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Published in the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake   Mining Districts
Vol. II.
No. 7.
The Boers Had Been For Years Getting
Ready for Contemplated Conflict
Modderfonteln Dynamite Factory Busy Years
--Impregnable Forts Constructed���Trained Troops in Reserve.
At thiB writing no more engagements of importance between
Britons and Boers since Buller'*
repulse at Tuegla river have been
reported. This defeat stirred the
empire from center to circumference. The press universally has demanded that the righting forces be
doubled. The di-covery of an
undercurrent of sympathy for the
Boers in nearly all foreign nations,
and the unlooked for strength,
strategy and preparedness of the
Boers has put a different face on
the situation, of which the Imperial authorities have taken full coni-
zance and  will   act   accordingly.
M. De Long, the manager of the
dynamite factory at Modderfontein
in the Transvaal, has returned to
France and has been interviewed
by the representatives of the several
Paris journals. He says that the
British government can have no^.
idea of the vast extent of the preparations that the Boers have been
making for years with the realization that another struggle with the
fnll force of Great Britain was inevitable. Even should the Boers
be driven out of Natal, he points
out that no British army could
ever enter the Transvaal and survive.
Since the war began, he says,
heavy artillery that had been carefully stored away, has now been
brought forth. He asserts that the
forts at Pretoria and Johannesburg
are as strong as any fortresses in
the world and have within the last
month been rendered impregnable,
Edelberg alone could hold its own
with 25 men against 1000 assailants, particularly in the rainy
season which has just begun, causing unfordable streams to spring in
to existence.
M. De Long states that there are
about 6000 well trained German
volunteers in the Boer army who
have not yet been allowed to go to
the front. He adds that the governments of republics arc showing
a great economy of strength and
have not used a third of their military resou rees.
Chief Engineer Tye, with his As
eistant Sullivan, were on Wednesday.
A disputh to the Daily Mail from
Frere Camp says that the bodies of
two of the guides who misled Gen,
Gatacre at Stormberg were found
on the battlefield, the men had
been shot.
Presbytery of Kootenay.
A pro re nata meeting of this
presbytery was held in Grand
Forks on Tuesday the 19th inBtant
at 2.30 p. m.
The report of a call from Fernie
to Rev. D. L. Gordon was referred
to a later meeting to be held at
Nelson after the New Year.
The consideration of the assembly's remit on Social Worship was
also referred to that meeting.
The candidates for ordination
were examined, and approved, and
arrangement made for their ordination.
In the evening a large congrega-
J. Overton Paine, little known in
Wall street up to a few days ago, is
said to have made $2,000,000 in the
recent break in stocks.
It is stated that an application
will be made to parliament at its
next session for an act to incorporate the Fort Simpson, Teslin &
Dawson Railway Co., for a road
from a point on the Pacific coast
near Fort Simpson to Dawson City
via Teslin lake.
A Montreal dispatch says local
military circles were stirred on
Thursday by the demand from Ottawa for the corrected names and
addresses of the Canadians at the
front,as indicating an engagement.
No report to that effect had come to
hand yesterday.
The Victoria Colonist admits the
demand of the Boundary to be allowed a representative to be just.
Offers front All Parts of the Dominion
Pouring in By Thousands.
The Imperial Government Can Have as Many
Regiments as It May Call For���All Canada Aflame with Fighting Spirit.
We Wish You a Merry Christmas!
Wbile mindful of the unfortunate conditions existing in our
country at the present time, due to the clash of arms between
Briton and Boer, which has shadowed the land with gloom and
sadness, and while condoling with all to whose home circle bereavement and affliction have come, The Record wishes one and
all of its readers a Merry Christmas !
tion assembled in Alberta Hall,
Grand Forks, to witness the ordination of Mr. James R. Robertson,
the popular young presbyterian
missionary. Rev." Joseph McCoy,
M. A., of Cascade, presided, preached and addressed the minister,
and Rev. D. McG. Gandier, of
Rossland, addressed the congregation.
On Wednesday evening a similar service was held in the Presbyterian church, Columbia, when W.
A. Alexander was ordained as
missionary to that field. On this
occasion, Rev. Gandier preached
and addressed the minister, while
Rev. Mr. McCoy addressed the congregation.
AH the services were much enjoyed by the large and interested congregation assembled.
What Does It Mean?
A large sum of money was subscribed at a meeting held in Spokane last Saturday evening for the
relief of the widows and orphans of
the Boers who have fallen in
The Pontifex claim on Huckleberry mountain, is reported to have
struck a very large body of rich
copper bearing quartz.
Local Jottings.
The Uitlander Club met at
McLeod's, Wednesday.
Donald McLeod made a business
trip to Spokane this week.
