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Published in the Interests of the Boundary and Christina Lake   Mining Districts
Vol. II.
CASCADE, B. C, JULY 14, 1900.
No. 36.
Pouring Acid on the Troubled OH���A Scathing Arraignment ol the Monopolists.
One of the most scathing communications on the Standard Oil
people, that we have eeeii on any
subject for some time is just published by P. A. O'Farrell, in the
Uossland Miner. He does not
mince matters one iota. Speaking
of the Standard Oil official in Montana he says: "When she made
him, nature placed no mask upon
the countenance of G. M. Hyams,
Eye, nose, mouth, stature and
countenance bespeak him a cross
between Shylock and Iago, and this
is the man that the Standard Oil
people have chosen as their representative in Montana, to play tyrant, knave and pirate." Dealing
with Hyam's employers he says":
"There is no crime in the calender
at which these men hesitated to
crush rivals in business, or to absorb other people's wealth. Assassins and incendaries were in their
pay and service, and they have de-
tied the State and Federal governments for, alas judges were venal,
and jurieB could be bought They
told F. A. Heinze that they wanted
his mines and smelters, and that
if he would not accept a mere pittance for his Butte properties, they
would drive him a bankrupt and
a beggar from Montana. Heinze
laughed them to scorn, and told
them when they were all dead and
gone, and the devil had got his
due, he would be mining copper in
Montana. He told them they could
play pirate, knave and thief in
Ohio and in other States, but that
the people of Montana would never
allow them to play pirate and
knave with impunity. Then began
their tierce relentless war on
Heinze; every corrupt and perjured
parasite whose presence cursed
Montana, was summoned to their
aid. The courts were stormed with
volumes of perjured affidavits. Independent judges were offered
bribes sufficient for a King's ransom, if they would but twist the
law so as to enable the Rockefellers
to rob Heinze. But they failed to
corrupt Montana judges, and they
failed to corrupt Montana juries,
in the war with Heinze they have
been whipped and humiliated as
never before in their career of piracy in any State of the Union. They
are ready to squander millions of
money to achieve their vile ends.
These Standard Oil folks have
neither principle nor honor nor
truth. Their gods are greed and
gold, and their object in life the
plunder of the wage earner, and
the piracy of other people's prop
erty. This is strong language. But
the time for compliment aud flattery is past. I know the history of
these Standard Oil peopie well, and
a more notorious agglomeration of
pirates were never grouped together
on land or sea." Just so I But the
.worst of it all is that coal oil costs
about $5 a case in B. O,
And after the above we can readily understand the following from
the Spokane Chronicle:
J. F. Reddy, the well known
mining broker, was arrested this
afternoon by Detective McFee,
charged with assault, on a warrant
sworn out by P. A. O'Farrell, the
noted    newspaper    correspondent.
"Yes, I struck him," said Mr.
Reddy. "He is a bad man and has
a bad tongue. While I was away
last week he made some remarks
about me that were not as nice as
they might he and I heard of them.
This is partly what led to the
trouble. To tell it complete it dates
back two or three years, when we
were interested in some property
Christina  Mines-Xannonball, Victoria  and
The confidence which the proprietors of the Cannonball group in
Christina Lake district are manifesting in their property hy the installment of machinery and the engagement of numerous hands, is
one of the most cheering signs in
the locality. In wishing the enterprise every possible success, we do
not pretend to be free from selfish
We firmly believe that when
the Messrs. Beach's Victoria property and Mr. Kelly's Dykehead
claims also get the attention they
undoubtedly deserve, the mineral
worth of the lake district will be
established forever.
A Willing Member.
We have received a letter from
the Hon. Smith Curtis stating that
he will be pleased if his constituents will at the earliest possible
moment make him acquainted with
such of the needs of the locality as
are under the control of the Legislative Assembly. He promises to
do his utmost to advance the interests of the community fn any way
in his power. Communications
should be addressed to Victoria.
Mr. S. D. Schulz has written and
composed a sprightly and full-
blooded military march entitled,
"The Charge at Dawn." It is adapt*
ed to the piano or to the full regimental band, and in some of its
movements is as extravagant and
suggestive as the bill presented next
morning by some of the Florida
hotel keepers.
The Rich and Inexhaustable Mineral Deposits
of British Columbia Worth Ten of It.
A Frisco paper says : Five vessels, the Hunter, Eclipse, Alaska,
Jai.e A. Falkinburg and Catherine
Sudden, lost in the rush for gold is
the history of disaster thus far at
Nome. Thousands of dollars worth
of property has been destroyed ami
hundreds of prospectors are without means of pursuing fortune. The
gold diggings are in a state of anarchy, and property in and about
Nome is held only at the muzzle of
a gun. Three steamers���the Roanoke, Santa Ana and Ohio���have
reacheii the diggings from Seattle
with small pox on board and two
are quarantined with their passengers lit Egg Island. The Roanoke
ran back to Dutch Harbor and
landed her sick passengers to evade
the quarantine. Tents are staked
out on every foot of the beach, and
no room is left for the handling of
freight. The Pacific Steam Whaling company alone has succeeded
in getting ils lighters into operation and has been doing all the
work of freighting. The place is
over-crowded and hundreds of people were walking the streets with
no place to sleep. This, in brief,
is the story brought down by the
steamer Zealandia, which arrived
yesterday from Nome.
