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Portland Canal News 1921-04-15

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 >5S      *   T     \   V  ��   V U*Vj
i" \9, 3 1921
nd Canal Ne
Devoted to the Interests of the Mining Districts of Northwestern British Columbia
-     VOL. 2, NO. 46
Stewart, B. C,   April 15, 1921
Si tke year���10 C the Copy
Following is the eighth install- and I did not see any of them on;   Fresh milk at Tooth's J. Mcintosh returned  on the     The Vancouver Sun   has  rec
jment of Clothier's  report  and it either.    The one camp at thei    Open season for baseball fans>last boat from Ketchikan. ,ently been publishing a series of
jea]s with the Bear River section: edge of timber line serves both j started this week.   Bat'er up.     I    Hyder will celebrate Fourth of editorials  on   the   resources   of
VetronGroup-This consists of! groups.     The   vein  gangue  is     Patsy  Crogan   and   famiIy of July    But ita citizeng celebrate British   Columbia  and   its   ad-
���hree claims--Vetron  1,  Vetron quartz  and   calcite, mineralized) Swamp Point, were in tovrn dur- on other occasions. j vantages.    These    articles   are
and Vetron 3���owned  by two!chiefly with arsenical iron, with, ing the week. TJp   t0  the   hour rijig fami]y something new in the newspaper
H timers of Stewart,   Ben  Er- in  places,   considerable  galena,!    Monday Pat Benson came down'journal  goes to press   crickets
���Ksnii  and   W.   Forrest.     The, carrying values in gold  and  sil- from Fish creek and is spending; or cricketers have not been seen.
1)airas are situated on the north[ ver.    Values in gold up to $32 a; a few days in town. |    Jameg Comer wag taken .��� Qn
Je of Bear river,  opposite the ton   have   been   obtained in thej ^ see our advt. for Special Bargains.; Tuesday   mornjng.    He   had   to
! stop work: and intends taking it
easy for awhile.
Reggie Macfarlane. local agent
! of the Dominion Express, leaves
"�����"fi" on the Albert today for the south,
""   " * ~       I i. M .    ���. :i   i hi -.ii, ���, , ���, >   I h i -;    liiiplf    nut.
At  an  ele- to   Mr.    Bryan   for   a   certain
Wednesday, The News saw two
freaks of nature, viz:     A   horse
line, and about arsenical iron.    The vein
seorge copper m
|ix miles up from the end of the Bear   river   formation,    strikes
jes   j|j   Salmon River Trading Co
Mrs. Clementson leaves for her
way at the. Red   Cliff.   The north 22 degrees east up the hill, j home in Seattle today.    She   ex-
������vailing country rock  is Mc- and apparently stands about per- j'pects to return in about a month.
Bear river formation, pendicularly.    An   interest  was
3i, ting of greenstone, agglom- giver, in the property this year |kin80n employed thia week put- 0n a short business visit.
John   Mellor  had   Ed
nson employed this wei
ting a new coat of paint on  the
Austin Henderson arrived in
Stewart from Alice Arm, yesterday. Years ago he ran the
Otter Flat hotel at Tulameen.
Don't go home hungry.     Get a lunch
' at Tooth's Smoke Shop.
field and constitute a lead that
could well be followed to advantage by all the newspapers
throughout Canada. Such a
policy would do more to build up
this Dominion than anything else
that can possibly be done, for
they announce to the world the
possibilities of northern Canada,
a territory larger than Europe,
and richer in natural resources,
and so will tend to induce capital
to turn its eyes this way in search
of new fields of enterprise.
The following is   an   editorial
which appeared   in   the Sun of!taki"��   shoul,i   an.d    would    be
A   .j g. , j gladly  forthcoming.      Twenty-
' "' five   to   thirty   million   dollars
Ion n
fates, breccia, etc.
tion of  8000 .feet, or about amount of work, which (insisted Lnt Qf his 8tQre
00  feet  above  Bear river,   a of sinking a shaft  14 feet deepj
artz  vein   has   been    traced on the vein cropping on  a steep     Walter Broad came down from with a boy on itg tail) and a cow
rat the hillside for about 3000 side hill.   A drift tunned 20 feet, the Premier mine last Tuesday.  wjth ft tin can on its hoof>
,t by open cuts.    The slope of long   Would   have   attained the! After taking in the srghts he re-
e hill is very steep and  good same depth, but 1 suppose it is a turned to the mine.
nth   could    be   obtained   any-  good, idea   to   follow     the    Ore      Peanut Butter, (Unicornbrand) fresh
' . , ��   , n*L        ���     ��� ..^������," 1,���,.,,! and rich in oil,   S. R. T. Co.
ere on the vein  by  means of down.   The vein is exposed here;
jrt    crosscut    tunnels.    The for a width of 10-feet,  which is     Frank Conway, who has  been
artzis  well  mineralized   with evidently not its full width, as it j working at   the   Premier   mine
ite, some chalcopyrite,  and a is about 40 feet in width a short | timbering, leaves for the south
e magnetite. The vein strikes.distance above this  on   the sur-
th 60 degrees east, about par- face.    It   is a splendid showing
leling  the   Bear river valley,  and gives every reason to believe
dips rather Steeply into the that a big tonnage fcould  be de-JTooth'a.
There    are    some    good veloped very easily, as the situ-1    p g# j&c\, ha3 been  busy this
dies of chalcopyrite showing ation'is ideal for tunnel  mining. | week moving his residence, from
, ,  I*. ���    ti      mi i        ,- ���f    ,u���    cV,., iv   Jul ��     y. ,      ��� . ,   "f the best, and  cheaper too.
the  cuts and  a drift in the The   elevation   at   the   shaft is|the   corner   ���f    Columbia    and RjVeV Trading Co.
a at depth might easily  open 4675 feet and at the highest crop-1 Seventh   streets,   to   the  house,    Miss ThomDSon   returned last
a   workable   shoot  of   ore. pings 4750 feet. ! that last year was occupied by A. j p.,        f     J    pu|kiey     va|!ev
eral felsitie dykes can be seen     Another quartz vein, known as; HarrjS( Fifth rtrBrt. L,;^ where ghe   spent E:ister
J.   Jesson,   who has been in holidays.    In  returning through ;Canada have plenty to do for the
charge of the diamond drilling at j Prince Rupert she arranged with ; next quarter of a century in  de-
miles of anthracite coal; the big
farming area of the Naas River
valley, containing 1000 square
miles of rich farm land; the
mineral areas of the Liard country and the Dease and Frances
rivers, before reaching the great
new oil country "of the Mackenzie
river and Fort Norman.
