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Cascade Record 1899-10-07

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Published In the Interest* of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. I.
No. 48.
Rich Mineral Zone is at Our
Mother Lode Crosscut Has Retched the
Ledfe���No. 3 Teasel oa the Mystery la
40 Feet.
Within two or. three miles of
Caecade is a distriot, rich in
precious metals of which but littler
is heard. Nevertheless it has some
of the most promising prospects to
be found in Southern British Columbia. The section referred to is
that of Deep creek, which stream
flows into Kettle river a mile or
two below Cascade. The inacessi-
bility of the ledges has made it
rather an unattractive locality
heretofore in which to prospect.
Now, however, it is rapidly coming
to the front, and bids fair to astonish the mining world in a short
space of time.
One of the best claims on Deep
creek is the King William, owned
by a man named Kin near. It has
a 75 fooTftfrtftfori1' wtifctilB fr wmoS
lass. Assays'have run $80 to 1130.
The ore is a fine looking quartz,
in which native copper is readily
seen/ It is understood that the
property has been bonded.
The Copper Wonder, adjoining
the King William, ie another fine
property. It has a 20 foot shaft,
at the bottom of which is an eight
or ten inch vein of white quartz.
Assays of over $100 in copper and
gold have been obtained from this
ore. Specimens are now on exhibition in the Record office, and
are certainly attractive. This
property has heen stocked.
Adjoining the Copper Wonder
is the New Year, largely owned by
Bowen & VanCleve, of Cascade.
While work on this property has
only just been started, there is a
good vein of live quartz, which is
now being assayed.
Just over the mountain, not over
six or seven miles from Cascade, is
the Little Gem and Little Giant,
both being developed by double
shifts. The former gave the astonishing assay of $19,000 in gold per
ton, and the latter enjoys the distinction of being the first property
on the Colville reservation to ship
a oarload of ore. Not far away is
the First Thought group, owned by
Bruce and Byron White, and P
Burns and Blake Wilson, now getting ready to ship ore. A number
of other promising claims are located nearby, and a number of them
are being worked. One of these is
the Anaconda, in which Peter
Larson and J. W. Stewart are interested.
Strike os Mother Lode.
A strike has heen made on the
Mother Lode, in the Burnt Basin,
which has heen under development
all summer with W. H. Alexander
in  charge.    At  first  an  incline
shaft was sunk about 60 feet, and
then crosscutting began. Charlie
Willarson, who came down yesterday, brings the news that when the
crosscut had been driven 58 feet,
the ledge was encountered. Its
width is not yet known, as the foot
wall has not yet been reached, but
it has already been demonstrated
that the strike is a valuable one.
The rock is a fine grained quartz.
Ctaooaball Looking Floe.
The shaft on the Cannonball
group, on Christina lake, is now
down 70 feet, and the bottom is
looking 'fine. Assays recently
made are quite satisfactory. J. W. charge of the property, has been promoted and will
hereafter look after the California
at Rossland also, on which active
development is once more being
pushed. The property belongs to
the Graves-Miner syndicate. Al.
Stewart is now foreman of the Cannonball, where the force was recently doubled. Two shifts are now
being worked.
Angus K. Stewart iB having the
Shakespeare, adjoining the John
Bull, surveyed.
The No. 3 tunnel on the Mystery
is now in over 40 feet. This makes
over 800 feet of work done on this
property this season.
The John Bull tunnel is now in
135 feet, and is looking better all
the time. The group is being surveyed by Young & Burnet, of Rossland.
Edgar P. Rathbone, the engineer
of tbe B.C. Mercantile & Mining
Syndicate, of Cascade, after examining some Rossland properties,
is now on his way to England.
J. H. Inkster, manager of the
Pontifex Gold Mining Co., operating on Huckleberry mountain,
came in yesterday to meet his foreman. The shaft is now down 65
feet, and other work is being done
also. Some splendid assays have
been obtained from this property.
Much of the ore ie identical with
that of the Republic mine. The
property is only five miles from
Wm. Forrest, road master, has
received word that the government
will allow $250 towards the building of a first-class trail from Gladstone to the Burnt Basin. It will
be built on a wagon road grade,
and the citizens of Gladstone will
put in as much or more than the
government to make it first-class
in every respect. This will be the
first expenditure by the government directly for the benefit of
Will Start Two Papers.
Eber C. Smith, of Rossland Record fame, passed through Cascade
Wednesday, en route Grand Forks
and Phoenix, in both of which
places he proposes starting papers.
In Grand Forks he says he will
soon have a daily, with dispatches
containing the world's news. He
had a car with him containing
printing machinery, paper, etc.
Rails Expected To Be Laid that Far By
that Date.
Grading Finally Completed, Bat There Is Now
a Shortage of Men at the Loaf Ball Dog
Tracklaying has been going on
steadily this last week and today
the steel gang is said to be about
live miles beyond the summit at
Eholt, and on the down grade to
Greenwood, which is but four or
five miles beyond. Just this side
of Greenwood is the long trestle,
which is expected to delay not
more than three or four days when
reached. Therefore, by the end of
next week, or by the 15th, the rails
should be laid into Greenwood���
unless some other delay is experienced.
No tracklaying has yet been done
on the spurs. All work is now
done on the new railway grade.
Mann, Foley Bros. & Larson still
have.track, surfacing, bridge and
tunnel men at work. Considerable trouble has, been experienced
lately to get men for the Bull Dog
tunnel. In this issue of the Record
the firm advertises for machine
men at $3.50 per day, and laborers
at $2.50. Work on all the spurs
is all but completed.
Quite a lot of men have gone to
the Rainy river rqad in Ontario,
where less wages are paid. Contractors Videen and Sangrin are
both there with their outfits, and
both have sent hack word that the
prospects for making anything are
exceeding email. Thus far the
work has been largely of a boulder
and mud character. Men looking
for work will do better to stay
right in the Boundary country,
than seek the evils they know not
Rambles From the Rails.
It is said that one of the largest
water tanks on the line will be
erected at Cascade.
