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 OTl-il O
/  -
waek Fr
Vol. I.
Published in the Garden city of b. c. you will Like Chilliwack.
No. h
Will pity liis iiiiiiniil
to our store nml rum
loiters of Iii* iiuiii}.
Siiiiln will give a |ircBonl
tO till' gfl'l   llllll   lliu   liov
lllldoi' Olfjlll   .Will's  of llgo
for tlio l.i'.-i lultur.
Lottors inny lu
tin-   letter   Im
1st and
A Diss
is 1'uki—Smiili's
I Oiler-All. Willi
L-niii-i Wniitcd—LVink's.
il-lallnas I'lwnla-W.ll. Tn'oluilm
IC-tlon Sale—llieb pii.HH Hairy Inns
 al Me. ling—Clillltwuck Agrlcnlltiral
Von Onn'l  He Useful—noiiiiinrk ,v
Hurl mi
..-r> In ..ly WlinlsllnrglltllB- Lillie's 1 'hsIi
nn nml
Hunters who havo relumed Irom
along Ihe Chilllivucli line nl Ihe II.
('. I-I. II. report game as being quito
plentiful, tin Iln- ilny nf the timi
snow seven denr were killed tvllhln
livi- niilesof Coghluii road.—Columbian.
N.'ii llngglea  Cliilliwnck lini.ln
I'l.i.l Co.
Local  Items
Wood for siili—Phono I. 18011,
I..I-' Clofl,ill MeeSllliliu fill- plmlns
Miikiioiirlj'propariitlon forCl.rlsl-
Havo money l»v Inn
V.il.l.-r lllvor Shingle
lug fro
•sl, oysters
for sale .
. lllyinpin nnil Must,
it Mules Cigar Store,
Dry Im
 io ll'
iilw I   for   sale.     Tele
Easy Chairs
Clirislinns presents, see
Now Duggles at tin
liii|ili-ni.-iil nml I'rniltu-.
Eastern  Oysters at
pint, 'ilk-.
Whether you
rra.l Denmark &
mi page 6.
mini's  for
pug.- 8.
('.. .
ire useful or nol
lliirtinis new advt.
Wo hnvo receivod direct
from England a largo
shipment nf tho famous
For Men
See our
R. J. Mcintosh
On' t ».l.l fellow's hull, mi Friday
Nov. SM. Tin' lirst uiu* will bo delivered in tin- afternoon lu women
only mul in iln- evening, lu a mixed
An auction iialu of high ohus dairy
cows will take plnce near Agassis,
mi Friday p'exl Deo. 1, The owner
is. K. i*. Trenholmeand theauotion*
Ineon K. J. Hurt A* Co. Parties
wishing t<> go nreaskedtocommuni*
cate with the local office ofHart&Co.,
'ns arrangements will Ik* nrnde for
crossing on the lorry at MeGroth's
Landing, Rospdale.
A meeting for reorganization of
the Chilli waek  Dromatlo   Society
wns held on  November 21,    The
new officers elected arc as follows;
Christmas Photos 81.50por oWn Canon Hinohcilffo, Hon, President;
'up.   Get onr prices and styles | A,   L.  Coote,  President;   T.   E.
Caskey. First Vice-President; J. It.
Anderson, Secretary-Treasurer j  B.
hylo, Stage Manager; A.  Bunnett,
Assistant Stage   Mnnngcr;   L.   J.
__^^^^^^^_^^^^^^mm    Thonins,    Advertising    Manager;
The manager of tho Vedder River| P.     Hart,    Property    Manager.
The decision  was  made to nt once
start rehearsals for tho new play
which  is   "The   Magistrate,"  by
,        , , Pjnero, with the intention of giving
,n Ash wells window. Buy your new -      ■   *    - 	
suit from their new stock.
>    The tragically  .sudden   death  of I
'the Itev. Thomas W. Hall, of the
Carman Motfwdist Church, east -J
j gloom ovor thu whole valley.   Ilisj
death oeppred about midnight hut
i Friday and wan caused hv heart |
Ifiilui'c. Mi*. Hall had been in his
'accustomed health during tiie day
[and had attended to liis usual duties.   He had been a sufferer from
heart troubles nntl was tinder doot.irV
ortlers nt the Mute of his dentil, hut
uo   oue,    nol   even   those   who
WOW closes! to him, expected * such!
linearly ending tu his earthly career.
The funeral took place on   Monday
afternoon und was one of the largest
rders with Slnlths|cvor TOen •••tno valley.   The Rev,
good wholesome A. K. Roberts, Prosidont of Iho It.
C. Conference, conducted tho scr-
' vice--..     At  the  home   the   hymn
Mrs. Ushlr-y Hall,   President  of "JosUS Lover of my Soul" was sung
(he Woman's -Kqunllly League, Van- Und Rev. Tims. Harlow led in pray-
cotivcr, will give two addresses iii|,.r.   The casket was thon conveyed
The City Council mot in
session uti Monthty evening
mombora lieing present
Alderman Chlldci'llOSO.
all the
Von know who you are, or should
know, aud 1 huve just a passing
acquaintance with myself, therefore
our Introduction to each other need
as recently many ha'
and if thc ratepayer
fm' light nol used, tin
only natural mitcome
■■ been "out"
■ hnve to pay
ii a kick i** the
• Professor Hilltop has resigned his
iiosltioii iu orgunisl and uhoTr leader
in Cook's church. A successor is
Advertized for In tho Free press to-
dny.   In ihe Intorval   All".  While,
! the music man, has Agreed to till the
vacancy and hikes charge on Sunday. I
]   Smith's advertise Christmas Cake j
land Unking in tho Free Press today.
iSliicl c;nv i- takt-ii lhat onlv lirst
quality goods aro used in the baking.
;Tliosei'utriisiiug i
1 may bn BirfO of a
fiit..,!.,-,      i    ,    i   ,,    ,.,   not be unnecessarily prolonged
I no lirst Hem to in* dealt with ••
True, Hi- sire
gi'i'ttt a dlstanci
I lights are far too
t to boot much
to the Carman Church whore a very
large concourse of people iwsembled
for the service. Mr. Ilolierts opened the services hy announcing the
hym "A few more years shall roll"
and the scripture lessons were read
R.J. Douglas, of Cooke's church,
Rev. J. H. Wright of Lndner, offered prayer and the choir sang an
appropriate anthem. Addresses
were given by Rev. Dr. White and
was tho proposed const ruction of __^_^.,^.,__
live foot plank walk on west side of. newspaper, und if I can assist that
Young street from the City Roll lid- .purpose in anything 1 may say in
dary to Hope river.   A petition had these "pars,*' then my efforts will
previously   heen   presented  to   the' not have been in vain.
Council asking fot* the walk.    C. B. I t «
Beeves wrote objecting to the  walk      If jou  huve any grievances  to
and was present, to emphasize his air,'questions to*ask,information t<»
position,     lie thought it   unfair gjvo or gain, write me, caro *>f >'e ,,,
that he should bo asked to constTU0t| editor, ami then watch this column. ;
82*00 worth of walk, while tht!  iu- • •
dividual petitioners would pay  Imi     Tho weather, especially Chilliwack I
$40 each for their purl ion.   He was weather, would lie a good subject on |
I great a oistance aport to hoof much
benefit, still if hnlf a loaf is better
You know the purpose of a family | thn,, ,„, bread, I »uppo«o we must
Im- satisfied, oi appeal bo anyway,
which amount-*; io the same thing.
• i
Having reach -1 the limit .if my
ullnllcd space, I must leave a few
thought* ovei in I i exl week, arid
without pretending lo bark, or whin
or growl, sign n
rXXI TOBY, Chilliwack.
which to
ably say
enough w*
some  tin
,    .,     ., *-,      ,   ,,,, ,,     i    A letter wa.** read from the Score*
by ltev. E. Manuel, of hbumc, Rev. L.ry uf  tlll.   A«rlowUuml   Society
| again asking for a grant of $200 inward the society,  but  tbe Council
could not seo their way clear to comply with lho request, as the City
„      ,  i.   I, ..     i .i   - •    i     -1 account is already overdrawn,   Tin*
Rev.J.F,  Belts   both friends «f'     Ut.r ,vnfl ,oft for   uox,   yBflp,8
the deceased4 ministeroi many years I ^     *, ti) d   , wj)|,
A solo and hymn, oerv* |
willing to pay for as  much  as  tin
rest hut no more,
It was decided to leave tho building of tbe walk over until next yi-ar,
owing to tbo fact that a levy could
not he mado for the expense this
year, and also owing to objection
being taking. __^____
Mr. I).   II.   McKay applied  forlRlclghlng; tho visit of tho Chinook
is caretaker of ihe City wind, which cleared away the snow
iu double quick time; the "refreshing" showers which gave the evergreen pessimist a chance to grumble;
hut you will pi'oii-:
nu   have   experienced
ier recently to serve for
to   entne.     ll   would
answer no good purpose for me to say
anything about tho beautiful snow,;
a couple of feci deep; the few days ,
of sharp  frost, witli  the delightful
"ur  " ; :* ■■"•"■ ■"■■= '-!
Ontario K.
. Doc. II.
. 'j-;
ur tho rIo
tittle while
of climate
nshlne whieh fc
crowned the great variety
if the Inst few duy*-.
It is .-tin;:,'- it f.- every foot
if lumber cut     - uh seven feet
in- destroyed by lire.
Steps will ;- ■ ■ ■ i tntorio
jovernnicnl in tb very near future
to appoii t ith pro-
vinclal jurUdi ti I   * .    -jargeol
all liquor lieen   ■ pnwtBfit*
and Luhninisti r t -.-   laws.
The liquor lieei e indsaefl
and the admin -■■ I  ths  law
laken out of p»Rt
specinl offer for
d by   Alf.   Whit.
, on page/i.
Christinas isi
,  the  music
at Chapman's Studio.
The Chilliwack orchestra will hold'
their annua! Iiallon Friday, Dec. 1,
in the opera house
Shingle Mitt will take in exchange
for shingles—hay, oats, or apple*.
Bench tailored  Suits—See  then
it early in January
        henrsnl tnkes  plar
Boy   wanted—Boy about 15, apprentice to tiling, ono that does not        ^^^^^^^^
smoke.   Vedder River Shingle Mill. I gymnasium.
Sterling Tea is good  tea.    Ash-f    T»e  "At  HomP
wells  have a fresh  supply at 40fi
per lb., o lbs, for $1.75.
The K. of P. committee held another of their successful social evenings on Wednesday night.
Ladies' Coals and Tailored Suits
at Factory Prices, marked in plain
figures. See them in Ash wells
J. Turvoy it Co., are arranging
to  handle coal   iu Chilliwaek.    A
supply is expected shortly
yuur coal now.   Phone .'*...
1    Ere this appears in print the sun-      **- w;1" ": •   --ha* on
shine mav have given place to rain, the same i*i«e U| ! U-wti
,    ,. .     .      ,.        ii«      ii.mnu-i: to ciciti wim. 'or ball, or frost, or storm, or but  ser oppeawl -   LppeaAl
ltftJ,#tf'i utnrl^.ra^?!!1;     A letter was read from M. H.I there,   (f   1   am pessimistic,   mj    '
antofC.od.Wcl Done"J^ttho Ne,        f v rtMi     thattpessimishimay provoh.feotious,am
service to a close,   Rev.   1.   M* J|f tho Council  would  .-hang.- City Siwack would be a city of long-
lire limit to exclude lots It and 4,[faced Inhaitants,
south  of the   Km press  hotel,    he! **
would erect a substantial   two story.     Were I a road expert I might bo
frame  or  brick   veneoi   building able to discuss, with confidence, the
50x100 footy-at a cosl of $6,500. present  wretched  idlllon of tho
To comply with the lire restrictions roads in this district and the old-
would necessitate nn investment bo fashioned,out-of-date, old womanish
(urge that ihe rental  value of  lho methods of trying to remedy that
building would ool pay sufficient [condition,
Wright, of Gloverdalo*. pronouncing
the benediction. Interment was
made in tbe new Surdis eemctry
Rev, A. E. Roberts and Rov. Dr.
i White, officiating. Rev. T. W.
I Hall was one of the lirst known
| ministers in the valley having been
! :itationeit three times iu charge of
.Methodist Churches here. In 1887
be was pastor of the Sumas and
Chilliwack Methodist Church, removing in 1890 to Kniulonps. lu
1900 he was again pastor of the
Chilliwack Churcli and a year ago,
when tiie Carman Church became a
separate organization be was invited
at tic Luyi I   i ■
' volition i": '. "f -he
Orient and ub   -"-
porting Preni -tanon-d
tii.ii Oriental ■   i. -            tuawl
out of  British '           ■ — > ■■ adoa
to become thc first   pastor.   Mr.
ight.   The proceeds of the C. 15. j Hall was much loved  by  his eon-,
neerts will go to help furnish a jgregations   and was a most con-j
1 members
the Parish
those  win.
given  By" the
f St. Thomas' band  in
hall on Friday evening,
a   pleasant evening for
were  present.     About
e hundred  of the friends of the
nd engaged in games during the
sicentious pastor, fie received all
the honors that bis brethr* •*. in the
ministry and Conference could lie-
stow upon him, and in I MM the
crowning honor was placed upon
him when he became President of
the Conference .and delegate to
General Conference. Much sympathy Is expressed for Mrs. Hall,
is the suddeuess of her It-ercuveincnt
arly part of the evening.    Lunel
vasservejl and dancing engaged in.|mnkofl th(l Mrvmv dotthly hard  te
Lho band contributed a number of I,_    ,,*■_. mn ft ^  mny
bear.   Then*
interest on the investment. If til-
lowed to erect a building its stated,
construction would commence ut
once, as a tenant was ready. On
motion it was agreed that if Mr.
Xelems would erect a brick veneer
building, with tire-proof roof the
Council would amend Fir*' Limit
By-law, permitting lho erection of
such buildings within tire limits.
Street sweepers, sprinklers,  nick
I might possibly be treading
some person's "corns,'' and getting
myself into but water, so 1 will refrain from expressing nny opinion
mi handling (be pick nnd shovel or
paddling a enuoe tilong the sides nf
our Btrcots 'luring the rainy season.
Tli<-   pi i ti   unit
i wnt to Ottawa d ■ uittftqi
' of big guns haa ind '""port
i on every uibjeel . lustiun «i
! th*' navy.    I\                 -   i bu ttfiu*-*
1 red i.i i-i       - • me  iu-
tlvrity for n*port,    Bull i  I gnta
hail a got d I -,'il pay
its expend *■ pr*i-
vid.'*l nice ."i - ■ F the
,    ..            ,. ,                         ,             <*i;.ii.     niL-nr   ivere   :i   greai   inanv'   ..
selections  which   were greatly up- fl()mj ^^ m}{ ^   xpWMlona I «M J
predated, whilo tho ( hiiliwaek or- ,„- (,        , 8ympathy for all in their 5"?
cliestra supplied the needful for thcUM„ 0,„„.„.     Tiw.„..« •:. , [cross
House-cleaning tiino is here ngain
uud W.   I!   Stevenson   the Valluy
Painter and his  staff of  wuskltiell
are kept busy papering, tinting de.
Asbwells want your Xmns trade.
Prompt Service, Fresh Stocks, Low
Prices. Tbey sell everything te
wenr and eat.
W. R. Stevenson the Valley Painter will nol keep you waiting to
have your paper hanging done as
he has a staff of first-class workmen .
lance.in approved style. The band
Order[wish to thank, very kindly, those
who assisted to make their "At
Home" the success it was. They
j nn* indented to Mrs. C. L. Royds,
Mrs R, F. Waddington.G.R.Ash-
well A Son, Fred GiUutulers, N. A.
Wel.b. A. J. McKclvie, S. Johnson
Hill II. .1. Burl.iT.
Personal Mention
Mr. Theo. J. Hutton has lieen
appointed Organist and Choirmaster
to St. Thomas' Church.
Hot Drinks for
Cool Weather
Clam Bullion
Tomato Bullion
Tomato Neclar
Beel Tea
Hot Malted Mill-
Tea, Chocolate, Coffee
These delicious drinks served
day and evening, in our
Ten Rooms
We Hake Our Own Candle,
ChilliwacK Candy Kitchen
Utile's Cash Grocery hasn largo; Fred Chndsey has taken a position
ailvl, on page 8 of tho Freo Press to- In tho Post Omco in place ottloorg.'
day, A largo numlier, of grocery | Hart, resigned
nccessltcs arc quoted ami the lis!
will make Interesting reading for the
thrifty lionsowlfe.
House ami Lot to Honl—Nine
r.nniio.1 house, lHithroo.il, oleutrlu
liglil, walor works, ono aoro of land,
stall].', I.uggy shell, on lla/rl street,
Apply lu A, Mali-olin, lla/ol street.
V.iur Xmns Cako to la> gooil, .vou
iniisi um tlio U'st ingredients, in
Fresh Italiliis,Currants, Peel,Spices,
Bxlrooti ami Pastry Flour, AhIi-
noils soil tlio U'st,
Mr. M, Slowart lias gone lo CI.il-
liivnok to remain for some time.—
News Advertisor.
C. N. llanoy, lawyor, of Vancouver, will ilolivoran lul.lrossiittlio
I'. S. A. mootingduuday afternoon,
loop sorrosr, Tlio congrogation at
at Carman Church fool keenly the
loss uf llieir loved pastor nnil a
spoo.ial meeting of the Ollieial Ikiartl
will In' huld on Frklny next to make
arrangements for the future services. Deceased leaves to mourn
liis loss n widow ami live of a family,
four of whom are sons: James, at
Kamloops; Fred at Klillrne, nnd I
Krnest and Alliert at Vancouver. I
His daughter, Mrs. Albert Knight,
lives at Sardis.
It i.« not t.. •■ iiuiuei-
- * I pal ra.t tn begin   to •• nmej     flu.
The elections will soon Is; upon members of the prases    nai I  huultl
  ——m^m^m^—      us, with tlieirn.-eiiiiipniiyiiigtrniibli-s signify  their  latenliiina   -.■cipung
screens, etc., engagt'il attention for! nud worries, and 1 supposo we shall .,inotli.»r torn.    Th.   s wn   .r i
some time. It is the purpose of the he assured, ns usual, of lower ta.xn- City Council :'■ r ' I, . lh. to -. i -rw
Council to purchase n good street'tion. It is not so much the amount present time, is i rnatter . uom
sweeper, and the Engineer was in- ito have, to pay, as tho way in which I than   passing   uutjortaocs   ....:    I
struotod to secure additional prices the  in y is expended nnd the should nnt t>    - i  nnutu.
on these machines,    A   machine amount of returns obtained, I Cnndidatm .houul  mm hem.
will cost in  the neighborhood of • • Iselve-, onrly. nnd   Uk i.   lis -ioet,,r
MIX). |_  If wo, that is tho poor, long-suffer- j ample time tor make as  ■   ■• tloB
The construction of street cross-; ing,   submissive,  meek and   mild ,
lugs anil the bad condition of the j ratepayers, receive an equivalent In     Insosknl
ones wus br. night up.   The City oily and country improvements, and ffcnt '" '
Ingiueer suggested that rolled rock are convinced that not a dollar of "-"■'p-'l-'
rossings Is. put in this fall,  owing.our money is squandered, then we  ""-• '•''"
■         latlsfiod, ''}'• l»t(kei I
'., constable: ■  mi.1 m-
If wo, (thc ratepayer- aforesaid,) Nutted by s slitor.
think tbat we could havo a better AUlhisanu i
repre«ciitationonthehiiard,ibeiiit;l'on"tabk '       ''«■*-.-
were recommended for payment by ' is "P to us "Iii see to things," ami paperuiil • ■"""'hllv"
the Finance Committee. I Isigin   to   make arrangements  for stup|»-,l lo-'    '•'' ' '       'IT,   uul
Mrs. Ilnuford wns refunded taxes putting our bouse in order. ; (he ''li'"1
on lots wrongly   assessetl   to   hor. ... : Inkbottle
The planking ol Hope street to     The men'« P. 8. A. movement has tabic* r
11. 0, K. It. freight sheds was  ro- come to stay, this winter at any rate
[ported as completed and oimmi for Tbe meetings nre reported elsewhere
trnflie. ill this i-suc, so suffice it for me to
The sitbjcot snow shovi-lling and ^ny thai tbe promoters should feel
| throwing of snow  from  roofs oiito.umply repaid  for tlieir efforts, by,
roads ami sidownlks was commented the iplondid attendance, under adverse ciroumitances, so far at tho
lo the uneortniiitv in connection I will be
with cement crossing work  at this
late period.   The matter was leltj
ivith tbe Hoard Works.
Accounts amounting lo SGTG.43 j
jitii-il   rbi-
i...   .i.ii-
Tiie Plesasniit Sunday Afternoon Ion. Tho oily solicitor will boasked
fur men in Ibe l.yrio Theatre on. to draw up a by-law making it eoni-
Sunday was, iiutivithstninling the'ptilsory for citizens to keep tho side-
weather, a big success. The subject walks in front of thoir promises
"Canada's Immigration Problem "as I clear of snow, or the City will have
presented by Itev. A. E. Huberts, lit done nnd chniged against the
elicited rapt attention and expressed j property.
approval, the lantern views iicoom-     Tin delay in  the completion ot
■ ■allying the tnlk were much enjoyed, j the City bull wns again commented
A piano, two violins nml a male upon, but rested thoro.
choir lend Ihe singing whieh  wns     Council iijourneil   nnd   mel   on
Horn—Nov. It, to Mr. nnd Mrs.
II. W. A. Hold  Chilliwack, a
Bom—On Monday, Nov. 1K1, In
ll. Pratt,
Warm Woolen Winter Wear for
ladies at Miss lloylo's, across from
tbo |a*st office, Daintily Iriinmod
Nightgowns nml warm Winter.
Salmon Ann Im
polling people lo
liwaek Bn,
■   meeting
'I'm.  loel
First Chi
Ibcir weekl
Nov.  21
executive c
i y namely Messrs. r..ot.
-  The scout muster call.
to  lead   the  scouts i
"follow tllO leader."
lor the gods, lo see tlioso two ge
men |*orforiii various initios lollnw
by a orow.l of laughing, shouting
Senilis bold
•oi Tuesday,
ihers of  Ibe
ling presenl.
and Cuskey
I    "Pull   UU III
a game of
It iv-isn sight
hearty,    Dr. Patten snug "Thoro | Friday Novoinbcr 34,
is a gns-n hill far away" iu n stylo
Miss Mav who has been thc guei*|'h7\P|0*^ ""■, ""'."• Wnll°. J°,hn
of l,,r ililer Mrs. W. (I.  I.i  forRob|n'on *'rov'',.1" ,,"l;!,'v ••"'l,"'"u"
n few weeks. Lift this week for hor »" «J',,'rm""- ,"';' "",|J";1"'" ,"".""
homo in Nanamio. ,'"'I'1 n"° ll,l,l"lr'''1 ,"lui  '"'"lH.v-llvo
I nnd was pleasingly reprewntive.
W. C. Bnrbor of tin* men's di-iThr series for lho seasun should!Mr, and  Mis.   Alfred
part ii of Ashwoll A* Son'« depart* prove to be n gratifying success.   A |Chllihvnck, a ditughter.
incut sturot lias resigned us hunt! of constltutloji was mloptt*d nnd strong
that department. land energetic committees have In-i'ii
...   ,, ,,          .     ,„, appointed toattend i» the -various
Miss K. Broo, i.-iii-Ihtni Glen n p*^ iIM.Mlm(,.,i,(M with the con*
School, awomiMnetl by Miss G. Quoting of tho mootlngs, Th.-olli.i-rs
Al.*xn..d..r. o ( Inyburn.  l|M*llt   tb.- nna committees arc:
s« i.v-la« cnm.reek ,'1"1 wllh ""' r,,r""'r sl,"r"ntJ'- Program-wnvonor. Rov. Canon
keeii Ihelr side-    Mrs.M.C. Poolo who ban been with Hlnohollffoi    Rov's Roborts,  nnd
wniks clear ut snow, if thi*v do n.,t | her daughter Mrs. (i. K. Chapman Dou^M.
•lo mi, a nmii is engaged mid tin- for mmo tliuo past loft lust week to    finance—convonor, T.   A.   0.
cost is charged in their tuxt-s. upcml iht* winter in Now Westlmlu- (''>ll>»; Tho Rxeutlve with Mcars.
mi   .„       , ,. IBtur T. II. Jackson, O. II. \V. Ashwoll,
Than omens  Auxiliary of St. II. T. Malcolm, Dr. W. V. Davies   Hemld.
ritnmas   clurrch  assisted   by  the     Mr. 1>. George of Chilliwaek, was,    Music—convener, ll- A. I lender-
GlrPs Auxiliary will hold a Sale of a guest al the Windsor hotel yester-Ljn;R. Marsliall. I>. K. Munn, Dr.
Work ou Thursday afternoon   nnd dny.    Mr. K. Ilarr Wtitlnnd Mr. J.  pattVn     Stuart    Hubble,   T,    J.
evening November 30, in tho Parish |-:. Mcnsics of Chllllwaek, yesterdaj : poltey.' and others lo  bp  added.
Hull. Program and -refreshments, werogucsln nt tho Hotel Russell. Hall—convener n \V Scntoj
Wall Paper,  Wall Paper, w„ll l"('u,mn,,iim'Sa,unl,l-V- Xtstrle \VlltartmiRliesa Short,P. J.
Paper— HutiM-cleaning   time   is     Mayor Monro was a rosidont of i!™?11;. „. Y-FtWmL i' m&SL
hero again.   Wt-still huv.- a largo Chllllwaek Iwuuly-onoyenraunjMon*
assnrtnu'iit un hand.wl.ii-b we must day.    Twonty-ono years ago tho
reduce In order to itinko room for proupcot wns nol very ontlcTng to
uur uow slock.   A reduction of 20 tho prospective settlor or business
porcenton nil wall paper in our|man, UmuKh thu cost of getting
A sou was Ih.ih to Mr. nud Mrs.
A.C, lliuiiniiT, Chilliwaek, on Sunday, Nov. ID, Tho oil I Id passed
away ou Monday, Nov. 20.
A daughter was born to Mr. mul
Mrs. John M. Miliai on Tuesday
morning nml passed awny in tho
And the singing I Never in the
memory nf the oldest old>timers can
instances of such hearty singing by
men Ih- found, so full of vim, viuor.
life, enthusiasm nud earnestness,
• #
An hour on n Sunday afternoon
with the P. 8, A. is time wellspont.
• t
I The local members of lho Proven-
ton of Cruoly to Animals Society
j would 1-e ploased to see .mr Magistrate upholding the action of tho
police In making examples of those
persons who are careless and heart*
fees In their conduct towards the
dumb animals In their charge.
The orgn the P; St *1
is a step in tl linwtiou aivl
should meet wil led ''nthus-
penttion on
Iin* movement
..pen,   gBIMML-Sj
:_-iilfnl., uplifting
n --rinsr on taH
■r:    hnn«lr*0-*!  and
;.:'■ -.-tltiitive,  io-
_• and enthnn-
iastic support
th-part nfall i.
is   In-.-   fr> m
Tlu*   meetings
nnd for m-
doy   numl-. r-l
twenty "five,
strifctfn, ent
instie.    Kveiy
can in- a I--
Atl meu  in
ceivo hei
ami are fn - !
