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Cascade Record 1899-09-16

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v-. ;\;   Published In the' Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake Mining Districts
Vol. I.
No. 45.
<. ���
I by Doninioii
Government Official.
Boundary Track of Colombia 4. Western De
ckretftobe lo Splendid Condition-Do
minion Express Co. Here.
���" Part of the Boundary branch "of
the Columbia & Western railway,
Was inspected this week by the Dominion government official, as well
as those of the railway, and turned
river to the C. P. R. operating de-
trtment by Mann, Foley Bros. &
rson, the contractors. Thurs-
y afternoon--the .first passenger
couch evet .seen in the Boundary;
country, rolled into the Cascade
yards with the party of inspecting '
officials aboard. It consisted.of
Chief Engineer Tye, Chief Assistant Engineer Sullivan, Superintendent and Chief Dispatcher Lawrence, all of Trail, Government
Inspector Fellows of Ottawa, and
Superintendent F. P. Gutelius, of
Trail. ,'. ���.,.���
A fit tear, with' a." canopy, had
been pushed ahead of the train and
ttte party had every opportunity
to give the roadbed and bridges a
most rigid inspection, which was
taken ' advantage of. The 'train
reached Cascade about 5 p. m., and
left here on the return trip from
the Forks to Robson at 8 p. m.
Mr. Fellows expressed himself as
more than pleased with the new
roadbed and its solid construction.
In fact, he asserted that, in his
recollection he had never inspected
a new road that was in such good:
shape as this one itf today.
New Express Office,,
Route Agent Helm, of the Dominion Express Co., was also-over
the new line this week, checking in
the new offices at Cascade and
Grand Forks. He brought in a
large number of express packages
with him, and Thursday morning
the agents of the company were
ready to do business. This will
be a great convenience to .'Btttfh.
dary shippers generally, as. heretofore it has been next'to impossible
t > get goods in with any degree of
satisfaction hy express. Peter
Huckerby, the Cascade station
agent,.,is:8lso;express agent. Cascade is now the repeating office for
all Boundary, C. P. R. telegraph
and telephoi.e business and it keeps
two -'busy most.of th�� time attending to that wnrkialone.      :;/
;|     ,   Regular T,al�� on Monday.
Next Monday the first regular
passenger train will leave Robson,
arriving at Cascade about noon
and Grand Forks an hour later.
This train will return Tuesday,
leaving Cascade about 8 a. tn.
From Robson, for the present,
trains will run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the retnrn trips
being  made on  alternate   days.
This service will be given, it is expected, till the track reaches Midway, a matter of five or six weejee.
Rumbles Prom tbe Ralls.
The telegraph business at Cascade is increasing..
Wednesday's train brought in
nearly 50 passengers.
Grand Forks got its first general
freight by rail yesterday.
TheC. P. R. is said to use 85
cars; of coal per week, most of
which comes from Fernie.   ���
Agent Clements is'in charge of
CP. R; business' at Grand Forks.
Mr. Red path, of Robson, expects to
be stationed at Greenwood.
Conductor Fawcett, Who has
been on the Nelson-Slocan-Robson
run, is to have charge^ of the passenger train on the Boundary
branch, it is said.
Foreman Archie Smith states
that the bridge work is now completed and all finishing touches
put on from Robson to Cascade,
with the  exception of the spans.
On the Construction. < X
Pal Welch,, of Stewart <fe. Welch,
is now in Washington, D. C, plac
ing his daughter, in school, fjjs
brother is here while Pat is away.
Dispatcher Durkee, working fori
the contractors, has been transferred to Grand Foiku, the rest of
the line now being out of the contractors hands.' ;V
Since Olaf Olson took hold; of
work on the Bull Dog tunnel, June
15th, he has bored over 1,000 feet,
which with the 900 previously
made by McLean, leaves 1100 feet
todrive. Jack Stewart expects to
see daylight through this tunnel by
Christmas time.
Cannonball Group Force is to be Doubled
at Once.
pard and W. O. Dutton.   It  adjoins the Broken Hill.
Dick Darrow has completed assessment work on the Tin Cup, in
Burnt Basin, owned by George K.
Stocker. He brought down some
fine samples of free milling rock.
Notes of General Interest In a Mining Way
, From tbe. Different Campi Adjacent to tbe
Gateway City.
Two Hen fere Asphyxiated by Gas
,:".;? lastNfeliL
James Pease, a Foreman, and J. Gilbert, Were
the Vlctlmi���Funeral Here Today-
Fifty Workmen to Attend.
.Last night James Pease, a foreman under Olaf Olson, and J. Gilbert met death at the long tunnel
through Bull -Dog mountain, near
Brooklyn. It is supposed that they
went into the tunnel too soon after
a round of shots had been fired, and
were overcome by gases. Dr. G. C.
Gordon the contractors' physician,
who is stationed at the tunnel, did
everything possible to resuscitate
the men, but without avail,;
A special train, bearing the remains of the dead men, left the
tunnel at 10 a m. today for Cascade. That Pease and Gilbert were
esteemed by their fellow workmen
is shown hy the fact that 50 of them
are on the train and will attend the
funeral, to he held here today, Rev.
Joseph McCoy officiating.
Officer Darrangh, who is at the
Forks, has communicated the facts
to the coroner, and will be here for
the funeral this afternoon.
SVmie important developments in
a .mining way niay shortly be
looked .for In theChristina lake
mining section*. Within the last
month representatives of outside
capitalists have been quietly look-'
ing over sefnie of the best properties, and they are universally
pleased. Those best acquainted
with the situation feel assured that
it will result in bringing in iuuch
needed cash for. opening up our
promising claims.
Frank Hogan and Col. N. E.
Linsley, well known mining men
of Spokane,, were' in the Burnt Basin last week, and made another
visit to that locality this week.
They were careful to keep still
about their intentions, but it is understood, that, 'negotiations' are
pending for the taking over of one
of the best known group of claims
in the entire Basin. Up to this
writing, however, nothing definite
is given out about the details of
the deal.