It is getting to be an unusual circumstance when the passenger train
arrives on time. Yesterday it was
only three hours late.
W. H. Landgridge, division auditor of the C. P. R., with headquarters at Revelstoke, visited Cascade
for the first time this week, on
official business.
Only four locomotives, outside
of the three used in tracklaying,
are yet in use hy the C. P. R. on
the Boundary branch. Rolling
stock generally is short.
F. W. Peters, freight agent at
Nelson, who smilingly takes the
kicks from shippers over the high
rates prevalent, went to Winnipeg
this week to consult with higher
officials about the Boundary tariff
to be charged when tbe line is
completed to Midway.
Adjusting tbe Fire Losses.
H. T. Ceperley, president, and F.
W. Rounsefell, secretary of the insurance firm of Ceperley, Mackenzie & Rounsefell,Vancouver,arrived
in town yesterday, for the purpose
of adjusting tbe losses of the fire of
a week ago. Today Mr. Rounsefell
is securing proof of loss for each
one of those who were lucky enough
to be insured. The list includes
Messrs. Eckatorm, VanCleve, Flood
& McDonald and Nelson, Olson A
Bergman. It is expected that Mr.
Rounsefell will take the proofs of
loss with him at once to Vancouver
and send back checks covering the
various amounts of insurance.
Both the Columbia and Nelson &
Vernon telephone companies were
'rendered hors de combat by the Cascade fire, but were in full swing
again at eight the next morning.
Gangs of carpenters are now
working on section houses along
the line.
The Pathfinder has over 400 tona
of ore on the dump.
Water Power Co. is Vigoroasly hskbg
That Big Uodertaiiig.
Contractor Qulnllvaa Is Making the Rick Fly,
sod Foreman Simmons Is Losing No Time
st the Dam Site.
This week Contractor Quinlivan
began the work of blasting away
the rock foundations for the large
power house of the Cascade Water,
Power & Light Co. It will be situated at the foot of the falls, just
to the right of the wagon road, and
several thousand yards of rock will
be moved. He is still looking for
good rock men, and as he expects
also to start on the work of filling
in the dam cribbing with rock
next week, he can easily give steady
work to 40 or 50 more men.
A visit to the dam Bite yesterday
by a Record man showed that Foreman Simmons is letting no grass
grow under his feet. With his
force of 14 men���and he says he
never had a better gang���he has
already built the cribbing about 12
feet higher than before on one side,
and will soon have it an equal
height on the south Bide. He says
he will he ready for Mr. Quinlivan
to begin filling the cribs in a very
few days. Then it will be a scene
of even greater activity.
D. P. Barber, who has the contract for clearing the right of way
for the double pole line from Phoenix south, was in town this week.
He now has 17 men in camp, and
expects to complete his contract in
three or four weeks.
In every way possible it is evident that Sunt. Anderson will push
the work of developing this mighty
water power. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
October 7, 18W
Columbia TownsHe's  Ex-Manager   Charged
With Serious Crime
Chas. H. Hinckley, in May,
1884, embezzled $97,000 in ciuh
from the West Side Bank, New
York City. He came to Canada,
changed his name to C. S. Morris
and operated considerably in mines
and realty. Last winter he bought
���a $15,000 interest in the Columbia
Townsite Co., and became vice-
president and manager. Later he
sold out his stock, as his management did not give satisfaction to
the townsite people. He then
turned his attention to mining
properties in the Similkameen,
where he has heen all summer.
Meantime, through the Columbia
hotel fire, the hank officials learning
of Hinckley's whereabouts, quietly set about getting him into the
meshes of the American law. He
was arrested and brought to Columbia, where Constable Darraugh
met and took him to Rossland.
He is now there, fighting the extradition proceedings tooth and
nail. The present extradition law
hetween Canada and the United
States took effect in 1890, and it is
a question whether it can be made
retroactive. The case will probably
he carried to Ottawa before it is
finally decided, both sides having
employed the best legal talent.
The prisoner is now in the hands
of a special officer at Rossland,
where the first fight is being made.
The bank has two representatives
in Rossland now, and proposes to
put Hinckley through and introduce hirn to the incide of the New
York state penitentiary if such a
thing is possible.
Grand Forks faster than consignees
will take delivery, and some
through cars were side-tracked
County court will be held at
Midway by His Honor, Judge
Spinks, Nov. 22
Greenwood's Liberal-Conservative Association Bent delegates to
the New Westminster meeting.
The adjourned session of the
coroner's jury, which wa? to have
been held last Monday at Grand
Forks, in the George H. Weed
poisoning case, has been postponed
until today.
The demand for powder is increasing to such a degree in Cascade that the B. C. Store now order
it in carload lots. More work than
ever is going on in the contiguous
mines and prospects.
Thursday night there was still
left 1003 feet between the heads in
the Bull Dog tunnel; 1102 feet have
been bored on the west end and!
883 feet on the east end. Olaf
Olson, in charge, is short of  men.,
Some trouble was threatened in:
regard to bonding freight going via
rail to Grand Forks and thence to
Republic. The matter was arranged by sending Mr. Plummer, an
American customs official, to Grand
One day last week Frank Corte,
the mail carrier, left his place near
Brooklyn, at 7 a. m., walked every
foot of the way to Cascade, carried
three mail sacks, and got here before the delayed C. P, R. train.
The distance is 43 miles.
Columbia now has a telephone
Harry C. Adams, of Anaconda,
was a- Visitor in Cascade last Tuesday.
There is still a considerable
amount of freighting being done
from Bossburg.
J. Ed. Beaton, of the contractors'
purchasing department, made a
trip to Rossland and Nelson this
Bruce White came in Monday1
and   went to the  First Thought
mine, at Pierre's Take; where he
has a dozen men at work.
A fire took place at the new Yale
hotel, at Grand Forks, last Wednesday, but was extinguished before much damage was done.
, Cabins are about completed on
the Pontifex group, on Huckleberry mountain, where a force of
12 men will work all winter.