The great national necessity
i for immediate action carries with
it a correspondingly great opportunity for national service.
The power to bring to Canada in
fullest measure the benefits of
speedy development of a new and
great empire of the North ia
possessed in completeness by the
Canadian Pacific railway.
Considering the fabulous
wealth to be developed through
the opening up of this country,
government subventions in keeping with the nature of the under
ling the vein at right angles, {the   "blue   vein."   lies   several
they do not seem to affect it hundred feet to tiie west of the
iny way. ���    big vein and  strikes   diagonally:
Jomet Group---This group, con-
ling of two claims���Comet No.
Id Comet No. J2��� and situated
k-e the Vetron group,   is also
led bv Ben Erickson and as- crops   in   an   overhanging cliff (Royal Salad Dressing,
"' ' "������  *,K~" a-"1*-1*-^-'   - |       f .     .       i best.    Salmon River trading Co.
Wes.    The  trail  from  the about 1000 feet above the glacier,
fr to the Comet camp serves and I   was   therefore   perfectly;    Stewart is the head of naviga
groups and is heart breaker content to take the prospector's tion on the Portland Canal. Now
The problem of giving the new
Canada of the North a railway
!���i|.,,.()nhis ���;!V   ���,  ,|i(.   For.     Fred  Joyce,   who  has   been outlet to tidewater provides the
Norman oil fields" I working all winter as teamster i greatest    transportation   oppor-
for the Premier mine, leaves by tunity on this  continent  today.
Drink Union-made Silver Springs at tile Albert today,  and  will  pro- j Itis also an undertaking promis-
ceed to the Fort Norman oil fields, j --1!-. rich   and   sure   reward- be-
'sides   securing   for   Canada    a
Ramsay's Cream Soda Crackers, one j ,, j   j ��� e
Salmon I greatly needed increase ot popu-1
lation and augmentation of production.
From the standpoint   of   government ownership, the people of
Use only  the
lthingbuta mountain  goat, statement regarding it.
reader, don't think for a minute,
ring Premior  Right-of-Way
for Tram Line
|e work of clearing the right-
for the tram   line,   from
vater to the Premier mine,
}ll under way.    In fact, the
three miles,   which   were
contract to FL Ficklin and
& Jancowski,   are   com-
H.    Ficklin    has   been
led   a   further contract, on
he has already commenced
work of clearing the right-
is being done by contract,
in  order   to  ensure  rapid
ption no contract has been
more  than   a   mile at a
Starting from  tidewater
|Stewart dock the contracts
sen let in the following or-
S. and Jack  Fitzgerald;
mpsey; G. D.  Mattulat;
fos.; John Ron in: Butler;
(and, H. Ficklin   (second
|t-) Beyond this point the
has been completed.    If
rival of Riblet's  representative.
who is expected   in   on   today's \h���A  oi   the   world ,n
boat,   and   will select the exact wealth.
sites for the towers; then sur- B. A. Wing, Captain jmd Mrs.
vey work will be proceeded'with. Owens, and Engineer McLean,
Owing to soft weather the Sal- of Swamp Point, arrived in Stew-
mon river road is breaking up art on the Chu��.ualla last Satur-
fast, with the result that the day. This was Mrs. Owens'*first
Premier company have not been: trip away from the point this
able to get their usual shipment; winter.
of ore down from the mine, j A g_ pa)1* -eavPS for prjnce
though it is expected that they Rupertan(j Victoria today. Mr.
will be able to ship 300 tons this pau] intends getting married in
week. the latter city about the end  of
Manager  Pitt  states that he the month; after which he will
take up his residence in Prince
.,  , extensions.   Another and  abso
rhe following were registered:, . .
..    rT . , n ,,   .   ... ,    lutely new project on the  basis
at the Hotel Baldwin this   week:,   ���    J       ���       " ..      ....
T  ., ���,..,      0 t> ���  f    n .'ot government ownership will be
J. McMillan, Swamp Point: Del , ,.   ,,   ,
...   .      TT   ,        nj    i     ���       t   impracticable lor years to come.
Nicols,   Hyder;   Ld.   Irwin,   J.
King, Ketchikan;  Frank  Lowe,!    New Canada cannot wait, time
, ���     ���      i C       ,,!u;,,,m.;,,.p <9u-nncrm    H    Mhn -isotthe  essence; and   the   im-
this   is   the only   time Stewart Victoria, r. owanson,  a.   anan, ��_
,   .        ,���        ,.���   Ll   \\v   A,.m*i-.T,nrr   t   <?ninU��   V-Ati :mediate n cessit.v is to get rail-
got ahead of anything.    It is thai W. Atmstiong.   i. bpi.ii.s,  van-, J f
ineral! couver; J. Swan, W. Kyle, Prince \ way construction to a tidewater
Rupert; A. Macdonald. Hamilton, Iteri:.. = ���;.I under way at theearhest
Om..; J.  Wright, Fred   Smythe,
Halifax, N. S.
should complete the line. When
one considers the volume of Pacific coast trade in anthracite
coal this cost is soon forgotten:
and these great coal areas are
tapped by the first two hundred
i miles of railway to be constructed.
No less than twenty transportation systems connect with the
great Pennsylvania fields and derive large earnings from hauling
anthracite coal.
