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Vol. 1. No. 46
Chase. B.C., FridaV. Mavch 7, 1913
ffiS.OO Per Year
Members of Sorrento and Blind Bay
Cricket Club Hear Report of
Last Season's Doings.
The general meeting of the Sorrento
and Blind Bay Cricket Club waa held at
the S.and L. Fruitlands camp at Sorrento
on Saturday last, March l��t.
Mr. J. R. Kinghorn occupied the chair
and there waa a good attendance of
members and others interested in the
Mr. E. A. King, the secretary-treasurer, gave a report showing that the
cricket club.although formed late in the
season of laat year, waa to be congratulated upon the headway it had made.
Two matches were played, both with
the Salmon Arm team, the honors being equally divided.
The residents of the' lake front had
taken an active'and practical interest
in the club, and the concert recently
given at Blind Bay had also materially
helped the Anances.
The club possessed an almost full
equipment of the necessary outfit, with
a balance in the hands of ths treasurer,
and everything pointed to a prosperous
season ahead.
The following officials were elected
for the year.
Hon. Presidents: Hon. Martin Burrell,
M.P.; J. P. Shaw, M.P.P.
President: J. R. Kinghorn, Esq.
Vice-Presidents: Messrs. W. Syson,
B. C. Clifforjl, J. Reedman,  and the
Rev. Grice Hutchinson.
Captain: A. Salter.
Vice-Captain: F, SySon.
Secretary-Treasurer: E. A. King.
Executive Committee : R. Duckett,
_._ .B____fifl\ W, llinTwaH, S.  F.. St.
George, C. E. Vernon and R. Reid.
Selection Committee: A. Salter, F.
Syson, E. A. King.
The membership fee was fixed at
three dollars.
The question of u ground was discussed and it was decided to approach
the Kamloops Trust Company to obtain
the rental of their meadow at the north
part of the Sorrento townsite alongside
the lake, this being probably the most
suitable ground in the neighbourhood,
and being ideally situated.
The secretary was instructed to arrange fixtures with Salmon Arm, Kamloops, and other teams in the district.
It was proposed and carried that a
general meeting be held the last Saturday in May to consider the holding of a
regatta and sports day in .connection
with the club.
Mr. Kinghorn, the president, kindly
promised to present a bat to the player
obtaining the highest batting average,
and a ball to the one with the best bowling average.
A letter from Salmon Arm in connection with tho B. C. Light Horse was
read, but the feeling of the meeting
was that at present it was not advisable
to attempt the formation of a local
Other business of a routine nature
was dealt with by the meeting, which
concluded with a vote of thanks to the
secretary, and also to the president for
tbe excellent manner in which he had
performed his duties in the chair during
the evening.
The committee beg to appeal to all
the sportsmen of the district to help
the club in its endeavour to promote
sport and healthy recreation among
them, and the secretary will be glad to
receivo the names of any wishing to become members.
Amendment to Game Protection Act
Introduced By The Attorney
the game laws, as recently amended,
provide, among other things, that it
shall be unlawful for any resident of
the province to bunt animals or birds or
to carry firearms of any description, or
air guns, or any device for the purpose
of capturing any animal or bird without
first taking out a licence. In addition
to taking out a licence hunters will be
required to wear a badge showing the
number of their licence. These licences
will not be transferable. Any breach
of the act involves cancellation of a hunter's licence.
Licences will not bt issued to boys under sixteen except at the written request of parents or guardians, who
shall undertake that such boys, when
carrying firearms, will always be under
their supervisionjor that of some responsible licence holder.
There are three classes of licences: an
ordinary to carry firearms and hunt
birds and deer.other than moose, wapiti
and cariboo, costing $2.60; a general,to
hunt game, birds and animals, $6.00;
a special to carry firearms and trap, $1,00.
Holders of general or special licence
within fourteen days of date of expiration, return the licence to the provincial game warden with a sworn statement of the number of each species of
big game or animals trapped.      ",
Prospectors having a free miner's
certificate may obtain ordinary licences
during the open season, while actually
engaged in prospecting: so may farmers
and their sons hunting on the land on
wrhicli - they... perm*��p��ntly rosidp t|<ny
firearm found in the possession of any
person not -having a licence may be
seized and confiscated.
Board of Trade Will Petition Government For
Building*, To Be Furnished From.
Local Fund*.
The meeting of the Chaae Central I River Lumber Company) in answer to
Board of Trade on Monday night decid- j a communication from the board asking
ed to ask the government to provide a 'that a telephone line he run to the gov-
building for an Isolation hospital. On ��� eminent wharf and a phone installed in
deposit in the Imperial Bank is a con-': J. Haldane- house. Mr. Sawyer ex
siderable sum which the Chase Drama- plained that the company would be glad
tic Club .and individual donors contrib-j to grant the request of the board but
ute- nearly a year ago for the purpose 1 the lines are overloaded and will not
of furnishing such a building. There is
also in storage some furniture, including a range, beds and bedding, etc.,
that were used last winter when some
infectious cases were cared for In a
i.ted house.
bear any increase. The president of
the board was appointed to confer with
Mr. Sawyer further. Mr. McConnell
offered to supply the necessary poles
free of charge.
