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Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake   Mining Districts
Vol. III.
No. 8.
We do Business in Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Human Strkkt,   (iRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
\W Leave your repairing orders at this office
Drugs and Stationery.
Wo carry an up-to-date
and complete stuck.
H. B. Woodland & Co.
When Shopping
In Gruntl Porks don't forgot
Druggists and Stationers.
W. K. Megaw,
General Merchant
Mil km a Specially Fine
Flslior Block, (IRANI) PORKS.
City Barbershop
fivnry thing neat, clean und   convenient, and
workmanship the best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs. M. .P. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
First Ave.,       Grand Forks.
Rooms 50c and up.
1 Or rather, your old boots
L and shoes, do they need
T repairing; or would you
! I       prefer something new���
IJ made to order? Anyhow, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Newyear is Coming,
So is the Newyear Dinner,
And you will want all sorts delicacies for your pies,
puddings, stuffed fowl, etc., and for your Christinas
Tree.   Just come and see what we have.
To enumerate a few articles such as :
Candies, Nuts,
Rasins. Currents,
Fresh Ranch Eggs.
Hazelwood Butter,
Also, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
Rmnored the Monniei-Earle Claim on
Huckleberry Mountain Has Been
Bonded for $75,900.
E. N. Ouimette Returns Prom the East With
Capital (or Burnt Basin Operation.
Mr. Sterling  Mathews   wiih   in
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
town Saturday last. Mr. Mathews
is working on the Mayknap claim
which is the strike reported to
have recently been made on the
wagon road about four miles south
of town; he reports the work thus
far consists of crosscuts to show the
width and continuity of the lead
which is ten feet on the surface of
quartz and sulphides. An assay
of the rock taken from a depth of
six feet showed $12.40 in gold and
$3.20 iu silver, total $15.60. This
claim is owned by Archie Malcomb
of Spokane.
Returns from a carload of ore
from the First Thought mine in the
Pierre Lake district, about ten mileB
south of Cascade, recently taken to
the Northport smelter is reported
to have run $70 a ton. The owners of this property are P. Burns,
Bruce White, Blake Wilson and
others. 'Ihe ore is free milling
gold; the owners contemplate putting in reduction works and are
now surveying a water sight from
Sand creek. There are now 18
men at work at the mine and it is
intended to increase the force to
100 men in the  immediate  futuie
Rumor tins it, that the Monnier-
Eurle property, the Mountain View,
on Huckleberry mountain fourniiles
south-west of Cascade was recently
bonded for $75,000. This claim
was only located three or four
months ago, and though the
amount of work is comparatively
small the volume and value of the
ore exposed, which, by the way.
orops out on the very surface in a
paying grade, attracts capitalists
and indicates there is'no difficulty
in placing properties having merit
at a good figure.
Work on the Tin Cup claim in
Burnt Basin will continue al
winter. This is the property re>
cently taken over by New York
capitalists who organized the Tin
Cup Mining and Smelting Co., incorporated. A good cabin was
erected on the claim this fall, a
shaft of 30 feet was sunk besides
two or three crosscuts run, which
proved the continuity and permanency of the vein. The work thus
far done iB more preliminary than
anything else but the promising
features can not but be an incentive to the owners to push the work
rapidly as possible, which they are
prepared to do. On the Cambria,
the extension of the Tin Cup, a
shaft has been sunk to the depth of
20 feet, and a good body of shipping ore encountered. The recent
sales of the Mother Lode, Cooper
group and Bonanza to men of such
acknowledged mining ability as S.
W. Hall, manager of the Centre
Star at Rossland and the Jackson
brothers, the flotation of the John
Bull and the Mystery and now the
sale of tbe Tin Cup to New York
capitalists together with the many
small deals, are an - evidence that
this initiative period is now passing and gives promise of great ac
tivity for 11)01. As the results of
the limited amount of work thus
far done bas proved very satisfactory, and the ores discovered are
of a high grade, now that the ex peri-
mental stage has passed, capital is
picking up the belter properties.