An announcement that Ottawa
had been able to induce the Canadian Pacific Railway officials
and shareholders to commence a
ine of railway into New Canada
would awaken national interest
and prove that Canadians are
equal to the wonderful opportunities offered.
On the Alaska Side Down
Portland Canal
Torger Peterson, reputed to be
a Tacoma millionaire, and Wr. J.
Weseniing have recently  located
possible instant.
The Canadian Pacific Railway
company is   thc  one institution
capable   of   taking   hold of and, ten claims, surroundingthe Corn-
carrying to successful completion; mon wealth group, 14 miles down
fthis most important public under-; the canal and two miles from tide
W. F. Salisbury of Vancouver, taking. j water.    Water rights   on  Davis
expects   that   today's   boat Willi
bring in a new  1000   foot   compressor,   and it will be installed
at once.    This will be a duplicate:
of the one already in operation.
was recently shot and killed a
few blocks from the Vancouver
The Government Liquor Board
has been appointed. The commissioners are: Archie Johnson,
J. Falconer, Lieut.-Col.   Wir.sby.
The   Prince   of    Wales    wil'
Nothing  could   so powerfully j river were also located.
increase world confidence in
Canadian affairs -nothing could
so overwhelmingly attract ths
attention of capitalists and constructive investors to Canada--
The Commonwealth group is
owned by E. Davis, J. W. Mars
and W. L. Duff. It is the intention to consolidate the whole property, including the new  claims.
as an official announcement that Considerable development work
the   Canadian   Pacific    Railway
i will be done   this   season.    The
company   intended   to   immedi- initial step will be driving a 200
,,, ,   .,       !/���_.���   ni,,.,,..,!.       ���       W...*,.....,         -~     --���    uiiLiai step win ue e
Guests at the King  bawara. ahortJy  proceed  to  the City of ately commence and continuously toot crosscut tunnel
Don't forget to show up at
the May Day Dance, given
by the Citizens' Association, on April 27.
The executive of the Citizens'
Take the Big Dive 'Association    met,    on    Tuesday
The Hyder Miner, commentinghvenina for the purpose of ar-
on   a   notice   published   in   the! ranging details for the dann
News about  the re-opening  of be held on   April   27.    Ih
lowing is the committee:
Otto   Owen   and   wife,   -"^'������"���P Dublin for the purpose of open
Point; W. Field, J.   Whalen,   A.  ing the new Trian parliament.
McDonald,   J.   McDonald,   Pre-
mier-0 McFadden. Mexico City;   . The Derapsey-Carpentier fight
J  Mcintosh,   Ketchikan;  Ham .is   fixed   for July 2, in a city in
the state of New Jersey, possibly
Jersey  City.   State   laws allow
Coffee. Alaska.
under an im-
and energetically carry on con-: menae outcrop of low grade construction of a line of railway from centratirig ore. The work will
a port on the seaboard of British be   under "the    supervision   of
Edward Davis.
only a 12-round no decision fight.
An Early Spring
Spring,   without   a   doubt,   is
here.    Fifth street is practically
-ol'-woy   will  be cleared
fhin the time limit of 30
rvey work   on the line
Med,   pending   the   ar-
:   P. S.
Jack,   chairman  of    committee
and   in   charge   of   music   and
What?    Does no one take a bath I finances;     refreshments
in Hyder?    Perhaps they don't! Fred   Young;   tickets,
have   to   while   the High
Club is in existence.
������nt   rate of progress is l ^ BMwin hote, -^ says that
- ' !     "",v "'    liles|noone in   Hyder would go   hysterical   over   such   an   event.
at    the
door; Mrs.  Win.   Dtinn: bar, ' a
Newell; lighting,  Win. Tooth.
Columbia to a point on the Mackenzie river.
Reports from engineers and
prospectors who have been
through the new Canada indicate
Negotiations for a settlement |that the begt possible route is
of the coal strike in Great Britain one rrum Stewart, at the head of clear of snow. People are get-
have failed. The transport po^^nd Canal, to tke Mackenzie ting their gardens ready for
workers and railway men came ^^ The total distance to thefseeding. The Hyder auto jitney
out on Friday in sympathy. new oil field on   the   Mackenzie j service took the first motor over
Senator Borah has introduced river will hardly exceed 600 j the Stewart-Hyder road, a week
a resolution in the U. S. coagreesImiles. The railway would pass j ago today, and have been run-
autnorizing President Harding to through and cause development I ning steadily ever since. The
negotiate with Great Britain and j of tbe great Ground Hog coal j weather is so warm that Tooth's
Japan for disarmament district,
with   its   2400   square; smoke shop is using ice. ��
PORTLAND   CANAL   NEWS,   STEWART, iJ.u., April 15, 1921
H.  W.   M.   ROLSTON
Editor and Publisher
The    Portland ' Canal    NeWS | *"-turers.    flow can.their industry pro-
-* ��� i__ i gress when it has such a deplorable lack of
I knowledge of actual conditions?   It is" ig-
fnorance such as this that has retarded the progress of this northern section of the Province. If
the manufacturers of British Columbia would keep
in touch with passing events and coming developments, and so be prepared to taice advantage of
them, they would not feel so keenly the competition of outsiders.
 J !	
Adverting  Rates:
Display Advertising, 50 cents per inch per issue
Notices, 20 cents per line.
Special  Position Display or  Reading,   25 per cent above
ordinary rates.
Certificate of Improvement, $15 (if more than one claim,
$2.50 for each additional claim mentioned)
Land Notices, $10.   Coal Notices, $7.
No Advertising Aecepted for First Page
13. C. Land Surveyor
Vimy Ridge and the Ninth of April, a  memorable name, and a memorable day in the annals DR. ALFRED H.
Stewart, B.C.
During the past ten years Canada's
fire waste from destruction of property
alone has been almost $230,000,000. A
particularly regretable feature of the fire
record of this country is the loss of life.
