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Vol. I.
CASCADE, B. C, JANUARY ai, 1899.
No. 11.
Soon to be Established Between Cascade and Brooklyn.
He Promises Many Reforms in the Present Service-Specially Asks that Complaints be sent
to Him at Vancouver.
Inspector W. H. Dorman of the
Vancouver postal division, was in
Cascade this week, and as a result
it is confidently expected that
several badly needed improvements
in the postal service of this part of
the district will be inaugurated
without delay. One object of Mr.
Dorman's visit at this time was to
look into the advisability of establishing a new mail route from
Brooklyn to Cascade, serving on
the Way Gladstone and McRae
Landing. To see the route for himself he traveled over it. It is now
a foregone conclusion that the
route will be established, and the
probabilities are that a thrice a
week service will soon be established.
While in Cascade Mr. Dorman
met a number of the business men
and listened carefully to complaints
made about the poor service. Hereafter, he stated, Eastern Canadian
mail would be sent here via Chicago,
and Vancouver mail via Spokane
with a through mail sack. A
registered sack is now on the daily
route between Cascade and Rossland, but so far it arrives here all
the way from one to three days
late���making a worse service than
before. He promised to look into
this and also why Cascade mail is
carried through to the Forks.
Mr. Dorman especially requejts
when letters or papers do not come
through in the usual time, that
the wrappers and facts be sent to
him. Cascade people, however,
will doubtless be considerate and
not snow him under with justifiable complaints quite yet, as could
so easily be done.
It is anticipatod that a much
better general mail service will be
one immediate result of Inspector
Dorman's visit. If it is not, that
gentleman will ham of it quickly.
AtteMrhent Reduced.
H. L. Moody, owner of the town-
site of Christina, received notice
last Sunday that his application
for a reduction of aH'sessed valuation on his property of 25 per cent,
had heen granted. The court of
revision was held the previous
Monday at Grand Forks, and Mr.
Moody asked to have his assessment
cut from $8,000 to 16,000. This
was taken under consideration, and
finally granted.
If there is an empty space under
your waistcoat, go to the Columbia
Dining Parlor for treatment.
ft. C. Store Not Affected by a False
In last Saturday's issue of the
Spokesman-Review, tucked away
in a corner, was printed this little
item, which appears to have been
sent from Grand Forks:
Grand Porks, B. 0., Jan. 10.���A liquidator his
been appointed for the British Columbia Mercantile & Mining Syndicate of Cascade City,
known as the English store, and snlts amounting
to 114,600 have been started by Vancouver creditors. The failure is attributed to the loose management of Rochussen In extending credit and
establishing three branch stores in Caicade and
one at Christina lake.
This report was positively denied
in the next issue of the same paper,
in a dispatch sent from Cascade.
It is needless for the Record to
assure its readers that there was
and is absolutely no truth in or
foundation for the story, and the
managers of the establishment here
were justly indignant at the libelous report. Sunday morning Stanley Mayall started for Spokane to
interview the Spokesman-Review
publisher, and Mr. Rochursen went
to Grand Forks. The result is that,
as yet, the name of the bender of
the item ib unknown, the Spokesman-Review declines to reveal his
identity, and there Will probably
be an action for damages begun
against that usually accurate
The B. C. Mercantile & Mining
Syndicate, Ltd., is a London company with sufficient hacking to buy
out Grand Forks and a few other
towns at the same time. Since it
began operations here last June,
other wealthy Englishmen have
joined forces with it, making it indeed a heavy financial concern,
The managers in Cascade are Paul
Rochussen, Gtanley Mayall, T. F.
Carden and F. Asprey.
A circular was issued last Monday, inviting those having accounts
to send statements and get checks.
A few have taken advantake of this
offer, the first being a Grand Forks
firm. But the majority, to the
contrary, have been anxious to sell
the concern more goods.
Dynamited the Ice
A. W. Ross, manager of the
syndicate in charge of the new
townsite of Columbia (formerly
Upper Grand Forks) stopped in
Cascade over last night, on his way
to Bossburg to complete the deal
for the Bell & Duncan stage line.
He informed a Record man that
early Thursday morning the ice on
Kettle river, where the first crossing
Was made, was blown to pieces by
dynamite.necessitating the running
of the stage line through Grand
Forks proper. Mr. Ross stated
that a great deal of feeling had
been engendered by the occurrence,
arid it hid made him many friends.
One direct result was his placing
a heavy order in Cascade for hardware, etc.
Mr. Ross stated that he would
improve the stage service and;
shorten the time between here and1
Bossburg by quite a little. He
saw no reason tor the hour's stop;
at Hall's and thought passengers'
would be much better pleased to
get supper here.
C. P. R. Now Bringing Freight
from Arrow Lake.
fl. E. McDonell has already Contracted to
Deliver Several Carloads of Merchandise Here.
The C. P. R. is now contracting
to deliver freight at Cascade, Grand
Forks, Columbia and Greenwood,
via the railway wagon road from
Brooklyn, on Lower Arrow Lake.
Some two weeks ago, H. E.
McDonell, the C. P. R. contracting
freight agent, whose headquarters
are at Nelson, came into this district, as noted then in the Record,
with the idea of making a contract
with some freighting firm to haul
merchandise from Brooklyn. Mr.
McDonell has been all over the
district, from Cascade to Greenwood, and has contracted for the
delivery of several carloads already
by the new route, with many more
to follow. The rate will be 75
cents per hundred to Cascade, $1.00
to Grand Forks and $1.50 to Greenwood���which, all things considered
is not excessive. Mr. McDonell
was in Cascade yesterday, and informed the Record that a contract
had been let to Hoskins & Denin,
who have an outfit of ten four-
horse teams, a part of which are in
Brooklyn today getting the first of
these goods. Orders have been
sent to the freight agents to route
shipments hereafter that are destined for the Boundary country
via Brooklyn. It is said that goods
from the coast, under this arrangement, should reach Cascade in a
week's time. It is not believed
that the weather will soften up
sufficiently to hurt travel between
Brooklyn and Cascade, though
beyond here, wheels may have to
be used.
