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Published In the Interests ol the Boundary snd Christina Lstte  Mining Districts
Vol. III.
No. 9.
We do Business in Grand Porks.
White Bros.,
Bridge: Street,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
%2W* Leave your repairing orders at this office
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Co.
When Shopping
Id Orand Forks don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Makes a Specialty Finn
Fisher Block, (IRAND PORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and   convenient, and
workmanship the best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs. M. F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
First Ave.,      Grand Forks.
Rooms SOo and up.
Or rather, your old boots
-*-���--    *, they need
would you
Anyhow, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
��t t.       I    Or rather, your old
loot Feet iiii
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Qents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Complete Line of
Patent Medicines
London sod Qlokc Fiuncc Corporatloi Falls.
Lor* Dalferli li Dlstrcu.
The London ami Glnlie Finance
corporation, limited,��U8jiemleil payment December 29th, Day the (lis-
pa tehee. When brokers delivered
stock purchased on account of the
London and Globe and linked for
paymentjtliey received checks which
were dishonored. This was followed by the failure on the stock exchange of twelve other firms. The
London and Globe is heavily involved in the British Columbia
and West Australia markets. All
the shares nn the London and Globe
group toppled, especially Lake View
mid Le Roi No. 2. The shares of
the latter the day before were quoted al 22 and after the failue was announced were unsalable at 4.
Lord Duffrrin is chairman of the
London and Globe and his fellow-
directors are: Whittacker-Wright,
who is well known in many other
companies; Lieutenant-General, the
Hon. Somerset J. Gougb-Calthorpe,
who has been Colonel-in-Uuief of
the Fifth Dragoon Guards since
1892, and Lord Polham-Clinton,
Master of the Queen's Household,
and a son of the former Duke of
Newcastle. The failure of the concern of which Marquis of Dufferin
and Ava, the former Governor-
General of Canada, and the British
Ambassador at, Pirris, is ihe bead,
adds one more sorrow to 1 he closing chapter of his life, for he is today preparing to start for South
Africa in company with Lady
Dufferin, in consequence of the
serious condition of his son, Lord
Fredrick Blackwood, the Lieutenant in the Ninth Lancers who was
wounded Monday at Glenfontein.
It is scarcely 11 year since Lord
Dufferin Inst his eldest son, the
Earl of Ava who died at Ladysmith. He is now encompassed by
family grief and his honored name
is dragged in the financial mire.
Republic Mlilif Notes.
The Republic mill is soon to be
The vein in the Chico widens out
and looks better than ever as the
work of development goes on.
They have commenced to drift
north and south in the Princess
Maud on the vein in the 300-foot
level below the tunnel. It is the
intention to drift 100 feet each way.
The vein is a strong one, as is indicated wherever cut into. The work
now in progress is some 550 feet below the outcrop.
W. S. Keith to Assist Custom. Officer Mc.
Citcbeoi at Oreeswood.
Inspector Clute of the customs
department paid a visit to the
Greenwood office a couple of weeks
ago, and as a result of that visit he
wired the depart at Ottawa for an
assistant to Mr. McCutcheon, as the
customs business done here is too
great for one man to attend to, says
the Greenwood Miner. On Monday
last W. S. Keith received a telegram
from W. A. Galliher, stating that
he had received the appointment.
The new member for Yale-Cariboo
has started off in the right direction. Mr. Keith was the choice of
the local Liberal association for the
position, and Mr. Galliher acted on
this recommendation. This is an
indication that Mr. Galliher intends to consult his constituents in
all matters affecting them. If be
carries out this policy neither the
members of the Liberal party nor
the public generally will regret his
MMwty, Oreenwood, Lonj Like art Skylark
Clap Notes,
Rich strikes are reported near
Midway, both east and west of
town. On the east side near the
Copper Queen by A. Beckwith. The
claims on which the strick was
made were originally located as the
I. T. U. and Jig, and lie west of
the Copper Quei'ii, the latter being
the property of Randolph Stuart.
A rich strike was made the past
week on the Bruce, a claim about
one and one-half miles west, of Midway, says the Greenwood Miner.
