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 CMIHwack Fr
Vol. I.
C. A. liAltmat
1'ilil.T mill I'ropriet.H
No. 30
Geographically, Topographically, Climatically and Socially, Chilliwack is the best spot in B. C.    Dr. Rutherford at Banquet.
The Cily Council met ns n   Court
tsf   Itcvisiun   in  the  City   hall   on
Thursday forenoon last. There
woro some sixteen appeals entered,
eight being represented   before  the
Dr. Rutherford Honored
A shooting Incident which fortunately did not result in loss of
life occurred nonr Elk Creek Inst
Friday.   Thus. Bryan uinl Col,  J.
Miller were the Interested parlies,     .
the former wielding lho gun, a six- Court.   Taxes are always mi iiiten- tho bon
shooter.   A difference   arose   be- solv Interesting item with a majority of Gore
tween the two moll its  to  privilege of  pooplo,  and   there  were   some
of crossing  properly  which  Bryan prosont at the Court of Hevisioii
bail  leased  from  .lell'   Harrison, who gave expression to tholr sontl-
Col. Miller also has property rent- incuts and feelings witli considered from Mr Harrison mul to get to nblo force nml tune, lu the major-
It he hnd to cross Bryan's portion. Ily of cases lho assessment as mnde
Bryan objected to this nnd  creeled by City   Assessor,   ,1.   II.  Ashwell,
n fence, nml before nn adjustment was oonflrtned.   C. 0. BonnycnsUo,
was alfecleil by Mr. Harrison,  Col. Catherine  Elli'.v,  T.    II.    Monro,
Miller iu gaining iii 8s to Ills land Anuetta Bnrlici', It, Brott,  Adeline
took down tho fonco,  At this point, V.  Cross,   Adeline   Balliim,   Ward
it is roporlo !, he wns met by Bryan M   Wlillo, Joan Korr Kipp,   E.   .1.
and the nun.     Bryan   is  snid   to Boucher, T. II, Henderson, F.  W.
have lired three shots which missed  I , Mary C. Poors, A. 0.  Ili'tulcr-
llicir mink fortunately, though ono son, all complained of poing nsses-
of the bullets hit the   heel   of   Sinn | sell too high, but ill each   disc   the
Cidbick's shoe, us he was driving nBsossmont wns confirmed. W. I.
along an adjacent  rond.     Bryan Smilh nnd C,  E.  Eckert appealed
wnstii tl by a blow over Iho head on three parcels, on ihe grounil of" supply tif Government blm
by Miller nntl in due li wn.- taken  nol owing  tho  properties. | for public use, same
in hiuid by I'. ('., Joseph Scott an.l j    James Gordon's assessment  was I in city   hull; off,
locked up. He appeared before
Magistrate McGillivroy on Saturday
who sent him up for trial, The
prisoner was taken to Westminster
by Harry Hnll nnd tho enso will
probably bo tried nl tho present
assize, Bryan ulaims he only minted to frighten Col. Miller nnd Ihnl
he used blniik enrtriges,
Social and Personal
cause inoi'c iinui ihe regular
on the surfnoo of the Municipal
pond. The million to proceed with
"ill-ding and ma.-adami/ing
avenue wns perhaps the
most important Item.
Isaac Kipp applied lo hnve Cheam
avenue opened up anil graded.
Owing tu tho heavy oxixmso nocos-
smy it was agreed that temporary
Improvement be made  nt   present.
A letler Irom city solicitor Bowes
gavo tho information thut the city
was under no responsibility to provide Norman McDonald with boxing nntl drainage ns asked for at
a previous meeting,
Confirmation of the decision of
the Elk Creek Waterworks Co, to
sell the system to the city   at   cost,
plus thirty por cent, at Juno III),
was road, received and Idled.
S. A. Cawley, M. P.   P.,  offered
ir public use, same to   bo   placod
was!in cily   Iiiiil; offer   accepted   with
reduced -}""(>.  Assessment of C. B. thanks.
Roevos was reduced *">(• por acre. | Chns. W. Webb, Municipal Clerk,
F. W, Lee improvements reduced j wrote to effect that Municipality
8400. Thc description of the pro- would agree to pay half the cost of
portyofT. (1. Bonnycnstlo being grading Margarel street from
lois'i to li), inclusive block il was Charles stre.-t to Williams road,
changed from assessment on lot and that half of telephone account
basis lo that of acreage, live acres;for 32 months was accepted,
at 8250, 83750. Exemptions; B. C. I A majority of tho property owners
Elect lie, Fire Halls, City Hall, "n the west side of School street he-
school, church tween Ontario street
regular session ol the city! 	
on Monday nvenlng did noti£xwul;UK 0f B. C. Stock Breeders' Association
'l'l'1"' I   ud Chilliwack Farmers',bislilule Banquet
Dr. Rutherford at .Chilliwack.
clitive of tht
A mooting of th.- oxt
11. C. Stock   Breeders'
in Cliilliwnck on Monday was made
'the occasion of n complimentary
bauiJUot ami wclcniiiclo Dr. Blither-
jfonl, iff Chllliwaok, Int.- Live Slock
Commissioner for tin- Dominion.
IThe  executive   of   the   Cliilliwnck:
{"tinners' Institute  joined   in  thei
festivities.    All met in lho oily liall |
|at   Iwo  o'clock  where    Councilli
; Bailey, president of the
Institute briefly outlined the pur-
(ioso in vlow iiiiii all repaired to
the Empress Hotel where luncheon
was portokon of, al Iho conclusion
of which Chairman Bailey, us toast-
master, announced the program,
The  lirst   toast   "(lur   King"   was
I heartily responded to in Iho usual
manner. "Tin-City ami Municipality" was proposed by D. ('.;
McGillivruy, an old timer of 50
years, in a reminiscent speech, and
was responded to, on behalf of the
city, by Mayor Waddington who
spoke of the present development
of the city and its  ambitions.    On.
1 behalf of the city ho welcomed  the
members of the Stock    Breeders'
I Association and also extended
: cordial welcome to Dr.   Ruthcrfnr
lercsts, in any lliing that In
he of assistance iu. _ '.'
The Live Stock Bi tiers' Association was proposed by Jos. Thompson and responded r,, by A. D.
Patterson and Dr. Tolmie, Mr,
Patterson spoke nppt'oulntiiigly of
Dr. Rutherford's services, nml
Association ;*'»''1'n"iscil the importance of a cow
touting association, and on Isehall ..|
tin' Dairymen's Association extend-
n welcome to Dr. Ilutherfuril nml
ihe guests of ihe afternoon,
A. D. Pallorson, President of the
Livestock Brooders' Association, in
n short speech added his testimony
to the    WOl'tll  of   the   gllesl    of   lhe
occasion, nnd the need for tin  in-
farmers' HoUlgont handling of the peculiar
problems which lace the stockmen
iu various portions uf II. C.
Dr. Tolinic. of the Provincial
Department, paid a glowing tribute
lo Dr. Iliitherl'ord, having worked
under Iii
nlight Meetinfi of Cricketers
~; A meeting nf
mcm i Cricket Club was I
evening in the
Uul.'hi'soii Sl Co.
presented n silver i
for competition  fo
'     of
in i
'   e
district between Mission ami Hojie,
ll wu* decided In purchase matting
mul other c(|iilpinenl fm-  :1c loenl
dub uinl ITot'l will be  mado  to
form n Icugiie of dubs ro|irescntlug
tin- different towns in iln- Eraser
B. C. E. R. Staff Appointments.
Mr. Allan Purvis, hitcvurbaiimalinger uf lhe II. C.  K.   H,    pain .
nim.iuncos the following changes on
the staff. "Mr, W. II. Klsnn i-
nppoinied superintendent of thc
Wastmlnslcr-Vancouver intemrban
line, Burniiby Lake branch.   West-
. , minster city linos, including Quceiis>
1*01* oit-ht >* -s, ho found (mro ,„.„,„.,, am| mUa
hun n mill) who   possessed   ll   wide n|,,n (.M|]     |n
nml intelligent grasp of the  work, l Westminster'
a   strict  disciplinarian,  and  m Vancouver. Mr. E. Stirling bap.
hat   Dr.   Rutherford   as a     ,,,._, SU|)P1.illtcll,|PMt,,,  ,.,,,.,  ,..
thoroughly intended  for his lllluUnd |.:inlrll(..\V(,.stmiuster lines
work in his opinion,, had no super-|,,n(i
n in n
lerminiils al   NVs,
iiitcrbaii  termiu-
mi this continent, and his valu-.m
dicers will have
iu  station   building
able services should be retained   ti
Canada   if   possible.       Chilliwaek
was to be congratulated on having,
Dr. Rutherford usucitizeu.   He had Oil and the Distribution of Booklets
shown the Mr. all the allurements of
Victoria with a view to his residing
at   the   capital,   but   thai   Chill-
N\-w  West-
Lincoln Ballam was up from
Huntingdon for Sunday.
Wm. Dyson, of Victoria, was ihr
guest of W. A. and Mrs. Rose, Victoria street, for a few days last week.
The monthly meeting ol the Hos-
ital Auxiliary will In- held iu the
city hall on Monday Mny 13, at 3
Mr. Bi.se, Vancouver, Miss Broe,
Mntsqtli, and Mr. Ilr.ie, of Blaine.
visited the parental homo here over
Mrs. Naboth Allen of Vancouver
was the guest nf ber parents Mr.
and Mrs. (I. It. Ashwcll for a few
days last week.
The members of the Chilliwack
Lawn Tennis Club were nt home
to their friends on Friday evening
in the Parish ball. A very enjoyable evening wns participated in by
all present
Rov. Joshua Marshall, of Mont- tailoring business aimed on by (i.
real, who is th w pastor of tho IC- Carter and has moved Ins equip-
Chilliwack Baptist church, will
preach liis tirst sermons on Sunday
May 12, at 11 a. m. nnd 7.30 p. in
■   ,,   . .    ■ in becoming a citizen of Chilliwaek.
High school, Public school, church tween Ontario street and Hodginsk,   B(li, behalf of the Munici-
improvemento only for church pur- avenue mnde application for a new v.jt ^ „,,„., ri,sm|1(> (lf l|lp
poses, lots II and 12, blockl Die. Ave tat walk. Petition wa*laccept- £w^%ntl development of thc
A. and Court House led nnd work ordered to be .lone.     nmni,,i|)]l|ilv, (hvomn- „n thc •„,,.
porlnlice of good   roads,  and  what
live foot walk. Petition wns accept-
ed antl work ordered to be done.
'■ Instructions were given tn the
clerk and assessor to prepare nn
assessment on inside properties!
benefited, of the cost of six foot of
the Irwin property on Young road
for street improvement purposes,
and submit same to next meeting
of the council.
I The Street Commissioner, Mr'
O'Hearn, Submitted the  following
; figures re the cost of proved improvements on Gore avenue under
the frontage tax system: Macadam-
i ized and boulevarded, roadway
twenty-two (eel wide 81S(MI,   for
The total assessed value of  lands
is 81,800,250; buildings $037,600;
total $2,737,850.    Exctnp'.ions on
lanil 8123,025, buildings 8100,050;
; total 8220,075. Net assessed value
! of lainl   81,070,025,  of   improve-
incnts, 8831,550; total net assessed
value 82,508,175.
Moving Is Westminster
.1. Milton Orr was visitor to New
Westminster Tuesiiay. While there
he secured a position with Burton
Smith, contractor, and will move
his family to the  lloyal City lo-1 thirty foot roadway 82350, or nbout
day.    Mr. and .Mrs.  Orr  mav  re- 811 for each (!(!  foot   lot,  whicli,
tuiii to Chilliwack in the fall.     In  when spread over a  iieriod  of  ten
meantime tliey will  be greatly
-ed bv (he Methodist   in  wliieli
! Illi:
thev havi
1 tnkeu an active  interest.
Has Boo-hl Out G.C. Carter
I    .1. II. Tnrpin has purchased the
I mont to liis new location.     Mr.
Carter will till all orders now on
I hand, when Mr. Turpin will have
| lull use of the store antl shop. Mr.
| Turpin lias developed a nice busi-
| noss and wc wisli him a full mens-
lure of success in his new and lietter
A cordial welcome is oxtomtod.
It. S. Lennio, of Vancouver, spent
thc week end witli Mr. ami Mrs.
H. T. Goodland, returning to the
Citv on Monday, Mrs. Lcnnic and
children who had spent tlie week
here returning witli him.
In the report of the "At Home"
held at Sardis last week, Miss Uuth
Henderson was credited witli a
violin solo. The Item should have
read Miss Dorothy Henderson.
Mrs. Suart kindly drew our «tta>M th-Tlau^
ion lis the error. 18|um|,i   ,,,;,k,,   (l  success   of their
Mrs.   Chester    Chadsey,    Mrs. j venture.    Wc Is-speak for them  a
Coulter,  Mrs   Harrison,  Sr.,   Mr. Urge share of the laundry  business
an I Mrs. <i. B Ashwcll nre among ,,{the city ami valley,
those visiting   in   Vancouver   this .    ■
week and th.-y will probably attend Three Turn le Plaj Ball
the Methodist  Conference  meeting;    ,r,ir(1(,  {mm  w;|,  ,,„.--„,,    bn8(.
years, the yearly piymeut would lie
nbout 86.25. Advertising and
other preparations for the proposed
work was ordered to Is- proceeded
with at once.
Thc lire, water and light committee recommended that a telephone and fire alarm lx- placed iu
No, 2 lire hall. The report was
The assessment roll as amended
for 1S112 was adoptetl.
The Mayor and Aid. Eckert were1
delegated to interview the  Munici
jie considered a mistake, viz: the
desire for so much sub-dividing of
valuable properly, which, as a result it lay unproductive. All the
lainl should be producing.
To Mr. A. ('. Wells, of Sardis,
wl.o is one of the inosl prominent
stockmen in B. ('.. fell the pleasant
duty Of pro|Kising the toast "Onr
(Itiest." Mr, Wells paid high
tribute to the effective work accomplished by Dr. Rutherford. Ho
Iiuiii his respects to Eastern stock
men for the sharp practices engaged
in during the past, to thc detriment of lite business ami causing
the spread of tuberculosis among
western slock. Ho was strongly in
favor of every herd being thoroughly tested, lie saitl lhat some time
ago the B. C. Government had
wisely agreed to pay ono-hnlfof loss
in case of affected slock, but for
some reason the regulation Imil not
lieen enforced, as the needs of lhe
case demands. This inactivity, lie
claimed, encouraged thc spread of
the disease.
The presence of Mr. Wells was a
The  Council   of ih.    Board   of
Tradt t  at   the  (ity   ll.ill   taut
... ., i Friday evening and discussed  ways
iwnck had   won   out  easily   from :.„„! „„,,„- for the  most  effective
anil profitable distribution uf the
Board of Trade booklets. In „-
dltiou lo ibe booklet a small folder,
for use among business men will be
published. These will he of i cot
Victoria ns well ns from other points
in II. C. Dr. Tolmie referred to the!
splendid improvement in tho quality I
of the horses in B. C. as was shown
at tho recent horso shows in Vancouver and Victoria. The horse
market nn the const was the highest
priced of any point in Canada at
the presenl time.
'"The Press" was proposed by II.
Webb in a few  appreciative   words
and was responded to by   C.   A.
Barber,   of  tho   Chilliwaek   Fro
To Hugh Hawkshaw fell the
ever pleasant task of introducing
the toast "The Ladies" which he
slid wilh a certain amount of Irish
modesty. Mr. Hadwin, a benedict,
is a good champion of tlic cause of
the Indies and his speech was nent
nml witty.
Following the banquet a meeting
was helil at thc City hall where the
problems nf the live stock man were I
Those present from a distance
were; Alex. Patterson, mid Alex. I
Davie, Ladnor; Dr. Hadwin and]
Dr. Tolmie, Victoria; Sam Shannon,
Cloverdale; Mr. Shopland, Comox.
About twenty-live liscal men who
lire prominent stock breeders ami
farmers were present.
ment size for enclosure in business letters. Mr. II..-.an ..f rl„-
Colonial Oil Co., was presenl ii—d
addressed the meeting relative ■
tho oil prospects in the v_ey .uni
the proposed plan- of the .-.smpn.-sv.
The Council endorses! the proposal
[to sink test wells and arranged (.»
Mr. Ilosoin to go further into the
mutter, theeommitties on Trade and
Commerce, and Agriculture nn.l
Mining. Meeting- of these .-••niniir-
teos were held on Monday and Tuesday evenings.
First Class Uusi-pes
1    Messrs.    McCarty    &   Spinks,
! practical   laundrymen,   of    North
Vancouver, have   taken   over  the
Chilliwack Steam Laundry and will
i be ready for business on  Monday
May 13.   There is a good plant  in
in Victoria next week also.
Mr. and Mrs N. A. Webb were
passengers on Wednesday to Vancouver where they will attend the
wedding of Miss Eva Owen to Mr.
Alfred Kincombo both nf whom are
so well and favorably known here.
Mr. and Mrs. Webb cx|«-ct  to re-
ball excitement for local fans, in
the valley league this season, viz
Uosediile, the cup holders; Chilliwaek, and Chilliwack Cubs. Hope
and Agassiz will not enter the league this year. This decision was
arrived at at a meeting of delegates
frum the different  points held  at
pleasant  surprise to all    present, f, Batld Hi
pal Council explaining the workingI f' )V,'[ls *H VP,V .P"pnlflT mnonfs
'., ...„  u_.i ' "   i... i..* the stock men, as it   was through
his efforts that the Stock Breeders'
Association was organized, and the
members were delighted to see him
able to attend after a lengthly confinement to his home at Sardis.
Dr. Rutherford, on rising, was
given a hearty greeting. Ho voiced
his sincere appreciation of the kindness expressed on tho occasion, and
the words of appreciation of liis
services which had been said in his |:)n.t. of Chilliwaek
hearing.    He was happy t,,  make crowd
of thc local improvement by-law
recently adopted by the city, hy
which local improvements arc assessed to the property directly ben-
clitcd, and recommend the adoption of a similar system by the
municipality lo provide for the improvement to streets and roads adjacent to the city limits, and allow-
ing residents of these streets tho
privilege of entering into the system |
and bens-tiling therefrom
I   begin
D. II. McLennan, late pr
of lhe Empress hotel, wil
the erection of a new home on his
live acre plot on Woodbine avenue,
early next week. Mr. McLennan
likes Chilliwack so well thai he will
make it his permanent home.
Auction Sale ef Proper*}
The auction snle of business and
residential property conducted on
Saturday by  Messrs. Bent .V (I I-
Irew n  large
many  coming from    Villi-
uurr..».iyi4              Chilllwnok his homo, and although I oouver nnd eoiist  points  on   Iho
irtM noes w*pu* nen wees.              for the next year he would nocos- upenial tram.   Some of the prop-
Williams Stock Co. Will appetr at  sarily have to !»■ away a good deal ,,,.|V offered changed ownership, bill
Ihe Chilliwack Opera house all next he was looking forward to Is tiling t li."-•-•- were nol as many sals'- clfccl
turn on Friday in company  with I Roscdalo on Friday.    Six games
week, opening May 13, antl present- a permanent resident of the valley.
iug a different  play  each   nfeht. j Dr. Rutherford lold his hearers lie
Although the Co, is Olio of llie best I was a Scotchman born, leaving that
on the road, th.-y will play at popu- bonny land thirty-seven years ago.
lar prices, Units giving everyom a,Since Ihon he bail seen niticbof tin'
chance to attend. The Victoria| world; had travelled over Canada,
Times in speaking of this  Co.   ind  United    States,    Mexico,    Europe
of tholr opening play, "Friend*,," with its world famed mountains,
say;—"All   lbc   members   of the mid the Mothorluni
promoters hail hoped for.
sold brought good prices.
Mr. and Mrs. D. It. MoLoman who
will make up au auto parly.
Mr. Rembler Paul, a wealthy resident of Kelowna, has made a
generous offer to the board of trade
of that city of the free gift ol a
tract of land, one hundred and
sixty ncres iu extent, on the hike
shore, for thc purnOBO of n home
fnr tlie ugcil nud inliriii of the
valley. Air. Paul further offered lo
creel a building antl to endow it to
the extent of two thousand dollars
n yenr, the sole condition being
thnt the government would assist
in the upkeep to lbc extent of one
thousand dollars per yenr. This
splendid offer, whicli was gratefully
accepted by tho council, is cqulvn-;
will Is- played by each team, making twelve games here and six at
Rosedale. The olilcers elected were:
lion, president, S. A, Cawley, M.
P. I'.; Hon, vice-president, A.
Lucas, M. P. P.; president W. I..
Macken,Chilliwack; vice-president,
Chas. dill, Rosedale; secretary, 1).
E. Ciireltou, Chilliwack; treasurer,
Gordon Mcintosh, Chilliwack Cubs.
Hope streel is lieing opened
ami graded by Uk City  Board
ed as lh.
Wlml w:
Impwesienls al Ike B.C.E.R. Depot
The  It. ('.   Electric   property   is
taking on a decidedly Improved appearance.    A general  cleaning  up
lias Ises'ii effected.    The centre load-
md that in his iug track has been cleared away
Williams Co. proved to havo g |er-| opinion thoro was uo country to | and a ballast train will soon lie ci
feet mastery of thoir rospeotlvo plrlsI equal Canada. British Columbia RnRod In hauling filling to level th
—and thc case and grace with was tlic gem sif the Dominion, property Inside of tho loop. Tl
which (he production moved fmm while  geographically,   topographl-1 wiring mid poles arc iu courso ■
moved from start to finish, botokin-1 cnlly, climatically and socially I overhauling and tlie whole plant
ednotonlyagenoralunderstandinrof Chilliwack was tho .estSpot in It. generally improved. Tlic inctcas-
a high character, but an Individual; ('., and he was delighted to make! ing business demands an extra team
histrionic ability, not often found it his home. Referring again to, Hack and tins addition will be mail'
throughout a combination of phy- his ten years of service for Ihe
ers. In thc role of Marguerite (Hit,' Dominion, Dr. Rutherford said his
Miss Mildred Paige, who hy tie Work had been intelligent, well in-
way is no stranger to Vietorit, tcntioncd nntl persistent and tlmt
found a vehicle for the expression anything ho had boon able to do
of Iter own charming  personalit;, was tbc result of work—hard work.
