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Canford Radium 1917-07

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3 for the time and oc-
in this fair Domin on.
Rons should be an example
the labor unions in Canaia,
the selectiin of enlightened
whose hands labor interests
Implicit confidence by the various
whom  none are more  demo-
[illingly lined up to secure the freely they possess to humanity, sinking
leneral good.    Had labor here such
Ps is Colonel Ward, a navy himself, as
natures gentlemen, and officer com-
navvy's battalion, Henderson, M. P.;
».; O'Grady, Hodge, etc.    Such a contre-
[hat which occured at Vancouver would
impossible.    The  British  labor unions
rthe value of true citizenship, which spells
|[len Rule" and are willing to fight to niain-
soldiers who have been through the Hell
rmhun contention and come out refined,
leir arms 'til they have secured a future
p and the principles they have risked
iv, its ten to one the party politicians
|pk of whom are the plutocrats and
;o have little use for the proletariat
\}t de-nationalisation. Russia would
after the war. There are men upon
I who have become multi-millionaires
the people and the resources of the
[possible that men worth a hundred
^expecting ante-belium consideration?
know what can be accomplished by
fn cutting out and laying the spectre of
jerty and want, rampant under ante-
tions. If we are men and women the
fee wni-Iie along the line that shall elimin-
ar as possible, the_chance of recurring evils,
3 have the remedy, abd the leader will be
3 apply it.
undred  millions!     This  means  dollars to
the population of the U. S.    Think of it!
and women who profess to be leaders in
c  reform  and  nationalisation!     Think  of
is money can do, administered wisely and
|tly.   We must bring the best out of human
o do that the state must erase   want" from
ion by placing each unit in such a position
or her services to the stata is a national
lich simply means the nationalisation of all
itilitiesv., banks,     railwriys.coal,   shipping,
pictricity generally, (then the unit will
and the state its- security.    A nation
6 professional politician to suit the pur-
fe few, is not to be thought of.'   Britain
Jple, at the present time of an united peo-
fce willingly giving both money and lives
lasting benefits to humanity, and to do
lecessitates the  expenditure  of  thirty to
e millions of dollars per day—an impost
ievement upon any other basis than nation-
women of Kamloops. like the women of
f 3000 years ago, "have no use for dod-
liirl ers and have entered a protest against
icers in uniform holding down soft places
if doing their duty at the front. They are
the service." We quite agree with
|y should take thejr place in the trench
\f uniform.       ^^^^^^^^^_^
with an earnessness unmistakeable to the aid of the
entente allies in combatting the common foes of
our civilization. President Wilson has declared war
to the finish against the slaughterer of the innocents, and thus proved himself worthy of being his
fathers son. "Too proud to fight"—as we before
stated—certainly—without just cause, and getting
that, he is shirking nothing so that the arch fiend
of Germany may not escape the warmest corner in
Hades. May the Union Jack and Stare and Stripes,
as representing the English speaking people throughout the world, and who stand as "patriots of
mankind"—champions of just and equal liberty—
having at last com© together to rid the earth of a
pest and menace to the peace of humanity, form a
cordon to ensure future immunity from the devastating scourge of war.
The slogan of pre-war business ethics (sic)
throughout Canada has been "everyone for themselves and the devil take the hindermost." The
devils philosophy, unquestionably. Apply this strenuous spirit to the business of the state, thus rooting out individual selfishness, then Canada will be
a land worth living in. Apply the Golden Rule:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto
you," and the people initiating the policy will be
a happy and contented one; civilisation will have
attained an object worth striving for because built
upon a solid foundation of unity and not upon
the sands of partizanship, profession. .J'politics and
so called competition of emulative, collective or
individual rascality and graft, which flings "everybody for themselves and the Devil take the hindmost." In the face of the deserving poor, of misery and squalor, of the widow and the orphan, are
we men and women to continue to turn over such
a blotted page, in post belium times, no; a thousand times no! The n nascence must be worthy the
sacrifice which will have been paid for it by the
best of our man womanhood pr it will have been
blood spilt in vain.