In such a vast and rich mineral
country as the Kooljenays and
Boundary districts, eAch section
with its own peculiar merit, it is
perhaps presumptuous to claim one
to be better than the others, but it
surely doeB not take a very far-
sighted individual to see that the
Burnt Basin, Christina Lake and
other sections immediately tributary to Cascade are destined to be
classed with the best of all.
Work on the Easter Sunday, six
miles southeast of Cascade, is progressing satisfactorily. On this
property a larje body of rich ore
was encountered at about the 100-
foot level from which assays wore
obtained running $1100 per ton.
W. M. Baulne is doing extensive
development work on the onyx
claims four miles from town. The
onyx obtained from these properties
is of great commercial value. These
mines are owned by the same company which owns the onyx mines
near Valley, Wash. The company
has created an extensive demand
for their product in New York
Chicago and other eastern markets.
The onyx business bit.ls fair to be a
thriving industry here in the near
Mr. E. N. Ouimette has just returned lo his home in Uossland
from a nine-months visit to various
financial centers, where he went to
obtain means to develop some of
of his valuable claims in the Burnt
Basin district. He reports his efforts successful, and we may expect soon to see extensive mining
operations in that rich mineral
The numerous inquiries being
made at tbe present time for mining properties in this section has
given our community renewed faith
in the coming of prosperous times
here, and is one more indication
going to show there is ground for
believing we shall have a smelter
in Cascade before the coming of
another winter.
A certificate of incorporation has
been issued for the Avon Mining &
Milling company, limited. The
capital is $500,000, divided into
2,000,000 shares of 25 cents each.
The object is to operate certain
claims in the Burnt Basin section
and to generally engage in the
mining business.
Tree Loaded With Presents lor the Children
and an Excellent Program Rendered.
The Christmas Tree festivities at
Cascade were held in the Presbyterian church, Christmas eve. They
were well attended and heartily
enjoyed|by all present. At the
conclusion of an excellent musical
and literary program gifts from the
tree were distributed among the
children, all receiving tokens of remembrance that brought joy to
their hearts and grateful expressions to their countenances. Following the distribution of presents
refreshments were served and a general social time hud. Little Guy
Woodruff carried off the honors of
the rostrum in his recitation entitled "Keeps".
Do Yon Want  to jo lo South  Africa?
The Militia Department at Ottawa hni* c:iused notices to be posted up throughout the country calling for recruits for general Baden-
Powell's Transvaal constabulary
force. Pay for the men will be
five shillings per day from the date
of landing at Capetown with free
transportation from Canada to
South Africa.
The opening of new mining properties around Kaslo and the vigorous development of old ones is
making times more prosperous
than ever before in that section.
Christina   Lake   Should  Be  Slocked  With
a Better Orade ol Flsb.
The Record staff iB indebted to
Mr. \V. Forrest of Gladstone for a
liberal present of Kokanees from
the Christina lake waters. While
these fishes are good, it may be
said that tbe government at Ottawa has promised to stock the
lake with a much more marketable
kind, and it is to be hoped it will
not forget to fullfill this promise,
for it is a matter of great importance to this community. The
proper stocking of Christina lake
with fish would result in the upbuilding of a profitable industry,
one that would bring thousands of
dollars into circulation here.
Entertained nt the Cosmopolitan.
On Christmas day G. K. Stocker
entertained a half dozen or more
guests from Grand Farks who had
come down the evening before to
participate in the Christmas tree
exercises, by giving tbem, with others envited, a Christinas dinner at
the Cosmopolitan, aud 14 sat down
to a well loaded table especially
provided for the compniiy. Toasts
were given, and a jolly time enjoyed, Tbe visiting guests were then
e-ctirled to the depot and given a
''bon voyage" send off.