A large amount, of work had previously been done on the Bruce,
and although very rich ore had
been taken out, a solid body of ore
had never before been encountered
until the past week. The ledge recently uncovered is over four feet
in width, carrying high values in
W. J. Porter returned Thursday
from Brandon, Man., where he went
tn consult with some of the principal stockholders in the Brandon
and Golden Crown company. He
states that arrangements have heen
made tn resume development work
on the Golden Crown before spring,
when regular shipments tn the
smelter will be resumed..
It is reported tbat the company
operating the Snowshoe mine in
Greenwood camp has secured control nf the Greenwood Electric company, and will build a tramway
from Wellington oamp connecting
with the Boundary Falls and Green*
wood smelters now heine erected.
The annual general meeting of
tbe Boundary Creek Mining and
Milling company will be held at
the office of the company, Greenwood, on Thursday, Jan. 17, to receive the report of the directors.
James Smith came down from
Long Lake camp Thursday, where
he had a contract on the Ethopia.
The claim is looking well, a ledge
about 40 feet in width having been
Work has been started on the
Yellowstone group in Skylark camp
with R. McCulloch in charge. The
money for development work is nn
Ti Boom Curlew.
Tbe American Investment company of Minneapolis are going tn
boom their Kettle-Curlew mining
and townsite business. It is given
out that they have ordered a sawmill of 35,000 daily capacity and
machinery for operating their mining property on a large scale and
for a reduction plant, to be located
at Curlew.
By proclamation Lieut.-Governor
Jolly has made the second day of
January a public holiday in British Columbia.
New Cesei Bitte, Meitoaa, Wit* a Wasterta: |
Oolite! Story.
Once more the Butte district as a|
gold producer has come to the front.
The richest streak of gold bearing
ore ever uncovered in Montana, till
inches wide, almost solid gold andl
assaying 1100,000 to the ton, wail
laid hare last week.   The ground is I
in  litigation  and  the matter will I
come up for review before Judge I
Clancy.   The claim  lies south of I
Rocker, across Silver Bow creek. [
where so much gold was taken oat I
30 years ago by the placer miners.!
A man  named  Merti located  thtl
land several years ago. Two month*!
ago he made a proposition to a oj��ui|
named  McDonald, that he ��ouId|
give  him   a  half interest in  the
claim upon condition that he wouldI
work  it.     McDonald agreed   and|
went tn work, sinking a shaft
feet.    At this depth he ran into th
rich ore.   He notified MerU amt|
when the latter saw the rich disco*
ery he flatly refused  to gin He-
Donald his half interest.   Mel
aid came tn town and tied ii up bj
an  injunction.   Men  armed  wit!
shotguns are guarding the Iocality|
against jumpers.
Ti Bo CosmUMci With a l
The new consolidated com pan j
now applying for a charter, ia to I
known a* the Granby Consolidates^!
Mining, Smelting and  Power Co.,
Ltd., and  will have a capital of|
$15,000,000.    Of this I12.500.C
will be slloted   pro   rats   to
shareholders of the fonr oM companies, and $2,500,000 will remai��|
in the-treasury.   Th* oM companies are the Granby Consolidati
Mining and   Smelting   company,]
Ltd..$900.000   eapitalr    the   Obtf
Ironsides Mining Co., Lii\..tXfiffl,-.
000 capital; the Knob Hill Gold
Mining Co.. Ltd , $1,500,000 capital;   and  the  Grey  Eagle   Gold]
Mining Co., Ltd., with $1,500,0
capital.     The   last    named   wa
formed about a year ago.
Among your good resolutions for
the new year don't forget your subscription to The Record.
Ploeili to Hive ��� ResMcit ��ws>jwrt^|
The Phoenix Presbyterian Church
society has invited J. M. Millar, M-
A., of Norwich, Ont., to become its]
permanent pastor, and the reverent*,'!
gentleman has accepted the invita-if
tion.   The induction services will')
he held as soon as the new chureb 1
building in course of erection and J
nearing completion   is ready fortl
Mr. Guy Helphrey of   Curlew,'
Wash., was married' on Christmas;
day to Miss Delia Hunner, of Re-i|
public, Wash.. '���
There has been a terrible storm II
on the English coasts, much ship-J
ping was pounded to pieces on the 9
rocky shores and many tailoraj
were drowned.