"■■■loan Um.
pp. 8. A.
All will ri»-
I be plea-serl
the same on *
during all kin '
suggested that
^^^^^^^^ the bfgsaving n
Winter [s U|h.u us, il tuny Ir* mild  made re loan hj
or it may bo severe.    The point i**, pun
those who ure responsible for the able
einv of horses should see thnl
are not exposed to lb
of the weather, and all
The qui - been a.*>ke*l  .w
to what ritf I the I ity Giunril nan
iu making prh >'• propsfly the m»n*
dexvous "i ' ' city n-admnking
equipment, . r '■ nving pnrtfoi - M
n nin  Ihorofans
■    •■     It is
* ■   «tn njrth nt
rteil tn hnve lieen
w,*, that tin-city
att.-ri.ii nnd ere-1 .■. suit-
for   h >i.-iiiir.   iii-   road
machinery.   This machinery, whtti
Inclemency useful. isn< i n sueo -* f- r i-ontive
, that lame purposes either on pritati  ptopsfljp
   . ,m' >«»* worked, when such or public rt reels and th.* Miggertton
evening.    Thereniaiiwwen- interred ■ laniemw causes pain or suffering,  that a suitable building ,-. leoored
in tlu-Mi-rriti eeniet.-ry on Wednes-1 •'• for, il Is a good  om      Beside the
dny  afternoon,   Rev.   Mr.   Petri.-'    Any person guilty of cruelty to d rative(?)fciiture beingellmlna-
mduetlng iln •vices.—Morrltt nmtnnls should bp punished with te.|. thesehem   would add to Uie
the utmusi rigor nf tho law. Moray
io the merciful, bul the must severe
penalty for the cruel and heartless,
lrres| live **f natinnallty or color.
•pnee fi.rl'ids ine to
ntle- *.lurv,XlI'' V:llU'V   |lainI   "ml   W«U tow from Westminster was surely
mved-   lIM'r      "1"'' lnn '"ducement, the tnrv being fiftv
..!.._      iv    i_.i.i       ..   cents.
Kvery line iu this newspaper«
the proprietor something.
The residence of A. s. Watsni
(tore avenue, had  a close coll n
Sumlnv hnirtiitiu when .-..me -iii ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cloths JKiiiieil from spontaneous! Lack of -pnee forbids me to deal
combustion, The fumes hnd a with ihe obstructions caused bj
stupefying effect on the family nml lumber and other building mntoriius
It. K. Itowat.J.W.Seotl, W.Stude.   il wns" with tin ellorl lhat Mr. Wnt-   lieing left on the sidewalks in the
Publicity—convener, C. A. Bar* BOH    aroused    himself,   on    being heart of the cily, a inennee to the
nor, J. Hi Bowes, T. K. Caskey, awakened by n ohuking KUMtloni|unwarypadoBtrianthesodarknlghui.
W. b. Itudd. The cloths were Gontnlnod in a hag' A broken limb, an actional law nml
The olilcers are:  Hon.  Presidenti which bung on u door,   These were benvy damages would do far mure
Rev. Dr. Pidgeon;   vice-president, 1 burned   and  also a rubber water to arouse the authnrillcs to action
resident clergymen; president, John bottle, while a hole was burned iu  than auy words of mine.
Robinson; vice-president, P. Bern** tho door.   The blaso was cosily 0X*>I •■
life and
Tv.ee i.f iht   sold equip*
Rorfd the I'rce Press Want Attn.
treasurer, T.  A.
*t"»rv. T. E. Caskey.
' chilliwaek Orangemen -it Ihelr
regular monthly meeting on Thursday t-vening put several members
through advanced degrees in ihe
Order. l*ocal Orangemen are becoming active and flntliusiostic nud
the bulge is making g.iMl progress.
The provincial Onpiniter, Mr.
Whitley,of V:ni...over will likely be
presenl at the next regular meetings
i llarr and Chambers havo mm-ono
i of lho inosi wholesome and sanitary
hutchei shops, and no doubt their
Collin;  tinguished, but it is fortunate that1    A friend asked ine if the Council I efforts  will   meet   with    increased
I tllO lire was caught iu Its early stage.' keeps any cheek on tho street lights trade. .'. \
'  \
III'. l-'UKl'. 1'IUJSS, CHILLIWrACK, 11. c,
lllllll IM im I M-M 1 11 l„|
And Miss Lettice Answered;
the Letter In Person.
1-1*1' I l-l-l-hl''l*^t-H^-H*^-l**H- •
Black tirm™ Uedged tbo loud on
either Hide ns li wound higher mul
higher toward Hip Uerkiulrea. Doro
aad there some belated strawberries,
tiny aiieeks of crimson lu dm grass,
•joined tbelr fragrance tu ttie lu vigor-
atiug brestb er tho pines, i-'rom nn
iiuiii. i tu ed luii'ii cume ttie persistent
cllck-clnck thud-thud nf n loolU, where
Mies Lattice win, wenvluj; yurdi uf
carpet fr.iin little IihIIh of CUlorril rat;-*
A voles sharp enougb to the verge ol
•llipleiiMiire startled her.
"Will you llnlsli tomorrow, sister?"
•**1—It doesn't hitrdly seam innwlble"-
**Twaa promised. 'Pesrs tu me
you're uncommon mow. Surely you're
mot such h foul nn to be thinking o'
William Henderson and such oonaum-tt
et your ego,"
Miss Let (Ice's hand Involuntarily
■ought the ftiwtenlug or ber bodice, hot
the faint crackle of the secreted paper
•waa too imperceptible to reach Mrs.
Allen's ears.
"The letter wns delayed. He's going
eway tomorrow"—
"Letttee Howard, he's no mnn for
you. We settled thnt years ago. I'm
asbamed for you—ibut you ao much ns
tblnk un blm now."
"Ilea free again"- Mlsa Lettice
•poke deprecatlngly.
"Kree, la It? If he -wasn't good
enougb for you when be was young.
a widower wltb three children certain
ly ain't no gain.'* With n toss of tht*
bead Mra. Allen recrossed tbe rond tn
ber cottage.
Mis* Lettice not miserably uncertain, her hands Idle lo her lap. She
forgot (be loom and Mra. Harris, wim
waa counting on the finished carpet.
Ber thoughts were wtth the curly
beaded lad from whom ber sinter hn.i
separated her because be fulled to settle In tbe town where be wiih horn,
but. like a rolling atoue, wns forever
-wandering, apparently gathering little
ef tbla world's gooda. Now he bnd returned and wanted to see her. It
aeemed a cruel prank of fate to hnve
Joined forces wltb her sister and In
tbe form of delayed mall prevent their
meeting A tear gathered beneath ber
lashes, but before It fell a pair ot
warm arma wound themselves around
bet neck.
"Aunt Lettice. you're In love. In
So*e! Don't ask me bow I know, be
cause you are. Yon don't listen to
what folka are saying, and aa for tbe
"Yea. dear, the carpet-" Miss Let
tlce seized the -shuttle and sent It Hying through the shed of warp threads.
Ber feet mechanically worked the
treadle shifting the bcddles; theu with
tbe batten she bent the woof of rug
into place agalu nnd agalu.
"We can't talk thruugb tbat noise,'
•be remarked plaintively.
"My dear, there Is nothing"—
"There is, yon darling. Come, 'fese
•p. I'm not to be put off. It'a fellow
eympatby." Tbe crimson deepened In
tbe laughing fare, and wltb soft when
-dllng abe gained tbe desired Willi-
-Sence. and Miss Lettice surrendered
oar tetter.
It waa In no sense a lore letter, yet
tt was tbe nearest approach tbat Ibe
■spinster bad ever received. I'onslinj
•one read between the lines:
Daar Lettice-1 am visiting mr brother
Joe till Wednesday. I want so much to
a** you If I'd tw wslcome send me word
lours, aa ever. WILLIAM.
"I-I only got It last nlgbt"-
•VB too late to write now." her
sjlece bnrrled on, "bot yon must go to
Chatham to see blm. Make believe
you're shopping. Jennie's going t->
■sorrow. I'll bavo Bub ask ber to
•atop for yon."
"Bister would never listen. Besides.
ft*a not tbe carrier's day "
"She's msklng a special trip for
Hob's mother. Just to thlnk'-the girl
feeeeicttedly-,*lt muat be ten years"-
"And yon're cared all tbls time! Oh.
Aont Lettice, huw could you bear It?
llotiier'B good as she can be. only she's
Bad ao much trouble It'a made her a
little bard. Do aa I say and I'll play
•gooseberry for yon. After brenkfast
cone ote'r bere. as usual. About ID
walk down tbe road till the cnrrler
•vet-takes you. then to Chatham with
■er and to Joe Henderson's, ask for
William ond you'll bave hours together. Jennie will pick you up on her
bomewnrd trip. You'll be back to sup
per. Moiher need never know unless
yon choline tu tell her."
"But the carpel* If she doesn't
hear the loom shell come over to llud
•at whnt'*' wrong"
-l^ave thai to me. I've got to think.
tint  I'll Mi b somehow."
poring supper Mrs Allen glanced
•nsl-.u-ly ■! her *\*W* p»*hfd
ebeeks and untouched plnte. W Uh tin*
•Borrow William would be gone, ih.-n
lattice would return to her normal
Later, when Annlt wandered down
tbe mad wllh Bob. the moonlight show
ed ihetr heads very close togeiher.
While now and sgaln the girl limbs
Into a ripple uf mischievous laughter.
Watching, the mother fell a pang of
iMlonsv- Bnb was a good match, yet
•be drpsded the day she must yield
ber daughter t« another, and tonight
the time seemed very near. She went
several limes to her room for forgot-
eea trifles, aud each time there ahnwefl
■Tflne of light benesib ner sister-
•*emn tn m. roo'r* • ions Hm*
(.tllni: io nml." .I"' arlroonl'l"'1
-I-I'm uwai rmiii.t." con, in. rsnly.
If Ml« Utfl"*'*- '<*•" "»*,**f '"*"
Wn .ban wosl Ul* All-n w«. no.
hmrlf Muffl.I.nllj .slm <° Boum' .
"iTwIi -uitom-** i» <»» ■'"»""*•
mu. una** t**t«* *'"*" '° "w ""
2r,ta. w.min« o. tif J""'""",'
*£l.,rl- ,m ID* nulel Hr. Bhortly
SS'illMr* ah.-, mi-"*-**' •*»'**•
„obi»..f«i»-''"''°,i,'ro"d'","; ;
\h, r.rrl.r wss Blllio- "" •""*• "'»■
n, mKol It io Annk. who ram. in
••tail   your   .-inn      mm   i-uni u
"The pork will i eoitt I k-'I I"
eapeclnlly to tempt tier. Ntie'a enten
uot li lug these two d vs."
"Hob's mother liiv.'t-tt her"- tiegnR
Annie nervously,
"What    tort"    Mrs.    Allen    tnr I
•bnrply, dhdi tn hand.
"She hus aome ruga fo* carpel weav-
lug.   Itou told me til > It"
Mrs. Alien HiiliTcil. disgruntled "Your
sunt iiiul to go tnilpHlug oit wlllunit
telling uu-.   Resides, there's mini* ion
iinieh dnyllRhl to llulatl Mrs. llWll*'
In the afternoon she wns mo tinny
preserving lo notice Annie's iihseii'-P
or give th.nicht tu her slater, bill when
tin* lust Jar of 'Jelly  was united who
caught up her siuibtu i and creased
the road to relieve l-elllcu
As alio entered ih.* bam the glnro
from the outside sunlight Winded lior.
hut even when that passed she dniiht*
ed her own sight. Hub wns ivurh*
Ing the loom, while* Annie, rosj' uml
lender, hung uver the hack nf Iih
chair. MIhs Letttee was nowhere to
1 he neon, but ihe curpet was emnplPlt'd.
Kven ns Kim eiiie.td |toh threw duwu
the shuttle aod ciuight Annie around
the WfllBb
"Now my reward,'" he tried. Ills lips
seeking hers lovingly. ..
"Annie!" At Mrs. Allen's cry iho
youug people turned, but Hub did not
releuso tlio girl.
|     "Mrs. Allen, she's promised-that Is.
with your approval.    I  love her.    I'll
be as good to her a* I know how."
"Sny yen, mother    I'm so happy"—
There wns a  painful  silence before
Mra. Alien reluctantly guve consent;
Then her bitterness sought tin outlet.
"Where Is your ailUtV'
"The carpet's dene." explained Rob
"hone. Is It?   By whom?"
"Mis' Allen. Mis' Allen"- The carrier drew her horse up at the luirn
and ou Mrs. Allen's appearance thrust
a note Into her hand and hastcm-d on.
' "Daughter, did you know of this?"
Mrs. Allen's voice shook ns she passed
tLe paper to the girl, who read nlotid:
sister, don't lie angry, I lust had to urn
William, ami  he could not  bear thnt we
should part sgaln.  I'm very happy
"She's married, mot her, dear. Now
It's done won't you he gind too?'
But Mrs. Allen turned and walked
silently over io the cottage.
"It's a bit rough on her losing you
both tbe same day," admitted Itob,
drawing the girl's hand luto his. "but
we'll make It all up to her tn tue fu*
Practical Ways o> Making Work Eas>
and 8ucct.aif.al.
]f floors are nine I) -naltted and can
not be done over wipe off carefully
with gasoline, then rub to polish with
u mixture of half a pound ot purut
iln and a quarter pound of heeswii-*
melted nnil mixed when hut wim (our
Uibluspouiifuls of turpentine, Meut
until ndd. Apply with tluiinel, nib
with another piece mid polish wllh
mi Iron covered wlili wool pnddltu; aim
line velv.-i.Tti It you have no regular
Hour polisher.
Dink woodwork should lie wlp.il oft
with warm soapsuds or a utile gnso
Hue und water, wiped dry,' then pul
lulled dry, then polished with a little
liquid veneer <>r any good furniture
polish or n teas] iul ot vlucgat or
two of olive oil. Apply polish with
one cheesecloth and rub with chuiuuis
This hii me polish Is good for furniture
Soap Is apt to yellow white paint,
nnd If soapy water Is not rinsed well li
will leave li strenky. Hail soil can be
wiped uu* with ti nig dipped in kero
si-tie or with a llltlu whiting damped
with alcohol, Po not use ammonia on
your woodwork.
if you do not superintend the wash
lug «f your own Due china Insist upon
tbe maid using u rubber pud in bottom
of dlshpiiu and net putting In toe
many pieces at a time.
Yellowed ivory can lie whitened with
safety by washing well with hot soap
suds and put while wet ut hot suu
shine for BOVornl liotirs. Kepeat foi
days. If necessary. Uuhblug With D
line emery paper nnd polishing wtth
ebtimoiH are also good,
Bave a good carpet snap for rug'
nnd carpets or use n Hue olive oil soup
scrub well with Hi.* lather, rinse twice
once In lukewarm wnler, then In cold
llnli until nearly dry. then hang In nir
Brnsa can tie polished by rubhlui:
with a mixture *»f powdered chnlt*-
—precipitate kind used for tooth pow
der—rubbed Into a paste with lemon
juice. U-t It tin on and polish with it
chamois. There Is an exce.ieut red
pomade that is a good brass cleaner.
Canned Lullabies the Latest Fad
Tried Out tn Babydom.
Woman's Hats So Smsll Ntxt Fall Thst
Shot Horns Ar« Nsedsd te Adjust
Tham, Not Hstpins— Egyptian Stylss
In Vogus.
fH-nr Klsa-lan't It perfectly ridiculous the fads some young mothers are
subjecting their poor defenseless Infants to nowadays? Why, do you
know that Dorothy p. actually tried
the phonograph treatment on her two*
months-old baby the other night?
I'houograpli treatment! Naturally you
full to see the connection between a
few months'Old kid uud a Ullklng machine. Wall, Fjiere ts one. Vou know
Dorothy hus brought up her small
duughter uccordltig to the most up to
date methods, all except one. Young
Margaret absolutely refuses to go off
to slum her hind unless lulled to sleep
by her mother's song. Iteeently n brilliant Idea occurred lo Dorothy-to sing
baby's favorite go to tied song into the
machine and bate a record intide of It
Dorothy's argument was founded on
tbe theory that the pbouogrupb fur
Playtime Dress.
Hompers nre Ideal garments for the
Hiuiiii girl's playtime when worn In
doors, but «n the street they are nny
thing ratn*w thun becoming attire for
little girls.
Indeed, many small tots object to
rompers because they mnke them look
like boys. Oue little girl whose moth
er la foud of the romper to-nume for
What's in ■  Man.
All  of  ua  remember  the  nursery I
rhyme  beginning,   "What  are  Httie j
rjoya made of.'"   Itt-cently a Eutopeiiu
medical scientist uudertoolt tu decide,
chemically, what the average weight
man  lu  normal condition  would  ue
worth  us  practical   "raw"   material
were be io be worked up lnio every- ;
dny coin modules,    lie reports u wide- j
ly   -scattered   assortment  of   utilities
Into which this average mun muy be j
wrought.   This average man In henitli i
has the material fur i:i pounds ot candles, i pound uf nails, carbon suillclent
fur SOU pencils, bindings for HI octavo
books.   60u   knife   handles.   iW   violin
strings, 20 ten spoonfuls or suit ami t
pound of loaf BUKur. We have that
individual, healthy, Rood sized mtiu
ii ni.nitj us wbutn we desijMi.ite us "till
good." Even this explanation of hm
worth as a raw muierlai for necessary
products doesn't change eis value,
Those processes which would be uec-
essary to these lines ut mauutuctui'e
probably would bankrupt uuy piunt
e*mip|ied fur "using blm up."-1Uhh'tV
go Tribune.
The Birds of Helgoland.
Tbe Island of lleigoiund. a Uermnn
naval siatiun In the Nurtli sea off ihe
.ouuths of the Ella.* and Weser. Is the
most celebrated station In the world
for the study of ihe uil-^ratlou of birds.
This little Island Is hardly a bundnd
acres In extent an Isolated trlanguiur
rock of red sandstone, with ner|ieiidlc-
nlar cliffs 2W or :ksi feet In height all
nround It Fur the most part ll is
cultivated, and its resident birds are
hardly more than a dozen species, but
In spring and autumn migrating birds
mnke It a resting place, and th***e are
watched fur and shot or trapped hy utmost the whole population, and the results hate been carefully chronicled
for many years by eminent ornithologists. The amazing thln-x la thnt as
many species of birds hnve been oh*
tallied In this minute Islet ss in sny
country In Euretie. while (he vast num.
hers of the migrating flocks are Shown
hy Ihe fact thut lo.UUO larks have stmio-
Utnes ttceti caught In one night.
ber daughter Is named Tucker and
wben tricked out In the trousered gur*
Aent la referred to by thu family as
Tommy Tucker of nursery fame.
IV>w. the little dress pictured of
checked ginghum. box phtiled nud
made in one piece, is s sensible style
for n playtime costume, and tbe sun
bonnet of the same material U a ok-
tures.jue addition tu the out lit.
Iceland's New Stamps.
A special postage stamp ten Just
heen Issued by the Danish colony ol
Iceland in celebration of the centenary
of the birth of .Ion Slgnrdsson, ihe Ice.
landle Staiesmfln and author.    It bears
nn embossed profile ot Klgtirdssun mi a
plain blue ground, tak.-ti from tha
status modeled by Klnar JnnssoD, a
unlive sculptor, which was ttnvsllsd lu
the parliament ttOUKe on the same ditto.
It was Blgurdsaoo who secured for tee-
land o s'-purats constIttitlou.
Nothinq  Deing.
•Til bei the chauffeur Is mad'*
"ith machine hna slopped balf n
dozen times in the last hall tulle, and
now his gasoline has given nut.''
"Me nttnlll lo try ninnlm* his machine wllh Tennysun'a 'Brook' Insleud
ot gasoline."
j     ""leiinvson's 'Brook?' '*
I     -You nre too English for me.**
Baginnint] to Discover It.
|     "Some men slum ihelr nre so much
sootier  than  Others   that   one cannot
; always kucsh by looking ut them huw
; uld they are."
!     "True,   In,;   -here   Is   one  Infallible
i rule hy which to tell when a insu ts
i growing old."
I     "Whal Is |t?"
I "When he begins to say thst be feele
as yutuiK us he ever did."
What Other Reason?
"How often do ynu .write to your
wile when she ts uwuy?"
"Even day."
"Hoes she hnve to have money Bent
to hii thut ofien?" ■
.     Ths Berber's Chair In the Nursery.
Every mother knows lion* inipo-.sil.le
It Is to make Ibe little foil.* sluud stUI
, while tangled tresses are straightened
: oul and curls brushed over the linger.
|    Mother  or   nurse,   brush   in   hand
I chases the elusive youngsters all ovei
the nursery before the coiffure Is com
1 pleted. The resourceful mother bar-
, bit upon a happy Idea.    A small reO
wooden chair, culled the barber's chulr
i Is brought oul. and the small pertol
must sit down whlto the locks art
: in.ide presentable
, The children dn not mttnl taking
( turns nt ihe barber's chair and sit
i much   more   patiently   'bun   ihey   are
wont to stand during the process of
hair brushing,
An Economical Cake,
The followlUg  Will   make an eicel-
i lent  as well as an economical enke.
. which uuiy Ih- used either lu loaf form
or In layers: (lava on hand a third of
s cupful of butler, n cupful of sugar,
nn .-nr yolk, half a cupful of milk,
three ecu whites, one cupful and a
half of Hour, sifted, with one tea-
spoonful nnd n half of baking powder.
t'renin the butter In the usual way
with the sugar, add the yolk and milk.
then stir the mixture Into the flour
nnd biiklni* powder. Last of alt, fold
the flour through the whole and bake
in groused pan.
Ttie nasal nerve*, are so sensitive
that the oflnr of Iodoform can lie recognised In quantities na small as une
hundred bllltonlh of a cram. In such
n ease the odor was distinct, although
hundreds of years would be required
for the substance to lose a thousandth
part of Its weight
People of antiquity   thought  thai
earthquakes were produced  by dead
warriors fighting with one another underground and to shaking the earth.
fiiocs ron HKBAarssT paktt op spot*.
nlshcd entertainment for tbe rest ot
the family, so why should baby be
excluded from the treat? Her Idea
waa every nicht when Margaret was
snug hi her crib to tutu tbe sung oo
lti this way nnd su sure time and energy.   Itenlly Dorothy worked herself
Up Into quite n frenzy vt enthusiasm
over the idea and actually began to
Imagine herself a beuefuvtor of the
btiuiiin race.
The dny after her brllllnnt thought
It went Into operation. The record
Waa made. She snt In front of the
machine wltb the blank record In It
and sang her sung, putting In It all
tbe sentiment she could express and
trylug to muke It worthy of Bchu*
bin tut Ueink.
she tried It on Margaret tbat night
Dot having time for n rebearaal before
bedtime. Margaret'wns laid In ber
dulnty crib, and lu another comer of
the nursery the pbonograpn was
""cranked up" and set going.
But horrors* Tbe sound that came
forth wua an awful etuieklng, hissing,
howling, wheezing song. It reminded
the bearers by turns of a sewing machine, a cat. an old muo wltb asthma,
a college yell and un unolled trolley
cor wheel.
Tbe results were disastrous on everybody but tbe baby, who laughed and
cooed at tbe strange noises. This comforted the Inventor, wbo Insisted that
It showed a keen sense of humor on
tbe part of her Infant dnughter. As
a boon to humanity, though, the phonograph lullaby was oot a success.
Looking over your lust letter. I came
■cross the paragraph where you ask
for suggestions In the eulertnlnment
line Of course when you have sneb
a smart guest as Miss Van L. something must be doing In the social whirl
thut is quite worth while. I can think
of nothing more fashionable than on
lnrorraal brenkfast. Rncb a function
when you get the right jieople together
Is bo "chntty" and Intimate thut It Is
sure to be remembered as one of the
happiest events of a visit.
Ask the visitor to name nny one she
particularly desires to have Included
among the guests and fill out ihe list
to the number of len Invite them
over Ihe pboDe or send a simple note
of Invitation numiug 11 o'clock na the
brciikfiist hour. *
The ttible appointments need not
bother you. for they must lie very
simple, A quite simple though exquisitely tine damask cloth, with a
pretty centerpiece graeed Ity n crystal
vase, holds old fashioned kitchen gar
den flowers. A nosegay of n different blossom goes io ml urn the ts'.de
as a favor at each plate. Crystal trays
for condiments, receptacles for seasoning nnd the breakfast covers complete
the setting of the table.
When the guests nre Invited Into tbe
dining room lliey should find the fruit
course waiting nt eneh cover. Melons
•t this rime of the yenr would be nice.
A light fish delicately broiled, eggs
wltb hot broad, broiled chicken or
chops served on ere** or lettuce or tomato salad may follow In ihe order
named. If tbla menu ts loo elaborate
one or two of tbe courses you could
The French notion of ending tbe
early morning meal with bar le due
and toasted crackers or thin pancakes
spread with mnrmii'iide, then roiled up
and dusted with sugar, la one that appeals io the woman wiih a sweet
tooth. Hut why don't you substitute
some of your delicious wadles In piace
of pancakes?
lluvo thnt old Hpode china coffee
service of your grandmother's brought
to you st table and serve tht mnrnlna
cup trutn the slt-iiiiuiiK ttflttia into tne
dainty chlmi receptacles. The grace
uf such a service gives the tlulahlug
touch of hospitality,
Now about huts for full. They are
the most absurd eottlrlvunees you ever
how, with high crowns nnd tiny nur
row brims. The trtule names are
"sugar loaf," "steeple crown" and
"PtOrrot cup." All that Is needed la a
perfectly resistless muss of hair, sans
rats, curls nnd puffs, over which to
pull these chnpenux, and with a tip of
your nose displayed lo public gnxe
you'll he correctly hatted. Oh. yes; I
forgot to say ibal (he hair Is arranged
over the ears to conform to the Egyptian styles in millinery, A witty fash
hm writer says that women will uot
need hatpins next winter, but shoe
hums, tu extricate themselves frum
their headgear. Many of Ibeae tali
Shnpes huve the trimming nt the hack
or n bow on top of ihe crown, anil there
are Just lots ami lots of wings lo be
used standing up tn Indian Mend
dress fashion, bul lhat there win be
saner models Inter on In the season
there Is uo doubt, ns the sensational
hats nre always the forerunners of
better styles. My advice to yon is
don't buy your full hat tou soon- wait
fer another word frum        M AB1CI*.
^"Eat and Be Merry!",
Stop starving jbutmII—atop ■udcrinf th. pant;, of Indlgestlsn—stof
worrying stout •hat ;ou dsr. «n. dar. not .at
Ell hwrrjr nulls ol vhoUwm. (Md, Uk*
end youi leet like a -new person. Sour frtomacJt-Hieartbum--
occasional Indigestion — chronic dyspepsia— all yield quickly te
NA-DRU-CO Dyspapr-'s Tablets. The properly digested food
restores your strength, your stomach regains IU tone, and soon
requires no further aid.