Forty-live Saloon Licenses Issued lor Bonndary Creek District.
At the recent meeting of the
Liquor License Board at Grand
Forks, there were 45 applicants, of
these 33 were renewals, seven new
licenses for houses previously licensed to other applicants, and four
for new houses. The new hotels licensed are situated at Boundary
Fulls, Hartford Junction, Ban nook
City (on north fork of Kettle river)
and on the road between Trail and
Rossland, respectively.
The Snowshoe is employing 35
men at present and expects to increase the number when its new.
compressor is installed, and Us 8-
drill plant is in place.
The famous R. A. Brown of the
famous Sunset mine, is reported to
have been successful in enlisting
the aid of eastern capitalists in tbe
work of developing his big mine
God save the���Kitchener.
December 2��, OIJO
Fubllaheil on Snturtln.vs at cascuile. B. 0.,
I'erYoar    K.00
Sll Months      1.2ft
To p'orelgn Conntrle      2.W)
Advertising Kates furnished "it Application.
this square, your subsvrip- ���
vited to remit. X****]',
If there is a blue murk in
is square, yo
tion is due, and you are in- i       .,
VALE 1900���MAM. 1901.
The death of the old and the
birth of the new century will be to
many an occasion of profound
solemnity; to others the fitting time
for merry-making���looking not
backward but forward. Some will
toe moved to deep devotional emotions, others will see in il the auspicious point at which to turn over
a new leaf iu character making.
Many will think it tlie proper
.caper to fill up fuller tliun ever before on vile liquid. In New York
.it is proposed to welcome the ad
vent of the new century by assembling an immense congregation of
choirs and choral socities and sing
ing the National Anthem on the
steps of the City Hall on the stroke
of twelve, midnight. This to be
one, aud the most striking feature
of the celebration. Toronto is agitating for some similar ceremonial
in honor of the great event.
To assist the millionaires of the
country in selecting a worthy
method of commemorating the occasion we suggest that they bequeath
their wealth to the destitute, and
see, during the coming century,
if they do not become millionaires
again about the same time their
beneficiaries become destitute.
The Government Gazette contains the names of those assayers
who passed tbe two recent examinations at Victoria aud Nelson on
November 12th and December 3rd
respectively; the total number of
candidates who were successful is
thirteen; eleven passing in Nelson.
The number who entered at Nelson
was 19, it will be seen therefore tbat
nearly one half were unsuccessful.
As we understand tbat several
gentlemen who entered have had
considerable experience in other
localities than this, but probably
lack local experience it u reasonable to suppose that the next examination will show up better for
the profession. We understand
that out of the nine who failed
several came within a short distance
of gaining the requisite number of
marks, among whom was Mr. T.
F. Carden of this place.
It would appear that the authorities had suflicient encouragement
to hold another examination in the
The war iu South Africa ought
to come lo an end immediately, if
the assertion of a little girl of Cascade is to be relied on, as she says
Mr. Ritchie shot a Kruger last
Monday. _	
A Trades and Labor Council has
been organized in Phoenix, officered
as follows: President, James Dunbar; vice-president, J. Riordan;
Secretary-treasurer, W. H. Bam-
bury; sergeant at arms, J. Lawrence; statistician, W. Reece.
While in Spokane this week we
noted one thing among the mining
people of that citv that was gratifying, in this, that they were eager
to know about the Boundary, and
appeared to be more interested in
this section than in any other part
of the province.
T. H. Greenway, superintendent
for the U. S. Marble Co., was in
town yesterday. He gave out the
information that work will be begun
extensively soon on the company's
Deep Creek quarry.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Century.
Tbe Grand Forks Gazette issued
a very creditable tri-colored Christmas edition last week.
J. A. Bertois will go to Bossburg
to-morrow to meet his wife, who is
returning from the east.
Mr. P. Monro, who hud been
spending Christinas in Cascade,
returned to hit- work near Bossburg last evening.
