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CV.   f   f
Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. II.
CASCADE, B. C,   FEBRUARY 17, 1900.
No. 15.
Price Uses His Life While
Thawing Powder.
The Body was Hurled 80 Feet���An Arm and
U| Torn Out���Part ol Head Blown ON
���Remains Buried Following Day.
It's the old, old story. William
Price, who has heen employed here
for Borne time on the Cascade
Water Power and Light Co's. works,
met with instantaneous death Tuesday afternoon last, about 2.30
o'clock, while thawing out blasting
powder by an open fire. His head
with the exception of the back part
of the skull was torn off by the
force of the explosion, and one arm
and one leg were wrenched from the
body which was otherwise horribly
mangled, and thrown 50 feet from
the place of the accident. ��� The accident occurred ov the rock work in
the open cut leading from the dam
to the proposed tunnel under the
railway track near the bridge. The
remains were gathered up and
brought to town and placed in a
coffin at the Cosmopolitan hotel,
from where they were interred, .(tie
following day.
The deceased was said to be 28
years of age and a native of Manchester, England. He had no
known relatives. He came over
from England in the charge of the
Dr. Bernardo Orphanage Home,
and was at one time a resident of
Belleville, Ont. On coming to this
coast, he was in Spokane for a
time, being a member of the Salvation army.
Mr. S. F. Quinlivan, the contractor in whose employ the unfortunate man was at the time of his
death, says the deceased was familiar with the handling of dangerous
explosives, having been iu his employ for a year or two in railway
construction work. Mr .Quinlivan
says this is the first accident of this
kind to a man in his employ during
his fifteen years experience in rock
The remains were interred Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Jos. McCoy
conducting the funeral services.
Mr. Quinlivan laid off his men during the day that they might attend
the obsequies.
Fire In Buffalo Hump Camp.
Tbe Buffalo Hump Syndicate
suffered the loss by fire of its bunk
house and store house Feb. 1st.
Tht lois is estimated at 115,000.
The syndicate had a saw mill and
a 10 stamp quartz mill stored in
the houses that were destroyed, besides other machinery, tools and
supplies, and 200 pounds of giant
powder, which exploded with a
terrific report. The fire was caused
by a defective stove setting fire; to
the door. The loss is quite serious,
occurring at this time of the year,
as it is almost impossible to get
supplies in, and it was the intention to set up and operate both
mills this winter.
Maurice O'Connor, Whiskey and a Qua.
Last Saturday, at Grand Forks,
Maurice O'Connor, with a stomach
loaded with fighting whiskey and a
>un well filled with bullets, started
in to clean out the Windsor hotel.
At the end of a protracted spree,
O'Connor, who is one of the legion
of chronic .drunks peculiar to our
boasted Christian civilization, locked himself in a room of the hotel,
his bedclothing took fire, his sister
went to his relief, fleeing when he
attacked her; a brother appeared on
the scene and was shot three times;
then came the police, who found
O'Goiino/s 'Galling coughing up
lead at a dangerous rate and range.
They turned their hatterjss loose,
shot the stairway hall full of holes,
and accepted O'Connor's surrender
after bib ammunition had been exhausted.
.The Nelson Tribune says that
Maurice O'Connor, who shot hiB
brother at Grand Forks recently, is
known to the Nelson authorities.
On June 15,1896, he was tried here
for using an axe on the head of a
man named Langton with serious
results. O'Connor was acquitted on
the plea of insanity, but was confined in the criminal ward of the
asylum at New Westminster for a
year and a half. He was afterward* sued here by his counsil to
recover 9800 for fees and costs incurred in the trial.
Northern forces here from 1861 to
Chicamauga in 1863. Also, why
in the name of goodness don't
our own generals get the niggers
whipped in the Philippines? It
teems about time the war in the
Philippines was finished.
You need not worry about the
Briton in South Africa; he will do
his best, and you cannot do more.
If you want the Boers to whip the
British, say so in your next issue;
then we will know your colors.
Ephram Rigg.
Germantown, Phila., Jan. 29,"
On the question of incorporating
the town, the citizens of Republic
will have an opportunity to express
their sentiments at the polls on
May 8th next. They have plenty
of time to soberly consider the matter*     ,  	
Not Polite but Painted.
The following letter which appeared in the Philadelphia Record,
is more forcible than polite:
"Editor Record:
"Pardon me for saying that you
make a h���1 of a racket about the
British losses in South Africa, and
allow me to ask: Is the Record a
Boer or a British paper, or a mugwump ? You fellows forget the
disasters  that happened  to   our
The Boers Holding the British At Bay
All Along the Line.
Large Body ol Pay Ore Found In a Claim
A strike is reported in the Burnt
Basin on a group of properties owned by Messrs. Bellgrove, Montgomery, Beller and others. These
properties have been operated all
winter. On the North Basin claim
a shaft was sunk on the croppings
of a large lead to the depth of 40
feet. At this depth a crosscut was
made from wall to wall. Next to
the footwall there is a body of almost solid galena, four feet wide,
the clean ore assaying 37 ounces in
silver and 61 per cent lead, Then
there is 20 feet of mixed ore, composed of iron, galena, copper and1
gold. Between this and the hanging wall there is a two-foot streak
of gold bearing quartz. Average
samples from across the 22 feet
were taken. There was 140 puonds
in the lot, and it was sent to Trail
for a smelter test, and the returns
gave $21.50 in all values.
