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vol 1.
Bennett Lake, B C , December 9,1899.
No. 29.
Boers Reported to lie Abandoning the Siege of Kimberly and Moving
Southward to Meet Him—Sharp Fighting Expected.
Boer Forces to Unite.
Orange RIVER, Dec. L- The British j Sharp fighting may be expected at any
arms have achieved a brilliant victory. I time on the southern frontier. .Possibly,
The enemy, strongly intrenched, held a Gen Gatacres' first battle will be in the
range of hills commanding both sides of! rough passes of the Stormberg mountains,
the railway as Rooi laagte, near Gras
Pan. The Lancashires, under Lewis,
reconnoitered in an ajmored train on
Friday. The Boers shelled the train,
killing Lewis and a private.
At dawn Methuen's advance began,
the guards forming the reserve. The
column debouched on the plain east-
Ward of the Boer kopjes.
The Boer guns opened fire. The battel las of Hho British urtiliery, posted
on each side, shelled the Boers, practice
being good on both sides. <
The Boers struck tenaciously to their
positions, firing steady and accurately.
The duel, which constant y became hi t-
ter, lasted three hours. The Boer
shells wounded several men ofthe naval
Finding it impossible to displace the
Boers by artillery, Geh. Methuen resolved upon an infantry attack. A brigade of infantry, including the Yorkshires, the Northampto.ns, the Nortb-
umberlands and the Lancashires, with
the naval brigade on the right, gallantly stormed the Boer positions in
the face of a withering lire, and carried
hill after hill,the brigade under Col.
Money capturing the main position
against a terrific fire, suffering terribly.
London, Dec. 1.—A dispatch has
been received here from Gen.. Buller,
giving a list of casualties among the
troops engaged in the battle of Gras
Pan, but which is now officially designated as the battle of Instan. It proves,
as anticipated,- that the British success
was heavily bought. The loss announced today, added to the naval brigade casualties previously notified, make
a grand total of 198 as the cost of Gen.
Methuen's second battle. The Yorkshires apparently bore with the naval
brigade the brunt of the fighting, as
there were, in addition to three officers,
forty-eight of the rank and file killed,
wounded and missing.
It is said the French cabinet instructed
the'iniuisler of war to refuse all officers
leave to go abroad, and that officers absenting themselves in order to go to the
Transvaal will do so at the risk of dismissal.
Bh.Rlin,  Dec. i.—Tlie  Deutsche Zei-
tung publishes  the following dispatch,
dated Pretoria, Nov. 27, received through
Boer   diplomatic    channels:   "President; 0f the Rritish o'-onpa
Kruger  anil  President  Steyn have   in- j Bloemfoateiil."
atructed Gen   loubert ami Gen. Cronie '   ,, »r
1       Paris,   Nov.
that it was a Boer bivouac.
Joubert is reported to have retreated to
Colcnso yesterday. He traveled in an
omnibus drawn by six horses. It is
rumored he is hurrying back to oppose
Col. Baden-Powell. Two Estcourt trains
arrived at Freere last evening. There is
rejoicing at the reopeniug of the line.
Boer prisoners report, Hillyard's night
attack with cold steel paralyzed the
burghers, whose loss was thirty killeil
and over one hundred wouuded.
The London Daily Chronicle says: "We
learn that the cabinet has decided that
the basis of settlement in South Africa
will be a United South Africa modelled
upon the Canadian plan. The details
have not yet been settled, but it is practically ce: tain that no terms of peace will be
accepted by the British government short
1 of Pretoria ami
not to >| lit!heir forces into small detach-
mt'iits. but to strike vigo ous blows. Gen.
Joubert has three corps, one holding
Lailysmith, tin-second commanding the j ;
Eugela, and the third east of Estcourt, in
order to cut off the British le ivat. Gen.
Cronje's forces are-divided into three contingents, one at Kiniberley, another at
Modder river, and the third in the rear of
Gen. Methuen."
LONDON, Dee. i —Beyond the report
fronj Estcourt th it firing was heard in
the direction of l.adysmith 011 Monday,
there is not a shred of news of any kind
from the seat of war. A.semi-Official statement has been issued thiu Lord Methuen's
wound is not serious, ami that he i*ex-
pected to be ali right in a few days. It is
certain, however, that the wound will
prevent his being in the saddle, and there
is great anxiety to know whether he will
be compelled temporarily to abandon ihe
personal direction of affairs.
