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Vol. ii. No. 48 ~~
Cliase B.C., Fridav. February SO   191 _
ffi8.00 Per Ye*
Annual Meeting held, when reports are
given of the Years Work.,. McConnell   Re-elected   President
The Chaae Conservative Association
held their Aunual Meeting on Wednesday
evening in the Opera House Andrew
MeConnel the President in the chair.
The minutes of the last annual meeting
were read, and on the motion of McLean
Sec.'by Clegg they were adopted.
G. A. Coburn of Shuswap the delegate
to the Conservative Convention at Victoria gave in a written report of the
Moved by Miner Sec.  Baglee that the
delegates report be accepted,"   car.
L. Cummings presented the Sec-
Treas. report. Moved by Brett that the
"report'be accepted.   Car.
Dr. Scatchard asked for information
re the boat service on the lake and a-
bout the roads in the district, as the
delegate from the Board of Trade had
reported that Mr. Shaw stated he would
oppose the building of a road down
Chase creek.
The President replied that the association were working to obtain _ C, P. R.
boat service from Sicamous (o Savonas,
and it was'very prc.ba.ble that they
would succeed. IV respect t,o the roads
lthedistrio)., Mr-fehaw woiAlsSnot press
/less the work was en-
,of if
J. P. Shaw-and
M-ej-u*. ?*.,.?���*>
'tdb were elcrf,
I'nts.     r
M. B-rrel
Andrew McConnefly and G. Colburn
were nominated for president, G. Colburn withdrew in favoi of McConnell
who waB elected. j
was electeJl as Vice-Presi-
G. Coburn
elected as Sec-
L. Cummings was ..,
retary-Treasurcr. J
��he following were/elected   on the
eyj-cutive: - ���  i
{ 'Chaw..
Dr.   -'.'atchard,    H.   L.
A.   Bond.
f,   Clegg,    Dr.   Scatch
Lean,  R.   J.   Miner,   i
Chase Creek:
L.   Land
H addle
( Pritchard:
.'      R. Brett, W. P. Pritchard
I'ambei ton Ran(?e:
R. Hilzelhurst, C.
L, C. Byres, A. R. Sharp.
Turtle  Valley:
J. Bailey.
Duck Range:
H.    Sinclair.
Adams Lake:
C. Todd G. Keyes,
Gentlemen:��� Having been ap
pointed a delegate from your association
to attend the annual meeting of the B.
C. Conservative Association I beg herewith to present my report and hope you
will view matters in the same light as
I have presented them at Victoria,
Now to begin with I might say the
gathering of the association was representative of the whole province of B.C.
^nnd     found f-om feelings expressed
Ti.   al; -_ti. , i-.igs of the delegates
th-tjpur District in particular was looked on moat favorably by those in authority at Victoria.
Many matters of interest were brought
before the meeting including such as the
proposed Dower Act. The act regarding Forestry service and its relation to
1 can only say that after having received from your association here a e-
port of their views that I was perfectly
in accord with the views presented by
your association and strongly pressed
the members of the Legislative with
whom I came in contact that these
views were the feeling of our whole
representative population.
I also took up the matter of improvement of mads throughout the District
also the question of street improvement
in Chase and was assured by those in
authority that all these matters would
be dealt with as soon as estimates are
brought down and the members of the
Govt, with whom I came in contact
asked me to personally thank the people
of Shuswap, Chase, Adams Lake, Pritchard and other parts of the riding for
the confidence they had so far placed
in the Victoria Government and to assure them that a continuance of those
friendly feelings was hoped for by every
provincial member at Victoria.
Yours Truly,
���Geo. A. Coburn.
Secretary's Report
Herewith I beg to hand you report of
the work of our Association during the
year juat passed.
To date I find two hundred and one
names have been ^ reported to me as
having been placed on the voters list
and from parties sending in returns we
can safely figure that 90 per cent of
these are supporters of the Conservative
l'ar(ty.      i |;,   ,   . ,...,��.
xou wi.i perhaps remember at our
last annual meeting a strong agitation
was on foot in many parts of the district in regard to the land question, this*
we found was being dealt with by Dominion Government on basis of individual claims, now our association while
perfectly in accord with Dominion Government in handling the matter on individual lines foresaw that such legislation was only temporary and our efforts have been put forward to press
the Dominion Govtrnment for permanent   legislation along these lines.
Questions of forest reserves and the
rights of settlers have also been taken
up with the result that we have an assurance from Ottawa that settlers,
will be considered as the first factor
and cases properly placed before the
Department will be dealt with. giving
openings to settlers antl preserving for
forest reserve only such land as is unsuitable for agriculture and necessary
for protection of watersheds.
Other matters dealing with the opening of waterway from Sicamous to
Savonas are still being kept before the
Ministers at Ottawa and we have assurance that this will be dealt with by
those in authority at an early date.
We are also using out best endeavours
in the matter of appropiation for roads
and from Victoria we have received
the assurance that our wants will be attended to ln so far as it Is possible, consistent with monies available for expenditure in the district.
me  on_Pii
Fundamental Principle is: Right of Agricultural Committee Agrees with
People to Share in* Growers that there is
Profits Good Field
Inspector Visits
Chase School.
Mr. S. Martin, Provincial School Inspector from Kamloops, paid a visit to
Chase on Monday1 inspecting divisions
two and three at the Chase school. On
Tuesday, the schools at Watmore and
and Pemberton Range were visited, on
Wednesday the schools at Shuswap and
Turtle Valley received a call, on Thursday Mr. Martin was back at Chase inspecting division one.
New Head of H. B. Co.
London, Feb. 17.���Sir Thomas Shinner
was apdointed governor of the Hudson's
Bay company, in succession to the late
Lord Strathcona, at today's meeting of
the board. Leonard T. Cunliffe waa appointed deputy governor and A. M.
Nanton, chairman of the advisory committee, Winnipeg, was elected to a seat
on its board.
Government co-operation tc-***tabiish
and maintain a flourishing lumber industry in the province waa emphasized
by Hon. W. R. Ross, minister nf lands,
in a speech to the legislature, outlining
the scope of the-new Forestry Bill now
before the houae.
"The bill," said the minister, 'gives
a fair and just measure of oertirihty to
timber licence-holders and* stability to
our lumber industry. It somewhat increases present returns to the government from timber royalty, and provides
for greater increases in the future: but
the most fundamental thing in this bill
lies in its recognition of the profit-sharing principle���in its recognition uf the
right of the people of British Columbia
to share in the increasing value of their
own timber property.
"I have never looked upon this question of royalty increase aa a mere question of money raising. 1 have looked
upon it rather as a fundamental question
in public forest policy. To me it
has had three great purposes in view,
not the object of taking from the industry, the highest possible money revenue.
"These three great purposes are as
follows: First, so to settle this royalty
question .aa to ensure in the highest
practicable degree the welfare of all (he
pepple in British Columbia. Secdlfl, so
to handle thiB question that the
inent co-operates to the full;'
ate *ixtent in establishing   ..
*1   -i.
r Indus'lfy m our- provm
_i-,i to handle this matter,
forest conservation not a .reinote hut a'
nearer and more probable thing upon
all timber limits. For in the last analysis, the test of the success of the
forest policy of this government will
lie. not merely in the present productiveness, but still more in the future productiveness of the forests themselves.
"It is a bill drafted in British Columbia
based on a knowledge of British Columbia conditions, and my belief is that
it will work to the satisfaction of British
Columbians. I think I may say without
exaggeration that this is not merely a
royalty measure1. It is a forest censer- j
vation measure; the second greatforest I
conservation measure which has been,
inaugurated by this government in re-j
cent years.
