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Portland Canal News 1921-03-25

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Portland Canal News
Devoted to the Interests of the Mining Districts of Northwestern British Columbia
VOL. 2, NO. 44
Following is the   fifth   install- on the southwest.   Some surface1
ment of Clothier's report on the work   was   done  on the claims: ,   *j    y ,S Good Friday
Salmon River Mining District:      after my trip and fair showings BS y0U can-
His    Missouri     Group.-This ar��rePOrted. Poy Moseley. who   went'south
Uup has been  under bond   for   . Glac,er G^P-l his group con- \some time ago, returned to Stew-
���   ������     -     -    sists of six or seven claims lying 'arton Friday's boat.
between the Boundary and Pitts-!    It   looks,   at   the   hour   this
mont   groups   and   the   Salmon family journal goes to press, that
river glacier.    The claims  were spring    is   just    :'around    the
staked last year and are owned corner."
by Jancowski  &   Scoville.    The.    p <,   T   ,       - ..     - ���
showing is a  quartz vein 3 of 4: ' Jack9' ��f the A,*?unlcan
feet wide, though where it is ex- ^ST" 7T ^ I" ?! ^
bert last week on  a short busi-
S5 ihe year-10 C the Copy
he past two years to the  Pacific
Exploration   Company,   Limited
(Sir D.  D.   Mann),    Last   year
msiderabla    diamond   drilling
������as done on the E Pluribus claim
II the group, adjoining the Min-
ral Hill group, to test the sur-
ace showings which had been
xtensively exposed by open cut-
ing and trenching. While some
re was encountered in these
pies, the results were not alto-
tether satisfactory, and two or
hree flat holes were drilled from
creek. In the meantime a
unnel had been started from the
���eek bank to cut under these
���oppings and exposures.
This spring the diamond drill
as moved to the old big show-
igonthe   Province   and   other
List winter the tunnel, started
E Pluribus claim, was con- j;
fcued to a total   length   of  360
on   a   bearing of N. 50 de-
Iees E., or a little north of the
st-west fissures.    No values of
te were found in the tunnel,
i crosscutting was done.
The  dia-nond   drilling  on the
showing  consisted   of  four
pes���three of 800 ftfctf-aeh aitd
i of 150 feet, or a total of 1050
^t���and proved to the satisfac-
of  the   bonders  that   the
pwings,   which   crop  over   a
0th of 1500 feet or more,  are
pirely superficial, as no values
re found below a few feet on
surface.   No further work
i done and the property  retted to  the   original   owners,
Lindeborg,   of Hyder,   Al-
, and partners.
fayroll   Group���Only    assess-
jit work was done this year.
ndian   Mines,   Limited���This
(pany is one of the early day
rporations and has 600 or 700
r of underground work done.
j affairs of the company are in
i shape, only about 25 per
j of the treasury stock having
used. The registered office
fche company is in Prince
rt. This year considerable
ace work was done in  open
ing and  tracing  the    	
ugh from the big cut to the
line  of  the   claims.     The
shows  a  good   width of
from 6 to 14 feet, all the
[through, with fair values in
I and   silver and, in places,
ierable galena.   The galena
Iformly low in silver values,
|a third of an ounce to the
lead.   The consistency of
jfold   values carried in the
P gives reason to expect
he continuation of the up-
innel will possibly open up
inuous.body of milling ore.
Woodbine and Kitchener
Northern   Light group,
Obalt group were explored
lummer by the Algunican
fpment Company  by dia-
T-rilling, but, as none of the
1 were exercised,   I judge
faults were not 3Ufficjent|y
In the early part of the week
preliminaries   were   commenced
in the courts at Prince  Rupert,
by Patmore & Fulton, on  behalf
H. A. Allen made a trip to Bit- 0f the men who have been work-
ter creek with his dog team early jng at the Spider mine most of
Dave Allen, the Hyder baker,
returned on the last boat from
the south.
ness trip.
posed, lying flatly along the side
of a gulch, it  has  been entirely,   _   ,      ,    Bjaaaaj
,   , . ,        .... , Don t go home hungry,
eroded in spots, giving it a patchy | at Tooth's Smoke shop.
Get a lunch
appearance. The quartz is min
eralized with pyrite and some
chalcopyrite. High silver values,
up to 70 and 80 ounces a ton,
suggest silver sulphides,   though
in the week     ^^^^^^^
Counterfeit $10,000 bills are in
circulation. Citizens should examine their small change.
Mrs. J. Hovland, who has been
spending the winter in Seattle,
returned to Hyder via the Albert
on Friday last.
Miss Thompson left for Prince
Rupert  on
livuyeit  un   the   Chilliwack   on
William Fraser has   the   con-  Wednesday evening,   where she
tract for constructing the lobby | wj-| spend the Easter holidays.
in the Baldwin   hotel.
1 Lean is his assistant.
D.   Mc-
One   week   from   today is All
Fools' day.    Pilgrim,   beware of
the winter, against the Algunican Development Company for
wages owing them, aggregating
in the neighborhood of $4000.
This is the sequel to the mine
closing down, for lack of working capital, on February 11 last.
Some of the men are owed as
much as $700, for contract and
day labor work.
It has been known for some
time that the Algunican Development Company were in financial
difficulties, due primarily to the
fact that it is a Belgian company
none  were noticed.    High  gold)    Guy   D��ri|   of the Canadian j the $10 bill lying on   the  side- |and the rate of exchange on  Bel-
values  also   were  obtained    in; Explosives,f-h'o arrived in town waik.   There may  be a string|*'m��� money has been very high
picked samples.   The croppings on   the  Albert'- last week on a: attached to it, and a small boy at
are  about  100  feet  above the bus>ness trip,   sailed for Prince the end of the string,
glacier,   showing   the   vein    to, Rupert on the Chilliwack, Wed
strike S. 80 degrees E.  into the! nesday evening.
