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Cascade Record 1899-09-02

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~iJ^+ 'w~p
Published in the Interests of the. Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. I.
No. 43.
Will Probably Run on the new Line
in Two Weeks
Rumbles From the Rails���New Appointments
sod Oeneral News ot the Railway Coo*
Chief Engineer and Superintendent W. F. Tye came over from
Trail on a special train yesterday
afternoon and was in consultation
with the contractors. He informed
the Record that the new railway
line would not be taken over by
the operating department of the
C. P. R. till the road was completed to Midway. He expected,
however, that passenger service
would begin in a couple of weeks.
It is Mr. 'lye's intention to arrange, if possible, to put on fast
passenger trains, which will leave
Rossland at 7 a. m., make closd
connections at Robson, and reach
Midway by noon. The return trip
will be made the same day. The
road bed is in such excellent condition that the best of time can he
made with but little if any difficulty.
-,'   Into Grand Porks Monday.
During the last week the tracklayers have made excellent progress. Tuesday they reached the
third Kettle river crossing at Mc-
Cool's. and Thursday at 4 p. m.
they got the track laid to the 1,400-
foot bridge at Grand Forks. It
will require only three days to
place the stringers on this bridge,
and l>y Monday the track should
be laid into Grand Forks. There
will be no time lost here, but steel
will be put down as fast as it can
be brought forward. Gangs of
carpenters have already been set
to work on the bridges between
Grand Forks and Greenwood, and
they will be nearly or quite ready
for the rails as soon as the tracklayers get there.
Rumbles From the Rails.
Eleven passengers came down on
the special last night, the destination of all of them being   Cascade.
Billy Wall's bridge crew was
sent to Grand Forks this week to
put the long bridge in shape for
Locomotives for the present take
water at Castle creek and at Gilpin's. Later on a supply tank will
probably be put up in the Cascade
H. J. Hioks, formerly of Rossland, arrived in Cascade this week
to take the position of telegraph
operator and assistant to Agent
President. Thomas G. Shaugh-
nessey, of the C. P. R., expects to
make a trip of inspection over the
new line, as soon as the rails are
laid to Midway.
W. F. Tye, chief  engineer,  has
been appointed superintendent of
this branch during construction.
Mr. Tye came in from Trail last
night on a special.
V.   Monnier  received   a car of
Lion beer from Rossland this week
It was on the road so long that he
says an ox team, by way of Bossburg, could make better time.
J. S. Lawrence, formerly trainmaster on the Nakusp & Slocan
branch, has been appointed trainmaster and chief dispatcher, with
headquarters at Trail. His assistant will be Dispatcher Lewis.
Mother Lode Smelter Located.
Last Saturday night, at a banquet given in his honor at Greenwood, Paul Johnson made the definite announcement that the Mother
Lode smelter would be built at the
mouth of Copper creek, adjoining
the townsite of Greenwood. The
reduction works will be situated
only three miles from the Mother
Lode mine. Surveys were begun
this week, and it is the intention
to put in a 250-ton copper furnace
to start with.
At the Arson Trial at Grand Forks Others are Implicated.
Plokerton Detective Worked up the Case���Pro.
vinclal Ofllcers Have Had their
Hands Full Lately.
Robert Cameron, alias Jack Cameron, alias Campbell, alias Crane,
charged with setting tire to the
Hotel Columbia on the night of
July 17th, has been in the Cascade
jail this week for safe keeping.
Chas. Mullen, also arrested on a
like charge was in durance vile at
Grand Forks, the hearing for both
being set for today at Grand Forks.
Wm. Forrest and Paul Rochussen,
of Cascade, are the justices selected
to hear the case.
Quietly but effectively, a shrewd
Pinkerton detective, Mr. Donovan,
of Portland, Ore., has been working
on the Case for weeks, and it looks
like a bad case for more than one
person. The men arrested were
both gamblers, who had been well
known at Grand Forks. Thursday an important witness from
Spokane was secured. Some sensational arrests have heen expected
every day this week. It has been
stated positively that as high as
$50,000 bail was offered to release
the prisoners, hut the justices
could not see it that way. The
men will undoubtedly be committed for trial at the county court.
Constables Dinsmore, Darraugh
and McMynn have heen active in
assisting the detective on the case,
and visits to Cascade have been
frequent for several days past.
Yesterday Mr. Dinsmore took Cameron to Grand Forks to appear today.
It is rumored this afternoon that
Cameron made a clean breast of it
this morning, implicating others.
All Around Cascade Working Properties
Are Looking Well.
Spokane and English Experts In the Burnt
Basin���Pleased With Showings���Getting
Ready tor Winter Work.
Now that it is so much easier to
get into the Christina lake mining
camps by rail, they will undoubtedly be brought more to the attention of capitalists. Development
continues steadily on many claims,
and so far disappointments have
been few.
Last night Col. Frank Hogan, of
Spokane, came down from the
Burnt Basin, where he has been
for several days, examining Richard Cooper's properties, the Solid
Gold group. Mr. Hogan represents
Senator George Turner, of LeRoi
fame, and expressed himself here
as well pleased with the appearance of the claims. He secured
samples, which will be tested.
Edgar P. Rathbone, the mining
engineer of the B. C. Syndicate,
hH*.4)eoii-.examaning' properties in
Christina lake camps for about 10
days. He visited Shamrock mountain, John Bull mountain, McRae
creek and the Burnt Basin, and
while he is not expected back till
today, he expressed himself more
than once as well satisfied that
there were the makings of several
good mines in this section. As Mr.
Rathbone is conservative, such a
statement carries a great deal of
Cannonball Ofllcers Elected.
The Cannonball Mines, Ltd., operating the Cannonball group, on
Baker creek, in charge of Jack
Spaulding, is continuing with the
work of sinking on the lead, the
shaft now being down over 50 feet.
Mr. Spaulding was in town today.
A hoard of directors was chosen at
Rossland, consisting of Mayor A.S.
Goodeve, president, and Thomas C.