"I hope that in the years to come and i
not in the remote years either, wo may j
take further great steps forward in our j
forest conservation policy.'
i mjlke
That great good can be accomplished
for the fruit industry of the province by
exhibiting and advertising it in the
prairie provinces was the opinion expressed by the members of the agricultural committee of the legislature this
week during |an informal discussion of
the resolution adopted at the recent
convention of farmers' institutes held
in Victoria.
The members do not need any reminder of the quality of the fruit that British Columbia can produce, but they had
it for all that, the generosity of J. H.
Schafield, member for Ymir, having
brought to the house another gift of
some choice fruit, representing the
average product of the orchards in his
Some of the matters dealt with in the
resolutions, as far as the committee got
with them before adjournment, dealt
with matters which are in the control
of the Dominion government or the railway commission, and these were passed
over. A number of others, Chairman
Lucas informed his colleagues, will be
dealt with in the report of the roya*
commission on agriculture, which will
probably be brought down to the house
this week, and will be referred to the
Included in these are the ouestion of
���ttlement of logged-off laifls, such aa
**"-��**--^wSjgpiiia $_.$?
excercised, the exemption of improve,
ments on agricultural lands from taxation the reduction of taxation on the
farming community, marketing arrangements for agricultural probucts, instruction in agriculture and other matters,
Miorjf neaT ]
the people 'of that  district*
Large Party of Chase people entertained at Hoffman's
Early in the winter an attempted
sleighing party by the young people of
Chase went on the locks for want of
snow. A second attempt on Monday
night proved more successful. An invitation had come from Mrs Hoffman for
the party to come down to the Hoffman
Ranch and have a good time there til)
they felt like going home.
They went in two sleigh loads, ten on
one and sixteen on the other, four were
picked up at Shuswap. The sleighing
was hardly perfect, but good enough to
get there on.
The lights of the ranch house came in
sight at 10-30. The hours from then
till 2-30 were filled with music dancing
and singing. Before the party left -for
home Mrs Hoffman served ' supper in
the dining room, the table stretched to
full length being filled three times.
The guests, many of whom were strangers at the ranch, all voted Mrs Hoffman the kindest of hostesses.
It was five o'clock in the morning
when the sleeping sleigh load were
wakened by the call of "jihase next
stop." Everyone had had a igood time
and ths chaperons, H. L. McLean and
A. I. Talbot bad behaved admirably.
Employees of A.  R. L, Co. mi
Gift of Watch to late
On Wednesday, a very interesl
event took place at the offices of
Adams River Lumber Co., when a i
sentation of a valuable gold watch
chain was made by the employees of
Company to the late manager B.
Sawyer, who Is leaving the district.
Mr, Sawyer in suitable words that
all those who had contributed tow
the gift, all the more acceptable beci
it was bo unexpected, and stated'
he would always treasure the gift
momento of a very pleasant time ��
in the Town of Chase.
The watch was engraved with
inscription "Presented to B. W. Sm
by the employees of the Adams R
Lumber Co. Feb. 1914."
Mr.  Sawyer  left
for the State!
Game called |
The Chase hockey team jolH,-^ Up
to Tappen on Friday last f.W_ ieaKUe
game- On arrival they foiin/ jnit tne
-k'^WuV in i-��-is y.oi ���-������.ii,;_p.t ;;,|
was impossible te play, thi��f,.im,,_ y/
understand that the ice m canoe was
in good condition and thefchasc team
wished to have the gametransferred to
tba,t rink. The Tappen Cm refused to
go to*-G_noe. As the Cliase team were
on the groKfllL and wi[j^ to play they
are asking for'Th^'pointSVi default.
Motor Driven Lifeboi
Aboard Alsati
London, Feb. 16.���A motor-drivat
boat, equipped for wireless telegra
has jua.t been fitted to the new J
liner Alsatian, which left I.iverpw
her second trip to Canada yester
The boat is cf mahogany and oalt
twenty-eight feet in length, wi
bel(>Mlittl__k,ct' " 'a vor-' com'
ly bum/lmdaPf.' isJM"**���. tm
heaviest work.
For over 'patt?0-*' "-'"' "'
in,   Theie ii '�� wul
. Exportation of Oil.
Ottawa, Feb. 15,-Hon. Dr. Reid,
minister of cuBtoins, has given notice of
a resolution in the Commons providing
for an amendment to the Exports Act
so as to empower the cabinet to prohibit the exportation of crude ot- partly
manufactured petroleum obtained from
crown lands in the province of Manitoba
Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, in the Northwest Territories, or
in the Yukon. The amendment is in
line with the government policy to prevent the alienation from the crown of
any oil-bearing lands still under federal
control, and also iu line with the conservation of the oil resources of Canada
with a view to their future use by the
Imperial navy.
Board of Trade.
The r gular meting of the Board of
Trade nt* *���-'���' in Monday evening in
th- ���-, ..ooiii. rc.-ent Haylock in
the chair. A fair number of memberB
were in attendance. The minutes of
the previous meeting were read and
A letter from the Deputy Minister of
Public Works re roads in Chase and
district was referred to the Chase Conservative Association.
It was decided that the Secretary send
a letter to the road engineer re having
the crossing over the C. P. R. track
A committee of Messers Haylock and
Bradle'y was appointed to see Mr. Barry
re a possible locator of a Moving picture
houae in Chase. Meeting then adjdurned.
Suffragettes not Impressed With   Wilson's A-Uzlt
The above photograph bIiowb a number of the band of women who journeyed to Washingta
enlist President Wilson's influence in behalf of their cause. The suffragettes were very indignant w
only a few were admitted to an audience with the President. They expressed tlieir feelings in such a;
pounced manner that the President ordered that nil of the worn��� be admitted. After hearing their ]
sentations, Wilson gave tho women very slim encouragement, and based his failure to do so on the gro
that lie could not speak for his party until tho party had taken a position in the ma1
Mrs. Crlundower Evans of Boston, who led the delegation said, " I thought from what you said at Se_i
when you were a candidate for president that you were in favor of our cauBe, but you were gunning
voteB then." So chilled were some of these women by the President's rather frigid reception, that v.
departing, many passing him in single file refused to tako his proffered hand.
a I i TWO
Published Bvekv Fuiday  Mowing at Chase. Bkitish Columbia
L��4   than   10
He par Inch.
T. J. KINLEY   Editor
Inches,   one   lnaertlon,
.  Display,   contract,   100  lnchaa   to
. VMmt b) thl
$15.00 per Issue.
110.00    par
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^Display,   full  page,  110.00  per laaua,
. 1100,00  par month.
'' " Dtaplay.  half pace,
910.00 per month.
Display,    quarter   i
laaue, 125.00 per montl
Coal Notices, thirty days, $6.00 each.
Raglatrar'a     Notices,    thirty     days.
91.00 each.
Land Notices, sixty days, $7,10 each.
R.idiot   Notlcaa,   20  cents   per   line
each Insertion.
Legal Advertising 12 par Una first Insertion; 8
cents a line each subsequent Insertion.
Subscription*  In  Advance,  f2  c
Year, United States, $2.50 a
To insure acceptance, all iniimi-
scripl should be legibly written on ono side of the papi'i
only. Typwrilten copy is preferred.
The Tribune docs nol ni'cossiiiib
endorse the sentiments expressed in any contributed article.
Advertisers will please romember
that to ensure a changa, oopy
must ba In by Tuesday noon.
A bill of considerable importance to the country in relation to the
establishment and duplication of industries has just received its first
reading. It is designed to so amend the Dominion lands act that in
. future lands .upon which-there is any water power, or which border upon or are close to a water power which mny be required in the future,
^ar may be useful for the working and development of this power, will
not be open for homesteading, for purchase for a homestead, or for pre
emption; but they may be leased until required for the purpose of the
utilization of these adjacent water powers.