A. McConnell called the attention of
II. wss suggested that if the Shuswap I the board to an inconsistency in the
school district did not intend to make \ assessment whereby the property of the
further use of its school building as al
present located it would'fill the requirements for an isolation hospital to perfection and would serve the needs of
both Chase and Shuswap. The
tary accordingly received instrucl
that in writing to the Provincial heaW|
officers he should propose the use of
the old Shuswap Bchool. lnstructed-to write the provincial
The secretary read a letter from B. essor in Kamloops asking that the val-
W.  Sawyer, manager of the Adams uation be rectifiee?.
Bowman Lumber Company is assessed
at ten dollars an acre while adjoining
lands are taxed on a valuation of one
hundred dollars. As the Bowman property covers nearly three hundred acres
t means a quite perceptible increase in
the local tax rate.   The secretary was
From Our Neighbours
liern- Gdliieret] by Ouf*ppec.al CU. e-.p--r.dei..-
Paxton Valley.
We again take up our pen, which we
were taught in our schoolboy dayB, is
mightier than   the  sword.    We  never
had any predilection for the sword", and j Wm< Harrison has been engaged in
The Wurd says, "He that taketh up the ��� loil(iin(f a ea; with ,wheat during the
sword shall peritdi by tbe sword."   So   Week. ��� '    ^~..
Squilax and
Turtle  Valley.
W. F. Fox was a Kamloops caller on
, . ...    I    Surplice Pros, have finished  cutting-
The river is now open-in spots in   he for Fre(] -������... _(|d -��� J. b      har.
vicinity of Pritchard, making crossing
we slick to the pen as our weapon, notwithstanding the fact that we are more
skilful with the grubbing hoe, since no
such dire consequences are predicted in
the case of one taking up the'pen.
This section of the country is little
known. Most outsiders that we huve
met, who have beard of it at all, seem
to have a very hazy idea of it, and it is
because of that fact, and that the locality bas not received the attontion from
intending settlers that it deserves, that
lead us to perpetrate this "erratic effusion," as one of our epistles was characterized by a gent with whom we had
a slight disagreement.
vesting logs for the Mill Co,
V.'e regret to say that Dan McCoy is
not progressing as favorably aa waa
thought; he is still in Kamloops hospital.
Ernest Morrison is ready  for action
again after Ids accident, which was first
thought to be U broken rib.
A team hooked to a cutter disappeared*    Lady Bountiful Craig, Mr. and Mrs.
from the Nen's Creek Ranch Saturday | Geo. Coburn   and Mrs. C. Byers, were
afternoon;-smuts were out looking fur j among the visitors to the Turtle Valley
it nearly   all Saturday night,  but we! school entertainment.   *
were unable tn learn if their expeditions |    Noteworthy  absentees  were  Mr. J.
not- j Torln, president "o_ the Squilax  Board
The epidemic of spring fever is prevalent around these parts just now.
re successfuli
On Friday of last week Jack O'Brien
met with a painful accident. He was
loading a cat with wheat Lo-Wm. Harrison when his.foot slipped as he had a
sack of wheat Oil his shoulder, and in
trying to keep his balance, swung his
The chief agricultural product of this j body around and severely  strained  his
immediate vicinity is hay; but all kinds  hark..   We are j��lad to Bay  that  Mr.
of grain may   be  grown, and  potatoes ., O'Brien is slowly improving,
and   other   hardy   vegetables succeed! ,
well, especially root crops. Small fruits '    Mn Whurst is holding a sale at the
will doubtless do well, but as yet have '���store "f MrH-  J"  *
never han a fair trial.
Mr. and Mrs. J, R. Kinghorn, their
two little daughters, and Miss Blundell,
left Sorrento on Monday for a two weeks
stay in Vancouver.
The Rosary.
Direct from its successful three
months run in Chicago, "The Rosary,"
a beautiful new play from the pen of
Edward E. Rose, and produced by the
well known theatrical managers,Messrs.
Rowland and Clifford, will be presented
at the Chase Opera House to-night.
One can see the effect of thought upon the different individuals who witness
the performance. One character is that
of a business man who iB happily married to a wife who loves him, but his
thought |is wrong. He harbors fear,
doubt and unbelief in the good that lies
all aronnd him. He loses all���fortune,
home, wife, even hie own self respect.
How does it all end ? Go and see
"The Rosary."
Conditions here are ideal for dairy
farming, tbe rich pasturage and plentiful supply of water being all that could
be desired, and the hay, which is timothy and clover, being especially adapted to feeding cows. Pigs and poultry
thrive excellently, and may be made a
very profitable side line, and deserve to
receive more attention than at present.
With the building of the railway in
the Salmon Valley we will be within
reasonable distance of markets, and
the coming season should mark the dawn
of a new era for these parts. Falkland, formerly called Slahaltkcn, is destined to be h place of some importance,
and will be will be within easy distance
of the Chase creek valley wagon road,
when the latter is completed, which we
have been assured by the Department
of Public Works will be the case this
We sometimes wonder why lands adapted to agriculture should be withdrawn
from settlement, when such land is so
limited in extent in sunny B. C. There
is room for quite a number of settlers
in the valley of Chase creek, and it
would surely be better to have settlers
than coyotes,since the latter cannot vote
or pay taxes.
