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Published In the Interests ol the Boundary and Christina Lake  Mining Districts
Vol. III.
CASCADE, B. C,   MAY 4, 1901.
No. 26.
We do Business in Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Bridge Strekt,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
%W Leave your repairing orders at this offloe
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock.
H.E. Woodland & Co.
When Shopping
In Grand Fork, don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Hake, a Specialty Fine
Flslior Block, ORAND PORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and convenient, and
workmanship the beat.
Robert Prebilsky,
Irs. M. F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
First Ave.,      Grand Forks.
Rooms 80c and up.
Or rather, your old boots
and shoes, do they need
repairing; or would you
prefer something new-
made to order? Any*
how, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Complete Line of
Patent Medicines
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You are hereby notified that I have expended
1100.00 In the survey of the "Undine" Mineral
Claim, ittnatetn Summit Camp, In the Grand
Fork. Minim Division of Yale Dl.trlot, British
Columbia to count a. an aneument on said
olalm, a. will appear by a Certificate of Work re-
oorded October 10th, 1900, In the office ot the
Mining Recorder for the .aid Grand Fork. Mining Division, In order to hold .aid olalm under
the provisions of Section 24 of "The Mineral
Acti" inch being the amount required to hold
Mid claim (or the year ending Oct. 86th, 1000.
And If, at the expiration of ninety (00) day. of
publication of thl. notice, you fall or renin to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required nnder Section 24, together with all coats
of advertl.lng,yonr interest in Mid claim .hall
become Tented in the subscriber (your co-owner)
under Section 4 of the "Mineral Aot Amendment
Act 1M0."
Dated at Rn.sland, B. C, thl. 18th day of November, 1000.
Hallett & Shaw, Solicitor, for Ron Thompson.
Hallett & Shaw
Trade Marks
Oopyriqkts Ae.
Anyone .ending a .ketch and description n
���nlokly ..certain onr opinion free whether
In.entl'.n I. prob.lily n.lwilable. O.imtDimlca-
._,���..��� .. -'ougt ....	
tptetal notlu, without chante. In -&���
Scientific American.
Rosalind Riding to get S32,*N ter  Route
ud Trails.
In the estimated for roads and
trails in Rossland riding, the sum
total iB 132,000, itemized as follows:
General repairs     19,750
Wagon road, Rossland to Velvet Mile  0,(00
Wagon Road Norway mountain 5,000
Bridge, North Fork Kettle River (to complete)  1,800
Wagon road up North Fork of Kettle river
to Franklin Camp    0,750
Trail to John Bull and other olalm. In
BurntBasln   500
Wagonroad Eholt to Long Lake 8,600
Read, Greenwood to Copper camp 1,000
Road, cascade to Edward'. Ferry.  1,500
Road, Phoenix to Summit (additional)....    600
Total 182,000
"'is, is a liberal allowance and
tut oundary section should feel
grateful to its representative, Mr.
Smith Curtis, and the government
for these favors. If the different
funds are voted and judiciously
expended, an immense benefit will
result to the district.
(I. N. Surveyors Afala at Work Here.
Tuesday, Surveyor Kennedy ar
rived here from Grand Forks with
a crew. As near as can be judged,
it appears that he is endeavoring
to get down to a lower grade above
the dam, some think for the pur
pose of crossing the river. Those
who are disposed to cast their lot
on the ctld mercies of the C. P. R.,
say the whole display at surveying
is a bluff by the Great Northern, to
force a deal out of the C. P. R. It
is said that the owners of the Graham ranch have offered the pro-
posed new road everything they
want for a depot site, and that one
will be built there, and a wagon
bridge put across the Kettle river
to connect with it. If the road is
built, RusbcII, on the other side of
the boundary line will rise Phoenix
like, not from its ashes, but from
beneath its shroud of moss, and become the principal town on the new
line between Kettle Falls and Republic.
Breen Smelter Site Not Yet Stilled.
Regarding James Breen's proposed smelter in the Boundary district, the following extracts from a
letter received in Greenwood from
a Toronto man who is associated
with Breen in the Dominion Copper company, show that he is evidently awaiting the outcome of the
railway situation before locating
any site.
