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Published In the Interests of the Boundary Mining District
Vol. I.
CASCADE, B. C, MARCH 18, 1899.
No. 19.
Boundary Country Will Soon Have
the Best of Service.
H. VV. Kent, general superintendent of the Nelson & Vernon
Telephone Co., owning and operating all the lines now existing in
Kootenay or Yale, is now in the
Boundary for the first time. His
home is now in Vancouver, and
this trip is taken in connection
with the improvements in the line
now undertaken or in contemplation by his company.
To a Record man Mr. Kent
stated that at present, from Bossburg to Spokane, the line in but n
single wire, grounded, which is
owned by the Spokane and British
Columbia Telephone Co. This does
not give very satisfactory service,
although the Nelson and Vernon
part of the line, this side of the
lioundary, is a metallic circuit-
that is, consists of two copper
The Inland Co.,however, owning
the exchange in Spokane, have
built a metallic circuit to Rossland, are now building to Republic
and will build from Bossburg to
Russell, at the Boundary line, as
soon as the show is off. When this
is done, the Nelson & Vernon ,C".
will have all their connections with
the Inland Co., and will have a
metallic circuit throughout. It is
believed that this will give a most
satisfactory service.
In the meantime, the Columbia
Telephone a lid Telegraph Co.. a
subsidiary flotation of the Spokane
and British Columbia Co., has let
a contract for the poles for a new
line to parallel the present Nelson
& Vernon line into Greenwood,
and also, it is stated, to go on to
Camp McKinney.
Whether all these lines will be
built this year remains to be seen,
as such work runs into big money.
But the chances are that some of
$he,contracts will go through and
that the.whole Boundary country
will have a greatly improved
telephone service.
E. A. Smith has purchased the
interests of Luke Shore in the B. C.
Chop House.
Father. Pa liner, of Trail, held services in the school house yesterday
morning and evening.
The school bell will be rung half
an hour before church services tomorrow, morning and evening.
F. YV. Stevens, engineer for Mann,
Foley, Bros. & Larson, came in
from Spokane on Thursday night.
Stanley Mayull, of the B. C. M.
Syndicate, returned from Spokane
on Thursday, where he has heen
under the weather for a couple of
The beef famine is broken. On
Wednesday Harvey Harris, of P.
Burn& & Co.'s local branch, returned from Brooklyn, driving 35
head of cattle overland. He had
three assistants on the journey, and
part of the drove was left at the
slaughter house on the summit, to
supply railway camps thereabouts.
In the Mining Field
Every week sees renewed activity
in every mining section that surrounds Cascade. There is no longer
any doubt but that a searon of unparalleled activity in the Boundary
and Christina districts is at hand,
and miners of experience assert
that this year's development will
reveal some remarkably rich showings.
While the big ore dykes of the
Boundary creek district, that have
been worked on for years, are improving daily and getting ready
for shipment as soon as the railway
reaches them, one or two other
sections are rapidly coming to the
front and being taken hold of by
capitalists. Within the last few
weeks the interest has heen increasing in Camp McKinney.
There is great attraction for this
camp, the only one in the Boundary
country that has yet brought forth
actual dividends���those from the
Cariboo. As a result, deals are
made in that camp almost every
Another camp that will he the
scene of much development this
year is the Burnt Basin, near Gladstone. While free gold is found on
most of its claims, there are excellent showings of galena also.
Many deals have already been
made, and a dozen or more concerns are only waiting for the disappearance of the snow to begin
active development.
John Bull. ��� Gladstone' > was
thrown into excitement last Saturday by the news of an important
strike,on the John Bull group.
The property has been under
development for several months,
and after crosscutting the lead for
some distance, a tunnel was started
on it. Only a couple of inches of
ore was found at first, but this has
now widened out to 20 inches in
the face of the tunnel. The ore is
a sulphide, carrying gold and copper, and is a most encouraging
sign. The property is now being
incorporated as the John Bull
Mines, Ltd., with a capital of
Eva Bell.���This Burnt Basin
property was bonded this week, by
the owners, John Rogers,"of Grand
Forks, and H. L. Jones', of Rossland, for $23,000, to English capitalists. Assays have given $77 in
gold, copper and silver, and the
lead lias been traced for 1300 feet.
The Eva Bell adjoins the Solid
Gold group, which was recently
sold by Richard Cooper for $40,000,
of which he is reported to have received $5,000 in cash. The Solid
Gold group is said to have ore on
every one of its four claims. The
Jenny Lind, one of this group, has
20 inches of clean galena ore in
sight, carrying gold and copper,
between porphyry and diorite.
Big Bonanza.���The Big Bonanza
group, located last summer on McRae creek, right across the railway I
line, has been worked all winter by
its owners, E. Hamlin, J. Hughes
H. Loomis and F. Lang. It occupies the ground where the sawmill was first located. Hughes and
Hamlin,i.re in town with some fine
looking ore, taken from a 25 foot
shaft. Assays give $11 in gold
and 4J per cent Copper.
Iu the Districts
This week a large block of Elmore w��s sold in Grand Forks.
The Mother Lode, it is said, will
increase its force to 100 men in the
near future.
A dea-1 is on for the sale of the
Pilot Beacon on Sutherland creek,
which has an excellent showing.
W. H. Norris and James Beck-
with are preparing to crosscut the
ledge on the Lygia, situated on
Ingram mountain near Midway.
A. E. J. Percival, .of Spokane,
with Mr. Jameson, have bonded the
Pender, an old location in Camp
McKinney. It will be floated in
J. A. Odell, of Spokane, was in
Cascade Thursday, on his way from
Camp McKinney to Rossland. Before reaching here he had placed
100,000 shares in a new company
formed to develop the Gordon claim
in Camp McKinney, which he had
just acquired and begun development on.
Satisfactory returns were recently secured from a shipment of
copper ore from the La Fleur-Com-
stock, the B. A. O.'s recently purchased property, near Nelson,
Wash., and were so good that it has
been decided to operate the mine
on an extensive scale.
Harry Denton has sold the
Mabel claim and one-half of the
Bessie, on McRae creek, to August
Reischl. The showing is good and
the properties will be developed hy
a company to be formed at an early
date. Mr. Denton will begin work
on his Red Chief group, in the
Burnt Basin in a short time.
