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 /v&^'j' fe
Vol. I.
Published in the Garden City of B. C. you will Like Chilliwack.
Editor nml Proprietor
No. 13
Coal—J. Turvey.
Saturday Specials—Smith's,
Christmas Presents— Parson's.
Hack Again—May Roberts Co".
Hoy's Clothing—('has. Parker.
Fifty Dollars—T. ,1. Policy A Co,
Scottish Concert—S. A. und 0, S.
Christinas Shopping • II. ,1. Iti.rli.-r.
Lunches. Oysters, ele.—S. Johnson.
Ssrdls Townsiie— liar well nntl Nclotns,
CIii'Ihiiuus Furtiltiiro-
CttrpotBwcopem 'Denmark ei Itiirton.
LittnlH'r ami Supplies—Abbntsford Ti.n-
Ih-i A Ti inline Co.
Local  Items
Thero might lie something yoo
need in the goods thnt will ho sold
at Inilf price nt Gilbert's old stand.
Look io anyway. Remember you
will puy only half the regular price.
Millinery greatly reduced at Miss
llnyle's, across from the i'osl
Olllco. Some very stylish sllll pes
nml novelties in trimmings, you
should see before, Inlying olsowhoro.
BitrdlBtoivnsltolitin tin murkol for
the lirst time.    A huge tnlvl. io the
Free Pross tolls you nil about it,
Messrs. It. C, Harwell nnd W. II.
; NuloillS lire bilildling  the   townsiie
House anil l.nt tn Haul—Nine
liHiiiieil Imiise, liiillironm, oleutl'le
light,hul nml cold water,IIOI'O ol litiid,
stlll.le, buggy shed, no IlllZfll Street,
Apply In A. Miili'nlio,  Hazel streel.
Foil SMii-lOncre fruit nrebiekeo
ranch, gnnd house; BOtltO cleared,
close to ear, Sardis district, good
ternis. Box il, Chilliwack Free
Tbe Scottish Concert
Farmers' Institute
Deo. 8 is an oxeopllonally gnnd nile, [ .illicc
nod one that should draw a hum per ..vent':
Yes, the By-lniVS passed  just  us      Who  will  till  the   position   of
fully anticipated, only Mayor and comprlso tho City Conn-
The program for tho Scottish coll-     Al tho annual meeting o[ the Fnr-1
eert In he given next Friday evening tiler's    Inslilnle,     tlio     following
wore chosen for the enioiog'.von anil 1 ^_^____^__^___^^^_^^^^_^_
1'i'esiileni, .Ins. Bally; \'i  more so.    Those, who,   in   theirIeil for 1012 is now tho question be-
linnse. The variety, and excellence I Pi'osldcnt, I'. II. wllson; Secretary- wisdom saw lit to vote agninst them,: ing frequently asked, lu conversa-
nf Ihe program, will plenso all who Treasurer, l-lnntec \Vabh; Auditor, surely did imt realize the absurdity tinu with Mayor Mimro, he stated
delight in an evening's entertain- 11. II. Cairns. Two" lultllllniial J°f futility of tliolr notion. ICvidcnt-' delinitely that he wiiillil not lie ii
ineiii uf music ami sung. Allstof tho directors woro appointed this year, j '.v il "'as their desire that the City [candidate, for lha oflico of Chief
artists taking part Is published else- they being in full: F.  A.  W'olk should pny sovoral hundred dollars Magistrate of the city for n third
where iu Ihls issue.     Ileserve yuur Win. Knight,  lion,  Copoland,   M,  'n    liava the    by-laws    legalized I term,    lie has I p four year-  on
seats early; tlic plan  is al While's F, (lillninlcrs, ,I. II. Walker, A. II. through nmillier eliaiuiol, Board, two as Cot.nelllor and
music slure   ^^^^^^
Serious. Fire Lou it Cheim.
Between Iwo ami  tlir
Wc are moving this week lo our
new location and hope to see you
Saturday in the Henderson store. L(
All goods nut nn.veil by Friday
will Ihi snld Saturday al half price.
Tlio Gilbert Co. for sal.—Phone Is 1890,
l,.F.Ciiift,atMce Studio for photos
Dry hardwood for sale. Tele-
phone It 21,
Shopping hints are given in 11.
■I. Bitfbor's advt.    this week.
Krcsh oysters, Olympin and East-
em,    For sale at Motes Cigar Slure.
Have you uuy pictures tu friiine
for Christinas'.' See Chapman Studio.
Parker has something tu sny about
boy's suits in the Free Press to-day.
The regular meeting of the Board
of Trade will lie held on Friday
Dec 1.
An experienced nurse open for
engagement—apply Mrs. L. Campbell, Mordcn block.
Strathcona School is preparing |
a Christmas entertainment lo bo
given in December.
Christmas Photos 11.50 per dozen
and up. (let our prices aud styles
at Chapman's Studio.
For Sale—a number of   choice j ijllm Hornby, Prairie Central Row
White Plymouth   Rock Cockerels;  havo lieen entered  for tin
K. A. Kipp, phone F. 191.
'i 11 li'Si lav
the J.
CI iii,    was
,y   Vivid   I'l'lleotii.l
morning, the
'.   McCounell
,    ranch
iw.'ikciicd    by
in bis in-nn. |
The bam aud cow stables l" Ibe rear'
were discovered lu I nn mass of
flames nml  loo far gone for anything lu Im- saved,   (hi w  nud
une burse escaped themselves, bul
the real nf the contents Including
many line horses, some prize
winners, cilllln and feed was ii
complete luss. The exncl loss is
nul known up lu the lime uf go-
I 111
I MeKciizic, (loo, Thornton, tleo,
fiipolund was appointed n delegate.
In lho Central Inslilnle in  Victoria no by-I
■ ■ las .Mayor, ant
Talking of by-laws, why is there (liven his share
lu  put  an    end,    iinc.locityall'aii's.
and fur all, to the descent!inn "f the I Anticipates
Sabbath   by gangs of   lads,    men
and  rowdies,   (take yotlr   choice)
who roam about the Country  with
guns,  (which  Ihey  scarcely   know
tow to handle), looking for, what;
Women's Sunerige
Mrs.    Lashlev
The Itubceka's were at home to
their friends ou Thursday evening
and judging l.y apporitnccs all had
a time. A musical program
followed by dancing nod lunch mado organiser of the Woman
up thc evening's entertainment.      ! Equality League of 11. (
j representative audiences
Thc public school lacrosse team afternoon and evening ii
defeated six of the high school team;,),   p,   \w\\<   putting  jj
in .laniiiiry. In case he should nul
he able lu go, .las. Bully will ro-
prosonl Ihe Inslilnle frum here.
Pleisanl Sunday Aftemoon.
The usual meeting of the P, S, A.
was again woll attended mt Sunday 11 hoy call spurt
afternoon,  uver  a  hundrod  men:
iissnmbllng in tbo Lyric  theatre to
lislcn In an ndrcss by C. N. Ilnnoy,
a solicitor of Vaiii'iiuvcf.    The sttli-
jecl chosen was "The  llible," and
the lecturer bandied the theme in a
iinisl interesting manner,  holding
tho riipl   nlti-iiliuii  of  his  hearers
end.    A solo
_^^^^^_^^_^^^__       Wnddingliin,,        .^^^^^^^
hiifge   till! thc audience joined in  singing the j    The excuse may be offered  that
mi  Siitur- three ur four hymns with hoartinoss tho sportsman (?)  has  no   time
and gusto, rarely noticed at such during tho week and must therefore
like gatherings,    A visitor would take his  pleasures (another? Mr.
recognize the   meeting as  being a Printer) on the Day of  Rest.
true .Men's Own, and illl men nro|suoh  an  excuse is all  stuff
assUrcd of n cordial  welcome
^^^        I Wi I
feds   that   he   has
of lime ami though!
The fact also that he
Mr.   Mct'onncU's froni beginning to th.
ngciit   from   Vancouver   arriving .was rendered by Bert
ibis afternoon to take
Mr,  McConnel]  arrivi
being  away   for   BOVO
months during tho year,  i- also n
reason.    The position «.f   Mayor
carries honor, responsibility, commendation and condemnation, criticism liolh jnsl and unjust, and to
the man who honestly doe.- the U-st
be knows how, these aft received
if a pheasant, bred,  reared, f,.,|. with varied, this depend-
and almost t.'iineasn rooster, should "W "P"" '.'"' thickness or other wise
arise, its fate  is dimmed,   if the:'/*1" Ifoellngs     Hie present Mayor
thc gunner be a good shot.   If hois feels that he has given largely ol
not, then a sheep or a cow or tt his time and the bat of his ability,
horse,  or a barn,  makes a  con- l"-" *9 I™"Y, '" *"\    -, m,        ""
venient target for his inexperienced ; °y™ shoulders.    Beside* the name
i Mayor Mimro for re-electtoo  we
have hoard the names ot  II.   I
Harlier. .1. il. Ashwell and  Alderman Jackson as possible candid ties,
s Political
.   SIHike -tn
on Friday
i  the I. ().
'fore  those
i nonsense.
If a person cun  afford
I with tho price of a gun,
on Friday afternoon by a score «f, present the inequality  of  the  lnwsl    An   adjourned   meeting
,i-l.   Tw-o to ime is a big advant- as they now are in tills province in City Council was held on
ago and the high school buys did U imic|, MS ,)„, eights of wonibil are evening all members being present
well to hold the score so' close.    | concerned   an.l   the    necessity   of except Alderman Jackson,
The farms of A. C. Wells & Sop, ,,i'P,ne"'ifl ./""''"f   '"•   particular. I    The Council decided to purchase
Sardis, W. Hawkshnw   and   Wil-!,""'""',') "• ( • ,,cn8u? >m\B heen | an Actno street sweeper through tho
Hrni of the Chilliwack Implement
and Produce C(
nl Chilliwaek.
I offered   by   the   Agrieilltural
S. A. Parson's advt. this week
contains something of interest to
Christmas shoppers.
Men's hats half price. Men's
ops half price. Call at old store
Saturday for  bargains.     Gilbert's.
parliuent   for   model    farms
The   Sherman-Cleveland
formed in any place of any import-
I ance to forward the cause of women's
De- i ''H'lts.  Chilliwack formed her  first |
I afford to lose a day's wages to carry
of the I tho gun on a work-day. If a law
1- ri.liiy | woi-o   passed   forbidding   Sundoy-
shooting he would do so without  a
After all,   the   desire   to   kill,
under the name or cover of sport,
lln(1'Societyiin   Friday-
Mi's. C. A.   Bather
afternoon with
^_^__^ as first  Presl-
dent      The  idea  of  the   Political
OporaJLengiie ;„ l(, gjrfn  jf possible for
Co., held the at  the Opera! wi man the equal right wilh man to
nights of thlsl vote. At the first  of the new  year
at cost of 8433,801 is merely a survival of the   brute
weeper bus a | nature in man, and as wc become
house the first four
week, with a quartette of   goinl
musical comedy attractions.    The
There will be a lot or goods left at I P"'.*'* wen- good but the audiences
our old stand.   These will  be sold I were scarce.
Suturdny at half price.     Gilbert's.      When you get your Photos taken
Hart A Co. nre making an  offer"1   l'h«l""e"*s  studio,   they    are
In the Free Press to-day that should £M?ted ?n   Blf v]™*,.lml»rted
•    ' folders and mounts.    Hei our prices
and styles before ordering for Xiiuis.
Appointments made by 'phone 119.
Cinl tf Tkub
work will begin here and theofltcors
appointed. C. W. Muhroo of Hose-
dale was a very pleasing chairman
for the evening meeting,
seven foul In m, is manufactured I more and more civilized this desire
hy iho Stttdcba'kcr people and is for blood will die away.
expeclcd to be   here   ill   alnillt   ten] •'•
days from dale of order,
A dispute re cost of plank  walk
on Mill street was laid over.
Citizens of Chilliwaek should take,
ii lively Interest In the sett-ethos at
it City Council for 1912. I" •■
present is a very iiuportant t. ■■•'
in tiie development of the city and
the very liest business ability, ami
can| foresight should l».- found in I •■
City Council. The expenditure f
large sum? uf money on iruptx
nieut.s, and the guarding ot Mta
city's credit, the educational md
sewage question!, ate among the
more important items. Preparation should also be mud. for dealing with the waterworks situation
at the expiration oi the presefl*
agro.'iucnt. Men who do not dry
their political leanings into --.-r;
hole and corner of   private   and
municipal life
The visit of thc   Inspectors   to|nf .responsibih'ty,   ami   iaxtiatae.
mean a real estate transfer in quick
"In the shade of the Pretty Chilliwack Hills." Words and music by
Katie Lien. Price26c, at All'. White's
music store.
Mrs. W. T. Hall and family, 0f' Tuesday   night  December ... nnd
Sardis,    desire   to   tender   their j''1-'""1"'" '•■' scientific lecture .lem-
„.     .„ ,        ,.       , I thanks to all who in so many ways i '''"f'"!" I»rfprinances all week ex-
We will continue the policy  of:e„prg990t,  ,heir sympathy,  in ,|lt.|*;''Pt 1 "day night   illustrating and
'bereavement of tlic family  in ibel*1.,*I"0"*,"'",»K  the   truth   of
recent death of Rev. T. W. Hall.
A copy of the proposed amendments in the Local Improvement
Clauses Act was received from   the. ^^^^^^^
Union of B 0,   Municipalities, and "*
was handed to the City Solicitor, I   Teacher:—"Now,  Willie,   what
J, 11. Bowes, for consideration.      is a precipice"? Willie:—"Please,
  Mrs. 0,   W. Chadsey presented Mlsa, a-precipice is a high erection
Professor H. A. Ferguson expon- claim for compensation for lost nf j of cement rock along the sides of
onl of "The Doctrine Of Iinpres- shade trees, ami removal of hoard the streets called a curbstone over
skins" will be at the Chilliwack walk, in connection with the on-1 which pedestrains, mny stumble
Opera house next week commencing |-striiction of a new walk on the north land  hurt   themselves!"    Partial
who take their-hare
^^^^^^^^^^  and    	
our local schools reminds   me   nlj*1"* f*ee_ to it tlmt none aaed a
the questions and answers one of-1 reasonable limit, who have a broiui,
ten hears at these limes, but I: clear, wholesome vlmv ..f,:;t,^eusiup
can only refer to one or two. For' »"« .VW> ;,r" the ra"1' lvh"
low prices that has mnde this store
so popular. The hdies' store of
('uality.   Gilbert's,
Dimension specials, and building
supplies are featured in the F'reo
Press tn-day by the Abbotsford
TiinlHT and Trading Co.
In our new location you will see
a lot of nice new goods, bought
•specially for onr new store. Sec
them Saturday at Gilbort.s'
Wesley troup of Boy Scouts will
get after ''Sleepy Santa" in the
Opera house, on December 16.
There will be fun ami music for all.
Als.ut fifty young people enjoyed
the dance at Camp Slough ou Friday night last, with Messers. White
and Anderson supplying good music.
Beautiful new waists, new collars,
jnlaits. bells, lovely dresses, fancy
wares, etc., will  he  shiwn  at  our
now store on Saturday,   ThoGllberl
DltBSSMAKINO—Miss Carvolth fill
Ih- pleased to see her customers, at
her home on CoHhiiiIiI street. Phone
2H7 or at the Woman's Kxcbange
in tlic Hurt block, on Tuesday
iiftcrnouii from two to live p.m.
Mr. Fox, the advance mannger
for May Rolierts wishes to assure the
the patron's thnt on Monday night
the bouse will be warm and comfortable.
Fifty dollars and a desire to make
it earn big interest will lead you to
Policy & Co's. real estate oliifo,
when you read their advt in this
Brisscll's "Cyoo" ball bearing
cariwt sweeper, qualities and prices,
nre the subjects addressed to you
this week by Denmark .V Burton,
hardware men.
Swal Winer CmI Silt At Rise'.
Side of heavy Winter Coals at
hnlf price at Rolfe's—Children's
Heavy Winter Coats   half   price;
^^^^^^ the truth of the
"Science of Impressions" iu hypnotic, psychic, and spiritualistic
phenomena, etc. Professor Ferguson teaches that power omnipotent,
oniniseieiil, and omnipresent   is   in  H,e position of Auditor:  A
Xattiral  Laws and that this power|Kvans, Walter Frost,  and
Ladies' Heavy Long Winter Coats i«>'' !»• "'nsciously and scientifically
applied in the education of tho in
side of Wellington street. This
matter was laid over.
The lender of W. F. Ferris for
supplying blinds for City ball was
accepted provided the committee,
comprising the Mayor, Alderman
Ashwcll and Ibe Clerk, thought the
tender satisfactory.
There were throo applications for
  Ci.  C.
vans, Halter frost,  ami  W.  L.
half price; Ladies' Suits Reg. (10,
IIH, »20, U22, for *10. Take
advantage of these while they last.
Bj-Uwi Carrie*!
Tho rate-payers declared in favor
of Ihe four money by-laws Thursday
whicli call for a total expenditure
Of 186,000. The vole st.Hid: By daw
t*. raise f l">,000 for the pur|
macadamizing streets;   Ml   for;   111
David, of Vancouver, the salary in
Bach ease  lieing *IO0.    After due
dividual for the healing of all man- consideration tbc tondor of  W.   R.
nor Of diseases;fur the enireetnini of David   was  accepted.     Tho  latbir
'"•'its;  has had many years of experience
all forms of vice and I
fur the reforming of criminals, and
the rehabilitating of the insane; for
the development of the will and
psyshlo powers; for tolcmontatlon;
Inspiration I regeneration; personal
".Imagnetism : beauty culture; mind,
body, and character building ;   fm
against.    By-law lo raise 110,0001""ft"*  W?"*!  CI"i.Tyn,'S '
for the purpose of mad machinery ""I n 8«rth °r. ho «  ''I'"1!" .
HO for: It against.   Bylaw to raise j '""I' "!"' ■'••'■"''""','.'r ,'"'•■■ "I'''!: I
and desires of I he soul" whatsoever.
and education and popular prions
will prevail.   These four nights are
worth more lo any parent nr sel I
girl or Isiy, student, lenchor, or
preacher than four years in school
or college, Professor Ferguson
teaches tho Laws of Thought ; th.-
power of a thought, a word, n sug-
UKI.IKKI fur the pilliHisesufdrainage   ,.    ,     . ,   . .,, ,
71) for; IS against.    By-law to Mte »oh llteht • ontortalninonl Will Is
121,11(10 for a cily ball-SO for;   U brim full of mj-story,  seio ,  fun
CwiW lewt'i ki> feed
At the inquest held Monday afternoon at Yarrow station on tiie remains of the body found iu Sumas
Lake last Saturday, it wns Identified as Conductor Moore who .lis- 	
appeared the la-ginning of October K,""T' "'"'.•"• I"'.'v"!"""'1,'."' TV.'
last,    Coroner Polly was in alien- ffi °«•J' „ *    ?TO, Tn '
dance.   Si-vcral of the B. C. K. R.     riioMagnetic ruticli     The ay-Ing
ollicinls nndW.  C." '    l,-"",H:... "l"1   y      S(! " "'
ot Vancouver, identified the watch j' "'?*•':,     ''"' ""'J10 I.1""'"1' ,cn" Ih-
found on the body, thc clothes atld nPP'.lc(l ''."■ Ihe realizt, um  ,.(  your n
certain  of tho conducUir's slips, Wcalsand ambi iohs, for ypur own „„ ,
though tha    features    were    „„. >nentnl, physical, and sptnlual  de-
recrjgnlrablo owing to dc**wm|KMl. Jr?,op,n,cnS*1!*l,2,0CC?' ,':'!1,l,,.'l","11'
tion. The venlic,t was brought in | ' ,"'*"1"v ",kI" ','"'' ■'■'" ( hilhwack
of "acciilenlal death by drowning"
and thc remains were shipped to
New Westminster for funeral arrangements. Thc only-relative of
the lale Conductor M.■ore in this
country is an uncle, It. M. Barker,
of Vancouver.
only paper represented at lho meet
ing. was asked by the Mayor lo re-
lire, he stating Council  had  some
private business to transact,
|ln Ibis connection the Free Press
has sin,-,, endeavored to ascertain
Iho nature ef tho business but have
uul elicited anything further than
that il was a lillle private business.
According tu the nuvii f the Cily
Solicitor, ii appeal's, Ihe Counoll
mny conduct city business in private
at it- illsorolion
Stleh a cinifse is
but wc uithohl furl her comment al
It  is rumored that  a  $10,000 thisiiiiie. This explanation wo deem
summer hotel will be creeled nt in justice to tho Free Press, ns our
Sardis, and nu effort made to on- leaders justly bsik for full reports
courage holiday and summor visit-|of tho business traninelsd by lho
collapse of teacher.
• t
Teacher:—"Johnny, what is a
guttural sound?" Johnny:—The
cry of a boy standing in the gutter
unable to sec over the high curbstone, into the store windows towards Xmas timet" Total collapse
of teacher.
"1 sec you are charging me sixty
cents a dozen for those eggs, why
llmt is five cents each." "Yes,
you sec," replied tlio
clerk witli a sly wink
presents a whole day's work by the
lien, and five cents a day is |kkii'
enough pay!"
. .
Who is to lie the next   Mayor?
Really tbe question   is  I,hi  sudden
Ightlng, nlso ibe unmtl«f«otoiysor4rd..?.n^oluWtlon i*i,",t1,°-""jrr",v
vl",(, ',vl      "*   "v"r' '"r *',° "m,t''1'
Architect Moopor rocommondod !» ?no "' •!l!^'.,.,.,""""  ImportanM
pay nt   of *'.i7."i   to   Cnnlractur!I"*" ,'.",'"'
iblltson nn City Hull neeoiu.t. I(.l,n,l"l,,,,s
Ac.ur.ling to the eniilract. the City \ ""« 'l'"'''-v'
Hull should   have   Ih'cii   Completed      „„     ,. ...       . ,,     .,      .,
,,„ Sept. 18, nnd tho Clerk was in-   , "r «ma\\\ qulokly fly. tlio
struete.1 to wrllo Mr. II ir draw* occllon' W,I,,00T "",l ■?" ",s ",'"
Ing bis atlenlinn In I lay   llllll  "■"   "'""'!  "f . "'"    "V™"**    '""
requesting an early eomplelinn ofl^™""1?.?1*1* "'Uiue.pal _ honors,
the work.
At this poinl the Free  Pi
should lie found on the Isiard.   a/,d
Willi Wollld   In."    ht-St     fitted    to    'l«ll
fairly  by  all citizen-,  no   nuat^r
what their politics Ol .'rw.1.
tn municipal
that he  had
subject of tllO
Wnddinglon roported
again   taken   up  the
delay of tbc B.C. K. II.
in completing the contract for street
"Who arc  the  lik
' would bo n mom tit
and   the   ratepayers  will   liave  an
s  (he'"l'l)",',n"',.v '" sav m'" whose hands: i'i'"^ ''.'."
'        they will entrust  the spending of
tlieir  mono)'.
. .
''Economy of oxpondlliire wllh
ellieieney" is a tnnlto to Is- "writ
big," and thnt a representative
body of iiilluentiiil business men
will enine forward is the wish   ol
Dog   Toby.
Mi; Xriwts Aii Un C-em
The coming of May Etotwrtl kajsft
to Cliilliwnck on Mon.la7 Deeemher
■I, will be a pleasure to the tbaatrt
goers, for this is one enmpany
whom we are sure of giving M
"some thing really worth while'
and in Sardon'l great comedy trea:
ing tlic divorce qnettjoo, replete
with the sparkle and power of this
Great French Author, the theatre
goer will enjoy the best there is on
the road this season. Th.- Vernon
News in speaking of May Roberts
and her Co. speak of this company
and play as follows "Miss Kohert-
and Mr. Gillard in Sardov'i
grocery j sprightly comedy, Divorcoos, at
ono egg ro* once captured the audience and
easily convinced them that this play
ami company was some thing worth
while, and   tbey   have  surrounded
themselves this season wi.h a company of exceptional merit. In.
Robertson (who many will re-
inoinbor In Chilliwack) i- praoti-
eularly worthy ..( mention, but indeed all the member* stand out
away alaivc thc avenge,    We   wish
that our stage «erc more frequently
graced with arli-l- ul the type of
Miss Robert" and Mr. li.llard.
whose finished work containing M
It does Sympathetic and   intelligent
conception wilh restrained force
and quiet power, affords a pleasure
nnd relief to the jaded theatre goer,
great pleasure that we
cordially and confidently recommend this company ai  entirely.
uf   the   patronage   of   the
opera house,
L. .1. Thomas head of Cawlej
The wisdom of land Ciirmiehoel's Insurance Depart-
IH'ii to question, [ment, oxpocts to leave a weok from
Sunday for London, Kngland, arriving there to spend the Vuleti.le
season at bis old home. We Iio|h:
to see Mr. Thomas return iu tho
spring much  benefited   from
Mclstisli's SgecuU fir Silsrln
Men's Knee (lum IIih.Is ?2.7.">
Boy's Knee Gum Boots *J.L'".
Youth's Knee (lum Bisits   *I.T"i
Men's Storm  Rnbbors 67i
Ijtilies' Storni Rubbers iin
Misses Storm  Rubbers     .   .4"
Child's Storm Rubbers       .    .Illl
City Counoll.—Editor Free Press.J; holiday
Thc Itory of   "Sleepy    Santa"
will Ih- told  in  mirth,  music and
song, under the auspices of  Wesley
his! Imup of Boy senilis, in  the Opera
j house on Friday December 15. THE FREE TRESS. CITT.TJJWACK, TV C.
Zam-Buk llm Cured These
Ill    gl
Tht Amal.ur Hypr.olnl Had a Veiy
Cl.-ver   Subierl.
"N m     Man I,"    said   V. I -or.    with
ii ennii.' i tiii  smile, "I  not ready ti
.    .ii i Minis,,  ibut  little e.vnrim .nt,    I   sin
nlulii will: -in    l cun i riiifi yo ■! i thu hyp
e morning, j note Influence il ynu "'ill uorcc nil
.,.     .,, I    In   .,..i-l,    ,ln-'   pill   yi III'   lllillll   III   «
Tht Worth of Health
A man's besl asset Is his health, fori
without health lie is capable ot very.
■liilr usefulness, and of practically no
nji.ytiieni.   in-order to aohleve tlic
highest line i    clipurjllc nf, unit to gol
Hie tnosl out ul' lite, one must lie phys
i-ullj  si.nnil. sn that greatest usefulness  nml   highest    enjoyment    have:
health ns an asset.
The nation Is nn aggregation of in-i
dlvtdlials, ami iln greatest asset Is the I
combined assets nf lis citizens, so'
that tin- greatest part of a nation's
Wealth consists of the hc.ltlt nf Its
people, llnw large a eniitrllnttni- to t
national wealth is public health, is
shown hy the conclusion arrived nt'
liy Hr. U'llev. an authority on public
hygiene in the United Suites.
The iliila iiuiii whieh Dr. Wiley
worked out. Ids conclusion are well
known—the census, giving  the niuu-1
Mr. il. A. Huu.-I., is.-is.i si.   Maud, I    uuin..I   yuu  to tall  'no bor of producers In tho country, and.
ph Hired, Hi,  Itoclie, tjiie, I. tj.,   t|ie .".'cteis el yum licnrt.   Whom do UaB economic value ot a working man's
i love'   'I II inc. I command you.   life, or of his physical efficiency, whloli
A iiiiiitcitliir)    spresslon of resist loourls often bale to fix lu actions tor
Filctlon  mi   ihe  heutoi't'
llllll an- DW' lien. I ii tun i 'I
.villi blood, is what cnnsi
ialn  ami  a luginn  und  -
dies.   Zam-Huk upi lied t"
a- found in give easi  bcfoi
■housunds of fi ."i".    bn.- ,    ,
his,   Wl-v nol be mild .1 h)  Hi   "N    passive cnnrlili.iii     Iry  In   think   u.
,.,!,.„,... !,'•; ii!i.., uolh u.i nl till    I' '■ your tye on that
Mr. 'Ili'inns Heursi'ii. nf I'llnc.    VI    light   n .1   mul  ilnn'l   ful'g.'l   I"  keep
lert, Bask.. »->lies: "I ituisi tl k you| i r  enn,I   n  bbink.    I   will   count
iv tbe benefit  I liitM' m.I.Ml in.ui. slutj   ids by my woloh."
'.iin-liuli.    I.'isl   -" i"   I    suffered      The git I tnllowcd directions I'-tornl
dually trout |-llcs    l  si" I i" use   ly,    ay.   The    l..n I, ii  Tit llils.    In
'.-inliiili mul iiuiii.I i, Bine me relief,   iwenti   second, ber rye. bllnkuui In
io I coiiliinii il lt, ai I ; rn-i usln: three] i,,,p.  ihev , I. ,-,1.
ir lour bnxei  I nm plin nil In ■■•■  II      ",\h, I knew I ivuitM fttccocdl" ex
ins effected li e i l.'lo cure.1 ,', | Kdtrnr, highly elated.   "Now,
;    I-     Mini I     I      in,1    VI II    10  tell    III
. Ill ll,..I. II I
,,.... (mill
rites:    "I cm
'. nii-lliil. t I!
Magistral!    S.infnril,   nl     "• ■  '■ i
lllug's i'i.., > H   ■ ii;       I   ii l l mu Itching lilh bill /iiut-lliill bus
nun ctlteil ie
Mr. William Kent), i>( t |i|n t Mn
Mile Itlvcr, Hun i ". VS.. sins: "
.uttered lenlbl.  fretii idles, Ilic iml.t   .,
n  ilmi a being iilnu iln amble    I
tried various nliiiini i is, Inn anything
I tiled fulled Iii ilii uie Ihe slightest
loud. I wn Hred ul trying vnihits
, medic's, wheu I In ".l nf Znm-Hiik,
md thutighl us u lasl ri st itrci I voitld
rlvc Uii.. l.-l'.i ii Irish   Afler it ver)
ihort lime Hare-link i ff  I u coin-
lete cure"
Ziun-lluk Is i.i.-., a  su ure for
,;,ln I ijillles . ml ilb. uses, eczema,
ileeis. varicose veins, ems. burns,
'.riil.-.v. cbaps, cnlil But-i-a, etc. 60c.
mx nil druggists and sMircs, or post
free front Ziiiu-lltik Co.,1 Torouto, for
•irlco.   Hcfllse harmful iiiiitiiiii.iis.
Tn Kara-link soap, 25c. lublct.'
laetij then she
.,,1 Hv
pole  ".  ict.,tu".
■ I ' ■.    li Ignr I'ophuin, nnd"—
"Vi -. ..-•" cil-d Htlgar, trembling
with del ghl    "ib
th • seen Is i f S'nlir I
I  love I'ld'j
".lust  one word of a.I.ic. .en. hi
ire you go mil i  the world."
'Y.-s. dad.'
"Always be l.lii'l to democrats.Tli
vo tilt ir turn once 111 a while."
iiamnges  because  uf hiss of  lire or I
disabling accident.
These  are, the  factors   which   pro-
duee III'. Wiley's esllnuile of Ihe value1
Tell uie all nf the health of the people nf tli- I'n-
rt." lied Stales which Is placed al the at-
I'opham," continued niosl  Incoiuprelicnslble  sum  of  five
gill  In  ihe  -  tune, "ami   I hundred and forty billions of dollars.
would lovn him in',re it ho were not     Public health  is  therefore, une
.    .. ,| ry.   1 wunt t<, it" to the then- tho great national resources that must
li ■ nn i week, nnil ho takes ma be conserved  if tho    production    of
rin'jy ,.|  ;n three   months.    I  want'wealth  and  development are   to  enn-
diamond   rings,   and   ho   gives   in- 'Unite as they should.
nun-  with   ehenp   ttonos   in tbem.'   The hla Dominion lias room tor mil-
Whoa I   bo oul w'.lh  him and  get lions ot p< le, but the kind It roqttlroa
Iiiiiiotv  be  never  thinks ol oysters. Is people as sound In body    ns   In
Wic,   t "ll,uV   H !« pooplo colore oil thtugs
'•Enough"!"  en'.i  tho young man, Mse-bcforo IuihIb and forests, mines,
"Awu'io!   I eominond you." I1""1 fisheries—that make n nation.