"Mr. Breen has been here for
some days, but has left for New
York. Plans have been drawn for
the company's proposed smelter,
but the site has not yet been selected. The company will wait until
the railroad situation develops further. It is given out here that both
the Great Northern and V. V. & E.
will build into the Boundary this
year. The Dominion Copper com-
parfy will wait until one or the other road is built, aud the spur reaches the company's mines at Phoenix."
Vancouver, May 1.���Cameron,
the escaped convict, of Columbia
arson fame, was rearrested today
at Pitt river. His method of escape
was unique, he having tilted the
top of a ladder over the further
side of the wall and thus fell down
Apparently by accident.
Hetty Indemnities.
The indemnity which the powers
is reported will demand from China
is almost double the amount the
same country had to pay to Japan
at the close of the Chinese- Japanese
war. The total indemnity Japan
obtained from China amounted to
��37,000,0000. Japan's expense
in the war with the Celestial Empire was a little over ��6,000,000,
so that she obtained a profit oi ��31,-
000,000. The greatest war indemnity, on record is that which France
paid to Germany after the war of
1870. The war cost Germany 115,-
000,000 dollars. France paid 200,-
000,000 pounds in cash, and besides this, Germany took the provinces of Alsact. and Lorraine, valued at 64,000,000 pounds; general
goods valued at 10,000,000 pounds
and railway carriages and engines
worth 1,000,000 pounds. Germany
also received 12,000,000 pounds as
interest on the indemnity before it was paid. The indemnity
which Turkey was to pay Russia
after the close of the Russo-Turkish
war was settled, after Russia had
demanded over four times as much,
at 32,000,000 pounds. Turkey has
not yet paid the indemnity so that
Russia is still un recompensed for
her expenses in the war. Great
Britain spent 2,200,000 pounds on
her war with China of 1840-42, and
obtained an indemnity of 4,000,000
pounds. In the war between the
name countries of 1857-60, however,
Great Britain spent $34,200,000,
and only demanded from China
the sum of 1,750,000 pounds part of
the indemnity of 8,000.000 taels
going to France.
PnfUtcloiis Legislators Resting- Under a Ftef
ol Trace.
Later telegraphic advices state it
is understood that the railway bill
will come up immediately after the
estimates are disposed of, and that
it will be found that the measure
will be materially modified to meet
the views of those who wish to see
ample provision for competition,
The members seemed to have recognized, that important as the railway question is, and urgent as the
demand may be for early construction, the people of the province do
not want a repetition of the stormy
times which actually brought the
present government into power, because of the weariness of the people
of political strife. The legislature
should realize, however, that the
competitive feature of the bill is its
most important one, so far as the
people at large are concerned. It
is useless to say that competition
will amount to nothing, else why
does the C. P. R. try to move
heaven and earth to prevent such
a condition of things ?
Canada and tbe King's Title.
At a meeting of the British Empire League in London it was disclosed that the colonial office has
been in correspondence with the
government of Canada ia regard
to including Canada in tbe title of
King Edward. The result ut the
negotiations will not be made
known until the correspondence is
published later.
Last Day ol 130 Ticket Starts Many Eastern
Peosle on n Journey Westward.
Chicago, April 30.���Between 80,-
000 and 40,000 persons departed
from Chicago to-day for points on
the Pacific coast. It was the last
day of the sale of the $30 tickets.
On nearly every road special trains
were required to handle. the business. One train left St. Paul yesterday in two sections carrying
1,000 ex-cursionists, 600 of whom
were ticketed to Montana and points
west. The Great Northern train out
of St. Paul Tuesday was in two sections and had 500 passengers for
eastern Washington. Trains out
of St. Paul to-day will carry over
5,000 homeseeker into the Pacific-
northwest country.
Vancouver, April 30'���The Great
Northern is inaugurating many improvements in the service on the
railway between here and Seattle.
Vancouver, April 30.���The V.
V. & E. bas offered the government
to build thirty miles at this end
and thirty miles at the other end>
of the Coast-Kootenay road this-
summer, exclusive of the Dbminion-
subsidy if the local government will
give four thousand dollars per
Vancouver, April 30.���General
Superintemdent Marpole, who returned from Montreal to-day, where
he attended a conference with the
management, announces that tbe
Vancouver and Lulu Island railway will be completed at once to-
Steveston. The line will be built
from Abboteford to Chilliwack as-
soon as the route is selected by-
Chief Engineer Tye. The line-
will be run out from Vancouver to
Greer's Beach on English Bay*,
where the company will build a
large summer hotel as a pleasure-
Rusk tie Orestes! Coil OU Pradncer.
