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» *
Vol. II.
Ksiitsir ami Proprietor
No. 8
With this issue the Cliilliwnek
Free Press discontinues publication,
lt is a little over two years since a
second pit|>er (the New Km) entered
the Chilliwaek Held, and fifteen
months since the editor of the Free
I'less took hold of the proposition,
greatly enlarging the plant and
paper. During these months we
have spared no ellort in order to
publish a paper which would hi'
a credit to Chilliwuek, nnd we believe we will not he accused of undue linitsling when we claim thut
ill a Very large measure we have
been successful in our efforts, (loud
ami generous support and enenuriig-
niciit bus been given l.y many, as
wc huve labored to produce a live
local newspaper well printed, and
that support is in no way responsible for the cessation of tho business,
The publication of the l-Yco
Press has been attended wilh success both ns a newspaper and ns a
business proposition for the publisher, all things considered. Wc hnve
however, after due consideration
of the expenditure of ability and
energy made necessary nnd a careful survey of the situation,
come to thc conclusion that the
field is ton limited to properly main-;
tain two local papers, and permit j
either or both of them to adequately
represent the city and valley. Supporting two papers is a heavy drain
on lhe progressive antl public spirited business men of thc city, and
one which tho unrulier of such,
should not be required to meet.
Hence in our opinion one paper
fullv alive to local interests antl
fairly and well conducted and supported will serve all interests to a
much better advantage, and that
much more economically than could
two on a division of that support.
It was only after we found that
every legitimate effort to serve Ibe
local newspaper field exclusively,
was unavailing, that we decided to
withdraw. A paper such as the
Free Press has hccn.hccomes an important imrt of the life und effort of
iis editor, and it is with regret that
we lay aside our |x*n, and stay the
individuality of that effort. Many
kindnesses and evidences of good
will on the part of friends of the Free
I'ress during the time we have lieen
in business will 1st remembered
with sincere npprcciution.
The plant has lieen purchased by
Mr..I. D. Taylor, M. P., Managing Director of the Columbian Co.,
Ltd., Xew Westminster, which Co.
also publishes the ('hilliwaek Progress, anil the latter paper will now
serve the field solely.
Wc have lieen offered and have
accepted tbn position of Ilusincss
.Manager for the Cliilliv.'uck Progress
and U'giiuiing with next Tuestlny
we will be found on duty iu that
capacity, where We will Ik. pleased
to do business with all who huve
favored us wilh their patronage
during the past mouths, and nlso
with those who arc regular .•ii-toin-
ers of tbc Progress.
All printing, advertising and
subscription accounts owing thc
Free Press arc now due nnd pnyuhli'
In the publisher. Payment is requested to In* minis' on nr before
N„V. 10th.
Bubscrlboi. lo tlio   Freo Press
whose Milisoriptinns hnve lint expired, will reeoivo the Chilliwuek Progress lor a period equal lo tin* unexpired portion. In cases where n
party is already a subscriber to the
Progress, HulMcriptiou to that pn|s*r
will lie credited with the amount
due by lhe Free Press.
C. A. li.ui.u n.
Hallowe'en Parly.
An entertainment will be held at
the resilience of Mrs. Wfttsoil, Surdis
on Oct 81 in connection with the
Sardis Girl Guides, All sorts of
fun for youug people including side
shows, lish ponds, etc. Tea and
refreshments nre at usual prices.!
There will nlso he fancy   work   und
u great assortment of Hallowe'en
lanterns for snle. The entertainment will tuke plaoo regardless of
weather. No entrance foe. Hours
from live to nine o'clock.
Union Thanksgiving Service.
On Monday next the nnntiul
Utllon Thnnksgiving Service will liu
held under lhe auspices of the Ministerial Association. The service
ihis year will bo held in tho Methodist Church from ten to ole vol) a.m.
The early hour Is announced so Hint
till who ul lend may get buck lo
the family reunion.     The   Hev.  ,1.
T. Marshall, of the Baptist Church
will preaoh the sermon, ami spocinl
music will be given l.y the Girl's
Choir of the church. Itev. It. J.
Douglas mul Rev. A. 10. Roberts
will take part in the opening exercises und it is hoped that tho citizens
will make it a point to attend lhe
service and rentier united praise
for the bountiful harvest of  1912.
A Silver AnniHrtarv.
The Itev. Mr. und Mrs. E. Manuel of Cedar Cottage celebrated their
Silver Anniversary on Monday
evening. A number of their most
intimate friends gathered with them
on this occasion nnd wished them
very much joy and mnny happy
yenrs to come. A bounteous supjier
was done ample justice to l>y all,
after which the evening was spent
in music and games. The bride
nntl groom of twenty-live years
were the recipients of mnny beautiful nnd valuable gifts, including a
handsomely engraved silver pudding
dish from the Quarterly Hoard of
Ccdtir C :ttsff* ".-.let1....!'..-': "!.•..*vl.
and a beautiful cut glass vase unit
bouquet of chrysanthemums from
thc Ladies Aid. Chilliwack friends
also remembered them with silver
gifts and congratulations. Before
the guests left Mr. Manuel expressed thc hope of having tlieiu ull iit
their golden wedding in 111'17.
Local and General
Monday will Is* a public holiday.
L.F.Cioft, at Mee Studio for photos
Hot drinks and hot luncheons ut
Dominion Parliament will meet
on Tliursuny Nov. 21.
Found—Logging chain. Call ut
this ollicc.
Leave your laundry wltliS. Motes
for Siiinas Liundry.
W 11. Gilbert was a business
visitor to the const last week returning Friday.
Thc Vedder River Hotel will be
open all winter under thc management of Mrs. Appleby of Chilliwaek.
Potatoes are selling nt t'i a ton
There arc acres of toilers in the
Ileitis about Armstrong that will
not be dug this year Eiitlerhy
Lillie's Cash (irnoery can supply
your needs iu smoked lish nnd fresh
Ktistcrn Oysters.
K. Jones bus made  two  sales of
land of live acres encb  lo  Messrs
S. and P.   Henderson,   brothers of
Mrs. Jus. Topley.   They intend lo
build right uwuy.
Wnnted—Acres to clear or briish-
culting by contract. J. Fujikawa,
808 Powell Street,  Vancniiver.
Mr. Sutton, a prominent gardener of \Viiitii|«'g is in Ibe valley (his
week with a view of becoming a
resilient of llie vnlley.
Fnr Rent—Four roomed collngc,
partly lurnislied; off Itivce Avenue,
Apply L. A. .Manuel.
II. C. Grand bus purchased from
J. F. Gordon, the Alex, Gonbin
home comprising uf resilience ui.il
live and a half acres uu Williams
ruad, ul a fair figure
A fine  new  hot  house  l.„    '<••■'
lieen completed nt Ihe  rear ti
Davies  residence,  Mnry   St.
Istiilding is   a lurge one nr
supply flowers all lhe yeur
(lower lovers.
Is ynur imiiie on the city list of
voters? Applications must Ik* in
the hands of the Clerk on or hefoie
live p. ni. on October 31,
For Side—on easy terms, what is
known as the Dont placo, Falrfii)ld
Island, iu whole or in part. Gen.
J. (I. Blanchfleld is reported to
hnve sold his farm nn Prairie t'eul-
riil road comprising of Mil acres to
Mr. Cauturs of Holland, price
slated In he 120,000 cosh,
Wood fnr Sale—Dry hunl mountain wood for sale. Order from
.1. G, Ileiiili'i'son, phono227.
Phil, Mnntii'l ami Norman Rqb*
insult nre spending a few days on
the Prairie shooting, prior to leaving lor colleges
Fnr Sale Cheap—one three horse
trend power, in good working order;
apply J. Duncan,   Harrison  Mills.
Full bedding Imlhs fut sale at
Lillie's Cash Grocery,
A fancj dress carnival will lie
held at lhe roller rink on Wednesday evening Oot. 80. Good prizes
ure offered and there will be new
music.   Seo posters.
Found—Carpenters kit of tools.
Owner may havo same by identifying and paying expenses. Applv
P. O. Box 250.
The Sumas Steam Laundry with
its new equipment can satisfy thc
fastidious.   S. Motes agent.
The semi-annual court of Revision
nf thc voters list for the Provincial nml Dominion purposes will
ho held on Monday November LS,
at 10 a.m., Registrar J. Polly presiding.
Look out and don't forgot the
Children's Social in the Parish Hull,
.Nov' S ut 7 p.m. All kind of songs
lor a happy evening.
Reeve Wilson is in attendance at
the Big Municipal Congress being
held at Rovelstokc this week.
Monday was Trafalgar Day, und
was fittingly observed at mnny
points throughout thc Empire.
Nelson is almost tt living personality.
Attend the recital of Cyril Hayes
in the Methodist Church this Friday night.
S. A. Cnwlcy, R. Carmiehael nnd
Mr. Johnson nre attending the
convention of the Provincial Conservative Association nt lievclstoke.
A Children's Social will Is; held
in the St. Thomas Parish Hull on
Friday Nov. N. Admission 25c,
Three in family (>0c. live in family
One dollar.   All welcome.
For Sale—1J4 dozen Pullets,
early hntoked, l)_ dozen Brown
Leghorn hens, thoroughbred, n
splendid laying strain, and 4 White
Rock Cockerels from prize winning
stock. Phone L 244:1, Mrs. L. A.
For Sale—Pure Ilrc.1 Suffolk Down
Rums. Apply Jos. Thompson, Surdis or phone Finl.
J. W. Whitley of Vnncouver,
provincial organizer of the Orange
Order paid u visit lo thc Lodge here
on Thursday night.
A sooinl'ls to Ih* held in Chen in
hull on Wednesday evening October
ill), miller the auspices of the lollies
of the Methodist church. There
will he games and contests. Refreshment.-, will is* on sale. Admission free.
To Let—Rooms suitable for
oll'ifcs; apply to II. J. Barber.
W. K. Seott, deputy minister of
Agriculture was in thc city lust Snt-
unlay conferring witli Q, I, Thornton with regard to the bottled fruit
which was sliip|H*d I.. l/'elhridgc
this week.
NOTICE—Telegrams, unless authorized by the C. P. II. will not lie
accepted ut this office unless nccom
piinieil h.v the etish.   II. J. BaIIIIBII,
Agent, 0. P. It. Telegraph,
The lirst P. S. A. meeting of the
s usoil will be held i.ii Sunday
(Hftornoon Nov. 10 in the Lyric
Sitfntrc, when a prominent speaker
s.m Viineuliver will   give  the ud-
ress.   All me*, re Invited to attend
his meeting uud should reserve
hut aflornoon. Election of ofiicers
will take place nl lhal meeting.
Social and Personal
Mrs. Dlindas ni lho Royal was in
Vancouver this week.
Miss Gladys Kipp Spoilt tho week
end at her home here.
Mi's. F. X. George anil daughter
were-in Vancouver last week.
Miss M. MePhersiin wits the guest
nl Mrs. 1). C, McGillivruy last week.
Mrs. T. II. Henderson is visiting
frloiuls in Vancouver for a couple of
The Misses Tolmie of Vicloriu
were the guests of Miss Carleton
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo, Sprout are
on ti trip to the okaiiiigun district
this wook.
Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Nowell entertained a party of young people on
Friday evening.
Mrs. Rollins, of Viineouver, wns
the guest of Mr. und Mrs. W.U.
Hodgins on Friday,
Miss Watson, of Vancouver, spent
the week end with Mr. and Mrs. A.
S. Watson, Gore  avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Ingrnii, of
Vancouver, are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. It. E. Broadhead.
Geo. Maxwell Stewart of Vancouver, u former resilient of Chilliwack, visited in town this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, of
.Now Westminster, spent Sunday
with Mr. nnd Mrs. E. II.   Beule.
Mr. antl Mrs. J. Dick of Vancouver were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. II. MeCiiteheon last week.
Aid. C. E. Eckert is spending a
week on Vancouver Island and
participating in a hunting expedi-
Percy Jackman, of Vancouver,1
spent Sunday at the home of his
parents .Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jack-
.Mrs. M. Harrison returned on
Friday from un extended visit to
Rosslnntl Ji. C., Spokunc and other
The annua! meeting of tlie Tennis
(.'lul. will be held in the Bunk of
Montreal rooms on Friday evening,
Nov. I.
Frank Kipp antl family arc this
week moving to their now home ut
Murrayvillo, in the Langley Prairie
Mrs. J. L. stark, accompanied by
her father and mother of Goderieh,
Ont., is expected U) arrive home on
Saturday next.
Theo. Mitchell spent a few days
in Vnncouver last wook. He is
planning for a trip to Australia in
the near future.
Mr. Leonard of Leonard Coffee
Pnlueos, Vancouver, nnd Mrs. Leonard were in (lie valley Ihis week on
u shooting expedition.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Jos. Peers went to
Vancouver on Saturday where Mrs.
Peers is spending (he week, Mr.
Peers returning Mondny.
Mr. nnd Mrs. McNiven and Miss
McNiven of Vnncouver were the
week ond guests of Miss McNiven,
principal of the High School.
Rev. nnd Mrs. Roberts have issued Invitations for u Hallowe'en
parly tn the boys ai.il girls classes
of Ihe Methodist Sunday School.
Mr. Gibbons arrived from the
eastern provinces on Saturday nntl
confirms the worst reiwrts thai
have been given about bail wentber.
Mr  nnd Mrs. Jus. Mollis of Vancouver were guests nt the   home  of
Mrs. J. Burton this week, Mr. Mel
lis enjoying whilo here some gotu
Mrs. (Dr.) Henderson nnd her
mother Mrs. MeCiiteheon returned
on Saturday from u three weeks
visit with friends in Viineouver nnd
New Westminster.
Mr.  und Mrs.  Ils.h*k " Fahrfeld
Island,  gave a  house  \t in
their new homo on Frith ig.
The event   was  well  in by
friends uud neighbors  u .ml
time was spent  in   d itl
games until the m.tlnlg
Frank McDonald, of Harrison
lint Springs was a visitor to the
oily this week. .Mr. and Mrs. M.
McDonald are leaving shortly on a
trip to Ryloy, Alborta,
Leslie and Phil, Manuel were at
Iheir homo in Cedur Cottago on
Monday und Tuesday, Monday heing lhe silver anniversary of Uev.
Mr. anil .Mrs. Manuel's  marrlngo,
A meeting of the Bfidmontftn Club
will he liebl un Friday evening, Oct.
'-'."i in tin* Bunk of Montreal rooms.
Important  Inisiness pertaining in
the c.iiuiugseusiiii will he dealt wilh.
Kwiirl I.. Ashwell hns hud the
honor of passing second in his class
in Commercial Law in tho recent
examinations In Vancouver, securing the high percentage of U2 out
of 100.
E. A. Kipp and Henry Xelems
returned lust week from n two
months' trip to Eastern Canada and
IKiints in the other side of the line.
The trip is reported to have been
a most enjoyable one.
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Endicntt,
who have spent the summer here,
left on Monday Intake up residence
in thoir new home in New Westminster. Their son, Arthur,
accompanied them, returning on
A recital of music was held at
Mr. J. Macleod's, Sumas road on
Saturday Ont. 12, when Mrs. Sig-
frid Etlstrom and her pupils entertained their friends. They were
assisted by Mrs. Geo. Wright, Miss
Wright and Miss Gwendolyn   Hav-
worth of Vancouver.    Light refresh-1P^'1"** '""• M <"■""'""■ tad p*ae___
mentis brought the pleasant afternoon to a close.
To ciMinpc criticism, wi)* notlilns. >t" nothing, be
Chilliwiick's   sowerage   problem
will  probably   o     boforo   tho
citizens in the furm of a by-law at
an curly date, A scheme Is now
in course uf preparation and will be
submitted tor approval. Tbe question of sewerage is one tlmt must be
dealt with sooner or later, in
fuel conditions at the presenl  time
makes   some   practical   solution   of
I'n*   prnhl     imperative.      The
scheme when presented should be
considered without produjlce, dealt
with as a necessity, and strictly un
the merits of the ease.
During the lime- the Free Press
bus been in Inisiness its aim has
boon to serve the highest and best
interests of the city and valley.
Conditions surrounding local business and the production interests
locally, are changing, und there is
a considerable adjustment necessary
in order to properly und profitably
meet these changed conditions. The
Free I'ress hml hopo-,1 ts. he a factor
in this important phase of cbsum*,
ity interest. Th.* only m.'th.id ai
meeting tho situuti..ii sii,-,-..ssful'y is
the fostering of a generous public
splrltodnOSS, a breaking down u(
encircling and imaginary barrier*.,
getting out of time worn nns] sjcaieu
Born—Oct. 21, to Mr. and Mrs.
T. C. Clcnny, a son.
Born—Oct. 21, to Mr. and Mrs.
Hay, Robson street, a son.
Born—ou tbc IStli hist, to the
wife of Thi'ophilus Jackson Hul ton,
a son.
Born—On Oct. 24, to Mr. and
Mrs. W. II. Siddall, a daughter
To. Rent—Three roomed house
near Public School, with light uud
wuter.   Apply nt this office.
West of Edmonton, fossils have
recently been found thut were 25,-
OOO.OUO years old. Younger specimens eun Ih* found in almost every
town in Canada says the Greenwood
Householders and license holders
(other than property owners) who
desire to vote at the election of
Mayor ami Aldermen in January
nflxt, should take note of the fac(
thut in accordance with the lnw of
the Province it is necessary for them
to register ut tbe City Hull before
the end of the present month. This
is necessary iu ull cases, notwithstanding that they inny huve registered last year.
effort t.) co-operate with Sll good interests fssr the general advancement
of (In* whole community. Wi ns
firm in the l»*lief that the mwh-
chants who are urging cii-opuratiim
among the business interest*, if
the city, are on the right tack, und
ii is our l.o'ie that ilie etfi.rt. **iB ha.
crowned with the success that it unmistakably merits. An «ver increasing and important tgiet o*f
co-operation with every laudable
interest will lx; the natural sequence
to that success, nnd it is titling tliac
tlie business men of the city should
grapple with the problem and irtul
the vnn. In this they should receive tho support nnil lllll milling
ment of the producer on the land.
Toeo-opernte is to work together,
und ns a farewell word, the Free
Press earnestly urges a pulling u>-
getlier uml an expenditure of *-tt*-rgy
on the pari of all for the public
This is the dny set apart throughout nil His Majesty's dominion of
Canada for all faithful ansl loyal
subjects to render thanks for the
blessings of the year whieh is rupid-
i ly drawing too close. That Canada
hus  Ih'oii  abundantly   hlsx-ed   in
[ material things during the season
Winter hits  its joys.   The  (lies
are gone, and  lhe   mosquitos uo .
longer  present   their    '.ills.     The•"-•* fn«.*"g **>  w,,h"nt  ,llsPnt'
laugh of tlie ice man is stilled,   and IT1 II1'1|V|,|"'*1 l>ms|>erity is the rule
the dust   no   longer   blows across' >r-'.igh»ut the land.    *l.t there are
your  Brussels  onrpet.     The   bun tno?e wno do no1  '""k   "I**"1  Pro-
wagon is sleeping, an.l  the  bicycle|!"*'"|>'_*■  J™  "."".''"..'Ir', I'1.'"'!'."*:
censes In  knock you   off  the  sido-  ' ■■-■■••■■••
wulk.   Tin* chickens do  not   roost
in yonr    Ilower garden,   nnil   the
summer girl does nut   hold you up,
for ihe ice  creams     Greenwood
those win. reflect tlmt the history nf
the world shows   the  greatest   men
to have risen up suit .sf straightened
circumstances and  the decay un.l
collapse ssf empires  to  have  been
brought aboul by opulence and luxury.    Anil if it   be true,  a*,  some
The Dmmntlo Recital IoIh* given  would tell US, that wilh all our get-
ill the Methodist Church on Friday ting we have failed  to get tbnt wis.
evening next promises to In* one of di.in which exalts the ideal over the
the best ever given in the oily.   The material, while there still remains
members of the Wesley Troop, Boy I muoh occasion for   thankfulness.
Scouts, deserve to he supported in there is nlso gosnl cause for national
tlieir Ventura In bringing Mr. Hayes and individual selfsearehing.
to Chilliwuek, nnd the programme Lei there Iki no discord in the
which follows, shows that there will' national note of praise on Monday,
not be nn uninteresting moment yet let individual and nation alike
during the evening.   Part l—The; remember that many of our raodorn
"Story of Joseph."    Purl 2—Solo,' idols stand  on  feet   of  clay,   'bat
Miss Flossie Orr; Recital, "Boots amid all glamour of material proa*
nt The Holly   Tree,"   (by  ('buries |terity nothing is worth while which
Dickens); Violin Solo, Mr. II. Kel- d.-es not   exult  nml   beautify  the
land: Humourous Reoltal, "He gut Ideal of the Individual,
his Hair out"; Recital, "The Final   .	
il'.all  Gnmo,"   (by   Cyril   Hayes.)       , .
■ God Save the King. ■"• unreserved auction sale   of
horses, cows produce oto,, Is being
The lirsl woman 'Civil Service' held on thc old Parker Furm, seven
Commissioner In the United States miles east Of Chilliwuek on (he
I was appointed a few days ngo by I Prairie Central mud   by   Messrs.
the   Mnvul   of   Los  Angeles,   Mrs.   Burmeister and Nelson on Wcdnes-
Duvid Clianiliers McCan lieing select
ed for Ihe oiliee.
day, Nov. (Int I p. in.   F. .1. Hurt
iv Co,, auctioneers.
