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Cascade Record 1901-03-30

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Published In the Interest* ol the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
CASCADE, B. C, MARCH 30, 1901.
No. 21.
We do Business in Grand Forks,
White Bros.,
Bridge Stbkkt,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
BT* Lena you repairing order, tt thl. offloe
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry u up*to-d��te
ud complete .look.
H. E. Woodland & Co.
When Shopping
In Grind Fork, don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
W. R. Megaw,
General Merchant
Make, a Sptiolnlty Fine
Fisher Block, ORAND PORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and  convenient, and
workmanthlp the belt.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs. . F. Cross,
Proprletre.. JOHNSON BLOCK
First Ave.,      Grand Forks.
Room, tun and np.
Ot rather, your old boot,
and shoes, do they need
repairing; or would you
prefer something new-
made to order? Any,
how, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Complete Line of
Patent Medicines
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You are hereby noticed that I hare expended
llOO.OOIn the tjumy of the "Undine" Mineral
Olalm, .ltuateln Summit Camp. In the Orand
Fork. Mining Dlviaion of Yale District, Brltiah
Columbia to count a. an aiaeument on .aid
claim, a. will appear by a Certlnoate of Work recorded October 10th, 1900, In the offloe ot the
Mining Recorder for the laid Orand Fork. Mining Division, in order to hold .aid olalm under
the provisions of Section M of "The Mineral
Act;" .nob being the amount required to hold
eaid claim for the year ending Oct. asth, 1900.
And If. at the expiration of ninety (90) dayi of
publication of thl. notice, yon fall or lefue to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required under Section M, together with all oo.ts
���f advertising, your lntere.t In .aid claim .hall
become veated In the .ubeorlber Kyour co-owner)
nnder Section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment
Act 1900."
Dated at Rossland, R O., thl. 18th day of November, 1900.
Hallett <t Shaw, Solicitor, for Roi. Thompun.
Ww-��            . .
Hallett & Shaw
The Columbia & Western Bail-
way Company
Canada at ita next teuton for an Aot uiimllaty
Ing It. bonding power. In reined of lit railwae
and branch line. West of Midway to the powerd
already given In reipeot of iti line, oou.tructen
Ea.t of tbat point, extending the time within
which it may complete in railway., and authorising It to construct rack branohe. from any of
It. line, not exceeding in any one cue tnlrtd
mile. In length a. are from time to time anlborliey
by tbe Government In Council, ud for other pur*
���W Secretary.
Doth Draachet el th Uflilttsre Vole to
Asms, tot State Coattltatloi.
The State of Colorado some time
ago appointed a commission to investigate the tax laws of New Zealand and New South Whales. Senator Buoklin of Denver spent some
time in those oountries, making the
fullest inquiries as to the effects of
the land taxation methods there in
vogue. On this subject he issued
a report, strongly favoring the method ot abolishing taxes on improvements, and their imposition on
land values alone. The Governor
of the state, in his annual message,
recommmended the same course.
To effect this change, however, in
that state, would require a constitutional amendment, which can be
obtained only by a two-thirds vote
of both branches of the Legislature
and the majority of the vote of the
people. An ammendment to this
effect was passed by the Senate by
a vote of 26 to 6 and by the House
by a vote of 60 to 11. With this
substantial majority, it is pretty
oertain to receive the support of
the popular vote, which will give
local option to any of the municipalities in the state to abolish
taxation on improvements.
uf fecuring aid to fully exploit the
Notes By The Way.
Mr. S. S. Sorenson, a mining ex
pert, has arrived in Rossland from
England, for the purpose, it is stated, of exporting the Velvet mine on
Sophie mountain.
The great question now is, when
will the season for hunting Chinese,
Boers and Filipinos close ? If the
hunt continues there is danger of
the game becoming extinct.