Ai-iversanr Commeawated.
Thc ninety-third anniversary of
Odd Fellowship wns fittingly i-
served by I he Subordinate, Encamp*
nieni and Rebeckn lodges nf the
Order in Chilliwack last Sunday
afternoon when the three lodges
attended Divine service in the Ptresy-
liytt-riiin church. A large representation was present. I he. lav i •»--. i u_
a Iseaiitifitl one for the rsccn_mn.
Bro. It. .1. Douglas, of C.-.k s
churcli. delivered tin- annual address which was based on the beautiful slnry of the good Samaritan and
a few outstanding principles enunciated by tin- great I lend of Brotherhood, .b-siis Christ, Tb.- speaker
staled thai Odd Fellowship stood at
tin- head of fraternal orgnnrzntions
who seek to brim; al ..ut the brotherhood of man, aslo tiinnhsT- nud for
effective assistance. During iln-
p:is| lifty vear- fraternal societies
hml made wonderful progress, large,..
Iieeatisc thc grenl heart of the world
is lonely mul wants nss.K-iati.iu, and
also the fad thai lie I luiivh has
preached lhe principles upheld h\
these Orders all down ibrough tillages. Since lhe inception odd
Fellowship 8:UO,000,<KKKI had heen
dis|>en-i'.l by ib.- Order in tie relief work, I.mm.mm | ieo pie lieing
hqnetited, In British Columbia last
year 832,(XX) hnd lieen paid ..ut
while over si,.iKHi,iHm wn- sponl in
lbc relief of 2,(100,01)0 |ieoplehy the
society ns a whole. Besides this
n-sisiai  Ihore wn- the inestimable good doiu' by the clasp "f lhe
hand of ll brother, the -luile of I. i og-
- nit ion mid cheer. The Chiii'i'h and
e the work of fraternal societies could
o not be separated, the one could nol
f take the plnce of the olher.     Earncsl
Very probably by planking a roadway along the track lietween the
freight shed and Hope street, which
would provo to  In- a  very  handy
I i.i.I  Fellows should   be  good   and
faithful churchmen. The principles of tho Order, Friendship, Low
ami Truth, neie beautifully dealt
with in Rov, Douglas' .losing re
marks, and altogether the address
was one in which the prnctlcnl,
every-day application ami develop-
locution. The station building will ment of the principles of g I con-
also secure some attention, as noxl duct and right and generous hearted
Works tiiis week. Thc air in that jand h.v exercising it with the nil- lie was gratified to know that' week it will be in the hands of tlie living on the pari of ih,. devotees
vicinity hns been punctured at inter- IcBSnoss of nrt impressed hersef without exception the people in Company's decorators. The interior of the three links win clearly and
vols by heavy explosions incidental firmly upon the minds of bir whose interests he labored had11""1 upstairs ami down will bo|conolsoly sel forll
to the blowing of a couple of large' audience. Everyone of thc Co. an- shown and were continuing to show
stumps.                                         i artists of ability and well worth th-i their appreciation.   While residing
„,,,,.,  .      ,        Born—At Chilliwack Hospital out attention and patronage of Vietorit; in II. C. he would, he suid, be very
lent to tin-gift of over one-hundred   Monday Mny ('., to  Mr.  and  Mrs. theatre  gssers."    ''Friends,"   wil [glad lo at any time he of service to
thousand dollars. |W. It. Thcol, a daughter. bo tho opening bill in Chilliwack the stock breeders and kindred in-
I ] Monday >
W. It. Th
and down  will  bo concisely  -el  f
paporort,  painted  varnished,  etc. I Odd Follows and I
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on Young roittl will probablv lie im- nl the organ.
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CHAPTER XIII.— (Continued)
I  Become a Citizen
BUT *i* lei' Dick, he was too busy
wiiii ills atudlea, uml iiuiii waa
luu   glad   I**   Hii   at   home   and
watch liim. tu go uut ni night.
Whal Bparo nine I myself had I
bogan tu dovoto lo a new Interest.
K.n'iv.iy had ilrst roused mc to my
duty   us  ;i   citlssen   in   tin*   matter  of
local  publics .nn)  through  lho w ir
called often enough lo koop my Interest whotlcd. um ''veil und.mi him
I couldn't havo escaped tho question-
politics Wits ;i live Issue down hero
every dny In the year. Ono campaign
was im soonor ended ih.ni another
was begun. Swoenoy was uu soonor
elected ih.hi in* began io luy wires tor
lils follows iii iii** comliiH iiiy olecllon,
whu in ihelr nun would sustain him
in whatever further political a*mbltlons
hu might hnve, If the huld the boss
had un ii ward or a city was a mystery in mc iii ilrst. ll didn't long re-
main s... Tin- secret of his powor lay
m th" fact iiiiii in- never lei go. He
was ;ii work every day in ihu year and
hu had ;iti organization with which he
could keep in touch through his lieutenants whether he was in Washington ui* iii home. Sweeney's personality
was always right there in his ward
wherever his body might be.
Thu Sweeney Club  rooms were al-
run for tho council this year,"
I  had heard tin: r ut*.
"Thun," l said, "why don't you pull
free and mako a little machine ot your
own. Some of the boys will stand
by you, won'l  they?"
"Will they?" he grinned.
Willi that I took him around to the
settlement houso. fan llBtonod good
nuturodly lo a lol of talk he didn't
understand, hm he listened wiih more
Interest to n iol ul' talk ubuut the
needs of tho dlstricl which 11 was now
j.-Iiiiii' cheated uut uf, which hu did
understand, And Incidentally the man
whu ni tirst .inl ;ill ihe talking, in
ih>> un.l list.'inii (<• Dan. After tho
latter had gone, he turned tu mu ana
*'i like thai follow Rufferty,"
Tlmt s. i in.'.i iu in.* iln* really Important thing ami rlghl thero uml then
wr sat down iind worked mil lhe basis
ui' ih" "Young American Political
ciiili," i iur objed was tu reach the
young voter lirst of ull und through
him iu reach the older ones, To ibis
end wu had ii "Committee un lioys"
and a "Committee un Naturalization."
I Insisted from the beginning thut we
must havo an organization as perfect
as ihat ut' any political machine. Until wo felt uur Btrongth u little, how-
ever, l suggested it was bust tu limit
[forts tu thu districts alone.     Wc
re now 'cause I'm aftlier wantln' tu  it, Billy, hut we'll use it wisely.     Huw
many times have you told me that if
ymi had yuur life to live over again
yuu wouldn't spend one cent over the
lirst salary yon received, if It was only
three dollars a week, until you had u
bank account?"
"l know thiit." 1 said. "But when
a mun hus a wife und hoy like you
and  Dick—"
"lie doesn't want lo turn them Into
burdens thai will hold him down all
his   life,"   she  broke   in.    "11   isn't   fair
every steamer lands here by tlie hundreds from foreign countries every
week, und 1 say yuu can't down that
Mud, .vm can't lull tbem. 1 dun't say
lhat it's right to raise the priee of
necessities, 1 dun't think it is, though
1 dun't know much about It. But 1
do Bay that if yuu double the cost of
food stuffs und then double it again,
tin ugh yuu may cruelly starve out the
weaklings, you'll find the pioneers still
nn their feet, still fighting.
It scums strange to me that men will
go to Alaska and contentedly freeze
and dig all day In a mine—not of their
own, but for wages—and not feel so
greatly abused or unhappy; that they
will swing an axe all day In a forest
and live on baked beans and bread
without feeling like martyrs; that they
will gu to sen nnd grub on hard tuck
iind salt purk und flsb without complaint iind then will turn Anarchists
nn the snine fare in the East,    lt seems
ways open.      Night  after night    you t00j- a map uf -lu, 0ity ..,„■ we cul llp
tlic districts  intu blocks with it young
could Hnd his trusted men there. Here
the man uni of a Job came and frum
here was recommended to ono contractor or another or tu the "city";
here the man with the sick wife came
to have her sent i*< sume hospital,
which perhaps for some reason would
nut ordinarily receive her; here lhe
men in court sent thoir friends fur bail;
here came those with bigger plans
afoot in the matter uf special contracts, if Sweeney couldn't get them
what they wanted, bu ut least sent
thom away with a feeling uf deep obligation lo him. Naturally, then, when
election time came around these people obeyed Sweeney's order, It wasn't reasonable to suppose that it campaign speech ui* twu could affect their
of course tlie rival party followed
much th.* same methods, but the man
in power had tremendous advantage,
The only danger he needed to fear
wus a split In his own faction as some
young man loomed up with ambitions
that moved faster than Sweeney's own
for him. Such n man 1 began to
suspect- though it was looking a long
way intu the future- -was Rafferty,
That winter he took out his naturalization papers and soon afterwards he
began an active campaign fur the
Common Council. It was partly my
Interest In him and portly a new sense
of duty 1 felt towards Uie Whole game
that made me resolve lu have a hand
In this. I owed thiii much to the
ward in which I lived and which was
doing su much for tne.
in talking with sume of the active
settlement workers down hero, I found
tbem ;is slrniigly prejudiced ngulnst
the party lu power as I had been and
wben I spoke t«* them of Rafferty 1
found him damned in their eyes as
soon as i mentioned his party.
"Tlie whole system is corrupt from
top   to   bottom,"   said   tin-   bead  of one
settlement house tu inc.
"Ar*' yuu doing anything to remedy
it?" l asked.
"Wli.it can yuu du?" he said. "We
are doing the only thing possible—
we're trying t*> gel hold uf the youngsters and give tbem a higher sens- .,1
civic virtue."
"Thiils k 1." I said, "but you don't
get  huld uf  > in tun uf th<- coming
voters. And ymi dun't get huld of
om- in a hundred of the coming politicians. Why don't yuu lake huld uf
n man like Dan win* is bound to gel
pi,wet- soma duy iind talk a little civic
Virtue intu him."
"Vuu said h** was a Democrat ami
a  machine mnn," sajd he, us thuugh
tll.lt   s. Ul. it   ll
"l   dun't   Bee   any    harm in   either
fad"!   said,   "if   you   get   ill the   _ i
lu him.     A good Democrat is u good
citizen md :i good machine Is a g I
pi'iWer,"   I   said.
Th*' man smiled.
"Vmi don'l knuw." he said.
"lu, yuu know?" I nsked. "Hav
you boon t" tb*- rallies and mel th
linn   and  studied  their  methods?"
"Ail vuu have iu du is tu road tho
I- ,|,.is." lie' nnswercd.
'i don'l think su." i said. "To bonl
an enemy you ought to stud) inn in i
hand, Vu.. nughUto find out iln
good os woll as thOTDnd in him. Vou
out hi   to  find  unt    * le-    ' '     hi
powet "
"Qmfl ami potronnco," he  iwored
"Whal ai...ut (ho "He i part) " i said
"JUSl   as  bail."
'Tie 1.     Wli,it     ai*-     yuu    ^s.lTlir    lu    d<
al i Itr I asked
"Our  only  but-   is  eduo n,"  hi
"Then." i said, "why nol educate th**
vounfl poi It h i rn-'    'i*i iu know Rafferty*   he'H young nnd simple and boh
est now,     Help him to ndvnnco hon-
estly nnd keep him that way.'
il** shook his head doubtfully, bul
tc i.e,] tu have a talk with Hiin
In the meu li whilo I Ind a talk with Han
mys.ir. | told him what my scheme
'•Mali."    I    said,    "ymi    must     decide
vi.-itt at th*- beginning uf your career
whether you're going tu be just n
tout uf Bweoney's or whether you're
going tu siand mi your own foot,"
"Phot'S    111*'   inatlier    Wllh     Sweeney,
now?" In* nsked,
"In sume way he's all right," 1 snid,
"And   in   uther   ways   he   Isn't.       Hut
anyhow he's your bus-4 uml ymi have
liiiln what  he lolls you tu du Just   .i
though he was your In nd lord back In
Ireland   and   yon   nothing   but   a   ten
"Kb?" he said, looking up quick,
I thought I'd strike u sure spot tli. t,
and I mud'- tie- mnsl or n.     I talked
along Hke thi*-* f"t* ;i h.if hour and I
snw hi" lips cum*- together
"He'd knife tne." lie snld finally. "He's
to Uiu wife and buy," she said, | strange too that these meu keep strong
1  couldn't quite folluw her reason-; md  healthy,  and   ihat   our ancestors
ing,  but   l  didn't  have  to.      When   I kepi   strong   and   healthy   on  even   a
man at the head nf each block, lb-
was tu make a list of all the young
voters and keep as closely in touch as
possible with the political gossip of
huih parih-s. Over him there was to
be ;i  street  captain  nnd  over  him a
district euptttln and Dually a president.
All this was tin- result uf slow iind
careful .study,    All tin- workers down
here fell In with the plan eagerly and
one of them agreed tu pay the expenses  of ii   ball   any   time   wc   wished   tu
use one for campaign purposes, ai
first uur efforts passed unnoticed by
either puliiicul party. It was thought
tu be just another fanciful civic
dream. We wen- glad of It. li gave
us linn- tu perfect uur organization
without Interference.
This Inisiness took up all the time
I could Spare during the winter. Hut
instead uf finding it a drug l found
it :iii inspiration, They insisted upon making mc president of tin- club,
and though l would rather have luul
a younger mnn nl iis head 1 accepted
tli. honor wlib a feeling of some
pride, it was tlie lirst public office I
bad .ver held and it gave me a new
sense  uf  responsibility  it ml  a  better
sense nf citizenship.
In the meanwhile Han made no open
break with Sweeney hut It soon he-
mine clear  llmt   In- wns  not in such
k i favor as before.     Although we
had nm yei openly endorsed his candidacy wc were doing a good deal of
talking for him. I received several
visits from Sweeney's lieutenants who
tried to iind out Just whal we were
about My answer Invariably was
"No partisanship but clean polities."
\Vh*n ii came lime to register 1
was forced to register with one of the
two parties In order to lake any part
in ihe primaries. I registered as a
Democrat for the tlrst lime In my
life. i also attended u primary for
lie* lirsl time hi my life. I also fell a
new power back of me for ihe ilrst
time in my life.
Little by little Dan had come to bo
an issue. Sweeney did not openly declare himself, but it was soon evident
thut he hud come tu the primaries
prepared tu knife Rafferty ir It wen
possible. Hack of Han stood his large
lit'i'suiial following; bad; "f nn* slum!
the balance of power. Sweeney saw
ii, gave the nod, and Dnn was nominated.
Sis weeks later ho was elected, too.
Vou'il have thought he hud been elected mayor by the noise thc small boys
made. Rafferty camo to me with his
big paw outstretched.
"Carleton," he said, "the unly thing
I've got agin ye Is lhal ye ain't an
Irlshmon. Faith, yo'd make a domn
tolne Irlshmon."
"It's up to ymi now," I said, "to
make d damned tin*- American."
it wasn't mora thnn two months
liter that Dan came lo mo tu ask my
opinion on n -request ol Bwooney's. H
looked a bit  ua color aim I said BO
"V anl   du   Ii.   Dan,"   I   snld.
"U manes throuble." ho said,
* i.. t   n   e-      Wi ':■   bai ■   -'f you
wiih both reel "
Han followed my nilvlci and thc
trouble came, He was fired frum
ids job as furem in under Bwi enoy.
Uul you • in'i keep down in  r i n
foi .mnn ns l' in wns and hr had another j..)* «I thl n n week
a few months later 1 bud another j   ..
job mysolf     i n is mad.- foreman with
mi*, own mm  .i n wr ■ ol two doll u
md ■' ii ill  i dn]      When i went back
at,.I ami<<ui I ihls tu Ruth, she cried
a lillle. Truly uur Clip loomed full
and running over.
came home the next Saturday nighl
with I'd'tecn dollars In my pockot In
stead ..f nine she calmly louk mil Hire
for the rent, Ave Cor household ex
peases and pul seven in the ginger
Jar,        1    Suggested    thut    at    least    \\.
have nne celebration and wiih the b.->
gu iu lhe litlle French restaurant we
used in visit, but she held up hor
bunds in horror,
"Do you think I'd spend twu dollar
nnd a half for why, liilly, yuu would
"I'd like lu spend ten." I snid. "I'd
like to go there to dinner und buy you
a half dozen ruses and get the three
lest soots in tin* best theatre In town,"
1 said.
sin- came lo my side and patted my
"Thank >  liilly," she Bald,     "itm
honest it's just as much fun to Imve
you want lu iln those things as really
dn them."
1 believe she meant  it.     I wouldn't
believe   il    nf   any,me   else,   but   for   n
wok she talked about Unit dinner nnd
those (lowers and Hi*' theatre until
sin* had mo wondering if we hadn't
actually gone, Dick thought wu wen
And so. just iis usual, afler this
she'd take lur basket and start oul
two or three mornings a week and walk
with me iis far as the market. She'd
spend au hour lien- and then if she
needed anything more she'd go down
town to the big stores and wandei
around here fur another hour. But
Saturday nights was her great bargain
opportunity, If I couldn't go with her
she'd take Hick and the two would
plan to get there at aboul nine o'clock.
stilt simpler diet. Why, my father
fought battles   and  lhe mental strain
must have i n terrific   and did more
actual labor every day in carrying a
rifle nnd marching than I da In n week,
nul slept mi' doors under a blanket -
all on a diet thai tho average trump
of today wuuld spurn, lb* did Ibis
fnr four years, and if ihe sanitary cun
dltlons  hnd  been  t\ n|   wouid  have
ret iirin d well iind strong iis many a
■ti..a wh., dldn'l inn afoul typhoid fovor
and malaria.
(To be
Poultry raisim: enables lhe farmer to
bring into profitable use unworkable
hillsides, rough ruck lands, uncultivated woods ami meadows, besides turning waste grains and feeds into a
source uf revenue, Fruit growers find
their yields are Inrgor and bottor
whoro fowls have tiie run of ihelr orchards because Ihey keep llie lives
nul bushes free from noxious bugs ami
Insects, while tin* rich poultry droppings greatly bonofll tho soil Tho
gnrdonor and dairyman havo muny
wiiste products for poultry feeding,
while the products can be marketed together without extra expense, bul often
wiih considerable increase over common prices.
As a purely business proposition,
specialty chicken raising should not be
tackled without considerable preliminary experience and a complete ^understanding of the requirements of the
business. While thore is money, pleasure, uml health in a well-established
and properly managed poultry furm, tt.
like Rome, cannot  be built in a day.
,   A   plant   Ims   been   made  to   produce   a
. .. ,a   -i       itm-     .,    -',■  often  picked  _.__„ ppoflt nf t(,n Ul twelvfl per com
iu certain years, besides paying a
Fifteen  Dollar!, n  Week
uii fur ii song odd ends of meat ami
good vegetables which tlie market
men didn't want to carry uver to Monday. In ta. I. ihey had to sell oul
these things as iheir stock at the beginning of the week had to be fresh,
1 suppose marketing at this time of
duy would lu- ti good deal of a hardship for those living in the suburbs,
but it was ii regular lark for her.
Mi st everyone is good natured on Saturday night If on no other night, The
week's work is done and people have
enough money from their pay envelopes
to feci rich for .t few hours anyway.
Then there were the lights nnd the
crowd and the shouting so that li was
like twenty country fairs rolled Into
Afler the excitement **t coming home
Saturdays with so much money wore
off, l began to forget thai 1 was earning fifteen instead of nine. if Ruth
had spent it on the table I'm sure I'd
have forgotten it even more quickly.
1 was getting fill I wanted to eat, was
Wiinn and had :i good clean bed to
sie.p in. and what mun* can a man
have even if he's earning n hundred
a week? 1 think people are very apl
iu forget that after all a millionaire
can . petal nnly about so much on himself, And after the newness of fresh
toys has worn off- like .steam yachts
and private cars—he is forced to lie
satisfied with jusi whnt I had, no matter huw much more money he makes.
IP- has only his live senses, and once
these are satisfied he's no better off
than a man who satisfies these same
senses mi eight dollars a week. Generally he's worse off because iti a year
or bo he has probably dulled them
Rockefeller himself probably never In
his life gol half the fun out of anything that I did m jusi crawling into my "lean bed at night witli every
tired muscle purring i ontentodly and
my mind i.i rest aboul the nexl day.
I doubt if be knows the Jo) uf waking up in the morning rested nnd
hungry The only advantagi he had
over me lhal I can see Is tho power
be h oi to h.-lp others. In u wa) I
don'l believe be found any greater opportunity eVell r..r Hm I Hi.Ill lllllll
found rlghl  inn-.
Por those Interested In thc details
I'm going tu give another quotation
tr< m Ruth's n >i< book. Hut to m)
imiii i usi d< tails aren't the Imp irtapl
pari -'i our venture,     Tin- thing ihat
 nte,i wni Hi   spirit bach ol  them.
ii     n i   ibe i.i. i lhal we lived "ii from
to el ht dollars i weok or the ita-
f i..-w w,   lived "ii lhal which
makes mv life worth telling ubuut, If ll
I ■   worth   telling  al t.      In   ib,-   tlrst
pluci pine- vary In dlfforen' lo .'iitie*.
• mi shin front year lo yenr     in fact,
Im ■   \ Ban   the)    hav a   . Imoil
doubled. In the second place, people
havi lived and sre living today on
loss than WO did. I glvo our iiuures
-im, [j io satisfy th" curious uml to
show how i: ni li planned,    Hm i no
could  do ns She  did or do as  we did
My itrsf ti ..-in when i r Ivod my
ndvnnco in pay was ibai 1 could now (merely by aping her litti*' economies,
relieve uiiih of sum*' «>f her burdens, or n coop ting the result of them. FSHher
There was no longei nny need of her thoy would find tlu* tusk Impossible or
dpi tiding su much tinn* In trolling '■ look upon it as a privation and endure
around the markets nud the depart-; it as martyrs, in this mood thoy
men) stores. Nor was there nny need wouldn . lasl .i week. I know thai
of hor doing su much plotting and people whu rend this without nl lonst
planning In hor ondoavor to save a a ■••■nn «.r tho pioneer In them will
penny Futhcrmore. I w_o determined [either smile «*r shrug then- shouldors
lhat she should now enjoy some of I've mel plenty of this sort. I met
Ihe little luxuries of I ir*- in the way Ihem by lho dozen down here. As i
of better things lo wear and better snld, yuu can Und tbem In every bread
things to ent Hut Ibe Idea was taken j line. In every Salvation Army Imr-
oiii or in-* iii shorl .-rder. racks or (ho Associated Charities will
"No," sin- snid. as soon us sho ro- furnish you a list "f as many us you
covered from the good news, "Wejwnnt, You'll Utul them In tho suburbs
i tn'l  spen.I  one  cent     more  than nr you'll Uml thom marching  in llm'
d'vi   ii" ti spending." thi   nexl time there is a procession of
"Hut look horn," I suid; "what's lho  -le   unemployed,
,.,d uf a nils*' If wr- don't use It?"      j    Hut  i-lve me true  pioneers such as
"What'*. lh<* gnnd of n raise If We our own forefathers were, such im lhe
spend it'"' sin* asked me,    '"We'll uie young mon out We**t ure today such us
fortable salary tn a manager, but this
result was not attained until after it
bad passed through a good many less
pleasant experienell's.
