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Vol. I.
No. 7.
Water Power Company Lets Contraets
(lar Load of Water Pipe Has Been Ordered
For the New System.
H. Allers Han key, secretary of
Dominion Mining, Development
and Agency Co., Ltd., which is now
developing Cascade's great water
power, was in the city from Nelson
last Sunday, conferring with Engineer Anderson, in charge of the
work here. As a result, contracts
for needed iron and timber for the
big dam are to be let at once, and
work vigorously pushed on the enterprise with as many men as can
be used to advantage.
The dam, to be located just above
the falls and above where the new
railway will eros Kettle river,
will be about 400 feet long and
35 feet high. In this issue of the
Record tenders for the cutting and
delivering 60,000 lineal feet of timbers at the dam are advertised for.
to be in by Tuesday noon Twelve
tons of iron, mostly drift bolts to
fasten the timbers together, have
already been ordered.
It is thus evident to all that the
company proposes to push the work
of construction with the utmost
vigor, to be prepared to supply
power at the earliest possible date
for the greai mines now being opened up in the rich territory surrounding Cascade.
The poles for the new electric
system, to be put in at once by the
same company, have all been gotten
out, and will soon be placed in
position on the business streets of
the city. The building for the 50-
horse power engine has been completed, and is now awaiting the
arrival of the engine and boiler
from Eastern Canada.
Timber for the reservoir has been
hauled to the site on the hill, and
this 16x16x15 tank will soon be
ready for use, with a capacity of
20,000 gallons. A carload of three-
inch iron pipe has been ordered,
and will he quickly laid when it
arrives. The engine will be so arranged that pressure can be turned
directly into the mains in case of
Altogether the prospects of having a complete light and water
system in operation in Cascade
early in 1899, are bright, and the
citizens of the Gateway City are
pleased in proportion.
V, Monnier & Co. received the
liist goods for their new bonded
warehouse on Thursday. The consignment consisted of bulk whiskey
and case goods, and required 10
four-horse teams to get it from Bossburg.
manager Hodge Goes Over the Line
to Greenwood.
George Hodge, superintendent of
the Nelson & Vernon Telephone
Co., operating the line into the
Boundary country, made a trip
over the line this week, to ascertain, if possible, the cause of the
frequent "kick��" over the service
that have been given of late. Mr.
Hodge'B headquarters are at Nelson,
and he came in, of course, by way
of Bossburg, following the line of
wire all the way to Greenwood, the
present terminus.
Mr. Hodge informed the Record
that there were two causes for the
interruptions, one of which was
that the American company, operating that part of the system across
the line, was so taken up with the
legal squabbles now pending, that
it could not or would not keep
their line in repair. The other
was���i��nd here Mr. Hodge was emphatic and positive���that between
Capcade and Grand Forks the railway sub-contractors had repeatedly
broken the wires as a result of
blasting, and in many cases failed
to report the same, so that repairs
could be made at once. Notwithstanding this fact, however, the line,
he asserted, had not been out of
use on this account for any consecutive 24 hours. Two linemen
are employed, one being located at
the Forks and the other at Greenwood.
Mr. Hodge, on his trip, incidentally distributed new transmitters
and new batteries, and an improvement has been noticeable this week,
It is evident that Mr. Hodge's com
pany will do all in its power to
give good service hereafter. It is
to be earnestly hoped that success
will crown their efforts.
Work on New Jail.
N. Robinson, who secured the
contract for construction of the
new jail and courthouse in Cascade,
informs the Record that he has
ordered the lumber, and expects to
be at work on the structure next
Monday morning. He also says
that by Saturday night the jail
will be complete and ready for
guests. It will be 20x30 feet, one
story, and contain three cells, a
court room and apartments for our
provincial peace officer.
Constable Darraugh, formerly of
Burt.m City, arrived in Cascade
City Wednesday evening, and will
act as local provincial police officer
in future.
How It Appears In Nelson.
The Cascade Record is on of the
most interesting papers published
in British Columbia. Each week
it contains a vast amount of information concerning the industries
of the district in which it is published. It should be well patronized
by the residents of Cascade.���Nel-
son Economist.
C. J. Eckstorrn will give a Christmas dance at his hotel on Monday
evening. He promises to have
good music and that all shall have
an enjoyable time.
Work to be Pushed at Onee Right on
to Midway,
Where More Rich Mines Will Re Tapped���
Progress of the Construction.
Last Tuesday three important
officials of the C. P. R. were in Cascade together. They were H. T.
Wilgress, right-of-way agent; F. T.
Griffin, assistant land commissioner of Winnipeg, and W. F. Tye,
chief engineer of the Columbia and
These gentlemen had just returned from Greenwood, and were on
their way to Vancouver, Winnipeg
and Trail, respectively. In conversation with a representative of the
Record, they gave some important
and interesting information about
railway matters in the Boundary
Mr. Wilgress stated that matters
had been arrunged so that sub-contracts would lie let at once by
Mann, Foley Bros. & Larson, the
main contractors, from Eholt summit, this side of Greenwood, through
to Midway, a distance of 17 miles.
This work will be gotten under
way with the least possible delay,
and crowded as fast as possible.
In addition Mr. Wilgress said
that it had been decided to build
the road at once 15 miles beyond
Midway, up as far as Rock Creek,
where some exceedingly rich mines
will be tapped. The contract for
this additional piece of work goes
also to the builders of the 105miles
from Robson to Midway, and will
be given to subs at an early date.
Chief Engineer Tye had just been
over the entire line of construction,
from Robson to Greenwood, and
expressed himself as well pleased
with the progress made thus far on
the work. With the exception of
many trestles and culverts, and
and some tunnels, a large part of
the work is ready for the iron. The
big bridges at McCormack's Landing and over Moberly creek, on
Lower Arrow lake, are nearly completed. McLean Bros. 3000 foot
tunnel, near Brooklyn, will not delay the tracklaying machine, as the
mountain is to be crossed temporarily by switchbacks.
Boomer's big gravel cut is being
done rapidly and will be finished
before long. Olaf Olson's tunne!.
some 25 miles from Cascade, is in
about 90 feet at one end and has a
good start at the other, but will
take some time to finish. .
Between these points there are
long stretches completed, Mr. Tye
states, and he has no doubt but
by the early or middle summer
residents of Cascade will hear the
shrill screech of the iron horse, as
it comes down the  long Christina !
lake grade and crosses the high
bridge over Kettle river. up
towards Greenwood the sub-contractors are also making excellent
The unpleasant news comes that
Jack O'Leary, one of the best known
and most popular contractors on
this line, was killed a few days ago
by a huge derrick falling on him
on his work at Shield's Landing.
It was the first time on his contract that he had superintended the
putting up of a derrick. His contract was nearly finished, and was
a profitable one, it is said.
The paymaster was due this week,
but he evidently wishes to enjoy
his holiday before he starts on his
long trip.
Dr. W. O. Dutton, who was assistant to Dr. F. J. Ewing, at the
company's Brooklyn hospital, was
in town yesterday. He left today
for Bonner's Ferry, where he will
have charge of the hospital on the
new Nelson & Bedlington road.
P. H. Hughes Arrested
Frederick H. Hughes, a well
known real estate agent in Cascade,
was arrested on Thursday, chargid
with attempting to raise money on
u worthless check. The preliminary hearing was held yesterday
before Justice Rocbussen, and he
was remanded to the Grand Forks
jail for eight days on $1,500 bail,
in default of which he was taken to
the Forks this morning by Constable Darraugh.
It appeared on the hearing that
Hughes gave the check  in question
to  Mrs. Matthew Miller  ten  days
ago in payment for a  laundry bill
of $1.25, receiving $3.75 in change'
and promising repeatedly to take i
up, which  he failed  to do.   Th
check appears to have been drawn
by F. B. Wheeler on  the  Bank of
British North America at Rossland,
was for $75 and payable to Hughes.
It went for collection, and a  reply
was received on Thursday that there
was no such account there.  Hughes
was then arrested.
At the hearing Hughes did not
deny the testimony to the above
effect, but asserted the check had
been given to him by Wheeler in
payment for 2,000 shares of mining
stock. Four witnesses were examined at the hearing The penalty
for iheoffense alleged is very heavy.
P. J. O'Reilly, of the Record staff,
left for Nelson this morning, to
spend Christmas with his family.
F. L. Sutermeister, jr., came up
from Spokane last Wednesday,
bound for Wellington camp. He
is looking for some good gold-copper properties.
Rev. J. A. Wood, in charge of
Methodist missions in Southern
Kootenay and Yale, has decided
not to station a preacher here for
the present, now that the Presbyterian church has supplied one.
Oscar Stenstrom, proprietor of
the Scandia hotel in this city has
work well under way on his new
hotel at Niagara. It is two stories
in height and 33x50 feet in size.
It will be run by John Kontz and
Having purchased for cash, at a Heavy Discount off cost the
-entire Hardware, Drug, Grocery and Dry Goods stock of T.
