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 1 .    .."^^^^^^^^���^^���W"
Published in the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake   Alining Districts
Vol. II.
CASCADE, "B. C, OCTOBER 27, 1900.
No. 51.
We do Business in' Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Bbidqe Struct,   ti HAND FOff KS
Watch repairing a specialty.
t&" LoiiVG younvpiiiriiij,' orders at this office
Drugs and Stationery.
Wo carry an up-lo-dato
aud complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Co.
When Shopping
in Grand Forks don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Miikos 11 Spooinlty Fiw'
Fisher niock, qrand forks.
New and Second-hand
....Bought and Sold....
llriilLi' Stroot, Nour Custom Honso,
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clonn nnd   convenient, und
workmanship the bust.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs. M.E.Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON ULOCK
SMi  Wllslllllf T���lllll   iisHsMsMIIM  'I ""
FinsT Ave.,      Grand Fohks.
HoomsKOc. unil up.
Yoar Feet
Orrnthur, your old boots
mid sliiies, do they nwd
repairing; or would you
prefer something new���
made to order 'i Anyhow, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Shoes, Etc.
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
$3,000 Extracted from the  "Safe",  a  Common Drawer.
Five <l��ys after it occurred, it umb
announced on Monday last that
the postoffice had heen "touched"���
robbed��� of $3,000. The press dispatch telling of the deed says the
robbers secured $3000 in cash, rep-
resented by one registered package
containing $1000 and another containing $2000. The packages had
been forwarded by the Bank of
Montreal branches at Greenwood
nnd Winnipeg respectively to the
Eastern Townships bank. The
bills were of the issue of the last
named bank, and, as is customary
between banking institutions, were
sent in for redemption.
The Eastern Townships bank,
according to James McKinnon, the
ocal manager, will not be a loser,
as the money was insured in the
British and Foreign Marine Insurance Co. The burgulary has
drawn attention to the fact that
the postal authorities have failed
to provide a safe for the postoflice.
All the registered mail was left in
a drawer in the office over night.
The fact that the postoflice door
was found locked the morning
after the burgulary would indicate
that the burgulary had been carefully planned.
This is said to he the second
time the Grand Forks postoflice
has been robbed. About a year
and a half ago robbers entered that
postoflice and carried off three
mail bags.	
In the Social Whir.
The Cascade Whist Club and
"Pillow Dux" experts were entertained one evening last week at the
cozy home of Messrs Kelman and
Ritchie, where the players' accomplishments were displayed with commendable pride. A very pleasant
evening was passed by the many
Monday night of this week some
fourteen or fifteen invited guests
assembled at the sntig and cute
cottage home of Mr, John Simpson,
who proved himself on this, as on
all other like occasions, �� most
pleasing entertainer. The company
enjoyed pastimes in various games
and social converse, the while
delighting the palate with bountiful supplies of delicacies in form of
fruits, candies and nuts, till near
midnight. This gathering was at
the place of Mr. Simpson's new
home, which has an air of comfort
and ease, showing experienced taste
in the interior arrangements���much
move than is usually displayed in
bachelor homes.
;   The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
The Cosmopolitan to Be Re-opened.
Mr. W. II. Reynolds informs the
Record that he will re-open his
hotel, the Cosmopolitan, to-morrow
(Sunday) evening with an elegant
dinner ut 5 o'clock. All his friends
and the public generally are invited
to give him a call ou this occasion.
Mr. Reynolds says he intends conducting the hotel in a first-class
manner, where guests may enjoy
good beds, good meals and homelike comforts.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Mr. and Mrs. Mahaffy will leave
for Moyie Monday or Tuesday. In
the going of this estimable couple
Cascade loses two good citizens,
whose society and influence have
always been beneficial and pleasing.
The good will and wishes of this
entire community go with them to
their new home.
There will be preaching services
in the Presbyterian church to-morrow morning.
Delicious Hazelwood butter at
the Pioneer Store���Wolverton's.
E. B, McMynn has reeorded the
Iron Mask claim on Baker creek.
What has hecufHe of the Bossberg
siage ?   Seems to be "out 'er sight."
James Nesbit haa secured a position at the Grand Forks smelter,
and went up Tuesday to fill it.