♦   *;1
Ivan tht Terrible Had Cold Blooded
Notions  About  Jesting.
linn ibo Terrible furgot ncltbor his
flevniioiis nor Ills inversions. His palace alternately rosoiuitlctl wltb prny-
]ng nml camiinlng. He luul n company
stf .icHii'i-s. whose duty il wns lo divert
blm. espi'dnlly liuforu nml nfter nny
e.eeiillnns, hut Ibey ..ri.i, paid deurly
:for tin iiiiMcnsiiiiiil.ii* Julie.
AlUOtlg lliese iiuiii. wns more ilislltl-
gillsbeil thun Prince Qvowlof. wbo held
11   Illlill   I'lllllt  lit   ci.Ill'l.
Tbu cmtrybeltiK  Iny ilissiiilsiii.il
witli ii Jest, ii'iiiri'.l over Hi" prlnco's
lieml Iln* Iiolllng .-..iiienis "f n »lll|l
biisln. Tin. iiinwImhI v reii h prepnreU
to ri-treiil from Iba Ittble, lull Iln* ly-
nml struck Iniu «iili n killf., nml In*
fell seliscie-s I,, llie II..or.   I'r. Artiolpb
win. limtmitly culled.
"Siivt- my good nervuiit!" crleil tho
<*7.nr. "I luive Jos'.cil wllh Iiini 11 Utile
toss hni'il "
•■ts.. hnrtl," replied the oilier. "Hint
nnly Usui nnil your majesty enn restore
iiiui to lire   lb* ii*. longer hronthes."
I vn,, ejprossed his contempt, called
Iln* tlooetiHoil favorite a .log nml cou-
liniii'ii his amusements.
Anol*ir dny, while he snt nt tnhli".
the wnywiitli* of 8tnrlt7.n, Horls Tltof.
appeared, liow-cd lo tin* ground nnil
minted blm nrier the customiiry manlier.
"God wive the*., my item' waywode.
Tli.su ileservest ii proof of my favor."
Ile mined n knifo mul cm off un cnr.
Tito? tliniikpil the czur for his gracious
favor nml wished hitu a hu|ipy reigu.-
Pearson's Weekly.
Kflewnlln ts One ot tin* Mosl Early
Dlscovored Port, ol Canada.
Kecwiitin, list- new tulilitiuti tn tin.
Provinco of Ontario, is n jtieat lonely
In i it I of pulpwood inn! I.tiuri'iitinn
rocks, with interval*, ol tlu. Httroniaii
overlying Keewatin tnrinntions, in
wbleh tln'y in.' discovering mineral
values up in i,!il New Ontario, nt Cobalt, Porcupine, ami otber pi -. today. !i is n higher, bolder lantl a- a
rule iiuiii thi. region paralleling Ihu
-..iitlieiK curve .sl .lnnii.. Hay Iniuieili-
nlely in,iiii .,f Ton nto. Along llm
Ilu.  pari "i il in., coastal Hals
You will iind relief in Zam-Buk I
It eases lho*burnint|, slinging
pain, stops bleeding end brings
ease. Perseverance, wiih Zam-
Buk. menus euro. Why not provo
(•jig's*-   Mt i>ruoffi-''e and Stores.—
w «n rrfx r. ,'«t*ji£_'*j
Rul-M Th.it Uttd to B* In Forc_ H«lf ■
Century Ago-
A ciirlons relic of ntiimnd operation
Home fifty ,T«?iir,i flp> l» T**nnes*»ee und
<;_orKla in exhibited In Hie following'
eilract* from the rill**!* tlien Ut force:
Kurh eiiKlneiUHn will keep a wnlib.
which mnst Im reculnled by the time of
IiIm cotHluctnr at lhe commencement of
each trip and will tlwflyn Imve In his
l*s*.*f*.s!<>n the current schedule hook.
Should any nock he killed which
may he likely to endanger the aafety
mt (he next train jihshIiii:. the enirlne-
ninn will atop bin train until track la
.leu red.
An a peneral rule, when trains meet
between station**, tlie train nearest the
turnout will run buck. Any dispute
us to which truln has to retire Is to be
det.rmined at once by the conductors
without any Interference on the part
of the englnemen. This rule is required to be varied In favor of heaviest
Jcaded engine or the worst trades. If
they iii-vet near the center, ln <*ase of
barking, a man must be placed on the
lookout, so that any dancer to the rearmost part of the train may be seen and
the enKinemnn at once receive notice.
The hacklm; must he done cautlously.-
Kallroad Mitn'a MiiRazlno.
with cl.'iy iiiiii In-u|i|(.r benches reach
infj Inr mil ihIn the nlmllow water,
nml muskeg swamps inlnnH, Uur,
northnrlj. past CapH Hpiiriotta Marie,
furllier ftlcing the lludson Hay shnra
ilsolf, (lie hills Brlse, antl Lhe grnnlta
outcrops "f the world's mnst ancient
n k, Qndci'lyina the nlliivinl Iln'- "f
tiie river vulloys, covereil with  mu>
Vt'ti   iii'p-*m.   liineslON cur-;   in   level
bods. \i nne lime Hudson lluy aprenil
over tin'-.' lowlands, soulh and west,
and  pressed  Uie  mud  ■*',<lii t  Into
stone, The country hn-* been rising,
tin' geologists Bay, lifting up out "I
the sen. during the Inst 10,0110 yenr-*.
er else tin* sen-is receding. Geologlcn!
ef.orlR tuke time, however, The Hud-
•r»m Hay harbors are pafe for an hko
er two yet probably,
Of theso new (Mitnrin harbors on
salt water. Moose Knctorv He-* nearest, to Toronto, Port Nelson lartheat
awny. Itoth hnve been used (or threii
centuries by the Hudson Bay Co. in
the fur trade. Both, to (it, tbem (or
the modern ships oi commerce, will
have to be dredged. Moose Hiver can
lie opened up with a two-mile channel
through tlie bar across its mouth.
The present channel ranges from
nb-rmt 'ih tn 7 (eel low tide. Similarly
with Port Nelson. The Hudson Bay
ships anchor two miles out, and their
carenes are lightered in smnll boats
nnd flat' scows.
Keewatin is much like the rest ol
New Ontario. It is not n Innd of ngri-
culture, ns is Old Ontario. Perhaps
some day. when great, mining camps
have planted themselves up there )Q
the rocky spruce-^mothered hills, the
demand for hay nml oftts, for potn-
tries, nud for fresh meat, will bring
about a considerable amount of miied
farming for the nweet sake cf local
markets, the demand of milling men
nnd tbe hunger of the "muckers. '
But as contributors to the appetite of
the outside world, ns en porters of
wheat, of beef, or of pot-nt'ies, it in
doubtful if the rock-bounded farming
patches or even the rich interval of
clay which extends ninety miles or so
back from the coa-t, at present under
crop of muskeg moss, will enter into
serious competition with the eho-c'.*-
Inte loam of the plains in lhe markets
of Great Britain.—Toronto Star Weekly-
, It Waa Changeable.
One of the large Kansas City storea
ciwes Its aiifcess In a great measure to
Its policy of exchanging goods If returned In n salable condition, An exception is made when dress materlnla
hnvo been cut from the bolt. One il.iy
recently n customer purchased ten
ynrdn of a two toned nllk. which the
clerk nssured her was the most fnsh-
loonble fabric of thc seamm. When
■she renched home with her purchase
ehe decided, on reflection, that a woolen material would be more serviceable,
Accordingly she returned' to tin- store
tbe neit day and requested the exchange. The clerk explained that it
was an Impossibility, ns the j*oods bad
been cut.
"Wby. I bom-tit thi*** with Ibe distinct understanding" remonstrated the
woman, "that I could return ll. I Ud
yon not tell mo it was a changeable
The exenunge wna mane.—n.an_a«
©t? Star.
[Do you l alize that to go
jthrough life tortured and
'disfigured l.y itching, burning, scaly and crusted eczemas, ur other skin and
$calp humors is unnecessary? For mure than a generation, warm  baths with
Cuticura Soap
And gentle applications of
Cuticura Ointment have
proved successful in the
most distressing cases, of
infants, children and adults,
when all else had failed.
Altb.nih CiUriift *ntf anil Oir-|m»it tr* ■*!■_
_*••• -Jnifiwta ami ■].*..<-r» eeetfitnr. m lit**r_l
•»(B|,k nl -«i*-. -ii i 32-MfS fe-Mhi'l »« tmimMt
•! tttn and h-ti-. vlll (*• eeel, wmUUee onappUr***-
Mm ... *'(  ,u ',,»,*■ Uil-l.BU, buaittl. L. .-*, A.
Energetic Mr. Borden.
A notable charncteristie ol Mr. Borden is his stupettdoun energy. In
hhit, for initanoe, he mad* n political
tour of Canada, coverint; over I.YOiK)
mi lea in twelve week.-, and delivering
seventy-five political speeches, to say
nothing of n large number nf addresses civen to vanou.**. urg&nizatlond
ol a min political chnrnrt-er. He is
nlso a man nf admirable self-control.
On one occasion he could not get a
hearing at a meeting. "If you do not
want t-i listen to nie," he said, during
a momentary lull, "you are not compelled ti- -iin ro. I wil! dictate what
I have tn say to the pie*?- ri'nre^eii'4,-
tive- " Witn thnt he walked over to
the assembled ntwspapor men nnd
continued hiu remarks in an under*
tone. His quiet nonchalance hnd toe
d-t-aired *■■ Tf*■ *t. and his speech wns afterward- listened to in silence by an
appreciative audience.
Are tber side to the character of the
Canadian Premier is his passion for
literature. He lovea poetry—incidentally It might '■•■ mentioned that be
was burn, in 1654, nt Grnnd I're. Hie
.-.erne nf Long.ol low's best-known and
most, popular poem, "Kvangeline"—
and, possessing n prodigious memory,
can repeat many of tin- longest poems.
One*1 while traveling he quoted one
hundred lines of Latin verse. Mr.
Borden is alao passionately fond "I
sport, lie play- go!! and enck.t,
ami  in a keen  tl-bermnn.
The Athletic Cop
Those persona who keep iibrr-aul of
Uie ultnl's oi Uio day imifit find moro
Umn paaring satisfaction in the bet*
Icrmoni lho lar^*.* cities oontlnue to
inject in tholr police do pur l mont a.
Tin- public il.Minimis thai Uu- police
ofllcer It removed us fur as possible
irom things polltfcal, In cities
where politics ilottrtshoa wr nml iln>j
most Inferior grade of police ofiicers. I
• in* moinoni   <>   pollcomtin   becomes
merely a cog in snnit* polii leal niiicliine j
nis duties are woven uroiind u control
i>, votea to tno exclusion of the per-j
form a uce of bis natural fu Meltons.
The larger cities, such as New Vurk j
and Clil'igo, lung since enmo to tho
icaliztitlon licit the policeman is em*;
ployed by ibe taxpayers tu patrol thej
(-streets anl   o ttflllUnln peace and ur-
The Viy,) is lu reality, similar to the I
battleship. if iho United Stan-sl
navy wore composed of this type nfj
vessels tie result would be ilhnnst a
•.landing invitation for some more
powerful nal ion lo engage In combat
nnd sink Die ships.
The more physically powerful it po-
■Iceman Is. the less trouble he encounters In enforcing obedience,
'Ibere was never a belter Idea origin-
all d than the equipping ami mnlntou-
i-nce of gymnasiums In police stations. And there Is not a more
workable Idea tban the forming of
baseball football, and track teams
among officers of tbe law so as to
give them sunn purpose for always
.lettering theii  physical condition,
The patrolman Is an object lesson
not styiplv tc the crook and yegg, but
lo the rising generation. When Officer f'ascy rushes out into the street
ar.d stops a runaway team at the risk
of life and limb, be has set a standard of h.'.-obm iii his precinct at least.
i.nd this standard is bound to exert a
.-'ood infi..once on both tbr boys and
the men In that neighborhood.
On the other hand, any display nf
cowardice or physical weakness on
Uie part of a police officer, tends to
shatter the Idol nf the law. and suggests to citizens the weakness of the
law. Hut the policeman, for his
own Bake and because be Is ever ex*
posed to hazards and dangers, should
rfcep himself in such condition thai he
will he able to give a good account
cf htms'dr when tbe time comes.
The most successful ollieers of the
law, and die ones who command the
aiost respect, are not those who are
always ready to use the club or gun.
ibnse who aie willing to mix, not
through their power of legal right.
but because they nre the masters.
Tin* police officer is tin* emblem of an
ImperfOCl civilization, His position
bas heen made possible only because
physical force Is sllll necessary to
ruppress certain wrongs. All of 'his
is apart from bis duties ns an ah) to
the sick and afflicted, and unless he
personally s ts before himself an Ideal
of physical Illness, he is going to In-
less cap?ble as an officer.
Thero i*-* * great deal of difference
botwi on a police officer, who is In
:ood physical condition and one who
is a natural bully. Adherence for at
■east an hour a day to the routine of
iho gymnasium is one of the most
com mend'"ble practices a policeman
can indulge in.—Frank Ootch.
t Dramatic Snap
A number ol players and play
I wrlghts ;■' !'-" iambs' Club were discussing 'h'1 question of what, constl*
I lutes the snap so periston ly do*
i mandetl of lho dramatist by tho nan*
1 ager uf today,
1     I have 'allied to so many mrinngers J
ion this .abject, said one writer, but I
; rone has heen able to giivo m.- any
very ri Hui to notion as to juat  wh'atl
1  enn   help  you  out,   said   Eugene
j Wain i.     I have an idea fer n one- j
act  play 'lint just:*, burats with simp.'
1 I'll give ;t  m you,      Here it  is: I
Play  opons  with  man  and   woman I
In drnwln,  room, seated sido by side
on a   "i i ami embracing cuch other,
) iiiisslonately.
Ruler to them a man wllh a suit*
ease mid an umbrella. lie Is of
course to all Intents, husband uue.v,
l ectedly relumed.
1 hml nnd no sooner -takes In lbc i
situation 'ban he yanks oui a revolver
"ml shoots both mnn nnd woman.
Then he takes nut his glasses, pu's,
tbem on, looks about him. nml suddenly gives a start.
Merciful1 heavens! be exclaimed, I'm
on the wrong lloor. —Lipplncolt's.
Mlnan-'j   Liniment   Cures   Garget   In
Appreciates Walt Mason
A Free I'ress render In far-off Belfast sends this apppreclation of Walt
Mason's philosophy,
You have a chum upon yoour staff
Who glvPB ns many a merry laugh,
You'll bear with me ou bis behalf.
A   little  while.
Walt's racy style nnd  winsome  way,
Ills Ring i-t crank, and croak aud jay.
The  sound  advice and  skilful   play,
The hours beguile.
I see he doesn't rare two sticks
For ibe wild war of polities.
Not  blarneyed hy tbe party tricks.
Of K'assy guys.
NOW could  youi   bard  Ideas spin
To show a way out of the din,
Show saner methods, tbat we win
A chance to rise.
I do not flatter when 1 say
Walt's full serio-comic lay,
Is but the common spate of play.
He turn-, new soil.
That being so. eould he suggest
A way Into some haven blest
From out the present matt unrest
And storm—some oil.
To calm a nation's mad display
When time ticks off election day,
To saner wisdom show the way,
Net wisdom's sum.
Conquera Asthma. To be relieved
from the terrible suffocating due to
asthma is v great thing, but to be
Safe-guarded for the future Is even
greait r. Not only does Dr. ,T, D,
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy bring
prompt r *lle!. but it Introduces a new
era of life for the afflicted. Systematic inhaling of smoke or fumes from
thc remedy prevents re-attacks antl
often effects .i permanent cure.
The Northern Trusts Company
Thl, company acts. In Urn capacity nf
:-ji_ we Bimil he glad to forward copy of    our    -Uoofciet    ''t-Jninsiulaf
rbe,ut Trunin, Trustee* and Trust Companies." on request
TreasUrl Trove Found,
There im** lieen found near Smith's
Full.* a quantit) of French and American silver coin dating nack to tiie
year 1700, * •y** French coin dat-ed
1813 and n live.franc piece ha# tht
head "i Emperor Napoleon on one
side. The coins wore n!', let on edge
in rows in tiie shape ■( a V. There
were in nil l-H '•oin'** nnd the value
cannot al present be estimated The
money wan pi need in tbe care o|
Thief Phillips M Smith's Falls and
li* sud Magistrate Spar-ham nre the
only ones other lhan tbe Under I wbo
know where tbe cmm were found.
They refuse to glv« nny further particulars until tliey have beard .r"m
the nuthnriiien ai Ottawa to whom
n report of the valuable discovery
waa made. U Is thought that much
mora coin is aecreted ln the same
vicinity and it is oxpH-cted thnl when
the location in made known 'Here will
Im a reguinr rmh of *.r*»-SUfi hunters
to tbe tnrin.
Vsed aero ding to directions. Or. i
,t. 1). Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial ]
will afford relief in the most acute
rorm of sumir.e. complaint. Whenever
tno attack  manifest a  Itself no time
hould be lost in seeking the aid of;
the Cordial      It will act Immediately
ill Iho ptnin ich nml intestines and nl-1
lay ihe Irritation antl pain.     A trlnl
d it will conv'.nce nnyono of these
esst rlLms
OtTere. Hilt Bid
A Yorltshiroman recently   entered
an auction  mart.      Looking aroundI
ami catching tho auctioneer's eye during a lull  hi  tbe  bidding, he shouted
lou til j enough to bo heard by all:
May  I  bid?
< Vriiinly. said the man of the
hammer, thinking him a customer.     !
All eyes being turned on the customer, he,  making  for the door,  said:
Well,  I bid you good-night, then.
The laughter which followed atop*
ped business for some time,
Vienna. The town counoll of Nagy
Perkata In Hungary, has resolved by
I'i votes to 1 to levy a special rate on
bachelors the proceeds of which are
(O be dew tr. d lo a children's hospital.
The oue jppcnenl of the proposal was
also thfl only bachelor on the council, and hi has appealed to the county
nuthorltloi t« quash the resolution as
ultra vire.*
W.N.U   114
What  Clovar Will   Do.
A    Cnnndian    bulletin    iinnied    'n«t
yenr contains details ol sn int-cre'ting
experiment  in  th* growing of clover
for the distinct purpose o( Increasing
the nitrogen content in n tract ol laud
Clover wa.i grown on thi** tract con-
Mnuoualy for a nine-year period, The
ground wii dug over every MCond
year and tbe pint reteeded, the hay
that waa cut etioh season being allow-*
*d to rot on tiie ground. Tbe <oil wni
analysed st the beginninga of the "*■
penment and at Interva * inter. At
the end o( tune year* it wna found
thst ench acre of soli to a depth oj
four inches cont-tfnsd 473 pound*
more nitrate* thnn at the beginning,
worth on an nrern-je $0.88 pjpr sere
•aeh rear, or 184.9-1 for the nt,,o venr
period If tin* clover hsd been ted to
•took inatead of heme allowed to rot
it ts admitted thst nearly a* large no
amount of nitrogen wt>u,d have a*e»
Oontributad to tha Mil.
More little ones die during the bot
weather than at any oilier lime of the
yeur. Diarrhoea, dysentry, cholera
infantum anl stomach disorders come
without warn'ng ami when a medicine Is not il baud to give promptly
the shorl delay too frequently means
that the cliild has passed heynud aid.
Baby'i On t Tablets should alwaya be
kept In the home where there are
young child'.-n, An occasional dny ,
of the T'lblet** will prevent stomach
and bowel •- ublcs, or if the trouble
conies the prompt use of the '
Tablet m-   Uie  baby.       Mrs.
Ad el oi ie. Ht     Bruno.   Que ;
writes aby was troubled with
his bo Baby's Own Tablets
soon * h: again." The Tablet** i. medicine dealers or
by nn tits a box from The!
Or. \ sdlcln* Co., Drock-j
villa. )
Queer Materals Used in Making Artificial Flies
The mikers of flies for fishermen
nre constantly devising new and ingenious forma, All manner ot queer
material enter inio the manufacture
of these 'lies such as bears eye-brows
and  lnou--' whiskers.
The business done in mouse whiskers Is ver> considerable, for these are
an important factor lu thu making
of a fly, known as the grey gnat.
Trout nse very much better, ii Is
claimed, ;*t whisker flies than at the
same gn.ii dressed in jungle cock*
hackl : although they look very
much alike.
Hears' eyebrows, for the reason
that they an- stiff and have exactly
the rlghi line, arc employed in the
making of a ily that ia extensively
used iu salmon fishing. These eyebrows are taken from the Himalayan brown bear anil are expensive.