Jack Spaulding, superintendent
of development on the Cannonball
group, on Christina lake, was in
town Tuesday. He has sent to
Rossland for fiveadditional miners
and will soon he running a double
shift, with 10 men. Good cabins
have been erected, a ventilator gotten for the shaft, and every ar
rangemenf made for the steady
working of the properties during
ffee.'CornJng winter. On the Dead-
wood a shaft 18 feet deep has been
sunk and on the Cannonball one
50 feet. ;..
In Camps Around Caicade.
Wm. O'Donnell, of Gladstone, is
working on the Orion group up
McRae creek.
Dave Good left this week for Copper camp to work some properties
in which he is interested;
Work Will be started shortly on
the Homestake, on Shamrock
mountain, owned by H. L. Jordan.
Tom Kellar is working on some
promising claims he  has  in  the
North Basin, above the Burnt Ba
G. T. Curtis, of Gladstone, has
heen in town several days. He is
developing the Locharher, on Canyon creek.
The John Bull group is to be
surveyed and crown granted at
once. The Victoria group will
also he crown granted shortly.
Fred Fredericks has heen working on the Nemo, on Shamrock
mountain, owned hy J. C. Shep-
Cameron and Mullen Committed to Jail- for
the County Court.
The adjourned hearing of the
Columbia hotel arson case, was
held at Columbia last Friday, and
Saturday before Justice Rochussen
of Cascade.
Mullen was defended by W. A.
Macdonnld, Q. C, of Nelson, with
whom were associated Messrs: J.
S. M. Morrison and E. Miller, of
Grand Forks. J. P. McLeod, of
Midway, appeared for the crown.
The witnesses for the prosecution,
Royce and Wattson, aud the accused, Cameron, who had also
given evidence against Mullen,
were subjected Una lengthy cross-
examination by counsel for the
defense. Eventually Mullen was
committed for trial and afterwards
bail was refused.
Cameron testified that he and
Royce experimented 'with alcohol
and a fuse in the woods; but
emphatically denied having any
intention of taking pari in the
burning. He asserted that one
James Stubbs performed that art.
After the fire he met Mullen, who
gave him $200 at the Yale hotel, of
which he. gave StuW'S, $100���for
what purpose he did not state.
Afterwards they had drinks-together with Jno. A. Manley at the
Yale. Stubbs. was last seen at
Rosalia, Wash.,, where .Cameron
Was found.. Cameron -was rom��
mitted for tyial at .the county
court.. Both men were taken .to the
Kamloops jail. ...
It is expected that bail ��� will he
applied for before Judge Spinks;
but'up to this morning Justice
Rochussen had heard nothing of if;
Constable Darraugh,' of Cascade
was present at the hearing, when
Mr. Rochussen strongly condemned
the manner in which the Columbia
Review published the previous
week's session���which was held he-
hind closed doors.
Jaek Stewart spent a couple of
days in Spokane this week.        a
The Cascade sawmill shipped
two carloads of lumber up the line
this week. V.
James Graham has closed his
Divide hotel at the Summit, between Cascade and Brooklyn and
expects to start up in the same
business at Phoenix.
The track-layers are now at
Niagara, 7 miles above Columbia,
and will crowd the putting down
of steel to Greenwood and Midway
direct as fast as possible. When
they get to Eholt, another gang
will begin putting down, the steel
by hand on the Phoenix and Winnipeg spurs, a distance of about 20
miles. The grade is pretty steep,
being three-four. ffiE Cascade record
September IS, 189k
A "survey is*1 to be made for a
tramway from Greenwood to Phoenix.
It is said that all the lots on the
main   street  of  Eholt have been
sold. ....-:.:-:-;! ...::. k: ti��s
The city council of Greenwood
is paying 116.40 per thousand for
W. J. Francis returned Tuesday
from a trip to Eholt, Greenwood,
Phoenix and Midway.
Frank.Corte, the Brooklyn mail
carrier, shot a black beiir at his
place, near the tunnel, last Monday.
It is expected that the Corbin
telegraph line, will reach Greenwood, via Republic, in about ten
Rockbank, the neat residence of
Stanley Mayall, presents a greatly
improved appearance with its coat
of paint, . .'
The Boundary Creek Times, one
of the most readable of the Boundary, papers, has completed its
third year of existence.
On September 20th the electors
of Grand Forks will vote upon the
question of extending the municipal limits of Msyor Mauley's town;
There is talk of a trail being
made between Camp McKinney
and main Kettle river, which
would greatly shorten the distance
between the two points.
The total value;; of dutiable
good" entered for consumption" during the month of August, at the
custom hoiise at sGrthd Forks,
amounted to $40,686 on which duty
ot$9^8 waS'piil:     "'        " v "'
' Surrjniit.City, near the .Summit
mine, is said to Have two Hotels
and two stores in course of erection.
Col. W'. C. Haywood, formerly of
Vancouver,, is 'in charge of the
townsite operations.
Owftfg '.'to' the .prolonged rains
the directors of the Kamloops Agricultural association have decided
io postpone the exhibition' until
October 1J, 12 and 13. The original dates were: September 20, 21
and 22. ������ffiyvl -���''���:.,���[���, M>W.
F. A. Wilkins. as agent for the
B, C, Rossland and Slocan Prospecting Syndicate,' is applying
for a certificate of improvements
for the Martha May, Lizzie L- and
Daisy claims, located three mile's
east of Cascade and north of the
Dewdney trail.
About 40 cases of typhoid fever
are reported from Grand Forks,
but they are mostly of a mjild
type. , ;,  $    '.���..' .
J. S. M. Morrison, barrister of
Grand Forks, who defended*,H. R
Cameron in the Columbia) hotel
arson ease,:was in town Tuesday.
E; C; Wiltion, representing the
Toronto Type Foundry, of Vancouver, was a caller early in the!
week, on a trip through the Boundary.
J. H. Inkster left for Rossland:
Tuesday, after visiting the' Ponti-
fex group on Huckleberry taoun-i
tain, where his force of men are
sinking on a big vein? '     *'" ��� * j
Rev. J. D.Wallace, Presbyterian
pastor at Columbia, was inCasV
cade Monday, en route to the Pres-;
bytery meeting at Nelson, after,
which he will go to the coast,
Edgar P. Rat|bqtt.e, of ',��MBJ C.