It is reported tbat the Gladstone
ballot-box was lost in transit to
headquarters���too many Foley Xes
in it.
It is stated that Constable D. J
Darrougb has received instructions
to transfer his headquarters from
Phoenix to Greenwood.
Jake Graber wus over here from
Robson this week, to get some personal effects. He will remain there
during tbe winter in the employ of
the Yale-Columbia Lumber company as engineer.
Mr. Roderick MacRae was in
Phoenix tbe latter part of last
week and the fore part of this. He
will probably return therein a few
days to remain a month or so. He
will be occupied hauling wood to
tbe Brooklyn mine.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Quinlivan,
formerly of Cascade, but now of
Grand Forks, were made happy on
the 20 instant, by the safe arrival
of a bouncing baby boy. The
Record congratulates the justly
proud parents.
Among the many Christmas
gifts which Miss Margaret and
Ralph Wolverton received were,
postal cards . with the postscript
Nagasaki, Japan. As they have
no friends nor acquaintances there,
they are in a quandary as to who
had sent them.
Mr. Geo. C. Rose, our local customs officer, has been enjoying a
furlow the past week, having gone
over into the Okanogan country,
where he formerly resided, to visit
with some of his many friends
there. Mr. N. W. Coates is acting
for Mr. Rose in tbe customs office
here during the latter's absence.
Mr. J. P. Robertson who haB
been on the sick list the past month
or more, and who, through the kind
treatment and care of Mr. Angus
Cameron and sister, is again able
to be out, went to Gladstone last
evening upon an invitation from.
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Curtis, to Bpend
a few weeks with them, until he
shall have gained sufficient strength
tn again take up his daily work.
A very pleasant time was had
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
T. F. Carden Wednesday, by a
number of Cascade's little ones,
who gathered upon invitation of
Miss Barbara Carden. The little
folks report a grand time. The
guests all received nice presents
from Mrs. Carden, which were
taken from a Christmas Tree handsomely decorated for the occasion.
On our journey to Spokane
last Saturday, we paid Mr. Fred
Gribi a visit at Northport. Mr.
Gribi is doing a good restaurant
business iu tbat thriving town. He
iB interested in many valuable mineral claims in this section with his
brother Ernest, the latter having
recently returned from Northport
to go to work on some of their
properties in this vicinity. At
Northport Mr. Gribi has an oppor
tunity to come in touch with par
ties seeking  mining investments,
and will undoubtedly succeed in
getting capital with which to develop some of his claims.
An Industry That Never Lazs in Qreenwood.
Rev. Mr. Anderson united Capt.
T. A. Hicks and Miss Emma Hu-
gill, both of Pine Grove, Out,, in
matrimony last Wednesday al
Harry D. Johnson, of Greenwood,
and Mibb Dora Palmer, of Maple-
wood, N. B., were married in Greenwood last week by Rev. B. H.
H. E. Pouliner, of Greenwood, and
Miss Kmina  Nelson, of Ephraim,
Utah, were  married  at the  Hotel
j Windsor,  Greenwood, Wednesday,
Rev. B. H. Balderson officiating.
VOTiCK i.s lioroby glvotl tliutuiia|>i.lit!i.lloii will
-^ in' luiulu tu i lit' Pari lit mo nt t>r tin- nonunion <>r
(iiiimiii at tut iu'M sunsloii lor nn Aot id inuorpor-
huh. (joMipiiiiy with (jowur to couairuoi, ��;i|ii.[i
anil iiitiiii ttiii und otiuratu hy stuitin, olcuiriuty or
uny oiiifi' kind or kimisiif motive \u,\\vi', a Biualu
or double tfauk stunUard gaugu rulhruy for the
nurpono or coiivuyhitj tiawtiiigers, ireight, iimr-
olmndiso and goods, uommeuoTitif m u point mi
the i unadian side of tint lnturimLionul liouudary
lini' ut or iii'iir iJiisfiitUi t iiv ii) the Osoyoos Division or Yulu District In the Prov 1 now of Lirltlsh
Columbia, tinmen uloiig I lie westerly ��UW of the
Kettle. Itlvor hy the most feaulblu route to a point
on ihe Citmidlau .side ol' the intunitu ioimi boundary linu uuur Carson tu lite OsoynoH Division of
Villi) District in the said L'rovtnuu, uith power to
construct, equip, uiulutiiiii nun opumte branch
railways und trttHivvayn In tioiinoutiou therewith.