T. Mayne Daly, of Rossland, W.
A. MacDonald, of Nelson, and Andrew Kelly, of Brandon, were in
Cascade on Tuesday. They were
en route to the Golden Crown mine
in Wellington camp. The property has a 322 foot tunnel and a
vertical shaft of 150 feet. This is
one of the big gold-copper propositions that is supplied with machinery and is expected to be ready to
ship when the railway reaches it.
The Snowshoe, one of the oldest
properties in Greenwood camp, has
been bonded by Robert Wood, Robert Denzier and Thos. McDonnell
to J. W. Astley, representing the
Kootenay Mining Syndicate, for
$70,000. It adjoins the Old Ironsides, Stemwinder and Rawhide,
and has an incline shaft of 170
feet, with over 200 feet of crosscuts.
The mammoth gold-copper ledges
are typical of the camp, and the
ore is self-fluxing.
In the Orand Forks /lining Division
From /larch 7 to 15.
Murch 8���Gertie, Grand Forks, Frank Buckles;
Union Jack, Brown's cump. A Johnson.
March 9���Vesuvius, Brown's camp, Peter Arena'.
March 10���Liberty, Wellington camp, Al Lynch.
March 11���Blue Bell, Seattle camp, C W Davey;
Mary Mellesh, fraction. Summit camp, W B
M   HJS 18-Queen;fraction,  Wellington camp, B
J Wasson.
March 7���St Patrick, Newly Nelson, et al.
March 9-Wellington Square, Ella Clark.
March  10���Three  Jolly   lloyt",  Champion   and
Tiger, Buren, Omen, et al.   Truckee, A U
Harrison.   Loudon, Falcon and Reveille, E
EBurchard,' Hilda. LCook.
March 14���Snowbird, Henry Simpson.
March 16���Posey, Win Candor.
March 7��� Vt Grand Forks No 2, Jas Davidson to
J H Smith.
March 8-M Rose Bod, Moonlight, Canyon. Alaska and Emma, Mrs. Kiiima Beutly loH A
Huntly. *�� Gertrude, W B Dower to J W
Scolt. \ Gertrude, W B Bower to L O ( lark
Monitor, H A Hnntluy to Jos Pounder, 't
Lone Star, J C Williams to (i W Williams.
March 9--!i Niagara, Root Clark to J S C r raser.
Mnnutchins, M L Folger to Arthur Marshall.
March    10-Clondike,   Jos   Pounder   to   Wm
Pounder and W B Davey.   ', Montr- al Cbajs
Stewart to Joe Gehrlas.    0 128 Tiger, Alex
Dorias and Thos.Legacy to G J Goodhue.   '��
'   Montreal, Charles Stewart io Alec Ormon..
Match 11-1-12 Columbia, V W Smith to W G
Merryweather. Crown, Robt 1 etrie to L H
Oliver. % Badger, R E Lee to J F Hill. 1-S
Badger, R E Lee to Clias Hartnell. Hiram,
Klondyke, Silver Bell and William, power of
.   attorney, W A Pounder to W B Davey.
March 13-1-3 Boulder, J S Miller to Geo L
March H--H Ku/Tmun, T. B Goelter to B J Averlll. 1-8 Aigton, W L Germaine to Charlea
March 15- % Tammany, Rossland ��nd Lawless,
u H Rae to J P Paxton.
Late fletal Quotations
New York, March 18th.- Bar silver-BMic
Lake copper���117.60.
Lead-W.45@ 4.47>/i-
The firm that fixes tbe selling price for miner*
and smelters quotes lead W.20 at the close.
The Ruby, in Smith's camp, has
been bonded by Alexander Dick, for
The sisters of charity are contemplating the building of a hospital at some point in the Boundary
L. A, Campbell, of the West Kootenay Light and Power Co., and
George Hinton of the Royal Electric Co , were in Cascade yesterday,
and inspected the work being
carried on at the site of the big
E. M. Dana, of Dana & Barber,
who are just finishing up the contract for furnishing 60,000 feet of
round timbers for the big dam, was
caught in some rolling logs on
Wednesday and badly bruised. No
bones were broken, however.
William Burns, inspector of
schools, has sent notice that he will
be in Cascade on Tuesday and
Wednesday, March 28th and 29th,
and that he will be give his lecture
on chemistry while here. It will
be a rare treat.
George C. Hodge, district superintendent of the Verncn & Nelson
Telephone Co., was in town Thurs*
day on a return trip from the
Upper Boundary. His company
will install exchanges at Green-
wood and Grand Forks. THE CASCADE RECORD
Marsh 18, ISM
The citizens of Columbia are organising a brass band.
Several business streets in Republic are to be graded.
Cascade's two sawmills are
rushed to thtir full capacity. .
Geo. F. Miller, the Greenwood
druggist, was in Cascade this week.
Robert Wills has sold out his
Brooklyn stage line to Frank Cort.
Greenwood's assessment tpr the
year is $550,000, being $280,000
more than last year.
G. L. Ide left for Spokane on
Thursday and expects to go to the
Buffalo Hump country shortly.
It is given out that the C. P. R.
will have its telegraph line strung
into the Boundary by the 15th of
Work has been commenced on
another of the cottages being
erected by the Cascade townsite
Next Tuesday evening the Cascade Taxpayers' Association will
hold its semi-monthly meeting at
(he townsite office.
Lovers of the piscatorial art are
now overhauling their tackle, and
spring fish stories of no small dimensions will soon be in evidence.
The owners of the Uncle Sam
mine talk of erecting a small smelter at Bossburg, of 100 tons daily
capacity, at a cost of $15,000 or
D. R. Young, who has been taking views up country for the Kootenay Mining Standard, stopped in
Cascade on Thursday on his return
to Rossland.
The Greenwood branch of the
Bank of B. N. A. now has F. T.
Short as manager, who was formerly located at Slocan City and
latterly at ABhcroft.
Beaverton is the name of the
newest town in Southern Yale,
located two and a half miles from
the mouth of Beaver Creek. It is
owned by W. T. Thompson and
associates of Midway, and lots will
soon be on the market.
C. J. Eckstorrn returned on
Thursday from Coeur d'Alene,
Idaho. He says that no trace of
his brother, Theodore, can be found,
and that he was undoubtedly
drowned in the lake, while attempting to cross on the ice.
On the 15th inst., Mr. C. G.