During the same ten year period as above
over 2500 lives have been lost by fire. Last
year 224 lives were lost in this way. While
these figures cover the whole of Canada,
they are interesting, in so far as they give
an idea of the tremendous loss to the
state, by this avenue, and it is a regret-
able fact that the greater percentage of
this loss is due to the apathy of the general
public. This possibly sounds a strong
statement to make. But take Stewart for
an example, and it is readily seen how
true this is.
The winter has gone. Roaring coal
fires are almost a thing of the past for the
next few months, and a dry season confronts us, with dry buildings and clear
roofs. What steps have been taken to
guard against a general conflagration?
Have any stove pipes or chimneys, which
are full of a winter's accumulation of soot,
been cleaned? Has each individual occupant of a building spent ten minutes of his
time investigating and locking over his
stove pipes and chimneys? We venture to
say that not two per cent of such people
have given the matter a moment's consideration. Why? Just sheer unadulterated
apathy. Yet each such individual citizen
is a menace, not only to himself, but also
to the commnnity as a whole. In the
cities a householder is compelled to have
his chimneys cleaned at least once in six
months for, in the event of a chimney
catching fire, and the owner is unable to
produce a chimneys sweeps receipt, covering a period of six months prior to such
fire, he is fined. Something of this nature
could be enforced in Stewart to advantage.
We had one fire last year. Hyder had
two. Stewart has been burnt out before,
and will be again unless the people wake
up and realize the danger. If a fire starts
in the business section, and- once gets a
good hold, what is going to save your
property ?
H.   W.  M.   ROiSTON
of the famous Canadian Corps, for on this day in | Dental Surgeon, PRINCE RUPERT.
the year 1917, the Canadian troops in France again
wrote their names indelibly in the histories of the
British armies. Four years ago. at daylight on
the 9th of April, the first wave of th*- Canadian
Corps went over the top at Vimy Ridge. The
troops moved forward under cover of a heavy barrage from our guns. It was a wet, cold morning,
with rain and snow falling most of the day. On
reaching the objectives on top of the ridge a
wonderful sight spread out in front of the troops,
for there was the big flat plain*, dotted over with
villages, clumps of trees, and intersected with
roads, and away in the distance was the city of
Lens and the spires of Douai cathedral.
Head Office: 101 Pernberton Block Victoria II C
Wanted: Listings of Properties for Sale or Lease
Subscribe   for   Portland   Canal   News
B. C.
Leading hotel in northern
british columbia
European Plan SI.50 per day up
In view of the great amount of irresponsible
talk, which we have heard during the past couple
of vears, concerning Bolshevism and the principles;
of the Third International, it is interesting to notei
that at the Independent Labor Conference held at I
Southport,   England,   on   March  28, a  motion to
affiliate with the Third International ol  Moscow
was defeated by a vote of 521 to 97.   This is remarkable, in view of the fact that the Independent
Labor party is considered the extreme wing of the
political labor movement in that country.
Holy  Communion:    First and Third
Sundays in the month at 11:30 a.m.
Evening  Prayer:   Every   Sunday   at
7:30 p.m.
Baptisms: By appointment.
Synopsis of    m
LanJ ?*\ fnrnn.snis
New Zealand will be able to export over forty
million pounds of butter this season. The total
production will be about 62,720,000 pounds.
Canada is to have a new nickel coin. The
editor of the Vancouver Province says he can remember when there were things which could be
bought for a nickel.
Bradstreets, the well-known status enquiry
agents, are quoted as supporting the statement
that no less than 84 per cent of the business failures in Canada and the United States have occurred among firms who failed to advertise.
Germany pays $15 a head in direct taxation.
Great Britain is paying $110 per head and France
$40 a head. Yet Germany says the terms are
hard. And they owe Canada a bill, too. What is
the Canadian taxation? You know it yourself, so
why mention it?
The Trail News says: These are poll and income tax days and the spirit of man is sorely taxed
in more ways than one, The poll tax proposition
is one easily disposed of, for you simply pungle
over five big iron men and get your receipt, but
that income tax nightmare is a different matter.
It requires much thought and much more figuring.
It makes your head ache and you get up in the
morning with a bad taste in your mouth and your
conscience hurting just a little, and you feel
The Manufacturers of the   Province j *reat-y relieved when the pesky blank is in the
are waging a made in British   Columbia I mf fnd onfrax\ Even the"your tfroub'es.are
f , - ,.        ,       ,,    ! not at an end, for when your statement gets into
campaign  and  are  forwarding  to   the the haridsof those super men> those human adding
various newspapers throughout th^ pro. j machines, those fellows of uncanny instinct and
vince, a sort of news sheet, which contains! mathematical wizardy, they will, in all probability,
a lot of very interesting information, con-1 write you that you have cheated yourself by not
Minimum price of first-class land
redQcsd to ii an acre; second-class to
IJi'i an a. ii:.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lards only.
Recordd will be (-ranted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposse
and which Is rion-tlnibor land
Partnership pro-eni:ilions abolished,
but parties of not more than four nny
srrai.Ku for atljaceut prs-emptieus
with Joint residence, but each mtikh.s
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. <m
Pie-emptors must occupy claims for
five -rears and make Iraursvenittnts to
villus of 110 per arm, including clear-
liHT and cultivation of ut lo-iJt 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Urant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
lerj then ���'( years, and has mod* proportionate^ Improvements, he may, be-
cnu.se of ill-health, er oilier causa, be
���jTar.ted Intermediate certMcate of Improvement and transfe* his claim.
Kecords without permanent residence may be issued, provided ap��U-
oanl makes improvements to extent at
$209 per annum and records same oucfc
year. Failure lo make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained la
I era than S years, and Improvements
of ItO.OO per acre. Including 6 -teres
ch ..-������'! and cultivated, and residence
of at least 1 years are required.       #
Pre-eaiptor holding Crown Kraft*.
may reaord another nre-eniptlon, if ne
requires land la conjunction with his
farm, witkottt actual occupation, provided ittttutory Improvements nude
and ii"' lance maintained on Crown
granted land.
