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tAz��fl-U>uJu. &*'?
Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. II.
CASCADE, B. C, MARCH 3, 1900.
No. 17.
Hugh M'Guire's Mining Company is
in Big Luck.
Qeorge Kennle Returns Prom the New
Huckleberry Mountain Camp With Sensational News,
George Kennie, well known in
mining circles, relumed last
evening from the new camp llussel
on Huckleberry mountain, four
miles from Cascade on the reservation, says the Spokesman-Review.
Mr. Kennie has been in charge of
work being done on the Moonlight
claim, owned by G. A. Stewart and
associates. He brings news of a
great strike recently make on the
Waterloo* one of the claims owned
by ihe Russell Mining company,
the corporation lately formed by
Hugh McGuire. Russell camp is
the one which has been quietly developed all winter.
"There has been a great strike of
gold quartz on the Waterloo," said
Mr. Kennie. "A short time ago a
crosscut was started at the foot of
the 80-foot shaft. This opened over
20 feet of ledge and in this there
was at least eight feet of well mineralized white quartz. The company wasn't looking for gold ore as
the crosscut was being run up to
tap a copper showing. But some of
the ore was sent to Hugh McGuire
and the report reached camp that
they had obtained an assay of $112.
They did not have much faith in it
but Mr. Russell, who is interested
with Mr. McGuire, came up from
Grand Forks and sampled the vein
himself. He got $110 from an
average assay. That caused no
end of excitement in the camp. I
was down in the shaft and saw the
strike. The quartz all looks alike.
It is impossible to select a sample
aud say it is richer than any other
part of that ore body. It is going
' as straight down as any vein I ever
saw. It's a beauty. So well pleased were the officials of the company
that they decided to push work on
the shaft and to discover what this
white quartz will amount to at
greater depth. It has every indication of going down good and
"The Moonlight is the extension
of the Waterloo. The Silver King
owned by the King Silver Mining
company of Spokane is in turn the
extension of the Moonlight. In the
Moonlight we have encountered a
fine body of copper ore.   The shaft
was down 10 feet when I left and it
was all in solid ore. I have had
no assays yet, but it is high grade
all right. It is a continuation of
the copper lead on the Waterloo.
I think the company plans to
keep development going on the
"The McGuire company also own
the Bunker Hill, which lies at the
other end of the Waterloo, opposite the Moonlight. They have
sunk a shaft on it 70 feet and then
started a crosscut which has opened
12 feet of solid, high-grade copper
ore without encountering a wall.
It is one of the finest showings I
have ever seen. This same ledge
runs through the Old Alaska claim
which is an extension of the Bunker
Hill. The King Silver company
owns the Old Alaska. If the Bunker Hill iu a mine so is the Old
"There has been active work in
the oamp all winter. The McGuire
outfit went at things on a heavy
scale. The freighting in of supplies
cost a pretty sum. They brought
in about 15,000 pounds last fall
They have good buildings up and
are prepared to pu*h work heavily
and steadily
"A good roiid leads from Cascade
City to the mountain, a distance of
four miles. The mountain iB very
steep, and some day tunnels can be
run to tap the ore bodies at a great
depth. We are estimated to be at
an elevation of over 5000 feet.
Kettle river is two miles distant below us.
"The formation is serpentine. I
think the veins are fissures, but the
development has hardly proceeded
far enough to show it yet. None
of the veins have been crosscut
The surface showings are enormous."
The King Silver Miningcompany,
a Spokane corporation, owns two
claims in the Russell camp. At
the office of tlu company yesterday,
a map was seen by a Spokesman-
Review man which shows the com*
pany owning the Silver King and
Old Alaska claims, which lie in the
same belt with the group owned by
the McGuire company. The King
Silver officials are happy over the
news from the camp, as they say
that the shaft in which the Russell
company is finding its richest ore
is only 100 feet from the end line
of the Old Alaska claims. It is as*
serted that the Russell company's
vein runs through both of the King
Silver company's claim,
Yesterday the King Silver company elected officers as follows:
President, W. C. Sampson; vice-
president, Harl J. Cook; secretary,
H. P.   Palmer;   treasurer, N.   U.
Prouix, all of whom are trustees,
with G. A. Stewart, D. M. Thompson and G. A. Fellows, the additional members of the board.
"We have a shaft. 100 feet deep
on the Old Alaska," said Secretary
Palmer last evening. "We have also surface workings of a slight
depth. The showing is high grade
The continued development of
these properties can but prove beneficial to Cascade.
Are Particular at Times.
