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i i
Published In the Interest* ot the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. III.
CASCADE, B. C, JANUARY 12, 1901.
No. 10.
We do Business in Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Bbidoe Strekt,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
&T Leave your repairing orders at thU office
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Oo.
When Shopping
in Grand Forks don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Makes a Specially Kln��
Fisher lllnck, GRAND PORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and  convenient, and
workmanship tlie best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Irs. M. F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
First Ave.,      Grand Porks.
Rooms 50c and up.
Or rather, your old boots
and shoes, do they need
repairing; or would you
prefer something new-
made to order? Anyhow, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Complete Line of
Patent Medicines
Held ol   the  Orcit Packing  Firm Passes
Awty in Chicaio
Philip D. Armour died nt the old
family homestead in Chicago, last
Sunday. Tbe end came after two
yearn of illness, during which
time Mr. Armour visited German
baths, passed the cold months in
southern California and devoted
himself largely to an attempt to
restore his health, which had been
broken never to be regained.
The death of his son, Philip D.
Armour, jr., iu southern California,
January 29th, 1900, was a great
shock to the health broken man.
The son had gone nn a visit to his
father and was taken suddenly ill
with pneumonia. His death followed with scarcely a days' warning.
Estimates of Mr. Armour's own
estate run from $10,000,000 to $25,-
000,000. Thi�� does not include the
$15,000,000 to $20,000,000 owned
by the yonnger members of his
family. For years every enterprise he was interested in has been
making immense profits.
Death ol. E. A. Bleleaberf at Greenwood.
Last Saturday, death removed
oneof British Columbia's prominent
pioneer prospectors, K. A. Bielenberg, who siiacomhed to pneumonia
���n peri minced by self inflicted
wounds in tlie throat while laboring under a fit of temporary insanity. In the early '80s he was manager for Claus Spreckles, and was
also associated with King Kala-
katia of Hawaii in sugar plantations
and the manufacture of food products. He left the island previous
to the rebellion with a fortune,
which he lost in Montana in the
hanking business. In 1891, in
company with Eli Carpenter, he
entered then the unknown silvery
Slocan by way of Slocan river and
like, thence he drifted into the
Boundary country and succeeded
iu acquiring considerable interests,
principally in the Buckhorn and
Arlington-Burns companies. He
was 48 years of age and unmarried.
Ckrli Foley Appointed on the Chlocie Com-
Chris. Foley has been offered mid
has accepted the position nn the
Chinese coin mission as one of the
commissioners in place of Ralph
The nction on the part of the
government is not only magnanimous, but wise in many other respects. We believe Mr. Foley, in
his official capacity, will bring lo
himself commendation both from
the government and the people, by
his painstaking effort to do his
whole duty. On the matters with
which he will have to deal, he is
w;ell informed, and we believe that
all his efforts will be conservative
and reasonable. We congratulate
Mr. Foley on this occasion of recognition of his fitness for a place
on that commission by the government. 	
There are now 65 men employed
on the Brooklyn and Stemwinder,
20 being on the latter, on which
double shifts will be inaugurated
at once, adding 10 men more. i
Caroefje Donates Again.
Andrew Carnegie, the iron and
steel magnate, has promised Seattle
a donation of $200.0011 to be expended in the construction of a
new ���iiibliu library, its line collection of 25,000 having been destroyed by fire early Wednesday morning. 	
She Deserves i Pension.
Mrs. Newton McCann of Wilkes-
boro, N. C, gave birth to four children, two girls and two boys.
Eighteen months ago she had triplets. All are well and hearty.
Seven children in less than two
years is claimed as the world's
To Operate In Cascade���Has Purchased the
Cascade Water Power and Light Co.
From a London letter printed in
the News-Advertiser nf Vancouver
we extract the following from the
London public records of registrations: "Kettle River Power
company, Ltd.; Capital, ��200,000,
in ��1 shares. T<> acquire all or
part of the property rights, shares,
stock and securities, of the Cascade
Water Power und Light company,
ltd., and to adopt an agreement
with the London and British Columbia Gold Fields, ltd. This
registration was under date of Nov.
