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Cascade Record 1899-09-23

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Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. I.
No. 46.
C P. R. Construction Department Now
in Charge of New Railway.
Road as Par as Qraod Porks Is Inspected by
ft. B. Smith,' C. E., for the Provincial
Monday, as per schedule, the
6m regular passenger tram rolled
into Cascade and the Boundary
country, arriving hereon time, viz.,
at 13.52 o'clock, as the railway
time tables have ii. The train consisted of a passenger coach, a combination baggage and smoking car
and a locomotive, .Conductor Ed.
Chealey being in charge. Every
seat in the coach was occupied,
there being about 75 passengers
aboard. Among those on board
were Traveling Passenger Agent
Anderson, .and Freight Agent
Peters, of Nelson, together with our
own Jim Martin, M. P. P., of Rossland, and many traveling men.
The return trip was made the next
day, and train? have been running
on alternate days since, according
to the makeshift arrangements
provided.: "'���'-   fci'>':���-���'���''' "..���"
The train is called on the timetables second-class, because freight
cars are occasionally carried, but
the rates of fare are decidedly first-
class. From Cascade to Grand
Fork, 13 miles, the fare is $1 00; to
Gladstone, 15$ miles, $1.20; to
West Robson, 584 miles, $5.35.
This makes th�� present cost of
travelling from Cascade to Rossland or Nel-on, all rail, $7.05 and
$6.65, respectively. It should be
remembered, however, that while
the road is in the hands of the C.
P. ft., it is not yet under the operating department, but is run by
the construction department.
When it is completed through to
Midway and accepted, things will
doubtless he somewhat different.
The following is plainly printed
on passenger tariff*:
''Inasmuch as this line is not yet
open for operation, passengers are
only carried on trains for their own
convenience, and at their own risk,
and ihe company will not he liable
in respect of any damage which
mav happen to the person or property of any passenger."
Provincial Authorities Inspect.
Last week the line as far as
Grand Forks was gone over by
Dominion Inspector Fellows. This
week the same tactics were gone
through with on behalf of the
provincial authorities by H. B.
Smith, C. E., of Rossland. Mr.
Smith was accompanied hy Chief
Assistant Engineer J. G. Sullivan
and Engineer Dennis, who is with
the tracklayers. The trip was
madeona hand oar, which was,
of course propelled by main
strength and awkwardness���by
whom does not yet appear.
The gentlemen  reached  Grand
Forks Wednesday night, and returned the following day on the
passenger train. Every part of
the road, including bridges,and
trestles was carefully inspected,
and a* far as learned found to be
in the best of condition. As the
C. P. R. iB to receive a subsidy of
$4,000 per mile from the province,
this inspection was needful as well
as that of the Dominion government.
Rumbles Prom the Ralls.
Dick and Mrs. Porter are spending a few days in Spokane.
Jack Stewart and wife left on
this morning's train for a week's
trip to Vancouver.
Tonight the track will be over
the Fisherman creek bridge, eight
miles either way to Eholt or Grand
Thursday the ghost began its
monthly walk on the construction,
and Paymaster Woodman went
first to Greenwood.
Material is now here for the two
150-foot spans for the 1,600-foot
bridge over Kettle river at Cascade,
and work will commence at once.
If all goes well, the steel should
be laid into Greenwood between
October 5th and 10th. That is the
opinion of Jack Stewart, and no
man knows Better.
On the west end 1061 feet have
been bored in the Bull Dog tunnel
near Brooklyn, up to last Monday,
and nn the east end 828 feet. The
exact length of the tunnel will he
2.988 feet.
George H. Weed, Formerly of Cascade,
Died Suddenly.
Was Employed as a Carpenter on the Smelter
-Pott Mortem Adjourned Till Monday
-Has Relatives In Wisconsin.
A mysterious case of poisoning
occurred a few days since at Grand
Forks, by which a man named
George H. Weed, a carpenter employed at the smelter, lost his life.
Constable Dinsmore being absent, Constable Darraugh was
called to take charge of the case
late last week and spent several
days in Grand Forks. The man
died suddenly, and the authorities
thinking everything was not ��as it
should be, caused an inquest and a
post mortem examination by Dr.
Westwood to he held, when unmistakable evidences of poisoning
were found. The inquest was adjourned to meet again next Monday.
Weed was employed on one of
the bridge gangs, and for a time
worked in that capacity at Cascade.
For a while he had been employed
at Grand Forks as a carpenter, up
to the time of his death. His sisters, Eddie Booton- and Hattie
Roach live in Cedar Falls, Wisconsin. As yet it is impossible ��� to
state whether the poisoning was
accidental or otherwise.
In Christina's Mines
A Number of Promlslni Properties Will be Worked All Winter.
A number of claims directly on
Christina lake are being advantageously worked this year, with
results that are highly satisfactory
to their owners.
About two miles from the upper
end of the lake, on the west side, is
the West End, owned by J. F.
Farrin, Boyd and Cameron, of
Rossland. This property has been
steadily worked all summer, and
now has a 40-foot incline shaft.
The ore is gold-copper, and there
seems to be plenty of it, as there ie
shipping ore on the dump. When
this property was opened up it
showed seven feet of fine free milling ore, and average assays give
values of $28. It is the intention
to continue work all the fall, and
On the opposite side of the lake,
and almost at the water's edge, is
the Rainbow, owned by Frank
Moller, Fred Smart and John
Flank, of Rossland. Mr. Moller
worked all the spring on the property, and uncovered a fine four-foot
ledge of copper ore. Messrs. Smart
and Flank are now at work on the
property, and it is their intention
to keep it up all winter. The tunnel has been driven about 45 feet.
Chas. Sandner is pt work on a
trail up the east side of the lake
from English Point, so that supplies can be packed in when the
lake is not navigable, ft' will
prove a great convenience to those
operating in that section.
Shortest Route to Franklin Camp.
