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Portland Canal News 1921-03-19

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Portland Canal News
Devoted to the Interests of the Mining Districts of Northwestern British Columbia
VOL. 2, NO. 43
Stewart, B. C,   Mar  19, 1921
$5 the year���10 C the Copy
Be a booster in the camp.   Not
Jack Grey and H.  McDonald
are now working at the Premier.
Eric Cameron was down from
Following is the fourth install-1 work all winter, but it was later
[mont of Clothier's report on the decided to closedown and resume[8 M.-rter.
ISalmoti River Mining District:     | work in the spring.
Silver   Tip   Mining   Svndi-     Forty-nine Mining Co., Ltd.
|c\vi:, Ltd.  -This syndicate was ���This   company   has   its   head
ni-mcd last winter in Vancouver, offices at   701   Rogers Building.
fajtii  a  capitalization    of   fifty Vancouver.        The       property ! the p''ern*er mine for a few days
Bhares at $500 a share.    It took  worked all last winter under the <*ur-n"T the w<*-ek-
jver  the  Silver   Tip   group of supervision   of  Harry .Howson, I    William   Tolin   has  opened a
claims from the owners and did during which time about 280 feet very   nice  dining  room in the
nsiderable work on 'them   this of underground work  was done j King Edward hotel.
jummer on the recommendation under the croppings of the "49"     Next   month  d    ,* ht       ,
ii P.   W.   Racey,  M.   E.   rhe claun and a tunnel driven 95 feet Lm come into effect on the eoait
im-k consists of open cuts strip- on   the   vein on the Occidental | That-S   about  al,   gome ]e
ling and a short tunnel driven, claim.    In the latter the first 50; save
Irom the bank of the creek on a | feat from the mouth shows an I
���mail hij4'h gi'ade vein cropping
In the lower claims of the group
Jesuits   here   are   reported    as
tisi'actory.     On     the     upper
lims  a   lot of deep trenching,
^n-cutting, and stripping was
pne, following and exposing a
larse brownish-grey dyke striker north-south.    The dyke has
Jen crushed and shattered, the
Imenting quartz, forming small
Inlets, cutting for the greater
rt niagonally.across the dyke,
ese veinlets are more or less
Don't knock. Just lift the It is authoritatively announced!
latch and walk in. that an aerial tram will be built
II. Zeffert leaves on the Albert from the Premier mine to tide;
today for the south   on   an   ex-, water as quickly as the work can!
tended business visit.
be done, a contract having been
William Tolin  has let a con- let to the Riblet Tramway  Corn-
tract for 128 ricks of wood to
Tim Williams and Alex Mclnnes.
It's getting along about that
time for baseball fans to roundup and organize for the summer.
Drink Union-made Silver  Springs at
William    Mclntominey    came
average of about eight inches in
vidth of high grade ore. the balance of the tunnel following the;
seam marking the vein and show
William Tolin's bull dog  has down froni the Premier,  Wed-
suddenly developed a great ap-| nesday-and Wl11 remain ln town
preciation for home.
for a few days.
ing no ore.
The tunnel on the   '49'
n-u ,  ,        ���   ,, ,   .        At Salmon River Tradiag Co., now
the cawlets of the   crowlete shipment L'Aiglon first Choice Mdsh
are heard daily in Stewart; but j101"*--*
claini ��P to going to press  the croak-     Having fallen  off the piles in
Hyder, Charlie Nordstrum is of
the opinion that the Portland
canal water is very cold.
Get a lunch
was   driven   132   feet along the:lets  of the   froglets  have   not
south wall of the   vein and   a! been hear,J*
crosscut then driven   both  ways!    Barney Stone left Thursday on
from the end of it.    The first 72; the Taku for Ketchikan.     From
The harvest days are on���we
feet in the tunnel is on the same; there he goes to Juneau,  where
bearing as the strike of the vein! the legislature is in session to
and from that point turns to the' find out "Who's Who," or "Why I mean the -ce harvest.   This year
right about twenty  degrees, foi-: is a Hen?" the congealed fluid is about three
Don't go home hungry,
at Tooth's Smoke Shop.
moralized with galena.  spha-| lowing  the   wall  of   a   small
lite, and
iitair.   some   very high   grade I crosscut at the end of the tunnel V
The dyke-rock itself carries
lvalues; consequently the aver-
values depend   on   the   fre-
feet thick and as pure as a man
pcy and richnessof the quartz
te.   I have later been in-
ncd   that   average    samples
satisfactory milling values.
concentrates should
ti grade.
,  ,., . .     .    . .,,        The city "water works"  was ,   ,      ,        , ...
silver sulphides,  and ! stringer of fair looking ore.   lhe< frozen up for a few llours M(m ; before he enters politics.
av mornintr*    Enterr-risine- r-iti  >    Ask Salmon River Trading Co. for
was   driven   north   92 feet and ] "a> mor���*'    Enterprising citi-: y   Camp, <-*, ile CoriGhh and soups.
.,   __ ,. ,,   . ,    Zens got busy and thawed OUt the ; Also Campbell s and Clarke s soups.
south 27 reet, all  in  very  much L ��i       ���       tu     u
broken up country, due to dyke! mam  P'pe' ,thereby 8t��PPing ��<    Pat Benson was in from Fish
i-i                     ,,   , run on near beer. ,*reek-   Hnrino-  trip   wpp<       Hp
intrusions plainly seen   on   the i .        ,<-reeK   auring   tne   weetc.      ne
surface. Several bunches of good I    Captain    Swanson's    launch, j stated   he  had   completed  two
grade   ore   were   found   in the i Provincial, arrived from  Prince cabins on the Lucky Boy claims
crosscut, and from   the   broken '' Rupert last Saturday with a num-! and started preliminary work,
nature of the ground is about all bei'   of   passengers  and a very)   p^sh eggs, 60c. dozen, at Rozenstien.
that could be expected. It seems J welcome mail bag for Stewart,
tome  that the crosscut might j she left a^ain on Sunday.
pany of Spokane. The tram,
when completed, will be the
longest in British Columbia or
Alaska, and one of the longest
of the kind on the American continent. The distance from the
mine to the wharf is 11 miles.