The financial results people havo obtained from poultry as si business range
from bankruptcy to several thousands
of dollars a year profit. A mnn must
either be nn exceptionally good poul-
tryman, or an ordinary poultryman
with the strategy of a financier, lo
command more tlmn $1,200 a year,
whether he is in business for himself
of working for someone else. There
are many people in the poultry business today whu are making comfortable livings, and there aro n few whose
annual earnings amount tu as high ns
$r..ont) to *?lU.i*ut>, but the number of
American experts actually fn the latter
class du,-s not total ii score.
Retired millionaires and wealthy
people often lake to chickens tn Liter
life, but if the facts are known it is
not true Hint their fortunes have been
amassed   frum   that      s vc       Skilful
poultrymen find it comparatively easy
tu make mure money frum an investment <>f their own time uml capital lu
poultry lhan anywhere else, but as a
rule ihey are satisfied wiih u good living allowance for their labor and an
additional six to ton per cent, for their
Investment uf capital,
Ainu lur mistaken Idea of a good
many who want tu go into the chicken
inisiness is tlmt li doesn't require much
capital, one thousand dollars is commonly supposed tu hu ample for a venture un ;i scab* iu mako n living. Clerks
and laboring people often save thai
amount and then think they can invest
il iu chickens ami make a good living
ever after,   nm it is not s>>.
It takes money to start properly with
chickens on n large scale, a satisfactory, established poultry plant can
Seldom   l.e   lelltcd.      It   does   uut   pay   tu
erect liulldlngs on rented land, so the
only si.fe wny Is to buy a place, This
may '«* of any slse, bul ten acres Is
tiie vet*j minimum fur a poultry plant
iu male fl living, if thoro is room onough t.. ralsi uiie's own groin crops.
there - a greal reduction of expenses
and consequent boost to iin- ultimate
profits from the fowls
\ii-t the oxponso for hunl oome the
equalw heavy mics r,,r huuses, stock.
and equipment, besides u margin for
several thousand dollars which should
be lofit In tin- bank rot- use while the
profits are beginning ur for an em< r-
•■■II. Thus   II   call   be  Seen   thai   tWO
ur Hi*.-- thousand dollars is a minimum
amount, widie ih<* thousand would be
belle) 'mu- coobi f.-ei then that he
was i ife nu matter what occurred, ami
iin.ni ui worries would md bo added to
thus-, <,r caring fur tin* fowls
Novel go Into debt to slur) poultry
keeping, unions your ability in that
dlrodlon is thoroughly   well   proved,
Nur docs   It   pay   I"   buy   a   place   and
Stool it on the instalment plan on the
streiuth uf expected profits. Borne-
ihmH ibe profits do md materialise,
and when Ihey do lhe Interest on notes
or njorlgagos consumos considerable
n von ty* three yonrs ago, ihe ECnlck**
ej'b.cl.cr Mngastno hud ihls word picture uf ChnrlOS  DlOkonS In lis August
H person be is a llttlo nbovo the
stmrtard holght, though nol tall. His
flglre is slight, withoui being meagre,
anl   Is   well   proportioned,       The   face.
iiiii first object of physical Interest; is
peculiar, though md remarkable, An
ariple forehead is displayed under a
puulily uf light balr. worn fit u muss
n one side rather jauntily, and Ihls is
tie only semblance of dandyism In bis
(pearoneoi ills brow is marked, ami
hs eye. though not lurge. Is bright and
ejpresslve. The most regular feaiure
h the nose, which may be called hnml-
nmei un epithet not applicable lo his
lips, which are too large. Taken altogether, the countenance, which is pule
without sickliness, is in repose extremely agreeable and indicative of
great refinement and  intelligence.
Mr. Dibkens' manners and conversation, exoept perhaps in the perfect
abandon among his familiars, hnvo no
exhibition of particular1 wit, mucli less
of humor, He is mild in the tones of
Ills voice, and quiescent, evincing habitual attention to etiquette und tho conventionalisms of polished circles. His
society is much sought after, and, possibly to avoid the Invitations pressed
upon him, he does not reside in London,
but with a lovely wife and two charming chidren occupies a retreat in the
vicinity. He is about twenty-six yeurs
of age, but does not look more thun
twenty-three or twenty-four. Mr.
Dickens ts entirely self-made, nnd rose
from an humble station by virtue of
his moral worth, his genius and his industry.
Dndoubtedly the longest lived animal
im earth is tho whale. Its span of existence being estimated by Cuvler at
1,000 years, The next largest animal,
the elophant, will, under Favorable conditions, live tun years.
When Alexander the Grenl conquered I'orus, king uf India, he took n
gronl elephant thut bud fought gallantly fm* th.< do foil ted king, tin mod blm
AJax, dedicated him lu tin- sun. placed
upon him a metal band wllh tiie Inscription, "Alexander, lho sun uf Jupiter, dedicated Ajas to (he sun." Tho
elephant wits found alive 360 yeurs
The average ago ut cits Ih  16 years;
of squirrels. 7 or s yours; of rabbits, 7;
a  boiir rarely exceeds SO years,   a  wolf.
_ti; a fox, 11 to 10. Lions ate comparatively long lived, instances having boon
I urtin\    where   thev    leached    the   agO
of 70 years,
Pigs havo I ii known tu live to the
ace uf .0 years uml horses to 00, bul
the aveiio ' tho horso is _:. to 80,
Cninols suiiictiiiies live to (ho age of
luu mul stags nte Very  lum;  lived, one
having i n taken by Charles VI, in
th.- forosl t,t Senile which bore about
its neck u collar on which was engraved. "i>ies.ir hoc mlhl dunnvlt."
Whether or nol Ihis stag had actually lived situ, the days of ono of tho
Caosars it is Impossible to say, bul tin*
ovldonco seems good.
Eagles occasionally und ravens frequently reach tho ngo of 100 years and
swans have been known to live 300
years. A tortoise has been known to
live in; years.
Efforts have been made to connect
the rapidity of the pulse beat with
longevity, but no logical conclusion
can be reached, as will be seen from
the fact that the pulse of a lion beats
•10 times ;i minute; that of a tiger, 96
limes; of a horse, 40 times; of n wolf,
45 times: of a fox. -18 times; of a bear,
.'{n times, and uf an ouide IfiiJ times.
It hns been Impossible tu count the
bouts uf an elephant's pulse, but that
uf ii butterfly beats .i'i times to tho
Sometimes you see boys slldint: down
bill sitting vn pieces nf sheet iron, and
sometimes ihey use in place of sleds
barrel-staves; these, uf course, with
the rounded, bulging side down.
Tliey put two slaves close together,
edge   to   edge,   ;ind   then   sit   down   till
them nnd slide. Barrel-stavo sliding
is a lut uf run, imi it's pretty wearing
un the clothes, and it's hard tu steer
this sort or sliding machine, for. the
under side of it being round, it doesn't
naturally gu Btralght, but is likely to
slew around ami tip lhe buy off. Bui
maybe tlmt makes barrol-stave sliding
all the moro fun.
A couple uf buys sliding down nn ley
slope on barrel staves fixed tbeir (mints up with seats un them s.. thai they
could sit Up higher on them. One uf
these buys had an uld hun saucepan
with the handle gone, and the other
hiid a flat-bottomed uld Iron kettle. At
the tut> uf the iilil they would put their
barrel-staves   duwu   on   ihe   Ice   ami
thCIl   Hie  buy   Witb   the  saucepan   Would
put thai bottom up on his pair of
staves and sit on it. uml the boy with
the kettle would imt that on bis pair,
ami then awuy they'd co down the bill
like Ki-eased lightning, unless they
struck a bump on (be way.
Punch, the four-year-old hound dog
owned by  K. .1. Steward, established nil
unprecedented  feat  recently when  be
Whipped       full-grown    Wildcat     in  a
battle royal.   H. «". It. Akin, who is the
owner of the ranch which Is managed
hy Steward, while walking across bis
ranch was accompanied by the hound,
when the hound funk up <i trail which
lie discovered In (be light full of snow,
Tin* trail led up ta an old burned flr
snag.    Upon coming up With the dog
Akin found that  the latter hoi treed
a  wildcat,    a ku.    wns    unarmed bul
managed lo got tho fierce animal where
thc do r could   et al him.   The wlldt at
and d in "mlxi rt" Immi rtlnti i\ and tbe
in- ib.i  inib.w,,i w.i    fierce,    Huth
wildcat  and  dog  were  well nigh exit   isto-d v In n tlu dog, rovlvt d by anther spurt **f strength, obtained n hold
n  the < .i  whit h  finished  ihe latti r
loi  i i* i nuto-i additional struggle
nul disdain to disguise himself as 'a
Polish .lew. lie was very nearly betrayed by u peasant whom he had
bribed tu guide him into Boemla; but
he drew his knife with a ferocious gesture and the peasant changed his mind,
with the result that AI. L>eroul_de saw
the flnul fights of the war as a sublieutenant of Turcos.
Bill Mac Cnlllstor \yns the leading
policeman of Xenia, lie joined the
Elks uml beciimo very popular with
them. When the Elks guve Iheir annual dance ono year Hill was made
chairman of the arrangements committee iind treasurer.
The night of the dance came. The
men ,who had been out selling tickets
turned Iheir money in to Hill. He was
ull cluttered up with one-dollar uml
two-dollar bills und silver. Hill had
money in every pocket in great bales
—about eight hundred dollars nil told
-  and In- didn't like to tote It round.
'l'liu band, uf which Mutt Kump was
ihe manager nnd base drummer, wns
about iu be nn a waits, Matt, between
musical Intervals, run a printing shop
und hud printed Hie tickets and lhe
bills and progrt tes fur the dunce.
Tiie iirst strains nf the music had
started and lb- voulh uud beauty and
chivalry of JConlu were getting ready
Iu glide Viirl dy uul un the floor, when
till) Mac Calllster strode Imperiously lo
the middle of lhe ruunt uml wuved his
baud al   Kump.
".Matt," hollowed nm, "cume hero o
Mall     made    | igUB    thai     llO    mill,Ill'l
thut  ihe band  was  bud  beginning a
WatU, ami lhal   be would cume Just us
Boom as the ilauec wns over,
■    Hill    bellowed   ai.nln:      "i'uuie    here
and hurry  up about  It."
'i'be band StOppod. The waltzing
couples ceased revolving nud Mult bur
lied over lu Whoi'O .Mac l'aUislcf wus
SliindJng.    "What Is It, BIII7" Mutt ask
ed apprehonslvoly,
"Make out y * bill and I'll pay it.'
Rommnndod nm.
"Pshaw, Bill, there's no hurry about
iluil' I'll como round tomorrow. It's
all rlghl "
".Make mil yuur bill Ihls mlmiit iin
I'll pay It." ordered Bill, "I jusi got
tu get shot of sunn* uf this money. -
never knew till uuw huw Ihem imlllnv
aires fo] lulin' round all tholr cash."
There Is a gulden opportunity ueeu-
slonnlly to boom a certain variety nf
fancy poultry, especially a new une, but
this requires experience, capital, success in breeding and mating, and the
winning of blue rihhuns wherever one
shows his fowls all uver tbe country.
Then record prices muy be asked and
received,   and   guud   profits  made.     Hut
this is nut the main brunch of the industry; n exists mainly for people who*
have a hobby or fad and can afford to
gratify a personal desire for the best
by paying a big price for fancy chickens.
Uut the backbone **f the poultry business, after all, lies In the commercial
end of tbe thing, and that is what is
usually meant by the bare term, "the
chicken business." Millions and millions of common eggs and chickens are
produced for every one aristocrat that
proudly plumes himself lu tho exhibition ball. People must Imve their
eggs for breakfast and their chicken.
to eat, and with the Increasing scarcity
ami high price uf cattle and wild game
there is an ever-growing demand for
guud poultry nnd eggs, ai present we
are forced to import large quantities
of these food stuffs every year, which
might be produced ;il llwine al a saving
to the consumer ami a profit to the
In ihis branch uf tho business there
are always opportunities for one pos*
Bes'sod of stlck-to-It-lveness and a liking for th*' business. But, frankly,
poultry keeping Is never a get-rich*
quick scheme, nor are tho profits ever
strictly enormous, The man who is
content with a moderate beginning ami
a fair return on his invest men! of
iiini, labor, and capital will eventually
find poultry keeping all he could reasonably desire financially, besides be*
Ing healthful employment.
There Is no dilficult or mysterious
knowledge necessary fur success with
poultry. The "trloks of the trade" nre
open   to  all   who  observe  uml   think
However,    thOSQ    Who    have    failed    ill
everything else nml try poultry raising
as :i lust resort are likely to fail with
poultry as weii. while those who think
li is un "easy business"—merely throwing oul f i and gathering eggi   no«-d
only invest in it to learn their mlstnl ■•
There is pleasure and more or less
profit In n small (lock uf chickens for
almost everyone with a llttlo > ird
room ami half uu hour or more of
span nn- each day. Table scraps
ami ail •-..it*. ,.r waste material- and
tune mas bo utilised in tin* manage
ment ut the family hocki ami Hn- result Is a reduction In living ext"ii*.*.*-
wiib iln* added pleasures «-f a n e i
tioii.ii hobby umi of having a const ml
apply oi good eggs nml ohlcken meat,
which is iin Important Item nowad ■
'no- business .tm) professional uf" of
ihe average man is so strenuous nnt
it  mu  oased  up b)   some sldo-lh r
hobby ii burns up vitality lou mpldl>
Por recreation of body and mind li
i< nm: and healthful   outdoor   i n
ESCAPES from GERMAN PRI80N81ployment, ib- breeding of i I i Itrj
Aboui u dosen precodonts for the oe- Its supreme.   Por children it makes n
cape of Captain i.ux from iiis Gorman
prison can be found in the history of
tin* Franco •Gorman wnr, uud a large
proportion of tin* heroes of thom lived
to   become  famous.
A notable case wus tbut or Qonoral
(then Colonel) Sa ussier, ultimately
commandor-in-chief of tin* French
army, whu wns dotalnod at Qrandens-
in ihe extreme oast of Prussia, lt Is
suid Iluil b« put his bolster lo bed instead of himsolf, bid in an obscure
corner of the fortress until nightfall.
nml then, having uhtultieil a disguise
by Ihe help of his orderly, was allowed
to wulk out of tbe main prison goto.
Me crossed Iln- frontier lo I'ulamt
ami returned to Franco by way of Austria and Italy.
Oonernl SSurllnden was another prisoner who got out of his prison nt Uio-
gun, in siiesia. on Christmas eve. ll.
made his way iii dlsgulso through Dor-
iin, Frankfort ami Carlsruhs to Basic
a   feat  which Was nut difficult for hllll,
as, being nil Alsatian, ho spoke (lertmin
• lillle us well as bis Jailers.
Thirdly, we may note iho experiences
of M. Paul  Derouledo,   who   escaped
frum Itresluu. uml it Is phpuint lo recall llmt that vehement nntl-Somlto did
practical nnture study, keeps them oul
• >r mischief by providing light omplo -
ment mornings and ovenlhgs, I neul •
cates in litem valuable buslnoss Idons,
nud may later nsslst ihem In completing Hielr high school or college I'dncit-
As nu adjunct iu another occupation!
such us farming, fruit mowing, trnrdeti-
\nv. or dairying) poultry can be mnde to
pay maximum profits, and usually the
results are more   satisfactory   tlmn
Win-re   exclusive   attention   Is   given   to
olthor poultry or tb" othor business,
This is because poultry nre gregarious
ami utilise must of th" waste products
of the other OCOUpatlonS, While (h-v all
hnrmonlse well in production* ibe ru h
seasons coming ai different seasons uf
the year and In niarketlnu a combination of poultry and frull or mill' or
VOgOtnbtoS will attract manv eu'*tum-
orSf,    This way Is not  a short-nil   lo
riches,   lltlt   Stich   II   business   Well   ni:lll-
ngod will pay a good living profit ond
It   Is  Sfllfi  thai   lh"  oldeil   ltivn"tm"llt
security   Is  lhe  real  Otlftt.   ino*-i**it'*e,
money having t n loaned on land it*
Babylon ns long ago as 4.000 year"
Back Full of Aches
Headaches and Depression
That   Stnb-liko   Pnin   in   the   Brick   is
Suro   Indication   of   Kidney   Troublo.
Mrs.   Ann.i   RodrlgUCK  writes  as   follows    from     her     home    In     Valencia:
"For n long time i suffered with rail
ing strength and  nagging  headai he
ily condition grow steadily worse, m\
limbs became bloated   nnd   shaky,   I
was sallow  and  thin,  foil   rho u ma tic
pains, dlsslnoss
Innately   dhlll'l
ami    WUS   nearly
eovorod tho li no caut
Ings, I road so muoh
H-1 t'ni health and Biro
How It Feels to Fall in An
(By .1. E.  Worthington)
nnd   i
suspect   my
I    nnfur
wben 1 dls-
ul my suffer-
tuiii the won
th that como*
all    W '*'    Hr.    IlnmlftOh'S    l'ills
Hint I fell Mile Ibey WOUid help UK'
Such blessings "f health and comfort
I {jot from Dr. Hiimil ton's Ptlla I
can't desorlbe. They speedily put
mo right, ami tbeir atondy uue keeps
me nctive, enoroetic, strong, and happy.   I  strongly  urge others to  rogu*
Into nnd tone tbeir system with Hi,
Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake nnd
No greater modlclno exists than Dr.
Hamilton's lJllls fur tho cur.- uf indigestion, constipation, flatulence, liver,
bladder ami kidney trouble Refuse
substitutes fur i>r. Hamilton's rills,
J5c per b-\. or five boxes for $1,00, at
.ill dealers or the Catarrhosone Company, Kingston, ' int.
Five hundred feet below the lower
plane of the big Wright machine the
Grand River run, mirror like, stretching uwuy In a broad curve to the north.
The lust film of nine hud been exposed, the last film cover carefully
crumpled und thrown down, not backward, so us not to get In the engine,
und the biff camera hud been stowed
awuy on the passenger'B lap.
"Now for a pleasant ride back lo
the fair grounds," thought the passenger and he began to tuke un Interest in the scenery direct Instead
nf sifted through the lens of the camera.
Then -WOW! 11 Hid you ever fall off
uu Episcopal church, a skyscraper, a
wind-mill, or anything else high?
Standing Hint  plane on its bend so
(hat   his   puSSdtlgor,   instead   of  sltllliff
calmly In lho llttlo soal liko the reserved seal In ;i circus, wus standing
up and looking Umi stream directly
m Ua* face, Avlatur Turpin Bill
thousand pound plane directly
I   He
Y..U     lillisl      leliiembi
It is no wonder that aviators, intoxicated with the wine of the high
air, should take chances that sooner
or Inter send thom toppling back to
earth. There uro peoplo who cannot
look from u second story window
without being dizzy, but those wbo
huve never boen afflicted in this wuy
will not be affected by nn aeroplane
journey, provided they have confidence
in the driver. If not, don't go. Why
worry ?
Except for the sensation already described there is really not so much
sensation in the nir us there is In getting Into It, Yuur guide and mentor
gives you directions as you climb into
the seal—and It Is an acrobatic feat
tu got  past  the wires nm\  braces,  tuu.
"if yuu feci the need of hanging on,
hold   to   this   brace  or  Ihls   win-,"   says
he. "nn nu account lake hold uf this
lover and whatever ymi t\u. dun't touch
lho curd above your head.
the onglno."
ud   I
Thai  slOpi
>d    becilll
lu the iiisiitiiiiMi.il uf prize money
by the Percheron Society of America,
the following Canadian Fairs nre recognised: Canadian National, Alberta
/"rovincinl. Central Canada Exhibition,
ottawu; Des.ret Agricultural Society,
Fair, Magrath, Alberta; Dominion Exhibition, Calgary. Alberta; LethbrldgO
and District Agricultural Society. Alberta; Edmonton Exhibition Association; Inter-Provincial Fair, Brandon;
Maaltoba Winter Fair, Brandon; Moo-
soraln Agricultural Show; Saskatchewan Winter Fair, Reglna; Winnipeg
Industrial Exhibition. Special prizes
are being offered for the present year
of 191_. and It signifies a progressive
step in the right direction. The Percheron breed has enthusiasm behind
it. nnd the extra efforts that will be
made Ihls year will put the breed on
nn even firmer fooling than It at present holds. The Percheron interests
ire we)] taken care of.
''Look ho
shut your •
uuiy you iii
es like  that.'
When Your Eyes Need Cire
Try Murine Bye Remedy, No smart ine—Peels
Klnv —A<ts  Qulokb/.  Try It  fur  Ib-l, Wi'ttk,
Watery Byes aud Granulated Byelids.  Hint*
trno-il Book in rn.-ii ttackAge.    Murine Iff
wntmuD-****] l>r unt iht"-*-  —
.<■.. ■" — a .1 v.i'c In ku.
i,»>  fur Lwnv •/■'.ir-,.   >
Hr ll I -Old t*> hr_i*_t»l--, _-.- __,  ....
•m, ,  y.iti BaJveln .*.   .-■.<■ Fob >, "•■ ana too.