Uiis'.irvejod areas, not exceeding 14
Mires, may ho ieaf.eil as somcMtte-j;
title to be obtained after fiUfllliiM* resl-
denllal and m-piovemsnt conditions'.
(Tor ureal i t ar.d Industrial purposes
areas exceeding CIO acred may be
leaned by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
tlojfesr land not exceeding 40 acres
may be PVOe*aaai; conditions Include
pu'mea.1 of stumpag
Natural   hay   meadows   inaocossihle
PorUand < anal News. ���
For information relating
to Salmon River, Portland
Canal arid Alice Arm min.
in*? districts, apply tc
Mining Broker
Vancouver and Stewam
Canadian Natiofia
existing   roads   may
conditional upon cmistruallon ot a ra id
llolxito sf one-half of cost sf
i "I   exceeding  half of  purchase
to them.
ince. Is ins.de.
��� ACT.
1 he sospe of this Act Is enlarged to
n.ohsde   all   perismm   toimtw  and   "cr*
ig   with   Wh-  Jlajosfy. TForoea     ^Ko
���ta, within whi, k us heirs orlUsS
,'",.a���',,J-''a"*id '"���"-������nirtor may apply
Nr title under this Act Is ���WssSss
trom tor oae , B��r from ti. ��aU nf
mc aaraam, at formerly, until one
>eevr ahm the cose uslon Jf the pjrsgit
war.    Tat, prfrttsg, i, u!s��� mOTTm.
No f-M  r. Iii 1,
due  cr   , stable   by  soirtlers'on
made re-
B to pre-emptions ara
by   soldiers   on     pre.
emj-tlen* reoordsd after June lie   ftiV
Ttutes are rammed for five years
VV -inn lor .stum of mnusj!.V-
������. no. and beetl paid stare August
'"���  UI'  u' Mt of payment*. 7...
taking certain deductions which were rightfully
yours���and then your conscience doesn't hurt you
quite so much.   She's a great feelin'.
cerning the production of the various provincial industries.
To date The News is in receipt of two
of these. One item in the last sheet will
be interesting to the people oHhis district,
for it states that "Surf Inlet and Rossland
are the only active gold mines at the
resent time." They mean by this in the
Province. This would be amusing if it
were not so tragic. Tragic for the reason
that it proves conclusively the ignorance
of the people of the South regarding mat-    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tersof the North; but it is doubly so  to j Sole Agent for the Imperial Tobacco  Compa,
find such ignorance displayed by the mar
H. P. GIBSON Proprietor
SPECIALTIES-Neilson's and Moir's Chocolates
l.iiiM-t Magazines and Newspapers. Lending
Library.   Stationery.   Cigars.   Tobaccos, Etc.
i rats!
i. m
���"������PURCH^M   or   CROWN*
Provision    msde    for    lssuaj....    -.
frnti   to  uub-purSi^;    %
.*MU ring    ril,llU    f
failed     to     com,,),,,;
. ,iers   who
..involving rerr.ltW^TuI
���>   e-htls nt ,
i'Cm eTue am
ive.it-r.rsm of1 ll*m1iJii,,��,:",l���*w>
4am tor rras*, jEV^>��
liiiin.s ra'lua    easts.   f...,7 .    r'*"fce
tt|_ ss"eew   MMun. iKi,,,,..
'lately    over
ttaiiB   must   be
it hols    area
made by May
, :|..,z..,k
I __
Annual  gi
on mjif-*^^
II shed ^^^^^^
f.'irn   Associations
ment.    Kree, er
(or set
r ssiu^l   ba,.,,
for i; ial,
owners    may
r range manage.
free, permits
Steamers Bailing between Seattle, Victoria, Vai iver, OceanFm
Swanson'a Hay, Prince Rupert, Anyox, Btewart and Queen rharl->agj
Leaves Prince Rupert for Stewart, If) p. m. Th u April Ht��
28th , May    12th and 26th
Train Service:
Passenger   MONDAY,   WEDNESDAY and SA1      I>AY al 1L15M
Smithers, Prince George, Edmonton and Wii
connections for nil points Easl
For  further  infiirnmlion  apply  to any 'irnnd   !
or to (i. A. McNioholT, Asst. Genoral I ri
Passenger Agent, Prince Hm>':
Donl Miss ...
an Opportunity
When in   Hyder be   sure
.   and  visit ��
���nai A��
Flawn's Fruit Store on  Internationa' ������*������ \
ference m P
Large ��'��ck
near the Drug Store-the difference m ' I
will pay you for your trip. ^.
Fresh  Fruit,  Vegetables,  Hams and \J
Butter and Eggs, at Greatlj  Re** f
PROPRIETOR PORTLAND   CANAL   NEWS,   mwrnm, ���..., Apr���
n ���^..Isinpi"^
Tll.SfllfatS*       '^Hf'sJ.
'iUiii.' -
upBa**suur iiui r.i
IS # i-'
Financial Strength
THE principles upon which a Bank is founded, the
number of years it has been in operation, and the
policy followed during these years���these features, combined with its present standing, form the criterion of the
strength of a Bank.
The Bank of Montreal began business in the year 1817,
with a modest capital cf $1,250,000, and for over a century
it has followed a conservative���aggressive policy until
to-day its capital and reserve fund total $40,000,000 and
its total assets are in excess of $560,000,000.
Branches   in   every   important  city  and
town in the Dominion and Newfoundland
Closing of
Copper Mines
Closing of the Anaconda and
other large American copper
mines is part of a bull stock
market movement, in the opinion
of Valentine Quinn, comptroller
of the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power Company.
Watch for a further rise in the
price of copper, he advises.
While the closing of American
copper mines will not effect   the
production of the Anyox smelter,
it is now working practically to
full capacity, it will have a very
beneficial effect on the   market.
Mr. Quinn thinks.    If the  price
of copper, which is now between
12 and 13 cents  per pound, goes
above   14  cents,  the laborers at,
Anyox will have cause to rejoice.