B. F. Woodman left for Spokane
Wednesday   to  spend   Christmas.
Jack Stewart, of Mann, Foley
Bros.. & Larson, was in town a day
or so ago.
The C. P. R. section house is
nearly completed and the "gang"
will at once erect a water tank at
the bridge.
Mrs. T. F. Carden and Mrs. D.
McLeod, are among those who will
entertain friends at Christmas
C. H. May has just completed his
contract with the Russell Mining
company to pack in about 12,000
pounds of supplies.
A subscription was circulated
early in the week, to secure money
for repairing the road through the
swamp, south of town, to enable the
stages to make their trips through
to Cascade. While the donations
were not so liberal as hoped for, it
is understood the solicitors met
with fair success.
A London diupatch announces
that the government has at last
consented to mobilize a force which
General Buller is credited with
having demanded all along as an
essential to success in South Africa,
namely, ten thousand mounted infantry. The war office has issued
an order to the effect that the government had  decided to raise for
*South Africa a mounted infantry force to be called "Imperial
Yeomanry," and to be recruited
from yeomanry volunteers and civilians, possessing the requisite qualifications. Enlistment will be for
one year, or during the continuance
of the war. The men must be between 20 and 35 years old, and of
equal physique to the ordinary cavalry soldiers. Officers and men are
to privide their own horses.
An Ottawa dispatch stated  that
���since the announcements that a
second contingent would be sent to
South Africa, the minister of militia has received over 100 letters,
and telegrams are coming in at the
rate of every three minutes from all
parts of the Dominion from loyal
Canadians, offering their services
for the second contingent. Among
the offers is one of Chief Brand, the
great Indian warrior. The name
of Lieutenant-Colonel Cotton is
mentioned as the likely commander
of the artillery section of the contingent.
The Dominion government is negotiating with the Allen Steamship
company for the transportation of
the second Canadian contingent to
South Africa, and it is expected
that the Parisian will be charted as
a troopship.
General Roberts and his staff
sailed for South Africa to-day on
the Dunotter Castle.
An Australian mounted contingent will sail for South Africa before January 10th. An additional
New South Wales battery of artillery is to sail immediately.
Free gold bearing quartz in the
Buckingham, near Gladstone, is
among the latest finds.
Mrs. Scott is continuing the bakery
business abandoned by Mrs. Greer. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
December 23,18W
People and Events.
Hon. Geo. A. Kirkpatrick, formerly Lieut.-Governor of Ontario,
died in Toronto on the 13th inst.
A Bostonian gentleman of cult-
chaw explains that a guffoon is a
person who guffaws at the actions
of a buffoon.
Dwight L. Moody, the world-
famous evangelist, is dangerously
ill at bis home in West Northfield,
There is exultation in France,
Germany, Ireland and Austria over
British reverses in the Transvaal
war, so the dispatches report.
The Republican national convention for the nomination of a presidential candidate to be voted for in
November of next year, will convene in Philadelphia, Penn., on the
19th day of June. So says Marcus
Arelius Hanna, the P. M. 0. T. U.
S. 0. A.
This is the wail of the Kootenay
Mail: "Increditable as it appears,
the Greenway government has been
defeated in Manitoba. Before the
hordes of spellbinders from the
east the government went down,
and Manitoba will return to the
rule of corruptionists."
The attempt to collect a local
license tax in Kootenay and Boundary towns from insurance companies with headquarters in the coast.
cities is not a howling success, bo
far as the interior towns are concerned. Their efforts are defeated
by the companies adding the
amount of the tax to the premium.
The misfortunes which have befallen the chief British generals in
South Africa have led to their being
superceded  by Lords Roberts and
Kitchener. Still, it may be safely
asserted that either or all of the
defeated commanders would have
preferred to have forfeited their
lives on the field of battle than to
have suffered the chagrin of defeat.
A dispatch states that 50 muni-
cipalitest of the province of Ontario,
sent representatives to a Good
Roads convention. Why would
not a convention of that sort, in a
local way, be productive of great
good in the Boundary ? The
Record urges the serious consideration of this all important matter
of good wagon roadu by all public
spirited citizens of this section of
the province.
The Spokane dailies are considerably exercised to prove their city
wonderfully prosperous. One day
they parade in columns the enormous bank holdings and clearances.
The next, or perhaps the same day
their columns contain appeals in
the interest of the great army of
destitute and unemployed in the
city, notifying all seeking employment to keep away from Spokane
as the city has enough of that class
of its own.
The Rossland Miner seems to enjoy a oionoply of anti-C. P. R.
journalism in its field of circulation. The "circular singlumstance"
of the situation is that the Miner,
owing to the hour of publication, is
said to be the only local daily
paper that enjoys the profit of sales
on the C. P. R. trains coming this
way. This fact would indicate
that the R. R. Co. does  not  credit
the Miner with any great influential force.
