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Chilliwack Free Press 1911-09-21

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 P/14-iVtvv-U Mjt y^'.M' O
9 I
roRlA   B- ';'..
Published in the Garden City of B. C.
You will Like Chilliwack.
Vol..   I.
X... :i
special meeting of ihe township
council was held on  Saturday 10th
NOW F TH  I »c>.ipi vdty Meets Defeat Chilliwack Fair Success Sold Oufput of Cannery Attend Church Service | A
r^Trv   i,™   ««*»    [bfA G'lvf""Mnl ""''I™1, tellen al Tht M Wealber Interferes With First Day's Pro- Season's Pick ot CbiUiwach Cannery Disposed Boy Scouts. Soldiers, and Band Listen to I ^""'L^^liSvo aniUH^ounel"
TIMF   TO RIIY       Po»* 1 Jiorsdav   J. D. Ta-Ior Etecled by    ;    trim. Exhibits Line and of flttl Quality       of al a Good Figure.   Twenty Carload    I     Fine Discourse by Rer. R. J. Douglas.     i "j!1',',"", ."'.'A j,,,',..
llllL,   1UDU1 a W Majoiily Splendid Frogram of Events        I        Will be Shipped This Seam fi      , {     ,       talTo-wfiffial
'I'll,'   'le
lie  i I|irnuity|    Chilliwack Fiitr has been the local I   .1. II. Ashwoll, business manager Mitalor T.A. 0. Collii; Company l>. '°J'-
 li   against Ihif attraction lids ivcek, and bill for the [for ihe rhilliwuek ('iiiiuer.v was a of the lulth roglniont, under i apt. J   Mr-Walton, was present lasketl
(love "hi.  ill.  returns  showing vagaries o( ibe wealber iiinii would I visitor lo  Vancouver n n'tly  I: ('onto ami si, 'J'hoiiiaa Itnnd, atteint- for Intel 'simi on the purl ofthe
il i linn '.i Mi"  parties Hum;  I no unpr lonteilst m. On while    them sold   lo   Vn liver ed Divine aorvleo in Cook's Prosby- council lo enable hlin In Iind exit
u i--| \n\> iii; | Wiuluesdiij1   ruin   marred tliu pro-1 Wholesales,  the  cnlin (put  of terlnii clitu-cli cm Smi.lay inni-illnt!. Imi'l »iitrntu-o to hlnl elcndoiilho
Our I'l'lops l.'iuer Minn
Rflton'a and no l'i. i'-lit
or Mail I Iliiii'Ki'H i" I'ny.
Coilipill'l' I llll' I'liee,- « illl
Katun's-  New  I'a'il'i n,
Wliv mil   I'oiv nl   II ,'
li .'i I »k.
liil!    le
III   11
ll-       Ill, li , .1,
I'.irl M ly
i,  '    i ill
.1 :i  Till
Men's Knee Boots, $11.00 | '',    ],
Men's Thigh Bonis, 99.00
,ii llm Siii'li
I   II >
.-; i jiii'ii'i
Taylor   nil
Boys' Knee Bouts, $2.75
Men's Storm Rubbers, .75
Women's "      "       .65
Tlieso nro Gnml Quality
uml nre Ptillv (iii.n.it I.
R. J. Mcintosh
III   1.9
I ihe urogram had tu bulthe Cannery  for ihe season'.   Six I'i'liollircaIkhHos vm-o wuflt-opri-sonX-1Chllliwnok    mountain.   Unineillor
oil ixwlnuiictl, Thursday inn line until w ka nan pros|)ccts wer I  very ed and the servlco was holpdil 'ind Kvans, ii|h.h motion, waa appointed
J live ..'cluck, and a g I iillcndal  Iirlghl loin large pack,  but results Inspiring. Tl Iiiireh was lllled to I" Interview Mr. Irwin  with regard
n' vlsiled lli<- fair  In i! I urogram have ex led expectations I the lib,, dnnm. I'rof lliu iiresldml at the eouipcnsnt loslrcd  for u f
111 ui    ladled (.IV.    I'he Pair will ho mill is sllll r ling wllh a cuniplele the organ, and asnlu by .Miss Klpp M'01"1 HiwiWi hla plan..
in eslended over Friday and Ihe racingIhIiiIT of employes I will illuiie and   Kipling's   "llecessliinal"  by     It. Iluliorli asked Ihe em il lo
■' iirograii i,\ iniiliei ijileled uiilll fur a few weeks lunger,   ICighl car- Miss McNIvon,  added much tu the share H -1 will, curtain rnl.'iitiy-
:;'. Siiturday,   Kvury   burse  raco  has loads of fruit hnve I n sliip|ieil In iwrvleojntli solos being well rontlor- cr I hu McDonald road and Me-
•,'i  l n well I'unlestcd.and iniiny exult- date, whlloolghl nior v stored in led. Th Idrossby Itev. II..1. Doug- p«'ccn road  lo make  repairs i" ihe
rllnislumwl ssed.   Thu lacrosse Ihe w'tirehnusc ready for ship nl. his,   wus a stralglilforwnrd appeal highway,   'the   iirrnngcmonl   was
,. .ne holwoon t'liilliwiiek and West- I uisl year the C piiiiy put  up loir in Uu, aililloiico aa a wholo und the I iihkIo.
Jl lulu i,r  lutein linies was won by eases of siring bean",  bul this year Soldiers and Scouts in particular.     A i-ond nptho mountain side I
il Cliilliwnck  by II gunlstii I.   Thejihe.v have | p ii i li of iwo'nnil J In introduction the rev. gcntlomnn |a h0""". w,lon
is'iiniiie  iviis ii lidrly guod oxhlbillun, In halt cars or2000 cases. The I sli iplimontod the llireo organlzat
id  proves one thing and Unit is nro cut, i ked and Scaled  in cans, ions on tlio small appearance pro
li Ibat t'lulllw-nckhaslaoroastimaterial and Iind n roadysalo,   Kdftcon tons scnto
I ;  l,n :i U'iuiilug lenin.Tlieenlllecxhihil  ut rhubarb have   already   been   pill  iilliir
•-■■ was good, si p nud sw'lno Iwlng up and an additional live Ions with w-as not Irainoil (or military
'j eipinily so.    l-'-si-l made a fair show- Iho added  lo ll ul put king bul   wns assisted  in learning Iho*
s ing nnd  horses very'good,   lu the in nil so   13000 ens,-.   Valley things tl iko for highest in life
iln building, apples, peal's, roots, ] is'nplo need  not he afraid to grow I,mil tlit» through  the natural lend
id also commended  the
in charge. The Hoy Scout
i iw|u'i-iully is.taliHW, bread I butler rhubarb us Iho Cannery can  lake Lncies of the the hoy. Speaking of ' ditinn that tiie eoi
™ were   pi luciil   fualures.     Each carcnt alinostiiny quantity nf it. tho niilllla ho rcgretcd tlmt sol I"'1 1 a suitable ovi
I,,,, eliuu  was well represented and thu It is easily   grown nud for the out  times mall's blood was shed al bauds "'';,
I settlors have
humestcads, next commanded ihe
nllenlion of the board. A prnposll-
lon was submitted by A. A. Crutck-
sbniik, government road supcrin-
lendeiil, thai t«-JlH» of government
money would he expended on condition iim( IIO0 mis granted by the
 meil.   Tl Iter was 'opted nn
id it ion that the contract is lei nt
r appoint-
Candy Kitchen
Dainty Lunches Served in
pleasing style
Altemoon Teas   and high
class Confection
nun  CmnJy
I AMUM. nl   I'Uilll
Itriuirin it'll	
I'Mwanl f l.n.,1
St*   n i*|    IVIIU
\>;. ...i
II .. r-nl.lll.H.l
: i.tll I
iHinlity  i'\rt'|iiiitiiiill,v g I.   Thero j lay .v'n-liU n nieo  miirgiii nf   prodl
t ...      |j|,   .van  ii  £ I ilispinv nl' liiiiir,- work, Clicri-iis wm*  not  Bo ]uVnlifiil tlii*=
..   :'i;        :',: unci tin1 exhibitofClillli\v.U)l( 1'tii'lii- year,   Imt  a ear Ituul   ffna put up.
'-*•        lit Si'linul  from tin* eluy motlelliug of The utrawlierry park amounted to
'■'        V thr Kiiitlergarten eliica In Mm' work aearloatl thin year, while rnspberrioa
o \\ nf th.'   highent   cluwefl   mis  most Unci  l.lneklxirriea also ocldocl tQ the
•i ] i Ti'iiii.ililr ami was worthy nf a place output. Corn nn flu 1> i.-* nmv re-
'■'> "• ui any fair.   Kntertainmciil a ml re- eeiviug tho attention of Iho Cannery I imgcr  sorvlco tn Lho whoio°i
J |; ftv.l.m.'titl.nnilis. woro iii iviiliiiiv -i;ilV. Tlir ram  is oookctl  for two tiuuiUy and dosorveil tho supiwrtof
while  the gel neh quick man, hy itiitl ft Imlf houw and plnoctl in mmL\\t   Cuiitlnuing, thospoakoruftid;
wMi,,n-.l,.yi,t',,',,.|.'1.vn.'.,li.,s.rr- tin eiult .tnd w-ftled. U^mtnntWtaiN\Vc nro womldping to-day not for
M    i1' '"  -^   ■'■>"' f'"'"" »'»• »"»'">■•    I'ort. "f Iln- f I is Pll ppetl In Alaska for  th(.   ,|1(Mvilli,  tif\llltt\   clot|10Sl hut.
iruetiou nf i nonl |iiuiitcly thi*" gentry ilicl not ap|»nr consumption in that northern clinip. j t|ia| |ti8omo inottiurot
of his fellow, hut a wldior'a training slinult! (Jovolop sph'itiliil traits
nf t'lianicter and they were given
opportunity tn encourage the highest and noblest. Music found a
large plact: iu iho drawing room,
and   the hall, hut lliu hand gave a
Let lh Have Your
Order for
Tie- I!. -I Quality,
Till'   I.-.w.-i    I'l'iee
an.I :i (Jurtitiiily "f
Prompt  Delivery.
Have You Tried
Robin Hood Flour
I mr (liur.mtee  is
lii'llillil BVOrV -nel..
Cash Grocery
\V. II  -li
Iracl (or I
lix-roomed   Inmgalow on   Spadlnn I to lie doing it lillid olllco business,   fears arc nisi
avenue      Excavation (orthe bnso-  At future fairs hero the innnngnnont Uiiek .Vnlloy apples will  s ,  Ic,,,  lM,,„|  h,(, ,„  tho very be-tttlld
; '   ' !l''- ''; Ul71 'V1'1 ""'  """  w,""'!rl" ","" ,!",'1"1" """ *&?' rt'",,J''"" "l!n,cnl'" " ' ''."'v-  ,'"'i 'I way ims.-il.le. Horvico is Ibe
 .'I,""' '" ''" ''"''• "B •"",l  ,ia '»' '""•■" fl 'll"' l"'"m'.ini.   1'iiir nruno and plum crop m ihe \ alleyUbjtonco 'of Scouts, Militia, hnud
I '"'■ innnagemenls are more and more lie- Ibis .year has no   I. .-(  „,„,, grogaUon.King.Coimtrynll'a
Mrs. M. MetnMi, of fflengnrry, «n,nB     "  m '»  ""'  ""'nn-ness   ;".""•'' Venw ".ml scarcely any n( (.|„„.,.h ,..lM  (,„. H.',vi.'...   Are   we
Out., In nn  r ntly of V -on- "r "ubicellng visitors to the ten to this fruit will  "gure   n Ins years ^j  ,„  , f mnM<i  „,.
ver,   returned to that city an Mnn- "ll"'   ''l';'!!n''   of the other fellow, output    Ihe total onipul.,   he Cllll-; Uk,,  ,„„|.  „„.  „,„„„ „f llu, |*g
.   aft., liaving spenl a week with   ''"'   addu.oonl   buildings und „„-, Iwnek I ill ry Tor III 1 will amount; s ls ■• „,. , .r..,,;,,... i. - - :,,,.| showed
her -on, II. .1. Mcintosh, the shoe 1,,rovc(l grounds presented nn up;to- to nliout twenty carl I. Hie I an- ,„,„.  ,.,,,, ,UI „ „,H ,ltlait„.l l,}
date appearance.    Hint larger addi- ncry .s a splend .1 in-tltiitlon, nod ,„•,    ,„.,,,,,„„,  ,„„, rtt||ur0 UU0 ^
""";'' '"tlWI'l" "":' ^"'J' '• wy "HI' "■"'!'. wii \alley iK'ople more(lh(, ,,„.,. „f p,.,,,.,,.,,,,,.,,, .„„| m„s.
■s the fair I Ihe,,,. With the additional fruit ftfJ,1,"'™}!^! ^.fTTilZ,
... -        i    •      ,i   ,      -ii' uhMrsiimii**  from   iiiitmns nnd in-
which was growing and ganlouing Imt   wil  ,„ ,,,„,,   w    ire to la, propnr-
inclemenl  inevitahty    iv--ult   with     nemuod    i     :,i       , • ,   .
.    and pro- wttlemenlandlheriehnewandM?  .,       I iT*'?*i..T ^i' "
>eeaTly|-mimnfflttrflPtIon1i. wm,- I ih^ilily of Fnwer Valley noil dally be- I';'"''^v tn.ud s ..,.d wt h kiinwlctlgt'
I . A. Ih-wi-i-nti htl.alf nf thepro-
iwrty owners on the Ash well snMi-
vlsion on the Cliilliwnck Central
road nskt'il the council for assistance
towards the gravelling of a new rnml ; [
intersecting with the Chilliwack ;;
Central road. Tin- property owners
interested hail expended eonsldt r-
uhlc money iu gnit'lng, etc
A pelllion fr Arthur /ink  and
others was presonled requesting tit*
council to elnse the present travelled
road ami open the road to the /.ink
New 1
Fall Suits j
Overcoats I
I' rson, 11. C, were calling oh old nit'endnnce   und   Ilium
 el  in tin   (iii  this week. Mr.  may not bo the success
ii- Offlc.     nt I'ntler. ;|„,,»,,|     [,„.,     „„in|?   ,,,
:!' -
Mr.   A.    M.   I.iv.iii.
ll:   ll n,     I.  I   III.'I.    lliu, i
o( attractions, warm
id   entliuslasm   of  lie
eviile land w'"'1'' while. There slemlil lie jin
out nv    nm    ent ui-inmi   nt   ine coming more and  more evnient nnil ,.       .     , ,,,,
m   i      -o      ,   I e i       '    • 1  1        I                 .1       .•                     I.I PardneSSOfSOIll.   there
,r lini.. management,   flllid will establish n wuleu'   known, th'- tni ry will ,            ,  ■   ,   ,  .
"f    l.lltle               - .           *   ,             .                             . . .'            .        '    .                 ,     '.. Illllltre     no     Uie lldeo
-epiitiitinii to be on vied, lum nnd uuboi u short time not no able lo
i< spirituul
iu  miiterinl
i a tri|
things;   Unit  which  eoinipets wilh
ii.  '■ ■»■    '-*      „i„. ,-,„i .i in , .,, . i   i  i   .  o     o  ,i i     iv »  i     ti   il*'""es*i   '"iii   we     em    eeis wn
,,-   ,. i   ,-      i       i r ;.  ,,.,_,     space will   not   ...Tn.it a extended Imiulleal   Uie gisxls onered.   thut .,    ,.■ ■     ...          , .      .
tbrougb Uiki.Ii and I in.. .1 Mm-, ., „...,.._„„ ,,  .., ,,, T ,,.. ,.,,,,„,., the Divine Nntnro.nnd intnre i:
"in i nnnoii nnil i nuui f lutes,   -                     • .        ,       .   j-    ,,.,,       ,  „,,, t ic U vine Nat re,am no nature is
i   ,-    ,11     i,   .   i  ,,,   account until next issue. , lli.- pack "t ihel"'Ml( uniierv slnuilil                   .                          ,. , .
■"I  lo- "IU scliool chum uipt.   ' .   .'     .       ,        .       ,'.    ,        oplete wiiluiiil religion, winch is
■  li. II.  Ham aj .hlin,.. the week,     j, \\. Todd.  Provincial  Bee lo '"    ,.„' .... ,'„,',. \  i.,,Vi V ..,7,,.',.ii '""' lif'' l»n g back  lo lho God
nil ha inuedhisjotirneyasfar aIXKtor, has been In the Vn I ley (or ,,"!..,7, ,,-V.  ,.! Mr".  Mill', who h',-  "'"' BRV0 "' Three things should
several daj-s looking allerlhebusy ,.|, „,',. ,',[ the staff nt the Cn ry   characterise nil  who adopt servlci
The   sidcwnlkon   tlore  Avenue H**8' Bees tear a close and import- Lnd nlso the business management ?" ""' !"M"? »".""■ l-oyaUy-rio
...l,l\.'ll l,,f,l- ,11.     ..lie .. j ...I*. *.,--'' ..«' "-, ..-1B,..,».*|^
ivedlol ulsidc  "f ,".";'''  iifhiP to the projluctiop of(hj   p|pnlllj |,H,,| j,,,!,,.,,,
..ir.-.i.,....J.ri\l. ....     a.. ■---] .  I
ihe telephone (Kilo line and pede
nt' fruits and il i- .Mi. TtKltl's miss
who adopt service
iin mere talk hut in actual devotion
land   refusing tn say anything bul
[the   best,   lleeipliiii—that   makes a
ithout danger of encoutcr- ' " " " ""'"'^ "'"" """- '.""""" '.'"'"1"r ,""    ^"'"U'l! o.nsler „( self   and   soys no   lo
inglelepl • ,,,!.- i„   ,1, trc     Tie- all star Vancouver laenewo '■;■"■ and  N II -re,t  ,mn«l hy lemplotion.  Snorlflco - selllslincffi
,".     "... learn by ilotcating Wostininsler last  J- H- Neleins lias InnaiM toJ.T lis   ibe greatest causa ol   woe in
Sntiii'duv fins finnilv lifted Uie Mint.i  Mnviini'd.    b.t five io block seven,  world. Organize for sacrifice not for
Miss Kdnu llroe, teacher nl (lien- Cup, and aro now world I'hampions. "''•'"' Sulnlallon has been sold tulspaolaoular offoot; leu ve sellout of
more, Mi-  Mii.xine Kllioll, teacher The U'estniinslcrs huve held the cup Mrs. t'. S. Smiib, of the Sniitb huk-leonsideration. Coupled  witli  these
I  I on.   Miss  Km Kllioll .a for the past six years in succession.
Vancouver,   uml   Mr.   Alf.  llna.,fTheTeeulnsehs of Toronto left Tu.es- by »• "• nelems.   Mr. Nelems re- j lenders, and a deslro to follow tbe
photographer,   id   Itlnine,  Wash., ,|.IV  [,„.  Vanenuver and  ihe lir.-t [»rui real estate and Insunii  bus- Captain of our salvation, Tho Seoul
sp in   ihe week-end with Mr. nnd k..',||„. w|||  be played a week Irom """"' m '"''"K wiftalljr g>»"l  ul I Miistor, whose standard ol chnractei
Mr-. .1. I.. IIi.h", Mnrv Sliv.1. Knturilav. jpresenl. |In   life is alisolute, nud when truly
,v   walk down   the   i"n lo stinndule Ihe I.,.  indiMry ;
.,   ulii'li iii linn increases iritil yields.      Ihe ilntiM*- cot
Chndsey private road ami gazette it
an a public road. All the property
owners Interested having signed tbe
petition iln- request was granted.
.Messrs. McElw md   Hamilton,
of Rosedide. asked fur the sanction
nf the COItncil tn the enn-lnti'tinil nf
a culver I across the Kevin road.
The request was granted.
Mr. Hubbard also requested tin
council in look into a ditching.
matter nn the Prairie Central mad.
The reeve was authorised tn deal
and report.
l-\ O. Calvert asked the eounoU
tn construct crosMiig  t"   counet t
With eit.V walk tit the end   nf Hotlg-   ; \
ins Street,   ttcquesl waa granted.
CI. <i. \V;tlkin- asked lo have ,,
waste   water    drain   eoiistructed.
Tills was lefl with   the reeve    {•> lli-
vestignte and act upon,
It. II. Cairns asked for exempt-
Ion of school taxen mi Coqualeetzn
Indian School. It hf-iiig cu-tnman
the request was granted.
Snl-division  plans of the li    t
Milk  Condensing Company, IVebb »i»»i*>mi« i
and Brown Bros., were accepted
and also the mountain side in the
Ruddock ami b in properties,
('. W.   Webb,   township   derk,
was iitithorisd  in prooure tusi feel  .
of tin- hose fnr ltVedale tin* depart- ! •
The question of dealing  with the
< (Ut  \V:l!*'! ■'■   ;  '   -
nf    Sett   ' li "•; ■     Vt v
St.vh- aud  N'tifl
eras nl Sn
I'.'.tr-   ,■!■'■•
Tweed     ' -   -
Worsted   -
Chas, ParKer
Your Outittur
Fit Reform Clotiiier
linth-.al.s wen* put  through should  1* devotion nnd respect for North   Pacific   Lumber Conu
wilh regard tnlh.Cidttisljik.-Park '
was referred to   a eommittct I
posetl nf Reuvc Wilson and   Cou
ll, .  At'.... will sell by public    The UhHIhrack Ftsod Co,hasiro-     A lorol orchestra Itni been organ
.       ...... '5        .....1        .,..        ...■   I.    ■'       1. .,'   t ll . ....    I.III.. I...   I . ■    ■ a      . •     ..a
followed hy men, develop in  them
;,u lion for John K. Parkor ofCI.il- '''
col vet 1 an order for three hundred
in't'll  UIHII1I" I , i        i   ■    i        , it        ,      -a- I  •
,       iii i t -,i     t'"' '"guest a;i.| he-t citizenslnn.
 Mum ... , iiuivi  -■« - ,,i,   i/-cd ami lias Iktii  luingsoiiie faith- »
^■M-l.  a   hig  li>t  ..r.farmsl.K-k. ■!,I,,,IIdly t-.n-j uf hay to lK-del,vere,|  f„| pmcUw during tho week.   The —
i'lHiVtuent-.   etc.. on  \V,-1 day ;lt     »"«   j™***'   As in licit a. ncff organisation ismadoupof six UTV COUNaL MEETING
' '' d,r wil l.e pur- pieceg.—Kirol Violin,   .1. R. And-      ....      ,.      . „   „.   .,
, nnd first local ,L   .;.--. .•   p iw. n«tl    A brief meoUngof thoCity Ooun-
clllor Kvans, who will emifer wilh
A. Chnrleaon, agent for the lumber
company, in the endeavor to ar-
rangc for an amicable settlement
ind transfer of claims,
The question M procuring a
nmulciiml hall was discussed at
■"time length ami il was agreed
that the inuiiii'i|mlity was in no
linaueial condlllnii tn Iniild for some
In uu i ilOii t.. i -i.il li.|. ,i itnll, rj ■ I
plohn-rs nl 11..• Kra«-r Vslky, I will
Hive In el.TV II,nil ttlm lu.   '
.1,1,1,1   ol il,-  rail ,   e,   I"- ,i, '
nn mi tin   I- .i, ■   ,' il all.
In  incllll.-rslilp  in  Tl.    "1.1  rins'l
.\sS.H'illli..l    ,." '    Hll I
1,1 ::,„|,l, ..I   lillll   ll       lll.lil
(raining, (ree.
l'rov|illil,   ll„ll  Ir villi,
mmlln Lime ih, iu.i ilni ntOiinl  ,
iie.t iin.l give a i. ii in nl. ,,i lil,
linn, in uu ell.,n i» ..i.ni.ii it Hi., i,' -
ilini mil in,i ..nil I.  n ' n-.Hl t" lal.n-
wil   unit iln  pl.illli'l I,'   Valley,
Inn ihuHuull.iMnvll
L. F. CSOFT. Ptiotoiir«phi!r
Thi tin SWdlo   ChllllncM, B.C.
A  list ol articles will la- I**"11''0. "' "'l"
rmimt .!«.-«hero in this Issue. ebawl In the \aiiey, aim urai ioeaiier(on   Brst Coronet, F. Hnrti Ilrst,., ,	
deliveries were ninile Wednesday. C|nron9l.  Ti   n„,„.v. Trombono, ' !"    l"l,i'"    """'■  V
Mrs.  I.. Snyder mi- a iaus.-ng.-r. This puny is inslalling a live li. \y ,|,,„|,., ,. ,,,. (|  .,, Turkln; "",   ll"„",".'",'1,"'1"'''"'""-'  Pf!*, •'
, , We tnimsier mi Tliursiiny iiiiuii- p. eleeirie motor and two grinding pinnn   VII   While    Mr While   is!    wnn McLiltoi appeared Isjlnre
ing I nihil thero owing maohineli (oreboppingfceil for local <,,',.,.,.,'.„'.,. ' ^| -climtrn. nwdo lis "l0 Council nnd  pnitental  ngnin-t lyenrs,   A  proposition   from J. L
i,, ih,.  illii,--   iu the W.-tmiii-ler  tsuniplloil, lir-l puhlie npiieiirnnee nl Ihe |Hilil-j !"""'S:I","'"' "" J.""'1 !l'   fur jif Ids j lieiibolnr (or Ihe rental of a build-
llnspilnl "f ber sister, Mrs.Wei.       \\r   ,\   Henry, nfTlmnis Bros., leal mooting in tho Opera Housi
I'l ■' •"•   Mrs   l'"-i ui  has Isjen ill .1M,|   .x.s—ti>.   Myrw,  Nursery men.  Mondaj' night.
with typholil fever fur Willie days, ,-,-t ,ira>.-.l  thi-  week from a trip lo
,   ,,|.,,,!,,   where   be vlsiled Ids     Tho Woman's  Auxiliary of SI.,    The    report    of    the  (Inane
A  i"'1   "'    logging Uaiwti.nl       .       '.    .     ,      .  ,.  ,   Thomas Church gave an at lioiuo Iii coininlltce    neon nding
" '"""'^ '" '■'■'m';■ ll-,,?y i-i. recuXiti'Z.:;!i U-FIhWi UallfnTlmmlayatUir.
ninnyJiisti s In which the G-niut- unpleasant qulto n numbor wen
n-liueliiin wus the only one lenee iin^ helil with Mr.  Detthnln
R. A. IlKSDKnsox, l-.K. A M.l
Aiw.Kl.nl: 1ISUIIRII "l un ii' ' ", IS
soenrrv uk . iv... wruisi rii
has boon im
.1, M.lnti.-ir- irliiilnws lids   week
■   ■ attract. ■! a ^,"ii deal of
,,   nn, Is long mi  leather    rmli»rmn*«i«il.l r1" ■'    ">'ll! '" " ..•--. a ■ l-.-1 - ...ill  i,,,,ii..,, n.,   il. only on, ■ i."
(((.'HI icrshorl. Ik-tl if  ^"JSWja !„'„■   net, I.    Dainty refresh, ll -red, andwnsaccc I by tbe I
:l '"•" """'v' ..,, Un- 11,,,*. „( frail anil vegetah were serve I «I anlat-Mt, Council.   Mr.   I sive's lender tvos U,A  „„.k •,■,„. ri.illlmu-k Pel
T I- tiling niuli.iii.-iil in gr..wii by him. Iiwwam   ««•  rondorcd by Mra, It..hi ,« squara  yan   for  slilo- 0l, „,|vorU-oil in tlicFr-oPn»a
lb, II i-i lllia-k i- being re i-trn-i- Chas. V. Wnnl, llllinaglllg illm-lor BlKin.vr   nnd    l.e  llm Neville iv,,lk_:_ I., ,-enls per (.,„  f.„- K.ill.r;  |ITOn,|.,lulklng -lilioii. Ihe,-..,,,.
,,| ,„d     ■ .„ Iiundred frol of for Hrilish (' bin. forlhelVI- Smllli,    Chambon,  tnwley   and 13. ,.i poi■tqunro yard  or cro«. ,„„„ ,„ ,,.„ ,..  Ll„, ptaar >m|
nulintors nd.l.ll whl li will  provide uniliin Cnsen-nlnry of Music aw n Mnrguer.lc Ihoinus. ing-i 11.80  for   into   dlmg. ,,,,. „,,,,.,, |,ri,.,..,,,,-,,,.,.. ma||i|
rvde i nl will, ivnriiill. visitor Iii Ihe etly fliumlur, Inilho     -,    l.lll- ,.r»n.it«l utlhoOnom        l,M}"'"1"",1"' '"'"v" l"« '"r ""' W.00, were oltcretl. Tliero weren
.    ,   . ,. Hi"  nut-preseiiii.i nt uie uw in ii,,,sis u(  iiii old   inuii  bv name ol
luuso   Wednesday and Thursday  Umborl  was discussed, nnd tlio
tnrl classes In Chllllwaek in.iler n "vcnll«  b" tlio Brnndon I'layrrs, ,„,,,ier  ,v,,s lumoil   over In  ihe
Pleul leueber, in vn uliuiv, I'l"'"'  « ' J""1'*" "l"1   '"wralilc n„al,i „( ll.i.Hl,. will, powor to net.
,.,,„ „l violin. Mr. Wi„'.l,,|,|»'„r. ;'"""""",1-    •,»   '."" "J,   , ™       Th"   '1"'"<li""   *m   "*M "" '"
hen who lived wllh Tli.* Ilnrlletl, ,.,| |„.r,. .„,„„ ti ngu In the Cnp-1J™1""™"] ",'"' "."'"' I'"'"']""11"" °"|wlint was liclng done wllh regard I
near   Knlghl's Mill   |aisseil awny|m,|(v „( iHreclnr ''     ' """    "" ' ""
suiilenly l.isl  Thirtsdny.   lb' hail
■be, ii,,   reside f  Chllllwaek  f.u
ihe pnsl  In.. ,.r three yours,   The
! Im„|.  vvas interred in lie- I'ottors's
ilurlng ih I  iiioiiihs.      Kse.i- Interests of thut  Institution, ll 1
call in i ul " heiie- Hindi' (or u d the Inteull I tin- Conservnlnry I
'illlllK-MTi   m.i    '(.   , " ■ ,'■ ....