Mr. Sandner says that the new
Franklin camp, on the east fork of
the north fork of Kettle river,
which is coming to the. front this
summer, is only about 20 miles
from his cabin at the head of Christina lake. From Franklin camp
it is largely a down hill pull to the
lake, and with comparatively little
trouble a wagon mad could be constructed over the route. The only
other way of getting into the new
camp is hy way of Grand Forks,
from which place the distance is
65 miles. It can thus he seen that
when the new mining camp is
ready to send ore to market its
natural and most inexpensive outlet will be by way of Christina
Mr. Sandner will go over the
route shortly himself, and will then
be in a position to give more details in regard to it.
Fred Grihi is working the Mascot again, just east of town, near
the railway.
Work is going on with the Agitator, across the river, adjoining
the townsite, and the claim has a
good showing.
Bookkeeper Palmer, of the B. C.
Store, is putting in his vacation
doing assessment work on the Ada
and Ariel claims in the Burnt Basin.
. Foreman Thompson has got a
good start on the No. 3 tunnel, on
the Mystery, in the Burnt Basin.
Development is also continuing on
the Ennismore, controlled by the
same parties.
H. McCutcheon, customs officer
at Greenwood, went up to the John
Bull, near Gladstone, this morning, in which he is largely interested. The tunnel is now in over
125 feet.
Five practical miners came over
from Rossland Tuesday and went
up to work on the Cannonball
group, thereby doubling up the
force. Two '.shifts will now be
worked and development continued
all winter.
This week Bowen & Van Cleve
purchased a half interest in the
New Year claim on Deep creek,
about three miles from Cascade.
It adjoins several good properties
that are being developed. Work
will be started on the New Year
next week.
Cameron and Mullen Must Stay In Jail TBI the
Court Meets.
Cameron and Mullen, who were
sent to Kamloops jail a few days
since from Columbia by Justice
Rochussen, to await trial by the
county court, will not be released
on bail. They are charged with
complicity in the burning of the
Hotel Columbia on the night of the
17th of July. The case has attrct
ed wide attention, not only because
of the heinous natnre of thd crime,
but because it was openly whispered that some sensational disclosures
would be made at the preliminary
hearing, involving certain prominent individuals. So far, however,
the expected damaging testimony
has failed to put in an appearance.
The application for bail was argued Wednesday at Victoria, and
after due consideration by the
court was denied.
One James Stubhs is said to have
lit the match that set fire to the
pride of Columbia, and several papers have stated that he had been
placed in custody in Spokane. On
the best of authority, however, the
Record is assured that Stubhs is
not yet in the toils of the law, on
either side of the international line.
The trial of Cameron and Mullen will come up in due course, and
is expected tn take place at Vernon some time in October.
Ex-Mayor John A. Manley, of
Grand Forks, who was called to
Nelson, Wash., two weeks ago, is
said to he there still, attending to
mining business.
' J. T, Wilkinson, representing the
Vancouver Province,and familiarly
known as "Wings," was in Cascade
September 23, 1899
Columbia is figuring on putting
in electric lights.
George A. Eastman, the banker,
went to Eholt on Tuesday.
Boundary's newest town, Summit City, is said to be growing.
It is reported that a "Mr.
Hughes, a prominent real estate
dealer of Phoenix," was recently
robbed at Chesaw.
E. Spraggett's new sawmill, on
the north fork of Kettle river, is
now running and has a capacity
of 30,000 feet daily.
The Columbia Telephone Co. is
putting in 50 miles of private
lines, to connect the'Granby smelter with Greenwood and White's
Dr. Joseph Schaich enjoys the
distinction of having purchased
the first C. P. R. ticket sold for the
first passenger train, leaving Cas-
: cade for Robson,; last -'Tuesday. ;* ���
Constable Dinsmore of Columbia,
passed through on Tuesday's strf^e,
on his return from taking Chas.
Mullen, charged with complicity
in the Columbia arson case, to
Eholt now has a postoffice, and
it i8 no longer necessary to address
mail maiter via Greenwood. A
hundred lots are reported as having been sold there since they were
placed on the market.
The every-other-day passenger
schedule on the new railway, coupled with the nearly 8 cents per
mile charge, is driving a good deal
of business to the stages, which are
...still carrying.full loads.
The provincial government offices
.at Granite creek will shortly be
removed to Princeton, in the Similkameen, which is now the center
of a very important and rapidly
growing mining industry.
Frank Smith, mining editor of
the Toronto World, which  paper
pays special attention to British
Columbia mining matters, is visit-
,;ing Boundary camps, and will give
��� them a thorough write-up.
The Greenwood city council has
appropriated $150 to send a mineral exhibit to the Spokane Exposition. Altogether $350 is . to be
raised to coyer expenses of sending
a commissioner with the exhibit.;
Railway surveyors have been
working around Camp McKinney
for the thtird time, and it is believed that route will be followed
when the road iB built from Midway to Penticton���in the dim and
distant future.
W. W. Ragsdale, of Bossburg,
who won the foot races at the
Queen's birthday celebration in
Cascade, recently raced with P. G.
McLeod at Greenwood, 50 yards,
for $500 a side. The race was declared a draw.
It having been reported that the
new railway would not reach
Greenwood for months, the Greenwood Miner queried Chief Engineer
Tye, who replied that no stone
would be left unturned to complete
the entire line at the earliest possible date.
Alexander Robinson, M. A., Provincial Superintendent of Education, of Victoria, was in Cascade
last Saturday, on a trip of inspection through the Boundary. He
looked over the new Cascadeschool
building, now being rapidly pushed
to completion.
Tuesday afternoon a freighter
named Eagleton, freighting from
Marcus to Republic, was badly
kicked hy his leaders in.'the quagmire near Hall's bridge. He sustained several painful bruises, but
fortunately no honeys were broken j
aud he was-;assisted to Cascade.     .
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September S3,1899
Pushing Work oa the Big Dam.
Several days ago Foreman Simmons and men resumed work on the
300-foot dam which the Cascade
Water, Power and Light Co. is putting in juBt above the cascades of
the Kettle river. Continued rains,
however, forced a temporary suspension of work, owing to the high
water. Yesterday Mr. Simmons
started in once more, and will soon
have a force of 20 men building the
dnm some 35 feet higher than the
structure is at present. It is the
intention to crowd the work as fast
as possible till completed.
