l Ilu* cairn ng hnve
inel with general approbation. The
Wicn on n recent voyage from Alexandria to Trieste hud unumg her pnsscn
gers  Mr.  I'ierpont   Morgan uml  family,
icnil Sir   lun   llumill    I.ndv   Will
gale. Sir Frederick Milner, the Countess
i.f (In mar von, Count Szochenyi, Prince
Mouleiiuovo. the Countess ll'ovos uud
Mr. W. T. Stead counted among Iin*
most trying experiences of his life au
interview   he   had   with   King   Leopold
of Belgium, at the lime  when  Gordon!
wits shut up in Khartoum.   He went to
Brussels and  obtained a special  interview with the king in order to propose1
that he should move on behalf of tier-
don and claim the Sudan as his reward,;
Leopold answered that he would not ac-
cept the Sudan if it wert* "offered him
on a silver salver." but    Mr.    Stead
urged his point and they debated thc I
matter in strenuous fashion   for   ovor]
an hour.
"He was extremely angry," said Mr.
Stead," and raged and fumed in such a
fashion that f felt more than once itl
would have given him great satisfaction
to have drawn his sword and thrust 't j
through the vitals of his English visitor. . . . Jt was a trying ordeal for
mo. 1 wns glad to lenrn after that Leo-.
polil also felt the strain." Meeting M.
do Laveleye- -who had introduced Mr.
stead—some months afterwards at Spa.
the king referred tn the interview.
"Stead!" he exclaimed. "It was terrible: how that man made me swear!"
For an hour ami a half one night Mr.
ES, s. Willard entertained the members
of the Playgoers' Club with rem in is
i-em-es of theatrical life in London, iy
the provinces, and in America during
the last forty years. Most of the time
vas occupied in anecdotes of popular
itagO favorites, bnt Mr. Willard had no
hesitation in telling stories against
Mr. Willard said thnt he made his
lirst appearan.e on the stage at Wev-
mouth in December, 1800, in a little
theatre   which   had   been   a   Methodist
Greatest Invention ot Age
For Hoarseness. Weak Throat
Nothing So Far Discovered Is So Beneficial to Public Speakers, Ministers,
Singers     and     Teachers     as
[localise of its strengthening inilu-
on'ce upon the vocal cords, t'iitarr-
hozone cannot he too highly reenn-
monded as a wonderful voice improver.
It almost instantly removes huskiiiess
or hoarseness, Ihus insuring clearness,
und brilliancy of tone, (.'utnrrho/.oiie
keeps the mucous surfiice.s in perfect
condition, and its regular use absolutely prevents colds and throat Irritation.
thereby removing the singer's greatest
source of anxiety unfitness of voice.
The most eminent speakers ami prima
donnas are seldom without Caturrho-
zone, und credit in no small degree
their uniform strength and brilliancy
of tone to its Influence,
Singer  Recommends  Catarrhozone
"For many years I have been a sufferer from that terrible disease known
"Being a professional singer, you
can readily understand that Catarrh
would be a serious hindrance to my
professional skill.
"One yenr ago I rend in the 'Progress' a convincing testimonial from
one who bnd been cured of this disease through using your God-sent invention,  Cntarrhozone.
"Believing in tbe merit of Catarrhozone, I tried it,
"Cntarrhozone cured me and has
been the means of  my  Buccess.
"You nre at liberty to use my name
if it will help relieve some from suf-
ferinn,  and   I   will   always  remain.
"Bob   Bixloy,   New  Glasgow,   N.S."
Ml.   Itlxley   Is one  of  (he  hesl   It HOW II
singers ami entertainers In Die Marl-
time Provinces. ISvoryono knows blm,
and bis  testimonial tor Catarrhozone
is    lhe    hesl    sort    of   evidence    of    what
greal benefit Catarrhozono is to those
suffering wilh thrcal weakness or eu*
Comploto outfit, consisting of n
beautifully polished bard rubber Inhaler, ami sufficient liquid for realtargIng
io last two months, costs one dollar
Sold by all drugglBts, or sent safely
to your address by mail If price is forwarded io tin- Catarrhozone Co.,
Buffalo,  X.Y.. or  Kingston; Ont.
chapel, but which had been converted
to a nobler use. He was cast for the
first and second officers in "The Lady
of Lyons." and as nobody had been
selected for the third otlicer, he learned
that part an well. In those days he
frequently played six different parts in
a week, but though it was hard work it
was good training. Provincial tours
then were uiui-h worse than now, oe-
cause business generally in the provinces was in a very bad condition. Thu
music halls threatened to obliterate tee
provincial theatre altogether, and one
could not wonder at that when the
comforl of the music halls was com
pared with thnt of some of the
He made his first appearance in London in 1876, when he acted at Covent
Garden in a first piece to a pantomime
He was sorry that of recent years he
had been away from London so much,
but London management was a very
perilous undertaking. The risks of
management were so great in London
that a man should not be an actor and
a manager as well. One hml to take
his future into his hands. He had lieon
doomed to play the villain ami nothing
else, and in order to cease specializing
iu that direction he had had to go into
management. Now lhat he had returt
ed he found things entirety change I.
The particular kind of play iu whici he
liked to act was no longer written. He
Mas.    therefore,     pausing ami  looking
round, quite ready, when the right play
camo, t«i adapt himself to the alter I
c litions,
Harvester Oil
Specially prepared for use on
reapers, binders and threshers
A sliort-.'iii nil possessing grcul durability, Admirably
adapted for uio on nil farm machinery, n reduaos Motion nml wear tn the minimum uml is nnt affooted by
ninistiii'i' in- change nl climate.
Mica Axle Grease
ia iln- licsi uxli' grouso yon con gol for tractors or
wagons, Saves wenr. saves powor, saves fuel. Novor
rubs ,. IT.   Novor giitni,
Capitol Cylinder Oil. Tho vory boil nil fnr itoam
i.hinis mi th.' farm, Lasts longer nml gets more power
from th.' ciiL'iiis'. with less wear, than uny cheap substitutes g .'(.sis less in lllc ond,
Atlantic Red Engine Oil. A raodlum bodied nil. strongly rocommendod fm' slow and modlttm spood onginos
and machinory,   Bases tha bearings nnd lightens the
Standard Ons Engluo Oil glvoa tlio h.'st liibrit-ntion poHsiblo,
nliko in koroiono. gasoline and kiisi onginos. KonjiM it» i.nsly at
l.iitli tomporotnros,   Bqnally nowi for nil oxtornsj lis'nrinK,.