Does anybody know any good reason
[Continued on page -l j.
Hutchinson this
week, Mts. Hutchinson is reducing her
stock tu mak mum for the larger lino
of goods which she Intends to carry
when the alteration., on her .tore build*
log are completed,
jye sou by the Tribune that Percy
Law Lords of the Privy Council
Make Decision in Pemberton
Ranch Law Suit.
The decision given by the highest
court in the empire confirming to Hr.
J. H. Kilmer tho possession of the
Pemberton ranch is of interest to this
section of the country for other reasops
than for its bearing as a legal precedent. It is the settlement of a dispute
that has stood in the way of the development of more than two thousand
acres of tbe finest fruit land in. the province.
The Pemberton ranch is situated on
the north side of the South Thompson
river, directly opposite Pritchard. It
consists mainly of a level, fertile bench
fifty or sixty feet above the river. Irrigation is easy. There is no clearing
to do for the property is bare of tree
or bush. There could be no better proposition for subdividing.
The water for irrigation will come
from Niskonlith Lake, a considerable
body of water on the north side of the
South Thompson River opoosite Shus-
wap. With a plentiful supply of water
the Pemberton ranch, or Sunnyslde,
it is called, will support a population of
a thousand or mure. It is a safe prediction that the next few years will sec
a rural population of ten.thousand within fifteen miles of Chase.
Audience At Turtle Valley School
Concert Were Wei! Satisfied
With. Performance.
Chase Gun Club.
The organization meeting of the above
club was held on Monday evening at the
Underwood Hotel.
The election of officers resulted as follows ; l * :  ���   T   T
President; A. E. Underwood.
Secretary and Treasurer: E. A. McGoldrick.
Captain: Dr. Scatchard.
The location of a site for traps was
discussed and a committee of three, consisting of W. F. Lammers, F. J. Gook,
and Andy McConnell, appointed to find
a suitable location and report at once.
The trapB will be set up as soon as
the weather permits.
The club is now on a sound footing
and promises to develop into a bunch
of locai cracks that will make some of
the outsiders sit up and take notice.
Let us hope that Kamloops, Sicamous,
Salmon Arm and other places will get
busy on a proposition of this kind and
we can have some very interesting
The latest additions to the membership
are A. S. FarriB and Murray Balmer.
of Trade, Mr, F. Esi.y, manager of the
mill, and Mr. Robert Myers, chairman
of the local Psychological Research
Harry Scott and Jack Heitman are
making a great-name for themselves
with their tie contract; they have jus)
had another thousand inspected without
a single reject; this speaks for itself.
Mi-is Gertrude McBryan is about to
join the staff of the Craig Supply Store.
The first mail sack was thrown off on
Saturday and Postmaster Jim has added
another responsibility to his multifarious
To quote the immortal ba'rd of ,Avun,
" "I'is an ill wind that blows nobody any
good." This is certainly applicable hi!
Weaver bus Installed a wireless station I the case of the- Turtle Valley school I town last Friday
in Chaae. Whenever we want to send mistress, Miss Ruth Hutchinson of
a message without wires nut this way, . Pritchard. Thnt which is Pritchard's
we just put it in an envelope and send it loss is the Valley's gain.
by mail. One thing you want to remern- An interesting debate took place at
ber, Mr. Weaver is, that although the the Craig store last week, the subject
signal of distress on water is S. 0. S., the ��� being: "Are intoxicants in any shape or
distress signal on land is 1. O. U., same form harmful or beneficial." Tbe Squilax Ladies' Aid (Mrs. J. Cring) took
tnd affirmative and S. C. Shine the negative. Irrepressible Jim was constituted judge and his award was for the
affirmative. Mrs. Craig now rejoices
in the fact that she has made several
converts to tlie W.C.T.U., but we refrain from mentioning names.
Notch Hill.
A work train was here last week loading ties August Nelson and John Mes-
ton cut,
E. Isaacson is cutting and hauling ice
from Thompson's Iske,
Chas, Castle intends to visit England
in the near future,
J. Hopgood, C. P. R. trainmaster,
was in town last week.
A C. P. R. survey gang is here making a further survey of the proposed
new route.
School  Inspector  McKenzie was  in
as usual.
The Buit of Mr, Killmer vs. B. C.
Lands and Orchards Company has at
last been settled in Mr. Killmer's favor
by the. Law Lords of the Privy Council.
The close of this suit means advancement for Pritchard, as the 2000 acres
in the Sunnyside Ranch, which has two
years been running wild, will now be
developed, thus bringing men and capital into the country. We believe that
Mr. Killmer intends to instal a gigantic
irrigalion system and put water over
the whole area of cultivatable land and
and then to sub-divide the entire ranch
into five and ten acre tracts, which
shall be sold for purposes of fruit growing. This not only means that the values of land in this vicinity will rise, but
a townsite proper is a certainty.
In the laat issue of the Tribune, under
the head of "Buildinghaa Commenced,"
we notice that George Kyle and Louis
Land are each putting on a verandah.