Fly makers employ agents ull over
the world to look for birds thai will
supply material for the best ii.> hackles. One of the moat sought after
.kins is tb.i of the rare screamer,
an African bird about (be size of a
hen. tbat shows a Uny bunch .of feathers on pach shoulder, worth about
$16 a bunch to the fly maker. One
of   these   birds   Will,   It   is   estimated,
supply feathers in sufficient quantity
lo make only half a dozen tli us.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain .Mercury,
a* merrwf -*iii wiv destroy tiir Mm ot maslil
md wnpmriy dentin u»* wh.,|p -onum when I
•'iit'-hnij n t'lrniiKh the nuioiu' mrfarr*, Mich
I'll, " ,-*Ih>iiM MVCf ba li*"**! Iirppt OO prf-amp-j
UoM r-nn rfimiatii*- [iliym-ian-*. nn itx- dSfflUO ti .->■
«iil ■)» is tffl toll I to I'm -finul you ran puMblf lie- I
:!<••• fmm ilicin. Hull'** Catarrh ' un-. n imilmiirnl
tn r. j. rhi-n-*-)' Ar i'n.. Toledo, 0.. eontoloi bo nur-
in   ind i" liken Intorulty, ariini dweetljf ni<on
tiV  IHiuhI  mid   trn in m*  »iiil»"'.   nt  lb*>  -■.-it-iii     III
burins nm > catarrh < un "•■ (■ur*** ynu nfi  the
"■,!*.■    Il M tahpii i'   -r, ,  -.   ami mailr tn   liilrilu.
illilii  liy K. J  Chmrf A lit.    IcitlTiinni-tia Hem.
mi|i| tn* Drttn   *•    l'rl.r. :",■   |>f* bottle-
itk' iuii j nniif i'ln* tor eoesUpatna,.
Tomtit a Lamplighter
l-'or several weeks past one of the
public Street lamps ai Green ford, near
l&allng, has been found Alight nearly
••very day, although tbe lamplighter
i-xtlngulahed the lighl each morning,
Suspecting that some youthful imp
with nils.-hleVlOUS propensities was at
work, the lamplighter set himself to
capture the culprit who was glvtylg
him so much trouble. While waiting in in line to pounce upon the offenders le was amazed to see the
lamp apparently light Itself,
Investigation revealed the fact that
a tomtit had built a siiiik nest In a
corner of the lamp am) wns In lhe
habit of hopping on to the ring at*
I ached to the chain of lha Incnndes-
rem by-pass, thus turttiuK uu ihe
More About
The Loading Platform
The present f,e.irr*tion of Western farmero will never know th»
difficulties nnd v■ xall. ns experienced tiy their predecessors In lh"
earlier years when no ono could K*et a carload of grain whipped In
bulk except by ioidlng it through an elevator, The system forced
thc majorl'y of tanners to ncll tbelr grain to tho elevator owners
at arbitrary prtcts, and oft Hues to -nubmlt to heavy dockage and
other -annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now however
the distribution o* ..us as fixed hy the Grain Act, and tho use of thn
loading platform, provide facilities which enable tho farmer to secure
satisfactory Meal■..■*nt in the disposal of ills f-raln. and the hlRhost
market prices at time of sale. Every farmer therefore, should more
and more e-nleavor to use the loading phtform ln shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators, It la the safeguard of the farmers' free
dom in disponing of his prain to the hest alvantace for himself. If
farmers refrain l:o.n usinR the loading platform freely, It might result ln Us being dnne away with. hecai,*-*» railway companies and
elevator owners nra strongly opposed to |V. It Is easy to understand why elevator people dedre the lenilnR platform abolished.
Tbe railway eople on their part sny It delays tho loading of ears
nnd helps tc< raure car shortage. Th's we know to he nonsense,
because frequently nfter cars nm loaded whether with grain, coal
lumber or other merchandise, Ihey are sldetracke' for dnys and even
weeks Instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. It
Is engine shortage .'id shortage of competent trail men that mostly
"quaes pram Uockndefl on railways and "..ot lack of cars. Let every
farmer thev .fore, <'., all he can to use * e loading platform and become nn !"f|tpe idct shipper. fn subsequent adverttsementj: we
will state In detail the savings and other advantages nf direct loading  Into cars  compared  with  loading tht uigh elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictlv on commission, mnke Hber.il
advances on -ar bills of lading. Bup_rvls*« the grading at time cars
nre Inspected, se ure the highest price*; nt time of sale nnd mako
prompt returns when sold. Write us for shipping instructions and
market Information.
Thompson Sons & Company
701-703 V.  (.RAIN   .XCHANGE.
QEE how handy my new granary is,
O You place four or five of them around
your quarter section. This saves time in
harvest hauling to stacks."
' Then my granarcs con-.e in ta hold jour prain from each
stack.  Hy granary keeps prainclean, dry nnd unhealed.
No mu»ty grain, no losses from rats or vcrmi-..   When
jj^ijj  ready haul direct to the elevator from the granaries."
I ma'te several sizes of this handy granary.   You can
get 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 10C0. full measure guaranteed Imperial I'ushel sizes mot
small U.S. bushels) and you Mt up any
Pediar Granary in half a day. Remember
vou can move it easily any time.   My
Granary savesbig money by cuttingdown
teaming and keeping I'm grain right."
"St. how the man at the left can shovel
grain in from the threshing machine,
if it has no leg-spout to deliver grain
direct through the manhole on tht root.
*■■■■■ The other man is bagging grain.   Granaries are had
with door-ieclion or plain, as desired.   My new Granary
il lust right lor saving cost,   lt pays for itself in a year.
It comes in iections—low freight cost.   A boy can Ht
up   Writt lor my descriptive booklet." too
Wrh. tor BssdsUtNc.il
The Pedlar People Limited,Oihaw«,Ont7
' wii-notEO   ciLOAtr bdmohtom
76 Lombard St. Crura Slock suMliw,
Drasser IM) em W'bsllsxk k UsilUt       JU Filth 31. H
| Oirtet your Inquiry to tha Pedlar pla c  neareit you     They will    aniwar
you promptly and    aave you time
The Pedlar Granary la tire-proof.   Think what that meanal
Easily Understood
llosl—Kxoilie ii"*. Thnt's my
plinnt*. At Photiel Oli. yes. WliBt't
ihnl? Vou can't (tlvi> 'iu* tho hour
yuu iirtimiscil I could hu..* tomorrow?
ii do.'flii i Incommode me in the i.*n«'
Any olh**r llmr will do,      Don't men-
I imi II.     (liimll.y,
I'-rlend—That must hnve bi'cn your   ev
.initial. 1,
HuBl—It was. I etay.
Moat Excellent Reason <
It wns a kuIu oooaslon nt the Bohool, |
and Ihu v mini; lady principal wua very |
nnxloua Uml h -r pupils should nlmw
iff to Iln best advantage before the I
many ladle   present.
1     '*.      - lirsl hi-luilar sin* Kaiil:
lira..*,    wliere    waa    Mary, j
t, ' 8cot», born?
iIikow. answered Ihe pupil. |
was Mary born there'.' ask-
ei *r.
iilli* Grace promptly an-
There are Othera
Dlgga—What do you think of that
Idiot Jones?       He   always   answer*
i,lie qiies'lon by asking another.
Biggs—Does he?
Mrs. lienpeck—You know Ihe say
Iiii;.     Unlucky In love, lucky at curd*.
Henpeck—And yet you won't let in»
m, her   mother   wae
A Brava Challenge
Mrs. Rebecca Klailok. aged 101, ot
Philadelphia, wants to run a foot race
with nny woman over du In her horn*
city.     Address Oeneral Delivery. THE    FREE    PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,    B.C.
When you want to
clear your house of flies,
see that you get
Imitations are always
A lew door:; ioulh  of CP.R.  -Depot
Rjtcs $i*50 to $2.00 per day
Hot and cold w.'ter In every room
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
AH  Out aide   Hooms
The Rev. C.  H.  Grundy Gives Some
Matrimonial Advice
Early marriages are better for mor*
ntUy, baiter for the State, better (or
moiety,    For    domeBticlty,    tor    the
growth of personal character, and better for the children, who will thus,
when growing up, rejoice tn parents
who can be kee-i and interesting companions,
Thus said Rev, C, ll. Grundy, M.A.,
well-known R3 a lecturer aud the popular vicar oC St. Petpr'a Brockley,
England,  to ;i representative a few
I days ngo
But do noi therefore think, he went j
I on. thai T uin encouraging the youthful   folly   nf   improvident   marriage, j
| which no often lends  to misery.
I    At tho same time, why should pen*]
! pie want ti- Blavt marrioil life on a
grand aiul showy Boale Instead or being coni iii to work tholr way up by
, degrees The roal fault Is the oxtra-
•*agunco ol bachelorhood, The word
economy Us nol In lhe dictionary or
' muny ui"ii until thoy think of mar-*
rlaRo. All men should begin to pre*
pare tlniuclally for marriage Jho moment th°v li.* vn to earn monoy, Tlio
\ habtl  or thrlfl  thus  formed  will  bo
quite a> vnltt'ihJo and helpful as Lho
money na*, ed.
Vou  say  thai   perhaps  n  girl  bas
1 boon bro ighl up tioconUng to stnnd-
| nrdn  or  rpinforl   Hi il   line isi Hate  a
I r or tain salary In  Iln* man she Is to
iny,  in  order  thai   she  shall  not
For Straightaway Plowing, hour after hour,
without troubles or stops, COCKSHUTT
PLOWS are the most economical on the market.
The Fresh   Air Fund '
.Mrs. Noopop—Charlie, wlmt do you,
think?    Mini's jusi  sent    US    a    $10U
cheque for ou;* new baby?     Wasn't;
thai good of him?
Mr. Noopop—I should pay ao! I'll!
write :u once aud thank htm ior his
contribution to the fresh air fund.
T.-ie Worst Case
worst case of mixed metaphor
suffer hv tho coutr
l» u big nnln' al one
litres thai .1 regis ti
' anlaluliin. M o iiauu
who are willing to i
posse ■ rartlculur
i',i< men would km
StFiOO in* the $1700
and i mado
of mv recent loe-
■ should 1)0 Kepi
t ni' young Indies
ko uii ibands who
icomes, Thus
v which nro the
i year girls, and
Within the past few days a fifth
survey paity has boon soul out. of Vancouver by Chief Engineer Callaghan
of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway.
This latest oxfiodltlon is mado up of
is men in charge of Mr. P. O, Ashe
an experienced operator on location
work in mountain country. Its field
or action will be southwest of Lllloet
and is will to br the roughest di*
Irilct covered by lho project* d rail*
road, Tlioso already ol work ore
near West Vancouver nnd northoasl ol
Newport, it the he-id of Move Sound.
Minard's I Inlnn-nl  Co., Limited.
Oentlomon, -In Juno, OB, I had my
hand and wr's! hllten and badly mangled hy a vicious horse, 1 Bufforod
greatly for several days, and lhe tooth
cuts -M'fn eil to heal until ynur neont
■-iw rn,. n h0|tie of MINARD'S IiINI-
MI.NT, which l began using, The
effecl wai mnglcal; In five hours the
pain h id eras.', and in two weeks tho
won' : • Mad eompleti ly healed and
mv  hand and arm  \\ ere as well as
Wt.  Al.tol
Carriage Maker.
itRS.WlH-kLOW'1 ■OOTHfl'O m\avr \te* ham
MC. (orovtu SIXTV YEARSfry WlLUOHSf*
FhKTBINO. wllh  rSRHKLT  S.CCB.fta_|s
in« w,t reifltdy tor UIARRHCBA. . It la mm-
uk for "Mrt,
_ _   .    .     >ml uk- mmmtimmi
Twtoty-flvt'ceriti • Wilt.
Mliiltlr b«nnle».   Br iu
Wlflilov'i BMthlni Kyi
comprehend In which section io look.
i Imi proposal wun nol received with
favor hy sum of tlioso present, but
1 may say that my matrimonial bur*
e.\u which is realty doslgned to do
nothing more than bring young
couple together by eorrespondonco
- has proved successful beyond my
expectations. Already I have had
140 letter- some from the Colonies—
ami out happy pair will he loaviing
shortly t* mr.ko a home in Australia,
U) l advocate State encouragement
or regulation of early marriages?   No
sir, I in-it-t emphatically do ~>t; wel R-nuisite on the Farm.*—Every
cannot havo the policeman m control j farmer and stoclf-ralper ahould keep
our love affairs, Bul what I do wish a stipplv of Dr Thomas* Electric Oil
to insis- upon is that parents mlghtjon hand, not only as a ready remedy
Entirely Orlnlnal
Do ynu consider Wobbleton'a hum-
! or original, Binks? asked  Dubblelgh.
Sure ii is, said  Binks.      Absolute-
I don't believe (here Is any hu*   healthy by applying Dr. Chase's Olnt-
! ly.
I mor in existence
I -doton's joke
. . """
i j farme
known, said a teacher ol Knglish at.
ihe University of Pennsylvania, was
lhe output of Sir Kllis Ashmcttd Bartlett. who belonged to a Philadelphia
lamily, Sir Rills once wrote to tho
London Times:
The concert of the powers In China
is a mere delusive screen, agreeable
in sound, very tiokliug to the ignorant car, calculate; to draw the cheers
of the groundlings, hut. which really
serves only as a blind to ourselves, as
a cover for ministerial Inaction .as a
sounding board to tell our foes of our
plans, nnd as a lever wherewith they
are enabled to eheoktnato our policy.
Imagine, ended the Instructor—Imagine ii screen doing all thai!
Raw, Inflamed, Itching Skin is Soothed and Healed by
Barber's Itch is a form of Ring-;
worm, which when once started, is
most annoying and unsightly, and |
most difllcult to cure. Barbers often
refuse to shave anyone having this'
disease, ior fear of passing tt oa to i
other customers.
Bul you can cure Harbor's Itch and j
keep  the  skin  wonderfully  soft and'
. mnltpr from ihe
olsonou*  Midi  nnd  WBSt-t
ml !happena   if Mir  kith
'ion?        I'hoy   run no*,    properly     filter   tlio
(he blood,   Winn tiiPii7   First backnebea,
jciiiiti  nnd  niUB-lBs,  frequent  boadachee,
before tint eyes,   rheumatic   pains,   thru
In.mn! kidney dlee-asa in   wblcb   «t grenl   expense
only temporary relief cun   bu   had.   Finally,  con*
premature <f**(i(li,
lirii the knltifv-M )n>i*ih to warn --T their ttnltpalthy condition, !••> to
su KIT MTUI-: 1*11,1 s,   They will bain the  kidneys   und   keop
erywbere at iif iy cents a box ur mailed dlreot by
A Stick for a Hump
Swing a stick tu cure a hump, physical or mental,     A well known physician  recently    stated    that    fewer
| round shoulders would be observed in
; our young  men  ci' to-day could  ihey
but-cultivate tho habit of carrying a
| Ptlck.      As  will  easily  he  seen,  the
i use of a   walking   stick    Inevitably
'pulls back the arm,     And so, quite
naturally, too, the eldest is pushed for-,
ward, thu. allowing of iis expansion.'
Whereas the man who carries nothing
is Invariably  nervously conscious of:
his hand-*,.      And to hide them away.
Bomewhere puts them in his pockets.
What happen i?      By tho very action
of thrusting his hands iu his pockets
lie brings hts shoulders Into the lilie
of a slouch, and so to a stoop. But
to be at all efficacious   the    walking
stick carried must be of ordinary si/.c
—that is to reach as far as tlm hip.
A  shorter stick  fails In  its  mission.'
Kor either it is -swung in the hand.
with the olher hand in the pocket, or
it is carried high under the arm, with
both bands hurled deep.
S_.ea.M_ig Fell
contains no ell or tar. ll Is ;!•_*.,
odorless, waterprool, g*r:n and
vermin proof and pr3;:.„."y
Indestructible. Makes houses
draft-procf, easy lo heat, ami
comfortable In any weather,
Ask y;ur dealer to shs-v ycu
a sample, or wile for sample
and Booklet to the .;
S.I. C.n.sii_S   M».W».;";"r~
ol Canada. Limited.
tfsn'ml, Hiial,.,. Cjii-srv Vssis.-t.si.er.
edates Wub-
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers   of   all     kinds—Engines,
Pumpo, and Heavy Pla_a Work
W,rii,* u I for Price.
14 Strachan Ave.. Toronto, Canad.*i
If you want to purcha
so a carload
Good Ontario
Communicate w
h.  H.  DAWSON
90 Cotbourne  Street
do much more than they ilo to foster
early marriages. For the longer 1
live the more i am shocked at the
Belflshnosa of parents; they not only
keep the gir1-. about them in the home
instead oi letting thom earn their livings, but too oft nn they seem to take
a selfish delight in opposing their natural mattlmonlal yearnings.
The father likes to take hf_ charjn-
ing daui'-iter about with him, or the
mother i< anxious to make her assist!
iii  the  household  management—and,
for ills In the family, hut becausi
is   a   horse   and   cattle   mod (cine
great potency.     As n substitute for
sweet oil for horses and cattle affected by colic it far surpasses anything
that can be administered.
Not for Him
.Tones—I dare you to go over and
speak tn that lady over there.
James—Not on your life. That'-;
my wife, and  besides, we ain't speak-
in any case, they do practically no-'in'.
thing   to   help   her   to   meet   eligible, j —*
partners And yet it is often the1 Did y_u know that Miss Belle gave
ease tint such home-staying girls'Jones some apparel? How odd. llow
know next to nothing of practical do-, was   it"      Well,   lirst   nhe   gave  hlm
A Puzzle
Mn caught pa kissing the hired girl.
Whnt'fl she going to do about If.'
That's  the  trouble.       She  doesn't
know.      Slit can't make up her mind
whether to £et rid of pa or the hired j
girl,     Sometimes she says she thinks!
phe can  -et a  new  husband  easier]
than she cr  get a new servant,
Near Dorchester, England, there are
the remains of a Roman amphitheatre
capable of holding 13,000 people.
Senor Contele: Garza, under-sec*
retary of the interior of Mexico is
it nii'iter-/.-fact man who has the habit of holding his mouth open.
Tin* ot'-er day Secretary o! the Interior Gunzalcs walked into Qa.'za'a
cilice nnd eXC'ttlmed: Old chap, you
hive yo ir mould open!
I know ii. replied Garza, not looking up from hts writing, I opened
it myself thi*- morning.
When Rlmpkina read in the news
■paper abjUt the cricket club, he con
fessed that he didn'l know that th<
eil.ket carried a c|tib.
(nestle wirk or economy—how to market wisely, boit to test the goodness
of articles before buying what qiian-l
titi-f-s of things are requisite for vary-:
inn numbers ot people, and so on—
:!tiil thus they go on and on. Immersed j
In petty pursuits, until they are really j
not ollgfl lo ns wives.
hi my opinion, parents can hprdlyl
| begin too early to train tholr children
for marriage.     What?   No, i don't]
' Ihlnk I go ijuire so far as t-cky, who1
advocated  child-marriage,  under cer-
I tain conditions and   strict   supervts*]
Ions; tint I do think every man ought i
I to marry the moment he has sufficient:
J means, and a sense of responsibility
ami lias found Miss Wrlgrft,
j   Yes. I am aware that chlld-marrlagea
have been  allowed  In  Turkey, and
j that in Spain and Switzerland, for ex*
. ample, a girl of twelve is considered
', of marriageable nne. ■ But I do nol
make a  jo'nt of age so much iis of
I the fulfilment of the above conditions:
and   when  1  bear people saying that I
■ marriage is too responsible an under-
i taking, and thai  it   may handicap a
1 man in his bu-lncss career. I tell hlm
that It is only when a man is faced hy
the Imperative neci
the mitten and then
he gave him the
ment. Just read what this teacher
has to say about the healing power
of Dr, Chase's Ointment.
Mr. Chas. C. Polrler, Upper Cara-
quet, N P.. writes—"Two years ago
while teaching at Shlppegan I caught
Barber's Itch. t\ friend told me Or. [
it j Chase's ointment would cure me. as j
of! It had him. When I went for a box j
1 thought !■ dear, hut when I found;
how good it was I thought it cheap.
"Not only was I cured by that j
single box, but It also cured two of i
my pupils and this too quickly to be
believed. One or them, a girl, bad j
a running sore on the chin, which the.
doctor had tried in vain to cure. Thej
other had n sore on the ear. I can
certify t.i the cure of these cases."
Wherever there Is itching skin or
a sore that refuses to heal you can
apply Dr Chase's Ointment with positive assurance that tlie results will
be entirely satisfactory. The soothing, healing power of this great ointment is fnly wonderful.     flOc. n box
Clarice—Why, you proposed to May
last night, with those same words.
Vance—Oh, darling, that was only
a tryout, this is the lirst professional
He coaxed her one morning to Ily;
They fell from half way to the sky.
When askei' to explain
She replied with much pain:
It almost l.illed be and I.
- -Chicago  Record-Herald.
80,1k Te*m,    a ,llltu.4
- "■*   '*■"*   ii-bu*      ii    , ,i
OM   ,nrii,   uic-n-r.   »,m
(rawtfta BMrad,    Detcr-iM
your tronbl. ■ w« w-,l tea* ii-oli Md i,11lllw,11Jlt
to cmurchill a. .. rommra
. fcjkM -mu
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
What's the Use
Hub—I observe by the newspapers
that Governor Wilson has gone to
Wife—To see Cert who? I -suppose you mean some relative.
After we acknowledge that there
am several side* to every question we
cinch o.ur mental narrowness by aggressively adhering to our own.
Visitor—Never say die!
Boston  Boy—I  commonly refer
the dissolution of the vital force.