Ami be tied without waiting to see -— —	
the result i.i his command. Mlnarde Liniment Cures Burns, Etc. |
A. the   front   door   slammed   Hie i,
young  ghl opened  ber  eyes, smiled
tiy utul so .1
\   Kansas  woman  announces  that
she wants a husband Ibal Is "a tower
,  . , ■  ,, „„.,, of Btrengtli, energetic and generous,
"I hope I did nol spring tje ' "If I ,_,,*]' very tender, very kind
nn bin, ut once. Perhaps 1 sl olio , cottrteoM al „„_.„,. «>n sttstiecl
have let ih- dioiuiind rinesund »" tllla.B|,c Is too late, that lie Is already
oysters go tnl unolher line. married.
French  Collector'.  Luck.
M. Pierre Dceoureelle is a lucky i
luRis, W«Uj,».ir7,W.taryE>»M<
UaruMDoesn'tSmart-SootheiElyePsI* i •
0rw,ld.WbWI..£r.8<«.Jr.UriM.Hs.l*.tl.l,   i.
Mwln. Er. S.1... iu A..plUT.b«,2k.llM
The trnuslllon from winter's cold to
summer's beat frettuontly puts a strain
I lector, as well as dramatist. He must. ttpou  the  sysi   thnl   produces In-
have made a fortune with dosensof.he.-nnl  compllcallons,  always  painful
popular novels sel plays like    lho Upd often serious.   A common form of
Two Utile Vagabonds," end he has idlBorder is dysentery, to which many
(ju-t netled an extra 14,000 In are prone in the Bprlng nnd summer.
The very besi niedlcine t.» use in sub-
dulng ibis painful aliment is Hr. ,1. D. i
KellOgg's Iiysentery Cordial.    It is a |
An Hone-it Confession
The Friend—Well,  I sec you hu
rout- sign oul.   Getting any practice
Young Doctor- -Yes. n little.   The
;.tes one of my funerals uOw.
auction mom.  For somo years 1
 I collectid engravings nud drawing.
„< the eighteenth century.   He paid
in all abiiul 16.0C0 pounds h.r the col- standard remedy, sold everywhere.
lection, and i! has' jmt fetched over j 	
61,000 puunds.   As an example, thro.     How a-Vspmaa'a nose turns up when
by    Fragonard,   which    ho|a man su.s lie knows women.     As
Thai makes tbem nontor, oiispor, dalntior, moro uppotizlngi
The one liiscuil guild eiiuiufh tn tuko Ihe place of youi' own baking,
l'rcsh as Uie biseuits from your own oven,
Think what tbat menus! Freedom from a broiling kltchou   leisure on Ihoportk
O.' in the parlor,    'lune to do tllO little kuick-knacks that havo boon neglected.
Are tin- croomicst, crispost craokcra inada.
Tbey nre baked in the big sanitary factory in \\ iiuii|s'p;—
rigid ul y .ur .cry door,
i'se MOONEY'S ami  bo sine  of  a  biscuil   that  is
absolntely fresh; a biscuil that will gatiafy the family,
lu toinpting paekttgoa or scale,
as yuu profor.
which    he in niiin suys It
Eiougirt In'-W pounds, brought him though women are a problem.   They:   ,rh(,  i|,Mlip, Lump Company, liept.
1,000 pouilda.   A bus'. ..1 .lean .laequc.-,are nm.    Men know wu n and wu-; r;, ' wiiia-ln.-u. Cauailii.    arc'  glring
Rosseau  by Elaudon, whloli oust, bun !men kuuw men, although wo continue       '   .t„0iuij« FREE, one
sn pounds  fetched 1,000 pounds.   A the f..ulisii practice ot trylog tn de-1'
1   . .' 1 -   -II.        I...      I,...;.,,       oaten    „„..).     ...Ixii-
Ruskin  a.  a  Grocir
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
„ riprci-i .sill mrriy .l.sir'.y tha wi.v .,t -fn.
■ ml is.ini.l. ir.i iteraaa. :•.<• slmn- .vs'.-ti *liei
•ntsfta,  a   Ibrwiou.   Ihs  "ii"..!!,  .'nlj,',.    surl
,fUi.'M  tf..«ill   HM-Pr   Is-   ..H.-.I   .,rr|,l   ..;.   [.r-s. lip-
ii..", trii.i.uiii. iihyslelaiu, u, th- ,i.n.„s- Ihe}
..III >|,i I, .-:. i-.i l i" Ui.. (ond y.iu r.n i„i-,ii, . .1.
ri."- ( III. ii.    tl-.ll*. Clfttrb Ine'. niB-iiil.itnl.-0
i>- t. .1. .Wu,-, .1 I-.I". ... ...iil.ln. In, ini-r .'
•.IT!-, anil H In....  Ilt.rn.tlr,  B-lllnB dlrKtll nlsir
lbs t.:—l a-i.t .iui.....|, eirlJiM .,! lb. rysl-n,    ll ■
..lylit  II.It'a  Catarrh  ' urr  I..- snr- ,.l   lis
-.nulls.   It I, taken I'lnntnllv ami ID  lu: &]
■iii.. t.y l. I (hsasy A I..   iMlnHHtUi, tree.
Salt. I.v UruiRblU.   l'l.'-   ' ''  l-r Inillln.
.... cut.lor>■-...uainw*.
Tl'.h luulflng --'iiseu Is at hniul and
aie.i'c' when: and ..uls. as well as Iln-
aenl meal should be fed Sunflowei
-.ed Is alio u valuable addlUou to th.
..Ill ot fan- ai this Uuie. Mulling
tow's need this nltrcgeneous food, as
bey M,c mill..' a itrun -iraiti In growing their new crop 11 feathers.
Mliurd's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
There Is no bod-currylng In Japan.
Th- native builders have a method of
Irauaportlng uiorlar which makes it
seem more like |dn} Uian work—to
tlio onlook. r. Thc niortar is mixed
la a ilb- un iii- street. One man raak-
na this up Into balls of ubmu 61b
weight, which in losses lo a man
who stands oil u   ladder midway l»-
tween tb. if and the ground.   This
nan detll. catches the ball, and then
losses ii iip tu a uian who stands ou
the root.
which wa
tha Decour
>d   chalk   by  Pepleie.-lcelve each other,
-ni up t,. \'i pounds ai '
A Distinction
cigarettes anno;
K. an'.'
"Its the fellows tbnt  smoke them
that I can't stand for."
•imI-Uv slop** «tmi|li». itir**** i-'M*- I)*-.-!-.
11 • tbri.ul BNil Inn*-.** *       BB CI ill
my lug.
TUctt-o IucvoobIur prices or foods re-'    Caflvaaslng  agents  wanted  for  all
all  a  remarltabli* uttempt, mini" in pointb in Canada lor The Colea AU
Inulmitl llilrty-fhu renra uro, to -in,*- Metol Weather Strip for Moors.   Tb«
ply tin* poor with iv*- :*.r oost pvleea only Strip which dot1-*: tho work. Sells
■          ,               ....        -re                 , i. .,  .•      --—                    -                       land in iiiuintlticH auiall   enough   to on sight.   Ornauitmt to any door.   Iu-
, had,    VI by f^,!?™^                        each conuuuni.y to introduce this'.. cet tin  cnvenl. ne- ot the shut-test destructible.    Saves   lt.  cost     many
'•"-      I''"1".-' '•  '."■'."        ">   '   "Iwondertiil lamp,    li burns coal oil. nors-S   The attempt was ramarkaUa times annually.   Adds to home com-
and is revolutionising lighting every- becniiso of the in.ui »'ht made It, for fort.    Mx'cliiilvo territory.    I,lv« met
where; is odorless, safe, economical;  ho was John lluskln. the great ciltlc average from M to tc   dally.     Por
needed lu every' home,   lioni fall to and. nhllosphor.    iu isTl  lluskln op- particulars write t„ Coles, its f.oinhart
send tlioiu yuur name and adtlrcss. efleWa shop lu l'addlagthn street, Not-1 St., Toronto.
 ting Hill. I.iuiibui. in order as he an- 	
,   , ,             ... ,    ,       .    nnuucod,  "to  supply  ibe  poor  with The endowments of tho niiiid f.inri
Uelgluai cstahllslicd its fits,  trade.       , le,_ ,,, ]m,.u,.l. Ils s,„.,n „, tliey the only llluitrioui and lasting
BChooi Uu years w- now almost ey-L.,lMcj ,,, ,)l|v wit|10U| making a profit leislon.
ery trade provide-    for    thoroughly „„ „,„ s„bdlvlalon. larger ordera be	
Itnlnlug young artisans,. ,,,„ „r ,.,„„,;,.. equally acceptable from
_   anybody who cares to promote hoaesi
dealing."   The shop did nnt attract.
A Forecast Uuskiu complained that  "lho poor
,-.- li'ci onlv a month before fur lo-,- can he painlessly rooted t
huu 33 pnuiiil...   In spit" of thc liand- [Hdlloway's Corn Cure?
aomeuesa of tbc investtnents, he sheds i ——-—■	
a t»nr over having parted with th.-1 A Puzzls
solloiltloli .mul hns already begun get-     Small (llii (entertaining her moth
t'ttig another together.   "A born col-, er's caller)—How Is your lltlc girl
lector die. a collector," ia his u-.o'l". j   Caller.—I am sorry to sny. my don
l...f'1-in T.-leerapb. [tlmt I haven't any little girl
Small  Olrl   (after  a   painful  pans..
in conversation)—Ko-a- |. your little
Is iiV
Kipting'*. Q;.tr  Bshavisur.
eard'the* &-?{•«''ttmarks'K L Caller-My dear I haven't aa) Iln
l„.„   ho   favorite author.  Bho turn- ,h"r- ^.<;- ,
1 to llstoti, atusred by the ccoentrb I   Olrl-What are yours';
iiIab .\t >t nttrruled —~ ' ■.,.— — -. :    sij*—1 tliluK ii
' ;.", l-n .' "the hostel, was !   Trial Is ln-xpe.islv.-Tothus,, who dear
•Kipling came in and belmv- setter from    dyspepsia    Indigestion,     ii,
.      li.-    iisJmTi,« ami. rheumatism, or uny  a Intent at Mm.
1 s„ strangelyr At.«»1|J»   (rom the derangement of the digestive
deny sprang up and wouldnt let the I u lfl* u( ,.„,.,„,,,„,, v ....
Umfthat-' Z "led t c^e »ca7 lie luWe «». is recommended, should the
woul.l lump at b
lur th- cake
ting iu turn cooler nnly like tn buj tb. Ir tea whore li Is . ... ., .,„,.,„_ M._
hrllllantlj lighted and eloaucnlly tick- A WeU Known M"'  ,
Yes; l ibiiili It is.                   oted; and ns I resolutely rufiise to Minimi's Liniment Co., I.lmlicit.
                    tpeto ..lib my neighboring trades- Dear Sirs.—t can recouimend your
TEETHING TIME WORRY           men either in gas or rhetoric, the pa- MtNAUD'S   LINIMENT  for   llheitma-
                               tlenl ..f ntv parcels passes tlam anil Sprains, as I have used lt
. ....... ......  ...                                                       Bnhy-s  teething Uuie wna uue,- ,., Utile t ogntiod us nu advantage by for both with cxceHenl result-
Ho rotulc a dive M'crer be iiiiacifiiaititcd with tlieni. \mm,.;, of „„„, ,„ a.| mothers-It Is my imcalciilntlug pablii."   The shop |
hat 'was on thc lower '"'" lr,l,*}'J*,ul '"''Mtensiye and the re- _.„, „ ,,„„. „, worry to many, though Boon closed dowa. and  the giwery
stilt will be anntber custoiiicr for this
excellent niedlcine. So effectlvo Is i
their acllon thai many cures can cer-
luinly he traced to their use whore
othet pills have priced Ineffective.
there are
es  Ihe
who me worn nul by day and kept lowing s nsallon garglq llamllns Wis- 	
——-- -- —— lawake b) olght by the cites ».f the ard Imiucdlatcl) with three parts i   in all your work watch some, master
Probably Needed I'bal.y  In  distress,  should  follow   Iho water.   It will save ynu days and per-1 workman; It lo a great help ami In-
"And one oilier thing I waul you [example of the thousands and give hups weeks ot misery trout sore throat. Iceutive.
to rciiieuiber when ynu build the house I their little cues Baby's Own Tabids--   	
is  to put  one  of  the  finest  elastic t|„. remedy tor worry—the never fall A Good Suggestion . These Espensive Flights
sh-lf ni the sideboard and to„k it
Into the parlor to eat it. He got the
crumbl all over the snfa nud thc br-nii-
tllul rug. When ho had tiiil.-liod hi.
cuke he simply snt and glared »t us."
The visilnr finally entil.l not Control
ictr.ill and islted, "Esouso me, but
arc you speaking ui Mr. Kudyard
Kipling;' '
"Mr. ltudyiird Kipling?" echoed the
;!.>atesa. "On, u»: Kipling is car .lug."
Knew  HI. Bible.
Tommy in. n ventufeiotne lad. but
nobody had ever credited him with
sutflctonl ,-.,ur.i!e lo iliake his h-ad it.
 lictl ui when the Sunday scltotil i. who wislicd to show off hi.
knowledge ol Biblical history, assorted ibeauties of the country.
that Sarah, Abraham', v.ilc, wn, tho 1    Mi8.— We will slay In town IjjUj f,.,"
ml, woman whoio ujc was recorded
have learned tho sec
hotisands of mothers who trade lost thc most distinguished rep-
rcseutattve It Is over likely to pusses:--.
Vnurs truly,
T.   U.   LVVKItS.
St. .lehl
.-I which banish-
tbelr    ll:ll.
BUtfeilng from difficult teething;
T'b,- ii.-vt time
• u fe. I that   swul-!
ediliu-   was   lUbStttUtldg
Mi, IVliHlns's I, (Nil Sis: i- 1,-rli
,.i |ar o«.r SIXTY YIIAgSI.) million- '.I
.l.ilill HS l„r ll.r.r cttllliu :. Willi.
ruKTIIIKII, »i'l. l'l Ll l ' ' -; " '' ' " II. -. II l Illl I' : "1 II NH I' '■' M
II LMs .'I I'AIN tl I" sttlMH 1.1,11 .11,!
It .h.!*.. renin., l-.i lusliuini \ II I .'<
■, h.,n,l#    *n^ an.I a,k 1,-r    Mr.
a ■ tng Hrrtip." sad takt itojHnci
kind.   .#-"'. '.-. RSU. Iwiue.
Clear Brain.
mil good -.piriis come naturally
■hen Ihe itooiacll il up In lis
sork, the liver ami bowels active
snd lho Wood pure. I'd Ier cor.,
di lions always follow Ihe die o'
whoio u^e
n ihe Bible, Seeing tho disapproving
motion ef the little head in the front
: i« th.. vi-.ii.r relterstedi
■'.-:irnh wai tin only women whose
age is recorded in the Bible."
Then Tommy .p iko right up:
"There in-- three more that 1 know
, I," said be,
• Wh,.:-'  iik i     ■ nl mlshed vlih
I   r
"Mother,  i-  nidi and   Auut
l.u.'j," ,a:'l Tomin;.
Taa  Weighty,,
"11   .    ei.   .     in ."   sai-l   llHl-rshy,
"that ar ■ «■!. .king nisrlf all 'he
riiuu iu l Imagination oul .1 lit"
.■. on v iiiimerclallM morrlige, f..r
that's .'. ut irhal wo srs dointfi I like
.,. .. ,| id ,u,v .a courting, ih- \va>
that was |h • ottaiy thing when knis-.;,
-...., bold. I Iik" tha Hen ol gallop,
ng aero., the drawbrlilgo nml innten
steps on li that tnoiie) can build."     Ijng  banlsher of baby's pntos.    ('..n- The 1
"An ehistlc step, miidain*"               cernlng them.lira.  it.  Monette, Jr., for tl
"Yes, I wus rcuilln' ho»' Miss III  Ituplde do I'Orignul, Que., says:  -"My editor.
bud hud a tine claBtlc step, an' I win-  t,;ltiy  cried day and nl^ht und suffer "tlow'il I answer tbls," he il, tiiaiul-
enc just like it. or better."                ,.,( from iiiH leeth,   A few doses nf ed.  "<;bi wants to know how she can
 _}___,_-•_, own Tablets made him healthy Improve bur iple.xlon."
Decided                      InniLhapp) and his leelhlng easy and "Till her n. send yuu n BUinplc of
Knlcker.—Yes, my door, I shall be|pn|ni0a.,   i would nol   be   without It," suggested the snake editor.
iihid to co with yuu; I long to see tha them."   The Tablets ure sell b) mod-' ____________^^___
Ucin- dealers or by mall ut 11.1 cents a	
The lh'. Williams' Medielu   ■   ———
ICn.. Brockvllle, Onl
"They tell ine lhat the aviator y.itt
'Answers  m orrespoud. tits" engaged was a bird."
"We thought sn after he dlsplayesl
his bill."
Thc beans nf men sic tbelr books,
events are their tulnv  great acttoni
aru their cloipien..-.
ing up th • giil "i my lii'ai't an I put- i
ting her on lho laddlo holnro me and ,
^iiU,.|.iuK  away   like   mad.   Would- |
thut -nit youi
"N.,, it wouldn't," replied the olli-
d man. "The cit!   ;' icy heart w  ghs
300 pi uud.
, ,11 f..r>«s,.,.
■ I....:
Hi,  Treat.
i Bandy hi I jue 11 ■; It . girl nl thc .
end ol lho .trcel ■.■' .■ aha was wait- ;
Ing lur him. SI ■■ " is li oklng it.' i a
conleclii ner's *in '... when Sandy ,
made hii pr kin vu by fcuiark- 1
Ingt I
i   "Wed, Janle, wl it nro ye guun t<;
:' »vc   lie nicht?"
.-.  I, i": li    in I lo n-k loo much,
I pi   i
"i lb, I'll iu.l lak what ynu'll lak,
jniidj '
"On,      ii, we'll balth lak a walk,"
.. I ' i   i.   i, Ji<   ■,-.! brr away.
W. N. U. N9. 801,
Very  Considerate.
"You srouldn't think of Idling Mrs.
1 inm ll bear ll ■ thing, yuu sny be-
bind her bock."
"Certainly not,' rcpliod Mrl, Sniuor-
|Storey,   "la. u« klnd-licsrtoi."
Shines Stoves St
They Stay Shlne-J
"Ubick Knight" is a joy to
every wouiiui who takes pride In
her home.
It enable, her to have the
llovea ihvoya clean, freshly
poltilied ami brilliantly
"Btack ECiiighl" li ready to use
—easily applied—and a few rubs
brine, ■ a iierrur-ltl.e polish.
"Black Knight" does away
with all lite hat.I wutk and ditly
-wntb ol .love polishing.
If yoiu ilr,l-i .liouUt mil tisre
"•line's Kalgtlt", tV- ff lti ,rnil you
. ij:g* caiiipoiipalit, for IK,
The F.r.Dallcy Co. limited,
nAM.I ION. Oat. 24
Sf.llr, StthSt.m.JI "li. I " Shi, ftilth.
The Training of Children
tin., caiini.i  begin  iln- training of.
children In B""'l habits loo aooni It
is a mistake to lay. "The child Is too
young, I will correct him whin he Is'
older."    li  will Kb" pgrenl Mid child
nunc trouble for the hnbli  will huve
formed, uud though li Is never too
llaie to form u i habits, or alas, to,
contract had ones, lho attention end
volition thai "iiuhi lo be gli.'ii lo
uther things has t lied t" overcome thai   wblcb  might  have  i n
dune uncotiselnillly slmosl while the
child was very young.   A child slums
'sums of being very passloaato; ever)
lime you lee slnnn signals, change
I the current of It. thoughts; do nol
glvo it what it l- crying for, If yei
have determined nol lo, thai v ut Only
strengthen the bad habit. As the child j
grows elder you will (Ind good tcntpel
bus 1..IC..IH.C ii liablt, and perhaps, remembering your own sioiniy childhood
land  the  misery  il   caused  yen    and
I others tu cure your passionate temper, |
you feel thankful Indeed I" Ihlnk huw
much your child has been spared,
The Canadian Rockies.
Albert lirnll,  Ihe tinted New York
The etpretiion occur* no many timtt in tetter* from
•ick women," I Wil completely di«oiirB|ed." And there
!■ alnay** *|tiud re-tknn for the ditcuuri|emeut. Yeeri ot
pain end miffirini(. Doctor alter doctor tried in vain.
Median*"* doinrl nu lat*tin| lour). It if no wonder that
the woman feeli din-oura-fed.
Thomandrt of these weak and tick women have found
health and courage retained ai the revult of  the uie oi
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
ll  eatsbll.hM reiul.rilv, he.I. ii.Siimm.liun and lilcina.
linn, cures arsbiir...
ir leeeim ixkak wouks btkonu
USh HICK WOMKS Wlil.1.. s.ibslilules ufiVred by lius.riipiduus
' tor this reliable reined,.
Sick women  .re  invited in cun,till h) Idler, frtt.   All ,-orrr.pondenca
strictly private aad  s.eredl, cnftfidenti.l.   Write w-ithuu!  l-.r  .nd tvilhoul
lee tn World'. Iliipenurr, H. V, Pierce, M. II., l're.'t. N. Y.I
Dr. I'lerce*.  I'  IVIIer.  rr|ul..e .nd i..\i|or,le ..uinaclt, liver and
bowels.   Sti|.i-cu.l.d, liny |r.anles, e..y lo as end.. 	
landicnpo artist, liken the Canadlaa
Rocky Miiimiaitis. Mr. Oroll has spent
several weeks iu the Rockies sketch
Ing scenes tilling tilt) Hues of the Call
udiiiii Pacific Railway, und ho Is enthusiastic over the beauty ot the
I Mountains,   Btopptng over at Uuliilh!_____
on hu wuy back lo Broadway, Mr.\m      ^ #,)VC\IX\ Pi'OcOSS of  Ptv-
Oroll was Inlcrvlcwed by a paper of i ■ "
that city,             ■ paraiion   Eddy's
I   "it is ii beautiful country,  said Mr,   11  J ° •
'(iron, ".um there me boundless op- B Toilet. 1'appfs frpc from injiir-
portunltles for ihe photographer and  V * J
tbo artist to gel into .lose touelt wliy  M _0„9 chemicals of nuv kilitl.
Nature Even If the arllsl never leaves   ■
.Ihe uf Ibe C.I'.II.     there    Is   I ,,.,        , ,
plenty ol mngnlflcetit iconery to sat-  W        o }o\i re sure il « Eddy s, you r*
'Isfv even the mo?l ardent seeker of   iff
beauty," I ***-&
|   Mr, Oroll predicted n Ida Inroad uf. M
lAinerlciui «_■>*■ HA s**a-|^HBf**l A'
^nvJs^is^s«s««v vsaniv w.
offer most of the S
best for the least ■
itire it's right," ■
i -»»44*t«.^*;ts^tsMs*4-«****
:  A Harmless Mistake
' Copyright by American True Aa.o-
,-l.tlon, 1911.
Abel Wall.ins snt nut nt tbe end ot
the lung pier llshlug fur mackerel.
The noon whistle frum lho mill cut
the stillness, nnd Abel pulled in his
Hues utul bout lu grasp his basket of
Ib-h. lie listened ilnwii the pier toward
hoDie. Then II whs tbnt n mice bailed
liilu frum lite unelinl'iige.
"III. there. Abel!"
Abel slopped nnd leaned over ths
Mill, Sliitiding iu n small, clenu cut,
et.hiiicd nuuur liitiiii'h was u abort,
flout iiuiii, red nf fare llllll blue of s.r*
ant! very bleached us lo hair ami tuu.
(lube. Ills rlsorod CUP had a iiuutieai
tilt, null ti single brass button tl.-inirled
rroiii his liluu pllut cunt.
"Csinie down here alter dinner If yon
haven't gol anything else tu ,1... I'to
gui ii Job fur yuu."
".Vl.llI Is IIV" tlsked Abel Suspicion's-
ly. He liiiil heen n .'li-fini ur Myron
l'llnld's eiltlllisllisill In the past, uud he
resolved lo pr ed with caution,
"lieen reading the papers lately!"
deuuiuiled Mr. ii'iiuld impatiently,
"Of course,"
"Head iibutit thut teller Unit's been
pltiyhiK pirate duwu lit tbo Khsi river?
l Ihouglit maybe yuu hml. Well, there',
a reward out fur his capture— Itjoo.
Want half of It?"
"I don't, liiiiul If I du. Yuu going
down nfler blm?"
"1 don't have to! He's bunging
nrniiiid the harbor here." grinned Mr.
I imiii. wiih sudden amiability.
"Here7" gasped Abel wildly. "Why,
hnve you seen liitlt'i"
'The other nodded.
"I wus coming hi Inst night Just at
sitirL You know Ibere was u fog, ami
I could scarcely see u beat's length
.head, when all nt a sudden I beard a
la'ncb coming up astern. Her engine
was muffled, and if It hadn't been for
the faint 'spit-spit' uf her eibaust she
might have passed me without my
catching n glimpse nf her. Kbe wliiszed
■ by, and I had t. look at the chap tbat
wns running her." Myron Kladd paused tu stuff a |>ln. li of tobacco Into bis
Abel drew a deep brealh.    "What
was he like:" he asked Id nn awed
Myron scratched a match on a har-
uiiclctl Umber. "He hud hi. hack tu
me, so 1 couldn't see nothing," he re-
plied calmly.
"I want t' know," rasped Abel Impatiently. "If yuu didn't sea biiu
bew-'d you know who he was? Mebbe
tt was ma lu my la'neli."
"Was it you?" asked Mr. Kladd In-
"I wasn't nut yesterday," admitted
Abel sheepishly.
"1 know It wss blm, Ibe pliniitnm
pirate, because the description his Ibe
la'n.'h tbnt passed me, nnd the way
he coma in wns sneaky-there wasn't
a sound, and he didn't even look
around, lie made right fur the creek
that runs lu among the cedars, because I followed him illl he disappeared there. Today 1 strolled around
Ibere on top of tbe bluff, and t could
are blm down there In the creek." Mr.
Kladd paused dramatically.
"Well, what you golug to do about
It?" ileum in led Abel.
"I'm going lu keep watch of I he
creek all the aflernnnn nnil evening,
and when she couiua nut I'll capture
Iter. I'll need ynu. When enn yuu
come down? or courts you're mul
your dinner."
The wurd "dinner" galvanized Abel
Into sudden recollocllon of the meal
that was awaiting him and of lha ac-
cnmulaled wrath of llchorah when lit
appeared at last "Gosh. I haven't
biul my dinner—1 forget ll," lip said
tu nu uneasy lone, Just then the I
o'clock whlsllc shrilled orer Hu- wnler.
and ho picked up Ills basket or lish
nud hurried awuy.
"Come right hint rigalii." .relied Myron Timid.
"All right." replied Abel. llthOUgll be
knew he hnd iiiouilsid Deborah lu take
her rag bulls uver tn Ihe carpet wcuv
ers Ibut nfternoiiu.
Deborah Walkltll IVU "un her ear."
"Went (Sit Osleop en ill* pier, I sup
piisc." she said sltnrply.
'"I wasn't iislccp," prnlcsled Abei
holly. "I've caught ulucty-tbrco young
mackerel for you lo pickle, end—I've
anl n chance to ttitiku n hundred and
nfly dollars!1' hu ended triumphantly,
"Yuit'vo got u ciinnco io g<> without
your dinner!" snapped Deborah us she
<rampc<! into the nest room nud slum.
nied the door.
Tor one Instant Abel paused: then
without n* liirncd and left th.
hmi'ie. .unking hi. way down to (ho
pier, where Myron Build's launch sllll
l.nbbed aguinsl the idles, Myron hulled liim gladly.
"Guud fur yen. Abel. Tuu made a
abort Jub of II. (let aboard now, and
we'll run down Ihe east shore and
auchur In the Ine of thut old wreck
If wo see lhat plrnlo coining otll of the
crock wo can run out nnd capture him
♦nsy as pie."
Abel let himself down Ibe gnugwny
to the float where I lie launch wus tied
and Jollied Mr. timid In the liny cab-
In.   He looked hungrily around.
"1 haven't bud nny dinner," he announced woefully. "Deborah was so
all Bred mad bi.ituia 1 wss late she
rut out Ibe rattens.    What you got
nbon id J"
Without a word Mr. Flndd set forth
a pot of cold coffee, a can of pilot
bread, some rancid bulter, a cold Dolled egg and hnlf a mince pie, and In
silence Abel Watklns stowed awsy
ihe victuals. By tbe time this ceremony wns concluded It was after 'i
The wind bud changed to tbe soulb-
enst, and the sky was overcast Ss they
shot out from under tbo shadow of
the lottg pier nnd beaded across the
buy. It wus three miles to Cedar
creek, where Ihe phantom pilule was
supposed to tie In hiding. They mode
the wreck near Ihe creek's mouth nnd
made fast to her rolling timbers. She
loomed hlg and black above tbe ually
lillle luitnch nnd afforded n measure
ot protection from observation, Abel
and Myron Flndd lounged It. the cab'
in nud took turns watching through
Ihe tiny portholes for seme sign of
life uonI- Ihe month of Ihe creek.
There was nothing snve un occasional kingfisher to disturb tho sniiiude. after liinir passed hi tcdlotll
» sll ing.
"Maybe lie went while ynu were
lleruss Ihe buy." BllggOltCd Abel Wilt-
"There wnsu'l live minutes 1 didn't
In,v., my glasses trained on thnt
creek." said .Myron slinrply. "Culi-
fuiui.l   Why can't hu cume uul'.-"
"Let's go nfler lilin," suggest*.!
Abel. "We might ns well catch lil.n
iu ibere n» to chase 1,1m till around
Mills River buy."
Myron Flndd agreed, uml Just ns thr
duy wns fading Ihey panted Into Codut
creek and iniide fur Its upper reaches.
There, drawn un a lillle pebbly bench
nud half hidden lu Ibe tall salt grass,
wus a narrow, dark gray mntorhoiit.
Lounging on Un- .leek wus ii long limb
ed young mnn. whu shut lo his feci
ns ibey npproached.
"Well, whiff Is It':" he tisked sharply
as Flndd'* launch grounded ln thc sofl
Myron Flndd stepped uBhore and
crashed thruugh the grass tu tbe side
of Ihe gray launch, He drew a short
barreled shotgun from underneath ills
pilot coat, and, throwing back Ihe lapel
ef the garment, lie gushed n brief
glimpse nf his's badge and
cried authoritatively:
"Huld up your bands. In the name
of the law!"
The stranger threw up his bauds
Willi une he caught the gun burrel
ond twisted the weapon out of Myron',
blinds: with the olhci' he lifted that
stout gentleman lo Ihe .leek of the
craft h.v way uf a strong grip Inside
Iho collar of his coat. - With lightning
like rapidity' be snatched up ti rope
and lied the ambitious pirate huntet
with a dozen hard knots. '
Then the stranger leveled Ihe shotgun at ihe shrinking form of Abel
Welkins and beckoned with a long aud
crooked forefinger. "Come here!" he
ordered unkindly.
Abel weut and was trussed null* a*
ncally ns his friend Together they
watched tbe strange young malt dive
Intu thu cabin of his luiiuch. come
forth wilh a suit case and shrug him
self Into n worm overcoat.
"I'll borrow your bust for awhile,
aud I'll leave mine fur security. 1
bad a breakdown, confound ill I'll
send suincbody nfler yuu. Sorry 1
can't lake yuu along, but I've gut tin
Important engagement with u ludy.
Ily, by!" He waved ll mucking fare
well at bis sptllH'l'lug captives, pushed I'lndd's built out uf th.) mud. leap,
ed nimbly aboard nfler his suit case
and wss soon ehiiitciug .piled..' front
sight iu the gathering mist.
When all wus sllll again Myron
Flndd turned uneasily to bis companion.