.,|mI. ,..•.„>!„   m. u'..r,i,„.  ''oi ent.    Iln
Keeps the Hair from
Falling Oat
See Our Window
During the Fair
InrgO lllllllls'l' of entries iiliil Ihe fob !
lulling Indies  were iiwiirdeit 15.00 '
eui'h f.u iiii-ir priKinetiiiiioi ti„ .i.,,i :   If   f   DADRtD
of life. Mrs. .hi. T.,plei, Mrs. Kit- I ! II. J. D/1I\D*-.R
lerly, Mrs. lien. Wnlson, Mrs Hum- *
mar, Miss   Ksthcr Hnininnr, uml
properly on Westminster Street, ing was mrwlileml Imt no definite
■The Council decided to exempt tbolngrcoincnl was arriviil al (or sian-
'Uie piopurly (loin fuses. lug a   long  linn   lease.    Some  of
tin- members thought  Ihelr power '
ivuiihl not permit ibe sittninit ,,f ,
mollis o(  in mils nmounling to lease longer than n yeur.   Other
$0,188 wns neeopte.l. tbollglil    il     would.     The   ipieslioi
The ..Her of I!. II. I.ove for side- wus left lliobeyi until 0 ranter
II. C.   I..INH   Sl'IIVIVoll
nooinslO* n.We.„„i,,.|., -i'iu-i lll*.-k l''icl.l "' H(" ".Id Kelluw's CemeliUr^;
0I1II.UWAUK, li.I'. ci'i'-
  A I'.iosi'i'vniive ii Mug was helil-  ,,
JlWosliiillHIer Trust lllilg.    I' ..- m i„ the im, -r. -I- oi.\. U.  Tnylor in ownu uml sine.- coming here bus in-, K- ,,|i',,K--   i,,  Uie   -Songs,iln Sour- ..,,,,,,.,,,, „..,,,,,.,,.,,, ,,,,,   ,|ie work , ,   • ' „    ,,. ,.       .
Arth«rE.BaKer •'?'-:."^''^^^  -"^'""       "'' '"      " "
Architect.       '
SnliMiliiiii 11(1111''- ii Sjniialty.
Bubucribo iW the Kroo Ptcsa
i\:«    a     :ii^i'   aiieiinait'i-   "i      ibmii n • ■•> —o ■* - i*    ■    rc**s.    1110 co   many   m  iiVUK Hit*    Il.tn ivna itlt-nii i.i*n*        i      i. t\ .. •■ • -.-■     . n   i i
hi.,,,I    and  ConservaUvos  it.  It. prices, lie bus lived in I Intario.and .'.,,. „„.  ,„„.,!,,.. „r |S0   Amlctll- T T.      .                .    . (l,lll,m"'k   ''"''' I'"'*: and il |.i»: here again.   «■ -nil hnve a large
Mnlllallil md W    \   Melloiinl.l, of the |vi-t eight years iii ihellkniingiin ...„. ^,n.i,.|V                         " It ivnl ilooldoi Uml nwlng lo the renders to pernio the advertisement' iunrtnie.il .„i hand which Wc mitst
Vancouver and thu Candidate'pro- Valley, but .he thinks the climule; usual   half   holiday  Ihumlay, a ol Chilliwaek business men In thol rwluco In onlcr I ike nxnn (or
sculed the Conservntlvo side of ibe lioro suporlot to cither, and will     laiccs and Kmbroidery more Ibai, civic holiday would not   In. pro- rroo PrM.   rhoro ta an old proverb pur now slock.   A reduction otSO
n oi. ii   nl   i-siv    while   t      \ mnko   Chilliwack   his iwrinancllt vou ever saw U'loro in any store to claimed (or tlio last day of the Fair, which suys that "ihe pn«.f of the' per ccm mi nil mill  paper in our
,|       iin-   in    ■    ...    lino      ...      ..              I      ,.,,...„,  ,„,* ,.. I,„ir ,..',. ill..,,.        i' 11    .,.!;..m-,i,.,I    ,,,    meet   nil oii.l.ltti.r   i, in ll„. . ,li.„," ..,..1 „. ,..   ., .,    \'..ll..,.   Iv.i,,i      ...1 IV,.11
the ildv-t, made more than would pay
ii year's st'
Moral:  Ii   pnys  In advertise in Ihe Tnpcr—   lieu leaning   time   is
Cliilliwack 1'icc Presa advertising Criilckahank, of Mui-ipu, spike in
the l.ilierul interests.
homo.   Mr. Itnwcliffe is accoinpun-: IiO closed out ul halt prico al Hen
ied on Ins trip by  Mrs.  Ilowcliltc. Idcison's this week.
Council adjourned  to   meet  on
Tucsduy evening ul eight o'clock.
pudding is in the eating" and as vol store, tne  Valley Paint   and Mull
editor hud Ihe privilege ol helping to   Papor Douse. FREE  PRESS, CHILLIWACK, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Kissed Ne?
A  Serict of Myittrioui Hap.
peningi md th* Eaplana-
»on Thereof.
B> Philip Quentin
Coumgnt by Ammrki.il frets Allocution, UIL
The Kim burnt, uml where wim I?
ii was iiiv looming ur ■■ eelebru
Hun, nnil t wnn ordered out with loin
guns ur the buttery to lire u nntl i
■n I ll If. | pullcil Hif* hwyard which
tired tin. twentieth hiuii 'there wag
ii ti espioalMi, not eipeclnlly in rroiit ur
ihe glio, tail nil over, uml 1 wim lying
uu tn*/ limit unroiiacloua,
The nest ibing I knew I fell n soft
bi'ti nndet me, imt I cou Id il'I in nny
tiling My i-v'h were bandaged. I re
tuetnbered the RAluie ond ttio tsplo
■Inn It ocruncd to me Hint ( mid
loit tn.v eyesight. I ask.-d if on)' otiV
wim in tlm nn.in. (Uld it uitiu's tOlce
answered tie fold mo ttint ihe aur
geon nitPtitllttfl me lum ordered ttutt no
llftht ilionld, for n few dun m least.
be permitted to eniet my eyes. I was
In n liunse where 1 had been carried
after the accident, I was to be tut.en
dome llial ulltTiionn The liitin ui
■tired me tlinl I warn not iiiurb hurt
mid my eyes would come out nil right
My lufortuaut went out soon urter
thin, leaving me niune. I did not feel
uiinb   pleased   over   wbui   und   bap
"i un thi at it kit run aim..*
pened Indeed, 1 was pretty low spirited I my brooding over the uintler.
bot so sure iliut my RlgUl Imd not ueeu
destroyed, wbeo suuueuiy I frit iwo
llpH pressed against mine- It did nut
OCCUI lo me at mice to ii-.ii li tor the
person    «Uf   kissed    me.   uml    w Ueu    I
•Jul I waa loo lala a Htm- clad in
woman's uppurel slipped l u rough my
it waa rerj nir* of whoever bad
kissed tne. eveu If It were taking
■o adr image of a blind man. It err
talnlj turned the current of my
thoughts Into a pleusauter cliauuel- 1
called, asking who waa Id ihe room,
but received no answer. The person
must bate gone out very aoftiy. for I
could not bear the allgbtcat sound. I
la/ wonderlog what woman bad taken
euUlcfeut Interest In tne to kits uie
Waa It from motives or pit; or bemuse
•ba bad beeu especially attrarted to
ran'7 I waa Inclined to look at tt ta
• freak of aome mischievous chit to
art ma wonderlug. After alt. It must
have been aomeiblng of a temptutloo
for ber to kiss me since alia could do
ao without being found out
I was removed to my borne, but ll
Wit several weeks before I was per
mltted to go out wltb my eyes utnov
■red 1 asked to be sbuwo tbe buusa
where I bnd been curried after the accident and found It ao eminently re
spfi table residence. I weut In to
timnk whuerer had received ma and
found an elderly lady who congratulated me upon my recorery.
Now, what 1 bad really gope there
for wai to find out wbo kissed ma
But bow? Could 1 tell tbe mdy tbet
1 bad been Mir ptltlously kissed whiff
defenseless Id ber bouse, thus Riving
away whoever bad done the deed? 1
wit a few minutes talking wltb uiy
benefit''tress, but thinking of the se
cret 1 wished to discover lilt I consld
•red It about time to withdraw, dis-
tpiKilnied at being no wiser than when
1 bnd come. 1 waa a good deal of a
boy then nud not competent to push
■ ii. h a unit ter. I was nineteen. 'I tie
htily who huil succored uie wnt past
forty, nut] I was unite aura she bnd
imt lieeu the kisser.
A year passed. One day I was rid
lug In t siri'ct car when t young Ifldy
Kill In. When tha conductor came
round for her fara khe opened net
porkeibouk ond looked aurprlsed m
seeing no change there. She was
about tn pet out of tbe car when I
asked her lo let tne pay ber fare for
her She consented with a very tweet
nulla, nnd I bonded tbe conductor the
"Will you please give ma your ad
dress that ! may repty your ghe
•To tend « nickel would be mnr*-
trouble (ban It la worth," I repiietl
'The matter It of Do conaequeuce. i
■BBtire you."
"Vou aro eery kind- ! will ireept
Ibe amount, trusting tbat I may tome
time have fin opportunity to retitr..
tbe fmur"
I tbutiid have liked to go on wlib
the i-untertatloo. but consideieu tlmt
ti would be preiUDptuout tor me it<
do to. Tbt girl tutdo oo furibet te
mark, ao tbe coovtrtaflon druppeti
(She gin out before I did. aod I iUoihu
bav« oven glad io Join ner, out wouid
not fur tbe world haro Uken adrun
iHge ut oo email • mtttei aa teodiug
bei a nh'kei to fore* an arqunioiume.
I bod lurguiieo the episode wuen
one du/ I received ao tovei«|t* cou
lainlug a (lietter ticket. It was uut
marked couipilraentary. It had evi
denti* been purt-btted at tbe but ol
nee. i went there und asked the lick
el seller ft he cointl retnemtier wim
builglll It- tie longed ut n unJ snld
tUut be could mu. 1 went awuy won
tiering wim nnil favored tne, imt teei*
ing sure Hun tin.1 persuu wiilitd turn
up in 11 me.
I  weut  to the piny  honing  ('uu  I
would nnve my ctirmsliy nu ih fled before ihe evening wus over,  inn  I itiu
I uot,    I suw nu one wtioui I bih pened j
in   itie  uudlence,  una  no  one  mutie |
I  tiim-eir  ot   tierhcIf   known   to   me,     I
[ mill   flinrM   MlUI   1   UllgUI   receive  tl
I pieiisiint surprise iu teeing aome uiil
j  trieml    tuke   n   sent    liesiile    me   wim
i  would turn mil  in tie Hie tluuoi  or tlie*
! ticket    I'll a si-ui on ellber side of tin1
i   Wus   lllletl   Willi   persUUS   I   find   tiever
seen before     A  voting imiii sul nu HIT !
, rigiii, .i  mliltlie mi i'ii may uu my  left.
Ill li i li   was   Willi   uiiullii'l    pei'siin.   bull
' no out ut eliuel  I'UUpie dill  I  kliuw ul j
I tiflU   eVCtl   | Ml Id   llliy   lllleiitliiu   lu   llle
' I   went   liiiliie iiiyslilleU
'     It i not  I   Wilt plUtlng on even   i
■ tlig dress to gu mil  wiieu. slipping mi [
i nuiiti into lite rigid pocket ur mi ilm  i
ier  jflCltet,  I   fell  S  III 114) OblOIIR [IBl'll
I  iite     Hiiixinnving  it,  I  look oil  uie I
impet  tu iv in- ti ii  wu*. enrolled anil
luuml ii | m »i fin Mini but  wuii s Jewel
em unuif  nud  miuress mi  uie cover  '
. Dpenlug ibe urn uml removing u layei
of col tun. tliete nn until tl e|  myer gli«
leueil ii gold snirf ring.
Uuw dill tbe hot gel info mv pnelcett
I jiDiiiiereti over ttie uiuiiei  wim nn i
I sUcceioj       I tien   I   reiueuiUeied   t Uil I   i
' nnil   lust   worn   Ihe  unmet   picket   a'
ihe tii-iit>-i  mi (tie night  I  tntil useu
ihe  iu.v*-ieiloii* ticket,    11 occurred tn
iue (but tile young  tiliiti silting oil my
right   cou id   mite  slipped   u   into  tut
pocket.    Uut Wliy lllOllld tie hnve dune
■u) lie wus h slrnuger tu me uml unit
imitiil.-sii'il no Inierest lu me during
the evening,    ImleeiJ. lie tieemeil lo lie
' entirely ntwurheu wiiu fits companion, '
« very nreiiy girl. 1 remembered.
'Ibe si-urr ring waa it plniu uund of
gold wim ii [lecmliir Melting ot five
Jen-els. In the center of a oi|iuire
wus a dlnmond.
One iiuy wnlie visiting n picture gnl
ery. passing rrotu one room tu iiiunii
, tt, I met tiie street cut gtn line tu
lace. I nnd my scurf ring uu, uud Iter
■yes fell upon it uetore tliey ■irtlck
hit face. Slie nnsftl I hem and st
nice threw mil tiie red signal. How
itig bei bead, sn-* ttieiupted to dive
;.n.-f me tint I imil mid enough of
Ibis m j st ery uml sprung directly lu
trout ul her.
"You huve returned the lonn of n
nickel." I snld, "with u I beater ticket,
-no vim placed tins acurt ring'—
"I dul not"
"1   iin'iiii a  youni;  tiinn  who tat In
'   he ni'ii sent to uie placed ll (here by
lout request."
"I wished to refniy an obllgntton,"
"Vutl repiuU tl  h-ofoid "
Then like sn elect tic shm k another
inference struck me. I determined to
■|-k nil nn n liu/urd.
"(till you ti'ive given me someltilns
nore delicious (bun theie. I suul. look
ng tier lu tbe eye.   "When I wu* blind
The blood In ber checks ihnt harl
lortly tulHldi*d uciiln fiumt-d up. and
•tie miid*- a umbel dive tor freedom,
nit l bended ner utT. I knew sbe wis
be girl *u." bud Hissed Hie.
Well, ll whs alt out. nnil I tod ber
■hui nothing would *-ti11e*ry me but a
*ult slHtetuput of Ibe cose from the
J me oi the bursting ot ihnt (tin at
he celebration that bud suspended
.■otisclou»uesi wlihlu me und enabled
ier to curry on ibis succession ot stir
jrlset stie loid me ttiai I mlcht call
ipf.n bei uud nUe would ouli-ry my
furiosity I iiiudt* the cull wlttiuut uny
leluy. Htid tins in the story she guve
•Tbe boute to whlcb you were cur
led was und Is occupied by my aunt
lOd uncle. I tfeot tin-re shortly otter
vou were taken in und. leelng a crowd
ibunt (he bouse, waa in dreml lest
lomelhlng (md U.lppeaed to some one
, it the fatuity Mv auol told oie of the
i ■ipiosliiti of itie gun nod your arrival.
\ doctoi uas then wllh you. wusiiiug
■nu what bud iic-n blown into yuur
•yes, and wlien be left the ruum be
reported tbat you were lo a mora critical condition tbnu afterword turned
jut to be the case.
"I volunteered to go to and look out
for your needs, and my aunt. wUo It
a very nervous woman, was quite will
ing to accept my services in your be
balf. When I saw a young soldier ly
; ing there grlevuusly lojured looking oo
baodsnue"— m
"Cut 11 uut." 1 Interrupted.
Phe continued her story, smiling-"!
felt pity lo my heart. Then it «c
curred to uie lo puzzie you wltb tbat
: kits.
"When I met joa In the ttreel ctr -
( I pretended I bnd uo change mat you '
might puy my ture.   I knew where ynu j
I lived  nud  sent  the theater  ticket  as
, a  return for your fuvur.    The young
: man  who snt on your right  was my
brother nnd  commissioned  by   me lo
drop the scurf ring tulo your pocket,
There, you bave my confession     Tilt
, Whole thine hus been done for fuo "
I concluded ibttl a girl who would
lake all Hint trouble for fun nugin
not lie hard to win by Iho oh|wt ot
ner miniseinent. I acted on tins opio
Una aod found It to ot correct.
A Familiar Sound.
Pootellghte-My   brother   bat   evei
gone iu tar n* lu cut out soda water.
,     Mi*-- sue Dretle—Why did he cut oa|
; tuiiii water, pfifl
"11   made   him    nervous   when   be'
\   heunl   lliu   fuuutulu   bl-ut."—Vuuktra
{    titMU-t.tl.jU.
There   ll   a   Way   to   Handle   Wlvtt
Without Tnobis.
As Mr, t'u ii I mi looked down ut bis
WttlWC'OUl he Ulscovi-i'ed Ibut It lucked
a hution "Aud I n-ketl my wll'u to
sew It on mini' iiriiiiy Inst uiglu." he
BiUd lo Ills couiiuiuer neighbor lu tbu
tralu.   "1 duu'i see how she forgot It."
"Don't ever nik her to mend anything," mild his friend. "1 learned a
betler way before I'd been mnrrU'd a
year When I want anything uieuded.
sny it shirt, foi Instuuce, I tuke II under my uriu, nil mussed up, uud upeu
Hie closet dnor und king out to my
wife. 'Where's Ihe rug bug, IVggyV
"'Wliiti do yuu wuut wlib the rag
bug',' ulic'll ttsk me
" 'Oh. I ilioughi I'd throw this away,'
I (ell her. uml iqueOH It a little tighter
uinfer mi in in
"I.et me see wlmt you have there,*
she'll uny, uml I'll tuuller Momellihig
ubuul 'wuruuut old thing' while I bund
II over iu ber.
"'Why, -lumes Uuiluml.' sbe't) sny
when bile's spread II uut and looked
II over In u hurry, 'I nm surprised nl
you! This Is perfectly good ll does
uot need a single thing etcept1- And
then und there she slit duwu lu meud
It, looking us if I'd made her a pre*
eut,"—youth's Companlou.
Didn't Fit Bill.
Came a soft, appealing voice through
tbe telephone:
"Miss Laura .leiin 1 .111beyV"
"Ob. MUs UMiey. my heart fs
broken! I huve hud a fulling out wltb
my-my-ls It correct to tmy 'gcntie
mitu friend,1 Miss Mbbey?"
"1 tblub I abuiltd nut use that phrase,
my dear; It's u banality, If you know
wbul that Is. Itut you might apeuk of
klui as your 'geutlemanly friend1 per
Then tbe soft, appealing voice he-
came a loud screech
"What! Hill Bmldgtna gintlemanly'.
lie ain't! Vou don't know liliu! Lie's
a thick beuded. wall eyed, splay footed, erouked nosed tl/zerlm IUIU, und be
hain't got sense etioiigb to ueiuteh Ulm
self Wben he Itches!"
Then the receiver was bung up wlib
a alum.
Another desolate soul bad found cou
oolatlou.-Cblciigo Trlbuoe.
Bad Day For Boating.
At a fushiouuble sea side resort a lady
visitor, In charge uf some half dozen
youngsters, Hpeiu ti good deal uf ber
time li) niteuipilug tu make burgulus
wltb the bouimeu on tbe beach.
She Cfltne to tie firefly well known,
and ber pairuuage wus uut particularly
"Well, John." she remarked to a
boutinuu uuv uiurnlng, "what will you
cburge to row us round Ibe point t"
"Well,  mum," Bald John, critically '
surveying the group. "I couldn't possibly do It under 10 shllllugs."
'Ten   shilling!)'"   gns[>ed   the   lady.
■That   lu   simply   preposterous     Tbat  I
mau   over   there."   Indicating   another
bom man. "has uttered to tuke ua for
l.uif a crown."
'That may be, mum." calmly re
RpumJt'il John. "Jer see, ..ill'.': rlskln'
very little.    Ills old bout's full of holes.
while I've only got a few tu mine."
Tbe lady didn't go rowing tbat mom-
Vsry Fesy.
A foi was once seen to take a bunch
of moss In his mouth and swlai out
Into the river, where, after sinking
himself to Ihe very polut uf tils oose
In tbe wafer, he let go of tbe most uud
came ashore.
"No doubt." remarked a well read
bystander, "you did that to rid yourself of Beits which were drlveu by tbe
water to seek refuge lu tbe most."
The fm glanced furtively aud allnk-
lngly about und around.
"Iltst!" he whispered, wltb a sly
wluk. "I did It to make some people
tblnk thut was wbut I did it for."
Moral.—There lo no greater mystery
tbun motive, take It up oue aide and
down tbe other.- I'nck.
Corroborative Toitimony.
Mrs lilplu— My husband and I never
dispute befure our children Wheu
trouble comes up we send l hem out
Kluii Neighbor Oh, tbui'a why 1 see
tbeiu ou the aired a ao ofteal
■attar Than Medicine.
"Did jrotl i tell my wife t ibut I had
tu made my will uud left  her e-erery   \
thlngV" gusprd the sick man.
"Yes," auswered liU lawyer.
"W wlmt did sbe ssuyV" queried the
Invalid iiuiloiisly,
"Ob, she tubbed a Utile, (lieu asked ;
tne uboiii Uow much Uie property waa
worih!" replied ihe attorney.
And I lint's  why  ihe umlci taker lost
s Jub.-l'lllsbuig vim
Opportunities That Art Open to
j        the Enlisted Man.
Ivtn at a Privets Ht Can Run Hit
•alary Up te |35 a Month, and as a
"Nonaom* Ha Can Double That and
In Tlma Retire ftioh and Pensioned.
There are muoy opportunities open
to the man who eullsiu iu the Dulled
Btataa army aud weura tbe uniform
Of (Jut-la Ham wltb honor lo himself
■od bit couutry. Ihe puy la good, the
food la gouil, and tbe ctiuucea for ad
vauceuieut are uumuiuus,   It It up to
1 tbe Individual man himself to make
guud  and   to  take  auvuniugu of  tbe
, tliuullou.
I      Writing lu tfie Columbian Magatltio
I on army altall's, Kdwuid Murtbull In
discussing the mm us ur the enlisted
imi n sitys;
Summarized, this ts what a mao
who thinks uf uiaivhlng for bis L'mie
;  Buuiuel uu uu enlisted mini but to con
Un   tlrst  enlistment  the soldier  for
I Old Ulury nnwuduys gets $15 a mouth,
fur belter pay, fur instance, tbun the
average clerk's, for hourd, lodging and
1 ciotblug are furnished by the govern
incut.    If  he qualities  as  niarksman
1 be adds $2 to bis puy; If us a sharp
ahuuter be gels gJ In uddlllun; If at
an expert rillemuu u full third mure.
Thus he muy ul ome get f'JU monthly
cash aud found It he It able and keeps
j If he enlists as a musician be gelt
f'Jl   monthly   to   start   oil   with,   Ihe
, highest "rookle'e" pay. In the signal
corps, the hospital corps and ihu en
< glneers' corps first class privates gel
|I8 monthly, aud second class privates
get IIS.
Upon enlistment every man It allowed  *H.{.70 for bis uniforms, etc. aud
i afterward Cl.IM twice uuuually. At
least one-hair ihe men save money on
their clothing allowance, which Is more
tbun ample. 1'rlvules' puy Increases
tii a month for each three yeur eu
llstment. An expert rlricmau who
never geta to be a petty officer, therefore, run run hfs pity up, wlib good
conduct and Intelligence, to |3fi a
month aud uil his uecessttriet "found"
In the eullstmeuU cuverlug fifteen
Noncommissioned officers tre token
\ from tbe ruuks ou recommendation of
tbelr company or troop commuoders
and are often gtveu their posts upon
' their first enllsiments. These men are
really well paid. A sergeant major Is
■Hotted to eavh regiment. He receives
|1.~> monthly wheu be Is appointed and
1 |4 nddltiunul per month eacb time be
re-eullsts. Iteglmentul commissary set
geuuta, regimental uuurtermuster's ser
geaiita and tbe three battulloo ter
gennts In eacb regiment get tbe same
high pay. Kadi company has a Oral
oergeaut at $4r>, wllh au Increase of
$-1 upon re enlistments; a second ser
g"unt at $.10, willi J.t increase for each
re-co list men t; a corporal at $IS. wltb
S3 each for re-enilstmeutt. The gov
vrument acts as bunker fur tbe soldiers, too. If tbey desire to bave It, and
noncommissioned officers huve left tbe
oervlce with as uiuch as t'JO.OOO saved
—not oue, but many. If he sticks tight
to tbe aervlce for full thirty years a
noncommissioned officer la entitled to
retirement on pay ranging from one
half to three-quarters Of hla service
pay. Seventy dollars monthly Is uot
unusual pay for a "uuucom" lo retire
ou. And every year of service teeo
outside tbe Culled states counts is
two years at a butne post A man,
therefore, after Ofteeu years of aervlce
In tba Islauds may retiie on hla balf
Tba food tbe "noDcoma" and tba
other enlisted men are given Is wholesome and well cooked, tbe medical at*
tendance free and able, pool aod gar
rlooo schools have been provided at
all posts for tho primary branches.
and at several potit trade ocboola
have been established. A worthy
man, no mailer where ba may be ota
tlooed, la tlmoot certain to get transfer to a "school post" If ht askt for
It. Cooking, baking, blacksmlthlng,
veterinary surgery, electrical and stationary engineering, all are taugbt at
theao trade schools, aa well aa many
other things. Thus a boy wbo baa
bud little chance to get an education
may. after be bus Joined tbe army,
get a very good oue.
There teems to bt but one tblug
which army life does not offer to tbe
enlisted man. Hut thut uut thing lo
lu Ita degree Indeed tbe lift of tha
enlisted man now offers more Induce
incuts than the life or tbe West I'olut-
er. The commlsNiuned officer's pay la
tuiull when bis eipenseo and tbt effort be must male to get commissioned ore t'onside-ed. and. furthermore,
tbe noticomml'siiiiied officer lo nut to
aubject to po.lttcal Influeocee aa tbe
West Pointer, who gives blm hla comma oda.
Mra. Itoowall It. tloeo, wtfa of •
chaplain lu the Untied Slates nuvy,
hat ao umbrella that waa praseutad
tu Lafayette by tbe city of Buotou In
Mra. Jettlt VYatorbouoo waa ttectad
president of tbt Womao'a Association
of tteiafl DruggUtt at tba raceut an
nual convention which was held lu
Mum Curie, codttco.ortr with bar
late busbaud of radium, baa been Invited to come from Paris to America
ueii yeur for tbe purpose of tuklug
purl lu tbe luttruailoual chemical cou-
gross whlcb U tu be held lu Washington.'
Mrs, Atlee Pomtraua, wife of tbe
Democratic teuaiur from Ohio, la t
clever waier color artist. Ube baa
made several duluty sketches of tbe
Ituck creek section near W'ushlugioti.
uud her drawing rooms are tilled with
ber own imliifliigt. Sits, I'omertue
also lo skillful wltb ber needle.
Miss Annie H. I'tck, tbt woman
mountain climber, la off ou anutliei
expedition lu search uf tbt u|iei uf
Ihe continent Amid tbe unknown
tuuuulis of the Andes she Impea tu
lot uie a mountain top higher t imu
Acoiifuguti. on ihe border of Argen
tlmt and Chile, whose ?.!,HUU feet rep
resent ihe greatest elevation yet dis
covered In North uud Smith America.
Pen, Chisel and Brush.
(Jertruile AtbflhOil, the novelist, la a
great griiudnlece of Benjamin O'rank
Augustus Thomas, the playwright.
wus formerly a page boy lu Ihe lorty
lirsl congress.
Alpliuiise Legion, palmer, oelilplor,
etcher uud medullsl, who bus Just
celebrated liln -teveiity fourth lilrlhday,
Is a liittunillxed Kugllshiunn. He wut
horn ut UIJoli, 1'iamu. lu IKI7.
(fail Melii'crs. who bus received
more Kiirnpetin liotiurs than any other
American pu litter. Is a unlive of Detroit. Whlsiiei und Sargent were the
only two other Americans lo share
wllh him the blue ribbon or art In
Woman's World.
According   lo   Mr.   Oppeuhelm,   the
' Kiij-IMi novelist, the Ideal wumun doe*
uot  exist,  but   Whttt't  the use of his
j saying thai to a man who's married to
1 her'f-BuHlun Globe.
Twu Philadelphia matrons are eastern golf champion and nniiier-up, tbe
latter a grandmother Did some spite
ful miss say thai golf Is "un uld lady's
game7"—Huston Transcript
i A Brooklyn Judge valued a stolen
kiss ut u cents, while a Louisiana court
, valued the same "commodity*1 ui J-'ii,-
imhi. which shows Ihe exuel difference
between u Brooklyn girl aud a l.oulsi
ana "pcucb."-Memphls Commercial
Current Comment.
Amutlng   Inetdtnts   In Which Thoy
Have Figured.
The Camorra (rial has been the no
cation of several hensational episodes,
not the least striking of which wat
the extraordinary behaviour of nut
of the prisoners, named Esponlto,
who, in a fit of hysterical ruge, took
out the glass eye of which he was
the unfortunate possessor and hurled
it nn the. floor of the court.
Not long since u rase arising ont of
u glass eye win tried ut the Flnnf--
killen Quarter Sessions, when a lie)
named Onlln-'ier sued u draper for
tiuiiiagi's (or the detention ot a glau
eye. The Imi, who hint borrowed
money from hi., employer for tlm
purpose uf (raveling (o Dublin t« be
fitted with a false eye, having received the offer of n lietter situation, guve
notice uml naked lor u otinrncter,
which the draper, in whole debt h-
still stood, refused  lo give.