Miiri.iu Evo Romody Co.. ^Chicago
.ml I'ln
nl Med<
is* pnw
be fob*
l,.\<ll..li-,''t.uU- n lti I.   It
l-.lll   .Ill'l  I flit »" :■ r.riS
:it„tUitl.iiniii:itl.iii | ji(>I1j-.  U rating
!Ui4iiHilliltw>t-nu*-i--.t Ih-ii, rr.uuU-
tion of um CloodtbrnostiU .>j..rt.as-
: t tUng t- inn- in till . !10SDrOW,tMSlUiy
le_Ui*  it>1, ..i*:.ii.i" itiii Hi.* d! 1.   Al.'*
AM, __bln_port, imi., wm 9 Wot. la.
pnsscnger's  provlous  oxporienco  with
aeli. |> 1. Uie, i     hiid      b< ell      lllllll. tl      lu     I he
sovcii or eight minutes since ho und
Tin pin    bad    "InltOII    off"     fl "in     h'VO
\V wurth's  "inn k   forty"  sis   miles
Up  Mi.'  riv.-r above  the  town
DuWn    Hie    lunch I tic    stud.     I'ruliably
Turpin wns looking b>i' tt smooth pll	
lu     land. AS     for    Hie     pftBSOIIgOl'     lie
thoughl   a  sofl   spot   would  b.*  bottor
bul   .-aid   him-..     Hoforo  he  Itiid   lime
tu voice his thoughts or. indeed, think
many   ul'  llniu.   even,   llie   planes tame
iu im even keel again, the headlong
descent wna stepped, the machine look
it sideways swerve toward the bank
ut' th.* stream six hundred feol wide
hero nnd the fall became u long,
steady, downward slant toward tho
"Kiits!" thought Mr. Passenger.
"He's jusi trying me out. There's nothing wrong."
The mnnoeuvre, now tho passenger
could ihlnk again, bud been much like
that seen the day before whlep Turpin j
colled the "ocean wave." Putting on
uu appearance of masterly calmness,
the passenger looked at the aviator.
Incidentally he noted that all the paint
had been worn off where his hand
grasped the stout wooden brace. Someltieth
grip. lie did not seem alarmed. Levers in hand ho was slanting slowly
toward the earth, a soggy, sedgy
stretch of swamp along tlie river witli
Just a fringe of hard ground close to
the bunk of the stream.
But the ground came nearer and
nearer, and lt became apparent that
a landing would be made, By this
time the machine was within thirty
feet of the ground and bended at such
;i long slant that it was certain there
would be tiu "hitting" the ground. Not
knowing anything was wrong and seeing no reason lo be scared, the passenger did not grab the stanchion again.
Lightly and easily thc biplane's
skids and wheels took the earth, only
to leap ii little from It as the aviatnf
"felt" the ground exactly as the driver
of nn automobile feels a sand road.
Again 11 settled, skimming over the
ground. Jumping n two-foot ditch, finally running along thruugh the sedge
and mud of tbe swamp until it stopped
In a foot of water.
Here is where it becomes necessary
i to take off une's hat to the Great
(American Kid, He possesses the "get
there" facility, Hefore the machine
hiid fairly stopped three of him popped
out of the reeds like frogs, though the
spol Is one of the most Inaccessible
near Grand Rapids- uud made Inquiry,
after their style.
"Hello, fellow: Whadju come down
for?" Uuy wished to know.
Turpin was very kind. "Because
our engine stopped and we eould not
stay up," snld he.
"Hub!" said one kid.
Apparently in- did nol think well of
tl xplanatlon.   Dut   It   was on   the
passenger's ears that  the words "en-
wine   stopped"   fell   the   moat   forcibly.
Waving iii  ib
In m
Hie  ma
.Id.-Ul     that
id.    The
yor wuvi
mayor   was  Turpin
Uul   lu   miss  a   ( bane
I his hands al admli
us the machine  rot
I tin   const II iieul   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
iuio the air,
"nf courso be pulled Lho cord and
slopped tho engine," said Turpin, iu
disgust.   "We caino duwu. in n  fiuttei
for WO Were tiu{  nul ut I he fair ''rounds,
Knocked ovor n 'hooch' tont, narrowly
missed   hilling   i pie   in  lho  crowd,
and came near getting killed."
in conBoquonce thore is one uvlatoi
wim has cut unt Hie waving of hande
;is tiie plane gues skyward.
The directions given, the machine
rattled off across tho field, At twenty
miles an hour across u fallow Held
ninny bumps ure discovered that were
uot noticed before. Au aeroplane Is
nul rigid like au auto uml li begins
lu seem ns if tbc tiling will bump Itself tu pieces before it takes the air.
Then, before one knows It, the
ground lias gone and yuu are—GOING
.More thun u century hus gone since
the kisi f.f the Macaroni luld aside his
coat of mixed silk, bis pink satin waistcoat, white silk stoeklnga with pink
clucks, and pink satin shoes with large
pearl buckles. The dandy of the twen-
lentury does not strut on red-
heeled shoes, with his clouded cane
dangling from bis wrist, like tbe beau
of the Restoration; nor does he adorn
his shirt-bosom With the fine Mechlin
lace, and leave u wake of perfume behind him as he swaggers along Pall
Mall, like the "pretty fellow" of early
Georgian days.
But though he mny cut a less resplendent figure than bis predecessors
lu the world of dandyism, he Is none
the less a splendid creature, with n
proper sense of his personal charms
und their adornment.
His wardrobe Is n thing for the
ordinary man to marvel at, and, in
costliness and variety of fine raiment.
might make most brides blush for their
trousseaux, ills shirts alone are a
wonder in themselves tn their stacked
dozens, of the daintiest cambric and
many-hued as Joseph's coat—shirts of
pink, daintily patterned with white
(lowers, blue shirts, buff shirts, shirts
of olive-green, nnd. most beloved of
nil, of dark purple.
His handkerchiefs are of the most
fragile und line cambric, each bearing
bis cipher embroidered In the corner In
exquisite sticlu-ry, or inlet in the form
of guipure luce. Ills tle-plns dazzle
the eye with tbelr pearls of pink iind
purple and black, each a flawless and
costly gem, His vest-buttons for evening wear, with studs nml cuff-links to
match, ure marvels of enamels, garnets
or mother-of-pearl enshrining rare
II.- hits watches fur all times und
seasons or wear—one for evening, another for town wear In the daytime, u
third fur shooting, u fourth for hunting, und so on. And his hats and suits
in tbelr infinite variety, for every conceivable occasion! would make ninny a
It was Mr. Turpln's job to run the I lady of society green wltb envy.
■ engine and the possibility of its stop-1    And what shall we say **f his corsets.
iiwtwoi--.ii.rIftT.iuW hnd never once  um'fl l0 Mr* which dower his figure with an elegant
fbralmnlonoaNfoet, Uyfwtii   Passenger.   No great thoughl occurred] waist; or, If he Is nn longer young, of
•oil." AtHiTalM'iiif.jnnyiwoUing   to   him.       Isn't    It    odd   that   greatIhis array of wigs  and  toupees,  eye-
I thoughts ore  better  thunk—shall  we J brows, and eyelashes,  which give to
say   on the ground? sixty or seventy tbe facial comelln<
I    "Gush," said In*, "thiil wiis some full, |,,f the twenties*.'
wasn't it."' ll,.  Weara  few  Jewels,  but   he  has
"Indeed It was," raid Turpin. "You've CMkete full of them nl  home  whhh
bad an experience md om- passonger WOuld not shame n society belle at-the
in .i  thousand gets.   Bul  how would | |.e-ght of her career of conquest,   And
Physicians Recommend Castoria
P^ASTOEIA lias met witli pronouncod favor on the part of physicians, pharma-
^-' ceutical societies and medical authorities. It is used by physicians with
results most gratifying. The extended use of Castoria is unquestionably the
result of three facts: First—The indisputable evidence that it is harmless:
Second—That it not only allays stomach pains and quiets the nerves, but assimilates the food: Third—It is an agreeable and perfect substitute for Castor Oil.
It is absolutely safe. It docs not contain any Opium, Morphino, or other narcotic
and does not stupefy. It i3 unlike Soothing Syrups, Bateman_ Drops, Godfrey's
Cordial, etc. This is a good deal for a Medical Journal to say. Our duty, how-
over, is to expose danger and record tho means of advancing health, The day
for poisoning innocent children through greed or ignorance ought to end, To
our knowledge, Castoria is a remedy which produces composuro and health, by
regulating tho system—not by stupefying it—and our readers are entitled to
the information.—Hall's Journal of Health
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas. 11. Fletcher.
Dr. I!, ll..I :.:iil Rnult, nl' Chicago. 111b,, nays: "I havo prescribed your
Castoria oltou Cor Infants during my practice, and llml It very Batlsfactory."
Dr. William r.i'luiunt, of Cleveland, Ohio, says: "Your Castotin Btanda
first In Itti class. In my thirty years of iimcUco 1 CO- say I novs-r have
found anything that so lUled the place."
Dr. J, If. Taft, of Brooklyn, N. Y., says: "I havo used your C.-istoria and
found It an excellent remedy in my household ami private practice for
many years.   Tito formula Is excellent."
Dr. It. J. llamlen, of Detroit, Mich., says: "I prescribe your Castoria
extensively, as I havo never found anything to ct(ual it for children's
troubles. I nm awaro that there are Imitations in tbe field, but I always
sco that my patients ect Fletcher's."
Dr "Wm. J. MoCrann, ot Omaha, Neb., says: "As the father of thirteen
children I certainly know something about your great medicine, and asi.!'?
from my own family experience I havo ln my years of practice found Castoria a popular and efficient remedy ln almost every nome."
Dr. J. It. Clausen, of Philadelphia, Pa., says: "The name that your Castoria has mado for itself In tho tens of thousands cf homes blessed Dy the
presenco of children, scarcely needs to be supplemented by the endorsement of the medical profession, but 1, for one, most heartily endorse tt and
believe It an excellent remedy."
Dr. It. M, Ward, of Kansas City, Mo., says: "Physicians generally do not
prescribe proprietary preparations, but ln the case of Castoria my experience, like that of many other physicians, has taught me to make an exception. I prescribe your Castoria in my practice because I have found it
to be a thoroughly reliable remedy for children's complaints. Any physician who has raised a family, as 1 have, will join me in heartiest recommendation of Castoria."
Bears the Signature of
AVcgetflblc Preparation Tor As •
similalitig the Food anilReeiila
ling lite SlomflcllS ami Dowels of
INF A***.-IS * C __IB£lV
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerful-
ncss .ind Rcst.Contains neiilicr
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
jswv" efou nrSAMiarnaag
Plunpkm Sad'
Mx.Smiut *
Aititi Stid .
Itpptmwt -
lh GirBonnkSU* *
fletifird Sueur.
ttujtrynte flaw:
Apcrfccl Remedy forConslipa-
lion. Sour Slomach.Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fevcrish-
ness and Lo ss OF SLEEP.
Tae Simile Slgnalurc of
A* b months  old
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
or p-iJnfi-t nfllrtlitn. Goltn, I
\ i ..*.> . Y,-hM,:.'tk !,«":.'-i-.il*.*., h-'niliin.
'..   .... .(,. rnUet- bararntloiu. rnca 11.01
•ndUCJuiidl.iri* vi-*-*(ir.li-iu.-r..l.  utiiiii,,,
V. V. \ *'t •<.. I'.U.I..:ID 11 ma:*:.Lid-*., -1-nfrril.f an.
Air... ftiriiip-shfti !.f Mirlln. Ball <t Wjmm
•Ni, WlnMptgl <>>•' KltloUl I '* "tw & Obf—lul
Cn., Un ■ 'i-- rtinl 0a1|ftrj*i «»ii ttawfruo
rtfil. Oil,  I.ut.,  VunctiiiTcr
if he haa a tendency to baldness and
the usual lotions fail to stimulate
growth, or if he Ih troubled by hair in^
undesirable places, he lias recourse to
the beauty-doctor, who, for a substantial fee, will remove the latter or Induce
a luxuriant growth of the former with
the aid of electricity. Tbe electric
Spark will equally remove any pimples
witb wblcb ton generous living has dls-
flgured hla face, or—if massage falls—
the wrinkles with whieh envious Time
threatens his youthfulness.
Our dandy must, of course, pay regular visits tn bis manicurist ut a guinea
or more a visit; for be may be prouder
of his delicate bauds and Albert nails
iban any debutante of ber cream and
roses.     He   must   also   devnle   part   of
every day to physical exercises, under
expert guidance, in order to keep his
ten solid flesh lu decorous subjection
and to retain tiie supple and elegant
figure of bis younger days.
if he pours perfume Into his morning
bath, who shall Iind fault wilh such un
effeminate extravagance? lie can well
afford it; und, at any rate, cleanliness
is a virtue we cannot cavil at. And if
be crowns all bis costly care of bis
] precious person with au annual month
| at some foreign spa—well, be probably
[needs all the help lu* can get from it
in order to keep bis place in the ranks
nf masculine beauty,
lubricant evaporates and all that Is not
volatile thickens und hardens tu clog
its delicate springs.
Three voiceless players, pathetic appeals uf crying need, are sent out Incessantly by the hard-worked slave
of man— nne for less careless handling,
another for a closer covering for its
mechanism, and a thirsty plea for tho
lubricant that no one imt the watchmaker knows how to give. Let man
lie Just His watch Is at his mercy; It
is the servant within his gates, Let
him not rap It upon the shell to rid Its
Internal organs of iheir obstacles nor
sen "i its vitals in quest of dust. If
tbe -jcomotive demands u quarterly
over-hauling, why not the watch? Ha
pivots an- set in jewels mi tbln that a
shock sb liters i.irtn; let (hem be split
even at one point and every turn of
the wheel Ih a rasp, Man has no servant more untiring, more deviled, or
less cared for Umn the object generally
appreciated nnly according to the show
made by  its case.
Send for free sample to Dept. R.P.
National Drug & Chemical Co., Toronto.
win hi pc *a   -   MANiToia^. j
w ft i if  in It  (  III ( i),liA It
u»*•*.'«•. (.''iin, iV>r io roWwu.'
___-'      SH^T'O' Uj            |
you uii*- to come down eight thousand
feel lhal wn"""
Frankly, tho passenger could see no
n lion tn try II.    He r.ile.i.-.l (but us
(..t  terminal  faollllloa an somewhat
|lmpi'lfeet   It)   Hie   ]lil'*-llip   lUlllle.      Ah    |i>-
i.in.i Turpin plowed through the marsh
in      llie   p|.iu*    buck   nil   in   dry
Und, this thought was greatly strength*
Down the river came a COUplfl Of ladl
in  o   motor   boat,   Pretty   soon   two
others who drovo as near nn posslblo
In   nn   until   JOIned   Hu1   crowd.       The
aviator lifted the lid orr several things
ai t  bis  machine  ami  peered  Into
Its "Innards."    Finally  llO  plucked out
n small pie f tbe vlhil* utul Ii.ih.I.mI
ll  over to Ihe bout  man.
"Here vim ure. Mr. Motor Boat Man."
said he.
a broad grin overspread tho amphibious one's faco. "Goo, I've had the
same irnvihle myself," quoth he.
Itelng told what ailed the air bird.
the uuin men also smiled and opined
lhal Ihey. too, bud been bothered the
same way. Don't tell me (hat Ibere Is
no atllultv lietween those who trust
themsolvcs to gasoline onginos, whether on ulr, land, or water.
The troublo? The spark plug In the
second cylinder bad become flooded
with nit and burned out. Very simple
but Ibe passenger
in- is ji greater connoisseur of di Hi al
perfumes    than    ibe dandy nf Queen
Anne's do) who, hefore he promenaded
lu ihe park, doluged himself, from flow
im:  peruke in  Rold-elocki ■'    la     111
wiih musk, civet, or orange-flower
i nu* modem dandy, however, Is more
discriminating snd less prodigal He
afreets sachets, carries a tiny phial **r
hix favorite perfume In his waist coal
i kot, a mi   wlib   a silver sprinkler
sprays bis lingerie beforo he puts it on.
Nor, we muy be sure, Is he nny less
can-ful ut the heauly of face ami hands.
in bis dressing-room you will Mini
such an army nf toilet lotions and cosmetics as wuuld excite einy iu many a
female breast. Nor I*, be hy any moans
content with such home treatment as
pomadefl and creams uml tnll. I-waters
placo nl bis disposal.    He has his own
face specialist, tn whom ho pays
periodical visits at su many guineas a
time, for stoamlng, massaging, and
other mysterious processes for restoring the smooth texture and the complexion of youth.
Bloklo's Antl-Consumptive Syrup is
the result  of expert  chemical  experiments, undertaken   to discover a preventive of Inflammation of the lungs
wae glad he hndn't | nnd consumption,  by destroying the
learned   It   In   Ihe   ulr.    Id-   feared   be i germs that develop the
I dis
inlubt have been tempted tn get out
and walk.
"Whnt Is tbo sensation," has been
asked many limes.
Highly exhilarating. Is the only answer.
Illl Ihe world wltb pitiable subjects
bupelessly stricken. The use of thl**
Byrup will prevent the dire consequences of neglected Colds. A trial,
which costs only IRe, will enn vine
ymi  thai   this Is correct.
Tl hauffeui wnleliei his  tor, tin
machinist watchos h;-- machine, but
few give ii Ihou in ..i ihe little tlnm
keeper runiiInn night .mil day, road) to
allSWel'   In   III*'   lil-*l   app.-.i*
ir instead nf runnlns bnckwurd and
forward tho balance-wheel ran slrul i.i
nrtund, like the wheel >*f a wagon, it
would i an fl distance of twenty miles a
day, and in throe years n would cover
a circuil representing the circumference of the globo, (tunning ton hours
a day al a speed ut twenty-eight mil.**
an limn*, a locomotlvo would take
olghty-nlno days m irnvorso the distance   coveted    by   the   Wheel   nf    the
liiiie watch in three years. Tho watch
is fragile and very weak; the locomotive Is strung and powerful. But the
locomotive is oiled several times a day
and ut short regular Intervals It receives a thorough examination. It Is
kept In working condition, The watch
Is never given oil to use according to
Its running needs, when finished and
put iu its case, oil is grudgingly applied
to Us working centres; nnd. thus provided for Its Incessanl labor, It Is put
upon the inuikel to run until constant
friction brings It t" a condition where
it enn run nu longer,  Not so long after
Its run begins ull thnt Is volatile In Us
To Men Who Live Inactive Lives.—
Exercise i:- the open nir Is the l»*.-t
tonic fnr the stomach and system generally; but Ibere are those Who are
compelled to follow sedentary occupations umi the Inactivity tends to re-
-1-it i th.- healthy action uf tin dlgos-
i* .- organs and sickness follows. For-
melee's Vegetable Pills regulate the
torn i ii and liver and restore healthy
action, tt 1** wise to have a paekel "f
i alw lys on hand
No une need endure Um igony .if
corns with Hollow iy*i i torn i' ir° ii
band t** remove th"m.
The tea Industry in central F irmosa
will be increased at th*- jxp*in_e of the
sugar industry. Already farmers who
ave been growing sugar cane urs nra
Ing to tea culti re The special reason
for this chang« Is the high price t * n
this season and the low price t rmgai
north and central Formosa Is becoming
enne. The cultivation ot orana -
an industry <>f inert istni mc*
Mrs. Turn Thumb, the widely known
lilltputlan, has been on the stag! for
fifty-four years, and is still vivacious
and young in spirit. She has slatted
nearly every country in the world, m-l
has met all the Presidents of the United States who were in office daring
lu-r stay In America. She is ln private life the wife ,.f Baron M.i^ri
Her lirsl husband was Charles 1
Relieves   Asthma   at   Once,
could read the thousands of ui
letters received  by  the makers  from
grateful users you, too, would r
tie* remarkable curing powers ot Dr. J
D.   Kellogg's   Asthma   Remedy      An
cases, incipient ami ehronli
fited by this grenl family remed)    ind
many "f them are cured     vTh] suffer
ur .-\|   rlin*nl  wllh wi-rllil-
tions whi n the genuine Kelkgi
I..- purchased • i *r> wh< n
As a vermifuge there is nothing si
potent ns Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, und it cun be given to tin
most delicate child Without fear of injury to tbe constitution
ire new md entirely dllleieni Irom otdlntry prepntittons They accomplish
ihelr purpose without disturbing Ihe rest ot the ■yilern, and are therefore tha
i.i-_1 laxative lor the nursing mother, ss they do not affect ths child.
Compounded, like sll NA-DRU-CO preparations, hy eipert ebemtsts.   M
unsatisfactory we'll gladly return your money.
25c a box.   If your dmggtit has not ret atooked them, eead 2So. and we
will mall them 24
NttMHial Dmi i»pt! rt*.»inicnl __
The " Empire" Brands of Wood Fiber, Cement Wall
ami Finish Plasters should interest you if you
are looking for lhe hesl plaster board.
Write today for our ■pacification booklet.
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Ltd.
■••_M__iss_*_,s^_»_i"**_*__*_'.'_w^ CHILLIWACK FREE PRESS ul i-ln.v >ir weeds, iilmnsl   llnl
™ - "  always   iiiihIiI.v   in   wi-1    weather,
! Parson's Store
"Clothing  and  Furnishings
m* i
ii'inil.v  *
lllliple   •:•
for riniil purposes, and Uio balance %
liniili'viirili'il, Iri'i'il timi l-opt i-li-iiii, | ♦
is :i system of sli-eel improvement *
which   shoillil  appeal   in   anyone  ,'!
Is 'Til.' N.-ss i. ...
a' I'.ini.'.i'imt i.iii.iisiii.i .-..'iv niinsiiiiv fi'i.in iis irrtiiiiilv is mil it llnua:   o
|        ,,,,,,,»■,.,,,,,,,,,,s,,v,,.,;l,i,ii,,„,k. 1]„.(H|„,Ss.    Tliirly I'eel
g   Ssil iiilinii srli'i'$l.iHi|ior>i'itr n nilniiici'In nil
11  i I-in miiisii Ki.iislrit: Its United Stillest fl.lto,
m   llisiiliiv iiilvi'itisinsr ruti's iiiutl,. known usi tipplt
"' s'tillisii to tilts liulslUlier.
t'lilssillcl iiilviTlisi'llli'llts. I cellt isi't ssisr.l .'lll'll
Insscrtlon, jjiiwii.lv In nsivnitce. , ......
