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Cascade Record 1899-04-29

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Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. I.
CASCADE, B. C, APRIL 29, 1899.
No. 25.
And Delegations From All Over the
Boundary Will Assist
The First Brass Band Ever Heard In the Boundary Country Has Been Engafed for tbe
Every detail is now being looked
after for the great celebration of
Queen's birthday which is to take
place in Cascade this year. There
is no longer any doubt of the successful outcome of the event, as
every man in town, seemingly,
has taken hold of the idea with a
wi'l, and is doing his share,
financially and/ otherwise for the
Grand Forks has decided to
celebrate Dominion Day, instead
of May 24th, as was talked of, and
has promised to send a large contingent to'take part in ' the games
and sports at Cascade on the
occurrence of juur festivities. Cascade will reciprocate on July 1st.
Goodly delegations are expected
also from Columbia, Greenwood,
Gladstone, English Point, Bossburg, etc. In fact, crowds will
centre here from all points of the
The finance committee has held
several meetings, and has decided
to place every dollar possible in
prizes for the various races and
sports. The sports committee has
also held a number of meetings,
and have successfully arranged a
most attractive series of events, for
the day. This committee has
divided into the following subcommittees : On racing, Messrs.
Johnston, Cooper and Crowell ;
baseball, Messrs. Woodman, Shepherd, Robinson and Sinclair; rock
drilling contest,Sinclair, McLellan
and Crowell. It has also been
decided to offer a prize for the best
decorated building in town, and
several are making preparations to
compete for this prize. Local
dealers have ordered flags and
hunting, to supply the expected
demand. ,
A representative of the Record
visited Bossburg last Tuesday, and
the brass hand of that town, 12
strong, has been engaged at a large
expense and will be here all day of
the 24th of May, to enliven things.
The closing hall in the evening
'Will be an- important event also,
for which the best of music is to be
The large posters, announcing
the celebration, are now in the
hands of the printer, and in a few
days will be distributed ell over
the territory adjacent to this city.
A. McCulloch, one of the members of Engineer Englund's force,
returned from Spokane last week
with his bride. Both are now receiving the congratulations of
Is Styled the International Flyer, and Makes
Good Time.
Quite unexpectedly last evening,
about seven o'clock, the first of the
new line of stages drove into Cascade. A new covered vehicle, with
four horses was used, on the side
of which was painted " International Flyer." Manager Russell
was handling the ribbons and
Secretary Plummer was also aboard,
the stage being loaded with passengers Nearly an hour later the
Columbia Stage Line's first vehicle
arrived. In crossing the Columbia
river the Columbia stage got over
first, hut the flyer passed it on the
long Bossburg hill and kept ahead.
The time made by the new line
is a great improvement over the
schedule heretofore in use, and if
the record now made it* kept up, it
will make the stage ride much-less
irksome. The new line will also
carry express matter, and is now
arranging for an agent in this city
to handle its business.
In the Mining Field
April Report of the Standing of the Different
The following marks were obtained .by pupils attending the
Cascade public school for the month
of April:
Fifth reader, maximum 1150 :���
Emily Haegerman, 874; Elsie
Haegerman, 859.
Fourth reader, maximum 850:���
Florence Jagger, 600 ; Minnie Haegerman, 581; Harry Jagger, 546.
Third reader, maximum 750:- -
Ralph Wolverton, 530; Jennie McRae,526 ; Mabel Barcklay, 476;
Robert Graham, 469; Chrissie
Creighton, 436.
Second reader, maximum 550:���
Dorothy Jagger, 380; Zella Lynch,
348 ; Duncan McRae, 344 ; Willie
Walling, 367 ; Melvin Barcklay,
310 ; Bert Greer, 350.
First reader, maximum 450:���
Edward Greer, 279 ; Tom Creighton, 284 ; John McRae. 252 ; Jesse
Baulne, 242; Joe Baulne, 233;
Wilber Greer, 268; Carl Lynch,
250; Myrtle Barcklay, 240.
Orip Cut Open and Rifled.
An old country grip was found
Thursday night on the flat, near
the bridge, by D. P. Barber. It
had been ripped open from .end to
end, and contained a lot of articles,
such as photos, letters, etc., of use
to no one but the owner. Attached
to it was a tag with the name
"John Watkins, Greenwood,"
written thereon. Several tools
were also found near it. The
theory is that the grip was stolen,
and being found locked was cut
open, a,nd rifled. It had evidently
been there since last fall or, winter.
Officer Darraugh now has the
outfit.     ���  : v     '
Dominion Veterinary Inspector
Richards returned from a tour of
inspection through the Boundary
country yesterday. While absent
he slaughtered sixty hogs, valued
at $900, that were afflicted with
hog cholera. They belonged to R.
D. Kerr, a rancher near Midway.
Even Mike Shick is now beginning to believe some of the tall
stories he told last fall about the
great Mother Lode group, in the
Burnt Basin, for' the preliminary
Work thus far is bearing out all
that he said. After getting camp
established, a week or two ago, he
began a series of crosscuts across
the ledge for a distance of nearly
300 feet Snow had to be cleared
off first, but in- every case, when
the men got down to the ledge,
they found the most satisfactory
kind of ore. Free gold in small
chunks could plainly be seen with
the naked eye, and by breaking
and panning the rock, there were
plenty of colors found. It could
be hammered into small nuggets,
in fact.
It goes without saying that this
is the beet kind of news to come
from the Burnt Basin, and is en*
couraging'to the large number of
development companies and individuals that are making ready to
prove up the gold dykes of
favored locality.    ~~"^
Among those that have lately
begun operations is the St. George
Mines Development Co., Ltd. Manager T. G. Elgie left Rossland last
Monday with a gang of men for
the Burnt Basin, where they are to
begin development work on the
Pleasures of Hope claim. The
Solid Gold, Barrow, Copper Frrm,
Eva Bell, Ennismore, Tammany,
International group and Mystery
group are a few of those on which
work has already commenced or
will shortly be under way.
la the Districts.
A lead of fine sulphide ore has
been struck in the Main . claim in
Summit camp.