Article XXIII, of the treaty concluded between
the U. S. and the King of Prussia during the latter
part of the Eighteenth Century, reads:
"If war should arise between the two contracting parties, the merchants of either country then
residing in the other shall be allowed to remain
nine months to collect their debts and settle their
affairs and may depart freely carrying off all their
effects without molestation or hindrance, and all
women and children, scholars of every faculty,
cultivators of the earth, artizans, manufacturers,
and fishermen, unarmed, and inhabiting unfortified
towns or places, and in general all others whose
occupations are for the common subsistence and
benefit of mankind, shall be allowed to continue
their respective employments, and shall not be
molested in their persons nor shall their houses or
goods e burnt or otherwise destroyed, nor their
fields wasted by the armed force of the enemy, into
whose power, by the event of war, they may happen
to fall; but if anything is necessary to Iks taken from
them for the use of such armed force tlnsame shall
be paid for at a reasonable price, and aUimorchanla
and trading vessels employed in exchanging tJi
ducts of different places and thereby rs
necessaries, conveniences, and comforf
life more easy to be obtained, and
yhall be allowed to pass free and um
neither of the contracting powers
issue any commission to any privaj
empowering them to take or dc
vessels or interrupt such commej
We believe this treaty, thorn
jld, has rjever been revoked, and^f
Sis hserved it?
President Wilson's first thought upon entering
the present conflict was the very essence of true
democracy, viz: the greatest good for the greatest
number, and the protection of the people from the
criminal conduct of the gamblers and speculators in
wheat. These dealers in futures should be con-
Iripted up to the age limit of sixty, both in Canana
and the U. S. They have indulged in their nefarious; practices behind and at the expense of our
haloes who are fighting an unprincipled and invid-
icfca enemy at the front, while his family at home
.A,k^'i>'y<n'g plundered by these cornerers of necessities, for the sake of the dollar. The flower of the
race are fighting to vindicate a point of honour
abroad, and in their absence we must not allow dishonor to be pratised by food manipulators. President Wilson is determined to control the situation
and has appointed Mr." Herbert Hoover, who so
wisely managed the Belgian Relief Fund, as food
dictator, and has already shewn that he is a capable admnistrator by declaring that he sees no
reason that flour should be more than $9.00 per
barrel. Food generally he is reducing some thirty
per cent, besides providing for home consumption
of some hundred millions of people, he will see
that the Allies get some four hundred million bus-
hells of cereals. And what has Canada done but
ublish a lot of piffle telling the people to econo-
To control the market rigger nothing has
^dpm? so flour is ONLY $13.20 per barrel.
rfhis in a producing country, with at present 20
percent of the wheat in the hands of the farmer,
who are not making the excessive profits. Britain
is getting her principal supplies from the Argentine
and Australia and therefore is not shortening our
"Indications are that unless unforseen conditions arise scrambling to buy wheat and wheat products will not occur again as the Allied governments are in a position to get all the grain and
grain products they require, and a large number of
consumers have purchased and stored enough flour
to meeMfteir requirements up to and beyond the
uim-er-vvnen new crop wheat will be milled.
"The report of crop conditions uunng the week
in Argentine, on the continent and Australia, are
good. From Argetine advices are to the effect that
the acreage will be increased and Government aid
is being given to increase production. Wheat producing countries on the continent are all increasing
food producing acreages. The sum and substance
of every crop is that everything possible is being
done to increase food supplies.
"In Australia wheat stocks are large and shipments are becoming liberal. Special arrangements
are being made to make an initial shipment of 3,-
000,000 bushels to Europe via the American Pacific
coast then to the Atlantic seaboard to be exported.
The estimated cost cf Australian wheat at the Atlantic seaboard is $2.39. Under present conditions
the only thing necessary to build up^grain reserves
at terminal points here and abroad is an improvement of railway and ocean transportation facilities.."