Mercantile* Mining Syndicate^ <jf
Cascade, was one of tbe speakers
at the meeting of the Canadian
Mining Institute, held at Rossland
this week. .    .* L> $
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Rev. McCoy held two services at
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Casoade November 8.
Best since the world began���the
Job Work constantly being turned
ont at the office of Cascade Record.
The Columbia Telephone Co. has
its exchange installed at Grand
Porks, and will put one in Cascade
It is expected that the government will arrange to have mail
carried on the new railway at the
earliest possible date.
The open season for deer, mountain goat and mountain sheep, began yesterday and extends to
December 14th, inclusive.
Yesterday the hill at the junction
of Main street and First avenue
was cut down and the low place
filled, making a decided improvement in the centre of town.
Oscar Redfield, who was in town
yesterday, has sold the balance of
hiri lumber at Christina lake, about
three cars, which will be shipped
to Grand Forks by rail next week.
It is said that tbe sanitary conditions in Grand Forks just now
are exceedingly bad. If so, it will
account for the many cases of fever
now prevalent there. Where is the
health officer?
This morning, at the Commercial
hotel, Cascade, Rev. Joseph McCoy,
M. A., united in matrimony Miss
Allie Victor McHargne, of Princeton, Mo., and Morley Wesley Ludlow, of Brantford, Ont.
A serviceable trail has been made
to the Pontifex group on Huckleberry mountain, shortening the distance to Cascade by eight miles, so
that the men can get their mail
and snake bite antidote here.
The heartless teamster who left
a horse that was mired, to die in
swamp, near Hall's bridge yesterday, should be prosecuted to thd
full extent of the American law.
The animal was extricated hy the
next passing freighter.
Look Out for Bad Money.
Counterfeit 25-cent pieces are
now found occasionally in the
Boundary country, and it is said
that about $400 worth has been
worked off on an unsuspecting community.. These pieces are new and
bright in appearance, but are dated
1888. They are an excellent imi-
itation of the Canadian two bit
piece, hut are a trifle thicker, and
nre readily detected. It is claimed
they contain the right amount of
silver. A few have hee seen in Cascade.
Late iletel Quotations
New York, September M.-Bsr silver, 69c.
Mexican dollars. 47Mo.
Lake copper���18.60.
The Arm that fixes tbs selling price for miners
k nd smelters quotes lead H.40 at the close.
NOTICE is hereby given lha( the partnership
heretofore existing between Alexander Lynch
and John Karle, doing business under the
title of the Cascade Sawmill Co., of Cascade City,
B. P., Is hereby dissol' ed by mutual consent.
The business will he continued by John Esrle,
who is hereby authorized to collect all outstanding accounts due the late firm, and will settle all
accounts owing by said firm.
Alexander Lynch,
Job* Eabli.
In presence of
George K, Stocker.
Dated at Casoade City, B. C, this 28d day of
August, 1899. 47
Certificate of the Incorporation of the "Victoria
Gold and Copper Mining Company, Limited,"
"Non-Personal Liability."
CAPITAL, 11,000.000.
I hereby certify that the "Victoria Gold and
Copper Mining Company, Limited," "Non-Personal Liability," has this day been incorporated
under the "Companies' Act, 1807," as a Limited
Company, with a capital ot on* million dollars,
divided Into one million shares of one dollar
The registered office of the company will be sit;
uate In the town of English Point, Grand Porks
mining division, Yale distriot, British Columbia.
The company Is speolally limited nnder section
60 of the said Aot.
The objects for which the company has been
established are:
To work, operate, buy. sell, lease, locate, acquire, procure, hold, and deal In mines, metals,
snd mineral claims of every kind and description
within the Province ot British Columbia; to carry
on and conduct a general mining, smelting and
reduction business; to purohsse, acquire, hold,
erect and operate electric light and power plants
for the purpose of furnishing lights and creating
power; to bond,buy, lease, locate and hold ditches,
finmes and water rights; to construct, lease, buy.
sell build, or operate tramways or other means of
transportation for transportation of ore, mining
and other materials; to own, bond, buy, sell,
lease and locale timber and timber claims; and
flnslly to do everything consistent, proper and
requisite for the carrying out ot the objects and
purposes aforesaid, In their fullest and broadest
sense, within the territory named.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 8th day
of August, one thousand eight hundred and
[L. B.[ S. Y. WOOTTON,
48 Registrar ot Joint Stock Companies.
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This House is the Favorite Resort for Railway Men.
Certificate of Improvements.
Cannonball, Deadwood and Alma mineral
claims, situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located:���On Baker Creek, about one
mile east of Christina Lake.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., of
Trail, B.C.. acting as agent for R. Dalby Morkill, Jr. F.M. C. No. SMBtA, William 0. Williams, F M. C No. 84817A, John Spaulding, F.
M. C. No. 12862A. On Graden, F. M. C. No.
19809A, Geo. S. Armstrong, F. M. C. No. W887B,
and A. W. Selgle Free Miner's Certificate No.
1907A, Intend sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notloe that action, nnder section 87, must be commenced before the tssasnes
of suoh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this tenth dsy of July. 1890, A. D.
47 J. D. Anderson.
Certificates of Improvements.
Birthday, Edison, Electric, Piotob,
Moncton and Edison Fraction mineral
claims, situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale district, i
Where located;���Birthday���on McRae creek
and one mile from Christina lake.
Edison, Electric, Piston, Moncton and Edison
Fraction���on Josh creek, In the Burnt Basin.
Take Notice tbat I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.,
of Trail, B. C, acting as agent for Richard Mew-
man, Free Miners' Certificate No. B1&H0, and
Mrs. (Thos.) Addle Gee, Free Miners' Certificate*
No. 1268SA, Intend, sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
orown grants of the sbove claims.
And further take notice tbat action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of suoh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thlr 88th day of July, A.D., 1800.
Certificates of Improvements.
