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Cascade Record 1899-08-26

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Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Like  Mining Districts
-,t       ���;          ���    i. ���
Vol. I.
CASCADE, B. C, AUGUST 26, 1899.
-    ���    --  : ' -"r-. ������ rr��� ��� ��� ���    '...   , ;	
No. 42.
Cascade Water, Fewer and Light Co.
Asking (or Tenders.
Operations oa the Dan, Power House, Plume
aid Pole Line Soon Under Way-Rest*
deuce lor Supt Anderson.
Word has been received by Superintendent Wm. Anderson, of the
Cascade Water Power Co., hy cable
from the head office in London, to
let a contract at once for the clearing of the right of way for the pole
line from Phoenix towards Cascade.
Accordingly, an advertisement appears in this issue of the Record,
caning for tenders to clear the five
miles of timber, the rest of the line
being mostly open country.
Mr. Anderson states that he expects orders daily to begin work,
not only on the partly constructed
dam, but on the power house itself,
the long flume and the pole line.
The latter at first will be about 25
miles long, and will cost $3,000 per
mile. In addition to this Mr. Anderson is now preparing plans for
a residence for himself, t*be4o��nt��#'
On the Company's property, which
will be'bu'Ut at once. All this work
is to be undertaken at an early
date, will require the expenditure
of several hundred thousand dollars, and will give employment to
many men.- Foreman Simmons,
who has been spending his vacation
in Ontario, has heen wired for, and
the company evidently intends to
crowd the construction as fast as
J. W. Astley, one of the largest
owners of the Snowshne mine, in
Greenwood camp, was in town
The Columbia Singe Co. has discontinued the daylight stage hetween Cascade and the Forks. As
a result our livery men at once he-
gan to do a better business.
Work on the new Presbyterian
church has been delayed hy the
non-arrival of the hand-shaved
cedar shingles from the lake,which
are expected now almost any day.
The Vancouver and Victoria
hoards of trade are advocating the
con^truction of a road from Hope
to Princeton to facilitate transportation into the Similkameen country.
Geo. P. Tunstall, the Hamilton
powder man, was in town yesterday. His company has supplied
100 cars of powder, or 40,000 boxes,
or 2,000,000 pounds, for use on this
railway oon tract.
Road Superintendent Forrest and
his gang of men have been working
on. the wagon road hetween hew
and Grand Forks this week, and
while the force is small, a decided
inprovement is apparent.
Wm. Wolverton has been in
Phoenix this week, where he will
shortly start a branch.
It is stated that an investigation
of the way that stage companies
handle the mail sacks in the Boundary creek district has been commenced by Hewitt Bostock, M. P.
���Nelson Tribune.
Cascade's new school building is
to he 27x83 feet in size inside, besides cloak rooms, etc. Accommodations will be provided for 56
pupils. Contractor Ferguson expects to begin work On it next
H. Johns, superintendent of the
Sunset mine, in Deadwood camp,
was in Cascade yesterday, on his
return from a two week's trip to
Rossland and Spokane, He was
accompanied by Mrs Johns. While
away he forwarded the plans to
the manufacturers for the 20-drill
compressor, etc., soon to be installed at the Sunset.
Henderson Wm Endorsed.
Alexander Henderson, the newly
appointed attorney-general of the
province, from New Westminster,
was returned by acclamation last
Tuesday, there being no opposing
nominations. It is now claimed
by the opposition that the government cannot stand, having Only 16
sure votea in the legislature, out of
Robert Cameron Arrested and Lodged
in Jail.
Promised Sensation In Connection With Fire
of July 17th Mny Materlaliie Soon-
Remanded to Kamloops.
Constable Dinsmore, of Grand
Forks, came down Thursday, and
with Constable Darraugh went to
Russell, just across the international boundary line, to meet the
incoming Bossburg stage. They
got aboard and on this side of the
line took into custody a man named Robert Cameron, who was taken
to the Forks that night and lodged
in jail.
The prisoner is charged with setting fire to the Hotel Columbia on
July 17th. Travellers who came
down from Grand Forks yesterday
say it was whispered about that
a large sum���some say $20,000���
was offered for the release of the
prisoner. The police are still working on the case, and some sensational arrests are expected to he
he made shortly. The prisoner has
heen remanded to the Kamloops
At the time of the fire it was
hinted that a charge of arson might
he brought against certain parties,
and the case has heen quietly worked upon. Cameron was found down
below Spokane hy a detective, and
consented to return without extradition papers.
1 if l: .
But the Railway Station Will be in the
City of Cohunbia.
Engineer Tye and Secretary Drlnkwater of
tbe C. P. R. Arranged the Matter Yeiter.
day at Mayor Mauley's Town.
Grand Forks is jubilant and
happy. The railway station, which
is located in Columbia was to be
called Upper Grand Forks, the center of the siding being exactly
4,500 feet from the river and a mile
and three quarters from the Yale
hotel in the Forks. But yesterday,
after considerable negotiating, it
was decided to call the station
Grand Forks���pure and simple.
The story is interesting.
It seems that the railway people
and the city authorities of the
Forks clashed somewhat on the location of the right of way, which
cut through the upper corner of
the townsite and then swung
around into Columbia, where the
only station was to have been built
for the use of both towns. This, of
couriJe, highly elated thr Columbia
people at the time, but displeased
the residents of Mayor Manley's
town to a degree.
dot a Cinch and Used It
However, the Porkers had a
trump card up their collective
sleeve. While the railway company had bought outright the
right of way in the small portion
of the Grand Forks municipality
traversed, and had the grading
done, permission to cro/s the main
travelled road or street, and change
the grade, had not been secured.
It is also said to be the law, that
Only by an appeal to the Dominion
government direct, in case of a refusal by ii municipality to permit
a railway to occupy a street, can
the matter be adjusted. This
meant much delay and red tape,
but local courts have no jurisdiction in such matters.
The contractors had cut down
the wagon road, near the bridge at
Columbia, some two or three feet,
to conform to their grade. Last
week the city authorities of Grand
Forks filled it in. This soon
brought Chief Engineer Tye to the
scene, and he was told that, if he
would give Grand Forks a depot of
its own across the river, they would
he satisfied; otherwise, it was no go.
Engineers at once began surveys
to leave Grand Forks out entirely,
although it would cost considerable, and entail some delay.
Both Sides Made Concessions.
Yesterday, however, Mr. Tye,
accompaied by Chas. Drink water,
secretary of the railway company,
who happened to be in Rossland,
came over on a special train, met
the Grand Forks authorities, and
arranged the above mentioned
agreement.   The station will   re
main in Columbia, but. will be
called by the name of the lower
town. While Grand Forks does
not get the station any nearer, is
gets the name, a most valuable
consideration. Just how the Columbia people wilt like this does
not yet appear, but unless this arrangement is upset at Montreal, it
will be carried out.