Someone said that man first
works for bread, then for butter on
his bread and will exhaust himself
to get sugar on the butter. There
is a great deal of truth in the remark; at least as far as miners are
concerned. They want the best
when they have the price. They are
not exacting so far as flowers and
perfumes go. They are not aesthetic
in their tastes ami inclinations, but
they want good clothing, board,
good magazines and good books
ami good, comfortable homes or
lodgings. They can rough it when
necessary, take their bacon and
beans as their every day diet, sleep
where night,overtakes them and
never whimper, growl or grumble
at their fare. They are miners and
take life as they find it, not as they
would wish it to be. Of course,
they enjoy their bread, take butter
on it if they can get it and will
have the sugar if it don't cost too
But a miner's life, and his custom
and habits do not lead him in the
direction of aestheticism. He if) a
gentleman but not a dude. He
may be a little rough in his ways
and blunt in his language at times;
well-meaning and kind-hearted and
disposed to do the right thing
under all circumstances. He may
appear stern and unyielding but it
should be borne in mind that the
miner is forced to meet and overcome stern and apparently unyielding conditions in his daily avocation. These conditions often find
expression in his demeanor. That
is all.���Western Mining World.
Oone to Visit Hit Eastern Home.
J. H Silverthorn.of Orillia,Ont.,
left Cascade last Wednesday for a
visit to his old home. He came to
British Columbia nearly five years
ago, landing in New Denver. He
passed about three years in tbe
Slocan, then came into this section,
where he has been employed ever
since. He expects to return here
in a couple of months, perhaps
Keep your eye on Cascade.
Rich Properties in Pierre Lake and
Sulphide Mountain Districts.
Five Strong Companies, The Waukegan aid
Washington Milling, Sulphide Mountain,
WebfooMa Cache, Qold Bng and Seattle
Mining companies operating in
the Pierre Lake district all state
that they can feel the effect of the
reports circulated of the richness of
the First Thought, it being now
easier to raise development funds,
and several new camps that have
been idle are preparing to resume
operations says the Bossburg Journal.
The principal companies that
are making big preparations to
push work on a large scale the
coming season is the Waukegan,
the Sulphide Mountain, the Web-
foot-La Cache, the Gold Bug, the
Seattle company and several others
north of the lake.
The Waukegan and Washington-
Milling company, operating the
Easter Sunday on Sulphide Mountain, are being delayed in receiving
their machinery, consisting of a
compressor plant, etc., which was
expected last week. But in the
meantime two 4-horse teams are
kept continually on tbe road hauling out supplies.
Word was received from Colfax
the other day that the Sulphide
Mountain Mining company, which
owns the Pomeroy, near the Easter
Sunday, will resume operations in
a week or two, with their old time
Except in the Rossland and Nelson districts, the former place more
especially, activity in the mining
industry is as noticeable as ever,
and especially is this true of the
Boundary districts. That foolish'
compact entered into by the Rossland merchants to refuse credit to
unemployed miners or their dependents was promulgated just
when the Slocan mines were ready
to take on all the men coming their
way. The consequence is Rossland,
and Nelson where a like action was
iminent, have been simply deserted
by the mine workers who had not
permanent employment. It is said
the C, P. R. passenger accommodations are taxed to their utmost capacity in carrying miners hurrying
into the Slocan.
Freighting between Bossburg and
Cascade is on the increase.
���M 2
March S, \K��
The Grand Forks post office has
been made a postoffice savings depository.
C. H. Thomas, of tbe Hotel Cascade, has been in Spokane this week
���in business matters.
Mr, Scott, tbe barber, has returned from Phoenix und opened a
shop here ut his old stand.
Midway already has a committee
appointed to begin preparations for
a grand Queen's Birthday celebration in that town.
A Board of Trade has been organized in Phoenix, with a member-
lib ip of 40. It will be a cold day
when the Phoenicians are caught
Deputy Constable John Whidder-
combe of Greenwood, has been here
this week looking after the enforcement of the quarantine regulations,
relieving Postmaster Cameron, who
had temporarily performed those
The Rev. Joseph McCoy bas been
busy the past week or ten days with
church matters outside of his charge
in Cascade. Last week he was
called to Grand Forks to preside
at a congregational meeting of the
Grand Forks Presbyterian church
to extend a call to the Rev. J. R.
Robertson, B. A., of that city.
Tins week Rev. McCoy has been
attending the Presbytery in session
at Kaslo. He will, however, be
here to perform his usual dutieB tomorrow. Next week, we are informed, Mr. McCoy will go to
Vernon where he will remain over
several Sunday*. He informs the
Record thut possibly be may remain in Vernon permunently and
for that reason especially desire*
that all of bis friendH and well-
wishers be present at to-morrow's
services.  ^__
Great Reduction In Passenger Rates.
Why one branch of the management of the C. P. R.���tbe construction department���should have tbe
power to operate its lines on extor-
tinate principles regardless of what
its chief officers evidently deemed
unrighteous, naturally creates criticism on the part of the public.
While tbe people of the Boundary
are much pleased with the liberal
reductions in rates made by the
C. P. R., they are wondering upon
what ground the company justifies
the "lofty" rates in vogue the punt
three months. Since the people
gave enough of their lands to nearly
re-imburae the individual owners of
the road, they huve a right to expect and demand fair treatment by
its operators. Below are given the
present passenger rate? between
Cascade and the nearest points:
Cascade to Grand Forks, 65c,
Greenwood, $1.80, ISholt, $1.35,
Midway, Gladstone, 75c, Rossland $4.30, Trail $3.85, Robson
$2.70, Nelson $4.20.
