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 T ] n-r-   «.
1 IcRi    ....
You will Like Chilliwack.
Vol. I.
No. 2
Fall Suits
Our Wardrobes are full
of New (liiotls, New
Styles and New Patterns nf Suits and Overcoats in Fancy Scotch
Tweed and English
Worsted Suits, Latest
1 b'signs.
fancy  Scotch   Tweed
Overcoats in all styles.
Chas. Parker
Year Outfitter
Fit Reform Clothier
Atf. Whittle, the music man, is inak-
. itig it H-ieriitl exhibit of plain »a, tirgmiH,
: KdiHoit phonographa, ami Victor granm-
j tih'nies, ami mtiHiritl liiritrmuuiita, ut the
Fair next week, In this connection hu
is conducting it novel giiessiai- eontest.
I All an> given a fret' Ktietw on the weight
uf a tinitrlay   I'iiimi.    Each natno  ami
f;nesri\vill In* n*eonU*«t and on the day fob
nwiiiK the fair die piano will he weighed
in tiie pivHCiuu tif .Mayor Mtmro, itntl
Editora l!ankev ami Harlier, anil till) winner aniniiiiH'eil. Tin* |irlni given will lie
a Vjctor gramophone. In cast) of two or
Dion) guessing the correct weight the
luirlkes will tlraw for the prize. Hon')
forget to viral the exhlhit ami make a
gui'Mi on the weight uf tlm piano.
Kev. Mr, Hoitmini, Field Secretary fur
I'm unlit, for  Voting  ri'o|i|i>'n Societies,
| will visit the Valley 1)0X1 Weak ami give
Illustrated talks on   the   Atlantic  I'ity
j Christian Undcavnr 0011 volition and other
siihji fiH of Interest to young people. He
will -|»'itk in iho  l'risliyti'riaii  Cllltrch,
, I'liilliwack, on Tuemlay; I'uriiian church
8srdla, WithifMility; Itowdaki PruHbytor*
j iau church, Thursday; and Ka-t taiilli-
I wai'k hall un Friitay. MivltngH al eigln
1 p.m. Collection lo defray oxpenacS. "n
Sunday Kev. Itottiiimi will conduct both
morning ami evening ourvlcu in the llap-
list ohurch.
White train No. 4, wim coming from
New WetUmlllHtcr Oil Saturday, midway
between Dciilana ami Jaekinan Htatlonn,
iho baggage car WM lilt bj pieces of it
Htimip which waa being blasted along
ah It* thf right of way. One piece went
through the window, tanking one nf tbe
employee* of the " Forty-live Minutes
from Broadway" troitpu, in the hark.
Stuiics und dehria were hurled clear over
the pausing tram. On arrival here iho
injured man was taken to the Fmpress
buU'l where bis injuries were attended to.
Ho had recovered milliiieiitly  to  emihle
biin t<i reiurn to Vancouver on Sunday
with the tmupe. Had the accident happened to one of the patwiiger coachea,
a-rioua injury would annual  surely  have
Land ft Development Co.
..I which .Mr. W. L. Macken
is President, is actively engaged in inquiring lauds
wliieli will prove tu Is. g.Kid
dividend payers la the shareholders. The Mulliigellienl
is very direful nnd conservative in investigating nil
properties suhmitted fur
cnnsidenition .nnd no dutiht-
Inl pmnnsition is entertained. Active enquiries bull]
Irom locnl und outside
sources ure being made, ro-
lntive to the purchnse of
alinres in the Company, nnd
the Directors,—nil well nnd
favorably known residents
of the district,—nntieipate
the speedy sale of sullieient
stock to complete a number
of excellent mnncy-tniiking
priHKisitions. The bulk of
this stnek aluuiM he held by
local lienple.
Inl .r-inili.ui resnecting
;. mtluns uf Ihe I'liiu*
n.i.v ns nlso the purehnse
nf .Innus liny lie itbliiineil
'■v r.plying to
Mr. Poll.- ar ta Nr. Waaalat>
Ion,alia* C.aapaay'. >fk«
M.it lur t* tkalaartii
Hot  Air   Furnaces,
I In. ifing ami Cornice,
Metallic   Ceilings,
Stoves and  Ranges,
lieiieral repair work,
Kstiniates  fiirnislieil
2 hone 94
■riU-a Colombia Electric ly.
Train.       Clink.
1 11 a.m.
:t MO a.m.
a t   p.m.
7 S.SOn.m.
MUk....s.If. l.iii.
Tram       Van.
8  "
4 12 neon
i. 05
9 1  p.m.
Milk  la.in.
Ln. Chilliwack 1.30 a.m. I Dally Except
"   Vancouver?.*  "   j    Sunday
AH a-nonger train, bundle Eipnai,
Let Us Have Your
Order for
affile Best Quality,
Tlio Lowest Price
and a Certainty of
Prompt Delivery.
Have Ton Tried
Robin Hood Flour
Our Guarantee is
behind every sack.
Gash Grocery
Keeps the Hair from
Falling Oat
See Oar Window
Daring the Fair
Come to Chilliwack Fair
Tbe Annual Fair Next Week lo be Beit Yet.
Good Program of Horse Rices aad
Other Attraction,-.
Arrangomoutfl nro about complete for
tlio B9th ainiitul Pair of tlio Philliv/ack
Agricultural   Association    on   Tuemlay,
Wednesday, ami Thursday next.    Tile
much enlarged premises, ud^ltloualapoco
hiipnivi'tl inti'k unci uihlclio ground, ami
new building*, place* the directors in •
poaltlnn io eclipse all previous eltbrte,
Thi' Chilli-tack l-'itir i- gaining an Olivia*
iili- n-pniutinti ami thin year'* Fair will
mill much i<i Iih prominence ami tinftnr-
ttuico,   Tho t'llitliits in all ohuwoH I'l'oiii-
Uofj to ho mi ially fdouili wllllo tin' '-ii
tiTlaiiiDii'til proL-riini will hi'  0110   wliieli
will f>ivo naunfnctioii in all.   Unitiesstli<
It-tit' OVflllfl uml HtH-clllI alltarliiiiiH, a
IH'iil'i'iini rt raCCfl will In'   riiiiii'il   out  IU
BKPT, l'ii, Turn p m,
I—3:15 ti.ii or paco. out' inllu liOAtlj 3
in .'>, imt."" *i;.o,
il—iiiiU-iuiii' nniiiiiiK ran opon, pony
I4'v haii'lit atnl iimti'i; lullf  lllilo   lii'Utti,
:! in ;i; purao s'ih.
:l -llalf-iiiilt' rimtitng rai'i>, opon(  2 in
III purno WO,
4—2:00 trot or |iaco, named, ono inllo
lienla, :i in 6: purw $78,
5—Olio tnilti running raco, oponj purno
ti--staki' me0| punw $10 and $5.
NKPT. 21, Ttt'Op.m.
I—2:36 trot or 2:*|0 pat:'', ono mile
lit-afN, ll iii 5; punw $12"-
2—Kivi'-eiL-luliH  inllo   running   race,
oponj puraowO.
:l—l'n--for-iill trot or pace, ono  mill-
In-air,, :i in 6; purao $200.
4—tint' niiiii riiiniintf raco, open) purse
■iiirl'ij raco (entrance tree), half
milo heats, 2 in It; pur*&> $IU ami fft,
(J—Klootoliman'fl racoi halt tulle heats,
2 in Ii; purse $10 ami i'i.
Itt'ilni'i'il tan*s havu been arranged for
over the H. ('. Electric Hail way from
Vancouver anil intcrtiitilian1 pointx. On
the last ttay of tin- Fair, lliiir-nlHy. a
special iruiii will leave Westminster at
11 a.iii. arriving at Chilliwack at 1.80 p,
in., whtrh will allow inieinliiig visitors
u> rate In-furt' proccctling lo Chilliwack.
Provision i*" bcillK made for taking can?
of the crowd while herb ami it ts probable
that a sjn rial train will return late iu thf
ovenlng, thouirli tills in not dcflnlte. A
ao-al evening attraction in billi'il for tbe
Opera House, on Wednesday uml Thurs-
ilay evenings, Come with the crowd ami
M't- what the Vulk-y can produce and take
in the ftportn.
W. R. Gilbert, dry jphkIm merchant,
box reconsitlored the idea of leaving Chll*
liwui-k, ami ban tleclded io remain, The
lleudepHiu More, on Wetliu-floli street,
haa U'fii U'ltuiil ami wilt Im- iinprovutl by
a new front nud Interior changes, Mr,
Uilberl will rtock full lin. s of liicb gratte
■•im.iiIh in ladlca* atitl ebililren's remly-lo
wear gannent**, and ex)*ccts in have one
ot the la-ut exclusive dry gOOils stArtfl   In
British Columbia,     He in ottering h'a
jm*stiiit itiH'k at barL'iiin priet1-! to clear it
out, us will Im- n-'i-ii in his advt, on [>aire
eigbt of the Free Press to-day. We are
(ileufkil that Mr. liilben bu** decided tu
remain in t'liilliwat-k and wish him every
•meet** hi hi* new Mint. wliieli bt- expect! to occupy aiiottt November I.
A serious lire was narrowly averted ul
the home of II .1. IturN-r, on Tuesday
evening.   A •'mall On- bud been left in
the lire   place, the ladies  nf  the   llOUtU
Mm. Harrison. Mra, Itobortson, anil Mi-=-
1'hylis Wil-uii.liitviiii* retind about 0:30
Mr. Harlier waa detained ut the Store on*
til 10:.tut uml od giiiiii- home discovered
tho woodwork shout the fireplace to be
luiriiiiii'. The bln/o wat ikhiii extlllgtllsll*
ed, but auulher half llOl'r's time would
probably have eaiwi-d a ditti-rent Story to
be written.
"Forty-live Minutes from Broadway" that delightful musical piny
of American life, received merited
appreciation from u full house on
Saturtluy evening. Mis* Campbell,
'Marie" carried off the honors
of the evening, her singing being
particularly good. "Kidd Burns",
Hurry F. Cumililngs, is a clever
comedian und made a hit with the
audience. The oilier parte were well
taken hy the different members <>f
the company. The show wus freely
said to he one of the Itcst that has
evei been presented here.
While engaged in preserving fruit
, Tuesday forenoon Mrs. M. ('.
Halt had the misfortune to cut her
hand very badly, She was sealing a
jnr of fruit when tho glass broke
I under her pressure, the broken
pieces cutting her right wrist nud
hand. Five stitches were necessary I
to close the wound, and the accident j
Is A very painful one,tun) will also!
deprive Mrs. Hull of the use of her
hand lor some lime.
Commencing October 1, the It. ('.
K. II. will reduce Hie running lime!
between here nnil New Westminster,
from two hours and fifty minutes
to two hours twenty-live minutes.
Tin' company is gelling the road
lied iu (frit class shape, halhisliug
having boon completed us far n
Ahhntsford. The blalleftStlligoutfits
ure HOW employed westjif tlmt point
working toward Westminster, uml
are making g<*al hem I way. The It,
0, Klectrio is certainly doing its
ajinro toward bringing the Frnser
Valley in close and easy access lo
the Coast Cities.
|{obt. Denmark, of Donmark A'
Burton, liardwure merchants, has
piireliuHcii from .lames McHluin, a
hui'tlitig lot on Mary Street between
Ontario and Church Avenues. Lot
five, mi Princess Ave., the property
of a Vancouver investor, has boot.
purchased hy John It. King, late of
Klstow, Bask., who will erect a now
home on the property. Lot 18 on
Ontario Ave., owned by W. l-oiit,
of Vancouver, has been sold to
Percy Burton,of Burton & Denmark.
The three transactions were put
through by ('lias. Hutcheton&Co.,
real estate nnd insurance agents,
See Parson's Clothing ad. on
page S.
Fruit boxes at ChilliwacI; Planing Mills.
F.A. Hewer was a business visitor
to the coast this week.
Miss K. 10. Itcvis has accepted n
position iu the Post Olllcc.
Ti I*, liillie was a pnsBongor lo
Vancouver on last night's tram.
Mrs. LF, Croft lefl Monday in a
ten days visit, to friends at Seattle.
Miss Stevenson, of Surdis, is the
guest of Vancouver friends this
Mrs, T. L. Lillie and children
went to Vancouver last Friday for
a short visit.
J. II. Claugbton, of Vancouver,
was a business visitor iu the city
over tiie week-end.
There'll bo a lively scramble for
Henderson's this week at tiie advertised reductions.
H. T. Good land went to Vancouver yesterday mi business connected with the Fair.
Miss Jannett Coote aud Miss
Hawthorn are ut Banff, Alta., where
they will spend a month.
The best news in this paper will
1h> found on page 5—better turn to
it now before you forget it.
The Liberal Candidate, John
Oliver, will nddress meetings at
Surdis ami Rosodale to-day.
Mr. and Mrs, W. 6, fdllie were
passengers to Vancouver on Tuesday, and will return to-day.
Have you received your share of
the big bargains at Henderson's
Going-Out-of•Business Solo ?
Mr. Win. Jones, of Victoria, is
the guest of his daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Jones, Spadina Avenue.
The season for fruit boxes is now
on ami you can secure your supply
at the Chilliwack Planing Mills.
Mr.. Wilkinson, of Vancouver,
has been appointed agent for the B.
C. Klectrio Kail way at Clay bum,
Jas. Dolan.ofCanadian Financiers
Ma-uki     AI-jaiiI    TLa   fli-..      PruH boxes made in all standard
lieWS   ADOUt    llie   lily Bimand for tlioaniUiwand boxing
...n-a  /if 1-aa-a.l  f-lr,.r-J   kv  ika Vraa Pr... ' °' tl"! VttriOUB kinds Of fl'lllt lllll.V  be
Kerns of interest Gathered by the Free rVm ■ ,1(|(, fttthoChlHlwiwk Planing Mills.
ind Tendy Told. n. ,,.,.       f       , . , ,,
j    ulatl tidings of great joy arc told
I-.F.CrofltitMeo Studio for photos | in Hondorsoh's announcement today.    A doing-Out-of-Business Sale
ami everything sold less than cost.
Bally Day will bo observed in the
Methodist Sunday School on Sunday
September 24. The liev. E. Manuel, '»f Kbiuiie, will preach the
Bally Day sermon.
Mr.  and Mrs. It. L. Carter   of
Port   (-fancy   were   recent   visitors!
with friends in the city.  Mr. Carter
owns n large farm here and contemplates coming here to live.
W. F. Ferris lias purchased another ear iwu\ a half of assorted
furniture lit spot cash prices. Please
hold your orders for same. Ho will
give the best bargains you ever reived.
On Sept. 20 and 21, the ladles of
the Hospital Auxiliary will serve
dinner from 12o'clock until (wont
50 cents, at the Chilliwack Fair.
Afternoon tea 25 cents; sandwiches
10 cents.
.1. Mair Robertson, fromSeoti.ind;
has been iu the Vnlloy tins week on
a visit, lie was shipping at tho
Empress and also visited two tif his
sons who are engaged in farming in
the Valley.
Kev, It. M. Thompson, wife and
hild, are spending a couple of
weeks with Mr, Woodworth, Fairfield [aland. Hev. Mr. Thompson
pastor of Dun das Methodist
Church, Vancouver.
Allan Purvis,manager of the inter-
uilia11 lines of the B.C. Electric
Railway, was a visitor to tho terminus on Tuesday. His business
was of a routine character and no
special annoueemonts were made.
A farewell reception was tendered |
to Miss Grace Brown ami Miss
Laura Denholm by tho Baptist
Choir at the Parsonage recently.
Each young lady was presented
with a signet ring as a token of
esteem from her friends.
A. \V. Black, who 1ms been
manager of the Bank of Vancouver
here for some time left Tuesday for
Vancouver. He expects to bo transferred to Victoria. Mr. Anderson,
f Scotland,   is the new manager nf
J.Howe BentwusabuBiness'visUor
to Vancouver lust week.
A Conservative meeting is hilled
for tho Opera House on Monday
evening Sept, 18, The speakers will
bod. D, Taylor aud Mr. Cowan.
Walter F. EvullB and R, Kveritt
of Vancouver were among the weekend visitors to Chilliwack. They
came up in Mr, Evan's auto,
Following an- tin- prevailing wholesale
prices at Vancouver tills week:
IVi'.l Wheal .
Diirki'im, llvo
I In 	
llrCBfletl Ikikh
Itiim-ii eggH...
,* 18.00 lo $18.00 iKirton
. IBt.Olllii lll.ou     "
. 811.00
.. illi.lM
. IK.ou t>. 20.00
rnlglll  I8ci to 20c lb
 18c lo 20c Hi
 ,.45ti iloz
 $i.UU to $2.00 box
SKAI.lvli TENIJEItS, ail.
umlcralgticd, .m.l cud.
for Public UnlMIl
Candy Kitchen
Dainty Lunches Served in
pleasing style
Afternoon Teat and high
elms Confection
rVo make our own Cundy
Fresh,   Daily
Ml   «e.l  to till'
Chilliwaik, II. 0.,"
1 at tills office until l."0
P.M., on WednmlBy.BepU'mlH-r 20,1011,
for th uut ruction of a Public Uulldfng,
Chilliwack, D.O.
Plaiu, snedllcatlon and form of con-
trail can be seen and foruu of lender
ubtnlneu" HI thooffico of Mr. Wm, Ibn-
denKni.lteBltleiitArcblteet, Victoria. B.C.,
at ihe Poal Office, Clillllwack, B.C , uul
nt ibis Departinciit,
Persons teuderliig are notified that
tenders will nol bo considered unk-w
inndo on tho nrinled fonna supplied, nnd
nlgtied with their actual rfgnnttires, ttat-
Ing their occti|iaiions and pltuvtid twl-
donee In the caw ol Urins, lite ru-tiud
signature, tin- nature of their ociupatUiU,
and plnce •>( rwlilenceof tai li iih mix r   t
■he linn nuu.
Each lendi-
un accepted cl
payable t-- th
ill,- Minister
»■ p\*t :..
inii-t be aecoui] aoMnl bj
■ijin- uil a chartered Lank.
ler ot tbe Hoi      tbl
,f Public ft', rks.i
ten pit cent. (lu p, •  i oi the an      I   I
the lender, which ttill be I d   I
person Utuderlng tk-etine toentei i
contract when called upon to .1" «*, r
tail to complete tho work i ■ i tract. ■! for.
If tin- trader !».■ not ttctvpted ,; e fb*?*pw
will be returned.
The DeparHin nl dot s not I        tuvli
accept the lowi st  .r on; *■ ti It i
Bj .,r.l..r.      '
[<   C   DEMRfM l!M>
Depsrtuit nl ol Publii ft   i ■
Ottawa, tot;   ':   '
Ken'spapen will aoi bt  goal  or
ukertlsemenl II  they -  -
iinthuritv froiu tl-' di i aftn • tit.
G. R.
Limited, nr Viinmjiver,  in wllini!! ii„, branoli here
■lock lo local Investors this «.*k.    j    ,„, McCafWy; |!0U8a-sllW0„ ,„
Smarl paltorn lints, in tlio newest | t|u, Vancouver Uospttnl.aml lirotlier
New Vim* »lni|»i<, Miss Hojrlo,n|i|ia-|ot  Ur. It.McCiittroy, ot Clilllitvnelt,
site tlm Post Olllce. I'lionc L1983.   I nnllcnvont
The City Council isoilvoitising
fur tonilcrsfnr siilowulk constn,otion
in the Chilliwack Free l'reha to-day.
Vou enn suve mure money than
by having it in tho hunk buying
ijendorson's merclinndisa nt half-
Miss Mctinwnn, who has been
the guest ol Mrs nnd Mrs. /orris,
fur some time has returned to Vancouver.
Hoginnl.l Lung, inspector for tho
Commercial Union Fire Insurance
Co. ,wns a visitor tu the City during
the week.
Wm. Peers, wife nnd child, of
Evoritt, Wash., are the guests uf
the former's parents Mr. nud Mrs.
.luseph Poors,
ful oporntton |
fur lippciullcltiH in tlmt institution
on Sunday. Dr. It. McCnfTroy wus
in attonilnnco.
Itcv. C. Watson, Melbmlisl ininis-
ter, whu has plnve.l with tlio Hope
ball team nnil rendered splendid
service, has returned to Toronto to
resume attendance at the university.
—Hope Heview.
J. Herlicrt who was taken to
Westminster Inst week on u charge
nf stealing a guld watch here, pleaded guilty liofnro Judge lluwny un
Monday. He will bo sentenced tomorrow.
The Boanl nf Trado held an in-
fiirn.al meeting un Friday evening.
Various mutters were discussed but
nothing ol an active or permanent
nature was transacted. The next
meeting will bu hold on Octolw
Roller Rink
The Chilliwack (toiler Itiiik is now
o|H'ii fur the cH'llfJOU.
Two-Thirty i" five
Seven-Thirty lu Ten
Come and enjoy a pleasant
Cealed t r m ■ i- t -
►^   uudcnlKned.  and  i nilnrswl ■:
der for Wharf  >  - u
Prince Rupert, v■■■  •
hy l-lui:.l.  B I'
I'laii-.  -f [Hi nl   n   i  ■
irtn't can be iw*n tuul lun  -   I     mitt
■ obtained if this Fk pan oi tie si
offices "i *'<   \   fowtVr   Eac*     : m an
I Engineer, Si w  ft -'■" n ■■•,_   B
i mi anpllcstfon   tn  the      ->
' Prince Uii|- rt ami Vleti -
I    pefTrfona Utnitsrinfran nnrilhwt t&u en-
dom will not be cninjiilttrvil   ,: i. --  i .:■■•■
. un the print' <l (ortnumipptliHl, tnd.-tuoiid
I with their actual flipiatmtw, ftni a
■ (H'l'nj.ati-.n- run! plat ittot n mb nun,     .1
the cub oi BrtJ ■   du   ii ■ tul  a
i the nature oi their rw«npMi< n, mil  ilat ■
! of reriileoce "i i at b nwnil • r  i   be li ui
muat bo givan
Each tender mint be h
mi faccnfrterl chequ i t ■ -
payable to tba order   I    ■■■   ■■  Uil*
the.\[iiii-ter..il''-,!.i!.  'A   .i: ■ III] . ■!
, |»T eelil I |0|i ■■   i   I   lu   ui" itUI    ■
j Which Will   IK fort,-il, il     '    : •     .. Mill    i -i-
' di-riii'.' ik'<'liiie •■■ inn r
' when calkjd n|-i] i"i<i •
1 plcte the contrail     l.   Iw • mktr Ita ool
•tocepted Uw da-fqiM will  w n mmnfi
The Depurui ■ ■   ' *■■'  n
:i.'i'f|.i it,.       ■ ■     >
Bj onk-r,
'   i,
I   .
' De^Mtrtmetii   : <
N'ewspapen  n 11 nut
I fadvertfaROM nl rt it a
| utithi.niy ti. ii    ... i
G. R.
SEALED tl v'. :    ■
II.  J. Burlier attended a Conservative mooting at  Ahliotsford Mon- j when there should bo a full atte
day.   A,  A. Cruickshank was nlso lance.
in attendance. A meeting of the Hospital Aux-
Tho*. O'Connell, Chief of Police. I Ill*ry was held on   Monday when
over the IudiuuH, i*t hen* looking
after the Aborigine.*- during the hop
picking seii.ion.
Au open meeting of the local \V.
C. T. II, will Ik- held at home of
Mr. and Mrs. Chapman, City, on
Friday evening.
The Cliilliwnck llarnesfi Co., is
the latest business venture in the
city. The firm is opening in the
Opon-, House Block.
A. M. Anderson, nf the Maple
l.euf Itestuuriiut accident ly gave bis
hand a bad gash with n large knife
un Saturday evening.
Henderson'a store litis been leased,
n new French plate glass front will
be put in, alterations tin now iu the
hands of the architect,
The Holler Itink upoii-t on Tuesday next, tho first dul ol the Fair,
ami will bo opon afternoons and
evenings lor the season.
Better leave no early call tomorrow.
Henderson bus cut prices on ladles'
and misses' cloaks and •mits—and
of course you'll attend.
It. ,1. Snelgrove has gold bis
lieaiitilul residential properly on
Westminster mad to It. O. Atkins
of Vancouver, who takes early
possession. Mr. Atkins own several
hotel properties iu Vancouver but
will reside with his family at Chilliwack. The Free Press welcomes Mr.
Atkins to tho city ami hope he may
enjoy many years in Ids new home
amidst the pleasant aurmiindiiiga
of the Valley. Mr. and Mrs. Snd
grove leave this week for Vancouver
where they will reside. We regret
to lose such a good citizen ns Mr.
Snelgrove hits proved to be during
Ids two year's residence here, hut
we hope the change will be beneficial
to Mrs. Bnelgrove's health, which
has not been robust*
mi in it tees were formed and arrag-
OinentS made for conducting the refreshment tent nt the Fair. A
committee of young ladles will sell
tugs nnd rosettes for the hor*es,
The Auxiliary now litis a member*
ship of lifly-six.
