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Cascade Record 1901-01-19

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Published In the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake   Mining Districts
Vol. III.
CASCADE, B. C, JANUARY 19, 1901.
No. 11.
We do Business in Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Bridge Sthkkt,   GKAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
%ST Leave your repairing orders at this office
Drugs and Stationery.
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Co.
When Shopping
tn Grand Forks don't forget
Druggists and Stationers.
W. K. Megaw,
General Merchant
Makes a Specialty Fine
Flshur Ill.x-k, QRAND FORKS.
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and   convenient, and
workmanship ttie best.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs. M. F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
First Ave.,      Grand Forks.
Rooms 60c and up.
Or rather, your old boots
and shoes, do they need
repairing; or would you
prefer something new-
made to order ? Anyhow, call on
Wm. Dinsmore,
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
Complete Line of
Patent Medicines
M��)i; S;ys Chinese Musi  Oo, and  Phoeal.t
Says He Shall Not Come.
Moyie seem* to be burdened with
an almond-eyed population which
is considered destructive to its best
interest!* in general. The miners'
union of that city, asisted hy many
of the business men, has entered
upon a systematic effort to rid the
place of the pig-tailed nuisance.
Phoenix, learning that a Japanese domestic was being brought into
that town last week, took time hy
the forelock and marched out two
hundred strong and notified Mr.
Jap and bis would-be employer
that the ntmospheie of the town
was not conducive to the health
of Japanese constitutions nor institutions and he was fully persuaded
of the effectiveness of the collective argument and treked back to
A second attempt by the same
parties met with like results.
A mining superintendent who
thus willfully defies the strong anti-
Chinese sentiment of Phoenix and
provoke labor disputes in that now
prosperous camp, just to gratify his
bullheadedness, is woefully lacking
in common sense and decency, and
hiB employers should summarily
squelch him liefore he embroiles
"the city where the mines are" in a
race war resulting in industrial
In his farewell message to the
Michigan legislature Governor Pin-
gree, who has been forced back into
private walks of life by every known
corrupt influence at the command
of monopolistic greed, said :
"My experience during my political life, extending over a period of
twelve years, has convinced me that
in order to secure Jthe commendation of those who consider themselves the 'better classes' the governor and many other high officials
must do nothing to antagonize the
great corporations and the wealthy
people. I am satisfied that I could
have bad the praise and support of
the'best citizens' and our 'best society' and of tbe press of the state
generally if I had upheld those
who for years attempted to control
legislation in their own interest, to
the end that they inijjlit be relieved
from sharing equally with tbe poor
the burden of taxation, and I would
have been pronounced a gocd fellow
and a great statesman. Every large
interest that I have antagonized
during my fight for equal taxation
has been arrayed against me, and
the allies of those interests, the
newspapers of the state, have lost
no opportunity to attempt to draw
the minds of the people from the
real issue by making personal attacks on me. 1 make the prediction that unless those in charge
and in whose bauds legislation is
reposed change the present system
of inequality, in less thun a quarter
of a century there will be a bloody
revolution in this great country of
The Payne Mine Not Shut Down.
Tbe Payne mine, near Sandon,
bus not shut down, as was reported
lust week.
Tim concert beer hails of Greenwood are a foul stain, as of the
blond of lost souls, on her fair name,
and should be suppressed in the
name of barbarian decency. The
language and actions of performers
on the stages of these vile dens of
infamy are a burning shame to that
otherwise respectable community.
In the presence of such inductive
wiles of satan no father's son is safe
from itB hellish contamination.
It seems to be generally believed
on the American side that the international boundary line as it now
runs is three miles farther south
than it should be, and than it
would he, if Uncle Sam demanded
and was allowed the territory that
rightfully belongs to him. If this
claim is justly based, and should
it be allowed by the imperial authorities, all of the towns within
that three-mile limit would have to
pull down the Union Jack and
raise the Stars and Stripes. It is
now quietly talked by the people
south of us, that if the Dominion
government continues to refuse
Americans the privileges of railway franchises through this disputed territory, the U. S. authorities would demand and take, even
at the point of the bayonet, the
three-mile strip that is said to he-
long to them, and place the international boundary line three
miles farther north. At any rate
it will not do to throw up our
noses and arrogantly ignore this
claim, and it might be well for the
Ottawa authorities to give the
matter attention at the next session
of parliament.
