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 funl ixo_j
5^u_L_-_) -iiX,,
Vol. 1.
Editor nml Proprietor
No. 22
Personal Mention
Mr. Blanchflold was in Vancouver
this week.
('. Vradenburg went to Vancouver
un Tuesday.
K, Fulton went to Vancouver on
Robt, Cartnichnel wns in Viineuliver this week.
.I:mi.'-. MeCiinnell went to Van-
eniiver this week.
,1. II. Bowes visited Now Westminster lust Friday.
Miss Roytls went down lu Viineuliver nn Thursday,
.Tames Murray wns n visitor to
Viineuliver this week.
W. Boor Bpont Bunday with
friends in Vancouver,
Mrs.   Brcmaor  uf   Sumas   wus
visiting in Ihe city this week.
M. II. Neleius, of Viineuliver wns
n visitor to th.- oily Saturday,
Robt. Lenny, Fairflold Island, is
spending a holiday at Ladner.
.1. \V. Galloway was in Vancouver uu Sunday and Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. McCnbeand family,
leave this week fur Viineuliver.
0. Atkins was a passenger on
Tuesday's train to Vancouver.
Mrs. II. T. Goodland is visiting
friends in Vancouver this week.
Mrs. Chester Chadsey, and Mrs. |
Robson visited Sardis un Thursday.
Mr. Harwiek, travelling auditor
fur the ll. C. E. R. was in town on
Mrs. Finny from South Sumas
visited her sister, Mrs. Lickraau,
this week.
Arthur Henderson went to Harrison Hot Springs on Tuesday for a
week or HO.
The lirst trip this year was made
across tu Harrison on thc Fraser,
on  Monday.
Mrs. R. Ballam and Miss S.
Ballam were passengers to Vancouver this week.
John Knight went over to Seattle
on Sunday, to attend a meeting of
the Katalla Oil Co.
Mrs. Deane and Miss Deane arc
DOW staving at the hume of Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Rose.
While in the cily, Rev. C. K.
Morse of Winnipeg, was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Barber.
Mr. Kirpatrick nf Kualt, B. C.
is visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gammon.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Orr, and
Mr. and Mis. ,1. K I'arkcr were iu
Vancouver this week for some days.
.lolni Israel and son, of Mount
Lehman, were in the city on Tuesday tu attend the sale of James £.
II. T. Kirk, Geo.  Blakcly, and
Mr.   Martin,  uf Vancouver, were
business visitors to the city this
Mr. Cayley, assistant ticket agent
at tbc ll. C. E. R. has resigned,
the resignation to go into i-ITcel
Feb. I.
James Quonelt,    of Vancouver,
who  is  erecting  M.   II.   Ncl.-m's
I hi...-!; uu Young road, was in town
I Tuesday.
The   pupils   of    Miss    Florence
Morse's ruom arc having a holiday*)
| owing to their (cooker having un
fortunately contracted measles.
Mrs. Pointer went down to the
J Coast hospital on Sunday, to under-
I, go treatment.    Mr.  Pointer accompanied his wife to the city.
Those who attended the " Barrier"
ilnsl  Friday   greatly   enjoyed    the
I.'play ing of  Miss  Hill,   before  and
" during the intervals of the play.
The   olilcers   and    members    of
I Cliilliwnck Temple No lit. where
the hostesses nt a most enjoyable
afternoon tea, on Tuesday afternoon
from three to live o'clock, held in
i the Ki-ight of Pythias Hull. About
scv- nty-live guests enjoyed the nfter-
]'noon's social time very much.
The Chilliwack Liberals
Hold Anneal Meeting.    Elect  Officer! and
Delegates lo Provincial Convention.   A
Provincial Election Predicted.
The Chilliwuek Liberal Associtt
tion held its annual mooting in the
Forester's hall on Thursday afternoon last, thero being a fair attendance,   ('apt. p.  If. II.  Ramsay,
the President, ncctipicd the Chair.
After referring to the l-'edernl election result, the President   predicted
an early provincial election, and
urged the Association t.. proparc
for thorough organization.
The election of ullieers resulted
ns follows! President, Capt.   P.   II.
B, Ramsay; 1st Vi.-e-Pres., 15, I).
Barrow, 2nd Vico-Pros., P. W.
Crankshaw; Executive Committee,
(!. Thornton, ll. A. Henderson,
M. Edmonson, D, C. McClillivrav,
.1. A. McLood, A. F, Lindoll, J.
R, Walker, A. II. McKenzie. J. II.
Ashwcll was re-elected Secretary-
Treasurer, Messrs. Ramsay,
Henderson, Ashwell, Thornton ami
Crankshaw were oleoted delegates
to intend the Provincial Convention
to be held at Vancniiver on February 29. The alternatives appointed were D. Nicol, 11. II
Taylor, D. C McGillivroy, J. It.
Walker, .1. A. McLood.
The Association Ico was placed
at 81.00 and D. C. McGillivroy was
authorized to collect same.
The Convention adjourned to
meet again at the call of thc President,
Big Deals Are Pending
Three Transaction-, Empreii and Royal Hotels
and Farm al a Total Inventment of
$110,000 May Materaliie.
The Empress hotel, Ihe Unyid
hotel, and the Hill farm uf one
hundred acres, on Camp Slough
ruad, have been reported   snld   this
week,involving tho sum of tl Iii.ihm).
All the deals arc still pending however and up to time of going to press
a definite snle in either case cnnu.it
Ih-  reported,     Samuel  Bulor, of
Crnukstun, Minn., has  bis eye on
the Empress hotel the consideration
lieing «,rill,(KH). ,1. McDade, uf Vancouver, has tnkeu an option ou the
Royal at »-i0,O0O, and has oll'ofcd
020,000 fur the Hill farm.     It' the
deals gu through, wo understand
the total amount will l.<- spot cash,
Prospects Are Bright
Present Year will Witness Building Activity
in Chilliwack.    Some of Ihe
The City Council Busy
Considerable Business Dealt With.   Cily Employees Receive Attention. Improvements
lo Cily Fire Hall.
Sale on Yenng Street
Fifty feet of frontage on Young
road just north of M. II. Nelcms
new block was sold Tuesday to a
Westminster man at 0125 per font.
Five acres, a part of the John Me-
Culcheon farm, just outside the
dyke and close to C. X. R. right nf
way, was sold Tuesday to a local
investor. Both sales were made
through tbc Chilliwack Land and
Development Co.
Bin's Auhersarr
The commemoration of tbe great
Scottish Bard's birth, was celebrated hy thc Chilliwack St. Andrew's
and Caledonian Society on Thursday
night, in the form of a banquet In
tbe Foresters' Hall. The Society
had kindly invited a number of
tbeir friends, who joined witb
them in the evening's pleasure.
During the Blippor, Mr. J. Ewen
siwke in eulogistic terms of the
great Poet who so appealed to all
good Sons of Scotland. Mayor
Waddington s(>oke very ably on
"The Country we live in," and
Fred Archer recited "The Queen
nf Song " Miss Elsie Barr and Miss
Kathleen Henderson contributed
much appreciated snlos. J. C.
Robertson was a happy chairman,
iu the unavoidable absence uf the
President, J. A. McLeod. After
the refreshments and conclusion of
the program, dancing was partaken
in till about uue o'clock, many
enjoying this part of the evening's
entertainment also.
"The Barrier" as adapted by-
Eugene V. Prcsbrey from Rex.
Beach's famous story of life in the
Yukon country, was given here on
Friday night to a good sued audience. The play was probably the beat
tbat has been presented in Chilliwack this season and the cast all
through more than ordinarily go.nl.
Miss Eleanor Haber as "Nccia"
and Loo Millar (-"Captain Burrcll"
and Norvi.1 McGregor as John Gale
were especially strung in their parts
bul thc whole Company is a strong
one. If plays and companies of
this sort arc brought to the city, in
thc future they should bo greeted
with crowded houses.
The Chilliwack Poultry Association met in the Ladies' Rest room,
Hart Block, on Thursday evening,
Dr. Davies in thc chair. The
principal business of tbe meeting
was Ibe adnplinu nf the proposed
constitution and the appointing of
I Ibe olilcers: Dr Davies, President;
E. A. Orr, 1st Vice-President; C.
W. Ruhinson, 2nd Vice-Pres.;
Goo. W. Neute, See. Treas,; and
S. S. Carleton, C. W. Rutledge and
Win. Knight, directors, C. W.
Munro of Rosedale, Mr. Arnold of
Sardis, and E. A. Ciisworth of
Sumas were also nppnintcd district
representatives. The regular meet-
will bo held every fourth Thursday.
The new block being erected uu
Young road by M. H, Nclems, of11,'
Vancouver, is Hearing completion. t'Onci
The plate glass front has been put
in and the interior finished, while
the brickwork is alsu being rushed
to completion. On thc building
being ready for occupancy, it will
be taken possession of by thc Chilliwack Implement and Produce Co.
now located on Main street. In
its new place nf business this tirm
will have exceptionally fine appointments and a splendid location,
The work of moving thc stuck will
begin this week. Mr. Nelcms
is to Ik- congratulated on his enterprise and the Chilliwack Implement and Produce Co. likewise,
in securing such a desirable and
suitable building in which to prosecute the various lines of business
conducted by this well and favorable known firm.
Prospects for a good Inisiness
year in Chllllwaek are growing
brighter with iln- approach of spring,
Real estate is showing marked
activity several deals having been
closed recently, while a  number   of
Important  transact inns ai n   the
lapis.    Rr.nl estate men are optimistic and repnrt daily Inquiries  for
properly,   Building operations amy
not exceed thu record of last year, but
already then'- Indications of it considerable investment along this line, i
The Merchants Bank, tin- Canadian!
Bank of Commerce and B, A. Irwin
will build, while a new high school, |
a large addition to the Methodist
church  and   Ihe   now   post   oiliee
building will very probably be added
In the numlier.    A large hotel  and
east one or two blocks are men-
for Young mad across from
| the II. C. E. ll.   It is alsu rumored
|this week that the C, S'. I!,  station
I site bus been definitely settled  and
will be situated one hundred feet
east uf Young ruad on the C, X. P..
A Good Meetiai
The P. S. A. on Sunday wns, as
usual, very largely attended, there
being close to three hundred men
present. The President John
Robinson was again in his place
after a couple of week's illness.
The speaker for the afternoon was
Rev. C. K. Morse, of Emmanuel
Baptist church, Winnipeg. His
subject "The Sanity of Chris-
tain Faith," was cleverly handled
by the speaker and listened
lo with marked interest.
The Cement Company
Is Expected to Begin Operations al an Early
We understand Mr. Stl.iilschnii.lt.
of R. V. Winch & Co., Vancouver,
who are interested iu the cement
industry to be established here, wa?
in the city this week and visited
the site of the new works. It is
believed that construction work on
the plant will be commenced at nn
early date and that thc B. C. E. It.
will alsu soon begin tho construction of a line to lbc cement deposits.
The Chilliwack Choral Society
has lieen organized for the season
with the following as others;
Hon President, Mayor Waddington ; President, Arthur Henderson;
1st Vice-Pres., Mrs. .1. C. Henderson; "2nd Vice-Pres., Mr. James;
A few of | Patronesses,   Mrs.   O.    II.     W.
tho points emphasised were: The Ashwell, Mrs. W. V. Davi.
things that ttie true arc better !»• "■ Waddington, Mrs.
than Ihe things that are now. Dough-' See. Air. White;
Not whether we will lie religious, but what our Christian!
ideal will be. Man is hopelessly
religious and is bound to worship
something. The character of Christ
was tho best ovor lived, and men
should take Him as their leader.
Christ lived His Ix-st life as a young
man, completing the greatest work
accomplished by any lifo at the age
of thirty-three, Christ thus is
pre-eminently an example for youug
men, and the foremost place
Christ holds in literature, art, and
His influence in thc history of llie
world, should appeal to the life of
every man. The Christ influence
lifts empires off their hinges, causes
civilization to course through new
channels and nations holding to
Him and His faith are thc most
progressive and uplifting in the
world. The speaker closed with a
strong ap|rciil for men tu take Christ
us the pattern, ideal and inspiration of their lives. Fred Hart
earned the plaudits nf the audience|-]*„ si,
by rendering a solo in  goml   voice. | p^lnchli (
S.    S.    Carleton;
Mrs Charles A. Bail] _________
Charles F. Ward of Vancouvor,
Managing Director nf the Columbia
Conservatory uf Music, Vancouvor.
The fee of one dollar is to be
charged for the covoring of music
ami practice room, The practice
will lie held every Friday night at
eight o'clock    in    Cook's    Chinch
school room and tt cordial invitation
is extended tn any one to join, who
is interested in the study of choral
music. Mr. Ward is a most excel-
lenl   director   and   everyone   who
A lengthy and Important session
of Ihe City Council was held nil
Monday evening. All the members
Were present.
A communication was read frum
Ihe Provincial Secretary confirming
thc appointment nf Alderman
Gervan and .1. Childorhosc as Police
Commissioners; and Alderman
O'Hearn nud Win. Knight, as
Lkonso Commissioners.
A letter was read from the City
Clerk, Sumas Cily, in answer to a
i-ttei- of enquiry from the Mayor,
lilting that Somas owns its lighting
qilipuient and that the B.C. E. Ii.
j supplies power ill a Mat rate of  two
! cents per kilownt.
Tin-I!. C. Publishing Company
'Wrote asking fur full descriptive
matter of Chilliwaek and nicinity,
The Clerk was instructed to acknow-
5 ledge same nnd furnish the Company
[with one of the new booklets being
gotten out by the Chilliwack Board
of Trade.
South Fort George wrote asking
for information respecting method
of incorporating ns a city. The
Clerk was requested lo forward information.
A loiter was read frum the
Chilliwack Implement & Produce
Co,, asking for permission lo make
certain improvements in front of
tlieir new building. The request
for leave to put railing along edge
of side walk was not granted.
The Chairman of the Board of
Works wns delegated to look into
matter nf putting in box drain in
gutter and covoring same with gravel
or rock, and report at next meeting.
F. W. Lee was granted leave to
to remove old trees from Do Wolfe
A letter was read from H. .J
Harding asking for the |tosition uf
janitor for the City hall. The letter
wus received and filed.
A letter was also read frum teamster J.   L. Willmun asking  for  reinstatement   as    teamster.       The
Chairman of Board of Works, produced documentary evidence regarding the expense of keeping the team,
in charge of Willinnn, and a comparison with the cost of feeding the
, other city team showed considerable
Mr*, difference in outlay.      Alderman
JL   •'■ | O'Hearn thought the extra expense j
I reus, i t,a the city unwarranted and did not
Accompanist,j recommend   Willmnn's   reinstate-
r:   Director. |,„,.„• w (canister.
The Mayor stated lhat where it
was considered necessary to make
such ehanges, he trusted nevertheless
that employees so dispensed with,
would be given the opportunity of
working for the city in some oilier
capacity, as the demand for help
arose, Alderman O'Hearn in reply stated to thc Council that it was
certainly his intention, with the
consent of the Council, to do
and in suggesting any changes such
as the above, be only did it with
the intention of protecting the city
Fire, Water and Light Committee
recommending certain improvements in the Fire Hall equipment,
the building of stalls for team of
horses, alteration of main doors,
etc., at, a total cost of about J-lSO
was accepted by the Council.
A by-law was introduced for the
purpose of purchasing a lot, and
also for the purpose of deeding two
lots to tho Dominion Government
for drill hall purposes. Bylaws
received their various readings and
left for reconsideration and final
The Council dealt with the ap-
plications for positions of City
Clerk and Assessor, in private.
The result was the appointment of
D. E. Carleton as City Clerk fur
1012 at a salary of 976.00 per
month, and ,1. H, Ashwell assessor,
at a salary of 8260.
Beard of Trade To nighl
There will be a regular monthly
meeting of the Board of Trade this
(Friday) evening, in the Odd Fellows' Hall at 8 p. in. The President will appoint the Standing
Committees for the current year,
proposed amendments to the Constitution will ba discussed aud
plans will bo outlined for the year's
A  large   at-
of   ullieers   in
No.   I took
possibly  can,   should   avail   thein-  	
sel.es of the opportunity thus afford- j from unnecessary exponsi
cd to thorn of making advance! it       \  eonimunica'iuii   was
aloig the lines of musical  interest
Cone to practice to-night.
is requested.
Officers Installed
The installation
Until Robckah Lodge,
place on Thursday evening, Sister
R. J. Mcintosh, [). I). (.;. presiding,
assisted bv llm. S. s. Carleton, 6.
M., Bro. \\'iu. Dusterhoeft, G. W.,
Bro. It. Ruddick, G. Treas. The
following officers were installed Sister E. John-tun, X. i..; Sister E.
A. Kipp, V. tl.; Sister G. Crankshaw, R, Sec; Bm. F. Xelems,
F. See.; Bro. J. Peers, Twaft.;
Sister G. Sampson, Con.: sister
T. Henderson, Warden.; Sister Jf.
C. Hall. R. S. X. G.; Sister B.
Henderson, L.S.N. G.: Sister,
C. Humphrey, R. S. V. <>.: Sister
M. Calbick, L. S. V. O.: Sister
M. Calbick, Chaplain.: Sister K.
Henderson, organist,; Sister Wm.
Dustcrhoeft, P. X. G. After the
cerinouies, a social time wis .pent
Irefore dispersing.
Cast Fir "The Magistrale'*
Following is the cast for " The
Magistrate" to be presented in the
Opera House. Thursday and Frid-i-J,
Feb. IS and 16.: Mr, Pasket, Mr.
Bulliimy, Magistrates oi the Mulberry, Street Police Court. Mr. H.
T. Goodland, Mr. A. Bunnett.
Colonel Lukyn (from Bengal—retired) Mr. Stuart Hubble. Captain
Horace Vale (Shropshire Fusiliers.)
Mr. D. Elmer Carleton, Cis Farring-
don (Mrs. Pasket's sou by her
lirst marriage) Mr. Ernest Hubble,
Aehillc Blond (Proprietor of the
Hotel des Princes) Mr. S. S. Carleton, Isidore (a Waiter) Mr. Peter
Brown, Mr. Wormington (Chief
Clerk at Mulberry street) Mr. Fred
so, | Hart, Inspector Messiter, Serjeant
Lugg, Constable Harris, Metropolitan Police, Mr. Harrv Hall,
Mr. li. Charles Carter, Mr. J. R.
Anderson, Why Ih- (Servant at Mr.
Ead«se High School
A meeting of the executive of the
Chilliwack Conscrallvo   Association
hell    on      Wednesday     afternoon
slnngly endorsed the action of (he
Board   in   urging  the
■vei'imient tu make au
^^^^ received I Basket's)   Mr.   Walter  E.    Frost,
from the Elk Creek Waterworks Agatha Pasket (late Furrington nee
Co., regarding the City purchasing j Verrinder) Miss Edna Knight,
the water service, in whieh the I Charlotte (b.-r sister) Miss Brown
Company promised to take the mat- Beattie Tonilinson (A Young lady
lor up at llie lirst meeting of the j leaching music) Miss Millie Bell,
shareholders early in February. InlPnphani (Servant at Mr. Pasket's)
reference to this matter the Council ] Miss Janet Coote. Stage Manager—
A" good program will Ik: presented; „,„.■,„-.„„ 0f 840,000 for lho pur
next Sunday afternoon and all mon ,lf ,.,,„.„ ., „„„. ,„ ,, s.j1(M
are very cordially  invited   to   lie"
present, Rev. J.8.Henderson, President uf the Westminster Lacrosse
Club, will Im- the speaker.
To Teach The Young Idea
The Municipal School Board has
its cductioiial matters well in bund
and now bus a stall of nineteen teach-'
ers engaged in the various schools
of the district. They arc: Eleanor
Bradley and Emily Hemming,
Rosedale; II. A. Laiighlin, Lilly
Cartmell, Camp Slough; Peter A.
Hughes, Cecil McEwen, ('beam;
Lillia Simpson, Ada Treiibohue,
East Chilliwack; S. Melhianie,
It. M. McAllister, Sardis; Laura
Cairns, Maggie Calbick, Atchclitz;
Gertrude Cartmell, Fairfield Island;
John F, McCulcheon, Lotbluior;
I Daisy Lonry, Htrathcona; L. M.
Stiff, Promatory; ll. Martin,
Vedder Creek: Murjoric MoQIlll-
vrny, Parsons Hill,
tlmiight it advisable that a committee Should interview the President nt
the Elk Creek Waterworks Co.,
prior tn the meeting of tho shareholders. It is probable that this
idea will Ih- noted U|hhi next week.
The Mayor, Alderman Eekerl
and   the  Clerk   were   appointed   n
Furnishing Committee for the City
The advisability nf disposing nflthr
une of the City tennis and purchasing a mora suitable team was discussed. The matter was referred
Aldermen, O'Hearn, liervnn
and Eckert, with power to act,
The  Clerk    wns    instructed
advertise   in the cily   paper-    for
I engineer for sloam roller at n rato
nor dny, instead of by the month.
j Tin- Clerk wns also requested to call
, for lenders for such lumber as the
! city will need for side walks, etc.
A polltlon was presented asking
Itliat roads between Bole avenue and
Mr. I*. B. Lyl^^^^
The Mukipal School Board
The   Municipal   School
pure in erecting a new
fOtChllllWttCk.    Copies oft hi- resolu
tim   have  been   forwarded   to  the
Weih Choir not Coming
.Inch disappointment has Im-oh
ex tressed here since it has become!
kimvn that the Welsh Moolwyn I
Mile Choir manngenieiii announced
tin cancellation of all engagements
at the coast. Thnt enough monoy
hrs Ih-ch secured for the purpose
foi which they were travelling, is
jgivn us Ibe reason for  the  change1
I In plans,   Many wero looking for-
j wild lo hearing tIlls splendid Organ- i
j hut ion, and the change is n big dis. j
aptnilit incut   to   those    who    hm'
load arrangement- in hand.
j ......   IUHUO   ,"..,.>>,..   ».v
February has 35   Business   days. Recce avenue nnil Cleveland avenue
Arhwoll'a Departmental Store want, from Fletcher street to Young road,
to make this   a   record   month   of Im- graded.    These requests will   be
th'ir business career uf i'i years  in dealt with in due lime.
Clilliwiick. A report was presented from  the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Board
it-Id its January session in the
oiliee of the Sccrctiirv-Treasurer,
C. W. Webb, on Tuesday, all the
trustees   In-ing     present.    H.     J.
Barber, Chairman of the City Board,
addressed the meeting in regard to
curing of a new High School,
and asking thc Board lo endorse
tho action of the City Board. As
the present High School facilities
are inadiquate to the glowing needs
I of the district, that those seeking
to I the higher education have found it
necessary to go to other points in
the Province, the Board endorsed
the Cily Board in applying to the
Provincial Government for a new-
High School appropriation of
040,000 or 060,000. Copies of the
resolution have boon forwarded to
Dr. Young, Premier Mi-Bride,
Supt. Robinson, and S. A. Cawley,
M. P. P. The finance committee
reported favorably on accounts
amounting to $1887, nnd these
were passed by the Board, CTHLLIWACK l-'H.-'R PRESS
Devil's Towor In Northern Wyoming
risen myBteri0U6.y from Uio vast uml
silent level of tlio prairie to a height of
1,800 foot. In tlio early ilay_ of ovu luiul
travel it t-orvod to toll mai.y an emigrant of hla whereabouts. It is now a
national monument, having boon sot
Nni.it* ar* a. natural curiosity. Tho Devil's
Towor monument consists of ubuut I.tiut)
aerofj anil pioporvos for nil timo tli Ib
landmark, Probably it will bo many
yoara before Iln* Devil', 'lower is gou-
orally visited, At p.osout it la many
unit'. I'lfin a railroad, anil fow persons
«en it in tlio pouruo of a yenr. Til iso
who mnko tin* trip, whicli is u.ually
done from lho little Northern Wyoming
town  oE Sundance, fool  amply  ropuld
t'or tiie i   Visit,
That Reminds Ne
.. \r r.      .     .   i     n  vvu uuw limn uny roliablo kaowloilge,
uoes I our d«_ck Aent'. but n* uio loui-iutiv. autuoritio. o.