Twelve former citiaens of Van-j
couver, returned to that city Monday from South African battlefields. j
The city was arrayed in bunting,.'
and the inhabitants went wild with-]
enthusiasm. THE  CASCADE  RECORD
January 5, 1101
Pnbll.li.il on Saturday* at Cascade. B.
Per Year       ..   KM
Six Month.     I.J5
To Foreign Countri*.     2.M)
Advertising Hull's Furnished on Appiu-Hlion.
If there it a blue mark in t
this square, your subscrip- < ���
titn it due, and yen are in-',',
vittd to remit. ''
The official Lalxtr Gazette, .published by authority and under the
supervision of the department of
labor at Ottawa, is doing a most
excellent work.
As in the postal department, Min-
��� ister Mulock is demonstrating bis
earnest desire to benefit the masses
in his official efforts, and he is to
lie sincerely gratulated for the conception and inception of this com-
. mendable effort in the interest of
labor to honestly and impartially
educate employers as wells as employes along liberal conciliatory
.lines, which will ultimately prove
.to be of great benefit by cryBtaliz-
jng public sentiment around just
The information the Gazette contains is as reliable as can  be had,
States to watch the progress of the
proposed steal. I want every man
to read und to understand the deal;
to know the reasons why congress
is called in extra session. This
would tie enough to prove every
charge of corruption made by the
democratic party in the last campaign. I am absolutely certain
that the bounty grab will not go
through at this session���it won't
go through if I can help it. Senator Allen and Senator Butler have
formed a plan with me to defeat
action on tbe bill, and we will tight
it every way possible."
During the past week sufficient
snow has fallen to afford good
Mr. Geo. C. Rose returned Thursday from a two-weeks'visit to the
Okanogan country.
It is expected that Mr. W. C.
Simmons, who was called to Brace-
bridge, Ont., by the last sickness
and death of his mother, will return to Cascade about the middle
of this month.
Mr. 0. S. Stocker, of Republic,
lirother of G. K. Stocker of Cascade,
has accepted the position of assayer
and bookkeeper for the Golden
Zone Mining company, and will locate at the mine, 18 miles north of
Loom is, on the Similkameen river
L. Russel, Geo. F. Strum, W. C.
Morris, O.S. Walker, Mrs. Minnie
Russell, Wm. McClurg, Henry
The average number of horses
killed in Spanish bull fights every
year exceeds 5000, while from 1000
to 1200 bulls are sacrificed.
The Merchants' Bank of Halifax
has changed its name to that of
"The Royal Bank of Canada."
Phoenix has 62 school children
enrolled, and the editor of the Pioneer says there are "more to follow."
*nd complete as it can lie made. It one-half mile south of the interna
seeks to be absolutely impartial as
'between capital ami labor, and will
go a long way in convincing its
.readers of tlie merits and demerits
of contentions between these two
great factors in the body politic,
and prevent many a clash which
might otherwise distress great commonwealths by protratcted strife
based on illiberal concei's and imaginary wrongs.
The intentions of the promoters
of this publication bear the stamp
of good-will and integrity of purpose, their efforts eo far being wisely
directed. It is published monthly
at 20c a year, or 3c per copy. Every
-wage-worker and employer in the
Dominion should be one of its
readers. The problem of justly
defining the rights of labor and
capital is one of the most profound
with which the twentieth century
philosophers will have to deal, and
this undertaking on the part of the
Ottawa government tn aid in its
solution by enlightening the public
mind relative thereto, is worthy of
earnest and broad support.
Address, "The Accountant, Department of Labor, Ottawa."
Senator Hanna's great anxiety
in the late U. S. election was apparently inspired by self interest.
He intends to go into the shipbuilding business, and he desired
I in this as in all of his other enterprises, to compel the people to contribute to its success. So he is trying
to force congress to vote a subsidy
in his favor. But Senator Petti:
grew is "onto" him. In an inter-
I view Senator Pettigrew says:
"I to want say, that the subsidy
I bill is nothing more than an at-
I tempt to steal $9,000,000 a year for
1 the purpose of paying the campaign debts of the republican
j party. If it is absolutely necessary
to get the bill through as a job to
j enable Senator Hanna to obtain
I the cash loaned tn re-elect Mc-
I Kinley, then I want it done at an
I extra session nf congress, so as to
1 invite attention completely to it,
I and show to the country who the
I president is that will call an extra
] session when Senator Hanna snaps
| his fingers.