And thus the threatened war between Grand Forks and the C. P,
R., the talk of injunction, the
building around it entirely, and
most important of all the delay
that might ensue when the track
is near there, has all been avoided.
Grand Forks has, in a measure,
gained its point, and so has the C.
P. R. Columbia must make the
best of it.
Mr. Tye and Mr. Drinkwater re*
turned to Cascade last night and
left at eight o'clock on a special
train for Trail.
Eleven passengers came in on
the train Thursday evening, arriving here at midnight.
Superintenbent Stewart states
that no time will.be, lost at Grand
Forks, but that Greenwood should;
be reached hy the end of September, allowing an average of a mil*
a day for putting down steel, including probable delays.
Track-Layers Are Now Abort Half Way
to firand Forks.
Now Pushing to the Forks, Which Should he
Reached Within Two Weeks-Two Bridges
Yet to Oct Over.
Last Tuesday at 2:80���ten days
after crossing the first bridge���the
track-laying machine on tbe Columbia & Western, with George
Roberts at the lever and Conductor
Haney in charge of the train,
crobsed the second bridge over Kettle river, just west of town, and the
track crew pushed out for Grand
Forks, some 13 miles away. They
were behind the estimated schedule
published recently by the Record,
but this was no fault of the bridge
carpenters, as they Worked early
and late to get the 130-foot Howe
truss span sufficiently completed
to let the train over. That day the
crew put down 48 stations or 4,800
feet, and have been crowding the
work as fast as possibe, as it is the
intention to get to Greenwood and
Midway at the earliest possible
Today the track-layers will finish the side track at Cascade, and
will put in a switch at Gilpin's, so
that the hoarding cars can be
moved nearer to the rail-head.
Yesterday the surfacer's boarding
cars were taken out to near Edwards ferry and put on a temporary spur. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
A fall race meet is to be held at
Vernon this year.
The contract for the new water
works system at Vernon have been
let for $82,000.
The Republic Record has entered
upon its third year of existence and is as breezy as ever.
Grand Forks is lo have a new
paper. The outfit is on the road
from Montana.���Republic Pioneer.
The Okanagan Flour Mills Co.,
of Armstrong, has declared a dividend of 8 per cent on its paid
up capital.
George K. Stocker made a trip to
Gladstone early in the week, and
looked over some of the mining
bonanzas in that camp.
The recent rains have raised
Kejttle river so that it has been impossible to resume work on the big
dam above the cascades.
Tenders are being called for the
erection of a school house, 52x28
feet, two stories high at Columbia.
It will be situated on Vancouver
Ore hiw been found in the Old
Ironsides mine at a depth of 327
feet. A hoist has been installed
capable of being worked to the
1000-foot level.
There is talk of a tramway being
constructed between Rhoenix and
Greenwood, operated by power
from Boundary falls, if that power
is not Otherwise used.
The Greenwood city council has
agreed to increase the efficiency of
the fire department, and has elected
W. E. Hen ton as chief. A hose
cart, Imse and other things needful
will be supplied.
James Wilkes, organizer of the
Western Federation of Miners, was
in the Boundary last week, for the
purpose -'of organizing miners'
unions. A meeting was held at
Phoenix and also at Greenwood.
The Spokane Falls & Northern
Telegraph Co., owned by J). C. Corbin, has supplies on the ground for
a new telegraph line from Marcus
to Cascade, Grand Forks' and
Greenwood, and expects to have
the whole line in operation by
October 15th.
J. W. Bengough, known throughout the dominion as a clever cartoonist, has been engaged to give
one of his inimitable crayon-
lectures at Cascade on Wednesday,
November 8th, He will undoubtedly have a big audience, as his
fame i�� world wide.
W. F. Anderson, traveling passenger agent for the C. P. R., was
in town today, arranging details
for passenger service to the Boundary country over the new road
Mr. Anderson says he thinks they
will be carrying passengers not
later than September 1.���Trail
Creek News.
Ore Output tor 1899.
An interesting table is just published by the Nelson Tribune to
show that so far this year ore, to
the approximate value of 13,562,-
000 has heen sent to the' smelters.
Last year West Kootenay produced
ore of the market value of $6,042,-
976. The present output is of the
approximate value of $150,000 a
week, which if continued for the
remainder of the year, would make
the output for 1899 worth $6,500,-
000. This is a fairly good record
with all the big producers in the
Slocan closed down.
Boundary Ores for Paris.
Harry Sheads, a well known assayer ami mining man, has completed tbe task of preparing, oh behalf of the Grand Forks Board of
Trade, at tbe request of the provincial government, a collection of the
ores <>f the Kettle river mining
division fur the Canadian mining
exhibit at the Paris Exposition.
Mr. Shends was successful in securing a collection of splendid specimens, which will be truly repreoen-
tative of the Boundary.
Among the mines which contributed fine samples were the
Royal Victoria, Pathfinder, Earthquake, Mammoth and Diamond
Hitch. Lillie K., and Twins, Humming Bird, the B. C, R. Bell, Oro
Denoro, Morrison, Winnipeg, Rath'
mullen, Gold Drop, Stemwinder,
Brooklyn, Knob Hill, Old Ironsides, Brandon and Golden Crown,
City of Paris and Lincoln.
The Record is opening up a constantly improving paystrenk of
Fine Job Printing. You are cordially invited to assay it.
House for Sale or Rent.
Cozy two room house, tn central location, for
sale si a bargain, or will rent to the right parties.
Apply st Reconi office.. ;
Oflke Supplies a Specialty.
Buy your;
��� ��� ���
....First Avenue, Cascade.
A nice line of........
Soft Shirts,
Washing Ties,
Silk Ties,
Cashmere Sox,
Linen Coats and Hats
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Come and see our
New Goods.^>
..Has in stock every.,
"thing needled by the"
And can also furnish him with the most reliable
Assays obtainable.
The general public will also find here the Larg- *T
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Groceries, Hardware, Boots, Clothing, Drugs,
Stationery and Toilet Requisites in Town.
Silks, Laces, Velyets, Gloves arid Dress
Making Supplies Always on   Hand.
The New Telephone System, with
Extended Connections, is now in op-    '*< '���������"
eration, with  greatly improved results	
branches on
X4&j$&4ft4&4��4fc4�� 4& 4��4&4*4*4*444*3*
Opposite the Post-Office,      ���      CASCADE, B.C.; I  :
Are Receiving Fresh Berries and Other Fruits as well afJ
Vegetables, nearly every day in the week.   When*
you want the BEST and FRESHEST,
give us a call, and coriie often.
Come ami try our Delicious.Apple Cider*,
Hay*'Grain and Feed.
Correspondence Solicited and Quotations Promptly; Furnished.   We can save you money on your Feed: bills.