S. F. Quinlivan, who has the contract for getting out the rock for
tilling the cribs, expects to resume
operations in a few days, and will
have a force of 20 men in his eni-
Kicking Again at Nelson.
Yesterday's Nelson Miner Bays:
"Cascade has been kicking at the
alleged daily mail service supplied
to it by stage. For a time at least
the town will have three regular
deliveries a week. The mail will
now-go over the new Columbia &
Western extension line."
It is apparent that Cascade has
lots of sympathizers in its crusade
for a decent postal service. In the
same issue of the Miner in which
the above was printed appears a
strong, healthy, well-developed'and
doubtless well merited editoria
protest at the slip-shod service with
which Nelson is forced to get along
with in a postal way. The Miner
appropriately suggests that a new
inspector be provided if the present
incumbent cannot do better work.
flood Reports from North Basin.
Good report are coming in from
the North Basin, which is a new
mining section located north of the
Burnt Basin. Tom Kellar and
other well known prospectors have
been spending considerable time
this season looking over the fine
mineral showings there, and their
reports are of a decidedly roseate
hue. This will add another to the
promising camps of the Christina
lake section.
Ronert Wood, one of the fathers
of Geeeuwood, has been gazetted as
a justice of the p��are.
Frank Corte, the Brooklyn mail
carrier, has opened his hotel, half a
mile below the big tunnel.
D. J. Matht'son has sent in his
resignation as principal of the Cascade public school. He will be succeeded by J.ihn Simpson, who is
thoroughly qualified and holds a
first grade, class A, certificate.
Rev. J McCoy will visit Gladstone and the Bull Dog tunnel on
Tuesday and Wednesday and hold
services. At the tunnel four services will be held, to accommodate
tbe night-and day shifts at each
end of the big In.re.
The Grand Forks Water Power
and Light Co. expects to divert 15(-
000 inches of water from the north
fork of Kettle river, for electric
light purposes. The undertaking
has been submitted to the government authorities at Victoria.
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Kev, Joseph
McCoy. M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
8:00 p.m., Standard Time, In the school-house.
Sabbath school at S:8'i p.m. In the same place.
All ar* cordially Invited to attend.
LnteHetal Quotation*
New York, September 21.-Bar silver, 68 9.16c.
Mexican dollars. 471*0.
Lake copper���18.50.
The firm that Axes the selling price for miners
and smelters quotes lead 14.40 at the close.
������COMPANIES ACT, 1897."
Certificate of the Incorporation of the "Victoria
Gold and Copper Mining Company, Limited,"
"Non-Personal Liability."
CAPITAL, 11,000.000.
I hereby certify that the "Victoria Gold and
Copper Mining Company, Limited," "Non-Per-
sonul Liability," has this day been Incorporated
under the "Companies' Act, 1897," as a Limited
Company, with a capital of one million dollars,
divided Into one million share* of one dollar
The registered office of ihe company will be situate in the town ot English Point, Grand Forks
mining division, Yale district, British Columbia.
The company is specially limited nnder section
56 of the said Aot.
The objects for which the company has been
established are:
To work, operate, buy, sell, lease, locat", acquire, procure, hold, and deal In mines, metals,
and mineral claims of every kind and description
within the Province of British Columbia; to carry
on and couduct a general mining, smelting anil
reduction business; to purchase, acquire, hold,
erect and operate electric light and power plants
for tbe purpose of furnishing lights aud creating
Sower; to bond,buy, lease, locate and hold ditches,
umes and water rights; to construct, lease, buy.
sell build, or operate tramways or other means of
transportation for transportation of ore, mining
and other materials; to own, bond, buy, sell,
lease and locate timber and timber claims; and
finally to do everything consistent, proper and
requisite for the carrying out ot the objects and
purposes aforesaid, In their fullest and broadest
sense, within the territory named.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British Colombia, this 8th day
of August, one thousand eight   hundred and
[L. s.[ S. Y. WOOTTON,
46 Registrar of Joint Stook Companies.
Certificate of Improvements.
Canmomball, Diadwood and Alma mineral
claims, situate in the Grand Fork* Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located:���On Baker Creek, about on*
mile east ot Christina Lake.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., of
Trail, B.C., acting as agent for R. Dalby Morkill, Jr. F. M. V. No. S3682A, William C. Williams, F M. C. No. 84617A, John Spaulding, F.
M. C. No. 1S862A. Orr Graden, FT M. 0. No.
19609A, Geo. S. Armstrong, F. M. C. No. 12887B,
aud A. W. Selgle Kree Miner's Certificate No.
I807A, Intend sixty day* from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Hecorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for tbe purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of tbe above claims. /
And further take notice tbat aotlon, nnder section 87, must be commenced before the humane*
of such Certificate* of Improvements.
Dated this tenth day of July. 1899, A. D.
Certificates of Improvements.
moncton and Edison Fraction mineral
claims, Fltuate In the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale district.
Where located;���Birthday���on MoRae creek
and one mile from Christina lake.
Edison, Electric, Picton, Moncton and Edison
Fraction���on Josh oreek, In the Burnt Basin.
Take Notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.,
of Trail, B. C, acting a* agent for Hlohard Plewman, Free Miner*' Certificate No. B18260, and
Mrs. (Thos.) Addle Gee, Free Miners' Certificate
No. 12586A, Intend, sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvements, tor the purpose of obtaining
crown grants of the above claim*.
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must oe commenced before the. ssuanoe
of suoh Certificate* of Improvement*.
Dattd thl 88th day of July, A.D., 1899.
Certlficatei of Improvements.
Tammady No. I, Gold Nuggett and Gold Nuggett
Fraction mineral claims, situate In the Grand
Forks mining division of Yale distriot.
Where located:-In the Burnt Basin, west of
the KdUon group.
Take notice tbat I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.. ot
Trail, B. C, acting as agent for James Peterson,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 35WA, intend, sixty
day* from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining orown grants of the above
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the Issnauoe
of suoh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thl* 18th day of Augnst, A.D., 1899.