Supt. Hodges, of tbe Granby
smelter has returned from an ex
tensive trip in the east. He reports
that he left orders with a Chicago
firm for machinery to double the
present capacity of his smelter, and
also for reduction works, and that
the same would be in operation in
Grand Forks inside of three
months. y
Mr. Hallahan, Secretary of the
Republio and Kettle River Railroad Co. said to a Republio Pioneer reporter the other day that
there was no truth in the report
that his company had disposed of
its franchise to either Jim Hill or
any other person or company; hut
said his company was making
every possible effort to advance the
matter with the government and it
was supposed that the right of away
over the Indian allotments would
be shortly scoured.
fettlea* Pirtki Werklsi s Prospect IsiMi
Cascs*�� City Ltalto.
During last week two miners from
Rossland were working on a pro-
pert near the big dam, on the es��t
tide of Kettle river and within the
town limits. Bat little progress was
made, and no well-defined lead was
uncovered, but some rich pockety
on was exposed, and the conditions
seem to point to the presence of a
continuous ore body in the immediate vioinity. The men quit work
Saturday afternoon and returned to
Rossland, for the purpose, it is said,
McOIII Mlslsi School te Visit D.C
McGill mining school of Montreal
will be held this summer in British
Columbia. Twenty student* accompanied by Dr. Porter, protester
ef mining, and Dr. Adams, professor of geology, will take the trip,
which will last several weeks, starting about May 1st. The Canadian
Pacific will provide cars and service. The coal mines, Vancouver
Island, Slocan, Boundary, Rossland and Crow's Nest districts will
be visited.
Fear Hoars Proa Victoria to fttsltao.
Ex-Mayor Redfern of Victoria,
speaking at a mass meeting in that
city in the interest of reviving the
the V. V. & E. subeidy, said: "The
proposed railway (Coast-Kootenay)
will be about 820 miles in length,
and tbe most direct route to the
mining districts, and in conjunction
with the ferry to be operated between Saanich and the mainland,
a proposal overwhelmingly ratified
by the people of Victoria last fall,
will enable one to reach Rossland
from Victoria in four hours." It is
evident that this statement is overdrawn, possibly by the reporter.
To make the trip in 10 hours would
satisfy most poeple. It takes about
60 hours over the present circuitous
and costd about 122, when it should
cost not more than $5.
Too Sellout to Do Penny.
Some of our exchanges are poking fun at Minnesota for attempting to prohibit the marriage of insane or epileptic or idiotic persons,
and requiring that applicants for
a marriage license shall present a
medical certificate. Great efforts
are made at the expense of much
time and money to improve the
breeds of domestio animals, and as
man is supposed to be in many
oases the superior animal, why
should we not seek the propagation
of his kind under the most favorable
conditions ? It is a terrible crime
for diseased persons to marry and
curse their offspring with a life of
Two 0. N. Ssrveylai Crows Detwoea Cat-
cast tea Marcas.
It looks as though the Great
Northern Railway company means
business of an active nature. There
are two surveying crews at work
between the boundary line near
here and Marcus. Tuesday, one
outfit, which is camped near Hall's
ferry, hooked up the line at the
the boundary which was recently
run through Cascade. More and
more the claim tbat dirt would begin to move on the line of this survey before the first of May is being
confirmed. Let it fly, the sooner
the better.
The Chief Jattlce't Patter Date.
Rev. Angus McColl, father of
Chief Justice McColl of British
Columbia, died at Chatham last
Tuesday aged 88 years. Deceased
was the first Presbyterian minister
at Chatham, and for 46 years waft
inspector of the public schools of I
the city.
Press Comment.