Dixon, in addition to his duties as
genenil freight and passenger agent
of the Spokane Falls & Northern
Railway, was appointed commercial
agent of the Great Northern Railway at Spokane, in charge of
freight and passenger business.
William Albi, who murdered
James Lacey in a Spokane gambling room on February 18, and for
whom Deputy Sheriff Cole was
searching in Cascade u couple of
weeks since, was captured in
en Italian camp at Sand Point,
Idaho, last Sunday. Mr. Cole was
one of the officers that captured
A. C. Scott, the barber, proposes
to make hay while the sun shines ;
or rather his hens will do it for
him. He has decided to start a
chicken ranch on the Joe Cox
mineral claim, which he owns, on
Moody creek, about a mile from
Cascade. He expects to have the
establishment in full operation by
May 1st, when fresh hen fruit will
not be as scarce as it has heen during the past couple of weeks.
Nothing succeeds like success.
This explains why so many board
at the Columbia Dining Parlor.
Is Your
If so, bring it to us and
we will give it a dost! that
is warranted to cure. We
are expert watch and
clock doctors, and the
timepiece has yet to be
made that we cannot benefit with our medicine.
Old Jewelry cleaned free
of charge.   Bring it in.
Next door to the
Drug Store, Cascade, B.C.
Boundary Creek.
Travellers, please remember the
Hue from Grand Forks to Greenwood, up the North Fork, via Niagara, Summit, Eholt and Boundary
City, saving 1,500 feet elevation.
Leave Grand Forks 9 a. m., Greenwood 8 a. m.
Wagon repairing and general
blacksmithing promptly
attended  to.
Blanchard   &   Moore
2nd Avenue, Cascade.
Spokane Palls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between the  Kootenay District
���AND ALL���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects at Spokane with���
O. R  R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets sold and Information
given by local and ennnectinu line ticket agents.
Passengers  for Kettle River and  Boundary
creek connect at   Marcns and Bossburg  with
stages dally.
C. G. DIXON, O. P. AT. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
Irani and Mining Syndicate, Ltd. Lky,
Have the LARGEST, the CHEAPEST and
MOST VARIED Stock in town	
It consists of Hardware, Groceries, Italian Wares, Drugs,
Miners' Supplies, Boots, Clothing and Dry Goods, Dress Materials, Silks, Ribbons, Hose, Etc.
In order to clear out Winter Stock, and make room for our
Spring Goods now arriving, we will sell Rubbers, German
Socks, Mackinaws, Heavy Underwear, Top Shirts and Winter
Goods of All Descriptions at the merest fraction over cost.
A visit will be appreciated and advantageous. We carry
nearly everything from Dolls to Dynamite.
Branches on First Avenue and Second Avenue, also at
McRae Landing and Christina.
An Assay Office in connection; also Long Distance Telephone.
The British Columbia Mercantile
and Mining Syndicate, Limited.
Cascade City
Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary Creek and Christina Lake
The Coming Commercial and Industrial
Center of
A Magnificent Water Power
of 20,000 Horse Power
Now under actual development. The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT.
The town is beautifully located, surrounded by rich
scenery, with liberal sized lots (50x120), wide streets, and
offers a most promising opportunity for business locations
and Realty Investments.
A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. Only one mile from Christina Lake, a beautiful body
of water, 18 miles in length, and destined to become the
For further information, price of lots, etc., address
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B.C.
Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Commissioner
C. P. R., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
March 18, 1899
17th of Ireland Dance
The St. Patrick's day dance lust
evening was 11 great succens. About
30couples t<��ok part and thoroughly
enjoyed themselves to the jtiUajie of
the Cascade orchestra. A feature
of the evening was the Irish quadrilles, in which no one was allowed
to take part unless decorated with
a green riblion. Mine Host McDonald, of the Grand Central
hotel, where the dance was given,
did everything to make his guests
at home. Green predominated
everywhere, out of compliment to
old Erin's patron saint. Mr. Haz-
elton, under whose direction the
dance was conducted, and Floor-
manager Lynch, deserve greot
credit, for the successful termination
of the affHir.
Burns Has the Hogs
P. Burns & Co,, recently shipped
in 85 head of lions from Kansas,
which arrived at Russeil, just across
the line on Thursdny evening A��
this custom house is not a warehousing point. Officer Rose declined
to adm.it the porkers, even on payment of duty, mid they were kept
in the burg of Russell, till this
By the expenditure of about $50
in telegraphic charges, etc, Mr.
Bums' agents in Cascade secured
an order from the minister of customs at OttawH, admitting the
swine. The order contained the
provision that the hogs must be
slaughtered under the supervision
of Collector Rose. If any one
misses that official from his post
for the next few weeks, he may
possibly be found at- the slaughter
house, carrying out the order of
the minister of customs to the
W. L. Potter, of Slocan, came
over from Brooklyn to the Boundary last Thursday.
Chief Constable W. G. McMynn,
of Midway, and Officer Dint-more,
of the Forks, were here Thursday.
Albert Johnson, whose left arm
wus shattered at Cameron's camp
last Monday, will probably save
the injured member.
A petition has been circulated
and generally signed this week,
asking that the commission of
Major W. H. Cooper as justice of
the peace in Kootenay, be extended
to Yale district
Owing to the fact that the timber
men at work on the dam have
gotten too far ahead of the rock
men, a few of the former were laid
off last Saturday night. Contractor Quinlivan has his force of men
filling in the cribs, which are to be
built some 20 feet higher than al
present. In another week or two
the timber force will probably be
increased again.
A mineral location was made on
the north side of the river thir
week, near the sawmill, and nssno
gave 9 ounces of silver and 3 per
cent lead.
Frank Asprey, of McRae Landing, Wm. Forrest of Gladstone and
K!i Leviilly at Christina, have
been notified to send in their bonds
as postmasters at their respective
places. These are to be the new
postoffices on the Brooklyn wagon
road, over which a mail route has
recently bppn established.
Notice Is hereby Klven thut the Maps and
Pliinx, mill lio'ks of Hefereuee of the Columbia
& Western Rallwav llrnnoh r/ni'sas follows have
Im'hii deposited In the I'eifistry Olllce at Victoria,
as required by Sub-section 2. Section 10, of the
British Columbia Hallway Act, and Section 125
of the Railway Act of Canada.
