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Published in the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. I.
CASCADE, B. C, JUNE 3, 1899.
No. 30.
Among the Miners
Now that the snow is nearly
gone out of the hills, development
work is beginning in earnest in all
directions, and more and larger
forces of men are being constantly
put to work on many of the most
promising properties in the surrounding hills. Baker and Suther
land creeks are receiving a good
deal of attention, and of course
the McRae creek claims and those
of the Burnt Basin are coming to
the front in good shape.
Reports from the Burnt Basin
continue to he of a most encouraging character, and development is.
in nearly every instance, showing
richer and hetter leads with depth.
A big find is reported to have been
made in the south end of the
Basin hy F. Fritz, Jas. Curran and
S. W. Seed, which is said to contain plenty of native copper, with
gold and silver. It is called the
Big Ledge, and seems well named,
as the lead is very large and well
defined. They are now sinking on
the ledge, which shows better with
each shot put in. The ground has
been camped on and travelled over
since 1896.
- John Hamill, of Armstrong. B.
O, and Donald Graham, M. P.,
arrived in the Basin last week, and
are having the Barrow, which .they
own, surveyed. This is one.of the
claims which was reported bonded
a couple of weeks since for $20,000,
of which 15 per cent, was paid
The Pleasures of Hope claim, of
which T. G. Elgie is the manager,
is said to be in solid ore, and those
interested are more than satisfied
with the i suit of the development
thus far.
Gold ( nissioner Kirkup has
dispatcher 'orce of 20 men to
the trail between Norway mountain
and Burnt Basin, which is to he
built at once. It is expected that
it will be completed in the course
of three weeks or less.
The Jackstraw, located 1500 feet
west of Mike Shick's Mother Lode,
in. the Burnt Bacin has a continuous quartz ledge from the No.
1 to the No. 2 post. The ore carries
considerable free gold. Messrs.
Hunter and Sharp are the owners
snd are now doing development.
Wm. Forrest visited Gladstone
on Monday, and while there did a
little panning for placer gold in
Canyon creek, which runs through
the town. He was rewarded by
finding 12 or 15 colors in the pan.
Developing Christina Lake Claims.
S. R. Reid who returned from a
prospecting trip through central
Idaho last week, now has a force of
men at work on the Golden Key
group which is located on the north
fork of Sutherland creek, about
four miles from the Columbia &
Western railway. The group consists cf three claims, the Golden
Kev, Pilot-Beacon, nnd Peacock,
and is owned by G. L. Curtis and
S. R. Reid, of Cascade, and Charles
Knight, of Stanstead, Quebec.
A 2J mile trail, branching off from
the Elmore trail, has been completed and interesting developments are expected now that work
is progressing. A strong well defined iron capped lead, a contact
on granite and porphyry, traverses
the entire claims, ami in known to
continue through the property on
the opposite side of the mountain,
owned by Messrs. Cameron, Dar-
row, Good and Forrest.
J. E. Mills and W. I. Paterson,
of Rossland, are sinking a shaft on
the Prudential, a promising Shamrock mountain claim. It is one of
a group of four owned by these
gentlemen jointly with S. R. and
E. L. Reid. The lead upon which
they are now working extends
across the property of the Belcher
Mining Company, the Corydon
and Elmore, and is traceable for
two miles. No assays have been
made from this lead yet, but tests
will be made, shortly. The vein
is about five feet wide and improves
in appearance with depth.
Dave Good iB camped on Shamrock mountain and it is reported
that the lead is showing up fine
on the Crescent, on which he is doing development work.
Walter Staples is working on
the Bryant claim, two miles from
the Cove on McRae creek.
' Peon and Gay are working the
Alphonse on Shamrock mountain.
The showing on this claim is considered to be quite equal to the
now famous Elmore. They are
sinking on an eight f.n��t body of
ore, lying between perfect walls,
The results of the assays have not
been made public, but the ore appears to carry more copper than
any of the other claims in the immediate vicinity.
J. P. Brooks and Alex. Carson
came into town this week from the
Pilot Knob, on McRae creek about
a mile from the cove. They
brought in some fine specimens of
ore from the bottom of the shaft,
and Brooks has returned to work.
The ore carries a large percentage
of lead and silver, alt<o gold and
copper, in all about $27. W. M.
Wolverton and J. P. Brooks are
the owners. The ledge is 50 feet
wide on the surface.
Frank Hutchinson is still sinking on the shaft on the Chamberlain on McRae creek, from which
he got the $229 assay a couple of
weeks ago.
Working tbe Pontitex.
John H. Inkster, the Rossland
mining expert, was in town this
week superintending the commencement of active development
on the property of the Pontifex
Gold Mining Company of Spokane.
This group of claims lies on Huckleberry mountain, about four miles
from Cascade It is a free milling
proposition   and promises to be a
producer. The ledges are easily
traceable, one being a porphyretic
quartz, and the other solid homogeneous quartz. The former has
given good values ranging from
traces to $50. The men are doing
systematic prospecting now, by
making a series of cross-cuts in
order to locate the payetreak.
S. W. Bear is finishing up his
hotel building opposite the B. C.
Now is the time to plant your
garden, You can get a full stock
of seeds from the B. C. Syndicate
A. Chandler, president of the
Cascade Development Co., starts
for the east tomorrow called by
the illness of his son.
Fred Brown, of the Columbia
hotel at Columbia, who formerly
conducted a cigar store in Cascade,
died on Thursday last of Bright's
Next Monday a meeting of.rate
pavers at the townsite office is requested, to confirm ihe selection of
a new school site by the school
Dick Porter came in last night
from the end of the track, two
miles this side of Porcupine. In
10 days the track is expected to
reach Gladstone.