Ore bunkers will be constructed
at the wharf, into which the ore
will be dumped from the tram
buckets by an automatic unloading device, the unloading operation requiring no attention.
Three angle stations will be
necessary in the construction of
the line���one at Nine-mile,  one
at Fish creek, and one at Hyder.
Material for the tram is all or.
dered and will arrive here as fast
as delivery can be made.
Contracts for clearing the
right-of-way will be let in short
sections of not over one mile in
length. Right-of-way has been
secured on both sides of the international boundary line for a
width of 100 feet. The center
fifty feet of this will be cleared
and all brush and refuse burned.
All leaning trees will be felled
into the cleared space and similarly disposed of. It is expected
that this clearing will be completed within o0 days. Minute
details as to the tram construction are not now available, but
may be secured when the Riblet
representative arrives here.
A special meeting of
the Citizens' Association will be held in the
Baldwin Hotel on Wednesday, at 8 p. m. All
members urgently requested to be present.
Some Newspapers Call It
De verv
Mrs.   William Jancowski and
���worn   GROUP-This  group t0 me   that the crosscut mightl ���=*"-������' �����-*-���" V" ����"��v- I Miss Swan, who have been stay-
been under bond   to J.   MC. | have been driven to   better pur-     The cold snap during the week [ing  at   the   Bush mines for the
aid for over a year.    A great | P��se , un(*er  the   main    surface; causefj s0 much jce to form in the'past   two  months,   returned  to
" work was done on the1 showing, from 75 to 100 feet in bay that the  launch  Provincial Stewart Thursday evening. Miss
a year ago with very | f-*om the mouth  ot   the tunnel. Jeouid not tie up to the new dock, (Stone leaves for herhome in Vic-
iising results. This year a
fcut tunnel was driven 210
land a diamond drill hole run
Jther 250 feet from the face
le tunnel.    The tunnel  was
Two men were working ou the 80 hatl to come over to t!l0   ol(1
claims during the summer,  put- one    Who said that the old dock j
ting in some open cuts   on   very | is not in a sujtable location ?
promising showings north of the
camp    on    the   Million   Dollar
Tbe News is $5 a year
Jack   McCormack,
tojria by the Albert today.
Dried apples and prunes, 2 pounds for
25c, at Rozenstien's.
The Prince Albert docked on
who   has j Friday afternoon  with   a   large
Lack of transportation to this J prospected in every excitement: passenger list and capacity cargo.
property, the Hercules,   and Jn | frotn   p,.jnCG   Edward Island to After   remaining   in   port some
Alaska, says:    "Believe me, tin's; thirty-six hours .she sailed for the
11-����� i.ii����� ��� i> I here Portland Canal district has south with the largest shipment
,1 ,���������,..     .�����        i   , ���������    i    Yearly assessment work was them all backed over the dump of Premier ore made this winter
'i '���- [/-     J-��iamona  drilling,
|n in barren greenstone with
cross-stringers of barren
j*--   Of the drill  hole only fact the whole upper basin of the
last five feet gave any en-1 Salmon river is a very serious
jgement, consisting of pyri
ie on a number of claims north for mineral  wealth
Following up the subject,
in accordance with the announcement in our last issue,
nothing has happened during the past week to dispel
the anticipation, by old
timers, of an early spring.
The weath-r has been clear
and frosty, with a very cold
north wind. In spite of the
cold blue grouse have commenced hooting.
and   that's
��ng to dOO or 400 feet was Lf the   "49," along  the glacier treason I'm here to stay.
at  other   places   on    the
without results.    Owing
|w I was unable to examine
irface cuts to which   the
was driven.    The  bond
Hown up this fall.
Jules Mines, Ltd.���Work
pumed on   this   property,
'ing idle since 1911, under
fnagernent of Major-Gen-
IG. Edwards Leckie. with
fl in charge of the work.
irface work done in the
lays exposed several ex-
N'ly good showings of ore
|g  good   values   in gold,
P-d lead.   The work this
fas  confined   chiefly    to
la tunnel under one of the
komising  surface  show-
"he  results were disap-
f ea it failed to pick up
*t   that  depth.     The
i the tunnel is about 200
shaft was also sunk 30
mother surface showing,
putting off horizontally
|th of about 15 feet.   A
Pnter  camp was erected
intention of continuing
and Summit lake.
Lawrence   &    Workman   arc-
Beans and rice. 10c pound. Rozenstien
Thursday afternoon a team belonging to Crawford's  transfer,
Diking on their last raft of an ! feeling  their oats,   took   a run
Auditor S   Report    80,000 feet lumber order from'past the News printing palace
Following is the financial statement of the Stewart Citizens'
Association from September 1
to February 28, 1921:
Balance in  bank $   2 00
Proceeds of dances  412 05
Annual subscriptions  (20
members)  100 00
Balance in bank         02
the Premier mine.    It is their but when opposite the fire hall
intention  to commence  logging fell down, and remained down
operations on the Marmott river | until   the   driver  arrived.     No
within two or three weeks. They damage done.
will employ a small crew of men     Drit,d ���jg8) 10c poum\t at Rozenstien's.
H. A. Allen took  Mrs.   Tooth
to start with.
Fresh tnilk at Tooth's
The most  enjoyable dance of
(he winter was held under the
and K. McLeod to Bitter creek
with his dog team on Wednesday morning's crust.    They were
Total $514 0?