H. L. Byrne, a capitalist of San
Francisco, was a passenger on. the
Zealandia. He made tbe round
trip on the vessel, and his short experience will last him. He has no
use for the gold diggings. "It is a
great fake," said Mr. Byrne. "Dishonest men may thrive, and the
lawless will make money. Everything within 100 miles of Nome haa
been taken up, and claims are being
sold and re-sold by the so-called
real estate agents. If a man has a
house he must stay home and take
care of it; otherwise he will lose it.
There may be lots of gold there,
but I fail to see how the newcomer
is going to get it."
Another speculator,W. H. Sprout,
the one passenger on the Portland,
has no use for Nome and gives the
country a bad name. "Nome is in
a bad way. Everything has heen
staked out for months. The lawless element is unchecked, claim-
jumping is going on all the time,
and there will be endless trouble
there this year. Miners who left
their claims and came out last winter returned and found squatters on
their property. Town lots in Nome
were jumped, and when the original
owners returned they could not get
possession. Seven to ten thousand
men are waiting at Nome for something to turn up.   Gambling is the
only diversion. For s-everal weeks
fuel was $17 a sack, and none could
be had at that price. The hotels
and lodging houses are not doing
the big business they expected when
the rush came. All the newcomers
brought tents and supplies and they
camped on the beach. Above Nome
everything is taken, and Sinrock is
the only district I heard was paying. A few days before we left
Nome a real estate agent named
Campbell shot a man named Henry.
They occupied adjoining claims and
quarreled over titles. Campbell
fired both barrels of a shotgun and
tore Henry's arm off.
Additional Judges Wanted.
The Press, the public, and finally
the politicians, are at last paying
attention to the crying need for a
re-arrangement of the provision*
for administering justice and applying law in the growing districts
of British Columbia. The Greenwood Times asks most appropriately in this juncture, how it can he-
considered possible for one man to*
try seventy-five cases in one day.
as his Honor Judge Spinke was recently expected to do at Greenwood.
And yet, no sooner was his Honor
away from Greenwood than Grand
Forks placed a somewhat similar,
proposition before him.
The Transvaal.
The scarcity of news from South
Africa is in 110 way accounted for
by scarcity of events. Things are-
transpiring all the time, as is evidenced by the fact that during tha
month of June alone 3,000 casualties occurred among British troops,
resulting in 1,200 deaths. Mean*
while Buller has forced his way to
the front and joined Lord Roberts
at Pretoria. That the Boers are
not possessed of their old grip and
grit is evidenced plainly enough in
the releasing of 800 of their prisoners. If President Kruger retains
much longer his railroad car government and shifts his scene of operations so frequently he will qualify
for two positions, either of which
might become him���tram-car conductor in St. Louis, or 11 new sort
of Flying Dutchman.
Just at present the British public
is paying more attention to the
complaints of hospital inefficiencies
than to fighting in the Transvaal'.
And it is somewhat unfortunate for
the Conservative government, that
many of its own supporters���Mr.
Burdett-Coutts, for instance, are
among the bitterest of complainants in this matter.
The   damming   progresses,   the
blasting proceeds and Ole Oleson's
hole elongates with monotonous
regularity. THE   CASCADE  RECORD
July 14, 1901
Our Stock Taking has Revealed Various Remnants and
Slightly Shop-soiled Goods which we will Sell
Hardware, Boots, Clothing, Drugs, Stationery,
Groceries, and all Miners' Requirements, at the
Lowest Rates in Town!
TjW $iS��es* 3���'CC^0T1S aT^ CleaPest Prices are to be
ftad at tlje  .
11 Irani and Mining Syndicate's Store.
Branches at Gladstone, English Point (Christina lake) and at Eagle City on North Fork.
Assay office and Long Distance Telephone at CASCADE.
���fiB d
July 14. 1900
Although daily observation  hasjofa bulletin, ii charming billet doux
made me well familiar  with   the i to her and my mutual friend Mr. D.
outlines and many of the details of
that magnificient building the Palais de Justice at Brussels. I quite
forget its actual cost. I think it
was $10,000,000, I mention this
because it might occur to some that
if all the justice therein dispensed,
were on a par with that administered in tbe Sipido matter, about
$9.!)lJ9,999.(.)0 has been clear
thrown away. It is a pity to spend
$10,000,000 to ^et ten cent justice.
There's the architecture of course,
but law in a civilized community,
is supposed to be equal everywhere
for all, whether administered in a
wooden shack or a palace.
I completely fail to understand
the verdict on any evidence hitherto published. Perhaps when my
usual Belgian papers arrive, sufficient and satisfactory explanations
may be forthcoming, and probablv
the reason is either that Sipido wa.s
insane, or tbat H. R. H. The Prince
of Wales, who is a frequent nnd
acceptable guest in cognita in the
Belgian capital, has, out of the
kindness of heart, well known to
be one of his best characteristics,
brought to bear his great influence
in the direction of leniency to his
would be assassin. Besides, H. R.