Daring the Liberal regime water power was as liberally doled out
to favorites or sold to land purchasers as dollars by the million were
distributed amongst people who hod not earned them iu the source of
the construction of portions of the Or. T. P., and to-day in many cases
valuable rater sites that should be utilized for the public weal are being exploited for private, gain.
In this matter the past is irretrievable, {.but the fragments that remain will now be as sedulously huibanded ab the bulk has previously
been prodigally thrown away.
The conservation of our natural water fofrces is as important as the
preservation of o_r_forest- .Yvoftftli, li-dftSjppulation  increases and industries -taltiply the more valuable wilifflby become for the transmis-
! power 1& the service of men and tee development of the Dom-
jiot want not" is a good nukto for govern men ts in such
��pity is that it has uot beeulearlier put into practice.-1-
The east has been having another taste iJTa real old-fashioned winter. The season which opened so mildly hasj-een mnkiiig up for lost time.
Contrary to the usual procedure, the colJ wave did not come from the
northwest. It came from the southwest, nfid encompassed the whole con
tinenteustof tha Rocky Mountains. The extreme severity of the weather
brought such hardships ns we in the west;hardly can understand to the
thousands in eastern cities who tire unemployed, and therefore lack
what under such conditions are the actual necessaries of life. When the
temperatures fall below zero, life scarcely is worth living to those whose
bodies are ill-nourished nnd whose habitations nre not artificially warm
ed. T^-* distress wns, of cou so,., most acute in the Inrge centres of
population, to which the unemployed habitually gravitate during periods
of business depiession. Several deaths from exposure and lack of
nourishment were reported in New York; but thero also 1ms been n
great deal of distress iu eastern Canadian cities. In Toronto more than
eight thousand people nre reported in the newspapers us out of employment, and bread lines have been established for civic relief of the destitute. If there were not something wrong, something out of joint, in
our sociul aud economic system, such conditions should not be iu a land
laden with natural wealth. Zero weather and lack of employment do
do not work together for the comfort of any people,���Victoria Times,
The new Parcel Post now in working ortler, iB uot proving very
popular yet ut Chase, The number of parcels sent out so fnr from the
local office hns been very low, while the number of express parcels thriving are keeping well up to the average.
No doubt after the advantages of the system ure better known it
will prove more popular, but so far us this district is concerned it would
bave been better patronized if the twenty mile zone had been made
forty or fifty miles.
Twenty miles may be all right in Ontario where the districts nre
well settled but here the settlers are scattered so far out from their purchasing points that u large part of tlieir purchasing is done through the
Within the twenty mile ni'Mus of Chase there are only nine post
lofljces, kut jn the forty mile radius there would be forty live offices, making'tt^much better territory from which trade might bo drawn,
It is not so much it question of how much we tire to do, but of how
it is to be done; not of doing more, but of doing better.
The straight rottd may be a hard one to keep, but no one ever got
lost upon it.
The gift of $176,000 has been received
from an unatned donor to help the Shack-
leton Antartic Expedition, thus mnklnff
U possible.
Apart from being a great invettor
Thomas A. Edison, the "Wiiard" is
something of a poet. Posted up in his
factories are signs that read: Save the
juice! Save the juice! Turn off the
light whan not in use.
A Winnipeg citiien was picked up,
Thursday night by a policeman patrolling the transfer trsck along the Red
River. The man was unconscious from
drink. When searched at the station
he waa found to have $1,700 in his
Three citizens of Toronto have been
fined $10 each for gambling with cards
on the Sabbath, and another has, been
fined $5 for permitting the play on his
premises. ProbaMy if the police could
catch all the citizens who risk their
money at cards on Sundaya a considerable sum would pasa. into the public
treasury.. The, Sabbath is a busy day
with big and little gamblers.
Miss Edith Durham,, who acted ao correspondent in the Balkan war, .during
a lecture held in London, expressed the
conviction that no Red Cross aid should
be sent out in a war, as to heal men's
wounds and send thein again tp; the
frontis to prolong the. war. The one
idea of the wounded was to get back for
revenge and loot.
Sir John Willison, editor of the Toronto "Daily Mews" is suing the Toronto
,,Mail and Empire" for $10,000 for hav-
stated that the former paper had pub*
liehed a New, York report of Sir James
Whitney's death in New York, which
report the latter paper alleged waa in
reality hatched in the News, office.
Tbejagony columns of The Times have
long afforded amusement to the curious
and the sentimental, and the humor of
some of the appeals for help Is for the
most part unconscions. There is nothing, however, of that kind about the
following, which appeared recently:
Britisher, slightly bald and of no pari
ictilar social standing. fl*iH fn fi��t*h
needy cfi-ior of the young, the"
born anil the well educated, desires to
meewith some charitahy disposed person if more money than brains who will
-able him to taste the unwonted and
peculiar joy of living is luxury on someone else's bounty. Address, S. 708, the
Times office.
This  Weather
calls for
we have the kind
that you will like
'   Hand-Painted
Japanese    China-
Drug' Store
Adams River Lumber Company, Limited, Manufacturers and Dealers in all
kinds of Lumber, Shingles and Lath,
A. McConnell, General Store.
R. J. Miner, Fainter and Decorator,
Electrical Supplies,
C. R. Macdonald, Drugs and Stationery.
, Ideal Pool Room, and Barber Shop.
Tobacco and cigars,
t & Ballard, Grocers and Butch-.
] Bradley & Sons, General Si
AS:      1
Dl EN8I0N     B0ARD8   J
MOULDING     LATH     8t.IN6L.E8
CHA8E  R.  C. 1
*******,**********,*m*****u****^ *'
London, Ont,, Feb. 14.���Olaf A. Hoy-
en, aged 76 years, was found frozen to
death at his home near Wolford. with
over $2,000 in cash secreted about his
clothing. Much of the money was currency securely Bewed in the lining of
his coat, while several hundred dollars
were concealed at the bottom of hiB
trousers, in a compartment created by
by folding up the cloth.
���Hoyen evidently had been taken sick
while working about his home, and
when the Are had died out he was frozen, being found lying acruts lie btti.
The Shriners of Alberta, led by the
members of Al Azhar temple, Calgary,
will carry out the biggest undertaking
that haB ever been attempted by an organization, order, lodge, society, city,
town or province in the Dominion of
Canada in May next when they will visit
Atlanta, Georgia, and attend the imperial council.
An entire train���with all the coaches
made in Alberta, hauled by a locomotivu
made in Alberta, fueled with Alberta
coal, lubricated with oil from the Alberta
oil fields, the train crew all born in Alberta, all on board wearing clothes
made in Alberta, cars illuminated with
Alberta natural gas, dining car stocked
with nothing but what has grown or
has been manufactured in Alberta -will
be chartered and will be occupied by
over 100 Shriners from Calgary and
other Alberta points.
Blackburn, England, Feb. 16.-Milkens suffragettes- early today lired a
huge cannon captured from the Russians
in one of the battles of the Crimea war.
For sixty years it had stood silent as an
ornament in the city park.
The city waa shaken by tlie explosion
and people flocked into the street in the
darkness tearing that a mine disaster
had hecured. It was not until daylight
that the cause of the expulsion was discovered.        ,
I n tlie vicinity attached tu a tree floated a lung banner inscribed: "Wake up,
Blackburn. The Labor paity, which
claims to stand for justice and freedom,
supports a government that tortures
women under the infamous cat and
mouse iter."
The idea of the miitauts was to rouse
the cotton workers of the city to support their propaganda.
t's Furnishings. \
W'iftner   Harness  and Saddlery,
Shoe, Repairing.
J. C. Adams, Watchmaker, Jeweller
and Engraver
Underwood Hotel, A. E. Underwood,
ILL. McLean,  Livery,   Express and
Yep Num & Co.  Rooming House and
W.F. Barnes. Builder and Contractor.