Tammany No. 1, Gold Nuggett and Gold Nuggett
Fraction mineral claims, situate In the Grand
Forks mining division of Yale distriot.
Where located:���In tbe Burnt Basin, westot
the Kdlson group.
Tske notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.. ot
Trail, B. C, acting as agent for James Peterson,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 36WA, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to tbe mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for tbe
purpose of obtaining orown grants ot the above
And further take notice tbat action, under section 87, must be commenced before the Issuanos
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this Uth day of August, A.D., 1800.
Certlficatei of Improvements.
Burnt Basin, Burnt Basin Fraotlon, Jim Blaine
and Jim Blaine Fraotlon mineral olalms situate in the Grand Forks mining division of
Yale distriot.
Where located:���In the Burnt Basin, north
west of tbe Edison group.
Take Notice that I, J. D. Anderson. P. L. 8. of
Trail, B.C., acting as agent for John Hauser,
Free Miners Certificate No. 8M8IA, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining orown grants of the above
And further take notloe that aotlon, under section S7,must be commenced before the Issuanos oi
said Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 18th dsy of August, A.D., 1890.
Certlficatei of Improvements.
Meckuwburo and Mbcklinboro Fraction mineral claims, situate In the Grand Forks
mining division of Osooyos division of Yale district.
Where located:���At the head of the Burnt Basin.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., of
Trail. B. O., aging as agent for C. S. Wallls, F.
M. C. No. 84861A. an��T Annie M. Brown, Free
Miner's certificate No. B1K49, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvpmenti, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of the sbove
And further take notice that aotlon. under Motion 87, must be commenced before the Issuance
of such certificates Of improvements.
Dated this 18th day of Angnst, A. D., 1809.
M J. D. Anderson.
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Eyes Scientifically Tested
Free of Charge	
Dominion Hall Block,     ���     COLUMBIA, B.C
Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between the  Kootenay District
���AND ALL���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound
Eastern Canada and United
���Connects at Spokane wit
O. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and Information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
oreek connect at  Marcos and Bossburg with
stages dally.
H. A. JACKSON, Q. P. *T. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
mBE only place In British Columbia where the
x genuine Keeley Treatment can be obtained.
Find building, good board, pleasant and
healthful surroundings, and the arrangements
admit of the strictest privacy for patients, either
ladies or gentlemen. The Keeley Treatment affords the only ssfe and sure euro for the liquor,
opium, morphine, cocoalne, chloral, and other
drugs, and al��o for tobacco poisoning, Parties
interested are Invited to call at the institute and
investigate for themselves. All correspondence
September IS, 189*
Published on Saturdays at Cascade, B. C, by
W. Beach Willcox.
PerYear  .    12.00
Six Months        1.85
To Foreign Countries     2.60
Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
The Record is on sale at the following places;
Simpson's Xswstand Rosslnnd
Thompson Stationery Co,          Nelson
H. A. King k Co  Greenwood
R. F. Petrie Grand Porks
John W. Graham k Co Spokane, Wash.
Francis & Milne Cascade
Thomas Walker...  Cascade
Cascade Drug Co Cascade
Throughout all mining districts
there is a desire, to a greater or
less extent, in securing crown
grants, to get title also tn the surface rights of mineral claims, the
owner of a crown granted claim being entitled to the first opportunity
to purchase the surface rights.
But in Yale district, for some time
past, there has been a deal of trouble in securing crown grants to
these surface rights. Possibly this
has not been an unmixed evil, as
it tended to hold down the propensity for townsite exploiting to
some extent. Be that as it may, it
was not justice to the undisputed
owners of claims.
It appears that the land grant
to the Columbia & Western railway company, gave the right to
select 20,000 acres per mile between
Keremeos and Robson, but this
last winter the railway elected to
'take a cash subsidy instead. This
would appear to simplify the position of the government, yet' the
railway still had the right to choose
-lands for the mileage between Rossland and Robson, previously constructed.
However, the matter was brought
before the lands and works department, when it was finally agreed
that crown grants to surface rights
should be issued for all mineral
claims located prior to the setting
aside of the reserve.   It was also
agreed, in the cases of claims located subsequent to the reserve, that
the railway company had no
vested rights until their selection
of lands had actually been made,
and consequently owners of claims
were entitled to purchase surface
rights at $5 per acre.
This was a most important question, and the government did well
in adopting this sensible and business like view of it, when properly
brought to its attention. Otherwise much confusion must have
'accruing from such an exhibit, if a
represenlative showing is gathered.
This year the mineral, department
of the exposition will be one of its
chief and mo.-t conspicuous features, the exhibit being placed at
the very doors of the building.
Many thousands of visitors, including capitalists from all parts,
will carefully inspect the mineral
specimens. Good cannot fail to
result from cuch an exhibit, and
the cost of getting it together is
not large. In additi.n., the railways have agreed to transport it
While the time iB now short, it
is yet possible to get a good lot of
samples together. Mr. George K.
Stocker, who has been appointed
to take charge of it, has labels
ready for ticketing samples. He
will gladly co-operatu with mining
men in the matter and assist in
every possible way. Let us gather
samples from the best properties in
the Christina lake camps and show
the world what we have in a mineral way. It will be well worth
A few weeks ago the Record
called attention to the fact that
mining men hereabouts should get
together and send an exhibit of our
ores to the Spokane Industrial Exposition. It should not he necessary to enumerate the advantages
Jno. D. Rockefeller's wealth is
increasing at the rate of $34.50 a
minute. Which is proof positive
that he was never in the newspaper business.
The granting of the powers of a
gold commissioner on the mining
recorder, Mr. McMynn, of Midway,
will save mining men, having such
business, many a long and weary
trip to Fairview.
Hon. Rufus Pope, who recently
visited Cascade and the Boundarv,
s/   *
says that Christina claims are favorably known in Ottawa, and other
eastern cities. As time goes on,
they will become even more favorably known.
Scavengers in the English language are not plenty in journalism,
but the individual who recently
resurrected that tattered fag end of
an apology for a semi-moribund
weekly at Columbia, appears to fill
the description and rejoicg'in it.   .