Services will be  held   in   the
,,.,���, I ' assssssssssssssssaaaaaasas | Catholic church  On    EasU-l'   Sun-
hlll   and   dip   46   degrees to the!    Drink Union-t^de Silver  Springs atl(JaV) fay R  Father Ler       0<MI
south.    Thisisa very encourag-;10 %8- 'fj '      follows-    10--M   n m     Hio-h
ing looking showing and could;    Services at>rist church on ' !J?���- m10^n^vJJfi
ba easily opened up by drifting gfi* Sunday   11:30,  **^?��'l*^J^ SCh����l
on  the   vein   from the surface, | Player  and/Holy   Communion. I LM> Lvemng se,uce
obtaining good depth.
Several properties on
aska side of the boundary line
are showing up well with development.
At 3 p.m;,/Children's  service.     It looks as if many financial
the  Al-! Parents requested to be present, and mining men have their optics
Enjoyable Dance
On  Friday evening   last   probably the most enjoyable dance
of the season was given   by  Mr. (
and Mrs. Tolin in.the King Ed-! boat.
last fall for the winter, and
spent the time since then touring
the oil fields of the States down
as far as Mexico.
Thursday morning, the rain, in
ward Hotel dining room, with a
four-piece orchestra in attendance. The general invitation was
accepted by nearly 100 citizens,
and as the Prince Albert was in
port Captain Robertson was able tow   of             ,
to attend. Among the outside I away considerable of the snow
guests who were conspicuous on ! that has been doing business on
the floor were: Messrs. George'tbe avenues and sidewalks in
Frizzell. R. Beaumont, J. Pullen.j Stewart during the winter
and J. Mason.'of the customs in-j months. Let'er go, beautiful,
spection department. At mid- i beautiful snow ��� we've seen
night a delightful luncheon was! enough of it this year,
served by the dining room staff. -
Mr. Frizzell, who acted as floor
manager, complained to Mr.
Tolin at 3 a.m. that the Home
Sweet Home waltz had been
played five times, but that the
merry guests refused to go home.
At 7:30, Evening prayer. This on the Portland Canal district,
will take the form of a fully At local hotels, this week, are
musical service. guests registered from all over
See our advt. for Special Bargains,  tne world and Bruce county.
Salmon "Rtver Trading Co "      *      r-*      ���      a        , -.     i
Earnie   Armstrong,   who has
Paddy McDonald of the 14-(been in bad health all winter and
Mile road house, was among the |a month ago went down to the
incoming passengers on the last j hospital at Prince Rupert for an
1���l    Mr.   McDonald  went out j operation, returned  last Friday,
during the past year.
The Algunican Company last
year started work on four properties, which they had under
bond,   relinquishing two  in the
I fall, retaining the Spider and the
George Copper.   On the Spider
development work  was   carried
on until February 11, when operations ceased.    A tunnel 900 feet
was    driven    and   an   upraise
started which was to be 150 feet.
Besides  this  considerable    machinery was installed and a good
camp established.   While the development was not completed the
work   done showed satisfactory
results.   On the George Copper
no actual work was commenced,
the season being too short,   but
the  company   started   the construction of a good trail   up   the
hill that was completed all but
600 feet.    A   large  quantity   of
supplies were taken up to the 14-
Mile road house, in order to get
an early start this spring.
According to a recent statement by Mr. Van Ophen, president of the company, all outstanding accounts will be paid
and operations re-commenced in
the near future.
The Portland Canal News
has made arrangements with
the Prince Rupert News to
have a short telegraphic service each week. The service
will be up to the minute and
in the most condensed form
as possible, so that readers
of this paper will know what
is going on on the outside a
week before the arrival of
the daily papers.
looking better than he   has   for
To Handle Near Beer
A telegram,   dated   Victoria,
23, and received by Ro.\
The steamer Chilliwack, of the j Moseley on the 24th, states that
Union Steamship Co., arrived in Ue Government's new Liquor
port at 9 a.m.   Wednesday,   with. Control   Bill   provides that the
sou'-easter    carried h50 tons of freight, and a general 8aie 0f beer and   near  beer
cargo for the Premier mine and j prohibited, except by the Gov-
local merchants. She left at eminent Liquor Vendors' stores,
4:30 in the afternoon with about and that the bill will come into
half a dozen passengers and 150
ions of Premier ore.
Royal Salad Dressing.  Use  only   the
best.  -Salmon River Trading Co.
force May 1.
The   Stewart    Citizens'
Vein i will give a May Day dance
Chamberlain Is Leader
Association I    Austin Chamberlain  has been
on April 27 ' selected as leader of the house
of commons in the place of the
Back From the South     | Right Honorable Bonar Law, who
and Mrs. William Dann of j ^signed  recently  owing   to   ill
returned to | health,
boat   after!
Mr ^^^
the   Baldwin   hote
Stewart-on the   last
spending a very pleasant holiday
in the south.    Mrs.   Dann  went
out two months and a  half ago,
and has  visited friends in Vancouver,    Victoria,    Seattle   and
Portland.     While   outside   they
met a lot of old Stewart people,
all of whom are   talking  of   returning   as   soon   as   the  snow
goes.    Mr. Dann brought in a lot ______________-____________________^^^_
of furniture for the lobby of the) instructions for a   Bpecial   meet-
hotel, it being his intention  toJ w 0f congress on April 11.
make   this up-to-date and a���* '
Germany Says No
Fhe demand by the Allies that
Germany pay the indemnity in
gold marks, has met with a Hat
refusal by the German government.