Fire department $71 751 couples thoroughly enjoyed t
Auto hires     15 00 exceptionally  Rood   music  sup-
Telegrams      36 51    ]iei| hy the orchestra, compose
Wm. Ross, incorporation. 164 04
auspices of the  Citizens' Associ- the first people Mr, Murphy had
ation on Thursday evening in the seen this winter, except Charles
Stewart hotel.    Some fifty odd Palmer, who comes into Stewart
ie occasionally from the Red Cliffe.
Overdraft at bank, H. P.
Gibson     14 00
Music, New   Year's  eve
dance     10 00
Stewart  hospital  200 00
Postage and sundries���     2 75
Total $514 05
W. H. WATSON, Sec.-Treas.
Audited and found correct.
(Sgd.) J. C MURRAY.
Stewart, February 27. 1921.
Fresh creamery butter, 65c per lb, at
There's no town on earth bet-
oi Mrs. Hodgkinson, P. S. Jack* |
and J. P, Scarlett. Several novel ter supplied with reading matter
features' were introduced, par , than Stewart. In the rest rooms
ticularly a Jazz band, of some 20 of hotels, soft drink emporiums,
pieces Real Shamrocks, donated barber palaces, and restaurants,
by a Stewart lady, were sold at loan be found all the latest daily
25 cents each; also artificial \ and weekly newspapers, maga-
sha.nrocks (with an Irish pipe) *inei and technical journals,
supplied by the committee, were Books and maps on the mining
quickly sold out. The dance game are also plentiful, so the
broke up about 3 a.m. Friday.       chechaco can soon get wise.
Tractor Hoisted
Capt. Swanson returned from
Prince Rupert with his launch,
Provincial, on Tuesday last. He
brought 6000 ore sacks for the
Premier mine, and a diving outfit, which was used on Wednesday by the boat's engineer, R.
Gammond, to go down to the
Premier tractor, which wag lying
in fifteen /eet of water alongside
the approach to the dock, as a
result of last week's accident.
Chains vvjere put around the
tractor and it was hoisted to the
deck of the dock by chain blocks,
where it was securely fastened
and left hanging until low tide,
when a scow was run under
and the machine lowered to it.
The Prince Albert, Friday morning, hoisted the tractor to the
Captain Swanson informed the
News that it is his intention to
run into Stewart every other
week, alternating with the G. T.
P. boats. He will leave Rupert
after the arrival from the south
of the big boat.
Breakfast reminders at the Salmon
River Trading Co,. Roman Meal,
("ream Wheat, Karnia, Olympic and
Pulled Rice Pan oke Flour, Carnation
Mush, Shredded Wheat Biscuit, Toasted
torn Flakes, Crape Nuts.
This winter New Westminster
is so quiet you can hear the rain
|     *
If greybacks were greenbacks
| the proprietors of some of the
roonling  houses   in   Vancouver
would be billionaires.
There's talk of a company
j being formed to start another
daily paper in Vancouver. "Fools
rush in where angels fear to
The chief industry of Grand
Forks is the Doukobor farmers.
A few years ago, when the
smelter was running, the town
had a mouthly payroll of $250,000
Twenty-two years ago Rube
Hull packed a newspaper plant
on his back from Grand Forks to
Republic, Wash., and started the
Record. He made money, but
later lost it in Vancouver realty.
Colonel Lowry of the Greenwood Ledge is spending the
winter with the millionaires in
the south. When not writing
dope for the Ledge he is helping
Uncle Sam settle the Mexico
At an egg laying contest, according to an Alberta exchange,
Miss Jones was declared the
winner by one egg. We knew
the prairie province girls were
accomplished, but never thought
they could put one over the barnyard hen.
A provincial constable in the
Cariboo received from a detective
agency in the east photos of a
man taken in five different positions. He was wanted for
murder. A few days later the
constable wired: "Havecaptured
four of them and am hot on the
trail of the fifth."
It is now illegal to study hole
cards in the Slocan. What a
change in a few yetors. Time
was when passing stores, blacksmith shops, saloons, and even
the printing otfice, all you could
hear was the clink of glasses,
the rattle of chips, or someone
warbling, "I'm good," "Hit me,"
"That's the baby," etc. PORTLAND   CANAL   NUWS,   STEWART, i��,y,,, March 19, 1921
#ortiant> Canal &ttoff
H.W.M. Rolston,
Publisher and Editor
Subscription Five Dollars a year
Member Canadian Weekly Newspaper
Advertising  Rates:
Display advertising, 50c per inch
per issue.
Reading Notices, 20 cents per line.
Special position display or reading, 2h per cent, above ordinary
ran ot rates.
Certificate ol Improvement $15
(if more than one claim, $2.50 for
���ach addiUonal claim mentioned).
Land notices, $10
Coal notices, $7
No advertising accepted for
First Pago.
The same standard for Stewart aa we have maintained for the past
twenty-one years on the North Coast
The Best Meats at the Lowest Prices
Clothes Cleaned and Pressed,  Darning,   etc. Satisfaction
Guaranteed        Laundry called for weekly.
Prices Not Embarrassing
A big change in the liquor regulations of British Columbia is imminent.
Just what the details of the scheme to
be adopted are, are not yet known in
this community; but one thing appears certain, and that is that there will be in this
district a Government Liquor Vendor's
Store. As this is a new institution in the
Province, it is difficult at this juncture to
estimate just what conditions will be required to influence the actual location of
it. This is a matter of great importance
to the business people of the Portland
Canal district, for here we have an established town and another town in embryo.
Therefore, it is reasonable to suppose
that there will be competition between
these two towns for this Liquor Vendors'
Store; and, no doubt, both towns will be
able to produce good, sound and reasonable argument in support of their case.