Ul«iiliiy iislverlltssr. will please remeniUoi- Unit wim KivtW n lew    minutes   thought   ?
tisiisasilri. .-Ilitllsic. <'si|s) ii.sihI la-it. l.ssl later lll.sn    ,  . , |... _i,1,',.-.-I Tli,is,,     whu     hit VI"    X
WcsJni'suliiv iiiornliist. 10 llie suojui,      uiosi     ttim    iiiui . v
c. A. barber. I'uisilalioriiiid Proprietor,      lived where   tills   plan   has    beon  X
.     adopted   Imve   nol  tin-    slightest |g
liesitniit'.y   in    the   inattor.    The
EDITORIAL   COMMENT frontage lax phm   of   piiyinent   is
Tn rot'llllt. .-rilii-lsiii. iwyusllshllf, .In  lustllillsT.   pf]Ui(,||||,s mv\ f,,j,. ftm|  \H   ||IIVCl'isal-
|y ntlopted by nil progressive towns.
The commission form nf govornmont   wus   adopted   in   Everett,
I  *****************************************************
Paid up Capital and Reserve $11,400,000        f
il The Fraser Valley Nurseries jj
Including ' ,'i'li-s. Pears, Plums, Cherries, Smn
Fruits, nml Ornamental Shrubbery,
For Full I'lii'iii'iilnt-. write
General Manager,
District Agent
Wash.,  at a special election lust
week by ii majority of 63.
Most men have enough ability.
They're merely wanting ill grit.
Tbey demand a guarantee from
Fortune, They try to keep books
without a debit'account. It cannot
bo done.
Citizens should now set- tbut tlieir
premises are iu clean, neat looking
trim. Let every citizen do something, even if it bo only ll little, to
ndd to the appourunce of the street
be lives on, by looking well alter
bis own premises.
Boost for everything which will
improve Cliilllivaok ns a city and a
place to reside in nml the valley as
regards production ami returns mi
investment of labor ami capital anil
a place for comfortable home limiting.        .____	
An itciilur ilenionstrntion mi the
part of the new water wagon would
have been a. pleasant feature on
business streets on Mondny ami
Tuesday. The old one sallied forth
on Tuesday afternoon, and while
ii was nol overloaded with pnnson-
gcrs the contents hud the required
effeel ii|hui the .lusty slreels.
Sllt-1-CSS.nr I.. WM. Alirllll'.AI.II
Estimates Given
Phone 58
P.O. Box 2(i5
If you have uny Cedar Polos f.if
sale, cut lust Fall or Winter, .please communicate with Mr. Beer, Light & Power
Dept. re dimensions and specifications
etc. nt once.
(iruiul Forks Conservative Association i- asking llie Dominion (lovern-
 nl I'm' a striking clock  an.l   bell
11  tin lhe new sl.'i.lKHI   pus!   oilier   in
Hint City,    ('hilliwiiok   A- iiilinii
would dn Chilliwuek u lusting favor
hv following tin- lend of (irnnil
Forks ami Imve n clock ami Ml
provided for our new pus! ollit-e.
These additions would improve the
nppeill'iilu I'  the    Imil.litis.-    nnil
sMinlil he very useful,
A grenl deal bus  I o  -aid  noil
written nliniil llie growth nnd development ol S.irtli Vniieoiiver.
building |»'ioii|s for  thai   city  for
April are told forth to wnitingl i-
sanils by n Viineouver World cartoon
ns iimotluling hi s.V.i,liS'i. The
modest litlle city of Chillitvuek cun
bonsl the sume in..ulli of over B.VJ,
'jIlHHI, an ainiiittil whieh lilies Up very
well with lhe liginv- of the pr.sgre.s-
sive cily sif North Viineouver.
The passage way now granted thc
citizens of Chilliwaek by a generous
postal department reminds us of
i lie Hood ut tbe time of Noah. The
animals go in two by two, if they
nre not over average size, nnd all going in the snmedircctioii, the average
man does a sort of checker movement
to escape collisions and landscape
millinery, The department allowed un enclosed passage three feet
wide, but thc contractor added an-
other foot to tho munificont(?) proportions designated by the postttl
IH-ople, However we muy Ik- thankful thut we do not have to gain
act-ess to the post oiliee from the
lane at the rear or through the
basement (?) !
The results obtained under the new
system are brighter, clenncr und
neater streets, which in turn develop u civic pride and interest
among citizens which spells success,
If Chilliwuek citizens want to see
the city grow, they must first of
all tlo it little cultivating along the
live of progressive citizenship.
We give special attention to Sayings Accounts.    One
* Dollar only is necessary to open an account,  interest
* allowed at highest Bank rate and added twice it year.
• No delay in withdrawals,     Two or more persons may
♦ open a joint account and either party can withdraw
j money.
Hon. T. P. Mabee, cliairiunn of
the Canadian Railway Commission
ami regardod ns  the  most   export
until on the bench either    in   Cttll-
ada or the United Suites iu know-
lodge of transportation laws, dlod
ut Toronto ou Monday following
complications after an operation for
Mr. AL McSwecn, of Vancouver,
ii former resilient ofChllliwiick, was
n Inisiness visitor to the city Ibis
week. Air, McSwceii intends leaving about June Isl on a trip to
Alberta anil Saskatchewan, having
lieen appointed lo attend the sessions of the I'l'cshylerian General
Assembly lo be held in  Edmonton.
oJliudM& Buggies
Of Comfort and
stands for the host in
the art of buggy manufacture.
See Them at Our New Warehouse
< hn- linos of Implements for spring work are complete
Cultivators Potato Planters
Harrows Plows, Etc.
l-'or Farm Powor pur Gasoline
Engine   will  interest   YOU.
Chilliwack Implement % Produce
B. C. Electric Ry. Co. Ltd.
Tin- -i/<- nml '|iiiiliiv nf tin*
sli'\\\in*. llii* Itiiiuifllf.-*- ;i*.<nt*|.
int'iH** nl" all iln- wai -ivi- - in **tiit-
in;r>. in ihr ticti.-i iiniM.n.-.l ful).
He** Huu We hiv HhmviiiK (hi**  •* n-
nil ir  lli<>   11 -u-. nf   rinb.H'l-l.n,
l.iinii.'.l. will ci.iiiiiuiihI ymir hill
illW'lllinii, Wi* iviilil ynil I-. ..linr
in iiikI l*i"k uver iln* tin Ire riuijfe
tvliili* iln- lint-H nn- siiil  mt broken.
Wellington st.   Opp. Opera House
Sole Agency House of lliililserlin,
I'ttre llre.l llolstelu llllll, Iii lor service.
Itoiii liti|iiirt.'it sl.ts'k.
J. ni'I.UMY, plume K ion
Registered Percheron  Mare. I yenrs
old. weight limn Uu.    Will si.ier
trials' for work team.   Apply i"
11. CIIAIU, I'.'i.l Hiwil,
S.itttlt Stimiis.
The City Council in pushing forward u modern  scheme of street
improvement, under the local   Improvement by-law, as outlined   for     Small ranch with good bouse and
(lore avenue, between Young road orchard,   for   six   months,    will
and Williams road, is stepping out option of purchase at end ol term.
in   the     right   direction.       The     Send applications to Miss C, c'of
grading    of    roadways   on   re-1 Free Press, Chilliwack.
sitlenlitil streets to n width of  lifty1
feet or more is a big   mistake,     A
great deal of extra labor and expense
is required, lhe drainage is  poorer,
and lhe lip-keep is ex|M'lisive, while
from a point of beauty, it is n   datum! failure.    A great, wide expanse
If ynu nre in inr.1 nf  it   uiee,   nininy,
dx'ittoinjbiinjflilo nl good vnl-oa, you
run "-uli-ly your need.- by nddtVBBlllg   (In*
|tu\ 04, t lul imi.'k.
Who wants 160 acres
of Fine Land ?
within five miles of new railroad, where the
adjoining land is held at from $15 to$20 per
acre now, and will he double that price inside
of three years. We have located a tract of
ovor 10,000 acres, covered with willow, poplar
and pine, with occasional patches of opon
country. Het full information about this from
mu-ulliee. This lunil will all he taken early
this Spring, su hurry. Call at onr oiliee this
Chilliwack Land and Development Co. lid.
Bos 109
Phone 178
Chilliwack, B.C.
Wo have in stock a number of standard doors, assorted
sizes, whloli we purchased at a Biiup price.    We bought
these doors right and will sell them right.
The FVices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare these with regular prices und come nnd bcc lhe
doors. Come early as they will not lust long ut these prices.
P. 0. Box 243
Phone L2442
ChilliwacK Planing Hills
II To All Points in Eastern Canada and United States.   Accommodation Reserved Either by
Rail or Steamship.   For Tickets and Information Apply to
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
Agents For the Canadian Pacific Railway and Dominion Express FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦******* ♦♦*♦*♦♦«*♦♦<.«.«♦♦♦**♦♦♦»♦♦♦•»**•*•«'»« •i"!"i"i"i * •*"• ***** *
Don't Miss the Mark!
Cash, Easy Terms or Exchange.
We have in the prosperous City of Chilliwack a large lot and block, Stores Rooms and Opera Mouse, corner
Wellington and Main Streets and about 2 1-2 acres on Wellington St., a beautiful residential site, which we will
sell for oart cash balance easy terms or will exchange for farm lands or improved or unimproved property in \ an-
couveJ Victoria' Nevt Westminster or in the vicing We also  have 32  acres  near  Chilliwack,
choice land  on same terms.
R. D. RORISON _ SON LTD.      %\m\^&
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MarKet Gardeners, Farmers, Etc.
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Our stock of all kinds nf bodding plants, including cabbngo, cauliflowers,
toniiitoes, etc. cannot bo sin-passed. All grown in cold frames, strung and
hardy and all produced from the very best strains. Write for our retail catalogue and ask for our special prices to Market Gardeners, Farmors, Etc. in
quantities of five hundred or over.
Our stock of roses, shade trees, holly, flowering and evergreen shrubbery
ami herbaceous plants will satisfy tho most astlietic,,
We supply on short notice up-to-date cut  Mower design  work,  wreaths,
boquets, etc.
Royal Nurseries Ltd.
OFFICE 330 DRAKE ST. Phones, Seymour 5556 and 5557 VANCOUVER, B. C
VaVaVlVE.    UUV      */« • «****<*«•♦•♦•♦♦•*♦♦•>••♦•♦*♦♦♦♦*♦'**•*****'*"*
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City Market
Main Street, Vancouver
This market is operated liy tlie City as a
means of bringing the
producer ami consumer
together. Vou are in-
viteil tss send your produce. V e handle every-
thing fr un tin- farm,
(excepting milk.) By
consigning your produce
to the City Market vou
will get tin- best prices,
sharp returns, and very
prompt settlements.
john McMillan
Fresh  Bottled  Milk nnd ('renin
delivered daily to any part
of the city
Order for Morning Delivery.
City Dairy
Numerous Items of Business are
Disposed ol.   Gravel Pit
Acting l!eeve .1.   A.   Kv
sids-d over the deliberations of
Municipal Council meeting on Saturday Afternoon, in the absence nf
lieevc I*. II. Wilson.
.1. 'I*.   Mnynnrd  requested additional grading on Margarel stre-t lss>-  ^	
tween ('buries street ami Williams 	
road.   The property owners on the I '"* "«« Rising
Municipal side of the street   agreed [    ■[•)„. ('. p, |t. ,.ivrl. s.,,,mpl. (|1K
$8.00 per lot toward the cost
s. A. Cnwloy, M. I'. I'.,
acres of gravel no the St
road on part of lot 20.
Tlic nil.' by-law ami
for  three
lb Siiioas
■roup '-'.
trunk  nun!
by-laws were linnlly _
\Y. A. Blow was granted wire for
etisl side .if road.
The liuaiH'i' eominiltec reported
on accounts amounting to sl7s|.|.">
and these were ordi'i'i'tl to be paid,
ami tbe Council adjourned tn meet
on May'is, at two p.in.
We Repair Watches :
*    111!
ieks, and Jewelery in First
; ond Optical work attended
reel I v.
A trial
('his- Stylo,
tu promptly
aud eor-
Wc iln engrnvbig nn tlio prcmlst
i.l slosir from En
R. A. Hrndbrbon,o.e.&m._.
B. 0. Land Surveyor
Rooina 10 A 11, Westminster Trust lllsjck
Westminster Trust Building
Imve   n new  anil   tip-to-tlnte
plant with llii' Istest methods ttsr all
ksuilstiil Cleaning. Hying ami "■*«■-
ing. Kxpcrt help lor all branches.
Hpssial attention will I*' given 10*1.11
Mul •ml Kxi.i.so. isrsls'tss from Chilli-
waek nntl tin- Vnlley. We solicit t. trial.
428  8th AVE. W.. VANCOUVER
Open every evening from
7..50 to 10, and Saturday
from 2.30 to ii.
British Columbia Electric Ry.
Trsin.       Chwk.
Train     lllgdn.
Train       Vnn.
'i    S.:W ii.m.
8...   . 8.00pan,
it. lu
Train      Van.     Wcstinin.
House Wiring
J. H. Patterson
Wellington si., opp, Opors lion*'
to pay       ^^^^^^^^
'I'lie request was granted.
Messrs. Kvans ami Bailey were
appointed lo examine tin- South
cud of Llckinnn road licyond the
tram line with power to have same
repaired ns soisn as possible and re-
Imil at next meeting.
Reeve Kvans was delegated to
have culvert graded on John Orr
property, and also to have bridge
I repaired on Young road al earliest
j possible date; also to have Municipal Engineer place stake's on Adams
Tho offer of Geo. Watson to accept $100 for opening up of Sehn-
I bart rond to Carter road; snipe lo
Ise cleared thirty feet wide and made
pnssablc for wagons was accepted.
Coun. Brett was allowed to   have
ithe Nevin side road repaired at tho
j tipper end at tl cost of 87fi nnd two
I Isoxes ttf powdor.
'I'lie Council accepted a plan of
roail presented by Mayor Wadding-
ton across li. Clarke's property
Voting rood.
The Board ol Works was authorized to let contract for gravel on
Camp Slough rond near the Breakwater riinil, also ou the Chapman
rond and the fassclmnn road on
Thursday May III ut two p. in.
The refund  of t'i  rond  lax  lo
Lincoln Webber for 1910 was nutli'lCrook.   The distance in is*-
"",,.',, . nnd lho packing und  hand
Thc Clerk was authorised to mir* tlir heavy n Itliwrv will .
chase two Fresno scru|vrs, six slush | |ol „f KOr\t,   The  iocntloil
el at the ttp)ier landing mi Monday
evening for the first time this sen-,
sun. Tbe l-'raser river has Isecn
rising gradually during llie past two
weeks, lt is however nine inches
loworcr than mt ibis dale last yenr.
Mining on Chilliwack River
The following despatch appeared
in ibe Columbian of Saturday:—
The Chilliwack river anil lake mining district, wiih the claims on
Mount Baker ami on lied Mountain,
this season will witness more pro-
grass in mining than ever before, is
the opinion of I'M. Allison, who is
outfitting fiirt.v pnek-horscs to Iruns-
port supplies from this plnco tn thc
Silieia ami Baker claims, For lbc
I past several weeks, prospectors have
i n going   into   tlmt   district   by
both tin- Glacier and the linker
trails, ami development work in
tin- big mines is lieing pursued with
linii'i' vim than for seven year-.    In
thc liiil Mountain mines, in which
■lodge Seott of Seattle isa big shareholder, milling and separation is to
lie undertaken this spring.   A lurge
-1 stump mill has boon shipped and
is now being released front 1*011(1  at
Sumas.    It will Ite  convoyed   from
there Its Sardis on tin- B. C.  IC.   I!,
and   from   there   packed   by   Mr,
Allison to the Seott mine on Silieia
"t iiiiii-,
ling   of
ntail  a
of   the
An Al
'!'! acres on McSween Road two-thirds
cleared and the balance easy clearing.
First .-lass soil for mixed farming.
; Price $250 per acre.    Terms to Suit
Adjoining Property  has been
fin* $4()() per acre.
Chas. Huteheson $ Co.
Public Notice
lienaller i    ,1
scrapers and one mail plow,
Clerk was instructed lo have
published the instructions ot Fire
Wardens llmt nil the roots, hsgs,
stumps, etc, dinn|«'il into (lie
sloughs must Ims biirnl or Government will burn same at owners cx-
W.  Creelman   nml    others
i Seott mine is ju-t   across   Ibe   In.
Itcrnatlonnl boundary line in the
State of Washington. Tin- stump
mill will have to Is. located mi this
Initio of thc line 111 ordor to get the
wnler. This fact bus led the iniii-
i ing men on the Canadian sido to
I view It with satisfaction as  it   will
bring business their way,  nml  give
I.ve. Cliilliwnck 5.00 a.m. I Dally Except
"   Vancouver 7.00   "    »     Suiulity
All p_wciis.fr trains liumlle Express!.
Xssiiee is hereby given Iluil
all j-arlsiigi-io.il n-litse will 1st- reiimvcl ,„,,,,j„m.,'   „.   opening   of   South manv of the small mine   owners a
Vhe' mmmm**U m»kc n-m.lnr'«»'»«." '■•'':>■• ** «™> inBtrUcthd j chance to mill Iheir ores. As (be
etills, nml merchant* lioiwholi.cn>, to wrlto Win. McU-ori Hint thc;Mount linker trail, which follows
iwiliiurants, hotels, ele, are reqiltatcl the Council would bear OHO third of th,. Chilliwack river, is the only
to place ihelr garbage in n oror-r *. oxponso for clearing out the tliteh noccsslblo wny to lho mines on Iho
eepla.'l.- illl.l |.lit.'"'   Ill   II   CPIlVlCm    > SCO   „n ,|,« «,.,,,I, Unanos ......I   ll..,    ......I   -11! . ,       -.        ,      . ,
lor lis removal.    All viicsnl Ims „.„,„ ,''n the S'tulb Sumas ioml the road Slllciasldc  thc   business   men  ot
which refuse has Inmi «lc|iodtcit,  inusl  '" icniiiin as ut presenl. Cliilliwnck will Isenelit by the mine
I.'eleaiieil up iiii.I ilie MDwilgcr ui 11.    Clerk was nuthorizeil to offer Mr. development  also.     Tbe  want   of
remove such retiwo. ' |tc|dnni *;:. |„r m-i-e for four m-res ,„soil trails is a hnndllcap to innnv
^•/SSS. 'V'S;":;?::::; «< •"•■■!>• -'«;«»j^ ri-" ""■ »>■" «^* ^ A,s
Ih- h'm.iveil hits  1x1-11  iirrtiiip'il,  nml  n twenty rotls oil either si.le   of   the
City Collect ir nill iie n|ipohitcd     Nn I'resl road and sixt.vu   rotls  tleep.
i"',vi,ii'-n ust lie nmdo except i» ihis .\lso to compiunlonto   will,    the
tVnvenglng olher lhan lhat pi_vltl«l Northern ^nBtrtwllon Co.. to ns-
l.y the City tniisl Ih- ul  the ex|sensH' „( .cerluin if thi'I oiineil   eould   secure
ilu- person .It-firing same. . gravel on their cross  roads  uml  al
Ily ssnlcr, I what price.
BO.UID OF llllAl.TH. |    Council ngreed to  pay   11060   lo
who is thoroughly not|iininted
that ilistiiel, claims Ihnt u
suiall outlay of money would
matters uilleb.
Light and heavy drayiug handled
I with care ami promplneM. City
'Transfer Co., phono -III.
I Household Articles 1
The little Im*
iiiersiiin Iteat-
er. li 0 i I s
water in a few
El Stovo
The   stovo
wliieli     boils
your     kettle
nil cooking
purposes us
well as toas
El Perco
Makes flelie
lolls    eolTee
in    at    few
257        S.   PUGH Chilliwack
Experienced mothers say
Zam-Buk is best for children's injuries aud skin
troubles, because:
It is herbal—no poisonous
mineral coloring,
It is antiseptic—prevents
cuts ami burns taking the
wrong way.
It is soothing—cutis |iain
It heals every time.
Just as good for grownups.
Said at all stores and
That Remind* Ne
IO    How tenderly Bhe kisses her sis-
iiT's hand,
Willie   Kiss nuthln'l    tier sister Is
packer In a candy factory,
*   *   »
Oruff customer (looking up fr.m the
menu cards)-—Have yuu brains?
Timid waitress (confused)*—No, sir.
That's   tho reason  I'm  working  here.
itnLiii entered tin- whnlo
*■   *   »
Hupband 1 won't say marriage is
i failure, but Bomo are mun- fortunate
what Ihey gel than othors.
Wiiv-Yuu arc quite right, dear; for
Instance, you got me, hut t—got only
.     •
■<ni marry
1   WiltUIII
.'i-.i.   Tho
-.'Xlllllllli'    <
llllo  wol
a few weeks ago several commercials were travelling In a train to the
north, and had to change at a roadside
station far from any sign of refreshment. One of the number whlled away
the time by chaffing the solitary porter,
time, when the porter's turn tame.
He had  beon at this game for some
"I say," asked the funny commercial,
"what made thom build tlie station so
far away from the village?"
"I don't know." replied the porter
gravely, "unless they thought it would
be more convenient to have It down
here near I he railway,"
Wh) '•■' • ip ; '■* ru W liy suffer when
cun n ;'** had In twenty-four hours
by ust*i '' ■ii.in.*.- Painless Corn and
Wart Extractor? Its healing balm and
soothing •I'laiitii's relieve lho pain in
a fow li.'in*-. 'h" hard kernel <>r Lhe
corn Is dhtfiilved awny. Absolute satisfaction In i 25c bottle "f Putnam's
Painless Corn ami Warl Extractor.
When an Irish County Court was
about to open its session recently ihe
discovery was mnde that the courl
crier was absent, A substitute was
provided, and llie court luul hardly
taken up n ease when a breathless
meBsenger-boy dashed In with n telegram from lhe absent official. The missive was handed to Lhe judge, who
"Wife's mother died last night. Will
not be aide to cry to-day."
Hostess  (afler a  very meagre din-
nor):   "And  when  are  you  going  to
j dine wiih us again?"
j    Mr, Jolly:  "At ome ir yon tike."