Silver Stir Engine
Kerosene Oil
Engine Gasoline
The Bonehead's Pretty Salleen
"V«*s, sir. Gold; that fat lollop of a
Potter person yonder has got to pay
fer them there casual but bitter re-
murks. He calls me a bonehead, an'
nothln' short o' tb" ultimate gurgle of
his flnancla I heart's blood erases th'
Five years' acquaintance witb Al-
ehemar Ajax Bunson told me he was
In mood belligerent. The inner tube
of his proud spirit was pricked, and
I had been attempting with patches of
mucilaginous words to prevent an explosion which 1 felt sure would leave
nothing but a loud report and a pair
ot miner's boots of wlmt had once been
a fairly relevant nntl competent prospector. s
"Well, doesn't all Lucky Ludc call
ymi Bonehead Bunson, and witb cause,
since you sold the Last Ited Cent for
a hundred ami twenty dollars and a
phonograph* and that mine running
two hundred ami lifty gold to the ton
rlghl now?"
Bul (he lire troublo lu (lie wheels
of Alchemar was nol to be reputed
by a mere verbal Jacking.up from me.
He gased gloomily al nm through a
truculent fringe of red balr llmt bung
atbvfurl a narrow forehead mul ovor
watery, lashless eyes, Ami sulkily ho
shook lhal crisis of bis physical boing
wblcb had won blm ibe mime of Bonehead, although some who knew blm
u I aimed iin* designation was complimentary, and thai, instead of being
solid bum*, bis i-upola was really reinforced   eon.Tele.
We were Billing in Hie Fashion saloon at a wobbly affair om* trusting
naturos accepted as a table, bul wblcb
was really such a fretful and nervous
apology ihat ii served only to Increase
the revenue of the bar by spilling
must of ibe quicklime mixture u larcenous proprietor asserted wuh rye
Before he answered my argument,
Bunsoft drew a few dentil's-heads and
erossbonos on ibe wet table, presumably under Uie impression that the'
prophets spoke through his lank foro-
nnger and he was depicting final
scenes for Williston Philander Potter,
his traducer. The latter at tbe moment stood at the fur side of the ruom
trying to give the bar iis loving an
embrace as bis short arms and glrthy
thickness would permit.
Surveying   with
but   artistic  prophe
-malicious glance at his corpulent de
famer, the Bonehead snarled:
"Yes, sir,  I did all  that,  Gold,  but
how in a desert waa I to know th'
Last Red Cent would pan out anything but a myth? All 1 did was drill
a hole, set off a shot an' let out an
exultant whoop. I thought a hundred
an' twenty a fair price fer powder
squandered, an" 1 figured that there
phonygraph clear velvet; an' say, Gold
they were, yearned for the man's society. Potter drank alone, which condition is the bottomless pit of southwestern ostracism,
"Ves, sir," continued tlic Bonehead,
going after tlie dregs of his high-ball,
"it's th' way he says It. When 1 hears
him it's like a stingln' lizard's bit me.
1 ought to prospect fer buttons, dice
an* knife-handles! Well, what do you
think wuuld show If they'd prospect
ills fat bead? I know. Nothln' but
oleemargarlne, an' a bum grade at
"Why don'l you shoot him up a
whole lot, then, or bend u gun over
his head?" soys I, getting tired of the
Bonehead's plaint and willing to risk
the piatto-bux coffin. "Go over there
and call him a Uur, and then send a
,45 slug prospecting around In bis innermost thoughts,  if lie. bus any."
"No, no. Gold," answered the Bonehead, rising uml drawing  himself  up
to Ills full height of live feel  tour.  "I'm
constitutionally opposed t" violence,
blood an' lb' mossy stuff. Hut Ibis
land hippopotamus Insults mc au' I'm
goln' to commit manslaughter on his
worldly funds nn' go through bis financial Hiatus like a pestilence. He
makes whal you mldnlght-oll squanderers call a fox's paw when be lels
loos Hint 'buttons, dice an' knife-
handle' talk Five words tbem. Ten
thousand dollars a word II costs Ibis
Poller bulk."
"How do you luy out to accomplish
Hie    leal,    BUUSOn?"    I    asked,    almosl
afraid to use the Bonohead appellation
for fear I nlso might Imve lo pay under
the mile man's revised hlgh-cost-of-
llVlng schedule.
"Never mind, Gold; you've been
through college an' Wear a feat.-pin
where 1 Bporl a plmio button of nn
auburn-haired girl who lives back In
tb' land o' my fathers, Also you possess bruins where 1 couldn't scare up
an Incipient headache. Likewise this
yere Potter dlplodoctts lays claim to
menial attainments an' a university
yelp. Itul there are some things your
intellect foundries don't demonstrate.
An' that's what this beefy one has got
f learn. He learns it Font me. Five
words-ten thousand a word—'buttons,
dice an" knife bundles'! Weep fer this
co-ed o' yours. Gold Denham; lament
fer this sorority sister, fer a mysterious
pproval bis moist ian' wastin' disease is settin" up nights
y and throwing alsnnwin' on his monetary resources."
The Bonehead was right about the
roll. Williston Philander Potter was
generally regarded by the citizens of
Lucky Lode as a sort of itinerant mint.
He announced himself as anxious to
buy a mine or develop a prospect, but
he had heretofore insisted on purchasing at a ratio of about four cents on
the dollar, with good will of tbe seller
thrown in. As no one could be long
adjacent to such a se]lee and have any
(hat's a stavln' good plumy——" j Rood will for him. all deals had fallen
"Don't   blame  folks  for calling  you through.
Bonehead, then," I Interrupted. !    Smiley   Pete,  who claimed  to huve
"I don't, Gold," Bunson replied, as known the fat tine back in Weehawken
he lingered his red thatch wltb a freck- ] or Schenectady, vouched for the wad,
led hand. "But this yere Potter belie- nnd apologized for Ids fellow towns-
moth ain't folks. He's a pedestrlaiils- man's shortcomings by announcing
tic Insult—that's him. Look what he 'hat his reluctance to buy drinks for
says: 'Bunson! Why. Bunson's a bone- the populace was caused, not from
head. IL* doesn't know pay dirt-fom I miserliness, but through inability to get
door sweepings. He should prospect his band in bis pocket, he having acids anatomical summit fer buttons, quired writer's cramp figuring his bal-
dlce and knife-handles.' That's what ahCC on hand, and tbat bis bullying
he says." land Insulting disposition wns the re-
"Well. we've all got nicknames here I Su*t of wheeling bis dally bynk deposit
in Lucky Lode," says 1, still trying to I through the jostling throng in a ptish-
appease the flinty-roofed Bunson. Korknrt.
