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Cascade Record Aug 4, 1900

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Published in the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake   Mining Districts
Vol. II.
CASCADE, B. C, AUGUST 4, 1900.
No. 39.
An Italian Anarchist Named Bresil Sends a
Bullet to His Heart;
Last Sunday night at 10:45 King
Humbert of Italy was foully murdered, dying Bluntly after being
pilot three times by one Angelo
Bressi, who is said to lie a citizen
of the state of New Jersey, and
went in Italy especially to tin the
deed. Bressi is paid to he young,
tall and stalely. The King wiih
proceeding to a gymnastic exhibition at Monza, and the horrifying
affair happened so quietly and unexpectedly that he was dead almost before the sped a tors realized
what.had occourred. Very few police were in attendance and only a
small guard was keeping the way
open for the carriage. When Kin;:
Humbert was wounded he exclaimed : "It is nothing." The royal
carriage covered the distance to tht'
royal villa at full speed, requiring
but three minutes, the king expiring on the way. The first shot
wounded the king in the neck, the
second and fatal one pierced his
heart, and the third broke the arm
of the already dying sovereign. An
eye witness says that immediately
after the shots were tired the king
fell hack, pressing his hands on his
heart He was instantly supported
hy Gen. Vaglia,who told thecoach-
man to drive with all possible speed
to the castle. "It is nothing" were
his last words.
The assassin, ou reaching the
guard room of the carbineers was a
in a pitiable condition, his hands
and arms being lacerated and
bloody, and his clothes torn by the
angry crowd. Replying to questions, he hissed through his clenched teeth: "Tell them I came from
America on purpose to kill Humbert. I have only just arrived from
America and know no one. 1 spent
a day at Bologna and then came on
to Milan."
A heart-rending scene was witnessed when Queen Margherita and
her mother we informed of the
tragedy and entered the death
The dead king was aged about 56.
The N. Y. Evening World printed
a copyrighted dupatch from Rome
which run as follows : "The assas
sination of King Humbert has
caused a feeling of stupefaction and
alarm here. It is feared that the
monarchy is in great danger of
subversion hy the revolutionary
elements. The news of the killing of the king at Monza was kept
hack in order to give the cabinet
time to adopt measures to save the
The  interregnum, which   must
last till King Victor Emmanuel III
the Prince of Naples, now king,
arrives from his yacht tour in the
Lavant, may pave the way for the
success of revolutionary plans, of
which Humbert's murder was a
part. Arrangements have been
made to place the whole country
under martial law if the revolutionists assert themselves. This
is the gravest crisis ever confronted
by tbe monarchy; but the Vatican
authorities are said to have given
assurances that they will use all
their influence toaasi,.t in theestab-
lished order of things. The new
king is neither mentally 11*�����- physically of great account, and a strong
man is needed to meet ibe perils of
the hour."
Sir Alfred Milner estimates that
10,000 Colon is i s re be led hy joining
the Boer army.
The exportation of munitions of
war from British factories to any
country which might use them to
the destruction of Kuglaudsarmy or
properly interests is pmhibted by a
law recently made by the Imperial
A $50,000,000 joint stock lumbering company is being organized in
Ottawa. When completed it will be
the largest concern of its kind in
Canada. Mr. J. R. Booth will be
the fin-t president of the gigantic
The other day in Paterson, N.
J., a young Chinaman was charged
with being a Boxer, be replying
'Bloxas allee lightee," whereat the
man threatened him. The China-
naman drew a knife and stabbed
his tormentor in the side. Then he
Officials are not satisfied with the
size of thecone-shaned Cariboo Hydraulic gold brick, valued at $135,-
275, which was recently sent to the
assay office by the New York branch
of the Bank of Montreal, to be
melted. It was so large a special
smelting pot had to be ordered. The
lump weighed 7897 ounces, and re
quired the lifting power of four
men to place it on the scales.
Joseph Mullen was foolish, or he
might have been alive to-day, but
he was electrocuted in New York
July 23d. His foolishness consisted first in killing his wife Johanna; secondly, in nut availing
himself of an opportunity to plead
guiltyof minder in the second degree, and thirdly and worse still in
refusing to plead guilty of manslaughter, which in consideration
of imprisonment already endured,
credits, etc., would have resulted in
his freedom in a year or so. But
he was stubborn, new# evidence was
discovered or created, and now be'i��
dead, 1640 electric volts having officially coursed through his system
and prepared him for the final ������oast
iu the orthodox bakeoven*in the
Lady Randolph Churchill and
Lieutenant George Cornwallis-West
have"been gone and done it"���married, and, shocking to relate, the
Duke of Marlborough is said to
have given the bride away in a suit
of summer clothes. Now this is
more annoying and confusing than
the South African or Chinese dispatches. A serious doubt is left in
the public mind as to which of the
"high contracting parties" wore the
suit of dollies, and why a summer
i-nit is not appropriate at a time
when tbe quicksilver is soring in the
95th heaven. It couldn't bethought
that either would appeur in winter
clothes or devoid of clothes at al).