not exe'dinu twenty-live miles ill length, and all
necessary roads, bridgon, ways, ferriou aud other
works, ami wi h power in build, own, equip, operate, aud maintain all telcLU'iiph aud telephone
lines In connection with Ihu said rallwav or
branches thereof) w ith power to construct, equip
operate und imiiiitiiin bran h lines lu connection
with said telephone and teleur.iph lines'; to build
aud operate all kinds of plant for the purpose of
supplying light, heat, electricity and any kind of
motive power; and with power to expropriate
lands for the purposos or tlie company; and to
acquire lands,bonuses privilege.! or oi her aids from
any Government, persons or bodies corporate;
aud to make tralllc or other urraiigvuenls with
railways, steamboats or other companies or persons; und with power to build wagon roads and
trails to be used in the construction of the said
works aud any advance or the same, und lew and
collect tolls from the parties using same and on nil
freight or goods passing over uny such Hues, roads
or trails built by the company, whether built before or after the construction'ol the said railway,
telegraph or telephone hues and with nil
other uauul, necessary or incidental rights,
powers or privileges.
DaUdnt Uossland,   13.   C. this   10th day of
December. A.D., 1900.
J. n. McArthur,
J, K. MoChak,
For Mjlf aud Associates/
Certificate of Improvements.
"UNDINE" Mineral Claim Bituate tn the
Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located���In .summit Camp.
Take Notice that I, Albert K.Asheroft,PX.S..of
Greenwood, Free Miner's Certificate No. B2M23,
actiug ns agent for Ross Thompson, of Uossland,
Free Miner's Certificate No. aa07HB. intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining Hecorder for a Certificate of Improvement a for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice thut action under
section 37 must be commenced before the issnance
of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this Sth day of October, 1000.
Spokane Falls k Northern Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft Sbeppud Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only ull-rnil route between nil points east,
wast und soutb to Uossland, Nelson and Intermediate points; connecting at Spokane with the
Great Northern, Northern 1'aclUc and O. It. t N.
Connects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo and
all Kootenai lake points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with stage dally for
Republic, and connects at Hossberg with stage
dally for Orand Forks and Greenwood.
Time schedule now effective :
8.00 a. m.
11.50 a.m.
7.00 a. in.
9.45 p. III.
11.00 p. m.
6.40 p. in.
8.10 p. III.
7.15 p. III.
7.00 n. m.
7.00 a. tu.
General Passenger Agent,
Still continue to operate Hrst-dnss sleepers on all
trains from Itevelstoke aud Kootenay Landing.
Also, Tourist cars, passing Dumnore Junction
daily for St. Paul, suturdaya for Montreal and
lloston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.
Same cars pass KevelBtoke one day earlier.
No trouble to quote rates and give you a pointer
regarding the eastern trip you contemplate taking.
Local PtiMiftr Schedule:
Ex. Sun.
Arrive 10:84
Going east
Cascade City
El. Sun.
Arrive 13:81
Going west
For rates, ticket, and full information, apply
to Agent, Cascade City, B. C, or
E. J. Covle, A. G. P. Agt,
Vancouver, B. C,
The proprietor begs to announce that the
Whole of the Grocery,
Dry Goods, Hardware,
And other stocks of the
MacRae, Gladstone and
Eagle City Branches
Will be brought to
And offered for sale
This will ensure buyers by far the
Biggest Selection at
Lowest Prices in Town.