H. 0. Poy, Laundry.
Henry Herzog, Tailor.
G.G.  Chase,  Hay, Grain, Fruit and
The Imperial Bank of Canada.
Chase Publishing Co., Limited. Printers and Publishers.
T. J. Kinley, Real Estate and Insurance.
W. P. Pritchard, General Merchant.
Temperance Hotel.
Rig's for Hire
Fr��8h: Groceries,
and Hams
" Hardware
Rubbers; Overshoes, Boots & Sh
Mens   Furnishings
Chop, Bran and Shorts.
General Store     -3vs-      Prichard B. C
Agent for the Aladdin Lamp
\   ' r- " 'I1
^*VVVVVS^VV\<VV^^l ���mf -J
I I imperii
Bank of Catnada
D. K. WILKIE, Pbes.     *.*     Hon. R. JAFFRAY, Vioe-Pbhtj '
R. A. BETHUNE, Manage- Char_ Branch
Capital Authorized ,*:10,000,000
Capital paid up  (j,925,O0O
Reserve and Undivided Profits  8,100,000
Savings BanK
Interest Allowed On
From Date of Deposit
Special   0   Attention 0 Given 0
Banking By Mail
Agents in England:-Lloyd's Bank,  Limited, Lq
and Branches
Chase, B.C.
W. F. Barnes
Contracter and Builder
Doors, nnd  Window Frames,
Screen Doors,   and    Window
Screens, Doors and Windows
Bo a  t s
Built to order
R. J. M
i Painter fli *'
y Decorator {�� ���
Full Line Sherwin-Williams
Paints, Latest Designs
in Wall Paper
Electrical and Motor Boat
Supplies J
ITIisss trtlclw and lllmtratloni mint not
iieraprlatad without sptclal permlsslon.1
Tba Plymouth Kock is wall unroed,
fur. Ilk* tbat Plymouth rock ot tbt
pilgrim fithi'm It stunrts tb* storm.
fur tbis bully breed still fluids Ua own
notwithstanding tb�� increue of beautiful UMful breeds nnd his Increased
In varietlee froui tbe Barred Rock
(1847) to White, Buff, Silver Penciled.
Partrldie and Columbian. The Columbian appeared In 1907 ud ll a single comb sport from the Columbian
I'lioto by C. H   Barnlts.
oo-tm-i-a bock ooox aiaa
Wyandotte, which originated In a
.toss uf a White Wyandotte male and
ii clean shanked Light Brahma hen.
8o here Is seen an illustration of that
���>ld aaylng, "Shape makes tbe bi'eed,
color tbe variety." fur while this .'owl
i its Brst name from the cold! of the
variety from wbicb lj_^omes|It only
tuok the Bock name nf d *M..#lmltted
;��hen it had been
The Colum*
*ose cotjpb hWBdT
1 Its ail.filsKlun to
-is account    But
frould throw out the
[led  and   Partridge
.���AY. an   i*'.-        *eC
Why. yes. I in i.-1'itii.,. ins luiuaai
An* ���onwIinM. sn*- won't so
The contrary thins un.es lots of eool
When weather's helo*  nero.
Tho -moke-It ���inuwi ciiok.s im-
And sulphur���w\ linn;-, most bust���
And Mbse end sooi jh*i shoveil-i anew
Pill ny soul with discusi
But, sir. I'm ny all tne same-*
Sou don't catch on, you say'.'
Well, no, 1 don't mind tolllni-
Wy auto is put away!
���he's sleeplnl out In the sar&ffs.
And I've got a rest at laat
And not arrested every day
For speeding my car too fast
That oarburetor devils not.
No punctures make me woof*.
And gasoline. O gasoline.
Who earea If you're high or obeapt
la that blame differential oiled.
Tbe transmission all right,
I And to the motor full of oil
���   And an tbs nuts .crowed tight?
I do net know nor de 1 oars;
That ear to laid away,
And ahe may take a good lea. rest
Until spring somes this way.
And I'll woek to pay her bills.
Did she run me Into debt?
Well, yes; there's that laat sma-hup-
rm paying on that yet
Q. What Is tbe style ot tbe Englisl*
White Leghorns entered In the Isylnf
contest! it Stores. Conn, and Mountain Grove, Hat A. They ire lirger
Unn onr Leghorn, ot Minorca type,
beefy combs, pinched talis and white
Q. 1 hive i hen bere tbat tor two
seasons bas had canker it the entrance
to the windpipe. It forms tbere In
spite ot tt* fsct tbat I remove the
cheesy growth and treat the sore with
Iodine. Whit would yoo dot A.
When this trouble did not yield to
early treatment sbe should bave been
Ulled, as all thla time she bas spread
the contagion. Give such stubborn
ciiee the ax early snd use hydrogen
peroxide for canker.
Q. Are bantams as perfectly developed is large breeds of chickens? A.
gome are, but we note certain tandem
to reduce else batch them late so tbit
the cold may stunt them. Stunted
stock, large or small, ls Imperfect and
Will show It In lack of health or production.
Q. Whlcb do you consider tbe best
way to feed dry cut clover? A. Steam
until soft and mix In moist masb.
Q. Bow. far may eggs be shipped
without Impairing tbelr batching quality? A. If eggs are not exposed to extremes of temperature and are handled
properly the distance does not figure
If the time ls not too long.
Poultrymen along the sea find dry
'seaweed very good for Insulation
where double walls mast be used.
id. fish alBO wl^tfSA-til^JlAce bt
If. or the'e7_~ Will balt___?odenl,��"
Made In Chains lit Mas ���ethane tut
Laundered In Chine,
Breed le msdt- In different shapes
snd In different ways according to the
taste of tbe varlou.- uiitiiinallU-i Ur.
L Lodlan In Porest and stream says:
"Tbe bread of tbe Balkans, curiously
made In tbe form of chains, Is sold
from the arais and uet'ks of Itinerant
pedlers. In tent life in Balkanla tke
detached links are often used tor fun
at quoits or serve a more useful purpose ln suspending temporary curtains
and uwnlugs Tben wben tbe campers
ran out of provisions they literally eet
their curtain rings! Tbe Japanese
bamboo breed, ao named from Its
shape. Is a somewhst slmllir product
It Is sliced aud sold In strings.
"Tbe suu dried bread enacting of central Anil looks much Uke ehimols
Isetber and Is made up In pieces of
bed sheet else. It Is compounded from
lour and raisin sirup ind to l-fhly esteemed by coffee drinker*. In the
bisiirs of th* cellp-etee tt Is frequently seen hanging ln pile* of *m>
lags to shield tbe stalls frdm th* sun.
i "One ot the strangest cmcksn corns*
from Rossis. It Is known u Bt th*
mouth begl ind, besides being ouch
appreciated ������ i te* blecolfc Is quite
commonly used by merchants Ignorant
ot tbe three R'l is ��� mikeehlft ibkcu
In counting money, i lower string of
ten serving tor koiiecks snd u tipper
string of tb* same number representing roubles. More picturesque still I*
Its usage ie in extempore ring tor
marrying poor peasants with wbom
tbe gold Is licking
"Most singular of ill, however, la tbe
peculiar pith breed ot China, whlcb. Instead of being baked, la laundered out
tn narrow strips wltb a hot Iron, much
In the manner tbat a collar receive*
Its finishing. It Is made from tbe'central tissue of the fatsla frees and Is
valued highly by the clUiens of the
flowery republic' is a dainty cracker
to set with tbelr little cup* of watery,
unsweetened tea."
ig tiro
j     Photo by C. M. Barnlts.
Rocks ilso, as the White Is the only
true sport derived from tbe Birred.