I feared his ingrowing grouch would! If the Bonehoiul was going to bave
reach the point where IU would he j financial revenge tm this human pro-
liymns and obsequies for Poller, and i Vocation, there was none in Lucky
the best we could do lu tlie casket line] Lode—-I least of all—to warn Potter of
for one of bis hulk would he a plnnu-1 the deadfall Just ahead. I had won
box from the general store. my name of Gold ami my high stand-
"Sure, we've got nicknames in thlsllng in the souihwest by successfully
town- ihat Is, anybody that Is any-' living down the fact tliat my youth
body," argues the Bonehead, as stirred j had been spent In a dormitory nnd on
[-wallow after a rain. "But
•un no disrespect wben we
up aa n hof.
WO don't ni*
uses 'em. Vou call me Bonehead. an'
then buy me a drink, which Liter
shows your savoir vivre, as you dum-
languuge experts put il. 1 nill you
Gold, thereby stealing tb' initials oil
your suitcase that there day five years
ago when ymi animates into th* Noble
House, whereas your unabridged mon- '■** Wllllitoi
aker is Geoffrey Osmor Laurence Denham, you bein' part o' th' annual resml
& nr Boston Technical institute, an'
an engineer wbo can tell a mine-sump
Tom a pack-mule with one bund tied
behind you. Then there's Smiley Pete,
'cause t»f blm gettln' grlnnln' drunk!
an1 Faro K.I an' Bert tb' Bunk, ui.'
Copper-face. But we mean lt playful
when we retreats Into them names.
I'hls man Potter this Tub Potior
umi my name o1 Bonehead in a way
derisive an' wllh malice!"
And. really, Alchemar AJoJE  Btiiisou
nail cause for complaint.   During hii
two months' sojourn In Lucky Lode
w. Philander Potter's vocabulary had
been ii shock nml a reproach. II was
due unly In Hie fuel Hml we curried
gentle and tolerant nuns iluil his ample hide had imt been Irunsfnrmed
mlf»  an  overgrown   inlander,
lu form ami flume \\\ Philander re-
-mlded a capable water-lank adorning n pair of stills. His race was (he
Color of a fallgued Middle mid bis protruding eyes had a surprised uud
•Murlled look as though they Were he-
Ing spilled out of bis head. Ills fat
ChoekS hung down below bis Jowls
like the skin on an elophnnt'S bind
But appearances would not have
boon held against Poller and flippant
disported such a fresh and ulpputil
tongue. Lucky Lode, situated In Arl-
lona un lhe off side of lhe Great Ain-
srlcan neseri ami al the Junction of
the roads to Hopeless liespulr and
Bitter Anguish, extended n Joyful welcome In nil newcomers until they
showed ihelr hnnds.
Poller had about played out hla welcome and his hand BhoWOd not a faee-
Oardi Ills superior way nnd lordly
air, Coupled with Insulting speech, hnd
mndo him In Ihe eyes of Lucky Lode
a human grievance ami a social Impossibility. Not even Matt the Mox or
Texas fleeeham, lown Ishmnels though
the campus. Yei tbls two hundred and
lifty pounds of flesh and opprobrium
persisted in referring to me as Gold
brick. Thus tbe Bonehead's nefarious
designs were safe wltb me. I would
almost offer lhe red-haired and ivory-
domed prospector aid and comfort
while he nursed his wounded feelings
and picked lhe currency from the bones
Philander Potter. Ksq.
"Well, It sure surpasseth all understanding, but 1 do believe that Bolie-
head runt has struck It again."
The speaker. Smiley Pete, gazed from
his plnce at the Gold Nugget bur to
Where Alchemar Ajnx Bunson sat in
the fur corner of the saloon, Intently
examining some ore specimens scattered on (he table before him.
The Gold Nugget wns Lucky Lode's
most pretentious palace of iniquity,
ami nightly the representative element
gathered therein to gulp, gamble und
gossip.     It   wns   three   days   since  the
Bonehead luul unbosomed his frazzled
soul to me and predicted dollar calamity for w. Philander, whoso great bulk,
while Smiley Pctc.«Jfoko, was enmped
al my side, taking op space at (be bar
lhat would hav commodulcd a fair*
lltod VOtlng precinct.
"Hlruck II again, you nay. Grlnny?"
Hiked   Poller,   who   persisted   ill   iiccu-
mulatlng    unpopularity    by    calling
every mnn out of his name, "What
makes you think so?"
"Think so!" answered Pele, bis
amiable nature overlooking the reconstructed nickname. "I know so. I'm
fully aware of Ihe devious bypaths
of ibiM* Bonehead's character, lle'a
been gone for three days. He ambles
in au hour ago, eschews nil stimulants
and he's been over there ever since,
holding a post-mortem on a parcel of
rocks. Take II from me, when Bunson
walks nround liquid refreshment wllh
sightless eyes It's because he's stuck
his pick Into pay dlrl and sees yellow."
"lias be often bit II rlghl?" queries
Potior, ually cavorting to his doom.
"Hull, well, I should snicker to retort!" Interrupts Bert Ibe Bunk from
his place on Ibe skirmlsh-llne of Im-
tlbers. "Thai person of the pelrllled
bean Is so lucky, If he'd get lost grub-
less lu lh' desert he'd come out with
a ham an' a bag o' buns."
"Hut he's that guileless he don't
know what to do with ll when he gels
H," chips in Smiley Pete, unwilling
to relinquish bis place, iu the word
game. "He trades tin* Last Bed Cent
for a few pesos and a talking-machine,
and now it's a producer par excellence,
us the literary sharps say. Thereby
be annexes the name of Bonehead. He
owns tbe Queen.Anne, which is a mere
burrow into the solar plexus of Devil's
Mountain yet runs a couple of hundred
to tbt' ton on surface ruck alone. He
hasn't got the wherewithal to work the
Queen Anne, and now I'll bet he's staked another Eldorado."
"A  brainless  prospector,   I   Judge,
commented Potter In bis most insulting
manner,   "whose   seat  of  reason   lies
In his pick and shovel and whose in
tellect totals up nbout three thoughts
a week less than bis puek-burro uses."
W. Philander got a decree of separate maintenance from the bur long
enough to wobble over to where the
preoccupied Bunson was perusing the
hunks of quartz, antl says:
"Been prospecting again, Bone
Alchemar AJux glowered at the
waddling insolence and grunted:
"Looks that way. don't it?"