H. is almost an expert in knowledge of firearms, and being withal
a humorist, doubtless felt more
amused than hurt, at a boy's attempt to slay him with a Lefau-
cheux revolver���price 5 francs, retail, and guaranteed to miss a bouse
at six vards.
That Belgium has been guilty of
willful perversion of justice on account of any Boer sympathy, I will
not believe, f knew the Belgian
and his country well. For good
reasons it ranks with Italy, as one
of Britain's most loyal friends, and
though its Flemish and Dutch constituents have latterly, as is natural, betrayed much sympathy for
the Transvaal, there is a wide difference between that and conniving
at an act which would, at the same
time, be both an insult to a good
friend, and a debasement of the
honor, principles and history of a
worthy nation.
But some funny things do happen in that Palais de Justice all the
same. I remember when the noted
Baron von B���'s divorce case was
going on, and half the leading legal
talent of Brussels was arrayed on
C. B. one of   the  best  known
journalists in Europe. Sometimes
now I wonder whether my connivance iu tbe matter brought its own
retribution, for I subsequently got
landed with the whole of the expenses of a divorce suit, (some ��500)
myself, and yet "had nothing to do
with the case"
the C. P. R., cost and freight both
\paid in advance, was calmly informed on June 3d, "in reply to your
communication of Dec. 5, that the
shipment had been received by
their people, and ought not to have
been forwarded, but that the road
was then in the hands of the destruction compartment, or words
to that effect, and anyhow the C,
P. It. would not pay for the missing shipment. Just so; there's one
place that butter is always  safe in.
A Canadian in South Africa,
hearing a scotch name, recently
made the acquaintance of Rudyard
Kipling, nnd to him, said the great
writer, "Yes, I am partly Scotch
myself, and���my mother always
taught me to beware of the Campbells." Well, I wish my maternal
ancestors had used a club to knock
that teaching into my family.
When my father was 80, and almost an automatic business success, he had the temerity to try
dealings with one Campbell, the
result was that the Campbell did
come it over him to the extent of
��40,000 in just about no time at
all. Then when I was 30, I also
ran up against one Campbell, and
before I knew what was happening,
the Campbell had run up a deficiency of nearly ��500. On threatening suit, I found he hail utilized
the funds to divorce his wife, which
was a horrible waste of my money,
for she went and died shortly afterwards, besides if I pay for any divorce proceedings, I want to bean
accessory before the fact and not
after. Any how if I catch any of
my children monkeying with any
Campbells, I will apply the teaching of the wisest and most married
of all parents.
Solomon said in accents mild,
"Spare the rod nnd spoil the child,"
"He it boy or be It maid,
Whip It and wallop It," Solomon said.
Then the merchant waxed wroth
and said unto his C. P. R. correspondent, "Now verily may thou
and thine go to, for I say unto thee
tbat at the time these dearly
bought goods were delivered unto
thy measly outfit and lost in the
wilderness, yet were the Philistines
in thy master's service, obtaining
special consideration and advancement, even so that any Celestial or
other mortal might betake himself
to the Commissary store, or the
private institution of a minion
thereof, and procure therein whatever seemed fit in bis eyes; it being
known unto all men that the contractors', opportunity of buying
special goods at special rates, with
a free haul to help was being u.*ed
to the detriment not only of the C.
P. K., but of the merchants who
supported it.
And you were saying dear departed editor, that the express rates
charged- by the C. P. R. were and
are an extortion, and an abortion;
figuratively that six bits for a
mouse trap from Grand Forks,
makes mouse meat high. Ain't it
anything to be thankful for if you
get the mouse trap at all? Don't
you remember how on one occasion
when an itinerant parson after fervid wrestling with the devil, sent
round his hat and received it back
coinless, he there and then went
down on his knees, and instead of
calling upon the Almighty to cast
out and damn through all eternity
his penurious audience, he simply
the   side of the erring husband, j gave praige for (heb,egpe(i con80ia.
how his charming and much in
jured and apparently grief-smitten
young spouse was not only gradually winning the long weary case
hands down, but was all the while
sending almost hourly, in the form
tion that he got his hat back ?
F'rinstans. One firm in Cascade
after a weary wait for a reply to an
inquiry as to tbe whereabouts of
some goods routed from Nelson by
To which the being did make reply, with a promptitude which must
remain for ever a record in the annals of his office. "You and your
house are the only ones who have
ever kicked about the firiM in question." Whereat the merchant girded up his loins and said: "Now
may the devil guard his own I" and
forthwith wrote he in answer. "The
statement that we only have objected to the trading of the firm
mentioned is astounding, and must
be taken either as a deliberate untruth, or a token of utter ignorance
as to what goes on in your own
office; to be more precise we refer
you to your own correspondence
with Messrs on this matter."
Perhaps some months hence, the
Being will have sorted out to which
of the two classes above mentioned
he most fitly belongs. What the
Boundary country most needs, is a
Second advent, with Jim Hill as
the Redeemer.