Certlficatei of Improvement!.
Burnt Basin, Burnt Basin Fraotlon. Jim Blaine
and Jim Blaine Fraction mineral olalms situate in the Grand Forks mining division ot
Yale distriot.
Where located:���In the Burnt Basin,  north
west of the Edison group,
' lake Notice that I, J. D. Anderson. P. L. S. of
Trail, B.C., acting as agent for John Hauser,
Free Miner* Certificate No. 85681A, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grant* of the above
And further take notloe that aotlon, under section 87,must be commenced before the lisuanoe of
said Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of August, A.D., 1899.
R2 J. D. AMMsnioS.
Certlficatei of Improvements.
Mecklenburg aud Mecklkhbcrg Fraction mineral claims, situate In the Grand Fork*
raining division of Osooyos division of Yale district.
Where located:���At the head of the Burnt Basin.
Take notice tbat I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., of
Trail, B. C, acting as agent for C. 8. Wallls, F.
M. C. >*o. 842S1A, and Annie M. Brown, Free
Miner's certificate No. B1I949, Intend, sixty days
from the date he-eof, to apply to the Mining Recorder lor certificates of improvements, for the
purpose ot obtaining orown grant* of the above
And further take notice that aotlon. under section 87, must be commenced before the' issuance
of such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 12th day of August, A. D., 1899.
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0. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and Information
given by local and connecting line ticket agent*.
Passenger* for Kettle River aud Boundary
oreek connect at > Marou* and Bossburg  with
stages dally.
8. A. JACKSON, G. P. AT. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
rVRK only place in British Columbia where the
genuine Keeley Treatment can be obtained.
Fine building, good board, pleasant and
healthful surroundings, and the arrangement*
admit of the strictest privacy for path uts, either
ladles or gentlemen. The Keeley 1 reatment affords the only safe and sure cure for the liquor,
opium, morphine, oocoaine, chloral, and other
drugs, and al-o for tobacco poisoning. Parties
Interested are Invited to call at the institute and
Investigate for themselve*. All correspondence
C. H. Nixon, Mgr. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
September 88, 1890
Published on Saturdays at Caicade, II. C, by
W. Beach Willcox.
Per Year    18.00
Six Months      1.85
To Foreign Countries     8.W
Advertising Bates Furnished on Application.
Tbe Record is on sale at the following places:
Simpson's Newstand Rossland
Thompson Stationery Go,  Nelson
H. A.KingACo Greenwood
R. F. Petrie Grand Porks
John W. Graham A Co.  ... Spokane, Wash,
Francis A Milne Casoade
Thomas Walker           Cascade
Cascade Drug Co Cascade
The government, according to
the figures of the opposition, who
seem to be keeping close watch,
and spending considerable time in
counting noses, is now slightly in
the minority. Rut apparently the
lieutenant governor could not or
would not see things as the opposition did, and does not call on
Premier Semlin to resign and for
the formation of a new ministry.
The opponents of the government
argue, and apparently with good
reason, that the Turner government was dismissed, last year when
it had a better fighting chance
than the present government. Mr.
Mclnnes, however, has thus far
failed to take that view of the situation.
. Mr. Cotton, on his recent trip to
points in Kootenay, professed to
think that all was serene and that,
Joseph Martin having resigned,
the trouble and discordant element
in the government ranks had been
done away with. This is so to a
certain extent, hut Mr. Martin and
the opposition are no small factor
On the other hand, there is still
an utter lack of organization in the
opposition. The Turner party, so
called, is dead and beyond recall,
and no Moses has yet appeared to
lead the people out of the wilderness into the promised land. While
there may be a slight majority
against the government, it has yet
to be proved that this majority
would hang together. If some of
the papers that are howling so
loudly for Mr. Mclnnes to dismiss
the Semlin cabinet, would spend
the same time in organizing a
strong opposition, the lieutenant-
governor would be much more
likely to take action before the
legislature meets on January 4th.
Spokane is the latest place to
get the smelter fever. It is to be
hoped that it will not be the kind
that Boh Ingersoll built there,
five years ago���one that did not
"Our growing time" is the way
Eastern Canadian journals are
now speaking of the present era of
expansion in the Dominion. But
the next ten years cannot fail to
see vastly greater advances, espec
ially in British Columbia.
Up to this writing, war has not
been declared in the Transvaal,
and the white winded dove is still
hovering around; but said dove
does not seem to be having an easy
time of it.
New rumors of the break of the
mining deadlock in the Slocan are
current each week, yet there is no
change, and some of the richest
mineral properties in the province
are still tied up.
Last week 1,200 men, represent-
ii.g $5,700,000,000 in money, met
and deliberated at Cleveland, Ohio,
under the title of the American
Bankers' Association. This is a
good sized pile for a few individuals
to control.
The granting of a pardon to Captain Alfred Dreyfus in France in a
measure undoes the wrong done a
man believed by nearly the whole
world to be innocent. It is a politic move on the part of the council of ministers.
Bruce White thinks a railway
will surely oe built between North-
port and Cascade. That is what
other far-sighted persons believe.
The rich properties of Pierre lake
and Deep and Flat creeks, will require and be given a railway outlet.
to either disprove the  charge  or
resign his portfolio. j
If the crowded cars on the first
regular passenger trains into the
Boundary are a fair index of' what
is to follow, we may soon expect to
see this section not exactly blossom as the rose, but assuming a
fore-front position in  the  provice.
Republic has had almost as
many railways built on paper as
the Boundary country had a couple of years since. It is confidently believed that Washington's great
mining camp will have a real, live
everyday railroad next year.
��� The Atlin Claim remarks that
"The unexcelled (?) mail facilities
given to Atlin district no doubt
will be continued throughout the
year 1899 " The mail service in
parts of the Dominion is a disgrace
to Canada.   We speak by the card.
The Greenwood Miner says that
"If the present pace keeps up
Greenwood will soon have hotels
to burn." It strikes us that is
just what has happened to about
four of them, but perhaps like
most new towns Greenwood is too
well blessed in regard to hotels.