Office and Warehouses,     ��� - ���'.: CASCADE, B, C,
______-.i^_��._--___-<_���������_���-�� to printed matter
if you consult your own best interests you will send or bring
us your order.   Remember, we are still doing the best grade
of work ever turned out since the world began.   Address,
Augustas, 18W
Prom tie Books of the Orsod Porks Mining Division.
August 10.  LUxie L., Osstle mountain, by W.
Tomllnson.   Dsisy frsotlon, by A. McMillan.
August 17.  Jim Blaine fraction, Gold Nugget snd
Burnt Basin fraction, Burnt Basin, by J.Don-
. ovan.  Oberne, Comart and Lanark, in Burnt
Basin, by T. Keelerand Josopb Kerr.
August SI.  Lavls and Champlaln, on Sutherland
oreek, by J. C. Atkins.
August 14. Slnbad, Kelly and Selby to J. F.
Reddy. it Grand Union, J. Hammer to L.R.
Obase. Four Hundred and Delta, T. Fahey
to Wellington Mines, Ltd.
August 15. Copper Wedge, S. at. Kirkham to J.
A. Smith.
August 18. "81," 0. H. Sutherland to J. A. McMaster. 1-8 Acorn fractiou, V. Slmmonds to
E. L. Bear. Iron Duke, Quadray and Good
Luok, J. A. Marshsll to R. Petrie.
August 17. B. Bell, Remington and Delamer, H.
MoCartney, notloe of option.
August 18. Derbv, F. McGuire to J. Prlngle.
Riobmond, J. Prlngle to F. McGuire.
August It. 1-8 R. Kipling, C. D. 0. Rogers to G.
August 28. H Grand Union, J.Hsmmer to. J. H,
AugustjlO.   Headlight, Twilight, ElPaso, Olive.
August 11.   Topic, Blue Bell.
August 18. Banner, Amazon,Blue Monday.Puok,
Judge, Klondike.
August 14. Kingston, Flesberton. Mask Battery
Alliance and Lizard.
August 16.   Cougar.
Augustus. Chester, Lizzie L., Martha May,
Daisy, Boy den, King County, Salamanca,
Hartford, Mountain Chief, Lotta B.
August 18.   Fairplay fraction.
August IV.  Niagara Falls.
August 21.   Humphrey Davey.
Late rtetal Quotations
New York, August 84.-Bar silver, 80 ll-18c.
Mexican dollars, 47Mo.
' Lake copper���18.5ft
Tbe Arm that fixe* tbe selling price for miners
and smelters quotes lead 84.85 at the close.
Rambles Prom tbe Rolls.
Mann, Foley Bros. & Larson
have discontinued their hospital in
Cascade, owing to a scarcity of patients.
J. A. Sandgrin is moving his
grading outfit to Ontario, where he
expects to work it on the Rainy
river railway.
Thursday night's train brought
in a carload of horses from Calgary, imported hy Al. Traunwiser,
of Grand Forks.
Chief Engineer Tye ai Assistant Chief Sullivan ca town
from the Forks Tuesday a look
the train hack to Trail
On the first of September only
1200 feet of the 3100-foot tunnel
will be yet uncompleted.- Everything is working smoothly under
Olaf Olson.
Contractor Thompson, who was
in Cascade last week, stated that
the new railway depot here is to
be 40x50 feet in size, part of it two
stories in height.
' Engine 408 was taken to the
Trail shops on Tuesday for repairs,
and No. 43, another 8-wheeler, was
used in pushing the track-laying
machine, this week.
���The56-pound steel, in place of
73-pound, begins just after the railway crosses Kettle river the second
time, and will continue through
the Kettle river valley.
Last night the track was down
as far as Gi.lpinV ranch, or half
way to Grand Forks, 82 stations
having been laid yesterday, and by
next Saturday the rails should he
at least to the bridge at the Forks,
the third crossing of the Kettle being made at McCool's on piles for
the time being.
Francis & Milne received some
fine fruits arid vegetables yesterday.
John Earl has bought out Mr.
Lynch's interest in the Cascade
sawmill plant,
T. H. Ingram, manager of the
Cascade Produce Co., has opened up
opposite the custom house.
A wagon road is badly needed
from Gladstone to the Burnt Basin,
so that ore shipments could begin.
Paymaster Woodman went from
Midway to Robson this week, distributing monthly pay checks. He
paid off here yesterday.
Dan Brown has finished the
work just west of town, where he
had charge of widening the railway grade, to make room for the
water power company's flume.
Jay P. Graves, with his son
Clyde, and the latter's tutor, Rev.
Brian C. Roberts, were in Cascade
Wednesday, on a return trip from
a visit to tho Old Ironsides and
Knob Hill mines in Greenwood
camp. Mr. Roberts and Clyde
sail for Honolulu and a trip around
the world on September 12th.
Notice to Contractors.
Tenders will he received by the undersigned till
August 81st, for tie clearing of about Ave miles of
right of way for pole line, beginning at the town
of Phoenix, near N.E. corner of Victoria claim,
and running in a straight line through N.E. corner of Winnipeg claim, and continued en same
line across 4th of July creek, till clear ground is
reached on the east side of said creek. Line Is
slaked out on ground. Lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted. For particulars apply to
Engineer in Charge.
Casoade Water, Power k Light Co.
Cascade City, B. C,
August 19, 1888.
Tenders for Stock.
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned
and marked "Tender," will be received at rate on
dollar up to noon, Tuesday, 88th August, ISM,
for the stock of tiaine k Roy, insolvents, amounting to about $8,204.55��a follows:
Ready made clothing. 881688
Shirts, drawers and small wares 485 86
Hats and caps 188 56
Hoots, Shoes and rubbers ...84786
Cigars 60886
Liquors  86go
Furniture and fixtures 80686
Tenders to state rate on dollar as per stock list
which can be seen at my office, Cascade.
Cash or marked check for one hundred dollars
must accompany each tender, which will be returned if tender is not accepted.
The higher or any tender will not necessarily
be accepted.
Terms, cssh when stock is checked.
G. A. Eastman,
Cascade, B. C. 17 August. 1888.
Certificates of Improvements.
Tammany No. 1, Gold Nuggett and Gold Nuggett
Fraotlon mineral claims, situate in the Grand
Forks mining division of Yale district.
Where located:-In the Burnt Basin, west of
the Edison group.
Take notice tbst I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.. of
Trail, B. C, acting as agent for James Peterson,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 35667A, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of suoh Certificates nf Improvements.
Dated this Uth dsy of August, A.D., 1888.
68 J. D. AND1R80N,
Certificates of Improvements.
Burnt Basin .Burnt Basin Fraction. Jim Blaine
and Jim Blaine Fraction mineral olalms situate In the Grand Forks mining division of
Yale district.