Nir wits tlmt all. (ur. chancing to
meet his er.t while employe, the
i draper took him into hi- simp, ami
| there uml then demanded tin- gin**
j eye as necurity (or the loan. Over-
I awed   hy  Ihe other's   ttircutlining flttl
, tiide, (luHugher handed over hfi pyn,
ami cnniequenlly, tiy reason ol lili
disfigurement,    lu-t    (lie    place    for
! which he hail applied.   He IhercfoM
stietl   Iii-   larmer  employer,   who   WH1
orderod to pay $in.
Although iu lite (nrogolng obio Ilia
possessor of the glase eye most US'
hi redly olijeoled to hi- prnpprly being considered in the ligh' o| a
pledge, there i« more than one instance of an artificial eye being vol
tiiitnrily placet] in pawn. A lid wil
broke, carrying  on   liuiinesn in an
eastern cmiuly town in  Kimland, lol.l
the writer thai he had al one ti  n
client who invariably, every week
when hit money run shorl, raill'lj
siillicienf nu Ills girts* eye to carry
him ou (11! next pay-day, when hi*
properly was redeemed. This transaction, with hut few Intermissions,
lasted for several years, until the
man's death.
Altercation over u far*, gave the
tale  Henry Herman,  the dramatist,
opportunity for playing it Joke st
cubby's expense, Herman was I tie
unlucky possessor ol a ti'.n** eye
which, on Jehu's wuximr rjcmnnslra.
live  with  his whip—the lu-li  whereo!
[iBSK'ed perilously near his features-
he suddenly pulled out mil. thruilln-r
it in cabby's face, shouted, "You
rascal! Look what you've done!
You've cut my eye out!" The next
second the driver whipped up hi-
horse and  fled.
Of the muny strange c'ubs that are
on record none is more singular and
bizarre than Ihe "(Jlass Eyes," which
formerly held their meeting! at Mo«-
COW, In Russia. The member- of
this extraordinary coterie, all o!
whom hud lo>t an eye. met once h
month at Ihe house of their president,
who was elected annually, At these
gathering*, which were solely convivial, the false eye- were taken Oltt
and their redistribution was—for the
evening only—determined hy lot.
Some years age by reason of a dearth
of candidates eligible for membership,
the club ceHSed to exist.
Ambassador  Raid's   Daughter,
Who Scorned a Title.
But Is Altogether Indifferent ta Society,
Devoting Htrttlf ta Hte Husband
and Little Bay With a Zeal That
Charms England's Domtttio Quotn.
Mra. John Hubert Wurd, tbe pretty
duughler of the American aiuhussa-
dor to ICuglaud, tbe Hun. Whltelaw
Held, ranks easily tlrst amuug the
American women who bava married
Englishmen, it It true that ber bus-
bund, a younger brother of tbe Karl of
Dudley, la only au "honorable," aud
honorable* are thick as hops lu Lou-
dou, but then he Is u Ward, the favor-
lie eipierry uf (he late King K'dward
aud tu popular wltti King (Jeorge aud
Queeu Mnry that hu Is certain to ba
a person of Importance In the new
ecbeine of tilings Hefore Mitts Jean
Held accepted the Hon. John Hubert
Ward sue hud refused scores of devoted uo hie men, uml rumor said she hud
eveu turned awuy one screnu high-
oesa.    Miss Held didn't care fur titles.
it was ai lllurrlti thut ihe romance)
began. King Hdwurit wus hiaylug
then*, und so were Ihe Iteldn. The
lion John was In attendance upon tbe
king, who enjoyed the Hoclety of the
American ambassador. While Miss
Held's  father  was engaged   wllh  his
Ludovlc Nuudenu. a French scholar,
says thai orientals ure unreliable and
eicel In Hiihlerfuges. (tret Unite auld
the same thing lu choicer language.—
Atlanta Journal,
If war loans could be stopped, aa Oscar S. Slums advocated before tbj
Luke Mohmik coufereuce, universal
peine would seem to be considerably
nearer reulbuitIon.-Christian Bctence
Tbe United Stales started postal oav
lugt hanks one yeur before England
celebrates tbe fiftieth anniversary of
tbe Inauguration of ber system. Yet
soma people regard this couutry tt the
more progresslve.-l'lttsburg Dispatch
Trust Thrusts.
When tbe standard Oil company baa
completely reformed Itself Ida Tarbell
will look tt over lo see.—Chicago Newt.
At the same time we du uot believe
It necessary to establish a borne for
Indigent trust magnates. - Milwaukee
Even under tbe rule of reatou, how-
aver, the trusts probably will do wall
to take out accident Insurance pollclet.
—New Orleaut Timet Democrat
Bravo,   Britain!
The luct. recently  mentioned that
1 a British firm lut-i secured a huge
contract for vt. rks in Rui-nos Ayres,
is only one of many that have nppear-
ed    lately   to   prove    that    Urituin    m
still the greate-u commercial nation
. iu the world.
j     In engineering especially we are fur
1 ahead ot ail rival-, and  in tin- tuak-
| ing of machinery Hritaiu uguin hold-;
! the   lead,    l.u-t   year   the   value   uf
: machinery  exported  from  Great  Brl*1
I tain urn..unt-1 to more  than  IMOU,-
. 000,000.   Germany, our greatest rival.
, lulls some eight millions short, while
; in cotton goods we export more than
aeven tint's as much as they do, uml
j three times as much wool stuff.   More
biscuits are made in Britain than in
any other country in the world, uud
eight timed as much jam is exported
every year us from ail ttie other Euro-
_ pean  countries  put   together.
The list could he extended, hut the
. more oue inquires the more certain
! are the t. roofs thut both for quantity
1 and quality Brituiu is an easy tirrji.
j —Auswers.
Timely Tips-
it takes only a few minutes for a
full grown iMunderstorm to ruin ll.ouov
000 wonb of millinery.-Chicago Newo.
Heal eipuuds. and cold vou tract*.
That'a why t bot 100 pound leeboi
will hold Die ISO pound* block tbat
your Iceman puts Into IL A knowledge uf mi turn I philosophy la a (treat
help lu solving tough problem* Ilka
thls.-Ksnsns City Journal.
Go Hug llir merry i-HhIii**—
Itt, in and rini 'em Iwicel
The i.inniiirr s setting even with
j he man wnu suid lum Ice!
-lin.lliii.iire Hun.
'They started  In a purely platoala
j   wuv lo read   l.uiile' together."
|     "Welir
f "Now ihey ore Interested In a book
tbat tells how to build a $1,000 buusa.1*
-Pittsburg I'usL
The Only Excuse.
"They say." lemitrUed the party wltb
ihe uuliurhercii hull. "Hun a true poet
wrUtta i try iMVanse he enn't help It."
"I unesi Hint's right1* rejutued tbt
magazine wliim  "NoIhkIv should write
 try   v.hu   vuu   help   IL"-Cblcagu
Tlm* te Quit.
At th* front door I clatp ynu tight.
The clock ts striking one.   Voiirpera
Is striking mstctiea on th* stnlr~
Bweelhsart, guud nlglttl
"Deeds count, nut wurda."
•Tbat ao?   Well, yuu gu and send a
lattfTtM." - Hpukau*   (SpakMuum Ke-
Plty Days.
Jta' fnotln' rnuiid wnen irttts ire ulu*
An   it uiii > m.iiin  ire a,in -i tM-uugn.
Wr.en -ii'-ti.n* nrK-Tf tor i day
VVttn mnnt- (.(.(ii^ft "i  "Uy.
A-itr-icnm  tur n.* rooms tnll
ut pronon  iniomn Hi- wnous *«n still
V\fteie in*- iiihui,..   mon.t in toun-1-
u Hft|* you ui,-j toolm round.
There's Measure hi 'he m'ghty aam*
Ui-.iv rmipu plat r <t eeanh "i inu.e,
K'ji i*fit-n youi tneir.Of) irntti ii.c* more
le. mlhd lbe vy*. ynu Hfit.«  al yore
ll  ine» tot nun t" t" nm or ttule
An  divert trim r.t.mile mis ni grtsl,
i ui tueelatl icno*a -tui ifsoi.ru
Mum times *t i|*n    rt' i»oin' round.
• rt ssr.ingtofl at*r.
Oysters st Rat Trap*.
Catching ruts vTilb oynier shells la
the unique method employed by torn*
pearlers round about Hroome, Western
Australia. 'Ihey leave a large oyster
ou Ibe floor of th* cabin at ulght. It
opens for a breath of fresh air, aud
tbe etuell uf fresh meat attracta tbe
rata Wben the rodent thinks he'll
try a little supper, tbe oyster sudden
ly derides that he doesn't like fresh
atr. Nest morning the ahell le pried
opeo and ibe dead rat thrown overboard.
Two Opinions.
The turgeons are trying to discover
tbe germ that cause* appendicitis
Want tu eiiend ll a vu'e of thauka,
w« aiippoMe.-lilrmlnghum Newo.
An eichaiige says that I le surgeons
art trying its discover tie germ tbat
<auset appendlclllo. Tint's th* (rut
spirit of Mcrlflce. aur* •nough.-Rleb
tlioud News Leader.
Byron's Only Daughter.
i Close beside the body of the poet,
j George Gordon Noel, Lord Byron, lies
] his daught-r, Ada, referred to hy lum
i iy one ot the cantos of "Cbilde llur-
eld" as Ada, sole daughter ol my
I house and heart.
{ Ada become Countess Lovelace by
i marriage, but died in 1652, and wus
; little known to the world at large.
' When the vault was opened to admit
| her burial casket many people guth-
i ered around to catch a glimpse ol
| Bryon'i cofiln, which was noticed to
: be  of  lead.
On one occasion,  a small girl  was
| persuaded   to   go   down   the   narrow
| staircase and into the vault, which is
1 at   Newitead   Abbey.    When   she   re-
turned she bore in her hand a little
strip of laded velvet gathered by her
a*   a  trophy   from   the   hangings   ol
tha poet's colli n.
Kossuth, the Hungarian patriot and
exile, was in Uie group who awaited
the a'tild's coming out. He it was
who persuaded her to give him the
pltr-w ot velvet she had femd in ex-
-L e for a piece of gold.
Well married, a man It wtnge*J: il
mataa; ba la ohackioa   Hw<tn
Th* Little Singer.
He vi,- a utile sinter,
lie fete i i.itle My.
A llltli ion* .-I imp. fi.lm-i
To mrm nn me way
lit bode bS *ii-|, tonethrr
And iranipii down the wrong.
A "tin.Is mil i.. cr.eerimne#s
Kan Ihrougtt the lillle song.
lie imiii' u« inve ihe siiRshtne.
Me bade ui bltsi Uie ram,
And   wi.i-ti   ne'j   stjr-K   nls   verses
He «nnn itii-m at) i8iln.
It lie Hail nu.fli ttmi.tt
He atwiyt «^Dt mem md
Ht sang m. -.nn in n .|..-n.inert.
Ana itiui hqi an nt jiu.
■ "   .'lun.l I'utD Dealer.
Swatting th* F.y.
■wat fill the last germed fly oiplroo!
-Cleveland Chilli Denier.
Count th* day lout If you bavan't
kliletl a fly.-Ufay*tto Journal.
This summer tn all parte of tbl
United Unites the fly ought to b* madi
10 know what's awtt-Ullwiuket Wla
Th* city that neglect* to pro peril
acreon and protect Ita market and foot
aupply eaotort against the fly tt offer
lug a premium fur a hlgb death ratt.-
Ualaltb Ncwb and Ottaa****.
A Squelcher.
Miss Kiln-tin. Alt. Jones,  wouldn t
11 u>- ulce il vou Were not uiarrieO.   if
yuu wmm nut, wont wouid you doi
Jones I wouid gel on the timi of
Mrs Jolim iigtiiu uud annoy net nut it
sh* coufviued. just » i u,a uetor*.**
Ht. Louis Ulubv Ih-mot rat.
A Stage Ip'todt.
A brefie qi«h ilunn mr valltf.
1 i,r> hi it up agstn.
■lege scenes, yuu snow,
Aiv snt le no*
Twt'iic-iv) nuM aad then
-Louiltlue *.«(.!i«i JumnaL
Waking ths Duke  In Church.
The great  Duke of Wellington was
among those   upon   whom   sermons
have   a  Mi|siritic   effect.     A    * I range
clergyman who was preaching at tin*
I church at Strath.lt' Isaye,  where tlm
1 duke  was  a  regular  attendant,   wut
j surprised by the action of the verger.
| who at the conclusion of the sermon
I came up the   pulpit   ttairs,   opened
i the  door,  slummed   It  violently  and
then reopened it for the preacher tu
I past nut.   In the vestry lie inquired
the meaning of this procedure. "Oh,"
replied the man, "we always do that
to wake the duke."—Loudon Chronicle.
majesty she often found It Incumbent
upon herself tu entertain tiie baud-
totue equerry. Tor tins reusou King
Edward, who atwuys earnestly disclaimed mutchmuklug talent, tins been
credited with muklng the inutch. Certain It Is thut Ihe royal set seemed
mocb pleased with tbe union.
Few KnglKh bride* of nigh degree
bave bnd such un assemblage of tho
royal family ut the wedding us did
this dainty little American girl. Queen
Alexandra, especlully radiant tu white
brocade uud silver, sat wiih Klug Edward lu  a  bos of the chapel royal
j at St. .lames'  palace, where, lu June,
. WOH.    the   ceremony    wu-j    pet-formed.
- The present kiug aud queeu were
there, uud so. too, were 1'rluce aud
Princess Alexander o-T 'i'eck. the Cou-
naughts nnd a limidred others of the
cream uf Ureal itrltuiu's aristocracy.
The reception later at the home of
the bride's p.irenfs. paludal Dun-heater House, was a mugnltti-eut affair.
The bride received as a wedding gift
from ber father Chilton Lodge, twenty-
five miles from Loudon, one of th*
moat attractive country placet In Eug-
' land. It cost Just sr.iin.iHio, and tha
uew owners spent liou.uoo in remodeling ft. There the Wards entertained  royalty, uud there their ton,  who
i bad a king for tils godrutber and a
queen for his godmother, was born.
Unlimited wealth Is at their command.
Mrs Ward's father Is an Immensely
wealthy man. Her mother Inherited
a huge fortune from ber father, the
late I) O Mills The Hon John Hubert Ward wan worth about $'Ji»o.U0O
> at   tbe  time  of   his  marriage.    Mrs.
, Ward's  pa mitt are extremely  liberal
: and no doniit would be pleased wttb
tbelr daughter's sochil aucce-we*.
Should nbe become a large entertainer
there  Is   no  doubt   that   few.  If  any,
i American hostesses could outshine the
fields' daughter wllh Ihelr million*,
and the Winds* splendid family prestige tu hack  Her     Therefore ihe fact
' that tbe will open ner town huuno
fur the coronation festivities Is a mat-
, Ier ut much Inii'iesi io many transatlantic sochil leudera Her father la
to vuteriulii three kings nl dinner, and
but fur tbe fuel (hut ahe varee lillle
fir toi'lety (he Huu Mrs John Hubert
Ward might entertain us many queen*.
If tbey were available, a* It la, no
diamonded peeress of American blood
whu will kneel to tbe new queen lu
Weatuitoaier abbey holds au enviable
■ iwsltluu In English society at th*
u'linty. Independent daughter or tba
Btrttford't Hobby.
Lord Charles Beret ford collects ball
firograma   u   a   hobby,   especially
awriiig those  painted   by   lady  er-
Wantsd Standard Prlee.
Two miserable looking hoboes colled
on tba dean of a medical college and
proposed that ha purchase tbelr bodies
for tba dissecting room, aa tbey were
oo tba verge of starvation aod bad oot
long to live.
"It la an odd proposition,'' hesitated
'be dean.
"But || || occasionally done," tug
leated Ibe spokesman eagerly,
"Well,'' aald lb* dean, "we might arrange It What plica do yon ask?"
"Over la New Tort," replied tbe
'pokeaman, "tbey gov* ua $«.''-Llp-
plncott'a Uagtxlot.
Whtn Telephoning,
j    Do you ever have occasion to use n\
public telephone*  Then put your cheat
aptilnsi the mouthpiece and use chest
tones    This method baa been tried,
I sud.   although   tha   voice   seem*   Uf
I awuy, you can bear dlatiuctlg.
Th* Firsild* Hero.
[     Oh, fnt.ier's a wonderful man!
When h* comer, home at night
All the children delight
Bo mighty a creature to scan.
They believe he Is lofty and great.
Quite rflt to be king
Or any old thing
That holds a high place tn the state.
Of course when he's striving downtown
He may scratch, kick and bile
And avoid a fair light
Or b* but a blustering clown.
And hla fellows may scuff his plan.
But tint ure li kind,
And al home he will find
He 1* always a wonderful man.
-Washington Star. fi
Tha Binder of Merit.    A Sure Tyer,
Foroe Feed Eltvator.
Ontario  Veterinary   College
AOllUtwi wilh tho Uiilvi-mhy nl Toronto, ami uiuli-r til. control of
tti. Ui'iiariiueiit of Agriculture til Ontario, Infirmary fur Sick
Animal, at the College.
COLLEGE     RE-OPENS    OCTOBER 2nd,    1911
N.  11.- Cl.iu.lar ou Application.
E    A    A    QRANQE,   VS.,   MS,    Principal
CLOTHES' INSURANCE—A paid-up "policy'
against the ordinary troubles of Wash-day—is yours if
you use oue of
Substitution doesn't pay—it means to yon loss of
confidence and to the Grocer loss of a customer, There
are im Washboards "just as good" as  Eddy's,
Inter,,tii [. L.tl.r B..p.ak, Hi. Lav.
For HI, Spoil.,.
Ihe loiig uuii Interesting letter writ
ten while in nriaun liy Kir Walter Ku
lelgll, uliieli waii Bold at Sotheliy'. in
London, a leiv day. agu (ur j'.'imii. i-
lat.'.l Oct, ft, li,i year; and i- aildrei..
•d "Tu inv verv wurtliy Irlend, Sn
Walter Oopo,  Knight."   It ia al lul
..I  Hie
I'.  II.
■ How to Cart For Winter Qarmanti to
| Avoid  Moth*.
) Every spot that is not clean is in-
I viting to the Hying muth, where its
1 eggs nmy be safely deposited and i
\ hatched in due tune. Sn the tirat no*
cessity in tu have such spots thorough-
, ly cleaned- thi* even i( the whole garment need not id* washed. I
For lieavy sloth coats- and wraps a
_ good beatntg, mm % and sunning, wit!)  j
'careful attfiiti'.ii tu -oiled .-j.. is, will
usually he quite sufficient,   Than, if
each is placed Inside a bag made uf
I stout muil.ii and with a drawstring
1 ID the tup, there is little risk.
Aiming fur- sealskin n exempt fruit)
the ravages ul moths,   Good brushing
and a care in cleaning out the dust
I and  ridding  the  (ur   nf  any   lumpy
fdaces, with a day uf sunning und air*
ng, suffice Tbe furs ur-.- then ready
to be placed in bags and hung where
thev will not be crushed.
underwear thut lias any  wool  in it I
must be talten care ol nl*-'.    A clean
Boys  and  Girls
We are offering FREE   this   ful'.? , u.u.i „,. .„.,.., «„,„ , _..
guaranteed Watch, a beautiful French trunk, with tar paper l.niug the but- !
Doll, twentv inches tall, a Indies' tom and sides and a piece v> lay over
leather Hand Hair, or a beautiful gold- after pacltiug. :s perhaps the best fur
plat.si Bracelet, for selling only M.OOI such things, a* it Is easy to look them
worth uf our beautiful Picture Post k^" two or three times during the
Cords at B fur toe. summer, air ng nnd sunning,   indeed,
.1.1. .;....    ,i l.l    | ,b„,,    -..(th
AK yuu have to do is to write for   lllis precaution should b» taken with
cards, and we will send them to */ou,   ll11 *«>», furs and clothing.   Select a
and when you have sold them we will , bright aaf, take everything out and
solid y<>u post paid any premium you
want, oi it you write us we will send
you our ilustrutt'ii premium circular i  ,—       - —   -
-•--- •*>"-»«       | that purtMise it  is better to takt
ind cloudlets day that they may
liana on lines, beating and brushing
ami looking over carefully,
Blankets should be washed, aod for
ad ver-1
showing you wnat wt B _
Our ami is to pleas* evejv bov and , »■«"» ami .
girl, becaUB- — <*""'* »*<<» »" r-Hwr. I have . all   the   sweetness   of   the   sun
„_... __ .. want you
tise us by telling your little playmates
what nice premiums we give, and tel',
them what voir earned so easily.
Dept. IU. Toronto, Ont.
Canada's   Reliable   1'rftmiuj.u    House.
The Reason
"How effusively   sweet   tlmt   Mrs.
Dloiidey, is  io you    Jonesey."    »itnl
Witherell.    "What's up?    Any tender
little roinumy there'-"
••    "No indeed—why ttint woman hates
me," said Jonesey!
■    "She doesn't show if," said Wether-
"No, hut she knows I know how ,.1.1
she is—we were Mb born on the same
day," suit! Jonesey,- "ami she's
afraid   I'll   tell  jsoiiielin.lv."— Harper's
"Sir Walter Con-" Yuu are ol my
old iii'iiunyutiinri'M, and wen my taut
ii;... (ritilkl tor many yeaie , in which
lime 1 hops you cannot sny that I
ever used Hiiy unkind nlllce towards
you, Hut iiur (ortUUOS lire uuw cliHiig
L'd and .t tuny be in your power greatly to byiula me unto you. if the byml
in.; of a man tu my astute, be worth
itty (Tostre unto yuu Is ihul you wil
be pleased to move my Lord Treasurer
in my beliiill tlmt, by his grace, my
wife might ugnytie be muds a prison- phut
er wifli  me  as  she  Inith  bine years I ho in j
In-1 post, slice being now ilevitled from I an nil
me Bnd thereby tu my (-rent impuver   [ axial
islilng, i nm driven tu keip to bowses,   from
\ iui-erii.de iulo it is, uud yet great
I i me. who. n, this wretched estate,
can    hope    (or  no uthet   thing   than
[leaeible  sorrow.
"It is now that I call the Lord ol
all power to wilt lies, yet I ever have
blue nnd nm reHolvod that it was nov
er iii the worthy hurt uf Br. Robert [
Oeyll   (what   soever   a   counselor   nt
State nml ii Lord Treasurer of Ing
louud must dm to suffer me to lull. '
much less to perrish. Fur i hntsoever
names it Imiii pleased Ins Lordship
to use towards me, which might ut
terly dlspalre any bottle else, yet 1
know yt lie spake then as a counselor,
sitting in counsel) in company of such j
is would nut otherwise hnve bim
"But, as (iod Hvetli, 1 would hav.
bought his presence alt a far dearer
rate than these sharp words uud those
three months' close Imprisonment, fot
t Is in his Lordship's hart and coun
tenance that I behold all yt remsynes
to me of comfort and all the hope I
have, and from which I shall never
be beaten till  1 see the bit ul cvills
snd the dlsaptre, which haht no healp,
The blessings id (»nd cauttot make
him cruel that was never BO * • •
nor any man of so great worth to delight in Ihe endless adversities of an
anemia, with lash of him whu, iu his
very sowle end nature, can never be
such a one towards him.
"Sr, Die matter is oi no great Importance (though a crucll destini.
Bath made it -o to me) to desire that
my wife inny live with me in this un
savoury place. If. by your mediation
I may i btayne it I will acknowledge it
in highest degree of thankfulness and
rest reiiily to trew fayth lo be commanded by yuu.
"W. Ralegh.'1
The letter Was probably written in
ItilU. when fur three months the enemies of Raleigh, or Ralegh, as he
spelled the name, succeeded in depriving him of the society of his wife,
wh i was ordered to have the Tower.
He was released in 1615-10 to go on
a hunt tor guld in South America, hut
falling in bis o/sast was re-arrested
>n his return to England und was
xecut-d  on Oct. *J9.  161*3.
To     the     United     States—Extensions
Being  Built on  Linus
It Is stated flint ihe Canadian Pad.
He Ruilway Is preparing to market Immense shipments uf coal in tha United
Stubs in tin- iietir Inline. The ('. p.
It. is expending huge sums ol money
iu rushing to completion   extensions
f he Pnoifle Coast ond ihe North-
fin hnumlniy of il.e United Stales tu
Its productive coal deposits iu the
Rooky mountains. Tlio <'- P. K. lines
nlready coitio within striking distance
of die International boundary m sev*
An Order
"Won't you plcnse give ine an or-
tlei?" pir.i-i. .1 the persistent commercial tlitveller.
"Certainly," replied the crusty pro.
prielor.   "(let mil!"   Til-Hits.
Maud—Charley is so poetical. When
1 accepted hitu he felt like uu imiiii-
grunt entering u new world."
Ethpl—"Well, wasn't he Just landed"'- -iivston Transcripl.
"My good man, are you systemattt
in your worltp"
"No. sir, I'm rheumatlo."—Bulti
more American,
Negleol  >f n sunburn un (nee, arm
or neck n|ieit loads to Ihe lifter growth
nf .-kin which is freckled or   course;
oral points nud wiih ihe other extern
-inns tlmt nre uuw being built Ihe
Rooky Mountain cool mines wil) he in
ileltv ipetitloii wiih United Stales
mines bu ihe   tnttle   o[   the   PaolUc
northwest,    An idea of the enormous
to involved in the building
low western I - by the ('
he hn.l fr  the statement
11 together construction work Is
ill   Willi  oil  over  ('lie  tllOU*
f new  line.     Most ot the.e
11- bolng built ns feeders
ft  it tut iy north of or parallel
tu the line, but nre nl-u u guodly mini-
her of miles of truck which In it riddling down toward ihe boundary line,
nml th-v nffui.l excellent opportunities foi the building up by the C.
I'. R. of n nourishing trade iu Canadian Itueky Mom n coal wiih the
United States.
III    till
link in
will pi
nl bul
The summer months are tho hardest of tho year on   small   children.
C1'0lCr" I'tun'i'h Si?* ' JTS\  B«'giiiU publication "Canada " British
l stou.n.h   troubles   ""^'^j exporters aud others would do well to
particularly distressing to
Timely iippliciiiiuu ol '/, ■
.1 regular u I Zom-Buk Soap
M nt Hus.  /iini-ltuk Is a herb-
i. which loathra nud cools the -
I -kin, nud ussists nature to re-
the damriged tissue with sofi
y skin,   /.iini-ltuk Boon is spcal'
ally made tor tender -kins.
/.nm-link  is  also  good    f'-r    stings,
scratches, heat nores, blisters on
hands or leet, ami nil -km injuries
Applied to these ll quickly stops tin
smarting, nnd ensures quick healing '
\s ii li free Irom aulma) fat, and mineral coloring mutter, it la particular-'
Iv -iiited io the delicate --kin of babies
suffering from bent rushes, chafed
places, etc.  Bold everywhere by Drug, j
glstd and store-keepers,   /.tiui-liuk 500 |
box.     /ntii-ituk   Sunp  2Bo,   tablet,  ot
box of :i for "flc.
Canada's Trade Commisr.toner.
The  report Issued  in  IIKI7  by   Mr.
Richard Urigg, the Trade Commission*
er   lu   On md u,   on   thu   trade   of   the
Dominion attracted a great ileal ul attention. A further exhaustive report
iy Mr. tiring on the same subject was
recently Issued by the Hoard of Trade
is a  Itluebuok.   This, also, says thu
few   hi
I  many
anuffcil uut nfler only
tic--.   As ii safogunrd
keep    Itahy's    Own
Tablet-,   in   the   house.     All  occasional
dose    of    the    Tablets   will    prevent
stomach und bowel troubles, or if the
trouble conies un BUddculy will bring
the littl i through safely.    Mrs.
Lurry DoOruce. Mizonette, N. B.,
writes: "Lust summer my baby suffered greatly from her Btomnoh and
bowohj and nothing helped her till I
began giving her Moby's Own Tali-
lets. They regulated her bowels,
sweetened her stomach, aud now sin-
is a big, henlthy, happy child. The
Tablets arc Bold by medicine dealers
ur by mall at 25 cents » box from
The l>r Williams* Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Out.
.'ead, mark, and Inwardly digest.   F
wlule, as Mr. (irigg remarks, liicroas-
ed experience has eunflrined Die opinion slrottdy expressed, that thole ox*
.sH throughout Canada a keen desire
both on patriotic and buslll ss grounds
to better understand differing points
uf view, mul tu draw closer the bonds
of   commercial    union,    "although    a
marked Improvement has occurred in
the attention given to the Canadian
market by British manufacturers, the
impression still remains that British
knowledge ot the Canadian market
and appreciation of its great future,
is much less extensive than in the
case of our friendly American rivals."
The   Canadian   market,   Mr.   Urigg
points nut, as a held lor present uud
future British trudc, is governed hy
certain conditions which give to the
economic life ol the Dominion u character of its own.    Canada has for a
.,.,ji   „t    , ,. i   ■ .       i decade   past   been   undergoing   and
Katie? 8   down' "ems destinM.to undergo ior aeon-
„.    ....   ,,,T : slderable  period,  a  great  industrial
the Maid— Yes, ma'nrn, in n min- and   financial   expansion.—Saturday
ute.   1 m going right upstairs for it   .\ight.
now,"—Yonkers Statesman,
The  Madam   (with n  hand  to  her
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
stored in their folds, If put away
quit" dry and clean moths will not
trouble  iilAnkets nt  all.
Diets skirts should be carefully
cleaned, brushed until every particle
of dint [s out snd also hung in long,
i slender hugs If this is nut possible
try to fr Id only once and place tissue
( paper in the folds. Coats and wiaps
should not he folded, Two may be
Inalosed in the same bag »i, 1 bung
from the same hook, but hung they
should be.