Eholt now has a hotel, two
store?, two barber shoj,is and a
restaurant. Not a lot has heen
sold yet.and probably will not be
for several weeks.
The Redfield & Wilson saw mill
at Moody ville, Christina lake, was
moved this week to a point on the
North Fork, about three miles
above Grand Forks.
Chief License Inspector Darraugh
has received 45 applications so far,
and they are coming in by every
mail. The board will meet in
Cascade on June 15th at 11 a.m.
Ferry County Capital Was Burned Down
This Morning.
Word was received by telephone
this morning that the town of Republic was burned down early
today, and that nearly the entire
business portion of this famous
camp is now in a��hes.
The fire started in the Speigle
block rn Clark avenue, at 6:30
a.m., and spread with great rapidity
taking in the entire business part
of the town. In a short time it
was in ashes, scarcely a building
was saved, with the exception of
the telephone office. The burned
district would take the hank, opera
house, one or two of the weekly
papers and the majority of general
stores and saloons.
As there was no water works,
there could be but little insurance
and the loss will doubtless fall
heavily on those burned out..
As the telephone wires were so
busy, it was impossible to obtain
details further than the above.
Gateway City's Namesake Was Bonded
It Assays $25.17 In Gold on nhe Surface, aid
$109.40 at a Depth of 40 Feet-Will be
Ed. Terzick came in from Granville mountain this week, a couple
of miles from Gladstone, and reports a rich strike on the Cascade
claim. The property is owned by
Mr. Terzick, S. J. Brailo and J.
D. Reagh, and was the first location on the mountain. It is developed by a 40-foot shaft on the No.
1 lead, which has a four foot ledge.
The bottom is all a white, rich
looking honey-combed quartz,
from which assays of $109 in gold
were obtained; at 15 feet the ore
save $45.60 and on the surface
$25.17 in gold values, thus improving fast with depth. On the No. 2
lead, 40 feet from No. 1, only open
cuts have been made thus far, with
good results.
The Cascade has been bonded to
J. B. Ferguson, a capitalist from
Vancouver, who will meet Mr. Terzick in this city in a few days to
arrange for fuvther development.
It cost 21 cents per pound to pack
in from Rossland the supplies so
far used in the course of development ��� making pretty expensive
bacon and beans.
Columbia Stage Company Once More bas
tbe Monopoly.
The International Flyer, the opposition stage line from Bossburg
to Grand Forks, which has been
in operation for a month or two,
has lieen taken over hy the Columbia Stage Co , who formerly had
the only line, and now have it once
more. With the line goes 38 head
of horses, wagons, buckboards,
harness, etc.
Fremont Rogers, manager of the
Columbia line, came in town from
the Folks last night, and confirmed
the news of the transfer, and stated
that he is now in sole charge of
both lines. It is the intention to
continue running the Flyer stage
as in the past, but the relay stations will he those of the Columbia
line, viz., Cascade, Hall's, and
Pete Pierre's.
It appears, from the statement
of Mr. Rogers that the Flyer people
came to the Columbia people with
a proposition to sell, and after
some conferences a price was agreed
upon, and the formal transfer took
place last Thursday. It remains
to he seen whether another opposition line will he started.
The boiler of the steamer Myrtle
B. has been, burned out, and Ben
Lavally went to Spokane this week
to secure another. ��� THE CASCADE RECORD
June 3. 1899
The Man Who Doesn't Advertise.
Breathes there a man with soul so dead
That to himself he hath not said,
1' My trade of late Is netting bad,
Til try another 10-Inch ad."
If such there be, go mark him well,
F.>r him no bank account shall swell-
No angel watch the golden stair
To welcome home a millionaire.
To suoh a man the noisy din
Of trnfllo may not enter In.
For bargain hunters by the score
Shall pass nor I eed his dingy door;
For tho' his sign is on the wall
And oi some barn-yard gate a scrawls
No people who have cash and sense
Go prancing round to read the fenoe.
The man who never asks for trade
By local line or ad displayed
Cares more for rest than worldly gain
And patronage but gives htm pain;
Tread lightly, friends, let no rude sound
Disturb hia solitude profound.
Here let him live in calm repose
Unsought except by men he owes.
And when he dies, go plant him deep
That nanght may break his dreamless sleep,
Where no rude clamor may dispel
The quiet that he love* so well,
And that tbe world may know its loss
Place on his grave a wreath of most
And on thr stone above, "Here lies
A chump who wouldn't advertise."
���MotiiMnra chare brown.
Applicants When Renewing can Send Direct
to Chief of Police Hussey.
The following circular has been
issued by Attorney-General Martin,
to holders of liquor licences in districts outside of municipalities,
which Chief License Inspector
Darraugh says applies only to
licences that expire between July
15th and Decern her 15th next.
"Your attention is called to the
provisions of Chapter 39 of the
Acts of last session, the "Liquor
Licence Act, 1899," making new
provisions with regard to liquor
licenses. When your license expires, you may, if you prefer, get
from Mr. F. S. Hussey, superintendent of provincial police, Victoria, without advertisement and
without inspection, a renewal
license expiring on the 31st day of
December next. The $10 fee provided by the act will not be charged
for this license, and you will only
be charged a proportionate license
fee. It will be necessary, however,
for you to apply under the provisions of the said act to the board of
license commissioners which will
meet on the 15th of December next,
for a new license, commencing on
the 1st day of January next. If
you prefer, you may at once apply
for a new license, commencing on
the 1st day ��f July next, and if
this latter course is adopted a proportionate part of the fee paid for
your present license will he refunded von."
Over  400  New   Commissions   have   been
In last week's British Columbia
Gazette appears the official notice
of the Lieutenant-Governor that
all appointments of justices of the
peace heretofore made, are rescinded, to take effect on June 30th.