Two branch Hues Iroin linind Forks, B.C. to
Carson, II. 0.
liraiicli line from Kholt Sunitnitt. to Summit,
Greenwood, Wellington and Whiles Mining
Branch line from Cascade City to International
Branch line from Cascade City to Christina
Branch line from main line near Eholt Summit
to Lour Lake Mining camp
Branch line from Oreenwood, B.C., to Copper
and Deadwood Mining ramp.
Located line from Midway, II C, to Rock-
Creek, BO.
W. F. TYR.
Chief Engineer of Construction.
Trail, B. C, March Bili, 1899.
That's what we're making every day, and if
you are not one of the
fortunate ones getting
your supplies here, you
will save money by doing so.
We propose to make our
Groceries move, and the
consumer will get the
benefit.   Profit will be
no object ��� it is your
trade we are after.  Let
us figure on your next
We can supply you
that you use on your
�� T. cms
First Ave., Cascade City, B.C.
Hay, Grain and Feed.
Office and Warehouse,
Cor. of Main Street and First
Avenue [centre of town] ...
European Plan.     CASCADE, B. C.
$��&=* Always Open. *5^
The Most
Popular Hotel
in the Entire
Favorite Stopping Place for
Mining Men
Stocked Bar
in connection.
Latest Smelter News!
The latest smelter news may be a subject of vast iru
portance to a large number of the residents of Cascade, but
a matter of greater importance at the present time is how and
where best to buy your provisions. We carry a good stock
of Oranges, Lemons, Apples, Potatoes and all kinds of form
produce, also Nuts, Candies, Notions, etc.
A call, will be beneficial to your interests.
Dry and Green Wood.
��iquors, ^)ines anb (j��aT��s��
A specialty .made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
Railroad Headquarters Hotel,
Best Meal in Cascade for 35c.
Our  Specialties   are Pabst's  Blue   Ribbon Beer, Corby's
Eight-Year-Old Rye, Seagram's '83 Rye, Four-
Crown Scotch and Burke's Irish Whiskies.
Celebrated Lion Beer on Draught.
ECKSTOBM & SIMPSON, Proprietors.
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C. 4
�� ���
Published weekly at Ciisciule City, U. C, liy
Willcoi & O'Reilly.
Subscription* $2 |ier year In advance.    Advertising rates on application.
Tne Record Is on sale at the following places:
I .Simpson's Newatmd  liosshind
1 Humphrey & Co Nelson
'. Tbom psou  Stationery Co , Nelson
, Smith * McKae Greenwood
H. A. King & Co  Greenwood
I R. F. Petrie Grand Forks
C. S. Morris Columbia
i John W. Grabani A Co Spokane, Wash.
, Francis & Milne Cascade
j Thomas Walker  Cascade
. G.T.Curtis Cascade
: Cascade Drug Co Cascade
,   SATURDAY, MAKCH 18,1899
The provincial government���the
much vaunted Semlin-Martin government���is growing decidedly extravagant.     If any one doubts the
truth of this plain   statement  of
j fact, let him examine the corduroy
road, just above the  bridge that
crosses   Kettle river  at   Cascade.
Here, if he searches carefully, he
will find that the government has
thrown its widely heralded promises of economy to the winds, and
in the face of a watchful and critical people, has actually spent about
$85 in repairs���:hat is, when the
vouchers   are accepted  and  paid.
iWhat matters it that before election explicit promises of theconduct
cf an economical   administration
' were made.    Here is the proof, the
.indisputable    evidence    of     this
(equai.tiering of the people's  money
I.���the   money that hard  working
miners,   farmers,   tradesmen   and
'others   pay   into   the    provincial
coffers.     With that $35���more or
less--repairs   were   made   in   the
'roadway to the extent of 30 feet���
'������most needful repairs,it is true; but
just think of the  expenditure  of
that vast sum of filthy lucre right
close to Cascade 1    Will  a special
commission be appointed to investigate this transaction by the agents
of this government of ours ?     We
wot i.ot.     But, surely there must
be some mistake about it, for in the
past the government, through its
agents, has been  most careful   to
forget   that   there was a road in
these parts.   It was off the map, so
far    as    public   improvements���
greatly  needed, too, be it said���
were concerned.
Seriously, however, we should be
thankful for small favors, even
when doled out in infinitesimal
doses. It may be the precursor of
better things. Let us hope so, at
least. Everything comes to he
who waits, and we may receive
some recognition from the powers
that he at Victoria, if we live long
As far as can be learned from
the estimates, Cascade and its
vicinity stands small chance of
having anything done by the government to the  roads and trails
March 18, 18W
this year. In order to get at the
facts on the subject, the publishers
of the Record wrote J. M. Martin,
our member, on the subject, but
learned nothing further than the
information contained in the estimates. A letter addressed to
Leonard Norris, the government
agent at Vernon, brought the following reply.
"I beg to say that ample provision was made during the last
session of the legislature for public
works and improvements in and
around Cascade. Cascade, however,
is no longer iu East Yale, and no
longer in my district. I have,
therefore, to refer you to Mr. Kir-
kup, the gold commissioner at
Rossland, for particulars."
Cascade ie still in the East Yale
judicial district, but not in the
East Yale electoral district. That
is, we are in Rossland riding, and
must look to Mr. KirkUp who is
now absent (for the purpose of
recuperation) for a share of the
$15,000appropriated for the riding.
It so happens that Rosslanders
claim this sum is totally inadequate for their needs alone. It is,
therefore, easy to see.that, with
Mr. Martin living in Rossland, the
claims of this section will have to
be presented and pushed with much
energy and persistence to receive
anything like the share we are entitled to. Having been kicked out
of East Yale for election purposes,
we must get our share from the
Rossland riding.
Seemingly, it follows that no
part of the $13,000 placed in tbe
estimates for public works in East
Yale, or of the $4,000 for construction of wagon road on main Kettle
river, will be spent within many
miles of Cascade���no matter how
urgent the need. If we are placed,
as it were, between two millstones,
and get nothing from either riding,
it will not be difficult to locate the
Telephone building in these
parts promises to be active this
year. With the new line projected
by the Columbia Telephone and
Telrgrnph Co., (in connection with
the Spokane and British Columbia
Co.,) and the Inland Co. building
to the boundary line from Bossburg, we should have a satisfactory
service before long. Telephone
officials are pretty thick all throu >h
this Kection just at present, and
when the snow goes off they will be
still more plentiful.