The B. C. mine, in Summit
camp, now has a thousand tons of
shipping ore on the dump.
A six-foot ledge, with $70 assays,
has been struck on the Gold Standard in camp McKinney.
Work has begun on the Claw
Hammer on Boundary mountain,
with T. S. Davis as manager.
The Key West and Mountain
Maid, promising Skylark camp
claims, nave heen sold by Messrs.
Goodhue and Munn to Spokane
The Smuggler Co., in Fairview,
has $6,000 in the treasury and will
proceed with development on the
Toronto, British Lion and Admiral
Dewey claims. ".
It is generally reported that a
fine ledge of ore has been struck on
the Wiarton claim in Camp McKinney the management asserting
it to he a continuation of the Cariboo
Jay P.Graves informed a Record
man this week that no decision
about the location of his smelter
had yet been reached, but might
be in a few days.    He says there
is no water.power worth mentioning except at Caccade.
At a recent meeting of the direc-
tors of the Fairview corporation,
the affairs of the company were
shown to be in a most satisfactory
condition, and more especially can
this be said of the Stemwinder
claim, the development of which ia
giving the utmost satisfaction.
It is reported that the R-Bell, a
Summit camp property which attracted attention some time ago,
has been sold to an Engish syndicate through Alexander Dick, of
Rossland. The property has a 70-
foot double comportment ehaft.and
is equipped with a hoist and pump.
In the Qrand Forks mining Division
From April 19 to April 26.
April 19���Wilcox, Hardy mountain, W A Wilcox.
that j April 80���Annex, North Fork, JV. Bentley. Iron
King, Carter's camp, Wm. Wilde, O. C. McGregor, Wm. Ellis. Prery Flower, North
Fork, Wm. Bently, H. A. Huntley, J. Spratt
and Geo. Atchison.
April SI���Peekaboo, tract., Pass creek. B. J.
Averlll. Snowbird, Carter creek, P. O. Turn-
berg. Gold Bell and Heather Bell, Christina
lake, K. P. Matheson.
April 22��� Balamertha, Christina lake, Thomas
April 24���Laxarla, Brown's camp, Peter A. Benson. King Solomon, Pounder's camp, Barbara Pounder and R. C. Davey. Proper and
Montezuma, Summit camp, Ab. Oman. Iron
Clad, North Fork, Wm. BenUey.
Aprll21-King,J.Pelllherand 0. Dubt. Queen
of tbe Lake, 0 Boyer and J. Billan. Golden
Eagle, C. M. Toblussen. Lassey, P. T. Mc
Callum. Junction City, J. H. Rose. Yellowstone, Hancbett, Wlllarson and Johnson.
April 28���Copper Queen, Cameron and McCrag
Naragansett, Neff and Olson.  Wlnkelreid,
Leo Nell. Silverton, I. A. Dinsmore. Hidden
Treasure, Gnse, Germond and Cnrrln.
April 84-Augusta, tract.. Keck and Wllford,
Gold Question, Ulricb Keck. Park, Jaggera
and Scborn.  Uncle Sam, H. A. Huntley.
April 20--A. R. T.j all, O. A. Stoess to W. H.
Aldridge. h Tammany, Lawless, Lewlston,
Grass Roots, Oxide, Rossland, Montreal tract,
and Silver Key, bond, W. H. Greer to A. F.
Dixon. H Tammany, Lawless, Silver Key
and Lewlston, H. McPherson and J.M.Smith
to G. H. Greer. Same with % Montreal fract.
Rossland, Oxide and Grass Roots, T. F.Gaine
add M. H. Roy to H. McPherson.
April 81-14 Pnyallnp, 1-84 New Jaok of Spades,
1-16 St. Lawrence, O. B. Strong to Z. Colby.
\ Mary Melllsh, W. B. Bowes to Dr. S. T.
Rutherford. \i Same, Same to T. W. Hay.
1-16 Little Bertha, A. V. Downs to Cbarlei L.
April 84 ��� Green Mountain, all, John Holm to
George Young. 1-8 Flesherton, M Tago tract,
R. O'Brien to Alex. Cameron. M Mountain
Chief, James Seale to D. G. Evans. Dewey,
all, M, Jaggers to L. Schorn.
April86 -Mountain Maid fraction, al), J. C. Jar-
rel to F. M. Mnnn. Key West, all, J. 0. Jar-
rel to F. M, Munn. Key West and Mountain
Maid fraction, all, V. M. Munn and S. K.
Late Metal Quotations
New York, April 87.-Bar silver, 6SKc.
Mexican dollars, 49Hc
Lake copper���110.86
The Arm that fixes the selling price for miners
and smelters quotes lead 14.10 at the close. THE CASCADE RECORD
April 88, 1800
Council of Education at Last Defines Its
The last week's issue of the
British Columbia Gazette, contains
notice of the creation of a school
district for Cascade, as follows :
" The council has been pleased
to create the following tract of land
to be a school district, under the
title of' Cascade City School District':
" Commencing at the south-east
corner of section 5, township 74,
OsoyooB division of Yale district;
thence due north six miles to the
north-east corner of section 32 ;
thence due west six miles to the
north-west corner of section 33,
township 73 ; thence due south to
the international boundary line ;
thence due east along the international boundary line to the
point of commencement."
Trustee Ferguson, of the local
school board has received orders
from Superintendent Alexander
Robinson to hold a school election,
and has posted up notices about
town to that effect. The election
will be held at the school house at
noon of Saturday, May 6th, and
will be for the purpose of electing
three trustees for the newly created
Any one, male or female, can
vote at said election if a householder or freeholder, having resided
in the district six months and is of
the age of 21 years ; or if a British
subject, and conforming to the
residence And age qualifications.
School trustees do not necessarily
have to be men, as women can be
elected, if their husbands are not
already on the school hoard.
F. J. Finucane, manager of the
Bank of Montreal at Greenwood,
was in Cascade last Sunday.