Many years ago whilst travelling in the East Indies, I remember being impressed with the remarks of a skilled writer, "The
vagabond," on the subject of missionaries. I interpreted his utterances iu the light of my own
experiences, and fully agreed with
the author in his dictum that the
inflection of an ill-fitting foreign
religion upon the mind of an untutored or otherwise taught heathen
might, under easily conceived circumstances, prove the greatest
curse that man could bestow upon
his fellow. The religion of Kung
Foo Tszee; the doctrines of Budda,
and the teachings of Mohammed,
have in them so much that is admirable, that 95 per cent of all the
foreign missionary work ever
achieved (ouuide the teaching that
nakedness is an indecency, and the
wearing of  Manchester  goods  the
highest vt all virtues.) has beeiv
worse than wasted.
For twenty years 1 have preached tbat doctrine ad nauseam, and
now it does one's soul good to find
Lord Salisbury, Eljah Skidmore
and a host of others crying "halt"
to the stupid policy of the missionary mongers. Even Raratonga, in
the South Pacific, is beginning to
kick, and W. A. Irwin waxes sarcastic timely on the Chinese
From Greenland's icy mountains,
From India's coral strand,
Where Africa's sunny fountains
Roll down their golden sands.
From Yellow River's shallows ���
And Tien-Tsin's muddy wall,
They do not want deliverance
From "Error's chaiu at all!
And late events are telling,
In no uncertain sound,
That e'en the sightless heathen has
Convictions of his own;
And on his native river,
And on his native plain,
He's seeking to deliver
"His land from Error's chain."
Which hits the spot exactly. Besides there are other ways of belling
the cat. You know that, when tbe
Jew and tbe Gentile went out boating together, and the Jew fell overboard, the Gentile grabbed him
by his- curly locks, and said in response to his cry of "save me!"
"Declare that you believe on the
Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be
saved." "I won't" said the Jew, so
down he went. Once more the Gentile grabbed him. Now do you believe in the Lord ? "N���No," said
the Jew, and again he disappeared.
"For the third and last time, do
you believe in Christ as your Savior ?"   "Ye���Yes,"   shivered  the
Jew, "well die in the Faith," replied
the Gentile, and he sent him to a
watery grave.
Also, when you are going out tn
convert anybody, on any subject
whatever, it is just, as well to really
learn before hand whether the
change sought, or the thing that is,
be really preferable. Ninety per
cent of the missionaries now at
large, are just comparable in their
breadth of mind, with that little
English child who. hearing her
tiny French guest say her prayers
in her own language, exclaimed,
"Mama, isn't that child silly ? God
doesn't understand French."
I hear one missionary iu China
says that hundreds of Mauser rifles
had been imported in coffins. Does
not that teach the nations something of humor, economy, philanthropy and forethought utterly un-
wotted of in their own preparations
for the glorious future ?
The local bank at Kamloops,
somehow got its Red Ensign reversed on Dominion day. Two of
the Cascade celebrators likewise
achieved the same brilliant result.
Who fell out of bed ? THE   CASCADE   RECORD
July 14, 1900
I'uitlislieil on Saturdays m  Cascade, is. ('.,
��Vr year  tfeiw
5ix Months	
%'o Foreign Countrlis     S.itO
Advertising Rates Furnished cm Application.
//' there is a blue mark in +
this square, your subscrip- ���
tion is due, and you arc in- *
vital to remit.
$2.00, payable in advance. Beiiides,
there are only about $1900 in tbe
till just now, and we could not
ij��| think of adding Barabbas to our
nnuie under at least $2,000. Eh !
what's that ? "More 'pi' than
���dough' round here since we began
monkeying with t'be cusps." Well,
well; what would you ? Editors
are not type-setters.
The editor of this progressive organ having been called away to the
bills to superintend the requirements of bis lumber ranch, it has
fallen to the lot of the man who
usually only prepares tbe entrees to
provide the whole repast. Years
ago tbe axiom was laid down that
any idiot can puke a fire and edit a
newspaper. May be, but. we begin
to have misgivings. Fortunately
for us the loss or blame consequent
upon unavoidable incapacity or
premeditated villainy will revert to
tbe party usually responsible. So
that in giving us the reins, be bas
established himself as a man of infinite courage���whatever may hereafter be said of his sagacity. He
will make bis own apologies and
take the kicks for our short coin-
in as in due course.
We know a man who watched
and waited fifteen years for just
such an opportunity as this. Unfortunately be lacked our inate
purity, and moial restraint, and
righteous upbringing; and consequently no sooner bad the editor
evaded his rent like the Arab and
silently stole away, than his substitute commenced to deal out retribution and. insult to everybody
who bad at any time conferred any
real or fancied injury upon him.
He headed tbe next issue "Magna
est Veritas et Prevalebit, Just For
Once In a Blooming While Anyway." Then be forth with proceeded
to "roast" everyone he objected to.