The details will never be known
until the information is sifted out
of private letters.
Because the scow on which four
men were traveling down the Yukon river frequently struck the sand
liars, Alex. King, of Sacramento,
a miner 65 years of age, shot and
killed Herbert Davenport, river
pilot from New York. King made
the other men promise at the point
of his rifle to say that the shootin<:
was accidental, but upon arrival
at Dawson they handed King over
to the police.
Kstes Rathbone has been placed
under arrest by the U. S. government authorities on a'charge of
fraudulent use of public moneys
while holding the office of Director-
General of Posts in Cuba. His
peculations must have heen on a
grand scale, as his bail was placed
at $25,000.
The Mexican and Yucatan Indians are now warring, and the
government has sustained severe
defeat in the first desperately fought
Col. Richard Hebden O'Grady-
Haly,Canada's new Major-General,
has arrived in Ottawa.
The Plot Known in New York.
New York papers say that there
is little doubt that the plot to kill
King Humbert had been known for
several months in the Italian settlement in that city. The suicide
of an Italian in New Jersey two
weeks ago, and subsequent revelations, are cited as proof. It is said
he was to have slain the king, and
at the behest of many wealthy Italians resident in New York city.
Yet in the Flesh, and Reported lo Route lor
A dispatch received at New York
Tuesday dated Tientsin July 27,
says word from Minister Conger
has been received by Major Waller,
commanding the American marines,
dated Pekin July 21, saying : Since
July 1G, by agieeiucnt, thfcie has
been no firing. We have provisions
for several weeks, but little ammunition. If they continue to shell us
we cannot hold out long, and a
complete massacre will follow. All
safe and well.
It now appears that an anuistice
has existed since July 16, upon
what basis is not known. The latest
news seems to demonstrate that
Gen. Yuang Lu and the moderates,
if unable to quite suppress the rising, were at least able to interpose
between the ministers and the
Tuanites, so as to prevent the destruction of the foreign colony.
From Japanese sources comes n
report that the Russians captured
the forts at New Cbwang July 26.
Up to July 21, 62 foreigners had
been killed at the British legation,
where all the women and children
are. David Oliphant, Warren ami
Captain Strouts killed, and Captain.
Halliday in the hospital.
Duke ol Saxe-Coburg Dies Suddenly.
The death of Prince Ernest Albert, Duke of Saxe-Coburg, second
son of Queen Victoria, occurred
Monday night at Rosenau Castle,
from paralysis of the heart. By hi&
sudden demise he probably escaped
a painful lingering death, as the
deceased prince was suffering from
a cancerous growth at the root of
his tongue. The death was totally
unexpected and created a sensation
in London. Numerous public and
semi-public functions have been
abandoned, and the Court and society will be immediately ordered
into mourning.
On account of the sad news, the
celebration nnd reception to the
Governor-General was declared oft
at Victoria Tuesday night.
Hot Political Fight at Seattle.
Great interest was taken in the
Republican primary elections at
Seattle on Monday. The contending factions were 60 demonstrative
that 60 extra policemen were sworn
in to assist in preserving the peace.
Is it possible or reasonable to suppose that honest government can
be evolved from such conditions 7
Later statements show the Prins-
loo surrender to Gen. Hunter to
have consisted of 986 men, 1,432
horses, 955 rifles, and a Krupp
nine-pounder. 2
August 4, 1900
The proprietor begs to announce that the
Whole of the Grocery, Dry Goods, Hardware
And other stocks of the
MacRae, Gladstone and Eagle City Branches
Will be brought to
And offered for sale
This will ensure buyers by far the
Biggest Selection at Lowest Prices in Town.
Call For Prices.
The English Store.
��� 4y~�����4��.
'J August 4, 1900
There are two literary men I have I
a considerable appreciation for���
Ambrose Bierce and Itudyard Kipling. Their abilities rank high
and match their discernment; their
pluck haB not given way to their
financial exigencies. In hiB early
days dealing with departmental
matters in India, Kipling dared to
speak the truth at considerable
risk. He recognized that there is a
power beyond Caesar, and appealed
direct to the people. To a certain extent Bierce is doing the
Bamc thing. Neither will state that
brass is gold, < r glass diamonds'.
Neither will fool or be fooled, which
makes it all the more remarkable
that latterly Bierce should have
taken to disparagement of Kipling.
Their thoughts and methods, their
objects and inclinations are so
similiar that one can only look
upon Bierce's caviling as a species
of professional jealousy on tbe part
of the lesser known and lesser
traveled man. Hawks should no'
pick out hawks e'en.