There are from two to three feet
of snow yet in the Burnt Basin,
except on the south and west
Give Pringle and G. A. Bielenberg, prominent mining men of
Greenwood, stopped in Cascade on
H. E. McDonnell, contracting
freight agent of the C. P. R., with
headquarters at Nelson, was in
Cascade Monday, and disposed of
some freight that had been refused
by merchants in the upper Boundary country.
H.   Hazelton   made  a   trip to
Greenwood this week,
... Just before the rains of Tuesday
the wagon road to Bossburg, was
in excellent condition.
Ed. Ferguson, representing H. J.
Evans & Co.; of Nelson, and H.
Irvine, of Fred Irvine & Co., were
in the Gateway City last Monday.
George K. Stocker's new cottage
is receiving a coat of paint. The
Montana hotel building is also
undergoing the same sort of a
pleasing transformation.
F. E. Starkey, manager of the
Rossland branch of the Parsons
Produce Co., was in town on Wednesday, in company with Geo.
Tunstall, of the Hamilton Powder
Sheriff Waesman, of Republic,
stopped in Cascade Tuesday night.
He had an insane woman in
charge, and was taking her to the
Medical Lake asylum, 17 miles
west of Spokane.
E. G. Simpson, formerly with
the Nelson Miner, was a caller at
the Record office last Wednesday.
He was en route for Greenwood,
where he has accepted a position
oh the Boundary Creek Times, a
controlling interest in which was
lately acquired by R. E. Gosnell.
. hi G. Henderson, of the Henderson Publishing Co., of Victoria,
has been travelling through the
Boundary country, preparing matter for the B. C. Gazetteer and
Directory of Mining Companies, to
appear this summer. The publication is made as nearly accurate
as possible, and is a most nseful
Telephone Construction.
The Inland Telephone Co., which
recently let a contract for the poles
for the metallic circuit loop from
Bossburg to near Cascade, now
has the poles distributed all along
the route, and will probably soon
commence the stringing of wire.
The Columbia Co., whrth is
building from Cascade to Camp
McKinney, a distance of about 75
miles, also has most of the poles
on the right of way. In a few days
a gang of 15 men, Superintendent
Donald says, will begin setting the
poles and putting up the wire, and
no time will be lost in completing
the line.
Office Supplies a Specialty.
Club Hotel
A good meal, a good room,
or n good drink can be had
at the Club Hotel.
Wagon repairing and general
blacksmithin'g promptly   '���
attended  to.
Blanchard   &   Moore
2nd Avenue, Cascade.
Have Now Received and Opened Out Large Quantities of
New Spring Goods
Including Light Underwear, Silk and Lisle Hose, Silk, Wool
and Velvet Dress Pieces, Corsets, Laces, Gloves and
Dressmaking Supplies. ALL OUR WINTER GOODS
Our Hardware, Grocery, Drug and
l*>?j       Stationery Stock
Is by far the Largest in Town and Prices the LOWEST.
Assay Office and Long Distance'Phone.
The British Columbia Mercantile
and Mining Syndicate, Limited.
If You Want a
Cut in the Latest Style, Trimmed With the Best of Materials, and Made Right
Herein Cascade, Call on
^ercl/ant *Cailor,
First Avenue,    -    Cascade, B. C.
Cleaning and Repairicg Promptly and Neatly Done   With an Experience
of Many Years in the Business, can Guarantee Satisfaction.
For Rent,
At English Point, Christina Lake, a well built,
partly furnished, el: ht room hotel with saloon
attached, alio stabling. Apply at Record Office,
1. Bit!It CO.
Mining and
Collections Made and
Commissions of All
Kinds Executed....
Time Checks Cashed.
The Record Job Office ia
fully prepared to supply ���
everything in the line of
Office Stationery.
Neat,  Clean,   Attractive |
Printing.    That  is the $
kind you want, the kind ������'.'
that pays and the kind
we do. ;i
Record Bldg., Cascade, B. C. i>
April 19,1899
Seven stages left Bossburg yesterday with passengers for the
F. A. Sinclair, the customs
officer, expects his family to arrive
from Rossland tomorrow.
Ross Thompson, the father of
Rossland, and Gen. Warren stopped
over in Cascade last night.
Neil McCallum, jr., and John D.
Spence, of Columbia, made a business visit to Cascade yesterday.
R. D. Hawks, one of Gladstone's
merchants, was in Cascade earlv
in the week, securing some supplies.
, J. S. McCreath, of the Lion
Bottling Works, Greenwood, and
J. H. Sproat of Nelson, were in
town today.
Mrs. S. F. Quinlivan left on
Monday for a two months' visit to
her old home in Winnipeg, accompanied as far as Spokane by Mr.
Postoffice Inspector W. H. Dorman came in last night from Rossland, and proceeded to Grand
Forks today, where he will announce the name of the new post-
toaster for that town.
��� It is said that the Dominion
Express Co., by an arrangement
with the Snodgrass Stage Line,
now delivers packages at Greenwood or Grand Forks at the same
price formerly charged to Penticton.
The Pabst beer famine, which
has been raging hereabouts for a
couple of weeks or more, was broken
when V.Monnier& Co., who are sole
Boundary agents for the produot
that made Milwaukee famous, received a car load of the beverage.
The firm has since made several
shipments to Grand Forks and
Greenwood, in addition to supplying the local trade.
For a good square meal and a
nice clean room, stop at the Montana hotel, Cascade.
President William C Van Home
of the C. P. R. iB expected in Rossland today.
Church Service
Divine service will be oonduoted by Kev. Joseph
McCoy, M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m., Standard Time, In the sebool-house,
Sabbath school at 2:80 p.m. in the same place.
All are cordially Invited to attend.
We can quote you prices that will
interest you, if you will give us a
chance, on the following lines:
Wall Paper
and the Sundry Lines handled by an
up-to-date Drug and Stationery house.
Our address:
Canada Drug & Book Co.,Ltd.
(Graduate or McUill University.)
?oie���pehcZ.       Cascade, B. C.
Pnysician and Surgeon,
tJr/e frontal,
OFFICE HOURS, 9 to ll'a.m. and 2 to4 p.m.
This establishment is headquarters for Potatoes in this
locality. They are the best
the markets afford and our
prices are right.
