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,f*r.     ,
Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. II.
No. 47.
Epitome of the   Telegraphic News
of the World.
Al   Inlereitlni Collection  ol Items Prom
tho Two Hemisphere! Preiented
la S Condensed Form.
Hon. Mr. Marchand, premier of
r f Quebec, died at 7.45 Sept. 25.
Sixteen persons are reported
killed in a storm   at   Horriston,
Minn.    --������ 	
''The storms of last Saturday and
Sunday resulted in great loss of
���life and property at many points
in the northwestern states.
AtLottieville; Kjt;, Sept*"24, Dr.
Hugh M. McCullough, coronor of
gfferson county, shot and killed
orge Owen, 21 years olij,. at the
latter's home. McCullough was
f bested and denied bail. , f-
���'"���' A. A. Advani, a Hindoo prince,
arrested at Niagara Falls a few
days ago and brought to Ottawa,
was sentenced to four months' imprisonment for^ obtaining..;.goods
under falfctfpretences. /'���        f
Immigration authorities at Halifax are taking measures to use
fjlpwerful rat poison on theryfctjtt*
front with a view of destroying all
rodents in order to prevent a 9os-
sjbility of an outbreak of bubonic
plague should it be'brought there
from Glasgow and carried into the
city by rats on board.
Jack Williams, the noterfhigh-
wayman and desperado, who, with
another man, held up the gambling house of Harry, Green jn Spokane September 3, 1900, escaped
'from" the" county jail between 10
o'clock last Monday night and 7
o'clock Xwday morning. ^Williams was captured after the holdup and was unde? sentence of four
years in the penitentiary for attempted murder in the shoooting
of Merchants Police Gemrigg, while
trying to escape.   His case   had
ten appealed, otherwise he would
jave been at Walla Walla. The
theory of his escape is that be had
pass keys, as the corridors and
even the outside door of the jail
through which the man must have
passed were found to be securely
locked. There was no evidence
anywhere of any bars having been
The steamer Roanoke brings
news of the most disastrous storm
at Nome. It raged nearly two days
up to the evening of September
11th and was the severest that ever
existed in Western Alaska. A number of barges and lighters were
driven ashore and totally wrecked.
All along the shore for miles, both
east and west of Nome, the wind
and water created havoc with the
tents and mining machinery; a
number of lives are believed to
have been lost. It is known that
Andrew A. Ryan of Los Angeles,
was drowned. Several captains of
small tugs are missing and it is
thought they are lost. Fully 300
people are homeless and the loss to
property and supplies is over half
it million dollars. There is not an
alley leading to the beach that is
not filled with debris. Numerous
small buildings were swept completely away. The damage done to
buildings, tents, household effects
merchandise and other goods, and
chattels is seen everywhere along
(he water front. A serious loss is
the disappearance of over two thousand tons of coal. Captain French,
in command of tbe troops, has
thrown open the government reservation to those rendered homeless
by the storm.
The North American Trust Co.,
will organize a tobacco exchange to
compete with what is known as the
buyer's trust,
At Belleville, Ont., Mr. George A.
Zufelt, whose back was broker in a
collision some weeks ago, is now
able to sit up in bed in the hospital.
It is reported from a Chinese
source that the Dowager Empress
has issued a secret edict commanding Li Hung Chang to raise an
army and recapture Pekin.
Dinge Scribner, tobacconist, was
killed at Hamilton, N. B., Monday
by being thrown from his carriage.
He was'a prominent Mason and an
officer of the Provincial Grand
Lodge.   He was 83 years of age.
The Russians are inaugurating it
Red Cross hospital under the patronage oLLb�� .Czarina. The insti-
illti<��11 will be open to soldiers of all
nations. Thirty British who were
wounded in the Tun Choo explosion are dead.
Private P. Graves, of Vancouver,
suffering from enteric fever, Private A. E. Bech, of Victoria, wounded at Paardeberg and Trooper J.