Call For Prices.
December 2��, 1900
Prosperity,   Petce ind   Profrtii Under
Beilflctit Ltws.
In these days oi unrestrained
corporation oontrol of public necessities, of selfish combinations
among the rich against the less fortunate, of pauper labor importation
against our home workers, of arbitrary cutting of wiiges and constant strikes as a result���from
these unpleasant inerradicnble features of our present system of government, one turns to far-off New
Zealand to contemplate with pleasure a country which hits unquestionably solved the great question
of social democracy-���of maintaining a successful and prosperous
government of, by and for the people. From a gentleman who passed
several years in that country the
Bosspurg Journal has obtained
some facts that will prove of interest for all readers.
"New Zealand it peopled, as you
know, with English, Scotch and
some Americans, and is remarkably prosperous under its present
Bystem. A part of the prosperity
is attributed to the land tax and
land policy of the government. It
is not a tax on land but on land
values. It ranges from one cent
on $5 to three cents, with an extra
cent added for non-resident own-
erf-. This has been the means of
reduoihg-alien ownship and gives
actual settlers better opportunities
to obtain homes at reasonable
figures. Under this system, too,
large estates are being divided up,
and in a few years will have ceased
to exist. Settlers are exempt from
land taxation to the value of 12,-
Tbere is a graduated income tax
which is a source of considerable
revenue to the government. Incomes under (1000 per year are
exempt. From that sum to (5000
the tax is 2| per cent; all above
that pay 5 per cent, and all corporations snd absentees pay the
full five per cent without exemption. The old property tax was
abolished some years ago.
The government buys up large
tracts of land which it leases to
settlers for 999 years. Those who
are deserving and haven't enough
money to lease land, can secure a
loan from the government with
which to build houses, barnn, and
to clear the land. The government
will also provide such public work,
so that they can earn enough to
support their families until their
land can be made to produce a living. The law provides that eight
hours shall constitute a day's work,
and this applies to private business
as well as to government work.
The railroads, telephones and
telegraphs are owned by the government. In the country districts,
where the settlers are some distance from the schools, the railways
carry the children to and from the
schools free of charge. The government manages the express business,
also. Through these enterprises the
people are not only given cheap
and uniform rates, but the investment pays the government. The
postal banks established by the
government have grown so popular that it was found necessary to
limit the amount tbat could be deposited to (2500. This was done to
protect private banks, which were
being orowded out of existence.
The government has established
life insurance, and does more business than all the privatecompanies
combined. There are government
farms for the unemployed, but
these are scarcely used for the rea
son that there are few unemployed
persons in New Zealand. Strikes
are unknown. The rights and privileges of Labor are carefully looked
after by the government. All disputes go to a board of arbitration
whose decision is final, and which
both capital and labor must obey.
The factory laws prohibit the employment of children tinder 15 in
factories, Good wages are the rule.
All stores and factories close on
Sunday. The government does its
own contracting work and deals
directly with the people in nearly
all matters. The country is very
fertile and the climate healthy and
pleasant. Americans there are
la Sight et tbe Oallows he Writes a Ser-
moi lo Voaif Meo.
George Arthur Pearson, 21 years
of age, grocery driver, who, on
Sunday, Sept. 28, shot his sweetheart, Annie Griffin, a nineteen-
year old girl, while driving on the
country road reven or eight miles
from Hamilton, Ont., suffered the
penalty of the law on the 7th inst.
He was hanged in the jail storeroom at 7:58. Pearson was wonderfully firm and calm. He admitted the crime and justice of the
punishment making no boast or
show of it, and said he would die
gladly if his death would restore
the life he had taken.
The following statement was
made by Pearson to Rev. W. F.