Lettuce, Onions and other
fresh Vegetables on the way.
We have en route a consignment of British and American Flags for decoration purposes.
Bring us your orders for
Flags, and decorate on the
Queen's Birthday.
Dry and Green Wood.
Hay, Grain and Feed.
Correspondence Solicited and Quotations Promptly Furnished.   We can save you money on your Feed bills.
Office and Warehouses,      -       CASCADE, B. C.
Cor. of Main Street and First
Avenue [centre of town] ...
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
The Most
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Stocked Bar
in connection.
Grand   Central   Hotel
���   Mcdonald & flood, props.
Liquid Refreshments of All Kinds
and in the Choicest Qualities. . . .
First Class Sample Rooms in Connection.
This House is the FavoriteResort for Railway Men.
fresl] anb Qw& )Mteats,
ofisr; anb Oysters, giue anb ftresseb Poultry \!
0T Meats delivered at Mines Free of Charge,
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
Columbia Hotel
J. A. McMASTER & CO., Props.
.First Avenue, CASCADE, B. C.
Columbia Dining Parlor
CHAS. M. HITCH, Proprietor.
First class Throughout.   The Best of Everything the mar-
bet Affords.    Many Years' Experience in the Business.
��iquors, ^)ines anb Osars-
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
April tt, IBM
Published weekly at Cascade City, It. C, by
Wlllcox A O'Reilly.
PerYear    18.00
Six Months      1.8k
To Foreign Countries     8.60
Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
Tbe Record Is on sale at the following places:
Simpson's Newstand Rossland
Humphrey & Co., Nelson
Thompson  Stationery Co Nelson
Smith * Mo Rae Greenwood
H, A. King A Co  Greenwood
R F. Petrie Grand Forks
C. S. Morris Columbia
John W. Graham A Co Spokane, Wash.
Francis A Milne Cascade
Thomas Walker  Cascade
0. T. Curtis Cascade
Cascade Drug Co   Cascade
There is talk in some quartern of
making a new mining division, extending from Cascade through the
McRae creek pass, to and beyond
Lower Arrow lake, taking in the
locality of Deer Park. The utter
absurdity of such a proposition is
apparent on the face of it to any
thinking man. Thd district is and
will be for some time sparsely
settled at best, and the suggested
change would be worse than the
present arrangement. Those who
have looked carefully into the
matter concede that nothing would
be of as much convenience to the
mining men of the Christina lake
section as establishing an office in
Cascade where papers could be recorded. This is impressing itself
more and more upon those who
take pains to investigate the subject.        	
It is said, after straightening out
a little misunderstanding that the
German naval officers had with
Admiral Dewey at Manilla, that
the American admiral laid down
the law in regard to the blockade
he was making, so emphatically,
that thereafter the Germans " did
not breathe four times successively
without asking permission." This
was brought to mind lately by a
speech made at a New York banquet by Captain Coghlan. of the
cruiser Raleigh, one of Dewey's
fleet at the naval battle of Manilla,
nearly a year ago. All opinions
agree that Admiral Dewey was the
right man, in the right plane and
at the right time.
The C. P. R. is epending vast
sums in railway work in southern
British Columbia. Not only is
work proceeding to a finish on the
105 mile Robson-Midway branch,
but a contract has just been let for
straightening the Columbia & Kootenay line from Nelson to Robson,
and work is actually commencing
on the 85 mile Lardo branch.
These are indications of the faith
in the untold mineral wealth of
this section that will carry great
weight with investors throughout
the world.
In two years the mineral output
of the Dominion has almost quadrupled, reaching in 1898 the total
of $37,757,167. Gold, for the first
time, is at the head of the list, due
doubtless to the Klondike output,
with $13,000,000. Copper and silver each exceed $2,000,000. In the
near future these three metals will
cut more of a figure than in the
past, as the output of the precious
metals in British Columbia alone
is growing at a rapid rate and bids
to grow even faster in the years to
The next meeting of the licensing board should be held in Cascade. Last December it was held
at Grand Forks, but that town
being incorporated, the board could
not pass upon applications for
licenses within the corporate limits.
By sitting in Cascade the board
will accommodate the greatest
number of hotel keepers. Cascade
people should make the proper
representations to have the meeting
take place here. The regular date
for meeting is May 15th.
It took the Spokesman-Review
two days after the appearance of
the announcement in the Record,
to find out that D. C. Corbin had
withdrawn his application for a
charter for the Kettle River Valley
railway. Corbin says he's too
busy raising beet sugar ai.d fighting mining suits to bother with
railway* just now. Probably the
withdrawal of the Grand Trunk's
support had something to do
with it.   	
That was a curious spectacle
presented by Mayor Garden and
the Vancouver city council, when
they tried to prevent the beginning
of operations on a mill that would
give steady employment to at least
a thousand men at fair wages, all
of whom would live in or near
Vancouver. Most cities would
welcome such an addition to their
producing class, and even hold
out inducements to secure their
The case of the Iron Mask vs.
Centre Star, on trial this week in
Rossland, is one of unusual interest
to mining men. Clarence King,
the world renowned geologist and
consulting mining engineer, has
been called in as an expert, and
his evidence, being of a geological
nature and treating of the formation of Rossland camp, is naturally attracting wide attention.
The eight-hour law has been
suspended for the time being, but
it is on the statute books, and is
likely to cause any amount of
trouble in the Kootenays before
long. In Rossland there is talk of
a strike if it is not put in operation, and the Slocan mine owners
are loud in their opposition to it.
Why it was enacted appears to be
a mystery, but it bids fair to be
the bone of many a contention.
It is unfortunate that those interested in Grand Forks and Columbia cannot adjust their differences and work together harmoni
ously for the upbuilding of the
Boundary country. It cannot be
said to be a particularly edifying
spectacle to have them showing up
each other's skeletons to the world.
Why not bury the hatchet, and
hereafter smoke the pipe of peace.
R. E. Gosnell, who iB to assume
charge of the Greenwood Times
shortly, is a newspaper man of
many years' experience. Under
him the paper shonld continue to
forge rapidly ahead.