Mrs. Alf. White and son Stanley
who have Bpont the past live months
iu the old country leave on Sept,
•in, on the White Star Dominion
"Ijiureiitic", mul will arrive here!
aboutOot. 10, Alf's look of "nbsonco
makes the lu-art grow fonder," is'
already showing traces of uiilicipal-
imi of a happy family reunion.
Two hundred and eighty pupils
are now iu attendance nl the public
school. |,asl year seven rooms wore
used   hut   this year eight are used,
and allarocomportanlyfllled, Raehl
(lay new names are being added to
(hit school attendance roll. There 111
a larger attendance now than at
any   time   iu  ihe history  of Ibe-
A rumor has Inch current this
week that the B. C Kleelrie would
iperalc a business man's through
train bolwoen Chilliwtiek uml Vancouver, giving hulTct and chair ear
accommodation.   No confirmation
of the report Call lie BOCUrcd at present. Such a train would be of great
convenience to business men along
the lino and at both terminal points,
ami we hope to soon Im- able to mi*
nounec the exlra service,
Kev. T. I». Pearson,  the  oldest
f..r Wlmrf ic  -    ' « i!    -
received ,;t     - >'    "
TnemUy, -;
■traction ol a 1   e Whu
PrinceratKi •    >- «
Plana, m< • u I    a-
iraet can  iw mv% a   ind    >    ■
obtained at ibe> D»anav
offleni of «i   X   k-'M-  E*|     • •'  '"
Enginerr, Ntn .Veatmii
on a[<|ilieaii>ni la the Pi wrutMi    .
HniiTt and \ hi.iris, B '
|',.r-..ii- tt-nd. rinirar.' u-uriit     .   ■
dem Hill not be wo-rtdrrwl   infi -     > ■
• ill till' prillt.-d I-.ri, - -'.: I i ' ■' l- ■! •!«)!. 'f
H'ifh their tu-Uiiil "i^tuiur. -   -t.iiuii* rfieir
occur-atkaM and ptavt* oi twwklauw. In
the we "f fl"''". ib*1 actual «fcrui j^-
the nature oi it- r-rrnpiark-n infi pfare
.,f n--i.li in- . ■ . i ■   t-"!.
tuiisi I-- ghren,
Each tend, r mmn   * ai
un iiccepttd < hi q» ■ ii i   ■ ""-    '    '
Myabb i" tna oroVr   I thi  >{
the MlnUterofPoNkW'oriu eqnalti ten
■-orcein.! lOp.e. loftht ti   m i   ['.-nder
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦►♦♦^♦♦l*^'1'^'',!"'f''rfM'''1  '
I tiering dn luif tn tnut mi" a cnucrari
| mIi.imi.1ImI npon lo<lo
,pk-ie iIh- mntrart
■cceptetl tbecbeqne
■   The Pepartmenl ik*a not bind tttir to
•crept tl»- kneeflt or in] twSltr
By order,
IE t    DEHRf" IIH:-
-..'•■. ,
Pepsrtmcnl "I Pnbllr Work*,
Oltava, Angit-S '■> l''1'
Keaspapen *fll nut >■■ I**"' '
SdvraWtnpnt ll il ej
SOUmrtty from the l'<
Electrical Contractor
Wiring for Power
uml Lighting
A i-nmplctu line of
Fittillgg mill Supplies
hi au ill..it to fflahlMi ii full, i-y nf
pioneers of Iho Kmser Vslioyn will
give In every nmii whu liSi heen a re-
.-i.lelil nl ibe \idley imt lew limn
Itteniy-live   >eai>   nnd Wl» If sUgibls
In    nilKi-iii),   in   The  i ll.I Titni i-
Aaaoelatlon, one inrec Pbulue Plntsli
(.li'.i..i'iii|ib of biiiiM'll, rtuiubli- for
[runlint*, free.
I'mvidetl, ihnt he will come in my
itudlo before iin tlmt dsyofOctohor
nest ami L'lve ii lew mamenti of his
lime in m iiii.rt tu i.imiiii H bl.< in--
tlnii will not "idy be a ere.lii to him
-•■li and Ihe pioneers "I the Valley,
bul ihe SittdiiitH Well.
L. F. CROFT. Paaotolrsphsr
Tht Hot StaSta    Ckllllwack, i.C.
If the tetiiW '-• n<-t
rill be n ■
in-* n
Condensed Advertising
Tenders Wanted
Hailed Ti.i.Un. mlilnwnl lollwCil.
Clirk will l«. mviml ni> lo Uvu o'clock
ii.ni. oi. Momiiiy Hi,, iltii rla| ol Boot,
Mil I for III, coast riMM Ion ol apiirnxiin.tt.ly
:»» so. jt«r<l« ol Uantnt fliliwnlk on
Main Rirwit, rliy ol ri>llllw.rk, Imn.
S|ii.,iiim Avo. lonmrchAw. (««i .i,i,.
Mi.lh...list mllllstor iu llritisn Col-1 na mil a. aniiro.lni.ti'ly nimi Mneal teot
uniliiii,ili<il in NowWeslintnitoron n'OoncniUiOattiic, Itncboabi Hloobei
■mil COtlcroto MrtHi rrii-nins., II Inrlirrt
iy  ll  (I.   ..II  ,llcn  to !"■ h lr,ti.,l liy lh,.
Ity KiiKlncr.
nan. .ml S)nvI(1i'.iIoii. may lie K,>n
Wotlnosday morning last. Tlio tun.
oral will lake nlncu lotnomiw I Kri-
ilay) at '2 p. in., tlio Roy. ('. W.
Drown ofllriuling. Itcv. A. K. Itiih-
oris will alliiml tho scrvir.1 Ill lliu
official capacity nl PrcsMcnt ol tho
B. C. Contcroncc.
 i may l
al the Orli.v ol llii' (ity Knginccr.
IawhiI or any lender not   unwarily
I .  B. Croly E. J. nonclicr
City Kngtnrcr City Clerk
LOUT—Fhhln.HodInH .il..
BrnprM .n.l AdainaDO', I
er |d.-H-.' |.-n\.. nl ll Ill"
Kill! IIKM'-i. .1 rlttll i nw.1 \v*w
.,n llaatl vi .n ..iivrii.-.i.. - ApUj
ii. A. Malcolm, lily.
.  FORSAUi   ilaj I  i» Un >• ■>
■JOOO ilrivi'i; ti.-i . :..■-  Irilggy   .li-l   li.r-
nca.   Will -11 «|..ii.n.ly ..r cnmplrl.
oiiillt.   ApplyClillllaacli I... Vm
II. .I'M: Tn BKNT Knot momrd horjo
on cnroFf ol 1!. i:.ii. ami Ncbool Bu.
Apply in Itoi.i i.il.- Hatj -t.
Ft lit BALK Oil TO RKST-KlglitJ mivi
with .omal li-.u- ■ and "r" liata.
Bee •' Hon.. Rent.
FOR HALF.-S|.li mli.l lnivii.it M.n.
Hnioiy in.'l llMpoa..
Apply t.. It. J. Sncljrovo
It. A. HaWBRRgOX, n.H. AlI.E.
MM-IKTV nl' 11. >
t Till: rW.l.l.N
B.C. I.AMi Sinvivmi
Hooiii. 10 A 11, Wi»iiiiIii.u r Tril't Wink
Hprmiin   liy
Pastor Ilrooklyn Tabernacle
Our   Friends,   Neighbors,   Holy,   Unholy,  Civilized,
fluk'share, lit, August ■—Pastor
Russell of Brooklyn, and now also
:d London, delivered addresses lu
large audiences at tha Qaleshurg
Dhautauqua to-dny. His topics wen-.
"Where aro tho Dead?" and "Tho
Judgment of tho Great White
riirtitie." We report the former.
Gaoh address lasted [nr nearly two
hours, but so deeply Inter sled were
Ihe aucJlei a thai they leemed not
to note the flight  of linn'     il« said:
No other qunstl nultl he of deep-
•r interest   lo thinking   | ne   than
the one now before us "Where Are
:ho Dead?" Our ancestors, our neighbors, our friends, are dtad or dying,
md ourselves with them What will
be our condition when 'be apurk of
life flickers out? 1 have no new
revelation on this subject, I have
merely for my guide wlial is r cog.
nlaed by all Christie ni m the Divine
revelation on ihls subject—the Bible,
I bold that there is no other source
of information comparable tc it.
Before presenting his own findings
an tbe subject, in the Bible, Pastor
Russell reviewed the findings of others—Christian in general. The agnostic view, that then- la uo life beyond the tomb, be could tint entertain. Ha believed that man's organ-
lam, so much higher than that ot the
brute, implies not only an nil-wise
froator. bul His benevolent Intention
(or man's future. He examined th.-
Catholic view, and, while uocordin-i
full liberty to every Catholic to believe what to him seems reasonable
respecting the dead, Pastor Russell
could not agree with Roman Catholic
teachings. He summarised their view
to be that a very saintly tew wen- fit
tor heaven and that they went
thither. He complimented the Justice
nf their intentions, thai a compara*
lively small number of humanity
were worthy of eternal torture.
For his own part, he could not imagine any human being, on account
of any human wvnkness. or depravity,
as meriting endless torture. Tbe
Catholic  view,   that   all   heathen   and
FTactically all Protestant-; and Cat littles go In death to purgatory, lie could
not agree with for two reasons. First,
he finds no Scriptural authority for
such a view, ami secondly, bis mint)
cannot accept tie* thorn/lit ibat an
•ll-wlie, all-just, all-loving and
powerful Creator will torture His
creatures for centuries in any such
manner as Catholics generally believe, and as Dante's great poem,
"Lnferno," so graphically depicts.
Van tor Russell declared that he
was a Protestant, in largo measure
because hi* parents were such. Hut
he declared that while he sees many
truths buth in Protestants and in
Catholic t.-aehings he considers that
the Protestant view respecting the
hereafter of Ihe d ad tie- most diabolical conception to be found on the
face of the earth, the grossest blasphemy against the Divine character
and provision for humanity.. Had
he nothing belter to offer he would
not be addressing In- audience on
the subject.
Perpl-'ked and disconcerted by his
early teachings, he hud, when ri
youth, discarded alt human creeds
and the Bible as well—believing that
the laft:r was the basis for the former. It was a happy day for him when
ha learned that this was a mistake-
when he learned that .he creeds uf
the Dark Ages are diametrically on*
K)«d to tha teachings of God's Word,
dw his Bible has uecome to him a
new book—the moat wonderful book
in tha world. Its teachings he now
aeea to b\ beyond all comparison.
the most logical -tin- only rational
preaentatlop, and a most glorious
one respecting man—explaining bis
put, present and future as prear-
rang*! by a wise, gracious and all-
powerful Creator.
Protestant views respecting the
hereafter are various, but two In
particular represent Proh slant
thought In general- (I) The Calvin-
UUc theory; (S) the Arminiun theory.
Five centuries ago there were no
Protestants—all were Catholics und
believed in three places for the dcHd
—heaven for the saintly few; Purgatory for the general mass of mankind; and hell, everlasltmr torture,
for the incorrigible. Luther and
coadjutors got to studying Ihe Bible,
and, finding nothing there respecting
purgatory and mass for the dead,
they threw these out. Figuratively,
they smashed completely the Idea of
Purgatory. A little later they were
perplexed and said to each other. We
have smashed Purgatory, hut now
what shall we do with all these
thousands of millions who have been
there in our imagination for centuries
—roasting, sissling, and hoping some
day to attain an eternity o( hllss.
The thought of their rsiponilbllltff
In connection with the thousands of
millions blanched their cheeks and
made their hearts quail They !-» Ltd
at each other in terrified bewilderment. Their noble, generuui hearts
led them to %\*sire to put Ihe whole
mass directly Into heawu, but, si
they searched the Scriptures mi th-
subject, they found, as they had a'-
ways believed as Catholics, thi Bible
teaching that only the saintly. Ul*
footstep follower-! id JSSUS, Ihe "over.
comers" of the world, an- til fur ths
Kingdom of Heaven. In despair they
aaid to each other. This leaves nothing (or us  to do  but enlarge  hell
many limes and stuff the entire ni-*»
therein, writing over the doorway.
"Who enters here abundnnt hope.
They did It. but it was a sorrowful
mailer, quits contrary to their gener
ous hearts.
It was when the Reform *rs wen-
feeling very sat! lor what they fell
they had been obliged to do with the
heathen and with their neighbor*
and friends and the vast majority ol
their own fnmllh". that Brother
Calvin appeared "Cheer up, stud
Calvin. "Of eourssi we ill are sorry,
hut »il Is not our fault. The -.ham ■
of such a conclusion is imt our*. I
will show you the way mil of tm*
dilemma; charge the whole terrible
business upon Almighty Goal Hay
that He foreordained and pmleilln*
nled things Ihtlli snd that we cannot
help it!"
Pa-tor Rti-vdl ISld that theae good
men hesitated lor a On- about chsrg-
Inc ntinlnsl (hid what they had been
ashtiiif'd to acknowledge "* ■■*•»'
own plnn and dnlnsi but a ••.•ing no
way out ol the difficulty the* finally
sgreed, and then ssloied John Calvin as tbe gr'tttMt theologian the
world had ev»r known, Calvin sr-
rang d the entir-1 matter Into a nbih
■  and  nis tinotrina heonme thi'
of all ore".'- of   the Reforms-
ion   t
eri'i'l,  inoht'litie lb" Wcs'mln-
t.-r   1
Jonfosif-in   nf   Pii'th.   wliieli   is
rem rt
.Iv   nc'-nowh-d'-ed   h-j   Presby-
,,     Pnntlsta,    etc      T'HIS,    said
Russell,   we    Prnt'it'ints   got
nir  tl
nhnUcnl  theorv  n etlng the
We must   confess  that   It   Is
wore**" than the theory of our
ic friend ,    If   we   could   not
Iheirs  because  it   was  untov-
n merciful,  unjust  and  nngod*
Iv,   ■
lute o
to II .
.nir   Im
Inter tin.
cannot   accept   any
blessings  ol the Reformation
•inihi'li-rably overshadowed and
>npped by the great Ciilvitdstlc
of mi ail-ii'iwerftil God, desti-
f love,  vindictive and  tl.vili.sli
legree   never approximated   by
n   tl 'generate,    Centuries
good   man, John Wssluy
His s.'iil cried nut again'!
itiee mi.I Inverness of Calami  bis   claim   that Cod   Is
!ovo bus permeated Christendom to
such uu ext nt that even those de-
lomlmitl  which eonmsa the West
minster Coafsaaloti of Faith and Cab
vlnistlc theories do uut really bolleve
It We must love Brother Wesley foi
Ids  I argent's a  of  lietirl  ev--n  though
; we mu a I coufcai tlmt bo had it Idbs
logical heud than had Brother Calvin
Brother W sley ami the majority
d his followers fulled lo s-e the Inconsistency of  hi-  claim   that  Go'1
I !i  love,   and   yet   nine    hundred   and
j ninetv-nlne out of   every   thousand
ure  to  be eternally   tormented—bu-
! 'iius" the muss of   ilu'in   bed never
j heard  of  "the only   name   whereby
I we must   be   saved";   and   because
j others who had  heard did  not live
contrary to their tendencies! did not
live saintly lives I
I    Pator Russnll   declared   that Wes-
■ ley und Calvin put exactly the same
saintly lew into h avail, and put all
the remainder into eternal torment,
Hence ii was a mere question between
these two men us to why this wus
so, nnd not us to the fact. Calvin
said, "It is Cod's will and He fnro-
ordained it thus."   Wesley said. "No,
God is love, and love would never do
thus. It was tl1- result of Divine
lack of wisdom in their creation, mil
luck of power to help after their
creation. Hence the fate of the
Pastor Russell said. Them Is a
great mistake. None "f thes- theo-
i rles actisfy your heads and hearts,
| nor mine. The difficulty is that wo
I have been trying to accept the errors
! of the Dark Ages Instead of golug
i clear back to and making our theo-
I logy afresh from the words of Jesus,
I th, Apostles and nronhets. Let us do
> this now and find the honutv of the
| Divine Plan in the Bible, and a glor-
! lous Divine character such as we
I know it should have—far beyond
' human wisdom justice, love nnd
j power. So the Lord says; "As the
i heaven* are higher than the earth,
! so are My ways higher than your
ways and My plans higher than your
i plans."
The Bfbls confirms the ablest find*
I inits of iclsnce when It tells us tbat
1 the dead tire dead and not alive at
! all, anywhere. The Scriptures declare, "The dead know not anything";
"their sous come to honor and they
know it not; they come to dishonor
but they perceive It not of them."
Again    the    Bible    says,   "There    l«
■ neither wisdom nor device nor know],
edce iii the grave (aheol, Ihe Bible
hell) whither thou goest" iKecIcsias-
tes  i!t*4 HI)
Where, my den' friends, i« Die kev
to the whole problem:' Tbe Bible
hell   is  the grave,  ihtol,  hades,   the
- death stale. The salvation which God
lias  provided  is the salvation from
, sin and from death. The hope set
before us in the Gospel is—the resar.
rectton of the dead. If anybody la
dead there can be im resurrection ol
the dead. It is not the body which
dies that God lias promised shall be
resurrected, but the soul.   It wus not
■ Adam's body merely that was pun-
i ished   with   d atli.   but    it   whs    his
soul,  which Involved   the   body   nnd
, every power Adam possessed.   All of
his children have shared  with him
in his fall, in his death,
God's provision (or the salvation of
. mankind   is  that   "As  hy   twin  came
; death (not eternal torment), by a man
. (the man Chrint J ISUI) come's also the
, resurrection of the dead.   For as all
' in Adam die, so nil in Christ shall be
male alive" (I. Corinthians iv, !£!).
Not only do the Scriptures clearly
I set   forth   that  the   wages   of   sin   is
I death and thai thus death passed upon the entire human race (Rinnans v,
] 121, but they also set forth that the
redemption  price   which   Jesus guve
was death—   He poured out His soul
unto death"; He mnde Lis suul au
offering for sin (Isaiah 1111, 10, 12).
|    Aa a result, "tn due time," there
will come a resu.rectlon of the dead.
\ both of ttu- just and id (he unjust.
Hy (In- just Ii in. nut those justified
aud brought into harmony w th Goo
through faith m Christ,   liy the un*
' fust is meant all others. Thus the
Church will share lu Ihe 1-irst Kesur
I rectiHti with Christ] these are thi
Kleet nl tin- Scriptures. Their resur
reel).>n and complete change, ol natur.
1 till a I rend v begun in them through
the begetting of the Holy Spirit.
They    will   lie   l.Ke   tile   Uligels   at)<<
I like Christ, wiio i> ihe express imatp
! of Ihe Father's persull,    Like God alio
tin' angels they, us spirit beings, will
be Invisible to mankind,  These with
their Lord Slid Head will set up tie
I Kingdom ol God   t ie Messianic King
' loin   "They will live and reign alfl
Christ a thousand rears."  These at<
,  in- .saintly ones, a class recognised bj
i Catholics and Prutestsnts, bj l.ulliei
.al.,i.      d Wesley-   All are aar.'.sl *.
I meeting su<    a el iss. The entire poll!
I  i| diecrlinhia -ui I    respecting   tn
i masses ul out rac lor wiioin rim-
Jled and lor all «i whom Uo- varum
! ire - Is provide lurmenii untelluhi
ilr.it.itr« l.ut 'it, I'.lvni and others
whin tut imafhed purgatory us un-
-cripiuuii. should have mud. "We do
not know whcN those puor cresturef
rtre whom we so lung supposed w«tw
in purgatory." They nhould nut have
u-lt ii iucuinbent upon them to en-
.urge 'il'11 ami to put the thousands ol
nutl.uiis out of pulsatory into it.   But.
aa a matter ol tit-t, tiny all arc in
the differ ilia-* If mat it is the
( tiie Hible   the grave, the uu
.ii-. state i. dcatn, and not a
of suffering uml torture,
Do mu t ii. Sjnptures repeatedlj tl.
you that the dea 1 lull asleep*   81
Paul ar'.tes of those who fell asleep
in Christ) and again, of those ah-
"sleep in Jesus") and again thai al
would sleep except those saints win
would be changed .11 a moment, at tm
SQoond oomliig of Messiah,  Do not »
read thai bt, Bteplifii, stone in death
P-ll uleepf   Did not J.-sua say, "Oui
friend Lssarui sle peth," ami suhst
ijui'i.tK explain his inesnlng soylns
1Lsssrui is dead!"   Do we not n-.i
that   "Alirahnm   slept   with   lis   [aid
era," ami mi 01 the nn.gs mid prophrl
and all, good snd bid J   Abranam
lathers, t. .tig heatlteti, none will c an.
that they aleep m heSVflQ.  Out Cstn<
uu ir.oinis wm tint claim thai they
Bleep in purgatory, and surely nobody
would fin1111 taut ihey could tileep in
eternal turttit'e. Where, ttlell, tio tney
sleep, and for llow longr' I lie Uibii
answers, "They lliut sleep in the dust
of Hie enrtli shall awake" (Duttlel
xii. -J 1. 'Ihe Hilil.: tolls us Uut the
•fuelling, sigliiiig und dying of the
present linie whl give plai-'e io u glor*
.ou.s nitinuug ol butter things, the re*
surrection morning.
Pastor Russell »-'i3clulms Universal
lam; iie cannot find U lit Uie Bible,
else he would precih it, Ho finds the
Bible to teach a uulvarsal opportuull)
lor Biilvatiou and ..verlastlng Hie, but
thai the gift of God, eternal Ufa, will
he given only  to I lUBO  rtllo wul iivatl
ihomsvlves of lliu jpportunity, Upon
all others will coma Lho uug.'s ot sin,
nainoly, death, 'those who sin wilfully, prelerrlng wrong to tig it, after being granted lull opportuuiiy for reformation, will In- destroyed 111 the Second Death. Utterly, as bt. Peter de-
dares, "like ti.ntural, brute beasts"
(11. Peter 11, 12),
It wus not in \uiti Unit the Redeemer
taught ua to pray, "Thy Kingdom
oolite, Thy will bu dine on oartn as n
la done 111 heaven." 'that glorious
time will come fchen, as the I'toptiet
declares, "livery knee shall bow and
every tongue confess Uessiah) utm
when tho knowledge of the Lord shall
till ine whole earth, ua the waters
cover the great deep; and when none
shall need lunger to buy to his neighbor anil his brother, miow ttiou the
Lord, booause all ahull know Him."
Then "they shall build houses und lit*
hab.t tliem, unj jiiiiu vineyards uud
eat the fruit of them, und lung enjoy
the work uf tucir hands." Ihcil "the.
wilderness shuU'be glad and blossom
as the rose"; und "the earth shall
yield her increase") und the Lord will
make His earthly toolslool g.orious
(Isaiah U. 13). 'ihls is the hereafter
which God has provided fur the world
of mankind in g-nerul.
Bui this long-promised restitution
blessing lo Uie world, lilting them up
out of sin aud death eouditions, cuu-
not come until first tho Royal Priest-
hood shall have been selected. The
election of the Church, in progress
during this Gospel Age, Is God's preparation for the blessing id mankind.
Tht' elect saints will be kings and
priests, judges, etc., Ill association
with Jesus tor the uplifting of the
thousands of millions ol humanity—
'in duo time."
Thj Kitchen of the Parliament Is Ons
of the Most Perfect In the Metropolis and Can Supply a Twenty.
Five Cent Meal ai Well as a Ter
Dollar One — Its Wins Cellar li
It has. been for inuny yeurs a jest
at the expense of ttie British House
ol Commons that it wus neither more
ner less thuu "the best dub in London"—and served 110 other useful purpose! This is, of cource, entirely
unjustified, but ttn-re remains a germ
ol truth in the remark, for, thanks lo
a very practicul Kitchen Committee,
presiued over uy loi. Lock wood, au
abk- mil efficient chairman, the catering department of tne House is actual,
ly excelled by few, it any, of the beat
cl .ba or hotels in L-liig<*tud.
lis scope is very wide, uml Britain's
legislators may obiain anything from
u simple twenty-the cent uitiuer, juu*
riistiug ol a cut ttuin a choice uf joints,
vegetables, b.e.nl mi 1 chesse or swis.a,
to un elub.trute otuner of a do/.eu
courses wooked by an expert French
chef, and costing flu or mute.
It is the catering tot suoh diversity
of taste and pocket that makes the
work of the committee so onerous, for
although there is .1 slate subsidy ol
about II0.0OU a yeur towards tlm expenses of the kitchen, it is always a
mutter of nice financial calculation to
keep supplies going and tu work out
the yeur without a iuss, Iteceut stalls-
Brilliant Record of the Irish Soldier
In the Service of Great Britain.
The history of Irish soldiers in the
service of Great Britain is a picturesque one, says Tbe London Graphic.
For instance, the Fourth Royal Irish
Dragoon Guards fought in the Peninsula with Wellington, in the heavy
cavalry charge at Baluclava and at
Tel-el-Kebir. The Fifth Royal Irish
Lancers  fought  us  "The  Irish   Dra-
f:0011s" with Marlborough ut Bleu*
leitu, Rainillies, Oudenarde and Mai-
pluquet, winning on Ihe battlefield,
together with the Scots Greys, the
right to wear the Grenadier bearskin.