I   Ostrlefi (cottiers, fur trimmings, c«r*
and stoves, small shawl* and all the
I troublesome   little   things   must   h->
clean. Then orris and sandalwood
1 powdered tn sachets will keep out
i moths  just   as   well   as  camphor  and
moth balls.
I Etlquttto   For  Husbands.
|    The   model   hu-hand   should   learn
Esperanto.     It   contains   no   swear
Ttie husband of a woman with a
mission  should  nut  drink  more than
just enough to produce semi-oblivion.
The husband of h holy doctor
1 should not boast of what "we" know.
| He doesn't know anything; h\* wife
I knows it nil.
I   The husband of a suffragette oratpr
should, if possible, be horn deaf and
dumb.    If he hain't this virtue h-
should assume it.
The   husband    of    u    ichoo!teacher
, should   never   stay  out  late   ut   night
anything   without bringing home a written ex-
replied I euafl jn the morning.
■utworms     T|.(, husband "f the landlady ol n
Mseloct  boarding house should efface
  [himself  as  much  as  possible,    The
'uu.»it. i i.L ... r,       is. . guests will bo more reconciled to tha)r
Minardi  Liniment Cures Distemper.  ow„ oondHIon of they believe he is
,    . ' worse off  than  tln-v  are.    He  should
Lady of the House-"! know that  never "answer beck" to his w to, as
your oil nro cltr has I n blackened." Uueh conduct lum a tendency in tempt
Applicant-:"Ycs, ma'am* that's where the hoarders to do Rkewlse.   Above
my Inst nilsnis spilt the ink mi IL' — Uil else, he should avoid being tut.
Baltimore American. for that might lead them to suspect
  I thnt he was petting "bites'* between
"I'ronkeil    weights     and    measures [meals.    His role shMthl lie thnt of the
have been  ttst-.l sim-e   tin*    year 8601 clinging  vine,   pure  and   simple—el-
; B.C."   "Wlint makes ymi so positive I pecially simple.
o| the doto,"   "Thai's when weights!	
nnd men sure; were invented."- Minn
inglium Am Hetnlil
An Oil for All Men. -The sailor, the
H.ililii-r. the 'i-lii-niiaii. the fiitiilx-riunn,
the uut ilmir luliurt-r mul nil whu art- *-*.-
pust-tl to injury and the eleinetits -n ill fliu!
in lir. 'rti.iiini-.' Beleetrlo Oil u true mul
faithful fi'it-ml. To ease pain, relieve
rliem-Mtlstn. ft has im etiiial. Tlirreture.
It shuiiUI have a iituce lu all homt> meat*
linen ami those tiiken on a iunrm-y.
"What is the pcrlotl al which a wo-
mini thinks mote nf dress tbun any* I
thing else? Hie time between Infancy and old age."-Toledo Blade,    i
"Ditl you manage tn raise
; worth paling."   "I think s.
tin- amateur gardner.   "Tin
and caterpillars nil thought welt
It."—Wnshngton Star.
Poll tux existed nmong tin- nneient
Itutmins. It was first levied in Rug*
hint) in l.'tHU nnd occasioned tin- Wat
Tyler rebelHqn,
High frittd Portrait.
Ttas highest price ever paid at ■
public auction for a woman's portrait
In England waa 1-LftOO guineas, whleb
wns tba price of the portrait of Lady
Louisa Manuera, aold In 1901.
Conscious of Rsctitude.
j    "Mens con-cin recti," having been
I -rttfe LOCAL APPLICATIONS. * Iter rWnrt IM ' "I" °l "'«' qUOtotloiW USPtl in 11 let-
Ute tut of the dbcKie. Catarrh to r. blood or raiittl- t.-r nublished HI the Canadian Iiews-
luti.ni-,1 dlM'iim-, Biid In ordiT In cure It ynu mini Uk- «,„,,« llllw -*n-i*>u mm liv Mr Me-
ui-wii-J tetiinliM.   H.iii-1 I'Msirit Cure it tukfit lo-'    -,"'1*   nnv   yoars   ago,   uy   nir,   .«■-
[mtaufi ui) -.tu dirrrtir mmn the biood too murom   \ljeken. M.I*., a pruinito-nt politician,
1 lurinct-i. H*H- CilBrrli Cure li not t, quvk Itifdl- ..,, i_„.-_j ,„ -|,„ ii,.„ flanroa Hr.nvu
•Ifit.   It vrni |,r,„rril,.-dby uiw i>l thr bmt t.hytlrUtu    addressed  to  tilO  i.OII.   UCOrgO   OrOWII,
I ■ tbtt eountrr tor rMtssnd uoimiiu-i t-mctipiioa,   a political opponent accused the fir.-t
" * ""'^J^L^L^^Jj'^^.^.t' mentioned   memtier  of   Parliament   ol
"The Ungodly Cough.'*
"You  never  know  where  he is going to break out next," someone once
■.aid   regarding   Kev.  ll.  J.  Campbell,
pasWr of the Gity Temple, whu is
about to visit Ciinadu on a preaching tour. This person was referring
particularly to Mr, Campbell's somewhat unconventional remarks. On
one occasion he addressed his hearers
upon the timely subject of congregational coughing, and assured them
Unit ther.- was such a thing as "the
ungodly cough." Then, again, he one
day slopped bis congregation sinking that hymn, "o, Beautiful My
Country," say.ng that the compilers
of tin- hymn book had spoilt it by
altering the tune. Aud then, breaking Into sou-*, lie sang the lines as
he thought they should be written
The applause which greeted this musics! effort was tremendous. Apparently, however, Mr. Campbell, does not
consider, himself tu be the broiiilni:titled mini his minuter-- imagine, for,
wheu lie was asked if ho was likely
to stay abroftu, be replied, "I urn such
a narrow, bigoted .Mm Bull that I
am afraid I couldn't be comfortable
in any country but my own."
Thi   Lord  Great  Chamberlain.
It was itnii-.iiin.-d some weeks ago
that Lord C'arrington, whu recently
celebrated his sixty-eighth birthday*,
would act as Lord tireat Chamber
lain at the crowning of King Ueorge.
his lordship stands iu high favor a:
court, and is exceedingly populai
throughout the country. He is a mo
del landh-rd. and a man who ha-
always used the advantages of hi*
position and wealth tor the benefit v
the community nt large. He i,- prob
Sbly   the   only   peer  who derives   hi'
let my tenants farm as they like
shout what they like, puy when tliej
like, und vote ns they like,'' lie utie
■aid. He is n greul believer in girl
leiiining to cook, "(lood cookery.'
he hus remarkedi "is one ol the se
creU   of   domestic   happiness      I.ndj
Gurrington has looked oltoi our housi
uml given myself nud flic family I
most excellent dinner every day sin-.
our marriage a good many years ago
It every otu*r wife would strive h
do tho sattio we should hear less abou'
unhappy marriages.
***22fc*55, n political opponent accused
brat bloodipti-mrm. KUni dlrrr'tl^'on tS    mentioned   member   of   PliHii,,.-,,..   ...
52f*KL15S£S,\. 3?. 1525 ™mbiu«uUn ot m\ having stolen it from a shoemaker's
two liitrnllrnU Is whi-l nrmlurtfl iurh * uniWtul If I i.ii.i       i     i -„i
«WU Ifl ctirltm e.urrh.   tw-nd tur im\maiitmVtne7 I B'8n,   Hlltl   told   Hie   following   story   til
&iiP«*^v*oo»r-iops,T*3UfcO | it. in a certain English country
own, where rival shoemakers plied
;iieir respective trades on the same
| Hubby—"l suppose, Jennie, yuu' street, immediately opposite each
I wouldn't want to gu to the concert on other, one of them hit upon the plan
Wednesday in your old hut?" Wiley °' attracting notice to his business
—"You dear thing!   1 couldn't think' hy placing the  above   quotation   on
|of showing myself in it. Hint's! tho  sign over his door,  above   tho
what I thought, su 1—" "WhatP" words "John Brown, shoemuker."
"Bought only ou,- ticket."—Life. Customers flocked   to   his   shop   in
 —  t goodly    numbers,    which    the    rival
The Bowel* Must Act H0r.ltt-.lty.-In tuoHt shoemaker across the way attributed
ailment* the Unit tare of the medical largely to the merit of the unusual
mint   im   to   M'O  thnt   the  lmwels  are open    :„„.,„.;„-   „„   .1 ;„.        u      a      It..
nml fully Mrforuibii their fumtl.itis. .inscription on the sign. He finally
Parmelee s Vi-itetatite Pill- are ho cum- niatiiieed, as he thotiglit, to go one
tioutuled that veriuin initrediints In them' uvXtvt ,(,„„ [,is rivi,l. |,y placing over
r^UVS^ own   .hop  dour   the   inscription.
lii'iililiv   action  uf  the  howets.       linli-id, ' "Men's and  Women s consein  recti,
there \a m, other ipMifla mi serviceable iii 1 	
l.i-i'i.ine   the   diicestive  oritaus   hi   health-. . ^      	
ful action, Always On  Hit Job.
...    _ ~ ,. ,    1    Mr.   Allan   Stud holme,   tiie   Labor
Mis-, liv-.e- (nu ycu tsll mad a; roembcr fur Bust Hamilton, is one of
good way to keep my fialr from fulling I Ke"'mosriartWur7e^reVentatlve'a
**■     »   1    * w  the local  Legislature.    He apparently
M.ss Pert-  Yes; put it up lighter.   , ,eel| Umt hfl -. not doing hta duty ,,y
Balluiiurt- A.jeriftin. I i,j9 constituents unless he remains in
""""* j ids place like a watch dog, ready to
: bark whenever he gets an opportunity.
J Nothing will tempt him tu leave.    It
; is said that during Uie recent session
MIWRD'S LINIMENT CO.. Limited. Iw w" itlVtli x? * dinner, but it
Gentlemen,-I have used itflNARD'S *Mualtfr fh« Legislature had started
LINIMENT on my vessel .,,,,1 In my to "» Bt ,u«ht»Bo "• ,?°HW "ot *?,',
finuilv for years, mtd   (or   the every!     ! cannot very well be away,    he
Children Often Need
a laxatlvn—but you cannot be too
careful what you give them.   Harsh
purgatives ln]ure the bowels and pave tho way for
life-long trouble],   Tlw new
ovacuant tn
^^^^^^ doea the work most
effectively without Irritating the bowels
or causing any discomfort.    The children like Ihom for they taste
like candy.   Ona  ot the most popular  ot  tha NA-DRU-CO preparations,
25c. (, bus.   If your drucgUl liU not r*< atocksd ih-m, land 26c ar-.l w«
Nnitoii-d Drug *.nd Ch»inlc»l CogMM of Cfituga. Limit*J,       -
millikfm. 30
M.P.i Who Have Defied the First
Commotier of England.
"I have only been r«aily alraid ol
two men in my life," a welt-knowu
Britiah MP rpcenliy declared, "aud
Utey   were   Dr.   Temple,   my   beadma*-
ter at Rugby, and Mr Gpetker Peel.
Cf the two, th ■ Bpeaker was mueh tiie
more formidable.
Such is the reverence that hedge*
tho Chair (0-day. How different it
was in Bui ne past centuripa the follow-
nig extracts from the "Journals of
the House" tfl.l us Thusl "The lluusa
Wftl Informed by Mr. Bpeaker that Sir
K. Herbert ■) i nut off all hut to him,
but put out lus tonguo and popped
his mouth with hit finger in scoru."
Ami again: "The Houm was informed by Mr. Bpeaker that Mr. T ,
in a loud and violent manner, stand- i
ing  near  Ihe  Speaker's chair,  cried
ita* !' in tbe Speaker's ear, to th«
great terror und euticeromeut of the
Speaker and thu members of the
. third irreverent member, who had
drunk not wisely bul too well, ooce
actually culled ou "Ur. Speaker for
u song!"
It is small wonder that in those
days tbe Speaker was thus openly
flouted aud laughted at, for he was '
mostly a weak-kneed creature of the
court or of a faction—a gilded lackey
who oringed ami bowed tho knee.
Rich grovelled before Henry VIII.,
and compared him for justice to Solomon, lor strength to Samson, and for
beauty and comeliness to Absalom.
Even More fell on his knees to Wolsey
with nbjeel humility. Yelverton apologized humbly lor his smu.l stature
and soft ami bashful nature; and Tip-
toft besought tolerance for his "lack
of  sense."
Of a very different metal, however,
was Sir Edward Seymour, the haughty
and autocratic, who, when Charters
II. summoned bun to attend iu the
Upper House, sent back answer that
he would be "torn by wild horses
sooner than quit the Chair."
When Sergeant Femberton once
passed him with a lamiliar nod, Seymour promptly gave him into arrest;
and on another occasion, when his
own carriage broke down on the way
to thu House, he slopped the next
vehicle thut came along, turned us
occupant out, and took his place, saying: "Sir, it is more proper 'or yuu
to walk in the -treets than ihe Speaker of the  House of Commons."
Sir John Tlptoft. auothcr autocrat
of the weak-kneed days, once gave hu
sovereign a severe lectur*, and told
him that he and his house were "no
butter than they ought to be"; and
Sir Fletcher Norton read George III.
a homily on his eitravagance, which
cost him his Chair.
Among many remarkable Speakera
of past centuries were Sir John Pop-
ham and Sir John Trevor.
t'opham was kidnapped ns a' child.
brought up among gipsies, played the
Wilt,- t.
li-t o| A|
\|i|ily   It
St.. tlttnw
11- tmlny for utir choice
nt-' Supplies. Nu outlay
They are money makers.
'   I   Co., Ltd., '-"id Albert
1 )i.t.
*■'. - Winnow . SootHmo Stru r> •.■ •><«•
led for r-t.tr S1XTV ih'c'o,. Mi:,i. •.-.)
•tornHus fur iiinr -: iit,bkKN v v\$)
rKi'iHiM), with   I'K»l-'.'*i      lUCOSa      ti
.">i i mi- nit cuti.u. son am tin ■'<•" *.
*.I.1.A\*. -II CAIN tl'Kt-- WINDCUMC. **i
il tif I.-.i trni-J* let Iil*»ni'lA It 11 *»
loliH-W halm'r,, n- Inlt in' -.a fol Mr«
A'mi.go • s.i.,thiuK Syrup ' and takt M iil«
r.iui     i --ui, fjv-cfdit*. belt:*
The "Wellington" Hat
.' 1
III"  :
AN size- , I -haper; .. - ft ilid
-tiff felts Aik your 0«ii*-<\ or
write at once to
CHAS.   C    PUNCH»RD   i   CO.
Toronto,   Ont
W1U  r-ni-t---   luitajnu-t-   t* ••*■-<■-■■
■woUriQ  litnSvn  n«n   •
Hast-IM tr  b.iir---. '-ir-.   M
tplm*?"el-t4i;'inn -if Ut*.i« s.-n-   i.
S5 liilM-r. aa t./-.-™     ■ r-
H»-"t.    U  .
».,.ie -i - '
ItlHtll    i    I
niicif.'.-ui uat,
i-t- i' n-u*«*'-*.
ll.i. i ■■•    ...  i'   I"t.i  '• tr It-ltMf- I.
w.f.tiii'W.f.fl.r.i3Tt.T*»i«if.a:iirj.. ■soet-r-tfiissi
C.iftinij   4,1   Right
\|--    \ ir. ,    I    ■ rge    for   pa
take,  take thai   in ■    ui
Nupop   ' lb,  '■'   i in    ta   ■
dear     Perhaps
tool      Chiuag
If one ►>•• troti i  v til    ''■!•  md  »•«-•*.
he will nml hi ii'i.in-Y i .I-, . ..I
.tpplt. iifi.ni thai «nl intlrr-li i-h-'h «u
t.-ri lllf
I day  ills mitt nccitleiits of life  1  con-
j ihfer it has no equal,
I would not start mi n voyage with*
1 out  it. if it cost n dollar n bottle.
Stork.-," St. Andre, Kuiiiuumskn.
income  entirely   troui  agriculture,  "1  IVw^iiflil Yii*"v
itn-e Person
iVer nu.)  I eat
Hid    Gent
said, "one can never tell when they
■wight rush in some unexpected I eg is-
latfon and put it tiirough, so 1 do not
want to be absent."
The man tu whom the remark was
matte mentioned it to another member  and added, "1 ut  as a  matter ul
(act, I have never known of his presence   in   the   Hints'   stopping   a   bill
from going through."
"Well, you see,    replied the M.P.P,
.%        ....   '•Studhotme tlilnki  he  has  benefited
Save her nml I posterity  if  he  ke.'ps the  bill   back
| tor half an hour."
P■"■        'A' at ii       n   tiring  iiKiui
yi.ur do.", r -   u ... ■   ... ■ u-au
•;--.■  ..-    [|    i
ttirl      ■'•        *j .- Rir  -ri-nie*  uiii
•,- ■ ■         ■    ;   . lurht
trie ....■■    ".I.- in
r      .
. part ■  vith  (
■   -
role of highwayman—more fur fun. be   u.n**^, i ,n ™  ,*
,       . ,    ..**       .J ... , ,    ,, Min4^'t S L.'Iiitihii(   ::ir -a i. r 1:
it said, thau for profit—and ended hii ■   ■
days as Lord Chiel Justice.
It was Popham, by the way, who,
when Queen Bess asked him "what
hath passed in the Lower House,"
gravely answered, with a twinkle m
his eye: "Seven weeks, your Majesty."
Trevor's career was equal'.y adven-
turoas. From office-boy to a lawyer,
he roae to be Speaker of the Com*
mo ti.-.. filled his pocket* with bribes,
and finally had to proclaim his own
dishonor by declaring from the Chair   ;',','K"",—: ,•— -r-
.__,-;__    .,   .u.   U-...a   -t,.t    "Sip, His   Wife   felt   il
Wilson "■ i ■    ire
tically til Drugg *f ■    ,
■ml St. res '..    ..
kill man;
■■ther ,ir\
A  ■ ou it      -i tl   leu
i is  ibour to die.
"John, you   m-   i ■■ uf       ;■     iu
will foil   I
"1 snpp< se in   Ma
mon,  weakly . un
concerned  yoo  ■!■ n     aiH*d   '■■
any hurry about it "
Quick I     My I
ur wife I
Wall till (i  wave mils
IPC her Ineol   Puck,
Weak Heart
Many people suffer from weak heart*. They may experience iburtnesa ot breath on exertion, pain over the heart,
or dizzy feelings, oppressed breathing alter meals or their
eyes become blurred, tbeir heart is not sufficiently strong
to pump blood to the extremities, and they have cold hands
and feet, or poor appetite because of weakened blood supply
to the stomach. A heart tonic and alterative should be taken
which has no bad after-effect. Such Is Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, which contains no dangerous narcotics
nor alcohol.
Tha Ing radiants, as atltaUd under -Mill, art Mane root iColllatonlt Cenadto-
eli), BlMdraat iSaajnilaaria *^ae«-<"*'-> 'iiii*-.**. *»»■( root iMveraui* tj-uj-n.
§l»), (ru-etna root (Sttlllagia Sylva
Mf.ndr.k- root itHahaliyniim ItlU      ...
la ■ sclantlllc t-sbaratory In a way that n
jmlaarla Camaa\*a»la\, tloldtn fteol root (Hyareult C*n*dte*
    ~helke), black therr- hark (Prunui tY-yfaf-i-M),
' ' n), with irtplt rtflnt-Sglycarln*, prepartiS
itnadraitlat cauld l-nltata.
"This tonio contains no alcohol to shrink up the red blood corpuscles j but, on
' Ihe other hand, It increases their number and they become round tad healthy.
It helps the human system in the constant manufacture of rich, red blood. It
helps the stomach to assimilate or take up the proper elements from the food,
thereby helping digestion end curing dyipepala, heart-burn and many uncom*
but Dr. Pierce's Golden MadTcal Discovery will do you "hall as much good,
Very   Unwell,
Wheu Theodore Hook was once trn
veling by coach, there were but Iwt
inside passengers—a very pretty but
delicate-looking young lady attended
by a-hoiiii'ly-liinkiiig maid, The couch
stopped for twenty raiuntes to allow
tor dinner. HoOk returned llrsl to hi
seat, the maid next. During the ul.
sence of her ynung mistress. Hook
said to her iu a tone ofgrent concert.
"Your young la-.y seems very un
"Yea, sir; she suffers sadly."
-"Consumption, 1 should te.irP"
"No, air; I am sorry to ray It Is tin
"Dear me!   Aneurism?"
"Oh, no, sir; it is only a lieutenants the navy.*' -'"._'__
Lightning, '
Accurate atnttytlea covert tut a number ut year* In s German Mute inf.i-
ente thnt lightning atrtken more frequently In mnrtthy than In dry at>rtlona
and ibut ihe frequency of utmke* lo* I
creases as forests are cleared a wa-
\    Beat Nellie Blythe.
..     . i"~; ""       ,  .„    ..  i   Lorenso Prince, managing editor of
N.'.i.lyev.-i.v hither sitvOie 11 whip  ,       p      e     Mo|ltrw|     ||B|    hnr,    „
Ihj. ichunl teacher that whips htoihlfcl 1n, , „,,„,,, „,,, „. „ „!( ,rollef
but he navoi does, -„ W)l>.  .,,,„_ „ „.,,„,, r lh( VHV„T, „„
,tienvored Id hnve the record of Nrllli
"What i- the linrdest ihmus to b'lirn j pivthe lowered by   of their stall
about fanning?" inquired tho summer three American p !>ers, Tin- London
ll.otirder.    "Oettin* tip nt live ofclook' Times. The Bcr'lner Tageblatt and Le
fin   the   i ii,"   replied   r.itnmr UlUfn, Pans, were mm.ii in the Beld
|Corutns**ell."- Wimhlngton Star. sguinst  Mr,  Prince,   whn  won  hands
Mown, osnblhmhg a reenrd "I circling
Teacher—"Tommy,   uo   you   know J i^ ffi,(bc In-QS-duvs nnd three hour»
|'How  D.uli the Little  Busy  |j('   '
the decision of th« House that "Sir
John Trevor is guilty cf the high
crime of misdemeanor."
Among Trevors many physical peculiarities was an abominable squint,
which made the process ol "catching
his eye" so full ot confusion that it
waa necessary to call the member by
name—a practice which has since prevailed.
Speaker William Tresham was killed by highwaymen, Thomas Thorpe
died on the scaffold, and Sir John
Wenloek was cloven through the skull
on  Tewkesbury   Field.
First Night Cough Appears.
An inserted slip on every program
at the Kingaway Theatre, London, on
the first night that Laurence Irving
and his company presented "The
1 Lily" said, "The management beg* to
' state Hint any one troubled with a
lirst night cough will be suppied with
jujubes on application"
The management now explains that
there are a number of people who
make a practice of coughing at first
nights with the object of wrecking
the p.ay. They say it is an orgatiiied
conspiracy by out of work actors, actresses, minor dramatists and other
disappointed or di-agreeable persons.
Mr. Irving says there wai an organised  storm  of  coughing on  the  first   m'unTeaU wfThilra finfhim'rit't ■
night ol his production of "The Un-   2*"!     f *:..  ,< \l -     ■'   \    .
written Law"   The ismr thing hap-   MA"    AiUett**rtartraj»lv«I,op.
prned wheu Sir Ileerbohm Tree gave
''Much Ado About Nothing " Mr Irving says he does not olijert lo boos
and hianea, but nothing upsets actors
more than constant coughing It is a
most subtle weapon, aa :t is ao iulec-
Always *if* ail Boors    ■' i
Sift a small 'luanriry to k.*ep   in
in ca*,e of emergency.
Wnmnn lufflrtilf from any form nf
Illness are  invit-ti  t"  r  OpUf    •■■ -
'   "     "'        m »t I.am,
read and fttuwered by wonsen    a»-
nar. can fr*-**'* hj -•
t    ei j..'. ite  lit*.
las   t>en es-
•V     U \\ ndet.ie    !»*-'. we*-'.
\*5   f JL Mrs  Ptnkban U*d
JBt-^if   /■/ the      won. en     of
"Nn; I only know li.
To-lhiy's Mnganinoi
DO DOS ■'.
Tit'l«JV ,,-:
\U thbpJ*
W. N. U., No. Kg.
Tha Sscrtit ef tha Plgean.
It la an old aod much dlaputed quea*
I tloo by what means carrier plgtone
i nod tbelr way home over distances
sometimes ol hundreds of miles. Horn*
| eitrsordlnary euggestlona bare been
offered to esplsln ibis Strang* faculty,
, eucb aa tbat tbe birds sra guided by
I magnetic cuireuts, that tbey possess %
.special who* of direction, enabling
' them to reverse a course once pursued,
1 and* that tbey have a particular ar-
Irangement ot the Internal organs ot
1 tbe ear whlcb affords a mesns of gold*
| ance.  Tbe problem has been sttacked
again recently by P. flnebet Souplet,
! director ot tbe Institute of Animal
. Psychology In Psris, wbo concludes
tbat tbe whole secret Is contained In
tbe ability of the pigeons to lay their
course by recognized points in  th*
landscape beneath tbem.   Be believe*
that tbe longest authenticated flight!
•rs> explicable In this wey-Toitt*
Oocosalew       ■ —      -—■*-*-
Eddysten* Island la Smallest.
The island on which the Kddystone
light house ii situated is the smallest
Inhabited island in the world, it is
said, although there may be some disputants to tins claim in the Thousand
Islands. It is only thirty feet iu di- ^ m\ 0f t)|t.,
ameter at low water. hundred* of th
Oarlyla't Heme Bought.
The hous* in whieh Thomas Carlyle
wai born at Bccleleehan has been sold   „ v p 	
to the London syndieat* whieh pos-   hns'rained the*very'knowTedgeneefied
s*asei Carlyle'a house at Chelsea and - |n your case.   She atkl nothing in re-
ArnTtra »i i< h has
_jj^>) neverbsren ir-s>n.
mXTWnXOf^ Never has she pbb>
iistied a tettimnnial or u«»-d a  .-tt*-r
without the written consent of  the
writer, and  never has the Oompftny
tllowed these ci.nfi.lentlal letters  to
p>t*f-e-sion, as the
wmls  of   them  in
heir Itlei will atteet
(tut of the vast volume of experience
which  Mrs.  Plukham baa to msw
from, it it more than possible tbat she
has gained the very knowledge - -"J-J
turn except your good will, and her
advice has helped thousands. Mireiy
Miy woman, rich or poor, should l*
glad to take advantage of this fjeier-
otia offer of assistance. Address Mrs.
Plukham, care of Lvtlia £, i'iiikhaa
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
Every woman ouffht to hnve
____^_^ Lydla   K.   1'Inkhnni's   80-prsge)
* «... .    - i Teat Book.   It Is not a book tor
plan wblcl. made ua .11 He,." | ««P«B»lt-,   It la tn* »njI onlf
lJ-«r im!   An* II wu w-U w*M   -***ln«W« bf "»U.   WrlU It
tMr'-Balllmor. luwrlc.g. , I tt t
will   b.   lur.lahwi   lo   reiirnent
hoilM u il ... id Crlyl.'a bojrhood.
Rathor Putillng.
Thara'a ona thins w« can't unJeratand.
'Tla not or women's hata,
But why they all should fear mice and
Vet ba so font) of "rata."
-C'hlcaio Neva. ,„....i,.- MMMSSSSSSMSS I
Piiriwrl, (Tin Now Km.)
C A. II Ulllllll.1'lllilWlcf nml rmlirlelor.
i, lliiti.li Kihihii' :  l>. t'.i.li-il S.ule-....
liD'oilvrrtliln, i«i....l..|»ii.l..|ili.iiti.:
b.tt.r j,
Sold liy Merchants of 1,'liilliwack, Kosedttlo, nntl Alcholit",
Dairy Farm !
HO Acres, nil oloarod nnd under cullivnlloii. 7 Room
Mouso, Hani nnd iiuili.ui-.-. Private Water Supply,
flood Orehiuil, Buildinpivalued nf Ji'iiinii, beautifully
situated,  200 yard- fr.nn Si-I I. '> niiii-s from l'.i-t
Office, 4 inili'.- fi Iliun-li. Tln-si.il islhelicsl lo be
iilitaiiicil in this mllcy nnd prodiici's I tons of liny
per acre, everything in lir-l-class coiidilion.
Price $2(1,000,
$10,0011 Cash. Balance In -nil purcliiiser.
nilc kniiwn
K-r...mil lino each
vul pel ll»lii .'lull
nilrorllunwlllnlonM n-i ber thnt
il.milt.'. ropy imi-l I.' in ii.>I l.il. i limn
i miliar.
Ili'.i|iriirii,v uml tin' Liberal Govern.
nielli nn't ili'fi'iii at On' polls Tluirs-
iln.v, by n liiiul-iliili' nl siinilnr pro-
[KirtioiiH im linn which gAvo tho
I'ni'ly tlii' ri-lgnfl nl govortittlont III
18110, Tin' re-lilt cnliii. us ii suipriHi'
In both pni'tii's, nml wlt.-th.-rrightl)
or wrongly, lho lnraor purl imi of the
vnllng iilroiigtli ..I tho  Dominion
ili'.-s tint want clo-Or tl'mii' rotations
ivilli Ihe l'niti'il Slnli's, nnil BOOtnn
l,i lie afitlafic'il In iiiniiitnin n tariff
tlmt taxes tin1 Inooinlng mul outgoing commodities timiind in die
pilot. How muoli of tills opposition
is duo in tlii'inni'li worked luiiiexot-
inn mid loyally iKiglos, iBillffloiill tu
estimate. Tlmt both those phonos,
mul not Boniuclitlioooononitonspoct
David IJqyd-Goorgo, (iluincollor
ol the oxolioquoi'i wlillo laying tho
t-nrnor strain for n olnp0| nt Hontli
Inst wci'lc, iippi'iilcil tu Clii'lstlnn
olmrohos tn ranch wrongs tram
wliloli tlio masses nro sniTorlng.