"Abel, did yon recognize lhat fellow? Seems like I've seen him be
"I don't kuuw. Looks like a chap
Ihnl was hoarding over to the hotel
Inst slimmer. 1 took him out llshlug
once, mul he gave ine Jlu. 1 heard
lie hnd luis uf money. 1 don't believe
It's lho same. Whnt would he be doing around here ibis way?"
"He's ihe pirate, nil right," uttered
Flndd gloomily. "Yet he looks confoundedly like (hot .Imp 1hot used lo
conic and see my daughter Miiliel Inst
Slimmer, 1 told her I wouldn't hear
of no city chaps for sons Inlaw, und
su I giro liliu to understand He was
staying to thu hold tea His nam.
wns Turner."
"WI,ill's he gut to ih. wllh Ihnt
phantom pirate nnd fcliai rewind?" do
niiuulcil Abel sourly, working at Ills
'rii-rc wns Ihe sound of ours nnd
Voices uf men, nud presently a llghl
blurred 'hroiigh the fug, uud n boat
enitie eniillotisly up Hie creek. Five
minutes afterward Aisd Walking and
Myron Flndd were free men. and scv
oral of Ihelr DOlgllhurs were brcnklng
the news lo Mr. Flndd I tint llls'lhlllgb
Ier Mtibcl hud eloped In a tiiulurhunl
wllh ti young niitii of the mime of
Turner and thai Mrs. l-'lndd hud snld
lllc wus glad of !t if Mnhel was huppy.
Somebody had telephoned one of the
men thut Abel nnd Myron were mil-
rootled hi Cedar creek-hence Ihelr
timely arrival. •
It nas a Kllcnl parly Hint rowed
across Ihe choppy hay tu the leaking
flul bottom bunt. Myron Flndd wus
pliitinliig nil suns of revenge upon bis
uewly nciiulred son-ln-biw for his
harsh iroutmont, while Abel look con
solution lit Ids illsiippnlnluienl and
fiillgtio by recollecting thai n frightened Deborah would gluilly prepare »
boiiiillfiil menl when he returned tc
AI last one of Ihe men spoke: "I
sec by lite pnper that Ihey cntu:ht tbnt
there phantom pirate awny down by
Unriicgutu light, Myron. I wouldn't
mind buying that three hundred re
ward, would you?"
Uut Myron only grunted Irritably In
to lilr.
COAST DEFENSE. r»rt* snd. Ha   Qunt  That
Pr.t.ct Our 8.a Lin..
The modern seacoast fort Is a bat-
tcry whose guns nre protected In front
oud flank wllh enormous monoliths of
concrete, covered, lu the sides eipoied
to the Ure, wllh saud enough to deflect projectiles before tbey reach tho
concrete, says tbe Engineering Mnga-
sine.    Deep down In tho Interior of
these huge masses of stone nre placed
the magazines and opernllug rooms required for the service of the batteries.
They ore simply caves In stoue, artl-
Iii Inl. to lie sure, Imt so permanent as
the everlasting hills.   It Is weird and
uncanny to reflect thut: in otto of those
caves,  scintillating wllh   the  highest
resniirees of science, men stand over
a drawing board on n table nnd prnc-
lienlly see nnd pint on a chart, every
movement and position of the ships of
a hostile fleet nud flush forth In the
gunnels iu itm open such Instructions
fur pointing Ihelr guns ns eniiblo them
to  iniil.e  cnnsceiitivn hullseyea on  a
Inrgrl O.iltKl yards away or from groups
I uf grenl twelve Inch rifled mortars In
I mnke 47 per cent of hlln wllh ducks
nf pi-ujceliles nil lllc deck uf ll moving
target unywherc within range.
It   I.   vastly   Important   Hint   such
{ rooms he mnde ns comfortable ns possible  for   lliu   strained   Intel-
! lecls working out lltcjt country's do-
. fonse wllhlii them,   Hut. to mnke tbem
eninf.irlatilc Is u difficult problem,   In
i Ihe United Slates Ihe Ilrst modern hat-
lories    wero    completed    during   an
1 exigency  caused  by  ihe. wnr  wllh
I Spain.     Hut   since   (heir   coinplctlou
j during thu wniin nud humid mouths
I of summer  nnd  early  full   Ihelr  gitl-
I lories, magazines uud service rooms
■ reek with moisture.    Wnler stands 1n
j grout bends upon Ihe walls nnd cell-
j lugs, from which lt drips down to form
great pools upon the floors, and they
| arc not safe places for either human
beings, nmiiiunllb.n or uinlcriul of war.
To remedy the evil many expedients
' havo been  tried nnd  much .valuable
i experience gullied.    But ihe problem
] is la-set wllh difficulty.
Th.y Ar. V.ry Minut. and R.B.mhl.
H.rringbon. Brickwork,
In Iba (irdluiir.v acceptation of ths
term tbe ed ie a sealeless fish. Bill
lt Is due lo the fact Hint Us seoles are
very minute and Imbedded in the skin.
Thoy form, ns pointed out by a correspondent, very Interesting nnd beautiful objects for the microscope, ln
sire the scales of the eel vary from one-
Th.y H.v. N.v.r Yet Been Mad.,
Ev.n In th* Laboratary.
Clue of tlic needs of the dny Is a
perfectly spherical slcel bifil, nnd yet
lt hus-'never been iiiiitlo even In the
laboratory, much less In the shop for
commercial uses. When wc consider
tbe Importance of bull hearings for au.
tomohlles**uinlorcycles und other machinery the imperfections In slcel balls
twentieth of tin inch upward, accord-'■ must appeal to nil ns Of the greatest
ing lo the ugc of Ihe lish, They nre moment. Of course wc mnke pretty
formed of two layers of a clear, horny gCOd steel balls, which could not tin?*
substance, the upper of whlcb Is been manufactured a few years ago.
studded wltb crystals of calcium car-1 So far as the eyo can discern, they are
Imitate. • These ard so transparent as   perfectly spherical, loo, nud ordinary
to look like empty cells. Tbe scales
vary In shape froni a blunt to an
elongnted ovnl nnd are stimetimes almost kidney shaped.
This Is how the scales of Ihe eel tell
lis nge. On each nmy ho observed nt
Inferrnls several more nr less clenrly
iiL'irl.ed lilies parallel to the niurglu, j
These mark lines of growth, ouo for
each yenr uf tbo life of (he lish. Three
y.-nrs, Itowcrer, must be allowed for
Ihe Innermost ring, ns lliu eel bns no
wales until lho (bird year. The scales
do not overlap to any extent, and are
arranged in series of small group* at
right angles to eni-h other, so us to
resemble whnt Is known as herring
bono brickwork. Conger eels, however, ntc said to hart uo scales.-Lon-
don Field.
An Exp.rim.nt Which Shew, a Cort «f
P.rp.tual Motion Effect.
A novel experiment lu the demonstration of perpetual motion Is lo be
performed simply. A glass beaker
about six In.'hes high' nml four inches
In diameter Is llllcd wllh water to
the height of about four and a half
Inches, and Iwo and one-half to three
ounces of cniutnetvial aniline are ndd-
-ed, which will sink to tbe bottom of
the. vessel.
The tcni|icr;:tu-e of tbe beaker auo>
Us contents Is now raised to 170 or
175 degrees Fahtenhelt by means of a
burner, when ft will he observed tbat
tbc aiillluc will rlsu lo tbe surface ot
lho water, from which It will hung lu
a mass of curved outline. Almost Immediately the suspended aniline commences to niter In shape, hnd gradually a large drop nn Inch or more In
diameter dclacbes itself from tbe
muss und falls through the wnler.
And now. the detached drop having
fallen lo Ihe bottom of the beaker,
cnnies (he surprising p.trt uf the experiment. Thc fallen drop Is seen
gradually tu rise to thu surface, where
It joins the mass from which it previously broke away. At once .'mother
drop commences to furm nnd, having
become detached, fulls nnd rises In tbo
some manner ns the previous drop.
So lung n* ihe tcmpd'attiro uf the
water is maintained nt 170 degrees
Fahrenheit or over this procednre cun-
liiilte*  Indefinitely. — Spokane   SpoLw-
man tie Ic iv..
II May or May Not Hav. Be.n a L«v»"'
Down Gam., but It Won.
The mnn Willi his coat collar turned
up nnd his derby pitched down over
his eyes who wns slouching along In
Ihe shining of the building suddenly
beckoned to the mnn on tbe otber side
uf thc sl reef. "Ilore'a an easy one, I
Pete," be growled hoarsely.
"Where's an ensy one?" snarled Peto.
"This here house. It's like taking
gum from a stenographer that's flilti'
ber hair. Some chump bsa gone away
nu' left his latch key in this door."
Pete took a swift look at the lionise
ami began to hack up. "Tou cau go
to It,".lie said. "I don-t want to butt
In on It,*' '-.   -
"Are yonse nutty'."      	
"Nnw, | uiu't nutly. But de feller
wot lives ilere Is a low down snenk
widotit no fcclln' fer nobody, on' 1 don't
wn'dt nothln' ter do wltb 'lift. No. I
don't know lilin, but I'm next ter tils
game. He slicks that key In dure to
tetch suckers like you. Here's a wire
on dat key nu' a million volt battery
attached lo dat wire. I wouldn't touch
it If yer'd gimme de First National
bank. But go ahead—I'll be acrost da
street wnlchln' wot happens."     ••>
Nothing happened.—Cleveland Plain
.   Ancient Inkstands.
; An inkstand that was probably In
nsc 11,400 years ago Is exhibited In a
Berlin museum. It Is of Egyptian
make and Is supposed to belong tu the
' eighteenth ur nineteenth dynasty, ur
somewhere about 1S00 li. C, although
Its real ago cnu be Judged only up-
1 proximately. It ts mado of wood and
lias two compartments, an upper one
provided with two holes, one for blnck
end uue for red Ink, and a lower one
for bidding reed pens.   Tbe block and
. red Ink ure certainties, for some still
remain*. In a dry condition, within the
receptacles.   Another ancient Inkstand
measuring Instruments will not be ublu
to detect any 'difference In them. Imt
nevertheless they are uot perfectly
A steel bul) foe nuiniuobile bearings
must be perfect within .0001 Inch, uud
Ihey nre mode even mure perfect thai,
this, but niailiein.-ilicnl perfection in
[his respect seems to tie almost n* Illusive ns squaring the circle or discovering Ihe perpetual motion machine.
When the sleel ball was Ilrst used lu
the bearings of bicycles It was a very
Imperfect sphere. It wns nut culled
upon to bene tiny great luad, nud tlio
velocity wns nut great. At Ihe best
(he luad on It was not more than SKI
pounds, and at Ibo rate uf sixty miles
au hour the revolutions were uot mure
than 720 per minute. Compare tbat
with thc loud and velocity of tbe in.idem ball bearings of automobiles. Frequently tbe load approximates a thousand pounds and the velocity is anywhere from S00 to 1,200 revolutions.
Tho small steel balls must take the
maximum load of tbe car and pass It
on to others without binding or catching. A Blight Imperfection in any one
ball would causo trouble. In fact, ll
Is impossible to use balls with nny appreciable vnrlntion In slzo from one
another, and the more nearly round
they are lho better the results.
Steel balls are not only made more
perfect In shape than ever before, hut
Ihey nre harder and tougher. As
there la a tendency to flake, only special steels can bo used hi their manufacture, and these tough, hard steels
are nil the more difficult to work with
j to secure perfect roundness. Tbo
I chrome steel, of which most balls for
j bearings are made. Is one of tbe most
] difficult of steels to cut or shape, nnd
I tho work of bundling It bus developed
; special tools und machines made of
' even harder material.
| While we hare not yet made the
perfectly spherical steel bull and perhaps may never succeed, tbe point of
perfection reached Is little short of
wonderful. The approximately perfect steel ball Is a matter of vital importune* wherever machines and machinery are made and used. The application of tho ball bearing system
is extended to new lines of Industrial
use each year, snd builders of sll
kinds of apparatus ere taking advantage of th* perfection reached by the
manufacturers of these little spheres
of tough steel.-Harper's Weekly.
Danelng In Waahlngton'a Days.
It was a dancing age. None was too
old or too dignified to Join In the pastime. We bave lt on the authority ot
General Greene that on one occasion
Washington danced for three hours
without once Bitting down. Patrick
Henry would close tbe doors of his office to betake himself to daucing or
riddling, and Jefferson dearly loved to
-rosin" his bow for a merry Jig. Ths
Is siiptiosod lo hnve been lutended for ; story Is told of him tbat once wben
lho use of a schoolboy. It would cer- ! away from home he received uewa of
lalnlv bold Ink enough for a school- j Ihe burning of bis father's bouse.
Iiov'e needs, for It has no fewer than I "Did you save any of my Iraoksr hs
four ink holes. Both Inkstands were ' asked of ths slave who brought blm
found st Thebes.-London Globe. ! 'be tidings. "No, massa." onswered
 _ I the negro, "but we saved tbe fiddle."—
-     Worked Both Ends.
Queens ut tlieir best are hut women.
Said Mary of Mu.lenn once In her days
of exile, "11 look all the Jewels that
nil lite goldsmiths could procure to
decorate my crown." She wns "powdered" with gems, which Fountain-
ball says i"mado hor shine like au
And Queen Caroline, (oo, (he wife
of Gem-go II., used to nlludo to Lord
Hcrvey'a ratlin- personal remark Ibat
her crowning dress "was a* tine n. tho
neei.iniihileil riches of tlio cily nud
suburbs could muke It,-for, beside*
Iter own Jewels, ihe had on her licnd
mul shoulders nil the pearls she could
borrow uf Ihe Indies of quality nl one
end nf the town, and un her pelileor.t
nil ihe diamonds she i.uul.1 hire uf the
Jewell ri nt lho ullier."
Easod Hi.*.
Dean Bltckloud when nt Westminster used to tell u curious story ot
a brown iwper parcel whlcb he received one dny by post. After many
wrappings had been unfolded he fouud
, n small black splinter of oak about
nn Inch and n hnlf long. Tbs writer
of the unsigned note nccompanylng the
pnrcel snld Ihnt when ho was a boy,
Maud Wilder Goodwin tn "The Colonial Cavalier."
Ten Out ef Five.
It was tn nn Ideal seacoast town of
Maine, to which they hnd fled for s
lazy two weeks, tbnt they found him,
oue of tlioso "natives" wltb u large
slock of undeveloped wit
They were out gunning wltb the na-
i    i ..i "..I^Th.! I ,lTe as ""-'v Wide.    A flock of tlve
many years before, he hnd chipped tbe ! ,,„._,, __ew over    __,„,„, „,_, __,_„   _,„
took aim and tired.   All Ave fell to the
Th. Polar,
!    Tbe ptilar bear I* n prclly formidable
; brute.   A Ipoclmon of this ipcelcs hn«
been billed weighing 1.000 pound., nnd
' measuring nearly thirteen feet frum
! nose lo lull,   Tlic strength of Iba . -inr
bear Is liejoiu! belief, line wu* seen
.feeding UII Ihe body of n white WllSlo
'fifteen feet long nnd weighing nt least
I three Ions'   The whnlc had been drag-
gild by the bear uut of Ibe wnler eu to
Ibe ice. 	
le The,. D»r.<ntr«t* Days.
, "Hub," .". lalni.d lho yaidstielc ss
.It moved rapidly over tliri bolt of
[chilli, "you're nut nil wool."
| ''That's ail rinht," retorted the holt
:of cloth; "you're not n yard long,
!cliher."-ciil.iigu Tribune.
iiplinler "ff Hie coronniion chair. As
uge advanced hi* consclcnco grow
troublesome, nnd Ite naked the denu
(0 be klud enougb 10 feature the
splinter to Its plncc.-IVI Mall Ouzette.
Making It Clear.
I'nnoil'l dntigbtcr: "Good morning,
Giles! lli'.vcirt noticed you In church
for iho lusl few wcekn." Giles: "No,
miss; I've beon nop Hi Noueastlc n-vts-
Uur luy old 'mints. And strange,
isn't tt, I don't sec uo ehnng.) in 'em
siice I was a ihlbl like?" Parson's
daughter: "Whut wonderful old ladles
ihey mull be!" Hllcs: "I didn't sny
'.lints,' miss; I suid '..wilts'—'limits
Where l used lu wunder hi my childhood diiys like:"
earth, and they  wero loud tn  their
praise* of his skill.
"That sln't nolhln'l" said ho contemptuously. "If I'd hed my other
gun along I'd 'a' doue better lima
tbst."-Melropoiltan Magazine.
"Nov,- that you've heard tny daughter slug, whnt would ynu ttdvlso mo to
Arrow, and Big Qui...
Is the days of mailed knights and
battleaiea there wua safely at a distance of 400 yards. That waa about
•b far aa Ihe best archers could shoot
an arrow. Nendo, a fonion* archer
under Charles 1., mute* that Hie ordinary range of the huw waa between
-120 nnd 400 ynrd«. though it Is on record that one mnn was shot n distunes
of 4CS yards with the wind. Compared
with this la the latest uavol guu with
a rang* of fifteen miles.
HBtt.r Than H. Thought.
The boy whose Inisiness It wns to
"Will," lho
music master replied, "1 i »»•**« «**» telephone rushed Into th*
hardly lipow. Dout jroil suppose you
rouId gel-lipr Intoresled hi settlement
-work nr hni'sclinrl; riding nr something
like  Uinl'/"—C1iloil£0 Kuo.nJUeniltl.
' A Jolt to Romance.
"TTiiiiliy, yon have a I6ck of my imlr,
haven't vou':'* "Of cnm-Fc." "See l(
you enn uintcli it In aome tiuffH when
'you jjo down town $•* LMtteburg I'ost-
Hi-5 GrievJinot.
Kdilor-Wo nro sorry to lose your
miIji. cTlptlo.., Mr. flocks on, Whot'e tho
matter? Pon't you like our politics?
MftUU Jacketfft-'Talti't dflt, salt, vlhln*C
dat. Mab wife Jos' been nn* dun laud*
'ed a Job o' wuk fo,'. mc by udvertlsla'
tn ymh darned old imi'Hhl-l'uck,
room of tbo senior pun ner.
j "Just got n nieRKfifje saying Hint yuur
hOUM xvan on flru," tie snld.
! "Dear me!" returned Uie senior partner In n bewildered sort of v.ny. "I
knew my wife wn« pretty tint about
i .ouietlilnp when I left homo this morn-
j las, hut I didn't think tt uus ko bsd
is to set tbo house on nro!''
One of Them.
F.Bff—Al n  (nllior Brown's wife Is
certainly a* wonder,   Pogff-Hlgbt you
are!    Wonders atvtff vesse.-UoHtott
frausu'Urfii    -■ - •—
Wr.!ra It W«t.
,   ■Molinny, run t;ot the fnmlly Bible; 1
wHiit to unovr it to tho parson."
"Ob, m::iv, I can't move all those
jU-viuU uutl IvoxmI"-*BiIU«om Sua.
Gristly Changed.
"nuve you seen Ml us Ren n pole since
ihe Inherited a fortune?"
"Tea,   Bhe ts greatly Changed."
"Well, she used to tin frightfully
"And now she's dlvlr.*?,-* iieudsr.N—
-Toledo Bias*
New Ohflliman ot Manufacturers 'rn
th* Fn *'■' ctal Metropolis ts a Widely Popular Citizen With a P^nchani
« For Lie In the Woods—He Is a
New Brunswick Man By Birth and
a Thorough Business Man.
Aid. J. H. Slierrard. who now leads
tbe Montreal Manutaoturera Assoc! t
lion, has been a member ot t-hat "i*
ganixation for u number ul years, arm
fo rlhe pan -i.t or seven year- has
i-i ''ti mi tiie executive board. Up served hi*- turn as vice-chairman, so tr.-*.i
In- comes honi stlj by his new honors
The Montreal branch of the au ■
lion has been making good prog ran
during recent years, a.n.1 tbe uppolm
incut ol Mr, Snerard to Ita chairman
ship augur** well for its lutun,
Although Jainei Htprj -Sherrard w
frequently u'alled a uluenose, he n
only entilli I to -the t rm h* h ncbj
applied to j •»!•' irom thr  Mantim*
Provinces, lla himself makea the
.•hum ilmt ii U only in contrsdiatiuo
tion lo owner* «>f the i-.bulotis typ* flrf
nose Uinl In- <-tin I"- described ■»* a
! "blu' " nose, inasmuch a4 be':-. ti^t a
Nova Scotian, bul * New Brunswtcke-i
by birth, hailing frum the town ••.'
Shediae, where lie wa-; born In i*rt»t*
He started bis business (.,ar-"-r ::; *
general store, oirrit'd or. by t > 3d
rtfelanjon, Th" owner of the store, il
he were in the Province of Quebec
would be called u French-Csnadiaj
Whether a Maritime Province Prencb-
Canadian is entitled to be called a
French-Canadian or not Is a ] .:
hard to settle. Down Rav. they ar*
called Acadian French, this somewhat
poetical term applying to the dese-et,
dants uf old country Frenchmen w!m
settled in that section of the crountr-f
some generations ago. T'.-r.' a.*.' qoi-ta
a few of the^r: families scattered anoua
through tlit; Mar.rim*- E^rovinces, u -
a large number ■.; tbem still : tain
their  Janguag-1   after  the  man  er   it
)t comes that a number of bhuataas
ol Knglish par ■r.'.age, -t'-.o go I j Kan:-
rea!, arrive with a certain ami ont
knowledge ot the Fren-dk lang^sy
which is naturally of great isa I -.:*:«
in Quebec.
"Harry" Sherrard aa \:z h frown
among hi** friends, possesses ma-; .'
the qualities which makr* *J;; ;<■;,'. ,l.-
ity and success, Wh«*n ;ie .ia* ■, * tad
to do burin*;*-* w.rJi fou* iii •^••i in
with nn open hand He *xti.;ts a baa
gain a mite off, and yet, t-here ..• a
ing of the bargainer in h.s m-y.-..*-:
He goes at thing- ir. a large. g--»--r .
way. and does n^t hesitate la <*9*srf
money in order to g°; reau.'j. Tha;
h**: c^t* resuita i* rhe b*st S'lfttolM «»
the soundness *-•! h.s methods.
One  of  hii  recreations  ;..  ■Wtftaj,
and he it- n^^hs-e happer ttau rt
paddling around 'he -"Team*, tramping through 'he fotesta at ether"**?;*.*
roughing it In ih-j bieJusMrifc   I*. **a.*
un une of these jaunt- that I !.r?t m-*:
him. out on a wtnd^wepl lake on a
snappy, ilarlit, irintei night. The ftssi
good  ..'k  I  tr. •  nr  h:m w»s aa ht
emerged neit morning from a par*
culariy warm ar-d. comfortable eider
down sleeping-bag rhieh   iy motion
less on thc floor all night srhUe a -
cot in the cabin shivered ond   -    *
in the cold.   He :« an exeellenl
panion in the woods, and then la an
[entire oii.>.ence <.f grouch In bis ;j
Item.   During hii lrng experience ■..
. the N ad he ha« become an exon llei .
I story-teller—in tho limited applies!. a
id tfiu lerm. ol eourse.   Hla r p *....r
1 ii almost inexhaustible, «. d ..-* m rt -
leu   ami  almost   psi -I  expi ■•    i
when be is aboul to loosen up -
thing particularly funny is el most <••
effective ss the Joke,    l^herrard's **.••
is never more funereal than wben bis
inatdei are rumbling with leugbter.
To b.* appoint? i ' ■ th* board *. ma: •
ageni'-nt of tht M..utn al General Hospital i-. an honor which lew Montreal*
err? enjoy, an 1 whj.-h yet came to Aid.
Bherard recent); , poiliblt partly si a
reaull of work of n Fiiailur character
In connection with smallpox which he
performed to th-* satisfaction oi west-
mount. In addition t** this, he i; (. ■
vice-president of the Victorian Ord t
ot Nunos,—T.C.A. in Saturday Night.
An   English   Miser.
An instance nf the thriftinesi ii* the
[poor cornea from Godalmlng, Sunrey
} For many years Stephen Champion
lived by nimscli in one room; he did
odd ;i'b*5 ol gardening ,.tnd eked cut
a living with tho help ol hi< Old-fig?
pensl in, Lately he was taken ill and
removed to an infirmary, where ha
died a lew deyi ng-**. In 1,1s
were discovered ym lovereigni in un
old stocking, each carefully wrapped
up In tisint* paper, nnd 'J5 more sove
reigns similarly wrapped* up btuck to
|l!te pugen oi th. family Ilihle. A t.„:;i,
bcok snowed that he hud £50 j-:.-....'
ing to Ids credit. He never earned
more ilmn I8#. e ffi 4 and oft-eli fn;
less, There is little doubt the m.u
wus anxious about hi.* money. ljUt be
was unable to give any Information
ui lie lost hia speech and never t*>
Vuttiftli (The New Era.)
C, A. BARBER, PuWi^ruiui froprtetor,
Printed m *i pubii.-tn-il every iliursdu-, ttuiu iln
office, Wcritniiiuter suvi-t, ■L'tiiUiwimk,
Subscription i»rlt*e ti.iw imt year in udviuu-v to nil
pulut.s in Hritiili )«-; to I'nitttl Statesf 1.0*0.
IM-iplm iulv'-rti«iUK rule* tuuiU- known on uppli-
CHtioU tU UlC lllllllislU'l*.
I'liissillt'd u-lvrrliMrMcilts, I mil jut word wli
Insertion, imynbk* in advance.
i)i-i,i;iv lulveHiiters will picm*-,* reiucmlier ibut
to Insure n etiunse. cop*.* must Ik- in not litter Uuin
Wt'tlnt-'dnY inuniiiut.
Situated ten minutes walk to post office.
All in first-class state of cultivation,
high, dry aud level, with wide frontage
on Charles Street. Each quarter-acre
has n number of choice fruit trees in
full hearing, and the prices are quite
The ChilliwacK Specialist
\\V linvo in slock u iitiiiiliii' nf Htittulnrtl doom, assorted
sizes, wliieli wo iitireluiseil at n hiiii|> price.   Wo bought
these .1 - right utul will sell limn right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare those with regular prices ami come ami see the
ilium.. Come early ns they trill nol last long at those prices,
P. 0. Box 243
Phone B 121
|  Chilliwack Planing Mills
i Blankets and Rugs
j     Chilliwack Harness Co.
*  Win. Thompson DM Whitman
N..u llinl lho -in,» nnil winter Benson i-> here yon will
tvniti lo proleel your horses from tlio cold, Wo havo
ns fine a mnge ns you will itco nnywhoro, nml tho quality mt.I prices nw sure to plonso, A nice new rug is
nlso now :i in ssily.  Thwo we curry in profusion and
.Villi Will llllll jll-l  Wlllll .Villi until
Sleigh Hells and Horse Furnishings in all lines,
We do our own repairing Neatly and Promptly.
Give us a call.
The I'i'it I'rci-s tenders its sincere
tlinnkr) in i.ttr Invtlirt-n of tho press
for their Itind rotimrks un tho oolm-
sinn nf litis pnpor ls'giiiniii|{ its
I'.'iicei' nn.Ier Hie piefleilt ownership,
"Kiml wnrds never illo" it is said
and tlic I'ii.-c I'rcss appreciates those
very much.   Tlinnk yoll gontlomcil.
Tlio first number of the Free I'ress,
published at Chllllwaek. ll. C. is nut.
It is published tiy I'.A. Harbor, formerly editor of tiie Pilot Mound Hen,
tine).—Winnipeg Free Press.
Mr. ('. A. llnrlier, of Chilliwack,
who recently purchased the New Em
nf that city, is now publishing an
eight-page weekly, known as the
Chilliwuek Free Press.—Vancouver
Csynniercial Review.  ■
Wc are ill receipt of the lirst
number of the Chilliwack Free Press
(B.C.) edited and published by Mr.
C.A.Barber, the former editor of
the Pilot M-'und Sentinel. Judging
by tht- initial number, it will be a
grand success lor Mr.Barber and we
wish htm all the prosperity he
deserves.—jkklur (Man.) Gazette.
Tbe Advance received a copy of
tbe first issue of the Chilliwack Free
Press, published by Chas. Barber,
a graduate ol this wffieo and son of
Chas- Barber ot'town. It is aelean,
bright looking paper, and advocates
the liberal cause. It starts out
with n good advertising patronage.
Chilliwack is said to lie a fruitful
valley, uud In its first issue, fruit
has fallen to the Free Press.—Wing-
iism (tint.) Advance,
The. tlrst copy of the Cliilliwnck
Free Press, printed at Chilliwack,
B.C. uinl edited by a former Southern
Manitobaucwspa.icr man, Mr. Chas.
Burlier, reached nur desk this week.
lt affords a very' neat appearance,
and is s newsy sheet, with a good
showing nf advertising, Tho Review wishes the editor and his journal every success in his new Held.
—Cartwrigt.t (Man.) Review.
Mr. Chas, A." Barber, son Mr.
Chas. Barber, of this town, who recently purchased the New Era, at
Chilliwack, B. C, lias changed the
name of the paper to the Cliilliwnck
Free Press anil litis enlarged it from
a small four-page paper to one the
same size as the Times. Thc Free
Press is well printed and its advertising columns are well patronized
by the business men of Chilliwack.
Mr. Barber is s good newspaper
man and will give the people ot the
British Columbia town an excellent
newspaper. Winghnm young men
usually make good and Mr. Barber
has our very best wishes for success
in his new hotiie.—Wingham (Ont.)
Times. ;
The Clilllittflek Free Proas takes
the Held hitherto occupied by the
New Era and nuikcs its first appear-
inn-.- on the exchange table this
week. Mr. 0, A. lftirher, formerly
of Pilot Mound, Man., succeeds Mr,
John M. M Hilar us publisher and
pl'nprietnr, slid lie litis brougut nut
tint iii-wspu.irr iu u considerably
enlarged form. The new publication
will lend its Htip.Kirt to tlm Liberal
party.--Vancouver Huturday Sunset. I
Volume I, So. lot the Chilliwack,
B, C., Free Press published by Clins.
Barber, formerly of Ihe Pilot Mound
Sentinel, has como to hand. The
paper, whicli is now taking the
place of the former publication, the
New Era, is a seven column quarto
and is well tilled with news matter
i and advertising relating to the people
! nud business nffiiirs of thai enterprising young nity. We wish brother
' Barber success. — Courior, Crystal
|City, Mnn.
Cliilliwnck Free Press is tin; name
nf C. A. Burial's latest edition in
in'wspn|s'i'ilniii, lieiiig 11 tidv seveu-
coltltitli (|U(trto, published in the
interests nf thc British Columbia
garden city and surrounding district.
The initial number dated Sept. 7,
Illl I, succeeds the New Kru nf that
cily, which plant Mr. Barber purchased u month or so ago. The jour-
mil launches out ns the Liberal organ
fur that city, and ticgins well supported with advertising patronage,
n very necessary consideration towards successful journalism, All
the other departments are well up
to the murk, and being well backed
h.v a capable all-round printer and
journalist, as we knuw Mr. Burlier
to be, wo do nol hesitate to predict
success for both the proprietor and
journal. —Sentinel. Pilot Mound.
Paid-up Capital and Reserve
Volume 1, Number 1, ot "The
School Magazine" is to hand. The
new publication is edited by Clive
PhiUipps Wolley, for the Education
beptrjtuiciit of British Columbia,
and is printed by the King's Printer
nt Victoria, Historical events are
told iu story form and other subjects
are treated in an interesting fashion.
Tiie School Magazine will be issued
Dear Mr. Editot—My impression
of a trip lately taken to Graham
Island with un cnrotitc call at Prince
KujKTt may bo of some interest to
your readers, uud 1 will therefore
try to convey then, through the
medium of your columns, if you
will kindly grant me the space,
Having booked our pacsosges ou the
fl. T. P. steamship, "Prince
Rupert," a fine bunt about 300 feet
long well fitted, equipped und
served; my companions uud 1 embarked about ten p.m. The bout
started at midnight, and we said
goodbye to Vancouver, as we steamed out through the narrows on a tine
hut somewhat dark night. Shortly
alter we sought our comfortable
staterooms and turned in for the
night. On awaking next morning
wc found ourselves in a passage
about two miles wide having Van
couver Island on our port side and
the mainland to the starboard;
both sides being rocky and wooded,
rising in bluffs about 250 to 500 feet
high. The water was smooth and
the morning cloudy and somewhat
misty, the gulls Hying in numbers
around the boat, and indeed never
leaving the ship on the whole voyage, though probably reinforced from
time to time by others from the
rooky.shores, The "Rupert"steamed
steadily onward ut a speed of 15
knolls per hour and the scenery
vurjcit a Utile from time lo time,
the mainland receding In the east
and giving place to picturesque
islands whicli had it beautiful sud
somewhat mysterious air as they
npis-ared ill the distance and gradually increased in magnitude as the
,  (Concluded mi pssc ii|
Money Loaned to Responsible People,
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms.
