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Portland Canal News 1921-09-02

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ViiNBS-$5.00 THE YEAR.
Canal News
Devoted to the Interests of the Mining Districts of Northwestern British Columbia
VOL. 3, NO. 14
Local Residents Given Preference in Employment-
Preliminaries Are Being
Rushed���Work all Winter
STEWART,   B. C,   FRIDAY,   SEPTEMBER  2.   1921
$5 The Year���10 Cents the Copy
Under the management of R.
I Clothier the preliminary development work on the Silverado
vas started on Monday. A crew
of some 15 men. under the fore-
(lanahipof Jim Lade, started on
!ionday to brush out and improve
he trail up the hill. On Tuesday
amp equipment was taken up to
out the 600  foot level, and a
���-mporoary trail camp  was  established.   Co-incident with this
I). B. Morkill,   with  his   men,
Btarted to survey for the tram
It is the intention  to   centre
very effort for the time  being
i getting a good trail built up to
the property, and particularly up
to about  the   2000  foot   level.
stretched across the ravine from
a point above the camp to about
the mouth of the tunnel, and the
men will be transported in a cage
to and from their work, in addition to this, some four or five
hundred feet of snow sheds will
be built.
As soon as possible active mining and development operations
will be commenced on number
one showing; also on number two
if the weather permits. Number
one lead being a flat one, a permanent working tunnel will be
driven in on it with a view to
tapping number two showing,
which is standing almost perpendicular. It is estimated that it
will be necessary to drive this
tunnel a distance of about 800
feet in order to tap the second J
lead. If number one continues
flat, the tunnel will be in high
grade grey copper all the way,
and therefore will permit of
actual mining operations to be
carried on at the same time. As
soon as possible a gas run compressor will be installed to
facilitate the work, lt is expected that the first shipment of
twenty tons of ore will be made
by the first week in  November.
once be established,  to be used!
a-; soon as built for trail work and
|n the construction of the tram
| ne, which will terminate at this
nint, and from where it is the |
Intention to this winter rawhide!
the ore down for shipment.    At;
i point below this camp,  not yet
etermined, the trail will divide;
fne branch running down to tide
, , ...     . Before taking over this property
here a permanent camp will at ., ���_   , ���    ���
 ,   ,    ,           , I the new owners had an analysis
made of the ores" with the following results: 1566 oz. silver;
14.8 per cent copper; $2.40 gold;
2.5 per cent zinc. On a flotation
analysis being made a character-1
istic of the ore was the high per'
centage of antimony.
The company expect to employ
from 20 to 25 men throughout
the winter, and preference in this
Stewart Granted Free Space
Chicago Mineral Exposition
QJOME time ago it waa brought to the attention of the Stewart Citizens'
Association, through Mr. B. O. Erickson,   that the American  Mining
Congress will hold their Twenty-Fourth Annual Convention and Exposition
at Chicago in October.   This Exposition, being of an International  character, it was deemed advisable that this district should endeavor to  send  a
mineral exhibit, particularly in view of the fact that Mr. Erickson, who will
attend the convention, was willing to take charge of it.    With this end in
view steps were taken to gather samples from the vanou<* properties in the
district,  and  at the same time a wire was sent by the Association in the
name of Mr. Erickson to John E. Miller, superinteadcnj of the Exposition,
requesting permission to do so and at the same time asking for full information.    During the past week the following reply was received, by wire:
" An entry by the Stewart Citizens'Association to exhibit
ores of that   section will be granted free floor space.    Gereral
publicity of milling opportunities in that section not restricted.
Exploitation, promotion, or sale of individual properties denied.
Letter with further specific information in the mail.
"J. E. Miller."
The Convention of the American Milling Congress will bring together a
greater number of the leading mine ownsrs, operators, engineers, and other
experts of the mining industry than ever before assembled.
The Exposition will be of an international character, and upon a scale
than has ever been attempted in behalf of the mining industry. It is
planned for the dual purpose of eduoating the public in matters pertaining
to the mining industry, and to bring to the attention of the buyers of mining equipment the best types of machines and supplies under the most favorable conditions.
Therefore, let every one who has the interest of this district at heart,
do their utmost to send from Stewart the best possible exhibit. For this is
an almost unequalled opportunity of laying the mining possibilities of this
district before the world. Samples ere being assembled by J. W. Stewart
at the.Stewart Land Company's office on Fifth street, and should be turned
in as soon as possible as it will be necessary to forward them at the end of
September, the Exposition being from ihe 17th to 22nd of October.