I Sow Jorscy in IMH fouiul it iuh-cmuu'..
.-(•■-.■us ami robtriut "railing, pudiifc
Rnstus, .villi liis auxiuty i.lniiily ap-
jiiiinnt, Inquired ol Uie "iloctali,"
" ttImt you Unit is do ninttnh w-if timi"
"Oli, notliii.g but tlm cliloliuiipcx, 1
slums," ropi.otl Uiu ilocto'r. Ba8tun ilo-
iiuiii>i I sluuily. '■ I 'claro mi mull lion-
uh, dootuli, i uin't noon no wuur 1
eould kottli dnt."
Onco, nfler oxposinrj lho ridiculous
blutuloiB of tho oJitor of loriuin ol.l
piuya, Juntos Itimsoll Lowoll coniilutlo.l
wllh thu loiniiili, " l« point of tact, wo
inusl upnly in Iliia Rontlo nun tho uu i u
of tho Ilrst King uf Sparta,"   No out.
loiiiomlio u..  u.i.,  ■•■ ,n titan  n-<
but whim i„ y lookod il up limy fouud
il   wus   ItlUllU Ill8.
A Scotch dlvlno loos ono of his pa-
rlahloi ds in tii.h lor Ins non utloud
un o ui lilrkj tho mult auldi '' I diniia
I,..i' Innu horinuii..'' 'i li ■ pnr.on, with
tunic wiaiii. mpllodi "Joliu, yo'll dec.
in,,I go to ii pirn o whoio yo'll not havo
Uu- privilege uf homing lung ur aiioi-l
aoiliioni," '"1 hilt may bo," said John.
• uut it winnii bo for liiclt of "arsons.
Troullcs and Weaknets of tlio
Kidneys—Read Bolow.
If   You   Have   Bladder   ot   Urinary J^ kM    „ ,_,„,_   _   „my  ,.,,„
uludo tlmt tiie two ooui'fios nuined Inl,
iui iiniuouBO brood of lj.tltt.to.-B in ul.
And all Ihi.
boforo thu first Uioroughbrud arrivou
from Biiglunil. With tlm showing thai
Your back aclioB and  fairly groans |'"';1" °^'h„ ".TlS'i,
will, the dlstroas of kidney troublo. ''".'I   '»
,.11'                                   It.                                        ,>. 1*1*111     hi   iTJUIll.     Willi     111...     nmiiiiiii;     iiiiii
>ni,',v,,l,s,„im,Kcd,  but yuu mils ° NiTrrnBansetti of today uro lmd.0,1
give up.     he li:i tic inn bo quickly won * „       .       ,^ ,nhertt|1I1(,
when III-,   ianulton's   -ilUgetlowurLi^ fa    k   ,„" mt*   tllu„     ,wl,
Theso   kidney   -poelull-ta   bring  now «       ,»                         ,            ,
health nnd vitality to young und old • fc    '    ,        t„  tlf   ,,'*,*
lion ubovo announced, vi/.: "That »o
iult hus ever beeu foaled a uitturul
imi'or, tlmt did not have :\ pacing tu
licritini-e or ancestry from some.
About eixty yearn ago. moro or lens,
Dr. William 'Vouutt, u highly oducttled
l_iigli_lilli-ll, wrote a book on the hoif.,
tlmt become known everywhere by thu
title, "Youatt on thu tlorso." This
book pussotl tli nm j;li many Amaru au
yjy ■ litlons as well a» sovoral lingHali onei
5K liiiiii for half a century at least hai
been considered the vory highest nuth
unly on tho subjoct of which it troul
i*il. In discussing ihe l_lgin MarUloB
uud tin- position ol lho piu-Ttig horso h
motion, le uses tho following Ian
gtutguj "Whether this was then Ihi
in in lo of trotting ur uot, ii in cortali
it is novi-r boo), lo occur In nuiurV h
ibe prosont duy, and Indooil it oppimn
neoiisl.tuilt wilh llie iu*t t'h.-jity bnlii
'/ .-,' /      1EJ s-ve lht;  d,-f„r.
H **    -7 r~" cost  of  :*   go-ml I
[s   1/ **.)    (*u*t oi* a bottle of |
"J* K.ndairs Spavin Cure.
You enn care n spaun, . piint,
Rlocbone, Bony Ciwrtli or r.amciiesB,
wn.i u, !il;e UiQUf.nntU tin*.-} iloiie.   Kead
lhr-4*!   I-i --iu — ibey   will   tjiov.   tliat
The Cbc Safe, Reliable Cnre.
Uut I
;, • ' i i i;>- r,.r,.
.   : !•■   ■     In nn
■..... .., .^
-      ii       kiiftrui,, .
i t'.,l
No ii,    ri        ro.ir horae II
you '.,-.,       lie ol       ■.',,.» 8] .VI.
■ u -   .   : i  I'r   '-  i,:v.      Oct   a
bcule from ... •' .1 oore, Don'l
l.liff a III : lie   Ureal   bo, It
■ I ■■ ■;-■ e oil III • i.^I.e.'' free, of dr,,g-
gt.t.,or write to r.jA
Dr.B. J. Kendall Co., Enosborj Falls. VI.
Tho latoat  circulation  achomo  of  n]
Botlln ncwspmior is lbo ongugomont of alike.   Even one box proven tiioir iiiur ,    fc    boi(     ,n|(|            ii,,,,,,,-,,,,
two phy.lciuna to attend g muitoualy yclloua   power,     Untuino   this   grenl »    ,,rubnbly mii error of the artiat,'
upon tholr yonily subaciiuo.a,   An un   healer, nnd your kidneys will boi e W[i  ^^  m;t       |U,,|   n,,,.,,,,.   Yuuaii
iiuul  Bubacuptiou  curriOB  with  it  uie as strung, ns vlgorouB, us aide to work 1[m, for ||u, vnh|i, (||. ,l|a ,.,,t..,-i»iii on
froo sorvicos of ono of tlio.o two akiltul ns now oiiCB.                                lho tlneal biiocIiiioiib of Orook urt, nor
doctoiB.   A lew months ugo tho pnporI    Reiiioniber th as Dr. Hamilton >   ma ,    ,.   i,,,,,;,,,.,,,,,, „. u„, ,,„„,, h|,ior,
tele;,lio..ed   to  one  of  the  atnif  pliy nro p_oly vogotnbloi they do euro liver, country, fur it is very ovi
eiciuus:   "Don t  attend  llorr  Mueucr bladder and Rulnoy troublo.   The) **■" 4lon, |„, wn, dlscusBlng li BUbioct thu
uny   mine,    liis  Buhaerlption  hus  ox- euro you, or your money back.              ,              ,,, ,    but lm.-a.uM l.o
pi.ed," ,   M". W. U. HoBsltor. wife, ol n woll- '                „,,   ,■•„„,  ,„.,„ „. „.-„,„
•   •   • l;""'v"  niorchnnt  In  Kingston, *"•*>" OUBorV|,tlon,  nnd  like  nil  oilier   Uny
Jonea had just run over tu tee if Mr. as follows!-   lishinon, ho hul never Bee r hear,I
and M s. iiln'.k would go to tho thoal.o , "lTc," ynra ago my k.diy trout lo .                    p          ,      _rU      „,„„
will, the,,,.   Mrs. Blank wns sorry, but, sl"tc";    * s" lcv"1 ""^Lw   , ilatlnu   Vohntt. and  taking  lho  Biiino
unlortuiintoly,  Blank  was out.    i'rob! «*# .fl»"c „52d *t0{2iahrSy. *T 'Z vlow.lt is safe to say that no p-u-cr
W*™% !nUb*_:Za^nt0oS ™*W  BI "lldn't  S, >"■ J™ ^^'rbahiy'^tnr.0' "
.sui-u.     li.uiu.i. is ims um             .uu llcl,voiis.     Cruel   headaches,   and      ",.     ,     • ,.-
Is my  husband tlioiol   1 allonl    Not L   J   d          MtA   t0   ,       bul,lnl, •' l-»l ;',;..,',,"'      .  , 1
thoio* Suro* Woll, nl right   ken; bn Notl u„ul J hnd „scll „.. Ham .,„„■„ •  •. h    »*;™     ","',„,„     ,1,   .
hold on.   now do yuu know (   I huvou't plUa   m   T   get   any   tmt      T.1:y do in tho ron, lion t  it '"""V'   ' ' '
Oiontoldmyi ie.     •• llmre uu, t no- d        ai    Mui   , lpc4   m0   lm.    u '    -   om           iiiiii ••   . .      ■
body a husbnn.1 haro-novor," wna lho _,edlatrty.     Eight   boxes   nude   mo J[„  »  mi,? proniii" nt  lign'!       r'm
iffiiioMt the game- the London approu-
[cob often kicked a football about tho
itroetB tu beep thoinsolvos wuvui in
.vinter, und it in on record that in thc
lovoro frost of LOOS the London Btroots
.voro "full of footballs."
An ordinary pictorial postcard, post-
id at Brldga of Allan nml Intended to
bo delivered at an address in No wm ilia,
Low Vullcyilcld, lum had u renmrknble
iourney before finally roachlug itH ties-
Limit inn.
Tho postcard was ontruBtod to tho
L-iire of the postal authorltloB on Sat*
urduy, July 1st, nnd it only reached tho
uldroBBoa on Wednosday, October 4th,
Thu postcard wiih nililresned. '' Mrs.
--—, Low Valloyflold, NowiiiIHb, Plfe."
The sender, in writing tho wonl
"I'MY," unconsciously mado it resotn
bla "Viji." and consoquoutly to thi
Fiji Islands it wuh dispatched. Tin
mlsslvo, fhcroforo, hun travollod mail)
housondB of niil.H boforo roachlug tin
Plfo village.
It  boors  the  postmark  Suva   (tin
capital  of  tho   Pljl   Isl Is)  and  tin
ilu to August 17tli. HHI, ivli'le then
ihm  appears  lu  writing,  "Try   Pifo,
Why keep tiiem—why Buffer, when
euro cun be had in twenty-four hours
l*y usintf Putnam's Painless Com and
Wart Extractor. Its healing balms and
soothing quulitlOB relievo the puin in
a fow hours, tlie hard kernel of the
coin is dissolved away, AbHoluto satis-
fm-tiou in u B5o bottle of Putnam'i
Painless Corn nntl Wart Extractor.
(icniiuny uml Franco hnvo exchanged
notes concerning tho Moroccan question—it much ni'iri' BQitBlblo ^iiiiiu than
exchanging bullets.
Automobile men suggest requiring
luiiilVei.rs lo puss un exnminution.
That won't bother rccUloBB drivers
if they cun An tlmt us fust mt they
push people wanting to cross a street
ir board u cur.
Muny moth' is lm\c reason to blosi
\1 i.t In i i !r:u cs1 Wnr in l*!xt. rmiiiutor
l)PonuHo ii hns relieved tho little once
uf suffering and made Ihem houlthy,
The P.ll That Brings Relief.When.
i!'t< r uiu' has parlakt u of n ment hn is
pi resscd by foellngs ni fulnou and
I'Vlns in tin* Btomaeli he BUlTon from
lyspcpsla, which will porBlst if it bo
ihi! tlenll with. Parmnloo's Vogotubls
l'llls nre tin-  very best medicine "mt
• ii li" taken lo bring relief. Thess
pltlB nre specially compounded to deal
ivil li   dyspepsia,   nnd   tholr   storting
ii'iliiirs in iliis roBpeel can be vouches
for bv lealons of users.
wifco uttonouut's iepl\
Ke:il balln
well,  and  now  I  do  my  own  housework,   feel   and   lock   tlie   picture   of
race-course  win
of hie
Thin HftfiHnn it 1« lirpcrntlvo f-*r llm fnrinor t" not overj nl posftllitn oul "f Ills crtiln.
imi m. wr hnvo Icon in Hi" crniii luMiinm Kiin- |HR2, wc ill on hi do nlilo to nffiir ilu- fnrm
tin i-.'st tulvl'i* [inKftiil.* .m tlif Mtltji-i-i .if ntnrkotirtf Im* kwIii t lvunlB((_.    Tlio oloibi|| ]
.f nftvlKriiliiii in nu nrn nl wliy kmuii nlioiild I.- Inwrr in nrirn,    Wrlio tm for full (mrtloii
urn how i»* shtji grnlu. nr.A iiIh.. why w ntciiil timi iniirkrli nl)..nl.| uul nn lowor.
Hoctl ui :i il or « <>i'  munjilo o( vm i i'.him mil wu will urntlo '< »"« mlvlic ymi Ho I
■.-itl vtilu-    Vim will thru I- uvlnrpil, whon yoi iko rompnrlsnii with it root prices, J
Ifii lilin is llm only hrrnrr wiy to mnrkol  Bruin     Wo nro Iluc moil ami bonded, nnd  w. 1
I MH II' TANI) Hn-* huill'i'M Till)' nlOMI.V. n-.l ihnl COUNTS,
IMi>r.'iiu>:  Hunk of llBulllon, Wliinl|n*».  Mnn.
NO'n:     I'm -a win. iin< u< in- oiiourIi tin* (.-cot Nnrlhorn llnllwny lo tnnd o»rs »
Imrlry slio-.ihl wrlto nn for narllrulan i t ihlpphig lo Mlnnpsmlla     VVn nro uottlna i
urn-er riaionom wi in nlilo iml.y on thi- rond. from lOo to 15c por liualiol mors ih<ti< |
Dy shipping tn olthor Porl Willlfttn or Port Aitlmr. bialtlca pnylng tlio 30o por lou.h.1 *iuijr
Grain Exchaneo Winnipeg, Man.
. li.tlrnii'i'is, -imi  by  his  s"£Kini)lt!  nn I
uib aio scarco In tlie In- n{J,"n' .    ...   utiiler   liis   Inlluonco   Eautern   bonos—
,  ; aiiio, na a lady wlio was tia-1,  *•t'*' ,*:0**2ftl?,™5S?™V_.,?V,_„  -to-h. nn.l   \rabu-wcru  brought  lot.
111       I ll'll.l,     il"S    .1      I.LU*        WIIH      llii*      UU      ', . !      , ., ,, tl , .,... .. ■•.:•'   Ill        MM, I '   1. ilin **. t   I I'        I-I   sMIL-lll.        ..Ill
g  n-iiU   tier  butbaud  .lls^ovo.oi,  |» torta n w,th Dr Unmilton « Pilla ol ,.,„„,, •„,       ,t „„,„.,,.„ ,-„. ,,,, ia,
ortlving   at   an   out-of-tliowny  Mamlrako and Buttprnut,   Rofuse aub-     ,*;,,„„.„,  0hf lho Bng|UIl    ,.,,„. ,0
.   .... ..     ,ii...   i.....    s'.ilutra.    '-I,'   iht   liux,  or  livf   h..x, s ,..,,...  ,.,..  ,■,., ,.f  ,...„,.,,„  i,i„„,i  ,i„
i I ,.e
showing tin-1.
pointii g lu u d
is 11,1-11'." I.n
ilio batliroom, ,
'Illl!     IhlSt,     Kilt
, thoir room, sni,
: " i lu- sbowor l» i,
tlie lady we..t  int
."""',  -."' ,',"'r,   ,   ' "' .,r .        Under this ti.lt- of  Eastern blood tbo
or $1.(10, at all dealers or tho Catarr-, „ .»„ ,        ,„. „„,,,,  ,,., ^■.., ,,„„,.,
I.O/.JHC I .... Kingston, Ont. w*r(, grn-,|'ulllIj, B„bnicrgo'.      The Hnrb
 'nml  tho Arab hns ngvc- been  known
ilicl, ni.d Ectiii.g hi- I         ,   ,     .   . 'to  paoo  in  any   itfu  or uoanrry, ui.d
oio hor h,-i a tub  I a tin mug and  I*""1"'. {"'<";-    ''"' '" >\ s!u'"i-' "'*}  before these fashionable ,ni aiilagna
nothing moio began to investigate for •" p»>" "?•"!" f,,r " translation. Pnyn a  is,i, _lcmonta and inllieiif.. llm nasivc
tho soiree of the "shower,1'  Suddenly ""-ok wusruaty.   _ Aceordingly ho as-   English pacer was_ swallowcil u-
she  hoord  o  voice appaiontly  in  t., -
teiliug tny: " lt nicai.aliib coming :m,..-
I his    silo    1    throtviug    wale;    moio
Among your horses fnr four Distemper, I'ink Eyo, Influ-i
iii/.a or Catarrhal Povor will attack anil ruin bouio of
tin in. ii' vou will use en tin* lirst hiiHentioii nf tin- liiaonss
conditioner nmt kitlney retncily you enn find. fiO cents a
bottle, *"> a ilozen, un.l sold by all good druggists, turf
goods houses or manufacturers.
SPO H  -LUIUL CO. mm.; s a:.o Sadeilo'oglsls,  GQSHEH, IND.. U.S.A.
lt is relatod that a well-known Bos*
M a blush, and hinte. to the lady thus  disappeared   from   all   ;*■
tliitt it was sen celv fit for bor on1*. ni  RngliMunen   for  tho  p03t  lnitnlre.l
"Good    heavens."   she    exclaimed, and fifty years.     Tins ir.  mt ■   spciu*
"you don'l   uieu.. to su) " lation, nor u theory, nor r.iior;* :
"Pleafe don'l  orh any mote,'' mur* but it is thu oxporienco of history vori*
'mured  Payu, "I  really could nut tell fled.
lu-J iii J I'r ciLL.cr
Ionian   who   was   to  bo   manic.I   next 5'0U- ,   a   «
woo< wet to his tailor the olher day H__.0!C IIK:S
land was  isurod for his weduiag gar-      A tourist in tho mountains of Ton-      On0    |Ucs    |K1|     KCIlcrai]y   n«crit
inonts.    \vhon the agony w.is over ilie  iiesscc onto had dinner with n quoru-1tjMolBm   ,„  tho   uselul   domestic   hon,
tnilur c-uiii-lii-1 apologotically and said!   Ions oi.l mountaineer who yarno.l nbont :, lt in ,,Tlu, Mi,.,i 0 ;r ,,,.„,], .-•• OUv,.
|"1  mn sony, Mr, , but 1  must  hard  limes  for  fifteen minutes at    aj-norllo .\|j||tr quotes Mr Edward  Ar-
ask yoa  to  pay caih  for this suit." I stretch. nold's storv ol' tho bravory displayed
lien onr frioud, -'Why I've'    "Why, man," raid the tourist, "you by a ^.„ ;K.\wn ., »orrot, escaped Iron
SolO1 fill iieoivrn Kvcriiwhere
The Imperial Oil Co.. Limited
You   probably know   all  too well
how il go.a.   Just as you doze off, the   ^ V.'.r .11. e ou i.t w i 1 li you for oighi yents' ought to be aide to inako lots of money : confinement, sudiloniy appeared bof
^x^::r^"^con& '^K'Fv^'^rf!^ »•*?»■*.«>™ •«■ -"!   ■■■■■■' ■•
then another,   first thing yotfknow,   "J  ,'.' "'  '"'  '','";'.."""".'.''v     ,.'" !
you're wide awake, coughing your bead "'■    answorod the tailor.    Yon tunc
Jd                             "     "■' always beoa prompt. But up to uow you
A few niRlits of that antl you're so have' nlwni s bad Hie handling of yuur
worn out nnd weakened that Uie cough own money, Bir.
takes a tight grip on you. ...
11.U why endure it? ■ A ,„„,„„. n(ll,,| „ good ,i,.;,| tr0.
. Na-Dm-CoSyrup otWrueeu, I.lcor- ■ , by'-„.„!,„ took in a show-
Ice aa.l Cliloro lyne will soothe t.nt , {, . „_ .„,, ,.„,
cxaspsratlng tickling, loosen tbc phlegm ' , . .,h„, ,-,.,.„ ,,,,.
andc'.iretlicinnammationoflbc!n.ic_n ';l";';ll;» ' '." "" .*'"'' ',' ,"."'", '
membrane. It not only stops ll.ecoug'.i 'tu-tlo. Evonbo.lv fled before the
quickly, allowing you iogJt sound, re- "■'«• '*■''« bote man, however, pur
freshing sleep, bui;it goes lo the root ol """I » courageously. t onterol the
the trouble and drives out tbe cold com. hotel, mounted tho stairway, pusho
nletcly. Children willingly take Na- upo.i a belroom door mil vnnishol.
Dnj-Co Syrup of Unseed, ticorice and 'Ihon tbo hotel man, close behind,
Clilorodyne, because it tastes so good, heard from the odroom an angty e-;
Your Druggist lias it or can quickly get olamation in a feminine voire and the
It for you in 25c, nnd 50c. bottles,   Tin words:
National   Drug  „  Chemical  Co.   ol "Goorgo, dear, how often have T T
Canada, Limited,
market." )    Sho  was   in  chnrgo  of  a   broo;l   of
Yos, I ortor," was tho snllon roply. chicks, and  the  ferret  was ovidently|
Ynu have the land, I Buppo.e, and  after something to ont.
tun  -et the  ieei.'
"Yes, I guess so.''
"Ihon wny  don't you go into  the
Wo ure, stranger,"   sadly   rcplit-1
Imagine," says tho nn -mur,!
"some lural matron abruptly confronted with a dragon or foaming tiger! |
Terror would parnlyso lur. bho could
uul  would   proba ny   do   nothing  bul'
the cracker;   "the old woman  is  too scrr-nm;   but  tiiis  fussy,   foolish   littio
lazy to do tno ploughin'and plantin'." Dame Partlett llnffod out her gallant!
#   #   # plumage ami weal for tho monster bo
,   ,,      ,, ,. ,.,. vigjrously,  pocking and  kicking and
At Fort Monroe son," tunc ngo (this ^ vviWl.,.', ,  illln   ,,,.„   lho  litt|0 onca
is an old story), whoro one ol tho ves- _„ „fe)   perci,0,| hl ., Binall fir tree
sols of tho navy was temporarily await- boforo the dangerou. bensl  nod Oiled
Ing ordors, u delegation of army office s bia   wicko(,   lnout]|   wltb   het   toathora
slain,i...I at the fort   caino   aboard. ani| angr..v given up the chase.
11.010 is a tot naval regulation tbnt no-1    "Our glorious orib r of tho V.(. has
euat, too!"
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Cm quickly be overcome by
Purely vcfjttaiilc
—act niftly and
pntly c
liver.   Cun
ocss, and InJijtclion.    They do their duty.
Smnll I'HI.   8lH.ll Hr,..,.   Small Prlco.
Genuine oamiau Signature
thing enn bo so on board ship until the |KV„ awarded for deeds which wero tho
 Handing officor onlors it.     Whilo merest child's play  compared  tu tho
tbo army parly wero looking over the valour of thai horoii  ben."