There ie on the dump about 30
tons of a good grade of ore, and the
owners are now preparing a trail
with the view of rawhiding out. a
carload, to be sent to the Trail
smelter for a thorough test. If this
is done they will he the first party
to have shipped ore from the Burnt
Basin, although there have been
others long before now in a position to do likewise if they had
felt that way inclined. There is a
standing offer of two town lots in
the. townsite of Gladstone to he
given to the mine owner who ships
the first carload of ore, so in all
liklihood they will be the lucky individuals.���Uossland Miner.
First Train Through Bulldog Tunnel.
The first train was run through
Bulldog tunnel last Monday. The
completion of the tunnel has shortened tbe running time about one
hour and the passenger train from
the east now arrives here st 1:05,
and from the west at 4:52. This
will give the Kootenay people one
more hour's time in the Boundary
towns, when desirous of making the
round trip in-one dey.
The Amount el the Jameson Raid Indemnity
to be Doubled and SIOMfcOM win he
Demanded for Rhodes' Release.
The war news ie anything but
pleasant yet. The Boers still hold
the British forces at bay at Colesberg, Rensburg and Colenso. The-
British army has a 25-mile frontal
line in the form of a horseshoe.
The total British casualty return*
at London, up to Feb. 14, are: Officers killed, 152; wounded, 380j
missing 112; men killed, 1,477;
wounded, 5,050; missing, 2,781.
Other fatalities reported, 563.
The dispatches of Feb. 15, report
that Gen. French had captured five
Boer camps.
The Boer General Delarey telle ���
correspondent of the London Newt
that they have an army of 120,000
able bodied soldiers in the field.
, Three Canadian volunteers slept
while on guard. Being court-
martialed, one was admonished,
the second reprimanded and the)
third got 80 days. The latter will
probably not sleep on duty again.
The friends of Mr. Cecil Rhodes
are becoming alarmed at his possible fate, and have sent an emissary to see Dr. Leyds, the diplomatic agent of the Boers in Europe,
in regard to the probable course
the Boers would pursue in the
event of his capture. Dr. Leyds
Said the Boers did not intend to
kill Mr. Rhodes, but they would
certainly hold him as a hostage until the indemnity for the Jameson'
raid should be paid. In view of
the development since tbe raid, -tbe
Boers have decided to double the
amounfnf the indemnity demanded, so that Mr. Rhodes' friends
would have to hand over $10,000,.-
000 before he would lie released..
The Globe correspondent at Belmont, South Africa, announces the
death of Private J. C. Purcell of B
company, of London, Ont., at the
Orange River hospital.
Over 200 American soldiers have
been returned from the Philippines
in a demented condition, and
placed in the federal asylum for
insane in the District of Columbia.
Greenwood expects to be electrically illuminated next week. THE   CASCADE  RECORD
February 17, MOO
A Cosmopolitan Programme-Songs and Refreshments iu Six Languages,
The next social of the Mutual Aid
Society will be held on Thursday)
Fed. 22, in the room adjoining the
Townsite Co's. office. The admission will be as usual 25 cents for
adults, 10 cents for children, and
50 cents for family tickets, admitting two adults aud children of a
family. The first part of the proceedings will consist of a programme
of vocal and instrumental music,
recitations, etc. The programme
will be followed by such social
games as "Earth, Air, Water, Fire,"
"Toss the Handkerchief," and
"Stage Coach.1' Refreshments, consisting of coffee, sandwiches, cakes,
ate, will then be distributed, after
which social conversation, music,, etc., will again be indulged
in. The doors will be open at 7.30
.P. M. and the programme, which is
as follows, will commence at 8 p. in.
Song, "Two Little Maids," Mrs.
B. Wilcox.
Instrumental Music, Miss Darrow and Rev. Joseph McCoy.
Song, "The Old Musician to his
Harp," Mr. Reeves.
Reading, Mr. Stocker.
Scotch Song, Mr. McCoy.
Recitation, Master Willie Wai-:
Gaelic Song, Mr. D. D. Ferguson.
Instrumental Music,Miss Darrow.
Irish Song, Mr. Stocker.
Recitation,   Miss Jennie McRae.
French Song. Mr. Wm. Baulne.
Instrumental Music, Mies Dan
row and Rev. Joseph McCoy.
���   Chinese-tsong, Mr. Ing Yee.
'Recitation, Mr.  Wm.  Dalgleish.
Italian Song, Mr. Antonio Scarpelli.	
Rossland has a case or two of
small pox.
A. J. Stewart has been cutting
ice for the Hotel Cascade.
Mr. Jeff Lewis was thrown from
his buggy in Grand Forks Tuesday
last and quite seriously injured.