Presbytery Meeting,
The Presbytery of Kootenay met
ut Kuhlo, B. C.,on Tuesday the 27th
ult., for the transaction of business.
'1 here wus u good represenlion present, all the ministerial members
but two being there.
Rev. Mr. Gandier, of Rossland,
wus elected Moderator for the next
nix months. Tha call from the
Grand Forks Presbyterian church
wus considered and decided to be a
regular Gospel call, and to be
placed in the bunds of Rev. J. R.
Robertson, B. A., for his decision,
He asked leave to consider the situation.
The application of Grand Forks
.congregation for assistance from the
Augmentation Fund was passed by
the Presbytery, and the representative on the Augmentation Board
was ordered to present tbe application there.
The Home Mission work within
the Boundary was reviewed. Fair-
view and contiguous places are to be
taken up as a new field, and a student missionary appointed. Midway is to Vie associated with Chesaw and Bolster, to constitute another field, and a missionary appointed there.
Rev. G. A. Sutherland, M. A., of
Pine Hill College, Halifax, N. S.,
has been appointed to Phoenix.
Eholt, Summit and contiguous
camps will be supplied by another
missionary. In all probablity a
student missionary will be appointed to Cascade. A very interesting
meeting took place on Wednesday
evening when the ladies of tbe congregation entertained the members
of the presbytery and their friends
with   coffee   and   cake.
The presbytery adjourned on
Thursday to hold the next regular
meeting next September.
Cascade Public School.
The following list shows the relative standing of tbe pupils of the
Cascade school during the month of
Third ClaBs: Jennie McRae,
675; Ralph Wolverton, 612; Jessie
Hyde, 593; John Callahan, 576;
Robert Thompson, 560; Willie
Walling, 549.
Senior Second Class: Alonzo
Scott, 571; Duncan McRae, 491;
Ava Black, 563.
Junior Second ClaBs: Andrew
Thompson, 334; Jessie Baulne, 319.
Second Primer : Joseph Baulne,
336;  John  McRae,    299;    Willie
Thompson, 251; Mary Thompson,
First Primer: John Thompson,102.
Spring is coming, winter is going.
To Gen. Buller: "Faint heart
never won fair Lady(smilb). Peg
it to 'em Red.
That political hippodrome that
bus been performing so many years
at Victoria should be required to
move on. It has wearied thepeople
long enough.
The Wm. Hamilton
Syndicate, lid.,
Is according to Original
Arrangements to be
Re-organized in March
To this end instructions have
been given to
This will give Miners, Prospectors, Householders, Hotel-
keepers and Visitors the best
trading opportunities they
ever had or are likely to have.
Goods can be bought at the
following extraordinary rates:
Flour, $1.50 per Sack
Sugar, 14 lbs. for $1
Overalls, 65 cents
Gloves, 50 cents
Uuderwear, $1.25 a Suit.
Boots, $1.00 to $2.00 per
pair Reduction
German Socks 70c a Pair
Ladies' Kid Gloves,
Fownes, $1.00
Flannellette, 3 yds for 25c
And everything else in our big
and varied stock at equally
low prices.
Friends out of town can secure a share of these bargains
by remitting cash with order,
and utilizing express or parcel
post facilties.
N. B. It must be particularly
noted that we cannot guarantee
continuance of above rates one
single day after re-organization.
The B. C. Mercantile and Mining
Syndicate, ltd.
Long distance'phone in connection.      Assay prices as usua^ j|
*L <$. ���^vprrr,.^y'.':
M��roh 3,1900
I |f|irst |AjPpiTifrifc to <t4scAo|c| |
����� m ��� ��� ���
_J     I I     u
South   |
South 1
South |
South |
South   I
Cascade City
���B qm} qffi!D ram wn F
i, \ dmi ttttLtl rail] OT .
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of East Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B, C,      Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man.
Published ou Saturdays at Cascade, K. C,
H. S. tuhnkr Editor.
PwYut    t2.00
Six Month!      1.25
To Foreign Countries     2.50
Advertlilng Hates Furnished on Application.
Tne Uecord U ou Mle at the following places:
Simpson's Nswstand  Rossland
Linton Uros Kosslnnd
Thompson   Stationery Co Nelson
H, A. King k Co  Greenwood
H. F. Petrie Grand Korks
John W. Graham & Co ..Spokane, Wusli.
Cascade Drug Co  Cascade
Win. Meadows     . .. Casoade
If there is a blue mark in
this square, your subscription is due, and you are invited to remit.
The Boundary country ia growing. Its industries are broadening
and rapidly extending. The same
may he said of its population, the
former accelerating the latter, and
"vice versa. In view of thene facts,
the Record quite agrees with the
Greenwood Times in its statement
of reasons why the Boundary
should have a representative in the
provincial legislature, and at once.
The Times says the defeat of the
second reading of the redistribution
bill and consequent defeat of the
government will practically preclude the possibility of a general
subdivision of seats, but we think
both parties in the house should
agree to the granting of a member
to the Boundary. The reasons for
this have been stated several times.