Any business is mora respoolnblo
than what is lormod loiitinn. A
young man liml bettor soil clams by
tho pailful than bang around publlo
nisiirls, iniirdoi'lng time mul Ids
When the common earthworm is
out in two he won't innlto a fuss
about it, but to lho (all end will
grow n head and tu tlm bead end
a tall. There will bo two worms
Instead of ono, Misfortune otton
doubles our strength.
Ol.i Bill Mlnoi, aliasQoorgo And-
I'l'snii, known to tlio police (ruin
Maine In Cnllfoi'iiln as convicted
train rubber, highwayman ami jail
brvakor   is to   turn   farmei— nl
ntly convicted of n
f the issue, bad greatly tu do wllh j
eiH'i'd lo a convict camp, lie began
tn   fail   in   health   and   Ihe    stale
prison i imitation has ordered his
Iranifor to tho stale farm,   lie is
uf'the'iied vlnnld'hnvc limiT'larp. 00 »m" "' "«" ,""1 "roaking, will,  ^m M, , ^^ „   |;i ,,     h
-tepfurwanl in thi'ilevelnpnieni and u ttvci.t-,- year scnloi.eo aboml  "f|lu|,|U|nll lo „„.   ,vc,,|t|,   |,,„i„m| ,,f
pro„ress ol (iimida, we must a, pt  Im...     sen I Ir the  prison  ,„.,,.  , ,„.,|(.r,,j l>l:(ll<tv „,„, „ ,,   r.
if,  im greaty " to win   ,   ■      ,,      ,   ...   .
the result cannot Do doubted.   The j tm,n.*T,bl*?p*v '"."''"""" and sent-
majority however haa decided ngaiusl
tin- proposal. While we fire of opinion tlmt tho mnttor should linvo 1 n
kept ont nl pitrt.v politics nml n refer-
iiliiiu liikenand thai thci opt
pacltinaiiclioolB, anyone boiuij allow*
ed to entur.
Spe.-d will ho (i feiituro nl the
competition, each con tout-ant to
pack threu boxen, Perfect score will
he given for paokiiift ihfno in twenty-five minutes or lens, each extra
111iff minutofl reducing tlio score
three points. Tho rules havo been
modeled from thuso nf the National
Apple Show of Spokano hut liavo
been altorotl to meet British Colutn*
l>in conditions, Expert judges will
he supplied and throo prizes of (16,
SlOnnd 96 will l» offered foroaeli
competition, Tlm following score
card will apply; Spoetl 20 points,
Uniformity l">, Alignmont 10, llul-
go 10, Height nt Rutin 10, Firmness
20, Wrapping 16.
All apples tire tn Im packctl
diagonally in tlio standard Ciituul*
iai. boxes, 10 x 11 x 90 Inches,
insiilo dimensions, Fruit lo In.
placed ou tables by a dlsinterestc
person. An entry feo of 81 will *h
eliargod, on tries ti. l>o nmdo ont
wook boforo lho fair opens,
A few years ago I went into the
bar of ii public house in London In
have n glass of beer, .lust as I was
about to ordora buttlo of Hush, I
espied (i  half crown nt toy  fuui
%       Ptlkl-lip Clipittll nnd Reserve
Money Loaned lo Responsible People,
Accounts Oponotl on Favorable Tonus.
ClIII.UU Al K    I'.llAM II
I ********* *****
N. s. MuKknzii:, Malinger +
 "Into of lho majority, and at Now WesliiilnsUir. H,
iii-Ii C'oluni.
hilt, II   lew  in,mills   hefoiv  ll
I'unvii'li'il in tin- statu.
I picked up the half crown and ten
Fall Goods to Hand
Trouserings, .Suitings and Vestings
Fit. Sty]
d Workmanship (iiiniiiiili ed
Agent for The did, ll,li,,l.|..
.'ill eeltts   per   Utile   III   'I ,    -! ire,
G. C. CARTER   . Merchant Tailor
Situated tell minutes wall< liipimlnftlee.
All in flrst-class -tutu nf cultivation,
high, dry nnd level, ivilli ivide fruiitnga
.hi Charles Street, 1-in-li i|iiurler-aei-e
lias a number <>f elmiee fruit trees in
full bearing, and tlio priees are quite
The ChilliwacK Specialist
wu dowwith g 1 gi
ricrvativi' party have nmdo ninny
pniiiiiM's nod slated tin-it- position
mi various tincstlonH in n very definite manner. Now the opportunity
litis arrived fur a fulfillment, nod
tho work of tho-nmv Government 'ominorchil fruit packing is to down tho loir of my trousers on 1
will Ih? watelietl with inlorcsl receive tin- bighejtt encouragemenl tbe floor. There was a hole In my
                from tlio I>rp!irtiiii'iit ..1 Agriculture \ pocket, and   it wus my own  Imlf-
proper change,   Judge "f my surprise when I behold all tin* change
I dropped it into my pocket, lull
A number of citizens mv wondering why tin- roadmaking equipment
was moved from Young Hoad, to
Wellington Street, when thorconly
remained ono block to lie dnno tn
complete tiie job to tin* live corner*-,
It dues out look like a wise policy
to leave the business centre of the
city witli an over supply nf mud
ami givo attention to portions of
much less Importance. It strikes
die ordinary Individual that the
most business like manner of doing
the rofuiiiiiikiiig would In- t-> start
at the centre nnd work out in the
various directions. The present
procedure is the reverse, only it
seems the nut fit gnU stage Fright
when within a Mock nf the centre,
-■ii tlmt the live corners district has
presented a sorry Bjwetacle during
the wet weather of the past week,
Lm-al wags have sol "-takes indicating high water marks, and signs
inch as "Duck shooting notAl-M
lowed," Bathing "Strictly Prohibited,"etc.   Now that tiie worth-
- lietter   the streets in the business center should he attended in.
in tho province, at the annual pro- crown tlmt had made Its way
viti.'ial fair to bo held in West- through the bole, that I had treated
minster from Octolier :'. lo 7, in- myself with.—Ex,
elusive,  competitions will   lie bold ■	
at which :i number of prizes nre; "Tommy, did you give your
iffered by the department. brother the best  part  of ihe Appli
Apples will he packed daily on
grounds and prize*, distributed for
each competition, There is to lie no
nneetinii between this and the have a whole orchard
as I told you to?"
Tommy—"Yeuum; I gave him
the seeds.    lie can plant    em and
tlmt Ibis ii  I,„- „ u.ii'il  nttni'li-
I'd.   'I bi- menus tlmt with tin'
HOTPOINT i:i,i:cTi:icii!(i.\
vim have no (Ires in build, no
needless steps to make, nml nliovenll Ibat—you i-onlly
iron in comfort, Tlmt i . llio liotpoinl way. .In-I
attach the cord t.. your electric liglil sockol .md commence ironing, Nn waiting.
Over Fifty Hotpoinl Ironssiihl in \'am ver each day.
B. C Electric Railway Co., Limited
V-  J
Utdison iu his en-"av on Cheer-
fulness claims thnt to lie cheerful,
happy and consequently thankful
ii must compare his lot with
those worse olT than himnolf, hut
n the other hand to Ik* miserable
just measure your condition with
those better situated. Contentment
is a cardinal virtue. It is no foe to
ambition, in facl it can bo made
tin- handmaid of amhition. The
natural outgrowth of sweat  content
i^ "latitude. A happy child is ttn-
uonscloualy grateful to his parents
for Ins condition. So man with that
superior |mwer of discommon! can,
if ho wills, cultivate a spirit of
thankfulness tn bis fellows and Ins
Creator fur supplying the elements
f happiness, This spirit should
nit !h> ii spontaneous outburst on a
certain day in November but should
go with him the year rnimd. The
Almighty can have no   special Use
for the Individual wim is thankful
one day in the year   and u gmuell-
Lng Ingrnto for tin* halan if it.   A
cheerful  -spirit develops a   cheerful
Customs receipts for the live
niuiithi nf (he lineal year which
closed on August 111, totalled $88,*
600,145, as coin pared with $^.i(-
001*002 for the same period Inst
year, uu increase o| 64-604,648-
I'or the mouth of August atone the
customs receipts were $7,(17.S,;!!)."»,
ns against civlT.hTW*.. nn increase
of 81*108,010 u-s compared with
August. 1910.
Subscribe for the Chilliwack Free Press.
I.el lift cullivnlu n public spirit
and talk less nml work more. En-
 irage our citizens in mnkiiig Improvements, Speak well, speak lip.
(nIk encouragingly tif our town and
its bright prospects. It is these
many little considerations that
makes a  town grow.    Nature bus
showered upon us her choicest blessings, nntl effort for the good of our
common cause, great will lie the remit,
Phone R 197
Phono R 197
Abbotsford Timber ® Trading
Co., Limited
Office and Yards, YOUNG ROAD
Wc bave a complete utock of Long .Inists, linnu.li
and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Kiln Dried
Flooring, Ceiling,  Siding, Mouldings and  Finish.
Lime, Ccmont and Plaster.
Prompt attention given to all orders.
Miss Jeanne Russell
who will appear in
Charley's Aunt
and in
St. Elmo
Under the auspices ol the
Chilliwack Agricultural Society
Local Manager
♦<•+*•! ■>+:•*•:•+<■*■!••!•*<•»»♦♦* * ******** **************+++++,,+%
* t
I Chilliwack Steam Laundry Co.!
*  ****************:*:***********************t.4t********
I  J
I  *
! Nabob Coffee
Ask Your Grocer Por
Phone 172
Ladies and Gentlemen's Clothes Steam Cleaned
A Specialty.
Forty Cents a Pound
■0 # •> * •> * * •>* •!■ •> * •> * ■> * * 4*4+•> -fr++* * *> * * 4 ♦ ♦♦*)
A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd. !
I'MSSOaS Tn \. .1. I'.lliiHN ,\ ii
All Wm!; Promptly and Neatly Executed.
Parcels Called For Every Morning,
lluck Cnuiliem        lliwiil Slorlilnrry       Coulniriiira' llqnlpiuonl
Mining Mii.liiii.-ry        ti.'il. r.        Kiiatiira
t                tiilpratmo Aiiioniobilc
*  Pan .1 -        PalrraJ
Minimi Motor Trncka
lliiulii I Mllklni llactilnn
1048 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.
A Bargain in a Homesite
Six Aires with frontage on two roads, half-mile from town, new five
loomed house, land all cleared and fenced, extremely well situated.
One and one-half acres of this property is in bearing orchard, consisting
of Northern Spy and King Apples.
Price, $4000. Good Terms.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Chilliwack Planing Mills
Mnnufaoturon and Dealers in
.     .      .      PLANING!      .      .     .
Mills at HOPE SLOUGH, Young Road
t     All work voooives our oaroful and prompt attention.
Estimates furnished. Call and see us,
P. 0. Box 243
Phone R 121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
H.  C.  POOK
sin nor in WM. AHi'lllliAl.n
Estimates (liven
JiiilKi! P. \V. Iloway of Now
Westminster hold a sltllngol tho
enmity court in lho court limine, (in
AiiKiii.1 81,
An iinler of ci-i'tifii'iito for tlio
iiiitiiriiliiiitiuii ol churl™ Roman
Lewis ol tlio Vottdur Klvor wus is-
sucil, affidavits lining produced hy
the registrar to sliotv that tho applicant had boon a resident o( British
Columbia (or more limn throo years
I tlmt nil regulations ns to oltl-
zonshlp Iind l>i-i-ii legal and In order,
uml tImi tin- Application hud beon
iiiuili' out in duo form,
Loiters uf administration (nr tin'
ostato of John Bond, doceasod, wore
ni'illTI'lt 111 III' isslll'll l6   till'   iviiluw,
ICItialMlli Bond, Kilt Orook   ao-
rurity  lii'ing givi'ii  piilisfiirtuiv  to
tin. registrar,
l,i<lti'r« uf admllilnlrnlioti fur llic
IMimic 58
P.O. Mux 285
DSlalo uf  ,1. T.   Ilegbi
If Your Lights Go Out Phone 178
Wc Bpccinliza In Private Installations and Motor Work.
Prompt attention (tivon to House Lighting.
Phono 178 Electric Signs and Arc Lights. Phone 178
wore ordered lo bo iwiiod lo ICdpr
A. Kipp. u creditor.
I-oMonol prolmto for tlio rstato
of Samuel C. Henderson, deceased,
wore ordered to hr Issued lo John
0. Hondorson, M. I)., and K. I.
Douglas, :ih oxeeutors,
Th lion <>f  Knight vs. Hall
wiii ordered Bottled, Including costs
for tin1 procuring of titles, etc,
The case of Urn vie vs. Coulthart
xttuiiU ns to costs and pnymont out. |
This case wus fordaihtiges lo proper-!
ty or crops, and BOttlemont was'
inntlt> out of court without notiflcat"
inn to tho registrar of the court,
Tiie action of James vs. NYvin,
guardian, ordered struck out.
Tne case of Nelson vs. Rogers &
Moore, Eriekson vs. Itogers & Moore, Blanche vs, Rogers iV Moore.
P. Anderson vs. Roger*! & Moore,
C. Anderson VS. Rogers & Moore,
Johnson vs. Rogers & Moore, were
actions on merelmnic's lien for
work  done.    Most of the  money
wits paid Into court, An ordor was
made firstly consolidating all these
notions. Judgment whs given lo
plaintiffs witli coBts.
Scott vs. Knox it Melletirv were
actions <>n a mechanic's lion, An
order was made adjourning case lo
October court. The costs of day
were defendants' costs in any event.
.McLennan vs. MeUillivruy was
an appeal I'rotn n niagisli'tilc'scouit.
The appeal was allowed with costs,
and an ordor for the payments of
lines and payment out of securities [
of costs,
Johnson vs. Robertson was an no*
lion brought by plaintiff for wages
claimed owing. A dliToroncoof ifi
cents an hour was claimed, which I
WOJi not all.iwi-il hy   court "lid   COI0
was dismissed with costs.
Tlio case nf liolo vs. limit wits'
adjourned to next court.
YVhitworth vs. Lieu was an action hrmight to recover St7".. (Ml, Doing amount with costs owing plain*
(ill for stock sold. Defendant claim
nl horses ii:ut strayed from him,
ami possibly returned to (he ranch.'
Judgment forplainttffnnddofondanl
ordered lo pay obligatio.il
McKachern vs. Spanos A* Foster!
was in, action brought by McEach-
em to recover pitymeut for work]
aud repairs itono to defendant's
premises. The amount, 888.25,j
was ordered to he paid to the registrant! New Westminster by September 30, 1911.
Rockwell A- Co. vs. Jones was an-
action brought hy A. M. Rockwell
& Co. to recover $293.55, being
amount with costs for grain sold to
defendant for horse feed. Defendant was ordered to pay 8'Jf> a month
until amount was paid, the first
payment to he made on the 30tli
•September 1911.
Houston vs. Hawthorne was settled out of Court.
Next court will be held on Thursday, Oclobor 5.
Tlio fanners and fruit growers of
the district should not lose sight of
the Importance of making a good
showing at the annual provincial
fair to he held in New Westminster
October ;i to 7. Only n few weeks remain ami it is necessary to get in
all applications early for exhibiting,
It is unwise to leave tins matter until the last week and then have to
rush au exhibit through. Do it now,
is Bound advice. Fifty thousand
dollar" iu prizes will he distributed
during the week, the greater portion of this sum going to tlio agricultural exhibits. Tho amusements on*
torprisosaud manufacturing Qxldbits
will he many and varied,
Thai the year 1011 will he a
most noteworthy one for the C. P.
It. and tin' pinple of Vancouver was
Intimated by Sir Thomas ti.
Slmughnoftpy, tho company's president, who arrived at Vancouver last
week, accompanied liy a party of
prominent finnnoiorsand membors
of the hoard of directors of the ('.
P, It, "Vancouver will have ti new
and splendid depot from the C. P.
It. that will surpass the expectations of tin1 most sanguine, and
this as soon as I can complete the
plans on which I am engaged at
present," were the glad tidings
made public liy Sir Thomas, while
discussing Ids mission.
A young woman prominent In a
social set tells of a young man who
had not familiarised himself with
the forms of polite correspondence
to the fullest extent. When, on
one occasion, he found it necessary
to decline an invitation, he did so
in the following terms; "Mr.
Harry Blank declines with pleasure
Mrs, Wood's invitation for the
nineteenth,and thanks her extremely for having given him the opportunity of doing so."
Implement and
Produce Co.
Potato Diggers
Implements of'all
Phone 9
i  Macken-
Feed Co.
is now ready fur business mul oiler to sell ;
ill lowest prices: Flour, ;
Qraiii, Feed and Poul- ;
try Supplies, retail and ;
wholesale. ;
Wewilllniyltiiy.Orain, ',
Fruit, Potatoes, Poul- :
try nnd Eggs.
Connection, at Vancouv.r,
Victoria and Frlnc. Hup.rl.
Potato an* Grain SacHa
For Sal..
:  Chilliwack Feed Co.
C. T. Vradenbursj
fl.lch.r St. CWlllwacIl
will be glad I
to furnish you +
with an esti- [
mate on your j
lumber bill J
whether you ♦
place your or- i
der with them ♦
or not. \
Phone 86    \
Macken-       *
Lumber Co. j
+4+-»+4++ +4+++**+-4**+*>+-i* 444 *
Opp< lit* '<■
Fitted  '•
veniences    and
furnished thn   ..
D. I. PUcUSNA.V Pruprmtiir
'»««.) *>»•#•••••*> *>«»•.«•	
We are Kept BUSY by the RUSH of SHOPPERS
Chilliwack's Leading Dry Goods Store soon to pass out of existence forever. NO MERCY SHOWN. Entire stock rearranged—
new uoods brought forward. Prices cut in half. People swoop down upon the marvelous showing and things are being carried away
at a rapid pace     LACES, EMBROIDERY,  LACE CURTAINS, RIBBONS, COATS AND SUITS will be made a special
feature this week.    Come prepared to be surprised.
Delighted Customers Throng Store
All is Excitement Here
Great Crowds all Last Week
Henderson Stock
is Fast Being
The I. D.Smith Co. of New
York make wonderful inroads with the way they
have lowered prices.
The people are buying.
This Sale Can't
Go On Forever!
Like all good things-it must
have an end. This is now in
sight. A few weeks more
and this sale will have passed
into history. Before the closing days roll round we urge
you to share in these incomparable values. Prices on
everything have been given
another reduction that bring
them far below wholesalecost.
Take the tip-and come at
once--before it  is too late.
Much that's Good and Desirable Remains—Perhaps It's Just the Article You are Looking For
See the New Fall Coats for Ladies!      Important showing of Laces and Embroidery.
$1,60 Women's Kill Glovos, now 80c.
im-. Women's Cashmere Stockings, now 37 l-2c.
40c, Children's Cashmoro Hoso, now 20c.
10c. Sowing Silk, all colors, now 5c. Bo. Button Hole Twist, now 2 l-2c.
$1 75 Women'- Winppciv, now $1.00 $2.00 Women'- Blnt-lt Satin Skirts, now $1.00
$.">.ini Children'! Dresses, now $2.50
10c. Cards Safety Pin-', now 5c.
'.!5c. Women's Cotton 11—. 15c.
$2.00 Children's Dr '8, now $1.00
Laces, Embroidery, Cloaks and Suits are scheduled for a big week in this sale.
The Doors of Henderson's Store are soon to be closed.
Doors Open Daily at 8 a. m. Store Open All Day Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evening.
Story at  -> Novel  Entertain.
COpyrlgtll  l»>   Aliif-ilfn.il   I'rt-M Aitiil-
I'lUllllll,  IU11
"A wry tii-at Jiiti," pom men t til  he
tCCtlVU   I .'till   UN  tll>   finished   In»  Itupec
Uut) nl Hi.- Huddtisuu Iiuiihu uflci Mm
"A cleanup fur mi'." grunted 11 iln in
ItHtliliiMiill "Allot this careful luspec
tint) uf ttltt pTt'UllaeS I suppose you
tiuvit Huiuu theory lu udvancu, Mr
I'Vuti "
Till detective fro wood nt ibe mil
Nona! re vii-iiin ur ilie Jewel robber;
>i mi iiii'n bli frown changed tu h smile
fur It would never du lu nntugnuUt
tiiiM tun ii wbo bud employed turn nntl
Willi   It.lll   pl'Olllht-il   |lJ|Ii   u   |.tTH'i||ill   rp
ward ot a tbouanud dollar**, beside*
bin professional too, If In- recovered tti.
■toleo Jewell, Nevertheless detect) v*
Fetin wus rt'hietnnt to confide bla Ibe
odea to uny uue.
"Well, sir," be suld putletiily, "h
iuiu op wlmt I hnve (-inhered, yuu aii-
you retired Uihi night nii"ui iiriiii and
tbat the Jewell were placed Tor stiff
keeping under yuur pillow Vuii were
•11 alone tu tbe house fot the rcni.H.
tbat your wire and family nre ut yum
country borne uud you merely stopped
bere fur tbe night, ns yuu were In town
for tbe purpose of Retting tin- Jewels
from the bunk to lake to Mra Rud
daaon. Yuu miy you found the cure
taker absent and derided to remain
bere all ntgbt, as you were tuo tired
to go oo to u bufcl.
"You went to bed after annum.)*,
yourself ibut ibe house wua without
auy other occupant than yourself. You
are quite sure tbat you did oot mlaa
Home closet In your search''"
air. Itaddusun shook bla heud positively. "I tell you. Ken ii. I did uut
leave a corner uuluvestIgated. I be
gao at the wine cellar und went up to
tbe garret, nud tbertt was uut u mess
or closet, a eiirtnlued doorway or h
piece or furniture tbut I did not peer
behind or under ur puke ut wltb my
cane. Cnu't fool me on Hint. I'll
swear there wumi't a buu.au soul In
tbts (muse Inst night suve myself
wben I went to bed."
"And yuu heniii uo unusual sound
during the (lightf  nuked Mr. Fenn.
"Nut a sound from tbe time I drop
ped off to sleep until 1 awoke at 7 to
Dud the Jewel euse gone from uuder
my pillow."
"Uiuui reel dull or stupid as If a
drug uf aome Hurt nml beeu used tu
keep you uuieCc" pursued the detee
"Never fell blighter lo my life." as
suretl Ituddusuu "Hut uiy hittid under
my pllluw fur my wulcli, looked ut It
and then rerullet-ted the Jewel cuae. It
wus gone."
"Cunt understand why tbey dldu't
take the wutih, tuu," mused Detective
"J hut's aootber funny ktuk lo tbe
matter. Every door and window In
the house lucked an suug as you please,
aod yet the Jewel* diauppeured. Chain
up oo the front door and -the uther
doura locked on tbe Inside. Whut do
yuu make ot \t't" Mr. Ituddasou look
ed dowo at the thin, wiry little unit)
before htm with skeptical eyes.
"There Isn't a clew to hung u theory
on." derlured the detective frankly.
"nothing oicebt the trapdoor tu tba
roof. You noticed tbat the hook wai
nnfaateoed on tne uuderalduY"
"Yea, but this la a detached bouse,
and there Is no way a thief could make
a getuway from tha roof."
"Thieves used to go about their bual-
neaa oo Shank's niaree, didn't they.
Mr. Ituddnxou'r Aud after automobiles
came Into fushloo you read about
them going od into the country aud
making tlieir cetuway lu a moton-ar
Well, whin would you expect of the
thief uf today, ebl Tbe latest thing
Iu transportation, of course.'1 Th* de
tectlve smiled Ht Ida employer know-
The Kidneys
Wear Out
Dot  Many  People of Advanced Years
Huvs Learned How to Keep These
Organs Healthy by Using
The kidneyi are often the lir-t ..•-
gans ul tin- body lo cause   I rouble
Tbelr work ol Altering tin   bl I is
greatly Increased by excessive eating
oi hy the use •>( highly seasoned loodi
nil.I llfiobolil dtink-
Al   ndviitici'tl   BgQ    COmoi    Oil     mint
I pie suffer more or jeaa from   de-
range menu ol    Uie    kidneys,    With
miitic  tin-re lire  ypara    of  pain-"    and
acbea, wltb others Bright*! disease i-
 ti ilcvi-lii|iL'il nnil   Uu-   end   comei
I'liriuiinii'ly n area) many hgve
learned about l>r Chase's Kidney and
Liver cilia, and are enabled by tbelr
uio to keep the kidneys healthy and
Tlm medicine Is entirely dlltcrent
from ortlinnry kidney treatments, nnd
Invlgontca tne action of ihe liver nnd
Iwwels] To thin combined action [a
attributed it*1 remarkable success)
Mr. Richard    Preston, i.f (Minnie,
Lumhton   county.   Out.,   write*1: "I
want to testify to I ha wonderful rtirn-
liva properties o*>nr, A. w. Ohnsfri
Kid no j and Liver Pills. Bevcnleeji
years ago I began the tise of Ibis
medicine, when my back was ao bnd
lo st.nip or rile was torture to me.
The kulneyi weTO in bnd condition,
but these pills entirely (reed me nf
buck pains.' 1 hnve used them ever
Since, whenever the kidntys would get
out oi order, nnd now. nt eighty years-,
.'im well nnd hourly, thanks lo this
Dr, A. W. rhnur-'pi Kidney nnd I.iver
Pills, one pill a dose, iifi centi n box,
at ell denlers. nr lidinnnsnn. Hntcs .1
Co., Toronto.
"An aeroplane, hy Jovol" ejaculated
Mr. itmliliiHiJii,
"Thut Is in*/ Idea," admitted thu do-
tectlvu modestly.
"And u very clever theory, too," admitted HuddiiHuii jjeulnlly. "Now, Mr.
Fenu. It you have no uhjectlou Just
give uut au outline or uuw you believe tbe rubbery wus accomplished."
"it's aouu explained, sir. The crook
know of your (mention to get tho
Jewels fniin the hunk, possibly trailed
you  from  yuur  country   place,  wlieru
hu might hove hud u put iu your employ) wns nine you hud 'em In the
house, waited till yuu not to bed and
HHleup, lit on iln- roof with his mu
chine, I'liinii down and (jut the Jewels,
skipped up through the skylight uud
luto bis (lyiiii: uiuchliiu nud so awuy."
"My dear fellow, thnt a n pretty
theory, bul how ninny crooks would
risk discovery tiy turnhiK off a Job In
such s ciinNplcuous thhif* us sn aero-
piano? Ilnw luiiuy men of thut class
could nfford lu even hire onu of thu
mncblnes, miirfi less Hud a mechanician to operatu ll fur him You're
dreaming, Kent), Five—ten years from
uuw and I'll believe thnt."
"Very well, Mr. Kudduson," laid the
detective without dlspleusure. "Ill
Just stay iirojtml the bouse today sud
cbase up a few clews. You'll be here
yourself V
"Until 4 o'clock. I bave to catch a
train to itedniount then, lavssUgats.
•II you waut to, You'll find me In It*
"Very good, sir,"
From cellars to kitchens and servants' tiuuriera, all through tbe draw-
lug rouius, shrouded in summer cover
lugs, pruwlltig uruuud uu his hands
and knees, puking Uitu dusty corners,
peering Into (he moat unsuspected
places, went Detective Fenu,
It was a binding cuse. Detective
Fenn admitted thut to himself aa be
sut on thu side of tbe banker's bed to
rest frum his luburs. 1* he cou<d discover tho thief be **uuld receive tho
$1,000 reward, und thut $1,000 would
purchase ibe little bouie hi tbe country which be uud bis wife bud luug
planned for. James Fenn waa a private defective, and the uewa ot the
robbery had uut yet gone forth lo thai
"I've -.imply got to earn tbut thou*
aand," gruuued Detective Feuu. "But
bow'/" lie glanced wildly urouud tbe
room In which ho hud uut discovered
tbe slightest clew so far, and hla eyes
fell on u pulr of bedroum slippers uear
bis feet. They were large slippers und
apparently the property of Mr. Uaddu-
sun; an elaborate put tern was embroidered lu bends on the velvet slippers,
but some of the threads were broken
sud the beads were slipping off. Iu
fact, Fenn uoted here aud there on the
light carpet suine uf the ruse colored
beads thnt formed the flowera, nud
fnriiii-r on near the bull door them
were sume green beads.
Interested now, be slipped to hla
hands aud knees nnd followed the trull
of the dropped bends. He brought huf
light and bis magnifying gfuss luto
cunstaiit play as be moved slowly
down the length of the velvet carpeted bull to the fool of tbe stairway tbut
led to mint her Moor of bedchambers.
Now uud then he came upon a dropped bead, suineilmei green or white or
pink, un a stair and along corridors,
sutllfleiilly numerous to give him a
definite clew tu fulluw. L'p a second
flight of stairs he followed the trail
of the beads until a gruup of several
brought him tu a standstill at ihe loot
of the ladder lendiug to the trn-pdoor
In the roof.
"That was ihe weak point In my
theory of the Hying machine," be murmured tu himself as he climbed tbe
ladder. "1 couldn't understuud how
tbe dickens tbat clmp knew the trapdoor wuuld he uuhui'ked from within.
(t'a clear enough tiowj" lie chuckled
Boftly as he pusbed up the trap and
emerged to the red painted tin roof.
The iioou sun glistened on something
bright, aod be bent to discover uuutber
' An!" smiled Detective Fenn, shading bla eyes with his baud and looking
r-wiy off to tha blue huzo which marked tbe rural district where he had
plauued to have a home some day.
