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/L/i i
���'  ';
Published in the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. I.
CASCADE, B. C, MAY 13, 1899.
No. 27.
Preparation! for the Celebration are Now In
Excellent Shape.
During the-last week  (he plans
for the successful  carrying out of
the details fur I he Queen's hirthdav
celebration, to he held in Cascade,
a week from next Wednesday-have
beeri -crystallizing   rapidly.      In
addition to the treasurer,  W.  A.
Milne, getting ill a  large  part of!
the   subscriptions,    there   was   a
general meeting of the  meniliers of
iiialiy-of the committees   held on |
Wednesday evening.to consult with '
the finance committee in   regard to
pushing preparations for the celebration.
At this meeting the list of events
to he held was outlined, a synopsis
of which will he found on page four
of this issue of the Record, with
the prizes which it was decided to
award to each event. A detailed
prograiv will he published a day
or two before the celebration takes'
From the indications there will
he some good horse racing, as
Republic and Rossland have heen
heard from in this matter, and'it
is said that Grand Forks has some
speedy horseflesh. The prizes of
$150 on this event should bring a
string of fast animals.
A letter was received from Bossburg, saying that the base ball nine
of that town was figuring on coming. It is hoped that a match can
be arranged with the nine from the
Forks. If not, the local hall tossers
will put up a strong fight for the
prize. There is said to he some
crack players in Cascade. While
the wet weather this week has, to
a certain extent, prevented much
practice, the work of getting the
diamond in shape has been going
on steadily. ��� The grounds are
located near the house of Rev. J.
McCoy, back of the first rise.
The proposal was. made that the
hotel men of Cascade challenge the
hotel keepers of Grand Forks to a
tug of war, with probably eight
men to a side. Cascade has some
husky landlords, and if those from
the Forks are more so, they will be
good ones indeed.
In the rock-drilling contest, it is
required that at least a 20-inch
hole be made in the 15 minutes
allotted. As there are many rock
men in these parts, this will he an
interesting event.
The Indian horse race, poriy
race, bicycle race, freighters race,
prospectors race and fat men's
race will doubtless hive their, enthusiasts, while the miscellaneous
sports and Caledonian games are
not forgotten.
The races will take place on
First avenue, which will he cleared
for the occasion. Those intending
to enter for the events should send
word to the secretary without
The Bossburg Cornet Band will
play for all games and events, and
will be present all day. It is expected that many will avail themselves of the opportunity also to
enjoy a steamboat ride on Christina lake.
In the Milling Field
The Burnt Basin still continues
to lie, to a large extent, the centre
of mining operations in this vicinity, and each week sees some move
of importance in respect to some
of the free gold prospects in that
favored region. Within a few
days the representatives of two of
the most influential corporations
operating in British Columbia,
have been into the Burnt Basin
examining some well known properties, chief of ; which was the
Mother Lode. This group, which
is now being opened up by a force
of men under Mike Shick, was
visited by Major R. J. Edwards
Leokie, on behalf of the New Gold
Fields of British Columbia! Sir
Charles Tu'jper's company ; and
also by Frank Oliver for the. British
America Corporation.
While neither of these well known
experts cared to express themselves
for publication, it was evident to
their intimate friends that they
were mere than pleased with the
result, of their investigations; It
is believed that some important
announcement will be made before
long in this connection.
of this city, visited the Burnt
Basin and set a force of men at
work on the Monitor, a claim in
which he is interested. He thinks
he has a good thing, and proposes
til find out just what there is in the
Oreat Chamberlain Strike.
Frank Hutchison has been working on the Chamberlain group on
McRae creek for some little time,
always confident that he had a
good thing. This belief was confirmed this week when he received
a $229 assay from a sample of rock
he had brought from the hottom of
the shaft. T. F. Carden, the Cascade assayer, gave .11 oz. of gold
and 15 oz, silver as returns, and;
he is known as a conservative,
careful assayer.      -
Mr. Hutchinson, who is sole1
owner of the group,.informs the
Record that he haw a! good sized
ledge, with well defined walls. The
group is located about three miles
from English Point, on McRae
creek, and was located last year hy
Hutchinson and Reid. Appearances would indicate that there is
the making of a mine in the Chamberlain, and Mr. Hutchinson will
exploit it further.
The force of men that has been
at work on the Ennismore, in the
Basin, has been set at work on the
Mystery group, another promising
set of claims.';
Thos. G. Elgie, who is working
the. Pleasures of Hope claim, in the
Burnt Basin,spent several days in
the city this week. He has a
most favorable opinion of the
In many places there is si ill considerable show in the Burnt Basin,
and as yet development cannot be
carried on to the best advantage.
But it is now going rapidly, and.
the creeks are rising in consequence.
Last Tuesday Chas. H. Thomas
Made Chief License Inspector for Rouland
Last Tuesday Constable D. J.
Darraugh, of Cascade, received
official notice from, the government
that he had been appointed chief
license inspector for the whole of
Rossland riding outside of incorporated.towns. The other members of the board are T. W. Coleman, of Trail, and E .Jnckohs, .of
Midway, thi.se two towns being on
the extreme eastern and western
limits of the riding.
The last legislature passed a new
act regulating the granting of
liquor licenses, a synopsis of which
was printed in last week's issue of
the Record. These appointment
were made under the provisions of
that law. The.new act is quite
strict in its requirements, but of
course, as usual, much is left to the
discretion of the hoard of license
commissioners The act requires
that applicants for a license shall
send the same, with a. fee of $10 to
Victoria before the 15th of May or
the 15th of November, receipt of
which will be acknowledged. When
the.'applications are passed oh,
they are sent to the licensing board
which meet* at a time and place
arranged by the chief inspector.
Cascade, beiig the most central
place in the riding, will doubtless
he selected as the point for meeting, to'take place some time in
June; *'���   /
The names of all applicants'for
licenses are required to be adver
tised by the chief inspector in a
local   paper, at   least two   weeks
before they take effect.