There is a voting population of
1500 in the district mentioned in
(he redistribution bill that met
with defeat. This population is
practically unrepresented at present. It is so divided that it has no
political influence in either Rossland or East Yale. The district is
one of the most important in the
Province. It includes Boundary,
West Fork and Similkameen.
During the coming summer there
will surely be a rush to the district
and questions will arise that will
require the direct supervision of a
member. It is not a political
question at all. No man can say
how such a district would go politically. It is simply a question of securing for a mining
district that consideration which its
great importance demands.
Every miner in the Kootenays,
Slocan and Boundary should procure a copy of that list of merchants of Rossland who formed a
compact and took an iron-clad
pledge to starve the unemployed
miners and their families by refusing them a dollar's worth of credit.
Every miners' union should have
the list printed in bold type and
posted in a conspicuous place in
their headquarters. And when they
have money to spend they should
carefully scan that list. If the merchants of Rossland feel constrained
to blacklist unemployed miners in
the interest of the arrogant members of the Mine Owners association
fthe miners are justified in black
listing those merchants who conspired against them for a coersive
"Old Bobbs" is making Oo in Paul
contemplate a different future from
the one he has had in his mind the
past twenty years.
The Lieut.-Governor dismissed
the Semlin government lust Tuesday. If the people get a chance
they will dismiss that whole outfit
of wrangling pothouse politicians
known as the British Columbia
legislature���it is a disgrace to the
A modest individual operating a
warehouse for an association of
farmers in the Pa louse country,
stole 30 cars of wheat in one season
The farmers should be thankful
that they have the warehouse left.
���New West Trade.
The British Columbia legislature
has been in session two months.
The time has been almost wholly
employed in political sparring between the "outs" and the "ins."
Upon this showing the voice of the
people should be heard. The political squabblers Bhotild be heaved
overboard and a membership returned that will work for the common good rather than personal aggrandizement.
The Rossland Miner thinks that
the best solution to the legislative
fiasco which has been so long on
exhibitition at Victoria, would be
an appeal to the people. Tbe conservative element in the legislature
is in the minority, yet it has the effrontery to insist on dictating the
terms on which a new cabinet shall
be formed. Insistence in this
direction will precipitate the solution suggested by the Miner.
Cecil Rhodes, in some extended
remarks at a recent meeting of
the great diamond mining syndicate, paid the British a high tribute.
After showing how Kimberly had
been defended by its citizens, of
whom 120 had been killed or
wounded, and thanking General
French for his gallant ride, Mr.
Rhodes closed brilliantly, asserting:
"We have done our duty in preserving and protecting the greatest
commercial assert in the worldlier Majesty's flag."
There are many visible signs of
of the return of prosperity to Silver-
ton, gleefully remarks the Silver-
tonian. The large increase of
the freight being delivered there for
the merchants; the full hotels; the
blanket laden men going up to the
mines; the reopening of closed
down business houses; the broad
smiles of the citizens; all have the
same meaning. The indications
are that the Slocan will now enjoy
a season of prosperity in a degree
beyond all former experience.
The next social of the Mutual Aid
Society will be held on the evening
of Thursday, March 22nd.
The blacksmith shop at the big
dam here, caught fire Saturday and
but for the timely arrival of Mr
Walling on the scene it would have
been destroyed.
Mr. Stanley Mayall, on his return from Nelson and RosbIhihI
Saturday, reported those towns to
be in a deplorable state of inactivity in the merchandising line.
A social dance was given in the
dining hall of the Montana hotel
Monday night, which was enjoyed
hy many of our citizens versed in
the terpsichorean art. Professors
La Pasco and Ford furnished excellent music.
A man by the name of Alex.
Donkey, who had a wife and large
family of small children living in
Spokane, was accidently killed in
a logging camp at Rock Creek. He
was crushed to death by a big log
which rolled over his body.
Private J. H. Findlay, who was
killed at the Modder river battle of
Jan. 6, was an intimate acquaintance of Agent Tebo at the C, P. R.
office here. The brave soldier who
thus gave up his life for his
country's sake, was a son of Rev.
Allan Findlay, of Barrie, Ontario
Thursday morning a wedding
took place in town, in which two
well knowu young people were the
participants���Miss Hattie Marshall
and Robert Barrow. The ceremony
was held at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George
Marshall, on Brooklyn avenue,
Rev. B. H. Balderston being the of
ficiating clergyman. James Marshall and Mrs. C. W. Abbott stood
up with the contracting couple, and
a number of the immediate friends
of both bride and groom were were
present at the happy event.���
Phoenix Pioneer.
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy, M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m., Standard Time, in the new church.
Sabbath school at 8:80 p.m. in the same place.
All are cordiallv invited to attend.
Table of Distances From
(Distances figured on wagon roads.)