"Secretary Lane minced no words in telling the
coa] Jtttfhik#-y should be patriotic enough to forgo
he successful conduct of the war.
iccess of the country in this grpat war,"
asts on you and you ; re responsible just
the soldiers i.i the trenche .    Pershing
nr the President in  the  \V rite House.
the fundamental industry.    How much
you? Are you small or big? Are you
ans or statesmen?
try  will  not  stand  anything  but  a
© large men.   There must be some
j')f the coal industry.    When your
going to the front is r.o time for
'ivantage even when it ci>'tnes under
of trade.    The life of the natioi
is t stake and there are greater things than ml
ing money. Is there a man who will say to il
"You can send your boy to France while I stay ho
and coin his blood into dollars? i
"To be an American  citizen is not merely
make a million dollars, but it is to uphold the ail
of the man who s making the fight for his country.
Oh,', Canada- Whbre are our Hoovers and'
Lanes? To hades with party and the party machine: Secure men, not mice, and give them a
free hand to act for the best interest of the masses. We are not a tenth part of the population of
our cousins in the U. S., and yet we are acting as
the veriest pigimies in grappling with economic
The "Overseas" Club—join in—and contermine
the Germans commercially. It's a grand medium
for keeping in touch with all parts of the Empire.
Non-party and non sectarian, it offers the advantages of unity, social intercourse and mutual help
and through its correspondence channels, which is
educative of all parts of the world, a mine of knowledge and information can be gathered. It has a
membership of 147,000 residing in all parts of the
world. Membership fees, inclusive of the "Overseas" Magazine, $2.50. "Overseas" Club War
Fund subscribed to date $2,185,57.5.
A branch of the Club was organised at "Can-
ford", Nicola Valley, B. C The war has however
drawn some fifteen of our members out of jitat ever
The organiser, Mr. F>e!y.i Wrencr, of London,
writes that he has joined the R. F. C, as aecond
Lieutenant. We wish him the best of luck and
confusion to our enemies.
We shall be happy to supply any information required upon request. The Tobacco Fund for the
brave boys at the front is still being raised and any
funds sent us, we shall be happy to acknowledge.
Subscribers can have any parcel they select sent
direct to relative or friend at the front, or in England, with the maximum certainty of reaching its
destination, and remember, every 25 cents sends
FOUR times as much as you could buy and send
yourself for the same money. Inside each parcel
is a souvenir Post Card, addressed to the doner, so
that the soldier can write and thank you peronally.
Such an exceptional medium is only possible through aji organization like the "Overseas" Club
Lionel T Hardiman and R. W. Layton of Can-
ford, Nicola Valley, B. C„ left for the East on the
20th ult with a draft of the 6th Regiment of Canadian Engineers. Both are good sturdy fellows and
will no doubt give a good account of themselves
when they get to the front. L. T. Hardiman, besides being a good shot, is an expert swimmer, horse
man and cyclist. That he will be missed by his
parents gees without saying, since he was their right
hand upon the homestead. However, dutys call is
imperative and the honor of Old England must be
sustained. May good luck follow them and all who
willingly do their part in their country's service.
Nothing but coi scription will comb out the dodgers in the coast tovns and the sooner it becomes effective the better. The country portions of the
Province, are virUally depleted of all the young
men of Aj^MA^and fitness, w::ile the rotters
the^ Eto£,flgauii;t jduinie  knowing
wo aw |fe^^tf|t*^k Canada:
**f /
Ir. Theodore H. Price, cotton broker and editor
ftew York offers five hundred thousand dollars
[an invention that will eliminate the submarine
greater addition to the wealth of the Dominion,
What is the matter with Canada? Where are her
public spirited men?
Headquarters of Canadian army at the Front:
"Our seven league boots and vril stick has enabled
us to utterly rout the Germ-Hun, take possession of
Berlin, and restore once again peace re an exhausted world. Asmodeus and Sam Slick was with us so
it\was easy. The Kaiser has run for Potsdam, but
we; are after him and will shortly put the dam on
The true gentleman is the man whose conduct
proceeds from goodwill and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure of his obscurity,
or any man of his inferirity or deformity; who is
himself humbled if necessity compel him to humble
another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before
power or boast f his own possessions or achievements; who peaks with frankness, but always with
sincerity and sympathy, and whose deeds follow his
words; who thinks of the rights and feelings of
others rather than his own; who appears well in
any company; a man with whom honor is sacred
and virtue safe.—J. W. Wayland.