R. W. Kelman, of Vancouver,
has arrived and will be the office
man and book-keeper for the Cascade Water, Power & Light Co.
Work has been started on the
Mother Lode smelter at Greenwood,
and it is stated will be carried on
continuously until it is blown in.
Engineer Ashcroft came in on
Tuesday's train, and proceeded to
English Point, with his outfit,
where he will do some surveying
for Angus K. Stewart.
Harvey Harris and wife went to
RosBland last Saturday, to take
charge of P. Burns & Co's interests.
His place here was filled by Orrin
Mullen, formerly of Kaslo,
Freight for Greenwood and
other points has been coming into
The masons at Republic are taking steps to organize a local lodge.
Republic papers think that town
is rapidly developing into another
Cripple Creek.
It is reported that an enterprising newspaperman will Boon start
a weekly at the new town of
The great Spokane exposition
opened last Tuesday in a blaze of
glory. It will continue till the
17th inst;
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October 7,18W
Miss E. Wickers, of English
Point, has gone to Seattle to visit
F. Elkins, who has been in the
city several weeks, left yesterday
for his home in Greenwood.
Pete Johnson returned today from
the Similkameen, where he has been
prospecting all summer.
Hewitt Bostock, M.P., was expected in the Boundary this week,
but failed to put in an appearance.
John Lyngholm today received
some fine samples of ore from the
Bergen claim, on St. Thomas mountain, in which he is interested.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Dowdy and
daughter arrived yesterday from
Spokane, and will make their home
in Cascade. Mrs. Dowdy iB the
daughter of S. W. Bear.
Have you got one yet ? What ?
Why, one of those new maps of the
Christina lake mining camps. If
you have an interest there, you
should have a map. Sent post paid
by the Cascade Record on receipt
of $1.25.
Work on the putting in of the
two 150-foot spans on the long
bridge over Kettle river, is now in
full swing under Foreman Patrick
Dowd and his 18 men. There are
five additional spans yet to he put
in along the line.
Since Brockman & Lay took over
the Columbia stage line a week ago,
they have had more traffic than
they could conveniently handle.
For the past week one had to be
a past master in the art of crowding in, to get even a glimpse of a
seat. They have been running an
extra rig also.
daine ft Roy Stock Sold.
Wednesday the Gaine & Roy stock
was sold bv Deputy Sheriff Taylor
to the highest bidder, G. A. Eastman, who represented J. W. Mc-
Kinnon, of Eholt. Several bids
were received, the successful figure
being 424 centB nn the dollar. At
the sale were present Manager McLeod, of the Hudson's Bay Co., at
Nelson, R. S. Lennie, his solicitor,
Solicitor Cochrane, of Grand Forks,
Constable Darraugh and Bailiff
Elkins. The money, amounting to
$1347.45, will be paid into court,
pending the legal battle now going
on hetween the assignee and the
judgment creditors who took possession.
Late Jletal Quotations
New York, October 6.- Bar silver, OTKc
Mexican dollars. 47c.
Lake copper���18.60.
The Arm that flies the selling price for miners
and smelters quotes lead 14.60 at the close.
Boundary Creek License District.
Notloe is hereby given that the undermentioned
persons have made application under the provisions of the ' 'Liquor License Act, 18��," for hotel
licenses at the places set opposite their respective
Frank Kaiser Eholt
W.H.Bell Phoenix
Relnhold Greiger Phoenix
John E. Almstrom  ....Niagara
J. H. McMannus near Brooklyn
A speolal meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the Boundary Creek District will be
held to consider such applications at the Miners'
Exchange Hotel, Eholt, on Saturday, the 14th day
of October, 1890, at the hour of II o'clock in ihe
n. J. Darraugh,
Chief License Inspector
Boundary Creek District.
Certificate of the Incorporation of the "Victoria
Gold and Copper Mining Company, Limited,"
"Non-Personal Liability."
CAPITAL, 11,000.000.
I hereby certify that the "Victoria Gold and
Copper Mining Company, Limited," "Non-Personal Liability," has this day been incorporated
under the "Companies' Act, 18117," as a Limited
Company, with a capital of one million dollars,
divided into one million shares of one dollar
The registered office of the company will be situate In the town of English Point, Grand Forks
mining division, Yale district, British Columbia.
The company Is specially limited nnder seotion
66 of the said Aot.
The objects for which the company has been
established are:
To work, operate, buy, tell, lease, looat*, acquire, procure, hold, and deal In mines, metals,
and mineral claims of every kind and description
within the Province ot British Columbia; to carry
on and conduct a general mining, smelting and
reduction business; to purchase, acquire, nold,
erect and operate electric light and power plants
for tbe purpose of furnishing lights and creating
power; to bond.bu.v, lease, locate and hold ditches,
Humes and water rights; to construct, lease, buy,
sell build, or operate tramways or other means or
transportation for transportation of ore, mining
and other materials; to own,, bond, buy, self,
lease and locate timber and timber claims; and
finally to do everything consistent, proper and
requisite for the carrying out of the objects and
purposes aforesaid, in their fullest and broadest
sense, within the territory named.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 8th day
of August, one thousand eight hundred and
IL. s.[ S. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Certificate of Improvements.
Cannonball, Dbadwoop and Alma mineral
claims, situate in tbe Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located:���On Baker Creek, about one
mile east of Christina Lake.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., of
Trail, B.C., acting as agent for K. Dalby Morkill, Jr. F. M. C. No. 33882A, William O. Williams, F M. C. No. 84617A, John Spaulding, F.
M. C. No. 12882A. Orr Gradeii, F. M. C. No.
18609A, Geo. S. Armstrong, F. M. (!. No. 12887B,
and A. W. Seigle Kree Miner's Certificate No.
1807A, intend sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Hecorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Qrants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, nnder seotion 87, must be oommenced before the issuance
of sucb Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this tenth day of July, 18W, A. D.
Certificates of Improvement!.
Birthday. Edison, Elkctkic, Picton,
moncton and Edison Fraction mineral
claims, situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale distriot.