But if the people of Stewart wish to
have the store in this town, it is high
time they bestir themselves and make an
effort to set the machinery in motion
to that end.
B. C. Land Surveyor
Stewart, B.C.
Dental Surgeon,    PRINCE RUPERT.
view, not only to this paper, but also, we believe,
from the people of this community the real reason
for his presence amongst us, which, judging from
the above mentioned notice, was to get control of
this power.
Who does this water power belong to? Private
individuals? If so, then he was well within his
rights, and should have told the News to mind its
own business. But as he is applying to tne Government for this power, then it must belong to the
people: and the people'of this community, particularly, have a right to know when and for what
their natural resources are being alienated. But
judging from Mr. Russell's actions, and from the
fact that he has been very careful not to give the
News, of whose existence he is fully aware, even
a hint as to the real reason for his presence, it
would appear that he did not want the people to
know what he was doing, or what his intentions
While we perhaps underestimated Mr. Russell,
he in turn underestimated the citizens of Stewart,
who evidently, in his estimation, are a pretty dead
lot.   and our standard of intelligence very low.
We would advise Mr. Russtll to wake up, for the
sooner he realizes that the people of this district
will do all in their power to assist any legitimate
enterprise the better, not only for himself, but the
community as a whole.   Let him come as a man
when he wants our natural resources���take us into
his confidence and lay his cards on the table.   If
he is not in  a position to do this, then he must
have a proposition that will not stand the light of
day and the people have the right to call a halt,
and to protect themselves, by ascertaining first if
there is not a Niggar in the Wood Pile.
540 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, B. C,
H. B. ROCHESTER, Manager
European Plan f 1.50 per day up
Holy Communion:   First and Third
Sundays in the month at 11:30 a.m.
Evening Prayer:   Every   Sunday   at
7:30 p.m.
Baptisms: By appointment.
SyOSp.J] Of      #
land .M f n:nrR.3nh
A rather interesting legal notice, published in the Daily News of Prince Rupert,
has been brought to the attention of this
paper. It is a notice to the effect that W.
Y. McCarter of Victoria will apply for a
license to take and use 200 cubic second
feet of water out of Marmott creek, in the
Portland Canal district, and that notices
of such application were posted on the
ground on the 24th day of January, 1921,
by Luis Russell.
This has a great many interesting aspects; a few only of which will be dealt
with here.
Mr. Russell who, last year, was connected with the Bay View property, 'most
certainly came to Stewart on or about the
the time mentioned in the notice, and
went down to the Marmott in a great
hurry, intending to, if possible, catch the
same boat back south, but failed to do so.
Owing to his connection with the Bay
View, the News thought his presence here
was in that connection, and attempted to
Admiral von Tirpitz says that battleships won
the world war and will win future wars. But the
High Canal Fleet entirely missed its cue..
He who is able to get a permit to buy the product of Scotland under the Liquor Control Act by
the barrel will not be allowed to carry the "package" in his coat pocket.
There were over fifteen thousand Canadians
holidaying in California last month. What a pity
thia country cannot hold more of the money which
js tossed into the tills of hotels down south. ��
Lloyd George has called upon the banks of
Great Britain to dip into their hoards and assist
European reconstruction by lending a little more
liberally. Can he blow a blast loud'enough for
them to. hear ?
Loid Northcliffe will now instruct his newspapers to train their guns upon the British Prime
Minister with renewed fire in an endeavor to bring
about his defeat in the house. In the meantime
the coffin is empty.
price of first-class land
re<!ue-*(l to $5 an acre; second -class to
$2 LO an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to aur-
veyed birds only.
Kecords will be granted covering only
land suitable for agrleultural purposes
and which ta non-timber load.
Partnership pre cmpttc:-�� abolishes},
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for a<l)aoent pre oenntioeva
with Joint residence, but eacfe mnklf-g
i.icsasary Improvements aa respective
cairns. aj
Pre-emptora must, oecusjr claims for
five yeas** and make improvements to
v.'.!ue oi Uf par acre, including clear -
i.if and cultivation af at learft I aerea.
1,-ioro receiving Crown Grant.
Where pra-einpter In ocaupatlon mat
Wm than 1 yearn, nnd haa mmt\* pro*
portie-tato lmprereaaeata, ne ""
cause mt Ill-health, ar other ^^^
���ranted intermediate certtaWte of im*
I.rorement and transfer hie eielm
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided adajft
cant makes Improvements to extent of
{!#��� per annum and records same each
year. fa-Mare to makM Improvatnenta
or record same wtlt enemas as fer-
foltw-a. Title cannot be obtained la
loan than t yearn, aad lenaroaaineiitl
of Jio.w par acre, including 5 acres
eteared and cultivated, nasi residence
of at least t years are required       as
Pr�� emptor    netting   Or-owii
rsooM as ^^^^
co-daseearan with his
tuai aesaaateaa.
may resoM another are-aaajtian. If Tie
requires lead ln conjaamwen with tola
farm. wlta*>��t actu
I  statutory   iaspf ovwmaans      	
and  raslaaaaa   aaaaaessaaeal  aa   Crown
granted land.
Uncumerad arena, ant ea-eeaatof M
.-i< rea,   rosy   be  lanced  as  hewana
��� Ida to ba sbealred after foimjjng residential and hr-i>rovemcnt aajMntwuS.
Tor crucifix and kaaVastrtnl
6M   aorea
leased by one person or company
*-'-    ' mdustrial   sitae
MM,  factory         	
timber land not exceeding 40 aerea
may be purchased; conditions memos
tiR/meat of ������uinaago.
by   ��*l��tIn
sural   bay   in endows   Inaocesaibla
xlstlng  rondo  maty  ba  purehaiod
>M>ndrtle>na4 upon eouatr-aotaw of a ra id
���    Rebate of one '
t ha
hasf of eaft af
alf ef purohaie
road,   not  aasoedlng
brleja- 1�� made.     M^^^
a- ACT.
