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 _"   -
"Xsi^i^ ,
■•   ■
Published in the Garden city of b. C. you will Like chilliwack.
.    .
Vol. 1.
No, 6
The Uat Call—I. I). Smith Co.
llanluril linn. Hull—F. J. Hart A Co.
I. T. Maynanl'. Bate—K. .1. Hart A Co.
Koyal Wcl.li I'huir—HiMtiilul Auxiliary.
Ku.iui.anil 0IHee»-G, 11. Aslnvell A Son
II.HJ.I  lli.nrs t'iinip -Cllilliwaclt Pluilini!
L.F.Cinft.utMreStudio tor photos
Iteiiil tlio Kren Press Wnnt Aril.
He who can iiinki. both .'ltd. meet
is n middling good liinti,
It', illl right tn Ret It. Iln' bottom
nl things, Imt don't throw iiiiiiI.
Hah! wurk i. thr mother .if .11 -tw
1.1,0k Is only n third nr fourth cousin,
III hi. elTurt. tu get in the stvitn
many a lelluw Iind. hiu»u-)f iu lint
Til, Hiulinglun t'liil. opened for
the season in the Parish hull on
The .nun who nevi-r.miles inspires
no tiiort nllili-iiri'.thiiti the dug wlio
never wags hi. toil.
A new telephone directory in in
ctmr.1- of preparation hy tin- Chilli.
W|ii-k Ti'l.'i.honi' CO,
Sotni- nwiike ami tiud themselves
fiiinoiis, Imt tunny mora lil.d theiu-
Ht'lvi'. finnou. und wake.
Millinery ri'tiovitli'd; nlso new hnl.
supplied; lai.-st styles; moderate
pried.   Apply Crooin, Mary Street.
Mayor J».. Munrt. lini .old forty
ner.'. at Rosedale to t'. N. Edmonson, of I'ltiup Slough, nt a fair price.
Henry Traeger, manager of the
Vaiii'.mvt.|- Brewing Co.,woi in the
city (hit. week on 11 hop purchasing
Annul fifty tickets were sold to
exeun.ioiii.st.to Iti-lliughuin on Monday morning t.'siih's u number who
went on Sunday.
S. A. Parsons, Hart Block, ha*
iinprovod hi. show window hy
placing a hand-mine peice of woodwork dividing the window space.
If you cannot get a head see the
big ones in Policy A- Cn's window.
The cabbages nre fine ones and were
grown iuthe ProirieCcntraK.ardens.
House-cleaning time is here again
and W. It. Stevenson the Valley
Painter and his staff of workmen
are kept busy papering, tinting etc.
Write this down where you'll see it
every day. The time to draw business Is when yuu want business and
not when you have more business
than you can attend to already.
W. K. Stevenson th. Valley Pain
ter will not keep you waiting to
have your paper hanging done as
he has a staff of first-class workmen.
"Human Hearts" was presented
at the Opera House last night there
being a fair attendance. The efforts
ol tlm company met with a good
sliare ot appreciation.
Now is tho time to have your
house-cleaning done. W. It. Steven
son, the Valley painter, keeps none
but Aral-class paper-hangers, dec-
orators, etc.
There should be no "taction" it,
Auction of Ll* Stock
Oi Tmisr ud W*mJ» sf Nol Week.
Twt Prize Wtubi Herds tf fore Bred
Sud Offered ts PoWic.
In the Free Press to day i« puh-
Ilulled the lints of Pure Bred utock
whieh will Ih- offered for side, hy
Hurt A Co., auctioneers, on Titos*
day 11 ml Wednesday next.
Hiuiford Hrus. who have sold
their farm are selling their horses,
i*attie, shi-ep, pi^s and poultry.
Kleven horses, a celebrated hen) of
(Juernsey e-ittle, pure hred !<eii-esler
sheep, and Tamworth pins, will Input up. llaiiford Bros, are well
known throughout It. C, as breeder))
of pure hred stork, and the sale un
Tuesday should Im* largely attendetl.
The day following the foregoing
sale John T. Maynanl will dispose
of his very choice herds of Ited Pulled eattle, together with his shire
horses, Dorset Horned Shewp, and
Kssex hog*. Mr, Maymird's stiH-k
has Im-i"ii annexing the blue rihlioiw
at the various Provincial fairs in an
euviahle fashion ami the sale of stock
is a matter whieh should be taken
full advantage of. Breeders of pun-
hretl stiH-k sui*h as Messrs. Hanford
Itios. and Maynanl are a valuable
contribution iu any community nnd
the stieeess they have met has lieen
well cawed, What these men have
done others t-aii tin, and the above
sales atTord ao exceptional oppor-
tunity to make ii start along thc line
of hived in)*, pore hred stock,
The subjects tb be taken up at the
Board of Trade Meets Friday
A meeting of the Chilliwack Hoard
of Trade will Im* held to-morrow
(Friday) night. There are several
matters of importance to deal with
nnd a .•ny;-' attendance nf till interested in the advancement of the city is
looked for.
A Wealher Coslrast
On thu prairies and in eastern
Canada the weather man has been
serving up a good deal of disagreeable weather. On the prairies
threshing bus been much delayed
and full work generally held up.
While here fur the past mouth the
weather conditions have been all
that any one could desire. Soft
and balmy air of a delightful
temperatureiml lieuutiful sunshine,
with just enough breeze, to keep the
air iu good circulation, tho blue sky
and the undulating outlines of the
majestic mountains, snow capped,
st) distinellv viable, the quiet green
f the meadows, lawns, and
ebrubbory, while the trees are bo-
leeked in their fall robes, each day
Seriously III At Victoria
I). II. Hall of Chilliwack who attended   the funeral of his hrotlu-r
Married al Cranbrook
An Interesting event took place at
Cranbrook   II. C,   on   Wednesday
Coin tt Tbe Old Ciutr?
On November-I, a party of Chilli-
Real Estate Prospects Good
The real estate situation i
wack people will leave Montreal on ing considerable buoyancy at pre-
Dr. Hall of Victoria laH week, was, Oct. I, when Miss Thelina Johns- Ihe WhiteStar Liner, Canada, for the sent.    There nre quite
while    there     taken     ill     with
Ii is nuttior I lively reported that
the Canadian census will shown total
population falling tiiort of the eight
million mark (mon
pneumonia. The family was sent
for Tuesday. Mrs. Hall and Children loft for Mr. Hull's bedside the
same day.
Married At Viseeom
A WOOtllllg of ' loeitl interest was
solemnised at Christ elum-h, Van-
cuuver, yesterday al eleven a,m,
when Mr. C. W. Webb, sun of Mr.
and Mrs. Horatio Waub.of Hard is,
.its married tu Miss Kdith  Pickett,
f Maine, Wash.   Itcv. Mr. Owen,
f Christ   church,   pr.-fi.ri net I the Re* B. C. Stout Resigns Pastorale
oremony,   Mr. and Nil's, Webb nud
uu Harold, tht* latter acting as
groomsman fur his hrotlu-r,ami the
brides parents from Hlatne, attend-
I the wedding.   Tht* newly   marled  ami  happy couple   left  on a
honeymoon trip to Portland and
ther cities, and will visit Surdis
friends on their return boforo making their home at North Heud.
ton, dnilglltor of .Mr. ami Mrs. 8.
Johnston, of Winnipeg, became the
bride uf Mr. It. Knight, son of Mr.
and Mrs, W. Knight of Chilliwack. I H.W.Sutherns; and Mrs. N.S. Me-
Not EigM Millions Yet I Ko,tth ,iml inf,ml daughter,   Th
nbor of
Old Land. The par^y will consist of I good deals pending ami prospects
Mrs. Beldam; Mrs. Spencer;  and for a good autumn business by local
sun, frum Viu uver; Miss Mellaril; .dealers are very bright.
Free Press wishes the party a plea
Hope Street To Be Asphalted
The Board of Works Department
it'll voyage
visit during tin- winter
' -ti   liegitii op.-r.itiuiis ou lie opening up
and   an    enjoyable    ,,.      V ,       ... .    ,
T IIop.-hiiv.-t yesterday, nm street
(inula front Young road past the H.
i hy the late Sni For Daames jC. 13. It. freight "he.)-'
Government.   Full returns are not     Mrs, Wolfeof Abbotsford and Mr. | tlioro Is a largt
iver whieh
muoUnt   Of  heitvy
eumpletf but Iho total will probably Ic,y\Hiuiiulors of Edmonds,  Huma- ■trallic,   ami   It*   improvement  by
Ih* seven and a half instead  ofolghjijhy, are bringing an action  against  grading and   asphalting    will    <<*
hanging   the   beautiful   tints   in B. C. E. R. Oiciili Visit CUliwadt
autumn colnrs, all combine to glnd-|    James A, Roosevelt, tbe new As-
den   tbe   hearts, and   satisfy the sistant^.eneral Manager of tbe H.
wishes of the fortunate resident of c. Klectric Railway and a party of
the valley.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Skea, uf bingley, was the scene of
a happy event at noon, yesterday,
wben their eldest daughter, Katbor-
otlic.ials of the Company came up
from Vancouver in a special ear at
noon on Sunday. With the General
-Manager were Allan Ptirvls. Sttpt.
luterurhan lines; Mr. Ingerot.ll,
Electrical Engineer; D, It, Kennedy,
nine the bride of  Mr.  Clit* *^"l>t. uf Transmission; M. Birture,
.oat I
ine, Il „   	
ford Pearson, son of Mr. and  Mrs.! U*a     Datallers      Roadmaster
C. 8. Pearson, of Sarills. Rcv.T.W   S,ormcml-   *****   Manager of the
any community,   The property of .
Women's Institute mi Tuesday Oct. j ijfli| nf Surdis nerformrd  the cere.' •j?-m9e*f Valley line,   Elson;    Train
17   ...til k... I I l.t I »l...     I.     I ' i \l..,.l„_      W I..     _...!       «I_      l*\_tl..t-
17.willhe:hread-m;tkmgby Mrs. D. |m(my ;,. „„. pregfince of flbou| ftfty
I,,rlc-; fai,...v-wurk by   -Mrs. J.M, invi,„t gUl.,,,.  The bride was given
away hy her father and was gowned
in a lovely dress of voile de  poplin,
Williums;aiid a general discussion
nn pickles.
The regular meeting of the Council of the rural municipality was not
held un Saturday there not Wing a
quorum. A special meeting is called
fur next Saturday Oct. M, at two
Tickets are now being sold for
the Welsh Choir by the members of
Hospital Auxiliary. The plan
will be open at Barber's Drug Store
trimmed with white satin. She
wore a bridal veil ami orange blossoms and carried a beautiful botpict
of bridal ruses. The bridesmaid
Miss Elizabeth Skea, wore a pretty
dress of Jap Taffetta trimmed with
satin ami insertion and carried a
Una-net of pink carnations, The
groom was supported by his brother
Master, Marsh; and Mr. Ogilvic,
Supt. of Overhead Construction.
The trip was combining pleasure
and inspection, and to Acquaint tbe
Ust Sunday Rev. H. (I. Stewart,
oi the Chilliwuek Baptist church
tendered his resignntl in as pastor
of that congregation, the same to
hike effect the first Sunday in November,   Rev. Mr. Stewart has no
the municipality uf Surrey for dam- greatly  nppl lated.
ages -sustained through  injuries N'- Cowktifs^u (fcasW
eeived by beiugthrownoutofa buggy     .   ,,    ,. .,    .,,,-,
. '.,        «   .. „    ■ a I" the Supreme t ourt <*f Bnusfa
--"i'ii bridge un Norlh Road, Surrey,      ,     ..     .
, ,     ,, ,     Columbia, in \ahcouver,-on •**ept-
lasl year, the amount claimed Wing
Sinusi. Mrs. Wolfe is still Buffering
from Ihe.-tTeelsuf the fall and Mr.
emWr 211,  th-   conviction against
B. A. Irwin, for - lling a two ouncu
.,..,,  . bottle of lemon extm*t to auludtan,
Sauudersnas Won undor the doctor s| .   . .
,  ,  . . . . . ■■   a  , was auasnetl.   This wiu* an appeal
definite  plans   for the future   hut care   ever   since    the    accident. .. '/f^
i     ii mi     • i   .i -i m i /. -iu i*     CitSft  egftinst   the of V
nu leaving here will gu into the up-  Messrs. 'I upper A Griffin are acting i ..   ,..,. .
-ei    ii i       .i    \i    ,t it    ■   .i ,. ii :  IMei.iiHivra>,   Police   Magtstrate  tu
per country,    Ihe Reverend gentle-1 for the parties in the mutter.    It Is ,,. ..■;      ,      -
, •  ,        i >■> , .    I , ii a •   •      i •       [ vUl 111 n IU. K i  W III
man's many friends will regret his understood Ibat   the   municipality i        .     .   ,
i i n. • , a      .  iCOllVlCIBlt     I*.
have made au ulTt-rof settlement Imi
removal from Chilliwack.
Grouse Seam Opens Sunday
The open season for Blue and WU*-
low Grouse, and Ptarmigan in Richmond, Dewdney, Helta and Chilliwack ICIei-tural Districts liegins on
Sunday next, Oct. 15, The favorite
(•rouse is rojxirtcd as being quite
plentiful in this district this season,
After Sunday the local sports will
"bringdown" numbers of Ihe birds,
which will form an appetising item
on the home menu card.
Rural ScUl Board Meets
; Ease,
\. Irw
ii .-u.i iJence of one lt.-i,
same has been refused ny the parties;.   .. . .
Indian   was   lat.-r am     '1
euiieel'iH-i . . . .
ichurge «>f perjury and
Goldei Streets for CUiiwsdt | Wosiralnstor to sfauul
It Is not every city that can have el^   f,'r   f^  u"11-
its thoroughfares paved with miner- ««"* t,( ^ ^ ^^ '
■   ,   , ■      ,....     ... .    ,       was couvieti'il.
uls,hut iii addition to (he numberless
good things lo bo found In Chilliwack Ledver Faded tt A-asear
its sheets arc lH*iug actually paved
with i k (n Which there isn considerable sprinkling uf iron pyrites.    In ,
,    ,i ,     .       , ..       ...     keep   Ins   appotatuu-nl     v*
the light the substanet* shines like {
gold, hi it hut Chilliwack streets when,
finished, will In* somewhat of an im-
Owing t<> lu
I Rev. c, K. Harl^-I
The rural school   board  held a itatl6n pMbosn of tho cityplctnret
regular meeting on Oct. 8, al two
p.m.   when   there    were    present
new   Assistant  Manager  with tbe Trustees Lucas, Don holm and Park
Chilliwack line
Yesterday at noon hour the fire
brigade had a run to the premises uf
Ed. M. Allisun, where a load of hay
was ablaze. Mr. Allison had loaded the bay on his wagon ami left to
have  dinner  when some childcrn
Ernest Pearson.     After eongratula- proceeded to celebrate with a Ism-
er. A communication was read from
C. .1. FtiKan requesting that a Medical Health Officer lie appuintcd fur
rural Schools. The matter was left
with the Chairman of the Board to
deal with. Accounts amounting to
$UHM.Wt~ were presented hy the finance committee and ordered to W
Cosed Offers Drill Hall Site
from Monday to Saturday, Oct. 1« jtions and a dainty wedding luneheuu I fire.tbe hay   furnishing tbe   fuel,
to 21, when these tickets must be the happy couple left at 8,80 amid On the lire being seen the wagon I A special session of tbe City Coun-
showers of rice, and old shoes, on a j was up set, it escaped with a slight .-h Wus held on Monday evening,
honeymoon  (rip   to   Victoria and scorching, the hay  however going |when    tbat   body    received   and
exchanged in order that the seats]
may be reserved.
To the Free Press \V. R. Xelems,
real estate agent, reports the sale
of fifty acres on the Jasperson road,
the property of Mrs. Mary Boyd,
of Seventy mile house, Cariboo Road
to a couple of local buyers. The
price (mid was IHO per acre.
The telephone poles along Westminster street which were an
obstruction on the sidewalk were
cut down yesterday. Their removal is surely a step in the right
direction and the improved street
appearance is very marked. The
pole line has been replaced by an
underground cable.
Nowadays wben people want anything they look iu the newspaper to
find where to get it. If tbey need
the services of the painter, carpenter, plasterer, plumber, or any
other mechanical tradesman, they
expect to find a card in the paper.
They look for it, and it they find
one the advertiser gets tho job.
Judicious advertising pays.
other points. On returning Mr.
and Mrs. Pearson will take up their
residence on the Wells sub-division,
Surdis. Tbe many handsome aud
useful presents received bear testimony to the popularity of the young
The Viiiii-ouvi'r-C'hilliwoi-k winter
time tabic on the B.C.Elci-trie Railway went into effect on Sunday,Oct.
H. Fuiir trains i>er day will bo n|»'-
ri.li'il each way anil the running time
on iome of the trains lias been reduced by twenty morales. Milk
cars are all to Ik- attached to ono train
each way.
The trains leaving Chilliwack will
lie known aa Nos. 1,8,5,and 7. No.
1 will leave Chilliwack at I. a.m..arrive in New Westminster at !l: t."> and
Vancniiver al 10:05; No. 8 will depart at S: III, arrive iu ihe lt.iyalCity
at 11:20, and in the western terminus an hour later; train No, 6 will
pull out of Chilliwack at 1:18 p.m.,
arrive at New Westminster tit 8:48,
and Vancouver al I: III; Ihe lust I ruin
of the day will leave Chilliwack ul
tlo'clock, arrive New Westminster III
8:40 p.m., and Vancouver 0:40.
The I ruin- enstwurwd Imuml frum
Vancouver lo chilliwuek  will  l«- i
known as Nos.'2.1.It uml 8,     No.2.
will leave Vancouver al 8.80 a.m.,
New Westminster ill 0:80 and arrive
at Chilliwack  12:18 p.m.;  No..4
will leave Vancouver ut 12.18 p.m.,
depart from NcwWcstminslcrul 1)20
itfuhelngshipped to Prince Rupert, |wmmotl»tlon being provided, awl LiM |raVe the Terminal cityui 8:80
The deiiiiin.l for the production .,(! advertised connection!  not   being p,ro,fs<w Weilminiter ".14:05 ami
tli. Cannery is Increasing steadily! made,   so   that the   excursionists | nn,iv(, u( Clitllln-ai:lc7:26.,).rn.; Ihe
'were   nn   hour   late in   r*flohthgifnll»,i,   ,,,„;.,   Ln,w.,. ,.   \„ s will
The breaking of,, casting on the |Mm,gl,um.   0|1 ,ho ,,„„,„ ,lmllv''"'ml'   "  U'"" »   N° S'*'"
•creen ol the  roe!  crusher  at lite
A very attractive program is be-
I ing prcKitted at the Lyric Theatre
, thi
Ileliah has been on view in llarber'a
drug "tore window this week. One
ol tiie blooms measured liflccu inches in circumference and was
grown by Joseph Peon.
ono individual and every improve-, ,        .
,       . .ii       (this week.   A s|swial attraction is
ment made enhance* the  value oil , 5b_j.ii        t
... ..   ,.,       lho appearance of Fred. A.Howard,
■II properly in the municipality. ' ■ . .  .
r   -^ veniriliHiuist, wIuhc work lias met
A very fine sample ol white „.),), oxpreMed appn.val. The
weekly prognim changes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mr. I
llowitril will conclude his engngc-
uiciii to-morrow night.
Passengers on lho udvertised ex-
Tlu- thilliwa.-k Cannery will ship cureion from liero complain against
a car of fruit weekly for Ihe next j the acrvice given by the B, C. E. It.
thru,- Wool"  lo Victoria,    A cur is'on   this  occasion,   no   cxlra
up in smoke.   The brigade respond-1 diaeiisaed thc report  on Iho   Drill
■d promptly.
j Hall site.    The site recommended
1 is lots 11 and 12, Block A, and fac-
The meeting in connection   lvit|, j log on Princess Avenue.   Tbe city
the Chilliwack Hospital called for mvl,s lot "> ,n<' w""1'1 8Ml,ra thc
yesterday afternoon, was, owing t«!otllOT "ll<mltl tl,° locnti"" '"^ wi*
to ns wilh streets of gold. Some
rival cily may say with the patent
medicine linns "Beware of Imitat-
ions,"but Chilliwack is the exception, which may or may nol prove
the rule. Anyway you "will like
Fifilar PiitiaK ta Waetb
The Free Press man casually
stepped into thc Holler rink last Friday night. That Chilliwack has a
lirst class roller rink conducted nn
lines strictly adhering to clcanincss,
healthful recreation, gentlemanly
and womanly deportment, attention
and courtesy, is nt once apparent
on entering the building. James
0'Hearh in his effort to please the
public bus a complete equipment.
The   skating space is about ninety
i -
is. .lll.i.il,. ' ■
MethodkI Kpiv.nih I   .a-.,   u Nuu
tiluy evt-niiiir, Imt thia Mil   i i
siiriiiiss-.l l.v  the .:-. i .......i    •    .i
|itrrivsil.    A litr.-r reeei wl  '
explained   matters.   T'.-.     v:   :
j large ottftodauMM and   Be.     I    K.
^.Iierts st..p|«..i Into the  u	
gave uu impromptu  inn    '-'
teresling tulk" on Uu M s-n.u v.i-h
which li^ illii-tnt.'.t v:.Ji :t inimhM
of gl«s|  Mi.s-i.,1, ,n,.i  I-.  .       i,~
The Midianc* waa well pleased wth
the tulk of H.- I!..i..". it..-
llartwvll ..T[»"" '■• visfl ' hi :  i'»':
Cantf Caaul Case,
The County ' bu ' if W -'.n,n-o-r
held a session nl ' hilliwa 1& an
Thursday ol !;lsi week, Oct I .
Honor Judge P. IV Hbwagi, ii
ing, when the following cases ww»
disposed .if.     S-.,lt..   ■:'.   M'H"l:  •
action dismissed for nujnn -t piitiii-
tiff to oiiey order of' nurl   • r)    ig
feet long, well lighted, and Moored security foe costs.    Bole   •   iltn
with two"inch maple,   Two hund-ladjourned to next Cotirl     ... 8aei
iui insufficient number attending, jth* WP™™1 "' t,,l) Mllltm   Autli- j rctj mit oJE'.arollor skates are ready vs. Hewer, orde- made
postponed until eight o'clock to Ior,t11'8' A representative of the lie- for ^.^ A IlliOO sixteen piece
morrow (Friday) night, in the Part,,"J"t >» «l«cted to visit the |)am| i„sir,ln,cnt, the latest, and
school loom ol Cook's Presbyterian \ cit>'short,y "' ™»»™t'u1' '*"'' ""•' I the best of its kind in the province,
church.   Thc annual report of the ""llter. j driven by electric or water power,
officers and committees will be re- Teak Trip Tbre—|h VaOqr with o   selection of lifty   different
ceived nnd it is hoped that n much j Messrs. J. A. Iloosevelt, G, Hum- pieces of music, furnishes the tunc-
larger attendance of those interested! mell and A. Purvis, of the B.C.! ful melodies, to which the young
in tho promotion of the Chilliwack Electric Railway, came up to Chilli-1 |>eoplc glide, in graceful fashion.
Hospital will be present on Friday'waek   yesterday iu a  special ear, Smoking is prohibited and any diver-
night. From thc auditors'report nf arriving about noon. After limcli
thc finances as at Sept. 1, we glean, A. S. Watson, nf F. .1. Hart it- Co.,
the following: autocd thc party through thc valley
Hkikiits us far as llnscdalc. Thc officials did
From W. II. Hodgins Loll 400.00i„0t reveal the purpose of tlio trip
On Hand
Westminster street.   The machine
was In oiieration again yesterday.   '
land is also secretary of the Chilliwuek Agricultural AsMi-iatiun, and
is talking in a few wrinkles of the
way lo run u fair.—Columbian,
bo behind ami want to stop school
And fault with tho teacher, say that
•he ia partial, etc., and all this time
he parent is to blame.
hilliwuek at 9:20 p.m.
leave Vancouver ut 5.80 p.m., New
lliail to   ride   in the   baggage car, Kvcslmlniter al   0:36   and   reach
city quarry ....   luesday caused   a -„„„,,.„, r(ml„ •„, „„ „„„„„ W,,g "   '
day's delay   on the   asphalting of ,, „ pwlnlum.
Parents should lie cautious about
! giving their children iwrmissioii to
Mr. II.T. floodland, secretary of.stay out of school.    Every day out
the Chilliwuek Board of Trade, paid' is a duy lost to school work, and it
a visit t.tthe city today.    Mr. Hood-! cannot ho made up.   They will soon
0. Ii. Street
jlavis A- Wright
Merrithew A- llainsay
Oenoraj Expense
On bund Ilk. of Montreal
Savings Account
On Current
On hand, Ilk. of Montreal
. Current
<*.o.H?'-o; bul i' may be surmised that thcex-
,0 o- tension of (he line to llosedale wus
 ! in the tminds of the railway men.
•824075 \|r. Purvis was agreeably surprised
—' wiih the Improvement of the valley
I 400.00 since his last visit cast of Chilliwack.
4f.on.00 Tm qs.,,, tM, Stories
gencc from tiie rules of g<Hid con
duct, is speedily dealt with. The
rink is well patronized both afternoon und evening and is deservedly
popular. As owner and manager
Mr. O'llcarti is the right man in
thc right place.
ltd feata Tift
Unite a large niimlwr of thc city
folk journeyed uver lu Bellingham
on Monday   to catch a glimpse of!sales  department  of  the   British
I nud lo hear William Howard Tuft, Columbia    Electric   Railway   Co.,
tills action <»u the terms i lettte
ment tiled. Chilliwack Co-Opeav
live vs. McEwcn, adjourneil ' .- :'
Court. Parw..ns vs. S.eiler-. ut-
journed to next I'.iurt. ^cilt n
Rogers, Order for .fudgi cent ..n
terms of settlement iil.-.I.   JWBttl
vs. Ilur.v.ll A Topnian. ailji.urned
to next I'.nirl. Ilnrtlelt vs. T.-ugh.
adjourned to next Court. Security
for costs Increased to *-".1 i boll ..f
day to defeti-lant. with f-mr witness
fees. Next Court will he held
Thursday Nov. 0.
New Auuhat Graerai Niaairr
Mr. .latnes A. Rooaavetl of New
York, a cousin of ex-President
Roosevelt, h'oi Wen appofnted
malinger of trsnaportation and the
27,00 ,|.|   ■ .1 , . It.ltM   «'    MB.,      *, ,,(,«>«■     1,
450.00. , rl;u   '" V10 sc,18u" ">r.,nc ',r"" I President of the great republic  toILtd,   His appointment mean, thai
9.801duetion of big ,«.tato stories.    Last i(|||, sim(|| of |M_   ^^ w||o ||ear(|, h|, w|]| ^ om (1]„ „,irk ,„nii,.r|>.
i week was as far as weather condit-
1,118.00 i,„,H ,vt.ro eoncerned, ideal for the
1110.20 rnisiMj| 0( tl,,, spuds, and while we
Mr. Tuft s|M-ak   recognized  in   the itcrfurmcd by  Mr. F. R.   Glover,
Wall Pop-r, Wall Paper, Wall |
Paper— House-cleaning time is
here again. We still huve a largo
assortment on hnntl which we must
rodllCO in order to make room fnr
our new stock. A reduction of 20
per cent on nil wall paper in our
store, the Valley Paint and Wall
Paper House.
C, L. Street
Merrithew & Ramsay
I. C. Robertson
Cliwki Implement Co.
few well chosen words the biggness j who is now the general   exei .t..-'
of   man in   every   way.    In   his,assistant.    The   operation   "I   the
M240.75 l'»ve   not   heard   of   any   broken ,, ,„, „„„,,„,„„ Co„M„.Uon eotnpanv's lines in V| uv r, .!,
 |Hngen or digging forks, there arc lf Na(uni| noMoh)M) Reclpwoliy, Interurban, Chilliwack line nnd the
some exceedingly hue snntplcs to hel|(||i|     ^    P||||H||    ^^     H, Une, tn yjclorla will come   under
11788.00 m" ,",11",' K""l'y  "' "™'   *•»«. oxpreMed himself re Reciprocity hv direct lupervlllou of the new trans
iiui.^.-taie deal,,-.   Cnwlcy * ftrmlo.|^^ Mmotn,ng of ,hl, n(ltMM_ ponton   ,mnngor.    ughi   and
Wc are sorry our neighbors, the
lieople of Canada, did not pass the
pact as wc teal it would have proved
very beneficial to both   countries,
but as they didn't see lit we must
accept     Ihe    inevitable."    About
liS'j.tiu .'""'""" »■••  •- "?"",r'u 110*000 or 15,00 people gathered al
204,00 heart of any Irlllimon, anil which i(lic   t,mm  groHmls on ,|,is   most
had have a ls,x containing ilxtcen ,,
42.05 beauties  and weighing   thirty-live'
400.001arid a liqlf pounds net, and  which
110 S54.C5 were grown by Alf. Parker, Cheam.
— — H.   Hankshttw,   ..I Willis   Road,
.! brought   in to   the same office,   n
lillle one   Unit   would delight   the
Outstanding Subscription!.