By the sliding wage scale adopted
in December, the wages are governed    by   the   market   price.
There   is  a difference in wages
when the metal is above 14 cents
a pound.
B. C. Mineral
The value of minerals produced
in British Columbia during the
past year totalled $20,580,312,
which is an increase of $2,284,-
312, or seven per cent over the
1919 total, according to figures
maae public recently by the department of mines. Big increases were registered in silver,
copper and zinc.
Mackenzie Succeeds
Charles Camsell
Only Copper Producing
Plant Now Operating
The Hidden Creek mine at
Anyox, operated by the Granby
company and the only copper
producing plant operating at the
present time, is recordinganoutput of over 2,000,000 pounds
per month.
Forest Products
on the Increase
It is understood that J. D. Mac-;
kenzie will succeed Charles Cam-
sell in charge of the work of the!
geological survey in British Columbia and the Yukon. The appointment would be a . popular
one, and is coming to Mr. Mac-
kenzie, who is a veteran of the
Great War, in which he was seriously wounded.
An iron and steel plant is to be
established on Kaien island,   according to A. C. Garde,  M. E.,
j who has taken an option on the
Paper products sold by British
Columbia mills during 1920
amounted to $21,000,000. it was
reported by Hon. T. D. Pattullo,
minister of lands, in his annual
report tabled in the legislature.
An increase in the total value of
the forest products of the province of more than $22,000,000
last year, was shown in the
figures of the year.
Fines Given for
All employers of labor in this
district must send in the income
tax of their employees this year
or meet with drastic punishment,
��� r, ��� 1   ,     according to the government in
Copper or Zvmoet river coal  de- ,       , ���     ,
come   tax   bureau.   . Employers
last year were lax in this regard
and the government means this
year to see that the act is complied with.
Epsom sails, glauber salts and
potassium salts are found in Mas-
kakee lake, Sask.
Look at the map of British Columbia
with an unbiased mind. Roughly Vancouver ia 800 miles from the same
point in the Peace River country that
is reached in 400 miles from Stewart,
which is the natural outlet for the
whole northern and eastern interior.
Nearly every settler in the Peace
Kiver district is talking of railway
communication with the coast.
Speaking in broad terms there are
thirty-two millions of acres of the
Peace Hiver district situated within the
boundaries of British Columbia, and
more than forty millions of acres within the Province of Alberta, most of it
being suitable agricultural land for
mixed farming or ranching. In addition there is a vast.area of mineral and
timber resources, the extent of whirh is
only beginning to be realized.
Immense deposits of anthracite coal
have been located and the president of
the Peace River Board of Trade is
authority for the statement that this
coal grades higher   than   Pennsylvania
.-3te*n,iv.e exP,or��t'on work li being
carried on in connection with oil and
already startling results have been   bo
tainod. The oil sands are located at a
depth of about sixteen Hundred feet
and enough investigation has taken
place to be assured that they are of
wonderful extent. There is also an
abundance of natural gas.
The arja un 'er cultivation at present
is only about   three   hundred   thousand
acres and the population of  the   whole
(list rid is about twenty thousand.    The
first grain was sent out of the   country
three years ago, and consisted   of   less
than one thousand bushels.    Last   year
I nine million bushels were produced from
J about a quarter mill on acres, the aver-
i age wheat yield being thirty-five bush-
i els to the acre   or   nearly   double   the
j average of other portions   of   Alberta.
The land is also well  adapted   for   the
raising of stock of all   kinds,   particularly hogs,
lt is reasonable to suppose that if
two hundred and fifty thousand acres
are now producing nine million bushels
of grain, that within a very few years
there will be ten million acres producing three hundred and fifty million bushels of grain, or roughly, ten million :;
tons. W
^-' opened their office in Stewart
wish to herewith inform ihe .Mining-
public that the price.- for the principal metals will be as follows:
Gold, Silver, each, - - - $1.50
Gold and Silver, each, - - $2.00
Copper, Lead, each. - - - $1.50
Gold, Silver and Copper, - $3.00
Gold, Silver and Lead     -    -   $3.00
Other Metals on application
10 per cent discount on live samples
at one time.
120 per cent discount on ten  samples
at one time.
���     C. S. BAKER
Provincial Assayer
M    .     .... ���     ��� ��� ---	
Tone up Your Appetite With Some
of the Following Suggestions . . .
Christie's Assorted Biscuits and Crackers
Empress Assorted Jams Sheriff's Marmalade
Canadian Honey Fancy Cleaned Currants
White Ribbon Seeded Raisins     Green Circle Sultana Raisins
Libby's Dill Pickles
Chow Chow Green and Stuffed Olives
Blue Label and DelMonte Catsup
DelMonte    and    Libby's    Asparagus
Curtis'    Roasted    and    Peeled    Pimientos
Elkhorn Cheese, Assorted Dunbar Pickled Shrimps
Channel Herring        Golden Haddies
Blue Point Oysters Saanich Clams
Libby's Red Alaska Salmon
Alabastine in All Shades Floor and Furniture
Stains and Varnishes
Salmon River
Trading Co'y
The same standard for Stewart as we have maintained for the past
twenty-one years on the North Coast.
The Best Meats at the Lowest Prices
King Edward Hotel
STEWART,   -   B.  C.
. . .YOUR   COMFORT. . .
VV.    H.   TOLIN,
. .$1.00 PER DAY. .
Fifth St. Stewart, b.c.
Comfortable furnished rooms Barber shop in connection
Cigars, Tobaccos, Soft Drinks       SOLO TABLES
Thoroughly Cosmopolitan.   The millionaire with his roll of bills
is as welcome aa the prospector with his rolrof blankets : :     :
Cigars, Toobaccoa, Soft Drinks Card Tables, Magazines, Newspapers
JACK    McCORMACK,    -   -   Proprietor
a rt
Keep Your Money
In Stewart ....
Why send Laundiy out ef Tewn'.'
Latimer Home Laundry ean do the
work. Clothes Cleaned and Pressed,
Darning. Clothes called  for weekly.