The war office today makes the follow-
30.--The   anti-English\
caricatures in connection w.th the Transvaal war have culminated in a grossly o'b-
se'ene drawing, insulting Queen-Victoria,
' ""c 'in La Caricature, entitled "English Cor
rection." The police seized it today,
probably as the •outcome of repiesenta-
tions by the British embassy,
One ofthe Boer prisoners wounded
in the Orange River engagement, on
bring asked what he thought of the
British bayonet charge, answered;
"Almighty do you think I waited for
that?" -   ,
Ihe militaiy authorisies have given
permission to the Canadian contingent on
its arrival lo march through the city,
wi ieh will be heautifuiy decorated, and
the day will be observed as,a holiday.
More troops will probably be sent to
Africa, briuging the army there up to
230,000. This means an expenditure of
from $1,500,000 to $2,000,000.     •
The losses of the naval hrigade in the
ing dispatch public from the commanding | battle at Gras Pan were enormous. Out
general at Cape Town, under date of Nov. j of 500  seamen  and marines   105 fell',
! being more than 20 per cent.
"Kiniberley all well to November 23.      ,,,.      , ,.
Railway communication to Modder river, i    The Australian contingent   has ar-
Reports  following   from   Buller,   dated i rlved at Capetown.    ^ ' |
Pietermaritzburg, Wednesday, November!    Tue New- Zealand contingent has ar-
29'   .   1          ,               .„,.,.    ,,, ,      ■ rived at Capetown.
Estcourt, Nov..30.—The twelfth Ian- 	
cers are reported to have attacked Pitte I James Patlinson, formerly a railroad
lief's force at Weenen and have inflicted employee, was taken to a Skagway
great loss on the Boers. Hillyard's troop hospital on Wednesday. He is threat-
bivouacked last night  at Freere.   Two ened with typhoid fever.
\ A ■
I  ft klAIMFY IM RFMMFTT ,h,> Hi,rin? t0 N°me»saya the Daily
L. U. IWlllLI  111 Ul 11111 I I   Alaskan.   The craft will probably   be
<■-'   - - ■! ready for launching in a week.   Atrial
Promoter of the Dyea Railway Talks' wil1 h(' U1|l(i<1 in  ,he waters of Lynn
j canal and she- may remain in these,
waters for some time. It is the ulan of
the owners to ship the craft'to Bennett
by rtiil, and there fo put it on sleds and
alid run it over the ice to Lower La-
bai-ge before the Yukon opens in the
Spring. The vessel m 53 feet long, 12}
•0. i feet beam, 4 feet depth of hold, and is
i expected to draw.3 feet of water.   She
to the  People of Our
Little City.
On Thursday evening St. Andrew's
church .was tilled with people to hear
Mr. Li D. Kinney, the promoter of the
Dyea railway and Chilkoot tunnel pi-
ter" of the Soapy Smith variety. He
is charged with whiskey smuggling
and doing any other illegal act that
would bring him a dollar. In fact, it is
said that some of the Nome police officers have all thp vices of Soapy Smith
and none of his virtues.- -Juneau Truth.
The meeting «4s called to order by- will-be fitted with fore and aft Cdthr
Major .1 oh(piVi 1,h()d, who proposed that
Dr. A. l'i. Pot'ttfr. tnr weleetbd us uhjjrifa
iiian; the major's suggestion was decided to be a good one, and Dr. Porter |
■     . I
was elected uiiaiiiniouslv.    Mr. J. II, i
pound engines. Although there is no
sleeping .accommodations for passengers, tlie craft will have l^pTe~<3ffMnsr
It is the intention of the owners to follow close after the ice in the day time
tfillcOuer acted as secretary.'" Chair-!lind ,() lil- »1» !llon£ lhe Hnore at niSht-
mun Porter Uiiiuked ihose presimt'for'They say they can easily tie up every
the honor, ami after brief remarks i> bight and catch up with the ice each
troduced Mr. Kinney. I dtty, and thus reach the.mouth of the
Mr.'  Kinney opened! his, address |,y ; river just as soon as the ice passes out.
paying many neat, .compliments to the. \    Th(-'llt:w y,';ltt ,1US no1 beeu named;
White Pass railway and its energetic
Mr. J. T. Bethune, the mining promoter and real estate man, left on the
last trip of the Danube for Victoria,
and will remain about two months,',if he
can arrange his many business affaris
within that time. Before he returns
he will visit Montreal, Ottawa, Boston,
New York and other Eastern cities.