Gen. Ian Hamilton, addressing
the Authors' Club in London recently made the curious suggestion
that the Boer prisoners should be -
sent to Canada to work on the railways, where they would learn the
English language and become imbued with English sentiments. We
think the Boer prisoners, if put to-
work on the patriotic (?) Canadian
Pacific Railway or some other Canadian lines, would be more apt to -
learn the Slav, Galician, Dago or
any other foreign language and become imbued with their sentiments
rather than British. Another
horde-of these foreign cattle, said
to be Galicians, arrived in Fernie
this week and were put to work on
the C. P. R. sections along the line*
in this district. How long do
British citisens intend to tolerate
this sort of thing ?.���Fernie Fret
A creed organ in Toronto cries
out that now is the time for iti
church to be up and doing. Canada is prosperous from ocean to>
ocean, and 140,000 must be raised
for missions in tbe west. We arc-
not suffering out here from the
lack of creeds. Better spend th*
money around home. In Toronto
hundreds of girls work for wage*
that would searcely feed a canary-
bird out west. Most of their employers can be seen in church every
Sunday shouting to the Lord a*
though He was deaf, and would'
overlook them. In Toronto hundreds of girls walk tbe streets at
night pandering to vice. Better
spend less money on faraway field*-
and give these girls a chance. Se*
that female wages are raised, and
many a young woman will call yon
blessed. Save bodies and the soul
will not go astray. If the eastern
church folks will raise up those
around them they will have plenty
to do without increasing their
western connections. Instead of
sending us missionaries to fill th*
air with useless talk about th*
mythical past, and blind guessea
about tbe future, it should be the-
other way on. We should send th*
east missionaries to preach th*
gospel of humanity, and improv*
the social condition of those who
labor for a pittance, especially in
large cities.���Ledge.
Was It a
Yaakee Trick
Heater ?
or a
At the finance department it ie
admitted a mistake was made in
giving a vignette of the American
Soo lock instead of the Canadian
Soo on the new $4 bills.
C. P. R. OI.ee Special Easter fetes.
The C. P. R. gives notice tbat alt
agents will sell round trip tiokets
at fare and third, good going April
4th and 5th, and returning April
8th. Thie is done to accommodate-
Easter holiday travel.
Look Oat PerTkttav
A new counterfeit $2 not* ie in-
circulation-. Bring in you $2 bills
and we will apply tbe good ones
on eubscriptione, and take tbe non-
genuine in payment for inspection'
services,. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
March 30, 1111)1
I'ttlillslii'il iiii Siituuiliiye ni inii'iiil'-. B. <'������
Per Year	
Six Mntttlis.. 	
To Forolitii Connlrl
Advartiilitu Itotei
V'lirnislieil mi A|i|,linili'
IS, 00
(/' there is a blue murk in 1****1
this square, your subserip- ��� ���
tion is due, and you tire in- 1 1
uilcd to remit. **���������*>
tutions during the past four
or five months.
John D. Rockefeller is said
to have an income of #40 per
American combines are rapidly grasping and absorbing
the natural resources of Cuba
aud the Philippine islands,
which soldiers of the United
MR. IIOtSTON'S lr.Kl.miUr.rrY.
Mr. John Houston has become a zealot in his efforts to
deserve well of the C. P.  R
minute, which amounts to over _; ,        .    - .... .
{states, who from conditions of
$21,000,000 a year. We are re- '  .        ,        , .
.,,��.,. , , I poverty have been driven into
minded 01 this gentleman and If. r      ..,
,. ,*   1    . I the army, are paying tor with
Ins snug little income every ���   .    ,.    ,  ��   ,        ,  ,
.,  . i their blood, flesh and bones,
time called upon to procure aL��� :,     ... ....
,     P      ,   ���. r     1       ,_��� i Many say that like conditions
supply of coal oil for domestic' , , ,
.   ~ w,      _.., , _y,of perhaps a less pronounced
character surround the Transvaal situation, with Joseph
Chamberlain as the English
and office use. The control of
the coal oil refineries by the I
Rockefeller combine has driv-
en the Canadian oil out of the
deserve  wen or me v..  1.   xv. 1
The fantastic notions he pre- j market. In this matter there
tends to entertain relative to!is an opportunity for the Do-
the Crow's Nest Pass Southern minion government to do the
railway franchise   being   applied for by the Crow's   Nest
Coal company, do not comprise all   the "irregularities"
of his  disordered conception.