Joseph Martin has accused Hon.
F. Carter- Cotton openly of falsifying the records of the cabinet. Mr.
Cotton does not reply to the
serious charge, which at least
should be denied if untrue. It is
not becoming for a minister of the
crown to stand in this equuivooal
light.   He owes it to the province
It is only just that no credence
be given to the countless rumors
in regard to connecting prominent,
persons in Grand Forks with the
burning of the Hotel Columbia, I
till the full evidence is heard. If
it turns out as some profess to
think, the law will take its course,
and it "grinds- exceeding small."
The real authors of the crime will
get their just dues.
Of the two Men who Were Killed at The Big
The remains of James Pease, the
foreman, and J. Gilbert, who were
killed by gas from blasting at the
Hull Dog tunnel, were brought to
Cascade last Saturday afternoon
for interment. Olaf Olson, in
charge of the tunnel work, with 70
men came also to attend the funeral, at which Rev. Joseph MiCoy
The two men killed had heen
amo'ng-those longest on the work,
over nine months, and were warned
beforehand not to go into the tunnel as Boon as they did. Four
others succumbed to the fumes at
tbe same time, but were rescind in
time and came to after getting nut
into the fresh air. Pease and Gilbert weie Cornishmen, of middle
age, and the former is said to have
a family in the old country.
International Day at Spokane.
One of the big days at the exposition this year will be International day, October 10. Special
trains and special delegations are
coming from all portions of British
Columbia, and it is expected' that
there will be many thousands of
people from both sides of the border in Spokane on that day to exchange greetings. The boards of
trade of British Columbia are making special efforts to attend each
in a body. The following invitation has been sent out to all the
mayors, councils, boards of trade
and other organizations of British
Gentlemen: On behalf of the
management of tbe Spokane Industrial Exposition I have the honor
to invite your honorable body to
take part in the ceremonies now in
course of preparation for International day, Tuesday, October 10th,
pfox. It will be the ambition, not
only of our management, but of
the citizens of Spokane generally,
to make International day a memorable one. On behalf of the
board of control, I have the honor
to remain, very respectfully yours.
H. Bolster, Manager.
Vernon and Greenwood each expects to shortly possess a steam
Jack Robertson and George
Sharpe have heen at Gladstone this
week looking after their mining
Lots in Keremeos, in the Similkameen, are now on the market.
It is located 45 miles this side of
Gold Commissioner Lambley, of
Fairview, made a visit to Greenwood this week, in connection with
several applications for water
records on Boundary creek.
At the
Cascade Drug Co.
You oan get anything and everything y,on may need in the line of
Wall Paper,
Paints, Etc.
Latest Arrivals at
Calgary Flour.
Young Ladies' and Children's
Fancy Toilet Soaps in Great
Variety���Attar of Roses,
Russian Violet, Lily of
the Valley, etc., etc., from
Daily Expected.
Ladies' Blouses, Wrappers,
Under Skirts, Silk Laces
and Dress Trimmings.
Street and First and Second Aves.,
Wanted at Once.
Information or address of D'Arcy Maodouald,
formerly of Alexandria, Glengary county,
Ontario. Please communicate with the Cascade
Record, Cascade, B.C.
House for Sale or Bent.
Cozy two room house, In central location, for
���ale at a bargain, or will rent to the right parties.
Apply at Record office.
Curtis & ^orrison,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Grand Forks, B.C.
NEW MAP... ;.
Christina Lake
Mining. Camps.
Price, $1.25, post paid.
Compiled  by JOHN A. CORYELL, P. L. S.
This map contains the latest locations on Sham-
rook and Castle Mountains, on Baker, Sutherland and MoRae Creeks, and in the Burnt basin.
For sale by \    ���
The Cascade Record,
Cascade, B. C. \
September S3,1880
Bruce White oame in Monday,
in company with Blake Wilson, of
the Arm of P. Burns & Co., and
the two went to Pierre lake, where
they recently bonded the First
Thought group for $25,000. Mr.
White is much pleased with the
property and anticipates great
things from it. Substantial cabins
have been put up, a dozen men
employed, and it is on the program
to continue active development
work on the property all winter.
It appears as though there would
be considerable coming and going
between Pierre lake and Cascade,
now that the new railway is completed. Many properties in that
section are being worked, and some
are owned by perrons having in
terests in Kootenay and Yale.
This means that the properties are
most conveniently reached from
Cascade, the distance being'only
12 or 15 miles. Bruce White,
while, here this week, expressed
himself as confident that at no distant date a railway would undoubtedly be constructed between
Northport and Cascade, as there is
an immense tonnage to he obtained
from the mining properties on the
route. Then the ourveys, which
have already been quietly made,
show that satisfactory grades can
be obtained with but little trouble.
The building committee of the
Prppbvterian church met Monday
evening to consider the financial
status. In a general way it was
quite satisfactory, but the committee wish it understood that a
few more subscriptions���even of
small amounts���would enable them
to pay all hills for construction
promptly. Mr. McCoy will gladly
receive such subscriptions.
The sajje of the New Denver
Ledge has a pretty good conception
of a hero.   Here is his idea of him:
"After further deliberation upon
the subject, we are still of the impression that one of the noblest
works of creation is the man who
always pays the printer. When a
man throws down two plunks on
our marble-topped counter and
makes the declaration that he
wants this paper for a year, he immediately has pur admiration and
a receipt. In our eyes he is g
greater hero and more of a prince
than any of the titled personages
of Europe. None of them take this
paper. If they did ennui would
not be so prevalent in their ranks."
Many in the Boundary are making preparations to visit the Spokane exposition this year���not
only because railway fares on the
American roads will he cut in two,
hut because the exposition itself is
well worth a visit. The mineral
display alone will he thoroughly
representative and worth going a
long distance to see. There will he
any number of attractions at the
fair outside of the exhibits. Not
the least of these will be the Grand
Army Band, of 40 pieces, of Canton, Ohio, sometimes called President McKinley's hand, said to he a'
superb lot of musicians. This one
attraction will cost the management a cool $7,000. Spokane is
preparing; to entertain immense
crow's from October 3rd to 17th,
and the indications are that she
will not be disappointed.