A big can of Roast Beef for 70 cents
at S. R. T. Co.
Mike Lipovatz of Hyder, left
for Prince Rupert, last Sunday,
on a business trip.
Maud Bishop and Jack Swanson
were married m Ilyder last Sat-
day evening by Judge Reid.
Mrs. R. E. Lundvall of Hyder,
left for a visit to her home in
Seattle on the George, Sunday.
Dalby Morkill is busy this week
surveying for the tramline to be
built this fall up to the Silverado.
Blondy Charlton of Hyder has
moved one of his houses in that
town from Cottonwood avenue to
Main street.
Dave Allen and Chi Dampeer,
formerly of the Vlaska cafe staff
in Hyder, left on Sunday for
Prince Rupert.
J. L. Stamford, who has been
I in Stewart for the past week on
business,   went   south    on   the
George, Sunday.
B. O. Erickson expects to leave
on Sunday's boat for Rochester,
Minn., via Seattle, accompanied
by Mrs. Erickson.
Let Salmon River Trading Company
save money for yon. See advertisement.
Jimmy Anderson, a resident of
Stewart in the 1910 days, returned recently from Alice Arm,
where he has been for some time.
Professor Bateman Looking Over Fish Creek-
Splendid Showings on
Mahood's   Divide  Group
Allen M. Bateman, professor
of mining geology at Yale university and editor of the Journal
of Economic, arrived on the
Taku II from Ketchikan last
Saturday. Mr. Bateman is one
of the best known consulting
geologists on the continent, and
is here looking over  the  Fish
Creek Mining company's property on Fish creek, and the
Alaska Premier, on behalf of the
owners, and is accompanied by
W. G. Tanner of Seattle. He
expects to leave for the south
on Sunday.
n'ater, where it is the intention
|fl krep a scow on which to trans-
Window Glass at S. R. T. Co.
wrt ore across the canal to the j
vharf.   The other branch or fork |
the trail will come  down   the
ill and onto the flat at the foot
pf the big slide.    At this point it
work will be.given to local residents; people who have a financial
P. S. Jack  is   now   connected
with the Silverado mine as book-1 children left for Vancouver on | at
the George last Sunday.
Fred Johnson, formerly of the
interest in the country, married keeper.
men being the first of   these   to     pa<j<}y Murphy arrived in town ^^       ^^
get consideration. on Tuesday from his road  house I Stewart -baths, was in  town for
The company is really a pri- at Bitter creek- (a day during the week end.
mm ft. river ,o town.    Iti-j Sj^trf-JSStf *�� i    W' * ���" ** " Sm^ *
)t definitely   decided whether,���"     Jameg Arifjerson, a well i a business trip to Vancouver. He
The Crawford Transter Co.
have taken the contract of hauling the Silverado ore from the
end of the tramline to the- dock,
as soon as the shipments are
L.   Jesson,   who has been in
Mrs.   William   Crawford   and; char}re of the drilling operations
the Premier mine for some
Fresh milk at Tooth's
time, left recently, and is now
engaged in drilling on the Delta
property near Hazelton.
he ore will be taken across the I]""'"' BSrC*oiumbi"an7who|-8  expeated   back  on  the next] Sunday.   He  expects to return
"inylin a SCOW nrwViPthf-rit will ; .        ...... ���   ���_'-.    --J ! V-nnr I in a f-*��r wopIs
thanks   the
in a scow or whether it will I h&g h_d thirty years mining and I boat,
e brought through the town and i experience   in   the     The News   devi
Both   ways       th     tern        t   of  the   pro-: young lady who made the b.rth-
"""      vince.   is   associated   with   Mr.! day cake, and his many   friends
Coughlan in this property.
round to the dock
'ill  be   tried   out.   and the one
��� I satisfactory will be adopted.
As soon  as   the surveys are
mplete for the tram line a crew Another  Boquet
taShTSS   PUt,T C��harin-B     Miss Mable  Mellor. who   won
*e HR nt of way, and as there is -_-_�����     ��� -.* ���f ������ri
f little timber.this  will  not first prize for the   prettiesand
belong; so co-incident with "eatf 'flowar ��**^5?""
'*** actual construction of the f rJ a ^V K?ZZZ'
'ne will commence, in the way M* at t,he Nefw8 .f*' l^il ,
r attracting the towers. The a **�� b0(iuet- h was C" ^
mr end of the line will be a w.l arranged poesv. conta,n-
tthe oojth of   the    -I   nJ ing almost every known blossom
who called at the palace and help
him "drink" it.