Russia is now the greatest oil-
producing country in the world.
Last year her oil production was
over two billion imperial gallons,
or 120,000,000 gallons more than
the United States. There is apparently no limit to the production. In the Baku region many
wells start out with a flow of 100,-
000 barrels a day, and one is reported which produced 4,000,000
barrels in less than 40 days. Of
course it is usual that the flow
greatly falls off after a time. The
American system of piping the oil
from the place of production to the
port of shipment has been in operation since July last. Oil is more
and more coming into use as fuel
in generating steam for marine and
locomotive engines, for factory purposes and for heating houses.
A Slai.br Misfortaae.
The infant son of W. Hatch, says
the Nelson Tribune, was struek
with paralysis Wednesday. Tito
little fellow went to bed the previous night in good health but the
next morning could not move his
lower limbs.
Kettle river is foaming with its
usual spring fury, and slowly rising. i2
MAY 4, 1*01
Published on Saturdays nt Cascaae. U. C.
PerYcur   '������J-*
SIxMimtlis     J'*
Tn Foreign Countries ������������:;���;, -M
Advortl��lim Rates Furnished on Application.
If there is a blue mark in ������>
this square, your subscription is due, and you are in
vitetl to remit.
Mr. J. G. Brown M. P. P., of
Westminster, it is understood
is to be the successor to Hon.
J. H. Turner, who goes to
Steps are being taken between the government of the
Northwest territories aud the
Dominion government to organize the former into a province.	
The bonusing, principle is
bad, and should be abandoned.
If speculative capital cannot
find profitable investment,
without government aid, it
should be permitted to go hungry-      	
The disposition of the government, acquiesced in reluctantly by the opposition, is to
pospone the railway question
to a special session. This
will not raise Mr. Dunsmuir in
:the estimation of nine-tenths
of the voters of the province.
According to popular prejudice and the prattle of a sycho-
phautic press, Joseph Martin
and Smith Curtis are responsible for all the legislative
trouble again this year. If
the matter were investigated
it might be discovered that
they were also responsible for
the Boer ivar and the Chinese
muddle. .
A very large number of the
railway running accidents, are
caused from the spreading of
the rails. It seems as though
it might be an easy matter to
remedy this tenible evil. A
single spike iu a tie to hold
a rail has been abundantly
proven to be insufficient. Two
spikes each side of the rail in
each tie would probably save
many lives, and hundreds of
thousands of dollars worth of
property. At all events it
might be well to try tlie remedy.
According to the testimony
of the managers of the big
lumber concerns on the coast,
those enterprises, owing to
lack of tariff protection, over
production and other troubles,
cannot exist without the help
of cheap Japanese and Chinese
labor. That is the sum and
substance of their testimony
before the Royal commission.
The case they make out is
that by the employment of 20
per cent of this class of labor
they are enabled to pay fair
wages to about 80 per cent of
white labor, which must look
elsewhere for employment if
the great lumbering concerns
are deprived of the small fraction of cheap labor.
The latest from Victoria indicates that the warring elements iu the legislature have
adjusted their differences on
the "Loan Bill" and that that
matter will be fully disposed
of before adjournment, which
will be in a week or so. This
policy it creditable both to Mr.
Dunsmuir and the government
If the government is sincere
in its railway policy why does
it reserve the right in its loan
bill to nullify legislative action by reserving power for itself to award the bonus and
franchise. It is to be regretted, but the people have tenable ground to fear collusion
between the government and
the C. P. R.
The wholesale jobbing merchants of Nelson arc squealing
over the jobbing trade done
throughout this district by tht
agents of the Domion Express
Company. Few outside Nelson have any sympathy for
them. These wholesale merchants are openly accused by
the local merchants in the district which Nelson poses as
center of competing with them
for the retail trade. They will
sell a retailer goods and then
underquote him with a customer. A dose of the express
company's medicine will do
them good.���Silvertonian
Judging from the character
of many lines of goods sent in
to this district by the Nelson
jobbers, they buy of the Coast
wholesalers the grades of
goods unsalable there aud ship
to this section the remnants
unsalable in Nelson.
Orand Porks Council Asks Dismissal ot Police Justice Johnson.