Then lie turned to his mineral dis
play  und  a  stingy  smile divided  his
lean face.
"Been gone ibrec days; whereabouts
is this recent bonanza?" pursued Pol
ter, the unabashed) picking up one of
the chunks of qiiurlz,
"Musi bo koop In* cases on me. ain'i
you?" snarled tho Bonehead. "And In
Lucky Lode's proximity, mister, il ain't
conducive r longevity I' be too nosey
about  another man's minlu' claim!"
The prospector reached tail a bony
baud and restored the appropriated
mineral to Us place on lhe table,
"Oh, I only heard Smiley Pele say
you had been gone three days ami bad
struck li again," Poller hastened tf
explain. "And 1 only naked the location out of Idle curiosity."
"Well, Idle curiosity keeps Arizona
coroners wiirkln' night shifts," replied
thc Bonehead, some mollified, "but as
I've Hied on th' claim, it'o no secret
that It's over on th' Blue bill trail,
right this side o' tb' Sphinx bend."
"I'ui going io Blrdsoyc in the morning," says the eager Poller, "and I'll
be over that road In the afternoon. I'll
call around and see your prospect. I'm
a mine expert, you know, and maybe
1 can help you with information. Good
samples  you've  gol   there!"
"Fair—just fair," mumbled Alchemar; "hut my prospect, as you call it,
ain't on exhibition. It ain't no nickelodeon, an' I'm uot sellln' admission
tickets. There's nothln' t* see. However, 1 huve no lying maid t' tell you
I'm not at home, so I guess Til have t'
worry through your visit if you call on
me at the Pretty Salleen."
"Pretly Salleen? Is that what you
call It?" asked Potter rather derisively. "Must be named after some sweetheart. You savages nut here are always calling your holes In the ground
after the girl you left behind."
"Jitat a bit of sentiment," yawned
the Bonehead, getting up from the
table nnd gathering his rocks together.
"It's about all that's loft of us—sulphuric acid fer whisky, Jerked leather
fer meat, sentiment nn' a long memory!"
The emphasis on the last two words
should have warned W. Philander (tf
fate lying In ambush, but I guess 11
requires something more than emphasis tn sizzle its way through n fnt
Alchemar Ajax pulled a canvas
sample-sack from his pocket, dumped
Ilu* orq Into the bag, tied an address
tag to the gathering string, walked
over to the bar and addressed the dispenser of liquid destruction:
"Say, Jack, will you give that t'
Billy, th' station agent, in tb' mornln'?
He knows about it and'11 stop fer it.
I want It t* go down t' Sehurmer A*
Godley al Blsbec. | sent down some
surface rock yesterday Tom Blrdseye,
but this yere Is Torn deeper down an'
I'd like them assayers V perform an
autopsy on 11 soon as they can."
During tbe next week W. Phllnmier
Potter, mine expert, fluttered like a
deranged hen around Bonehead and
the Pretty Salleen. Alchemar Ajax
was always on the job, but Potter
never found him working the prospect.
The Bonehead had dug and blasted a
ten-foot tunnel Into lhe face of the
bill, hut there the proceedings had been
adjourned. The prospector explained
to the fat easterner that he was constitutionally opposed to frivolous labor,
that be had done ail necessnry to hold
thc mineral fights nnd would work no
more on what he only suspected to bo
a mine.
Such times as the Bonehead resorted
to Lucky Lode and the Gold Nugget
saloon to rejuvenate his flagging soul
with the firewater that would have
burned a hole In an ashestos log he
wns chary of Information concerning
the Pretty Salleen, and was usually to
be found In some out-of-the-way corner, gazing fondly nt a piece of qunrtz
and grinning like a locoed Ynqtii.
On the morning of lhe seventh day
Potter, looking across lhe Nugget bar
at a teller stuck In the frame of a
mirror, said lo lhe bartender!
"Isn't that some mall for the Bone-
bend person up at Ibe Pretty Salleen,
as be calls it? I'm going up there ami
be asked me to bring liiur/ any letters
lhal enme. lie said be couldn't get
down uiilil tomorrow."
"Yep," replied Jack, lhe drlnk-
sllnger. " 'Alchemar Ajax Bunson.'
them's the hlgh-snuntlln' words there-
which translated spells Bonehead.
H's from them Blsbee assayers. Reck-
Hi' gentleman with the vitrified
pcak'll be right glad I' bear from Ihem
Ibere mineral clairvoyants."
And Jack tossed the letter to tbe
horrible example of fatly degeneration
of the heart, walling to take It up the
Blneblll trnll tn Bunson.
Potter found tbe prospector silting
outside Ibe temporary shack ho hnd
thrown together near the perforation
in the ample bosom of the Sphinx
Hend. As usunl, labor on the Pretty
Salleen appeared lo have boon adjourned sine die and ad Inllnltum. Instead of getting ore on to a dump, Bunson wns devoting his entire nltentlon
lo teaching a mangy and fleabitten
coyote cub the wisdom of acquiring
boiled Rait horse by the hind-leg begging process rather than the sneaking
soeond-stnry methods hnbltunl to tbe
coyote blood.
Bonehead grabbed the letter, In hts
eagerness Heading the tub amidships
and squashing a bowl out of the beast
that mlghl have been heard in Birds-
eye. Nervously Im tore it open, and
his trembling lingers played around a
twitching mouth as be read the report
twice through. Then be foldod the
document and put it in the lm-dde
pocket uf a worn khaki coal lying on
the ground.
"Do tbe ruck dupeslers send good
word?" asked W. Philander, his manner showing Hint was about all he had
ridden ten miles to ascertain.
"Tolerable to mlddlln'," answered
the Bonehead, as he got up and
Btretched himself to almost five feet
five. "About what 1 was expect in'.
Just to lem ble--just fairisli  like."
Bunson picked up the coat by ono
sleeve, dragging the garment after
him, and disappeared through the door
of the shack, adding as he went:
"I'm goln' t' get my guns. 1 heud
a Hcrceehin' an' a scratch in' up th'
gulch there a while ago -some outlawed bobcal likely. If you'l' wait a
few minutes till I stick it few sinkers
in blm, I'll trail down to Lucky Lode
With you. I thirsl to mingle wllh
forty-rod an' my fellow man, but I
don't want uny mountain lion hold In'
au Inquest oti my groceries while I'm
clrcuiulin' in thai Sodom an' Gomorrah al lb' toot o' lb' bill.'
A moment Inter the Bonehead, rifle
lu hand and pet coyote at bis heels,
Vanished up the gulch, and Puller,
from bis soap-box seal, noticed something white on the ground where Ihe
coal had been. Tbe letter from the
assayers bad fallen from tbe pocket.