In the same issue also appears the
names of 401 appointments as
justices of the peace. The list includes many of the olsj names, and
there are some new ones.
For Cascade the new J. P.'s are
Messrs. Paul Rochussen, George C.
Rose and Donald John Matheson.
In Gladstone the names of William
Forest and Anens Cameron are
given. Mr. Matheson's name was
recommended to the provincial gov
ernment for appointment by the
Cascade Taxpayers Association
some months ago.
Valne of Newspaper Advertising.
The value of newspaper advertising has received several striking
illustrations in New York City during the last year. An observer
notes the fact that three or four
dry goods houses that went into
liquidation there last winter were
the only ones of the greater department stores that never advertised
in the newspapers. On the other
hand the great advertisers are all
experiencing great prosperity, one
of them whose failure was predicted
having made $600,000 and admitting that his success was due to
newspaper advertisments in which
he invested heavily.
In 1862 there were four twenty-
dollar gold pieces coined at the
mint which then existed at New
Westminister. One of these is in
the hands of the B. G. treasury, Mr.
Helmcken, of Victoria, holds another, and a third is now in possession of J. C.Tunstall, of Vernon;
the whereabouts of the^ourth coin
is unknown. To numismatists
these coins are of much interest,
and are naturally increasing in
value as time passes.
Office Supplies a Specialty.
PUVAN & ROSS, Props.
This hotel is located in the centre
of town, opposite the postoftice,
and has every convenience for
the comfortof the travelling public. Finely st( eked bar in connection.
The Steamer
Myrtle B.
Is now ready for freight and
passenger traffic on Christina
Lake. Newly painted and refitted.
Steamer Leaves Moody's Land:
ing for English  Point at 10 a.m.
daily.   Arrives on return trip at 2.
Have Now Received and Opened Out Large Quantities of
New Spring Goods
Including Light Underwear, Silk and Lisle Hose, Silk, Wool
and Velvet Dress Pieces, Corsets, Laces, Gloves and
Dressmaking Supplies. ALL OUR WINTER GOODS
Our Hardware, Grocery, Drug and
Stationery Stock
Is by far the Largest in Town and Prices the LOWEST.
Assay Office and Long Distance 'Phone.
Hay, Grain and Feed.
I Correspondence Solicited and Quotations Promptly Fur-
I nished.   We can save you money on your Feed bills.
Office and Warehouses,      -       CASCADE, B,C
Plans Drawn and Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
We do not claim to be philanthropists, but we do claim to have
just what you want in our establishment.   When you need
Cigars       Tobaccos       Oranges
Bananas     Nuts Candies
Fresh Vegetable, Etc.,
Opposite the Custom House,       -       -       CASCADE. B. C.
YOU WANT THE BEST, OF COURSE, *��*#>*����������
 -to printed  matter
if you consult your own best interests you will send or bring
us your order. Remember, we are still doing the best grade
of work ever turned out since the world began.   Address,
-Cascade, B. C.
nasi $
June 8,1RN
A. W. Branson, of the Commercial hotel, Greenwood, spent Tuesday in Cascade.
J. A. McCallum has been appointed city clerk of Columbia,
and 0. W. Benedict city aasessor.
Over 300 free miner's certificates
are reported as having been issued
at the government office at Midway during May.
It is reported that Grand Forks
is to have another paper, to be
called the Tribune, with a Toronto
man at the helm.
H. A. King has been appointed
postmaster at Greenwood, and will
assume charge of the office in the
course of a few days.
New Westminister store keepers
have decided to give their employees Wednesday half holidays
during the summer.
The city dads of Grand Forks
have decided to locate the mansions
of joy in one spot, and have them
adorned with a six-foot tight board
Miss Cameron, sister of Postmaster Cameron, and Miss Kate
Cameron, is expected to arrive in
Cascade tomorrow evening from
Gfand Forks proposes to raise
a fund of $2,000 to celebrate Dominion Day in good style, and the
program is already in course of
Joseph Ward has secured a contract for furnishing 2,000,000 brick
and 2500 barrels of lime for the
Grandy smelter, to be erected near
Grand Forks.
C. K. Milbourne, of the Cascade
Water Power Co., and C. A. Wing,
who have been spening a week in
the upper Boundary country, were
in Cascade Sunday night.
A past-master in the art of black
jack left Cascade for other field**
Sunday morning, and it is said he
left some mourners behind, who
are now wiser if poorer.
Sneak thieves have been getting
in their fine work at Grand Forks
and Greenwood lately. At the
latter town the chief of police has
been given an assistant, and all
gambling is to Ira prohibited.
Jack Stewart, superintendent of
construction, returned Wednesday
from the end of the track on the
new railway, which he states is
now just over the high Porcupine
creek bridge, about 26 miles from
The Cascade public school will he
dismissed for the summer holidays,
on June 23rd. just three weeks from
yesterday. School will begin again
the first Monday after the second
Sunday in August���which will be
August 14th this year. Public
examinations' will he held the closing day.
W. F. Tye, of Trail, chief engineer of the Columbia <fe Western
railway, spent Wednesday in Cascade. H. T. Wilgress, C. P. R.
right of way agent, of Greenwood,
was also here that day. Mr. Tye
says that is is very difficult to get
all the laborers now needed on the
new railway
The last Gazette contains notice
that Chas. Cumings, E. Spraggett,
R. Armstrong and H. S. Cayley, of
Grand Forks, have secured permission of the government to clear and
remove all obstructions from the
north fork of Kettle River, to
fix the river for the rafting and
driving of logs, timber and lumber.
Terrorised the Hamlet ol Russell tor Some
Three hoars.