It is stvted that the daily Gazette
of Grand Forks, lias been absorbed
���by tbe daily Miner of that city.
The troubles between the mine-
workers and the mine-owners in
the Slocan district are now reported
eettled on the basis of the $3.25
compromise offered by the owners.
Maps of the Bound*, ry Creek district, showing all claims, sent post
paid on receipt of price, $1.50, by
the Record, Cascade, B. C.
Workmen are plastering the C.
P. R. section house this week.
The Government Timber Inspector is in the Boundary collecting
stum page dues.
Angus Cameron bas been acting
as Deputy Health Officer, in the
absence of Officer Darraugh.
The Midway Advance says that
Mr. V. Monnier of Cascade, is arranging to open a hotel at White's
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McDonald
have gone to housekeeping in a
cottage near the Thompson blacksmith shop,
W. L. Tebo, a commercial operator at Nelson, spent last Sunday
here with his brother, F. E. Tebo,
local C. P. R. agent.
Our people had a good taste of
genuine winter this week. Thursday morning the thermometer
slumped to 16 below zero.
The sharp, frosty weather of the
past week insures plenty of ice for
the coming summer season, and
several parties are engaged in securing supplies.
Contractor Quinlivan now has
50 men working on that part of the
big flume construction for which
he secured the contract, and good
progress is being made.
A tramp dog which had been
foraging about town here this winter, came in contact with the wheels
of a moving car at tbe depot Thursday, the result being a dog-gone
Helphrey Bros., merchants of
Curlew, are reported to have lost a
valuable team last week. When
crossing Kettle river near Curlew,
the ice gave way under the horses,
which were drowned.
The socials given by the Mutual Aid Society of Cascade are
fast becoming the main feature of
local entertainments. The one to
be given next Thursday will surpass all others in attractiveness.
Don't fail to be present.
The C. P. R., out of its earnings
for the last fiscal year, after paying
all running expenses, handsome
dividends, etc., carries forward a
surplus of $2,203,847, as "pin
money" for the coming year. Some
people may be surprised at this
showing, but "Jones, who pays ihe
freight," is not.
The Wm. Hamilton
Syndicate, Ltd.,
Is according to Original
Arrangements to be
Re-organized in March
To this end instructions have
been given to
This will give Miners, Prospectors, Householders, Hotel-
keepers and Visitors the best
trading opportunities they
ever had or are likely to have.
Goods can be bought at the
following extraordinary rates:
Flour, $1.50 per Sack
Sugar, 14 lbs. for $1
Overalls, 65 cents
Gloves, 50 cents
Uuderwear, $1.25 a Suit.
Boots, $1.00 to $2.00 per
pair Reduction
German Socks 70c a Pair
Ladies' Kid Gloves,
Fownes, $1.00
Flannellette, 3 yds for 25c
And everything else in our big
and varied stock at equally
low prices.
Friends out of town can secure a share of these bargains
by remitting cash with order,
and utilizing express or parcel
post facilties.
N. 11. It must be particularly
noted that we cannot guarantee
continuance of above rates one
single day after re-organization.
i ���
The B. C. Mercantile and Mining
Syndicate, ltd.
Long distance 'phone in connection.      Assay prices as usual.
���; February 17, 1900
The coming Oommerci^ Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Tale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business-
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. Ore mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C,      Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg1, Man- THE   CASCADE   RECORD
February IT, INS
Published on Saturdays at Cascade,  li. I'..
H. S. Tuunku. Kdltor.
PerYear        .     J2.00
Six Muntlia      1.25
To Foreign Countries      S.bO
Advertising Unit's Furnished ou Application.
'I'll* Kecord is on sale nt tlie following places:
Simpson's Ntwsluml Itossliiml
���I.Inion Bros     Uossland
Tlioinpinn   Stationery Oo,   Nelson
H. A. King k Co  Greenwood
B. P. Petrie  Orand Forks
John VV. (iraliinii & Co S|inkiine, Wash.
Cascade Drug Co  Casende
Win. Meadows     Cascade
If there is a blue mark in !****!
this square, your subscrip-Z <���
tion is due, and you are in-2 \',
vited to remit. ++*
The question us to when the
twentieth century begins is being
discussed with great vigor at the
present time. We do not think
there can he any doubt as to the
correct solution of the problem,
however. The twentieth century
will undoubtedly begin on Jan. 1st,
1901. If an aged man were to be
asked his age, and were to reply
that he was in his hundredth year,
he would certainly mean that he
had lived ninety-nine years and
p;irt of another year, but that he
had not completed one hundred
years of life. The second century
of his life would therefore commence with his one hundred and
first year, the one hundredth year
being the laBt year of his first century.
It takes 100 years to make a century, and 1900 years to make 19
centuries. Only 1899 years have
passed by since the Christian era
began. We are, therefore, now in
the last year of the 1900 years necessary to make up 19 centuries.
When this year ends the 19 centuries will be complete, and we
shall enter upon the twentieth century.
