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 (jyc^r   l V>
Published IA the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake   Mining Districts
in   i"i
Vol. I.
CASCADE, B. C, AUGUST 5, 1899.
No. 39.
,W�� !���
Premier Semlin Has Many Troubles of
/ Hi* Own.   ,���$.��.,
Opposition Forces Claim, that the Qovernment
Must Fall Soon and an Appeal to the
People Follow.
The latest dispatches from Victoria indicate that thus far Premier
Semlin Has-imt-succeeded in tilling
the vacant cabinet position of attorney-general.
Helmcken Refused It.
Vancouver, B. C, Aug. 3���Since
the refusal yesterday by H. D.Hel-
ni#ken, senior member for Victoria,
of the office of attorney-general in
Premier Semlin's cabinet, the political situation has remained outwardly unchanged. It is generally
understood tonight .that Alexander
Hender.-on, member for New Westminster, is to get the vacant office.
It was a question in the minds of
the leaders in the cabinet whether
he could be jc-.elected on taking
office. Today a peiition is being
signed in N��w. Westminster in
favor of Henderson, and if this
should represent a majority of the
electors, it is understood he will
accept* the vaoant portfolio ,';and
take his chances of re-election."
���   Joy In Opposition Camp.
Victoria, Bl C, Aug. 3.���There
is joy in the opposition camp tonight on account of the sure defeat
of the .government. Try as he will,
Premier SemMn cannot get a�� at*
tomey-general, and it must be but
a short time until the lieutenant-
governor dismisses him and calls
upon someone else to form a cabinet. An announcement to this
effect may he expected 'any   time.
Is Now at a Critical Stage.
Victoria, B. C, Aug. 2���The
political situation today reached 11
critical stage, and the outlook is
that the* Semlin Government is
doomed and will fall 'Within the!
next few days, When Joe Martin'
was thrust out. of the cabinet" there
seemed a chance of a coalition, but
instead of making concessions and
reversing the part of its policy
objectionable to the opposition it
would try to find an attorney-gen-
fjraHn its own tanks. This has
not proved an^ easy mutter and
the trouhle was accentuated by
the lieutenant-governor; when he
returned from Atlin insisting upon
the Premier at once filling the position of attorney-genera,l, as that is
one of tlie'pcVsilibh'fi1'which the constitutional a'ct'iaVs down must he
filled as a necessity to form, the
'executive. Then' the government
found itse'f after several trials, reduced to oiie man,r Alexander Henderson, member for Westminster
City. They found, however, that
he is so weak in his own constituency that he would almost certain
ly be defeated when he went for
re-election, as a member must do
who joins the cabinet.
Today, as a last chance, H. D.
'Helmcken, Q. C, opposition member for Victoria City, was approached to take the position, but a meet*-
ing of the opposition members,
whom he com-ulted late this afternoon, decided against accepting
the olive branch, and now ther'e
seems no chance of filling the position. "���>This being the,case, Premier
Semlin .will be ohMged< to. resign!,
and well informed politicians here
sny tonight thut thte -government
must fall. .tfe'.i.,. ..   -.,
Will Start From Cascade.
Supt. Rogers, of the Columbia
Stage Co., was ia,. tfiwn Thursday,
and ordered some changes in the
running of stages. Heretofore
three four-horse rigs have run
through ;e>ffc!lv; way daily, to and
from Bossburg. By the new arrangement one of these is taken off,
and instead a.s'Jflge.will be started
to run from Cascade to the Forks.
This is in ari'ticipat'ion that, even
before the railway track is accepted
by the C. P. R. as far as Cascade,
there will be more or less travel
over the new line to and through
Cascade. The new schedule goes
into effeot.-.--today. ' .   ,
Big Railway Contractor Visits the Gat*
Says Grading Is Completed and Track will
Reach Midway by Last ef September-
Rushing the Bull Dog Tunnel.
Christina Lake Properties are Showing
up Well.     ���'�����;.:..i
Strike. Reported on Bryant Also���Manager of
Mother Lode, in Burnt Basin, In Town-
Peter Larson, the .railway contractor and mine owner, has been
spending the week in Cascade with
his family. He came to see the
rails laid into Cascade, which is
expected to happen almost any
hour now. Last night the track;
layers were waiting at the last
small bridge and in 'plain sight of
town, for the ten carloads of stringers which are due from the coast.
But for this unforeseen delay the
track would have reached Kettle
river by last night.
Mr. Larson states that the grading is now complete to Midway, a
distance of 99 miles from West
Robson���with the exception of the
work on the spurs to Greenwood
and Deadwood camps. It. is now
estimated that the rails will Vie laid
to Midway by the end of September. The long tunnel through Bull
Dog mountain, which is half done,
or over 1,500 feet, is now progressing raoidly, and will be completed
by winter. Mr. Larson is much
pleased at the way the work is done
and also with its thorough character from start to finish.
Jack Spaulding, manager of,.the
work on the Cannon Ball group, on
Christina lake, sent word to the
Record this week that the shaft he
had been sinking had at last reached pay ore. For the last month, a
double shift has beenworkingT.-(vnd
at a depth of 30 feet a ledge of fiw
ore* some three feet id, widtl^was
encountered. Work is beingwn,-
tinued, and the ledge is^widening
with depth. There is every indication of this proving agreat property.
Word was received yesterday
that a strike had been made on the
Bryant claim, located back of Eng-
lish Point. Details of the strike
are not at hand, but it is said that
two and a half feet of good ore was
reached;,in the shaft. Messrs. Bryant and'Staples are th# owners.
;!:R. -H.' H; Alexander, manager of
the Mother Lode, Burnt Basin, was
in town Wednesday, oil his way to
Rossland. While conservative and
careful in Kis' statements, he^has
great confidence in the outcome of
the Mother Lode, and says it looks
better with every shot. The shaft
is now down over '35 feet.
Work has been started on a tennis court on the rise just east'of
Mr. Stocker's residence.
Excellent progress has been
made on the new Presbyterian
church building this week.
School is scheduled to commence
a week from next Monday, but it
will probably be postponed for a
week. ,
Alex. Dick, the jpuiniug man,
largely interested, in .Kootenay and
Boundary camps, was..in Cascade
Tuesday. .,,,;   .....
...-Harry B. Hazelton and " wife,
formerly of Cascade, now of Columbia, hnve gone to Halcyon Hot
Springs for the former's health.
P. B.urns &. Co. are shipping all
the meat used in.Oraiid Forks and
C<du.mbiaf.fo^m,t,he,Cascade branch.