During the week Mr. Darraugh
has been busily engaged in making
out the applications for many of
the 20 hotel proprietors who have
houses in Cascade, Gladstone and
other nearby points. Outlying
hotels hereafter must pay a license
of $100 annually instead of $60 as
formerly. In towns the license fee
remains $200 per year. All those
to whom licenses are granted must
give bonds to the amount of $500.
According    to    the' Bossburg
Journal   there  will   be   a goodly
number of citizens from that burg
attend theQueen's birthday celebra
tipn in Cascade,
Paymaster Woodman, for the
railway contractors, went to Grand
Forks on Thursday, his firm being
garnishee defendant in the case of
Hoskins vs. Degmin. two sub-con.
tractors on the railway construe
tioti. The case, With many others,
was continued.
Julius Black went to Spokane
this week.
James M. Martin, member for
Rossland riding, has sent word
that he expects to be in Cascade in
a few days.
An impromptu dance was given
at the Cascade Auditorium last
Monday evening, in honor of Miss
Lizzie Mclntyre, who left yesterday
to join her sister in Greenwood.
At the election for three school
trustees for the newly created
"Cascade School District," held
Saturday afternoon, Messrs. Rochussen, McRae and Ferguson weie
George Tieriiey, who was sentenced to six months imprisonment
last week by Justice Rochussen for
vagrancy and assault, was taken
from the Grand Forks jail to Kamloops on Wednesday.
William Parker, father and proprietor of Brooklyn, on- Lower
Arrow lake, stopped in Cascade on
Wednesday, en route home from
the upper countiy, where he had
been spying out the land.
A woman called Lily May disappeared from a resort in Grand
Forks Sunday night, and waB
supposed to have committed suicide
by jumping into the Kettle river.
It has been learned since, however,
that she is now residing in Bossburg.
Prof. J. W. Watkins, of Bossburg, leader of the band, will give
a choice concert iu the Cascade
Auditorium, on Monday and Tuesday, May 22 and 23, for the benefit
of the celebration fund. He should
have a good turnout from our
people, as his entertainment is
said to be excellent.
Engineer Englund and a force
of fourteen men went over to Grand
Forks, on Wednesday, to run lints
for a spur to a proposed smelter
site. The work was completed in
two days, and: the force returned
to camp in Cascade. Only preliminary lines were run, as has
heen done previously at a number
of proposed smelter sites.
This week the Kettle river has
been rising rapidly. In one day
it came up over three feet,. and a
solid avalanche of water six feet in
depth ov measurement, ij now
pouring over the new dam of the
power company above the falls. No
fear is felt for the safety of that
structure, as it is weighed down
with hundreds of tons of rocks.
New Location lor Post Office. .
Postmaster Cameron this week
has been pushing work as fast as
possible on the new building to be
used hereafter as a postoflice. It
is located on First Avenue, east of
the old location. The new building
is 20x80 feet in size, story and a
half high, and will he conveniently
arranged with additional lock
boxes to meet the growing demand.
The Columbia Telephone Co. will
also have its Cascade office in the
new building, Mr. Cameron being
the local manager. He expects to
be in the new office within a few
M��j IS, 1800
Now on the Sixth Contract
E. F. Burns, of the contracting
firm of Burns & Jordan, was in
Cascade Wednesday. His firm
now have 60 men on the 'two-mile
sub-contract near Green wood, which
is the sixth piece of the work they
have undertaken on this line. Two
pieces were on Lower Arrow lake,
one above Gladstone, one below
the same town, one above Grand
Forks, and the present contract.
Besides this Rums & Jordan also
have two miles from Foley Bros. &
Larson on the Great Northern, at
Trinidad, Wash., where Mr. Jordan is in charge.
Mr. Bums, like the majority of
railway men, appreciates the reliable character of the news contained in the Record, and while
here had his name added to the
constantly growing subscription
lUt of this paper.
Myrtle B. Making Regular Trips.
The steamer Myrtle B. is now
making regular trips on Christina
lake from Moody's landing to English Point, leaving the former
point at 10 a.m., daily, and arriving at the same place on the return
trip at 2 p.m. On Sundays special
excursions will be run to the head
of the lake.
Messrs. Matheson and Levalley,
the owners of the Myrtle B., are
now getting a barge ready for
transporting horses or merchandise.
It will l>e 13x36 feet, and will be
very useful now that the wagon
road through the swamp is impassible, the corduroy being afloat
in several feet of water. As soon
as the Moody bridge is altered so
as to permit its passage, the Myrtle
B. will run down Christina creek
to Cascade.
Will Build a Home In Spokane, j
Peter Larson, of the firm of Mann,
Foley Bros ,& Larson, whose headquarters are in Cascade, has purchased three lots in Browne's addition, Spokane's fashionable sub-
erb, and will at once commence
the erection of a handsome residence. On its completion he will
remove his family from Helena to
Spokane. The price of the property was $6,100. Mr. Larson, in
addition to being one of the most
prominent contractors in the
Pacific northwest is an extensive
mine owner in the Coeur D'Alenes
and elsewhere.
Moody Bridie to be Rslied.
At the adjourned meeting of the
Cascade Taxpayers' Association,
held last Tuesday evening, considerable routine business was
. The sum of $25 was voted toward" changing the Moody bridge
over Christina creek, so that the
steamer Myrtle B. can come down
to Cascade. A committee consisting of Messrs. Ferguson, Rochussen
and Chandler was appointed to
see those interested on the lake in
the matter.
A communication from the Rossland Board of Trade was read in
regard to sending delegates to a
Board of Trade convention, to be
held this season.
It is stated that Constable Gar-
dom, of Midway has handed in
his resignation.