1 CmuiwAcK BitANcn   -   N. S, Mackenzie, Manager !:
Have you examined ulli' line of the famous
STUDEBAKER lU'lKlIES. They nro the
best quality and most handsome rigs on the
market. We would like to show you these
buggies.    Come in and see them,
— Chilliwack
Implement and Produce Co. li
Wanted at Once
Chilliwack Farm or Residential property to exchange for Vancouver property.    If you desire to exchange call
and give us particulars.
Chas. Huteheson & Co.
Realty and Insurance Agents
Oflco Phono 221
Residence Phono 225    :
Abbotsford Timber $ Trading
Co.. Limited
Oflco and Yards, TOUNG ROAD
It will pay you to get in touch with li*. Rough and
Dressed Lumber, Fir and Cottar Shipldps, Kiln
Dried Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Mouldings, nnd
Interior Finish. Cement, Windows, Doors, Shingles.
50,000 feet No. 2 Sized Dimensions in 2x1 to 2 x 12
at $10.oo a Thousand
Prompt attention given to all ordors.
Local Manager   <
A Great Bargain Three -3- Lots
$600.00   Cash  for   the   THREE
F. J. HART & CO., Limited
The Chilliwack   i
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tf. K. L, Ron, Son of tho Dominion
Coal Magnate Took In With Rod
snd Lin* La.t Sumrn.r th* Largest
Fish Ev.r Caught In Canadian
Water*—Ht Did th* Trick From .
Rowboat at ' hat.
Thoro lisvi been tall fish stories be-
lore uow. This one, which is entirely
true, concerns probably tho tallest
•lh over caught by honk and lint. In
sny sea ol the known world,
The   ..upturn   was   {lulled   off  lasl
August, down in 8t. Ann's Hoy. And
lt wa. a tuna eight feet long, weight
KH) pi .mils, lhat, for tour and a halt
flours waa ehased by Mr. ,1. K. Ii.
Boss, ..( Montreal, by "Captain
Bill" <il Ills Bulling yacht, and (or a
good »t the limn dragged lho
rowboiit and till fishermen with Mr.
floss at tho "iid ol tho Iin., and the
boat, heading wherever 111. tuna hud
s mind to go. litis sounds Ilka minis,
lum whal* netting. Hnt ine «>- is
.bsoliitidy (nil--, and it bus taken
years to bring il about.
"No Jack's landed his tuna at last!"
Eli.] a friend ot tho spoilsman when
o hoard ol It. "Well, welll Uy Jov«!
lie's been, after that .-on of a gnu for
years; a, it lasl. summer when 1 was
.town there,  Iliad lo hear ill"
Never before was a (,'uiie. Breton
(una .'aught uilh hook and line. This
aummer Mr. Ito.s landed a IDO-pound-
*r with a harpoon, after nineteen
tours of a struggle.    Uut he yearned
iwi-rrr fin ivr.;i cArsitT with Boos
to do th* flick with an ordinary
sportsman* outfit; and lis did it-1
Irom a rowboat.
Muny famous fishermen bat; tried
lor Hm Capo Breton tuna. La.: sum.
bi.t Col. Conn, of California, and Mr.
V. 'I. Alfslo, an Englishman, both
ol whom an wearers ol th* well-known
blue, button from tho Tuna Club of
California, tried lor thla trophy in
Cap* Breton water'. Th* Canadian
tuna waa too much for them. It re.
analned for the tlrst Cape Breton titra
.ver caught without * harpoon to lu
landed by Jack Hoes, of Montreal.
Mr. Hose ia i ion of Mr. Jamee
Rois, ol the Dominion Coal Co. Th"
Bos. summer homo is on Bt, Antn'a
Bay. Ths Rosa yachts nre known In
sll tha eastern wat.rt. Tha name o*
Bosi ia well-known to almost every
man, woman and child In Iho Man.
tlm. ProvineM.   But there inter was
• financial or industrial coup pulled
•ft by ths lte.s elan in Kittirn Cun-
tda quite so lenaat.onal as thia during captor, el an eight-foot, flOO-pound
tuna, "'flight with hook and Uue from
• row boat hy .1. K. I,. Iters last Aug-
usi. ft was thc biggest spcrting event
el tho reason. The baio re.itituf tha
(sell sound like n fable. II Mr. Rosi
sonld relit* hi., leniatlotis during thst
lour and a half hours when ho lu.-
sated with Ui* tuns in St, Ann's Bay,
It would make oue grand chapter lu
lha literature of real Canadian sport.
A O.ographical Possibility,
"-'•!. 'iiliitl assert thut additional
Islands ar* non forming in the China
Ben to th* southward, extending lo-
ward Australia. It Is « iiotablo fact
that all Iho continents of this eatlli
txtotid to * point .1 ilia southern extremity with tho .sorption of Anstrs-
lh). Aeatra'la laptra southward be-
n*ath th* siirfaco ol th* *;*. Whu
can suy but that Australia will soma
day "•'.'.•mm tho .otitliern point of
tuollKr l.tgo continent, with Ih.
Philippine* and Boriiiu forming the
lliir.i   was SI-J.SM  Immigrant  III
Hers arrived In Canada during th*
Bret flv* tnontha ol t'.i. current
{car April lit to Sept. lit. ol whom
41,1)31 arrived at iiorte, and
ll.HM w«r* from th* United Stale,.
Tbeao figures show an inerra.o uf 16
par o*u.., si compared with lho figures fur tha corresponding month! of
last flacal year.
During August Ihrra were ,10,113 ar-
rival", Iltoluding 17,011. Iinui thu
(HaiSi, al against 11,777 for August
Hut veer, of whom•10,«M ner* from
Iho States.
Who Inlrodiic.H It?
Th* distinct! ni Is claimed for th*
Duko of Buv'clciig.'t, who recently celebrated hii eightieth birthday, lhat life trod need tlio cigarotto into Engii.h
tooiety. A* Lord Dalkeith, Ih* uuko
Was ii',ached to Iho .pedal million
•I Lord drain, ii In to ntlen.l tin eoro-
Ballon ot'' II. ill IN>5. Cig-
arelto imoklng was the. habitual In
Bt. I'oteraburg, but had not mads Ita
way lulu London.. Dalkeith In-
fcodaccd ll-
Wh.n a Boat D.stroy.r Shows
Her   Paces.
The thought ol trouble at soa is always apparent. Certaiu British Government yards have rocrivcl Imperil-
tivo orders lo speed.tip, though ulib
politlciiins profess peace and hire
with much ojien-henrlcilncis an.l mora
Behind these grey docks there's a
clanging and ringing; sweating smiths
and riveters hurrying cf uselessly;
great crimes swing*' iu weird swoop;;
whilst yonder a gaunt, automatic coaler rattles alongside a long cruiser in
a iioverceusiiig din, blackening lh*
vory atmosphere,
Froni tint great workshops behind
conios a hurried thud! Ihud! ol
mighty hammers; dull red flames
spurt up, lighting nH crimson; .or
while men talk of peine, wo think ol
j war— red war.'
i lt i.s the grey nl evening; almost'
. from the dockllde spreads the vast
; .pace of the open sea.
The great gales slowly open.   Now n
| bell clung, warning!)-; a Ing loll fortii
a shrill Root,  A crowd of tnochanleii
; blue-garbed, arc oltiitered on a long,
durk deairoyrr—a dirty, groy monster,
j as yt, ntipnitili'd, with bin. una dwari
I must, but many heavy funnols,   High
lit the bows, l.w in the stern, she is
a vostel ol slever liu",, hut a whlted,
I vicioiia shape in the gloaming.
j   .*. great throbbing, a dull, heavy
' hoot front tho lorg. rakish muss, an-
| iwared by the whipper-snapper cull of
! .he tug.    Then  an  export in  naval
i uniform leaps lightly oyes her greasy.
I ruaty plates, nnd joins tho group of
engineers   ..ti   her   throbbing   dock.
Slowly siio niovi's, wisps ot thin, light,
oily \apur trailing behind.
And  now coinoa Ihe first  real  I st.
Gradually tho throbbing hum grows
1 louder.    It  is almost deuteuing,  lho
water churned a creamy while,   I'lown
| below. In her stifling depths, her keen
engineers   watch  every   vital   place—
her ,ireat, whirling shahs, ber ingen-
' wus   hydraulic   casings,   her   steam
I gauges.
A ehurp ring. Mio .1'des forward;
wharves, landing-stage, everything
slip past. Though hardly a atrip of
white Shows under hor .harp bows,
yet a huge liner, plowing the channel
into float white waves, and belching
l;»avy clouds of smoke, il left as if
I Mandril*.
I H',r funnel, vomit graa! waves of
trembling, light vapor; ber long body
i oiouchei in the seas. Vou e.-tu almost
j (od the roar of lift, within her as she
! 1 aps along. Insect-like figures on iter
j deck, stagger against the cyclone of
I lelfvcreafedi wind, A ureal wave now
i rises astern, against, which a white-
| winged yacht, almost submerged in
, '.'oe wake, struggles gamely.
The horir-on now is veritably grey-
IbWei- ih, ess h-sy and mystic.
Straight into tlio wide horizon-line, a
j leseeniug black shape, she races.
I Ar.d as the twinkling stars ihs-r
■ through the mistiness above fainlly
i you see her reflected <.« a dull, yellow
. glow in the skv, alwavs going on and
Will she bo wanted!   Will she be
in t-itno?   You do net know; but, as n
friendly navy man .ays. "She can lick
anything  at  tunning;  ao  when  ihe
I gets on the Job, things will bum."
Th* Word "Crowd."
Do you know how many words in
< the Knglish language mean "crowd"*
I    To s foreigner, ansious to master
th* linguage, It waa explained that a
1 crowd of Bhips il termed a fleet, while
{ a fleet of sheep is called a flock.  Further, a flock of girls is called a bevy,
! a, bevy of wolves Is called a pack,
a pack of thieves is called a gang,
j a gang of  nngele  ii called a host,
; and a host cf porpoises i. called a
shoal, and a shoal of buffaloes is called a hard, and a herd of children ia
called a troop, and » troop of partridges le called a covey, and a covey
of beauties is called a galaxy, and a
galaxy ol liifllans Is called a horde,
and a horde ,f rubbish is called a
heap, and a heap of oxen Is called u
drove, ond a drove of blackguards is
called a mob. and a mob of whales is
called a school, end a school ol worshippers   is   called   a  congregation,
and a congregation • f engineers 1* call-
en n eorpa, sua a corps ot rihoera is
called a bnnd, and s hand of hres Is
celled a swarm, nnd a .warm of people is called a crowd.
Th* Highest Mountain,
A short time ago a scientist holiday
making in Asia mad* a private and
individual expioroton of the mountain
! region of North Kashmir, India. Ho
| rs.ur.tea wits, ti story ut naviug seen a'
1 mountain, which ho made of stio'i
great height with the simple means
ul c>ucu,u,ion at his disposal tnat ne
deemed it wise to reduce the figures
before announcing his discovery. The
accuracy ol hi., figures are unexpectedly ahout to be scientifically leet*d.
Hntish and Buotisu geologists have
derided to unit* in taking tho ordinance surveys in th* Pamirs, and hs
tho i.i.iuimii. mentioned !!•* in this
■ -join and will iio subjected to ecleu-
title maiiurimonti, it will ,o»n l.e
known whether the private explorer
lias really found tho highest mountain
in the world.
An Emergency Hoi..
It was the recent railway strike
which waa rsspoaiioie lor inu follow-
ling incident; Air. Justice (iianlliam,
who had broken his olirney at .New.
castle, bad his luggage curried 'or
Mm by a Is'cweastlu solicitor rapped
us a porter. .... lomsmp lian.ied
"Ibe porter" s lip, ind the latter remarked, "This is my first tip to-day,
and I am glad It Lo from one ef His
Miijefty's judges   Then he raised hla
"What ate
claimed     ^	
my lard," wn the reply.
Mushrooms Want Much Room.
An Illustration of the romnrkab'.*
lifting power of mu.hrooiiii he* occurred at Bristol, Kngliind.
ah e.'.no.i ,, m Ihe Bt.
Judo's district recently began to bulge
upwevds, end soon afterwards the
heavy niais split In several placei.
The cauie of the upheaval wai
found to be growing ntuahruoiiii, of
which lome two pounds wore gatnered
from * .mail ipsci bin.ath tbo pavc-
nml tne judge recognised nun
o you doing heref" It* ox-
"I am here to help you,
Humble People Who Narrowly Mls.e.
Being Monarch.,
Whenever royal blood ia rccognisd
it i. treated with universal respect
Nevertheless, it is au indisputnbi
fact tlmt. there ure in Groat Hritat.
to-day literally thousands of persoti
with royal blood in their vciii3 wli
occupy humble und, In many eas'>:
menial positions. And it is o.uito rca,
sonabla to assume that there arc il
tho slums anil workhouse! many irtl'i
and women who might be loading per
sonH ut Court,
It has actually boon attjoitaincd tha;
there nre no lower than 11,72.1 person-
living who can bo proved to bo direct
idesooiijants of Henry VII., our inoit
arch in HP5.
Using those figures as the basis tbl
,u siinpla matheuniiioiil calculation, wc
| arrive at the astounding eoncluifon
that, from the death ol Henry VII. to
'the present day, there must havo been
living ul least 38,735 persona directly
descended from trio King. '
It is quite easy to follow lho tiioam.
by which lho  "family" has become lo
I iniini.rous,  nud  there  is no  need  tl.
1 wrestle with complex genealogical t.i-
1 Ides.   Honry Vll. hud two daughters.
| the older id whom inatiio.ii .lames IV.
lol   Scotland,   boo.iming   thereby   th»
'grandmother of Mary Quean of Hoot.'.
i I'liu younger danglit-r,  Mury  Tudury
married, in the lirsl iuitanco, l.ouiv
XII. ..I Prance.
Tho iitDrritige had hern entered up
on against lior will, and, immediately
ou regaining her freedom, she eon-,
traded a second marriage with Oharle'
li'i.n.lon, lluko of Kuffolk.
Tho doscendants of Mary Tudor
number, ut tbo present day, some iti,:
(list persons in a direct lino, and by
uu extraordinary string of circuui-,
.stances have kept uiinost entirely dis,
tinct from those of hor elder siale.-;
From the latter siirung the Stuarts
wbo later occupied tiie throne, aim
to her all Uie crowned liend.s of iht
rope, except those of a lew smnh
.senii-oivihr.ed states, can trace Ihoir!
descent. From this il will be ecct^
t.'tat all Kurcpcan nionatchs ure re-'
li.te-d. -■
Wheu Queen Elizabeth succcssfullj-
rcvokea tne will ot Honry VIII. there"
were two daughters ..f Mary Tudor liv-.:
ing, who each married it nobleman.
Their children also murried into other
noble families, and that is how Hie
wide diffusion of royal blood wai,
started. *
Although, many of the descendants'
of Mary Tudor occupy, a. has boon
stated, more or less fitting positions.
thero are a great number who are
scattered amongst the very humblest.
potitlons in life. The reooi-d of bow
.some of these, huve come down in the
-world remains.
Sir Hiohurd Moore, afler a stormy
.and adventurous career, spent the latter part of his life in tho humble capacity of a turnkey, i!
A similar, though perhaps slightly
mure congenial fate, was that- of Lord
Kingsland, who earned his living a.
a waiter. Ou his death ho lcfi no
heir, and his family then came to au
The claim o*' a certain small shopkeeper in Mile End to be regarded us
a descendant of Mary Tudor is quite
valid; and lit different times it has
beeu ascertained tnat a customs orti-
cer, a toll-gate keeper, and a butcher
Were indisputably direct descendants.
Whe Own* Th.m?
It '.a not perhaps generally known
that an opinion expressed, halt humorously, by Lord Sslvesen ut the opening of thc Nurse Gallery in the Scottish exhibition in Glasgow with regard
to the owncrsliip' of tne Orkuey and
Shetland Islands Is fortified by very
higu authority. His lordsnip, speaking as a lawyer, is uot sure whether
the island, do not belong to Norway,
lt prepared to pay the money for
which they were pledged, with interest, for threo hundred years, would
be entitled te, redeem iScm. As a
mutter uf fact, plenipotentiaries as-
tembted at Hrcda in l«Ul (a couple of
ceuturiea after tne island, bad come
Into thc pofstssicn of the licoUisn
crown) decided not only that ihe
of redemption had not then been barred by tne lapse of time, but that it
was imprcscnbuble. The islands were
rdcdgeu in mis, so that interest is due
lor nearly four and a hall centuries.
Daring Animal Operations.
Tlm great feat jusl performed by
Prof. Wooldridge at the /.oo In setting
the fractured jaws of too famous nine-
lards-long python i, a reminder of
lho remarkable progress mado in op-
j *i'.,ti'.g upon animal..
j Perhaps the greatest dental operation on record was performed upon
an elephant in  the city of Mexico.
! The acuiug tooth wua 12 inches long
; and 14 iticncs in diameter at tho root.
Alter tlio animal had been ercim-ly
fastened with otialne, hi* memih wus
| pr.etd i pen, nud a quantity of cocaine
applied -.,< deaden the pain. When
this was dene, a holo was bored
through the tooth, and au iron bur
Inserted. Then a rope wa. twists-d
aro.uid lho bur, and . mr bofiss wee
attached tiieretu t> -trsg tho offending molar out.
Tha Word "Qood-By*.
In the changes lhat huve come In
our language wo havo sometime,
crowded u whole sontcni'O lnio a single w.,r<|. Onr word fur farewell ia
one of these. In Hhskcspearo's uuie
uue suid to his friends al parting,
"Uod bo wi" ye." From thnt time w»
have clipped it more uud more till
now- it hus soma to be slmj'ly "goodbye." But it is surely plrusuut to M-
niembrr when v.o b!'f our friend,
good-byo that we are saying lo tluni
in good old Hnion phrase, "(J ,<1 be
with you."
Reform In Egypt.
Reform, lu I'gypi and th* Levant
have Improved tne pulilio administration, devriopi'd national resotirc., aud
uplifted tho people, exciting private
enterprise, stimulating local energy
and advancing morality.
King a  Prebendary,
lt may not be generally known lb it
t* i King la a Weiah prebendary. He
Is a Prebendary of St. Duvld'e Call*
dial, Pembrokeshire, and, a. such,
ti SQtltlsd to tn annual taliry ol !.'•
THE oILcl-T r'c.LK.
Lord Howard de Walden Hatoo Company and Has a Dread of Woman.
The Marquis ol Qiieensberry, who
recently lilt England for a moro varied life lu America, is not lho only
peer who refuses to tread the "path of
modern dalliance in fashionable draw-
ing.looms, More than his equal in
point of wilful personality is Lord
Howard de Walden, wbo is so taeitu-n
thut he Is sometimes known as the
silent poor. Ono of lho richest men
in England, Lord Howard de Waiden
is also one of tho loneliest and most
erratic. His dislike of company ll
generally accounted for by thc fact
that he is the most eligibfo bachelor
in Britain, and being a confirmed
Benedick, ho has to keep ont of the
way oi title-hunting mammas with
marriageable daughters. Fond ol all
sorts ot sport, mis stubborn Daoheloi
In lies Ins pleasures In a variety el
ways liuil. are not always associated
with Die pastimes of a baron. For
nearly two years he was engaged lu
cosily litigation wilh Mr. Saniuol Lew.
iJ. a large retail storekeeper, and one
ol the biggest tenants on his London
estate. The quarrel turned on the ob.
score laws governing tne induing ut
urban land, and the ease Ailed column! of the newspapers in the early
Iparl of Ibis year, ll had all the theatrical Intersil of a tussle between
,-irist.ioi'acy and democracy, end per-
.imps thai, was why Lord Howard ilt
Walden kept tli* legal proceedings going for such a long time, lor lie il
intensely iulerested in the theatre,
und hus financial interest, in more
than una London playhouse. At the
present lime he Is taking an active
interest iii the Haymurkct Theatre,
and tu his newly-acquired Welsh
homo is considering a bunch of new
ploys irom aspiring dramatists, known
und unknown. Ho Is also author of
a piny ia blank verse entitled "I-aiir-
al," which was produced at the Playhouse Theatre ill May, 1908, and ran
ior two lugllts only. In athletics hii
chief pursuit is fencing, and he is as
expert wilh the sword as any meu in
England. And he ia as well known ',n
the race track, as he is in the fencing
gymnasium, tor nu has had horse*
running in nearly all the big races
Binco 1803. The silent peer ii th*
only prominent member of his order
who did not indulge in a little amateur jpell-binding during the cnnetl-
ltr.ic.nal struggle between the House
of Commons and tho House of Lords.
Although thu founder of his line took
ti leading part in discovering the Gunpowder Plot, and his grandfather wai
a distinguished diplomatist, he haa
shown no Inclination whatever to be a
politician peer, though ho has very
definite views on pubilu affairs.
S,dt-Lakes  tn  Britain.
The  existence  ol   salt  lakes   and
deserts in Britain in pre.glacial times
was stated by W. W. Watts, professor
of geology to the Imperial College of
(Science, ut the Royal Institution, to
the shown by the peculiar geoloa-ical
features of Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire.   It waa by far   the   oldest
landscape known in Britain.   To-duy
where thu marl had been swept away
by denuding agents   the rocks   pro-
'truded in peaks, and in some cases
the locks   were   harder   than   steel.
The resemblance  ol  the  scenery   to
deserts in Arabia, he   said, went  to
show that in   thc pr*-glacial   period
there   must   have   been   deserts   in
Britain occupied hy suit s-aa.   As a
I further   proof   ol   tho   existence   of
I desert, ages   ago,   he   'ndicated   by
i means ol slides the smoothness of n
!j number of tho rock,   in Charnwood
1 Forest.   Their polish, he said, could
only  havo   been    produced   by    the
action   of   the   wind   drifting   sand
against them.    From vastly  ancient
days   thc   marl   had   preserved   the
i original rix-ky landscape.
| Stopping Women'. Qossip.
j    "Too fast—bio   jumbled;   can't t*11
what they   are   driving   at.   Nothing
I like the ordered cure and clear articu-
i lotion ol my young days."   Such wa*
I the comment of Sir Tatton 8yke*. the
■octogenarian, who   recently paid his
' isccoud   visit   to the House   of Cm-
! mom, on Parliamentary nvthoda and
! manners ol le-diiy.   Sir Tatton paid
I his first visit to St. Stephen's in 1842,
when the Commons snt in the Painted
Chamber, between thu burning of tho
old House and   the building ol   the
new.   Sir Tatton is a man who prid'i
himself on Wl eccentricities.   When,
some year, ago, he built new cottages
ou his rstato, he lorbad* the tenant*
to use the front doors, because   h*
objected to the women go.slping   In
publio.   He also discouraged Ins cot- growing flowers In their front
garden., declaring that th. space la
hotter occupied by cabbage..
I      Origin ot Scotland's Emblem.
I    The origin ol th* thistle a* th* national badge ol Scotland is thus git-
.en ly trudiilon: When Ui* Dan** in-
.v.ded Sntlaod It wa* deemed un»»r.
; like to attack the enemy hy night,
kuilsad oi in pitched male ey .l.y;
!:Jiut on  .me  ncco.lon   the  intadere
1 'tried a night attirk.   ln order to pre-
vein their  trump  being heard  they
1 {marched barefooted and they had sue.
cMdtd In creeping close up to Uie
] Scottish lorcrs unobserved, whan on*
! of them ileppid rw a thistl* snd ut-
tiered a cry ol pain.   The alarm was
! given and tie attack waa beaten off
Out of gratitude tho thistl. was adopt
| ed in tne Insignia o Kvi'and.
|" Wis* Saw,
I    Aiubasiador Jumes Hiyce wai talk-
I Ing   at  a  reception   In   Washington
about the abolition of "birching    kt
Eton, tbo lane,us fCvglSh ichml.
!', "I am glad.' Mr. Brvco said, "tint
riton boy. will bo no longer birched.
1 am afraid that some ol th* mailers
,nl Eton havo. hitherto, b.lioted too
'strongly in tho apothegm 'A pupli'l
'Extremity   il   a  t.uehei'o  opportuu-
A Cl*v*r Trie,
Ths nppolmmcni ol Dr.
Rldgeway ai Hi,hop ef Salisbury re,
coll. the laet that le I. one ol th-*.
ilo.ur broth.™. One ol the*, is th*
present Blihop ol ChlohMlsr, snd su-
i other la Sir Joaeph Wool M'.dg.way.
i who hm held  important diplomatic
' ofttcea  and hts  both  Uov»rnx,i  *•
i Ceylon.
School. Which Ar. Laying De.ply tha
Bails of Economic Success.
"1 came across a few weeks ago one
of the most delightful aeenei possible,'* writer a woman who lias been
traveling extensively in Ireland.
"Driving through lovely parlt-like.
country In the north ol Ireland. 1!
came to an old country man.ion. with
beautifully wooded grounds sloping
down to the river, and in tbe sunshine hundred! ol dofioeiils wore dancing and iparkling, and everywhere
about th* place busy, happy girls hurrying to and fro, chattering or tinging.
Hare it the explanation.
The Department of Agriculture and,
Technical Instruction for Ireland,
(known not by this cumbrous title,
/out as the Department.) bought thi,
country mansion and turned it Into a
training college fer women, training
them not only in domestic economy;
but ln several branches of farm
work, such *s milking, dairy wirk,
-he care ot poultry, pigs, etc. In.lonii
of attempting to tench a number «.!
tjirls how to make lace -■- at which
they will probably earn only }l.'J-> »
•week eveu when ttalned, and havo lo
neglect horn* work—they are, training girls to do their own homo and
farm work, and us one consequence
the export ol butter and eggs Is going
up by leap* and bounds, and tho effect
|on the home life will rpeidlly be seen.
"Most ol these domestic Iraint'ig
colleges, ol which there are several,
*ro intended to train farmers' wives
(uud daughter* lor their own homo
iifo, but in some teachers are trained,
p otheri servants, and one et all
[events il more csptclally intended ior
better educated girls, and is only open
lo thou who have passed tho usual
school or college examinations successfully. The astonishing thing ii
the lowness uf the fees. They vary
•lightly, but as a rule excellent board,'
lodging and instruction aro given for
a little more than fib the session,
which lasts sbout ten weeks, three
sessions making the college year. The
length of training varies, nut only ac
cording to the pupils abilities, bu'.
.according to her future career. Some
of the colleges admit day pupils free,
others make a small charge; in some-
gardening is taught, in addition to the
other subject;,, and in all, though
utilitarian instruction necessarily
holds thc chief place, the literary side
is not lost sight of, and no effort is
spared to keep high Ideals Ih view.
"The Department  has   also   eitah-
lisbed technical   schools   throughout
Ii eland, ln these the classes are open
alike to meu nnd women. The largest
and ftuest in Ireland i. lhat in Bel-
last, where there arc close upon OOD
■students ol both sexes, and all ages
.from 14 to IS upward.   In connection
with all tli* schools and colleges there
are numerous  scholarships  open  by
competitive examination, and giving
I free Instruction   (and often mainten-
i in whatever subject the sabot-
ai may win to sj#cia,;ae.  There aio
I alio Itinerant instructors, belli male
i and female, who go about the country
1 districts holding agricultural, domes
tic or other clastet."
Grant Irish Lender's Ability Shows Up
In th. Rising Q.neration When
Hlo Daughter Writes a Successful
Sketch and Has B.en Engaged t.
Produce a Complet. Play For e
London Theatr..
The literary ability ol John Red-
mond, leader of the Irish Nationalists
in the British Parliament, has descended to his dnughler. a pretty
young woman who is only 21 years oil.
Hoti'u time ago a sketch written by het
an.l   entitled    "Falsely   True"    wai
i*jss nrnMo^n.
produced at the Palace Tbea-.-e. I., .
don, aud proved ouch a laccen tha.
the manager has cngagsd her tn writ
a pIhv for his theatre.   The honor I.
one which any playwright in'ght weji
covet und those- wno know >I --
In.-nd are sanguine .hat  »he  wi"  acquit hertelf creditably and produce *
work calculated to enhance b« fam*.
A Bishop'. Hou.l.
Th* official' residence oi the Bitli-
•ops ol Oxford, to which Sec Dr. Gore
'has been recently appointed is a most
inacceiible place, ana the late'bishop.
Dr. Stubbr, was moat desirous of selling it and moving into Oxford. Tie
Ecclesiastical Comtniieioni, however,
in whom most ol the ecclcstastlcu!
property In England is vested, refuted, otter Uieir kind, to sanction to
eminently reasonably a proceeding,
and insisted lhat the bilhop rauit reside- at Ouddesdon Palace—as the place
Is named — as hla nredeocssors had
done. Whereupon Dr. Stubbi, who
was not only a very learned, but also
a very wise and witty man, gar* vent
to lit. disappointment, in a most
amusine poem, comparing himself to
Alexander Selkirk, on* stanza ol
which rum:
"I am out ol th* reach ot thc rail,
I must tali, sll my jouiney. alone.
There Isn't s horae witldn ball,
I'm obliged to keep lour ot my own;
Th* lads, who look after esch beast
My Hat with Indifference io*,
They don't seem to care in th* least
For my Gaiters, or Apron, or Mo."
Now Lord-ln-Waitlng.
lord Willlngdon,  a  new   Lord-In-
Waiting to the King in sucoestion 11
Lord Colebrook, C.V.O., who has
been appointed Captain ol the Corps ol Gentleman at Aim',
waa formerly a well known and popular member ol the House of Ol tnmoni
when h* wa* Mr. Frteman,
and represented first Hastings and
then Bodmin, in Cornwall, Ho wa.
for fifteen years In the Sussex Artillery Militia, ie a major ot the buaj.x
Yeomanry, and wai aide-de-camp to
Earl Bra.aty while governor of Vic
torla. 1'or s vary briel period he
acted a* * Junior Lord ol the Treasury, and loot year was rolled lo the
I,any Willlngdon, whom ho married
ll Id'.ill. is lho yoiiugeal daughter of
Sat] Braasuy.
Mall to Yukon.
Alter Ihe first e| October, restrictions wen placed on thu Und of mall
to the Yukon, to be sent nnword Irani
Whit* Hor *. Thia la owing la the
closing   of   navigation.    All   lelti
Th. Old  and th.  N«-«.
Lord Rosebery exeused himself to -n
making a long speech al a at&ihn
tion of the quincenlcnsrv of Bt v--
drew'i University in Duna**, by mentioning lhat be had lis'en.d '-
tween 80 and 100 speeches, and r t>
pouting a sto-y t !i to him by --
Honry Campbeil-Biiinennan ihrrfnij a
former visit ta the city.
"Sir   Henry    I'.imi'beilPa.'X-.-i .i
sal- to mo, 'Did yei svei n-'.-'
story of   ihe   oid   mizisi-ir «u>i   Bm
young minister?'   slated   Ler-1  R-s.-
"I said 'No.'   He said:
" 'There was a young ■■'...z.\'-i,r  *■:
thought he 9m very -i--,.pi»:t-     mt
who wns very imtntnro*.   The yeata*1
luini-'-cr asked   tbs   old m ru.-'*"
come ind 'mar hiru preaeh a '^i..c I
fbvni sermon.