As soon as the steel is laid to the,
summit on the new railway line,
the freighting into this section will
be greatly simplified. Until this
is done, the C. P. R. will contract
to deliver goods throughout this
Christina Lake Illustrated
The January number of the
British Columbia Mining Record is
a special number, and is an excellent one. Several pages, well illustrated, are given up to Christina
lake and Cascade, the half tones
being picturesque and true to life.
The descriptive article is an interesting titory of some of the rich
prospects surrounding the lake.
J. H. Cornell, mechanical expert
for the Greenwood Miner, the new
weekly to appear for the first time
on February 4th, stopped in Cascade Wednesday night en route to
his new field.
John Dorsey and Sam McOrmond
of Gladstone, were in town yesterday.
W. J. T. Watson, of the B. C.
Tobacco Co., made a business trip
to Greenwood this week.
The paymaster was scheduled to
start from Brooklyn this morning
on his monthly rounds.
The Taxpayers' Association met
last Tuesday evening and transacted important business.
Customs Inspector J. S. Clute, of
New Westminster, was in town yesterday on a periodical visit.
Alex McPherson, of McPherson
Bros. & Stout., the sawmill men,
was in town yesterday.
Black Bros, have taken over the
restaurant in their hotel recently
operated by Walter Battle.
Mr. E. A. Smith received a telegram this week announcing the
death of his mother, Mrs. R. F.
Smith, at Victoria, B. C.
T. Richardson, representing G.
L. Allen, wholesale shoe dealer of
Vancouver, was doing business in
Cascade this week.
H. H. Knox, of Knox & Delaney,
formerly of New Denver, has more
than he can do in his line, since he
located here last week.
A dance was given at the Cosmopolitan hotel Wednesday evening by Mrs. Carter, that was much
enjoyed by those present.
Jack Stewart, superintendent of
construction on the railway line,
came in yesterday and left this
morning for Eholt summit.
J. A. McMaster will leave for a
trip to eastern Canada on Monday
next. During his absence he will
visit his old home in Orangeville,
The scarcity of supplies at Brooklyn during the recent cold snap,
made many living on the wagon
road  come to Cascade for provi
Fred Roth, representing Hopkirk
& Spence, the wholesale wine and
liquor dealers, of Vancouver, was
doing business here this week for
his popular house.
A benfit dance will be given by
Mr. Harry Hasleton, at Railroad
Headquarters Hall on Tuesday eve
next. Good music is promised and
a cordial invitation extended.
Owin? to the change in forms
the reports of the local custom
house have been delayed in being
made up. For the week ending
December 31st the receipts by Collector Rose Were $4,978.
Mr. John A. McMaster, of the
Columbia hotel, has returned from
a week's tour through the Boundary
district. Mr. McMaster visited
Greenwood Camp, Greenwood Ciiy,
Copper Camp and Long Lake
camp, as well as Midway and Rock
Creek, and was very favorably impressed with the signs of mining
development and commercial progress evidenced on every hand.
"Transportation," he says, "will
work miracles for the rich Boundary country." 9
Eminent Geologist Here
Prof. Henry Montgomery, of
Toronto University, spent a day. in
Cascade this week. He hud been
to Camp McKinney and Greenwood
and examined many properties. He
was en route to Rossland, and
thence home via the Crow's Nest
I'ass line. Prof. Montgomery is
president of the Minnehoha Gold
Mining Co., whose property is in
Camp McKinney.
Mrs. W. H. Seyler left on Monday last for Greenwood.
A large boiler for the compressor
at the King Solomon mine passed
through Cascade last Sunday.
A gent's watch chain and locket
will be raffled on Wednesday evening, Jan 25th, at the drug store.
Black's Hotel,
Furnished Rooms $1.00 per Night
The bar is constantly supplied
with the finest brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars. Best meals in
the town can be* had at all hours.
Capital,all paid up, $12,000,000
Rest, 6,000,000
President,   Lord   Strathcona   and
Mount   Royal;  Vice-President,
"Hon. Geo. A. Drummond; General Manager, E. S. Clouston.
Branches in London, England, New York, Chicago
And in principal Canadian cities.
Buy and Sell Sterling Exchange
and Cable Transfers; Grant Commercial and Travellers' Credits,
available in any part of the World.
Drafts issued, Collections made, etc.
Greenwood Branch,
Spokane Palls &
Northern System.
Nelson and Fort Sheppard Ry, Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The direct and only All-Rail Route
between the   Kootenay  District
���AND ALL���
British Columbia Points,
Pacific Coast Points,
Puget Sound Points,
Eastern Canada and United States.
���Connects at Spokane with���
O. R. R. & NAV. CO.
Maps furnished, tickets soli and Information
Klvun by local and connecting line ticket agents.
Passengers for Kettle River and  Boundary
creek  connect at   Marcus and  Bossburg   with
s'.agvi daily.
C. G. DIXON, G. P. AT. A.,
Spokane. Wash.
Bakery and
Branch Grocery
Club Hotel
A good Will, a g'-od room,
or a good drink can be had
at the Club Hotel.
House to Rent.
House with two comfortable rooms in central
part of town. Bent reasonable. Apply at Record office
Certificate of Improvements.