Wednesday evening the little
town of Russell was the .scene of a
fracas that will not soon be forgotten. Two loose women, "ScrapIron
Minnie," [Minnie Popple] and
"Rough-Lock Nell," while inebriated, went into the general store of
G. P. Persons and acted and talked
so outrageously that Mr. Persons
shut them out. This only infuriated the women, who first hurled
a grindstone through the front
window, which demolished everything in it..path. They then secured axes from the woodpile and
broke all the remaining windows
in the house and some of the doors,
Mrs. Persons and her sister being
if raid of their lives. The windows
of CrandalPs feed store were treated
the same way, and Mr. Crandall
showed the women the wrong end
of a gun.
They came to Cascade after some
three hours of this sort of fun, and
Officer Darraugh soon had them
xafe in jail. In the meantime the
authorities at Bossburg were notified of the incipient riot at Russell,
and Deputy Sheriff Terry was dispatched to the scene of hostilities,
with an assistant, arriving here at
3 a. m. Thursday. Officer Darraugh persuaded the gay damsel?
to go across the line again, and
they fell into the hands of the
Stevens county officers, were handcuffed and taken to Bossburg on
the first stage. As Russell is in
Ferry county, they will probably
be tried at Republic, where Sheriff
Wiseman is the chief officer. It
appears more than likely that these
females with the suggestive sobri
quets will be given ample time to
think over at least one of their recent escapades.
Mr. Persons, in the personal
encounter, had two knuckles broken, and one of the women cut her
hand in breaking one of the windows.     	
More than one family has already
left Fernie on account of there being no school to which their children could be sent.
Having removed our Jewel-
ery stock to the store adjoining Black's hotel, we now have
more commodious and roomy
quarters, and would invite our
friends to call.
Come and inspect our Jewelry and Watches. We can
quote you the right prices.
Is Voor WatciTsick?
If so, bring it to us and
we will give it a dose that
is warranted to cure. We
are expert watch and
clock doctors, and the
timepiece has yet to be
made that we cannot benefit with our medicine.
Next door to Black's Hotel,
Cascade, B. C.
Cor. of Main Street and First
Avenue [centre of town] ...
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
The Most
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Stocked Bar
in connection.
| ��iquors, ^incs anb (jSars-1
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
PabBt's Milwaukee Beer.
Bossburg, Republic, Greenwood, Grand Forks and all Boundary Points. We sell Through Tickets to all points. We
Always Leave and Arrive "on Time."
Leave Cascade for Bossburg, 5.30 a. m.
Leave Cascade'for Grand Forks, 7.00 p. m.
Francis & Milne, Agents,
M. & R. Transportation & Express Co. Cascade.
If You Want a
Cut in the Latest Style, Trimmed With the Best of Materials, and Made Right
Here in Cascade, Call on
^Herci/aiit jailor,
First Avenue,    -    Cascade, B. C.
Cleaning and Repairing Promptly and Neatly Done. With an Experience
of Many Years in the Business, can Guarantee Satisfaction.
Grand   Central   Hotel
Mcdonald & flood, props.
Liquid Refreshments of All Kinds
and in the Choicest Qualities. . . .
First Class Sample Rooms in Connection.
This House is the FavoriteResort fur Railway Men. THE CASCADE RECORD
June 8. 1SW
Published on Saturdays at Cascade, B, C, by
W. Beach Wlllcoi.
PerYear      ��.00
Sis Months.     1.25
To Foreign Conn tr lis       2.M
Advertising Rates Famished on Application.
Tbe Record is on salt at the following places:
Simpson's Newstand Rossland
Thompson Stationery Co., Nelson
Smith ft McRae     ... .... Greenwood
H. A. King 4 Co         Greenwood
RF. Petrie Grand Forks
C. S. Morris   Columbia
John W. Graham 4 Co. Spokane, Wash.
Franols4 Milne Cascade
Thomas Walker         Casoade
G.T.Curtis Casoade
Cascade Drug Co     Casoade
One of the evils of this growing
eouthern British Columbia country
is the habit, which has become
almost a mania, of platting' town-
sites every few miles. This is not
only doti�� along the line of projected {railways, but even in remote
districts, where there are a few
mineral prospects, will be found
the townsite boomer, plying his
trade, sometimes in more or less
questionable ways. In the Boundary country, for instance, each new
town, when first started on its
troubled existence, is announced as
"another Rossland," and the announcements are so ingeniously
/worded as to convey to the tender-
loot, a couple of thousand miles
or so away, the idea that the sun
rises and sets, as it were, largely
for th* benefit of that town alone.
As a result of this mania, there
are so many places in the district,
that when a stranger travels
through them all, and listens
patiently to the praises each town-
site owner bestows upon his own
property, he is puzzled as to the
best, or even second or third best,
place in which to locate or invest,
All have "great natural advantages ;" all are "surrounded by rich
mines," and all are claimed to he
railroad centres and distributing
points���that is, according to the
promoters. Consequently, all
through the mining districts of
this section there are a multitude
of little towns, few of which amount
to much, and every week something
new in this line is sprung on an
unsuspecting public.
The same amount of capital and
energy, if concentrated on a few
places, would build up thriving
communities, in which all would
prosper to a greater degree. As it
is, it will, as usual, be a survival
of the fittest. But the mania will
continue, and it will be still more
difficult to pick out places of merit
and permanency.
The legislature saw fit to pass
the act, limiting the underground
miner to eight hours of work at a
time. Why they did not do as
much for the hard-worked newspaper man is not clear, hut they
overlooked it, at any rate.   It is of
little use at this time to discuss
whether the law was called for or
not; it is here and will be enforced
after June 12th.