Any person requiring dressmaking or family sewing can now
secure the services of a competent
dressmaker right here in Cascade.
Inquire at Francis & Milne's store.;
Oats are selling at five cents per
pound in Midway and are not
plenty'at that stiff price.
Dr. S. B. Richards, the government veterinary inspector for the
Boundary district, located in Cascade, is keeping close watch for
cases of glanders among the many
horses passing Boundarywards.
The Flyer stage is crowded both
ways on nearly every trip. When
it first started, and reached Grand
Forks from a half hour to an hour
ahead of the old line, it was received with cheers by the people of
the Forks. Attention is called to
the card of this line in another
The managers of the Okanagan
and Spallumcheen Agricultural
Society are not letting the grass
grow under their feet. Their fall
fair will be held on September
26th, 27th and 28th, and already
the prize list is published in handsome pamphlet? form and widely
A prospector was nearly drowned
on Tuesday in the swamp through
which the Brooklyn wagon road,
east of Christina lake runs Thecor-
duroy for a distance of several hundred yards is afloat in four or more
feet of water, and his horse had to
swim. The road will probably be
impassible for a couple of months,
necessitating the use of the steamer
Myrtle B. on the lake.
Jas. H. Lowe, formerly provincial constable at Kelowna on
Lake Okanagan, but who lost his
job because he did not wish to
move to Gladstone with his wife and
two weeks old child, was in Cascade
last Sunday. He is now travelling
for the Kelowna Shippers Union, a
most successful concern. While
here he made a contribution for
his firm to the prizes for the
Queen's birthday celebration in
Office Supplies a Specialty.
.,. PUP 4 ROSS, Props.
This hotel is located in the centre
of town, opposite the postoffice,
and has every convenience for
the comfortof the travelling public. Finely stocked bar in connection.
m% IB, Ll(l. If,
Have Now Received and Opened Out Large Quantities of
New Spring Goods
Including Light Underwear, Silk and Lisle Hose, Silk, Wool
and Velvet Dress Pieces, Corsets, Laces, Gloves and
Dressmaking Supplies. ALL OUR WINTER GOODS
Our Hardware, Grocery, Drug and
Stationery Stock
Is by far the Largest in Town and Prices the LOWEST.   ��
Assay Office and Long Distance 'Phone.
The British Columbia Mercantile
and Mining Syndicate, Limited.
Hay, Grain and Feed.
Correspondence Solicited and Quotations Promptly Furnished.   We can save you money on your Feed bills.
Office and Warehouses,      -       CASCADE, B. C.
This establishment is headquarters for Potatoes in this
locality. They are the best
the markets afford and our
prices are right.
Lettuce, Onions and other
fresh Vegetables on the way.
We have en route a consignment of British and American Flags for decoration purposes.
Bring us your orders for
Flags, and decorate on the
Queen's Birthday.
Dry and Green Wood.
Plans Drawn and Estlmatei
....    k ;.    ,
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Maj 18,18W
And Then Lost no Time In Crosslnf the
Boundary Line.
Frank Provost is pretty slick,
and now that he is across the line
is probably chuckling over the
successful forgery committed here.
If brought back, however, hestands
a good chance of getting free board
and lodging at Kamloops for about
five years.
Provost had a logging contract
with Lynch & Earle, of the Cascade Sawmill Co. Ed. Oulet was
working for him and Robert Ban-
ford was interested in the contract
with him. Provost secured a time
check for $22 from Lynch & Earle,
payable to Oulet, and coldly writing the hitter's name on the back,
got Jamej Morrill to cash it. Then
he skipped across the line. The
forgery was discovered, and after
the bird had flown, a warrant was
sworn out for his arrest. Provost
also owed Banford $100, and a
second warrant was placed in the
hands of Constable Darraugh.
Morril succeeded in getting Lynch
<fc Earle to cash the time check
before the forgery was discovered.
In the meantime Mr. Provost is
safe out of harm's way in Spokane
or elsewhere, unless the provincial
government takes the matter up.
Work on the Long Bridge.
About 50 men are now employed
in the construction of the 1000-foot
railway bridge, to span Kettle
river just east of Cascade. They
are in charge of two foremen, one
for the framers and the other
putting the timbers in place. On
the west end, out as far as the
span, the three decks of bents have
been erected, and are partly up on
the east end. The two spans over
the river proper will not be put in
at present, as some of the long
sticks must come from the coast,
but a temporary substitute will be
used. No serious trouble has yet
occurred from the high water now
coming on.
Louis Blue was in town last
Tuesday, shaking hands with his
many friends.
James Gill, whose leg was broken
in a stage accident between here
and Bossburg some two months
ago, is able to be out on crutches
C. J. Eckstorrn, manager of the
Cascade Auditorium, has sent for
a piano, which he hopes will be
here in time for use for the grand
hall on the 24th.
Francis & Milne received a consignment of flags last Thursday,
and inside of two hours they were
sold. Another lot has been sent
for, to arrive by express.
Frank Corte, the Brooklyn mail
carrier, who came iu. Thursday
night, says that the tracklaying
gang on the railway are now on
the fourth leg of the east side of
the switchback. Mr. Corte is
puzzled as to how he is to get
through the swamp, near La valley's
it being now exceedingly dangerous.
Travel into the Boundary is unusually heavy just now. The
Flyer is loaded on every trip and
the Columbia stage line is also
carrying many passengers The
latter line now runs its Marcus
stage only as far as Toulou's, where
travellers are transferred to the
four horse stage from Bossburg. -
Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between the   Kootenay District
���AND ALL���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects at Spokane with���
0. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
creek connect at   Marcus and Bossburg  with
s'.ages dally.
;��������������� C. G. DIXOK. G. P. AT. A.,
Spokane, Wash.
Is the Shortest, Quickest and Best
Route to the Coast, China, Japan
and Australia, and to all Eastern
and European points.