Wilson, in the Hamilton jail, at
the city of Hamilton, on Nov. 30,
"I desire to make this statement
tn the general public, lint mostly to
young people, as a warning against
three things, namely: Cigarette
smoking, strong drink and bad
company. I have lived nearly all
my life in Hamilton. When young
my home training was sadly neglected. I bad never had either
god example or advice. I was permitted to run the streets at all
hours, nnd with all kinds nf companions, where I formed many bad
habits that have helped to ruin me.
I am not naturally a criminal, nor
hardhearted, but I have been unfortunate, aud I feel that if I bad
only a fair chance, I would not be
where I am this huur. I had a fair
trial and was justly condemned. I
hold no spite against anyone and
freely forgive all, as I hope by the
mercy of God, to be forgiven. The
statement that I made at ray trial
'that we both agreed to die together' was not true. The true
facts are these: On the Sunday
evening of the shooting I made improper proposals to Annie Griffin.
She seemed greatly surprised and
said: 'George I did not think you
were that kind of a fellow. This iB
the last drive we will ever have together.' She strongly resented my
suggestions,raying: 'My reputation
is all I have.' I felt so ashamed of
myself that I shot her intending to
shoot myself. I shot her twice,
once in the buggy and after I had
lifted her out. She did not know
I was going to shoot her, and never
spoke after I did. She just moaned once or twice. The rest of my
sad story is already known to the
public. I warn young men not to
carry pistols, as there is no good
comes from them, also to shun bad
companion!, at they drag you down
and above all else leave beer and
whiskey alone, for these have been
my ruin. I very muoh regret the
life I have lived. Many kind
friends often advised me, and often
offered to help me to do better, but
I was foolish and careless, and
would not listen to them. This I
am deeply sorry for, but it is too
late now. If I had followed their
good advice I would not be in this
dreadful place and position before
I am 21 years of age.
George A. Pearson.
Marils sad   H. D. Helmckea
chaaft Ctmalierillois.
Mr. Joseph Martin telegraphed
Mr. H. Dallas Helmcken that he
will be confined to his bed for six
weeks as the result of an operation.
Mr. Helmoken's reply was that
misery loved .company. We hope
Mr. Martin will be speedily restored
to health. Mr. Helmcken is getting
along very well, but will hardly be
out before New Year's.���Vancouver
J. P. rleckerl Married.
J. P. Heckert, the gentlemanly
foreman of the Colville Reveille office, was united in marriage the
other day to Miss Fannie M. Ack-
ley, of Castle Rock, this state. All
of the fraternity who know Mr.
Heckert will heartily congratulate
him and wish him and his all the
good things nf life.���Bossburg Journal.
Mr. Heckert was at one time an
esteemed business associate of the
writer, and The Record extends sincere congratulations.
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B C
NOTICE i. bereb/ Riven thtt after the 1st day
of December, 1800, a bounty of Two Dollars
(*2.00) will be paid for every coyote killed In any
settled distriot of tbe Province, subject to the
condition, of a notice dated the 22d of August,
By command. '    M   -
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary'. Office.
20th November, 1800.
The Columbia & Western Bail-
way Company
��� anada at it. next session for an Act assimilating its bonding powers in respect of ils railway
and branch line. West of Midway to the power,
already given in respect of it. line, constructed
Hast of tbat point, extending the time within
which it may complete its railways, and authorizing it to construct suoh branches from any of
it. line, not exoeedlng in any one caae thirty
miles tn length as are from time to time authorized
by tbe Government tu Council, and for other purposes.
Otfl Secretary.
Hallett & Shaw
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You are hereby notified that I have expended
1100.00 In the .nrvey of tbe "Undine" Mineral
Claim, .Ituaie In Summit Camp. In the Grand
Fork. Mining Dlvl.lon of Yale District, British
Columbia to count a. an a.se..ment on said
claim, as will appear by a Certificate of Work recorded October 10th, 1800, in the office or tbe
Mining Recorder for the said Grand Forks Mining Division, in order to hotd .aid claim under
the provision, of Section 24 of "Tbe Mineral
Act"soahbeing the amount required to bold
aald claim for the year ending Oct. 25th, 1800.