The Columbian la a dandy both for
lieauty and utility. It has the beautiful
markings of tbe Light Brahma and the
.Kite and long section characteristics of
Ihe Rocks It hus a yellow, Juicy,
ineety carcass aim lays s good qaon
ilt.v of big brown egga.
Columbian enthusiasts are Increas*
lag and aucb a fine bird la bound to
hive i big following uniting sports wbo
love to breed line pointed fowls
Pounds Pounds
Cock  liVi Hen n.
Cockerel ���    Pullet ���
Don't be anxious to shine In tbe lime*
light.   "All Is not gold thai glitters."
Don't feed musty grain It spells
Don't growl about your work. If
you were out of work a��l found no
Job you'd be tbe Ont for work to sob
Don't meer at the fellow with bta
nrst entry. He sneers loudest who
sneers lut and your own entry may
not be passed.
Don't try to get on tbe right side of
the Judge. Judges aren't generally
stuck on mollycoddlers. It Is seldom
I bit the sport with the best entry
iloeetft win the blue.
Don't overwork, but do your part
with ��� good heart
Don't ship dressed poultry to the
���Ity without first investigating market conditions around you. Tou may
sell all your good- nearby and thru
escape the greedy middleman.
Don't cry over split milk. Miybe tt
was sour.
Charring dim with the Idea that the
burned portion Is a good substitute for
charcoal Is farfetched. "Peed corn as
ft comes off the cob and keep charcoal
before your hens all the time and you
save tbe grain and get better results.
Of tbe states In the Union only Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois. Kansas,
Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas,
Kentucky and Tennessee produce more
eggs tban home consumption requires.
"Hungry" Sam Miller, Pennsylva*
nlu's champion gonmiudizer, eats all
jbls eggs raw, recently putting down
twelve dozen at one sitting. Bill
Iteinke, New York's champion grub-
lier, takes bis cooked, recently scaring
jPlossle, waitress at Childs' Athletic
Iclub, by ordering fifteen fried, fifteen
boiled, fifteen scrambled and fifteen
poached, washing them down with six
cups of coffee In forty-five minutes.
A gentleman wbo declined eggs at
breakfast was asked tbe reason. "Fifteen years ago," be replied. "In open-
lug an egg I cut off the head of a little
chicken, and I haven't eaten a boiled
egg since."   Nursed.
New York city hotel keener* are combining to buy eggs direct from the egg
farms and ordinary farmers. This In-
sure* satisfactory prtcee to the' producer and good eggs to tb* buyer, as
only guaranteed fresh eggs will be accepted.
Jobber* In New fork dry recently
refused a consignment of twepty car*
of ' poultry-80,000 chlckena-beeans*
the'fowls'were stuffed with maah,
the greater port of which wis nnd
ind gravel, to make up for low ot
weight en route.   Next!
vypen hens ire ovorfit they often
die from being cbaaed by cocker*!*.
It such bens are valuable tor breeders
separate them from ���>'���# mile* ind thin
them down by Mint feed ind much
exert^e. The attentions ot the male
birdi often brtnga dentil to such fat
Of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys a nd
guineas, tbe litter lay mi egg wiib I he
strongest shell, comprising 14.4 pur
cent of the weight That Is why you
seldom see broken eggs In a guinea's
nest, (though they be pli*l in layers,
as ls often the case when so nuiiiy lay
ln onejtiest.
A Ida dirty eggs spoil the appearance Ola whole crate or basketful. A
dirty egg may be fresh, but its appearance ls offensive and suggestive or tbe
filthy sarroundlngs. where such bughouse eggs sre generally produced.
The government bas issued a bulletin
showing the development of the egg
germ to enlighten farmers In particular who How male birds to run with
the hens out of tbe breeding season
and do n t gather eggs often nor keep
them tn cool place during the summer.
���hewn In a Quaint Rsseen Per Net
Delivering s Messsgs.
Al interview in the New fork Sun
between one of Its reporters and Ur.
Bedroa Keljlk bears humorously oa
the Turkish situation and seem* to Indicate that wbat la needed I* not Increased, political activity, bat mora attention to bualmoa. As id illustration of the everyday torpor one of the
experiences of Dr. Risa Tewflk, member of parliament for Adrlanople, with
a Turkish official may be cited.
Dr. Tewflk waa visiting a friend it
Kudo Kony, across tbe Bosporus.
About 10 o'clock at night he beard
the watchman call, "Yangin var, Gall-
tada yangin var!" ("There la fire,
Is Ire ln QalaW''||^he_jistial r|
giVjen  wbfjp"^^' ^V"
1��i"tlSt)pened that Or. TewflkVlow-
' nbiue was ln Calata. and be rtlsiied
to the nearest telegraph office .1* Inquire concerning the safety oT hit
family. He received no answer to hi*
telegram, and his fears were roused.
But as no boats toss the Bosporus st
nlgbt be was obliged to wait till morning.
He got home at last to find everything safe. When be asked wby his
family bad not answered tbe telegram
be was told that they bad not received
auy. Sol Dr. Tewflk went to tbe telegraph ofllce and demanded on explanation.
One Osman Agha. to wbom Dr. Tew-
Ok's telegram bad been given for delivery, waa called.
"Where Is the effendl's telegram?"
Osman agha fumbled In bis pockets
and drew forth the message.
"Why, did you uot deliver It?" demanded Dr. Tewflk angrily.
"Ob. "effendl," answered, tbe Imperturbable Osman Agha, wbo bad evidently perused the telegram to his own
eatisfsctlon, "It was needless. I knew
that yoor bouae was not on fire."
���uaplelous ef linkers.
In * remote farming district In which
1 once passed i few days I wu told
of * wealthy firmer whose friends.
fearing he would be murdered, succeeded after an Infinity of trouble In
persusdf-g him to take hip money to,
a bank. When be Interviewed the
manager be asked bow much the bank
would charge for taking care ot hi*
cub. The manager replied thit It
would charge nothing, but wonld pay
him something. "I always knew yoo,
were meant" he retorted, ind marched off. money ind all -London OttJ.
Very Thoughtful.
"The clocks," ssld the bride. _*
simply beautiful, and It wai lov��l�� of
you to give tbem tu ua Bnt-you won't
think me Inquisitive'/-msy 1 ask why
you gave ns i pair of tbeml' Of conn*
It was perfectly"-
"1 gave you two uf them." Interrupts
tbe friend, "because I'm very fond ot
both of you, and If you ever get divorced you will each have something
to remember me by."-Chicago Post.
Avoid.nc Comparison.
"Whai is your objection to me ll 1
son-in-law? My character Is beyond
���That's Just It," said Mr. Olsport
"Ion don't suppose I want to go
through the rest of my life having yon
held up to me as s shining example!"
-Washington Star.
Leaving Earth.
She���My   huMmnd   has   Juat   left
earth.    He-How's thnt-is be dead?
Sbe���No; he's Just gone up In in aeroplane.���Pele Mele.
Never pnt nil of your goods In the
front window  they may fade.
We can turn your Job Printing
out in  First-Class Order.
We  solicit your orders for
Letterheads, Billheads
Posters, Dodgers,^En-
>elopes, Tickets, VisiF
ing^WedHih^ Cards
Business Cards, Circulars, Programs, etc, etc.
) K"i
I Fort
Hl'cr TRin:
or tfi
A   Cri^e   Ycung
and    Hit    Litt-tt
It Is s fine thing to have a boat even
When ley winds blow chill. Some day
tbe sun will abine warmly and th*
Ice will dissolve Into sparkling water.