Elmoke and CokydoN mineral claims, situate
in the Grand Forks Mining Division of Vale
v> here located:���On Shamrock Mountain, south
slope, about two and a half miles east of Christina
Take notice that t, Smith Curtis, Free Miner's
Certificate No. S40SHIA for myself and as agent for
Frank Hutchinson, Free Miners'! Certificate No.
8117A and for Frank Gune, Free Miner's Certificate No. 9863A, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Hecorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a < rowu Grant of the above claims
And further take notice that actiou, tinier sec
tion 37, must be commenced before the issance
of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this Thirty first day of Decembe-, 1898.
Smith Cobtis.
Administrator's Notice.
To whom it may concern :
Take notice that in the matter of the estate of
the late Alexander Mason, of Cascade City,
deceased, letters of administration were issued in
the county court of Yale, holdeu at Grand Forks
on the 13th day of December, 1898, to Chas. E.
Miller, of the citv of Nelson, B. C,
All parties ludebted to the said estate or having
property In their possession belonging to same,
must make a return thereof forthwith to me, and
all parties having claims against the estate must
present them, together with affidavit, within 31)
days from date hereof, as alter that date I shall
distribute the estate, having regard only to such
claims as have been duly filed.
Dated at Nelson, B. C. tills 2nd day of January
The Pioneer Store
Has been here since Cascade started, and it has
always kept to the front. We carry full lines of
Groceries, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Gloves, Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Etc. Our new warehouse is
full of the BEST GOODS that can be had. Prices
in accordance with the times. Give us a call���at
the Post-Office.
Cascade, B.C.
The "English Store.
The British Columbia Mercantile and Mining Syndicate,
Ltd., Cascade, have on sale at Lowest Possible Rates:
Hardware,     Dress Materials,
Silks, Hosiery,
Dry Goods,    Miners Supplies
in great variety.   The reasons we are enabled to defy competition are���
Firstly. That we possess means enabling us to buy
freely in the best markets, at bed-rock prices, and in sufficient quantities to ensure lowest freight rates.
Secondly. That being owners of our business premises
we save large sums in rent.
Thirdly. That low road-freight contracts give us a distinct advantage over competitors.
We have an enormous stock of Blankets, Boots, Rubbers,
German Socks, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Scarves, Etc., which
we can supply wholesale or retail at Exceptionally Low Prices.
The British Columbia Mercantile
and Mining Syndicate, Limited.
Branch on First Avenue, also at McRae Landing and Minton-
Cascade City
THE      ***^
Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
The Coming Commercial and Industrial
Center of
A Magnificent Water Power
of 20,000 Horse Power
Now under actual development.   The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT.
The town is beautifully located, surrounded by rich
scenery, with liberal sized lots (50x120), wide streets, and
offers a most promising opportunity for business locations
and Realty Investments.
-   For further information, price of lots, etc., address
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.
Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Commissioner
C. P. R., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Situated at the new tonn of Gladstone, near the Burnt
Basin Mining Region and only 18 miles from Cascade; 10
miles from Christina Lake. One of the hest hotel buildings between Cascade and Brooklyn. Good Livery Stable
in connection.
JOHN DORSEY, Proprietor. /&
The Northport dads are trying
to stop Sunday gambling
Mrs. C. J. Eckstorrn and daughter left Saturday for a visit to Spokane.
The mail from Curlew, on Kettle
river, is now carried twice a week
to Bodie, Toroda creek.
The Grand Forks Miner last week
presented an improved appearance,
due to the new dress of type just
The trade of the B. C. Syndicate
store is extending. Manager Rochussen made a trip to the Porks
early in the week to deliver a good
sized order.
The Kamloops and District Mining Gazette is the nume of a new
montly just at hand. It is bright
and newsy, and published in a
handy form.
Blanchard & Moore have bought
out the blacksmithing business of
H. H. Huff, on Second avenue.
The latter has returned to his old
home at Greenwood.
L. H. Beal, formerly of the Yukon country, was in Cascade early
in the week, en route to Republic,
He was much pleased with Cascade,
and expects to return shortly.
T. E. Mahaffy returned from
Nelson on Sunday's stage, where
he met Mr?. Mahaffy, who had
come from Wardner, on the Crow's
Ne*t line, to make her home in
Harry Rice, the recent mixologist at Black's hotel, was one of the
vendors of the Mabel claim. Republic camp, which was sold to
Spokane parties and stocked for a
million or two.
J. L. Parker, the well-known
mining engineer, of Rossland, was
in the city early in the week. Mr.
Parker is extensively interested in
Ymir mines and is now getting in-
t��the Boundary country.
Inland Industry for January,
published at Spokane by Homer &
Co., contains some good views of
this city, and is well gotten up
generally. Mr. Homer was in
Cascade early in the week.
Funeral services over the remains
of Charles Van Ness, of Grand
Forks, were held by the Elks in
Spokane last Sunday. A. J. Marks
his partner accompanied the remains to the old family home in
William Clark, owner of the
tt,wnsite of Nelson, Wash., has at
least secured title to the mineral
claims on which the property is
located, and a little b.iom all its
own is predicted for our nei^bor
just across the line.
The first issue of the Review, the
new weekly published at Upper
Grand Forks by Nisbet & Sanders,
formerly of the Cascade Maple
Leaf, the Slocan Sun and the Kus-
konook Searchlight, is out. The
paper is edited by W. C. McDougall.
and is well printed and newsy.
Joseph Mackay, travelling agent
for the Vancouver News-Advertiser,
the daily owned by Finance Minister Carter-Cotton, was a caller at
the Record office last Monday. Mr.
Mackay, after writing up the
Boundary country for his well-
known journal, will take a trip to
the newly discovered Atlin gold
fields in the northern part of the
province. Last year he was at
Lake Teslin on the Stickine River
in the same capacity.