Referring to some verses that
have lately been going the rounds
of the press, the New Denver Ledge
observes that "The Man with the
Hoe" is no doubt all right, but
we think The Mao with ihe Dough
would be more popular with the
majority of the dwellers on this
American continent.
In many a camp it is realized
that nothing is certain but uncertainty. It is universally admitted
hy competent judges that this -element is an infinitesimally small
one in the various Boundary
camps. Some may be richer than
others, yet it is believed that all
will turn out to be veritable treasure boxes. Is there another section of which this can be said?
It would be difficult indeed to
find a better place to invest 35
cents than in a' copy of the Spokest
man-Review's mining book, just
out, entitled, "A Million Dollar
Check." Magnificiently printed,
profusely illustrated and ably
edited, it is a genuine pleasure for
any mining man to peruse it.
Rossland and Boundary mines
form a large part of its   contents.
The Nelson Tribune is just, a
trifle too much up to date. Last
week it announced the sale of the
Cascade water power, when such
was not the fact. In last Wednesday's issue it stated that "Regular
train? are now running on the
Boundary road," another misstatement of fact. In both instances it
could have learned the exact status
right in Nelson. It is to be hoped
the balance of the Tribune's news
is of a more reliable character.
The whole civilized world, outside of France, believes that the
sentencing of Captain Dreyfus to
ten years, on a charge of delivering military secrets to a foreign
power, is a.travesty on justice. It
would appear that the French generals are saving themselves at the
expense of Dreyfus. The unusual
interest taken is world wideband
the indignation is so widespread
that it is likely to react on the
Paris exposition of next year, for
which such extensive preparations
have been made.
Passengers From the South Now Have Two
i . . .    ���       .
Considerable interest has been
expressed as to whether, for passengers coming from the south, it
-would be cheaper to come into the
Boundary via Rossland and the
new railway line, or continue over
the old stage route from Bossburg.
Here are the figures to get to Cascade by each route from Bossburg:
Bossburg to Rossland  S2.25
Over night In Rossland, about.         ..... S.00
Rosslnnd to Cascade, 82 miles, at 5 cents
per mile  4.60
By stage the fare is $4.00 from
Bossburg to Cascade, making a difference of at least $4.85 in favor of
the stage route.
In travelling from the Boundary
to Rossland it would cost by stage
$4 00 to Bossburg, and thence $2.25
by rail to It��ssland.making a total
of $6.25. By C. P. R., all rail, the
fare, according to the estimates, is
The passenger schedule on the
new railway line has not been
madp public yet, and consequently
these figures are not exact, hut it
is not thought there will be much
difference, unless it is in a reduction of stage fares.
Constable, Dinsmore, of Columbia, has been appointed a notary
W. Y. Williams, general superintendent of the Old Ironsides,
Knob Hili, and other Graves'
properties and also an owner of the
Cannonball, on Christina lake,
was Tuesday morning.
:     At the :.
Cascade Drug Co.
Yon can get anything and everything yon may need iu the line of
Wall Paper,
Paints, Etc.
Latest Arrival Bat
Calgary Flour.
Young Ladies' and Children's
Fancy Toilet Soaps iri Great
Variety���Attar of Roses,
Russian Violet, Lily of
the Valley, etc. > etc., from
5cto35c.     V
Daily Expected.
Ladies' Blouses, Wrappers,
Under Skirts, Silk Laces
and Dress Trimmings.
Main Street and First aod Second Ayes.,
Wanted at Once.
Information or address of D'Arr.y. Macdonald.
formerly of Alexandria, Olengary county,
Ontario, Please communicate with the Cascait
Record, Cascade, B.C.
House for Sale or Rent.
1 Cozy two room house, in central location, for
sale at a bitrgain, or will rent to the right partie*.
Apply at Recor<: office.
Curtis ��5t ^ilprrison,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Grand Forks, B.C.
Christina Lake
Mining Camps.
Priqe, '$1.25, PQst Pa^
Compiled  by JOHN A. CORYELL, P. L. P.
This map contains the latest locations on Shun -
rock and Castle Mountains, on Raker, Sutherland and MoRae Creeks, snd In tbe Burnt Basin.
. For Sale by
The Cascade Record,
Casoade. B.C. t��fl��
September ID, 18W
Road Superintendent Forresthas
lieen spending the email amount of
money allowed him, to the beat possible advantage on our highways.
He has now five men at work, and
this week has been making a short
cut on the road to the lake. He
will shortly begin the construction
of the Baker creek trail, which will
he a much needed improvement.
The constant and heavy rains this
summer have made it doubly difficult to keep roads in repair, and
consequently rendered it doubly
necessary. The amount, $950,
however, is too small by far, to begin to cover the necessities.   .    ,
The following communication
has been received from a correspondent:
Greenwood,B.C., Sept. 18,1899.
Editot Cascade Record:
Dear Sir:���I notice in a stray
copy of the so-called Columbia
Review, that the editor, whom I
have the pleasure of knowing, refers to your1 paper as a rag which
���would require an imbecile to understand. I think, Mr. Editor, it
would require an extemely brilliant man to fathom the Review,
and I also think that if Columbia
is to be judged by its "rag," it
must be on its lant legs. The best
thing that Columbia can do is to
import one of the Record's office
boys and send the present, would-
he scribe to school. Apparently
he does not know any more about
the Transvaal than he does about
English grammer.
Yours,        Coon.
In connection with the above
letter, the Record would state that
it does not believe Columbia is generally judged by its journalistic
exponent. The average man of
ordinary intelligence would not
for a moment think of such a
thing. It is too good a town and
has too many bright people in it to
he brought down to such a level.
It has been thought hy some
persons that when the new railway
ntarted regular trains, it would be
all pff with the stage business be
twefcn Bossburg and Cascade, hut
a,reference to an article on another
page on this subject, will show
that, for travellers from the south
the expense is so much greater by
the new all-rail route, that the
stages have much more than a
fighting show yet If they would
reduce the fare from 14 tn $8 or
$2.50 hetween Cascade and Bossburg, they will have a fine chance
to corrall a big share of the passenger business. If not, it will
encourage passengers to use the
all-rail route.