Amounts collected since
September 1, 1010 t 468.26
From Rural Municipality 600.00
From City 500,00
Outstanding 10O9.5O
42.861 tips tho   scale nt   live   nud   three
8281,25 j quarter pounds.   In Hurt * C'n's.
gill 851 or,! window .V™ may see long, '.month,
clean potatoes, cross-tilled like stove
wood.   The crop in the valley this
yenr   is a   prolific  one, nnd   with
prices good and still on lho upward
trend,   potatoes   this   year  spell
nt-o-n-c-y, and   tho man wilh lho
hoe" will reap an encouraging re-
12407.75 ward lor his labor,
power sales will ills., form an item
in hii department.   Mr. Roosevelt
comes lo 11. 0, wllh excellent
cneili'iitial- He ii a v-'ing man
who has already made a name for
himself in the world of trallic. In
1008 he assumed the direction of
the Third Avenue Railway system
auspicious occasion, nnd gave Mr. in New York nnd ns n result of his
Tnft n very hearty, genuine reecp- eapnhle bundling that corporation
lion. Tin- procession, which wus a today stands on a sound found.,-
large one, paraded through the city lion. Like his relative ol Prealdonti-
streets, umid outbursts of cnthusi-
am and appreciation. On the return journey all wore happv
cuuntciianees which no doubt denoted tbat all spent a most pleasant
and profitable day.
al fatno, Mr. Roosevelt is an extremely energetic nnd resourceful
man. He is only in the thirties
and it is generally believed that he
will prove a worthy successor to
Love at
First Sight
And a Courtship Begun
Under Difficulties
C'u'iy iln lit by  Amci k-nn Press Alio*
i.ik ii book frum
I'-ggleatQU stood
' tit* tiltiri
Eggleston tt
rotiiiiinii' iiini'
teted ihe cur.
Iih vt'tit |nti-k
t-onilut-lut  rut' III-
IiIh full* lu it very tin
ii street ritr.   II*? uu
lilt   II   Hl'lll,   flllllllltll   III
Tin- it nickel, paid llu*
lilt*. 101.1 ii tii-M mi
iiiiiiiiii'ii nun tin- I'tiiiiie Hervtcii cum
(in 11 y hml I'liim- lit, Im ut|| *| hen Kg
glexlnn begun in li-nh iihmil IiIiii.
1)1 root ly uppiiHlie wit the itlrl wbo
wu-. destined ii) siir up ii in uiu lot lo it in
KkkIchiuii h heart, It wua u certain
ei-trf-wlnii «ii tier fiieellmt won liliu
nul ineluuoboly eim-tly, imt something
ul, I ii tu ttielaiH'liut.v. Hit fetlliiir.Pi iiIhu
attracted film Beauty Im ii mutter uf
Opinion, 'itit) K. KltgltWtUII hIil* wiii
beautiful Ht*r eyes wore blue uud
Her htilr was blntitl with u tint ot gold
In It.   Her (Inure wuh symmetrical.
Though Rgglewlon wan conitfloua of
being winged he ilhl uul kiniw bow
badly be Wutt bit, i-i-a* ha would butt*
\iiil thirty-
t down oi
Tin- caddie
■IV IDVANOK lilt) UBMf HMl.tilt).
left tbe ear when the girl left It mu]
learned where she could tie found wiih
t view lo mnkiug her acquaintance
At it was he let tier go nut from him
luto the great world mul an mum uh he
bntl done so co n si den'i I himself ii fool
The cur Blurted on. ami tic made fmtitle signs to Ihe (-untlm-tor to atop, lint
there wiih no mop till thi- nest cross
lug. and by the flute Kgglealon gol
back io where Hie clrl bud left lliu cur
■tie had disappeared
Kg** lest on wtm Heiz.il with one of
(bow Inexplicable Impulses, Ideua. de
Hires or whatever they are to pes-
pe-i-t thin particular wcminti. It was
with him nn Ideal attraction, ond li
wun overpowering. He owore a Mn
oath that he would marry hit street
cur girl und nn other. This was rldk-
uIoih. for there was Utile chance of
bin meeting her nguln nnd no way by
which he could tim) tier. The consequence wn-4 thut be wto*. more than
likely lo g<> through life n single man.
Hut luck fuvi.retl blm. After pining
two years fur bis lost lore tbat be bud
never seen hut once, und tbat In a
street car. he atumhtcd ou ber tinder
far more ideal circumstances. She
was sitting on n rock al the seashore,
- tbe wnvex rolling In on either side of
her. Kguiestiiti ii|i|iroiu-hed ber from
the side, and when he came within t
few yards of ber she turned, looked at
htm and nimtu directed ber gate out
upon the Isniudless ocean.
EggleHton stood still, thinking what
to do. lie wus determined tbut she
ahould not escape him agnlu, but
dreaded to shock tier tiy forcing on
acquaintance. Neve titleless be made j
iil> bis mind to lake the risk of siwuk-
lug to her.
"I'anloii me." he snld.    "I see tbut
you   ure   wrapt   lti   (his  great  ocean,
beautiful today, nivu inspiring tomor* '
row.   l myself-
He paused, expecting tier to turn
ber face to his. When full time had .
elapsed for tier to do so und she did
not, wben instead hIip turned tier hack
to him and looked In the opposite dl-
rectloti. bis hetnt sank. His udvam-e
bad been repelled.
"Idiot!"    he    eiflulmcd    Inwardly. '
"Why could 1 not imve waited fur an
Introduction?    I  mid everything my
own way. aud now I bare made a
mess of It."
Crlnglug under the rebuff, he slunk I
sway. Ilia Itml linptlbie whs to take
ti inilu nnd get us fur rrotn Ibe place
and the girl ns possible. Hat this was
wuiy momentary. He rwwlved to stay
umi eouipier or die. l-'mui afar he
wai. bed ber sitting on the risk til'
ahe arose und went to her hotel.
The same evening Bgglealou prom
eiwded on the .word walk, bnplni nnd ;
at Ihe name time drendlug to meet her
who had repelled his advances.    Hhe
waa walking there with another girl. ,
who  looked   Something  like  her and
mlKbt In* her sister.   The two sunnier
ed   along   slowly,   languidly,   neither
speaking to tin* oll'cr.   As KgglttdOli'a
rhtirmer  nppronched  she cost  a  mo I
iiieiitnry gin net nt lilin. then turned !
her eyes upun some other object.    He
plainly saw a look of hauteur In her 1
face, but this might hove lieen the re-
suit of sensitiveness on hla part, which
led him In Imagine thnt be saw what
wns not there.
Kggleaton looked fot the girl the nex*
day. but fulled to find her. Hhe hna
gone. However, be learned ber natni
■nd tbe city In wblcb sbe lived. Bul
be considered himself UO better uff
than when he had lost ber In tbe|Ju" JJjjj
crowd He questioned If he Wo* not'
worse off.    He wus In the position
host, w'lio replied:   "All uiy guests urn
supplied to know uue unother wben
under my roof    I Introduce no out!"
1 I'ousldi'iliiK Lggtettoil's sensitive cou
i illiiuii, he wits cowed    II,- went hack
: lu Ihe place where he It nl left lilt'
! girl, resolved ou uu atletiipt to placate
] tier,   und   uuw   her   wall'   mil   of   tin1
room    sin- went to ihe library, nnd be
followed  her     She  l
ti shell and opened It.
, il tew teet I if* 111 lit] her
1    "If ymi iinn'i nil giro uu
j ed, "I RllllII cm n sulilde"
He wnli.d tut n reply, hut received
; nunc I'resenll) ihe girl turned and
!  hiolo-d nt him    Then she turned again
j to tier book wii tumi u word.
This second rebuff look iHVliy all thc
t nine there was in l-lgglesloli, Again
i he Hlllllk ll WII jr. this lime nut mily wllh
!  piilii I.ul 'iMictiics- lu his heart.
i     lu   Rutin*   res| ts   uur   iiiluds   nr*1
|  merely hUllUMl luinlillies. as uur IhhIIi--
ure, uinl prune, like machinery, iu get
1  Into  t tlllioiiH   where  they   will   nol
, work pio|ieriy higgles! mi's ttthul Will-
' til Mils lime like u runaway ailfo. Tie
I power couldn't li*- I limed uff and there
, was tin niter ur a Htiuish il.- hud fallen
J lu love wllh a (firI at sight, hud ui
I tempted te nltllii* her iic.|tlalutilllri
, wlihuni nn Inl rwliifl Intl. been relinffeii
| had nsltetl forgiveness, heen Ignored
, uml wus now lu a desperate condition
In other words, he was running awa.i
with hi ins elf.
, He nt oiiee left ihe limine where he
| bnd met with ihls second rebuff, went
1 to Ills riHitn and walked the floor til
moniilo*.    He wus sure he had seen »
look of contempt nn ihe girl's face. ■ IP
was not sure liut thai lliere wus iniu
1 gled with ihls look ii threat mennliiu
l "If you forve yourself on me again I
shall surety turn yuu over to tbe po
'  lice." Nevertheless all this merely add
ed to dial wildly sensational condition
■ which will beget tin ire of Ibe pusslni.
, of love lu a given time I linn tiny oihet
cause     One  motneiii   he  would calm
himself down to a realization of the
fact thai he wus lu an abnormal eondl
lion, the nest another paroxysm would
sweep over him, nud he would consldet
the propriety of blowing out his brains.
This   may   seem   overdrawn,   tail   we | tish caddie
must   remember ihe many actual sill
rides hy yomii! men or girls ns a result
of this rpry love trvmy.
Hut he survived,   liradually he emu*
down to u condition  where be could
take thought upon (he mullet md lay
a plan fur future procedure.   He would
endeavor lo gain Ibe services of a third
person, thruugh whom he uiicht gain
forgiveness from the woman who con
slileretl herself Instilled.   The only per
son he knew who was surely acquaint
ed with the girl was Charlie (tickets.
at who*e house he hud met ber.    lie
wrote Itlckels s note asking for a private Interview. Ills request wus grunted, nu.) Rggleatnn mid htm ibe whole
story.    He  hml  imt  gone  far before
ltlckets endeavored lo put In a word,
hut Eggleston Insisted on telling it alt
before receiving uny comment.
When the story wus liuishod ltlckets
offered to introduce his friend to tbe
young   lady,   gnu run teeing   ibat   sbe
•aoiiid listen io an explanation and the
lover would Is- I rented wllh consideration,   tie added thai It would be better
for Bggleatoli tn lie Ids own defeeder,
nnd ltlckets would nut outer upun (be
subject with the girl.
A few days later ltlckets wrote Kg-
gleston. saying (hut he bud urrunged
with the young ludy thut the lutter
should cull un her on a certain evening.
At the time apt ml u ted Kcgh-ston called und tient in his curd with h wildly
beating lieurL    He was ushered luto
a cozy reception room, where be found
tbe ludy of his love She rose as he entered with u reassuring smile, hut suid
no word ol welcome.    Inviting Eftgle-
aton to a seal, she took up an ear
trumpet lyinc on n ttible nnd. adjusting Ihe small end to her ear. waited
for him to tulk luto the other end.
There inny lu* sUi-ll u filing ua too
sudden ti relief Like a Hush It occurred  to  Kgt;iesi(in  that  uu  neither
of the Iwo occasions he had addressed
her hud she heard him. He hud come
to tier lo explain what he supposed
she considered an insult Ills Intention was to tell her frankly that bla
excuse was the great love he had conceived for ber, hut this unlooked for
sittiarinn was too much for him. He
didn't know whut tu suy. The small (
end of Ibe tube was in the girl's ear;
his mouth wns in imilllnn to sjieuk
Into lite other. The girl wus wailing
for him to begin, but lie couldn't begin. I tape rate, scarcely knowing
what he said, he shouted:
"It's a hoi evening."
These fotir words were Ihe beginning
A r-ew Real Good ■"-all Stories From
the Old Land.
The golfing seuso , li '.. lull swing
again, CIlC grip ul «..!l on mankind
nets tighter every year. There are almost exactly twice as many goiters, it
ll animated, as there were UfteoD
year* ago, ,.
It wai no l«i an authority than Mr.
Bullour who uld "Uoli is the only
Kame." It is certainly n game tor
itateimen, lot it Is played in the most
serious ol iplrlta, "ml III rules ura
inure iiumemui and mora complicated
limn the rule* ol procedure In the
Itritlih House ol Cottimotli. When the
gull.-r doci chuckle, u li usually over
ii quest! m ol rules.
Lull luintncr two beginners  were
playing over a course in tlu Midlands
of England. A- one ol them was about
to play a cull  v,',l into Ibe Una
ol Ins shot. He iwnt hi-* caddie uhead
to drive it away, hut his opponent
'hie other pluyer, ioiiiewh.it indi|-
iiunt. dcinatulisi b i ronion, The ob-
jeotor 'licw Irom Itli pockat » wall;
i md copy ol the rule--, sml pointed
out tbat. though looie objeota could
I he removed Irom the line "t a shot,
j r.othing thai wu.* growing could. A .all,
' he pointed mu, wns distinctly iu the
1 (•rowing stage. ,<i it must Dot be III*
terlered   with.    The  other   looked   re.
ilgned, ployed, nnd hit tlu- call on the
head, spoiling Illl si
Porcupine Firs li n Warning to All
He Wat Even Then Remarkable For
Capacity For V. -rk and Carried Off
Every Prlza For Which Hs Was
Eligible—Used to Walk to Save Bus
Fares—Was Particularly Good In
Debating Society.
His polttlcul friends and toes alike
are agree*., that lew men huve achieved lame and hotluf in it more brilliant
iosoi.iii that Mr. Atu-uith. AM he has
attained htu bactt accompllshad "off
hi, own but." As a youth he won a
seholurslrp ul the City ul Lmiduit
Hi'lti.ul. siitl he hus kept and educated
himself ever ilnca. lho Premier entered the City ol l-mulon School ill
lfMH, when he wii* twelve year* nl age.
ai.d, iii* will he icon irom the Inllow-
ing    rciiiinixcences    o|    Mr.   Thoiimi*
Thwiiltea,  ol   Uur not,   whu   was  st
id l with the Prime Minister, the
latu-r sou a b'lpm to give Indication-;
ul hi- extraordinary capgbll lies,
"Within six month* ol liis entry
IhtQ   the   IcIlUOl,"   Ittld   Mr.    Ihwaites
to Ihe  reporter, "young   Asi,tiilh bad
secured the Divinity prise and &lin
the Latin prise.   The billowing yegl
A cow is the heroine ol a itory- I lie got tbe nrlle tor aeneral prollelen
probably untrue—that they tell mi »J cy. and tu i860 the Classical Prngreu
Loudon links.   A drive was hit into I prize; the nest year the tlrst Classical
the oow'i  iimuth.  the ball  staying | prise fell W him. as well as Sir Wil-
In PorOUplne the terrible loss ol
life in the great (Ire t'wiirf* all other
consideration:*. On account ot this
loss, rather than becuuse of the value
of the property destroyed, it in time'.y
to point out the absolute necessity ot
greater expenditure upon forest protection. The methods that will protect the forest from fire will save the
lives of the people dwelling near the
forest. The Porcupine eulnmity Will
do much to create a public opinion
thut will support the Government in
any expenditures thut it may deem
necessary lor Ihe protection ol the
forests in the north, II is u mistake
to hold tho great heat responsible for
the holocaust nt Porcupine. Unless
the kindling ll r-tt.ly the match will
not light the  fire 	
heat can only lie considered as the
mutch to the kindling already prepared by tin- enreleaiifeii ol prospectors ami others, fir it is the dry
The Man Who May Sucresd Whyta
In the Wett.
Sir Thomas Toil, who ia spoken of
as the probable luecoisor of Sir Wil-
liuiii Whyte us vice-pro*.dent and
western administrator of the C.P.R,
is a big Canadian railroad man, about
whom little is known by Ontario
people at large. A'.most every other
prominent railroader in the Dominion is the ion of poor nnd unknown
parents, but Sir Thomas had for his
father a prominent Quebec* judge-
Chief Justice Sir Melbourno Talt,
who for years wus a law partner in
Montreal ot the late Sir John Abbott.
He also received the benelU ol a
saund education. Still he stnrtcd at
the bottom ol the ladder. He wasn't
a water boy or on engine wiper, but
. ,.„-   ....   he began work for the C.P.R. oi a lad
and the terrible I in the audit department of the road
ot Montreal, ot three or four dollars
a week. Thnt he become one ol the
big men in the railroad business li
something entirely to his credit, lor
iebrls lying on the ground end not i railroading In Ibis country is a lino
the stranding trees that provides the of work in whicli only ability counli
great fuel for the bush tires. In the securing Ol lot Jobs.
In a r,-|«nt ou the subject issued Thomas Tuit was horn In 1804, in a
by tbe Depart ll 1 ol Agriculture at little place railed  Melbourne, in the
Washington  live   necessary  meaiurei Province    ol    Quebec;    and,    oddly
for the protection ol  the   forest  ore enough, be won bis chief distinction
given. sny» The Mull und Umpire, ui in alter yeurs in the larger Melbourno
roods,   trail'
lookout   sta
tin-'.- The iniin who made (his notable -shut hit on the ingenious idea
0l getting it brilliant score for the
hole by driving the cow mi to the
green, uml persuading it tu drop the
bull in the bole. This wus eventually
accomplished, by meant <d hi* heav«
test club, uml the player turned lfl«
umpiiuiitiy tn his opponent.
"My  hole!"  be exclaimed
scholarship. Then in
I66U nnd 1870 he waa captain o) the
si-lmul. declaiming the fame of John
Carpenter, the founder, iu Greek, ami
gaining iucii prisei ns the Latin Verse
prise, Knglish History prise, gold
medal Im general proficiency, and th.
Mowlcm prise fur Knglish.
"     iititiuiied     Mr
j    "II   tl  surprising, ' continued
Did it' Thwaitei, laughingly, "that during the
time Mr. Asiiuilh wus at schoul. if any
"Excuse me," wai the calm answer,1 buy Llinitghl ol going in lor some spe*
"I think the hole is mine!  You did-1 clal prise he usually retired Irom the
n't do it in one.   I distinctly law you  contest when he heard that young A-
pluy ut your bull thirtv-sevi-n times!"   quitb  was also competing,
-.us the ligtire tbat
the scoring card.
— particularly the Scot-
err on the side
Au elderly gen-
'Still, in spile of his brilliancy, we
little dreamt that we were chum mine
with the future Prime Minister ul England. H wus not easy to Imagine,
>ite of young Asquith's brilliance
It. .a.I
loes not
tiemun had engaged a caddit*'to'te°aoh In the sctioplWnt, that Uie boy wh
htm the rudiments ol tho game.   Altar lived ut Highbury und walked from
a week of it   a (r.end of the beginner there to the (.'ity, via Goswel
asked the long-suffering cuddle how i» order to save the bus fare
his pupil was getting on. were so expensive In those duyi
"Rotten!" wus the reply. "Silly auld one duy sit al the head ui the llritis..
fule!" Cabinet.
"On vou know UiHt thnt gentleman "And Mr. Asquith himself has con-
ll one ol the most brilliant Sanscrit leaned  thut  such  an  ambition  never |
scholars In the kingdom?"                   j entered his mind; lor he stated at a |
"Maybe."   was  the  indifferent  an- dinner given to> him by the Johntii[;
awer; "but it needs u man wt'
to pluy guwf 1"
' a heid penter Club—that association ol old
I boys   of   the   City   ul   London   school
whu seek  to keep alive the memory
a oM-..t.m.»>. P....-I1.* ol   the   founder—on   the   occasion   ol
A Sportsman a Paradise. : h, ^ Hom s,cretlirv> that
Lord and Lady Iveagh are among MCa(,joniuy on hii way Irom school
the large lumber of well-known peo- ,,,. woul(, fouk ttitll „ rMnM 0, awe
pie wbo have taken if""	
The dispnsul uf slash
The development ol
and lire lines .
Tbe  istuhlishmcnt of
lions and telephone lines,
The organisation ol a protective
lupervltfnry and lire-lightittg force.
The control uf ImeOti whieh kill
trees and cnuse nn uccnmulation ol
dead, inllnmmable timber,
No oue of these measures alone
will protool a iorcst, nor cun one of
them  be   safely   omitted.    Wltb   all
Un-Hi'   meaiurei   in   operation   and
carried out by an ■ (equate force,
sucli   lin-H  as  thai  of the   Porcupine
would be   Imposaible,   To put   into
effect such a *elieme a great expenditure of money WOllltl be necessary,
but no tlistriet in the world is better
able to afford it than Ontario's mining district. There has been more
than enough silver taken out of
Cobalt to give forest protection troin
North May lo .1 nines liny.
Apart frum the necessity of protection I" human life, the forests of
the north arc well worth preserving
for tbeir own sakes. Until a few
years ago it wus popularly supposed
that our timber wus utmost us in
exhaustible ns our supply ol Ireih
water, and even yet the official estimates of the remaining timber convey this impression to anyone who
is not a lumberman. We hove standing iu Conudu something less than
2,000 billion feel of timber, including
the very low grades. It seems u lot,
but it is not much more than half
the estimated amount at one time.
What we have out ant. used amounts
around on Ihe other side of the world,
from logging I When Sir William Van Home arrived in Montreal I" become general
manager of the CPU., he naked the
company's chief legal adviser. Blr
John Abbott, to find blm a suitable
youilg man us private secretary. Sir
John recommended bis partner's son,
yutimi Tuit.    Hu   tbe lutter   left his
small Joli in   tl udit   department
nnd became the big chief's coiillden.
tial mun. Ite msde good and itaveu
on Ihe Jub until H-W7. hy which time
tho C.P.U. was doing business oi a
transcontinental line.   Then he was
appointed assistant superintendent at
Moose .Iiiw, iu which position he had
to hnve uu eye over nearly the whole
prairie section of the road. Twi
years later he wus removed to Toronto as superintendent ot the Ontario
nud Quebec division. In IBM he become associate geneml manager of
the C.P.H. In 11M10 his position was
tbat ol manager ol transportation.
In UUW Tnit was offered the important post of chairman of the Victoria
Railway Commission, n Government-
owned system in Australia. He accepted the offer, ond his management
was highly successful. During his
last yeur of control the Victorian
railway lines showed a surplus ol
J1,000,000, Instead ot the huge deficit
which used to pile up every year before bis coming. He became dissatisfied, so it was said, with the carelessness of some of the road's minor officials, whicli resulted In some bad
accidents. ar.d he resolved to give up
Rtmarkaule Social Lion Who Was
Famous for His Exquisite Drtss,
His Manners ond Hit Success
With ths Ladies, Mads a Great
Rssort of (Ss Town of Bath—Made
tht Duel a Ridiculous Thing.
Of famous beaux Richard Nuoh tl
usually recognized ns the first. He
was one of the celebrated character-]
of England in the loiter part of the
seventeenth and during tho tint half
of the eighteenth century. Ho wnn
the title of "lieau" for Inimitable
dress, bis polished manners, and his
social successes. He jvoi born at
Swaniea In 1(173, of good old  Welsh
fiaronlage. After leaving Jesus Col-
ege, Oxford, he purchased for himself a pair of colors in the army,
which hu soon quilled to study law.
While nt the Temple ho began hi*
social life. Without any visible
mentis of si)p|K>rtiug his goy life, his
companions lUSpeeted him of being t
social highwayman. In a very short
time be was regardi*d as an authority
on dress, manner.-,, and general sty.e
in fashion.
Becoming disgusted with the suspicions he bad aroused, he left London and settled in llalb, then one of
thu poorest and meuuest cities In
England. When William III canitt
to Ihe throne the members of tbe
Inns   of   Court   gave   an   elnlMirate
Iingeiint, and Nash was chosen to
tave full charge ol all the details.
Tin* King wim so delighted with tho
affair that he offered to raise Noah to
the knighthood.
In 1704 he was appointed "master
of ceremonies" ot  Italh, where many
people fl.H-kc.l in ibe •ummcr to drink
the   waters.     His   laws  ol  dress  and
ceremony  were   ho   strictly   enforced
that ho wns styled "King of Hath "
Under bis rule n> rank would protect
the offender, tmr   dignity   of   station
'• condone a breach of Hie law.
I     Among the  lawi  be made for the
1 balls and assemblies were thnt gen-
i tlemen should   not   wear   swords   ss
! port of their regular dress.   He made
the duel so ridiculous that men ra-
! fused to fight,    ll also became necessary for men to wear shoes und long
stockings,   instead   of   l-oots,   at   the
: Iliith HSSi-mblies.
Nash desired ' the Duchess ol
I Queensbury, who appeared at a dress
I ball in an apron of point lace, sail
to be worth &00 guineas, to take it
, off, which she did; at the same time
I desiring his acceptance of it. When
the   Princess   Amelia   requested   to
acciden a. no ne>rvmwnm,«. ^"^ , have one   donee   more   of ter   eleven
h»J»nl&d^ Nash   replied  tbat  the  law.
I.ycurgui, were
road.     He   realgned   in   November, ^ -
WW. and 11 ... announced then thai    •' » <»•    ,•« '"»*" °<
be   had  retired  from  railroad   work. , unoiieraim       ......
■-"—•»*"' ■/—-   he would look with a 'sense oj awe. i    • ■•-.;"" '"'I "J'-liR whnl: ha. been I ailll   «■ L.   -Vr.lv "nrf/.-even   In-        A flne new   building   for concerts.
:U,M"Cow" s™^[ir«L«^rJJ!:-1 LtrtWW^'W4 c=' & tewusl ''■," ""•-—d
ing region, the Ottawa valley, it has ! |,jnii    He Is   twenty   years   younger
been calculated  that  for every  foot [ than Sir William Whyte.
thut   has   been   cut   by   lumberm -n      Personally,   Sir Thomas Talt   is   a
twenty   feet bus been   destroyed   by | handsome  man—handsome   and   dis-
tor the yachting season. liament and tbe members entering,
Lord iveagh was born in 1847, the jiu|i, iMtMl„ ll( the psrt he himscll
third sun ut s.r Benjamin Uea Guin-  W(mU,.   ,     tlim. itl the ,uturft(.
UCSI.  He was made a baronet in l(W5.      ,.j cu||not My that vuung Asquith
and raised t> me peerage six years WM popular.   'H<-  was not good st
ȴir*    . ,      , .1 .1 games.   He didn't like  tbem.    He
Almost every inember of the royal ^emKj t(l ,l80(j lt|(l0i, and acquired
laraily  has  stayed  st Elveden  Hall. I the reputttt|oii ol being what we term
■tand-offisli.' Nut because he was nut
urully unsociable, but simply because I
it whs work, uml work alone, which
appealed to him. BoylsK play was nol
part of his program, and apparently
refused to force himself to be as j
Tlo-ltord, Susies, which represents a
iportiman's ideu u( I'tuudt^c.     The
uviury there ciutalm a collection of
rare Indinti birds, us well na some rare
American prairie birds.   Another ex-
ct-ptionul feature of the house is the  ^     s	
luxurious suite ol rooms pluced at the  utber'boy"
disposal ol even the least important.    ..| Can picture'him now-a small.
visitors tu ihe mansion, rather souare-headed lad. with n pro-
At Lord Iveagh s house In Dublin la Ilounceii North country   accent   and
to ne found the most remarkable prl- vwy taciturn   manners,   but   who--
vnte ballroom In the world. I fPa,ech, when he did let himself go
Thla room, which is <U leet in length v^rv milL.j, l(> t|lt, .«*,„-..  There was one
and 40 feet wide, possesses walls pan- iUDW upon which he wus decided.
el ed with alabaster, which are draped  and lhat w„. lhe mat sujieriority of
with rich rose-colored silk and dark   praeticul]y everything in the north of
velvet hangings,    the music gallery  {,;.,„■.„,.,■ ,„ anything   in the south.
and the galiary that faces it are made   AnJ a tl|(1 1linj,>rity ol the boys of
ol aluminium, out of winch metal the   U). son0ll] weri, Irom the MUlh( tliie
gr.-ui fender before the ttwplace, which, topic naturally led to very heated ar-
  '" '"'■■'   ■ ' {   """ ■"1■,     'gnments.   But young Asquith showed
remurkuble tenacity in sticking to hii
guns, uud I have since heard that
when, as a sixth-form boy. he becann
a member of the debating society st
an advanced Liberal, he wus even
then   strongly   opposed    to   Women'*
"Apropos of the doings of this d«-
The Prince of Wales is a shy lad and  •»*•'»»■? society. 1 might mention thit
when taking part in public functions   Or Abbott, lh.* head master, hus re-
requires occasional prompting to ac-' •*»t,"J t,lttt- M president of the society.
Bath through Nash's Influence. He
Insisted that the streets should It**
kept in good condition, that public
buildings should be nut in repair.
lire A recent "bull tin from the for- I VinguUhVd-l'ooking. Indeed, with his jnd that there should be a regular
eslry branch ot the Department ol , white hair and judicial expression he {gm J«J«|^'««n*' and to 80v"n
the Interior says that the loss to the : woald have "looked the part exact-
public treasury tine to forest fires is I ]y if he hod followed his lather(S
not less thun $1,042,500,000. i footsteps  and  gone on   the   judge s
The snine report declases that the   t,ench.    While stationed in Toronto,
'   in 1890, he   married   a daughter  of
Mr. O. R. R. Cockburn. a prominent ,
Toronto   eitisen.    Sir   Thomas   was
knighted last New Year's in reoogni*
forest fires that are occurring are not
so much tbe result of the absence of
laws as the lack ut enforcement -I
Stating   laws.    To be   properly en
..ti be lilted iu the tiutid, was cast.
This bs-uutiful saloon naturally cost
a very ooiisideruble sum; indeed, tho
amount spent upon it— $150.(100—
which works uut at about $50 a square
loot, renders it one uf the moat expensive rooms iu existence.
Boxed tht Dukt't Ears.
When Beau Nosh drove out it was
In a chariot drawn by six gray
horses and with lackeys.jr-bile French
horns called attention to his approach. He wore a unique white hat,
and hit costumes were richly embroidered. When gambling, at which
Nash made considerable money, was
prohibited, the English Government
pensioned him.