The California commission to the
Paris exposition spent 120,000 for
"booze." Some of the other commissions were equally as extravagant. The American taxpayers are
long-suffering or else these kinds of
"jobs" would never be put up with.
--Republic Pioneer.
And what will the American taxpayers say when they are called
upon to put up 1(9,000.000 for Mark
Manna's private ship subsidy
Big Hotel At Moyie Deitroyed by Fire.
Fire broke out in the Lake Shore
hotel at Moyie last Saturday morning about six o'clcck and in less
than two hours nothing was left
but the smoldering ruins of the
hotel, the Union restaurant and
Foisy's barber shop. Lewis Thomson's office adjoining the barber
shop was torn down to prevent the
spread of the Are.
The lire started from a lamp
which explded in the wa.-hrooin of
the hotel a iii I in a few minutes i lie
bouse Was in flames. There were
no lives loot liia several persons
were injured by' jumping from upper s.tory windows.
E. J. Eldridge, superintendent
of the California mine in Republic
camp, is ordering a new machinery
plant for the mine. The California
is shipping to the Miner-Graves
The Princess Maud, in Republic
camp, is ready tu ship.
A Strong Mercantile Combine at Greenwood |
-li Union There It Strength.
One of the largest deals ever attempted in the Boundary district I
was closed at Greenwood last week|
in the consolidation of three mercantile houses, backed by ample
capital. The new corporation ia the
Russell ��� Law - Caulfield Company,
Limited. It will have a capital of
$100,000, divided into 100,000
shares of a par value of $1. 'Ihe
whole amount has been subscribed
for locally. The firm has purchased three lots fronting on the main
business thoroughfare.Copper street,
and early in the spring will commence the erection of a fine brick
block. The plans call for a frontage of 75 feet, with a depth of 100
feet. Large cellars, running nearly/
the whole length of the building,,
are to be excavated. The block
will be tw�� stories high, Th�� retaining wall, foundations and cellars are to be started at once. The
largest individual shareholders are
William Law, of tbe grocery tirm
of Wm. Law & Co.; J. J, CaufieM,
of the hardware house of C'mlfield at
Lamont; Mayor Thomas Hardy
and James Russell, of the Russell I
Hardware Company, and Duncan I
Mcintosh, capitalist and alining]
Prof. Andree'i WIH.
Prof.  Andree's  will, which    hel
gave instructions should be opened
at the end nf 1900 in case he had
not returned from his baloon expe- j
dition to the north pole, bas now
been read.
It is accompanied by a series nf
letters from prominent scientist*
encouraging him in the dangerous
enterprise, and one from M. de
Fouvielle warning him against it.
On this letter Andree has written
in pencil. "It is possible that he |
may be right, but now it is too late.
I have made my preparations and
can not now draw buck."
The will itself is very short and
the instructions seem to show that
Andree divined the fate that awaited him.   The test begins:
"I write to-day, probably, my
lust testiment, and therefore it is
legally valid, I write on the eve
of a journey full of dangers such as
history has not yet been able to
show. My presentiment tells me
that this terrible journey will signify my death."'
The remainder of the will divides
Andree's property between his
brother and sister.
School Teachers Form a Union.
School teachers of British Columbia, in institute meeting at
Westminster on the 11th inst. formed themselves into a Union under
the regular trades and labor rules.
A number of resolutions were passed condemning impositions by ibe
department of education on teach- -
St Enfene Ore Uoloj to OeroMny.
The ore now being sacked at the
St.  Eugene,  near   Moyie,  goes   to-
Hamburg, Germany.    Already 500
tons have been shipped there,
The long lucked for machinery
for the Republic mine bus arrived!. THE   CASCADE   RECORD
January It, ItOl
I'uIiIIhIimI nil Suiiiriln.vs nt   UlUCMle,  II. ('.,
KLUSI Itll'lluKM.
1'erYear    tl-UI
Six Mniiilis      lib
To Foreign Ceuntrhs     2.MI
Advertising Kales Furnished nn Application.
// there is a blue mark in
this square, your subscription is due, and you are invited to remit.
The Dominion government should
4iiend its ways on immigration and
railway matters. The cheap labor
immigrants from the pauper die-
tries of foreign countries should be
..prohibited from burdening this
<country with their demoralizing
The government, in tbe interest
of the development of interior sections of the various provinces,
should encourage railway construction by whomsoever will in a bona
.title manner undertake such enterprises. Charters granted should
������carry conditions compelling contin-
itiiius construction work till charter
limits are covered with rails, and
'the charters should lie nontranfer-
iiible without completed roadways
i hereon.