The Sixth Itiniskilliug Dragoons
fought at Dettingen, took part In the
charge of the Union Brigade at Waterloo, uud added to its fame in the
Heavy Cavalry Brigade charge at
Balaclava. The Higlith Royal Irish
Hussars, raised hy William ill. fought
in Spain under Peterborough in Queen
Anne's war, did splendid work in India ugainst the Mahruttas, and won
wider fame Mill in the Light Brigade
charge at Balaclava. Six other Irish
cavalry regiments, now disbanded, did
good service to the British Dug in
various wars, And of our Irish In*
(uiitry, the fume of ihe Innlskilllng
Fusiliers (the old Twenty-seventh,
dating Irom 1690) is world •wide, They
gave their lives for the empire on hall
a hundred "stricken fields"—among
these Waterloo, "where 600 men fell
and every officer bul one was knocked
over, without the regiment moving an
inch or firing a shut." The Royal
frit-It Rifles hud their part in winning
no fewer  than   ten  oi  Wellington's
nenillSUla   victories;   the   Royal   lr:sh
Fusiliers  are  the same old   Eighty.
seventh, "the Fungli u-ltulhigh Buys,"
tics show that from FoblUary 13th tu who in hatid-tu-hatid fight won the
t' vember Mill last year lei.lM meals , first Napoleonic 1'lugle taken by the
were served in tne House, namely. : British iirim. And the glory can m-v-
7j,U18 las. ■L.'Ki." dinners, :i;i.'JI!i luu ■ ,.r fade of the Coiiiiauglit Hangers,
eheons, 5,516 meull at tin- burs. i!>5 ! who shed their blood like water (or
suppers, and lift breakfasts, Tin •. the honor of the British ling at Bada-
breakfasts were probably Incidental to jo/., Fuentes DOnoro ami Waterloo,
the all-night sittings, ihe Into tin) oil The story of the Royal Irish Reg
the ci lit tee  including  the subsidy,
was   ll 10,010.   ami   the expenditure
flu.i.Mo   it  is a curious illustration
ot the capacity of some coiumodilic
Nearly Two Million Immigrants Ha***
Entered It In a Decade.
1 During the last 10 years Canada has
received nearly 2,000,000 immigrants,
of whom approximately 750.000 were
from (ircut Britain and 700.000 from
Uu United Statiii. Aa immigration
bulletin just issued gives ihe figures
U, to Die end of the last fiscal year,
March 31, as l.7HX*ii for the decade,
bl.ice then nearly 211O.OOO more have
arrived, dlvl led about equully between   British   and   American,   writes
■ an Ottawa c, rrespondeut.
. According to occupation about 65
per cent, of the immigrants arriving
(nun   the   United   Slates   have   been
' (.inner.-, or farm laborers who, for the
mo; . part, have settled in the prairie
provinces, Thirty-eight per cent, ot
the total number irom across the line
made entry for homesteads in tbe
west. About 3D per cent, of the British
and continental arrivals were farmers
or farm laborers, while '25 per cent,
were classed as general laborers, aud
nearly Ihe same percentage were classed as mechanics. The influx oi negroes has totalled only a little more
than 4110. while 5.-.1J0 Hindus have
come. Of the British immigrants approximately 600,000 have been Knglish
and Welsh, I60.(NHI hnve been Scotch
and aboui 45,01 hnve been Irish, Figures for other nationalities include
theae: Austrian-Hungarian, 121,001;
Italian, 83317; Jewish. 48,076; Russian. 3!>.950; Swedes, 19.340. German,
! 1,1*16; French. ICJaO; Norwegian, 13.-
#!>**; Syrian, 5,£ft3.
Tne distribution of immigrants by
provinces gives a good idea ol their
respective po| ulation growth, Saskatchewan and Alberta got a little mire
i.niii half a million Immigrants during
th' decade. Ontario came next with
lu3.r?08. Manitoba Cut SO.ffifl, Quebec
liitjjao, British Columbia and the Yu-
ki>n i"-1*.;*:!'.!. and the three maritime
provinces only 73,9091, Western Canada, therefore, gol some 300.0110 more
new settlers than eastern Canada
In yield a profit Unit while the
mittee paid only S*i,tjti6 (or cigars and
only $10,500 fur spirits, wines, beers,
and minerals, tney received from
members under these heads S5.4&0 and
131,246 respectively.  Provision* which
cost Jitfi.iiiii returned a prolit of ri,
300. and table money aud sundries
amounted to $l,ti55. Kxpeudilurcs
lor wages and salaries, and oilier accounts were >2.i.tj55 So much lor bare
It is a curious fact that a Radical
meal i> quite hs picturesque us any
tbat Ihe Irish part of our army can
supply. No fewer than 15 "Battle
Honors" grace their colors, recording
duty done nil the world over; literally so. lor the Royal Regiment ot
Ireland has fpUgllt it) Kurope, ill
Asia, in America, in Africa, in Australasia. They won their famous mot
to. "VirtutU Namurcencis Premium,"
at the outset of their career. 216 years
ego, und the mini who guve it them
was one  of  the  great  leaders  ill   war
of European history, King William
III., who with his own eyes witnessed
their splendid feat, It was on August
1650,  at the  storming of   Natiiur.
House of Commons drinks much less ' the most formidable fortress in *Ku-
vhat) a Conservative House, but, on rope at that day, garrisoned Ly vet-
the other huud, it eats rather more, cntns of King Louis XIV. of France.
Many of the Labor members are total : Marlborougn's four triumphs, Hleti-
abstainers. heim und  Ramillies, Oudenarde aud
Now and again amusing debate* Malplaquet, are also on the colors of
arise on the subject ul the dining ar- : the Royal Irish, and the four names
rangetnents. On one occasion T. W. j represent in addition to "long series of
Russell, an Irish M.P., expressed his desperate but now forgotten sieges by
entlre disapproval of the present din j whicli fortress alter fortress was
ncr-hour system. "No English gen* : wrested from the French." They help*
tleuinn could dine iu au hour and a ed to bold Gibraltar when Uie Span-
half," he said.   "It was all very well ' tarda  tried  to  recapture the fortress
tor a Scotsman who could dine in the
House, or go without dinner if necessary,   but   it   was   of   110   use   lo   an
of  the features of  the  House
in 1727; fought in the American
of Independence; took part in the"de-
fence of Toulon in the war with the
French revolution; assisted Nelson
and Sir John Moore to take Corsica;
of Commons' cellars is the renowned and fought at Alexandria in the tierce
Vulentia   vat  of   Scotch   whisky,  so- battle in which Sir Ralph Abercrom*
called after Viscount Valentin, at oue bie met his death,
time chairman of the committee.    It The past sixty years have seen the
holds seven  hundred galluiis, and Is 1 Royal   Irish   at   the   front   in   almost
replenished with a specially selected every war in whicli the British army
blend periodically, so as to keep the has  taken   part.    The  Crimean   war
supply consistent.    It is ten-year-old and  Indian Mutiny;  wars  in China
Hignlandapint. guaranteed 15 degrees ' -md   Burma;  the   New   Zealand   war;
under proof, service in Afghanistan; the Battle of
Lord Rosebery  for his monograph Tel-el-Kebir; magnificent work in the
on Pitt accepts lor the text the com Nile expedition which Lord Wolselev
Duka'a Visit to Naples Led to Prosecution of the Camorra.
The investigation of Ihe Italian
Camorra, tho terrible criminal organ-
izution of Naples which has resulted
iu the great trial now in progress at
Viterbo, was brought about, by none
other than the young Duke of the
Abruzzi, the royal muuutaiu climber
aud naval expert.
"In the middle of March, 1906,"
says the writer, "Prince Luigi, Duca
deli Abruzzi, a first cousin of the King
of Italy, had spent aome days in Naples, gathering dutu which would be
useful to him iu his expedition to
Central Africu to climb the peaks of
the Ruweuzori, which he conteuiplutud
undertaking the following summer. Always fond of adventure, whether amid
the frozen snows of the Arctic, the
dreumy wustes of a tropical desert, or
the human swunns of great cities.
Prince Luigi, at 33 years of age, penetrated some uf the mysteries of the
underworld of Naples.
"He had scarcely returned to Rome
when the eruption oi Vesuvius occurred which Ucslroyed so many vli*
lagei uruuud Naples, left desolate ao
many homes, und brought King Vit-
to riu .Emuuuel and Queen Elena
upon the scene,
" 'Here Is your opportunity, Luigi,'
Haiti the King, au he prepared for his
"The young man shook his heud.
'Naples needs purging very badly,'
be replied simply.
"So tho King and Queen went down
to Naples, dhl what they could lo administer to the sufferings ut their subjects, and finally went buck to Rome,
charmed with the people and their
simple,  mediaeval  ways,   while   the
fires* throughout the peninsula severe-
y cuuHured Prince Luigi lor bis III*
tllfli'ti'liee. He, however, was 00 his
wuy to Moiubasu. Arriving there tie
ward the middle of April he wrote the
King a ling letter, explaining what
he had meant by Naples being in
llSed of a 'purge.'
"Tho King was still meditating on
this letter when tho Ctioeulo tragedy,
for which the Camorrists are now on
trial, became tbe sensation of the
press. His Majesty had several unsatisfactory interviews with the Minister of the Interior aud then taking
things Into his own bunds selected
three young officers and guve them
carte bluiKiie-to clean up Naples.
"Three young army officers, chosen
from the crack military organisation
uf Italy, aro chiefly responsible for
thi damaging evidence that Is being
oiled up t.guitist the prisoners iu the
famous Camorra triul. These officers,
whose names are Fabbroul, Farris aud
Capeizutl, were selected by the King
to Und out the truth about the great
criminal society. Together these Three
Musketeers" ot modern Italy laid out
their camnaign. Pebbroni, with documents all in proper form, was to
probe the archives of the police courts
and prisons. Farris, with letter of introduction from eminent persuuag"* in
Rome, was to enter the charmed circle
oi tiie Neapolitan aristocracy.
"There remained for Capexzuti the
hardest and must dangerous task of
all! He, in the guise oi one of the
brigands, escaped irom his own Sardinia, was to enter the 'mula-Vita' of
Naples and gutlier lite roots oi the
Honorable Society of the Camorra.
while nil comrades plucked its fata!
fruit lu the profession and social life
of the city.
"These three men began their work
in silence and in darkness. Five years
were before them—live years of secret
and perilous toil. Then the light was
to shine over the most extraordinary
and romantic feats ot detection that
.the age can produce."
Many Things Aro Needed, Notably En*
dowment Funds For Chairs and a
Series of Residence Buildings—
Montreal Business Men Are Being
Enlisted In the Work-Prlnclpal Is
a Scotsman and Mas Many Honors,
Dr. Peterson, who has entered upon
a campaign to raise a much needed
endowment and expansion fund for
McGill University, hopes to put an
end to the yearly recurring deficits ol
Canada's big university and to provide
it for the future with the necessary
chair endowments, stuff enlargements,
library extension, Mildent residences
and otln-r accessories oi a grcut university. There will be no university
outside of Or1 outer Britain that will
hold a higher plate at the Imperial
Universities Conference next year than
Mcliill und il should be a source of
pride and satisfaction to all Canadians. Manv of the McGill professors
have a world-wide reputation for ability and knowledge in their special de-
pertinents, but Principal Peterson is
anxious to secure the public sympathy
nud support of the business men ut
Montreal as the Burost asset thai will
make for the future success of Ihe
institution ami hence he proposes
launching a campaign to interest
wealthy Montroolers In tho work of the
institution. Many ol the oldest and
most Important chairs iu the fuclilty
are still u dowed und subscriptions
to the general fund are badly needed,
as the iiniveiMiy is incurring an annual deficit ol nlarmlug proportions.
The need of residences is very badly
foil ami then- is a very general movement in all university centres to pro-
vide proper residences fur Iho students
where thai body can be kept 111 closer
touch with the faculty.
Principal Peterson slides thai n real.
donee hall for tho accommodation of
iik.nly received report as to his last
words: "Oh. my country! How 1 leave
my country!" But he gives in an appendix the Karl of Beaconsfield's sar-
led in his gallant effort to rescue Gordon; the Black Mountain aud Tirah
campaigns on the Indian frontier; the
8outlt Alrican war—such are more re-
dome version of the scene.  According   cent events in the record oi the Royal
to  the latter, a waiter employed by    Irish.
the caterer Bellamy, who at that time
was   refreshment   contractor   to   th'.*
House, was knocked up in the middle
oi tiie night by a messenger who said
When  Atkins  Acta.
The fact tlmt a Cermun regiment ol
Grenadiers recently produced ai Berlin a clever theatrical burlesque entirely off Ihelr own bats, as the saying
is, tins been reported as though something like a record hud been achieved.
But it may not he known that the
minstrel troupe of a British regiment
ill  India obtained  such  a "reputation
that   they   were asked  to  tour  the
Country, and hud to uppear by special
command at a Viceregal party. Again,
when three of the lending members ol
a profi-sMouul touring company, and
the principal lady into the bargain.
fell ill during u visit to Hecunderabnd.
a few years ago. ihelr parti—including that of tin- lutly!- were capably
taken by young officers of the garrison,
so as not tu disappoint the troops.
The 3rd Coldstream Guards,  who
were on service for a number of years
in Egypt, hsve twice Biillrely produe-
ed by themselves at Cairo most sue
eessful theatrics! pieces  om- a pan*
tomi , and th- last a musical piece.
called   "The   Ruby   of   Peru."      The
latter was witnessed by all tha Egyptian official  tin.I military  world, and
i.as   highly   praised   by   the  Crown
Prince and  Piiiuvs-, of G| rmaiiy.
A Gallant Sailor.
The bestowal of the knighthood of
to him: "Vou'are "to get Up and "bring the Order of the Bath upon Vice-Ad-
some of your pork p.es down to Mr. m'ral Henry Kane, who now become*
Pitt." The old waiter got up, dressed, Sir Henry Kane, serves to recall to
and drove off with the pies. When ' ntvs{ "■•■*• [da splendid teat of sea-
he arrived, however, death had al- < manship, and his gallantry, when he
ready taken place ,and he learned ■»ved 'he British cruiser Calliope, of
that the last words uttered by Pitt' which lie *•" 'h command, by ateam-
had been those which had (etched him I ina* out of the port of Apia, and lo
from his bed: "I think I could eat ,et" in ttlfi '*-etn oi » 9lur|u ■" ter"
one of Bellamy's pork pics." t rifle that it destroyed three American
All samples of wines and spirits to ' snd three German warships then in
be consumed in the House are in the I Porl ,ur tlie P**rpo*e of maintaining
first case brought to the notice of a . "fder "" the Samuun Islands. No an-
"tasting"   sub-committee,   aided   by
some of the most expert wine-tasters
in London—as a result the cellars era
kept full of excellent, sound, matured
life at very reasonable prices.   For
nee, a   champagne t,f   Urst-clas*   th*' tempest,  the  commander  of  the
She Talked Toe Much.
She   was  pretty,   an   pretty   a*   any
blSQUfl doll Unit any one ever admired
,  and   tin n grew  tr. .1 of.    She met  a
I young chap   "I ju-t love hu educated
per- " she said, giggling.   "Why,
I the mini Unit 1 go w.tb is just the
best educated man I ever seen. He
vent ail through high school and then
I went to Hartford College "
"Wlmt colleger" asked her escort.
:     "Why, Hartford/1 she snd, "Uie una
tbat i- opposite to Yale."
chor or mooring would hold, and Cap. |
tain Kane, who had steam up, took j
the only means possible ol saving his ;
ship from  being  driven  ashore  and '
wrecked.   In spite of the fierceness of
the tempest,  the  commander  of  the
brand, sold at the' big hotels at |ft a ! Calliope, as he fought his ship out to
bottle, costs only IS.aft iu Ihe House ' '*a. caused the  ship's  band  to  play
of Commons.   A former chairman o|' "The 8tar  Spangled   Banner"  as  it i
the committee, uuw dead, Sir Alfred \ passed the wrecks of two of the Amer- |
Jecoby, showed especial keenness iu ■ u'tt" cruisers, the officers and men on
tweeting the requirements of the most   hoard of which heard, amidst all  the [
fastidious appetites, and under his re-1 turmoil, snatches of that inspiring air. I
gime   some   most   exquisitely-cooked | ""d *l*° "' *be cheers of the Knglish ,
repusts were servsd, officers and men, which were return- j
The professional head of the "Re- \ ed with interest by (be Yankee tars
frtshiuetii Department" ia C. F. King,   *"d officers fighting  for  their  lives.
who  holds  a  most  responsible  post-. •■''>' "' which were lost on that fate- !
lion, aud has patience, urbanity, and   'u* night,
level-headeduess in a marked degree. 1 -—■'-'   --— - ■—
All   these  qualities  are   urgently   re- Queen Alexandra's Treasures,
quired ift mom-.-nis of energy, such ;    Qumi Altssndrs has kept all the*
nUI "Sh7; "      e" ■       r n L001' * ••*"" "l  »y»>Pathy  sent  lo her on I
^  ah        !,,rrn.;  -TH??! £??*•»• Wwsri'sWh.   They have all
»   K,?«, S!2"rf, V °U,"u;" ' B«sn classified and bound into a vol-
L!°[hi? U  "l!II«'-. ll   " lY ,UCI!   «™ WlK cover of dark red calf.  The '
lines t al.Mr. King shines.   He used   |etle„ rtngt! (ron, |ho„ vt roy.|ti(,9 ;
fc*iLlVlh.lNl.»l ^aWKiE^H   •*■   Her   Majesty's   most   intimate
Service Wub, snd as a reliable and   friemla to others from quite poor pen-
much-esteemed caterer who knows his   .,te   -ubiecls ol   Kin* Kdwatd   li.,,
business from beginning to end  he is | &£**% wt,Si    J Jll,       j
never at a   „.. to prov.de food Will-   thi  Queen.   There  are,  too/sevJral '
cooked aud da.nnly-served at the most  |romH-,hlldrsn, and Hi evid.-i.tly are;
Wagner's Parentage.
Discussing the recently published
autobiography ot Richard Wagner
the Oesterreichiscbe Wochenschrifl
says that no oue will ever know
whether the truth has all been published as to the master's parentage.
"It Is a fact, though, that he wni
registered at school as Richard Geyei
and did not lake the name of Wagner until he was fourteen years old,"
says this authority. "It la also a
fact that the recently published his.
tory waa seen in manuscript by Moltl
yean ago at Wahnfried. In its original form Ludwig Geyer was named
as Wagner's father. Oyer's portrait
hung in the villa next to that ol
Wagner's mother, and there was nc
portrait of the Saxon police actuary,
Wagner, to be seen anywhere."
At tha Wrong End.
"I been a-readin' all your eastern
papers," commented Grizxly Ous, tlie
three-fingered terror of the Bad Lands,
"and I been a-tryin' to keep up with
the stories therein contained. Bul
your sportin' sections gets uie. I been
a-readiu' about these here tights you
all hu back east. Nine times out ol
ten the paper states that 'the light
ended in a draw.' That's what I can't
"Why not?" we asked, "When two
men are equally matched why should
not tha fight end in a draw*"
"I guess you have diffrunt kind o'
fights in yore country. Out here •
fight begins with a draw."
Good Guess.
"Yes," said the man who had made
a good many millions by halt wreck*
ing railroads and then buying in the
stock when he had caused It to drop
to almost nothing, "1 w t mistaken
for a burglar once."
"Is that sor" replied one who had
bought at SO and sold out at 13, "the
fellow who did the mistaking must
bave been able to see pretty well in
Ihe dark."
unexpected hours.
; highly prized by Queen Alexandra.
hell  >
| An  Appendicitis   Preventive.
A London doctor recommends, aa a
preventive ol appendicitis, the simple
i eierdse of going on one's kmes every
; morning and night. Not, lo be sure,
. to pfay for immunity from Ibe un*
j pleasant malady, but lo engage In a
( simple hygienic exercise, which consists in bending backward until one
I can ait on his heels.   _
The Settle of the flpSlna.
The oltlesi pint' ot tvii.tiHiu iron In
existence la bsiMvasI In I* a muchly
fashioned fickle Hade found Mr  Bet-
K"iil lu Knrii'ik, near Tht»hW,    ll w-aa
, imiHtitted in ibe mortar iiwli-r ihe lw»e
of n Hphlni Hint on lhat soronni la
known aa the "sickle nf the aphlnt."
II le now In tin* Brltlah mie-emn nnd
1 la believed lo be nearly l.UUU ycura old,
"Just 0OS, dlrl.ng'!' hi pleaded as      ., """"'* ?,lu(|h!
fools do. ■    At a recent first night at one of the
"Ona moment," she said, restrain-1 H»ndon theatres the program contain-
ing him. "Tell im- first, have you ever «d «« notice: The management begs
kissed another girl?" to state that anyone troubled with a
"Never!" he swore first-night cough will be supplied with
"Then," she said, "you may gel Jujubes on application." Tula was in*
your hat. tor you're either a liar or a I tend«| " "* "'buke t0 ll)n)e p(.opie
dJftd one, and I'm neither a reformre! wno JJ" bce" P'»fii)g a practice nt
sffffl uur a miracle worker." soughing at first nights to bring fail
ure to the play.
Feminine Gander
General F. D. Grant, nt a dinner in
New York, said of a recent lamk ol
"It suggests in it- absurdities am)
error**, the misogynist ic Hflmollxiy
who was naketli
" 'Whflt i- the difference between ft
fori and a fortrOSI*'
" 'Well,'   .-utd   the   schoolboy, 'I
I diniild thin It Uie only difference would
he   thai   Hu   latter   Is   harder   to   sil-
Buffalo Kxpreas.
A mini may move In the highest
Boeial circles without getting very far
"Quite a remarkable thing happened al the banquet last night."
"Ditl sniiielMidy tell it story that
was new'r"
"No, the stories were all old, hut
one of the spriikers who said he hnd
to any sat down Immediately after saying it."—Chicago Record-Herald.
To polish -dove* tine boiled linseed
oil on the steel parti, nibbing well
with n woollen cloth. Clean nickel
with whiting ami nuummia, nnd use
good RtOVfl polish for the top.
Reins In the right nlaro at the right
lime ia often an accident
Pinches All Raund.
She—My new gowu is just lovely
It's a perfect fit.
He—Satisfied on that point, ehP
She—Yes. 1 know it's a good fit because it pinches me so.
He-Well, it doesn't pinch you hall
as much as it does my pocketbook.
Her Tip,
Mr. Newcome—Doca keeping board'
era pay?
Mra. Hashleigh-lt doeao't pay
unless they do.
a hundred students could be provided
tor J200.000 and he is disposed to favor
a series of small hulls instead of oue
large one. These hulls would be par-
tmlly self-supporting, as the rentals
from rooms would be considerable.
Dr. Peterson wiw born in Edinburgh,
Scotland, iu lt*56 and was educated at
Edinburgh University, where he graduated in 1(?75, where he carried off
first-class honors in classics and obtained the Greek traveling fellowship.
He studied iu Cennnnv for a time and
on his return to BtXtland ha was
elected to the MucKcniie scholarship
in his hIiiih muter. In 1976 he took
the Ferguson scholarship in classics
at Oxford, where he also took his final
degree. In 1683 he was appointed professor of classics in Dundee University
College and principal. These positions
he continued t > till up to 1895 when
he was selected as principal of McGill in succession to Dr. Dawson. He
has proven himself a man of ripe
icholorship and Urge executive capacity since taking charge ot McGill
uud the university has made marked
progress under bis energetic regime.
The Earl of Beaufort.
The Duke of Beaufort, who bore th*
Cttrtana at the coronation, and whe
alr-o took a prominent part at the in.
vest it ure of the Prince of Wales recently, is the head of the renowned
Somerset family and one of the great
territorial mugnates of Britain, own-
ng huge estates in both Kuglaiid and
Wales. The duke is one of the beal
known masters of hounds in th*
country, and one of tbe keenest
, sportsmen, hunting six days a week
In the aeaaon. and only rccrftttni
that be cant hunt on the seventh.
ISie stables and kennels at Badminton, Ids inuiriiilie nt place in Gloucestershire, which is itself the site ol
a -.mull town, are a sort of Mecca foi
sportsmen from all quarters ot thi
globe. The duke, who is about six
foot three high, is \*>ry popular as e
landlord, hut bis Toryism is of th*
hiifh-aml-dry order, und wblin Mr
Lloyd-George introduced his famous
budget, bis grace achieved aomi
notoriety by 'Informing a meeting,
composed of his tenants and other*,
that he should dearly love to set his
peck of hounds on the Chancellor.
Thought Welt of Themselves.
Gibbon wrole in his dairy: "I am
the greatest historian that ever lived.
No one can equal ine in this direction."