Canadian capital now controls
the grent Republic mine, fifty
miles south of Cascade. The deal
was made this week, on a basis of
$2.50 per share ($1 par value) for
925,000 shares. The Spokane
stockholders do not relinquish their
entire holdings, hut figure that
what they have left will soon be
equal iu value to what they sold.
This is but the beginning of some
big deals for properties in this marvelous mineral belt.
Governmemt employes are barred
at the Hume hotel in Nelson, and
probably will be so long as the
Hon J. Fred Hume holds his seat
as a member. One bye election is
enough to satisfy most any man.���
Cranbrook Herald.
Not so fast, Brother Simpson.
The Hume hotel is now an incorporated concern, and can board the
whole government without in the
least affecting our present minister
of mines.
An editor's life is one continual
path of roses. For instance, a
short time ago a tough entered the
office of the Fernie Free Press, and
when the editor forcibly objected
to having his door kicked in, the
visitor pulled his gun and fired at
the quill driver. As luck would
have it, the hobo took poor aim
and the Free Press appeared that
week as usual.
The provincial cabinet has been
reconstructed and Hon. J. Fred
Hume has been relieved of the
office of provincial secretary, retaining the important office of minister of mines. It is quite proper
that this office should go to the
member from one of the leading
mining sections of the province.
Assurances have been received
that the appointment of an additional justice of the peace, and the
establishment of a small debts
court in Cascade, will soon be
made. It is to be hoped, that the
attorney-geneial will not forget n 11
about it.
Advertising Hints
A readable ad. in a readable
paper will be read.
It is always better to advertise a
little too' much than not quite
A little advertising may he unprofitable when a great deal would
pay handsomely.
There is not a business under the
sun that cannot be benefited by
judicious newspaper advertising.
Change your advertising matter
frequently. It will be more attractive if freshened up occasionally.
"I can sell goods without advertising," say one class of business
men���so called. So they can get
from Cascade to Vancouver by
riding a horse or going afoot, hut
the man who takes the cars gets
there a great deal quicker and
much more easily. Advertising is
to anv kind of business exactly
what the railway is in transportation.
Hutch ins &
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwoul on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received hy Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Drug Co.
We have just received a full line of
School Books.
of all kinds, and can
supply all wants. We
have Readers, Spellers,
Arithmetics, Geographies, Etc. Parents
should look over our
Everything can be
had here that should
be in a first class Drug
Store.   Call and see.
Our mail order business
is growing right along. We
can fit you out whether you
live two or 20 miles away.
Jos. Schaich, Mgr.
Cascade, B. C.
Mining and
Collections Made and
Commissions of All
Kinds  Executed. . . .
Time Checks Cashed.
Table of Distances From
Sutherland creek.... 8
Baker creek  6
McKae creek     8
Burnt Basin 16
Central camp 20
Fisherman creek....81
.Summit camp, 26
Seattle camp 28
Brown's camp 26
Volcanic Mt..    ...Y*5
Piithflnder Mt     ...28
Knight's camp 88
Wellington camp .. .24
Skylark camp 80
Provldencecamp... 84
Deadwoodcamp ....85
Smith's camp 86
Long Lake camp... St
Copper camp 87
Graham camp ...   .46
Klmberly Camp 88
Halls Ferry  7
Rock Cut 10
Bossburg  26
Marcus       88
Rossland  41
Christina Lake     .   1
Oiahnm's Ferry 8
(iriind Forks 18
Columbia (Up.G.F.) 14
Carson  IV
Niagara 21
Greenwood  81
Anaconda ....83
Boundary Falls 86
Midway 89
Hock Creek 62
Camp McKinney... 70
Okanagan Falls.... 112
Peqtlcton  126
Nelson, Wash 19
Curlew, Wash 20
Toroda ck., Wash. ..41
Republic 60
Gladstone 18
Brooklyn  40 *l
March 18, 18M
The townsite owners of Grand
Forks are, in many respects, live,
enterprising people. In the past
there have been differences among
the people of that town, which
have not helped its growth or standing, but since its lusty little neighbor, a mile away, took on new life
and has become of some importance
in the world, the old town people
have been quickened into unwonted
acjivity. This is certainly commendable. In the course of making
their advantages known to all who
run and read, they have been using
many columns of matter, in coast
and Kootenay papers. The advertisements were well gotten up
and will doubtless be of some bene
fit, with the 7x11 picture of the
town in the foreground.
But the Bftcord cannot let one
claim made in these advertisements
pass without a word of correction.
Grand Forks claims to be the
" gateway " of the Boundary country, and this misleading statement
is set forth in large type. As a
matter of fact there is, and by the
very nature of things can only be,
but one gateway to the promised
land, and that is Cascade. Cascade
is the first Boundary town reached
by the Columbia & Western branch
now building and when the Kettle
River railway is built this year, it
will he the first town reached hy
that long-projected line. Cascade
is now known far and wide as the
Gateway City, and undoubtedly
will always retain that distinction.
Since the stages have resumed
stopping over night both ways at
Cascade, and thereby allowing
passengers some little comfort in
their perigrinations to and from
the now much advertised Boundary
country, the stage owners have
made some changes in conducting
the line which are thought to be
for the better. Among these, Fremont Rogers, formerly located at
Bossburg for the company, is now
general superintendent of the entire line. Mr. Rogers is popular
with travellers and will doubtless
make a good official. He informs
the Record that he proposes to do
everything possible for the comfort
and convenience of travellers���a
most welcome innovation to the
many who patronize the line, It
is believed that his selection is one
thnt will prove eminently satisfactory.
Parson McCoy, of the Cascade
Presbyterian church, is happy this
we*k, on account of the arrival a
few days since of the beautiful cabinet organ from Toronto. It will
be used in church service for the
first time tomorrow. Heretofore
Mr. McCoy has acted as pastor,
preacher, janitor, leader, chorister,
etc. It is hoped that he will now
be relieved of one or two of these
more or less onerous duties.