Ihe i-ijiw of this Aat is enlarged ti
.nrluile  *A  pen-one  Joining and  serv
lag  wtU-  Wa  Majesty's  if.-reoa.     Tito
'.Into within n-titeh the heir** or dovaaaas
The Chilean government has given conces-
_, sions to Krupps with the right to acquire land to
get from him something that would be of | build factories.   It might be just as well to stipu
interest to the community, but he would
give out no statement except that he was
here for the purpose of staking some
claims on the Marmott which he located
last year. In the two weeks or so that
he was in Stewart he talked a great deal about
these claims and the Bay View; but all his talk
would not make more than a six line story. Little
attention was paid to thia at the time, knowing
Mr. Russell as we do. But we find now that we
underestimated him, and on thia score owe him an
apology, for now we deafly a** the reason for his
deluge nf words that fall Iron his lips, in connection with every subjeet Utttar tha sun, other than
water power. Mr. Russell, with this flood of language,  most certainly completely covered from
late the kind of manufacture that will be permitted. The world knows the Krupp family to
its sorrow.
Oh  (it is sad),  more readily we  speak,   more
readily believe
111 of another rather than good; so weak are we.
But good men do not lightly credit every teller of
a tale,
Because they know that human weakness is so
prone to ill
And apt enough to stumble through the tongue.
It is understood that the Forest Branch of the
Department of Lands intends to inaugurate an
extensive experimentation program for an aerial
service during the fire season this year. There
should be value in the proposal if Quebec's experience means anything.
a decerned pre-emptor mas'  npiiiy
lar titit ur*<i��r this Act is untofHled
from for one year froia tbe death of
-wh por "ti. aa formerly, until one
\m.r ��rt��r the conH-mlon of Ute present
��� ar.    This privilege la also made re-
rown   grants
"���own   Lands,
'jrohesers   who
. rvtutso, Inrolvi;
.riont of condft
.l��St   Kid  fSXAOl
u*s'dit nut uiaUir..
el. pumhase prion
he    distributed
* hole   area. ���
i untie by Us
Crating   Act
l   ������������.< t.l.uilll of
vtdoe for
��� Mm in Istrat
sn angteorej
'i-ni  AseoolMlons
merit.    free, or
ft>r settlers,
farfelturo, on tui-
- of purchase   In-
naid taxes may
"lOMleiy    over
���   muat   be
���ana*,   snr
Imrnstry pr0-
io tan
tiers, i
_- J   may
**o��m manage-
my Mae, periuiu
*f araveflar..  up
Head Office: 101 Pemberton Block Victoria, B, C.
Wanted: Listings of Properties for Sale or Lease
STEWART LAND CO., Ltd. Fifth St., STEWART, D. rj,
Subscribe  for Portland  Canal   Newa
Send   in   your   subscription to the
Portland Canal News,
For information relating
to Salmon River, Portland
Canal and Alice Arm mining districts, apply tr
Mining Broker
Vancouver and Stewart
Canadian National
No fe*a relating to pre-emptions are
��� We or i> "/able by aoidlara an pre-
���mpltODe recorded after Juae U, 19ls
Paxes are remitted for fl��e yearn
Pnni.-iou for return of moneks ao-
������rijf: l, due and been paid since ioguat
l. 1*14, on account it paymapU, feea
or taxes on soldiers' pre-empthtna.
livtusst on Bgreemeuts te purcnasa
to-Tti or eity lots held by members of
lUflaa rotoaa. or depei-dontn, acau'rod
iluect or Indirect, remitted from . n-
i  .in.'iu lo March SI, lll#.
1'roviMnn made for Issuance af
tm -Ouh-m-oestasors of
���"(jjiu-rlng  rtgkjta  from
' rV'f^1     t0     comf,*<��t--
Steamers sailing between Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, I nn Falli.
Bwanson's Hay, Prince ttitpert, Anyox, Stewart and Queen Charlolle
Leaves Prince Rupert for Stewart, 10 p. m. Thursday, FebruarySrd
17th., March 3rd.   17th & 31st.
Train Service:
Passenger   MONDAY,   WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY al 11.151*
Smithers, Prince George, Edmonton and Winnipeg, making d'
connections for all points East and South, (
For further information apply to any Grand Trunk Pacific
or to G. A. McNicholl, Asst. General Freight and
Passenger Agent, Prince Rupert.
���     ���    ���
Donl Miss
an Opportunity
When in   Hyder be   sure  and  visit
I \ven-i-'
Flawn's Fruit Store on International      ���
near the Drug Store--the difference m^
will pay you for your trip.   Large ���      _
Fresh  Fruit,  Vegetables,  Hams and ^1
Butter and Eggs, at Greatly K*<-Utt
PROPRIETOR PORTLAND  CANAL   NEWS,   stewarx, u.i,., March 19, 1921
H. P. GIBSON       .-.        Specialties
Neilson's  and  Moir's   Chocolates,   Latest  Magazines  and
Ni��Tipiper3, Landing Library, Stationery
I^e Cream Parlor
Sole agent for the Imjirial Tobacco Company and
New Westminster Brewery
Under new management,
Headquarters for Mining Men
in Portland Canal District
Your patronage solicited,
Your comfort, my first consideration.
European plan, $l.oo perday.   W. H. Tolin, M'gr.
Fifth St. Stewart, b.c.