Bossburg  20
Marcus      83
Rossland 41
Christina Lake   .... 2
Uiahaiu's Ferry  8
Grand Forks 18
Columbia (Up.G F.) 14
Carson  19
Niagara.  21
Greenwood  81
Anaconda        82
Boundary Falls 86
Midway    ... .8V
Rock Creek 52
Camp McKinney... .70
Okanagan Falls.... 112
Penticton 125
Nelson, Wash It
Curlew, Wash 20
Torodack., Wash...41
Republic 50
West Seattle.
rpHE only place in the Northwest where the
genuine Keeley Treatment can be obtained
Fine building, good board, pleasant and
healthful surroundings, and the arrangements
admit of the strictest privacy for patients, either
ladles or gentlemen. The Keeley Treatment affords the only safe and sure cure for the liquor,
opium, morphine, uocoaine, chloral, and other
drugs, and aim for tobacco poisoning. Parties
interested are invited to vail at the institute and
Investigate for themselves. All correspondenve
C. H. Nixon, Mgr.
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in- stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc.,
CSTJtT "D"V TlTJi^i'd or - an Francisco,
OJCjJ-IXJ X -DXliVJ O California, Assay-
era and Mining Experts, To the Mining Public
nf tbe Pacific Northwest: We beg to advise you
that we have opened a branch of onr business at
No. 205H Washington M., Portland, Oregon, to
accommodate our nnmerous clients in the Northwest. As oar name for prompt and reliable work
tn tlie past is known In every mining camp west will guatantee onr future success. Onr certificates are invariably accepted by
banks and mining corporations as final. Numerous investors waiting for sound milling property.
We are now ready for work. Send in your samples with letter of instructions and charges, and
we will give yon prompt returns. Onr charges
are���Oofd and silver, 81,50 Gold, Copper and Silver, |3.00. Coal, Soil and other minerals. 15.00
each. J?rT" Check assays a specialty. SELBY
BROTHERS, Assayers and Mining Experts, No.
205'4 Washington St., Portland, Oregon, hand
Power Stamp Mills for sale���W0 complete.
Christina Lake
Mining Camps.
Price, $1.25, post paid.
Compiled   by JOHN A.  CORYELL, P. L. S.
This map contains the latest locations on Sham'
rock and Castle Mountains, on Baker, Sutherland and McRae Creeks, and in the Burnt Basin.
For sale by
Cascade, 11. C.
mining CAMPS
Sutherland creek.... 8
Baker creek 6
McRae creek 8
Burnt Basin  16
Central oamp 20
Fisherman oreek.... 21
Summit camp     26
Seattle camp 23
Brown's camp 26
Volcanic Mt 25
Pathfinder Mt 28
Knight's camp 88
Wellington camp .. .24
Skylark camp SO
Providence oamp.... 84
Deadwood camp... .85
Smith's camp 85
Long Lake camp 3D
Copper camp 87
Qraham camp...   .45
Kimberly Camp 88
Balls Ferry  7
Rock Cut 10
Gladstone 18
Brooklyn 40
Certificates of Improvements.
John Bull and Marinette Mineral Claims situate
in the Grand Forks mining division of Osoyoos division ol Yale district.
Where located:���Ou tlie East side of McRae
creek, near Gladstone townsite, B. I'.
Take Notice that I, B. E. Young, acting as
agent for the John Bull Mines, limited, F. M. < .,
No. 1)12815, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11184411,
Intend, sixty days from tlie date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining orown grants
of tbe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37,must be commenced before the issuance of
said Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of November, A.D., 1899.
R. K. Youno, P. L. S.
Young k Burnet, Russlund, B. C. 12
application will be made to the Parliament
of Canada at the next session thereof, for an
act to incorporate a company to construct and
maintain a railway from a point on the International Boundary Line near Cascade, British
Columbia, thence in a westerly direction following the valley of the Kettle river to a point on tbe
Doundary Line at or near Carson, with a branch
from a point at or near Grand Forks to a point 50
miles up the North Fork of the Kettle river, following the valley of tbe same river.also with a branch
from a point at or near Grand Forks, proceeding
In a southwesterly direction by way of Greenwood
to a point on the International Boundary Line at
or near Midway, with power to the company to
construct, operate and maintain telegraph and
telephone lines, as well for commercial purposes
as lor the business of the company and for all
other necessary and usual powers.
Dated this 2nd day of December, 1899.
For himself and the other applicants.        IS SSfW
l<- TIC-'-'
March 3. 1900
��� ��� ��� ���
The Centre of the Far-famed Similkameen District.
A Mining and Agricultural Centre.
Third Avenue, 100 Feet Wide. Lots, 30x150.
Corner Lots, $150.        Inside Lots, $100.
Corner Lots, $100.
Inside Lots, $75.
1 Lots Now on the Harket.
Terms, 1-3 Cash; Balance, Three and Six Months.
For Further Particulars, Apply to      v
General Agents,
R- H. PARKINSON, Fairview.
On Castle Mountain Heights.
J. G. Simmon*, John Simpson,
F. E. Teho and ye editor sealed
Castle mountain last Sunday afternoon. The ascent was made on
the western slope, hut the descent
hrought the adventurous tourists
onto the flats near the railway
trestle, and the mountain side was
bo precipitous that more than half
the distance was made by sliding
partly in hiiow and partly in rubble. The apex of Castle mountain affords a sublime scenic panorama for many miles in all directions. The beautiful Christina lake
stretching its crystal waters northward, the Kettle river south and
west, and Grand Porks valley in the
distant gloaming, iu fact, looking
out from the dizzy heights in whatever direction, one's soul is thrilled
with the awful grandeur of what he
beholds, and the mental eye is
foroed to comtemplate the omnipotence of the Master who produced
so wonderful a scene, to inspiring
in its majestic reality.