Victor Hugo wrote to Bismarck:
"The giant greets the giant, the lo*
the foe, the friend the friend. 1 hats
thee furiously because thou has bum
bled France. I love thee because ]
am greater than thou art."
.And Wordsworth said ot Ihe "swan
of Avon": "There is an Immensity ot
trick In all he wrote. If 1 had a mind
I could   write   exactly   like   Sbak*
A Gentle Hint.
"Madam, is that dug named Koinef*'*
"Certainly not."
"Then it ought to be."
"Why aoF"
"Because 1 notice that boy uf yours
likes to make it bowl."
All In a Month
"Before marriage I used to dream of I
life in a fine house, with sixteen ner*!
vanta." j
"Dreams never come true." i
"They du .partially. We live in nj
Hat instead of a house, hut we've had:
the sixteen servants." Courier-Journal, ;
Waa Cautious
Lady—"There I no need to be fright-1
etied, my little man. My little dog la
only wagging his tall to show bow
pleased he la."
Tommy—"But that's not Ihe end
I'm afraid of."- Tattler.
Did, of Course
"See here, sir," aaid Ihe irate head
of the house to the young man nt the
front door, "didn't 1 it'll you never to
call here again:-"
"You did," replied the y. 111., "but
I didn't call lo hoc your daughter this
time. My employer aenl me around
to collect  Ihe bill that him been due
for six mouths,"
"Oh, I beg your pardon," meekly
enjoined the other. "Please call
again."—Pittsburg Sun.
If you don't think well of your employer keep your thoughts to yourself. FREE  PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
The Chicago woman wan on Hie wit-
noaa stand, "Art) you married or un-
nuirricdP" thundered tho counsel for
the defence. " Unmarried, four
) limes." replied flie witness, unblushing^.—Philadelphia Record,
Spiders us u rule have eight eyes
each, but a few species huve only six,
Have You a Copy
it Is FREE
eluslvsly Pur Oa-
talogua l.ausd In
Canada, Itcontalna
ona hundred Illustrations and descriptions
of tha latest New York,
London, and Parle atylea
In ladles', men'e,  mleeee',
and children', furs.
Do not fall to write to-day for
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and have reacheat thi. poiition by merit and merit alone. Our style, are exclusive and correct,
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REMODELING    can attend to.   Write to us for estimate, and do it right sway.
The SeUers-Gough Fur Co, Limited
Toe Largest Exclusive Furriers In the British Empire
! Mountain  Hotels  Vastly   Impoved To
Meet  Continued   Increase
Year hy yeur the truffle to the
| Canadian Rocky Mountains is Increasing ut such ii greet rate that the
mountain hotels have some trouble
in satisfying nil tin* demand fur oc*
comniodation during tin.- Boason. Tin'
Cunadiun Paolflo Itallwuy Is conttnu-
•it.ly improving and udding in its
i-liuiii uf mountain hotels, Imt even
with Hu' extra fuoilltlas thus afforded tin' accommodations aro taxed tu
tl.r uttermost, livery train westward
takes with il u new contingent uf
tourists, iiikI it has hecoma tin- fash-
lonahl- tiling to **.jM-rnl u week or ten
itnvs tn the mountains before going
• hi In Ihi' must.
Banff, boliig in tha contra of tho
Canadian NatToiial Pnrk, Is uut unit ly
ono uf thr lavorlte atop-ovar points
fur travollars. It i- biluuted in a din-
11nt which is mom ndva'ntugeous for
mountain ellmhlng, llshlng uml oilier
spurts, und. ua a result. Un- C, I'. K.'a
hotel ut tin's point'is will patronized
Recently th.' ('. I'. If. math' several
ni-w iniprovements tu tin- hotel, with
the result tlmt it is now more popular Hum ever. Tin' Improvements
consisted ot the uddltiou uf two now
Him-'* and a new swimming pool. The
wings aro built in tin' form uf towers anil contain sixty bedrooms, Tln-v
un- llvt- storeys high, uml, lilt.' the
rest uf tin' hotel, uro of stout- ami
mill construction. Tin- ground floor
of the new wing is given up lo it
spacious sun parlor whita thero is t.
driveway utnlrr tin- other wing. From
uow un litis sun parlor will be u
feature uf the hotel accommodation.
it is fifty feet square, uud on three
sides uf it thero is a raised dais
reached hy a scries of steps, where
flu- guests may rest while enjoying
tin' view from tho broad windows,
Beyond the dais there Is u conservatory where flowers bloom in great profusion, uml thi> whole parlor is surrounded hy gluss walls, giving the
sunlight free access tn tin- room. Th-
parlor is beautifully finished with
couches uttil easy chairs, and the
British Columbia ceiling is supported liy a Bcries uf arches uml columns.
Tin- swimming pool is situated north
of the hotel and is protected hy a
number uf awnings. It is i-n feet
long and GO" f.-.-t with', uml is built
entirely uf concrete. There are sixty
dressing rooms fur guests wishing tu
usi- tin- pool, these being situated in
a 180-foot huilding tu Hit- rear uf the
Imt lis. Thi' upper slurry of this
huilding is fitted up with Turkish
baths, uml thero is underground con-
noctlon with the hotel. In the mitre
uf the large pool thero is n small
plunge hath where sulphur water is
used. This smaller pool is 24 by 80
Both the suu purlur ami the swimming pools were opened sunn? time
ago and tln-v have been iniieh praised
hy guests stopping ut tin- hotel;
No Ability
to Digest Food
Dr. Chas   *
Nerve Food
The digestive system is a wonderful
piece nf machinery, hut power is necessary to make it effective.
in  litis CI1S0 the power is the nerve
force contained in the body, uml, if
(he ni'tvi- force is lucking Hie tlines-
llve system becomes crippled ami
there is suffering (mm indigestion,
nervous heudaches, neuralgia pains,
dizzy spells, weakness ami dlseour-
Strength eonnol bo regulned from
ihe food yuu cut s<> lung as digestion
is su Imperfect, Iml you can In- restur-
i.l by Dr. Cliaso'n Nerve Food, which
conluiiiB in condensed pill form the
very elements uf nature which go to
fornl now nerve force
Overwork, wurrv, nnxtety uml excessive mental ofTorl exhaust the
nervous system at it tremendous rate,
und repair must he made before sntnc
dreadful form of disease sets in- Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food Invigorates the
nerves which control the digestive
fluids, sharpens the appetite, is slightly laxative, so ns to encourage tin- action of fin- bowels and strengthens
.-very organ uf the body.
Yuu can use tills treatment feeling
certain that every'doso is doing you
at least some good, and can prove, il
liy noting your increase in weight.
Or. Chase's Nerve Food, fill cents
il box, ft Imxes fur $2,50, nt all dealers
or   I'Mliiailsun,   Hates   &   Co.,   Limited,
"Have you had auy experience?"
Questioned the theatrical manager.
"Yes, sir," the aspiring Thespian answered. "I once took a prominent part
In a play railed -The Loan Shark.' I
was the loan shark."
"Did you Dtuke u till?"
"Did 11 Hy .lupller, sir, t gave so
lifelike an Imitation uf a shark that
everybody in Uie audience yelled, 'Get
the book!'"--Chicago Tribune.
Funny Schoolboy Answers Chronicled
by an  English Journal.
"Post uud Present."   the   Friends
Bcbool    Magazine,    publishes    sutue
amusing  blunders  which have  beeo
noted iu anamination^ at the society'I |
school*.   An uudergruduate, many wii. I
he interested to learn on the authorit)
of stuid young students, i* il) a per
sou not up to the mark; (2j a lowei
class of board school.   Other buddimj i
Dr. Johnsons huve been equally ortg  j
inal in the matter of definitions.
"A circle is the amount taken lo hj
the line which goes all round."
"Parallel straight lines, even if pro.
duc-ed  to eternity, cannot expect U: I
meet each other.
"A solid ia that which hasn't an)
.spue-.- under the circumference."        I
"An autobiography ia the life of an
animal written attOt it ia dead—us s
"Au ab ti;nt noun is utie that cum I
not be heard, seen, touched, ot '
smelt'*; or, to take the pessimistic .
view of another, it is "tho name of
suit-thing winch has no existence, a- •
'An uxis is an imaginary line or
which   the earth  Is supposed  to takt ■
its daily   routine,"
"The PhVif'Ct were people who likt
to show uff their goodness by praying
In synonyms."
The following Illustrate history a*
remembered by the Quaker schoolboy;
"Juuu uf Arc wus a peasant'* duugh
tt-r, dressed in u muu'i clothe*, ami
went tu fight the Knglish und wai
stuln, und imt soldiers said don't you
think you bad better wuit till to-mor |
row to besiege Houen,"
"The Wars ut tne Roses killed a lot
of the Important knight* and the>
gut another aturt."
''Elisabeth hud a better claim to thr
thrum- than Mary, for she had posses
Ston nine-tenths of the throne by law.'
"Far away on the deep the Spanish
Armada saw the b >acon tires twiiafjtliiif-
in endless chain from St. Michael'*
M< unt to the Yorkshire Moors, and
knew Ibat England whs ready."
"Charles I. was going to be married
to the Infanta of Spain; he went tc
see her and broke it uff at unco."
It is interesting to he Informed, too
that "Kvery German goes tu school ut
un early aye, however old he is."
Mr*. M. Ilanelt,
'"■-■*   M'.rrsn   .St.,
Montrtal, »)*:
;  "A   hortid
rash came out alt over my baby i 'tee and
upread until It bad totally covered his scalp.
It was irritating and painful, and canted
the little one hours of rrafferiog-.'   We tried
soar* and powdeii and sal'.'-, but be (ol
m better, He refused his fo-d, got quite
thin and worn, snd was reduced to a very
serious condition, I was advised to try
Zam-Uuk, snd did so. It was wonderful
how it seemed to tool and ea*e Ihe child'*
burning, painful skin. Zam-I!uk from livery cummencement seemed lo go right tc
the spot, and the pimples and sore*and the
irritation grew lea snd le**. Withla a
few weeks try baby's skin tu be*l«d
completely. He has now pot a trace oi
rash, or eruptftn, or eciema, or burning
sore. Not on'y w, but cured of the tor
menting skin trouble, be has impfoted la
general health/'
Zaire Bolt is told at all ti ***** and sta-iktrra »«■-
ion, toe. m boa, or poM ft-, front !■■:. 3u« C*.
Toronto, forpn-:*, S &.-■•«t.rti.y\ A?
far sit akin riUa'
Writ-- *n  us  ■   : i.   ; - i- ehoitm
list  of   Agi ■. •    3 .   .'
necessary.    1 i iy   i • aaJtitu
Apply  B. C. I. C      Ltd., m  klltert
St., Ottawa, Oct
Mr. Westend, who will spend part
of the summer In the llocky mountains, slid down the banister the otbei
morning, fetching up at tbe newel post
with a terrible bang.
"What Id tbe world are you doing?"
asked Mrs. Westciid.
"I'm practicing for that horseback
riding we're going to do," be said.—
SL Louis Post-DIspatch.
Till Wednesday tomes around—Make sure NOW that you   have one   of
The Boards With the Labor-Saving Cr mp
No other Washboard can give you the tame genuine satisfaction.
Made In different styles and sites to su>t the lastea of different people
At all good Grocers
Mr. Millyuns (engaging valet)-1
warn you thut frequently I am exceed.
inglv ill-tempered und gruff.
Valet (cl rfully)—That's all right,
so am I,- Sacred Heart Review,
is uf mure Importance in a
than brains.
Nat Getting Any Quieter, but the Land
Is Slowly Sinking.
Geologists have of late years come
to tbe conclusion thai the entire central European plain, which eslends
from southwestern France through the
Low Countries and uonb Germany to
the Kuaalao Halflt provinces. Is slowly
The lowest seciloo of tbts great
coastal region Is ibal part uf Holland
which Ilea from tirieeu to twenty feet
below sea level and has to be protected
by Immense dams and dikes against
the danger of being submerged.
A Dutch engineer named Ten Cate
baa studied Ibis subject and be deals
with Holland's danger at length In Ue
logenleur, a imii-n technical paper.
HU Investigations go back '.t.000 years,
"Mo, do cows and bees go to heaven ?'*
"Mercy, child, what a question!
'"Cause If lliey don't tbe milk and
boncy tbe preacher said was tip (here
must be all canned stuff."—Boston
Dssftes Help a Lot
Dr. Kroebei or the Unlrentity of California says the average man dues ool
use more than l.OOli Imgllab words lo
bis daily life. It seems to us that
1,000 Bnfflbtb words with a liberal sup
ply of dashes onchl to enable one to
express himself clearly.-Houston Post
King George's Little Joke.
King George has always been fond
of a joke, ami  he found a  rnre op
fiortunity for urn* once. Hi- ship wit.
ying off Portsmouth, and coaling
had been taking, place. In this thi
nrinee, like everyone else on board
had to take his share. When he Imd
finished he looked a pretty picture
being coal-dust from the crown of rm
head to the poles uf hi*) bouts. Om
of his messmates made Ihe laughing
remark that hie grandmother, then'
staying at Osborne, would have som--
thing of n shock if she could see him
at the moment. "Ity .love." said till
royal highnes-, "what a lark! I
have a good mind lu let her fee me "
His brother officers egged him on
and a boat was lowered away nnd
off went the prince, as black a.* »'
nigger,    fly sunn' menus or other hi ,
managed    to    gain   nece-is   to   lh'
grounds of O-borne, and presently
the familiar donkey-chaise bearinj
Ihe late Queen hove in sight. When
it got close to him he stepped from
where he had been concealed, snd
approached her majesty, who grsiftl
at the weird nppurition in nn.H7.e-
metlt. Th'ii >he made a niiiVeni'Ti*
as though to call one of her ntlen-
dents to throw him out of the place.
"Oh, all right, I will go if you like,"
suid his royal highness in esiutncd,
dudgeon, "but I must say that I don't
think it is a very kind way to greet
your loving grandson I" Even th.-
grave old Queen was forced to break
into a smile as she recognised the
royal Bailor, but, from all account*.
he received rather a severe "dressi
down"   from   her   majesty when   hi
Si».Wibuu»i goor-una samara nu >-■*»
Std for .,»-r sixty  VSAMi-  HILI.lUN»ii
lOTHIOa   for    <:i--r       t  \l.Ad>    W     ■
i'rkthi.m;   with  ft*:." —
'iOUTHF.1- fie CU1XD
»LLa\s*:i pun   -■   t
a tba Mat t.nmi* 'or '-H.H.l'H.v     :i :• -•
-Olnl-lr   uar-i -■        .lr   mi-  an,i   . .^     ,„       « ^
Winal«>'a Boot** Bg  •  '.y  ' *n>i   u    au st»-a*
uaJ     T•«■:> ■..-   Mill   tut'.-a
- t*-.a.-»    ie   , ,_1
in wuracouc *.-«l
The "Wellington
• Hat
fur uii-n.   Cona lianxnadt*
' otur
ant.-.1 best haJ  i ilui    n
i ■ uln
All -ize-t and  diuped   ->
■ H   i nl
Itlfl  fi'lt-.      Ask  your  Z
lilt         IT
writ* at ones to
4  :::..
Tarrjnto.   Qnr.
'-wtp ma .i.-ewmy ca imtm" 1
A    rViin.ii* i   A* iv
Oruhsj i ii    .     i. ■
gown, t'U ha
■■■   .
■ii *
Mr-   ' rabi
Ing t<    e charg ■:
a»-t a more txgna
Sn m:in    r   t..11111111  '(i.'niii    tils   ■
fully aboai   «•■ ■>•■ ■     '      m >-      •■ a
 t      ._ ...     ifTtain   l   .-.-lief   ll   H   M.I.I    M    luliuWi
joined the royal party at dinner law  Corn Can-
in the day, over the "unseemliness '
of hia conduct.
CFUFU VFtDC  mill iDd hli '-0"t'lu',1,•,, ll U»l xbB Du,ch
JlYlPI  ILAKj I Alii coastal sinks eight Indies lo a century.
FROM  ACUTE NEURALGIA   but every  lime counts in a  country
  , which  Ilea naturally ao low as tbe
niRFn TMnniifiH  THE   UfiP  of ' *Dutch coa1'"* provincee. Besides, Ihere
CURED   THROUGH   THE   USF.   OF   ^ ^ Juit|flca|,0|J fuf aMUDJIDg ,bnt
It Helps Seme.
"In lime of trial." suld the prench-
er, "what brings tbe greatest comfort V"
"Ao acquittal!" responded a lowbrow who shutild never bore been
admitted by the us iter.—Toledo Wade
But Who Wants the dob?
Wanted—Girl in stay at home
nights,   itiM.it wage-;.
(Stolen I.,.,lily ii"iii one tif our exchanges.)
It la Wise lo Prevent 01 •order.-*!any
mil-,'-- It-ail lu ilHiirili'ti uf th*- nluiiim li
rami t--v- art- trie I rum them Al i Ik- flrat
iiniiiif'-i-Uiliini lhut th** HiiiiiiHiti and lurr
»re nut iM-rfiiriiiiii-> llnir lum tionn, a
euiira** of rittiiirli'i' s Vt-Kt-toble Pllla
ahuuld lie trjtil. and it will Im> Imiml
tlmt the itiKi-tui- ..r«,itiH will -.'H-eili!*
rrsiiuie h-*ulthy srtlun. I.uantlvi-a uml
at-datlvra me mu lilftnli'd in tin--... pills
that im uther prF-iaratlun cuiiltl he au it
fi-iii-e   hh they.
Willi' -tain.- tin lahle lite n tire removed by sprinkling them with sail.
moistening with hut water and then
pout hulling water through ihe stain
until it disappears.
Minard's Liniment Ouras Colds, Etc
''Don't care a dam," Is generally
regarded m profane. Not mi. Dam is
a small coin current in India ami the
phrase means: "Dun't cure a nickel I"
.There are many imitations of Wit-
sun's 1'ly I'ails, hut none compare
with Ihe genuine original article.
He sure you gel \Vilsou's and avoid
Mrs. Oat.twt-ll- The junkman would
not huv those thing, we sorted out.
Giintwell—Thon let us he charitable,
my dear, and give tin in tu the poor.
Green, blue, lavender, aualine reds,
purple and pink should he soaked in
alum water-two ounces to a tub.
Hlack, gray and dark blue should
souk in strong salted water.
His First Elevator
Neuralgia is nut a disease—It is
only a symptom. It is the surest
sign thai yuur blood is weak, watery un! Impure, and that your norvei
are literally starving. Had blood
is the utie CQUSO—good, rich, red
blood its only cure. There you have
I the r -til reason why Dr. Williams'
I'ink  Pills cure neuralgia.   They
tbe settling down process will always
be regular, aod a sudden subsidence
.would be a very grave matter Indeed.    ■
Ten Gate proves bis assertions by
pointing to tbe situation of remains of '
Roman settlements lu tbe Low Countries,  which be calculates must now .
lie from five to tin ecu reel below their |
original level.   Tbey were built aome
alxleen centuries ago.
ihe only medicine that contains, in I    A further Indication of the lowering
Waller Damrosch was describing a cornel 'proportions, the very elements  of Hollaud'e level la the fact tbat tbe
ry ignorant foreign critic
"In  short," Mr.  Damfoach
be  Waa as  igt.uruul  uf  liilisii
Jed Shucks ami his wife were uf city
Jed  wa*.  describing,  at  a dorcas,
In- recent visit lo New York.
needed to muke new, rich, red blood. I i0w bills or wounds to which as late
This alone reaches   the   root of the   tl the middle ages people aod their
nerves, | cam# nsed to flee for eafety at flood
timet would uot now afford the oecea-
aary protection
them '
lip    tu
'An' we went lo it big department.| rnent,   uow
old trouble, soothes the  Jangled
and drives away the nagging, stabbing
pain,   uml   braces   up your  health   in
other ways,   Mr. M   Hrenuun, uu ex-
rgeaiit   of   the   2nd   Cheshire   li.
lie .-aid. 'an' we go
ere things wot win
the  ton
name, aierr
" 'Shop-lifters.     Jededlar,
Shucks  replied."
Man., aays
a   resident  of   Winnipeg,
"While serving will, my •
it inter	
hues yo clean reginiout'in India, on a hill station',
wot iu tarnation is | contracted a severe cold which
brought on acute neuralgia, at limes
lasting fur three weeks. 1 was constantly suffering almost every month
iii the year for over seven years. Ihe
pail, bclllg bOtnetllTIOfl so severe that I
wished I was dead.
Always 8orvlcoablo.-Miint tolls I.mmp their
proparflff with iiiii- Nut an with Par-
iii.-l.-s- -  V. iri'tiiMi' Pills,    The Pill ninsa la , .,     .      ,   , ,   , ...
no eu in pounded tlmt ihelr lirenfth nnd rf-. Bngland  I see I to get  no lietter,
feetiveiWfM la preserved und the tiilla i-u.it   though   I   spent  large stuns of money
fir parried aaywhera without ffsr «f tor*-  - .  s..,,,!',,,,! ,.,iviee   and     mediolne
ine ihelr itnteiuT.   This ia a auulity thai .  ''/    ■'■''•■'■■■l   a"U1,'      ' ""   ,,,,"■
lew  iiIIIm poneaa.   Htitn** iiills lime their, iheti I cati.e lo ( at.iiilii, und ahuul a
iMiwer. hut nut au with Par melee's.   They   year ago saw the iitlverliHeme.it uf Dr
will maintain their rreahurHH ami ivutrm-y     -
fur u  lime I fair.
our darling is lost Again I"
us noon as he   gut,    into
"Wlmt little thirling?"
"Yuu unfeeling monster I Our little
"Oh, the serootP"
"Yes, if you must lalk like a brute,
the sennit the mutt—anything you
wish. Ami I want yuu t.. advertise for
He promised lo do it, ami this is
the ml. as It appeared:
"tost—•A sausage shaped dog, answering when hungry tu the mime of
'Bahy. A reward will be paid for Ins
return tu No. .18 Dash aVC., dead or
Difficulty   of   Framing.   "Rules  ef the
Road" For Aviators.
One of Ibe fundamental elements of
tbe Impending iratiaformallou li tbe
modification   whlcb   la   Bpiiearlog   to
properly   rights.    The   owner   of   a
On my return to   t>ouse and farm may put bis algu by
the   roadside   forbidding   trespassers
aud be wholly within his rights.   The
air man at ihe same time serenely
paaaea directly overhead, chousing hla
Williams1 I'ink Pills in a WinnipegI •*" «'BuW°y ■»"»• ,lr, w,ll,fut ^
paper. Although I hud begun to think much aa aaylng "by your leave. Tbe
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my wife that 1 Intended giving the. out to view underneath aud may be
1'ills a fair trial. I was suffering «iamined, photographed and even aur-
from terrible pains when I began fak- feyed from above, while tbe owner is
ing the Tills, hut before the second; tl(-,er |gUOront or tba Intrusion or
box was finished tho pain began ««' powerleaa to prevent It
iisappenr  and tuulcr a further use o    *~ ,b      ,   . t |th
lhe Pllfl it disappeared entirely, and1 "T. Mllll,,,imi u, ' fHmrm ,_ _A
1 have not had ,'twinge of it during i ffgj regululloua. Since there la no
the past year. Only those who have! highway marked out In the air nor
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A Gallant Soldier.
Major Harry N. Scluifle.d, V.O.,
formerly of the Hoyal Artillery, is
now a member of the King's Bodyguard of the Horurable Corps of Oen-
tlemen-at-Arms, in succession to Coi.
Charles Couch, retired upon half-pay.
Major Schollleld, who is now in his
47th yea\ entered the Koyal Artillery
in 1136-1, and gained his Victoria Cross
during the last South African War
for heroic conduct at Culenso. He was
one of the gallant band who went with
other officers, including Lieut, th.-
Hon. F. H. S. Roberta, tOn of Field
Marshal Earl Roberts, to bring in th--
guns after the men tif the buttery hud
been shot down by the Boer shells.
Major Scholfleld got his team together, aud was able tu bring in one ut the
only two guns which were saved.
Matt    i Hoplt
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Sf-*   Laui(hed
"Wi-te nii-n li.-ii.it.---.tiiy *'. . ■ , ■
certain," he .-t—-.-.- I, in ' le nune if
a conversation with hi- vud.-r -p'nis-*
"I dun*: know abtiol that," iha Mid,
"Well,    f am et-rtsin of ftl" h** -*t-
An i lot i long time he »nn punhd
to  und-i itand ** am   tut
laiigliing   il ■ •
What It le That Wins.
A countrywoman remarked to her
neighbor during a conversation on
their return from market, "How is it,1
Mary, thut yuu have been married four
times and I've never been married at
all, and I'm much haudsutuer than'
"Aye, to be sure," returned Mary,
"but it ain't handsomeness that does
it, Sarah, it's tne 'come hither' in
your eye."
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Knlcker— My wife is always prais-
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Booker—Never mind; she. will praise
you to her second husband
china In tbe power of the official. Apparently tbe only manner In whlcb authority may enforce any statutes regulating the conduct of the man In tbe
air will be to catch blm when be
comes down to the aurface of Ihe
earth, and In most Instances the official will be obliged to take refuge in
a ponderous indifference, much aa tbe
heavy policeman treata tba Jeers of
tba naughty Utile boya who can evade
What Is "sauce for the goose" is  Um With moatiutto like ad I liy
also auuee for the goslings. atafa Magaslue.