Mr. P. Monro, of Cascade, who
has a position as engineer in a
sawmill near Bossburg, spent Sunday and Monday in town.
Before snow flies some thrifty
citizen could kill 'two birds with
one stone" by picking up the refuse
lumber about town, thus improving
the public appearance and at the
same time securing sufficient firewood to supply him for the winter.
Mr. Stanley Mayall has returned
from a ten-day trip in the Similkameen country, in company with
R. A. (Volcanic) Brown. The
main object of his trip was to look
at the Sunset property. Mr. Mayall
has promised to write a story of
his journey.
. D. W. Moore, ore purchasing
agent for the Trail smelter was in
Cascade last Saturday. He was
accompanied by Bruce White, who
has mining interests in Pierre Lake
district, and an English mining
expert whose name we failed to
learn. They were driven from
here to Bossburg by J.  A.  Bertois.
Postmaster Cameron anticipates
a severe winter and has taken time
hy the forelock. Fur two weeks
W. Forrest was engaged on repairs
to Mr. Cameron's postoffice building, and he himself has a'masietJ
an immense woodpile under a new
woodshed. The upper rooms of the
building have also been newly
The Rossland papers tell of a
Mr. McGregor having been in the
Boundary this week representing
eastern capital, looking for a smelter
location, with a view of erecting one
of the pyritic order. If Mr. Mc
Gregor will drop off the train at
Cascade we will show him one of
the best smelter sites in all this
country, in every sense���geographically, topographically and commercially.
The Midway Advance remarks
that "C. P. R. promises do not assay high." Different, though,
when it comes to influence at Ottawa. There the results of its assays are high enough, goodness
knows; as witness the recent disallowance of the Grand Forks and
Kettle River Railway franchise,
The Seattle Post Intelligencer says
that the Standard Oil trust is
above and independent of legislation.   The C. P. R. ditto.
The first snow of the season in
this vicinity fell last Monday���a
sleet snow, which melted about as
fast as it fell, only giving the
ground a grayish appearance. The
nearby hills, however, are quite
white with a mantle of "the beautiful." Old residents here say this
fall in this valley is earlier by two
weeks than in any year within
memory. All indications point to
a long winter, and wise householders will do well to provide themselves with a long woodpile.
A New Similkameen Map.
Mr. Frank Bailey, a pioneer
prospector, and thoroughly acquainted with the Similkameen
country, has issued a splendid new
map of that section. Accompanying
the map is a complete prospectus
aud travelers' guide. Just the
thing for all parties looking to that
part of the province for a place of
future residence or business. The
prospectus is on sale at this office,
at $2 per copy, Strangers and all
others going into that rich section
cannot afford to be without this
helpful guide.
Central America and Mexico Will Join Hands
With Spain and Other Latin Races.
There is to meet at Madrid, on the
llthof next month, a congress of
great importance, not only to North
American countries, hut to the entire world. Representatives of the
South American republics, Central
America and Mexico will assemble
to consider with Spain (and, it may
be, with the representatives of the
other Latin races of Europe-*
France, Italy and Portugal) the
formation of a great Latin union,
in matters commercial, extending
even to affairs political and military. Notwithstanding the great
efforts of the United States to enlarge its commercial interests with
the nations to the south of it, those
peoples have continued to follow
the inclinations to which their origin and history would naturally
lead them, and their sympathies
are all with Spain rather than with
the great Anglo-Saxon republic.
During the United States' war involving Cuba and the Philippine
islands, in not a few South American towns public subscriptions were
raised to aid Spain in her armament.
In spite of the jealousy and interminable quarrels that exist in
South and Central America, there
is little doubt that they would be
opposed to the republic north of
them if serious dispute should at
any lime arise with Europe, over
the Monroe Doctrine, say, orcon-
cerning the Nicaraguan Canal. The
repudiation of theSlonroe Doctrine
by McKiuley's administration, has
opened the door for this movement.
It  Requires 24 to 35 Days to Make   the
6.677 Miles.
The journey from Vladivostock
to St. Petersburg, 9922 versts or
6G77 miles, can be effected in ahout
30 or 35 days. The journey from
St. Petersburg to Vladivostock is
effected in six days less, (24 to 29
days,) because steamers go down
the Amur in less time than up the
river. The fare, including the
steamboat with board, is: First
class, about 250 roubles, $125,
second class, 170 roubles, $85, third
class, 90 roubles, $45.