This is now meffe than is used in
Last Thursday peek's Cascade
mi\ri::^f^�� tVt turned up missing
at, jiha hands of the Columbia
Stage Co., was delivered here last
Sunday evening.
.vjjtt HQW seems likely that the next
se^sicvp of ,the Board of License
Commissioners will be held at Mid-;
way,, probably in the course of" ti
qcyjple fy tyeeks;   Due notice will
���������.'i:a:n.. _
The best meal is the market at
the Queen Restaurant.
chrisTina Mineral float.
Mike Shick is'doing assessment
work on the Mountain View, in
Burnt Basin.
Frank Hutchinson returned from
Rosalarid last flight on Chamber-
lain*group business.
Crjas. R. Oonndr, a Spokane capitalist, went up Christina lake to
take a Idok at the Victoria, yesterday.
As will be noticed, the Record is
now publishing the mining records,
each week, having made arrangements to get them regularly.
Captain James -Morrish, of the
New Gold Fields of British Columbia, Ltd., Sir Chis. Tapper's company, owning the rich Velvet mine,
near Rossland, wis in town Thursday.
Peter Johnson, who is now proB-
pecting in the Similkameen, located a claim with his partner, Chas.
Willarson, some time ago on Copper mountain. A sample recently
sent to Cascade for testing, gave
the remarkable assay of 55 per
cent copppr. . ��� '
D. J. Matheson and N.Robinson,
who recently returned from a visit
of inspection to the Mother Lode
and Mystery groups in the Burnt
Basin, are enthusiastic over the
appearance of those properties,
which are now being actively developed.
Was the Remains ofPsor, Unfortunate
May Drake.
Skeleton Discovered Near Gilpin's Ranch Last
Sunday by Mr. Beaton���Inquest Held at
the Forks.
Last Sunday, while fishing iu'
Kettle river, near Gilpin's, J. Etfi
Beaton, of the contractor's office,
found the remains of a woman.
Officer Darraugh took charge, and
officer Dinsmore removed the skeleton to the Forks. When the in"-
quest was held Wednesday, the
remains were identified as those of
May Drake, the 21-year old girl
who, through despondency, jumped
into Kettle river at the Forke on
May 7th She was well known,
being prepossessing and bright.
Her father is said to live at We
natchee, Wash., but she was.a wanderer from the straight andnarrow
This is the second body found
near here on the banks of Kettle
river within a few days, the other
being that of Giero, the Frenchman,
who was drowned while attempting
to swim Kettle river with his
horse at Grand Forks.
Frank Corte is building a hotel
neaj the '3,000-foot tunnel through
B'u)T..Dog mountain, where 150
met) ��re,employed by Olaf Olson.
Father 'Parker, of Brooklyn, has
opened a store at the tunnel. THE CASCADE RECORD
Adjusts, UW
Golf links are being laid out at
Last Sanday's fishermen report
good luck a few miles up Kettle
A branch of the Merchants Bank
of Halifax is to be opened at Republic on August 15th.
Landlord Thomas of the Hotel
Cascade, is greatly improving his
premises with some paint.
R. D. Hawks, the G led tit,
merchant, has disposed of his stock
to other merchants in that town.
Cascade Water Power Co. engineers started this week to survey
branch pole lines to Greenwood
New and complete map of the
Christina last mining camps, for
sale by Cascade Record, for $1.25
each, post paid.
Don't overlook the fact that the
Record office is turning out the
finest quality of printing in the
Bounday���bar none.    ,
The San Poil wagon road into
Republic, is reported open to
traffic. This route into Eureka
camp is by way of Wilbur.
Last week's Grand Forks Miner
contained a half column article
stolen hoi us bolus from the Record.
Imitation is the sincerest flattery.
The Greenwood Miner has
chunged its form and now has a
greatly improved appearance, the
pages being the same size as the
Harry Denton and S. C. Che-
zum left Monday for a two weeks
prospecting trip on the south half
of the reservation, in the vicinity
of Keller.
Fred. Brown and wife, formerly
of Cascade, and then of the ill-fated
hotel at Columbia, have moved on
to Republic, and will again try
the hotel business.
All the week Cascade's people
have heen watching the progress of
���the track-laying machine as it
slowly came down the grade, on
the east side of Christina lake and
Kettle river.
The Nelson & Vernon Telephone
Co., in connection with the Inland
Telephone Co., its American connection, has completed its third
metallic circuit between Rossland
and Spokane.
A. R. McKinley (no relation of
the American president) of Toronto, representing J. & J. Taylor, the
Toronto Safe Works, was in Cascade this week, on a business tour
through the Boundary.
J. W. Bflngough, the well known
caricaturist, of Toronto, will make
a tour of British Columbia this
fall, and efforts are being made to
get him to give his clever entertainment, "Crayon and Comedy,"
in Cascade.
Dr. James Robertson, of Winnipeg, Presbyterian home missionary,
occupied the Cascade pulpit, last
Sunday evening. He spoke eri-
tertaingly and met several old
friends. The Doctor has a good
opinion of Cascade, and believes
there will be a large town here.
He was pleased to see the progress
on the t.ew church building.
George Devon, the proprietor of
the Romst hotel, stole quietly away
last week and committed matrimony. The bride was Miss Sophia
Scarpelli, sister of the well-known
contractor, and the ceremony was
performed at Greenwood. The
bridal couple returned to Cascade
on Saturday, and have since been
receiving the congratulations of
Francis & Milne have been appointed town agents for the Steamer Mytle B., which plys on Christina lake. Those desiring to make
the delightful trip to the head of
the lake on Sunday or any other
days, should see Mr. Francis. He
will attend tn all details and supply the tickets. The round trip
fare, for the 40-mile ride, is only
Quite a Difference.
The Burlington (Kan.) Independent says it has received a card
from a subscriber in Michigan of
fifteen years' standing, saying that
he he has missed but one copy of
that paper during that time.
If that subscriber had lived in
the Boundary country, he would
have a decidedly different song to
sing. If he received the paper for
fifteen days on time, it would be
doing remarkably well, It is the
exception and not the rule when
mail is delivered on time here.
upplies a Specialty.
Buy your.
....First Avenue, Cascade.
A nice line of.
Soft Shirts,
Washing Ties,
Silk Ties,
Cashmere Sox,
Linen Coats and Hats
Just Received
NEW MAP . ..
Christina Lake
Mining Camps.