Cent Belt Boys Lose
Vancouver has won the first of
the series with the eastern team
for the Stanley cup, by a score
of three to one.
Congress to Meet
Pre#dent Harding has issued
An Alice Arm Suit
James LeBlanc is suing M. P.
Olson in Vancouver for a 10 per
cent interest in two mineral
claims in Alice Arm.
New Customs House
Fred Ritchie of Victoria, arrived in Stewart on the Albert
for the purpose of surveying the
i site for the new customs house
at Silver Heights, on the Salmon
river. This, according to reports, is to be a substantial
building; although Arthur Noble,
the officer who will be in charge,
is authority for the statement
that the government is building
a shack at this place. Mr.
Ritchie went south again on the
steamer Chilliwack.
Fresh milk at Tooth's
Group���This group
tne Indian Mines claims
aaaaaaa ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssi ^rSt
class. He informed the News
that he will open the dining room
in the near future. Having
gained six pounds while outside,
Mr. Dann returned to Stewart
the picture of health.
Rozenstien of International avenue,
Hyder, has for sale a larj:-- and varied
supply of fresh green vegetables at attractive prices.
B. C. Alright
Hon. John Hart, minister of
finance, announced in the legislature now sitting in Victoria, that
the government recently floated
a loan of two million dollars, and ^^^^^^^
that the bonds were sold at $1U3 j the government
Grey Copper Struck
On the Bellevue property on
the Illiance river wonc has been
in progress all winter. A tunnel
has been driven, and at 186 feet
and depth of 100, galena and grey
copper has been struck.
Bowser on Financing
W. J. Bowser, leader of the
opposition in the provincial legislature, yesterday made a slashing attack upon the government's
financing, and especially for the
arge salaries that are paid by
Saw Active Service
Father Leray of thn local Roman Catholic church mission, arrived from Prince Rupert on the
Albert for the purpose of holding
Easter services here. Father
Leray is a new man in this section, having come direct from
France. At the outbreak of the
war, though just admitted to the
priesthood, he joined the 241st
regiment of French infantry as a
private, and continued to serve
in this capacity until taken a
prisoner in Champaign in 1918.
During the war Father Leray
was gassed twice, once in 1917
and again in 1918.
Peanut Butter, (Unicornbrand) fresh
and rich in oil,    S. R. T. Co.
Citizens'   Association   Transact
Considerable Business
At the general meeting of the
Citizens' Association, with H. P.
| Gibson in the chair, held in the
j Baldwin hotel, Thursday even-
ing, considerable business was
'disposed of. After the minutes
cf the previous meeting had been
read and adopted, correspondence was dealt with.
A  letter   was read from the
postmaster at Prince Rupert to
President   Gibson,   referring to
I the matter of Captain  Swanson
of the Provincial, bunging in the
(Stewart   mail,   in   which it was
i stated that the postoffice department had no fund from which to
allow him remuneration for this
service; but if the captain would
bring the mail free of charge, he
would g:ive it   to   him.    As this
matter is being dealt with by the
executive, no action was taken.
A letter from   Dalby   Morkill
was read.    He suggested   ways
and means of obtaining a graveyard for the   community.    The
sight proposed in the letter is on
the other side of the   river,   below the railway bridge,  and at
present held under timber lease.
On   motion   of    R.   McFarlane,
seconeed by W. Noble, this matter was referred to the executive.
The recommendation of the executive   that   the Grand Trunk
Pacific   be   approached,   with a
view  to obtaining their co-operation for the purpose of publishing and circulating a folder advertising     the    district,     was
A further recommendation
from the executive that the association hold a May dav dance
on April 27, the first of May falling on Sunday, was endorsed.
Moved by R. McFarlane, seconded by VV. Noble, that a vote
of thanks be extended Constable
Bowler of the R. C. M. P., for
having kept the trails to the
school and hospital open all winter, was carried.
A motion, seconded by W.
Fraser, that a vote of thanks be
tendered W. Dann lor the generous manner in which he has
lent his hall for public meetings
during the past winter, was
also carried.
Meeting then adjourned.
Ramsay s Cream Soda Crackers, one
of the best, and cheaper too. Salmon
River-Trading Co. PORTLAND   CANAL   NEWS,   STEWART, p.p., March 25, 1921
Portlnno Canal ��tU)8
H.W.M. Rolston,
Publisher and Editor
Subscription Five Dollars a year
Member Canadian Weekly Newspaper
Advertising  Rates:
Display advertising, 50c per inch
per issue.
Reading Notices, 20 cents per line.
Special position display or rcad-
inx, 2t> per cpnt. above ordinary
run of rates.
Certificate ol Improvement $15
(if more than one claim, $2.50 for
each additional claim mentioned).
Land notices, $10
Coal notices, $7
No advertising accepted for
First Page.
The same standard for Stewart as we have maintained for the past
twenty-one years on the North Coast.
The Best Meats at the Lowest Prices
Clothes Cleaned and  Pressed,  Darning,   etc. Satisfaction
Guaranteed        Laundry called for weekly.
Prices Not Embarrassing
products should be provided for  by   the
       Dominion Parliament in connection with
The announcement last week that the I the fiscal policy necessary to protect Cana-
Premier Gold  Mining Company had let \ dian interests against the effect of adverse
the contract for an aerial tram line from! tariff legislation  by  the  United  States
the mine to tidewater, a distance of eleren | Congress.
miles, is certainly welcome news to every-,
one in the district, for it establishes, as! LABOR   AND   CAPITAL
nothing heretofore has done, this district
as a mining country.    This fact, coupled
with the heavy shipments of high grade
ore made by the Premier every two weeKS    ^	
all winter,  will  attract  capital  from  all j near future, a big fight between labor and capital
over the world to an unprecedented degree. '   L L~~    T* *
The big operators will now become more
interested than ever, with the result that
the various mining properties in the district  will   receive   increased  and   more
careful attention.