H. A. Macdonald Knocked Down by an Engine���Both Legs Amputated.
A frightful accident occured
Tuesday night near the C. ��. R.
railway station at Rossland in
which H. A. Macdonald, a well
known prospector of that camp,
was run over by a shunting engine
and had both legs horribly crushed
just above the ankles.
Mr. Macdonald  was seen walking down the track away from  the
train.   The  conductor halloed  at
tbe top of his voice and applied the
air   brakes.   The   man   in   front
made no effort to get out of the
way, and the   advancing   engine
struck atid ran over him.    The
prostrate form was taken out from
between  the wheels of the engine,
and luckily one of the employees,
Arthur Haley, an operator, knew
what was to be done, and instantly
applied a rough but effective tourniquet on both legs just under the
knees.   This stopped the bleeding.
The unfortunate man, who is laid
to be deaf from a former mine accident, was taken   to   a   hospital,
where it  was  found  necessary to
amputate both legs below the knee.
The patient rallied from the painful and dangerous ordeal and it ia
now thought he will survive. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
October 27,1900
Published un Saturdays ut Cascade, II. (.'.,
PorYoat    J2.00
Six Months     1-2S
To Foreign Countries     2.M)
Advertising Knttis r-'urnishcd on Application.
Chinese and
Japanese   immigra-
// there is a blue mark ��'��.���������������<
this square, your subscription is due, and you are invited to remit.
While the period of country road
repairing or making is on, a few
words anent this subject may not
be out of place and these thoughts
are suggested by conversations wijth
parties whose duty it has heen
made to apply small sums of
money appropriated by the government for the benefit of roads and
The amounts, in the first place,
are usually so small as to be practically of no benefit. Forsnstance,
two hundred dollars have been allowed for the wagon road between
Cascade and Grand Forks. This
amount is sufficient to repair a few
culverts, and perhaps drain a few
mudholes for the time being. Owing to the pinchy character of these
government allowances, the patchwork done is of such a flimsy kind
as to be of little use but for a short
time, and thus the appropriations
disappear, and no permanent good
is accomplished.
Practical road men tell us that
the most business-like way in these
road matters would be to employ
some one by the year, alloting to
his charge a reasonable section of
road. Over thin section he would
travel and work, draining and filling 6loughholes, gradually grading
and otherwise improving the roadbed. This is undoubtedly a practical proposition, and one that has
been long in practice in other
countries by private or toll-road
owners. As matters go now, the
money expended in driblets on
country roads in this province is
virtually squandered so far as the
public is concerned. Government
authorities are respectfully invited,
as in duty bound, to study this
matter more closely to the end that
greater beneficial results may be
obtained from the small allowances
even that are being made.
Everywhere in this province the
Chinese and Japanese are obtaining
a foothold in an alarming degree.
Their coming is encouraged by indifferent public Rentiment, by government acquiescence and a demand on the part of many employers hy their services. In the
Boundary their presence it severely
felt, especially by those having
their money invested in steam
laundries. The most effectual protest against this condition that can
be made is through the ballot box.
Every wage-worker in Yale-Koote-
nay-Cariboo district and every
sympathizer with organized labor,
should on election day cast his vote
for Chris Foley. He can be depended on to bring this matter to
the attention of the Dominion authorities in a manner that will demand consideration, and whether he
is elected or not, the larger his vote
the more effectual will be the protest againt the pauper labor policy
of the present government. The
election of a Conservative government would not improve matters in
this respect unless it were made to
feel that it was necessary as a political expediency to look more to
the interest of labor as   regards
If, as it appears, it is a fact that
the Miller-McCuaig railway promoters constitute another name for
the C. P. R., and if other indication, which point to a desire on the
part of the C. P. R. to get into the
reservation from Cascade southward, are well founded, there is
much in all this and many
other "pointers" going to show that
when that railway company has
completed its branch building to
its satisfaction in this vicinity there
will be vast amounts of reservation
ore available which can be dumped
into bins in Cascade. The parties
who were able to go to Washington
and procure permisson to build
through the reservation from Nelson to Republic, are also capable of
securing a like privilege to build
from the boundary line to the
Bouth of us into the Pierre Lake
district, and the franchise rights
the C. P. R. already possesses gives
it the right to build from its line
here to the boundary.