WvFiifler, Fort Steele, wounded in
ripht-knee, were among the invalided acoorded a warm welcome by the
citizens of Quebec this week.        ��
Lieutenant W. C. McLean, of the
First Canadian Contingent, arrived
at Hamilton, N. B., Monday, and
was given a grand reception. Ten
thousand people and Itwoj' bands
were at the station to meet him.
The town was decorated and public
dinners were given in his honor.
This Ought to Catch Mm.
The,Spokane Falls and Northern
has taken steps in the right direction tn break up the practice of
desperadoes who hold up and roi.
its passengers. A reward of $2000
has been offered for thecautureand
conviction of the highwayman who
robbed single-handed, a train near
Spokane, last Friday evening.
The notice reads as follows: "$2,-
000. The above reward will be
paid hy the N. P. R. company for
the arrest and evidence to convict
the robber who held up passenger
train No. 3, between Cocolalla and
Athol, on the night of September
21. Following is a description of
the man: five feet four inches high,
about 28 years old, weight 135
pounds, slight build, small sandy
mustache, wore blue overalls and
jumper that had seen service, and
old shoes."
The robber boarded the train
and calmly went through three
coaches, scouring about $400 in
cash and a quantity of jewelry, as
the passengers contributed very
freely to the little bag he carried.
The robber made good his escape
and it is thought that he headed
for Canada.
President Shaughnessy of the
C. P. R, is mnking his usual tour
of the western divisions of the
Moyie is the growing town just
now. The St. Eugene and the
Society Girl mines aregiving Moyie
the chance of its life, so far.
Bryan appears, at this distance,
to be the coming man down in the
country of high tariff, war taxes,
trusts, strikes and Republican Imperialism.
Hon. Mr. Wells, minister of
lands and works, and Hon, J. D.
Prentice, minister of education, are
expected to visit Rossland in a few
days. The former will look over
the court house that is being erected and the latter will look into the
matter of school facilities. They
will extend their visit into the
Boundary country.-    .      .        .,..
The international. diplomatic
game on the Chinese board is still
being operated. The dispatches
say, however, that Russia has be.
gun to r,ake in the pot before the
hands have all been played, Ii<
'.49 no one could do,that and escape
with both the stakes and his life,
down in California.
The determination of the coast
politicians to dominate the Conservative party is not taken in a
kindly spirit by the inland members of that party. The Conservative parly of the province has
troubles that do not arise from the
strength of the Liberal party but
from malcontents Within its own
ranks. There are too many political bosses���ton much machine
politics to suit the honest voter.
One by one the slayers of the late
Governor Goebel of Kentucky are
being brought to justice. . Powers
is in the state's prison, and Howard will swing across the chasm
between the bluffs of the present
and the future at the end of a rope.
It is a pity they cannot. get at
Taylor, the republican rounder who
usurped the gubernatorial chair
during that most disgraceful pplit-
ical tragedy. He was the arch
scoundrel of all the conspirators,
but is being.shielded by high re-
publicanofficials in another state.
But'the:Kentlicky blood that still
ebbs and. .flows in other Goebel veins
will make Mr. Taylor's life hazardous in the future.
It is a remarkable thing, that
with the anthracite coal business of
the country regulated by a trust;
which limits the output to a level
with demand in order to keep up
the prices, that some satisfactory
arrangement cannot be made regarding a wage scale, says an exchange. Coming as it does at the
approach of autumn, when the
season's.coutrscts for coal is usually made, it looks as though the
present strike might have been
stirred up by the mine owners
themselves,, with no other object in
view than to greatly limit the supply and run up. prices. Such
things have been done in the past,
and is looked upon now as one of
the main tricks, at all seasons of
the year, of the tariff-made trusts.
The impression is beginning to
obtain that the Dominion elections
will be net for the same date as
that on which the presidential elec
tion  in  the United States occur,
November 6th.
The couples which choose to get
married this year at the Spokane
Industrial Exposition, which opens
next Tuesday, October 2, will be
honored with a wedding march
played by the Royal Marine Band
of Italy.
Attending Ihe Spokane Industrial Exposition this year, which
opens hext Tuesday, October 2, will
be like going to a fashionable
theatre. The seats' are to be
cushioned and heated by steam
aud one of the best bands of Europe
comes all the Way from Italy to
furnish music, all for 15c, the admission price.