He said the local banker, who bad
had once refused him a loan of fifty
dollars on the security of a.spring
poem, was a bald-headed old buccaneer beyond burying, likewise a
peevish pawnbroker past praying
for, Then be called tbe parson a
sin-steeped, sycophant and servant
of sutan, and lower-cased at that;
whilst as for Miss Sophonisoa Snowdrop, instead of being tbe auburn-
haired angel she believed herself, she
was a flabby, fiat-footed, fiery-
haired, frog-backed, freckled-faced,
frowsy old frump,and more besides,
Then he misappropriated fill the
diamonds and jewelry, bank notes
and railway stocks he could find in
the printing oflict; and fled, and for
a month afterwards tbe editorial
sanctum was merrier than a Mardi
Gras masquerade, and more whine
than champagne in it, too.
But inasmuch as tbe "Sorrows of
Satan" aren't to be compared with
those of the average Boundary
newspaper proprietor, so we particularly desire that any errors or
faults of description in this issue
shall not be specifically fathered
upon the absent proprietor. Suit-
sequent editions will come out all
right. You see, dear reader, we remind ourself, figuratively, on this
occasion of one certain Hebrew
old-clothes dealer. A customer
was trying on a somewhat frowsy
fmck-coat. "It seems to be a bit
nifty," said tbe buyer; "smells, in
fact." "Nein, nein, nein,'" returned
the-Jew, "Desegoots is all right, it's
me dot sdinks."   'Nuff said.
But we would morn nny such
antics. Instead of that, we would
hold out our band like a Christian
to every one who came in sight���
and ask for a  year's subscription,
Nero fiddled while Rome burned,
and the powers are debating whilst
their diplomatic representatives,
together with their families, guests
and dependencies die. Procrastination has proved chief of ail nations.
What should we think of the captains of various life boats who, with
a"vessel in distress ahead, haggled
among themselves as to pay or
precedency, whilst the crew drowned before their eyes. Yet. with Ja-
pmi both ready and willing to incur the expense and risk of sending
troops to China, she has nevertheless been delayed seriously if not
actually fatally retarded by the cupidity and jealousy of tho Powers,
more particularly so by Russia.
To the man in the street, it may
hen light matter that his nation
bas dishonored both itself and him;
but what must be the feelings of
the relatives of the fifty representatives of the various legations immured, if not actually long since
immolated in Pekin ?
Knowledge of death is better
than the horrid uncertainty of
doubt, but uncertainty . coupled
with feelings of betrayal, neglect
and pupineness on the part of those
who, instead of leaving no stone
unturned to pave the road to succor, actually place obstacles in the
path of others, must amount to
prolonged agony of a hyper natural
type. The crime has been committed, whether, owing to unexpected internal strengh, or outside loyalty to the legations, the beleaguered foreigners escape death or not.
Even the Japanese themselves
feel this. But their share of the
blame is slight compared with that
of Britain, who ought to have unhesitatingly supported her; whilst
it is as less than naught judged
along side that of Russia,  who has
unquestionably  offered  opposition
lo her advance.
The crime of Khartoum is being
re-enacted, and this time more nations than one are to blame; and
maybe if the foreign ministers of
great nations have souls, and possess consciences, or store up memories, some day in the future
wraiths of this horrid present may
arise, and reverting in awe-struck
tones agonised with despair to their
shameless abandonment, cry as the
living braves cried long ago, "Ave
Caesar, Morituri te Salutant."
"I had to buy a slicker from the
government for 16s 6d or $4, as the
ones they served out in Ottawa all
fell to pieces assoon as we put them
on. The weather is wet and nasty."
So write? trooper Mayne Daly in a
modest letter from the front to his
father, the Hon.T. Mayne Daly,Q.
C.,of Rossland. "Their's not to reason why, their's not to make reply,
their's but to do and die," and
trooper Mayne Daly utters no word
of complaint but simply mentions
the fact casually, nnd privately,
possibly. Personally we do not regard it as a private matter at all,
but one of serious public importance, arid whilst-we recognize the
magnificent liberality nnd splendid loyalty which influenced Lord
Strnthcoua in the assembling and
dispatch of his excellent body of
horse," and freely admit that no
bliimecnn attach to him in the
matter; we would like to ask, as
pointedly as maybe, why the inspecting oflieer passed that faulty
portion of tbe kit, nnd who was the
contractor who supplied the worthless things ?
This is an old story, nnd somehow it sounds worse every time of
telling, until one's gorge rises, one's
vein^ swell, nnd the words of the
telling stnnd out hot and red, until
they swim in a mist of blood and
tears. It is the story of the Crimen, it is the story of Sedan, it is
the story of tbe Civil war and it is
ever the story of greedy and unscrupulous men seeking to batten
on the money and honor of their
country, and the blood and inLery
of their fellow beings.
Out upon all .such, now and
through all eternity, as traitors,
knnves nnd scoundrels, and may
tho God of Justice give them all
the justice due.
The necessity for the construe
tion of a trail from the head of
Christina lake to Franklin camp,
is just as great as ever, nnd daily
growing more so. The necessary
dollar is gradually getting scarcer
though. The Wisdom" Works open
up Victoria a few days hence, and
the estimates will certainly not be
over burdened with Cascade and
district requirements up to date.
The appointed hour to put up a
petition is always the present one.
We call the attention of our Member to this as a matter of a great
importance to this locality.