Grand Forks, April 30.���There
wus a red hot meeting of the city
council last evening when sensational charges were riled against
J. K. Johnson, the police magistrate. The affidavit was sworn to
hy Burr Heffleman a freighter between here and Republic, charging
the magistrate with withholding
$100 collected on 11 judgement obtained by Heffleman against Edward Kelly. The money was paid
Johnson who, when forced to settle
with Heffleman, gave his check
which when presented nt the bank,
was dishonored. Ilefflemini swore
ho hail been nimble to get payment
of this check either from the hank
or Johnson.
Is It s Ckaufe ot Snrvey ?
As near as can he judged from
the work of the surveyors who came
here Tuesday, the survey for the
G. N. has been changed to the base
of Huckleberry mountain, thus
leaving Cascade off the line. If so,
it will, they say, involve the boring of a tunnel nearly 1000 feet in
length, which will cost between
$60,000 and $70,000. Under the
new arrangement, a depot may he
located over by the river on the
land of  A. C. Scott, or nt Russell.
"Stiiiiilnril No. 9" Mill-Till i'IiiIiii siluill" In thi'
Qrunil Korks Mlulnir Division of Ynl" District.
Wlicrn lni'iili'i). on Ti'xits I'.rci'k, nun mild mist
nf Clirlstlnii lnki'.
Tulco nnilci! Unit I, Albert I'.. Ashnrnft, us iiirfnt
for W. H. Cnttn Prim Mlni'r's Ortlttaiin No.
110785, Intmul sixty ilays from the ilntii hereof, to
nmily to tho Mlnlnit HeeordiT for 11 eertlllciitn
111 Improvements for the purpose of ohtaliilni-
a crown grunt of the ubovc clulm.
And further take notlee thnttictlnn, under section ST.must lie i-iiiniiii-ni-i'il before ihe Ifl.ttnnoii
of snoh Certltloifte or Ililiirovuinents.
Dated till 1st duy of Juno, A. D., 1000.
Certificate ol Improvements.
���'Mollle, I'rodwell"and"GlltnaJ" Mineral
Clulm. situate  In the Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located���In Summit Camp.
Take Notice tlintl, Isaac H.Hallet,  Free Miner's CertlHuute No. H8008, for myself and us ufcent
for James P. Cuunlniiliiim, Free Miner'. Cer-
 slxtv duvs from datt
order for
lilli'iitc No. nnoiil, Intend, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the' Mining Recorder for
(,'iTi.illcuti's of Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining Crown Grunts of the above clulm..
And further tuke notice thut action under
.notion 87 must be commenced before the lssnanoe
of such Certificates of Improvement..
Dated this HOtll duy of April, A. D. 1001.
Mrs. G. T. Curtis, of Gladstone,
has been a guest this week of Mrs.
W. M. Wolverton.
Frank Asprey, manager of the
Knglish Store, visited Burnt Basin
this week, where he has mining interests.
Grand Eorks will deserve congratulation if it can relieve itself
of its corrupt provincial officials
Frank Scarpelli with an assistant and two puck horses, started
for the Basin Thursday morning to
do assessment work on some claims
in that section.
There will be service here tomorrow morning at the usual hour,
hut no servicfi in the evening as
Mr. Robb fills the pulpit for Rev.
Mr. Rae, at Columbia.
All nature is in its handsomest
attire now, and with the intermit-
tant showers of rain the past week
has been a great growing time in
the realm of vegetation.
C. Ray Bell hns purchased the
Model livery stables in Grand
Forks. 0. N. Bell, the well-known
Bosshnrg liveryman, will assist his
���Wilier for a few months, in the
Model stables.
Mr. and Mrs. Tout, son-in-law
and daughter of Mr. Thos. Price,
who have heen residing at Fife the
past year, returned to their home
in Lincoln, Neb., this week.
Laier information conveys the
intelligence that it wsb a mild type
of scarlet fever that Mr. Tebo was
attacked with, and that he is already recovering from it, and will
be in Cascade at no distant date.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Tebo, of Nelson, with their two little dauhten<,
are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. D.
O. Conner of this place. Mrs. Tebo
will prohably remain here a week
or two longer. Mr. Tebo, who is a
telegrapher at Nelson, and ivho is
taking a vacation outing, went up
the line yesterday to look in on
some of his fellow manipulators of
electric clickers.