Equine Suicide.
Can a hurse commit suicide?   This
thcury is brought lorward through a
singular affair at Bnghuuse.   A horse
fell into a pond in the vicinity ut the
Brlghouie Cricket r'ield, and it was!'
got out alter twu huurs of strenuous
exertion.   A day ur twu later the horse
found its way tu the same pond, and
i this time met will, its death.    Brig-'
, house people are asking if the bursa
| went  there  purpusely.
The Ambassador's Trousers.
Harry  Verdun, the golf champion,!
told this story during une ul his visits
to the North Berwick links.   "A gen-1
I tleman was playing at Museclburgh,"
! he said, "when a famous ambassador
j passed by.   As the caddy saluted the
amhiissadar repeeiful.y, the gentleman
1 said.   'You know the ambassador, do
you?   'Of course I do,' the lad replied
Hes a (-reat friend ot mine.   These
are his trousers I've gut on*.*'
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> iiitlif, Wi-stiiilimU-r Sin-el, ClillHwack.
f Siili-i'ii|iliiiiii'rit<'il.isi|H-rvt'iir in iiinnitt'c In till
f ' ihiIiiK in llritiiili ICmiilrt-; to liittitl Slules fl.-Vi.
9>      I)ia,i|u) iitltiitlhiiiK nilt'Mk'ik-iitlnil un ter f
S*    i'i.iilt.1. I .in.I -i-n- .■ ie.nl I it ill I..- Hunk- klliiull
!*. »iMi|iiiiiniiiiiii in lliu pauiislitir.
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MaRe Your Entries at
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IOHT AND POW1R DEPT.                              CHILLIWACK
Vi--»***^***-*»*>***t***«»*-a*-^*»"*** ■ ■**
Vuli- fur John Oliver, I.atirier -ind
Vuli- boforo flvo o'clock Thursday
ir you won't VOtfl nt nil.
Poll* open at ti a.in. nnd close at
5 p.in, nu Thursday next.
Vote for Reciprocity,  n larger
market ami t. ({renter Canada.
Reciprocity la not a party issue in
in Saskatchewan. Mr, Huultaln.thc
Conservative leader In tlmt province, t'tillrt the opposition tu the
agreement "a tactical mistake" and
is In favor of freer uml larger
"Reciprocity/'says Ihonnnnuncc-
mi'iit prominently dlnpliyetl before
the C. P. R.oftlcerBinSeallle.'VllI
itift'i-nsi-Camilla lamls 100 por cent."
In that enst' it will be good thing
for thf C. P, IE., which still owns
sutiit- seven million aoros of hunl.
On ovory significant thing about
the reciprocity discussion is that
the Ll be rain arc distributing the
actual agreement by lens of thousands for tl.t1 information of the
electors, wiiorcaa the Conservatives
are careful to do nothing along this
If bogeys wore arguments, tin
anti-rmprncity orators would b
"It is sometimes said the Americans ure going to deplete our resources. What are the tilings covered by this arrangement? They are
the fruits of the soil. What are we
growing them for? To sell them,
Take a man who is currying on a
grocery stoie. Does he feel very
sure when Linstock is depleted?"
The Conservative speakers arc arguing that reciprocity will destroy
the prosperity which our country
now enjoys, that the Americans will
flood our country with their goods
and our own producers will la* driven
into bankruptcy. The same Conservative speakers arc arguing that
Canadian loyalty to the Empire i-
of such a thin, weak nature that
llilder reciprocity, Canada will he
so prosperous by American capital
and energy that they will want t
transfer their allegiance to the United States und lose tlieir loyalty ti
the British Kmpire.
Montreal Daily Witness— Mr
Frlpp in bis speech Thursday night
expressed fears that the adoption
of reciprocity would stay the Influx
of British capital into the Dominion. Docs he not know thut (treat
Britain has £185.000,000 invested
in United States as against only
fi8Ofi.O00.0O0 In Canada? British
capital does not allow sentiment to
interfere with its working. It goes
where it iind*, host employment
and if Canada continues prosperous
na she will under reciprocity, British enpitat will continue to come
here in millions.
Tne Conservative party has ever
made a special boast of its loyalty
to all things British, uml yet it
would npircnr from the statements
of many of the oipononts of tin
party tbat they had but very little
faith in the reality or strength of
that loyalty. To slate that if we increase our market we will lose our
Idontitv Is preposterous. We venture
to say tlmt there is not a business
man in Chilliwack or u farmer
either, lint who would sell all bis
surplus to an American, if lie was
given the opportunity, nud would
not think for u moment that bis
loyalty was lessened to the slightest
degree. We sell n large proportion
of our surplus production to tne
American nnil have had for many
years, and pay for the privilege in
tariff fees, but nre we less loyal as
a result. Canadians pride themsclvt i
on their strength and stability and
our growing importance as a nation,
and yet some or tlm Conservatives
WOltld have us believe that we are
not qualified to do business on a
footing of equality with the Anieri-
nn. We are so far behind and so
asy, that we would ho gobbled up.
S.iimds like trying to frighten an
infant hy telling it the booixw man
would catch It,
Tariff relief is wlmt Cnnada bus
wanted for the pn«t lifty years.
When the terms of tbe pact were
made known in the House last
January, there were few but who
favored its adoption, In summing
up an article on the question at the
time The Toronto News, llm leading Conservative organ in Toronto,
said: "Unquestionably, therefore,
the arrangement will command
strong support front Canadian producers, and, as bus been said, nothing else could have been expected.
Tinier all tho circumstances we
(tho News) recognizo that Washington has offered terms which it is
difficult   ir Cnrtiuln to reject."
Wherever an anti - reciprocity
theory can lie tested by a known
fact, the theory has its tire punctured. Thus anti-reciprocity orators
shriek that is is absurd to sell mu*
our agricultural products to the
United Slates, wh toll exports similar
products. This is the theory- Hero
is the fact that destroys it: Canada
last year, in the ftico of high protective duties, sold agricultural products to tho United Stales to the
value of nineteen million dollars,
which was twice what we sold to all
the rest t>f tb<- world, tlreat Britain
excepted, The question for sensible
people to ask is, whether u market
winch uas so valuable Under u
handicap of high protection is worth
having with the duties removed; or
shall we declare that, although wo
arc spending millions every year in
tin attempt to Iind new markets
overseas, we do not want this market
at our doors? Who can doubt what
the judgment will bu?
Sir, Wilfrid Laurler, in an address to the Canadian people says.
To the Canadian People:— At
all times, during the last forty
years, it has been the constant
effort of all political parties in
Canada to make with the United
States an arrangement for the Iree
exchange of natural products between the two countries. In 1864
Lord Klgin, on behalf of Canada
and the Maritime provinces, negotiated with the United States a treaty
for that purpose, which lasted
until I860 and whicli, within the
memory of many still alive, was of
great advantage. Ever since the
termination of that treaty all public
men of any prominence in Canada,
whatever their differences on other
questions, have been unanimous in
an attempt to again secure this fre
exchange of nuturul products. Nor
is this tube wondered at, seeing
that in the industries tif agriculture,
fisheries, lumbering ami mining
Canada possesses advantages not
enjoyed by any other country on
earth, nnd thut upon markets
secured for the products of these
industries depends the growth of
our manufacturing und commercial
interests, nnd tbe prosperity of all
classes in the Dominion. Ami the
latest attempt of the Conservative
party to tbat end was made by Sir.
John Macdnnald himself, who
dissolved parliament in 1801, for
the purpose of submitting to the
electorate of Canada the expediency
of his approaching again the American authorities fur a renewal of the
treaty of 1854.
Tn 189:1 the intention to obtain
reciprocity with the United, Slates
as soon as possible was made n
prominent feature of the platform
of the Liberal party upon wbid.it
attained power in 1800. After the
present govermeiit took office it re-
will uppi
very prii
newed in vain this offer to the
United States but meeting with no
response we declared that nn further overtures of this nature would
be made by Canada. Within the
last twelve mouths Ibe president of
the United States sent to Ottnwa
two Commissioners from Washing*
tot. for the purpose of opening
negotiations looking toward tho
lowering of the tnriff barriers whicli
have hitherto stood in the way of
freer exchange of commodities between Camilla und United Slates.
These negotiations in January lust
culminated in nn ngreemenl between the two governments by
which the duties of each country
on such products might bo lowered
or altogothor removed. This agreement was strenuously resisted in
the United States by various interests, on the alleged ground that
it was all to the advantage of Canada, and to ihe detriment of Ll.o
other country, but the view that il
was mutually advantageous lo IhjUi
countries dually prevailed in Congress and the agreement stands to*
lay as an offer by the United States
to Canada of that very measure of
reciprocity which, for more I bun
forty years, has engaged lh truest
id i stun! effort oft-very leading
listen uud statesman.
Tho present Conservative party iu
ll'liauieill Booms absolutely In re
vets.- tin- life long policy nf its greal
leader in tin- past, declaring (bat it
i- in ib<- bitter, end tl..'
Iplo enunciated by both
Sir John Mac.lotiald and Sir
John Thompson iu the last election
addresses upon which each of these
statesmen ever appealed to the Canadian peopln. Not content to debate this pnipor-ilioi. upon its merits the Conservative party in the
House of Commons has adopted a
system of organized nnd avowed
obstruction to prevent any vote be-l
ing taken in parliament liy which
the opinion of your representatives!
there could be expressed.
The issue, my fellow countrymen, I* In your hands, :ind to your
decision His Majesty's government
in Canada are well content to leave
it. It has been alleged hy opposition that this agreement if consummated would weaken the Imperial
connection with the mother country, and finally bring the annexation of Canada to the United
States. It is Impossible to treat
such un argument with any kind of
respect, if, indeed, it can lie dignified with (he i.nine of argument,
for if it has any meaning, its meaning is that tho people of Canada
would be seduced from their allegiance by the prosperity to follow
the larger flow of natural products
from this country to the other. Indeed the very reverse would he the
natural consequence, for ihe experience of all ages abundantly justifies
the contention that trade is ever the
most potent agency of peace, amity
uml mutual respect between nations. Nor is that all; this agreement, which in no way impairs our
fiscal policy, which still muintnins
nt the top must the fecund principle
of British preference, this agreement by opening new uveiiues of
trade hitherto closed would fulber
improve the friendly relations which
. now happily exist between this
country and the mother country oil
; (he oue  band,  and the  American
! republic on the other hand, and
which, it is hoped, may, at no distant day, evonlually tend to eventuate Into a general treaty of arbitration, the effect of which would Into remove forever all possibilities of
war between the great   Empire of
; which we are proud to form a part,
and the great nation,  which we nre
I proud to have as neighbors.
«M -	
ind        {}
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| 1048 Main Street Vancouver, B.C.  f
H.  C.  POOK
Buccessor lb WM. AIK'lIIHAI.Ii
Estiinnto.1 i liven
Plum.' 58
IM). II.U -jr..'
t     Phon. R 197 »aoa. a 1*7
Abbotsford Timber $ Trading*
Co., Limited
Office anil Yards, YOUNG ROAD
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roomed house, land all cleared and fenced, extremely well sitnated,
One and one-half acres of this property is in bearing orchard, consisting
of Northern Spy and King Apples.
Price, $4000. Good Terms.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
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Chilliwack Planing Mills
Miiliilf.'ieliii'ei's Mini   Doaloi'S ill
.     . PLANING .     .
Mills at HOPE SLOUGH, Young Road
All work receives our careful ami prompt lUlention.      ■ '
>      Estimates furnished. Call and see us.
P. 0. Box 243
Phone R 121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
If Your Lights Go Out Phone 178
We specialist) in Private Installations ami Motor Work.
Prompt iitli'iilinii nlvoii In House Lighting.
Phone 178 Electric Signs anil Are Unlit*. Phone I'D
| Communications |
Hi* Worship   Iho   Mayor   and
Council of   tho City of Cliilliwnck.
He   tTic Coroner's inquest upon
tliedunth of Olivo Irene Kipp.
The FJro, Water nud Light Committee i« of opinion that tho enn-
siiro passed by the jury nt the Baid
inquest, assorting negligence mi tho
part of the city Council, is false
nud malicious, and calculated In
injure the Interests nf tho City,
Purthor, that bud the jury taken
such interest ns tbeiractimi Implies,
they would hnve been tuvitre that
the hydrant iu use at the llro, wm
on the nearest water main to the
scene of the fire; nlso lliu jury
ullght to have been aware tlmt the
City Council has been very active
in urging upon tho Elk Creek Waller Co., the necessity for more and
| belter water mains; the jury should
| likewise nave known Hint the said
Waterworks Co., lias bud fur
several weeks past, and still has, n
force of men ongngod in the im-
pnivt'iiieut of the system; nlso that
a number of new hydrants have
b.vii recently installed, and that
more aro ordered.
Tbe jury is also fully aware that
boforo the alarm of lire was sent in,
tbobnril was fully ablaze, and that
presumably the little child was even
then past being saved; the jury
should nlso have bren awnre of the
fact that when the call was sent to
the Fire Hall, it was immediately
responded to, ami the brigade was
nl the scene of lire within three CI)
minutes of the call being sent in.
The water pressure nt this time was
seventy (70) poflnds to the square
inch, and though nut sn strong as
wc wish, the brigade did excellent
work nevertheless, in   saving  the
house, when its closeness to the
burning barn is considered, ami the
fact Uml the barn was in a blaze,
from floor lo roof boforo litis or any
other brigade could have been on
the ground.
We consider thai tho brigade is
especially deserving of commendation for having saved the house
and for Its prompt response In tho
call imulo upon it. It is nlso our
earnest wish to co-operate wiih Hie
Fire Itrigadc in every way possible,
for thuatlalnmoiitof good lire protection.
In our   opinion,   tho   jury   very
niueh   execded   its   jurisdiction iu
malting such statements as it did.
I...I. WaMdiiigtfln
.1. Childerlioso
ll. II. Gorvan
Why a Faiimkii Snnui,n vote run
A Kaiimkii.
Mr. Kdltor—1 have no brief from
Mr. John Oliver; ho does not know
of my existence, lint   if occurs to
me  thai while this election will bo
pou a straight issue for or against
roolproeity   thoro   will   ho   other
lattcrfl introduced by tho Incoming
(iovcrniiicnt of givat concern to
farmers and many more might be
introduced if we had a competent
farmer lo prcsont them, which only
fanners realize the importance of.
For instance much of the taxes paid
by farmers is spent on city improvements. Agriculture is tho foundation, the backbone of the prosperity
uft he city. If we could hnve n square
deal, a fair share of the fruits of our
labour spent upon our mads, education, and river protection, we should
live in comparative luxury,but there
is an everlasting drain upon the
fanning community that goes to the
heiielit of everyone else. If wo had
a strong representation we could get
cheaper Implements.   Wu pay the
same price whether our impleii o Is
are American orCaundian inuiann-
lacture. If tho fioverumont does not
get the duty the inanufneturor does,
so what is the difference lo the
farmer; he has the ex Ira tax tn pay.
Iu the States the railways supply
cars especially adapted to shipping
fruit to protect it irom heat and
colli and ship it with the least
possible delay; but we shall have
tho same conditions wc have now,
a hundred yeais hence, unless we
I'muI aggressive moil to urge it.  Pair
conditions and fair rates i-.ro oh important as reciprocity. Tne H. C.
telephone charges twice what it
should for its mlserablo It ing distance
service. We can get redress from
this From the Railway Commission
if wo will, but who is to do it
for us? The Government bus never
seen ihe risk wc run every year from
river encroach incuts, British Columbia should send a delegation to
Ottawa that would use diplomacy
and create a sympathetic interest
instead of antagonizingovoryoiie it
approaches. The farmer has more
money invested ami expends more
energy than any other branch the
community and has the least representation, lie is led by the nose by
party and press often against his
own interests. He is made a beast
ot burden; if he is notdocilo enough
they befool him by one trick or another until he is.    Yours,
The Winnipeg Free Proas estimates that the crops of three prairie
provinces fur 1912 will boasjfollows:
Wheat, 178,660,000 bushels; Gate,
228,550.000; barley, 88.iW0.000;
flax, 7,820,000. The staff ol twenty-
four special correspondents drove
ti.oMI miles, and samples wore cut
from over -1,600 fields.
Vote on Thursday,
Implement and
Produce Co.
Potato Diggers
Implements of nil
Phone 9
Feed Co.
is now ready for Imsi-
iicss nnd offer to sell
nt lowest prices: Flour,
Grain, Feed nnd Poultry Supplies, retail and
Wo will buyHay,Grain,
Fruit, Potatoes, Poultry and Eggs.
Conn.ciion, at Ysscosver,
Victoria aad Prise. Isp.rt.
Potato tat Grain Sacks
Per Sal..
::   ChilliwacK Feed Co.   I
I Macken-
| Smtih      |
i Lumber   !
i   *-* ■'■■
Co. !
♦ I
I will   be  glad |
♦ to furnish you f
I with an esti-1
I mate on your !
♦ lumber bill |
j whether   you!
♦ place your or-1
♦ der with them ♦
\ or not. ♦
C. T. Vradenbnrg
n Ichsr St. Chilliwack
Phone 86
j Macken-
: Smith
* *
I Lumber Co.!
I !
ti|.|...-i:,   ['   .     r.     -i|4j     „ f
Pitted  n itl        ih •>
venlenees    ind 5
fnrni-hi'd  tbn UgJ ■ tit ♦
D. 1. NacLINNilN. Fr«or***<.ir •
tMMMt<Mti«.aM |
Important Public Announcement
Henderson's Stock is Disappearing
7 Spools Coats' Cotton
, 26c| Ladies* 11.60 Waists  81.00
4 dozen Safety Pins   ...
. 2Bo    Ladles' i\M) Black Satin Skirts $1.00
I-adit-' 7V Waists
■10c   Ladles' 11.60 Wrappers $1.00
il Handkerchiefs ...
5a    Regular 15c Prints, 8 yards for .   25c
CftHd roll's
were 81 to 83 now 60a tu 82.00
Shop in the Morning and Avoid the
Afternoon Crowd
Knr tlm iic'iiiniiiniliitiiiii of our out-of-town customers Ihls stars ,  Em
open nil ilny Thursday nod Friday, nml Saturday mains;
until 10 p.in. during sals.
Henderson's Store has been leased. The new owners are waiting to get in.
THE I. D. SMITH CO. has received imperative instructions to clear out the present stock regardless of price.   So yours is not te
reason why—yours is but to come and buy and appreciate the fact that
Chilliwack's Greatest Dry Goods Stock
is being moved into the homes of Chilliwack citizens for l-.'J to 1-2 its value.    All past sales pale
into insignificance when compared with this wonderful money-saving event on dependable and
reasonable merchandise.   This week we have repriced most of the goods and have cut prices still
No time to quote prices—Watch the crowds!   See where they go!   The crowds will tell the story.    They show which Way the bargain winds are blowing.    The crowds are pouring in to Henderson's—to buy and save at this going-out-of-btisiness sale.
The Henderson Sale has taken the town by storm. Some doubted the statement that Henderson was
going out of business. Now the store has been leased and there is no longer any doubt. Most everyone is figuring on their needs, present and future, and supplying them at this Great Going-out-of Business Sale. If you've not it's because you don't know what you are missing. Just come in-look around,
examine and be convinced. The economies will reveal themselves to you. Every price in the store is
an emphatic buying reason.   No end of buying incentives.   Ne end to saving possibilities.
Gaining Force as the Days go by  Henderson's Going Out-of-Business Sale
If this sale has reached a stage bordering on the sensational it's no fault of ours.   Wc have printed a clear, concise statement of facts
why Henderson was going out of business,
Lines are being reduced as if by magic.    Soon the end must come.   If you have'nt shared in the marvelous values,
don't wtiste a minute.   Come tomorrow.
The I. D. Smith Co., of New York, in charge. CHILLIWACK, B. C.
tiiiitnitiiiMMiinmiiniiTT"""*  I * * "iHiiitiiniiiiitiiiiiiiiniiiiiiniiiii FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
The See Gave Up & Secret
That   Made   Several
Persons Happy
Up to i I'ortulii iJnip I Initl always
been Hki-|ifli'iii cf reuiiit'Luble uu|i|ifU
imfi I wiih eon ver led uy uu occur
renee wlili'li If lotl tne liy my iuo.il
trusted friend | would imt bur* tie
llered. Ami my ruilVertduil wan tiie
more COtnplelV Hlneu tile intirvtluiH
episode turned Him lurrnit uf my whole
life 11 ml tiiuilt' it liUKlmutl uud futlit-r nf
■ buclielur. Al uuy rule. 1 dun't cure
tu item- peuplo Hiit-er ut 1 in nrol-abilities
or ut persons whu vouch for tliem.
1 was ililriy yfurs uld and a confirmed bucbelur. lu fuel, I couaidered myself especially iit:,.(| fur single life.
Wbelber or uo | wus lilted to be nntr-
rled never occurred to me. Doubtless
If I bud thought of tbat side of ibe
proposition t should huve considered
that If I bed rbosen to marry 1 would
make a model husband. But uo mar*
rlaife for met Why should a man jrlvs
up his freedom  io snfTer the aunuy
■ ueeu of mutiltiiuny?
But It doesn't make any difference
what a man's opinion ia of matrimony.
If be ImpiH'tts to lie struck by matrimonial IlKhuiliic he succumbs like any
one else. It wits at ihe uea-tho*-e that
tbe bolt fell upon me. aod I forgot all
about my preuupllal prejudices. Indeed, 1 began tu worry nnd fret and
fume for fear that mutriiuony would
be dented me. for there waa Just oue
woman la the world I wished to marry, and If I didn't get ber life would
no more be worth living.
1 was stutitliiiR on tbe beacb one
bright morning where tbe blue waves
were rolling tu merrily looking at tbe
bathers. A lady, young, rather pretty
and whose superb Retire was sbown lo
advantage by a becoming bathing suit,
walked leisurely down to the wster'a
edge and stood looking out upon the
Scene before ber Km-h ware thut
came up sent a line of while froth to
clasp ber ankles. A breeze played with
ber skirt, 'I'hen she wulked out to s
arrester depth, dived under un Incoming wave and appeared beyond it
swimming like a dolphin.
I watched for Ihe lady when tbe
came out of tbe ocean and saw her •*«
Into a little rotloge built up against
tbe duties The door clot-ed behind
ber. but her lmace had been left wllh
me. I saw ber a pi in the same evening aupnorfjog uu uld lady, doubtless
ber mother, on ihe board walk. This
time 1 had a j*uod view of her fare,
aod a melunchiily restfui* upon tt only
added to my suddenly awakeued later-
est Possibly ati.r other expression
would bure served the same purpose,
for when a muun Imuglnatloa bus
been kindled by the spark of lote any
trait tbe fulr one iwsHet-ses la either
thrilling or delightful and usuully both.
1 secured un Introduction to Miss
Henrietta Chumberlin and wua gra-
donaly accorded permission lo call at
tbe cottage, where she lived with her
mother nod a younger brother. Kvery
member of tbe family seemed lo be
under a melancholy induced by some
misfortune. Tbe natural disposition
common to them all I Judged to be
genial and hnppy. Hot If at aoy time
any or all became etbllarated aome
closet skeleton would thrust Itself lo
upon tbeir merriment aod hush It.
Thinking to team something about
them, I questioned fiersona with whom
they were acquainted. But no one
knew them any belter than I. When
tbe Cbaniberllus were naked where
tbey balled from lliey guve evasive answers, aiatlog usuully thut at present '
they were unsettled. Of all the persona with whom tbey became Intimate
during their sojourn at tbe oeaahore |
not one could give any account of
For a time this mystery pit a damper on my enthusiasm with regard to
Miss Cbamberlln. But It was taking
one step forward to two backward. I
was becoming rapidly enthralled aod .
soon got beyond any question of eipe- ,
dleory. Then, too, tbe sensborr la a
dangeroua place for tboae who wish to
keep out of love's whirlpool. Though
the waters look root and tempting,
there are sea pussies tbat nre liable to
whirl one beyond one's depth.
Silas Cbumberlln and I were stand- '
Ing one moonlight nlj-hi Just above tbe
blgheat line of foam when one of these
pussies came up and carried up Into a
boundless ocean of tort nre-«r waa It
a water fay that did the damn*-**?   At
all events while we were looking at
th*   moon's  shimmer  on   tbe  water, j
changing  with  lbs  light clouds  that
ioated lastly over her face, something
took sway all my minion, and I pour- .
ed forth so unpremeditated story of
Instead of eicltltiR pleasure I saw
under the moonlight shining full In
her face the tneliniehuly abe iiMiully
wore Intensified.
**l have been weak," she said. "No
woman csn fall to see tore before It is
eipressed. I should have repelled
"Whyr I asked, overwhelmed by a !
grievous disappointment
"ire a secret"
"Tell mm,"
"mere a   s   stain   oo   our   family j
tame.   Ask me no more."