Record of the dates of Dec. 1, 15
and 29th, 1900. Copies of this
paper of the dates named will he
thankfully received at this office
and duly paid for.
An Investment and Trust company has been organized in Grand
Korks. Mr. A. Miller is said lo be
at tbe head of the movement.
It is this way: Many of the
I teachers in the great institutions of
1 learning are thinkers of modern
I thoughts. On the great economic
(questions now pressing for solution
I they are up-to-date thinkers. These
llhoughts are not in comformity
Iwith the selfish aimB of the million-
Ittires who endow these institutions
Ito teach their ideas rather than
lin the interest of the masses. For
���this reason many college professors
lfind themselves nut of their ele-
Iment in such places and resign, hy
���request or otherwise. But this only
l-accllerates the speed of modem
lthoughts in the unravelling of the
���present economic problems. Two
[professors, endowed with a sympa-
Ithetic sense of justice have recently
Iheen compelled to retire from chairs
jthny occupied in the great Palo
|Alto university. And so it is
everywhere, but the truth will nut,
nnd the people will have justice.
It may he a long time delayed by
millionaire endowments. But
|truth,   crushed  tn earth  will rise
It is telegraphed  from  London
Ithis week  that the affairs of the
���London and Globe Finance corporation are tn be wound up after all.
The deplorable condition  seems to
have heen the result of a  vicious
[squeeze by the  merciless financial
ears, aided  by some treacherous
stockholders.   That good old man,
Lord Dufferin, who is involved, deserves anil will receive the sympathies of the people of the entire Do-
Petroleum V. Nasby said "Some
are born great, some git great, and
bthers have greatness thrust upon
Ithem."   The little Grand Duchess
)lga of RuBBia must he of the latter class, for she is said tn he the
Richest baby  in   the   world.   The
veek she was born 1,000,000 pounds
Sterling were invested for her.
Keep your eye on the legislator
vhom you know to hove accepted a
|free railway pass.
Mr. Duncan McFarland has assumed editorial management of the
kelson Miner.
There seems tn be a scarcity of
tchoolmarme in British Columbia.
AV.MTPn__-ftn,>i��o nf th*    Pnonnrlp
City Erections were held Thursday  In  Various Parti olthe Province.
In Rossland C. O. Lulnude was
elected msyor by a majority of 29
over Harry Daniels.
Gus Carlson was chosen mayor
of Kaslo over G. T. Kane by a majority of 30.
Editor Duncan Ross was defeated
in Greenwood for the mayorality
by Dr, Jakes, while the majority of
the candidates supporting Ross
were successful. A prophet is not
without honor save in his own
Thos. Kilpatrick is mayor of
Revelstoke. White was elected
over Manley in Grand Forks. In
Phoenix the old council, which had
been in nftice but a few mouths,
was all re-elected. M. P. Gordon
was chosen Miayor in Kamtoopa. In
Victoria the entire old board was
Lois Estimated at $30,00U-Spread  of Fire
Checked by Use ot Utant Powder.
Thursday night about 8 o'clock
a disastrous fire broke out in Mc-
Bean & Co's dry goods store on Dominion avenue, and spread to the
Imperial hotel and the Phoenix
News Co's buildings. An incom
plete list of the losses is as follows:
M. McBean& Co., stock $12,000;
Wm. Hunter company, McBean
building, 13,000; W. J. Henderson,
Imperial hotel, 10,000; Phoenix
News company building and stock,
$2,000; T. A. Hicks, dry goods, $1,-
800. There was a partial insurance
on some of the structures and stock
probably less than half of the total
from Gladstone, where he went to
recuperate from a severe attack of
pneumonia. It appears to have
been a good move, for he looks like
his natural self again, having gained rapidly in health and  strength.
Railway surveying parties are
tramping the province in every direction in the game of bluff which
competing schemers find necessary
to work their ends, But the apparent sprouting of backbones in
both the provincial and Dominion
government re railway matters
gives the people hope of relief from
the "free hand" policy.