The loss of the  North  German
Lloyd S. S. Co., through  the  New
York fire, is 5,000,000 marks,
The profit on the Canadian gov-
ernment'd revenue nnd expenditure
transactions is over $14,000,000.
TheC. P. li. also benefits annually
by just about the same amount,
and yet it won't build a wheelbarrow track without a subsidy,
ooo  ���
"Fallen is thy throne O Israel,*'
In other words Mr. J. I. Tarte, as
you are likely to hear more truth
than poetry whenever you return
to Canada, why not show your intense patriotism to Fiance���a country which, by the way, is much to
good for you���by remaining on exhibition in Paris, along with tbe
other curiosities ?
The convention went frantic over opposition to expansion across
the seas. But an hour later, when
a delegate from Hawaii snid his
delegation bad "come 4000 miles
to attend this convention," a loud
cheer went up. So says the Spokesman Review. Well, there is nothing on this funny earth more funny than platform politics and popular applause, not even the excuses
of an erring husband at 4 a. in.
ooo      ���
A short while since the Burlington used to advertise "The Finest
Train on Earth." So last week'a
bold, bud bandit took it into bis
head to see if it was what it was
cracked up to be. He just simply
"held up" the whole train, robbed
every passenger be saw, including
a Missoula sheriff, nnd decamped
safely with about $500. We fear
he was disappointed with his turnover. The sheriff alone ought to
have had that much, and a few
watches besides.
If some of those political people
who are debating' so mighty much
on the emergency rations would
quit chattering and use their inferior maxilliaries feeding on the
stuff for a while, the results of their
efforts might be the achievement of
the truth, nnd perhaps .stomachache, also. It is infinitely better
that politicians should suffer intestinal cramps than Tommy Atkins
should. If some good people who
never smelt powder or saw blood,
had their own way, they would treat
Tommy like Nebuchadnezzar and
feed him on grass,
The Kootenay Valley railroad
extending from Kuskonook to its
connecting place with the Great
Northern at Bonner's Ferry,Idaho,
will be open for traffic in a week.
This is a switch that will cut both
ways, for it will not only provide
an outlet for Crow's Nest coal, but
another inlet for eastern goods
routed per Great Northern.
Anyhow, British Columbia should
benefit, so here's more power to
your elbow, Mr. Hill, and may your
arms ever grow longer.
<L A
July 14, 1900
Ferguson & Ritchie, of the Dominion Supply Store, are laying in
a line of popular patent medicines,
Where is that local constable,
and which bright particular burglar is going to be the next man
Contractor Olaf Oleson returned
Tuesday night from a visit of a
week at Seattle, in which locality
he has property interests.
Mr. Rowland Machin of the Bennett Fuse Co. was in town on Wednesday. What a fine sub-editor
of the Pink Un he would make.
Mr. Starkey, of Spokane, is in
town making arrangements witli
regard to the future of the Victoria
property in which he is heavily
Mrs. Horace Kimball and Miss
Kathlene, her daughter, of Spokane, are taking a summer outing
at Laurel Ridge as the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Stocker..
The Son. Mr. Smith Curtis, late
Minister of mines, passed through
Cascade last Tuesday. He does not
seem quite so pleased to meet us as
formerly. Mr. Curtis says that after the session he proposes to recommence work on the Elmore
Messrs Carden, Scott and Bunting took train to Grand Forks last
Saturday night, and fished the
Kettle down to Cascade the next
day. They walked about twenty
miles, and landed back wet and
weary. We stayed home and ate
the fish.
Contractor Quinlivan who suffered so heavily in the Cascade fire,
did yeoman service when the Chinese laundry burst into flames the
other day. Unfortunately he got
one hand severely burnt, and has
had to carry it in a sling ever since.
Constable Dinsmore is in town
this week collecting taxes and the
like. Poll tax $3, traders license $5,
Poetical license $50 That's why
we are keeping pur poetic department quiet, because if Dinsmore
takes it into his head tn garnishee
anybody, there's only us or the Y.
M. C. A. for it.
The largest trout we have ever
heard of being caught in Okanagan
lake, was captured a few days ago
by Leon Gillard, at Kelowna. It
weighed just a trifle over 29 lbs.
So says the Vernon News. We
have just as big fish in Christina,
as any up Okanagan way. But we
do badly lack the lovely rainbow
liarB they have up in that country.
Mrs. Win. Brown, knowing the
staff of The Reoord t" be composed
of pronounced vegetarians���owing
tn the scarcity of beef���sent in a
nice pail of fresh vegetables, grown
on the family homestead across the
river. The products attest the
wealth of the soil hereabouts when
agitated with the tiller's implements.
A meeting, called at short notice,
to discuss the ways and means of
constructing a satisfactory route of
travel between Christina lake and
Franklin camp, was held on Thursday evening. A committee was appointed to take the necessary steps.
Special efforts are being made to
ensure the success of a concert to
be given in the church, on the evening of Saturday next, the 21st inst.
Instrumental and vocal music by
visitors of professional ability, assisted by the best local talent,
should ensure the gratification of
all attending. A trifling charge
will he made for admission, and
it is fully expected that the attendance will be considerable and the
entertainment a great success.