Tickets issued through and baggage checked through to destination.
W.F.Anderson,      E.J.Coyle,
Trav.Pass.Agent,     Dist.Pass.Agt.
Nelson, B.C.    Vancouver.B.C.
The Record Job Office is
fully prepared to supply
everything in the line of
Office Stationery.
Neat, Clean, Attractive
Printing. That is the
kind you want, the kind
that pays and the kind
we do.
Record Bldg., Cascade, B. C.
Cor. of Main Street and First
Avenue [centre of town] ...
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
Always Open.
The Most
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Splendidly .
Stocked Bar
in connection
!p. burns &c67l
fresl] Mb Qweb )j)fteats,
ofisl; anb Oysters, giue anb frresseb Poultry <��
0T Meats delivered at Mines Free of Charge,
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
��� Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
Calif ornia Wine Co
Ofpice and Warehouse, NELSON, B.C.
We have Just Received 500,000 Choice Cigars, and are Prepared to Fill
Orders on the Shortest Notice.
��iquors, ^)ines anb (j��ars-1
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Boot ������- ���
Repairing Neatly Done.   ('
,First Ave., Cascade, B.C. 4
May 13,1899
Published on Saturdays at Cascade, It. C, by
Wlllcux & O'Kdllly.
PerYear    18.00
Six Months     1.25
To Foreign Countries     S.bO
Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
Tbe Record is on sale at the following places:
Simpson's Newstand .,      Rossland
Thompson Stationery Co,  Nelson
Smith* MoHae  ....Greenwood
H. A. King A Co  Greenwood
R. F. Petrie  Grand Forks
C. S. Morris   Columbia
John W. Uraham & Co Spokane, Wash.
Francis A Milne Cascade
Thomas Walker  Cascade
G. T. Curtis Cascade
Cascade Drug Co   Cascade
A citizen of Cascade, while in
Rossland recently, interviewed
Gold Commissioner Kirkup in regard to improvements in roads and
trails in the Christina lake district
���a part of Rossland riding. Mr.
Kirkup was surprised to learn that
Government Agent Norris of Vernon had stated that this section
was now out of Yale, as far as road
repairs went, and that Rossland
riding's appropriation would have
to be shared by this section. It
would thus appear that we were
kicked out of one by the late government and had not yet fully
gotten into the other.
Last year not a dollar was spent
on much needed repairs on the
Dewdney trail this side of the
summit, and this notwithstanding
that there was ample funds, according to Mr. Kirkup's statement,
available in his territory. Evidently he was not apprised that he
should do work this side of the
mountain range, and this part of
Eastern Yale was the sufferer.
Mr. Kirkup states, however���
and his word is recognized everywhere as good as his bond���that
he will ascertain his position as
regards this part of the riding at
Once, and will devote a proper
share of the appropriation for the
entire riding to needs this side of
the summit.
Thus far, with the exception of
the Dewdney trail, built many
years ago, not a dollar has been
spent by the government in new
roads, trails or bridges in this section. They have all been constructed at private expense and by
private labor by the pioneers of
this region. It iB high time that
the government gave assistance,
and the Record believes that Mr.
Kirkup will see that justice is
done. Just now repairs on the
Brooklyn wagon road, near La-
valley's are greatly needed, in addition to clearing oUt and straightening this end of the Dewdney
The report of Minister of Mines
Hume for 1898, which has just
been issued, is a most comprehensive volume and one full of interest
���especially to ihis section of the
province. It comprises 1230 pages
of detail  about our metalliferous
deposits, and has been carefully
compiled by Mr. Robertson, the
provincial mineralogist. It shows
that the product for the year was a
trifle short of 111,000,000. In all
probability the report for 1899 will
show a decided increase. As the
new railway will assist the Boundary in its output, this section
should make a good showing in
1899 issue.
The Rossland Record pauses to
exclaim : The newspaper business
is the onlv business that everybody
understands. We do not know
how the secret gets out in every
village, town and city in the world.
The office boys must give it away.
However, the cat is out of the bag
and there is no use denying it.
The man who carries in the wood
and coal, will stop his work to tell
you how to do it. Every business
house in every town has someone
about it who knows all about how
a newspaper should be run. It
makes us sad to think about it,
but we suppose it will ever be thus.
Our member, Mr. Bostock, is
now mourning over the death of a
measure introduced by him in the
Dominion parliament, by which
railway companies Would have
been obliged to furnish free passes
to members of parliament, and
senators. The argument was advanced that, us the majority of
members travel on passes anyway,
the measure would work no hardships on the transportation companies. The premier, howfver,
did not think the act a wise one,
and as tvost of the members agreed
with him, the bill was killed on
its second reading.
At the office of Mann, Foley
Bros. & Larson, the railway contractors, the statement is reiterated
this week that, barring unforeseen
accidents the iron horse will snort
into Cascade some time in June.
As they are laying the track, as
well as grading' the roadbed, they
ought to know. It is said that the
C. P. R. have announced that,
after June lOih, they will haul all
freight into the Boundary country
hy rail to Cascade.
The wash-up et the Yukon for
this year is estimated at $18,000,000
or $20,000,000. British Columbia's
mineral output will probably be a
little less. In Colorado, one camp,
that of Cripple Creek, is turning
out $1,500,000 per month in gold.
And yet these last two are not
made half as much fuss over as is
the over-estimated Klondike. Far
away pastures always have a most
inviting appearance.
The selection of provincial Constable Darraugh, of Cascade, as
chief licensing inspector for Rossland riding, by the provincial government, was a tribute to that
gentleman's abilities. Mr. Darraugh will doubtless perform his
duties fairly and conscientiously.
And now comes a chewing gum
trust. What will the poor girls do
now, if the price is raised ?   Next I
Midway is following the example
of Cascade, and will celebrate on
the 24th. Already a goodly sum
has heen subscribed for expenses.