" 'When they rstamsd I     .',-? fia-
try   he  waited expecran*J;r   for    hoax*
complini'i.-   fr-'n    'h*   old   rr.:::;.s: r.
which did net   Tho old n
tor ..-it, with beetling but*, tooPtaig
at   liirn—those    bo-o'.ing     bsbvs    *
which Dundee and i*i uighboxhaa I
• re fan., u,    At last tho iht 3im.-s.i-r
did break   .i'ence,   and   ,*:■:     "A.)
mon, ye mu-', be a pr->od -n-o. •..-.<• ..; -
to hae g :t rid ol a' '.h.: *-*i.~   wl  ■: ■
WSiteta   '.rash at! yer ,-jernaoi:." '
poitoardi single-wrapped nswipipetl.
idlculs. etn., will be foiw-fir.l.,1
newspaper! ind periodical! tent
but        . . 	
to newsdealers for trade lu bulk, l.e k
and ie, circulars, patten.,
ut.d samples are excluded. Tho par*
cela may be lent to While li ns by
mail, to bo transferred there to tb?
exurou company, and the Dipsrtmetit
will them to these forwarding agencies there, but iiieumu no
Literary Habit..
On* of the slowe.t literary workeri
is Mi. J. M. Barire, who likes to write
jer two hour! u day and no more.
Mr. Jerome K. Jerome works when
he feels likj It. Mr W. W. Jacobs
oonildcr. .Soil words quit., a good
day', work, while Mr. Frankfort
Moore writes a hook at a sprint, and
then goes for a lung holiday.
Th. Tomb In England,
Near   lbs   waB-ltnowu   seaport
rjou'.bamplon. England, there .a a e»
malleable ed;fi-e known ai ?• em i
singula; te-an.a :'• mark! -..",* bury . ,
place of a certain John p«!"-—-.,  .
wealthy   tea-planter.    T'.'.e   Bir.   appears to have been rali'»r an ta*
Ind.vidua!, and ia o-ie: \. '.'   i '..
the world hi, be.ief i:» cur-er.:^ ,s a
buildiug material, .-t ib-ui th*   •
Itruetlon  of  tt is gr»a:  m-v.--.    T'-«
building took man; ysar; to eimpte ■
but is sntirelr -:f eoncrsts, •* I w * ■•
tirus '.lie tinal lay»f. had b*en [. uwd
had reached u ittftud* ol moss Aaa
an f«.'t.   it ti aojui forty "■*:, ,
the towar was iro^tsd   md It* p-a-
ent condition I. certainly a pxi tfl at
tion ol the faith cf '.be bai!d«r.    Al
Iikj beon indies'...'.. Plterwn >..'•. Instructions  tha-. in  body   ihooid   \.*
jilao..,! unvler ihe tower, a;;c   ,•'.- ...
accordingly curried out,   Anotiba <i»-
>.r- mat tns cnambai it th* ■•  ■■•
I should contain a '..f..: -s.   IsJeswd
I [iy   til-   lire.   sir.-.;    wblc I   -
| iiout-. tlio tightboait a itk til I
on Ihi matter. Encb nt. [llamlnsl ;,
i wiul.1 have b*en v,a:Li* lo. DJll.1
] nu; at sea, and would natortliy hat.
i proved vlry m;.',esd:og to .-.: r, —
Boieotlflo American,
I    Chairman *l Uvtrpssl Comrritt.o.
Londonsri wall riaonvbir Mr. T ai
atsnn, of lbs llriko c-re-
limine'.-  at  Livcrp.-il,  ,'or  It  VU  t-
1 dock llriko of ISM which flra:
Brought him if.. prsmlninM. In fact
Ihi tnr.w btni"..! Into the wc:k u! with ao insrgl r. .
cut.,us.asm thai on Uie day of
tory hi wis .'.e-cJ ptilMsBl of th
Dockua' Union. Ik;, is I. a aitobU
grujihy ir, b:.-f up t.i Ihe Igr •! 81
Worked on fe.rit; Iron, agi olnln* I"
••lever.; d..wn tn:no olid i *i p'.t-la; ..
elevoti lo fonrtosnj wrved 'even yen.i
engineering in Rlrmlnghaiui iitrla.1
in London lt"57. Ultimately Mr. Slam
went I,, Auklrulia. His Irhindl gov
hint thro.. V..1M lo be back agstn. lie
"jluek It for nine, and d.-» nol
ii'r,,;> tli- time u.-e.-i waited,
S Huxl.y on M.n.
; I'tjl. lltixU;- uico Wrote to Mr,
W. K. Oilfield ai. ut in n, "IVy are
1 very unci anlinila — a mixture ol
| hone peivouilieit, e>, iiuhborniies.
an,i enine, mince, v..In an angei bobbing unexpectedly I'ke the apple
ln iho poss.t. and when th*y csn d-.
exactly us thoy r'.«.c they arc very
bird la drive,"
Caravans His Hobby.
Mr Jest;.'. Evi .ays ihore is tio''.t-
ing s,, restful to tbe bra'-i an.l bosly
as a cats,an holiday II- Invsrl&bly
spends part of the Long VaCath n .u
a caravan without a singh .erviinV,
doing hi, ■ v.n SOOklng, washing.up,
ar.d  brdniailtaf. FREE  PR36$S.  6mt,LItVrACK,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Those seiontitils who dcolaro that
ihe oarili is slowing down tm its
nxinl I'otnliini uinl that by lho youi'
5,8-12 llm dny will be n yenr long
have bi'oughl grent comfort to tho
men who huve tomcat00tiny notes,
Tlm (i. T. P. luw called lor tenders
for tho oxen vat ion and grading work
for tho new station site nt Prince
Rupert, nlso round house sites,
yard clearing, dry ducks and ship-
hiiildlngyai'ds. An olllenl estimate
shows Hint in. fewer than 1,200,000
1'itliii- yards of liiuloriiil must lie ro-
moved. Of this, al Icnsl 8-10,000
yards is solid rook, llii1 rest lioinit
gravel, I mult or nmskeg.
(iiillitviiok nu'i'i'limits have now
rcoolvod big consignments of hull-
day guilds for the Cbl'ltfliiias Itiulc.
full utul son llntlr .li-|iliiys. li is
ind. I.... early i" t-orninoiico your
fbrislniii- sliii|i|ilng un.l you will
Hnd ynu can supply your tvaiit-s to
suit youi' iiiirso-sti-iligs botler locally Iinui elsuwlii ru.
Siibsorilio for Ibo   I'l'i'cl'i'i'ss
The litiii.ling.if tho ruilwuy bridge made, money to pa«s a little of it on
across lire Skueiut River some four-! for the benefit of the community,
teen mile.- below llazelton is it  big;even though he never expects to sue
n dollar of his contribution  buck.
Cnnad'mm, a now metal, hitherto)
unknown to science, has been discovered l.y Mr. Andrew Gordon
French in the platlnum-boaring ores
of the Kootenny district, The new
metal, wliieli Mr, French its nan el
e.uiadium in honor of the Doiiiiiion,
win. first found during experiments
at tho Granite and Poorinitn mine.
Then at Shannon ('reck, und aftor-
wards at vitrlnus points on Ibnsutilb
he bus inuil,' bis money by his st,.|sldo of the Wosl Arm of Knoteiiu.v
lierloi- business ability, nud that heil-okc.
would have dime as well iinywhore. I The tliruti most westerly provinces
Thnl .loos imt alter tbe unse. If his' of Canada have carried oil' Ibe
gifts lire grcitl bis responsibility is'world's prizes at the New York fair
i'i|iiull,v us grout, No mini was in staple products. Alberta wins tho.
placed on eitt'lh for the solo purpose tho world's prlzo for wheal. The
of milking money, the mini who has second prize for wheat goes to Suskat-
Ibis ns bis ideal bad lietter never chowaii. liritsh Columbia takes the
hiid been born. It is not uu net of lirst prize with hor exhibit of pola-
charity but the performance of a | toes,
simple duly for the  mnn  who  hitsj    Read the Free Press Want Ads
undertaking ami one tlmt will take
several months to finish. Already
1-1(1 inoii are working, and that
number will probably be doubled by
the end of tho year. Already a little
town lias sprung tip on this side of
the river, and times will be pretty
lively (hero while tb" construction
is going on.
Tbe iiuiii who makes money in a
community bus u duty to perform
to ilnti community.   It may be that
lit in  TH*
UNTIL a fi-w year* ago. although
concrete hud already b-?-?n gen-
erally uduprtd through, ut the c-uun-
try by cgntractuis and farmers tot
almost all structural work, it w-i
the practice to nop el] work on tht*
form ui' cun-itructlon ua soon ai tha
cold weather set In.
It has been found, however, that
concrete work may be carried on In
ci,id weather sticceBsrully, nnd with
but very Utile more trouble than under .'ul::t,ii-y circumstances.
This r.i.', m ..f great benefit to lha
farmer, ,i« Ii is tn Uie colder period
of the year thai he i*. able ta And
time for building1 and making* tho
many articles an.und ih*- farm to
which concrete so
readll)   adapts  it-  ___
Willi        a        few
simple precautions
it haa been found
that concrete can
he used, not unly
in freezing weather, but when the
thermometer has
heen actually below zero.
If the concrete
freezes before it
•tarts to "set," It
will not bt- Injured, but If the
freezing takrs
place after the
"setting" action
has started up,
the concrete Is
likely to be damaged when It
thaws, owing to
the expansion of
the melting water
forcing tin* par-
ticks    apart     and
making ibe concrt te crumbly. On
the other hand, If the concrete a Ch&nct to become
thoroughly "*.-.*." before fret-z-
In-;, im harm will bt- done. To glv«
It ih.** chance yuu must rtut of all
prepare ihe ma,i«-rlu.*j as described
below, and secondly, you tit uil pro*
t.-.t tin roncrete nftar ii hag been
placed lti tb*- "forms."
A simple and easily-made vtsstl
for heating water is shown In the ao*
companylng drawing. (See Fig. 1.).
A coll le made of one-Inch p!p« with,
the ends fastened iu the barrel and
made water-tight. A small fire built
under the coll will beat the water
rapidly and will keep it In circulation, thus keeping all the water
For this purpose lt Is wise to use
a length of malleable iron gas-pipe,
because ii is easily bent into the re-
HUlred coil. This is done by taking
a lug or fence-post about'the size of
ibe coil and bending the pipe ar'Mind
it.    This method  prevents  the pipe
plpts.  and  will  soon thaw  out and
become heated.
In ve:y cold weather, the cement
may be heated by laying the bags on
top of the sand, but this is not abso*
lutely nr-cesaary, as the cement liselt
must be kept dry until used, whether
the weather be hot or cold.
Materials should not be heated to
too high a temperature. A good way
to judge the proper amount of heat
is to make them Just hot enough tc
be comfortable to touch. Care should
he taken not to use any frozen lump,
uf sand.
warns ix tvii MiasL.
PltlTWtvrio.S of M.VTERlMM*
Wlil, oit  lis own  account,
Certain amount of hr*t in
from "buckling" and makes the coils
more regulur ln size.
*\Vher« concrete work is being dotia
on a large scale, It is advisable to us?
ihe two-barrel heater shown Jn Fig.
-. Tb:*! allows ibe water to be cun-
stantiy replenished wiihmu, redur-
itis ib- heat of .he water !u the bur-
nl from Whieh ibe hot water is
.Mors: Carmen, however, posses* Urge
bulling kettles, used during butcher*
ing time, of tot ni.iMiin soft soap, •to,
Mu« »f Ihess    will do tutially    well.
After the concrete has been
placed In "forms" |
It should be protected mo as to
keep the heat In as
long a* possible.
This la more essential In thin structures than In massive walls and
foundations; for
the latter will hold
their own heat
longer on account
of their thickness.
Wooden "forms"
are non-conductors,
and will retain the
heat ln the concrete
but the concrete
ahould be protected on top by a covering of canvas or
h*avy paper, with a layer of ten or
twelve inches of manure on top of thla.
flttaw will also answer the purpose.
If manure Is used, care should be
taken to prevent It from coming ln
contact with the cnorete. as it Willi
dtsoolor It. and possibly even seep'
through sufficiently tn weaken the
it met lire,
In   tha   case   of   thin   walls  whers
•Mra cold weather calls for addition
'>;• ■
t^emV *'~ f      ' ew
Iln. i. s.iowivo siM.t.a imsion or wit..
1.IAT s.i.
thl   "letting"   |,    Uut   In  cold
weather, .-..-ii mlde asilstancl, In
the- form ..f artificial hist, l» neoei-
s..ry. 'I'lie licit way to rtovelop ilil.
artificial ' is t.. whi'iii Hie material! I"•",.. - mixing. Tills sin.liens    'lie    UIU.'    Uul    ■      take.    Ill,:    t.'.lll-
oreti to "set" mul lengthen! the ttu..
iioeessiiiy t>, inltiK it to th. freeing
point. In ..i lu mltlil llial llie : -1
water us..?;, tli* quicker e.». r,-ili
"sets." Therefore, It I. advlia'.l. to
use ai llttl* water it, puSstlil. In t'i*
mining ilurlng cold wcaih.r.
ri*. s. maw,** now waTaaiiu aur a*
ii. >rn. ar MUSI or t ,i„ in as ol.a
Hand and atone mav l.e very easily
lieale.l l.y making list of two plerr*
of .love |.I|.e. one plcci for the land
unit the other for the atone. Th*
|ilpel ur. laid on th. ground In
inch u position as to allow .he
wind tu makl a loud draft, 'ft.,
lite I. then built III oil. end. I'll*
M.MIie. piiSl 'hi.iu.ll ti.atlug ll.e
Whole |,||,«, and u. friltl furl I. ad-
lied, lh. v'ndera ore pushed alun|
lie |.l|.e ,<ud gradually w.rk out al
•ho ai^.r end. The *and and Hon*
Ihoultl   ,.   p:t. j „u '.«u ef th* *tov*
Its, 4. e*eea T.caao to .ei'ooat,
to **sca,.i. ranu r.o.r.
OlllJ   bsg
"f   in*.
al protection, heavy ahould
nailed lo the vertical pons
formi, (see Figure 4.) thus leaving*
an eneloseit *ir space between euoh
pall' of posts. Thr.e nil' space, will
have about fifteen degrees higher
temperature than lh. outside ulr.
Th* "forntl" should always b*,-
l.ft on longer In cold weather a. till
t.k*. lung.r for the Oonoratc to i
harden. ^
There li no r.aaoti why oonorsti
cannot be uied- wllh .'umpleie s.o--
c.i In cold weather If the.iv slnipli'.
gr.cautlani bi< fottbW.d.
Back   Again
After a 3500 mile Tour through Alaska and the
Bigger Better Stronger
May Roberts
and her Compang supported by t' e Eminent English
In VICTOEIBN  SARDOUS'   Great   French
50c.    75c.   $l.oo
Seats now on sale at White's Music Store FREE PRESS, CHILLIWACK,  BRITISfe COLUMBIA.
b Trenholtris
Furniture 5*21!
Can lie seen Dining Roohi Suits of Fumed
Oak, Golden Quartered Oak, and Early English.   All the very latont designs consisting
iif Extension Tables, Buffets, China Cabinets,
1 tinner Wagons, and Chairs.
Parlor Suits of Solid Mahogany, Upholstered
in No. 1 Leather.    Parlor Tables,  Jardinero
Stands, I'arlor (Jaoinels, ete, etc.
Those all in Quartered Oak, Golden,  Early
Knglish, timi Mahogany.
Bedroom Furniture
Very handsomo Dressers and Chiffoniers, in
Circasinn  Walnut,  Large Mirrors.     To see
these is to btiy
W. B. Trenholm
Artistic Printing
is the kind you get when when
ordered from the Free Press shop
The Sun Rise group, two miles
southwest from Laidlaw, was; located
within the last three weeks by Archie
Cooper and Harry Sergeant, of
Hope, for themselves and associates.
A numlier of samples from the ledge
were sent to J. O'Sttllivnn, of Vancouver, for assay. The return wns
received yesterday, showing 3.35
ounces in gold, or 167, to thc ton,
besides small values in silver. The
group consists of four claims traversed by a ledge varying in width
from two to nine feet. Thc group
is not at a great elevation, is easily
accessible, and is less than two miles
from the 0. N. K. station site nt
Ltldlaw, Meanwhile negotiations
are in progress in connection with
ninny other groups, on Silver Crock,
the CiH|tiihiilla, -.'3-Mile Mid Ited
Mountain. Inconnection with these
the snowfall does not matter, because
all were thoroughly OXftniinod by,
or on behalf of, the prospective purchasers while the ground was still
bare. Whether any deals go through
or not, thoro will 1st plenty of mining activity in the Spring. If outside capital is not. attracted at the
outset it will come later, and pay
more for the privilege. There are
parties still out at Ited Mountain,
but thc heavy snowfall will probably
force them to abandon the field.—
West Yale Review, Hope.
While the subject of forest conservation is so largely interesting the
public at the present time some recent remarks of Mr. J. B. White,
who ia secretary of the National
Conservation Congress of the United
Suites, will lie read with attention.
Mr. White has just completed a tour
of the Eastern State* and on his return to San Francisco in discussing
the conservation idea he said: "A
supeaior quality of artificial lumber
t can be manufactured cheaper than
natural lumber can be grown, taking
•'>" per cent, waste paper, 22 per
cent, straw, 5 per cent, jute and 10
per cent, wood fibre, a ton of fibre
board, one-quarter inch thick, or
1,100 foot of Inch lumber can be
produced." While wo cannot regard
this ns affording any excuse for thc
neglect of Umbel'Conservation, it is
worth knowing tlmt a reliable substitute for lumber and I* so cheaply
manufactured. How large an industry may be built up in Ihe near
future for the supply of building
material it is not easy to predict.
At any rate it is comforting to know
that ful ure generations will not. be required to go houseless us long As there
are roots, stumps, jute and straw
left for material transformation.
For the benefit of Hportmen of this
section it can lie stated that the trout
fishing Benson closed oil Nov. 16,
and that blue uud willow grouse may
lie shot iu thc ilii'hiiiiiinl, Dcwdiicy
Ih'ltn and Chilliwack Electoral districts and in that portion of the Kent
Municipality situated in the Yale
Electoral district until the Inst dny
of December, this year. Puck,
sni]Mt and geese may lie shot until
thc last dny of February next.
Coast deer may lie. shot until Dec.
and season for shooting cock pheasants ends on thc same day . Ducks,
snipe and geese iliny be sold on the
mainland until Nov. 30,but the time
for selling deer expired on Nov. 10.
Your local newspaper works for
its own town; does all it can to build
up the place, advance the interest
of its citzens,draw trade to the town,
puts money into the pockets of the
business men and adds to the well-
being of all. Such a paper is entitled
to liberal patronage from the town
and community it works for.
The Duke of Connanght was waited upou Saturday by representatives of the Dominion council boy
scouts and asked to become chief
scout,in succession to Earl Orey.
The duke accepted and indicated
his entire sympathy with the boy
scout movement in a short speech.
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Novelized From Eugene
Waller's Great flay
taajrighi, IMS. by ti. W. Dil!inf turn Co
t I I
nciti     mi' n  uoicl of nils ciiariwier j    The do.»rbL'll rans, nud ahe sutaldPiL j
(he coffpo is not w hut it inlgat be. H's j skit Ins back In ber chuir and ftmutaa 1
1,-M-ii.iv bit tor.  -Ofbcrwiso 1 HUcd the j her red face vigorously
flttiuer.   Vrs, oii tbo Whole, I Aked tho \    Airs.  Brooks opened  tbo door, aud !
jk'l   tin.*  end  of  the   first   month
i%   paused In thulr new home Mrs.
a*  SL Hruoka' Joy in tho sudden nnd
:*re:tt ehfltiKO In her busGitnd'fl
fortunes In the stomusblp eoinpauy ro*
iiiiiiiictl   undiminished,     Her   liiotbor
JMi-s   Harris, liuti conic to lo6k upon
biui with great respect und to he i*;uh*
«*i  iiroiid of her sou-fn-luw, who hiid
belled  her dlro brognosttoiulous and
upset nil her (irmly rooted Ideas aod
courtcttmis liy rial us In the world
As to I. rooks hiuisolf, Ihe exuberance
of his optimism hud worn off consid*
ertibly Uo did n*it share to nny ex-
tout in the Until heartedness of his
wife, who diffused happiness and rippled It lu Joyous music on the piano
und tn songs that Itad smoothed ont
the creases of euro ou her father's
tmiu wheu she suns to him In I tic
•lays ot ber glrlhuod He had become
more and more thoughtful, with lapses
m unexpected times Into ubsontudnd*
ednoss. .Moreover, of late, symptoms
•if his former III humor and norrous
Jlmsy  stood  revealed   with  his  win-
\ eotno t*nii!e, his face moil I'd brown hy |
j the vuu of the tropica,
;    *'Welcome homo, little stranger," ex-'
i claimed Kninm heartily,
!     "Hello,  lOinmttl    Mow art* youV" he J
\ said,   tailing   her   oiuM retched   bond. ;
I "l.tidles,  1 salute you     The prodtgnl ,
j has returned from the distant !.iud of 1
"Still," sho persisted, "I  think for i chlH'con enrtrl uud lut initios wearing
(ho niouoy you ore pifylug here"-        i man Ll I las to receive ufs overdose ot |
■•I'tir the money 1 am pnylng here," | Amerlean grub."
he retorted. *Tm satisfied   U mojiis to ;    "*LboK at blm!   flo's as brown as au
mo that that is all there is to it" ; Jndlniil'' InugUed «->oth, giving h!m u
"Mother,   dear,   plonso   don't   tlnd I cordlul haodubuko.
fault,"   urged   lUtnuia     'it   is all  so i    -Where's Captnlu  Wininma." ashed j
mmh better than It has been.   I think ' jirs   Hiirris.
yon should be happy to see tilings as j     ...*..*  „, {],I0  .j,,.^   wbea   •  *...*,.  my
yarn," drawled Jlmsy,
He went over iu Hrooks anil shook \
hnnds witli him ,
dinner. But If I were you. Joe, I'd
complain about yenr waiter,"
"Whut'a the matter \iilu liim'r
asked Kmma.
"Uather Impertinent and"—
"That waiter suits mo, and I haven't
heard Biuinu klektug," cut in doe.
Mul Mrs Harris wns not to lie sup-
pressed by uuy snubbing from him.
they nre."
"Sn much lietter than Emma's had |
for bo It ng," chimed in Ik-lb
1    Brooks scowled at hor and, gathorfng
up some more papers from the iublc,
retreated with thorn to his chair and ;
began  to  peruse them  rather  fever* I
■slily. ' i
"1 never read the papers any more," '
declared Mrs Harris    "All they have
nro scandal, murders and men who steal
money fi^m their firms.   My--I don't j
: know whal the world Is coining to!"
i   "Wasn't it terrible about thut man '.
I yesterday   walking  out  of  tho  bank '
with a small fortune'*" said Betn.
ul can't understand bon a tnuu enn i j|pr M!(J;|,l,r
fleliberutoly steal." sniffed her mother,
"especially when thero isn't a chance
on earth of getting away
"He's the man wbo gave ail (ho j
money to some woman, isn't ho?" ;
ftimna wanted to Kuow
"Yes    He'll have plenty of time to j
LhlDk it over    The penitentiary Isn't
t bit too good lor men like blm."
"I felt ho sorry for liis wife, poor j
woman." reumritcd Beth "Sbo'll have j
lo stand most of tire trouble."
"< to set* you. Joe," he said.
"Thank you, Jlmsy.    Same to you. j
Vou look immense"
'Tin heller llliiO that Now, if you
folks will tit down I'll loll you tho ]
story of my wonderful adventures. ,
lying only when necessary to protect '
iny unsullied reputation How is thut ;
Both, 'unsullied reputation*" ihetiy j
good, ehV"
"tint Captain  Williams and the sto- \
ry''" urged Bminn
"What   I   want   to  know," observed |
Is, Did the captain come i
Itb youV
'So do I." said 0rooks, with burdly ,
trrltubllfty bud reappeared
"(joodness, 13 in ma, one would hardly     ,, ,        .        ,   ,
know youi" eielaltued llotl, lo hor olio '    l,rool's J,m,l)c(1 u" l«*l'"tlcutly. bi
evening after dinner,  to which Mrs
Brooks bnd  Invited  her  mother and
Btstor    "Vein* dress Is a dream, and at
I able you were positively radiant."
.sho  bud  followed   Emma  into  hor
bedroom and  was gazing in ad mini* * - ,    „ „     ,,  ,-, . ,.,        •   t
tion st  hor -parking eyes utul  ber I "°f s"m"   sa"1 E"""3'     Tuoro " !
cheeks rosy with health. ■'       _,     ,   .   ,   ,,     .„  ,
-I am l,.-:..,.y." admitted Emma, put- |   Mrs "arrls looli'"J "on*l6M'
ting  tier uriu  tirounit   ber affection- {
"Uo you kuow, iloarle, I'm just Iw-
Slunlns to know who nut] ivbut yuu |
Hit-lily uuin toil ut tho yirl'd patronise- i
trig iii.-itutor mul not ut nil Inclined to '
inl.o hor seriously, Kiiuna looked nt !
li.-r with assumed gravity.
"How's lhat, litllo sister'." slio in- '
concealed nniloty.
"Woll, you   know   It  look   tno two I
months to ilo all tbls, end you oiitt't
rilml  tno to toll tills story na If tt I
wim a Journey In lho subway"
"Jlmsy,   you'ro   exasperating,"   re- j
iiioiiMnued Liuitnu.
"1   wns siiylug-     Sny.  I'blitun, you
look nil il.-.lit In thut drssB," ho hroko {
..IT, contouipliitiiiK hot ivltli aUiiuiiiiloti. .
  Sho si.!in|.i(i nor foot Iruiiorlously,     i
lug his noils wltb nuooy-uro I   ..Ncvor Bilwl uio. Talltl''
"Wbr-rr-'s lbs rost of this paper,   ho      „Aui)   |t'llM S()J MmHMug.. ,1(,,k.u |
iloiiiainloi]    "1 want tho pari wltb the I j^i..
iiu'itiH chart,   it's triarkod 'Past I'cr- i
•'Oh. I know—what Jlmsy oulls tho j
"StunKl" bo lou-los! "Thank you.
Ili'th: Woll, you know oap nnd I .vara
glllllg to innko a trip at evory port of
"Joe, you certainly aren't Interested
In   races— horse  races'."  she lnterro- I
"Yes. I am." be snapped. "1 don't t
play 'cm, but 1 like to look 'cm over. I
What of It:-"
"They're    awful,"    dcelarod    Rolb.
"That's exactly why uiost men steal |
O.ouoy "
"Well, dearie, Joe Isn't stoallnc mou- :
,y or playing races, so don't get wor- j
tleil." oo.iiiuented Kniina. a little testily, j
Mrs Harris persisted
"Captain   Williams   soys   that   tlio
call the Latin-American compady bus,
hut  wheu we got   to (liiatciuala   we !
found uut that it couple of those dons i
down  there,  heing  out of Jobs,  bad
concluded to pass the time away by \
pulling off one of tbelr monthly revolutions ond. nmoug other it.itii.-H. wor*
getting very gay wttn our property."
"You  mean   war?'   demanded llelh,
deeply Interested
"Not according to Boyle This gamo
wns Just for conversation Anyway,
things looked n little bad. so we stayed there nnttl one .if the dons threat-
ened lo put us In Jail and burn up oar
warehouses We were delayed a couple of weeks, nnd one morning the
!-noo track ruins uioro young men -„.„,, „f fortyfwo generals and three
""*"— I privates saw the Coiled state* cruise-
hit son-lnlsw bad Leon wavlnc Brooklyn steam Into port all panned
more and more Masperatcil. | „,,, wilD „ klt of m.ovifti bmejackctt
•i\,r bcavou's Hike," be broke oul j „„ poaid. looking-for trouble   Bo they
angrily, wiping the perspiration from   postponed ihelr ehimge of government
his  face,  "can't  you  llud something   Indefinite--.   We bad been delayed so
hotter to talk nbmjt tbun ruined men, j |ong bT t|,em fC||o»s"-
thioves and follows who go wrong}"    i   ..j|M13v," obiei-tcd Dcth. "Don't call
"Wlw. Joe. what's the milttor!" In-• them'tbera fellows.-"
quired ids wife, guzlng at him In as- J    -.j^o?"
tonlsUmeut. ..No  fsay .(hosc f0n0Ws.* "
lie turned bis wntt face toward her, I "Well, fteib. I've known those greas-
ami Micro was a look as of eotreaty ; ets down there for fourteen years as
nml apology lu his eyes, under which .(hem fellows,1 and If 1 called tbem
the dark circles appeared lo have deep- anything else I'm ufrald I'd have to be
ened, as bo replied: Introduced again."
"I'm tired and nei-vons.   1 think I'll      ■.](„,   Captain   Wllllanisi"   Insisted |
Mrs. Harris
"Yes, where Is tie?" said Brooks.
"Well,   we decided   to come  botne. |
Captain  left on  the steamer by tho
ind you can't get seats-not n , „.„, „f orleiuis. and a couple of
slnglo one-even  from spocttlators,   1 j days later I came direct to New York."
promised to tako ber" i   -Then bo ts here?" said Sirs Harris
"Whore do I come In'i" i,, „ ,0||e „f w.jlt||il.llUon.
Mrs. Ilnrrls answered for her: i    .,, SU|),)M(, h(V 1Si IID„,M uc wU S|,|,,.
"You Just take us; call for us tiftei \ vrr«-cUr>,l ot. (he way ••
lho show und put us on a cor" i   .,„„, J01| lawn-t t0]a Bs nj,,t|,|ng
"Ob. but you've got to take us to Ibe I
theater," Itetb told blm "Mother j
liusu't seen tbc play at the Renals-
"I'leaso dun't call n.o 'lillle sister,'"
objected Bi'th. "You're always making fun of mo."
"My detir Beth, ll Is you who uro
sltvnys inoKin^ fun of yourself,'' 12-u-
inu told bor.
"Indeed I'm noli"
"Why u»l laugh aud p'ay and just
lis a glrl~n real "tomboy?' After uil,
that's tho thing. You aro only eight-
*rn, chile 1 havo reached years ol
discretion, I'm twooty-uVo, yon know,
mid awfully staid und wise lu conie-
"You weren't a tomboy."
"Ob, yos, I wna until I fell In love.
You wdrri a mo hit of n llttlo maid
liien, nml after I tell Iu love I licoinio
s silly little goolo like all girls In lore,
snd Uo.11"-
'rVoti married Joe.''
"Yes." fiil.l Emma sertonsty, "and | walk down Hie street"'s why 1 want you to have snob a
good time n.tiv. while you can. Of
course I hope you'll not bave tbc hard
pull that Joe nud I have bad—I menu
wheit you are married—tuu ono never
can loll." .
"Never mind lho past now. I'lintna.
'ihlnk how huppy you ore."
"1 know. It Is good to be living
once agalu, but tbe best of It all Is ibat
Joe ha. succeeded. Eycu motuer admits It.   Think of III"
"She even likes blm,'* eotifiih'd Betb,
"My d.-jr, yon unow thut mother
likes loust any ono who hns healthy in-
illeaii'ii. of a bat.I: account"
"F.inuin," clililod the girl, "you ought
to Lo nibatncdt"
'Tin toil." ISUgbed hor tl.lcr. "I'm
l,io conlentef) l don't think lhat I
skill ever forget . l-.o night, nejrlr
s.syn worUs ago, when Joe came
'j.inie with the good news, his salary
-nnre than tripled .-.r.<l Sis uioullis' back
"Joe never ihongiii Captain Williams
iiniii.l do II for blm."
"No.  i...i"  I.    An.)   ibe  way  It   was '
iti.i •■:   V. ii I.11..W the eapialn nnd .llm.
.y  hml been gouo throe dayi boforo
Joe Uio'.v the goi ,| hows."
"When nro ihey ,»>inli:g bn ■!,?   Not .
f..r a luoutll any any."
"Joe lays lie doesn't know."
"Isn'l it i.nmy ibal wllh all his luck
ho doesn't loeoi edntontcdV
lill.lilll  lie. .111.1. glave.
"lie's Worried, poor dear, nud I "'HUL
make I: oul," she said "I'crbnps he's
... niivi-iiis io succeed Iii bis new poll*
In the parlor M."s. Darrls sat fan- !
t.lng hei self, for It was a very warm I '"-' 'v"3-
Hay.   She wus dressed III li gown of I    "S° "O 1.' said Emma,
sun,in, r ilo.-rv Ibat Would have Leon I llmnk blm for Joe's raise."