Four Miles Prom Gladstone
The Chrysolite Gold Mining
company, which owns the well
known Chrysolite, the Chromo and
the Aquatic on Norway mountain,
has decided to resume development
at once, says the Rossland Miner.
S. F. Griswold, the resident manager of the corporation and one of
the earliest discoverers of Norway
mountain, has just received word
to commence work as soon as possible. He has accordingly made
arrangements to put a force of men
to work immediately. Until the
snow gets off the ground, one shift
will be employed, but as soon as
possible in the spring the working
force will he increassd. The Chrysolite cabin is just 20| miles from
Rossland at the end of the new Norway mountain trail, and Gladstone
is only four miles distant. Powder, tools and all the necessary
equipment are already in the mine,
and only provisions need be taken
in. As it would be almost impossible to get pack horses over the unbroken trail, Mr. Griswold has decided to tote the supplies in on
sheet iron toboggans, drawn by the
miners themselves.
The Chrysolite has a big surface
showing of free milling quartz, mixed with iron sulphides. A crosscut
tunnel, which has driven for 180
feet, shows the ledge to be 80 feet
wide at a depth of 50 feet. At that
level the proportion of iron and
copper shows a considerable increase. It is probable that with
depth the vein will turn into a
base ore proposition.
Go to the Cascade Photo Gallery
and have your pictures taken. Interiors photographed by flash light.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Nextdoor
to Cascade Development Company's
office, Main Street.
Bread like your mother used to
make, light and sweet, at Barry &
Hepburn's bakery, rear of Curtis'
Ingram's is the cheapest place in
town to get your groceries and supplies.   Give him a call.
All kinds of job printing furnished on shortest notice at the
Record office.
Hutchins &
Are now located in Bossburg
with ten four-horse teams, and
are prepared to deliver freight
in Cascade, Grand Forks and
Greenwood on SHORT NOTICE.
Orders received by Telephone,
and prompt delivery guaranteed.
Fire Insurance Agency
Gkohge K. Stockkb, Agent.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Imported and
^^Domestic Cigars
.... CASCADE CITY, B. C  |
G. W. WILLIAMS, manager.
Daily from Bossburg and Marcus to    ascade, Grand Forks,
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway, and All Points on Colville Reservation.
Stage leaves Marcus on  arrival'of Northbound Train.   Passengers
from Kootenay points make connections at Boss-burg going and coming.
Commercial Hotel
The Largest and Most Popular Hotel in the city
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Ave. and Main St.,   -   CASCADE, B. C.
The Dining Boom and Lodgings
Are under the Management of W. H. Haegerman, who has had a wide experience in Catering to the public of British Columbia.   Give us a call.
Everything Neat, Clean and First Class.
Miners, Railroad Men and others will find it to their interest
to call on
:: When in Need of : : : :
Boots. Shoes, Rubbers and
Clothing of All Kinds...
SEYLER & CRAHAN, Proprietors.
This new hotel is now   fitted throughout with first-class
furniture, etc.
First Avenue, Opposite Postoffice, Cascade. 4
Published weekly at Cascade City. B. C, by
WMcox A O'Reilly.
Hubscri-itlons 12 per year In advance.   Advertising rates on application.
The Record Is on sal. at tbe following planus:
Simpson's ttewstaml  Rossland
Humphrey & Co Nelson
Thompson Stationery Co, Nelson
R. P. Petrie Grand Forks
John W. Graham & Co Spokane, Wash,
Francis & Milne Cascade
Thomas Walker Cascade
G. T. Curtis Cascade
Cascade Drug Co Cascade
There is more significance to be
attached to the fact that an immense smelting plant is to be
established in Cascade in the near
future, than may be at first apparent. A brief preview will be found
worthy of interest.
In the first place, a smelter of
1000 tons daily capacity will require at least 200 or 300 tons of
coke daily. Ihis will call for the
arrival of a train-load each day of
this needful commodity. The ore
itself that is to be smelted, should
require several train-loads. Then
the immense quantity of wood,
lime, etc., to be used will also keep
a small army constantly employed
in producing and getting it to the
smelter site.
It can be seen at a glance that
the railway traffic centering here,
from the above causes, including
the shipment of copper matte, etc.,
and the hauling in of supplies,
will be a large item. Then, of
course, it follows that railway
divisional headquarters and machine shops must be established
here. A fine passenger station
with a large and well appointed
dining parlor is also likely to be a
part of the plan.
All these enterprises are destined
to he located here, and each one
will require a good many workmen.
This does not include, either, the
employes of the refineries and factories to be established in connection with the smelter itself.
Cascade is the logical point for
all these things that help to make
a town penuanent. They ure coming, one after the other. While we
do not have the useless froth of a
realty or mining stock boom, Cascade is blessed with something
vastly more desirable���the elements
of a prosperity that will be as lasting as the rock-ribbed hills surrounding the town.
There is one thing that the members of the present provincial legislature are bright and shining lights
at, and that is resigning. The
reasons given are trival and laughable in the extreme, but nevertheless strictly in accordance with the
act. Because J. H. Turner's Nelson agent sold blankets to a gov
ernment employee, the ex-premier
must needs resign. When Mr.
Hall sold a ton of coal to the Lieut*
Governor, according to the strict
interpretation of the act, he was
disqualified to represent his constituency. And so it goes, with a
list that grows larger daily, of
members who do not care to risk
being required to pay the penalty,
viz, $500 for each day they sit in
legislature, when they have been
convicted of breaking this ridiculous law.