Then one can go boat sailing, ln tb*
meantime the proud owner of a Balling vessel can get a good deal of comfort out of tbe thought tbat brooks
aud ponds are not always frozen. Not
that a good skating pond Isn't pretty
nearly tbe best thing tbnt young folks
could wish for. The Joys of open water vanish quickly when smooth ice
confronts a young person who owns a
fine pair of skates. Still, for Just a
fleering moment this young sallorman
would like to see nn open space of
water, so that his new boat probably
��� Christmas present could show lb)
ability to breast the waves. Bnt be
won't grieve much over It because thl*
Is the time for winter sports.
���urwhin* at  Night   Doesn't   Fool  tho
Flower* In tha Arctic,
The s��Misitiv,'u,!ss ot plums is a never
r'niliiiK interest tu nil luvets of Hie
woods nml Ileitis Like a buuimi being
sensing a fall lu lit** burotut ���;.������ ntvl
tlie eomluK oi ii hiluMtorm. _��u ...*
clover Id tbe meadow fveii and abuts
Its leave.s A Hone oli-MTver tuj_ that
a Held tbnt waa wbite with blossoms
bas suddenly become quite changed
by tbe approach of h heavy cloud or
the falling of n light shower.
The common cbiettweed opens Ita
blossom' only when ibe sun is shining
and counts ou only the bright hours.
When It closes Ita blossoms ruin Invariably follows. Tbe sea purslane
has tbe same bublt- It never opens Id
cloudy weather and closes wbeu tbe
���un ta low. about to sink. Tbe scarlet
pimpernel never exposes Its bowers to
a shower
One of tbe naturalists In an arctic
expedition noticed that, although tbe
summer sun shone through tbe nlgbta.
tbe plants made no mistake, but when
the aun got rouud to tbe west they
closed up aa If the sun bad really set
The common "four o'clock" almost
always closes Its flowers at tbat hour,
and so many plants have tbat Instinct
that Linnaeus made a floral clock of
flowering plants, eacb or which bad Its
time for closing. The wood sorrel not
only drops Ita leaves and "Shuts its purple veined flowers when It rains, but
does the same If tbe ground near by
ls struck with a stick. The family of
the oralis bas the same habit���New
fork Sun.
Whert  It is Little  Trouble to 'Take
Up Thy Bed and Walk.**
On the right as
stands a sdmII -<(:
brick,   ml- .    mm-
five t._t i.
enter the houae j
it- or sun dried *
ii     't  in about ;
������.���- ���    .    Unit
New Year's Ii _.       _
Did yon^now tbat��7fe|aiieae
ebrate Ntfr Year's/^.*   rt i8 one of
test festfcj-    The ceiebra-
2? 1st of A jfcrv is 0f heath-
jyjlkfpd  ''The  Day of
_��� \jtrlt Wi-rsluM  wbicb  means a
daV   of worship  frtln   all   directions.
TtieD ngflln it !s e4ry one's birthday
,on New Fear's la .lnf_tn_.   Think of It,
'nil tlio people celebrating tlieir blrth-
idny at once!   Is it a wonder .-that it hi
h sreig oMoslonl    On this day  the
1 douses' nut) 'gatce' are decorated  with
preens njid  gariafids  of  heavy   rope
made of nice straw.' From tbe center
Jiit these garlands ia sometimes suspended a large orange, which adds to
I the beauty.    Over the door Is tacked
j some dried hsb of u certain kind.   Bv��
j erytblng in tiieso decorations has its
special  meantug and must be placed
I in its own peculiar way.
I Wbat is tbe difference between a dollar bill and u silver quarter? Seventy*
five cents.
'���'��� What Is the rotation between* doof
and u doormat? A step farther (a stepfather!.
Wby Is a dog larger ln the morning
than at night? BeenUBe be la let out
In the morning und taken In at nlgbt
Wbat is tho first thing a man does
when be falls overboard'/   (Jets wet
Origin of Limousine.
The word limousine, now applied
generally to closed automobiles, originally meant the woolen clonk worn by
public carriers lu France. Later the
word came to mean the top or canopy
of tho carrier's cart, then 1 lit- whole
cart "'"I Una My auy vehicle with aa
Inclosed space for passengers.
A Now Year's Resolution.
Onoe I horn waB u uttlo hay.
And he never would believe
When nugsay rend nice fairy tales,
And he made.hlft mother grieve
Because he ilBtennd to wild west,
About Indiana chasing children.
He liked to hear about robbers that
Stole gold-perhape a million!
He was such a naughty boy
He chased pour hens and pullets
With wicked, cruel popguna
Thnt shot the BB bullets.
He loved to hide behind a tree
And scare sweet ilttle girls-like mo
And sor-one New Yeur'a eve It was-
That boy began to brng
The fairies hitched him m a cart,
And then thoy mnde turn drag
Just like n     -rsc all m-tnt.
y4,r<- trfv       Hrr ire* irlclts
'wecmise n      :���n't hei      �� i,j theffl.
They punished him with sticks!
They played wild west. Indians and zoo}
They clinsed'him   round   with   popgun*
Then, when with i'right he *>ns most dead*
The -iiiries tot k him home to bed.
When his klmi nur��ey snld, "Oct up,"
He dliin't wait a minute-
Before she said once, "Hurry up."
He'd had his suit and-tn tt!
He said he always would be good.
He believed In fairies, yes
And snid he'd do th�� beat he could
Not to make any mesa
Re'd be so kind to dogs and cats
And always wipe his slides on mats
Rrfore he came hi the front door-
All this he promisod nnd lots mor*
He hung his clothes up, oh, so neat.
And klaoed his pnr"rn* dear,
And wished the Utile ulrls ho knew
A happy, bright new year.
-youth's Cotapantar
Young Crocodile. Are Hoard Before
Thoy Aro Hatched.
That young unliatcbed crocodiles litter an audible croaking cry within tbe
egga ln wbicb tbey are laid la averred
by Knowledge, und it udda tbe cry la
so loud and distinct tbat It can be
heard wben tbe eggs are burled under
one or two yards of sand.
Dr. W. A. Lamborn tested tbe tact
at Lagos on tbe West African coaat
He beard a croaking noise from below
a dry patb, and, digging In the path
to investigate the cause, he discovered
thirteen crocodile's eggs at a depth of
about eighteen Inches. All tbe young
crocodiles hatched out within half an
hour ot being dug up.
So far back as 1809 Dr. Voeltzkow
noticed tbat unbutched Madagascar
crocodiles uttered a cry from the egg
ati'a depth of two yards and tbat any
shock, aB of a heavy tread, near tbe
egg paused the baby crocodiles to pro-
luce, tills sound "with tbe mouth closed,
as we produce hiccup sounds." In this
wajj they Inform tbe female crocodile
n she visits tbe nest that they
it her aid, whereupon sbe scrapea
tliBcnncI away and they emerge.
deep. Ou lilt* 111111*1 side u Is ui. Hied
lulu oiicuiuKs ol *Ii!Ti*rt-iii sizes aud
serves the cosuiupuiiiaii |iur[iose of a
china closet, kettle cupboard, a place
for father's Turkish pipe (nurgllel and
tobacco and whatever other Ilttle articles it may he convenient for tha
moment to thrust Into It.
The tuaukediih (fireplace! Is at the
forward eiid ut this structure. It ta
���ucb a fireplace as you would build at
a plcnlc-square, open at tbe top for
tbe kettle to set In and at one side to
admit the fuel. It Is built of day mixed with straw and One quarts. Then
ls no chimney. The smoke floats in,
the house wltb the sufferance of public opinion. The celling la black ud
shining, aa If tt had been varnished
The earthen floor la painted frequently
wltb red mud and robbed with a
smooth stone until It shines. It ls fur-
nlsbed wtth straw mala, cushions and
In the winter senaon soft and Huffy
There are no chain, no bedsteads.*
Tbs family sit and aleep on tbe floor.
Tbe bed consists of,a thick cushion
for a mattress, stuffed with wool or
cotton, a pillow of the same material
and a quilt for a cover. So when
Jesus said to the man he had healed,
"Arise, take up thy bed and walk," the
man did not bave very mucb to carry.