Where located;-Birthday���on McRae creek
and on* mile from Christina lake.
Edison, Electric, Pioton, Moncton and Edison
Fraction���on Josh crrek, in the Burnt Basin.
Take Notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.,
of Trail, B. C, acting as agent for Hichard Newman, Free Miners' Certificate No. B13250, and
Mrs. (Thos.) Addle Gee, Free Miners' Certificate
No. 1258SA, intend, sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Hecorder for Certificates
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
crown grants of tbe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section ST.must ne commenced before lb* Issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thl 28th day of July, A.D., 1899.
60 J. U. Anderson.
Certificates of Improvements.
Tammany No. I, Gold Nuggett and Gold Nuggett
Fraction mineral claim's, situate in the Grand
Porks mining division of Yale distriot.
Where located:���In tbe Bnrnt Uasln, west of
the Kdlson group.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.. of
Trail, B. C, acting as agent for James Peterson,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 36A67A, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to tbe mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of tbe above
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of suoh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day ot August, A.D., 1899.
62 J. D, Anderson.
Certificates of Improvements.
Bnrnt Basin, Burnt Basin Fraction, Jim Blaine
and Jim Blaine Fraction mineral claims situate in the Grand Forks mining division of
Yale distriot.
Where located:���In the Burnt Basin, north
west of the Edison group.
Take Notice that I, J. D. Anderson. P. L. S. of
Trail, B.C., acting as agent for John Hauser,
Free Miners Certificate No, S68S1A, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to tbe mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining orown grants of the above
And further take notice that action, under section 87,mu8t be commenced before the issuance of
said Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of August, A.D., 18W.
62 J. D. ANDBhSON.
Certificates of Improvements.
Mbcklbnbuko and Mecklenburg Fraction mineral claims, situate in the Grand Forks
mining division of Osooyos division of Yale district.
Where located:��� M the head of the Burnt Basin.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. 8., of
Trail, B. C, acting as agent for C. S. Wallls, F.
M. C. No. 84251A, and Annie M. Brown, Free
Miner's certificate No. B1M49, Intend, sixty days
from the date he-eof, to apply to the Mining Hecorder for certificates of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining orown grants of the above
And further take notice that aotlon, under section 87, must be commenced be'ore the issuance
of such certificates of improvements.
DHted this 12th day of Angust, A. D��� ISM,
61 J, D. Anderson.
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Nelson, B.C.    Vancouver,B.C.
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician.
Eyes Scientifically Tested
Free or Charge	
Dominion Hall Block,     ���     COLUMBIA, B.C
Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Sheppard Ry. Co.
lin Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
hetween the  Kootenay District
���AND ALL���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects at Spokane with���
O. R. R. A NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
oreek conneot at  Marcus and Bossburg  with
stages daily.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. k T. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
rpHE only place in British Colombia where tbe
genuine Keeley Treatment can be obtained.
Fine building, good board, pleasant and
healthful surroundings, and the arrangements
admit of the atrlotest privacy for patients, either
ladies or gentlemen. The Keeley Treatment affords the only safe and sure cure for the liquor,
opium, morphine, cocoaine, chloral, and other"
drugs, and al>o for tobacco poisoning. Parlies
interested are Invited to call at the institute and
investigate for themselves. All correspondence
October 7, 1880
Published on Saturdays At Cascade, B. C, by
W. Beach Willcox.
PerYear    82.00
Six Months     1.25
To Foreign Countries     2.W
Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
Tbe Record Is on sal* at the following places:
Simpson's Newstand    Rossland
Linton Bros    Kosslaiul
Thompson Stationery Co Nelson
H. A.KJngACo  Greenwood
R. F. Petrie  Grand Forks
John W. Graham ft Co Spokane, Wash.
Casoade Drug Co   Cascade
Wm. Meadows    Casoade
The acquirement of the water
power on the Kettle river at Cascade by the London & B. C. Gold-
fields, Ltd., is a most fortuitous
circumstance���not only for the
stockholders, but for the Boundary
mines. It means that from now
on the utmost energy will be shown
in the work of harnessing this great
agent and in delivering it cheaply
to the mines. As the majority of
Boundary mines are low grade, it
follows that power for working
them economically is imperative.
This they will be able to get from
the Cascade Water, Power & Light
In a report recently made by the
directors of the London & B. C.
Goldfields, to the ��� stockholders,
reference is made to the prospects
of our water power by Managing
Director Popkiss, as follows:
"Concerning the Cascade falls
power, as this is a scheme which
probably will will be exceedingly
remunerative when carried out,
the necessary amount haB been remitted for the commencement of
the works. In this matter the
promptness of the board is to be
commended, for as the camps of
the Boundary district have no
water available for power, it obviously is the place for the introduction of a cent i al electrical power plant for the pply of motive
power to the mi       md smelters."
It can thus bt >d that, not
only has the needed funds heen
provided to carry the work already
started to a speedy completion, but
that it is expected to supply the
power thus economically generated
to various mines and smelters
throughout the Boundary district.
It is well known that there is
practically no water power in the
Boundary aside from that at Cascade. The Boundary mines must
have cheap power, and they will
get it here. Gigantic bodies of low
grade ore can thus be profitably
worked. The plant will be remunerative because the demand
already exists for this comparatively inexpensive power. Industrial enterprises will also doubtless
follow and locate here in due
course of time, when the demand
for the products in British Columbia is of sufficient volume to warrant the necessary investment.
This time will come as sure as
night succeeds the day.
When fire broke out in the heart
of this young city a few days ago,
no one could tell where the dreaded
flames would stop Fortunately,
through the greatest exertions, it
was confined to the block in which
it started, severe scorching and
broken glass being the extent of
the damage outside the block con*
sumed. While it is doubtful, even
if the city had a water system,
whether the fire could have been
stopped, it is certain that only
precaution saved the rest of the
The lessons to be learned from
the fire are few, but they are of
prime importance. In the first
place every business man should
have some insurance on his stock.