As is the case on the Fort Shep-
pard road where it crosses the international boundary line, there will
probably be depot accommodations
on both sides of the line at Russell,
if the proposed road skirts Huckleberry mountain, ss now seems probable. No doubt the G. N. will do
what it can feasibly to accommodate Cascade business, and if the
back route be chosen, Russell will
be the most available point for that
������" 1
Canadian ^
Pacific Ky.
Direct Route���Low Rates���Quick Time
EAST......... AND WEST
Dining Cars
Tourist Oars.
First-Class Sleepers
ENGLAND ���   j
For time tables and full information call on or address nearest local
agent. D. O'CONNOR,
Agent, Cascade, B. C.
D. P. A. Nelson, B. C.
E. J. COYLE, A. G. P. Agt,
Vancouver, B. C.
The most complete line of
Hardware and Dry Goods
in town.
from now on in Winter Goods.
Mackinaw Suits, Rubbers, Heavy Wool
and Cloth Overshirts; Underwear in
all qualities; Blankets, Overals, Hats,
Caps, Gloves, Mitts, Heavy and Light
Shoes, etc., etc.,
Below Cost.
Ladies' Suitings, Shoes, Flannellettes,
and House-furnishings, etc.,
Half-price and Less.
If you need anything call and see what
we have and get satisfaction.
We save you 6oc in the $.
The remaining supply of
Will be cleared out at any reasonable
price. Amongst other articles we offer
Canned Vegetables and Fruits, Dried
Peaches, Apricots, Apples, Blackberries, etc.; Currants and Raisins, Tapioca and all kinds of Extracts and
��� Spices, on which you can save money
by buying at
The English Store,
flt^* Crockery, Lamps and Furniture,
in addition.
Toronto Globe.
We have made many costly
blunders in the construction of our
canals and in the deepening of the
8t. Lawrence. In enlarging the canals we started the work at the
wrong end; we did the work too
slowly and added greatly to the expense hy conducting the improvement as a political rather than as
a purely business enterprise.' The
deepening of the St. Lawrence waterway to 14 feet wub one of the
worst managed pieces of business
that was ever undertaken iu Canada. We hardly yet know where
we are at in this enterprise. It Is
true that we have a 14-foot waterway to Montreal, but no one seeniB
to know how the waterway should
be utilized. There are a dozen different schemes for taking advantage of the system, lint as yet these
schemes are merely theoretical.
Only one project.has materialized,
and that one bits been launched by
citizens of tbe United States. While
the Northwestern Steamship Company of Chicago has established a
regular service between that city
and Europe, we in Canada are still
groping in the dark. We have a
multiplicity of schemes, but no settled policy as to how the deepened
waterway should lie utilized to the
best advantage.
And it looks very much as if the
blundering we have been guilty of
in the deepening of the canals, is
about to be repeated in tbe selection and improvement of a national seaport. The Minister of Public
Works is proceeding on the idea
that Montreal is to be the port of
the Dominion. He has ordered expensive machinery to deepen the
channel between Quebec and Montreal, and to all appearances he
proposes to commit the country to
the expenditure of millions of dollars on this work.
The Minister seems to be running
this work as a side showtif his own.
No general policy for making Montreal the national port has been
laid down by the Government.
There is no unanimity in the country that Montreal should be made
the national port. As a matter of
fact, evidence is accumulating very
rapidly antagonistic to the theory
that Montreal can be converted into a great seaport. It is closed for
five monthB in the year. It is not
accessible to the largest vessels. Its
approach is dangerous, slow and
expensive. It is doubtful if it can
ever be converted into au economical seaport, except at an expense
that is altogether beyond our
The prospects of Montreal as the
national seaport must be very blue
indeed, when the preBS of that city
speaks pessimistically of its future.
The Montreal Herald does not underrate the significance of the transfer of the Leyland Line of steamers
from Montreal to'Quebec during
the coming season. A large part of
the Dominion Line will similarly
be transferred to Portland, "Is it
not possible," says the Herald,
"that progressive development in
the building of steamshipB may
eventually reBtore to Quebec its primary position ? Before long the
channel at New York will have a
depth of 40 feet. Can we confidently hope to have the St. Lawrence
channel brought to that depth ? If
not, and if the commerce between
the Old and the New World continues to be done in ships of ever-
increasing size, will not the inevitable tendency be for the largest and
most economical ships   to prefer
Quebec and for the small ships and
merchants who fill them with cargo to seek the same resort ? That
is the one cloud on tbe horizon for
Montreal, and, while it is easily
possible to overrate its significance,
it iB quite as easy to err in tbe other direction."