Comfortable furnished rooms Barber shop in connection
Cigars, Tobaccos, Soft Drinks      SOLO TABLES
Thoroughly Cosmopolitan.   Thegnillionaire with his roll of bills
is as welcome as the prospector with his roll of blankets : :     :
Cigars, Toobaecos, Soft Drinks Card Tables, Magazines, Newspapers
JACK   McCORMACK,   -   -   Proprietor
Optimism Regarding
Minis* This Year
Mine Will Give
Hedley New Life
Progress and general con-1 Much interest is taken in the
ditions of mining throughout operations being carried on in
the province were deacribed Tim Griffin's new gold mine at
during the convention of the B. | Hedley. The mine is located
C. division of the Canadian In-j 1000 feet above, and directly
stitute of Mining and Metallurgy; over the last two houses at the
at Vancouver by William Fleet back of the townsite.    The last
Robertson and various Provincial Government resident engineers. While the low price of
metals and the rising production
assay received by Griffin gave returns of ^85 per ton in gold. No
assay has yet been made for copper but it is believed the rock*
costs    interfered    considerably' also contains considerable value
with the output during the year,
there was much activity through-
of this metal.    The lead,  which
is about 100 feet wide, is reported
out   the   various   mining fields, |to carry shipping ore throughout,
and all of the speakers were op- h is ejected that the first car-
Wm. fraser
Estimates Furnished --   Work Guaranteed
Comer Auto Transfer & Jitney Service
Cars ply between Stewart and Hyder
Day and Night
Garage Corner 6th and Conway.        H. COMER, Manager
Stand at Stewart hotel       Tel, 2 long l short
timistic of the coming year.   It j
load will be sent away by  the
| end of the month.   At   present
was  predicted   that  either the i four men tre engaged in  the op_
price of metals would rise or pro-j erations, but more will be added
duction costs  fall, or that  per- as the work progresses.
haps there would be a compromise between these two conditions which would be to the
advantage of the industry during the year.
Mr. Griffin has been in this district over 18 years and was
among the first drillers in the
Nickle Plate mine. He had long
since hah his eye on the rock
where he discovered the   lead,
Mr.   Robertson elaborated on but  owing  to the  difficulty of
his report,  recently   published, i reaching it had  not  pushed   in-
of the mineral production of 1920.! vesti^ations ��# ^e slackrfime
_,     .     . ..    .     came, caused  by the closing of
Showing how copper production j the Hedley minei
costs had risen, he quoted fig- Much time has been spent in
ures prepared in the United preliminary work and some clear-
States on the prices secured from | -'�����. to make operations safe, still
95 per   cent  of  the producing *'emains to be done; but as soon
mines in  that country.    In the
as this is completed ore will  be
taken   out   for   shipment.    Mr.
years 1913 to 1916  the  cost  of j Griffin expects a general assay of
mining copper was 9 cents per, the  lead  to  give returns of at
pound; in 1917,   the  cost  aver., least $45 per ton.
aged 12 cents; for 1919, i8 cents,!    The   opening   up of a second
and for 1920  it   was   estimated! ���ine in Hedley promises to give
the camp new life  and   a  corn-
that the figure would be 20 cents
per pound.
Subscribe for The News.
petition, the lack of which, it is
claimed, has been one of the
most serious drawbacks to the
reductions   BIG  BARGAINS reductions
Salmon River
Trading Co'y
WOOL  hose
Ext. quality, seamless
75c,  reduced       55
Hanson Z\ lb,  $1,  reduced       85
Hand made wool, $1.25
reduced  1 00
All leather, $1.50, reduced  1 15
All leather, $2.50, reduced 2 10
Horsehide,  $1.50,  reduced 1 15
Heather, 2.00, reduced 1 65
Fancy knit,  1.20, reduced 1 00
Fancy knit,  1.00, reduced       80
Mineral tanned,  large
size, 2.00, reduced.. 1 65
Misses wool mitts, 75c,
reduced      50
Pride  of  the    West,
18.50, reduced  ....16 00
Pride  of    the   West,
15.00, reduced   ....12 50
Big Horn,   10.50,  reduced 8 50
Big Horn,   14.00,  reduced    12 00
Big   Horn,   4.50,   reduced     3 75
Big  Horn,   3.75,   reduced     3 00
Big   Horn,   7.50,   reduced     6 25
Pride of the West, No.
570, 3.25, reduced.. 2 75
Pride of the West, No.
566, 3.00, reduced.. 2 50
Pride of the West, No.
320, 3.50, reduced.. 3 00
St. George Unshrinkable. 3-50, reduced. 2 75
Elastic Knit.  3.00, reduced  2 00
Ames-Holden    Shoes,
8.00,   reduced  6 75
Simcoe rubbers, 6.00,
reduced  5 00
In addition to above our former prices on all makes of
Boots and Shoes, as well as on Rubbers, have all been reduced to meet the cost of new goods. We have put the
knife to Stanfield's Red Label Underwear. Also Nova
Scotia All Wool Garments. This is our loss and your gain,
and it is our endeavor to sell you any article in our stock
at  the  lowest market price.   ::;::::::::
> rti 'S.iJesas.
"   "li ssssssff
ssfP! m\
'���:.���'           :-',?!��*
���   ���**;..          T**>'
ai^isssssK -.
kai-sauE Rl     4-*, At
**-8 ��� fjesSaKsassTCfi'  . '
^bb-jbbsbbTi9!         S^ * -
-f      j   (
���                  \                    *.��� .Vf
' '>~'*em��*mmmW��*'
.i ,a., uo ~ :*****^aKaBe��Si
;; --"^J-r^-^S^K
4fe      **' .   ;
Look at the map of British Columbia
with an unbiased mind. Roughly Vancouver is 800 miles from the same
point in the Peace River country that
is reached in 400 miles from Stewart,
which is the natural outlet for the
whole northern and eastern interior.