He would have a law, if he
could find enough M. L.   A's
minded like himself, put on
the statute book designed to
prevent the people,  through
chosen   representatives,  from
personally  appearing in  the
presence   of the government
ministers   and   pleading   the
justice of their cause by reasonably  stating their   needs
and desires.   The   statement
recently made by Mr. Houston
that he was elected by an irregular constituency is probably true,  but when he   attempts to have  irregular notions   embodied   in   law,   he
should be sat upon with  sufficient gusto to press all  the
irregularities out of him.   He
is   greatly   annoyed   by   the
presence in Victoria of  delegations sent there by the people from various parts of the
province to interview the government on matters of great
importance to them,  and  is
seeking to have a law made "to
abolish the   delegation    nuisance."    There is more need
of. the legal abolishment   of
the  Houston nuisance,     He
must not entertain the idea
that because he has the friendship and support of the C.P.R
that he can gag delegated public expression or influence.
Another   evidence of   Mr.
Carnegie's unprecedented liberality and  philanthropy has
recently   been  manifested  in
his princely gift of $5,200,000
for   public  libraries in  New
York City. The plans include
the     establishment     of    62
branches in different  parts of
the city and Mr. Carnegie, as
in his other similar gifts, asks
only   that   the city   provide
sites and for the maintenance
of   the    institutions.     With
other gifts that Mr.  Carnegie
has made during the past few
months to libraries and public
institutions and with his magnificent   gift   of    $5,000,000
to his  employes,  this makes
upwards of $25,000,000   that
he has dispensed for philanthropic and educational insti-
taxpayers of Canada a good
turn, but the pity is that nowadays governments seek more
to please the monopolists than
the struggling masses. No
wonder such men as Rockefeller fight the effort to establish an income tax in the United States. Tlie English, income tax rate levied against
Rockefeller would net the U.
S. government nearly $800,-
Mark Hanna.
The New Zealand single-
tax method is to be adopted
in Colorado, which will remove
improvements from the list of
assessable property.
What is all this talk about
negotiating with the C. P. R.
for the withdrawal of its opposition to the proposed railway plans to the government ?
Does it mean that the government must have the sanction
of that corporation before it
can legislate for the people on
railway matters ?   If so, it is
time   that   condition   should
cease  to exist.   That Jonah
should be  thrown overboard.
Three days, or more, for that
matter, in the whale's stomach
would be a good lesson for it,
one it sadly needs.
Relations between   Russia
aud   Japan   are very   much
strained, the tension Hearing
the danger point.   Since the
Japs wolloped John Chinaman
they have been possessed of a
swelled estimate of their military prowess, aud are eager to
try conclusions even with the
Great Bear, if he goes curveting around Miss Korea with
the intent of   alienating her
ir Pacific Ky.
Direct Route���Low Rates���Quick Time
Dining Cars
Tourist Cars
First-Class Sleepers
For time tables und full information Hall nn or iiddress neiu'e��t local
agent. D. O'CONNOR,
Agent, Cascade, B. C
D. P. A. Nelson, B. C.
A. G. P. Agt,
Vancouver, B. C.
Shorp LINE
'Ahdm Pacific
Salt - Lake��and - Denver
Steamship Tickets to Europe and
Other Foreign Countries.
The public can be forgiven
for suspecting, though wrongfully, that Mr. Dunsmuir's extensive business relations with
the Canadian Pacific railway
company may have the effect
of wai-ping his judgment as
between the best interest of
the people and the contrary
schemes of that transportation
Rossland riding has every
reason to feel proud of its
member in the looal assembly, j
Hon. Smith Curtis. Hisi
speeches on all matters before
the assembly are full of wisdom, and command careful attention. Sooner or later his
admirers will say to him: "Go
up higher, even into the councils of the Dominion.
blllltllim  Thffii  Suliedule
Effootlve Mny -H.
mil ti. in
Va-.t  mail ��� V01   im
(Joulird'Aloltol, KitriitltiU'
Ion, Unrllqld, Colfax, Pont
ntvy, W11I1 slnirt', Dnvtiiii
Vt'iiliu W11II11, Pendleton,
linker I'lty, iiml nil points
1   HAM'. _ ,,
I,'\ST MAIL - I-rims nil
m.ii.i. hast, Bilker City,
Pellilli'lnli, Wiilln W11II11,
imviiiii, Wnlisliiirif, Pome*
roy, Moscow, Piillmiin.Col*!
fax, aiirlluld, Hurinl ngton,
nml Cotir fl'AToiioj. . . . -
EXPUBSS ��� tat Kiirniltitl
ton, OnrllQld, Colfax. Pull
mini, M ��',  LowUloll
Portland, San Francisco
llnkiT iMtviitnl nil point'
BAST. ���    , ,
KXl'HKS--���I'Mlll nil point!