Some day the pent up denizens
of far-away {cities will swarm in
these beautiful mountains���,
bathe and angle in Christina's
placid waters, while Cascade will
profit by their presence.
One of the Neil brothers, Hogan,
captured a young cougar last Sunday by a well-aimed shot with a
rifle. It is said there are several
cougar kittens in the neighborhood
of Christina lake, on the southern
banks of which the Ness brother!
camped the past winter.
Louis Pelkey Returns with a New Eye.
Louis Pelkey, who was sometime
employed as a blacksmith on the
works at the dam here, and later in
the same capacity at the B. C. mine
in Summit camp, passed Sunday
last here as the guest of the Simmons brothers. He was returning
from Vancouver, where he had been
to secure treatment of his left eye.
About five weeks since while working in the B. C. shop a piece of flying steel cut right through the pupil.
It was found impossible to extract
the offending particle and preserve
the optic, and the local physician
advised Mr. Pelkey to seek the aid
of a specialist, which he did, the
result being the substitution of a
glass eye for the injured organ.
His friends here were surprised that
recovery from so serious an operation had required so little time���
less than three weeks. Mr. Pelkey
returned to Summit camp on Monday, prepared to resume his former
position in the B. C. blacksmith
Jas. Ellis, of the B. C. Mercantile
and Minings yndicate,coming down
from Eagle City, on the north fork
of the Kettle river, where the syndicate has a flourishing branch store,
was in Cascade Friday and Saturday, returning Sunday   morning.
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician.
Eyes Scientifically Tested
Free of Charge	
Dominion Hall Block,
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of tht
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avenue,
Cascade City. British Columbia.
Hartford Hotel,
-Hartford Junction, B. &
This hotel, which is new, is located at the junction
of the Phoenix and Winnipeg branches of the C. P,
R. All the railway traffic for these camps must
pass through Hartford.   Give us a call.
���~ 6
Mnroh S, 1I0��
Wednesday the British forces
under Gen. Buller which have been
almost continuously engaged lighting their way to the relief of Ladysmith succeeded in their mission,
when a division of Gen. Builer's
forces under Gen. Dundonald entered that distressed city. The dispatches of the night of entry say
Gen. Builer's successful attack
came after the hard righting of
Friday, and it was improvised and
its execution began during the
armitice of Sunday. In proposing
the armitice the British commander stipulated that both sides should
be free to move, but that neither
���should do any shooting. He was,
therefore, within his privileges in
immediately beginning to transfer
his troops.
Gen. Builer's tidings come weght-
��d with his long list of casualties.
His losses in four attempts to get
Gen. White out aggregate 4,000
Ladysmith is in the deepest
��traits. Mr. Charles Williams, the
military expert, says he learns on
very high authority, presumably
that of Lord Wolseley, that Gen.
White's force is almost at its last
gasp. This is not so much says
Mr. Williams, "on account of lack
of provisions or ammunition,
neither of which is exhausted, as of
because of the poisonous waters of
Klip river and the evil effects of
the heat on the terrain. The water
of the river is not available for
drinking, and to boil it is impossible on account of the scarcity of
fuel. It is thick with putrid
animal matter. Tea made of it has
a suspended fibre, something like
beef tea. It is caused by sewerage
from the Boer camps.
Speaking of the capture of Gen.
Cronje and his army, a correspondent in the field, says Lord Roberts
has done more than to capture 4,-
000 Boers and a few guns. He is
within striking distance of one of
the Boer capitals and is master of
a large district of the Free State.
He has given a chock to Boer confidence, and measurably restored
the spirit of bib own troops. In
capturing Cronje he has taken a
leader whose presence alone was
worth thousands to the Boer cause.
The best opinion here is that the
Transvaalers are certain to continue the fight with undeminished
valor, but it is not so certain about
ihe Free Staters.
Lord Roberts has not allowed
the correspondents and descriptive
writers with him to supplement his
plain narrative as yet, and there
are some points in doubt. It it not
clear whether the 4,000 prisoners
include those taken in small parties
before the capitulation. What haB
become of the rest of the Boers who
held the Magersfontein lines, and
.where are the   big  guns ?     The
smallness of Cronje's forceR causes
some   wonderment.
Gen. Buller steadily fought his
way to Ladysmith, and he seems
to have made up his mind to "fight
it out on that line if it takes all
Ten thousand more troops will
be sent to the Transvaal, the effective force to be kept at about 200,-
Gen. Cronje will be sent to Cape
The Canadian Patriotic fund
now amounts to $130,000.
C.P. R. Gives Its Workmen an Excursion.