Don't go home hungry.     Get a lunch
at Tooth's Smoke Shop.
^^^^^^^^        tunnel  on
fttmbero e showing, which is at
"ievat on of about 4200 feet;
a terminus will be at the camp
���t about the  2000 foot level: a
'Ial distance   of   between 3500
N 4000 reet   It will be a light
Fjo bucket,  two  carrier tram,
m h i nr--e-eighth inch carrying
ll" ���   The buckets will have a
' 600 pounds, and will
���  "���   for    bringing    down
if*-��     while the carriers will
J*tia< ! ^bringingdown sacked
taking up material.     As
the tram line is complete
���M finishing touches will be put
1    rcamp. which will be
** in the timber below and
'"M   -he   ravine   from   the
f ���     >ga,
Jn   '���<><r to safe guard ihe
ni ��������1 wHlides a cabl
in the flowery kingdom. The
fragrance of the office this week
reminds one of "Apple Blossom
Time in Normandy."
Seeing the North
George H. Ellery of Ingersoll,
is a guest at the hotel Stewart.
He   is  one   of  the progressive
in a few weeks.
Misses Alice and Agnes Pitt,
who   have   been   spending   the'
summer with their brother, Dale
h. Pitt, general manager of the
Premier mine, left on the George
on Sunday for their home in Salt
  Lake City.
The Silverado Mining company | .
have taken the old Club building I    Johhny   Ryan   is working on
behind  the   King Edward hotel; the.wing dam, above Bear river
for  their   office   and town tem-1 bridge.
porary warehouse.
Building   Paper   and   Roofing.     See
"' D McLean has   been   busy all I Swamp Point. |
week making the necessary alter- j    S. R. T. Co. has some dandy cook
ations to the interior of the old -tove..   Want one?
Bank of Commerce building fori    Mrs. Helen Bell, of the Helen
Gus Seiffert, who last year was
J. Coughlan, jr., wentsouthjin charge of  development work
on the Red Top property, Bear
river, is now managing a property   near   Hope,    Alaska,   on
to Vancouver on the George last
which a nugget worth $1300 was
recently fcund.
Mahood's Divide Group
Grant Mahood  returned  recently   from   his   Divide   group,
situated near Divide lake, at the
head    of    the     Salmon   river,
where he has been doing   development work.   He has six claims
in the group, on which he has ten
leads, a number  being  of   high
grade ore.   On one of these he
has sunk a 12 foot shaft, showing
up a lead three and a half  feet
wide, with an enrichment in the
centre carrying 2000 ounces  of
silver.    This   is   a   contact lead
lying between the   argalite   and
! porphyry and can be traced  on
the surface for 4500 feet.
Glacier Creek
W. W. Rush has been busy for
some time developing his Excelsior group on Glacier creek.
He is driving a tunnel in on a
spur vein with the intention of
crosscutting the main lead, which
it is expected will be encountered
in about 80 feet.   This group is
Jim   Lade is  foreman  for the [situated  on   the   middle fork of
He expects to make a
stake large enough to enable him
to spend the winter camping
underneath the orange   trees at
Silverado. It would be hard for
the company to have secured a
better man for the position, for
he is a man with a lot of experience at this sort of work and alse
in the handling of men.
Among the arrivals on the
George last Sunday from Seattle
were Mrs. Kellog, A. V. Grove
and wife, and Arthur Carlson,
wife   and   family.     They  have
the  creek,
and consists of two
Hugh McGuire brought in on
Wednesday some very nice looking copper ere from his property
on Copper mountain, six miles
down the canal.
Road Work
Foreman   Henry Scovil
rented Pat Benson's house in is rushing the work of repairiug
Hyder and will spend the winter the wing dam above the bridge
in the district. on -*-*ear river.   Commencement
.  _  _ , of the other road work to be done
W. G. Strench, customs mspec-
the accommodation of the Liquor Bell Style Shop in Hyder, left on i     ��. ��.*---��"-*.. --�����--- ""**--; in the district this season is being
Vendor's store. the Carmen on Wednesday on  a! tor for Alaska, arrived in  Hyder       t       d untU   th     arriva*     f
Ve visit to her branch store in Cor-from   Ketchikan  last  Thursday
J. B. Lambert of the Dominion ^^ 	
works   department,   ar- gen(,; the Hyder store will be in | While in the camp   he   took  the
rived   by
During  her  ab-'ar-d    remained   until " Sunday.
launch   from    Prince
farmers of Oxford county' thatl RuPert on Thursday to  arrange
for 20x20 extension to the dock;
will   he
has turned out champion athletes
and hair-brain politicians.  Every
yeaT he visits western Canada,
but this is his first   trip north.
