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Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. II.
CASCADE, B. C,   JANUARY 6, 1900.
No. 9.
D. C. Beach and A. i. Stewart Contract
to Run a 180-foot Tunnel.
The Victoria (told and Copper Mining
Company Will Thoroughly Exploit Its
English Point Mines, Near Cascade.
Tuesday last, we can state on
good authority, six men were Bent
to the Victoria mine, one of the
properties of the Victoria Gold and
Copper Mining company at English Point, on Christina lake, to
begin work for the winter.
D. C. Beach and A. J. Stewart
have contracted with the company
to run a 100-foot tunnel into the
Victoria ledge.
This move is conclusive evidence
that the owners of this English
Point group of mines, which consists of four claims, the Victoria.
Copper Mountain, Copper Wonder
and Evening Star, mean business.
The works are supplied with all
necessary buildings for housing and
boarding employes, provisions,etc.,
and it is confidently expected that
the boring of this tunnel, along
with other exploitation work contemplated, will bring to the light of
day a dividend-paying deposit that
will greatly enrich shareholders in
the company, as well an establish
the credit of other partially developed claims in Christina lake dis-
Other Mining Notes.
The second payment of $25,000
has been made on the Snowwhoe
Upon good authority it is stated
that the Sunset mine in Deadwood
camp will be shipping ore in the
spring. It is now waiting for machinery.
A 6x8 hoist, capable of sinking
300 feet, and a No. 5 Cameron
pump have been installed at the
Kamloops, in Camp McKinney, to
be operated by a 40-horse power.
Two machine drills will be put in.
The shaft is to be sunk to the 100-
foot level where a station will be
cut out, and then sinking and drifting will be continued. In the same
camp the Waterloo is working two
machines steadily in splendid ore.
The drift on the first level in the
direction of the Wiarton claim is
in over 200 feet.
R. A. Brown has received 120
pounds of ore taken from the bottom of the shaft of the Sunset on
Copper mountain, in the Similkameen district, says the Grand Forks
Miner. It has been on exhibition
all week in the lobby of the Yale
hotel and is perhaps the finest ore
ever shown in Grand Forks. It
came from a depth of 70 feet and
much of it is solid copper glance or
bornite. The whole lot will average close to 40 per cent copper.
In some places there is a large per
centage of chalco-pyrite or yellow
copper. Mr. Brown says the ore
appears to be in solid mass, there
never having been such a thing as
a wall in sight. He thinks it is
hundreds of feet in width. If so
Copper mountain will be another
Butte, or better, as the outcrop
covers about 40 acres. It is one of
the most remarkable outcrops ever
seen in any country.
The Miner claims that for the
year just ended, the mines of Rossland have sent out approximately
183,670 tons of ore, as igainst 116,-
000 tons in 1898, and 68,000 tons
in 1897. The value of the ore
sent out is put at $3,306,060 although taking the customs return
into consideration, the value should
be considerably higher, and it is
safe to say that when the official
figares in detail are obtained, the
total will be found to exceed that
given. It is further asserted that
the monthly payroll of Rossland
camp figures up to $132,768.65.
A. G. Davis has begun work on
the Morning Star and Park Fraction, of the Rambler group, located
one mile north of Eholt. A 100-
foot shaft will be sunk, and the lead
crosscut in an easterly direction.
Two shifts of three men each will
be employed.
The Mother Lode is shipping 100
tons of ore to the Trail smelter,
according to the Greenwood correspondent of the NeUon Miner,
The Golden Crown and Winnipeg are about to be listed among
the shipping mines.
Reaching Out.
The Spokane Falls and British
Columbia Telephone company has
been absorbed hy the Columbia
Telephone and Telegraph company,
which owns a line on the international boundary line near the Red
Mountain railway. It also owns a
branch from Marcus to Republic,
and from Bossburg to a point on
the international boundary line
south of Cascade City.
The Columbia Telephone and
Telegraph Company owns an exchange in Rossland and a line
from there to the boundary line.
In addition to this it owns a line
which extends from Cascade City
to Grand Forks, Greenwood and
Midway and from thence to Camp
McKinney, with lateral branches
running hither and thither.
The intention of the new purchasers, now that they have control on the American side, is to improve the facilities and to give the
public a better showing than heretofore.
With the new line just purchased
the Columbia Telephone and Telegraph Company owns and operates
over 500 miles of line, and the intention is announced of extending
the line next summer on from
Camp McKinney, the present terminus, to Fairview, Keremeos,
Princeton and the Similkameen
country. This will give them in
the neighborhood of 1000 miles of
France's population including
that of of her possessions^ 77,139,-
000. That of the British empire
nearly reaches the enormous figure
of 350,000,000.
The possible war strength of
France, in men, is said to be 4,000,-
000, while that of the British empire iB placed at about 1,000,000.
The Boundary Creek Times, under the caption of ''Tupper's Tergiversation," jumps on that political patriarch with booth of its big
Irogans, and in a review of his address in Greenwood, pronounces it
a tissue of misrepresentations, and
simply flays the octogenarian statesman alive. A lifetime in politics,
it must be confessed, tends to enable one to gracefully strain at a
gnat and swallow a camel.