As relates to Chinese matters, the
powers are still at sea. The diplomatists are backing and filling,
and parleying. France, Germany
and Russia appear to be intent on
partitioning the empire, while
Briton.and the United States look
upon such a movement with disfavor, and an international struggle
may he precipitated any moment.
With the Transvaal and the Orange
Free state on the part of the British government, and the Philippine
Islands and Cuba on the part of
the States to reconstruct at present
these powers are not anxious to
further burden themselves.
The Conservatives boast that
the Rossland Miner, which has
been giving a luke-warm support
to Mr. W. A. Galliher has decided
that the interests of this district
Will iiest be served by the election
of Mr. McNeill and will support
that gentleman throughout the
campaign. The,Liberal party can
welj afford to spare the friendship
oY the Miner.' its course in the
Curtis-Macintosh campaign'1 wijl
render its support more injurious
than beneficial. Its venality was
pretty thoroughly established in
that contest. The boomerang
character of the aid Mr Macintosh
received from the Grand Forks and
Rossland papers resulted in his defeat. Mr. Galliher is to be congratulated on his escape from like
dangerous friendship.,
The fight that the Liberals . put
up in the late provincial campaign
against Hon. Joseph' Martin, and
the action of the present government in relation to the Fraser
river fisheries troubles, the disposition of both Liberal and Conservatives to favor capital as
against labor, has driven the la'b'or
unionn to a realization of the fact
that they must organize politically
as well as fraternally, if they ever
expect to secure favorable legislation. Hence, Wednesday, October
3, there will he held in Nelson a
convention of labor representatives
from all portions of the Yale-Koot-
enay-Cariboo district, for the purpose of selecting a candidate for the
Dominion house, union laboring
men. to a great extent, being displeased with the two candidates
now in the field.
Near Addy, Wish, Oie Bead the Other
At Marcus Sunday Night" aad tetter* Them
of ISO-Shot hy tho dffleers Whit
Swlmmlsi tho Corral* Mvtr.
"Gen. Arthur Pearson,' a young
man who shot and killed Miss Anna Griffin while driving in a rig-to
Wa.ter.town, N.B., Sunday, and who
attributed the shooting tn two unknown men, has confessed to committed the deed. Being closely
questioned, he broke down and
confessed that he was the guilty
President Shaughnessy arrived
in Nelson last night, and accompanied by several prominent subordinate .officials, will come over into the Boundary to-day by special
The Cosmopolitan hotel has been
closed pending Mr. Bertois' return.
John Lyngholm returned from a
visit in Spokane Tuesday.
A Colville dispatch dated the
25th says that about 8 o'clock that
morning Deputy Sheriff E. S. Du-
drey and William Chamberlain,
acting under orders from Under
Sheriff John S. Wright, undertook
the arrest of two desperadoes at
Addy, a small town on the Spokane
Falls & Northern railway, about
14 miles south of Colville, and in
the fight that ensued one of the fa*
"itives was killed outright and the
other shot through the hand and
Sunday night at Marcus, Peter
Brown, H. J. Griffis and another
man whose name could not be
learned, all of, them prospectors
coming down from the .reservation,
were held up in a box-car by two,
strangers. The strangers, while
the freight was standing on the,
track at 12 o'clock at night, entered, the car, and with drawn pistole
ordered the prospectors to standi
face against the wall. In this position the prospectors were relieved
of $80 in money. By a lighted;
match, the men who lost their
money at a glance retained an" accurate description of the robbers'
both of whom were unmasked.
Griffis and Brown went to Colville
to notify the authorities, Mr:
Wright, went with them .to, Justice
Durland's office tn secure the nee-
cessary warrent of arrest, when the,
highwaymen were observed coming
up towji from the railway station
and were pointed out to the sheriff.
The fugitives evidently saw at once
that they were under suspicion, and
Iwfore a war/apt could be-secured
they returned to the railway track
and fled toward Addy.