Don't forget the Record Job Department when needing fine stationery.
'hotel cascade'"
.. . . C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of th��
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avenue,
Cascade Citv. British Columbia.
#ossburg-Columbia $fage ��ine,
Runs daily from Grand Forks to Bossburg and return, meet
trains both ways on the Spokane Falls & Northern Railway. Careful and experienced drivers, safe and comfortable vehicles, good stock and good time. Carrying
Her Majesty's and American mails.
The English Store
Syndicate, Ltd.,
Is the ONE firm in the Boundary country which is
so equipped as to give the PROSPECTOR or the
MINE OWNER everything he needs at bed rock
We procure our staple goods by the carload. No |
one can buy cheaper.    No one will sell as cheap. |
We can help the prospector right through from
the start���give him reliable assays, bond or buy his
claim, and if sufficiently worthy place it on the
London market.
We carry everything in Groceries, Hardware,
Dry Goods, Boots and Mining Supplies���everything
from Dolls to Dynamite.
Long distance 'Phone and Assay Office in connection. Nearest store to railway station. Mine
Owners, Hotel Keepers or Private Families out of
town should write for our quotations.
McRAE'S LANDING. Christina Lake.
Hartford Hotel,
-Hartford Junction, B. C.
This hotel, which is new, is located at the junction
of the Phoenix and Winnipeg branches of the C. P.
R. All the railway traffic for these camps must
pass through Hartford.   Give us a call.
(Late MacFaklane & Co.) VANCOUVER, B.C.
We are manufacturers and diract importers, and carry a large stock of Balances, Furnaces
Fire Clay goods, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum goods, Acids, Chemicals, and all other Assayers' and Miners' requirements. ... SOLE AGBNTS for Morgan Crucible Co., Battersea, Becker's Son's Balances, Etc. Catalogues and partioulun ��n application.
The Cascade Sawmill
A large stock of Rough
and Dressed Lumber.
Laths, Shingles, flouldings, Etc
Estimates Furnished and
Prompt  Delivery Made.
Correspondence Solicited.
JOHN EARLE, Prop, b<
December 23,1899
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Tale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
December 23,18M
Published on  Saturdays  at   Cascade,  II. ('.,
H. S. TUHNKB, Editor.
Per Year    *2.00
Six Months      1.25
To Foreign Countries      2.i>0
Advertising Kates Furnished on Application.
The Record is on sale at the following places:
Simpson's Newstand Rossland
Linton Bros     Rossland
Thompson  Stationery Co., Nelson
H.A.King A Co  Greenwood
R. F. Petrie Grand Forks
John W, tSrahain A Co Spokane, Wash.
Cascade Drug Co Cascade
Wm. Meadows     Cascade
If there is a blue mark in;
this square, your subscription is due, and you are invited to remit.
The world over, nothing is more
prevalent than "kicking." How,
in our school day*, we disliked the
playmate who was continually fault
finding. How instinctively we acquired the knowledge that the
grown up "chronic grumbler," or,
in the parlance of to-day, the
"kicker," was a person despised by
all people in all places; in the
church, in society, in public assemblies or private gatherings; never
welcome, but nearly always present
���don't like the weather, the merchant, the boarding house, the minister, the town, in fact nothing
suits. '"Tis the nature of the
beast" not to be suited. Probably
in no place has the "kicker" a-' better field to display his mulish
qualities, and no place is he more
unwelcome, than in a pioneer town
or country. Here unity, harmony,
patience and every faculty iB required to encourage capital and immigration, and here also meagre
transportation facilities for travel
and mails and other inconveniences
incidental to frontier localities afford the "kicker" a glorious opportunity for the display of his one
talent. One proficient "kicker"
can often undo the labor of a small
army of faithful workers,and, alas!
too often is he found in the front
rank of the professional or business
men of the community in which he
lives. Are you a kicker ? Do you
speak a good word for your community and your town, when opportunity offers ? A community
or town is made up of its individual members, of which you are one.
Don't kick, yourself; say something good of the place in which
you live, and don't keep silent.
Don't confess by your actions you
are so foolish as to live in a place
that has no good, or that you are
too "dense" in the upper story to
find that good. Better for the community in which you live to bless
it by moving on.
Don't be a "kicker."
fiber C. Smith Sells to the Pioneer Pub. Co.
Eber   0. Smith, of the Grand
Forks Gazette, has sold his interest
in the Phoenix Pioneer to the Pioneer Publishing Co.