Hon. F. Carter-Cotton, Minister
of Finance, has been in Rossland
and Nelson this week, looking after
ftroyincial matters. He says the
egislature Will meet on January
4th, and that he has no doubt of
having the confidence of the people
when that occurs. He does not
seem to he worried hy the figuring
of the opposition that the government is now in ihe minority.
Constable Darraugh visited Eholt
and Phoenix this week to see about
holding the next meeting of the
board of license commissioners for
this district.
Cor. of Main Street and First
Avenue [centre of town] ...
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
The Most
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Stocked Bar
in connection.
l ��iquors, ^)ines anb Osars-1
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.   Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
B. C. Livery Stable
Good Saddle Horses for Hire. Teaming
on the Shortest Notice. Good Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part of
the Boundary country. Careful drivers.
J. A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue,      -      - ,    -      -      -    CASCADE, B. C.
flontana Hotels
..... C. H. MAY, Proprietor.
For the Thirsty and Weary Traveller no More Satisfactory
House can be found in the entire Boundary country. At our
Bar you Will Find the Choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars....
First Avenue,      -      -      -      -      CASCADE, B.C.
The Steamer
Is now ready for freight and
passenger traffic on Christina
Lake. Newly painted and refitted.
Steamar leaves Foot ot Lake at 10 a.m. and 8
p. m.; leaves English Point at 9 a.m. and 1 p. m.
Notice of Assignment.
Notice Is hereby given tbat Thomas P. Oalne
and M H. Bo/ both of Casoade City, In tbe province of British Colombia, doing, business as
wholesale Honor merchants and gents' furnishers,
at Casoade City aforesaid, in tho premises known
as the "Yukon Store?' under tbe name, style snd
firm of Oalne A Roy, having by deed bearing date
the Slst day of August, 18M, assigned all their personal estate, credits land effects which may be
sold under execution and all their real estate, to
tbe undersigned George A. Eastman, at Cascade
City, aforesaid, ia trust for the ueneral benefit of
their creditors, both partnership and individual.
The said deed was executed by tbe assignors,
Thomas P. Oalne, on the 81st day of August. ISM,
and by tbe assignor M. H. Boy, snd the assignee
on the 2nd day of September, 1809.
Dated this 4th day of September, 18W.
Gkoboi A. Eastmaw.
Born to the wlfs of W. J. Brown, Cascade, on
September 18th, a son.
The stages from Bossburg of late
have been crowded to their utmost
The War Eagle is Bending an
800-pound pample of ore to the
World's exposition at Paris.
The sheriff's sale of the Gaine &
Roy stock has been postponed
again���this time till next Wednesday.
I. Langley. Cascade's merchant
tailor, is turning out some of tbe
prettiest fall suits to be found in
the province.
John Simpson will act as substitute teacher for D. J. Matheson,
who will be away for a couple of
weeks. %
Rev. Joseph McCoy has returned
from th* meeting of the Kootenay
Presbytery, held at Nelson, which
he says was very successful.
Last Wednesday a 10-pound son
graced the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Brown, pioneers of Cascade.
This is the first boy born in this
city. *
Work has been resumed on tbe
Humming Bird, on tbe north fork
of Kettle river, with J. J. McCauley
as superintendent. Eleven men
are employed,
There was a large attendance at
the afternoon tea on Thursday,
which was given by Mrs. G. K.
Stocker to the Ladies'Aid Society,
and an enjoyable time was had.
Contractor Ferguson has the
foundations laid for the new school
building, and is also getting Wm.
Anderson's residence under way.
Plastering on the church structure
will begin short jy.
The new wagon road around
Pierre's lake is now completed and
in use- By building five or six
miles of new road to Bowen's
ranch, tbe distance from Bossburg
to Cascade would be reduced to
about 20 miles. This matter
ought to be taken up and pushed
Early in the week it was thought
the weather bad cleared for good,
but since then severe storms have
visited this section. The stage
road between Cascade and Hall's
bridge is in a terrible condition,
the swamp being literally a lake.
Now that tbe winter of our summer is past, we will probably have
some more winter.
Hugh McCutcheon, formerly at
Nakusp, the collector for the new
sub-port at Greenwood, and also
inland revenue officer, vice A. K.
Stewart, resigned, passed through
Cascade Sunday, on his way to his
new post of duty. Mr. McCutcheon is one of the large stockholdess
in the John Bull group, now being
actively developed at Gladstone.
First Visit te Cucads).
J. J. Stubbs, representing the
Kelowna Shippers' Union, arrived
in Cascade Wednesday for the first
time. His enterprising concern,
which is located on Lake Okanagan, in addition to its large produce business, is growing tobacco
and manufacturing a superior
grade of cigars therefrom. In Cascade the sales of Kelowna cigars
have been fteadily increasing.
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy, M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11a.m. and
8:00 p.m., Standard Time, In tbe school-house,
Sabbath school at t:80 p.m. in the same place.
All an cordially Invited te attend. 6
September 16,18W
Cascade Nan Returns Front the Promising District
Is About 45 Mllei From Cascade���Ore Is
Chiefly Quarti���Many Promising Locations.
J. P. Graber returned last Sunday from a trip to the new and
.promising Franklin camp, located
35 miles up the east fork, which
branches off from the north fork of
Kettle river 35 mile's up. Mr
Graber and J. K. Kelly, also of
Cascade, went by way of Christina
lake,taking a boat to the head.
Thence they followed a trapper's
trail up Hardy creek and over to
Franklin camp for a distance of
about 25 miles This would make
the approximate distance of the
new camp about 45 miles from
Cascade, via the lake route. ' Mr.
Graber occupied three days in returning, leaving Kelly to do some
further prospecting.
The camp gets its name from the
original location, the Franklin,
which has been restaked, and
which is1 now being worked by the
father1 of the camp, Frank McFar-
land.    A   number  of   promising
locations have been made this year.
Mr. Graber making one called the
Swamp Angel. He Kays the ledges
in the district are large and in
some cases the walls have not
yet been found, in one case a 20-
foot crosscut having been made
without finding both walls.