Might Mean That
Mrs.  Exa  (with newspaper)—Here
at all dealers or Edmanson, Bates & 1 i3 an awfully funny typographical er-
Co.. Limited. Toronto. | ror.     It says  Mrs. Rich awoke about
. .  j f0ur o'clock and heard strange noise.
Oldtlmer— Is your married life one,   in the house,
grand  sweet song? I     Exe—How do you know It's a typo-
Newlywed—Well,  since our  baby's■ graphical   error?      Maybe   It   means,
been horn It's been like an opera, full [ that sbe heard her guests snoring,
of grand marches, with loud calls for j
the autho   every night.
Ch-ap   Living
A European correaBODiient   •**   _'.-•>
New York Evening Past  »-        uu
paper   as   teilowa:—J   i:n       wtaa   *
forced to observe eases   vi    .  .- a
harm Is dune by ths (umtintuui
the old Idea dut living *.i thaafler   a
Europe than ia America.      It   i
i true, though !eda 30 than H  v u *  m
; five years a.*--), r.iu: almost   -    ■- *■... ■
, in Europe doe-, live ob (Offer  ha 1
pie  of  rfie   name  ekus • r..*r- ,1,
but tha* i. not a taa   tt  1     ■ ■..■:■■ u...a
bui of hsiauu natore
In trot'ing up the total w
we've always got our shar
close  decisions!
find that
i   of   the
No fewer than nine newspapers are
published in Wnterford, Ireland, which
Is the equivalent of one for every UGuO
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Colds,  Etc.
After all tliere Is this to be said
for Jonah: He was not fishing on his
own hook.
The prima donna who can reach
the htsh notes is able to reach also
tbe high bank notes of the manager.
A Richmond woman has in her employ a coiored cook who has Inanaged
to break nearly every variety of article thnt 'lie household contains. Tbe
mistress' patience reached the limit
recently when she discovercl that the
An American md a -_«:or.-in:a;i we
discussing the extent at Croat -.,■-.■:
lenced ia the north, of S-em .u.iii
Why. it's nothing ,1: __l :;m;.;i.-"t
to the co!d w» hsve En -..: * -/1 *h.
said the American. I racofteat :hh
winter when a aheep, jumpiag Ceofa i
hillock i- a rleld. - a ne ;::-*..-
frozen on tbe way and stock m fte ur
like a lump 0!
But man. explained the Seatanaa
the law of jravttj wooidn I tU-m  tiat
I kno^- that, laid th -  I n • ic 13,
■the law oi gravity  wu  Crasan
mnglne that
the    world    go
the  world round
We egotistically
things  we dn  nuik-t
round.      put  isn't
Everybody knows that Methuselah
wa;' the oldest man. but even lhe
Bible is rojeent about the oldest woman.
lie puts bis best fool forward.
N.». sir 1 am nol a relation of that
ancient kill-joy, the world-renowned
Sirs, Grundy! No- am I by any
nifans n kill-Joy. Vou may sum my
not to up in a phrase: Prepare Ihe
young with all possible care for the
matrimonial plunge!
Mr. E, Parrlngton. chief clerk In
the trainmaster's office of the Grand
Trunk Rhl'way at Ottawa has accepted tho position of chief clerk and secretary to Mr. .1. P. Klrkpatrlck,
Grand Trim!: Pacific Superintended
at Reglnai Mr. Parrlngton has left
Hy for effort that   *-*''•" ■■■,' rtTst accompanied hy Me Roy
A   Standard   Medicine.—Parmelee'si resigned:
Vegetable Pills, compounded   of   en-     Yessum;
tirely ve.etablo substances known tot take tin*
have a revivifying and salutary effect j we?
upon    the    digestive    organs,    have
through years of use attained so eminent a posltlor. that they rank as n
standard    medicine.        The      ailing
should remember    Ihls.      Simple
dusky servitor had  broken tho
mometor that hung on the front porch. I
Well. well, sighed the lady of the' Queens.own. Ireland. *v*ii fbnnartj
bouse In n most resigned way, you've I known a_ The Cove of Cork, . shoo
managed  to  break  even  tha th-vm- the late Qneen VTctorta 1   * . :
ometer. haven't  you? I there in 1S43, it change-:     i   lajtoc
The maid replied in a tone equally j
Is Jones a wise man? fare         *>
and  now  we'll  have  to lis Just running over »:*.: v    torn, 9JW\f
weather as It comes, won't (he  even carries auund ■■■: a  ta   i_i
Dellsle, formerly a clerk In the Board   their composition, they cnu be assim-l
Hot-Weather Housewifery
It ts every woman's ambition to look
spotlessly fresh and dainty In warm
, weather      To do this she must have
A vory absent-minded professor was I a constan-  supply of clean blouses,
busily engaged In solving a Scientific 1 and If she be thrifty, these she will
•problem when the nurse hastily open-' wash herself.
ed   the  library   door  and  announced       For tills soup-jelly Will be found lo
great family event. j he Invnluah'y economical aud simple.
nf Railway Commissioners who is
se enterin" Mr.  Klrkpatrlck's oiliee.
Have you made any sacrifice to
demonstrate your patriotism?
I have, replied the St, Louis man.
I bet r;i the home team regularly.
Hated by the weakest stomach and
nre certain to have a healthful and
agreeable effeo. on the sluggish digestive organ.-;.
That Mocha Myth
Twenty coffee experts   testified    In
Judge Latidls's court In Chicago, that
lbo  world  lt  is  200  years old.   The
Unlucky Number for Dakota Woman   last   shipment   from   Mocha  of  local
■ ,—■.. ' grown  c •ffeu   took   place  that   many
Th'* question whether the number j years ago
has   arrived,
Th#   mil*
1    .*»or
Kb? . lid thfl professor.
lt Is a MltV boy h.'ild thfl nurse.
Little hry, litlle boy. mused the professor.      Well,   nsk    him    what   he
Til lltS.
The soap should hv shredded lut
1 basin, aud allowed lo moll until clear
lof lumps. It should then be run oil'
into a jar. When using, in a quart
1 nf water a quarter of a pound of tlie
, soap jelly will be sufficient.
Then, too, nothing looks more dow-
— —.   ■■ ..   —... ,|y thai) a gown which has faded.   A
Within the last ten days tologropbllc [little salt in the water win set blue.
communication! have been cs'r- | while alum helps green to retain its
for the first time lietween the lown rolor. Ox gall Is Infallible for grey
of Fort George situated on lho section I and brown, and hay water will proof the Grand Trunk Pacific's main | vent tan or brown linen nnd holland
llino west of Ihe Rockies which In from changing (heir shades.
Htlll under construction and the nnt-1 It may not be known, also, that
side world,    it Is difficult for those I white wash nig gloves  should  always
who  hnvo never known  the  hick  of  be allowed to dry with a little snip*
these fao.lltlos to realise just how anl in Ihem,      This prevents undue r\|(.- '   *'
■important event this Is In tbe lifo of) fen Ing,     They ihoull be drawn over
e nnw town. | tho hands slightly damp to pull Ibeui
_ ..    . ——— , [n((l ghape,
WlndSOl    Berkshire,  England,    has White  veils,  when  washed, shnuhl
been the home of   England's   Sover- neither be mangled nor Ironed. Care-
elgns for more thnn eight centuries. -uiiy rrtrotchod, they should be wound
_ tightly round   a   tub*
"13" Is r":il!** more unlucky than any
, other number has never been entirely
, settled.
A  Ni   Dak.   Woman, after thirteen
years of misery from drinking coffee.
found  u  wa:   to  break  the   "unlucky
spell."   IVu  is just as    Injurious    ;<
1 coffee   because   It   contains   caffeine,
the drug 'ii coffee.      She writes:
j     "Por thirteen years 1 have been a'coffee countries
nervous wreck  from drinking coffee,   schemes
My liver, stomach, heart—In fact, my
whole Byitem being actually poisoned
i by It.
I     "Last vear I wns confined to my bed
' for six months,    Finally 11 dawned on
me that uoffco  caused   the  trouble,
Then I began using Postum instead of
I coffee, but with little faith, M my
I mind wii.1 tn such a condition that I
! hardly knrw what to do next.
"Extreme nervousness  and   falling
ht enured me to lose all enur-
In  about   two   weeks  after   I
This is 110 new; to those who know
coffee. We have oft been told that
tin* cute Brazilians rnlse a special
Mochaesoue bean, which they ship to
Aden, whence it la re-shipped to the
world under the magic name of Mocha The world has looked blandly
on at this, has bought coffee, drank It
li'ul ir.ietabl;. called tt Mocha. Other
may   have   similar
Tread softly -
Step safely, tfesfi
Eakody Mm planted features
of Caft Paw Heels.    m
nr pnpei*i .villi** still ilninii. Wlicn dry
ihey will Iii* nl)*ti»rv
osi iii'lllis'r from ts'iim tint* Hl'.sTnni-ii
spill oiisTi*.. imii Is.'k.iii In uai* Postum,
; 1 wna alilo to reafl nml my hnaii Mt
clour.     I 11111 Improving all tho time
I anil I will In* 11 siniiiK. well woiiinii yot.
"I linn, fooled more tlmn on.' pernio rn* wounij   oa    ,„  , ae||C|0U, ,.„,, „f Poatum,
ssf  onrdboard  „„   a   „.
In 11 wiril Mooha cuffi*.* lins rrnaoil
tn In* ii geographical nanii* nml hna
become n more trade nana tor a trade
Why iliil Mrs. IIiikIi Main leave tho
mum right In the vory inldillo of her
argument about tlio cruelty of killing
ttiiiR lilnls?
Oh, sin went Into tho kitchen to
a'ls.w tlio sonant how to ilrou a live
Mister into bulling waior.
Johnny—Ma, may 1 bo down to tlle
What for. iny son? I want to
drown u worm,
S. wantod to   know   whore   I|     A teacher In a suburban school hear-
■ '""'""''•! iiimcU my iin.* coffee,     l told her Ing a ajnothered laugh Inquired who
'"  _KsL_!"     I my Kroce" had it and when alio found I dnrcil to b- ao rude.
out it  waa  PoBtum alio hna used  it i     Please, air. it was mo, nnswrred a
s-vs*r since, nrsl her nerves are build-   loud voice, hut I did not moan I /.
inn up lino. Did not mean to do it? querlg tho
"My brain is atrotii*.,    my   norvoa | now anits-y teacher. jr '
tend)', my nphs'lito good, and best of |     No, air, I laughed up my al*"., o but
1 did not know there was a hole In
W.N.U. 914
Injured -.
I dud ihat my husband haa boon
In.\iiiu the ollle,* boy to call mo up,
every day and mumble terma of en-1 all, I enjoy aui n sound, pleasant sleep,"
ileiirmeiit Thai's a nice way lo fool, N'liine given by Canadian I'oatum l'n„
his wli'e He's boen awuy from thu Windsor. Ont. <!et the Utile honk In
olllco himself. pkg..      "The    Hoail    to    Well vllle,"
How Is u lhat you didn't nollco tho1  There's « Reason,"
voice? E-fr   read   the   above   letter?      A
Well, I'm liuay nt bridge evory day.   new one appeara from lime to time.
true, and full of
 land l'vo boon having the cook answer I They arc genuine, tr
 • tbo telephone!  human Inter,it., 	
ir.y elbow.
We need i strung, decided *' lange
Our vision  could  havo wider rungc.
•if W, M   could this arrange —
i. U. Olbey
Belfait, Ireland,, .,£. , Ui_u
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to liko
"Empire Navy Plug".
Stocks of Lumber
\ The Rosedale Lumber Co. Rosedale, {
and £. 0. Patterson, C. C. Road
A ml will bo pleased to quote prices at
these points as well as delivered on tho
Yard Phone MANAGER Offlce Phone
224 86
CHILLIWACK FREE PRESS tho solociion nf Uio nnme nml ii
Formerly ni... Ss» Km.i [should us till' lis possible liu inntlo to
Prlntril oml imblUlicil cvprv Tlmmlii)'rmm lis  moot  III.'   wishes   of  nil.     A   well |
s :s,^:iu»;,o?Sb!S;:« <•! »■■■}-!»■« t1-? n*,r,blicn!
|,i,imi-ni llnli-li Kniliiri*:   I. s t'l.iliil Sl.il.-.-s $1.1111.   lllll);  llllll  ll   IS Mill  nnlv  Wl'll    tu USO
AUVERTISINO IIATISS il ,,|i lottoi'lieilds llllll i*HV('lli|ll'S   llllt
"!tffi*i,,''ti,onui*iio"u'" ""k""" '"""" slimilil iiili.i'ii tho gatowuy, in order
iiisiiins iitivtTiH..i» ..in iiiiiisr iTinnniifr ilmi tlmt nil win., I'liniii'i. tu iiiiss mav
lu llusliro II I'lltllltfl'. s'ss|..v must III 11,1 lull, lllllll . ,, ,1        ,.        ., . s. v
w.iiii.-iiiH iiii'iiiiim. , fi'iiil iiiiii kimw tlm Iniuil.v   rositllng
c. a. iiaiiiikii. I'niiiisiitTiiiiii iTtinni'tisr.     thero.
Solvos thc
Ten Days
Free Trial
Fur 1912 we are
offering a
j«    Hotpoint
oral    household
use tor
This iron is similar to all "Hut-
point " except
that tho upper
surface is unpol-
Rich Black Soil, light
$15.00 per acre
Burlier liiiiMinir
Westminster Trust Huilding
British Colombia Electric Ry.
Leave Arrive Arrive
Train.      Chwk. Weatmin, Vim.
IS 8.80 a.m. 11.20 12.16
B 1.15 p.m. 8.45 4.80
7 11.00 p.m. 8.40 0.80
Leave Arrive Arrive
Traiii      lliinln. Westniln. Van.
1 6.80 a.m. 3.M 0,45
Leave Arrive Arrive
Truin         Vuu. Wesliuin. Chwk,
2    8.811 n.m. 9.30 12.18
4 12.16 noon 1.20 8.60
8  6.60 p.m. 6.10 9.16
Leave Arrive Arrivi'
Train       Vnn.     Westmin. lllgdn,
6 3.66 p.m. 4.05 6.30
LeavoChllllwaek tiki ii.m. dally except
Leave .Vancouver 7.ihi n.m. daily cxccpl
Milk Train ilnily U.I'. p.m.
All ]sa*.**.*nir.T I ruin*., except Num.   I  it.i.l
5, I uin. lis. Bxpress.
Express, Truck
and Dray
Reg. E. Broadhead
Opposite Barber's Drugstore.
City Market
Main Street, Vancouver
It Ims been arranged to hold two
sales  weekly,   Wednesday   and
I Saturday at 10 a.m.
Growers will please arrange t>.
have their consignments forwarded the previous evening.
We   handle   Fruit,   Vegetables,
Poultry, Kgg", Meat, Etc.
john McMillan
Tin* City Council mel in regular
session on Monday evening.
A communication wus read from
the Secretary of the City School
Hoard, asking for llie lolnl amount
of money voted by By-law for High
School purposes. The matter wns
referred to the Chairman of Finance.
Advice wns received from the
Canadian Fairbanks Co., frnin which
firm the city woigh scale wns pur-
chased, advising thai the scale
should lie inspected by llie Government Inspector.
Kilwunl Hunl asked for an extension of permit for use of portion of
street in front of new post ollicc
for two months. An extension of
one month wns granted.
A pommunication from Whiteside & Edmonds, solicitors for tho
Sun Life Co,, Btated that the live
monoy bylaws for $02,000 had I n
in accordance with the Municipal
Act nnd enclosed form of dcbonluro
to be used, lt was moved thai tlio
Dobentures be printed forthwith,
A. C. Henderson nsked for a rebate of taxes on property used by
the city as a pound. Refund granted.
('. W. Webb wns wrongfully
assessed a thistlo tax, which wus refunded.
Mrs. Chadsoy, through the Mayor
drew attention to what she thought
u too heavy a tax for the cutting of
thistles on her properties. Nc
Comment was general on damage
done the new cement walks by heavily loaded wagons passing over them
at points other tban regular crossings. Action will be taken to prevent this.
Tlie matter of providing assistance
for a Mrs. Chisholm and family was
again left with the Hoard of Health
to deal with.
The Hoard of Health reported
that A. C. Hummer had refused lo
pay for work done as ordered by
the Hoard, in an effort to lietter the
sanitary conditions at rear of liis
property. The mutter was referred
to tin* Sanitary Inspector.
Tin* painting of tlie Kire Hull
was a lively topic, as to methods of
procccdure, qualities of paints, nnd
snecd of painters. The work was
lefl to the Kire, Water and Light
Aid. McOillivray again brought
up the matter of thc completion of
sidewalk construction on 1'riuccss
avenue. He and the ehnirtniiii or
tin* Hoard of Works exchanged views
on sidewalk construction and drain-
ago. The Mayor assured the questioning Alderman that Princess
avenue would receive attention iu
it very short time.
Tne Council adjourned to meet
on Tuesday evening next.
Dues any mosupposo thai catalogue
houses would enjoy mucli trade if
they did not tell the people who
patronizo them what they have to
sell? Thc greatest catalogue house
in the country might have warehouses tilled to overflowing with
goods nnd never sell nny, if tliey
waited for buyers lo write them nnd
ask for certain things tliey kept iu
The catalogue houses play up
everything tliey have to sell. Tbey
create a demand through iheir ways
of advertising, Tliey remind people
tliere are tilings needed, and having
backed up the reminders with
pictures, pleasing nnd convincing
descriptive matter, Iind il un easy
matter to get orders,
That's III.' dillerence lietween lhe
Catalogue houses and lhe average
dealer. Ask the latter why he docs
mil advertise his goods, In* will dis-
iluiuiully assert thai everyone knnws
Hint he has lhe guilds, uud if wanted will ask for them.
Nol so. If lhe dealers would gel
right down to intelligent advertising
the buyers would soon know, and
remember, Ion, that the dealers
huve what Ihey want. They will
he constantly reminded that things
nre kept in stock. The catalogue
will uot be hnlf sii templing when
lhe local dealers lake a lillle space
ill their Inline papers totolllllO buying public some of lhe   things   that
nre for snle,   Winnipeg Commercial.
It. A. Henderson, ci:. & m.e.
B. (*. Land Suiivkvob
Rooms 10 All, Westminster Trust Block
Wo have a new aini uii-ti.-iliile
plant with tin* latest methods for all
kiwis sst' Cleaning, Dyeing mul I'ress-
iii]x.    Expert help l.sr all branches.
s**iriiil attention will in* given tmill
Mini ini'l Expross orders frnin Chllli-
vvn.-kniiil ilu- Valley. Wo solicit atrial.
428  Sth AVE.  W..   VANCOUVER
What's in a name? Perhaps a
name for the farm is only a concession lo the sentimental; never-
the less, it is becoming a custom
ibat characterises the owner as a
man of pride. Possibly his knowledge that the farm is named may
stimulate him to better work on
tin* farm. No doubt the community looks upon tbc name as a trade
mark for this particular farm ami
the tilings for whicli it is noted.
It may carry discredit as well as
credit, and truly its reputation will
only la* lhat which the farmer
makes for it.
The nnme of the furm should mil
be hastily chosen, und should mean
something, lt mny he mado tn
meet snme fiiney of the owner,   but
preferably should have a relation in
snnie distinct feature nf the farm or
lino of farming porsuod.   Tin* entire family should lie consulted in I
Election   Notice
TAKE NOTIt'K tlmtnHperrotw(other
ilmn rcftiateml properly owners, nr yen-
ilees miller mriHteml ngreeinentfi nf -wile
having Hi'im-il frnm ili<- roffteU-nilowner
ii written transfer of (lie right to rote)
desiring to vote nl tin* next election of
Mayor antl Aldermen for the Cliy "f
Chitliwflck] must file a deelArntion with
Ihe City Clerk on nr More •'• o'clock
p. in.  of October Hist 1012,
City Clerk,
Forms for transfer to agreement holder
can In* had Upon application lo (he t'ilv
THE STANDARD In tho National
Weekly Newspaper uf the Dominion
of Canada. It Is iiiitiuii.il In all Its
It us.h thc most expensive engravings, procuring the pholuKraplis from
nil over thu world.
its article, are carefully wlected and
Its editorial pwlicy Is thoroughly
A subscription tn Th** Standard
emits $2.00 ptr year to any address In
Canada or (ir.at Britain*
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montraal Standard  Publishing Co,
L'mitad, Publisher,.
******** ************ *********************************
! Established  OF CANADA     mi
t Paid up Capital and Reserve $11,400,000
I We give special attention to Savings Accounts.    One
* Dollar only is necessary to open an account,  interest
* allowed at highest Bank rate and added twice a year.
* No delay in withdrawals.     Two or more persons may
* open a joint account and either  party can  withdraw  -j
* money. |
*   _
J Manager X
***************** ************************************
♦«♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**♦♦♦♦♦+*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦+♦♦♦♦♦*♦ >-**s->i**>**
Never, Nol
|      From Ocean to Ocean. I've trn versed Ihis land,
* Through iis fortilo valleys, and ovor its mountains grand
* Hut never on earth have 1 seen before
+ Tho way tiio)r are slaughtering goods al tlio Trenholm's +
* store.   ♦
Why they arc doing so, nu une ean tell,
They may only tlo so for a spoil.