I think one could parallel the
views of these two men in scores of
cases but the following may suffice
"And Tomlinson took up hie tale and spoke of
hia good in life;
'This I have read in a book,' be said, 'and that
was told to me,
And this I lm>e   thought   thai   another  man
thoughtof a Prince in Muscovy.'
The good souls flocked like homing doves and
bade him clear tbe path;.
Aud Peter twirled the jangling keys in weariness
and wrath.
'Ye have read, ye have heard, ye hare thought,'
he said, 'and the tale is yet to run;
By the worth of the body that once ye had, give
answer���what ha' ye done!' "
Bierce, in his cave, quotes a dream
in which he sees a tall, spare figure
in a robe of white "looking ill at
ease in a godly multitude in Sabbath garments clad, with pious
mien, appropriately sad":
"God keep yon, stranger," I exclaimed, "you are,
No doubt (your habit shows it), from afar.
And yet 11 ntertain tbe hope that you
Like these good people, are a Christian, too."
He raised his eyes and with a look so stern
It made me with a thousand blushes burn,
Keplied���his manner with disdain was spiced���
"What! I a Christian? No, indeed! I'm Christ."
The moral to both of which tales
appears to be that the humbug and
glamour and deception which some
so-called Christians seem to practice so successfully on each other
won't cut much ice (however badly
needed) on Judgment Day.
fact that Victoria is on an island,
and several hours' steaming from
the railroad terminus, the paragraph is sb funny as anything I
ever want to see, and there isn't a
shadow of truth in it except what
was told by accident, and even Gilbert couldn't beat that. Wonder
if the C. P. R. prays God to save it
from its friends ?
drowned. The jury decided that
she was guilty, and she iB now incarcerated for life in a criminal
asylum, but juries are funny things,
and of course it's hard to say
if they convicted her of infanticide or spineterhood. When, afterwards, my mother remarked to the
family doctor on my escape, he replied evasively, nasty man.
There's many a true word spoken
iu jest, and even newspapers have
been known to tell it by accident.
FriiiBtans, I take the following, verbatim et literatim, barring italics,
from a journal which possibly
meant otherwise : l,It was the C. P.
H. which made Canada a nation,
which opened up the great west and
linked Halifax to Victoria with a
band of  steal."   Overlooking  the
I wonder, too, when it iB going to
settle the claims made by the
Boundary merchants for goods lost,
stolen or strayed at the time when
the road was "in the hands of the
Construction Department ?" Verily,
Caesar and Pompey am berry much
alike���especially seizer.
The following poem is from the
Washington Star, and is entitled
Ef yon's born a bumblybee,
You's got to buz and work;
Ef yon Is a song bird,
Yon inns' sing an' never shirk:
Ef you is a squirrel,    .
You mus' hop f'nm tree to tree;
All)' nobody loafin'
Jes' at present, 'ceptin' me.
Ef you Is a hornet.
You mus' hunt foh folks to sting;
Ef you is a butterfly,
You's always on de wing;
So I Bhets my eyes contented,
And I loafs de bes' 1 can,
An' I'ze feeltn' mighty thankful
I was born a cullud man.
It seems rather incongruous in
face of recent nigger hunting in
New Orleans.doesn't it ? And what
was it you were telling us, Joaquin
"We would not matob this If we could,
We could not match this if we would?"
Mr. Miller, you may have been
fooling, or you may only be Joaquin, but the joaq is not funny,
and anyhow, you totally underrate the capacity of your country.
"Louis H. Scott has been left
$7,000 hy an old maid whose life
he saved at Atlantic City," Well,
he deserved it. Many men would
have let her drown just to see if
she could swim, and because tl.ey
have no use for such things. Heaven
never intended old maids lo exist,
or Eve would not have incurred all
those dress bills, and the parable of
the unjust steward would never
have heen recounted. I once had
an old maid for a governess, and
I've never forgiven the breed. And
that reminds me. I had an old
maid nurse, likewise. May be I
got out of hand. I don't know, but
she left; and then, as Haggard says,
''an extraordinary thing happened."
In her next place she had five children to look after. The devil tempted her and she took them all up
into a high place, to-wit, one canal
bridge, and there, with malice prepense, did severally cast them down
into the water beneath so that they
But that doctor was a boy himself once, and one day his father, a
cotton-spinner, took him on 'Change
at Manchester for a treat. It's a
treat I've enjoyed for ten years myself, and I would as soon be in
hades. The father said beforehand;
"Now, my boy, you know nothing
of business, see you keep your
mouth shut for fear they will find
out what a fool you are.". "Yes,
father," he replied He behaved
well all morning. Three thousand
of Manchester's smartest had failed
to make the discovery. At one they
went to ParkerV for lunch. The
father was conversing freely with a
friend when the waiter came for his
orders. , The boy, expecting the
"old man" to order, spake not.