Nearly every settler in the Peace
River district is talking of railway
communication with the coast.
Speaking in broad terms there arp
thirty-two millions of acres of the
Peace River district situated within the
boundaries of British Columbia, and
more than forty millions of acres within the Province of Alberta, most of it
being suitable agricultural land for
mixed farming or ranching. In addi-
tion there is a vast area of mineral and
timber resources, theextetitof which is
only beginning to be realized.
Immense deposits of anthracite coal
have been located and the president of
the Peace Rivea^Board of Trade is
authority for the' statement that this
coal grades higher than Pennsylvania
Extenaive exploration work is being
carried on in connection   with   oil   and
Iready startlinjf results have been   o^
taioed. The oil sands are located at a
depth of about sixteen hundred feet
and enough investigation has taken
place to be assured that they are of
wonderful extent. There is also an
abundance of natural gas.
The area un Ier cultivation at present
is only about three hundred thousand
acres and the population of the whole
district is about twenty thousand. The
first grain was sent out of the country
three years ago, and consisted of less
than one thousand bushels. Last year
nine million bushels were produced from
about a quarter million acres, the average wheat yield being thirty-five bushels to the acre or nearly double the
average of other portions of Alberta.
The land is also well adapted for the
raising of stock of all kinds, particularly hogs.
lt is reasonable to suppose that if
two hundred and fifty thousand acres
are now producing nine million bushels
of grain, that within a very few yeara
there will be ten million acre* producing three hundred and fifty million bushels of grain, or roughly, ten million
tons. PORTLAND   CANAL   NEWS,   STEWART, e.v,., March 19, 1921
These ....
is m%
. nothing
you can give your children,
in & material way, which
will do them more lifelong
good than a savings account
in an institution like the
Bank of Montreal By encouraging them to save, you
teach them the habit of -&
thrift and provide a foun- p
dation for their future.    ��   ii
A savings account may be
opened with $1.00. Interest is paid at the highest
current rates.
Established over 100 years.
Total Assets in Excess of $500,000,000.
Head Office:   MONTREAL
' Branches in all Important Centre, in Canada-Saving. Department, at all Branch** l��
Open 6 a*"1- to 8pn��-
All kinds of Pies & Cakes
Fresh Bread every day
Orders taken for Spe cials
Blackie Irwin,     Manager.
a, ^ W
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $75,722,603;
Lode Gold, $100,272,431; Silver. $50,432,304; Lead. 43.821,106;
Copper, $153,680,965;- Zinc, $16,818,487; Coal and Cojce. $199,-
123,323; Building Stone, Brick, Cement. $29,991,757; Miscellaneous
Minerals, $786,918; making its Mineral Production to the end of
1919 show
AN AGGREGAtE VALUE OF ��670,649,894
The substantial progress of the Mining Industry in this Province-
is strikingly exhibited in the following figures, which show the value
of production for successive flvc-ysar periods: For all years to 1805,
inclusive, $94,547,241; for five years, 1896-1900, $57,607,967; for
five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; for five years, 1906-1910, $125,*
534,474; for five years, 1911-1915, $142,072,603; for the year 1916,
$42,290,462; for the year 1917, $37,010,392; for tho year 1918,
$41,782,474; for the year 1919, $33,296,313.
. Lode mining has.only been in progress for about 33 years, and
not 20 per cent, of the Province has been even prospected; 300,000
square miles of unexplored mineral-bearing land are open for prospecting.
Comfortable rooms
Grill in connection
W. DANN, Proprietor
Headquarters for mining men during their stay
in the district
M. R. JAMIESON,   Prep.
H.W.M. Rolston <&Co.,
Box 103
Fred Dorey
er purpose upon Premier mine described
(     a I att Power House tt> lie  located on ]M
Cassiar    Land    District- -District    of  3607 Cascade jom s No 5   This J'
Skeena, near Stewart, B. C,   near I      ��� _.   ,    ' ., '.     "'-c'��!
corner   of   Lot   No.   792,   Cassiar  w     "��s ed on thc ���������"������""- on the 31tt
District: day of January 1921., A copy of UM
Take notice that Lawrence &  Work-   notice and an  application pursnant t-
man,  of   Stewart,   B.C.,   occupation , the " Water Act 1914" will he fu ;
Miilmen. intend to apply for permission !,.       m        , ..     w
, .,        .  ,,       ���   __ r , ���>     11 WW   OTTl- e   ot   tne   Water  Re,Y,rip-it
to   purchase   the   following   described   ...       .. ,   . bonier il |
I lands: ' - nnre RlJP,-'rt* Objection! to the appi-
The mining laws of thisT-rovince are more liberal and the fee? I    Commencing at a post planted 100 ] cation may he filed with said Waterp* |
lower tban those of anv other Province in the Dominion,  or any i t*et southof the northeast corner of |CorPer or with the Comptroller of fc
Lot No   792    Cassiar  District,   thence | ter Ri ht    p ,   .   ,
south   ten   chains;   thence    east    five, "    ,,      ....,,       U,"K*' >*���
chains;   thence   north   fifteen   chains; i t��ria. B. (. ., withui ffty .ir.ys aftertk
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.      thonce west to right-away of Portland j first appearance of tl.snet.ceina W
Canal Shortline; thence south along the i newspaper. 1 he .lit. of the first puki. I
said lino of right-away to point of com-'catlonofthis ,������,.,. js Februmttf
mencement, and containing seven | ...���
acres, more or less.
G.  B.  LAWRENCE, Applicant
Dated March 14. 1921.
Colony in the British Empire
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, security of which is guaranteed by Crpwn Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may
toe obtained gratis by addressing
THE HON. THE MINISTER OF MINES, Victoria, British Columbia.
Premier Gold Mir::> Coi panjr, L:l
ited, Applicant.