.iioi.i BUltnblo  lo her   bod   she  broil, j    "You II du nothing of the blndl" ei-
toy,   nriion   year,  y.iitiicor   em'. <ho | pleded Uro»k( furiously.   "I waiit you
nils engaged In her usual pleasant oo-   ":| '" understand lure and now luai,
cupatlon .f crlllclilng- or "knocking," i uiy business la ray business.   I don't'
ss Joe tailed It. . m,n' " discussed  ultb either Smith
brooks was In illiiuer coal and horn j or Williams.    What Pro got I've got,
other external evidences ,>f his pros-   and li  is nobody's nB'nir but mine. I
Those Loc.t.d st Ni«f)«r» Ar. th* H*t-
t*sl In tbe Worn!.
"At Niagara lire tho bottest furnaces
In tho world," says a writer. "Here
clay Is melted In vast quantities to
form aluminium, a metal us precious a
few years ago as gold. Hero lime and
carbon, the most Infusible of nil tho
(•laments, arc Joined by tntenso heat In
tbe curious new and useful compound,
oaleliini carbide. Hero graphite, tbo
cousin of the diamond. Is made. Phosphorus is made in large quantities, and
carborundum Is manufactured. It bas
Leon Dropbesled that It, Is merely a
mutter of time before diamonds will
b° tutiile at Niagara.
"Theso marvelous new things In
science nnd Invention have boon mado
possible- by the -chaining' of Niagara
to tho wheels of Industry. Tbe power
o* falling water Is transformed into
electricity. Selene* has fouud that tbe
form of energy known as electricity
eat' be changed Into tho vibration
known as boat. Accordingly thou-
Halle's of horse power are conveyed as
electricity over n coppee wire, changed
Into licit, and light between the tins of
carbon electrodes and there work wonders.
"II. is scarcely twenty years since tbe
Ilrst olectrlcal furnaces of practloat
utility were constructed, bnt If the furnaces today lu operation at Niagara
fill* alone wero combined into uue
-hey would, one scientist speculates,
roii.o ii glow so bright tbnt tt conM lie
Beeu from the moon, One furnace has
been' luilit lu which an amount, of heat
energy equivalent lo 7<I0 horse power
In produced In tin arc cavity not larger
than an ordinary water tumbler."
A G.t-rioh-qi.lok Sch.m* That W.»
Hipp.d by Un.l. Sam.
It. Is not easy, yet It Is possible, to
comprelienil something of tbo mental
status of the man who buys n gold
brick or allows a gniuc of green goods
men lo fleece blm. lu such coses i, Is
merely greed outstripping reason.
Hul: ilin lluiVt of human credulity
seems to hnve been reached when the
authorities at Washington disclosed n
Mvlntll'i'g scheme In wblcb success
waa attained hy cipinltiug the alleged embarrassment of no less en
Institution than tbe I'ulted Stales
gnveniuieut. Tbe swindlers have
quietly circulated * report (hat Uncle
San. Is so greatly In need. of funds
tbat tie Is secretly floating "ao tin-
m»nii> Issue of national banknote.."
How inapy "comc-ons" bave been Induced to subscribe for tbl* national
currency *hta Is to be sold nt a dis-
count has not been accurately determined, but tbe business would undoubtedly bajve become very profitable
tf the government had not put s
speedy slop to it
Oue may symiialliis.e to * limited extent with the victim nf tbe aniootb
and convincing conUdeuce mnn. But
tbe man or woman who can be gulled
by any «iicb ubs'trd get-rtrh-qulck
scheme .. thl* inlet device Is beyond
the limit of cn-dnlliy.-Cincinnati
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
stop the meanest, nastiest, r; 1st persistent Iieadaohes in half an
hour or less. We (piarar,'-**, that they contain no opium,
morphine or other por.|r.oCr drugs, 2"c. a box al your druggists',
er by mall from £9 Dru. .ni Ch.mic.1 C of Oan.J.. Limited,      •      •      •      ■      Murtr.aL
^ Not Purely Curiosity.
Among tho passengers In one of the
ears of a train running between
Springfield and Boslon was a nervous
little old man who evinced a keen Interest In n sinister looking person wbo
took n seat besldo blm.
"How do you do?" said tbe nervous
little old wan to the sinister looking
person. "Now, what might your nnms
be? Do you live In Boston or beyond?"
"What business Is It of yours where
I live or wbo I am?" growled the
"Strictly speaking, it. ain't none of
my business," admitted the old gentle-
niau mildly, "but It's Jest like this:
I've got a cousin In this part nf the
stole tbat l'vo never seen, nud I'vo always thought I might come upon blui
some ttnto Jest by asking folk Ihelr
name nud so on."—Harper's.
Lighting Supplies
We call save you
30 o|o to "0 ojo on
Gasoline Lighting
Supplies no mutter what system
you use. Host
quality mantles
onil glassware always In BloOk. We
are the largest
Gasoline Lump
utul Supply bouse
Iii Canada, Write
for new price list.
BOX   '87,   REGINA,  SASK
Toronto    :    Montreal    :     Calgary
, „* rt.urftl....
Instead of being obsolete nud simply nu Interesting relic tho hourglass
In various forms Is n twentieth century neeesslly. for such purposes as
timing, hardening and tempering heats
In twist drill manufacture, where seconds or minutes lutist be gauged accurately, nothing serves like tbo hour-
gluss with lho right amount of sand.
Accuracy to fraeltons of u second cat.
bo obtained much more easily h.v at,
hourglass than by watching the I.nods
of a watch.—London Graphic*
Our Fine Catalogue
is mailed I'i'oo on roquost, Write for
II It' you Inno ojiy notion ul' a College  Course.   I
Central Business College.
W.ll. Sliniv. Pi-OB,    Ml. Shaw. See.
specialist, :, College St., Toronto,
Just Suited.
"There's only one objection to these
apartments." snld Iho agent of tbo
building. "From these two windows
you enn't help seeing everything In
tho dining rooms of the neighbors on
both sides of you."
"Wtiat'a tho rental?" smilingly asked
the portly duuio who was looking for
I tot.—Chicago Tribune.
Siispicioua Neighbor- Did your  mother have a rooster for dinner jeater-
uny, sonny?
Suspicious Neighbor.—A    big   one
■wiih black tali fcuthersl
Ronnie.—Dnntto.     Mother     didn't
cool, the feathers,
Old Gentleman.—Wall,   ny   little
man, how old nre you.
,    Tommy Itiifflim.—My age varies, sir.
I When I'm railway travelling I'm under
twelve,, but when  1 go to fetch th.
I boor I'm over fourteen."
Wc s""''15' *-''"!.! ""1\"' ""' c"m.,'°"! about tin- war." Betb reminded blm.
car, WO,  mamma,- snld   Belli.   ••TOO  «w     „ „„.,,„ j..
will take us und come for us. won't;   ..,Vc|, „ lh(, „,,,, tulng, „ml WM0
'..''„,' •'•■, , .hot off were several hundred months
oh, I suppose so," he •cqaldsccd, i ind M ,.„, g ,)a(| „, „„„„„„„
llttlo w.nilty.          ,. I conversations I will have to leave lb*
1 !!!".! "i'>!i'l.",!„i!!Lt,o",';"u"e bet|1<lctnlls to yoUr Imagination!."
"I consider that a most unlnterest-
rang, and ICroma antiwcroil It.
"Yes, right up." she Instructed tb< I
opci-Hlor and, banging up the receiver
turned wltb an eager smile.
"l'vo got n surprise for you." sh« j
said.    "Gnosa  who's calling,    8om,
ono who wasn't expected for n mouth.'
"Jlmsy," cried Itcth.
"Jlmsy   Smith,  straight buck   front
Guatemala." .
J.k"h eyes widened, and the little
color In It faded from bis face. He]
was very much startled by tbls uuex
..cotcd visit, but kept suBlcicot control
over himself not to inako the fact too
"Is Captain Williams with him?" in-
.iitlred Mrs  Harris.
lug slory." (muled Belli, "and. besides,
you're keeping us from the theater."
"All going?" queried Smith.
"No, Just Beth nnd uie." explained
Mrs Harris, " and Joe bavi
seeu tbe play, aod we've got tho last
two scuts."
iTu be Continued).
roaster~rtn ine tug gun In tins tf
Rooster-Well, dou't soy It bo lend or
j'nr, might bo Brcd.-Baltlnioro American.
A Thought.
I don't kuow." answered  nn^\r^r»*^^™^r s«»
"I wonder what brings blm Lack? He
wasn't expected for a month or six
v. ocks."
"I suppose Ihe captain's Miili blm,"
surmised Belli.
Her mot ber expressed the In pc thai
■ 1 waul to
rii.l h*. l'n.l«.fl of utt.rtnf languas* wis*,
Cmld ault and fo .-nailing.
-YVuhlaurou Star-
pcrlly, which, however, wns b
purchased at considerable physical
cost, for bo had become thinner aud
was pale and haggard. The worry his
new position occasioned him wai
pliiln to he Boon, and ho In an execrably surly mood nnd as nervous as
Ibe proverbial cat.
"As I was sn) ing to Joe," olrltrrct)
Now, If any of yuu hnvo got anything
lo say iilKiut me or what I do, say It
lo me ur shut up."
"Joe, how can you?" reproached lili
nlfo, Liken completely aback by this
savage and uncalled for display ot
■'i oger.
'Well, I declare'" ejaculated Mrs.
Harris, bridling up.   "l'vo never bceo
Mrs" Harris, turning bt Kinnis sud | talked to io lu all mv life and"—        j
W.N.U. Ne, Ht.
What AOs You}
Ho you fed weak, tired, despondent, hive frequent head-
. ache., coaled ion|i,., bitter or bed (me in moral.*',
"bc.rt-.burn," belching oi tn, acid* la Ihroi. ifter
rati*!, ..oanach gnaw or bora, tool hrwtb, daisy .pell.,
poor or variable appetite, mines at lime. *nd kiadrtd
•ymptoma ?
If you h*v« any ceoudcrabk. number of the
•bove iTOploia, you .r. waTerhg from hgi.«,
n.u, torpid lir.r whk tadlgaatloo. or dy*p*a«i*.
Dr. n*rw'* Golden IHMMI Diuov.ry I. ul,
up of lh. nmt v.lunble medictnd prineipl*.
known lo ncdiaal Mkaeo for Ik* pam.n.n,
our. of aueb *bnorn*l condatloa.. I, I. • mo,,
efficient liver iarlgorntor. ..oauch tunic, bow.l
regulator n.d acrve t.reng.b«n.r.
Tbe "Golden Medical" ia not • mediciae er leant no.tram,
• lull lilt of ir. iagredient. being printed on ill bo..le-wrapp*r and .tinted
under oath. A gleeee at these will .haw Aa* it contaia. ne ilcobel, or Intro-
lei habit-loraaine drug.. It ii a laid extract aaad. with pun, triple-retawJ
glyeerine, ef proper XreogUi, from the note ei a*riv* Aaaerita. medioal,
lorwt,.   World*! Diapeaury M*die*l Aiwciation, Prop.., Buffalo, N.Y.
Going Threugh th. Panama Canal.
In passing through the canal from
tbe Atlantic lo the I'aclllc a ship will
enter a channel with n bottom width
of nOO fee. .nd follow thla fnr seven
miles to Gotun. where It will by three
locks tie llfii'd elrhty-flvo feet lo the
level of Lake Gotun. lt will ateaiu ill
full speed through tbls lake 'or a distance of twenty-four miles to lias
Obispo, where It will cnlrt" ibo Cue-
bra cut. It will puss through Ibe cut,
• distance of about nine miles. In a
channel wltb a bottom width of HOD
feet. At Pedro Miguel it will enter *
lock and be lowered thirty feet to a
small lake, on the other aid* of which
It will enter two locks and be lowered
lo tho »*a level, passing out Into the
I'aclllc through a channel eight miles
king with ■ bottom width of VW feet
A Patyglot Prats.
tn New York elty Iwen-y-eight prosperous newspaper, are published 111
foreign language*—German, French,
Italian, Spanish, I'ortugiiesc, Hussion,
Finnish. Hungarian, Croatian. Lithuanian. Ruthenlan, Sloreule. Slovak,
Polish, Bohemtnu. Norwegian, Swedish. Danish, Holiandlsh, Roumanian,
Bulgarian. Servian, Greek. Arabic,
Syrian, Armenian. Chinese and Yiddish, besides nn Austrian and a Hwtai
newspaper publish** tn German. Is
tb. United Slates the-e nre .US period.
leal* prluted In foreign languid1*. 01
these M nre dailies. I) ti-lweekU**, M
arnilweeklle*. KM weeklies. 10 semi-
Uuothllee aud IM luonthitea.-Ilerper'*
trVecUj.       __
A New Animal.
A glganilc earn! vermis mammal,
hitherto unknown, was discovered recently In Dutch New Guinea. This an,
Imal. found and named by Knglish
naturalist* In the course of coast explorations, live* at an altitude of USO
yards lu a place inhabited by a tribe
of black dwarfe. Tho anzclui, aa tbls
beaat Is known, la striped like a zehni,
but Its cape*! la feroeloua. Tbo animal la tlko a tapir and tn of a specie*
sunpiwed to have died out thousands
of yean. ago. Ita r.j,.tniding teeth give
1* au appearance of extreme cruelty,- '.
Th* Cell*g* ef Cardinal*.
Thc Catholic enllege nf cardinals hoi
now tbe smallest membership record-
ed In centuries and tb* smallest ni'"-
portion of Iinllan. ever known. The
traditional m.mbcralitn la seventy, an.*
1 y the recent deti'li af Cardinal Csvlc-
chloul It ta reduced to forty-nine. It ll
three sol s half years sin. e sny cardinals bsve been created, and It la likely
to h« a year before I somlstory Is
Self-loading Shotgun
mml^^^_    t2 GAUGE. MODEL 1911
This new Winchester  has all the good  points
of other recoil operated shotgun* and many distinctive feature* and improvements besides.    Among them are
Nickel steel construction, which givea surpassing strength and^
safety; and a reloading system that will
bundle all safe loads without readjustment.
/.M, ... .r.r .. Jt.lrr'i tt tt.dl.lkr IFia.St.ttr HtSrtt-
tut Arms Ct.. ,\tm //.,"., ,.'..,„., ... . dt..r,it..t ttremltr.
A Brilliant White Light like the Gasoline light but *•>
tained from th* cheapest quality of Coal Oil.
Stand and Hanging Lamps for Indoor and  Outdoor  uu
from   100 to  1500 Candlepower.
Write for  Particulars.
1410 Scarth St., Reglna, Sask.
Each day begun.
In haste the sun
a His golden rays
But when he sleeps,
No watch he keeps-
He knows there's
Westminster Trust Building
C. T. Vradenbarg
neither St. Chllllwaek
Miss Clam Davison, teacher in
Piano, nnil pupil of Miss McUttlrc,
Alberta College, Kiliiiotiton, is Open
to receive primary pupils, Pupils
nmy begin nt. nny time. Terms, ele,,
on application.
Reildence i Prlacsi A**., Ckllllwscll
Opposite 11.0. K. Station
Kitted   witli   liioilern rod-
veiiienceH    mul    comfortably
fiirnialu'tl tliroiigliout,
D. ■. HmLINNAN. ProprUlet
We have a new und uii-to-dalc
plant'uiii. ibe latent methods tot all
kinds of Cleaning, Dyeing un.l I'
iug.     Export bei|) for ail luiinclus. attention will lie given t.fgll
Mail and Exurois orders from Chilli'
waek and die valley. We solicit atrial.
Teacher, ot Voice, I'iniio und Vioiin
in Chilliwack weekly.
Apaly by po.u.1 wird lu ttie I
801 llniadway West, Vancouver
.nd Wl, t« will i-hII oo you.
R. A. Henderson, r.u. A m.e.
B. c. Lanh Surveyor
Room. 10 A 11, Westminster Trust Block
ChilliwacK Orchestra
Chilliwack  Orchestra,   Sis   or Eight, open fur engagement*.
Alf. White, Secre'tafy.
Electrical Confracttf
Wiring for Power
and Lighting
; A complete line of
;; Fittings and Supplies
< *************************
Hot Air  Furnaees,
Roofing and Cornice,
Metallic   Ceilings,
Stoves nnd Ranges,
General repair work,
Estimates furnished
Phone 94
IriftWi Cehuabla EltctrU iy.
Train.       Chwk,
Weal mi...
:l 8.:W*.in.
f, 1.15 p.m.
7 ti.mi p.m.
Train      Iltgiln.
1 0.80 s.m,
Kaalb, .un.l—
Train        Van.
".'    N.HOa.m.
4 1'.'. 15 noon
S 5.00 p.m.
II. 10
Trail.       Van.
Christmas Presents
A visit to this store will reveal -to
you an exceptionally nice range of
Ties, Gloves, Scarfs, Handkerchiefs
and many articles tif wear for men,
which are very suitable as Christmas gifts. You may he sure of
first quality, the latest and newest
goods,  and very  moderate p. ices.
Hart Block
A SpecialOffer]
As a Hpeoial inducement to those who intend purchasing a piano boforo
We will give you a Credit of $50 on the first payment
of $25, or a Credit of $100 on the first payment of $50,
on any
wo have in stock.
Alf. White   -   Music Dealer
KuoooHsor to WM. ARCHIBALD
Estimates Given
Phone 58
I'.O. Box 2(*..r.
i i.
Woman's Exchange
Im. Cliilliivack 5.00 s.m. 1 Daily Kicest
"   Vancouver 7.00   "    )      Sutulaj
All passenger Irslni handle Express.
Tuesday and Saturday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Leave your order (or Homemade Cooking, Fancy Work, Plain Sewing, Knitting.
Etc., or Phone 254.
ship drew nearer.    About, mum the
sun I'tllii il uml Hie nil'  iviiriiieil
tip, giving us :i liisto of Indian
Summer, Tlm sense ui luxurious
oiiso, liu' romantic scenery, aeconi-
piinii'il In- Iln- steady lliroli of the
engines mul the effervescent wash of
the water from the prow of lho boat
combined lo impress upon us that
Iwo were enjoying to Ihe full wlmt
might  bo loftneil  with   sincerity,
"Tbe   poetry of    motion."     Tho
i weather wits so line mill tho nil' so
balmy, thai we sal around on  the
: after duck,  under tho big awning
i and watched Ibe passing islands,
tho snow capped mountains on Iho
mainland, the Occasional Indian
Villages, the canneries, and fishing
stations on kioth sides of the chair
nol; also noting thut tho reofs and
narrows uro woll marked with lighthouses and  Imuys.     About   Ihree
i p.m. we entered Queen Charlotte
Sound which is practically the only
open water between Vancouver and
Prince Rupert, Here we leave behind us Vancouver Island wilh its
northerly |mint marked by n lighthouse. Then with the mainland a
111 lie or so lo Ihe Starboard and our
bows headed for the passage between '!!
lltnny Islands t.> tlio north, wo,!!
ploughed across  the  "Sound"  nc-
|compnnied by large porpoiSe, that!
played around first on one quarter
and then on the other, thrusting:,,
huge dorsal tins up and out of the
water to piling.' again below tiie surface only to reappear farther out
after a long submerged swim, or crossing our course either ahead or astern. They impart a feeling of
good fellowship and one is sorry
when they have decided that the
ship is not a big strange fish unwilling to  join  the  dance  and so
, travel away from us to other murine! \ \
play-grounds, tluee or twice we
caught sisht of the spout of a whale
lazily cruising around, two or three
miles awny, not deigning to notice
such small fry as hitman beings or
tho big sea monster that spouts black
smoke instead of water, nor ever
stops to bask in the sun or sleep in
the green waters of the sound. On
this stretch one is apt at times to
encounter somewhat rough water
but as the good ships Prince Ittt|iei't
J and Ueorge cross the sound in about
♦ two and a half hours,  and  then
♦ enter another inland and smooth
♦ channel, no great hardships i« ens' tailed  and  even   poor sailors can
♦ find comfort from the anticipationI |
♦ of   i|tiick    relief.     The    splendid ] |;
♦ lounge, observation room and smok-J
4. ing rooms well seated and well,
J lighted afford ease anil comfort after
♦ the splendid  repast  served    in   a
♦ dining saloon.   Those who wish  to
♦ write letters, etc., can  find several
♦ comfortable writing desks in   the
♦ lounge   and   observation    rooms.
♦ The former room, if I muy call it
J! such, is provided with a good piano
for the use of passengers, thus the
evening is while.) away till sleep
lures to the stalermim. The morning of the following day dawned
bright and clear and after passing
several interesting islands we arrived
al Dixon entrance, opposite the
mouth of the Skcena river, and the
famousKnion Island, the purchase
of which by the G. T. 1*. resulted in
the resignation of a cabinet minister
and the enrichment of an astute woman. Here Ihe engines were rung
to half s|ieed ahead and we steamed
slowly along parallel to the grade of
the (I. T. 1\ on shore, and around
ti high I>luIT into Prince Rupert
hails.r, catching our lirsl glimpse
of the northern metropolis, three
years ago a city of dreams, now an
accomplished fact, even I hough us
yet an infant city, but deslined to
become a great contra ami port.
We landed at ten a.m., after Captain Barney Johnson had made one
of bis sensational Starboard land-
.. iugs, which I am I..I.I is a feat   not
i.i Lo ac. |iii-io.l without much
skill and practise. As our visit lol
Prince Rupert occupied Ihirly-sixi
boms and the city is u |K.inl ol"
meat Importance I shall liog leave
I to draw this narrative to a tempm-!
. urv close witb a tentative suggestion
that yon might possibly have a
small spa...- available next IWUO  fori
,, a description of the aspiring young-
! *
The Perplexing Question of \
the Year
is what to buy at a moderate cost as a  Christinas gift  that   will
combine all the elements of nicety, practicability and appropriateness,   There is practically no gift at the same cost thai will please
mother, wife, sister or friend so much us Ihe latest improved
BRISSELL'S "Cyco" ball bearing
Carpet Sweeper
Eveiytlilijg about the machine, finish uml inccl ism. indicates value
double its cost lu ihe purchaser. A "Blssell" will lie a coiisliuit ro-
mimler of the glvor for ton years or more. It reduces the labor nf sweeping
959      ...
i raises no ilust, and clonus carpets and rugs as no
ami will outlast fifty of thein.   I'rie.
torn broom cun,
Hull lleioiiin Parlor Queen
"        "      Roui'doir
"        "      Grand,
llciiriui: luiiversnl, jap
llall (.'caring American Queen
si. 75
Sll. 75
Denmark & Burton
It's The Boys Again
Our Lion Brand
Suits for Boys
this season are lietter than ever
and combine all the essentials and
reinforcements necessary for the
boy who is hard on clothes. A
lioy wears his coat out first at the
elbow. Lion Brand has double
elbows of cloth there, and it lasts
longer. A boy wears knickers out
at the seat and knees. Lion
Ilrand have an extra piece of
cloth right where they wear out
first, and the seams are stitched
twice and the linings nre Ibe liest
we have ever seen in Boy's Suits.
This makes a good reason why you
should ask for this muke; and the
price is no higher—ihat'S another jron.1
thing iiliout j(.
Come in Boys and
see us for your
New Suit
"The CollsrJfS*
Chas. Parker .  Chilliwack. B. C. |
ii St. Andrew's and Caledonian Society
\ Friday* December 8th, 1910 \
The following artists will take part in the programme:
Room 17    .    Hart Budding
****************************************** * **********
tinier the auspices of th.
Miss Elsie Barr
It.A.M., London, Soprano.
Miss Kathleen Henderson
Miss Mary Isdale
Mr. Gordon Williams
in Gaelic Song-
Mr. J. Ross, Master S.
Mr. Wm. Gillespie
Croll, Misses Isdale
In Highland  Dances, etc.
PIPER MAJOR D. MclVOR.   Piper to Clan McLean.   %
Popular prices: Reserved Seats 75c.  General Admission SOo,       *
Plan of hull at Alf. White's Music Store, where reserved seats can   J
be secured. Doors open til 7.80, Concert to begin al S.I1 prompt.    *
A.D. McEACHERN, Pres.      J. W. GALLOWAY, Sec.  j
In the meantime I am
Yours trttlv,
R.C. Barwell.
unlit B. c.
Artistic Printing
is the kind you get when when
ordered trom the Free Press shop —
Novelized From Eugene
Waller's Great Play
€•»yright, IMI. b, G. 7t Dillinjlum Cs.
Ami-I tlt'inl slloiteo ho ytii down from
tlio <T'ii-- it ml returned lo his utile.*.
Tlm men reniiilnod nssoinliled foi
cotisntiiiiluii, ami in Uu? crowd wer<
ninny dotiblful rnces. li wns dent
thut Sniiili'i cnlin, drnwled Imrnutjuo I
luitl imidd ii [irofon.'id hnprossluti. .hist
as In print lo lifo Jto tUlniclotl the
wn rnicst friendships, so lu business, io
-wliieli lie guvo sirlot nnd I mul 11 gen I
at lent Ion, lie earned tho reppeet of nil
with whom Im imi] to den I.
The strike leader mounted (bo crnfe
(i;il.  tuntd  tlu*  npplnuso of the  hoi'
headed   nnd   discontented,   dellroreti
himself of :i llei't'o denunciation of the
company ns n -greedy, sroMug, oppross
lve corporation nnd of Us dock super i
Jntoudcnt ns n "(ioup fluslier" nnd n
dispenser of "con" lalk, meaning (here-
by of words Intended to deceive.   Hut I
there were loo muny "Iin knew tbnt j
Smith wns tuit her.
•■For my purl," one of tho laborer**
snld, "I've got a wife end six Ulds, thu
eldesl of which ts nine. I move that
we take another vole on ihls here
The motion wns adopted with act-In-
ma lion.   Tho result of the ballot wai
overwhelmingly bi favor of remaining '
st work.
While delegates appointed to Inform
the superintendent tbat  there would
bo uo turnout wore waiting upon blm '
In bis office, ihe oliier men passed th* ,
rshed Indicated by Smith, pushed open
tbe door and gazed In. while other*
crowded  up behind  thnn.    Arranged .
«II around the vast space were neat,
white cots, sud In the center were long
tables and benches.
"Say," rcinnrked ono of (he men. j
"Jlmsy Smith Ain't no bluff, ts he.'
I'or a slow spcnklo* and morhr matj ;
fc^'ii the liveliest bustler I ever seen."
Half an hour later Smith om-e more
lowered himself Into (he clinlr b-eflt-ile
the president's desk.
"Well," said Captain Williams gruff ■
ly, "1 lllidoritQUd lho strike's off."
"Yep." wns the r»ply.
J and Insisted on tnUtti** un- ».ne tu a
plnce of nuiusetiii'iit, .loo's i-uuduei 10-
| wnrd her bad undergone a complete
i .'Imnge, Instead nf returning home do*
i pressed nud Irritable ho wns nearly
i 11 ways in good humor nnd n(Tection*
I ntely considerate, They needed uo
; vt.her company (ban tbeir own and oe-
! rnsIontUly .llmsy's.
Tho happy transformation hud been
'u'titiglii • U-uiit by nn unexpected bit nf
luck. As Joe osplnlued it to his do-
i lighted   wife,  in  his capacity of col-
lector  ho  had  become  very  friendly
.villi llie malinger of n concern which
Irntisnclcd  business  with  tljo Bteiuti-
ihfp company, ami ibis gentleman hud
: offered him $10 a week to render uln-n
| required, certain little services lu the
mailer of collections, which his was
I iljlo to tin without Interfering to uuy
' 3Xtet.t With the dudes Ihe l.atlu-
I American line paid him for perform*
I ing.    It  wns Just the amount, of the
idvnneo he hail asked for and which
' diploid Williams had refused to give
ilm- and it represented tho dltTereticfl
i between very painful sparing uud com-
' pa ni llvo case.   And (hat was not all.
Duo thing leading to a not hor, Joe wns
' mnblcil now and then to earn an extra [
'io or 810 from other sources. ■
With this prosperous turn iu hi? nf- I •'"■story .,[ |
, fairs the self confidence and assurance
Ihnt  long had abandoned  him under
| Ills repealed disappointments and fail-
are to mnke headway returned.    Mo-
i'ose snplneness gave way to vim and
energy.   His old optimism had revived
iu most ostruvagant form,   lie began
to be Interested lu ihe price of real es-
into ami automobiles.
Uis wife, with the sobering recollection   Of   the   gulf   between   talk   nml
K'lilevement, of desire and possession.
was careful to build  uo hopes upon
these fabrics of vision, though she was
too wise to seek to restrain the ardor
;»f his Imagination,   She did, however.
lake with gratitude what the gods had
"liven, pending the bestowal of possibly  greater favors.    The substantial
iddltlon to I licit* means enabled her to
lilro a woman Who (when she felt like
ger eiiuiusiasm.
Investigation proved the plan a llttlj
more expensive than they had bargained rnr, but they had what appeared to Rinnifl to be n fabulous sum
of money on hand, nnd tbey found an
apartment which so pleased them lu a
hotel where the arrangements appeared to be satisfactory that they decided
to take It.
Then Rlilliia, wiih a light heart and
• full purso-whteh, however, did nol
conuilii long In its bulging coudltlon-
experlcncod for (he lirst lime tbe unalloyed fetidly of shopping to het
heart's content, and the tangible result of her peregrinations was n
charmingly furnished nest, conspicuous among the objects-in h was
ber coveted piano.
(To be Continued
C.lebrltlll on Liners a Chanc.
Now to Keep to Thema.lve..
"I suppose that cnlebrlUoi crossing
iln Atlantic aro subjected to ti good
deal nf impertinent scrutiny utul lion-
i2iii!.\" said a reported I.. the captain
ol mi ocean liner recently (luring tho
curs, ol :i conversation concerning
lile aboard the huge greyhounds which
carry thousands o! passengers to and
froni America every year.
"Not m cesnrily," wns the reply.
"As ii mailer ot fact, the first-class
passenger tuny he as exclusive in regard I" oilier iolk us if he or she wero
nl home. In the old days, of course,
the eiil.ins anil saloons on liners were
I ami stuffy that, passengers
lol of their lime on deck,
villi the result that most "I them be- \ hm\ rrienda   and   to
quniniod with each other on ; years over tbe wild
Statue to Scott's Character Hai Beon
Erected  at  Qarpel  Qlen.
Through tbe genius of Sir Walter
Scott tbo nana1 of "Did Mortality"
is known (ar beyond the bounds ot
Scotland, and everyone wbo has
heard ol tbe persecuted Covenanter*]
is familiar with bis real name. There
are few churchyards in Galloway,
especially in the County of Wigtown,
where his handiwork may not still
be seen.
A native or, James Patterson wns by trade h stonemason,
but for the greater pari of his life lib
exercised his craft without fee or
Hie   absorbing   passion   for    the
Covenanters led him to give up homo
wander   for   **0
moors,   iu   the
lor h
Collection* ol Rflics That Have Been
Made by ■rnf'lish Lines,
It has often been suggested thnt n
National Railway Museum should be
founded in Great Britain on the lines
nf tbe Museum ol Transportation in
Berlin, where one nmy follow the
1 by bind and sea by
inspecting Ihe models and relies ox-
bib! ted. There would certainly he
little difficulty in establishing such
a museum in Kngland, for most of
the railways have already many
curiosities of their lines at their
At Huston, for instance, tlic London
and Northwestern Railway have got
together a remnrltttblfl collection of
railway relics. Hero one enn see an
age-stained lirsl copy of ''Bradshnw,"
I whieh only had iiiiity-*ix pages a*.
j compared with the 1.200 o! the "Brad-
j show" of lo-d-riy. Numberless old
j time-tables aid there, and the spade
j and harrow used by Sir Uobert Peel
in .-tiitiug the firs! rod of the Trent
Valley line, In addition, thero i** n
complete set «>f models of the early
' types of coaches and passenger
j trucks. A specimen of the truncheon
I with whieh it railway servant was
i armed iu the early days when he had
It) did the dirtier work of the house- ■ to nct M J){(,u,r; Hcket-collcctor, in-
bold that had been such a lax upon -npeotor, and policeman all tolled into
tier. Utile toilet necessities and ncces* one is numbered amongst the other
sorles made their appearance, Brooks, j curiosities of this ri mark able col-
when   ho   had   made  an   extra   good j lection.
week, iusisted on lavishing his addi- ;     flien, again, ht Paddlugton Station,
New and '      ' ***"eflt Western Railway hnve gol
j together a number tf articles, which
added to Irom time lo time, aud
I ,-i bathroom, are so airy thut
one can pet «Umg very comfortably
without going "it deck tit all."