Launch Provincial
I ravel Rupert for Stewart  Thursdays
alternating with G. T. P. boats
Estimates Furnished --   Work Guaranteed
Comer Auto Transfer & Jitney Service
Cars ply between Stewart' ami Hyder
Day and Night
Uarage Corner 6th and Conway.        H. COMER, Manage!
Stand at stewart hotel       Tel. lung 1 ihort PORTLAND   CANAL   NEWS,   STEWART, u.o., April 15, 1921
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $75,7 22,603;
Lode Gold, $100,272,43U, Silver. $50,432,304; Lead. 43.821,106;
Copper, $153,680,965; Zinc, $16,818,487; Coal and Coke. $199,-
123,323; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, $29,991,757; Miscellaneous
Minerals, $786,918; making its Mineral Production to the end of
1919 show
The substantial progress of the Mining Industry in this Province
Is strikingly exhibited in the following figures, which show tho value
of production for successive five-year periods: For all years to 1895,
inclusive, $94,547,241; for five years, 1896-1900, $57,607,967; for
five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; for five years, 1906-1910, $125,-
634,474; for five years, 1911-1915, $142,072,603; for the year 1910,
$42,290,462; for the year 1917, $37,010,392; for the year f018,
$41,782,474; for the year 1919, $33,296,313.
Lode mining has only been in progress for about 33 years, and
not 20 per cent, of the Province has been even prospected; 300,000
square miles of unexplored* mineral-bearing land are open for prospecting. . < ������        ���T"T'*Tr5l
The mining laws of this Province are more liberal and the fee?
lower than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any
Colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fee9.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, security of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may
We obtained gratis by addressing
THE HON. THE MINISTER OF MINES, Victoria, British Columbia.
This prohibitionists' degree
Doth bruise ye dissipator,       ���
And so I think I'd like to be
An auto radiator	
For does he worry?   Not at all;
Nor does he care a splinter���
He gets filled up on alcohol,
And stays that way all winter.
Sure Thing
An exchange warbles: If the
co-op. stores in this country do
not hang together they will be
hanged separately.
Prayed for the Country
A visitor at tte'capitol was accompanied by his small son. The
little boy watched from the gallery when the house came to
order. "Why did the minister
pray for all those men, pap?"
he questioned. "He didn't. He
looked them over and prayed for
the country," was the answer.
Comfortable rooms Grill in connection
W. DANN, Proprietor
Headquarters for mining men during their stay'
in the district ���
Sh��uld Be There Now
A reader asks: "Will there
be any profiteers in the future
world?" We hope so. We wish
they were all there now.
A diner in a Prince Rupert
restaurant said to the proprietor:
"This chop's as tough as leather.
Are you quite sure your cook
didn't broil a scrap of leather for
me by mistake?" The proprietor said: "I'll see. If he did the
mistake is inexcusable, considering the high price of leather."
'Twas a Joke
The origin of the bagpipe was
being discussed, and  the repre-
To'mmy Prayed
Tommy was out playing till he
was very tired, and did not feel
inclined to say his prayers, but'
his mother insisted. So Tommy
began: "Now, I lay me down to
Bleep, I pray the Lord my soul to
keep���" "If," prompted his
mother. Tommy (sleepily): "If:
he hollers let him go, Eney,
meeny, miny, mo."
He'll Get It Now
A recently arrived English mechanic protests that he failed to
receive his .paper. Editor has
difficulty in understanding his
name and asks that he spell it.
���"Ow do you spell it?" the En-j
glishman said. "Spell it with a j
hoe and a hen and a he and a hi
and two hells." Mr.
will hereafter receive his paper,
M. R. JAMIESON,   Prop.
Force of Habit
don't   want   any more re
sentatives of the various nations | turned soldiers to work   on   my
eagerly disclaimed any responsi- farm."    "Why not?   1  thought
bility. Finally an Irishman said:
"Well. I'll tell you the truth
about it. The Irish invented it
and sold it to the Scotch as a
joke, and the Scotch ain't seen
the joke yet."
they made good workers."
'They're too good. I set this
one- to spading up, and before I
Take notice that Lawrence & Workman, whose address is Stewart, B. C.,
, will apply for a licence to take and use
O Neill ' two cubic feet per second ot water out
of Barney's Gulcli, which flows west-
| erly, and drains into Bear river, about
one mile from its niuuth. The water
will be diverted from the stream at a
point about feven hundred feet easterly
from the foot of the mountain and will
be u^ed for power purpose upon the adjacent land described as Government
wild land This notice was posted OB
the ground on the 14th day of March,
192L A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at  Prince
Fred Dorey
Subscribe for The News.
could Stop him he had dug a front   Rupert, B. C.   Objections to the appli-   LoV No"792V I .  siar'Dis
.. , ���   ., ,, cation may be filed with the said Water   M���,th   .,.,,   -1    ng.   .,,,..,
line trench across my fifild."   ^    Record* or with  the Comptroller of chain.; thence
  | Water  Rights,   Parliament   Buildings, | thence' west to right-away
T,        ,    ,.   .        . , , ! Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after '
People living   in   glass   houses   the first appearance of this" notice in   a
should undress in the dark.
local newspaper.        ^^^^^^^^^^^^
By G. B. LAWRENCE, Agent
The date of   the  first   publication of
this notice is March 19, 1821.
Cassiar    Land    District   District tf
Skeena. near Sti wart, B.C., ��������
corner   of   I. it   No,  792, Cana
Take notice thai Lawrene :��� ffods
rrian,   of   Slew art,   I',. ��'., o-cspith
Millmen, intend to apply for permsS
to   purchase' the   following descrM
Con ""'   '     al ��������� -   ��� planted 18
feet south of the northeast corned
District, Haa
e   ea-: hj
fifteen chain;
Canal Shortline; thei ��� - ith
said line of :   '' iway h   ointofosj
mencement, < ������: t?.i:,ir,.r wth
acres, more ur less.