% Then you want to get there during that spell.
I   The New Furniture and Hardware Co.
Ladies! is it reasonable to invest $20.00
in a hat, and wear cheap, ordinary shoes?
The best gowned woman in our town is
fastidious about her footwear.
Her shoes harmonize with
her gown and headgear.
Otherwise she would not be
correctly gowned. You know
this lady.   And she insists
on wearing
We can give you a perfect fit.   Made on the latest
model, in all   widths, in a shoe
that  is  comfortable, flexible  and
durable. Relindo Shoe is a tailor-
made shoe for particular women,
and is an apt expression of the latest style.
The Cushion lied, (exclusively controlled
by RelindoShoes.) makes walkingadclight.
No nails to hurt the fool, and produces     J\
a resilient, springy effect that characterizes  '    _
a graceful walk.   We have them in all
aizes and invite • careful inspection.
Continuity of Impression is successful advertising.
[ Big Values in Five Acre Blocks |
Half Mile from B. C. Electric Station and Close to School and Store.   These are splendid buys
AT $150 to $225 PER ACRE
F. J.flART & CO., LTD.
The Chilliwack
Money to Loan
Having been appointed local agents for the
Sun Life Assurance Company |
ot Canada, we are prepared to loan money on
Improved Chilliwack Farm
and to Purchase
Approved Mortgages and
Agreements for Sale
The Dusky Native Belles Have Queer
Idea, About Dress.
II would be hnrtl tn Iind n spot wtiero
tin.* subject of dross (loos not sway tlio
feminine mind. To tlie world nt largo
its ulist'rvuui.'e causes cither n grenl
denl of pli'iisuro or n good store of
amusement, in lb** allegory of amuse*
Bicnt inny be placed llie proceedings of
the dusky belles described by Hell trice
Griiiislmw In her book, "In the Strange
Souih Sens:"
A Ineo trimmed garment of mine,
usually worn at night under tbe shel*
Ier of slioels nntl iiuilts, went to n Sunday morning church uh a best dress In
full daylight 0.1 lhe psrson of the laundress Intrusted with my wash. The
funny side was so coi splcuoiis that she
never gut ihV reproof she deserved.
A certain flower tiirpio made of popples, n bloom iiiikiinun In the PnclllC,
tlrst drove the women uf the Island
hnlf distracted with excitement, then
led thlily-slx unlive Indies to appeal'
Simultaneously nt ll dance wearing 01*
cell.'iil copies of my Paris model douo
In double scni'Uit hibiscus from the
A wedding from which iinforlunnte-
ly I was absent furnished the finest
display of unlive dress Unit took place
tiinl year. The lirlile wore foiirleen
sill! dresses, not all at once, but one
after nnother, changing her dress
ngnln mid again during tho reception
until Uie while spectators were fairly
Applications for Loans receive the personal attention ,
of our Mr. Hart who is Inspector of Loans for the ft
Sun Life Co. in British Columbia,  and are handled £
with the least possible delay. ""*
Call on us foi- further particulars
Chilliwack B. C. _
The Housewife Hay Use As Much "Gumption" in Spending the Family Income as
the Husband does in Earning' it.
"Gumption" is not a slang word, by any
means. It is Americanese for''practical sense''
It the housewife doesn't us it, generously, in
making purchases for the home, she will find
the family income always insufficient--glowingly insufficient!
Imprudence—which is a form tif non-gumption---will discount and
mated futilojeven an increase in family income. Por lho easiest tiling
in tin- world is to drift along, paying a dollar too mucli for this thing
ami a tliint' to mucli for tlmt! Ami lliis is the invariable practico of
those buyora of family supplies who think it " too much troublo to
read the nils." For, you si*i', the atls. aro as important to the buyer
of homo supplies as are the market roports to a broker.
The merchant's "store news" should bo sorvod to patrons, and prospective patrons, as promptly and as satisfactorily as In* would inako
delivery of goods.    'I'o do this profitably use the local paper.
How Infant Classes In Some Foreign
Countries Art Handled.
The man in the club hud beeti (Billing politics wllh tiie school Inspector
until that gentleman decline' to dis
cuss the subject any more.
•'We'll talk about tho youngsters
themselves fur n change," be said.
"Do you know thnt both In France and
Belgium reading, writing and arlth
metic ure being omitted from the
subjects taught in Infant schools? Tbe
children are simply taught to be happy
Instead. And wben they bring their
dinners to school th. food has, under
tbe official regulations, to be put luto
n basket, which must be labeled al
the school and set on a special shell
in a clean, airy place. Fancy such
regulations In Engl ind! Any old Dews
paper and any Mipboard Is good
enough for our ehlUren.
"In Germany toys are provided fo.
play time, and all little children ur.
compelled to bring clean pocket band
kerchiefs to school, and they musi
bave n bulb once n week.
"In Finland ihe tiniest children an
taught to wash dolls, dus* sweep, look
nfter dowers, and so on, md tn somi
Japanese schools n rcstli j room, wltb
■ bed. ls provided, so tat overtired
children may bave a ' ap!"—London
Bill and Hit Witch.
"BUI, can you give me the correct
timer* says one of Bill's friends.
"Sure," soys Bill, dragging out hts
watch. "My walcb was Just 'lewen
seconds slow at twenty minutes of *)
day before yesterday afternoon, and I
don't believe It's varied more than t
quarter of a second since. It's no«
twenty-two minutes and seven ste
onds past l-i."
"Thanks, old man,*- says Bill'-*
friend, who then drops his own wnlct
Into his pocket and goes on bis way.
Iteally he wasn't so particular alwul
knowing the time himself ns desirous
of giving pleasure lo Bill, for be kuow,
thnt Bill In oue of the few million men
ln the world who think each that his
watch ls a wonder and wbo feel them
selves flattered wheu tbelr friends ask
them for tbe correct time.—New Vork
Caught Her Stent.
Old Podklus lay back In his chair In
calm cuuteut. and. though bis wife was
quite near blm, be was happy, for sin.
hnd not broken the silence for nearly
Ave minutes.
Ue had been married for Are nne
twenty long years, aud Mrs. 1'iiilUln*
almost dully during twenty-four ol
thorn bad disturbed tbe domestic peact
by a too full exercise of ber tongue.
"My dear," broke In Mrs. P., think
Ing It time she suid something to ln
terrupt the quiet, "I see by tbe paper*
tbat a petrified Juw two yards loot
bas been found In Cornwall."
"Wlmt:" cried I'odklns. starting up
"Now 1 know your secret But yot
never told me your ancestors caint
from that part of tbo world!"-l)iiiidt.
Pointed Advice.
There was a traveling man oncewht I
found himself abort of funds. HI,
lirsl thought, of course, wat to wlrt
bis flrci. which he did. In n night let-
ter he explained ibe situation aud ask !
"How shnll I act?"
Tbu next morning be got a day me. ,
•nge which was nothing If not llluml
"Act ns If you wero brokt."-Sat
Francisco Chronicle.
Fairy Queen Heaters
The Factory Ims been unable to keep up
with the tremendous demand for those Stoves
und we hnve lieen disappointed in not getting ours through on time, though ordered
for August delivery.
They are on the Way
uinl are due uny minuto,     Wo  have  ninny
other lines if ymi can't wait,
< |
li Embrace the big
ii bargain opportu-
ii nities to be  hud
ii at
. i
I Parsons'
|| Retiring
I Clothing
■ *
Hart Block
Wo have anticipated a big fruit yield fot
this season and have on hand a big supply
of fruit crates both for local and shipping
purposes. Your order will receive careful
t TheChilliwacKPlaningMills ?
sf P. 0. Box 243 Phone L2442 j
\mtWittw?&^*&£&w: irnm' u<r,u
♦ 15 000 Trees for Sale n.urahi'.A"!.-^^^-"^^'*^
* It/sjVVV  11CCO IUI iMK    „,,,,,,. .„„.k; iy„r..|.i3.'. -'vm' ♦
{ old, 25c; .1 year olil, .15c.    Al'l'I.ES — Ontvcnstein,   King *.f Tomnklw, I
+ Weiililiv. Northern Spy, Grimes liolilen, Jonathan and Snow.    i'HiP. ♦
j A l-l'I.Ks-llysls.p. late nml Shield.    Choice I.*t ol Clark's s.slling and *
J Magiiini StrawlH-riies in *.* per I0O0.    All raised ssn new bedi. #
♦ D. H. Nelson, Prop. Abbotsford, B. C.
I Household  Articles
Tha Uplift.'
"Is she a help to her mother?" ask
ed one woman.
"Yes. Indeed," replied the othri
"She lias Inuglit her to say 'eultnnr)
art' Instead of 'cooking.' "—Bicbange.
Tht Division.
I's* S.s young March and his faihei
are rnrr.lng on ihe t.uslneat? St***-
Yi*s. Tli.* old mnn rums tlic buslntv .
while yuiiiig March does tbe carryln,
on.-Nut -lors r.inbc.
The rie.l rhnneenble things In (tu
world i,iv it nurse of waters snd tin
humor of women.—Plttacua.
El boilo
The little immersion healer. Boil a
water in it few
El Stovo
The   stove
which      boils
your      kettle
all cooking
purposes as
well :is toasting.
El Perco
Makes delic
imis coffee
in   at   few
Phone 257        S.   PUGH Chilliwack i
Hiiiliiil ta\ta\tt\t%amts\ta\*a\ k4A4AA44A__M_A4^_t THE    FREE    PRESS,    CHILLIWACK,    B.C.
Ruby Rose Cold Cream
\ tcil<*t dslirht. with the exquisite
.'i_r_iico o( fresh rosrs. Itpr'*--
srves ihe most delicate complexion against sun, winl and
dust, and keeps hands and arms
solt and smooth. Splendid (or
sore lips, Try it—you'll certainly
appreciate it.
In 25c. nrnl rl_.*i-i |ar», at
your drugglit'-., 136
or Canada, Limitio.
Passing of the. Stovepipe Hat
Rugby .slier mnny yearn, has abol*
! . il nif chlmnoy-pol hut, nml If
Dm of Mr il. K. Chesterton's thttor-
lee bp c i.**re*-| Rugby nmy now booh
bee ime n nesl of singing birds, Por
G k i'. bellevos thnl Hi- chimney
wni hnl iu Inimical to poetry. The
English i' \'■■' poetry, ho writes, mnn1
perhaps thw any other people before
Ihey enme under the shadow of lho
chimney nol und the ehnriow of lhe
chlmnej -*>ot hnl - And ran you
Chlnfc of . ny Lnll hulted pool? T n*
nyson wtic poetry beneath a wide
awake, and when ht* wns n * In i
peer. Mr Gladstone wns afraid tl il
he mlgh- In nisi on wearing II In tht'
/ions'** n Lords. What greal p ■•■'
hav.- nu* top-hatted hoys of Kton evoi
plvn to the world? Ryroti wns a
a poet. Bui Byron wns a Harrow
boy. and Harrow has always worn (he
Btraw on Its hair.
Boforo Miss Mary went awny for
her summer holiday somebody asked
ber when she was going, and how'
Song she would lie away. And (his
Is whn;  -hi* snld:
Whon i* i: ths" day after to-morrow
j shall start n week from yesterday
and I'm net coming back until the dny
beforo five weeks after a fortnight
and three day:- before the day after
it couple of 'days Imforo I start.
llow long will Mary ho away?
Sp*f*al;iriK of lho referendum. John*
By Ir unalterably nppnsod to having
tno*h-*r refer tlio account of his be-
1*8,1 lour to father.
A.   English Greeting
How are you? says the Englishman,
I hopo you aro well; oh, whal0
Blow ;irc vour ohlldron and ymir wife,
And all thnt ballv rot.
Mary if the Dainty Socks
Marv drew a pair of socks on hor Mt-
tlo f.ot;
Vary's skirt was vory scant and her
f-co was sweet;
Mary was a modest maid, but tho day
v.ns hot;
Wbo will  know I'm  wearing socks?
modest '.lar   thought,
Mftry dnnnoii a wldP*brlmmed haf that
b"camc hor woll,
TY.f-n se; o     To:* places where people
buy nnd sell;
Vary thought the people stared cause
her fne*** w     aweet,
But the monger skirt and sock--, had
di clinc-i. ' i moot.
One-half nf tho world duos not know
how the othor half lives and, nioro's
ifc-r pity, doesn't care.
What  Lit-.   Aboard   Ship  Means lo   a
Many womer. arc Inclined to t
ihat tn boconu a stewardess on b
hip is i'i.- easiest thing in the world
whereas, in reality, the wnrk is by no
means easy nor ar ■ such posll Ions
lightly ri')tnin.d. Por tho rlghl wo-
'nan. the lifo of a stewardess >-- fas-
ulnatlng to a degree giving oppor
tunitles of travel which otherwise
would be de barred to lhe ordlnury
woman; hut ii is niosl essential that
only Mo* rlghl klnd'of woman shull
a'ti miii to take up audi work
Moro love of travel is nol stifll-
rlonl nuallflcnllon, The steward ess
must inve some practical knowledge
of travelling, musl be physically
strong, and a flrst-rnte sailor, and,
above nil must at nil times bo um ill-
ii ..iy cheertul aud tactfully symp* '■.
etii .
The stewardess needs also lo poss-
ess  tlie   -if!   of  rellCPtlCO,   siliee  ruP'tV |
.*i voyago passes withoui tho stewardess being made the reclplenl of ii'-1
confidences of some women travelers.
Preference too, Is always glvon to |
women who have had some hospital
training One line, nl least, m ikes
this nn Ind! pensable rftuill flea tion for
Ihelr stewardesses bo thai it i i worth
■'■iol- auy worn.in thinking (>! adopting
ip work in*:' to talte a shorl hospital
'I'11- stewardess gels splendid oppor*
lunlly tor travelling about the world I
bul thin is li' uo moans synonymous
with Replug the world. During al
voyage Mn re are few people on board
who have t< work harder than does
Iho Btewatdesa, and she gets very
email tlmo fur slght*seelngf Am a
sorl of compensation, sho has run1 opportunity for studying character -
especially Fein nlc character- and obtains n tery diversified knowledge of
human nature by llie time sin* bus
taken a fow voyages.
As a general thing, it is preferred
only lo appoint experienced women as
stewardesses The Peninsular audi
Oriental Steamship Lino, for instance |
nnly appoint womon botween twenty-.
live and thirty-five In this capacity,
and this age-limit cun be taken as a
■.cry fair average.
The pay of a stewardess varies from j
two pounds a month upwards.     There
are, of course, no expenses Id ho In- ■
curved while sailing, though betwoeu]
voyages   tho  stewardess lias  to keep
herself entirely, since it is tho general
rule to sign op afresh for each voyage.     Beyond actual wages, n stewardess makes a lot of money by tips,
since it is the recognised thing for women passengers tn reward the steward ess.      The amount varies, but a
stewardess reckons tn make from five
to twenty pounds on a single voyage.
Most pteainslllp rnmpanips have
their stewardesses, dress in a son of
hospital-nurse way while on duly- Indeed, the life of a. stewardess nmy be
compared to that of a hospital nurse:
It is equally strenuous, mentally and
physlcnliy. full of an Infinitude or all
sorts of duties, und often calls for
j most self-sacrificing effort.
The stewardess must always think
of others before herself, nnd. whatever 'he irritation must not suffer
herself to lose her temper. Lost
temper usually means Inst work.
,    Fresh enough lo tako tlm plnco ol Ui" liro:irt and biscuits you bake yourself!
Beeauso tho MOONEY system is so perfect that every biscuit is shipped
the snme duy it leaves tlie oven.
The liig Winnipeg factory is po close that your grocer gcta
MOONEY'S in :i few hours—no long haul- -no deterioration
Besides the demand for MOONEY'S—tl
ie popular
biscuit- is so groat that his stock is always changing.
MOONEY'S nevcrgrow stale on thogrocors'ohclvcs,
That's one reason why
nre fresher, crispcr and more appetizing.
Ash for tho big package or a sealed tin and judge
for yourself,
•Good for Evil
Tommv   returned     sobbing    from
prhool with a very bad black eye, But
, ,     .*■;•.    plol '"■   off fur  this  in
the morning  ho said.
No, no. replied the mother, ynu
most return good for evil I'll make
-,-ou a . :■*'■ (am tart, and you mu*:'.
taXe it to BPly Blobba nnd say, I told
Knottier how vou'rt punished mn, and
,-he nays l must return trnnd for evil
:•<  her* 's fl nice fart for you "
Tbo following morning with tart in
. ••  hnid nnd his books in the other
i   or 'i )*mmy    hastened   joyfully   to
prhool.   only   to   return   In   a   solder
■   *  in   the day   before,  p tying,
,.iv :.   , bis Bobsi Mother 1 gave your
i:     md tart to Billy Blobbs, and
fee bla-hed  the olher eve, and says
■ i- ■#.:• *■- \*m: to send him a pudding.
-sSXSsVy / \ -.*,     fV
.-Ci ■'- -v   Vi -fr i
Shades in the Sea
Although It. is eotninnn definition to |
call anything sou green, most people
hesitate between blue and sea green
when asked to say the color of Ben-
wnter, As a matter of fact tho
quantities of blito nnd green sea wator
p.re*pr*?tty equally divided. By nature ero-ii. sea-water grows blue according t > tlo* Baltnesa of It.
Thus, the Arctic waters are as croon Sunrise
as the grass of Ireland, while the At- , . , ,
loiti- is decidedly blue- though not A*™* l8 over all more than terrene,
as blue a, tho Mediterranean Ren. The ray wind squadrons of the night
which receives praetieally no fresh , BTO* Btui. , , „,, , , , ,
water at all Hevond blue and croon j As if s,n?vi1 1,>',hc IlftMl han<1 °r
it is no unknown thing for sea-water _ ,om3 K,I'!'m' wil!*
to be atherwlaa eolored. Frequently Jo'".ten all tor foemen yet unseen;
stretches of the sea will turn a rad-l Wnere ftncIftnt ,rL'e8 ln vocal 6roV08
iant snow-white, and no scientist vet! convnne,
has been aid    to givo a reason for It.       No vo,co of old ■'      :,ri    !   '   'i:V'
BIquall] unsatisfactory are the reasons given 'or tho sudden changing I
of sen-water to an Inky-black shade.!
a= happened a few years ngo in tho
Bay of Santa Cruz.    Bed and yellow,
a-water    Is    comparatively     weiil*"
Which kind of a culvert
does your waggon cress ?
DOES the road you use pass over rickety,
dangerous wooden culverts, that arc constantly in need of repairs and often washed
away entirely ?   ()r is it carried safely across the low
places by modern, everlastinc culverts?  Build your
which  not   only cannot be   washed   away, hut
actually grow stronger \\ ith age and use.
Every farmer own it t.i himself to insist th.it th**
money he pays for road-taxes be ipenl to thr best advantage. Aa a ratepayer, he is entitled to tl"* best roads tlut
cun he nude with that nioucv. When culverts are washed
out, mid the roud rendered impassable, he imt only >u,tf_rs
inconvenience but may also he caused financial lo<s by
inability to net necessarrj supplies in time for Ipring planting. And at best, with wooden culverts, part of tlie money
that should be used to make better roads must be Spent
every year fur repairs.
Insist upon Concrete Culverts
It will pay you and everybody else in your county.
Canarl* Cement Company Limited
505    Herald Building, Montreal
»£__\_2_3ri**i   ^ J ^   •"'•"
book. " Whut the
Farmer Can Dm
Wtth Coner«fi."
Tr yot t--.( ta know
mart about ConercM
Colters,   w 111 e «ur
1-- rnitlci   U-p-ri-
culverts arc
neat, safe, need no
repairs, and are
'.''/jr-.'~     ~.r\
'w .-■'*-■■' i 't..»      ' '   ''	
'    '■"-' ;.-i.''.j ;■■.,'."■    'iir.ni-li   I'i,*   I'lilni.-.*   Yi'lln
'l- Ct" * fe •"! »a ' ,l;'''' :",,! ""' ""'' s'"'-
. ,-^t—'^j. w,- ■*'-3       \';irisin.s    liitrrnstinp    rs-nmiii-.      nr.
_|^''''^'v*llti"'r''jl i'1..''1   I"'' "1"'  ''ii's^ri l*i*iniT sin'll ci>1
.3 Plsf 'V ■ ''*>''*!'-i '"'"   ''"'   sr''''ii!l'""-*.ll>* *'"' ''Iiiiil.''1 US''
_L"i»j! S ,' jTi! s*...1 sr..,I in '„, iim* pntlrclv 'o ni*s'iil
i£ilX*l.%i ■ ,:,r    ".■
sl  In 'ip iIiip piitiri'lv  lo PPClll-
s-rilils* crowllis bpni'lltll tlio re-
.-licaper t*-* rvist foils thnn to
"■srs. Hut i*'i. '<i7i'ilyiiii/..'S,*'
.in.   Kf-p.-1   tlleolKeailnll'l
J Bpcctlve waters.