So, you see, we have grounds for
hoping, and even believing, that
the long-ago made and oft reiterat
ed assertions on the part of the
Canadian Pacific Railway officials
that a smelter would be erected in
Cascade in due season, are evidently nearing realization.
Victoria is about to have a direct
trans-continental railway connec
tion. The Great northern has
made the city a proposal to enter it
by means of a railway ferry from
the mainland, to connect with the
E. & N. Ry. The city council has
approved of the offer of the Great
Northern, and will submit a bylaw
to the ratepayers, who, it is said,
generally endorse the proposition
This scheme carried out will enable
passengers to enter sleepers at Vic
toria and traverse the continent
without change of cars. In sub
stance, the proposition to be submitted to the rate-payers is: The
company shall construct a railway
from Cloverdale on a line running
south from Liverpool, opposite New
Westminster, to a point at or near
the mouth of the Fraser to Sidney;
shall operate and maintain a car
ferry from the mouth of the Fraser
to Sidney; shall acquire running
rights over the Victoria & Sidney
railway; shall extend the latter
road to the site of the present
market house, and shall make Victoria a terminal point for business
originating in connection with the
Great Northern. In consideration,
the city is asked to give a right of
way through certain streets and
the use of the market house for 20
years, also a cash bonus of $15,000
a year for 20 years.
If it should happen that the
Liberals found themselves in need
of another constituency after the
7th of next month, they .might
deign to recognize the existence of
that part of the Dominion of Canada known as British Columbia.
We would under such a condition
be the most beloved of the sisterhood of provinces.
How can we Canadians lay claim
to the right to think and believe
that the administration of our governmental affairs are purer and
cleaner than is the case with the
governments of other nations, when
the principal stock in trade of our
opposing candidates is to charge
one another with all manner of official crimes ?   They do not even
stop at that, but impugne the mo.
fives of each other. Do we ever
stop to consider the effect these
methods have on young voters ?
Is it not to implant in their minds
the idea that all are dishonorable
in politics
That Chris Foley will receive
more than a complimentary vote
from the Boundary miners there are
many significant signs. The vote
received by Mr. Foley will be taken
as the measure of their sincerity.
labor unionists must stand together
politically as well  as fraternally.
It is said that during his stay in
Chicago Jav P. Graves ordered a
matte converting plant for the
smelters at Grand Forks. The
plant will convert matte into metallic copper.
Will Labor, when Jit is honored
among men, honor itself by practicing less prodigality and debauchery ?
Contractor's Plant. Uiris Wanted for it quantity of curls, harness, drill-steul, hummers, picks
and sundries lying at Caseiule,
For PuvticniHrH apply to K A. Dickson, Barrister, Orand Forks, or Stanley Mayall, Cascade.
The undersigned hereby gives notice that at
no time did a partnership exist between himself
and S. TV. Quinlivan in the conduct of the Cosmopolitan hotel; nnd that he will no longer bo
responsible for nny obligations made by anyone
on account of that hotel.
Dated this 12th day of October, 1900.
Certificate of Improvements.
"UNDINE" Mineral Claim situate in the
Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located���In Summit Camp.
Take Notice that I, Albert K.Asbcroft,P.L.��.,of
Greenwood, Free Miner's Certificate No. B294S8,
acting as agent for Ross Thompson, of Rossland,
Free Miner's Certificate No. H80786, intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And farther take notice that notion under
section 87 must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certlllcate of Improvements
Dated this 9th day of October, 1000.
Spokane Falls k Northern Railway Co.
Nelson k Ft. Sheppard Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only all-rail route between all poi nts east,
wast and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points; connecting at Spokane with the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R. & N.
Connects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo and
all Kootenai lake points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with stage daily for
Republic, and c meets at Bossberg with stage
daily for Grand I   rks and Greenwood.
Leave Spok.
:      10:45 p m
Leave Northp
:      5:50 a m
Arrive at Rossland
:     7:30 a m
Leave Rossland
:      11:00 p m
Leave Northport
:     12:45 a m
Arrive at Spokane
:     7:05 a m
H. A.
General Passenger Agent.
Still continue to operate first-class sleepers on all
trains from Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing.