BAST, Raker  pity,  San
Prtincl.OO,  I'orlliillil, Col-
fnx, GarfiMnndlFnrinlnts*|
I   tun
Iil:l5|i. in.
In.oo 11. ni'
San Francisco-Portland Route.
DOCK, Portland, iitl* ji. m,, nml Spmir strimt
Wlinrf, Sun Franolsco itt 10 n. in. every tlvn days.
Willamette and Columbia Rivers.
Dully Bout Sen-ire betweon Portliind, Astoria,
Ori'iton City, Dnvton, Snli'in, Indeiiiiiideiu:e, Cor-
vnllls and nil Columbia nnd WillniiU'llr river
Snake River Route.
Stenlne-. between Rlpnrin nnd Lewlston leove
Kipiirin ilnilv nt 11:40 n. in., retnrllini* leave Lewlston dully nl 7:00 n. in.
II. M. ADAMS, General Attetit,
I �� Riverside Ave., Spokane, Wnsli.
The most complete liiie of
Hardware and Dry Goods
iri town.
from now on in Winter Goods.
Mackinaw Suits, Rubbers, Heavy Wool
and Cloth Overshirts; Underwear in
all qualities; Blankets, Overals, Hats,
Caps, Gloves, Mitts, Heavy aud Light
Shoes, etc., etc.,
Below .Cost.
Ladies' Suitings, Shoes, Flaunellettes,
and House-furnishings, etc.,
Half-price and Less.
If you need anything call and see what
we have and get satisfaction.
We save you 6oc in the $.
The remaining supply of
Will be cleared out at any reasonable
price. Amongst other articles we offer
Canned Vegetables and Fruits, Dried
Peaches, Apricots, Apples, Blackberries, etc.; Currants and Raisins, Tapioca and all kinds of Extracts and
Spices, on which you can save money
by buying at
The English Store,
^i^* Crockery, Lamps and Furniture,
in addition.
HH MARCH 30, 1��01
There is con��ider-\lile freighting
through Cascade over the Bossburg
wagonroad nowadays.
If yon go over to Nelson or Rowland at the present time yon will
have to wear your health certifieate
and vncoination sear on the outside.
Mr. Irn Ciriint, of the merchandising firm of Grunt Bros., of Gladstone, was in Cascade Saturday, remaining over till Monday evening,
heinp the pne-t nf R, G, Ritchie.
The report hns heen current this
weelc in Cnscnde ihat the Yale Lumber company will move it* Itoss-
hind mill, which is idle, over here
this coming summer and operate it
in conjuncticn with the one already
The two Saturday evenings���
the 16th and 28d���that Miss McCoy was in Cascade, the gifted and
accomplished young lady gave our
citizens the pleneurse of listening
to her sweet voice in songs and
hymns. On hoth occasions about
$15 in collections were realized,
The first night's receipts were donated by Miss McCoy to the Ladies'
Aid Society, to be applied on the
church debt.
Mr. Robert Kelman, accountant
and stenographer for the Cascade
Waterpower & Light Co., is now
nicely settled in the cottage recently occupied by Mr. John Simpson.
Mr. Kelman no doubt often exclaims in undertone. "0, Solitude,
where are the charms that sages
have seen in thy face ? Better live
on bread and water and have a
housekeeper than reign alone in
this cozy little place 1"
William Hutchinson, U. S. customs oflicer at Northport was in
town this week to convoy some
freight 'in bonded transit, which
came over ihe wagon road from
Bossburg or Marcus. By some red
tape confusion it was shipped to
Nelson for transportation over the
C. & W,, but was ordered back to
come in as stated, with the additional cost of a convoy. Official
conduct is often inexplicable, even
to the ofiicinl actors. ���
Itnformallon   For   tbe   Public   Who
Comfort While Trvellng.