Cor. of Main Street and First
Avenue [centre of town] ...
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
Always Open.
The Most
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Stocked Bar
in connection.
[people and events|
��iquors, pities anb C'Sa?s-1
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
B. C. Livery Stable
Good Saddle Horses for Hire. Teaming
on the Shortest Notice. Good Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part of
the Boundary country. Careful drivers.
J. A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue,
Montana Hotel
 C. H. MAY, Proprietor.
For the Thirsty and Weary Traveller no More Satisfactory
House can be found in the entire Boundary country. At our
Bar you Will Find the Choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars....
First Avenue,      ���      ....      CASCADE, B,. C.
The Steamer
Myrtle B.
Is now ready for freight and
passenger traffic on Christina
Lake. Newly painted and refitted.
F tea mer leaves Coot ot Lake at 10 a.m. and S
p. m.; leaves English I'oint at 9 a.m and 1 p. m.
Notice of Assignment.
Notloe la hereby given that Thomas F. Oalne
and H H. Boy both of Cascade City, In the province of British Columbia, doing business a*
wholesale liquor merchants and gents'furnishers,
at Cascade City aforesaid, in the premises known
as tbe "Yukon Store" under the name, style and
Arm of Oalne & Roy, having hy deed bearing date
the 81st day of Augast, 1809, assigned all their personal estate, credits and effects which may be
sold under execution and all their real estate, to
the undersigned George A. Eastman, at Cascade
City, aforesaid, In trust for the general benefit of
their creditors, both partnership and individual.
The said deed was executed by the assignors,
Thomas P. Oalne, on the 81st day of August. 1899,
and by the assignor M. V. Roy, and tbe assignee
on the Snd day of September, 1898.
Dated this 4th day of September, 1899.
This week the new Presbyterian
church is being painted.
The best meal is the market at
the Queen Restaurant.
Once again the weafher seems
settled.   We are now past the time .
for the equinox.
S. W. Bear will decorate hie
building on Second street with a
sidewalk and veranda.
Constable Darraugh returned
Wednesday from a trip to Greenwood, Eholt and Phoenix.
Work on the new school building is progressing satisfactorily.
Tbe structure has been enclosed
and roofed.
J. D. Reed has arrived from
Dundas, Ontario, and will have
charge of the Cascade Produce
Co's. store here.
It is said that Chas. A. Stoess,
0. E., who was bicated in Cascade
last winter, will return here shortly to do surveying.
Mrs. Victor Monnier left for Spokane Thursday morning, where she
will visit friends till after the opening of the exposition.
The new Flyer stage line discontinued trips last week, but it is
said expects-shortly to be in the
field with a new outfit.
Contractor Ferguson haB completed the foundation for Wm.
Anderson's residence, and will soon
begin pushing work on the super
The Columbia townsite people
are arranging to build a pleasure
park on the banks of the Kettle
river, and will have a course for
boat races.
W. H. McKay, of Bossburg, one
of the vendors of the First Thought
group, at Pierre lake, recently
bonded for $25,000, was in town
Checks for the second dividend of
the Bonanza Mining Co., of Bossburg, were issued Wednesday, and
this is expected to be a regular
monthly occurrence hereafter. A
5-foot ore body has been struck in
the south drift of the 500-foot level.
Harvey Harris, who haB been
local manager of P. Burns & Co.,
at Cascade for several months, has
been promoted, and after the first
of the month, will have charge of
the firm's large interests at Rossland.
T. H. Ingram, of tbe Cascade
Produce Co., and representing the
Calgary Milling Co. in the Boundary country, leaves today for a
short visit to Calgary. He reports
his business in this section as being very satisfactory and constantly increasing in volume.
D. P. Barber, who has the contract for clearing the right of way
for the Cascade Water, Power &
Light Co's. pole lines south from
Phoenix, has one camp established
and expects soon to put in another.
The contract will probably be
finished in the course of a month.
Born to the wife of W. J, Brown, Cascade, on
September 18th, a son.
Scad It Back East
The Cascade Record will be sent
to any place in Canada or the
United States for one year on receipt of $2. It pays special attention to mining in the Boundary
and Christina, lake sections, and
aims to give the most reliable information in regard to this fast
developing country. 6
September 88, 1899
It Is Now Open Season for Qrouse, Ducks,
Deer, Etc.
The open seasons for game are,
respectively, as follows, both dates
being inclusive:
September 1st to February 28th
���Bittern, ducks of > all kinds,
heron, meadow lark, plover.
September 1st to December 31st
���Caribou, elk, wapiti [bull], grouse
of all kinds, including prairie
chickens, hare, moose (bull).
September 15th to December 14th
���Deer, mountain goat, mountain
November2nd to March 31st���
Beaver, land otter, martin.
Unless specially provided, it is
unlawful to shoot or destroy the
following: Insectivorous ; birds,
English blackbirds, caribou���cow
or calf; chaffinch, deer���fawn under 10 months; elk, wapiti���Cow or
calf under two years; gull, linnet,
moose-pcow or calf under 12
months; mountain sheep���ewe or
lamb; English partridge, cock
pheasant, quail of all kinds', skylark, thrush1, and eggs of protected;
birds.    ^
It is unlawful to buy, sell, or expose for sale, show or advertisement: Insectivorous birds, ..bit-,
tern, English blackbirds, caribou���-
cow or calf; ch affinch,-.deer-^fawn.
under 12 months-; or doe, elk or
wapiti, of any. sex or age, grouse of
.all kinds, except blue grouse which.
may be sold during the open season, gull, linnet, meadow lark,
moose���cow or calf; mountain
sheep���ewe or lamb; English partridge, cock or hen pheasant,quail,
robbin, skylark, thrush at any
Farmers only may shoot robins
in pardens between June 1st and
September 1st.