"I  want   this great republican
j leader to compel his president to
I call a special session, that his cam-
Ipaign pledges may be made good.
II want every voter in the United
tional boundary line,
Under the supervision of Mr. D.
P. Barber, workmen have heen doing some preliminary work on the
foundation for the power house for
the Cascade Power & Light company, work on which will be pushed with great viitor as soon as Mr.
Simmons and Engineer Anderson
C. M. Crotise, townsite agent for
the Midway company, and editor
of The Advance, was married on
New Years Day, to Miss Ada
Frank, a well known und popular
young lady of Stralhroy, Out. The
Record with their many friends
unite in wishing the bridal coupli
many congratulations, on their
happy beginning of the new cen
Mr. John Simpson will this year
have charge of the Spalluincheeii
school, near Armstrong, und which
is only 14 miles from Vernon.
Abnut an hour after accepting this
position, Mr. Simpson received an
offer of the priucipalship of the
Sandon school, but it, of course,
came too late. He left here yesterday for Grand Forks, which place
he leaves to-day for Armstrong.
NOl'Iut 1. hereby given Hint an application will
be made to tbe furl lament of tbe Dominion ot
Camilla at It. next session for an Ant to Incorporate a company with power to oou.truct, equip
and maintain and operate by steam, elcctricty or
any other kind or kinds ol motive power, a single
or double track standard gauge ruilway (or tile
purpose of conveying passengers, freight, merchandise und goods, commencing at a point on
titu i anadlan side of the International boundary
line at or uear Cascade city in the Osoyoos Division of Vale District In tbe 1'rovluce of Urltlsh
Columbia, thence along tbe westerly side of tlie
Kettle Blver by tbe most feasible route to a point
on the Canadian side of the International boundary line near Cafson iu the Osoyoos Division or
Vale District iu tbe said Province, with power to
construct, equip, maliituiu ami operate branch
railways and tramways In connection therewith,
not ������� ding twe-ity-rlve miles in lentili, and .11
necessary roads, bridges, ways, ferries and other
works, and wl h power to build, own, equip, operate aud maintain all telegraph and t< lephone
Hues In connection with Ihe said ral.way or
branches thereof; v, ith power to construct, equip
operate and maintain bran -h lines Iu connection
with said telephone and telegraph lines; to build
aud operate all kind, of plant for the purpose of
' ' ' "     r kind of
with said telephone and telegraph lines; to build
aud operate all kind, of plant for the purpose of
supplying light, heat, electricity and any kind of
motive power; and with power to expropriate
lands for the purpose, of the company; and to
acquire lands,bonuses privileges or other uids from
any Government, persons or bodies corporate;
and to make traffic or other arrangenents with
railways, steamboats or other companies or per-
sons; and with power to build wagon roads and
trails to be used in the construction of tbe Mid
work, and any advance of the same, and lew and
collect tolls from the parties uslngsame and on all
freight or good, paislng over any such llnet. roads
or trails built by the company, whether built before or after the oonstruutlon'o. the said railway,
telegraph or telephone lines and with all
other usual, necessary or Incidental rights,
powirs or privileges.
Dahd at Uossland,  B. C. this 10th day of
December. A. D., IW0.
J. B. HcARTBua,
For Self and Associates.
4M Acni Claims' ��y Thnt CMaputts, Cm.
ilitlif il Elfkt Person Eick.
Just at the hour of the dawn of
the year 1901 and the century
20th, Mr. Samuel Vinson, aided hy
others, might have been seen in the
moon's pale light rapidly running
lines and driving stakes just across
the international line near the place
known as Russell. Investigation
discloses the fact that he was relocating some placer claims, the rights
of former claimants having expired
at 12 o'clock M., December 81st,
1900. These claims include the
Russell townsite. Mr. Vinson informs The Record that he located
480 acres, or 24 20-acere placer
claims, in his own and 23 other
names. The claimants have, in
conformity with the U. S. mineral
laws, organized in three enrporate
bodies, each holding 160 acres.