13. C. Land Surveyor
Stewart, B.C.
Dental Surgeon,    PRINCE RUPERT.
540 Thtirlow Street, Vancouver, B. C.
H. B. ROCHESTER, Manager
European Plan $1.50 per day up
,   According to a statement by Tom Moor^, pre
sident of the Trades and Labor Congress cf Can
ada, the labor organizations of  this  country and - Sundays in the month at 11:30 a.m.
the   United   States   are   anticipating, in   the very'    Evening Prayer:   Every  Sunday  at
Holy Communion:   First and /Third
7:80 p.m.
The Vancouver Sun of March 10, editorially, says:
Canada is commercially independent
of all the world except the United States.
As regards the United States there is
a necessity for Canada to buy cotton, anthracite coal, and petroleum and fuel oil.
Cotton requirements are not large
enough to give any commercial strangle
hold Anthracite coal and petroleum,
products cannot be done without unless
other than United States sources of supply
are made available.
In the Groundhog Valley coal areas of
British Columbia abundant supplies of
anthracite can be reached by building
ninety miles of railway from the port of
Stewart at the head of Portland Canal.
Of this line only fifteen miles will be in
heavy rock work; the remainder is ordinary construction.
In the new Canada of the North there
are abundant oil supplies which will be
available at tidewater within two years.
A Canada producing its own anthracite and its own oil supplies will be independent of the world in a commercial
sense���that is we need only buy from those
who will buy from us.
The sane couVse is to begin now, this
present Spring, the building of a railway
to the anthracite fields. Development of
the oil supply is certain to be rushed. Two
years should be ample time within which
to have both anthracite and oil available
in ample quantities at the seaboard.
The total cost of both developments
wilr be less than the loss to the country in
one year under adverse tariff conditions
while we are still under absolute compulsion to buy cotton, anthracite and petroleum products in the United States.
Immediate action to make our oil supplies and our anthracite areas commercially
available within the shortest possible time
will be national life insurance
over the question  of  the open shop.    It appears
that in the States open shops are  being declared
throughout the country,  and it is this move that
labor has to combat, if it has to get its just dues.
Capital in a great many industries has combined. I
For what?    The betterment of mankind?   No;
but that it might reap a greater reward for its |
efforts.    Then why should labor not do so?     Both
these combinations are useful to society.    Cer- j
tainly they have their abuses.    But then nothing;
that is human is perfect.   If one section of the
people combine for their own advancement, then'
they must surely concede the right of others to do*
likewise.    What is sauce for the Goose is saunce
for the Gander.
Baptisms: By appointment.
L.  Th.
Synopsis of    #
land !v\ fmn'm^nls
According to reports Bolshevism is apparently
about on its Us: legs in Russia. This is only what
might /have been expected. In any event it will
only be a matter of time, for Bolshevism is a dictatorship form of government and is therefore
destined to sooner or later suffer the same fate as
other similar governmental systems. It is immaterial by whom the dictatorship is enforced���an
Autocracy, as was formerly the case in Russia, or
by the Proletariate, as according to Lenine is
the case   today.
Exports from Canada of wood pulp and paper
likely to attain a total value of $175,000,000 for
the present calendar year.
H. B. Thompson, former food controller, estimates that the British Columbia government will
net an annual profit of between $5,000,000 and
$6,000,000 through the sale of liquor, based on a
turnover of approximately $30,000,000. "If the
business were efficiently handled, as I have no
doubt it will be, it should have the result of cutting
the individual taxpayer's burden in half and leave
a sufficient amount to provide adequate funds for
the maintenance of roads and hospitals and similar institutions."
fr.iD-i  I
tilt h   -pei
Whatever else may happen
When our country has gone dry,
The sailor still will have his port,
The farmer have his rye;
The cotton still will have its gin,
The seacoast have its bar,
And each of us will have a bier,
No matter where we are.
British Columbia has a surplus revenue over
expenditures for the fiscal year ending March 20
last, amounting to $351,388, according to the public accounts presented to the Legislature by Hon.
John Hart, minister of finance. The total revenue
for the year was $13,881,602.75, and the expenditures on current account were $11,588,002.87 and
on capital account expenditures charged to income
w.as $1,942,268, making a total expenditure of $13,-
510,274.79.   The total surplus assets over liabilities
   ���������������aajaraa*     a wi       lire      V(Jal
rrniat'iti far ratum of monaj
ortM 1 <lua and 1,������� WtM 1|BC. I
4, I HI, on account or payment*!
or taxes on seldiurs' pre-empt mt
Interest  on ugrromentt] to pui
Head Office: 101 Pemberton Block Victoria, R, C
Wanted: Listings of Properties for Sale or Lease
Send   in   your   subscription to H.
Subscribe   for   Portland   CanM   News  Portland Canal News,
Minimum price of first clruu" land
re<luce<i to $5 nn acre; seoond-cljuu* to
Ju Cw an acre.
I-re-emptlon now confined to sur-
vej ed lards only.
Kecords will be granted covering only
land suitable tor agricultural purpose*
and which is non-Umber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolishes),
but parties of not more than four i*ioy
arrange for adjacent pra-ern-jtic-n*
with joint residence, but each maktiu
necessary improvements ot- respective
''ia'rns aj
Pte-etniit'Ts must occupy claims for
five years nnd make improvements to
value af Ut) per acre, induaj^nK elear-
Ing and onltivatlon of at least 5 acre*,
before receiving Crowa (Irani.