Such an admission from a Montreal paper, and from a paper that
supports the Government, ought
surely to put the country on ils
guard against repeating the costly
blunders that have characterized
our canal policy.
We favor Mr. Brock's idea of appointing a commiBjion to study
the transportation question, especially as regards the selection and
improvement of a national seaport
We are now working in the dark.
Mr. Tarte is committing the country to the expenditure of millions
which may be absolutely useless to
achieve the results contemplated,
Not. another dollar should lie spent
in deepening the channel between
Montreal and Quebec, until we
know whether it is feasible to convert Montreal into a deepwater seaport, and, if so, what the cost will
be. As far as the country at large
is concerned Montreal enjoys no
preference over Quebec, Halifax or
any other Cauadian seaport.
Tbe country will insist that the
Government should select as the
national port, the one that proves
the most economical for the distribution of goods. Quebec is practically already equipped aB a modern
seaport. The onus is on Montreal
to prove that tbe country would be
benefited by tbe expenditure of
millions in making a deep ship
channel between tbat city and
Council  Committee  Killed the
Greenwood, April 30.���The
agreement between the Greenwood-
Phoenix Tramway company and
the city was killed in committee of
the city council at last night's
meeting. The company asked for a
bonus of $50,000 with a privilege of
using certain streets, and to operate
by steam or electricity. At the
time of the first application the
company deposited a forfeit of $5,-
000 with the city to begin work
within a certain period. Failing
ibis the city bas confiscated Ihe
Silverton's towm-ile huilding was
recently destroyed by lire.
Tlie Yale-Columbia Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B C
Sno!^r Line
*nd UNI0M
Salt ��� Lake ��� and ��� Denver
Steamship Tickets to Europe and
Oiher Foreign Countries.
Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate,
4:00 p.m
Silukiinn Time Kubedule
Effective May S3.
���A.-V1' MAIL ��� For till;
Coeur d'Alenes, Farming-
ton. (Inrllcld.Ciilftix, Pom-
tiroy, Wuttsburg, Divvton,
Walla Wnllii, Pendleton,
linker City, nml till points
FAST MAIL - From nil
points EAST, Bilker City,
Pendleton, Walln Wnllii,
Dayton, Wultsburg, PoUle-
roy, Moscow, Pulliniin.Col-
fiix, Garfield, Farinitigton,
and (Jour d'Alenes	
KXPKBSS - For Fnrinlllg
ton, Qnrlleld, Colfax, Full-
man, Mn.cow, Lewlston,
Portland, San Francisco.,
linker City and all points
KXPRESN-Frolll all points
EAST, Baker City, San
Francisco, Portland, Colfax, Oiirllli'd and Farming,
ton .... -, .  .
6:15 p. in.
0.15 n. in-
San Francisco-Portland Route.
DOCK, Portland, at 8 p. m��� and Spear Street
Wharf, San Francisco at 11 a. tn. every live days.
Willamette aud Columbia Rivers.
Dally Boat Service between Portland, Astoria,
Oregon City, Dayton, Salem, Independence, Cor-
vallis and all Columbia aud Willamette river
Snake River Route.
Steamer, between Rlparlil and Lewlston leave
Kiparia dally at 8:40 u. in., returning leave Lewlston dally at 7:00 a. in.
H. M. ADAMS, General Agent,
430 Riverside Ave, Spokane, Wusli
The Coming Mining and Commercial Center of Similkameen, Between
Keremeos and Princeton,
British Columbia.
Similkameen City Townsite Company.
FRANK BAILEY, Manager, it M. KEEPER, Agent,
�� Wall��cc-Mllkr Block, QREENWOOD, B. C.
A. B. C. Code, dough's Code. Hi'iiil Oilier, Both 'Phones.
Victoria, Vancouver, Spokane, Toronto, Rossland, Nelson
and all Boundary Towns.