'Also, Tonristcars, passing Dunmore Junction
dally for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and
Boston, Mondays und Thursdays for Toronto.
Same oars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
No trouble to quote rates and give you a pointer
regarding the eastern trip you contemplate taking.
Local Patienter Schedule :
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun.
Arrive 16:34 Casoade City Arrive 18:81
Going east Going west
For rates, tickets and full information, apply
to Agent, Cascade City, B. C, or
W.P. Anderson,      E.J.Coyle,
Trav. Pass.Agent, A.G.P.Agt.
Nelson, B.C.    Vancouver.B.C.
The proprietor begs to announce that the
Whole of the Grocery,
Dry Goods, Hardware,
And other stocks of the
MacRae, Gladstone and
Eagle City Branches
Will be brought to
And offered for sale
This will ensure buyers by far the
Biggest Selection at
Lowest Prices in Town.
Call For Prices.
October 87, IWO
Samuel Feora Killed in a Shack Near Depot
Wedneiday ol Last Week.
Greenwood had a murder sensation last week. The lifeless body
of Samuel Peora, with two bullet
holes in the heud, was found under
the bed in a shack near the depot
where the deceased had lived, on
Wednesday of last week. The coroner's jury impaneled to investigate the case, returned a verdict
of murder by some person or persons unknown. The murdered man
is said to have carried about $1,200
on bis person. The money was not
found on the body. Tho following
information was obtained from a
son, according to the Greenwood
"Joe Feora, son of deceased, said
he was 19 years of age. He worked on the section on the Mother
Lode mine. Had been living in
tbe cabin with hiB father since last
May; worked May and Julie on
main line and was then transferred
to branch line, saw deceased last
Wednesday morning: both hail
breakfast and left tbe cabin together; went to work on Mother
Lode branch; at six o'clock didn't
go to depot with other men; got off
car at Greenwood street and went
to postoffice; got home at 6:30 and
commenced to get supper; heard
Manuel call, "Sam, I Sam I"; I
asked him what he wanted; he replied that there was one man in
tbe shack dead; I said who dead
man; he said don't know, you
come too and see, I am afraid; I
then went into the shack with him
and got a candle and saw my father
dead under bunk. I said, "My
God, RIanuel, it is my father!" I
knew by clothes it wus my father.
When I pulled him out I how that
his face was covered with blood; I
told Manuel to call somebody, and
he said he would call section boss.
My father had between $1,100 and
$1,200 in his pocket; searched
pocket for money could not find
any; carried money in pockets of
pants; money was in bills and one
$20 gold piece; some bills in $50,
some $20 and some $10. No one
knew but myself that he had
money: he never spent much
money, so people must have sus-
liecfed he had money, French Joe
came to our cabin about five weeks
ago, never saw him before; he had
supper with us; after supper he
said he was broke, and wanted
to know if there were any Northern
Italians in Greenwood. He said
he had come from Butte, Montana;
he had prospected there and lost
$2 000; took him over to Manuel's
shack. He came back again
the next Sunday and talked a
while with father; didn't stay to
dinner hut went to Manuel's shack
Saw him every day at depot or
oming from Mother Lode; said he
had a contract at Mother Lode.
Another day while working hetween Mother Lode and Sunset he
came and asked foY tobacco from
Manuel; he said he started to work
at 2 o'clock; saw him in Anaconda
last Sunday, but haven't seen him
since. Antoine, another Italian,
had seen Joe Wednesday morning.
There are in British Columbia
eighteen hospitals sustained in part
by public grants, namely, Victoria,
j"~ncouver, New Westmiuster, Nanaimo, Rossland, Kamloops, Co-
mox, Chemainus, Cariboo, Nelson,
Fort Steele, Golden, Greenwood,
Fairview, Vernon, Sandon, Fort
Simpson and Atlin. These institutions all treat free those patients
who are not able to pay.
Straaie Request Made by an  Emperor of
China to the Pope.