It is expected that Cascade's
custom house will also before long
be made a warehousing point. It
will be a great convenience to importers and the matter should have
been attended to long ago.
The Greenwood Times calls
upon the people of that place tn
have a care of the sanitary condition of that town. If current reports are to be believed, the warning comes none too soon.
It is reported that Yankee prospectors are staking claims in the
Atlin district in the names of Canadian partners, in order to avoid
the provisions of the alien exclusion legislation.
More vessels enter British Columbia ports than those of any
other province in Canada, Quebec
not excepted. This is an interesting statement, and is another evidence of growth in our foreign
trade. %
Apparently, from the changing
tone of many of its late supporters
in the press of British: Columbia,
the Semlin government is not giving the general and sweeping satisfaction to the people at large, that
was predicted for it.
At the last session of the legislature, special powers were conferred
upon mining recorders. The last
British Columbia Gazette gives
notice that these powers are not
to be exercised until so directed by
the Minister of Mines.
The sinews for the celebration of
the Queen's birthday in royal
style have heen provided by the
residents of Cascade, the sub-committees are taking hold with vigor,
and there is no doubt but that the
24th of next month will, be long
remembered in the Boundary
The Dominion government has
decided at last to assume its share
of the cost of a Pacific cable, the
cost to the Dominion being $2,000,-
000. The direct trade benefits
resulting from.this connection with
the Australian colonies will compensate many times over for the
outlay entailed by the government.
For ....
The Finest of Everything in the
DRU0 LINE, remember that the
Is up to the times. In
Toilet Articles we.have
a nice assortment of
choice Soaps, Powders
and Creams.
Everything can be
had here that should
be in a first class Drug
Store.   Call and see.   ��
Leading Druggists of
the Boundary.
Dut few Drug Stores In the Boundary have
as large and varied an assortment of goods in
our line as can be found here.
A competent pharmacist is always on hand
to fill prescriptions, which will be accurately
Bring or send your orders to us for Stationery, Blank Books, Playing Cards, Etc. We
carry full lines, and can All orders promptly.
Jos. Schaich, Mgr.
Cascade, B. C.
For Sale.
Offers for the purchase of Lot 8, Block 5, First
Avenue South, Cascade City, are required by
Real Estate Agents, Victoria, B.C.
Bank of Montreal cheque, Nelson, cheque No.
84,8(10, issued by Mann, Foley Bros. A Larson in
Hebruary to J. Adams, for the amount of 187.60.
Was lost in Cascade on April 12th. Finder will
please leave at Kecord office.
House for Sale or Bent.
Cozy two room house, in central location, for
sale at a bsrgatn, or will rent to the right parties.
Apply at Recor  office.
The Columbia and Western Hallway Company
will apply to the Parliament of Canada at. its
next session for an act giving to the Company
authority to issue first mortgage bonds to be a
charge on Its railway. Including its main line and
branches, not exceeding thirty-five thousand
(ollars per mile thereof, and for other purposi a
Montreal, March 7.1809.
Certificate of Improvements.
Elmokband Corydon mineral claims, situate
in the Grand Forks Mining Dlv.islon of Yale
��� here located:���On Shamrock Mountain, south
slope, about two and a half miles east of Christina
Take notice that I, Smith Curtis, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 34039A for myself and as agent for
Frank Hutchinson, Free Miner's Certificate No.
8117A and for Frank Guse, Free Miner's Certificate No. 8863A, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Keeorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a < rowu Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under sec
tlon 87. must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this Thirty first day of December 1898.
Table of Distances From
Sutherland creek.... 8
Baker creek  6
McRae creek 8
B'irnt'Basin 18
Central camp..   ....20
Fisherman creek.... 21
Summit'camp...... 28
Seattle'camp 28
Brown's camp- 26
Volcanic Mt..     ....25
Pathfinder Mt 28
Knight's camp' 88
Wellington camp .. .24'
Skylark camp...... 80
Providence camp... 34
Dead wood canip ... .88
Smith's camp .......86
Long Lake camp... 89
Copper camp , .87
Graham camp ...    .45
Klmberly Camp 88
Halls Ferry  7
Rock Cut... 10
Bossburg 26
Marcus          88
Rossland  41
Christina Lake     .   1.
Qiabam's Ferry,.... 8
Grand Forks 18
Columbia (tfp.G.F.) 14.
Carson 11
Niagara 21
Greenwood. 31'
Anaconda     82
Boundary Falls 86
Midway    .    .89
Rook Creek .' 62
Camp McKinney... 70
Okanagan Falls....! lit
Penticton..^ 125
Nelson, Wash. . 19
Curlew, Wash. ... 29
Toroda ck., Wash. ..41
Republic 60
(Gladstone 18
Brooklyn... ...40 <
���M (,1
April 29, 1899
In this day and generation when
every merchant in  the Boundary
country   has   troubles   seemingly
without end, in getting shipments
into his warehouse, it is a pleasure
to make note of a case where an
order actually came through from
Vancouver to Cascade in a little
over two weeks from the time the
order was taken in this city.   This
order   was   given   by   Francis  &
Milne   to   a traveller for   W. H.
Malkin & Co., wholesale grocers,
on April 1st; it was shipped April
4th, and on the 16th had arriyed
in Cascade.    Messrs. Malkin & Co.
are   to be congratulated on   this
great improvement over the usual
time, in which the delay is partly
the fault of the shipper and partly
that   of ,the   transportation companies.     If more coast merchants
took pains to follow the example
of Malkin & Co., it could not then
be said that Ameeican jobbers and
wholesalers at Spokane were more
prompt  in   shipping goods  than
those in Vancouver and Victoria.
A few days Bince the press dispatches announced that Paul Johnson, a smelter expert, who built
the Hall Mines smelter at Nelson,
was about to leave New York for
Greenwood, where he would have
charge of the construction of a
smelter to be built by the British
Columbia Copper Co., at their
mine, the far famed Mother Lode,
in Deadwood Camp. With a
beautiful disregard for the eternal
fitness of things, this item was
copied verbatim in many towns
hereabouts, and given all the prominence possible. This brings to
mind an item that appeared a
short time ago in the Rossland
Miner, as follows :
" According to the Boundary
papers, the Canadian Pacific railway intends to crown every hilltop
from Cascade City to Fairview
with a 1000-ton smelter. A careful
census of the smelters already
assured for the Boundary country
shows that they will have a total
capacity of 82,000 tons per day."