Careless Bonehead!
The mine hunter picked it up aud
drew out the folded shoot. What be
read caused him to thaw in his breath
lu little sucking gasps like the exhaust
of an overworked tea-kettle:
Assayers and  Mlnerologlsls
Blsbee, Arizona
Snmple submitted  by  Alchemar  Ajax
Bunson, Lucky  Lode,  Ariz,
Surface rock, free milling ore, weight
18 lbs.    Our Kecord No,-*-13673
Minerals: Per ton
Gold       $147.50
Silver   ;      Trace
Copper          21.50
Zinc           None
Lead   14 per cent.
Sylvanite    .".....      None
Attest:    Schumer & Godley,
Blsbee, Ariz.
One hundred and forty-seven fifty
in gold to the ton! And that on a surface sample! Surely the Bonehead
had tapped the main pipe to the United
States Treasury!
W. Philander Potter gazed for a long
live minutes at the paper in his hand.
Hearing a scrambling up the gulch,
he quickly folded it, replaced It In the
envelope and flipped It to where it had
been dropped by the thoughtless prospector.
"Well. I'm ready to start," said Bunson as be emerged from behind a
boulder. "Didn't find trace of a live
thing. Guess the varmint, whatever It
was, Is over In th" next township by
now. Gosh! here's that there assay
thing"—and he stooped to got it—
"Glad I found it. 1 wanted t' show it
t' Gold Denhnm an' see what he thinks
of It."
"Yes, you must have dropped it,"
mumbled Potter, laboriously climbing
onto his protesting pony. "You're careless with your papers, Bonehead."
"I'h'huh: reckon I need one o' them
emanuelensts valets tbat literary
sharps hire."
And the Bonehead chained the coyote to tlie wall tif the shock within
striking distance of food and water,
closed the door and swung ln beside
the beefy cargo that threatened to
leave the grunting pony sway-bneked
fore ver more.
The nexl afternoon the watchful
Potter noted another letter from thc
Blsbee assayers, addressed to Alchemar Ajax Bunson, conspicuously dec-
oritlng the mirror behind the Gold
Nugget bar.
His fingers Itched to get hold of it,
for It must be the report on the deeper
samples of tho Pretty Salleen, but
thore seemed no chance. The Bonehead was still in Lucky Lode, pnstim-
Ing with lhe roulette pitfnt! and absorbing snake antidote.
Bunson gave It out that Fortune was
no longer smiling at him, but was actually guffawing; wherefore bo was Inclined to be lavish with his money so
long as be had any In stock.
In another hour thc letter bad disappeared. And that night Potter
found the addlepated prospector at the
rickety table In tho Fnshloii drlnkery,
apparently In the communicative nnd
onfldentlal stage of inebriation.
"When are you going up to the
Pretty Salleen?" asked Potter, whose
mind seemed to revolve In circles
around the ten-fool hole In the Sphinx
"No* fer quite sbpell." replied the
Bonehead In a volco as thick us the
brenkfast mush tin* Noble House cook
Insisted was Odlblft "Pretty Sal I cell's
ull right;- tine u-irl that Salb-en. She
lake care Imrso'f now. Oot t' go up
ah' do some work on Queen Anne. Got
(' ku soon, too."
"The Queen Anne is your other alleged  prospect,  Isn't  It?"  queried  W.
Philander Potter.
"Prospec'- ■'. Y' talk like mun
down shaft wltb gag In face. Qtioen
Anne's im prospec'. Queen's reg'lar
humdinger like --ir I she's named after.
Gol t' go up there* -an' hug th' Queen
a  hull Int."
"Whoro Is tbe Queen and when do
you leuve?" Poller would have liked lo
work around to tbat last assay, but
did not dnre to tip Ids hand, well
knowing the Instinctive suspicion that
lurks ln the SOUl of u drunken miner.
"Leave dny af t'morrow. Got f go.
Helluva ways up In Devil's Mountain.
Nothin' up there but cactus, horned
loads nn' desire to get back. Ain't
even got pet coyote up there. Jus' got
mountain rat eats nut o' hand—that's
Tho Bonehead fumbled In his pocket
and pulled oul u packet of papers, He
spread them on the tablo nnd opened
one that proved to be a crude map.
Then he continued:
Sep; here Ih' Is. Way up there on
trnll P null's store. Forty mile fom
here.    Queen   Anne's   good   ol*   girl—-
lonesome—got t' go—keep ber company
un' love her some."
"Why don't you sell one of your
prospects and work the other?" asked
Potter, noting the second letter from
the assayers among the bunch lying
scattered out  upon the table.
"Nope," hiccoughed the Bonehead, as
he. downed a- whisky bought by Potter, which extravagance had broken
tbe hitter's record in Lucky Lode. "Sol'
one mine—Liisbt Bed Shent— turned
out reg'lar national bank. Got hundred twenty an* phonygraphy talker
fer it. Talkin' thing's no good. No
recordsb in town—'bout's much good t'
me as 'nother tail V burro. Been
Bonehead ever shtnee. Say, y' called
me Bonehead onct! Deeply Insulted.
Shatd ought t' prospec' m' bead fer
buttonsh an' olher rellcsh of bone age,
tha's what he went and said!"
"Oh, I wuh only joking, Bunson."
answered Potter, calling the man by
his right name for the tlrst time.
"Don't care; cul in' t' heart, Jus*
same. Know ain't got no sensh, but
ball' t' be reminded o' th' luck. 'S all
right, though, pard; "s all right. Well,
got t' plroot over I' th' Nugget. Hnv-
ln' good time while money lasts. When
it's gone get more fom Queen Anne
an' Prolt' Shalloon. Get little more-
bun on t'nighl an' Pmorrnw; then hit
trail lbc nexl dny!"
The Bonohoad tottered to Ills tool
and giddily assembled bis papers. One
of tbem fluttered unnoticed to the floor
as the prospector, tacking like a yacht,
headed for the Gobi Nugget saloon.
Potter watched the plain drunk hit
both sides of the doorway In passing
through, then reached for tlm paper.
It was the second report from the as-
stvyer.    Foolish Bonehead!
AsBnyers nnd MlnerulogiHlH
Blsbee, Arizona
Sample submitted by Alchemar Ajax
Bunson, Lucky Lode, Ariz.
Quartz  and   Pnrphyrlte,   free  milling,
weight _0 Ihs. Our Record, No. 13682
Minerals: Per ton
Gold    ..      $231.80
Silver            2.40
Copper           14.00
Lead   18 per cent.