Apparently for political purposes
the rumor has been floated to the
effect that the leading mine mana-
agers in Nelson, Rossland and the
Boundary mines were about to close
down there works, thus forcing the
eight-hour issue. It is supposed
that such a report will not only intimidate the miners, but frighten
the politicans as well, and thus result in the repeal of the eight-hour
When war is on, military information is sought, and even that of
a statistical character is not offensive, so we venture some comparative figures: In the Crimean war,
with 1,460,000 troops, there were
killed in battle 53,870; died of
wounds, 66,000; died of disease,
492.200���total deaths, 612,070. In
the American war of 1861-5, in the
northern army, there took the field
2,336,000; killed in battle, 44,240;
died of wounds, 34,006; from disease, 149,240���total, 227,486. In
the Spanish-American war 274.717
troops took the field; killed in battle, 293; wounded, 1,578; died from
disease, 2,619���total, 4,490. Grand
total of deaths, 844,046.
Colesburg in the Possession of British
Afrikanders Plotting to Seize Cape Town���
Homeguard Organized to Quell Dliloy.
alty���French's Victory a Qreat Gain.
General French has been operating with mobile forces during the
last month from Naauwpoort to
protect Methuen's line of communications by keeping the Free State
force from Colesburg fully accupied.
After threatening the enemy's communications with the Orange river
and compelling the Dutch to retire
from Rensberg, French decided upon a sudden stroke. He ordered the
mounted force and artillary to advance rapidly on Sunday night,
with his infantry in wagons behind
them, and by daylight had succeeded in turning the enemy's position
at Colesberg. The infantry and
batteries made a feint attack on the
front, while the light artillery were
massed on the right flank. The
Dutch camp was surprised by the
unexpected night march, and the
Free Staters did not try to defend
their position, but retreated eastward, leaving Colesburg in possession of French's forces. This exploit brings the British troops within striking distance of Norvalsport
and Boothas drift. Colesberg is an
important border town, and if the
town can be held and the bridge
and drift be secured, two gates leading into the Free State will be under British guard in advance of
the arrival of Roberts and the concentration of the 6th and 7th corps
for the march upon Springfontein,
the most important strategic point
in the Orange republic. French's
occupation of Colesberg is a distinct
gain for the British cause.
An entire regiment of soldiers is
said to be en route from the Dutch
colony in Sioux county in Iowa to
join the Boers in the Transvaal. If
seemingly well authenticated accounts are to be believed the organizers of the force are shipping the
men out thiee or four at a time by
different routes. The money was
all raised in or near Orange City
and Sioux Center. Drilling has
been in progress in remote pasts of
the county for some time.
To quell disloyalty the Cape Colony English are organizing home-
guard companies.
Don't forget the Record Job Department when needing fine stationery. THE   CASOADE   RECORD
January B, 19C0
Local and General.
Messrs. Tom and Jerry were in
town during the holidays.
Insurance rates have been advanced one per cent or more in some
cases, in Greenwood.
1). J. Matheson has been appointed postmaster at Phoenix, vice
Thos. Roderick, resigned.
At a turkey shoot in Gladstone,
last Monday, Messrs. Munn, Nims
and O'Donell won birds.
T. H. Ingram, manager of the
Boundary Flour and Feed company,
of Greenwood and Columbia, was
in town yesterday.
England should adopt the old
Southern general's method, who
said his success was due to "gittin'
thar fustist with the mostest men."
The departure of some members
of our local canine population has
been hastened this week by poisoned meat, which has been placed by
some dog-gone citizen.
In the matter of weather, it may
be said to have been soft the past
week. It has alternately snowed
and rained. But we hear that an
eastern cold snap is headed this
Gen. French is said to have been
the first commissioner of the Northwest mounted police, having been
appointed to that position in 1873.
It is further claimed that he is betrothed to a lady now residing in
Rev. D. A. Stewart, of Phoenix,
will occupy the pulpit of the
Presbyterian church in Cascade tomorrow, having exchanged for the
day with Rev. Jos. McCoy, who will
preach in Rev. Stewart's church in
Oscar Englund, who made a
start two or three months ago for
his old home across the water, but
was recalled by the C. P. R. authorities and sent into the Similkameen
to complete ceitain difficult surveys has again started for Norway.
He was in Trail this week.
Prince, G. K. Stacker's Ma tiff
dog, made a reconuoitering trip
this week, being absent a day or
two. It is supposed he ventured
too near the tiring line, and the
Boers, mistaking him for John
Bull's lion, took a shot at him, for
Prince returned with a severe bullet wound iu his upper jaw.
The Cascade school will be reopened next Monday in the old
building. An item in another part
of this paper states the new house
will be occupied. The seats, however, have not yet arrived, though
they were shipped from Victoria
over a month ago, and have been
expected to arrive every day for the
past three weeks, and may, in fact,
arrive to-day. It is probable that
it will not "be neccessary to occupy
the old building more than two or
three days.
Ladies Aid met with Miss Darrow Thursday of this week.
A business meeting of the managers of the Presbyterian church wns
held Thursday evening.