In selecting your route to the
East you cannot affird to overlook
the advantages and comfort") offer
ed by tbe Rio Grand Western Uail-
way in connection with tbe Denver
& Rio Grande and Colorado Midland Railroads. It is the only
trans ��� continental line pausing
directly through Suit Lake City,
and in addition tn the glimpse it
affords of the Temple City, the
Great Suit Lake, the Suit Palace,
and the picturesque Utah Valley,
it offers a choice of six distinct
routes to the East and the most
magnificent scenery in the world.
A double daily train service and
through Pullman I'alace und ordi
nary sleeping curs, free reclining
chair curs and a perfect dining car
service are now in operation' on
these lines.
Send 2-cent stamp for further
information to ,1.1). Mansfield, 258
Washington street, Portland, Ore1;
ur to Geo W. Heintz, General
Passenger Agent,  Salt  Lake  Oily.
Assessment Act and Provincial Revenue
Tax Act.
NOTICE is hereby (ilveii, in accordance with
tlie statutes, that provincial revenuu t��x,
aiitinll tiixer levied under the Assessment Act.
are uow due for the year IUU1. Allot the above
named taxes, collectable within tbe South
division of Kast Yale, and part of Kosslaud
riding, are payable at my otllce, Fairview.
Assussi.d taxes are collectable at tlie following
rates, viz.:
If paid on or before the 80th of June, 1P01���
Three-ilfths of one per cent on real   property.
Two and oue-half percent on assessed value of
wild Und.   One-half of one per cent ou personal
property.   On so much of the income of any person as exceeds one thousand dollars* In accordance   with   the following classifications,   upon
such excess the rate shall be, namely:
Class A���On one thousand dollars and not ex-
- ceedtng ten thousand  dollars, one  per
ceut up to live thousand dollars,   and
two per cent on the remainder.
Class B���On ten thousand dollars and not exceeding twenty thousand dollars, one and
one-half per cent, up to   let}   thousand
dollars, and two and oue-half per cent on
the remainder.
Class C��� On twenty thousand dollars nnd not exceeding forty thousand dollars, two aud
one-half per cent up to twenty thousand
dollars, and three per cent uu the remainder.
Class D���On all others in excess of forty thousand dollars, three per cent up to forty
thousand dollars, and three and oue-half
per ceut ou the remainder.
If paid on or after the first of July, 1901- Four-
fifths of one per cent on real property;  three per
oent on Ihe aseossed value of wild Iniul; thrae-
foiirths of one percent on personal property. On
so much of Lbetuuoimtof any person as oxcoudt
one thousand dollars in aeeortlnnee with the following cln std Aunt ion; upon BUOli excess the rates
shall he namelv:
Class A���On one thousand dollars nrnl uol exceeding ten thousand dollars, one and ono-
half percent up to hvu lllOUSlUld dnlliirn,
and two iiml oiie-hidf per ft'iit on the remainder.
Class B���on ten thousand dollars und not ex-
 ding  twenty   thousand   dollar?, two
not cent, uplo leu thoustiiid dollars, aud
three per rent mi the rviiiuilidor.
Class 0���On twenty thousaii dollars ami not
exceeding forty thousand dollars, three
perei'iii up lo twenty iliotisand dollars
ami three and otio*half per cent on the
Class h���On all others in excess of forty thousand dollars, three nml HiM-hiilf per cetil
up to forty thousand dollars, and four per
eeut on tlie remainder,
Provincial revonuo tax 98,o*i |cr enpltn.  Two
lierei-iil nil the assessed Villi.*! *>i nro or till '
(tearing silbflaitees,   payable muirturlVi nil   Mo
last day of ihe months ol Miimti, June, Sup- ;
teinher and Dtiootnbor of vtioh year,
Fairview, IJ.o.. Feb. II, i��n|
('. A. It  I.AMIH-Y.
16-21 As-esH.r iiikK'iiI:- iur,
Examination for Assayors for License to
Practice in British Columbia.
f N ACCORDANCE with section 18of the "Uu- \
1   reau of Mines Act," e.\ ami nations Tor etu<-
ient'v In the practice of assaying will be hehl at
Nelson. II. C, on the 15th April, MMl, and following days.