1.;      mien you to c into my roon with |**"lp. twrivo o'clock arrivod.    A Junior A similar dovotion wns exhibited by
,ut knocklng-and in your automobile oil,,-, r up,,ron,l,,-;   lho ,n,i niu and said, , W,   universal y    ,„:-i„„l,,s,oo,l    bird
wu., a salute:   "It is twelve 0 dock, during a disastrous firo in  Minn sota,
Bi:-." j known  iu tl minis of the State ns
"Mnke It so," responded the ca-ttain, tho Hinckley Piro. When walking over
nml eight bells woro struck. tho ruins a man discovered 11 dead hen
'ihe army officers suspected thnt the sitting close on tin  ground,    Ho poked
navy men wanted  tbem to ask aomo her with his foot, when sbo fell over
miostions and gol sold, or that thi. was land disclosed a lively little brood  of
bit of coolory got up to juke the land ducks, which ran out, upparontly glad
On tiie in'cjuion of n football match,
in England, betweon n number of mili-
tnry officer, an 1 a toam of lawyers, the
former ua I protnroil n splon lid lunch
for the vi.itors beforo the game. Both
teams did thorough justlco to the lunch,
nnd the legal gontlcmon going in
strong for ohampngio nnil cigars, the
ofi] s anticipated an easy victory. On
looking toward the football ground,
howovo'. after lunch, the ofllcora ,'s;,;ei
n roinarknbly frc.h looking lot of
giants kicking the ball about, and, in
irioive r, nt. Iifilod tlieir guests wbo the
strangors were.
I      ci,. ' ro llo-l 01 1 ilo-'ii. flnlthlng
his Inst glass of champogno, "thoro
nre our pi lyiim toaini wo are only the
lunching toam, vou brow."
I    Downcast, the rojoctod darky suitor
',',, Inretl ho bad been oncourngo-l, only
to I" le'ii'o I. Sbo wnntod to km w
w, m she hnd done to lend blm to think
iho hml lovol hltn. Whoronpon bo
rniil whon rho dancol with other mon
ibo kont thom nl arm's lo-igth, bul
,| wilh him .ho loaro-l
"1     -a. nttrrnPt'T" IBUrimErtT       when rho danced Willi him .ho loaro-l
7     ^">t/\_DUAbL._J:V..io.ar ho. ,i„,|,y hem  his broad sh.uller
Bwollon, VnrlcMe Vplnji. Bail.tewa   ,u,,l nlmosl lol hliii entry her.
,io''!.T'V' •,'s";:':i';;!',;;"!v!;':,V5    "Dm wnn't love." she pniircii, "Dm
,V.     ,'r     :.    noiAIl ' i.i.ini:..ii_   ,,.„..
I. ■.. '    .. • ,i    '   .I'lttl,'OlllllK'Ill       ""
11.iT' i_, l.'.'v' ".'.'•'.'.'iu-.iiii,-■'•'■•■•   vu' w.iiilln'l bo tro-nnln' nil ovah man
l;i« n :.■ ,,- 1,., 1 '..,'.„ 1  rraaneut rpeoTCrr.    •
,1: ,.    I   01 in.) ..'.-•   m "   !..   ?.<" »'t     '
pi     in 10 '■   —. r 11  '' en ic it.s-
.      .     .. .    Inlln.lh r.       ... '• '■'   1
.. ■■-. :  .', Il-il,Mil-.  „.l   ..;! ' -,-' J -1 "r
t,n     ;'      Ol I '        ■■'..-    1.    ,- '     .   I >,   IU 1 •
w F.Yn; ;.t.,.'..; I. ItOl ■ nansDWo^Slmlrttl.Can*   Wl
tntlons from ihe Roman poets e-nbi-..-
IfIio I ovory dobnto.     .brno- Pnyn. the
- ""' ""~»- '■"-• I—--"-      -  novelist, was o 1 nl  a dinner party
_ where 11 Icarnod clergyman Inslstod on
in 1 con mnli foot of'n da II
-yo' sueh n po' dancer
Xoi so long n»o ii kuowlo'lge of Latin
 ," tin] to an orator and Ion- tjim-
(u. hralitiMl .. Slim. tOlt*. WtSSlrO. ai»"li-«.      :
s~ -. ___*_^"5 j   A t'tio to .-istlimi.   Olio Asthma hilf
,/      H7.\-A7/,A(-    fy'/>/)       '■' 'hi  and It gains ground rapidly,
_»/)'; *"" -T-r^-i'"       ,,'ln "i'r " repoatod treatments of Pr
£' tsh.f/H/'J'-i \(f//fY7&   I.   '■ KpII i's Asthma Romody ami it
tsrt.it/sMo /a-..*-- y       ,  |f ,vnv m_lire nbont this remedy, ll
Cor. Portago Ave. and Fort St.        K.„, right to work and drives ostium
Awarded Brat  plizo nt   World's  Ej,   nut.    It ranches the inmost   broatl -
position on its work and methods, pn nnges nml  loaves no plnco lor th
Write for a free catalogue.    Woalst   Iroublo I" lurk.    Have it by you fot
givo Instruction by mail, |roady use.
-VA        //- i Vr--=——1—»
L__ /' " '\^
It Never Flickers
Tlie long winter evenings give a woman a splendid chance for sewing or
embroidery; but her eyes
suffer from the strain unless
she has a «o
od light.
^.'■<-";'-1^ V       1 he Rayo  is the best
^ lamp made.
It gives a fironf;, diffused li_!it that is remarkably eaiy to the eyes.
There ii no glare to it; no flicker,    it li.l.ts up a whole room.
The Kayo i_ an economical Limp, too.
You t;et ihe must potsiblfl light-value for tb- oil burned; and tbr Rayo itjclf i- ,.
low-pri-.i-d lamp.   Yet u i, a bantlnome lamp—an ornament to any room in the noute.
Tbe Rayo Litr.p is eaiily lighted without removing ihade or chimney; eaty io
dean and rewklc.    Made of solid bra», nickel-plate J; also in Dumeroui otber styles
and i;i.,.ii-' .
Alb yur dealer lo ihow you I _ Iin*- r,| Riyo limp.; or wriw (or tJoteripthia circuW
lu auy -riti.ty -I
The Imperial Oil Company, Limi.ed
warriors, Somo timo nfler, :i parly
of tho 11 nny oMicors Invtto-.l tha of*
flcora of tho warship to dlno with horn.
Tho dinner «;is progros.ing wlten a
lieutenant onteroil nud, pnluting the
ponlor olTlcor prot?ont, said, grovoly:
"Colonel, tho mnjor'a blind hoisc is
ti. bo rclen.ed .v!'*' huu protectnil
them with Iter own life, fnr she couid
•asily havo escnpod IterwU*
Footunucrs may bo intorostod in tho
following piece of folk-lore about the
Make it so," roapondoil tho cdonol,'game.   Although   it   la   not   generally
with thr* greatest gravity, nnd th< din-1kuown, football bus :i natron aaint. lu
nor nrocooded.     nothing wus raid atU-520 a boy nm 1 Hugh, who waa one
the timo, but tho navy officers tol the ol  »^' champlonB uf bis day, hud tie
inlafortu.no to klch u bull through tho
window of u. .low's Ii tu*..'. WMiother
tho ball struck tho ma-n or any membi r
ni' bis fumily is nol known, bul certain
ii im ho was v.-ry iiii.li Inconsod about
tho affair. Dotormim il on rovi nr-o, ho
enticed tho unsuspecting Hugh Into hia
bon o and plm go 1 n knife iu Ihe
vn Mb's back, The Bngllah pooplo wm*
In 1007 tho Duko of Nowcaatlopub* I*W "Jucn ,cut ufi »l,1,ul4 tnho l"H.: '"'
llsl,oil hi   very pretentiom. i oi the j «>»'"■ champion, nlbolt no   us mu h   o
hnrso, in which hu minutely describe*. |?« '      **&   Thoj; .ovoroly puui.hod
tho action of tho pacer, uud fpca.a of
him r.s ti variety not Ihen nneouinrn i*i
With the Horses
•ttit.iiii. for u imuiinii yenrs inttf ho  ,,■":,,-■   "''■"■■"'■ •*     -
nd literally nnd completely vanhhol. Hu8h    flnd u> Proweflfl !ia u l01,l,,aI1
ml not a single paerr wus to bo uuud- l'11!-)1'1';,  ..       -  ,., -    ... , ...,„,... ,.,
■li'^b'iil. Thia wna lho ttirning tu'iit
ii tho history of tho pacer of ".root
Britain, for a hundred yenrs Int<r ho
ni .ill Rngland.
About the beginning of tbo oiithrceu*
th century tbe Nnrrngattsetla wert be
ing distributed through nil the Aivri-
cnii colonic- und from their suie.i.r
[ttnlltie. us un dill era and thoir treat
upeod iu contests nguinst nil o'hei'.,
ihey hnd beeon.e the idols of th.i p*<o
plo. Tbo race track nt Littio <eek
iJooch, in South Kingston. U.I . ml tho
trnrk among tho trees o( Knee Sreot,
hiH slayer, mado tlio youug football
player ii Saint, und gave him a big and
oxpcnslvo funeral. Thoy oven wrote
verses; bud .arses, but still verses, describing  tho   virtue.   <d'  "sweol   sit
Football wus forbidden in Ellxabath'a
roign under puin of Imprisonment, tho
ronson being tlu* oxtrcmo brutality of
tho game, wo nre told. And James 1.
debarred "all rough and violont exer-
elfios liko football" from bis court.
In  spite,  however,  of  tho  prohibition
Dickie'.     Antl-Consumtlvo     Byrup
needs no rbcommeuilalion.   To all who
Phlladoiphia ire the only two of vhlch  an familiar wilh it, il .peaks for Itself.
Years ol use In tho troatmant of colde
nud Doughs and nil affections of the
throat hns unquestionably ostobllshod
Ms ploco am mg the vory best medlcluei
for such dl.cn.ca, If you glvo It n
, , , . ,,   ,. .trial you will not regret It.   Vou will
STOPS COUGHS pwce. j-caua  l""1 " -■'oont8 m" invMton.
Owing to su much anfarorabli weather, many farmer. o*er \\t:i*t«ru
Canada havs gathered at !e:.-*t part ot thfiir crop touched bi fro.t or
otherwise weather damaged. However, through the large shortage ii.
com. '"Ht*, barley, fodder, potatoei and regetablei, by the unusual be;*.!
and drought of last summer In thp United States, Eaatern Canada ami
Western blurope, there is going to he a stead) demand at good pricw
for nil the grain Western i flua-ln hue raised, no matter wdat it. quality
msj   lie.
•**(i much variety in quality make, it Impossible for those less oj
porienced to judge the full valus thnt ihould be obtained foi such gra i
therefore tlm farmei never itood more in aeed of tbe services ol the
esperlencod and reliable gralu commission mat to act foi bun. In the
looking niter and selling of bi. grain, tbun be does thu* ssaeon.
Partners, you ■•■-ill therofore do neii foi yourselves not to accept
street ur track prices, but to ship your grain by carload direct to Kurt
William or Port Arthur, t*> be handled by us in a way that will get
for ymi all there la In it. We maks liberal ad ranees wu.il desired, on
receipt of shipping bills for curs shlppedi We hei-i buj your grain on
our own nccouut, but »ct a. youi agents iu selling it to the besl sdvaa
tage for your account, nud we do bo on i flxod comml slou oi !"* pw
We have inadt i> specialty of tin. *oik foi muuj years, snd are
well known ovot Western < auada for uur experience in the grain trad*
reliability, direful attention t" our customers' interests, and prompt net"
in making settlements.
We invite farmer, who have not yet employed Ut tu wutt* to aa foi
shipping Instructions und market Information, and in regard to onr
Standing  in   ttii*   Winnipeg Drain  Trade,  uml  onr  fliiuu'in    ;io.ition,  w*?
bog to refer you to the union Hunk of Canada, nnd any oi Its branches,
a'*-o to the   iiinm-retal ageneies of Brad streets and h o  Dun a I o
703 Y Grain Exchange Winnipeg
Killing Arabs in Tripoli
Sherman's definition of war is being repeated loBSOlIB of history that u rpou-
widely   applied   just   uuw   to   Tripoli, ial irritation, causing a special severity,
where  tho Turks aro   accusing   tho iH creatod when coiittdout oxpoctJitiniw
Italians of inhuman atrocities, ami tho of eusy triumph uro deceived, mid nn
Italians   in    reply   nro   charging   tho enemy .upposod to bu helpless makes u
Arubs with treacherous savagery. Both desperate und  olloctlvo  reiistauco.   In
aro   blamed   by   Aniericun   editors   for such  cases tho  higher  nation   usually
their oxcoB.cs, but ut thu sumo time proceed. Lo exterminate tbe lower with
we uro reminded that in the red welter what biter is seen to bo ruthless cruel*
of wur wu must not expect the puuc- ty.   Massacres of Indium havo u place
tilio of  tho  drawing-room,  and   that in our own annals, nud would appear
Ituly is but playing the game ns it has more frequently in thom ,1' lho ennuis
to bo ploy oil under trying conditions, had nut been a good deal expurgated.
It is  rather  disconcerting   to   Ihnl   u      ".lust  now  'treacherous' tlio Arabs
hitherto submissive and supposedly uu* havd twh is n matte*- ut jplnluu  and
armed populace turned into a fighting other,    ire   more   .ikoly   to   ru member
force which firo*J ou an invading army'-i than th-*) Italians tbat e-e'i rigid u.nrtil*
ronr just  as  this nriuy   bus  its bunds ists hardy demuud'ho keeping of faith
full with nn ul tucking enemy Itl front..
Other disregard of tho nlcotioa of war-
faro Boom, to have helped rouse the
Iro ol the none loo stolid I tu Iin u sol
dloiy. Bloody re tn liu tion wus to bo
oxpoctod, Ami this, uotos the Uoston
Trauscrlpt, "mny havu been foarful"
wllhaul irtnuiiy '-. adoring thom liable
to (be charge of violating tha convention drawn up ut The llnguo in 1007,
rogulutlng "the law. nml customs of
wm ou lunl." If, us certain uorros
pondotit.   of   tiei'iuuu,    I.ttgllah,   nnd ably I
with a public ono my, particularly in
resistniii-e to Invu.lnr, few unm-'S
would deal gently with foe. who light
nil they die -in I hardly know wlmt tlle
word 'surrender' menus Thii -liur.ic
torlstlc of tho Arab, bus been repeat--.-
ly iiieiitioneil in Ibe dispatches ns explanatory of tin* Italian harsline.iis, and
il dors explain to soma oxtoitt why fow
opportunities tn gel  rid of  uieh lues
have   1 i gl .1.    The   killing  ol'
women  uml  children   bus  unniit-ntlou*
of hand .
ago nor
oi    lulhn
run   papers alb go,
i li.
g,l    .
will    ful
or tho *.
World, i
en     \!-l
lex. uml lulling
**," Hi,'.,, iinui,-.
In* Uni bin iitornl c
very low In I ho I*-
ccordlng to tho No'
iohi corrospondoiil M
Hugh,   in   authority
- the >t
be    llii
I'm i
mu**! detailed itceounl of the "atrocities," is just whal bus taken placo.
The ..veiling Post, too, is convinced
I.t lIiobo n port-; thai these "troops
of a civilised Power, acting us the in is
iton.ric. of civilization to tbo pooplo
i i i.niih Africa, wonl ntnd aod stir*
rendered themselves to au abominable
carnival or blood lust.1 Ami thus
Italy, "wh'n li thoughl t , cclebralo tin
(ifii. lb yenr of nor unification by
planting her ling on the southern shore
of   I Ik-    M.'ilitt i rum nn,    has   only   rust
upon  that  dug u  horrible  blot   which
Uui yean  can  scare, ly   remove."
Evor stronger language  is found in
accldoutal, uud perhaps of
Ion Ihe reBull of lho Arab iIvcb. "
Dili, ru .iik Ibut du < wolgllt bo given
io iIoiiIiiIh und oxplanationn irom olll
cinl Itullan sources, nml lo dispatches
from nuwspaper oorrcspoudouts in Tripoli conttndictiiig ibe mora souaatlotml
i.'ports of burl.nnoiis atrocities, Thu
Mow Vork Mi raid IioIIovub that Lho de
lulls aenl iu by iis representative of*
factually dihpu-o uf "the rocolil wild
accusations," .md th o"defamation of
a galhuil army uud a chivalrous mi*
tion." Tho Now Vork Press und Kow
uib um. Picayune tuke the sn iu.' \ low
ui tho matter, while the Pittsburg
i lironiclo-Tolegrnni is convinced that
the charges against the Italian I roups
in Tripoli oro "palpably false and
malicious,'' An ollli ial itnto/uont
signed by General Canova, in command
al Tripoli, makes a categorical denial
vi tho tabs of butchory, refers to order.-, given   to  th-  sold ion  "to  treatlof Camborwoll i
Tho "accident of his being a Canadian is not, alone, tho claim Mr. Law
lins upon public IntorO-t jUBt now.
That did not gain him the leadership.
Bonar Law In the chieftain of tho Cim-
•■urviitivo party today, because ho is
the most outstanding nnd brilliant exponent of a movement, which shows
symptoms of becoming a dominant issue iu British politics. Ho is tho
king-pin of the tariff reformers. Mr.
r.nliour louinl tbnt tho movement of
tu ri It reform was getting too strong
for him; he decided to hand tho control over to a younger, moro aggressive
nnd virile mun. Balfour, dreamer,
dilettante and dialectic, tried to rido
both Lho horse, of the tariff reform*
ors and those opposed to their doctrine, Hotiur Law's convictions aro
all in the direction of protection; ho
is the uncompromising, unhesitating
supporter of LarilVs.
The new leader is a son of the niuiiHc.
His father was Kev, dames Law, a
Pre.bytoriaii minister in Baxton, Kenl
County, Now BruuBwlok* Law, the
statesman, arrived in Lite world in 1868,
He wus brought up in tho nltuiuphcre
of the lurk und public schools at Hex-
ton nml Ulchlbucto. When he wits
twelve years old. hia aunt, took him to
Glasgow, Scotland, to finish his education.
Si two then, Mr. Law bns resided
uii inly in Glasgow, though In* fro*
quenily conios lo Canada, uml bus al*
WUyB been proud of bis Oaiiadtoil rein*
iug. (In his mothor'fl sido lie bud a
ii umber of Glasgow relatives cullod
KldHton, who euiiflplrod with bis auut.
to stint him in the Iron business m
Glusgow, lie prospered ut il, becoming m. length chairman of the Scottish
Iron Association, Incidentally, be
gained knowledge of moro innttors than
iron. lie loarnod to think after the
Scotch mode. lu the city of Adam
Smith, t'uther ot political economy,
llomn* Law begun to be enthusiastic
aboul thoorutic questions of trade uud
commerce In tho your 1000, a par
liamontary deputation got after him to
contest lilnekfriars, Glasgow, Lnw |
ouptnrod Lho scat. His aptitude for
politics wnu such, that, two yeurs
later, be was appointed Parliamentary
Socrotary to the Hoard of Trado, Tho
Conservative party run ou tho rocks In
J'.linl, and Law weut down iu a landslide, burled by a labor vote. Since
thon, ho bus sat for Dulwich division
I   Booth*,  division   of
Thwin-g, the indefatigable secretary of
the league. Of thu recent "solemn
incineration of utensil.*, employed tn the
consumption of opium," ut his suggestion, Lbo Illustration (Paris) sayc;
"Thu best people in China, reali/.ing
tho perils of thy opium habit, appeal
to be obstinately loterminod to oppose,
by every possible, meuns, the spread of
an evil which, in spite of ofllclttl edicts,
extends Hn rawigts day by day A
veritable battle has been going'on foi
a long tlmo. Public ttddl'esBOB, postal
| cards, ami imposing public domon.trfl
'tions havo been resorted to for Lin*
purpose of impressing the popular
inii.d. The Viceroy of Yunnan recently cnused to be, burnt up in public,
to the sound of gongs and fifes, thousands of opium pipes,''
Thin example, was followed at Tion-
jTsin, where, untie:* tho auspices of the
Anti-Opium League, u big liuuliro was
I made iu the playground of the school
'of Nnn-Kai. One of the most renin rkn hie faaturc. iu the wot I; of
Christian missionaries in the East, from
the Bosporus to the Gauges, is their
inlliieiice us dlsfloiuluntoi. not only ol
religion, hut of 4nci.il refinement and
Kuropinii civilization. The Americn.i
and Knglish inissiouiirii■«, men and
women, have dope a grout doiil, by
touching nud ixnmplo, to rouse India,
China, nud Japan from the torpor ot
their iiiheritel habits, ami to le.ich
them the main virtue.' of energetic
seU'-ileiiinl. Tho children whu witnessed the destruction of the opium
utensils learned u lesson Ibrough tholr
eves which might llUVO beer mor.< tli 111*
• oil lo tench through the cur. The
Illustration thus describes Ibis Incident:
The Upper Fraser Valley Farms
Tho Placo Wlirro Farming -ays-
'il ,
iil in
:.lv   Belli 'rutlil
. orJins
Hi,,  Atlanta
n Ituvo taken mi  tli"
.testroyer.   Turkey  is
.il nnil out-nlim, ii'i- i.
to 'lio  |iri as  reports,
Hi.' Ainlis on '.In' frloiullicst ut tonus, I Liverpool,
to reaped tlieir principles, customs, ro- from :i New Brunswick kirk manse,
ligioii, nml women;" anil tells of tin'I tn leader ol the Opposition in tlio Bri-
listribution of  fooil among tlio poor. | tisii House of Commons, with a fighting
luiii.'.- of being lmporial Pieniior Bomo
outragoous, unwarranted  slaughter,
"Tho Ian l-gralibing expedition appears -o luiii' ilegunerated 'nto wanton
murder—a descent short antl .-asy."
Su Ii slat-iini ni.- on these Tho Ooor-
_inn .iustiflcs by tho quotation ol  Be.*-
Many   local   laborers   were   ctnployetl
-iu.i many of tho Turkish guns boughtjday, is a rim; without roeord.     In ele-
fn in ilir pooplo by tho invaders were von yours'  parliamentary    oxporienco,
returned to thorn lor thoir protection, this Canadian has proved his qualitios
To qucto from this statemont its it ap- for loadorsbip among tlio best bruins
pears -u the Now Sfork Herald: ami blood in tho capital of the world.
"This,,   oatlvcs   woro   allowed    to Old  Joseph   Chamberlain   picked   him
is o'ut-heroding Herod und out-noroingIpass in and out through our trenches, out as an impressive llguro yonrs ago.