It is said that, on the strict interpretation now being given the
law, even Premier Semlin may
find it necessary to stand for reelection. It would perhaps be as
well if it did bring things to a
standstill for a few days. It would
also show more plainly what a ridiculous act the one causing all the
trouble really is. The quickest
way to secure the repeal of an
objectionable law is to enforce it
rigidly. It is to be hoped it will
work out that way in this case, and
thus permit our legislators to take
up subjects of the first importance.
cascade mm CO.
The Record is pleased to be a?
sured official I v by a representative
of the Spokane Falls & Northern
Railway, that arrangements have
been made to expedite shipments
from Vancouver to Bossburg. This
will be good news to our business
men, who state that four or five
weeks has been the usual time required for shipments from the
coast to Cascade.
When Kenneth "ffarington " Bel-
lairs recently demanded of the
C. P. R. that it should send tens of
thousands of gallons of water daily,
from the Columbia at Trail, by
rail to Rossland to relieve the water
famine, the reply from Mr. Van
Home was cold and unsympathetic.
It merely read," Use snow." But a
little thing like that does not
daunt the original editor of the
Rossland Times���not he.
The following query from the
Greenwood Time-* is quite appropriate just now, and will find an
echo with many a resident of Cascade :
" Old settlers in the Christina
Lake country are wondering if the
present government will treat them
as they were treated by the Turner
administration. The custom of
the latter was to collect taxes of
every kind with great regularity,
but no money ever being expended
in return. Every trail and bridge
in the district was made by prospectors and settlers. Just why
Christina has had such a hard deal
it is rather hard to understand."
J,     IUM1IAJ,
 In the Boundary Country.
Prescription Department in charge
of Competent Pharmacists.
Special Attention Given to Mail
The alien placer mining bill has
passed the legislature and received
the sanction of the lieutenant-governor. It is, therefore, now a law
of the province, and must and will
be enforced. The attempt to make
it applicable to the quartz miners
did not receive so much as a decent
hearing, and was quickly left out
Contractor and Milk
Doors, Sash and all
Kinds of Glass.
Is catering to the HOTEL TRADE with
great success. The secret of it is right
prices on the BEST Goods. Private families and individuals will find it to their
interest to give a trial order.
General Line of Merchandise Always on Hand.
Time checks taken at par.     {\, BREMNER, MGR.
This new Stopping Place, just completed and opened to the
public, is most conveniently located. Jim Ennis and
Tom Flynn, the proprietors, are old hands at catering to
the Railroad and Travelling trade. They will treat you
right, inwardly or outwardly.
ENNIS & FLYNN, Proprietors.
Lavally's Hotel
Located on the Railway Tote Road,
Three Miles from Cascade City....
This New Hotel is a Favorite with Railroaders and Miners.
Drop in and Sample our Stock of Wines and Liquors.
<5����"   ARTHUR LAV ALLY, Prop.
of sight by the members generally.
It is to be hoped that the legislation against alien placer miners will
not prove retrogressive, but there is
more than an even chance, taking
everything into consideration, that
such will eventually turn out to be
the case. The full text of the new
law will be found in another
Notice li hereby given thai 145 sicks of mis.
addressed to K. M. Robertson, Cascade City, wen-
left at the store of the undersigned on December
14th, 1898. If the same are not called for within
thirty days after date hereof, they will be sold to
recover freight, doty and storage aharges.
Dated at Cascade City, B.C., this 10th day of
January, I8W.
L. L. rrnusM an & Co. II
This week the Record has troubles of its own in the freighting
line. The publishers of the paper
hate positive evidence that a sev-
ml months' supply of paper stock
has been at the Bossburg freight
station for exactly three weeks,
notwithstanding the assertions of
veracious (?) freighters that it had
not arrived. Consequently the
Rec >rd appears this week on " news
Erint." Weather and freighters
indly permitting, this will not
happen again. After a little experience it is easy to see why so
many blessings (?) are showered
on the heads of freight agents and
freighters generally.
John Donald, a well known mining operator from Rosslnnd, was in
Cascade this week on his way to
upper Boundary country; In conversation with a friend here, he
remarked : " I see that the announcement is at last made that
the C. P. R. is to erect a large smelting plant in Cascade this year. I
have known of this for some time,
and it is now generally conceded
that this town will beyond a doubt
be one of the most important points
in the Boundary country. Other
large enterprises for this place are
also being talked of and will doubtless go forward in due time. Cascade is all right.'' Mr. Donald is
said to stand close to those who
have inside tips, and the above
opinion is therefore worthy of note.
A gentleman in the far east was
recently contemplating coming to
make his home in Cascade and wat<
seeking information about the
place and the section. A friend in
Winnipeg wrote him substantially
as follows : "I believe that Cascade
will be one of the centres of greatest
activity and importance on the
entire line of the new railway, and
have this on the authority of Mr.
L. A. Hamilton of this city." The
gentleman has since arrived here
and has a better opinion of Cascade and its bright future, than
before he cast his lot in the Gateway City. Mr. Hamilton, by the
way, also showed his faith in Cascade by purchasing a couple of lots
and on one he has already put up
a business block.
Money is sometimes made quickly
in mines���and is also lost in even
less time. A recent case illustrates
the point to a nicety. Jack Harvey is the well known manager of
the Patrick Clark properties in Republic, one of which is the great
Republic mine. Some months
since Mr. Harvey acquired a claim,
so the story is related, which cost
him an even $250. For two or
three months the Republic stock
boom has been raging with great
fury in Spokane, and there were
rich pickings for any one owning
the wildest kind of a kitten anywhere near Eureka camp. So Mr.
Harvey wisely concluded that the
time to unload is when people are
anxious to buy, and hies himself
to Spokane. The result is interesting.