19, 1900.
It would not be at all surprising
if it is learned later on that the
corporation mentioned above is the
same that has acquired possession
of the Greenwood Electric Light
and Tramway franchises. It is
becoming apparent that the electric
force will be one most, in demand
in this Boundary country as time
and developments go on. The fact
is apparent, too, that the water and
electric power development work
now in progress in Cascade must
be the genenal source nf this mo.
live force.
The immense capital behind this
work here shows appreciation by
the operators of the immesity of
its scope, and a coporation with a
capitalisation of two hundred thou-
and pounds sterling will certainly
be able to realize all tbe benefits tn
be derived from such wonderfully
promising natural resources. Il
can he readily seen that there will
be in the near future great demand
for power developed here, not only
on this side nf the boundary line,
but on the American side, among
the Pierre Luke and Deep Creek
mines and quarries. The promoters of this work are now fully convinced of this fact and evincing a
disposition to complete the undertaking as speedily as possible.
With this power in operation, driving the machinery of many mines
and tramways and furnishing light
and power to all manner of enterprises, the returns to the investors
in it, cannot be ntherwise than
very gratifying. With this incentive stimulating effort the coining
summer will prove a record-breaker
in mining and smelting progress.
M. F. Hill Has Five Claims Wlthii Fowl
Miles ol Tows.
Mr.  M.  F. Hull, a  feeble   old
gentleman, who   conies   to   town
regularly once a week for a letter
from the "loved ones at home," in
Portland, Ore., from his cabin on
one of his claims, might, and probably would be wealthy, if the real
value of his mineral holdings were
absolutely   known.   As it  is,  his
five prospects, which he has named
in honor of the members of his family  and   President. McKinley, arel
yet undeveloped, and he is  too  furl
advanced in years, about 70, to do>|
much more  haH  work  on   them.
They are located about  four  mil��|
from town on the Bossburg roadr[
and have been sufficiently  work*
to give promise of great value when
they shall have passed   from  th#
stage of prospects to tbat of mines.
On the McKinley full $500 worth.
of work has been done. The specimens he brought to town carry
gold, silver and copper and itsmiy [
from $2 to $11, and constantly ia
prove on exploration.
Mr. Hull has not been home
since 1896, nor has he seen say/
member of his family during that
time,but has lived and labored all
alone on his claims all these years.
As he cannot much longer pur��u��
this course, he offers for sale any
one or all of his valuable eUht* *t
very moderate figures. They ar*
conveniently located as regards access and shipping, especially will
this be true when the proposed
Cascade smelter is erected. Th*
titles of these claims are: "McKinley," "Melville," "Ellen," "Elmyra"
and "Everett Francis." The Record!
hopes, and believes, that ere long's
Mr. Hull will find a purchaser who!
will reward him for his long and [
patient toils, and enrich himself at
the same time. The rich showings*
in younger and more experienced
hands would attract capital that1
would Boon change the undeveloped
prospects to dividend ��� paying
Deafen el Ihe Toothpick.
While the American   transport!
Athenian, formerly of the C. P. R.
service, was lying at Taku,  reports |
the China Gazette,  Mr.  Davidson,.
her third oflicer. came to hie death
i in an extraordinary manner.   He)
w��j walking up and down the deck
chewing a small Japanese  toothpick, and something caused him to i
laugh and swallow it.   At first the j
incident was deemed tn be of a jocular character, and until the victim
showed signs of severe distress, was |
not treated  seriously.   The ship's
doctor was then called, and he at
once sent ashore for further medical assistance.   The toothpick eas-
ed down  through the unfortunate!
man's throat and into the stomach.
Almost immediately inflammation
set in,  and  despite all  attention
Mr. Davidson died  from  peritonitis.
Work on the Ah There, in Dead-
wood camp, was resumed this week,
and the mine is now being unwa-
Seventy-five trains of beer were
recently run into Vancouver to be
loaded on one ship for the Philippines, whom we are now civilising.