Again the waiter asked, and again
silence reigned���the boy recalled
the admonition. Then the waiter
stepped briskly across the room and
said in an angry whisper to a Swiss
who "spoke all the languages,"
"Pierre, you jo and try that kid,
he's either a foreigner or else a fool."
The boy colored, rose from his seat,
seized his hat and remarking, "Hear
him, father, he's found it out and I
never spoke a word," resignedly
left the room.
Inasmuch, Mr. Alexander A.
Anderson, as you have seen fit, in
the Bossburg Journal, to give your
subscribers and advertisers honest
value for their money in the shape
of clean journalism, readable news
and reliable information, the outcome of brain, rather than the
bastard offspring of scissors and
paste, we acknowledge your worth.
Inasmuch as you are not above
seeing merit in others, and have
singled out the Cascade Record for
special mark of your approval, we
appreciate your discernment, whilst
in your selection as candidate for
parliament on the joint ticket of
the Democratic and People's party,
we take pleasure in theadvancement
and honor of one of our friend?,
and congratulate you on the choice
of your own; for in that did they
honor unto themselves. This is a
matter wherein we who are just
north of 49 must take more than a
passing note. We have interests
common with your own, many of
them, and because of that and because of what we consider the excellence of the choice made by your
party, we offer our heartiest congratulations and wish you every
possible success. And when you
are elected and business begins, will
you please remember that your
British Columbia friends will cher
ish and value and applaud even-
word spoken in the house in the
direction of honest legislation, in
the building and maintenance of
road and rail connecting your country with our own, and in direct opposition to the pollution of such
rivers and streams as your town
and county and ours have joint
interest in.
The Democratic party needs you
badly, if for only one thing, Mr.
Anderson, and that is to compile
the phraseology of the next Democratic National platform. There's
altogether too much tautology about
the current issue. It seems to oppose, condemn, denounce, and
crucify every blamed thing between
China and Peru. Besides, it's a
poor heart that never rejoices, and
a creaky platform that has no
honey spilt on it. Then again,
Mr. Anderson, don't be lead away
by that tail-twisting business.
You'll find plenty of more foolish
people than yourself in the House,
Let them do it. He's a tactless
merchant who systematically insults his best customer. And if, in
spite of the Democratic party, imperialism runs rampant in the States,,
your country will eventually need
every friend she now has and a few
more besides.
During my time I have seen many
sensible and tactful schemes for tbe
advancement of newspaper circulation. But for down-right asinin-
ity, senselessness, and want of tact,
commend me to the latest scheme
of that big, weary bundle of overstrained trivialties and gaudy exaggeration, the San Francisco Examiner. It is sending out canvassers for subscriptions and the inducement offered to Canada generally and British Columbia in particular is a "Magnificent Lithograph in Many Colors, on Specially
Prepared Plate Paper, 43 inches by
27, Depicting a British Defeat on
Spion Bop, which can't be had at
any price in any other manner."
Well, some of us, who only tolerate the miserable rag on our premises at any price, in any manner, on account of Ambrose
Bierce's contributions, will know
what to Bay to the canvasser when
he reaches Cascade, and if anybody
wants my subscription in advance
towards supplying the gentleman
with a coat of tar and feathers, he
can have it; also a dog-biscuit with
gilt edges to convey to his employer,
as a symbol of Canadian appreciation of his efforts.
It is published that Lord and
Lady Minto will be in Rossland
September 3d, 4th and 5th next.
Gen.  Prinsloo bas   surrendered
his army of 5,000 Burghers to the-
British near Bethlehem.
Dr. Grafton, 38 years of age, son
of F. E. Grafton, a Montreal book-'
seller, was drowned at Berthier on
Monday while swimming in Lake
St. Peter.
August 4, 1900
Pulillalied on Saturdays at Cascade.  It. ('.,
Per Year    K.00
Six Months      1,86
To Foreign Countries     8.50
Advertising Kates Furnished on Application.
If there is a blue mark in ������������������
this square, your subscription is due, and you are invited to remit.
A project is on foot to build a
wagon road from Pete Pierre's place
to Cascade, via Pierre's lake and
Deep creek, which will, if carried
through, be of material interest to
the miners of that district and of
financial benefit to Stevens county.
Although the road is wholly in
Uncle Sam's domain, it is to be
hoped Cascade will receive some
'benefit therefrom, as Cascade will
be one of the termini. The contemplated road will not only very
materially shorten the distance between Cascade and Bossburg, but
will open up much new country to
-settlement, make the many rich
���mines more accessible, and encourage prospectors in locating and developing new properties. In view
of the opening of this road and
���consequent increase of travel and
business, parties are contemplating
putting in a store and hotel nt
Pierre lake city. It is regretable
the officials on this side of the
Boundary line are not more liberal
in road and trail building. Lands
adjoining new roads and trails are
almost invariably taken up and
improved; taxes on these improvements very soon reimburse the
government for its outlay, so it
is nothing out, and thereafter has
a regular income from these taxes.