Yesterday he had his photo taken,
with a large humpback salmon in
each   hand.     When   he   arrives
back on the Ninth  concession of j his first shipment o
west Zorra he will be able to show i of beer on the George
charge of Mrs. McGrath.
J.   W.   Wilson   of   the
(opportunity of visiting the Pre-
i mier mine in company with local
I Collector E. R. Stivers.
General Foreman George Young
from Alice Arm.
also for the building of an exten- branch of the Bank of Montreal,
aion of the present public ware- left for his annual three weeks' |    A  brown bear broke into the
, vacation, on the George, Sunday. I meat house   at   the   Seven-mile
u  Pnmpr  who has  been   ap- While absent he hopes to see a | tram   camp   recently    and   got
ti. uomw. Jj t ib t r for theI gams of lacrosse, and   will  root, away with 100 paunds  of  pork.
pointed local
for the famous Salmonbellies, as!There being no gun of any  sort
at one time he was a member of [ in the camp the crew were unable
hteM.n<ta the ���>a,��n,���tl, g.m.ldW.   "SL^EiS'to "Tn   ��
he   muHcnd.   white   In   HS���!_��!!_ Rupert branch.
"frozen north.
his warehouse.
Breweries,   receive.
f 150  barrel: ^^
aat Sun- the    junior    aggregation,    the; to keep him away.    However, a
ecord time in Oollichans.    He is being relieved a little impromptu reception  has
of  the   Prince J been   prepared   for    Mr.   Bruin | Citizens'
Rupert branch. i wh'en he returns.
Hyder Election
The election of the Hyder
school board will be held in the
Pioneer hall on Tuesday, September 6. The board will be
composed of a clerk, treasurer,
and supervisor.
Dance Friday Night
Don't   forget   to  go  to    the
Association   dance   at
the Stewart hotel. "V
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ui uoi[B;;Ba qmj-.^JOj aq; jo [auo[OD-;uBua;nai[
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q;jA\ Ajasoio jjasoiiq pai[|B ;sb[ aq; 0; uo uaq; uiojj
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pus ';sn3ny jo pjgg aq; uo *o;jb;uo '^Bspuiq ;b
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'U0i;B[n3Ji3 p ��sB,u_'.n jno uiojj SuiSpnf 'ssajd
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OH 1-iBA\a;s ';g q;jij pa;uBM a[BS joj sai;ja<jOjd jo saui;si'T
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s;uaay (niaunuy sduij^   aaunjnsuj   a;��;sy inaa
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xavMaxs   sm3M   ivmvd a^viXHOd PORTLAND
CANAL   NEWS,   STEWART,   B. C,   FRIDAY,   SEPTEMBER   2,   1921
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $75,944,203;
Lode Gold, $102,753,823; Silver. $53,668,284; Lead. 46.637,221;
Copper, $161,513,864; Zinc, $19,896,466; Coal and Coke. $212,-
573,492; Building Stone, Brick, Cement. $32,168,217; Miscellaneous
Minerals, $1,037,408;  making its.Mineral Production to the end of
1920 show
The substantial progress of the Mining Industry in this Province
is strikingly exhibited in the following figures, which show the value
of production for successive five-year periods: For all years to 1895,
inclusive, $94,547,241; for five years, 1896-1900, $57,607,967; for
five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; for five years, 1906-1910, $125,-;
534,474; for five years, 1911-1915, 1142,072,603; f0r five years,1
1916-1920. $189,992,725; for the year 1920, $35,543,084.
Lode mining has only been in progress for about 33 years, and
not 20 per cent. oMhe Province Was been even prospected; 300,000
square miles of unexplored mineral-bearing land are open for prospecting.
The mining laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees
�� lower than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any
Colony in the British Empire,
Mineral locations are granted to discoverer, for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, security of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may
be obtained gratis by addressing^
THE HON. THE MINISTER OF MINES. Victoria, British Columbia.