Where located:���In tbe Burnt Basin, north
west of tbe Edison group.
Tske Notloe that I, J. D. Anderson. P. L. 8. of
Trail, H. C, acting as agent for John Haussr,
Free Miners Certificate No. 85681A, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above
And further tske notloe tbst action, under section 87,must be commenced before the issuance of
said Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this Uth dsy of August, A.D., 1888.
fit J. D. Andrhron.
Certificates of Improvements.
Mioklmbbro and Mrcklvnrorg Fraction mineral claims, situate in the Grand Forks
mining division of Osooyos division of Yale district.
Where located:���At Ihe head of the Burnt Basin.
Take notice tbst I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., of
Trail, B. C, acting as agent for C. 8. Wallls, F.
M. C. No. 84851A, and Annie M. Brown, Free
Miner's certificate No. B18848, intend, stity days
from the date he-eof, to apply to the Mining Recorder lor certificates of improvements, for the
purpose of obtslntng crown grants of the above
And further tske notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 18th dsy of August, A. D., 1889.
51 . J. D. ANDERSON.
���Grand Central
Mcdonald & flood, props.
Liquid Refreshments of All Kinds
ana in the Choicest Qualities. . . .
First Class Sample Rooms in Connection.
This House is the Favorite Resort for Railway Men.
Cascade Produce Co.
Just Opened, Opposite the Custom House, Cascade.
We carry a Full Stock of Hay, Oats, Flour, Bran, Shorts, Chop, Corn Meal
and Rolled Oats.   Call and see Our Goods and get Our Prices.
T. H. DIGRAM, Mgr.
(Late MacFarlane & Co.) VANCOUVER, B. C.
We are manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a large stock of Balances, Furnaces, <
Fire Clay goods, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum goods, Acids, Chemt- <
csls, and all other Assayers' and Miners' requirements. ... HOLE AGENTS for Morgan Cm- <
cible Co., Battersea, Becker's Son's Balances, Eto. Catalogues and partloulurs on application. <
Certificate of Improvements.
Cannonball, DradwooD and Alma mineral
olalms, situate in tbe Grand Forks Mining Division ot Yale District.
Where located:���On Baker Creek, about one
mile east of Christina Lake.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S��� of
Trail, B.C., acting as agent fur K. Dalby Morkill, Jr. F.M. r.TJo. 88688A, William C. Williams, F M. P. No. 846I7A, John Spauldiug, F.
M. C. No. 18B68A. Orr Gradei., F. M. C. >o.
19609A, Geo. S. Armstrong, F. M. II. No. 18887B,
and A. W. Selgle Kree Miner's Certificate No.
1807A, Intend sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Vtecorder for certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of tbe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the Issuance
of suob Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this tenth day of July. 1888, A. D.
Certificates of Improvements.
Birthday, Edison, Elkgthio. Picton,
Moncton and Kdisun Fraction mineral
claims, situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale district.
Where located;���Birthday���on MoRae creek
and one mile from Christina lake.
Edison, Electric, Pioton, Moncton and Edison
Fraction���on Josh creek, in the Burnt Hasln.
Take Notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.,
of Trail, B. C, action us agent for Klcrmrd 1'lew-
man, Free Miners' Certificate No. B18350, and
Mrs. (Thos.) Addle Gee, Free Miners' Certificate
No. 18586A, Intend, sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
crown grants of the above claims.
Aid further take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuanoe
of suoh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated tbl 86th day of July, A.D., 1888.
80 J. D. ANItlRSON..
Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Slieppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between the  Kootenay District
���AND ALL���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects at Spokane with���
O. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and Information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
creek connect at  Marcus and Bossburg  with
stages dally.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. kT. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
rPHE only place in British Columbia where the
genuine Keeley Treatment can be obtained.
Fine building, good board, pleasant and
healthful surroundings, and the arrangements
sdmlt of the strictest privacy for patlt-nts, either
ladles or gentlemen. The Keeley Treatment affords the only safe and sure cure for the liquor,
opium, morphine, cocoaine, chloral, and other
drugs, and al-o for tobacco poisoning. Psrtles
Interested are Invited to csll at the institute and
Investigate for themselves. All correspondence
confidential.   - ���
C. H. Nixon, Mgr.
in   Wood
Delivered free to
any part of the
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician.
Eyes Scientifically Tested
Free of Charge.  ....
Dominion Hall Block,     -     COLUMBIA, B.C
M��1*tMst��nMs11��blM��lM��rMttWs1t^iisMi THE   CASCADE  RECORD
August 86,1888
Published on Saturdays at Cascade, B. C, by
W. Beach Willcox.
PerYear       .    WOO
Six Months     1.25
To Foreign Countries.       2.50
Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
The Record is on sal* st the following places:
Simpson's Sewstand       Rossland
Thompson Stationery Co Nelson
H. A. Kind A Co         Greenwood
R. F. Petrie  Grand Porks
John W. Graham * Co Spokane, Wash.
Frauds A Milne Casoade
Thomas Walker         Casoade
Cascsde Drug Co Cascade
To paraphrase a saying of Solo-
man, "Of the making of townsites,
there iB no end." Within a radius
of perhaps thirty miles from Cascade, the intending investor can
have his pick of lots in over a
score of townsites���all as it were,
���'estined to he future Rosslands or
Beginning on the east, there is
Melvillle, on the Dewdney trail;
Gladstone, near the Burnt Basin;
English Point, where there is a settlement; Christina City, Minton
and Moodyville, near the foot of
Chrixtina lake, (the last two in a
semi-moribund state); then come.*
Cascade and Russell. Continuing
west, the townsites grow in number.
Grand Forks and Columbia, Volcanic City, Niagara, Eholt, Summit, Phoenix, Hartford, New York,
Boundary City, Greenwood, Anaconda, Boundary Falls and Midway, follow in rapid succession.
There are also Nelson and Carson,
to say nothing of a few others.
In case this assortment does not
offer variety enough, the searcher
after bonanzas in reality will find
a fresh crop of townsites springing
up on the main Kettle and West
Fork, as well as farther on towards
Camp McKinney, Penticton and
Hope. There seems to be little
- likelihood of there being a dearth
of townsiting propositions for some
time to come, as in numerous cases
not mentioned land has been
staked out with this end in view.
The city of Grand Forks raised
a great hue and cry last winter,
which was heard even in the legislative halls at Ottawa, because an
was alleged, that lively burg had
been wantonly ignored and sidetracked by the C. P. R. in the survey for the new railway. There
are two sides to every etory, and
this is no exception. Now, that
the track-layers are within 15 miles
of the town, it is said the city objects because the railway people
have arranged to cross a corner of
the municipality, and that the objection is in tangible form. To a
man up a tree it appears as if the
Forkers had changed their minds,
and decided that they preferred to
have no railway at all, and that
they may be accommodated.