The officers pursued' and over.
hauled them near Addy j -when, to
make good their,escape, swam tbe
Cplyille,rjver under fire of tbe offi- \
cere, with the result above stated. v
Both men were unknown to their
F. C. Gamble, Chief Engineer of
the Department of Lands and
Works^hasbeen in the Boundary
country this week on official business. "        "��� ''"' '*"
Mr. PaulRochusssh, ti is learned, has secured a position in Victoria, and Mrs. Rochussen will join
her husband in that city in a week
or two.
It, is reported that the Kootenay
Lake Telephone company is contemplating the construction of a
telephone line from Rossland to
Cascade by way of the Dewdney
We are informed that J. A. Bertois was married to Miss Hilda
Blomgrene. in Spokane, one day
this week. He will return here
with his bride next week, after a
honeymoon trip to the coast.
John Kirkup, government agent,
was in town"' yesterday. He inspected the" repairs made on the
wagon road bridge here, whic consisted of new planking and guard
rails. He also went up to the lake
to view the stretch of corduroy re-r
newed by Thos. Price this summer.:
September 2��, 1�� ��
Published ou Saturdays at Cascade, B. ft,
PerYear    K.0O
Sli Months      IJ*
To Forelmi Countries     !t.bO
Advcrtlaiui! Kotos Furnished ou Application.
If there is a blue mark in 1****1
this square, your subscrip-Z ���
tion is due, and you are in- X 1
vited to remit. Isesst
There are many inexplicable
things in the government regulations relative to the advertising of
legal matters. It seems to lie the
studied aim of these arrangements
to deprive the country weekly publications of all chance to benefit by
such advertising. The government
agents go over the country sticking
up type-written notices in post-
offices, but when it comes to the
Official Gazette, which not one in
a thousand of the inhabitants of
the province peruse from one year's
end to the other, it is never missed,
every business man in the country,
with tew exceptions, being required,
first or last, to pay tribute to it.
If be assigns his property to another in trust that all his creditors
may be [fairly treated, as in the
Quinlivan case here, a large chunk
of the assets must go to the Gazette, and ot course the creditors
must suffer the loss of the amount
that goes to fatten the government
Then, again, the law requires
that notices to creditors of such
assignments must be published in
a daily paper, which perhaps is located hundreds of miles distant,
and which none of the creditors
ever see. In the caw cited the notice was ssnt to the Rossland Miner,
there being no daily paper printed
in the Boundary. This method is
not only detrimental to the local
paper, but an improper notice to
local creditors.
There is no ground in justice or
reason for such proceedure.
The Spokesman-Review is installing a new printing machine that
weighs 40 tons, and will print a
28-page paper complete instantaneously, or 12,000 such papers per
hour, or 48,000 8-page papers per
hour. This press is claimed to be
the most cspable of all the printing
machines west of St. Paul or north
of San Francisco. Seventeen years
ago the Spokesman-Review was
started by Frank Dallam, and was
printed on a Washington hand
press, the cspacity of which was
150 per hour, and only two pages
at a time.	
Lone highwaymen find it an easy
and profitable business nowadays
to hold up railway trains and provide themselves with a means of
livelihood for several years by exercising a little grit snd dexterity
for ten or fifteen minutes. Incidents of this kind are reported this
wsek from ssveral sections���on the
Northern Pacific near Spokane and
on the St. Louis and Portland near
Lincoln, Nebraska.
A woman in Toronto complains
that she employed a lawyer to collect a claim of $500, and when he
came to a settlement with her for
his services, he only paid over $37,
reserving the balance of the $500
for legal fees. The court, being one
of the legal fraternity, allowed her
no redress, as much as saying that
she was fortunate to escape with
any balance in her favor.
Down in Louisiana a negro's life
is not worth much. On the slightest provocation hemp is applied to
his neck with fatal effect. Four
were lynched near New Orleans one
day lust week. In the southern
states affairs of this kind have become almost daily occurauces, and
often, ton, in the northern states.