Among all classes of taxpayers, a
more universally approved disposition of public moneys cannot be
found than in constructing and improving public roads and trails.
The prospector, miner, farmer and
merchant, all unite in petitions
that a larger portion of public
moneys be expended for this purpose. Money properly expended thus, will invariably be returned
many fold. A branch from the
proposed new road via Pierre's lake
will open a new route to Rossland
much shorter and easier than any
now existing. Rossland and Cascade have for two or three years endeavored to persuade the provincial
authorities to build such a road on
this side of the boundary, but it
now looks as if Uncle Sam would
get the start of us. A road from
Christina lake to Franklin camp
would open up a new and rich mineral district, and 'tis "dollars to
doughnuts" the recording fees alone
of mineral locations along the new
road would pay for ite construction
the first two years. Will our officials make the outlay, or does the
nickel so near their eyes look so
large they cannot see tbe dollar just
beyond ?	
The labor unions appear to be
getting their eyes open, according
to the Industrial World of Rossland. The movement in favor of
organization for politieal put poses
is rapidly spreading says that labor organ, and predicts that in a
very few months every industrial
center in the province will contain
an organization of united political
action. United action ! there's the
rub. The elements seeking the
wealth produced by labor without
putting the shoulder to the wheel,
sink their individual interests and
sweep up to the ballot box in a
solid phalanx against their common
victim. Not so with unthinking
labor. While the enemy devises
and executes plans for its capture
it becomes helpless prey by reason
of petty differences which divide
and break its ranks. It places personal interests above political principal and lets the devil lake the
(undermost. But perhaps labor
may some day realize that in political as well as fraternal union
there is strength���strenght to secure legal protection, which it most
lacks. In united action at the polls
is the place to begin the erection of
a friendly judicial system.
The statement is out that the
Granby Smelter company has
made the declaration that it will
handle ore at a rate of $3.50 to
$4.50 for freight and treatment. In
this connection it is said this low
rate is made possible by the extraordinarily good arrangements made
between the smelter company and
the C. P. R., and it is expected
that with the enlargement and improvement of the plant, a rate perhaps even lower than that quoted
can be made. Mr. Miner has stated
that the mines of his syndicate at
Phoenix would alone ship 1,000
tons of ore per day when fully
operating, and that the company
expected to eventually be able to
treat $5 ore at a profit.
A New York news item states
that a prominent lady of that city
kneads dough with her gloves on.
There is nothing remarkable about
that. We need "dough" with our
boots on, and need it with our
pants on; and if some of the many
indebted to this office do not nail
in soon and settle, we shall need
dough with neither pants nor boots
The Grand Forks Gazette announces a new baby in its firm.
In the family the new comer might
prove a blessing, but the staff of
that paper was already replete with
infantile energy. But why it should
strike savagely at The Record as
it did last week on account of the
affliction, is hard  to understand.
Forest fires have been raging on
the east side of Christina lake all
week, and the hills, including
Shamrock mountain, have been
denuded of much valuable timber.
Thursday it was reported that the
tire was approaching dangerously
near to the works of the Cannon-
ball mine on Baker creek.
The suggestion to raise a fund
and send 10,000 Japanese and Chinese from this coast to Toronto and
Ottawa is a good one, and if done
would soon prove an effective object
lesson, and change the tune of the
eastern press in that respect.
Feelings of returning confidence
and renewed vigor in mining circles in the Boundary are quite noticeable, and for persistent activity
and promising results the country
never gave better evidence. This
week parties representing almost
unlimited capital were examining
claims near Gladstone, which it is
believed will result in a deal being
consummated. The development
and working of a single mine on a
paying basis either in tbe Basin or
on Christina lake, will be the beginning of the prosperous conditions that sooner or later must
come to Cascade.
A telephone dispatch was received here Sunday by Mrs. Baulne,
conveying the sad intelligence that
her youngest brother Duke Robear,
was drowned in the Colville river
near Addy, on the S. F. & N railway, 14 miles south of Colville.
while bathing. He was 22 y
of age.
The S. F. & N. and C. P. R. have     |~
at last connected rails in Nelson. t
Fire Insurance Agency
George K. Stocker, Agent.
Christina Lake
Mining Camps.
Price, $1.25, post paid.
Compiled   by JOHN A.  CORYELL, P. L. S.
This map contains the latest locations on Shamrock and Castle Mountains, on Baker, Sutherland und McKae Creeks, and iu the Burnt Basin.
For sale hy
Cascade, B.C.
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices ......
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Excursion Parties
and Freight
Carried to Order.
Wave the Flag at the foot of the Lake when you
desire either Steamer or Rowboats.