NOTICE Is hereby given Unit nn application will
be made tu the I'ulliullienl uf till, Dominion ut
Camilla ut Its lluxt session tor ml Act tu Incorporate-il company will, power to construct, euulp
���ud maintain und operate by steam, electrietyor
nny oilier kind or kinds of motive power, u single
or double truck standard gauge milwiiy Tur tliu
niirposu of convoying passengers, Ircight, mcr-
ubaudisu und guods, commencing ut u point on
tbe < 'iinudluu sltlc or the International lioundiiry
Hue ut or near Cascade City hi the Osoyoos Division ot Yale District ill tlie Province of llrltlsli
Columbia, thenee along the westerly side of the
Kettle Ulver by the most feuslble route to n point
ou the Canadian side or the International boundary line near Carson in tlie Osoyoos Division nf
Yule District In the said Province, with power to
construct, equip, uiuliitniii nun operate branch
railways and tramway, in connection therewith,
not exu-dlug twenty-live miles in length, und all
necessary roads, bridges ways, ferries and other
works, and wl h power to imild, own, equip, operate and maintain all telegraph und ti lcphone
lines in connection wiih the said ruiiwuy or
brunches thereof; \, ith power to construct, equip
operate and mniiitniu bran h lines iu connection
with said telephone ulul telegraph lines; to build
und operate ull kinds uf plum for the pari use of
supplying light, heat, ulectririty nnd nny kind of
motive power; aim with power to expropriate
luiuls for the purpose.- of the compuny; and to
ucquire lauds, bonuses privileges or other aids from
any Government, persons or bodies corporate;
and to make traffic orothur arrungcucnts with
railways, steamboats or oilier companies or persons; and with power to build wngoli minis and
trails to be used in the eonctriietion of the said
Works and uny advance of tlie same, nud lew und
collect tolls from the parties usingsumu and on till
freight or goods passlngover any such line,, roadB
or trails Inillt by the ronipiinv. whether built before or ufter the construction 01 the said raflwav,
telegraph or telephone lines and with all
other usual, necessary or incidental rights,
powers or privileges.
Dat,dat Rossland,  B.  C. this 10th duy of
December, A. D., 1800.
,T, B. McArthuh,
For Self and Associates.
Mrs. G. K. Stocker returned from
Spokane Tuesday last.
Regular services in the Presbyterian church to-morrow, al the
usual hour.
A Mr. Abbott, representing the
Oregon Nursery Co. of Salem, Ore.,
was in town Tuesday.
Surveyor Stoess has been here
this week, "completing some right-
of-way surveys" for the C. P. R,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Berlins, Mr.
and Mrs. G. K. Stocker and Mrs.
N. W. Coates enjoyed a sleigh ride
to Orand Forks yesterday.
It is reported that Mr. V. Monnier, Mr, John Earle and Mr. Ira
Black all suffered loss in the burning of the Imperial hotel at Phoenix. Mr. Black hail but recently
opened up. Mr. Mourner's loss is
reported at $900.
Mr. Robert Kelman, accountant
and stenographer here for the Cascade Water Power and Light company, went tn Nelson Thursday
The open weather the forepart of
the week added materially to the
weight of the snow on the roof of
one of the old railway commissary
buildings down on the flat and last
Tuesday it col lapse.
The position of traveling passenger agent of tbe C. P. R. in Kootenay and Yale, rendered vacant by
the resignation of W. F. Anderson,
has been filled by tbe appointment
of J. S. Carter, of Winnipeg, whose
headquarters are now at Nelson.
Mr. J. P. Robertson has returned
Spokane Falls k Northern Railway Co.
Nelson k Ft. Slieppard Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only all-rail route hetween all points east,
w.ml and south to Kossland, Nelson and Intermediate points; connecting ut Spokane with the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. It. it N.
Connects at Nelson with steniner for Kaslo and
all Kootenai lake points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with stage dully for
Republic, and connects at Bossberg with stage
daily for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Time schedule now effective :
.8.00 a. m.
11.60 a. in.
7.00 a. in.
9.4ft p. in.
11.00 p. tn.
0.10 p. m.
8.10 p. in.
7.1ft p. in,
7.00 n. m.
7.00 a. m.
The proprietor begs to announce that the
Whole of the Grocery,
Dry Goods, Hardware,
And other stocks of the
MacRae, Gladstone and
Eagle City Branches
Will be brought to
And offered for sale
General Passenger Agent. This   will   ensure   buyers   by   far  the
Still continue to operate first-class sluepers on all
trains from Kcvulsiokeund Kootcnuy funding.