I learned nothing further from Ilea-  ,
rletta  Cbamberlln.    I  did  afterward
learn tbe secret and In the strangest
at all ways.    But not then.   Several |
rears psssed when ll was given to me
-by whatr-lbe bouodleaa ocean.
I could not move her. und beyond being allowed to call myself her friend
I waa permitted tu come no nearer to
her. I learned thut the family were
very proud and sensitive and that
whenever they met any oat to reveal
their Identity ibey left ibe place where
they were Immediately
Miss t'tiamiHTllii and t parted as
friends, but we were reully lovers,
One summer I was yuthtliiK off the
New Jersey coast when .lot' Shctlil. one
of the crew, came to tne with a bottle
he hud taken out of the water.
"1 don't want It." I said 'This coast
Is covered wiih bottles thut young
people have thrown out wlib fake account's ot shipwreck in litem."
The man went iiwny. but presently
returned with a paper, which he said
might men it souu*llilti|* reul.    It rend:
Whoever Amis tills ttiko tip floor N. IC.
corner of •awmlll  una  mil*  went  uf P.,
"It's one of these children's rues-
■uges," I -alii lo ltit* man, "to font per
BODS."   Then I bunded ll buck In him.
During the tieit uuiumu Shedd cums
Into my office,   tlesuld thut he couldn't
gel II out of his bead tbul the hum
| Htice he had picked up at sen wus a
I bona tide one. lie would like to go
i io li. and look Into tbe matter, bul he
I iinil no moticy for the purpose, 1 tried
! tu peistnide lilin to distills** the nub
I Jeit from his mind, but when 1 wait
I Kiillslled licit lie wouldn't du su till he
: had proved the truth of my position
1 I iidvuuct'd him the price of t ticket
| tu 11. with snmethln-' to spare.
I "Whatever I Iind.'' be mi id, "I'll briny
( to you."
"You'll  not   Und  anything  to  bring
Bul  don't   worry   about   repaying  tbe
uiuuunt  1  have advanced.    It's uot s
loan; it's a gift"
tie made im reply to this, but ipfi
me. ami that's the lust l thought of
the mutter fur a week, when be pit Id
< me another visit. I saw lu a nuimeut
j by his expression that be bad found
: something.
"Well,"  1  said Jocularly,  "did yon
; get a big diamond?"
We were uione, and he closed tbe
door before replying.   Then he said:
|     "No,   but   1   got   a   hundred   $1,000
Mysterious Chambers In Old English
Noblemen's Hornet.
Perhaps the most Ittmuus locked
room in the world is ut 0lamia Castle,
the old home of the Karls uf tttretb-
more. In thla rumbling i -<* there is
supposed lo be it secret clumber, secern w which is knowu only to tbe
Earl oi Stratbmore, the heir-apparent,
and the .actor. Thai mysterious chamber is supposed to have been, cetitUT*
in ago, Uie repository of a grim family scundul, the nature of which cutild
only be •vliispered, even In those wild
There Is in i'oiiUoti Old Hull a mysteriously locked room which litis never
been Opened except by li representative ol tha Green family. The hall
and Its lands have sometimes been
let, hut tin- Green lutnily huve always
retained possession of this mysterious
room, which Is supposed to contain
several ratios and other family treas-
uieu. It is buiii that the lust tenant,
a prominent Mersey shipowner, would
huve given Litem un Increased rent tor
it il he could luive hud iiccess to it
or could have cleared uwuy the mysterious content.-, but file owners refused to give up possession, and so
the tenant left,
There is a very similar tradition at
Nether Hal!, the Cumberland seat of
the Sentlnuse family. Here, as ut Ola-
mis Cu*th>, the pusitloil of the secret
ohuuiber is known only to the heir-
ut-htw and the family solicitor. The
room, it is understood, lias no window,
and up till now bus not been located
by anyone not in possession of the
key to the mystery,
A   tragic   interest   attaches   to   the
ruins of Minster Lovel House, iu 0«-
lurdsliire.   While it was tenanted by
a fanner a concealed vault was discovered,  uud  hi   it  was  the  perfect
skeleton  of   Lord   IajvcI,  seated   at  a
! table  on   which   was   lying   uu  open
! prayer-book.    There  were  some  jars
[ und barrels whicli had contained food,
; sufficient,   no   doubt,   to   last  some
weelis, but, the mansion having fallen
1   wondered   If   (he   man   hud  gone    |ntu the  hands  ol   King  Henry   VII.,
duft | the prisoner was unable to regain his
"1 consider the Mud yours, sir." be
continued, "so I didn't disturb uny
thing i found, putting back tbe floor
tn;. Nobody knew about my being
"Do yott mean tn tell me you found
a lot of bonds placed where thut paper
you iilcked up Indicated'*"
"1 do,"
"What else?" I asked after drawing
teverul lone breaths.
liberty,    The  discovery  cleared  up
mystery  whicli   had   surrounded   his
late tor ueurly two centuries.
Man and His Way*.
"The boldest grafter I ever knew,"
■ays a friend, "wus a summer resort
hotel man with whom I became involved hist Augunt. I spent three
days ut his Joint and couldn't stand it
uny longer. When 1 called fur my bill
1 mi i very severely:
"'1 think you advertised maguiQ-
lle handed  me u  paper, on whlcb   cent scenery up here,'
wus scrawled ui lend pencil: j    *' '.V!3' ' r* .' « .,    ■■
" "With good tlshingp'
'(iood fishing too.'
'fur- air uud no umsqultoeiF'
Notwithstanding ihui this puper had i    •■ "That's tne way my advertisement
a geuulue look,  some time  wus re- i reuj_ sir,   YoU quote correctly."
quired fur Shedd to convince me tbat       *' 'No  .  »a, no malaritt, a.ry  rooms,
It would be worts while to go wltb   unsurpassed fuble, etc.*'
him uud have u look at hla dud. j    " 'Exactly.      Is     there     anything
"You see. nir."  he said, "Ihe bonds    wroilgr'
must huve been stolen property, aud '     "'" there anything wrung?   Where
I'm afraid to touch 'em fur fear of   'lMU!8..*cene,ry'.
,e,,,,,g myself into r,b.e." ;    ,. .fe'^ ff.
•Wry well.   I said ut last.   -Ill go      ...,   U(,m   kt|ew   uf  t  fisn   Mng
caught in the
A Jury's Decision
,    A Sunderland    jury the other day
isaid that they regarded tho matter in
llUIItl  as a very slight    case    nf mini-
slaughter."- Loudon Globe,
Minard's Liniment cures garget "i cows
Hippo—Goodness I What it queer-
looking apartment-house I   Why, there
arc two air shafts!
Monk (janitor)—They are not air
shafts, sir. Those are the Bllltog occupied by the giraffes.
wltb yuu. and if 'n-u've found some
mi-islnc Hecurities aud there la a reward offered for their recovery I'll see
tbat you get it."
Wc rem bed D. In the afternoon, and,
Bbedd biiving provided himself with
touts and a lantern, after supper we
walked uut tu a deserted sawmill. It
was some instance from the road and
stood ulune tioitig to a corner of th
mill. Shedd removed some rubbish auS
took up a plunk uf flooring,   iteiweeu
The flics are tierce, and the mosquitoes lire still worse, aren't theyf
And your rooms are study, and your
tsbie  i.  rotten.1
" 'You're right."
"'Then you admit you lied about
the placer1
" 'Oh. is tint what you've been
trying to get utr Why didn't you say
so in the tlrst placer Sure I lied. I'd
have admitted thai a half an hour
ago if you'd  mentioned it and saved
Tl'i'.<iii;li   iriili*.- i-i-ti.ni   in     mitinn     gs*MU |
fruli   in  -iiiiiuii-t   many  children    become
1 -iiibjpci to i-liolt-rn miirtii* cuiihi-iI liy irritation   ui'ttlri   thut   act   violently   un   the ;
i iniiin* of the intestines. faina ami
iluiif-iTDiin purging! ensue, nmt the delicate System ot the ,-lillJ MiiUVrH under the 1
drain. In mich cases the hafest and -im-i
'■ medicine ii Dr. J.  1).  KelluRi-'N Dysentery
Cordial.    It   wilt  tl It   tbe  iutinmmatioii
and nave Ihe ehil.f - life.
About Right
I    "It ain't  nu fun beln' n kid." ob-
' served n  kit!  bitterly.    "You  always
I hafter tu go tu bed when you ain't
: sleepy,   nu'   g{|   up   when   you   are."—
roh-.lu Blade"
two Joists lay a bundle, the wrapper    Vl,i; a lot uf tulk.   I'm the biggest liar
..-■ -       ua....... ...J    1.   '    f_      .1        . . V....      1.111       I...     il,*
being a newspaper. Shedd imuded It
to me, snd. iinrulllu-* it, there sure
enough were u hundred Sl.UDt) bonds
of s railway company I saw at a
glance that tbey were not negotiable
by the thieres. The date on the news-
paper Indicated that It ,iad been printed nine years before, shedd had taken the only thing besides tbe bonds—
in these parts. Yuur bill for the
three days will be $10.76. Cutne again
next season'."
Tee Personal.
Constable Casey had ordered a pair
of shoes st Itoselibrig's store und wu
about to try one of litem on when the
clerk reached lor it and d.dtly spriu*
. -*   kled some French chalk in it to ease
the scrap tif paper-that had been left I t,,e  (of(h*K,jllng    strain.       When   he
In tbe place of concealment ; handed back the constable threw   \
Having replaced tbe flooring, we re-   on Ihe floor, pulled on his own shoe
turned liy nn early train ibe neit morn- ' uud sturted out.
log, snd. going lo police headquarters.      The proprietor had noted th' scene.
I reported tbe find. I "What's t:.e matter. Mr. Casey?    he
I was Informed that nine years be* ! Eg**-* l>« «••»«»•* BP *» lnoJ"*
for. a certain bunk bad m.ssed th. ^^J^^ffS^^
l»Dd«. .lid il„. cy.r wliiise airauiil. lq ,,,„„„ apaeehlsSS Sl«er. Uien ob-
wer. .horl Imil b™n coovlclea of mak ; KrvB(1 wilh |cy dignity, "II I cut
Ins w.j wlib Ih.m. Ami Iwr. cm. ' come itlty H nl.es to thry on . pair u»
11.,- .urprlae of my III. .in,I au elplana* ' atioea wiijout havin' chloride av llm.
Hon of a mystery that bad kept in. put in tliim bi'toreh.ud I'll tlirwie
from lb. woman I loved. i somewhere llss."
Tbe name of lb. cashier was Vtneent —^—*—*'
Cbamberlln. F«.r. .1 Chlldr.n.
Then bad been Jtlst enoncb shortac ,    Dr. 0. Stanley  Halt hai collected
tn hi. accounts snd clrruiiislsatlal «l- ' l«IS r.-Knrdiug the Kara ol children.
dene, aralnat bin. In convict him of   H"« '«•*■ '" ««nerslly cre.tedIpf
bavlus taken Ihe bond., douhileu for ; f"""l,l,"r, *•'"•>''•• ,•«  '?,u"d "*'
.L       _        . , .,        ™.   ,   -   ,     1,701   children   had   fl.«56   fears,   tne
the purpose of speculation.   Their flo*   {'^ ™ h the iear 0, Hfhl.
Iri-f. wilh the note accompanying them, | nill, all(1 thunder, reptiles, itranfers,
Every time a child shows you \U
toy bank it-, your ante.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
•rith LOCAL APPLICATIONS, aa th-r cannot met
tba aaal ot the ilbraae, Catarrh b a blood ur (.m-il-
Hit tonal ilii.-iw, ftiij In order to t urc It yuu am*,! uka
Utetiial rrnir.Ii-* lt-ll'l Cala-rli Oire 1* t.kni ta-
lamallr. awl m la airrrtlr Upon the t)l>md and mti'Mtia
Kirfan-a. Unli's (_:ii™rfh Curt- la not a tjua-k mrd)-
etas. It wm |)rr-MTit>t-i bf one of the ba-i LtoBttUS
n ih» couniry t.ir yean and hi a molar prnrtiiuian.
II ■ COtnuoited nt the tn>l tunlnj kni.srn, riimtiiiinj
•IU* Uw l).'-i tiiiKMt |itififi-rs. artinr, dlrcrttr un tba
BUto-ia ftirfom. The pertM-t c-jmblnatkn ot Usa
iwo IntrntrFiiia at what produriw aurb wondertul ••>
Sills In eutlnr ratarrh. ttend lor t-ailtnoQlala, irtw.
t     r. J. CHENEY * CO„ Ifot-i., ToiaUo, a
■v... by Dmnata. prtea lie.
Tau HSU'S famur nils lac init»slim.
As a garniture to the commonplace
scrambled eggs, take half a dozen
mushrooms, cut into bit.- and cook in
a tfitspoonfiil of butter with half a
green pepper, mine-' fine.
i This i« to certify that I have used
MINARD'S I.IM.MKNT in my family
for years, ami consider it tin* best
liniment on the market. I have
, found it excellent tor horse flesh -
W. P. P1NEO.
I "Woodland*.." Middletou. N.S.
was a vlniKcutlnii for tbe caahler, aud
he wus relet-mM from prison.
The happiest day In my lire waa
when, having gone tu my Henrietta
with her brother's vindication lu my
bauds. I saw ihe look of mingled wonder and de||j-ht In ber eyes as ahe read
the words Dial were to take away the
creiit Rlalll and make him s free man
She stood  for awhile  looking st   notfi
dsfk, d'-utli. domestfo animals, dis-
esse, wild animals, mice, rats, robbers, high wind, etc. A few of the*'.'
liars are rational, In one place children were found who dreaded the end
of the world—a fear created by adult
A Jolt For Whistler.
When Wblsllsr, the famous artist.
Ing. as If writ iped lu i
burnt   itri'-im     I      oi.pji'ti   in:"   tut   i-»K"-'i   ■■-.mu*-/   Inn
,  ;,',?. i the landlord became very much inter-
refrulned fflit   in.errup.lng ihb joyous    ^ g J,™     H| W| „>„ ,,,, M ...
sense of relief ns long as I could eon* gomebodf" in bis house, Whistler
tain myself, then took her In my arms looted his host's concerned interest.
I wild nothing, nor did she. Her head "And who du you auppoai' I aiuf" he
fell upon my shoulder, nnd this wits thr ' asked at length.
only algn I asked for to know tbat my 1 "Well. I can't MOetly sny, sir," was
osteon of dlasopolntmeat had co-Jet Uis reply, "but I should fancy you
,„, wus ti'.'n the music 'alls!"
Qirls Run the Ilevatee. ~~ ~~
lfllwstikee buasia of something new
—girl elersior oiwratura, duly licensed
by lbs municipal Inspector and eertl-
flcd to be comiwieui not only to run
lifts, but to make ordloary repairs on
them. There sre two of them, snd
they hare sotted s problem for tbe
Toung Women's Christian association
managers, who stacked up sgalnat s
combination of s building wltb elevators and a rule against men employees. As "tbe head of man" waa not allowed "to wt foot" in the Toung Women's Christian association, tbe officials
had the two young women take s
count In elevator running and repairing, and now everything la lovely.-Ks-
Mr. Nowlywed - "We received
twenty-eight wedding presents."
.lack Bschclor—"YOU are ti lueky
Mr. Newlywed -"! guess not. Bvpry
one come from friends who arc engaged to marry."
When tin- pie is ready for the oven
pout colti water over it and drain: r11'
at once into a hot oven and it will
bake a rich, brown glossy surface uud
the crust will In- mu. li lliikii-r.
May I wonder how ('holly manages
to keep (bat wiih'-briiutiii'd -ttnu on
in a  wind  like thlsr
Fay- Vacuuiii pressnro,
It's the united effort-, of little things
thai make big troubles,
The  Widow's  Chsnce.
"Why is it thst s widow'* chance to
gel married is always so much better
Uian  that  ul   a girl  whu  has  never
; tasted matrimonii) bhssF"
I     "A widow's chsnce isn't sny better.       ... ,   .,
She merely know* how to take advan- L.W "*"!«■ ■ ■"!" »iW n.hull
I tuge of it "' wu* ''"' <">t'     " proposed,
Willis—"I wonder If there will ever
be fl linivertal peace." (lillis-"Sure,
all they've gut lo tlo Is to gel Ihe
nStlotlS to agree that  in  OSS* of war
the winner pays the pensions."**-Puck
The Rasl Rsasew.
Adam sat down "I rnti ihe greatest
man In the world he said io himself,
lbs wisest sage, the blgg<*st flnancter
and captain of Industry: I hold all tbe
records from thr hundred yard dash lo
(he Mitrnihon; my wife Is the best
dressed woman in the world: I am the
best dressed man (ludxooks, I am
100 good tu tie true: I will eat of Ibe j
fruit of the tree uf evll"-l.ift, I
Oh,   You   Munchauis'il !
, Msrks—Biggs has trained his est to I
bring his slipirers.
1 Psrks—Thst s nothing, i know a {
writer on horticulture who has trained '
(utwormi to ibarpen his load neoeUa
Aa tha laying Oeea,
If we bellsvs nsught that ws bssr
And only naif wo see
We might ss wall be dsaf. I fear.
And blind, too, seems to mi.
-Boston tftrsIA,
Dsmeatla Amenities.
Falber-i think the baby looks (Iks
Mother-Tea; It shuts IU eyes to tl
awful lot-New York Sun.
Me-dstw PaMlmse.
reker Is a gams of chsnes,
la bridge the risks not snail.
Rut get rich Otttek la the aporty trkn,
ISiuva iimhts la aw ckauoa at •»
1.      >.%?•< EUMATli'lV'^
W. N. U., No.
Work of the Rocket Brigai'e on British
There is little doubt that HU Ma
jesly'a action iu instituting u new
medal to be awarded to members ol
Volunteer Life Saving Brigades foi
long service Will be gn-ully upprectat-
ed  throughout  the  kingdom.
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution can claim ihe saving of ■V.i.'tiM
lives from shipwrecks since the yeat
Is'Ji. an average oi ueurly &TU per annum, which Bpeaks volumes tor the
work ol the lifeboats round uur coasts,
But wrecks often lake pliice m purts
where it is Impossible tor u lifebout
to render aid on account of rocks, or
tilt* coitet may be oomposed ul a continuous line of tlitfs, from which uo
boat   could   be   launched,
lu such esses a rocket brigade is re-
OjUisltioned, and their ineinud oi life*
saving ia most  ■*■*- '
Htien tne meal coastguards—who ua-
uully direct -ne working of u rocket
puny—are apprised of a wreck, they
cull tin- brlgaoe logetner— generally by
the tiring oi a rocket-—and they proceed to tirag tlieir apparatus overland
on a smalt wagon to ine point nearest
the oiraiitleU vessel. To aid them iu
their work at tiigtit a "wreck-light,"
ia provided. This is composed ot u
iiutniii-r tit small boxes similar to con-
deiiaed in.Ik tins containing tnllam-
niuble material, tne boxes being lightly (tuteued to each other end to end.
'lliu wiiule is liuiig up and lighted
from tne bottom; each b m burns away
brilliantly, turn ignites tiie one ubuvt-
it, and lull* to no- giouud, so tlmt the
light is liiitllita.ii.-.i, aud does not be-
CuWfl blurred by uny carbonised oi
waste matter.
A rocket is plae d on the tripod
lir.ng stand, n line be.ng attached tu
tin* stick oi tne rocket Each hue is
kept stowed careiui.y in u box "dak-
ed ' round u nuuio. r of puis to prevent
it becoming entuugUd in transit.
When ready for tiring, however, the
lid   uf  the   box   is   taki ll  off,   and  tbe
pltu withdrawn, leaving the hue in a
convenient form lor running out.
The rocket is now carefully pointed
towards the wreck, allowance being
made for wind, distance, eu.-.; then s
hghi \i applied to the fuse, s shows!
of sparks springs from Us Uil, aud it
flies off on its errand uf mercy, currying the line.
If tiie rocket is well placed it will
curry one end of the line across tbe
deck ot the stranded vessel, and, the
other end btiiig left on shore, a connection is established, but the diili-
CUltles of firing In it gale may neces-
situte the discharging of several rockets before this step i* accomplished.
'IHe  peuple  oil   tne   wreck   haul   the
line iu, and the rescuers will uttach lu
their end a hawser—that is. u heavy
rope, on which the "breeches-buoy"
will be suspended, and au "endless
whip," tin- latter being a long length
uf rope running through u block, the
ends t,i tin- rope being joined together
ao u* tu form a lirge  ring.    A small
tag attached to the hawser giver directions, in three languages, for the work.
iug of ihe apparatus,
When the rocket-lint is hauled
aboard the wreck, the crew ul the lat
far, acting on the instructions uu the
tag, Hill listen the hawser around
the funnel, mast, or some superstructure on the vessel us high huuvu the
deck as possible, nnd attach the sin il:
tail on the block of the endless whip
a   little   below   the   hswscr.
The men un shore now make their
end uf the hawser fust, stratohtni it
us tightly ns possible, raising it above
Ihe level of the sea to prevent anyone
being druggi-d through the surl. A
largo Iripod Is provided for beaches
or low shores to raise tin- hawser about
ten feet Irom the ground.
What is known as ihe "breeches-
buoy" is an ordinary lifebelt with a
pair of large canvas breeches attached,
This is suspended from the hawser
on a traveling Wheel, und can now be
pulled tu and from the wreck by the
elldlos   whip.
If the jeople on the stranded ship
nppcur to be exhausted or unable to
understand whtit they should do, one
of the rescue party will go out iu tile
buov lu assist them
Balls and Bells.
Once the church bells msde me mad,
tteckleis and despairing;
Kvtn tet me, It Is ssd
In admit tt. swearing.
Now I ii-ien to their song,
Midi my Iron nerve Is,
And. WiMt'S mors, I'll be along
lu next Sunday service.
What haa wrought Ihls sudden change
In my rnnattlullonT
What nas mads that passion airings
Sutler diminution?
Why, tl* ■wevt Mimic rings eseh chlmef
Hence Ihe quick enrrr-cttoa.
What In  liber** was a crime
Is In her perfection.
-W. t-aul (torvtsr Pits*
I.atly    Prasidnit   What    houk    has
helped you inoBlf
|   New Member—My husband's check
book.—Upplncott's   Magazine.
The  Flies  that   are    now    in    your
kitchen and dining-room were probably feasting on fume Indescribable
nasilness less than au hour ago, and
us u single Hv often carries many
thousands of disease germs attached
1 to its hairy body, it is the duty of
I every housekeeper to assist in exter-
1 minuting this worst enemy of the
human race. Wilson's Fly Pads kill
Hies in such Immense quantities as
cannot be approached hy any other
Hy killer.
"Arc these boys over there going to
engage in belligerent activities?"
"No'iii; they're going to scrap."—
Baltimore American.
The t'tii-H|><n—' nf Mother Graves' Worm
Riterminator puts it within reach of all.
aud it can be t*m  at any liriiKKisl'a.
Hsat and Cold
lie I could love you till the nun
grows  cold -anti  you?
She- 1 could love you until my hits-
baud gets hot I
An Oil That l« Pel 1st.' Evcrywhara Dr.
'I'll..inn.    Kili-cirii'   Hit   nns   pat   Upon   th«
niiiikit  «iiii.mi nut flourish over thirty
yearn in*.. It hum tint up tu meet Ihe
wautri of u  -mull  solum,   fiat   us  soon  aa
ii- merits became known ■> hud a *»tn>i»
continent for a tn-l.t. anil il is now kuiiwti
and |.i i/id t hr."nu te. ti I this heine-pliere
There is nullum* i-oati! to it.
If you hnve had the misfortune to
burn a kettle, it inny be iiunle smooth
and cltiin by filling it with ashes and
water, leaving it for an hour or so,
then washing with clear water,
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
Silk stockings were first worn hy
King Henry No. 2 of France iu IM".
\nil here it is l!HI and WO haven't
worn our first pun yet.
Locusts formed one uf the terrible
plagues of Kgypt in IVM It. 0,
"Just sec how high that ship is out
of Uie water. Alfred!    Why. is thai'-"
"Why, don't you Understand, dear,
that sometimes the water's low?"
Woman's Ills
Many women suffer needlessly from girlhood to womsn-
hood sad from motherhood to old age—with backache,
diastases or headache. She becomes broken-down, sleepless, nervous, irritable sod feels tired from morning to
night. When pains and aches rack the womanly system at
frequent  intervals, «*J y*r mtigkhr «.*#«/
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
r*/s PrescWstffoa mm; ter- orer *vo rears, *ee«
earing afe/fcafe, vaalr, palm- wracked women.
mr «mm **-»*/i*e*is of tmomtmmf aad imla imm Im
!*• Siriraer •/ i**e/e Home* without their hat'
Imt Im mmhmlt fa Indelicate quemttomlmga ami
attentively rammgnant axa.-nlaatlotia.