If you could get a photo of them after
they have completed their toilet and
have the verandah on, their Pritchard
friends would be greatly interested, for
the nearest approach we have ever seen
to a man wearing a verandah was a
teamster with a Mexican hat on.
Nestor Maki met with an accident
last week, injuring hi.- ankle.
J. A. Lunday and family intend paying a visit to Enderby next week.
Mr.Syson recently received a quantity
of bricks for his new store.
The snow is rapidly disappearing here
but the C- P. R. oil fuel is taking its
Claude Johnson is visiting his brother
Neil here.
Two trains left the track here last
week.   Two switches and 300 ties were
A new post office is to be opened at
Eagle Bay in the near future. Dave
Lamey is to be postmaster.
Mr. Chamberlain is doing necessary
repairs to the Royal Hotel here. He
intends shortly to instal a pool table.
A very enjoyable social evening
waB given to a number of her friends
by Mrs. Mesenfelt at her home last
By SldnJ^JTai-ton Wilkes.
The entertainment for the benefit of
the Turtle Valley School, arranged and
directed by Miss   Hutchinson, was  one
of the best affairs of its kind it was
ever our good fortune to attend.    Unstinted praise  and  congatulations  are
heard on every hand,  and taking into
consideration the hard work and patienc*
entailed in tlie training of the children,
and the short time at her disposal, no
enconiums are too lavish for the wonderful results achieved.
.The splendid adaptability of the children, not one whwn. had jrobal^y_-ever_
faced M-fiudience  larger  than  their
parents, was worthy  of  the  highest
praise.   Songs,  recitations, dialogues,
duets, quartettes aud glees, followed
each other in quick succession, the versatile chairman, Jim Craig, nearly causing a fire by the friction raised between
himself snd the chair.   A serins of tab-
leaux, flag drill,  choruses, etc., were
well staged and beautifully executed,
and the glorious, patriotic Canadian anthem, "The Maple Leaf for Ever," wss
rendered by the scholars in first class
style.   To discriminate on one particular turn where all was so good, would
be impossible, but we must mention the
names of Rene and Lulu McBryan,little
Rita Baillie and the infant prodigy of
seven years, Henry McBryan.
The Turtle Valley Philharmonic rendered Miss Hutchinson efficient aid, the
members of which contributed largely
to the enjoyment of a big audience.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coburn san.g a cafr
ital duet/ ifett. A. Mi-EryaiiV" soTo,r "
"Twilight," was well interpreted; Mrs.
Fred Coburn and Miss Hutchinson were
particularly good in a duet entitled
"My Ain Folk" ; Mr. L. Brooks gave a
really good dramatic effort in I'The
Face on the Bar Room Floor"; Miss
Hutchinson, in a comic recitation, "The
One Legged Goose," gave the necessary
artistic touch and elicited rounds of applause.
Miss Gertrude McBryan officiated at
the piano, 'and Messrs  Jim   Baillie  P.,.
and A, McBryan, were responsible for
the violin music.
Mention must also be made of the
able manner in which Mrs. Fred Coburn
and Mr. Lonnie Brooks seconded the
efforts of Miss Hutchinson.
The efficient secretary of school trustees, Jim Baillie,gave a startlingly good
impersonation of an elder of the Kirk,
going the rounds with the collection
plate, so realistic was the portrayal,
that it resulted in tbe sum of twenty-
one dollars being secured to the school
funds, for which friend James begs to
thank the generous givers.   ,
Chairman James Craig, in a neat little Breech, proposed a vote of thanks to
M-fcs.Hujtfhiiis.on, which Mr. John Fleming earnestly and eloquently seconded,
the same being carried witb such effect
tliat the ceiling was in danger of becoming inixed with the lippi'uciative and
vociferous; audience.   '��� '"
Las!, but by no menus least, was the
splendid appearance of the children.
We would like to compliment the parents, particularly the mothers, on the
earnestness wlt-Vwhlch they entered into the spirit of the affair. The cleanliness, dress and general behaviour of
the children was worthy of the highest
praise, and reflects great credit on the
community at large.
Duck Range.
Fred Fox is hauling hay from the
Jack Fox place.
Mrs. Schaeffer has returned to her
home after a most enjoyable visit to
Mrs. Fox.
Mr. A. E. Anderson, of Broadview.
Sask., Is visiting Mr. Alex. Allan.
R. Munger fell while dancing one
evening and rather painfully hurt his
Mrs. H. Sinclair haa returned to her
home again.
Frank Munger is offering odds that
he starts spring plowing the first week
In March.
Red Thompson has come and gone -
now everything Is quiet on the range.
1 T\\ -'
�����rr_    j--|r �� c��
TUJLI8HED Evert Friday  Morning at Chase. British Columbia
 ~   BV THE
T. J. KINLEY  Managing Editor
Le*s than 10 Inches, one Insertion,
10c per Inch.
Display, contract, 100 Inches to be
used In three months, 91.00 per inch per
Display, full page, $30.00 per Issue,
tlOO.OO  per   month.
Display, half pace, 116.00 per Issue,
$10.00 per month.
Display, quarter page, $10.00 per
Issue, $26.00 per month.
Coal Notices, thirty days. $6.00 each.
Registrar's Notices, thirty days,
$6.00  each.