For fifty year, he ruled In Hath-
a man of strong mind, of wit, and ot
good taste, generous to the poor, and
notable for all he had accomplished
to make the city a fashionable resort.   He had many rich snuff boxes
•it-.Vi.Vf t«" rendered twmancntlv un- ! Ks»way a large hock oi jhi.u i.<.».    ond choice trinke|«.   These he sold
fit iS ,riJhw noother Cst    Thi.l Wardner, in the East Kootenay dil-    .mono hii friends, .and they are often
hSLS^S^ia^miSS  trict of British Columbia, and intends    (ountf in   rare   coileclions*    In   the
»noumed     In   Z.     h       the s^il ! *« «*•"**  tn"e  the  fi"1 ft""1*!? I ln,,'0^',   t°om  of   the  Gui,d   H»"   "*
Is consumed,     n cases wnere ine sot *       , .       -urelu     nvest -    Hath   th*
forced, these laws must have buck of, tion of his notable services as head
them the support of the people, for 0i t|,e Victorian Railway Commission.
without it Legislatures will not voto | ■■..-.
the    g nerotis    sums   necessury   for A Canadian Ostrich Farm.
carrying on the work. It also points I „ _ •._,-.„ . Oerman who
out that reforestation has its limits, . «*. 3™ JKf V-Ju^u «
and that it cannot undo the work of; h". *W *™LUc£ (KRliSrSia hai
a  disastrous fire.   Not  only are the : oatnch farmer  In *%m%ffinJ&
is not spoiled far producing a second
ostrich farm.    After careful invest!*    Bath   there   is   a portrait  of   Beau
-»«" I*   » - »■*».«■» V B|jJ8S_-3 &*%Wjr&&    "Vne Co,po,..,o„ ., Bad, ao hl,h„
forest   succeeding   o burned   pine or
suited to ostrich farming.   The native
respected Ihe Beau that the chamber,
voted a marble statue of him, which
was erected in   the pump room, be-
.prow diarlol la made ..p oi infer. •»«<« »'IH'SirtA I?'In fteuthtm
ii;e."tit.,..l,,,.r:ip?.r"banl.nTA™.%^ «• -'«'.-  ».     Pn-np «». -
Lev ,, „ , nroS* Ze.eed.lnm, I rni.ing of o.trich.. for their feather, tween th. I....I, of Newton .nd Pop..
Chll.?»?J.P2?df?i»!2f .id  Matfei 1"   •"   "tenaiv.   boaine...     A   few Thi. (all riae to a .tinging epigram
5l«.»,..M»™                        "*•*» ••» « w" "I'm"1*-! >*»> ,h«r* l>r I«"i Cheaterneld, another ol the
litem over a wider area. ... ..   ' „k_ _*»_,„ ,„...   ,,„„.t,..,i   ,t„„,sH„,l    r.^,,.   rnMii.k   ,^i...     t...,i«-
were nearly four  hundred  thouaand
The effect of   forests upon rainfall   ™£Z*L   lha   ranches o    Sou h
nd climate generally is pretty wel   "«<** ™J^WSLJLraS
knowledge the people's salutations, He: he oH*n attended tbe debates; but as
does not. however, incur tbe royal his duties were practically nominal,
displeasure, us did the lute Duke ol, «Jid as time with him was very pre-
fiaxe-Coburg-Gotha, who as a child I cious. it wus his custom to lake a
accomuaiiitd his purents on a visit to hatch of exercises from the school
Dublin i •"ocm and correct these while presid-
Along with his biother. the late King! *ng over the debates.   But when Mr.
Edward, he sat with his father and   Asquith entered  the society.
lie   he-
v   ;ui   nun   ins   miner   anu    —--, — -.,       -    .-—    ------« ,
mother in the carriage, but while the   •*•«■ »? Intewated in the eloquence |
late King railed bis hat and bowed be-1 «' •*• \?ia**,' r,,»'f. "'."J'^A'i"1 }l? \
comingly tlu- duke reinaincd covered,
rviug a lUlky .iiipii-aivity, Queen
and climate generally ia pretty
understood. It hus been discussed
previously and need not be pointed
out again. The lact to bear in mind
is that wisdom twenty years from
now will not correct any neglect ol
the forests to-day: and that there is
considerable neglect is indicated by
the following passage from the report
ot the Department of the Interior:
'Of all  the civilized nations in the
famous   English
with these lines:
beaux,   concluding
Gives satire all it« strength;
Wildom and wit are little aeen.
But folly at full length.
Except   a   few   months   annually
pasted In lupcr.-itending the amusements  at  Tunhridge, Naih   lived at
Bath until his health was worn out;
•nd   after one  of   Nature's   serious
warnings he expired at hit house In
■". "ii   "i ,","-i \, ■....,..i,   .iiU.ii-i 1>nd. i -"*ow  uml  mritinn i ...umnm i* suirt*    6t. John's Place on the 3rd of Feb-
I*4*    ^rmihii     «sse   '■'    When    I     i«B    «    •    'iv»l ol South  *W«   1^     "»f»  17H'  i«ed  M '""■    "^  W"
as a   permanent   asset.      When   » | „„f.Irtll -„„,,„„ llia „„., MnM .hmild    burled in the abbey churchyard. His
funeral was a pub'.lc one, at the ex-
in Rggleston for a lung while, but of | she whipped off the boy's hat in full   sigt; himsell to willing attention.       | is not likely to "main lMinereni''| (7u"nd7n'¥ritlsh"Colu^ ment   may be   seen   in   the   abbey
'- ..i i. ■ .-  *  - - «.-..      "I have no doubt that Mr. Asquith | Montreal manoaru.  long ago. and   pronounced  ol  high    church.   On   the   funeral   day   the
Africa. It must not lie supposed that The statue placed these busts be*
because an ostrich farm Is to be
established in Canada that Canadian
farmers in general might grow rich
by adding a lew ostriches to their live
stock. The ostrich thrives only
under peculiar climatic conditions.
The Wsrdner district ol British Columbia may have the necessary nstur.
al conditions, but it Is not probable
-»"'- '.-«!....•-«..*• :«■ '■ 4-188 &M&r&£ff-S *S
found it dillii'tili to concentrat. hi. .
).,'.-ervtng a .u.ay impu^tvity. Ijueen   mi"d  on  the exereises. and. finally, I
. . Vieloria did not permit air. ol that, whenever  »0un|   Awiu.lh   held   th. ! Tf~Yf,J- - - ,j-jj■..„„■„,   c.n.d. I -  •-  -■■•- -	
of i, rourl.ltlli thnt had heen going on    aort and to the delight ol the populac.   ","".. "■ ;*Dbu" »*s ul,l,»"'1. lo " i ?' SSfflH*,. it ,.lSln Indl'-feianl^- I R««l diamond, of   amall   .!»., w.ra    pen., of
  '   "   "  ' '"' ''""  ""        ' A "?Li, »!■!?.Jl found In Brlll.h Columbia rock, nol    ment
whh-h Hie lady was nut eouw-lous.
They hnve been |nug married, und Kg-
glPStnn JokM about hi-* tint words to
Id-* wife-1lie first, at least, she beard-
haviitg been ao commonplace,   Hut he
lum neror f.*r»h 'Imrlle Uleketo fur
not having tub) him before he met her
flint   she   was  tb-nf  uh  a   ferryboat
Charlie says he tti.-i to du so. but Eg*
tie-*tmi wouldn't listen to him.
If there l-i any mural tn this story
It is that ii 1« the listeners and not the
in'lii'i-i   wh»   win.     Km-leMon   shmi'il
have stiiTerptl 111. keta to tell him that
the gltl was dest
Following a Prccittent.
Wnt..-. a li..-it.I from Cannon "1
heard a itory th olhei night at a
dinner given here wbu-ii Is, l believe,
a   trrfd   om-,   and   a-   it   might   uiiiu-o
youi readers I pan it uu. a lit tl** boy
wished i" g vo a Bible to his mother
ou   her   buthdiiv,   and  belure   nntiitg
her mu u the flyleaf he took down
n book front her ihell to iea the pro.
per way of letting about the matter
l,it. rally copying the first inscription
that he found, he wrote, 'With the
kind regards ol -the author'."- London
public view, gave hint a resounding !
i Lux on the ear, such as Q  -en Bess'
will remember  ti..- twu  French  mas
*      .•*-   me *u a ■ quality by experts ot Tiffany, but no , entire populace for many mllaa wis-
bond might have administered, andl \fn* MM. Mn-venard andi Lerlche, th, | gclsntific Methods. discovery ot practical value hu yet    nessed the services for the venerable
stirred the boy U a show of politeness.   J/at-nafhed   gentleman   being   some-.    That the fled crops of the Dominion  ^m m-*je.-Canadien Century. "
~-L ! | tunes spoken ol as  Moumeer Stiff . could be doubled in twenty years by -
■ and-Hard, a eruel ^misnomer, as he   its adoption of mora scientific meth- j   |(r u^-rdis* Btgbls and Prisoner,
i founder of the proiperity of tho city
of Bath.
It Wasn't Thtolegy.
Scotland, whatever other virtue or
vice the limy have, possesses the
theological "bump" lu a wonderful degree. From the mother church or
state church sptHiig two dissenting
churches, and Irom these again sprang
subsidiary "bodies." There is a little
village in Scotland Wllloh is snid to
possess iimre chun-lus than inhabitants.    One day
anything but that; only, I take
it, -ac couldn't resist the obvloils play ,
upon his name.
"I wonder, by the any, if Mr.  Asquith has kept puieesMoii uf h.s De
eds, ts one ol the striking assertions
in a volume just issued on lauds. Hah-
cries, game and minerals, by the Dominion   Commission  of   Conservation, i --,  7, "i. , ,   „   i „„
The book i. replete with irleullural, told HOO .1t.r h.   aril™  torn Un- i
' I On. ol Ih. beat alorle. told of th.
I late Chief Just:.'.' Sir Matthew Be|bl.
of Britlah Columbia i. one lhat wu
An *|.d Cl.riyman.
Juno U wa. the niuelyalath birthday ol one ol the oldest clergymen
In    Knglattd.    Kev.    William    Tower
f."-'- "•■-""■'■■«' «"■■ ' -." '•"»' «;*..-"... ■ ..■ .m.'.ii».:*^\**JL!tzLHSLr*£2&ISTO&2S. ?ea,iti.o.l:a
oitue, and occasionally enjoy looking
it it, Mliliough il reminds uu- of sortie
very painful hall-hours,
"tine of my recollection! goes bae.li
The book shows that Canada pays,.« that to
out annually over iaw.000 lor oyite'rs  g'ven It did not Jake Sir Matthew
*• " -       long to come to a decision.
■allty, and from tht evidence t bIiJ*,',l8im;e im ,lt* hM )»** '«*?'
of South Kilvingtou, near Thirsk. In
his youth he was a flue athlete and a
fisherman who made hit own rods
and built his own boats. Ita it a
practical wood carver and a horticulturist.
wbo had endeavored to force au
acquaintance upun a girl and bud re
celred a rebuke,
Fortune favored blm agoln. tie was
it an evenluH function uud suddenly
come upon the object of supreme in
teres) tu blm, Kin- was sitting alone
How could one whu was so charming
to blm be o " wn 11 no werV" lie hunted
for some one to Introduce blm tu ber,
but found no one    tie applied lo ibe
Albino Animals tn Japan,
It is noteworthy that albino animals
I arc regarded  by  tin- Japanese in a
** ■"■"light. Tho appearance ol
ono  is considered a good omen  lor
f I Uie reigning mikado and occasionally
Quail on Tout, ttc.
British  M.P.'l   and   their   friends
managed to get outside of 5,500 until-.
10 haroiis of beef, too llrlolni of beef,
I'M illverildei ul beef, 'i.MHi fowls, 00
whole carcases of lambs, 10 hams, 80
tongues. & owl. of ulmon, 1-2 cwt. of
fl.lct soles, 2-t cases ol kippers, 30
dor.cn haddocks, I ISM eggs. 600 kidneys, and 8 cwt. uf si ra wherries at
tho  House no Coronation   llav
irdi-r to lee ttie house Will-re lived
lliu lute J.ui Mace. We -au the
house, nnd (hen decided we would <■<(
as (ur as Camden Town to look upon
that stalwart champion uf Kuglaud,
the lauiuus Tom Mayers. Hut we never
saw Tom, although we locked at a
bouse where he was supposed to live."
the industry is attributed largely to j
slgnulines a relgu. l-'or exampli
reign is called "hukuchl tietikan," ur j
poilod ut the white pheasant] another j
the "Iihmi hoo nenkun," or periud of ■
the phoenix.—Loudon liloba.
Sir Edward Orey. the British l*i*cre-
wry of State for Foreign affairs. »n-
jvgo a recluie life iu a Surrsy coUage.
"The judge replied:
i jail.    Have yo
diction "between "the " Dominion* and I »'««»«» P00*""' "	
provincial outhorities. _. "    ''    "'"77l'l    .
1  , . Thsst Osar Qlrl Frltndt.
....... Mln Ulaplace— I had my pictures
A Slave tt My t. % ' uken ii|t week( wu| to^llf \ |0t Na|
"Your l...le friend has the ribbon ol  of them.   They are Just as natural as
honor again thu week, while you ntv*   life.
«r win it." |    Miss Pareavenuc-My, but yo* bear
Three Millions far Tits.
The forestry branch of the Depart
ment of the Interior has collected
statistics with regard to the crou-tli
consumption In Canada for 1910,
There were 9.2I.1.H6.I crost-tlet pur
chase*.! In 1010 by the itcsni and
electric roadi ol Canada at a cost ot
13,636.237. This is a decrease of M
per cent, from the number purchased
Brooklyn Bridge,
Itrooklyn bridge Is fourteen and a
balf Inches shorter In midwinter than
It In In midsummer, and the bridge
floor is consequently higher.
Relieves the Depot
"I notice it is nol the custom ill
Ibis village for everybody to go to the
.l.'pol iu ice the troin come iu."
"We don't g*i any mure. We can see
a belter train come iu ul the moving
picture slmw."—Buffalo ICxpress.
  j   The lasi Friday of each month la an
A couplo of ttihlcspnimfuls of ttorox   index  for the oue following.    If the
in  the  wnler required    for    washing  weather on tbat   day   be   fair,   lite
Characterising  It
"The Bible says that no
serve two mailora."
"Yes: that's pruhnhly the
against  bigamy   ever   put
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
first law
"Why, mamma, Suzanne Is blond,  up cheerfully under misfortune! Alt-I In  IWO.   The av.rage cost of three
and blue is becoming to her, but I an) o t vou going to even bring at
a brunette and can't wear it."
"Wlmt does you father du when I
ask bint questions?" asked one small
"He generally Bays, 'I'm busy now.
don't bother me,' " replied the oilier.
"Then when 1 go out of the room be
looks in the encyclopaedia."—Washington Star.
about five pairs of light-colored hose
will remove all traces of stains from
the leather that they may have on
Death was first ordoiucd its the punishment for murder in B3.8 B.O.
month will be likewise,    If foul, so
will the month be.
The mini who Is half drunk half tbe
time, Imagine! that people "don't notice it." Hut tbey notice much smaller things than thnt.
Your cake will never stick to the tin
if Ihe latter is carefully scuured before
putting tlu- batter luto It. The cuke
can be turned out a hall minute after
It comes from Ihe oven. This plan has
never tailed.
Wining I*
suit (
Uet al the paint of purchase wu ii
per tie.
Cheering Him Up
Mother   (in   n    very low Voice)—     "I don't
'Tommy, your grandfather   is   very' you mid n
sick.   Can you suy nometbing tu cheer
him up o liii'""
Tommy (in on earnest voice)—
"Grandfather, wouldn't you like to
have soldiers at your funeral?"—Silent Partner.
Tht Difference
see any difference between
trained ntimp except the
uniform," said her httshuud. "And
ie Hillary." she added, thoughtfully.
Harper's Btutaar.
Tht Htretic
Sunday School Teacher-Why, WHIM. I'm surprised; what part of the
Bible it is that you don't believe in?
Willic-Thot part In the middle
where they keep tho family ages.
Always dry white silk gloves or
-lockings in the dark, II one would
nol have tbem turn yellow. On this
account many wash these articles al
nielli su that Ihey may dry before daylight.
There's two ways tn avoid a spanking, running hard, or sitting down. —       ~-
iijy/ COMPANY'
For Your Fall Plowing
191 1-12
We    have   just
issued our Cat
alogue of superb
garmenta for the
v    coming   season.
\ It's Free
f   Write for it
Fifty ycnrs man
ufacturing fur
garments ia the
guttrnntee tlmt
\ i'9H
We ure showing,
greut  Vitlurs   in
Mink nnd IVr-
alan Lamb gar
ni ent a uf  all
The W.&D.Dineen Company
Itt Qreat Monetary Worth to the Com- Carlllon-Qrenville Line  It tht Small.
munity Where It Is Located ttt In America.
An inleresting and uccurata ealeu-' The Carillon-Urenville Railway ol
liiiion has been made of whtil an in- Canada (once culled the Old Sykea
tluatry employing 1,000 hands means Line), operated in connection with the
to h community! 'Ottawa River Navigation Co.'o bouts
It Increases ihe population by 5,000 running between Montreal and Ot-
eniisiuuei'ri, tuwa,   uceording  to   recent  press  do
lt adds .-t.mi.ihhj to ihe value of pub- spaUihes, will soon lose its Identity by
lie utilities. | being    merged    into    the    Catiudiau
i The asioastnont is Inoreuaod by'Northern syilem, and will soon be-
*rUtHi,iMMi, loome part of th mv t)ttawa-to-Mout*
; l< poya nut annually in unlades and i real lino which the C.N K. is building
wages  1(160,1300, I via  Hawkeabury.   Thli quaint,  I tide*
i It represents thruugh Its buildings pet dent public railway ol bioacl*gauga
and Mu- lioiises of ik employee* an in-'and wood burners ii tbe Mini'.lest rail.
ve-.1tu.iil  of   ^.DOti.lHlu      ■ way  iu  Aiueriea, and  the old engine.
, The niiniiiil oxponilltiiro in food "The Ottawa," is also the oldest iu
would In- 103,000 in meat, 10,000 iu ■ America, uud nnce had the honor ol
potntops, $f..inm in roigar. siw.'j;*u in driving the late King Edward, li was
milk, 906,700 in bultcr, and |S7,000| built in Liverpool in 14*10, Although
in  eggs, . Ht ill iu good working order to-day, it
i   Burnt I up, llii* moans Hint an in-j is ho great a curiosity that American
nuitry employing 1,000 hands Is worth and Knglish locomotive bulkier! uud
VJiii.tiisi a year lu ihe farmers of tha railway men hnve made special trips
district. 1 to see  and  ride uu  this quaint rail-
Tl Rpfllldllurc  in  cluthing  would I way   built  nl   old   Irish   hroinl-guuge
be   $IG8,?oO. of  live feet six  iltclies and  Used lis llitt
With Ibe annual piiyiiient uf taxes connecting link around the rapids,
adil.-d lo tbe tola! ex 0011(1 It tiro tin | There are thirteen miles of track in
buildings, food uud clothing, you havei connection with this line.   The road
Nol Quite Sure
Aakitt-*ttooi your wife talk in her
Ghafterton- I guess so—at least, I
presume utie sleeps occasionally.—
Chicago  Daily   News.*
Thero are many Imitations of Wil
..Lion only of one which wus
begun in IBM and wss to huve been
built Irom Montreal lo Ottawa, but
the only part completed hy the builder, Mr. William Sykes, the well-
known engineer ol thut time, was
that between Carillon and Orenville,
whlcb iu l"'*-'! was bought from Mr.
Sykes by the Ottawa River Navigation Co.
The old engine of the line presents
try would mean to a town ur city
"Shall I weep nt the trial?" inquired the chorus girl.
.    "Giggling went all right ot the last
sou's Fly  Pads.    Oo not lie deceived  trial,"  respond!  the  New   York  law-
by   unsatisfactory    Imitations,    Get yer.   "Suppose you giggle ut first and
Wilson's. we'll  icq  how   it  goes, — Washington
.  -'Herald.
To   tniiti   long   sight,   carefully   oh- 	
serve how objects appear when one. is
close to them nnd huw their appear-
ance changes as one recedes.
You ore not (renting yourself or
your family fairly if ymi don't keep
Hamlin*. Wizard Oil in the house.
It's the best substitute, fur family
doctor and a mighty good friend in
ease of emergency.
Peroxide of Hydrogen rubbed ou tb,.
anna frequently will make uny growth
of hair, however unpleasant, much
lighter nntl less noticeable and in time
lends lo entirely destroy the growth.
Corn* ratiaot flint when HuIUiwsv'h
Corn Cure is npidivtl to them, iH-t-aaw it .
|wi tu Ihe root uml kills ttie growth.
iii all V.i.-m.'ion turned iniu ihe town
in one yeur thruugh the coining ul
uue great industry, In conclusion,
one may again nolo the prodigious, results which are effected by lh.- presence iu Canada of soma 4'ifi.irOO aril*
7.nns. In round figures these men
[would mean at least |1,0^,328,860 lu
the Dominion.
Au industry employing l.nun hands
tuny lie regarded ns it large one, but.     _.. _.
the same poroont-nge nf results would U remarkable" appearance to-day with
follow in larger or smaller plants, so the great bread tn of beam necessitated
Hint one can easily begin to reckon furl hy its broad-gauge uud with its old-
Mm self wlmt any particular Indus- [ iualiione d wood-burncra and its smoke-
stuck somewhat unusual iu shape. It
hus a cow-catcher tin each side, which
proclaims the tact that it can run ns
well backwards as forwards, und if
you look al the rails yuu will see that
tbey ure made "U-shaped and of
iron, Therefore there is little danger
of th*1 engine running off the truck
even if the train does go at the rate of
twenty-six miles an hour. A representative of the llrm of locomotive
builders wbo supplied it recently made
a trip to Orenville in order to inspect
it. There are also u few passenger
and Hut cars still in use by the com-
, puny uud a second engine whicli was
tin in that | bought Irom the Grand Trunk Rail-
i way some forty years ago when tbe
j Grand Trunk discarded the broad-
gauge offoUr feel  light ami  a half
Fixing tht   Blame
coroner's   jury   viewed
"The coroner's jury viewed the
\ wreck and found tbut tiie accident bad
been caused by the negligence of one
Simon Turner, deceased."
It   was   pointed  o
Simon Turm-r had been merely a passenger on the ill-futed train.
"Hut he is the only dead man wt ,„..,. ,„ „,„	
can find."   they   anawered.-Newark  fnehes.  Thia old-tinier also presents ..
"aWS.   I remarkable    appearance,    Uut    these
~" | pjoneer engines still in use will soon
How Winchester Gum and Cartridges   be discarded,  as  the  trucks  will  be
Art Mads I rebuilt to standard guuge, and it bus
As tbe bunting season a ill soon be   already   been   suggested    that    "The
ibere sportsmen generally  are think-  Ottawa" should be presented by the
1 ing  of  their    bunting    outfit.      This! Hon. Senator Owens, the owner of the
I makes it more opportune to call at-1 line, to the "Chateau de Ramexay,"
[tendon  to  the  repeating  rifles,  re-! in Montreal. Oaritlon, from which the
_     4.    ,  _ pealing shotguns and  ammunition of I quaint   train   starts,   is   a   delightful
Practical Partnt 1 all kinds manufactured  bv tbe Win-   riverside  resort  ut  the  head  of  the
"I understand that Count Marigold  Chester Repenting   Arms   Company—I Lake of Two Mountains, aud is forty-
it   paying   bis   attentions   to   your the largest manufacturers   ol   arms I Ave    miles    from    Montreal.      This
daughter.' [and ammunition in the world—which   charming little village, with its wid>
Natural  Reticence
"I hod u talk with Beat-Seller, nr.u,
he told me all about the authors who
hml helped him."
"I'll bet he didn't suy a word about
the uu thorn from whom he hml helped
An on That it Fatuous,-Though Con*
iniu was not Hu- lurHiiilm-i- of )ir, |
'I'lu.[nils'   Ki-h-i'trli- till.   It  In  the  home of
lliai    flit m   I'limii.iiiinl.     PrOW    here   Iln
jttxiil num.- was hih-i-ii.1 to Ci-airul uml
South Aiaerli'U. the West InUles. Australia nail New /.eiihin.l, Thnt Im far afield
t-aouirh to ittt.-si It,, oiocllanco. fur la all
the countries it is on Niii«> uml in demand,
From the commencement addroiacs
delivered here and Ibere about he
country wa learn tlmt quite a few
distinguished people are heartily in
(avor of education,
Minard's   Liniment   curea  burns,   etc.
When ynu move into h new house
always icnd beforehand   a   loaf   of|
I.read and u new broom.
There tin- many rstlcky devices on
the market lhat kill some Hies. Itut
houaokcopers who have tested them
kimw that Wilson's Fly Pads kill
many times more, and do nol damage
t'lirprts ami furniture like all .-dicky
fly catchers,
Archie   "I've  1 n   takin'  it  course
of uiciiiory-trtiiuiu'. It's u wonderful
system- doubled my memory power iu
a month."
Fred-*"Really, What's ihe mime of
Archlo—"Oh—or—dash it, it's slip-
petl me fur the moment; but it's near
—er—you—know---what's   his   name's
iu Thingummy street."—Punch.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
Ulh LOCAL APPLICATIONS, u they cannot rrat-l
*i>- taut ot the iliM-iuM-. Catarrh la f, blood or cointf-
-illoiial di*r-j«', nul In order u> cure It you mint Ukt
Menial iYtn.illi-*. llnU'i caiarrh Cun H taken In-
k-maliy. Mid arta directly mum tbe blood and tun-on* '
MTlae-fl. Ilull'i Catarrh Cure H nut a quark mrdt- i
iln.-. It wu prca-rlbed by one ot tbe beat phyr.lcl-.iu
B thla country lur yean and t* a regular pm-rri.it Ion.
it ". mt]ip.t-ed of Ua beat lonloj known, rontbined
with the beat blood purl (Ic n, acttnf directly on the
mucoiia iiittarea. Tha perfect combination of tha
two liiiTt-dlanta k whal prodiicea ittch wiitiit-rfiil ra-
lulu Id curluj catarrh. Bend for tcatlrnonlr.il. i*raa,
F. J. CHENEY * CO.. Propa., Tuled* Q
Sold by Drtifitata. prl.-a Ite.
lau UaU'i Vnatty PUtf fur o
The average man seems to love a
meeting wherein speakers tell him
how industrious, how patriotic and
how patient he is; how he is the
builder ami supporter ot the home,
the school and the church, and bow
he is kind und lung-suffering, Imt
huw terrible he i- if In- rights as au
American citizen are interfered witli.
'Yes,," repli.il Mr. Ouiurox.   ."And;nre justly celebrated for their super.-, waters, lifts  the  largest dam  on  the
il Olady- Ann is smart slu-'ll make it \ ority ami  reliability.    Over two mil-   continent, built by the Canadian Guv-
Han Winchester guns have been suid' eminent at a cost of $1,3W,000.   It is
two   thousand   feet   long   and   twelve
o long engagement, 'cause there's no.
thin* keeps a iiuiii pnyiu' attention
like bein' broke."—Washington Star.
As every mother knows, ibe death
rate of lull' tuns in Canada, during
Ihe hot suuieinr months (ur exceeds
that of any oilier season ol the year.
The reason for Ibis is that the eg*
CCBslve Imitl brings on those dreaded
troubles, cholera Infantum, diarrhoea, dysentery ami other stomach
ami iniwel complaints. These come
on mi quickly ami wiih such little
warning thai often baby is la-youd
help before the mother realizes he is
ill. During tin- hot summer months
the mother much be continually ou
her guard to see that baby's bowels
an* working regularly and his little
stoinnch is kept sweet and pure.
Baby's Own Tablets should always he
kept in the home, iih tbey are the
mothers   greatest     friend. A   (IW
now and thi-n will prevent these
trouble.*, or if they do come on suddenly tbey will be quicklv banished
hy the Tablets. The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers, or by mail at 35
cent,  a  hot  from Tin*  Dr.   Williams'
M-nllelne Co., Brockvtlle, Ont.
Dun't show your m-rve by running
the risk of losing your life: show it by
quilling dangerous habits that nre
shortening your life. You cut too
fast: bract- your nerve anil quit it.
Minard's   Liniment  rtlltvtt  nturalgla
A WOlnan luiK im kick coming if her
lii.-l..ind- mother thinks she is u good
Im-Hirltlaa t>l lha BlocH OsuntaractarJ -
latpuritlra   In   ttie   IiIimmI   rom*   front   -in
Kns to ihr action ut th». IJrtr.   Tk«
tr* r,'..-al.-t1 liy iiitnph-s ami iniilanM*.
Iih.t. h.- on thr akin Tluv m..-t 1..
ireal*-.! hiwtrtllv. nml f*>r thin imrun-*
Ihrra- la fm mere t-lti-'in.- .•..iiijhiiiii.I 10
W tiaed itoin 1'araii-l.e - Veti-latilr I'llta
Thi-v art iliri-.-tlv till the Ii.it and In
MIMna up hftlthf pn>c**>*****-« ha*«* m t**-*iw
fl.-UI *-ff.< t upon Ihp Mi-mi. -• lhat Im
pnrltlt-a tr* rhmlnatrri
The menu at the royal luueheon nl
tbe Oulldball wa- print.il In Kngli*.h
We nellevi! this Innovation io l* *lm*
lo ibe (net that previous mentis hnvr
Iniu found lu |mr./.le tin- Krench
guests,    bunion  Punch.
during tin- forty fsltl years they bav  ,
been u|hui the market, uml today feet high and was commenced in 1H73
tbev are in general use all over the' and finished in IBdl.
world. Having -established such a At a hall-yearly meeting ol the
demand fur their guns aud oinmiini- stock-holders ol ihe Chninploin &
lion Ihe Winchester Company strive j St. Lawrence Railroad in le-18. then
to maintain them by exercising great twelve yearn old. but tbe oldest rail-
can- iu tin- selection of the materialsI way in Canada, a number of new
used, and by employing modern net-' rules, bylaws and regulations were
thnds nnd machinery in manuiactur- adopted, which show that already tbe
ing tln-ir product. The Winchester' company had commenced to dictate
Company employ the leading experts! to the public, and the public to en-
in gun nml ammunition making, and! croach upon the company. This wns
expend onnually n large amount of: half a century before the creation of
money in experimental work and iu '■■ a Huilway Commission.
|M-rfecting new nml desirable types of> Several of these regulations nre in*
miiis and ammunition. By means uf ten-sting as indicating the conditions
thia f&xperltnental work and by un ex-: of travel at that tiuip. Passengers
luting system of tests nnd Inspections were required to procure ticket* be-
embruciiig every stage o( mamifac-j for the train started, and to occupy
ture. from the materials in their I places in the cars indicated by the
rough -Int.- to the finished prodin-t. tickets, under a penalty of ten shuttle Winchester Company are enabled, lings. The regulations go on to say:
to keep thoroughly modem in everyj "No person allowed to go upon the
way and up to u high degree ol per- locomotive ur tender; no smoking al-
fiction. A*, proof of the superiuiity lowed iu the first-class cars; no per-
of W iiithesf. r cartridges might be ion allowed to go mi tup of the juts-
cited the re|>ort of the Board of Gov** sengt-r cars; no dogs allowed in first-
eminent Kxpcrts wbo. after a tlior-j class cars." The company refused
otigb test of various makes, reported, responsibility for packages of bank
officially that Winchester rifle cart- j notes placed iu charge of its servants,
ridgi-s were superior to all others.