Entrance for the examination must be made in
writing to tho Secretaryjif the Hoard of Ifixttm*
liters at least ten days liefore the date set for be-
glnnlltu of examination, ami must lie uivuti.puU-
ud by the prescribed fee (n,��.)
Any additional iiiforuintlou desired may he obtained rrom it. (armiehael, suurotary Hoard of
Examiners, Victoria.
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines, Victoria, B. C, 12th
March, WO!.
14th March, (Mil.
His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor in Council
has been pleased to appoint the undermoutloiied
Provincial Constables to be Deputy Immlgru Ion
Ofllcers for the districts vintltm opposite iht-ir
respective names, namely:
James Kirbv, of Port Essington, for Cuvsii.r
II. F. M. Jones, of shoal Bay, Thurlow Island,
for New Westinluster District.
A. W. Lane, ot Mission City, tor New Westminster District.
I. A. Dinsmore, of Grand Forks, for Yale District.
Geo. Cunningham, of Greenwood, for Yale District.
A. McLeod, of Ferule, for Kootenay District,
NOTICE Is Imriibj riven Hint in addition to thii
provision made for tlie ri'ui.tratiou of llills
of Sale in tbo County of ', ale, us guzeuud on
til- Ullli ot April, 1900, iiaini'l.v :-
For tlie Grand Forks Minius- Division:
At tlie ollltse of the Kegistrur of tbe County
Court at Grand Forks.
For the Kettle Klver Mining Division:
At tbe oltlce of the Registrar of tho County
Court at Greenwood.
His Honor, the Lieutenant-Governor in Cottn-
ell, under the provisions of section 9 ��f the
"Billsof Sale Aet," as enacted by section 2 of
the "Bills of Sale Act Amendment Act, 1899,"
has been pleased to provide for the registration
of Bills of Sale-
For tlie Verncrti anil Osoyoos Mining Divisions:
At tbe oflice of the Keglstrav of the County
Court at Vernon, ou una after the 1st day of
April, lOOt.
For tbe remainder of tbe County of Yale:
At the office of tbe Registrar of tlie County
Court ut Kamloops, on and after the 1st duy of
April, 1901.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's office, 12th Mtrclt, 1901.
Cascide Board ol Trade Meeting.
At the taut meeting of the Cas-
ende Taxpayers Association, a resolution was adopted proposing to
change the name of the association
to that of "Cascade Board of Trade."
A committee was also appointed tn
formulate a new constitution and
bylaws. Next Monday evening
there will he a meeting of the association to receive the report of the
committee and act upon the same
The meeting will he held in the
Townsite company hall. Everyone interested in the affairs of the
town and vicinity is earnestly in
vised to be present. This is an im
pnrtant matter that concerns us all,
and we should give it our most
careful attention.
Vancouver Accept!.
Carnegie's offer to build a $50, ���
000 library at Vancouver has been
accepted hy the finance committee
of the city council.
If is reported that Aguinaldohas
been captured by the famous Gen
There is great activity in the Similkameen in wagonroad building.
Camp Hedley has expended $3,000
in Buch work.     	
W. A. Ross, died in Grace hospital, Toronto, lust Saturday, aged
54 years. Until a few weeks ago
he was a resident nf Columbia, B.
C, and was largely interested in
townsite property.
The Coming Mining and Commercial Center of Similkameen, Between
Keremeos and Princeton,
British Columbia.
Similkameen City Townsite Company.
.    FRANK BAILEY, Manager, H. M. KEEFER, Agent,
4 Wallace-Miller Block, GREENWOOD, B. C.
A. B. C. Code, dough'. Code. Head Office, Both 'Phones.
Victoria, Vancouver, Spokane, Toronto, Rossland, Nelson
and all Boundary Towns.
To Whom It Hay Concern:
WE, the several persons, whose names and addresses
are hereunto subscribed, respectfully declare that we have
seen Similkameen City and the surrounding country, and
that the situation is as represented on page 27 of Bailey's
pamphlet of the Similkameen district, and that his accompanying map shows the position nf the townsite to he as
there Bet down.