It is interesting to know that
this is not a new problem. It was
discussed with vigor in A. D. 1599,
A. D. 1699, A. D. 1799, and it is
probable that it will be discussed
in 1999, when those who are discussing it now will all be in their
graves. The following editorial,
-which appeared in the London
Times on Dec. 26th, 1799, will be
read with interest:
"We have uniformly rejected all
letters and have declined all discussion upon the question of when
the present century ends, as it is
one of the most absurd that can
engage the public attention, and
we are astonished to find it has
been the subject of bo much dispute, since it appears to be perfectly plain. The present century will
not terminate till Jan. let, 1801,
unless it can be made out that 99
are 100. Eighteen centuries are
1800 years, then how can 18 centuries be completed till 1800 years
have expired ? What is the meaning of a century but a clear, distinct series of 100 years ? How
pan   100  be   completed   by  99?
Some persons assert that the first
year of the present era stands for
nothing. At ilvis rate, indeed,
they will prove the present century
to end with this month, but we
know not how they will prove such
ii fact. We see no pretext for the
assertion. Every century begins
with 1, and the next century will
begin on January 1, 1801. One
correspondent, 'G, B.,' puts a case:
'Suppose, says he, a person wus
born on January 1, 1700, and was
alive January 1, 1800, would he
not have lived a century ?' No;
he would not have lived a century
of the Christian^ era, although be
would have liv��ad 100 years. He
would have lived one year in the
last and 99 in the present century.
We shall not pursue this question
further, nor should we now have
said so much upon it hid not several applications been made for
our opinion. It is a silly, Hiildish
discussion, and only exposes the
want of brains of those who maintain a contrary opinion to those
we have stated, in which we are
supported by the first authorities
in the country to whom wagers
have been referred."
labor strike, in which 7000a:tisiins
me involved.
With reference to the recent
action of the provincial legislature
relative to school matters, the Nelson Tribune says a bill has. been
introduced in the legislature to this
end. The object of the measure is
to relieve the government to a certain extent from the responsibility
of furnishing the children of incorporated cities with a common
school education. The bill makes
three classifications of the cities of
the province���first, second, third���
based upon their school attendance
and upon the cities taking over
and defraying the cost of the school
the government pays a per capita
allowance upon the average school
attendance. In the case of first-
class cities the government per
capita is $10, second-class $15,
and third-claps $20. All the cities
of the interior are rated as third-
class, so that they will be entitled
to receive from the government a
per capita grant of $20 per annum
upon their actual school attendance.
The cities will also receive the
school lands and buildings, at present held by the Crown, within their
limits. Viewed as a commencement in the remodelling of the educational system, the present measure cannot fail to give satisfaction.
It may be accepted as the inauguration of a system which will
eventually relieve the province altogether in the matter of providing
a common school education for the
children of incorporated cities.
A big strike is reported from Chi
cago, not, however, of the nature of
the  "big strikes" so  familiar to
readers of mining camp newspapers
in this section of country.   It is a
While the proposition on the
I ait of the Jenckes Machine
conij any, of Sherbrooke, to establish a branch in the Boundary
country is being mooted, we would
call the attention of the company
to the fact that Cascade has superior advantages for the location of
its branch works. It is central; it
u I ready has the requisite transportation facilities, and will have more
and better in due time, while motive power will be abundant and
cheap. The Record invites not
only the Jenckes company to investigate Cascade's inducements,
but all parties proposing to engage
in the manufacting business in
this part of the province.
Down in the states all of the
numerous political parties are marshaling their forces for the coming
presidential contest. The battle
will he fought to a finish, and to
say that it will be fast snd furious
would be putting it mild. Marcus
Auielius Hanna, the great American despot,will lead the Republican
forces on the one side and Willian,
Jennings Bryan those of the Dtn.-
.ocrat cohorts on the oilier. The
Populists and Silver Republicans
will swing in the chin:rigging of
both sides until they sight land.
In Calcutta, at a meeting in the
city ball, it is reported that over
$20,000, or 63,000 rupees, were subscribed for the Mansion House fund,
the Hindus and Mohammedans
alike being enthusiastically patriotic.
Private   Lindsay, son  of James
Lindsay, of Bracondale, Ont., was
killed   near   Ladysmith, Januray
6th.   The victim belonged at the
time to the First Manchester now
at Ladysmith.
Contractor Stewart has been
gathering machinery and imple--,
merits this week at Greenwood and
Bulldog tunnel and shipping them
to Balfour and Nelson, lo be used
on the contract work between (hose
two places.
Table of Distances From
(Distances figured on wagon roads.)