50c. a box.   II your druggist hu not stocked them yet send
50c. and ve will mall them. 37
Ths Wandering Watch.
Have you ever hemtl (he atory of
tho woman who was so disorderly tbnt
she could never llmt nuylhlng ahe
wnntedV Her watch gave her the
most trouble. She could never put her
hntid on It when she wauled It It
tlnally became ouch a amirce of nn
novum-.* to her Hint slm determined
nlie would know where llmt wnteh
was, anyhow, whether she knew where
anything else was or nnt. Ho when
elm took the watch oiT alio didn't
allow herself to lay It anywhere but
tn a particular H|sit lu her dresser
It wns very hard at first, but after
a time ahe had no dllllculty In retnem
beting to pul ll there. She formed the
habit of order In connection with the
watch. From that she Rut to putting
everything tn her room lu Ita place.
And so this woman evoluted from the
nnmt disorderly housekeeper in her
neighborhood. And It all beguu with
the watch I
Don't undertake too mnny things
nt a time nnd get discouraged. Do
one thing nt a time well, and when
you have done that ymi will Iind
your thought prompting you to doing
sumethlng else equally well or better,
and bo on until you will iinnlly have
your bouse ln order-your mental
mansion us well ua your muterlol
Be Cheery In the Home
We sometimes think, and with good
.reason too, (hat parents art much to
1 bbune In many Instances, bemuse of
the disobedience of their children.
Many & child goes astray, not because
there Is a want of prayer or virtue ot
home, but alinply because home lacks
sunshine. A child needs smiles as
much ns a flower needs sunbeams.
I Children look lltle beyond the pres-
I ont moment. If a ihlng displeases.
they nre prone to nvnld It. If home
Is the plnce where faces are aour and
words liiuah und fault-finding are
ever In the nscenilant. they will Spend
as many hours as possible olsowhere.
Lei every wilier and mother, then, try
to he happy.   Lot them look happy.
f hore Is one hen to every acre of
territory In (England,
Minard's liniment tor sslt everywhere.
Water doea not always weigh alike.
For Instance, a gallon of distilled water weighs ten pounds; of ion-water,
ten and three-quarters pounds; of
Dead Sea water, twelve pounds. Klght
and a half pounds of mil go to every
'hundred pounds of Dead Ren water,
und two pounds to ordinary aea water.
Some of the older hoys and girl-shave doubteless studied cancel 1st tor.
In -school Hut there Is another klml
of cajicellaitlon that can ho used by
hoys and giro of nil ages. For example tw- boys were speaking of oa-
other boy.
"He Is slow nt gnmea." said one.
"Yes,1 -eplled the other, "but always plays fair."
"Ue la aliipld nt school," Mild the
first boy.
"Itut  he  always  studies hard."  an-
iwered iho looond.
Thus   you   see   every   unkind   word
spftk.ii by lite first hoy was onnoolled
hy a kind word from Ihe second, Bufp*
pOSO the next time we hear un tuiklti<t
word we try lo cancel it by putting m
klaid ouo In Its piaoe.
po your feet tret tired, achy snt)
sore nt ninlif Huh them wtth a little
llnmltus Wl/.urd Oil. They'll be glad
In ttie morning und so will you.
Superstition has It that lo turn and
go hnrk after you have lefl the house,
for Bomelhlng forgotten, brings bad
Teaita appear to show that the wind I   Improved   methods  of  agrtouHurer
will carry dUseaae-breedlng   bacteria are being taught In India by moving
209 feet, and even .sixty leet during' pictures.
Next to Pennsylvania, Went Virginia possesses larger supplies of coking
nnd other high grade coals than any
other suite.
Though Saxony has boon a centre
of civilisation for long ages, one-fourth
of tbe area of the kingdom Is still
covered  with  foreets.
Stylish Coat Set.
The right coat set on tbe right suit
looks well, especially In warm weather,
when lt gives n fresh touch to a dark
linen, serge or pongee.
One that tins the merit of being Stylish ond quickly worked Is In blark
and white Tbe collar Is shawl shaped,
deep at back, and tbe cuffs are five
Inches wide.
The sm-fnt-e Is closely covered wltb S
scroll desl-zn worked with white cotton couched with black at short Intervals. The entire skein Is used for the
underlay   and   a   single   I bread   for
The edge Is finished In a straight
buttonholing, a quarter of an Inch
deep, with a fine chain stltcb worked
close to lt ln black, which also re-eo-
forces tbe purl.
A practical Swiss haa turned an
Alpine glacier Into an Ice mine, blasting and marketing the loo.
In walking a man breathes lnte-
hls lungs twice nn much air au whcr->
he fa resting quietly.        ,
Germany's latest antarctic exptora>
(Ion expidiUon will anil from Uueno*
Ayres in October.
The nut troea of the World could
supply nourishment to Its entlro pop
tilittlou If necessary.
Of the °r,5 cotton seed oil mills In
the world 810 are ln the United States.
Present For the Bride.
Nobody can fail to make delicious
mayonnaise dressing with tbls clever
new mixer, whlcb removes all the re
s'tonstbllMy from the rook's shoulders.
In the measuring device nre cups of
Just the right site for tbe appropriate
amount of salt, mustard, vinegar and
Remedies are Needed
Were ws perfeet, which we srs sot, medicines would
not often h# needed.   But sisce oar ayttema have become weakened,  impaired sad broken  dewa throufh
indiscrctiona which have gone oa from the early s|ea.
through countless feneration*., remedies art needed to
sid Nature la correcting our Inherited sad otherwise
acquired weskaeeSes.   To reach the seat of stomach
weakness ead   conecauent  difettive troubles, there is
aothin-t so good as Dr. Pierce's Golden Mcdicil Diicov*
cry, s tlycerie compound, extracted from native medicinal roots—sold for ever forty years with |f«et setiifsetioa ta sll users.   For
Week Stamen, Biliousaesi, Liver Conplsint, Peia ia thr Stomach alter eating*.
Heertbora, Bad Breath, Belching of food,Chronic Disrrbee ssd otber latestiaal
DcnafsmeatSi the "Discovery" is s linc-prevea aad most emcieat remedy.
The denutrtm ham om Itm
outatde  wrapper* tha
Yew eea't sfford to ecceot a secret acMrnrrm oe a substitute for this aoa-elos**
holie, medicine oe shown courosi-noN, aat evea theogh ths argeat dealer asey
thereby mekc a little bigger profit.
Dr. Pierce's fleaeaat Pellets regulate sad iavigorete stomach, Uver -aenl
bowels.   8efar*ceated, tier granules, easy t* take sa candy.	
Wind .
and Kan
il". Wafer*
Extinguish if.
"lUen jjoull he iDferet^ecr^
" ' in the new
.„   . ..... ^ ®MDa
fbaf you can Always«S4vT5» MaW»rt)-f
I Depend Opon. ftl^^tf .M
Leading Sporti)g Goods <
Houses carry fhem.Drop i.
1 fry tbern/opj/ourself. Al wa
^syoufs pur if out.
Toe only Mafcl) Made
the saw juroKNM.iK aixaa.
powdered sugnr. When those hove
been blended with the yolk of a raw
egg the nil Is poured Into the funnel
attached to the healer and l« deliver
ed drop hy drop into the mayonnaise
(If    course    every    good    llOUHOWlfl
knows ihnt rtnegtir should not la* allowed >o touch the mayonnaise dressing lllllll the very la<*t minute uidthl-u
onlf a little should be added.
Major MacLean's Start.
Major It ild Hector MaoLean was
the Libi rnl candidata in Uarlotoa
County in tlm general eleotton cum-
puign, and is a -Ac.l-kiio-.vti Ottawa
j lawyer and major iu Uie Governor*
, General's Fool Uaurds, Ilo eras horn
in York County, and spent his boyhood ami youtn in Toronto. After his
graduation in urte ut tlm University j|
-.oruuui no was very Keen to la*e a
trip ui Europe. Being well up in luu*
guiigcs ami much iiitt rc-tcd iu nrt. na
wud pnrl:cu,.»,y anxioUS lo visit
l-'nim c. Aim vne day tie nailed froitt
.tion t real.
The inexperienced traveler left Ins
vaJi.-c on the deck, and a thief cut   t
Ufa-Oil  ainJ   -t.il,'  Ub  UOu-rUtlU,   IllL'.UvJIUg
nearly ml ol young ..iucl.eau a money.
He uid not turn back. However. N,sillier o.d no Wire ins lam.i)* for funds.
Ho had taken ..is bicycle, and WlUt ii
no enjoyed an Interesting but iuexpura*
hive tour oi France, wuen ho return*
ed uc ocgan to practice law in Ottawa,
uud joined the luung Liberal Otub
lucre, iimt urguiuznium a*ked huu
U> give u lecture on h.s tinvcls. he
uiu nut give'a lecture, but he gave a
iii.k ao tiiiiu-iiiig and tn.sciii.it.m; that
■ui icj.iiiiin.ni ;.., u clever >uuihj mau
Wit* cciiuiiiiicu at once.
W. N. U. No. 867.
The Friend of a Life Time
paya 100 cnts on the dollar In astlsfactloa
end  rHlnbllttv.
The nun.'in. rt Is atAndarrUird Purrn. II
Jewfllf<lT thi* lest word In •Ante*, efficiency,
end scientific,*,Ily end mcrhantoeily 'M>rft>ct.
Urns'  12,  16 and IS  slira,  IS Jewel   $7 7c
A nunllty  vtxee    Jlai*
Iji.ll. •>'   *. 1 HSo,   IS  J-wcl.   It quality     •t AA
A. quality cair same as Fortune or'Banner.
B. quality cais is-nt at Empreis or Alpha...
din s nn> hiijh.'st minim- --..M filled, made
in I'inin engraved or engine tinned,
tf it soea t.i.i irtve you mitr.- Htufaetlen you
ran return It and WS will chreifully refund
your money.
A writ un ciinriittti.f.. which protects you
In .'very  SfOy, necnmininlcs aeon watch.
We h«*reby -ntarantr** wnlch scenmeeny-
Ins this certltlcnte, caff* No  sold to..
 10 Ih- n tliiit.rtiKhlv reliable lime
keeber.  «nn  we  agree,  lo  keep  *iim«  In
f.Hi.i  rurintus nrder fnr  Iw.i  yi-ttrn  from
dele, bryahages excepted.
United   Watch   end   J tw tilery   Co.
-Walthem" —
Platrs construct-»il
of solid nickel
hardened steel, 'a*
pof-d winding
wheels. Compensst
Inl battnr*. nrr-
quet halreprlng.
II Jewels (Ameth-
ITnlted "f. B."—
Platve eonatructed
n f solid nickel,
hardrned st«*el em-
posed winding
whci'la, compene*
attng balance. Rre-
nmt helrsprlng. II
Jewels. (Amfthyst)
Plstrs nicely asm*
afkf.ncd. Non
magnetic.    Prndant
Aek your dealer or write direct for complete en intrigue of Wntches. Hlnrfe. ieWfllery
■ nd   Lrntficr   Goods.
United  Watch   and  Jewellery  Co.
Among the Many Styles Shown in the Ciltlof,
you can obtain .1 plow  perfectly  suited
YOUR particular requirement,.
Smokeless   Powder   Shells
The superiority of Winchester
Smokeless Powder Shells is
undisputed. Among intelligent
shooters they stand first in popularity, records and shooting
qualities.    Always use them
For Field or Trap Shooting.
A.k Your Dealer For Them,
The  Beat  Ever  Made.    Iluaras-
ii'isi to ilv.   you   ,.;iii..r.iiiii,.i.
Ki-nil ua SCO.    tittLlu Stylo Mill BlS.
.■...|Ull oil.
The Arlington Co ol C.noda, Ltd.
us Frsasr Ave.,
Toronto,       l       I       1       Ontario
Awarded first prise at World's Exposition on Its work nnd motho-ls.
Wnle for u free catalogue. We also
■ive Instruction by uuUL
The Height of Song
i Miss Man Harden nl ti supper in
Now Vork tlmt preceded hot- depart*
iun- [ot IQuropOi praised n new tenor.
]   "Ho u una of those lenore," snld
I Miss (liii'tli-ii, "who hnve to chtil their
OyOB  when they ttlllK,"
j   "Why ho?" asked a young million-
]     "BcCi.uaO,''   hIiu replied, "he rocs ho
ihlgli timi li mn-kos him ditty."—Do*
; troll  I'let*  Press.
! Pills Thst Have Benefitted Thousands—Known fm and tieur iih a Bur©
r.-mctly tn lho treatment of Indigestion
anil nil dorangomeots of the slotnach.l
i Uver   and   kidney a,   Parmoloo's   Vege-
[table Pllta have brought relict to thou-1
Hiinilrt -Alien other specifics hnvo fulled.-
lnniinieniblc testimonials can bo proline*'.' to establish the truth of this
assortlon. Once tried they will boj
found superior to nil other puis tn tin?
treatment ot lho ailments (or which
I they ure prescribed.
0. ?. R. Constructing New Lines
Not tot- many years luw the uiuiutl-
Ian Pacific Kail Way hud ho ninny new
lines of truck under construction nn
they havo this yenr. New lines are
belli-,* built practically nil over West*
cm Canada, und hundreds of gangs fir
track builders ate ut work In the various provinces. The 0, P. \\. s network of new liner*, fn rnpldly extending
Into new districts, and iih fast as they
Hire hi'ltm built they nre being opened
for traffic, Since tin* middle of June
l'lvi» or six hew hi'i-v-Icch huve been Inaugurated) un<l It la Stated that there
fire soveral other lines which will he
carrying regular trains before the end i
of November. These new tines are
among the grOQtest Inducements to
new Battlers lo open ui> new districts. I
as when tho services nre established i
ihey hnve transportation facltl'los for
Igetting Ihelr produce to th*' markets, j
For the Incoming settlors ol next year
III Is Bin In! thai the C. 1'. R, will rush
lie completion nearly four hundred miles of new line in Alberts ami Basket*
Iclipwnn.   These linos   Include   that
finnt MOOSO .law BOtlttlWOSt. SIR tulles; j
Korrobcrl, nprtlienst, nr, miles; Wey»
hum branch extension, HI miles; Este*
van Drancll. '••'■< mllra: Swift t'ttrrent,
bo tit lions t, ir. miles; Wllkle, m.rthwem
iia miles; Wllkle, southeast, 31 miles;
Ktulnvle Branch extension. 37 miles;
'Bnssano to Klnlnvio .let,. 30   miles;
land the IClpp branch   extension,   87
Whal povorty is like thnl of moral
poultry? when tho bend is poor, what
mockery Is money wealth!
Lighting Supplies
We can save you
10 oo to 20 o|o on
Gasoline Lighting
Supplies no matter what system
you use. Best
quality mantles
and glassware always- In stock. We
are the largest
Gasoline Lamp
and Supply house
In Canada. Write
for new price list.
Toronto   :   Montreal Calgary
Generous Offer
lie—1 told your father I could uot
live with you.
She—And whut did ho sny?
lie—Oh. he offered to pay my funeral  expenses.
! If one he troubled with corns and
warts, he will rind in Holloway's Corn
Cure an application that will entirely
relieve suffering.
I Th^re wore In Argentina nt the
rlosc or 1610 approximately 15,875
miles of railway, as compared with
fourteen thousand four hundred nnd
eighty in 1900, It is estimated that
the length of the Argentina railways
in 1911 will be H..600 miles.
Bear Island, Aur. SU, 1P03.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Your traveller Is here
today nnd we ure getting a large rjunn-
tlty of your MlNAHU'R LINtMHNT.
Wo find It the host remedy on tho
market making no exception. We
have boon tn business thirteen years,
and huve dropped them all but yours;
thnt sells Itself; the others have to
be pushed to ;:<t lid of.
The grape vine wns brought from
thc Island of Crete and In trod need In-1
to the Canaries In the fifteenth con-;
tury—*the source of the famous wine
named for these Islands.
-Man Who Never Unveil.
There  I.-, n   wander Im-   trim, of the
Sahara  railed Uie TimregS, n  sttiiugM
people, Mii|i|Hi«(..i by smite to have descended from the crusaders nud <ih-
MiiKUlshe.l   by the  Wimtthg ut   Veils, tl
luwtotn Hint haft occasioned much ills*
cussion 'Uu* Tuuregs guiiru itn-lr
eyes fif-Hlnsi tin* gone uf the desert i.v
two veils, .mi- rolled round the le tuples nud fulling down In front of tho
eyes, ihe other roach inn from the nnrt-
trlht to the edge ol Hie (-.Hilling .uv.
eriug Ihe lower part ol ihe fiice All
milliner nr li'lirmil inviioienl-* hllVS
been n.ldiieed tn explain iiiih custom,
bill hyulene Is oltvlnusly the only motive, Tills Is shown hy Ihe HtaleliienH
of the Thitrvgs themselves and hy
the sobrliiuul "mouths tor tiles," which
they apply lo nil who do nol weai ihe
soils, It H -hiiI.I Hint ihe Tuareg*,
never remove ihelr veils, even ul meal-
times, Imleed. they are so uiueb a
part of their wearer-, (tint any one deprived of such covering is unrecog.
iiizerj tiy hi-* friends ami relatives,
"Lo«ing the Orop"
"When ii mini  iv 111 (is out n gnu and
get ihe dmp' on y»»u there's nothing
else to do hul throw up your hands
nud lei him havu whatever he WSUIS."
"Thai's where yon foul yourself,
said the mini from the southwest, "If
n mail has the nerve he can face -i
gun and gel awuy with It—sometimes,
I remember seeing In a border saloon
nn englishman pull a gun ou n Mexican whu iu he had anight cheating In
B game uf COrdS.
'"Vou give me hack the money
you've won Trom me or I'll blow your
head off!'
"'Vou will?' said tli«» Mexican, looking cnltuly Into the muzzle of the Lug-
llsbmun's revolver. 'Well, you won't
do li Just uow; that gun's not loaded.'
"'What's that?' exclaimed tbe Kng-
ll-limaii. turnlug the revolver loward
hlui'.elf to look luto the chambers And
ou the tustant the Mexlcun drew ■
kulfe and planted It to the hilt in
tbe Eogllsbiuuu'sstotuacii."—New Voru
New on the Job
' Your Wife  Wants  you  on  the telephone," announced the new boy in an
office where two different phones
wore  In.'.tallt tl.
"Which one?" Inquired   tin*   boss,
ililnlUm,  of  the  two  telephones.
"IMeiu-le, Bir.' said the hoy, "1 don't
knuw how utility you have "
Many Believe That Nothing Short of
the Surgeon's Knife Will Eflect
Cure.   They Do Not Know.
The agony caused by the Intense
Hob lug, the depressing ami itebllliat-
log eiieci on ihe system, the diead lest
; surgical operation might he necessary—-these are the things whieh
jb.uk.- piles ui ii.i . i.iholtlt* so dist it filling.
Tile (Ini-loiB llttVO heen  lecntiiiii'-nil-
inu surgical oporullons as the only
cure, Hm the surgical operation, with
iiiii its dangers ami expense and pain,
does nol usually eifcot a lasting euro.
I Many a caBo lias boon cured by Dr.
1 huso's Diiiinii'iti after the surgical
operation had fatted, lime la a case
Which  doc-tutu gnve  Up,
Mr, J. Q, Mawyer. Itoden. Man.,
writes: "llr. Chase's Ointment U n
wonderful preparation, i hnd itching
I j lies for over six years, and though
I tried two doctors' prcsorlptloni and
usod many other preparations could
not obtain much benefit. The doctor
told tiu> there was no chip for me,
and that I would have to undemo an
I "i he tight r box of Dr. Chase's OInt*
nieut nnd wns completely cured lu one
week. As this uws six mouths ago
and there has been no return ot tin*
old trouble, 1 believe that the cute Is
ja permanent one."
I one thing certain Dr. Chase's oint*
ment win bring you relief from the
dreadful Itching uud hunting almost
as soon as applied.
! To make the cure thorough nnd last*
Ing It Is only necessary for you to
keep up the tretamont regularly and
persistently. Don't be satisfied with
relief, Dr, Chaeo's Ointment will cure
completely If you will do your part.
jtiO rents a nnx at all dealers, or Kit-
[inanson, Hatch & Co., Limited. Toronto.
$50.00 REWARD
U -atill offered for tbe young man,
William Bddleston, of weak Intellect,
Sffed 29 years, height about & ft. 9 In.,
wtth whltkeri and moustache, and
email mouth, who left his home on
June 1st, 1911. Any Information lead*
, tog to his dlscoverey will be thankfully received by his anxious parents
*t (07 Manitoba Avenue, Winnipeg.
I Dysentery corrodes the Intestines
and Bpeedlly eats away tho lining,
bringing about dangerous coodltlons
that may cause death.   Dr. J. D. Kel-
[loft's Dysentery Cordial clenrs the Intestinal canals of the    germs   thnt
[Cause the Inflammation, and by protecting the lining from further rnvng-
Us restores them to healthy condition.
.Those subject to dysentery should not
be without this simple yet powerful
| remedy.
There had neen a Ions continued
•ii-ought and a former had Invented a
machine for watering his fields. Just
m he got it set up there came u heavy
jshower. He put away his machine..
' lt'e no use,' he sold, "you can do
-nowadays without    compoti-
Very curious and slightly Interesting
ie the luct that we neve: feel to need
m holiday so badly as the day after
-we bare bad one.
The man who will break his word
will smash anything that will come
within.bis reach.
V** COMMISSION—for local representatives; Immediately; permanent
-position; experience unnecessary; rapid advancement; spare time accepted.
Nichols, Limited, Publishers, Toronto.
At Hamburg, Germany, a fashionable
reata-or-e-nt occupies a building which
wm made of cc-mpreased paper.
■ Minard's Liniment Cures Burns. Etc.
Recent heavy rains have caused the
water to Bow over the fulls of Minnehaha for the first time ln two years.
Wy Dreadful Sufferer. Could Not
Keep Him from Scratching. Every
Joint Affected. Used Cuticura Soap
ind Ointment and He Is Well,
''Itnetosri find mr eon'* ptinto in 1 t f***4
B>r writing thi*-* lew IIom tu yuu I sin only
Stoats my duty, ss my wa WSS a dn-adful
jm9m^_ Sunstu from ectrnis. At
tbt S|« ot two weeki hs
bffSn lofet oivi-r.-iI ftitli
ted ipoU on hi* lit;* snd
frolns,   which   niiiiiier
l In.ughi wru ml gum or
thnuh; but ilav by day
It grew worse until ere ry
joint and creflre wprs
Sflrctsd sod bthy nsrt.'.l
screamlot for houni dsy
, snd night, such a thing
• si sleep wu out nf the
_ r-v.   uiHsUoD.   I took him to
two nf Sydney's leading docton; oan nlil tt
•sfct one of the wont csees be tisd M-en, lho
athw did not think r	
otRiraent for rubbln.
cthfw illd'iiot think It So serlout: nm> nrd'er.-J
_. ^ j    robbtaf In, the other s dinting
I foltowrt.-'--'  " *
pow.l.T. I fotlowe-T their pretcrltuloni for
•vsr four nentbs sad still bshy kept itettieg
wens.  I could ool keep him frum icrstcbuig
 «iy, i  .. ., „..._ _..,
joints, eyebrows snd neck: but sfler lw!<:
u*Jng Cuticura     	
bshy ki'jii mttvK
" When hs Wss nva'mnnths old I tried ths
Cuticura Remedies sod 1 am very thankful lo
atari i-4
" part
 < «.,» .if*.*., put stier tft'-s
rmr, --.leura Ointment 1 br/raa to toe, a
dlfferencs snd by tbs time I fiail u«-d ons
tin. along with ths bathing with Ciitlrnra
fBoap, hahy wss neatly rured.   I mill kepi on
"ing the Cuileurs Sosn snd Ointment, snd
►», thank foodnesa. be la nulle well snd,
though tie fa now ten months olil. hru not
n sny further  rvtnni  of the trnuhle,"
lltindT Mrs.   O.   Ma Iln.   3   Kntaht   St.,
i-ftlnnvlue, Svdney, N.B.W., Mar. *Ti, 1911.
Cullrurs  Hnap  and   Ointment sre sold
niuihou* tbe worm but s llheral ssmple of
►pJi. wltb s 32-psgn book on the rare and
latment nf ths ei-ln and hair will tve aent
-.a annllestlen tn Potter Dm** ft rhen.
WS0 Coluiubua Avew Iloatua, UJU.
It U surprising thu th • hand-woven
fuhrtcs can still survive against the
productions of machinery, hut the Irish pennant understands how to dye
l*iii> hand woven cloths with lichens
;ind plants which give them an Inimitable effect, and their qualities of
durability and appearance give them
a distinct value.
The centres, of hand-weaving nnd
Rpltinlng are Ln Donegal. Mayo, Can-
nentara, and Kerry, where there la
abundant mountain grazing for sheep
with luxuriant wool and where kitmr
Ik uuperabundunt. The i-eadliig centro
however ie Donegal, and It la eatl*
tnoited that ffiO.000 a year la paid to
the peusanta of the Iniitoverlshed and
buiren dltjCilcta of I>onegal for the
liomeapun cloths. The cloth Is usually sold at country fairs, where H la
brought In large rolls of webs about
SS Inches wide, as a loom of the neo-
e-wury size could not be accommodated In. tho tiny cottages occupied by
the peasants, tbe homespun cloths
are not made In double widths. Koch
district In Ire and produces cloth of
n distinct character. In North Donegal the cloth La heavy. Well-woven,
aubetantlal. and generally dyed In
dark -colors with -stripes and cheeks.
The market for Oils la usually a retail
one. The products of Costlebar resemble those of North Donegal, but
nro sotnewlutt brtghbw ln cow. In
I'-mnetnara and other parts of County
Galway there Is a peculiar sort of
flannel of very durable quality. It
is usually dy«*d In red, dark blue, or
black*, and the (Ialway peasant women present an odd but vividly picturesque appearance clad hi hoods
and c oaks made of thla peculiar material. The Kerry homespuns aro well
made, but poor In color nnd pattern,
vegetable dyea being seldom  used.
In each of the cases which have
been mentioned tho cloth Is produeiil
for local use, and only the overflow
r.-ni'lii-ri the outside market, hut In
Houtli rkmegal tbe case Is dlff.-ivnt.
aa there Ih an extensive homiq>tm In-
dnetry tbi\re, carried on especial y
fnr ttie wholesale nwrkert and con-
dite'ed upon busanena principles Them
Is a lirretlltary tah-iit for colorltiK th-i
.-l.ith.-t |i'.-v;il,-nt umruiK the Doncttal
pt*usantr>'. and the clottis which conic
from thl»* district are considered tu
bi-Tiutlfnl 0SJ nny a*her WOoUen fabric
pi it. In. fil In Kiirope.. Thero are tut
t-tatlsitles nvnllnble ns to the Importance iJ this Industry.
Hand knitting Is sllll able to compete ugalnst mechanical imitations
und Is a means of livelihood to many
Peasants In tho Isolat'-d reclotw of the
country. Tho wild districts of Kin
rass rough. In Cniuily Donegal, Is an
Important centre. Tlte Arran Industry of idnyo produoes some very fine
Hand t*tnbnoMory>, ns la done In
some iwrts of Ireland, cannot lie satis
tiu'twlly IniMated by machinery, nnl
Is a cottiwre Industry of Impop-tanee.