F, N. Gladden,
John Gladden,
D. McMillen,
R. P. Williams,
C. It. Town ley,
Phil McDonald,
Robert Wood,
George, R. Naden,
W. ]). Hodges,
Thos. S. Miller,
C. W. H. Sansom,
Hugh McKee.
Wm. Bail lie,
F. A. Devereaux.
L. W. Shatford,
W. Featherstonliaugh,
R. H. Parkinson, PLS,
S. Cousins.
W. C. McDougall,
Jas. Riordon,
David Black.
C. L. Bumsides.
A Sirett,
T. J. MoAlpiti.
K. P. Matheson.
Camp Hedley���
R. O. Hawtrey.
London, Eng.���
,    Chas. E. Oliver.
These are copies of the written nameB of the original reference. Anyone who wishes to verify my report miiy do so by,
writing to anv or all of the parties.
The Yale-Columbia   Lumber Co.,
OP AM, kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B. C
Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
Is too small in which to tell you what a
complete line of
Patent Medicines.
Miners' Supplies,
of all kinds;
Also, Hay and Oats,
That is always on hand at
4 5
Buy from them and Save Hone v    4 o
in*������** ~~ "nb^R THE  CASCADE  RECORD
Mwot> 30, HOI
Mr. Richardson, member of the
Dominion house from Lisgar, speaking on the motion to appoint a railway commission, made some important statements. The imforma-
tion is timely and valuable, and
-shows what Canada has already
���done for railway promoters. He
"The  people  in  Canada   have
given in cash, up lo the present
time���and I include the municipalities,  the provincial governments
and the Dominion  government���
$223,000,000 in cash for railways.
From what the minister of the interior, Hon. Mr. Sifton, told us the
other day,  it  appears  that the
country has contributed 60,000,000
acres of land for the construction
of railways.   You will agree with
me that, in view   of   the  statements made by my honorable friend
(Mr. Davis,) and in view of the
faetB produced in this house from
'time to time, $3 an acre ie a very
moderate estimate of the value of
this  land.    Estimating on   that
'basis, you will find that the people
-of this country have given $403,-
000,000 for   the   construction   of
railways.   Just let the honorable
members of this house pause and
think for a  moment  what  that
meant.   It means that the people
'have given far more than would
build the entire system of railways
���in this country.   And what de we
own ?   We own the Intercolonial
Railway, which, I presume actually
-cost $25,000,000- we paid $50,000,-
000 for it, but it was not worth
���that amount of money.   Think of
this   expenditure   in   connection
with the proposition that we shall
-attempt to regulate rates by appointing a commission.   We cannot do it.   The only way in which
rates can be effectively controlled
in this country is for the government to own and control one road
on which there shall be no overcapitalization, and on which fair
rates shall be charged, based on the
actual cost of the road.   When the
government takes that position I
assert, we shall have the transportation question effectively solved. As
':. I have said, I am not one that says
that the country should, at present,
go into the enterprise of controlling
all the railroads of the country.
But I would be willing to go even
that far, if we cannot get justice
in any other way.   Look at the
-example of the Australasian colonies.   According to an article in
the North American Review tbat I
Tead recently these colonies have
paid $600,000,000 for their   rail
ways.   At present these railways
charge more favorable rates than
ours do, rates in accordance with
the condition of the settlers, and
they are able to pay three per cent
on that vast sum of money, and
pay operating expenses as well.   If
that can be done in the Australian
colonies, why can it not be done in
Canada ?   It is perfectly true that
we have made this poor start; it is
perfectly true we have paid this
vast sum of money and have practically no return for it.   But, surely sir, we are not going to perpetuate this colossal error.   The time
'has come when the transportation
question is knocking at the door of
parliament, and unless the people's
representatives deal with this question, I want to say tbat the people
will deal with their representatives
later on."
The first section of volunteers for
the South African constabulary left
Ottawa fur Halifax last Tuesday.
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre oi Bast Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL" DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One milefronf Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      [Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
if UlUnf '
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.
���iiiHiininnnniHi nnnvinnnnnnnif


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