The disinterested onlooker, by
this time will surely begin to think
that there may be some truth after
all in this jest of the Miner's. It
is unlikley that Paul Johnson will
erect a smelter on the hilltops of
of Deadwood Camp, or that Jay P.
Graves will build his proposed
smelter at any point except where
the cost of operation is reduced to
the minimum. A saving of say
fifty cents per ton in handling ore,
or in cost of power, or getting rid
of waste, or all three combined,
means a difference of $15,000 per
month in a 1000-ton smelter. Mr.
Graves and Mr. Hodges, his smelter
manager, appreciate this, and
hence their delay in selecting a site
suitable in all respects. Paul Johnson also knows it full well. Smelters are built for all time, as it
were, and cannot be moved about
at will like men on a chess board.
Hence the care needful in selecting
a site.
While all these columns have
been written about the above two
concerns, not a word or a line has
appeared in regard to the Cascade
smelter. However, the Record does
not believe that any apprehension
need be felt about it.   It is evident
that the C. P. R. is simply sawing
wood, as it were, and that, in due
time, work will be in progress on
the great reduction works to be
built within a couple of miles of
Cascade. It is an old saying that it
is not wise to hunt ducks with a
brass band. Cascade's site has
advantages, ten to one, not possessed by any other point in the
Boundary for smelting purposes���
among them being ample and
cheap power and water supply,
splendid dumping ground, centre
of ore supply, plenty of fluxing
material, etc. These advantages
cannot be gainsaid, and they will
tell their story in the near future.
Our mail facilities are decidedly
better, since the partial change of
exchange office from Marcus to
Bossburg. But the change should
be made complete, Why should
part of the mail be sent and received from Bossburg and the rest
to and from Marcus ? It is thought,
however, that Bossburg will handle
it all before long, when the benefit
will be still more appreciated���
especially if the Bossburg clerks
attend to their business in better
shape than those at Marcus appeared to.
The " Cannonball " stage line,
as some one has dubbed the new
outfit that was to begin operations
from Bossburg to Grand Forks this
week, has at this writing failed to
materialize. It is now said that
the line will stsrt up Monday
having relay stations at Toulou's,
Pelky's and at Russell. It is probable, however, that the promoters
of the new line are discovering that
they are undertaking a pretty big
proposition to run a six-horse line,
and that it means a large investment. The present line has about
80 head of horses, which have to
he constantly added to. However,
if the proposed new line carries
out its published program, it will
doubtless find business from the
I White Shirts, Collars, Ties,
IS Underwear, Sox, Hats, Shoes,
ffl Eubbers, Pants, Suits.
B Jumpers, Overalls, Braces,
H Blankets, Tents, Belts, Hand-
a kerchiefs.
M Towels, Ladies' Vests and
U Ladies' Rubbers.
m Just Received: ~
Bj    Fine and Coarse Gloves and
Cooks' Aprons.
Opposite the Post-Office,
Next Door to Drug Store,
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy, M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m., Standard Time, in tbe school-house,
Sabbath school at 8:80 p.m. in tbe same place.
All are cordially iuvited to attend.
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Plans Drawn and Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Fire Insurance Agency
Cascade, if you require anything
in the line of Gents' Furnishings, Boots, Shoes, Rubbers,
Hats, Caps or Underwear. When going into the hills get
outfit from him and you ESI I -F\ ^^ f^s CL.
can easily follow the trail O UmmkT   \ Wa* LmO
���^������"���������^������������"^���������s^sessMsissssassssassss^ssi^sMss^ssssissssjBsese.siMssssa. n    ������      �����<i^a��<-��i���mIIi-siiimmmaliiiH,mH��
CaliforniaWine Co
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Ofpice and Warehouse, NELSON, B.C.
We have Just Received 500,000 Choice Cigars, and are Prepared to Fill
Orders on the Shortest Notice.
April 89, 1880
Rival Towns That Touch Elbows But Cannot Agree.
Our sister towns of Grand Forks
and Columbia seem to agree on
most matters as well as the proverbial cats of Kilkenny. This is
an unfortunate state of affairs, but
none the less true���at least if one
can judge by appearances. What
one place wants the other, it now
goes without saying, is bitterly
opposed to and will bend every
effort to defeat. The result of this
is not to make a favorable impression on the disinterested observer.
Matters had been in a compari-
tively quiescent state until Columbia, through one of its townsite
owners, John Hay, made application to incorporate, As soon as
this came out, and the good people
of Grand Forks had an opportunity
to closely examine the petition, a
storm of protects were Bent in to
the government at Victoria. Allegations, supported by affidavit,
were made that some of the signers
were non-residents, etc. A test
case was made, one of the signers
arrested, and now his case is hanging fire in the local courts, while
Dufour, the French-Canadian, is
out on bail.
But this is not all. It is asserted
that last week, when the stages
began running through to Columbia again in one day, orders were
given that all stages but that
carrying the mail should go through
Grand Forks at a gallop, and so
give travellers the privilege of resting their weary and much shaken
bones in the new hotel at Columbia. To get even, it is said a $100
express license is to be imposed on
the Columbia stage line by the city
of Grand Forks for carrying express packages, and also a license
for doing a stage business.
And so the merry war goes on,
from day to day, with lights and
side lights too numerous for recounting. As it is now, each new
development is awaited, as it were,
with bated breath by an expectant
Promising Burnt Basin Claims.
A group of claims about ..which
comparatively little has been said
in public print, is the Bryan group,
adjoining the Edison group and
Eva Bell. This group comprises
three claims, the Bryan, Sewall
and Watson, and were among the
first to be located in the Burnt
BaBin. They are owned by Ed.