F. Struthers, of Rosebery; the Hardware stock of James M.
Main, of Slocan City ; and a portion of the Dry Goods stock
>of the William Hunter Co., of Brooklyn, in addition to enormous shipments from the East, are now enabled to give their
many friends better value than ever.
In the GROCERY DEPARTMENT we have an endless
variety of table delicacies, and are also able to supply Turkeys, Cranberries, Mincemeat, Plum Puddings and other
Christmas goods.
We have just opened large consignments of Silks, Ribbons, Dress Goods, Silk Hose and Ladies' Underwear.
We carry two tons of rubber boots of various makes and
will supply same at wholesale or retail.
Our HARDWARE stock has again been increased by the
arrival of a considerable quantity of new goods, and we are
confident that we are well within the truth in claiming to
hold the largest stock at the cheapest rates in the whole of
the Boundary country.
We have bought the lease of the building on First avenue
known as the Owl Restaurant, and shall immediately open
therein a Large General Store under the management of Mr.
Robertson, and carry a full stock of merchandise, including
Groceries, Hardware and Dry Goods.
Recognizing the generous support we have received from our many friends, we shall be glad to give
and boy who will favor us with a Call OH Christmas Eve one pound of candies ; to every Hotel Proprietor, a box of cigars, and to every restaurant proprietor a pail of jam.
The British Columbia Mercantile and Mining Syndicate, Limited.
Travel into the Boundary coun-
tay continues to be as heavy as
Ira Black returned from a business trip to Spokane on Thursday
J. P. Kennedy, of the B. C. To-
bacc.o Co., returned from Rossland
on Thursday.
County court will be held at
Greenwood on January 28th and
at Midway on January 30th.
A. Branson has sold out his interest in the Cosmopolitan hotel to
his partner, W. H. Reynolds.
Fred Gribi announces that hereafter he will sell bread at 5 cents
per loaf or 20 loaves for a.dollar.
Between 20 and 30 passengers
were on the Bossburg stages yesterday morning, taxing the capacity
of the two linesi.
The Thomason mill was forced
to suspend operations temporarily
again on Thursday on account of
freezing water supply.
The license commissioners of
���Greenwood have announced the intention of stamping out gambling
in the hotels of that town.
Sam Vinson, of the Thomason,
Sawmill Co., moved into his new
cottage on the north side of Kettle
river, last Wednesday.
John Blackwood, of the Blackwood Bros., the well known bottlers
of Winnipeg, was in town early in
the week in the interests, of his (irm.
There will be turkey shooting
and chicken raffie at Lavalley's. on
Christmas day. The shooting will
be off hand 40 yards, and 60 yards
The English store will soon open
another branch, this time on First
Avenue, at the old stand of the
Owl restaurant., Alterations are
now in progress, and when completed will be in charge of Mr.
To Build a Church.
A meeting was held last Monday evening at the school house by
a special committee appointed at
the Sunday evening service previously to consider ways and means
to build a Presbyterian church in
Cascade. The committee, consisting of Messrs. Ferguson, Chandler,
McRea and Willcox, assisted by
Rev. Joseph McCoy, thoroughly
discussed the matter, and with the
aid to be obtained from the mission
board, decided to recommend the
construction of a church edifice at
once, to cost, about $750.
Plans and estimates weie submitted, which met with the approval of the committee, and Mr.
Chandler, the president of the Cascade Development Co., stated that
his company would donate a lot.
Other donations were reported of a
substantial character. It is believed that the citizens of Cascade
will generously come forward and
help this worthy enterprise when
the opportunity is given then.
Information Wanted
Any person having information
as to the whereabouts of the relatives of Henry Gratton, who died
in this city last week, will confer a
favor by communicating with McDonald & Fluid, proprietors of the
Grand Central hotel, Cascade, B C.
Deceased was a Frenchman and a
carpenter by trade, having formerly
worked in New Denver and other
Slocan towns. It is supposed that
he had an uncle in Montana.
The telephone line has been down
the greater Mart of the week. If the
Nelson and Vernon Telephone company expect to do business in
Greenwood, they must keep the
line in better repair.- -Greenwood
Good dairy butter, only 20 cents
per pound at J. S. Ingram & Co.'s,
where 100 tubs have just been received.   Try some of it.
Calif orniaWine Co
Wl/HErS and CKaARS
Office and Warehouse, NELSON, B. C.
We have just received 500,000 Choice Cigars, and are prepared to fill orders on the Shortest Notice.
Prices Always Right."
Railroad Headquarters Hotel,
Best Meal in Cascade for 35c.
Our   Specialties   are Pabst's Blue   Ribbon Beer, Corby's
Eight-Year-Old Rye, Seagram's '83 Rye, Four-
Crown Scotch and Burke's Irish Whiskies.
Celebrated Lion Beer on Draught.
ECKSTORM & SIMPSON, Proprietors,
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
The Dining Room and Lodgings
Are under the Management of W. H. Haegerman, who has had a wide experience in Catering to the public of British Columbia.   Give us a call.
Everything Neat, Clean and First Class.
mm V
niaqara nuqqets.
The eleven applications for hotel
licences at Niagara were all granted by the Licensing Board at Grand
Forks on the 15th inst.
The merchants here are all busy
rushing their goods in for the
Xmas trade. Messrs. McGregor
and A. S. Williamson left by stage
for Bossburg to secure freight tea ms
and get their Xmas supplies in.
Pat Welch has an additional
crowd of men at work on his railroad contract adjoining the town,
and will make a further increase on
the first of January.
The Frenchman, whose leg was
injured last night, left this morning on the stage for Cascade Hospital to receive medical  treatment.
The stage leaving Greenwood via
Niagara for Grand Forks, must be
doing a rushing business, judging
by the number of passen jers arriving on it daily. D. Holbmok,
the stage manager, is away trying
to purchase eight more horses.
Petitions have been forwarded to
Victoria respecting the appointment of a postmaster and magistrate, and is hoped will have good
John I.. White, a druggist from
Slocan City was in town today and
purchased a lot. It is his intention to commence building immediately and will open a drug store
here as soon as building is completed.
Several Italians quit work on
Monday last, ami left by stage with
through tickets via New York on
the North German Lloyd Steamers
for the land of ice cream and peanuts.
It is whispered that a well known
Vancouver firm intend opening a
wholesale liquor house here, and
will build a bonded warehouse.
Geo. E. Seymour, the'well known
Townsite agent, Jeft today on business trip to Greenwood and Midway.
Niagara, Dec. 18, 1898.
Columbia Dining Parlors Open.
The Columbia Hotel Dining Parlor was opened yesterday under the
management of Chae, M. Hitch.
Mr. Hitch is an experienced caterer,
having heen in the business for
many years. He was for some
time in the British navy, with the
famous Planters Hotel at St. Louis,
on the Northern Pacific dining car
service, and for the last 18 months
at Silverton, B. C. He will undoubtedly receive his share of the
Holiday shoppers have been doing business to a considerable extent this week.
S. H. Brown, formerly an undertaker and builder at Trail and
Brooklyn, and now following a
similar vocation at Nelson, has
heen taking a little change by a
trip through the Boundary country
this week selling Victor safes to the
money makers of this section.
It is a cold day when there is
not a famine of some kind in this
district. In rapid succession we
have had hardware, glass, coal oil,
stove pipe and almost every old
kind of a famine. Just now it is
a roller-towel famine. As stocks
are being increased, however, the
unprecedented demand is gradually being caught up with.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore subsisting
between us, the undersigned, as
hotel keepers, in CascAde City,
county of Yale, British Columbia,
has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts owing to said partnership are to be paid to 0. G. Fredericks at Cascade City, aforesaid,
and all claims against the said
partnership are to be presented to
the said 0. G. Fredericks by whom
the same will be settled.
Lotus Pktkkson,
0. G. Fredericks.
Dated  at Cascade City, this 30th
day of November, A.'D. 1898.
Witness as to signature of Louis
Peterson. W. H, Coopek.
Witness as to signature of 0. G.
Fredericks: J. H. Goon.
The Bank of Montrea
Capital,all paid up, $12,000,000
Rest, 6,000,000
President. Lord Btrathcnna and
Mount Royal; Vice-President,
Hon. Geo. A. Drummond; General Manager. E. S. Clonston.
Branches in London, England, New York, Chicago
And in principal  Canadian cities.
Buy and Sell Sterling Exchange
and Cable Transfers; Grant Commercial and Travellers' Credits),
available in any part of the World.
Drafts issued, Collections made. etc.
Greenwood Branch,
The Record Job Office is
now prepared to supply
everything in the line of
Office Stationery.
Neat, Clean, Attractive
Printing. That is the
kind you want, the kind
that pays and the kind
we do.
Orders received by any
old route except by the
Bossburg freight route.
Record Bldg., Cascade, B. C. I
T. E. Mahaffy
Has Opened up with a Full Line of Clothing,
Furnishings, Hats, Caps, Rubbers, Shoes, Moccasins, Gloves and Mitts, Groceries, Etc.