Price, $1.25, post paid.
Compiled  by JOHN A. COBYELL, P. L. S.
This map contains the latest locations on Sham-
rook and Castle Mountains, on Baker, Sutherland and McRae Creeks, and In the Burnt Basin.
For sale by
The Cascade Record,
Cascade, B. C.
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us your order.   Remember, we are still doing the best grade
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F/om the Book* ot the Grand  Forks   Mining Division.
July28-Mountaln View fraction, H. P. Jackson, Burnt Basin. Silver Cup, J. P. Graber,
Shamrock monntain.
July 31��� Edison fraction, B. Plewman and A.
Gee, Burnt Basin.
August 1. Mlckllnberg fraction, C. S. Wallls and
A.M. Brown, Burnt Basin. Glcnorchy, K.
P. Matheson, St. Thomas mountain, nr Gladstone.  Apex, A. J. Stewart, Baker oreek.
July 27. Golden Axe, J. Holm and M. F. Folger.
Black Bear, H. McGuire. No. 7, C.Com-
mings. New Jack of Spades, Glre et al. Iron
Dollar. Cheer and Rlorden.
July 28. Vermont, D. Morrison. Original, Burr,
Van Ness et al.  Ledger, Rolfe, Burr et al.
July 29. Carbonate, J. Buckley and P.B.Nelson.
U. S., George Edwards (2 years). Cumberland, Johnson, Steele et al.
July 81. Tiger, S. F. Ralmon et al. Standard,
Evan Evans. Copper Queen, J. Mulligan.
California and St. Louis, Gerk et al. Connection, Ashfleld. Homestake and Crescent,
A. L. Rogers et al.
August 1. Maniton, Birthday, Edison, Electrio
and Plcton, R. Plewman. Jim, G. Cook.
Vasbti, A. H. Harrison. Clondyke.A.Pennel.
Kimberly. G. W. Paterson.
Notice of Assignment.
Notice is hereby giver, that Thomas F. Gaine
and M. H. boy, both oi Cascade City, in the province of British Columbia, doing business us
wholesale liquor merchants and gent's furnishers, at Cascade City, aforesaid, in the premises
known as the "Yukon >tor��,"' under the name,
style and firm of > alne & Roy, have by deed'
bearing date the 15th day of July, A. D., 18'.i9, aa-
si'.:ne all their personal estate, credits and ef-
! fects which may be sold under execution, and all
their real estate to the undersigned. James H.
Good, of Cascade City aforesaid, Broker, tn trust
for tbe general benetlt of their creditors.
The said deed was executed by the assignors
and assignee on the 15th day of July, A. D., 1899.
All persons, firm*, and corporations having
claims against the said Gaine k Roy are required
to forward to tbe said assignee full particulars of
their claims, duly verified, and the nature of the
securities, If any, held by them, on or before the
21st day of August, A. D., 1899.
And notice is hereby given that after the said
21st day of August, A. I)., 1899, the assignee will
proceed to dintrlbnte the assets of the estate
among the parties entitled thereto, having regard
only to the claims oi which the assignee shall
then have had notice; and that the said assignee
will not be responsible for Ihe assets, or any part
thereof,-o distributed to any person or persons,
firm or corporation of whose debt or claim he
slinll not then I ave had notice.
A meeting of tbe creditors and the said assignors will he held on Friday the tourth (4th)
day of August, A. D., 1899, at the hour ot 2 o'clock
In the afternoon tn the said Yukon Store premises at Cascade City in the province of British
( olumbia.
Hated the 17th day of July, A. D., 1899.
Late Jletel Quotations
New York, August 3.���Bar silver, 60V4C
Mexican dollars, 48c.
Lake copper���18.50.
The Arm that fixes the selling price for miners
and smelters quotes lead 14.85 at the close.
Meals at any old hour at the
Queen Restaurant.   Try it.
It is said that a local road superintendent if) to he appointed hy the
government at an early date.
The Ladies' Aid Society is making elaborate preparations for the
lawn social to he given August 17,
for the benefit of Rev. J. McCoy.
J A. Bertois and Chas. H.Thomas enjoy the unique distinction of
having the first pigeons to make
their home in the Gateway City.
Contractor Videen came to town
from Gladstone with his men. He
has heen grading a sidetrack there,
and had up to 150 men on the payroll.
A meeting of the creditors of
Gaine & Roy was held yesterday.
G. A. Eastman was recommended
for assignee and T. E. Mahaffy and
D. J. Darraugh its inspectors.
Thursday morning Greenwood
was again visited hy fire, and this
time two more hotels were reduced
to ashes, the Pacific, run by Madden & Dallas, and the Windsor,
by E. Weeks & Co. Loss is estimated at $10,000 with part insurance.
By a score of 14 to 11 the Grand
Forks base ball team was beaten
by the Nelson, B. C, hall tossers
last Sunday. This is the first time
this year the Grand Forks boys
have been worsted, and considerable money changed hands on the
Swan Youngholtz was driving
one of the B. C. Livery Stable rigs
from Grand Forks on Monday, and
when a mile out the horses went
down the bank, threw the driver
into the river and reduced the
wagon to kindling wood. One of
the horses swam the river.
The trustees of the Cascade Presbyterian church held a meeting
Monday. They say that, while the
amount of subscriptions thus far
received is quite satisfactory, there
is yet opportunity for those inclined to heln a good cause along
to get in on the ground floor.
Certificates of Improvements.
Birthday, Fdison, Eljscthic. Pictoh,
moncton and Edison Fraction mineral
claims, situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale district.
Where located;-Birthday���on McRae oreek
and one mile from Christina lake.
Edison, Electric, Picton, Moncton and Edison
Fraction���on Josh creek, In the Burnt Basin.
Take Notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.,
of Trail, B. P., acting as agent for Klchard Plewman, Free Miners' Certlfleaie No. 1)13250, and
Mrs. (Thos.) Addle Gee, Free Miners' Certificate
No, 12S86A, intend, sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
crown grants of the above c aims.
At d fnrther take notice that action, under section 87. must be commenced before ihe issuance
of snub Certificates of Improvements,
ated thl 26th day of July, A.D.,
Sealed tenders addressed to tbe undersigned
and marked Tenders for Country -chool, Cascade
City, B. C, will be received until 12 o'clock noon
on the lOtb day of August, 1899, for the ereoiion
of a school house in Cascade Pity, II. C. Plan"
and specifications will he on view at Ihe office of
the undersigned and at the office of Angns Cameron, Postmaster, Cas ade City Blank forms of
tenders shall also be supplied to intending bidders. The ���ndersitned will forward after 12
o'clock noon, the 10th day of August 1899, all tenders as marked to the Department of Land and
> orks, Victoria, B. C.