The city of Grand Forks, we learn
from the columns of the Provincial
Gazette, gives notice that it will at
the next session of the British Columbia legislature, make application "for an act to authorize the
corporation of the city of Grand
Forks, and the inhabitants thereof,
to drain and deposit the sewerage
of and from the said city and any
extension of the corporate limits
thereof, into the main Kettle river,
and the north fork of the said river,"
etc. This is a monstrous proposition. With great wisdom and foresight all enlightened governments
have from time immemorial sought
by statutory safeguards to protect
the source and course of all water
supply from willful pollution.
Here is Cascade City, only twelve
miles below Grand Forks, which is
wholly dependent upon the Kettle
river for its drinking water, and our
sister city on the river a little
way above us is about to ask the
lawmakers to abrogate a most salutary provision that she may spill
her filth into the pure, flowing
stream from which we quench our
thirst. No, no, Miss Grand Forks,
you ought to have a higher regard
for the health and rights of your
neighbors than to seek to do such a
naughty thing. The mere thought
of the perpetration of such a disputable deed at your hands should
bring the blush of shame to your
maidenly cheeks.
,. In the name of justice, and the
people who drink from the Kettle
river below Grand Forks, we protest.
Cascade must bestir herself in
this matter.
The Imperial government is expending about $10,000,000 a week
in prosecuting the Transvaal war.
Sir Charles Tupper, the veteran
statesman who is making a tour of
this province in the interest of the
conservative party, is nearly 79
years of age. He does not look it
by twenty years. After visiting
Grand Forks and Greenwood Sir
Charles will go to Rossland where
he will look over the Velvet, Portland and other mining properties
in which he is interested.
The Christmas number of the
British Columbia Mining Record,
published at Victoria, is an elegant
specimen of the highest class of
typographical art. Its exhaustive
and learned papers on prehistoric
as well as historic subjects, and
mining stories, etc., are of a valuable character, and going as it does
to regular subscribers of the Mining Record as a Christmas gift,
cannot fail to be highly prized.
The Ancient Order of Hibernians
of St. Louis, and the United Irish
American orders of New York, have
held meetings, passed resolutions of
sympathy for the Boer cause and
pledged their moral and financial
support. At the St. Louis meeting a
movement to assess all Hibernians
in America $10 to raise a million-
dollar fund to be applied for the
equipment and transportation of
men to fight in the Boer cause, was
Greenwood's city authorities are
making investfgations relative to
the establishment of a svstem
oi water supply for that city. The
city engineer is making comparative elevation tests on Boundary
creek. Greenwood is rapidly blooming into womanhood. She now
has a first-class theater building, with up-to-date stage fittings
and auditorium plans. It was opened to the public last Saturday with
great eclat.
The printers of Grand Forks and
Greenwood have organized a typographical union, the first in the
Boundry country, and it starts off
well officered and in good healthy
condition. It is a necessary and
commendable step taken in the
right direction. Its officers should
be governed by a keen sense of justice to all, and be on their guard
constantly against selfish persons
who will seek to use the power of
the union for the unjust oppression
of business competitors.
The Treadwell mine in Alaska is
still holding its wonderful reputation as a producer. The last monthly report shows a run of 540 stamps
for 29f days, crushing 56,699 tons
of ore from which was realized $93,-
026, and 1,219 tons sulphurets of a
value of $52,553, making a total
bullion value of $155,750. The
working expenses being about $39,-
000 for the month, the net profits
amounted to the neat little sum of
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy, M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m, and
7:30 p.m., Standard Time, in the new church.
Sabbath school at 2:80 p.m. in the same place.
All are cnrdiallv invited to attend.
application will lie made to the Parliament
of Canada at the next session thereof, for an
act to incorporate a company to construct and
maintain a railway from a point on the International Boundary Line near Cascade, Britisli
Columbia, thence in a westerly direction following the valley of the Kettle river to a point on tbe
Boundary Line at or near (.'arson, with a branch
from n point at or near Grand Porks to a point 50
miles up the North Fork of the Kettle river,follow-
Ing the valley of the same river.iilso with a branch
from a point at or near Grand Korks, proceeding
In a southwesterly direction by way of Greenwood
to a point on the International Boundary Line at
or near Midway, with power to the company to
construct, operate and maintain telegraph and
telephone lines, as well for commercial purposes
as for the business of the company and for all
other necessary and usual powers.
Dated this 2nd day of December, 18W.
For himself and the other applicants. 12
Certificates of Improvements.
John Bnll and Marinette Mineral Claims situate
in the Grand Forks mining division of Osoyoos division ol Yale district.
Where located:���On the East side of McRae
creek, near Gladstone townsite, B. O.