Insurance Agent Stocker will be
pleased to give all a new-year's
present of n calendar for 1900; call
at his office and get one.
Stages are once more making
regular trips between Bossburg and
Cascade reaching Cascade at 10 a.
m. and leaving onl arrival of the
enst bound train about 3 p. m.
Later it is said that Gen. French's
victory at Colesburg is of no advantage to tbe British. The London Mail likens bis position to that
of a person having a tiper-cat in a
cage and no weapons with which to
kill it.
A protest against tbe passage hy
parliament, of any net. which will
allow the contamination of tbe waters of the Kettle river by sewers,
garbage dumps, etc., has been extensively signed by citizens of Cascade
and forwarded to Victoria.
Mr. R. J. Cameron, owner of the
Grizzly claim, which adjoins tbe
John Bull and Buckingham, near
Gladstone, we understand, bas laid
in supplies for the winter, and will
immediately begin the task of running a 100-foot tunnel.
Little Cloid Reveler, tbe 7-year
old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Reveler, arrived in Cascade yesterday,
from Telluride, Col. He was accompanied as far as Gladstone by
his grandmother. Mrs. H. C. Neu-
meyer. Mr. Reveler went up to
that place and met his little son.
Messrs Keltnan and Ritchie were
given a house warming in the shape
of a surprise party by a few of
their friends N w Year's night. A
most enjoyable time ivns hurl and
all left believing they had warmed
the house sufficient to keep the
frost out this winter at least.
The young people of Mrs. D. Mc-
Leod's class in the Presbyterian
Sunday school were pleasantly entertained at, a "taffy" party given
by their teacher at. her home on New
Years. 'Tis said that tbe guests
were quite "stuck up" over the affair
but whether with honors, taffy or
both, rumor sayeth not.
The city elections in Nelson, as in
many other places in the province,
occur next Thursday, the 11th instant. We notice by tbe Miner that
C. Morrison, one of Nelson's substantial merchants, is a candidate
for Alderman. Mr. Morrison is a
brother-in-law of our fellow townsman, Mr. John Simpson.
E. N. Ouimette & Co., brokers,
Ros��land, B. C, have placed on the
market a block of stock in the
Mystery Gold Mining and Milling
Co., at a low price of five cents per
share, the proceeds to be used in
further developing the company's
properties which have the reputation of being most promising claims.
Orders for stock left at the Town-
site Co.'s office will be forwarded to
Ouimette & Co.
The English Store!
TME: B. C.
Syndicate, Ltd.,
Is the ONE firm in the Boundary country which is
so equipped as to give the PROSPECTOR or the
MINE OWNER everything he needs at bed rock
J We procure our staple goods by the carload. No ig
I one can buy cheaper.   No one will sell as cheap. ;|
We can help the prospector right through from
the start���give him reliable assays, bond or buy his
claim, and if sufficiently worthy place it on the
London market.
We carry everything in Groceries, Hardware,
Dry Goods, Boots and Mining Supplies���everything
from Dolls to Dynamite.
Long distance 'Phone and Assay Office in connection. Nearest store to railway station. Mine
Owners, Hotel Keepers or Private Families out of
town should write for our quotations.
McRAE'S LANDING. Christina Lake.
Hartford Hotel,
-Hartford Junction, B. C.
This hotel, which is new, is located at the junction
of the Phoenix and Winnipeg branches of the C. P.
R. All the railway traffic for these camps must
pass through Hartford.   Give us a call.
kTL��� n n i n m :.j a i���n   in I
(Late MacFaiuane & Co.) VANCOUVER, B.C.
Wc are^manufacturers and ilirtct importers, mid carry a large stock of llalances, Furnaces ���
Fire Clay goods, Sclentlllc and Practical Hooks, Glassware, Platinum goods, Acids, Chemi-*
cats, and all other Assayers' and Miners' requirements. ... SOLE AGIO NTS for Morgan Cru- ���
cible Co., Hnttersea, Decker's Son's Halunccs, Etc.  Catalogues and partlculurs .n auplicutioi. <���
The Cascade Sawmill.
A large stock of Rough
and Dressed Lumber.
Laths. Shingles, flouldings, Etc
Estimates Furnished and
Prompt  Delivery Made.
Correspondence Solicited.
f January 8, 1900
_j  i _i  i_
U=��=d   \r=n^rJ   \^��=J  |=��==4 r=��=A   h^^H
j | r|lR5T  \t~.\y.:.-trip fjJ   TO  (f 45C/VDIE i I    	
Avcnjc    t
Isfmrnnp ap Era op rarm ESQ f
J^aliiD^QBia fflffl rmtt cititd ffiffl] Hffi .
......... v ��� u *���-.-.-  '-. ...'i/u i  n    *
LUkanm mil], lh. nij , aw],: oiin]. mm],
<^J tip EP UttUD m:i rnrrrj [_	
%ni ma mm ten! Liiiiij Qia]
fiOUTH     \
%,\j [[il om] AVE
ira dillO njinj iMa [Din
Plan        \ v^d ltP ^W up. pi
Cascade City  v\^a g��� um
s&Aup,Eoorr..iiiHCM \ \ \hj rn 1 iTi nun]
Y.'aBranch Use
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of East Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent "Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
.MIDwATTlf].      f^y
W A S H I N G T 0 N
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Kan.