The list of "good Filipinos" iB
growing as fast as they get in front
of the American guns. The authorities at Washington believe that
peace is not far off.
Copper continues to go up slowly
but surely.   The present figure, 19
cents per pound means a great deal
to  the  copper-gold   producers of
southern British Columbia.     Let
it climb.
The Columbia Review felt so,
good over the incorporation of that
town that the first page of last
week's issue was printed in a bright
carmine���painting the town  red,
as it were.
In Spring Patterns of
Wall Paper just received.
A full arid assorted stock
to select from.
Prices just right. Call
in and examine our stock.
House painting time is here, and
we keep in stock Paints,Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Oils, Etc.
The most complete lines of Drugs,
Sundries, Etc., in the Boundary.
Pure Drugs or none.
For Sale.
Offers for the purchase of Lot 8, Block 6, First
Avenue South, Cascade City, are required by
Real Estate Agents, Victoria, B.C.
The Nelson Miner announces an
extra tine illustrated edition,
descriptive of the town and section,
for some time in June. Whereupon
the Tribune comes up promptly
and calls it a fake. What a difference of opinion, showing that it
depends upon whose ox is being
Machinery for Boundary mines
has been coming into this section
all winter in astonishing volume,
when the cost of wagon transportation is considered. It is probable
with the advent of the iron horse
being now so near at hand, that
mine owners will wait for the railway to bring in machinery in the
House for Sale or Bent.
I Ci'/y two room house, in central locution, for
sale at a biirgain, or will rent to the right parties.
Apply at Recor  ollice.
The Columbia and Western Railway Company
will apply to the Parliament of ( anada at its
next session for an act giving to the Company
authority to issue first mortgage bonds lo be a
charge on Its railway, including its main line and
branches, not exceeding thirty-five thousand
collars per mile thereof, and for other purposes
Montreal, March T. 1899.
Certificate of Improvements,  ..
Elhohs and coiivdon mineral claims, situate
in the Grand Forks Mining  Division of Yale
w here located:��� On Shamrock Mountain, south
slope, about two and a half miles east of Christina
1 Take notice that I, Smith Curtis, Free Miner's
' Certificate No. 34039A for myself and as agent for
i Frank Hutchinson, Free Miner's Certificate No.
1 8117A and tor Frank Gu��e, Free Miner's Cettifl-
: cate No. 9863A, intend, sixty days from the date
! hereof, to apply to the Mining i.ecordir for a
| Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
I obtaining a > town (.rant of the above claims
And further take notice that action, uuder see
i tion 37, must be commenced before the Issuance
of such Certificate or Improvements
I    Dated this Thirty first day of Decembe', 1898.
| Queen's Birthday Celebration f
Cascade, B.C.���May 24/1899.
[JQ  Quarter-Mile Horse Race, free for all [two out
54 three heats], 4 to enter, 3 to start,    ���   $100 00
M   Pony Race, 14$, hands,    ' -       -       -       -       20 00
U  Indian Horse Race, 20 00
O  Donkey Rate,       -       -       -       -       -       -      5 00
L%  Match Game of Base Ball,        ...        45 00
"   Ri.ck Drilling Contest���20 inch hole required,   50 00
Quarter-Mile Bicycle Race, two out of three
heats���4 to enter, 3 to start,
Tug of War, between Cascade and Grand Forks
  Hotel Men,       -       -      -      -    . -
ft  75 Yards Fat Men's Race���225 lbs. minimum,
Ujy  100 Yards Freighters' Foot Race,
54  50 Yairds Prospectors'Race���wiih pack,
fj��n And Caledonian Sports, including 50 Yards
1st Prize.   2d Prize.
50 00
10 00
10 00
25 00
25 00 10 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
Race, 100 Yards Dash free for all, 220 Yards Foot Race
free for all, Boys' Race, Girls' Race, Sack   Bace, Egg
Race, Shot Putting, High Jump, Running Long Jump,
Standing Jump, Hop, Step and Jump, Etc., Etc.
Entrance for all events except Horse and Bicycle Racing,
25 cents.   Hone and Bicyle races, 10 per cent.   Tug of war
free. A $15 prize will be given for the best decorated building.
The Bossburg Brass Band of 12 pieces will furnish music
during the entire day.
Special steamboat excursions on Christina Luke. ,
Grand Ball iii the evening at the Cascade Auditorium.
For further particulars apply to W. B. Willcox, Secretary.
1 if
May IS, 1899
Since the comii.g into effect of
the new provincial license aot, on
April 1st, hotel keepers have been
wondering where they were at, in
regard to renewals and new
licenses. The Record last week
gave particulars of the Act, and
the information received this week
that Cascade's government representative had been appointed chief
inspector for the entire district of
Rossland riding, outside of incorporated cities, will be pleasant
news to Cascade's bonifaces. It
means that the licensing court will
doubtless be held here some time
in June, as being.the most central |
point in the riiling, and that those!
desiring licenses or renewals will \
appear before that court.
Some persons���and they are not
few���labor under the hallucination
that the life of an editor None continual round of ease. Such indi
viduals can see for themselves what
a snap the average publisher enjoys
from the following, taken from an
exchange, w|iich is quite true to
" We apologize for all mistakes
made in previous issues, and say
they, were inexcusable, and that we
ought to know better, as all an
editor has to do is to hunt news,
and clean the rollers and the press,
and set type, and sweep the floor,
and write short items, and fold
papers and make paste, and mail
papers and talk to visitors, and
distribute type and chop wood, and
read proofs and correct mistakes,
and hunt the scissors to write
editorials, and haul water for the
boiler, and rustle advertisements
and job work, arid dodge the bills,
andduii the folks that won't pay
up, and take cussinps from everybody, and tell our subscribers that
we need money."