• *   .
I    Magistrate:   "What!    Do yon  mean
ilo say ihat your husband struck you.
and he a physical wreck?"
Mrs. Moloney: "Ves, yer honor; but
he's been a physical wreck only since
lie struck me."
• *    *
Reggy Doe wol lo (to IiIh tailor)—
"Weally. 1 think 1 have been very
pailent with you, I promised again
and again to pay you, but if ymi keep
on bothering me 1 simply won't promise any more."
"The widow promised to give me
hor answer tomorrow. I don't see
how  I can sleep tonight."
"Go to sleep and don't worry, old
chap; she told mo when I Introduced
you to her that she was going to
marry you."
Father (to his daughter's suitor): "I
have sad news for you. I am ruined:
I have lost everything!"
Suitor: "Console yourself, dear sir,
with the thought that you ure now In
no danger oi. losing your daughter."
• •    *
Travelling Tragedian: "Much of a
lmu.se at I'odunk?"
Mamfatter: "Very small."
Travelling Tragedian: "Much applause?"
llainfatier: "Well, ti dog In the stalls
wagged his tail."
A BChoolboy, nsked to write an essay
mi cats, made the following omuilng
and original statements:—
"Cals that's made for little hoys nnd
glrlfl to maul and tease is called .Maltese cuts. Some eats are known by
iheir queer purrs; these are called
Purrsian cats. Cats with very bad
I tempers is called Angorle cats. Sonie-
I times a very fine cat Is called a Magnificat. Cats with very deep feelings
i is called Feline cats."
WeU, Well!
,_•*-♦ ANYONE
.can use
.-/l dyed ALL these
of Goods
with thc SAME Duo.
I used
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Uto.
Nll, hum r.llmlU tlir WH 1>N'. I>vr f.,r I'.r (..md.
mn- h«ilocolor.   All, oi.ir-. Irom •."■" I)i..it_t»i oi
0.   ,1.1 Illl   II   "lut   I     -f.l   HI.I   SlDltV    II   ...I    .   '   It.
III.   j..1.m<,i,.Hl. I..W.I Ml   ( -< .   i ■   ....  I   M.-snt. .1
The Army of
U Growing Smaller Evory Day.
reiponiiljl-—they n
only give relwl—^
they pcrtnar
cute Con iti,
lloa.   Mil-j
liont u*e
thfltn (or
iru, In-ifeition. Sick Ht-1-icl.f, Sallow Skin.
Genuine mtUi Btgnatun
• .   .
; Tin* new millionaire's banquet table
i was spread, and the guests were nbout
| to he summoned.
| "Are you nne ibere ire no reporters
I present?" anxiously asked lhe host of
Ht.   butler.
I     "I've made certain of it. sir."
i    '"Nun go out and get a few," lejoln-
ed the host.
a   a   a
Wealthy Man (to beggar): "No. I
shall nol assist you, and you needn't
envy me my riches. Wilh alt my wealth
I'm wretched, for I'm a martyr to Indigestion."
Beggar! "Well, guv'nor, I've "card a
lot about Indigestion, but I've never
'ad (he chance of 'avilig 11. All I
arsks is, guv'nor. gimme the chance!"
a     •     •
farmer's Son (who has Jusi returned from his annual visit to Qlaigow):
"Aye, miiher. an' 1 bocht a balrometer
11 (ells you when It's gaun Ine rein,
ye ken."
Mother: "Weel, that's whal I cn' un-
. ;ti!.'d-for extravagance, Wlmt due ye
Imagine a malrclful Providence gaod
yer failber Ihe rheumateesm for?"
I want you It* till iii" plainly, doc-
lor," snld  llie man  wilh  llm  f.il   00V«
ornmonl position, "whnt Is the matter
\\ Mil   llie."
"Well, sir," answered the old doctor,
1. mini.:  bach  in  his chair and looking
• i  hiu i ty, red-faced patient "you
uflferlna   from   underwork   and
,, . rpa) "
ii>- .nnil wrlto a oomlc article thai
Would make yuu fairly ronr,
.\:.<i  his nfter-dlnnor  speoohos  wore
with humor brimming o'er;
[mt when left to mm.i the baby bis
resources were dlSpOllOd,
\ml   lhe   funnier  he  tried   to  be  the
more the baby yelled.
• »     •
A couple of visitors from a rural
district were In the Slrnnu'ers' Gallery
j in lhe House of Commons trying to
pi cognise their member on Ibe lloor.
1   "i can't distinguish him," snld one,
i nfler a hopeless visual observation.
t "t»f course not," wns the honest
reply. 'He can*! even distinguish himself."
• •     ■
'Im you menu to sny," Bald Wemys.
"lhat you have never discovered a re-
deemlng feature in an habitual erlin-
"Ves. I did once." admitted Brlggl.
Ah. I know ii'" cried Wemys. tri-
/^w^w ShilohbGure
. ,tOPS COUGHS i-KR I-., n ckNis
Dy   Breathing   the   Soothing,   Healing
Vapor of Catarrhozone All Throat
and  Catarrhal  Trouble  is
Quickly Cured.
It's simply wonderful to think how
quickly a had throat or catarrh can
be cured with Catarrhozone. its rich
balsamic vapor is carried along with
the breath into llie innermost recesses
of (he lungs, bronchial tubes, and
chest, making ll impossible lor iln*
germ of any disease to live. Thus
BoronoBS iu ilie chest is at once alleviated—phlegm Is loosened and ejected from tlie throat, old-standing I
coughs are removed,
"I suffered from an .irritable, weak
throat for throe years. I had a seven*
coiKjht, pain over the oyos, constant
hfld taste in my month, and noises in
my ears. It was chronic catarrh. Nothing gave permanent relief till I used
Cnlnirho-one. In one hour it relieved.
and in a fow weeks drovo all trace of
catarrh  from  my  system.
"T1M0THICUS   A.  SA1 Mun.
"No. u Lopes Street, Kingston, .la."    [
REMEMBER this v..u breathe
i latnrrhozono and n will cure any
throat, chest or bronchial cold, I arge
Bhe, guaranteed, costs f 1.00, and lasts
l wo   mot11 lis;    smaller   slzei,   !16o,   ami
50c,   Beware of Imitations and  insist
mi    "CATAltUHOZONE"    only,      ity!
mail from tho Catarrhozone Co..  Buffalo, N.V.. .md Kingston, »int.
umphnully,     "No on,- is all had. Whal
was it?      Love of Innne'.'    Kindness lu
animals?   Love of chlldron7"
"No," came the uncompromising reply; "il was a pawn-ticket."
•    *    •
"This is ihe original water wagon!" j
lie exclaimed.
Herewith none wondered tliat he j
remained aboard only three days.
surely shown a steady, yes, rapid, rise,
as far as values are concerned, when
wo consider that, as shown by J. II.
'j-rlsdalo Director uf Experimental
Farms for the Dominion, in reviewing
Hie horse trade on Toronto market for
the pust twelve years, al the recent
live-stock convention hold in Ottawa,
heavy-draft animals in 1000 brought
an average of $150, general-purpose
horses $185, and drivers $1.0, and in
fill heavy-drafters brought an average of $326, general-purpose $_ii0, and
drivers from $350 to $400 each, it must
hu conceded that the horse, despite
the rapid advance made by motor cars
and olher means of transportation, has
not only held his own, but litis grown
in favor. The increase In value lieing,
aa lt is, so great, practically eight per
cent. In all classes combined, also indicates lhat the class of horse offered
fm* sale must he lo some extent, at
least, improving. It cannot but ho
gratifying to horse-breeders to know
lhe real stains uf the market, us compared wilh a f.-w years ago. Every
province in the Dominion needs horses,
Tlie     Maritime     provinces     are     jusi
awakening to the importance nf the
Industry, and, where there were only
two or throo heavy draft stallions in
Nova Seotln in ID00, thore aro now
nearly one hundred. Quebec Is jusi
commencing iln* breeding of Clydos-
tiales, percherons und a fow Belgian*-,
Ovor 97.O0O.0O0 worth of horses wero
Imported from Ontario Into Manltobo
in    1010,   and   $8,000,000   inure   was   OX-
ponded hy the (fitter provinco in pur*
chasing  hor huh  In  ih.-  Unltod Stales.
The olher prairie provinces have, wllh
ihelr great   amount  of  laud  still  to  l»*
settled,  practically  ai limited  mar
Iv.l fur di-ufl horses, llritish Colum-
bin tins u strong demand for both draft
.md light horses of tin* most approved
lypp,      l>o   these   ( Iltlons   Indicate
ihat lhe horse business is likely to
decline? Nothing augurs betler for
homo-brooding (ban  tho high mnrkol
[Hires   and    Ilu*   SCllfclty    of    111*'   right
kind of animals.    Wt- need  more g I
horses and fewer culls. There Booms
in be im roasonnblQ doubl as in iho
future of lhe business, uml owners of
good mares call dn nothing heller than
to select early a doslrnblo sire wiih
which lo male thom ami breed as
many ns possible.
Michael Casey, u politician in Sun
Francisco who has been in olllco and
on tlie city payroll for many years, was
addressing a meeting of bis fellow-
citizens. It was a labor meeting. "Vou
men must know," spouted Casey, "that
you are llie roots aud trunk of our
great municipal tree, while we who
represent yuu in office are merely the
branches on  that  magnificent tree."
"Thrue for you, Mike!" piped a man
in lhe back of the hall. "Bul did ye
ever notice all tlie fruit grown on the
•    t    •
Spendthrift Son—Bad, I've ordered
nn aeroplane and I expect to (ly many
times next summer.
Father—Then you'll pay for the
thim*; yourself;  there'll be no flies on
Cook—Why didn't you come Inst
Monday for yer dinner?
Beggar—Why, I heard that you were
washing and your mistress was doing
the cooking.
*   *   *
When the man who had been hit by
the automobile at last opened Ills eyes
a sigh of relief went up from the crowd.
"It's it wonder you weren't killed."
said tuu* of the bystanders. "You're
luckier than must uf the fellows wim
gel hit."
"1 certainly am," replied the victim,
rubbing his bruises, "i got ids number
just before he struck me."
"I am pleased to meet .Vou again,"
he said.
"Thank you." replied the lady, who
had once been his wife.
"How are the children?"
"What childrenr
"We never had uny."
"('h. I ber your pardon. II wnb voiy
stupid of nu-    I mistook y ui for some
one else."
A lil in tl man Who tor many yeurs sat
with   an   open     Braille     Bible   in   the
market-place  of  a   .Midland   town   in
England, and who died lately, wus tlie
! possessor of ii prodigious memory.    So
j long had ht- read tlie Scriptures aloud
In this public place tliat he had become
quite  independent  of llie touch uf ids
sensitive fingers on the raised type.
1     lie was often put to thu test, iind If n
j chapter in  the  Bible were mentioned
to him, without turning lo tbe plait-.
he could begin to recite il. making no
pause nr mistake.   As far as tin- New
Testament was concerned he could also
generally  quote  any   verse   to  which
reference was made, and could recite
[the Gospels from beginning to end.
!    Another old lady in the north of Eng-
! hind   was  equally   familiar   witli   tlie
I Methodist Hymn-book.    If the number
of a hyma were mentioned, she could
With the Horses
Would lhe stallion ymi have selected
to breed your mares in this season
pass au examination by a competent
veterinarian  for roundness?     if not.
malic  a   new   selection
• •     *
A draft mnre that would be a desirable I treed or Is !osl to the breeding
business  when  sold  to do tlu-  work
,-t i gelding in He* elty. Think what
such sales mean io the Industry. The
entire country needs more good horses.
There  i-   no way   lti get  Ihem snve  by
ihe  breeding  of  the  g i  maros  to
desirable sires. Do nol sell the mare.
Keep hor nnd breed her this season.
• *   •
i lenerat*purpose horses are in fair
demand, imt  i.t i wners of mures
ihlnk it advisable to cross hi ind
light  in* edi in order lo produce this
class oi animal,   Tin-re win i nougb
mlsflta for this demand if no cross*
breeding is resorted to. There is mt
greater folly In the breeding business
than violent crossing. Once decided
io mine colts, raise either drafters or
light rolts, not a combination of each,
wiih tin* type "f neither.
• •   •
Spring Is approaching, aud wllh ll
the rush of work common to (In- s<-.i-
son, Nt* more strenuous time is experienced by tiie horse lhan thai Which
follows his long period of comparative
Idleness, Give blm as much exercise
dally nn possible, also ns much light
Work as yon mn. It will !**■ a (.. n-IK
in Hardening lum lor the steady spring
plodding, Feed musi also in* Increased, A thin horse gets thinner during
the sowing of the crop. and. while a
fuller animal win lose flesh, in- ims
mora reserve encrry. uni lis col illation is not nearly so likely lo be in*
lured. /
• •     •   r
POW people realize the remarkable
ndVnilCfl In the price of hOT8QS which
has 'lelunllv taken place during tho
pnsl decade   OtnIda's horse trade has
Invariably recite the words witli which
it commenced, and lu many cases could
repeat the hymn from the tlrst line to
the lust verse. Furthermore, if the tirst
line of ii hymn from this collection
were mentioned sin* could ut once supply lis iiumhcr in the book. Indeed. If
every copy of the Methodist Hymn-
book had been destroyed, lliis old lady
could have gone far towards restoring
il  from memory  alone.
This same remark applied also to lhe
poet  Browning with respect  io many
of lhe plays of Shakespeare.    It is an
unthinkable thing thnt every copy of
these plays should ever he lost, but if
such ii thing had happened Robert
Browning could have rewritten a gootl
many ut them, word for word, as well
iis ihe greater part of "paradise Lost."
Macaulny hud a wonderful memory,
At  twelve years of age he  knew  by
heart  every  word  of Scott's "Lay uf
the   Last   Minstrel,"   and   the  greater
part  ttf "Marmlon."     When  he  was I
quite a tiny child he paid a call wilh ,
his father, iind. being left alone in a
room, found tlie famous "I.ay" open on |
the table.    When  he got  home he sal
down und repeated lo his mother as
much of (he poem as she would listen
to.    When In his twelfth yenr In* took
up n newspaper  in  which  wen- two
poems, which he very soon learned by
heart.   He never thought of them again I
uptll forty years ufierwurds. when he
suddenly recalled them to mind, and i
repeated tin in as though he had learn-!
ed them lhe day before.
Richard t'orson, the wonderful class-1
icul scholar, hnd n prodigious memory.
Hi- went to .'.ton at an early age. but
be hnd litlle or nothing to learn there,
for he already could ropoat word for
word the whole of Horace, Virgil, the
Iliad, as well as very considerable portions of Odyssey, Cicero, Llvy, and
many other classics.
Sir Thomas Lawrence, who after-
Wards became president of the Royal
Academy, was not only one of the
greatest Knglish portrait painters, but
Wiis in addition tlu; possessor of a marvellous memory. His father was the
landlord of the Bear Inn. Devizes,
which was on the coach road lo Bath,
and by the time "little Tommy" was
Ave years old he won Iti say to tho
ladles and gentlemen who stopped for
their meals ut his Inn, "Here's my son,
Will you Imve him recite from the
poets or take your portraits?"
This wus no Idle beast, for lie could
do either with equal facility, and could
roll off reams of Shakespeare, Milton,
and Pope, not only correctly us fur us
ihr words were concerned, imt with
Hie proper emphaBtB and good elocutionary power.
Everybody knows that Gladstone had
u wonderful knack of lengthy and exact quotation, and could quote whole
pages of Homer, imi n is not so goner-
ally known thai his great rival Disraeli.
die Karl ..r Beaconslleld, was also lhe
posii ■■■■ m of a wonderful (pernor),
ai a dinner party someone was lauding Gladstone's memory wh.-n Dlsraoll
remarked lhal tho foal, was a moro
trick, ami in order to prove his polnl
asked fm* Dm loan or any book.   Tho
Earl of Derby's translnll I Homer
was handed ta him,   lie rollrod with it
fur an hour, and then, returning, repented frum memory lho Ural  book
i ..ni Randolph Churchill laid   i
lem or memories which enabled  him
io oxocute nmi',< lions feats of memory.
Swift Cure for Croup
"Lust your two of my children were
taken with croup. They coughed ssome-
thlng dreadfully, uml wore too sick to
out anything, 1 applied Nerviline to the
throat nntl chest nnd gave il Internally,
nlso. 1 also Rot the children to Inhale
'Catarrhozone.1 No remody could have
worked more satisfactorily. 1 can recommend mothers to use Nerviline; It's
a fine liniment."
"Mrs. F, E. Knechler,
"Hnrrlston P.O."
It wns snld thut after n single perusal
Lord Randolph could recite the whole
list nf advertisements In the "Times."
This feat wns nlso accomplished more
lliitti  once  by  Hint   famous  humorist.
Tl lore I look.   It wns also suid thai
In- could repeal in their propor order
tiie names of the shopkeepers In any
thoroughfare, howevor long, after
walking down lho streel uml scanning
ihem once
For    Frost    Bitos   .ind   Chilblain..—
Chilblains   from  I xnoaure
to   BluSll    I   ."l'l   mid   lli'i't -lilts-   ll. .Ill
Hi.- l.y winds ..f wintor. In lhe treat-
ni.'in ..!' .'ii],.-,- thore is in. boiler preparation Hum i'i'. Thomas' Ecloctrlc
ml. us il counteracts the Inflammation
uud rollovos tin- iiuiii. 'i'ln- action ol
the ,.il is InBlantnncous utul Its application is extremely simple.
x.",i    ni ■•    in.    much udvortlsod
'I' rmors,   n..it.-s-  Hnlvngii  Cinnnny
uf  ui.i. h  Un   Duke ..i   Argyll  Is the
president, is in begin lis iiuesl for Hi.
Iiimiiii-; -ill   l'l--1' ii- i ,   i 1 ih.' Span
Ml   Ailn.-id.i.   niilil,   in   'I',.|.. i in..s-v   Bay,
ii is i..ill's.-.i. sviili vasi treasures, In.
• ■indue "iiiiii. iniin i ,■ i-i:' What
Hi" <l.' Illation I" ii ic knows cer
l.iinlv.   I li.    Inlnl   Is   I i.v   case
largo,     Thus fnr,  however,  n  Is Iln
in.v.n-.is win. have drn\. n mnsl  pi.an
from Hi.- legend:  Slot i turned li
in .nml in uni  in "Tho Merry Mon '
Mm. S-iv.ird Telli How Th.y Cured
Hor Kidney Disease From Which
She hnd been n Sufferer for Many
si. Simoon. Dorlel, Oharlovolx Co.,
Quoboc (Spocinl).- nnly these who
have suffered know tho bleulnga uf
perfect health. The joy that i( brings
into tholr lives makes them want tn
ihoul the good nows from the house*
tops, They want uther sufferers t<»
know the road to health.  Such is the
OOsa with Mrs. Alfred Suvurd of this
"I hnve been u Hiifferer for many
yean with Kidnoy IHsoaso," Mrs. Sft-
\ nd .ivs, "Reading an advertisement
telling whal Dodd'a Kidney Pills hud
done for a similar lufferw 1 derided
to give ihem n trial, Sl\ boxes eurod
ma completely."
Whnt Dodd'S Kidney l'llls huve done
for Mis. S.iv-rd they Imve done fur
thousands <»f other sufferers in Canada. The dully papers tell of euros
mnde by thnn every dny. Tln-y always cure Kidney Dlsoaso and Kidney
PiHrniM* is the cause of nine-tenths of
the troubles from whhh wnmen suffer.
Dealers Everywhere
HARNESS    OIL   The Imperial Oil Co.,Limited
Can Ise h.tsdled rery tssiij. Tlsc sick arss cus-ed. .nd .11 other. 1.
aarnn stable, no matter how "estpoard." kepi from havine; the di.
ease, h.v tiaing SPOHN'8 LIQUID UISTKMPF.lt CUKE. OiT. o.
the tongue or in feed. Arts on the blood and expels germs of .11
forma of distemper. One holtii- guaranteed lo euro one esse. 50e
nml $1 is bottle; $5 and $10 dozen, of druggist, and hsrne.l
dealers, t'ul shows how to poultice throats. Our free hooWl.t
gises evervshing. Largest selling horse remsAy in existence—
f'i...n   .'.'.irs.    DISTRIBUTORS:  All  Wholesale  Drug House..
SUM WHICH CO., CtMlltl int lutiiliiiillti. 80SHEI, lllll., II. I. I
We Positively Guarantee
That a 25-Pound Pail of
International Stock Food
Will Save You $7.00
worth of Corn or Oats
Because il promotes dtgesthn and assimilation, and
enables you to cul down the grain ration 15% to
25% and still gel better results. Tiiis savins o(
grain represents a saving of good hard cash to you.
It will not cost you a cent if you are not satisfied.
See our dealer in your town or write u> for particulars.   Mention
this paper and lhe slock you own and we will lend you a lilho,
size 16x22, 11 our three champion staliions.
International Stock Food Co. Limited, Toronto
'hvini: in v.i lunch unfavorable weather, many fnrmers ovor Went urn
Canada have gathered at lout part of n»eir crop touohtd by front or
otherwtM water damaged, However, through thi large ihortaga in
corn, oath, barley, rudder, puliituc* and vek'elnhlo**. by Ihe unusual boat
and drought of last Hummer In tbe United Slater*. Kimtern Canada nnd
Western Europe, there Ii going i<* be ;i iteady demand ni good prion
for nil ih*- grain Weitern Cnnarin he* railed, uu matter what uh quality
may be.
&u much varloty in quality makes It Impossible fnr thoie leie ex-
perienced to judge the rail value thai should be obtninmi for xucb arain.
ure  tin*  l .inn r  never hi    i.e.i<   iu   need of the serviced uf the
experlonced nnd reliable prnln rommlflfdun mini to act for him, In tbe
looking  after  Mlllng  of  IiIh  grain,   than hu dout) thl -season. '
Fartnerfli yon will therefore do well for yourselvoe not to accept
street or truck prices, hut tu ship your grnln by carluad direct to Port
William or Port Arthur, to be handled by us In a wny that will get
for you all there is In It. Wc mnke liberal advances when desired, on
receipt of ihlpplng bills for cant ulilpped. We never buy your grain on
our own account, but act as your agent! In selling It to tbo best advantage for your account, and WO do so on n llxod commission uf le. per
We havo made a specialty or tbls work for many years, and nro
well known over Western Canada for our experience In the grain trade,
reliability, careful attention tu our customers' Interests, and promptness
In maknjx settlements.