January 8, 1900
THE CASCADE RECORD | active duty, were retired on pensions that average nearly half the
wages they received when at work.
Published ou Saturdays at Cascade, II. C,
H. S. Tokner, Editor.
PsrYear    ��2<W
Six Months.      1.85
To Foreign Countries      2.M)
Advertising Kali's Furnished on Ap|ilication.
The Hecord is on sale at the following places:
Simpson's Newttand  lCiissland
Iiinloii llrus Uossland
Thompson  Stationery Co., Nelson
H, A. King*Co  Greenwood
R F. Petrie Grand Porks
John W. Graham & Co. Spokane. Wash.
Cascade Drug Co    Cascade
Wm. Meadows    Cascade
If there is a blue mark in
this square, your subscription is due, and you are invited to remit.
Mayor Payment has   been
elected mayor of Ottawa, Ont.
It ie expected that the Dominion
parliament will assemble about the
1st of February.
About 150 men will go from Toronto in the second contingent,
which will sail about the 18th
Last week's Phoenix Pioneer was
a well rounded out publication,
-consisting of six pages, replete with
local information, of the sort that
Attracts and tells for good.
On the 21st ult., a plot for an
outbreak was discovered in Manila,
on the occasion when the American
troops were in attendance upon
.Gen. Lawton's funeral.
Thirteen bridges have been con
structed on the San Poil valley
road to Republic, and a new steam
ferry is being established across the
Columbia river near the mouth of
the San Poil.
Moyie has secured the next convention of the Miners' Uuions of
British Columbia, and she feels as
proud as a hen over a new egg, and
is cackling at a great rate���that is,
her Leader is doing so.
The dum dum bullet, which is
sometimes used in South African
warfare, derives its name from
Dum Dum, India, where it was first
made. When it strikes its victim
it spreads out like an umbrella and
tears its way through the flesh.
Blood poisoning often sets in a few
minutes after the bullet strikes.
The Keller (Wash.) Miner prints
a lengthy editorial obituary on the
passing of the 19th century at the
close of the year 1899. It is a good
article and will be fully as worthy
and more appropriate at the close
of the present year, so that it will
not have been written in vain,
though under a misapprehension.
The system of pensioning old employes of the Pennsylvania Railroad company on the lines west of
Pittsburg was inaugurated recently
About 950 men, who, by reason of
long service in the company's employ,   incapacitated   for    further
The new drainage canal of Chicago, just opened cost $33,000,000.
It carries 300,000 cubic feet of water
per minute.
A report comes that Cecil Salisbury, son of the Premier, was
wounded in a sortie on Christmas
day from Mafeking.
In Montreal many people suffered frozen feet and hands, the cold
weather was so severe during the
week between Christmas and New
The Hamilton, Ont., quota to the
second contingent was given a royal
send-off, and each man was made
the recipient of $50 from the city
Many of the towns and cities of
this province are now busy with
municipal elections, in each of
which there are two sets of the
dumdest political tricksters and
dunderheads, according to the
other fellows, running for office.
How the mud flies 1
Near Keller, iu the south half of
the Colville reservation, (Wash.)
there are many rich mineral claims.
Among these we may name the
Humbolt, Crnckerjack, the Congress group, the Owl, Gold Hill
group, Manila group, Iconoclast,
Justice and Copper King.
The Nelson editors are at loggerheads. Mr. Beaton is beatin' Mr.
Houston, and the latter is striking
back, for he desires to be the next
mayor of the city. The fight has
resolved itself into one between
labor unions and capital unions.
May the most deserving side win.
The Ontario Legislature will meet
on the 8th or 15th of this month.
E. A. McDonald was elected
mayor of Toronto Tuesday. He
ran as an independent, against two
party nominees.
In the Achalkalak district of
Russian Transcaucasia, an earthquake wrought ruin and devastation
in thirteen villages, completely des-
stroying six. Nearly 1,000 lives
were lost.
The part Sheriff Waisman and
his deputy, of Ferry county, Wash.,
took in the Everett kidnapping
case, has got those gentlemen into
a pickle bottle that is small at the
neck. The affair is now receiving attention from both the British and
U. S. governments, and the end of
it is not yet.
The citizens of Cascade should
not relax their efforts to prevent
Grand Forks from emptying her
sewers into our drinking water. It
does not seem possible that the provincial legislature will, if it be
properly informed in the matter,
give Grand Forks power to commit
such an outrage upon the large
number of people living below that
city on the Kettle river, who must
depend upon it for water for all
John L. Sullivan, ex-pugilist,
who is being sued by a New York
liquor firm for $1,600 for goods
purchased, testified in court that
he was without money or property.
Afterward he stated that his earnings during his professional career
had exceeded $1,000,000, and he
made $400,000 in the winter of
1883-84. He said: "I have been
a good fellow and I am broke. If
anyone I knew needed money and
asked me for it he got it."