Come and see us ; we will make it worth
your while.
Opposite tub Post-Office,
tfte ljuhon $tore,
Wholesale Dealers in
>ie Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
All Kinds of General Men's Furnishings at Retail.
Office and Warehouse,
Columbia Hotel
J. A. MoMASTER & CO., Props.
.Firsi Avenue. CASCADE, R. C.
Columbia Dining Parlor
CHAS. M. HITCH, Proprietor.
First class Throughout.   The Best of Everything the mar-
bet Affords.   Thirty Years' Experience in the Business.
���Dealers in All Kinds of��� I
Confectionery and Stationery. t
Pull Line Tobacco and Pipes. i
Large Consignment of Nuts and Candies expected for the #
Also Turkeys and Opposite Custom  House,
Cranberries. CASCADK CITY, B. C.
Half Way House
Located Half Way Between Brooklyn
and Cascade City.
Pine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Good Hotel and Stable Accommodations-
Office, Opp. Cascade Development Co.'s Office,
Will Continue to Stop Over Night in
For several days past there 1ms
been several well defined rumors
afloat, that attempts had been made
to induce tbe Williams stage line,
(tarrying the mails, to go through
Cascade at night, making headquarters at Grand Corks instead.
Ira Black, who returned Thursday from Spokane, has been looking into the matter and gives the
Record the following:
"I saw Mr. Williams at Bossburg" said Mr. Black, "and had u
long talk with him on the subject.
I told him I was contemplating
adding another story to our hotel,
and wished to know theexactstatus
of affairs. He told me that he had
positively no idea of changing his
schedule, but expected to continue
as at present.
"He further stated that he had
been offered $1800 in Grand Forks
to make the change, but as he had
never been paid from theie for extra expenses incurred and promised
when he did run through, he would
not consider it. More than that,
be stated that the people of Cascade had done well by him, and
he saw no cause for a change."
When asked about the reported
change in the railway time table,
which would bring both trains at
Bossburg in the evening, Mr. Black
"Nothing definite seems to he
known as yet about the change,
but Mr. Williams assured me that,
if it was madeas reported, he would
put on a fast line and land passengers and mails in Cascade the same
Mr. Black also informs the Record that, as soon as he can get the
lumber delivered, he will begin
work on  the additional story to
bis hotel.
��� �����
Strike On the John Bull
Thursday noon Jim Cameron,
foreman of the John Bull group, at
Gladstone, on which development
was begun a short time since, came
into Cascade looking happy indeed.
He brought the news of a rich
strike on that property made the
<lay before, and showed his friends
sampled of the new find. They
were beautiful samples of peacock
copper and were a pretty sight.
Mr. Cameron naturally feels
highly elated at the strike, as already the workmen have uncovered
two feet of the rich ore, and the ore
body is expected to grow as the
crosscut continues. All of those
interested in the claim are much
pleased at this early confirmation
of their predictions.
The property is under a working
bond to a strong syndicate, and no
let up will be permitted this winter
in the development.
Black's Hotel Cafe
Oyster with Celery
Boiled Mackerel, Cream Sauce
-Chicken Gibletwtth Mushrooms
Baked Apple Dumplings
Brain Croquettes with Tomato, Sauce
Jenny Lind Pancakes
Turkey, Cranberry Sauce      Duck, Baked Apples
Leg of Million with Dressing
Loin of Beef au Jus        Fork, Sage Dressing
Mashed Potatoes Green Pens
Cream Pie     Green Apple 1'le      Hot Mince Pie
Steamed Plum Pudding
Samuel A. Smith and Miss Gertrude Pierson, both of Cascade,
will be married in this city next
Tuesday evening by Rev. Father
Palen. This will be the first wedding ever Solemnized in Cascade.
For general supplies go to J. S.
Ingrain & Co., the best and cheapest place in town.
Spokane Palls &
Nelson and Fort Slicppard,
Red Mountain Railways,
The Only All-Rail  Routj, without
change of cars, between Spokane, Rossland and
Going North GoingSouth
12:27 a.m MARCUS 11:12 a.m.
Train leaving Marcus at 11.12 a. m. makes
close connections at Spokane (or all
Closo connections at Nelson with steamboat for
Kaslo and all Kootenay lake points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
creek connect at Marcus and Bossburg with
stages daily.
C. G. DIXON, G. P. &T. A.,
Spokane, Wash.
Bids will be received up to Tuesday evening,
Dec. 27th. 1898. by the undersigned for tne water
needed by the hotels in Cascade City; said bin to
staie the price per barrel or the amount needed by
the week, also
Bids to put up from 200 to 800 tons of ice in
quantities of from 15 tu 30 tons at each hotel, said
ice to be packed in a proper manner and well covered with sawdust.
The right to accept or reject any or all bids is
Cascade Hotel-Keepers Pkotkctivb Assn.
i c. j. eck8torm,
Committee ���{ Oscar ^tknbtkoM
C. H. Thomas.
Notice to Contractors.
Tenders will be received up to noon D��cember
27th, a) the office of the Dominion Mining. Development and Agency Co. Ltd . for the cutting
and delivery of 60,000 lineal f< et of timbers at the
dam site of of the Cascade power plaut. Purtic-
ulare may be obtained by applying to
W. Anokkson,
Engineer in charge,
For Sale or Rent.
FOR SALE OR RENT-A good shack. 12s.6
in size, with stove, etc. Everything new and in
good shape. Just the thing. Apply at RECORD
ofllce for particulars.
FORREVT���A two s;ory frame house, with
five rooms, located on First SlMct East, Cascade,
For fiu ther particulars a ply to W. H. HAEGERMAN, Commercial Hotel, Cascade.
Hotel Montana Christmas Dinner.
Salmon Salad
Ham and Green Peas   Tongue and Tomato Sauce
Turkey Erancaise Cranberry Sauce
Turkey Francaise, Hot Sauce
Beef and Brown Gravy    Mutton and Mint Sauce
Kidney Saute
Sherrywine Jelly '
Maccaroni and Cheese
Jelly Turnovers
Masbed Potatoes     Green Peas
Sweet Corn
������ *
First Class liar ami Cafe iu Connection.       *L
The Cosmopolitan
Open Day and Night,
Old Curiosity Shop.
Opposite Clarke Hotel, Josephine Street, NELSON, B. C.
New and SECOND HAND Goods.
We buy Anything and Everything. Call or drop us a
line���we can fit you out. Money made by dealing with us.
Write for anything you want.
Free Employment
Reliable help furnished free. 1
am in correspondence with all parties employing laborers in this section of the Boundary country.
C. J. Eckstorrn, Manager.
Horseshoei g and General Blacksmithing.
Mince Pie       Pumpkin Pie       Green Apple Pie
Plum Pudding and Brandy Sauce
Black Fruit Cake    Nut Cake   Apples   Raisins
Tea Nuts Coffee
Second Avenue, CASCADE, B.C.
Black's Hotel,
Nicely Furnished Rooms $1.00 per Night
The bar is constantly supplied
with the finest brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars. Best meals in
the town car. be had at all hours.
And Jeweler
Palace giuery jQarn
Up to Date Livery.
Saddle Horses Furnished
Why have a watch thut ileee
not give satisfaction, or why
wear Jewelry or Diamonds
that are not the richest ami
best, when you know the
finest in the land can be had
right here in Cascade by calling on John Dwyer, at the
Club Hotel.
Promptly Attended To.
Fruit, Cigars and Tobacco
Caps,  Gloves,   Underwear    and
General Supplies.
Pioneer Store
Is the oldest General Mercantile Establishment in
Cascade. We have always
catered to the wants of our
host of customers with the
greatest success. When in
need of Groceries, Clothing
Boots, Shoes, Hardware,
etc., give us a call.
Club Hotel
A good meal, a gnod room,
or a good drink can be had
at the Club Hotel.
mmmamWmammmmmm 13
Revelstoke and Kaslo recently
organized hockey clubs.
The Northwest Mounted Police
ftirce now number 840 men, of
whom 250 are in the Yukon.
It is reported that a Conservative morning newspaper is about
to be started in New Westminister.
The C. P. R. authorities have determined to christen the new tug
they are building on Slocan Lake
as the Sandon.
The Victoria Colonist has been
receiving well-merited congratulations of late on entering the 41st
year of life.
The Rossland Record figures out
the population of that city at 8,000,
of which 1500 are miners, 156 are
Chinamen and 35 are teachers and
Rossland now contributes over
$13,000 monthly to the Dominion
customs; $1,000montlhy to the post
office department and $3,000 to the
internal revenue.
Supreme Court sittings will be
held at Nelson beginning February
6th, and in Rossland on February
13th. Only civil cases will be
heard at the Rossland sitting.
Gold Commissioner John A.
Turner of Nelson, is out a cheque
for $1,000 on the Bank of Montreal,
which disappeared in the mails between Nelson and Winnipeg.