Mr. Thomas S. Nowell, who is at
the head of several Alaskan gold
mining companies, and who may
be presumed to be a well-informed
man in many respects, is advocating a scheme which is totally Im
jeotion, ux the Standard Oil mag-
nates found to their intense disgust,
when they attempted to introduce
tin! Bystem of discrimination in
freight rules into Canada. The
Canadian people have strong hopes
that l>y constant vigilance and continuous effort they will be able to
reach the top of the social fabric,
and to remain on top in full control of their own affairs, and taking
no orders from trusts and monopolists.
Moreover, the retention of Brit-
practicable. He proposes that the >��b Columbia and the North West
British government exchange Brit- Territories in the British Empire
ish Columbia and tbe North West|w of mush greater importance and
Territories for the Philippine Is!- profit to the British Islands than the
Ccrtlllcatc ol Improvements.
"WAKE" Mineral Claim, situate in the Grand
Forks Mining Division ot Yale Distriot.
Where located���Summit Camp.
Take Notice that I, Albert K. Asheroft, aot-
lug as agent tor John Douglas Free Miner's
certificate No B8.I18, Thomas McDonnell.
Free Miner's CertiJoute No. B29,6o7, Samuel
Breelauer, Free Miner's Cerlilioate No. B8,1W,
Arthur N. Pelly, Free Miner's Certificate No.
29,M1 and Gerald T. Hodgson, Free Miner's Certificate No. B29,7tW, intend sixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Hecorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for thejrarpose
ot obtainiug a Crown Grant of the above Claim.
And further take notice that action, nnder section 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of suoh Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this Sad day of August, 10(10,
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Such a proposal is absurd for
several reasons, the chief one being
that it is not the British government that would have to decide the
matter but the Canadian people.
British Columbia and the North
West Territories did at one time
belong to the British government,
but that government long ago conveyed the title to the Canadian
people, who are now the owners of
the territories in question, and with
whom the decision would rest in
such a matter. Scarcely any of
the politicians or journalists of the
United States understand the rela
tion which Canada bears to the
British Empire. The British
Empire consists of a community of nations of which
Canada is one. Most of the politicians of the United States look
upon Canada as a vassal state,
having no power to act in any mat'
ter without the consent of the imperial authorities. In this they
are to a great extent in error. The
people of Canada control their own
destiny almost as entirely as the
people of the United States control
theirs. They control their own des
tiny to a much greater extent than
the people of any state in the
Union, for they are at liberty to
secede from the rest of the British
Empire at any time they will to do
so, while the people of no state are
at liberty to secede from the Union,
If the people of any state were to
attempt to leave the Union they
wonld be compelled to desist from
their attempt by force of arms.
Their state would be laid waste and
thsir lives taksn for daring to make
such an attempt.
The people of Canada possess a
greater degree of liberty. If they
desired to leave the British Empire,
they would do so, and, although
the people of the British Islands
might not like their course, they
would place no bar in the way, as
Britons hold liberty in too high
reverence to attempt to force the
freeborn people of Canada to remain under the British flag against
their will. Their remaining under
that flag is entirsly at their own
option. This fact is respectfully
commended to the notice of those
politicians and journalists of the
United States, who, in their dense
ignorance, imagine it possible that
the Canadians may waken up some
morning to find that their country,
their chattels, and their bodies have
been sold without their knowledge
by the British government to the
United States.
The people of Canada do not
wish to leave the British Empire,
as they are very well satisfied with
their present condition. They have
almost absolute control over their
own destiny, and they do not want
to hand that control over to the
trusts and monopolists of the United States. They have some trusts
and monopolists among themselves,
but they are not yet wholly in sub-
possession of the Philippines would
be, with their half-savage, and, in
many cases, wholly savage, population, who have to be kept down by
force. The North West Territories
of Canada are destined to be the
granary of the British Islands and
the chief source from which they
will obtain their supply of oattle.
Without British Columbia they
would not have a direct route across
America within British territory to
China and Japan. The expansion
of commerce on the Pacific ocean,
which will take place during the
coming century, will be enormous,
and the people of the British Islands can avoid playing second fiddle to the United States only by
keeping the latter country from
getting possession of British Columbia, with its grand harbors.