Irish nrt nr-edlo work Is of the liest
quoliily nnd will boor favorable comparison wl'li nny produced In Rurone.
Tho centre of the cabinet-making
hiilnntry is In the vicinity of KH'nrney
flasket work la engneed In I.Htf-fra-'tt
County Galway, Beaufort, Couti.'y
Kerry, uud Cnstlecomer, County Kilkenny. Much ktecnulty Is shown In
ii'lnptlng th* wicker work lo useful
Tl..' Chinese water buffaloes, which
turn ♦.he whoeto of the machines used
for nilelng water for Irrigation purposes, are blindfolded to prevent dli*
.How to Build up Health and Strength
After Wasting Disease
I When Ui** system is run down following attacks of fever, la grippe, or
other wasting discuses, lir- Williams'
■ I'ink Pills are of special value. They
muke new rich blood, which reaches
;every organ and every nerve in the
.body, and ln tbts Way restore the
patient to active'health nnd strength.
In proof of this we give the case of.
Mrs. James Itaudatl. Siiverstrenin,
^flask., who says:—"I feel that If there
lis anyone wbo onght to testify to the
•merits of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills lt Is
] myself. About four years ago 1 was
taken down with typhoid fever which
left me In a very weak state and my
stomach so impaired that even a drink
of milk would cause me pain. To
make matterr worse the change of life
followed, nnd although I was under
;the care of one of our best doctors,
1 wns steadily growing worse. Hefore
1 was sick 1 had often road of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, but thought no
more about them. But now when I
was sick nnd helplesa and almost
hopeless, nnd with no benefit coming
from medical treatment, I kept thinking of the Pills and finally decided to
try them. I did so and I nm thankful to
be able to sny that they restored me
to health nnd strength, and enabled me
to pass throurth thnt trying period.
from which so many poor women
emerge with shattered health. I hope
that many other poor sufferers may
read this statement and take fresh
courage from it, as I nm sure that
what Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
done for me, they will do for others.
1 may ndd that I always keep Dr. WU*
Hams* Pink Pills In the home, and feel
that they nre better than a doctor."
These Pills are sold by all medicine
dealers or may be had by mail at f>0
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50 from
Tbe Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont.
A Styeian Ptasant Superstition.
A lawsuit ror iihei brought hy nn
BftMlhTin-y in r.'lliiu. iu Sly tin, nuniiist,
a young peasant, repeals an extraordinary superstition prevalent among the
country people. They believe (tint
Bi'i'thi-i'nrir.i and doctors have ths
right to kill at least one mun uud one
woman every year lu order to unites
medicines out of tneir bodies, Au accidental movenieut of the apothecary
nt I'ollou. Ilerr Koiiermauser. when
giving medicine to a boy named I'ntx
led tbe latter te believe he wns cuing
to be killed, fie ran away, but got
such a fright tbat be fell III. The in*
habitants believed his story and boycotted tbe spotbecary, wbo was at
length compelled to prosecute. I'uta
was sentenced to fourteen days' imprisonment, but bis purenis, who bad
spread the story, were acquitted on
the ground tbat they bad acted in
good faith.—London Standard.
Is Your Left Hand -i Shirker
i    Most people never Ihlnk     what    a
[Shirker tho left hand Is.   Our two
[eyes and our two ears and our two
ifeel  divide their  work equally* -or
■ very nearly SO.    But Hip li-Cl hand on-
jiy works at what tho right hand cannot do ahuic. lu Japan the children
are trained to use tlieir bonds ami
Angers more carefully Uuin nny where
else iu th.* world, Japanese children
can do and make things with their
!hands that ore Impossible to Western
boye and girls, and nearly all of the
[Japanese, young and old, can draw
and write with both hands al once.
j We can do Mu* saute If we had been
[taught   to  do  SO.    In  sonic    ne.hools
teachers aro already training children
to use ImtJi hands, and thus get donb-
,le service out of them for life. The
j pupil   merely   makes  linos, at    first
straight and curved oiwvs, ugtag l-otlt
{hands ut once.    With his right iuind
he tlrnwa, perhaps curved lines par-
lallf.l  to one another, while with his
loft bund he Is drawing parallel
Istraight lines, after a while he makes
hoops and Usure*. and 'finally* bis left
hand becomes Just us good a worker
•mi  bis right.
The professor of shorthand adduced ,
thla unanswerable argument lo an address to a new class the other day:    I
"We are told that It took Gray. I
author of the well know 'Klegy ln a ■
Couutry Churchyard', seven years toj
write that famous poem. If he hod!
know stenography be could have done [
lt in seven minutes. We have students;
who have done that same poem in
that length of time,"—Tlt-Blts.
When the.cockerels begin crowding
It Is time to separate Uie sexes and
feed Ut«- cokerels a little heavier tban
tbe pullctR They need mora feed for
good development.
' In Great Britain and Ireland there
OK 248 paupers to every lO.oOO of the
1 population. In New York, one man ln
| every ten fills a pauper's grave.
Ons Uss of ths Eel.
It Is difficult to exhaust the uses of
the eel. Experts in top whipping pronounce a dried eel sl;in an admirable
lash, snd (ops nre oy no menus ibe
only victims thereof. There is thnl
affecting i*4issage In Mr. I'epys' diary:
"April 54, lots. In t-etimes, and wltb
my salt eel went dowo lu tbe parlor
and there set my hoy and did beat
blm till I wss fain to take brcuth two
or three times. Vet for all I am
■feared It will make the boy never
tbe belter, hs Is grown so hardened
In his tricks, wblcb 1 am sorry tor,
be being capable of making a brave
nun and Is ■ boy thst 1 and my wife
love very well." "Salt eel" appears
to have beeo a nautical term for a
rope's end, and lt Is oot certain tbat
I'epys' Instrument of castlgatlon wat
actual ecu* skin. But tbs original
"salt eel" laid Ita mark. — London
WIM Ferrets Are PiiMsrs.
Parrots wben In tbeir native wilds
live In flocks and guard themselves by
a complete police system whlcb enables tbem to marshal tbeir collective
force quickly wben any animal or bird
■tucks one or their mini her. They
seem to be disciplined and trained to
lighting together, anil all other birds
■nd annus in sre sfrnld to attack a
parrot unless tbe bird can be caught
atone. Been then s shrill call summons tbe parrot army to tbe rescua.
It Is uld tbnt In the forests all parrots dis of old age and that none le
ever billed by birds of prey or otosr
i Dry some corn this way and see if
I you do not like it aa wol! as when canned: Pick thc corn when Just right
I for the table or younger than some
; people like It, nnd do this In the morn
1 ing. Cut It off and spread tn a thin
{layer on earthen dishes and set in a
j tool oven, stirring often. Try to have
i it cool by night ns lt Is not so good If
ilt gets cold and has to be heated again
to finish. Put It In a hag. hang It In
'a dry place nnd occasional:v shake
i for a day or two. then put away for
the winter. To use. rinse it off, put ,to
! soak for several hours, then -afook
! slowly in the waiter It was soaked ln,
having only enough of this to cover it.
Home milk and butter added at the
last Improves It
' Absut tho Strang* People Whs Paster
the  Magistrate.
Tin* maglatrntc Is the "poor muu'a
tuwyt-r,"   iiikI    while    Sitting   on    the
benoh ho ha.* some weird mid -** ,»i.*i*-r
. ml applications mudu to h.iu. Auyoio-
•-.Im listened in a London court to the
strange medley ol "business" that *s
iratisuctuo beiore ihe oi'Uiuary eases
come on would HiMui mo that there is s
v i» -l proportion ol thu British public
who Imagine the Bench to b- sll*
powerful and endowed with u-.iIiuut-.-d
himwloli-r, ways it London puper
Hi- worship sees a very great deal
of the Beamy aide oi Hfe, but, tortuu
HiiJy, his day's grim duty ia relieved
Uy quulnt touolici ui humor,
Many uf the people m lbs under-
worldi either Iguotant ol the correct
way to address a magistrate, or awed
into contusion, iiiukv amusing mis- i
tuHcM on thin point. They -say, "Your I
lordehip," "Muter," or "Your honor."
jiiu ii.joiH.ly smiles j that sort ol unng
ii loo frequent.
Apparently, many ot the poorer folk
think his worship has merely to rams '
iiis luiii- Hngor, uml tho whole power
ol the Empire can be called lo uu bis
A woman with fiery red hair standi
up in court, eyaa his worship, ami
then j'-ui-1 'Hit her tmubltn.
" 'Lisa Awkitin, which s*lic live*
down uur passage, culls art'-r mo 'car*
ruts,' your wusitip, 1 euys nothln'.
'ccptin' scratch 'er flee, and now sliu's
took   lo  Waiglll'   nul   Uiv   uiy   yuuug
"Well, wlmt do you expect ma to
do?" asks the busy magistrate wearily.
"A Mini ii 1011*1. n;r," she replies.
Even ii ha had time to .n^u-- with
her, it would take a long time to cou*
vinoo iht- lady -.villi tin- red hair that
he lias no pOWCr whatever to a-ljmt all
the lovers quarrels in London. Jeal*
ousy id ut the root uf a greal many ol
these applications.
In iiiiiuy oases the services ol that.)
Admirable Crlehton. tin; warrant-oQl*
cer, aru utilised,    Without a pi.-ce ol |
iilu..- paper iu his hand, tu- goe-i round
ami  explains delicately   tlmt oliicisl
notice bus been taken of tho situation, j
In n'ne easae out of ten Ills Influence
produces a remedy—at >uiy rut*.-, lor
tne t.ute.
Sometimes a burly navvy comes to
court with u pitiful  tale to tlo- -H-ot
iiini his wile positively refuses to
unlock the door ol his home when hs
returns from work. Again the war*
rant officer is Instructed to adjust maty,
tors, uml generally he iimniigeii to pul'
the domestic differences ou a mor** aat*'
iufuctory footing.
Generally the applicants hnve not i
the remotest notion on whut h'gal
grounds ihey can obtain the Issue ol -
a summons; Imi (tipendlarles, us a.
rule, exercise all their patience In en*;
aeavoring to help uiu people who le-il
they have ii grievance.
"Please, sir, 1 Want a divorce," or,1
"So-and-bo owes mo live shillings, ami
won't pay it back," are very common
examples of applications, which .-.now*
that the applicant.-, do not know the
difference between oue court aud au-
"Will  you  pleasa   send   somebody |
1 round to give my son a good hiding.
as 1 can't do it?" was one woumti •
notable request.   The magistrate seal
, tho cviT-uM'ful warrant oihcer to inspire fear in ili-i heSrt ol the unruly
: youngster, though not in the oietimu
I suggested by his mother.
!    These are but typical instances ol
{ the extraordinary puzxlua which con-,
I -front a magistrate daily, and many of
the application** have uo connection,
whatever with Uie  law.   The  people!
1 want advice, aud huving nobody ta
Uie whole world to turn to, they atuo
into court and expect his worship to -
take part ol life's uurden Irum Uwm.
D-wt Brt Oat fl.T.'Vgg.Tff'.Taff
will Mtnota tte-aainl .•*.*;#•■-,
niwha, ii-xmi-i- tm*-.*"r
•drj'.re th» I .ir.   1  ."»t.-ib»
~Afis(>nni.\i:._ ^n.. ltyhoni
 j:, jr.,
I.Hli'l.     r-t  It    L
— S«nlttD^  *
 . "WnffilUu JL St|   r*tS
leal) and U/ i-.*':- ■-. t-.ttwa oe S..,_-
,11 lell tnnr-Hf j'.'i -t.'j..  lliaafj-w-^or*J--i
Al-nTiun.-i. .i        .-    v       .■-..-..,.*   *!■«■■
ft* yahoo [,--.;• ..•i.^i^S'-r-srswf
When Your Horsi
Goes Lame
for men.     Canaiil.iamailt..    <?>•.
anteef' bi"t hat ■s*»*awa^^^^^^^_^
Vlt  sizes  and   -ei,--    a   nfl   sal
•tiff  felts.    Aal-   your  Os-nsr.    mr
writs at ones to
CHAS,   C.   PUNCHAf»0     A     CCS,
Tnnjnta, Ont.
The late King Edward had typewriting machine* introduced for the
convenience of his secretary.
Peop'e who pray on their knee* on I
Sunday and prey on their neighbors |
on Monday, need simplicity lu tl.-lr
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Si.tne folk* are under the erroneous I
Impression that Ivy on the outside
walls of a house tends to make lt |
itatitp.    A thought on this subject Is
enough to convince one of Its fallacy,
since the Ivy must perforce extrart
the dump from brick or stone work In
{order to live, for this moisture Is essential to tho plant.
In let ter-writing, with men. the
••rentcut difficulty Is in beginning a
loiter; with women It Is most difficult
!n leitve off. Hence the feminine post-
j script. (
I It Wilt Cure a Cold.—Cold*, are the
commoneBt ailments of mankind nnd If
; reelected mny lend to serious conditions. Dr. Thomas' .-.electric Oil will
irelleve tho bronchial passages of In-
|fI:immntion speedily and thoroughly
land will strengthen them against subsequent attack. And as It eases the
Inflammation It will stop the cough
beennse It allays all irritation lo the
throat.   Try It and prove it
8t. Martin ond ths Dictionary
Rt Martin wben be divided Mm caps*
wltb a nsked beggar st tbe cnte sf
Amiens gave slso two words to the
Kngllsu language. The urn tori la
whlcb ibis torn rape was preserved ss
a stirred banner acquired tbe name of
"ebiipelie" (from ths Prencb "chap#"i,
tbe eustodlnn being termed "chaplain."
snd thus our RnglUh words "i-hepsT
and "chaplain" are derived.-Westminster tiaietie.
I She Suffered from Rheumatism. Neu-
i ralgia and Other Symptoms of Ols-
i eased Kidneys—Dodd's Kidney Pills
'   Made Her Strong and Healthy.
Peverll, Vaudreull Co., Que.
! (Special)—One more of the fired,
Ifaln-wreckcd women of Canada has
otind relief nnd new Hfe In Dodd's Kid-
'icy Pills. She Is Mra. Joe. Chcff. of
this place, and ahe never tires of tell*
Ing her neighbors of her wonderful
tire, or singing praises of the good
eld remedy that brought It about.
"I suffered from Rheumatlnm. Neu-
valutn. Violent Hcadnchcs and Palpitation of the Heart," Mrs. "heff states.
"My back ached, I was always t|r-d
nnd nervous nnd I hud weak spells.
My doctor told me to Just rest, hut
that was lust what 1 couldn't do, until
rending of the cures of others led me
!lo try Dodris Kidney Pills.
I "From the first dose they helped
> me. I soon left my bed nnd started to
jdo my ordinary hoimework.
I "I took In nil. twelve boxes of
1 "iM'ii Kidney Pills and now tny health
i- excellent. I recommend Dodd's Kid-
Iticy Pills tn all suffering women."
] Thousands of Cnnndlnn women will
tell you lhat P-Mid's Kidney Pills are
ithe one sure thing for suffering wo-
Churches In Queer Placss.
| How many readers attend a church
: within a windmill, or a church on m
'■ pier out at see. or one which floats on
a canal? Yet su English *cnbe has
: found that churches exist in these aud
I -.miliar quaint, oul-ui-Uie-wuy p.arcs.
The cuurch built in a. windmill la
, situutcd on Heigate Heath, «attd is m
\ wcil-knowu Isnauiurk.
It is llfracombe ma: boasts the only
j place ol worship in existence that is
■ .um al thu eiiu ul u pier. At -tie t.me
I tii!t> church was used as a ligiitiiouae.
j special services are now bout tners
' tor sailors to pray lor tneir comradss
during a storm at «.-.■*.
There are several Hosting churches*
but perhsps the mo-iL inurestihg ol
these is that on the Fens nesr Peter*
borougu. inis churcn-uuai wss omit
because the ordinary parish church
was too lar away for numbers ot Mm
parishioners. Un trie bnuge which
spans the Don at Uotherhstn is *iv
usted an interesting sacred edifice
which dates (torn ine ttttt-eulh century.
Another church, which is suspended
to a bridge, is ths Church ol tit,
bwithin'a, Winchester. The reason giv.
en for this place ol worship being oo
a bridge is a quaint one. It is said
tlmt King Chtrles. being in need ol a
short cut to Winchester UsUiedrml, bad
a rwsuway cut clean through lit.
■ftwiihin's Church. A gateway was built
which Is to this day known as the
King's liai-j. Over tuis gateway regu*
lar aervices are held iu bt. tiwiUiiu'a
Sunnhioe la good tor Bd cUgs. rtesan
then in bbsWbbbI
Honoln'u will smtfg IH firs
went wllh motor firls
I-et every man he ocenpted, ond ac*
rupied In the employment of which
his nature Is capable, and die with the
eonsclousness thst bn has dons Ms
best-Sydney Smith.
Experiments prove that the gums
of trees, so highly prised by man, are
produced by disease. Trees can even
be Inoculated and made to furnish the
coveted gum.
Net Mush.
Jock-Wo-old yoo (Ike to live your
life over again?  Tom-AnJ owe twice
ss mneh s*t I do now.   No, elrl-Boa*
too Transcript,
Usually when r mnn hoiihis of what
he has made of h.mself and the ureal
.siicccsr In- has won. If we wero to
look In his home we should find a
patient, eeontitnlcnl wife, who lias
heen In the harness and tugging at
tbe traces over; day of her wedded
The sen ottcr'tt fur Is the most valuable In the world. The single fur
of one of these little creatures often
bring as much ns $760.
A Whesfbarew Tramp.
Alexander Livesay. the wheelbarrow
man. s lew days ago concluded his
| trsinp Irom Ayr to John o* Groats
' and then to Land's Knd und back to
the capital ot Ayrshire  via   Wales.
Livesey, who Is over fifty  years ef
age,  is ol small stature  and  has a
wiry frame.   Thoughout Um '-1,000 mile
journey In- tramped daily, except Sun*
daya, when be reskd. Oa the joumet
be pusut-U in .'rout ul huu s large bar*
i row, and no matter wlmt k.ml ol wea*
: thcr prevailed he atuck to ins ptogram
tin ly.    Iln had a great MtptMO ou
. his arrival it Ayr.
Another Howler.
A Portohollo schoolboy hu produe-
i er| the champion Imwler of thc aesaon.
j The pssssge lor pnrnphra*te was from
Kingrdey:—"For men must work and
women must weep, though storms be
I sudden and water* deep, and the hor*
[ bur bar be moaning." "Men and women." said thc youngster, "must keep
! on working through the Inn at ths
' harbor is groaning for Its
Constip*Soa ia tfcs)
•scIbmm utd of an
encfle-ss amount ol
huniaji nussnry.
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills,
thoroughly tested by
orerfifty jrearsol use,
have been proved a
sif e and certain euro
for constipation and
all kindred troubles.
Try them. *
25c a bot.
Mtes Ussful.
Rrlde Elect-Wbst would yoo bars
thrown Instead of rlcef   Pruts I frteud
A   few grains ot common ansae.
••n«iT f«**f*i«**s never rrwear tmwn-
.•«/.-. n*\- t-iior-it-* It from tVIt em*
.-..n^B •?*».«» *.« nnt farn»M**B onr
^*«t*t> \s»* «*>e Inst r»*»l-n**al«'nf aim*
t     -Amw.nn.s**nse respeombtllty.
The Bess,
Amerlcnn word I...-.1. mesDlng aa
employer nr n%-emeer. Is ihe mudern
form for the Puteh bun** nud descended fr.>:*i the urtglunl Uullnud settlsrs
In this country.
In a Minute.
TVe do a gwtd many thinc*> In a minute. Per tintsn't. we are whirled on
the nutr-lde uf th- mrth Jn*t thirteen
mile*, nnd hare gone around the son
1.0W1 mlltwl a my of llcht hn«> fmveled
11,100,(1011 nlles: i*1- loweii aonnd mi
ear can catrfa baa msde tnw vtbrstleas.
Kid gloves have r.'*ihlr.g to do with
kids They sre mads cf ibe skins of
Dtii)i>s ';
ti. P,LLS 4
"»   I    i^ ^  01       i
W. N. U. Ns. Mr.
. \
Formerl* I New Bra.)
r \. llAItllt.lt, l-uhllslicrund I'mprk-tnr.
SlilUrCrlplllill l'l 'I <'" l"i vent in ...I vuu,.,. 11, nil
|l.-lllh   III   lllltl-.lt   Kl.lllll.'   ;      l<> I'lllll'll   Stlltl-H ||„"rll,
in.;.i.n  ni-i ill-mi.- mti-s in.ut.- known mi (iniiii
mil II.. il.ltilM.ii.
t'litullliil itilverlln-iiienli, t et*nt pei wuril nn-h
IIHtilliiii, lUUUUIfl ill iiilwitui-.
iii-iii,i. iiilvi'ritwM "ill I'l'Mti- rrmriiiber Uml
|.. Ili-lilrll 1-lllUlltf, ru]it  ll.li-1 I,,  llillut l..| rf t llllll
unltipwlni ii Ins.
W. -'- fr     v  •
"Mor. br.nd
• id      , if,
b.tt.:- *»,
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Disposal of Sewerage
Mwli-in Irjlutrs in   Utilise   Will   ScM-iir.
Tlm sewage question i** nnoof Oral
[mpuvlimee in I'liiltiwiK-k, titut the
fnllowli.H nrttcloH reproduced from
tin* Western Munlolplos Sows.
should In'nf interest tn many read-
it-i.i thr l-.'roo Press.
In -mm' t|iiiir(i'i*s nu Impression
prevails  thill   Illilll.V nf tllO generally
nuk i it iw I-csIkikI or accepted standard
principles appertaining to sewage
disposal ure becoming oul of ilnti'.
This impression Is nut without
Inundation, but jlisl how fur it in
triit! is ii subject nf practical Inturcst
'in saiiilarinns.
i Lust year tlio I'rovitiuiul Bonrtl
of -Health of Alberta Issued u circular
|tn muniol (tall ties slitting in brief
[thnt tlio whole question of sewage
disposal was passing through a
transition stage; therefore, tbey
generally advised caution. Such n
statement Iscalculatcdto makfl those
responsible fur municipal oxpenitttro
pause ami wonder just whore thoy
are al.
The necessity for ehVient   sewage
disposal is generally acknowledged,
It has been acknowledged for yours
in Great Urllnlu, European countries
and tho United States of America.
Millions of dollars have been expended In schemes,, In experimental work
anil in collecting data. Hooks and
treatises Innumerable have been produced dealing with the subject both
from the practical mid sclontlilo
standpoints, A Hritisb Royal Commission recently closed a session
extending over several years, held
111 meetings, examined 107 expert
witnesses ami sent out circular letters
all over the world asking foran*! receiving all kinds nf data. This
CommUslon published their re|mrt
whieh in 1908 WUS eonsidered thc
tnosl complete and authoritative
treatise on iln- subject ol sewage
disposal. The German government
have been examining into the question and have employed not only
expert engineers imt ex|Kirt chemists
and hiolnjrisls; they have [ffltlCtl
front time to time reports and trea*
li-es which have boon translated ami
have ln.'eoine common knowledge to
the sanitarian. Many of the American Stall's, suoll as Mussueliusetts,
Ohio, etc., have formed central
experimental stations governed by
experts ami have Issued annual lU-
(hiKh for years handling out the
inosf valuable and exact data and
conclusions !<• tlio world generally.
Many eivil engineers and ebeiuists
have given their whole time and
energy to this  question tif sewage
Now it h generally acknowledged
tbat all these authorities are in
agreement on certain general priii*
j The generally accepted principles
may In- rjeflued as follows:**™
j (a) Sewage contains quantities of
[ mineral and organic matter. Tliepr*
[ ganlc matter Is fouud both Intheform
I of suspended solids and solids in
Isolution, and ti liable to pulrcfact-
lion. The process oi putrefaction
causes Ion) otlon and Is apt locreate
a nuisance at the pnint of discharge,
U.i Sewage contains thc germs oi
Imelerifl of certain disease, especially
thcltifoiliouof lyplnild fover. Tliese
germs are found nitwll) iii winneet*
imi wilh -.lid malt-r-. ptirtiele- nf
animal ti-*oc, et.-.
(elThcptilrefnetl ft he organic
matter will u.»t nillM* any s|Hvitic
ili-ea-e. The organic matter. a|MTl
frniil (ho disease (o-rm- it contains,
i-* haitnli—•. and tlu* (TOSCS whieh
an- given ofT-causing the foal tulnr*,
are llkowiso harmless, as lung as
I (hey sre nol iu sufllclcnl quantity
Ilo displace tin natural nxygen of the
lair and  tbu-* mums asphyxiation.
(The gi-tnis of diseases un-  mil  ear*
tied hy tlio gnsoa and can only bo
liberated from ihe sewage hy splashing in the Immediate neigliorhood
nf the disturbance, S.".ver nir, (al
one time thought oUierwltc) is not
I capable of spreading oonlnglOal.
[Contagion nr Infection is only
• •litained liy uinvl enntael nf some
iKirtlcles nf seuaRi*, contatntng the
disease  germ  with   food   (solid or
liquid). If Nwngo contained no
di-ea-H* gvrmi dm mailer Imn  foul}
ihe sewage up otherwiao), ii couldtefltlon, comparatively speaking,
piuduee typbniil or any other dltv new. It has never been pretended
case, even if it ojuiio into contact' by those who know, that lho goner-
wilh milk or drinking water, Tli
whole danger to health, the patbo-
genie clangor, ur the sauilury danger
connected with the distribution of
sewage |g entirely dtictn the s|)eeiliu
tilly rocognizod metbwlfl of sewage
tlisjiosal, produced drinking water.
Fakirs thoro havo boon who have
set up mtoh pretensions, hui such
havo been connected  solely  witb
disease germs which have originally j commercial ventures, tlernmny
como Into contact with the sewage, was tho first country to apply the
Sowoge In Its purely chemical con- principles nf sewnge disinfection,
stltutonts Isliotdangoroiw, Sewage1 nnd the United Slates have given
in its biological m* bacteriological more attention to this pari of the
constituents Is-tlangerous, aubjeot than Great llrituin or any
(d) Tbe ultimate aim iu sewagelother country apart from Germany.
(Usposal may cotiHlsl of (1st) only     in |900. R.  11.  Phelps, of lho
dealing with tl rganie matter  In Massachusetts Institute uf Techno-
such a way that it will causo no logy, published a roport of oxtenslvo
nui-aiiee, viz., that at the point of Investigations ami experiments in
discharge no putrefaction shall tako connection with the disinfection nf
place and (bus u.i foul odors will belscwago"   These Investigations, and
eniiltetl.    (2nd) Dealing  with   (he
organic matter iu suoh a way tbat
all disease germs an- exterminated,
so that tbe. power of distributing
disease is taken away from the
sowago. (8) Dealing with the organic matter in suoll a way that
both of the above ulijeels ale realized.