Where pre-tmptOT In occupation not
less than 1 yn.ro. and has made proportionate improvements, he may. because of ill-health, or other catsse. be
granted Intermediate oertMcate of Improvement and tranefe' hla claim
Records without permanent resilience may be Issued, provided ai��pa-
uant makes Improvements te extent at
1300 per annum and records same eaon
ymai. Failure to make linprovcmonta
or record same wtH operate aa forfeiture. Title oannot be obtained In
lose than S years, and Improvements
of iin Ou per aare, Inuludiuc li aerea
cleared and c-attt-ruted, and resldsnoe
of at least % years are required.       0
Pre emptor boMhtg Crown grant
may record another Bre-aaaptaan, If Re
requires land In eoidanctlon with- his
farm, without actual ocoupatlon. provided (statutory improvements made
and rcftr*.:,us maintained on Crown
grmi'ot\ land.
Ut.aui veyed areas, not exceeding M
acres, may be leased as boanealtes:
title to be obtained after fulflltlug resi-
dentls.1 and Improvement eojKiuIona.
For grasleat and industrial purponas
nr.i.-is eMceeding 640 aeres tuny be
Iwarcd by one person or company,
Mill, factory or Industrial anas on
tii..bur land not exceeding 40 aera*
may be imrcliaccd. conditions Include
payment  if stumpage.
Natural bay n-eiMlows Inaccessible
hy existing roads may lie purchased
conditional iiuon construction of a raid
to fbena. RcWe of one-half of oost ***
road, r,< t exosedtng half of purchase-
orlce, is made. _
PRE  EMPTO����r      FRBE
hi ACT. ^^^^^
Ibe scone of this Aat Is enlarged to
end   serv-
oices)     The
���run haaers  who  fmlimi"   te    ��,,���,,,,,,
; -i-hnse,  Involving forfeiture, on fui-
lUlmeril of conditions of purchase   in
tei eel and taiga,   uTW.'^p.'"*'���'"���
er. do not ������!*!* ejHTrforlgC] par
eel, RWtaw priccX; and 5��i ���*'
distributed    iraportlonately    over
AMjjjteations   roust   be
�� bole   una
made  by  May
.increased durinR the year from $22,181,262.62 to
The development of these two natural | $23,407,291.45.
tioWs   for  uraaiasa abassSM.  ..V  .'
   ���   . astab-
���,  .���    , ���""���e,^.      ���BsMaVowntirH    inav
For information relating
to Salmon Kiver, Portland
Canal and Alice Arm mining districts, apply t(
Mining Broker
Vancouver and Stewart
Include sfl persons trrmtt-g"
ing with His Majesty, Iwrnsaj ti
-.ttne within which the heirs or devices
������' a ilec��M:.��d tiru-emptor tamy ayplv
tltw sneW this Act Is ektoniled
���"  ' ���   oji -car from the death of
 i. ���'*}'   M   ���"r">��rlg,   until   one
tees- :.f����r tl^ ooLc-islon of Uie nresont
war. TV.ci privilege Is also made re-
Mo raaai relating to pre-emptions are
duo or payable by HUdlars ou Dra-
Ml#tle*tn1 recorded after June 34. 1118
rajtas arc remlrted for five years
PriMatin for return of inotMTw'mc-
ta, leas
.     "Um.
town �� city tou fa** ILZ^Z.
",J  V���rrc,   or ilependeau, acqu, red
direct  br  indirect,   remitted Jroili . ,,.
Ilstmanl to Much H, i��a.   ���        v
don mads for Issuance of
grant* to sub-purchasers of
Land*   ���.cunning   r,��htJ,   t
Steamers sailing between Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, Ocean MjU
8wan8on'8 Day, Prince Rupert, Anyox, Stewart and Queen Charlo��|
Leaves Prince Rupert for Stewart, 10 p. m. Thursday, FebruaryW
17th., March 3rd.   17th & 31st.
Train Service:
Passenger   MONDAY,   WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY at 1L15*||
Smithers, Prince Georgo, Edmonton and Winnipeg making
connections for all points East and South. ,,���
For further information  apply to any Grand   Hunk PaciM
or to G. A. McNicholl, Asst. General I     -il! :""1
Passenger Agent, Prince Ruperl
Don't Miss ...
an Opportunity
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbJ   ���   1   ftwl
When in   Hyder be   sure  and visit -  |
Flawn's Fruit Store on International
near the Drug Store--the difference
will pay you for your trip.   -*ir,r      ^
Fresh   Fruit,  Vegetables,  Ha"** alld JJJ
Butter and Eggs, at Greall.v Reduc
m m
flawn PORTLAND   CANAL  NEWS,   Stewart, c.u, March 25, 1921
/~%N Place d'Armes in thc City of Montreal stands a
monument to Sieur de Maisonneuve who, landing
near this spot in the year 1642, founded the settlement
which is now the City of Montreal.
Facing Place d'Armes stands the Bank of Montreal, which
opened its doors for business a short distance from the
samfl spot over one hundred and three years ago.
From the Setdement founded by Maisonneuve, civilization
has spread to thc east and west until to-day the Dominion
of Canada extends from Halifax to Vancouver.
Likewise the Bank of Montreal has grown, until after over
a century of steady and conservativd progress, it to-day
has Branches in all of thc cities and larger towns in
Canada, with offices in the principal financial centres of
the world, and correspondents in every country.
Capital Paid Up #22,OCO,0C0.    Reserve #22,000,000.