(l Mll.KR
Bossbnrg ...28
Marcus     KB
Rossland 41
Sutherland creek.... 8
Bakercreek 6
MoRae creek 8
Burnt Basin  16
Central camp 30
Fisherman oreek... .31
Summit oamp  36
Seattle camp 38
Brown's camp 36
Volcanic Mt..     ....25
Pathfinder Mt 28
Knight's camp 88
Wellington camp ...34
Skylark camp 30
Providence camp....84
Deadwood oamp... .85
Smith's camp 85
Long Lake camp... .80
Copper oamp 87
Graham oamp 45
Kimberly Camp 88
Halls Ferry  7
Rock Cut 10
Christina Lake   .... 2
Graham's Ferry 8
Grand Forks 18
Columbia (Up.G F.) 14
Carson 19
Niagara 31
Greenwood  81
Anaconda       82
Boundary Falls 86
Midway      '.. .80
Rock Creek..; 52
Camp McKinney... .70
Okanagan Falls.... 112
Penticton 135
Nelson, Wash 19
Curlew, Wash 29
Torodack., Wash...41
Republic 50
Gladstone 18
Brooklyn 40
West Seattle.
fFHE only place In the Northwest where the
genuine Keeley Treatment can be obtained
Fine building, good hoard, pleasant and
healthful surroundings, and the arrangements
admit of the strictest privuoy for patients, either
ladies or gentlemen. The Keeley Treatment affords the only safe and sure cure for the liquor,
opium, morphine, cocoaine, chloral, and other
drugs, aud ul o for tobacco poisoning. Parties
interested aru Invited to i all at the institute and
investigate for themselves. All correspondence
C. H. Nixon, Mgr.
We do not keep "everything
tinder the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc.,
QTjIT T3V "DTS/'VC! of r- an Francisco,
OJCjJ_iJ3 I DSX\J D California, Assayers and Mining Experts. To the Mining Public
of the Pacific Northwest: We beg to advise you
that we have opened a branch of our business at
No.205''. Washington i-t., Portland, Oregon, to
accommodate our numerous clients in the Northwest. As onr name for prompt and reliable work
in the past is known in every mining camp west will guarantee onr future success. Our certificates are invariably accepted by
banks and mining corporations as final. Numerous investors waiting for souud mining property.
We are now ready for work. 8end in your samples with letter of instructions and charges, end
we will give yon prompt returns. Our charges
are���Gold and silver, $1.50 Gold, Copper and Silver, |8.00. Coal, '-oil and other minerals. $5.00
each. t$T Check nseuvs a specialty. SELBY
BROTHERS, Assayers ami Mining Experts, No.
205J4 Washington .St., Portland, Oregon, l'and
Power Stamp Mill" for stile���tf80 complete.
Christina Lake
Mining Camps.
Price, $1.25, post paid.
Compiled   by JOHN A.  CORYELL, P. L. S.
This map contains the latest locations on Shamrock and Castle Mountains, 011 Baker, Sutherland and McRae Creeks, and in the Burnt Basin.
For sale by ���
Cascade, B.C.
Certificates of Improvements.
John Bull and Marinette Mineral Claims situate
in the Grand l-'orks mining division of Osoyoos division ol Yale district. ,  ;
Where located:���On the H'ast side of McRae
oreek, hear Gladstone townsite, B. V,
Take Notice that I, K. E. Young, acting as
agent for the John Hull Mines, limited,F. M. < .,
No. B1284S, Free Miner's .Certificate No. 1113446,
Intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder forCertillcates of Improvements, for the pnrpnse of obtaining crown grants'
of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 87,nnist be commenced before the issuance ol
said Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of November, A.D., 1899.
R. E. Youbg, P. L. S.
Young k Burnet, Rossland, B. C. 12
application will he made to the Parliament
ot Canada at the next session thereof, for an
nut to Incorporate a company to construct and
maintain a railway from a point on the International Bonndary Line near Cascade, British
Columbia, thence in a westerly direction following the valley o' the Kettle river to a point on the
Boundary Line at or near Carson, with a branch
from a point at or near Grand Forks to a point 60
miles up the North Fork of tbe Kettle river.follow-
Ing the valley of the same rivcr.also with a branch
from a point at or near Grand Forks, proceeding
in a southwesterly direction by way of Greenwood
to a point on the International Boundary Line at
or near Midway, with power to the company to
construct, operate and maintain telegraph and
telephone lines, as well for commercial purposes
as for tbe business of the company and for all
other necessary and uaual powers.
Dated this 2nd day of December, 1899. '    '
For himself and the other applicants.        IS February 17, 1900
������All the Traffic Will Bear" a Railway Policy
Which Kllli the Qoldeo-En Bird.
Without saying Grand Forks has
or has not superior natural advant-
iigeb, we are compelled to admit
that whatever the city lacks in that
direction, is made up in the push
and enterprise of its citizens.
Grand Forks sees the need of
better, more extended and liberal
transportation facilities. It is a
well-known fact that railway accommodations under control of individual greed or private ownership, where the leveling influences
of competition are wanting, are a
delusion and a snare. Their graft
is as the bite of a serpent and the
sting of an adder. Hence, Grand
Porks, realizing herself in the
meshes of railway kings who enjoy
a monopoly graft at her expense,
is casting about for relief, and her
promoters are actively engaged in
working out a salvation from the
the fate that awaits all i.on-competitive towns on railway lines
whose insatiable maws are like unto
a maelstrom.