More missionaries will be sent on
the next boat.���Appeal to Reason. 2
January 13, 1M1
PiiIiIIkIumI on Suiiinlnjs ni  Uasciule.
HnrYt'nr    K.lHi
Hli Mum lis     |,gg
To Porelnit Countries     !i.toi
Advi'rllsliii! limps Kiirnlslii'il oil A|l|lllCHtloU.
If there is a blue murk in $****! c
���this square, your subscrip-���       XL
���tion is due, and you are in- *       1
���vited to remit.
The statement is made that tbe
���������Chinese     plenipotentiaries     have
signed the joint note, thus concluding the preliminary stage of the negotiations.
It is announced Unit the London
|'& Globe Finance corporation  will
HJome out of its recenttroubles right
|<Mtle up, as Mr.  Whittnker-Wrighl
lias advanced f 250,000 to tide over
���the squeeze that caused its collapse.
Premier Duusintiirand Attorney-
1'Getieral Eberis, each iiccouipanied
'by his secretary, have gone to Ottn-
j'Wtt to have a dial with Premiei
I.Laurier cnneerning British Cnluiiv
] bin needs at the hands of the Do-
tininion legislators.
The Greenwood   Miner   entered
liast week upon the third year of its
1-career.    It is ably conducted,   a
nodel production typographically,
I newsy, and fully worthy the liberal
Isunport  it receives.    Mav  its  in- ���        ,       ,    ,
Lfluence and material growth  never !c0,'l,,,n,t,on h��B fl,,ated nn the Lon-
}wnne. |don market. These compeuies have
The Bluebell Floated oa Ihe London Market
���Other Properties on Ihe Mountain.
Sophie mountain is located northeast from Cascade, about ten miles
distant, anil will be tributary to
this point when the Great Northern
cutoff into Oaboade shall have been
The Bluebell company, limited,
has been registered in Loudon,
Eng,, with a capital of 120,000
pounds sterling in one pound
shares. The company is a subsidiary of tbe New Goldfields Company of British Columbia, operating on Sophia mountain, and is
formed to work the Bluebell claim.
It adjoins the Velvet and Victory-
Triumph, and wus purchased by
the New Goldfields Company nf
British Columbia in January, 1898,
for $10,000 cash. At the time of
puichiise only surface work hail
been done,'with tbe exception of a
shallow shaft, which exposed a well
defined vein about two feet wide,
���anying about $30 per ton in gold.
The formation of the company may
ou taken as the preliminary step in
further development of the property.
The operations of the New Gold-
fields Co. of British Columbia in the
Sophie Mountain district, have assumed large proportions, and the
Bluebell company is the third subsidiary company which the parent
A New Similkameen Map.
Mr. Frank Bailey, a pioneer
prospector, and thoroughly acquainted with the Similkameen
country, has issued a splendid new
map of that section. Accompanying
the map is a complete prospectus
and travelers' guide. Just the
thing for all parties looking to that
part, of the province for a place nf
future residence or business. The
prospectus is on sale at this office,
at $2 per copy. Strangers and all
others going into tbat rich section
cannot afford to be without this
helpful guide.
It, is reported that E. Spragett
fe.111 cut 8,000,000 feet of timber on
rthe North fork of Kettle  river  this
a total capitalization of 440,000
pounds sterling, as follows : Velvet
mines,  200,000   pounds;   Portland
winter, having contracted to supply ! minM- ����" Bluebell mines, 120.000
K.OOO.OOO feet to the Granbv smelt- p0""   .     ,' , ���
I        .,,,    ,.   .            .   ,     '      ,    ,      1 he development of  the Velvet
ler,    I he limits are at the mouth of ,               ,    '          .   ' ,
IS      .         i                                    I has proved   the  existence of  ore
ILvncb  creek, twenty  miles   from  ,   ,.         ,     ,         . ,    ., ,   ,
1,,      ,  ���   ,       ,,   '             . ,     ! bodies and values at depth, and al-
M.rand   Forks.    Mr. Spraggett has,,     .,       ,,          ..    , a    . .