Corson, secretary-treasurer. Treasury shares' will he offered shortly,
and R. D. Morkill, Jr., has been
accredited as the company's agent,
to place them in the east, for which
he will leave in a few days. Cabins
and shaft-house will be erected on
the property shortly, and preparations made for working all winter.
Two and a half miles from Gladstone, on the Jessie F. fraction, Ed.
Terzick has made a rich strike in
the bottom of a 21-foot shaft. Ore
from the free-milling six-foot lead
gives the remarkable values of
$864.64, mostly gold. Some 50 tons
of ore are already on the dump,
which will be shipped over the new
railway line. Drifting on the ledge
will be started when the shaft is
down 20 feet further. This is at
present one of the most promising
of the many good prospects in that
Fred Gribi is steadily working
his claim, the Mascot, across Kettle
river, near the railway, where he iB
sinking an incline shaft.
The second ledge in No. 1 tunnel
in the Mystery, Burnt Basin, has
been struck 165 feet in, and the
face is reported to be all in ore.
It is rumored that active development work will probably be begun on the rich Shamrock and
Thistle claims on Shamrock mountain. .
K. P. Matheson writes to his
brother in Cascade that he has
made two fine locations, about 15
miles from Princeton, in the Similkameen.
S. R. Reid, who has been in the
Buffalo Hump and other Idaho
camps for a couple of months, is
expected in Cascade shortly to look
after his Christino lake interests.
George K. Stocker has had the
assessment work done on the Rainy
claim on John Bull mountain, near
Gladstone, and is pleased with the
appearance of the property, which
is located close to the Grizzjy Bear.
J. H. Inkster has ordered cabins
built at the Pontifex group on
Huckleberry mountain, 5 miles
from town, which he is actively developing. A trail will be blazed
over a short route from Cascade.
At present the ingress is by way. of
Hall's bridge.
The game season opened yesterday, and nimrods were out after
After discontinuing a week or
two, the Columbia Review appeared once more this week.
A shooting scrape was reported
from Grand Forks Wednesday, but
without serious results.
Manager Rogers, of the Columbia
Sta^e line, has embarked in the
livery business at Columbia.
Provincial Constable D. G. Cox
has been removed from Niagara,
on the north fork of Kettle river,
to Cranbrook, East Kootenav.
Morris McCarty, the Bossburg
mining man. was in Cascade yesterday. He will return shortly
aud visit the Burnt Basin section.
The Cascade sawmill has been
getting out tbe order for limber
for the new school house this week,
which will be built by D. D. Ferguson.
Ava Black celebrated her eighth
birthday yesterday by inviting a
number of her friends to a birthday party at Black's Hotel, which
the little folks thoroughly enjoyed.
A boat race is being arranged
between Chas. Sandner and Frank
Asprey, for $25 a side, to take place
on the lake a week from tomorrow.
Considerable money will change
hands on the result.
W. A. Scott, representing the
Mining & Scientific Press of San
Francisco, one of the leading mining papers in America, has heen in
Boundary acquiring information
for special articles on this section. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
September 2, 18��
Greenwood is to have a steam
Juo. McDonald, the Robson boat
builder, was in town this week.
Quite a number of friends held a
picnic with Miss Darrow, near her
home, last Monday...,
Republic expects shortly to get
mail by an all-American route, instead of through British Columbia.
Fred Brown, formerly of Cascade, and later of Columbia, has
opened the Hotel Delaware at Republic. ���   ��������       ,
Lots in Eholt were put on the
market Tuesday by H. T. Wilgress,
tbe C. P. R. land department's
Ira Black went to Phoenix Tuesday, where he will put up a hotel
with 26 bed rooms. Julius Black
will continue in charge of the
hotel here.
In the recent stage accident on
G. W. Williams' Republic line, one
man, Walter Smith, had  his leg
broken..     Every    passenger    was.
flumped out,
Chief of Police Sheads, of Grand
Forks, was in town laBt Sunday,
attending to;the shipping of ore
samples"to Ottawa, for the Paris
exposition of next year.
��� T. H. Ingram, local, agent for
Calgary flour, took a trip to Green-
Wood and the Forks early in the
Week, where he is also successfully
introducing : hie company's products,    '
R. R. Gilpin, who lives half way
between Cascade and Grand Forks,
says that in his 18 years' residence
in the country, he has not experienced,such & wet fnd disagreeable
August.  ! ,'j ;���." ������ i4J  i* ��&;/���
The water power at Boundary
Falls is being improwedv��an.d the
present 25-foot damwilL be iaised
that much higher. Power is tof be,
supplied for municipal.Wai industrial purposes.
Fs..Elkins, of Greenwood, formerly provincial policem'nh in Cascade, bas been spending the week
in the Gateway City, .He is interested to a considerable extent in
Greenwood, and has" the'1 utmost
faith in the town.
One. of'the air compressors working on the Bull Doe mountain railway tunnel broke down last Monday, and a new part must be sent
from Montreal. Peter Larson, who
came in Monday night from Spokane,.went at once to the tunnel
wi'h Jack Stewart.
An Advertising Song.
One of the English trade journals publishes the following parody on "I Don't Want to Play in
Your Yard," which it says, is going
the rounds and is likely to prove a
We don't want to buy at your place,
We don't trade there any more;
You'll be sorry when yon see us going to
some other store.
You can't sell us any stale goods
We have opened wide our eyes:
We don't want to trade at your place because
you do not advertise.
Christina Lake
Mining Camps.
Price, $1.25, post paid.
Compiled  by JOHN A.  CORYELL,  P. L. S.
This ma|i contains the latest locations on Shamrock and Castle Mountains, on Baker, Sutherland and MoRae Creeks, and in the Burnt Basin.
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New Compressor tor Ball Dog TmmL   .
When Peter Larson, the railway
contraotor, visited the 3,000-foot
tunnel, near Brooklyn, in company
with J. W. Stewart, it was decided
to put in u new seven-drill air compressor, to replace the one disabled
early in the week. Accordingly,
Mr. Larson proceeded to Rossland
and through Frank R. Mendenhall,
agent of the Rand Drill Co., order-
the maohiue referred to. Fortunately, it happened to be in stock
in Rossland. and was shipped at
once to the tunnel, and it now be-
in \i set up.