Land Notices, sixty days, $7.60 each.
Reading Notices, 20 cents per line
each Insertion.
Legal advertising, 10 cents per line,
flrst insertion; 5 cents per line each
subsequent Insertion.
Subscriptions In  Advance, $2
Year, United States, $2.50 a
Chase Opera House
To insure acceptance, all manuscript should lie legibly written on one side of fhe pnpi'i
only. Typwritten copy is preferred.
The Tribune does not necessarily
endorse the sentiments expressed in any contributed article.
Advertlaera will please romember
thai to ensure a changi, cr,��y
must be In by Tuesday noon.
1   >s    ��   .
An old grain merchant who had lived iu Winnipeg for-twenty five
years, had watched the growth of u metropolis, an'' had incidentally
become a millionaire, once gave to a^ypung friend some lulvicejon Inlying real estate.
"If you want to invest in real estate'" he Said, "find some locality
where prices are low and are kept low because of unfavorable conditions
that mnst eventually bo removed. A few years ago there was a swamp
a little way out of Winnipeg that would cost a lot of money to drain.
I 'jflHjf-t it fPr " Bffflfl, To the east of it was some land that some day
the C. P. R. was sure to neeoffor "tbe ^'tension of its yards. That
day came. The railway drained its land and mine at the same��time. I
made money on that- deal. No, my boy, don't buy when everyone else
is buying. Buy where yon know all the conditions and know they must
There is no town in the west where real estate is ns low as it is in
Cliase, when you consider the advantages. There ure reasons. Chase
has never been boomed. That is one reason, But there ure others
that have more effect. The Dominion lands in the vicinity have been
withdrawn from entry ever since tlie town began. Largo ranches of
irrigated land adjoining the town have been kept off .the market.
There is prospect that they will be open-in the near future. This
is oue retarding condition that will be removed.
These lands as at present worked are producing for the owners
less than two per cent, on the value of tho property. They can afford
to hold until they Hud the right purchaser, but when he arrives it will
mean subdivision und an influx of the^best kind of population.
If your property in Chase appears low iu value for a town with an
ideal location and all modern conveniences, it is just your time to buy
some more and hold it., A sucker buys at the top of the uinrket.
In the Privy Council decision as to the ownership of the Pemberton estate one of the Bhuckles that have fettered progress is removed
Nothing now stands iu the way of development. Those two thousand
acres will make a home and a living for two hundred families. The
Water from Niskonlith Lake that has been running unused to the
ocean will be turned on to fertile lauds to become the life blood of
thousands of fruit trees.
fn the surrounding country is a growing population of farmers
who are working quarter sections without irrigation, The addition of
a close packed settlement will give a further impetus to a prosperous
and promising district. Next we expect to Lear of a townsite at
Pritchard being registered.
The next thing in order is the subdivision of the Shuswap bottom
lands and a townsite at Shuswap. The Sorrento townsite is already on
the market. Then within twelve miles of Chase there will be ut least
three towns, each backed up by a population of thrifty farmers, or
sought out by those who huve succeeded iu less genial climes und are
looking for a pleasant place of retirement. They will all lie a help to
Chase, aud Chase should aim to assist thuir growth,
The government does not send a mini around the country to ask
the people what they would like to have in' the way of improvements.
It waits to be asked.
Pritchard needs a wharf for the convenience of those who wish to
ship by water. There are doubtless many such. It is up to the peo.
pie of Pritchard to let their representative at Ottawa know their needs
in this respect. The Department of Public Works would then doubt-
less ask their engineer for u report on the matter and if he reported
favorably would grunt the request.
There are residents of Pritchard in the Chase Central Board of
Trade and in the Conservative Association, and through these bodies
they could conveniently lake action.
The signs of the times point to a lively summer on the lakes.
That live bunch, the Shuswup Luke Boating Club of Sicamous, ale the
first to name a dute for a regatta. Last year the celebration here on
the eame day prevented the nttendunco of boats from Chase. This
year the regatta ie to be on the thin] of June. The owners of boats
at the lower end of the lake should lay plaus to be in Sicamous on
that day.
The winter hns broken at last.   It has been un unusual one for its
-steady cold but it is pleasant to think that there are only two months
between zero and apple blossoms.
The Bpring cleaning of the voters' lists is n move in the right direction. In n country with a shifting population the lists get clogged
with names of absent persons,
The number of new post offices opening in the district is a sign of
the times.
Friday, March 7th
Temperance Hotel
���M A New and ���**-
Comfortable  House.
B. C.
Notice is hereby given that the reserve existing by reason of the notice
published in the British Columbia Gazette
of De.cem.er 27th, 1907, is cancelled in
so far as the same relates to the following described lands, so aB to permit
ot the sale of tbe timber standing thereon*���
Commencing at a post on the west
shore of Adams Lake, Kamloops District, which post is situated 7 miles and
78 chains north and 42 chains east of
the north-east oorner of Section 80,
Township 25, Range 11, west of the 6th
meridian; thence west 16 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 32 chains,
more or less, to the shore of Adams
Lake; thence southerly along the Bhore
of Adams Lake point of commencement;
containing by admeasurement 198 acres,
more or leas..