Following are the claimants by
Company No. 1.���Victor Monnier, Mrs. V. Monnier, A. E. Scott,
Charles Roberts, Hugh McGuire,
Wm. Gray,Sam.Vinson,Martha E.
Company No. 2.���Wm. Miller,
L. T. Duryea, F. W. Duryea, Henry
Sullivan, Ira M. Black, Ida Black,
Martha Gray, J. P. Black.
Company No. 3.���H. P. Rice, W.
Spokane Falls k Northern Railway Co.
Nelson k Ft. Sheppard Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only all-rail route between all points east,
west and south to Bossiaud, Nelson aud Intermediate points; connecting at Spokane with the
Great Northern, northern Paciuo and O. It. * N.
Connect, at Nelson with .learner for Kaslo and
all Kootenai lake points.
Connects at Meyers Fall, with stage daily for
Republic, and connects at Bossberg with stage
daily for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Time schedule now effective ;
The proprietor begs to announce that the
Whole of the Grocery,
Dry Goods. Hardware,
And other stocks of the
MacRae, Gladstone and
Eagle City Branches
Will be brought to
And offered for sale
8.00 a m.
0.40p. m.
11.50 a. in.
3.10 p. m.
7.00 a.m.
7.15 p. m.
0.46 p. in.
11.00 p. m.
7.00 a. m.
General Passenger Agent.
Still continue to operate llrst-eluss sleepers on all
train, from Hevel.toke and ttooteuay Landing.
Also, Tourist ears, passlmr lionmnre .TnnaHnn
dally for st. t tiul, oum..u,v. tul luutmeui una
Boston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.
Same cars pas. ttuvelstuke cue nay earlier.
No troublo to quote rates and give you u pointer
I regarding the eastern tripyou contemplate taking.
Local Patseaitr ScMsle;
Caicade City
This will ensure buyers by far the
Biggest Selection at
Lowest Prices in Town.
El. Sun.
Arrive 18:84
Going east
Ei. Sun,
Arrive 13:81
Going we.t
For rate., ticket, and full Information, apply
to Agent, l asc.de City, B. C, or
E. J. Coyle,
A. G. P. Agt,
Vancouver, B. C.
Trust Mams
Copyrights s>c.
Anyone .ending a .Men and dawriptlon mar
Jlaklr arartaln our opinion fra* whether an
nvenllnn I. probably patentable. Cnmmunlen-
Jon. .tnctlroonSdentfri. Handbook on Patent,
���antfra*. Oldaat aianev:forMcurtnipatanu.
Patent, taken through Mann jk Co. raoalf.
���racial mMm, without charm, la tn
Scientific American,
A handsomely lllostrsMdwwilT.   Unrest dr.
dilation of any joitntUj Journal.   Term., II a
Call For Prices.
The Body ol Harry   Lowery   Found   la  a
swasip Near Republic.
The remains of Harry Lowery
were found Thursday ahout noon
some four miles mirth of the Tom
Thumb mine, says the Republic
Pioneer. The circumstances of the
case are as follows:
On Thursday Joe Crane a Imy
about 15, and J. P. Nicola, were cut
hunting, and in their search for
game they had gone into a swiiui)i
that had heen burned over during
a forest lire, At a particular moment, while iu search for a certain
section post, they heard the loud
harking and howling of a dog.
Young Crane and his companion
followed in the direction from
whence the sound came, which led
them into considerable timber.
The dog kept up his moaning and
barking, and finally be was locat
found. His calls for help, for such
they were, attracted-the attention
of the hunters.
The deceased was ahout 40 years
of age and leaven a widow, who
conducts the Columbia house on
Keller street. Lowery wan a sporting man, and well known in Montana mid other sections.
A telegram from Dr. Horace
Lowrey, at -Grit nil Junction, Iowa,
a brother of tbe deceased, has been
received, announcing he would start
for Republic at once. He will arrive early in the week.