H.its ,-inrl Hent
■ s'.'r  handy.   P-*.- liilrty-livo 1    That a hai la cooler In hoi weather
ihaa proved it the aalo, rellablo , than no "iii at all, Is ibmowhal para-
re,   dy lor spavin, splint, curb, ring,  doxlcal,     Vel it Is perfectly true,
ti. i. .'is.i'.y RTOwths uil lomeooM !    Heel ntly an enterprising gentlemnn
experimented with dlffercni headgear
in prove Mi*.* pxiii'I veracity ol above
statement.     Al Hi** siinn* tlmo <*:n'lt
li .1 hill
Stares i.t the fiuliiiR siars with I»ri*s-
isapi* chill:
Thp whole earth llsleim, waits, with
breathless niipii,
A imi *'tiii liiiur is tills for all earth's
Wlu-n tinip elves birth lo one Im-
mortal day.
Within whose hounds all evil dpeds
lip done
Forever .cartel with tho stain of sin.
And imiii*' deeds whose worth shall
last ulway
From thc Jester's Wand To Ten.ember You by Time to Do it
Yes, they wen* married last Friday  My lite wus a garden of Bowers that      llprklor (to orator)—HI! euvuor. do
In Kast Liverpool. day. j ynu support early closing?
Hi* is a champion goliibt   1   under-  When ynu cave me a rose and I still!    Orator—Certainly I do, my friend.
stand, hear yuu Bay Heckler—Then shut up,
Yes. he's a champion eolfist. | Very softly,  and  In vour own  dear ,	
And Uu. Kill? girlish way, Maude-Mra. M.   is very   literary.
Is a champion bridge-player. To remember mo by. |Bn'i  Bho?
Where do they Propose to live? Estelle-Yes, indeed.     Keen when
'■   ''    '"■■'■ *i— -'■!"■■■■      He»  a| And that evening long past together ,ho sent her baby'a picture ahe wrote
'f>mt' on the back:  With lho compliments
champion bricklayer.
•—- *  i U'lli'll your voice In that SOUK a new   ,,i' n,,. nuthnr —Rntlrn
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper  j       glad moanlnj lent,
' W''i»'1i-1, ?i'll, Wi"' me* na »10'""      A  """I ""''"'!•"• 'or children Is
'-,•   ..,.., __„ .... ,.. Mother Grave*' Worm Bxtorminator,
First   lipaf   Mute -Ilo   wasn't   so1 To remember you by
very angry,  was he?
Si'csiml Deaf Mute—lie was so wild] And now tho' hard Kate has ruthless*
tliaf  the words he used almost blls- ly east
tered his lingers, I Our Iota rar apart, yei wc both have
tin* Past:
and there t.i nothing better for driving worms from the system,
Was youi' father ever a brave soldier?
Why,  'ny father was only ln tlio
Till In the skips burns out lho dim-' army two weeks when lie saved tho
mlng sun! | whole regiment.     He shot the cook.
Arthur Wallace Peach ——__—«—_
  Where It Begao
Utile P-lsle—What Is the Dead Let*
ter i mice mamma?
Mother—Your father's pocket.
SnitiP  folks lell    all    tliey    know,
" il I S-ISII-SH ...      Ml'-     S-.III.'-              .-...   I. ...ii. . ,       ,      ,». ,.
d h th tuI| h , 0( lhtp which Ib Ud enough; but hoy keep ,
Z .,-,*. •,-.'! precisely 92 degreoa, r>h, °n ;ini1 "'' I lot of thin* tbey teD
,.   m foi jt qunrter of nn hour wenr- l]l'ni know' :iml uJat ^ worse-
Tho ancient king bad c*.ist tho la*
raelltefl Into tho flory furnace-
la ii hot enough for you? he yelled.
Whereupon he became known as the
rrueleit despot in history.
FalfflOUth,  England, 1ms a harbour
square miles in area.
ho   nl for an
Ing hats Inside oacb or these :i spec
Hy nennitlvc thermometer hml been     Prison Missionary—Dont you ever) est vessels afloat,
llxed, regret your past?
In Ihli mnnner It wns ascertained
And your memory sweet I shall havo
till iho last.
To lememher you by.
Corns oausq much Buffering, bul iioi-
loway's Port (Jure ofTr-ra a speedy*.
sure, and satti factory ndlef.
Something About Salt
Tlm chief thought about sail In the
minds of all holiday-makers will be
in connection with the scat but lt ins
siiiier met and significance,
Most people i lit nl. thai h--uiii,--. salt
Swansea Docks ran berth tho larg*,|a unlm-kv.     This   superstition   has
Pa, why. do yoi always Insist on iim
singing when Mr. Bpoosleton comes
Well, 1 don't like that follow and
yet I halo to como right out and tell
1 1111   tO  KO.
First Things
Tho man to propose iho establishment of a ponny   (two-cont)   post,  ;i
postal money order system and pout
oiiico savings banks fras sir Rowland
inn. who died In London thirty-three
years oko today. Tho founder ol
tb« mod, ru postofflce was born In
17H3. ills penny postage plan was
suggested to the .British Parliament
lu l s:.v. ami went Into effect In Eng*
land In 1K.0, In the same your hts
money order scheme  was  put   Into
been handed down from the ancient   ™on7   m',"'r   KMm_*   WM   put   in
Ilmnnns.     Two   or   three   hundred j "1fr,,(''* roplaolnB an antiquated syste
Hardened Convict — No. it'a my pre-      The tota' area of the   Channel   lS*|yoars n«n all    the   servants   of   thoi"ia' li:"'  been  llttlo Used on necount
hinds fs "•'■' niuaro mlb'S.
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company     7?
r «•.%.■■,  ».!!•, V.rm-n* V. S. A'
Sound S.eep
in ojiia'ly Impossible lo the bilious,
Jliit biliousness yields—and head*
aches, sour stomach, Indig&stlon *,")
—•when the bow.-lsarcregulated an.l
the liver and kidneys stimulated by
I thai lhe coolesl head-covering on re- s"iit that worries mc most.
cord was a Imt made from the bout •— 	
Himi s.r Panama.      This   registered     Why was Jonah thrown overboard.     Dumley asserts that be has found a
i nnly Ti: dcg.'ees.     Tho straw Horn*    I'm not sure, but I've always thought cure for tyre troublo,
burg and ordinary straw ran it falr-^ ho was tin* tirst man to rock a boat.      Kh! Wliat's that? ll«'s bought a mo-
;.   olosel.   with  sa and  ti-' degroos   .lor boat.
respectively      After wbleh came the     May l count on Kcitlnc your vote,	
I white felt llomburg at 80 degrees.     i Miss  Pe*tke7     Oh, I  shan't ho old      I'ortsmiiitl   Is  the  most  strongly
The  ubiquitous topper reached  80  enough to .site for two years yet.       fortified nlac> In England,
degrees as lo tin* bowler and mortar I >
board's higher score of  02   degrees.     When the man who has boon hit by 	
winl .it om Idc tin' heal limit altogeth*  the motor cor at last opened bis eyes,
or were lh    tweed cap, policeman's a sigh of rollct went   up   from   the
■ helmet, and yaehting   or    motoring crowd.
caps rising to a very warm 04, 87 and I   "'  ■'    ' ■' ' • * - ■' •--. *. • i. • k . n< -<l. -. -i
SS degn .'
I.lfn Is r.-al. life Is earliest,
Sais. lhe poet long ago;
Which when put In plainer language
Mi in   1 "it' mu.- gol up ami tto,
nne in' Ihe bystanders, Your luckier
lllllll mn i of llie fellows who get lilt.
1 certainly am. replied the victim.
rubbing his bruises, i not his numbor|
Just before In* struck inc.
-j\ii Undo is,, is Cabin oompany was
I am  going to put  siune white In   sV.rlltu; lo parade In n   smnll    New]
the yoke sain tho younSlady, retort- KhKlinil i iwn when a big gander Irom
Ing to her gown. ,il wrft.ynrd near at hand waddled t.i
Won'l   lhal   scramble  It?  Inquired ' 'be middle of the street anil began
p DODD'S '
, Hi,i ys .un * man
"krie ..v,.'bve.
in bosss*. ::.<.
W.N.U. 914
I    ('.abe   llan Jonei, a cood tncmnry.
,     Bteve   Sbniilil say be hns. Why lie*, i«clalm
'lean 11:1111" v >u 111" last six vlccprcul-1     Donl
Inotils of lbo United Slates. J elusion:
lo hiss
One of tin* double In brass actors
Inrneii i"«,inl the fowl   and   angrily
i'n quick In Jump at con-
Wait till you see the show.
■ ■ •.•i*r-Vv«V'v<1- 'frtfk
wealthy sal below the salt to show|of o«P«wo,    Btamped postage covers
their lmniblo origin, and this custom  another Innovation suggested by Hill
wun observed not so very long ago ln
Salting  a   noffln  Is  still   prevalent
among some nations, but the most our*
ioufl USO to which Fait Ip put to-day
In In Abyssinia nnd Tibet, whore
Cakes of salt aro employed as money.
tnd which   also   eamo   Into uso tbat
The first accent ever mado In a balloon filled  with  hydrogen  una  was
made at I'aris by M. M.  Hobert ami
Charles, 1D!> years ago today.
Missing the Change
lloiol Manager—Oh,   yes,   nftor   a
hi;; niKliI in the dtnlng-room wu n.laa
quite a lot of silver.
Reporter (slyly)—But very iniio of
the paper money jrots away, oh?
Doctor Well, 1 hopo you profiled
by my advice.
Patient—Yos, doctor, but not so
much aa ynu dlr*.
Tho man who lives on tho top of
the hill may be said to have a bright
ptnspect no matter how his crops
may turn ont.
A Stirs way tn brenk up a flitting
hen In tn run hor through a thrashing machine That will do It effectively .
1So ■ Tin.
ptVf, IvttfcMl ftiil -inn nil. 1 ft rh»»p (al'ttlna
SNAP Ulh»Ut'l(ilN4I.M. I   UUT   Hi NM
oi.rANr.ii.   Will temoie iimk ul -Ui_*
Rs*J.ls**ss el Donas'
Wi*   film  Wounded.
t*I.Iv   I.,  li:.*  I'lirslinn   i
3TRUG-LE     Of     ZULU     AQAINSf
BHIfAI.'l   AND   fciOt (,
'In   tin
The  Smith   Atiis-nn
I ...I.-,-. I. l! lllllll,'l
llf   nl    I
Oln-*.**-.»'. Scnllnnd .h.-
Btudonts  nl   this  vicinity  muni
hundreds   liavr   held   »   Ihr	
convention.   To-day's session. nttend-
i-i hv several tltntisiiiid. was iiildressi ii
hy   I'li-i.-r  Rii---ii  twice.    W'   r rt
om  .-I h - .ii-.-,,ii:-i -. bused on Ui vel-
iilioii  x\. :.     ll  i.ii- lium'ime,--I  Hint
it-il   knowledge   to ints.    They   are  everywhere,      Tliey
ins   lii-i,n   the   s'iii". juilil   then-   neBts  under  the  In use.,
nl  years, n  the  tables  and   in   the  .racks  if
ly lliis t >■"  respecting :!ie fliinrs and Hi* in sinhiish  waiting
^^^^         stands in their .lie nrrivu! ..E u victim, whom tliev at-
.n:lil  li..  l'Iii.I  if any  sueh :iirl< from all sides.  Tliey fasten Ihem*
^^^           -i'. Ii'-slny,   li ..inn---    I .elves mi one. nn.l sometime.- il Inks'..
                       nn will    know 1 can relieve Ihem nl their till- lours <.r labor tss extract  Ihem.
in.l milv  r -iv" everlasting Iif*. hnl    lienlty.    Yen.  I  shnll li" glad  if   m.v "Mum-   nn'  lhe  breakfast.   I   Imve
n •-.   'ihey   will   thereby   lie   innd"    words Ihr jh  lhe  press shnll  reach leloyed on waking and Uncling myself
death-proof'—liumnrtnl   In'   Hie   BUiln   mnny others whn hnvi  been perplex- *i*o 'object  "I  their  ntlcntioii
,|   iln,:   el by iiii- Scripture. .roved  necessary to lie wads .' col,
■st its
lion to a
l.HV'.'lls't  wmiii.l  iii  Ills tlli'.'ll.
luul three horses shot under him.
wiiile nt lh*. siege ol Acre, clurinii
lhe e.Yi edition to Kiryi t. I"' l»*l no
lew*.i than four in tiie same inaiiiier,
During the Intt days ol his life,
when captivity, di .ppointiiioi • ni .1
sickness ' luul well nidi completed
tlieir work, it i-* said lhal the agnny
i.f his fnt.-i
One ol ihe Most Remarkable Mi
Frnpiiei ol  Modern  Times  —
Csrspiisfin  Ag-sismt   Cet-.v/nyo.
s i -.■- nntl llnnl '.. '■ ■'■■ *
rHiiipiii*. i have du ■ I ll '■
I n Rnclish I th events i
ivheii their ener ael neul'
Honed iletlnully an : llie r
.is,I  by  a  brave mid
in x: Sunday lis  will nddr ss n - niilar   <"
III    Wills
nloiii.   I
■I   i-
snry l"r u-- '
.   Set   t
s-rs.sl ii ith
llie   I"  1.1,
manv   occasions   Ihe   pitiful   cry    il    Ihe pr*uid Oelewaym who replieJ. to an
"Why   did   the   cannon   I s   spars'   i'-W,.,,iecl .illimsliiiii liy   ei llm  ...
.__.*, x   hula  to  Ihs- i .-. ■   i    i loveriunei ..
e.'liv- nlissn   in   l.s,|i,!sni.     I le   -'ml:
Tin resin :, clii u ul Ul d tuj - in,
io hi Ilu rn, i dillleull thing in lha
II Iih lor Hi wurldlv minded le •.•rusp
liy  It,illi.    Th - mil-'  be  h rum     111 ■
iiuiii,ii-i,-.' :.
I. til
tnilitnrv    cnreer
.villi  iii.'  m..--M'.'    'i    i- •   Ihe   ours
Bcripturiwiside, n"« though all Bilihi  A,nim. ol llie liamn ks Iss keep the     (j„ mileuf,  I might "s*.|v" V -It'''- '\."h,':.'*    ' ''  "• '""• ll"'11 v "' '" ,v  number,,
li: • Zulu warriors '   I '"• lit ':-;' ,i:'-"'
Redeemer in   Hi.   resurrection,   '""I   «e'>nliirs know, oi  should know, Ihnl   ntriiders   off.     Uut   Ihey   even   imt
!-,.  m -I id  |'i„  simn   In lh, el "i    this   per    s.f   Revelation xx,  :, B, ,i*ound this plan.  Ass i ns the hod-
Church   i!"  Uriil"   thi   I.iinib's Wif".    whicli   Hales  In   "lhe    rcsl    of     he    r .,,,.  [)r8|   arrivals  cover
Caesar fnughl  hnl. Ul Lv.   In lho early _^^^_
pari nl his career I e wns utterly re, Ic   ,   '*. '   '".  S "   '    *•*   <\"y
I danger  whll   Ihe  battle.   I'"**1"" I ■""**   '"' ' """''' "*' "" '!(""*•
>itliltiti    inifnl     iti-limtivrly    i, •'iv ■•    J
l!n iiliiji -l\ -if lhe Power mid W
dom in .*■■ ;s,'\ In ih • rej rn luei ■ -i i [
llie ,-,'Mi;, iinliv duality whieh '■. ■ I
and tin u 'ht pi nturi - ■■■:». hefore
nasi in i nlu Jin -ib imc ol the I mi i
The Hili i< mnke. iiii il uiu! nf Ibe
i .'iip- nd, in m . ..f the ■".•mi -etioti
mi nude -., fur beyond lhe ,..hi" I,
fl :t\\'- ■ \ lniiiitin imnijiitaiii n ii eon-
fi- ■- i'n- mul pall, noon m- t*t
-* x-) i'i ■■ hiith In Uio ri nt Creator,
tie- Oimi pi t. ni One, whose nn ntm ■ -.
Hr   i'ln,    um    I,-ley   sen- ■   uini   -urely
eiiont'i   i* pn In lid.
M in*, t ., ihu irine i.f th ■ re«ur-
rei tiou ..: (hi ,|* ud, from *'- i r-t
annotinei men), m llie Sei pnir -.   Inn
tnlled   foi    ll ■■    Ml    ttfii -!    fHltil   oil   I'i"
purl ol  ic lirvers and haj i xeit< d lim
t nl     re*   mm -nt    uf     nnil-1.  v  :.-,    (jf|]J|    rrjr  j**.   <      «: i;,P'tv     t   t   j
 ™„bt?ltoXi    ""•>'■-"" "-.'"-lii-.Ihn a tbniis
;"    Ihi      '•' r i    l|e»urreeli..|i       \   d>* denil which  live not againi null  lhe y„Be||n„ ||,e rest ol the troops  Innreli*    ,. ,,     ,   ., , ,.     .   ,,.,,,,..„„,,   lhat a powerful and      le       lent  I
Irnm    ih          -,,    [nr    ns    th«    Hibl" Hioiirntiil    yenrs    nre     JiiIsIipi        is   ,,| lmim thom In snlely and vnineil '     ;.:,       ,   .'     \     .     .,     ,     '      , kingdom ts  lhe norlh was a mena   ilo
leneln      Ihi    s'..*elal  kind    I     nu     - H.urmii,   Iiml il Is mil I  In any,. „ |0   lhe   1,,,,,,,,,,,,-k.   nnusiiig   n „''.'.. in whieh ho vvas hei    iiv "is   Ibe adviu   ing Engli. ilssmfU
Inlil.   .rise.  '     nn  other  erenltires  In nf  ll Id  Cireek   li scripls.    It   is    |, „v„,-,iniii i) part,   Articles MJ  "',.,•'"  ',                 ['    J (| , The  lime    wa,    emir    <rl   n    ""-
•h* Vniver.".                                  ; supposed Ihnl  il gol   into   the   lexl. ;,  ,,„„,  „,,,,.       ,t,k|v'   H„trnve(| ,,v
Rv ii ntic 1    boih Ihs* Imlv inel lb.*   nol  H. !,   nny  deslr.*   In   cerrupt    ,.,       '„  ...n.i,, .
.    . .                                                  .            ,                   ,', ..                                        i/,      t        . ,                             i       i       ...Ivf-st      ,sll|-|,(il'.lMIIlslTliMS\.llsl|l|||
,:il'.;\:", ■'    '   ■ ;","'"',.,""" ,,".-:,"11,' "',"'  ,i'V'V ,""  """'      ,''  tew miiiutes ..tier I luul placed lh	
tiiurltililv  kimwn  ;.-. . v . ,-i.. .,,,..  |-. .  . that in Ihn  lavs when llie iiiiiniiseriut, ,,     .  ,,
nn     irlnlllv  .-   ,1-iHI-,,-..    li w ,-■ ,,,..,.., I   bv   ii'ti,   -..in-   eopy'isl ",,,,,,"*"'     ,            ,                ..   ,
 '     n    Ihe   nivim*   pleasure    made II I,   inrnndum nn the n ar- VV lien  eonvslescln*, Irnm  m.- flrsl
......                               :, ,     _     „    i,,,!,,(,,! Sl-taCH   ol   Mv.illl;.  lever   I   luei  OPeft**|Ul
nnrKit* Die I.Hglloh in Nn|
tune that lie bad never heen wounded,
nnd indeed tlie report wan eurriml that
li.* carefully ii noi In « cowardl; ni«liner refrained frnm expo-Ainu himself.
Nothing could he m re contrary to
applet ii s migl lj clnpf*" with 1 heir lh iu->aod-> f-t
b.Ilower-. Iluhtins. like II 11 * r .- 'e-r-
oe.-. Imiid in bund, nrm««d with •S>ti-~
b.nu  ii-'-hl-hi-  hi.I  -l  *•!- >z-hid«,
would  met I  away  « il *   ;*• w-^e
iiitu iii-*,,L'Mi!i.'Htite bei re  * .-•  terrtbUi
Itrer-i  and   '■ -   Brttis
...  -„.,.,,  ...     *■__■______________■ ,■   , it  Is almost  Impossible  to calculate   ["
,i„   lit..    rim Mom'tit he (H-^obeyed hu    was when   It whs «inihing the     ,      col*fu.ion   and   disorder   whieh   Ow  Bnhsli met «
» in.clo.-e nroxlmily t« my ham.   wou,d |lHVfl ^y (r„ni lht, lH(jhti   smll.     sl    Isandlana       rb«    /.hIm
1  terrtbJp   "i ■
liliythin«   i*:-"    re.-pe-rtini;    UU'    -lenn, j .. (.   ..    coiiimnnd   In   enme  under   t>   wall   111  CI-    t-**i--* ■n*'.   "■  on   ■ m, ... t   .   .
1 """", '(   ,-"  "','"'   "'• !-■       '■>""' * •- '- n I "    ,*nl   ,,, -in. unnu-iy nth.  Kr,,,,  mock.    I  got ,,„_ an^tned _,., cru-b    r^^r'^'^a^t .hlt'X   ^* ^ .round tbt.B,^
timi wto » d„grdle, he : ad. hu,   ^Z^^^lZ
it with my li-t. but the spider made   '"' ""i"'    "  u"   ■"
.- .1-...*_    ..-_,  „..,( ,,,.,,,.. 1   tne to his existence
position,  upon
which  the?   wi   '   ""*'
when   t( - fiiiin   dies   he   '.-   n;.' -   alive
than .'.