"Hut isn'i ii usual for passengers to
sit aboul in deck-chairs to enjoy the
fresh nirP
"Well, the habit la not quite so
popular as many people Imagine,
There is plenty of ozone iu any ol t-lm
deck cabtnff. and, ap I heard a pasacn-
gi i* say mi une occasion, the spectacle
*■( men and women spread out asleep
with their mouths open is not exactly pielurcsue.
" vi■ *-r dinner ni the evening pa»-
sengera will promenade the dec* lur a I
while, but,   fashionable   folk   seldom \
show  thcnuelVa son deck except for ;
thi.*-- walk.   They amuse themselves in I
their own cabins ,or play bridge in I
the private rooms, I am referring more |
part oulnrly to tin* ladies,   Few men, i
unless ihey are disabled, an* willing
to dine in the slate-room.    Men will [
bob-nob democratically  In the card- :
room, smoking-room, or elsewhere, but
women will not hob-nob at all.
"Aa h mallei* of lat-l. perhaps tho ■
most  popular  fenture  of  present-day I
ocenn   voyages   is   that,   uutesa   ono
scans Ihe passenger list, beforehand.
i Is possible to cross on ihe same boat
i th • voyage.   Ni wadnys, however, deck I \0U(i]y yfcMt ttlHl   [rom   churchyard
: rooms', which include a par- | to    churchyard,    to    erect   a   stone
1 wherever a martyr ol the Covenant
I lay*
A sincere devotion led Ihls ve'ncr*
1 able renovator of tombs to dedicate
*>o many years of his- existence to
I perforin* this tribute to the memory
j of these suffering people. Wherever
1 a grave existed "OKI Mortahty" wb*
i sure to be seen busily ut Work bent
' on his pious task with his chisel and
! mallet, nud his old white pony grit/.-
: intf by hla ride.
His hint peregrination wan iu the
! neighborhood ol Baukend, eight, miles
j from Dumfries, when he wna sudden-
| ly taken ill nnd wua found on the
< rnud**ide in a dying stale. Kind
hapds removed the Old pllgrit^ to n
i friendly house, where ho passed , to
I his rest, in a few days,
Ite  was  born  in   171'-! and died  in
; 180).    The memorial ol "Old Mortal
I ity"   is ;n keeping   with the   simple j
, testes of him tt WAS designed to com- j
memo rate,     It   stands   near   (impel
. Qlen, one mile away from ihe village*
i known uh .St. John 8 Town of Vuiry. |
This spot was ehogpn, as IL was one
of  tbe  chief   hiding   places   of   ilo*
persecuted "Nill Folly   ol Galloway.
The   statue   represents   him   in   1
favorite   attitude   wheu   at rest
hat helped countless
thousands of thin, weak,
delicate children—made
them strong, plump
and robust.
It creates an appetite,
aids digestion, fills the
veins with rich red
After illness or loss
of weight from any
cause, it brings strength
and flesh quicker than
anything else.
*ll oiruatumrs
ivitlt one's dearest foe or Irion.! w j tli- . ,       . .   , , , .   ,      ,      ,
out notleing it. AnJ it is this fact '« "''"J*1," u18e1"1' '" ,','!" '',""' "'"l
whloli ilons most to keep money In tho , i'8 ,"",l", la 1'r.ol";"',. ,;» "k l,0"-v'
eoBers ..1 the stcorashlp companle,. ' !1.'l6,olp,.'-:n!n.!."4n10" "'-hl" wanderlnK8
fnrtheriiioro, It. is the effort to pre-
FouikI at Laat
sin- profort'ed tho uppor liorth tn
iln- I'liiintiiii nml so in- look tin- lower,
After tlio i-tirtiilns hml hr-r-n rlriiwn nnd
nil .tun iiuli'l in tin' I'ur tltOBQ near
tin- couple hoard lho .womnn Inm over
mul whisper to her litntliulid:
"Peter, iH-tn-, I huve ut lust folind
vs inn 1 huve Inoliotl for for sn nuiiiy
"Wlii'it's Hun?' Iiirjttlrifd'life'orldg.
but jlironlil. »
A iiuiii iiniler my bod.
j each of which lllustratel the progress
lililkllts | „[ tbc railway from its carlk'.-t. ilavs.
'     col-
ilnitnl onrillliss tipnii  lier-
sultablo clotlilug restored her self r.-
■ ..pec-t unit the plcilsuro Unit every woman  feels or should  feci
herself nllrni'live. j 'J'lie pride ol'tht museum is tli
I Mrs. Wiirt'ls mid Ret!, roiiltl not full leotlon ol old printl \vl,it-li havo l.son
; lo iinlleo the change, and It hud a ! graduallv (to: together during the last
i irndinil lint marked effect oti their nl- I h"1' eentury.   Tln-y are very valuable,
.Undo townr.l RrooUs, which liccini* ; •?'"' torn » gallery winch, perhnns,
more  civil  nnd  cordial.    Kiitinn  de- H,8 ,>°1t.'.0' "' Wd(I- >""-'»*"a •" ""-'
L'llned to gratify lliclr Inquls'tlvcncs* -,?(„{,' bearing date. Iron. 1730 to
; 'leyond ii.luilltlng that Joe was "got- , )7.',ti hhl.„  ,|IC  ,„„.„,  „,„■  »|ew$   0(
Ing on."   To till lending <|tiesllons she ; hndsi-npes on the roitlfs now follow-
relumed craalvo nnawers, one renton j ed by the railway. Oue ol lho most
j being that deep rescnlinenl rankled In I curious ol the printl slums an old
'; Uie lienrl of her husband fnr Ihe lofty I '»-li iron al Mofolon, in ar Hereford,
i ils.Jniit under tvhlcll be had suffered ,
for so long and that he objeclod cut- '
I plinllcally lo the rcveliilloit tf ihelr
' ni'ivnle  .iffairs  lo  anybody,  even  lo
litusy.     Dosjdos,  ns   lie   lia.l   nolntcd
i mil, It would nol he lo ihelr Interest j into cxisl«rlce
, for Ibe Inlelllgoiicc thai he wns doing ; havo  suspended outside th»m  a big
' twlsiilo work lo roncll Oiiplnln  Wil-   bell,   wliieli   was   sounded   to   glvo
I limns'   ears.     Do   would   eilhrr   b» | notice "I the approach ol trains. The
Great Western have preserveu one of
llteio b-lls, which used to hang in
, , ,   ,     , ,. .. the    lootwav     leading    to    Windsor
[lute In whli-li to devote Ills energies
ioluenlhely elsewhere.  TUo forcetof j-   Iwo'ycara   ago   the   company,   to
Which was U£':d a; a stalkii <jn the
Shrewsbury and Hereford line in iho
'lift!??. The itationin'asler s ofnoe
was inside the trunk, and it waa
from there that he inucd tickets.
Wlie*. tni'w.v si..«iou«   flrs|.   can
serve to passengers able to pay well
(or it a much privacy as they demand
which incites the compatrios to keep
on building bigger and better boats
with indibiaua] accommodations rfjo.l
to any ol your west-ond hotels."
I', iriili'iiin haa been'il a»
.lands besides him. "a unite vyitneM f,10l Im Chlle'a gVeat nlliu't,. works at
of the patient toil ol the aged 8cdt- |a aarlng of mora iliiin 30 per a nl. of
tisli pilgrim."                                        ,(!„. Cosl  of eoal.
alt. r Fermi.
• At sev.-ral points on th
coasts there arc located outtleflsli
farms, wher^ the little ereaturr-s are
kept in tanks or ponds to be "milked"
I of their ink.   The pond or tank is con-
Th.  Pageant  Master,
isn't such a mnllor-oMacI age I n'pete<l"with tbe'ie'ii''by'a plp'e,'and"a
Plans for .Now York's Qrntid Central 6ti..lou contemplate tho handling
of 1'tio Irnlna uu hour by electricity, If
un organizer of elaborate historical
pageants. This gentleman, Mr. Frank
Lascelles, who the Tercentenary Pageants at Qtisbec in loots,
and has l>nr-n busy looking after
similar festivities ol less importance
almost, ever since, has now got another big iindert'akln'g on his hands.
This is the gr*at pageant which i,
to form part of the Durbar celebrations on the occasion of lha visit of
111-' King und t^u'jeu to India at thc
ctid of December.
-Tho period covered by tit? pageant
will extend from the seventeenth
century back lo the tiuii before i!nt:s
vcre kio.'Wnu   Both Hindi., and Mqv
iropped or so much would be given to
him  to do  that  Ibere  wuuld   he  no
Ids could tidt full lo be seen by Mrs.
Brooks, ftRil, thus placed ou her guard,
sin- wns all discretion.
goon Joe wns doing s-o well Hint tbey
decided lo lukc n larger Hat and en-
gage n regular servant.
Atiollior piece of luck came lo Joe.
tluir great regret, had lo destroy one
<•! their most prized possessions.
This was the engine, "Lord ol the
lale,," which was running in 1840.
II was a tine example ol Hie typical
locomotive of that, day, but, unfortunately lho coin;.nny had no place
,   , ,     .    , ■    ,. i in which to store it.    It was offered
io unlookod for, In form so amazingly . ,0 „w   Scj|rl]]   Kensington   Museum,, thai II almost made ICiunia   ,,„. Kllf   ,,.[„....j   |,v the   authorities
crazy nllh Joy. ! there.
Looking out of the  window  aboul |
mppcr lime cud u.jblng tlral ber hits-
laid would come, she noliced a cab
hive up lo the door nnd, lo her stir-
prlip, saw her busbnnd leap out of It.
Ho bounded up Ibe stairs two nl n
lime, breathless with eseltement, and
emptied from Ills pockets on to tlio
Inl.Ic a heap of nolca and (told. Then
ho seized hold of her and forcibly
rraltzcd her around Ihe room.
l'iiiiiily he snt her, punting nud be-
wlldered, In n chair and pushed tb*
.vonoj toward her,
"There,   lillle   woman."   In'  eas|«,l
-Hint's for you, all of II-ciom penny
of 111   You know that three days nv.ii
li Hint trip of in.
^*i put il up i"  :;"",
•How did you do it':"
"Told 'om Hi.- Iiuiii."
The .'npiiiiii regarded lilin from un-
|,r his bushy eyebrows, brought  to- I when .llllisj slarlcd
felltcr in his itsui'i frown.
'••I guess you duu'l ..ften Ilo, Smllll."
".Not more Ilmn I linvc t.i.'1
"What prppttniliom hnd you mad*
V.r Iroiiblo}'1
"Throo Hiomnni! hired nrmy cola in
v., ■: shed, with tablet, and beuclifl.
I hen there's lhe!e."
lie luld before lho preildotil u mnn-
ier "I i.'ils for .itpplylug rnilona llirea
times ii tins lo from 500 lo [1,000 men
■ ml telegram- from unions lowns
-rorded something to this effects
On term, offered can sine 800 men wltb-
a. fun-.-.ial • hours.
Williams rc.ul each paper enrefiilly.
-A strike, nl Ibis llllio would hai* heavy loss to the Hue.' lie ub-
is,niili nodded
Tlicti the enptnln gava iitlrrance in
the Illation compliment ho bnd ever
made lo n man In Ilia life,
•I put il im lo yon," im -"Hii. """"
you'ie made good. I guessed It was
likely ...ii would.   Haie a elgnr."
A little known and seldom heard ol
Iradr i' ihnt ol the worm-gatherer,
who limit ,shes greatly at Nottingham,
I'llglond. Tlio worm-gatherer does not
huv. a particularly easy job, neither
•Iocs I,.- earn what iniflu bo termed
a "hieh salary."
His duties consist "I colleclinj
worm, Irom nut of the ground uud s.-ll-
ing t'i. in to lho II.' ing depota.
Tin. |.rii'... j.iiid f. r worms arc at til -
r.ile ol about Ml cents per 1,000,
The "v.'orm.-rs' " busiest tint.- is. dur-
ine vet weather, tor then the worm.
ir.nvl out ol the earth, and arc easier
!., "trap." During the receilt drought
li» "wormera" of  Nolllnghain  have
incrlloii io our S h American porta, h'"1 \™ft ""J"*. "nH ""'J' hI"V0 ';"'"
of .-all tVllllams too and lhat ^H*-^ hl»t,c' *lric" ''r lh"'r
Ihey nro lu bo gouo for two or three i   '.jlj,',.','  f,nva deolandecl nn ,xlrn US
inoiilhs.    Well. I'll glvo you II luill.on ;  ,,' |it r i)m „.r„„ j,.,,,,, ,|,? (!sh.
chances nnd you'll lie-"' I Intj-tneUle dealers. A eotnpromlio 1ms
guessing lho derctit thing Williams ■ been arrived Jt rtf tho ibtslors agree
;ii,l lie recognlzeil my services lo the I inj lu p../ .'n.r, nu to n cents pei
eninpnny nl tasi by prumuliiig me iu 1,000, according lo the ijuallly of Hie
lien,1 n mn ochniigo nml colloclloii  worms,
deparliuciit wlil. a salary of Si'io a I Tims wna 1 slrlko ol "Wormer."
mon'tll,   Ihe   raise   lo dolo   froni   sl.   averted.
then   the British   Empire ; thousand or more cuttles are kept in
t constant employment to < a ,|ngie one.   They present a curious
fight  as   they   move   about,   trailing
! their Jong arms  and   staring cut  ot
their bulging eyes.
They are guarded by screens with a
j view of preventing 'right, lor, states
a writer in The rscienfifle American,
if they are suddenly scared, th»y will
1 emit their "milk" in the water, * dead
loss to thc cuttlefish farmer. The
fluid, or milk, is very valuable, and
each cuttle will yield aben; $3.50
worth a year. It is secreted in a hag
which can be opened oad closed at
will, the oultlc. ejecting thc fluid to
darken the water so that it may es-
cape unseen Wharf attacked.
: —rrnTest'eulllef sVitT,:' obtained in
, China, where, for rcmo reason or oth-
pr, Ihey produce the ber! quality ol
"milk."  When the farmer considers it
: an opportune time to milk thc cuttles
he proceeds by opening the sluices .■!
the ponds and gently agitating lho
watrr. The cuttles th^n swim around
the pond, and as si in as npe passe.
' through the sluice is closed.
I The cuttle passes down a small
miel into a basin nrmjtal recent-
'    "" 'oTls'Tf 1? Kvufe-y
sl..iil-:ryr to naTioTieilntl Tlisiof? Will hi "i.',"...-nt-
ed, but European influences will not
be dealt with. It is lo le essentially
an expression .-! India's national his.
tory. Speaking about the pageant
the other day. Mr. Lasoellca said:
"All lho reigning princes arj lend
jin] s> rvnnts uiilmals, or costumes
The procession ol Hie pageant, I
understand, will bo four miles long!
It will include two hundred elephants, to make no mention of
camels and t'! The set-
scenes will be performed on the
.Maidiut, where u large grand slanl
has been built. There will be seven or
eight of this., scenes, mul from sis to
■ev-ii thousand performers.*'
e.iannel jjito
aelc, and as sooli lis it h* Tpciif?"*
there the water is drained off. It Is
then frightened, and at once suuirti
the fluid from tho bag. When it is ex-
haused it is lifted out. the milk is collected, and, the basin is prepared lor
head ,Uio eyes, aixl
pro]ectJng from the mouth
throughout lo iho tail.
j Th* Threepenny Doctor
!    Seven thousand people recently as-
| se.nb'.ed to give Dr Jelly, the three-
\ penny doctor ol Homerton, a
, "send oft" on the occasion ol hia marriage.  For Dr Jelly is one ol Ibe 1110s:
, popular men in tlmt part of London.
1 For  seventeen  years he has  worked
; among ihem. To quote his own words,
"They have given me of Ihelr best,
and 1 have charged them for advice
' and medicine at the lowest iKissibl.
rale.  I did no! fix on threepenny and
' iouvpenuy and sixpenny lees because
.. j I 'aw good buslneei in It.   1 did 19
leaking from previous ! because I felt that those sums represented what one guinea and five
Juinea fees would mean to others; and
havo been surprisingly rewarded,
for my income runs into about ff-.tsX'
a year. I tee as many as 100 and 15(1
patients a .lay. On one er Iwo occasions, when children's troubles bavf
bi'?n rather prevalent in Ihe district,
A Queer Story.
There is an old Devonshire tradition to the effect that ii the milk ol a
cow which lias been bitten hy a snake
is allowed to stand, the form of n
.snake rill appear in the cream. Nevis
has come to hand that five persons
who live at Qoldhurn, near Okehanip-
ton, England, affirm thnt they hav-i
seen thia strange, sight. The Cow ill
this case belongs lo Mrs. Heale. of
Goldburn, ar.-l it was bitten by a viper a lew days ago. The cow was milked, an.l Hi" uiilk was nbout to ba
flung away when the servant girl ill
experience, said, "Let it stand, because if the cow ha« been bitten by
a snake it will show up ill the milk."
The milk was accordingly set aside,
and oil looking at it lomo three hours
afterwards thc form of 0 snake wa.
distinctly seen in the cream. There
exact mode] of the reptile
lh.   "
The Best Treatment i
(or Itching Scalps  '
and Falling Hair
To allay Itching sad Irritation of the ar.lp,
pterin dry. thla aad tailing, reiaov*
1-ii t*, Kales and dandruff, aad promute tli*
growth utd beauty ol lb., lb* folknsliuj
xx-cUl liratnuut I* most cffwtlra, .«r,»abl*
.ad rroiiomlcl. On nllTing, comb (b. tub-
on. straight .11 around, (tun tiffin it the .Id*
•nd a parting, pally rabbin* CuMcorj
oln.mrut Into th. parllnr wllh .111. ol wil
tann.1 held or.r Ibe end oft lie Safer. Anoint
•dduion.l p*rilncs about half an tacb apart
um II thr whole>c.lp lu, been treated, tb. pnr-
I»s.bringlogrllli.l ulIcumobitSMnt00tb*
Jc.l|. sklu rallirr Hun on Ibe hair. I. Uwrt.
lo a light covrrlnr oyer the Salrtu
nrotec. .lie iiUlow from possible ...In. Th*
mil inomlng, sbamaoo wllh Cuilcura Map
.ml hot w.ler. Shampoo* alone may b.
used a. often as airer.blr. but oner or * month  1. fi.aer.lly sufficient for
thjisnectni Irc.msntlor wotarn's hall. Not-
ttflh-i.oiill.iir rutieiira to.p and ointment .re
aold everywhere, those wishing to try .hi.
treatment may do .0 wlthou. expense by
sending lo "Cuilcura," Drpt. IM, Boston, V.'
B .'■ . lor a tree s.mplr of Cuticura soft), and
ohituicBt, wltb 32-p. book oa akin anu balr..
tciiguo    1 have treated as many as 300 in on.
AI.TIIOUOH Co pi a In Wllllnmi had
ituurod Mrs. Brooks llmt lio
, would bear Iheiti no grudge le-
cause of her busbsn.1'1 nllnck
ap.ui blm, ho did not rcliitii ngaln 10
the IU tlo Bnt, mid ii iwis s.'iuo llutc he-
fore Mrs. Ilnrrls und llclll fnvorcd
Ihem Willi anolhei' Visit. But this
lid not trouble Ihe young cottp'o a hit.
IlionI Its hack.    Here's Ihe alx 111
blleli |ciy-SI.S00."
It .wis r'.niiiin's turn lo get up nud
wnll/. when she hnd recovered soino-
whal from Iht astonishment decided ut her suggest 1.111 to
rolelrrnlo their good fortune forlhwllli
by a btinqllet roytll for two al one of.
tbu frislilnnnble restiiurtiiils Hastily j
sin- dotilicd her prettiest costume, nml.
tln-y sel out. Never Iind she been so
\ivaeioiis. never nioro cll.iritltl.fX.
"Now." si..- gnid Joyfully, "you'll be.
nl.l.1 iu get n drees still, uud   I  can
bn\c it piano "
'The luck of it piano ulwiiya bid been '
i.'iuso fot It. rogrot. J
Then she hegnn lo . .insider bra- ihey I
might lire tin ro comfortably llnifi tliej I
hnd been doing. Joe proposed Ihnl
Ibey should mold ibo hoiliokPepIng
mul servant probluma nltogelhcr by
llrlng iu nu opnrlmont hotel, ll*'
thought litis would bv within lliclt
litcani If ihey furnished the apart
ment themselves, lie did not Ihlnk it
would cost mofo than living In a Hal.
Fred. Torry, who wen-. Irom
propped up an10115.-1 a
tjoinmetielng on night  ulico lie j Kmma fell lu eltli Htla 'lew wlib 1
s.elt  bed and.  .
Iira], of eitihioni in one ol tin
wntohed the triumph .-! Ids daughter,
M'.si Neiliou Terry 1,1 Ihe New Theatre, London, I 1 "Romeo and Juliet,"
rcciol';-, nils 11 story which, wliils
i.trt' Ing, Hitnirato. t!'. p.-piiiiir act-
or's tlieroaglincis. ''One day," hu
.-■nys. "wo wen rehearsing thi, dpnt'n
seem !n "The Heel of Achilles,' and it
member el my company came In Irom
tho street and asked Hie call-boy how
far Ihe rohennal haJ g.-nc. 'Mr. T. r
i-'s   just   .lying.'    replied    Ihe   boy,
'i'-. .1: I'vi linn- -' itnoko ti ctfidrctto
before my entrance.' Preiently liu-
n. 1. r returned, and rep ated the quia,
to;:. 'Stiii dying,' nnsivi toil ths b> y.
'Olt, I'll ro m.j Imvo another cigar-
otto Hie.1. Back he came, bill only
got the .riiie reply f otu the oall-boy,
Finally, alter smoking five cigarette'.,
ho liked, 0 little wearily, how lar the
rehearsal had gone. 'Still dylne,' an-
iwered ihi eatl-boy, 'Oteat heaveual
gasped u:, uicf, li* nib't... Immof-
Orilain's Ancient  Dew  Pond!.
Among lho archaeological   remain,
found In (liehl Britain are the ancient
dt-w ponds, the construction of whicli
I ia ascribed to tho neolithic age. These
I pond, were made to furnish drink
ling wabr for entile. An exposed
position where springs were nbsonl
was Ssdcoled and a broad, hollowed
surface was formed and covered over
with straw or some other non-eon-
ducting material, Above was spread
a thick layer of clay slrewn with
stones. During the night Ihe cold
surfnee of lho nlay cnuild au ahull-
datioe of moisture l<> condense from
loner layers of tho air. Home •>[
those ancient dew ponds are still
day.   and   my  hardest  working day*
bale been tha happiest."
Publican's  Pride.
The St. Leger (pronounced SellergrrJ
at Lioncasler, is the great race ol the
Stops a Deep-Seated
Cough in a Horry
A Family Supply ol UnaquaM
R*m*dy fer 50o—Monay Bo-
funded If II Fall*.
Cough medicines, a. a rule, contain ft
large proportion of plain pyruu—n good ln-
S-Mlieui, but ono that anyone can mako.
pint of umiinlnteil angar, with M pint
vear lo sporting Y'orkshlreinen. Sit 1 ofwarmwat«r,stiri'cdfor8nilnuto«,givef
Tatton Sykes, the Hrst. father of Ihe jouaagood aynipaamoneyoanbuy.
iiresenl bnronol is said tn hnvo .»» ■ A (0-oeiit. bottlo of Plnex, mixed ln •
Jee, „ v . B 1,1, tt, , . .„i,' T, ! "**»»SS*Will.home-madeaugarayrup.
levenly-S.X 8-. Llgeti, the Inst being In j »|vel .ou M ouncee of really bottercouni.
luhl.just fifty years ago. A stranger eyrup thnn you oouldbuyrendy-mlxedfor
once in Honcaster .luring the races | M.10. There', a clear saving of 13.00. Full
asked a landlord what there waa worth ' dlreotlonain package.
ICOlng. "Hast seen Sir TattonP" qutr- I , AM n"Jn.e)r TTai ,lv'y.1*-S?'£KS
i«t Hnnl'acp "Oh ve. " «•„« .bl .» Ixttter remedy. Takeahold at ono,give*
r.7! ••»;w. i,... .»« (' " " iv a olmoat Inataiiti relief, and usually atoii.
ply. And last seen Vein (\ oil;- ] th(l mosi otrtinnte, deepseated cough In
gear, n popular Yorkshire horse, win. : 94 hour*. It stimulates tho appetite, la
ner in I860).     1 have,    replied  Ihe j slightly laiatlto and has a pluawnt In-le—
tier ii.llier -Ycllordny I won the
prize in lho lottery, and to-day you
come and nslt for my daughter's
Suitor Ye.-:j you know one bit ol
good lu.k nlwaya bring! another,
Can't fnforc.  It.
In London the council passed an ordinandi roomily  forbidding  pigeons
lo fly at Inrgc, nnd the marshal Is at
a lost lo knuw how to enforce it.
guest. "Then," said thc landlord, wilh
a   sigh,   "there's   naught  else   worth
1 troubling about."
I Th.   Difference.
I    The  seriousness  ol  Mr.  Gladstone
prevented him from Introducing Into
j social converse nnv uf those lighter
I touches for which Ine flamboyant Dis-
i raeli was famous. The difference bo-
I tween Ihe two was, perhaps, never
, more finely indicated than by Hie
I lady who said:
"After I had talked wilh Mr. Clad-
' stone- for n while, 1 thought he was
I the greatest man I had ever met;
. but alter Lord Roaconsflcld hnd been
, talking t<> mn for ten minutes, I win
lure  I   was Iho most wonderful  wo-
Biau he bad ever kuowu."
children usee It willingly, Splendid for
hoarseness, uathroa, chest pains, anil other
throat troubles, and unetpialod for prompt
result* ln whooping cough.
Plnex ta a speclol and highly concentrated compo-.inil of Imported Norway
While Pine eslraot, and ts rich Inpiiauicol
nnd other natural healing plno elements.
(slinply mix It as directed with sugar syrup
or strained honey, and It Is ready for use.
Vised in more nomcB in tho IT. 8. and
C.i iinila. t him any other cough remedy.
Plnex baa often been Imitated, but never
aurcessfully, for nothing elso will prcluco
the same results. The gonulno la guaranteed to plvo absolute satisfaction or money
refunded. Oortlneato of gunrantee la
wrapped In each pnekagc. Your diuggiat
has l'lucx or will get It for yon. Iftus*.
tend to The Vluex Co., Toronto, Ont.
For Strength, ease of handling and perfect
work, the outstanding leader is
Grain Exchange
This notice Is to adiise the Trade
that tba Fort William nnd Purl Arthur Grain Gxchango has lieen formed
'0 promote the handling of Western
Ornln at the Ilend or tho Lukes.
Full parllcuhu's us to momboishlp,
etc, address
Tort William und Port At'thiir Grain
Exohange, Fort William.
Consign youi' drain lo us.   The act-
■ia! grain you ship gels nur personal
attention.   Wo aell on sample uud get
high price.    Wrlto us.
Fort Wllll'itii.
Bl.lp your grain to 13,   it.    WAY-
LAND,  Ornln   llroker.  Fort   Wlllluni.
llilbeat prices.    Iteforenoei:   liotuln.
ton llatik, Fort William.
upoclnllst, ft CollOfgo Bt., Toronto.
C.P.R.  Double Track to Brandon
In li* constant effortB to give lis
patron a tin* very best of tratosporta-
i tion  facilities,  tho Canadian  Pacific
Railway \* making a special effort to
complete the laying or lit- double track
between Winnipeg and Brandon by
the end of tin.* year.   Jn fact, 0. P. R.
jofttolnls slated recently thero was no
doubt but Mini rbi> now tracks would
bo conipleted and in operation liy tbo
end of December, it U iafj mllea from
[Winnipeg i" Brandon, imt the Contractors 0,1 tlio jub nre pushing' forward
i the work i,nd uro making g<iod pro*
lnrt'Sii.    lletw*?en  Potfuge  la    Prairie
'.uul Brandon, wblcb In 7T',_ miles, nil
tho grudlQfi la completed, nnd up lo
tint.! TT. por oeut ot tlu* tracl. lias been
Win ii  Hu.  work  1*1  completed the
Canadian Pacific will huve a double
itruek between l*'nrt Wllllutu mul Port
Arthur and Itrandon, nnd if ibo com*
pany'H traffic continues -to Inorcuao
ni Ita proflent run n couple of yearn
will it-.' tho double track Htrotohlng
from tbo bend of tbo limit Ukea
through tiie three Prnlrto Provinces
to Calgary.   Sir Thomas Bhaiifthnossy,
[proaldent of the CPU., hinted at
lltlri In his annual report to the directors of tlu* company last month.
. While litis Ih I lie longest single
uloco of double irurklng liejttg done
by lb-* t'.P.K., there are n couplo of
Isintillct* sac t ton ft lu Saskatchewan lie-
11 wen Moosi Jaw nud Carou aud
[Moose Jaw iind Pnsyun. (Iradhm on
thosr lines is about So per oout. fln-
Ishodi liti' no rails hnve been laid ns
Their Last Hour
The lovely maiden shuddered involuntarily and drew closer to her lover.
IA look of unutterable sudness stole
over her faee nml a tear-drop, welling
.from ber n/.tue eye, stole down her
nose anil made a Dilator on the youug
: man's clean white collar.
| "Why are you sad?" be murmured.
sneezing, as her wayward tresses tide-
led bis lefl  nostril.
j "I wns thinking," she said, gulping
down a sob nml a marshuiallow simultaneously, "thnt nils will he out* last
'evening tog.'Uut until tomorrow."
For truly, love Immis us a Uuie with
every caramel ---Milwaukee News.
V/J/m/JJ fwapc
Awarded firs! prlso tit World's Es-
petiltton on Its work and methods.
Wrlto for a free catalogue. Wc also
llvo Instruction bv imiii.
•Paw COMMISSION'—for local repre-
aentatlvea; immediately; permanent
position; .experience unnecessary; rapid advancement; spare time accepted.
Nichols, I.linli-.,;. publishers. Toronto.
Small Brother—Are you goins to
marry sister Huth.?
Caller.—Why—er—I really don't
inow. you alios!
Small Brother—That'! what I
thought.   Well, you are!
Chorea, or as It is nioro generally
known. St. Vitus dance, Is n disease
that usually attacks tho young children, though older person* may he nf-
tlloteil with it. its most common
symptoms aro u twitching uf the
muscles of the luce and limbs.. As
the dlaeaso progresses this twiicbing
takes the form of spasms in whlcb the
larking motion may be confined to
the bead, or all the limbs muy be affected. The patient Is frequently unable to hold anything In the Intuit otto walk ateadily. nnd in severe eases
•ven the speech la affected. The disease la due to debility nf tho nerves
and Is always cured by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, which enrich the blnoil.tnne
aad strengthen tbo nerves nml thus
reatoro the sufferer to good health.
Tho following it n striking Instance
of what Dr. Williams' I'ink Pill a will
lo In this trouble. Mrs. Chas. Phlpps,
i-eleo Island, Ont., says:—"At the ago
o? fourteen my eldc-it daughter, Edith,
l.ocanio much run down, and the trouble developed Into St Vitus dance.
First her lefl arm became affected,
then thc left leg nntl entire left aide.
Sho grew so bad that alio actually
could not hold anything In her kauri,
and could only go ubout with a sliding, Jerking motion. Notwithstanding
that we were giving her medicine, she
seemed to be growing worse, and finally her rpeech became much affected.
We became so much alarmed aboul
Iter that finally Iter father got it supply of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
we began giving Iter these In the
roitrso of a few weeks ahe was much
better, and beforo all Ihe pills were
gone she wus agaltl enjoying perfect
health. This was In IHilH. and as she not had a symptom of the trouble
since I feel Justified In saying the
cure li permanent." .