The mine-owners, however, have
declared in the Kootenays, with a
few exceptions, that they will not
pay $3.50, the former scale for two
hours less work, but are willing to
give $3.00. This went into effect
on the 1st instant, and many
miners simply refuse to accept it,
and are leaving the country in
Thus it apears that a law apparently intended to benefit the
working miner, is having the reverse effect, as the majority were
satisfied with things as they were,
and are anything but satisfied
with the present outlook. It will
indeed be unfortunate for the industry if a prolonged struggle can
he avoided between the miners and
mine owners, but apparently the
end is far off. It is difficult to see
where the usefulness of such legislation comes in.
Many are wondering whether
this is the last of winter or the first
of fall. Some think this is the
summer of our discontent.
The Alaskan boundary question
is once more creating a deal of
pother through the public prints,
but it will npt be settled by them.
In Greenwood they are betting
on when the steel on the new railway will reach that town. They
will have a Better idea after it
reaches Cascade, some time in July.
The.Czar's peace conference is in
session at The Hague, and something good should come out of ft.
So far, however, the leaning is
towards srhritration only, as a
means to the desired end.
The Kootenay and Yale papers
are a god-send to the dailies published at the coast. Otherwise they
would have no source from which
to filch fresh mining news���the
best kind of news in this fast
developing province.
Mark Twain always was unique
in his humor. His latest is the
announcement that he is at work
on a hook, to be published 100
years after his death, telling the
truth about men and women of
note that he has met.
If there are any Cascaders who
have not yet leen upon the waters
of Christina lake, they do not know
what they have missed. This gem
of the mount) ins is certainly destined to he a most popular resort
this summer and in the years to
come, for those who enjoy being
near to nature's heart.
The  Rossland  Miner   is to he
commended for agitating the build
ing of five miles of trail, to connect
the Norway mountain trail with
Gladstone. Whatever helps the
development of the district helps
the great majority in it. The government should see to it that this
trail is built at once, and probably
will do "o through Mr. Kirkup.
The proposed cut-off on the Dewdney trail, close to this city, by
which a couple of miles of detour
could be saved, should also be
built, and at once.
Inspector of Customs J. S. Clute,
of New Westminster, was in town
this week.
A regular meeting of the Cascade
Taxpayers' Association will be held
next Tuesday.
Paymaster Woodman visited the
tunnel camp of McLean Bros., near
Brooklyn, this week. ,     ���
Ira Isham, a friend of Head Sawyer Button of the Cascade Sawmill
Co,, arrived from Michigan yesterday, and expects to locate here.
Jas. M. Martin, M. P., of Rossland, is in town on his.return from
a trip through the Boundary, inquiring after the needs of the
For the second consecutive time
the Record is without the mining
records this week. They will
probably arrive a day late from
the Forks, as they did last week.
This week a canvass was begun
for subscriptions towards the new
Presbyterian church building in
Cascade, with encouraging success.
It is intended to get the work
started as soon as possible.
Owing to the cooler weather, the
water in Kettle river has fallen
several feet this week. It is now
rising slowly, and is expected to
go ptill higher next Week if the
weather gets warmer.
Last Sunday night the Grand
Forks post office was robbed,
several mail pouches with registered letters from Cascade being
taken Postmaster Hull has no
clue to the thieves, and Inspector
Dorman arrived there Thursday
tn investigate. Mann, Foley Bros.
& Larson, Wm. Wolverton and
the B. C. Syndicate lost registered
Boundary Creek License District.
Notice Is hereby given that the undermentioned
person* have made application under the provisions of tbe '' Liquor License Act ISM" for
hotel licenses at the places set opposite their
respective names:
Henson and Nelson  Niagara
JohnCoults   Niagara
J.W.Shaw.  ..Niagara
NealHardy  Lime Creek
��� McLaren         Carson
Wm. Graham Fdwards Ferry
Ira Black Cascade
J. Devon         Cascade
C. J. Eckstorrn  Casoade
J. A. McMaster Cascade
C. A. May   Cascade
Uno Oleson Cascade
W.H. Seyler Cascade
Oscar Stenstrom Casoade
C.H.Thomas Cascade
F. Lavally Christina Lake
T. J. Gorman English Point
J. A. McMaster         English Point
ThosFlynn Gladstone
O'Donnell 4 Kerr .  Gladstone
McOrmond 4 Miller,. Gladstone
A meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the Moundsry Creek District will be
held to consider such applications at the Provincial Police Office, Casoade, on Thursday the
fifteenth day of June, 1800, at tbe hour of 11
o'clock tn tbe forenoon.
.     D. J. DAHBACOB,
Chief License Inspector
Boundary Creek District.
New Spring Patterns
and Designs in ....
Wall Paper
Just Received.
���A Full Line of���
Paints, Oils and Brashes
Always on Hand.
Stationery, Newspapers, Periodicals, tic.
Cascade Drug Co
ists ef die
Pure Drugs or none.
Latest Arrivals at
The English Store
Bedroom Suites, Ladies' Shoes.
Watch Chains, Mineral Glasses and
Spectacles. ..'. ������
Ladies' Shirt Waists, Belts, Garters,
Gloves and Veiling.
Gents' Hats, Summer Shirts and
Silk Ties.
Stationery inconsiderable variety.
Mosquito Netting, Fly Screening,
Tents, Oars, Saddlery and Harness
' Fresh Eggs, Dairy Butter, Manitoba
Cheese, Hard Wheat Flour and Bulk
All of the Highest Quality and at
the Lowest Rates.
Main St and 1st and 2nd Aves.
We. do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc,
Notice Is hereby given that sixtv days after
date I Intend to make application to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase tbe following described traot of land,
viz : Commencing at a post located about one
mile north easterly of the junction of McKae and
Day creeks and about six miles from Christina'
lake, Yale district, thence running forty chains
east, thence one hundred and twenty chains north,
thence forty ohalns west, thence one hundred
and twenty ohalns south to point of commencement, comprising four hundred and eighty acres.