With the exception of some few
minor details of the program,
everything is now virtually, arranged for the Queen's Birthday
celebration in Cascade. During
this week Treasurer Milne has
called on most of the subscribers,
who have promptly responded, and
that essential feature is actually
provided for. One thing the Record
wotjld call the attention of citizens
to, fparticularly. Between now
and.the 24th every resident of the
town should see that the street.in
front of his place of business, is
raked up, and the same attention
should he paid to the back yards
Letjus impress the crowds of visitors with the cleanliness of the
Gateway City.   .
Landlord Thomas of the Cas*
cade, who visited the Burnt Basin
this week to set a gang at work on
one of his claims, says that every
man in. the Basin will be here on
the 24th This is true also of,
Gladstone arid .English '*'Point.
Secretary Wjllcox received letters
from Gree;nwriod. and Bossburg
this week re the celebration, and
there will pf.ohably be'delegations
from both points,, as well as. from
intermediate places. "The" Bossburg band may cinsist of fourteen
pieces, instead of twelve, as it has
been augmented to that number.
At any rate, there will be plenty
of music for the celebration.
When the U. S. troops occupied
the Coeur D'Alene mining camps,
a few days ago, anil, the dynamiting, murdering miners saw that
their day was ended, thev lost no
time in .making themselves scarce ;
that is, those who were not taken
UnawareB and - arrested. Tbe
refugees, many of them made for
the Canadian border, and during
the last week quite a number have
passed through Cascade, en route
to Greenwood and other -upper
Boundary camps. It is not surprising that these men should wish
to get out of the United Slates as
soon as they are able to make
tracks. . . ..
Last Sunday morning several
were' camped on the edjje of the
town. Going to a restaurant for
breakfast, one asked, " What city
is thjs ?" On being tohl.that it was
Cascade, the Gateway City of the
great Boundary country, he inquired : " On which side of the line
is it?" "Well." answered tbe
restaurant man, " it depnds; if
you.are on the other side, it is oil
this side, and,if you are on this
side, its on this side." " But it is
in British Columbia, is it net ?"
anxiously iiquired the man. On
being assured that he was in Hei
Majesty's territory the men were
greatly relieved, and shortly afterwards moved on, destined for the
upper Boundary and probably..for
the main line of the C P. R-, and;
so out of this sertion,
It is to be hoped that none of
these gentry will remain in this
region. Their methods of enforcing demands, as expressed in the
blowing up the Bunker Hill and
Sullivan mill, at Wardner, Ilaho,
and in the killing' of a couple of
men. are not in accord with the
sentiment on this side of the international line. If they had just
grievances they most certainly went
at it in the wrong way to get them
..... C. H, Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of the
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avknue,    -    -    Cascade City. Br'tish Columbia.
The E.G. Thomason & Co., Sawmill
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy. M. A. tomorrow (-und��y) at 11 a.m. and
T:30. p.m., Standard Time, lit the schnolrlionse.
Sabbath school at 2:80 p.m. in the same plaoe.
All art cordially Invited to attend.
(Graduate of Mc'iill University.)
*i -    Inspector.
Tot!��n.       Cascade, B. C. '
Bough and Dressed Lumber, Lath,
Shingles, Mouldings, Ete.
C. S. Morris, Mgr. Fred Whitaker, Sec'y anil Treas.
F. Rogers, General Sup't.
Tie Clia % Co,, 1
Daily from Bossburg and Marcus to Cascade,
Grand Forks, Columbia, Greenwood City,
Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway, and All
Points on Colville Reservation.       .
Stage leaves Marcus on  arrival of Northbound Train.   Passengers
from Kootenay points make connections at Bossburg going and coming.
| Physician and Surgeon,
tfte ftosjijtal,
���*     ...CASCADE, B.C.
OFFICE HOURS, 9 to 11 a.m. and 2 to 4 p.m.
��   I  ���
���  ft
.'Wagon repairing and general ,,
blacksmithiiig promptly
attended   to'.
Blanchard   &   Moore
2nd Avenue, Cascade.
Corner First Ave. and Main St., Cascade City, B. C.
This New Hotel is now opened and prepared for business.
You are cordially invited to call and see us. It matters
not whether ypur pockets aire full or empty; drop in anyway.
Of course,,we have everything needful in the liquid line.
/ , <^^G. DEVON, Prop.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the best hotel holdings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
JOHN DORSEY, Proprietor.
TriE J^\tZTW^S and growing
Boundary Country can be had in a concise and readable form
by reading the Cascade Record every week. Send along your
two dollar bill and keep posted on the greatest mining district
in British Columbia.   Address, The Record, Cascade,B.C. 6
May 13.18W
The new water works in Greenwood are now in operation.
The carpenters of Grand Forks
have taken steps to organize a
The C. P. R. is surveying grounds
for its depot and yards at Greenwood.
Grand Forks has a new brewery,
called the Columbia, owned by J.
H. Smith.
Alex McDonald, of the Grand
Central, with Archie Grant, is now
in the Similkameen district.
Jas. A. Smith, of Grand Forks,
has started a new express line from
Bossburg, and will make two trips-
Next Thursday nominations for
the first municipal officers of Columbia will take place. The election will be a week later.
The Hewitt Musettes, which
gave two pleading entertainments
in Cascade, have been playing in
upper Boundary towns with success.
For the first time since the Midway record office was opened, says
the Greenwood Times, there were
no records of locations during the
J. W. Stewart, superintendent of
railway construction, left for Spokane on Wednesday, to bring his
family to Cascade to reside, the
new cottage having been completed.
H. P. Griffin, who is ranching
and mining at Texas point, was in
town early in the week. He says
that McRae creek will show some
surprises in A mineral way this
Scarpelli & Plastini, moved their
grading outfit this week from the
Christina lake railway contract to
a point near Greenwood, where
they have secured two miles more
(��f work.