Apart from sentiment altogether
the exchange of British Columbia
and the North West Territories for
the Philippines would be laughed
at as a business speculation by
British statesmen.
John Simpson.
Spokane Falls k Northern Railway Co.
Nelson h Ft. Sheppard Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only all-rail route between ill points east,
west and south to Rossland, Nelson and Intermediate points; connecting at Spokane with the
Great Northern, northern PaclBc and O.R. * N.
Connects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo ud
all Kootenai lake points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with stage dally for
Republic, and connects at Bossberg with stage
dally for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
10:35 a m     Spokane 7:10 p m
11:40 a m     Rossland 6:00 p m
9:80 a m     Nelson 8:00 p m
9:46 p m     Spokane 7:06 a m
10:00 p m     Rossland 6:30 a m
General Passenger Agent.
EAST-Fast Daily Train-WEST
With Improved connecting service to and
Kootenay and Boundary
First-class sleepers on all trains from Arrowhead and Kootenay Landing.
Tourist cars pass Hediolne Hat dally for St.
Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and Boston,
Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.
cars pais lte\ elslnke one day earlier.
Ex. Sun.
18:80 Leave
Cascade City
Ei. Sun.
Arrive 80:28
For rales, tickets nnd full information, apply
to Agent, Cascade City, B. C, or
W.F. Anderson,     EJ.Coyle,
Trav. Pass. A Rent, A.G.P.Agt.
Nelson, B.C.    Vancouver.B.C.
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Shoes, Etc.
We do Business in Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Bridge Street,   GRAND FORKS
Watoh repairing a specialty.
BF" Leave your repairing orders at this office
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Co.
ay Goto
Johnson Block,
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Makes a Speolalty Fine
Fisher Block, ORAND FORKS.
New and Second-hand
....Bought and Sold....
Bridge Street, Near Custom House,
City Barbershop
Robert Prebileky,
Mrs. M. E. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
First Ave.,      Grand Forks.
Rooms Me and up.
When Shopping
In Orand Forks don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
Or rather, your old boots
and shoes, do they need
repairing; or would you
prefer something new-
made to order! Any.
how, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
Miller Block, over Woodland's Drag Store. *
September 29, 1900
Frank Asprey made a business
trip to Rossland this week.
A school district has been established at Camp McKinney.
During August the B. C. mine in
Summit camp shipped 2000 tons of
ore to the Trail smelter.
G. W. Lawsim, traveling auditor
of the Pacific division of (lie C. P.
R., visited Casoade Wednesday.
Dr. Smith's residence in Grand
Forks, took fire from an exploding
coalnil lamp and narrowly escaped
A company has been formed in
Toronto with a capitalisation of
$150,000 to boom a townsite deal
in Summit City.
Our American cousin* often for
get that Uncle Sam's postal cards
and stamps do not pass current in
John Bull's domain.
The Vernon & Nelson Telephone
company haB put in a private lino
from Grand Forks to Phoenix for
the Miner-Graves syndicate.
The Brandon and Golden Crown
mine has shipped, all told, 1875
tons to the Trail smelter, and done
2500 feet of development work.
The first real raiu storm of the
season came Saturday and Sunday
last, leaving the peaks of mountains north of us capped with snow.
We understand that Major
Cooper has purchased the Eagle
City branch of the late B. C. M. &
M. syndicate's mercantile business,
for some eastern people.
David Pritchard, a miner, native
of Wales, aged about 34 years, died
suddenly in Phoenix last week. He
was buried in the Greenwood cemetery by the Phoenix Miners' Union.
The Boundary and Beaverton
Mining company lost its bunk
house by fire recently. The Ions of
$3000 was covered by insurance.
Many of its occupants had a narrow escape.
The forward trucks of a freight
car jumped the track near the
Mayall crossing Tuesday morning.
No serious damage resulted, however, as they were soon placed in
position again.
The Equinoctial blow-out got in its
work in British Columbia in copious
rains and high winds last Saturday. In the mountains between
Cascade and Robson the rains were
unusually heavy.