The coast cities anticipate and
are preparing for a big mining
trade next spring from the newly
opened Lake Atlin gold fields,
which are in this province on the
northern border
The first meeting of the Kootenay
Teacher's institute will be held in
the Nelson public school on January 2 and 3. A good programme of
essays arid addresses by prominent
educationalists has been prepared.
The Hall Mines Company announce that the rtsultof the smelting operations for the four weeks
ending December 2nd, 18 days,
seven hours smelting, was 2,207
tons. It contained approximately
53 tons of copper and 45,000 ounces
of silver.
In consequence of the Oriental
demand for their product, the Pabst
Brewing Co., of Milwaukee, and
Lemp & Co., of St. Louis, two of
the largest brewing concerns on the
continent, are arranging to establish depots at Vancouver.
Mr. R. E. Gosnell, the popular
ex-librarian of the provincial library at Victoria, has undertaken
to organize reading centres in
British Columbia in connection
with the University Association of
New York and Chicago. These
centres provide a means of procuring the higher education which
cannot be secured in any other
way in most districts of this province. The cost of a course in any
chosen special subject is only $3.75
including text hooks. These courses
comprise history, literature, political economy, political science, sociology, theology, and some of the
sciences. Each student is required
to give one half hour of honest
reading in his chosen subject each
day. Mr. Gosnell at Victoria will
furnish fuller particulars to anyone desirous of taking up a course.
Bossburg boasts of a hotel that
feeds over one hundred people at
a meal.
Freighting is so heavy on the
S. F. & N. road that extra engines
are often attached to trains.
Made Night Watchman by the Taxpayers' Association.
The regular meeting of the Cascade Taxpayers' Association was
held on Tuesday evening last, Dec.
The names of Messrs. Cha*.
Johnson, Jas. Darcy, 0. A. Baldwin and T. F. Gaine were presented
as desirous of becoming members
of the association, and on motion
they were accepted.
Applications were received from
Messrs. Caspar Johnson, P. H.
Kennedy and Jas Darcy, for the
position of nightwatchman for the
town, and after some discussion it
was decided to accept that of Jas.
The stand taken by the association in making this selection was,
that as Mr. Darcy is already appointed by the government he holds
the power to make arrests when
necessary, whereas the other applicants could only act as a night
A committee consisting of Messrs.
Mayall, McMaster and Chandler
were appointed to consider tha
question of how best to deal with
cases of destitute persons, and
treatment in cases of illness.
The executive committee were
requested to select a capable man
to act as a justice of the peace for
Cascade, and recommend his appointment to the Attorney-General.
The meeting then adjourned until the next regular meeting night,
January 3rd, 1899.
New Paper for Republic.
John R. Reavis, well known as
the owner of the Rossland Miner
in its early days, passed through
Cascade last night on his return
from Republic. He has decided to
start a weekly paper there, the
first issue of which will appear
about January 15th. Mr. Reavis
has already engaged his old foreman and his former solicitor, and
thinks there is a good field in Republic for his paper, which will be
about the size of the Record. He
is now selecting his plant. It will
be called the Republic Miner.
Soo Pacific Line
From Kootenay Country.
Is the Shortest, Quickest and Best
Route to the Pacific Coast, China,
Japan and Australia, and to all
Eastern and European points.
Tickets issued through and Baggage
checked through to destination.
Pass Revelstoke, daily to St. Paul;
daily (except Wednesday) to
Eastern Points.
W.F.Anderson,       E.J.Coyi.e,
Trav.Pass.Agt.,      Dist.Pass.Agt.
NeUon,B.C.      Vancouver,B.C.
This new Stopping Place, just completed and opened to the
public, is most conveniently located. Jim Ennis and
Tom Flynn, the proprietors, are old hands at catering to
the Railroad and Travelling trade. They will treat you
right, inwardly or outwardly.
ENNIS & FLYNN, Proprietors.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the ttest hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
JOHN DORSEY, Proprietor.
Lavally's Hotel
Located on the Railway Tote Road,
Three Miles from Cascade City....
This New Hotel is a Favorite with Railroaders and Miners.
Drop in and Sample our Stock of Wines and Liquors.
<^^~ELI LEVALLY, Prop.
The Cove Hotel,
Located at McRae's Landing on Christina Lake,
Eight Miles From Cascade.
Restaurant under Management of Mrs. St. John. Bar Well
Stocked and Good Accommodations for Travellers, Railway and Mining Men.
... GIVE US A CALL....
Summit House,
CUMMINGS & CO., Props.
Located about halfway i��tween Brooklyn  and Christina Lake, on the
Railway Construction Wagon Road.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Good Accommodations for Man or Beat4 Can
be Found at this Favorite Stopping Place. 6
1'uMlslied weekly at Cascade. City, B.0.. by
Wtllcox & 6'RetUy.
Subscriptions 12 per year in ailvniice.    Advertising rates on application.
SATURDAY, DEC. 24, 1898.
Where the system of co-operation
has been adopted, and given a fair
trial, it has proved a success. It
has even succeeded under unfavorable circumstances. Can there be
any more favorable conditions for
successful co-operation than those
which prevail in this country ?
Our miners and prospectors are
scattered over an unlimited area in
small, unorganized bands. Their
work is tedious and hard, their
privations great and nothing but
that infatuation which their mode
of life seems to instill���the hope of
striking it rich some day���could
induce them to persist.
The miner will work underground
for six months in the year to save
up enough to prospect in the hills
during the summer season. There
are some who are not fortunate
enough to secure work during the
winter months, and who, to defray
their living expenses during the
dull season, are obliged to part
with some of the best claims they
have located for a mere song. So
that the man who really endures
all the hardships of discovery is he
who fares the worst, in ninety cases
out of every hundred.
Is not mining a branch of business in which co-operation would
be advantageous ? Instead of scattering in all directions, would it
not be better for a few practical
men to get together, pick out the
most promising claim on their list,
and co-operate in working it for all
it is worth ? At present they often
sell their claims for a few dollars,
the property passes into the hands
of another, who accordingly turns
it over for four or five times the
price paid, and so on until finally
it comes into the possession of some
syndicate that reaps the profits
which should go into the pockets
of the original locator, and would
be his if he but conducted his
business on the co-operative plan.
Instead of selling undeveloped properties for a mere trifle he might,
on ihis plan, develop them and
rake in the big money. Such a
system would also be more beneficial to the country at large, as in
this way it would keep the profitB
in the country and tend to its
speedy development.
One developed property in a district does more to establish a reputation than a score of prospects,
however good they may be. It does
not require more capital than the
ordinary miner or prospector generally possesses to go into a scheme
of this sort. When men show their
faith in a property by devoting all
their energies to its development,
they naturally gain the confidence
of capital. Practical men will
know a good thing when they see
it, and if it be their own, they will
work it more energetically and
economically than if it were in the
hands of some corporation. Sufficient work can generally be done
by hand and a cheap plant installed to demonstrate the value of
a proprety before heavy and expensive machinery need be introduced.
Mining is essentially a business
adapted to the co-operative plan,
A dozen men or so, bound by ties
of self interest if nothing else, could
accomplish much in this way. The
plan is, at least, one worthy of consideration, and the Record believes
it can be made to serve a good purpose by many prospectors of limited
At this season of the year, thousands of persons, in every civilized
country on the globe celebrate the
natal day of the Savior of mankind. The celebration, however, is
accomplished in different ways and
from various motives. The great
majority endeavor to make it a
day of relaxation and change, and
to receive or be received by their
friends far and near.
In far eastern homes, or perhaps
across the deep, blue sea, it was
and is the custom to observe the
holiday by the gathering together
of as many of the original family
circle as possible, and enjoy the
felicities of a home-like reunion.
But in this newer western land,
where most of us are hardly acclimated, let alone settled, this
pleasure is for the time being denied.
However, if we cannot be in our
far away home, or have our loved
ones with us, we can at least make
some lonely or forlorn one happy
for the time being, by inviting him
to partake of our Christmas cheer.
True happiness consists in the endeavor to make others happy.
Could we all but realize that fact
in this workaday world, we and the
world itself would be the better for
it. Is there a more propitious time
to put it to the test than now ?
that, beyond all question, the most
advantageous point for a smelter in
the entire Boundary district, is
right here in Cascade City. The
Record believes in this connection,
that the time is not far distant,
when we can say pointedly, "Just
watch our smoke."
"Day by day the wholesale business of the Boundary country is
gradually centering in Grand Forks
the only town in the Boundary
district that has any chance to be
a distributing point and mining
center."���Grand Forks Miner.
If claiming everything in sight,
as well as a few little things beyond
the vision of the average man, settles a question of this kind, most
certainly Grand Fork* is the centre for nearly all that is good, bad
or indifferent in the Boundary
country. But it requires something more than mere claims to
convince. In the meantime, there
are a few other places hereabouts
that are content to keep right on
"sawing wood," confident in the
final outcome of future years.