exclusive use of tbe smelter lake! lo8etber the oUtlook on 8oPhie
llor saw mill purposes for a period mountain is most promising. Now
I of five years. i that the Great Northern railway is
There is little change in the Chi-1t0 extend a spur nine miles to tap
|nese or South  African  situations. jl''e '"ines of this section it is  ex-
rile sacrifice of lives and vast sums peeled that their progress will be
NOTICE Is hereby given Unit nn application will
be tuude to ilif Parliament of tht* Dominion of
Canada ut its next session for nn Act lo incorporate a company wiiii iiower to construct, equip
ami imuniain and onoruto by fUeinn, ulectrloty or
uny other Kiwi or kinds of motive power, a sluulu
or double trnuk standard (ptuyu railway tor tlie
purpose or coiivcyiii},' pnssun^crs, Irciuhl, mer*
uhuudUo and goods, commenutiiij at a point on
ilif i umidiaii side nf the international hnnndiiry
Hue at or near Can tulo city iu the Osoyoos Division ol Yale District in the lJrpvlhuo of Urltlsl,
Columbiu, tlience itlong the westerly shlc of the
liettlu ttlvcr by the most feasible route to a point
on the Canadian side of Itie International bound-
ury lino near Citrsou in Hie osoyoos Division of
Yale District in tin1 h��iti Province^ With power to
construct, equip, mniutuin titin oputate brunch
railways and tramways In connection therewith,
not exe-Ulug twenty-live miles In lenuth, and all
necessary roads, bridge*, ways, ferries ami other
works, and wl b power to build, own, eqnii>, operate and maintain all telegraph and telephone
lines hi connection with the Bald railway or
branches thereof] with power to cbnsiruct, equip
operate and tnaintain brim It lines Iu connection
with said telephone am) telegraph Hues; to build
and operate all kinds of plant fur the purpose of
supplying light, heat, fllectrlctly and any kind of
motive power; and with power to expropriate
lands for the purposes of the company; and to
uoqiiirehuidstbouust's privileges or other aids from
any Government, persons or bodies corporate;
aud to make tratlle. or oilier arrangeuents with
railways, steamboats or other companies or persons; and with power to build wagon roads and
trails lobe used iu the eoiiKtrnctloii of the said
works ami any advance of tin1 same, and lew ami
collect tolls from the parties usingsame and on all
freight or goods passim: over any such line-,, roads
or trails built by the coin puny, whether built before or after the construction ot the said railway,
telegraph or telephone lines nnd with nil
other usual, necessary or Incidental rights,
powers or privileges.
Oat-dat Rossland,  B.  OV. this 10th day of
December, A, D., 1W)0.
J, K. ftlUCllAK,
For Self and Associates.
The proprietor begs to announce that the
Whole of the Grocery,
Dry Goods, Hardware,
And other stocks of the
MacRae, Gladstone and
Eagle City Branches
Will be brought to
lof money is still in  progress.   The
Boers have  been  raiding in  clone
Lproximity to Capetown, and while
I'they  are virtually  "on  the run,"
more rapid than ever. The Velvet
lias over $2,000,000 worth of ore in
sight; the Douglas Hunter, owned
hy Spokane and   Portland  people,
Sheldon's New Book.
Ifijiey occasionally give battle, and j **> \��^ge showing of ore in its
���        .        ,     . .       three tunnels; the Victory-lriumpli
ire sometimes the victors, onntino-kM  considerable   ore   in   sight,
>lly turning up in   considerable ffhi|e the'PortlHitd h approaching
"oroe' the productive stage,
In the  Philippines  the strujiRle
l-still drags its slow lengths along in
|n trail Of blond and misery. The A new book by Charles M. Shel-
expantionists, however, are happy i dun, the famous author of "In His
jjn the thought that n loreigh trade Steps," never fails to excite the in-
is being built up fir a few mnnnp-1terest of thousands of readers,
olists, while the people pay the fid- "Horn to Serve" is the title of the
dler hy way "f nn enormous war latest bonk by Mr, Sheldon, and
tax. The wholesale brewers nnd tlie advanced sheets indicate it very
|.distillers arc reaping the greatest strong hook indeed, one of thrill-
benefit by this  advance nfoivllb-1 |ng interest to the thoughtful read-
|4ng influences "
True merit is like a river���the
|deeper it rs, the less noise it makes.