Inside of ten days or thereabouts
Mr. Harvey returned from his fishing trip to Spokane, having had
better success than he ever dreamed
possible. The veracious ohronicler
relates that he had $19,000 in cash
in his inside pocket, to say nothing
The Merchants Bank of Halifax
 ��� ~ ���INCORPORATED 1860,
Paid-up Capital, $1,500,000.   Rest, $1,175,000.
T. E Kenny, President.
Head Office, Halifax, N. S.
D. H. Duncan, Cashier.
A branch of this Bank Has Been Opened at GRAND FORKS, B. G.
A General Banking Business Transacted. Accounts Received on the Most Favorable Terms. Interest Allowed on
Special Deposits. The Savings Bank Department Receives Sums of $1.00 and Upwards and Allows Interest at
Current Rates.
"ALEX. MILLER, flanager.
of hundreds of thousands of shares
of mining stock in the new corporations. It seems that the $250 claim
was snapped up instantly at a large
profit to him, and finding the
demand so good he worked the
telephone, secured options on four
or five additional claims,sold them,
got his cash and stock, and with a
complacent smile started hack for
the scene of operations. The reader
can figure out for himself the percentage of profit.
A mining stock boom is a great
thing���for those who get in on the
ground floor. But for the 99 per
cent, who buy and cannot unload
it is hard luck when the inevitable
slump arrives. It stands to reason
that only a small per cent, of the
claims stocked will ever pay dividends. And it is thus that history
repeats itself���especially in the
mining world.
For general supplies go to J. S.
Ingram & Co., the best and cheapest place in town.
Have you tried that home made
bread from Barry & Hepburn's
bakery, rear of Curtis' grocery ? It's
all right.
Knox the jeweller, will clean up
your jewelry free of charge. Fin.
watch repairing ourspecialty. - We
guarantee everything. At T. A. Ma-
haffy's store, opposite post-office.
Clothes Were Minus.
It is evident that an election has
recently taken place in Northport,
as witness the following from the
Republican of that place : " Col.
Wm. M. Pinkston, who signs himself " Pink," in a communication
to the Northport News, states that
the maidens of Manila do not wear
any more garments than Cline's
ballot dancers."
at Cost.
Come and take 'em
yvyay ���
Cascabe #oot
anb 3Uoe Sipp,
Railroad Headquarters Hotel,
Best Meal in Cascade for 35c.
Our  Specialties  are Pabst's Blue   Ribbon Beer, Corby's
Eight-Year-Old Rye, Seagram's '83 Rye, Four-
Crown Scotch and Burke's Irish Whiskies.
Celebrated Lion Beer on Draught.
ECKSTORM & SIMPSON, Proprietors.
���      WHOLESALE	
Heat   Herchants,
Branches at Cascade City Grand Forks, Niagara, Greenwood
and Brooklyn.
��iquors, ^)ines anb Osars-
A specialty made of Imported Goods. Glassware and bar
Supplies Always on Hand.    Sole Agents for
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer.
COX & JONES, Props.
Headquarters for Commercial, Mining and Railroad Men.
Newly Furnished and Enlarged.   European Plan.
First Class Bar in Connection.
Large Stock on hand and
Prompt Delivery. Leave
orders at Francis & Milne's
store.   B.M.DANA. 6
Text of the BUI Passed Wednesday.
The following is the full text of
the bill, which was passed hy the
provincial legislature, last Wednesday, and will prevent aliens
from acquiring placer claims in
this province:
" 1. Every person who is not less
than 18 years of age and is a British
subject shall be entitled to the
rights and privileges of a free miner
under this act, and shall be considered a free miner under this act,
upon taking out a free miner's certificate as long as such certificate
shall remain in force.
"2. No joint stock company or
corporation shall be entitled to take
out a free miner'B certificate unless
the same has incorporated, and not
simply licensed or registered under
the laws of this province, and unless Buch company or corporation
is authorised to take out a miner's
license by the lieutenant-governnr-
in-council; the w.��rd 'person'in this
section shall include only such
companies or corporations as aforesaid.
, "3. A miner's license taken out
by any person not authorized so to
do by this section shall be null and
" 4 This section shall not affect
free miner's certificates issued before
the coming into force of this section, and in case any person or
corporation not allowed under this
section to take out a free miner's
license, has, prior to the coming
into force of this section, acquired
any interest or any claim under
the provisions of the ' placer mining
act,' such license may be renewed
from time to time, but such renewal
of license shall not entitle the
holder thereof to hold or acquire
any interest in any claim under
said ' placer mining act,' except
such interest so acquired prior to
the coming into force of this section.
"5. No free miner, after the
coming into force of this section,
shall hold any claim under said
'placer mining act,'or any interest therein, as trustee or otherwise,
for any person who is not a British
subject, or for any corporation not
authorized to take out a free miner's
certificate, as above provided."
About the Smelter.
A smelter, having a daily capacity of 1000 tons, is to be built by
the C. P. R. at Cascade City. It
had progressed far enough by last
Saturday to enable the enterprising
Cascade Record to publish a picture
of it in full blast.���Silvertonian.
The C. P. R. intend making a
town out of Cascade. Not only
will a large smelter be erected at
that point, but also extensive work
shops. The latter will be a necessity, owing to the amount of traffic
that will necessarily converge at
that point.���Greenwood Times
The Republic ��� Pioneer, in an
article on the Cascade smelter,
states that Republic ores will undoubtedly be treated by the new
plant. That paper points out that
Republic is but 45 miles from the
smelter site, and " the expenses
would be much less than for transportation to the Tacoma or Everett
smelters on Puget Sound."