"Looks as If thut borne isn't so far off,
Eliza 1"
Oue, two, three, four. Ore, all, seven
beads led Fenn In a slgy.ng lino to tbe
foot of one of tbe four chimneys of the
bouse. This chimney, unlike tbe others,
was tupped with a large galvanized
Iron bond that eOVctuully prevented
any drafts frum etiterlng the unused
flues A little hinged door oo either
end made It possible to occasionally
use tbe i-hlmuej without removing tbe
Iron buud, hut now these little doors
were closed.
Detective Fenn's penknife pried open
tbt nearest door, und the sunshine (ell
Inside the opening snd lighted up tbe
sooty cap uf tbe chimney. Thero renting nn the narrow urkk ledge waa a
paper wrapped parcel whlcb unfolded
In 1'Vun's hands Into the Itaddasna
Jewel case The Jewels were, safe inside.
Wllh a long drawn sigh of relief and
a purlin.* wuve of his band at the die-
tant country, Detective Fenn scurried
down the stairs and slopped before the
llbmrv dbor lo regain Ills breath and to
spiicnr ns noiirtiiiiatit and cool as a
defective Is -tupposed tu feel at critical
OOinentl, Theu hu pushed the door
upen and entered the room.
Mr. Hniliiiw.il looked up with s slight
smile Unit broadened to laughing dis-
muv wheu he saw lho parcel tbat fenn
"Caught me. ch'r" be chuckled, holding out his hand fur the Jewel case.
"Well done. Fenn. I thought 1 nud
you fairly puzzled. I used to read
detective sturles until 1 got tired of
ihelr plots, so I invent 'em myself now
and watch some sleuth like you work
em out before my eyes. It's wurth a
thousand easily tu me. Tell tne way
you sbntidoii.il your flying machine
"It really wasn't s theory, Mr Had*
dns'ui. I Jt -i OionUoQefj It because 1
couldn't think of anything else nt the
moment You did It very cleverly, sir.
You did leave a patch of sunt on tbe
sleeve of your puiumns which I tuuld
nut understand until 1 found the heuda
tbat yuu lust from your slippers. Ity ,
the way. sir. yuu did weal thu slippera
last tiight when tuu went up un the >
ruuf to Conceal ttie Jewels'/"
Mr ttnddiiNon nodded, "I didn't
know the heads were being scattered. '
So I left a trull ur evidence aa i wout
along, eh, nt might tu tho chimney V
"Yes, air."
The millionaire wrote a check for an
iiinonat ttiat covered a goueroua feu aa
I well us tho thousand dollars special re-
| ward uud gave it lo the detective.
I "I'll confess I ought to huve found a
I better hiding place. Fenti," be said
| ruefully.   "Thu next time 1 set you a
problem  It'll  bu one  Hint   keeps  you
guessing for uwlillc!   Come out now
und have some luncheon with mu."
"ThanIts. Mr. Itmldusiin. hut I've got
to meet Mrs. Feuu. We're going to
| look at a  little place In the country
we're thinking ot buying." And us the
! detective hurried awuy he looked fur
happier (him the mlllluoulre wbo bad
1 planned thin fictitious Jewel robbery to
I iffunl himself sums hours of euase>
I They Must Have Made ths City a Bed-
Ism In Olden Days.
London mii-t navu been u lively city
In 1 tn- days Wben the street crier
< Jollied lu competition wlib the hell of
\ the postman nun the multtn man   Tht-
boy wim noes round ihe itreete with
the early uiortiiuit cry  of "Hot  rolls'"
still lingers lu the outer suburbs,  hut
the uld street met U&I long tieeii silent
I in the land
Home ul Ihe ancient cries have been
collected by Frederick w. Uttekwood
in his mink. "'1 lu- Uood md   limit."
I Tbey include "Cherry Kipe, Ot" "Mnk-
1 Ing or  Ittilllng  Apples;"  "tirecti  hast-
; lugs" Mfiese .vere eillly pensi:   "Lavender,  sweet  lavender,  sit   nunebea  a
penny."   or   perhaps   "Rabbits,    wild
rohhlts," nnd When there was n irood
I cut' h ut hah it might tie "Mackerel,
; O!" ur "Herrings, uilve. nil nllve!"
"Some   of   Ihe   cries."   writes   Mr.
Back wood, "wou;d sound strange to
the   ear   uuw.   ai   'Kamilimes,      Itne-
i kola,1 'Uuy ti broom,1 Ttuir oroums,'
•Hot spired gingerbread,  'Urlck dust,'
'Sand. (J!' 'Mellow* io menu.  'Chairs to
mend.  'UIII ot the play.    More familiar
perhaps were 'Uiii clot lies,   -cuts uud
i dogs' meat' and 'lUisl O!'
"Sow we ure reduced to little more
than tbe shriek and nowi whicli are
suppose!, to represent imm and coat*.'
-Loudon Chronicle.
Deceived by • Cloud.
The Instinct uf mmnm-, is sometimes
, fltippused   to  tie   more   intuit I ble   tliau
auinuii reason, bui u scientists obaer*
vulions of ihe katydid niftier contradict thut opinion Ihe kutydlii. with
its musical membranes, produces two
distinct   "snngs,''  uue  peculiar  io   the
uight nnd familiar to everybody, tne
, other n daytime Mine, which is rather
i rasp than a melody. According to
, tbe sciential men tinned, it n* sometimes
intte mm lea i to near the atngera and*
j leniy change tti**n tune wneu u durir.
•loud  obscures   me sun,   lunne-jiateiy
resuming their daytime (King wneu it
I titi-t passed     | tits rectiiin the H*n*J ibut
,'o to roosl during u suiur <-t np-e
The Chat1*am Chest.
Carefully   preserved   ut   Ureonwtch
(England) hospital in the tuitions Unit*
unto chest    n is ti -.Tent nm curiously
wri.tijhi.  its iron  body   being crossed
land reer-m-t'd by gtretigtuelpiia* iiutids
jut steel     ll wua the iit:ire**t uppnmcb
1 the  artificers  ot   hliznb-*th s   age  evef
( made tu the modern iron sate nud was
worked wlib special cure, since if was
' the repository of tbe fund" Ol the great
! tinvm charity,   in lilKl it was felt mat
' suniethmg  should   be   done   lot    hug-
ui ml i   disabled   sailors    -a in.    Ii-iil    so
nubiy upheld ner prestige uu toe sea
I tigamst  practical!)   >he  wnuie  world.
Su tin Cbuliinui chest was in-tMneU
Strictly  Business.
I    "To whom do  vou   wlab  'o nmke
1 yom henefll certthVrite payable?* Msked
ihe officer uf ihe trsierti.ii order.
"To my t-wt-eiheart-" said ttie caudl*
• lute for illlll.lll.':.
"Acconllug io ibe laws of our order
yuu'i! nave t-i marry her tlrst."
"Puy. hold up nils Initiation about
| fifteen minutes nnd I'll go end attend
1 to tbutH-Hpokfliie ^pokesiuuo Ituview.
Wonderful Financing.
First sp..n   Dl< ksoa ts u wonderful
t-'econd Sport- How?
1    First  Sport-tie borrowed a nickel
, from me this tnornlng to take hliu up
town lo see a man thnt  lie could Dor-
ruw f', from, and with inn! f.f> be blew
j ofl Hiiothei  man Hint Ue trorrowed gAU
Northern   Alberta    Reveals   a   Wealth
ot Fuel.
Surveyor! have just relttrnod from
Northern   Alln-rta,   whither  tl.ey   went
in  the  inter -i   <.(   large   American
■peculator-. They traveled tn u point
2.C00 mllai di.-tmit. Tiny stale that
all   along    the   Athabasca,   Mackenzie
mid Mcwod rivera there was iudU
iiutable evidence nt petroleum, mid
(ho chief nr tils party,
"There It good fuel burning pt-nt
rrmn Fori Murray td Fort Smith, ami
there  la nil-lieariiii;  land  nil  the  way
from Pelican Portage to Smith Port
tige, 1,000 mil-  north ol hero    The
whole OOUntry CIl each side ol Ihe
fiver ii* capable of agricultural do.
velnpin.'iit of iii.. blghoal kind, uml
equal to the very chnlceat I und in
Southern Alhqrla district
"Around Tort McMurray nre vein*
ol oodl and onlhroclte which are cap.
able or producing good fuel for tills
country lor imi yean I" Coma, Na
turn) gni li also oxUUmi In itiper
"There ll iufllc!snl power in the
Qrnnd Rapldi of ihe Mhutuiica Rivet
t.i ht'lit and heol u big city
"Tti.-ri' are alio large depnalli -d
copper, coal, antimony ami a uml
"I con fir in everything tlmt Jim
Cornwall in- sukl about Ihe country
I have traveled through Central Al
riea aud Ru»hi and In parti ol \ui
trails  uml  I  want   to lay thai   the
country norlh ol here li the rictici
I iu th.-' world     II   roilroii I-   ure \<u\
through Ihls country It will cr.-nt.
! great cities in Alberta, equal to Chi
cago.    I  have been surveying lor 'U
■ v-iir- nu.l I know what I am lulkin ■
None of the parly would any whin
I ihe ttltimiite outcome ol   their   tri|
1 north would li",   Parties of Mirveyan
nre being setll oul  nearly every weed
for some   point   north   to -onfte   mil
clalmi on   land   where   tin-   choice*I
1 mineral.- abound,
I    Due hundred   companies   have  re
eetilly   been   tnct r«..rate.t   ivlthin  tin
province to develop Northern Alberta
: ml lie Mi    After   lying   lor   yenra in
: iln- province, waiting (or Boninunc m
| dUcover   ifs   value,  and   enmc   wild
capital   enough   prepared   to  devidnp
it  luceesifully,   one ol   the great**!
' nil Held* in the world i- to I penetl
up, and opened up bv capital gathei
ed   together from   ell   parts   of   Un
; globe.    Frenchmen,   Germans.    Bug
j liflhmen, Canadians   ami   American*
i are Interested, end Calgary men. loo
have hen optimistic enough lo pin
their   money    into   a   venture   th-it
promises to return million.- of dollar-
I     The  City   of  Calgary    view-    these
immense prospects wllh much sntl#<
faction. They in.-an vast population
, and wealth to tin- young metropolis,
Queer   Way*,  ot   Old   Days.
Interesting    reminiscences   of   St
John. N.H.. are  being given  In  Ihe
' St. John Globe, by Clarence Ward.
'Idling of the treatment of people
, in tin- asylum for Uie insane nearly
■ lour -core years ago, he says:
i    "Blood-letting and   reatruint appeal
to have played .» prominent part, snd
light and battling to have been con-
, sluered luxuries,   Amongst the Items
charged f-'r malhtensnce are the foi*
: lowing    Paid   W.   McBay,  (or  twelve
hogshead   of   water  (for one  month).
, one pound, iiltepii shillings,   W. Ham-
' inond. for thirty pounds of rush lights,
nn<- pound. live shillings.  Harvie und
Allan, f<>r eight tin bleeding cup.- ami
one tin  pan. seven shillings and  |lx*
! pence.   1>. Collin J (saddler i. for three
J tiand   mutil-rsj    one    pound,   tifte.-n
shilling.",   (i. T   Kay, iot twelve strait
waistcoats, at twenty shillings each,
I twelve   pOUmls.
"The   twelve    hogsheads   of   water
above mentioned must have been tut
drinking   and   cooking   purposes—'ten
water,' a.s il  WSS called in old time-*
Tin*   item   for   rush-lights   gives   one
'. ih   Impression of people living in the
'dark' ages—and the reason fur Ihelr
use must have been a rigid economy
li is difficult to conceive how  they
' m&naged   aft r   dark   to  follow   iheii
; occupations with no other light than
that furnished by a rush light—which
, waa umth* fro n the pith of a ruslf
' dipped iu tallow, the Hanie ol which
, wus nut much brighter tliau the glim-
, mer uf a mulch."
That makes them noatar, nisper, it-iintier, moro ApputlziugJ
The one biscuit good enough to take tuo'placo uf your own baiting,
1 'rush aa tlm biscuits frdifl your own oven,
Think whut tlmt uu-iuia!  Freedom from u broiling kllohdn ■ leisure on tlio porch
or in thu parlor*   Time to do tlm littK- knick-kuacka tlmt huvu boon uoglocted,
Are tho oro(unlost| crlipogt crackers inado,
Tliey urn linked in thu big siuiilnry factory in Winnipeg—
right ul ynui' very door,
Use MOONEY'S mul  be  suro  of a  biscuit   tbut  is
li'isniiiti'lv   fresh; n him'tilt that will satisfy the family,
Iu tempting packages or floated tins
ils you prefer.
"How  did   your   flea   take   amateur
"(Jrcat.   Whci 1 sang the tir^t verse
Ihey yelled  'Flnel' nnd when  I  -=uug j KEEN RIVALRY AMONG WESTERN
ihe   nexl    they    yelled      imprison"
nmnl 1' "—Christian Intelligencer,
Pro tec I tin- .hiiit from the ravases ■-'
woriiiB i.y using Mother Qraves' Worm Es-
11-nn nut i or       It    ih    n    Htandsrd    reined V.
nml years "I  use hut,' '-iihaiiii-il its repn-
I Tha Tex
,    "Dc- yo" bclleh tint .litu Jnhiisun am
1 really converted?"
" 'Deed 1 'iocs. I'*-e bin visitin'
his house fo' .Ic lust free months, nn'
tley liosu'l had ti mouthful of chic
ken."—Christ inn  Advocate.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
I    "Vou think she will marrv ngaih?'
,    "1  consider it  probable.    Her lute
husband left aome tobacco coupons.)
| i.tu not enough to get anything with.":
j - Washington   Herald.
First Weight - .    —
Th.- Marketer—"Aren't you wasting
a cho,I deal of that .-'leak in (rimming
The Butcher—"No, ma'amt I weighed it Iirst."—Toledo Blade.
An Old Dstus.on.
rather ul Hit* run t me-How can
you po-winiy ituna oi marrying or
diiUilhler* lou sny mat o> ttw sinct-
est e-ououi) you -nn save ouiy SIO t
Uioiirfi' |*oor nm Worthy I'oet Oh.
yes. uut ll we holt! save It will Ite f*#.*:
-Ueggelidurfer  nmtier.
Base Ingratituds.
father ifo 111,1 ton. a iluetoti If thi*
Isn't the ituiii i pn. .mi tlmt moflel
for yon tu studi uiedl.-lne and iIh
Omt thing yuu do w to 'Ml am uff toy
grtuk.   eilegemle Blatter.
Not BsflS' to Ee.1 it.
Ware vn-  linn  miHi h ■**<.
tiui  si   ll.lt  Nllllllg
it's hard iruta fHiini  mi in->n foe
ii.* .*-rti ngniini
• Uf|rotl rt«*> i'i-Ma
Q me'out.
"She tcare bet bUsuaud s pocket csae
for his uirthtlaf '
"AnytiutiK iu it.'"
"Yes-the bill!" - S|Hikane Spokssv
Mistaken Identity.
.. story is going tbe rounds of Winnipeg just now which may or may
nor be original. It appears that a
number of financial people were floating a company which was to be European in character, but which was also
t-i have a Winnipeg board of directors, one man was sent to London to
organize thut end. while his business
associates arranged the domestic portion. He reach 1 London and did
ins v*..r' there; then went ou to Merlin and thence to Paris. Arriving
there with his arrangement] complete,
be cent a e da message to the following effect: "Ju.-t arrived,   Send names
best men for local directorate." When
this m.-ssat'e reached Winnipeg, it
wus handed over to a clerk to translate. He either ns.it the wrong code
or a is a bluudi r>-r, and produci-d
(he  loll .Willi*   IfatlslattOQ  of  the  code
words: "Just arrived with -halt out
uf level and engine strained."
Rnglnnd has the honor of tint inuk-
ihg cruelty to nnitnala n distinct subject of put.in- attention by legislation
enacted in 1840.
Democrltufl was the first who taught,
In 438 ll. Cm tlmt the milky way con-;
slated  of  ti   confused   multitude     of'
stars, :
An Easy Pill to Taka.—flotBCj iterxunN
have ii iniiriiiui.i te fills liecaitse of tlieir
tiiiiiHcatini: (nste. I'arun-tee's Vt-eetable
PUIs are su preiisr.-il :t- tu make tli.it. |
afireeal.le to the moil fji-t|.|i<tiH The
most ih liiiil.- run take thi-m wltbuilt fe«l- 1
ins the reiiilHiuii thnt fulluwn the tnkinir
of ordinnrv pill*. This it. one reason fur I
tbe popularity of th.-.- et-lebrated pitln.
Imt the main re-con is (heir high tonics) i
quality as a un-.ii. im- for the stuiuarb.
To prevent lawsuits three peacemakers' w.-re appointed (or each Pennsylvania county in 1683.
In ISIfl WO persons were burned at
Oein-vu, fiwit/..-rlnnti, us witches.
You never hear  n  man Itoost that
his wife shines his shoes .
The collector of the "wages of sin
* never turned away empty handed.
Many n college hoy. through with
coinuu'iici'iiient. is still hunting n job
nml wishing he'd never comtfencoa,
Not His.
'Two souls with hot a nl-irlf thnusht"
Uvre M*-is nntl Uusi but, bksp na.
By lost one (Ous si <Jus mr» taufnt
Tlt« SlliglC ltl,,u,;lil   is  IlifUft
—■CalhaJtC sun.!  nl and Times.
Campbellton's    Recovery.
i     Csmpbellton, N II., the town which
| teas nearly wlpf*d off the map by Are,
i- rapidly growing up again.   BuiUI-
' Ing operatim - mi a very large scale
ire b.iiig undertaken, and as the ne*
j ore laws pnd it.it the er -ctlon - f frame
j building!  in   the  centre  of  the  town.
the terrible oonflagrgllon of several
month!   Sgn   i-   not   lik.-ly   to   be   re-
p.-.ii.-d     Am mg  Improvements  plan*
I oed is tin- ccjnstruQilon nf a modern
I'lictric   power   plant   to   replace   Uie
present lemporaty Structure.
Such Extravagancel
tmsgiite au editor having his uhVe
toWel Stolen from the clothes line
This, is what happened to llru Nee-
lands of The Hensall Observer. The
onl/ proper »ay to dry a printing
olllce towel li to stand It Up against
the hiiek tencu, Any editor who can
ifiord to own u clotnes tine ought to
r. bbe 1    nt    every   opportunity.—
ttuiibli it. iaii. ,   I
It> not so hard lo be reasonably
sick if you don'l have t.. be rfuned by
any ol your relatives,
Pa's  View ol   It    •
The fashion papers lay there in tdj
be more fullness in skirls, This may'
be very interesting ba iiintin-r, hut
wlmt father wants to ice Is more of a
fullness iu his trousers pockets.
AFTER doing up the
^"chorta." use "SNAP"
to remove the dirt nnd the
smell*-! from your  hands.
Australia litis prohibited the ex|M>r-
t.'ition of ibe plumage, skins of egg!
uf native birds.
Powdered pumice applied With wash
leather will remove liiig-riiiurkin from
1 books,
In our large cities life value! sink
as rent  values rise.
An effective    health    prayer is the
dally use nf the tooth bruin on rising
nml retiring.
I    Turks en.     their hands upnn (heir
I breast!   and   bow   tn   the   persons   sn-
Eaitarn Tims.
Somebody told Ous Bodkin thst ws mlahl
have- "eastern Urns,"
And   Ous   rolled   In   careless   tones   he
thought the project prime,
Tbt nan explained to Ous that we would
Cain an hour of light
And that to even up tba scheme we'd loss
an hour at nlghL
"It's New York time." the msn went on.
"You've been tliers and you know.
Tou rise st L and then to bed at u o'clock
you go."
But Jimmy Bodkin shook his bead and
ssld, "Ir I recall
sly New York trips I quite forgot to go to
bed at oil."
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The grenleal shipping porl for wheal
in BouTh America is a town in Argentina, Italiia Itlaiicn,
Rome of the hotels in Japan furnish
(i fresh lii'itlihnish every morning free1
to each of their guests.
DIXIE tobacco
W. N. U., No. tn.
For C. P. R. Shops—No Decision Giv-
sn Out Yet.   Port Arthur and Fort
William Made a Joint Offer, but
Sir William Whyte says it is Impossible to Locate There—Close race
between Calgary and Medicine Hat.
Witinil*1.'.—The cotitect ninonfe wi-t-
erti cities tis to which will socurq thu
proposed in-w shops of tin- Cunnuhtn
Pacific Railway still goes merrily on.
The c. V. U. is being besieged with
letters ami telegrams irom partus in-
[created uud there is mudi livalry
among various Centres as to whieh
will hind (lu- coveted -hops. No sooner does one municipality com.- np wiih
a big offer tbun it-, nearest competitor
goes it ono better ami so the bidding
1.-4 quite brisk. Recently local olliciuls
wire approached Id spo if they could
glv-s-eti-y iiifstrinaiit-ti-tloii-would allay
tin- st. ,1.-11-,■ hut tiny had nothing fo
make public other than tbut tlm matter was. under cnusidinilioii and tbat
a division  would soon he rendered.
From tin- distance it, looks ns
though the mutter rested between Cab
gary und Medicine Hat, The cities
of Port Arihurnnd Foil William made
a joint hid for Uu- shops, hut Sir
William Whyte, the Vice-President
of th,- C. I'. II. states that it would be
impossible; to make ndvnntupfoti-t use
of a locution eaaf of Alberta, ;.s by the
time the shops an: built thu company
will hnve ready for them-about KM
locomotives in its territory bei ween
tin- mountains and tin- westorq Multiloba boundary. Kir William, did not
turn the Luke Superior cities down
without a ray of hope however, as he
-toted that ln< considered tlm company's tormina) point ut th-' head of
the lakes, nn ideul spdl for car building shops ami Intimated that the company might soon bo open lo discuss
the idea of locutiug ear works there.
With Port Arthur and Fori William
tint of tin- running either Calgary or
Medicine Hat will pruhuhly git the
shops, Hns.-ano bnd hopes thnt their
hait of cheap woler-powpr might prove
offective, •but the C. |». I!. Will probably want to locate iu on<- of Hip
larger centres.
Methods  sf   Two   Famous  Crass  En-
aminsrs of ths Irish Bar.
Two famous cr**«« eiuinlnem at tbe
Irt-ib bur, says Fraud* U vteilinan In
"The Art ol Cross BsatnlDfltlon" ware
••ergeunt  Sullivan,   Hlterwanl   muster
it tbe rolls in  Ireland,  and Hergeunt
Armstrong..      Hurry    O'Brien    lu    bis
'Life of Lord 11 u Veil" descrlbea tbelr
'uethoda with perjured witness***
"SuiiMiiu." be says, "approached tha
witueHH unite lu ti Irleiuliy way, seemed to be uu liupsrtial ltu|Ulrer seeking
information.'looked siirftrteM at what
the witues* said, Appeared even (irnte-
fui fur Ut* niMitiuiiui liy iii throwu uo
tbe case.
"'Ab. Indeed' Well, ns ynu have said
so much pencil's you i'iiii help us s
tittle further. WfpIL renliy. my lord,
tbll ts a very tnteiitp-ui iiuin
"8u pluylliK "'e witness will) caution
snd skill, drawing  blm stealthily on.
keeping  mm completely In tiie dark ,
about thu  real  point of attack,  the
little (sergeant' waited until the man
was lu the meshes and thPli  Hew at
him uud shook tiitn us a terrier would -
« nit
"'Ihe big ncnfpunt (Armstrong) hud
more humor nud more power, but lets
desterity   and   resource.     His   great I
weapon wus ridicule.    He laughed at j
the W'l'm-ss and  unuje everybody else |
laugh,   'i'be wltne*s got cuntuaed and
lost bis temper, nud then  Armstrong ,
pounded mm like a cbumpiuu lu ihe ]
Mrs, stiirveiu- i m surprised to hear j
you say you re having trouble to get
yuur money mu ui ur. btaruotird.   lie
always- boasted thai Do paid Ss he )
weut. .
sirs. Uardeiu-Maybe he doe*, but I
can't gel Urn to gu.-fatray storied.        '
Short Story
"How long ilni.i your husband expect io In- in New i'orkp"
"Oh, not long. He only look 9500
with him. "Chicago Reconl-Hefald.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
"Those summer boorders are hard
to pliiiac" ''WhftV'l the matter nowi*"
I''They're kicking because 1 ain't K"1
' nu li. Id ot shudded wheut to slum
them."   Washington Herald.
Ilir. J li Kellagg's Il>-t-iit. ry Cordial ia
t-i.tiip.iuti.ini -jm ialh to i.iitn.nt ilyneu-
l.-iy. i-li..I. in niorliii- soil till tiitUtn
iniituiy ili-.-r.li r- thnt rhuiiKe of i- t or
wnier m;it n't up in the stomach ami lu-
teailncs.     I'tu-i' COinplalOtS ure  m.-i.-  rtilli-
1 iiioii iii sniiiiii.r ihiin in t*Inter, Imt thev
ure liot -.ontlut-il t-< the uurui m.,ntli-. an
iitititit- lainess of the Boweli n.u> hIic h
ID1111   ul   uuy   tiiin-.     Buoh   a   "iiltt-rer   Hill
nud speedy relief in this Cordial.
Never wrap steel or silver in a woollen cloth, Usa the softest tissue
Ur. c Cordon Hewitt, Dominion
Entomologist, says in reference to the
infantile death rate from intestinal
diseases uml diarrhoea spread hy the
house tiy, In- believes that the so-
called hnrnile-s 'fly is yearly causing
tin death of thousands of infants, as
well as spreading the gertna of typhoid
f.-ve'r. Wilson's Fly ViuU are the only
thing thut will rid your-house of these
"Your ode to Niagara   is   the reol
thing.   1 f.-lt that way when I saw the
falls."   "1 have never n tin- fiill-..'1
• xpl.iiu. d  tin-  poet.    "I  got  the bleu
from  irntliuii   11  ruilwny    Itookh't.'
Louisvill.i I'ouri'T-.lourtial.
To remove fly >|>eck* from varnished surfaces, use < -iuul parti ofwatii
mid -k 1111 milk, wurmed.
iScratcked Batil
"It wa* in the latter end of the
year i'.'or. in..r a nasly Itoh (nn 11*
ill "i.:h my t-kln. ami I -. i.n. |,.-.| u
until I lot" the (leih,    1 tmil sevt-rul
(..nun nt. 1.. no en.-. 1.   l went to a
*hm hospital.    They advised tne to
ao to the     HoHpilul, hut 1 n-
f'i----'l. I coiibl not hi.-. |. with the
0Oniti-.il Itch, [ wn* that way until
on ti about the month of ,hinuary.
One ay I chanced to SCO In tin-1 11 mi*
a on •' like mine. Imt I *>nve it no
cr.*-. ■nee.   At last I stikl, '1 will try
ih.  Otitloura ttemodlfJs.'   With the
fir . wash ami Cutloura Ointment 1
11   -Ij  I   f tl   their eflOClS.    I  got
one uoi of the Ointmont more, ami
in loss thfUl one week the skin wiw all
rn'lit, and left no trace* afler it. 1
have not had n n-ttirn of the vamo
since, and I shall always praise tho
Cuticura Itcmotlics us being- thu
m.'.to, uf my cm.-."
(Si**nr*n Jon*** Tvimri.T,,
in, Ucollund Hoad, Llvorpool-
In a further letter Mr. Tyrrell add*
  "     iv ski
m h
w/.i-inn was a burnitig Itch W
torn ami left my iio.lv, li-,*« and arms
one mtl-n of son-s. It eatined sh-ep-l
lets nlRhls, hut nuw I can sleep as)
well as ever." '
Soap aad Ointment
srs *>!1 br dnifltbti ewrinrhere. ewer Druf
S cii-n. t'-rp. Hole I'l-'im.. Il.ttmi. Hjm
KsiK-U (ut, (,'uilt'Ufi Uouk 00 tkta dunsr* a?
An Old Time
A Story For Independence
Copyright by American Pruai Anno-
hilun, mu.
t A number of children wero playing
•bout the grounds uf a couutry bouse;
■ white bended old man was sitting on
a porch reudlug a newspaper. 'I'be
children were looking furward to Ihe
morrow-tho anniversary of American
Independence, Flnallj they umbered
In a knot, discussing wltb evident interest aome (to themi Important prob
lam, casting occasional gluticea at lbs
old man on the porch.
"You ask him. Lucy," said one of
Ihe buys to a girl of seven. "He'll do
anything for you."
"Veil," chimed ll the others, "Lucy
ts (be oue to do It She ll get mora
thini any of ua."
Lucy, thus urged, started for lbs
pnrcb, evidently losing courage aa aba
proceeded, for tba nearer aba approncb-
ad thu old tiuiu tba more ib« seemed
disposed to hung back.
"Whut Is It. LucyV" be ask.-d. look
log aside at her from the newspaper.
"Please, grandpa, won't yuu give us
•nine money for tba Fourth of July."
tlraudpa put his baud lu his pocket,
drew forth several silver coins aud
gave them lo her. Hhe wus going away
without a word wben he asked;
> "Don't you (taluk 1 should have a
kiss for that)"
' Sbe weut to him, put up ber lips,
kissed bin and ran away to the children. A consultation took place among
(hem as to bow they should the nest
day burn tbe money tbey had received,
after wblcb one of tbe older ones aug-
gesied thai Ibey thank grandpa for Ibe
glfL 80 tbey moved In a budy to tbe
porcb, aud tbelr spokesman offered the
1 "You're welcome, children," he refilled. "Your aendlng Lucy to me took
me back to when 1 waa a kid and my
brothers and alaters sent me 00 a aim-
liar erraod to my father."
"Did you have aa good times 00 tbe
Fourth Iben as we have now. grandpa?" asked one of tbe boys,
"I'm inclined to (blnk we bad better times, W« wero not so far then
as we are now from tbat Declaration
of Independence whlcb- But all down
and I'll tell you about It."