Olaf Olson, the capable superintendent of operations at the tunnel,
has about 150 men at work, and is
making about 42 feet weekly on the
18x24 foot bore. So far about 1,700
feet have been completed, leaving
1,800 feet yet to drive.
Phoealx Is Qrowlif.
The town of Phoenix, as Greenwood camp is now known, is attracting a good deal of attention,
hy reason of its favorable location
in the heart of the big Boundary
mines. It has had a postoffice for
some time, has a school promised,
and within a short time will have
that indispensable adjunct of all
up-to-date mining camps, a good
weekly newspaper. It is said that
a plant iB now being shipped in.
Several large mercantile establishments are located there, and a
number of hotels are building. Altogether its prospects are bright, as
the town has a good sized payroll
behind it.
The OsIm k Roy Stock.
In July Gaine & Roy made an
assignment to J. H. Good, for the
benefit of credits. A few weeks
later the creditors held a meeting
and appointed G. A. Eastman as
trustee, and the latter was making arrangements to dispose of the
assets, when the sheriff seized the
stock. The Hudson's Bay Co. had
obtained a judgment against Mr.
Roy for $691, the assignment was
declared irregular, and Sheriff G.B.
Taylor took possession, and advertise the stock for sale.
Today papers were made out and
signed for a new assignment, and
the stock is expected to go back into the hands of Mr. Eastman for
the benefit of creditors. Otherwise
it will probably he fought out in
the courts.
Father Palmer held Catholic services in the school houne Wednesday morning.
Hewitt Bostock, M P. for Yale-
Carihoo-Kontenay, is expected in
Casoade during the coming week.
Work has been resumed on the
Presbyterian ohurch building, the
first of the shingles having arrived
Frand E. Starkey, of the Victoria
Gold and Copper Mining Co., of
English Point, is expected in town
Delivered free to
any part of the
Certificate ot the Incorporation of the "Victoria
Gold and Copper Mining Company, Limited,"
"Non-Personal Liability."
CAPITAL, 11,000.000.
I hereby certify that the "Victoria Oold and
Copper Mining Company, Limited," "Non-Personal Liability," has this day been incorporated
under the "Companies' Act, 1807," at a Limited
Company, with a capital of one million dollars,
divided into one million shares of one dollar
The registered offloe ot the company will be situate In the town of English Point, Grand Forks
mining division, Yale district, British Columbia.
The company ia specially limited under section
Hot the said Aot.
The objects for which tbe company has been
established are:
To work, operate, buy, sell, lease, looato, acquire, procure, hold, and deal in mines, metals,
and mineral claims of every kind and description
within the Province of British Columbia; to carry
on and conduct a general mining, smelting ana
reduction business; to purchase, acquire, bold,
erect and operate electric light and power plants
tor the purpose of furnishing lights and creating
power; to bond.buy, lease, locate and hold ditches,
flumes and water rights; to construct, lease, buy.
sell build, or operate tramways or other means of
transportation for transportation of ore, mining
and other materials; to own, bond, buy, sell,
lease and locate timber and timber claims; and
Anally to do everything consistent, proper and
requisite for the carrying out ot the objects and
purposes aforesaid, in their fullest and broadest
sense, within the territory named.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 8th day
of August, one thousand eight hundred and
4o Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Certificate of Improvements.
Cannon ball, Diadwood and Alma mineral
claims, situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located:���On Baker Creek, about one
mile east of Christina Lake.
Take notloe that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., ot
Trail, B.C.. acting as agent for R. Dalby Morkill, Jr. P.M. r. No. SMBSA, William d. Williams, F M. ft. No. 8M17A, John Spaulding, P.-
M. C. No. 1S882A. On Graden, V. M. O. No.
19609A, Geo. 8. Armstrong, F. M. O. No. U867B,
and A. W. Selgle Free Miner's Certlflcate No.
1907A, intend sixty daya from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notloe that act Ion, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this tenth day ot July, 18W, A. D.
47 . j. D. AIPSMOI,
Certificates of laproveawats.
Birthday, Edison, Electric. Piotob,
Morcton snd Edibor Fraction mineral
claims, situate In the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale district.
Where located;���Birthday���on MoRae oreek
and one mile from Christina lake.
Edison, Electric, Picton, Moncton and- Edison
Fraotlon���on Josh creek, in the Burnt Basin.
Take Notice that I, J. D. Anderson,. P. L. S.,
of Tral 1, ,B. C., acting as agent for Blohard Plowman, Free Miners' Certificate No. B18O0, and
Mrs. (Thos.) Addle Gee, Free Miners' Certificate
No. 12580A, intend, sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvements. for the purpose of obtaining
crown grants of the above claims.
Ar.d further take notloe that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuanos
of snoh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated tbi 88th day of July, A.D., IBM.
Certificates of laprtvesMits.
Tammany No. 1, Gold Nuggett and Gold Nuggett
Fraction mineral elaims. situate in the Grand
Porks mining division of Yale district.
Where located: -In the Burnt Basin, west of
the Edison group.
Tske notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S.. of
Trail, B. C, acting as agent for James Peterson,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 3WW7A, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to tbe mining
recorder for Certlficatei ot Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining orown grants of the above
And further take notloe that aotlon, undef section 87, must be commenced before the Issuanos
of suoh Certificates of Improvements, i
Dated this 18th dsy of August, A.D., 18(8.
Certificates of tairovesMita.
Burnt Basin, Burnt Basin Fraotlon, Jim Blaine
and Jim Blaine Fraotlon mineral olalms situ-
ste in the Grand Forks mining division of
Yale district.
Where located:-In the Burnt Basin, north
west of the Edison group.
Tske Notice that I, J. D. Anderson. P. L. 8. of
Trail, H.C., acting as agent for Jobn Hauler,
Free Miners Certificate No. 8B88IA, Intend, sixty
dayi from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for Certlficatei of Improvement!, for the
purpose of obtaining orown grants of the above
And further take notloe tbst aotlon, under section Sf.muit be commenced before the lsiuanee of
said Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this Uth dsy of August, A.D., 1888.