Nero.   It   is  plunging   nock-high   iniu I and  Arabs anil thoir caravans passod Bonar     Law's     personal   appoaranco
unmolested llirounh our linos.    * Mibtly    BUggosts    Intense    earnestness
"On   October ' 23   the   Turks,    tu- I"1"'' -j"*" 'in?,th}nS al?", lj th" heavy j
gother wiih a large number of inunnt- bT', "'.'•'    ?    dog. gr'P ° ,"'" ""*?"'
od  natives  and  about  live  thousand andthoil-o.l oyo glance.   His speeches
Arabs,  all   arrnoil   with   Mausers,  at- uavo  tho ring of responsible    utter-1
tacked uur linos in front and in var- """-ff-     T"'r'' ,s htt,'.e,. P1"* !l.f. tttncX
i.ms places In the town,     Tho Arabs, ln thorn; fow generalities,      lhoy all
those   of  tho   oasis,  suddenly  .m„l„,-j ,'","'''r"     ''?',■  "J|,,'"'".'1V sl"fh "\,.,"r"
taxes, coal duties—-t.inil  reform. They
bristle with statistics.     Mr. Law has.
something to say and 'he can compel a
workmen und laborers em- j h,':,fin« on ^ 8Ub**ects .fUlout *K\
ployed by ,ta being tho most promin- Pfal *R,??BsioU;. As :i "flter, "J* °/
[-nt among the attackers, suddenly h-m* "H« audience would rather list-
throwing down their tools and taking Jf »■'"» ,i,l";r-  .    Hta capacity far get*
B  ting down to the roots of tariff Bcbe*
| dulea made htm ti sort of bibliography .
|of  new  argumonts to his  former lead*
.ga-mpnts)  lid not hos   orfl)   Mr-   Balfour  and   .Mr.   chamber
agraphs from recent dis*
the seat  of war.     Por
■.ra! typi.a1 y
patches from
"The Italians are seizing hundreds
of nutiv-s und bringing them into tho
eity in chains, and shooting them iu
groups. Italian discipline la de norni*
Ued. The soldiers huve lost their
heal j and uro almost out of cunt iol
of ofiicers.
"For  three doys tht   Italian, have
been.systematically slaughtering Arabs ^j^^
m the residential oasis outside ot tno1
ing rifles, attacked up at our back.
"In many Instances    these attacks'
mall log** of wood wen
ry kind of utensil omplo
tho consumption of the deadly drug
—pipes, lumps, and sauccrB. These
wen- pi loci up iu the largo exercise
ground, spacious ns u llebl of military
iiiiiiioiuvres. belonging to tbe school of
.Nan Kni, A crowd of Chinese had
assembled, coming on fool or in carriages to witness the burnhig of whnt
Ihey hnd once been devoted to. Keeping a good distil ace oil', within tho
limits ol a vast square, they stood in
astonishment it this solemn conflagration, which some of them cou'd noL
see without feeling a pang of regret.
"Meanwhile, tho organUors of this
.singular spcetnelo moved to and fro
among the onlookers, giving them good
advice aud suggesting to the smokers
of opium that they should go In the
hospital to bo cured of the detestable habit. Ami Mr. Thwing, the
active secretary of tho league, himself
distributed, in the intorc-sti of his pro
pagan.la, postal cards with picture,
pimple ami direct as the children's pictures manufactured nt Bpiual. On
theso car Is wero depleted, for instance,
three men. lean as skeletons, tmoklilf;
opium, A tiger approaches with thu
intention of devouring them, hut turns
away, ai if -n\ing, They nre too
ykhiny! Perhaps it might be concluded from this apologue, by the luw
of ]og;c, that opium is to be earnestly
recommended ns a defonso against wild
boosts, Mr. Thwing did not anticipate
such an interpretation of the plcturo,
though doubtless it occurred to Bonn
subtle mandarin, as h. lay smoking
his opium."
n.it ii"
tb   rill.
hid leti     undo:
Ita to to walk up quietly to within
few  yards   of   our   soldier,   uud   then
lire ou them.
"Even  women,    concealed    behind
bushes and trees, lired on us."
city. Kvery Arab met h;n been shot
down without trial. Many women have
boon killed. Nothing moro doplornblo
than tho massacres at Tripoli hus been
witnessed in n war for mnny a day.
Tho Arabf caught were shot iu masses "
The suggestion of several papers, in
eluding ;ho New Vork World, thai
Italy "call a halt," submit her ca.Q
to Thy Hague Tribunal, lo tho principle of which she hns nssentod, nnd
"lot the Court of Nations settle this
dispute and  stop  the slaughter."  docs
not seem practicable to mosl of the ,na]ting it so slinporv "that people are
editors. Turkish protests must bo n |;ai,i(, (o r;t)J and break their necks?'
vain, declare, the Bpriuglleld Uopubli*]    uye8( Bir  | d0ju WQ8 Ull, rep)V(
'Then why do you wash your bloom-
i ing old windows.' "
'It's the orders
A boy about fourteen years old
ployed at u grocer's, was wushin*.
windows the other morning wben a
pedestrian with a squint in his eye
came  along and   stopped  to  say:
"Boy, don't you see lhat the water
is running all  over the  pavement nnd
'for not one of the great civilized
Christian Lowers i-ould i-on"is , ully re
proaeh Ituly for crimes which could It
found stained deep upon its own record I
of conquest." The New York Tribune
see. uo possibility for any othor pun*
ishmont than tho "moral ostracism"
of public opinion, and significant.) concludes its editorial by reminding us
that "over the cntruncr to tho Peaco
Palace at The Hague a t*ign states that
it is 'closed for repairs.' " Tho
World, too, without exonerating Italy
in tho lon.t, can mt help remarking
Ibal "cruelty is insiparabl ■ from wars
of conquest " '*,n* continues;
"Britain blew Sepoys from the cannon's mouth to blast their hopes of
ti bodily resurrection Kitchener violated thr Knhril *■ tomb,   Knglish, Bel-
sir.   If
nd   not
biin.     This is what caused Karl Percy I
tu once remark of Bonar Law: "There
is uo one who has rendered more yeoman   service   to   his   party."      It   is
sign i lieu nt   that   the    choice    of   tho
Unionists   is   a   prepondo nntly   unanimous on*-.     Tlu* party has been some-[
what  under the  handicap of  not  be-1
ing able to agree on certain policies or.
their* protagonists.       It   will   be   Mr. j
Law's task  to organize liis  following
Into   a   united,   concentrated,     definite
fon-e.      He knows his party;  that  is
why  hu has been selected as its constructor.
Whatever Andrew Bonar Law, crea* ]
tor of policies, contributes to the
thought of the Empire, will be watch- j
ed with keen interest iu every part of
it; and the not least iu that part,
"which lies beyond tho seas."
China', awakening mny not be due]
f the boss,
the   boss   should   i ome   down   ai
find thc windows  washed ho'd say to
" Moo, you infernal Imp of laziness,
why haven't you washed the windows
this morning.''
".'Bocuuso a cock-eyed man with a
.■iti.T knee objected,' *l'd reply; and
theu ho'd say tlmt you could go and
be hanged to you.     That would make
you nnd, and you'd drop in to have it jfjre 0|' the bookn of magic by tho Kph j
out with him. My boss is a small oslaii sorcerers, never has such a resol*!
mnn and bumble looking, but how ho uto holocaust nf pr-.tlterous properly j
rap!      The  minute you opened  heen made than was recently witnessed |
ti  ts dlscontinunnc
pipe  whose,  fumes
of tho use of (he
f drowsy poppy-
juice bring false contentment, but the
two oventa, perhaps, aro purr if the
same forward movement toward n few
time  in  the   >hi  bind.      Since tin- bon
on   him   he'd   whirl   around   und   cock
Other eve  and  smash  that  other
ginn, Dutch, and French aettlers and knee, nml there'*! bo a C0.11 for the
official, vie in cruelty to African blacks ambulance, and you'd bo laid up In tho
whom tbey have robbed of freedom, hospital for at least sixty days. Sorry
fleri'iiriv's COfltiV .->n ;m-d of the Here if | inconvenience you, i.ir; but I have
ro. hn. beeu marred ->y bntbnrity. Tho got to continue to wash. I've got to
Japanese massacred Manchu troops at uo it to hold my job, ami l'vo got
Toil Arthur i to do u lo keep tho boss from knock-
i  "An*  our own  skirts clear? In  the1 ing you into the middle of next week,
Philippines our 'wntor-cure1 cruelties and now you know nil about it"
nnd   our   ' Ib'll-Ko-iri-ig   .lakes'   giving      " Yes, i know all nbont it, nml hang
orders to 'kill all over ten years old'  ed if I wouldn't give two quid for the
breve.'- u.* faithless to tile Constitution 'privilege  of   culling    you     to     mince-
'meet!"   multeivd   the   cock-eyed   man,
I ri nil rei reai.t to demivrjicy nml tin
1 Declaration   of   It-dependence.
'' No man ih good enough to rule
another mnn without that other man's
[consent. The sniuo is true of nations.
■.Contempt of 'inferior races' turns
T quickly to cruelty when they seek by
I'rude means to defend tlieir homes."
There nn* many, however, who. while
Ibelieving that much killing not in net
as ho skated over the wet spot.
(By Donald B. Sinclair)
Andrew Bonar Law, M.l\, has been
chosen leader of tho Opposition in the
British House of Commons. .Some years
ual battle hns boon dono by "the invaders' ago, a thick-sot, offorvoseont lump of
if Tripoli, and while regretting that ft 00y culled Law. With a shock nf
llnly's claim for consideration ns "a bushy hair, played bull and studied
Power currying civilization wln-re it, Latin at the Grammar School iti ltichi-
,vn. iic-e-led," is weakened thereby, re-1 biuto, New llrunswiek. Sometimes,
member with the New York Times thnl .after school hours, he snt on the docks
Mlowancr must bo mnde "for the pecii- nml watched the clumsy square-riggers
lar difficulties which the Kalians have load up with lumber and put out to
ineouutcrod in denting with n foe at sen. It mny bo he thought of being
jnc.r fanrloss nnd fnnntlcnl, and itso'l' ft lumber king or sailor some dny. But
)j no means not*d for scrupulousness' Bunnr Law, tho RlchlbuctO school boy,
•n observing the restrictions nnd bus become nn historic personage—
iinenitiei of regulnri/ed warfar*-." To the Ilrst Canadian, or colonial, to nt-
picte further from this Times editoriall tain to the leadership of a groat poll*
"To understand what hns happened ■ ticol party in tho Knited Kingdom;
■no must remember, first of all, per- . per hops nn omen of the days wlu-n a
ifipn. that the mon In conflict nre wide |uoy from Halifax, Capetown, Calcutta
f d{similar—that our side feels itself or Melbourne, may sit in the sent of
'uperor to M.nrbnrinns,' tlm othor to Pitt and GIndstono in tho historic
ialdols.'   it is one of tho most of ten   room at Weiitmiiister.
nt Tien-Tsin, when tho spoils of ninny
jpium den. -pipes, lamps, saucers, etc.
—were consr.mcd oy the flames, This
wus done under tin* auspices of the
Anti-Opium League, which is waging a
stubborn war r( gal est the use of tnis
fatal dreg. It is slated iu the Kevin* Bloin (I'iiris) thill in spite of 'ill
efforts to a Polls!) (he use of the narcotic, two-tl Irds of *ho people of
China a e still nddicted to its use, and
we are told:
"Opium smokers   are recruited from
Ihe upper classes, especially the mandarins, the govornmont    officials, nul
the men of letters, and nlso from the
very  lowest classes, day  laborers nnd
others of the proletariat.     The middle- j
chns is much less enslaved than these
two extreme orders of the people    Thu I
smoKors begin the practise at between
eighteen  nnd   twenty  years    of  age. I
Some  boys  nf  ten  or  fifteen   take  to
tllO pipe.     The number given to opium
may bo estimated at from one-llflh to
twn-thlrd(- of the population, according
to tlle region. The force of example |
and the contagious diffusion of this'
habit are accountable for its wide pre- i
valence. The Chin080 smoke opium be* j
cniiBQ they see it smoked nil around
them, just ns we us-, the cigarette in
Ilu* spirit of imitation."
Thr?n, of course, nre  the lines    on
which the Anti-Opium League is work-
iir:.   By destroying publicly pipes and
otlur nt inslls employed by th* smok- j
ors they  practically  remove,  in  some |
degree, the temptation nnd opportunity |
from the vouiic. nnd at the sumo time
set a stigma on Ilu* vice.     This is the
lent I mont expressed    out   and   over;
ngain   by   tho   l.cv.    Kdwnrd    Wai to
For a fashionable woman to dream
that a large rodent insists upon following her about fo all the social functions she attends is a sign that the rat
in her pompadour is not concealed as
effectually as she could wish.
If you are a divorced person, of recent Vintage, nnd dream of whispering,
it is a sign that somebody somewhere,
at some lime or other hns been mentioning your case to a third party bo*
hind your back.
To have a vivid impres-uon in the
middle of the night thai vour wife is
Investigating the contents of your
change pocket may or may nut be a
dream. If on rising in the morning
you find a fivedollur bill left therein
it is n sure ,-iigu that it wus a dream.
To dream that a large elephant is
flying about your room, and now nud
tin ii alighting on the tip end of your
and singing "My Country 'tis of
Thee," is gonerally a sign either tliat
your welsh-robbit last night was a trifle
stringy, or that there is a hole some*
where in your mosquito-net.
To drenm nil night .of cackling hens
is a fairly reliable omen that ut some
timo within the next two yenrs a fresh
eg: will be served at your breakfast,
though, of cour.se, how it got there, under prevailing conditions, will remain a
To dream while sitting in an or*
chestra-ehair at a modem comic opera
that the piece hns three new jokes, a
plot, and om- tune ihnt you never heard
before, is 11 sign of a disordered im*
agination, ami it will behoove you to
give up red-ment nnd starchy foods for
a brief period.
If vou dream thai you are listening
with rapt attention and keen interest
to a lecture ou "Tlm Influence of
Alexnnder Hamilton on Modern Gas*
tronomy," it is :i .-ugi* that you aro
paying no attention to the remarks
your wife is making concerning certain
developing tendencies in your char*
actor which need immediate constitutional amendment.
If you dream for ten consecutive
nights that yon are living on tne fat
of tint, bind, mid smoking twenty.live
cont cigars continuously between meals
thut wuuld have delighted tin* Kpicur-
eans, It is a sign that you are enjoying a cheap spree for which you should
be devoutly thankful.
I'o dream on a stormy winter's
nighl thnt the coalman has arrived nml
dumped four tons of live-dollar gold-
pi. res into your cellar is a pretty sure
sign lhat nt' some time during the winter your hired man will in form yuu
that your coal supply is on the wane.
To dream that you nre making a tremendous sensation at the ipern by entering the auditorium Clad in blue
pa ainns, with ti bath-towel wrapped
lurbnmwiso about your head. lea.ling a
diplodoeus down the ui.lt attached to a
gold lorgnette chain, is a sign thut it
you attempt to do tin* snmo thing in
n>; I life nt nny nf the New York, Uoston, Philadelphia, or Chicago thentres
you will be handed over to the police.
To dream that you nre in partnership
wiih King George nnd the Kuiser in n
little delleatesspn shop in Kansas City
is nn infallible sign tint the next
Swiss cheese you buy will be full of
holt s.
At Luc La lhu'he, on tho Cariboo
Itoad, UO mil OB north of Ashcroft, a
man told us that ftl the 100-Mllo House,
we would leave the best part of llritish
Columbia behind. Thnl man was rid
ing a calico cay use and .hotihl have
known better. As a mutter uf fact, it
wns only after reaching the l50»MUo
House thut we began to Iind whti'. we
considered the best of British Columbia
Olio who makes his observntintm
from the Cnriboo Head is very liable to
have poBPlmtstlC not I one at times re
guiding the ugiiciiltuinl possibilities of
the laud. North of Clinton llm road
ascends to the summit of it high plat.
:ni ami follows thnt level for many
miles. Thoro is alkali in little stag
mint lakci. here and there, and the sod
formation is day uml sand. The altl
titile is Mich lhat. frost plays havoc
with growing things. The people who
live on this stretch raise a few cattle
ami think thnt ull Die couutry north
of them to the Poaco l.lvor is just llki
whnt thev s-e around Liu in. Neiir tin
i~>» Mile House tin rond descends to u
lower level un*) conditions chnngi
Yei tin*-' cattle district is interesting
ami produces u considerable amount 01
v.cahh. The winters nre rigorous, to
be sure, bul large bands of wild horse.
roam through the woods utul seem to
get on BOmoliOVt. Stock ho. to tie fed
III Ilu winter lime, wild liny being
i heir principal .'ond. This iu cur of id I)
gal In-led by tbe ranchers during tin
summer, In tliat belt, which extends
i'or a long distance on the Cariboo
Road, ovory man, woman am! child
rides like a centaur— men are cowboyi
ami some oi the girls an, bron-ho busl
ers. We Baw somo of these latter in
action near the 180-Mile House. Thi
ranching belt extends over into Hie
Chilcotin country, which is the centri
of the cattle Industry of this province
About the 150-Mile House are many
prosperous farms, oats and hay beiiq*
tin principal .rops. We were told
that there was some fine agricultural
laud east of that point, in the Hurst
Ily country. Along tho road from tlu
I50*MiIc House to Sodn Creek, om
moot, with flourishing farms here uml
there. The unique spectacle of i pros
porous Indian ranch we witnessed here
ijimis nnd Charles, wealthy Slwa.her,
have n ranch ou whicli they rais.
lurge iju.iutities of buy ami grain
Haying waa in full swing when wi
passed, pur -ly l, flinn methods being
used. An Imliar girl would r*do u|
to a haycock and an Indian boy would
attach a rope, one end of which wai
fastened to tbe saddle horn, to tin* luy
cock. The cayuse. in answer to n vlg
orous kick in the ribs, would start
across the field to the barn with tlu
haycock bumping behind. The entire
field was dotted with moving haycocks.
At Soda Creek, HJ7 utiles from Ash
cruft, the road strikes tho Fraser l"i
the fi'st time. Above this point iln
river vnlloy, which farther down h
vcry narrow, widens out on both sides
and here is to be found the most con
sidcralde aud richest area of ngricul
tural land along the length of thi! eu
tire read. The land rises from tin
river in a series of steps or benches
The soil is a deep vegetable loam, ii,
some cases black, In others ;i rich
chocolate color. The natural growth
is principally Cottonwood and spruce^
trees which in that country are founo
only in lich soil. We were told b\
old farmers that once this light tint
In r is chared from the land, the ver*.
best crops grow with mini mum cultivation. Tbo rainfall is adequate, ul
though, as a rule, timothy hay erupt;
are Irrigated.
Some of the oldest ranches in tin
Cariboo are situated in this belt on
the east bank of the Frasor, Tin
'unlevy ranch, the Australian, Hill
burn's, and tne kei.iey, ure among
these. There is also u great deal Oi
farm laud on the west side of tin
river, bu' the absence of a road h:n
retarded development hero. Nov; tin
air is full o'' railroad lull; ami railroad
surveys have been put through oi
both sides of the river, so tint moat
of  the  land  has  been   taken   up,
If ever a farmors' fairyland ex-
l.ted it is assuredly iu the Uppfll
i'rnser Valley. The ranchers then
are making their fortunes .is rapidly uiii' they owned gold mines, and ili.it
with a minimum of labor uml worry
This is due lo two causes; first, tin
productiveness of the soil, ami, sccoud
ly, to tho enormous prices commaudo
bv hay, grain ami farm products ii
general. Timothy buy s-lls at from
fOfl to ■*.■*.■> per tun. Oats bring from
t*. te 7 cents per pound nt the ranch
Potatoes  .imi   all' other   vegetables   nr.
Mild at coiresponding prices. Al:
that n rancher needs to do is to gol
his hny in the barn in the summer nnd
his oats iu tiie sack, then lie enn sil
back nt his ease, nud, nt the propel
time, the purchasers will come begging
him to mT.pt their money and let
them i iirl nway the products. Thi.
luriou-; statu of affairs is partly din
to tin* Isolated nature of the country
Development has bed. going o*i up.ici
in the central interior. The demand
ior farm products fur exceed, the sup
ply. The outside world where n.il
ways run is hundreds of miles away vii
Ashcroft. It costs I cents a pound
to haul feed to Soda Creek. YVitl
this enormous protection behind him
the farmer can put practically his 0W1
price on his wnrcs, although the com
ing of tbe railroad *will greutlv Incrcn
*PI ty, ihe conscqusuco stimula
Hon of development will increase th.
demand correspondingly] so that it h
safe to say that 'iimhcis iu this d's
Irict have a ready market and goo*
prices assured foi many years. fi>r
previously stated, some of th-s
ranclicB novo been   under   cultlvatloi
for ns much us forty y.-nrs. nml b i
to be still producing ns abundantly m
ever. The farm-, divide- nnturallv int
two branches tin* jralft ranches am!
the buy rancho., The best cxnmphv
of the grain ranche**. nro the Australia!
ami llillburn _, while the Korslo"*
ranch, fifteen miles south of Qaosnoj
is the hading hay ranch, Here oi
less thnn seventy ncres James Shop
nrd has produced 250 tuns of timothy,
us well as a falr-slzod stand of oats.
The ordinary yield of timothy with
irrigation is throe tons to the ac.ro.
The average yield of outs is from a.'Kui
to B,B00 pounds to the acre. Ordinarily oats are reckoned bv tho buahol.
but hi the I'pper Fraser Valley where
liny nro luo preatous for that, they are
sold by tlm pound One of tho grain
rue .'his mst senson sold 1(10,000 pounds
of out. at seven cents a pound, which
seems tu bo a fairly good revenue fur
any farm.-,'. The usual formation of
soil hero is tbe loam described above,
with a cloy subsoil. On the river
bottom, huwovur, the subsoil is suiie-
lit.iis gravel, nml one pro-i tnptur with
whom we ttilked is going to make a
rather unusual use of this. IL* bftb
taken up HJO acres on a line cleared Hut
Dolow Alexandria, and llext var he
ivlll put, in Iwo acre, of watermelons.
He thinks be will make his fortuno,
md there BOO ma no roiiHon why jio
should not, us watermelons in that
.ntry an* worth even more than
potatoes, iu this vnlloy some smveas-
ul experiments have been made ia
iruit raising. Al Soda Creek wo saw
orchard of young apple trees, almost every branch being propped up
to keep it from breaking under the
. load oi fruit. Small fruits
irom iitrawberrios to black! rries grow
perfection, ami Borne of tin- ranchers in the district predict a great future iu fruit growing. There is no
pon wbv th,s prediction should not
fulfilled, as there ia ubumln*:- m< w
the winter season lo protect thu
trees and plants.
We noticed one unfortunate 'a*. ;.--.•
of farming in the  Upper Frnser  Vol
l-'.v._     Owing   to   the   high   prici
vailing for hay and grain, ;ii   | irta   a
tor the most  part  have bee)
to   crop   the  Barae   tilings   yea.'   -
vear, without beed to thu requ
of the land.     To be si re, il is hard
Lnico any effects a. yet, but i    *   i .* tn
stand   this  sort  of   thing   indeflaitelv.
Tin- prin-ipal mar;, ts tot the pr        ' «
of the Upper Prasi r fan .  .
lurkervi.-e ami fort G
Cultivation  in this    alii       -       -     -
all confined to tht  older r
forred to above      B I .
not Alexandria wo found a
now pre-emptora a- n .- ■   u
already with good crops of -*:■
etc.     There i- a greal
kind not yet .udrivated than
ing crops, and  when the   i ■
)f  the  Cariboo  is a  f iw   *
the Upper Fraser Valley will hi ;,-, r .
.'ery lurge farming
Qucsm 1, at pn lent *    i_m$
point for this territory a
little town, situated on the I
ibovo  the junction
'..Juesiul bus two tine -a, .*.   ;;
•ion's Kay post and     •■       *.
-tores.     What will be •       . - ■ i
town,  after  thi
Grand Trunk Pacific, when Fori
will  automatically  b*
butiug  point,   ..-   d ::...-     - . ...
However,  railway  line, an-   projected
lown both sides of the Ftasi r   and aa
loubt (^u.-siiet will hold a
-diare of trade, situ'itcd. as it is, idgo,
ent to this fertile agrkultu
jii the one side and th,-   ■
ille  mines  on  th,-  other.