Tl. '■.- [mini rly claim to '■* n.- '■ r
rvrrla-t'ti*. '.'.!■. but nul bavin*-; f;.;n
.nouch Ui h '.]• v- in the Irvine power t-o perform lie 1* -urr cli m f Ihn
denil, tin v nn driven to the tbeorv
of Ph.to. Iml-ed, who has nol he.,- 1
Plttiu quoted by ministers nud other
Jenrnt i 1 :i n v ben di cr - -itic * ■*
future lil • Th y do nol quoted fu-
and  ihi   A;*-.-1,- -.   beeau*"    the   -x-
nn- a'l to '!:• eoiilrnrv pr viug tin *
thi rii-url ar dead, and thai the on y
hope nf a lulun existence *..- by h
r-iri' .-■;:■ n.
- \'.t' tn ■ nn-swi r of Jesus to thu
Badduci ■- ■ f K\* dny, who, w * are
told. *■;•(. Ki'iy denied tli" resurrection <<' ihe dead. .Ir-',.- nnswered,
"Tl nl th ■ a ! are [tn b | ra - d wi»
ahown *■ '■'' - - ■■■ lho burninj lm*h "
■wbi 11 1; !'- in ssnjje was " I am 1 ie
God - f thy '.'i'.:-. rs, t!n* r- 1 nt M rn-
ham and lh*' (iod nf \*:*:i- and the
(Miirl;   \i;,  3(1;   '■■ I
ti'iit  iii.m-;! onward be wa- judicial*  ll who  mv  nn, "m  tnr -[.•■'  ,             . .
ly ,! ad. even though the dying pro- a lightning qnlek move and slopped ,,.",   ih"".™!',™* „ „„,,   nJ   „,„   under s'l.e-'Cy' ti're'.' -..-,-:
ee„ last, ,1 f, r mi„". lhan ,,:,„• bun- about Ivi ur sis inc.es   rom wben. »'P»' ,,.(l™   " «"•    ^f,8'    ,r,     J J   sequenees. ai .1 cam
dred   years,                                                      1   bit   the   ..all.    Several   lllll*:.'   I   re- llieoepeuiieilll.it.   mi,  lie  ihu i.    .       ,    .   ...                     ,.
ns     I,      ,                                                                     ,                                ,        ,                         ,                . fttii     ei i\ I'i'Mriieii t   (I   u   |.||.ui   iitiiti   r«      nil      *■*•'Illil 0     .llii   s-.i.L     l» ■   O                         1--    .i   m
Simiiir.y. all of his posterity. Irom pe.ted   the   attack   without   success,   «»? «' J1""      ■ »*-' vi'',V       :«,il *t   -..%',- •     :
■      in..,.-    .t„„,;..,i,'.t    nre    dead    he spider alwa.'s succeeding in mov- juewuom policy aim destiny ol Lu    t         w„„ broh(.n snii    ,,  .
cuMrsin of  wrath.      Jmmi^^ carried ing before itfcould he touched. Some-    *"«l» as won. they fo.wlit aod .lis - *,
out ths -Hine thought In His teach- what nut u   I per,   1   procured   a ol the nround    m--...*
mc, siiyiug,    l.-t tlio dead bury Mis it  hammer ol  larce i-m* hiuI continued An  Honest  Sergeant.                 delled the reneated attas'kj        ■*-       'i
dead."   Only those who hav.- acept-'the chase until I was exhausted. «   milltnrv storv  cnni**s from Ire*   ul I'.e Zulu arrof «   I. th.      mm
cd Him ..s lhe*rl,.le.giv*-r are even      '\\ hen my hand grew steady again    |„„ i      a    noi ininlssloneil   offleer.tion failing, the ga   ml        , hand la
r .-. - , .■,    ,..„...|-,,l    ali\e,    Irom J took my an iiiiatic pft I. used lur   en|.*rlng   a bar k   gate   In lluhlin.i, ,„„„, (e|i „ the;      ,• '..  • ;<t
  '",',    '• ::l* ; '*"';''"'':   „     „   „ Wgpme. and. taking a steady aim    wn. -.ilsthken* hy Ihe "fresh one" on   |„ ,|,|,.     i,.,. , ,    .-,.   :    ■
,.'■. „•",,'  ■-■■:■■-•■     ■•       .     ■■■■-■        ■"'  ;■■■   H '"C"i""t   II       hoiisnnd ,„, the tot I >oi^k* ol the spider, I Hred. sentrv  en.  w in  Imm-diale v  snlnted   U hut the Zulus mode   i
...iiit',.-   K,*,'.|..,n   h! ...,.-;   and    years Al Messiah's rmgn  "All m their  But with  anoSier o| Ihe remarkably him.    The   noneommissinned   officer. I ,tUek    "mttTe            *             umn,
l'.'s,„.,!:„,.ei;;i,    I,-,;,-   v. •:, .I,;,,,,;,",',    ,,    "i    t: !■'"* "'!i?: *■*" ■>•*■■-■•*- f r..... rt.--tra..-   I,  r,,,,m,.,l Hu* -a!,,,,*. „,l,,,e.,o,,0Mj „„..,	
He.*  and  his  nnt ei**. i.n  o   at'-    cia'll     d.-»     ""tout    lie    right l'""*  ,?","  '■ gT,il U|>'   ''"', "" ,     l*"!"">M' »»*" ■'" °ir"" ""*'    * I. iinliter i   -  -   -   •  -
■■< .'-.■ .,'    know th : I'linol    I can scarcely .-ail Arrived at Ills qunrters. he wassur    |uri»tv,| mob .tabbme wild       - -   - f
n    Ilu    c,-i„ I    Age   lhe   I'i-'.
whiel r  Lord   referr d   In  «-   Ilu
"Pearl  ol  it nl   price."  lor  which
mnn would I"- well tiisiifled i'i so'.lini
n'l  Ihnl   he  hns  :nat  he ndghl   pur
cl:.':*.s>  :t.
ll is-'ll he eslniitl ,1 n*i all hnl: !
thai Hi *jr. i.i ->:...-:|.. ['mil Is i -,.,.
ss'ii: 1 amongsl the U \ nl ones wh
s-t<- li.- I every enrthly in:-r.--t. aim
hop" ni"!  nnil'iition   'luii   li *   migl t.
taininc u  -'inr-   n  lliis  1. tier re.nr- .vi':;
recii' n, which he style, "His Hesur- l,"i I
reeiinn"—nnuielv, the resurrection ..f Priesi
('In -t. (' ui
The   work   i'i
nsect after using a lug'game   prised l;. «nd nti order Inr himloat.   ,.;,,.'•   ,.„.,....,-. ...   ,       ,„ ,
"",. l'"'.l,ri".;'; J-h'"1^,';  P'*FI   ""   ,l'"   "*"'  ""Wiiig'the   tend before lhe colonel,   tin presenl.   ;.,;,,    y- -
.»!■"   •"'..-';   "",' ,...: _       i      Ing linnself   he was   asked   how^he   bu|   .,,..„  ,„   . ******"
will   lie   Ihe  in-
'Lange,' a-l:e<l nne * f my Iri'-ud-.
nine  to  return  lhe  •alute.  knowlne   r,H.i«
nol  entitled  to  it.    Not
ad  ravines eve     .       -
Th   Scrnlur.**, enntiunnlly iii-.in.ni*, strueli      snd  uss-Maiic of th'se iol ■„',.-''.Vs.h'i  "v..ii trf  f.ir )m„  is in. a lull  well  he  nol  cut; :   s   ■-    ■      ■   •
.!,.  thou   ,. that .:    „-   - .'    ";:-' lh, r gn luul uplifting out of sin and ,*' , '*'da*, ..\ou "?                "*'" ,„ ,,„. |,„«, en hurras ed. he promptly     u'".  '"	
"I  the  l'hur(*li\w!iicli   i-   His  llodv.*' wcakn ss    and    Imperfection   toward '    "  v_  I answered     "Sir     I    nlways     return 'ugitivea were pursued   ■               .    ■:
iiml  Hint   tlv-i*  -nipt'*-   Klect  cnnsli. perfecHon—lownnl     accenlnnce    with ' evervthin'u I am'tint en'itled tn "'rile "Igor: nn quartet   »a» g    ■      -i-c-
■a'uf His Bo.lv",   t'nrr-- tlnd   toward   everlasting   life.    Sueh Galilei  and  the  Sw!nPinr  Li-trip. colonel  Inken aback l.v his reaily wit "'"'  ,!'a ':   *■     '     '
.iff.r.il   will     The hoy '.Inlilei. sitting witli  him-   laughingly  dismissed   him.
  back, s- i ••* *,   ■     *     i
„,..„. in oi -■  " id  --., npe : i — :
Budding Genius. ,,   ,,   ,, .,..,.      ,
A    newspaper   recently   "f(,.r0|    , ,„.,   .,   .. ir ., L    ,.: -,     ,  .
prize for tlio best story lo be mii"cii .■      looked down . i
by a pupil of the public school.   Here piaineil    I a tl       i
are a lew passnees from the enntribu-       \*   i.. ,       ..
in,ii-:  "Cora   Brown was  fortunately .-..,..
possessor ol a  birthday.  Irr -she ■ h-sid,.* immense   quant;:    * of  trtnl
that'"."!    ,i    -:- ■ ii    Idam. so all .-:: i!, ■ enrth."   (Philip:   u 1.1(1.1 n I who will demonstral
1„. ,,,   j    niiv    j    .   ,   ■   even   i'-   ,   Tu :h      .     -.    niusl   ill In* ei 1 r   nyalt;   Bnd worthiness nl ever-
r.tvn order."    -Vi ...■'*   :   ■    '■■   '   nrthly to Ivnvnly naliii'i*. I..*-   !it<tiii'.' iiic'   The mercy ol (iod will
  smasssssssssssssssssssssssssststtssssssst con ^___
.   ..   .,       .. *liiiiitesl Ibe Irishman." "As she en-   .-        Ii n- n.t until fi-e
Arctic Mosciuitoas. .,,.,.,,   ,iu,   rn, ,„   „  t.„uli dallip ,,„,..    ,.,
The presence nl mosqliitoe" in myr*   met her sight." genera   a	
stilt in- nl   lhal    il   '   he   no   in il ;   n     ni    ns
summer drives Ills reindeer to the sea,   "":"  •"'''  ''"' " ''■•'■r-  :;"'  t''1":'',»'-   0Ceu|     : V -     •
....  .     . i.i.i  ,i ,...   i.i three t..    ve n:i:-   growth nu- cu      ,	
resurr.cl I   the   deed    then   nil   Iii. .«I    He who l.r.u    t a      i from                      '  ,-.:;,- -:r,,,t t.,,-,,-,.,:ie.;I ( ••             ;■         .,.,.,.„,,.;,  „ ,„: , ( •„„-,. t„ ,',.,.,..,,.-   ,,-..si'. ,.„• .-..     ,;.:.;..,                  ,,        ,
wh in  ■•■     invi   -■:•'-."■   I hnve I       ,   Ihe drnd onr Lord .1 ■•'-..:     ,-,-•,,,'  :i ...    All those wh.i loll ll   ,!.,,,„ .,„.| ,|„. t..„ „,rlace •( the I '.'■<,..,.,„,.. .    i
..-1",- .,.-.-:.■■•!, -I.   ,V' ■    ■■"-      Rlieplrrd.    -       h.*,*n        Iln  -,:,,„',:  i*-.. ■: vl ---»,= f- :.:.,,*:,.' ,.„  ,, .-.„•,.„' .V ;     r <*'*"M ««">     Hien the bark Is rip*   ^"     ..
Ilu. -Ii'ii <'   ' i- nl.l.   I.* ra-   i," •' -i                  II     il-ndl by Hlm." and   • ,,  ,:;,,,-... ■„! Hen";  v. uie all wlij ,-"'" -•';',",•-.  ,„,.„, ,, |..,l   up    longitudinally    iul     "•■.-,.,,     .,'.,.
•J-*-.!..   ;':'-'   :   l.'mo.,r,.l.,l b,    withl    ■      ':;•::           prove.hei,   loyalty «U   be acknuwl* «* *«£   •.,"«     ^eTdu'rin %h when exposed to the suu to dry   ^      ..... .'*
tm fact thnl H   raised up Jesus  r i    -  to  >l,i- tlmt  M.  I'll rfer     cdge-l worthy oi everlasting lie, n»r»|   ,„*,    ,(,",,,,,.   ,„.,,,,,...,,  tu  it> cur   up Into quins,   lilt irss ol       ...^
Jhi' dead on the   third   d'n'y;   and   -■ Mvinc,   1   cmni  nil  i.-nrlhlyl  thing. T,,„.  ,i,   ',. ,   ,,,  .i„.  ,i„„,i    ...ij. curse,  iiiexpltcaoiy   uevempe
Uk wis  lhe Third Da. oln lar,  r ,.,:,   ,    ,        . . .  -■ . -   | „ IV  ,   , «         ,     u ,'     he Chu el   ""•"■'■"' '  Chronicle.
Mil'    ll»'    'l'l"'     'I snnil-y-ai    day   oi.rlel    [win   i      hip   In    His ' Vi  :;,:''    V       ,
■ti*.,,..  ti.     , ...     I . ,,_   „...   i ..*   ■ '    ci ■,    r      i,    i                            , ,   .. .1!   in'i   li\i'   iti   ii. •   I .i.,   ■•.'i *>*
,        ,,'ai    lose-Tho iuv     ' ''"'■'   . '.'".'*'    ','       --   " :   ,'■'   '    "'   "ivi ognlUon   a    worthy   ol Blue and Green Sea Wat,,,
■                                                         J class!. *•     lhat I might k        II.:„ ...... .,,   ,.„„„„;   ,*„„ ,,,.,.,'„,.„ The bluene.s q( sea water is in
___r*,r,_____________________^^^^i^^H______w■*••*'"•'>• •   *****h **____________________v*
drying the oil, upon which l„-.,.■ m-.   each ,, .,..,,
sud     flavor    deiiend,     is    diffused   kineM   ,   .     ,    ,
Uiroughout tl irk.  „.,,„     |,  .,,. ,.  . .
_, ",,   B ,, su Ir.-i man. who bad
She  Krew  Better.
ri.'.'|,,''iii'-'"i-.. -!-'ir "li.ii ,(.,."i:'''vvi!l'sl,.,'l':   "'!     ,,     .,   ...  . ..;,  ,i,, ,.„,.    iu the .nflerlng'ol thi- present Huu   slmuit as vivid as tbe tropical blue..   ,„ ,,,„,  „„. n ,„„„,,. ,K„ „„.|, Bsi,t   |Vli colony oINstsh   Ths powsr ol ihs
 nn arlh   as il   Is done   iu   ,    *"' ',' ,    ' ~i     i.t'.   ii  thai    »n.l   In-lng  counled   vs.ith*   tu  shsr, ,   . _ line when I rsslly measure thirty!        y.ulu   •*«,  brsikus  snd,   a   (••»   vesn
Heaven,   S. \{J," % v'iv, l„! ,*■ *„..!   ,»■"' ■"■■* '" 'l"1'*:;"** -"'J'*1.' ;'■"» ,".,:* N.rw.y's L,n, D.y. _„_____ I-t-r. the :..i .Mermsued -ts„-l .Uh
'I'll,    lem
n(   Illl   Hi*
.1 n| ,)i -ii- n miiitll -
il   His   1'
nil . vvhi !: the laithllil will bl
Summer nine I rings in--.* lhan two
Thai', What  No-li Did.
!,„  ih, il,,,,! ,,,„,   i II      '.'.pat..   ,     ,     „,„„ ,,, „:l, ,,  ,„r„ „.. „,„,.,   jwh.ra.lb,   the  |K.w«r ..I  th.*  lir.-l months   ol    tlmioits   daylight  s       »\vi,.t did Nosh llvs on when th. Ibe Sonli in Rhodesli. »bsu tb. M.U
'    ,'   ii   „   ...,     i   in    h„v *   m   '•"'"" ■•■»" w!l1' Imiii-tMliiy nt  II -   1"'"1' ''•"'• \„r. ...ry. Norway   in tl„.     .and ol „,„,,, |,„,| „„,M,,,.,| H„(i ,„. provision, b.,- Inughl vsllsntly. hut unavailing
1','..    '  '•    II■■ k,'.  i,"-,-..,,.,:      "»*"  "•"  l"""i   '"■ llhl  '•■'  "» l                           ^  '"' Ml-""*"'"'    ""',-  """  :"" I,"' In  the »rk  were .xh.usJV' ssked ly.  sgillisl   ths  stitdy   sdvsnc.   "|
shun:   u I.,   ii nrk.il I...I..U    »..i is   ,|„„ ,|,i ■ fl.,,1 would give hilii               Willing Awsy Bodies. sg.   u-..r  i„o  north  cape  has  Hi. , Sundsy school teacb.r ol h.r class Cull BbodM sndlh. ChsrUred Corn-
There  hnve  been  many   ancei nngesl day ol any civilised cominun. „„ .sul„|„v ,„„,..
ol sin, l..r Imp, st. In thnl ..I  l'l.,r l'l* "' '"" world, extoiidiiig Irom .day     .., kh„lv-. .,,,lenk«.ci , ,j„> ,|r| ,,. The rlss el the Zuiu klogdon began
ti," Nlghtlligiile in her last will aim '*■'    .....,/.,;,," „,'*  "   .,'   '"''_,", l«r all 111. other, had men It up. with  Cliaka.  who  \s«.  born   in   I7e7.
on this  subject, ami   note   Ihelr
pllcln i  sitileini.itt  t*s the .if.-'
thai  all  whn participate in bis  hn-:
11 surreellon  will  In* lhe   'led   uver-
comer, nf Ihls Age, uml Ihey will In.
the  lloyal  Priests, s.r  I'ii nlly  K.n  -.
sil tin- next  Age. Ill  whloh  l-lte iv-i   I
will In- dcall with ami, so far us will,
ing. uplifted from -in nml death.   II -
say... "Blessed mul Imly nre nil they
Hint 11 h v * * purl  iu tlle first  Itesurres*- -------       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lioni un such the 8ecnnd Death hnlh   I:1.'',*'""* ''*   niuhltlqiis,   lis   rewsnls,    m-nlnry dlreei
nn power: Ihey shall im priests mil
a shsre iu Unit gr nl glory an I honor,
s ss'. pi as lie -linn!.I demons!rale
similarly hi« luynlty In (hi -■ r.:.-nl .if
hi- nbllily in being coiifuriiied In
Christ', .1.'nib.
There i- it lesson Ier.- for us. If i.
in vain Hml we shull hope in share
tb" .Musi r's glory if »* fnil lo -bars*
His loyalty, His iguuiuiny to li*
den.I   with   Ilmi   In   Hu*   wurld,   Hs
l.sinin.'iit '   '"'I  give up my  ln„ly  f.u   "'« suu il at all times visible except   '";*\Velli'»liKil" inquired tlie teacher. Ho »a« educated In a.I the Kndir SO.
when obseurwl by olouds.                      -'-Dry land." -London Tit-Bite. oompllshnisnti ol a prince uti.l *. w.r.
.  rii.r,  ami   III   his earlv   v„utli  sleter.
Reliit.ons  Berame Slrained.                                   Inr.n.l.l.nl. lnilie.1 ts. bes-oin,. an African Napoi.oii.
li - ,', "ii   ,sr   pust-tnortem   exnmiiia
Hull for Hi- purposes of medical id
The .'inii. st desire to nisi Ilu
tm%%%%%%m  -___,____■ Inconsistent.
iii.lv  ..[  niedleliie  iisiinlly   hn.  I».i Mr..  Alllhlsll—I  often  t.*ll  my bus- "Wim nre your besl  patient,, doc- Bonis    shipwrecked    Knglish    smlors
sufficient reanon (or the slight strange hand I wish he hsd more "get up slid tor'-" wa, asked.                                   M'l  In I  the .leed'   ol  Use great
lie*.   '(  Hi    i'^acv,  bul   iniiny   t.-sla g.t"   about   hint. "The  people   who  nre  slwsy,   con. emperor,   then   st   lhe   SOIllth   i(   lue
lltl   are not so open It Mr>.   Jellers— Indeed?     I've  often tending that life. Isn'l worth living." career, snd the recitals fell on Irnlfc
If 'wesu'ifer .villi lilin, «'i'shiili reign    sisti.-t.iet ,iy   explanntlon.   8nme   un- heard Ihnl be gets up and get.  In, replied the doctor willmiit the (light, lul  ground    Becoming   ruling chief.
ma) own breakfast, est besiution. nn the death o; his lather, he entered!