WaltebC. ABCH1R.
Rossland, B. 0., June 1st, IBM.
On April Srd, an order for $15, signed by Lyttoh
4 Earle, and payable to the undersigned, warning is hereby given that payment on same has
been stopped.
Frank Fahiar.
Notice Is hereby given that the. partnership
heretofore existing between   the undersigned,
Sublishers of the cascade Record, is this day
Issolved by mutual oonsent, P. J. O'Reilly re,
tiring. Tie business will be continued by W. B-
W. B. Wn LOOX.
Cascade, B. C, Jnne 1st, 1899. ��l
June S, 1898
.��*���"   7 ' ���:'
gome persons have an idea that
they know exactly how a newspaper should be run, and what should
and should not appear in it. This
is especially the case if they happen to he broken down preachers,!
doctors, lawyers or hotel-keepers.
They seem to think it is as simple;
and easy to please every one as it
is to read the paper after Wing
turned out in completed form.
If the publisher happens to say>
something, however, that does not
please these same pseudo know-it-
alls, then there is trouble ahead
for the luckless newspaper man���
that is, in someone's mind. As a
matter of fact, the quill driver will
usually consign such egotistical
individuals to���well, to a place
where there is no need for shovelling snow, and let it go at that.
' Enough has "been written arid
printed about the proposed Smelter,
which it is believed will be erected
sqmetyhere in Jh$vicinity of Grand
Forks, to" build several smelters.
There seems to be no doubt that
some sort of a smelter will be constructed thereabouts in due 'time,
but its exact location is yet to be
settled,. v(l As .nearly as can be ascer-
tatried,j no contracts have yet been
signed, but probably will be. Mr*
McLaren, of MbLaren Bros., owners
of the townsite of,.Carson, was .in
Cascade Thursday., and msde the
statement that Mr. Graves,had
bought the entire townsjte, and
had paid $5,000 in cash thereon
sometime since; that he had also
bought .the Spragget.t ������ and other
nearby.tracts, all of which are on
the main Kettle river, and not On
the north fork, where the smelter
site is supposed to have beeu selected. Taking it all in all, there is
sufficient schemeing being done to'
keep the residents '��� of the Forks
guessing; but that" the Granny
smelter will be established some-;
where in the vicinity seems to be
universally admitted..   : < ���       :j
,    ...:'., (��� .  r"t v: ���)    . ..������<������...
tIn a country, where all the towns
are dependent on the stage lines
for transportation, the entire public is interested in any new move
that is made. The latest rumor is
to the effect that the Columbia
Stage Co., is making an effort to
buy out the new International
Flyer line, its opposition, which
has been making such inroads on
its business for the last month or
more. It is said to l>e the intention
of the Colutnhia people, if the deal
is n>nde( to nse the duplicate equipment acquired to operate a stage
line to Camp McKinney, where the
Columbia, people are interested in
mine's, and which point^.will not
be reached by the railway'��� at. least
for this year.", .,���
Of course, such a purchase would
also leave the Columbia again with-;
out competition on the Bossburg
route for the time being; but knowing ones do not believe the monopoly would be for long.' The Flyer,
which has just put on a second
stage, has Midoubtfdiy'been making good- money since it started,
and would roit sell put for a small
figure*;; It now carries all the ex*
press matter, having put up a
$20,000 bond with the Great Norths
ern Express   Co., to  secure" thin
  ������   j - ���:���������     ���   J-',
���"������ The Cascade aiants.
At a meeting held Wednesday,
evening the Cascade ball twirlers.
organized hy choosing Jack Robert-,
son as manager, B. F, Woodman,'
captain, F. A. Sinclair, president,
W. A. Milne, treasurer, and W. B.
Willcox, secretary. The boys will
meet for practice on the ball - park'
at 6:30 each evening and at 2:30
on Sundavs. Considerable interest
is being taken in the matter, and
there are some good players here.
The Cascade Giants are preparing
for a match game with any 'nine
that will oppose them, j ���_  ���'.  '.
. Contract Eer 20,000 Posts.
y<] Chief Engine$f \v". F,,Tyejwhen
here Thursday, let a contract to
E. Hildebraridt for 20,000 cedar
posts, for feneihjt the" new line1 of
railway; . G. Ii. Wondard Is associated' with Mr�� IjUldebraiidt >n; the
contract, and they will employ a
dozen, men. oh the contract for a
month; "Monday fney start for
the swamp above Gladstone and
will pitch camp there.   The posts
will be &4 feet long by five inches
in diameter, and will be delivered
on the right of wav.
(Graduate of McUill University.)
2��&.       Cascape, B. C. .
Physician and Surgeon,
ftl/e ftospital,
... CASCADE, B. q.
OFFICE HOURS, 9 to 11 a.m. and 2 to 4 p.m.
Delivered free to
������:..; any part of the
wlUVs   ���   w   ���   ���.  ���   ���   ���   ���   ���   ���   ���
J. A. MuM ASTER & CO., Props.
���,:....'.r��f': . i   .*'  Fl.R.'T AVKNUK,, CASCADE, B. C.
When you can get better and more desirable
Home Made Goods right here?
���i,. -\ ?.v
Are acknowledged to be the Best Clear Havana $70 Cigars on the western market, and
are kept by all the best Hotels, Saloons and Cigar Stores in the Boundary.  Made by the
P. 0/ Box 126. ,     Telephone 118*
........NELSON, B. d 6
June 3, 1899
Bolt Slipped and Caused tbe Death of Pour!