D. D. FRRorsoN,
Secretary School Board.
Ci.scude CJItv, B. C.
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under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
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European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
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Mining Men
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First Avenue,
WMm����t^��t��t��tlMmV,Jt��tttlWtWti'����t^��! <
The Steamer
Myrtle B.
Is now ready for freight and
passenger traffic on Christina
Lake. Newly painted and refitted.-
Steamer leaves Foot of Lake at 10 a.m. and 8
p. m.; leaves English Point at 9 a.m. and 1 p. m.
When your horse loses a
shoe or your wagon gets
"out of whack," go to.....'.
Expert Blacksmiths
and Wagonmakers.
Second Ave., Cascade, B. C. THE  CASCADE   RECORD
Augusts, 18W
Published on Saturdays at Cascade, B. C, by
W. Beach Willcox.
PerYear    18.00
Six Months     1.25
To Foreign Countries'.       8.50
Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
The Record is on sale at the following places:
Simpson's Newstand     Rossland
Thompson Stationery Co,  Nelson
H.A.King 4 Co  Greenwood
R. F. Petrie Grand Forks
John W. Graham A Co Spokane, Wash.
Franois k Milne  Casoade
Thomas Walker  Cascade
Casoade Drug Co       Casoade
When the government caucus
was held last week Attorney-General Martin found that nearly all
of his late admirers had left his
support, and bowing to the inevir
table he sent in his resignation to
a seat in the cabinet, at the same
time vowing vengeance on those
who caused his downfall.
At this writing Lieut.-Governor
Mclnnes, who returned from Atlin
last Sunday, had taken no action,
and there is no little speculation
as to what may be the outcome of
the political muddle. In many
quarters it is believed that the
lieutenant-governor will get his son
to fill Joe Martin's t��hoes. Others
think that Harry Helmcken or
Alex. Hetiderson may take the vacant cabinet position. Government supporters all profess tp believe that the discord is now over,
and that the appointment of a new
attorney-general will smooth over
the troubled waters. It is barely
possible that this will be the result
of the temporary upheaval, but
many do not agree with this view,
and assert that, outside of the
Martin imbroglio, the conduct of
the entire administration has been
of a weak, unsatisfactory character
to the country at large; that Mr.
Mclnnes is well aware of this, and
that he will call for another appeal to the people.
Joe Martin's personality was
most certainly strongly impressed
upon the other ministers of the
crown, and hut little business was
transacted that he did not have
his finger in the pie somewhere.
But Joe could not hold himself
down, and as a result he wa? hoisted with his own petard. Should
the government hold together, it
remains to be seen whether his
successor will he the right man in
the right place.
Que thing is needed sorely, and
that is more attention paid to this
section hy the government. In
whatever changes are made Koot
enay and Yale members should be
at the front in seeing that the interior needs are no longer neglected.
No one thing, perhaps, attracts
as much attention to a mining section as a creditable exhibit of its
ores, well arranged and cared for,
and placed before those likely to
be interested in such matters. On
the 3d of October the Spokane Industrial Exposition will open, and
the mineral department is being
made the most important, possibly,
of all. At any rate, every camp of
any importance, within 200 miles
of Spokane, will be well represented
there. And well they may, for
last year there was an average of
over 7,000 paid admissions for each
day of the fair. Of these the large
majority visited the mineral department, and sales of British Columbia mining properties are well
known to have resulted. This year
greater efforts are being put forth
for the ore exhibit, and consequently it will he worth more to
the camps represented from an advertising standpoint.
It ib time that a move was made
to gather samples of the best ores
obtainable from Christina lake
camps. The exposition management has appointed Mr. George K.
Stocker, of this city, to look after
the specimens, and see that they
are properly packed, shipped and
placed on exhibition. Mr. S-Uocker
is more than willing to devote the
necessary time for this, but requests
the co-operation of the mine-owners
and prospectors to this end. The
matter should be taken up and vigorously pushed till a creditable
display ie gathered. We all have
faith that we have right here properties that when properly exploited
will prove to be as valuable as'any
in Kootenay or Yale, and all we
need is to inteiest capital to prove
the soundness of our faith. Here
is one excellent opportunity, and
another one is the great Paris exposition of 1900, for which the provincial government is preparing a
good display of our minerals, and
in which this section should be
Those interested should see Mr.
Stocker without delay, and arrange
to co-operate with him in arranging for this, oneof the best possible
advertisements for this district.
tier or shape. If there is anything
from Rossland to Penticton that
this intelligent scribe has not
twisted to his own ends, it has yet
to be discovered.
The remains of Col. Robert G.
Ingersoll, the world famous agnostic, who died a few days ago, have
been cremated. His body went to
the hot place, wherever his spirit is.
The lieutenant-governor returned
from Atlin convinced that it is
really a great gold producing region. He dug up some nuggets
himself and knows whereof he
Dominion parliament was scheduled to prorogue this week, by common consent. One of the last acts
was to allow subsidies for new
railway lines amounting to the neat
sum of $58,000,000. These are
great times for contractors.
While not vouching for its absolute accuracy, the Vancouver World
has been informed, on what it considers to be reliable authority, that
there is to be an early session of
the local legislature. This information comes from a minister of
the crown, and its accuracy, therefore, can )>e taken at its full value.
The track on the hew railway
has reach Cascade just two months
later than the engineers figured
when the. work was commenced
over a year ago. But then, it always takes a trifle longer than
estimated. In addition to that,
this piece of work was one of the
most difficult ever undertaken iu
the Pacific Northwest.
Peter Jackson, the colored pugilist, i* sojourning at Victoria.
This has no connection with Joe
Martin's preparing for a scrap.
New Denver Ledge asse-rts that
"Licking stamps sometimes brings
on cancer of the tongue. Licking
an editor often brings on sudden
death." Those looking for ye editor with a stuffed club will please
take due notice.
For collossal gaul, the versatile
correspondent at Grand Forks, who
is booming that town early and
late, east and west, in referring to
the magnificient cascades of Kettle
river as "below this city," meaning
the Forks, takes the cake It is 13
milen "below" Grand Forks and is
not tributary to that town or any
of its promotors, in any way, man-
It is said there iB great dissatisfaction in northeast Kootenay over
the manner in which the government road appropriations are being
expended. In south-east Yale
there is also great dissatisfaction,
with this difference, that here it
takes a man with a lively imagination to discern where any expenditure is going on. It is about time
something was done.