Is there a living man who knows
the truth about the condition of
things in China? We do not believe it. The ancient empire seems
like a great volcano, in whowe
bowels there Hie rumblings and
slinking*, mid no man can tell
A stalling sight   presented j whether or not there is going to be
itself. Half reclining on the edge
of i huge hole made by the uprooting of a large tree was the body
of a man. Tbe remains were nearly covered ivith diiow,, but little
more than the face being visible.
The dog, a pointer of.mediiim, i>iqe,-
displayed his gladness at tlie sight
of his rescuers by jumping about,
racing up to Crane nnd Nichols,
and returning back to the body
over which he had kept such faithful watch. The snow around the
dead body of the man 'bail. been
thoroughly-well' -packed down by
the dog, showing he had kept close
to the side of his master. There
was no evidence of there having
been a struggle nf any kind; there
was no tracks-'of a jhoifsaj and no
foot prints'indicating triie had lieeu
near. 1 he dead man's tracks made
in the snow and thot/e ot tire illqjg
were visible, hnwevfr, indicating
they had come directly to the spot.
Glancing around young Crane
found i. 22 rifle, some twelve feet
away from the body. As soon as
the remain* were viewed,tliey , were
recognized as tho.-e of Harry Low-
cry, well known in Republic, and
keeper of the Columbia hotel. The
body wa* placed upon a horse, and
the faithful dog following, the party
made their way back to town.
He had been missing some ten
days, nnd when death overtook
him he was attempting to make
his way, home aften*haying been on
a trip toTomdo, where he had mining property. Near his person was
a cartridge belt, but tlie revolver
was not in place. He bail no fond
near him. It is surmised that he
may have been preparing to .light a
fire against the stump of'the fallen
��� tree, but was too much exhausted
to proceed, and falling to sleep he
gradually froze to death.
The last seen of Lowery alive
was on Wednesday of last week, at
Bodie. He had been drinking hard
but started for home on that day.
He got off the Sheridan trail, presumably, and tried to follw the old
Tom Thumb route to town.
How long he had been dead when
his remains were found cannot be
stated, evidently for five days. The
dog wai in a famished condition,
and could scarcely follow to town
so weak was he from exposure and
lack of food. ; ,';
The locality where Lowery lost
his life is an isolated region, save
for two or three rancbet that have
recently been taken tip. CAbout.a
mile from where the body lay is the
cabin of a Mr. Glover, who has a
homestead. But the cabin was not
visible from the spot where-Lowrey
eat down. It is due to the faithfulness of the dog that the body was
an irruption, nor if there is, what it
will amount to. Are the rumblings
in China going to die out? Or will
there be an upheitvel and a little
lava trickling over the edge of the
crater? ' Or will there be nn upheaval, duplicating in its own way,
the terrible explosion of Vesuvius
which overwhelmed Herculaiieum
and Pompeii? These are the questions more easily asked than
answered. We do not believe anyone can answer them.
\ Lei. us iu these days of retrospect,
turn our glance backward to the
early centuries of the Christian era.
At that time a vast horde of people
whom the Romans called.- lionheiii
Barbarians, swept across Europe
and even overthrew the Imperial
City itself! Whence came they?
Who were they? What started
them on their western migration!?
Again," tiiese are questions more
easily asked than answered. Nj>
one oan say by what racial 'dim;-*
vulsion these hordes were sent forth
to overrun Europe as the lava of
Vesuvius overrun the cities at its.
base, und so no one can judge of the'
possibility of another racial irruption which may sweep westward
over the Old World. This is one
of the things which lend such intense interest in China. Are the
crowded millions of that country
going to move? Cuiua may be
likened to a beeliive filled with its
.busy brood of workers. Are the
Chinese going to swarm?
Suppose the answer is in the
affirmative what can the rest of the
world do about it? There are four
hundred millions of people in China.
Suppose that five millions, ten
millions or twenty millions should
begin a western movement. Could
they be stopped, and if so, how?
Artillery could not stop them, that
is certain., Is such a swarming
possible? .Itjiis quite possible.