It is unlawful to buy, sell, or expose for sale, or advertisement:
Caribou, hare, bull moose, mountain goat, mountain ram, before
October 1st; buck, deer,' blue
grouse, plover, during the close
It is unlawful to kill or take in
one seaspn more than five caribou,
ten deer, two elk, 250 ducks, two
moose, five mountain goats, three
mountain rams, and to hunt deer
with dogs, or kill deer for hide*
Across the Boundary Line.
Northport expects a great nirlt
of settlers in the fall.
Republic expects to have electric
lights in the course of 30 days.
Bossburg keenly feels the loss of
trade consequent upon the dropping off of freighting.
Ex-Mayor John A. Manley, of
Grand Forks, has been taking an
outing at Nelson, Wash*'-
The money order business at the'
Republic, postoffice runs from $12,-
000 to $15,000 monthly.
Russell stands a chance of losing
its only store before long. G. P.
Pearsons has been prospecting for
a new location.
Bolster, adjoining Chesaw, on
Meyers creek, is booming. Some
25 buildings have been erected
there within the last two weeks.
Cabin's telegraph line has
reached Midway from Republic,
and will soon be at Greenwood,
and thenre to Grand Forks, Cascade and Marcus.
A rumor was afloat that the new
town of Chesaw had been allotted
to an Indian, and there was much
trouble borrowed in consequence.
The report has been denied, however.
Now Uses the Back Streets.
A neighboring editor now takes
the back streets of his town on
account of the way he mixed up
the report of a cattle show and a
concert, says an exchange. This is
the way he made it read: "The
concert given by Odessa's most
beautiful young ladies was highly
appreciated. They sang in a most
charming' manner, winning the
plaudits of the entire audience,
who pronounced them the finest
herd of shorthorns in the country:
A few are of a rich brown color,
but the majority are spotted brown'
and white. Several of the heifers
are able-bodied, fine limbed and
promise to prove good milkers."
Hiive you fit.| o| e yet ? What ?
Why, one of those new maps >>f the
Christina lake milling camps. If
you have an interest there, you
should have a map. Sent post paid
by the Cascade Record on receipt
of $1.25.
It's the best in the world-r^liar
none. The fine job work* turned
out at the Cascade Record office. -
You can get breakfast before t'hc
early stage starts at the Queen
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between Alexander Lynch
and John  rarle, doing business under the
title of the Cascade Sawmill Co., of Cascade City,
B. C, is hereby dissol> ed by mutual consent.
The business will be continued by John Earle,
who is hereby authorised. to collect all ontttand-
ing accounts due (he late firm, and will settle ell
accounts owing bynnld Arm.
Amsxandkk Lynch.
John Kakm\
In presence of
Oeorge K. Stocker.
Dated at Cascade City, B. C, this 23d day of
August, 1899. 47
Delivered free to
any ��&rt of the
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of East Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of
a marvellously
' A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments.
A most advantageous smelter
location and railroad center. One
mile from Christina Lake, the
Great Pleasure
For further
. price, of lots,
etc., address,
pEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Qr L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com, 0..P. RM Winnipeg, Man.: I*
September 28,1899
Brief Bit* Prom Many Camps.
The Gold Bug, near Greenwood,
is clearing ground for an aerial
tramway. A carload of ore is being shipped to the Trail smelter.
H. F. Libby is developing the
Alice L., on Grenville mountain,
and has struck four feet of solid
quartz.   Assays run $52 per  ton.
A Btrike i* reported from the
Norway' Mountain Gold Mining
Co.'s property, and free gold-has
been panned from a wide stringer
in a live foot shaft.
The crosscut in tbe Morrison,' in
Deadwood camp, at the depth *of
220 feet is 66 feet in ore7' ffffil has
not vet struck the hanging wall.
The values average $12 in gold,
and 3 per cent, in copper.
The tunnel on the Bonanza, on
Grenville mountain, near Gladstone, is in 36 feet, and is looking
well. Dr. Edward Bowes and
others,of Rossland, are theowners,
and Ed. Terzick is in charge of the
Railway graders have opened up
another fine ore body on the Oro
Denoro, in Summit damp. Tbe
main shaft is now down 185 feet,
and it is expected that ore shipments can commence as soon as
the spur reaches the property.
On the Pathfinder, on the north
fork of Kettle river, the tunnel in
in 142 feet and is in ore all the
way except 35 feet. A main double-compartment working shaft has
just been started, which is expected
to strike the ledge at a depth of
400 feet,
The Minnehaha, at Camp McKinney, is said to have the largest
boiler ever brought into that camp,
being 80 h-p. President Montgomery, of the company owning and
operating this property, has recently returned, to Toronto, well satisfied with the development.
In 63 days 12 golrt bricks, worth
$5,940 were turned out of the mill
of tbe Camp McKinney Mines,
Ltd., owning the Granite and Banner claims. This was done with a
5-stamp battery, the capacity of
which will be doubled shortly.
About 15.000 tons of $14.50 ore is
estimated to he in sight in the
Beaverton camp, up tbe west
fork of Kettle river, is attracting
considerable attention. One lead
on the Washington and Idaho
claims bas six feet of solid galena,
that averages $40, and . many assays run.hiuher Prominent mining men are taking considerable
interest in the camp.
One of the latest mining strikes
made by railway graders is on the
Snowshoe, in Greenwood camp,
where the workers on the spur cut
through a 70-foot vein of ore south
of the preeent shaft, which can be
traced 700 feet. It runs high in
gold and silver and is a rich chal-
eopyrite. It is the intention to
send samples to the Spokane Exposition.
Capitalists and mining men are
giving considerable attention to
Keremeos and Twenty Mile claims
in the Similkameen, where a number of. new and rich discoveries
have recently been made. Work
is being pushed on the Nickel
Plate, Ramshorn, Shamrock, Gol-
conda, Opulence, Elkhorn and a
number of others, many of which
will be worked all winter.
About 11,000 tons of ore are now
blocked out in the Jewel mine in
Long Lake camp and about 500
tons on tbe dump. Thus far over
1000 feet of shafts, drifts, upraises,
etc., have been done, and the property is expected to be put on a
dividend paying basis next year,
when the cyanide plant is in operation. It is owned by the Jewel
Gold Mines. Ltd., of London, England, with a capital of ��80,000.