In the largest city, it is foolhardy
not to have partial protection of
this kind. If, in smaller places,
the risk is greater and the premiums higher, it is only the more
reason for seeking such protection
as can be had.
Then, every business man should
have water always ready. A general conflagration, if once under
headway, could not be stopped,
but in its insipient stages a little
water is worth its weight in gold.
Care should be taken in regard to
the disposition of waste and rubbish, and this is of the utmost importance. While some incline to
the incendiary theory for our fire,
no good reason can be advanced
for it, and it may have started
from a smouldering cigar stub or
something of similar character.
There is always danger of fire in
a well-built town. Eternal vigilance, it is well said, is the price of
safety. We have learned our lesson, though attended with a loss of
one life and about $25,000 worth
of property. Let us profit by it,
and take no unnecessary chances
in the future. Cascade will recover, and in due time be better built
than ever. We. must, however,
reduce to the minimum the chances
for such a disastrous recurrence.
Unfortunately, the mining troubles in the Slocan are no nearer
settlement today than three months
ago, and as a rule silence reigns
supreme in those once busy camps.
It's a pity some adjustment of the
difficulty cannot be arrived at.
If Dewey's head is not turned by
the unprecedented ovations he has
been receiving in the United States,
he will prove to be one out of a
million. He performed a great
service, and Uncle Sam is taking
his own way to show his appreciation. He was evidently the right
man in the right place at the right
The government organs seem
well pleased that the sprightly
Daily Globe, of  Victoria,   found
competition too strong and was
forced to suspend. The Globe
always had the courage of its convictions, and aside from its politics,
was a bright and breezy journal.
Of that kind there are never too
many in the province.
It is given out in eastern papers
that a Dominion election is more
than likely to take place next January. If an appeal to the people
along provincial lines also takes
place, the politicians are likely to
have their hands full this winter.
Already the question is being
argued as to whether the provincial
election shall be conducted along
dominion party lines or not.
The editor of the Record acknowledges receipt of an invitation to
attend the Spokane exposition today, which is editor's day, when
"high jinks" will he the order.
The invitation states that the eight-
hour law has been temporarily
suspended, the police force has
been subsidized, and that a banquet such as the old Romans never
dreamed of will be spread. Apparently the highest kind of jinks
will prevail, and the editor of this
great family journal regrets that a
previous engagement with the paste
pot and scissors prevented his hitting the road to enjoy the feast of
reason and flow of soul   provided.
New Presbytery of Kootenay Makes Up its
First Lilt.
The home mission committee of
the new presbytery of Kootenay,
including part of Yale, has selected
the following ministers for Presbyterian churches in the fields indicated:
Grand Forks, J. A. Robertson.
Columbia, D. Campbell, M.A.
New Denver, Silverton and Na-
knsp, G. S. Scott.
Slocan, M. D. McKee.
Sandon and Whitewater, J. A.
Ainsworth, Geo. M. Young.
Ymir, Henry Young.
Camp McKinney, to be supplied.
Greenwood, J. A. Cleland.
Cranbrook and Ft. Steele, W. A.
Fernie, D. L. Gordon.
Cascade, Jos. McCoy, M. A.
Moyie and Kimberly, vacant.
Rossland mines, vacant.
Nelson mines, D. Lang.
Summit mines, D. A. Stewart.
Fairview, vacant.
Rossland is self-supporting and
has D. McG. Gandief.
Nelson, self-supporting, has Robert Frew.
Trail, augmented charge, has
John Munro, B. A.
Kaslo, augmented, A.D. Menzies.
Angus Cameron came down from
Huckleberry mountain, and saw
and heard for the first time what n
close call his postoffice buib'ing
had in last week's fire.
W. J. Brown, who has been in
the contractors'commissary at Cascade over a year, left this week for
Ft. Francis, Ont., where he assumes
a similar position under J. C. Shep-
ard on the Rainy river road.
At the
Cascade Drug Co.
You oan get anything and everything yon may need in the line of
Wall Paper,
Paints, Etc.
Latest Arrivals at
Calgary Flour.
Young Ladies' and Children's
Fancy Toilet Soaps in Great
Variety���Attar of Roses,
Russian Violet, Lily of
the Valley, etc., etc., from
5c to 35c.
Ladies' Blouses, Wrappers,
Under Skirts, Silk Laces
and Dress Trimmings.'
Main Street and First and Second Ares.,
Wanted at Once.
Information or address of D'Arcy Haodonald,
formerly of Alexandria, Qlengary county,
Ontario. Please communicate with the Cascade
Record, Casoade, B. C.
House for Sale or Rent.
Cozy two room house, in central location, for
sale at a bargain, or will rent to the right parties.
Apply at Recor<; office.
Curtis & ^orrison,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Grand Forks, B.C.
Christina Lake
Mining Camps.
Price, $1.25, post paid.
Compiled  by JOHN A. CORYELL, P. L. S.
This map contains the latest locations on Shamrock and Castle Mountains, on Baiter, Sutherland and MoRae Creeks, and in tbe Burnt Basin.
For sale by
The Cascade Record,
Cascade, B. C. U
:Oct6ber 7,18W
It goes without Baying that Cascade's fire was a serious affair to
those directly affected. With only
$4,450 insurance out of a total loss
of $25,000, it is apparent at a
glance that it was disastrous to
those burned out. Already two of
them, however, nothing daunted,
have begun business once more,
and they were the two whose loss
was total, not saving more than
the clothes on their backs. This is
pretty good evidence of their faith
in Cascade���notwithstanding the
remarks of croakers, of which every
town has its share.
The day after the fire, bright and
early, word was received from
Grand Forks, asking if any help
was needed, the extent of loss not
then being known at the Forks.
Fortunately the case was not as
serious as that, as none of the general stores were located in the
burned district. But the thoughtful inquiry was prompt, and will
not soon be forgotten by Cascade's
*% ,���-
' However it happened, Cascade
has no display of ore samples at
the Spokane exposition, and in the
undeveloped state of the district
this was a mistake. There is plenty of Canadian and American capital lying idle in the east, that is
only waiting for the right kind of
openings for investment. These
openings can be found here. It is
a pity that more effort is not taken
to bring buyer ana seller together.