Certificates of Iajproveswats.
Mbcklbrbdro and Mboklirbuhg Fractior mineral claims, situate in the Grand Forki
mining division of Osooyos division of Yale district.
Where located:���At the bead of the Burnt Basin.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., of
Trail, B. C, sctlng si agent for C. 8. Wallls, F.
M. C. No. 84251A, and Annie M. Brown, Free
Miner's certificate No. B18849, Intend, sixty days
from the data he-eof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above
And further tske notice that action, under section 87, mutt be commenced before the Issuance
of such certlficatei of Improvements.
Dated this 18th dsy of August, A. D., 1888.
SS Grand Central
Mcdonald & flood, props.
Liquid Refreshments of All Kinds
ana in the Choicest Qualities. . . .
First Class Sample Rooms in Connection.
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We carry a Full Stock of Hay, Oats, Floif, Bran, Shorts, Chop, Corn Meat
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T. H. INGRAM, Mgr.
emical Supply Cu., Ltd.!;
(Late MacFarlane & Co.) VANCOUVER, B.C.
Ws aw manufacturers and direct importers, snd carry a large stock of Balanoes, Furnaces,
Fire Clay goods, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum goods, Adds, Chemicals, and all other Asaayers' and Miners' requirements.... SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Co., Battersea, Becker's Son's Balances, Etc. Catalogues and partloulurs on application.
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and Dressed Lumber.
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Prompt Delivery Made.
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Spokane Falls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Sheppard Ry, Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
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���AND ALL���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connect* at Spokane with���
O. R. R. <fc NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold snd Information
given by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers for Kettle River snd Boundary
oreek connect at  Marcus and Bossburg  with
stages dally.
H. A. JACKSON, O. P. AT. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
Late fletal Quotations
New York, August St.- Bar silver, 58 15-1V. ���
Mexican dollars, ��7Ho.
Lake copper���18.50.
The Irm that flies the selling prloe for miners
and smelters quotes lead UK at the close.
rpBE only place In British Columbia where tbt
genuine Keeley Treatment can be obtained.
Fine building, good board, pleasant and
healthful surroundings, and tbe arrangements
admit of tbe strictest privacy for patients, either
ladles or gentlemen. The Keeley Treatment affords the only safe and sun euro for the liquor,
opium, morphine, oocoalne, chloral, and other
drugs, and al-o for tobaoco poisoning. Parties
Interested are Invited to call at the Institute and
investigate tor themselves. All correspondence
C. H. Nixon, Mgr.
A. D. M0RRI50N,
Watchmaker, Jeweller aod Optician.
Eyes Scientifically Tested
Free of Charge.  ....
Dominion Hall Block,     ���     COLUMBIA, B.C.
Hatatslelttetelalstel^^ THE   CASCADE  RECORD
September 2, 1899
Published on Saturdays at Cascade, Ii. C, by
W. Beach Willcox.
PerYear     18.00
Six Months..       1.25
To Foreign Countries     2.60
Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
The Record Is on sale at the following places:
Simpson's Vawstand       Uossland
Thompson Stationery Co,          Nelson
H. A. King A Co  Greenwood
R. F. Petrie  Grand Porks
John W. Graliam * Co Spokane, Wash.
FranclsA Milne....'  Casoade
Thomas Walker          Cascade
Cascade Drug Co   Cascade
Although no official announcement has been made to that effect,
the rumor is so persistent that a
$4.50 freight and treatment rate of
Rossland ores has been made, that
some credence must be given to it.
It is said that the British America
Corporation, owning the Northport
smelter and a number of Rosuland's
best mines, has made this low rate,
with a view possibly of getting ore
from some mines not owned by it.
At any rate, it is largely increasing
capacity of its Northport smelter.
For months past the Canadian
Smelting Works, at Trail, owned
by the C. P. R., has been improving and adding to its plant at the
mouth of Trail creek, and it is evident that it is preparing to meet
all competition in the smelting
line. The C. P. R. never does
things by halves. Many months
ago preparations were begun for
the inauguration of a great smelting industry in Southern British
Columbia, of which the works at
Trail were but the nucleus. This
policy ia being carried out, and one
feature of it is to encourage mining
by low freight and smelting rates.
Beginning at Heinze's figure of $11
per ton, it has gradually been reduced to $7, then $6, and now the
"$4.50 rate will doubtless prevail.
This all means that dozens of
low grade mines���as low as $10
per ton in ore values���can and will
be worked to a profit, and that
both the LeRoi and Northport
smelters can be run to fullcapacity
on Rossland ores alone. It also
means that there will be no room
for Boundary ores for any length
of time at the Trail smelter, even
if the transportation charges permitted it, and that the time, consequently, for work on the Cascade
smelter is coming faster than has
been anticipated.
Greenwood is to have a smelter,
almost within its city limits. Paul
Johnson, the expert of the British
Columbia Copper Co., a strong New
York corporation, the stock of
which is above par, has made this
definite announcement, and Greenwood i�� to be congratulated. This
smelter is to be built primarily to
treat the ores of the Mother Lode
mine, located three miles from the
smelter site, and Mr. Johnson
states that it will also be prepared
to do custom work. If, however,
the Mother Lode can produce to
the extent predicted, with one or
two other mines of equal size, it
will have all that can be handled.
With the Granby smelter under
construction at Grand Forks, the
Mother Lode smelter about to
build at Greenwood and the Cascade smelter almost equally as
assured, the Boundary country
will next year be the center of a
great smelting industry, of which
these reduction works will only be
the beginning.
The new ruilway is now absolutely assured of an immense traffic
from the start. The bringing in of
coke itself will be no small item,
and the tonnage of ores and the
products of the smelters, aside from
the general consequent trade of the
district, will swell its business toj
gigantic proportions. The Boundary will be one of the greatest
mining and smelting sections in
the world.
Cape Nome, in northwestern
Alaska, is not a fake, after all, as
was reported, but has rich placers.
Nevertheless, we are satisfied to
stay in British Columbia, rather
than chase a golden will-o'-the-wisp
o'er the icy north.