In the daytime tbe beds are either rolled up, eacb one. In a heap and left on
the floor next to tbe wall or pnt In a
recess ln the wall, constructed tor the
purpoae.-Atlantlc Monthly.
Applee With Worms,
ft uot be tbat we get a keener
f*l(,*Wke out of eating an imperfect up-
ple ^Hp a perfect one?    It is neither
(lie Vb possible upple.  which  would
lie pi'^B-i   nor the worst possible apple, w^^k would have a kind of negative yji^BtoL It bas a worm ut the
core/    But l^Kwiu* whether^-,**-���
not/ enjoy It more tiua.**i.c*-*^*-n\b'to
alit the more carefully to keep from
cifctlng  him.    Besides,  he arouses ln
,**!i*   mind   all   sorts  of  questionings.
Why ls he thereV   What kind of worm ���
Isibe'f How did he net InV How would |
he have got out If we hud not ousted '
hiiuV, And-note  this-what  sort  of
apple would It have been If he bud ;
taken   up   bis   residence   elsewhere?
The perfect apple could  have roused :
no queries which the defective apple
does not    The same subtle influences
went to muko both���the sunie elements. 1
the same forces,  the same chemicnl '.
processes,   lint the defective apple hus
In addition to all these-the worm.���
Robert M. (Jay lu Atluutic.
Cocaine and Crime.
Police uutboritles huve come to regard cocaine ns one of the recognized
sonrues of crime    The cocaine fiend
deems to'have his moral sense destroy- 1
ud.   The morphine devotee Is often a !
muii of refined und elevated thought, j
with dollcuto perceptions nnd with n
keen sense of honor and obltuutlonH, ,
except thnt hu will always lie and deceive to get possession of his needed |
"dope."   In Ills solier moments tho alcohol fiend is often a iiiun of conspicuous honor.   The cocaine bund seems
illfferi'iii.    It la believe- that cocaine
directly stimulates to evil passions and
evil deeds.���Kiimily Doctor.
Hollow Tooth Ache.
If yon have a hollow tooth and It
aches cut a piece of clove to lit the
cavity and put It in lightly, allowing
tbe'upper part to stick out like a cork
In a bottle. It will soon swell, keeping the olr from the nerve, and tbe
pain will cease until tbe clove drops
out, when It may be replaced by another,���Exchange.
Steady Employment
"It's    lucky    I   should    irieet   yon,
Smith.    There's a little bill you owe
Tim-ins,   the   tailor.     He's   commissioned me to collect it" j
"Has he. old man? Well, I'm glad
you've got a permanent job at last"���
London To tier.
"1 remember very welt the first dollar 1 ever put In the bunk."
"The first'*1 Then you bave put In
more than one?"-New Orleans Picayune
Juat a Deduction.
"Wbat Is his sphere In life?"
"Well, lodging from the circle of bis
j acquaintances.    I'll
1 rounder." --ullfornjjf .
Diplomacy of ths Frenoh Empress on
s Question of Dross.
A curious Instance of the diplomatic
methods of the ex-Empress Eugenie
Is worth recalling.
Wben Queen Victoria, Prince Albert
and the princess royal were about to
visit Napoleon III. and the Empress
Eugenie it was feared at the French
court that the young princess royal
would not be dressed In a style tbat
would harmonize wltb French tasta
The question waa how to beguile ber
royal parents Into dressing the child
ln a suitable manner.
In this difficulty the empress bad a
really brilliant Idea. Tbe height and
otber measurements of the princess
royal were obtained und a doll of exactly tbe same size procured. Tbe doll
was provided wltb a large and exquisitely finished trousseau, and it was
tben dispatched to Buckingham palace aa an Imperial gift to the prlncesa.
The expected happened ,"**""' "**
torla, enchanted wltb_t,e *"rs w!
robe,  transferred- 'u(Mt ot tbe <"
garments taf"*r *>ugbter for use
Ing' tbet'" ^B,t  ���*��  tne uuiperor
empress    Thti   re8U,t   wn9   tnilt  the
princes' appeared nt her best; and everybody  wna  pleusedi���London Spectator.	
Criminals of Manila.
"Criminals are practically unknown
in Manila," observed an official of tbat
city. "I mean by this tbat there ls no
criminal class In the Islands, as tben
is ln European countries und in the
United States. Tbe yeggman, tbe professional pickpocket and sneak thief
do oot exist tbere. Of course we bave
to deal with high crimes, and there
ure n considerable number of murders.
Doubtless tills ls due to the mercurial
temperament of the people. Tbe Fill-
PIuob ure mucb like the Spaniards.
They nre easily angered and commit
murder lu a moment of pussion. The
spirit of revengo nlso ls pronounced
among the Filipinos. I have fonnd
that uiost of the murders committed
aro traceable to that old motive���tbe
eternal triangle. I don't recall nny
murders in the Philippines thut were
committed with gnus. Tbe weapon
ordinarily used Is tho knife or bolo."���
Washington Post
Woman'a Influence.
It Is at the foot or woman we lay
the laurels that without her smile
would never have been guluod. It is
Her Image thnt strings the lyre of the
poet, that animates tho vulco In tho
blaze of eloquent fuctlon nnd guides
the bruin In the nugiist lolls of stately
counsel. Whatever may be the lot of
man, however unfortunate, however
oppressed, If he ouly love aud be loved,
be must strike s balance In favor of
existence, for love can Illumine the
dark roof of poverty and lighten the
tetters of the slave.-Disraclt.
Rlnglees Wsddlngs.
A wedding without a ring seems In*
congruous, but ln some parts of Spain
no ring Is used. After tbe ceremony
the bridegroom moves the flower in
his bride's balr from left to right for
In those districts to wear a rose above
your right ear is to proclaim younelf
a wife.
8ootl-in" the Bride.
"1 told Maud that Jack was simply
crazy to marry her. and she took offense."
"Why was tbatr
"Don't know, unless It waa that
when I said it they had Just been
murrled."-Boston Transcript
Whips at Weddings.
At Swedish weddings among the
middle und lower classes tbe bridegroom carries n whip. This is'an emblem of his authority In the domestic
ff people censure yon nnjtistly try
tn feel ns cbnritnbiu toward them as
ton would If they praised yon too
Have   Your
Insurance Insured
The Directors of The Great-West Life announce to all Policy-holders, present and
future, and to all existing beneficiaries���
That henceforward all Settlements undtr instalment Policies will, in addi-
tion to the interest rate of 3J% guarantee, share in the surplus
interest-earnings of the Company.
Thus,   among  certain   beneflciries   this   year
One   expecting
receive    $1,044.46
Another expecting
���              63.05
,.          .,     A
��� i
,     60
������          .1
���          1.162,46
...          ���
i ,,          ,,
In determining the surplus, the number of instalments still to be paid is taken into consideration
Those who wisely turn to Life Insurance for the eventual care of depen
dents or of their own declining years may in this way secure the added
benefit of safe and profitable administration of their funds by a Company enjoying execptional interest-earning facilities,
For further   information address
T. J. Kinley,
Chase, B.C. Local Agent
If You Want   0>e
of those Booklets of Chase
Views you had better get
There were a thousand of them
once, but now they are in their
last hundred.
Only���2 5���Cents
Clasp Envelopes can be had just the
right size for mailing.
They may be had at Macdonald's Drug Store,
Farris' Store, R. P. Bradley's Store, and  the
Tribune office.
These books-are got out by the Ecard of Trade and some are sold at
actual cost, while many are distribute!} free where they will do
the most good  in advertising the towij and district.
) \
The Gossip Corner
Andrew McConnel made a trip to
Kamloops early in-the week.