Take Notice that I, R. E, Yonng, acting as
agent for the John Ball Mines, limited,F. M. C,
No. B12845, Free Miner's Certificate No. B13446,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining erown grants
of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37,must be commenced before the issuance of
said Certificates of Improvementa,
Dated this 27th day of November, A.D., 1869.
R. E. Youhg, P. L. S.
Young k Burnet, Rossland, B. C. 12
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r   *
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Main Street and First and Second Aves.,
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Gladstone, and Eagle City,
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West Seattle.
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that we have opened a branch of our business at
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Power Stamp Mills for sale���180 complete. 01
December 23,1899
��� ��� ��� ���
The Centre of the Par-famed Similka meen District.
A Mining and Agricultural Centre.   ::::::
Lots Now on the flarket.
Third Avenue, 100 Feet Wide. Lots, 30x150.
Corner Lots, $150.        Inside Lots, $100.
Corner Lots, $100.
Inside Lots, $75.
Terms, 1-3 Cash; Balance, Three and Six Months.
For Further Particulars, Apply to
General Agents,
R- H. PARKINSON, Fairview.
Late War News.
It is reported that young Churchill has escaped from Pretoria.
A revised list of the British casualties at Magersfontein places the
number r.t 832.
The Cape Colony ministry is
charged with disloyalty,and its dismissal is probable.
Private Chappel of the Royal
Canadians, died of tonsoliti* at
Belmont, Cape Colony, December
Not within the range of the longest memory has Great Britain met
with three successive military reverses in a single week.
The results so far, in the Transvaal struggle, lead to the belief that
the Imperial government will be
compelled to send from 50,000 to
100,000 more fighters to the front.
In the battle of Elitngsaate the
Buchanans contributed their full
share of blood to the cause of liberty. The bodies of Captain Robert
Buchanan, his two sons and nephew
were found lifeless on that bloody
Late official returns give Buller's
loss, at Tugela river, to be 1,197.
Nine officers were killed and 18 are
missing. Among those killed was
Lieut. F, H. S. Roberts, son of Lord
Roberts of Candahar and Water-
A Berlin correspondent of a
London paper, writes that the German steamer Koenig recently arrived at Lorenzo Marques with a German and Dutch contingent, and 13
German, 2 French and 1 Swedish
officers, who joined the Boers.
An official report gives the total
number of killed, wounded and
missing of all arras in the engagements at Modder river on the 10th
and 11th instants as 817. There
were 650 casualties among the noncommissioned officers and  men  of
the Highland brigade at Magersfontein.
It now reads like this, in summing up: Since November 28th
the British have lost 3,000 brave
soldiers. At the battle of Modder
river Methuen lost 483 men, and
817 at Magersfontein; atStormberg
( atacre lost 600, or more, and Bul-
(i at Tugela river lost 1,197 !
Because of the reverses which
have befallen the British arms in
South Africa, and thoroughly convinced that England would be beaten in the Transvaal, Daniel A.
Webber threw himself from a fourth
story window in New York city the
other night and was instantly killed.   He was 57 years old.
Mr. A. J. McMillan has gone to
England. He is a man well posted
as to the mining resources of this
part of British Columbia, is largely
interested in various mining enterprises in the Boundary and capable of telling the English public
intelligently what he knows about
this country in an entertaining and
edifying manner. On his last visit
to London he lectured before several
societies on the mineral resources
of British Columbia, and has gone
this time fortified with data to further enlighten the investors of that
world's financial center on the
subject of our great mines. He will
do a good and profitable work for
this province.
Late information from the North
shows that much development work
has been done on the Kyak coal
fields on Cooks Inlet, and it is said
the company operating the mines
will employ 400 men next season.
The story is again reported that
work has again begun on a new
railway which will tunnel through
the Chilkat Pass. Some big contracts were let for the railway at
Juneau shortly before the Topeka
sailed. One was an award made
by the Granite Wharf Co., to Alex
Ross & Co., for the construction of
a dock 60x300 feet, 1,500 feet of
rock work along the mountain side
and the approach 3,500 feet long
for a consideration of $25,000, $5,-
000 cash and the balance in monthly payments of $5,000 each. The
contract provides that the piles of
the approach are to be 16 feet high
with capping and heavy cross
stringers ready for the laying of
the railroad ties and for the completion of the work by March. Another contract calls for a 50,000
hemlock and spruce tie supply,
the ties to be 6x8 inches and eight
feet long. Twenty-thousand dollars iB the consideration named in
this award.
Maps of the Boundary Creek district, showing all claims, sent post
paid on receipt of price, $1.50, by
the Record, Cascade, B. C. 6
Doomber 88,1899
A oordial invitation is extended
to tbe residents of Cascade and vicinity to be present at tlie entertainment to be held in the First
Presbyterian church on Christmas
evening. There will be no charge
for admission, and no collection
will be taken up. Tbe first part
of the proceedings will consist of
tbe rendering of the following programme of recitations, vocal and
instrumental music, etc :
Hymn���"Ob ! Come, all ye faith-
full," by tbe children and  others.