There is a proposition on foot to
construct a railway line from the
Columbia river either at Northport
or Meyers Falls up the Kettle river
via Cascade, Grand Forks and Republic and on south to a point on
the Washington Central railway,
at Wilbur or Davenport. Such a
railroad would benefit a large
stretch of new country, while prov
ing a relief from the merciless exactions of a government-pampered
monopoly. The road will be built
if the government will give its consent in the form of a franchise to
that portion traversing Canadian
territory. No subsidy from the
government is asked. The permit
will he granted if the government
has more regard for its constituent!*
at large than for the powerful political force known as the C.P.R.
Grand Forks���we admire her
spunk and activity, her get-there-
Eli disposition���is determined to
leave no stone unturned to secure
the advantages that will accrue
from the building of the road for
which a franchise is asked. At
their own expense they have sent
a commission to Ottawa to forward
the movement.
It is to be hoped the commission
will be successful and that the road
will be built. Its construction
would open up much rich mineral
and agricultural land tributary to
To be Subilltued by An Act Enabllnf Aliens
to Take Out Free Miners' Certificates.
February 8th, in the legislature
at Victoria, an amendment to the
placer mining act was submitted by
Henderson, which not only permits
aliens to acquire mining property
by purchase, but by altogether repealing the act of the last session
it makes them eligible to as before
take out free miners' certificates,
and stake and hold property.
From the Ledge.
Last week's ore shipment totaled
up 351 tons.
The Wakefied tramway ha��
been completed.
Ninety-tine men are now employed at the Payne.
On the Rambler the force has
been increased to 45 men.
A 75-foot tunnel has been started
on the Lone Jack claim.
The Neepawa, Ten Mile, has a
small force of men working.
Ore shipments on the Payne
have risen to 40 tons per day.
The American Boy made another
shipment Inst week of 21 tons.
Ore shipments from the Slocan
during January amounted to 1218
Plans have been drawn up for a
100-ton concentrator for the Ivan-
The Emily Edith has shipped a
car of ore, the first Four Mile property to chip this year.
The Payne is gradually increasing its shipments, 330 tons having
been Bent out last week.
There are 14 men working at the
Enterprise and some life is now apparent in tbe Ten Mile camp.
Forty tons of ore were shipped by
the Rambler last week, bringing
the total for the month up to 232
The Get There Eli group, on
Twelve Mile creek, has been stocked. Work will commence at once
on the property under the direction
of C. W. Harrington.
The Donrielley group of five
claims, clone to Sandon, has been
bonded to Major Hackett, on he-
half of eastern parties for $25,000.
Two tunnels will he driven and 12
men employed.
Wankegan Company Will Operate on a Big
The Bossburg Journal says the
Waukegan and Washington Mining and Smelting company are going to rush operations on their
property on Sulphide mountain.
The company has ordered a compressor plant with Burleigh drills
and steam hoist, which will he in
Bossburg iu a few days. Jas. Mof-
fett and A. E. Stripe, of the company, who were in town Tuesday,
say that the plant is an extensive
one. This is the company which
owns the Etn-ter Sunday, and it
has erected about 15 buildings on
the property, which will accommodate a large force. The properties
here referred to are o.ily about six
miles from Cascade.
The Dominion parliament will
vote two million dollars for the
benefit of Canadian soldiers.
M��t M
fisi) anb Outers, give anb ftresseb Poultry
F. GRIBI, r\gr.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
^iquors, ^incs anb (j3aT*s-f
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
B. C. Livery Stable
Good Saddle Horses for Hire. Teaming
on the Shortest Notice. Good Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part of
the Boundary country. Careful drivers*
J. A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue,      .....    CASCADE, B. C.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the hest hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
The Cascade Sawmill
A large stock of Bough
and Dressed Lumber.
Laths, Shingles, Houldings, Etc
Estimates Furnished and
Prompt Delivery Made.
Correspondence Solicited.
February 17, IMS
If You Wish
To keep thoroughly posted on the fast
moving events in the growing Boundary and Christina Lake sctions, there is
only one way to accomplish it, viz:
Just get in line, follow the
crowd and subscribe to..
The Cascade Record.
It costs only Two Dollars to get
in out of the wet, and receive 52
copies of the Record. Printed
on good paper with good type
and good ink.
The Cascade Water Power and
Light Co. writes the Columbia city
council that its plant will not be in
full operation till next fall.
G. J. Simmons, of Cascade, who
was in Grand Forks lust Friday
and Saturday, says the natural advantages of this place appear to
be superior to those of the Forks.
Geo. McKugo, who went from
here with the Stratbcona Hon*,
was the shortest man among those
who were sworn in at Nelson, his
height being 65 inches. T. H. A.
Williams of Kaslo was the tallest,
75 inches
Rev. J. R. Robertson, pastor of
the Presbyterian society at Grand
Forks, preached two interesting and
instructive sermons here last Sunday, in exchange with Rev Jos.
McCoy, who occupied Mr. Robertson's pulpit.
The Spokane Daily Record haB
been enlarged to a 5-column folio.