Our provincial exchanges, in
Imany instances, arc dull these days
^editorially, owing to so much space
Ibeing devoted to local politics.
Mrs. O. K. Stocker, wholins been
Ion an extended visit with friends
land relatives in Spokane, will re-
|torn to Cascade on  Tuesday  next.
Mr. Eli Lavalley is moving his
Ifamily into town from the lake
| residence.
With the expectation of remain-
ling here some time, Mr. N. \V.
ICoates, our local health oflicer will
lgo to housekeeping in the Hear
I building opposite the B. C. stables.
er, one iu which with a master's
banil many of the.cankers of social
life, nf domestic unhappiness, nf the
broader women problem, of social
reform at the vitals of Bociely���are
laid bare, with cultured delicacy
but none the less with graphic, unflinching truth. The Canadian
rights have been secured by the
Poole Publishing company, Toronto, but as the story will not appear
in book fnrm for some time the
publishers will run it as a serial
ill The Presbyterian Review, beginning with the issue of the 3rd inst,,
thus enabling the readers of that
paper to have this most interesting
work in advance.
Spokane Fulls & Northern Railway Co.
Nelson k Ft 'Sliennaril Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only all-rail route between all points east,
w.irtt nnd south tn Hossltuid. Nelson and Intermediate points; connecting ut Spokane wiih ihe
Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. It. & N.
Connects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo and
nUKnotenni luke joints.
Connects tit Meyers Fulls with stnire dully for
Republic, and connects tit BBssberjr with stage
dally (or Grund Fork- and Greenwood.
Time schedule now effeutlve :
��.00 a. in.
11.R0 a.m.
7.00 a. m.
9.45 p. in.
11.00 p. in.
Hosslat id
Nelson i
Ross hind
6.40 p.m.
7.15 p. m.
7.00 a. m.
H. a. jackson;
Qenenil PnpReiiupr Agent*
Fred. T. Mitchell of Greenwood
I was married New Year's Day, to
Miss Laura Battel, at Moose Jaw,
In. w. t.
Nearly $4,00(1,000 Increase.
The blue book on public accounts
of the Dominion for tbe year ending June 30, just published, slmws
the receipts of the consolidated fund
account were $51,029,994, against
���46,741,250 for 1899. The consolidated fund shows u surplus of $8,-
054,714, against 14,837,749 for 1899.
still oontluuu to operate Urst-class slueporionnli
iralns from Hevelstokuund Koutemi> i-iiudiu;'.
AUo. Tourist ours, pitssliiu toinitnore iTnnelloii
daily fur bl. lJinil, <auiurdii,vs lot Montreal and
iin-t.ni, Mmiiluys mid TlMii'idaya tor Toronto.
Same cars pusx Uu\ulituke "in- <i,i\ enrller.
N�� Irmilde tot)Mote Miles immI ftlvoyoti n pointer
reuarilluir the eastern trip yon con template UkliiK.
Local Passenger Schedule:
Cascade City
And offered for sale j
This will ensure buyers by far the
Biggest Selection at
Lowest Prices in Town.
Kx, Sun.
Arrive Irt::i4
(ioillL! cast
K\.  Sun,
Arrive 18:21
For rnti's, tickett and full Information, apply
to Agent, Cascade City, 13.0., or
E. J.
Coyms, A. G. P. Agt,
Vuhoniiver, Ii. C.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain onr ophiton_freej*fiotlier an
itirenllon is probably patentable. Communlea*
  ...��� ��� jaSS"��t
tpecial notice, without obanre, In tbe
tlonnNtrictlycontlcIentfnl. 11 und book on Patent!
sent free, (fldcst nitency for securliiii patents.
Patents taken tfiroiifili Munn k Co. recelye
Scientific Htnerican*
A hMil.nmolT lllustntai) vmklr. I.nroest clr-
.ntstltm of any srlemtflo Journal. Term., 18 a
raar: four raonth., IL Bold byall newsdaalen.