The new. has just been p ihed of
ihe aw.ir-i t. Madame v..:.- .; cao
Nobel prize rur ehemistry. .hia ,--_,•;__
woman scientist thus enjoys en . .
ordinary distinction of _.i-. ing -.Tr..-.*
uecn hunuteiJ witu this prue, ta 'u^.;
Jiiehuli the award in tu-r section ..
physics went to Pierre Cd,*.. _:. | _[.i .
•line Curie jointly, tbe oih-.* ball
■ng bcstowen upoa ir.-.   -
flie material benefits   conferred   .*.    i
-ho prize aiuuutit to the ram   .    i
.100. a gilt which is cot v> be  .     ..-,    .
-ilthougu perhaps the principal vaius . ■
.he recipient  ue.  in  the  great  b
which attache, to this award, the .
n the Kobe: prize w oners comprising.
is it  •rands  today, a  perfei:'. - . tj
tt the greatest   genii  ia the ..leatiii.:
•vurld ot our timo
A candidate, aft, r addressing a rne»*t-
ing, annouuci I bis willingness to rawer questions. One eieel d tho
lUdioncc said. "Sir, 'io yon think i am
worth mare thnn _- shillings i wi  k I
The candidate, taking a . look
it him, replied, "Well, i thins:, .-. . .
ail.**, yon an* not getting too much."
"Well, then," demanded the que*
.loner, "do yo nthink 1 am worth
thirty bub a wee  / "
"Yes,*' responded the candidate; '1
lon't think that at ull au unreasonable
.vngo ior you.''
"Then," shouted the el ■ tor, tri
itmphantlv, "I wish you would tell
■hot to the old skinllint beside >ou in
.he chair, because he is my empl-yor."
Henry (iayton, shepherd f« over
sixty years on a farm near llr.iyfield-
u-the O.eon, Northauti, tiugland, has
irobably established n re-oni f*»r long
service in hi. line. He has worked on
he same farm for sixty-four years,
having begun at tlio age uf six as a
drd Miner. He still minds the sheep,
harvests, and dues odd job?, nud is
nappy with a weekly wage of sixton
.hilling.. His wife still lives. They
have bad thirteen children born to
them, rea.ing them all.
For sixty years mystery haa surround-
■il Ihe fate of nn exploring expedition
Into the wilds of Australia, led by Dr.
Liudwig Leichardt, a young Gormen
naturalist, although announcement was
OCOutly made Hint relics of thc littio
bftnd had been discovered In the north
POStern part of the country. Acting
m this, the Geographical Society of
South Aust nlia bus sent an expedition
o investigate, and if it ir* convinced
Imt it haa solved the mystery of Leic-
tardt's fate It will mark the spot with
i monument, Lob hardl \ first great
lonrnoy brought him world-wide fame,
'or he nnd his comrades treavellel over
8,600 miles of unknown Australia, The
result was a book which he wai del*
ine:l never to see, nv ho plunge 1 agiin
nto the wildon.i i before it bud been
printed. rnr.R putss, 6__u*wwAfiR, British Columbia.
hinii.Tlv ITIw Now l-l.-.i.i
I'rlnlHl nml inilitlilieil every Tliumlay irom It,
ulli.'.., H calmlMtor street, Cliilliwnck.
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DlHiiltu iiilvertlalim mtc. mnile knnivn nn nnull
.-nil n ll.vimblial.er.
i   I'liissiiiiii nilvei'llaciiiciits, i .'.-t.i iier ivonl eneli
IiihtiIi.ii, imynule m nilvnnui',
I   Di-iilni nilverllaor, will iilonae rcmoinlicr Ihnl
, I,, Inmire n I'linime, copy must Iw In not Inter Hum
weilncMlnv inoriiliiir.
I     C, A. hah lliiil, PuWIilier nml Proprietor,
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The Cliilliwnck Harness Co., aro carrying a full line of ?
Dr. Pattie's Celebrated Australian |
Stoch Remedies. |
for Horses and Cattle.   Also instruments in Drenching *
Bitts, Syringes, nnd Milk Fevor outfits. J
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■lock. ♦
 il|ii' criticism, nay   milling,  iln
nothing, hi- iintliiuir.
The ruilwuy board will, III Ullawa
mi February ID, consider com-
plitinls as in .'Mirliiiaiit freight rules
ill 111.'  west.
Canadians drank live and h half
gallons of boor per head last year,
one gallon of ({in. whiskey and other
Ui mis nf spirits,
Wlial i" lh.' si'i'i'i'i of sueecRS in
business? yelling tho people' what
they waul? \'m. nul exactly; il is
educating Ihcni into wanting the
IhingH ymi have l" sell.
New civic laws have just conic into forco throughotil Switzerland,
which greatly advance the legal position of women whu are now almost
ns tree as men, except that they
cannot vote,
Hon, Mr. 1.1'inii'iix, former post-
niaster-goncral, address ing Montreal Canadian Club, favored placing
cables, telegraphs uml telephone
lines tmdor the control of tho postmaster-general.
Kinn; Gcorgo and Queen Mary are
to have a great welcome on their
arrival in England.   On February
X Hii a groat naval review at Spithoad
{is In be held and tho London public
♦ | is prepared lu at rd thc King nnd
'cxi.-i* iii particular a statue nf a
Uod resembling nol lho Aztec god'
but ono of iin- grotesque deities
uf  ilu- ChlnoBO.
1   There is open wuter now from
Yale In the coast,
I Channols have heen cut through
the ice to the shore at both the Hope
Station landing and at the upper
Hope lauding. The ferry scow has
lieen in operiilinn sinee Wednesday.
The nmrrlngo was solemnized in
Sl. .Iiilin's church, Yale, nn Saturday, Jan. 20th, of Mr, Olaf Anderson and Miss Helle MoQuarrlo.
In llie Hope polie.' Boui'ton Wednesday Neil McNeill, found guilty
of  vagl'aney,   was sentenced  to a
lino "I 81.1 and cost or throo months'
imprisonment. As labor is scarce
n railway conlraotor paid tlu- line
and sent him to work.
The gang al the government
' bridge over tho Caquihalln resumed
work early in the week.
A. II. Munis, W. II. Day and
T. Dooko, all of Vancouvor, were
in hii|ie un  Sunday   iu  connection
with a sawmill ontorprlso down tho
river.—West Yule Koviow.
The hunks ul .1. l'elly, Registrar,
shows llmt Ibere were HM births
registered this year as against II) in
1910, Deaths 20 in ItllO and -IS
in 1011, Marriages 84 and 20 respectively. In 1010 there were -IM
plaints, three judgment summonses, and in IHII, UO plaints
nud 12 judgment summonses.
The t.itiil amount involved in litigation in 1010 was 83166.16 and lust
year *311027.20. Two persons were
naturalized in HUU and thirty-two
liming the year just closed. The
local sub-mining oiliee shows the
receipts of 8668.00 in 1910 and
8025.76 in 1911.
Easter Sunday comes this year
on April 7.
Queen nn enthusiastic reception on
their way from the station to Buck-
+ Ingham Palace. After tho return o
thanksgiving service is to he held at
Sl. Paul's Cathedral. The spring
months will be spent in returning
coronation visits to all the continental courts.
The keel plate of Great Britain's
28th, ship of the Dreadnoi giit class
was laid last week in Portsmouth
dockyard. The new vessel is the "first
to lie begun of tho five armored ships
provided for in tho British naval pro-
I gran i of 1011-12.   She will be
I completed in the year 191-1. When
'she has been added to the Meet Great
Britain will have 32 Dreadnoughts
or sopor-Dreadnoughts, half of which
will lie armed with 13.5-inch guns.
Tlie vessel laid down today hus not
yet been named. She will lie the
largest battleship hitherto constructed in England, displacing between
-.'5,000 and 20,000 inns.
A petition is being circulated in
the Frasor Valley asking the government to raise Ihe duty on American hay coining into Canada. It
appears that the Americans can
bring their hay and land it in Vancouver for S2 duty nnd 81 freight
thus underselling the Canadians but
making fair money at tWO por ton.
The Canadians have to pay 81 duty
on hay shipped to tlie American
markets.—Abbotsford Post.
According lo a Chinese chronicler,
Hul Sen, who lived   ill   the   sixth
century ol tho Christian era, North
America was known to the Chinese
under lho name nf Kusung or Fusu,
lt wns said In lie n continent lying
('.,.100 miles tn the east of Asia.
The chronicle slates that in the
year 163 live Buddhist priests sailed I'loni Chinn for Fusu, landing in
Mexi  where   Ihey   taught   their
religion lo the natives, built temples,
and set up enormous statues of
their gods nil over the country.
Times of a Mongolian civilization
have I n found in Mexico.   There
Paid-up Capital and Reserve
Money Loaned to Responsible People.
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms.
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♦ Lumber Co.
Chilliwack, b.c. Jan. 1, 1912 !
Messrs. T. J. Pollky & Co.,
Chilliwack, B. C.
Gentlemen :
1 am in receipts from the Hudson Bay, Columbia and Canadian Phoenix Fire Insurance Companies,
in payment of my loss, when my barn and contents
were completely destroyed by fire, and I beg to
thank you for same and for the prompt settlement, ]!
as it is only about twenty day* since my claim !
papers were completed.
Yours truly,
G. E. Eckert.
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Westminster Trust Building
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D. i. tUcLENNAN, Proprietor
Business Notice
On and after the 1st ol February the credits will be a
thing of the past in my store.
I cannot do business and pay
my honest debts, by carrying
in my boohs year after year,
two or three thousand dollars of accounts, paying me
no interest. In future my
business will be strictly cash
or no business.
All accounts must be paid by
the first of March or they will
be put in the hands of a
I am yours,
The Duke nf Fife, brother-in-law
nf Kin"' George V iif Ureal Britain,
ilietl ;it As8uan,L!ppoi'Egypt,Jan.29,
I Tho I hike Imil n gruelling experience
I on lho I', nnil 0. steamer Delhi  ini
December,  wlu-n  his wife,    King
George's eldest sister, and his two
daughters, the Princesses Alexandra
j unci Maud of File, narrowly escaped
j drowning.    He  und   liis   family
I went on to Egypt,  nml there His
I Grace, wns attacked by pleurisy and
pnoumonia,    whicli   caused    bis
(death.   Tho Duke of Fife wus born
in 1810, tho son of thc fifth Karl of
Fife.   He siiceeeilcil liis father us
Furl in 1870, and  ton  yenrs Inter
married  Princess    Louise,   oldest
(laughter of the into King  Edward,
Al Hie wodding breakfast ho was
iniiile ii Duke by  Queen   Vlotoria.
During liis  father's   lifetime   the
Duke was Liberal momboi'of parliament for Monty and  Nairn.    In
1882  be   was senl   on a   special
niissiiin in (lie King of Saxony anil
was decorated   h.v   thai   monarch,
lie was one of lho founders, and
fnr  nine  years  vi president,    of
the Chartered Company of South
Africa, Imi resigned after Iho
liluincaon llaiil. lie was one ol the
'greatest landlords of Grout Britain,
| owning nearly ipmrler of a million
acre-. The Diiko of Fife'is survived
by his wife,  iln- Princess  lloyal,
uinl     two       daughters,      Princess
Alexandra nnd Princess Maud,
These young ladies, tho former
twenty years of age and the hitter
eighteen, were very great favorites
with their grandfather, King Edward, and were granted tlie title of
Princess and the style nf Highness
by Iii ni in 1906, By special remainder, Princess Alexandra will
succeed to lier father's title.
i *****************************************************i
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Train      llis.ln.
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4 12.15 noon
Train      Van.     V
KIIKllillT sKIIVli'K
Lve, t'billiwiick 6.00 a.m. j Dally Excepi
"   Vancouver 7.00  '    I     Rtindaj
_11 imneiigur uuin" hiiinlle Kxpiv—.
Ilhiii'iiiore will buy the water
3j-stem in that town for 840,000.
Ashcroft is callir.g for a largo
post-olliee, tin- present one looks
like an overloaded pill-box, Bays an
It has been announced Hint tlic
Canadian four dollar hill will be
withdrawn, and n new live dollar
bill issued.
Votes for Women!   Why?
Because women must obey the
laws just as men do, they should
vole equally with men. Because
women suffer from bad government
just as men do, they should vote
equally with men. Because women
| pay tuxes just as men do, thus
I supporting tlie government, they
I should vote equally with men.
| Because, mothers wish to protect
) tlie interests of tbe home and chil-
■ (Iron, tbey should vote equally witli
'men. Because busy housemothers
| and professional women can only
serve the state by the same means
used liy the busy man—namely
I by casting a ballot, they should
ivotc equally with men. Because
women need to be trained tu a higher
sense of social nnil civic, responsibility, they should voto equally with
mon. Because women are producers
and consumers and need fuller
representation in politics tliey should
' vote equally with men. Equal suffrage for men and women, because
women need it, because men need
it, because the state needs il.
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Household  Articles
The little immersion heater. Boils
water in a few
The   stove
which     boils
your     ketlle,
quickly nm.UW'ACK KltEl-i PREPS
The Famous Old
City of Barkerville
A Visit to tho Centra of tho Gold Beit
Thoro Is flomothhig touso in tlm air
In tho central interior ot British Uolum*
hiu, something oxpoctant, Vou t'o*.:l
thut Mn- whole country is standing on
Up-too waiting I'm' tlm gru.1 revolution/ Mysteries hlddatt Cor ages un
about to bo explained. Tin* magic of
tin* railroad is nbnuL to discover uml
publish abroad tlm Bocrots ol1 noons.
Nowhere is this uii' ol' oxpoctaiicy
mum apparent than in Bar Iter vlllo-—
tumble-down obi Barkorvillo, iln wood*
iin stilts kuoo-doop in tlm tuilingH ol'
Williams Crook, it in not iu tli.- pooplo yuu Hml tlm mystorlous BUggoatlo.-i
—nutTiy ul' tlio in uro old-timers, who
llvo in Hm pust; half ot tliom aro Chi*
nt'Hi-, uinl ull Chlucso aro como-wlmt
nmy fu lulls Is. You get tin: Impression
from tlm placo ItsoU, from its battor*
Cd nl.l buildings coworiug in u crook
bottom under iln' frowning visage of
Obi Bald Mouutniu. _ou gloan it irom
fuowy old Bald himself, looming up
t»ig uinl broud and formidable, liko u
glgUUti. bully. Whoil Huld Miiuti-uiu
(oils wlmt Im knows, tlm world will mt
ap, tot from his pockots hns como tli*!
gul * I tbnt niAila Williams Crook In ita
day tho richest tho world hns ovor
seen. Mon havo Bpout thoir lives in
llm mothor lodo in Bald Moun*
When thoy And it bul nu moro
vou tu talk ni sueh matters
is to invito it" attach of tho fatal
(uld t'ovor.
It. was this gold Cover that sunt
tion stampoding up the Fraser in _._*.y*
Aight, "rocking tlm mind on tm*
fiver bars higher and higher up until
tln-y renched tho QuesiiolTe River, foi
towed It up . ' Keithley Crook In 1801,
and thtiiu-u progressed, first to Antler
Crook, and then in '02 tu Williams
Crock. Barkerville enmo Into boing suddenly and two othor towns sprung up
on the same crook as populous uml
prosperous as Barkerville, Those two
tr.- now buried umlur many foot or!
Williams Creok produced forty million dollars iu gold, tho record for a
Creek oi its length, :i mile and u half,
Or tin rcabouts. Thoro wero 10,000
people in Barkerville in '02, making it
bv long otitis tin' largest city in British
Columbia at that timo. Now tin ro aro
Soo or bo, half of these aro Chinese
This does not moan, howovor, iliut all
the gol l hus boon taken away, for Barkerville haa boon producing steadily for
id the end is not yet.
quest i
foi n.
oi' thi
yonrs sin o
Tho  way to  Barkorvillo  is I
road  from Quesnel, a long, uphill 00j
miles.    In tho lirst thirteen miles out
0i' QucbiicI you ascend 1,300 feet. With
(his auspicious beginning yuu continue1
to  nsc'cud   until  at   Barkerville   itself .
you  aro  about 4,500  foot above  sou-,
Along tho road as you noaT Barker-
fill.- you will see a country devastated
by hytlrnulicing, Kvery hillside hus
b. .ii wushed ia quest ol gold, uml hero
and thoro you will Bee all that remains
oi' once Important mines, Tnr u great
deal of money has been taken into tho
Qariboo, as woll us tnken out.
It is neodlesa to dwell hero upun tho
history of mining in tho Cariboo. At
(cost mm'hundred nm] twenty million
dollars' worth of gold Ins come from
th" Barltvrvilln mines. What has boon!
aunk in thim is alsu u fabulously largo
Bum, because mining bore is expensive,
tnoro expensive even than in the Yukon, Then, again, tho gold, always en*
Iiricious, has been oven more capricious ]
loro. Tlm most wonderful finds have
1 ni. rnl out suddenly, expcnsivo shafts
iavo beon sunk on golden prospoets, on-;
ly to rovcnl the fact thai thoro was no!
rich, pay nt boil-rock. 8o the Cariboo
cun tell many a tale of loss nmldisaster.
What wo woro particularly interested
In woro tho actual operations to*day
in tho district and tho proBpocts for
mun- rapid dovolopmOnt with tht- ad*
vonl of tin* railways. However, it would
b<- impossible to pass to this cotnmcr-
eial feature of the ease without Borne
mention of old Bnrkcrvillo itself.
It is tho most amassing town in tho
world. Fifty yonrs ago or so, the mi u(
who washod the sands in Williams
Creek buill thoir shacks bosldo their
work Tor convenience. The people who
follow mining camps build their sn*
loons ami dance halls close to tho
minors' Bhacka, also for convenience.
Tin* aite ch"< n wi s in a crock h tl im
under a mountain, but that did not
matter much to those town builders.
Evory spring since tin* town hos
been Hooded from thc creek nnd another foot i ■ » of I lings nddi . to tho
Itroet. Thero ■ - n simple remedy for
this. Ka.-h hot : : lor of Borkervillo
let his house up on stilts to escape tho
wator. Whon tin; tailings filled in still
mora deeply, 'hi- houses bnd to bi ro ■■
ed again, anil so it continuod, until to ,
day thia buildings nt Barkerville, itill
on siilis, are abo :t B0 foot above their
original levol. The continual jacking
up thoy have recolvod has boon bad
fur thom, nnd some of thom aro bow
tied together with wire ropo. In our
hotel tlm strnnd of wire ropo passed
through tho bedrooms wo occupied. It
is a ono*streot town, bounded on tho
creok ilda by n largo tlmbor break*
wator, which must Do ropalred each
roar to save tho life of tho town. Tho
Lowhce und Stout's Qulch mloes, opor*
utcd by Mr. John Hopp, arc up tho
crook from Barkorvillo, and it is tho
tailings from those two claims that
I'uusn tho troublo to*doy.
Tho word has gono forth thnl   Bark*
(jrvillo must movo. Oovornmonl on*
flinoon touk a look ut tho situation
Cist Bummor and condomnod tho historic old town. It costs too much to
build nnd repair bronkwoti-ra, so
tho old city must shift to a city location. How or when tho move will uo
mado has not boon nan mncoil, but
Barkorvllla is doomed. Boforo tho fatal
step in taken tho Govornmont must
Ht-nd somebody up to save tlu* historic
records for Its nrchivca.
Tho p-lne're-l mnthnfl nf mining ut
■■irkorvillo has always been placer, foi
tho roosdn tlmt it ■> tno cheapest. In
tho oarllor days mon went In and
•'rnrked" the gravel in tho crook bottoms, making rich hauls thereby. Later
camo the big hydraulic plants, working
t monitor, the groat hose thnl sweep
awny tlm sides- of D hill Bfl ono WOWil
blow the down frum a thlstlo t ip,
Hydraulic mining ia to-day tiie main-
atay of the Cariboo, but there oro nlso
drifting propositions of grout Import-
li Hue. Tlie drifting is dune by sinking u
filialt tu bedrock, and from the butliun
of this shut I running a tunnel through
tuo gold*b inriug sand abuvo bod-rook.
The sand ia brought Lu lho surfueo uud
washed Cor gold, Very rich quartz
has boon fouud in tlio district, but the
quarts. Industry nu-st romaiu in a bey
jaiii-o until tlm coming of tlio railroad,
Although tlm crooks boing worked to-
' day hnvo nut proiod us rub us tlioso
' diacovorcd in earlier times, tin.* possibilities ure just uh grout. Wlmt ia
tii'i'ileil is transportation, bocauso ut
prosont it costs tuu much tu take gold
mil. When it costs $0 tu extract $10
worth of gold, the profltB uro not much
'greater Limn in much less romantic
li isiuosBcs, Thoro nro tliuse who say
thnt the resources of tho Barkorvillo
district haw ns yet scarcely been
scratchod, thoro boing as many unpros*
peeled creeks ns tliuse thut have been
I investigated. When railroad Iran spoliation makes it cheap and easy to bring
in machinery and supplies, tho mining
Industry will be truiuondously accolor*
atad. At prosont it costa ubout $0U a
tou to bring lu supplies to Barkorvillo,
the distance being 280 miles from Ash-
croft, the neatest Htution ua the C.P.tt.
It is probable that hydrauliclug will
still continue to be tho most important
method of mining later on. The grave'
can be liaadlod by this met hud very
cheaply uml in la rye quantities, tvi I
the field lur operation iu ihe Barker*
villi* district ia practically unlimited,
At present tho most important hydraulic operations nre being curried ' m by
Mr.   John   Hopp  nl   the   Forest   Rose
n , Stout's Uulch, tho  Lowheo aad
tlic Mosquito ( rook. Of theso the Low*
lice is thu heaviest producer, although
actual figures of the year's clean-up
aru not uvailablc. Nugget Gulch aid
Cliitia (-'reek are two rn-li claims linn
ngod by B, A. La Selle. Sugar t reek
wus operated this seuson by C. Edwards, of Cranbrook. Stewart Creek
bus been hydraulieod by li, II. Jones,
who also hus claims on Lightning, Donovan uml Lust. Chance Creeks.
Tlio most important drifting proposition in the country is that at Littio
Vnll.;. somo threo miles irom Barkerville. Hero tlm West Canadian Deep
Lea..l Company, under tho management
oi Messrs. I.'. >'.. and L. A. Borour, has
installed u very elaborate plant and
has sunk u shait tu bod-rock. This ia
believed to be (he eld bed of Williams
Creek, and much is expected alter tho
mine begins to produco. Tho same com*
puny has a mine un Lightning Creek,
where tin* hydraulic met hud is beiaj*;
used. This i_ the unly mino now boing
operated in tho old bed of Lightning
\\ hile wo weie uu tie* rond to Barkerville thoro was great excitement caused
by tho discovery of pay-dirt at Poter's
Creek, whoro tbe Venture Mining Company has been operating on a drifting
proposition, Poter's Crook is ono of
the forks of Lightning Creek, which
was second ouly to Williams Creek in
tlie old days, ami a local company hus
been working it tut* the past three
yonrs. Tho gold lioro is heavy and woll
wushed, ran;,It,.; in si/e from l!ax need
to ounce pi.'c<s. Another rich strike
was mado uot long ngo at Lower Light*
ning (.'reek by the Croat Cariboo Gold
( ompauy. Which owns about __ miles of
this creek. It lias been operating here
for u number ut' yenrs.