Work haB been started on the
big Seattle claim, on the north
fork of Kettle river, over which so
much litigation has taken place.
Options from those interested have
been obtained and placed in the
hands oi a trustee. The claim has
a ledge from 50 to 350 feet wide,
arid was located hy Robert Clark,
one of the litigants. Great things
are expected as a result of the work
now going on.
Colombia Stage Co. Sued Again.
C. J. Pfrang has sued the Columbia Stage company for $5,000 da.m-
On September 9th Pfrang was a
passenger on one of the company's
stages between Bossburg and Grand
Forks. While en route the Jehu
on tile box became indifferent to
the safety of his charge and ran
upon a large stick. It flew, up
striking Pfrang the full length of
his left side. It was a terrific
blow and caused -painful injuries
on the head and leg. It caused
deafness in the left ear, a damaged
eye, and other injuries. Pfrang
says he spent $125 for medical attendance, and lost $100 in time.
He asks, through his.attorney, . W.
C. Morris, $5,000 damages, and the
sum spent for treatment and that
sustained through forced idleness.
���Republic Pioneer.
Have you tried the Queen Restaurant?   It'sall right.
> frf ��� ���.:;
This hotel is located in the centre
of town, opposite, the postoffice,.
and has eveTy convenience for
the comfort of the travelling public. Finely stocked bar in connection.
*tiES3l S31 K3#���*���*
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc.,
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of th��
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Skcond Avenue,
Cascade City. British Columbia.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade;. 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the best hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable*
in connection.
P. BURNS & CO.,��
-WHOLESALE and retail dealer* in-
fresl] anb Qixreti )J)i|eatsf
f \s\). anb Oysters, ��i��e anb ftresseb poultry , \
&T Meats delivered st Mines Free of Charge.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
Cascade Produce Co.
Just Opened, Opposite the Custom House, Cascade.
We carry a Full Stoek of Hay, Oats, Flour, Bran, Shorts, Chop, Corn Meal
and Rolled Oats.   Call and see Our Goods and get Our Prices.
T. H. INGRAM, Mgr.
Plant Drawn and Estimates
Furnished .
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
to printed matter
if you consult your own best interests you will send or bring
us your order. Remember, we are still doing the best grade
of work ever turned out since the world began.   Address,
September 23, 1890
Railroad Headquarters Hotel.
When Visiting the Gateway City on Railroad, Mining or
Smelter Business, You are Cordially Invited to
Make Your Home Here. You will be Treated Right.
Our Bar is One of the Features of this Establishment. It
is Supplied with an Almost Endless Variety of the
Choicest Whiskies, Ales, Wines, Beers and Cigars.
mi i Ls��w ; to printed  matter
if you consult your own best interests you will send or bring
us your order.   Remember, we are still doing the best grade
.of work ever turned out since the world began.   Address,
If You Want a	
Cut in the Latest Style, Trimmed With the Best of Materials, and Made Right
Here in Cascade, Call on
^JJftercl/ant jailor,
First Avenue, Cascade, B. C.
Pure Goods for Medicinal Use
< > First Avenue
(( (^QSCQOe,  JQ. L,.    OscarStknstrom,
Bossburg, Republic, Greenwood, Grand Forks and all Boundary Points. We sell Through Tickets to all points. We
Always Leave and Arrive "on Time."
Leave Cascade for Bossburg, 5.30 a. m.
Leave Cascade for Grand Forks, 7.00 p. m.
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
For the best since
the world began
apply to
The Record, Cascade,B.C.
general fining Jjetos
Over 85 camps will have an ore
exhibit at the Spokane Exposition,
Oct. 8-17.
It is reported that another compressor will he put in hy the Noble
Five in the Slocan.
Fine ore running $85 and $90
per ton, has lately been struck in
the Wilcox mine at Ymir.
Fur two months ending September 1, 230 locations and 257 assessments were recorded in Trout Lake
The Iron Mask mine, at Rossland, is increasing its ore shipments and now averages eight cars
a week.
Drifting has been started on the
big 40 foot ledge at 1000-feet depth
in the Palmer mountain tunnel, in
the Okanogan.
Good things seem to he the order
of the day in New Denver district.
Numerous mineral strikes and developments have taken place.
A find considered most important has been made on the Deer
Park at Rossland. It was made
on an old unexplored working, and
average assays give $12.27 per ton.
The results of the Hall Mines
smelting operations for the four
weeks ending September 1, 1899,
are: 4115 tons of ore were smelted:
Containing, apprnximately,79 tons
copper, and 51,720 ounces of silver.
The Lade group, situated on
Gainer creek, a tributary of the
sonth fork of the Lardo, about ten
miles from Ferguson, is probably
the most uniformly rich property
in Kootenay. It is a gold ore and
assays frequently indicate values
of $800 to the ton. Ten tons of
sorted rock were shipped from the
property, which, after deducting
all charges for mining, packing
and freight and treatment, yielded
the owners a profit of $240 per ton.
W. A. Carlyle, formerly superintendent of the B. A. C. properties
in Rossland, has accepted the offer
of the Rio Pinto copper mines in
Spain of $25,000 per year to take
charge of those properties. He
will leave Rossland on December 1,
and will take charge on tbe let of
next April. His salary commences at the new year. The Rio
sTinto employs 14,000 men and is
the third largest producer in the
world. It has been worked for
centuries, and laBt year paid $4,-
005,000 in dividends upon a capital stock of $90,000,000. The
shareholders are in England, Scotland and France, the Rothschilds
having the control,
Fot a substantial, well-served
meal go the Queen restaurant.
Palace giuery ��arn
���    Up to Date
Saddle Horses Furnished
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Sing Kee
Expert  Laundryman.    Bundles called for and delivered.
Work done on Short Notice.
Give me a trial.
Laundry at tin rear of tbe Commercial Hotel
0. K. Livery Stable,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Rear Montana Hotel, Cascade.


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