To Whom It Hay Concern:
' WE, tbe several person*, whose names and addresses
are hereunto subscribed, respectfully declare that we have
seen Similkameen City and the surrounding country, and
that the situation is as represented on page 27 of Bailey's
pamphlet of the Similkameen district, and tbat his accompanying map shows the position of the townsite to be a*
there set down.
F. N. Gladden,
John Gladden,
D. McMillen,
R. P. Williams,
C. R. Townley,
Phil McDonald,
Robert Wood,
George, R. Naden,
W. D. Hodges,
Thos. S. Miller,
C. W. H, Sansoin,
Hugh McKee.
Wm. Baillie,
F. A. Devereaux.
L. W. Shatford,
W. Fenthersloliliiillgh,
R. H. Parkinson, I'LS,
H. Cousins.
W. C. McDougall,
Jas. Riordon,
David Black.
C. L. Burnsides.
A. Sirett,
T. J. McAlpin.
K. P. Matheson.
Camp Hedley���
R. O. Hawtrey.
London, Eng.���
Chas. E. Oliver.     '
These are copies of the written names of the original reference. Anyone who wishes to verify my report may do so by
writing to anv or all of the parties.
Is too small in which to tell you what a
complete line of
Patent Medicines.
Miners' Supplies,
of all kinds;
Also, Hay and Oats,
That is always on hand at
MAY 4, 1901
The Rojil Visit
Within a very short time,   no
���doubt, active preparations will be
commenced all over the Dominion
for the reception of the Duke and
Duchess of York, says the Nelson
Miner.    Already a committee of
some half a dozen members of the
federal cahinet has been appointed
to draw up a programme.   Beyond
the fact that their Royal  Highness
��� will arrive on or about September
17th and will spend a month in
the country, of which at least a fortnight will be consumed in a trip to
the coast, very little has been set-
I tied with regard to the movements
of the Royal pair in the Dominion.
His Excellency the Governor-General will doubtless accompany the
Duke and Duchess on their journey,
and it is not improbable that a
minister of the crown may form
one of the party.   On the occasion
of the visit of the Prince of Wales,
now his Majesty the King, in 1860,
Sir John Rose, the then   finance
minister, had the honor of travel
ing with His Royal Highness, and
.a very cordial friendship was e��
tablished    between    them.    The
Duke and Duchess are traveling
with a numerous party, so that the
railway companies will be called
upon to make a liberal provision
on the matter of drawing room cars
-and sleepers as such journeys as
may be required by railway.   The
suite of their royal highness numbers about twenty, and in addition
there are no less than 26 servants.
The Third Bridge Across the St. Lawrence.
The St. Lawrence is to be spanned by a third bridge opposite
Montreal. The New York Central
has obtained a controlling interest
in the Montreal Bridge Co., and
the announcement iB made that the
���work of construction will begin at
-once. The Dominion government
is to be asked the usual subsidy of
15 per cent of the cost. A subsidy
has already been informally prom-
.. ised. It is stated that the cost of
the bridge will be six millions and
the terminals four millions more,
The N. Y. Central now enters
Montreal over the C. P. R. The
new bridge is expected to accommo-
.date several other lines.
The coronation of King Edward
will take place al tbe end of June,
1902. Westminster Abbey, according to Truth, will be entirely closed
to the publio for four months prior
to the event, and all services will be
suspended in order tn prepare the
interior for the ceremony. The details of the ceremony will be settled
-next week by a committee of the'
privy council. j
Victoria, being named after the
kindest-hearted queen that ever
ruled over a great nation, bas re<
solved to perpetually celebrate the
anniversary of her birth, the 24th
ot May.
If you want a map and guide of
the Similkameen country, call at
this ollice and get it. *
Keep clean and sweet. When in
Grand Forks call al the City
Barber Stiop opposite the Yale and
enjoy the excellent bathing facilities found there. *
A. H. Thompson will, during the
aummer, run an express and passenger stage between Cascade and
Christina Lake, connecting with
th Myrtle B and the trains. Two
trips daily.         *
Don't forget the B. C. stables
when in need of teams, stabling
room or horse feed. Every convenience is provided at these stables
for any ana all accommodations in
the livery Hne. *
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Center ot Bast Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRIOT. A roost promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
���   ^^Ss^t^Ns^^f���
isis��t-tst*^-ss��-W-iSllt ���
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      JOr L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
tiM(ii>ini��tjiiiu4itniiimi��iiitiiinMi  ia.
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.


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