Commencing at a post planted on the
east Bhore of Adams Lake, Kamloops
District, which post is situated S miles
and 4-t chains north and I mile and 36
chains, east of the north-east corner of
Section 80, Township 26, Range 11, west
of the 6th meridian; thence 20 chains
eaat; thence 60 chains south; thence 10
chainB west; thence 20 chains south;
thence 20 chains west; thence 20 chains
south; thence 44 chains west to the
south shore of Adams Lake; thence
northerly along the shore of Adams
Lake to point of commencement; containing by admeasurement 283 acres,
more or less.
Commencing at a point planted on the
east shore of Adams Lake, Kamloops
District, which post is 61 chains north
and 83 chains west of the north-east
corner of Section 30, Township 26,
Range 11, west of the 6th meridian;
thence 78 chains east; thence north to
the south-west comer of Lot No. 1831;
thence north along the west boundary
of said lot and continuing north for a
total distance of 198 chains in latitude
from the point of commencement;
thence west 6 chains to the shore of
Adams Lake; thence southerly along the
shore of Adams Lake to the point of
commencement; containing by admeasurement 970 acres, more or less.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Tistoria, B. C,  -Deeember Uth, 1912.
We carry a full
line in all the
popular magazines
and periodicals.
We also have a
first class selection
of modern works
of fiction.
If you take a look
at the toy department you will be
sure to get something for the bairns
B.   C.
Oil ASK    HA P   A   FIRST
All Our Work Guaranteed First
H. O. POY, Proprietor
/v��v>AnAAA^WVl      mmm m, m��
Bank of Canada
D. R*WILKH., Pbes.     ::     Hon. R. JAFFRAY. Vice-Pbes.
R. A. UETHUNE, Manages Chase Branch
Savings BanK
Interest Allowed On
From Dute of Deposit
Special   0   Attention 0 Given 0 To
Banking By Mail
Arfents In England:-Lloyd's Bank, Limited, London,
and Branches
of Pythias
Chase Lodge No. 47
Meets   Every   Tuesday   Night.
C. L. Barker, C.C.
H. M. Law, K.ofR.&S.    '
Visiting Knights are Welcome.
General Store
In his new building.
Our Stock t is  now complete and contains
a   fine   assortment   of  Groceries,- Gents'
Furnishings and Hardware.
A Large Stock of Leckies Boots and Shoes.
Your Patronage is solicited.
Pritchard - B.C.
Medical, Surgical and Maternity.
CHASE,   -   B. C.
For Sale
Tons of Hay
Gerard-Heintzman Pianos.
Columbia Gramophones.
All Kinds of Records and Supplies.
Guitars.  Mandolins, Banjos.
Anything in the Music Line.
Kamloops - B. C.
Century Ten Cent Sheet Music.
Any Piece You Want.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled
Send for Catalogue.
The Tribune for All the News uE T��inr
The Gossip Corner
Ab Coy, of real estate fame, took a
look in at Chase last Saturday.
H. J. Haylock, of the Imperial Bank,
was in Kamloops on Saturday.
G. G. Chase, of Chase Ranch, made
a business trip to Kamloops on Saturday.
Laughlin Farris, after a stay of several months with his brother, A.S. Farris,
left this morning for his home in Ken-
ora, Ont.
Harold Spence, who Is braking on the
-    C. P. R. between Kamloops and Field,
la spending a few days at his home
Grant & Ballard are anticipating a
busy season. A carload of rhe world-
renowned Kings Quality Flour has just
been delivered to their store.
-J. McMartin went down to the coast
this week on business connected with
material for the Shuswap bridge. On
his return Mr. McMartin will remain
until the completion of the bridge.
T. Gahan, F. Mattson, H. Tierney and
Martin Johnson while at the coast on business recently, attended the funeial of
,   George Price, whose-eath was recorded
in a recent issue of the Tribune.
Messrs. D. Cameron and W. G. Laird,
inspectors for Imperial Bank, inspected
the branch here on Wednesday. They
were accompanied by R, A. Bethune,
the manager from Kamloops.
Miss A. G. Smith of Pender Harbor
visited her sister, Miss Miriam Smith,
matron of the hospital, this week. She
left last evening for Calgary.
With the coming of spring the engineering staff of the Public Works De
partment are getting busy on field work.
H. A. Thompson and party set out today to locate some obstructions to navi-
in the South TSompson river.
The firemen held a meeting last night
and a motion by H. L. McLean, second-
ded by A. Bond, Was carried, that the
annual firemen's celebration be held
on May 24th.
J. P. Shaw, M.P.P., returned on Wednesday to his home in Shuswap.
Grant & Ballard have just received a
large consignment of marmalade
W. M. McLean of Notch Hill was a
visitor in town this week.
Chas. J. Beemer of Sorrento, was
registered at the Underwood on Saturday.
The Board of Trade is talking of having a dance on the first Friday after
The Pendleton Round-up pictures In
the Chase Opera House on Friday and
Saturday nights drew good houses on
both evenings.
Jim and George Day are back in Chase
again after working for some time on
bridge construction at Kamloops.