Zinc       None
Sylvanite       None
Attest:   Sehurmer & Godley
Blsbee,  Ariz.
It was too good to give up. Potter
folded the document away in a leather
pocketbook, and that same night in
his room at the Noble House spoiled
much white paper trying to find the
least common multlpte of a ton-foot
tunnel and a drunken prospector.
The Bonehead's anticipations of further debauch evidently miscarried, for
the next afternoon he was sober as a
prayer-meeting and appeared to be as
busy as a bobtalled pony in fly-time.
Potter, throwing enutinn to the
winds, openly rode herd on Bunson and
finnlly corraled him In the general
store, where he waa investing in bacon,
flour, beans and other articles of virtu.
Potter rushed to a clinch Instanter.
"Say, Bunson, what will you take
for your Pretty Salleen prospect?"
"Oh, so it's Bunson, Is it?" retorted
the Bonehead, all his animosity returning ns he seemed to forget bis forgiving mood of the previous night.
"Since when did Ihem ribald Jests
about bonehead an" buttons an' th'
dice stop gettln' a laugh? Better make
it twenty pounds o' hacon, Joe, I'm
gone fer some shift.this time."
"I'm talking man to man now, Bunson, and not dealing In nicknames,"
Potter replied. "Whnt will you take
for the Salleen?"
"Why don't, you make an offer fer
th' Queen Anne?" the prospector answered. "I know more about it—a
couple o' cans o' chilli. Joe—than I do
about the Pretty Salleen. I could figure
better. No, ten pounds o' beans Ml be
enough, Joe; I'm no army."
"1 wouldn't take the Queen Anne as
a gift," declared the fat bargainer. "It's
too far away—too long a haul. I'll give
you five thousand cash for the Pretty
"Got any condensed extract o' cow,
Joey? Make it about three cans." Bunson wns paying more nttentlon to the
man across tbe counter thnn to the one
at bis elhow. "Look here. Potter, I'm
not plnyin' penny ante. The Pretty
Snlleen Is either a mine or just an
nchln' void. If it's a mine it's worth
money; if It's a void In a hill It's null.
See? Any mine thnt's a mine brings
me more thnn five thousand. Y' may
recall that I broke my eye-teeth on th'
nre In th' Lnst Red Tent. I don't hite
any more. An' I'm bo deef fom list'nin'
to thnt hlorln' phonygraph I enn't hear
anything but fifty thousand dollars.
An' y' want to shout quick, 'cause I'm
gettln' deefer every second. Top,
twenty-five pounds o' flour 'll keep mc
an' that there mountain rat In sour
dough fer three months."
"Fifty thousand dollars!" yelped
Potter. "Well. I have heen flattering
you! Your head Isn't bone It's armor
"Ynu don'l charge fer tb' weevils all'
worms in that (tour, dn you. Joe? An'
1 want some good, courageous sugar;
th' kind with lots o' sand In It," ordered
the miner, Ignoring the Insult Then,
turning to W. Philander: "Fifty thousand, I said, an' II goes ns it lays. Just
lack another cipher on your first offer
P represenl ihe hole I've dug In lb*
Sphinx. If ymi dnn*l want It, take th'
Queen she's a reality th' Sa lb-en's
only a faint suspicion, an' so 1 lell you."
Poller declined tn consider tbe Queen
Anne and Bunson coaxed to urge him.
but they argued and wrangled for halt
an hour while the miner continued lo
purchase and pay for provender. The
deal was only agreed upon when Bunson was on the point of departing for
the mountains,   potter, seeing nothing
else to do, was compelled tn come to
the Bonehead's figure. Those two assays - $147.r»n and $2,11.80 a ton—were
too much!
-.Rven at the wind-up. Bunson threal-
neil to squabble nil negotiations by Insisting on spot ensh. Ho declared he
knew nothing of bnnks, checks or
drafts, and the only way be would deal
wns on pay-on-the-nnll basis—real
money lhat he could deposit In the
Gold Nugget safe and whieh only
nltro-glycerlne or giant powder could
Potter hustled long and earnestly
nnd persplrlngly. and beforo nightfall
succeeded In raising the amount on
cheeks to tbe express company and to I
Ed i.i
I Nugget, wbu always kepi a goodlj supply
t.i* filthy on hand wherewith to hold at
bay the men win. bucked the llger In
the Nugget resort.
Fifty thousand in gold and currency
passed lo Bonehead, and the Pretty
Salleen became the property of Wil-
llston Philander Pol tec. Whereupon
Alchemar Ajax Bunson turned his back
on the lonesome trails and the friendly
mountain rat and abandoned himself
to a care-free and butterfly existence.
Two weeks later a muss of hulking
humanity—upwards of two-hundred
und fifty pounds thereof -pitched and
tossed into the Fashion saloon. The
mass much resembled a blood-sweating hippopotamus; inflamed eyes protruded from the face; the veins stuod
out on the forehead like double knots
In a wet lariat, and from one fat hand
a document waved like a futile signal
of distress. It was \V. Philander Potter. He spluttered like a energetic fuse
uud appeared midway between fatal
apoplexy and terrific explosion.
Ho teetered to tho bar, where a small
red-haired man was creating work for
unemployed eastern distillers by purchasing drinks for Lucky Lode so
rapidly thai a drought loomed on the
"Look Inie y,m Bunson see thla'.''
cried Poller ns he I urned the little
man around from the bar and shook
tho paper in his freckled face.    "It's
from   Sehurmer   .vi   Godley   at   Blsbee.
Understand? It's the report un samples
sent down last week from the Pretty
Salleen. Read It—you! Gold nothing'
Silver nothing: Lead trace! How
about It? Talk to me—don't stand
there grinning like a gargoyle!"
"How about It?" snapped Alchemar
Ajax, pushing the Irate fat man from
blm and getting his meager back
against tbe bar. "What do I know
about It? Don't read me your epistle:*.
I don't want tu be bothered list'nin'
to th' love-letters of a lollop."
"But it's the assay from the Pretty
Salleen tbnt you sold me! No sold, no
silver, no nothing!"
And if sume one had cut th# rope.
Potter would have written a new page
in aeronautic history.
"Weil, I'm glad ynu had an a-}_ay before you spent any money nn development work; that's always th1 -af.st
plan. I'd almost decided to blow _
few dollars myself thataway when yuu
bought me out." *said the Bonehead
with a vigorous nod of approval.
"You'd almost decided—You'd—-Wh—
what about those two repwrta—the on**
you dropped up at the— The -me yni*
lost over there at the table'."'