Recitation ��� "Saved and Saviour," by Robert Thompson.
Recitation ��� "Good-bye, old
year,"  by Jennie McRae.
Instrumental music, by Miss
Recitation���"Christmas Morning," by Ava Black.
Recitation ��� "Willie's Speech,"
by Wilbur Greer.
Recitation���"The Union Jack,"
by Andrew Thompson.
Scotch Song���By tbe Rev. Joseph
Recitation���"Choice of Trades,"
by ten bovs.
Recitation���"There was once a
small child," by Kathleen  McRae.
Recitation���"Christmas in Fun-
nyland," by Jessie Hyde.
Song���"The two dying soldiers,"
by Harriet Lavalley.
Dialogue���"The Arithmetic Lesson," by Edwin and Wilbur Greer.
Recitation���"There was once a
wee urchin called Bill," by John
Recitation���"Santa Clans is coming," by Margery Wolverton.
Instrumental music, by Miss
D arrow.
Recitation���"TheClown's Baby,"
by Robert Thompson.
Recitation ��� "Slightly mixed,"
by Jennie McRae.
Recitation���"In my pocket," by
Edwin Greer.
Vocal Solo, by Mr. Stocker.
Recitation���"The Battle of Ho-
henlinden," by Willie Walling.
Recitation���"It's coming boys,"
by John McRae.
Recitation���"Old King Cole," by
Ada Hubbard.
Recitation���-"The point of view,"
by Willie Thompson.
Song��� "Shells of Ocean," by
Jessie Hyde and Harriet Lavalley.
Recitation���"When mother looks
at me," by Duncan McRae.
Recitation���"Two little kittens,"
by Mary Thompson.
Recitation���-"Boys' Rights," by
Bert Greer.
On tlie completion of the programme, the gifts will Redistributed
from the Christmas tree, after which
all present will be invited to partake of refreshments furnished by
the ladies. After the distribution
of the refreshments, a brief additional programme of vocal Mini instrumental  music will be rendered.
A public examination of the
pupils of the Cascade school was
held yesterday afternoon, and was
attended by the trustees and a
number of other visitors. The
pupils were examined in various
branches of study, after which a
rehearsal took place of  the  recita
tions, etc., prepared for the entertainment to be held Christmas
evening. The Christmas vacation
will last until Monday, Jan. 8th,
when school work will be resumed
in the new building. The report
for December will be published
next week.
B. Wilcox, of tbe Dominion
Supply Co., being asked how business with him was, replied, "It is
good; better than expected at this
reason. You can tell your readers
that we are continually receiving
consignments of fresh goods. This
week we received a carload of vegetables and staple and fancy
groceries; also fifty boxes of eating
and cooking apples, We have constantly an abundant supply of
hay, grain and  blacksmith  coal."
Mine Host C. H. Thomas, of the
Hotel Cascade, is preparing an
elaborate spread for his regular
and transient guests on Christmas
Day. He has slaughtered several
members of that fine flock of turkeys, whose promenades have been
witnessed with covetous eyes of
many turkeyless citizens. The
spokesman of the flock, "Billy,"
tipped tbe beam at 28, and will no
doubt decorate tbe banquet table
with pride, though with less audible demonstration than when he
was on parade in life. A prize of a
bottle of Canadian Club will be
presented to tbe guest who proves
himself tbe most capacious turkey-
eater present.
Five Dead Railroad Men.
Last Friday, an extra freight
train, loaded with rails, ran away
on the Northern Pacific's Lewiston
branch. The train consisted of 15
cars and two engines, and was proceeding down what is called the
Kendrick hill, when the trainmen
lost control of it. Before it reached the foot of the grade the entire
train flew the track, which resulted
in the death of engineers Ogden
and Bain and firemen Bradshaw
and Peterman, and Brakeman
Smoke Good Cigars!
Royal Seal,
Manuel Garcia,
and other choice brands.
Tobaccos, and
Smokers'  articles.
Meadow's Fruit Store,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Okani) Forks, B.C.
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician.
Eyes Scientlflcally Tested
Free of Charge	
Dominion Hall Block,     -     COLUMBIA, B.C
fist; anb Oysters, ��iue anb frresseb Poultry
F. GRIBI, Tlgr.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
1 ��iqws, ^)ines anb (j��aT>s-I
w A specialty made of Imported Goods.  Glassware and bar
A'a Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for                 ki
W. Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.                                 \.