Ood, ond unto Chrlsl, anil shall reign tilth Hlm,     And   lhe  only   way■  tu known and iiiiwrltken   r ice   mtij own breskfsst, est besttsttan, ..  *i..- .i.-,.i„      i, - ti.t:,.-    ii, |.,>„,|
With Him s thousand yenrs."   Hevd- ('tiler Into thai reign nf glsirj  v\\\ be lurk hsii.nlh the bold  words ol  tin                 —-        .  .                               , ,         ,„   un(.h,Cke,|  career  ol  con-
at inn xx. (I. Ihrnllgh  Hie  power   ..I      III,   Besiir* liidlvldllsl  who desired  hi,    earca^l HI. Trade. C . Ivocal. quest.    He subject«.l the wh ile male
The.word in Oils text rendered lirsl rcnlhin   -the Uilel Itsiirreclloti. t.i  hs  Memolcd,  and  the  reilduuir "The mnn   passing  orer there   Is     "I'll bet litlle Mrs. Uetlt was slrsld populsllon   is.   compulsory   tnllltar*
slgnilles   chief,   loremost,   luporlor. The slntcineiil ol pur text Ihnl llm llioreol .1 pos t-nj In two,urns, num. ,UI i, „ in„. „irver. to ssk thst gntngi linibstid ol hers lor service, ond created in l-nperlsl guarii
It will  Ind I be Ilrst   in   order   nl resl  ol  lhe deud  will  imt  live until b r*'d  res.-iecllvely  I  mul 'J.    On tin '*| despise ihsl kind." a new   while efllow pluuie." ol  i:, hhi veteran warriors, who were
lim*. too; lull lhe particular llldllght Ihe lliousnnil years ol l*hrl»t',.  feign sihes  111  .-.'o.   1^ lire to  li    plnced  i ••>;,. reason In despise him,    He i.      "I  lelt there awhile aiis., and I as- reads I arch SO miles In anv dirso-
mm.* you sbe was showing the wi.ite   tiou
lime, toot bin Hu* particular II ghl the lliousnnd years ol Christ'., feign ashes In Ho. I are to   i   |iv»c»a i     **n„ reasnn lu despise h
is thut It Is .-. ri.'r.   Ii- superiority nre llnlshed bn- proven.a stumbling I" -I which will bs* foundIon my tlwl   ,„,., , „,KkI cluckmsker.
resis in tl,,* foci thai all wl„, shut',  V to many win, have sludled In*, and my nilnlaliiro portroM icarl pin _-_ — ---
ill lis blessings will not only attain superficially.    U*l us not forget that ..ml ,.u ilu* ashes in urn No. . a s nv Th. R.msn Lsglo „
lile   full   nerfeol and everlasting   but the  Splrll  dues  not  reveal  i\t<-   deep sl»r packet   winch will also I"   l.iinii      Tpn (.(,|llir„ „| mo men etch, wilh Ths Proportion. , outburst cost lum  his life     H,
adiiitioni'illy they will  receive life on Ihings nl Ood. "Xccpl  lo tliuse   who on  my desk, and my miniature por-   g ((|n,. ti) _„, ,.„,|ry, WH, t.he orilln*|    Rnlcker— Did be s|ie«k at s dlnn.rf    assassinated and his brother  the
Ibt* blgiiesl platie. being  made   par- searoli lor Tiulh "as men search lur trait Bngef ring. , HJ cuiApoeiUou of t Koman legion.        B.*eker-Nu; he ate at a talk. i •*•    ..._.....^ ik. si,.„„.
, ' ' ».i
King Chaks'l reign was markesl by
extreme crullt-/ and one ol In, savag*
*e waa
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ great
finsaaii,  aseeiuled  ths  tlnuiis. /**
Bow-ill's Corn Starch, por pk 1.0a
Fancy Seeded RulsiiiB, IB nz
il pkgs for - 26o
Crenmory Biittor, 2 II. fur     Too
Pure Luiii, '-' Hi for i'i'"'
Fresh Gingor Snaps, '■• Hi lor 26c
Iris Rolled Outs, (I Iln sack     26c
IS IH Suck (linn. Sugar,for 81.26
Snap   (llie hand olennsor)
per tin - -        15c
llennie's Bird Seed, per pk   10c
Al! Standard ri.mrs, persk 81.110
Lillie's Special Cevlon Tea,
Illl, for - 81.00
Toilet Paper, -1 rolls for 25c
Toilet Paper Sheets, 4 pk fur 25c
Soda Biscuit-! per pail 25c
Lie s Cash Grocery
Phone 88
Shorthand Tuition
Room six Hart Block
Wellington hi.        Chllllwaek, It. 0.
(,dices uver Iiuyal  Hunk nf Canada,
ChilliwacK   College   of
Principal:   Tumi. J. Ilrrro.x, LAB.
In-ti iiilti.ii in nil branches <*f inllsic snnl in
elocution, v.-nriy eiamlaatloas ■•*.- Hi*' lt.svni
Academy s.r Music and the Itssyni College s.f
Musis-, taialon, i--t.Ki.ss.si.
Terms *i for fssur lessons, payable in advance
I*. o. it... sum riuuu* ■>' nw
Church News
City of Chilliwack
NO. -is.
Henderson Ave. Sidewalk
Tin* Mnnii'ifiil Council nf tin* (.'ity ut
(.liilliwmk having hy resolution ilctt-r-
mincd nnd sprained that ii in tlwttrabl-p
to carry oul tlio following wnrks. tlmt is
to nay:
To construct h cement sidewalk nml
works contingent titereto mi iln- North
Shlo nf Itcnocrsoti Avenue between Cook
Street uinl Kobson Htreet, and thnl said
works bo cnrrictl out in accordance uftli
tlm provisions nf tlio " Local Improvement Itylaw IIHl'."
Ami tin* Ciiy Knfftlicor ami City Assm*
nr having reported in tho Council in oc-
conlnuot) with tlio provisions nf tin* m\*\
By-law ujMiu tin- -i»ic 1 works giving statements ihowlug iii*- amounts estimated tn
In- chargablo sgaiust ilu* various portion.
nf mil property in Ik* liencflued by lho
•"uiiI works anil other particulars mul tlio
said roporta nf said ciiy Kngineer anil
Ciiy Assessor having been adopted liy iln-
Notice is lieroby glvon that lite, said
ii'|mris an- open fnr liiipcctJnn at iln
olhcool tin- City Aaseanr, City Hall,
CitItliWaek|   H. C,   ntul  (hat   UlllcW a
iwtltlon auain-i i h<- proposed works
above inetitTonod signed i>y a majority o(
tin- owners ol land nr real properly in be
assessed nr charged in re*|>ect of mieh
works teprvscntlug al least nm- halt in
value lliureof i« presented in tlio (Jouncll
within liii'i'ii dayi from tin* date nf Uio
lirsl publication nf this notice tin- Conned will proceed with tin* proposed Improvements undor such terms ami con*
dlllons u" lu ihi- payment uf Uio cost of
Mich Improvements ns lira Council may
by By-lay in that behalf regulate an,I
dot-ermine, ond also in tpako the mid hs-
hatctl thi" I Ith day nf Octolrr, A. I).
l». K. CAKl.KTON,
City Clork.
Dstcof first publication October iiih
In all ,'ounlrits Ask for our invf.ntuii'S
ADVI8EH. which will b. sent tree.
Tin* Women's Auxiliary of tin* St.
Thomns's church will moot in tlic
Piirish Hull on Thursday attovnocm,
Oct. '11, mul every Thursday there
utter until further notice.
Rev. -Mr. Davies utul Miss Diukio
utul Miss Mnynnrd will represent
Uu: Cliilliwnck Baptist Sunday
School nt tin* Provincial S. S. Convention t" lie helil in Victoria on
Nov. 8, Hand 7.
The Methodist Sunday of this city
hus appointed G. I'*. Chapman, M.
Wlllorton, Miss Ditch, Miss Clara
Carltnolland Miss.M. Carlmoll dolo-
gntos nml il is expected Uml nil of
these, will itilenil (lie Convention.
Baptist Church—Rev. .1. T. Marshall, II. A., minister. Subject I'm'
morning service, "Thiinksgiying
Mossago." Siilijeei for evening,
"The Last Chapter." You tire invited to como nntl worship with us.
Speei'tl Harvest Thanksgiving
services will be held ill the Methodist Church next Sunday, both
morning mid evening. The girl's
choir will render special iintlieins
nt the morning service, nnd in addition lo the choir music nt night,
Dr. l'atten has kindly consented to
sing. The church will he decorated
with the fruit of the Held, orchard
and garden and the pastor will
preneh appropriate sermons. The
Epwortli League will hold iheir
regular meeting at the close of tlu*
evening service, withdrawing the
usual meeting on Mondny evening
The annual convention of the
British Columbia Sunday School
Association will lie held in the city
of Victoria on Nov. li, 7 and IS.
Delegates will attend froni all parts
of the Province and the Sunday
Schools of Chilliwaek are preparing
to send a strong delegation lo enjoy
the inspiration of the Convention.
Among the speakers announced are
Rev. \V. A. Brown, Chicago, Rev.
(1. T. Pratt, Seattle, llrv. Chas. II.
Fisher, North California, Rov. J. II.
and Mrs.Matthews,Seattle,uinl Itev.
1. W. Williamson, General Secretary for British Columbia.
Some members of thr speakers
delegation to the Sunday School
Convention will visit Chilliwaek on
Friday Nov. 1, and special meetings
will beheld in the Methodist Church
to which till are invited. At 1 p.m.
Ihe lirst of these meetings will be
held and addresses will be given by
Rev. Geo. T. Pratt, on "Religious
Education," Rev. Chns. \V. Fisher
on "The Sunday School for the
Adults'' and by Rev. \V. A. Blown
on a subject to be selected. There
will be a general conference on Sunday School problems and teachers
and ollieers of Sunday Schools nn*
particularly invited to take part in
Ihe discussions. At 7.80 p. in. a
public meeting will lie held when
Itev. \V. A. Brown will give nn
address on "The Sunday School
and World Conquest" and Rev. C.
It. Fisher will give a lantern lecture
mi "The Bible Classes ol America."
There will lie Spoolal music mid lhe
meeting promises lo be one of great
intorost. An offering will be nike.l
ill the evening meeting lo defray
the expenses of travel.
A man in lown has patented n
hen's nest. By and hy some one
will patent the hen. nnd then we'll
have to pity for eggs, until a plain
omelet will taste like a$10bill.
Owing li. the extension of Germany's National Insurance schemes
to employees of private ofllcos which
goes Into operation January 1,1018,
lilleen hundred new officials lire to
Ik* engaged liy the government to
deal with this branch of Ilu. work,
ol whom live hundred are tu Ih*
The Inle lion. David Davis  once
su i'i:—"Each yonr every local pupor
gives  from   one  hundred    lo   live
thousand dollars in free line* for the
lii'iiclit "I tli iiiiniiiiiiy in  whieh
it is located, No other agency enn
or will do this. The local editor,
iii proportion lo his means, docs
more lor his town lhan any oilier
ten men."
Tlio sunflower is n valuable plants
ll*. seeds mnke line fond for live
slock, iis oil   is  .iiuiii   to   the   hesl
Unseed, nnd iti stalk* aro as goml
as coal for producing heat.
Nicholas Kiizel fm tin* second
time Inside of a yenr lias discovered
gas on his farm at Birch Buy. near
Blaine.    While drilling a   well, tbe
gus was encountered at a depth of
aboul -'.ii let mul although this
hnpponod ahonl ten days ngo, Ihe
gas llamas lip about live feet from
lhe surface  i\  the  ground.     The
stream Is not a steady one, for at
Intervals water spurts up, but it is
so constant that tha work of drilling
luul lo he stssp|ii"l,—Blaine Press.
Thursday night next is Hallowe'en. Thero is perhaps no night of
the year which popular tradition
| links with more peculiar character
I than the evening ol'Oct. 111. It is
I clearly a relic of pagan times, for
there is nothing in the church observance of the ensuing day of All
Saints to have originated such ex-
| traordinary notions as aro connected
with the celebrated festival, or h.v
such remarkable practices as lluise
by which it was long distinguished.
The leading idea respecting Million
e'en is that il is the lime, above all
others when supernatural influences
prevail. It is lhe night set apart
for a universal walking abroad of
spirits, both of lhe visible uml invisible world, for on this mystic
evening it was believeil that lhe
human spirit was enabled by lbc
aid of supernatural powor In detach
itself from lhe body and wander
through lhe realms of spnoo. Divination is tlmn believed In attain
iis highest powor, and the gift
assorted by Glondowor of culling
spirits "from the vast deep'' becomes available lo all who choose
to avail themselves of Iheprivaileges
of the occasion. On that night nil the
elves of fairy-land come out in force,
spirits, goblins, brownies, witches,
and wlmt do not froni the borders
of those uncanny regions which
were so familiar to the old-time believers in dcmouology, Nowhere
was Hallowe'en moro generally
celebrated iu the olden time than
In Scotland, and tho festival is still
held in the affectionate roinom-
braticc by tbu modern Scot, both al
home nnd abroad. The night bus
been immortalizod by Robert Burns
whose piiein of "Hallowe'en" is in
great ro-pository of old-lime Scottish
hcjiefs and practices respecting it.
According to Scottish order of precedence on Hallowe'en, the lirst
ceremony appears to have been
the going out of lad and lassie hand
in hand to the knilyard, and there,
with their eyes shut, pulling each n
stalk or root of kail. Did earth
slick to it, that signified fortune,
while, according as the stalk tasted,
sweet or bitter, J he quality of the
predestined wife or husband was
supposed lo be foreshadowed. Another mystic rile was the burning
of nuts, two and two, when, if they
roasted quietly side by side, or if
they started apart with a bang,
good or evil was prefigured to the
courtship, Fating an apple, candle
in hand, before the looking-glass
alone, gave you the ehmice, again,
of seeing in the glass the shadowy
semblance of your future partner
peering at you over your shoulder.
Ducking for apples wus also a popular amusement, particularly among
the younger folk. Though long
neglected,  no important   part of
Hallowe'en ritual seemed to consist
in the lightning by each household
of a bonfire at night-fall. This
points to the very ancient, and diffused practice of kindling sacrifice
lires al certain seasons   of lhe year.
•..•.:••'••:**•:*>•.••:* .** *•:-•:••:.-:. z.& ****&*.„*, .>.>
J ♦
Discount on I
Hot Water  j
Bottles and \
| Combinations |
* s*
•>  *
t  *
| H. J. BARBER, f
•3* 4*
* Druggist and Stationer   ♦
***************** *********
market in
A rancher near Penticton planted
live acres in cuouinbors ibis season.
Every acre produced upwards of r_'.-
(XHI cucumbers of market size. At
'1 cents each Ihe grower would have
received 8250 an acre, or •Jl.tHKI
for lbc crop. He shipped two or
three trial lots to Vancouver.   Tin*
 ibers sold at 25c apiece on Ibe
ill Viineouver. The whole-
didn't return the grower
enough lo pay expenses of shipping.
—Knilerby Press.
Monday next will be Thanksgiving day mul a public holiday
throughout lho Dominion. Thanks
will ascend for lhe blessings and
bounties received from a beiiilieenl
Creator through another sccil  lime
and harvest, while ihe delectable
turkey will quicken and satisfy the
appctito of those who are long on
"greens.'' Muny others will celebrate wilh lhe want's of lhe inner mnn
supplied by lhe mole humble chicken, lhe duck, wild or domestic, or
nerohnnce the much sought fssr uml
highly priced li. C. Pheasant.
Boys with hats on lhe book of
their heads and loin!  hair   hanging
-lawn over their (orohondsand cig-
iiiell.s nnd very smutty slmies in
their foul mouths an* cheaper than
old worn out work horses. Nobody
wants lheiii at any price. Men
don'l employ lliein ami sensible
girls wonl marry Ihem.    They  are
not worth iheir keeping in anybody
and il is imi likely thnt tbey will
he able In keep Iheiuselvcs. if uny
body should   happen   to  rend  this
who answers to Uu* above description, li 1 hlm take a look at himself
and jump in a well and lay: 'Hero
goes nothing."
Auction Sale
Farm Stock Produce and
Wc have inunctions from
Messrs. Burmeister and Nelson
to "ell liy public auction ut tholr furm
situated al tho ond ol tin* Prnirlo iVntrul
Road, ss'ivn miles cast from Chilliwack,
ami known us the nlil Parker (arm, on
Wednesday Nov. 6
mil.', ui l 'uu. sharp, tin- following;
Extra s_<mi.I wuik horae,  black,  7 yrs
old, weight about 1460 poumls:   Hr >
innro rising 11 yrs old, weight NOOinfoal
us Mutiiuir: Sorrel maro I yrs *>M weight
1250 Ihs; Cull live months "1.1.
80 tsuis uf Ural class baled timothy liny;
Four tons s.f oats; TurnijM, nboul '-'•H>
tun*, ill pits; l'sililliHS, iiliiiut '_'l, tons iu
pits: Chickens, 5 dozen good lions. Pigs,
7 j_...,. 1 slissnts.
A number ol good dairy cows.
Wagon, now; oxpixus wagon, new;
Frost a Vvootl mower; Tiger liny rake;
cultivator; small seed drill; scales, limn
lbs; wi heavy harness; grind-atom1; new
Myers stei'l hay carriage and fork; is hi
feet steel cable; wood truck and hay carriage; force pump, '_v feet **i suction
lime; l<> milk copper star milk cooler,
'A milk pails and other articles too numerous in mentions
All sum*1 nf >*_."i ami under, cash, over
ilmi amount three months1 credit will be
given <>ii furnishing approved joint notes
bearing Interest at tin* rate ni s per cent
per annum,
Lunch at Noon.     Salt to Commence
at One 0'clocK.
I The Harrison House jj
Undor now Maiingomoiit !!
Spocinl Ratoa for Monthly ;
II.  A.  lll'.NIU.HSOX, O.K. it M.I*..
As-us'i vri: mi:miu:ii m* tiii: CANAM in
M*iu:i'Y sii'.ivn. r.Mitsi'Hiis
11. (!.  I.AM.  SUIIVBVOII
Rouiiis 10 A 11, W'ei'liniiisler Trust lilnek
(•llll.l.nVACK, II.0.
'I'lie church   Im*II—bow   its  inel-
o.lies ring, us iis tones vibrato uml
linger. The (nshioiiiil.le belle,
wilh u lieiill on ber siriiiL', bns u
bountiful ring on her linger. A
liolilicnl ring is n very biisl thing—
si'oops in Ibe fool nntl Ibe scholar,
bul .-o lilonsillRn ring bus iiii I'liilbly
thing ns lhe ring of lbc hunl earn-
e.l ilolliir.
Sale of Furniture and House
Furnishings is Now On.
For tlio balance of tlio month, T am making a Good
Big Reduction on everything in tht* store.
/ Handle the Goods that  will  give
you Satisfaction.
Everything in Furniture, Wool Blankets, Comforters, Sheets, Pillow Slips, ::
Towels, Counterpanes.
See the Lace Curtains, Madras, Muslin, Scrims,
A Iramattr Smtal
bg (Etjrtt Sjapa
Late of Professor Duxbury's School of Expression,
Manchester, England.
aljr fflrtluiMiil itlutrrl?, ti-hilliuuirk. V. IL
Iflri-uai! ©rtobrr 251.1.1912. at 8.3D p.m.
llnfirr Aunpirrn nf Itkslnj entity Sny fcrmttfl
Jlart i
Tin Vale at Dotlian,
Tht- arrival of Joseph,
Joseph "Xil'l ui Um Ixlinioi-lttcs,
Return of iln- brothers to Jamb,
Joseph in Potlphar's lioiw.
.ln-s-|ih cast ini" prison,
Pharaoh's strange dreams,
Tin- Hml. r rvnicmU-rs Jisa-pli.
Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's dreams (Joslien.
Joseph mode ruler in Kgypt* Jacob's deatli.
;    Joseph's brethren como to buy corn.
Tin* ;n ■ .isiii'iii
Rlmcon detained in prison.
Tin- ruler's n-t|inijt told i" Jacob,
i    Ikiijamin goea down Into Bgypt.
Tin- tiinlitii: <>f tin- silver cups
Joseph makes himself known,
Israel meets hi.i Imig i"-i son nt
lion iti
Violin Solo
" Violets"
Miss Flosslo Orr
" limits ut ilu* Holly Two"      Clmrles D'okons
" Pnntnilo Ballot " lleri.it
Mr. 11. Kelliiml
lliniiiiuroiis It.iitiil       " He «!"l His lluir Cul "
Itecilul "The Kin.il Hull liuiiie" ('. llnyes
lio.l Stive the King.
Admission 50c.
Children 25c.
Boost for the Boys.
Dili yon ever see ii woinnn throw '    "Laying on  hands"    for  enin-
u brick nt ii chicken?     ll   is just jiluints, esiieciiill.v  in  chililern, is
lots ol Inn—for tbe  chicken.    The! now luting Ibe  plnce of Christian
n   i-.   i       is*    .   .i     science.    A niolher eiireil  her  Isiy
womanusnnlyhits bonell on tlio _,,     .   ... , ., .,, .„,.
.    lol the cignretle luilul with one ilose.
f.»,t uml gels so limit she enn liunlly , 8|ia |llil( |„,r |,,(l |W|)IJ (l|l ,|„.  |M)V!l
lnlli Straight while Ihcchieki'ii holds | neok, lier right hand i.ii mil* sub-
its benil to une side, clucks softly stuntinl sli|i|H>r, nml then laid the
nml looks us though  il   wonder.*.! ulipiicr where il would do thu most
,      . >       .1 .     .      ..,,      I I.   ...T 1    ■ I    ..     »..-
whnt   uniler tbe sun  llii!  fuss nil
uu mil nuy hnw
goml.    ll elTecled u euro nnd u ro-
l.i|.-e is not lisikeil Inr.


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