It appears as" though'the miscreants who set fire to the Hotel
Columbia on the night of July 17,
would be speedily brought to justice. The law should treat them
without fear or favor, no matter
what their station.
Sixteen out of 38 votes is pretty
small for a government party to
count upon. Yet this is exactly
all the opposition will concede to
the present government. The opposition itself does not seem to be
in much better shape, as it lacks
organization of any kind.
In another column will be found
a verbatim report of a press dispatch, stating that a strike that
would make the Columbia & Western railway contractors' millionaires, had been made near Cascade
on the railway grade. It is asam
pie of how press dispatches are
sometimes fearfully and wonderfully made���through the eyes or
pen of an over zealous news-gatherer.
Gladstone to Penticton is not tributary to it.
Last week's Greenwood Times
contained a humorous and sarcastic article on the mines claimed as
tributary to Grand Forks. It is
not so long ago that the Forkers
were claiming Burnt Basin and
Christina claims, to say nothing
of those of Deadwood camp, Greenwood camp and others, as "Grand
Forks mines.'' Grand Forks is a
good town, but every camp from
Paul John has done what the
smelter experts have heretofore declined to do, recommended the location of a smelter where there was
little water, and where is a long
up-hill haul to get his fluxes in.
It will be interesting to note his
success in the new method of ore
The Vernon News, in reporting
on the failure of a circus to exhibit
there as advertised, remarks sen-
tentiously: "However, there will
be all the more money left to send
to Eaton & Co." This is a pleasant contemplation for the merchants of that section. Speaking
seriously, however, anything that
can be secured of home merchants,
should t>e gotten there. The prosperity of the business man is an
index of the entire community.
��� Midway was very confident that
the Mother Lode smelter would be
located there and laughed at the
idea that it would go to Greenwood.
The versatile Grand Forks correspondent, who scatters his misleading information far and wide,
was also of the same opinion, and
was net slow in expressing it to a
breathless public, from Toronto to
Vancouver. But, seemingly, Greenwood had the trump card, and;
could well afford to laugh last.
The Merchants' Bank of Halifax
opened its branch at Republic last
Dr. Frank J. Ewing, one of the
contractors' physicians, was in
town Tuesday.
J. J. Doupe, engineer for the land
department of the C. P. R. was in
Cascade a few days ago.
Cascade's postmaster now has a
stock of the old three cent stamps,
surcharged in black for two cents.
. The Grand Forks base hall team
bested the Nelson, B. C, team on
ihe latter's grounds last Saturday,
by a score of 7 to 8.
Camp McKinney now has. three
mails weekly from each way. As
it has daily stage connections, it
should have daily mails.
Imports at the port of Grand
Forks this last month are said to
have amounted to $45,000, on
which over $10,000 was collected
in duty.
James Wilkes, organizer for the
Western Federation of Labor, has
organized a miners' union at Camp
McKinney with 45 members. He
also started unions at Phoenix and
Greenwood recently.
Joshua Anderson, the well known
storekeeper of Columbia, was in
Cascade Tuesday, on his way to
Nelson. He thinks Columbia will
be a good town after the railway
tracks are laid that far.
Chesaw, the new reservation
town, on Meyers creek, now has 26
buildings, with contracts let for as
many more. It has daily stage
connections with Greenwood, and
iB surrounded by good mineral
At the
Cascade Drug Co.
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Wall Paper,
Paints, Etc.
Latest Arrivals at
Calgary Flour.
Young Ladies' and Children's
Fancy Toilet Soaps in Great
Variety���Attar of Roses,
Russian Violet, Lily of
the Valley, etc., etc., from
5c to 35c.
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Main Street and First and Second Aves.,
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sale at a biirgain, or will rent to the right parties.
Apply at Record office.
Wanted at Once.
Wanted to purchase immediately a perambulator.  A fair price given.  Apply at once to
Table of Distances From
(Distances figured on wagon roads.)
Sutherland creek.... S
Baker creek 9
McRae oreek  8
Burnt Basin 16
Central camp..   .... SO
Fisherman creek....SI
.Summitcamp,.  ,   St
Seattle oamp 28
Brown's camp So
Volcanic Mt 25
PathflnderMt SB
Knight's camp 88
Wellington camp ..24
Skylark camp 80
Providence camp... 84
Deadwood camp ,. .85
Smith's camp  85
Long Lake camp... 80
Copper camp . ... 87
Graham camp ... .45
Kimberly Camp 88
Balls Ferry 7
Rock Cut 10
Bossburg S6
Marcus  81
Rossland 41
Christina Lake     .  I
Qiaham's Ferry 8
Grand Forks: 18
Columbia (Up.G F.) 14
Carson 19 ���
Niagara.      SI
Greenwood 81
Anaconda ... 88
Boundary Falls 88
Midway  .89
Rook Creek 52
Camp McKinney... .78
Okanagan Falls....US
Penticton. 1S5
Nelson, Wash.   .    19
Curlew, Wash t9
Torodack., Wash... 4 r
Gladstone..      ii
Brooklyn 40
__ !>'
September 2, 1899
Since the new railway began delivering freight to Cascade, there
has beer) a noticeable falling off. in
the number of freight teams doing
business between Bossburg and the
upper country. In fact, it may be
said that not one-half the former
number of teams are so employed
at present. For a month or two
past merchants and business men
generally have been routing good*
to Cascade by rail. There is a
loud howl, however, over the excessive "construction'' freight rate?
charged. This, however, will not
probably last long, as it is expected
that the C. P. R. will take the line
over shortly.
In this connection it is rumored
that the Great Northern is thinking of ccntracting to deliver freight
as far as Grand Forks, the freighters, it is said, agreeing to accept 50
cents or 60 cents per hundred for
their part of the haul from Bossburg. It is thus evident that the
Great Northern is already feeling
the falling off in-traffic to these
parts since the C. P. R. reached
Cascade. Boundary merchants,
however, say that the present tariff
makes it more costly to get goods
in than before���which moBt certainly ought not to be.