I MAIN STREET,        ....       CASCADE, B. C.  |"
B. C. Livery Stable
Good Saddle Horses for Hire. Teaming
on the Shortest Notice. Good Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part of
the Boundary country.  Careful drivers.
J. A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue,      -
Cor. of Main Street and First
Avenue [centre of town] ...
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
HCir* Always Open, *3^r
The Most
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Stocked Bar
in connection
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
mile6 from Christina Lake. One of the best hotel build-
ingB between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
December 23,1899
MERE'S  A   POINTER. Just get in line, follow the
crowd and subscribe to ..
The Cascade Record.
If You Wish
To keep thoroughly posted on the fast
moving events in the growing Boundary and Christina Lake sctions, there is
only one way to accomplish it, viz:
It costs only Two Dollars to get
in out of the wet, and receive 52
copies of the Record. Printed
on good paper with good type
and good ink.
^���^���"^ ^���^���^ ^���^^���^���^���'
Mining Information.
Tlie Jackson mine at Whitewater
shipped 60 tons of ore this   week.
F. \V. Gloves has completed the
survey of the Gold Dollar in Central camp.
The Warner-Miller company has
18 claims under bond, near the
Shylark and Ranger.
The payroll of the Dominion
Copper company, in Greenwood
camp, has 60 names on it.
The owners of the Hartney group
on Silver mountain have turned it
over to a Rochester syndicate.
G. B. Meacham of Montreal, has
bonded the Poland China, in
Meyers creek, and has  12 men  at
Duncan Mcintosh, president of
the Winnipeg mine, has returned
from a visit to his former Nova
Scotia home.
A. L. Watson, who was 60 seriously injured in the B.C. mine a
few weeks since, has lost his eyesight entirely.
A six-drill compressor has been
ordered from Chicago for the Abe
Lincoln mine adjoining the Sunset
in Deadwood camp.
On the Ah There claim, adjoining
Greyhound in Deadwood camp,
they are taking out some excellent
looking pyrrhotite ore from the
cross-cut being cut from the bottom
of a 50-foot shaft. On the surface
the ore body is said to measure 200
feet in   width.
The Gold Drop mine in Greenwood camp promises to be a shipper before many moons have waxed and waned. Immense bodies of
ore have recently been opened up
and a plant consi6tingof a 10-stamp
drill, boiler hoist, and pump, is being installed.
At present work in the Morrison
in Deadwood camp is at a standstill
pending the reorganization of the
company. The old <ompiny was a
Spokane institution. The new organization will be under provincial
laws and, it is said, is backed by
Montreal money.
The returns from 20 tons of ore
from the Gold Bug sent to the
Trail smelter, gave a net value of
$110.60 per ton. The values are
divided as follows, 131 ounces of
silver, two and one-fifth ounces of
gold, one and one-half ounces copper and 12 per cent other values.
The local people interested in the
Pontifex mine on Huckleberry
mountain are feeling jubilant this
week on account of the increasing
richness of that mine. A strike
was made there Tuesday week that
revealed the best showing in rich
copper quartz yet found in that
mine, and that is saying much for
this ever more promising property.
The mineral product of the Dominion for the year 1898, according
to the official reports of several provincial governments, was $26,518,-
534. This was divided by provinces as follows: British Columbia,
$10,455,268; Nova Scotia, $6,000,-
000; Ontario, $5,000,000; Quebec,
$2,063,266; Northwest Territories
and the Yukon, $3,000,000.
The Boundary already has 18
shipping mines, enumerated and
located as follows: In Deadwood
camp there are the Mother Lode,
Morrison, Sunset and Gold Bug.
Greenwood camp���Knob Hill, Ironsides, Brooklyn and Stemwinder.
Central camp���City of Paris and
London. Long Lake camp���Tbe
Jewel. Summit camp���Oro Deno-
to, B. C, and Emma. Wellington
i amp Golden Crown and Winnipeg. N> rth Fork camp���Golden
Eagle and Pathfinder.
John Farrell made a rich strike
on the the Bay Horse fraction last
week in Wellington camp. For
some time he has been running a
a surface crosscut on a capping, and
last week encountered the ledge
which he has uncovered for a distance of 50 feet. The ore is arsenical iron, similar to that taken out
of the Winnipeg about a year ago,
and running over $100 in all values
to the ton. The Bay Horse fraction
is an adjoining claim to the Butter
Cup and Iron Clad.
An Arizona miner has devised
the simplest cyanide plant probably in existence to-day. His mine
is in Eldorado canyon, on the Col
orado river. The ore is refractory
and can not be reduced by the ordinary process. The Silver Bell
says he crushes the ore in an arras-
tra and then leaches the pulp hy the
cyanide process in two vats made
from ordinary barrels, doing all the
work by hand. In this crude manner he has taken out several hundred dollars during the past two
months, without an assay outfit to
check his work. The simplicity of
the plant and the perseverence and
ingenuity of its maker illustrates
the character of the American
miner in the west.