By such means only Can the ex-
Eloitation of our mineral resources
e hastened.
There is now being formed in
New York City a strong syndicate
to take over and develop a promising property in the Burnt Basin.
Assays have been had .that are
satisfactory, an engineer's report
will be made, and the chances are
that another of the Basin's rich
ledges will be pegged away at all
A;'_ postoffice^inspeclpif's. life is
hardly a bed of roses���especially in
Southern British Columbia. With
almost innumerable steamboat,
Btage and railway routes and connections, it keeps him busy looking
up the delayed letters and sacks
that have a habit, semi-occasion-
ally, of galivanting around the
country. Just now, owing to Mr.
Bostock's efforts, he is endeavoring
to ascertain why so much time is
lost in transmission of mail at
times, when at others it goes
through with little or no delay.
After the new railway is completed
to Midway, and mails go ojver it,
undoubtedly the service into the
Boundary will be somewhat improved. But if we are to get American mail without delay, even then
it must come in via Bossburg.
Road Master Forrest has had
his force of men at work on the
new, trail up Shamrock mountain.
It is being built on an easy grade,
nearly or quite as far as the well-
known Elmore property, and will
greatly assist in the speedy development of that entire section and
its rich claims. Mr. Forrest has
shout a dozen men at work, and
has greatly improved the - road
from Cascade to English Point.
riontana Hotel
..... C. H. MAY, Proprietor.
For the Thirsty and Weary Traveller no More Satisfactory
House can be found in the entire Boundary country. At our
Bar you Will Find the.Choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars....
First Avenue,      -      -      �����"���'   -      CASCADE, B. C.
... WHOLESALE . . . .
| ��iquo"Ps, ^)ines atib Cigars.
A Hpecialty made of Imported Good*. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
B. C. Livery Stable
Good Saddle Horses for Hire. Teaming
on the Shortest Notice. Good Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part of
the Boundary, country. Careful drivers.
J. A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue,      -      -      -      -
BLACK BROS., Props. ?
��� ' i
Cor. of Main Street and First  <���
Avenue [centre of town] \..
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
Always Open. *ag)jr
The Most:
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Stocked Bar
in connection.
Indian summer is here in all its
Stage roads are once more in excellent condition.
The Cascade Drug Co. has "A
Million Dollar Check" for sale.
T. E. Mahaffy has just got in a
fine stock of fall and winter clothing.   Take a look at it.
Thursday afternoon the ladies'
aid society held a meeting at the
residence of Miss Darrow.
J. W. Stewart returned Monday
from a week's visit to Vancouver,
accompanied by Mrs. Stewart.
The fire has not affected social
functions in Cascade. Mrs. Stocker
gave a ten Wednesday afternoon.
Yesterday week 15 degrees of
frost were felt in Winnipeg. Id
Cascade wild strawberries were
Maps of the Boundary Creek district, showing all claims, sent post
paid on receipt of price, $1.50, by
the Record, Cascade, B. C.
License Commissioner E. Jacobs,
of Midway, who is also editor of
the Advance, passed through Cascade Tuesday on his way to the
Frank Hutchinson returned on
Tuesday from Rossland, and is
now getting ready for all winter'*
work at the Elmore on Shamrock
The C. P. R. makes no reduction
whatever in passenger rates for the
Spokane exposition. The Great
Northern grants a single fare for
the round trip.
T. H. Ingram returned Wednesday from a pleasure trip to Calgary, While away, however, he
managed to sell an even five cars
of his company's excellent products.
While Editor Nisbet, of the Columbia Review, is taking in the
high jinks at the Spokane exposition, Sub-Editor Peck McSwain
will grind out the gray matter for
the Review, and deposit his travel
stained pedal extremeties on the
marble-topped counter of the establishment.
Bought tbe Commercial Hotel
S. F. Quinlivan, whose hotel was
burned down in last Saturday's
fire, haB bought the Commercial
hotel from O. G. Fredericks, in
conjunction with Mr. Johnson, and
already the new firm is enjoying a
fair share of the going business.
Mr. Fredericks left on Thursday's
stage for Helena, Montana, where
he is also interested in the hotel
The Steamer
Myrtle B.
Is now ready for freight and
passenger traffic on Christina
Lake. Newly painted and refitted.
..Steamer.leaves Foot of Lake at 10 a.m. and 8
p. m.; leaves English Point at 9 a.m. and 1 p. m.
Wages, Machine Men $3.50;
% Laborers,        $2.50.
Free transportation from Grand Forks, Cascade or Robson.
Apply to
.-".:, MANN, FOLEY BROS. & LARSON, Cascade,
Or, OLAF OLSON, At the Tunnel. 6
October T, 1890
Honey Losses Will Figure ap Close to
Chinese Cook Saved a Ham and Left Hit
Money to Barn���No Cine to Origin ol
Cascade's awful fire, in which
one man lost his life and $25,000
worth of property, including some
ten buildings, was utterly destroyed, happened a week ago, and nothing now remaing but a block of
blackened ruins. Ihe property
destroyed was one of the busiest
sections of the town, and it is likely that in due course of time it will
be built up once more.
The ruins smoked for four or
five days after the blaze went out.
Some pilfering was done after
the fire, but not as much as might
be expected.
' Several much-valued canine*
were victims of the flames, including a great pet of C. H. Thomas.
The Cascade Auditorium, at the
rear of the Railroad Headquarters'
hotel, was destroyed with the other
Undoubtedly a number of other
buildings were saved by the prompt
work done on the Cascade Drug
Co's store.
Mrs. S. A. Crowell, fortunately
being at the end of the burned
block, saved nearly everything,
even to carpets, etc.
There were many losses of personal effects not enumerated in the
general list, which brings the total
loss fully up to $25,000.