(e) It is known that when the
organic matter in sewage comes into contact, with a liberal supply
of oxygen, tbat the organic mutter
undergoes a change whieh renders
it non-putrefactive and no foul
ordors are emitted. In ordor to
avoid any foul odors or nuisance
from sewage all that is required i*
that it Ik- partly oxidised.
(f) The sewage disposal systems
whieh havo aimed solely at the
avoidance of a nuisance by systems
of oxidation have not been sullieient-
ly complotc to destroy tlic germs nf
(g) In ordor to exterminate disease germs frum sewage it is iiccci-
sary to go a step futber than merely
in provide a non-putrefactive sewage, and tn provtdo some efficient
system uf disinfection,
There is nut une of the above
general principles which can bu
picked out unit allowed to be in
contradiction to the conclusions of
all tho great authorities uihui this
subject. These conclusions are not
now; they have lieen uiulerstn<»l
ami acknowledged hy scientific men
fur many years now. Wherein
then, i- there any Inundation for
saying ibat "uld principles must
give uway to now?"
The fact nf ihe matter is, it is
not a question nf principle hm a
question of application of acknow*
lodged principles.
In (Ireat Britain the general aim
of sewage disposal ba-' heeii and is
to obtain a non-put rofactlvoollluont.
The aim has been to remove sewage
results have brought the whule suh-
jeet nf the disinfection of sewage
diluents acutely liefnre sanitarians.
Phelps showed that sewage is
amenable In high degrees uf disinfection by the use, as a mixture, nf
very small proportionate amounts
of nil I or I DO derived frum ohlorldo of
lime. He showed that •'! pints per
million of chlorine will satisfactorily
disinfect the diluents from ordinary
sewage works constructed for tht!
removal of putrescibility, the bacteria being removed by UH lu IIP i«*r
cent,, the cost lieing from |1 to
$1,60 per million gallons of sewage.
Uo also showed, that, fmm 5 tu 10'
parts -per million of chlorine will
disinfect- screened or settled sewage.
(tbat is sewage fmm which part of
the sulids have been removed) tit a
cost uf from $1.60 tu $.l..r>0 per million gallons, Phelps showed thut
absolute sterilization was not necessary, and thai partial sterilization
ur disinfection was sufficient to kill
off the disease germs.
These practical investigations and
conelusions wen* interpreted by
some us likely to revolutionize sewage disposal processes. They form
the only possible foundation for the
somewhat vague supposition that
"sewage disposal met hods are
undergoing a transition stage."
Such investigations have, however, had no appreciable effect upon the standard methods uf sewage disposal.
The preservation of the natural
condition nnd appearance of a stream
and the avoidance nf nil nuisance
frum odors is just as an acute quest-
ion as ever. Disinfection nf sewage
will nnt remove or diminish thc
...OOOJhs. „f gollds (ter i.(KH),00fi
gallons uf sewage entering a stream.
Disinfection may retard put refaction
for it time but only for u time.
Disinfection will not satisfy the
person who aces actual tilth floating
Paid-up Capital and Itusorvo
Muni'v Liiaiii'd to Rosuonsiblc Pcoplo. X
Accounts Oponod mi Favorable Terms. *
('iiii.uwai'k Branch   •   N. S, Mackenzie, Manager
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STUDEDAKEM UUCiaiES. Thoy tiro tlio
best quality and most handsomo rigs mi the
market, Wo would like to show you tlioso
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Implement and Produce Co.
pollution from streams to tho extent I in n stream, nn matter how sure he
only of a removing a nuisance, [may be that all tho germs of typhoid
| Average strength sewage contains or otherwise havo been eliminated.
approximately 3,000 His. of dried | On tho other hand disinfection or
elimination of disease germs added
to the standard processes for the
nvoid.tncc of : ettial nuisance may
in muny eases prove valuable nnd
prove not a revolution of standard
processes but simply a development
Disinfection of sewnge effluent*,
is likely to prove thc most promin
ent nnd useful of modern features.
It mu-t In* acknowledged thut no
sewage ellluent if only treated .p to
thc stnge of removal of putrescibility
h*H any right to enter a domestic
water supply source. In the ciw
of sutirees which are imt nvailahh*
fur water supply such may c intuitu*
tu receive either partially treated or
even untreated sewage.
What wuuld yuu think if it wns
proposed In any municipality which
ymi represent, that yuu spond several
iliNU*-:ind dollars in avoiding nn apparent nuisance tn the senses and
yutt were luld at the same time that
such an expenditure  in   no   way
it  1...W on >«.r Mu*l
solid matter per each l,()O",<>Q0gals.
of sewerage 200 lbs. uf which may be
mineral and |m lbs. organic, It
has beon found that in connection
with rivers whose areas nre thickly
(Mpulated, that they cannot dig<*st
till this mailer and becomo fuul
in Appearance and odor. In (ireat
Britain, with ono or two exceptions,
the cities nnd towns dn not obtain
their domestic water supply fmm
rivers tluwing thruugh inhabited
aretU. The water supply is generally fmm upland collecting areas ur
! natural lakes where there is nu
chance whatever .if sewage imllutiou.
Hence, efforts in sewage disposal in
Ureal   Hrilniit  have almost   suh-Iy
lieen directed lo preserve the natural beauty and Aesthetic appearance
nf -itrenin- ami not to make (hem
lit as soumos for water supply.
The question of disinfecting sow*
ngi—Ibal Is of exterminating disease
Ui'ini'-i* fh'tn iln- view of appli*
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'♦♦♦♦♦♦»■>♦♦♦♦♦ •t»»»^>4^<,4,»»4»»»»»»»*»»»»*>»^
niTcotod tho olmnco or othonviso nf
upremlitiH typhoid?
J    Lftrgo cities with un iiliuiiiluiiceiif
leiipilal avuilflblo nmy lie  wiin:iiilc<l
lit Ignoring tlio quostton «>f perfect
HOffftgo dlflposftl, booauso thoy cun
iifl'tnil the oxponatvo luxury nf per-
foot water purinontion, But thoy
, nro unly warranted ns far mi tlm
I matter affoeta them locally, The
•un-ill cnimniiniiy and tin- individual farmer cannot afford expensive
mothodB of wator purification. A
city may obtain ita water supply
from a polluted rlvorand filter and Bo
treat ii-t water bo as to ronder it
pun*. The city nmy rocolvo it.«
milk supply from furtnera looatod
oil that river whore the filtered city
witter i*t not available and whoro
tha fnrmor nmy havo to depend upon im filtered wator for domostla
purpose, washinK of Mi I Ik cans, oto.
The leant costly and most ofiloionl i
method of disinfaotlng nowago
ellluont is hy thu addition of Mtnall
proportions of chlorine.
Chlorine cannot bo economically
or efficiently administered tospwago
unless a liirRu proportion of tho
solids aro previously removed and
tho liquid sewage rendered nun-putrefactive.
The admixture of chlorine does
not revolutionize the standard
methods of sewage purification.
Where the standard methods wore
necessary ln the past they tiro still
necessary, Chlorine used as a disinfectant simply forms a continuation
of tho standard methods and forms
a useful and practical adjunct to
any sewage disposal system discharging an effluent into any body
of water which during its course
may Iw or is available as a water
supply either for individuals or to
communities uf individuals.
Io Saskatchewan at present tho
government are insisting upon the
purification of -it-wage to the extent
of the elimination of disease germs
whore such cflluenu. enter any body
or channel of water which may he
or is used for domestic water supply.
Itogiiia, Mouse Jaw, Saskatoon,
Prince Albert and many of tho
smaller towns ant at present engaged
in installing up-to-date systems of
sewage disjtosal which are in accordance with the standard methods
but which have, in addition, thc
plant necessary for thorough disinfection.
Modern features of sewage disposal may he summed up as follows:—
(a) Thc removal of a large proportion of the solid matter by
screening and sedimentation in
(b) The removal of the tendency
to putrefaction by bringing tho
liquid sewage into contact with oxygen, generally hy use of aerated
filters, or when occasion will allow
it, by dilution with large quantities
of water containing the necessary
dissolved oxygen required to oxidize
the organic matter of sewage.
(v) The removal of the tendency
of sewage to spread certain diseases
if it conies in contact with food supply, or in other words tho disinfection ot sewage by the elimination of
disease geniis.
Apart from the discharge of sow-
age Into tidal basins It i-- generally
necessary that the proceftscfl under
la) be followed. Willi efficient
screening and attention much of the
matter connected with nuisance
production can Ih* retained; and
with tho further application of sedimentation practically all the solids
apart from very  fine  particles can
In* retained.   Such an diluent after
screening and sedimentation is
amenable t<i disinfection by use of
about 7 parts in 1,000,000 of chlorine. Thc nuestion of leaving out
the process nf oxidation hy means
of aerated filters and relying upon
oxidation by the Unly of water receiving the ofiluent depends as ful*
lows: —
(a) Upon local conditions—such
as the extent, freshness, (low of
circulation of tho body of water, and
whether used as water supply or
0») 'Ir if disinfection Im- necessary, a careful study of the capitalized annual cost of thc extra chlorine
treatment required as against the
capital cost necessary to Install aerated filters requiring less chlorine.
In connection with inland strcums
and bodies uf water which aro required as sources of domestic water
supply, it will generally l*e found
that the whole ijireo processes mv
noxH'Msiiry from the point of view of
both efficiency and lilt iin ate economy. N'u cut and dried method
et'fiewagu disposal can, however, Inlaid down which will tit all conditions. Within certain limits the
whole subject, like must other sub-
eels, k subject to common sense
jtind Ibe results of experience.
♦***+*»*fr**+4*<**l*****>*+*l* **+++*+♦*****••'
If You Can't Be
Try to ho ornamental, nnd if you
MENTAL try to bo useful, bul tt
of both is the Ideal <o strive for,
matter of
inppy com
espec' '
V   ill   the
Choosing a Christmas
i. onclonvored to follow oul iiii-
solootlon of our stock.
Sos our advt, next wook lor a list of n fei\
wo havo.
■f Un
„... i
? P5°one  Denmark & Burton    ,-,
It Is Not The Price i
Bomnchilt is \\ hut tin*' boyjlkes, and lio
generally gcuiwl.nl be likes. A HOY'S
is Imnlci-on hi** clothes Ilmn a innii,
uml that's why wo urge you l<» huy
Lion Brand
Ii in the bei*! Boy'ri-Clothing innilc in
Canada, Thoy are maile by a linn
(tint makes nothing hut clothing fer
boys, who make miire than any other
tirm we know of, This ltnui.l In very
popular with the hoys, bccniuto of it-*
goodness uml Ua stylo, ami lieciuwo
then- are all the pockets thai a boy
like**, because it is easy lifting, be*
cause tin* price i1** easy coimklcrliiu Ibe
quality of goods used in thi-' niaku ol
Come in Boys and
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New Suit
Chas. Parker  .  ChilliwacK, 6. C. j
*************************************>■■*'.i* >*********
Onlc-r your Christinas Cake early n
Wc niiikii a specialty of Christmas i <■
They are hakoried in any design you wish,
weighing from threo to fifteen pom - n
Sixty cents per pound,
Evory ingredient used in these cake;
quality aud strictly fresh and clean.    A  «
lutoly no second rati-(.'nods used.    We .
anteo tho quality and work.
Ladies who may wish t.i make their onm
may havo thara baked gintis in our oi        d
we will decorate thorn al verv rofwonahl
Special orders in all linen of C
given our  lies) ilttelltiuli timi
in good liiiie for < Ihristmns,
Remember, all Goods and Work CuorunV^A
Buy at Smith's and he satisfied.
Phone 54
Smith's Bakery and Grocery
* »* m.in.iii i„„i«m„.,
Wo havo in stia-k ii autnlicr ..f ilamlanl iters, ;i—rt.-.l
sizes, whirli we purchnrcd tit n snap prloe,    l\'o l-.uglit
tlioso .Iniirs right and will soil ihotn right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare Ihtao with rogulni
doors. Com ulyuthoy \
priii- iiiiil rniiii. iiiiiI sis. tiie
ill nut lost longftt these prior*).
P. 0. Box 243
Phono 1121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
 limit. ..it..,
Judicious advertising creates business
H. H. NIGHTINGALE' currant combinations,
Invtatm.n,    and    Loan.    Nagedated.
WelL Well!
* use
?l d««d ALL the.e
of Good.
--; *"l> »•» SAME oil*.
I used
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Use.
N< 1 rh.n.-r .,1'.Mini Ihi* WRONG liy. lor th* OMNb
...ir.|mi i,i ci,l„r,    All... (irKrum your l)ri..u... ■>,
1Kb J»l>,.>..ii.n,.ln,j.„n <;„., l.hnll.-d. M.i.h.ojI.
This Fruit Combiner, Wall With Other-*
of tin*. Smalt Kind.
Currants combllli' woll with several
of Uie popular Hiiinnii'i* berries nud
mun II    frilIU   Uld'   t-1K'lTi«•.«..      lluektS*
tici'i'li'S,   i'iiM|itn>n-li
an* eiieli llt'llcluili
ii Iiuiii i
An eminent BClOttllSt, IhO Other day,
Kin.- tils 'luiii.tiii that tlio most won*
tii'ili*'   fJUco cry  ut   TOCOtU  yeniH  WUH
tin- aucovory ni y.i".*.i Jink- Just Llilnkl
Aa noon nn u alnj-ie tltln lnyer of Zam*
link is n|i|.iii'ti !.. a wound ur Bore,
mieli Injury Ih iiietm-d ukuIiihI bloud
I i.iiii-Kin-i't'ii'H polaonl    Not un*1 suooloB oi' itilorobe
I  COOllL'U   wilt) { llm)   Iiiiil   fount!   UllVt   /am Hul,   ilut'ri
' th inl 'tu'ir imiii of currants.
4 'in "iiiiil 4   nn*   H..nn-M'iii-H   tultli'il   In   A
small timi nt Hy tu *> riupborr; or a
tiitckleborry t»lu.
Hlewi-il liiit-lili'l)i'rrli*r* .iiut.fi n nice
compote t<*r tupper ">• Buwlny even*
in ni, ami currants athli'd lo u nro of*
ten rtiiiKlili-ii'il nn IlllprovOUllUlt, Kur
n plain liiicl.li-lii-rry cuinpoto ml'l n
cupful i»r siiiiiir to every lliruu cup fills
of itctTiiw ami slew Hniii in imroly
< itgli wnt it h> keep thorn from hunt- j','
inn.   CurranUj may hi- tulilod in nny{||u
Then again.  A
dHplioii lo a SOI'(
ill ami bo, it siiipri
Ik why clillili
•. -41.0H an Ziitn Hull Is
, nr ii cut, or lu Hklii
iin- smarting. That
ni i-i- Hitt-h frlomls of
^finadJlan    Pacific    Railway    Pushing
mllos "i uew railway lines for trans*
prairie provinces,   lu   Saskatoliowftn
S'-'Um-i '.'tituiii'- low Canada *»xt
year will liave ft*, .lictr service muny
partutlon  luto new  aeollotis of  iho
Steel In the West.
ui. no tiie caiiuiiiiin Paclflo Railway
mm  at present    under    I'ltnsiiii.iliiii
nearly  i.l\   Und red    mill**    ur    m-w
branch Hues, iiwuirwis of kuh,;;i ur
liilinri'iH ami tnick-layeiH tire tit work
lu various panh. of tin* couiiU-y. and
BUrveyot'fl aru ut wink uiuppItiK out
other linos in ail parts nt tin.* prov*
/iimlluk     Tliey euro liollililK lur tllO
L.ietici' ul the lliltii*.    All Ihey It now la Iticm    An fa Hi tut tile hi* llm* are ijoui-
I thai /iim-liiik stops their imiii.   Mo* plated and iimpeded regular Borvlcos
Itliors Hiimiiii never forget this. aro boiim iiiau«imiii>d, so that wlwu
I   Again.   As boou as Zam-Uuk in ap- tho yearly rurali of new Bottlers to the
ji.iit.it to n wound or ta a dlsonsod parti West ataru. next spring, there will be
iitie coll. beneath ihe slilns surfueu .]ii,-iii> uf new territory opened up.
-  ho stimulated that new healthy i   The largoBt of tlio new lines In Sask*
g is quickly ro;* d.   ThU form* aleJiowan being luillt by the 0. P. it.
... f fri'Bh licalthy tissue irom below iu ttuvt botweon Reglna and Colonsay,
tiiimiiut preferrfd, Muir ami bulfili /.iimlink'ri icorol ot lieallng, Tho [This line um* ulmoHt dtn*ctly north
nm lie a good mixture, imt a third oflllBBiio tints formed Is worked up lolrfrcmi Reglna until Craven Is reached,
i-iiiiniiis t-i nlso wiilMfactory if two* the surf-ace and literally casts off the when li brooches off in a westerly
thirds of currants and onctlilnl (Jf J-^;-«i n^u.- i.Ik.vi- it   ti.Ih u wuy jcunrtlmi   to     Wlnntrwi^Edraonto;
      .       ,,, _ , Zatii'lluk cures nro permanent, iim     it ts 133 mllos from Colonsay
huckleberries arc used more sugar wii^   II|lly j|lt, (1||l(,(. (,liy Ml, Mftrih) nf      R0glM um| ()Il t|lUt_ Q R(,rvlnl wlu
bo rtyinireu, »ioj Uolorlmlor Ave., Montreal, called
A well known cook offers the follow* 1 upon the Znm*Huk Company and told
inn reclpo for n raspberry ami cur- tiu-m that for over twenty-five years
rani marmalade: Huh two quarts of im hnd beon a martyr to eeitoroa. m**
raspherrtos and » umiri of currants hands wero al ono time ko covered
through n sieve Mint Is flue enougb to™ sores Uu  hml to sleep   n
,  1   .. ,      in 1   * gloves,   l*oii.- years ago Zam -link was
exclude the seeds,    Add a pmiml of.
stii*nr to every pint of pulp,   Hull tbo mo|1.
iugar till it strings in a smull nuan* I threo
gloves,   I-
llntroduced to m*
iliy of water nnd in nnollior kettle re* he
duee the fmlt in onebulf Us original sUll
bulk.  Theu mix iln- two nml hull tbem
down togclhei in n thick marmalade,
shortly be Inaugurated between Col'
on say, and Imperial, a distance of -t'j.7
mil.' i   South of Imperial track-laying
lias   ml vanned  another    twenty-five
inticH.   'iiii;i line posses through   n
splendid farming country whleii will
bo thlokly settled hefore long,
AnoUter ot tho new 0. r. u. bmnoh
it ciniMi iiliii.   Today—over j lines in Saskatchewan of over u hund*
after bis cure of a disease 1 red miles in longtn Ib thai h>
w !*!&
Will pav vow
KwQommksion offi/rrtttf Cdr/t/rjr
for eacA copy of Mis Amaut/fuls
Ghns^mas£iii//Ca//Mpou ttft
If is Qnetfthetestmr/stmad'
/Yo//day mimbtra in tho worfd.
Jt 6a.s Mi*mn /ff/ys Separa/st/
Coloredpiotufits, t&e/jd aS oncrn
for adoerfisiny motfora/tdfuf/pa*
■fteufarj  ~~~~    ~
il for. iwenty*ftve year*—lie Is Outlook and Kerfobcrt,  This u real*
meil, ami lie lias imd no truce hy the middle division of the Moose
return nf the eo-riemal IJaw-Macklln branch.   Services have
druggists fii Zam-Buk nt fiOc. |)nDn operated tor some Unto between
ml lice tiinl box ir Macklin nnd Kerrobort ami OuUook
Isoment uud a lO, ntnl Moose ,!nw, but there "i" B.IU1 n1
number of mllos of the middle dlvl*
blon to be built, When it i» flulshod
iiJic entire hnitiph will be 307 mllOB
box, or we will
you send tins ml
Cinning String Beam. ntiiui|i  Ho pay return pOBtngO).
Owing  (0 tbelr composition  green 1 dress '/.inn-ltuk Co., Toroulo.
string benns nre particularly I In bio to  '—"- 	
fermentation  ns thoy nre Inviting top HE GIRL born in SEPTBMBSRhmtg nnd will event ually form a Jum
tho bacteria that cnuso tbls process -     Itlon with tho Ucombe-Ciuitor 1
Km- tills reason tln-y are best canned
1 by the sterilization method, which, al■)$•.-.,n- constitution
itioiiL-.il it requlros a little more time,     she dues not always realize this,
is many times more satisfactory thanlhul hu it is.   When anyone is III lu
auy other,   it Ih accomplished in the th Igtibortiooil, tho Bcplombor girl
following mnnnerj |alwnys has some remedy or sugge*
Bolect young und lender benns. strln
them    uinl    brenh    ilu-tn    Into    slinrt i
Nine chances oul of len, tho Sop*lfl"t Kerroiiert.  This new line will be n
nber, girl bus tho great gift of a groat boon to all classoB In Saekatche*
w»n for not only will lho fURmcri
nloiiR the right-of-way benefit, but tt
will ntve tho towns and cities, In lis
territory, direct new connection wlUi
the main lino of the Cun ml'".:*. Pacific
io Moose .taw, Reglna, luniiilon, Winnipeg, Minneapolis, St. Paul utul
a third big branch under construction is from Weyburn to Lothbrldge.
ro* Q#mc*#XDA.
MjlH.WlNHI..lW'« Six.hum. Svin i- ll.H  1,-rM I
n*Kdforover sixty yi'aksi.v millions of,
MullllvltS   for    IttPJT   Cllll.I.Kl:.N     Wllll.lt1
■ri:i:iiiiNi,  wtth Mturiccr sicciiss,   it!
•HDOTiiiis vt,i child, soptrnb the (.cms i
ll llielwsl r,-mi-tly r..r DIAKMIKICA.    It In .<■■■
ixilitlcly liirniims.   lie mre anil auk for   "Mm. '
w 1 nut 0 •*/■■> S.H.ii.inR By nip," and take ou uibcr
kind,  Tweuty-fiveceuui* bottle.
Two-hundred and forty-nine out of
evory thousand of iho world's population live beneath M.e sovereignty of
King Grorge V.
Unit to offer, hul  \f slie Is WlBO sllfl
will imi use tills suggestion ou herself
     ,        ,    .      1    Fresh air uml   wholesome hablta
lengths,   rack them llnnly in the Jars. L.,,, keep hw wol) mi Ul0 cnd 0( |U,r
cover them witli told water 11ml ndil ,[JIVH
one teaspootifui of salt to each quart. Family feeling, organization feeling, up to Marcii of this year trnok on this
Put on tbe rubber ami lho top und and tho desire tn build up und oreatehlne had been laid ns far na Omega.
boil fur ouo hour mi oath of three sue nre ihe September girl's choracterlst* fifty-two miles from Weyburn. There
At tbo end of the hour •<-«• , .        ., .     ,   „   Is nov a through   service•between
She may not Indorse nil her family Weyburn mid Omega.   On the rest of
without criticism, but when it comes the Une from (unega westward grad*
tress uown t0 ,.(|.     W|mt ought to Im* done sbe hog was commenced in Kay of this
tighten tho lid on the1 ■■■■ -■	
rcmovo tbe cover of tbo bolter nnd al
low the steam to escape
tbo spring or tighten the lid ou th.-Jw'i|;'"^'i[*n(1"'1'l'y' lu'T'Viiinily"!)!-* Vu-r ril>-'v'oar una tin i-* Inst month'flfiy per
jurs, accordlog 10 tin- ntml used, toIclety every time, cen-t nf it had beau completed up to
prevent any outsldo air from entering, j   it'is her Instinct to further any*|miles sixty,  Thla line when completed
'tin* Jars can lie removed and
or allowed to stay iu Hit- boiler
Protect tie child from tho ravages
nf  worms  by   using  Mother  Graves'
Worm Exterminator,  it is u staiuiiud | in remorltig the Jnr
temedy and yeurs of us? has enhanced Its reputation.
ou the second dny loosen the tld
again. This will relieve any pressure
from steam tlmt might accumulate lu
side tbo Jar during tbe second eooti
Ing.   I'lme the Jars again in thu boiler I
nud bull for one hour. '
Repeat the operation the third duy
from the butler
The low-down wagon Is nil right,
hut follu; have no use for a low-down
*/ dirty*!-/!
NO matter hoit*
the children get \
their faces and hands
snd their chubby knees and
feet, SNAP will dean them
quickly, without hard scrub*
tinff, and leave the skin soft
and smooth.
Get a can at your dealer's—
loted I thing that win have what mlghe be will penult of a new route from Port*
railed permanent tribal results. She land, Oregon, to St t*ault MlnneapolU
must hulld for the ftiime, und for Chicago, mid it will aluo open up n
the future of others us well ;w her* very fertile country.
:    From Swift Cm root there nre belntr
Tlio  September   girl   Is  npt  to  bojbultl   two branches,    northwest    'ind
musical; she Is fond of music and ap-' southeast. Both of these branches
predates It. and often Is an expert were only started three months ago
musician herself, though not a great but on each fifty per cent of the grad*
une. iing is now completed.   The first nam*
sue can always find n place in any ed branch will give good transporta*
orgonlzatlon—club, or business office,tion faclllUes to the farmers near the
 , ,  , [—because people recognize  in  ben Igoutu Saskatchewan River.
care should he taken not to expose U|0 trUfl nuaiit:- (>r -Jepandableness, I There nre also two brunches being
ujoin to a draft of cold air while they j Her organlxatlon quality combined built from Wllkle. One ol these
nre hot. iih a sudden change lu tern [with her real strength of character, [branches reaches out lti a northwest*
pern tu re i* likely io crack the jurs I makes thc September girl a valuabtelerly direction and tbe other In a south*
The lids should be tightened securely- numiber <*r society. Where others I westerly direction. On Uie former.
if anvlna tons are used lt Is easy to might all he dlstieartened after a de* 1 whicli Is 36 mllea long there Is .*>
iph [hiTmZLdssssb of he aterllEloc •'■»'- •*« W"'R <*• l»ermanenee of the per cent of tho grading completed,
teat the (omplet.mss or the stertut OR d u    i1)1,„iniuuu,nC(l of events while on the tatter out of B2 miles
process. This is done l.y releasing the I ,U|(1 - |n8 ,0 liUtl(| u llI10llier UIl<lll|, ,Il(;rc |a ir, pt?r ceM of (|1C pradlng
spring nt the side of the Jura nod pick- taking, finished.   The Southern branch from
Ing up the Jars by tho top. If there The September girl is one of the | Wllkle will be further supplemented
has been tbe least hit of decomposl pi eminently successful school touch-ihy a brunch running from Korrobert
ti.iu or If the -sterilization bns not era, If she has any taste that way [In a northeasterly direction. With
been complete the top will come off I she will walk right up the. ladder of 1 these two branches completed, trans-
Thu 1 tweausa nreasurs on the top »««»» until she bns a school of ber portatlon facilities ror, he farmers in
THIS IS iHKauSfl pressure on *M top ^ D . h(J ^ cmmUy t-ir0Uf,-1 wlllrh they pass
has been released by the gus formed|M morfl ^.^ ,f ^0 |g wnnMted *w|U he unaurpassed. nnd they will
with any great educational organlxa* probably prove a big raotor in the
tion, or the schools of the govern* inducing of new settlers to locate In
ment: in fact, she would get govern- that locality. This branch from Ker*
meat aid where others would fat!. robcrt, northeasterly, will be twenty-
For nil this, the September girl Is five miles long. Up to date eight
not 11 natural leader, though sho likes miles of grading have been completed.