Total As;sts ��360,150,812.85.
r*\\\   , teL^ATil    $
It,' '- #*v
.    :
���' .��v ���;
Look at the map of British Columbia j
with an unbiased mind.   Roughly Van-
couver is   8<X)   miles   from   the   same
point in the Peace River   country   that
is reaehtd in 400 miles   from   Stewart, '
which is   the   natural  outlet   for   the I
whole northern andMastern interior.
Nearly every settler in the Peace
River district is talking of railway
communication with the coast.
Speaking in broad   terms   there   are |
thirty-two  millions  of  acres   of   the |
Peace River district situated within the j
boundaries of   British  Columbia,   and
more than forty millions of acres with-1
in the Province of Alberta, most   of  it
being  suitable   agricultural   land   for
mixed farming or   ranching.    In   addition there is a vast area of mineral and
timber resources, the extent of which is
tjnly beginning to be realized.
Immense deposits of anthracite coal
have been located and the president of
the Peace River Board of Trade is
authority for the statement that this
coal grades higher than Pennsylvania
Extensive exploration work is being
carried on in connection with oil and
already startling results have been   bo
tained. The oil sarlds are located at a
depth of about sixteen hundred feet
and enough investigation has taken
place to be assured that they are uf
wonderful extent. There is also an
abundance of natural pas.
The ar.'a tin"er cultivation at present
is only about three hundred thousand
acres and the population of the whole
district is about twenty thousand. The
first grain was sent out of the country
three years ago, and consisted of less
than one thousand bushels. Last year
nine million bushels were produced from
about a quarter million acres, the average wheat yield being thirty-five bushels to the acre ur nearly double the
average of other portions of Alberta.
The land is also well adapted for the
raising of stock of all kinds, particu
larly hogs.
lt is reasonable to suppose that if
two ht��idred and fifty thousand acres
are now producing'nine million bushels
of grain, that within a very few years
there will be ten million acres producing three hundred ami fifty million bushels of grain, or roughly, ten million
Throw Off
the Reserve
The Sunday Sun'last week
made an appeal to the Provincial
Government to open up the great
undeveloped resources of the
north, such as coal, oil and mineral, that are now held under
government reserve. Throw off
the reserve and fet the public in
to prospect and develop those resources. The government has
undertaken to prospect for oil in
the Peace river, but a government moves too slowly. It would
take ages to accomplish what individuals would do in a year or
two. The Herald endorses the
stand taken by the Sun. The
northern part of this province is
rich beyond.thc optimists' dreams
and prospectors and capitalists
are eager to go into the promised
land. The government can accomplish no particular good in
longer holding off the development of the north. The citizens
could assist in. urging the government to remove the reserve
from the north by sending a petition to the government through
the local members. ��� Omineca
reductions   BIG  BARGAINS reductions
Salmon River
Trading Coty
Silver Outlook
For This Year
Discussing the silver outlook!
;for  the   present  year,   Samuel!
| Montagu & Co.,  London bullion!
dealers, make the lollowing in-;
I teresting observations:   The in- j
I quiry for silver  cannot   be   ex-
) pected to be so keen.   The Con-
i tinent is a seller of coin, not a
buyer of coinage.     Economy is
the cry of the day, and taxation
j is cutting at the root  of  luxury
.expenditure.    Hence, plate and
i jewelry will be less   in   request.
, The requirements  of  India are
doubtful.     A    good     monsoon
would   stimulate   demand,     especially after the poor imports of
19?0;   but   the   country   is well
stocked with precious metal, and
coinage is out   of   the   question.
The prospect of Chinese demand
is also uncertain.    So  much depends upon the power of China
to export goods, and the abilily
of Europe to pay for them.    It
can be taken for granted,   however, that the interior  of China
is unusually well stocked with
silver,   and   that   confidence   is
being restored in official issue of
notes.    The   world   as   a whole
would have good reason  to welcome the'return of the price of
silver to a pre-war level.   The
persistent   advance in the price,
of this   metal   has   much to do
with the increase in  the price of
commodities,   thc   reason  being
that the allies had to depend so
largely upon the products of the
east,   chiefly   from   India, with
whom the world balance of trade
has  always   been ��� unless   the
monsoon proved a failure--heavily in   her favor.    Wheat,   rice
and   beans,   jute,  cotton,  hides
and skins, figure largely in  the
useful   goods   which come from
India  and   China.    It   was the
rise in the cost of such items as
these  which  stimulated that of
other commodities in  the markets of the world.
Ext. quality, seamless
75c,  reduced       55
Hanson 3J lb,  $1,  re-
*   duced      85
Hand made wool, $1.25
reduced  1 00
All leather, $1.50, reduced  1 15
All leather,  $2.50, reduced  2 10
Horsehide,  $1.50,   reduced   1 15
Heather, 2.00, reduced 1 65
Fancy knit,  1.20, reduced 1 00
Fancy  knit,  1.00, reduced       80
Mineral tanned,  large
size, 2.00, reduced.. 1 65
Misses wool mitts, 75c,
reduced      50
Pride  of  the    West,
18.50, reduced  ....16 00
Pride  of    the   West,
15.00, reduced   ...12 50
Big Horn,   10.50,   reduced 8 50
Big  Horn,   14.00,  reduced    .12 00
Big   Horn,   4.50,   reduced  3 75
Big   Horn,   3.75,   reduced  3 00
Big   Horn,   7.50,   reduced     6 25
Pride of the West, No.
570, 3.25, reduced.. 2 75
Pride of the West, No.
566, 3.00, reduced.; 2 50
Pride of the West, No.