Among these places may be mentioned Cascade City.
The Grand Forks Miner says
that it "has always claimed that
the only practical smelter point in
the Boundary country was in the
vicinity of Grand Forks, and from
present indications it begins to
look as if its claims would soon be
made good." Will the Miner be
good enough to quote the opinion
of Mr. H. T. Wilgress, right-of-way
agent of the C. P. R., and also that
of W. H. Aldridge, superintendent
of the Trail smelter, on this precise point? if it will do this in
good faith, it will state, what is already well known in smelter circles,
The suggestion made by Eber C.
Smith, of the Rossland Record,
that an association of British
Columbia publishers be formed, is
a good one, and should receive the
endorsement of the press of the
province. Simply because the editors of the Boundary Creek Times
and the Grand Forks Miner enjoy
a tilt at each other through their
columns, or because Mr. Smith of
the Rossland Record and Mr. Race
of the Rossland Miner do not agree
in all points, is no reason why they
and all other newspaper men in
the province should not get together
occasionally for their social and
material benefit.
Tomorrow the imperial penny
postage arrangement goes into
effect, the new stamps having already been distributed. It is now in
order for Mr. Mulock to exercise the
authority given him by the last
session of the dominion parliament
and introduce a two-cent rate
throughout the dominion. It would
simplify the entire system of paying postage, and doubtless increase
the revenues. In the last two years
the postal receipts in the United
States have nearly doubled under
the two-cent plan.
The Spokesman-Review has issued its Christmas number of 24
pages and it is a beauty. The
galaxy of babies of the Inland Empire, whose photographs to the number of 407 are printed therein, will
make it an issue to be preserved.
It was a pretty good stroke of business by the owner of that up-to-
date daily.
A week from next Thursday the
provincial parliament will start
in business at the old stand, in the
magnificent pile at Victoria. In
many ways it will undoubtedly be
a most interesting session, for it is
tacitly acknowledged that, as yet
there is not a working majority for
either party.
As is quite properly customary,
the Record consigns anonymous
communications to the waste basket. It Beems there are a few persons yet on the footstool that are
not aware of it. They will please
take notice.
Christmas in 1899 in Cascade
will undoubtedly witness one of
the most thriving towns in Yale
district right here. Just stick a
pin in here.
itt^itiUi��eitiWMitiie����MK��Mt*ii<>:t��at ��wew ��i����wt��t��t��t��twt����>t��*?������t��t��?��t��Me��**t
Has removed to its New Location on First Avenue,^
Opposite the Post-Office, and is ready for business.
Holiday Goods and Toys.
2 Come and Make Your Selection, while there is a Good Assortment.]
I Pure Drugs, Wall Paper, Station-
I ery, Paints, Oils, Etc.
j Prompt attention to Mail Orders.       JOSEPH SCHAICH, Mgr.
Contractor and ilk
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
The  Victoria  Colonist   recently
told its large circle of readers that
Chief Constable McMynn  was lo-'
cated at Cascade City.     Now that!
may seem to be a harmless bit of!
misinformation to send throughout;
the province, and  it will  prohahly
not cause Mr. McMynn to lose any
sleep  been lice  the   Victoria  paper
has   him    located, willy-nilly,   40
miles away from his home in   Midway.
But it quite aptly illustrates the
point made by the Record in Inst
week's issue, that our friends on
the coast have a decidedly vague
idea of the exact location of Cascade City and how to tench it. He
it known to all, therefore, that
Cascade is located about 20 miles
west of Rosslnnd and one and a
half miles from the international
boundary line. It is 13 miles from
Grand Forks, 82 miles from Greenwood and 40 miles from Midway.
The nearest railwsy point at present is Bossburg, Wash., 26 miles
Most important of all, however,
U the fact that, for all time to
come, in reaching the Boundary
country from ihe Kootenays or the
States, the route i>v Cascade is the
only available or feasible one. This
is shown by the fact that the
U.P.R. i�� now luiildinjj in here, and
the Corliin surveys nil run through
the townsite and the Ketlle river
In a short time the Record will
publish a large map, showing the
exact location of this place, and
const merchants and business men
generally can most profitably make
a study of it. They can secure a
large share of trade of this section
now going across the line if they
will get after it in a business-like
"Colville and Cascade talk of
building opera In uses. What they
really menu are halls where 'Ten
Nights in a Bar-room ' can be produced with thrilling effect."
The above paragraph, taken from
the Republic Pioneer, is about as
near as a number of weeklies hereabouts come to facts. The truth le
that there is no talk whatever of
putting up nn opera house in this
city ns yet, although in the course
of time there is little doubt that
Cascade will be well supplied in
the way of a public ball. The
nearest the city can come to it at
present is the agitation just begun
for the construction of a neat
church building, which will doubtless be carried through successfully.
The " thrilling effect " so thoughtfully referred to by the Pioneer,
exists only in the lively imagination of ih�� editor of that paper
Possibly, however, the editor was
away, and the devil was getting in
bis fine work
Speaking of misinformation, the
following is quoted verbatim from
the Republic Pioneer:
"Thecontractors on Ihoroiid building into the
Boundary country have one big staff tluil yields
them u tiood revenue each month, and that is the
hospital tax," remarked a man who has just returned from across the line, and who had it suli-
coutriict. "It is just this way," lie continued,
"there are ��ome six thousand men employed
nlouii the route and each one is taxed ft a month
hospital dues. Now. there are two or three
shack buildliips that are called hospitals, for
form's sake. Tliey cost perhaps $1500 each,
'these affairs will not hold a third of the men
who are injured or takeu sick. Often men apply
for admission ami are refused, with the remark,
'hospital orowdod, no room;' or, 'you arc not
sick unough to be in the hospital.' But they collect the poor fellow's fee, just the same. '1 be cost
of maiiitainlui; these hospitals ami the amount
collected leaves a sniif; sum over, that goes into
some lonu pockets."
Simply because some one else is
fortunate it is customary with some
individuals to show their envy and
jealously by groundless criticism.
The above in regard to the two
hospitals maintained by Mann,
Foley Bros. & Larson, one at Brooklyn and the other at Cascade, is
without any foundation in fact.
The hospitals are well built, and
for the use intended are well
equipped. The Record man has
visited both and is acquainted with
both Dr. lowing and Dr. Foster,
who are in charge, and more competent men for the work would not
be easy to find. As to care, the
best has been and is being given,
as hundreds can and do testify.
The monthly charge is necessary to
meet expenses, and is never begrudged l>y any reasonable man- -
especially if be has n seige in the
hospital. It may be a "graft,"
but if so, it is one the benefits of
which tire appreciated by the hundreds who have occasion to utilize
Grand   Central   Hotel
Mcdonald & flood, props.
Lizetle���" Is it a noice place ye
have, Marie?" Marie ��� "Noice
enough, but it's beyant me under-
stnndin' phy they do make me do
such quare things," Lizette���
"Qunre. Marie?" Mnrie���"Yis,
sure; ivery mornin' the missus tills
me to swape the doost from the
flure, an' phin I'm done, she gives
mo a rag an' makes me shoo the
doost back to the Hure agiu."
This is where we
We make a specialty of the
finest kinds of Teas���teas that
will remind you of the old
folks, back on the old farm.
We have sold Teas for years
���made a study of them, in
fact���and we've never had a
better stock than you'll find
here now.
If you want Teas just like
the Emperor of China drinks,
come and sample our choice
and fragrant blends. We are
sure we can please you.
We can supply you with the
choicest Coffees ever grown.
It is usually difficult to get
good Coffee, but you can get
just that kind here. A trial
will convince.
While Tea is Our specialty,
do not forget that we have
everything in the Grocery
line, and at right prices.
G. T. n,
Fikst Ave.,Cascade City, B.C.
Liquid Refreshments of All Kinds
and in the Choicest Qualities. . . .
First Class Sample Rooms in Connection.
This House is the Favorite Resort for Railway Men.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Imported and_^
^_ Domestic Cigars|
neat rierchants,
Branches at Cascade City Grand Forks, Niagara, Greenwood
and Brooklyn.
f ��iquors, ^)incs anb (jSars-1
WW       A specialty made of Imported Goods.  Glassware and bar
tfL Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Rabat's Milwaukee Beer.
The E. G. Thomson & Co., Sawmill
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath,
Shingles, Mouldings, Etc.
Dry Wood
Large Stock on hand and
Prompt Delivery. Leave
orders at Francis & Milne's
store.   E.M.DANA. 8
Deal Is Almost Closed at $30,000���
By an English Syndicate
The promising townsite of Gladstone, owned by Messrs, Cameron,
Good, Forrest and Dixon, has been
attracting considerable attention
for the last few months, owing to
its close proximity to the rich free
gold ledges of the Burnt Basin. As
a consequence of this prominence,
an English syndicate, which has a
representative in Rossland, has
been looking into the matter and
recently began negotiations for the
purchase of nearly the entire town.