Since the selection of Cascade
City by the C. P. R. as the point at
which to build their big smelter,
some of the towns in this district
have smelter sites which could be
acquired on the job lot plan.  That
the big corporation selected Cascade
City is not to be wondered at when
it is taken into consideration that
at that point can be found very
many natural advantages, not
possessed by other localities. For
instance the finest waterpower in
the whole district is at Cascade
City, and as in the reduction of ore
and refining of the precious metals
electricity is used to a very great
extent, what is more natural than
the policy of establishing reduction
works at a point closely in touch
with this power, which can so conveniently be made a factor in the
production of electricity.���Midway
Dr.���Where are you going for
your Sunday dinner to-morrow,
Shep���Why, to the Columbia
Dining Parlor, of course.
Wagon repairing and general
blacksmithing promptly
attended  to.
Blanchard   &   Moore
2nd Avenue, Cascade.
That's what we're making every day, and if
you are not one of the
fortunate ones getting
your supplies here, you
will save money by doing so.
We propose to make our
Groceries move, and the
consumer will get the
benefit. Profit will be
no object ��� it is your
trade we are after. Let
us figure on your next
We can supply you
that you use on your
G. T. cms,
First Ave., Cascade City, B.C.
T. E. Mahaffy
We have just received a fine line of new goods including Ladies Underwear, Ladies' Cashmere Hose,
Flannelette, Cooks' Aprons, Waiters' Aprons, Carpenters' Aprons, Boys' and Men's Sweaters, Moccasins, Towels, Alarm Clocks, Bicycle Playing Cards.
Opposite the Post-Office,
.... C. H. Thomas, Prop. ...
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this part of the
district. Headquarters for Contractors, Mining Men
and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
Second Avenue,
Cascade City. British Columbia.
Corner First Ave. and Main St., Cascade City, B. C
This New Hotel is now opened and prepared for business.
You are cordially invited to call and see us. It matters
not whether your pockets are full, or empty; drop in anyway.
Of course, we have everything needful in the liquid line.
. DEVON, Prop.
MintonGeneral Store
The B. C. Mercantile and Mining Syndicate, Ltd., has opened a Branch
Store, on the Wagon Road, under the management of Mr. W. H. Disbrowe.
Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods, Boots,
Will be Stocked at Lowest Possible Prices.
Please call for quotations ,
Grand  Central   Hotel
Mcdonald & flood, props.
Liquid Refreshments of All Kinds
and in the Choicest Qualities. ...
First Class Sample Booms in Connection.
This House is the Favorite Resort for Railway Men.
A large stock of Bough
and Dressed Lumber,
Laths, Shingles, Houldings, Etc
LYNCH & EARLE, Props. I*
C       ��� ���   ��!' -M      iv
W<      ��-���  �����*������'
Some Good Claims Both
Sides of the Lake.
Great Mineral Areas that
Are Yet Untouched.
It is the opinion of those who
have made a thorough examination
of the formation on the west side
of Christina lake that there are
genuine surprises in store for those
who would put in a season prospecting along the numerous creeks
that dram the Christina slope from
the Ke'tle river divide. It goes
without saying that there are some
highly mineralized belts on the
west side, and when it is taken into
consideration that the lake is al-oui
eighteen miles long, with an almost
unlimited area of virgin ground
Iteyond its extreme boundary, the
magnitude of the opportunities
there for prospectors will lie realized.
Charles Willarson and Pete Johnson expect to commence development work on the Fairy Ridje soon
as the ice goes out of the lake. The
Fairy Ridge is located on the west
side of Christina lake, opposite Texas Point, and about one-quarter of a
mile from the lake shore. It is a
quartz proposition, the lead in
places being covered over with a
heavy iron cupping. The lead is
easily traced the entire length of
the claim, and the croppings
would seem to indicate that it will
average from 5 to 7 feet in width
on the surface. Average samples
from the Fairy Ridge give returns
varying from $5 to $10 in gold,
and owners think this is encouraging
enough to warrant gome practical
development work.
Sandner creek, which empties
into the lake at the north end, is
known to be more than twenty
miles long, and already several
promising quartz lodes have been
discovered within three miles from
where the creek empties into the
lake, Bob Cramer, Billy Morrison,
Charlie Sandner, Jack McGree and
several Rossland men have already
made locations on this creek. Along
the west Bide of the lake there have
been approximately fifty claims
located, some of which have exceptionally good showings, considering
the amount of work done.
For instance, on the West End,
with $400 worth of development
done, seven feet of free milling ore
has been exposed, giving an aver
age assay of a little ever $26 in
gold. The Queen of the Lake group
is also considered a promising
group, assay returns of $37 in gold
and copper being secured from a
strong and well defined lead. Joe
Garby, of Rossland, owns a group
of four claims on Treadmill creek,
and on one of these has located a
big body of free milling quartz that
gives average surface assays of $6
in gold.
J. P. Brooks has done several
hundred dollars worth of work on
the Lake Shore, and gets some nice
copper ore. Cramer and Morrison
own the Gold King and think it is
going to turn out a bonanza. Quartz
float has been picked up at different
places along the lake shore that
assays away up into the hundreds,
and no doubt there will eventually
be some very rich strikes made up
that way, and probably in the near
future. Geo. A. Cameron, who
owns the Black Tail and Highland
Chief, on Stewart creek, has made
a discovery on Moody creek that is
known to be rtch, but Mr. Cameron
is very reticent about it.
Burnt Basin Properties.
Burnt Basin properties are attracting considerable attention now
in the outside mining world. A
Toronto firm is trying to secure
control of the Tammany group and
it is understood that Mike Shick
has ut last succeeded in bonding
the Mother Lode for a good figure.
The John Bull is giving every
evidence of becoming a bonanza,
and it does not seem us if the Halifax, Jenny Lind and Solid Gold,
with their phenomenal gold-copper
as well as galena showings, can
remain in obscurity much longer.