Cascade's first hotel was located
in the two-story log building, back
of the Montana, which also went
down in the sea of flame.
Mrs. W. M. Wolverton saw the
fire from her window when she
says two pailfuls of water would
have extinguished the flame*.
The Chinese cook at the Grand
Central carefully carried a ham
out to safety, and left $70 in money
to he burned up in his room.
While many believe the conflagration was of incendiary origin,
as yet there is absolutely nothing
to positively show that euch was
the case.
The employees of the English
store, of the water power and many
others did splendid service in the
salvage of goods and of buildings
on the south side of the street.
C H. May will probably put
another building on his lot, but for
the present he will continue to run
the Montana hotel at the old International stand. He is a rustler
and deserves to succeed.
J. I). Ronald, of Brussels, Ont.,
wants to sell the town a fire engine,
on the same terms lately given to
Grand Forks, viz., a note for long
time, endorsed. He will submit a
The remains of Alex Arvoll, who
was burned in the fire, were interred at Evergreen cemetery Monday. The services were conducted
by Rev. J. McCoy, and there was
quite a concourse to the last resting place of the brave man. In a
few months he would have come
into possession of $4,500 from an
estate in Norway. He was well
thought of and respected by all
who knew him in Cascade.
Special Days at Spokane Exposition.
The special days at the Spokane
Exposition after the first week are
the following:
Monday, October 9th, Modern
Tuesday, October 10th, International day.
Wednesday, October 11th, Elks'
day and the big night parade of
the exposition.
Thursday, October 12th, Woodmen of the World.
Saturday, October 14th, United
Commercial Travelers' day.
Monday, October 16th, Eagles'
Monday, October 16th, wedding
at the exposition grounds.
On all the above occasions there
will be parades of the Orders but
the Elks will make a great event of
their parade which will he held in
the evening.
The Record Job Office is
fully prepared to supply
everything in the line of
Office Stationery.
Neat, Clean, Attractive
Printing. That is the
kind you want, the kind
that pays and the kind
we do.
Record Bldg., Cascade, B. C.
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of East Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of
a marvellously
A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty iu vestments.
A most advantageous smelter
location and railroad center. One
mile from Christina Lake, the
Great Pleasure
For further
price of lots,
etc., address,
GEO. K.,STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Or L. A. HAMILTON,.Land Com. C. E R., Winnipeg, Man. si
October 7,1880
Record  Representative Sees the Big
Veins of Ore.
No Possible Doubt of Their Being Vast Bodies
ol Pay Ore oa the Christina Slope, Directly Tributary to Cascade.
Shamrock mountain has undoubtedly an immense body of
gold-copper ore. Those familiar
with this camp, which is directly
tributary to Cascade, are well
aware of fhis. This week the publisher of the Record visited old
Shamrock, to see for himself some
of the immense ledges found there.
From the railway siding at Sutherland creek an old trail leads up
the mountain, and a couple of
miles up forks, one branch taking
one to Ihe A!ph<>n��e and the other
to the Elmore and other well known
The first important claims visited was the Alphonse, owned by
Al, Pion, after whom the property
was named. The appearance of
this claim was an agreeable sur-
rise, its gigantic fine grained iron
ledge, carrying copper pyrites, having been uncovered for 30 or 40
feet, and a shaft having been Bunk
25 feet. While assays are said to
be low yet, there is every evidence
of thin property turning out to be
a most valuable one.
Passing the Ski, the Beach with
its well timbered shaft, the Elmore,
the pride of the camp was reached.
In our estimation the Elmore,
owned by the Belcher Gold Mining
Co., of which Frank Hutchinson is
president, and Smith Curtis, Manager, has not been overrated. A
body of magnetic iron and copper
has been uncovered 72 feet on the
surface, the ledge having a northeast hy southwest strike through
the claim. Several shafts have
been sunk, one of which is down
35 feet and has a' 20-foot crosscut.
Assays give over $17 in gold and
The Shamrock and Thistle, owned hy D. C. Beach, C. S. Wallis,
R. Dalby Morkill, Jr., and John Y.
McKane are also splendid properties and have yielded some of the
highest grade ore yet found on
Shamrock mountain.
Development all over Shamrock
mountain has been uniformly
most encouraging to holders of
claims. The ore from these properties is wanted hy smelters, and
the day is not far distant wben a
large tonnage will he supplied from
the gigantic veins with which the
mountain is covered.
The vein on the Morrison, in
Deadwood camp, at a depth of 220
feet is 96 feet wide and drifting
east and west will be pushed with
vigor. Several hundred tons of
ore, removed during the crosscut-
tidg of the vein, has been piled on
the dump. A 10-drill compressor
has been contracted for, but owing
to prior orders will not be delivered
in less than three months.
Old patters for sale at. the Record
office, suitable for any old purpose.
Il is stated that the Athelstan
claim in Wellington camp has
been sold for $16,000 cash.
Send It Back East.
The Cascade Record will be sent
to any place in Canada or the
United States for one year on receipt of $2. It pays special attention to mining in the Boundary
and Christina lake sections, and
aims to give the most reliable information in regard to this fast
developing country.
Corbin's telegraph line ia called
the Kootenay and Yale Telegraph
Co. on this side of the line. On
the other side it is the Spokane
Northern Telegraph Co.
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy, M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
8:00 p.m., Standard Time, in the school-house,
Sabbath school at 2:80 p.m. in the same place.
All are cordiallv invited to attend.