A drove of 60 head of cattle
arrived in Cascade Tuesday morning from Brooklyn for P. Burns &
Co. It had been on the road less
than a day and a half -pretty
good time.
A. R. McDonald, of Rossland,
representing the Toronto World,
was in town Tuesday, in the interests of his paper, which is now
paying much attention to Boundary mining matters.
The Greenwood Brokers' Real
Estate Association was organized
last week, with W. G. Gaunce,
president; Geo/ R. Naden, vice-
president and Robert Palmer, secretary-treasurer.
Frank E. Starkey, who recently
bought a controlling interest in the
Victoria group of gold-copper
claims on Christina lake, went to
Spokane on Tuesday, and will
return in a couple of weeks.
McPherson Bros.' portable sawmill has been moved to a point
near Eholt summit, where it will
say nothing but just saw wood, at-
in the past six months, on the
bridge timbers and railway ties.
Greenwood is arranging to celebrate Dominion Day, and expects
to have its 24-piece brass band
ready to toot by that time. A
goodly delegation from that town
expects to spend the 24th of May
assisting in the celebration in Cascade.
Hutchins &
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaran
The Steamer
Is now ready for freight and
passenger traffic on Christina
Lake. Newly painted and refitted.
Steamer Leaves Moody's Landing for English  Point at 10 a.m.
daily.   Arrives on return trip at2.
Is still the place to go to when
you want Clothing bargains.
Our goods come direct
from the makers, thereby placing us in a position to sell at the best
possible advantage.
We can fit you out in
almost any kind of
wear for men or boys
at prices you will find
Boots and   Shoes, Hats
and Caps, Suits, Junipers
and Overalls, Socks, Uii-   f
derwear, Etc., Etc., Etc.
We have a few snaps in .odds
and ends in Groceries. Come
before they're all gone.
Opposite P. 0., Cascade, B��C.
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Yale;
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of
a marvellously
A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments.
A most advantageous smelter
location and railroad center. One
ltiile from Christina Lake, the
Great Pleasure
For further
price of lots,
etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man. 1<
May 13. 1899
. The Morrison tunnel is in over
300 feet,' and bteam drills are in
use.     -
A 30-foot shaft is to be sunk on
the Big Windy in Providence
. The Cariboo, the Camp McKinney dividend payer, is putting in a
seven-drill air compressor.
The 50-horse power boiler and
air compressor for the. Winnipeg
mine, passed through Cascade on
The Kamloops in Camp McKinney is to oe subdivided into
townsite lots, which will be on the
market'before long.
On the City of Paris and Lincoln,
in Central camp, the crosscut
tunnel is now in 900 "feet. The
entire face of the drift is in ore.
August Reischl left on Tuesday
morning for the Burnt Basin jvitli
a force of men to commence work
on the Mabel  and  Bessie claims.
The Highland Queen and Thunder Hill, two Canyon creek properties of merit, have been: bonded
from Dan Stewart by Sydney M.
Johnson, P. L. S;       ;/
A second payment .has been
made on the bond on the Nellie
Cotton claim in Green wood camp.
-There/are two shifts at work,, and a
fine showing is reported.   '
Over a hundred prospectors are
said to be in the country around
the new town of Beaverton on the
West Fork, which new.town-; is in
the centre of many promising
On the Golden Crown, in Wellington camp, the shaft is now
down 160 feet, and will be driven
to the 500-foot level. The new 5-
drill air compressor has been installed. ,
; Winnipeg stock is steadily rising
as development continues. The
installation of the new compressor
.plant will doubtless soon have the
effect of showing up even greater
ore reserves. *" *
A large hoisting and pumping
plant has been ordered from the
James Cooper Mfg. Co. for the
Snowshoe property hy Alfred J.
McMillan. . The property is to be
extensively developed.
The Rambler, in Pass Creek
camp, has a 40-foot tunnel, all in
ore. The Golden Giant, in the
same camp, has a 90-foot tunnel.
Considerable development is to be
done in the camp this season.
The main shaft on the Pathfinder, on the north fork of Kettle
river, is now down, 100 ,feet. Two
add a half feet of solid pyrrohotite
ore were encountered and work is
progressing satisfactorily.
The splendid strike recently
made on tbe Iron Cap, near Okanagan Landing, is the talk of that
locality. The'ledge is sjx feet
wide, the ore being a free milling
quart?. ' Experts are quite enthusiastic about it.
The Fitz Hugh claim, in West
Cupper camp, has been bonded hy
Chas. Collins, who will start development work at once. The
Dominion, in the same camp, has
been taken oyer hy Mr. Finch,
well known in mining circles.
You can always be sure of getting
a good meal at the Montana hotel.
Everything neat and clean.
J. S. Frye, who has spent several
weeks in Cascade, returned to Spokane by Wednesday's stage.
D. IX Ferguson, the contractor,
is erecting a 13x42 store building
and office on Main street, adjoining
the Gaine & Roy warehouse.
The branch store to be opened
by the B. C. Syndicate will be
located in Gladstone, and not in
the Burnt Basin, as stated by mistake last week.
From a reliable source it is
learned that lots in the new town
of Eholt, eight miles east of Greenwood, at the summit, will not he
placed on the market till some
time in July. <*
On Monday, L. Norris held a.
Court of Revision on the voters'
list. Ninety-four names were
struck off m dead or left the
country, and the revised list ast it
now stands shows 1418 voters, for
East Yale.--Vernon News.
A petition is being circulated
requesting the Spokane Falls &
Northern railway to tun trains a
couple of hours earlier, so thai the
large number of passengers now
coming into the Boundary district,
can reach points in this section in
iood season. ,'���'���"
Presbyterian Church Organized. V'
Last Monday evening the Organization services of the First Presbyterian church of Cascade were held
at the school house. Rev. J. M.
-Wallace, of Grand Forks, was- expected to: be present and take part,
[but,owing to delay in transmission
of mails, he did not get here. Rev.