There is a good deal of common
sense in the suggestion of the
Greenwood Times, that the $900
which the city council is asked to
contribute to the exchequer of the
Spokesman-Review, for saying nice
things about that town, should instead be divided hetween the two
local papers and 225 copies of each
paper sent to those in Eastern
Canada who would be interested
in the Boundary. Undoubtedly
better results would flow from such
a judicious expenditure.
Fred Smith, representing the W.
J. Gage Co., of Toronto, wholesale
paper, stopped in Cascade this
week on a trip through the Boundary. t
Alex McArthur. of Porter Bros.
& McArthur, who was hurt near
Gladstone a couple of weeks since,
is back at his post again.
A Big Ton
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business sites in Casoade, situated on either side
of the new Customs House. Frontage, 80 and 40
feet respectively; depth, ISO feet. Any reasonable
offer considered.  Apply by letter only to
Cascade City, B.C.
Table of Distances From
Sutherland oreek.... 8
Baker creek. ....... 0
McRae creek    8
Burnt Basin   16
Central camp 20
Fisherman oreek....SI
Summit camp.        86
Seattle camp 28
Brown's camp...... 28
VolcanloMt..    ....85
Pathfinder Ht 28
Knight's camp 88
Wellington camp ...24
Skylark camp 80
Frovldencecamp... 84
Deadwood ca m p ... 86
Smith's camp ��� 85
Long Lake camp... 89
Copper camp . ... 87
Graham camp ... .45
Kimberly Camp... .88
Balls Ferry.... 7
Rock Cot 10
Bossburg   26
Marcus   .........   88
Rossland. ,,..41
Christina Lake . " t
Giahnm's Ferry..... 8
Grand Forks 18
Columbia (Up.GF.) 14
Carson  18
Niagara.  21
Greenwood  81
Anaconda ... 82
Boundary Falls 86
Midway      ,   .80
Rook Creek........   52
Camp McKinney... 76
Okanagan Falls... 112
Pentloton '.,. 125
Nelson, Wash. 18
Curlew, Wash. ... 89
Torodack., Wash...41
Republic  60
Gladstone 18
Brooklyn  40 [V
August 5. 1899
Just exactly when trains will he
running into Cascade with some
degiee of regularity, is still a debatable .question. Probably, in a
couple of weeks after the long Kettle river bridge, east of town, is
crossed, it will be done���if the inspectors get through their work by
that date. At this writing���Friday
afternoon���the end of the track is
in sight from the: Record office, a
couple of miles tip the grade; but
the expected has happened, and
the necessary stringers for the last
two bridges have not yet arrived
from the coast, and nothing further ciin be done till they get here.
The missing timbers are expected
daily, however, and the work of
putting down the rails to Kettle
river is then a small matter.
It is said that Mr. Morris, the
vice-president and manager of the
Columbia Townsite Co., has sold
out his interests to eastern men,
lind will hand over the management of the: stage line, for which
he has. repeatedly proved himself
so peculiarly unfitted, to others.,
Everyone' interested should be congratulated, and the thousands who
havB,beeri;for'cdd to relydn this unreliable line for mail <r express
matter, are interested. An average;
l#yea( rfldcboy with .three ounces!
of gumption'would do better.
The following from the Rossland
Record, just about sizes the situation up aright:
"The newspaper business is! the
oi.ly business thit every ..body
understands. We do not know
how the secret gets out in every
village*.t,own and city in the world.
HnWfeyeif, the cat^'flut ;bf'theTi tteg,
and there is no use denying it.
The man who carries in the wood
and coal wijf stop his work'' to tell
you how fo.idnit.p $very hu8iness
house in every town has some one
about it who knows all about h.>w
a newspaper shonld .be-^run;;. It
makes us sad to think about it,hut
we suppose it will ever he thus.
\ The enterprise of the Columbia
Telephone'Co. in' extending its line
through to Camp McKinney, is one
that will doubtless be profitable.
Rut it is evident that the company
floes not propose to stop here. < It
s understood'.that next year, if not
{his, the'wijres will I he pushed
through to Penticton, 40 miles be-
!ond. | W|ith the rapid development of the Similkameen,'now as-
ured, there ;cannot fail to he a
paying business awaiting the line
as soonas itjtets to Lake Okanagan. In th/meantime the Columbia Co. willfperfect the system already in', aha install exchanges in
the raosi promising places.
Actinjg on jjthe report- that: the
f|keletoiFdi|ci>vered last Sunday on
tjha hajnkg jof Kettle river, hear
&\\pia\\Jm* that of their little
son, fed.'arj/d Mrs. Tratinwiser, of
(Jirar/d floras, came down Monday,
withia coffin for the remains. It
was then found tn he that of a
Woman. \The little fellow referred
tp wa��j drowned in Kettle river
some'fSjMnthp ago, and nothing
has yet nSen seeri.of the body.
You fan iret breakfast before the
early stage starts at the Queen
$ Grand Central
Mcdonald & flood, props.
Liquid Refreshments of All Kinds
and in the Choicest Qualities. . . .
First Class Sample Booms in Connection.
"      ' FIRST AVENUE, CASCADK, fi. C.
This House, is the* Favorite lleshrt.for Railway Men.
B. C. Li very Stable
Good Saddlie Horses for Hire. Teaming
on the Shortest Notice. Good.Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part; of
the Boundary country.. Careful drivers.
WflnrVW   .
J. A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue,
^ateMAcFARLA^^Cp.jfV;AKC6UVER, B.C.   '3      ;
We are manufacturers and direct importers, and carry a large stock of Balances, Furnaces,
Fire Clay Roods, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum goods, Acids, Chemicals, and all other Assayers' and Miners' requirements. ... SOLE AGBNTS for Morgan Cru- .
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First Ave.,
cascade) b. ���.
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house, tQi be Renown as the
Queen. ifjDpular prices and
theJ&est"atservice. Givet me
a call.   Meals, 25c anil Up.
1     August Reischl,
v ��� ;; Prop.
Certificate of Improvements.
Cannonball, Dkadwooi) and Alma mineral
claims, situate In the Grand Forks Miniug Dlvli-
Iod of Yale District. .      .        '
Where located:���On Baker Oreek, about one
mile east of Christina Lake.   ,?:
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., of
Trail, B.C.. acting as agent for B. Dalby Morkill, Jr. F.M. r. No. 8888SA, William C. Williams, F M. C No. 840I7A, John Spauldiug, F.