William Forrest, J. P., of Gladstone, has made several visits to
Rossland with this in view, the
last one being this week. Mr. Forrest reports that an agreement has
now been reached, and that the
property will shortly change hands,
the price being $30,000. Of this
amount $1,000 is to be cash, and
the balance is to be paid over by
July of next year, or within six
months. As soon as the title from
the government can be perfected by
the vendors, probably by February
1st, unless something happens to
prevent, the deal will be made.
The C. P. R. are owners of one-
quarter of the townsite, and in the
pending sale the townsite people
will reserve one lot in every block.
The town now has four hotels,
three stores and a number of other
concerns, and the recent strike on
the John Bull property, reported
elsewhere in this issue of the Record, will serve to bring it into even
greater prominence.
The Merchants Bank of Halifax
-   --INCORPORATE!) 18G!). - - -	
Paid-up Capital, $1,500,000.    Rest, $1,175,000. Head Office, Halifax. N. S.
T. E Kenny, President. D. H. Duncan, Cashier.
A branch of this Bank Has Been Opened at GRAND PORKS, B. 0.
A General Banking Business Transacted. Accounts Received on the Most Favorable Terms. Interest Allowed on
Special Deposits. The Savings Bank Department Receives Sums of $1.00 ani Upvards and Allows Interest at
Current Rates.
ALEX. MILLER, Manager.
Pretty Expensive Water.
Last Wednesday evening the
hotel keepers of Cascade got together and organized the Cascade
Hotel Keepers' Protective Association, with C. J. Eckstorrn as president and Oscar Stenstrom as secretary.
The particular cause of the coming together of our bonifaces was
the exhorbitant water rates being
charged at present hy the local
water peddler. The matter was
freely discussed, and Mr. Stenstrom
said his water bill for two weeks
was $23. Others gave testimony
as to the high rates charged.
It seems that immediately upon
the announcement by the Record a
short time ago that the power company would begin putting in water
and lights throughout the city at
once, Mr. Philbrick, the water man,
raised the price from 25 to 35 cents
per barrel. He evidently proposed
to make hay while the sun shone.
Since the Wednesday evening
meeting, and the posting of notices
by the association, calling for tender- for supplying the hotels with
water and ice, signed by Mr. Eckstorrn as president, the latter gentleman has been informed by Mr
Philbrick that hereafter he must
pay 50 cents per barrel for his
Kettle River fluid. As the water
itself costs nothing and is hauled
less than a quarter of a mile, Mr.
Philbrick will be able to have butter on both sides of his bread ���
until the hotel men put on a wagon
of their own. or the new city plant
is in running order.
The hotel men meet again next
Wednesday evening, when the bids
referred to will be considered, and
also other matters of importance.
The chances are that the lead pipe
cinch now held by Mr. Philbrick
on the supplying of water, will be
broken in a decidedly short time.
To  be Held This  Evening at the
School House.
Owing to the energetic work of
the special committee, appointed to
take the matter in hand, the children and elder folk of Cascade will
have the pleasure of enjoying a
Christmas entertainment at the
school house at 8 o'clock this evening. The committee consists of
Miss Darrow, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs.
McDonald and Messrs. Matheson
and McRae, assisted of course by
Rev. Joseph McCoy, the new pastor
of the church.
All the week the committee have
heen busy getting ready, and nearly
every business man approached to
contribute for the children's benefit,
has gladly responded. Several have
heen generous indeed. Santa Clnus
will be on hand in person to distribute the presents to the children.
Older folks, also, will be remembered in the confectionery line.
The programme is as follows :
1   Hymn "Adeate Fldell "
2.   Prayer  Rev. Jo*. MoOoy
$.   oddress Chairman
Duet Miss Haegerman
Recitation Rob Thomson
Recitation Jennie McKae
Recitation Ralph * olverton
Song Bella Lynch
Recitatiou Andy Thomson
Autoharp Solo  Granville Morgan
Recitution MIsb Minnie Haegerman
Recitation K. McKae
Song and chorus-"Santa C'laus is Coming,"
by the company.
Distribution of presents by Santa Claus,
SEYLER & CRAHAN,  Proprietors.
This new hotel is now  fitted throughout with first-class
furniture, etc.
First Avenue, Opposite Postoffice, Cascade.
Minton General Store
T. E. Mahaffy opened up his
general stock of merchandise this
week, opposite the post office. He
carries about everything to be
found in a general merchandise
J. S. Ingram & Co. will sell you
good hay at $35 per ton and oats
at $50.
The B. C. Mircantile and Mining Syndicate, Ltd., has opened a Branch
Store, on the Wagon Road, under the management of Mr. W. H. Disbrowe.
��� FULL  LINES  OF ���
Will be Stocked at Lowest Possible Prices.
Please call for quotations ,
COX & JONES, Props.
Headquarters for Commercial, Mining and Railroad Men.
Newly Furnished and Enlarged.   European Plan.
First Class Bar in Connection.
GRAND FORKS,       -      -       BRITISH COLUMBIA.
lYehicles of 111
Correspondence Solicited._^> ^^S^^Sctl littler WagOIlS. /
| THE XflAS STAGE,   ��
The weather was bitterly cold.
Not such cold as the East laments
when the thermometer sinks to
zero, when the cable cars arechilly,
and the furnace-heated houses not
quite ��*o overwarm as is their wont.
But such cold as the Northwest encounters on the prairie, when the
thermometer has frozen at forty degrees below zero, and men cease to
reckon the increased iciness of the
The Bismarck stage, during the
winter season that long-ago year,
made but one weekly journey to
Zenith City, and was due at it* destination on Christmas Eve. Connor, the driver, possessed a reverence for certain ancient customs
unsuspected by hisclosest intimates.
Among the dugouts of the yearling
town, and the infant Fort Fletcher,
its neighbor, he knew that his arrival was anticipated with the sick
longing that exiles feel for tokens
from the distant homes. And he
intended to arrive promptly for the
sake of a package tucked into his
safest pocket. A package on which
and old lady down in Vermont had
written shakily:
"To be opened on Christmas
But to the ranchman, his host of
the previous night, who prophesied
a blizzard, he utters this intention :
"There will be no blizzard unless the wind changes," he said decisively. " We've got no passengers to kick about freezing their
noses. Me and Morris, the express
messenger, have contracted to deliver our goods to-night, and if we
don't do it you may look for us in
a drifc somewhere between here and
the town when the job takes your
They set forth, and bad a journey
of six hours before them, without
change of horses.
An hour later Morris produced a
flask, which his companion briskly
snatched from his grasp.
"Not if I know it," hesaid grimly.
"I am neafly frozen 1"
"You will be past thawing when
we get to the town if I let you
swallow this stuff now, lad I" Connor added. "I don't propose to
tlrive into the Zenith City sitting
beside a corpse���it would kind of
spoil my Christmas dinner," Connor
asserted, and Morris was silent.���
A silence which the other ended by
shaking him roughly.
"Wake up!" he exclaimed. "You
are forgetting my last remark."
There was only an indistinct
Connor drew in his horses.
"Git down, you young fool!" he
roared. "You are hound to have
that tramp anyhow."
Then as Morris scrambled to his
feet half asleep he ordered him
again to decend.
"Run a hundred yards or so, as
if you was sprinting." he commanded.
Stumblingly Morris obeyed at
first, hut as the stagnant blood
stirred in his veins with the enforced motion his pace increased.
A quarter of a mile further on he
overtook the stake at racing speed.
"That is better," Conner ��aid
cheerily, as Morris prepared to
climb hack to his place. "No, you
don't come up here. Just take
these robes of yours, and crawl inside among them mail hags.
The ponderous vehicle scraped
and creaked to the top of a slight
ascent, which dipped into a "coolie"
whose further side rose higher and
steeper. Down the first declivity
the horses rushed, and midway
Connor set his teeth with a mighty
oath. There in the narrow bottom
of the "coolie" on either side of a
space worn between snowdrifts and
called the road, stood two tall
figures holding leveled pistols. The
stage was trapped, and Connor
pulled up his horses promptly.
"You chose your day lucki r
than seemed probable from the
weather." he said, keenly gazing at
his much-muffled assailants "I'm
rather prejudiced against killing a
fellow creature on Christmas Eve,
if I can any ways avoid it."
"You planned the killing to be
on your side, eh ?"
Connor continued slowly:
"Well, I'm a dead shot at longer
range than most chaps, and, though
you have the drop on me, you
couldn't hit me when I first saw
you, Jim Gwynne."
"I'm not���" broke forth a hoarse,
and asstonished voice.
"Oh, yes, you are���little hoys
shouldn't tell fibs," Connor asserted. "But you don't want to shoot
me no more than I hanker to put a
hole through you���or the job would
be done by now."
"That's so!" came in chorus from
either side of the road.
"But we mean business," one
added, and the other exclaimed:
"Starving men don't count costs,
and we intend to have your load!"
"There are two ways of looking
���Ht this matter. Hear mine," Connor began authoritatively. " And
speak lower when you answer, for
my express messenger is asleep inside, and he might take things less
peaceable than I, if he awakes."