Also, Tmirlst cars, passing Duniuorc Junction
dally for Ut. Paul, Saturdays (or Montreal und
Huston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto,
None curs pass ituielstoke one duy earlier,
No trouble lo quote rates and give you n pointer
regarding the eastern trlpyou contuiiiplute taking.
Local Pasieflfer Schedule:
fix. Sun,
Arrive 10:34
tiolllg CUSt
Cascade  City
Ex. Sun,
Arrlvu 13:81
Uolng west
For rates, ticket, and full information, apply
to Agent, Cascade City, B, C, or
E. J. Coyle, A. 6. P. Agt,
Vancouver, B. C.
Trade Mark*
  Copyright* Ac.
Anyone sending a .ketch and description may
trulokly ascertain our opinion free whether an
fnventlon I. probably Patentable, Communications strictly conOdentlnl. Handbook on Patent!
tent free, oldest apenoy for.ecnrlnirpatenu.
Patents taken through Hunn * Co. recite
tptctal notice, without charge, In the
Scientific American.
A hMtdaomely Illustrated weekly. Largest clr-
mlatton of any .dentine Journal. Term., 18 ���
rear Hour month., IL Bold by all newsdealers.
Biggest Selection at
Lowest Prices in Town.
Call For Prices.
January It, 1901
Putora Inducted.
On  Thursday  evening   of   last
week Rev. W. H. Anderson was inducted as permanent pastor of the
Greenwood    Presbyterian   church,
in the presence of Rev. Dr. Wright] lam
of Portage la  Prairie,  W.  A.   Raej
nf Columbia, Rev. J,  A. Miller uf!
Phoenix und Rev. R. I*. Murray nf
Midway.     Dr.  Wright   addressed
the congregation nnd  Rev.  Miller
the minister.    Friday night Rev. J.
A.  Miller was inducted  into the
pastorate of the  Phoenix church,
Dr, Wright conducting'
Fatal Explosion.
Ten persons were killed and
many injured Tuesday as a result
of an explosion in a hat factory at
Danton, near   Manchester,   Eng-
iiih services.
A Teacher Secured.
Mr. D. D. Ferguson, clerk of the
Cascade school hoard received a
telegram from the Department of
Education at Victoria, Thursday
notifying him that Miss Agnes
Ruckle would leave Vancouver today for Cascade to take charge of
our school. This is plea.-ing news,
locally. The school will reopen
not later than Wednesday, and perhaps Tuesday, if Mi 8 Ituckleshould
arrive in time.
The Greenwood Miner inadvertently misquotes us. We did not
say that the "Cascade Waterpower
and Light company would have its
plant completed in early spring,"
hut did say the company's dam
andjwaterway would likely he completed then, .. theni will follow, the
erection of the power house and.
the placing of flumes and  piping.
By the Chains of Matrimony.
Frank Carey and Miss Lizzie
Johnson, hoth of Rock Creek, were
united in marriage on the 8th inst.
at the Riverside hotel, Rev. R. P.
Murray, B. A., of Midway, officiating.         "���__
A Hardstullcd Ducheti.
The Duchess of Marlborough,
while out hunting with the hounds
Tuesday, was thrown from her
horse while clearing a fence. The
horse rolled over her, but she escaped with nothing worse than a
severe shaking up.
V. S. Senators Elected.
M. 8. Quay is again chosen U. S.
senator from Pennsylvania. F. T.
Dubois is elected from Idaho, W A.
Clark from Montana, Frye from
Main and  Patterson  in Colorado.
. On to Toronto.
\V. A. Galliher, M. P., leaves
Monday for Ottawa. He will
main over a day at Criiubrook
where his friends will tender him
A complimentary banquet. He
will also spend a duy or two in
Elected By Acclamation.
Tq Start at Portland, Me., ud End at Vancouver, B. C.
The Chicago Record Bays: Alt-
other oeeiiii to ocean rilwuy scheme
is reported lo he taking form. Il
involves two Qhicngo lines���the
Grand Trunk ami Wisconsin Ceu
on | tral���the former being tbe father ol
re-'the  movement,  und   provides,  for
I The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B C
Mlner-Oravei Syndicate in the Slocan.
It is now reported that the Miner-
Graves company will spend $75,'
000 in the development of the
Rockland group on Eight-mile
creek in the Slocan district.
By the noise the Nelson papers
have heen making the past two
months outsiders were led to believe
that a very lively political scrap
would come off on the duy of the
city election. But it was not so.