C. W. Cameron has completed work
on Kamloops wharf. He brought back
the pile driving machinery by rail and
moved it with teams to the docks of the
Department of Public Works.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Estey have
rented and moved into Mr. E. E,
Brooks' house. Mr. Estey came here
last fall front Nelson and took over the
Turtle Valley Mill, wnere he is prepar
ing for a big season's work.
There arrived in Chase this week
from the old country Mr. and Mrs. J.
S. Ballard and child. Mr. Ballard is a
brother of Mr. H. Ballard of the Arm
of Grant & Ballaad. He comes from
Hayward's Heath, Sussex, England,
where he was a grocer and wine and
spirit merchant. He expects to go into
business in this province.
Will tlie party wlio wns seen ti
excliniigc mi old lint for n new on<
nt lliu dunce on Monday -ilrlit,
please return the new one to R. J
Sninsbury,or leave it at tlie Tribune
ofllce tile first time lie is iu town
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the List of Voters for the
Kninloops Electoral District has been cancelled and that application
to lie placed on the Voters List will be received at my office at Kimi
loops, where printed forms of affidavit to be used in support of an
application to vote will be supplied.
The List of persons claiming to vote will be suspended from and
after the Seventh day of April, 1913, and a Court of Revision will be
held on the Nineteenth duy of May, aud notice of objections to the
insertion of any name on the Register of Voters must be given to me
th irty clear day. before the holding of the Court of Revision.
Dated this 3rd day of March, 1918.
Registrar of Voters for the'
Kamloops Electoral District.
As a new firm is talcing over
this store oh April 1st, for the
purpose of opening up a general
store, to reduce the stock as
low as possible in the next
sixty days, I will give a
Discount of 10 ZL
On all Stoves, Graniteware,
Tinware and Furniture.
R.  P.  fradley's
Hardware   Store
.Chase, B.C.
Cr."tractor and
Ev steer   . j
Estimates   Furni-jhed   on  Appli-
,   cation.    Al! Work Guaranteed.   Prices Kijht.-
Notch Hill -huiwap L��K.
Ilarvey, McCarier %\
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Offices:   Imperial Bank
Revelstoke, B. C.
For Sale.
OnenewL.C. Smith,latest model, back
space key, two color ribbon attachment, visible writer $132.50
One Smith Premier,
rebuilt, a si<ap at
One Empire, in
splendid condition
One Williams, good to learn on, has
Universal keyboard $10.00
These are but samples.  We can furnish you with, new or rebuilt machines
of any make at regular prices.
We  also   handle   Cowie's   famous
" Sunset" brand of typewriter car"
bons and ribbons. Write to
Chas. P. McRostie
61 Victoria Street
Kamloops   -   B. C.
W. F. Barnes
Contracter and Builder
Doors, and Window Frames,
Screen Doors, and   Window
Screens, Doors and' Window*
Built to order
From 20ft. to 40ft.
In carload lots or larger contracts
The Lindsley Bros. Co.
care of
Enderby. or
In All Its Different
Products such as:
Keep Down
Doctors' Bills
By keeping your feet warm
1 '
i ���
and dry. Melting snow will
will soon test the quality of
your footwear. What you
need for men, women and
children can be found in
best quality at
Alter Work Drop In and
Enjoy a Came of
Full Stock Cigars
and Tobaccos. A
First Class Barber
Shop in Connection
 : '����� ��..."���'
Foil Line Sherwin-Williai
Paints, Latest Designs
in Wall Paper
--���Mon, ownsr ot Uerand. ptsnuoea.
though datp.rat.lr III. ossrawst and controls M hsad hunting Solomon isiaadtra
br force of will and -������pons -hl.i Mm
calls with ton* msn
Hs returns Anion, a ninaw.j laborer.
Shsldon bas Araiifa and Billy wMvom m
autll a Butlnr. Hla sicsc-i inor.-ssse.
Hla parUsr. Himhl' ������*.�� man- laborers
Joan Laokland.ia prswy ftri, amvw
wltb her craw of Tahltlans, Sheldon o��
comes unconscious, aod-sba tabes cbargi
ut tbt^dk
S-�� w-JTstU Jlllaat American girl, a
lover otjadvsoitn. a aaurt of Hawaii
md" anTorpban. Her snip baa baea
wrecseoV She prone to Sheldon that.aba
shoot. .
Electrical and .Niter Bo��t
J-       Supplies
and Bakery
Board and Rooms, Bath
Good Tabic, Reasonable "
Rates, Meals at AU Hours
rmntt bit friendly ���ufiMUoiu*. and
h ��� quarrel.   She raafcM It plitn mat ���&��
*]������* tot  matrimonwlly  Inclined.   Bhe aad
- ihelfloi   ��_,�����   two   black   worn*,   from
.vage laborara demand tht woman,
atu-mpu to diiciplin* tiiei^and
���ota a native and aavaa mi lUa.
Dim for muiiins bar about
��� -ar'aavage dog, arrlvea.    DMplM
���fcatflinga .lonn ioe�� to eipiura
���baconi��m|iiaiet| buying    ITintn-
(I dlfHc_^.l>*M-inri_'i<-n _,ti��iiit>n.