Tientsin ;1n Grave Jeopardy���Conflicting Reports���The Worst Feared���The Beat
with tbe "Cloven Hoof."
The Chinese situation again bears
a most ominous aspect. Eighteen
days ago Sir Robert Hart dispatched his last message, declaring that
the situation was desperate, and
since then no word has come from
the Europeans at Pekin. Prince
Tuan's edict leaves little hope that
the foreign legations are safe in
spite of cheering reports from other
qunrlers. The Allies in Tientsin
have lost possession of the arsenal.
Unless reinforcements speedily
reach Tientsin, another disaster
may be expected. The Daily Mail's
correspondent, says: "The situation is about as bad as it can be. I
only trust that we shall not soon
want relieving ourselves. From
30,000 to 40,000 troops are wanted,
and there are only 10,000 here.
The foreign troops are working well
together. But it is inconvenient
that there iB no supreme commander. In some quarters the feeling
is to rescue Pekin and then clear
out in favor of Russia."
Japan will possibly send large
forces to the front. It is stated
Germany intends to send 10,000 to
15,000 men well equipped, and reports, which however lack credibility, aver that 100,000 native troops
will be sent forward  from India.
The governor of Port Arthur telegraphs that 40,000 Manchu troops
were, on July 7th, within nine
miles of Newchwang and had destroyed the Russian mines.
The Russian papers reassert that
the Boxers are ravaging Manchuria, and have damaged 60 utiles of
railway, threatening Teleiu and
Kuirin, while Port Arthur and
Newchwang are said to be endangered. Russia, therefore, has notified the powers of her intention to
dispatch a large military force to
Manchuria. It appears that the
Russian censorship is suppressing
all reference to this matter, audit
transpires that 6,000 regular troops
have already arrived from Port
Arthur and Amur, and the other
troops are now on their way to
We do Business in Grand Forks.
White Bros.,
Bkidge Strekt,   GRAND FORKS
Watch repairing a specialty.
Leave your repairing orders at this office
Drugs mi Stati
We carry an up-to-date
and complete stock.
H. E. Woodland & Oo.
Johnson Block,
Clark & Son,
Sell Everything Hen Wear
W. E. Megaw,
General Merchant
Makes a Specialty Fine
Fisher Block, (IRANI) FORKS.
New and Second-hand
....Bought and Sold....
Bridge Street. Near Custom House,
City Barbershop
Everything neat, clean and   convenient, and
workmanship the West.
Robert Prebilsky,
Mrs, M. F. Cross,
Proprietress JOHNSON BLOCK
Rooms fiOe and up.
Your k
i    Or rather, your old hoot*
i.       and shoes, do they need
T      repairing: or would you
, 1        prefer soinetliiug new ���
IJ      made to order?   Anyhow, call on
Miller Block, over Woodland's Drug Store.       ' hkIDGE STREKT, GRAND FORKS
When Shopping
in Grand Forks don't forget
The Grand Forks Drug Company
Druggists and Stationers.
Spokane Falls & Northern Railway 0.
Nelson k Ft Sheppard Railway Oo,
Red Mountain Railway Co.
The only all-rail route between all points east,
west nnd south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate poiuts; connecting at Spokane with the
Great Northern, Northern l'aciflc and O. R. k N.
Connects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo and
all Kootenai lake points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with stage daily for
Republic, and connects at Bossberg with stage
doily for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
10:35 a m      Spokane     7:10 p in
12:05 p m     Rowland    5:30 p m
9:30 a m      Nelson        8:00 p in
9:45 p m     Spokane      7:05 n in
11:00 p m     Rossland    6:30 a m
General Passenger Agent.
Certificate ol Improvements.
"Wren" and "Klx" Mineral Halms situate
in the Grand Forks mining division of Yale
Where located:���In Summit Camp.
Take Notice that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as
agent for Albert E. Keongb, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11B719, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for Certificates of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining crown grants
of the above Claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37,must be commenced before the issuance of
such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 30th day of April, A.D., WOO.
Service for the year 1900 will
be commenced JUNE 10th.
The " Imperial Limited 'r
takes you across the Continent in four days without
change. It is a solid vestibule train, 1 u x u r i o u s 1 y
equipped with every possible
essential for the comfort and
convenience of Passengers.
Ask your friends who have
travelled on it, or address
W.F. Anderson,     E.J.Coyle,
Trav. Pass.Agent, A.G.P.Ag'.
Nelpon, B.C.     Vancouver,B.C.
Certificate of Improvements.
"Alexandria" Mineral claim situate iu the-
Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located, in Summit camp.
Take not ice that I, Albert E. Ashcroft, Free
Miner's fiititlcau- Vo. R29423, for myself, and a��
agent for E.D. Olmsted, Free Miner's Certificate
JMdOfia, and James M. Fit/.pntrick, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 34885a, intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim
And further take notice that action, under section 87, inust be commenced before the issuance-
of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 1st day of June, A. D  MX).