This is the second yenr that Win*
Chester cartridges have been so honored. Nut withstanding their -uipt-ri-
ority and tbe care taken in manufacturing Winchester guns und ammunition, tht-y cost tbe consumer no more
limn inferior makes. Quality considered. Winchester goods are the
cheapest    Upon    til
cheater go.HU are
reputublt-   dealers   in   burdwure   uml
sporting goods.
or   for   animals,   gloss,   earthen war
itoves.  marble iu slabs or  manufactured, and furniture, "which will be
carried  at the risk of the owner."—
H. Gerald Wade in The Globe.
Tht Rsaton
"They  hnve  nanud  the baby alter
Uncle ltVlshaxr.nr."
"Has Dnola Balahatsar moneyf
"Do ynu suppose    liny    liked
miinc!*"   Pittsburg  Post.
"|-o| me leach vuu to swim," he,
said politely.
"I should sny nol.'' replied tin* summer girl "But I have na objections]
iu youi   trying '-Detroit Prea Press.;
if ynu dream of falling nnd are
■wakened by the fancied lur ul land
mif It In a sign you are going tu be 111.
If yuu awake while still in midair you
will continue in good health.
The trouble lu Manitoba rorre-
iiiarket Win-, "ponds closely to tbe trouble in
.hi by most all I Dakota, Farmers arc overcropping th«
laud. They say that they are not.
but I tell them fearlessly that tbey
are. They are shipping away the
essential element, and they arc not
rcturuim* it. They ore taking what
they call thc fibre tmm the earth, ami
the resdlt is the blowing which is
witnessed every summer. Then, in addition, there is. n- a result of the
continual rroppimt, u fungus which
attacks the ruut ol Ihe wheat These
causes wilt du much to lessen the
yield of wheal this year In this province ami tho crop will be less than
tin- farmers, expect."
This Is on expression ol opinion
frum no lell an agricultural authority
than Pro!, Thomas Khaw, tays tho
Farmers' Advocate, who has ipt-ut
practically all his Hie teaching agricultural conditions.
, 1U04.
Rt. Isidore, P.Q , Aug. 18,
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.—I  have frequently  urii-d
MINAHD'H L1NIMKNT ami nlso prescribe it for my patients ulwuys with
J. L. Englthurt Is nn Apoitlt of Crttd
of  Public Duly.
The  New  Ontario  lire disaster  lias .
enlarged thu acquaintance of the public wiih one uf the must noteworthy
men in the service ol the people—Mr. j
J.  L.  Englehurt.
The Tcmisknniing & Northern Ontario Railway, running irom North
Bay to Cochrane, made New Ontario.
It was conceived by Sir George W.
Boss. His Government built most of
it. Mr. Englehurt is chairman of Uie
commission wine1! now uperutcs it tor
the people. When ntws came of the
big tire, the Government guve Mr.
Englehart authority to act lor it In
the crisis. Mr. Englehart, Irom Toronto, telephoned tiupt. Uluck of the
T, it N.O.i "See here, we have been
placed in full charge ul this affair.
Turn the  whole lurce of  tbe  road oil
the Job and do all you can to prevent
suffering," Then ho gut busy himself,
arranging quickly fur iy a to mat 16, immediate relief, and advising as to the
distribution >.i the Toronto (uud raised for the lufforors.   The sign nut up I
ui Englehart nation reading: "No one (
need pan by hare hungry,   and sign-.
ed by tho cinef uf the railroad, Voices |
the lympulli) and sense 61 lu» policy
ut rebel.   And it was u tine thing lur I
the province lhat a man ol Mr. Englc
hurt's   size,   in   head   uud  heart,   was
ready ut bund when tin.-, emergency .
Mr.   Englehart was horn  tu Clove.
lund sixty-four yeurs ago. starting an J
an ordinary employe   in un oil con-
I'.'iii, he loon became owner of u pros- i
porous uil  business ol  bis own.   He ]
cume tu Cuuutlu iu H'-'il, when he was j
twenty-three, doing business at Lou-
don uml Hamilton,   lu itwi he wont
to Petrolea to operate  the   Imperial
Oil Co., in which Jus former interests
were Incorporated; and he is dill vice- i
president of thut concern,   A good oil j
man has to be something uf a ruilruad j
mull as well.    Mr. Englehurt is.   bo ,
when tin* Whitney Government wai
forming a new T. & N. O. Commis-
■ion to succeed the Boss commission,
.Mr. Englehart was asked to go on the
ooard,    He had become a British subject, also a Conservative, and with a
large fortune made, be felt there wus
mure   iu   life   than   piling   up   more
money. So he accepted Mr. Whitney's
offer, and later became chairman of
the commission.
When he left Petrolea, lie presented
the town with his llm- home, surrounded by thirty-five acres of beautiful landscape gardens, as u park and
hospital. To him tht: salary of S5.0tm
he receives as chairman of the T. k
N.O. Commission is a small matter.
He serves the public because he
thinks the work It useful—really
worth while. '1 hey nay be knows
every spike iii the road. Certainly he
knows all tbe men working ou it, aud
whenever an employe makes a good
showing he receives a cordial letter
from Mr Englehart telling him his
work has been appreciated. The combination of competence and generosity shown in his grasp of the (ire
disaster is shown in everything he
does. Would that we had mora men
of hii high stamp in the public service I
Why let thai 5i*-*flic>ic spoil your r!a***i worfc or plsanrQ >   Takt
L 25c. a Bui at your druf*j;iJt*s. T    ~-      J
Guaranteed lo contain no morphine, opium or clVer poisonous drugs, by tht    30
N-JJotul Dras ***d Ci>"-n>j«"l Conpinf ol Canada. Utttlad,
Tht Untxp«ct«d Htpptned Whin lha
"Englishman Firad.
Among the less kuuwu writers ot tb"
nllieieeiitti century was Samuel Itog
via tie kept opeu bouse and tie
ipiently cult-tunned Ulcleus. llmau
lay, Curiyit- una other ceielirnies ut
the time, lingers was a notal'ie wit.
out unfortunately tils thru-sis wuce tux
ulwtiyu tempered with kindness Irv
lug lu u letter says: "1 dined leie-a tetp
witti film some Mine since, and he se-rv
ed up Illl ll'ieiiils us ho served up tils
llsh— with a si-tu-e/.e ut In mull ovei
etich. II wuh very plguuut, out II sol
my teeth ou edgit."
Thla same PgUStlC flavor of his wtt Is
shown In a story he wus fond ot lell
lug to the discredit of Krench islof.
Au KiigiiMMiinh end o t-'renenmon
dad got into a wordy sipinbbiu, which
led to mutual Humus ond h challenge
Nothing could save tht imtjur ut either
of tbeiu t>oi t duel.
But duels were not fought to kill
Even serious wounds were unpleasant,
ami a mere si'hlteU would answer the
purpose mm h better, so that the an
Isgoulsts miglil tmve a belter ehane*
of missing uue miotiiei tbey repaired
to a dark room.
All was Ui readiness. The signal wns
given The Englishman, no lent eager
to preserve his roe man himself, grop
ed to the open iireuinee. tie pointed
Ills pistol up the chimney and nml
"And, by love," lingers wai wont tn
exclaim, "be brum-hi down the trench
mont"— Youth * companion.
that tualto a horsn Wht-t-io,
hoar, UTt Thltk Wind of
, thokt-dowr    - -
BUlVL'' with
,n', in-iiitri-.i.   ikhiiiili   _
AlIsiUlKlM , .fit.,   [ir:ii!iftn   r«r  manktetl
i*''i " *:;|,r"- 'I'""" '■*. W.-i.-, l-alti'ui, Ktuii-3
*iarl<-i,s8 V.li>». I I'.-f.  Ii.ij ..ml rj.ej ia bt.'iii, tl
aeojsn ot daUrina. Botii viui ittumuui trto,
W.F. VOIINC, f.U l„U71) nni'-i Bid').. Muritrr31. t in.
A1-nrurt,lah-l Yrj Uaitta It. Ia>» W'Yim* Co,, WSnrip,, ,
Till-Vili- i.il Iii...- audi ;,.,i,U u Cu.. n li.iii^-; * I'-.'O i
tint li, i,;. i.,» l.ii,i. Uu, Li 1, V.utvliHt.
C).    65    Bllstr    Hill
Tha "Wellington" Hat
f**r m ti   CanadJan-madc   iiu*r
unt.-i    -,t hat value In Cno-«ia
"II  sli I   ihup.-j*   III   .-.yft  4QJ
stiff (. It-       i,k you(. Dsji«r,  -r
write at once •,
Toro-*;    Ont.
E. M. Mscdonald.
Mr.   Ivlwanl   M    Macdonald,   K.C,
r...„    M.P., of Pictou, Nova Scotia, who is
tin" most gnitifvin-* results, ami I oon-l expected to succeed Sir Frederick Bor-
sltler  it the  best all-round   Liniment' den as Minister of Militia, Is one ol
yours truly,
UU  His. AUG. SMtnis.
Dr. Wiley seems quite elated because lie's discovered wlmt beer is.
But that's nothing. We could hove
told him that Iniu* ago, if he'd asked
Sign in a KiiigsviHe, Out., rcstnur-
ant: "Hut and Cold Baths." Next to
the restaurant is a sign: "A Wiggle.
Speaking ol beer again, the United
States Hewers' association told Dr.
Wiley that the Kt-ypiiaiis drunk beer
fur 5,tHW ycitr-t.
Aud where are tiie Egypt inns now?
Solar Flirtation
One  night  the slur,-,  begun  to spoon.
Ami Mercury llirl.-d with tht; moon.
Saturn kissed Venus, so 'tis said.
And ibat i- why old Mars turned red.
the leading lawyers of tbe Maritime
Provinces, aud has been in polities
for many years. He was born at Pic-
tuu iu 1866. His first three attempts
tu b-coine a Parliamentary representative of the people were unsuccessful.
He was beaten fur tbe Nova Scoti-l
Legislature iu 1*394, and in B96 and
19U0 was defeated in running for the
Hou.-e of Commons, his successful op
poin-iit on both these occasions being
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper. He secured a a -nt in the Legislature, however,
and resigned it in ItM, when he wns
elected a member of the Commons,
aud h,ts since retained his sett. For
years he has been strung and influential as a public nn^ and as a lawyer has formed most important connection. One ol bis i-henta is the
Dominion Cuol Co., which he represented iu its big light * ah Dominion
The Motorcar Tourists ajtwtrdtd the
Man trVne Urtw It
An amuauik praetiegl joke whlcb
waa played by a Canadian tanner on
a party of tnntnrcui tourists is deacrlb-
ed In Suburban Lite. I lie farmer oad
drawn a diagram In "how the sutoino-
blllsta how to proceed through tbe Ul-
tie known country.
"For live niin-M.' write* the author
of Hie article, "we followed th*> couo
try inn u'a diagram nud then canu* to
a piece ot mud which was ttroelous.
We climbed met slumps and in and mil
of rata and guiieys Uross grew in itj*
middle of this -mad.' aliowlm*, tmw lit
tlo It was u*-n| ai last we saw shend
a little bouse pint at the edge of the
woods. Wa feu sure we were off th*
light road and decided to make to
qulrlee at the noose.
Ureal waa our surprise upon draw-Ins
up In front ol the nous* tn nnd om
countryman, his wife and several mu
dren out lo the middle or the road to
meet us. Tbey nil looked at tha car
wltb wondering eyes, and the smaltett
child bung to net mothei-e skirts and
bowled with fnptit ihe other rhit
dren fled to the nouse and peeked out
of tn* window.
"Our friend the countryman said:
'Well, I moat run my horse to d-*nin to
get her* before ynu did. I wanted the
kldo to be sura snd see this critter
Tbey never aaw one before. I'm inn.-ti
obliged to yuu, and now if you went
the right road you'll hare to pall back
two tntlea to the road where you turn
sd In and go straight ahead:*"
fa». WtMSUfW «   -       ,,« a*...... *  ^
•Ml for over SIXTY
tOTHRKS   fjr
.KhTltING,  with   1
f-OOTHgg tbe CHI!
t heat remcty I r
-jlulely --ii-'Ti . ... lie ,.
WlaslaVf S-xitSiin-j --,
nai.     l»taij. O's Rail
, . ,   .
•i.*.*.ii,-*o»  ,f
••     f H lis
■ :*rn*. :\
• « :^*1i»
- JffJC M4
Bee*   Bltd   H*-i; -
lie-    !■ i ■ i
portaucv -•( bygien** t      ,
ejuunnle,  ent .-■   I
one.-  kill   il   ....
a  tomb  by      t
tin-   ifltLl      If.
broken or cruukeii
'ight, the  bees   < . ,
wti.d-- ibt ll in wtui
wax  wilii ir--.ii   ... ■ hi „,       ,.■      |M.,     ,
little l'o a lung   '■ * i
Intruders an   to   Em    budl    i
waa tombs  tr-.   ti uiu j.    . ti
thus canaing   laei mil
.in?-.-., r   ,    :- ... ..
of the Intruder  i    rat      ■.   -.-tin   Im
body Is nol too l.iu-   u   v :,..,       m
be   dl-Ui.-ihli.r--l
Jones  i i
a what  in-   in .i■■
lour  htisl .   '
■ ■   I:
I -■!..
mul   ■ im !"in.-   ..•
lay bee iu h hi lewn  if
n n buiim   -aqilosion       ' - -■' ■ r
'iinih wai :m idii   i   he .i -
Tea Much Toothbrush.
It ta possible to err in in* direction
or a too free us* of tbe toothbrush
"Once a day for three minuter* la aur
ocleut" writes a demist to tbe Fam
liy Doctor ol l-nndun. "Keen in using
a toothbrush ome a day it Is better
Clerk     ; -        i
iiuiii' «-«-ii.i■
Cnsfa m- -   :■ i ■■■■!-       Ku   '  T.int i
oonifa  '■ stont ma
teeth      Bull imoi ■  ime  mm,
Th.- \- i \    h   ., at it a
conversation   ■• * ^>-      i
di.llogu...    i        ■
cat-,   fin, -     .     ■      ,   ,
two women ts ■ ng ai
must be i  It
■ . ■
.     :   I      -!l
■       •
■*\.-.f     ,
lhat ! i v u,-    .   ill   ,x<■ rn«-
To al!..*
ror bei   ■
■   b
■ i    tn ■..   bt will
Steel.   He has also presented the I not to rub ll otrwily across the aur
Province of Nova Scoti* in important   Uvty of th, tnltx b0, t0 9lnnt |t> bm
° M?: Maolona.'d is a c'.ear re.souer. !D" 2^I?t*2| " thM " C,Mni
and a strong debater, and hit services' ,bt ,■,,,Pe• l"twwn tlw •«•"■ ■» »••' I
in the House are much valued by the   " |D# rro1" °» »»e teeth and removes
Prime Uiuister.-ToronVi Star Weekly   "• *«■■ turn of Ihe contracl from the
  ■ : leetn.   I bave had many patients who
At a Quleh Lunch Counter. ' »■*■ I»era»ly rubbed tbe enamel crum
The  youths   who  writ  behind  the   Jhelr lf*"| b> «» asceaslva use oi t
Counters in the quick lurches acquire   nnisn.    The sveraga peraoo  asea a
Wif.-v    (with   magailno) —II   says
here that a statute inih* is 5.230 feet
nnd n nautical mile G.OWl feet   Now,   .._   ,  .
why ore tln-y different, John? a certain kind of crude but ready wit. brush too much snd not too Utile,   la
Hub—Why-cr-you   know,   my  dear,   from their cona'.ant association with 1 addition   to  being  careful   wttb   tha
lhat thing-* iwcjl wh.-n iu tin- water \ all sorts of men who Ci.i.k it is put   brush, it ta also important to see that
Bolton Transcript. | of their duly U make remark! about   th,  bristles art **ort and not  bant
what m \
Xho things they buy to eat.   The lads
A  mustard plaster    if    mixed  with' who wear the white apons and hand
tbe white of an egg. will net quite Bl  out thc steamins dishej do not always
well und will nut blister. j come out scconc best l'l the exchsnge
mmmtmwmmmmt^mmmm9mMMMammm ■ mm '' of pleasantries.    A wr-'k or so ago a
__... , ..j,e|1(,ru| j.roUch ' went into one of the
1 lunch counters snd pMoeeded to com*
plain about ev.iylhing
i "Say, waiter, -*i.l y.-i make this coffee .,; chewing tobao.i*" and "Say,
waiter, bow many i-n?l.- bave refused Ibis eggr" wire iiiiple remarks. .
At last be ordered a ohlftHlO pstty,
aud tii'-l it.
Tooth powder should be used  omy
once a day."
th. Kn.w Why.
Faint ?
Il.v. », wc.V hnrt, diiay li.lin,,, opemHd
br..lhin| .Iter meal. ? Or do you .ip.ri.aM pala
over III. her.. .hurl,,.,, ol bre.lh un |oin| up..fair,
.nd lh. many di.lm.in| .ymplum. »hich indict.
poor ctr.il.liua and had blood P A hurt u.nio,
blood .lie "ody-builder that ha. stood Ih. .... of
trover 4(1 yt.,, ot  cur., I.
Dr. Pierce:- -fiolden Medical Discovery
The heart hecomta rtgular at clock-work. Tbe red
blood ct-rpuiclct sre increased in numbcr-ud lbs
atrvM in iutn art w«n fed. Tbe arteries are tiled
with loud rich blood. That It why nervous dtbilitv,
irritability, fainting spells, disappear aad are overcome by this alterative estract of medicinal rooti
«  - -    put up by Ur. htrec without tht ute ol tlcohol
.. ... ,    Aik  your neiglibor.   Mini havt  been  cured al
eerofuloui conditions, ulcers, ".ever-toret,*' while swtllln|t, tic, by taki-tl
Dr. Pierce ■ Discovery. Ju.t ihe refrtshlag snd vitaliring tonic aeeded lee
astmalve itttue wt.it, In convtlotcenct Irom fevers or tor run-down, aammla.
mm^!^fM l!?opi•' A*"k ,u M* **h inJ ,»n< r»n,idy «d rtliite all "MM
£.rt lkta*..tft,H^,bi4nWf •*• '■ •aokhllof ahrdar prali, NtnV
lag will do you balf at much good as Dr. Pltrce't Goldta Medh " ""
'. aald Kttls Jimmy. "I shall tell that
I you kliscd my sister."
I "But, Jimmy," protested Mr. Soft-
' |y, "I've never even thought about
\ kissing your sister."
! "Haven't you?" murmured little
Jimmy in a pussh-d tone, "Then I
j wonder why she told tne to tay that to
I foul1"—Loudon Tatlur
|    To rob a swallow's nest built in a
j (trohouse was held in the olden time
| tu be ii more I.-nifiil »ncrilcge than to
lion) a chalice from u church.
1    I have great admiration for the woman "who can rom-1 InqullltWaneiS or
i Impertinence with a single lotik.   Ami
' mo*it women can tlo it.
Many Kinds ef Knives.
An   estrauniiiiitry   ttiing   aimnt   the
cutlery trade is tne variety nt anlvea
made   At the HiUTolk wurbs In Mlitr*
Held, for liisiaiiee, they hare lu.uuu dir
ferent patterns on tbe booka    Tbey
make aniuetlmes H.issj patterns to or
der al on* time.   Tb* same thing it
true of the largt cutlery works at Ho
"Looil here, there is no ch.'ckeB In   llngen, Intlertnnny   One firm net VJOUO
this," be exelalfned patterns for Uirmnny atone New onee
"I guess not,'  w-^ tha unupeeted   ar* eonatanlly coming nuL    ln# 8uf
reply ol the Will*!      Perl a p. It Is   folk works nave average ten new pat
"fthen what d.0 m OdD Is ehlcken *£» ■*"*!? |? ^   ™** f
patty (or, if U«ra ti no .hckeo in w!f' ,hl" *"' "", ■»• standsrdia*a I
Ur" Inquired .. •■ imt** eaitniMr. *■»■ is on* ressoo why America has
"Well, if you bought a dig biscuit, '*■*'** Wtbtrlo to cotu|)ete.-(.asaiers
vou would nut Jtpeol '•" Iludaiiy dug slagasma
In it." ittorled th# wliter.--Satonday
la the Despairing C17 of Tii-Mi-MNda at
Mothers.     A   S<- -',-h »nm >.i   T"..*»
How 11-r Child was Cu-cO.
•"What ftr. I -to (or *•*.•* «ain.*ar-u-*t
baby T" Il<»* man j *.in>r*. -agrr^ -out
r*Mih-!f-i, » SSMfta i'* ' "f-nae •«tn
erttm*. tetter of otrt'-r lor'.urui-?. -I ja-fnr:nt
bunioi. ! -..- , «-i ■ -■ • :nia aaaataaM
Throtij-n n-ii" 1 of imp'oo->r tnwf m-**it.
r-oiTM minor --.;'■ lu t*'i:omt tain *
diiir-x'tiir* an.l untYf.:). aflUrin.n *4impM
trottm-Ttti UU and itront-f ono- »n> uiett.
aom-tin^i *» t,»r»n ttu*. lh* v fferlrt tt
>iir-»—-I  rmt!*i**i-  (h*n   SlUrH      e.*ee   p'o-
f«.| 1   il    a.l    I.I.    p'Jtul    l«t*(*>-*     ma)    *h#
t«*«r U enr-tHvarmi   -..:»-.   the ikin ^•*-.*>
mill   -.-"•i.ttw   fir.,',<•,    itralM   tt* ■: *
futurr |i,t4j 4 llt|t|l(UaW« •' pAf atri. l-.-t n.T lit
■tn •Rothofi. wbo ha-» emaaafll bmbV
*fbl4ftn'i • ift>l'if ruut *t; ha*> .f*t*'p*ie
Vn-   hi-1.   •-*--   nlcl'tt   scd  't-Hri'tirf
.-•*» tro   • Ul
Ontario's Mntral Output
Accurding to lb.* annual   report ol
Ihe mines branch of tlu- I)rparlm-*nt
of Mim-*, Ontario   produced   In   the
twelve   ithl   |ul,K'U,440   worth   ol
minerals, computed «iih   tai>,f)67,ioo
In the preceding year, sn Increase of  flamea and smoke, carrylni her Utile
If it ruins while Hip sun shines the
saying is thut thc devil in whipping
his wife.
A rent In a raincoat may be tnenrtpd
by applying a piece ot black silk court
plaster to the underside «l the tear.
inn is common to rich and
poor, old anil young, and in mitlx-r
BOntaglOUl uur an indication of unci. 1111111'--, a- some inppoee,
Tif'ihuig. Improper food, Indigestion, vaccination, poisoning by rlotll*
ing ur from ivy, etc., tut* named
among Mia cauges.
There     i-*     lllllitinlinittoii,       rediie--.,
heat, swelling, diHliarge,   (ormntlon
of cm-d. and ait tin- time annoying,
lroiil.lt rooms itching ami burning,
whieh often b.-coim-s SO tortiiiing SI
iu in- almost unondorablo,
This  ever   present   itching  U   what I about 7.3 per cent.
makes eetcma ->*i dreaded, im.l it i-*     Metals    Increased    'y   la.rv'a.'jT.i,
this feature  le  which   l)n  Ctiase'a atructural   materlati and  clay  pro-
Olnlmcnt gives   relief   from   almosl ducts by i&.pvi.'wi. mid  other non-
the first application, ; metallic product'  by  ll.0UI.5as.    Oa*
Or. Chase's Ointment is not only  tarlo led all the piovlneaa by produo.
ili-lii/htfiilly sooUilna. Imt io a wonder  Uu 40 per cent, of tht* whole.
as a means of healing the akin    lt(
is  not  lung before  Ihe  rnw.  itching ■  ■—-—
sores are thoroughly   cleansed,   the,The rattlesnake, before he itrlkoa, «ill
itching lubdoed un.l the proeosa of I        want)
healing begun    Persistent   treatment! The speed flond hits you Ural, then
will then   bring   about a thorough blows his horn I
This great olnllii.-nt i*- ftlwayi belie-;    Save nil Iln ply Spools, nnd wlnn
1 i• -l.iI  to the Akin,    making    it soft, any dyeing Is <1  in the household
-in-'..th aud velvety, nnd, besides be. drop the spools Into Ihe fluid for a few
ing the most effective treatment: mlnutci and tiny *|)| make line play-
known for the cure of ecr-tuia, i. use*] thing-* lor the ehlldron *»ti 11 rainy day.
(ul in every borne in 11 score of ways.
Mothers use Dr. Chnse'M Ointment j    \ new Ice erenm Ireeaer slmuld be
for tbe  fhnllm* and  skin  troubles of painted both Inside mid mil before be.
their babies In prefeieiien in unsnnl- ing used.   Such treatment  will keep.    „        .
tary pore-clogs Ing powders; 00 cents the hoops Irom ruling nml make lho I wnirn  amm  w*r
Tht Irwptrtant Qutttlan.
Th* new llreuiau wat telling hla win
about the fir*
"11 broke out al mMnlaht In Ihe Toa
Rlffera' house on the avenue." h* said.
"snd Just as wt got trw* Mint voa
BIlTer   cume   ttumbllng   not   of   tbe
otece all wrapped up In her arma
was th* brareat act I ever saw."
"What  was the wesrlngr inquired
tb*   flremans   wire-Cleveland   I'lslo
iW-tv  r-hn-ti ih»y   a
_..<i-".i.-■■! im i-etiie.
Uttrr :■ ■ M ■ 1 I Rata. I Uu,r» St ,
ln*vf.|.i- - .- , : «-:».. -•.! u *«a
k*ri ■ ■•■  l-ilr -,-
"I BSjObth ..-■■ ■-.»■' ' ' rsp ' "'r't
tbla **i»ii».l t'.» ■■ :#n.« ■•• '••«« " M
n,oi.tru n|.| s .* »». i n »«fi*l ■•»» ill
dv« li" '"i-lr ■• ■ ' «■■< ■ i ■ • *-f * .(*,-- *ouM
Mover || K* -.*. ■ tl ■ *■' ft »t •'■<** fee
about • ino-.tn. --i « 1,11 i » . t- u Wi ' '•*»
h*f .ll-> T*i- I • ■ •■ r- • IM ir ot" n rut
lo rut) :\rt * .i . '..-. ta ' •   - -. r*fm    Ht
tn.itin- mat tome tram - *» »i-l ti* n#i4
nw I., i i r .-. n i ii .im . ■ tad t nsfe kef
out  'itk-.j .  gasp      H««  »** >  nil
SllT»fr„-     »-.^l     I      U.r.)     t'f     flit    b  ■ U
#-«. ti- I ta MotSf met an.l -l» -l*;i. I w<-4
lti-  Imim   ,f  rutt-uri   •  i   ■<■  ■   ■  ■"-    ■*
**• -i ut> mM     Bh« 11* tr- tuw-i ifctn
anil |. Ma lilt-at l-*ti| ni»t M' I- an r if ta,
IN- Otr-UH . --.     • am t. ■   lo t-u      r-
bwlr  UMt  tt
Ami fiat Iba itn-r*« of U.e Ctit>nr»
R-.iii-.il.-. i. ii'i ■■■■• .■ t* i)m> tni'i: *r.|
of tciomv t. imi . provfa \y lira. M A.
■eawtrtfi crt aprtorv>ilii A\e., Utu.ii,
btkh, wfit, mtiim
eiont;,. ol i
ti-.l     At that  tin
WUH prfH-KIr haal SI
It V  own ■ . , i t,n
out In ■■.,.. ont art*
a- l  I
iHid  • .-  .
I it I
ma It f"tai for It t'lt/H
»■ t-i! '■     !-' ■ t »■:.:■   t
e»d  (utkma Hoa|. ar.d
'     «.( Uii tr
„.   tl.lek   any ore- -
Oatkuts ReSMdlci loo I f-i>i> ■■
Flvt Rlvret.
There are five riven in the world
imj     |«>tt:-^a>nm.iafi    |"'n.i.r,    w    n'liiii  nil1    IHHiji-   iron.   I if'I nip.    ""   •"•" l  jj.aa^      ™t . WllllOn     SflUMrt   I
a box, at all dealers, or Kdmanaoti,  freeser latt a great d-nl longer as a  ",™.1 **" ara the Ainaton. U Hia- ]
Hates A Co   Limited, Toronto. I ooiuwquenoe • **' Oo1, Ko"«0 ind Mlaslaaippl
Willing lo Tunt It
"John, thnt mun neil door came over
here Imlny nml offered to tone little j SSfcra
Lncy'a piano** j tnttr.