Although there aro a great many other mines, either producing ur doing do*
vclopment work, those named ure at
present tho most important. The miner
works under the most appalling disadvantages, owing to thu high freight
tati 8. We were shown ut the Little
Valloy mi ne, mentioned above, huge
boilors that had lieen freighted on
sleighs all tho way from Ashcroft at
a cost of su much per pound. A joun*
try that ran still produce in tin* faco
ol such adverse circumstaneos should
be a "world beater" when railroads
reduce thu cost of living.
For the coSt of mining in excessive
in the Cariboo. Perhaps thoro Is no
other gold camp, even the Klondike,
ivhoro conditions havo been so nd verso
to th* mini r. Thero is no possible
nay to got to Barkervllio jtlmr thuu '
tho long and hilly Cariboo Bond, ul*|
most 800 miles long. Kvery lunci) of
mining machinery assumes tho viluo
■ * -mi-precious metal ere it reaches
rvillo. Tin i. t io, I'n ing expenses
nro cxtromoly high, and this naturally
. :!i boosts *.ii i rli i* of labor. Seven
routs a pound is tho ordlnnry freight
rate Barkorvillo to Ashcroft, but on
liuavy mai bim ry *p< i Inl rates are
charged, amounting   in  Borne  cases to
. coots a po .n I. Tiie miners draw
high wages, and, even at tlmt. complain
ihat they cannot live properly. On thu
tmo stage with us from Barkorvillo
to Quosnol woro two young miners, whol
Ind boon through lho Klondike in their
"Thank Ood," said ono of them.
"we havo got theso storekeeper-* paid
up at last. We Imve beeu working ior
ihem for two seasons, and as soon na
WP gut oven with bunrd W0 quit."
There ure many people ill I'.atkerville
to*day who tire "working for tho storekeepers.       During    tho    long    winter
mouths, and Barkorvillo ou tno mountain top has n very lung nml dreary
winter, ther* is no mining. During this
period, howovor, o man must continue
to oat. The storo-koepora carry tho
people through the winter, rely ng ou
the WagOS of next summer for I heir remuneration; thus the miner works for
the storekeeper, and by-nnd-bye he
Bpta tired of it. The conception of
Heaven, ns described to mo by u Bark*
erville man, WOS a country With a long
placor mining season, cheap grub, and
Bomo way lo g< I in ami out.
How will Barkorvillo benefit from
the construction of the Grand Trunk
Pa. H- throngh Central British Columbia! This is a question wo did not for
:'• I 1" hSK, and the answer is very simple. Tti begin with, as aoun ns the railroad is comntetod, nnd indeed as soon
ns BUpplies o ■* n to come In over the
lM"i mton routo, Fort Gcorgo and not
\shcroft will bo Bnrkorvlllo's base of
:: lies: thnl Is a boat haul down river
of 00 miles and a wagon haulfromQucs-
net of (10 miles will replace the present
ig m Im i of 280 miles from Ashcroft.
This will probably cut Ihe freight rates
more than in half,   of courso, cheaper
supplies will mean cheaper mining und
much moro extensive mining, because
thero uie now a largo number of companies with Interests in the Cariboo
wim ure not doing any aggressive work
until the country is opened up by rail*
Hut the coming of tho railroad has
still more to oiler Barkorvillo, We aro
told that the old town itself will be
placed In direct railway communication
with the outside world. Thu Willow
Ulvor, a coiihidorablo stream, that rises
iu Jack of Clubs Lake, near Barkorvillo, uud is In reality u continuation of
the Williams Creek, and Itsolf a rich
placer river, cuts a path through the
hills to tho Fraser River, entering the
latter stream ubout __ miles east of
Fort (leurge. Down the valley of this
river a railway has been projected and
tlm surveys uro already completed. Although the grade will bo considerable
on this lino, yet, it will put Barkerville
practically ua tlie lino of the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway and will assure
llritish Columbia's famous old milling
town of a greater future than ita old-
timers could hnvo ever liuaginod,
A year or so ago, when the first uu-
tomooilo passod up tho road to Barker-
ville, tho old resideiiters heard uf its
coming and positively refused to believe that such u vehicle eould exist.
As tho gasoline monster noarod the
town llie entire population walked out
to meet it, To-day there nre men iu
Barkorvillo who have neve; seen a
train or a street car. When the first
string of cars hauls in over the lino of
the Willow Ulvor Railroad there should
be some wonderment, as well as rejoicing in Bar„orviLo.
Hydraulic mining, the one groat in
duatry of thi. district, i- a very simple
method of extracting gold from tho
earth. Tho requisites for it are a large
hose, a head of water, and a placo to
put tho gravel ami pebbles alter tliey
have been wushed. A big monitor,
which i1' n sort of gigantic garden hose
wilh enough powei behind it to knock
a house down, is turned on to a wall
of gravel. As tho yards and yards of
material are washed down, Ihey pass
through a long llumo, tho bottom of
whieh la protei tod by blocks of wood
from being cul to pieces by the rocks
anil gravel that pass over it. Hero
and there along litis llumo are placed
rilUca, which are merely strips of wood,
placed botween the rows of wood
blocks. As the materia! is ItUBhod
through this llumo tho gob I, being
heavier than the sand, drops in the
rilib . and is thus saved. Wh.-n the
season's hydraulic ing is over, which
is usually wheu tho water gets too low
to supply power, the flume is cleaned
Up an i the gold is carried away.
Mr. John Hopp, the leading hydraulic
miner ni tho Cariboo, is a familiar figure about Barkerville. At clean-up
time Mr. Hopp is usually accompanied
on his walks by a largo metal bucket,
in which is gathered the gold from his
sluice boxes. Mr. Hopp shuwed us,
us a great favor, a bucket full of
gold dust and uuggetB, which had just
been taken iron: the Lowhee claim. It
is a remarkable fact that each gold-
producing creek has its own particular
kind of gold. In one case th'* gold
will be very light in color; in another
vi ry dark. There ure as many different kinds of gold as thero nre creeks.
At the Little Valley mine, which ia
managed by Mr. E. E, Bonnor, secretary of tho Wostern Canadian Deep
Lend Company, is to be seen tho best
example of a drifting mine in tlm
Cariboo, Whilo wo were there tho
tunnel that is being sunk had readied
about twelve feet from bed-rocks, and it
wns expected that the mine would be
producing very shortly. In the shaft
uouso two great Cornish pumps wire
pound ing away pumping the water
from the shnft". Water ia the curse of
the man who has a shifting proposition, but we were told by Mr. Bonner
that he expected to be relieved of this
difficulty very soon. When bed-rocks
is reached tunnels ure driven through
the gold-bearing sand, the material being brought to thy surface and washe 1
there. What is knuwn as a set is made
bv pushing -forward the timbers of tho
tunnel about three feet. The gravel
from each set is sent up separately
and tho production of the mine is bused on the amount of gold found In each
In connection with gold black sand is
alwnys found, and one great problem
of tho mining world has been tu extract
frum this sand the gold that is known
tu exist in large quantities. At present
one expert, Mr. Seymour Laker, is ex*
porimontlng at the reduction works
built by the Government near Barkerville, i'n an endeavor to extinct guld
from bhu-k f-and. The operation is being watched with great interest by all
i uteres tod in mining.
food, together wilh a huudltil ul leaves,
enables the natives tu ouduro tho sov-
eiisl and must protracted tail of every
kind. They take thom throo times a
day, chewing them and lodging thom
in the side ul the mouth liko a quid ol
Somo tlmo ago an interesting test
was made iu Canada of the power ol
coco, A lacrosse club, consisting of
sixteen players, 'ill of sedentary pro*
fessloim, hold forth against nil comers,
white men or Indiana, The clubmen
were fortified mainly **)y coca, which
they chewed during the game, swallowing the saliva. Ono day during
which the bent in the sun wua 110 do*
greos Fahrenheit, though their antagonists, mechanics and tradesmen of
sturdy build, were exhausted before tho
game' wus finished, tho men with the
coca wero afl free from fatigUO ub at
the beginning.
It is said that the cut and stylo of
llie gowtlH worn by the justices of the
Si [Heme Court of the United States is
sn peculiar that it is uot always pOB*
Bible tu have uue eoirectly mnde.
The wife of a former justice used to
enjoy telling of her trying experiences
[when she wished to have the guuu her
husband was to use made in Paris, Tho
gowns worn there by scientists, scholars
and students Alitor altogether Hum
these our justicis wear,
j In London any clerical tailor would
Imve uudi*rsi.nnd the kind of gown desired, bul nol so in Paris; wherefore,
after many failures, tbu justice'.- wife
[gave instructions tu Ihe fashionable
umdiate whu made her gowns. 'I his
modiste was entirely MiccoBsful in turn
I iug out a gown foi lho juslh o.
! 'Ihe justices' gowns, which aro al
ways of ihe besl quality ol silk, cost.
upwi nl of one hundred dollars. When
tin Supreme Court was flrsl. organized
tin   justices wore quite gaudy gowns
| A portrait in od of the first chief jus-
ii.-.-. John Joy, inw hangs in the rob
in.; room opposite tlu Supremo Court
I'lmmb -r; und in thla portrait thc chici
ue l in- is represented as wearing a
Mm k gown wuh a broad bright-rod
i ordi r around the neck ami down the
rront. It is edged with gray, and the
sleeves ihow n red border at the to,,
and bottom, also edged with gray,
(Translated from the Breton ni Theodore   Botrel)
When bedtime came the ancient dame
Forsook  her spiuniug-whei I,
'And   said,   "Now   hear,   mv   children
| .lear,
All  thai   I  could  reveal.
Know you that  I. ia years gone by,
Ma.le  the  first clothes yuu woroi
Thnt Bhirta 1 'vo spun fur each uew sou
'     Doiu iu a mile or moro)
"Bv   candle-light   havo   changed   to
j     These cheeks once, uh, su red!
That the young bride  1   might provide
1     With   fine  sheets  for  her  bed.
I never gu to church, yuu know,
Vet   mucli   1   pray  alone,
As  here  within,  my  shirts   I   spin
i    For those who else had none.
!"On Sunday, too, my work 1 do,
I     Vet  fear i  not Cod's wrath;
Me knows, at least, 'tis for thc Priest
1    I make that table-cloth.
But ere long 1 must louk to die,
j    And so soon must prepare
My winding sheet—as is must meet.
Of linen white and fair."
A Court to
Quiet Family Jars
Tho heartless advice to "toll your way thuu this of celebrating thsir wed-
troubles to a pulieeaiuu" is being bot- ding uunivorsary. Their differences
teied iu Chicago, whoio thc city bus in- wo.Q not hupuluss. They wute to go
Btitutod u special' court to listen to home together, uud prepare, for a eele-
domestlG complaints. "A groat many bratlon of this anniversary with their
people have aud to tell their troubles children, 'ihe case would be continued
to a policeman who have bluehod at tlie fo: thirty days. Meantime .John must
tolling of it," says Uev. Ur. William como buck home to live, 'lho daughter
K. Burton, and he gues un with au no* j must go straight back to school. Mra,
count of the Cuicugo Domestic Kola- Bradford must be good to her bus-
tions Court, that roprOBOUts u dopun- band, 'llie children must stop 'butting
n.e from the imi.\ciiliui,ul .oads of legal iu' when the older people had a 'scrap.'
procedure and endeavors to servo Uio 1 quote the exact language of the court
community ia other than simply puin- —it wus language perfectly understood
live ways. 'lho head of thu court is by all the parties, Polish and Knglish,
Judge 6 ood HOW, uud tlie pimple whu thuugh their native speech, 'ihe chil-
uro caved by htm from telling their dren must love both parents and show
troubles to u policeman aio mainly far moro constdoraMou than tliey hud
womon, whilo the people ubuut whom mown turn: miner. John must gul ma
ihey uie troubled are men. 'I'he troub- checks embed BO IHO whoro else. Now
luas stuiy is lirst o;' ull told to u wo | they weie lo go directly homo, ull of
man, Alls, Lottvltt, not a police mat,on, them, to waste uo time in ueudle.'-s dis
but u sort of human sympathizer i
telligently guidel. She Is able to ad*
just many domestic tangles without
thoir going luto court at all, When the
court comes in ns a factor "hIio keeps
the record, nml has tricudly rottltlous
wi ll ihe hnlne sine ol the case." All
cases involving women as women, ex
uopt Hi"' relating to prostitution,
says i'i. Barton lu the Boston 'Iran
BCl'ipt, and all cases of child oil, OS
copl those bolonglng to the Juvenile
Court,   now  (tie   hcgiognlod   and   tried
by    the   Court   of   Domestic    Kcbiliot*■-.
'l to
n -nil
'Vt'    1
I'  ll
Ita p.npu
Bllil'Ul I
llllll..'!-   Stop   1"
llOlllillU   Willi
i which in,,
ml  Ins don.
of il ■
biunoli .'<
climnctoi* ul' entofl,
Iinui ihul' Iii timo,
"Wlillo tlio Jtivo
tin. ilolluquont or
'i i.iu i nf Domestic
Into; in,. I
nutmtoil il
[ficution nl*
CUBBlOllS, lint plO|]|!rO 11 ;:"i"l rulublatiotl
lor thotr Iwi'iily i.-i-oiiil aunlvoisur)-.
" \nw whon * upiil sli|iH Into Hint
courl thirty ilnytj lioneo, I Imp. h. will
lie ploutoil niiii tlu- progros. llmt hu,
In iimli'."
.Imlui" (...... 11... iv is ii si-nsililn practical
iiiiiii, mills Dr, Unrtoti, "who I. unilor
taking ii tt I, wholo.onio mothoil ot uil
nilnliMoi'liig lho Inws in Ilu* iniu osIh cf
Iln- homo." flhlof .1 usti.-ti .IIh.iii tlm.
report* on the oxporlinonl:.
"'I In' ii'miIih. of lho llml six month,
fully   jnslii'y   onr   botl   hope..,   Jmlgt
ll blow is prmi'i k ciiiitloii.ly, und
wuh nothing Hpoctncnliir in hiu inotlioil.,
Ho is lining ii i-nlimlilii work uml lliu
roBtlltr, »linw It.   Ilo Iiiih lolurnoil I,SBO
IhlIi Is In thoir In m, nml Ims umn
ngoil n lurgo iiumbor of othor cntio. with
;: I  enii'ci  »,       II,,  hn.  i-ullocl./l  uml
pnlil ovor to wi.i's mul fumilio. nl lornt
.f.:."i.mui, t..... 11 i,f which winilil hnvo (Jon.
the piirponc Uo Ims niiirrloil tU
in  pies in bn.tnnly curor, uml
for ii
n fo
other ,... ns mny bo
ii,I.Inl in il.
Ilo Court ilmils wiili
lopoinlont chilil, tho  '     '
l.i'lu,,,!-.' will lion! (;""rt'
unly two of ilnnn hnve thim fnr givon
him siibsoQiiont troublo. IVo -Imil lest
nut thla brunch ul' our Municipal I'.url
thoroughly  uml   with  prutlonco, nml   I
mil n.'l -hull inako
it ouo nl' lh.
with Ihe person who makes the chiltl
delinquent or iloponilont. Ono of the
principles upon whieh llie i<le:i of this
I,,u;i is luumlel, is that the family is
tho unit around which all else thnt is
gooil must ba built, nnd anything
llmt destroys that unit works evil tu
the public (food.     This cou t
based   upon   the   main   principle   that cliongo of residence   will
the till!.
when wo sln.ll Fegrognto all rnsos of
prostitution in a Bilnllar court. I do nnt
want them in the Court of Domoatic Ro
lull,ms, but wish tu keep iit- atmosphor.
us clean ns possible,''
tif bucIi enses it is proposod tlmt re
cords bo kept of nil euses, "so Ihnt no
the city
hall enable an uld offender In peso us
a novico, and a uniform motnod nf
punishment adopted und adhered tu.
'Ihe icport nt' lho Vice Commission, at
prceut Bxcludod from the mails through
ro tried iu the various criminal •'"' old-maidish ruling nf the I'nsi oftic,
Department, rocommends this chango;
bul the Mayor will nut core to push it,
sn that matter will  wait."
That very night, ere morning .igat
i    .Snapped was ihe Qoxen ihr.'a.l,
A.s chill and wan stole iu the duwu.
■ Tho ancient dame lay deud.
I Alas)  she who, her whole life through
■ Clad others with lur spinning,
Into the day wns thiust awny
j    Without a shred of linen.
The callous clown that nailed her down
|    J a coffin of thin deal.
.In brutal je-d upon her breast
I     Placed  lier loved spinning-wheel.
Now if you hark when it is durk
j     You hear n whirr, a bent,
'TIs tho poor soul in shame and dolo
.Making  u  winding-sheet.
How can we, who nre bewildered nud
appalled by the fury of our planet's
cyclones and volcanic eruptions form a
conception of tho terrlblo energy uf
natural operations on tin* sun'
No we om b suggested thnt if v,^ tall
the solar chroinosphe.0 an ocean of lire
We must remember that it is un ucean
Infinitely li otter thnn tho fiercest furnace and as  deep uh the  Atlantic  is
If we call it-' movement*-, hurricanes
WO must remember that uur hurnenne.
blow only ubout n hundred miles an
hour, while those of the chromosphere
blow ns far in n -jingle second.
j Then* nro sueh hurricanes ns, com*
ing   clown   upon   us   from   tho   north,
[would, in thirty BOCOIlds after tbey hud
crossed the St. LftWTenco I.iver. be in
Ihe Golf of Mexico, currying with them
the whole surface of the cuntineiit in
u mas--) not simply of ruin, but of glow-
. ing vapor.
Somo  wonderful   properties    pertain
I to  eoen—the   dried   leaven  of  n   small
Une growing in IV ru nn.l Bolivia—-tho
- hii f   being   its   power   lo   enable   urn-
eating it to pul forth long-contlnuoil
exertion without fatigue.   Coen hm* no-
l thing to du with cocoa.
|    This property wns known nud priced
Hum: before the Spanish Conquest, llm
leaves being employed even as a mod
lum  of exenango, so highly esteon-ed
woro  they.       After  the  conquest lbc
beenmo one of the most valuable a tides
of  export.      At   Polosi  alom-   Idd.Oim
htlthcft were consumed vearlv.
1    Under Ihe influence of Ihe lonvrn of
thin phii'l  miners can work night -in I
dny, with onlv  brief interval-* of refit
,anil sleep.     Tho slightest amount of
A careful survoj of the underground
watercourses in the carboniferous limo*
Ft one district of Yorkshire, Bngland.
has revealed the fact that there exists
in thai county an extensive system of
subterranean -! roams, many of which
Issue mibs away from the points call*
ed ".sinks," where the water drained
from the surface enters tlie rucks.
Similar phenomena in other partu ot
tin* worlii, not vet so earofully investigated, m * ur on a much larger scale,
and recent studies ot the ocean bottom
near the borders ut continents huve
shown that riurs of considerable size
BOinotimi* enter tho Bon tioneath ihe
I tlie organization of the .In
He   Court-—that   of   removing   women
nnd  children   from   the  degrading  influence of the police court.
Under our pre-ent Bystom, those
arious c
branches, 'lho women and children uu-
fortunate enough to be witnesses or in
torcstod in theso ou*-es, while waiting
to see the judge or have the case tried,!
are forced agaim-t their wishes into eon* THE TUP
tact with rolmers, thiovos, pickpockets, Everyone knows that u bloomin1 pup
drunkards, lewd womon, nad foul-mouth- wm. ,,.,,,- Q clm-C(J win ,.,u,w (. .
od men; tlieir lirst introduction  to onr:     tlltits  UpJ
courts is witli a motley crowd of law- Voil ^j .', .Hl}, tll,,t ia iu,n|t|,.. an,i
breakers who a o not in sympathy with     b;r(ing,
them; their ntise y is made twofold by n0 wilF'keep chewing (he whole day
ih.- degrading euvironicnt thrust  upon I    long:
Ibom before their wants are known aad Ho Tl chow the carpet that's on tlm
their need? looked after, a humiliation     staits,
and Indignity which every soif-rospcct- And gnaw the legs of tho parlor chairs;
iug person, nnd especially a woman, He'll i-hew tin* bed.-proud-? nnd lil.o-
v.ould resent if nho only could, and a I    wise the mats.
position  in   whi.-h   no child  should  be And eat the springs and the bedstead
Oivo li
He'll   cat
He'll   dn
The  poke
He'll   ent
Nails,  screws,   old    iron,   and   bric-a-
He'll   chew   the   basin  yuu  wash   him
a chance and anything suits;
t    the   soles   ull' 'yuur   heavy
i\*   the   paper   that's  on   the
won't   bother  hia jaws at
the   books   from   leaves   to
Ami make a lunch olT a bunk of tin.
never  waa  ono with  a grain  of
Sir Wilfrid l.nurior. deflated, and
pei haps   a  lit tlo   dismayed,   possibly
IWithes now moro than ever that he had
i email.oil     un knighted     (Have     London
.Sketch). He .lid not dOfilro the honor
bestowod upon him ut the Dlamonl Ju
I bilee. "I wonl.I havo proforrod to re
main plain Wilfrid l-ati ier,'' he has
Bald. "I began my political cuccr under plain Alexander McKenzie, who
began life lis a stone cutter, and who
lived and die) plain Alexander Ue*
Rondo." It is tu ipiite a modost home
thnt he retires. An enemy charged
him unco wiih having rmeivml as n gift
from a corrupt corporation a handsome,
well furnished dwelling. Ho told the
Dominion pa liament what the fuels
weie. Sir Wilfrid oxplolnotl that he
had bought the house himself, paying
$"i..")0i) cash down nnd furnishing it.
except for n fow gifts from personal
friends to Lady 1.mirier, rnising the
moiioy on his own personal note, and
giving a mortgage for the balance,
$2,000, on ihe house Itsolf. "1 bought
the houto in the inmo of my wife," he
said, "because, being poor, and well
knowing that, if I died I could hnvo
nothing tu leave her, I thought it right
tn "ive ber a home." 'lhat molest
dwelling has eve- since been the abode
o. the mnn wotll whoro name and programme two continents have rung.
A Missouri fruit farmer, whosn nr-
chord of 2(W ams contained about 10,«
000 apple trees, sold his crop thia sen-
son foi -nim),fH'i>. a storage company
bought the fruit on thu trues.
placed.   Again a better opportunity t
Investigate each ease will be given.
" Reformation uf persons and the
eradication of causes of delinquency
and dependency, tho care of those made
destitute by desertion, tbe prelect ion
uf the public in boFtardy eases, and n
strict enforcomont of the laws relating
to women and children can be attained
when centrnllzod in oi-e court."
A specimen case of the court'r* deal-
irg is given bere. lt seems commonplace
onongh, but is typical of hundreds of
such coses that stand ns substitutes for
"John  Mioskioowsizky  has  a  name
that   few   can   write   and   fewer   uro-
nounce,   'lhat is one reason why be i-*
called by two name*' in court. 'Ihe children   in' school   bave   taken   the   name
Bradford, in nu effort to bei ome May-
Ilo wo r  descendants.       Thoroforo  John
Minskioowaizky,  alias  John   Bradford,
comes to court under two names, and
not through any uttompt to conceal his
identity,   lie owns a little bouse worth
$1,500, with a mortgngo of *;im on It. I He'If bite I*
He is au Industrious man, a hard-work-     dour,
iig Polo.   There are fuur chlldron, of And  (at  tin
whom Iwo are in ecu t, a well -looking,    t\unr;
boy of eighteen and nn uttractive girl   He's always looking for nturY to chew;
of'fifteen.   Tbe mime of Bradford  Ills, Wh.-n there's nothing else handy he'll
(hom as well as if they had been burn j     even bite yon;
at  Plymouth]  but  John is undoniablylHoM) oat the rubber oit bicycle tires,
They're nt
Thev'II   sc:
no good, but a big **x
tho baby and fight tho
And cut a bole in your Sun lay hat,
And worry to death your loving wife,
_nd make your homo a *ieono ot. strife.