NOTICE is hereby given that ap-
filication will be made to the Legis-
ative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia, at its next session, for an Act to incorporate a
Company with power to construct,
equip, maintain and operate telephone and telegraph lines within
and throughout the Province of
British Columbia, and to construct,
erect and maintain such and so
many poles and other works and
devices as the Company deem necessary for making, completing
supporting, using, working, operating and maintaining the system of
communication by telegraph and
telephone, and to open or break up
Y)ow under development. Look at the immense
���yfc dam, 400 feet long and 50 feet high, now under construction. The flume and tunnel to convey the water will be
16 feet wide, 13 feet deep and 1000 feet long. The water
will be conveyed from the mouth of the tunnel to the water-
wheels, through two iron pipes, each 8}4 feet in diameter and
2000 feet long, with a perpendicular fall of 156 feet.
Excavation for a power-house is now in progress near
the wagon road bridge, and the excavation alone will cost $10,-
000. Development of this power is now under construction
and will be prosecuted as rapidly as possible. A 10,000
horse power will be obtained, which will be used in developing electrical power to be transmitted to all the mines in the
Boundary and Christina Lake Districts.
Estimated cost of plant, complete, is $500,000.
Beautiful Christina Lake and !
The fisherman's delight and the hunter's paradise. This
lake is 18 miles long and from one to three miles in width.
The Mineral Wealth
About Cascade City, while practically undeveloped, is
most promising, and marvelous wealth awaits the hand of
man to reveal the country's hidden resources.
Look closely at our advantageous location and you will not
fail to have a good impression of
Cascade, the Gateway City.
any part or parts of the en id highways or streets as oft< n as the said
Company, its njzt��ntt*, < (liters or
workmen think proper, and for the
purposes of the undertaking to
purchase, acquire or lease and hold
anil sell and dispose of lands,
1 uildings or tenement)- within the
limits aforesaid, and to purchase or
lease, for any term of years, any
telephone or telegraph line established or to be established, in
British Columbia, connected or to
be connected with the line which
the Company may construct, and
to amalgamate with or lease its
line or lines or any portion or
portions thereof, to any Company
possessing, as proprietor, any line
of telephone or telegraph communication connecting, or to be connecting, with the said Company's
line or lines, and to borrow money
for the purposes of the Company,
and to pledge or mortgage
any of the said Company's assets for that purpose, and to receive bonuses or privileges from
any person or body corporate, and
with all other usual, necessary or
incidental rights, powers or privileges as may be necessary or incidental to the attainment of the
above objects, or any of them.
Dated this 15th day of December,
Solicitor for Applicants.
Certificate of Improvements.
"Mary B." Mineral Claim.sltunte in tlie Grand
Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located:���In Summit Camp.
Take Notice that I, Issac H. Hallett,. Free
Miner's Certificate No. 19510 A, for myself and as
agent for James F. Cunningham, tree Miner's
Ortlfu-ate No 18090 A and Geo. K. Naden Free
Miner's Certificate No. 14857 A, Intend sixty days
irom date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtnlnlg n Crown Grant of the above Claim.
And further take notice that action, nnder section 87, must be commenced before ;the issuance
of such Certiorate of Improvement".
Dated this 22nd day of October, 1899.
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.
jssats3����:3eae3e3��cs.KC3G3.s If,
February 17, 1900
��� ��� ��� ���
The Centre of the Far-famed Similkameen District.
A Mining and Agricultural Centre.
���      ���������*���
Lots Now on the flarket. I
Third Avenue, 100 Feet Wide. Lots, 30x150.
Corner Lots, $150.        Inside Lots, $100.
Corner Lots, $100.
Inside Lots, $75.
Terms, 1-3 Cash; Balance, Three and Six Months.
JqI  For Further Particulars, Apply tn      ^
M General Agents,
n R- H. PARKINSON, Fairview. E. BULLOCK-WEBSTER, Keremeos.
Will be Employed Oae Year on Government
Works at Kamloops.
Patrick O'Hearn and George Barrett, tbe men arrested on Friday of
last week on the charge of stealing
whiskey and cigars from the Montana house bar, pleaded guilty before Justice Rochussen on Saturday
afternoon, and were sentenced to
serve six months at hard labor and
to pay a fine of $50 each, in default of which payments, to serve
an additional six months. Officer
Darraugh took the prisoners to
Kamloops on Monday, where they
began their philanthropic labors
at once.
The rapidity and thoroughness
of Justice Kochussen's court machinery is noted for the dexterity
with which it can change thieving
vagrants into sober and industrious
Owing to exorbitant railway
freight charges between Hamilton
and Toronto, the business men of
the two cities have engaged about
fifty teams to haul freight on the
Queen's highway. The scheme is
proving a success, but it is a sad
commentary on railway management, after all that the government has done for railway promo
tion in Canada. In this connection
let us adviBe that Cascade and
Grand Forks do all they can to put
the Bossburg and Marcus wagon
roads in good condition for hauling.        	