Spokane's Industrial Exposition
promises to excell all previous
effort" in this line. The bent part
of it will he tbe mineral samples,
a large nhnre of which will come
from British Columbia.
Wet weather in large solid
chunks has been with us for some
weeks. A brand new weather
prophet would find a hearty welcome, if he could distribute the
rains a little more evenly.
Another band of eastern Canadian newspaper men is doing
Southern British Columbia this
week, and it is safe to say they will
return home with a better and
broader idea of the best and richest
province in the Dominion.
Germany is talking of erecting a
monument in memory of the heroes
who fell on both sides in the Franco-Prussian war. Verily the leavening effect of the deliberations of
The Hague peace conference is beginning to be seen.
It is said that the eight-hour
war, now quietly being waged in
the Slocan, is causing many a bank
roll to lose its wonted dimensions.
It is interesting to note that Slocan
mines have thus far paid dividends
estimated at $2,790,000.
"I believe tbe first shipment of
ore to go from the Boundary country to the smelters over the new
railway, will be shipped from Gladstone," said a prominent mining
man th.e other day. There will
undoubtedly be many shipments
from that point.
The traveling public is wondering when the passenger service on
the new railway line will begin.
It is safe to say that it will be instituted at the earliest possible
moment, as the C. P. R. is more
desirous than all others to do business in the Boundary,
Uncle Sam is still full of troubles
in the Phillipine*. John Bull has
a scrap in sight in South Africa,
France is all torn up over the Dreyfus affair, and Joe Martin has succeeded in setting the politicians of
British Columbia by the ears.
Great aches from little toecorns
Some persons assume to know a
good deal nowadays, gleaned from
so-called inside sources, in regard
to the intentions of smelter builders in the Boundary country. All
of which brings to mind the laconic
but pithy remark of Mark Twain,
that some folks know a lot of
things that are not so.
Coast opposition papers continue
more than confident that the government ib doomed, notwithstanding the re-election of Attorney-General Henderson.   It is figured out
that, with recent defections from
government ranks, Premier Semlin
will be in a slight minority when
the legislature meets���if the lieutenant-governor does not call for a
new election before that date.
Reports from properties in the
Burnt Basin tell of continued improvement as development progresses. It is getting to be more
and more of a certainty that this
will be a permanent camp, from
which wd will bear of more than
one dividend payer in due course.
In fact, the mineral belt extending
all along the east side of Christina
lake is believed by competent
judges to have many excellent
The coming of Mr. Edgar P.
Rathbone to Cascade, for the express purpose of examining tl e
mining properties in camps contiguous to Cascade, with a view to
interesting foreign capital for development purposes, should result
most favorably. No one familiar
with the country will doubt that
our properties will stand the test,
and it ia equally certain that Mr.
Rathbone iB in touch with the lending financiers of London. This is
a combination hard to beat, if the
owners of promising claims are at
all reasonable in the prices.
Mrs'. W. H. Donnelly left for her
home at Port Huron, Mich,., last
P. Burns & Co. have let a contract for a $20,000 buildiig in Nelson, to be completed by October 20.
John Holmder, a railway laborer, who died of pneumonia at the
hospital, was buried last Saturday.
But little is known of his connections.
The swamp, north of Hall's
bridge, on the Bossburg road, is in
a fearful condition, and ie the bete
noire of all teamsters during this
rainy spell.
N. Robinson has sold his half interest in the International hotel
building to August Reischl, who
conducts the Queen restaurant at
that location.
Some miscreant recently stole
the shimmer heads from the planer
in the Cascade sawmill. Mr. Earle
can assign no reason for such an
act of vandalism.
Miss Louise Cameron, the accommodating post office clerk, who is a
professional nurse, has gone to
Grand Forks, to help out in a
typhoid fever case.
S. C. Chezum, of Cascade, B. C,
accompanied by Mr. Denton, arrived in Keller a few days ago and
will do some work on claims owned
by them in Wilmot camp.���Keller
The Dakota "zephyr"���a terrible hailstorm���that destroyed several millions of bushels of fine
wheat a few days ago, cut down
some 1200 acres of grain on the
farm of A. Chandler, president of
the Cascade Development Co The
farm is located near Gardner, N.
D., and the crop is unfortunately a
total loss.
At the
Cascade Drug Co.
You oan get anything end everything you may need In the line ot
Wall Paper,
Paints, Etc.
Latest Arrivals at
Tfiilet Soaps, Perfumes, Drugs, Stationery, Brushware arid Playing
Summer Dress Materials and Supplies.
Local Photographs.    .
Summer Shirts, $1 each, in Great Variety.
Derby and Fedora Hats.
Ladies'and Gent's Boots and Shoes.
Also, Oysters, Lobsters, Cheese, Olives,
Pine Apples and Other Fine Groceries.
Main St and 1st and 2nd Aves.
in���i    si���������sasss���as^isisnnMsnsssss���ii��SMsnsssssss���s^����s^snss��s����wss��sjsi
A Business Chance.
The undersigned has for lease two of the best
business sites in Cascade, situated on either side
or the new Customs House. Frontage, SO and 40
feet respectively; depth, 60 feet. Any reasonable
offer considered. Apply by letter only to
6. C. Rosu,
88 Cascade City, B.C.
Table of Distances From
(Distances figured on wagon roads.)
Bossburg  26
Marcus     88
Rossland 41
Sutherland creek.... S
Baker creek t
McRae creek 8
Burnt Basin. 16
Central camp.. ...SO
Fisherman creek.... 81
Summit camp. .     86
Seattle camp ...28
Brown's camp...... 28
Volcanic Mt.. ,...26
Pathfinder Mt 28
Knight's camp. 88
Wellington camp ...24
Skylark camp 80
Providence oamp... 84
Deadwood camp ... .85
Smith's oamp .85
Long Lake camp. ��� ��� 88
Copper camp 87
Graham camp... .45
Klmberly Camp 88
Halls Ferry T
Rock Cut 10
Christina Lake . >
Otaham'sFerry..... 8
Grand Forks..: 18
Columbia (Up.G F.) 14
Carson.... 10
Niagara. ......21
Greenwood  ....81
Anaconda 88
Boundary Falls.......8*
Midway...... .88
Rock Creek... 58
Camp McKinney. ...76
Okanagan Falls, ...112
Penticton.;... 126
Nelson,Wash. ... 18
Curlew, Wash. ... 80
Republio 60
Gladstone .18
Brooklyn ,. 40 itf
Augusts*. 1800
In one way the Boundary will
shortly have facilities equal to the
bestofiany mining district. Al-
.ready two well equipped telephone
companies���the Nelson & Vernon,
and the Columbia���are operating
to all points. The C. P. R. Telegraph is now built into Cascade,
and,in anpther month will be into
Grand Porks. D. C. Corbin says
he will have.a telegrap.hjjine operating into the Boundary by October 15th,j. Inaddition to these the
Cascade WatetyiPower 4 tight Co.
expectj shortly, to begir^ oh its
service lines for Jtransmit'tihg electrical energy from Cascade to the
big Boundary mines.    '.','S..,,.������
In a short time, there will thus
be no less .than five different electrical lines over ' the highway between Cosoade and Grand Forks���
a showing,which it is doubtful if
any other district in the province
can present. Of itself it is a telling testimonial of the importance
of the Boundary country in the
financial world���whence comes 'the
capital for these electrical undertakings'./'.;./.' ;,' /<-'' ^//y.,.