The Canadians have had their
firi��t experience of actual warfare,
the Toronto company having been
with Colonel Pitcher in his defeat
of the Boers at Sunnyside laager
Monday. Our boys, according to
the reports from Dover Farm, where
Colonel Pitcher and his command
were encamped, did good work of
supporting the guns. Two privates
were killed and ajlieutenant wounded.
Last Tuesday work was resumed
on the balance oj the main line of
the Columbia & Western between
Greenwood and Midway. The
news came as a surprise, as it was
generally understood that the
balance of the road would not be
completed until all the spurs were
built. Orders came from Trail
Saturday to move the construction
outfit from Eholt to Greenwood
which was done. The spur from
Eholt to Greenwood camp is built
to Hartford Junction. On account
of snow, it is given out that this
spur will not be completed to
Phoenix this winter, as the extra
expense is not warranted by the tonnage capable of immediate delivery
from that point.
application will be made to the Parliament
or Canada at the next session thereof, for an
act to incorporate a company to construct and
maintain a railway from a point ou the International Boundary Lino near Cascade, British
Columbia, thence in a westerly direction following the valley of the Kittle river to a point on tbe
Houndary Line at or near Curson, with a branch
from a point at or near Grand Porks to a point 50
miles up the North Fork of the Kettle river,follow-
Ing the valley of tbe same rlver.nlso with a branch
from a point at or near Grand Porks, proceeding
in a southwesterly direotion by way of Greenwood
lo a point on the International Boundary Line at
or near Midway, with power to the company to
construct, operate and maintain telegraph and
telephone lines, as well for commercial purposes
as lor tbe business of the company and for all
> ther necessary and usual powers.
Dated this 2nd day of December, 1889.
For himself and the other applicants. 12
Latest Arrivals at
Certificates ot Improvements.
John Bull and Marinette Mineral Claims situate
In the Grand Forks mining division of Osoyoos division ol Yale district.
Where located:���On tbe East side of McRae
creek, near Gladstone townsite, B. O.
Take Notice that I, R. E. Young, acting as
agent for the John Bull Mines, limited,P. M. ���'.,
No. B12845, Free Miner's Certificate No. B13446,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for Certificates or Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining trown grants
of the above claims.
And further take notice that aotlon, under section 37,must be commenced before the issuance of
suid Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of November, A.D., 1899.
R. E. Young, P. L. 8.
Young k Burnet, Rossland, B. C, 12
i.ook after your cents und the bankers will mind your dollars.
Look after your extremities and your
beart will look after Itself.
Boots^hoes.Olovcs.Hats.ratis, It will j
pay you to call at the U. C. M, k M.
syndicate's" English Store.".
"also nml there among the
latest arrivals:
Crosse & lllttckwcll's
Jams, Pickles and Sauces, Oysters,
Marmalade, McLaren's Cheese, Maple Syrup, Blue Ullihon Tea, Sweet
lllseult, Chutney, Herrings, Finnan
lladdii'H, Mixed Nuts,,Pineapples,
and other table delicacies.
A,S* *K*i*i* *tv��. J
Main Street and First and Second Am,
Branches at McRae Landing,
Gladstone, and Eagle City,
on the North Fork.
West Seattle.
rpHE only place in the Northwest where the
genuine Keeley Treatment can be obtained
Fine building, good board, pleasant and
healthful surroundings, and the arrangements
admit of tbe strictest privacy for patiwits, either
ladies or gentlemen. The Keeley Treatment affords the only sare a nd sure cure for the liquor,
opium, morphine, cocoaine, chloral, and other
drugs, and al o for tobacco poisoning. Parties
interested are invited to call at the institute and
investigate for themselves. All correspondence
C. H. Nixon, Mgr.
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc.,
ers and Mining Experts. To the Mining Public
of the Pacific Northwest: We beg to advise you
that we have opened a branch of our business at
No.205"2 Washington >t., Portland, Oregon, to
accommodate our numerous clients In Ihe Northwest. As onr name for prompt and reliable work
In the past Is known in every mining camp west
of the Rockies, it will guarantee onr future success. Our certificates are invariably accepted by
banks and mining corporations as final. Numer-
ous Investors waiting for Bound mining property.
We are now ready for work. Send in your samples with letter of instructions and charges, and
we will give yon prompt returns. Our charges
are-Gold and silver, $1.50 Gold, Copper snd Silver, 18.00. Coal, Soil and other minerals, 18.00
each. tST Check assays a specialty. SELBY
BROTHERS, Assayers and Mining Experts, No.
205"2 Washington St., Portland, Oregon. Hand
Power Stamp Mills for sale-t80 complete.
n January 6, 1900
If You Wish
To keep thoroughly posted on the fast
moving events in the growing Boundary and Christina Lake sctions, there is
only one way to accomplish it, viz:
Just get in line, follow the
crowd and subscribe to ..
TheCascade Record.
It costs only Two Dollars to get
in out of the wet, and receive 52
copies of the Record. Printed
on good paper with good type
and good ink.
End of the Century.