W. R. Mclnnes, of Winnipeg,
General Freight Agent, accompanied by F. W. Peters, assistant, of
Nelson, were in the Boundary
country this week, looking after the
interests of the C. P. R,
It might be well to have a government ganger or inspector to
���ample our local licensed beverugee.
There seems to be an ingredient in
the stimulants sold here that is too
conducive to pugilistic tendencies.
Too many "scraps'* to the pint, as
it were,
The Cannonball mine in Christina Lake district, between Sutherland and Baker creeks has been
closed down for the season. We
hear that Mr. J. W. Spaulding,
who has been operating the Cannonball works for the owners and a
man of long practical experience in
the raining field, is endeavoring
to close a deal for the whole or
a part interest in the Dykehead
group at Fife.
A new rule ia to be enforced by
the C. P. R. that baggage in excess
of 250 pounds will not be checked
as such. The owner will have to
pay express rates on the excess or
send it by freight. Formerly a
small rate was charged for excess
baggage, but this rule is to be
Mr. and Mrs. D. McLeod, formerly of Cascade, have gone east on a
The residence of E. Spraggett in
Columbia was destroyed by fire
last week. Most of the household
effects were saved. Loss above insurance about $500.
A teamster named John McLain
wiih instantly killed near Trail
Sunday while walking on ihe C. P.
Et. track in Dublin gulch. He was
struck by a locomotive. Deceased
wiih 35 years of age, and had lived
in Trail the pant five years.
Moyie citizens are inaugurating
a movement to provide the town
wiih a waterworks system.
Changes la Mineral Act.
At the last session of the provincial legislature the following
important changes were made in
the mineral act:
The act is amended by inserting
the following as section 8 thereof:
"8. Every person who mines for
any minerals for his own sole use
and benefit on any Crown lands in
the province of British Columbia
without having taken out and obtained a free miner's certificate,
shall, on conviction thereof in a
summary way, forfeit and pay a
penalty not exceeding twenty-five
dollars, besides costs."
Another provision is made that
upon the failure of any one of several co-wners to contribute his proportion of the expenditure required
by section 24 of this act, the co-
owner or co-owners who have performed the labor or made the expenditure may, at the expiration of
the year, give such delinquent co-
owner notice by publication in a
newspaper published and circulation in the division in which the
claim is situated, or in the absence
of such looal paper, in the one
nearest thereto, for at least once a
week for ninety days, and if at the
expiration of the ninety days of
publication such delinquent should
fail or refuse to contribute hia
proportion of the expenditure required by said section 24, together
with all costs of advertising, his
interest in the claim shall become
vested in his co-owners who have
made the required expenditure.
Albert Westfall, a diamond drill
operator employed in the War
Eagle mine, was instantly killed
Thursday of last week by being
struck by the skip. He was standing on a platform near the 250-foot
level when the skip was coming
down the shaft. Apparently not
noticing its approach, be carelessly
stuck his head out to look down
where Foreman Warden was standing, a few feet below him, and was
hit by the full force of the -kip.
Hie neck was broken. Mr. West-
fall was a native of Oregon, and
was about 33 years of age. He
leaves no family. 	
De Yea Knew Etaaf
Edna Blair, who arrived in Nelson from Cascade City but a few
days ago is now in the city lockup.
She was stopping at the Club hotel,
and apparently in her right mind.
About 10 o'clock Saturday night,
she rushed to the street, crying,
"They are after me with axes, they
will kill met" She tried to hide in
Ball & Co.'s store, but was arrested
by the police. She was examined
by a physican who says her strange
actions are caused by heavy drinking.���Nelson Miner.
It is estimated that Manitoba's
grain crop will be about 10,000,000-
bushels short.
ji Dominion Supply Company jj
f 1 Full Assortment oi Staple and Fancy ii
rimers' Supplies, Hay, Oats, Coal, Etc
"Pos-ATii-    Mof.iViT.aa   We have just laid in an EXTENSIVE LINE of STANDARD PATENT"
<>��alulll    lll"UlCJ.Ilv5o.   Medicines, of the kinds most in use and demand, and possessing curative powers.   ��
When you need medical aids come and see what we have.