The demand for the *e'd-letter
issue of the Record���dated August
l^containing the details of the
arrival of, the first .lpcomotive and
rajlway train .in;;tne;; Boundary
country was so great as to completely exhaust the edition in 24
hours. Applications for copies,
from town and outside have been
coming in steadily, and several
hundred additional -copies could
have been disposed of. The publisher of the Record regrets (that he
could not have foreseen" the unexpected call for the paper. However, he will agree to be loaded for
hear when the next railway reaches
Cascade. v That day; may not be so
remote, either,
as  some  persons
The long promised. July Annual
of the Kootenay IJinirig' Standard,
of Rossland, has appeared, and it
is a beauty. As a specimen of the
art preservative it is a credit to the
publisher.��� As a-realistic and
fAitjjiful fepr'fls^rilStioh of many of
toer famous! mines and cities of
Hojtenay m\A Yale, it would, be
diff|cult to fitfd a more satisfactory
publication^ Its descriptions Of
rtirjes/ are tgrie'...e#d jjltKy. The
f iedbrifeVrtf(S|��/ co'rtgrai tulatioris to.
r. R. Yotinsi the publisher, and to!
C. Dell-Smith, the editor,'for get'
tilnfe* out so complete and creditable
a | work-*- It if Ho > hs^^'topl ica ted in
London, and will tell its own tale
ill ft'most.convincing and agreeable
manner. / .
[The July annual of the Kopte-
njty Mining Standard aa-vs that
Cascade "takes it name,, from the
cascades, whose never ceasing music seems to sing of future prosper*-
it|r.'' Glance at that sentence
alain. gentle reader;, it is worthy
ojt- more than passing' thought. A
half tone view of the. Record...office
alnrris the article referred to.
I While no announcement has yet
been given out,--it is understood
that passenger service on the new
railway is likely to start in about
two weeks. At present, the hitherto primeval stillness of forest and
mountain is giving way to the
shrill shriek of the iron horse.   '
(���   ���   ���
BUCK BROS:, Props./
:; :' ���'���'' ��� ��T r ���.-./
�� Cor. of Main Street and First,    ~ j.
Avenue [centre of town] ...
Eur6pean PiiAN.     CASCADE, B. C,
Always Open.
The Most "::���.���
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
District.      u
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
and '������:;��� ."'���
Travellers. ���u
Splendidly ....
Stocked ^ar /;
in connection.
''������ i;-1'
A specialty made of Imported; Gotidfe. 'Glassware,, and har
Supplies Always, on HhikI.    Sole Agents for      .:
"Pa-hstV Milwaukee Beer. ������':).
B. C. Livery Stable
Oood SaddleHbrses for Hire.   Teaming
./  on the Shortest Notice.   Good Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part of
the Boundary country. Careful drivers.
J; A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue,
- {.CASCADE, Q; C.
���  ���  ���  ���
C. tt. MAY, Proprietor.
far theY Thirsty and Weary Traveller no More Satisfactory
Hou\e cm be found in the entire Boundary country.} At our
Bar you Will Find the Choicest WinCs* Liquors and Cigars.
Perhaps no one man is more iu
the public eye in the Boundary
than Jay P. Graves, the "man behind the guns" in some of the largest undertakings now under way
in this section. Mr. Graves was
in Cascade Wednesday, and told
something of the progress ou his
big properties, the Old Ironsides
and Knob Hill, iu Greenwood
camp, from which shipments will
commence this coming winter. He
is undoubtedly one of the most successful operators in the Boundary,
and it has: all been done within a
few years. At the height of the
Spokane boom in '92 he was accounted a millionaire from his
realty holdings alone, but the panic
of '93 was no respecter of persons,
and he bad plenty of company.
Then he immediately turned to
mining, on which he realised the
section was dependent for stability,
arid became interested in Green-
It will undoubtedly
wealthier man than
is not accomplished
wood camp,
makehim a
before, if it
already, /
rJWtoHK*k*M!W ���tWWitlWsytSttWststs^^
is���I HI "   ' '
j Is now .ready lor freight and
passenger traffic on Christina
Lake. Newly painted and re
Steamer leaves Foot of Lake at 10 a.m. and 8
tn-mrf-lesves English Point at 9 a.m and 1 p. m.
When your horse lfcses a
V sftoe or -your wagon gets
��� fbut of /whack," go to	
Expert Blacksmiths
and Wagonmakers.
Second Ave.,-Cascade, B. C.
Tom Lavery, who has been its-
Cascade for a couple of weeks, worki
ing with Evangelist Dickson, is a
man who has seen and experienced
every side of life. His1, autobiography would make interesting read*
ing. Tom has seen ups and downs,
for many years���mostly downs;
but in the course of his life he hat
made many warm friends among
those whom he. has befriended in
the course of his Work of rescuing fellow men. He is a veteran of the
American civil war, but says he is
good for many a battle yet, if he
does draw a small pension. - He
always holds his audience, for 'his
fund of anecdote, with which to
driVe home a point; seems well
nigh inexhaustible. The world is
the better for his being in it.
The Columbia Review failed to
appear, as usual last week, and has
evidently joined the great majority
in the journalistic graveyard. R.
M. Nisbet, the publisher, was also
responsible for the appearance of
the late more-or-less lamented
Cascade Maple Leaf, the Slocan
Sun and the Kuskonook Searchlight���all of which met untimely
deaths.1 No announcement has
heen made as to where or when
Boh will break out again, but he
will doubtless he heard from in
due time.
'.Charles Drinkwater, the secretary of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co., arrived in Cascade on the
special train Thursday night, in
company with Chief Engineer Tye,
of the Columbia & Western. They
were bound, for Grand Forks, in
the effort to straighten out the
grade crossing difficulty. Mr.