The ore is of a quarts! character,
and is without the hard iron cap
ibat is so prevalent in many
camps. Assays run from $5 tn $12
in gold and copper, wiih some eale-
ha. Mr. Graber expects to return
at ���nme future date, as he believes
there is a bright future for the
camp. Already a number of prnrn-
inent men in the mining world
have been in there sizing things
np, and speak well of the outlook.
Beat Frank Aiprey Five Minutes In Six
The boat race on the lake last
Sunday created considerable interest. It was between Frank Asprey
and Charles Sandner, the. former
bieng given 100 feet start. The
course was from the foot of the
lake to English Point, a straight
course of about six miles. Ordinary row boats were used, such a*
are found on the lake.
The signal was given by W. H.
Bell, and both started off, together.
Bandner's stroke was, quick, while
Asprey's was sloW and even. Before a mile had been traversed it
was evident that Sandner hud
much the best of it. He easily
caught up with and passed his opponent, and came in far ahead,
taking it easy. His time was 52
minutes, Asprey's being 57 minutes. Probably $150 changed
hands on the result. ���    ;
Mr. Asprey's friends assert tbat
for a few days past his left arm
has been subjected to cramps, and
he was therefore not in condition.
Mr. Sandner had the lighter boat,
but is ready for another race at
anv time.
The Steamer Mytle B. accompanied the racers and at English
Point quite a large number were
found, taking advantage of the
beautiful weather and the lake al
the same time. A number of horse-
rwen and special rigs went up during the day.
Mr. Sandner is a good deal of an
aquatic sport. At the World's
Fair at Chicago he took first prize
for being the best swimmer and
staying under water the longest.
LeRoi Mine  Will Have Deepest Shalt In
The LeRoi mine is about to enter an era of the, most extensive
development work in its history.
The plant is to be largely increased* and a 2,500-foot shaft started.
The management of the LeRoi has
notified the representatives of the
various machinery manufacturers
that tenders will be received forthwith for a complete new pow*r
plant, with,capacity for 60 drills,
to be installed as soon as possible.
This move on the part of the LeRoi
people means that the development
of the mine along the lines proposed by Superintendent Carlyle
and accepted by the directors will
begin without much delay. The
new plan provides for a vertical
shaft 2,500 feet deep. This shaft,
which will cut the main vein at n
depth of about. 1,000 feet, will be
the largest and deepest shaft in
Canada. The present, air compressor on the mine provides air
for 40 drills. It will be seen that,
with the installation of the new
plant, a large increase in the working force of the mine will be rendered necessary, and ���a, considerable increase in the output of ore is
to be looked for.
in    wooa
Delivered free to ...'.;;
any part of the
W UV ���������������������'���'���set,
Ihe coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of East Yale.
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A. Magnificent Water Power of 20,000. Horse Power.
The center of
�� ' inarveltously
A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty invest-
��� A most advantageous smelter
location and railroad center. One
mile from Christina Lake, the
Great Measure
For further
price of lots,1
etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. flj R., Winnipeg, Mai, Si
September 10,1899
3 Brief Bits Prom Many Camps. S
Princeton, in the Similkameen,
is growing rapidly, owing to the
mining development.
Tbe crosscut on the 327-foot
level of the Old Ironsides, in Greenwood camp, bas encountered the
The recent coal find of Seattle
Clark, on Fisherman creek, will be
exploited at once, to determine its
depth and value.
On tbe R. Hell, in Summit camp,
there is a force of 16 men at work.
The shaft is down 76 feet, and there
is a 94-foot crosscut.
The Dominion Copper Co. is installing a-6-drill compressor on the
Brooklyn, in Greenwood camp, for
temporary use, till the great plant,
coming later by rail, is in place.
G. W. Walters has sold the
Tiger, the original location on
Pathfinder mountain, to W. K.
White, who will sink the present
18 foot shaft to the 100-foot level.
An 18-inch vein bas been struck
on the Pheasant, in Greenwood
camp, owned by W. B. Rickards
and A. K. Stewart. Samples at a
depth of 30 feet ran $60 in mild
and copper.
The Kitty W. Gold Mining company, with a capital of $100,000,
and the Josie Copper company,
with a capital of $100,000, have
been incorporated. Both have
their head office in Grand Forks.
J. C. Haas and Hon. Gen. E.
V Mter, ex-Minister of Finance,
have disposed of the Golcmida
group, in Smith's camp. Uiifus
M. Pope, M. P., is organizing a
strong company to develop tbe
The Josie Copper Company,
Limited, a recently organized corporation, let n contract for continuing tbe shaft on the Josie, in
Summit camp, 50 feet deeper and
tbe running of a 50-foot crosscut.
The shaft is already down 90   feet.
Assays of $84, $601 and $678
have recently been nhtaine I from
the bottom of the 12-foot winze in
tbe 30-foot tunnel on the Diamond
Hitch, on the north fork of Kettle
river. Development has been going on all summer on the group
and machinery has been   ordered.
Tbe Yankee Girl, the Yankee
Boy and the Bell, on Hardy mountain, have been bonded from E.
Spraagett and J. M. McGregor, by
Major R. G. Edward* Leckie, superintendent, of the ({"public mine,
on behalf of Montreal parties. It
i�� understood that the consideration is $25,000.
R. IS. L.' Brown, better known a��
Barbarian Brown, from a paper
called tbe Coeur D'Alene Barbarian, which be published, with F.
W. Bradb-y.superintendent of the
great Bunker Hill and Sullivan,
whose mill was recently blown up
at Wardner, Tdaho, are now operating in the Boundary.
A contract, for driving a tunnel
250 feet to tap the ledge at a depth
of 150 feet, on the Bonanza, in
Knight's camn on tbe north fork of
the Kett'e river, has been awarded
to F. H Knight and A. H Dawson. There are already two shafts,
60 and 80 feet in depth respectively, and assays are excellent
Ores Free ot Duty to Exposition.