Braooh Offlot, hb V Bt��� Waahlngton, D. 0.
Call For Prices.
Mr. S. W, Bear SorprluJ by Hit Neighbors
Mr. S. W. Bear experienced a
genuine surprise last Saturday
night when many of his fellow
citizens and neighbors marched
into hit) residence unannounced
bent on a pleasurable time for a
few hours, in which attempt they
were most successful. Mr. Bear,
though surprised, quickly grasped
the situation and made all feel at
home, lending every effort to the
enjoyment of the occasion, and a
very pleasant time was had, the
self-invited guest* only retiring on
the approach of the Sabbath morning. The main feature of the evening was the "sugaring-off," eating
waxed sugar from snow. Some of
those present are still sweet���in
d iBposition^	
Preliminary work on the powerhouse site here is still in progress.
Mr. Geo. Ritchie sold his "Kruger"
hide to Supt. Greenway,'of the U.
S. Marble works, for $12.
Mr. J. Stewart, a well known
prospector, was a guest of Mr Robt.
Kelman a day or two this week.
Mr. T. F. Carden returned Thur-
day night from a business trip to
Rossland, having gone over Tuesday.
Mr. D. D, Ferguson, of the firm
of Ferguson <fc Ritchie, was in Nelson Saturday and Monday on business.
The C. P. R. rotary snow-plow
passed over the C. & W. branch
yesterday, clearing the track of a
superabundance of the beautiful.
Mr. P. Chapman, representing A.
McDonald & Co., of Nelson, was in
town this week, being a guest at
the Cosmopolitan hotel during his
stay here.
Cascade school district is still
unsupplied with a teacher, the one
expected Monday not yet having
materialized. It is hoped and believed, that this difficulty will be
overcome soon.
Evidently Mr. T. E. Mahaffy is
not intending to remain in Moyie a
great while, as he is offering his
whole Block of clothing and groceries at a closing out sacrifice on account of "change in business," so
says his ad. in the Moyie Leader.
Cascade has been fast in the embrace of a genuine winter the past
week. Something over a foot of
snow fell, and the thermometer has
hovered about the zero point. In
fact nature has given us a winter
scene equal to any work in that
line by the best known artists, and
with much more "feeling" in it.
Mr. Wm, Meadows, of Rock
Creek, formerly of Cascade, is do
ing a good merchandising business,
it is said. He intends visiting
California for a couple a months,
when Mr. Ellis, formerly of the B
CM. tic M. syndicate will have
charge of Mr. Meadow's business
during his absence.
The United States Marble company with head offices in Spokane,
has enlarged its operations on the
east side of Castle mountain by
locating several additional quarry
claims, some of which are said to
be on this side nf the line. Supt.
Greenway, who had been here and
at the quarry about two weeks, left
Thursday. Development will go on
there, and in due course of time a
great industry employing hundreds
of skilled and unskilled workmen
will arise to the benefit of all intents in this section.
The Domlaloa Qoveraneit Opposed te Aatl-
CfalecK Letlilatlei.
A recent Ottawa dispacth says
some concern is expressed at the
fact that the province of British
Columbia has re-enacted and
brought into force provisions of
the Natal Act, which practically
excludes any Chinaman who cannot make written declaration in at
least one European language. The
Dominion law permits th* admission of Chinamen on payment of a
poll tax of $100 and it is felt that
unless the province modifies the
regulations or withdraw from its
position, there is danger of a serious
Admiral Ccrvera Dylif.
A despatch from Puerto Beal.
near Cadiz, where Admiral Cervera
is lying ill, says his condition has
grown worse and thnt his recovery
is almost hopeless.
Will be Sbet.
Two criminals were shot yesterday
at the county jail in Salt Lake
City, Utah, for the murder of Godfrey Procase in the Sheep Ranch
gambling house. The" sentence
was made shooting to death by the
request of Lynch, which was afterwards reiterated by King, who has
earnestly protested that he is innocent.
aeoderham-Blrckitock  Sysdkale   te-   Bay
Trail Smelter.