September 20, IftXI
A Remarkable Clock.
Messrs. William Potts & Sons,
the well-known clock makers of
Leeds, England, have just constructed for that city what is claimed to be the greatest herological
achievement of the century. The
clock is a huge one, nnd in il are
combined many features of the
most remarkable clocks in the
world, such an those at Berne and
Strasburg Cathedral. The huge
clock dial, which in of polished
copper with the liiiures inscribed
upon it in blue, in flanked upon
either side by a mail-clad knight,
each holding above his bead a
battle axe which serve to strike the
gongs at tlie quarters and hours.
Above the clock, upon a kind of
perch, stands a large cockrel, In
front of the dials is a platform.
When the quarters of the hour ure
reached the mail-clad knights
strike the gongs. Immediately on
the left hand side of the dial a door
opens automatically, and there
issues forth a British soldier in full
uniform. When he reaches the
center of the platform he halts and
Balutes in precise military manner.
He then passes on tlie left, and is
followed by a kilted Highlander,
who performs a similar perform
ance when he reaches the center of
the platform. Then comes an
Irishman in the old dress of li%is
country, shillelali, then a Canadian
boatman with his paddle, and
finally a Hindoo, wearing his turban and loin cloth. When the
figures have passed round the platform they dissappear from sight
through another door, which closes
automatically upon the last figure's
exit. Then the cockbird overhead
flaps its wings, raises its head, and
gives three lusty crows. The figures are manufactured of copper
bronze while many of the other
parts of the clock are constructed
from gun metal. The escapement
is the double three-legged gravity
by Lord Grimthrope, who in -probably the greatest living authority
on clocks and bells.
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B C
I Columbia Brewery XI
:   :   Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
Mr. John Goodnow, the United
States consul-general at Shanghai,
after enquiries in every posssible
source, learns that the number of
British and American missionaries
probably murdered during the uprising in China lias been 93, while
170 others, stationed in Chi Li and
Chan Si provinces,tire unaccounted
for, and there is reason for belief
that they have met the same fate.
Of those whose deaths have been
Absolutely proven. '22 were Americans, eight men, eight woman and
six children, and 34 British, nine
men, lo woman and 10 children.
There is Btrong proof that 37 more
were killed al I'ai Yuen. All the
natives from that place tell substantially the same story. Ten
men, thirteen women and seven
children are known to have been
there. The list of missing number:
Americans, 20 men, 21 women and
20 children; British, 41 men, 49
women and 19 children.
It is impossible to get the numbers of the Catholics killed, but
there were many French priests and
sisters, and some were in the
country where the Russians wer��)
fighting. There are also several
Sweedish and Danish Protestants.
The massacre and persecution of
the Chinese Christians continues
everywhere, and it is said the anti-
foreign leaders intend to exterminate them;	
The Cape Colonists rebels have
been sentenced to a 5-year disfranchisement.
L._1grTrrJ   L__jgj__J     L__^���-J   L���-*u__l    '���jjgv.���I    ^���QVrr-!
I Jr|'"ST  I^DDITl}) ill    TO   (J.-Ug^dIe: [ |
? LIIIJIJ ? iiUiy" LLDUJ - Li.LlllJ5 LLQ1JJ ^ LLLUid - ttmii -.
pppu] rap rap rap mora rap
rraiiiniini] fflffl] urn lllxuj Dlffl ttffira
mmn ammppp.Lm'D]
mm Qftoraffimwrawra
T Mine > -��.v C. SOt
dj rap mp mi\ rap raj
m [lujii raffi] Lliijjj fflffll tffl
Cascade City
Hip rap rap mp a
South j
^/Vjij i :ii rM ::l H
ii ml\ !MD ICEI
n mfni iTitrirniTfr
_U   LUL-U..I
j^At-f.. r.oorT.- i inch
*\ xm pa m\ p
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of East Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
������ i   ������ i i   '     ^.*^^^���M^WW^^"^���Ws���^��1������^���^^a^s^aa^^a^s^s^        .n ��� ���������
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man


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