A correspondent, add resting the
editor of the Victoria Colonist, pulverizes that ferine in the following
gloveless manner. The style may
not he elegant but is emphatic, if
not conducive :
"To the Editor: I was not aware
until I rend your article on the
above that many of our citizens
were distressed over the question,
'when does the nineteenth century
end?' Permit me to call your attention to a fact that you apparently
lo��e sight of : Jems Christ commenced his life on earth with a
cipher (0) the same fin you and I
commenced ours with ciphers (00).
Anno Domini commenced with a
cipher(O). There was a time in
the history of you and I, Jeeus
Christ and Anno Domini, when we
were only one day obi; in the process of time we completed 365 days,
and being then one year old we
registered one (1); it therefore follows of necessity that upon our
tenth birthday we were 10 years
old, and upon our 100th birth day
we would be 100 years old, a century, each cipher (0) denoting the
completion of a tenth, each two
ciphers (00) the completion of a
century, each unit the completion of
a year. Why, sir, according to
your fantastical theory, if you carried it out to its logical conclusion,
we are not only a year and four
days from the commencement of
the 20th century, but 101 years and
four days, and we will not be into
the 20th century till we write A. D
2001. As a matter of fact, where
we write 1900 we will have completed that number of years."
Y)ow under development. Look at the immense
���V'dam, 400 feet long and 50 feet high, now under construction. The flume and tunnel to convey the water will be
16 feet wide, 13 feet deep and 1000 feet long. The water
will be conveyed from the mouth of the tunnel to the water-
wheels, through two iron pipes, each S}4 feet in diameter and
2000 feet long, with a perpendicular fall of 156 feet.
Excavation for a power-house is now in progress near
the wagon road bridge, and the excavation alone will cost $10,-
000. Development of this power is now under construction
and will be prosecuted as rapidly as possible. A. 10,000
horse power will be obtained, which will be used in developing electrical power to be transmitted to all the mines in the
Boundary and Christina Lake Districts.
Estimated cost of plant, complete, is $500,000.
Beautiful- Christina Lake and Surroundings!
The fisherman's delight and the hunter's paradise. This
lake is 18 miles long and from one to three miles in width.
The Mineral Wealth
About Cascade City, while practically undeveloped, is
most promising, and marvelous wealth awaits the hand of
man to reveal the country's hidden resources.
Look closely at our advantageous location and you will not
fail to have a good impression of
Cascade, the Gateway City.
The Queen's Christmas Tree.
London cables describing the
Queen's Christmas tree entertainment to the wives and children of
the Queen's Guards now in South
Africa, say the Queen received her
guests in St George's hall sitting in
a wheeled chair. She smiled when
the children reached her presence
and gazed curiously at her. Then
each mother brought forward her
children. The Queen smiled radi-
ently and presented each with 1111
appropriate gift taken from the
great Christmas tree.
To King Boozerlno.
Murderer, thief, ravisher, stealer
of men's brains,
Caterer to the gallows, feeder of
Soaked in the tears of widows,
mothers and orphans,
Defying God and defacing his
Daubing blood on the face of humanity,
Smearing crime on the garments
of society.
Barring the way to Heaven,
Paving the way to Hell,
Curse you I Curse them that
make you I
Curse them in power who allow
you to exist!
Fragmant of Hell, hurled into
the nineteenth century,
How I hate you !���
How I love you.
���Republic Record.
Free-gold-quartz has been found
in the Buckingham mine near Gladstone.
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial. 6
January 6, 1900
Had Warned England Against Attacking the
A dispatch to the New York
Herald from London says:
It appears that a storm is brewing on tbe subject of the course of
the government toward General Sir
William Butler, whose conduct at
the outset of the war, met with
much criticism. It is said that Gen.
Butler, previous to the war, sent a
series of dispatches warning the
government against attacking the
Boers, giving details of their condition for war which have been verified by recent events. But hiB dispatches were very distasteful to the
government and were put away out
of sight, and Gen. Butler was severely criticised.
General Butler, it seems, declared
that the war office was mislead by
the blindness of the intelligence
department, and from what has
taken place, was totally unaware of,
or purposely misinformed by the
Boers as to their arms and numerical strength.
It is well known here that the
British agents of the intelligence
department were sent from time to
time to find out what the Boers
were doing in the way of armament.
The Boers knew all about it, but
conducted the visitors around forts
which they chose for their own purposes, where old guns were set up
and shown with affectation of pride
by President Kruger's men, who
were cunning enough to inspire
strangers by their plausibility.
Thus the British intelligence department received the most minute
reports of the caliber, range and
number of the cannon possessed by
the Boers, but were merely gulled
by the wily burghers. The real
guns, with which the war is conducted, Creusots and Krupps, were
so carefully hidden that scarce a
soul outside of the immediate circle
of the government knew of them.
The English government sent
out guns equal in caliber to what
the agents had been allowed to
In the same view, it is thought
that the Boers understood their
numerical forces and small guns.
It is understood that all three
things were told to the home government by General Butler with the
result that Butler was called disloyal and pro-Boer and rabid
papers demanded his degradation.
But since the war, people who
knew the contents of General Butler's dispatches, have come forward
and asked that they be published.
The attention of members of parliament has been culled to the matter
aud when the commons assemble
in six weeks demands will be made
for the publication of the dispatches.