Europe and America have not been
content to leave China alone. Occidental methods of living are being introduced, and the land simply will not support its present population if these methods become at
all general. The movement may
be slow, put it seems sure to follow
the introduction of western civilization. This is the real Chinese
problem, but it is one with which
the diplomats cannot deal. They
ulay settle certain other matters,
aud secure certain promises from
the rulers of"the country, but these
wil be nothing if once a racial
movement is inaugurated, and it is
this that we think seems visible on
the Chinese horizon.���Colonist.
valued at $3,500,000, The expenditure for machinery was over ���600,-
000. The monthly payroll for the
year has run' between $150,000
and $180,000.
Alonzo ("Tools") Scott is amending school iu Spokane.
The half-fare holiday rates and
frequent special rutes offered.-by the
C. I'. R. are a great convenience to
the traveling public, and are grtally
It was reported last week that
Major Cooper had been unceremoniously pitched out of the government baud wagon, but' it appears
he is still nursing the official  teat,
. Mrs. j. A. Bertois returned to
Cascade from the east Mcnday
night, Mr. Bertois-going to Bossburg.to meet her. They are now
"at home" in the McLeod cotinge.
Mr. G. K.,Blocker and Mr. Geo.
Ritchie went to Grand Forks Monday night to jireet the incoming of
the new year and century, nnd also
to participate iti the New Year's
Eve festivities' at the .Columbia
PresbyterfSn church.
' Mr. N^W.'Coatesi Mr.  R.   Kel4
man  and Mr,-F. E,  Tebo   were"
among'- those who enjoyed the New
Year's Eve festivities at the Presty.
terian church inColumbia!',    ' ;
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B C
i Columbia
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
.ITQTlbl* 1. llcrelvBlvm'-iliataftirtli'o.lst^ay
i" of December, 1900, a bounty of Two Hollars'
(12.00) will bu,naiii for every coyote killed Iti any
setti.adistrict bH!ie-ProvlucK,.,8ii(>$Ml(;to tlfel
conditions of ano'ttra'dtlled tlie 22d'of August,
Provincial Secretary,
Provincial PwrM��lrWO||ice,
.   :���', jir.ayihfuovemwrl'two.''<'v" "���--���
���\;1' ;notiob; ;
The,Columkia A Western Rail4-
' <   tfay Company      / <
i unada Mt its ueit session <for an Act assltnllat*
ii.�� its bonding powers in respect of lia ratlWay
and branch lima Went of .Midway lo thtviioVvri*
alreaily (,'lvt'ii in re��|jH'ctof its Hues wniiittinJiVd
fclaat of that point,-wxteiidiiiK the tfme iMtihi
which it may complete Its railways, and authorizing It to construct such brunches from any of
Ha lilies not exceeding in any one cam- thirty
miles' in length an are from time to time authorized
by the U overtone |urtu Councilt und for other purposes. ��� ' ' ���/�����.*"��� . *
,     ,(��Ji,.CAMPBELL OSWALD,
Btfl      ',',.. ... Sayrtjtarj.
Hallett & Shaw
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You are hereby notified that I have expended
1100.00 in the survey of the "Undine" Mineral
Claim, situate In Summit Camp, In the (jrand
Forks Mining Division or Yale DUtrlot, Hrltihli
Columbia to count as an a as**" mc nt on said
claim, as will appear by a Certificate of w ork recorded October 10th, M00, Iu the ollh-e or the
Mining Hecorder Tor the mild Uratid Forks Mining Division, in order to hold said claim-'tinder
the provisions of Section 24 of "The Mineral
Act " such helntc the amount required to hold
said claim for the year eliding Out. 311 li, 1000.
Aiidif, at the expiration or ninety (90) days of
publication of,this notice, you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required nnder Section 24, together with all cost's
of advertising, your interest In said claim shall
become vested in the subscriber (your en-owner)
under Section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment
Act 1900."
Dated at Rossland. B. C, this 13th day of November, 1900. .  r
Hallett & Shaw, Solicitors for Ross Thompson.
i        I   .. ��� ,.. .. ���. ��,;. .
Joiners' Supplies,
������ .���������-.
it im
The shipment* (rum   Rue-gland
camp (or 1900 were 221,902 tone,
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
'o ..-'!