"Oreat!   Did yon let htro do lir       \ ■*■*!&., m . ,   - ■ ■ ■■
^..      . „ .. nu •notii-ri mar  t.-t  tic .n--i»v ird
"No. oenr.    He wanted to tuna It ' fonomr of ttt* run. ,ir» n,r.ifi>* lot tt..m-
Wltb ao air-Halilmore Bun. 1 BBg? iSSNSaa VaasTAWitS
Si tlielkatlnn. a c< na-rn.i-.trUl 11.» (.ICi.tkurt
Int-iii-nl, «iiftlrl->iit loiftiud in tntrllai* ttlkl
In itin mn*t (ll«tf*«alne fnrnu oi e-i.trn,
rsSMS, Itrtilnr** an.l •raltnft of ll- ikln at<\
waiii  Dader ths wgomet of mlkvrt oim-
Ci-nt tht Itcbtal an-l burnlH nop. ih* rlilld
lh Into h i-!--.!,i„( ,|„ |, ti,-. nmbfl tntt,
and for th« fif.t ttm*. *>*rh»p« In manv voihi
feere trail- nn i dUlrart-xl I •■'„■,m     f**,.
lutkti'a  R*rnrdt-ta aro  told   mr diuultti
Whal do we Mr* fr*T tr It Is not to
make tif* test ditti.uii to each otber)-
Qeorgs Eltot
r-'mint-rlr (ThS New Km.)
{', A. li\» 11KR, I'liltllHlier nml Proprietor.
GlauMta ,„tv,.itls,.ii,,-i,i,. i cell, per w..r,t writ
ti. i.r.tm.., ,'li.,i.^.-..i„ ru.l.Vis.ii,l|.,'.t littt-r Him.
Ontario normal Bolioois arc
thing tin. Adamles!   lCilon
a.   Tlu" proportion. <»f itudonta
ttt'iiiliuu'r is seven irirls U. ono
•Mora Wiiai
• a a    A
taattir >,
Snld l.y Merchants of Uliilliwneli, Rosotlitlo, mul Atcliolit".
I 4
Dairy Farm! j
80 Acres, nil cleaved and undoi-cultivalioii, 7 Room *
House, Barn nnd Outhouses, Private Water Supply. }
Good Orchard, Buildings rained nt $0000, beautifully
situated, 200 yards from s.-i I, 2 miles from Post    *
Office, 4 miles from Church. Tlio soil is tho best It. lie t
obtained in this valley and produces 4 tons of hay *
per acre, everything in first-class condition. ♦
Price $20,000,
$1I),(HII) Cash, Balance 1" suil purchaser.
I Fall Goods to Hand
|  Trouserings, Suitings and Vestings
Fit, Style and Workmanship Guaranteed
Agent tor Tl..' Only itelinhlo
SO cents |H-r liotllc .it iln- iloro.
[  G. C. CARTER  . Merchant Tailor
Situated ten niinulcswnlk lo post office.
All in first-clnss elate nf cultivntioii,
high, dry nnd level, wilh wide frontage
..it Charles Street.    Kaeh i|ii:ii'li-r-in-re
hus a hnnilier "f clmiee fruit li s in
full  Iwni'illg, nnd   lli.   priecs  ine  Iplllo
reu ihle.
The ChilliwacK Specialist
llm electric ,„M,',.
j   11... .lis,  ft'lllrll
I  tl,,. rlwlrlc nirn.nl
will .1,, llglil
-Have You Seen Them ?-
tin- handy iiiitiii-rH-
Inn lnnit-r f"i lmll<
int* irnlei t|ulrkly.
iln- in<lii| sable
Itllt'lll-ll   t-ollVl'lt-
li ii.. im'IrntiliiRiley
|ir..|i in ul nur
Chllllwaek nfflre
nntl Iiavt these appliances   l\|.|ltillt'i|
to na.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Limited
Subscribe for the Chilliwack Free Press.
A 111111111111:1* Hi'it'iitmt asserts tlmt
AtliiH, wliti i* credited with lmltliiiK
Up tlio wofltl n fow  centuries  ;ip
wim 11 woman.   This statement we
11 unit- mi lu-,' day while  In*  wua  o
liiswuy ItoiilQ froina t-luiri'li bnuutr,
How niuoli tin1 event Imh mount
in modern olvlllwttion will prnlmlil.v
never Ih* ri imputed, hut it i-> interest-
itin to know llmt Kriilny wan the
anniversary nf the printing nl' thr
first English Bible in 1536.
Wc heard n good story told of n
Vancouver doctor the other   day.
Ik- is dabbling quite a little in real
estate and when a patient culled fnr
a prescription, it read as follows:
"Take one dose immediately after
dinner, balance ti, 12 and IS
Every schoolboy knows that n kilt-
will not liy unless there is a string tying it down. It is just sn in life.
The man who is tied dmvn hy half a
In/en hliH-iiiing respunsiliilites ami
his mother, will make a higher
stronger light than the haeht-lor, who
having nothing to keep him steady,
is always lloiuidering in the mud.
If yon want to ascend in thc world,
tie your self to somebody ur noinc-
thiug worth while.
With a view to furtlTer enriching
the splendid game resources of
British Columbia and to widen the
lield fnr s|*>rt for tho large numbers
of well known hunters tif big game
coming to this province every year,
the provino.fll government has undertaken the stocking of Queen Charlotte Islands with deer. Already
several line specimens have been
placet! no the islands, and more will
Is- captured ami conveyed there.
Thc Chicago health department
I ms proposed that wholesale egg dealers lie obliged to use cartons holding
half a dozen or one dozen eggs each.
These cartons are to Ik marked' 'storage,"or "fresh laid," according to
their contents, and sealed hy the
house selling to the retailer. The latter then would be compelled to sell
the eggs in the carton, with seal unbroken. Such a law might not work
out badly for consumers in various
parts nf Canada.
Tho I.aurier Cabinet resigned thc
offices of state on criday morning
after fifteen years and three months
of responsibility. The new administration will be made up as follows: It. L, llordcn, Premier and
President of Council; Mr. Martin
Bur roll, Minister of Agriculture; Dr.
.1. I'. lieid, Minister of Customs;
Mr. W.T. While, Minister of Kin-
i : Mr. W. It.  Xante),  Minister
of Inland Revenue; Hun. It. Rogers
Minister of the Interior; lion. C.J.
Dohorly, Minister of Justice; Mr.
T. W. Crolhers, Minister of LiU.r;
Hon..). I). Haien, Minister of Marine and Kisheiies;Cii|.Siiiii.lIuglit-
Minister of Militia; Mr. I..P. Polio
ier, Poslmnster-denemli Mr. F. D
Monk, Minister of  Public  Works
Hon. I;r:ink Cochrane, Minister of
ItaIItrays and Canals; Dr. W. .1
Roche, Set-ieiaiy nf Slate; Hon. 0
(I. Poster,   Minister  nf Trade and
Cnnniii-rci-;   Me--r-. A. K.  Ken
tien. 11. Perl-ay and Senator .1. A.
I-Qiigheod,  ministers without port*
The high price   of sugar in   Ibe
I'liiled Stales has led Hie Pittsburg
grocers to supply their patrons with
sugar in bags Waring lliissliiteinent:
"Tho tariff on sugar Iwnofits nobody
"but the sugar trust. Were It not
"for the tariff and thc trust this pack
"age would cost you two cents a
"pound less. Crge your congress,
"man to vote for thc removal of the
"tariff on sugar, If he don't do it,
"don't return him to Congress. It
"isn't our fault." This appears to
Ih* a pretty effective way of getting
after the trusts.
Uis Excellency Karl Grey was
tendered u banquet tit Montreal on
Oct. 4, by the leading citizens.
Some oOO business and professional
men attended. The most notable
speech of the evening was made by
Ifiogiicsl of honor, who on rising to
respond tn the toast tn himself was
received wilh rounds ot applause.
Earl Grey paid a compliment to Canadians of French descent, who figured so largely iu Quebec province.
"The people of UlUUulfl are to ho eon-
graliilaled," he said, "nil tlieir gn.u|
fortune in possessing 80 large an 111-
fusion nn gallant courtesy and charming characteristics in their national
coin posit inn." "Lnyalty and courage aroqiialltles near akin lo courtesy •
They How as naturally as that of
courtesy through tho veins of every
Canadian nf French descent." As
governor of Canada I have no politics.
I nm the constitutional mouthpiece
of Sir Wilfrid Uturior ono day and
OIr.lt. I,. Borden tho next. Hut
as goveiior-gcnorul I have a standing
quarrel with anyone whose |H>liuy it
is to stir up racial differences, "ll
is a wise rule to look mil for 111 those
with whom we live points 111 which
we agree, nol for those ill which WC
differ. To recognize, loo, tho points
of the excellence in the Cnnnd
I'mli-i- instructions from
i i.i
i ii
Wit., Im. dial
wil by I'ul.lli
altniitctl ill.
...I .
tiis fiinn, mi- wil
Awllon ..ii tlm prctiilai's
mill's .'iisl nl' L'liillivviu-k
.11' Yuli  Road, mi
Wednesday, Oct. 13, 1911
UK ul I
iiB drat:
bail an
L-k, vfi
Kit-ii.l. uWenl should lie II Iti.rl
of Cnnntlintis uf Knglish tlcsi-enl ttml
vi.'i'-vi'i'su." Tin' s|»'iik,'r mltit'il
Iluil hi' regimletl tin- iiilialiiluitls id
lh.- proviui 1 Qneltcc us lit,' ttiiist
loynl subji'i'ts ol tl ri.wii.    "I
know," licifnitl, "tlmt wlien llio in-
tcri'stsiifilii' lli-itish crmvn.on whoso
strength they ,1.-,h-i..I for their iniiin-
t.'iiHiu',' nl tlii'ir liberties,  itri1 eu-
dimgereil tho people of Quel  will
priiiluri' an oxamplo of loyalty ivhlcli
will thrill tho whole world,"
Publicity in iln' keynote to succoss.
Advortise in the Free Press for good
I Ml I
i'nkl-up Capital uml Re
llllll T.s
Nn. I—Auutl    lllllll     Mure,     ivelglll
17001b.., in Koul l<. ll.ijiil Cltlwli.
N... •_'  Mare, 0 yctira old, weight about
ITim lbs., in fail,
No, H—Mare, S ycuinold, weight about
171.111a,., ill Folll,
Nn. I—Man', (lyenrsold, weight about
I7mi ii.s , in Poul to llaroii Mtininitiii'
No, -i—(ii'Minir, 7 year, old, weight
uh limn n.s.
No. 0—Three yeur old Urnfi UeMIng
No. 7—Two yeur old Draft Oclillii||.
Nn. H—ll,,.- yearling Filly.
No. li—llm' yearling Filly.
No. Hi H..u.lsi,r Filly, -' years old,
siiv.l l.y Glengurry l-uti-lien.
No. II—Hiulllon, II year old, broko In
lltirill'SS, wolgbl I'niii II.S.
CATTI.K im taiNHKVs)
No. I—Deiilnnlaa Colin,  N". H',7l"J, H
year. ..1.1,  bred by .1. N. Uroeii'
bIiHiIh, iia.tvlll.-, tJiielMCi Milking
uml in Cult.
No. 2—Judith nl Olon Oroi-o.   No.
L'.'.:ns, bre.1 by J, 0. Henderson,
riiilliwiirk. :t year old,
N.i. n—Iluil, li.niiilil ..I I'lilf, Im.l by
F, Htiu-lnlr, ui Agassi., a yoitraold.
N... 4—WcHlern  Uul,  So,  Iikiiw,  11
i lis old, lum"' Iind.
»« 6—Vlolol ol Glen drove, bred by
Muiii'v l.oiiiit'ii tu ResjioiiBibli
Aooottnts Oponod on Fitvornbl
fl 1,000, ouo
■ Terms.
{  Ciiii.i.iwack Buancii   -   N. S. MaoKenzie, Manager
*****■: ***********************************************
Hum R m tkm R NT
Abbotsford Timber % Trading
Co., Limited
Office md Yirdi, YOUNG MAD
Wn havo a oomploto stuck ot l.unn Joists, Hough
uinl Dl'OSBod l.iiinlii'i', I.ntli, Shingles, Kiln Dried
Flooring,  Coiling,  Siding, Mouldings und   Finish.
Lime, Coinont nud Flastor,
Prompt attention given to all orders.
Opposite It. ('. K. stutii.it
Fitted with  modorn eon-
venienees   nnd    comfortnbly
Iiirnislii'il throughout.
D. I. MatLENNAN, Froprl.lor
I t
Macken- |
Smith      |
will be glad
to furnish you
with an estimate on your
lumber bill
whether you
place your order with them
or not.
|    Phone 86
Lumber Co.
.1. ('.   lloiulorDoti, Cliilliwai-k
jt'iirs oltl in full  milk uml in Calf.
N... tl •Queen Vii*.,  !Wo"0, !l yours nlil
bred l>y'InirgoStt-wurt,<'liilliwmk,
(lut- in I**■»*.
No. 7—Throo year <*M n-Kifii-rtil Cow;
<lin- in November,
No, 8—I'rliiewH Muy of Glen Orovo,
82701, lin-.ll.iv.l l.y .1. U. hemler*
hid, Otiilllwnck, is iiiontliM.
No. I*.--Muy Flower Queen, No. 32681,
bred by George Stt-wurt, 2yi-nr.*i
•ikl uml tlm- ,-iu.ii.
No. 10—Queen ol Uieu Grovo, JM006,
linil liy ,1. O. Ileiitlurson, CbllH-
wui'k, It) moiitliH old.
Xo. II—Western   Model,  Nu. 80240,
bred l>y J. 0, Henderson, Chilli*
wnelc, H tuoniliH old.
No. 12—Two CfdveBi, eligible to r*.**jin-
t rut ion.
Eight Cows, Milking—8 (roth and S in
full milk, duo to Calvo In 1012: three 3
old Heltera in Cftlfj two 2 yenr oltl Ueifera
mul 1 Yearling.
Twenty Ewes, registered andellgiblo lo
rvgislrtillon;  \« l*ambs; >t Itum l^ttniis:
2 RtUllH.
ril.'Sl i A-it-iViiHnt'sri'iii: mtvit, IIBOtBTBHKD
tlm- lli.ur, lOmonllmold, lirt'dliy Ciirrii
Morristowu, OnUirloi I Hour, lo mouths
ol.), home bredi 4 young Boars and 0
liruml Sows, nil bred|:- I'ulaml Chinas,
4 mouths old; 2 Sows nnd I Hour.
Two down pure bred I'lyiumnli Rocks; ■
I .Io/. ii |itm- ln'i-il I'lymoiith Rock**, Cock* \
TERMS—All nimsof $25.00 or under, j
caslit over tlmt amount, :i mouths credit
will Im- given onfiirtiistilngapproved Joint;
not- bearing Interest at the rate of (K\).
por annum.
NOTE-Tho Branlord Bros, an* well
known throit-jhout B. (). as breeders of
pure bred stock. Dck'i fail to Attkm) !
tii 1*4 sai.k nml Ht'fiiri- soino wt-ll lnr<l
Guernsey Cnttlr. It is thi mar auction
sai.b opGiwrnseyi in H. C^sodon't turn i
iiti-* opportunity.
F. J. HART tt CO., LTD.
Local Manager
Chilliwack Steam Laundry Co. I
T. E. HALL. Proprietor
PKone 172
Ludies and Gentlenien'fi Clothes yteiiin Cleaned
A Specialty.
All Work Promptly nnd Neatly Executed.
Parcels Called For Every Morning.
If Your Lights Go Out Phone 178
We sporlnlizc in Private Installation* and Motor Work.
Prompt attention iciv.-n to Houae Lighting.
Phone 178 Klectric Sign* ami Arc Lights. Phone 178
In un effort lo establish n gallery of
pioneers of ilw Fritter Valley, I will
give to every man who hu been u n--
rudi'lil    of llii'   Valley   not   IcM Ihun
twi-iiiy-iivt- wow and who Is eligible
i<> inembcnlilp in Tin- "i-l Timers
Association, one large Plat Ine Finish
nliMngraph ol himself, iiiltttblo for
iiiooiiiL', free.
PrnvMed, ihitl In- will hhm Io my
studio hefore tin- iip-i of November
next uml i*ivr n few moments of bin
lime in un effort to obtain a likeness
iluil will nol only Ih- it credit to llllll*
M'lf and tin ploiwow «'f tlio Valley,
Imi (In- Studio UH w.-ll.
L. F. CROFT, rhotor.rapl.er
Tk* Nat Sta-la   Ckllliwuk, I. C.
Ask Your Grocer For
Nabob Coffee
Forty Cents a Pound
| A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd. j
Rm-k Crushers Road Muchim-ry
Mining Mui-hliH-ry Boil.
C'oulractors' E<|iilpmeut
-*j Etigiiu-s
Iiit.-rsiitu* AnlotiioliiK-H
Farm Implt-im-nli*
Dairy Supplii-s
t iruinni Motor Trilrlts
Ilan-lwood Milking Machines
1048 Main Street
Vancouver, I.C.
Publicity  is the keynote   to  success.
Advertise in the Free Press for results.
Do You Own Your Home ?
Wc have a very select list of fine Dwellings, well situated and
every convenience. Prices and Terms to suit all.
For further particulars apply
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
The Chilliwack Specialists —-
Reciprocity is Bust
A.ml Canada Is doing business at the same old stand,
Su are we with a Full Line ol Sporting Goods.
The run on those goods lins been phononienal with us
ami we have had to sort up again ami again.
In Guns we have  L. C. Smith, Tobin, Remington, ;;
Ithaca in double barrel ami pump,
lu single barrel we have Stevens and Osborne,
A Full Line of Fishing Tackle and Ammunition.
Shooting Cunts, Vt-sts nml Waders,
Slicker Water-pi f Coats ami Hats,
Call nnd see the bost assortment ol Sporting Goods ;;
ill the Valley.
Hart Block
We have in stts'k a number of standard door", assorted
sizes, wliidi wc purchased at ti simp price.    We bought
these doors right and will sell tlu-in right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare llioM with regular pricei and corno uml see Iln
il.s.i.s. 0 illy its they will mil hml long lit theiopricM,
f. O. Box 24S
Phont > 121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
Successor in WM. ARCHIBALD
Estimates Given
Phone 68
P.O. Box
A bupc outside opinion of tho recent decision regarding reciprocal
trade with tho Unhod Blates ua
published in tlio Times of New
York, ia rathor Interesting uml is
hero reproduced   in part:
It cannot escape tittcnlion thai
tho leading note of Canadian ami
British comment on the defeat of
reciprocity is tlmt tbe empire is
saved. On all sides the verdict of
the electorate is Acclaimed as a
triumph of loyalty overeomitiercial-
istn. The sordid Yankees proposed
a business arrangement wlueh
would have nmdo the conditions of
living a little easier on both sides.
Imt the bribe was spurned. In the
words of the next premier, '"(■onti*
tin has wisely determined tlmt for
her there shall lie no parting of the
ways, bul that she will co nl In tlo in
the old path of Canadian unity,
Canadian nationhood, und Itritish
Connection," Ho be il as a mutter
of politics, an elen.ent which no
eheinist'siTiieilii- could possibly extract from the agreement itself.
Commercially it is otherwise,
Canada is not at the purling of the
ways with her trusts, aud in her
trade with Britain, but past tin-
parting, the election to the contrary
notwithstanding. Thu colony will
trade where its profit lies, imitating
therein the motherland. And the
nation above our bonier will deal
With its trusts as wc have dealt with
ours iu duo season. Our dominant parly fouud its error in risking
another campaign on "high and
higher" protection, and Mr. Borden
deceives himself if he imagines a
mandate secured on a cry of loyalty
is a license to heighten the cost of
living for the benefit of the monopo
It is a dangerous victory for loyalty which places upon it the burden
of costly trade connections with
England rather than profitable
commercial relations with the Unit-
I .States. It is moreover, a sort
of loyalty which the motherland has
repeatedly and specifically declared
is unwelcome to her in this case,
nnd whieh iu other capes, when
practiced by England, 1ms resulted
in rebellion. It is an anachronism
that either a colony should exploit
thc motherland or a motherland
should exploit a colony. The sort
of loyalty associated with jmiierial
preference instead of American re-
■iprocity involves both branches of
this dilemma. A British duty imposed to give preference to Canadian foodstuffs in thc Tinted King-
Imn would lie thu exploitation of
British consumers for the colonial
producers. On tbe otber hand, the
motherland would be exploiting her
-hildreii if she required a loyalty
which should give her manufacturers an effective preference in Omnia. Neither side is prcpiyed for
such a sacrifice to such a loyalty.
Both sides have made public record
of the fact. Last February the
party which uow is putting an imperialist interpretation upon the result of the Canadian election made
a motion in the same sense in tbe
British House of Commons, ind
was rejected by 102 majority, or
double the majority of the next
Canadian premier. In tbe words
of Mr. Asquith:
"If we had stopped tho 'disastrous' agreement wl.at would bave
happened? The Canadian farmer
would have been getting less for his
corn and paying more for his
agricultural machinery, ami the
Hiitish consumer would have been
paying more for the necessaries of
life. Is that the way to cement the
The House cheered ami laughed,
and voted contrary lo the vote of
tbe hominion. On the morrow of
the defeat of reciprocity ami of the
triumph of loyally in Canada, the
market-* for foodstuffs and securities
proved tbat the British premier was
right, and that Mr. Borden til mod.
out Sir Wilfrid on a falsi' issue. It
would bo easy to fill a column with
the mere names of the statesmen
and editors of Kiiglaud who approved the declaration of the British premier, supported hy similar
votes on three occasions.
Iu Canada tho situation is the
same. Tbe very farmers who persuaded Luurier to adopt reciprocity
declared their intention to have it
with or without government assistance and simultaneously declared
for an increase of British preference
which experience has shown to have
an inadequate effect. Will tbe
Canadian manufacturers who caused
the defeut of reciprocity on the
loyalty cry support an increase of
the preference and stand a real
competition with British manu-
fuetnrcrs? The question answers
itself. An InorenSQ of trade at tlieir
expense is equally obnoxious
whether nmdo by Americans or
British. The loyalty which lias
triumphed is not the generous
loyalty of kinsmen bound together
for better or for worse, iti prosperity
or adversity. It is sentimental,
irrational loyalty of Canadians to
Canadians. It is a decision which
tho Canadians hnve an entire right
to make, but it is bused on nn mi-
British ami decadent theory of
economics, and on a mistaken view
of Canada's interest. When Cnnada makes up her mind that she has
suffered enough iu the mime of
loyally she will change her mind,
ami will see lhat there is no question of loyally involved, nor any
antagonism of Canadian und Im*
|Wrlal interests.
The mayor of a New Jersey town
has resigned his ofllco alleging that
be could not accept nil the Invitations
to have some thing" extended by
admiring citizens. His mental
capacity was nil that could Ih* desired
but storage was limited.
The Chilliwack free Press from
uow until Dec. ill, 1!»12 for 81.00.
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Tinier Instructions from
of Chllllwaek, B.O.
Who have ilisj.tistil nf tlii-ir farm, we
will si-ll hy Public Auction, ou
Tuesday. October 17,1911
On tlu- Premises situated on the Yale Rd,
*-''... miles east nf ihe City of Chilli waek,
commencing at I o'clock,  the follow in-.*
described property, viz:
1 Hi Miu:n Bess—Rwtfltcrcd Shin- Marc,
eight years, in Foal io Imported shire
2 lit miikk Smart— Registered Shire
Mart*, three years, in Foal to Shin-
:i Sqriiti HtMitKR—Horst- Coll, eligible
to registration,five uinl half months uld.
4 Standard Hred Mare, three years old,
broke lo all harness.
5 Roadster Marc, three years old, broke
lo all linni.--j.
(I   Standard Filly, two years old. aim) by
Glengarry Pau-hen.
7   Shetland Ponies.
1 Joy—Registered Red Polled Cow, four
years old, fresh.
2 Sviiai.—Registered Red Polled Cow,
aged.dite lo freshen in spring.
:i  ('arsation—Registered Red   Polled,
five years old fresh.
4   lAKICBAK—-Kenisterrtl  Red polled Heifer, iwo years old, in full milk.
Ross Prxiun—Regsitcred Rett Polled
Cow, six years old, noted winner.
I) SroKAXK— Registered Red Polled Cow,
six years old, due in April
7 Dairy Maid—Registered Red Polled
Heifer, two years uld. in full milk.
s   Lav—Registered   Red Polled Heifer.
three yearn nl.l, In-li.
8 Milk MAto-RcgUtered Red Polled
Cow eight yearn old, due* November I.
10 Xn-t-A— Registered Red Polled Cow,
live years uld. in full milk.
11 ClIXHBV—Red Polled, one year   old.
1*2  ltiiuitK 2nd—Red  Polled, one year
i:i  Canadian Bkaitv—Red Polled, om
year old.
14   BrtOCK-Red    Polled    Calf,   eleven
mon I lis old.
i"i   pANsv-Red     Polled    Calf,    eleven
in. mt lis uld.
10  Mri.i., Dun of Wnrrnoun— Four
yean old,   registered Red Polled, bred
by It. K. Hun-lay, of Van ver Island
B. 0,
17    KrrMKV-RegMcre.1 Rid Pulled llllll.
iw.i years uld.
is  Rovai.Suffolk— Registered Red ."oil*
I'd P.iill, boil by Witby, Ktulerby. B. ('.
m  Registered Red Polled Bull.
Also several  Spring Calves eligible to
registration, and several tirade Cows.
Twelve  Hues and  the Ram**, Dorset
Homed, regi-tered.
Twenty-five registered Bssox Hogs
Two down punt bred While f^ghomi,
.me .in/en Plymouth Hocks, liamdawn
iiim k Orpington Cockerels.
i farm wagon! i farm irmi-,1 democrat
nearly new, I buggy nearly new, 1 mower
I rake, I cutting Ihin, I plow, 1 harrow,
l dim-, t cultivator, 1 rimici Jr. drill, I
IH) Laval cream separator, rapacity 1200
lbs. j,. r hour, and other dafry utensils,
also hoes, forks, chains, Mucks and other
articles too numerous to mention,
TFRMS-All sum** of 826,00 or under,
cash, over that amount, It months' credit
will Ih* given on fiinunhiiig approved joint
note, In-aring Interest at the rate uf eight
percent (H\) per annum.
This is an excellent opportunity for a
beginner 1*1 get some good foundation
siock. Mr. Maynard has been one "1 the
largest exhibitors in B. 0, for yearn and
has un several QCCaatoiu carried oil more
premiums than any other exhibitor.
The famous Red Polled, Dual Purpose
Cow, Dorset Horned Sheep, 2 crops of
lambs per year, Shlro Horns, tho Draft
Horse uf fine OOtlon. RlMIMBIR Tit v.
Datk, Tub Puck, and dk Thkkr.
F. J. HART ft CO.. LTD.
Last Call
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The crowds are too large in the
afternoon for comfortable shopping.
The End of the Sale
the final close out
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The Last.
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body but yourself.
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Csp-i-rlfjlil, 1901. br tl W Daltinjhtm C.   j
JAMKS SMITH. superintendent of
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company's dock* t»ni iirrlveii n
response to tho presldi'iil's ati'it
limns, conveyed in lilin liy Itlt* lele
|.hml.- siiiiUi. known io to- hiinlllnr-
•i Jlinay, wus a tnii. gaunt, iiiigulni
until, bearing nil uvi>r him Hie hIiuiii
of westerner    He was. in hiet, I	
Coluratlo, where tie began Ills iHh'i'
career liy engUUltlg I" lllllllllg SuitH
success alleiilletl Ills efforts hi ltil> ill
nt-itun. however, nntl after Working
with   the   (lotu-ed   (lelermliitiili.il   llllll
wai om* of his iraits uuin even ni-
patience was exhausted in- Until I)' en
tern! ihe  employ   id   Hie   HH>aiushl|i
company In whose service he liiul
risen lo liN present noallliih, wllh
bendquiiricrs In  New York
There WUS something a limit Siultlt
thai ciiiisetl uieu. uinl women also, fui
Ibat mutter, lo lake lo him on slgtu
The unbounded gitud tint ure. Ida tieari
rdness and u tine I tts linens ticnmlii--, hi
bit blue eyes and In his whimsical
■mile were written In every line ol his
clean shaven race. Another thing Hint
made him remarked by all who etuue
lo contact wim him wan his absolute
Imperturbability. In nil tils thirty-
■eveu yearn of existence he never hail
been kuown to "gel a mure on." mil
even when a premature blast lu n
mine bad aenl the diggers heller skelter for -safety and carried deaih uml
•unVrlnj: lo many. Smith hnd wiilketl
tranquilly away timid tbe rain of rm-k
and earib until 11 wai all over Then
ba bad returned and or-jhiiizod ihe
work or rescue, his iilacldiiy musing
tbt others Instinctively to look to him
for direct loo. Nor wan bis ipeeeb
mora hurried limn were his move
tnents He spoke but lillle.and then
bla words cume In a quiet, even, dis
tlnct drawl. Itm be "cut there" as
quickly ai most men, and a good ileal
quicker Ibnn ■nine whose nerves were
highly strung and nlih whom rapidity
of action was ns necessary ns breath-
llii. for be was prowessr-d of keen power*! nf oiiserintloo and common sense,
an rnrursineHii of purpose Ibal guve
Ms uth*rnni-i*M welt*hi and an Intoicrltv
aa unshakable ns tbe rook ut illlinil
tar. As a titling, altmwl neeewiifj
complement or nm b a mil ure he was
endowed wlib a wiise of humor llllll
added not a Utile to tile iillnulluii he
esen-lsed fur those wim knew lilin
authcicnlly well lo Ite stile It) iippre
elate tils qtiiiiltli'K of Ill-nil uml udiid
He look a calm, sII embracing survey
Of Ihe office as lie entered, looked over
to Brooks' dusk nud saluietl blm with
I cordial motion of Hie hand and In
strut-led s boy to notify Capiulii Wil
Dams of bis arrival He wus ushered
Immediately lnio Hie elders presence.