Render, ue speak from experience sad;
The pup Is always both bold and bad;
way   through  a  walnut
matting   that'
Then   tacklo   tbe   rims,  ami   thin   tho
Oh, never get foolish nnd buy a pup,
; For  If you  do  he'll  chew overything
Polish, and the Polo by nny other
would be ns undeniably a Polo. Thoj
mother has tried to keep up with the
children, nml is far more American than!
the father. Tho complaint against John
is bitter. !
"Ho is a drunkard, and when drunk 1 POSTAGE-STAMP LESE MAJESTE
nbuslvo. But John tolls nnothor story. A recent decision of tho courts at
He is not a d unknrd. lie is industrious,] Trieste occasioned much Indignation
ami earns .*1S a week. He gues to the, among young Austrian*, for by thnt
saloon to get his click cashed, and a)-j decision lovers render themselves liable
has a few drinks, but rarely *>ets  to n summons for lese majesto if they
the WOrro for it. On the oi
which he is accused of dosorttng his
wife, he went home taking nearly all
his week's wages, nnd imnlel bis wife
$lll.7.r) of It. Hut sbe threw it at him,
mode tho Blun of tho cross, and hoped
never to sen him again. He said the
children we 0 ashnme 1 of him because he
was just a plodding, hard-working man.
and for three months his wife (fid not
sneak to him. The children, however,
sided With tholr mothe-, ami SO 111 that
John drank more than he admitted.
Since he left homo tho girl hud left
school and gono to work.
"One little Incident, which came out,
by accident, lifted this enso Out of the
low, dreary channel of ihe common plnco.
John was asked how long he hud been
married, nud, in domnnd for nn exact
d-itn for the reenrd, it appeared tnat
this was (ho very nnnivorsnry uf Ills
wedding, lie hnd been married twenty-
two vea s to day.'
"That was tho Utile incident thnt the
*ud"o Cftmillt Ot.   Those two people with i Pearson'fl Weekly, which in a f»w vear*
thoir children  ought  to  find  a   better j poured a gulden stream iBto his lap.
the ofltelnl position nf a postage
stomp, whether on a card or on a lot*
ter, to iudicnte their sentiments.
11 nppenrs from tho text of the
court's decision that to stick a post*
age stamp at a certain angle, even
though it be to express "undying
love," " disappoint ment,'' '' tender
memories," and so forth, is decidedly
n mark 01 disrespect, to the sovereign,
The sender of W post-card who lined
the Emporor's oulgy to tell his sweetheart thnt he WOUld lovo her always
was lined for the olTenso.
(). Arthur Pearson, editor nnd owner
of ihe London Express, wealthy beyond
tho dreams nf nvaiice, nnd reported
BiifToring a complete breakdown fro*n
overwork, wns a poor lad twenty five
yenrs ngo, but full of forco mil ambi-
1 ion. At niielecn he became oditw of
Tit I.its, nml made gonl. Aflo- tho
find, yenr, refused an Increase in snlnry,
he  but rowed   n   small  sum   nnd   sttut-vj ohiiJltw'ackVek-' i-in-.'ss'
'■■J1* TTS , TT
Natural Cure for Catarrh
Obviates Taking Drugs
It Has  Superseded  the  Old-fashioned
Stomach-dosing Remedies, and Invariably Cured Quickly.
It wns thoir inability to reach the
real source of catarrh ami bronchitis
that caused tho medical profession to
drop liquid cough medicines and adopt
"Catarrhozono instead Catarrhozono
provides a method of breathing right
intu the lungs certain rare medicinal
vapors which nro so healing and comforting as to entirely banish coughs,
catarrh and throat trouble ill a very
short time.
Tho moat wonderful thing about Ca*
tairhorono is, thnt no matter where
the germs of bronchitis or catarrh are
hidden, I atarrhozono will reach und
deslroy I hem.
"Aboul: five years n*ro I took a cold
in tin head and Catarrh set in. It
kept Increasing by leaps and bounds.
I kept putting off getting anything
until i.t lfiBt I found I would bave. to.
Af.cr tryuir; several things I heard of
your   nun*ily,   Calarviinrone,   and   pro*
cured a bottio and began using Lt. i
wna not long In (liidlug out I had
btruck tlm rfghl thing. I am recom*
mending Oatatrhoione to nil who have
catarrh, etc.
(Signed) F, Ver I on L. Wassail.
"lilair P.O., ^ een's Co,, N.M."
Catarrhozono has ma tie an astonishing record of ceres, lis method is
right; no drugs; just healing balsamic
vapors, llmt, bring Instant relief to
Cntnrrh nnd all throat, bronchial and
The Ilrst shoemaker not only mado the
firsc tout eo\eung, out ho also utuuo tno
tools wuich oi.ableu him to turn out liu-.
primitive bandiwond 'iho awl was
probably tho nrst tuul muiio by prlml*
me mun. With an uwl Irom tt( door*
shank aud a fortunately -bapoJ sholl
ui como mollusc the pu.uitho workman
was .oudy to muiiu uriiior for thu ie_t,
uf liis tttvomato wuo iuvadod tho juuglu
iu quest Oi food tor too primitive family, Bull pi O or composite. And human
hjciety mado Us llibt advance when
Bunieouo could bo Bpaiod fioai tho chase
to romuin in the cave and predate the
UO.oriltg   -or   Hie   lOOt   lor   U.e   llUillor.
Wi,h the awl and some form uf cutting instrument iho primitive woikman
em,ul e is ly saapU Uie nihil e. - e i SKIU
of llm capt uie i qitudiupod lllto Um p i
inline bioguo, etymology gives us u
piegnunt hiiggoslion Im.o wu tin I ihat
■ * biOg '' la a s\uon\ in for awl. 'I lie
brog and  the broguu must  have been
| :.i.  ul   the |'i IlllltltO liu.n. lltlll   lung
beloie Ihe weiver, the lailoi, or l..e
bud 111)10  into oXlstOllCO,    'Ihe  lllllll
mor as a spocinl tool, su much extolled
ns a weapon ol war ami an ii.sliumcnt
uf peiue, was prubably the ojuoustuii
of the p Imltivo dub which enabled the
[me, in dellvor a blow wlili giouter
] loiCO at the men.ent ul lut|)Ui I, and at
U (JlOuter un-laitce. It was a much laic.
| tu ipiiMlioti nud was not ne. e.Miiy to
lu* primitive shooinukor, whom we claim
| to be the typical artisan,    root  prolOC
tun   uf  h .*   kind   was  the   lirst  und
nioi t impoiiai.t oqiilpmont o. the primitive man.    'I his piutOctioil was as HOCUS-
uuiy in war as it  was usoful iu peace,
'llie   nil   uud   tuysie y   of   the   she A*
uinker of  ne. osslty  tiiitos  tho bighost
rank,   His is tho occupation from which
i.ll other undo.-, nto uorivnd.    All utlior
crafts ere but of yosiorday whon com*
paiod to tho art and mystery of tho
shoemaker.   And  it  makes  nu  difference whoiho. tho primal thoomnker wns
nun o   woman,    li follows that us the
art of the shoemaker advanced, social
on.cr   I.e. a.i.e   possible.    Ua   tne   Luiu-
poan coiuiie.it the bhoomakor has been
lor centimes a woll recoguizod and distinctly  appreciated  artisan, and   to  u
in g*°**d oxio.it u so.*;al .unctiouary.   lie
I was fioqucntly the Bihoolmaster of his
, 1 neighborhood.   John  Pounds, the Eug*
lull   th omnkor  and   founder   of  tne
"KaggeJ schools" in  Loudon, was but
j um* u.   a type ot teat her an.l philanthropist that 11 m Uhod ia most uf the
centres  of  population  in   Europe just
alter the invention uf printing.
i    iu  the  olio.i  days  the shoemaker _
11 la only womon without tho power shop was usually tbe radiating centra
to lovo who huve no right to provoke;tor the discussion of religion, politics,
men's love. !t,t) .,,„■ (he go__ip peculiar tu the en-
Many o young and lovely woman is vironraeat. 'Urn vou.g shoemaker was
in love with nobody so much as with neai]y a|wayB „ radical, ami frequently
hcr.clr*. lu rovolutlouist.   It is told that after
the suppiession of tno P.enob Revolu*.
Like most musicians, Kubelik has his tion Napoleon kept the workshops of ■c"!''
olirfil .nl,Is.    Oo
Iln'  Inl'';.' Bla
imiiilliii,   III   hum
III       Illl',!        Villi,
tl.OOj small,,  -ii
0, 'in,'; Willi],li' 1
r trlnl
«l/.o, 2IJI-,    All .1
slurs, or Tlio (1
il/inli.    Company
llnlllilii,    N.V
Kingston  Ont.
it was a dn) of tender hnzo
That shrouded half the earth.
Abmg ibe leafy woodland ways
Awoliu   uo   sound   of   mirth.
Tli, r
wns n Btlonro ill tlle nir
it   brontlioil  upon In,- ilust
initilo tlio urnssi-s toll nml
1  nil   tin'  ll-.ii.'ra august,
A magic not nf light or shade
Was laid upon the Btroum.
At'-t e.< ry nook  in glen and gla
Was   sle.pel   us   in   a   dream,
A mystery hold the sk-cs in thrall,
And no wind loosed its breath;
Hushed  nature dreamed,  while uver
T'». r.* slept tie peace of death.
him by I
woo ten
it i
n gtv
a little V
ering musician,
old, as a trlbut*
ii  tn
n he
to his
Bhoeuiaaors  umlet*
For Red, Weill, Weary, Watery Eyes i_d L
Vmti'U Sell Murine Lye Rcnr-Jr, ;,iq-i_, 25c, Si):, Sl 03
Mu.-.ne Eye Solve, tnAseptfoTubefc23c, St.^D
.hill, waek, Untish Columbia
Th,- ij_-_<-n of Bt'., In 111*1 fstnoUB Frai-r
'•il**- r'in-*.*t forming ami (run land in ui-
rorld. Irrigttloo unknown. B.O. Electric tiy
*roai ', ,.i."-..i"*.T. C.N.tt. tranceon tint uul -uti
*■ s .mi- * bnildins Chtlltwsek ■* modtn
Uj ■., ern irks, electrte ll|hi, ft*'. Un-Mi
'trsdtie- -1: - (rutt, no [onr momh'i mon
Write   ll     r    Qoodlfto-l,   Sery    Uneril   el
*■-■...     fall] rack, for nil Informett  book
mm     ,,«   »ic—THEN inMK
tho  Pai
'iheie is good reason fu*.* the distinction maintained liy tho shoemaker
through all history. Tho trade uf the
uld-ti.i e _h_oaiuK.er was earned on in
premises where comparative t-uiet was
the normal  condition.   His touts wore
i lew iu a umber aud of the simplest
chaisctor, No heavy aad noisy machinery was require, in the manufacture of work which was made fur tlie
individual  customer,   V* hen  the work*
I man waa onto master of bis craft he
could control tl..* conditions under which
the would work, And as lie neatly nl
v.;:-.a workc 1 at piece wage-rates he
was entirely independent uf stipe vision
"shoe carpenters." Tho fuotory workman, however, constantly gained in importance, eoustantly produtod more
thues tlmt tool; tlie place uf work ihnt
wus "made to order."
In muny ul the slum manufacturing
centres, such as Philadelphia, Nowa k,
.sow ler.oy, l^uiuey, lUussacliUBOtts, and
probably othor plueob, both custom and
ittctoiy woikmen labured barmoniuusly
and iu very intimate rolutiuns. Tne
uislom wotkmau was gradually drawn
iulo the team system. Wherever more
than ouo workman could bu employed
io make the lluifihotl product—boot or
hIioo—huo factory system mnde a bo-
gtiiniug which was ice* relinquished.
'I lie New IDitgluiul shoe shop is laiily
entitle I to eipial liuiiur with the New
L'nglaiul si Inn. Hi on; e in being llm "moll
ing pol of Uie aatious." from 1*550
to 1800 lliousunds ol young men uud
womon from Kuro|jo, chief)) Crom lho
i.rlllsll Islands, came lo America, and a
huge pertciitiigo **■ Uiis hotorogeuouus
iiltiKS was dlgOBtod ami made good ma
lorlul for ellizeublilp ihioiip.h the minis*
I ml ion aid dlBCiplillO of the .New 1'lug
land shoe shop,
'ihe Now l-n gin ml town mooting was
very froquoutly Lliu eoutlnuutluii of tha
prog am  dlai'Ubted and ogieod  upon
iu Ihe BliOO-sllOp of (he comiuii'iily.
'Iheie is nol Hullicieiil space to e,.inner
ate Ihe eminent mun iu all the walks
uf lile whu bogltil thoir career in lite
fchoo-sliopH of .New I'hi o la nd. Mention
muul be mado of Ilogor Shormnn, the
jurist, uml statesman, and of Nathaniel
fiowdilch, tiie loarnod muthomntluian,
both of whom loarnod the trade iu its
tatiiely. 'I lie poel Whitlier, who might
Without prejudice be called the American Minis SU-Iib, graced the seat of the
bhoomakor, Honry Wilson, a Now England statesman, made brogans iu u Now
ISnglaud town.
li is beyond the -scope, of this papo?
tn truce specifically the change in the
shoe industry or the appliances aud
muthiuory which brought it about.
'1 hero weie, however, two Inventions
the use uf which had a direct tendency
to destroy tho individuality aud independence of thc American shoemaker,
the Invention ni the peg-making machine some time bjfore 1820 created a
revolution iu the making ami price ot
pegged work. Pegged work was made
long befoie llmt period; but the time
involved iu the making of eve y peg by
hand mado the work so slow uml tedious
that tho price of the boot or shoe was
not mntorially diuerent from the same
giude of sewe 1 work. When the machine-made pegs became cheap enough
to be used iu an emergency to start
tiie shop fire, thon the opportunity for
experiment was pro.ontod and taken
advantage of. lhere was much less
_kill au.t judgment involved in the making of peg.,rel work with mnchiiic-mado
And tbe use of those pegs instead
l sewing an derate I the tendency te
a subdivision of labor, as any baud)
young fellow could be taught to drive
pes in a fow weeks.
Up to the time of tbe introduction
of the Howe machine the improvements
in thoo tools were confine! to appliances which could bo USOd by band. They
were, however, of such nature that tney
facilitated team-work nnd the subdivision of labor, thus amkiuir it unnecessary fur apprenticeship as understood
in tbe generations that used primitive
tods. Ihe Iluwe sewing muchii.e was
I on the market in 1854; it not only
evented a revolution in the trade, bul it
contninotl the genu of tno machinery
which  made it possible to control the
or control l.v hi. employer. 'II,, work !-,"", "1"'.""«* ""I1 hla '"".""• ' '' "'
»-a, so diiTero-itiatoil nna in.lividu»U-od *-'■ l"*r""1 \h'l Aoo tmanfi-tmn-CTl
thnt tlio making o( every pnir of shoe, ■""• w*>l»f""l "'" '""'i <"> ,-*'« P'"1', f.
sending  it   to or  having  it   ealle     for
by  the  workn en  whu  received  it .
their individual shuns und made it tl|i
according to general and stereotyped in
.   ,..■,; ... k; iho v...... i,an was com*,
polled I.* think; overy pair was an ex
creisc of the judgment, a call upon all
the faculties of the workman. All other
a"tisar.s—"xcept the smith—worked t"
o rule or pan em; tlm shoemaker
•>.     y     '   i|   r ,    t^.fi    made his patte a.   Knowing these facts,)
Ur.nartel s remale Pills •iii' i««»»«o«»BtDao,,t tif |ii8t°o' i« w>t
. BUrprlsud  to  find  men  nf  the typo ol '
ffWC-l-lS   »*:<!  r«»-*-»rijo**■•*■.-*-*!  '«r  «-._rin'l   .-Jl
manxa, m KtmVioelty yrtpeted -•nody a.
«***«. w«n.*i Vie [i*j.tlt fro.i. -|i*u uta y
l_l(k   *n4   fm' imm   Tmx   ****   u   _U   dn*
MARVEL' wSStliiiB Spray
strnetlOBS. Thero was little nr no varin
tion and tho workman's judgment was
seldom in action. 1'iio- to the installn
tion ni powor machinery the manufac
inter sought the workman, and it wm
not uncommon to shii. trie stock a hun
died miles to w.ne community of farm
ors or fishermen, who rroqnently madi
shoes iu Ihe season when it was mtvi
ranks  of  the Bhoemukers.   Ihi
seat  of the fchoomnkcr was a congenial
place to study tho problems of philoso*. , ,        ,       .i ,,  ■
,    ,.,..,    .,        ,      ,,- ., „' i.    profitable tn do so than to pursue their
I'hv or to write Ihe sui.es ot tin* penile.!'       ,       .,, „., ,. '       - .
1   • , usuni cnlliiig.     Ihe invention oi  nnpio
Tho old-time .hoomnkor did not have
to "loaf to invite his soul;
at work uud accompli*bed tWi same emi.  _*_„ (>f ].ll)n.> ,0 ,hat BVon i,0*on, tJl,
ling.    1 be invention ul iui|i
veil hand tools made ii possible to hai*
be Kept (oant*work and a considerable Bubdlvl
same end.
power machinery and labor-saving op
ptluueos the unetmio indopondout aril*
situ was compelled to Work iheio uud
becamo uu appendage to sumo one of a
BOiiOS ut aiuumatie muchinus, his bulo
function being to feed Lne niULOriUl to
the particular machine ho had boon
trained to manage.
Nu mailer wnat wo may nny about
tho pii-ting uf tne shuo.tinker as an in*
lOlligont ailisan and ttot-inl inelur, tbo
iiiuclh.-u opo.tttivo has lakoa Ins place,
and wo must admit thut tho best pro*
uUut oi iiiuue.li boot and biiue tuucutu*
ery has attained such a deg.ou uf ox-
colloui u ibat it would be uctoily im-
po.sible tu lepluco it oven ihuuld it be
Uosiiablo. While the mudiine does nut
alwujs turn out good vvuik, it is e.idonl
jini cor uuifoimHy of quulrty ua baud
work mado undo, the old conditions
can compote wilh il,
'IIiIb rapid and necessarily Ineoraploto
she,i u oi tlie BlioomiiKer, Ins porsonul
iliaiucleiistics, and the impurtauto of
ins art tu civilization will bave u gie.it
uoul moio value li we refer lbo loadoi
tu the story uf his struggle to obtuin
lonbouubla compoiiBiitlon lor tins ie
tne. ilie facts ni rolutiou to this con
In.nous btlUgglo and tu ihe shue.uakeis'
it.uie uinoi.s ine loiltinalelv now tie
lobdiblo lo all roadors, thanks lo Mr.
(JuiumunB and others, wIiobo woik,
"Documentary History of timorlcnn in
tlustriul Bocloty" (A. II, uiarko - om
pauy, i lovoland, (dun, IU10), is one of
ilu- tuosl \ a I ualde contributions thut.
bave been made to Ann* lean ououotiiic
leconls. 'I he average roador, nml os
pocially (he labor le.onuer, will be as
toiiishod lo Hml bu much space and consideration given iu tins wo k lo the
Uiuoinukois. .Mote Llitin one tilth uf the
ton vutuu.es is mctipicl with the story,
Mr. Commons deals fairly If not generously wl*,*. the followois of rtt. Crispin
and tells uf the shoomakoiB1 progioss
as well as could be OXpOOtQd frum u
writer who probnb.y hus nut had the
experiei.ee of the journeyman or master
'ihe historlucl analysis of the rapid
change in the relations which existed
between the journeyman Bboomnkor, the
master shoemaker, tbo shoe merchant
mnnufactuio , ttie shim merchant capitalist, and the public is set down plainly, aud is an instructive page. Mr.
luminous found that "several stages
(of the industrial evolution) can be
traced quite clearly in the boot and
shoe industry, and while of course different industries have diffoioat rates of
progress, it is thc distinction of this
industry that Its flocumoatary records
joluoj to its hiBto.ical position make it
preeminently interpretative of others,"
lire documentary ami narrative portion
of the story may be corrobated by cun
eieto example or the testimony of tliuse
who nre still living.
Tl e chief sources of information from
which Mr. Comomns draws his deductions in rolutlon to the status of tho
EhocmokorB ,:ml after the war of tho
Revolution is the trial of the curd-
wan, eis of Philadelphia an.l New York
for combination uud conspiracy to vnite.
their wages, 'lho trial of Philadelphia
Cord wai ner s, printed in 18(10, is report*
ed verbatum in Mr. Commons' wo.k.
it is the leport of one ui the iiio-t extraordinary trials ever held in this
country, in that the court und the counsel on both sides eeemei to be at oue
in tlieir effort to draw out all the Information In regard to thc customs of
tbe trade from nil the witnesses examined. Tiie witnesses state I tbo customs and p ices back to colonial time*',
and the efforts of tno early Philadelphia
master sheemukors to extend their trade
to the southern section uf the country
In eompetltion with the imported shoes
from Europe. And this, too, before any
of tho modern Fhoemaklng appliances
ur labor saving tools weio in use. J he
stale, uf wages pail iu Philndelpnla and
New Vork is given, but il is hardly intelligible without an explanatory footnote which could only be w itteu oy
some old shoemaker who may even now
le found [n tho territory which was tin*
scene u!' action  de-cribel  in  the  trial,
We are jtold that the shoemaker, of
Huston received n charter as early ai
October 11th, 1048, presumably -.rom
the Qenernl Court, or some competent
authority. The charter of tho Boston
guild of shoemakers was requested hy
tllO master shoemakers to give then ni -
thin ily to suppress inferior work <e-i
who damage 1 the country by "occbbIoo
uf bad ware," '1 bis language look:
rather strange when compared with the
and kuthorlty to examine the Bhuenul*.
em nn<l to secure from the courts uf iln
colony an ordor suppressing anyone
whom  they  did  not approve "to be n
Bulllciout workman." 'lho bailiffs ami
oiliiotb ot thu BhoomakeiB1 guild weie
pun oodlngs and roeitnl of grievances
of the mode n trade union, 'lho oflk'is
of the Boston guild wo.o given powe;
given powers iu ihut eaily time which
boom to us in.her a biliary, but in dilli-
cult ense.-t tho uotondant eould appeal
to tlio uuurtB, To fully undeihtund tne
phrase "to bo u good, and Buillc-0.itI
workman,'' wo must romo nber thut I
oven in lho beginning of ihe shoo in
duBtry in Maseuchusotts tho.u weto al
least two classes of workmen: 'Xbu.u
who received a charter from their guild
and weto masler shoemake b, whu had1
lixod places of business to receive their
customors, take their mensuies, and deliver the goods which were made b%V
Ihe niches on their own piomiscs. Tlic
oilier dass of shoemakers woro 'tinot'iUit
woikinon who Inivclled wilh tin:' tools
from place tu place.
Thla pa;c may  very properly clo*m
wilh nnolnor paragraph from llie
of Mr, C immons.   'Ihe archives
ItOOIUakoiS wh'ch he icsloies ,o th
He are cioditnblo 1° that loost n
of iili orutts.   Mr. Commons show
those archives throw light upon nil nlnil«.
lar lrile organizations.   Po'  ihe ma i
son thai "the slioomukors hnvn plouoor
od and lefl legible records, tholr ouroor
is inlerprelalive if not typical."    And
"tlie\ have epitomized American Indus
trlnl 'history."     Mucli   mine  could   nol
be paid  In p ra I so of the sons of st.