BEN. LAVALLEY, Capt. August 4, 1900
���9-49-9-9 ��H�� ���-���-���-���-
Dominion Supply Company
A Full Assortment i Staple and Fancy
mm, X v-      7
"*Tmt      C^3  R O G* ET R 1  WZl w      ���r^
fliners' Supplies, Hay, Oats, Coal, Etc
.Pa+Aii+    Marli/miao    Wehave Jus* laid in an EXTENSIVE LINE of STANDARD PATENT
Jl dtCJll     lUt;UI^IIl"k.   Medicines, of the kinds most in use aud demand, and possessing curative powers.
When you need medical aids come and see what we have.
C. | THOMAS, Proprietor,
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this
part of the district. Headquarters for Cascade and Bossberg Stage Line; also for
Contractors, Mining Men and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avenue, Cascade City. B. C.
if if if if if if if if if if if if if if
Jf* ��f�� *Ja AJ�� AJ* wjm rj* *|�� wf�� wjm ������ *f�� ��|�� *|*
Evidences of a general revival of
interest in British Columbia mining investments are many. Since
the settlement of the labor troubles,
which for months retarded development and brought the industry almost to a standstill, there has been
a renewal of operations that has
created a healthier and more encouraging tone than ever. While
there has been greater excitement
in individual sections, the promise
of general interest and progress
was never so good as today. It is a
curious fact that there is no one
section of the province on which
attention is centered; but many
camps are just entering upon the
permanent stage and others are
nearing important milestones in
their history. Conditions are such
that the next few months must see
developments of the greatest importance, and it is almost certain
that these developments will be accompanied by a large influx of capital and heavy investments in
many districts. Tb e turning of attention towards British Columbia
and other northwestern mining
fields is frequently commented upon in the eastern press, and it appears to be the general opinion of
those in closest touch with financial-mining conditions that this
part of the northwest will be the
center of the next period of large
money activity.��� Spokesman-Review.
The Nelson Miner scintillates
thusly: "If beefsteak is worth fifteen cents a pound, how much are
Hyde & Tits worth ?"
Nils Anderson and Daniel Caldwell were killed in the LeRoi mine
at Uossland Tuesday nigbt, by the
falling of a mass of rock of an estimated weight of 150 tons.
Keep your eye on Cascade.
Some derailed freight cars at
Baker creek delayed Thurs lay
night's mail train till three o'clock
the following morning.
������������������������������������������ W.
Cascade to Bossburg I
Local Office at Hotel Cascade.
"Effle" Mineral claim situate In tbe Grand
Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located, on Texas cseek, two miles east
of Christina lake.
Take notiee I tint I, Albert E, Ashcroft, as agent
for Mary Louise Teall, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B30790, Intend sixty days from the date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining
a crown grant of the above claim.
And farther take notice that action, under section 37,must oe commenced before the issuance
of snch Certificates of Improvements,
Dated this 1st day of June, A. D., MOO.
August 4, 1900
If You Wish
To keep thoroughly posted on the fast
moving events in the growing Boundary and Christina Lake actions, there is
only one way to accomplish it, viz:
Just get in line, follow the
crowd and subscribe to ..
Ihe Cascade Record.
It costs only Two Dollars to get
in out of the wet, and receive 52
copies of the Record. Printed
on good paper with good type
and good ink.
Geo. C. Rose, the local customs
oflicer, is doing business under u
new flag.
Miss Darrow entertained Mr. and
Mrs. Paul  Rochussen and others at
luncheon on the island Tuesday
An ore train from Eholt laid over
here last night, the engine hauling
it having been partially disabled
and compelled to go in to the shops
for repairs.
Work was begun this week on the
site of the new sawmill to be erected here. It.is now staled that a
sash and door factory'will also be
included in the enterprise.
Mr. Frank   Asprey  is now man-1
aging the affairs of the IJ. C. M. &[
M.  syndicate   here.     The    stocks'
from the branch stores at. MacRae
Landing, Gladstone and lOngleCity
are being brought here, where they
will be disposed of at  low   figures.
See the ovw announcement on tbe
second page.
M. Flendrickson, night, shift at
Black's hotel, is a good shot, as the
corpse of a bold coyote on exhibition at the hotel attests. It seems
that about 4:30 this morning Mr.
Hendrickson saw the coyote crossing
the street from the B. C. stable to
the north end of the townsite building where it perched on a stump
near the corner of Devon's garden
fence. Hendrickson secured his rifle
as quickly as possible, but when he
came out the animal was not to be
seen. He went to the corner of the
fence and espied the coyote near the
meatshop icehouse. He took aim
and the nocternal chicken thief
gave a few leaps and bounds and
then settled c!< wn for hid eternal
rest, as a warning to his associates
not to prolong their stay in the
place of man's abode till the light
of day makes it dangerous to (16so.