The rivers of tile Province are subject to
swollen heads at certain seasons of the year—like
our politicians—we have been allowing both to get
away with our money; do umestrai^ed damage to
settlers property and cut out our roads. Up to the
present the method adopted by the incapables is to
throw gold into the roads affected and let the river
carry both away, which it certainly does. We understand the Public Works Department of the Province, acting in the best interests of the people,
have appointed capable engineers to rectify past
mistakes, hence we hope they will go to the cause
and deal effectively with that then large sums of
money will be saved. We have just visited a neighbor—a victim of our rotten administration—who
has an ideal home which ha has built up and cultivated at some considerable outlay, an asset to any
country wishing to encourage the building up of
permanent homes: Four to five acres of his garden has been washed away by the river, taking his
crop with it, destroying his irrigation ditch, and
leaving Iris house in the danger zone. Such a condition of affairs could not have existed under any
other system (sic) than that tolerated here—to our
sorrow. Thousands of dollars have Tieen expended
upon roads so affected, instead cf attacking the
cause which would have been comparatively inexpensive; the effect only has been dealt with. At the
proper season of the year—burn tho snags.
It. should he the business of the  Federal  Government   to  see  that  judicious   loans  are  granted
^r'wlien  required  by  responsible farmers  throughout
+," <he  Dominion, *and thus make for  the  prosperity
f^:-       and  advance which  production  can  alone ensure.
The chartered   >anks should he Instructed to issue
lonas up to and upon a (vriifiejAk^^^^ cf productive and stock for^y^ ^ument
nil(J^y^^i^gf| wis. half
l'°rcont^M fcfcjod
Socialists and Laborites, you are blocking any-
advance, by your conduct, along the lines of nationalisation of public utilities in Canada, and are
playing into the hands of indivdual and corporate
capitalists so that selfishness stalks unabashed
through the land and will continue to do unie
LEADERS are found who are capableXpuhic Vpir
ed, and given absolute confidence upon your par;
to bring about the radical economic change of
system indispensable to the advance and prosperity
of the whole Dominion. Find your leaders, then
give them your united solid support. Nationalisation is necessary to put Canada upon its fee1", for
at present you are at the feet of the most collossal
lot of grafters and politicians out of hades. Canada
made a wrong start when she allowed charter-
mongers to deal with her banks, railways, express
companies, telegraphs, etc., thus alienating from
the state what should have produced revenue and
reduced taxation: If you Laboritds and Socialists
are consistent you will unite to recover lost ground,
and, like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, you
will cut partizanship and man the ship of state wit!
a captain and crew that will be an honour to ya
selves, as it will be a blessing to thp country,, jf
eral revenue can guarantee interest upon all cap
ital invested and take control upon the part of tho
state. Interest upon a thousand millions at five
percent would be fifty millions. Now then, run
through the present annual income or the Dominion
and see the wonders nationalisation would accomplish. With such encouragement productive values
would increase enormously. We should add to our
population, attract and keep it, which Canada has
been quite unable t do up to the present. The
wealth of any country is based upon its production,
so if progression and ppulation is wanted you must
encourage it. ' »-...
Well, the men who fought the fight wll have
undoubtedly something to say, and since the Huns
risked their all upon a die of their own making,
what do they expect? They are no sports, and
their debts are debts of honour, so if they have
not the money we must have their marbles,
The Nicola Valley, for all the lateness of the
season, never looked more charming. vVherever
cultivation has been carried out,' there the eyes
rest upon an enchanted carpet of verdure Old So!
has entered into a working partnership with Jupiter Pluvius and. is ma'ring up for lost time, so there
is every prospect of the crops yielding the average,
if not above. The timber business, lagging and
dressed pine are working a twenty-four hour day.
T abor is wanted badly, both in connection with the
industries, land, and railways. With s^^^ the
outlook  is encouraging.
The fiscal system of the Dominion is|
quantity.    Chartered banks were alb.
real estate booms in the towns, to fin|
ators and advance up to "0 per cent \ii
town lots, yet the basic industry, aarj
mers ownin •; their own lanus and a<
cern can go . no encouragement or1
land,   thou<gh   such   industry  is   ii
feeding the  masses and any  courl
mo gauged by the amount of'aj


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