The Emperor of China has not
always been the conservative individual we are inclined to think him
for the royal personage who bore
that title in the year 1748 went so
far as to consider the feasibility of
allying himself matrimonially with
some reigning house of Europe, and
with that end in view wrote a letter
to the pope requesting his good influences is securing the necessary
princess. This letter was translated from the Chinese by the secretary of the Indias of the Company
of Jesus, residing in th* city of
Rome in 1748, and sent to his holiness Pius Benedict XIV. An account of this correspondent can be
found in an old book, "La lllustar-
cion Mexicana," published in the
City of Mexico in 1851. The curious document read as follows:
"To the blessed, above all blessed
Pontificate of all  Pontificates and J
Christian Pastors, Dispensor of the
annointing Oils of tbe Kings   of
Europe, Benedicto XIV.:
"The powerful of all the most
powerful on earth; the highest
beneath the moon, who is seated in
the emerald chair of China, on one
hundred golden footstools, to interpret the words of God to the de-
cendants of Abraham, and who
gives life to one hundred and fifteen kingdoms and one hundred
and sixteen islands, writes with a
quill of a virgin ostrich, and sends
health aud long life.
"The time having arrived when
the flower of our royal youth should
mature the fruits of our old age for
the consolation of our devoted
people, and disseminate the seeds
which p*od*uce the plant necessary
for their protection, wa have resolved to unite ourselves with one
young and lofty, nourished at the
breasts of the strong lioness and
the gentle ewe.
"For this reason having always
imagined your European Roman
country as the source of unconquerable women and offspring, we extend our powerful hand to ally ourselves with one of them, who must
be a niece of your own or some
other Latin priest, who looks upon
God with pious affection, and preserves.in herself the authority of
Sarah, the fruitfulness of Rachael
thd faithfulness of Ester and the
wisdom of Sheba.
"We desire she may have the
eyes of the dove, that Bee the
heavens and earth; a mouth of
scarlet, like blood, which feeds on
dew or holy thoughts. Her age
must not have passed two hundred
courses of the moon (a little more
than 16 years). Her statue like
that of the dry grain. We will
send her raiment with our mandarin ambassadors, who will conduct her to our empire, and we will
go out to receive her at the hanks
of the Great River, admitting her
to our royal coach.
Living with us she may adore
her own God, with twenty-four
female slaves at her disposition,
and with them she will sing like
the turtle dove in springtime.
"Our father and friend, in agreeing to the consummation of our wish
thou wilt be the means of uniting
the perpetual friendship of thy principality and authority with this
Dominant Empire, and we shall
embrace thy laws, as the ivy the
tree trunk, and we will diffuse our
royal blood in our states warming
the blood of our princes with the
fire of our amazons; our subject
mandarins will carry with them
pictures of some of these princes.
"With this, rising from our
throne to embrace thee, we say to
thee that this onr letter goes sealed
with the seal of our empire, in the
city, head of the world, on the
10th day of the second Lunation of
the fourth year of our reign.
"The seal is a sun," bo the book
leads, "surrounded by rays and
swords." The annotations ore as
follows: The grandfather of the
present Emperor wrote a similar
letter to the King of France, Louis
XIlI.j and they named a princess
of the blood, and a Venetian lady;
of the House of Cantarini, but
neither consented to the journey,
because the Emperor at that time
was old and sick.���Globe-Democrat.
Did Mr. Robertson Say So?
Evidently a Rossland Miner reporter interviewed Mr. J. Roderick
Robertson on his return home from
Cascade, as tbat paper says:
"It is understood that the London and B. C. Goldfields, limited,
which holds the controling interest
in the Cascade water power, may
defer until next spring or early
summer completing iu arrangements for supplying electric power
to mines and other industries in'
the Boundary country. The probability is that few will be ready
this side of the midle of next year
to use the power, so there is no advantage to be gained in installing
the big and costly plant before next
spring. Much preliminary work,
including putting in a dam across
Kettle river, rutting through rock
a waterway from the dam to the
power house and other extensive
operations, has been done, and now
before proceeding further it iB desirable in the interest of the
company that exhaustive enquiries
be made so that a maximum of
efficiency may be secured at a minimum of cost. It is stated that
the total outlay will be nearly
$500,000, so that the company
naturally is exercising the greatest
care in making so heavy an expenditure."
Judge Holt, the Democratic candidate for governor in West Virginia, is stumping the state with a
violin, and Judge Freer, the Republican candidate for attorney-
general, with a piano. Who says
political campaigning has not been
School children in the Philippines used to study maps which
showed Spain as the largest country in Europe. They are studying
a revised geography out there now.