And if, at the expiration of ninety (80) days of
publication of this notice, you fall or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required nnder Sectlou 24, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in said claim .halt
become Tested in the .ob.erlher (your co-owner)
nnder Section i of the "Mineral Aot Amendment
Act 1800,"
Dated at Rowland, B. C, tbl. 18th day of November, 1800.
Hallett & Shaw, Solicitor, for Roi. Thompson.
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
he Mg| BreweryGrand
Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
A Full Assortment
Staple and Fancy
rimers' Supplies,
Hay, Oats, Coal, Etc.
Patent Medicines:
We have just laid in an EXTENSIVE LINE
of STANDARD   PATENT  Medicines,
of tbe kinds most in nse and demand, and possessing curative powers. When you need medical aids come and see what we have. JMS
Deo.mb.t 28,1800
Shot ut) Killed Within the City Limits ol
Driven from its accustomed
haunts in the higher mountains hy
the deep snows, a gaunt and famished mountain lioness, emboldened by the pangs of extreme hunger,
���wandered into town Monday morning���probably to see what the
���chances for a Christmas dinner
might be. The venture proved
fatal for her ladyship, for her attenuated corpse was on exhibition
at tbe Dominion store several days
this week and was viewed by many
of our citizens.
Mr. Geo. Ritchie was the gunner
-who so ruthless and effectually demonstrated to the deceased animal
that the was treading on dangerous grouud. Mr. Ritchie met her
on the road near the old blacksmith
.shop between Wm. Anderson's residence and the bridge across Kettle
river. He had just started out to
go to Grand Forks a-horseback.
Being unarmed he concluded to go
back and get his rifle. On returning with it, he followed the lioness
tip the public road to where anther
road leads toward Sam Vincents.
Just beyond this point she turned
to the left into the brush. He tracked and finally discovered her
crouching behind a rock, where
with good aim lie put a ball
through ber head, causing almost
instant death. Mr. Ritchie continued on his journey while Mr.
Kelman and Mr. Simpson dragged
the body of the huge lifeless
man-eater to town. Being in pour
flesh it weighed a little less than
100 pounds, though it measured
over seven feet from tip to tip. Had
it been in good flesh it would have
weighed fiom 175 to 200 pounds.
We believe there is a government
bounty of $7.50 on the hide of a
mountain lion, but Mr. Ritchie will
probably realize more for the pelt
from parties who desire to send it
to a taxidermist for the purpose of
having it stuffed and mounted.
The bounty should be large
enough to ensure the extinction of
these dangerous animals.
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The Knob Hill
tunnel is being
The Brooklyn and Stemwinder
are employing 50 men.
Some days last week ore was
shipped out of Phoenix at the rate
of 990 tons per day.
Blue Bell and J. S. claims in
Summit camp have been bonded to
Chicago capitalists for (67,000,
The new machinery being  in
stalled at the Winnipeg cost about
The winze in the drift on the
Waterloo, in Camp McKinney, wat
down nearly 30 feet at last report,
and a very considerable further improvement in the quality of the ore
hat been shown, according to reports at the office of the company.
The owners of the B.C. mine
who are supposed to be the C. P. R.
Co., have secured control of the
Athelstan, located near the Winnipeg, by a short option deal. Figuret
mentioned as the purchase price are
1150,000, should the deal go
The Ben Frankiln Gold Mining
Company is steadily working its
property on Fairview hill, near the
head of Pierre Lake and Flat creeks,
says the Bossburg Journal. Alex.
A. Anderson, manager of the company, returned Sunday from the
oamp feeling highly encouraged
over the present showing of tbe
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
Fine Printing
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill   1
Will Prove.
Give Us a TrialJ
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