320, 3.50, reduced.. 3 00
St. George  Unshrinkable. 3-50, reduced. 2 75
Elastic Knit,  3.00, reduced  2 00
Ames-Holden    Shoes,
8.00,   reduced  6 75
Simcoe rubbers, 6.00,
reduced  5 00
In addition to above our former prices on all makes of
Boots and Shoes, as well as on Rubbers, have all been reduced to meet the cost of new goods. We have put the
knife to Stanfield's Red Label Underwear. Also Nova
Scotia All Wool Garments.    This is our loss and  your gain,
and it is our endeavor to sell you any article in our
at   the   lowest market price.    ::;::::   ;
HP. GIBSON        .'. Specialties
Neilson's   and   Moir's   Chocolates,    Latest   Magazines
i^jyipipers, Lending Library, Stationery
Ice Cream Parlor
Sole agent for the [mpjrial Tobacco Company and
New Westminster Brewery
Under new management,
Headquarters for Mining Men
in Portland Canal District
Your patronage solicited,
Your comfort, my first consideration.
European plan, $l.ooperday.   W. H. Tolin, M'gr.
Fifth St. Stewart, b.c.
Comfortable furnished rooms Barber shop in connection
Cigars, Tobaccos, Soft Drinks       SOLO TABLES
** W?
The Hollinger mine in Ontario
is classed as one of the world's
big gold mines. It employs 1200
men, has a production of $7,000,-
000 in gold annually, and could
double ite production.
Thoroughly Cosmopolitan.    The millionaire with his roll of bills
is as welcome as the prospector with his roll of blankets : : : :
Cigars, Toobaccos, Soft Drinks Card Tables, Magazine!, Newspapers
JACK   McCORMACK,    -   -   Proprietor
Estimates Furnished --   Work Guaranteed
When you see it in The News it is so.
in another paper it it so so.
Comer Auto Transfer & Jitney Service
Cars ply between Stewart and Hyder
Day and Night
Garage Corner tith and Conway.        II. COMER, Manage*
Stand at stew art hotel       Tfel. 2 long l short
m PORTLAND   CANAL   fllUWS,   Stewart, u.o., March 26, 1921
Portland Canal News
Devoted to the Interests
of the Mining Districts
of Northwestern British
$5.00   PER   ANNUM
Open 6 a-m* to 8p-m.
All kinds of Pies & Cakes
Fresh Bread every day
Orders taken for Spe cials
Blackie Irwin,     Manager.
Fred Dorey
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $75,722,603;
Lode Gold, $100,272,431; Silver. $50,432,304; Lead. 43.821,106;
Copper, $158,680,965; Zinc, $16,818,487; Coal and Coke. $199,
123,323; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, $29,991,757; Miscellaneous
Minerals, $786,918; making its Mineral Production to the end of
1919 show
The substantial progress of the Mining Industry In this Province
Is strikingly exhibited in the following figures, which show the value
of production for successive flve-y?ar periods: For all years to 1896,
inclusive, $94,547,241; for five years, 1896-1900, $57,607,967; for
five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; for five years, 1906-1910, $125,-
534,474; for five years, 1911-1915, $142,072,603; for the year 1910,
$42,290,462;  for the year  1917,   $37,010,392;   for  the yeaf  1918,
$41,782,474; for the year 1919, $33,296,313.
Lode mining has only been in progress for about 33 years, and
not 20 per ceiTt. of the Province lias been even prospected; 900,000
square miles of unexplored mineral-bearing land are open for prospecting.
The mining laws of this Province are more liberal and the fee?
lower than those of any other Province in the Domlplon, or any
Colony in the British Empire
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, security of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may
V)e obtained gratis by addressing
THE HON. THE MINISTER OF MINES, Victoria, British Columbia,
/   Ifmlly Cp.
2,   Pri'ntmmm-tnCp.
1 nmyftmnwrup
4. Ruth -frantltKp.
5. Cappar/finy tip.
S.iunthino tip
7 Laktoimw Cp
%A**ma &oppor rtiaa
9. Bmarlfioarflna. Cm
10 Rma" Top tip
ll.Xararnmhanat Cp
11 Salman - Bmar Itioar flam. Cm
IS. Bualfaa Cp.
14, Bum fliamm Limitmrnt
15. rtinmrml Hill Gp.
It' Biartiomauri Gp.
17. Hmrmulm, Cp.
IX 49. Cp
It   Ymllanslmaa Cp.
ta. Pay Hall tip
tl   Baunttary Op
tt Xaofiaa rtiaasCm. tV/sftMks-
Comfortable rooms
W. DANN, Proprietor
Headquarters for mining men during their sw
in the district yj
dctsie ot Miles
M. R. JAMIESON,   Prep".
H. W.M. Rolston <�� Co
Box 10.1
Cassiar    Land    District���District    of
Skeena, near Stewart, B. C,   near
corner   of   Lot   No.   792,   Cassia,'
Take notice that Lawrence &  Workman,  of   Stewart,   B. C,   occupation
Milimen, intend to apply for permission
to   purchase   the   following:   described
lands i
Commencing at a post planted UK)
feet south of the northeast Corner of
Lot No 792, Cassiar District, thence
south ten chains; thence east five
chains; thence north fifteen chains;
thence west to right-away of Portland
Canal Shortline: tbence south along the
said line of right-away to point of commencement, and containing seven
acres, more or less.
G. B. LAWRENCE, Applicant
Dated March 14. 1921.