Sick women are invited to consult in confidence by latter free. Address
World'* Diapenaary Medical Aaa'n, R.V. Pierce. M. D., Prcs't, HuBslo, N. Y.
Da. Pissne's (iss*.r Family Ductus Book, The People's Common Sense
Medical Adviser, newly rsvised up-to-date edition--ltlOO pages, answers is
Plaim E*ttiik boata ol delicate questions which every woman, single or married,
ought to know about. Sent fret to sny address oa receipt of SO one-eeat
stamps to cover cost ol wrsp(.io| sad nulling eai>, in French cloth binding.
For Health and Economy
Eat more Bread
TEN cents will feed an ordinary family a .lay
on first elasi bread.   This does not mean
ordinary bread,   l-'or there is an important
difference between ordinary bread and lirst class
It isn't a difference of looks or method*, of
making or baking. Ic is a dillerence of nutrition,
food value, liealthfulncss. And this food va.'ut
depends on the flour used, l-'or there is a wide
diifcrcmc between flours.
It all fluiir were the licit flout, then alt bread, properly nt.de,
would be good brrj.l.    But .11 flour U not lint cliu became .11
wheat i. not fii.t clan,    Wheat, you know, varie* In  quality
' almort at much a. apple, or .potiioe, i there ate ai many iMcreut
grade, of wheat ai thete are grade, of butter—or wool.
And eveiy difference in grade repreienti an actual dillerence In nouruhing
ratue, food element., wholeionietieu. I'lour made Irom a low grade of
wheat i. by no mean, to healthful a, flour nude from high gr.de wheat,
Now the wheat that goei into
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour
ts of the very highest grsde. it con
tains the highest poisthle percentage
of nutritive value. The makers ol
tsin eipeniive lahorstories snd baking
departments where ikilled men scientifically snalyie each day's milling.
None but the very best Red Fyfe
wheat—rich In nutrition snd
heslthfolness—csn pssi. For
this reason bread msde fiom
FLOUR contains the msi-
kftum  of bod   value  and
furnishes the miiimuni of energy and
strength. And for the same rcaion
the finest pics, cakes, binuiti,mulhiis,
rolls, snd pastry of sll kinds. It is
the one flour thst s housewife should
uie in order to have her household
baking strictly first class.
-SiSik's sank ke a Cam- *nk
125 pataa of Racipci that hsv»
Imm triad and ttstad will to ssnt
Iras to your addrau ll you mamios
tba nam* at rear Saoler. I<tt
aVt^nssretmsfeUsM 4
She Would Not Willingly
Acknowledge Defesl
Copyright by American Press Association, mu.
+»*»»*ui»*tee*eee4 ♦♦♦»♦<
The stranger stuod upon the statin,
platform uud looked down a vista o
blossoming upple trees toward the rll
lace. He wus apparently a prosperoti
man of the world, but with the breutl
of these Hpritiu blossoms a subtl-
cbniige passed over his tired tact
softening its cureworu lines.
"Carry your satchel, sir'/" A ban
foot Ind approached hiiu eagerly.
"Why, yes," the stranger answered
"you may.    Now, rati you M me t. \
tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. I'm,./   The,
live In the tonne old place, I suppose'/  I
"Sure," the lad responded.   Hu shin j
ed ihe valine lo his oilier hiind    "Say,
be naked, "do yuu kuuw Miss Nell'/"
"I   knew   her   long   ago,"   the   nm
Bluwly replied.
"Before she was tin artist?"
The airatigiT smiled,    "Yes," he an
awered musingly.
"SINs Nell's just nlHiut the tilces
person hi flu- world," said the hoy.
An odd smile pluyed al t the man'
lips.   "I agree with yon," In* said.    ".'
recent dip around  ttie world hits con .
flnued no' lu Unit opinion.    She Is th
nicest person"
"That's  I'uge'S  house," the hoy  nn
DOUOCedi und  tils eyes wldeued as li  i
glanced nt the silver piece which th- [
stranger pressed into his grimy palm
"],ook    here."    he   suggested.    "1*1
Imt   tbat   witi he!   buck   up   tbe   tail t
when you are ready tu go."
A host of memories were swukeuet
OS tbe mini raised the knocker am ,
waited In Ibe vine wreathed pur. h ,
The door wus opened presently hy i
little uld lady, who peered unbelief
lngly Into his face. Then ber *uki
rose quuveringty. \
"Dsrid."ahe said-"Timid, la It real I
ly you'/"   A tall, while haired uld mm
appeared ut  her Joyous erjr,  aud to
getber,   laughing   nud   tulklug,   the;
drew blui Into the bouse.
"How tnuny years bare you beei
gone, David -ten ur twelve? And. my
bow you bare got on] We read ever-
one of those unifies of yours In thi
city papers describing them forefgi
folks and plates lu such an luteresilni
way. And do tbe papers really pay
your expenses ail over the world Jus
so you can write for 'eraV"
"U'a like Nell." the old lady Inter
posed "She can sell pi. hires just si
fast aa sbe can pulut them. L'uiirsi
Nell Isn't rich yet. but she semis ui .
money every week, and sbe haa hue
tbla bouse tisod over to be more com
fortable fur us. I>avld, as yuu car
ace. It was a bit bare for ber at first
studying alone In tbe dty-just a bii
bsrd. bul Nell bus made ber way."
"You were wrong, my boy. wheu yoi
tboogbt she li id no talent." tbe ole '
man sold gravel/, "Neli oerer quite
forgave you fur discouraging ber Ir
tbat way, nnd sbe determined sbe'e
abow you."
David Phillips sighed. "I was a bot
headed young fool," he asld. "It was
reprehensible to me at Ibe lime tbat
Nell should choose an uncertain ca
raw In preference tu the lore and de
fotlon uf a lifetime. However, 1 tried
to atone fur my hasty words. 1 sought
ber out lu the city, ua you kuuw
haunting tbe art classes and begglug
ber upon every occasion to alter tbat
cruel decision until at length sbe dis
appeared, snnoyed no doubt by my
persistency, and I bare never seen bei
Since. When you refused to enlighten
Ins as to ber whereabouts I concluded
that It was becauae Nell bad forbidden you to answer my letters, Then
when opportunity offered I went
abroad. Heturnlng to New Turk, I
could not resist stopping over fur an
hour or two to see you both aod per
haps-to bear uews of NelL"
"Sbe Is well." tbe nlulher said fsi <
terlogly. "When you lost trace of
her. David. Nell went to New York.
She Is attll there. We bave her bouae j
address, but I may ont glv* tt lo you
Ber heart was In this artist's career.
David, and sometimes I think sbe.
knew that you alone bad power to
make ber give It up." '
"We are sdghty proud of Nell," the j
aid man added hastily. "Would yuu
like to see a Utile water color sbe sent!
us-juat to sbuw wbat ber last great
painting waa like*"
ne   led   tbe   way   to  tbe  cheerless j
cloaed parlor, and David stood before '
s panel picture which hung upon tbe
walL   Ills face brightened at Ibe first
(Sketch, of  an  apple  tree  laden  with
spring  blossoms,   their   while  petals I
daintily tinged with pink.    Nell had
always loved these blooms    Then foi-
lowed  a  second  sketch  of the same
tree.    Now  niiniberleaa rosy  cheeked J
apples showed among Its green leaves.
At Ihe lust picture Ihtvld turned aud- I
deniy to Ihe uld man:
"She Is nut happy." be said, wltb con- j
fiction,    ll   was the tree In winter, .
Branding bare and desolate. Its naked
branches pointing to a leaden sky, sod
beneath the picture waa one written
Aa the train carried him upon bla
homeward Journey David gated gloomily Into apace. "She la not happy."
be repealed Much work bad ftccomu-
Isted doling Ma absence, an! as ha
entered hii office bUld.n-r taiafal iejsj
after his arrival be r<*>.*r>llKto4 an Iss*
portsm business letter whlcb nasi
have a prompt rvply nud immediately Bought the office of a public sicaog-
rsplier "lllws Margaret Owen" was
Ibe na at* Inscribed lu gilt above Ihe
doorway, aud aa David entered a stout
old man paaaed out. Tbe stenographer's sanctum was separated front
tba oilier room by heavy cirtslua,
whicli parted presently to admit tbe
gray clad figure of n dainty utile wc*
■an. A great bunch of apple blos-n.ms
were fastened at her belt David saw
the blossoms before be uict the ateuda
light of ber clear Pine eyes.
"Nell!" lie cried sharply. She drew
back bustiiy.
"David!" Bhe breathed,
"It 1h good to see you, N-Nell,'* he
salti, rituiiiiupriin* iu his Juy like a
achuulbity. "Never expected lo Iind
you here, 1-1 iitn looking for u public
Tin- little gray figure refreitttil town rd llit) ciirtnlns; then Miss Nell
laughed tremulously. "I, too, wl-iu-d
lo engage Miss Owen's services," sin
snld, "Inn huve learned that she will
not lie here Ihls ufteniutin."
The man stnud luuklng at her for a
moment: then Willi u t|Ulck stride ha
crossed the fooni.
"Nell." lie enfrenlcd. "grunt tne n
few moments alone Is yuur office or
studio tn ttiis building;V"
"Yes," Hhc t'tistAereil. unit her tone
was i|iiiit> composed, "I nm located
here. Dtivld. hut W'llt'U we have cougrut-
tilatcd ein-h other upon our phenomenal
success"-sin* mulled up at hliu-"then
tt will he wiser to shake minds simply und say guild hy, Yuu have been
successful, Inn-Id';"
"I suppose ho, Nell," he said. "At
least i hnve mtiile some money, 'that
Spells   success,   does   II   iioIV"     :».ivld
caught his breath sharply uud hurried
on: "My life lias I ti lll;c that famous
plcttirv of ymiis. Nell. There tuiva
hecn hlossiuns titling Ihe way, uf
course,  hut tin* lilussoiiis never lasted
loin*,  while the fi tilt of my tabors-
tliat's tin* money is gnrncicd away
somewhere, I don't seem lo enjoy It
So uuw there Is 110(1111111 hut the liars
iree with Its niirii'tl liiiiiii lies, -|(<>reft'->
Isn't that wliul yott call It'/"
The girl drew farther hack against
rise curiulns. Her face hud gruwu very
"1 must speak. Nell," David snld
tensely. "I have waited loo long to
miss tpls chance. I'nine Is nut 11 satisfying tIii 11 tr. dear, and uuw that I how
humbly liefore you, sckoon lodging
your skill uml your triumphs, won't
you come nud till this empty lite ot
mine with happiness? 1 Uu ll t ask
the sucrlllce of your beautiful dn-sms,
dear one. I ereve but the privilege to
rare fur yuu, to be near you. Will you
"Nu," ahe answered gently, "no, David, fur I 11n1.it always dream my
dreams alone"
David turned abruptly to go. As bl
reached the dour it was U.ni.-t open to
admit the suiue stout old gentlemua
who wiiced a fut hand In greeting toward tbe figure huddled ugaiust tbt
"Miss Owen." he cried, "glnd to And
yuu here. Will yuu now tluisj ibat Interrupted dictation r
The old man's query was met with
silence, while Nell's sweet fact? changed from white >u crimson tn the must
uls mil tig manner. David hesitated s
tnumeut uncertainly; then bis ptlisled
expression gave way tu one of sudden
"Hen pardon, sir." bfl fluked the bewildered old Ulan, "hut Is this lady
generally known tis Miss Owen, tbt
public stenographer?"
"Certainly," the man responded
"she is Miss Owi-u."
David's laugh rung out boyishly. "In
that case," he said. "I will have to
keep yuu within-*, while I discuss a-
er business matter wlib Miss Owea.
I will uot detain yon lone" be added
In a low toue as the Bteuugrupher timidly followed bltu into ber private sanctum.
Then when tbe curtains hod been
carefully adjusted he caught tbe little
gray (figure up In a masterful embrace
while the crushed blossoms gave forth
a dying fragrance.
"So," he said breathlessly, "Ibis is
what you have Leeii doing all along,
working away here night und day la
order to send them money at home
burying yuur uspirutluus under a cloak
of deceit that tbey nii-^tit not be disappointed In your career snd living under sn assumed name so that they may
never learn of your omrlflce. tilrl,
girl, how could yuu do It?"
"All your prophecies came true. Da
rid." she mild "I was a complete fall
ore as fur as art waa concerned: eves
when I tried to pass off my puintlngt
aa Impressionist pictures' they would
not take them" Her little smile ol
mockery vanished "I could not beat
to disillusion!** them at home." abi
continued. "Tbe faith of those two old
people was a thing that one could not
Hithily destroy, and so I drifted on
until the weaving nf the wonderful
tales I wrote became my chief delight
and tbe mime uf 'make believe' a sub
sthnte for ihe reality.**
"I have Im'ii loo yielding and na
tlent with you always, NelL Hence
forth you shall l-e managed-dictate*!
to. We will go li.nk tu the old fam
and tell them all ibat yuu have found
lov* to be a fur ►.Tenter power tbsc
srt. and then then ne shall be mar
ried Shall wc. Nell? Du you under
"If yon please." enme an Impatient
vole* from ihe npptisllr side of the cor
fain, "have yuu taken that yunue
mini's dh-fullit*!?"
And as Nell appeared Ibe stoat gen
ileum 11 blinked In surprise at ber ra
dlanl face "Yes," she snswered 4e
■nrely, "I believe I have"
Leng Ones Epooially Smart For Aula*
mobiling snd Yachting.
It Is nut nlouo to tbe fashionable an
tor.uuhlll.st or yachtswoman that out
of these long sweaters would be use
ful. The suunner vacationist who car
sQord oue should Include It lu in-t
uutlit, for In the country Its useful
uess will he great. There the differ
erne between tbe temperature ol the
morning   nnil   evening   Is   apt   to   ba
ssarked. and (bone wbo like to alt out
to watcb (Ik* uioou rise or stroll
through dew wet laues need to ba
cozlly wnipped up. 'ibis model, with
Its ample length. Is admirable for a
day spent on the water or 11 late drive.
There nre often cool wet days when
a sweater Is us useful as a mackintosh. Tbe velvet collar and cuffs and
tbe velvet bund upou tbe pockets are
particularly fetching aud up to date
A Quaint Revival Suitsbla Far Use en
tha Summer Porch,
Cottage furniture, its ll Is called, li
very popular at present, uud we are
being treated to many ipialut revivals
In this line. The how bucked settle illustrated Here Is a novel hut comfort-
able design, suitable either for the hull
or the verauda. It Is a light enough
piece ol furniture to be easily
moved from place to place In conformity wlib the mood of the munieut
•r the variation in ihe position ol tba
sun With a few guy pillows in tta
roomy  arms  It  makes  quits au  at
tractive appearance. Mission furniture and must ut tba an craft aped-
mens are unlit no aitbsianllnlly mot
they cauiiot easily tie transferred irutu
place lo place liy the average woumu.
and even nu ihe summer porch there
are hours when ihe services uf a man
are not available Torch furniture uf
willow or bamboo is very nice, but tba
willow furniiur** lias its disadvantage*
too The culuted specimens nir- apt
to fade, and some ut ll warps with
Uie weather
Seheel Children Insurance,
In Merlin a novel insurance schema
Is twins Introduced, recommended by
the kaiser, having for Kb chief feature
Insurance against accidents lo school
children on their way 10 and from
Bchiml. The policy covers all accidents
to children wltliln tbe walla of tho
schools aa well aa on Ibe playgrounds,
as during lessons in physics and chemistry. Tbe premium la 40 cents a year,
and In esse of death a sum of 8.000
marks (I70Oi Is paid to the parents,
while total disability entitles tbe child
tn 11.600 For temporary disablement
toe company pays all doctor hills sad
1ft cents a tie/.
Wesrlsss Itslrs.
A Sight of stairs has been erected la
Parts over whlcb 14,000,000 persons
bare paaaed without so much ss
scrstcblng the snrfsre. These stepe
era almost Imperlabsble, for la the
concrete of which tbey srs constructed) ■ generous proportion of csrboran*
dum has ben Introduced, sod sloee
nrbnrundam Is almost as bard as the
diamond It bis given ibe concrete a
wearing quilt; which no marble ee
CraoUe eeeJd poasfW* spproteh,
•••ltd Cuatsrd.
When mukttig bulled ctisiard II Is
ofteu puMtllng iu kuuw when 11 ia
ready, fur II boiled too lung ll will
curdle and s*h»u Take out ihe spuun
after st In inu it round and round und
If the fiisMMl turns back Instead of
going Ihe wsy yon nave ueeu stirring
It is quite ready ami should ba las, en
off Ibe Ore Hu tiled lately.
About the House.
Collsrs and cuffs will never blister
If Marcher! on the rigtit aide.
(linger 1 kiii I tires nre ua *• ith ndoiia aa
mustard and will not blister. Tbey
should he made lu the same way.
t'hoos.. lump wicks thai are soft and
loosely woven. Honk them In vinegar
and dry thoroughly before using them.
When hanging out clothes hung
skirls by the bands, nightdresses by
the shoulders aud Blockings by ibe
When washing woolens, especlttjly
stockings, shake thoroughly to get rid
of Ihe dust before putting them Into
tbe water.
Clean enameled anurepatis with ■
rag dipped In powdered pumhe stone
sfter the; have been well bjUed out
tod they will look like uew.
Buttered Eggs and Tomato.
Wash two ounces of rice thoroughly
and cook It until It Is quite tender In
some nicely flavored while stork
which Is entirely free from tat, then
pass It through a lino wire sieve and
reheat It in a suueepun containing an
ounce of warm butter and ti snltspoou
ful of curry powder nnd two (tibia.
Bpounfiils of thick stewed tomato; stii
It well, add a little salt and hltiek
pepper and as loon as It Is hot pour
In the beaten yolk of an egg. Ite
move (he rice from the stove directly
Ibe egg Is thoroughly hleuded with it.
Itutter some medium Klzed molds (prof
orubly Ibe low shape), put a mmler
a tidy thick layer of sieved tongue (H
the top of each, then fill litem with
the rice, packing It In lightly, anil put
Into ti modi-rule oven fur about ten
minutes, or rather less If the heat Is
fierce. On taking the mollis fr.nn Uneven turn Ibe rice out on lu a hut
dish and cover the (up entirely wltb
creamy buttered eggs, sprinkle a lit
tie finely ml need parsley over tbe lop
aud serve wry but.
j   rhslr Doubts Hull* Defy Hidden Racks
snd Derelicts.
I     In   (ho  hands  of  u  skillful   murine
I architect much mora ha*, been aecoui
i piisliiif   wltb  si eel   construction   than
ibe mere economy of space.   The snre
I ly   of   Vessels  at  sea   hus  been   cuur
I moiisly liicren.M'd until In the highest
type ot  modern  ocean  liners  the  ele
tnent ol danger is virtually eliminated
The   marvelous   Ingenuity   displayed
(hrouglioiif this great fabric of steel In
guarding  tigulh.il   every   possible  con
llfigeucy of  Ilit* sen tunica tu the nv
etugo IllUd-iinilU us 11 surprise.   A great
ihier uf nti.tsw tons may be controlled
hy  a  single bond.    The complicated
inai'lilticry  for safeguarding  Mu ship
is practically automatic.
The bottom of the great hull of the
liner Is doubled, ibe Inner shell being
strong enough to flout, the ship even
if thO outer hull lie completely torn
uwuy It Is exceedingly uuliliely tlmt
wnter would ever reach ibis Ittnei
shell through accident tu Ihe tiuilii hull
mil ihe pivniiitliiu Is tnketi su Hon II
It should strike a bidden object It wll
prove  absolutely   invulnerable     The
shipwrecks of (lie past caused by run
a lug upon hidden rucks, derelicts and
Icebergs nre ihns completely rlluilnnl
<J    M   It  O-a In L'astiler's Mugazino
Fruit Msrlngue.
Tuke two pounds of any kind of
fru It-gooseberries are very good-
lump sugar 10 taste and about half a
gill uT water to each pound, accordiug
to tbe Juiciness of ibe fruit.
Tut the water and sugar Into a
saucepan !.•< (hem boll for Ave mlu
utes, then ndd ihe fruit and cuok very
gently till tender. Heal the whites uf
three eggs lo a stiff I roth and add
three tnhleepOOOfUlB of sugar. I'm
tbe fruit Into a fireproof dish; spread
tbe meringue over it Bake io u slow
oven till the meringue feels crisp and
Is of a delicate fawn color. Serve very
Cantaloups Baled.
Select four cumuloupes of uniform
site; chill, (hen cut off a email section
that muy serve as a lid. Fill eacb
cantaloupe wltb whipped cream which
bai been sweetened aud mixed wltb
lluely chopped ginger and tnarshmal
Iowa Put tbe cuutuloupe In a freezer
or bucket, pack In equal quantities of
Ice and rock suit und let stand for one
hour. Serve upon a platter tilled with
crushed Ice aud garnish wltb nustur-
tluma nnd tbeir leaves. Or tbe canta
loupes could be Oiled wltb whipped
cream stiffened wltb lemon or any
sweet Jelly.
Raspberry and Currant Salad.
Half a pound eacb of raspberries,
red or white currants and stoned cherries, two hamiinis, two oranges, half
a -can ot pears or pineapples, ite-
more tbe stalks from tbe raspberries,
currants and cherries. I'eel and cui
tbe bananas and orangea into very
small pieces, taking uut tbe orange
Cut also tbe pears or pineapples Into
small dice. Tut tbe fruit In a salad
bowl and pour over aome of the pineapple or pear June Let It atand In
the Icebox for one hour before serving. 	
Eggs a la Ruses.
Eggs s la Kusse la an artistic dish
snd most appetizing. It Is composed
of whole bard boiled eggs from which
tbe Bhells are carefully removed, then
the eggs laid about a round dish like
s soup plate, their surfaces decorated
wltb little pieces of truffles, a border
of finely minced vegetables flecked
with little mounds of caviar, and the
whole fringed wltb white lettuce
leaves and diamond abaped pieces of
smoked aalmon. The color scheme of
this dish Is most novel and attractive.
*.n   Untimely   Repal   Latter   and   tha
Mtaasgs tt Convsyed.
One night nt 11 o'clock the bishop of
Orleans wus roused by a royal cou
rlcr wbu hud tn nut paste brought a
dispatch from nfs majesty l^iuls X»
The bishop Imagined thai something
terrible hud happened Trein hi lngly he
opened the package anil read:
"Monsieur (be llistiopororieane -Sly
daughters wish for some preserved Or
leans quinces. I'ray seud some. It
you have none 1 beg that you will"—
In ihls pari of ihe loiter there was a
drawing of n sedan chair, and under
nctith the chair the king's id ter cou
tinned thus:
"Send immediately Into your eplsro
pal town and get them, aud, monsieur
ihe bishop, may Hod have yuu In bis
holy keeping.   I/hi Is."
l.owpr down un the page waa this
"The sedan <halr does not mean any
thing, ll was drawn hy my daughter
on this sheet of paper, which 1 hap
pened lo find neur me."
(,really relieved, ihe bishop hurried
a courier luto Orleans, procured Ihe
preserves and sent them lu Ms royal
master.—Thomas K Wm suu lo "T'b*
Story of France."
Valus of New Ideas.
Pome large businesa tlims employ a
man whose sole duty ll la to rend ev
try trade Journal, every terbnlntl pa
per or pamphlet and every magastne
In order to get new Ideas abont the
conduct of Ihelr business. 8U<*b Infor
inatlon Is laid each day before 'he
bends or the various departments, win.
In turn pass It down the line to men
under them snd see that the new Idea
Is tested Hy ihls means encb worker
la kepi tn lunch with what other men
ire doing in his pnrttciiiar line, and su
uls personnl ettlcli-ncy Is Increased AI
most everything can be done In a man
tier n little lietter than the present
war. and modern business demands
to know and practice ibe beet, lilug
eues carried a round a cup 10 drink wa
ter out of till one day he saw a dug
npplng water wiih his tongue, lie
threw away bis cup and afterward
drank water out of Ibe palm of bis
land. He got from the dug a new
dea.—Louisville Courier Journal.
A Oslleisus Fruit Salad.
Six targe, firm apples, one banana,
one orange, a small bunch of white
grapes, half a cupful of broken walnut
meats, balf a cupful of sliced candled
frulta and one teaspoouful of vanilla
extract. Chop tbe apples, orange and
banana very Hue. add tbe nuts, candled fruit and vanilla and mix well.
(iarnlsh tbe top wltb the grapes,
balved and seeded. If tbe apples are
very aour add a little augar. Serve
on email dainty plates.
Gslri Thst BIsekans.
Blackening of cults aud shin fronts
tiy ibe rubls-d uff gold is s mailer ut
much ntuiuyam-tf lu Jewelers when
their customers come back, thinking
they have tM-ught brasa Ihe skin uu
ihe m-ck as well as on the lingers
is frequently dlRi-oiurvd by tuurteao
'•arm. eighteen curat and. aome aay
pure gold An expert suys thst even
In Ibe case of pint* gold tbta colors
lion uf tbe skin Is not due lo any par
titular piopertfea ot the metal, but.
rather. Is ihe result of chemical
cboiiges In the body or, rather, lo tbe
perspiration and natural oU of ibe
skin.- Kxcbuuge.