Drinkwater is one of the oldest
officials of the C. P. R., and this
is his first trip into the Boundary
country.     \ j
R. Matheson, of Belleville, Ont.,
arrived in town the other day, on
the way to Greenwood, to visit his
son, Dr. Mathieson. Mr. Math-
ieson has charge of the Institution
for the Deaf and Dumb at Belleville, which has some 160 inmates,
and is one of the most important
institutions of its kind in the Dominion. 6
August 88,1881)
Brace White Bays Promlslai Properties tor
Bruce White, the millionaire
mine owner of the Slocan, who
recently sold the Slucan Star for
$3,000,000, is becoming interested
in the I'ierre lake district, about 12
miles from Cascade. A few day*,
ago, through W. R. Ramsdell, of
Boseiburg, Mr. White purchased
from H. C. Gibbon", George Walker, W. H. McKay and J. O Argall
their interests in the First Thought,
Annex, Defender and Homestake,
near Pierre lake, John Ranahan,
one of the owners, still retains his
interest in the group. The consideration was $25,000. Ten per cent
was paid down and the balance is
to be p>id in installments inside of
a year. '
' This property has an immense
surface showing, there being a
ledge Of porphyry from 60 to 90
feet wide, assaying on an average
from $5 to $10 in gold. There has
been comparatively little work
done on the property. The new
owners have already begun development work. Harry Williams, a
competent mine superintendent,
has charge.
Owners of properties in Pierre
lake section are to he congratulated
on getting a man of Mr. White's
standing interested there, as he has
heen a most successful operator.
While little work has yet been
done on his Pierre lake acquisition,
there in said to he every indication
of it proving to be a bonanza with
Tuesday's Laws Social.
After being postponed once, the
lawn social which was to have been
held at Mrs. Stocker's residence
last Tuesday, took place in the
annex to the Grand Central hotel.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church got up the affair for the
benefit of the pastor, Rev. J. McCoy, and were gratified at the successful outcome.      i;
A large audience was present and
enjoyed the impromptu music and
games which were held. Refreshments, in the shape of ice cream
and cake were served, the net proceeds amounting to about $25.
Land Close to Cascade Will Sooa be Throws
Opes to Settlers.
It appears probable that the
north half of the Colville Indian
reservation will be thrown open to
'ettlement by whites this winter.
The work of allotting the lands
to the Indians already on the tract
has commenced. Harry Humphries
and W. E. Casson, alloting agentF,
with Major Anderson, the Indian
agent at Fort Spokane, are in
charge of the work.
There are about 700 Indians
altogether on the north half. Each
of them will have 80 acres of land,
chosen by the nborigines themselves. Already about 200 have
taken farms in allotment, so that
only 500 remain to draw their
ranches. Thus over the entire
north half, amounting to 1,500,000
acres, the natives will retain only
about 56,000 acres. The rest will
he opened to homestead entry hy
the whites, and the land to lie
thrown open includes some of the
finest farming and ranching lands
in the northwest, while* some magnificent timber reserves will also
be available.
It is expected that the allotting
will be concluded this fall, and
that within 90 days after the locations are filed the remaining land*
will be thrown open to settlement.
Rick Slocan Ores.
Many have heard of the richness
of the silver ores of the Slocan
country, but few have an idea of
how rich these ores are. By a careful computation it was recently
shown that the average assay value
of several thousand tons of ore
from different mines in the Slocan,
which ore was treated at the several
smelting plants in and out of Canada, ran about 125 ounces of silver
and 45 per cent lead to the ton,
which would represent, taking the
price of the metals at their present
values, some $113 to the ton.���Nelson Miner.
Have you tried the Queen Restaurant?   It's all right.
America's Great TraucMtiieitil Dae
aid World's Pictorial Irate.
From Kootenay Country. First
Class Sleepers on all trains
from Arrowhead and Kootenny
Landing. Tourist Cars pass
Revelstoke, daily for St. Paul,
Thursdays for Montreal aid
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for Toronto.
7.00 snd 15.20K lv. Rosslsnd sr. 11.00 snd 18.40K
7.00 snd 16.45K lv. Nelson . sr. 10.80 snd 18.15k
For points on or reached vis Crow's Nest Line
82.80K (dally).... It. Nelson sr. (daily) 8.80K
Casoade via Bossburg and Nelson, to Toronto,
102 hours; to Montreal, 108 hours; toNow York,
118hours; to Winnipeg, 88 hours.. Rossland or
Nelson to the coast In 80 hours.
For rates and fullest Information, address m Brest local agent or,
P. Huckerby, Agt., Cascade, B.C.
W.F.Andkrson,      E.J.Coyle,
Trav.Pass.Agent, A.G.P.Agt.
Nelson, B.C.    Vancouver.B.C^
Best since the world began���the
Job Work constantly being turned
out at the office of Cascade Record.
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of East Tale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of
a marvellously
A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments,
A most advantageous smelter
location and railroad center. One
mile from Christina Lake, the
Great Pleasure
For further
price of lots,
etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C, P> Rn Winnipeg, Man. f*
August 30. 1809
Brief Bits Prom Many Camps.
The City of Paris Gold Mining
Co., White's camp, now has 50
men on the payroll.
Several Rock creek properties
are expected to be under development in the near future.
The steam hoist having been installed on the Snowehoe, Greenwood camp, the shaft is being deepened.   It is already down 180 feet.
An immense copper ledge, assaying 17 per cent copper has been
uncovered in the Mountain View
in Summit camp. It is under bond
to a Montreal syndicate.
Tho new miners' union at Phoenix has 54 members and that at
Greenwood 44. Organizer Wilkes
also expects to form unions at Fair-
view and Camp McKinney.
Assays of 30 per cent copper have
heen obtained from the newly discovered 30-foot ledge of chalcopy-
rite >>re, recently discovered on the
Oro Denoro, in Summit camp.
On the Maple Leaf, one of the
Rathmullen group on the north
fork of Kettle river, there is one 70
foot shaft and one 85-foot crosscut.
The shaft is being sunk an additional 100 feet.
A. D. Lloyd, who has been working some clains, near the Pontifex
group, on Huckleberry mountain,
five miles from Cascade, has left
for California, where he also has
mining interests.
Paul Johnson has notyetdecided
where the Mother .Lode smelter is
to he located, according torthe
latest reports, but is carefully examining the various proposedsi tes
in the Boundary country.
Major Leckie, in charge of the
B. C. mine in Summit camp, estimates that the development has
exposed 40.000 tons of $25 ore,
averaging 10 per cent copper, 5
ounces silver and $1 in gold.
The lead has been found on the
property of the Norway Mountain
Gold Mining Co. The ledge is four
feet in width and shows a very
fine quality of quartz on a contact
between granite and porphyry.
The Bonanza', i.ear Bossburg,
now controlled'by Canadian capital, has just paid a dividend of a
quarter of a cent per share on 1,-
030,000 shares. The mine paid
$50,000 in dividends last year, and
is now shipping a cur-load every
The tunnel on the Morrison, in
Deadwood camp has reached the
ledge at about 625 feet in. Where
intersected some nice looking cop-
Eer ore was opened up. Drifting
oth ways on the footwall ia the
wtork now being carried out, to determine the strike of the ledge.