A. E. Underwood was a visitor in
Kamloops on Monday.
The Canoe hockey team are due here
for a game on Monday.
Born to Mr. and Mra. Brash on Feb.
11,a son.
Mr. Wittner la making a vialt up to
the Adams River Co'a camps.       .
Born, to Mr. * and > Mn. F. Estey, a
daughter on Feb. 17th.
Born to Mr. and Mrs Howard Smith
at the Chase Ranch, a daughter, on
Feb. 2nd.
Jack Scatchard of the "Standard "
Kamloops ia in the hoapital suffering
from mumps.
The Chase team were booked for a
. Hockey game at Salmon Arm on Thursday, but game was called off owing to
A. J. Lammers and J. P. McGoldric
* of the Adams River "Lumber Co. are
t in town this week.
Messeia   Hoffman,   Hazelhurstj > and
Hadlaw from Duck  Range were here
Ion Wednesday attending the Conservative meeting.
C. H. Mathewson, who aa Chief Aa-,
: sistant Engineer in the Dominion Public
Works Department here, made a wide'
circle of friends, left for Ottowa on
Tuesday evenings' train.
i The Company hue placed* two addition-'
al lights on the road* down to the Chase
club room. This fills the Mil for those
memberr of the board of trade who attend the meetings in thai club, room.
The following post offlices are within tha twenty mile zone from Chase,
and wiU come*under the cheaper .rat.
- for the parcels post now in operation: >
:\. Adams Lake, Carlin, Duc_B-rige,
Monte Creek, Pritchard jl___.Notch
Hill, SO. _** Tap;
ffn to Kern*
' anniversary
were Mr.
|_d Harry, A.
Mrs W.
I service
Ling last
[he Jub-
Little River Reserve
From our Indian Correspondent.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jainea, a baby
girl on Wednesday 14 of Febuary.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Barnaby a baby
girl on Thursday December the 10.
Miss Peter Toma has a very bad tooth
ache, she suffered a great deal.
Mrs. Julea William of Shuawap and
two of her daughters were here visiting.
We were going, William and I, to spear
fish up the river but we did not see any
fish ao we eame back and we went up
the track to see Charlie's stuff on the
Some of our people went up Salmon
Arm for a dance or aome other games.
Only young boys and girls left at Little
River they are having lota of fun.
James give cross to white people across
the river the other day.'
Some of the girla went for a skate on
the lake.
James was ask by Jack Sam to give
him a hand to cross the string for the
Co. and will pay him cash.
* I have aeen white* man hauling cord
wood from the Little mill down to the
Yesterday we seen a white man with
small feed.
' The thief went up (or a dance at
Salmon Arm. We are lonesome when
our people left up at home.
LuroKermei. Want
' Royalties Fb_ed.
Victoria, B. C,-Last week the lumbermen of the coast and mountains interviewed the Hon. W. R. Ross, minister
of the land department, and urged upon
him that aetion ahouM be taken in tht*
matter of the provisions of tbe law aa
to rentals and royalties. The bon. minister waa also induced to Bee the views
of the lumberman in regard to the proposed new Btumpage rates which, while
meaning an increased assessment, have
W stated periods named, thiB being objected to, aa a sliding scale on the out
put and the market price* made things
��o they could not make a satisfactory
statement in the money markets, wben
endeavoring to obtain money.
In the matter of royalties; the lumber
men wished for a fixed scale fora period
of twenty-one years, although It is realized that an incease upon the present
rate of 60 cents per thousand feet is inevitable.
The argument of the minister is that
if the rates were fixed the province would
be unable to, raise them whenever increased activity in the industry and higher prices might make it advisable to obtain more of the profit for the provincial
treasury. With a sliding scale, Mr.
Ross contends, it would lie possible to
keep the revenue from the timber of
the province in proportion with the pros-'
perity of the lumbering industry.
The mountain men wers headed by
their secretary, A. E. Frank, and their
former secretary, W. A. Anstey, while
the coast men were led by R, H. Alexander, J' P. McGoldric represented the
Ad8n_-iver Lumber Co. bf Ghase, and
kt deputation are some of the
nent men in the industry.
iany to Give
Grant to Olympic.
LFeb, 15,���The imperial parlia-
���n discussed yesterday the pro-
|ropriation'of $500,000 for the
games to be held here In 1918.
i was rejected by the budget
j on January 15, but a number
���stivers, Liberals anc] Rudlcala
\u motion to restore the item
Place no Confidence
in Watches which have been knocked
about in mail bags. The postman]
has delivered many a watch which has
gone to the repair shop the next
morning. Never buy a watch from
a second-hand dealer or pawnbroker.
Remember that every Waltham watch
that ia ' ought from me is guaranteed
by the Waltham Watch Co. against
any defect, and that guarantee never
wares out, Get Them at
Chase,    t      i    B.  C.
Canadian Pacific
Railway  Company
West Bound Trains.
No. 3 Arrives 11.32
No. 13        ,, 23*28
Bast Bou-O Teains.
No. 2  Arrives 7.55
No. 4  Arrives 20.25
No. 14         (    2.19
mm m
Two cents a word first insertion.
One cent a word subsequent insertions. No advertisement inserted for less than 26 cents.
For  Sale or  Lease
The Martin Ranch of aboutllOO acres
situated on the South bank of the
South Thompson River, 26 miles East
of Kamloops.
BidB to lease for 3 years open till the
10th. of March next, but subject to
sale of property, with compensation if
sold before expiration of lease. Also
FOR.SALEjThe "Rouken" Ross
Ranch of 1108 acres, opposite Bnd a-
cross the river from the Martin Ranch
For particulars apply to
James Ross
Shuswap.        ,
For Sale
TWO HOUSES in Chase, price reasonable. Terms J cash, apply Phil Cau-
dron, Chase. p.M.6
ing Events
.Feb.   23rd.     Annniil
Fire   Association in
Trade Mark*
Copyrights 4e.
* ketch and description ma?
���r opinion free whether so
uicy forsecurlnspaienf-.
push Mann A To. receive
|t otianre. la tbe
-.lei weekly.  Largest clr-
lllllc journal.    Term* tor
-laso prepaid.   Sold by
f St, Wuhloston, p. c
Strayed onto the premises of the Adams
River Lumber Co,, Ltd, Chase. A
DarK Sorrel Pony, white stripe on
forehead thirteen hands high, weight
800 lbs, Twelve years old. Owner can
obtain same on payment of expenses
In November, 1913, from the warehouse on the north side of Little Shuswap lake, one strawberry roan mare,
branded N29 on the left flank and bar
22 on right flank, and one black horSe
branded Z( on the right flank. Any
information will be suitably rewarded.
Geo. Keyes
Chase, B. C. pf27
Temperance Hotel
���* A New and ������*
Comfortable  House.
PRITCHARD,      -      -       B. C.
H-rvey, Mc carter tt Co.
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Solicitors for Imperial I'ank
of Canada
Offices:   Imperial Bank Bljck
Revelstoke, B. C.
��� ��� II..SK   HAS   A* Kl I
C I. A 8 S
All Our Work Guaranteed   Fuel
H. O. POY,Proprietor
Try ii Tribune want ad.   They're
xrent. v
The H<Mrel
of Quality
CHASE - 13. C
Gerard-Heintiman Pianos.
Columbia Gramophone*.
All Kinds of Records and Supplies.
Guitars. Mandolins,  Banjo*.
M   Anything in the Mnsie Lin*.
Kamloops - B. C.
Century Ten Cent Sheet Marie.
1 "Any Piece You Want
Mail Orders Pfo_rptlp filled'
8end' for Catali
WANTED-Small    Cooking * Stove
Apply, Box 49 Tribune Office.
Flour and
CHASE,   -  B. C.


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