Al 12:30 a. tn., May 20th four
men were killed in the War Eagle
mine at Uossland, by the skip dropping 350 feet.
Coroner Howes, Mining Inspector
McGregor and Gold Commissioner
Kirkup were present when the coroner's jury, several days later, gave
its verdict, which was as follows:
''1st. We find that the deceased
came to their death hy the skip
falling to the bottom of the shaft,
which was caused hy the slipping
of a bolt out of its position, and
that the machinery in question
was defective, inasmuch as safety
pins should have heen inserted in
.all the holts to protect the nuts of
said bolts.
"2nd. In view of the fact that
���certain defects took place previous
to the present accident we are of
the opinion that men should not
have heen permitted to ride on the
skips until such time that the
machinery was perfected beyond a
reasonable doubt.
"3rd. We are also of the opinion
that a daily report should be made
by the engineer-in-chief as to the
working order of the machinery,
and that this rule should be strictly enforced.
"4th We would also strongly
recommend that a certified mechanical and electrical engineer
should be appointed to examine
all mining machinery in operation.
"5th. We would further recommend that the government should
appoint several mining inspectors,
as in our opinion the duties imposed on the present one are greater
than he can perform with satisfaction, and it is further recommended
that a resident inspector should be
appointed at least for this important mining section.
"6th. That the practice of employing uncertified engineers for
technical positions of responsibility in the mines of this province,
which has heretofore prevailed, is
to he condemned, and that in
future the strictest rules should he
enforced, and that if the present
mining act be insufficient for this
purpose it he amended at the next
meeting of the legislature."
Hon. J. Fred Hume has agreed
to give the city a Union Jack 35
by 18 feet in size, says the Nelson
Tribune, but there is a string to
the offer as the flag is not to be
used until the city secures title to
the recreation grounds and erects
a suitable pole thereon.
Collector of Customs Sutherland,
of Midway, has lost; his job, and
Mr. Hayward, sub-collector at
Grand Porks, sent to take charge
of the Midway office.
As will be noticed by their card
in another column, Bowen & Van
Cleve are now ready to deliver ice
to any part of the city.
We eon quote you prices that will
interest you, if you will give us a
chance, on the following lines:
Wall Paper
and the Sundry Lines handled by an
up-to-date Drug and Stationery house.
Our address:
Canada Drug & Book Co.,Ltd.
Fire Insurance Agency
Gkohgk K. Stock kk, Agknt.
The Record is Opening' up u constantly improving paystreiik of
Fine Job Printing. You are cordially invited to assay it.
C.W. GREEK, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes and Pastry of All Kinds Furn-
ished on Short*
est Notice.
Goods delivered to any part of
the city.
Next door to the
P 0 Pntniirfint      jjk
Are now located in Bossburg,
with ten four'horse t��-ahis, and]
are prepared  to deliver  freight
in  Cascade, Grand  Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt , delivery guaranteed.
The coming Commercial, Industrial arid Mining Centre of East Tale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of
a marvellously
A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments.
A most advantageous smelter
location and railroad center. One
mile from Christina Lake, the
Great Pleasure
For further
price of lots,
etc., address,
Cascade City
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C,       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg/Man. ��1
June S. ISW
It is estimated no less than five
���tamp mills will be erected in
Camp McKinney thu year.
The Stemwinder, in Fairview
camp, is improving daily. On tho
175-level the ledge has widened out
to 19 feet of solid quarts
A recent mill test of Waterloo
[Camp McKinney] ore made at
Spokane, gave nearly $35 per ton,
which is considered very satisfactory.
The Madison group, in the
Slocan, owned hy J. C. Eaton,
formerly of the Whitewater mine,
has been sold to an English syndicate for $20,000.
It is said that A. Ross has struck
a solid body of chalcopyrite, mixed
with grey copper, on the Bismack,
near Niagara. This is one of the
claims cut hy the railway construction last fall.
The ore chute in the Cariboo,
Camp MoKenney, is increasing in
richness, and during the last cleanup several good sized nuggets, some
of them weighing half an ounce,
were taken from the battery by
Superintendent Keen.
The first issue of the Kellar
Miner, a readable six-column paper, has come tp hand. It is published at the new town of Keller,
45 miles south of Republic. The
publisher is too modest to print
his name as such.
The five-drill air compressor for
the Oro Denoro, ip Summit camp,
will soon he installed and ready
for work. It is expected that the
mine will he ready to commence
shipping hy the time the railway
is completed. Ross Thompson is
the largest individual stockholder
in this company.
A good copper strike has heen
the Red Lion tunnel, at
camp, assays running
The mouth of the tun-
the stage road between
Cascade and Bossburg, about 10
miles from Cascade. A Spokane
company owns the claim, and they
evidently have a good property.
Development on the Standard
claim adjoing the Mother Lode and
Queen of Sheha, in Deadwood
Camp, has stripped the lead and it
is believed they have the Mother
Lode contact as the ore is precisely
the same as that of the Mother
Lode. If this is so the Queen of
Sheha will undoubtenly catch the
Mother Lode vein and prove one
of the tost mines of the Boundary
From a sample which is said to be
an average of a pay streak of one
font in thickness on the Shannon*
D dphin, Camp McKinney, values
of 9.8 ounces of silver and $281.52
gold were obtained, a total per ton
of $237.10; sample said to he an
average of the balance of the vein,
three and a half feet wide, ran
$15.71. A handful of crushed ore
from' the bottom of the sack in
which the samples were brought
down, was assayed and ran $41.34
in gold, no test for silver being
Church Service
DIyIm terries will be ennduett 4. by Her. Joseph
McCoy, II. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
7:10 p,m��� Staadard Time, In the scboo.l-house,
Sabbath school at 1:10 p.m. In the sane place.