Boundary Creek License District
Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned
persons have made application under the provisions of the "Liquor License Aot, 1899," for hotel
licenses at the places set opposite their respective
O. W, Abbott  Phoenix
Ira W. Black Phoenix
C. C Cumings Phoenix
August Jackson  Phoenix
Ed Simpson Phoenix
Ed Weeks Phoenix
F.C.Lane Phoenix
Frank Boone Midway
S. A. Crowell Midway
Prank Corte  near Brooklyn
Thomas J. Gorman  Summit City
P. W. Munn Eholt
Norman Luce Eholt
Simpson & Laura near Columbia
A special meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the Boundary Creek District will be
held to consider such applications at the Miners'
Exchange Hotel, Eholt, on Saturday, the 14th day
of October, 1899, at the hour of 11 o'clock In the
Chief License Inspector
Boundary Creek District.
ers and Mining Experts. To the Mining Public
of tbe Pacific Northwest: We beg to advise you
that we have opened a branch ef our business at
No. 205'/2 Washington St., Portland, Oregon, to
accommodate our numerous clients in the Northwest. As onr name for prompt and reliable work
in the past is known in every mining camp west
of tbe Rockies. It will guarantee our future success. Our certificates are invariably accepted by
banks and mining corporations as final. Numerous investors waiting for sound mining property.
We are now ready for work. Send in your samples with letter of instructions and charges, and
we will give yon prompt returns. Our charges
are���Gold and silver, 11.50: Gold, Copper and Silver, 18.00. Coal, Soil and other minerals, 15.00
each. &f Check assays a specialty. SELBV
BROTHERS, Aseayersand Mining Experts, No.
20514 Washington St., Portland, Oregon. Hand
Power Stamp Mills for sale-MO complete.
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between Alexander Lynch
and John Earle, doing business under the
title of the Cascade Sawmill Co., of Cascade City,
B. C, is hereby dissolved by mutual consent.
The business will be continued by John Earle,
who is hereby authorized to collect all outstanding accounts due the late firm, and will settle all
accounts owing by said firm.
Alexander Ltnch.
John Earle.
In presence of
George K. Stocker.
Dated at Cascade City, B. C, this 23d day of
August, 1899. 47
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc.,
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of th��
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avenue,
Cascade City. British Columbia.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Cbristina Lake. One of the best hotel build*
ings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
=P. BURNS & CO., \
I    fresl] anb Qw& )j)i|eats,
ifisr) anb Oysters, ��iue anb ftresseb poultry
IST" Meats delivered at Mines Free of Charge,
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
Plans Drawn and: Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Cascade Produce Co.
Manufactured from.
Opposite the Custom House, Cascade.
We carry a Full Stock of Hay, Oats, Flour, Bran,
Shorts, Chop, Corn Meat and Rolled Oats.
Call and see Our Goods and get Our Prices.
(Fac Simile of Sack.)
T. H. INGRAM, Mgr. 8
October 7, 18011
To keep thoroughly posted on the fast
moving events in the growing Boundary and Christina Lake sctions, there is
only one way to accomplish it, viz:
Just get in line, follow the
crowd and subscribe to ..
Jte Cascade Record
It costs only Two Dollars to get
in out of the wet, and receive 52
copies of the Rac.ird. Printed
on good papar with good type
and good ink.
CZs* I I^A r^j j  For the best since
I       If    lLLsas*y^^^m^^^' 1      the world began
T     RI I^T^ 11^ (^3 r The Record, Cascade,B.C.
If You Want a	
Cut in the Latest Style, Trimmed With the Best of Materials, and Made Right
Here in Cascade, Call on
^ercl/ant jailor,
First Avenue, Cascade, B. C.
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C
At Once!
Fifty Men wanted immediately
to work on the Power House,
Flume and Dam of the Cascade
Water, Power & Light Company's
plant. Wages, $2.50 up for good
Axemen, and $2.25 up for good
Rock Men.
Apply at once to
Cascade, B. C.
Brief Bits Prom Many Camps.
The B. C. mine, Summit camp,
is asking for tenders for sinking its
main shaft 100 feet deeper than the
present depth of 160 feet.
The Anchor and Enterprise, adjoining the Jewel mine, in Long
Lake camp, will be vigorously developed at an early date.
The railway graders have made
a cut on the Golden Cmwn showing a ledge of solid pyrrhotite ore,
at least 25 feet wide. It was at a
point where it was believed there
were no ore bodies.
Values as high as $1,300 per ton
have been gotten from ore from the
Golden Eagle, on the north fork of
Kettle river, but $75 and $100
assays were more frequent. The
new strike was on a new ledge.
The double compartment shaft
of the Mother Lode, in Deadwood
camp, is now down 266 feet, at
which depth ore running 30 per
cent copper was found. Ore shipments are to start as soon as the
railway spur is completed to the
A recent strike was made in the
Winnipeg, in Wellington camp, of
a big body of $100 ore at the 300-
foot level. Over six feet of this fine
ore, being a massive pyrrhotite,
was encountered in one of the
drifts. It will undoubtedly greatly
enhance the value of the mine.
A C. P. R. spur is under construction to the property.
It is estimated that there are
30,000 tons of ore on the dumps of
tho Old Irohsides and Knob Hill
mines, in Greenwood camp, which
was taken out in development. A
block of Old Ironsides stock, 80,-
000 shareB, was sold last week by
S. E. Rigg and D. Cook to S. H. S.
Miner, W. H. Robinson, A. L.
White and J. P. Graves, at a price
said to be close to $1.00 per share.
The Sunset, on Copper mountain
in the Similkameen, on which ex-
Gov. Mackintosh held an option
for $40,000 for a 15-32 interest, but
which he did not take up, has been
taken over by the Sunset Copper
Co., Ltd., with a capital of $2,100,-
000. It is developed by an incline
shaft 50 feet. Assays from 3 to 11
per cent in copper. Smith Curtis,
of Rossland, has been promoting
the new corporation The property
was owned by R. E. Brown and
Dr. Averill of Grand Forks. Notwithstanding it has been turned
down by Mr. Mackintosh it is said
to be a most remarkable copper
proposition, and full of promise for
the future.
Delivered free to
any part of the
Hutchins &
Are now located in Bos��burg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone),
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stoukkr, Agent.
Sing; Kee
Expert   Laundryman.     Bundles culled fur and   delivered.
Work done on Short Notice.
Give me a trial.
Laundry at the rear of the Commercial Hotel
0.1 Livery St
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Rear Montana Hotel, Cascadf.


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