"You're a queer lot I" the taller
fellow said.
"I've heard the name before, Connor agreed. "Being queer, boys,
you will not be so surprised if l
ask you to listen to a Christmas
sermon ?"
"Quit fooling."
"It's too d d cold for joking."
"You will hear my sermon, or
I'll chance a shot from each of you
while I get my gun into play,"
Connor declared with curious convincingness.
"Silence gives consent,eh? Well,
I ain't a long winded preacher, and
I'll skip the text,
"Three or four miles away there
are two camps full of hard-worked,
ill-fed, half-frozen men. In one
camp they are mostly roughs, like
you and me, or worse. In the
other they are soldiers who live
clean because they must, and a pack
of officers who grin and hear it, I
guess for the same reason. There
ain't much resemblance between
the disorder in Zenith City and the
order at Fort Fletcher, but they
are alike in cold and hunger. Yes
sir, and in one thing more! They
both remember a lesson they learned when they were kids, that hundreds of years ago the world got a
Christmas gift it ain't never forgot-
ten,though it makes a big pretense of
forgetting ! And for the sake of
that gift, they, poor souls, expect
to get to-morrow, this feller one
kind of present, and that feller another, from some woman who loves
him far off beyond these prairies.
Those presents I have here in this
stage���and nothing else ! There is
money in many of them, I've seen
the messenger's receipt book. There
is a diamond ring and a couple of
diamond pins for the lieutenants,
and if I live half an hour they will
get them presents. Boys, you are
at your wits' ends, I know, but you
were honest men until no work and
gambling sent you to the devil���I
guess you ain't goin' to interfere
with them other chaps' Christmas,
The leveled pistols sank simultaneously.
"Connor!" Jim Gwvnne said,
and hid voice sounded youthful and
piteous. " This is our last chance.
We haven't eaten a square meal in
a week. These fur coats we stand
up in are pledged for day after to
morrow.    Let us have only ���"
" Not a penny ! But see here"���
Connor leaned forward eagerly���
"you follow me to town, and I'll
treat to the best supper Zenith City
can spread. I'll swear you shall
not starve on Christmas day���and
I'll drive you back to Bismarck next
trip, where, if our company don't
offer you well-paid work, you can
shoot me for a a d liar!"
He held out a huge fur-gloved
hand on either side. "Shake on
that!" he cried cheerfully.
Half an hour later the rabble
gathered in unusual numbers ai
Zenith City, to witness the unloading of the stage which had brought
the Christmas mails. Morris, the
messenger, sleepily emerged from
within its huge bulk, when Connor
called him.
" I had a sort of nightmare
awhile ago," he exclaimed, with a
laugh, as Connor beat himself
about the chest to restore circulation. " I thought the stage stopped
and that you were talking of shooting ! But I knew it was a dream,
so I went to sleep again."
"Best you could have done,"
Connor agreed. " Here, Jim
Gwynne." he added to a tall fellow
who lounged near, " lend a hand
will you ? There comes the general's orderly from Fletcher for
them Christmas gifts."���Waverly
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Bakery and
Branch Grocery
Prompt and Courteous Treatment
FOR ....
Paper Hanging
and Kalcimining
. . . GO TO . . .
Miners, Railroad Men and others will find it to their interest
to call on
: : :: When in Need of: : : :
Boots, Shoes, Rubbers and
Clothing of All Kinds...
Scandia Hotel
Best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
A comfortable, home-like place for
Railroad Men.
First Avenue,
Conducted on the European Plan.   Bar is stocked with the best of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
W. A. Sutherland, a mining man
of Republic, was in town last Monday,
In another week new resolutions
with which to start the new year,
will lie in order.
Last Wednesday was the shortest day in the year, but matters in
a business way moved along j��st
the same.
Ex-Mayor Manly has decided to
run for bis former position as chief
���executive ��( the city of Grand
Ten hotel licences were granted
by city license commissioners of
Grand Forks at their sitting last
It is said that Johnston Taylor
and the Currie Bros, have struck it
rich in the Red Lion tunnel, at
Rock Cut.
The Grand Forks Townsite people
are doing some extensive advertising of that pl��ce in various
prominent papers.
A bicycle drummer has been going
through Southern Yale, but it is
hardly necessary to add that he
did not travel on the rubber steed.
G. W. Williams, manager of the
Kettle River Stage line, who has
been on a trip over his line, as far
as Republic, was in the city on
Last Sunday Rev. Joseph McCoy
preached in the schoolhouse both
morning and evening, and Rev.
G. K. Brads-haw occupied the
pulpit in the afternoon.
John Dorsey, proprietor of the
Hotel Gladstone, at the town of
the same name, has been spending
a week in Republic, where he disposed of a mineral claim.
The B. C. Syndicate has bought
the Wm. Hunter clothing stock
from Brooklyn. Jake Kirkpatrick,
manager of the latter store, was in
the city early in the week, making
the deal.
After a brief period of existence
the Cascade Maple Leaf threw up
the sponge and leaves the news'
paper field at Cascade to be filled
by the Record, which it does to
queen's taste.���Bossburg Journal.
H. Alters Hankey, secretary of
the Dominion Mining & Development Agency, Ltd., who spent Sunday in Cascade, returned on Monday to Nelson. Mr. Hawkey's
company is developing Cascade's
magnificent water power.
Sleighing between Republic and
Grand Forks is good, but from the
latter place to Bossburg it is poor,
and the stage drivers and freighters
are between the devil and the deep,
blue sea, as it were, as to whether
wheels or runners are the test to
A few days ago while working in
the long tunnel on the Jennie May
mineral claim, in Seattle camp, a
miner by the name of Thomas was
seriously injured by a premature
explosion caused by using a short
fuse. Thomas' skull was fractured
and he was cut more or less about
the head.
Williams' stage last Monday carried 14 passengers, mostly to Re-
fiuhlic. The Bossburg Journal
ast week stated that Mr. Williams
is contemplating having his
stages arrive in Bossburg at 10 in
the evening instead of coming in
the morning. If this change is
made this line is not likely to
carry many passengers from the
Kettle river country.
A "Tenderfoot" Thus Relates His
Experience In the Nelson Miner:
A few days ago I heard   some
mining men speaking of " rawhid-
ing" something.    I was not quite
sure that some one about the town
had not Iteen beaten to death      I
had read some time ago of solve
trouble in the schools where a hoy
had complained of being severely
whipped, and I thought perhaps
another boy had gone wrong and
had been justly attended to by the
school master.   Somehow or other,
" rawhiding" took me back  to my
"boyhood days, when I was supposed to go to school five days of
the week- -six, including Sunday
school���and only put in an appearance about twice a week.    " Raw-
hiding " was all the rage with my
schoolmaster then, and he was the
most    enthusiastic    " rawhider"
since the demise if the man who
invented the instrument of torture
referred to.    My immediate paternal ancestor was something of a
" rawhider" too, and he and the
school master kept me tattoed in
the choicest blend of dark blue-
black and yellowish green colors.
It is not strange, therefore,   that
the conversation I had overheard
tilled me with feelings of sympathy
towards the unfortunate being to
whom referenc   was made.    Perhaps, too, there was a story in it.
In any event I made bold to inquire of one of the gentlemen I had
overheard if there had been any
trouble in town.
" I believe I heard you say something about some one being ' raw-
hided,' I beg your pardon for intruding, but would you mind telling me something of the particulars
names, etc."
The wotds were hardly spoken
before I knew I had again made
a beautiful display of my ignorance. He looked at me with
a look akin to pity and then called
me away from the group and explained, and now I know what
" rawhiding " is. The knowledge is
costly but we must have it.
Own Valuable Properties.
The Dominion Mining and Development agency has sent a
force of men to work on the Cromwell and Champion group near
Pit Lake, an extension of their
bond on the property having been
obtained. The Queen Bess, near
Three Forks, operated by the same
company, is shipping ore regularly
at the rate of about 300 tons a
month. The ore has to be rawhided
down to Three Forks.
The Dominion Mining and Development agency is also about to
erect a large power and light works
at Cascade City, where there is
20,000 horse power available. Preliminary work has been going on
for some time, but the construction
of the dam has now been begun.
Mr. W. Anderson, who superintended the erection of the works of
the WeBt Kootenay Light and
Power Company, is in charge.���
Nelson Miner.
C. H. Thomas, Prop.
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of the
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avenue,
Cascade City. British Columbia.
A large stock of Rough
and Dressed Lumber.
Laths, Shingles, Houldings, Etc
Corner First Ave. and Main St., Cascade City, B. C.
This New Hotel is now opened and prepared for business.
You are cordially invited to call and see us. It matters
not whether your pockets are full or empty; drop in anyway.
Of course, we have everything needful in the liquid line.
<^~C. DEVON, Prop.