O'Dsy'a Famoue Drolaion a Ssmple of
Narva on tha Dismond.
Wilting lu the America 11 Magazine
11 hum hiist'huti umpires, Hugh I'ulici-
tuu tmys tbey are both brave aud
square uud cites as au example ot
nervtj a famous decision by ULmi;
O'Duy.    Be Bays:
"O'JJuy bus shown his bravery on
muiiy occasions, but never mure conspicuously tbau he did on the day
when he called Merklo out uu the I'ulu
grounds wticn he made his famous
failure to touch second base O'Uay
bud been In the sume ploy at Pitts
burg two weeks hefore aud had over
looked It. Wheu iiildwell made the
hit thut should bave won the [lenoaut
fur New York and thousands or frantic fans leaped upon the Held tu con
gratuluie ihe (limits O'Uay saw his
duly,   lie saw .Merkle run lo the club
house, und. throwing down his protector, be run dowu luto the diamond
■Off lovers bold the ball no second bass,
and uliovi! the tumult hu called .Merkle
"Five thousand men were swurmlog
madly around O'Uay and the Chicago
players, partly understanding the situation. Men struck at lilni, struck
Cbsues and struck I'flester. yet O'hay.
shouldering tils wuy along, shoved two
men aside to get hts protector and
walked through 1 he crowd tu his dressing mom 11 was declared O'Uay never would dure umpire uu the I'olo
grounds aglllll. »i.d police were sent
lo protect hlui.    The management did
not understand American love of fuir
piuy.  The crowd cheered O'Uay.
"O"Day's bravery on that occasion
waa more noticeable uecuuse he could
bave shirked his duty without blame
It waa Emsile's decision, yet O'Uay,
seeing Emmie lost in the crowd, ibotil
dered tbe responsibility and made the
decision In tin* Iscs ot threats from
thousands of utigiy men."
It Will Tske Savan Mors Years ts
Wipe It Out Completely.
Tbe opium egtwtueut recently sign
ed at I'eklng hy Sir John Jordan fur
England aud the Will pu pu for Chins
promises the certain extluctlon uf the
tratHc wlitaln seven years li stuns
out by recognizing the good fuftii with
whlcb China tins cudeuvured since l'.a'7
to reduce the production of the drug
within tbe empire, and ihe tlrst covenant Is that tot Hie licit seven y*>nr-t
It ahull continue Ihe decrease lu the
some ratio that ihe annual ttnpurt
from India Is diminished.
Orent Hrttaiu agrees that no opium
shall be conveyed from India tu any
province of Clilim which hus effectively suppressed the cultivation uf the
poppy, The entire expurt of opium
from India shnil cease tn tens than sev
en years If proof be given that ttitt
home production has entirely ceased
In Chins.
Tbe other provislona of the agreement provide for administrative details, Including official Inspo-'ilon tn
eacb country lireut llrllulu con-cut-.
also to uu Increase of duty to X'*o tasis
a chest on imp*iris, provided ibat aa
equivalent excise tax be placed un domestic opium In China, 'the annual
reduction of tbe Indian exports is uow
about 6.HI0 chests, but it Is lo lie eveo
greater In 1012, HM3 und litis.
A losa of revenue of at least £3.000.
000, or IIA.OOO.OOO, la on the aurfuce
involved to India from tbe losa of the
Imports on the trade. This may have
lo ba met to part by a contribution
from the Hrltfab Imperial treasury
Rut In parliament recently Under-iec
retary Montagu of tbe Indian office In
tlmaied (but some uther way might be
fouud of meeting the deficiency.—.New
York Dun.
Tha  Kaiser's  Daughter  Is  Interacting  Rayal  Matchmaltera.
Jtm\\      ■awtt
L. ^K*M»
■ %■■ ..
nir BAiRKits Ditrorria.
It Is expected there will be some
tine tnoneuverfof uuioug toyai pursues
or their igsots who muy sflead tne
coronation, f.ir young Prince Edward,
the heir l" the fhroue of Great Britain. wlM hove to be provided with \
wife before long, and there Lint a
power in t-hiropa that would out wei-
i-oitifl an aiMuL' *> with England, it is
quits' unlikely ttul tbe lid Utm-Wif.
whu Is said to Inherit Klaj Edward*
eye for l-eauiy aod Que^a Alexandra's lacl a^d artistic temperasienx,
will bate mocb of a voice ba tbe *e
let Hon uf a bride.
The English nation pr-fers *3at Its
royal family marry in yueen Victoria %
family connect too. I'n* crimes wtw »
(juefn Victoria's granddaugbfee, tuts *
duugtiier, the iJraad Dm i99M (.i.^:li
who i« now iij'eeit. BhgUnb roja '»
has before beppdy l-trertnarrled wtts
tbe ftttsslans, lbs m«r»ier .-: "ie s-rnkra
prioress of lion mania ia ■; teen »
Russian grand dn tieaa. 1 * » i*»-
trln has several *■ gtbla ireOd n ir-stn*-*,
the poaalbllfttea of sock 1 ma \ irs
remote, owing to *u ^v-:* i ffbrengas
Many psfaona Muni* itwr. tB« iu Ht
would like to 1-■ n;« m 1 » .1 !■■- i*
tw**ea txi-* daagb -"■   Pvtni**«a STenjria
Louise,  and   'He   a-*lr <if   En-^a id.   *'ir
be Is iBoaf r.'i -1 tot 'I-" thi *'i
vorits child ifid ivaHa Ma "'*| ena4
heud* or beirt <•) i ironaa w*e raatsaaj
Wlib h**r mm her ihn •» I! s^taatd mat
eorooatlon, and tha sonnti psapnj *rii
then fij*'t. a .■tiiin.s ■ 1 Ha''tn» tc-
A   niler   of   'ho   gSSiuan    "tier    t
prioress vworiu taxtms rf "wxaata.
tu whom 'he kotaaj is «i imeatasl i*t
In minor miitr-r-n -ne iiwu-"* t'tt^ ier
will. She trrteed if**»r la dsStltsas
on Sep'- PI- ItaW. ssul t» $f**nr* n
ner nlneti**-**! 'i r4»'.r 4be s Brioitol
of the Bonsnss rf ^hs 1.nt-*-**ia;-*t
aod waars bar *k'.itl -ind rrasattnMans
badge nrlrh as laiinty tu dr is ntr
yming oftm Bar srxywi dgftsnan a
full of f*tn nnd Ugft -tr'rt • md s fr*.
voted to the ."iinnuui'iishin ,(- ^vxisbsi
Oeraj and Prlnee fam*tllfs»i mngJ) iei*
*j:er of them b n fr 11 ghnrnf *-l
me pfti"-***- Bit in i*? kaxaat11 waaaWmw
fnt   foot   gnafd   ****f**)mr***ift     r'm   ~a*sz
thai  tfea Or-nun  nnuc-*.-*- Inn •» BKajBBJ
, of th*»  bonaaartfaiai   -rr-ies  m   -v*nci
Qtifwi Mi--  irtaHns  ixn^nsfisnmi wtt
df*Mbtt«SI na?" stai-dll Viet 1*- nrTti-
#3, e ts 10 he 1st into tta aafaxsta u
•electing 1 nnaotl fhe ter mam
Gai'if'j »4i*tj.
Do yon ptar Z^'-' ''■ "'' •**■■' m
more 'j fiia golfing rogn, 'or "tie** iiw
no loner agiy mir pk WiwttMi irui m
tu data golUng garb tor svenaa s
quire is mnmwa nw arasbians «s   ir a
morniai*  on   -aw   laka     laufarst  *rw
being   a.j.le  to   it   iu   'r*!tn.   jrsc-r.ii
Elactricslly Put.
"Mrs. Duxxilt attracted much com-
tnent when she appeared In her latest
ampere gown." wrote the market re
porter, who had been detailed In n
plncb fo sub for tbe society editor.
"Don't you menu empire gown!" asked tbe city editor, glancing over the
copy. "Must have made the mistake
because ot the way aome of those
folks give the word 'empire' the real
French twist. btihT"
"No, I mean ampere, all right," nr
gurd tbe market reporter. "It was
abocklng/'-Cblcago Evening root
Ta Pry Mush Quickly.
Make tbe mush In tbe usual way, except tbat It Is not necessary to cook It
so long. Hare s tablespoonful eacb of
lard and butter amuklng but In a skll-
K»l Lift the bot musb to the skillet by
spoonfuls and flatten It out. It frlea
quickly and is sweeter and crlsper tban
wben allowed to get cold and then
fried. II Is delicious when served wltb
fried chicken.
■ailed Dressing.
Por boiled dressing beat up two eggs,
add half a pint of vinegar, one tea-
spoonful of salt, a dash of red pepper,
four tablespoon fills of sugar and two
ounces of butter. Mis well and cook
In a double boiler, stirring constantly
until the dressing has thickened. Then
cool and servo This dressing may be
thinned wllh either cretim or olive oil.
Cream Salad Dressing.
To prepare cream salad desslng rub
the yolks of three hard bolted eggs to
s smooth paste, gradually ndd one tea-
spoonful of snlt. one teospoonful of
sugar, two tahles'toonfuls of vinegar
ind one teaspoon fill of mustard. Whip
op one pint of double cream till amoulb
ind atir tbls a spooufui ai a Urns late
the egg mixture. r
Child—Mamma, what is a common
Mother—A common person is a person that we do not asaociutu with.
Why do you ask?
Child—Ttause Mrs, Nextdoor said
you waa a common person.
Glebe TreHers Plus
A  number of tourists were recently
looking down ibe crater of Vesuvius
, An   American  gentlemuu  said  to   bis
■"I tint looks a goor, deal Ilka tbe In
' fernn 1 regions."
An Knglish lady, overbearing the re
ainrk. said tu another:
"Hood  gracious,   how  tbeae   Amerl
'  'sns du travel'"   l.ippincutt'a
A Change ef Name.
"Who ran site a sentence using tbe
1 word [sMidnlutu'f'   asked tbe teacher.
I.litle  Itiichel's bund shot  up.    Tbe
teacher  ui*ddt*d encouragingly.
"Lightning  wus  invented by  Penju
{ 1 tun l-'nuikllu "-K very body's.
Drawn Qlass.
nn   account   ot   Its   great  strength
, drawn ginss Is used for many por
poses    li wit hit-in l* sudden changes
' if temperature, n-sims fire to a greet.
"Stent and is very strong.
"Oh. Ve Sf Little Faith!"
Anxious Customer- Are yoo sure thai
Lvnu have thai inellclne mixed rigbtl
; hmuglsl No, 1 nix. not, but I've got It
j iiiixed ihe way tlu doctor ordered It-
1 fudge's Libra 7.
Electrocuted Eggs.
It Is possible tbut the peculiar taats
of a cold sturuge egg, which Is something nut ensy to mistake, may be removed If experiments uuw being mads
by ao electrical company are successful. Hays the Inventive Age: "It la
claimed that wben fresh eggs are
placed In cold storage tbe eggs are
alive, tbat tbey sre alowly frosen to
death nud thai lu spite of the preservation quollilcs or the tea the eggs do
not taste good when cooked. It Is now
believed that tiy electrocuting the eggs
tbe natural fresh taste may lie retained and not removed when the eggs are
placed In cold storage. The eggs are
'killed' by placing a metal capon eacb
snd of tbe egg nnd then throwing on a
pressure of fsJu volts."
English Jsll Methods.
A woman member uf the bonrd 0'
guardlana of tbe town of Sal ford. England, anxious to learn the exact nature
of tbe (oil Imposed upon pnupera. went
Into a atone yard and worked for hnlf
ao hour with tbe stone breaking gang
Her conclusion was that stone breaking should lie abolished 'ss cruel,
worse than useless, degrading and unprofitable." Tbe board bad gone to
tbe extreme of buying stone, for which
there waa no use. and having It crushed to give the paupers something to
do.-Up ri agile Id Republican.
Virtue la no* ir-v to stand atona Ha
«h» prarrlres It vlll bare oeitbbw*.
"How lar back can ynu rent-nil, -r?"
"I can remember learning to spell
'cat.'   I was only three."
"Pshaw t Why. my tlrst memory is
writing a letter to a correspondence
school lor lessons in walking "
I His  Plunge.
Jasper—dayboy seems to be prosper,
ing nowadays. *
JumpUppf-1   don't   sec    why   you
think su.  His wile nnd family atv not
'wearing any better clothes,
I   Jasper—Very true, but ha is smoking
; better ctgurs,
Hit Back.
I   Mr.    Youngwwl    («■ plscetttly)—I
itipposo you know there were a number of young ladies disappointed when
II married you. , .
Mrs. Youngwed Yv; my girl
trieods hud propliesi.sl a brilltsiit lu-
tut* lot 'ua.
Sunday Mast Per Beldisrs.
Orneral Heltrbaiir, the fleiglsn minister for war, has made an innovation
In msitnrs military by establishing s
day of tn.«t for sn branches of the sr*
my, Sunday has been appointed ss
Ibe rest day. Henceforth nil soldiers
will hare petmlssinn fo return lo their
families and spend Ptindny at home.
Tbey will hnve a formal permit grant-
ed, which oh their return lo Ihe bur-
racks (bey will Hsve to produce fo
the Commandant, signed by (he "chef
Je fspdlle" lo the effect that thef
we bean it kome.«|-«idoo (Jlobt,
iHB sua oour a»a*TfS.
lines and lo accordance wftl the 4*
tnundi of fSShwO are SOPpilSd Wtti
mure or less waff defla**-! revers tod
collars    The white or gray BW*»iefB
are preferred hy coo-ervatlf•*«. but
aome extremely smart *on,eo srs 1Mb
aeusun adotttlng the fashions I ♦ ttt
nr even choosing cumh:n)*lnni of coro
nnit'iti reti ind nine.
The sailor mouse lends Itself sdrm
rgbly to the requtremeots of tbe golf
er. fur tt Is ,0000 and romfnftsh'e s'
lh*-  neck      UigO  collars  never   retail
tpeir  trtmnen  long  ui" r.  lbs links.
Checks of various fabrics arf pOpQlSI1
for golBng *L1rts. This season tasr»
Is a leaden * to the striped **n<-cts
Rough snd ready bats tn s wide T3*le
ty of styles nre shown for golfing weSf.
Ta  Rflmsv* Qrtsas.
To  remote   gretse   from  garmenti
dtasolr*. a fenspoonful of salt In foul
lablespnnnfuls of slcehol, ahske we|
sod apply with a sponge.
Burned the Spies.
In the old days and during time of
war spies got short shrift    Wellington saw no harm In sentencing one
New Zealand.
The first attempt   .it   the rolonlxn
lbs city of n-slllu-lon  now .tsnd. !  hlJ"»"."'.V'"'""     "„'"' ",°'"  '
T..II, ol ih. Pik.. _           ,whMl •■" *       h. m.'.
Th» piko  I.  iLllrr   priirlilwl  wltb I    Wn«on Bl"M-'1 "^'" m"T "* m'"
t-.ll. .1,1,1, „„ „ll„.r tnntlM.   It ba. i '• "' "-1" ''>'  """<""* "■«"»""'"
t-wth ,11 or.r 11.  ii|,iin  and  lo-w ■',", ■ cW"el »"d i'Ma* '","*, tow
A PETITION, signed by wiinn Five TIiouhoihI iii tlm Vnlloy People, litis decided
us tn continue IniBinosa hern uml we huve renteil Hie llemlorson Stove niul will
take possessi limit NiivoihIiot 1st, with n coniplele New Stuck.
Wo expert lu Imv il lliu Kinusl Kxelusive Pi'j Goods Storos in British
Coluinbiii eiin-yiliK il inosl  nplelo Iii (  Utiles Iteiuly-to-Weiii' QtirinonU nnd
will Bpccinli-e on Children's Itenily-Jliule Presses, Coitls, Etc, In the meantime
wv will tlisposo of our entire slock nl tho fiowosl Prices evor quoted on mor-
clmndise in Chilllwacli, We 'I" nnf intend lo movo n single nrtielo, lh> not
make comparisons with the cut in prices—WE NEVER HAD I1HIH PRICES.
Make comparisons with Oar Selling Prices nnd wlmt tho other stores nsk, see if
you can, anyone selling you beautiful Japanese Silk nt 15c, n yard, or the best
English Prints at 7'-v. a yard or Anderson's Ginghams nt H^e. n yard or Pins '2
papers fur 5c, or Thread 7 spools lor 25c. nnd hundreds of oilier just snub bnrgnins,
Min's Hnls will not
In' curried in our new
sttn'r, ymi will tiicro-
fure get grunt values
in this dopnrtinciit.
Nearly nil new Full
Styles nre show ii nnd
tho pi-ices are nbuul
one-hnlf. Any Straw
lint worth up to $'.iill fnrfl.lHl
Any Kid Glove Glove tor 1)11 cents.
Every pair gunranteed.
We have just received n full stock uf
Lined  and  Unlincd   Gauntlets   fur
•Men, Women nnd Children.
These will  all
be sold nt
+**H';■-.<;■*>$<■•$*> <K'*v-;^^
that we are !
until !
Saturday Night at
The Furniture Stoie
I See the Exhibit of
in the Main   Building
♦ *
Piano Weight Guessing
A Victor Gramophone will be given
for the Nearest Correct Answer.
**** **** ***>:
j Alfred White . Music Dealer
For Sale or To Rent j j I GIVING MONEY AWAY 1 \
Thai mnsl desirnble
property in
lis   Ihe
R. S. Williams $ Sons Estate
timid llniise, i Irchni'd, Barn,  Etc.
P, ('. Corsets
still lend in
Style, Workmanship, Durability, Com-
' dirt nnd
The Gilbert Co.!
PHONE 150 Opp. Post Office |
fmmtmm************ *****************************************************
Our Prices Lower than
Eaton's nnd no Freight
or Mnil Charges to Pay.
Compare Our Prices with
Eaton's New Catalogue
Why not Buy at Homo.
Mens Thigh Boots, $5.00
Men's Knee Boots, $3.50
Boys' Knee Boots, $2.75
Men's Storm Robbers, .75
Women's "      "        65
These are Good Quality
uml nn- Fully Quaralecd.
R. J. Mcintosh
r *********************** |   Carpenters began work on  tin
Local and District # improvements at I'nrron'sslnro this
 J morning.
»*•••» •• •••*-1   Tlm Chilliwack Steam Laundry
Tlii-.liivi'iiile lloslmiiaiis appeared has licon purchased from Mr.llnhert-
In il.,. ()|ieiii House last night and son  by T. IC. Hall, wlin has taken
ir. - ui. .1 Unit brighl, musical play Isissession. Mr.   Hull  is a man of
"Tli,, |i f Itjiiudeeii" to a large wide   ex|ierlci    in the laumlr.v
.iii.l delighted niiilin     Mi-' II"-'' business,  ami  intcnilg tn bring the
Henry, Miss Timi llellcn ami little Chilliwack  Laundry up tu a high
llnivii. Caiillelil ..ere  prime fnvur- point of efficiency. A well conduct-
ilea, while nil  the girls captivated ed sti'iun launilry in the City should
the audience by their charm, spleu- lie generously  patronized awl wc
♦ j
* *
I Chilliwack Steam Laundry Co. j
T. E. HALL. Proprietor
> Phone 172
Ladies ami Gentlemen's Clothes Steam Cleaned
A  S| inlty.
All Work Promptly and Neatly Executed.
Parcels Called Eur Every Morning.
|        :
t      Special Exhibition Attraction      ♦
% Secured by tho J
%     Chilliwack Agricultural Society     !
* The following prices will he paid for Ihe liosl loiivos of bread inada +
J (loin t'apilol Hour nod delivered ul our storo More Sept. HOlll. }
f First Price $5    Second Price $3    Third Price $2 +
♦ III piirliolpanls nro llinllod I io loaf, thoso falling In rocolvo *
t a price will receive !Mc for their loaf. *.
* *
Got ng to
Then use
The Sherwin-Williams Pmht
and you'll get satisfaction.
It's the best protection
you can give your house A
It's made from pure white
lead, pure zinc white, and pure^
linseed oil.
It does not powder,  flake i
or crack.
It forms a tough, durable 61m
that wears and looks well for the
longest time.
It's colors are clear, bright and
It costs less by the job than any
other paint made.
The full color card shows 48
handsome shades.   S.. W. P. i<
put up full measure, always.
General Hardware and Sporting Goods
Ii«I uhurtH ringing uml really good
acting. Tin! Uoslmiinnu may bo always1 bo auro «»f .t good house al
Hla Cliilliwnck Implement and
Protluco IV, luts aquired the pre*
iniscs whore Mr. Cliiiiiilierlain conducted lifs furnitureiHore. nnil have
converted il into u neat and attrac-
live show room for the display of
buggies, ele, Tlu building is adjacent it> tlieir former stand, and u
large entrance lm*» been made bo-
twecn the two buildings. Tlio addl
tional space will afford splendid
display room and will facilitate the
ivnrk uf tl ompany.
Jtttlgmonl In a ease of two yearn
standing lisi -*- I wen given by Justice
Martin, of Vancouver, by which
.I.e. Nlcbol, of CliUIIwnck. loses a
considcrablo -^11 \ money,   Tho
troiiblu arose over :i loam <»f horaan,
nwnetl by Mr. XiVl.nl, 1ml which ho
had liirnl ton rallwuycontractor,
foreign laborers wore being con-
voyed contrary to tho Allan Labor
f-.1 w ami Un- team wo* sol sod, Mr.
N'tehol, in im way bolngti partner.
Mr. Nlcliol Informs "tba Free Press
hope to see thi' above laundry Hour
\A\ under Its ne«v ownership, Mr
Hall contemplates making a number
nf improvement* in tin- equipment
A special service will bu conduct
od hy Rev. It. J. Douglas on Sun
1 lay morning in tho Presbyterian
church, when he will address l>-
Qqtnpany nf the loith Regiment.
The three local patrols tif Uny
Scouts will nlso attend in a Imdy.
The form of procession will 1mi; Boy
Senilis, St, Thomas Hand and I>.
Company, While the Boy Smut-.
will participate in the parnda and
service,it must Ik1 remembered tho1
the Scouts are not a millilary organization ami have no alti.ialiut.
with tho regiment. Rev. R, .1.'
Douglas is the Secretary of the local
Messrs.   MeMnntiH A White nn
contemplating    several    Improve
liieiifj" al tla* "l.yrV " toworthji
.1 g whirl) is the Installation nt
a Mlrrorolde Curtain, which is tin
latest perfection in Photoplay
innihii'tiuu. Tills ftirtain is nu\*
(iti tin' way from Xow York, 'ttiil
judging frnin tin* reporUof tliost
who have   Boon it   Hsed, it will   hi
September 2()th and 21st
llAltltlSTKIl, hOI.ICITOIt,
Westminster Trust linilding
t:HII,l.l\V.H'K, 11. C.
'.'I Wcstmlaatcr Trim lll'lir.     Phmie in
Arthur E. Baker
Snlinrlisn Hoinw s Specially.
1 lull   his  loss  is  between SPOII mid ,
HOOOaltogotlior besides agrcal ilonl K.''''"l'v "Pineemled  for the entlr
of trouble. The less is an untorttin- :',,i"'"" "f. ?'"' Blr!,n "I""."'1"'1"
aloamla ivy ono. Ing tho pleturos   Another nnporl
nut   lentiire   regnnllng   it is  ihnt
Dr. .1.  M.  Rnlierts wlfo ami hrlghl, clonr plcturos, piojeeied in
daiiglilcr, nl Dmnfrlen, s land, a well lighted Thoatro.   .Next week
were visitors Iii tho City during the the management linvo arranged to
week-end, will, their sons, Andrew, ,inr| „ much rn oxponslvo   (llm
David and  Mathow Itohoils  Ihe service of newer films tlian hnve yet
latloi'lKiingnnoiupIo) al Ashwell.s.  I n   shown here, uml promise nn
Dr" Robertson was a Col leg! mate ospoeliilly good  program for Fi t
nt   aiasgow   L'nlvei-sity  with   Dr.  week.     This   is  only    Iho  com
II lorson of Cliilliwnck, nnd old lnen ucnl of an effort on the pari
cillegodnys  I roiiillilsciiicesfur- of  tlio ninnng.incut  to ninke   Ine
iilshod  lutoi-osthig subjects on the perfornianuM at tlio l.yrie the licsl
'I Hug   of Ibe  two diH'lon.,   Ur. nnd most iittrw-live of their kind in
ltu1>oi-tH<ii, bus deeided lo live iii Uie l'roviiico, mid wo feol »uro thai
Ci Ill,   lull   is undecided as I" ihey will receive the heartiest slip-
whelhei' be will reside iii Chilllwiick  jKirt of   tliegOOtl  IK'Ople of Chilli-
or Vancouver. 'wnek.
N.w Senary Strong Company
Special Vaudeville Sensations Between Acts
Popular Prices:    $1.00, 7.x\, ;50c.
Hart Block
.   .


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