The Tribune says thut promptly at
2 o'c'o ik Monday afternoon, returning officer Strauhitn read the nomination papers of Frank Fletcher
for mayor, and John A. Irving,
William G. Gillettanri John Pater-
son for aldermen of the East ward,
and John Hamilton, Thomas Madden nnd Harold Selous for aldermen of the West ward, and (here
being no other nominations, he .declared those nominated elected to
serve the city as a city council for
the year 1901. None of the candidates were present when the declaration was made.
Experts at Hogging.
the Grand Trunk's assumption ol
control of ffiij Wisconsin Cent nil.
This is the route in mind: Portland, Me , to Chicago, Grand Trunk;
Chicago to Ashland, Wis., Wisconsin Central; Ashland to Duluth,
Northern Pacific; Duluth to Winnipeg, line proposed by a syndicate
headed by Win. McKenzie; and
Winnipeg to Vancouver, line projected by James Dunsmuir.
The Grand Trunk is said to have
long desired to push into Maui
tobit in order to offer competition
to its powerful rival the Canadian
Negotiations fur control of the
Wisconsin Centra), it is asserted,
have been curried on for over three
months. The Wisconsin Central
now has an entrance into Duluth
from Ashland, its northern tesmi
nus, over the Northern Pacific If
the transcontinental scheme is
carried out, a new line 80 miles iu
length will have to be built to connect Ashland with Duluth.
Lager Beer!
Brewed Especially for Export.
Warranted to Keep in Any Climate.
And  now it reads���"His Wor-
ship, Mayor Fletcher, of Nelson.
Montreal Has the Plague.
Ninety Chinamen were fined $30
or two months in jail by the re��(
corder Wednesday for non-payment of the laundry tax.
The Strtthconi Hone Coming Home.
The Strathcnna Horse leaves
Capetown for home about January
21st, returning via England.
Provincial Legislature to Meet Feb. I.
The provincial legislature has
been summoned lo meet February
1st for the despatch of business.
The Houston block in Nelrnii
will he sold at auction February
11th, next.
One hundred men are employed
at Robson nn the construction work
of the C. P. R. bridge���mostly on
stone work. More men will he engaged now that operations have
passed the preliminary stage.
An editor in Iowa was fined $200
for hugging a girl in church.
Cheap enough! We hugged a
girl in church some ten years ago
and it has cost us a thousand dollars u year ever since.���Young
America.. 1   I
That's nothing ! We hugged a
girl in church some twenty-five
years ago and have had to Bupport
her and her family ever since.���
Tioga Democrat.
Come to Salem, Ore., hoys, come
to Salem I We have hugged a
dozen and it hasn,t cost us a cent.
���Democrat Review.
We commenced to hug twenty
years ago and now hate to throw a
stone in a school yard for fear of
hitting some of our family.���Atchison Times.
We hug and like to hug, and
darn the expense; fellars if you enjoy luxuries you must pay for
them.���Day Book.
We have been in the business for
fourteen years and have tackled
subjects from little toosy-wootsy on
our knees to one so large that we
had to hug with a piece of chalk in
hoth hands to mark where we left
off, then repeat.���Truth.
We have done a little hugging
ourselves and find it delightful
pastime. Once or twice we have
been slapped but usually we know
our girl before attempting it. We
are, however, always willing to take
a chance.���Nelson Miner.
These country scribes are doing
a good deal of boasting of their
bugging escapades hut there is one
old dame they've all hugged and
are still hugging, ahout whom they
keep silent. Her name is Madam
De Liision. They think they can
get rich running a newspaper, but
jthey can't���still they keep on hug
ging tighter all the time.
NOTICK ic* hereby givey that after the 1st day
ot December, 1800, u bounty or Two Dollars
(12.00) will be puiil for every coyote killed tn uny
sullied district ol tin-. Province, subject to the
conditions of a notic��j duiud the 33d of August,
By command.
J. I>;: PttENTICE,
.;... provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office.
20th November, 1900.
The Columbia & Western Railway Company
Canada at its next session for nn Act assimilating its bonding powers In respect of ils railway
and branch limn West of Midway to the power*
already given iu resptat of its Hues constructed
East of thut point, extending the time within
which It may complete Ub railways, and authorizing It to construct suoh brunches from any of
its lines not exceeding in uny one case tuiriy
miles iu leugtli us are from time to time authorized
by the Government in Council, aud for other purposes. . ""
Is too small in which to tell you what a
complete line of
Patent Medicines.