The gang of carpentern, who have
been employed here two or three
weeks in the construction of the
now depot building, having completed their work, were given an
excursion to Greenwood this week,
They took No. 1 passenger Tuesday
noon and returned on No. 2 Thus-
day night. The excursion party
consisted of J. F. Johnson, foreman
of the crew, and Thos. Bull, George
Hart, Thos. Coles, Wm. Doner,
Geo. Amos, Thos. Martin, Wm.
Northgraves, Wm. Wilmott, Thos.
Pritchard, A. McBain and Wm.
Thornton. All but two of the
party expect to return to Winnipeg
next week, as all their engagements on the Columbia & Wertern
R. R. have been completed.
Convicted of Plagiarism.
Among the "pointed paragraphs"
clipped from the New Denver
Ledge as original and printed in
the last issue of the Midway Advance is the following which was
stolen bodily by the "Financier" of
the Ledge from the columns of the
Cascade Record. It is worth reprinting; here it is :
"While you are hanging on by
sheer doggedness and waiting for
jour town and business to improve,
it is the gravest mistake to withdraw your support from the local
newspaper in order to economize.
That paper if he window through
which the pa g throng sizes up
conditions. >e panes be small
and dirty, nm old hat htis taken
the place of gla^a in the sanlt here
and there, no one will be tempted
to look in. Make your local paper
robust and healthy by giving it
liberal support.
It is Baid of Rev. Henry Ward
Beecher that on one occasion he
found himself in an interior town
down in New Hampshire on Sunday. At service time he stepped
into the village church and took a
back seat unrecognized. A dapper
young divine was "spell-binding
his audience with a powerful sermon." The doxology having been
sung, the little preacher strode down
the isle and greeted the stranger,
who remarked : " That sermon was
a good one, and must have required
much time and research in its preparation/' "About two hours," replied the local parson. "I labored
on it four days" said Mr. Beecher.
March came in like a lamb.
Will it go out like a lamb ?
fisi) anb Oysters, ��i��e anb ftresseb Poultry
F. GRIBI, r\gr.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
��iquoT��s, Wmes anb (jEaT*s-
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
B. C. Livery Stable
Good Saddle Horses for Hire. Teaming
on the Shortest Notice. Good Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part of
the Boundary country. Careful drivers.
J. A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue,      -
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the best hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
The Cascade SawmilL^*
A large stock of Rough
and Dressed Lumber.
Laths, Shingles, flouldings, Etc
Estimates Furnished and
Prompt Delivery Made.
Correspondence Solicited.
���-rer.^vT.r --&-���-*:���:
March 3, 1800
If You Wish
To keep thoroughly posted on the fast
moving events in the growing Boundary and Christina Lake sctions, there is
only one way to accomplish it, viz:
Just get in line, follow the
crowd and subscribe to..
���e Cascade Record.
It costs only Two Dollars to get
in out of the wet, and receive 52
copies of the Record. Printed
on good paper with good type
and good ink.
Cecil Rhodes' View.
Mr. Cecil Rhodrs presided at tbe
meeting of the De Beer* Co., at
Kimberley Feb. 24th, and announced that the profit of the year was
2,00(),000 pounds sterling. Speaking
of the war, he considered it a
puzzle why it had arisen. The
Transvaal and the free State were
not republics, he declared, but. oligarchies, and had long been conspiring to seize British South
Africa. Each government wtts
simply a small political gang who
humbugged the poor Dutchman,
appealing to their patriotism and
dividing the spoils among their
coterieR. The Africander had been
working 20 years for independence
of Afriea. He said that former
President Reitz of the Orange Free
State, had years and years ago
made a vow that his only ambition
in life was to drive England out of
NOTICE is hereby given that application will he made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia, at its next session, for an Act to incorporate a
Company with power to construct,
equip, maintain and operate telephone and telegraph lines within
and throughout the Province of
British Columbia, and to construct,
erect and maintain such and so
many poles and other works and
devices as the Company deem necessary for making, completing
supporting, using, working, operating and maintaining the system of
communication by telegraph and
telephone, and to open or break up
Y)ow under development. Look at the immense
���/fc dam, 400 feet long and 50 feet high, now under construction. The flume and tunnel to convey the water will be
16 feet wide, 13 feet deep and 1000 feet long. The water
will be conveyed from the mouth of the tunnel to the water-
wheels, through two iron pipes, each 8}i feet in diameter and
2000 feet long, with a perpendicular fall of 156 feet.
Excavation for a power-house is now in progress near
the wagon road bridge, and the excavation alone will cost $10,-
000. Development of this power is now. under construction
and will be prosecuted as rapidly as possible. A. 10,000
horse power will be obtained, which will be used in developing electrical power to be transmitted to all the mines in the
Boundary and Christina Lake Districts.
Estimated cost of plant, complete, is $500,000.
Beautiful Christina Lake and Surroundings!
The fisherman's delight and the hunter's paradise. This
lake is 18 miles long and from one to three miles in width.
The Mineral Wealth
About Cascade City, while practically undeveloped, is
most promising, and marvelous wealth awaits the hand of
man to reveal the country's hidden resources.