The Edison group people say they
are going to develop their claims'
next summer, and there are at
least half a hundred prospectors
who are anxiously waiting for the
first signs of spring, ready to go
ahead with their assessment work.
C. H. Thomas, of Cascade, owns
the Monitor adjoining the Tammany and expects to begin development early in May. The Mystery group, without a doubt one of
the best properties in the McCrea
creek valley, is quite sure to be
bonded to a .strong syndicate, and
the Hoodo group,owned by Willarson and Johnson, the owners of the
Mystery, is likely to be developed
by a Spokane company. Ed. Burr,
of Rossland, still owns the Sewall,
Bryan and Hit or Miss. The B. C.
Mercantile and Mining syndicate,
of Cascade, are interested now in
several Burnt Basin claims. The
prospects are certainly bright for
the Burnt Basin district.
tfte yuhon $tore,
Wholesale Dealers in	
All Kinds of General Men's Furnishings at Retail.
Office and Warehouse,
Scandia Hotel
Best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
The Susie, staked by G. H. Sum
mers last July and now owned by
Geo. A. Cameron, is located southeast of the Cascade falls The
claim is on the townsite and some
ore taken from the surface assayed
as high as $20. Mr. Cameron now
has an offer for the property and
very likely it will change hands
D. J. Matheson received a letter
this week from A. C. Robinson, of
Dawson City. Mr, Robinson is interested in a number of Baker
creek claims upon which he worked
a year ago last summer. He says
the thermometer registered 60 below
zero at the time of writing, which
was Thanksgiving day.
Kenneth P. Matheson brought
down some ore from Moody creek
lajLe last fall, that has a striking
resemblance to the product of the
J. S. Ingram & Co. will sell you
good hay at $35 per ton and oats
at $50.
palace giuery $arn
Up to Date Livery.
Saddle Horses Furnished
A comfortable, home-like place for
Railroad Men.
First Avenue,
V   We have a Large Stock of "Spuds" and Cabbages that
Are Not Frozen.       |
Give us a call when you want anything in the line of
jn FARM PRODUCE, Etc., Etc.
jQj     Cigars, Tito, Stationary ad Mm in Great Variety.
B im t m at:
Columbia Hotel
J. A. MoMASTER & CO.. Props.
JssL. First Avenue, CASCADE, B. C.
Columbia Dining Parlor
CHAS. M. HITCH, Proprietor.
First class Throughout.   The Best of Everything the mar-
bet Affords.   Thirty Years' Experience in the Business.
The E. G. Thomason & Co., Sawmill
7 r
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath,
Shingles, Mouldings, Etc
SiSn Writer.
Office, Opp. Cascade Development Co.'s Office,
Wholesale riERCHANTs
Liquors, �� Cigars, �� Dry �� Goods,
Mackinaws, Rubbers,
ilssii s���
Catalogues sent on application.  Kootenay Branch:   NELSON.
���^"Wholesale and Retail"^v
Manilla and Sisal Rope, Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Glass and Varnish.
Just now we are making Special Prices for
Builders and Contractors. If interested,
write for quotations. _ ^^2>
BAKER STREET,     -      -      NELSON, B. C.
Close Connections with the Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Rapid Stage Line
And all Points in the Boundary Country. Stage leaves Bossburg Daily at 12 o'clock Noon.   Private Conveyances, with or without drivers, furnished
to and from any point.
\ Vancouver, B.C.
���Sole Agent for British Columbia for���
Harvey's Scotch Whiskies,
Carling's Ales and the
Blackstone Cigars.
J. A. McMaster, of the Columbia Hotel, Cascade,
has been appointed agent for the Blackstone Cigar for
the Boundary country. Orders left with him will be
promptly filled, direct from Cascade.
Regular shipments are now made
from the Second Relief and Arlington mineei, near Erie.
There is talk of increasing the
capacity of the Le Roi'B Northport
smelter.to 1000 tons daily.
Travellers from the east state that
plenty of capital is available for
Boundary mining properties.
The owners of the Galena mines,
near Silverton, have exhausted the
treasury and all operations on the
property have ceased,
P. A. O'Farrel is doing excellent
work for British Columbia by writing up its mineral resources in
eastern Canadian papers.
The Slocan Star has been compelled to make a temporary lay off
of 50 men, half its force. The
flume has burst and the mill is
short of water.
The big chimney at the Trail
smelter will de finished in a few
days. It is 175 feet high. Six new
Bruckner furnaces for roasting lead
ores are being added to this smelter.
A one-quarter interest in the
Gladstone claim, in south Greenwood camp, has been purchased by
by H. Mortimer-Lamb editor of the
British Columbia Mining Record
at Victoria.
The first electric motor ever used
in Canada for operating an air
compressor-was started last week
at the Mascot mine, near Rossland.
The trial was entirely satisfactory.
The compressor is of the seven drill
type. Three drills will be used at
first���one in the lower tunnel, one
in the upper tunnel and one in the
J. M. O'Toole, of Rossland, was
in town last Sunday on his way to
the Summit camp where he has a
large force of men at work developing the Rathmullen group. Mr.
O'Toole is a clever and painstaking
draughtsman as well as an all
round mining man, and to him the
Christina lake prospectors are indebted for the first creditable blue
prints of the Christina lake district
ever issued.
Go to the Cascade Photo Gallery
and have your pictures taken. Interiors photographed by flush lijeht.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Neil,
door to Cascade Development Com*
pany's office, Main Street.
Hot and Cold Baths can
be had at any time, 50 cents.
Cascade City
if   Brookyln
New Rigs, Good Teams, Experienced Drivers.
This line will make regular
trips between the two places,
carrying passengers and baggage in quick time.


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