The publishers of the Record
were recently advised by a Toronto
wholesale paper house not to have
shipments routed by way of Bossburg, as duty would be collected at
thut point. The advice was further
offered to ship by way of Sicamous
and Penticton. Why not send via
Atlin and Wrangel, while they are
at it ? Routed iu that manner, a
shipment would get here about as
soon as though sent via Penticton
to Cascade. This Toronto house,
however, has now learned that this
district is Canadian territory, and
that goods can he bonded and shipped via American lines, with some
chance of getting to destination in
a reasonable time, and without
travelling over a large share of the
North American continent to get
here. This is *merely a sample
case, and can be numerously duplicated, and is cited to show how
little the average eastern wholesaler
knows of the geography and conditions prevailing in the Boundary
district. However, the Record and
other live Boundary papers will
keep up the effort to enlighten, and
lifter a while easterners will learn
that the Boundary country is on
this earth, and that it is one of the
richest and most important sections
in the entire Dominion. Already
there are evidences that success is
attending the effort.
With theadventof springandbad
roads, road freight rates are ascending skyward, and the tribulations of
the merchant who has not taken
time by the forelock, and gotten in
his spring stock, are but just beginning. From now on the roads
will grow worse steadily for some
time, and with the enormous
amount of freighting needful until
the iron horse reaches here, some
time in June, many parts of our
main road will be well nigh impassible.
Along this line a recent incident
affords food for thought. A Vancouver merchant routed a shipment
to a Greenwood concern by way of
Brooklyn. Al the latter place it
was gathered in by Contractor W.
E. C Koch, who hauled it to Greenwood, and charged a nice, large,
fat rate for hauling. The goods
were refused, brought back to Cascade and stored, and are accumulating expenses at the rate of one
dollar per day. The original invoice was small, only $76, but so
far the charges are $60. Several
persons have already heen taught a
lesson by this incident.
Mail matter from the Kootenays
to the Boundary still continues to
occupy two days in transit, all because the mail contract calls for
hauling from Marcus instead of
from Bossburg. Inspector Dorman
says that the change can only be
made by the American postal
authorities. If any one of the
hundreds of readers of the Record,
on either side of the line, has any
influence with Uncle Sam, and can
induce him to speedily make this
change, there are several thousand
Boundary residents who will be
grateful for the kindly act.
Give my love to Nellie, Jack, and
tell her I am hoarding at the Columbia Dining Parlor. It is the
best place in Cascade.
Church Service
Divine service will be conducted by Rev. Joseph
McCoy, M. A. tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m., Standard Time, In the school-house.
Sabbath school at 2:80 p.m. in the sutne place.
All are cordially Invited to attend
Genuine Bargains can now be had at MAHAFFY'S Store. The
Great Clearing Sale is still going on, and we are Closing out at Cost.
Everything goes; no reserve. Greatest opportunity ever offered in
Cascade.   Don't miss it.   The chance of a lifetime.
Men's Suits
Black Shirts
White "
Flannelette Shirts
Blue Flannel "
Grey     "
Eng. Neglige "
Cashmere Sox
Wool Sox
Heavy  "
Light    "   ���
Men's Cotton Sox
"     Hats in Great Variety
"     Collars, Ties, Belts
"     Braces
"     Jumpers
"     Sweaters
Blankets ?-- 6,7,8,10 lbs
Tents, Tents, Rubbers
Shoes Heavy and Shoes Light
Shoes for day, Shoes for night
Clothing, Blankets, Overalls, Shoes, Underwear,
Few Pairs Men's Extra Sizes in Pants, Rubbers,
Hats, Shirts, Sox, Mackinaws Glove's, Towels and
The Finest Selection of Pipes in the country, at
almost any old price.
Ladies' Rubbers, Ladies' Underwear, Lace, Embroidery, Ladies' Stockings, Silk Handkerchiefs.
Flannelettes, 6c, 7c and 10c; formerly 10c,
12#c and 15c. Table Oil Cloth, Dress Linings and
Opposite the Post-Office,
Next Door to Drug Store,
affcjf 4&4*4��4ft4k4t4&4fc4ft4&4ft4^fc4t4"f ^ 6
March 18, I8W
Is Gradually  (letting Worse in the
Boundary Country.
The following is what some of
the Boundary papers think of the
poor mail service with which we
Are being served at the present
time. It is respectfully commended
to the attention of Inspectors Dorman and McLeod, and to Postmaster-General Mulock:
The mail service between Ross-
land and Greenwood continues to
get worse daily. Once upon a time
not many years ago, Rossland mail
reached Greenwood in less than
two days. Five days is about the
swiftest service at present.���Greenwood Times.
It is bad enough to wait several
moons for a letter to come from the
east, but when you have to wait 30
hours longer for it to come from
Grand Forks, a distance of one
mile, it is about time to make a
roar. Such a condition of affairs
in the postal service are inexcusable, and ought to be remedied at
once.���Columbia Review.
Something is radically wrong
with the mail system between this
place and Rossland. Theoretically
we are supposed to have a daily
mail connection with that point,
but as a matter of fact the mail
from Uossland arrives any old time
that seems convenient. Sometimes
we get three mails a week, some-
four, rarely moie, Up to date the
post office here has been unable to
determine whether the fault lies
with the exchange office at Marcus,
the stage company which has the
contract, or just where it does lie.
But it is a matter which should be
investigated by the proper officials.
and at once ; not after waiting a
year or so, as seems to be the general rule for doing business with the
government.���Grand Forks Miner.
Provincial Cabinet Changes
An extra to the British Columbia Gazette, received in Cascade
this week announces a readjustment of the portfolios in ihe Provincial Cabinet which will now be
constituted as follows :
Hon. Dr. McKtv.hnie, President
of the Council ; Hun. G. A. Semlin,
Premier and Provincial Secretary ;
Hon. B.C. Cotton, Chief Cmnmis-
tiioner of Lands and Works and
Minister of Finance ; Hon. J. Fred
Hume, Minister of, Mines; Hun.
Joseph Martin, Attorney (jeiiera-l.
The change has been made at
the request of Mr. Semlin, who
owing tn advancing years, feels
himself incapable of withstanding
the strain necessitated by the incumbency of the position of Chief
Minister of Lands and Works Department, the most onerous post in
the Cabinet. The portfolio of Minister of Mine", hitherto combined
with that of Provincial Secretary,
is now a separate position, the increase in the duties of the office
rendering it necessary that. Mr.
Hume devote the whole of his
attention to it.
An exchange furnishes the following little story which points a
very clear moral : "Said a local
merchant the other day: 'Have
you noticed the fine advertisement
I have on the fence out wpst of
town ?'' No,' renlied the eustnmer.