Over the Dam Into the Water Below and
Swims Ashore.
One day this week a horse attached to a heavy dump cart, being
engaged in hauling rock with which
to anchor the piers of the big dam
being constructed by the Cascade
Water Power and Light company,
backed off the tramway, falling a
distance of between 50 and 60 feet
into the raging waters below. The
force of the fall broke the shafts of
the cart which liberated the horse,
who, finding himself free, struck
out for the bank of the river, after
having floated down stream a short
distance. Being unable to land on
that side, he swam across the
stream to the other side where he
was assisted to terra firma.
To the amazement of all who
witnessed the peiilous feat, the
animal showed no sign of serious
injury, and to-day is performing
his usual duties.
The cart sank and has not been
A gang of bridge carpenters have
been engaged this week on repair
work to the upper railway bridge.
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy, H. A. tomorrow (Sunday) it 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m., Standard Time, In the new cburoh.
sabbath school at 2:80 p.m. in the same place.
All are cordlallv Invited to attend.
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician.
Eyes Scientifically Tested
Free of Charge	
Dominion Hall Blook,     -     COLUMBIA, B.C
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of tht
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
��>    Second Avenue,
Cascade City, British Columbia.
Hartford Hotel,
-Hartford Junetion, B. (\
This hotel, which is new, is located at the junction
of the Phoenix and Winnipeg branches of the C. P.
R. All the railway traffic for these camps must
pass through Hartford.   Give us a call.
Ftbruary 17, IMS
f Supply
eARE Headquarters..-
AIM is to carry the
Best of Everything.
Our ^rabe Has grown
ui   ^i uue tp mh pro)V(-r.
(ions that we buy in large quantities*, ami can make the Hotel Keeper, Mine OvVner or Prespeetor every
inducement to trade with ud. If
you't>ht>u!d need
Blacksmith's Coal
Bis*or s������"p'���� Powder
Caps or Fuse
In largeorsiuall lots, give us n call.
B WILCOX, Mgr.   3
VisltiiiK Curds
Business Cards
Shipping Tags'
Statements, Etc.
The Record
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
,Ptans Drawn and| Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Sing Kee
Expert  Laundryman.     Bundles called for and delivered.
Work done on Short Notice.
Give me a trial.
laundry at the rearol the Commercial i Hotel
Hutch ins &
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Delivered free to
any part of the
The Journal.
��� . i ]
J. W. Molland has been awarded
the contract for hauling out the
machinery and supplies to tbe
Waukegun camp on Sulphide
It is understood that Bruce
White and associates intend to put
in a cable tramway to span the
Columbia river at this point, for
the transfer of the ore from the
First Thought.
Great Northern surveyors were
running lines through Bossburg
this week. It is rumored that an
electric road will he constructed
from this place to Cascade. The
power is to be furnished by the
Cascade Water Power and Light
Jack Hanley, who made a dividend-payer out of tbe Bonanza,
having disposed of his interest has
resigned as superintendent of the
mine. Mr. Hanley will give bis
attention to his mining interests in
the Pierre Lake district and the
Republic Camp.
James Breen has sold his quarter
interest in the Northport smelter to
the British America Corporation.
The new manager to succeed Mr.
Breen is A. W. Hudson. He is on
the ground and has taken full
charge. The smelter starts full
blast Wednesday, and it is supposed will run continuously from that
time, only closing one blast at a
time when necessary to repair.
The price paid Mr. Breen is not
The Myrtle property is attracting considerable attention of late,
owing to the similarity of the ore
to the richest of ore from the Firi-t
Thought and Republic mines. No
assay returns from tlie latest strike
in the Myrtle have been received
but as fair assays in gold have been
obtained all the way from the surface to the present level, something
better than ordinary values are expected. Pea & Collins, the contractors and part owners, are making good headway, the shaft being
now down over 125 feet. The force
consists of four men;
When Greenwood has absorbed
the suburb of Anaconda, she can
boast of a population of 4000.
Spokane Palls &
Northetoi System.
Nelson and <Fort Slieppanl Ry. Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between  the   Kootenay  District
���'and am,���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects ��t Spokane with���
0. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers for Kettle  River and  Bonndary
creek connect at  Marcns and Bossburg   with
slages daily.
H. A. .IACK��ON, G. P. & T. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
Canadian o
Pacific Ky.
America's Great Transcontinental Line
and World's Pictorial Route.
The Direct Route
From Kootenay Country
Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts to all points
East and West
First-class Sleepers on all trains
irom Revelstoke and Kootenay
St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for Montreal and Boston. Same
curs pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
Direct Connection via Robson to and from all
Leave CASCADE Arrive
16.58 Daily ex. Sun. 18.05
For rates and full Information address nearest local agent or,
F. E. Tbbo, Agt., Cascade, B. C
W.F.Anderson,      E.J.Coylb,
Trav. Pass. A gent, A.OP. Agt.
Nelson, B.C.    Vancouver.B.C.
D. I ton St
HANDY & C6.,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Near  Montana Hotel, Cascade
_ .,     	


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