I'he young father ruahod upstairs
to the bedroom In fevoiish haste.
"Quick, Marin," he snld, "bring U10
bub) down. I've got old Uticlo Juinoa
in the drawing-room, and 1 waul in
Impress him.   Perhaps he will give
I he child ,t handsome prosont ami re-
mombor us in his will."
Marin, lu a flutter of excitement,
smartened up the now arrival, ami
I'urih'il htm down-stairs to the old arrival—a crusty bachelor on the wrong
side of sixty.
"Mere he Is. Uncle," said the proud
fat hor, They walled for a reply, hut
the old gentleman only eyed the Infant
curiously,   "They say he is like mo,"
ventured  the happy    father,    feeling
"Well," said the Undo slowly,
"that Isn't the child's fault,   i should
not liave it drowned on that account
Then Maria fainted, nnd the father
used language that fm.-ver spoilt his
chance of heeomlng the uld man's
Food for Thought
An lii-ihmaii entered a clocknuiker's
establishment uud oskod to bo ahown
a iimcpii'io lhat Mould nm require
winding  100 oiien.
I'he assistant produced one, and
ufter ptnislui; Its good points, remarked: "1 can guarantee ihls clock to
go for eight days wlUlouj winding"
"Well." Bays Pat. "I'll take ll, but
would yuu mini tellltig me how long
lt will go If 1 wind It?'
Many people will listen to a story
if it is told to them um a profound
secret, who would never listen to It
ir told in tbe ordinary course of con*
I    An   Uiteinatloiuil   combustion   loco-
motive of i.tmi) horsepower, >"> luta.1-
ing trains successfully oa a Prussian
nit ji oud.
The Paris police have established
a laboratory for the express purpose
of analyzing bombs njid, ir possible.,
tracing them to Uieir sources.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
m nrrmrv WIS auri-lr dnttoy fn*. -arnrw. ot em^\
ml il.'u|.:ili.,v ti-rainr Hip *.l..ilc lyilem when
tdDteriai a iliruntii tin- ii.uciu- Kurfunt. tsui-ti
»ni" •* -...uiii iiin-r In- UI--U hitiiI nn pr-*nri;i-
Uj.ii -wi ii-.ihm'oi" 11,' 'iii-r». »i Uif d»HMf 0- v
ni.i iln ui I"', tJl.l U> llif (.--nl fuil can ptmilil-/ d*-
nvf [r..ni ilii-m, ILiU'i caturrb I'urr, muiulMturr*!
by V. J, L'hfti.)- ,\ Ci., l>ili.li). 0. rgnl«ln» no ni*T-
-ur>-. and U Uhrn mi-rnallv. artlni Uir«tir upon
thr iiiwni *^ii tutiru't* rfometa ot im »rn«m.  in
tiiu-hm   11*.it cmarrli cun- Ire aura you ret   tbt
.I't.iii ir    it 1* i*.kr;i n ifn.aiiv ami mad^ in Tolado
Jtiln. br K t ni*'i-y A ci   Tmi-imtnaia trM.
•s.i.,1 l»v l*rui«.'.«   1-'"*-. If-.   r*r boMlt,
taae llalla fraiuity I'll* '« cuuiuuauuavv
Wnler In the pastures should be
looked after and ai springs und
troughs cleaned and kept Iii order.
No.id's GiT.it Find
Noah  iii-.tii.-.i   Mt.  Ararat
"At last," he orlod, "Die uitMiiilala
rosort wllh an OOOOU view!"
,     lieiewllli   lie  fell   the   voya#u   WHS
not in vain*
1 Constipation in cblhldren Is ihe ani**
j st sign ol danger—the moat confine*
; ng signal that baby Is going to he 111.
Constipation lends to and nctually
causes more suffering In Utile ones
than a"/ other trouble. To keep bnbf
veil his lillle stomach must he kept
sweet nnd his bowels regular—Baby's
Own Tablets will do that—they will
do It safely; surely and without pnln
; r griping. Concerning them Mrs. ri.
-0- Braaton. Bergland,   Ont.   says:—
'My  baby wus bothered almost  eon*
illnually with hts stomach nnd bowels
Und  was gteaily  constipated.  Ruby's
Own Tablets quickly relieved him hii4
would not now use any other modi*
ine.'' The Tablets are gold by tnedi*
rlne de-lb rs or hy mull at -f. cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
to.. Broekvllle, Ont,
by tbe bacteria.
Importance  Recognized
"Do you tblnk that man really appreciates the Importance a Uie office
to which we have eb.-cted blm?' said
one constituent.
"I guess lu does," replied the other.
"The first thing he did was to say-
it ought to command a larger salary."
The Chinese have prepared an international manual In order to make
the translation of foreign language-*,
easy and rapid.
A band of sutg.onA .l.iaier around
.the thumb, below tlio nai , Will cure
children of sucking their thumb.
A Pill That Is PH«d.—There have
been many pills put upon the market
and pressed upon puhllc attention but
none hns endured so long or met wltb
so much Tavor as Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills. Wide spread use ot them bat
[-nested their great value, and tbey
need no further advertisement than
•Uils. Having firmly established themselves Id public esteem, they now rank
without a peer in tho list of standard
vegetable preparations.
The Gorman Empress adopted the
pretty practice of giving her daughter
a pearl every Christmas Dny. Queen
Alexandra used to bestow on her
daughters a pearl every birthday, they
now form beautiful necklaces
I    "He's got a lot of nerve, hasn't UeT"
j "I should Bay. Knows the art of
bluffing his creditors, doesn't bcT"
■   "Muffing his creditors?   Why, msa.
Ihe claims he con bluff his wife."—Toledo. Blade.
"80 much dot-ends on tho money of
n country,'' snld a traveller. "In India
a lac ot rupees Is a fortune, while in
England a lack of sovereigns is poverty."
One of the mo*t pathetic sights In j   The outerenda of thc tubes of a aew
Nature is that of Petulant man who automobile born ore c'oned and the
Packs up his Doll-Rags and GoesI       inner ends open, thus preventing them
1 . from being clogged by dust.
Whalebone Is not bone at nlL     tt, — — — ■ -   " ■
hns not a single one of the many dis-     Wben you are crowded, Just keep
tt active properties of bone. Ion moving.
The Real Reporter
When the chief reporter of the
Popplc-tou Post bought on aeroplane
the proprietor summoned the editor to
discuss his successor.
■ "Kor, of course'. observed the proprietor, "we shall soon hsve a vacancy."
"How about Jones!" suggested Ihe
"Jonesr* qe-erted the proprietor,
doubtfully. "1 thought be was rather
« failure."
"On the cotUrary, he's one of our
promising recrulU," replied the edit
or. "Yes, Jones Is a genius, sir! You
remember the SmsUiam railway
emnsti. Well, Jones found the broken
rail that cauned the disaster Uiree
hours before tiie express was ttne: -He
MA down by the line, wrote up Uie
account while he waited sod wnt
Things Nobody Knows.
There are ninny strange facta about
animals which UO one bus ever seemed
able to Understand or explain.   Here
are a few of them:
A fly will crawl to the top of a win- j
dowpaiie. fly back to the hottom and ■
crawl up again.   Hardly ever docs it
fly up uml crawl duwu.
Hens scratch for food nlwnys with
tbe ami behind them so that Its rays
Will reflect, on tbu tiny seeds. Yet ■
blind hen, for wblcb this reusoo does
not bold, always innnages to get tbe
son behind bor also when sbw
Cats hardly ever He with their feet
to the Are.   In most cases tbey He in-
stead wltb tbelr left side turned to* .
ward It   But dogs invariably lie with j
tbelr fore paws to the tire.
A mouse overlooks s perfectly safe
food supply, sufficient for a meal or j
two. to enjoy the perllotin pleasures of 1
an unlimited store.   It will hide near j
to lend.
.   On Uie Kstpvan, northwest branch.
i ilu-re are IIN .--live- mile, ot new truck
-under construction.   Thl. bronco, con-
Ir.ecla witli Hie Weyburn—I^tlibrUlR*
I branch ut Forward.   On Rcislnn—Bul-!
yea branch. 42 miles, track-laying has
been completed nnd a   service   will
■hortly be Instituted.   On the double-,
rrarklni; from Pasqua to Moose Jaw
ctsMv-flve per cent ot the Bradlnc Is
completed but no iteel baa aa yet
been luld.   About equal prosreas lw»
been made on the double-track he-1
tween Moose Jaw and aron.
The other C. P. IL branch In Saskatchewan on Which construction work
la beini done, la between Moose
.law Bouthweatcrly. to miles SS. Orad*
int. Is Rolni ahead on tbls branch at
a rapid rate.
Mli.ird'. Liniment Cur..    Dandruff.
hi. report Ibe very minute aticr the; mouse runs to ita bole at tlm lint
wr«ck look place."
IJndaay, Ont-"l think It le no
more then right for me to thank Mrs.
tbs food and come out to nibble wbeu ' ptnkhem for what ber kind advice end
It I. hungry, for It Is nut true that a   l.jdla E. Plnkbam'a Vegetable Com.
Trouble nlltH enmc* to ehow how
mueJi we hove '» he thankful for beforo lie. oit-vaL
Canada's Capital.
In the old day. beiore the several
r Canadian province! entered upon ths
I praiunt confederation tiie I'ar.iuiiielit
Charcoal pl»ed In a reTriaorator j B1ct alternately at Montreal and Que-
will absorb   the odors of food.
keep* children
hralthful and happy.
Ci»e fAem » lew drops of
thi* etrengthening food-
medicine evory day ond
watch them grow.
. Bronchitis
Lome of Fleeh
taa nuay other troublci
au, owwoiera
bee. and tlm oilieials ..I the liuveru-
intuit .elected Uieil own place ol real*
iii-iiei.   'lliu rivalry between tlioso c-
[ lies waa ao acutu that neither could
I be cho.en tor Uie capital, and 111 1657
i both joiu.-d in uu address, wliieli wus
' rutilied by i'urliaiiietit, asking ll neu
| \1cU1ru lo aeltle the dispute,
Luring   Uiu   (oUowlnB    year    sin
i luiliiisi  Oltawu,   then   a   lively   little
lumber camp ul li.utsi of o.otui pi-uple.
'occupying   an   exeee.liugly   I..arable
gcogruplucal location.
High ll). In Bra.il.
Toe feu Hud ...in. upiup eo.t of
living lo Rabin. Ilrurll Southard I'
Warner, our consul mere, .uys that
wltb economy .nd no entertaining,
a small family ol four cau make out
nbuut tbla way: Rent, IT'.: provisions,
tiriO; servant. £111; fuel for cooking.
810; lighting. Illl: water, IA: laundry,
I'JtV-or more tliau l:ino a month for
Just those Items. And w. all knuw
huw tbe Incidentals mnke the real
Persian Feline That Wa. Hated hy
Parse. Loved by Mohammedan
pound-has dune for    The >dlun passion for law reached
me   When 1 wrote   It* record In a case Just flolshcd after
to her some time a el« years' legal feud that nil begun
ago 1 was a very ' about a cat   That feline animal baa;
aick woman   aiif.  cost millions 6lnoe the quarrel began..
ferine from female      As th* Parse* ond the troasuwl
trouble*.   1 had  Persian pe-ts of Uie world's wealthy
Intlammatton   of women hailed originally   trom   the,
the female organs,   situ.- land. It Is a peculiar luel lhat
and   could   not Uu. Purwe regards all cats with loath
aland or walk any  Inf.   So when a wen.tby Parsee found
distance. At last 1  Ihe domestic p.-t of his Mohammedau
was cotiHned to my  neighbor, Mookorlee, wandering Into
bed, and the doctor  lib. house every night end curling up
said I would have In Uie must sacred corners of bla n-
to go through au operation, hut this I   bode he w.nl sharp protest, ne« door
I refused to do. A friend advised l.ydla  Hookarjoe gave him the tough, so lie
K. Plnkham'. Vegetable Compound,   threatened to kill thc cut next tlmo It
and now. after using three buttlrsof it,   Intruded.
lfeelllkeatiew.vun.an  I most heartily Cat Cam. Back.
recommend thia niedli-lue to alt women > Along came Ihe cat the fol-
who.urTer with female troubles, thave .lowing night and went lo Klc-p In llu-
also taken l.ydla K. I'liikham'a I.iver lire pbice. So the Parse., slipped her i
Pills and think tbey are line."—Mrs. Into n suck nnd Uirew her out of the
FliANg KuMLgT, l.mdsay, Ontarlu, lopmoet window. The Mohammedan'.
We cannot understand why women 'servant picked her up.end reported to
will tike chancea with au operation or his nuistor. who declared nn olernal
drag out a sickly half-hearted ellst- ;teud on his neighbor. The comwpon-
euce. missing three-fourths of the joy denco Ihul followed wns heuvly,
of living, without ilrst trying l.ydla E. cluu-geo with acid, till one day Uv
I'llikliam's Vegetable Compound. cat disappeared and  matU-r.  look u,
For thirty yeara It has been the jewlous change
standard remedy for female ills, and Hooker).*) swore the Pnraeo hnd
has cured thousands of women who drowned her in tie River TapU. He:
have been troubled with such allmente gathered hie aorvaiMa and they 'ought
an displacements, Intlemmatlnn, ulcer- the Paisee'e rotlnuo from dawn UH
atlon, fibroid tumors. Irregularities, Idatk.  Tlvn they look the law courts
total wben the Ilrst or the month bill,    periodic psius, backache, iudlgeeUoa. iMnokerJee discovered Unit hts neigh-
corns lu.-Nsw York I'mis.
W. N. U. No. 367.
Win thane him out of sll ths ciowtt
Of man thut .-..ni-* nml wnnt.
Ilia voice Wna low. 1.11 tic wna ton it.
Out ahe waa well content.
Tin* first man'a rducRtlon wss
i->rhapa more flnletieU. ami
Another'a monncra icave hei* csurw
Aa IreltlK much mora f-riiml.
Anothri-'a -t-intifiit-i ritt.'.i him;
Aniiiin-r a lialr wqa curly-
Aouttieri namr- waa Arthur-Jim
VAaa choaan by thla nlrlle,
a nl not for wealth nnd not (or lots
>'■ ii* llm hy Mm..'i choaed—
Itut ■ Imi ne waa th*> mi- man Sf
Ihe whwltt lot that pr-or**»w!l!
-iluatos Tr««sl«r.
and nerrotu prostration
bor w-jifl iiriltis tuirt of Ids lnr.J for n
roadway, so be sued for d(uin*«t«. The
l';trs*i' counu*rod with a claim that
The Candlan Paelfle ttallway en- \ ftrTZfcXt ft'to hi. S"de°n' Ev*
.ounces the. IhelrFraaer Canyon Hot- '^ffi^X^SZT™*.
el has bean re-opened unlit October I ''' ' J„ ,mlli,,lon ol tb.,'ill-will be-
16th. This hotel haa been thoroughly :«'«• S™S„ til nelulrJ bout
renovoied and refurnished and Is now] windows,
on a pnr with lho other C. P. R. tnoun. i "   ""     ' " . ...     Aooeel
1 » , 'Y, "t.%°'J'I1' KrtS Sr'y ;,'     w,« taken on appeals and counter i
slluatod it will be very popular will. I ^ mW Uw t/oStnmWU- had to1
"""''"'""  Ih I kind lo satisfy the legal costs and
I the Par-see had to recourse to the
. money-lenders.
i Then a link' while bock Mookerlee
heard a nolae In his bedroom. It was
hie old est come hack to a weather-
! beaten condition from ber smarterInm
lar afield.
Rats? Not a Bit of It; Only Big
Man of tht Houss Angry Thst tht Werner, Hid Been Scared by Rodents.
Hst Unplssstnt Experience In Cellar,
but Stands by His Guns,
By  M.  QUAD.
ICopj-rlR.it,   11*11.   hy   Associated   Literary
Onr evening Iwo weeks ngn Mr.
Uowsor ciiino homo from (lit
olllco to find Mrs. Ilowflcr sen V
ed on tbe t'tnno nnd tlm cook
Standing it|i mi ttie snfil. One wns
armed with tli** broom nnd tlio other
Willi un oltl ctirtnlii |»le, and on the
fnre of Piiili WAS n look Hint she would
•.•ii ber life doflrly.
"Wlmt tn thunder docs nil nils
•mean''" shouted Mr. Howior ns he
|>HiiHt*d tn Uu* door of Hie anting room
"Rats." auswered Mrs. itnwuer.
"Wlmt sort of  mswcr i« that?
Comedown from thai plnnol My the
(zreni John Henry, hns my house been
turned Into mi Insane asylum?"
"Mr. ItowHvr. Micro nre rats in the
house," explained Mrs, Itowscr ns mm
ami down, "Cook miw three o( tbem
In tbe kitchen nu hour ago,"
"And one of 'em snapped nt me like
•  mud wolf." ndded thu pride nf Iho
kii.'tu'ii im Ntie also reached tbe Door.
"I don't believe n word of III Thers
Iin i ii mt within n mile or tbe limine
■nd  hasn't  been  for twenty years.
S'time right downslillrs. both of you.
-Now. show mo n rut.   Uo rl-jlii nt It
■nd show me n mil"
"I think they cnine up out of the eel
Isr." Miiid Mrs, Howsor. "I didn't see
tin.* myself, imt l hoard tbem puttering
■cress tbu floor."
Burt There Wert No Rats.
Faltering nothing!   Cook noter even
■aw h mouse.  She might potodbty huve
eoen ii cockroach strolling about* but
] doubt tbut. Ucl tl(pner on the table
(within ten minute*, or there'll be some*
thing worst* thnn ruts around tht
house! Hy George, but wlmt fools
(H-omen enn muke of themselves!"
At Ihe dinner table Mrs. Bowser
"I nm norr? yon talked so bluntly to
rook She Isn't a girl eaBily frightened,
- and I um quite mire she bow ut least
tine rut She says three, Che cume
running upstair-* nnd aald tbey were
after her. nnd so 1 cot scared."
"Mm. Bowser, didn't you bear mt
•i thrown over u prerl|>lct> ti.twfi lei-t
bleb liei'tiiiHo she will not marry tho
lending uuin lit tbe HoNton Idi'itl Comedy com puny.
A mull und n full nn the cellar stairs
-nnoitu-r yell.
Then Mr. Bowser, wllh face iih whim
as the (lend nud his eyes rolling,
"Will you tell me wbnl on earth h
Ibe mutter''" linked Mir* UoWHOr ni
she cume forwnrd.
"1-1 saw something down there I
Some- -something run over niy fool!"
be gaaped.
"Oh, somethingdld.eb? WelL you've
been told there tin* ruts uhnitt."
"Of course there nre rats." added tho
[ cook.
Wtuld Not "Own Up."
j    Mr.   IlnWKpr  hml   taken  n   decided
] stand on the rnt qtlestlbn,  He hnd pot-:- |
i lllvely   denied   that   there   were   nit-* i
| about*?  He tiiiist now own up or blutf
It through.  Mr. Bowser '»• n mun who
I huu never "owned up" over three Union
I In hlu life antl wuh then Hurry for It
I wllbltt Ave minutes.   He bad gOl n bad
. scare, but he poi hold of bin norro itnd
i turned on Mrs. Bowser (o sbouti
j "lints! Idiiii-i! Utilities! Whnt I
! law down there wai Home stray eat.
i Kin* took me liy surprise and rallied
j me for a moment.   Kitiy. kitty, come
1 up here, Kin* won't come, bill she s
| down there."
"Hut tf it sho-uld bo rotor queried
j Mrs. Bowser.
1   "if it should be sn run himself, why
j don't you link? You are Just like nil
other women.    When j.in gel  a   fool
j Idea lulu your head nothing ent) drive
; ll out.   1 uny it's a cut."
"Then  yon ought   io .In down nud
; shoo her up. We can't hnvo a ntrmigo
j ent down cellar."
"I'll  hilVO her out  In five* minutes,
i Tbnt In, we wilt leave tbe door open
; nnd  she   will enmo  up und  take a
] Hklp."
j "Hut If there are rats they will come
I    "Woman, haven't I said there wasn't
; nn Infernal rat  within four miles of
! the house?" whooped Mr. Hawser.
j    "Yes, biit"-
Finde Big Cool-roach oe,
I Ue turned about and weut down collar. It was Ihe only thing be could do.
Ue must hunt the cat or let Ibe rnts
bunt him. The tens wns sllll burning,
snd he armed himself wllh the furnace poker and went scuffling around
and culling out "Kitty" snd "IJboo
there I"
> Nothing developed for Ore minutes.
Then four big rnts rondo a dusb for
■ blm from behind o barret.   He struck
t at the nearest and fell down and rolled
orer, and there was another wild yell
aud a -scramble up the stairs. The four
rats followed and whisked out of the
kitchen Into the buck yard before
either of the women could open her
mouth to stream.
"Didn't 1 tell you there were rats
bere?" asked Mrs. Bowser.
"Voo did. but where are they?" wns
replied. I snw three rock ranches scurrying ont. hut where were tbe rats? I
told you there were none."
"But why did you yell end rush
"To hump "em along and give them
the score of their liven, of course.
Now, then, let's hear no mora of tbe
rot matter. I don't propose' to have
this limine turned Into so Idiot asylum
because four cockroaches happened to
drop ln on ns for o peaceful call!"
•say there wasn't a rat within a mile
ot thla imaier* demanded Mr. Bowser
as be knocked oo tbe table with tbe
Bundle of his knife.
-Yes. bnf-
"T bere am no buts shoot It What!
as j abont rata goes. Cook saw water
bags or cockroaches. Tbey might even
bave .ieen grsiaboppers tbat Jumped
In frum tbe back yard."
"Bnt other houses have rats Mrs.
•Icljiln wua telling me"-
"lln. McUIn sod Mr. Bowser art
two dlffereot persons, madam. If Mm.
Mc!.nln has rats In her bouse she Is
welcome to tbem. 1 bate none In mine
and never bsd sod never will have,
■nd If I come home sod Ond another
circus performance going on somebody
erlil eofferf"
Agreee te Whitewash Cellar.
"I'm sure that cook*'-' began Mm
Bowser, when be cut In wltb:
-That will do. The subject Is closed
I have told yuu what will happen If
any more rata are teen around bere."
A week pained without another rat
King sin, Then two mnde ihelr appearance, bnt dlsnppeurcd before the
conk bnd time to get uenred. On tbe
•nest dny there were four rats and on
Ibe nesl dny one. Not a word wae
awtd tu Mr Bowser until tbe other
evening after dinner Tbeo Mrs. Bowser rnrelewdy iiik.nl:
"Hon't yon think ihe cellar ought to
thr whltewaubed ugitlnv"
"Might be a good thing," was tbe re*
"Would you pny a man S3 to do It?"
Three dollarsi  Three dullsn!  Not
tiy the tomb of Allah! The man tbat
charges tit fur «ocb a little Job Is a
■fcome tblef ond a swindler."
"Bnt If It takes blm s day and a
"He ooght to do It In four boars. I
eUd It ln tbnt. Ill go down aod take
• took at things, and If there la seed
U Mother cost TU pnt It oa toasomw
evening I believe tlw pall tad tba
broth sre down tbert."
•ertama Peem Ihe Cellar*.
Mra. Bowser bad scrompllsbed a part
of the conspiracy sbe bad entered Into
wltb tbe rook. Hbe bad sot Mr. Bow*
I ser to go down cellar uf bla uwn se*
cord. Be gut a mutch snd went down
and lighted ihe gas aod weut looking
around for tbe whitewash outfit.' He
was beard to whistle a few bars uf a
popular sir Ue wna heard to bum.
Bo was heard moving slmot. then s
long, wild bloodcurdling m-reum-sucb
Net en Her Side.
A little boy wbo was very much
puzzled over tbe theory of evolution
questioned bla mother thus:
"Mamma, am 1 descended from a
"I don't know." tbe mother replied.
"I never knew any uf your father's
people."—Cotton Seed.
A Little Olrl't Importance.
Grandma (Impatiently) — Dorothy. 1
do wish you wuuld keep quiet for a
little white!
Dorothy - I'll try. grandma, bnt
please don't scold me. Just remember
that tf It wasn't for me. yuu wouldn't
bo a grandma at alI.-CbIcago Becord*
x Many Caught.
4> Matrimony Is like o rainstorm
X -only bnd wben you're cangbt
t> In It.-Detrolt Free Press.
His Majesty • Always Enjoys Himself
at His Highland Home.
Shooting., ultlior with nun or rifle.
Is His Majesty's lavonto pastime, and
hu i« never to titorougniy happy '»-
when tramping tmougn tuu preserves
ni Y-.iuii--.oi, Ua.morul, or baihiriugftuilr
with hts ;:liii under ihs.ui'iu tiuU "<.*
ittvontu dug by Ills *. *. Nur aru tftew
muny men in t.ui who can up
proucli him in act ih .->• ui aim.
The wild moors .... i tougn upland*.
around Hul morn I huve always appeal*
di io tuu King with oonsluurubt«
force, und nil inrougti tlm strunuoua
utiii's nc has eiiiim.d in connection
wim his coronation itu loottod forwuw
to the time wneu, tor it brJel spell.
tn- mignt put tne pomp utul r,renin
stance oi tin- Court aside and spend
llii days iu iu« bracing mr ot tbu
Highlands, ihootiug and nailing. I'tui
tun.- tin-* now arrived.
iinuuiy honored are tlioso whom Hi*
Mil j oily invite ito Join nil liouau pur
llus Ior Hu- shooting. Not only an
thoy im- guests ol tnc.r sovereign, bin
11117 in,' m tne euittpuhy ol one oi
th.- bust all-round sporteiuun ol thi
uuy. 'ihe King in 1'iiiiy astir., slid
tnoso Mini are to uccumpauy lum 1.1
tne Hold havu IlKcwisc tu bu about ui
au  hour thai IllUSt luol  very   nirungi
to some of theiiL li i.* ui littimoral
that his Majesty entortalni nn* largest ihootlng-piirtias, so mat what hap-
pons here muy lie laki'ii a in lypleul
nt wluit goes forward whonever men
Is a hhiMit at nny oi tin- royal roi
QrouiQ arc, a-* a rule, very plentiful
upon tin- lliiltu'iial prcM'ivo. Hul
tney want finding,    To quote His Mu
losty'i wordi whun I'rinoc of Waloi,
"Vou have to.gn after them; tin- bird-
will not come nnd Iced <>n the liiwne
just to oblige you." Therefore- thosi
who are to shoot with the Knit* ari
often called nt 5 a.m.. whon the dawn
ih just brenklng. When they leave
their mum* they liml nn ample repast
awaiting them even ul this curly hour,
There is u largo choice of hot und cold
dishes, though His Majesty 1* himself
a believer in n very light diet, a ou|i
»f coffee ami 11 roll or two sufllolng
Iiini lor broakliist,
8udwicli boxes mul dusks ure then
ii!ie.i, gumt examined, pockets louded
witli cartridges, uud off the party sullies. If one of the outlying bents ard
to be tried lirst stout Highland point *
or motor cars are awaiting the guu-j
to transport thorn to where their spoil
m waiting,  The roads about Balmoral
are, in tin- majority of oases, none to-
good, so that,  whenever il id at all
possible, His Majesty rides in preference to motoring.