I Tbt children gathered round, aome
(sitting in wicker chairs, aome on tbe
steps, wbllt Lucy pen-bed herself on
(be arm of grandpa's rocker. When
they were all comfortably settled be
I "Wo always bad processions Id those
dsya, sud In our processions we had
tsometblog thnt ws don't bars u»w-
(Strersl carriage loads of white beuded
old men wbo bad foagbt In the wnr
that brought about the Independence
Wo are to celebrate tomorrow. I remember Just bow tbey looked aud
with what veoeratlon we regarded
them, Neit came tba veterans of ibe
War of 1*12. There were more of
tbera, sod ihey were you inter than the
itevolotlooury soldiers. Hut today we
ha fa not these survivors of tba Itero-
lutlon to keep aa In touch wlib the
great struggle wblcb evolved a ua-
< "We children usually took port In
tne processions, tka boys marching aa
(soldiers, Ibe girls making up groups
on floats decorated wltb flowers. I remember marching myself wlib a dozen
boys, all of us In white ablrts and
white duck trousera. drawing a lillle
esnnoo. One of lbs buys marched st
our bead bearing aloft the atari and
stripes. Wben wo were tired we turned out of tbe lint. Our standard bearer, not being notified, went proudly
on wltb tbt flag till laughter among
tat aptctators caused blm to look bound blm, wben fet discovered tbat bt
waa marching alone. Wben be rejoined na bt waa tht maddest boy I
aver ss w.
"la Ibat procession wt marched behind a bay wagon tbat bad beta fitted
tip for a flout. It wss covered wltb
wbllt abeeta and bulb tbe body and
tbt wbeele decorated wltb flowers,
wbllt tbt harness waa covered with a
profusion or red. while aud blue
rose ties and streamers. In tbe center
on s raised dull stood s girl persoual-
Ing tbe (Joddess of Liberty. Tbt rest
of tbt wagon waa covered wlib llttla
girls from all to twelve or thirteen
years old. I waa oue of two front
boys who held tbt rope attached to
our cannon, and I noticed especially
ont of the girls 00 tne rear of tbe float
Her golden balr bung over ber eboul*
dan. and ber eyes were great big blue
ones. I straightway picked ber uut to
foil In love wlib.
' "Have toy or you boya ever been In
There waa no reply to this, and tbe
Speaker continued:
"A buy's love, aa I remember It. Is
Very runny He ts seized wltb 0 de
aire to 'show or before tbe girl to
Whom be Is attracted. When I saw
tbe girl on Ihe float looking at me I
walked as If I was stepping on aprlnga.
holding my beud op lu the sir as
though I waa mighty proud of myself.
1 must bave man-bed nn hour behind
tbt float on wblcb the blue eyed girt
aat Wben we left the procession I
looked back at her, but girls of ber
age art apt to bt offish wllh boya. and
the turned her glance away. 1 aup
posed abt bad no use for ma-1*
"Ibe didn't make a face at you. dig
aha J" rvuiarked one 01 the buje
"Ob. uo, aba didn't du ibat. Bui tu
proceed wltb my etury-ut cuurae we
wart Just Ilka boys uuwuduys- uriu-.,
tur crackers aud our csnuuu, hecpiu*.
up an incessant din all tbe arieruoou
Wt eouidu I wall UU dai* to set ufl
our fireworks uuy mure tban yuu boya
will bt ablt tu wall tomorrow night.
When tbt last piece bad been burned
and wt bad eaten a watermelon or
aome let cream we went to bed mourn
lag tbat a whole year must pass be
fort anotbtr Fourth at July would
fOSM arouod.
"Of courss sa we grew older our
way   of   spending   tbe   day   changed
When we reached Ibe youth period we
would  get   together   at   tbe couutry
borne of aome one of our eel of youiiif
fellows and girls.    I  remember (hut
when I wus eighteen years old I waa
Invited to one ot these Fourth of July
pun lea composed of youngsters about
my own age.   I met there fur tbe tlrst
time a girl about sixteen.    8be was
failed by a nickname which bad been
given ber by her 1 hi ber when abe was
9 hu by.   II wus Tot tie.   'I'be moment I
looked at ber I felt sure that l bnd
teen tier somewhere hefore.  Hut wben
' I auw tbut she didn't appear to regard
mu as a former acqualiituncp I made
up my mind thnt 1 must have bepo
oilstaken.   Ot course we were uuw loo
j >ld, the boya lu lire crackers and can
I iiims, the girls lorpedopa, and we were
1 ihllgrd lu And otber means ol amuaa
nenta     The  place   where   we   were
1 (pending thu day waa partly a country
1 mme und partly n farm,    Our hosts,
wbo were Ihe sons and delimiters of
the owner, got mil a wa-fun used for
tarrying grain, and, covering Its bed
1 with straw, took ua all on the after-
I icon ol Independence day fur a long
' ride.
"We stuiR songs and shunted and
.atlghed loudly ut (be poorest Jokes.
lust as buys and girls of that age
tiave always done on such occasions
and will ulwuys dn to Ihe end uf tune.
Hut there wus nu harm in 11, tor the
Fourth la a day dtvoted to noise, and
wp bad the o|N»n country lu won h lo
do our sinking und sboiillug. Ai every
fiiriiib.mse wu passed urchins wtm
Waved little flags al ua. nnd wu wared
a return with our own Hags and uaud
'"Men off here!' cried the driver aa
we came lo a  steep ascent, and  we
Jumped from all parts ol tbe wagun
like Hurtled from from a lug,   I was
trudging slung wlib lho 01 hers behind
Ibe wagou, the girl tbey called Tome
being one of thoat at In rear cud.
(    " '1 hope you're not guing to be ai
disagreeable  aa you   were once,   ibe
laid to uie, wltb a spark ol mischief
la ber eyes,
"'What do you mean? I asked.
'"Ob, 1 saw you du a very  mean
I thing ones.'
'   H*Wbant   Whertf
j   "'I waa anting just aa t am now
I to the rear of a wagon and you wert
walking behind.'
" 'Do you mean to aay tbat you bsvt
seen me before r
" *0f course I da'
"•And  what la tbt mean thing I
■"You didn't to tt alone.    Others
did It too.'
i   "Tell me/
" 'You wert one of a Juvenile artll-
' lery company dragging a email can-
1 non In a Fourth of July parade. You
all turned out of lbs line without no
(Ifylog   yuur   atandsrd   bearer,   wbo
■ marcbtd on alone, taclttng a laugb
from iboae wbo ssw blm, especially
11s girls ou iba float.'
"I Died my eyes on Tottls sod kept
them 00 ber wbllt tbt spoke. Urad-
ually In tbe features of tbt girl of
atxteen I brought back those of Ibt
girl whom I bnd faiieu In lova wltb
ot ten. Mis years don't count fur
inucb after twenty, Imt between tea
and alsteen tbe change in a ooy or a
girl la considers bin,
"Just think or It. children; abe bad
remembered me perfectly fur yesrsl"
"But 1 tbougbt you anld, grandpa,"
j put In Lucy, "that when you turned
< out of tbe procession abt dldo't look
at you."
"Yes, but T snld girls of tbat agt art
apt lo bt offish."
"Go on." ssld one of tbt older girls
"I thought It queer that I sbuuld
bave so long corsldered tbli girl a sort
of sweetheart sod then did not know
ber wben I saw ber again. But tbe
fact that I bnd ao considered ber msde
me feel very differently toward ber
now that 1 had met ber agalo. And
anolber thing msde a lot of difference
to mt— tbe fsct thst she bad remembered me so long snd recognized mt
! notwithstanding tbat I bud grown ss
. tall ss 1 am now. Wben wt men got
1 on to tbt wsgoo sgalo I took a seat
1 beside Tottle. and wt talked over thst
■ processloo-bow proud we boya felt
dragglog our cannon.
"Well, when wc came la from our
I ride, bungry aa boys and glrla art
bound'to be after aa outlog, wt aat
! down to tea. and I took especial palna
l to strurt s seat beside Tottle. snd we
kept on talking about tbat procession
j in wblcb we bad first met till tht otber
; boys aod glrla asked If tbat waa tbe
only   Fourth   of  July   procession   wt
bed ever taken part In.   In Ibe area
Ing when tbe others were setting off
tbt fireworks Tottle and I stole sway
together  and   wert so engaged  wltb
est b otber that we didn't are any lira
works at ail    That's tbe end of tbe
1 story."
"What beesmt tf Tottle?" asked tbe
oldest girl.
"Ob, Tottle aad t concluded to go
through Ufa toa^tbtr. We vt never
"Yuu don't meat I* ssy grandma la
, Tottler
"Yea. she la"
I    "II m!" said the oldest girl.   "1 knew
tbat sll tbe tlnim"
Hie Guess.
Ghe -They aay (bat In mosl cases tbt
I eyesight of women Is better Ihuu that
j of men.
He- That's because tbe women "pull
the wool" over tbe eyes of the men, I
suppose.-Vonkera Statesman.
Ur Herbert Iteerhohm Tree Is tbe
atsge in.me of Henry uTiubuum, the
Bitot' nm miner
(senator TltoUVta 8   Martin of Vlr
glulu baa resided on the euuie plantation, two iiiliiM Irom Hcollsvll.e, sluts
Lyman J Oage, ei*aci retori of tbe
treasury, hus never recovered from the
epidemic of bicycle revel- of the mid
die nineties.
Senator Allien It Cummins of Iowa
wua a surveyor In his curly duya aud
later assistant chief engineer on a rail
mud In Ohio
President 'Ian has a "twin" In eon
tress He Is tleorge It Mulby, repre
tentfllg Ibe TweniysHth New York
district. Moth were horn Sept. U>
Josef Htnnisky, one of the moat tal
enied of the younger school of Herman
coni-titwers. has been enanged to sue
eei'd tlu*>tiiv Malller as conductor of
the New York Philharmonic ore lies
Frederick c. hp!  the fa inn u 1 bli
game   hunter.   Is   tin   luveieiiilP   ten
ilrlnkpr mid pnrtiik f ihls liereriW
Willi every tneiil. Yd he litis nerve-
of steel. Hi* bus been a total abstain
er sud n uoiiHiuukcr nil Ills life.
Henry I, Htlniion, Hip newly op
pointed  secretary  nf  war,  Is  a   New
Kligbuolor   by   birth,   who   first    nr
Into prominence wheu President Itoose
vpII appointed him Fulled Hlates dis
trh-l attorney Tor the southern district
of New York.
Woman'* Suffrage.
A men's league for woman auffnig*
haa bpen nrgiii(lr.ed a> Hurvnrd college
No Ipsa Hum seventy four city aim
town council-* of Ureal Britain uud Ire
land have adopted resolutions lo tie
Iltlun parliament lo pusa the woman
auffrnge hill.
Professor A- It llallnn of Western
Itesene university says tlu* grralewi
reason fur giving Hip ballot lo women
la fur Hip good Influence tl will lumen women themselves.
Meeting under a bautipr rending
"Ki|uu| Hnffrage." the California W
0. T. (J. convention. In recent session
unanimously passed a resolution favoring voles for women.
Some Questions.
Why do cities give work horse pa
radear The horses would rather take
a du? off In the clover Held.-Toledo
A upw duffydil la asking. "If Mrs
John Jacob Astor wore gtiusp at Hint!
I-ondnn fancy dress ball, whut did he I
aware?"    Uut.    Isn't    lit - Memphis
The Post says. "TJoustoti will mu
swullnw Ihe harem skirt" Wonder If
tbey take ihe harem for ml lice pie or
a new brenkfust cereal.--Memphis
Commercial Appeal. 1
Town Topics.
Health and Beauty.
Dear American ladles, you are not
very graceful. You ure very beautiful, and you wear marvelous toilets,
bul you are not eiceedlugly graceful.
I wonder why. Shall I tell you something I have Hoiiielltues thought since
I came to your country 1
(trace, real grace, Is Minded on natural, normal, perferl health. No, I do
uot uieiiii Hie robust: I menu the virile,
alnuoua and stipple. Tbe big hlpa, the
fat shoulders, are us unhealthy and
unnatural us scrawnlness and untie-
mla Is there anything finer In see.
more heiillllful, than the absolutely
sure grace of tiny living creature en
tlrely heullliy?   I think not.
Now you are going to nsk me what
these things I am auylug huve tu do
with you. Must I imike myself plainer? 1 have Just explained that almost
any normal, healthy living creature Is
naturally graceful. Well, then, can
yuu not conceive that un unhealthy
and abnormal creature might almost
as necessarily be awkward?
No, I am not saying all American
women ur» unhealthy and abnormal;
but, to tell you tbe truth, It has sometimes occurred to mt tbat 11 little more
wurk-l mean hy tbut definite and
healthy occupation--would make the
women uf your country healthier and
happier, more normal and more graceful.
Dear American ladles, never stand
with your weight evenly divided, your
beela together aud your shoulders
aquared-lbat Is, never stand lu this
position unless you wish to look like a
Oerman officer 011 parade. A woman's
body as she stands In a drawing room
or pauses to sjwok lo a friend should
always be relaxed. 1 call all the great
Creek statuary to bear witness tbat
what 1 aay Is so.
Remember (hut charming broken
line on tbe left side of tbe Veuua de
Mllo-tbe long, graceful sweep of tbe
right aide. That Is tbe Ideal of wbut
I mean.
Always allow tbe weight of the body
to rest more on ont foot than ou tbe
otber. Hsve the foot which Is not
bearing tbe weight lightly touching
the ground. After uil, It la but balancing tbe body.
Allow the eotlre aide of the torso
to relax wltb Hie foot aod limb which
Is shirking the burden. Tbat lets tbe
hip and tbe shoulder down, throws up
slightly and charmingly tbe hip and
shoulder supporting tbe weight. The
attitude fa graceful, natural, altogether feminine.—Anna I'avlowa lu Harper's Bazar.
A new theater lu Boston Is tn be
called Hip Puritan Now fur a Boston
church called tbt Gaiety.* Syracuse
Post Htauthird
A tctnu uf street car Horses In Npw
Bast Way te Wash Flannel.
Flannels should be washed in warm
suds tost bave bud a Utile ammonia
added to them.   Tbe flannels should
.. ,....„  ..... .„     bt rubbed between tbe bands, not on
York ran nwuy and plunged Into tin 1 board, and dipped up and down In
Kast river. Hired ear horse-*> lu -New tbe suds until they are free from dirt
York city? iVp.-llUffn. r-tupilrer | and stains. Squeeze them wltb tbe
Ht Louis wants s shiguu uut ul 1 bands until us much water aa posalble
Tu.uuo submitted not one wus found I Is removed and tben rinse In water of
to be satisfactory Whut Is ihe mallei | tht same tem.Nsrsturs aa ibat lu wblcb
they were washed.   Wring out again.
Willi   "See  Ht.   Louis  aud  aklddooV"
Chicago Ite-:ord Herald
Automobile Spins,
It Is gettlua «■ Hiat It la safer in be
ablpwrecked mi Ihe oceau than 11 Is to
be a passenger In a skidding uutuino
hilt.-Hy nn-use Herald
By degrees perhaps we ahull get
around tu Ibe plait where the rule of
reusou will be spplled 10 automobile
hang In tbe ahade and press tbem out
on tbt wrong aldn while still damp.
Flannels should never be placed lo tbe
nun to dry or tbey will shrink. Special care should also l« taken wben
rubbing tbe garments lo see that all
tbt dirt la removed before tbey are
wrung out and bung up to dry.
New York Paper Acknowledge-* Defeat
at Chnttauguay.
While the Kin nl ru lastly I ties have
blHIl untlig on ill honor ul King (.corgi*
V. there hus been one long, loud,
hoarse roar of laughter on this side of
the Atlantic uvci the solemnity ut out
British cousins, say* The New York
Times. For v.hyr Because, iu pursuit of that solemnity ot theirs, they
huve decided to omit from the Empire
[estivlties the celebration ut ihe battle .1) L'liutcaujpiMy.
Cliateeugusyr Whut is L'hacau-
nutiy? Ami why should Ihe battle be
tinned from tne l.mp.re oelebraUnnf
UeouUSo it! Celebration   may  offend
the censlbllltlui ol Americans,
Viler this thing had percolated
across the Atlantic aud it had ueoomfl
known m lliiglumt thut not one American in, - it >-, one million hud ever
heard ol in,- buttle ut Unateauguay.
tiiui thut tin- in, < i.ibif remnant would
not lei offended if ihe thing went
buck on tin* lilt of Uie Umpire I (eitl*
viiie-, it was mi restored, Uut in th«
uicatiiimc iii.- mystery hud got across
the Atlantic.
What is Ouitcauguny? wondered
America Why ilmuld John Hull he
alraid to hurt our feeling*i hy men*
Hon.tig it Ami hroin.-r JuUHtnatl rubbed Ins baltle.scarrcd leu. carefully
searching lot the particular mosquito
bile thai wus mule liy Cbuteailguay.
Well, alter all tin* laugh is 011 llro-
thi-r Jonathan- not 011 John Hull. The
reason why John huu no scilulnu-dy
carried the memory uf the buttle ol
Clialeaugnay, and tin- reason why we
iiave conveniently forgotten it, is that
tin* battle iii oue ol John Hull's glories, and hence carried hy tils' hi* tor-
luilS, whereas, it being a thing of
disgrace to us, we dismiss it in a
patagraph iu the best ul our histories.
We call it "the battle of Chrysler's
Farm," ami dUptjsi It, as im-ntiuiied,
in a paragraph. In fact, we hurriedly
cover it up. us we do must uf the Und
battb-s ol the war of ltill Theodore
Roosevelt, Henry Cabot bodge, and
the rest of our historians try to make
it uppt-ur Ibut the war nf 1812 was
fought entirely on the water; and so
it was, as fur as anything that does us
credit is concerned; hut the British,
very properly—from their standpoint
-forget what happened un the water
ami concentrate their attention on
such untoward events as Chrysler's
F.u in- b-g pardon, Clmtcaugutiy.
King Onrge aud the people who
are trying tu make his festival of Km-
pire a tiling to he remembered are
scoring up the battles in which Ihe
British Empire triumphed. Surely
Cliateauguay is one of them. It is, say
the Canadians, the battle which saved
Canada tu the British Kmpirc. It is
a funny thing that you cannot find
its details 111 any American history:
uut so tunny If you remember that
Americans are human like other people aud tlu uut relish the hluzouing of
Un 11 failures. We were licked al
Chateuuguay — nur manifest de-tiuy
wus turned southward fur uil time by
an obscure linh-h person named .S a la-
berry, ami naturally we are not advertising the fact. tih. yes, we mention
Lawrence, who accomplished the feut
of saying, "Don't give up the ship,"
the ship nevertheless being given up;
and we remember Harrison, who defeated a few Indians at Tippecanoe
before the war began, and Jackson
who fought a battle after the war was
over; but otherwise we have forgotten
the hero,-- of 1812, and most of all we
have forgotten Wilkinson.
In the long record of our steady defeats by the valiant British and Canadians there is none mure important
In British eyes than that at Chateau-
guuy. The British, say it suved Can*
ada tu the Empire. So it did, for it
our Geo. Vt ilkinsmi had been the
conqueror doubtless we should have
annexed the Dominion. It is a great
day in Canadian annuls, that iu which
Wilkinson turned back from Canada
and tlio 1). mil.inn became British
once  f.,r all.
And we! We have conveniently forgotten it. But that is because we did
not win. It is not at all because tha
battle was unimportant.
•mall Girls Like Pajamas. 1
Mot hen of smsll girls are Boding ont ,
race. I.MI    Indluuuuulla News I lh,t thelr l,ttle d*"*0*"1 P"-'*1"  ,or '
races too,-lndiauapoia rows. | pajamae like tbost
The .«,„.  argument for ^ »ta«o;   WOfn J      £    J£ .„„ thf Mfl
bile is to Ihe MM that It minimises u^gtrmenla.
the danger of pk kpocketa. specially j   ^ JJ, Mm ^^ ^^ •„,
I hour of all noun beloved by tbt young '
folk, Is "lots more fun," ssld s smsll
after having paid a garage bill,
lauta Constitution.
Pert Personals.
girl recently, "If you're not bothered
wltb flappy eklrts."
Tbe pajamas for girls are cut exactly like tbost which brother wears, but
Ibt mite rials are daintier lo coloring
and often In weave.
Attractive Bibs.
Tbt expression  "in fresh bib and
Un-lt Andy Csmegte was tbt only
oat ->, P. Morgan never could tit up.—
Baltimore Bun
President Ulua promises to come
back If there Is any need nf IL But
then, ao did Jeffries.-Boston Glnht.
Qu-en Mary's crown weighs only , (ocger** w|n take on new significance
nineteen ounce**., ibe weight being rt- if tht mother adopts s novel Ides reduced, we pretuimt. 10 Insure tbt j roily am. The ordlnsrj child's bib
nueen'a hpud lying as easy ss possible, -, extended to tbe walat line, where
•-Detroit Free I'reas, It la cut Into a belt to fasten around
'  Ibt waist.   Thla shape Is nest, snd It
Political QuipS. ' ilnr* lo plsce.   It may be msdt vorf
attractive when embroidered In while
In Millennium Time.
They cesse to wrsngls In a row.
At last they overcome It.
The office seeks the man. and now
The man hi running from HI
-Atlanta Constitution.
j Negative Righteousness.
1 "Some misguided men," observed tht
I boarding house philosopher, "think
Ibey are righteous because tbey don't
' devour widows' houses nnu don't make
I long pruyers."-Chlcago Tribune.
It seemed lo him that all his Ufa
Was lust one sleepy spasm.
And then he noticed that ha lived
Beside a yawning chasm.
, -Houston Post
Tha Reason Par It
Teacber-Cao any little girl tell mt
why our besda sre covered wltb balr?
Utile Qlrl-To bavt tomtthlng to pin
mure balr la -Bt. Paul Plooter Prase.
Ptiwldentlsl Isnuns are now subject
inereiy to light variable wlnda. Tbe
sm|ii:ilIn  will  'lime  later- Washington
Wall street Is beginning to worry
si-1 ut Ihe iipii presidential election,
and It's alum-it a year aud a balf off.
Aim It awrulf-lt'H-liea.er Herald.
Fly Catches.
with buttonholed Bills, through wblcb
a ribbon msy be run to tit st lbs bach
tf tbs waist.    	
1 Navel Dress far Qlrt.
1 A novel adaptation of tbe kimono
1 sleeve effect la shown for the dress of
e little girl. The side body snd tbs
sleeve of elbow length sre cut In one
I piece, wblcb hna a lap extending from
i Ibt front of the shoulder to the bust
lint, Ibe lap buttonlug over upon tbe
loublt box plait, wblcb extends down
lo Ihe hem of the dress skirt. Simple,
yet chic. Is this little frock, a pattern
No  Notice  el Cobalt.
Says uue ot our London exchanges:
"One of the lluest and, up to the
present, the only Canadian decoration
along the royal route lor ihe coronation will be erected in Whitehall, op-
uiu te Downing street, by Ontario, the
richest province in the Dominion. This
will consist of two gigantic pylons,
composed of four Corinthian columni,
between whicli are the arms ol the
province standing un a wide base. Th.»
columns are surmounted by a moulded ai.d enriched architrave, the frieze
cuntainiug the words "Ontario"; and
a cornice, on which is a moulded
plinth, supporting a group of statu-
aryj on, the one pylon being a farmer
shearing sheep and on the other a
icmule nirure .-catid ou corn sheavej
holding a coruueupia, from which
flow fruits and (towers. Both figure*
symbolize the agricultural prosperity
Of the province. Mr. H. H. Smott Wil-
ley, A.H.I.U.A., is the designing architect.
"What was Ontario about not to include some embaCUl of its great wealth
iu mines a- proved at Cobalt, Porcupine, tiudhury, and elsewhere9
Lawyer of  Many  Parts.
The Hon. John tieorg.- Ftmllay,
K.C, I.I..D.. recently in Canada, is
Altorney-tienersl   and   atinlster   of
Justic- of New /.-aland, and leader ul
the Legislative Council, He is the
ton of ik New /•ealaud merchant, and
I; a native of the colony- now styled
"Dominion." His recreations include
ini'oriug, golf, and fishing. He has
written a book mi "Humbugs and
Homilies,"   Seventeen years ago ha
was a IcctUref on political settnos at
otago University.
New Institution at Ottawa Will Be a
Credit te the Nation.
With the completion of the Victoria
Mciiiunal Murjcum, UtUwa will hnve
added utioUier jewel to her crown ul
iiuiiijnuuii! public buildings, and the
lcug*hopwhlor ISuUuuiiJ Art Gallery
wtii On a maiiiy.
Oh Live, lid, luXM, a contract wui eu-
'ore! 'I.*', tot Its erection. Tht* ong
mul ligure wai vjjo,i,uu, out. uu Uarcn
H, iu the liousi- ui Uuiuuijoi, ubvui
ti,lMQ,0OO, Including several large ultras, wu- reported iu huve uct-u spout
so lur. Tha work ul erection bvg-tu
iu in it spring- ul Itiuo, and lUu buimutg
11 prcttj weii linlshedi
There »^ no puoiic ceremony ot
luymg oi 11 corner-stone, ine museum
was in Iba bund* ui a oou true tor—Mr
Ooerge Uoodwln, li haa nut been lui
uj-iil) made OVSI to Uie Ouvcinuii-iil
yet as u matter ul lucl -uml boin put
icy and precedent, eaoepi iu rare
oaioi, prohibit any pub..c demoiiitra
t ion under llwie eireuiuituhces,
Mr. U   Lwart, chiel -iKiiiicci fur III*
Department oi Public v*uik-, designed
lilt* OuiM.li- WlUCll ii Uotnlc Hi >l>lr.
Some   litui   *.»-   ipent   by   Mi.   r.watt
in Liigiund, visiting various public
lid 1 Id11,*-,». before as made up nil muni
an to ihe \ictorla Memo rial Museum
I: i- built oi dark grey stone, some
uf which came Irom Vvallaee, Nova
fctrotlSi uud the ..*■' from Nip-.au,
about twenty miles Um- Ottawa,   lu
-•lead   of   being   "pointed      wltb   gie>
or yellow mar tar—like the Archives,
lur Instance—a terra cuita shade i»
used, which bring* out the tuu in
the   alone ami  glV-.'l   3   ........   >-i It*':
jellov.' fciu» to tiie enure surface.
To appreciate me curving over the
doors and windows it should he seen
Various Canadian auiuiul-; ate repre
Settled, very tew ol which are duplicated ou the llilbl. The thief clerk ol
the works explain.-I that a man ucvei
worked lung at uue window—he grew
"stale" on it, and moved to unutliL-r
subject. When he received u Iresh
inspiration, lie went buck to the first,
and so on. 'Iln- eastern side ami buck
of the building are not carved at all,
and it is understood that this work
will not be taken up Immediately,
Doors ol gleaming oak with bra*>(
trimmings make the beholder proud of
Canadian wood as well as stone, and
his pride Increases upon seeing the
Missisqu.ii marble which i* u-cd in
the interior.
Kill -rill; the mu-euui (rum the fr mt.
you walk up a short flight uf stuue
steps into a [urge rotunda, much stain
ed glass in both doors softening the
bright light. Just opposite the o* .or
is a broad stairway, dividing, a few
steps from the floor, and leading to
the two wim.'- of the building. Bemud
this staircase is the amphitheatre.
The eastern wing mi the ground H>or
is already title I wltb specimens, ranging from the skeleton ol a tnu-k-oa to
a tiny nugget uf gold. The western
portion, 011 tiie opposite side ul the
rotunda, will al-*o contain curloilfiei
The Ueolugicjl Library will be uver
tilt: amphitheatre tbe whole ol th**
western wing given over to the Ueo-
logical Department. Tiie two floors of
the eastern pari over the room already
mentioned will be devuted to statuary.
and the Wp floor will cuiilaiti puini-
Mr. Eric Brown has been appointed
curator of Ihe art gallery Ihe official
opening ot winch wui set for April
itUth, but which bus been postponed
till the autumn. As the collection of
paintings is uf grett value, nu puiu-
or expense have beeu spared to make
the gallery sale in every respect, even
to the plaster, which is of au asbestos
variety.—Canadian Courier.
Pode Trias, a lull leinn. Rt. Louis
P'tcht-r. U the Ih—1 pirn h bitter In tbe
major league**.
Batten ure protesting on the "quick < %t wblcb la given la one of tbe current
return  delivery.'     Tbey   would  iwn- ' fugatlnea.
sitae pitchers who sneak over strikes 1  '
before tbey tire ready to awing.   Tbey Tt Identify Umbrellas.
demniid thirty seconds 10 "gel set."      {    Writs your name on tbt cloth aldt
l-iiHi yeur T.'.'."*<•.:■.!« peoplt saw tht ' of adhesive or surgeon's plaster and
big league games, and countless thou- \ stick 00 tbt Inside of your umbrella
sands  more  saw  the  minor  league
games,  and  mauy. many
saw tbe uurevkouta amateur
Thai Psr Hla Pint Wife'i Cooking.
"I wish you could learn to cook aa
my fltst wits did," bt complained
"If you bad tbt ability my first hue
band possessed," abt replied, "our Income would bt sufficient to tnablt ua
to hire Ibt beat cook la tbe country."-
Cblcsgo Record Herald.
-almost and rubbers; tben you will at*
-rays dud thtm. ______
binds It In Mealet.
Over 60 per cent uf ibe peoplt of
Wei loo wiur snudiila.
Tht Nsw Fashion.
If you go tt tba ball or tba opera you'll
Of too many girls It Is true
As soon ■• they're tut tf short drosses
tbey wsnt
Tt get out tf long trsssts (at, _...