M. C. No. 128BA,, Orr Gradei., FT M. C. <o.
19809A, Geo. S. Armstrong, F. M. (J. No. 1288TB,
and A. W. Selgle Free Miner's Certificate No.
1807A, intend sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown.Grants of the above .claims.     ..*i .-.
And- further take notice that action, nnder section SI, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this tenth day of July, 1899, A. D.
47     ... J. D. AHDIRBOH.
��� ������
.   Delivered free to
.  any part of the
city..... ;;���'.
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician.
Ryes Srientlflcally Tested
Free of Charge.  .   .  .' .
Dominion Hall Block,
Lands, ���
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to make application to the 'Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worke\or permission
to purchase'the following desorlbedltraot of land,
viz i Commen'cftij at fe post 'located about one
mile Jtorlh easterly of tbe junction? o/ McKae and
Dayqreqks aqd about six miles from. Christina
lake, Tale dlstrtcT,' thence running forty chains
east,thence one Iraodred and twWftj chains north,
thence1 forty chains west, tfttmce one hundred
and twetitv chains south to point ot eonimeuce-
mi-nt, Comprising four hundred and eighty acres.
Rossland, B. C, June 1st, 1��W.  89
\ T �� '
Notice ia hereby given that the ' partirerslito
heretofore existing between Peter Nelson and
Cbarlea Johnson, under the firm name of Nelson,
k Co., conducting tbe Montana Hotel at Casoade
B. C.,la this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Charlm Johnson.
Dated at Cascade, B. C. Jnne 80,1899.
P. 0. Addreas, Box 74, Casoade, B. C.        89
Take notice that the partnership heretofore existing between us, the undersigned, as hotel
keepers at tbe towns of Wardner and ''ascade, B.
C, under tbe firm name of Eckstorrn k Simpson,
has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.
The business will be continued by 0. J. Eckstorrn, who assumes all liabilities of partnership
and to whom all debts dne the partnership must
be paid.
' Dated at Cascade, B. C, March 1,189S.
Witnesses. 0. J. EokstoRM,
0. N. Johnson, ������  F. E. Simpson.
for C. J. Eckstorrn.
Matt Rockendorf,
for F. E. Simpson. 89
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy, M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
8:00 p.m., Standard Time, In the school-house,
Sabbath school at 1:80 p.m, in the same place.
All are cordially invited to attend.
Morris McCarty, the mining pro-
motor of Bossburg, passed through
Cascade on his return trip from the
upper Boundary country this
week, arid reports times as being
good in that section, He will return in a short time and.look over
the Burnt Basin district, from
which He has heard such good reports. Mr. McCarty has extensive
minirfg interests in and around
Bossburg, notably the properties ot
the Uncle Sam and Great Columbia Mining companies, of which he
is the heaviest stockholder. Both
properties are-being worked stead*
ily and great things are predicted
Mr. McCarty was formerly treasurer of Whatcom county, Washington, and was the promoter and
half owner of the Whatcom street
car system, and a large property
holder during the lioom clays of
Bellingham Bay. He was also interested in the Bellingham Bay
Daily Express during its short but
melodramatic existence. :>���'������
P. A. O'Parreli, rlie coftespouv
dent, returned from a trip to Boundary and Republic thifc week arid
stopped in Cascade. Mr. O'Farrell
fil*��t came to Spokane some ten
yuatsflgo, and was cine of those
who wrote 'up "the Rossland of old
boom days' in such entertaining
style for syndicates of e*i*terti jour*
nals. He is now visiting some of
the comparatively newer ramps, in
regard to which he will gixehis
views beforeljj>ng. He recently
severely criticised Joe Martin's
actions at the Mackintosh banquet,
and incidentally the eight-hour
law.- vThis brought down tbe wrath
of the labor unions, but P. A.
seems to stand it.
F. Pv Rathbone, of London, England, who sailed for this' side of the
herring pond on the 27th ultimo,
and will come direct to Cascade
with the family of T. F. Carden, is
a mining- expert of considerable
note. When Col. Peyton was'endeavoring to sell the LeRoi mine
in London to the B. A. C, it was
largely through the instrumentality of Mr. Rathbone that the deal
was finally put through, and the
rich dividend payer passed into
English hands. Mr. Rathbone is
now en route to the Klondike, to
report upon some promising ..'mining properties for a wealthy English syndicate. He is also a director, in the B. C. Mercantile and
Mining,Syndicate, of Cascade, and
while here he will examine several
Ctms.tina lake properties, with a
view to exploiting them. He is expected here about the middle of the
month.    '
Duncan Ross, editor of the Greenwood Times, stopped over night on
Tuesday in Cascade, on his way tn
the congress of the boards of trade
at Rossland. Mr. Ross is a pioneer
in the Boundary creek district,
starting his excellent weekly in
Greenwood when there was little
there but log shanties and shacks.
He had sublime faith in the out*
come, however, and is now beginning to gather in the rewards of
patience and labor. While he is
said to have a political bee busily
btuzing in his bonnet, no one will
gainsay that he has one of the best
papers published in Yale district. 6
August 5, 1899
And tki Track-Uytr* Crossed the BrMf��
Abtatf ef Thm.
Jack Stewart, superintendent of
railway construction on the new
line, and Dick Porter, of Porter
Bros. & McArthur, who are building the bridges and laying the
track, got into a discussion last
Saturday, as to when the Sutherland creek bridges would have the
steel down on them. Both, of
course, were desirous of getting the
track into Cascade at the earliest
possible moment. On* 400-foot
bridge had to receive tbe stringers,
ties and rails, while a shorter one,
some 200 feet long, also had to be
completed and crossed. To settle
the argument a good natured
wager was made by Mr. Stewart
that the track-layers would not
reach the end of the second bridge
by noon of last Monday. The bet
was $100 a side.
Mr. Porter promptly took him
up. Some say that he went to the
bridge gang, told them the situation and of the wager, and that
the $100 would be theirs if the second bridge was crossed in the time
mentioned. Be that as it may, the
men, who were already working at
high pressure, took off the safety
Valve, as it were, and let themselves out to make a record���and
the $100���or die in the attempt.
Swift work has heen the rule with
these bridge men, hut they took a
pride in winning that wager.