A number of our exchanges are carrying a big
display advertisement of T. Eaton & Co., of
Toronto. The Portland Canal News has refused
advertising from big departmental houses, and
as long as the local merchants stick by the News,
the News will stay by the home guard until the
last trench is captured. Uncle Tim pays nothing towards the upkeep of Stewart. We have
never heard of him buying a ticket for a hospital
dance, or contributing anything towards beautifying the town. When you send an order out of
town, it is good-bye money. Patronize local
stores, and build up local institutions. When
you need credit, Uncle Tim will turn you down.
If you only assay a traee in honesty, the home
merchant will take a long chance. Buy at home.
iiiiti-iimrnti > mr-mxiM 11
We carry everything in Ladies' Ready to Wear
Dressmaking and Millinery
If the "calamity class" in the little
home towns, as well as the big cities,
worked half as hard at any helpful
thing as they seem to work at preaching
pessimism, the good results would be
surprising all around.
It would be a good thing for themselves and their communities if they
visioned the brighter side of things,
and took advantage of every opportunity to keep on the bright side.
Speaking of the pessimistic talk
which hampers the progress of commercial activity and expansion, anoxchange
"If you can't see anything good in
the future get some other fellow to do
your looking for you until you can adjust yourself to conditions and acquire
a better perspective of affairs in
"If you want to create disaster go
out and preach it until other people begin to take stook in what you say and
see things as you do. Then you will
soon haye disaster���at least for yourself.
"But if you want better times go out
and preach them, and put the joy of
confidence into other hearts as well as
into your own. The response will be
just as great."
That is the way to look at it: Either
be a talker and worker for good times,
dr move on���out of the way of others,
who see the brightening business skies
and take hold to help in whatever work
there is to do.
The optimists are going to  run this
They   are   the   right boosters
Autumn    air    echoes ��� " Do
Christmas shopping early!"
Deep Was Right
Two mining engineers were discussing deep mine shafts and one had told
in glowing terms about mines in which
he had worked. "Jump into my car
and I'll show you a regular mine," said
the other. Arriving at the mine they
saw the hoisting engine revolving at a
terrifying rate. The engineman was
asleep. Rushing to the sleeping man
they cried: "Wake up, man! You'll
pull the cage through the roof!" "Why
what day is this?" the engineman asked
sleepily. "It's Monday, but siop the
j engine quick." "Ah, g'wan," he replied, disgustedly, setting himself back
in his chair. "She won't be up until
next Sunday."   Some hole.
A Complete
Banking Service
Small traders and great industrial corporations���workmen with modest savings
accounts and farmers with their banking
business���find in the Bank of Montreal
the banking service they require extended
to them with courteous attention.
The facilities of this Bank are equally at
the service of every class in the community.
Stewart Branch: L- S. WHITTAKF.R.  Manager.
I     TOTAL ASSETS IN EXCESS OF ��500,000.000
W.   HANK,   Proprietor
Steom Heated Rooms Comfortably Furnished
Drying Room      Dining Room
main  street,     HYDER,   ALASKA
a r��mfr-rt--hle Home for Miners, Prospectors, Tourists and Travelers.   Touch the wire if you want
A    Zms reserved    RcUs by the day, week or month.    Buffet replete with . gars, cigarettes and
^lino- hPveraires   All the latest magazines and newspapers at your disposal.   Remember everything i- white at the Pioneer, but the gold in the safe, and the coal in the scuttle.    -
  t�� a ��\r.ir      m_r   i-v_rk^.T'��Tv^T t
PADDY   McDONNELL, Proprietor
Turned Over the Leaf
"See here," saidAdam to Eve. "Do
you realize that the high cost of living
is crimping me badly? You must be less
extravagant in the matter of clothes."
"A;l right, dear," answered Eve, obligingly. "I'll help you to economize
by turning over an old leaf."
Some Traveler
A group of tourists were looking into
the inferno of Vesuvius in full eruption.
"Ain't this just like hell!" ejaculated a
Yank. "Ah, zese Americans," exclaimed a Frechmait, "where have zey
not been."
RATES,       $1 OO
H.   W.   M.   ROLSTON
R. C.
Cascade Beer
"The Beer   Without a Peer"
This is the same quality Beer we brewed in pre-war days, and is the finest Beer on
the market today.  ' DO NOT ACCEPT ANY SUBSTITUTE
Not under Nine Per Cent Over Proqf Spirit
Insist on Having CASCADE BEER.
Vancouver Breweries, Limited
H. COMER, Distributor
Modern Economy
"I don't spend aa much money on my
girl as I used to a couple of years ago."