A Toronto despatch says negotiations for the transfer of the Trail
smelter from the C. P. R. to the
Gooderham-Blackstock syndicate,
principal stockoolders in the Center
Star and War Eagle mines, are
said to nearing successful comlpe-
Road Superintendent Stevenson
estimates that there are 1200 miles
of road and about 100 miles of
trail in North and West Yale, B. C.
Astor, the made-over Englihman,
has, at the request of the the Prince
of Wales, subscribed five thousand pounds for Tommy in South
Geo. Norton, owner of the lower
ferry at Kettle Falls, bad both legs
broken below the knees, the other
day, in an accident to his boat
while crossing the river.
The night train on the Spokane
Falls and Northern has been withdrawn from service for the present,
owing, it is said, to the difficulties
experienced on the north end.
The C. P. R. has begun the work
of putting in a sidetrack on the
north fork of Kettle river, to secure
shipments from the Humming Bird
and other mines in that vicinity.
The coast papers say that the
snowfall in that section; is heavier
than for many years. In Vancouver thirty inches are reported, and
several roofs caved in from its
Phil Brady, a miner, met with a
terrible death in the Republic mine
early Friday morning of last week,
He fell 65 feet down an upraise,
fracturing his skull, and death followed instantly.
A. B. Hunt, manager of the company operating the Contention
group near the head of Pierre
Lake, returned from Seattle Monday to resume development work.
Mr. Hunt will put on a force immediately to continue sinking. At
least 100 feet will be sunk without
Uilted    State.   Seaate   Abolltbci   tbe
Soldiers' Saleea.
The army canteen is to be abolished, an the senate, by a very decisive vi to concur d n the house
provision relating to the army canteen. Only fifteen votes could be
mustered in the senate in favor of
the canteen; 84 were cast against it.
The rapid growth of the saloon in
Manila was referred lo by several
senators, all agreeing that some-
thins; should be done to restrict the
traffic. Mr. Lodge said that while
he did not believe the canteen had
done any particular harm in the
Philippines, he was convinced that
the saloon had done incalculable
harm there.
Canada's Trade With Britain.
The Toronto Evening Telegram's
London cable Bays: "The total
value of imports of Canada to Great
Britain during la��t year was ��18,-
554,674, exports ��5,922,944.
A Terribly Fatal Fire.
At Rochester, New York, Jan.
8th, the hospital section of the orphan asylum was destroyed by
fire, when twenty-seven persons,
mostly children, lost their lives,
and twenty five were seriously
injured, many of whom, it is stated
would die.
In the Kootenays and Yale the
C. P. R. ia said to be moving 40,000
tons of ore per month.
OTICK 1. here*/ given that after the l.t day
of December. Win, a bounty of Two Dollar.
(13.00) will be paid for every coyote killed In uny
settled district of tbe Province, subject to the
condition, of a nolle dated the 22d of August,
By command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary'. Office.
20tn November, 1900.
The Columbia & Western Railway Company
Canada at It. next session for an Act assimilating!!, bonding powers In respect of il. railway
ana branch lines West of Midway to the power,
already given in respect of it. Hues constructed
Ka.t of that point, extending the time within
which it may complete It. railway., and authorizing It to construct such branches from any of
its lines not exceeding In any one case thirty
mile. Iu length a. are from time to time authorized
by tbe Uovernment In Council, and for other purposes.
gtg Secretary.
Hallett & Shaw
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You are hereby notified that I have expended
1100.00 In the survey of tbe "Undine" Mineral
Claim, situate In Summit Camp, In the Urand
Fork. Mining Division of Yale Dl.trlcl, British
Columbia to count as an assessment on said
claim, as will uppeur by a Certificate oi v\ ork recorded October llitli, WOO, in the olllce of Ihe
Mining Recorder for the said Orand Forks Mining Division, in order to bold said claim under
the provision, of Section 24 of "The Mineral
Act " such being tbe amount required to hold
said claim for the year ending Out. 351 h, MOO.