Thai wonhy. who. like his silperln
tendent. was clean shaven, wns sealed
at hla desk lu his shirt sleeves, ami
tbe whole room, despite the wide npeu
windows,  wus Ihlek   from the n k«
from nn old blacltoiied corncob pipe, nl
which lie was pulltng rigorously. IP-
was a burly man. ami Hie short, HilcV
neck, the broad shmildera. Ihe isiwer
ful. big Jointed lingers ami Ihe UIU*
des lhat slood out In bttiiebea on the
hairy arms disclosed by his rolled ui
■blrt sleeves denoted Hml lie |>o**«**«se,]
unususl   physical   sirengtlt      An   Ugly
nitin to get Into an argu nt wllh was
wmioms. one wUo. It needed no uiintj
reader lo Judge, would be capable of
following ibe won) with a blow lhat
would crush nu ordinary opponent
For years, as Mrooks hud Inilmuted.
be bad led the roughest life n man
ran lend, hammering liy sheer brute
strength a way lo wealth by way*- In
which scruple hiid counted for uuitilng
al nil and expediency for a good deal.
and bis entrance upon n higher plain-
of civil Ha lino had nut Imparted much
polish to his iip|M-nram-e. ba lilts oi
■peeeb, which were I hose of the t.lil
time sailing ship mariner, rtllhoiiuh n|
late years he had striven io eonforin
more closely lo H» ein tuples of re
Onement he witnessed In Hie only |si
Ilia aoclcty I antl for, which withal or Hie family or his dead friend
Htiitiiey Harris, who was gem-rut man
nu'er or the IjiIIii Amerlean line wlu-n
be obtained control of II He had u
way of iilnrtng ai n pen-on from un
der his bushy eyebrnws wllh s seni
tiny thnt seamed io rend thruugh uml
up sod down him and made him masi
III Ml ease under It.
He made tils decisions promptly uu
thorltnilrely. afler the maimer of a
uiHti aceustoincii in command snd in
Im*   nbeted   without   ijiichjIihi.   ni.il   In
never rnatig.il iti.ni. m least In lib
business nml administrative dealings
Add to all this a inlet- like n highum
Ihe  effect  of   which,   w lien   lie   raised
II, wss, ss lie knew  fuil well, t nlil
his sillsirdlUHfes quake nml  lo lllllllll
dan- others wim had lo do with hi in
and It wilt Is* Milled ihnl he lived lip
fully lu his reputation or being n hum
For his quiet, uninnvnlite ami tlmr
oughly enpabie disk silperllllehdelli he
eiiierliilned    a    certain    reS|iert      He
knew from stperteiiee Hun the man
wns not the least till afraid ur even
dlHturtted by hi- bullying mun ner and
his  hellnwliitf  unit  Ihui   his  Blare,  nl
ways squarely inel, hud un mote I'ffecl
ti|Hiti him ihiin ll would hsve lipnn Hit
bronse itiiiiie of VVasttingiun which
si iind* sentinel on Hie steps ot th** mih
treasury In Woll sier-et,
Km (Hi lowered himself ilowlj nnd
easily lnio a big urimhulr beside Hie
president's desk.
. "Two delegates from Ihe Longshore
men's union were here Just now." an
nounced Hie captain. "They sny Hie
freight handlers nn* gfdtiu to sirtke."
"Vn-asT said Smith Interrogatively.
"Yes   Whai do you know about III"
"Nothing, eieept Hint they came lo
me wllh n demnnd for higher pay for
Ibe men.   I relet rnl Ihem tu vou,"
"Well. I didn't leave 'em any loop
bote fot doubt us io my position In th.'
"Vou turned I belli down?"
"Turned    'em   down!    or   course
Whut  iln yotl  think?   Suppose 1   tiunil
ed 'em ti rulso on n silver platter and
bowed 'em qui or ibe door?"
"i don't suppose anything about it
I'm asking for Information"
•'Them tWO bltitherslHle.s Pttme swag 1
gprlng iiiiiI blustering In here nnd snld ,
every lusi one or the men would null ,
tomorrow morning ut 11 o'clock uulesi
they got .1 cents more an hour. Tbey I
wasn't RWaggerlllg when ihey went ,
. out of here, I tell you. I pretty iotni
tiHik the starch OUl of  em."
A faint itnlle tinted over the superlu
lendenfs face, but hu ventured nu re
1 '-I told 'cm." Williams went on. "thut
I wouldn't giro 'em n cent a century
moro nnd io strike and bed—d I also
told   'em   ibal   any   man   who dltl  uu
i out would never gel another H- with
tht-* company, nnd, liy Ham, he won't!"
The captain*!  voice  hnd  risen  io a
rotir, nnd he brutlglff Ids list down nn
the desk Willi Itlcb force Hint pens Slid
pencils wctil  living In nil directions
nnd ihe Ink splashed frotU I lie wells In
their solid crystal stand.
"The in labor agliulors ain't got
no tmi Ion uf t he lit uess of t hlllgs
'Ihey ain't gut n grasp un economic
Conditions for n cent. They got lo tin
lomeltilng to live without working, so
every once In awhile they go lu tin*
men ns pays 'em lo he vvnlklug dele
gales, elves 'em some glib tulk about
tbelr rights nud advises 'em m strike
fur more money    Hu Ihey look around
i nud try io llud out whether nn advance is warranted by the conditional
Nary a look. Do uny of ihe men tbey
hand out Ihelr advice to iry to tlutl
out?  Not on your life!  They go ahead
; like n  lot  of sheep and strike und
starve, uud  blame  the result uu capital."
Smith nodded.
"If ihey carry out their throat and
I quit," continued the captain, "yuu
will clear all tho strikers from Ibe
dorks,   throw   'em   off   If   necessary,
' knock their silly blocks off, but tell
them its wants to work that full pro
lection   will   be   glreti      I'll   arrange
. wllh  police  headquarters to  have a
I tnifllcient fnne of bluecoats on hand tu
1 f-nurd our properly and will also tiuti
ti uur docks nl other ports lo be pre
pared You will Hi up uccommodullniis
for the strike breakers In Hie sln-d*
here until ihe trouble ts uver and
tiinke arrangements lo bring men from
tbe Inland cities. In this matter you
need spun- no es|ieiise Understand?"
"I guess so." replied Ibe superlu
"Then It's up to vou."
"Anything else yuu   want to see me
- about?'
'    "Not now   Von can gel lh touch wtth
1 tne uny time J'o« Wil III me.   Yuu kimw
about where  I'm  In be found."
Smith drew   b   his  lung tegs, raised I
himself from me chair and look up ,
hill imi to go.
-See here, smiili." said iht- capiata,
his voice rising gradually  lu Its fear- ;
some bellow, "It's nigh ou lo (wow-ore I
years Bluce I took my tlrst vessel, the
' Sally Moron, out of Frisco as master
and  owner. bUUIld   for  Hie south  sea
Islands to trade, and I've commtioded
my own ship every minute since and
held my own against all sorts uf lull   '
hers an would have done tin- and dune
for   me  If   they   could.     And   do  you |
ttilnk  I'm going IO be dictated  lu bv
Tho experience of Motherhood li ■
trying one to must women ami marki
distinctly an epoch lu their lives, Not
sone woman in shun
jltlit.l is prepared oi
\ understands  huw tc
Jjproperly care for her
[suit', tif i uut se near
I ly every woman now.
iadays bus medical
)l leal incut at tht
'lime of child-birth
)bui ninny approacl
the expei ieiit't- will
imiltteil for the trial ol
strength, and when the strain Is ovei
her system lias received a shock fron
which it Is hard lu recover. Follow
lint tight upon this comes Hie lieivom
Blralll or fining for the child, and I
distinct change In the mother results.
There Is uoihlug imirccliiirnithgthnt
r happy and healthy mother of elm
ilrcn. ami Indeed child-bit th under right
Conditions need he tio lilimd tohealt)
orboanty. Tho uuexplalmible thing i:
tlmt, with all tlio ovldence of slmltcrrt
nerves and broken health rt-siittiui
from an unprepared condition, woujei
will persist lu going blindly to the trial
It Isn't as though the eiperleni'i
came upon litem unawares. They ha*
ample time in whlcb to prepare, bu
thoy, for tho must pint, trust to ehanct
antl pay the i»tialty.
lu many homes once childless then
nre now children because of the far
that Lydta R. l'inkham's Vcgetabl
Compound makes women normal
healthy, and strong.
Any wniiimi who would Ilk*
(.peciiil advice III regard to ilo
mutter Is cordially Invited t
write to Mrs. riiikbnm al 1 ym
Mass. Her letter will be held 1
strict confidence.
Iramatl.t Louli N. Parker Can Claim
8aver.il Countriei a, Hi. Own,
Mr. IsQtlU N. I'lirkfr, who urnuifji'il
lliu nroot.ssiuii in cotlllectloo Willi tliu
iaukospeare bull at Lho Boyal Albert
Hull, recently, id a in.in ul Vurled lul-
lota, His lather wua au Americuii,
itt fflothur ao Bnalishwutuaii. he wa.,
ooru iu l-'rauce, iii. lirsl Immunise was
lluliuu, unu he WO. educuteu iu Ger-
Mr. Parker lirsl came as a stuileul
al lho Hoyal Academy oi Munio in
London, Uld while siuilyiiin music lie-
cume nu ardenl lirsl-niiiliter al then-
Ire und opera. 01 his many Irleud.
in those days wus Sir Herbert Tree.
"1 remember one famous Ural
night," says Mr. Porker, "at the Lyceum when we slood before the pit
entrance irom Ion ill the illuming ill
order to see Irving us Ingo. Huulli as
Othello, and Elloil Terry as De.de;
mono, Thu crush was terrillc, and
just before opening time an old gen-
iliiiiuu Immediately lu irunt ol mo
tainted, As there wa. uo other way
ol gelling him out, we hauled him
over tile people1, bends."
Hut  Mr.   Parker I
lid not waste his
»t the Royal Acad y ol Music.
Shortly alter [laving, lie was made
Director ..l Mu.lo nt Sherborne
Bohool, Here he p.i through an enor-
! ic,us ount "I mu.loal competition,
and hi, was ul-,. responsible lur the
erection ol a "model theatre" ou the
; sit,, ol a barn.
It wus in this liltl,. theatre that Mr.
Parker's lirsl play was porlonnod.   It
1 wus called "A Burled Tulont," and
j had quilt- a romantlo interest, Mr.
Parker hud given the inaliusorlut Ui a
I local iiuiii to he printed,
j The lute Noriiiiin Leslie one day elites! the printer'a little shop, saw the
1 play, i....k il to Ins lodgings, uml then
! loUIld the author, With whom he lllll.le
iiminee nts Inr its Immediate pro-
dlieti     Mr.  I.esl.e, however, ,lisn|-
1 poured, mid tor I..nil nothing further
| wus hoard ol "A Huri.-.l Talent id
one duy Mr. Parker received a letter
Irom .\ir. lieu Greet ottering lo pro,
, duce  it.
You havu probably boon thero yourself—porhups nro right now.
Brislit women all over Canada uro getting uwuy from this, They wet.
come MOONEY'S BISCUITS us a most nccoptubloBubBtitutelot
their own brum! nml biscuits,
iro tho crispest, creamiest. cTacltor. inniln.   Dottot itill, they
un liukeil in Wlnillpog i right nt your very door.     The
coino to you fresh ua thu product of your i
You can havo them in ulr-tiglit pack
or tioaled ti..s ml j..n prufur.
"Oil, so, so," nnstvon-d Itroults,   "lit
'lie liye. I'd he -infill  utnd If you'll colli*'
*i|i to supper ton l|ilil.   km mn tvus ««y
-nit only mis ntoruiii|t Hun wc Ittidn't
-n-fii iilijlliltiR of ymi for il  "i-i-k '■
"Thill's so I've t*ut to Ripiiire my
teif wiiti Bin inn, ihuunti tt hitsu'i been
my limit nlteueiher."
"Tlien we'll piped you to iiippcrr
"I isn't prntnlsc, beeniist* lie n ilenl
io du between now nud Hi's evening,
Imt  I'll come 11 I eiiti."
"8» long, Jluisy."
-So long"
And Smith s-iiiiitprcd out to Attend
to tine ni ihe gretiicsl eiuerttcneles in*
titid evej ix'.-i) en.led ti|H'ii to meet m
His life.
(To be continued.)
A Duke In Canada.
Cansdu is to huvu umuiig its ium-
mt-r iv sui en ia in..- year, living on his
own DStutti itiiir Uulgary, one who
holds tin: highest rank in the peerage
ul tin; United Kingdom. The summer
visitor will hi- Croitiartte Buthcrlatftt*
Leveson.Clower tpronouncctt bu-isoii-
Qore,) fourth Duke ul Sutherland,
whose title t-i carl was eonltrrrud nearly 7oy yean ago, 'Ihe duke i* ibe
largest land ownur iu Great Britain,
Ills estates iu Kugland mul jsi'-ihukI
aggregating 1,308.000 acres, The Scot-
tlm tenouti iiv.- .it the bleakest and
must barren part nf the H.-:hl:iii-l.-.
where the struggle lur existence i? a
hard one. Last year thi: duke, with
the idea u( establishing colonies ot
Ida Scottish tenantry in the Canadian
West, where tlieir tuil would be more
handsomely rewarded, bought 250,000
iier.s uf land in Alberta mid British
Columbia, u iai the route ot tin- Grand
Trunk Pacific, The Uud purchased
is uf twu kinds, uiii' suitable tor fruit
culture, tin- other fur mixed forming*
One hundred families were sent oilt,
siul luttlcd on toe land last year, During hla visit thia summer the duke
Intends to personally study the conditions ui tiie people and tu supervise
the distribution ut the land, ll.- will
likely be accompanied by the duchess,
who is a sister ••! Ua- present Karl uf
Ki.sslyn, the peer whu was an actor
fur Minn- years, and will be remembered by many renders who saw a
real live earl penoriuimj on Uie stage.
Tapettrlfls May Leave England.
Unless some effurt is mado to retain
the fiiini.us Mortlnko tapestries, after
Raphael's cartoons, it seems probable
that they will Hnd their way to America, aa it ia uudoratood that the Duke
61 Rutland, their present owner, has
received an offer Irom thnt country to
purchase them lor 176,000, und neither South Kensington nur the National
Art Collectors' Fund, altnough very
anxious to secure them for thc notion.
are in a position to exceed this offer.
The.se tapestries an' nu example ol
an art lost to England since the closing of the famous Mortlake tapestry
worka over 300 years ago.  The only
twu specimen.- nt this work belutiging
tn the public nre nt tin* Victoria ami
Albert .Museum, and are far inferior
to these Bel voir Castle tapestries. The
<:iie abniit tu he purchased fur South
Kensington whs hurned in the Brussels' lire last yenr.
These seven pieces are in nn excellent state of preservation. They were
made at Mortlake fur Kvng Chnrle*
I, and aubaequehtly sold by Oliver
Cromwell tu Lord Haddotl. They hutis*
for many years in Hnddnn Hall, and
came into the possession of the Duke
of Rutland's family with that finin.in*
building. They are now in the chapel
at Bel voir Castle.
Getting Rid ol Them Quick
\     A teacher, wishing to impress upon
her pupils the pupulutiun   tif   China
, said:
"The population ol China is so great
; that every    time   yon    breathe   two
Chinamen die."
Iu tt short time n little boy nt the
1 fool   of   the   dtlBS   WaS   notice   by   the
teacher   tu   be   lirejitliinj-   mid   putting
vigorously,   The lonelier, much alarm-.
■ ed nt his notions, inquired:
!    "Whal  ia the matter?     What   uu
earth are yuu doing:-"
1    "Killing Chinamen," wns tho quick
, reply.   "I don't like these foreigners,
, su I'm getting rid uf them as quick as
I can.
Thi Biggest of All Nests.
The nests of the Jungte-fowl, uo-cnll-
ed, iu Australia are not only the largest of nests, but the heaviest as well.
These nests are built in the form
of great mounds, the average measurement in height being fifteen feet. In
circumference thoy are about oue hundred and fifty feet. They are constructed In secluded, sheltered spots,
and are skillfully interwoven with
leaves, gra.ss and twigs, together witli
such other suitable material as the
fowl  has been able to obtain,
The bush turkey employs a similar
system in the construction of its nest,
though its home is more comprehensive in design. The shape is pyramidal. Australian naturalists aver that
thc nests of tho bush turkeys are
Sometimes so Urge that the services
of several men are required tu wove
••I SO IN    «lf    .I'll   WIS*"
! any Willie llt-i-r.tl tins |.:ij- of u crawl
tn*- delc-Mic whu collies b'-re (willing a
knife iu mt i hit ml  to  ibrmicidug a
Mirumil Without giving nu- a ehauei-
| to incel ll  tl I don't  jiltf In In Ills de
iiiiiiiiIh ui. ih,- spot*) No. sir, mil by an
lull   tired   light 1     No.   sir,   tml   tn   a
' ih<<m-iiiiil years.1 I own ibis omilt
from keel lo main peak, and ir l can't
run It ui) own tvay I'll SCUItte It nud
•IO duwu  hIHi ll     riidcriiaiid''    Anil
' ir nn) man's .nuking for n iicht irllli
' me he'll Unit  nihil **nough nnd I'M
* ureal Hon   II '■"•''   wtio oi   »ii.ii   lie
Is   \ck. ijr h) Ham, sir. like Mils I"
Mtliifl " ilil'k rnii-t oo itie desk, tie
niiii|i|iiit ii Wltlioill nppaieul elTorl, nnd
im in* nu ulnrli.v ilipre with his di
sIu>vi'IhI ir-iii  his piigiiat'lniis, imimlrv
, iiuil.'i'lan proirutllUR nud Ills lilK tlnlH
I llglitlj   .llii'h*--! on  the  UrukHi   Wood
1 i iiiixiuu iht* iiiiistIps •■! in** arms in
\ hulgt* ilk.- ktitiia ut* s gnarled tree, in*
, presented  ids i*tnls*dlmein  nr  might
1 nnd  ler.H liy
\ "I don't ktinu bin wlmt you're right,
I'np'u uiiiiiiui*<." tlmwhtl ihs auiwrln
teiidiui will) hh nin hiinj-ciihlo e.pm
nlmliy    "Anyhow, yon sure are on
illli-d In tlu Wlmt vou llki- with yum
own "
Ilo wont nul nnd nn Id*- wtiv tn ihe
titll.e Pill **to|.|ieil ill   Hntott*   (il'Sk.
j "Woll. bnw's Ililtigs, tiu.vV" ho in
! quired Willi tin loti-ii'Kt sn kind!)  itint
uue mluht IlilVe llUuitfllt iln-re w-iip
I nothh't! else In tin- World wiih w|||c'i
I tils mind wnn occiipiitl nml never could
: have suspeeled Ihnl  lliere my before
him  fur  It edinte Sn|ltl|ni1  the pr ih
, lem nf prepurltig for n ureal strike
Unit ihri-iiinieil i*> He up the business
ot nm* or tin-  most   Important Rlcnill
| ship lines In itie ci.uiiiry. Willi rsmlfl
I rations  eiichdliip   from   Ikw    nil
nruimil tl tst of South A rlca tu
' Sun t'rsiii'lsi'o.
Or.  Hogg's Appointment.
The new University uf Saskatchewan, which is being rapidly developed
at Saskatoon, is quietly securing lur
its laculty some ul the must promising yumtg men in Cuuadiau university
One ot the latest appointments is
thut ul Dr. J. L, Uugg. who has been
un ttie ..tut'f ul McAtaster Uuivcraity
lur the last live years as prufensur ul
frbyslei, and whu hus been very pspu-
ur as a lecturer and director ui practical wurk iu his department, i'tof.
Il".:i, is a Canadian, a gruduute .,( the
University ut Toronto, auu a scientist
uf wide reputation. lie tuuk post*
gruduate work at Harvard University.
and while there published a series ul
tiapers uti rarlfled gases winch huve
iruught bun i<» tin- attention of auiue
ut tho foremost solonUita ol ttio
wurhl. tie is tu have charge of the
department ol physloi ut s,uskstuun,
and will have tt..- opportunity of picking the equipment ol th*- laboratory.
T«u yearn ego tha lame university
t«uk Irom tin- stall <d MeMastor, Dr.
i; ll Oliver, giving lum ■ppolut*
metii ns prufossi.r uf lilitory and
Those twu young men are a dlitlnot
gtitu  I., the yollllg  university  uf  tbe
middle vt'esl, lor tbelr work v. ill undoubtedly bung distinction I- the luc-
ully with which tbe) are oonueoted.
-Star  Weekly.
Two Scotch Storiet.
A Scotch schuulmaster in Banffshire
years ago had strung views on the
subject of dress. In the duy when
crinoline was the rage a girl came to
(■ch'.ol with a very extensive utie,
which much exceeded the space between the desk and the form uu which
she had to lit. The teacher, seeing
this. Mud tu her, "Gang awa' hum-
and tuk' uff thue girds (hoops) aud
c.-iiif back tu the schuul us Uud made
Another rough and ready dominie
was examining his buys in a cute-
chism uud asked if Uud had a beginning. "Nu," said the buy. "Will he
have an endi*" "Yes," he replied.
This was follow.-d instantly by a buffet on the side ul the head. "Will he
have au end noor" "Nu," auid tiie
buy, and the muster wbb sutisfled.
When going away from home, <>r at
any . Iiiiniri- of luiliilut. In- ii ii vvi-i- iiuiii
win. iniiiit. its iiiii,.iii" hii I., 'liiiiirinir- n
liottte ui ilr. .1. II. KellnL-ir - liv-nilm
t'i i nil ii I. ''linn-.'.- uf food un.l »ater in
some itrniiKi- ilia,-., where there ur.- lie
doctors nay brlur* mi an uttiiek uf dysentery. He tin ii Im- tl -tiiiidiuil nimih
at luiiid witli which to Dope with the
disorder, nml lorenrme.l he i-tut unci-,—•■
fully I'u:lit  the iiiliii.'in  and subdue It.
Exactly So.
"II Isn't what a uimi    earns   thut
makes him rich." Bald Ihe mbraltzer.
"Nu,"   rejoined   llic   domoraliser, I
"It's usually  Whal  Lis father saved." i
—Chicago Daily News.
Good posture is sweet nml fragrant. !
These qualities nn- deficient  in dry j
funds,  nnd   they   tin-  essential  to ensure  tin .ion nl i  assimilation  and  prevent  waste of food;    Food imt fully
assimilated suuiier   or   later   Impairs 1
the health.   During about twenty-live'
years Herbugcum has. without failure,
eilicieiitly and economically replaced
those essential qualities, and its regular use -with nil classes of animals la ;
advl red.   The oust per month fur each
horse,   cow,   beeve.   hug,   ur  fur  tilmiit
twenty (owl- is not uver ISe, and fori
sheep and calves nut over 5o per
month each. It ii manufactured by]
the Beaver Manufacturing Company,!
Limited, uf Qalt, Ontario.
Raman, the Amolekitc, devised a
gallows fifty cubits high un which to
execute Mordecol, but the chief mini-
ster of King Aliesuerus wns himself
hanged un his gigantic gibbet.
Rifles Shoot Straight and Strong
The name "Winchester" on a rifle banal la the hall-mark of accurate
and strong shooting.    This  is due lo the excellence of Winchester
barrels, the Itnjwled'ja a:.d experience embodied In their manufacture J
and the cue taken in targeting them.    Only good guns ever leave j
o-ir factory.   For results always use Winchester guns for at) your '
shooting  and  Winchester make  of  ammunition for all your   guns.
FSEE:   SmJ nm* tii -JJn-.i m  * foilnl taU Ijr eer \at%§ Itlmtnltd eeiaJteee.   '
Cover Canada Like Sunshine!
Eddy's "Royal George" onihlne Safety, Bursty and Silence
In Matches und sell at about l.ouo (or 10 cents. Tbere'a
nothing "Just as good.
Thackeray's Memory
It was nut only his money that
riiaekeray gave to boyai lie was always willing to devote his lime to
amusing them. Me would take them
tu the pniitoinime nml be would give
.,■,.,      ].     ,,   i      .i in WioinjJinner.first,  On one occoalon be
A little soil rubbed on lho cups will look Herrmgn Mori vain, (hen a lad. to
take of ten .tains. Uh mA and dinner at th, Gafrlck elub. Yeas
wai r to clean willow urniiure, Ap- i(lll.r Merival- naked the great uuin if
ply wlib n brush and rub dry. A l0 remembered having dine so
mall quantity of lalt.putjnlo white-1''Why, of course," sold Thackeray!
promptly: "nnd, whal is mure. I remember   1   gave  ynu    beefsteak    mid
,..._ apricot omelqt."  The young man was
study delighted that his host should rccol-
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Dandruff
wnsli will make it stick better,
Fauttlei*     In     f*i-u.ii .ilion
littler Htnmnrh ripiilnt'ir, I'nrni.-lw'.
nihb-   1'iM-
AbolisHed  the  Lords.
|W Ihe Long I'titliiniieiit the Mini's
of Lotdi wai v. led noeiuu aud wu
abolislied in  1M».
^  DODDS '
fe, PILLS i
K an.'"EUM-^eAi1'..-;
v o,1Ts P5h'
Pulling Ttsth  In Scotland.
An uld Scotchwoman Journeyed to
London to visit her sou. Sin; wtu
takejt with a Jumping tuuthuL-hu aud
upon the advice .if her sun visited a
dentist, who loon had tin- offending
uiolur Hying in the mr. With a nigh
ul relief tin- old lady ehuil.nl out of
the chuir and  UMkcd:
"Huw mooch•**'
"Ten shillings, mum," replied the
"Tiu ihlllingr., is It, yc rubbt-rP"!
screamed the woman. "Why, I'll hu'
ye know, Bandy UaoPherion 'ud haul
iue uM aboot Ihe ninilliy lur *aipi:iice."'
An  Oversight.
"1 trust you slept cuiiilurtably and
had everything yuu needed," said
Sandy Usophsriou's hoatesi one cold
morning Inst winter,
"Ay, »cul enough," replied her'
guest, a venerable Scot, "but 1 dlnua'
see the guid of yuti buttbj in the,
"Why, wasn't lho water hutr"' Uie
hostess asked in surprise. I
"Verm hot," responded UsephorsonJ
"but yc lurgul to put an> thing m il."
iil-itt-   th.-
■ UII 11.11111. [it
patsufaled   to het
.1 iin-iti
V.-nrs of  nso  lui-..-  |.i-..-..l  th. ir fiinlileH-
i-luirarter  ami  ismbti-lieil  their i-m-lli-nt
ri-iHiinii.iii.    An.l   i i.i-   I-. im in M>. n tney
hate  tiutlntiilni'il  tor  vt-nm  t.li.1  -aill roll
til    to   niiiiiitnlii,   tor   llu-K.-   [.ill     iio.-t
tlu-   Ill-mi   .if  the  lUt  ut
Specific Statement
"Were yuu quarrelling with your
wife-- When 1 came in 1 heard you
talking   loud."
"Nu. Winn we're quarrelling she's
tin- nm- that talks. • Cleveland
i have
iy of worry<
by abusing
ling what a
We Ann ricaiM
Ing a man into hi- grave
him unfairly nntl ihon lei
Kood  man  he was,
Minard's Liniment lor sale everywhere
Hard to Lost
FHcnd    I   lUnftose   it   was   hard   tu
Ins.- your tlaiignlerf
Pnflicr   Well, it did  seem im if it
would be at nm- li  hut she landed
this fellow ju-t as we were beginning
In  give  up  hope.—Christian   Intelligence.
v.-ii the lletSlla uf tin- enter!
iin-nt. and expressed Ids satisfaction.
"Yes," said Thnckoroy, twinkling, "I
always gave boys beefsteak and apricot uunltt."- Century Mogailne.
Old .Ine Appl.-hy bad the rcptltatinii
ol bolng Ibe "homeliest uuin Qod over
made,' bul one day lie met n stranger I
who was "homelier" than he.
"Stranger," quoth Joe, "I guesi I've
not to kill vuu."
"Why tor' asked lho stranger.
•'Heciiiise I've always swot,, thai if
1 .-ver ice a homelier man than I wan,
I'd kill him on ihtht.
Tin- stranger shifted his quid lu Ihe
other cheek, and ItH.k.d .1 tor with
n cnlculatiiig eye,
"Wa'al. Co alnad." lu- ilmwlill   "If
I'm homelier than you bo, I want to
die. i' help mo."
A Big Slick
Captain Hnrdress I.loyd, polo player, wns talking in New York about the
Cessation ol Hugging at the greal Knglish public school uf Kton.
"I mn clad," he said, "thai (logging
Uow dune  uwuy   wilh.     1-:t<>11   buys
Not in Boston
"There   is   nothing   in   my   play   to
bring a blush to anybody a cheek,"
said  the author.
"Well," replied the producer,
"bring Ilia mntiuscript around when
you get it finished."- Waihlngton
"Think well before you marry him.
I't-iniiiiinr thnt marriage in a Hiingj
which cannot In* set nside in u day." i
"Oh, I kimw. I have thought uf it."
"I Bponk Irom experience.    I thought
the six months I spent in Hono never
would end."' Chicago Uerord-Horuld.'
Time to Leave
Mrs. Ftncfaathcr—Aro   you   inking
your husband abroad this year?