"Oh. now you enlighten too." ami
Bunson's lean paw tried to hide ■_
smile. "So ynu found 'em. did you.' t
wondered what became of that last
"Of course l found th*-m, you ifery -
thatched Idiot! What did you think [
bought on If it wasn't "n the ^tr-mir* b
of those reports?"
"Well, now, [ wondered about "aa:
some, too—why yuu were to 'ilamnd
unxluus tu own th' Pr**ttv Salleen wfmn
I urged ynu t' take th' Queen Anne.'*
"It's a bunc—a con game." wl.:**.! W
Philander, thrashing his arma like a
striving windmill, "Its a ^wmdl**' Tho
Pretty Salleen! Fifty thousand dollar**
for a name—and ynu -"aid it was i -lit
of sentiment!    Fab!"
"Oh. that name.'* apologetically explained the Bonehead. 'Y*-». ;-'**s I
wanted to speak to you ahour *:har,
You see, I'm not an intellectual paragon like you. I guess I -tpel.e.i rhar
there name wrung, f looked .- ip ;n
Gold Denham's dictionary la_t Bight
It's spelled correct S-A-L-I-N-S.
Danny Webster, th' wor*! -mark who
Indicted that dictionary. LtloWfl *h
word maans 'salty.' Pretty Saline—
Pretty Salty!    It's my mistake."
"1 want t*> know about those two US-
says!" Potter persisted. "  th*» misspelling and   the salt!"
"No. you th* salt; K's y.v-r:'. ooc
mine," replied Bunson. "An' _bout
them assays: You see. [d nev-r iad
any assays on that there mine you
bought. Them two reports you surreptitiously snitched happened t n*» on
ore from th' Queen Anne mine—tn' one
you passed up. S,. far .is OBSayS
concerned th' Pretty Saline—S-v-L-
I-N-E Is correct—haa sure got i iiibi:"
As he turned to the bar. a: i-emar
Ajax Bunson. ex-prospector and present capitalist, was heard to m.irmur
" 'Buttons, dice an' knife-handles"
Ten thousand a Word, f guess that'll
keep his tongue In ■ conversational
■trait-Jacket for a while!"
The general public ha« supposed that
the thumb print system   is   something
new  that  scientists  have devised  for
purposes of Identification-   Such,   how
ever, seems not tn be the case     Investigation   has  revealed  tre  faet   that   the
system originated with these f'hibese.
Por hundreds, perhaps  thou*aii'is, of
years tin* merchants of China haw ued
Impreutoni Of their thumbs  in lieu of
signatures. To thi*- day in the interior
of Chinn the thumb print it used oa
legal documents) especially wills, in
place of the written name.
The use of finger prints was transferred from China to India, when tbe
British ndopied tbe system m b means
of Identifying the native troop-. From
thnt the custom became general in tho
British military wrvlce, nol only in
lu.Iin. but throughout the United Kingdom.
It was introduced In the poll le-
pnrt incuts of Brent Britain by army
officers, wlu* returned from foreign Mr*
> to tuke position in the poli.-e head
quarters. It** use has become universal
in the British Empire so much so that
ry mini or woman who has ever been
in the custody of the police has his finger prints on lile in the department.
The finger print remrds of Scotland
Yard are ihe most complete of any in
the world,
Wc huve complicated our cutlery in
these -lays, an.l knives nnd forks are
necessary even on the picnic cround. It
is not easy to ply the knife nnd fork as
vou sit upon the ground with the food
between your lees,    But there is the
logla  attitude--for   men.    You   have
ut to sit and pass the knife under the
right lee *11*'- fork over the left.   It will
be rotnfnrtuhlc nnd polite.    You can't
put the knife to the mouth.
No Summer Sale ever Occurred in Chilliwack
that will Save You so much Money to attend
or Lose You so much Not to Attend.
See Our Windows
See the Display Tables in Dry Goods, Ladies9
Tailored Suits, Blouses, Underwear Etc.
Men's and Boy's Clothing, Shirts, Underwear, Neckwear, Braces, Etc.   CLEARING SALE IN SHOES for the Whole Family
Come   Expecting   to   Get   Big   Bargains
Now On
Now On
(Continued troin Page Ono)
Class I Junior to Class 1 Senior.
Mabel  Kipp  79
Hurry Ncvard  75
Dorothy   Hutchinson  "I
Isabel Stringer  <>9
Edna Grafton  U9
Vashtl Motes  07
Frank Whitmoro  ii-">
Kathleen  Young  03
Chen  02
Leslie Morccr  55
Harry  lingers  58
Frank Byrnell  51
Second Primer to Class I Junior.
Adamson Gertie
Blanchllekl John
Clarke Clifford
Coulter Maynard
Teeg Beatrice
Johnston Ernest
Marriott Ella
Nevai'd Viola
Roberts Joe
Kogcra Florence
lluttan Norman
Slieel Winiiifred
Weill. Ardivs'iin
W'liitinois' Hoy
First Primer to Second Primer.
Aldorman Warren
Bowman Karris
Byrnell Daisy
Cupples Archie
Galloway Frances
llamilloli May
May George
Johnston Laura
Malcolm Marie
McEachcril Douglas
MoElvoney Winnie
MaoDonald Lloyd
Mileson Tom
Moore Mildred
Northcoto Lillian
Rockwell Hazel
Sprigel Liln
Sturges Qoorgo
Welsh Ethel
From DivlslonVII to Division  VI.
Hirkinshaw Reginald
Carey Ayllffe
Carey Margaret
Hunl Tlielmi.
Johnston Hoy
Kipp Kathleen
Orr Tom
Rockwell Viola
Sprigel Thelroa
Stringer Ida
Young Minnie
Ada Yuen
Eva Yuen
Bailey Mamie
Bradshaw Alice
Calvert Howard
Douglas Ian
Fox Kathleen
Gervan Harold
•lackson Hazel
Lovo Hubv
Roberts Iteginiild
Kindergarleis to Division Vll.
Barklcy Beatrice
Barkloy H.'rman
Boucher l.eilu
Bradshaw Helen
Burton Nannie
Diekie Maggie
Douglas Minnie
Dolman Allen
Ewen Douglas
I larding James
Hossaek Dellie
Hunt Flora
Johnson Dorothy
McOilllvray Ihsnald
McLennan Findlny
Mileson Esther
Simmons Charlie
Spiei'i' Alice
Waddington Ella
Watson Edward.
Local and General
L.F.Cioft.at Mee Studio for photos
For photos at Chapman's—phone
Chilliwaek Fair dates arc September 11) to 21.