Take notice that Lawrence & Workman, whose address is Stewart, B. C.,
will apply for a .licence to take and use
two cubic feet per second of water out
of Barney's Gulch, which flows westerly, and drains into Bear river, about
one mile from its mouth. The water
will be diverted from the stream at a
point about seven hundred feet easterly
from the foot of the mountain and will
be used for power purpose upon the adjacent land described us Government
wild land. This notice was posted on
the ground on the 14th day of March,
1921. A copy of this notice and an application pursuant ther to and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at Prince
Rupert, B. C. Objections to the application may be filed with the said Water
Recorde-i. or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,'
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.
By G. B. LAWRENCE, Agent
The date of the first publication of
this notice is March 19, 1921.
erpurpo.se upon Premier mine describe!
as Power House to be located on L*
8807 Cascade jor. s Nn. 5. This mi��
waa potted on the ground on the &
day of January 1921. A copvofth,
noticeand ar, application pursuant��
the "Water Act 1914" will be filed i
the office of the Water Recorder��
Prince Rupert. Objection! to the appfr
cation may he filed with said Water kV
corner or with the Comptroller of W-.
ter Rights, Par anient Buildinga, IH
toria, B. ('., within fifty days after Ik
first appearance of this notice in a Ices'
newspaper. The date of the first ���
cation of this notice is February3
Premier Gold Mining Company, I*|
ited. Applicant.
By Dak L Pitt, Manager.
TAKE NOTICE that W.A. Meloehe
whose address is Stewart, B.C., will
apply for a licence tn take and use 36
cubic feet per second and to store 500o
acre feet of water out of Cascade
creek which flows southwesterly and
drains into Salmon river about twelve
miles from its mouth. The storage
dam will be located at the outlet of
Long Lake. The capacity of the reservoir to be created is about 6000 acre
feet, and it will flow about 200 or more
acres of land. The water will be di
verted from the stream at a point about
1600 ft from Silver lake and will be used
for mining (hydro electric) purposes
upon the mine described as the Spider
group of mining claims consisting of
Spider No.l, No.2 and No.3 claims.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 24th day of January, 1921. A copy
of this notice and an application pursuant   thereto,   and   to   the   "Water    Act,
1814",   will   he   filed   In   the  office  of   tin-
Water   Hecorder  at   Prince   Rupert.    Objections to the annllcatlon   may   be fl'ed
with   the  said   Water   Hecorder   or   with
the   Comptroller   of   Water   Rights,   I'ar-
llament  BalMtnn, Victoria,  B. C., within thirty days after the  ilr.st   appearance
of this notice in a local newspaper.
W.A. MELOCHE, Applicant.
By John Hovland, agent
The date of the first publication of
this notice is Feb. 4th 1921.
Diversion and Use
Take Notice that Premier Gold Mining Company, Limited whose address is
Premier, B. C, will apply for a license
to take and use 10 cubic feet per second
of water out of East Pork, Cascade
Creek also known as Hovland Creek,
which tiows southerly, and drains into
Cascade Creek and Salmon River about
1000 feet from International Boundary.
The water will be diverted from the
stream at a point about 1600 feet north
from Bridge crossing Cascade creek on
Missouri Trail near Lot 3610, Cascade
Forks Claims and will be used for Pow-
WATEH   a*0TICl".
Diversion scd Um.
Take Notice that Premier Gold Mrs-1
ing Company, I imited, whose addra
i�� Premier, B. C , will apply font
cense to take and and use 2flcubic ltd
| per second of water out of North Feb
Cascade Creek, also known as faksj
Creek, which flows southerly anddnia
into Salmon River aboat 1000 feetM
International Boundary, The water ri
be diverted from the stream at a pas
some 700 feet north of the bridge oo*
Missouri Trail crossing Cascade Creei
and will be used fur 1'ov.vr purpose��
on the Premier Mine described as IV
er House to be located on Lot No.*
Cascade Forks No B,   This notice n
posted on the ground on the Sill J��J-
January lflL'l. A copy of this notiet kj
an application pursuant thereto W*
the "Water Act. loll".will be ��W-
the office of  the Water Recorder t
at Prince Rupert. Objection to *���
plication may be filed with the WW
ter Recorder, or with the Cooj*"!
of Water Rights, Parliament BtWl
Victoria, B. C. withih thirtydip"?
the first appearance of this MltaW
local newspaper The date of W^
publication of this notice il FeonW
4 th, 1921. w|
Premier Gold Mining Co.,  ���*"   ���
Applicant, bj Dale L. Pitt, M"*
Certificate of Improvem-i*
"Boundary." ^" Cabin,      ^
-Grubstake.       '.'���1,^-v; ���  -(^
tional   Fraction,      ,';' ��� .he ['ortu*
mineral clam        I  ".--> '  '", i0t
Canal    mining    division   ��
district. ,   ^m R.<-
Where located:   I"--f *, ]W
Valley, in the ''<-< �� () ' l>
Division, ami lying casioi
Group of mineral rlia* (W
Take notice tha! I Wiiw a
of Stewart, 1U :..��--*���,rV
AmosB. Trites,   rree     'W��
cate   No.   1631U ��� , K' !N,, lfiW-1
Free Miner's tcrti!!'��"-;fo���(V
R. Wilson, Free Miner   ufW)|^
16812C, and Patrick $*'intellAfl
Certificate   No     ���'  ��� ;f ���, aPr>!
days from the .m';'1";.'' ;,vrt*'f
theMtolng Record1'.w^rfl
Improvement- fo . J J ,he <��
taining a Crow.. ���'<" ,,,,,-e*
claims. Andf..rl.- f^ttej
action, under e hoi ^ of*
menced before "" ,il? A
Certificate eM-.wi'^ ���, *f
Dated thia htit w #
A.D. 1921. ^a
Send Che NJ- *
Md let the*.**��
*�� living ���he"
camp on tf* or
other earth.
Five Hollar* tbeI


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