Tbe pretty plant henbane produces,
lo byoaolne. oue ol the classic (aiisona
of human history. Shakespeare mares
Hsmlci's father die of hcni-une-
"bebenon," Ihe great drnmatlat calls
IL It la supposed ihe Borulus, tbt
Doted noble family of Venetian poisoners, used this snine drug in getllng
rid of Ibt lives of those they feared
and hated. Byoseln** Is one of the al*
keloids and Is s imwtrfui aerve dt-
Drtasant and byi.oottc.
I and for Educstlon.
UtiUC&tlon ought tu be well provided
lor 111 the Cunatliau West if proper
.-are is taken nl the properly i<et aside
fo*  its endowment.
An Mllcial compilation shows that
U.e laud area set aside in the prairie
-outitry to provide funds for school
' purposes is 23,500,000 acies. 60 far a
' million and a h..lf acres have be>?n
< so-*!. Uie sum reuliied being over
. gftAXiUMI „
(spherics! Sundial.
Columblu    university,    New    Tnrk,
claims io have itm only apberlcal sun-
dial In the world     It Is a hull seven ;
feel In tllum-ter. whb-b cans Itesbsd- '
ow  un  it   flat  granite pllutb  marked j
wltb tbe hours.
Dead fta Fruit.
Tbe beautiful yellow null common
ly known as Ike apple ut Sodom flourishes lu Ibe iiplgtilioi boon of the Dead
sen. ll has a peculiarly Inviting up-
(H-arance. helgbieiied by the dreary
nniurt uf Ha environment, bul tbt
frail la eittetiieiv bluer; favuet Ibe
t«VU "Dtufl tuu truli '
A Hsrd Fighter.
Mr. John King, K.C, leading counsel tor Michael Fra»er, the rich Mid-
laud octogenarian, who married a
young bride, aud bos beeu in litigation ever since, is a native of Toronto,
but hit. King's father was burn in
Fraserburg, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Tbe coincidence between Fraser and
Fraserburg uiay bave no significance.
but there can be uo doubt thai Mr.
King is putting up s strenuous litjiii
for the Midland Fraser. sir. Kiug
comes from a fighting stock. His fath-
er waa u subaltern uuicer iti ihe Boyal
Horse Artillery, served iu Canada, aud
died iu Quebec.
Ur. K.ug was a brilliant student
B.A. ia lew, M.A. iu ltgio, aud nrlte*
man in University College and the
University. As an uudergraduale bt*
wiiied the University Kibe Curps at
the time of the Treat affair, aud ba>
the medal for active military service
during the frontier disturbances culminating in the Fenian Kaid uf Itm.
Mr. Kiug was called to the Bar to
le09, practiced law m Berlin until
ItflH, when he came to luruuto, ami
is a uu-uib.-r ot ine firm ul King and
Sinclair. He is a K.C, both by Doiu-
iniou and Provincial appoiutmeut, is
sn authority on libel law, and is a
lecturer iu the Law School.
Mr. Kiug edited ihe Berlin Telegraph in IrMst-lWiJ, has written many
general articles, uud is the author ol
legal treatises, more particularly oo
alsuder, defamatioii, and libel law.
lie is au hoiiuruiy member of the
Cauadiau Press Associaliou.
Mr. King married the youngest
daughter ul William Lyuti Ueckeiiiie.
Ol this union there are twu tout and
two daughters. The sons aie H,u.
William Lyon Mackeusie king aud
Dr.  Mat-.toUi-itll   King ul Ottawa.
lu .-is day Mr. King ..as refuted
Uovermueiit appointments, including
a county juiig.--iupai.-r Weekly.
Making  ll  Easy.
"Oce!" says the lirst little buy. "I
hate to gu home. My mamma alway*.
wants to give me a baih every evening."
' So does mine," says the second little boy, "but I don t mind il. My
papa is a doctor, and she always gets
him to chloroform me, so 1 never
kuuw a thing ul cut it until it is all
jeer."—Canada Monthly.
Putting Him flight.
Hungry Hlgglns—Say. tatters, ain't
youse one uv dent telltvs wot don't
bvrlievc in duin' two t'ingi ter »uu-t-
Tlied Tatters-Two t'iugsj Why
I'm one uv dem chaps wot dun't ber-
b«vc iu doiu' one t'iug at wiuui.
Osrman Sport Clubs.
Many ol tbe tit lea of tlermany have
well urgamxHl s|KHi rlnlts wblcb eu-
coursgt all s|wrts ibe yeur round. The
one at Carlsbad la the most Important
In western Bohemia and Is railed ibe
International Hpori-Klub Karlstad. It
Is composed of Urt sections, as ful
tows: (Joif. tennis, ftnclng, football
and winter sitorts.
Limits a Fiery Orator Once Gave
the United States.
Monuments    Thi'     Cleave    the    Twt
Countries West From thi Lake af the
Woods— Irregularities   in   State   and
County Boundaries.
Tbe   rules of  empire**,  and of dyuis-
lleh huve been luvulveil tu Ibe struggla
I foi boundaries     I be llt*meut tbst tbt
I Rhine    wus   tbe   uuiurul   frontier   of
, Frunce ended In  the dowufsll  of tbt
Bonapartes and (he etaliatlou of tbt
- llobcii/.i.ltei'ti.H,   thus   reurlnit   the   ueo-
Oertuan empire upon Uie rului of tbt
upstart French empire,
1    lu uut own country the cry of "Fifty four fortj  or  flgbtP'  held ■  threat
of tbe mighty oontth-t tbui ereniualiy
proved Irrtpreaslble.   Aud In our uwq
day  thu dispute over  tbe  Veaesutlia
: Poundury   Dearly   prsctpltstsd  a   war
; between   ibe  two  greatest  oaUoos of
! the eartti
; ll was a startling f)gu*e of spetcb.
I that of the western orutor wbo, uiooot-
i Ing hlgber uml blgbsf to s ttunai of
1 buocombe. described the luit^i Stjiea
1 as bounded on the ea-n tif Ibt SUsutkl
; oceun. 00 the uurth by the inrofi r»-
| realls. on the nest hy (be teuin* -ma
1 and on the auutb by the gsies of n*-iL
: Btlil, ll was 0.1 j s Qgura of spttcb.
I Canada lies between as ind (be Ouceal
aurora. Tbe (.alio Amtrleaa HatUal
I to tbe south bnrijij dssarvs tbt lo.'ec.
I nnl comparisua \» to tbs oceans ta
I tbs east and the ne*-! oi ta, tbt) may
'be left to tbemselfea,    .S;i  satoa. taa
ISSk    Of    fh't.Tij.    .      ;      >    .,      ifjv     -,■ j
waves sre say log
Tbt CSoadluo Ooiui-larj prastnta :■>
Idiosyncrasies amJ r***t'«ntrlcirisa torn
eastern part ol it '. .; «i u in..;*
snd i|i-JU(aneo'isij tn.i tsgolai wsttr
,1111* formed by tiie irtai tafcoa md
tbeir outleta.   Thence from Ula   smm
, Ot tht  Woods on He lunn -it   \i   1 -..*,
I aota a more direct coursa, man  na :•
I and mtcbanicui, is   .11-u ninnnj*,   bsj
wllderoese sml test 'tie  nunnciiua  it
j tbt weal to tbe PaeUTe maae,   Bor m*»
I this count been frafftrsd m ■•iiiiu.n «
{mart  Imaginary   una.    Ifuuti   bsfdog
1 mads It. baa marked 11 srtU,   Saiaa-sa
I Ibt Lsbt of tbt a jo.ta uid tfta Bad
, river   cost   iron   piliuri    in • *    h--.ii
. plsced  out  mil* spurr   1 -f-"*ni - ■   Qg
Ibe Knglish aad the .imertcm muni
ffieota.    These urn BuBtH* SSMfifosj   n
pyramidal form eii*tx r<wt  liati.  via
: a  bass eight mrh«n «tuar*>.   tn   «■■•»■
goo Dsogt OQtt 111. '1 '.'li. 1 imt 1 ou
four  Incbeu s-pjare  aunnuiinti-d   iy   4
. Solid cap
Into  tneat  tioilow   porsm   ir*  tt*-e
I wall -rtosooed ctf-tur juista, vtu miki-si
drt»en tbrougQ nme» ininie u .10 -*u*i
log. Tbt pnian rut i.-u..- ihij-huimc
In ibt groumL tmfrrtnttona u ,-ur-i
Ittttra fac« aortb mi BOtSttti Pta
north side reaila. *€bnstodou Bt ,ju-
don,*" tbt twoor. 'nktnbat "u. RBbV
Beyood tb« it.-t etras iw *xmuinur
Uot   It   generally    ten.n.-i   or   aarta
' mounds   i:i.j  stone   -i.rn   *   iy   1   'tin.
tbougb iftesa nrn BtreasBinatfi fBassasli
Bed by Wi*-Mten ;>oau tt aa ams
beigbt as the iron uilfun ind j-mirt**s
red above groumL rbroogfl '..•tnti*.
; clearings da" * ue**n noda 1 **h1 t-uh
Where    bodies   uf    VOftf    ii"^    '*>is»--t
monnmenta of itooe itsa i***- *n, *.-*
aboTt blgb tale. Over tba nuuniuina
Ibsfta of granite nt(>er*te-le :ih Lilian.
mounds sad cnlrns.
There   era   sKsntrfeuTas    a   srata
tines as well as in tboas  rttsrl  imit
Ibt   conflaea   nf     ...   Dnfrtd   it.n>*a.
, Tbos tbe \i» ■■'.]   itusrarta Dssesrarw
from   Peonayivanhi   iMwaoufSta   ioit
Cbttter countlsa -**-<o-*'-iit**'iin wtiflPsn-
ly curves   .. -vt-i   mi   ' :r-ua  1   «*>rai-
e'rete Jost st.o*e in* aacieai Bam   it
j    Tbt eipiaoatloa   ma?   im  r.utntt   a
blstory.     At  the  tlm*   DttewtnS)   *u
1 tot oat tbera were few >imi af   att-
todt  and   toaglt'ida dedunety   -wfao*
tbibed tn tbt cotonles. at tOat tvtnud-
■ rtea were gsotrsfiy eigreaaed oot ay
latitude tod SMgirudt.  but   ay  rtfts*-
I enrt to soost known Mscarlnn.    la rat
J Ited  by  wblcb  Delaware  wat rraaav
' ferred tbtrt wtt eeded all too food roe
twelve mites round Newratus, tng«*rn>
er with certain other areaa    Is earaov
, ttsblng tbe tmundaiiea nf tha ^e-*a*r*ni
j itatt of Delaware thla rtesrrtotlin **te
taken dteratiy, Bnd part of a  icv*
! wltb tbt center at Ifewesstsft, wai sw
{reyed upon a twelve mile radios.
;   No otber ststt tsa so  are in  tti
bouodiry Una. tot msoy or tat eoun
'Met of   Kentucky  ind  Tmneam— da
Warren county. I'm-,. li aimoti s asms-
|piete circle.   In many Instsncea cooa-
: lies  formerly  circular  have  bets  es-
! ponded Into Irrtgu'sr pofrcon«.-WU-
I Ham S. Walsb In New York Trlbaoss
The Diminutive.
At tbt age of three Janet was sn to*
IboalaBtlc student of eorotnoiosy Chit
ity abt discovered a csterpinar for
hera-rif, t *ery tlij ona. "Oa. comt
bert." tbt called "H-re'i s rsterptl-
lat. tbs cuteal Ultli Hay thing: 1 bt-
lleve It's a binesplliarr - Woman a
Homo ComDaalon.
A Ht-j One.
"Of wbst famoiti novel sre you rr*
mloded by th* fiti charge rlrb peoplt
are willing to pa) for tbe privilege tf
riding on a spctai flier/'
"Gee, that's ter rv-nUndone for fret.
Wbafi tht 1 rawerF
"•Vanity Fare.'ot «ourst,,-il Lento
Poet Dispatch.
j We often hnt» fcf one Bills resias,
jbrbeo them ire s Iboaasui why ere
■ ifeovld lovs.-ilkk	
A Wonderful Wheel.
A flywheel of nn electric generator
used ui a coal mine In Belgium i*> *o
bcHvv Hint It will nm by 'Is own momentum for forty-eight hours after lUe
power Is shut off.
Pyramid tf Cheops.
To rebuild tbe pyramid of Cbeops
under modern rundllkiua would cost
SlOUWftiJUO and tb*-  labor ui so,uou
■en fur two ytare.
Gilbert Islanders.
In the nilberl btlanda ibe m**n and
tbe a-omen apeak litenitly a different
languago. The dlfll.-uuy ot mutual In*
tercoursn »s overcome hy making ilia
women 1 se the luum-uilne Imigue when
talking iu the men. Aumnu themseivee
ll le in Urn And the men d<> nut irou*
bit tbtlr beads about tbe uibef. FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
W. B. Trenholm . Chilliwack
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UnlilPii Oak, eiglil feet
i>xtoiision,will 1-1 -nt twelve
pci'snns.  Well wortli $12
i lur ftncciiil pi-Ice
An uiiiisiiiil opportun
ity for tlio
Thi- liemilifnl Umpire
(Ink Sii!.- Unni'il, two
drawers, liivge niii-i-or,
top shelf.     $14.00
Wo novel' forgot  tlinl
silisfiu-liiHi   to   vmi   is
the thing tlm* counts.
Your Phone or Mail Orders for Goods Offered in this
Sale will.be Honored  Promptly at Advertised Prices.
Wi It. Btovtmson tho Vnlloy Pain-
lur will nut Imiip you waiting t„
iuivn yuur piipor InuigltiK iluno n*
ho Iiiiku Btnlt nl flral-oliin. tt'orlc
JoBoph II. Pointer, uf Sli'imii',
Altu., Iina arrlvml In Chllllwaek
with his tnmllj' mul will oiiikf l.i-1
Iiiiiih' hi-ri'.
Kwarl H-ntlor-on, who hni been
•tuilylng law .villi .1. IT. tlriwrn h.,-
goho lu Wiwliiiiiwlor whore ho ivill
iitl-nil (.-iiliiinlil Villi'Ko.
Arthur U.  linker, On- nr.-liii.i-i.
esps-h In ll'IIVH CIlllllWOoll   ill ii few
mvli'.- il for I'nlifiiniiii whore In1
will H|H-iiil tho winter inunllw,
Mi-,  lluyle,  ..| .IU"   Un-  I'iwI
..lliir, Into nl lho Knight hloek, In
nlmwiiiii ii lino display nl iiiiliiii.-i-.v
uml children's hut" llila week.
Miss K.lilli Melliinl has retui'lioil
fr.on rt visit wllh Vancouver trleiiill.
Miss Mellaril inntoinplalos n trip I"
iln olil Cnuntry In lho near future.
Hciiixo-olonnliiB tima is horo again
nml VT II, Slavonian tho Vnlloy
Painter mul his slnlT uf wnrkinon
aro kept busy pntiorlng, tinting etc,
A free .1.- miration .if  lliu"' I"
keep lii.ir from falling mil) evoii
during an eleelinn Cmnpnlgn In given! •
iu DiivIh'v'h ilrug slum wimlnw this I
week.     ., 11
Nm. is tho li  I"  linvi- your *
limco-cleanlng d • W. ll.Stovou- II
mm, lho Valley pnlulei', keeps in.no I J
Inn flint-chow   piipor-hiingorn, ill*
I    Chilliwack Opera House
Under the auspices nl
Chilliwack Agricultural Society
Charleys Aunt\
St. Elmo
Entire New Vaudeville Each Performance
JI Villi
v,,,„.„ „i ,, .„ POPULAR PRICES
Itcciu'il, nml Mrs. Rules, wtiv  .»•>-*,*.>.•-* o 4 **X**X***>-^ i
Un- vWtoiw ui tin- Kitironl
The Chilliwack
Land® Development Co.
ohvhloll Mr. W.I.. Miioki-n
is Pi-esiili-nt, is aetivel.v en-
pilled  in (inquiring   lanils
whieh will I vein Ulgilllll
dividend pnyoi'slnthoHlinl-d-
Imlili-i's. Tin. Mtiiiiigoiiioiit
is  very eareful ami nnnsor-
Vlllive   ill   illVOflilgllting all
prii|iertloa    suliiui,,i..l   fur
ful prnpimltlnn is Diilcrtnln-
e.l.    Aollvo   elHlllirii-s   liulli
fl'iilll liii-iil ami milsiili.
sum H are heiug inii.le, re-
1.11ivi-   tu   Hie   purollllBO   at
slim-es iii IhoCniupaiiy, ami
111,- IHri-.-l.ir-.,— nil well nml
fiivoiulily known resident,,
ul  the district,— aiilieipale
Ilia spee ly mtlo uf milhi I
Hliiek tn eiilnplele a lliltlllier
nf exeellenl innnoy-innking
priipusilluns.  Tho bulk nl
Ihiss k nhnulil bo hold by
Ineal pi-uple.
Iiifunniiliiin respeeting
Ibe up, rntiiniKi.t the I'uni-
paiiy as also Ibe purolmSQ
nf slimes niiiv be ubtmneil
liy applying In
Mr. Poll.y or lo Nr. Wadding.
Ion, HI lh. tomp.ny'a office
Nail door lo Ik. Empr.ia
•liny, nml
iKiml i-„U.
- I In
- I'1
I*************************************************** **************************
I Too Busy on the
to write advertisements
4    i************************?*
X'    L.  P. pinft.  nt M«o Sloilin f«r
J photos,
J    Short Ouati for Wiles M regular
■> prices ut llarittorsou's.
I .1. M. Millar, ..r Merrill, forim-rlv
odltiir nf the Sew Km, Uil now of
I tlm Morrill llt-rnld, wan in tlillll-
. wind*, tn ii>gi*>tur ;i vuli1 fur .Mm
Oliver, Tliiiixla-.
Ucml  It, .1.  McIntiwh'H nii.iH-r
llflvl,   in   llii-   tsHtie.     Ol I'   tlm
-|H-ci;il vnlnop nlTcri'd IxMi'ii'tt Kut'i'
Hunts ul g.UHi a pnlr. Kor price
ami quality Uie offer cannot lie.
|)r, l-nuronoe Broe, upon! Thursday nt tin- homo nl his [ini't'iits Mr.
nml Mrs. J, |,. Broe, Mnr.v St.
LtUirenee is imt* uf tin- genial nml
sm-i't'-isftil duotors nt Vancouver
General Hospital.
Burlaps, Burlaps, Burlaps— Wc
carrv Staunton's the liest gratia
mado, In retl, green, and brown, on
which ivc are givlnp a reduction of
15 per cent, at tho Valley Painl and
Wnll Paper House
The Sunday Schools of tho Pres-
hyturinn and  Methotllst ehurches
wil! i lucl Kiilly tiny «ervlces on
Sunday morning next! There will
he no Hunday School in the Presby-,
lerian I'hurch in the nftornoon,
I Alfred White . Music Dealer I ,
J ('. Man ford, of Vancouver, w.i- u
♦ wi-1'k-en'l visitor in tho city.
4 W. It. Treuhnlm lias two cars of
J furniturecoroute  from  the  east.
♦ Kvi'i-y line 111 IhiMiew-palHT ei-sIs
4 the proprietor something.
I. Sani|i-*iin, nf Victoria,formerly
Chllllwaek  was u visitor in iln-
4 City tlii- week,
'♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*******^ »■   |j   (Jin,,,,.,   ,v.w .,   ini-rinmn
visitnr in Vancouver  Thursday returning Saturday.
iln,. ii.iv ,..,l.l..i-.   Tin. plim-fl
One .liJ.  Imrrmv.
Ono Mil"lie  Spain,nr,  Nn,
i-,-,|ilieily.   I Itm |«.llllili
Mr. siiups.iii, wim bus lii-i-n tie-
(jin-s, ol Mr. ami Mrs. |i. \. Mcknj
lur iho summer left this week tm
I.1HI1I  (Int.. where   he will coll
liimo bis stmlies iii the Anglican
iiiinisiiy, at Huron Cullogo,
Ilnrr 4- Cli-iinliei-s, bnli-bi-r-. an
linrlng tlioir Chilliwack  .tore mil
in lirsl i-luss shape. A tvim-nt
is boing Iniil, ami Ha- Intorlnr will
1.0 l.-paili,e.l. When fllll.lli.il the
.Imp will present a neal ami Inviting apjii-a ranee.
Lai-.- Curtain.,   van) gun.1., ani'
^__^ ren.lv 1.1 put mi   Laei'siiml Kinhml
;    Mrs. .1.  I'.  MeCunnell   haa ro- dory unit rlblionHnlllcn.lerfon'slbl,
itiirnwl nfler si.-niling a  l lb in ,voc|(,    Wluit a llirill nf exi«-el
California cllios.
Wednesday, Sept. 27,  1911
I'niler inslrueliuiis frum John K.!    ,',"'! ''r''"",
Parker "f Chlllliraek,whu im.- ,li-     H,M*™». 'hlM"- '',"-
posed of liia farm,  ivo will Hell l.j- HAINESS
liulllie aui'tiun mi , ,    ,,     i
-I-, I vj.  ilmilil..  bariii-ss.
act mi-ilium  iluiil.li- liarm-
-.-, liglii iliiiil.le linrnowi.
On   Ihe   pn-iiiis,.s    siluateil   nn   Iln- TOOLS, ITC.
Eastern   tcrminiM   of   Uie  Prnlrlo
I'.-iilral I! I. jii-t npi.wlti-thenm.l     0n" logging nulflt, ealilM, Mack
leading In Kekcrl'ii mill, iciii- I"""-- fu**». ""'I "'""" "rU''w' u
iug at '.' o'clock sharp, the liilluw. numerous tn mention.
ing described property, vl«.:— Tien-  Op Sn.r.—All  sums  nf
?-J-..,»i ami nmler, cuxhi uver Ibul
ninnllnl ,1 innnlbs'   ,-r,-,til   will be
Ono pair geldiug.,i1yenriiu|d,weightIglvcu on fumi.liiiig npproveil i>.ini
l-Ji«i|l.s.eii.-b, lm.ki-ii.alll i,—.  in.,.-, iK-arlng Inlerem al   lho rate
Onotmir nfthroe-yonr-nl.l l-en-licr f s |.-r i-cnt. |mt annum'.
fillies, well li,alel„-,l. brnkelii all       N„n  _ uv „„„,,,   ,,,,,„.       ,.1,,,
harness, woiglll  IMKi II,-. mienllnn   t"   Mr.   I'lirker'n cnw".
One driving h...-.-, s v.-'i- "Id.     ; A. n dairy   herd   Ib.-v   caininl bo
("i It. "irc-l bj' lli.a-.i. M....1..K... , ^,,,-,.:,—...I.    Average Iniller-fal l.-sl
f..r lln- henl, I.". per eenl.; al-..
In ,b.- Ii.n a- il is liisPi'lass anil
well cured
llrcd by liar
tiii-  announcement   must  give t.
Mr. nnd Mrs.  8. .1.   Pully were Borr>' """"" l"'i'-a-l»mls.
!0 gn|| ,1-1, visi-.nrs   tu Vancouver last week    J. Uorlicrl ulin pleaded gullly oi
returning Saturday. Westminster r tiy lo striding n
,,.    ,, ,,. ,,.     , v. ,       watch  in Cliilliwnck, came up fn'i
Mis, Mar,,.,,   Wnl.lie, at Vs.,,,       ,        ,       ,,,,, ,       ^
was tie gues nf Miss Pbylls Mllson ,-,„,.,,,, ,,,,„
uver the week etui,
Kev.  Canon  NinehelilTe,  nf St,
Thursday Octolicr 80, if* likely In '|*| m ('|Ml|(-li, returned mi Wed-
Im- tho tlflto chosen for Tlinnksgiv* f-Yim l...n<lmi. Onl, where hewn-i in
ing Day in Canoiln. | nttenilainv at  the sesslmui ol (hi
llain Coal* (CmvonoUes) all nowMlcncwl Synotl,
goods nt llondotton'a, nnd tho price    t;i,., rr Knir   «;is ;t hrllllnnl
loss than wholesale cost, mienw frem every vlewjioint nml
County   Registrar J.  Pelly i....l!,1 fwtoni nnd exhihltUMnret<>
wife  h:ive  returned   fniln n twu HI
three \yoe|u trip ta Alaska.
There'll he merry gnthorlng ii
Konderson's Suil Section this week
A big out price on all suits.
Three cows, fresh.
Two OOWH, due in -l.inn.iry.
tine cow* due iii February.
Kimr cows, due in March,
Nine cows, due, in April iind Mnyl
Pour calves.
line Guernsey  Bull,   I years old,
and eligible to registration,
Twenty well-bred Shropshire ewe-
ami mie ram.
Twu brood sown with litters,
Twelve pigs, I months old, nUiut
MX) pounds each.
About 80 tons •►! good hay.
Oue liny  hinder (Maxwell),
One side delivery inko.
Knllrmlnjf itn< tin- prevallliiu wholesale
(.ii-ii-v hi Vimcoiivcr tlii- wet-It;
liny SH.nntn$17.00 per ton
nm-  Sii.imin .".lite    "
h.-.i wi.cni .... :t2.tm
t'oiii.wi,..!.- :i:.im
I'litiiloc-    llUHUit 31.00
( Iti.-ki-n*. live wiiuht  |Sc in l'nc Hi
Unci;-   is-* in anp III
liimnl liniff  l:ic t. I Ic III
1.1111,1,    Iln,, ui,- |h
Itniieht'intM -Un- itrnt!
A|»l**  >i-■-'•' "' >-•.'»» I
Bnrrell A- Bnnfbtxl's btttebershop
Is being improved hy having a new
roof placed on Hu- building.
Tin* Harrison house i- lielng im-
provetl liy the instnllntitin uf a new
tire place in the sitting room.
W. I;. Ferris has n No, I assortment nt Combination Buffet Side-
Imimts ('J in U at very low prlt-es.
.1. I>. Taylor of Westminster nnd
W, A. Mpflnnnlil, of Vanemtveri
were vislhirs in lho Oily   Monday.
It. J. Mcintosh reports n big sale
nl rublmr uihmI- nt the prices quoted
in his ndvl.ln the Free Press of last
In* eitugrntulntetl on the showing.
S. \. fiuvl.-v. M. I'. P. ojlielated al
the iipenlngepremonies.
W. n. Tronbolm wn
visitor tn Vnncouvor n
Ilusiness at tho hopyarils i-< pick
ing up.
Condensed Advertising
P01I HUNT—Onotl elglll  i-noliied Imase
nil Itii/i-l St., nil  vciii.-nii--. ,\|-['lv
POM MALI, liny hum- live yenw old,
ir1M«| tlrlvrr; tlwt eliiw hiitrg) mul Imi-
new. Will HI st'pnniU-lj ur eoiiiplein
outfit.   .\|.|,1\ t'lillllwnclt Kftf Pre**.
with "i-u-nil hoiiMm imhI ori'lisnr
Hoe,I. Ilowe Helil.
I.iist—A liiilie*icoi'!illii!iccl"i, ht'iweea
tram nation nml Mr. Ilaiifonl'n home,
l-'iii'l.-r |i1iii-m- Ii-hvi- ui ilit** ullici- mul
n-ci i\c rewanl,
rhilliwncl; has had its   share nf
excttemcnl   this  week   when  Iwo
iinpni'lanl OVCttts   were   pullctl  off{Vtll
vt/:   The Chilliwack Fair ami
Dominion Klcctlons. | Hani^iiy
Burn—In Chilliwnek mi Wetllies-
lay Henlomher !M), lo Mr. nml Mrs. | m„ ,.,.;NT-Kr..n. nK.i.iMtliiihlefor iwt
N. s. .Melxenzie,  (Inro  rtVeuue,   a     uvm\ n—Iwrnnl andrerideiteegiven,
daughter., ApplyCiykjiii. SlsryHl,
Miss   Unehi'siiny,    relumed   t
IllCYcl.i;, l-OUSAI.K-lt. H.. A. iimke
thru- speed ne.
rim i.rnki's, net
-ti. l-'ree Press,
H-nuver un M..11.I.1.V after a |ilea-j   „,„,. ,,„■„, „,„„, ,r„„„„„V,,H,.k r;;n,,'.
t  VUlt  with (upturn nnd   Mrs.,   H.ai brake,acarrelyridden|Apply Ho»
Goi ng to
Then use
The Sherwin-Williams Paint
ami you'll net satisfaction.
It's the best protection
you can give your house.
It's made from pure while
lead, pure zinc while, and \
linseed oil.
It docs not powder, flake oft1
or crack.
It forms a tough, durable film
that wears and looks well lor the
longest time.
It's colors arc clear, bright and
It costs less by the job than any
other paint made.
The full color card shows 48
handsome shades.   S.. W. p. ii
put up full measure 1 a/ways.
General Hardware and Sporting Goods
Roller Rink
The I'lillllivack Roller IMiik ia now
"i|H'll fur llie s.u-.ii.
Two-Thirty to Five
Seven-Thirty lo Ten
Come and enjoy a pleasant
************************* 1
♦ Electrical Contractor
* Wiring for Power
nml l-iiilitinfj
A complete lino ..f
* PittingH si ii. I Supplies
♦ *♦♦♦ + ♦<•♦* + •»*♦♦»♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦
Wesuuiiisler Trust HtiililiiiK
Ctlll.l.lWACK, B.C.
lint Air Purnnces,
Roofing nnd Cornice,
Milullii- Ceilings,
Stnvi's uml limip's,
Gonoml repair work,
Kstillinlrs   flltllitllOd
Phone 94
British Columbia Electric
i'.\s.-kn.ii:ii umvtci
I-.IW '
Arrive Arrive
WnUnln. Cliwk,
11.00 11. Ml
4..« II.M
II. 10 11.110'
a.no S.M
l.ve. I'lilltluaek .•,.:,(! 11111.1 l.nilv Kxi.-i*
"   Vaiu-.nm-r7.0tl   "   |     Mnmlay
All lauMcngvr imiiiii li.ui.lli- Kxpni


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