Bo sure you get the genuine pill-.
which ore sold by all medicine dealers or may bo had nt BO cents a box
or als boxes for $ll.f>li from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Ilrock,Hie,
New Grain Exchange
The new drain lilxciuinge lately opened at Fort William will glvo farm-
em utul dealers another exchange
through which to sell their grain.
] Fori William nud Port Arthur being
nt tlio head of the Great Lakes, anil
being the storehouses of nil grain
grain weal of Like Superior, ii is only
natural that grain exporters think that
[Fori William Is the logical point for
u market for western grain.
- A sample market Is to be established
.I.;, the new exchange which should he
1.; meat boon for the farmers and deal-
era. Th-- mixed crop that wo have
this yenr can he disposed of, in most
.cases, lo much better advuutage by
selling on .sample '.oar. on grade, uml
itbe Fori William unit Port Arthur
u'.aiii Exchange is io be congratulated
en taking 'hit step forward.
The only thing now required Is to
Induce the Qove-nmp'iit to change the
Grain Act :.. met n sample market.oaii
bo established at tiie head of'the
I Lakes. The Go-'OI anient should see
ml n glance that it would mean better
[,itlecg for the pi mincer for all grades
lol wheal, oats, harley and flux.
The Stomach
Needs Help
The Liver, Kidneys and Bowels Must
Be Kept Active to Ensure
\nt oue person in » hundred can
K"i along m ihitj tiim- ot year without
UgiUg something to enliven the action
uf Uie liver, kidneys and bowels,
Too much outing oi heavy artificial
foods, too little outdoor exorcise, this
Ih the explanation,
The liver and kidneys arc ovor-
worked lit ihelr efforts tu remove the
poisonous waste mutter frum the «.vs*
lem. They f:ill nntl lifetime torpid
Iaild clogged. The bowels become constipated ami stomach derangements
! Then I* OUO medicine whieh will
overcome \\\H condition more certainly and more quickly than any other,
arid  this l-t in*. Chase's  Kidncy-Uver
i rms.
j This medicine gels the bowels in
action at once, ami by awakening the
liver and kidneys  ensures the  thor*
rough  cleansing of  the  filtering and
I excretory systems.
| With ttie poisonous oustruc.ltons removed, the t'igcstKe syatani resumes
ti's healthful action, appetite improves.
ipjjins and adlies disappear as well a
J irritability ami depression.
]   Vou cannot Imagine .i more satl:
Ifactory treatment Cer biliousness, cotf-
'stipalion, hackacho aud kidney disease
[Mian   Dr.  Chase's  Kidney-l.iver  Tills.
lOn<* pill :i dose, SS ceuts ti box. at all
I dealers or 1-M man son,   Hates  & Co.
1 Limited, Toronto.
Improvements at Fort William
The Canadian Pacific Uuiiway   ha
started  work  on  lis  new operation!
[al Fort William mul Port Arthur, The 1
work of this year will constat chiefly
In the erection or. a new coal handling ,
plant. Imt iu connection with the other!
operntiona    there    1m      considerable
dredging to he done,   Th*1 Canadian
Stewart Company lias the contract fori
(he building of the coal plant, and it I
ts stated that tho appropriation for tho i
I tho work if, In the neighborhood of
one minimi dollars. Tne plant, ii is
stated, will take earn of mosl ot the
i sort, coal assigned to tho company ati
{tht* head of th<> lakes, and il is hoped '
thai It will he finished lu time to
handle 80U10 of jripvi year's coal liuai-
It Is nlso ktatcd that the new plant
will he Imiii. in the form ut a loop,
and the ear*-; whicli will carry the coal
back (rout tho towers will run un-und
(he loop and dump at the desired interval.-*. Bridging tho space between
the lor.p I here will he one or two lines
of track, aloiii*, which other ears can
bo switched In order to dump suii'io*
lent coal tu fill tip tho centres of the
Nearly all children are subject to
Worms, and many an- born with them.
.Spare thorn suffering by using Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, the
best remedy of the kind that can be
Frivolous Definitions
i   Reputation.—-What the world iliiuks
about uh; character is what our wives
know about us.
Ciossip—TIu> counterfeit coin of conversation.
A  Sec rot—-Confidential  information
that one woman gets another woman
to keep for her.
i   Inspiration—A word used by poots
In mistake for perspiration.
j   A Theatrical Angel—Known by the
j company ho keeps,
|   The Leisure ClaBS—Tramps ami ihe
vory rich.
Tiie Dreamer-—Tomorrow I made a
j   orptiiui.uu—A    habit    thai    women
have of looking on  tlio bright   fide
|of things; mirrors, for Instance.
|   The Engagement King—Matrimony's
promissory r-ote.
1 These Pills Cure Rheumatism.—To
the muny who suffer from rheumatism
Ja trial of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills is
lieeommended. They have pronounced
lactiou upon the Uver und kidneys and
by regulating the action of these organs act as an alternative in prevent-
lug the admixture of uric acid and
blood tbat causes this painful dlsord-
er. They must lie taken according to
directions and used steadily uud they
will speedily giv..- evidence cf their
■beneficial effects,     '
When to Marry
January's brides are likely to become widows curly.
i February brides will hnve very huppy married lives.
March brides  will probably   make
their homes abroad.
' April brides vill have lives of
change, and experience many upa uud
{ May bride, will entertain many
June   brides   will   find  life  a  long
j   July brides have bitter sweet mem-
' in lea,
] August brides are lucky in finding a
real friend In  their husbands.
i   September brings a    smooth   uud
'serene future to its brides.
! October gives a future of toll and
| November brides will be happy, and
those who, according  to  the rylmie.
I marry "in December cheer," will find
that "Love's star burns brighter froni
I year to year."
The Oven
In malting cakes the first thing to
attend to U the oven. Iu order to wee
that this Is at the proppi heat a piece
i.f white paper should be put lnio the
oven, and it ii remains wlilce or becomes only slightly tinged, It is too
cool; If i (becomes a pretty shade of
pale brown the heat is alitglil. aud.
cool; if It becomes a pretty shade of
brown it is uk1- hot.   if a coal stove
[bb used, cf.rc mutt to token that all
1So soot which collects above the oven
,is removed, ds soot prevents the (lame
from getting l'> the oven.   If a gu?
j stove be used ti ahould be least
'fifteen minutes beore the cake is put
in.   Small cakes require the hottest
• oven, so us   to    be    quickly    baked
.through. Ou the other hand, large
trait cakes do not require stroll a quick
even, **s if tl"' heat la tod fierce Uie
cakes get  hardened ou  the    outside
.IciiR before thoy are cooked through.
The process, therefore, Kuoitld be
more gradual. aHhough the oven .that
in .toil hot is better than one that is
t-io cool.
i   In Connecticut some or the old laws
f amed by Puritans have heen enforced |
[within recent years.    Not long ago ai
prominent manufacturer was summon-1
ed for kissing} Ills Wife in a tram car.1
Tho complainant was an elderly spin*
jster who war. travelling In the car ar,
the time the offence was committed,
land deposed that the.affectionate hue*I
I band not only kissed his wife,     but
jkept his arms around her waist during the whoio Journey.   She pleaded
that   as  this conduct occurred  <>u  a
{Sunday   ft   was   punishable   under   a
.seventeenth-century saltule. The Judge
concurred and Inflicted a fine of five i
dollars and cost.-;.
It Rubs Pain Away.—There U no liu-
lriient so efficacious lu overcoming;
patu as 1);-. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. The j
hand thut rubs it iu rubs the pain
away, ami on this account thoro is no j
prcpuration that stands so high lu pub*;
jlle esteem. There is no surer-palm
'.killer procurable as thousands can at-,
,test who have used It successfully In!
treating many other ailments.
"So you resigned*.'"
"Yes.   I couldn't stand the way the
firm treated  me."
"Took my nam*' uff the payroll."
Aprons to match the working dir-ss
ate inconspicuous and keep It clean,
Minard's  Ll.1tm0.1t  Cures Dandruff.
Attractive Bait.
A young preacher was flailing for
trout acconipiinloil by u couple of
-. ...iiiK girls from hi* patlsli. A farmer who wn. nlso nnt fli-hlnii called
tc the young clergyman:
"Kotchln' ninny trout.?"
"I am a flshor nf man," *:ihl lho
vaung preacher with dignity.
"Well," tho farmer smiled, uml then
looking nt tho girls, mild: "I sen you've
got the right kind of hull, wllh vuu."
A Crop Bulletin
Five years nso Kiln hud been on-
thusloatlitally engaged In garden work
nil iho spttttg,   Klia wus especially in-
tprost.'d In planting seed unit watched
;i ltxlniisiy for Bp'routs to appear above
\   One daj  wlillp visiting a neighbor
•who possessed u Bis tnonths' old baby,
Kiln wim delighted ta nee two linj
whit.- if.-Hi displayed when tho baby
i "Oh, .Mis Muy." the gjrl cried es-
elteilly. In-.- baby's teeth have comb
! A sehoulliiiy. being nuked by lho
toucher how lie would W flogged, re-
"Please, air. I should like to hnve it
upon the syatOUl—tho homy
ptrokea upwards and the light Btrokos
downward." .
Only what we have wrought lino
our Charade.' during our life can we
lake away wllh us.
The Old Folks
f'.nd advancing years bring an Increasing tendency
to constipation.    The corrective they need Is
"NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
Entirely different from common laxatives. Pleasant to take, mild and painless.
A t»bl»t (or less) at bed-time regulates the bowels perfectly. Increasing
doses never needed, Compounded, like all Ihe 12J NA-DRU-CO pre-
plrttlons, by expert chemists, Money back If nol aatlsfactcry.
25o. a bos,   II your druggist has nol yet (locked thsm,
if nd 2-o. and we will mill Ihem,
paraiions, oj
One Box of Them Cured Mrs. Mary
, A. Cook's Rheumatism, From Which
' She had Suffered for Rourteen Years
'Mannheim, Ont.—(Special)—How
quickly unit easily Rheumatism can
le cured when you use the right means
'Is shown In the ease nf Mrs. .Mary A.
Cook, well known am] highly respected here. In an lnterylow regarding
her cure, of which nil the village,
knows, Mrs.. Cook Buys:
"I liii.i Rheumatism no bad Ihnl
Bomelliues I would nit up nearly nil
I I first thought I -.v..ul.I try the doe.
tor*, imi luckily I decided lo first try
lllodd'a Kidney  Pills,
j "They cured me and I didn't have
to try the doctors.   And Just in Ihlnk
I Hint ufter fourteen years of Buffering
[one box ef tlodd'n Kidney fills should
cure! l will recommend Dodd'a Kid*
eey Hills to anyone who suffers from
Yes, It Is easy In cure IlliciinintUui
when you go lh,- tight way about 11.
Ilueiiniatism ' > caused hy uih- acid In
the blood, if the kidneys are work-
lug right ihey will Bltnln nil the uric,
acid out of the btood mul thoro can]
be in. Iiodd's Kidney
Pills always inako lho Kidneys work i
right. |
Brisks', of Beef
Tlio economically disposed houae- j
wile will find that the inferior iiutiii
rf good tnent ore mure advantageous
than tlio prime ciiIr of Inferior
ltrlaket of beef lu a part which Is :
sold nt ti low price, the reason being'
Unit the itteiil Is coarse, the lirupor-
Hull nt bono Is high, aud there is n
large amount of fat, Yet, with proper
cooking, btiakel can he iniiite its delicate ruling un the prlmest purls of
the animal, nml the trouble entailed
hy booking It properly Is well repaid
by the rotlii.Mliiii lu iho butcher's bill. |
Slickly (.(op*, contfhi, cares col-la. brail
a throat a :d lua|s -      *SA tenia.
The Imagination
The Imagination used aright, has
wonderful power hy hroadfcning and
blessing life, By means of it wo can
travel with the explorer into new lands
nnd through biography enter into
their lives. Ii is through the Imagination that fiction has its abusea, Ills*
tnry may seem but u dull record of
I changing races and dynasties, of battles and dates, until some vivid stoiy
makes the timed live before uh tu the
person of Its characters.   The printed
jpagi is nothing until ii paint-: pictures
'that we can see. nntl heroes and martyrs with their struggles nud achieve
(meats become leal io us ns our fancy
it ,lhle to clothe ihem with life aud
grasp their difficulties and purposo**.
, \li>Pt of us can iv ill boohs thai have
hii i*.it.;ii io tlo with the shaping cf
.our character hy the Ideal:; they set
before us—booh   friends   that   have
| mado us stronger, more patient and
unselfish, because we admired those
qualities in them while wc were shar*
lug their lift f*v a Uuie lime. Pef-
lliiips, too. we havo Known books whose
porsonftges fascinated while they did
not help, and which left iis wllh a
little leas reverence and faith than
before, n lillle legs faith lu the final
outcome, oi* tiuth ami light. Whatever
|a hook may claim m be. we can Judge
ll pretty correctly by the effect It has
upon ns—whether we iis-1 up from its
reading feeling belter, hinder and
Istronger for our work, or whether nur
world seems a more dreary place and
our efforts not worth while.
How Soma Popular Moving Pictur*
Illusions Are Produced.
Many people who go lo witness n
cinematograph entertainment arc often puuied and mystlUetl by tho pro
lection of trick tilttis, or. tn they have
been termed "faked" pictures. Anions
the numerous manufacturer*! of tin
cinematograph Hints can bo found
many who adept characteristic methods of "faked," or trick, pictures. Tlu*
following arc Bome*bf the most popular methods enlploye-3 by manufacturers.
A scene is set with a back-cloth representing a very heavy and
sky, ami across this sky at interval.*
Hashes ot ('(irked lightning arc seen.
They are, produced in this way.* At
each sldo uf tho scene, just out of the
picture, stand hvo "supers." liach
lias in his hand a whip, the lush he-
ing composed of a long, wide white
ribbon. Behind lho cloud-scene Is another "super," who explodes ningnc
slum ribbon, which gives in the negative a vivid flash. Simultaneously
with tin: explosion the two "supcri'
iltck their whip*; into the focus of tile
picture, und the result U that the
white lash ?,igs»,ags and cutis ns it. ii
withdrawn. This gives a. really g*>(,'i
off'vt when the picture is produced,
White ribbons Is used to produce the
plainest "flash."
In a good number oi films one can
always bco little figures, either in lit.
act of entering a cigar box or soim*
oilier small box. A mirror i-i placed
nt one end of the studio, nnd the outer edges arc draped In black to stop
any stray reflections. Directly opposite to this mirror, but smne distance
away, a table is placed, nud on thi-
table is deposited the "property" cigar box, whicli contains easily the avor-
age-sized adult. Next tho actor or act
ors get on the table, and climb in or
oul ot ihe box, according to tlio effect
required. The mirror, being such u
distance away from thc real objects,
reflects them on a much smaller seal*.'.
It is the reflection thnt is photographed. The camera usually stands at an
angle, but focused direct on tho Image,
so that it cannot he reflected in the
Often can he seen this illusion. A
man disappears Into a bag. aud re-
appears at different stages of the picture. The effect is produced by mean*
of faking tlic negative. When the man
is seen t'> spring into the air and Jump the bag. th" bag closing afterwards without being touched, the illusion appears to be marvellous, iu
reality the man jumped on to th-
bag, walked away from it. as ho touched the ground, und someone closed th?
hag up. Itut when the negative ii
developed the parts where the man
walked away and when another closed
the hag are cut out nml tho film rejoined t*i make it appear that tha man
actually jumped Into the bag and thai
it closed of its on accord.
Germany's War Fund,
lu the .lullus tower nt Bpandau.
Germany, locked in old-fashioned war
chests, lias lain over $34,000,000 for
more than thirty years, a tribute fro'm
France at the end of the Franco-
Prussian var. It is what is kuov/u w
the Imperial military reserve fund and
Is intended to defray tuo flrsl expenses
of a campaign and to ba sent to the
various army headquarters for daily
use in ctt**e war should break out. In
such ease it is oalculated this money
hi the Julius tower would lif-t th*.*
army until a regular treasury appropriation, could bn mado in duo form.
SpatuUu i» the scjU of the last of (l*:r-
many's great inland fort**. The Julius
tower is in the centre of tin* Spanduu
fortifications, and tho fort- la always
well garrisoned. Thn Government
maintain*, an Infantry rifle school and
ammunition, rifle and artillery works
*  Studies of the Vernacular.
"Sayliz, hoofcatr" said the girl at
tho notion counter.
"Hoor.oi.:-" queried tlic girl at tlw
glove counter.
"Jessa sdiTow dlddeno!"
"Lpokcermln, woteha mean?"
"Fewdou't kuowliz, wotohablushin-*
"Mlnjonca yunobettor!"
"Swat yarl
"Hoojoo mean, anyhow?"
"I'Yl.erspoke, w en ny pa-is choorcoUn-
"Diddunsce anyfeller."
"Diddunteerim, cither, dldja?"
"Sayobkids." interrupted the floorwalker, "qu!tcherchinniner I'll repcr-
["vestment    and    Loans    Negotiated.
eft' Somm/ssio.i offirrce// Cents'
for aac/f copy a/Mis beauti'/ul--
G/irisfmas jouh/ica/ion Oou ttU
Jr/s one of the bestG/iris/irme
Holiday Mimbers in Ine world.
Jt haa Ihree large Separate
Colored pictures. Sena, a/onae
for adoertisiny matter ard full pan
* TO/. O/tro Ctf&D/L
The  Best  Ever  Made.    Oilman-
tceil   to   tt've    you    aaUsfuoilor..
Semi im "Sii   Suite Stylo and Slzn
The Arlington Co. of Canada, Ltd.
D8 Frazer Ave.,
Toronto,       :       :       :       Ontario
Cotirttr leading to a good salary may
bo laki'it uittlfii' best conditions at
LEGE, Toronto Enter any time.
Catalogue Free. Write (or It
W.H. Shaw, Pres.. Shaw. Se..-.
for men. Canadian-made. G'lar*
•interi1 be*t hat value in C*voada.
vil sizes and shapes In soft aad
stiff felt*?. .Ask your Dealer, or
write at once tc
CHAS.   C.   PUNCHARD     &     CO,
Toronto. Ont.
Lighting SupchTi
We can -ia" a you
LO ojq tn 211 e o -m
Gaaollna r.lgfiftng
Supplies a*> aiu*-
ter wfidr. j'"»t -ai
you use. BeM
quality BtaatlBfl
and gljjawar*? ai-
».j; i tn BtoeJt ^"*
are tha la.*3«*ir.
Qaaoliaa Laasp
and Supply Etouaa
iu Canada. Wrifls
for n-?w price liar.
BOX   487,  REGINA.   3A3K
Toronto Montreal Calgary
Practical Politic.
A i.uliii.-al offlco in ii small town
t>a.s vacant. The oflli',- paid JiVl a
year, an.) then wai keen coinpplltloll
(nr it. Cine ..I Ihe i-andiilales. ISteklci
HlcllB, .ins a ihrowd ..Id fellow, and a
neat campaign fond was turned over
lo hlrn. To tlio .in linn..,,, oi all.
however, he was defehted,
"l t-.m't Ki.-oiiiit lor It." .aid on.-
of the loader! ..I Htcki' party gloomily. "With that uioti.-y we ihould
have won. How did you lay it'oul,
"Well," sai.l IStcklel, llowly, pulllnj;
hi. whisker!, "yer see. that ofiloe only
pays a y.-nr siilary, an1 1 didn't
sec no -t-iise in payln' V*n,i out to Ret
the ..fllee, j,, 1 bought m- » llttlo
Iruek farm Initcad,"
Well, WeU!
•tan use
rf? I dued ALL ***-*•
'      of Goods
.-'■iih tke SAME ****
I used
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Use.
NO ,l,.n.-. D. ...I... is- IVHONT. Dm*,*, OM*.
..... tatHjM..   Ait. '."•• '■ ■'" . ■..- I- ■.....' ■ . r     IH-I   ...... .ft ,■ , SIO.Y ....,.-.
111.  Inlm,   ii  Ht.ii.r.......  C*.   l.,rt,,(.J.   ... .,«..!.
On Vie*
"I hear they ha\e a t.,mil;. ....        r.
•'Yes. she wag ln the lurl thli uiura-
N., cltlicn si-...uld be a il.-or.,  ir. tka
■i elnl beehive.
Mlnard'. liniment tor uie f,fr<n*".r*.
flreat lienrtl alone understand how
n-ticli siory there ti In being good,   I
nd ((. (r;n sainpl'i to l)apt.N.U.,N'a
nal Drug *< OhtmlM.1 Co., Torcut-i
Their Secret.
A little boy who hnd been very
naughty during the day went to hi,
mother just hefore his father relumed home.
"Moiher." ho mid, "i< It really
true Hint a woman can't keep a
"Why, tip, dear, of course not," re*
pled tlio mother. "That's only n joko
uf youi father'!. Tell my, iwoetheart,
ivltnt'a the s. cret that you'd like n...
to keep;"
"Promlio me nol lo loll fnllior I
wiis'i'l good to dny."
Phantom Circuit.
Hut so-called "phantom" wire or
circuit used In telegraphing and
telephoning I, lho additional circuit
obtained ot wiro Unit is ublalmd in
i tingle conductor  by  mcnni at  s
Itiu'.i.i'ii  .   IVBtoBU
The happiest momenta ne Lit BUS"
teal momenta.
Optimism li the  inflection  of  O*
Bin Ileum* from liev.'.ti
! HAVEYOUFIFTY ji*—- ~~'
Dollars to Spare? ;
Wu Inive iii'fl'ei'li'il nrrn'ngp-    '
incuts with  n   l.nii.l  t'liin-
pitn.v Iiv which wc in.- nlilo
In sell
Dairy Land at $7.50
prr ll.-re
Mixed Farming Land at
$12.50 por now
Fruit Land at $17.50
per Hiiro
in 40 Acre blocks.
It is fully Kimmtitceil by
Ihe metiers, nml while it is
lint  close   In   existing   t'llil-
I'uiiils, within live yenrs  it
Will     I"'    npelll'il    lip    by    II
triilis-eoiitiiieiitnl ron.1 uinl
will then prove n true
money milker for anyone
owning it. Booklets nnd
nuips free nl onr oltieo,
Terms un lum!:
!   $50 cash, balance $10   :
a month at 6 per cent.
P. 0. Box 247        Phone 171     ;
! T.J.Polley$Co.
ChilliwacK, B. C.
Personal Mention
Roller Rink
The Chllliiviiek Holler is now
..pen for tin- .season.
Two-Thirty to Five
Seven-Thirty to Ten
Come and enjoy a pleasant
at 'special
At the Mee Studio - Chilliwack
Jus. Grieves was n visitor in New
Westminister Insl week.
Mrs, 10, I., ('nolo rotui'iioil Inst
week I'l' New Westminster.
Miss II. A. Rniiltbee wns the
guest nf friunils iu Viiiii'iniviT lust
While in Iln- eiiv Mrs. Lasliley
Hull was the truest of .Mrs. tl. It,
I". M. Loipm. oilllui' of tlic B.C.
('iiniuiereinl Itcview, wns in the
iilly Insl  week,
Mr--. I!. .1, Mcintosh nnil son
Jock spent the week ontl with Vancouver friends.
.1. Clillilorliiw, .1. M. .Intnes nu,!
Mi'.Sinilli uf Chilliwuek were ill New
Wcstiniiister Monilny,
The Free Press is in reeeipl of ll
pretty tuul nrtistic cnlciuliir from
W. Ci. I.illie, tho grocer.
,1ns. Irvine, nf Weslniinstei', nnil
formerly of Cliilliwnck, wns it Inisiness visitor here on Tuesday.
Ur. .1. lOlliotl of Arrowhead B.C
■hns tnkeii up his residenco in Rose-
ilnle,  where he  will   pritotloo   liis
Mrs. ,1. Ilri.ssninn. Westminster
nvi'iitie, will receive in Ihe future
on the lirst Wednesday instead of
ihe lirst Tuesday.
.lulin N.>rtlii-..t... hns accepted n
position wilh postmaster Millard,
Mr.' lias hail some yenrs
experience in tlio post olllco work nt
•I. II. I'iitlie. nu experienced
salesman frum Gtielph, Out., hns
titken a position in Ashwell's Depart-
iiicji)till store, :\^ hen.I uf ihe Men's
Furnishing and Shu.- Dopailinents.
T. II. Jacltsoii, II. .1. I!nil..r, A.
Johnston, .Ins. 1-Ynl nnd II. W.-I.l,
attended lho Conservutivo convention in New Wesliiiinsler Inst week.
II. J. Barber's iniiue appears on lho
credential commiltco.
1!. ('. Kanvcll, nf Sardis, lias rc-
ttli'iiod (ram a trio to l'rinco Unpen
and Graham Island. For tho bone-
lit of tho Free Press readers Mr.
Biii'well contributes n description of
Ids trip, the lirsl installment of
wliieli is reproduced in  Ibis   issue.
A.   I).   .McKiichcrn   nnd   .1.   W.
Galloway nro attending lho annual
mooting and banquet of thc  B.  C,
St. Andrew's and Caledonian Ass...-
ciation at Vancouver this wcok.
The latter i° n member nf the executive and will reply tn the twist
"Sister Societies."
A i ling is culled   (or  Tuesdny
afternoon nt. three thirty in llm K.
uf 1'. Hull in tbo interests nl the
Women's Political Equality League.
All Indies who ure interested, either
fur or iigninst, this great movement
in II, I'', sbuiild nltenil Ibis meeting.
Tlic Ladies' Aid Sneiel.v of the
Presbyterian Church at Boscdnle
will hold their annual sale..f work
on Friday, afternoon and evening,
Dee. 15, in Bniitlnvaite's bail
Music mid refreshments will add
tn the attractiveness of the event
during the evening. Christmas
gifts will be uu display in pro- j
A groat ninny Indies and  gentlemen lunk tno opportunity on Thtirs,
dny last of culling on the Hev.   Mr,
nnd Mis. Robot's at lite  .Methodist
parsonage,   Mrs. W. Knight and
Mrs. I). II.   Day poured tea and
coffoo from the pretty ten table in
in  the dinning room,   with  Miss
Orr,   Miss   Woodswnrtli,  Mrs.  C.
Kekert, Mrs. II. .1.  Barber,   Mrs.'
Siildnll, Mrs.   Atkinson, assisting..
During tiie afternoon  music   wim.
played by Mrs.  Sitldall and  Mrs.!
Chas. A. Barbel', and in tbe evening
by Mfs.C. A. Barber, Mrs. SUWall,
Mr. Chapman, nntl others.
The  lOpwoith  League executive;
mot Tuesday night nttho homo ol the
president, Milton Orr,  lo nrrnnge
their program I'm-the winter.   The
vnii.nis  cnniinitlees  were  draftedi
and got into working ordor.   Listsi
uf eneh committee will be published
later.   The Inst  Tuesday  in each
month wasselcQtetl foroxctttivo meet-1
ings,    The league is in gnnd   timili- j
linn  having   raised  over  $.r>0    for;
mis.-iuiis in   the  Insl,  six  months.'
There aro forty members besides t
honorary members,   Carrol Chapman wns elected pianist   and   Miss
Irene Knight. Kpwnrth Kra agent"
A few days agoj. M. Orr received
a letter, from ('. J, South Sttpt. of
the Children's Aid Socictv, Vancouver, which cntivcyed the sincere
thanks of the Society to the far mors
| and friends who so generously sub-
scribed to the shipment of vegetables
recently sent   lu the Homo.    The
1 gnnds which amounted to n little
'over two tuns, arrived safely and a
resolution was unanimously passed
jut the first business meeting request-
j ing Mr. South to convey the thanks
I of the Board of Management to those
; who made up the donation.   A ship-
I tnent of clothes and any kind oil
wearing materia! is being arranged
| for to ship  in  about  two  weeks' i
lime.    Anyone   having  spare   old I
clothes can make the children happy j
ju-t by making the clothes over for!
a Christmas gift.   It is Christmas
lime, so don't forget the orphans.
Please notify J,  M. Orr,  and  he
will arrange to collect your donations.
Wi; have ruooivod diruct
froni England n largo
shipment nf the famous
For Men
See our
R. J. Mcintosh
It is just as easy to  make good
resolutions as is to set the alarm
clock for six a. m.
Do you remember how you resolved
to do your shopping early, last
Christmas, and the trouble you
had to get what you wanted at
the last minute}
We are not too busy to show you
our goods NOW.
Druggist and Stationer
Church News
Sacrament will l.e administered
nt tin- morning service nt Cook's
Church, Sunday,
Sold iiiiil dolivored.
Order now,    Phono
Chilliwack Agricultural
Ni iTk'K—The minimi l.leiterul  Meet-.
,   ine of Cliilliivack Society
i, ..;..   Mill I...-li.-ld ,.in Munday tiie-lib id De.
""I""   reinber 1911 In the Court Home Chilli.
a'1'1 waek, at 3.30 p.m.
J   business—Presentation of President's
There will ben  special   lil.-rnrv' 'Vl'"*-""';.' Iwlnnco ihcc-1 i.r um.   Blee-
.    ,,     ..    ,,     .,.,.' i'".n "i, rs Im'ensuing rear,
evening by lho  >.   I. ..t  Cooks
Church    next   Monday    .-v.-niiiK. |<.i,At|| J".''",^',1.^;"' "'" s-i",> "*v •"•■•i1"*''
An interesting program bus boon " II. T. Gooduxo,
prepared,   nnd   nil   nre   welcome. Secretary.
Merchants Lunch
11.30 a.m. to 2.150 p.m.
Lunches at all
Oysters in all styles
ChilliwacK Candy Kitchen
flev. Or. Spencer of Van
will occupy the pulpit ill!
Church ou Sunday, ninrnin
For Sale
Knit SALE — Democrat  Bumy, iletcli
nnd liiiini'ss. cheap U,r cash, Kttt-tiiru
of A.  I'- MelJleliern, t'itv.
Music Lessons
I nm prepared t" take a few pupil* lor
I'ian.. mid Tliei.ry.
Aiiinii Wittrit. Music Store,
Furnished Rooms to Rent
To RENT—Three nieely luriililied moms
■team hosted, bath, electric liidit, etc.
Apply Cliilliiuiek l-'ne Prcm.
For Rent
FOR REST—Rooms nud nfllmmltli Imi
Water henlllig, On, It. .l.liwell .tt S.m.
I.. V. iill.l,.\l!l». SupportingMay Roberts Compnny.
twill be glad
| to furnish you i
with an esti
mate on your I
lumber bill;
whether you j
! place your or- i
der with them j
or not.
Phone 86
Lumber Co.
Jap Oranges, fine
quality, per box      70c. & 75c.
Choice. Now Gleaned Currants per pkg 10 cts
Choice Now Seeded Raisins 1! pks for 25 CtS
New Citron Peel, per pound 15 cts
Now l.oinon Peel, por pound 10 cts
Fancy Bleached Sultanas, two pounds for 25 cts
Shelled Walnuts, por pound 45 cts
Shelled Almonds, per pound 45 cts
New Zealand Butter
First shipment of this fine butter   Aft -i-
Special for Saturday only per Hi    *W **»
Maple Leaf Canned Lobster
regular ,'H)c. for 25c.
These are all Exceptional Bargains
and Quality guaranteed.
phone 54
Useful Christmas Presents
Choir Leader and Organist
Trader, will lie received I«r the
nl Omir ln-aili-r and Ilipuiist (or Cook'.;
I'rcaliylerliiii rlmreli, up to I».-.-. mliei j
'.'J,   irrvire* to  I.-||ill  .Inn    I,   Mill'.
Applicants to Mule salary, applications
I.. Ut aildretwd to
t'. II. t'owiiv, Clerk ol fJ-**ton,'
tbe electric colt
till' di-..- ..II  wliieli
the electric current
will do Iiuiii
tin' luitiily liuincn-
inn lu titer fnr Imil
iiiK wali-r ipiiikly.
the indlapcnaablc
kitchen convenience for lroilillgday
Drop iu in our
I'llilliwnek office
and bave tlicnc ap-
pllancca explained
lo you.
B. C Electric Railway Co, Limited
Judicious  advertising creates business


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