"How's, -hat?" "Well, I used to bring
her candy, when I called. Now she's
satisfied with a package of cigarettes."
Subscribe for Portland Canal News.
Diversion  and Use
Take Notice that W. Y. McCarter
Burr Company, Limited, whose address
is 646 Hillside avenue, Victoria, B. C,
will apply for a license to take and use
two hundred second feet of water out
of Marmot river, whicli flows westerly
and drains into Portland canal about
two miles from the head. The water
will be diverted from the stream at a
point about one mile from its mouth,
and will be used for power (industrial
and mining) purpose upon the land described as T. L. 43817. This notice
was posted on the ground on the '.2nd
day of August. 1921. A copy of this
notice and an application pursuant to
the "Water Act 1914" will be filed in
the office of the Water Recorder ut
Prince Rupert. Objections to the application may be filed with said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parlament Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within fifty days after the
first appearance of this notice in a local
newspaper. The date of the first publication of thia notice is August 26, 1921
Limited. Applicant.
, By .1. L. Stamford, Agent
M. R. JAMIKSON,   Prop.
Certificate of Improvements.
Polybacite Fractional and Ag Fractional mineral claims, situate in the
Portland C anal mining division of Caspar district. Where located: On southeast slope of Mount Dilworth.
lake notice that Dalby B. Morkill, of
Stewart, B.C., acting as agent for Silver Crest Mines, Limited, N.I'.L.. Flee
Miner's Certificate No. 50614C, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a I rown Grant of the
ahove claims. And further take notice
that action, under section HO, musfc be
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements
Dated this .10th day of August,
A.D.1921. 12
Certificate of Improvements,
Good   Hop-'   mineral  claim, .situate
in     the      Portland     C-nal     "��"::-
division of Cassiar <U-\: rt.
Whore located:   In the upper S
River valley, adjoining  tne bilwrn
Talie notice thai 1. 1'. S. J��-.��f
Stewart, B. C, acting as agent tor.-.
B. Armstrong, Free Miners Certi*"
No. 46907C; William Reid r��tM��
Miners' Certificate No. 4b908t. m��i
sixtv days from the d ������ - ;;/
appfy to   tin-   Mining R *���*���*>"-"%,
dertiflcateof [n'Proveme"t\f��Grw
purpose of obtaining a Crown wi.*
of   the  ahove claim. ,���,,
And further take notice that ��^
under section 85. must   te ��**
before the isuance ol sucn i
of Improvemi nts.       (   |gv ()- -aM,
Dated     this
A.D. 1921.
venlh Jay. "'
Certificate of Improvement.
Lakeshore mineral claim, situate  in
the Portland Canal  mining division of
Cassiar  district.    Where  located;    At
i head of East  fork of Cascade (reek,
Salmon river valley.
Take notice that Dnlby B. Morkill, of
Stewart, B. C, acting as agent for
Andrew Lindeborg Free Miner's Certificate No. 469240, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
claim. And further take notice that
action, under Motion 86, must be commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 10th day of August,
A.D   1921. 12
MINERAL \i '���
Certificate ol Imwovementt
NOTRE. pj���
Bella Coola, Silvei I " ��� jjtlitf*
Ladybird No : n
in  the Portland Canal roimm. ^
Of  Cassiar   district      ��ne       m
In eaacade Creek valle}
��� like. ,, ,,.. ii  Morki*"
Take notice that -1a|W   vor, grfirt
of Stewart B.C..�����#'��&?-.   F*
las   agent   f r  C.    VV. ...
���Miner's   Certificate V       .,,.,,, M
Clegg,   Free   Miner.   " ,_ \\.
4SE68C,   and   the   i   a to*      :ke
[Chappie, intend,  - .    .     -
date hereof, toap.l , -,
RacorderforaCert.fi ate   btl
ments, for the purport or
Crown Grmt of the ��bw�� -*
And further tak.
under aection 38. " ��� .'.',. hCeri
I before the issuai  i ;
of Improvements.       ,M     \V -
DatWthU 27th day cn��J^__^
time, to sell-' ice**
Policies.    Benefit I ��� W*
M.n>    ,
jand every knoun . ���,������,..*
and liberal ft . ...���_,   %.
and   every   a i?   ��g|
MERCHANTS    �� *' ������ ���'������--
PANY,   308   '
I couver,  B. -
I'.niiiii"'!) .|j


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