We Invite farmers who hnvo not yet employed us lo wrlto to ue for
shipping Instructions and market Information, and In regnrd to our
standing In the Winnipeg tlraln Trade, and our llnnnclnl position, we
beg tu refer yuu lu the Union ltank uf Cnnada, and nny uf Us branches,
alsu  to  the  commercial  ngcneloa  of Itrndstrccts nnd It. Q, Dun A* Oo.
703 Y Grain Exchange Winnipeg
IF It Is really true (as that excellent
1)It-kenslan, George Glsslng, always
maintained) that women have
never been among the most enthusiastic uf Dickens' admirers, the reason
may perhaps be found in the very
simple fact that Dickens himself was
no very sincere or sympathetic admirer
of women. With the intuitive instinct
of her sex, a woman knows soon enough when a mnn is in love with her,
and she knows equally surely when he
is unly sininlating love; ymi cannot
deceive a woman about the one great
business of her life, Now, DieUens HUs | splcuously as tli
his  stage  wllh   women,  and  some of I Is   something
them are heroines, wilh whom he sltnii- i about the
lutes lhe tender passion, yei only very   Mrs.  Quid
rarely   does   in*  cunvlnce  bis   reader. moo  and
that love Is "i Uie essence of di" game, | pre
wile's evil tantrums. Or, perhaps,
tantrums Is not so much the word, os
a heavy, Impenetrable pall uf ill—
humor; for when Mrs. Gargery was not
actively "on the rampage," she was
ominously, menacingly sulky.
One wonders whether Mrs. Gamp
treated her spouse so badly—probably
not, for there is a certain coarse geniality about Mrs. Gamp which must
have made her jl moderately amenable,
although a sluttish and alcoholic kind
of wife. Of all Dickens' studies of
low-class women, she stands uut con-
most masterly. Tliuria
Imost    Shakespeare tn
lorii-jiiiure, allying het* wit'i
ly, and the Nurse in "iin-
Juliet." Her maerloJ Ufa
suiiii'ietiiiy   lurid   picture,
■entesl   su<
or are  uoi
Tliere    is
if Dickons, no Imogen
ilullnd, either   Where
creates  a   real   Comulo  chan
creates ii principal!*- in a veil
cism unci satire,    ill
umplis are wont;
ami     .Mis.    Gnrfl
.es    of    hero-
Ifl;.i    In   the
DJokeni  I
•i.r.   lio
of .iM I
udlspuled tri
lil.e    Satley    Gump
womon     before
With ti  liusi .1  who in.
his  wooden   log to got   11 quo
mile mm who contrived in •
fatbor by gambling win	
ii.i.i obtain
In piU II
.uul a
■at nis
itl for the same w jodoii
leu ("every Indivldglo penny Ihul
.iill.i losi ;ii toss or buy fur kidney
ones") It is an olovntlng ItlUo family
circle for the ndmlnlstrallo is of lho
dlilriel visitor! Vol Mrs. Gump li
whom otlion of Hulr box may well saved from squalor by her humor, und,
turn away In dissatisfaction ami ills above all. b) bor Invonlloii ol Mrs
troll. His heroines take no abiding Harris, the Imaginary good Utlgol Whu
place in tin- gronl gallery of iln- lm« exists only to boar testimony lo Mrs
mortals of fiction. Gamp's   own   oxcollonl   (lunlltlos.     ity
Dickons, it is ini.<. wrote in _ vary vlri f thai invention she might tuhu
bad time f.a borolnai, for the convon* bor placo among lhe lady novelist- uf
don of tin- early Victorian period wan  her dnj i indeed there uro n.n.v
prolty hard upon women,   In thoio for-   holy novollsls living al ibis hour wbo
gallon days of "prisms nnd prunes," u  could Invent hnlf so teal a chmauler.
nice girl WHS expeiteil  |>,  lit- "nice."  but lllll   llie   Very   llieillion  of  lady   novel-
she mlgbl nol  bo much olso.    ICsther Isl recall a us to the outstanding thai-
Summorsoit, tin* autobiographic hen.- aalorlstlo  of all   Dickons'   portrait uro
Ine  of  "Bleak   House,"   is  an   oxiicl of wonieii, ami emphasizes his Ingram-
example of whai uieu persuaded Ihem- od lack of sympathy wiih   ilu-   moro
selves  lu  the 'Hililles  alhl  'fortlofl   I hn I , di-li.al e     and     hum.Hi       i|UUlllloS       of
ihey ought in like ami lo ohooso tor alwomankind.    Indeod,  Dickons w;,.. no
life's companloushlp.   She is typical of ("lady's man." ami no quiet studont of
a  large class
"lillle" women, v.-iy shy, very humble,   theatrical sense of life, nnd his idea of
and altogether n
like a copybook
chanlcnl doll.
does Dickens co
Into s ethlng  real
in Dora Spenlow In
wit.-, silly, indeed, ami childishly Incompetent, but adorably lovable ami
wlnsopie. Wlun she stands Jlp In the
corner, on tho top of the neglected
cookery-book, and with the
little mouth in tin
husband nol to be a "cruel, cross old
boy any more," who Is there, with the
heart of a man, but would be content to
forget the raw veal and the leathery
pudding! Yet, even when for once he
Is more than half in love with his
heroine. Dickens cannot avoid pointing
out  Dora's defects  for tear that the
Dickens' women   tho
feminine   heart
He   had   a    ve
try shy, vory bumblo,
atrieal sense of li
.-, and his idea
i.ii-maiiy good, talking
ixatlon  from ban
work was  to
mi smiling like a tlle-
the company of
a   huge   parlv
n  one  occasion  only
n friends, playing
omptng games t
live to raise the typo
■t*  the   house,  dec!
timing   his   new
imi   human,   and  Written manuscript aloud, and greeted
pictures  a   little; by u chorus of praise as "The Inimitable!"   He loved that name, and dwelt
upon It in hundreds of letters to his
cronies.    "The  Inimitable:"
But by his own fireside no man can
weetest   be "The Inimitable."    There he must
world entreats her | give up playing a part, must resign a
perpetual  demand   for sympathy and
praise,  ami   try   to  live  other  people's
lives as  well as  his own.    The only
way to understand women is to stand
aside and  let   them  bear  witness  to
themselves.     And   this   is   just   whut
Dickens eould not do.      His splendid
. und exuberant generosity,  continually
Ier should miss thom.   The "Little overflowing In material benefits, stop-
*Utnm"  mite-   th,' "ehil'l-tvif.."  n.nlivi. i    ..i •    -.__    _t.it, .,.._    _*   	
Blossom" mite the "child-wife" moliv
—is always being struck, and Dora's
creator, knowing that the child who
petted Jlp so foolishly would make but
a foolish mother, denies lor the Joy
Of a cradle and of another little Dora
to carry her mother's eyes uml curls
into a, second generation.   She makes
way     for    a     practical,     business-like
ped short at the obliteration of sex;
he could never subject his own predominant Individuality tn the influence
or the remodelling of the feminine
touch, Tlie women of his books who
live are the women at whom lie laughs
ur the women whom he despises. The
woman whom he tries to persuade him-
thai    he   loves   arc   lay   figures.
housewife, and Dickens' cynicism In labelled, but Inanimate. Dickens, in
judging feminine character prevails fact, never understood the true mean-
once more over his innate sentlmen-  ing of womanhood at all.   lie saw wo-
tallty, men   as   good   lilth-   housewives,   guod
ind. ■■>! th.  ii ,: ..tabic "Bot" is much nm,. mothers, and capable managers;
but upon tin* larger issues of life he
more himself when his satirical sen:
of woman's weakness is given full
rein. - Having left the "child wife"
Dora tn an early resignation, he revives her in Flora Kinchlng with all
ber frailties and frivolities broadened
and Intensified by maturity.
"flora, always (all. had grown to he
/ery broad, too, and short or breath;
hut that was md much. Flora, whom
he had left a Illy, had become a peony;
lull thai was not much, l-'lora, who had
seemed enchanting in all she said and
thought, was diffuse ami silly; lhat
was much, l-'lora. who had been spoiled and artless long ago, was determined lo be spoiled ami artless now;
th.it was a fatal blow."
Here at last We have the unmistakable Dickens touch the trade-mark
of lhe Inimitable Bos! The mllk-atid
w;ih*i-   heroines   were   his   concession
to the custom of the time, but with the
eccentrics in* comes into his own. and
glories in a pageant of satirical carl-
cature. He excels himself in his portraits ..r foolish women; th.-y are of
the essence ot his genius,   Sometimes
they  are  mad   women,   like  poor,   pltl- i
ful Miss I'liie, ,.r grim, foreboding Miss
Hnvlsham;   but  uf loner they are not
actually   Insane,   bm   merely   weak-
minded   t<*   the   Verge   of   idloey.     COtl
iptcuoui among them lltnpi Mrs
Nlckleby, a veritable masterpiece, Bh
never saw ihem. never appreciated
their opportunity and power. Of the
complete companionship of e*iual
minds he had no conception,
Probably, as the years went by. he
himself appreciated this loss nf sympathy more than any other. As his
restless spirit wore itself out in a
whirlwind nf relaxation whieh wns nn
rest, he felt mure and more the need
of some "citadel nf ihe mind," snme
continuing city of sympathy nnd repose,     orien   he   wondered   whal   ailed
him; but the critical reader of his
books can diagnose the malady ut
mice, l-'or. in tlie secret places of the
soul. Dickens, "The Inimitable." the
friend of all men, the universally acclaimed, was absolutely solitary aud
alone, or ihe perfect comradeship of
kindred eoull, the unfailing union nf
sympathies in harmony, his life knew
nothing, Ami so his books knew nothing «>r it. olther.
It is at this time that amateurs arc terian idea, but his soul revolted uf Spain added to the smouldering
most apt to lose the result uf their against the effort tu throw lho shad-1 charm uf Italy, ulsu wus a victim of
labur, fur it Is extremely difficult to ow uf the cross athwart the path ofithe.se murder tales. We cannot know.
feed the fish. The natural foud of tho slave. This made him a marked j Whether the beautiful lips of Lucre-la
litlle trout is mnllusks ur small Insects , man. His wife, before Hubert was and lhe heart of Gesitro were venom-
such as are found in seaweed ur . born, circulated a petition asking for ous, or whether the pulson lay rather
aquatic plants, but lt is alsu well tu ; the abolition of slavery in the District In the tongues of their accusers, re
furnish them wilh eggs chopped very  of Columbia.    It is Impossible to eon-
line ur well-puunded liver or other
The Incubators must always be
scrupulously clean; they should he entirely gone over every two duys at
least, and at the time the litlle fishes
lose their abdominal sacs it is a good
thing* to sweeten the running water,
I_ven with the greatest care possible,
out of thousands of eggs it has been
found possible to raise only twu or
three dozen trout; and the dead must
be at once removed from the inctiba-
Lors. Of course, if equally convenient
m all eases, a pond Is about fifty times
more serviceable than an incubator,
but lhe water iu ihe pond must be In
sume way renewed, preferably by zinc
pipes.       Hesl nf all Is a   brook uf sufll-
clonl   depth,   but  so  arranged  as  to
keep Ihe lish in constant view either
by an Iron partition or u board which
will ptevent the tlsh from slipping under.
If ihe place whne the fish are being
kepi i« near tin* sea so iiiih h (.lie heller, bocauso then ii is au easy matter
m nl.tain (lu* Hale mollUSks and othor
small animals of hi uqtinllo nature
for  lhe  necessary   fond.
The irout-growlng Industry is nol a
llieie     pil.'.IIUie,     bul     a     \ei.V     lucrative
business    If    well    :i aged.      Large
buslnosa is .1 with city markets and
Willi   Ihose deputed   by   tbe  aiilhiil'llies
 P* pulnle rivers wllh fish,     In the
latter ease, n th,. n_h have been kept
hiiher'ii In ponds, temporary change lo
tanks may bo desirable. Then ilu*
Water   In   which   Hiey   have   been   UCCUB-
lomod should bo gradually diluted with
water from the river hii as lo prepare
them for tin* disiined change,
A cbnngo of fortune-tellers at the
Russian court usually portends events
as Important as a change of chancellors
or prime ministers elsewhere. Russia has her statesmen, but they uro
fnr externnl consumption only. The
real power behind the throne Is not
the premier, but the particular Sludge
lhe Medium whose incantations hnve
made lhe strongest appeal to the hagridden mind ..f the Czar. There has
been a long heirurcliy ut these demented creatures, half Idiot and all knave,
and many a political move that the
world supposes tu huve originated In
the minds of itusslan statesmen has actually found lis genesis in the tipplngs
of a table nr the vagaries nf a plan-
chette, Por many mont lis past the
favorite medium has been Iliodor, the
"mad monk." who defied the Holy
Synod and deiled it successfully, und
who travelled about the country on a
crusade of massacre against the Jews.
No une could stop lhe wretch or oppose him so long as the t'zar believed that his was the voice of Heaven. Hut now Iliodor has fallen, not
beeuuse the Czar has come to his
senses, bul because a new charlatan
has appeared upon tin- stage whose
mutter!ngs and incantations are more
Impressive and more novel. Tin* new
charlatan Is Gregory Rasputin, an illiterate Siberian peasant about forty
years old, who looks like a drunkard
and   probabjy  Is one. who  has a  vast
celvo the contempt felt for a man who
held this idea, and Ingersoll found it
hard tu get a charge, He wandered
from one place tn another, only as soon
as it was found that he was in favor uf
freedom, to lose his congregation. Finally the family strayed Into Ulinuis.
"The details uf Robert's life here are
too well known to need recital. He
speedily occupied a high position at
the Peoria bar, and was nominated for
Congress on the Democratic ticket In
1SG0. Ho rejected with scorn the idea
thut any part of the territory should
be devoted to slavery. He challenged
Judge Kellogg to debate, and in lhat
debate he delivered the mosl tremendous excoriation of the peculiar Institution that the people ever heard.   When
war brok i. he raised a  regiment
and wenl In the fmnt, was captured,
paroled, ami came homo,   Thereafter
in*   .lev,,id   himself   h,   sustaining   lllc
oniise of ihe Government, His efforts
lu this particular were worth .m army
to Hie Union, and when ibe war was
uver be was made attorney-general of
tlu< stale.
"... His friends Ijoggod him hi
corneal Ills sentiments.   Tbey pictured
hi   hllll      lhal      he   might    be   (joVor '.
Did I ed Sl ahs senator, and perhaps
president If lu- would simply hold his
tongue,    OlhorwlBe, Ihey assured hint,
lhe    Whole    force    nf    snelety    Would    l.e
turned iigalnsi him; Im would lose his
luw practise, his powor before Juries
und courts, nnd would be deliberately
choosing u life of poverty, To his
eternal honor be ii said, he never
blonchod; and shortly afterwards he
himself was astonished to find that the
great, popular heart of lhe people was
witb him. Finally, in 1876, he was
chosen to nominate Blalhe, ami his
reputation as a great national orator
was then  firmly established.
"His genius steadily ripened as he
grew older. The years found him looking upon life wllh a wider vision antl
a broader Bcope; nor, did he fancy that
his talents absolved blm from the
ordinary laws that bind men In amity.
He was an example of all the domestic
"He looked every subject squarely in
the face; considered it from every
point of view. He loved the truth; he
would not deceive himself. He believed in truth, not simply for himself, but
for others. More than anything else,
he made it his life's work to think-
right and to do right. You cannot
think right without liberty. You will
find today that the religion taught in
the churches is more liberal, more kind,
and more spiritual than before; und
this great change, while it has come
about gradually, while It has been the
result of evolution. Is preeminently the
work of Ingersoll."
The   Equitable   Life   Assurance   Society,   sad   lo  relate,   hns   issued   some
vital statistics that seem to run counter  to  Mr.  Itousevelt's  views  on  race
suicide.      lt  is, nf course,  unfurtunate
for the statistics us well as for the assurance society, and perhaps neither ot
ihem will survive the collision.     These
knowledge of the Bible, and a certain j statistics show lhat the birth rate and
aptitude fnr saying mysterious noth-   the tlenth rate stand ln  certain  fixed
ngs hi au original way.      Menshlkov,  relations, and that when one of them
Tin- flrst  cultivators of trout were
; tin1 Chinese, whose food consists largo- I
ly of fish found In fresh water.   Thej
Unmans diirlm*   tin- decadence of thej
IEmpire also  practised  fish culture,  but
lit Is really hi Hie monks of the Middle Ages,  who had  au eye to uppeliz-
la fhe last expression of whnt a woman ln8 f,"ul «••»*■'■* tin* feast or Lent
might become, lift) or *lxt) yonrs ago, lwnen lh*'*v wero forbidden flesh), that
for i.i.k oi education, sin- has develop-   wo owo ""' beginning! **f an Industry
ed Id,.- a weed running  Wild     Sin* has   ■■"*' much  Improved upon In Germany.
im i.has. bm a mnjmlflconl wi Jib ... England, ami [-"ranee,   Nevertheless, lu
word-, and she Is alwaj    certain,   ■ ' mr>' ''as ||  been cnrrlod in so
nil Idiotic i pu- ar.-. that everything high  ■■   dagrec  al   in   New   Zealand,
she llm-., or has done, Is entirely wise Whoti troill  may I btolnod weighing
ami right.   Vou canm.t converse with f",ni hiitcii m twenty pounds apiece.
her, for she never (litem and  n in-   It lei   i*>  grow   trout   succeiifutly
capable of answering a question, Bho]hcnlthy spawn is enentlal, running
Jusi maunders nn her wllless uay, fill -water, protection ogalml natural
of confidence in horself, and full m en em lea convenient food, and. after a
overflowing of meaningless strings nr certain lime, provlilon against tho con-
one of the editors of the Novoe Vrem-
ya. says lhat Rasputin is a natural
philosopher coming from the depths,
almost Illiterate, but well learned in
Scripture, who talks about religion like
a gramophone and who is endowed
wiih natural enthusiasm. Menshlkov
says Hint "there was something absurdly wise in nis enigmatic words."
but further Inquiry seemed to show
even less desirable trails. His altitude toward women was by no means
saintly, und his whole character seemed io deteriorate under his changed
fortunes. That bts Influence ever the
Clnr was already supreme is shown
by    lb-    fact    that    the    Issue    nf    the
Novoe Yremya containing this sketch
was ut once confiscated by die -police,
ami th** Novoe Vrctnya is usually in
favor In court circles. But surely
there was never such a spectacle as
this   upon   earth.      That   au   empire
should lie badly governed Is Un new
Hilli',-.       Thai an empire Should be gOV-
erned by a hierarchy of iplrltlst mediums is reserved for the twentieth
century  after  Christ.
in ibe presence nf a splendid gathering of many thousands of people, rich
In  the  lovo  In  which  his memory  is
held, ibe statue of Roberl G. Ingefloll
Was recently IlllVelled itl I'eofla. Illinois.
Eugene P Baldwin, as president of
ih** Ingersoll Monument Association.
open,.) th.* exorcises with an address
ii.* told «-r tin- Roberl Ingorsoll ut long
nb-ni.     Impassioned j WSI  made   upon   lh*'   life  nf  Hie  (Vs
Hm Mrs Nlckleby ami her class are,
al least, not vicious, ami Dickens, as
be denies them, lather Ian "hs ut Ihem
thnn scalds. Against another class
the lermagaul uud tyrannical wife he
raises bis voice lu tin* scream hu:
point, as though In au acCOII Of personal detestation, in tho early pari
of tils life, spent In surroundings uf
lower middle class privation, Dleketn.
no doubt, saw many of these women
to peculiar disadvantage. In the
threadbare lodging! lu which be began
lire he hud a flue chain r obiorvlng
the inure violent class nf landlady. IW h
I ns Benjamin Allen suffered under In
the person of Mrs. Raddle- always
with her arms akimbo, always scolding,
the tenor of her lodgers and her un-
fortunate hUlband. .Mrs. Buddie, however. I** viewed upon the humorous side,
and Dickens wns not always sn gent e.
Ills books positively teem with vitriolic
, pictures  nf  tho  bullying  wife,   from
) Mrs. Vnrdon and  Mrs, Suwerberry to
II Mrs. Snii'sby ami Mrs. Gargery. This
lust.  Indeed, is the mosl  unwomanly
i uf tin* bunch, fnr she Is blessed wllh
, ihe klnd-wt. tnnsl rhuH t• »w*mi.-,i husband thai ever formed tbe butt of a
ago.    the    ih
youth, his heart warm with love for
humanity, his brain aflame with genius,
his spirit always poised f**r Hiuiiis. He
told  In  glowing  terms nf  (he  itory  nf
a noble ami irlutuphunt life, He said
lu  pari:
"No more    filling    time than this
ui li. wlib Us promise of n bountiful   harvest,   could   be   Selected   lo   pay
a trlhi
u 1101 ll<
rises ur falls the other rises or falls
also. Taking the figures fnr Germany
alone from the long tabulated list we
find that in 1SSI the birth rate was 37
and the death rate 26. In 1901 the
birth rate was 35 and the deatli
rate _<i. In lflOS the birth rate
wns 32 nud the death rate IS.
Why this should be .so, why there
should be any connection between the
birth and death rate may be left to
sociologists jind others who know
everything, but it seems to be one of
those mysteries thnt not even a Sunday supplement scientist can wholly
solve. Hut evidently it Is so. Tbe
following European countrlei show do-
creased birth rates and proportionally
decreased deuth rates: Great Britain.
Denmark, Norway. Germany. Austria,
Hungary, Netherlands, Prance, Switzerland, and Italy. The only countries in whieh the birth rate has increased- and therefore the death rate.
I."* -are Bulgaria and Ceylon. Exception! tn the rule are Jamaica. Ruro-
pean Russia, and Japan, From Mr.
Roosevelt'! point "f view it would seem
ihat Bulgaria and Ceylon are th*- only
really enlightened countries of the
world and that America and Kttrope
am nn that steep declivity that leads
1-. national extinction.