In acknowledging a recent communication from residents of Cascade, in regard to the poor mail
service into Boundary, Hewitt Bostock, M. P., remarks: "I do not
understand why it has not been
straightened out before." Quite
right, Mr. Bostock; no more can
A unique and telling advertisement has recently been gotten out
by the Record Job Department for
the B. C. Mercantile & Mining Syndicate. It consists of a carefully
drawn and especially made map of
the Boundary country, showing
Cascade as the Gateway City and
its general advantages as regards
location and situation, the whole
printed on the back of a business
envelope. In the corner are the
following words: "California '49;
Australia, '59; Com��tock' 69; Lead-
ville. 79; Transvaal '89; Boundary,
Right Now." It is said that maps
and illustrations appeal more
quickly than ai.y other form of advertisement, and this is no exception to the rule. On this map the
several stores of the Syndicate, at
Gladstone, English Point and Cas
cade, are shown in red, the whole
forming a most effective plan of
The Rossland Record has again
changed hands and this time it
passes into the control of W. K.
Esling, of the Trail Creek News.
Mr. Esling is an energetic business
man and bright writer, and will
doubtless infuse new energy into
our namesake at the other end of
the Dewdney trail. There is room
for a first-class daily in Rowland,
if conducted hy an experienced
newspaper man along the right
lines, and with ample capital tn
put it through. Mr. Esling ought
to make a success of it.
The contract price for the new
school building at Columbia is
$1,495, it having been let to J. H.
Cor. of Main Street and First
Avenue [centre of town] ...
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
The Most
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Stocked Bar
in connection.
��iquors, pities anb Osars-
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
B. C. Livery Stable
Good Saddle Horses for Hire. Teaming
on the Shortest Notice. Good Turnouts
Ready at all hours to go to any part of
the Boundary country. Careful drivers.
J. A. BERTOIS, Prop.
Stables on Second Avenue, -    CASCADE, B. C.
flontana Hotel
..... C. H. MAY, Proprietor.
For the Thirsty and Weary Traveller no More Satisfactory
House can be found in the entire Boundary country. At our
Bar you Will Find the Choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars....
First Avenue,
The Steamer
Myrtle B.
Is now ready for freight and
passenger traffic on Christina
Lake. Newly painted and refitted.
Stesmer leaves Foot of Lake st 10 a.m. and 8
p. m.; leaves' English Point st 9 a.m and 1 p. m.
When your horse loses a
shoe or your wagon gets
"out of whack," go to	
Expert Blacksmiths
and Wagonmakers.
JG   I
Second Ave., Cascade, B. C.
J. C. Shepherd, who has had
charge of the contractors' commissary at Cascade for over a year
past, left on Thursday for Port
Arthur, Ontario, to accept a similar position with Mann & Mackenzie on the Rainy River road, on
which work is about to commence.
Mr. Shepherd has made many
friends in Cascade, and the night
previous a. number of his well
wishers showed him their appreciation by giving a smoker in the
Cascade Auditorium. Mr. Shepherd's new position is in the line of
promotion, as he will receive higher
The Rainy River road is one of
those subsidized by the late Dominion parliament, and when completed will be 460 miles long. It
runs from Port Arthur, on Lake
Ontario, through the upper edge of
Minnesota, and around the Lake
of the Woods, to Winnipeg. The
work is largely of a rock character,
which is always pleasing to contractors, and means many monthi
of work for a large force of men.
Several of the sub-contractors on
the Robson-Penticton line, having
finished here, are moving their
outfits to the Rainy River road.
A unique character among the
newspaper men of the��e parts is
Eber C. Smith, until lately publisher of the great and only Rosa-
land Record, the first daily established in that city. Mr. Smith
was in Cascade yesterday, on hie
return from Grand Forks, where
he has decided to start a daily in
the course of a month or six weeks,
to be called the Grand Forks Gazette. He thinks he has received
sufficient encouragement for the
successful conduct oi the enterprise,
and will soon be launched on the
troubled Peas of daily journalism
once more. Mr. Smith is energetic
to a degree, being a hard worker,
but it remains to be seen what success he can make of a daily in a
town as small as Grand Forks.
His old opponent in the Robsland
field, John R. Reavis, is already
located in Grand Forks, and is
publisher of the prosperous looking
Miner of that place.
Finley Sinclair, the assistant of
Collector Rose at the custom house,
left with Mrs. Sinclair this morning for Rossland. During their
several months residence in Cascade they have made many warm
friendships, and Mr. Sinclair, hy
his uniform courtesy and efforts to
accommodate the thousands who
have transacted business at the
customs house has won the respect
and esteem of all. Mr. Sinclair
expects to he located somewhere in
the Boundary country, possibly at
Frederick Elkins, who has been
in town several days, in connection
with winding up the stock of Gaine
& Roy, is a resident of Greenwood,
where he has extensive property
interests. He is one of those who
firmly believe that Greenwood is
destined to become the most important town of the district, and
has shown his faith hy acquiring
property interests there. He was
previously provincial constable in
Cascade. 6
September 2, 1899
And the Ledge Is Said to be Located Near
The following Associated Press
dispatch was received this- week,
which makes interesting reading,
hut is only lacks one thing���the
element of truth:
Minneapolis. Aug. 28.���a Taco-
ma special to the Times says:
While grading on the Canadian
Pacific extension in British Columbia, contractors MacKenzie and
Mann have uncovered great ledges
of ore, running high in copper,
gold and silver. They are making
slow progress on the railway contracts, but the present indications
are that the mineral discoveries
will pay them far better.
A mining expert, who was just
coming from B. C, says one ledge
alone will make them millionaires.
This ledge was found near Cascade,
a new town on the Columbia &
Western railway, which the Canadian Pacific is building from Rossland into the Boundary creek district. Outcroppings were discovered some time ago, but it was only
ten days ago that the ledge itself
was uncovered by the graders. It
has not been thoroughly exploited,
but has been stripped sufficiently
to show it exceeds 50 feet in width.
Assays from near the surface gave
value of $40 to $50 per ton, making
it practically certain that another
LeRoi mine has been discovered.
MacKenzie and Mann have staked
the property find will soon begin
its development. They have declined a large sum for it. Two
smaller ledges have heen discovered
by the grading crews, both giving
promise of making good mines.