Rev. K. W. Barton returned last
night from Gladstone where he had
been all week enjoying himself with
the hospitable people of that lung.
Berry-picking, fishing and piciue-
ing were the pleasant pastimes indulged in.
A. J. Stewart, who had been up
on Texas creek doing assessment
work, returned to Cascade Thursday, after an absence of about six
weeks. He seems pleased with
what the work has revealed, and
says in due time the district will
lie heard from in no uncertain
The surveyors who were around
here for a week or two have departed. From their actions taken in
connection with points where work
was done, it is generally believed
they were making surveys for the
Great Northern, and that the.-e surveys were within the prohibited
\ mile limit on this side of th^ line.
We hope they were, and we hope
railroad building will soon follow
under government sanction.
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B. C
The Wm. Hamilton
The allied forces are now marching on Pekin. From all information that can be gained from all
sources, it seems that the foreign
legations and others have been held
liy the Chinese authorities for the
purpose of using their lives upon
which to base a bargain for tbe
cessation of hostilities on the part
of the allied forces. The bluff
won't, work.
Certificate of Improvements.
"WAKE" Mineral Claim, situate in tlie Grand
Forks Mining Division of Yale Distriot.
Where located���Summit Camp.
Take Notloe that I, Albert ti.  Asheroft, acting as agent   for. John Douglas Free   Miner's
Certificate .No    B8.11S,    Thomas   McDonnell,
Free Miner's Certificate  No.   H'.'0,5fl7, Samuel
] Ureslauer, free Miner's Certificate No, IW.IIIU,
Arthur N. Pellv, Free Miner's Certificate No.
I 20,501 and Gerald T.  Hodgson, Free Miner's Cer-
I ti flea to   No. H'>9,788,  intend   sixty   days  from
| date hereof,  lo apply to the Mining  Recorder
i for a CertPii"'*" nf ithprovpTTien'.*'. for fltO'purposc
of obtaining n Crown Grant of tin' above Claim,
And further take notice that net ion, under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance
of suoh Ccrtilleiite of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of August, 1900,
AtBliltT 13. ASH.-'liOFT, P. L. S.
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
OlOl      lg,
Shoes, Etc.
��� CASCADE, 13. C.
That We
Can Do
AH Kinds
Styles of
Fine Printing
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.;
_J \
August 4, 1000
U��=d \=^-J   U*5M r^��^ {=9*4 h^oH
| | hirst l/^|DDiriprfi to <p/iscA.o|fi I |
f~i n s -r  AVC. J?��UTH J
^ Kb cum] rami
Second Av C.
South I
SOUTH    g
South g
. i
Cascade City
South I
evcnth        Ave        South
^Va.Branch Line_
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries,
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Clsristina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc.y address.
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man 8
August 4, 1900
What tbe Professionals Say Retarding Practical Prospecting.
"Agricultural and mining are
the wealth producing sources of the
world. All the rest depend upon
The public are finding out that
mining is as legitimate and staple
mi industry as we have in this
.country. The speculative features
which did so much harm ten years*
ago have been  almost eliminated.
Wherever railway or other constructions are going on, there is always a very large demand for copper in the form of brass and a variety of other articles, and as the
electrical demand advances by
leaps and bounds, it is no easy
matter to tell what quantity of
copper will in this way be absorbed. Now that betterment in business generally has been felt, a great
stimulus has been given to the
opening of new mit.es and the development of copper properties.
Some of the finest prospective properties in the state of Washington
are located in the northwest section
-of Stevens county, between the Columbia and Kettle River, in a geological formation comparatively
unknown to the miners generally,
-and which accounts to some extent
for the large amount of dead work
done and the small amount of development shown.
In one of my previous articles I
-mentioned that the formation
of the chief portion of the Reservation and for a considerable radius
around Chewelah was perfectly
analogous to the formation in and
around the great Calumet and
Hecla copper mine of the lake Superior region. The formation being
in the trappean series and almost
wholly consisting of trap and
amygdaloid trap, in several properties the amygdaloid trap covers
the vertical to a depth ranging
from 150 to 250 feet; and on these
properties many fine showings of
copper ore have been uncovered
and the vertical formation being
impregnated with numerous feeders
of quartz filled with native copper,
gives every indication of being near
the mother lode or deposit of the
belt, and I am certain that a reasonable amount of development
work will open up this immense
lode of copper ice which this for-
fnation must certainly contain.
But in order to develop the great
mineral resources of the Indian
Reservation more practical mining
and less dead work are needful. It
is lamentable to visit certain promising properties a nd notice the crude,
impractical work that has heen
done, in some cases amounting to
thousands of dollars.
The two chief essentials necessary to make a mine are the paying
vein and the proper handling.