And they
���the bridges
stringers, ties
and the track'
pushing  on
farther along, which was a "crip
won it, for by
three hour* to spare
were completed, with
and rails all in place,
-laying machine was
to   the   next bridge
Fifty Dlffemt Canpi t* Scad Saapfes to
Spekaas ExpcMlttoa.
The mineral department will be
one of the strongest portions of the
Spokane Industrial Exposition,
which opens October 3rd. The enthusiasm which the mining men
of Spokane have put into this enterprise has been supplemented by
the energy of the mining men in
all the camps. The result has
been that already more camps and
districts have promised to exhibit
and are actually preparing their
exhibits than ever before were presented at the fruit fair on the very
day of opening���and yet it is two
months before the exposition
will open. This insures that this
exhibit will be the finest mineral
display ever made in the Pacific
Van B. DeLashmutt, Captain
C. H. Thompson, L. K. Armstrong
and other leading mining men of
Spokane are doing everything they
can for this department. Letters
were sent out to 80 camps, and already 50 of them  have   replied,
agreeing to exhibit at the exposition. Mining men realise that it
is important to make exhibits at
Spokane this year, for there will be
visitors at the exposition from far
and wide.      .
Mining men and capitalists will
be present from California, from
the coast and from all parts of the
east and Canada, and at least one
big excursion of capitalists and
mine owners will be run from Boston to the exposition. These excursionists will stop a week or ten
days in Spokane, examining the
ores at the exposition and taking
brief runs into the mining districts
about the city. Hence it stands to
reason that every camp and district should make as complete an
exhibit as possible this year.
The camps and districts which
already have agreed to exhibit and
are preparing, their ores are the
In British Columbia; Silverton,
Kaslo, Nelson, Ainsworth, Ymir,
Salmo, Erie, Cascade and Christina
lake, Greenwood, Camp McKinney
and Rock creek, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Grand Forks.
In Washinton: Toroda creek,
Republic, Addy, Chewelah, Valley,
Springdale, Newport, Fort Spokane, Keller and the south half,
Entiat, Pechastin, Mt. Stuart. Index, Skykomish, Myers creek,
Rnslyn, and Mt. Baker.
In Idaho: Trestle creek, Black
Tail, Priest lake, Boulder  creek,
Grangeville, Dixie, Buffalo Hump,
Burnt creek, Pierce, Seven Devils
and Heap.
In Oregon: Baker City, Canyon City, John Day, Sumpter,
In Montana: The Blackfoot district. ���    ���	
Mlalif Matters.
The development of a mine is
exploration. The. stoping and
working of a mine after it is developed is exploitation. A good maxim in mining is keeping exploration well in advance of exploitation.
A normal fault is one in which
the hanging wall has sunk relatively to the foot wall, and a
reverse or thrust fault is one in
which the hanging wall side has
moved upward relatively to the
foot wall.
The slow backward movement of
abrupt rock faces, due to weathering, has been called the recession
of cliffs.
It has been asserted that all
pyrite contains gold in some
amount, but careful tests have
been made by some of the most expert chemists of the United States
geological survey and pyrite frequently found which showed no
trace of gold.
Don't forget the Record Job Department when needing fine stationery.
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Tale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
* The eehjter of
a marvellously
A most promising opportunity for business
locations aud realty investments,
A most advantageous smelter
location and railroad center. One
mile from Christina Lake, the
Great Pleasure
For further
price of lots,
etc., address,
|ooiTifei{< to <t4acAO|cl f
���* 1 i i'i I i i*.r ~
Second   ^.^^^
Cascade City
iCvcnth       Ave,       Bout
>i��I"    a = *ss    = = oi
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man. August 5. 18W
Brief Blta From Many Camp*.
The statement is made that the
B. G. mine, in Summit camp, now
has a million dollars worth of ore
in sight.
The B. A. C. has commenced
work on the La Fleur-Oomstock
properties on La Fieur mountain,
near Nelson, Wash.
Nearly a thousand prospectors
are now in the Similkameen country, coming from the Kootenay,
Boundary and coast points.
A drift is being run at the bottom of the 30-foot shaft on the
War Cloud, on Pathfinder mountain. The ledge has widened out
to four feet.
It it* reported that those who
have established themselves with
sluice boxes on the head waters of
Kettle river, at the scene of the late
placer excitement, express themselves as well contented.
An option is said to have been
secured on all the conflicting interests of the famous Seattle mine
and it is probable that within a
short time there will be a successful  flotation of the prottorty.
It is claimed that at the 275-foot
level the Jewel mine, in Loop Lake
camp, hai) eight feet of solid ore,
which will run $80 to the ton, and
the pay chute has been proven to
extend to a considerable length.
The new 80 h. p. boiler and 50
h. p. hoist, being installed at the
Old Ironsides mine, can be used to
the 1000-foot level. Its capacity is
three tons and its speed.is 500 feet
in three minutes. The No. 1 shaft
is down 210 feet and the No. 2
shaft 320 feet. At the 200-font
level 1400 feet of work have been
The main shaft on the Golden
Crown, in Wellington camp, is
down 225 feet. Wiih 25 feet more
of sinking, a 200-foot crosscut will
be run. before sloping begins. The
ore is said to average $28 in gold
per ton. There are 15 men employed, the plant consisting of a 5-
drill compressor, two boilers and a
The double compartment perpendicular shaft on the Oro Den-
oro, in Summit camp, is down 110
feet. It. was driven on the main
ledge, which is said to be 100 feet
wide. Assays run as high as 20
per cent copper, $5 to $6 in silver
and $3 to $6 in gold. The owners,
the King Mining Co., decided this
week to install a 5-drill air compressor plant as soon  as possible.
In the recent strike in the Gold
Bug, near Boundary City, in
which D. A. Holbrook is largely
interested, the assays from the
galena ores and quartz run from
$200 to $300 in gold, with some
ripper values. The quartz is literally studded with free silver. The
shaft is now down 30 feet and the
ledge is widening. There is every
appearance of this property turning out a great mine.
The new plant recently ordered
from the Jas. Cooper Mfg. Co., of
Montreal, intended for the Sunset,
in Deadwood camp, consists of a
20-drill compound compressor of
the IngersolNSerpeniit pattern, 100
h. p. hoisting engine, capable of
hoisting 1000 feet, full equipment
of boilers, pumps, drills, cages, etc.
The plant will arrive in nb>ut two
months, and will be one of the
most complete in the district.
Entitled to Timber oa Homesteads.