If such a ledge has been discovered near Cascade, the Record has
yet to hear of it. Numerous mineral ledges have been cut by the
railway graders from one end of
the line to the other, but as a rule
the ground was located before work
on the railway was started, over a
year ago. Assays of $40 to $50 are
not by any means remarkable
hereabouts, either. They can be
obtained from more than one lead
within sight of the Record office,
and they may prove to be second
MacKenzie & Mann (the former
is not one of the firm having the
contract on this road) are already
millionaires. The railway is being rapidly built, and it is generally conceeded that the contractors will not go broke on it.
With the exception of these and
a few dozen other inaccuracies the
article might pass muster.
Twenty Votes the Government Cannot Count
The Victoria Colonist, an opposition journal has made an estimate of the present complexion of
the legislature.   It is as follows:
For tbe government: Messrs.
Semlin, Cotton, Hume, Henderson,
McKechnie, Forster, Munroe,
Deane, Tisdale, Kidd, Kinchant,
Kellie, Wells, R. Smith, Neil,
Opposed to the government:
Messrs. Turner, Helmcken, Hall,
McPhillips, Eberts, Booth, Pooley,
Higgins, Robertson, Bryden, Duns-
muir, Martin, McPherson, Mc-
Bride, Ellison, Smith, Baker, Irving, Clifford���19.
Independent: Mr. J. Martin.
Conditionally opposed: Mr.
This estimate treats the East
Lillnoet seat as vacant, because
Mr. Prentice will hardly risk proceedings for a penalty for illegally
sitting, even if he should believe
himself to be qualified.
On the Western Survey.
It is stated that the C. P. R. surveyors are running a line south of
that previously run between Midway and Rock creek. Leaving
Rock creek about a mile above its
junction with Kettle river a southeasterly course iB taken to Meyers
creek, and passing south of the big
mountain that rises at the junction
of Meyers creek and Kettle river
the former stream is followed down
to Jackson's ranch. Thence to
Midway, the original survey line
will be pretty closely adhered to.���
Midway Advance.
America's Great Transcontinental Line
and World's Pictorial Route.
From Kootenay Country. Firsi
Clans Sleepers on all trains
from Arrowhead and Kootenay
Landing. Tourist Cars pan-
Revelstoke, daily for St. Paul,
Thursdays fur Montreal ��i'd
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for Toronto.
7.00 and 15.80K lv. Rosalind sr. Il.b0e.nd 19.10K
7.00 and 15.45K lv. Nelson . ar. 10.50 and I9.25K
For points on or reached viu Prow's Nest Line
22.30K (dally).... lv. Nelson ar (dally)2.S0K
Cascade via Bossburg and Nelson, to Toronto,
102 hours; to Montreal, 106 hours; toNew York,
118 hours; to Winnipeg, 62 hours. Rossland vt
Nelson to Ihe coast In 80 hours.
For rates and fullest Information address n. ar-
est local agent or,
P. Huckkrbv, Agt., Cascade,B.C.
W.F.Andkrson,       E.J.Coyle,
Trav.Pass.Agent, A.G.P.Agt.
Nelson. B.C.     Vancouver.B.C.
Best since the world bepaii���the
Jolt Work constantly being turned
out a�� the office of Cascade Record.
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Tale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A'Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of
a marvellously
A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments.
A most advantageous smelter
location aud railroad center. One
mile from Christina Lake, the
Great Pleasure
For further
price of lots,
etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man. rt
September 2, 1890
Brief Bit* Prom Many Camp*.
The Stemwinder, in Fairview
camp, is down to the 300-foot level,
and the crosscut shows 20 feet of
clear ore.
A 5-stamp mill is being hauled
from Methow valley to the Waterloo, in Camp McKinney, a distance of 100 miles.
The Adirondack, in Kimberley
camp has a 48-foot shaft, a 40-foot
ledge and fair copper and gold
values.   It is owned by M. Kane.
The graders on the Deadwood
camp spur have cut a copper lead
on the Sunset, from which 15 per
cent assays have been gotten.
This is the best ore yet found on
the property.
Fox & Ross, Toronto, have
organized the Sarah Consolidated
Co., for the purpose of acquiring
the, Belleview, Snowshoe, Toledo.
Diamond, Alice and other Camp
McKinney properties.
The agents of Marcus Daly, the
Montana mining millionaire, are
said to have bought up the best
copper claims in the Similkameen
country, including the pick of those
on Copper mountain.
Frank Bobbins, manager of the
Brooklyn and Stemwinder, owned
by Mann & MacKenzie, in Greenwood camp, is reported to have
said tha work will not be resumed
on the property until the miners
Hgree tn accept $3.00 for eight
hours' work.
The crosscut on the 327-foot
level of the Old Ironsides, in Greenwood camp, has encountered the
ledge. This is about 100 feet deeper than any other depth yet secured
in the Boundary country. Heretofore all the drifting and crosscut-
ting have been on the 100 and 200-
fiot levels, most of the work being
done on the latter.
The Kettle River Mining and
Development company is the owner of the Christina property, which
is located 12 miles from Grand
Forks on the north fork of Kettle
river. The management report
that two shifts are at present working on the property. The ore is
said to be a quartz, is free milling
and averages about $40 to the ton.
Development work is being carried on extensively on the Four
Hundred and the Delia, two adjoining properties in Central .camp
recently acquired by the Wellington Mines, Limited. The ledge on
the Four Hundred is 100 feet wide,
one of the largest in the Boundary.
Ore taken from the bottom of two
shafts averages in value from $5 to
$12 in gold and copper per ton,
and assays from the pay streak
gave $69 per ton. A double compartment working shaft is now being sunk, having attained a depth
of 85 feet.
Last week the good people of
Grand Forks���or at least a portion
of them���were worked up over the
result of news, which it was said
had reached there respecting some
remarkably rich discoveries. The
new camp is located 25 miles
northeast of Grand Forks, which
would make it not far from the
head of Christina lake. A pros-
I ector sent up in July by J.A.Coryell, C E , discovered a 40-foot vein
of ore from the surface of which
a��say values from $5 to $12 in gold
per ton were obtained. The ledge
matter is similar in color and formation to the Republic. Another
prospector found two ledges of galena carrying copper and silver values. Some of the assays exceed
$160 per ton.