Burr, of Rossland, and his partner,
a mining man who resides at
Cbewelah, Wash. They have
already done considerable work in
the way of crosscutting the leads,
and haye cut good trails and built
a commodious cabin.
The showings are gold-copper
and the assays, it is claimed, are
quite as high as any that have
been secured in the Burnt Basin,
the Tammany and Mother Lode
quartz leads being excepted. Word
comes from Rossland to the effect
that these claims are likely to be
taken over by parties who are in a
position to push development work
this Bummer.
Was a Burnt Basin Pioneer.
John Hamill, of Armstrong, B.
C, up above Vernon, and who is
interested in the Okanagon Flour
Mills Co. Ltd., was in Cascade
Wednesday on mining business.
Mr. Hamill was one of the earliest in the Burnt Basin, in the
spring of 1897, and located the
Barrow and Copper Farm. The
first adjoins the Solid Gold, recently sold by Richard Cooper for
$40,000. It is also next to the
Eva Bell, which John Rogers, of
Grand Forks, has just bonded for
$23,000. Mr. Hamill will return
in a short time and put a force of
men at work on the Barrow. He
says his flour mills enjoy the distinction of being the only concern
in the province that has succeeded
on the co-operative plan.
He Pell Over the Cliff.
Frank Bailey, the prospector,
had a bad accident last Sunday.
He was carrying powder up to the
Wigwam claim, across Kettle river,
east of Cascade, and in attempting
to climb the steep hillside, lost his
balance and went over backwards.
He fell some 25 or 30 feet, and it is
a wonder he was not killed. As it
happened he sustained severe injuries to his face. Several teeth
were knocked in and his lip and
chin were cut so badly as to re
quire  several   stitches  when  the
wound was dressed.
If you want to grow fat and good
looking you should board at the
Columbia Dining Parlor.
It is asserted that the trails to
Lake Atlin are now crowded with
gold seeker*.
Is Your
If so, bring it to us and
we will give it a dose that
is warranted to cure. We
are expert watch and
clock doctors, and the
timepiece has yet to be
made that we cannot benefit with our medicine.
Old Jewelry cleaned free
of charge.   Bring it in.
Next door to the
Drug Store, Cascade, B.C.
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Tale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of
a marvellously
A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments.
A most advantageous smelter
location and railroad center. One
mile from Christina Lake, the
Great Pleasure
For further -1 <������
price of lots,
etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Or ,L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. RM Winnipeg, Man.
���*������'* -������*+������. .--T~ a
April 89,1889
The Greenwood hospital is to be
opened by Dr. R. W. Jakes May
Louis I. Ostroski, the general
merchandizer of Greenwood, was
in Cascade on Wednesday.
Several wagon loads of machinery
for the Golden Crown's big compressor plant passed through Cascade last Monday.
Frank H. Campbell, a well
known mining man of Wallace,
Idaho, was   in  town on Sunday.
Mrs. A. Bremner, wife of the
manager of the Dominion Supply
Co., has arrived in Cascade, and
will make her home here.
Cascade now has a first-class
merchant tailor, John Potter, and
like all live, up-to-date business
men, he has a card in this issue of
the Record.
Paymaster Woodman returned
on Monday from a trip along the
line of construction as far west as
Midway, and left for Brooklyn a
day or two later.
Greenwood thus far has made no
move for the celebration of the
Queen's birthday, and it is probable
that many of its citizens will join
with those of Cascade on that day.
W. S. Keith, of Greenwood, was
appointed delegate to proceed to
Ottawa, to fight for the Corbin
charter. This was before the news
of its withdrawal had been received.
George S. Gordon, M.D., CM.,
has taken up his residence in Cascade and will make his headquarters at the hospital. His
card will be found in another
Grand Forks has decided to have
its big "blow-out," as the Miner
calls it, on Dominion day. There
will doubtless be a large delegation
there from Cascade on that day, to
help along the celebration.
Patsy Clark, with Mrs. Clark,
stopped over Wednesday night as
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. K.
Stocker, while on the way to Republic. Mr. Clark was the chief
owner of the great Republic and
yet has large interests in Eureka
camp. He is today one of the
most successful mining operators
in the entire northwest.
William Hogg, of Montreal, was
in Cascade early in the week. He
has just bought the J S. claim in
Summit camp for $25,000���ten
per cent, down, balance in three,
six and nine months. The J. S. is
only 1600 feet from the famous
B. O. mine, that sold for $300,000
last winter. It has a fifty foot
shaft, a four foot ore body, and
average assays give $5 in gold and
ten per cent, copper. James Jarrel
and Henry Snibley located the
J. S. less than a year ago.
C. W.GREER, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes and Pastry of All Kinds Furnished on Shortest Notice.
Goods delivered to any part of
the city.
Next door to the
B. 0. Restaurant.
Rock Creek Division of Yale District.
VTOTIOE Is hereby given in accordance with the
*���" statutes that Provincial Revenue Tax and
all taxes levied under the Assessment Act, are
now due for the year 18W. All tbe above named
taxes collectible within the Rock Creek Division
of Yale District are payable at my office at
Osoyoos, Yale District. Assessed taxes are collectible at the following rates, viz :
If paid on or before June 30th, 1899.
Tnree-Hftbs of one per cent, on real property.
Two and one-half per cent on assessed value of
wild laud.
One-half of one percent on personal property.
On so much of tbe Income of any person as ex
ceeds one thousand dollars the following rates,
namely :  Upon sucb excess of Income when the
same Is not more than ten thousand dollars, one
Ser cent, when such excess Is over ten thousand
ollars, and not more than twenty thousand
dollars, one and one quarterof one per cent, when
such excess Is over twenty thonsaud dollars one
and one half of one per cent.
If paid after 1st of July, 1899.
Four-fifths of one per cent on real property.
Three per cent on the assessed value of wild
Three fourths of one per cent on personal property.
On so much of the Income of any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars; the following rates
namely: Upon su 'h excess, when tbe same Is nut
more than ten thousand dollars; one and one
quarter per cent, when such excess Is over ten
thousand dollars and less than twenty thousand
dollars, one nnd one hulf of one per cent, when
such excess is over twenty thousand dollars one
and three quarters of one per cent.