Crispin    even by one of tlieir own craft.
So   we   dice fully   lefer   the   teader   to
the work of Mr. Commons,
The locord nf the Elioomukor is com
ploloj as an independeiit and sltlllol
wnr I; man it. is closo.1, But the story
nf his aehievomeutB in nil walks of life
is an imporlslinblo part uf tbu history
of human progress,
of tbi
e pub
Gurea in tieamsville, Ont.
"After a lung experience with dlffo*
ent pain romodics, i am convinced that
none nro equal to Nerviline. I wus
taken with i* cold In my chest, which
biter dovolopod into u sort of cbruuie
bronchitis. Kvery timo 1 coughed U
s"emod lo rat k and tear my whnb
chest. I was also subject to a great
stillness in mj joints, especially abuujt
the knees uud shudders, and OXporlont-
ed iniicli pair. In my muscles. To cui*b
my chest, troubles I first rubbed un
'Norvilino' copiously for two days an J
then put a Nerviline Porous 1'lasteT
over the sore region, I got quick relict
Uubbing the sure muscles and aching
joints with Nerviline did more than all
otl'i r in ul ment*! combined. Uy the aid
of Nerviline and those wonderful Noi**
viline Porous Plasters almost any Utduj,
ami   Certainly  any   kind  of  inllammu-
toi v cold can i urod.
'* (Slgnodj  Mrs. W, .1. Sharpo,
All druggists sell Nerviline ill 2_»
and DOc bottles.   Get il to-day.
was e Irciled in Ihe 1'nitel States ovor
thirty years ng *. having stu Ilo I ni
he Pauw and uther uni. on il oa far
otghl years, lie was qole.k to a ;.t
Amorican wayB and wee InltintoJ law
the I). K. K. fraternity. In whb h ho is
held ns one of its loading lights.
Hnron Chin da, Japan ore ambassador
In Berlin, reported likely to succeed
Parou Uchlda at Washington, has lung
doslrol   tho   Washington   station.       lie
SMMb Gum
Cardinal .Gibbons, whoso golden juM
lee as a p iest was re.-eutly celebrated
in Baltimore, 1ms had a remarkably
careor. lie was born In Bi llimore ia
1834, He served successfully in a tni-*-
hiini at Canton, as secretary and i-han-
cetlor nf the arch ItocefO, bitb f
Carolina, and in 1S77 was made B 11-
jutor to Bishop Bayley, of Bolti *.
Afler serving as apostolic delegate to
the plenary council in Baltimore in
issn he was somewhat later ma le ea di
Whether the com be of old or n_f
growth, it must yield to Koflow&yi
Com Cure, the simplest and best cusb
offered tu the public
miotic I   and   whii
era nf powor machinory the New Eng
.fti.-r. Out. t.'i.rr,
Beef Hidles
In ns un.l gel 20 i"'i- t-otil.
in,.ti- I'nr ilii'in Uuin nl In.im-.
Writo i" ni tnr tun- now
price list S nml we will inuil
Vnll   i.Ill'   frOO,       W'lltrll   tiiis
iiil. weakly.
Wo solicit yniii' sliipiiKMitu
I'm' n.'i'l' [lidos, Rnw l-'in-s,
Wool, Tnllow, Senoea Root,
llot-se Hair. SJioeit IV'lis. ein,
North-West Hide
& Fur Co.;
278 Rupert St.     Winnipeg. Nan.
may be inferred, wo And tho bum maker Inn,j   |oU-**-oyman Bhoo»akor, although
oil thruugh tho oros a woll Informed, In- enjoying groat  Indeiondoneo, was not
opoudeul, and wnhall ti sociable work* „ ,.,;.„.,1,,*,. workman, un.l by the tlm
mun.   Convivial galborlnRS wc e much t,H,        - limnufnctory -was "filled with
in favor with the younger journoymen,I
frequently to their dotrlmonl nnd those
depending upun them.   'Ibis was npec*!
ia Ily   11 ue   iu   (reraiauy—and   probably
in   uther   pails   ef   l.iiro-*e    wheu*   tlie
maker, llie tailor, ami the carpenter
murchod ami sueel tORothe.' from town
to town, a t lo of roistering, turbulent
tramps, whu weie well known In song
_-ti.|   tory as typical jolly g.od fellowi.
1 ii ■   mot rymaklng   was  i li iractoi It tic
nl those j""" oya whii h woro pi escribe I
as n dtsclpllue ami expei.-i of nearly
[ovory artisan in the <!a>s p eroding the
introduction of machinory.   'Uu* reader
musl  nut   attach the inodon
lu tllO leriu tramp,    While Hi
ibocmokor was froquoutly :i trump he
|was seldom a vagrant, In the time
spoken ui nil l-liiinpean eraftsiuon wore
membors of guililii thoro guilds bad
hondqunrtors lu ovory considerable town,
where theso tramping journoyinon weie
rocolvoil uml cared lor.   Again we must
lOtnombor thai bo-Oro the invention of
mnohlnory il look u meat many b.ioo
makora to supply tlie domond, and it
did nut roquiro a very lar^e town to
supporl a sun- nf shoomnkors. In tlie
lime ol Julius Caesar thoro must have
been shoemakers onongh iu Roma to
form ii lcK'*on,
From uu early period there were In
America twu distinct varieties of shoe-
factory or wile work. While thoFe t
Clnstes were tie same kind of w irkme
nl. the bogtnntug of the shoe industry
Miev verv *?oon be-a-hn dilTerentinte
and distinctly "class conscious." Tin
custom workman Ind little sympathy
Q:irVec PoEtmrPtcr w.rn con (Inert to hed
when be i-tartnl to use DoiU's Kidney rills—Tucy inrcrt him.
Tipplus, Pontine Co., Quo. (Spocinl)—
moaningI postmaster V. Tlpplns, ni thin place,
■ l   lime who fur three yearn haw been more ur
less ui nn  invalid, nml  who for Home
time was confined to his bed, is up uud
around again, a  healthy  nnd hearty
man,    Dodd's  Kidney   l'ills cured  him.
"Afler recovering f-om nu attack of
Urippe," Ihe Postmnstor Hays in toll*
inj*; the .tory of his cure. "I took a
pain in my bnck nnd I BUfforod for
nearly three years. Anally getting so
bad Ibat I was cnnlWil to my bed.
"One day I lol.I my wife to go and
got me Bomo Dodd's Kidney l'ills, as
hat would ba tho lust medicine I
would try After using about half tbe
box I began to feel lietter, so 1 kept
on taking tbem. When I bad taken
two bojciH I was able to {jet up, nml
ten boxes cured mo completely."
Tbe principal danger of Grippe i-t
y to jjuurd
makers! custom, or "hosooko" wo:
,   ,, ,   ' , ll. ■v"u     l,"",'ll''"      IIUIIUU
mon, nnu tho Bhoomakor who worked on *■)„, ofter effects    The
Clean, Dry Heat
Clean, dry heat, with no
smoke or cdor and with
no flying ashes or soot—
that is what you get with
a Perfection Smokeless
Oil Heater.
The Perfection is the tr.os*. reliable and convenient heatir-' device
you can nnd. Il h aiwaji teady
lor use. Thcra aro no pipes r
flues or wires to bother you. Ycu
can pick it up and lake it wherever
cxlra warmth is wanted.
Every mcch-.nic.il imFrwirr-.ert ..-..it
experiences could suggest waa isfcadj*.
embodied ia the Pcrlecti, a He iter.
This year we have tried 13 icd I u
oppearancc. The drunu iri tinisred
cither in lu'quo;<^-tlue enarr.sl er rliim
ctecl, as ynu preler; nick:! triraminin;
03 crnarnentd cj it is indiipor^ablo to
A rpca'il BUttmutic device absoluretv pre-.-nla
tmolci-.g. Ail pu_ floHy dant— '-.uilnn Inn:;
YjsXs m..c hya.-s.   Cool har.d.c; _mocr too.
Dealers cvc^.vh;r2: cr wTifc* it iescr^_n ure_tr 'a
aay si—cy st
Tie Impend 0:1 Compa_j*j Li___l_<i
An Oil for All Men.—The sailor, the
soldier, the fisbrrimni, the lumberman,
the outdoor laborer r.iul nil whu are
exposed to I i.lury and the elements will
Iiiiil in Dr. Tli'otiins' IMectrie Oil n
Inn- and faithful friend. To ens* pain,
relieve col.Ik, dress wua nils, suoQui
lumimco nn.l ovorcumo rheumatism, it
has no equal. Therefore, it should have
a place iu iill hnme medicines ami Utosi
Inken on ti jmirney.
Plaster Doai-d taken the plaoe nf Lath, in.l is hr^; • ■ f.
The "Einipre" brands uf Wiu.llil.r and Hardwal
Pln.i..v r..- ,/.....l ........,i„.„i..
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Ltd.
Don't Give Your Low Grade Wheal Away
Get the Highest Market Price for It
witli what lio cotitoraptuoiuly eallod tlio i» nootled.
Dgalnst tiiis is Btrongtlion ilu- Kltlnoyo
in thoy 1'iin Htriiiti nil tho ilroga of the
lltcooo nut of tin- blood. Doilil'.
Klilnoy Pills, nr.- always the- hint moill-
ino niivniic tiittcs for Ki.liii-y Iiis"iisi.
it always euros aad no othor moillclao
We are making Splendid Sales of Number 4, 5, C, .ttitl Feed, iis well ns toogh ar.d
rejected smutty wheat! There is a good market for all of these low grades. Let us
Sell your wheat to tho highest bidder, nnd net you oil it is worth in any of the world's
markets,   Write for full particulars, and send your Shipping Hills to
W. S. McLaughlin & Co., Winnipeg, Man.
5 Chubb Block. Suskatoon, Sask. Grain Exchange,  Calgary, Alta.
High Class
Tailoring for  Ladies and
Bent oe Goodlands'  old stand.    |
| For that Cold 1
Local  /terns
L.K.l.'Hift.iit.Mce Studio for photos
For photos at Chapman's—phone
Church News
Barber's Cough Remedy   *$
A Laxative Cold Cure   I
In large bottles 75c.
Ask for sample
Watch and Jewelry
Dont send your Watches and Jewelry out
of the city to be repaired when you can have
them repaired here carefully and promptly.
We guarantee perfect satisfaction. (Jive us a
trial and be convinced.
Agent for the Columbia Phonograph.
Second door from Empress hotel, Chilliwack
A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd.
KiK-k Crushers Itnad Miu-hin.-ry        Contractors' K.iiiipiniul
Mining Machinery llnikw Kiininis
Interstate Auloninliiles I'ruiiini Motor Tmckfi
Kiinti li'ipl.'iiii-iii» Hairy Supplier llrucltvnntl Milking Machine*
Coal und wood—City Transfer
Co., phono 49.
Stuck Poods—Cliilliwnck Im-
pli'iiu'iil & Produco Co.
Tho Vancouvor Dally Sim will rise
for (lie first time on Fob. 12.
lliniN—To Mr. and Mrs. ,1, 11,
Bloorv, a daughter on Jan. 11).
The city is offering ii ttiuiii of
horses for sale in Iln- Free Press
Horn—On Jan. oil, to Mr. and
Mrs. Win. Marker, Presl Koad, a
All coal and wood orders recolvc
prompt attention. Phone ■!'.). City
Transfer Co.
The City street sweeper has
arrived and has heen set up, ready
for operation.
Dour mats and foot  scrapers  arc
I going at special prices at Denmark .V
Burton's litis week.
The Mowat Produce Co. shipped a
ear of vegetables to Calgary, Alberta,
this week from here.
See the fine display of Apples in
Ashwell's Grocery Window; a 11
grown in Chilliwaek.
Light and heavy draying handled
with care aud promptness, City
Transfer Co., phone 49.
Stuck foods whieh produce big
rosults are ou sale by the Chilliwack
Produce and Implement Co.
Free Tea demonstration at Ashwell's Departmental Store Saturday
from ll to 5.30 p. m. Meet your
friends there.
K.V. MunroandD. li. McLennan
have purchased  a  large   barn,   a
shed  und  two  lots  between   Yale
road and Princess avenue.
j    Jus. E.   Kerr's  auction  sale on
Wednesday was u success, the offer-
: ings bringing good prices.    F. J.
| Hurt _ Co. hud charge of the sale.
j A football match will take place
lon the Agricultural grounds on
| Saturday at'J. 15 p. ni.  between u
team from the'104th regiment, and
Ihe Hankers' eleven.
Ashwell's for Bargains in Dry-
Goods, Gents" Furnishings, Bouts
and Shoes, Crockery and Glassware,
land Fresh Groceries. Saturday
1 night closes our Annual eiearinji
' Sale.   He there early.
| D. M. Ferry Co., of Windsor,
Ont., and Detroit, Mich., have just
! delivered a large shipment of Seeds
I to Ashwell's Departmental Store;
! see them uIkiuI your Spring order
;for seeds.
| Robt. Walters has purchased
from the Chilliwaek Implement;
land Produce Co., a fine gasoline
I wood-sawing outfit. The machine
I is lilted with a thirty inch saw and
| ii six and a half horse power engine.
Bent ii- Goodland moved their
I real estate oiliee to tlie Irwin block
Ion Wednesday, where temporary
| offices an- being fixed up. The
; firm will, we understand, occupy
I the building now occupied by the
Bank of Vancouver, afler Feb-
' ruary 15,
A Leap Year dance was given
last night by tlic ladies of Fairfield
Island and Camp Slough, at Camp
Slough hall. Needless to say it was
a very jolly dance wilh good music
and Hoot', and the committee in
charge made it a splendid success
in every way.
Service will be held in St. Mary's
ICatliolle church at    10.lid   a.m.
Fell. I.
Rev, J.  A.   Ford of   Dauphin,
! will occupy (lio pulpit of the Baptist
church next Sunday, morning und
■ evening,
j Tho annual congregation meeting
of tho Baptist church was held on
Wednesday evening in tho churcli.
After tlie business hud lieen concluded un enjoyable social time wus
j A Young Men's service will lie
held on Sunday ovoning in tho
Methodist elnireli. The Itev. A. E.
Huberts will preach nu appropriate
sermon and u choir of men's voices
I will lend the singing.     It is hoped
|to make the service helpful  to all.
Rev. ('. K. Morse, of Winnipeg,
conducted morning and evening
I services at tho Baptist church ou
Sunday. The Rev. gentleman's
discourses were thoughtful nud
listened to with much interest.
Kev. Mr. Morse hns boon in attendance al a Baptist Missionary Convention al   Vancouver.
Next Sunday morning, in common with the pastors of the Methodist
churches of the world, tho Rev.
A. |E. Roberts will rend tho
"Message" of lho Fourth Eeiimeiiiciil
Conference held lust full in Toronto.
The Message has been sent to all
the churches and is to lie rend from
the pulpits next Sunday; suggestions havo also been sent regarding
the hymns lo lie used ami tin-
lessons to be read, so that each
congregation will realize the greatness of the brotherhood lo whieh
they belong.
Rev. \. E. Roberts returned to
the city Oil Monday, after spending
the post few days attending the
Methodist Conference committee,
meetings. Last Wednesday and
Thursday the tirst meetings of the
Co-Operation Committee, consisting
uf members of the Methodist and
Presbyterian churches were held
nnd a plan was outlined whereby
overlapping between the two do-
nominations might he avoided.
The utmost spirit of harmony
prevailed throughout the meet ings
und there was an evident desire
that something definite should be
accomplished in thu matter of active
oo-oporation. It was first suggested that as the vote of Church
Union was soon to lake place it
might Ik- well that nothing should
Ite done until thc individual
churches had expressed their opinion on that important question.
But the majority of tlic Committee
were of the opinion that co-operation was needed at once und even
though the vote of the churches
should be  iu favor of  Union,  it
would a few veal's yet, before the
union eould lie tlousuniinuted, und
much might be done to save men
and money in the advancement of
of the work, ln pursuance of this
thought the Province was divided
into districts and local committees
were appointed to look Into particular instances and wherever,
possible, avoid sending ministers
from both churches where one
eould do the work as effectively.
The organization wns effected and
committees named. Rev. Dr.
White, superintendent of Missions
of thc Methodist church was
p1ih-1.nI chairman of the Central
Committee and Rev. G. A. Wilson,
suporiiiteiiileiil of  missions  of  the
Presbyterian church, wns named as
secretary of lho Committee    lt is
hoped thai this spirit   of co-opera.
tiou will do much for ihe advancement ofthe Kingdom of God.
The Annual Central Conservative   Association   Meeting
will lie held in the
Foresters' Hall, Chilliwack
nt 2 o'clock p.m. on
Friday February 9th
President Secretary
Firemen's ball—Fob. 21.
County Court—Wednesday Feb. II.
B. C, Liberal Convention—Thursday Feb. '29 at Vancouvor.
"The Magistrate"—Thursday nnd
Friday Feb. 15 and   16.
Board of Trade this evening.
President, II. J, Harlier
Vice-President, IV. L. Macken.
Secretary-Treasurer, D. IC. Carloton,
Mayor, 11. F. Wellington. Aldermen—S. S. Carleton, C. R. Eok-
oil, II. II. Gervan, 11. T. Good-
land, Jus. O'Hearn,
Clover und Timothy hay for snle
llritish Columbia Hop Co.
I'bone F 250.
Chilliwack Orchestra
Chllllwaek  Orchestra,  six  or  Ki^hi
pieces, opon fur ciigftgeuiulilH.
Am-*. \Viiitr, Sri** tnr*,'.
Open every evening from
7..''ii to 10," and Saturday
from 2.:.0 to 5.
Buy your Magazines ut
Cigar Srore
lfic Magazine for.
20c Magazine lur.
36c Mnj-u/iiif for.
Hoc Magazine (or.
. 10c
. 15c
Come uml join my library.
1001 > novels to select from.
City Englncor, J. It. Croly
iiv Qiarlt, l>  \i   Carlotnn
Chief of Police, ,1. W. Derby
Fire Chief, T. P, Knight
At Ihe Mee Studio • Chilliwack
Tuke notice tli.it a-i-plii'-it-nii ".'ill he
mati.- to theBourd "i License Commissioners
sittitiir hs i* Llcenselng Court for Ihe City
of CliilliwHck nt it- iif\t sittings for
m licens* In m*11 Winn. spirits, Beer,
or other ft-nnrhti-fl or intoxicating Liquor by Re*
Ull in tlmt certain tniil'lni- kmmii:i>   Ihe COIU'
tm-rcliil Hotel situate on ilu* northerly -nl** "f
Wt-Mtminiter street on lot ;>. nnd the westerly i -
of lots. Block XV now kno«» ulot j and westerly i-i of lot sin block XVII. Division B" of thc
City of Chilliwack the satue containing not less
than *so room* acluiillv fiimi-hed uml used for
Hotel purposes.
Tlic following is n copy of tin- si id iipplicntioir.
"lo the Board of License Commissioners for
" the City of Chllllwaek, B. C.
" I, Juhn MeDnnakl of the City of n,illiu.-n-k
" in the province of Briti-.li Columbia. Hotetkeep*
" er. hereby apply for » license to sell Wines,
" -jiirlt*. Deer, mul other fomented *>r Intoxlcat*
" ins ll'iii'T nv retail iii Uinl i.il.iiu buiUliiur in
" tbe City ot Chllllwaek known ns Ibe Comtner*
"rial Hotel situate on ibe northerly side of
"Westminster street on tots nnd tin* Westerly
" 1-1 of jot f». Block XV. now known as lot - nnil
" Westerly I. of lot A. ilt Block  XVII Division
" E" of the City of Chilliwack, tin- same con*
" t.iiiiiiis not lell tii.-i.ii *i fiKiin- actually furnish.
" ed for Hotel purpose*, and of Which tht- nppll*
" cant iileksee."
" Dated tliii tlrst day of February a.I). IMI
jobn McDonald."
Dated at Chllllwaek B.C. mis ut day of February mt.
John McDonald, Lessee,
1048 Mala Street
Vancouver, B.C.
Team nf geldings live an.l six yearn
nlil, and weighing 1171*1 pounds, 'i'vaiii
is Mitinil and in . »«l rtmtlitinn.
Apply lo Jit". O'Hearn,
Clmi.luiui lloiird of Works,
City of Cliilliwnck.
j Orders have heen given and the
goods are Qn lho curs, which ure
rolling this way with  an  immense
| stock of Spring Merchandise, consisting of Dry (IihkU, Ladies Tuilnr-
■ | ed Suits, Corsets, Empress, Aahrcns,
, Kinghurv, aud Lund-over Shoes,
Bench   Tailored    Clothing,   Took
I Shirts, Etc.   Everything   carefully
j bought und the prices will be the
lowest at Ashwell's Departmental
Applications addressed ta the City
Clerk, for the position o( Kngiiu er for
tlie City Steam Holler, will foe received
up ut February 5th lill-J. Applicant to
mite experience, and miliiry expected at
rate bj the day.
ll. K. Carleton.      IE. P. Waddiiiittmi,
Clerk. Major
Miss Daisy Ramsay leaves on
Monday for au extended visit with
friends in Victoria. Miss F. Ramsay
is visiting friends at Sumim rluinl,
B. ('.
Miss Kathleen Henderson, and
D. K. Mniin were among those
who attended the Native Sons'
Ball, In New Westminster on Monday night.
Miss Hill's Dancing Class will,
open Friday evening of this Week
at 9.16 o'clock at the Opera House.
Those wishing to join the class
please Im- present on this opcuing
Mr. and Mrs. I.. Macken will
'spend nest week at Armstrong, It.
IC. where Ihey will he the guetit of
I Itev. and Mrs. Stewart, formcrlv of
If you have friends visiting you
call up the Free Pre...., Phone "II,
and tell us about them. Any news
of local interest, we an* always
glad to kuow nnd to publish.
Miss Cartier who has lieen al the
home ol Canon nnd Mrs. Hineh-
lilTe for some time past, left lust
week for Vancouver, where she will
enter St. Pauls' Hospital for training ns a nurse.
I.. 11. lloulll.ee. of F. J. Harl ,«.-
t'o's. oiliee slnfT left yesterdny for
Vancouver where he has aecepled
,a position with the Terminal Co-
■ipiitlum Co. Mr. Boultbeo while
j here hud charge of the Dominion
j Express and C. P. 11. ticket oiliee,
in which position customers always
found him Ik.iIi obliging and
The. Young People's Society of
St. Thomas church held a very
successful little dance in the Parish
Hall on Wednesday evening.
Tlie Briulminlon Club held an
exciting tournament on Tuesday
afternoon when (he married ladies
were matched against llie girls of
ihe club, lo the Intters advantage.
The games wen- howovor well con-
tested nml provided much fun und
evidences of skill as well. Willi
the married ladies were; Mrs.
Hamilton Ramsay, Mrs. Q, II. W.
1 Ashwell, Mrs. F. Honor, Mrs. I
Knox-Gore, Mrs. Dovrnhain, ami
Mrs. (iondland. On the opposing
side were; Miss Marsdcn, Miss D.
Ramsay, Miss Sydney   Itutberford,
Miss Janot Coote, Miss _.  Knight
nnd Miss Cawley,
Creates a Now I)iwinc«s
Revive, a Hull Business
Enlarges an Old P.tisinuss
Rescues a Lost Business
Preserves a Large Business
Saves a Failing Business
Secures Success in Any Business
The Free Press


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