For tbe Rock Drilling Contest.
The hardest granite that can be
found in the state of Washington
will be secured for the rock drilling
contest at the Spokane Industrial
Exposition in October. For the
double handed rock drilling contest
there will be two pieces of. granite
each six feet by five feet by one and
one-half. For the single handed
contests there will be one piece of
granite six feet by three and one-
half feet by one arid one-half feet.
In the double handed contest two
teams will drill at a time, each on
a separate piece of granite. In the
single handed contest two contestants will drill at a time,' but both
on the same piece of granite.
Scad It Back East.
The Cascade Record will be sent
to any place in Canada or the
United States for one year on receipt of $2. It pays special attention to mining in the Boundary
and Christina lake sections, and
aims to give the most reliable information in regard to this fast
developing country.
Have you got one yet ? What ?
Why, one of those new maps of the
Christina lake mining camps. If
you have an interest there, you
should have one. Sent post paid
by the Cascade Record on receipt
of $1.25.
You can get breakfast before the
early stage starts at the Queen
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy. M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
8:00 p.m., Standard Time, In tbe school-house,
Sabbath school at 2:80 p.m. In the tame place.
All are eordlallv Invited to attend,
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc.',
This hotel is located in the centre
of town, opposite the post office,
and has every convenience for
the comfort of the travelling public. Finely st< eked bar in connection.
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of tht
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avknue,
Cascade City. Brtish Columbia.
... ��� McRae Landing, Christina Lake
Now open under entirely new management. First- class accommodations and
reasonable rates. Beautiful situation, good Boating, Bathing, I- ishlng aud
Bnntlng.  The place to spend a pleasant holtdey.
Call and see us.  Steamboat calls twice a day.  Close to Brooklyn road.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 1$ miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the best hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.   ' ���
fresl] anb Qiweb )ftfteats,
nfisi; anb Oysters, ��i��e anb ftresseb Poultry
|V Heats delivered at vines Fret- of Charge.
Mall Orders Promptly Attended to.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
Plant Drawn and Estimates
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Cascade city.
TMEr MErW3^t��tS
Boundary Country can be had in a concise and readable form
by taking the Cascade Record every week. Send along your
two dollar bill and keep posted on the greatest mining district
in British Columbia'.   Address, The Record, Cascade,B.C. 8
September 8, 189v
Railroad Headquarters Hotel.
When Visiting the Gateway City on Railroad, Mining of     Our Bar is One of the Features of this Establishment. It
Smelter Business, You   are  Cordially Invited to is Supplied with an Almost Endless Variety of the
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^ftftercijant jailor,
First Avenue,    -    Cascade, B. C.
Cleaning and Repairing Promptly and Neatly Done.  With an Experience
of Many Years in the Business, can Guarantee Satisfaction.
Bossburg, Republic, Greenwood, Grand Forks and all Bound*
ary Points. We sell Through Tickets to all points. We
Always Leave and Arrive "on Time."
m ���   ,
Leave Cascade for Bossburg, 5.30 a. m.
Leave Cascade for Grand Forks, 7.00 p. m.
F. M. HALLETT, Manager,
Bossburg, Wash.
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
For the best since
the world began
apply to
The Record, Cascade,B.C
general ^JJJining )}etos
The LeRoi company has decided
to pnt in a 60-drill air compressor.
' There are 52 men on the payroll
of the Lake Shore mine at Moyie.
One car of ore was shipped last
week from Slocan City to the Hall
Mines smelter, Nelson.
The Dibble, a high grade silver
proposition near Fort Steele, will
probably resume work this fall.
Dr. Doolittle, of Toronto, has
made the last payment, $5,000, on
the Venus group near Nelson.
The Evening Star, on Dayton
oreek, in the Slocan, is about to begin work on a 1000-foot tunnel.
Last week the Queen Bess sent
out 40 tons from the Three Forks
while the Noonday continued shipments from New Denver.
The big Palmer mountain tunnel measures 2,156 feet and the
force on drifts is being increased
as fast m room can be made for it.
The members of the Canadian
Mining Institute left Toronto yesterday, and will hold the annual
meeting at Nelson on the 12th
Word haB been sent by Clement
Vaschar, who ��� is managing the
Okanogan mine at Penticton, B.
C, that a new lead of rich copper
was recently uncovered on the
property. Shipments from this
mine to the Trail smelter will be
made shortly.
The Ivanhoe, in the Slocan has
begun work on a 1200-foot tunnel,
giving 1000 feet depth at the apex.
The Carnation group, adjoining
the Wonderful, in the Slocan, has
been bonded hy Mann & MacKenzie and P. Burns to L. Alexander
for $40,000.
The Mine Owners' Association in
its fight with the Miners' Union on
the eight-hour question, says an
exchange, is in the same fix as the
man who went to lick the editor.
In the course of proceedings he
was asked to let go. The editor
had a bunch of hair in one hand,
his throat in another, and mouthful of thumb and finger, and the
assailant very properly gurgled
"I can't."
The shipments of ore from Rossland mines aggregate 20,000 tons a
month, of the approximate value
of $400,000. The difference between the value of the ore shipped
And the sums disbursed for wages
is therefore in the neighborhood of
$275,000,50 per cent, of which can
be counted as gain over and above
all expenses. This would indicate
that the producing mines of Rossland could pay $1,650,000 in dividends this year, provided the output is kept up to the 20,000 tons a
month mark.
Palace giuery $arn
Up to Date
Saddle Horses Furnished
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse trams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks arid
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Fire Insurance Agency
ANCE CO. of Toronto; WEST-
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Sing Kee
Expert  Laundryman.    Bundles called for and delivered.
Work done on Short Notice.
Give me a trial.
Laundry at tbe rear of tbe Commercial Hotel
IK. livery Me,
Props.   ,
I.'; Saddle Horses for Hire.
Rear Montana Hotel, Cascade.


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