If it be asked why General Butler did not speak out, it must be remembered that he is a military
man in a high position and says:
"My lips are sealed. But the
subject is now occupying the club
One very clever clubman remarked that the question amounted to
"Is he a traitor or a martyr ?"
Another said:
"Is General Butler the Dreyfus
of this war, and has he been snub-
lied by the queen ?"
For it will be remembered that
when the queen visited Bristol, he
was withdrawn from the chief command of the western district, and it
was stated that he would have been
hooted had he appeared. Has he
been insulted by the press in order
to shield the war office, which believed the intelligence department
rather than the chief of the South
African forces ?
Someone else said:
���'Remember Lord Wolsley's
recent speech: 'We have heen
grossly misinformed as to the
strength and resources of the
The public naturally asks:
"Deceived by whom ?"
There were three causualties in
Greenwood New Years Day. Early
in the morning, during the celebration of the New Year in the tenderloin district, Effie Elkins and Mamie Foster got into a mixup. The
farmer threatened the life of Mamie
with a razor and the latter retaliated by throwing stones, one of which
fractured her opponent's skull.
Late in the afternoon Gabriel Bran-
no, an Italian, employed on railroad construction near there was ac-
cidently run over by a yard engine.
His spine was fractured, causing
instant death. In the evening Geo.
Conway, a lumberman, was brought
in to the Greenwood hospital from
Tillman's mill, two miles south of
town, suffering from a fracture of
both bones in the left leg. The
accident occured while felling a tree
which, striking another tree, glanced and hit Conway on the leg.
The Columbia & Western has
changed the name of two of its
stations in the Boundary. That at
Gladstone will he known as Coryell, and Niagara as Fisherman.
There will also be another change
in passenger time and will take
effect at midnight Saturday, Jan. 6.
The morning train will leave Rossland at 8 a. m., West Robson at
10.20 a. m., and arrive at Greenwood at 4.10 p. m. Theeastbound
train will leave Greenwood at 1.20
p. m. arrive at West Robson at 7.
50 p. m. and at Rossland at 10.40
p. m. The local train from Trail
will arrive at Rossland at 12.15 p.
m. and  leave  Rossland at 6 p. m.
The Nelson Tribune Bays that
$300,000 went into new residence
and business buildings in that city
during the year 1899. A pretty
good showing���even allowing that
the point may have been strained
a little inadvertently.
fisl? anb Oysters, giue anb ftresseb Poultry
F. QRIBI, r\gr.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
- ><y X4- -s^- ^^- "v^-  -^- >^- -s^-  ^i-  >*^- ^^- *   -��S- -��*s ~C^ *CS ~CS 'CS *��>r ~C*' V^ 'C "O" '���.
��iquors, ^)ines anb (jSar>s-
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
B. C. Livery Stable
Good Saddle Horses for Hire. Teaming
on the Shortest Notice. Good Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part of
the Boundary country.  Careful drivers.
J. A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue,.  , -
Cor. of Main Street and First
Avenue [centre of town] ...
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
1^=* Always Open. ��=^r
The Most
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Stocked Bar
in connection
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the best hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
ALBERT W. J. BELGROVE, Prop. January 6,   1900
��� ��� ��� ���
The Centre of the Far-famed Similkameen District.
A Mining and Agricultural Centre.   ::::::
Lots Now on the ftarket
Third Avenue, 100 Feet Wide. Lots, 30x150.
Corner Lots, $150.        Inside Lots, $100.
Comer Lots, $100.
Inside Lots, $75.
Terms, 1-3 Cash; Balance, Three and Six Months.
For Further Particulars, Apply to.
General Agents,
R- H. PARKINSON, Fairview.
Mining Records.
P. Frederick has located the Bismarck Fraction  in Burnt   Basin.
R. J. Cameron has located a
claim in Burnt Basin designated
Tempest and transferred a half interest in the same to I. A. Duns-
Other locations: Enterprise,
Gladstone camp, by G. Foulds and
A. Belgrove. Jewell, Burnt Basin,
relocation of Rossland, by G,
Foulds and A. Belgrove. Mayflower, near Gladstone, relocation
of Gibraltar, by G. Foulds and A.
Belgrove. Snow Bird, near Gladstone, by G. Foulds and A. Belgrove. Anchor, near Gladstone, by
G. Foulds and A. Belgrove.
Burying the Tomahawk.
Apparently Grand Forks has
wooed and ogled Columbia, its sister town and rival, till now a matrimonial or some other sort of alliance will he formed, and the
twain will become one city ere
long. It cannot he denied that
for safety and healthfulness Columbia has far the most desirable town-
site for residential purposes, and
some day will be the retail mercantile and dwelling portion of those
towns while Grand Forks will retain
the wholesale and manufacturing
industries. Last week's Miner says:
"The city authorities of Columbia have wisely consented to the
opening of Winnipeg avenue and
we presume this long delayed work
will now be carried out in accordance with the original understanding. Work on the avenue will be
commenced at once and in a few
weeks Grand Forks will have a direct roadway to the C. P. R. station.