All are cordially invited to attend.
made in
Rock Cut
over $80.
nel is
Wagon repairing and general
blacksmithing promptly
attended  to.
Blanchard   &   Moore
2nd Avenue, Cascade.
BOOt"^"    -
o  Repairing Neatly Done.  {\
,First Ave., Cascade, B.C.'
Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Sheppard By; Co/
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between the  Kootenay District
���AND AI.l><-
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects at Spokane with���
O. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Haps furnished, tickets sold' and Information
gtren by local aad connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
creek connect at Marcus and Bossburg with
stages daily.
C. G. DIXON, G. P. AT. A.,
Spokane, Wash.
ian Pad
Is the Shortest, Quickest and Best
Route to the Coast, China, Japan
and Australia, and to all Eastern
and European points.
Tickets issued through end baggage checked through to destination.
A. Bremner, Agent, Cascade, B.C.
W.F.Anderson,      E.J.Coyle,
Trav.Pass.Agent,    Dist.Pass.Agt.
Nelson, B.C.    Vancouver,B.C.
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of the
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Skcoko -Avknue,    ���    ���    Cascade City. British Columbia.
The E.G. Thomason & Co., Sawmill
Bough and Dressed Lumber, Lath,
Shingles, Mouldings, Etc.
* Corner First Ave. and Main St., Cascade City, B. C.
This New Hotel is now opened and prepared for business.
You are cordially invited to call and see us. It matters
not whether your pockets are full or empty; drop in anyway.
Of course, we have everything needful in the liquid line.
<$7*~~&. DEVON, Prop.
1 #\C i lEWO and growing
Boundary Country can be had in a concise and readable form
by reading the Cascade Record every week. Send along your
two dollar bill and keep posted on the greatest mining district
in British Columbia.   Address, The Record, Cascade,B.C.
\p. burns & CO.*
freslj anb Cweb ^eats,
fist/ anb Oysters, give anb ftresseb Poultry
VT Meats delivered at Mints Free of Charm,
Mali Orders Promptly Attended to
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near'the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the i*st hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
JOHN DORSEY, Proprietor. 8
Jnne 3, ISM
! When Visiting the Gateway City on Railroad, Mining or!
Smelter Business, You are, Cordially Invited to
Make Your Home Here. You will be Treated Right.
__ / ;,V.:\'   , ,;
Our Bar is One of the Features of this'-Establishment. It !
is Supplied with an Almost Endless Variety of the .
Choicest Whiskies, Ales, Wines, Beers and Cigars;;
A large stock of Rough
and Dressed Lumber,     r   n
Laths. Sitirigies^nolildHigs, Etc
LYNCH* EARLE, Props, a
pure Goods for Medicinal tJse
t First Avenue
O v/MvCl*06�� ��� JjP'S \y.     Oscar Stenbtbom, Mgr!
rr    tl!?e l|whon $tore,
Wholesale Dealers in .....
All Kinds of General Men's Furnishings at Retail.
Office and Warehouse,
Silverton now has- a miner's
union, 62 joining,at the organization.
. Navigation is open on th.e
Skeena river in the northern parjt
of the province. ,
�� Tho Atlin Claim is the name of
a new weekly, issued at the towD
of the'same name. It should rind
a rich paystreak in, that, district.
Ymir is having the new water
works system ,put in. The reservoir hSe 50,000 gallons capacity,
and the company is capitalized at
$12,000::;, />���;,   ��� in. ii:Z ;:*'���
Nelson's taxpayers have authorized $i& expendiixtfe of $60,Q0Q on
Jublic works*-$30,000 .for. water,
15,000 for sewelrs^^pWO for
lighting system.
The Record is the title of a^ new
paper to be issued by the [B. C- ]
Methodist Conference^ The denomination now has a membership of
5,060 in the province. ....... .;,
Ross 1 and's 'asses'men'��,'. roll for
189Q lias jus.t-been..compIeted, and
shows, $1,835>510;",'a.a , assessable
property, of which, $1,305,980 is on
realty and $528,530 on improvements;! "���; .     '���������:���.   j;. :.   :���?("'.'; -
The American Bankers' associfei-
tionwill have an excursion-to: the
Kootenays this month. The association meets in St. Paul on June
21st, and are due in Rossland on
Sunday evening,, June.25f,h. Tbey
will spend two days there. '  ���
Buy your.
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the. citjy
Choice Wines, Mquofs and Cigars.
First AvU. and Main St.,   -  CASCADE, B. C.
. For. the best since
the world began
apply to
The Record, Cascade, B.C
< ....Opposite the P.O.
-���K2: .-   '
Atticeline1"of����&>���   ��� ^e :
j Soft Shirts,.
Washing Ties,
��� .:.    Silk Ties, .f ���
���Cashmere Sox,    ������"'������    I
;";." !'-fit  ;..,v��Jn^|:Received'
palace ��ii>einj $arn;
to Date liivery..   '
Saddle Horses Furnished
casca'de;;:b. ci! : . :
i r      " "  "      ������---���
\ ^Wqhave a little story to ��� ;j
!��� teJI you'''.about: Brushes.
\ I If you need anything in
o'thfe litre, of almost1 any V>
\ {-kiri|, ;#kll f.farQUtt4���.,and' %
I "look over our" stock..
^;3 St'iti iiri".'.'.': '���'���."���.:'   ���''
!'r*t :!>':���
'��- (';
\[ <:,|iks.'r Ave.:,Cascade,fifc.   V<,'
' ��� ALL KINDS;, v;      ���������
!���;?����� ������>������.������... ���._    ;:"--i',:;\:..;;
Laundry at rear of the Custom
,.     House, First Ave.
Clothes called for and 'deliv-
.ered... ���.������


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