Miners' Supplies,
of all kinds;
Also, Hay and Oats,
That is always on hand at
Kuui Jmtlce.
Another negro, suspected of crime
but untried, was taken from jail at
Leavenworth, Kansas, last week
and burned ut the stake.
Hallett & Shaw
Late of Greenwood, in Yale District,
You are hereby notified that I have expended
1100.00 In the survey of the ������Undine" Mineral
Claim, situate In Summit Camp, In the Grand
Forks Mining Division or Yale District, British
Columbia to count as an u��scst>iuL>nt on said
claim, us will appear by a Certificate of \\ ork recorded October lUth, 1900, in tlie olllce of thu
Mining Hecorder Tor the sttld Grand Forks Mining Division, tn order to hold said claim under
the provisions of. Section 24 of "Tbe Mineral
Act " such being the amount required to hold
said claim for the year ending Oct. tfitli, 1900.
And if, at the expiration of ninety (00) dnys of
publication of this notice, you fail or refuse to
contribute your 'proportion of tbe expenditure
required iiiuler Section ill, together with alt costs
of advertising, your interest tn said'clulm shall
become vested iu the subscriber (your co-owner)
under Section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment
Act lOtrt)."
Dated at Uossland, B. C, thin 13th day of November, 1900.
Hallett Sl Shaw, Solicitors for Koss Thompson.
- Uw-3 	
Fire Insurance Agency
Ueohoe K. Stocker, Agent.
*& 4* 4* 4.4. 4. 4* *��***** * 4�� 4* 4* X\
Buy from them and Save Money THE   CASOADE   RECORD
Jiinu.rj ID, 1901
Bit Expenditure Will be Asked  For Intercolonial Improvement!.
Hon. A. G. Blair announces that
a hill i.) lieing formed for presentation to parliament, |T .viding for
the appointment of a permanent
railway commission, to consist of
three persons, with power to <leal
with all matters now dealt with
I��� v the railway commission of the
privy council and now decided hy
the minister of railways, as well
as all matters relating tn rates on
railways. Parliament will also
he asked at the coming session to
authorize an expenditure of something like two million dollars on
the line of the Intercolonial rail'
way, from Truro to Sydney, and at
the latter place, to accommodate
the enormous traffic expected from
the development of the iron and
steel industry at Cape Breton,
Bill ot Knowledge Which Will be Fonnd
A railway engine is equal in
strength to 900 horses.
In a mile of railway there are
over 2,000 ties.
The game of chess is taught in
all the public schools of Australia.
The shortest mile is the Chinese
which is only 609 yards. Norway
has the longest 12,182 yards.
German engine drivers receive a
gold medal and ��100 for every ten
year's service without an accident.
The flags to he hoisted at one
time in signaling at sea never exceed four. It is an interesting
arithmetical fact that, within
eighteen various-colored flags, and
never more than four at a time, no
fewer than 78,642 signals can he
The total number of newspapers
I, published in the world is 41,800.
I. In the United Kingdom there are
] 6,050, In Russia there are only
i 743 newspapers or one to every
1,170,000 people.
'' 'Br 'Appy 'One.
The following conversation is reported to have taken place at a
spiritual seance, where an old
cockney had heen informed that
the spirit manifested was his deceased wife:
"Is that you, 'Arriet?"
"Yes, it is me."
"Are you 'appy, 'arriet?"
"Yes, very 'appy.
"'Appier than you was with me,
"Yes, much 'nppier."
"Where are you, 'Arriet?"
"   -"In'ell."     	
A Chance For Canadian Talent.
'With a view to encouraging the
ti development of a literary spirit in
i Canada, "The Ladies' Magazine, of
Toronto, is offering cash prizes for
the best short stories hy Canadian
writers.    The competition is well
planned, and further particulars
are given in the January number
of the Magazine.   A photographic
.competition is also announced, and
1 cash prizes offered.
M    Oom Paul  is expected  in  New
York about the   middle of  next
. month.	
lr    More high grade ore encountered
in  the Two Friends,   Bondholder
s,,,and Enterprise mines in the Slo-
jean district.
Some half a dozen  large Ameri-
Lcan and English steel and   iron
manufacturers are negotiating for
-an immense trunt combine.
Cascade City
sdAue.aoorT.. i inch
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Yale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.       Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill   I
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.


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