J. E. Daniels, deputy collector of
customs at Northport, has been
authorized by the United States
treasury department to receive
free of duty all ores from British
Columbia which are consigned to
the Spokane Industrial Exposition
mineral department, provided they
are shipped in quantities of no
commercial value. All shipments
should be addressed to H. Bolster,
Manager of Spokane Industrial
Exposition, Mining Department.
Washington, Sept. 9.���Officials
and clerks in the departments
asked themselves today as they
dated their letters9-9-99, how long
it will be before a similar collection of numbers occurs. Diligent
figuring on the part of experts led
to the general conclusion that there
will he but one opportunity to use
such a combination during the
coming century, and that will be
Candlemas Day, 1922, when the
date mav be written 2-2-22.
Send it Back East.
The Cascade Record will be sent
to any place in Canada or the
United States for one year on receipt of $2. It pays special attention to mining in the Boundary
and Christina lake sections, and
aims to give the most reliable information in regard to this fast
developing country.
Have you got one yet ? What ?
Why, one of those new maps of the
Christina lake mining camps. If
you have an interest, there, you
should have a map. Sent post paid
bv the Cascade Record on receipt
of $1.25. "	
It's the best in the world���bar
note. The fine job work turned
out at the Cascade Record office.
You can get breakfast before the
early stage starts at the Queen
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc.,
This hotel is locntid in the centre
of town, opposite the postoffice,
and has every convenience for
the comfort of the travelling public. Finely sti eked bar in connection.
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of tht
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Ear iu Connection.
Secomj Avkkuk,
Cascadk City. Bk tish Columbia.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of tbe nest hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
T  ��-���-��
���  ���"���"���
fresl] anb Q,\\veb )J)i|eats,
pi: I; anb Oysters, ��ii;e anb frresseb Poultry
|y Ments delivered ut vines Free of Charge.
Mull Onii ra i'ruinjit'} Attended to
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
Cascade Produce Co..
-G1NEKA1.  I;EA|.KUS IX���
Just Opened, Opposite the Custom House, Cascade.
We carry a Full Stock of Hay, Oats. Flour, Bran, Shorts, Chop, Corn Meal
and Rolled Oats.   Call and see Our Goods and get Our Prices.
T. H. INGRAM, Mgr.
Plans Drawn and Estimates
Doors, Sash ard all
Kinds of Glass.
1 MX CI I A Cm W *ZD alld growing
Boundary Country can be had in a concise and readable form
by taking the Cascade Record every week. Send along your
two dollar bill and keep posted on the greatest mining district
in British Columbia.   Address, The Record, Cascade,B.C. 8
September 10, 18W
Railroad Headquarters Hotel,
When Visiting the Gateway City on Railroad, Mining or
Smelter Business, You are Cordially Invited to
Make Your Home Here. You will be Treated Right.
Our Bar is One of the Features of this Establishment. It
is Supplied with an Almost Endless Variety of the
Choicest Whiskies, Ales, Wines, Beers and Cigars.
YOU WANT THE BEST, OF COURSE, And when it comes
���������______���J___���_; to printed  matter
if you consult your own best interests you will send or bring
us your order.   Remember, we are still doing the best grade
of work ever turned out since the world began.   Address,
If You Want a     ���
Cut in the Latest Style, Trimmed With the Best of Materials, and Made Right
Here in Cascade, Call on
^ercl;Qnt jailor,
First Avenue, Cascade, B. C.
Pure Goods for Medici- I
nal Use
First Avenue
^QSCQOe,  Ip. \^.    Oscar Stknstrom, Mgr.
Bossburg, Republic, Greenwood, Grand Forks and all Boundary Points. We sell Through Tickets to all points. We
Always Leave and Arrive "on Time."
Leave Cascade for Bossburg, 5.30 a. m.
Leave Cascade for Grand Forks, 7.00 p. m.
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
For the best since
the world began
apply to
The Record, Cascade,B.C.
general fining )?etos
The work of deepening the shaft
of the Josie, at Rossland, continues, and it is now down ahout 400
Continued rains throughout the
mining districts have had theeffect
of driving prospectors to the towns
a large share of the time.
There are rumors, thus far un-
authenticated, that the trouble hetween miners and owners in the
Slocan, will soon he adjusted and
work resumed.
There is no trouble between the
mine owners and miners in East
Kootenay. The owners are paying
$3.50 for eight hours work, and
find it difficult to get men in
sufficient numbers.
A ten-stamp mill is to be installed without delay on the Bunker
Hill property near Waneta. A
trial shipment of 800 pounds of
Bunker Hill ore was recently sent
to San Francisco and resulted satisfactorily.
The Crystal Butte mine, near
Chesaw, Wash., has put in a 10-
stamp mill and concentrator which
has commenced stamping ore.
They have enough ore blocked
out to keep the mill running at
full capacity six months.
Over $100,000 worth of ore is
said to be in sight on the Galena
Farm, near Silverton, including
the zinc ore, which was formerly
considered a detriment and is now
valuable. A concentrator will be
built by the new management.
William Hall and J. Richardson have done a large amount of
development work on the Lone
King, in Pass creek camp. A 100-
foot tunnel has been run along a
ledge. Recently another ledge was
uncovered. There is from 8 to 10
feet of copper ore giving good
Some very rich pockets of ore
have been struck recently in the
gold properties in Kootenay. At
the Athabasca a short time ago a
pocket of ore was broken into
which gave returns of from $1,400
$1,500 in gold. Mayor Neelands
of Nelson received a 80-pound sample of this ore which gave a sample
value of $1,465. At the Porto
Rico property also some very rich
pockets are being met with and
every effort is being made to keep
the value of the ore from being
known. The management, however, have arranged to send a 10-
pound sample to the Spokane exposition, the sample value of which
is $100. This would mean that a
ton of such ore would be worth
Palace giuery #arn
Up to Date
Saddle Horses Furnished
Hutchins &
Are now located in Bossburg!
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Expert  Laundryman.    Bundles called for and delivered.
Work done on Short Notice.
Give me a trial.
Laundry at the rearol the Commercial Hotel
CASCADE. B. C.    .
8. K. fell Stable,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Rear Montana Hotel, Cascadk.


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