Mrs.   lluilloll-No,     |     decided    lilSt
year when he Insisted 111«■ 11 speaking
ol the Venetian gondolas as canal used to suffer n guud deal from iIl.
hoats thnt the real charm ol Buropo blreli, There was one Kton master in
is lust upon htm.—St, Loula Poat-DIs- tin- 70'a who flogged so severely that
P'ltch, i his death, when he cume tn die. wns
  announced in the papers among the
nn- always self- shipping  news.    They  announced  it
live  in  it  little   under    Ihe    head     uf    'Loss    of    n
It Is a fact beyond dispute that
mn- packet u| Wilson's Mv I'ads lias
killed a bushel of house Hies. This
is more than could possibly be caught
un three hundred alloc!* of sticky
All Druggists, flroccrs, and (i«n-
eral Btorea s,-ll Wilson's   Fly   Pads,
He sure you g<-t Iln* genuine Wilson's.
A loda water hath is mottling tu Uie
Irritated skin,   A heaping teaspoon oi
s-.d.'t tu a pint uf water makes a lotion
which can be applied nud allowed lo
dry mi iln- skin. Two (mumls ol the
bicarbonate of tods put Into a tub ut
t.q.id water deep enough t.. covor the
nl ire body  ii a  bulb  which  is belle.
I flclttl during tin- heated doyi.
Nn Chilli  «t I.I  he allowed  |0 siiffi-r an
hour trutii w.irm* whrii iiv..nipt n-liel *'an
he tint la n .■iiiijil.' hill Mirniir I'.-mi-d-/-
Mt.thi-r  Orates    Worm   Kkterminslor.
He sighed proejsolv like a lutniuv.
and the beautiful girl was uiub nisbly
luiiclied by the signal    |imhi|   ol    his
"Hut is it wise:-'" queried she, in
much auxi.-ly.
"Wise!" he repented, regarding her
rather perplexedly.
"Vis -to sigh in such a manlier as
perhaps to put papa iu mind of coal
at lell dollars a Inn!"
People in idg town
i-h. 1 should rather
town, where people
yuu when in iruubl.
you have no troubl
some for you.
lympatlllU  wilh   Whaler,
;  and   where,  it
.   they   lutik  up      He   "Yi
DIXIE tobacco
Inrliiiu, when 1 nm .villi
yuu I feel Inipircit- na if I could ilo
m.in., porfrol thing."
She—"Mnybo   you   ooultl   nnlt-r n
llllirlli'nll  Unit  I  woulil    lil.,'    Without
coliaulllng mi-!"—Puok.
i   81n»—"So th..y hnve n Innilly ski'l.--
tori, i'ii."
I   lli.--"Yi.fl. I huw Iht iu awiiiuiiing
thia iiioriiii)|."
Wash youi
ll a n (1 ■ with
SNAP'' before
and after milking. It clean-el
tlieni thoroughly
and removes all
odors. Use It
on the cow'i
teats when
$ It Came With the Winning of
the Game.
H'lininnut i ii nn in
It Is so fatally easy for s mlsuuder
■tsndlng (o arise.
Johnson, gnlbiplng swiftly through
tho long bnie or ovei'iltelliug Juue
green, wns musing someWbut bitterly
upon lids fuel It wns over a mnutb
now since tie hnd seen Helen Uruiinla,
a Hiuiith which had ilmii* a great deal
toward qiilckouliu: a spark lililieriu uoi
entirely rocouulscd Into n vivid lliiuie
He hnd tried tu see her. Inn unsueoosn
fully, lino now hu itmughtu wen
brooding, us su often before, uver Unit
last unfortunate  ting.    Wus be it
blame or alio? Vol huw could tin
fuuli lie Ills?
Ouco a i'ii I u bo went buck mentally
to Ibo liegliiiillig Hint day when Ut
bad (oleurnpb.il in ask If she would
ride. They Iind often spoken of so do
Ing, and ihls hml been his iirsi oppor
lunlly. The answer hnd been Unit she
would be at the club nl 1 o'clock
Johnson, promptness itself, cantered
over frum iho stable nl I precisely
There he wulted He walled until
half afler 4. lie waited until a quartet
of a *l'here waa no sign of MNs Urtiti
ids. Al last, reluctantly* he rode io
ward (lie purk. wondering what could
have happened The tlrst person ht
met. walking her horse slowly dowr
the inn In drlre In the dlreetiun of lilt
gate, wns ihe elrl herself, and wllh
ber, talking eagerly, was Itiiusuiue Sin
clalr, Ibe man nf nil others whom
JutiiiHiin inusl detested
For a luomeni Johnson had stared
really Incredulous, unable to trust Uii
Then, with a formal lift Ine of hl»
bat, be was past, tbe dark red mount
Ing to hla cheek and rnge lu his soul
Dad She forgotten tbe engagement, oi
bad ahe deliberately thrown lilin ovei
for Slnelnlr-sinclslr with his nil ilium
wbo could give ber everything? * '
lo the sudden blackness revealed by
tbe flash or Jealousy Johnson realized
for tbe tlrst time huw much tbisaJeo
der, dainty girl, with ber preliy little
air Of Htiiteliiiess. meant lo him.
Ha bad hardly mourn a mile hefore
tba Impulse which bud made blm bow
and pass un looked ibe belgbt of rt
dkuloustiess. Uf course there was
aome mistake. Why had he uot atop-
ped and aikedV But, although* ht
turned nt once, ll was loo late—tbt
two bad vanished.
He hud telephoned tbat Ulgbt. Mhv
GranDis was uut fur dinner. He bud
called tbe next nfterooun. Miss (Jruti
nls was out ut home. He could uut
write, fur ibere was nothing to sny
One could imt ask n lady why she hat
chosen to ride with another. Tbe week
after, wheu he tried calling um-e mure
the bouse waa closed. He fouud that
tbe family bad departed for tbelr eoun
try place.
Johnson woe In despair, but It was
Dot entirely a bad thing for *hlm; It
taught him n lot
As be turned lo now at tbe Xewlindr
place and dropped off his bone sauit
one moving down by Ihe tenuis court
auddenly brointUt bis heart luto bit
mouth. ('milil ll be she? He Ibe*
tbat Miss I'r-iinils and Ida .Vwlaud*
were groat friends Was It posslhlt
sbe might be slaying bere for a week
eodV Wltb tlugliug pulses be went
forward. It wus-it was! And bt
might never bnve knnwa! Somehow
be managed lo answer properly tb«
greetings ot Ida aud Ibe men groupec
about; then be invied to Mine liraouis
He waa unrea sunn ble enough tu bt
disappointed wben tbe girl gave bin
merely a conventional smite. He fell
tbat be wai the une wltb the' rlgbt U
ba angry- Ida Newlauds looked sharp
ly at tbem bulb. Bbe knew Uelet
Grannie well euuugb to divine thai
something bnd ueeurredL
Now, aa she saw Jubnsoa after a mo
ment turn aside her nimble wit ten pec
ta a sudden guess at the truth. Auo
aa she caught Jolitistm'a flush as Sin
clalr tame across ihe Inwn her euuvlc
tjoa deepened Hut whal eutfld bt
done? lo this last mouih Sinclair bat!
been pushing his advantage hard Hhi
knew that Helen wae wavering Ids
did net fauey Sinclair tt was bei
brother who hud asked blm tmlnjr. Alic
ahe did like Johnson Wlib a swift lu
■plratlon she Juuqied tu ber feet
"Lei's bave some lentils!" she ei
Claimed "Helen. I will challenge you
aod Mr. Johnson lo try lu boat Ur
Hiuclair and myself Here's your rack
at," pretending nul to see Ihe girls re
tuctaaee ll wan tbe only way abt
coald think of tu brlug tbem together
John sou could put up a strung game
lie waa mil wltb long lege ami anni
tbat seemed lu cover erery corner n|
Ibe court And Helen .had a clean
telling stroke Hlm-lslr, bowever. wai
ao mean Adversary They would best
to play up itui Johnson was not tldnk
log of tennis This was bis chance
lie must make the most of ll befur*
abe Joined ihul chattering gruup Ai
h« hroiwnt Ibe halls tu Miss tirunub
for ber service hv looked duwu at bei
for a moment
"Why did yuu nnt come to tba clut
tbat dayV be asked abruptly. M|
walled aud waited"—
"Walled!"  echoed ibe girl.   "WhyH-
"Headyt" Inlerrnpted Sinclair, an*J
Helen Daubed a ball over Ibe eel
Jehaauu, hla bear! beginning to beat
talt, tightened hla grip on Ula racket
Thero bad been surprise, unmistakable)
surprise, lu Helen's eyes.
"Did you nut eipeei me to meet you
It tbe club?" be demanded as ibey
ebauged courts
"Vou lust Unit pnlnt," was Ibo Im-
patleut respuiise. "Nu. of course nut
I alwaya mount al lho park entrance.**
"But the maid said"* persisted .lubo*
"Ts*n tba mild waa mistaken Ah,
be careful," aa be nearly missed a relumed ball.
A strange desire not to ba beats*
bag anddvoly sprung to Ufa la Bat
irenst. 'lh**y must win this set, sho
and Johnson. Ihey must uq| be bcut-
eu by Sinclair, Kin* looked across iho
uet ut his red. rut hei lii'uvy turn.
Could she many him/ Hot taiolly
bud hoped for It. He wns u splendid
mutch, or course, mul yet vvhni did
Harry Jnlinsuu menu by nsklug why
sbe hutt nut cume tu the club? sin*
hud told the maid to any thnt --lie
would he nt the purk entrance nud
then to telephone the club tor her
"Wulted then* an hour," snld John-
sun "And then to meet you coming
out of the purk—wltb another muul
What coiuii i think if
"Ah!" snld (In* girl wllh n quick Indrawn breath Couldn't be have
known lhat she was uuiy walking her
horse up und down while she wulted?
The meeting with Hlnclfllr bad been
pure din nee. she. too, hnd walled.
growing more annoyed with the awkward posiiinu in which she found her.
pteir, iiminyod nlso by Hliu-hllr's veiled
remarks upon Johnsons Ini-dluoss, Ida
polite wonder, uud then to have John*
son nppi'iir. raise his hul mill puss out
The girl lilt her |||i ugnin ul the memory.
Then suddenly n*> she caught tho loot)
lu bis eager-, enniest eyes ber own sof
lentil After ill, he had a hud time,
lou. nnd uil Ihruiiuh that stupid Marie's liiivlng the messages confused
With nu impulsive gesture she untied,
"l>u pluy!'' she eicluluu-d "We mus
get Ihh set"
Sltiehilr. rattier sulky nt being foreetl
to play nn a hut afternoon, bud hither
lo uot chosen tu eaort himself, letting
Ihe games gu lo his adversaries, but
uow he wuh beginning to be Interested,
If Ihey were tu win Johnson must cou.
cenlmie. And Johnson, all nt ome In*
feetod by something lu the girl's nun-
uor, straightened himself. The oilier
side should not wlu a slugle game. '■
l-ove three, love four! Sinclair, subtly '
aware of nu unwonted teuslou In tbe j
air, atrove his utmost, unuvalllugly. j
Johnson, bis mouth shut bard, played'
ns though muscled with steel. Love
llvo! Helen was breuthlesa, her lips
ported.    I.ove all!   Melt I
Wltb a ureal sigh Johnson faced her. I
"We've won!" he whispered exulting* i
ly. Just loud enough fur ber tu hour.
Helen, her eyes unfutburnable, glanced I
for a moment across at Sluclulr-Sin* {
clalr with his millions. Tben. tha
sweetest teuderest smile curving ber
mobile mouth, sbe lifted ber face to
Tha Oambllng Gams Said te Be Losing
Casts In England.
Not so luttg ago un Inquest was held
on u Ht rent hum woman who commit ted
suicide after IohIiik some rubbers at
bridge. It wus suited ibut sbe was. aa
a rule, a Oral rate player, but thnt oo
the evening of her death sbe played
very oudiy aud lost games wblcb ahe
should huve won easily.
This trugody la number example of
tbe unsuiiuhlllty or card games to tbe
feminine t e in pern men I, Many women
are admirable bridge players us fur as
more skill und knowledge ere concern
ed. but tbey ure nearly all bud losers.
Thoy are too emoiiunul and too easily
upset by the ouirugeuus tricks tbut
furtuoe so uften plays.
This li really tbe rensou why bridge
hus lost Its popuinrliy uud ts so rapidly fulling out of fusbloti. When tbe
gitinw wus ul Ibe height of its vogue
lis supporters were umliiiy Women.
"Mlied" curd clubs, dune whore men
aud women could meet lor bridge.
sprang up nil over London
hut the women could not stand the
strum The gutiie koi on their nerves.
and tbe ciuiw troin hoiug pleasant su
elm nailiiriiigs degenerated Into mig
gtng mid hysterical institutions,
There wore uo suicides, but there
Wore minor tmgedies iu abundance
Husbands compluiucd thut tlieir wives
returned from their brldne clubs In a
state of nervous tension Unit made
conversation impos-dhie The nagging
that wus merely einsporutiug ut the
curd nihil- beeiimo utterly Intolerable
Wheu iratisterreii io the home. In il
number or cases (be domestic peace
was irretrievably shuttered, but the
more usual ending wus resignation
from (be club which caused all tbe
mischief. The Inst couple of years
bave seen the closing uf half a dozen
of Ibe principal mixed curd clubs In
London, nnd brtdge as n social relaxation  Is  apparently   doomed--London
ii. a. p.
aald   softly;   "a   lova
The Peint ef the Stery.
A mother was greuily worried by
ber small daughter's habit of running
away. Thinking to Impress tbe child
wllh tba danger of getting lost, aba
told her a vivid story uf some children
wbo ran away to go nutting. Night
found tbem far from borne and loat lu
tbe woods. With much art the mother
totd of a storm lo tba bight nnd of ibe
terrible distress of tbe parents aod
friends wbo hunted for the children
until morning, she also told about tbe
good breakfast prepared for the children, wblcb tbey missed because tbey
did not reach home till 10 o'clock. Tba
little girl listened Intently to every
word, and tbe mother hoped tbat ibo
atory waa making in impression.
When she flulsbed tbe child was silent
for a few momenta, as If expecting
something more. Then abe aiked
eagerly. "Did they get any uutslf"-
Metropolltun Maguilue.
A Mummy's Toy.
There la a doll In the British museum .
tbat ta mora iban S.UUU years uld.
Wben aome iK*haeologUta were ex*
plorlng an ancient Egyptian royal tomb
they cume upon a iircupbagua con-,
talnlog tbe ranmmy of a little princess
seven yean old She waa dressed and |
interred In ■ manner betiitlug ber i
rank, and In her arms was found a (It-
tie wooden dull The Inscription gave
tbe name, rank and age of the little I
girl and tbe date uf ber death, but tt
aald nothing about the quaint Utile
wooden Egyptian doll. This, bov ever,
told Ua own stury 'It waa ao lightly
clasped In tbe arma of tbe mummy
Ibat It waa evident tbat tbe child bad
died wltb ber beloved doll lo her arma.
Tbe doll oeeuplea a place lo a glasa
case In tbe museum, end tbera a great
many English children gu to gasa upon
It.-Harper's Weekly.
The Swiss Guard.
la answer iu a question aa to tba
reason for calling ibe pope's bodyguard tbe "Swiss guard" a correspond*
ent says: In abort, because tbey are
natives uf 8 winter land- The guard
came into being in Hie reign of Tope
Julius II., wbo usked his friend refer
von   Hertensiein.  <-i ti  of   Lucerne
cathedral, iu seed blm 2U0 Swiss men
at arms tu proieet his person. The
assembly at Zurich consented to Iba
enllsiment uf Hie men. nnd lu January, lot si. the itusrtl. eommuiided by a
young in.hlemmi Casper vuu Slllneu.
entered the Kternai I'iiy. In Ibe mure
than 4<Hi years of Iln existence the
gttsrd hu» made uu huuonilde record
They fought well when Untiling wai
fiM-essnry. but of Isle deadly woepuua
bave t****'u iribl aside, soil tbe function
of the bo.lv now Is In re I s*> ■ L-mud al
boner to the i>oi*e - l»r.dna Mali.
Maks Ne Truce.
Mother iuiii'tiy. be careful huw vnn
•***d ibal bear. He might suup your
I tiuitity Hul, minima, he tries to let
vou «e>- lhat he bits a peaceful nature.
Mother tea. dear, but be might turn
nil iu be a uaturv faker. - Cblcuga
Peaks! Timepieces te Be Operated by
Wireisss Wives.
Gold .and silver wntches soon will be
melted for the precious motnl. accord
log to the prophecy made at tbe recent
jewelers' convention by Charles Hlg
glnbotham of South Rend. Ind.
A great system of central clocks, ab
Bolulely correct and connected by wire
lesi electric waves wltb Individual
timepieces carried in men's vest pock
ets, will supersede the presenl watches.
In Ihe opinion of Higglnbothum. who
la superintendent of u watch company
"We ourselves will see this change."
be declared "In a few years the man
who wtiuii tn know the time will lake
a dlul from bla pocket, something like
the watcb wblcb he cnrrles now. bul
Instead of looking nt Hie dlul and
figuring out how slow or fust the
watch Is running he will slmpty press
a button on the watch and the waves
of electricity from a cnnlrulilng clock
perhaps mntiy mites uwuy. wilt spin
tbe needles around to the proper positions and show blm the uhsuluiely correct time."-St. l-oula Cor. New fort
Glasgow's Anelent Origin.
We are accustomed tu think of Glasgow aa a typically moderu city; but
though Its wealth and commercial pre
duiuiuunct are of recent date, the tuwn
Itself can be traced buck for close
upun two millenniums. Tbe nameUlaa
guw Is of Celtic urtgln, aud among ihe
numerous conflicting definitions of Ita
meaning are "the grey smith." "tbe
grey hound," "Ibe durk glen," "tbe
green wood," aod "tbe beloved green
apot" The see of (Jlusgow was founded about OdO by St. Mungo himself.
and tbe town waa made a huruugu by
David I. In 1175. 11 beeu uie a royal
boruugb In 1036 and a aelf governing
city In tbe time or William and Mary
lo ecclealaattval history Glasgow la famous for the assembly lo H13S wblcb
Voted tba rennticlutlon of episcopacy.
—London Chronicle.
imthrty beautiful wai o\e,
hue i.oiij |i,ay His pianola.
Limn iu it.*/ tiie vlclroia.
Cook meali by a kltrhennla*
Uei hats frum a millinnla.
Drr-at-ra from a (nodlPlnla,
Learnrd ihtiiK*. from a tutorolrs.
Imtu'etl as imt a n-ri-nii lioi.t,
Won same* nn a brlust-w nit lota.
Motored in sn autumuia,
I'luyml null with a lliiHornla,
Thought tt-.oi.Kf.ti with a men in Inl a,
va nit** nuns** with a chiruaiuia.
But, staa. unhappy nls
tuition t nt.u a liuibsi.JoU!
Among tha Wedding Guests.
Anthony - I see mat ibe unite Is
wearing ibe groom's pre-*eni. Unit ruim
if |Hurts I always ilumabt li waa
unlucky for a brine tu wear i**-aris.
Vivian-Terbaiis that a tbe reason ba
bad tt made ot Imitaiwua - m. Uuia
Washington la laaeaalva.
Congreesman Jamea M. Curley. wbo
dlrldee bla time about equally between
tha house lo Washington and the Boa-
too city council, nays he Hods tt
ehesper to travel back and forth thnn
to lira In tbe national capital. He tells
the Roalon (Hone* "I am allowed 11.10
for traveling expenses each session
snd lhat amount 1 And good for air
trips If you buy round trip ticked
But apart from thnt I find 11 cheaper
to go back and forth thnn lo stay In
Washington Nn une knnwa what Itv
Ing In Washington means unlets be
baa bad bcIuhI eiperlence. Why. g*
tuflOa day la ootblug."
The luttenhele Plewer.
•The buttonhole flower ta nu longer s
man fashion Ever since the coal wltb
s lapel baa been a man's garment tin
touch of floral color hni been con
aidei-ed an appruprlute decoration and
more manly than Ihe decorated l*ell ol
earlier limes lint now woman lis-
deeiiind ihnl her com may be similar
ly adorned," any a lib- Mode, "and tbt
buttonhole, tiseleis fur any plirpoBI
except to hold a ruse ur a carnation, I*
never forgotten In making a wumeu't
coat. I'u-.'laud, not usually Ihe Oral
wllh women's fushlona, took Hie Oral
step lu Ibis style, and tbe real or thi
World gladly followed."
lading Invest Appits.
A new way to bnke sweet apples
Put tbe apples in a stewpun over tbt
Are wttb a cup of augur to a plot ol
water; lei them boil mull tender, bul
Whole, and the water all lo the apples
then put In dripping pan lu a good
even for a abort time. Tbey are vert
Juicy aod Irm,-National Magaslas.
Firs Engines.
Fire engines  wero Invented lu 2ft
II. U.
The Curfew.
Tho curfew UII was Introduced it
K.igliind In hum. Wheu It rang ut I
o'clock lu the evening all (ires am.
candies bnd lit bo extlbgulshed or n
severe |a*ually resulted,
Luminous Sugsr.
Lumps of en ne sugar when rubtied
together In the durk produce a mini
nous glow, while wltb beat sugar u>
awb effect la given.
Good Form Don't a.
Don't  wear colored or fancy openwork stockings with your street shoes.
Always choose plain stucklugs tu uiaU-b
tbe shoes In color.
Don't pin your niching nnd dress
shields In place. Haste tbem lu-ueud
and see bow much more comfort they
give you li really doesn't take much
louger to baste than to pin.
Dun't think thut because collnrlens
dresses end blouses nre fushiuuuhle
you cun wear a low ein dress on the
street. There Is u vast difference be
tween "colhirlosH" nnd "low necked"
Don't buy uny cheap Jewelry nnd
imagine li looks like anything but pint
wlmt it is u cheap Imi tut Ion or a good
article Mlleh Jewelry is in bad piste
ai uuy lime except With elaborate
evening dress *
Dun't wear soiled mul mussed frills
Slid meltings. You bad much better
wear perfectly pluln clothes without
trimmings if you cannot keep these
dainty accessories fresh and without
Don't forget to see that your blouse
Is properly fasteued before lenvlnp
your mirror The waist gnplng open
at Uie buck nut only looks cureless
hul muy cause you aome embarrass
mem too.
Don't allow your skirt to slip from
under your belt. In these days then-
ure so ninny devices for holding tho
blouses, skirls and belts In plucv ibut
there Is no girl who cuiinot hud uue tu
answer her purpose tf she uuiy trios.
Don't wenr shoes or gloves ihnt have
tost Ihelr but ions and tie ver wenr
shabby shoes or gloves If yuu can possibly avoid It, Keep the former nicely
polished and ihe beela straight: keep j
the buttons un uud tbe rips mended In
the latter.       	
Receiving Gussta.
How many women full lu (be polite
neasea bere wben they give themselves
up to Informal wnya of doing things
A visitor nol too well known calls, and
tbe lady of tbe house comes down In e
loose, blousy wrapper, none tuu pretty
or bent, without a word of excuse for
not being properly dressed
Thla la carrying Informality to ihe
polut of Ignorance, for if there la any
reason why n louse garment Is worn
at a visiting hour It should ut leasi be
attractive and purtlally titled lo the
figure. Tben, In the event uf some
slight tudisposltlon, It Is possible to
tnrlte a womnn guest lu gu upstairs
Intu a bedroum, where the dowdy dres*.
of the hostess would uot be so much
out of place.
To receive n man friend In such attire would be a grave Indiscretion, for
men almmliitite the flowing, unattractive rube, and as It Is always suggestive of Ihe absence uf cursets li
seems on smb occasions vulgar tn tbe
The easy house gown, tben, must
look as If li li worn over corsets tu
be within the pule of ibe proprieties,
and If masculine eyes are tu look upon
ll It must be attractive and belted In
lo Hie figure iu boot. Hill only an old
lady or a young matron who la com
pelled to dress in this manner should
make a practice or receiving guesia In
aucb Informal attire, for the dignity of
suitable dress udds greatly to one's
social ImiHtrtunce—abuve all. pretty
proper aud becoming dreaa lo the
It Caused a Man's Death and Worked
a Lot ot Othsr Trouble.
M. Tournlenx, cabinetmaker, "h P.""-
tG Inst returned homo at noon "lu
a condition of Inebriety." It was u
curious hour boih for returning home
und for being in this sad suite, but
Ihnt Is neither bore nor there. He sold
to Mine. Tniiniieii*;. "I nm drunk, Oo
to ibe chemist nud get something to
sober me." The good wife looked up
her family medicine bunk and ordered
ihls mix I lire: \yuier, ion grams: pep*
perinltit tincture, In grams; ammonia.
ir> grams. M. Tuuruieui drank the
potion nud wns sobered instantly, bul
be died that day.
Ills widow brought an action against
the milbor of ber family mod.cine book.
The latter was u new edition of un
old work. Tho ttrst edition prescribed
fifteen drops of ninmouln for a drink
cure. In tlio reitiipresslon, by un
oversight, "grams" hid been printed fur "drops" Ttie cublnetmnker's
widow won her cuse The author of
the family medicine bonk was convicted of "md tillVhlg rend the proofs
of tho now edit Inn wli li sufllcletil
care" and sentenced to three uionthi'
imprisonment with iho benefit of the
first offenders' mt und a Hue of S20
Tbe chemist was also sentenced to one
month, wltb the same beuollt aud ihe
■nine line, for having supplied a modi
cine without a doctor's prescription
Finally both wero Jointly ordered ta
pay ibe widow Vim damages down.
an Income or %m during life nud fiiO
a year tu ench of her children illl tbey
came of age. This bus probably proved
tbe most expensive misprint on record.
-I'arla Letter lo London Telegraph.
A Msdical Viaw of ths Doctor's Charge
For Hit Services.
Those   who  dImi-uus   Ibe   physicians'
fee frequently miss tin- essence of it.
As u inn tier of lint, under present
social conditions tho cburge made to
the wealthy und woll to do Is the nor
nml nnd proper f*e: the lowered
charges made tu those less fortuuuie j
are couces-dons. The tremendous field
of the pliysli Inn's cburlty Is therefore
usunliy underestimated, for It extends
to it ureal majority*, nf ills putlents.
In olden iitues. when medicine was
nearly uii mt and but Utile science,
the foe was unknown. Like other urt-
Ists. the leech received nu buuorarlum,
Iho weight of which depended naturally upon Ibe resources, nl the patient.
Tbe popular Impression thut physicians muko the rich pay fur tin- pour la
Incorrect They extend their services to
all alike, nud all ure supposed to pay us
much its they can utlurd fur services
really priceless and impossible tu represent adequately in money values.
Ally tillellipt made tu establish stuud
ard fees by law Is nirs to work lu
Jii-itli'e to tin* physician. '1 lie 'stand
ard" foe would havo iu bu umeh higher Ihuii Ibe live rnge feu ul prcseut und
(here would Iin v.* to ta* some met hod
of enfurcliig Its sfire | my ment Only
with lho standard Used, as now, hy
tbe ability ut ibe wealthy Is It possible
for tin* pour to receive Ihe bciieiit-t of
Ibo lilj-li.-Ht prutesslumil skill without
losing their seir respei L-New York
Medical Juuruul.
Mrs. Elmer Black, Who Haa Gone
Abroad to Spread tbe New Gospel.
Notes ef Condolence.
There are persons wbu never take
notice of another's sorrow until they
meet tbe bereeved ones.
Bometltues this attitude Is from fear
of Intrusion, again It Is from fear of
not aoylng the right thing, too often It i
Is from procrastination.
Whatever the reason, li Is a mistake. '
Thero are some few who dislike out-
■tde sympathy In sorrow. The majority
are hurt If It Is nnt given Tbey never
quite feel tbe same toward the friend
who they tblnb wns neglectful of tbelr !
The visiting enrd wllh a few words
of sympathy Is sufficient, save among
close friends. A married woman Incloses tho card of ber husband.
Never muke n note of condolence
stlbed. It should express you snd I
not be an essay on grief. Also be
brief. A few sincere sentences count
more tbnn pages of rumbling plat)
It la customary to send Ihe note to
the member of tbe family you know
best. Including the others In your ex
proaslous uf sympathy.
Etiquette Fer Children.
In answering a itorson children
should not say "V**s. tnn'um." or "No,
sir." bill "Yea. mother." "Nu, father,"
"I hope no Mrs llrowti." "Thank you.
Aunt Helen" Tbey should. In other
words, always nftlv the title or name
of Iho person apnkeil to.
Kb.*, nets Is Ri'iiertllr due to Ignorance
of wb'ii la etpe i.* uf une; therefore
the shy child iiui-d be ireaied wltb
great consideration and encouraaed lo
come annum -.tramters nnd ulder pea
pie and then be shuwn Just what to du
and sny
No school of etiquette offers ao many
opportunities to Its members to learn
the correct wny of doing things as the
family Wills No rtirrecttuns should,
however, lie made in such manner aa
to attrnct tin- intention of others, and,
ir possible, make tbe corrections after
tbe meal la over-	
Cathedrals snd Commerce.
Many   of  the nil tied rule of  Rtirup
are shunted beside markets, und irui
licking Is done ut hhi tbelr steps unclear up lulu their re-essed portals
The Leading Ten Among Those With
Over a Million Population.
Within ihe lust few weeks there bus
been a new lining up of the world's
ten grentesi cities. Paris, without losing population, dropped iu fourth place,
and Fieri in, Without really guinlug. has
Jumped from seventh la third. The
new Lundun census report mukes tbe
revised list look like this:
London, 1911 7,253,000
New York, 1910  IJW.tKW
Berlin. 1911 leitlttisteil) I.HW.000
Psrls, 190-J t.mm
Chicago.  1910 •i.uu.SSi
Tokyo, IMS UG8.I61
Vienna, 1909 2.m.m
St. Petersburg. IW£ 1.678.000
Janton   (estlmalMii  1.000.000-2.600.000
Philadelphia. 1910 ''.,.. 1.MS.O0O
Tbe rearrangement comes by Berlin
annexing uil In sight. And now Porta
ta almost provoked lo ihe point of taking In a Inrge purl of France to regain
ber lost prestige. By addlog ber suburbs and having a Hill census It la
possible tbut Purls cun Just about He
wlib Berlin for third honors.