One • id mi page after p
.ic*.mills nf thc so-called Borgia murders.    But the circumstantial evidence
tv ai a rule frivolous. There |s, however, reason tn believe thai an attempt
mains a mystery. Another is that uf
the death uf Glnvanni Borgia, Duke of
Gaudia, Gonfalonier of the Vatican.
I.ike all mysteries, the crime was laid
at Cesure's door. Having slain his
brother-in-law it was only natural,
said public opinion, ihat his brother
would be the next, and for the same
reason. Cesare and Lucrezla were inseparable, so Giovanni must have made
a third, when two are company. True,
lt wns not an ngo wherein life wus
sacred. But I will quote two instances
which suggest that Cesure's Instincts
were generous and brave, even when
they were: barbarous. Cesare laid siege
to Forll, and took prisoner th.* very
woman who, it was alleged, had tried
to poison his father by means of tlie
Infectious  letter:
Cesare received and treated her with
ihe groat est courtesy, ami, seeing her
for the moment destitute, he presented
her with a purse containing two hundred ducals fm* inr immediate needs.
Under liis escort she loft the castle,
and was conducted, wllh her few remaining servants, to the Nomaglie
Palace to remuln In Lho Duke's carej
his prisoner.
llow he conducted his campaigns
ami spent his life can be read at leisure
in ihis Interesting book. But one cannot help quoting an Instance nf how
(his scion of (he Hull, true to his crest,
entered the llsls as a matador:
on Juno -Ith. at a bull-tight held In
Rome-—the Spanish lauroinachia having been Inl induced from Naples,
where It flourished under Hie Aragou
dominion—he went down into the
arena, and nn horseback, armed only
with a light lance, he killed live wild
bulls. But the master-stroke he reserved fur the end. Dismuunting, and
taking n double-handed sword to Hie
sixth bull that was loosed against him.
he beheaded lhe great beast at one
single stroke, "a feat which all Home
considered great."
This act seems more in keeping with
Cesure's character than does the series
of  stealthy
crimes     that   corrode   his
The true Maori lives in his curiously-carved and painted hut, but even
the older mon are led al times In join
in the life upon a sheep-run. Taraka
was une uf these, and had in his mental
outlook a curious blend nf uld and now.
There were occasions, it is true, when
the tranquility of Taraka's life were
rudely broken into. Tho week that
immediately preceded a rnee meeting
in the neighborhood wus Invariably
characterized by an absent-minded attention to the sweet potato plot, and
by it slender catch of eels altogether
unworthy of his prowess its a fisherman, lt was a week of strange dreams,
moreover, that succeeded ouch other
with ji surprising regularity. It was
remarkable, tuo, that the significance
of each grew more emphatic as the
period of the races drew nearer. When
Taraka approached of a morning, the
glow of mysterious excitement in his
eyes, it might be taken for granted that
he had had a dream. In his sleep, perhaps, he had seen a grey hen swallowing some wonderful grain, the like of
which he hnd never seen in his waking
moments, since it was uf till colors.
Now a grey horse was entered to run
in tin* first race on Tuesday, and the
rest of the Held were of nil colors.
What greater proof of thc coming result could thero he than this vision?
The money must go un the grey! Further revelations, dealing with the remaining races were wont In follow.
Dream objects, from a bush owl to u
turnip-top. were hauled remorselessly
forth from their slumberous region lu
serve in  lhe practical  light of day as
material guides and portents towards
the "spotting nf a winner."
Appuritluns there nre in plenty, and,
as the Mauri will tell ynu, they haunt
both the gloom of the bush and the
still inland waters. On the eve nf the
great eruption uf 1886, Sophia, the
Maori guide, saw a phantom war-canoe
wltb Its ghostly crew steal silently
across the waters of Lake Tarawera
by night. Then there Is tin- charmed
island of Mokula. that earthly gem set
in the midst of Lake Rotoruo, where
tlie shades of the famous Hlneuma and
her lover, Tutanekal, may occasionally
be   seen.     In   Maori   legend   pure  and
simple it  is the wizard who plays the
greatost part—the wizard who accomplishes marvels, especially of the physical order.   Magicians such as these It
Is who have transposed the body of a
I mon ut a in   Itself,   or   have   caused   the
I water of a  lake in rise until ihey iu-
wiih  undated and burled beneath their liquid
weight for ever some village whose Inhabitant! had Insulted them, wittingly
or otherwise. The majority of these
gentlemen whose personalities, by
reason of iheir oxtremoly  matter-of-
Bnrgla'i fnt hor which is so diabolical fact, though superhuman deeds, dn
sent a force in be reckoned witli by the
Mauris. Marvellous it is, too, how this
atmosphere of the magical end of the
supernatural has blended itself with
that of the up-to-date colonial town—
the bush township, wllh its telephones,
its freezing works, and its butter factories. To peruse a local paper and
to iind within its correspondence col-
uiyns a question by u maorl—-not improbably the Tohunga himself—as to
the legality of tho urt is sullicient tu
make une rub the eyes in wonder.
The Maori is a sportsman, but does
nut take kindly to the restriction and
routine of regular civfllzatioii. He can
accept the rules uf the game, but life
must nut become tou like work. The
necessary interference with his personal convenience that the life entails is,
io his" mind, oui uf proportion to the
emoluments received in exchange,    if
he  be  not free to spend an  hour or so
at the river in pursuit of eels—those
delicacies so dear fo his palate—or to
discuss mailers In general with a crony
over a sociable tm; lengthy pip.-, there
Is surely something wrong with a vocation that permits nol these very modest
luxuries. No, lei him return to the
congenial pah or to his Holltary rapu
hut, nnd when lo- meets a man let him
do su un terms of equality, tree from
the sense of servitude; even if II,mu I,
his retirement he sacrifice sum.- extra
comfort. Hut wlun bush-pork is to be
had for lhe killing, eels for the catching, and puha. ur nettle, is ready al
Ills hand tn he [ducked and boiled, what
nmre could a reasonable Maori expect?
So It is that, usually afler an extremely
Short tenure uf domestic offlce, the disillusioned une vacates his place, a
sadder, if not a wiser man.
She was u fair-haired lady, in actress by profession, and dainty withal.
Her head was covered by a concoction
in keeping with her general make-up.
Briefly, her headgear consisted of a
bowl-like foundation, from which protruded plumes mounted on slender
wires. She sauntered into a th.:jatr«.
and tuok her seat to witness the great
piece, "Ashamed of Her Brother."
Ah! someone tugging at her hat.
Loftily and haughtily she turned.
"Does my hat annoy you?" she asked
"Not tit all," replied the -,tr[ behind
The foo flight favorite thought for a
time.    She  feared  she had  been   !.n-
graciuus, und,  like  Dick  Whittle
she turned again. "Perhaps tny ; -
interfere   with   ynur  view.'*'
gested. mnre amiably.
"Oh, no, thank you," repli**d the -.•!,-
possessed young woman; Tve bene Vm
as tn be worth setiinu' iu the opposite
scale,      The    CountOSS    Sfnrza-lllarlu
ienl a loiter in thc Vatican. This letter, beforo being oncloied in a hollow
cane, was infected wllh poison. There
bapp-m-ii in be a loathsome Infectious
disease In lhe .Ity of Km II about  thai
lime.    So the letter was laid upon the
tin* mem,uy of the greatest Ibody nf a man suffering from II.   The
1 liberty. hotter wai Intercepted, ami the plot dis*
Ungenoy   thai   some of  the  troul   may
en I il t tiers.
'      Before  Hie eggs ale hah led,  usually
in numbers of hundreds of thousands.
Uny are collected in lerlos of Incubator boxes through which runs a
stream of water pure and reasonably
|cold.     Great cure niusl la- taken tlmt
| rats or other animals ihai dov ' eggs nr poverty.'   No one of the proient ihi mourn*, confined t«* the Borgia fam
be  not  allowed   to  enter.      The  pro-  generation has any appreciation Of the   Ily.     Indeed,   the   term   "Suspicion   nf
..ss ,,r dovelopmenl covers a period condition of things that existed in this venom" was as usual a formula nt
lof from live in seven weeks. The cmiuiry nt the tinn* nf Ingorsoll'l birth. Inquest OS our own phrase "Accidental
first change    to in* obierved is the There was no freedom for man, woman, death."   The worst crime attributed to
| elongation of lhe egg, and then two I or child. The scowl or Jonathan Ed- Cesare was (hat of the murder nf his
dark spots, which are lhe future eyes, wards rested like a pall Upon tin* whole sister. Lnerezln, for whom he hnd n
appear. Another red mark begins to [community, Man was a despot Kven | profound affection. When Lucrezla
show where the heart  will I.e.     Tills] lillle children were brought under the I wus eighteen she was married to Al-
"Born in Dresden, Now Vork, tin* ion [covered. Also, if we turn to the ohron-
of a Presbyterian clergyman, us ho Holes of lhe period, polion-rlngl were
himself snys, he 'ale nf the bitter OTUIt a usual possession, and ihelr use by
nf   poverty,'     No   one   of   the   present
generation has any appreciation nr the
Condition Of things that existed In Hits
country at the tlmo of Ingorsoll'l birth.
(hanging form boglni in move
If ut   ban.
this lime lhe Utile egg Is taken hold
of Hu- lieal of the hand will I00H
loosen Ihe shell. Itut II Is liest not
lo precipitate events. Scarcely have
Hie lish left the eggs when they begin lo resemble somewhat lhe spawn
of Trngs. Tbey carry In Ibe abdomen a irmisparenl sac In which Is
contained food enough for several
weekl, Afler n few weeks this sne
disappears and Ilu* flih begin to move
slowly, lonklng for food.
Woman was the slave of
man.   She had not rights thai her hu
bund wus bound to rospeot; and ns ror
doubters, to hesitate wus to bo lost, to
dOUbt, tO In* damned.
"Wlu-n Ingorsoll was only eight years
old. he listened lo a sermon upon '!-.v-
erlasflng Banishment,'    Bven then his
mind revolted at the dogma.   lie snid.
Thai religion In n  lie. nnd If that  is
God 1 bate him.'
"Inpersnll's father wns an orthodox
clergyman.    He preached the I'reshy-
fnnsn of Aragon, who wns n year
younger than herself. Two years later
the young husband, who was now the
father tif a boy, was wounded liy nn-
sasslns upon the steps nf St. I'eter's.
He recovered sn far that his enemies
found It necessary to strangle him In
bed. The siory gol aboul thnt Cesare.
filled wllh Jealousy Ihul n husband
ihottld come bei ween him and Ln-
cresto, bud hired murderers, an did
Macbeth, And Lucreiln herself, q lovely, golden-haired girl, with all the lure
provoke anything beyond a languid Interest    appear     tO     have   been   of   Ion
nggreitlve a d sposltlon to have made
iheir presence us   leighbors desirable.
Tliey would s em to haw abounded
more especially in the Thermal district,
and are no doubt responsible for the
presence of a comlderable quantify of
geysers and eruptions! I'lcntcklng at
the "hoi springs" is to the healthy as
interesting an occupation as Is bathing
there for the Invalid. The baths are
an Important government Institution.
No doubt In the old days they were a
source of heating nnd u means of
simple cookery, an well ns a well-
spring of lore and legend.
In a case where a spell has been
worked, and the victim—literally nnd
metaphorically- cursed to death, the
proceedings have been these. A sl«n
ami the message have been sent to lhe
victim, and lhe latter, from the moment
of their reception, considers thut his
spirit has begun hi pass from Ills body.
He calls his relatives nnd friends BbOUl
him, and they, equally convinced ns tn
the Inevitable end. surround him with
lamentation! ami tang! (weeping).
Thus Hoy await the end, uml lt Is said
tbat Ihey do not nflen wait In voln.
Witch* raH nf Ihls order--whether
potenl I" actual practice ur not—ring1
strangely tn these duys nf iho commonplace, yet tho Tohungni still repre-
There   are   not   wanting   authi c
who rise to the defense of the <• ■
speech, as wus evidenced a •
ago when the London County C<  :n.:i
passed    a    resolution    r • ommendlng
measures that Would drive the   :      -
frum the schools nf th" Bngiii
Then   appeared    i   certain   M
MacBrtde, who put forth war
phlets and a book to show thi . ,
ney is no modern dialect er
form of the Kln^s  English,
It has an ancient and honorable !.n-ny*
running  back  fur  nearly   i   v.
Mr. MacBrlde points -mr. that whan
the individual "whu was burn wltftta
the sound nf Bow Bells" ■
for "that," "benk" for "bank," md "by-
liff" for "bailiff" he is z**iirv -if no
corruption   of   the   Bngll - * .
Inasmuch as these prnnur.- lotion
obtained  not only in  Lond
Kent and Surrey for ii'in-ir •: -1
In like manner tire justified "'.l'aaht"
nnd  "ahtside"  fur "about"  and
side."    It   is   further  contei
many   Londoners   have  bee
uut of these ancient and exce . art pronunciations,   and   Mr.   Hai
nestly urges them nut to Ct
speech by reason of any
animadversion! against it.
Whether Mr.  &_< Bride    *
not iu his contentions, the '
that   Cockney  has  survived   tat  many
centuries  in  the mldlt of  -  ■
is deemed more cultured. \- I
fact that iu the Bahama [eta
were settled more than  two bui
years ago by Londoners, ':
dialect is as str..n,' ,.-i it is in *"h.*ap-
Maize is put to man;   10
uses   which  are   Inter*   ting fl
tlvoly little known.   The mi i    -
Stem   is   Utilized,   like   thl   C0<
cleaning the hulls ..r ship*
manufacture of explosive*
d|,-s,   after   the   grain   Is   -.*. ,
constitute d white carbon,
a combustible in pralrh -
er places where then li
this purpose ibey command
lent price.   It was In
use thai a chemist hit up ,
of utilizing ihem for lhe m
of Illuminating gas.   Here
titles  uf  stalks   belnu'   burl
wash- matter oftentlmi    I
ting uxide uf carbon "f li
A loolety was formed t" • di
per! men ts, with incoursgln
Various retorts were chai - with
straw ami **lalks and a |ai « t.i,.
laine.l whhh. nfier belni purl fie i by
water, bad a caloric potei ey < . •-
If not  greater than  ordinarv r,,-
COSl ..I  production was found lu l..   I ...
low thai  of Hie gas  In common   use,
especially In lllOBO parts nf the World
where maize is gmwn. tin- -.til;.*, being available for next to nothing.
The carbon liberated i.y ii,- burning
stalks can be utilized in still other
ways by chemists: It may constitute an
inexpensive lubricant for agricultural
machines aud Is available as ,t fuel.
Its abundance ami hicii colorific potency speak fur themselves regarding
the relative cheapness uf this substance fur the purpoiei named.
A train which left Bollvnr In Smith
America fur a neighboring town three
years aim hni Just arrived. The distance coveted was iin kilometers, and
lhe reason fur the delay wa-* fl sturm
which derall.-d the train, killed most
nf the passengers, and ripped up suh
n g Hy portion nf tin* railroad lino
that the company owning It was forced
Into bankruptcy. Abnut M\ months ago
nn American engineer undertook the
reconstruction of the rood and brouaht
the Inmr-dcl.iv.d train to ihe point
fnr which it originally slnrtod.
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Maynard $ Murphy
Ailvorllso in tin- Froo Pi-dsb.
L.F.Cioft, ntMeo Studio for photos
For photos at Clmpiiinn's—pliono
The post officii is now ligliU'il by
Coul und wood—City Transfer
Co., phone III.
Tims. Knight wus it visitor to tho
const un Tuesday.
Take Shorthand lessons, Terms
easy,   Phone F. 255.
Stork Foods—Chilliwaek lin-
plemont „ Produce Co.
.1. \V. Hill of Camp Slough, lofl
lust week for California.
.1. T. llt'iilt'.v was it business
visitor In the t-oiisl Tiii-siImv.
Trcnholin's big cleiu-iug sale t-ini-
tiliues;   See ndvt. im |in|je 8.
Tclophone 1(1 far all express and
dray work; City Transfer Co.
■lulin McDonald was n Inisiness
visitor fo the coasl this week,
li-i' cream in all lb.' |i"|mi!:ii
fnrins nntl lliivnt-s ul .Itihiisiiu's.
See Smith's specials fur cash nl
Sumas store.   Advl. in thi-  issue.
Don'l forgo1 thnl Thursday afternoon nf each week is a ball' holiday.
Fred. Natl made a business trip
to Vancouver returning Monday
All coal uinl wood orders receive
prompt attention. Phono 411. City
Transfer Co.
D. P. Dunn, manager of tbe II.
('. 15. I!. Substation is in New Westminster Ibis week.
Quite a number nf local Bport*
took in a liall game at Sumas city
mt Sunday afternoon,
City Transfer Co. bave their office
with tbc Chilliwack Land uml Development Co., nn Young street.
The Williams Stock <*n , will
prosont a change of program each
night next week In tho Opera house.
K. Duthie, manager nf the iiank
of Montreal, was a business visitor
to Vancouver ths early part of the
The Free Press is issued Thursday forenoon to permit the stall
having the benefit of the weekly
hnlf holiday.
The weekly half holiday last
Thursday wns generally observed,
and will bo even more generally
observed to-day.
IV, A. McMinn, of Melville,
Susk., Ims boon transferred from
the M.-rebnuts Bank at that point,
to the branch hen',
If ynu did nnt witness "Patience '
at  tbe O'H'ra houso   Wednesday
night, don t miss the porformnn.
this Thursday evening.
Tbe regular mniillily meeting of
tin- Clillllwnok Merchants' Association has boon postponed (o Wednesday ovoning nf next week.
Thus. Knight hns purchased n
cuiiple nf bits iiii Chenm avenue
from IsiutC Kipp nntl will erect a
new homo nt uu curly date.
City Transfer Co, handles Wellington ''"til, the bust iu llritish Columbia, alsu wood, ami delivers tn
tiny pari of the city promptly,
At n mooting nf the Municipal
School Hoard held nn April Illl, a
new wire fence was ordered for the
frollt of Kast Chilliwae!: sehnnl, ami
accounts amounting to 81878,00
Ranchmen and others me reminded thai tires must nnt lie sol
withoui permission frnin tbe Kir..
Warden,   holwodn  May   I,   nnd
Out. I.    A heavy penalty is tiltiieb-
-•il i" an Infraction of this  regulation,
Miss llnvlc, Ibe Milliner, bus received a largo consignment of new
milllilHT.V for lho summer season.
I Many delightful ami smart olTecls
lure, shown, in this stock of protly
summer millinery.
Among   tho   passengers   to   the
coast on Monday were: S. A. Cawley, M. P. P., M. M. Cruieksliank,
Andrew Ferguson, I). II. Day, Wm.
Kunis, A. A. Cruieksliank antl .1.
V.. Harrison of Popcum.
Mr. Wm. Sampson, tho Cornish
Kvangelist, whn has heen conducting special services in the Odd Fellows' hall nightly during lhe past
couple of weeks, will conclude bis
labours bore on Sunday evening
next. The meetings have been well
attended, tho hall heing crowded in
capacity nn Sunday evening. Mr.
Sampson extends a very hearty wet
como tn all lu attend the services
during the balance of ibis week and
Chilliwaek men who nro serving
iiii the juries al Westminster Assizes
this week are: (liniiil jury—Davis
Henry Day ami William F, Forsyth,
Petit jury—Osmond II. Dilch, (Son.
A. Dnl iy,  Charles  A.   i-'ii y,
Marry It. Davis, Andrew A. I-Vrgu-
-nn. ilein-v l-'uirnll, William Funis,
and Charles II. Dt.wnhain.
Free Press Printing Pleases,
A. .1. I!i.und, who lias been collection clerk in the Bank nf Montreal for sume time bus lieen transferred lo Merrill. On Saturday
evening Mr. Bound wns ibe guosl
nl a banquet given him by hi.
young men friends,
"Nn Inisiness mail  ill   imv   town
ail. iu every issue of the paper, but
ynttr namo and business should bo
mentioned If yuu do nol  use more
Ilmn n Iwo line spnee. A stranger
picking Up a newspaper should 1st
able Iii toll jusi what business is re-
preseiiii'il in tuwn by looking at tho
business montionod in tho papor.
hiittlil al|ow a newspaper published This is the best possible town
in his town to go without bis namo advertiser. The man who does not
and Inisiness being montionod some- advertise bis businessdoosnninjust-
whore in its columns," snys nn ox- ice to himself and his town. Ho is
change. This applies t,, Mll kinds the man who expects tho newspaper
uf hnsii'i's—general .-lures, dry to do tho most free boosting for his
guilds, grocers, furniture dealers, town. The man whn insists on
manufacturing establishments,   au-; sharing tho business that coiuos to
tomobilo dealers ohanics,  pro- a town hut refuses to advertise bis
fcssional men ami. in fact, all classes business is not a valuable addition
uf business men. This does not j tn nny tuwn. The life nf any town
mean that you should bave n whole depends upon the live wide-awake
or half or even n quarter of a  page'and liberal advertising business men.
South Sumas Store
Purity Flour per sack $1.90
5 Hoses „     $1.90
Royal Household ,,    $1.90
New Zealand
Creamery Butter, lb 40c
Wild Hose Pm-o Uiii
3 lh pails 60c
5 lit pails 95c
10 lh pails $1.75
Ajax Hreiikfitst Macon
per Ih 23c
Aj-.ix Hams per lh        21c
l'lirt- Maple Syrup
1 quart cans 45c
2 quart cans 90c
Granulated Sugar
IS lh sacks at
100 Hi sucks nt
This Stock is all
Strictly Fresh and
First-Class Clot ids.
We sell for cash
only and by comparing prices you
will find outs the
■*/.-.■<»-. -,-',■ .-..•.«_->„ ^oi^-UtiU_y
Chilliwack Steam
Yes! Your   Laundry Will Come  BacK to You Clean
We will opon fnr business on
Monday May 13th.
Our wagons will call for and
deliver all parcels.
Laundry received up to Friday
noon for Saturday Delivery.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
"Were all White"
Mccarty -a spinks
Chilliwack Opera  House
One   Week,  Commencing
May 13th.
Different Bill Each Evening
Opening   Bill Will Be
Prices, 25, 35 and  50 Cents
Plan at McManus Jewelry Store


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