Patent Medicines:
We have just laid in an EXTENSIVE LINE
of STANDARD   PATENT  Medicines,
of the kinds most in use and demand, and. possessing curative powers. When you need medical aids come and see what we have. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
January 5, 1(01
luMtM Hive  Dlllkslly II  Ottttlil Oil-
Very Little Salts.
On Friday morning Miortly after
2 o'clock  fire  broke   out  in   the
-Boundary hotel,  Midway,   owned
by Tho*. McAully, and the building
SB well as a log building adjoining,
were burned to the ground.   The
fire originated in the basement, and
it ie supposed must   have   been
-caused by the furnace.   It teem*
(hat the first one to discover that
the building was on die wae E. A.
��� McAutey, brother of the proprietor.
- His room was on the ground floor.
He wae awakened by hearing it rig
- drive past at a rapid  gait.   When
he awoke he smelled smoke and
vthen noticed it coining through the
transom over the door.   He at once
went to all the rooms and woke the
inmates., and as the entire building
-wae filled with smoke, it was with
great difficulty that some of them
got outside safely.   The cash regis-
t-r was taken nut of the liar   anil
at the time it was done flames were
coming through  the floor at the
other end of tlie room.   Some  of
-the boarders saved a few articles of
wearing apparel, but iMHt of them
had barely time to slip on a meagre
supply of clothing   and   get  otit-
| -aide. In an incredituhly short time
I the whole   building  was   a   mass
| '<>f flames, am)   only for the fact
"that there was no wind blowing the
| lose would have been -much greater.
As it was, only by strenuous efforts
i of the citizens, who formed a bucket
("brigade nnd carried water from the
I river,  was  the   big  livery stable
1 across  the  street   saved,   and   its
(���present    blackened   and   charred
I condition tells the story of its nar-
lrow escape.   In a cellar separate
from the hotel was a stock nf about
I $2,000 worth of liquors, which wa��
leaved.   The total loss was hetween
I $9,000 and $10,000, nn  which an
[insurance nf about $5,000 existed
I in the Phoenix, of London, Eng-
1 land, Sottish Union of Edinburgh,
land British America of Toronto.
iThis is the first fire of any import-
lance that has ever occ uied in Mid-
Mr. McAuley is one of the pin-
Ineers of Midway, having come here
lin 1898. when he opened a hotel
[near where the Lancashire house
Inow stands. Next year he moved
Ito the present site and erected a
[building, which in 1896 was expended to the commodious one just
[destroyed. It is probable that Mr.
IMcAtiley will rebuild in the spring.
fill List el TImm Wto P��w�� Ike Riceat
The following are the names of
Ithose who were euccessful at the
���recent provincial examination n?
laeeayers, held at Nelson, by the department of mines, certificates of
���efficiency having been issued to
leach one:
Under section 2, sub-section (1)
I���Walter Bishop, Vancouver, B. C,
|3eo. B. Church, Nelson; J. B. Far-
liuhar, Vancouver B. C.; Francis
Hawkins, Nelson: Richard Marsh,
IRoBsland; Walter Segsworth, Nel-
lion; R. E. Tally, Trail; Frank
���Vans Agnew, Nelson: R, T, Wales,
IrrailjC. J. Welch, Trail; W. A.
|Williams, Grand Forks; C. M.
Yilson, Sandon.
Under section 2, sub-section  (2)
|���8. G. Blalock, Fernie; Geo. A.
Jlothier, Movie; G. A Guess, Greenwood; G. M. Hilllary,   Phoenix;
Ilex. Kaye, Atlin; John McLellan,
Rossland; John  McVicor,   Ymir;
, fShannon,   Ferguson;   Howard
r'est, New Denver.
Under section 2, sub-division (3)
| -Henry Harris, Nelson and Alexander McKillop, Nelson.
1 |r|lRST l^-JpDlTl^rflTO <:^scao|c| I   I	
South I
mm mm mm lt
fflffl fflttd LLiiLti n
Cascade City
^^N1}-.    \scvcnth Ave. South
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries,
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL LISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
Fine Printing
A Test             I
Of Our
Artistic Skill   j
Will Prove.
Qive Us a Trial.!


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