The Dominion government gives
notice in the last British Columbia Gazette that the provisions in
sections 14 and 15 of the regulations for the disposal of Dominion
lands within the railway belt of
British Columbia, established by
order-in-council .of September 17,
1887, and September 17, 1889, for
the reservation to the crown of the
timber on lands, homesteads in
said belt, shall be, and is, rescinded, and all persons who have received homestead entry for lands
within the railway belt prior to
date, are entitled to the timber on
their homesteads free of dues.
This provision shall not apply to
any timber heretofore granted, or
in respect of which any license Or
permit to cut has been issued to
any other person or incorporation,
nor shall it apply to timber for
which dues have either been paid
or on dues to the crown.
New and complete map of the
Christina Lake Mining Camps.
Brought down to April 1st, 1899.
Price $1-25. Sent post paid on receipt of price by the Cascade Record, Cascade, B. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Slieppard llj. Co,
lied Mountain Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between the   Kootenay District
���AND ALIi���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,-
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects at Spokane with���
O. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and Information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
creek connect at  Marcus and Bossburg  with
stages dally.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. k T. A.,
Spokane. Wasb.
canadian <\
^Pacific Ky.
America's Great Transcontinental Line
and World's Pictorial Route.
From Kootenay Country. First
Class Sleepers on all trains
from Arrowhead and Kootenay
Landing. Tourist Cars pass
Revelstoke, daily for St. Paul,
Thursdays for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for Toronto.
7.00 and 1H.20K lv. Rossland ar. 11.00 and 19.40K
7.00 and 15.45K lv. Nelson . ar. 10.HO and I9.25K
For points on or reached via Crow's Nest Line
82.80K (dally).... lv. Nelson ar.. .. (dally) 2.S0K
Cascade via Bossburg and Nelson, to Toronto,
108hours; to Montreal, 108 hours; toNaw York,
118 hours; to Winnipeg, AS hours. Rossland or
Nelson to the coast in 80 hours.
For rates and fullest Information address merest local agent or,
A. Bremner, Agent, Cascade, B.C.
W.F.Anderson,      E.J.Coym:,
Trav.Pass.Agent, A.G.P.Agt.
Nelson, B.C.    Vancouver.B.C
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of the
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar iu Connection.
Pkcond Avenue,
Cascade City. Br'tish Columbia.
... .McRae Landing, Christina Lake
"o\r open under entirely new management. First- class nucommodntlnng and
reasonable rates. Ih autlfnl situation, good Boutin?, flnthing, lulling aud
1 untilig.  Tbe place to spend a pleasant holiday.
I all and see us.   steamboat calls twice a day.  Close to Brooklyn road.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the best hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
.. in connection.
fresl] anb Oreb )])fteats,
fisl; anb Oysters, ��i��e anb jjresseb Poultry
fV Meats delivered at Mines Free of Charge,
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
Plana Drawn and Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
TMEr NEWSttd^g
Boundary Country can be had in a concise and readable form
by taking the Cascade Record every week. Send along your
two dollar bill and keep posted on the greatest mining district
in British Columbia.   Address, The Record, Cascade,B.C.
__ 8
Augusts, 18W
Eailroad Headquarters Hotel.
When Visitinjg the Gateway City on Railroad, Mining or ) Our Bar is One of the Features of this Establishment. It
Smelter Business, You   are  Cordially Invited to \ is Supplied with an Almost Endless Variety of the
Make Your Home Here. You will be Treated Right. | Choicest Whiskies, Ales, Wines, Beers and Cigars.
A large stock of Rough
and Dressed Lumber.
Laths, Shingles, flouldings, Etc
Pure Goods for Medicinal Use
First Avenue
^QSCQOC,  JJ. y^.    Oscar Stknstrom, Mgr.
Bossburg, Republic, Greenwood, Grand Forks and all Boundary Points. We sell Through Tickets to all points. We
Always Leave and Arrive "on Time."
Leave Cascade for Bossburg, 5.30 a. m.
Leave Cascade for Grand Forks, 7.00 p. m.
F. M. HALLETT, Manager,
Bossburg, Wash.
Commercial Hotel
... ^..
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
For the best since
the world began
apply to
The Record, Cascade, B.C.
The first bicycle
debut in Ymir.
has made its
Revelstoke now has a new
day closing law in force.
The Kamloops Standard recently
celebrated its third birthday.
Rossland has a swimming club,
the members dipping in Violin
This year the water in Kootenay
lake was not as high as last season,
by two feet.
The Canadian Press Association
leaves Toronto next week for a visit to British Columbia.
LaBt week 4,614 ton*, of, ore were
shipped out of Rossland's mines,
making it the record week, thus
E.S. Williams and H. E. Crounee
were fatally injured last week by
a premature explosion in the Sovereign mine, near Sandon
A new monthly published at
Vancouver is the Methodist Recorder, devoted to the interests of
that church in this province.
LaBt Monday ihe first spike was
driven at Nelson for the first electrical street railway in Kootenay.
The spike was gold, and the city
was en fete.
Nelson's custom house reports
July imports at $66,898; duty collected was $16,247.22. Last year
the respective amounts were $10,-
872.86 and $6,417.49.
The July custom returns for
port of Rossland were, imports,
$58,348; exports $349,215; collections, $11,197.57. For July of
last year $9,250 was collected in
Next week, a real circus., menagerie, pink lemonade, side-shows
and all will exhibit at both Rossland and Nelson, and carry 'many
thousands of dollars out of the
country. It is the first show of
the kind to visit the section, and is
called the Walter L. Main circus.
Those who secured the contracts
for building the railway branch
from Cranbrook to the North Star
mine in East Kootenay, were as
follows: From Cranbrook to St.
Mary's river, seven and one-half
miles, Reid and McRae. Next four
miles, Grant and Shady. Next
three miles, Peter Lund. Last
three miles in Kimherley, M. M
McCarty. Leitch and McDoiifral
have the contract for all the timber work on the line. The contracts provide that the work of
grading shall be completed by the
15th of October, and the work will
be pushed forward with all the
speed possible.
Palace giuery $arn
Up to Date Livery.
Saddle Horses Furnished
Hutch ins &
Are now located in Bosrburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Fire Insurance Agency
Grorgk K. Stockkr, Agent.
Sing Kee
Expert   Lnuiicliymiin.     Bundle- railed for ami  delivered.
Work done on Short Notice.
Give me a trial.
Laundry at the rear of tbe Commercial Hotel'
0.1 Liwv Stable,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Rear Montana Hotel, Cascadk.


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