Most sportsmen are agreed that, to
shod grouse to pcreetion, they should
be attacked curly in the morning, hi
torn the sun bus reached Its full
height. When the chosen heat is approached the King rapidly maps oul
his plan of campaign. His Itnowledgn
of woodcraft is little short of wonderful, and he s.-ems to realise Instlnc*
lively what the birds are likely u, do,
He disposes liis field with rare skill
and discriminution.
By tbe time that lunch is due His
Majesty and his guests are quite pre
pared to do full justice to it. A pack -t
of btindwichcs is a very useful addition to a shooting outfit upon tit-*
moora of Dees.de, but one has not
been tramping for many hours before
the necessity lor something more substantial is impressed upon the mind
in wf unccr.* mi manner.   Tin* royal
lunches aru v 'v jilaiu in character,'
though ample i. choice and quantity.
The King has sot ctliiug approaching
contempt for the sumptuous meal**
thst muny "sportsmen." of to-day appear to consider a necessary portion
of a day's shooting, and his injunction
is often to be heard—"Eat quickly;
we are losing Uie best of the fun."
As a rule Queen Mary and thc ladies
of the bouse party join Uie guns for
lunch, but it sometimes fulls out that
the game takes the party fnriber aUeld
then was anticipated, and lunch con-
s-.'qucntly fail- them. Upon these occasions tin- King bus been known to
sit down under the Ice of a haystack
and enjoy a crust of bread and cheese,
washed down witb a bottle of beer,
with a sigh of complete contentment,
A coople 0.' pines or a cigarette or two
snd His Majesty ia us eager
' schoolboy to be alter the birds
Hensymeen Over.
Mra. Kswedd tnoutlogi-Ton are not
like Kale's bosbaod. He won't let his
wife do s bit of heavy lifting
Newedd-Unt I can't alwaya be at
home wben you tske yuor bread out ol
tbo oven.-Boston Transcript.
The Way It Gets New.
Tbe sreetett novel of the are-
Wonder of ll.e nation.
till the rat*, elr. all Ihe rust—
Takes the whale cr-ratlbni
Critic* prats* on every hand—
Hp**-H ihe euthnr'e mlaaton;
Iloriitrerl ihoueand mpiea and     '
■Noih-r big edition! '
Authora-puhttohere relotrt—      "-*
Live on milk and tinnert
"la ll *miiii»" |>ip**a a voire.
-Oeaiuer   No. Ha m*w*-v'"
-Atlanta Conalltullos*
Oslsbrnted Entii-.h Socialist and trav. |
tiler Who Spoke In Trafalgar
Square, London, During the Dock
Strike, Served Sim Weuki Wllh
John Burns For Leading the Rluii
of  1887—la a  Strong  Man.
A nloturpsquo figure in the Socialist
world ii Mr, Cunningliomc-Grnhani
who spoke in Trafalgar Square durln**
the reaunt dork strike. Iln It wa
who wai associated with Air. Join,
Burns in the vindication <>' tiio right
of free speech daring the labor rloti
of 1887, both being lontonoed to six
weeks' Imprlsoi -in with oul hard labor.    Mr.  t'ut*1iili«hiiiiie-(iraliam, who
can boust el moil auoleiit Bcottish
hh. 1
*lM l.ll.MIAM.
' in having in hi*
lineage, glories mor
day been bailed as "comrade by black
smiths, miners, and artisans than  It
nil the heritage* of learning and flm
Scots blood which has come down to
him from Dip days of his ancestor.
Robert Bruce." Mr. Ciiiininuliaine-
Graham lias seen life in many lands,
sud is noted for his great personal
sireTugth. It is his boast thnt he i*
able to sign bis name with a Oil-pound
weight hanging from bis little linger
Ot.ce, when lie was narrating the fad
bi a well-known editor, the. latter remarked, ironically. "I suppose you
generally write your M88. that way,"
tWjoKe being that Mr. Gunnlnghame*
Graham's writing is a positive terror
to compositors.
A Ctttl*/ Jtat.
Deetmcllon o(  Athens was brough'.
about by a Je-i  on soils.    A  witty
Alht'ntnti, at ruck wiih hlu pimply luce,
called him a "mullu-rry pmldlng."
The Eddvstene Light
roesesslng a nindl.* |*ower of IrVi.OOO
the light of Eddy "loin* lluhlhotiue can
be aeen lo clear weuiher for seveuiveii
and a half miles.
Gladstone's Grandson.
It is a curious and Interesting co*
incidcnco thai Mr. W. G. 0, (.1h-1-
hiorii-, the young squire of Hawardcn,
who lias been selected as I.ihi-ral
candidate Ior Kiinuiriiock Burgs — u
safe Liberal seat — has entered upon-
bis political can or at the same age,
twenty-three, ns bis distinguished
grandfather entered upon his first
contest for Newark in Id32, Guftousl)
enough tbe two an- linke.1 iu the
Splendid portrait of tho great state-
man by Mlllala, which is one of the
most treasured possessions of Howar-
den Castle, with the boy standing Inside him. After graduating at Ox
lord, wher» he occupied the inm-h
coveted post ol President ol the Union, young Mr. Gladstone went on -1
tour round the world. He has many
associations witb Scotland, not onl>
through bis famous grandfather, but
ai-o through his mother, a daughter
ol the lust Lord Blautyre, whose ancestor was Lord High Treasurer ««i
Scotland. Mr. Gladstone is, in a
double sense, the youngest ol Uie lord*
—Lieutenant of England and Wales
his appointment to the Lord-Lieutenancy nf Frlutshfre having been mad,
only a few weeks ago.
as -
Thst Wlcksd Waste.
A famous English mustard merchant
haa declared that tiie prolils accruiiu
to his firm came not from musturd actually eaten, bnt from thut left upoii
patrons' plates. In other words, must,
ard consumed »a- quite a small proportion of mustard used.
Tuke cigarettes us unother example.
The average cigarette is three ii-chei
in length, and the discarded fsg-i-ud
three-quarters of un inch In every
lour cigarettes smoked, therefore, oue
Is wasted, or 25 \ r cent. Obviously,
cigars are not mi wasteful, ou account
of their greuttr length uud the taet
lhat holder*, are frequently used; but
tbe waste of tobacco i>y plp*smokers 1.-
110 small matter, u wad being knocked
out utter ouch smoke.
The "heel-taps" ..; <lrinks represent
a high toll on tne dr.nkcr; and as lor
nolepuper,   why,   almost ua  much   if
wa.-i.'.i us ib Dsed,
Then there arc garden seeds. The
amateur buys np rscltet, sows a half, or
perhaps a little no.re. nnd tbe rest
ure act usitle uud forgotten,
Men ot Genius Whose Thoughts Weri>
Wont to Wander Astray,
Absorption lu their work n> often
CHme J   to   BUe|l   ilKlrellie-i  as   to   tllllrli
men ol genius strangely oblivious in
wlmt is gong mi nround them. Mati)
amusing stories are told illustrative
of tins tendency lo "absuntmlnded'
noes," According io t*nr David Brew*
hter. when Newton left a room to get
anything he usually returned without
The physicist Rouelle w-ns notorious*
ly ahsentmlndod. One day while performing a laboratory experiment he
laid to his itudoutst
"You ner. getltlc-lllOll, this caldron
over the flttmosP Well, if I wen- to
cease stirring it au explosion would st
once (iccttr Hint woulii make us jump."
As he spoke ho involuntarily ci-us-
fl stirring, nml his prediction was ful-
fllh-d. Tiie explosion took place with
a l:iglittul noise, every window in the
laboratory wns broken, and Bouelle'i
audience flod wildly outside.
It is related ..I h gifted oooleslaatto,
Bishop Mutislcr, Iluil, returning home
find bulling his door plncnrded with
the announcement, "Ths muster ol
Uu- house i-* out." In* calmly remained
in front oi ihe door, awaiting his own
Buxton, the mathematical prodigy,
during  h   visit   to  London   was  taken
io see Garrlek in "Kiug Richard 111.
Afterward, being asked how be, likiii
lho pluy, ho mid ho really did not
know whnt it hml lieen about, us he
had been too busy counting the words
spoken by the dlfferon! actors and lho
number r.f limes each went in and but,
Ampin- iu u mom-'it of preoccupa*
t i* ui pei eiled n pni it iu on the buck
of -i cub standing In the street and
wus vastly astonished when the starting oi the cub caused his pronh-in to
disappear. Lombroso iuys thut much
the same thing happened to Glola,
who, in the cxciti'iuoni ot composition,
wrote a chapter on the to* of hfi
bunau Instead of op, paper.—Ainslee'i
Hall Caine't Role.
Hull Q'.' .e, wilh his long hair, hii-
beard and his flowing cape, is fairly
well known to everybody, if only from
photographs. This fact cticuuragi-b
une to fell a story.
It happened wheu one of Mr.
Gaine'i plays was running at the. Wild.
horses*won t*drag*lt's • name - froin-us
theatre. The cutbor decided that the
least he could do after the performance waa to go round and congratulate the lending lady, So when tiie
curtain fell he went round behind
und tupped ui the lady's dressing-
room door.
The lady sent her maid to see who
it was.   J lie maid went.
Now, the passage outside was rather
dimly Ut, and wnen tiie maid opened
the door and saw a strange-looking figure Btonding outside she promptly
ejaculated "Oh!' iu a tone ol extreme
surprise, shut the door uud returned
to ner mistress in a stats ol some be*
"Well," asked the lending ludy.
"who is it?"
"1—1 scarcely know, miss," gasped
the maid, then, us a brnlmnt altar*
thougnt, "unless it's tbu bearded
lady I"—Tatlcr.
William Kemp, the *Jie3«r and Jester,
Was the Original One.
It WUd 11 ecrliiMi William Kemp,
thu moil orig.uai lauioui uanoui of
Queen (-.-.anbuin's d..y uud in- ereati)'
01 low comedy roles in bhakespeareaii
plays, wno was the original "nine
uoys' wonder," for Kemp, with ribbons on hi.-, jerkin ami nolU urouud
his legs., jigged uinl capered uil tin-
way from London to Norwich, a dis
fence ul some 120 miles. He danced
along lor nuiu Oiiy*. hik! lhu» uiade
bis mime und lliu expreistun part ol
household couversat.ou lu every Inuii-
let in bngiand and ou the continent
Uh well.
Accounts   ol   Will   Kemp   occupy
many pogei in tbe i ks on Bliia*
bchiati nrauiii a,titl those on tne man*
tiers und euslomi "I the nine. It n
univenally conceded tnal Kemp created tn.- charucier ol Uugberry m
"AlUcb Ado About Nothing' ami that
of Peter In "Hi «* und Juliet."
As lor the ^nitic day-*.' wonder."
BU tabs than writers, lien Jonnson
among others, olten refer to him. He
was |jo> suiij.'ci ..I many paiiipuleis,
and Kemp nnntelJ wrote nu uuiobio-
Only   one   copy   of   Kemp a   "Nine
Days Wonder, I'erlormed tn a Ounce
From London 1*1 Norwich," is extant,
In Dm Bodieiot) library at Uxiord, .
But there huve been several reprniw. 1
Kemp, who describes himself as a
man who spent hii life "m mad lig-
ges and merry leites," recounts blithely ami wittily how he and his laborer
made their way through homiord,
One! milord, Bun bury, hockland and
Uon'ord Bridge lo Norv Ich,
'Jhey were entertained royally along
the route an.l despite tne bad weatner,
which delayed them, would doubtless
have arrived at Norwich long before
tne tweiiiy-tiiice »i.,.vs were up had
not lie gooi loik along the rood beeu
so hospitable,
Kemp started from ihe house of the
Lord Mayor oi London, und ut Norwich he wus received by the mayor
ot tout Hounshlng town, who "presented
him with a sum of money uud pensioned him for life,
When he ngain reached London.
where he bnd "put out" a stun of
money against accident uloug the
road. Kemp wus repaid fourfold, It
was iu l-jiKi that Kemp penormed Ins
"nine days' wonder.' it is written,
but with doubUul authority, thut the
km! ot the ttlixabelhun poputace m-
terward capped this teat by jigging
OVOT tne  Alps.
In the old woodcut in the account
oi Kemp's "dounoe" "that most comical and conceited Cavalier Monsieur
du Kemp" is seen in tilizsbothan morns dance costutnu jigging uwuy to
the music of pipe ami urum ut bis
Medical Advi
tion ol to.
Com m itiiii 1
sory Syitet
Many  Com
ir  to thr   Hfalth  Sec
National   Conservatloi
Advocates   ,1   Compul
a-.  Now  Obtatne    le
«—A   Life-Long Stir
dent of All Forms of Sanitation.
The Anl Vaccination league ot
Canada, wh .h from its headquarter*
in Montr, nl I in*-, opened n enmpsigi
against vaccination, will Had a iturdj
opponent 11 Dr. Charlei A, Hostgotta.
medical adviser t. *h.- health iw lios
of the Kational Conservation Com
mission. A ihon time before ]>r.
Hodge lti rei. r -i his uosllidn ai
secrotary ..( ti„ Ontario Board o*
Health mid depuij   registrar-general,
A Cleric.il   Pun.
A Group et Aborigines.
In the eosttiiii. - characteristic of
their different races und countries,
sixty-live natives selected from tho.—
who are to he aeon at tlic London l.x-
liib,tion, made a tour through tiie city
the other duy. On the stepa of St.
I'uul's Cutliedral an interesting photograph of the group was taken. One or
two of the Indians entered the cathedral ahead oi the others, and there
was an unexpected incident when
others who were am ut to enter wen-
told they had better be snapshotted
first. Without Uie slightest warning
one pink-turbuned individual in white,
who wau inside the edifice. shouU-.i
in loud guti.-r.il tones with the object of recalling those who had already
penetrated a*, tar as thu pulpit, invoice rang through tbe cuthedrsl au-l
wu scchotd ami re-echoed, snd hefore
the ordinary visitors had recovered
from their amazement at such a disturbance of thc peace of St. Haul's tlic
answering yt 11 came Irom thu Indian*,
beneath Ihe dome.
Wonders sf an Essex Horns.
One of the kindcr-t and at thc same
time one ol the ablest and most businesslike of men. Lord lllytlj, vice-
president of tiie coronation exhibition
whu recently entertained at dinner in
.tha Garden club. White Oily, wveral
'distinguished Indian princes und pr.n
ce.-s.-s, owes bis title to his splendid
services in the osose ol agriculture, to
winch be ha-- devoted muny years ot
till osretr.
The recognition oi his work ha*
x 1   1 ,,-1  tM,,'n Wl"'d-w:.h\ foi the King of th..
--"■ ,;■'■; :<';™H, ^
Houi  Uminoiii, Mr. ,„, „„„,, .„, ,,,. ..,,,
Where He Worked.
Mr.  K*ir Hanl.e la noted for tiie
carelessness ot  ln.« mitre
none to the
U.ir.l,.    wus  lounging Hi  tne  lihratv.
wiiL-11   he was acci.-t.il  oy  a fn.-uil.y
poluemun, woo quite laltsd lo recog-
nixe   nun  in  Ins  somawOal  --h.itii-y
clotiies.   " 'llllo. matey]"  agsjalued
Uiu mun in blue.   "Are you work.ng
berlf" "aes," replied Mr   Hatdle, U- :art.|i* black.'I hoots in thi
coiucally. "On uu- roof-'' asti.-d ttie 1 charity. It Is. perhaps, a little dif
; champion ol law ami order. "Nu," tlcult to ImagllM Mr. Arthur Balfour
I said (lie Lnbur leader, with a quiet 'doing the s.niii- thing, but t happen-
I smile; "not on the roof. 1 wurk on M during the ootton famine of 186',..
[the  floor ol  this  Houss."   Nur  was
e*I upon lum tin- Medj.die. uud Bgri-
jruturiil *UK'i.ti"* nt toe end.* of the
ii'utUt have dona linn honor.
Had to Black  Boots.
Quito recently a popular tnii-ie ha.!
On one occasion at Athy, where
canon Btavoly, tha English divine,
wus then stationed, ha was visited by
the archbishop, whom Im induced to
vi.iit a new coffee house which had
just been opened In tho interests ot
tempersnoe. Naturally the distinguish*
ed guest was served with a sample cup
of coffee. He tasted it. while Canon
Hngot and the mnuug>*r waited in
complacent expectancy of commendation.
Tbey were disappointed. The cup
was hardly set aside by the bishop,
wno ejaculated, with prolonged und
urimiM.ik.'il.Ie emphii.-is.
Then the manager suddenly remem-
gered. "Oh, your grace," he explained, "a box of matches fell into the
coffee tank this morning, and I did
not think it right to waste all Ihe
contents of it."
"H. your grace will come again."
promised Canon Bagot, interposing
quickly. "1 faithfully promise yuu a
matoblt'ss cup of coffee."
An Esrl's Adventures.
The Earl of Ranfurly, who recently
celebrated lis fifty-fifth birthday, bat
had sn adventuront snd intercut)iig
life. Governor of New Zealand from
1897 to 19M, he tm, one of the most
popular men that colony ever had,
and his term of office was prolonged
by the unanimous wish of the people.
He bid.is considerable tracts of land
in Australia, where he spent sonvj
years at fruit-growing. He is a keen
yachtsman, ami in b:s collegiate days
used tw keep a Stettin yacht, in which
he ttlwuys uaveie-a irom Camorfdge to
London hy way ul the Ouse. the
Wash, and tiie Bast Coast. He has
bn-1 quite a fair share of narrow escapes. On one occasion, when Im was
playing polo, he was nearly killed by
1 some marksmen practicing at a neighboring range: another tine he wn-
I knocked down by a couple ..f runaway
horses, and bad a third escape when
! he had In jump from th.- windows of
I Government House, Wellington, when
I u tin occurred there.
Needed a Week's Notics.
I   It I* now fifty years since the British pofltotflce bank  was established.
• In   the  early   day*   there   w.'i.-   soma
!hasy ideas a* to the rule- of tha bunk.
"fShurc," sad an old Woman al an
1 r—-■ branch, "01 want to bank iiv*
pounds. Cun I draw it out quick if I
■ want it?"  "iodide Mr-. O'Bra.iy," re-
piled the postmaster, "you can -ir»w it
: out to-morrow if you give me ,, whu* *
I notice."
to go   tu Ottawa,   1   r- •. rtsr   bad  a
chat,wlth I .   ..*.
"I  advocal     . 11   . rj   vaueui*
tion law." if \y th-'rt*-
ol   Germany   \-  ■ md J ipun. *•»
preference to 1 . ■>. uuu.i
dat ■ Engl il    ■
Dr. Hod • ■ - til j m.-f** i-
man in On tr... ,M g wjfl 'i"1
whole tim<   and   I    •»■■■:,   Ifil nur*.
to    |0n   tal fl  -       l.-rit***.       •■
will    l>'     - i- -..      -*'ien.  •
short tin o- '•,!*•
erum-nt j■-   ' ■ » mw  Ftiilifif,   N
was offer I 1 *     ,1 .. M*m|
col  Healt fm I tu 1   -
One or two of th . .   -.   (row
• vt. • ontin . 1.       v.v    ie
■a.i - n ■   'i -" 1   •fisar*-
tiiwiii   Dr    I1 1       1 •
-t.tt. ue nf ...   f  -*i!l
not   U'*-** ; '                , . ..             in*   .ml    j
woman.   I   - mint.'
Famous Smokers and Antis.
Mr. Gladstone detested tobacco,
Thomas Hardy, tbe gnat novelist, ha«
never Bffloked a pipeful nor a mgai 111
bis Lfe. Uuskln aohorrcd biuokiug .if
uil kinds.
Kir T. Lauder Brunton does not u-*-*
lobaooo in uny form. Other eminent
men, past iui*l present, wim have
disliked tobacco are John Kluurt Mil!.
Sir Koh.it b. Bati, who never amok*
i-d but once, wneu lie wns at school;
Gen, Sir William Butler, Dr. W. B
Oarpenteri the great pnyaiologistj Ma*-
thew Arnold, Or. Alexander Ham, I'm-
fessora bk<-ut und Murray, the phtio-
logistsj Frederick Harrison-, Professors
•"'iceman nnd Gardiner, uud Mr. Lto>
ky, tne historian; ft*. 0. Howelia, and
bir hrskine May.
Non*smokcrs are. therefore, in vpry
good compum'. On the other hafltT,
Mark Twuiu said he commenced smoking when eight year- old, and smoked 'Mi cigars a month Irom the age
ol thirty onwards. fcSdiaoO- at work,
chews uibacco oonstantiy, George A.
Bala said he was a constant irnukex. 1
but ii be could begin Ufa again he ' **' ,r -    ' to"-nnit.   kV
wuuld never touch Looaeoo.   Mr. 0. A. ' Urhni*      ' '   "   "" *"•
Henty  smoked  from  after   breakfast i ,'u", ■* " "'   '■"'  ">'»•
unUl be went to bed at 3 a.rn.                ; »n'   ""T :"' '         :   "" '   ? """
.                                            : and tn bringing nra    amiy rsansrs
BaUrhttrst n .... 1     nW  fta i
rer Dedal
Gallant South  Sfriaan Saanta
,-*.■   Ill   ' -Miinn"-
town Tr -        . inn       •«*
..f iig-,    1 1    iu Saras*
Cn is (nt t  nnnng ■""■
to the  :   . Ill .    ..      mt 111   vie*!
when float >     u1'   » oga," aim*
asaght by 1       .    . 1 .ut ■**
•■ a
Wll.'n   I nur,
ihi   eltm IxchI 1—          .1: ml
and  T#T|        ' *rtSS*
as   sell a :.-.;-^--*t
to   swim    I ■     •
where   th"  QBJi ok                   if   •oui
were   »b     ■■. nm            nm
AiiotJier rescue
Eatsrhoixan, *ii
furU'en   ;•■ l
bathing n the
some stluur ta :■•
-iwinainir Brom th
niter, and
■■ .
nn    b	
••    1.nl   h****U'
i.v.-r    **m-
■   u  tlirm.
□   nu. ttw
-   ,.  a  -n  fwnii.
Here ef Balaclava.
"Well done, young Wombwell. I'll
write to your father in Yorkshire tonight to tell inm how proud be ougnt
to be of bis son." Such was the remark msde to Sir George VYurnhwell,
I who recently celebrated his golden
wedding, by the luie Uuk« of Cambridge, when thc remnant of the 17th
Lancers—the "Death or Glory Boya"
—to which Sir George was then attached us a cornet, returned from tbe
"Valley of Death."
Lir George rude on the right flank
ol Lord Cardigan u- extra galloper.
Twice he hud bis mount shot Irom
under him, but he weut to within a
hundred yards of the terrible bait.ri. -
unscathed. K.r his gallantry he was
promoted, and ultimately retired from
Uiu army in IK..'-, on succeeding his
lather iu tiie buronctcy,
Hii E.ir''- gtruagfaxa
V\    ■   \t-  . iga, -Pie
enrolled sn honora unui -u Uimi*
Ingham .,   reea Inaj memore-
of hia esrly n assa eitv
Mr. Co j aw. fl jmn -taps,
he   arr;\ •; lam,    -:r*ttm-
-.ranc-"* - -, 1 rii.- ie ihonfif 'e*n.t
for   him- :.   I n   Ua   poeaet
lent by U ■■ml*  • • ui-i not w-»!I »:-
ford it.   H    -■ b **-**>4. ha ftwrsJ -
1- H*d in I i.  ■ ni Birmingnum
Arriving   a.    -1' -   ifbsrHI   Ha p. an,
which su th.        -     -ninu.-i. ne 'nl.l
a  caoii.an   to n   lo   \   tfaSSm
luldc-hou-e    I ibroua aasft it*-
to  the  "8wa.   *• IV-.  .t.-fk ■ *
! Istoa street
: but It ba« *
,   .. .....     T
pur*-?, fl
ate cnou
tits jinn ■
0 1 wi:
Uu hi 'i
Largest st Flowers.
The largest Ol all the (lower* of the
the world is said to be the rafflesla. a
native of Sumatra, so-oatled after Sir
Stamford Baffles, Thia Immense plsnt,
says The Scientific American, is composed of the round petals of a brick-
i-h   color,   each   measuring   a  juut
aerate, Theu ure eovsred with num-
eroaa jmgttitr yellowish white awelL   .    ,
ingl,  The |tetals surround a cup near-   o| ^t    \u--
ly s foot wide, tli - mnrg u of which | been vslu-
bears the> Itamtos. The cup ni the raf. ' -. ra b ..
flesia is filled wit), a fleshy disk, tb. , -, th,
upper   surface   ot   wbieu   is   csvcrnl    v. rv   ■
with projeotioni like miniature rows'    •*«■ .    But
horns.   Ihe tup, when free from its    !,.   gr*du
hs elay    ll
« m then a *«mAii ban
1   t *ml tOf
. 1 ■•   e*u   <t*rj   low.
■    Utd  vjrte*% -m a 1
1 .*■ h.» w** ;.v**-ii
: rvn a  tuiMOm  a*
Ssoreel R<--ntb .%
. ■ -«ir I      -   1.1 •
A   r rin.ifi ■
:- r-   .    -i
Clay   Dn«"*»   Remince
■ contents, will" bold aboul twelve
1 pints. The flower weighs about fifteen
; poun-Is and 1- v.ry tnlck, the jiuuls
1 biiug thr.-. -i-u'irii r- ..i mu incn.
Msgnifylng Qfassts.
Magnifying gin—i-s were Invented by
Aibsien. an Aralilai.. |u lido.
Tha isueak sf tha lardina.
HAs dumb as a tl-*n" la n aaylna lhat
does not apply to many apex-lea ot ass
water denizens. Tbe aardliio be Mrs ll
draws Ita last breath rutses a feebk
squeak like tbs nqneoh of a mouse, in
some flsb tbs vocal organo are euoorutu
»d well developed.
First Msp ef ths Heavens,
The oldest map uf the heavens was
made by Chinese In mil It O. and con-
tain*- l.-mn mars,   It U in tho National
library. Paris.
this tne only t.me thai Mr. Hardie'<
unassuming attire has led lo a misconception uf his identity. Wh.'une
waa in Belgium a tew years ago he
wss srrested and detained some time
on suspicion of being in sympathy
with a notorious Anarchist whu wa*,
then in the hands of the police.
Ready Fee Him.
"I auppnie your irade is shnvellna
"t nfortnnntely It la." -replied Ihe de
Je-ieil une
"Unfortunately*? Say not at>~rnfh
er. fortunately. I hnvo a cold atornm
plant lo the nest building, aud we at*
aewdlog meo,"
■"I never bark mn."
"Nu: .too never bave a rbanre."
"Wfce outr
, "Bei-agae yon never start la."