'but if you will send the fence
around to my house some day I
will read it over, and see what you
are dealing in. Fact is, I'm reading
newspapers and don't get much
chance to study fenceology.' "
For Sale Cheap.
Bods, Bui'dlng, Pillows, Woven Wire Mattress
es, Chamber Sets, Lamps.   Appvnt
Utiiec of W. H. OJOPJSR .* CO., Cascade.
Not lee is hercliy uivuil that {inn not responsible
tor iiny debts uonlmeted by 11. Hepburn, who
rooently uouduuted a bakery business in Cascade
City umler the linn name of Harry & Hepburn.
John M. Hahhy
Brooklyn  II. ('.. March Hih. IH1W
Notice Is hereby uiven to all concerned thai
from Ibis diiy and niter this dale. 1 will not be responsible For nny bills contracted by James hunts
nuiiinsl the linn of KnnlsA Kluin
limed ut Gladstone, 11.1 .. Oils nth day of March
iswi. Thomas Ki.ynn.
Near bridge at Christina City, a leather pocket
book com ii ill I ml" $25, in bills, one cerliHcnte of
nine shares of stock ��� ti Satllius mid Loan Coin
puny of i.enevu. N Y.,iind personal papers. A
suitable reward will be irlveii Under.
Apply at Record Ollb'e, Cascade City, B. (!.
Notice is hereby triyeti In nil concerned that,
from and after Mils dale I will not be responsible
Inr nny bills contracted by Alfred Applci)iiist,
iiirtiiiist the firm of Andersei & Appleqiiist,.
Dated nt Cascade City, B. C, tills 15th dnv of
February, IHBi). A. P. ANHBUSKN.
The Columbia and Western Railway Con>| nuy
will apply to the Parliament of ( niiiida at it's
next session for nil act giving tn the Company
authority to issue first ninrljiiU'c bonds lo be a
oliarun on its railway, inelmllnir Its main line and
branches, not exeeodlnj; thirty-live thousand
i ollurs per mile thereof, and for other purposes.
Montreal. March 7,1891).
Administrator's Notice.
ole Larson, deceased
No i IGK is hereby 11ven that by an order made in
the County Court of Yule dated the 1st day of
March. 1899. Ih> undersigned was ap olnted Administrator of the KOOtls, chattels and ere 'its or
Ihe above named Ole Larson, deceased. All persons lmviliK claims iiliiIiisI the estate of said
deceased are requested to send in same, duly
verified, tn the undersigned on or before the 1st
day of April. IS99. and all pirsons Indebted to the
said estate are requested to remit the amount of
such indebtedness for hwith.
DAVKl) this 2nd dnv of March, INK)
Official Administrator for the County
Court, District of Yale.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Below Cost
That is the way we are selling Mackinaws, Rubbers, Etc., now. Come and take them away at
your own figure.   We must get rid of them.
We are headquarters for Prospectors' Supplies
of all kinds, and can fit you out at the right price.
The Pioneer Store,
Cascade, B.C. W. M. WOLVERTON, Mgr.
Contractor anil Builder.
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Corner First Ave. and Main St., Cascade City, B. C.
This New Hotel is now opened and prepared for business.
You are cordially invited to call and see us. It matters
not whether your pockets are full or empty; drop in anyway.
Of course, we have everything needful iu the liquid line.
r. DEVONl Prop.
Club Hotel
A good mpnl, n good room,
or a good di ink can lie hud
at the C!ul) Hotel.
-OF THE���
Great Christina Lake and Sheen Creek
Mining Districts
Milled to any address on receipt
of price, $1.50.
Box 2(17, Rossland, B. C.
This new Stopping Place, just completed and opened to the
public,' is most conveniently located. Jim Ennis and
Tom Flynu, the proprietors, are old hands at catering to
the Railroad and Travelling trade. They will treat you
right, inwardly or outwardly.
ENNIS & FLYNN, Proprietors.
Situated at the new town of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the nest hotel liuild-
ings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stablt
in connection.
JOHN DORSEY, Proprietor.
OF the great
and   growing
Boundary Country can be had in a concise and readable form
by reading the Cascade Record every week. Send along your
two dollar bill and keep posted on the greatest mining district
in British Columbia.   Address, The Record, Cascade,B.C.
mmm hH
March 18, 18W
Bossburg now has a brass band
and is happy.
The Columbia Stage Line last
week added 22 new head of horses
to its stock.
Mr. Flood,of McDonald & Flood,
proprietors of the Grand Central
hotel, left on,Monday for a trip to
Eight of the leading business
men of Grand Forks have agreed
to close at 7:30 p. in., except on
Editor McCarter of the Grand
Forks Miner, denies that editorial
management of that paper has
passed out of his hands.
Dr. D. S. Pope, provincial sup't
of education for fifteen years, has
resigned, on account of his salary
being cut from 12,400 to $1,800.
Grand Forks will repair the main
travelled bridge, leading to that
city, at a cost of $500 to $750. This
was the work the government refused to undertake.
0. G. Fredericks, proprietor of
the Commercial hotel, who has
been at his old home in Helena,
Montana, since Christmas time,
has returned to Cascade,
Hall's bridge and Hall's ferry
are now under one ownership, and
as a result the tariff for crossing
has been more than doubled. Mr.
McKay sold his ferry to the owners
of the bridge.
Manager Hodge, of the Nelson &
Vernon Telephone line, was in
town Sunday. He is looking after
a number of much needed improvements in the offices and on the line
from Cascade to Greenwood.
The last issue of the British Columbia Gazette contains the required 30 days notice that Charles
Hay will, after that, apply to the
lieutenant-goveruor-in-council for
the incorporation into a city municipality, under the name of the
City of Columbia, of the land described as lots 380, 520 and 533,
group one, Osoyooj division, Yale
district, better known heretofore as
Upper Grand Forks.