Look closely at our advantageous location and you will not
fail to have a good impression of
Cascade, the Gateway City.
any part or parts of the said highways or streets as often as the said
Company, its agents, officers or
workmen think proper, and for the
purposes of the undertaking to
purchase, acquire or lease and hold
and sell and dispose of lands,
buildings or tenements within the
limits aforesaid, and to purchase or
lease, for any term of years, any
telephone or telegraph line established or to be established, in
British Columbia, connected or to-
be connected with the line which
the Company may construct, and
to amalgamate with or lease its-
line or lines or any portion or
portions thereof, to any Company
possessing, as proprietor, any line
of telephone or telegtaph communication connecting, or to he connecting, with the said Company's
line or lines, and to borrow money
for the purposes of the Company,
and to pledge or mortgage
any of the said Company's assets for that purpose, and to receive bonuses or privileges from
any person or body corporate, and
with all other usual, necessary or
incidental rights, powers or privileges as may he necessary or incidental to tbe attainment of the
above objects, or any of them.
Dated this 15th day of December,
Solicitor for Applicants.
Certificate of Improvements.
"Mary B." Mineral Claim,��ituate in the Grand
Porks Mining Division of Yale Distriot.
Where located:���In Summit Camp.
Take Notice that I, Issac H. Hallett, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 19510 A, for myself and as
agent for James F. Cunningham, Free Miner'!
Certificate No 18090 A and Geo. R. Naden Free
Miner's Certificate No. 1435? A, intend sixty days
from date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtninic a Crown Grant of the above Claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of such C'ertiflcaie of Improvements.
Dated this 32nd day of October, 1899.
I. H, Hallett.
+ ��
Muroh 3, 190*
Dominion ^c
ARE Headquarters..-
r^UT* AIA1 is to carry the
V/WI   Best of Everything.
Out Crabe
to such proportions that, we buy in large quantities, and can make the Hotel Keeper, Mine Owner or Prospector every
inducement to triule with us. If
you should need
Blacksmith's Coal
3li!*'or stumping Powder
Caps or Fuse
In large or stvn 11 lots, give us a pall.
Visiting Cards
Business Cards
Shipping Tags!
Statements, Etc.
The Record
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
[Plans Drawn and | Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Sing Kee
Expert   Laundryman.     Bundles called for and delivered.
Work done on Short Notice.
Give me a trial.
Laundry at the rear of tbe Commercial Hotel
Hutch ins &
Are now located in Bowburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Delivered free to
any part of the
Lowery the  Poet-Humorist and "Financier"
TheSilverton Silvertonian,owing
to the impecuuiosity of the patient,
tosses the following gratuitous prescription of common sense and
truth over to Mr. Lowery of the
New Denver Ledge, whose self-conceit and "humor" need to be drawn
off and substituted with a little
ordinary sense, which might relieve
him from the lack of cents of
which he constantly complains.
Tlie Silvertonian says:
"Bro. Lowery of the Ledge complains that every little town in B. C.
thinks it should have a newspaper,
and puts down his lack of patronage
to this. That's where he gets off
wrong. The real trouble is that
pome newspaper men cannot keep
sober long enough to realize that a
dead little town can't support them.
Now, brother, if you dont like your
place, throw your feet out, move to
some other locality and hoodoo it
for a while. What you need is
brain food with a water diet, a
change of air and sense enough to
know that the Slocan will not give
you support unless you get out and
earn it." 	
C. P. R. Immigration Literature.
The C. P. R. Railway company
has just issued two excellent immigration pamphlets for 1900���"Western Canada" and "British Columbia"���which contain a great deal
of useful and accurate information
about the country west of Lake
Superior, and are of special interest
to those who contemplate settling
either in the Canadian Northwest
or British Columbia. Large
editions of these pamphlets are distributed gratuitously in Great
Britain and the United States, as
well as throughout the Dominion,
and are eagerly read by those who
are seeking a new home and desire
to know something of the best
country in the world in which to
find one.	
The lead pencil originated with
the discovery of the graphite mines
in England in 1664, during the
reign of Queen Elizabeth.
An effort is being made to arrange for the opening of a public
school at Rock Creek.
"Honi soit qui mal y pense."
Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Sliepnard By. Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co,
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between  the   Kootenay  District
���AND all���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects at Spokane with���
0. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers  for Kettle  River and  Bonndary
creek  connect at   Marcus and  Bossburg   with
stages daily.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
America's Great Transcontinental Line
and World's Pictorial Route.
The Direct Eoute
From Kootenay Country
Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts to all points
East and West
First-class Sleepers on all trains
from Revelstoke and Kootenay
St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for Montreal and Boston. Same
cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
Direct Connection via Robson to and from all
Leave CASOADE Arrive
18.52 Daily ex. Sun. 13.05
For rates and full information address nearest local agent or,
F. E. Tbbo, Agt., Cascade, B. C.
W.F. Anderson,      E.J.Coyle,
Trav. Pass.Agent, A.G.P.Agt.
Nelson. B.C.    Vancouver.B C.
0. K. liwv Ship
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Near  Montana Hotel, Cascade


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