G. B. LAWRENCE, Appliautl
Hated March 11. 1921.
TAKE NOTICE  that W.A. Meloehe
whose address  is  Stewart,   B.C.,  will
apply for a licence to   take ami   use  35
cubic feet per second anil   to store f-OOfl
acre   feet  of   water   out   of   Cascade
creek   which   flows  southwesterly and
drains into Salmon river  about  twelve
! miles   from   its   mouth.   The   storage
dam   will   be   located   at the outlet of
Long Lake.   The  capacity of the  reservoir to be created is  about f-000  acre
feet, and it will flow about 200 or more
acres of land.    The  water  wil!   be di
Diversion nail Oil.
Take Notice tl at Premier Gold h\
ing Company, Limite
/   fl. IIy Cp
'   RriaeOW^hnOp.
��                ���     N
1 .layflomimrur
4 Ruth ���fran.iaGp
1                                        \
S. Copptrffina Gp.
t.Sunlhino tip
7 Loktviow Cp.
aiaerrr mmpmmr Mint
9 BtarR'iar fina. Cm
lo Rtof Tap Gp
11 Info ma liana 1 Gp
i i Salman - Bmar N,oar flam. C
is Bvahaa Gp
14? Bush ffinio Limifod.
IS. Minora/ H,ll Gp.
It Bia f1i*mam,ri Cp.
17 "irm'll Cp.
It. 49. Cp                                  S
.9 rMmatatama Qp,
ta. r\y Rail Cp
tt Ita<iaa n.ntsC L/aalfa,
whose acdnl
is Premier, B, C . will apply fori]
cense to take and and use20cubit ^
per second of water out of Ni rtl W
Cascade Creek, also known a; Can*
Creek, which Rows southerly and im\
into Salmon River about 1000 feetnsj
International Boundary. ThewiM
be diverted frflm the stream ataajl
some 700 feet north of the bridge "1
ng Cascade Gtsl
^^^^^^^^^^^ Missouri Tra
verted from the stream at a point about! . wjj. ,,, U8( r, p, - purpose��l
1500ft from Silver lake and will be used     " ,    Mi     :....,\,(i j. M
for   mining  (hydroelectric)   purposes on the Premier Mine descr.W ��� J
upon thc mine described  as  the Spider j er House to 1 cated on UK"*��j
group of mining claims consisting of ICascade Forks No 5. ���snotW*3
Spider No.l, No.2 and No.3 claims, .^tedon the grounden theSWW
This notice was posted  on   the  ground I ,.,.���   .   ,nnv n, thiscotiela
on the 24th day of January. 1921. A copy | J��"��-*rV K;}'_ *,JJ J^, j j
16H" will be t*'
! posted on the c;r
January 1921, A cop)
a*' application pursuant
the "Water Act,
of tilts notice mid un application pur
ant   thereto,   and    to   the    "Water    Act.
1911",   will   lie   filed   In   the   office   of   the
Water   Hecorder at   Prince   Mupert.   < '>'- i the  office  of  the
lections lo the apnllcatlon  m,iy bi ('.led,      n . ���>,,,���.,.,  Ol, lection N
with  the said Water Recorder or with  at Prince Rupert. ,
the Comptroller of Water Rights,  Par-1 riication mav he fled with mew-
P-r-i* 'I
���Sc&le of Mil*-*
iiiiment Buildings, Victoria, B. C��� with- !
ln thirty days after the ilrst  appearance
Of this notice In a  local  newspaper.
W.A. MELOCHE, Applicant,
By John Hovland, agent
The date  of  the first  publication of
this notice is Feb. 4th 1921. . j
Diversion nnd Use
Take Notice that Premier Gold Mining Company. Limited whose address is
Premier, B. (.'.., will apply for a license
to take and use 10 cubic feet per second
of water out of East Fork, Cascade
Creek hIbo known as Hovland Creek,
which flows southerly, and drains into
Cascade Creek and Salmon River about
1000 feet from International Boundary.
The water will be diverted from tbe
stream at a point about 1500 feet north
from Bi idge crossing Cascade creek on
Missouri Trail near Lot 3f>10, Cascade
Forks Claims and will be used for Power purpose upon Premier mine described
as Power House to be located on Lot
3607 Cascade ,florKS No 5. This notice
was-posted on the ground on the 31st
day a! January L9SI. A copy of this
notice and an application pursuant to
the "Water Act 1914" will  be  Mad  in |
at Princf
plication may he . ,     _,
ter Recorder, or with the 0-jJ
of Water Rights. Parliatw
Victoria. B.Cwithihtl
the first appear* ��� ���'��� ������*'����� ^
local newspaper I ��� ���������' "' "'^j
publication of tin- notice is
4 th, 1921, .     ]..*
Premier Gold Mining lAj"
bx Dale LPi".1"*
Certificate of In
1 Cal
.ucky.".. ���
tional   Frai tion, ,,, [teil,3
IS, -���!   ;:'' I    ."
mineral clain
Canal    mil ��� I
Where located
i Valley, in :l'   !
I Division, and
Group of minci
'I'aki notict   _
<if Stewai i   B.1
I Amos B. Trio
icate   No.   [��   u;ifiVateN��
Frae Miner's.;
In the SalaW
rlaims-     i'
tim      !
:u'   ,i
i: law %i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_      R   Wilson, no      .. i,.
the  office  of  the  Water   Recorder  at i -<i"-n2C  and!'
dayafromi      'tl''"r
Prince Rupert. Objectioim to the application may bo filed with said Water He
corner or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Par'ainent Uuildings, Victoria, B. Ci within fifty days after the
firtit appeal .nice of this notice in a local
newspaper. The date of the first publication of this notice is February 4th,
Premier Gold Minim*;* Company, Limited,  Applicant.
By Dale L, Pitt, Manager.
the Mining
���     foi |   .
action, UI
menced  ' *rovemen
Certil]-'"' ,,l,   da)'
When yuli
iii anollII


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