By Dale L Pitt, Manager.
I   ritlfy Cp.
Z,   r9rintm*%hnGp.
1 .ImyyfouwrCp
4 Ruth ���I'ran.l-O&p
S. Ompptr/fina tip
C.Sunthint Cp
7 Laktvle.-r Cp
atmafjt CpporMiat
g, 3marffi*Brrtna. Cm
10 rfma" Tmp Cp
11 XoSornattanal tip
11 Salman - Bmor Niomrffa
IS Bualima Cp.
14/ Bumh rlintt Linnil.4.
IS Minmral Hill Gp.
if Bia /tit*auri Cp.
17. Haroulmt Cr
il 49. Cp
If    Y*U.~lml.��o Cp.
ta  Pay Hall Cp
tl   Baunatary c.p
tt I'.a'iaa 1IOmiCm  Lirrtl
WATER sror-iCE.
Diversion and D����.
Take notice that Lawrence  &  Work-      Take N(](|., ,, ;i( Prenljer m fc
man, whose address is Stewart,   B. C,   .
will apply for a licence to take and use ��-K Company, Limited, whose -iirs
two cubic feet per second of water out j i* Premier, B. C, will  ap| ly foriM
of Barney's Gulch,   which  flows  west-1 cense to take aid and me 20ci     -1
erly, and drains into Bear river,   about!       gecond ���f wat��� M, ���, Nl,rt, f
one mile from its  mouth.     The   water    ,        ,..,,, r -i.
will be diverted from the atieair- at a , < *--*�����--������������ <- "' k- :il-"k: own M U'^|
point about seven hundred feet easterly .Creek, which flows southerly ardiia|
from the foot of the mountain and will, into Salmon River about 1000 feetflj
be used for power pur|-ose upon thc ad-1 [n-s^nationa! Bout dary. The ntei
jacent land described as Government > .,- . ,f ,, , , ������,, ��
wild land This notice was posted on ���* **���**��- ,r" '' ',M ' ''a A
the ground on the 14th (lay of March, j some 7<m�� f.
1921. A copy of this notice and an application pursuant ther to and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed in the
office of the Water Reorder at Prince
Rupert, B. C. Objections to the application may be filed with the said Water
Recorded or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, j
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after j
the first appearance of this notice in a |
local newspaper.
By g. b. Lawrence! Agent
The date of  the  first  publication of I
this notice is March 19, 1921.
Missouri Trail crossing Cascade Cr
and will he used for Power purpoM
on the Premier Mine described u to)
er House to bi looted on LotNfcl
CaaeadeTorks No 5,  Thisnofol
posted on the ground on thc 3Jstof
January 1921. A copy of thia notiee I
an application pursuant thereto m\
the "Water Act. 1614" will be *'!
the office of the Water Recorder"
at Prince Rupert. Objection to *��j
pHcation may be filed with tbe ��*
ter Recorder, or with the Coffll
! of Water Rights, Parliament Bo
' Victoria, It. C. withih thirtydaji
tha firat appearance of this w��i��;
local newapaper. The date ��f *
notice ia --1   I
if this
Scjxle of Mll��4
0 ��� ta* i
TAKE NOTICK  that W.A. Meloehe
whose address  is Stewart,   B.C.,  will : pubhcatioi
apply for a licence to  take and   use  86 4th, 1921.
cubic feet per second and to store SOOn \    V>remier Gold Mining
acre   feet  of   water   out   of   Cascade, ,   n,tt Mantt*
creek   which  flows southwesterly and   Applicant, by I J
drains into Salmon river about twelve
miles from its mouth. The storage
dam will be located at the outlet of
Long Lake. The capacity of the reservoir to be created is about 5000 acre
feet, and it will flow about 200 or more
acres of land. The water will be di
verted from the stream at a point about
lF-OOftfrom Silver lake and will be used
for   mining   (hydro electric)   purposes
Certificate o
Spider  No,
No. U mine: al
Portland Canal
sias district.
Where locati
Spider No. ��JJ
��� '    'I
,: at the head ^
lay ol January,
itlee and  an aoi'Ilention   pursu
ant  thereto,   and   to   the   "Water   Act j f,*0_ 43499C, owners
from thedai' hi
Heat ton may be filed I Mining  Records
1314', will be Bled
Water Recorder at
lections  to   the  ap-i
with the said Water Recorder or wltli
the Comptroller of Water HIkIhs, Parliament RuUdlnga, Victoria, 11. (*.. within thirty (lays alter the tirst appearance
nf tills iu*tlc�� In a local newspaper.
W.A. MELOCHE, Applicant.
By John Hovland, agent
The  date  of  the first publication of
this notice is Feb. 4th 1921.
;^,e,."; i from the'In.-
=. intend     ..
for a Jjjf
Improvements, for tne v( ^m
taining a Crown ��'s''
And further tak /'������<<**
under section^ '' ', ,���,h c"
before the n -"-'
Of Improvement      fDe����
Dated this lotnna;
D.. 1920.       ���,  ,. R0SS
Diversion   and Use
Take Notice that Premier Gold Min-,
ing Company, Limited whose address is
Premier, B. C, will apply for a license
to take and use 1(1 cubic feet per second
of water out of East Fork, Cascade
Creek also known as Hovland Creek,
which flows southerly, and drains into
Cascade Creek and Salmon River about
1IMI0 feet from International Boundary.
The water will lie diverted from the
stream at a point about 160(1 feet north
from Bridge crossing Cascade creek on
Missouri Trail near Lot H610. Cascade
Forks Claims and will be used for Pow-
Agent foi
Htf *
Send The
and let them
aro hvi
1 in
on l-*'8
the ri'1
other ear
Five Dollar
���  IIH'


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