The most cheerful news that we
have had for several years past is
the fact that copper has reached
the 13-cent point. Not since 1891
has the price been at its present
high level, and never in the history
of copper mining has the production and the consumption reached
the enormous proportions now
showing.���Western Mining World.
G. W. WILLIAMS, Manager.
Daily from Bossburg and Marcus to Cascade, Grand Forks,
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway, and All Points on Colville Reservation.
Stage leaves Marcus on arrival of Northbound Train.   Passengers
from Kootenay points make connections at Bosshurg going and coming.
K2K2K2K2K2K2K5 K2K2K2K2K3K3
Cascabe #oot anb $\\oe $h��V
A large stock of Boots, Shoes and
Bubbers, Always on Hand	
Repairing of all kinds neatly and Promptly Executed.
H. BIGNEY, Proprietor.
-���^Wholesale and Retail"^v
Manilla and Sisal Rope, Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Glass and Varnish.
Just now we are making Special Prices for
Builders and Contractors. If interested,
write for quotations.    ^��>
BAKER STREET,     -     -      MBLSON, B. C. *t
Fuller Claim Bonded.
Al Weissel came down from Ker-
emeo8 on Wednesday, says the
Loom is (Wash.) Prospector, and
from him we learned of the recent
bonding of the Fuller mining claim
at Twenty Mile Creek, in B. C.
This creek is a tributary of the
Similkameen river, and is about 20
miles above Keremeos creek. Mr.
Weissel says that the claim bonded
is a high grade copper proposition,
carrying some gold, with a 12-foot
ledge, producing shipping ore from
the grass roots. The bond was
negotiated by a man by the name
of Rogers from the Slocan country,
and work upon the property, under
the bond, will commence next
Tuesday, when Mr. Rogers will
have returned from Rossland where
he has gone to arrange necessary
details. Upon his return next
Tuesday, a force of ten men will be
put to work, building the necessary
shelter for winter quarters for the
miners, and to thoroughly develop
the property. While Mr. Weissler
did not know the exact amount of
the bond, he said it was for a large
sum. The deal is creating consid-
able excitement in that part of the
country, as it is believed that it
will be the beginning of the development of a large area of good copper propositions in that vicinity.
All the country from Keremeos up
the Similkameen river is rich in
copper, and the future of the whole
Keremeos district looks particularly
bright, and, though not extensively
developed, bids fair to rival in the
future, the product of the great
Anaconda copper mines.
employees were engaged in running
a 42-foot open cut through the
above named properties no less
than four ledges were crosscut
which aggregated in width over
12 feet. The ore exposed to view
is a fine grained copper ore similar
to the various ores on Seattle mountain found at great depth. The
Bell of Ottawa and Mountain Monarch lie close to the Seattle mine.
They are owned by the O'Connor
Bros., who also own a controlling
interest in the well known Humming Bird property.
Le Roi Stock Went Begging.
"Five years ago Le Roi stock went
a begging in Spokane at 2�� cents a
share," said a man dressed in workman's cIothes,lastevening,toa Rossland Record man. "You see," he
continued, "I was working in Spokane, ar.d had a little money. All
the Le Roi people were on the hog
train. They were running after
people to buy the stock for 2| cents
a share. Everybody thought the
Le Roi was a "wild cat" in the
wilds of British Columbia. I was
offered 1000 shares for $50. It
wasn't much, and I bought it and
have it yet. I advised a friend of
mine who had some money to buy
1500 shares at the same price, and
I got a telegram from him today
saying that his stock staid with
mine. Our stock has never been in
any (tool, and I do not think the
B. A. C. people know who has it."
When asked if he did not want
to sell, he answered, "Oh, it didn't
cost much, and I guess we will hold
it a while longer. I understand
that under the laws of Washington,
a company cannot disincorporate
without the consent of all theshare-
holders. If this is so the B. A. C.
people cannot go on with their incorporation of the new LeRoi company, and cannot deliver the goods
to their new subscribers without
our stock, so we will hold on a
while to see what happens."
This man has been working in
Rossland for the past three years.
This is an interesting story, and is
probably only the first chapter
of it.	
Developed by Graders.
It is reported that four ledges of
high grade ore have recently been
cut through on the Bell of Ottawa
and Mountain Monarch claims in
Seattle camp some ten miles from
Grand Forks.   While the railway
Look For the floral.
Country publishers receive subscriptions now and then from city
firms who have no interest in the
local news of the paper. This paragraph in the New York Times
may explain the reason for these
foreign subscriptions:
" A wholesale grocer in this city,
who has become rich at the business, says that his rule is that when
he sells a bill of goods on credit to
immediately subscribe for the local
paper of his debtor. So long as
his customer advertised liberally
he rested, but as soon as he began
to contract his advertising space he
took the fact as evidence that there
was trouble ahead, and invariably
went for the debtor. Said he, ' The
man who is too poor to make his
business known is too poor to do
business. The withdrawal of an
advertisement is evidence of weakness that the business men are not
slow to act upon. There's nothing
like it.' "
The Scots Didn't Need It.
Nothing galls the natural pride
of the true-blue Scotchman more
than to have Scotland overlooked.
A striking instance of this feting
is said to have occurred at the battle of Trafalgar. Two Scotchmen,
mess mates and bosom cronies,
happened to be stationed near each
other when the celebrated signal
was given from Admiral Nelson's
ship: "England expects every man
to do his duty." "Not a word
about poor Scotland," dolefully remarked Donald. His friend cocked his eye, and, turning to his companion, said: "Man, Donald, Scotland kens weel eneuch that naeson
o'here needs to he tell't to dae his
duty. That's just a hint to the
Englishers."- -Chicago News.
A good story is told on a Rossland mining man who was about
to leave town for the Burnt Basin.
It seems that a friend, of the feminine persuasion, had heard about
Mike Shick's famous free gold discoveries and thus she warned the
mining man: "Now look heah
honey, if you go over to Burnt
Basin, just keep away from that
e'er Mike Shick's claim, or you'll
get all covered with yaller."
Hutchins &
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,,
and prompt delivery guaran-j
teed. j
Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
The Coming Commercial and Industrial
Center of
A Magnificent Water Power
of 20,000 Horse Power
Now under actual development. The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT.
A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. Only one mile from Christina Lake, a beautiful body
of water, 18 miles in length, and destinetf to become the
The town is beautifully located, surrounded by rich
scenery, with liberal sized lots (50x120), wide streets, and
offers a most promising opportunity for business locations
and Realty Investments.
For further information, price of lots, etc., address
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.
Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Commissioner
C. P. R., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* ~ 4* ~ 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 12
THE   CASCADE   liECOttl),   DECEMBER   24.   UVM\
Liquors, �� Cigars, �� Dry �� Goods,
Hackinaws, Rubbers,
Catalogues sent on application.  Kootenay Branch:   NELSON.
Neat, Clean, Attractive Work turned out at Fair
Prices.   Send or bring your orders to the Record.
First Glass Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Close Connections with the Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Rapid Stage Line
And all Points in the Boundary Country.  Stage leaves Bossburg Daily at 12 o'clock Noon.   Private Convey-
h (   ances, with or without drivers, furnished
to and from any point.
Hay, Grain, Farm Produce
.���First Avenue, Adjoining the Montana Hotel,   -   CASCADE, B.C.
New LeRui mining stock in London is now at a premium of 18 per
Rossland's ore shipments thus
far this year amount to 123,000
The Silvertonian is agitating the
holding of a provincial mining convention in the near future.
Both the B. A. C. and the London & B. C. Gold Fields are after
the big Enterprise mine on Slocan
Sixty men are now on the pay
roll of the Cariboo, in Camp Mc-
Kimiey, and work is in full swing.
Three shifts are employed in the
main shaft,
Crow's Nest Coal shares advanced $3 to $19 during last month.
None, however, are being offered at
that figure, share holders asking
$21 and $22.
The Windermere district, between
Golden and Ft. Steele, is rapidly
coming to the front as a high grade
locality, and is now called the new
Slocan on that account.
The Spokane shareholders of the
Republic Gold Mining company
last week received checks for the
third dividend. The distribution
was $30,000, This makes $90,000
paid in 90 days.
White's camp is rapidly coming
into prominence because of the
good work being clone at the City
of Paris. The tunnel on this property is in about 500 feet. The ore
gives high values in gold and copper. Mr. White, the superintendent of the City of Paris, expects to
have the compressor plant running
The rumor that the B. A. C.
would move their newly acquired
smelter plant from Northport to
Sayward, so as to have all their
possessions under the British flag,
is without foundation, according to
Mr. E. Durant. the corporation's
office manager. The law of the
state of Washington that no alien
company can hold the property
will be got around by forming a
subsidiary company under the state
FOR SALE 8t��rVe!
  one week.
If you want this medium sized
Al heater, come and get it quickly
Hot and Cold Baths can
be had at any time	
Cascade City
i?    Brooklyn
New Rigs, Good Teams, Experienced Drivers.
This line will make regular
trips between the two places,
carrying passengers and baggage in quick time.


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