And if, at the expiration of ninety (DO) days of
publication of this notice, you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required nnder Section 24, together with all coils
of advertlslug, your Interest In said claim shall
become vented In tbe subscriber (your co-owner)
under section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment
Act ItUO."
Dated at Rossland, B. C, thl. 18th day of November, 1000.
Hallett & Shaw, Solicitor, for Roi. Thompson.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B Cl
ie Mil ftpi %
Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
A Full Assortment
��� 09
Staple asd Fancy
fliners' Supplies,
Hay, Oats, Coal, Etc.
Patent Medicines:
We have just laid in an EXTENSIVE LINE
of the kinds most in use and demand, and possessing curative powers. When yon need medical aids come and see what we have. I
January 19, 1901
Aalosali Tbat Wees,
'.lie cried  like a call," is a  re-
��� mark  sometimes  heurd.   It is no
��� disgrace for a calf to cry and lie
sheds tears in quantities when hie
emotions juftify them. It is even
easier for him to cry than for many
other animals, because his lachrymal apparatus is perfect and very
A scientific writer in la Nature
says that the ruminants are the animals which weep mod readily.
Hunters have long known that a
���deer at bay cries profusely. The
tears will roll dnwn the nose of a
bear when he feels that his last
hour is approaching. The big tender eyes of the giraffe fill with tears
as he looks at the hunter who has
wounded him.
Dogs weep very easily.   The dog
lias tears both in his eyes and voice
���when his beloved master goes away
and  leaves him tied up at home.
| ���Some varieties of monkeys seem to
he particularly  addicted to crying,
Sand-not a few aquatic mammals
I .also find it easy lo weep when the
I-occasion requires it.   Seals in particular are often seen to cry.
Elephants weep profusely when
Jrwounded or when they see that es-
l-capefrom their enemieB is impossi-
|4)le. The animals here mentioned
l-.are the chief ones that are known
I to weep, but there is no doubt that
] many others alno display similar
Two Big British Warships.
The British admiralty haB been
l-directed  to build  two battleships
J which are intended  to be the largest in the world.   The distinction
|of having the largest warships has
hitherto been held  hy Italy, with
Ithe Lepanto and her sister ship,
Ithe Itala. Great Britain's two projected large warships, to be res| ect-
Ifully named the  Queen and  the
���Prince of Wales, will be 2000 tons
Heavier than the Italian ships men-
|tioned, reaching the enormous displacement of 18,000 tons, whieh is
3500 heavier than America's biggest armored vessel. These tremendous British   vessels   will   carry
nothing larger than 12 inch guns.
Proiptctlai oi the Other Side.
At the Klondyke hotel, last Saturday, January 5th, John Scuilto,
overcome with the burden of finan-
bial and family difficulties, suffering from the reaction which comes
liter heavy drinking, worried in
borne es|>ecial manner not yet made
plear, deliberately planned and des-
erately carrie'l out a tragedy
li left his mangled form
ktretched on the floor of his bedroom, and hurled his soul across
|the Dark Divide.���Province,
A Warship to he Contracted Is Seattle.
The Moran Bros, of Seattle, have,
It is stated, secured a contract from
the U. S. government, to construct
one of the new warships. It seems
[heir bid was $200,000 too high,
itnd by some amicable arrangement
vith the government they were allowed to knock off that amount,
bne-half of which is to be made up
by a citizens' subscription.
lacrease of Wagei.
The Calumet and Hecla Mining
lorn pany recently increased the
lvages of its 4,000 employes 1\ per
lent. Last March they riased
Iheir employes' wages 10 per cent.
During the year 1900, nearly
100,000 tons of ore were sent to
Imelters from mines located on the
Phoenix branch of the C. P. R.
aUJ  r=��=4 \=��=4 r^!^ r^^H I
 Hirst |AJooiTifri)j to <P/4,3c>.o|c:| |  (	
A v C N a t    I
ami mp mm rap mm
��� mm LfflE mm \M
Cascade City
Ave. South
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
iiiirniriiiinmiin i
Fine Printing
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill   |
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.!


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