The railroad company will now proceed with the construction of the
much-needed passenger depot, and
a vexed local question will be
settled. There is not much doubt
that if the affairs of the world do
not get too badly mixed over the war
in South Africa, Grand Forks and
Columbia will soon be one, and
we shall have communication between the two by an electric tramway. Then the distance to the C.
P. R. depot will be practically obliterated, and we shall have in the
combined townsite one of the finest
foundations for a splendid city ever
known in the country."
Unless the cable censors give the
press of this country some excuse
for the apparent blunders the South
African generals have made, the
infallible editors will batter the
reputations of those titled and
medaled heroes all to atoms.
No. 7, in Central camp, will resume work shortly, as the work of
providing bunk and boarding
houses, and other buildings, has
been completed.
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Hev. Joseph
McCoy, M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m., Standard Time, iu the new church.
Sabbath school at 2:80 p.m. in the same place.
All are cordiallv invited to attend.
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician.
Eyes Scientifically Tested
Free of Charge	
Dominion Hall Block,     ���     COLUMBIA, B.C,
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of tht
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avenue,
Cascade City, British Columbia.
#ossburg-Columbia ^tage ��me,
Runs daily from Grand Forks to Bossburg and return, meet
trains both ways on the Spokane Falls & Northern Railway. Careful and experienced drivers, safe and comfortable vehicles, good stock and good time. Carrying
Her Majesty's and American mails. 8
January ��, 1WQ
>f rrr>
-���-��� ���-
Dominion ^c
ARE Headquarters...
r^UT ��^ *-to carry tne
VyMi    {ji uuc to 8Ucn pr0por.
tions that we buy in large quantities, and can make the Hotel Keeper, Mine Owner or Prospector every
inducement to trade with us. If
you should need
Blacksmith's Coal
Suck'or s'����p'"�� Powder
Caps or Fuse
In largeorsivall lots, give us anill.
1 *
Best of Everything. R   W,LCOX, Mgr.     I -j;
Visiting Cards
Business Cards
Shipping Tags
Statements, Etc
. OF. .
The Record
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
Plant Drawn ud| Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Fire Insurance Agency
PANY, of London, Eng., BRIT-
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Sing Kee
Expert  Laundryman.     Bundles called for and delivered.
Work done on Short Notice.
Give me a trial.
laundry at the rear of the Commercial Hotel
Hutchins &
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Delivered free to
any part of the
Write it 1900.
The Cascade public school will
reopen Monday next, Jan. 8, 1900,
in the new building.
Dr. Joseph Schaich, our local
druggist, passed the holiday season
in Nelson and Spokane.
Sydney H. Roach and Miss Minnie Oatman, both of  Greenwood,
were married on Wednesday of last
Rev. Joseph McCoy visited Gladstone and the Tunnel districts this
week, where he aims to conduct
religious services  twice a  month.
Charles Petersen, the unfortunate
miner who came to his death
by a rockslide in the Iconoclast
mine on the West Pork, was buried
in Greenwood.
C. H. May has returned from his
visit to Spokane. While absent he
made a trip over the new wagon
road from Kettle Falls to Republic.
He says the road is a "beaut."
V. Monnier, Cascade's wholesale
liquor merchant, received a large invoice of supplies this week, in value
ranging near $7,000. Mr. Monnier
left Wednesday for a trip up the
line to interview some of his many
In Cascade the funeral exercises
attending the demise of the late
1899 were "spirited," and resonant
with the boom of giant powder aud
healthy lungs, and the arrival of
the new year 1900 was commemorated in merry making in various ways during New Year Day.
Mr. John Simpson, the principal
of the Cascade school, spent considerable part of his vacation in
Grand Forks, visiting his sister,
Mrs. E. W. Stuart, who lives in that
town. He had also the pleasure of
meeting another sister, Mrs. C. W.
Morrison of Nelson, B. C, who is
at present visiting Mrs. Stuart in
Grand Forks.
Grand Forks people are much
pleased on learning that there i s to
be no change made in the boundaries of the Grand Forks Mining
Divison. Mayor Manley convinced
James Martin, M. P. P., that it
was inadvisable to make the proposed change, and the twain pro*
ceeded to Victoria and put a quietus on the proposition.
Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Slieppard Hy, Co,
lied Mountain Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between  the   Kootenay  District
���AND ALL���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connect* nt Spokane with���
O. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers  for Kettle  River and  Boundary
oreek connect at   Marcus and Bossburg   with
stages daily.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. * T. A.,
Spokane, Wash.
Canadian ^
'Pacific Ky.
America's Great Transcontinental Line
and World's Pictorial Route.
The Direct Boute
From Kootenay Country
Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts to all points
East and West
First-class Sleepers on all trains
from Revelstoke and Kootenay
St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridsys for Montreal and Boston. Same
cars pass Revelstoke one day eailier.
Direct Connection via Robson to and Irom all
Leave CASCADE Arrive
14.48 Dally ex. Sun. 13.02
For rates and fullest Information address nearest local agent or,
F. E. Tbbo, Agt., Cascade, B. C.
W.F. Anderson,      E.J.Coyle,
Trav. Pass.Agent, A.G.P.Agt.
Nelson, B.C.    Vancouver.B.C.
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Near Montana Hotel, Cascade


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