John A. Coryell, of Grand Forks,
is preparing a new map of the
Kettle Falls and Grand Forks
mining divisions, which is now
complete, with the exception of the
Christina lake section. This will
be finished at once, and the map
published. It will show all located
and proposed railway lines as surveyed, also all townsites, rivers,
creeks, etc. An index map will be
furnished   showing   the   smelter
Foints tributary to this district,
t will be a great convenience to
the many interested in the Bound-
Antl-Oambllnc Act
The new anti-gambling act, Introduced into the last session of
the legislature, and which was
tacked to the liquor traffic regulation act, is as follows :
" Every holder of a retail liquor
license who allows the gambling
games known as draw poker, stud
poker, black jack, faro, or any other
games of chance to be played for
money, or for checks, or other devices that represent money, in or on
any part of his premises to which
the guests and public have access is
guilty of an offence, and liable, on
summary conviction before a
county court judge, stipendiary
magistrate, or two justices of the
peace, to a penalty not exceeding
one hundred dollars, nor less than
twenty dollars, for the first
offence, and not exceeding two hundred dollars, nor less than one
hundred dollars, for the second
offence, and in default of payment
to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months, and in case
of the holder of a retail license being convicted a third time, the
license to be cancelled."
Profitable Enterprises.
The earnings of the Canadian
Pacific Railway during the year
1898amounted to$26,139,000,compared with $24,049,000 in 1897.
The earnings of the Grand Trunk
Railway of Canada in 1898 were
$17,777,000, compared with $17,-
689,000 in 1897. The Grand Trunk
figures are, however, for only eleven
months and are exclusive of December in both years.
The Northern Pacific earnings
were $24,826,000, compared with
$21,285,500 in 1897. Thenetearn-
ings of the Northern Pacific increased by $3,000,000. The
crease in the net earnings of
C.P.R. were $172,000 and in
Grand Trunk, $116,000.
Certificate of Improvements.
Elmom and Corvdon mineral claims, situate
In the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale
V\ here located:���On Shamrock Mountain, south
���lope, about two and a half miles east of Cbriatlna
Take notice that I, Smith Curtis, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 8408VA for myself and as agent for
Frank Hutchinson, Free Miner's Certificate No.
8I17A and for Frank Guse, Free Miner's Certificate No. 00S3A, intend, sixty days from tbe date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims
And further take notice that action, under sec
tion 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of auoh Certificate of Improvements
Dated this Thirty-first day of Decembe-, 1898.
SMITH Cubtis.
Real Estate,
Mines and Stocks.
Gbbknwood, B. C.
C. 8. Morris, Treas. Frkd Whitaker, Sec'y and Treas.
F. Rogers, General Sup't.
Daily from Bossburg and Marcus,to Cascade,
Grand Forks, Columbia, Greenwood City,
Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway, and All
Points on Colville Reservation.
Stage leaves Marcus on arrival of Northbound Train.   Passengers
from Kootenay points make connections at Bossburg going and coming.
J. A. McMASTER & CO., Props.
immm- First Avenue, CASCADE, B. C.
Columbia Dining Parlor
CHAS. M. HITCH, Proprietor.
First class Throughout.   The Best of Everything the mar-
bet Affords.    Many Years' Experience in the Business.
frcsl] anb C^eb )j]/leats,
f isl; anb Oysters, ��i��e anb jQresseb Poultry
(sT* Meats delivered at Mines Free of Charge,
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Second Avenue, CASCADE CITY.
Cascade, if* you require anything
in the line of Gents' Furnishings, Boots, Shoes, Rubbers,
Hats, Caps or Underwear. When going into the hills get
outfit from him and you
can easily follow the trail
Grand   Central   Hotel
Mcdonald & flood, props.
Liquid Refreshments of All Kinds
and in the Choicest Qualities. . . .
First Class Sample Booms in Connection.
This Houne is tbe FavoriteResort for Railway Men.
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of tht
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avknue,
Cascade City. British Columbia.
The EG. Thomason & Co., Sawmill
Rough and Dressed Lumber. Lath.
Shingles, Mouldings. Etc.
March 18, IBM
Wholesale Merchants
Liquors, �� Cigars, �� Dry �� Goods,
flackinaws, Rubbers,
���hi     i i ���
Catalogues sent on application.   Kootenay Branch:   NELSON.
A large stock of Rough
and Dressed Lumber.
Laths, Shingles, flouldings, Etc
First Avenue
^QSCQOC,   jj. \^,.     Oscar Stenstrom, Mgr.
Ii      Neat, Clean, Attractive Work turned out at Fair
Prices.   Send or bring your orders to the Record.
tfte Ijuhon ��tore,
Wholesale Dealers in
All Kinds of General Men's Furnishings at Retail.
Office and Warehouse,
The C. P. R. is now a part owner
of the town of Oreston,
The best lots in Greenwood are
now held at $3,000 to $5,000 each.
Fernie has 116 children of a
school age, but seems to be unable
to secure an appropriation for a
Herbert R. Town?end hag been
appointed mining recorder at Rossland, and Jack Kirkup will go off
on a recuperating trip.
There are already several applicants for the position of manager
of the British Columbia mineral exhibit at the Paris exposition.
Rosslanders, like the residents of
other towns in the province, think
they should have a more liberal
public school appropriation.
The Merchants' Bank of Halifax
now has eleven branches in British
Columbia, the first having heen
established at Rossland a little
over a year ago.
Boats have broken through the
15 or more inches of ice on the
Arrow lakes, and before long regu-
ular trips will be made on that
route again.
W. A. Carlyle, superintendent of
the B.'A. C. properties at Rossland,
who recently slipped and fractured
his knee-cap, will be laid up for
several weeks.
It is said to be the intention of
the OP. R. to spend a large sum
of money on the improvement of
the Nakusp & Slocan branch during the coming summer.
There is likelihood of sampling
works being establised at Nelson,
backed by American capital. It is
the same concern that talked of
starting at Rosebery on Slocan
Knox the jeweller, will clean up
your jewelry free of charge. Fine
watch repairing our specialty. We
guarantee everything. At T. E.'Ma-
haffy's store, opposite post-office.
(lower ferry)
At Bpssburg,Wash.
���it ��� ��� ���> * ���  1
E. B.SUMMY & CO., Props.
Telephone us if you  want to 'o'niw
the river late at night.
Second Avknue,
Cascade, B.C...
Branch at the B. C. Store on
Main Street, and at the Post
Office on First Avenue.
Palace giuery $arn
Up to Date Livery.
Saddle Horses Furnished
'   CASCADE, B. C.   :.
2XWXft!.i,- ������r-^m^-r-'r-fy^.'rrtfrar^rvwmm9W9^9Vm9^m9W9^mm9WK^9^^^^


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