July 14, 1900
Dominion Supply   Company
A Full Assortment oi Staple and Fancy ;j
mm. J. I/'"    '"
fliners' Supplies, Hay, Oats, Coal, Etc
ni��-��-#-* mi
M I M M II IH-tll MM! >^t'H^> Mil
4p��?        ^.w
Mmxx* w ������y�� j��/--aa < 'a��AffitA t^aaaoEHi
C. fl. THOMAS, Proprietor.
The Original and Oldest Hotel in this
part of the district. Headquarters for Cascade and Bossberg Stage Line; also for
Contractors, Mining Men and Travellers.
Well Stocked Bar in Connection.
^Second Avenue, Cascade City, B. C.
Sa ve
will change  time and   inaugiirnle
new service as follows:
Day Train will leave Spokane
10:35 a. rn., arrive Neli-on 8:00 p.m.,
arrive Rossland 5:30 p. in.; will
leave Nelson 9:30 a. in., leave Rossland 12:05 p. in., arrive Spokane
7:10 p. tn.
Night train (new service) will
leave Spokane 9:45 p. ni., arrive
Rossland 6:30 a. m.; will leave
Rossland 11:00 p. in., arrive Spokane 7:05 a. ni.
Great Northern standard sleeper
will be attached   to  night  trains.
H. A. Jackson.
General Passenger Agent
Cascade to Bossburg !
Local Office at Hotel Cascade.
"Etlle" Mineral <'laim situate In the Grand
Forks Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located, on Texas cseek, two miles east
of Christina lake
Take notice that I, Albert E. Ashcroft, as agent
for Mary Louise Teall, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B80790, Intend sixty drys from the date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements lor the purpose of obtaining
a crown grant < f the ebove claim.
And further take notice that action, under section DT.must ne commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thli 1st day or June, A. D., 1900.
Spokane Falls & Northern Railway Company
Change of Time.
Effective Sunday, June 3d. The
Spokane Falls & Northern Railway
We notice a geitleman named
Mclnnes is writing to the papers
considerably lately. The communications are somewhat lengthy.
Does anyone know what he is talking about?
Two poor little children were recently drowned in the Murray canal
whilst washing their hands. And
yet we had been taughi to believe
that all the big hands and feet
came from Boston.
The crop of berries this year is1
and has been, something phenomenal, and the nuts are following
btiit. We have bad strawberries
without stint, then came the sar-
viB (we aren't a Siwash and don't
know how to spell it) berries, huckleberries, blueberries, black and red
raspberries, red currants and gooseberries. Aiid by and bye the choke-
cherries and Oregon grapes will be
ready. What else could a buy
want, or a bear either.
Mr. Thomas Skinner ihinks that
a Fast Atlantic service for Canada,
would pay from the start, with a
subsidy. Every Liverpudlian and
most Montreal men know full well
what the present Canadian-going
boats are thought of. There is one
man however, whose attitude on
this matter cannot be overlooked,
and that is Mr. Alfred JoneB, of
the world-renowned firm of Elder,
Dempster & Co.
mmmmmmm Jiily 14. 1900
If You Wish
To keep thoroughly posted on the fast
moving events in the growing Boundary and Christina Lake sctions, there is
only one way to accomplish it, viz:
Just get in line, follow the
crowd and subscribe to..
���! Cascade Record.
It costs only Two Dollars to get
in out of the wet, and receive 52
copies of the Record. Printed
on good paper with good type
and good ink.
W. M. WOLVERTON, Manager.
The Store for Best Goods
Lowest Prices	
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods a Specialty.
Gents Furnishing Goods,
And everything else usually found in a well-stocked store.
Fresh Supplies Constantly Arriving.
*%A i!AW AaLt ���'   Ami fcB   Aimt) ifcX      J   1     jji j^L SLt <^L -^�� j^L -^*-�� j^L
Excursion Parties
and Freight
Carried to Order.
Wave the Flag at the foot of the Lake when you
desire either Steamer or Rowboats.   .
******** V ********
The Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Mouldings and Turnings.
Principal Hills at CASCADE, B C
The Wm. Hamilton
We do not keep "everything
under the sun," but we
have in stock just what
you want when you start
out in the hills or "up the
Shoes, Etc.
That We
Can Do
All Kinds
Styles of
A Test
Of Our
Artistic Skill
Will Prove.
Give Us a Trial.
Jul; 14, 1800
SW   r=��=n r=��=4 r^*=n r^^
Hirst |/^DPiTifrt)j to <��,4.5cad|e:| |
Central Avcnul
South I
3 --
Cascade City
SdAI-E.200rT.. I INCH
V."a.Bl��ANeM LlNE^
The coming Commercial, Industrial and Mining Centre of Bast Tale.
The Gateway City
Of the Kettle River, Boundary
Creek and Christina Lake Countries.
A Magnificent Water Power of 20,000 Horse Power.
The center of a marvellously RICH MINERAL DISTRICT. A most promising opportunity for business
locations and realty investments. A most advantageous smelter location and railroad center. One mile from Christina
Lake, the Great Pleasure Resort.   For further information, price of lots, etc., address,
GEO. K. STOCKER, Townsite Agent, Cascade, B. C.      Or L. A. HAMILTON, Land Com. C. P. R., Winnipeg, Man


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