Nothing is more detrimental to the
progression of a mining camp than
money injudiciously spent on what
is termed development  work  and
no result shown. The prime factor
in making a mine where ore is in
sight, is to follow the ore. Geological formations and mineralogical
conditions can be left J.<> the mining expert. It is well to bear in
mind that there are certain changes
which mineral veins undergo
through the influence of atmospheric agencies, which render their
appearance along the outcrop,
quite different from that of the
same vein at some depth below. A
knowledge of these changes is, of
course, of the greatest practical importance. They are extremely various, differing not only according
to the metalic contents, but also
according to the nature of the vein
stuffs, and therefore must be learned by observation in each country.
In a future paper I will treat
upon the modes of treatment for
the various ores found in this section of the country, giving methods
of treatment to insure highest
economic values from same.
Many of the Reservation properties are coming rapidly to the front,
as the First Thought, Big Iron, Famous Kettle River, etc, which at
an early date, with judicious handling, will be big producers and tend
to convince the public that (here
are no other investments where the
possibilities are so great for profit
as in good legitimate mining enterprises.
C. G. Carruthers,  M.  Engr.,
in the Bossburg Journal.
We do Business in Grand Forks.
About Following Your Ore.
"Follow your ore," is ihe advice
an experienced mining man gives,
says an exchange. That depends.
Of course a prospect should be followed until developments indicate
the presence of a continuous body
of ore. When its inclination and
trend are ascertained, and the conditions are favorable, a crosscut
tunnel may be run, or a vertical
working shaft may be sunk. But
there is no arbitrary rule which
applies to mining. One must be
governed by surrounding conditions. Follow your ore in a prospect. But in a camp of well established gold, silver, or copper bearing rock, the dip and trend of
which are known, the operator possessing good sense, will be governed
by the topography of his claim.
He may sink a vertical working
shaft to strike his lead at a certain
depth, or he may run a tunnel to
crosscut it at such a depth as the
initial work may determine. There
is no arbitrary rule to carry on
mining. Sound sense to take advantage of all the conditions which
surround a mining proposition, is
the principal factor to success.���
Arizona Silver Belt.
White Bros.,
Bridgk Strkkt,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specially.
mm -
X&T Leave your repairing orders at thin office
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Co.
Johnson Block,
Clark & Son,
Sell Everything Hen Wear
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Makes a Specialty Fine
Fisher I Hock, OR AND FORKS.
New and Second-hand
....Bought and Sold....
Bridge Street, Near Custom House,
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and   convenient, aud
workmanship the best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs. M. F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
Fihst Ave..       Grand Forks.
Rooms 50c and up.
Miller Block, over Woodland's Drug Store.
Or rather, your old boots
and shoes, do they need
repairing; or would you
prefer something new-
made to order? Anyhow, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
When Shopping
in Orand Forks don't forget
Tlie Grand Forks Drug Company
Druggists and Stationers.
Private D. H. Atkinson, 26tli
Middlesex Light Infantry, and Private W. We6t, 7th Fusiliers, who
have been missing since the 15th of
May, have rejoined.
Spokane Falls k Northern Railway Co.
Nelson k Ft. Sheppard Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only nil-rail route hetween all points east,
west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points; connecting at Spokane with the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R. k N.
(onnects at Nelson with Bt twiner for Kaslo and
all Kootenai lake points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with stage daily for
Republic, and connects ul Bossberg with stuge
daily for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
10:35 a m     Spokane    7:10 p in
12:05 p m     Rossland    5:30 p ni
9:30 a m     Nelson        8:00 p in
9:45 (i in      Spokiuu'      7:05 n in
11:00 p m     Rossland     6:30 a in
General Passenger Agent.
Certificate ot Improvements.
"Wren", and "Mx" Minerul Claims situate
in the Grand Forks mining division of Vale
Where located:���In Summit Camp.
Take Notice that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as
agent for Albert E. Keough, Free Miner's Certificate No. 116719, Intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, lo apply to the mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining crown grants
of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37,must be commenced before the issuance of
suoh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 30th day of April, A.D., 1900.
Service for the year 1900 will
be commenced JUNE 10th.
The " Imperial Limited"
takes yon across the Continent in four days without
change. It is a solid vestibule train, luxuriously
equipped withtevery possible
essential for the comfort and
convenience of Passengers.
Ask your friends who have
travelled on it, or address
W.F. Andkrson,      E.J.Coyle,
Trav. PaHH.Agent, A.G.P.Agt.
Nelson, B.C.     Vancouver.B.C.
Certificate ol Improvements.
"Alexandria" Mineral claim situate In the
Grand ForkB Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located, in Summit camp.
Take notice that I, Albert E. Ashcroft, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B29423, for myself, and at
agent for E.D. Olmsted, Free Miner's Certificate
iMBOOn, and James M. FiUpntrick, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 34686a, intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Hecorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further lake notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of June, A. D. 1900.


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