There Is. however, one unknown factor In the above lint uf the world's ten
greatest elites. Nu one knows how
many people are In Clinton. China.
Borne est I mutes place It nt 750.000, but
those bettor Iu a position lo judge aay
It hus not a soul less than 2.000.000.
and sumo good outburltlea place tba
number nt viMtAm, which would
muke It the largest city east of Berlin
er west or Chicago
The older cities »f the world having
over a million pupubulon ore Moscow,
Calcuttu-the second largest city of
tbe British empire— ItUenos Aires.
Consulntluuple, Usuku and possibly
Treasure Treve.
The curious powers and duties of tbe
coroner under irtidilti.mil law nre II
lust ruled by u recent Incident al South
gate, Kuglund Some workmen dig
glug In Ibe Amberlcy roud found a
large number uf undent cuius. Im
medluioiy Hie curouer wua culled, and
be Impaneled u Jury.
Au ex|M*n numismatist tesllfled that
(he cuius were "l^mg Cross" |*eunlea
of the reign uf Henry UL. pjo7 lu ViVi
The Jury tben found u verdict tbut tbe
coins were unciout. Hint tbey bad been
concealed und thut tbelr depositor waa
"Then I seize ihe coins ns Ibe king's
treasure trove," suld the coroner-and
1 Tha Awakening That Came t© Stephenson on Hearing Ole Bull.
Ole Hornumnnn Hull, wbu was one nf
tbe fumuus wizards of ibe violin In
the nineteenth century, bad little dlffl
cully lu BWtiylug an audience by the
magic uf his wonderful iierfortnance
on bis favoriie Instrument
Tbe great violinist was greatly ad
mired by Htephousiiu, the* Inventor of
tbe locomotive, uii hough Hie lutter
bad little appreciation of music In bis
soul. A call uf noiiie nu iniu utiu duy
took Stephenson lo uie Hull's borne.
Afler Hie business on huud bud beeu
transacted Ibo Inventor uruso to go,
wheretipuii (be master prensed lilin lo
remain uud hem Hie lunes uf a famous
violin whk-b bud lately come luto bis
Ole Bull begun to explain Ihe marvelous construction of the violin, tbe
perfect exnctm*ss required lu each
minutest part. The inventor became
Interested In Hie subject. Finally Uie
Hull explained huw the sound waves
were produced and thu relation of the
different parts to ihelr production.
Tben, still explaining, be drew but
Dingle bow ncrosn the airings In a
burst of exquisite music.
Stephenson listened, spellbound. Ole
Bull pluyod ou. Wheu tbe muilc finally died nwny r-ioption-ton burst Into
lean and aobbt-d. "There hue beeo
something lu my life tbut waa lack-
lug, aud at last I've found out what
It la."       	
Escaped the Bullets.
Dr. .1 nines Craik. wbo wus iVaablog
! ton's family physician, wns with the
' Father of His 4'uuulry In the expedition against Hie l-'rem h and Indium
In ITM, and the next yeur he utieudcd
General Itraddock lu hl-t fatal campaigning. Fifteen yours Inter, while
exploring wild hinAs in the western
districts of Virginia. Dr. Crulk en
countered a bund of Indians led by un
aged chief, who iufurmed iba pbysl-
cluu through au interpreter ihnt be
hnd inude n long Journey to see Colo
uel Washington, ut 'whom In tbe buttle
uf Montmgulieui be bud Hred his ride
fifteen times uud ordered uil bis young
men to do tbe sn-ne. In fin t. Washington bnd two burse:* killed under
him Hint duy, uud bis coot wus pierced
with four bullets, yet he left tbe buttle
field uuscratcbed.
Mra. Elmer BlArk to one ot the persona wbo o * agree wim ei President Booseveii his opinion of to*
impossibility ol -- 'log latenturlua.ti
disputes by arbl'.r | Ur*i. H :t <
ta an apostle of pes She ruin* ind
writes peure. One ' He moat hiier-
estlng nddr.'-K.'i made .i* the recent
peace   cooler-   •■ i    ■ ore    sas
hers.    Mm   Blui \    ■       ■ ■     ■ - .[.-nr tut
the congress    Sb r  -m<]
publisher of tbs Kd ' ■ »   i
mngaxlne   Umi    id     ties    ..   ma
In regard to bar sa a .-v. u.-*.
Black says:
"I would not Bats rp I. i i tn ir
bitrstlon treaties or even Uayna -aorta
If efuiutiou tuu] Mopped vun oa on
allsm, tf patriotism md miy llasul
from a davutton '-j ibe ita i ma .meter devotion to one'i fount****, iu -**»
cause I set every * nre Ua i»w bt ill
of thinking in world 'ttrnia. tbts in*
Ing outness, of all uuiuunii-* this dhfp*.
eulng sense of bfuHWrttuud  md  i lint
ship of soui atnragaa sod aiora "inuring than men- nafJunal dhriic'tum*—
beeanse of this I h-tiler.* flat ma ir-un-
ise of world peacs -soil the ""'gu  if
law is both f-m.';.r* tut ratrtalJi ji* mi*
Mn.   Black  in  now abroad!  adjara
■he hi to ifMr**-« nm ii'- BOMttiS ruin—
Inga In fgvof it oidvtraau' jamem.
The   Cefflbirtsttar-   if   Itrsnci*    :ii*inm
Notes • Feature at 'tin   i- t«ir-.
Tbe sbaeaas if "Tun gjunaun .tmiL*
a new comic oneta in Riindnm tins
•tarted many Quaker firtabtona -.n» if
tbeea la '>* uumt.*-l   j.*- -.  BrflG wqUc*i
Chinese Ink Sticks.
rhlnese Ink comes In aexagonni
■ticks approximately five Inches long
and three .ptaii.-rs of an Inch In diameter, decora led wllh gilt dragons und
Inscriptions In Chtue.se characters.
each atlek being In a yellow paper en
velope nnd packed In a cardboard box
One Rhnnghiil factory stuies (but the
eelllug price In $1 ,V> gold (ier pound
There Is a poorer gmde at S1.05.
which Is In smaller sinks, but similarly decorated nnd packed. In lots uf
fifty (rounds ur more these prices
would also include packing In wooden
cases fur eii^ri.   Consular Heport
Why He Didn't Apologist.
I have no nisilouy to muke for being
a new metuhei nnd addressing tbe
bouse. First. I liellete u new member
litis Ihe Ml me rlulu tu Hie floor us Hie
older in.-tniiers. uud. seeundly. I wish
to ntuie Hint P Is nol tbroiiith choice
thut I UIII ii new Uieliiis-r. fur I made
two previous efiorts ihnt were unsuccessful. | Liumhter | Hpee tl of Hon
I'ruiik Bueliihinti of Illinois In lloust
Of Ueptesetiliilives May 20.
A Chtmi:al experiment.
Wheu thu genial iiunkor. Isaac T.
Hopper, met n boy with a dirty face
or hands be would Mop blm nnd Inquire If be ever afudied chemistry.
The boy. Wllh a wondering stare.
would answer, "No." I
"Well. then. I will tench thee how to j
perform  a  curious   ■ lu-uil.-ai   expert
nietit."    snld    I'licii 1    Hopper        "Qo
borne, lake a piece of sonp. put It lu
water and rub It br'skly on thy bnnds
und face. Tbou bust no id.-a whut a
beautiful fruiti it will make and how '
much whiter iby skin will he Thai's
I chetniciil expel in i-ut. I advise tbee
*v try IL"-Llfo of Isnuc T. Uopiier.
•talil thf elderly rtt-tnr, with a flfh: I
"Ton rniacii of 111* burden I'm dairying
I H*\* to tuny ihe |*o['l* mho Uie.
Aiu tn> vuiete u«ii nit u,.- marryingr
-Clilctio li.t-uue.
Fair tilrl-My father mnde his for
une   wben   he   wus   u   young   muti.
vt -.uiii vou tike to know bow- no did li r
i    liulbtut  \..nib   .Nut (urtleuiuriy; but
I i at und ike to know ir ne sun nua it
t ulhuilc .News,
HBinr. aunt*
la flttlabed In frant with a "r.'v.u ->
aetie. smnti bnw nr Umrj p'o. TUia
frill la laid in ,i. ■■•   i*...n pints.
Tbe wide band of tibi:un about rtw
bead, giving s turban -Haa appearance
to tbe coiffure, is one of tht dereiop.
ments of the harem fashions This
one may set ihe mo-it remarkabi* combinations of <■■,-' .■:■■ ;*■-.■:.. aa to
this ense the Qusker and Turklsti
notes ii nay well ue mu t&it *..-»
fashion dsatgaari Dave s w.d*> a*i-r
llclty of tastti.
bis  days."  'lass mm,  "cteettuo  eeeti*
Tba   po't   tniit**il      He   saw   •   roeebna
".nit Qlberi psrtlni In their crlmsnn pflrte
ai.o   woii.iercd,   "la   It   yet   a   mutln-d
a or Mr
Guidebooks are an Knu'lsh Invcntl. i
Tbey first uppourod lu 1770.
Croup, thni severe nnd somoilmi
fa..il infantile disease, although knov
from ti remote period, was not si le
ilflcally deacrlbed and treated un
Sea If Ytur Skull Is Frsolured.
A St. Louis doctor snya he baa tested
a I henry 275 limes to determine
Whether a patient's skull Is fractured
"Tickle the ankle a half lu* li ntKive
tbe sub- uf Ihe foot on tbe Inside. If
the big toe turn upward and the
other loes outward, the skull Is frac-
tared If the toes turn downward snd
draw close tggelber, the akull la lu '
taot-M       _^______
Japanese Landowners.
A landowner In Japan owna tbe nur
race nnd products of tba aurfmc or
ibo lubd only, All minerals under tin*
lurfuco appertain not to him, but lo
the Japanese government
Gold and Silver Coins.
Hold aud silver coins were used hi
Kgypt In 2000 B. a
Future Mother In law- ho you iblnk
we shall gel on Well logellier''
SUlmr My dour ludy. It was chiefly
tn have you as mother In law ibat I
loll in love wlib yuur daugbivr.-taa*
tuu I mnscrlpt.
VW*>n a man hse Ihe blues
nil Miirm art ter.
Ai.o he otichea the Mues
iii.-ni nl* uiuts go after
The Forlorn Heps.
On March 18, 1800. debtors In the
New York city prison Issued tbe flrsi
number of a paper entitled (be Forlorn Uoua.
"I   never  Judge  a   womnn   by   ber
clothes." observed Itllkms.
■•No.' put in Mrs, it  simaiimiif,
"a ii.an whu gts-s lo us man) iiiu**
losqite shows ns you du WuUIUu L'—
Cleveland Leader ^
Pari We* .
Vnuni nilstn* lovrn t r> etiy mild
Altt'o-i te oittraciion,
Ano thtt r.lt nnpsf fr.-unt rnme, he prayed.
lu a it.i-nt vnt.-i.it 'i i-ii  n.
i arh'd hlti thle morr.'nr, "Ar«*
VOUI witne* ernaiHIT"    Aro "Nay,*
Ur raid     'lr.ij n*-v-t rmi tnal tar-
ineyre in u.*. ts-momtre:'
-loledo Hlsdt
A Queer Charm.
In many parti of Nurwey the
Chances of m-irrliige or od makl-T,-
bood make the glrla ii"t* e strangeloe«
charm tn order to boon their fata A
maiden Who decree this wee*.-* ■ not
uf the flneei ti.nf. working ten minutes on a nmooibtbl algbt ■ad •*** ■*-
lletea thai if Hu daag Ibbi soavssss
fulty fur thlrtj oiamllgbl -iiftus the
will be nntrrle.) «Ii tun Ibre* fere.
But woe lo lbs girl whu —'..-a tba
hairs she weAVM with or tears bulea
In Ihe uot- she li d.-- i*v« d to tit aa old
W<ne Stains.
Wine stalna nn tsbla   -.- n abouVI bt
roren-d Imincdl.iiely -■* il). utt snd
afterwnrd wsahed out in cold water.
I Should sny main remain biy over It a
paste mnde of leu,, n Juice nnd salt,
leave it tin dry and then wash out in
cold watar	
Ancient History,
"I'm sntlsfled." tuid the young man
who wns Just Inure from college, "that
'be wlence of eHi trlciiy wua under
etnod before the Hood."
"hoi't I..- a fcul." snorted tbe old
"Hog pnrdnn. bul Nnuh mtiat buv«
certainly   used  some  kind ot  un ark
EMrs uiii Man- Lnvi- nio>   Why. ah*
nctt nlly  counts ibe klsrSfS I  glVS her!
Cytlrnl friend-'Ihut's bad    She uiay
keep it up afler ynui uiurrluuu.        > FftfcE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
Suit Values to $20 for $15
■ t
[ Local and District
A ,'Ii.iii.t Hint Boldom
(•onion In you—to buy
your now Full Stiil nl
lull    il'u   ..in-   mistake
'l ami wo linvi- plui'etl mi
Wllo,  Inn  Soils   Iii   In'
...I.I 111
dill out-ly mul  secure  1
y.iuis NOW hoforo tlio J
sizi-. gel lirokon,       J
Chas. Parker   |
Your Outfitter
Fit Reform Clothier   \
New Seasonable Goods at I
Just arrived direct from the Mills
200 Pain of Wool BlanKets and 200 Comforter!
which I nm putting on sale at Cost, as 1 have another shipment yet to come.
Jut LooK at Them in the Window
$1000 worth ol Lace Curtains, Net, Madras, Scrim,
Portieres and Table Covers, to bo snld ut prices, that
lor big value, have never beeu heard ol in Chilliwack betore,
The Leading Furniture Dealer      Westminster St |
No. 3857
Weighed 629 1-2 lbs.
It is worth $1.00 per lb.. Imt can be bought on
Kasy Toi-n* fnr $475.00
Cull and Inspect these Kino Instruments.
Alfred White . Music Dealer
lis Royal Welsh Ladies Choir
Opera House, Monday, October 23
Under Ihe auspices of
The Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary
Seat* Reserved at Barber's Drug Store, Next Week
Prices: $1.50 and $1.00
Donis PuHortl, arrested in Chilli-
wiirk mi two olmrgOH of uhequo-pnsB-
ing ii|i|M'iin-tt boforo Captain Pltton*
Irlgh, J. P.| Kriilny morn it in, und
wus i-miitnillrtl fur trial nn ti pirn nf
Utility.   Tin- nlTt-iin- wus committed
i Mission. Pulford huu podii 1 mt u
ft-w moiillw out of tin- |H-nitcntiury
ivhuvu In' surved two yours of u ilv-n-
year sonteiico for tho sumo offence,
An Interesting evotlt truiispireil
ni tin- homo nf Mr. iiti'i Mrs, Jolm
Mul-ood, Muni'o, wliou tlieir oldest
liUlglitur Ctithorlno Muy, wuh united
n marriage to Thomas Ferguson of
tho siuno plucoi Rov. Mr. MoKuy
nf Kouedulo, ollifiutiiig. Thu
happy COUpIo IpOlit n short hnuoy
iiiunii ut tin* coast und luivo taken
up tlieir ilbodo nl Minim. The
marriage took place on Wednesday I
of liwt week.
The ri'gulur month Iv mcotlng of
the Hospital Auxiliary was hold on
Moiuluy Oct. 9. Representatives
from Ktist Chilliwack Ludies Aid
wero present nml reportotl 160 on
liuinl towards furnishing a wurd.
A donation of linen wns received
from the girls W. A. of St. Thomas
Church. The momliers are pushing the sale of tickets for the Welsh
Choir which appears in the Opera
House on October 23.
Mr.O.Taibbt, Superintendent of
Railway Mail Service for the Province of Quebec, accompanied by his
sou, P. A.Talbot, from Winnipeg,
wus a visitor in the City last week,
Postmaster S, Mellaril showed Mr.
Talbot around the valley,anil he was
very favorably impressed with what
he saw;so much bo that it is altogether possible that ho will purchase
a farm iu the district.
The groat hasebull player's wife
hud never seen a game, but he finally
juTsuadod her to view ono iu which
he was to play. He was doing Ins
best, of course. One strike hud been
tailed on him nud, us usual in baseball anecdotes, two men wen* out
and the bases wore full. Our hero
was gathering his strength for the
swat he was going tn give the bull.
And the bull came, lie knew it
was his as the ball started, and with
it mighty erack he lifted it into
space. Dropping his Imt he sped
for ffrst-oiid e'er the roar of applause
burst out a slight woman in thc
grandstand arose ami called: "Will,
cume hack hero and put that hut
when- it belongs*11
Chilliwack   g;s. PUGH
Implement and
Product- Co.
Potato Diggers
Implements ol all
*•■ ■:■■:■■: -i < *******************
j Electrical  Contractor |
Wiring for Power
and Lighting
It ,\ t-otii|ili*ti' lint' nf
* Fittings ami Supplies
Hone 9 | |
C. T. Vrtdenbartj
  \iii.wn PUBLIC
ESTIMATES FURNISHED Westminster Trust Building
  «...,     .. CHILLIWACK, ll. C.
ntlcktrSl. CMUlwmK
Publicity is tho keynote  to  success.
Advertise in the Free Press for results.
The hardest thing in the world
tti do is to think. The most fretful
and grievous burden to the average
person is responsibility. It is for
this reason that a majority of the
human race   hand their  thinking
' aud their sense of responsibility
over to some institution to be attended to for them. Particularly
is this true iu the highest concerns
of life. We let out our religion and
morals as we let out our washing
am) mending the greatest as well as
the smallest of our interest**:, for
some hired ham) to tlo.
Thrown book by a enYis upon the
{necessity of setting some matter
which may mean our adjustment to
i (tod or to the state, the one thing
I we dread to do is to decide for ourselves, and wc fly to the C'hurch—
I to the Party.   Now, Churches and
I Parties have their uses, but their
very danger lies in their very per-
I fection. For whatever tends to unburden us of our li'.'i'l of responsibility is perilous; for this Inad is
pie.-isely the thing that toughens
the moral fibre nud makes tho core
land bono of mauhoo-d. To give a
witli pence without danger and
struggle,   without doubt and striv*
,Ing, is like giving a child food without work.
Molt nf nur souls are over-foil
and uudei -exercised in their innrnl
reaches, We do imt doubt, worry
and experiment enough, (lur
certainties slmuld he sublime rests
after -t niggle All our moral
teaohors are too   gi*vk-9iire;   their
remedies too  certain,   We  need
Character, not safely; moral muscle,
imt moral fat-—Ur. Prank Crane.
If you are receiving a sample
ropy of the Free Press,, take it
home, mid it, and if ymi think it
I is gnnil value come in and give us
•1,00, We will send it to any
address in Canada until Dec. HI,
, 1912,
Kvery line in this newspaper amis I
the proprietor something.
| Social and Personal t
Subscribe for the Free Press
(i. It. Ashwt'll was a passenger to
Vancouver yewtei'day.
T. J, Policy has been a business
visitor to Vancouver this week.
Mr. Dalisiuore, of the I. I). Smith
Co.,spent Sunday nl Hell Ingham,
Rev. Canon HinchclliTo wus a
passenger to Vancouver oh Tuesday
Messrs. Isaac ami Henry Kipp
are spending a week or ton days at
Mrs. R,C, Harwell and el'iild loft
on Saturday on a visit to friends at
Alex. Johnson returned Monday
night from a three months1 trip tn
the prairies.
Mr. and Mrs. R, J. Melntosh
returned mi Monday evening from a
few tltiys visit tit Vuiiedlivoi'.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Haney have returned from a visit to various points in
Miss B.Bradley, teacher at Westminster, spoilt the week-end at her
home in Rosedale.
Misses E, Broe and M. Elliott
spent the week-end with Mrs, J.L.
Broe, Mary St.
Miss Janet Coote and Miss Hawthorn have returned from a pleasant
month spent at Banff.
Agent Robson.oftheB.C. Electric
spent a few days lust week al Vancouver and Westminster.
Mr. Robert ^cKonzicofSapperlon,
at present located in Chilliwack,
spent last   week   in   Westminster.
Mr. Sprout. Mrs. W. L. M.icken,
and Mrs. Stewart spent a pleasant
week end iu Westminster and
Tho Misses Blanche and Kttna
Topley were among the visitors to
New Westminster ami Vancouver
lust week end.
Mrs. T. I\ Knight returned losl
week from a visit In the east, which
accounts for the happy countenance
of T. P. these days.
Mr. and Mrs. Dustcrhoeft attended the marriage nf Mr. ClifTord Pearson of Bardiet to -Miss (Catherine Shea
at Laugley yesterday.
K. I). Simpson who has had
charge of the Royal Hunk here during the absence of Manager P. B.
Lyle, left on, Sunday for Toronto.
II.T.iiiH'ilhind was a visitor to
Vancouver nn Friday. On his return he was accompanied by Mrs.
(•midland who sf>eiit a few days Inst
week in Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. (i. P. Chamberlain,
whose arrival fmm the east wns
prematurely announced in the Free
Press a couple of weeks ago, arrived
this week.
Mrs. Robinson, wife of Mr. Robinson, accountant in Ash well's departmental store, returned to Chilliwack on Saturday from an extended visit to Mngland.
Kootenuy Likes service, is on a visit
to Mrs. Robertson,who has spent the
summer here, nnd is renewing many
old ucqualutriuccs,
.!.(». Mai'Leod. Buporlntondenl nf
Railway Mail service paid Chilliwack
unofficial vistl nn Friday, going into
various matters with Postmaster
Asahol Smith, tho (love rum ont
Commissioner, in connection with
the It. C. potito exhibit at New
York next month was a visitor in
the oily Tuesday.
Geo, /eiglcr, of Abbotaford) wns
In the City PrMay. Mr.Zciglcr Is a
Jirst class carriage painter and it i>
iHissihlc that he may opon a shop in
Chilliwuek in the near future.
Mrs. (,. F. Croft has returned
from a \i--it tn her former Ifoino
in Seattle,   Mist lona Fisher, her
daughter, a mpnniVd Mn. Crofl
nn ih,. return journey and henceforth will reside In Cllilllwack.
Mrs. Alf. White in expected lo
arrive fmm her visit to Kn^lnud tomorrow. Alf. was very much at
home yesterday but was not receiving, ai numerous household duties
conflicted with social culls.
Miss Eva Elliott, who Imi been
the guest of Mrs. J. L. lime for too
past few weeks, leaven to-day for
Clay burn whore she will spend soma
(tine with her sister wim is lunching
Mr. und Mrs. F. B. Lyle and
children, returned to Cliilliwnck on
Saturday from u visit to points in
Ontario, Mrs. I,ylu spent the
summer in the east, Mr. Lyle going east some fniu* weeks ago,
W. L Smith, formerly of the
Macken-Sinith Lumbar*" Co., hut
now conducting a hardware business
at Matollus, Oregon, was shaking
hands with uld friends in Chilliwack this week.
John McLennan, nf Vniicniiver, is
the guesl nf his nephew, I). IL McLennan, of the Empress, Mr.McLennan is eighty-four years of Age,
and bus never been sick a day in his
life.   Me writes a stciidy legible hand
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Webb arc
spending Wednesday and Thursday
of this week in Westminster nml
Vancouver. They will also visit
tlieir son, Ernest, at Royal (>ak,
where the hitter is conducting a
successful grocery business.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L.Cootoattended the marriage of Miss (Jladys
Margaret Maine, youngest daughter
nf (he   late   Mr.   Joseph   William
llaii f Cliuivhnm   Court,   (JIon
coster, England, to Mr, Herbert
Sholto Douglas-Fox, son of the late
Mr. Douglas-Fox, of Madras, India,
at Vancouver on Tuesday morning of
lust week.
Tho Chilliwack Free Press from
uow until Dec. IU, 1912 for 81.01).
Subscribe now.
Cash Grocery
Our I'rices Lower tliiin
Eaton's uinl im Freight
nr Mail Charges to Pay,
Compare Our l'ricos with
KiiIiiii'h New ClltttlogUO,
Why nol Buy al Homo,
Men's Thigh Boots, $5.00
Hen's Knee Boots, $3.00
Boys' Knee Boots, $2.75
Hen's Storm Robbers, .75
Women's "      "       -65
Those aro Qootl Quality
nml nro Fully Guarateod.
R. J. Mcintosh
Several brand new cottages
nntl bungalows in dihVrent
parts of the pity for sale on
exceptionally easy terms and
tit extremely low prices, for
suit* for a few days at a
bargain.     ,
We also have onqirios for u
Dairy Hunch for rent, must
have nt least HO no res nnd
in shape to operute.
Wo waul listings of large
and small blocks of laud
whore the right prices and
terms aro quoted. Our nr*
ruugements fnr selling laud
to eastern fanners is superior to any in the valley uud
if proper offers ure made,
we can sell the hind.
TlIK Clll 1,1,1 WACK   l.ANII AND
Dkvkoi'MkntCo. 1/rn. are in
a tmsitinn to handle large
undeveloped blocks of land
now nnd we Invito nil who
have Blich land tn sell to
notify us nnd quote their
very lies! price nnd terms
on same. This is a matter
which deserves prompt and
direful action.
Cull and see us.
%    f. 0. lot 247        tUmm IH
Chllllwaek, B. C.
I An Invaluable
{Coughs and Colds |
Every Bottle
Hot Air Furnaces,
Roofing and Cornico,
Metallic ('filings,
Stoves anil Ranges,
.General repair work,
Estimates furnished
Phone 94
For Rent
KOI! DENT-Goal iiuiii roomed lionn
un lliin-lst., all convenience.. sVi,i,ly
!   lo A. Malcolm, City.
toil RENT—Rooma ami otHen with Imi
,vat,'i hunting. Goo. It. AaliWfll A s,,n.
For Sale
j Chilliwack!
Feed Co.
is now ready for Inisiness un.l otter to sell
al lowest prices: Flour.
Grain, Feed uud Poultry Supplies, retail and
We »ill buy liny,Grain,
Fruit,   Potatoes,   Poultry und Eggs,
tonn.iiiona at Vancouv.r,
Victoria .nd Prim. Rupert.
Polio an! train Sulla
For Sal..
i  Chilliwack Feed Co.
lakiirlk. for Ckllllw.ck fr.. Pr.a.
FOR 8A1,E—Pure Imsl Pckln Ducks,
Hiiltul'li- t„r nrcadlngi $8 |ht pair, J.
.Md'„iiiii.||, Lovall l."'is'>'. i'lu'itm.
I'OIIS.M.K-li,,r<.|lM* jmrnnM, Wftolll
al i IllWIItf.Pcinocrat Mutiny, iletali
iiikI   Imrli'ss. rllOttJ. for rusli. Klliniir,'
of A. ll  Mi'KiU'lii-rn, City.
tlirr s|.,s| gcare, front un.l Imi'k .ulli-r
rim brake., warcoty ridden | Apply Box
SO, Freo Proaa,
It. A. IIknukkkiix, n.R, All.R,
II. I'.  I,,N|.  SltflVKYOR
Room. ln,li II. Wrstminsn-r Trust Block
I llll.l.ltt.H'K, 11,0,
Tsaclrir, ol V,,t, <■. PJniio mul Violin
In Clillllwack weekly.
ii.i,i, l,| poaul <„i,i i„ Hi,' i'„i„,i,i,i<,it
mu llnmdway W'i-si. Vaueoiu'cr
sllil S|l lMcll.1  « ill ClI «ll lull.
Iiuiii—In-l'liilliwtirk. mi Thiirf
ilu.v Oct, 8, In Iln'. tiinl Mrs. I1..I
lliiiiglnii ii sun.
Born—On Hiiluiilii.v, Oct. 7. tt
Mr. uml Mis. A. M. ltuckwell, city
n .nn,
Roller Rink
The rlillliwiuk Roller Rink la now
open for tlio season.
TwoTlilrly lo Five
Sivcn-Tliirly to Ten
Com* aad enjoy a plaaaaat
Candy Kitchen
Dainty Lunchtt Served In
pl«u.nf style
Afternoon Teal and high
clou Confection
iVe make our own Candy
Frosli,   Daily
DKAHI— Hai-kiiey Stallinti,   Ri-aitiU-ri-tl,
DOLLT-Jlity Mtn.-, tl yean*, K-at faiiiilj
timn* In Ur* pmvlm-c.
HAZIL— Brown man-, (t jrt-ani, k<mhI
riiiiitiiiiuiii.il in nil tiarnt'M ami Mt-Ullc.
HAROLD 6.—Sorrel mil '2 yem \mt, a
l£u.n| jiriu-iNi't in maki' 11101107.
for iiutlit-r partk-nlai-H apply
('anil, Time, or Ktt-liaiip'fnrltealEaiUle.
Miss Clnrn Onvisnn, tenclter in
I'iiiini. nnd pupil nl Minn McOuire,
AIIhtIu CollOflO, Kiliiiiintnn, is uimmi
Id receive primnry pupils, Pupils
tuny l.'oin nt uny time. Teriiia,etc,
on uppliciilinn.
k.ill.ac. 1 Prlu.M A..., Ckllllwack
Britisk Colombia Electric Iy.
RissKMiKii mnviCo
Iiuiii        Cliwk,
1 II  a.m.
11 H.IOii.ui.
fi I    p.m.
7 1 '" p in.
Milk....U. 10 p.m.
li'.v*!      Arrive
tt'fsluiin.     Van.
Milk .
1:.' 11,1011
.!) p.m.
,6 p.m.
...I a.in,
10 M
II. All
f.ve. Qllllllwuk O.IUl a.10. I llally Except
"   Vancoimir 7.00   "    |'     Sum lay
AU pauenior train. Iiwdl. Kipr.it.


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