Thursday, July 18th P. S. A.
Garden Parly.
Coal and wood—City Transfer
Co., phone 49.
J. Knight „ Co. for all kinds of
breakfast foods, fresh in.
T. Gibbons, Fairfield island visited in Vancouver this week.
To Lkt—Rooms suitable for
offices; apply to H. J. Barber.
All con! and wood orders receive
prompt attention. Phone-19. City
Transfer Co.
Wanted—lloyal Ann cherries.
The Cannery will pay 0 cents a lb.
for good fruit
Ice cream in all the popular
forms and flavors at Johnson's.
Clearing Sale Prices in Ladies'
Stylish Tailored Suits at Ashwells.
For Sale—Good team of horses;
wagon and harness, nearly new.
Phone 293.
Wanted at once, a goml girl for
general bouse work. Apply Mrs.
Lyle, Gore ave.
Two thousand celery and cabbage
plants for sale; i'i pcr thousand.
A. C. Hummer.
For Sale— New light cedar I mat
and paddlesjust the thing for picnic-
ing.    Phone L-1898,
Wanted, horse for delivery wagon;
weight 9(H) to 1000 pounds. Apply
at Chilliwaek Laundry.
Wanted—Royal Ann cherries
The Cannery will pay li cents a !b.
for good fruit.
Matinee  of  moving  pieluses   nt
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon al 8.80.
Light and heavy draylng handled
with care and promptness. City
Transfer Co., phone 41).
Cily Transfer Oo. havo tholr office
with the Chilliwack Land and Development Co., on Young street,
Over 17". return tickets were sold
yesterday, July 4 for Sumas by
Agent George of the 11. C, E. II.
Matinee of moving pictures al
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at 3.30.   Admission 10c.
J Knight it Co, for horse and
cattle feed, hen and chick food.
Big car just arrived from the mills,
Thursday, July 18th P. S. A.
Garden Party.
Matinee of moving pictures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at 8.80.   Admission 10c.
Foil Bale — Pony for riding or
driving 7 years old, No. 9 McClary
cook stove witli rcsorvoir. Phono
ll 172.
Don't miss tlm Hospital Garden
party on July 9 at Mrs. barter's,
It will lie one of the events of the
lUlllluer season.
Style is all right 1 suppose but the
worst with some people is, lho mora
style thoy put on th.: more creditors
they put off.
If yon don't care to walk out  to
the Garden Party at   Mrs.   Larter's
on Tuesday evening antos will  take
J you froni Hart's corner.
The Chilliwack Meat ami Supply
, Co. have their ice manufacturing
I plant in operation and deliver ice to
'any part ssf llie Cily;phono No. lis.
Go to J.  Knlghl & Co.  for tin'
Best Flour.    We  guarantee   lloyal
I Standard and  Mighty   Fine.   Timi
j grades to* choose from.   Pastry unequalled.
Boats, winslow screens, meat safi's,
furniture, etc., made. Buggies
painted and wood work repaired
I saws sharpened etc. Prices moderate; orders solicited. Phono L 1896.
Matinee of moving pietures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at 8.80.
Social and Personal
Miss Broe is horns'for the summer
Miss II. Kennedy spent the First
at Ladner B. C.
The Misses Denholm spent Sunday in Vancouver.
MIssC, Slres'l of NewWeslininster
is homo for the vacation.
Miss L. Marsdcn spent Dominion
Day at her home at Eburne.
Reggie Manuel left this week for
bis  parents home at Cedar Cottage.
Mrs. .1. II, Connor of Vancouver
spent tho holiday with Mrs J. Grossman.
Miss Biggs of Vancouver has been
a guest of the Harrison House this
Norman Cruickshanks has returned from a visit with friends up
Mrs. Crane and little son of Vancouver are visiting at Mrs. M. C.
Mrs. Mel lardy of Vancouver R]>cnt
the holiday with friends ou Fairlield
Mr. and Mrs. (1. II. W. Ashwell
spent the holidays at Vancouver and
Mr. and MrsC. E. Woodruff spent
lost week with their daughter Mrs.:
W. II. Siddall.
Miss Kathleen and "diss Dorothy
Henderson are visiting in Bellinglmm this week.
Miss Buchan of Vancouver was
the guest of the Misses Kiitheford
for the week end.
C, F. Watson was the guest of Mr.
and   Mrs.    Fred    Chadsey    for   a]
few days last  weak.
Mrs. Slewart of Armstrong, II. C.
is lhe guest of Mrs. G. Sprout ami
other friends in town.
Mr. and .Mrs. Earlc Ileal.' left on
Wednesday on a holiday trip to
Seattle and Tocoma.
Mrs. Wllitly of Vancouver  spent
Sunday with her husband A. c.
Whitly of the B. C. E. II.
Mrs. Caugblin, of Vancouver, is
spending a couple of weeks with her
I parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. McGratli.
i     Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Welter,   of
I Vancouvor, and Rev. Mr, Pike, of
New WostmIn,tor, s|scnt the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. A. I). Clark,
Mr. and Miv. Aloxandor Wilkie
of New Westminster were the gUOStfl
of Mr. and Mrs I. II. Johnson over
Sunday. Mrs. Wilkie is a sister of
Mrs. Johnson's.
Mrs. A. W. Howard of Kinili'isley
Sask. is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Leary, Fairlield
Island. Mrs. Howard oxpcolfl lo
romain here for a couple of months.
Miss Florence Morse left on Tuesday for her home iu Nova Scotia.
Before leaving, .Miss Morse was presented with several tokens of appreciation by her school children, lbs'
Y. P. of the Baptist Church and the
Sewing Club of whicli she was a
inciiilier. Many friends here wish
Miss Morse nmoh success.
Friday at 8.30; Saturday
3.30, 8, and 9.15
A  Splendid  Educational
Film—Making Metal Filament Lamps
Tontilina in one of his
Screaming Comedy
A Breach oi Faith
Rex Drama
A very  clever comedy with
two children  in  the leading
ADMISSION       10 Cts.
Mr. Paul, Superintendent of Victoria Schools is assisting at llie
matriculation examination here.
Attend the Hospital Garden Parly
al Mrs. Larter's ou July 9ib.
Reliable men with soiling
ability nn.l Borne knowledge
of tlio fruit business or Nursery Stock, to represent, us
in British Columbia as local
and general agents.
Liberal   inducements   ami
perniaiieiit position for the
right men.
The Font hill Nurseries
I Ksiiilslisli.'il 1887)


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