Provincial Revenue tax $8.00 per japita.
C. A. Ii. Laiiblt,
Assessor and Collector.
Osoyoos, B. O, February 24th, 1899.
Spokane Palls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Sheppard -By. Co.
Red Mountain. Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between  the   Kootenay  District
���AND ALL���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific. C>ast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connect* nt Spokane with���
O. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and Information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents,
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
creek conneot at Marcus and Bossburg with
stages dally.
C. Q. DIXON, G. P. & T. A.,
Spokane, Wash.
Ia the Shortest, Quickest and Beat
Route to the Coast, China, Japan
and Australia, and tn all Eastern
and European points.
Tickets issued through and baggage checked through to destination.
Nelson, B.C.
 C. H. Thomas, Prop	
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of tht
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avenue,
Cascade City, British Columbia.
The E. G. Thomason & Co., Sawmill
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath,
Shingles, Mouldings, Etc.
C. S. Morris, Mgr. Fred Whitaker, Sec'y and Treas.
F. Rogers, General Sup't.
if, Columbia Stags Co., lit
Daily from Bossburg and Marcus to Cascade,
Grand Forks, Columbia, Greenwood City,
Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway, and All
Points on Colville Reservation.
Stage leaves Marcus on  arrival  of Northbound Train.   Passenger*
from Kootenay points make connections at Bossburg going and coming.
Corner First Ave. and Main St., Cascade City, B. C.
This New Hotel is now opened and prepared for business.
You are cordially invited to call and see us. It matters
not whether your pockets are full or empty; drop in anyway.
Of course, we have everything needful in the liquid line.
. DEVON, Prop.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the best hotel build*
ings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
JOHN DORSEY, Proprietor.
OF the great
and  growing
Boundary Country can be had in a concise and readable form
by reading the Cascade Record every week. Send along your
two dollar bill and keep posted on the greatest mining district
in British Columbia.   Address, The Record, Cascade.B.C. 8
April��, IBM
Eailroad Headquarters
When Visiting the Gateway City on Railroad, Mining or
Smelter Business, You are Cordially Invited to'
Make Your Home Here. You will be Treated Right.
Our Bar is One of the Features of this Establishment. It
is Supplied with an Almost Endless Variety of the
Choicest Whiskies, Ales, Wines, Beers arid Cigars.
A large stock of Rough
and Dressed Lumber.
Laths, Shingles, riouldings, Etc
pure Goods for. Medicinal Use     t
�� First Avenue
O V/QSCQOCj   Jj- V/��     Oscar Stenstrom, Mgr.
Neat, Clean, Attractive Work turned out at Fair
Prices.   Send or bring your orders to the Record.
tJI/e IJuRon *$torc,
Wholesale Dealers in
^Fine Wines, Li(|uors and Cigars.=<
All Kinds of General Men's Furnishings at Retail.
Office and Warehouse,
Commercial Hotel
O. G. FREDERICKS* Prop.     ,
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the, city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
A board of trade He' the latest
thing for Ymir.'     : ' - ���
Columbia   river and   all: of its
tributaries are steadily rising,"'
;   The  merchants  of  Nelson are
agitating an-early .closing movement. \ t,J   Ifc      ,/ . -   ���������;,
Victoria's, city council has virtually decided not to pass the much
talked of Sunday bylaw.
Trail's citizeiiB are still bent on
incorporation, and a special committee is looking into the matter.
Nanaimo barber shops close up
on Sunday and Nanaimo young
men wheel out to Wellington to
get shaved.
Both Rossland and Spokane are
once more trying to run mining
stock exchanges, after several
failures along this line.
John Collins,a miner, was killed
a few duys ago:by falling 200 feet
to the bottom of a shaft in the
Virginia mine at Rossland.
Supt. R. Marpole of the C. P. R.,
is lately quoted as BtaUngdefinitely
that the Lardo-Duncan branch of
that road would be built at once.
The silver-lead mine owner* of
the Slocan have decided to form a
permanent organization. The
eight-hour law and other obnoxious
legislation has quickened them to
take this step.
It is said that if the C. P.R. runs
a boat daily on lake Okanagan
between Vernon and Penticton during the'Summer, the stage service
Will be extended to Penticton from
Ca��Jp McKinney. >������.  .
The.first shipment of ore from
the famous Slocan Star mine that
has been made in some 18 months
was sent out last week, and cnn->
sisted of six car loads. This ore
was taken out in the course of
recent development.
' The last payroll of the Rossland
mines amounted to fully $75,000,
of which the T..e Roi can be credited
with about $22,500, the War Eagle
$10;000, Columbia and Kooteiay
$7,500 and the balance divided up
among the Niokle Plate, No. 1,
Josie and other B, A. C. properties.
The council of the British-Co-
iumbia'1^ College of Sttrgeons is'
elected for the ensuing three years
as follows: Dr. C.J. Fagan (Registrar of late council), New Westminster ; Hon. Dr. R. E. McKech-
nie, Nanaimo; Dr. W. J. McGiiig;
an, Vancouver ; Dr. John Duncan^
Victoria ; Dr. J. C. Davie, Victoria;
Dr. J. M. Lefevre, Vancouver ; Dr.
O. Meredith Jones, Victoria.
Palace giuery jQarh
Up to Date Livery.
Saddle Horses Furnished
. .: ON SHORT.NOTICE.   " ;
���    " ,     CASCADE. B. C.
i��fc '
.31 We have a little story to'i',
3 [ tell you about Brushes. 3j
J! If you need anything iu 3!
3! this line, of almost any 3!
31 kind, call around and 3^
3! look over our stock
3 iHair Brushes ; i
: \ Clothes
i | Stove
:: Scrub
::: Whisks
Fibst Ave.,Cascadk, B.C. 't'
'$M    S3 ��� ���.';���:'
Laiiridryat rfear of the Custom
House, First Aye. ,
Clothes ca]led ; for "titfd deliv-
i    ''',/���'-'''''^red.     ' ', i",J f


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