Joseph McCoy preached the eer-
moh,.|kn$,a,number signed the roll
of membership. The officers will
not be chosen a;^ present, and the
roll is open for signature for all
those who.wish to join the organization. .
Get your !?4th of May printing
done at the Record office.
. Having removed our Jewel-
ery stock to the store adjoining Black's hotel, we now have
more commodious and roomy
quarters, and would invite our
friends to call.
Come and inspect our Jewelry and Watches. We can
quote you the right prices.
Is Your Watch Sick?
If so, bring it to us and
we will give it a dose that
is warranted to cure. We
are expert watch and
clock doctors, and the
timepiece has yet to be
made that we cannot benefit with our medicine.
Next door to Black's Hotel",
Cascade, B. C.
Grand   Central   Hotel
Mcdonald & flood, props.
Liquid Refreshments of All Kinds
and in the Choicest Qualities. . . .
First Class Sample Rooms in Connection.
This House is the FavnriteResort for Railway Men.
Bossburg, Republic, Greenwood, ^Grand Forks and all Boundary Points. We sell Through Tickets to all points. We
Alwj-tys Leave and Arrive "on Time."
Leave Cascade for Bossburg, 5.30 a. m.
Leave Cascade for Grand Forks, 7.00 p. m.
Francis & Milne, Agents,
M. & R. Transportation & Express Co. Cascade.
If You Want a .
Cut in the Latest Style, Trimmed With the Best of Materials, and Made Right
Here in Cascade, Call on
.':.} ,^ercl;Qnt jailor,
.-���'"First Avenue,    -    Cascade, B. C.    V
* Cleaning and Repairing Promptly and Neatly Done.  With an Experience
of Many Years in the Business, can Guarantee Satisfaction.
Cascade, if you requirei anything
in the line of Gents' Furnishings, Boots, Shoes, Rubbers,
Hats, Caps or Underwear.    When.going into the hills get
outfit from hint and you
can easily follow the trail
Columbia Hotel
j. a.'monaster & co., Props.
Fikbt Avknuk. CASCADE, B. C.
We can quote you prices that will
interest you, if you will give us a
chance, on the following lines:
Wall Paper
and the Sundry Lines handled by an
up-to-date Drug and Stationery house.
Our address:
Canada Drug & Book Co.,Ltd.
C.W.GREEK, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes and Pastry of All Kinds Furnished on Shortest Notice;
Goods delivered to any part of
the city.
Next door to the
B. C. Frtmirnnt      ^ 8
Railroad Headquarters Hotel.
When Visiting the Gateway City on Railroad, Mining or ) Our Bar is One of the Features of this Establishment. It
Smelter Business, You   are   Cordially Invited to is Supplied with an Almost Endless Variety of the
Make Your Home Here. You will be Treated Right. { Choicest Whiskies, Ales, Wines, Beers and Cigars.
A large stock of Rough
and Dressed Lumber.
Laths, Shingles, nouldings, Etc
First Avenue
pure Goods for Medici- I
nal Use    ��
;; Cascabe, fi. G
Oscar Stenstrom, Mgr.
tJr/e IJuhon Jjtore; ;;
Wholesale Dealers in ..... ...
>h fines, Liquors al Cp.<
All Kinds of General Men's Furnishings at Retail.
OHice and Warehouse,
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
4*-,; ."..':',   v
First Ave. and Main St.,-  CASCADE, B. C.   .
For the best since
the world began
apply to
The Record* Cascade, B.C.
Rossland public schools are over
The Nelapn Daily Miner has
entered upon its second year of
The collections of the port of
Nelson for April are said to have
been $10,000.
Over 80 residences are now under
construction in Nelson and a number of bushiest* blocks.
Atlin now has a population of
about 3,000, The government sale
of lota is to he held May 17th.
During the month of April there
were 38 arrests made by, the police
of Rossland and $553 was collected
in fines.
The Sentinel claims that Kam-
loops is being discriminated against
in the matter of freight rates from
the east.
Cricket clubs have heen organized this spring at Kelowna and
Armstrong, and the first match of
the season will probably be pulled
off at an early date.
The greatest interest is being
taken in the forthcoming gymkhana, on May 24th at Kamloops,
and competitors from Grand
Prairie, Vernon, Penticton, Nicola
Lake and Chilcoten will take'part.
A shipment of coke has been
made from the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co. to Butte, Mont. This is
the largest market within reach, a*
the daily consumption in the smelting capital is, at least 500 tons,
the product of 350 ovens.
Report has it that the C. P. P.
is about to inaugurate the " Empire Limited " train from coast to
coast. This train is to be a flyer,
'tis said, averaging about 45 mile*
an hour and making no stops except to change engines and take oh
Supt. Robinson,of the provincial
educational department, gives
notice in the Gazette that the
annual examination for certificates
of qualification to teach in public
schools will he held from July 3rd
to 8th at Victoria, Vancouver,
Kamloops and Nelson. All applications must lie accompanied:
by a fee of $5.
The department of public works,
Ottawa, have sent Mr. Wm- Hen-'
derson to proceed to Rossland and
Nelson to secure sites suitable for!
public buildings. This would in-!
dicate, observes the Nelson Tribune,:
that the missionary work done byi
the delegates who Went to Ottawa'
last year, backed hy the unceasing
efforts df Mr. Bostock, M.P���ha��
borne fruit.
palace giuertj jQarn
Up to Date Livery.
Saddle Horses Furnished
jiiUuMu, ij
We have a little story to 1!
tell you about Brushes. \\
If you need anything in ! I
this line, of almost any !!
kind, call around and J \
look over our stock.
Hair Brushes ;:
Sink   :
Tooth     "
Pibst Avk.,Casoai��k. B.C.
Laundry at rear of the Custom
House, First Ave.
Clothes called for and delivered.


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