Mr. fhilfnur's mother, wbo
woman of great resource, dedded
that olreumiUnees wen* itnh lhat ii
wa* the duty of the hmtr-rhold hi
eflonomiv. In ipsak tig of lha trying
timea Mr. Ibilfour layfi 'My sister*
helped tn cook tin- dinner, nnd I did
my b.-st in black the booli."
The people wb< "inke fools of them
ftelvt-*- are ecld.un bur) laborers at the
fool unking trade.
The person wh.. l« abort on easb and
ei|*erlene« Is very seid.uu long 00 In
One way sf (retting dhsppnloled la
by ehnwlng a rftientl where be baa
mnde an irror sad enwcilng to bu
tbnnkrd fur yuuFtruubts.
Pride rroea h*for«* a fall, kfld the
merry ba ba lumas si* *
The  Lost Train,
An Irishman got a fob as a porter on
one ot the English railroad*. (Shortly
alter he began bis duties * woman
weut up to him and said: ,
"1 have just lost the train. How
long shall I have to wait for tbe
"lie jabrrs, you had better go ant
find the one you Inst, else the company w:ll be afler yet." returned Pat
—London Answers.
An overweening opinion of nur own
ahlllile-*. amtweru a u.i ot times in tbe
lieu uf courage
fl ta apt to mstter when we reach
the mental stale tbat nothing W« may
do met tent.
1 A stitch In time often prevents a
rem In diplomatic rrliittuua
Ths fellow who la compelled to lolly
everybody ssldum fevla Jull*,- h n. -Mf.
An  Ancient   B.t.
Near the ancient country *-*>at e-
tba Carsws tn Cornwall, England,
ittndi a quaint old ohurch, i.> ths
door of which are nailed ;■ ur horse-
shoes. The*., havs been In their t.rt-a*
.nt position for marly i>i**ri yaara, a
former member ol ths Uarew family
mad" a wager with ,, frn-nd that be
would ride his horse a mile uut to
-a in Tor Hay und hack again. The
dat wns more difficult thnn appcara
at first sight, for the cross-currcnu
ure daOgeroUS, even for boats.
He w.m the bet. how.-vi r, and nail-
ed Hie four horse*shoei ot hia »tee*d to
the churcli-lfor lo cumtnemorate tht
HU Opinion.
Took him to s(**» her  lbs falfHt o( rstr-
n■■ was my ehum. by the *uy-
Aik.il what he ii... ..   1 ol ner. now on ins*
When we hnd broken swey.
"So  she  iiue  promliflJ   to  wed   you,  oM
Woll, ir ynu wtll nnt i" lestfd
Here la ihe way my opinion 10 aurai
Uc«, but she's «sii> plsesedr
I aft.
little  m	
11 in moorla
struck a rial
*• •■n  alter*
P-rkyn  anl  P
-■ 1,-pf1-*
' I  -it th.- r ,-i
ni  P * r-
1    it-*!*-,  ha-
*       Mr   P
.   tt;  Iab»r •
,- l   '. r   v^ry   •ma'1
b • m ' "hov-i
1 sasad «
--:   ■
I      H.
. elay, at>t
1 '.fm el
h *l i,
of th-; .   .
1 Liy tra.ir
A Mineral Etdorado.
Tl.-*  M r. ■       ■    .  „f sui,
Australia nu place (or U -
'■ccurrent- ■' rar nln rail and -»
r-uipuny u i ally I rased to
recover n liam '.< 1    -: . ■ arth.
Oione In Tunnels.
The alio i| ..j   Li id t.'«   sub
ways la 001 11 i-i bl ■■ Mmblfl thai jf
the icu-di t) pumping otone ill,
Tho   Inevltsble   l«   UelsS   to   s»l
•ttn-k on ll«elf uml 10 ( t-rky simply
b-H-auae It  la Iht* Ine-ltnl»e.
Then* nre too muny people prescbfnf
and tea. lung details whu don't oven
under*.to nd tlrut prlndpitr-s.
Temptnilon  doer*a*t   have  to  wo**
overtime on moat or ua.
Hit Limit.
"He amokra the rbeapsst cigars on
the market"
Why rtnea he do thnir
I    Though making
to keep two men 1
, but one of them M
1 sneers'* la enough
lay, 11 in frequently
li gets t-redlt.
fSometimea when a man in e.,mrelief*
•» ,,,.   1,.^-r. hi- ».■ .,,„, , cTuuiniuirn  wnri.  ■ . "u<it.it     —
"lietatiM' ibere ate uu «heiiper ones " 1 to be fimoj It uiuhi-. tiltu tery RMbbss M
raSS* lipJWH
.. *** .   *•   *r-T.
In order to make the month of December the greatest in the history of our business we present for your careful reading a list of some
of the many Seasonable linos of Staple and Fancy Groceries, which you will require in order to properly enjoy your Christmas and
\Ii>w Vr,>iii'*w Tiwtivil'ioi:
Please make your purchases as
early as convenient.
The quality of our goods arc unsurpassed,  and knowing this,   we feel
confident that your purchases will be made here.
Tack this up for future
You will find our clerks pleasant, courteous, and willing to serve your interests as well as ours.
: -
Flour and Cere iIs
ItisliiK Sun Kluiir      |«'r stick
Hii.vitl Bt.iuid.iril Klmir
Umpire Klonr	
Ibibin HiiikI Kluur
flvo Ibises Kluur
Royal Hmisehnld Klnur   "
Ib.lleil Outs, '201bs
Rollwl Outs, K lbs 	
Coiiinioid 10 lbs
Oatmeal 00 lbs 	
Croupi uf Wheiit        |K.r iiliKo
Toasted Corn Flukes
i'ostltm Ceroid 	
Oni|K! Nuts 	
Quaker Wheat Berries   "
Quaker Kiev        "
Shredded Wheat
I .sr,
lied ftuspberrics, per tin  iMV
Strawberries, per tin   'JO.-
Cherries, per tin   21V
California.Peaches, per tin Mflc
California Sliced Peaehcs II.V
California Burtlctl Pears IIOii
California Apricot*, |icr tin  . 30c
California Pineapple, per liu l,'.<-
Ithuharb in gallon tins I.V
New Crop Tomatoes, ll 11. lins.
•-' for   3<1e
New Crop Tomatoes, '-' lb tins,
i for   ile
Now Crop Corn, 2 for.. lino
New Crop Puns, 2 fur :Mc
New Ciiip String Ileum, '.' for 2.V
Krunoh Peas, por tin    21k'
.Miishi'iK.ins, per tin . 20c.
Ciilillt.il Piiuipkin, (h-i- tin Ine
Cuinieil Asi.uriic.iis. Iiirge tin H.V
Butter and Eggs
Stiiudiiril Creamery llutler, II. Ij.'i.-
I^h-iiI Crcjinicry lliiflcr, lb l".c
Kasteru lliiin-k K«(rs, |a*r .1../ Idi-
Fph.Ii Hints, per do/  fiOe
Coffees and Cocoas
(Illl-Special fresh Hi. I. II. .< ..".ii
Mcictl... und Java, fresh around,
;l.-|.-lb. .", lbs (,,r I.IKI
Ktifdish Itroiikfiist Coffee, II. .:!.'.
Ilraid's Hesl Coffee, lb          . .Hi
Bnipiess ('..tTi'.', II.               . .1(1
Itldnwiiy's A DConco, II.     . ,ii(l
Nabob Colfoo, lb .HI
Nabob Cnlfeo, 2 II. Iin .7".
Omen Colfco, lb 2:,
Cowan's Perfection C01  1,1b .2.1/
 I 11. .1/
Fry's English Urciikfnsl Cocon
'.ll. .2.".
Vuu lloulen's Cncoii, '.. lb
Cudbury's Ci 11. ki lb .2-'.
"     '..II. .1.",
"     I 11. .im
Dliessi-n's Dul.'ll ('...'.ill, \. lb .III
"   1 lb .xn
Evaporated and Dried  Fruits
California Apricots,  per 11.     s .2;,
Peaches      " .MS
Prunes, 11 Ib
Figs      " .2:.
Choice Currants, per lb .Hi
Fancy Currants,   " 12',.
Choice llnisins,     " ,10
Fancy Haisins,      " I'-"..
Fancy Table llnlsins, per pkin- .2".
Siillann lliii-ins. .111
Fancy Sultana Uinsin- |-_",
New Dates, por II. .in
Now Fins, per lb An
Kxlrn Fancy l-'in-. per Ib .2"
Hesl Canadian (.'bee-.-. |ier lb s .211
Swiss 01  per 11. .10
l.iniliiirjrer Cheese, 2 Ih brick .7.'.
1 Inrgiiineulu dices... |xtr jar .110
M.-l.nr.-n'- Imperial, small ,11'.
ini'iliiiiii .IMI
largo 1.1*1
Jams, Jellies, Jelly Powders
and Extracts
•l.lly I'.iwilers in nil
us. :i
Black Currunl .bun, glass jut' .2(5
['each .bun, uluss jar  ,2fl
Htraivberry .bun, class jar  .'!',
llasplsirry .bun. glim jar .27.
Poach Martniiltido, glass jar .2.'.
,'Pineapple      " ,25
' Cmhapple Jelly,         " .27.
Ited Currant Jelly,      " ,25
best l.eii Extracts, 2 .» .20
        I ../. ,85
M,,z .1111
li;../ I.no
Hesl Vanilla Extracts, 2 .« .211
        I n/. .115
S 1,/. .1111
10 02 1.00
Salmon and Other Fish
Besl Froscr Itlvcr Salmon, Iin 26o
Pink Salmon, nor tin 15c
l.nb.slers, nm- lb tins.      . 46a
Lobsters, bull Ib tin-  26o
Bulled Crabs, 1 lb tins  . 45c
SI,limps.  1 II, tins  20c
Scallops, 1 II. tin-      12,Vc
Clams, 1 lb litis               .... I2'..c
Cove Ovsters, I lb lins  l'-'V'
"      2 lb tins    . .27,e
King Oscar Sardines, p.-r iin :15c
Pickles and Relishes
Mixed Pickets in 20 02 buttles •_>:„.
Chow-Chow in 20 uz bottles 25c
Onions in 20../. billies 25c
C. * II. Pickles, |i-r b.iitli- UO
Uzenhy's Pickles, nor buttle 35o
Sweet   Mixed.  |«l   butlle S5C
Sui.lei's Oyster Oaulcla.il Soiiit !15c
"   Cbillo Sauce H5e
(iillanl'fl Delicious Itcllsli 'We
II. P. I'iekles. laiTO Hhi
Baking Powders
Dr. Price- linking Powder,
12 1./. Iin .        . I* .115
lloyal Unking Powder,
12.iz tin       86
Eggo linking Powder,
1(1 02 tin        20
2', lb Iin .   .10
7. lb till .75
Schillings Best linking I'luvder
12 uz Iin 35
'iii lb Iin       1 '">
7. lb till  2.00
will arrive the first of next
week, and we can assure
the buying public that we
have secured the best
quality fruit that will be
received this season.
Hams, Bacon and Lard
Conked Iiuiii, machine sliced,
per lb.  8 .40
Honed, Uncooked Ham,
machine sliced, per lb.       .30
Bologna Sausage, por lb 15
Breakfast Bacon, per lb. .25
Whole Hani, peril, 21
Salt Hacnn, per Iii 20
lime Loaf hard, 3 lb. till   ...      .00
"     "       7,     "     no
" " 10 " . . 1.75
Pure Hulk Urd, per lb 20
Candied Peel, Etc.
Pineal Union Pool, per lb-     i .15
Finest Orange Peel, per lb.. ,)5
Finest Mixed Peel. U-innll.
Oningoaiid Citron,porlli. .20
Crystallized dinger, nor tin .25
Preserved tiingor in bottles        .40
Biscuits and Cakes
Porfoollon Fruit Cake, per lb
Ari'uivi'iiiit Thill Biscuits, Ib
31 le
Cllrralll 1'renin Biscuits, Ib
Cafe Nnir, |ior lb
Cm 1 Shortbread, per lb
Coronation, per II.  	
31 Ic
Creamy Chocolate, |Hir lb
Kiel Fingers, |a>r lb
IsCtnot) Creiims, iht lb
Miiracniiiis, per lb       .. .
Family Mixed, por lb
Swiss Witfers, |.H>r Ib   	
Perrint Wafers, por lb
llutler Puff, per H.
Xiinis. liei-eptiun Wafers, Iin
Xmns (irabi.tn Wafors, |xtr tin
Xmns Cream Sodas, |M-r till   .
Mooimy'i Cream Sodas imt tin
Ramsay's Cream Smlas, per tin
Lillie's SpoolalDeckajiillo, Ib, » ,50
"     Princess Hlcn.l, lb..   .      .10
"    Duchess Blend, lb 30
Braid's Best, lb 40
Totley's Sunflower, 1 lb. tin. .15
3 1b. tin. 1.15
'' lloldcn Tip, 1 Ib. tin .50
Brooke Bond, Purple Auto,
1 lb. tin 40
Brooke Bond, Green Auto,
1 lb. tin 35
Brooke Bond, Orange Auto,
1 lb. tin 60
Ridgway's Old Country,
1 Ib. tin, 50
Ridgway's 5 o'clock Blend
1 Ib. tin,  50
I.UIie's Special Blend Ten, put up in
3, 5, 10 and 20 lb. boxes nt 88H0 pcr
lb., is giving splendid satisfaction.
You will bo satisfied with the sblccs
you get ut this store, for our spices
are always fresb and of thc finest
Jersey ('renin. |»r 20 02 liu    «. .10
I I size .20
It. C.     "      UO oz tin .10
II. II. Milk, 2 lins [ur 25
Pure Maple Syrup, I-1 gal,, ,50
I 2   " I.IKI
I     " 1.75
ill. bottle., .60
llosl Cookingllolassos, portln .17,
Household Molasses, iht tin. ,26
Fancy Olives, large 'utile     27i
ItilW        "              " .10
per tin .30
Sbelle I Walnuts, per 1'.. .60
Shelled Minimi's, per lb. .46
Roasted Peanuts, per 1'. 20
S..fi Shelled Al mis, per 1 25
California Wu nuts,           " .27,
lire le Nuts,               " 20
Hrnz.il Nuts,                      " 20
Mixed Nllls,                      " 20
Our stuck uf California and othor
fruits you will timi well assprtcd,
un.l if yo cannot procuro what you
want.elsewhere ynu can usually gel
it here.
Soaps and Washing Powders
Royal Crown Soap,
12 bars for  « .15
White Swun Soap,
12 burs for    15
Great West Snap,
12 bars f„r 46
Sunlight Soap, 6 bars for 30
Old Dutch liiiiul Snip. cake. 05
01.1 Dutch linn.) Soap, large .10
Old Dutch Cleanser. 3 tills for .27,
Golden West Washing Powdor
2 packages for 45
White Swan Washing Powder
2 packages for 45
Wbite Castile Snap, large bar .25
White Castile Soap, small bar      .15
We have the most c.\o,uisitc linn nf Fancy Hand
Painted Cliinu, in the City, nnd ns tlic quantity is
united, would ask your early inspection of same.
Space, forbids giving ynu n full list of the many lines nf candy which wc carry, Imt  we can assure
ynu thut a visit tn nur store will convince ynu that you need gn on  further,   for onr lines are  so
nit everybody can In- satisfied,   Lillie's Special Chocolate nnd Cream Mixture, per lb -inc.     Lillie's Special Mixed Candy, per Ib 15c.
CHRISTMAS BONBONS Our stock nf Bon Hon Crackers is quite extensive, and you enn procure litem from 25c to S'J.oO per box.
Fancy Confectionery and Bon-Bons
extensive that everybody can In- satisfied,    I
Lillie's Cash Grocery
Come early and leave your order for your
Christmas Turkey or Goose.
■Several brand new cottages
und bungalows in different
parts of Ihe city for sub- .111
exceptionally easy terms nnil
at extremely low prices, for
sale for u few days at 11
Wc nlso have enqiries foro
Dairy Ranch lor rent, must
have at least SO ncrcs and
iu shape to Operate.
Wc want listings of largo
mid small bl.K-ks of Iniol
where the right prices un.l
terms nroqtioterl. Our «r-
niligonients for selling laud
p. eastern farmers is sui» r-
ior to any hi Iln- volte., .nol
if proper oilers arc mnde,
wi- can -.11 Ihe laud.
Dkv.k.i-mkntC... I.TI>. lire ill
a position to handle large
uiitlevoli.|»'.l Mucks ul land
now and WO invite all who
||»V0 such land to sell In
notify .is nud quote ''"'''
rery host lirltJO und lornis
,,.. same. This is a mutter
which deserves prompt and
careful action.
Call nnd see lis.
p. •. ms mi     n— ns   ;
Chilliwack. I. C.
For Sale
FOR SAI.K-I*""'"-""  BaigJ. "Iclsli
M„d barn.'-". .'hc.p <" casbln't'".'
"( \  11. McKiielicrn, till.
! will   be
J to furnish you j
♦ with an esti- ♦
! mate on your j
I lumber   bill |
♦ whether you |
I place your or- \\
I der with them
♦ or not.
|    Phone 86
♦ ♦
! Macken
t Lumber Co. j
i *
X 1
ChilliwacK Orchestra
Roller Rink
IV Clllllluai-B Itollel lllllbl. mm
njs 11 (nl llio -.n-.n.
■|'u..'l'liiil) ni I'ii.-
8cv-Pi.-TI.lrty 10 Ten
Come and enjoy a pleasant
Church News
Mailc Ui»onj
I am preuarrsl l<< take a Ic, |.ii|.ll. f..i
j*    " Al-iSO Winrt. Music Hi.,,,
/,/■/■*. ..v.-   ,
1   Cliilliivack OMioBira. Blx  oi  Rlglil
' [ilccni, opon tor .■iiiriitfi-NU'ni.*'
Ait. Wiini., >ti*r.i«r.v
at special
At the Mee Studio ■ Chilliwack
Furnished Rooms to Rent
Tn UKNT—Three iilwIyhirnWicdmoni
sleiuii lieate.1. I.alll. electric light, l'l.
Apply .'liilliaii.k.t'n.. Press,   '
Wanted .
For Rent XjAniigeinpnt m wimll r-aiin or \xo\\\
I work mm j)n, shares,   |jfc o;;|»»-ri.*ij«
' ...    ...  a I..1 . • /  ■ ■'-     '-
ron ni:\T--i:.....ii,-. 1111,1
Hitter Iii nnt,.-   Geo It
;wnrK ■..llm- on Nwren,     i-n** r,;|KTi.n.
olTttef uhli Imt In nil liriiiclM of fnnii liwlt.   A-Jiplj t
V-b fti'll A "-'Hi.  ('liilllwaeL Kn-f'I'n-iN.''
1' m
Itev, Mi. I...ng of llinudview
Uapllsl churcli will occupy tlo- pulpit
in ib.- Ilaptill church here next
Sunilay morning nnd evening.
The quarterly rally sorvlcos of
nil tbe l.ingu.-s and Kudcavors of
lb- valley will be held in Cook'l
Presbyterian Church on Monday
nlghl November -J7. Mr. C, W.
Ilnnev, M. A. of Vancouver, will
aibliv- tin- gathering nnd n profit-
able as aell as a pleasant soolal tine
is being luukcd fnrwnr.1 lu.
Ni vt Sunday Ibe delegates l., tb,.
ivi-cni Siuiilny scb.Hil coiiventf.ui in
Set. Westminster will give their re-
iH.ri  to  tb ngregntloii  in   the
M.tbuilisi ebiir.li ul Ibe looming
-crii.-c. The ilil.-gnt.-s wbu will n-
ixirl ni.- Mr. M. Willcrlon. Mi-. C.
I.. Slivel. mul Mr-. Tin.linn     ll is
.\|M'rl.-.l llllll   the --rviec  will   Ih- 11
vory Interesting one.
Tlo- H.v. A.K. KoIhtIs. I'resideni
..(iln B.C. Conference of tho Molho.
.list church, will prciicb tbe dc'lien-
Uiry sennini in coiinootlon with tbe
>..|H-uing uf tbe Muiinliiiii Vciw
M.tb.'.lisi .•burcb.\*aiicoiivcr, next
Hiinitay morning. In ibe evening
be will pivio-b ui Kcrristlnlo nlso in
eoliueelion witb (be o|H-llillg of a
new   Metlll>disl eluil'i'll.     Tbeselvieo
ncxl Siiioliii evening in tin- church
bere will I.-' conducted li} Mr. II.
II. Cairns.
TheKpworlhleague ol tbe Mctb-
udlsl church helil Ihelr annual uo-ei-
ing last .Mundn.v evening, when Ihe
report, presentctl ahnweil Iheorgan*
llilllon to In- iu nourishing condition.
The elect) I   olilcers   look    place
with the follow big results: prosltlcllt,
J.Milton Orr, (re-elected I: first vice-
president, l-'.l'hudse.v; second  vice-
president, Miss M. Catlmell; Iiuiii
j vicc-pn-sidenl ;..MissS. WiHHlswui'th;
ffunrlb vice-pn'sidcnl,   Win.- Ik-cr;
Jscc'y, ('. WootHiTorllij cbrrfflpouuVl
iug secrelary, Miss Irene Kniglu;
Jlrcsihrcr, n.'K Chttpmsn,
Tin* oxwutiveof the V. 8. A. wish
totunnk VV, K Sievenwii for tin-
artistic and nicely framed -^ign life
has presented i" tin* Socletv.
High-Class Dairy Cows
Under iiifirm-tiont from
Mr. F. G. Trenholme
nl AgHHl!i| H. ('■
Wo Hill nil !■> I'nhlic Audi it
Friday, December 1, 1911
uii tin* Fiitlii UOW i*n-il|,iii| li) him, fltllii
iiil ■-''» uiii.-*- «'-**t of A*2I*bIi siminii, nml
iiiiiii-   i'..liitn.nilv   kh.iwfi   HI  tin-   lltiiii-
IIMfll** liiiiii'h, ruiiiiiiciii-iiiit nt  i i.'i'liK'lt
njMirjj, hUriiltra Itanlof llChoIni iviim
Cottf, -il* ■ lloitM, lni|ili-im-tiK Iln) unit
N.i. I—hire Hml llolftoln Oow, UVita
i:itli. nn*.! i*> Wm. \nii-ti.iui-, ..I
l..ntisi Hill, OnUrioi WW. Inkt.
Mcrcaki Victor -Jo K^-10,000 llv
Nu :• U..-..I Mnti.li- Kl.nit llntl hy
Wm. NVhIhii.In, KlHiriH*. B.U l Nro,
i 'iirtii'lin Jcnacn I Sir M-i liiliilil**.
Nn. 3— l-'avoriU', Hi* *l l*v Mi*-*i"ii |>airy
Km in, MMnti, II. 0. | Hlr»', I'rim.-
So, 4—HoUteln Drado, duo In K.i.rinny
7H lli. run.
Nu. .*»—lirmli* COW, dm in A|iril~«l Hi.
Nn. tt-iiniili-lloltit'lii.iliM' in IW-miiUt.
Nu. 7—Grade Holilclti, dno in .hmtur)-.
Nn. M-ttnuli* HoUteln, dlK'tll iK-i-OUihf-t.
Nn. •**••< i,;t,|,. Itohteliii in full milk.
Ni.. iK-tirmt.- Ilolfteln, dno in April.
\,. ll -(tr.!...-Itolatuln.iluelnI'l-tx-ujU-r.
u. ):'—Oriilc HoUteln, ftvh.
ii. Ill—Vlnliti- Ajrxliir.*, fiorti.
ii. h nm tic Ajrnhlra, fiwli.
,i. I.'i-4irnil>- Aywliin-, frenli.
... Iti-iirmli' Avn-liln-, full milk.
i. ir*^ir«rti*<iitrriif*)i*y, fnt.li.
i.'lH--4irmli> Ajrrahlw, full milk.
... m-ti'mit.' Jemer, lull milk.
ii. llt-Orinlf Ji-r.***')-, tn-A\.
'21—*Jlrmlf* Ayi-liii.'. l)uO in !**•''■
iy—(inulc.l*>r*\v, frmli. [
Aim iu oilierij nil a I bowt^-and do**
tu (n-**liin.m-int- in FvlnuitryatiJ lliemt
in Mar. li. April uinl May,
Two twin of licuvy Innei, K'Hiii*."*: i
-liivinv litir***, •*» yean old,
i mowlnit machine) I nke: l iliac bar*
t*>w, i' plowi: 8 Hagontj I Li»-moi-rr-it
w*)ft.n: l' rwii heavy tnm hurm-**. one of
which i* nearly new; i aet liuttleharncaii
I '-ii-ii.t-*.- .'utter, nrarly new; und I two*
hniM- tn-ml power.
l.ii ton** uf choice Timothy rl'.vc-Hmy.
.-■•'il riii'.i. nu.i *• toiia of i*w*t| potatom,
TKI;>l*—.\ll*iitiis„t('.V, iniiunl under.,
iiifli; over thut itiin*iiiii.:'. inonlha credit.
will u- given on fiiriii^hiiin u|i|>mvi'<l
i"ini imt.' bearing Intercat al tin- rate *»(
s i- I ..lit. |n I aiitiniii
SCOTB— W« wonld otll attention tn the
eowa, they Itavo l«i-ii run-full)- rstectml
fr»in anfiwof iln- bell hcnli in iln- Kraacr
valley, A- n nrool ol tlieir hittii itaud-
anl, Mr. Trenliolino'i milk .luck often
uiii-. over v"" "" [•*' iimntli.
I'mti.o fmm tin- Coail *+.** i-lui-.-tr tn ut .
t«-ii*l the rale Ii*um- Vancottvci1 '••* New
wektmlniter ut H.4A a.m., irrlvlna m
AtiMci/ Ht ii SO it m.   Returning, leaw)
Aj-m—i/ ui B.0A i' m.
ll..t Air Furnrices,
Roofing and Cornice,
Metnllio Ceilings,
StovoB nml Ranges,
Gonerol repair work,
Estimates furnished
Phone 94
Lunch will be served at Ihe ranch.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
NOTH'K-Tlw un il flrnrral   M.it-
im* *>f tliillinmk «.l'm.'iilnii'itl Poriitl
Hill bo held on Monday i)h< 4th nf I*,-
cttnber li»i in iin Court llonae t'lillli-
wtl. k.  HI g.80 |> HI-
nttatnoaH-preacntaiion »t |'n*aldi-nt'i
report uml balance du rt f ir li<i I    Kl. e*
lion nf nllli-. rn for etlllllug ,'*Hf.
All unmbunot ih. ni i,iy in. i.ijii.k
.-,! in I- i-i.-, iii
II. T Unoni imi,
S t r. t ii ry.
Useful Christinas Presents
.1 Icclrld . ..II.-.-
III.- .lis.' nil  Which
Ihe elis-lrie eiirn-nt
will do Unlit
rwm tiii
ih- Intiiil) iiniiH'M-
iiui In ut. r for (mil
iiiH  WaU*r <)iiii My,
■-iWTPOlltr IRON
tin* ludlapi nnal»h>
kite lit-n i-iinvi-1,-
in..), in »t onr
uml liavi- tint*.' ap-.
pliamvH cxpliih-ii-tt
to you. •        i-r^y
B. C Electric Railway Co*, Limited
j, •..


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