Of the Kittie W., up the  north
fork of the Kettle river, tho  Grand
Forks  Miner says:    Work  on   the
shaft on the  Kittie  W. group  up
the north f irk of the   Kettle   river,
has been suspended for tbe  present,
at the depth of twenty feet, and tht
entire force is now at work running
a crosscut tnnnel to open the ledge.
The tunnel is now in between fifteen
and  twenty  feet and  a   splendid
showing is reported, the rook in the
face  being  well   mineralized   and
giving every indication of the close
proximity of  the ore   body.    Tlie
showing on  the properties  of  the
Kitty   W.   company   are   simply
enormous.    On the surface is is  at
least 500 feet in width, and it   will
undoubtedly take a great deal   of
prospecting work to determine tbe
best point for  permanent development.
Report says that there is a deal
on in the east for the Granite and
Banner property, in Camp McKinney. 	
We print in all styles and colors.
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial!
ktViYftiUWi^WrtftiWWWiWWWt 8
December !
We Make a Specialty
Dominion m Supply��Co.,
Main Street, Cascade, B. C.
:::: OF
B. WILCOX, rigr.
Giant Powder,
Blacksmith's Coal,
Hay and Grain.
Let Us Make You
.... Quotations.
Visiting Cards
Business Cards
Shipping Tags;
Statements, Ktc.
, . OP . .
The Record
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
Plans Drawn and] Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Sing Kee
Expert   Laundryman.    Bundle? ctilled for and  delivered.
Work done on Short Notice,
(live me a trial.
Laundry at liie rearof the Commercial Hotel
Hutch ins &
Are now located in Boar-burg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaran
Delivered free to
any part of the
The Eastern Township hank is
establishing a branch at  Phoenix.
Snow has continued to fall in
slight storms during the week, and
about town sleighing is fairly good.
Officer D. J. Darraugh left on
Monday for his headquarters at
Phoenix, from whence he will tour
the western portion of his district
on official business.
Among the provincial appointments recently gazetted we notice
that of H. B. Carman, as License
Commissioner, vice Jeff Davis, resigned, residence at Grand Forks;
and J. F. Ferguson, Justice of the
Peace, Midway.
W.E. McDaneil, agent at Cascade
for the Spokane & Northern Telegraph company, was ordered to report at Grand Forks Tuesday,
whither he went by the 1:02 passenger. During his temporary absence
the local office will be closed.
Mr. Smith Curtis, of Rossland,
joint owner with Frank Hutchinson
of the Elmore mine, came over
Thursday, Mr. Hutchinson meeting
him at the Sutherland siding, and
both going out to their mining
property on Shamrock  mountain.
J. W. Stewart, so well and favorably known in these parts, in connection with the contracting firm
of Mann, Foley Bros. & Larson, has
purchased the handsome residence
known as the Hussey house, on
Riverside avenue, near Cedar street,
Spokane. The Chronicle says Mr.
and Mrs. Stewart will leave soon
for the east to purchase furniture
for their new home.
Freighters, still on wheels, seem
to have resurrected themselves from
the several sloughs of despond between here and Bossburg, as quite
a number of freightwagons have
passed through town during ihe
week. A trip overland from here
to Bossburg or Marcus is of as
great magnitude as one to Cape
Town, considering hardships endured and time consumed.
Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson ami Foil Slieppanl Ity, Co.
Red Mountain Hail way Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between  the   Kootenay  District
���AND am.���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects at Spokane with���
0. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers  for Kettle  River and  Boundary
eek connect at   Marcus and  Bostbure   with
stages daily.
A.JACKSON, G. P. &T. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
F. E. Tbbo, Agt., Cascade, B. C.
W.F. Anderson,      E.J.Coyle,
Trav. Pass.Agent, A.G.P.Agt.
Nelson, B.C.     Vancouver.B C.
The California mining capitalist,
C. D. Lane has succumbed to a
serious attack of the Cape Nome
lever, and will expend $500,000 in
a plain to work the sands of the
America's Great Transcontinental Line
and World's Pictorial Route.
The Direct Route
From Kootenay Country
Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts to all points
East and West
First-class Sleepers on all trains
from Revelstoke and Kootenay
St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for Montreal and Boston, Same
cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
Direct Connection via Robson to and Irom all
Leave CASCADE Arrive
14.48 Daily ex. Sun. 13.02
For rates and fullest information address in ureal local agent or,
9. K. liver? St
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Near Montana Hotel, Cascadi.


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