*�������� tb'mjiiWirr^ake dynamlta'
'""^IM*- Tiaiaii trivet thim intt
lieir cmef- ia puniatiM: AUtrfao
'ha Rafl nave Ubeidon to tnalr powar
' ioan offen to oecome nta partner Hit
iiiBnilon ot conventlrwalltle�� ingera oar.
dti* r��wiu�� nn chaperon, abe *aya. sheJdur.
ilt��ally.at'--epto iter aa bta , par.tr.tr
ludor and ��'on BlU. goldjieeKera. arriva
nn ibr Martha Juan and ludor teem to
mir-reet eacb other   Hbeidg^
. m
iftdou emerged troir
iMKp* the trees be found
.loan waiting at the com
pound gate, and b* could
m>r 4all to see that she waa Ttslblj
irtnildl'ned at tbe sight of bim.
' "I van't tell jou how glad I am to
�����*% son." 'waa ber greeting "Whit's
���iiH'ome of Tudor'; That last flutter of
Hi' auttunarir wasn't nice to listen
in Wm'It you or TudorJ"
ulous than I "feel." hs answered, robbing tbe mmp on bla forehead reflectively "And If this Is the accepted
romantic program -a duel over a girl
and the girl rushing Into the arms ol
.the winner-why. I shall not make ���
bigger aaa or myself by going In fof
"1 thought you'd Jump it It," sh.
confessed, with a naivete he could
not but question, for he thought b.
saw a roguish gleam In ber eyea.
"My conception of love moat differ
from yours, then," he said. "1 should
want a woman to marry me for lov.
of me and not out of romantic admiration because 1 wu lucky enough
to drill a bole to a man's shoulder
wltb smokeless powder. I tell you 1
am disgusted with this adventure
tomfoolery and rot 1 don't like It
Tudor la a aample of the adventure
kind���picking a quarrel with me and
behaving like a monkey. Insisting on
fighting with me--'to tbe death,' he
aald.   It was like a penny dreadful,
1  TH1NI
aa ever, the telltale angry
ber cheeks.        .
"Of course IfByou dotftj woiiTuo
marry me"- <5"V
"Hut I do." he nastily Interposed
"Oh. you do"- .
"But don t .vou see, little glyf. I warn
ri/u to love me," be hurried on: "nth
rfwtse ll would he only hnir a mar
riHge. I don'! want you \ marry me
simply hecaiise b> so doln** a stop la
put to tbe heai'b gossip, nor do I want
yon to marry me out ot some foolish
roroniitli' ootion. I shouldn't wani
v..  hi'hi .ny" 1^
, (coSi-liNTEli)
'Vaxton yalley.v
^ [Continued from Page 1].
why this lan_-should be tied up ln Ihe
forest reserve; If. so, please enlighten
us. tWith the completion of th�� wai **"
road to 8jx Mile Creek*, much (il
will io Jthla wajr��and the -Otilco-
au^pobile will mingle with the mon
ful/5y of the loon, and the genjk huVi
of the festive 'Mosquito; and tne wayfarer will wonder why such magnificent
distances intervene between the lonely
settlers' cabins..- Had we any hope that
so faint and squeaky a*foice as ours,
crying in this wilderness, would be heard
in Ottawa, we would suggest that the
Solons give the matter their consideration. As it is, we can as least watch,
as well ss pray, and, it is said that all
things come 'to thase who wait���*nhd
waiting is our strong point.
In conclusion, we would say, we need
settlers, and many of the settlers already here need housekeepers, we think,
so any ladies matrimonially inclined
might find it to thei.i advantage to put
an ad. in. the Tribune.
We could say more, but we won't.and
if we have said anything to be sorry
for, we are glad of it. j��
Hezekiah Hayseed.
J-gERE it the finest range of White Wear ever
shown in Chase. Moderate prices combined
with quality and style ensure splendid value
for your money.
Corset Covers
25c    35c   40c
50c   65c
Princess Slips
$1.25  $1.50
$1.25 $1.50 $1.95
$2.50   $3.50
$1.25   $1.50
$1.25 $1.50
$2.50 $3.50
$1.25   $1.50
Chase, B. C.
A. S. FARRIS j__��l
$5.00 Reward f
Driven from Martin Prairie range,
one roan horse, coming four years old,
with white iiv face, branded D on jaw.
Five dollarB'ftward if delivered at the
Adams River Lumber Company's store
at Chase.
Anyone found harboring  the above
She waB biting ber Up, and. tbougb i after thi_ notice win be prosecuted.
ber eyes were cool and level looking j
Rigs for Hire
Chase, B.C.
Pastor ��� J. HYDE
Church of England
Services are held in All Saints
Church Room, Chase, as follows: '
Evensong and Address at 7.30 p.m.
Holy Communion   at 11 a.m.
and   Evensong Address  at 7.30 p.m.
The Hotel
of Quality
Bread and Marmalade
Is the most wholesome food you can give to
the kiddies
We   have just  received  a  carload  of
Rings Quality Flour
This Flour has earned the reputation
of being the Finest obtainable in Canada.
To-day we shall be having in a huge
consignment of
Marmalade Oranges
Grant�� Ballard
Grocers and Butchers
We are never without the finest
Hams and Bacon.


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