A fissure vein of quartz carrying
copper pyrites and gold has been
struck on the St. Mary, which adjoins the. John Bull group, near
Gladstone. A shaft is being sunk
on the vein, which is four feet wide
and seems to improve as the shaft,
goes down. The ore assays 960
to the ton. M. J. O'Hearn and J.
B.;Singer are the owners.
The London and Canada Syndicate, which holds a controlling interest in the Boundary Creek Mining and Milling Company, Ltd..
published in London the following
cablegram received July 25th from
the manager at Boundary creek:
uAssays of samples from Gold Bug
give 545 oz. of silver per ton of
2,000 pounds, 12 oz. of gold per ton
of 2,000 pounds; average width is
three feet; forward by express still
richer samples."
The deepest shaft in the Boundary iB on the Old Ironsides in
Greenwood camp, and it is down
327 feet. About 150 miners are
employed at this property, end the
force is being increased each month.
The group includes seven claims,
all crown granted, and over all of
which the owners have acquired
surface rights; but they are in no
haste to put town lots on the market. A 10-drill air compressor is
used for drilling on the Old Ironsides, and is worked to its full
Job Is too Heavy.
The legislature of British Columbia is short of up-to-date business
men. It requires men who will
thoroughly develop the province
without regard to legitimate expenses. The job is too heavy for
the present outfit, and the sooner
they go off shift the sooner will this
glorious province get. a chance to
swim out of the sonp���caused by
legislation that was not boiled long
enough before serving.���Sandon
Always give a "missed" hole
plenty of time, says an exchange.
It may go later. Do not try to
pick out the powder. Remove most
of the tamping and insert another
stick of powder, and try to fire it
again. A missed \\o\e is often successfully fired in this manner without danger to the miner. No. 1
dynamite requires very little tamping.
You can get breakfast before the
early stage starts at the Queen
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
.     line."
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc.,
S. I f 1NLIVAN, Prop.
This hotel is located in the centre
of town, opposite the postoffice,
and has every convenience for
the comfort of the travelling public. Finely stt eked bar in connection.
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of the
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Skcond Avknuk,
1= 1
Cascadk City. British Columbia.
.... McRae Landing, Christina Lake
Now open under entirely new management. First-class accommodations snd
rensona'ole rates. Beautiful situation, good Boating, Bathing, Fishing sud
Hunting.  The place to spend a pleasant holiday.
Call and see us.   Steamboat calls twice a day.   Close to Brooklyn road.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the best hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
fresl] anb Cweb )Meats,
ifisi) anb Oysters, give anb ftresseb poultry
&T Meats delivered at Mines Free of Charge.
Mail Ordrrs Promptly Attended to.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
���-��� IM�� 9 9 *-��� ���-���-������
Plans Drawn and | Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
OF the great
_    and   growing
Boundary Country can be had in a concise and readable form
by  taking the Cascade Record every week. Send along your
CASCADE, B. C.|two dollar bill and keep posted on the greatest mining district
| in British Columbia.   Address, The Record, Cascade,B.C.
����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 8
August SO, ISM
Railroad Headquarters Hotel.
When Visiting the Gateway City on Railroad, Mining or
Smelter Business, You are Cordially Invited to
Make Your Home Here. You will be Treated Right.
Our Bar is One of the Features of this Establishment. It
is Supplied with an Almost Endless Variety of the
Choicest Whiskies, Ales, Wines, Beers aud Cigars.
If You Want a	
Cut in the Latest Style, Trimmed With the Best of Materials, and Made Right
Here in Cascade, Call on
^ercl/ant jailor,
First Avenue,    -    Cascade, B. C.
Cleaning and Repairing Promptly and Neatly Done.  With an Experience
of Many Years in the Business, can Guarantee Satisfaction.
Pure Goods for Medicinal Use
��� > First Avenue
it C/QSCQOe,  ^Q. ^.    Oscar Stenstrom, Mgr.
Bossburg, Republic, Greenwood, Grand Forks and all Boundary Points. We sell Through Tickets to all points'. We
Always Leave and Arrive "on Time."
Leave Cascade for Bossburg, 5.30 a. m.
. Leave Cascade for Grand Forks, 7.00 p. m.
F. M. HALLETT, Manager,
Bossburg, Wash.
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
For the -best since
the world began
apply to
The Record, Cascade, B.C.
Fire is started in 50 more coke
ovens at Fernie, and within a
month 200' ovens will^he in full
The Rossland miners' union has
decided that hereafter miners^must
work by the day and not take oon-
tracts. /
A new reoord for ore���shipments
from Rossland camp was made last
week, when over 5,000 tons was
sent to the smelters.
Vernon will probably have a new
industry within a few weeks. Jus.
Harling is getting up a stock company for the manufacture of cigars.
D. 6 Gathcart of Revelstoke was
committed for trial at Vancouver
for issuing bogus checks on the
Revelstoke branch of the Imperial
The Revelstoke council has decided to investigate the nickel-in-the
���slot-machine. A local paper says:
"If it is a purely gambling combination it will not be tolerated."
The Kamloops city council has
passed by-laws to raise respectively
the sums of $27,000 and $10,500 to
extend and improve the waterworks and electric light plants.
The figures of the Kaslo customs
office for July were: Total value of
goods imported, $12,740; duty collected at the port of Kaslo, $2,951.-
55; sub-port of Nakusp, $355.19;
free goods, $2,286.
The Vancouver waterworks now
supplies over 4,000 houses and
blocks with separate connection
from its water mains. When the
department was taken over by the
city, some six years ago, only 1,400
connections were recorded.
Moyie, in East Kootenay, is putting on all kinds of airs. In addition to having having the only air
compressor in the district, operating at the Lake Shore mine, the
Leader announces that the first
typewriter has been introduced in
H. Hegelson, M. P. P. for Cariboo, has publicly announced
through the Ashcroft Journal that
he can no longer support the present government on account of its
ill-advised and unwise legislation.
He haB just returned from a trip to
The provincial police of the city
of Victorial had a case in the police
court last week against a man
named Brash for having in his
posession for purposes of exportation raw deer skins to the number
of 23,000. Owing to some flaw in
the oft-amended Game Act the case
was dismissed.
Palace ��i��ery $arn
Up to Date
Saddle Horses Furnished
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE
Orders received by Telephone
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Sing Kee
Expert  Liiundryman.    Bundle* called for and  delivered.
Work done on Shori Notice.
Give me a trial.
Laundry at the rearol the Commercial Hotel
8. K. lim Stable,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Rear Montana Hotel, Cascade.


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