The public schools of Boston are
so overcrowed that portable school
houses have been constructed here
and there for the overflow. This is a
better kind of expansion than comes
from the sacrifice of thousands of
valuable lives and many millions
of dollars to obtain eontrol of the
semi-barbarians of the Philippine
A woman sent her small boy into the country, and after a week of
anxiety received this letter: "I
got here all right but forgot to
write sooner. A feller and me
went out in a boat and the boat
tipped over and a man got me out.
I was so full of water I did not
know anything for a good while.
The other boy had to be buried as
soon as they found him. A horse
kicked me over and I have got to
have some money for fixin' up my
head. We are going to set an old
barn on fire to-night and I should
smile if we dont have some bully
fun. I will bring home a tame
pole cat if I can get him in my
trunk."���Beloit, Kansas, Call.
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B. C
he Columbia BreweryGrand
Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
A Full Assortment
Staple md Fancy
fliners' Supplies,
Hay, Oats, Coal, Etc.
Patent Medicines:
We have just laid in an EXTENSIVE LINE
of the kinds most in use and demand, and possessing curative powers. When you need medical aids come and see what we have. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
October 27,1900
Kettuer Gets 18 Months' Imprisonment
for Committing a Fraud
H* Worked a Tenderfoot, the Tenderfood
Squealed and Justice Will Now
Work Kettner.
Fred lvcttner, a German prospec
tor, was sentenced to 18 months'
imprisonment last week Wednesday in the Assizes in session at
Nelson, for obtaining money under
false pretenses. His partner, Fred
Frederick, was discharged. The
trial lasted all clay, the jury returning a verdict at 9 p. m.
The fraud was perpetrated in
connection with the sale of a mineral claim in Burnt Basin. John
H. Dilberger of Tacoma was induced to purchase the property on
the strength of specimens which
Kettner claimed to have taken from
theclaim. When Dilberger visited
it he failed to find mineral, hence
the prosecution. A number of letters in German were produced by
the prosecution as evidence against
Kettner which were translated to
the Court by H. E. McDonald.
Justice Walkem agreed with the
verdict and repremanded the prisoner, who defended himself by insisting that Dilberger had perjured
There are others, and their name
is legion, that deserve the fate of
Kettner, who defraud the unwary
by intentional misrepresentation in
respect to mining claims. There
are many openly and constantly
engaged in this nefarious practice
who should be playing checkers
with their noses behind prison bars.
No one other thing so retards investment in undevelped prospects as
One of the presidential candidates in the Stales must have been
greatly pleased when his campaign
committee received word from Nebraska that ten old soldiers, who
had voted for his rival four years
ago, would not vote for that rival
this year. Special letters of congratulations were sent to the addresses of the old soldiers, but all
the letters were returned by the
postoffice department, with the sad
intelligence that the men were
dead I   That is practical politics.
One day during the recent visit
to Paris made by the Shah of Persia, a servant of the despot upset
a candlestick on the table, slightly
burning the Shah's hand. Immediately the Oriental monarch
ordered the man to he decapitated,
and it was with extreme difficulty
���that the Frenchmen near succeeded
in showing him the difference in
such matters between a civilized
And a barbaric country.
The nickname, "Bobs," will
hardly be in keebing with the dignity of "Commander-in-Chief Lord
Roberts," to which honors the hero
of Cahul, Kandahar, and Bloem
foutein is now promoted. But
"Bobs" he will doubtless continue
to be, to the rank and file of
the British army and nation.
Boston is to have a "press-the
button" lunch room. Push the
proper bit of ivory, and a piece of
pie, a dish of baked beans, a bowl
of soup���what you will���appears
as by magic. These are the trne
days of the Arabian Nights.
_��� AVE        NQpTw
I^DDiTipr^i to (P/|scad|e:1 j
~ ipaiptOipSQBiLM]]
tmla! i ��ri i l^iTrn i i^h nmaftrnT
- lip a
ij mm mm m
1 liJiLl] LLilOJ i
Cascade City
ju imp ami rap rap
U fflffll ottffi ttttffl raffia i
SQllTH  i
m rrni
p rap up iu
tra ttfflu raffi raff
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of East Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center offa marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRIOT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
Fine Printing
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.!


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