Mr. Neilson, of the Bennett Bakery,
left Thursday for Seattle, where he will
spend the holidays with his family.
Che family Ijotel of tlK City.
■ News has reached the city that the
lieutenant in command at St. Michael
has taken charge of the Nome district
and deposed from office the municipal
officers of Nome.   It is said that iiddy,
i-i.a "graf-
promoters — Metros.  Hawkins, Hislop
and Heney—and stated positively that
fie was not engaging in a light against
that corporation or 'those gentlemen,
but to his wav of reasoning the Chi 1-
,    ,     .,        '-■•, ,■■••■, the chief of police at Nam
kool railway and iunnel schemes were, ,  ' -
good business propositions and first-
class investniehis'loi' capital., He dwelt
at length on the cheapness of .transportation by Water from Bennett to
the lower river; explaining that his
company would construct scows of large
timbers, aiid  alter  arriving  at their
first Class.
Filter & Pi
everything neat ani Clean.
lrner, Props.   Bennett, B. C.
Che Some
Three fliles
lioundury   Island.
BStlnation oould. be taken  apart  and : Good Meals and plenty of reailing matter
in a comfortable log house.
dgwirs fiotei
... Log Cabin, B. C.
The Oldest and Best Place In Cabin.
Only 'Wooden "Building1 With- Rooms.
Opposite Custom House.
fleemmodations for Ladies.
e lebarge
sawed into smaller lumber: hence the
price of the bottoms would be practically |ioth'ingi He assured his hearers
that unless something unforeseen happens, electric cars will be runing.-fi'om
ihe headwaters of Lynn catial to the
headwaters of the mighty Yukon by
the 15th of next July; and, furthermore, that there would be a car arriving and departing every hour.
Much of the speaker's time was devoted lo personal vindication, explaining
at.  length-'the"*Causes, of   his ••'•falli»W>-A-ddress all communications to J. L. (JACK, P. 0. Box 100, Bennett, B. C.
Best equipped in northwest.
experienced men InCD^     fREIQHTING   COMPANY
Solicit large and small .Freighting contracts to Foot of Lake Lebarge and intermediate points.'
Wood! Wood!
A SPECIALTY-. 'Delivered in any part
of the city. When you order a*cord of
Wood of us you receive 123 cubic feet.
down".(as he expressed it) in his
enterprises, ami gave a very iuteresang
sketch of his business career from the
time he was a lad of 14 years in Prince!— -f ~	
Edward Island to the present time., j'p^^^^W/OOaTOOOOOOOeiaX^a'iO \>y>yOO:C^
Mr. Kinney's address was well received 6 New Furniture and all Modern Improvements Including Gas Lights and Piano.
' by our citizens, and the  attention accorded him was indeed gratifying to that
The promoter leaves for the South
shortly to con lev with the capitalists of
the enterprise.
Fast Boat for Nome.
A tine steel hull steamer, expected to
run .131 knots an hour, is being built on
the beach at the foot of Main street, by
J. and G. Lawrence, brothers, who expect to go down the Yukon in her in
W to  to   to
OK VllKOtt* turner * Co.» Props.
FIRST   CLASS.    • [■
The pioneer house of Bennett. Concert every evening:   h
' Fatal Accident.
Mr. 0. H. Partridge, manager of the
B. L. & K. N. Co.'b Bawmillon the
West Arm of Lake Bennett, arrived in
the city last Monday with the remains
of Mr. James Gray, the head sawyer of
the mill, who was' killed last Saturday
by being struck by a heavy slab of timber. Mr. Partridge accompanied the
remains to Skagway, from which point
family at Victoria
Mr. Gray was formerly the junior
member of the Victoria firm of Gray &
Son, manufacturers of sash, doors, etc.,
and   was about  45  years of age.   He
merchants Bank of Wax.
Head Office: Halifax, N. 5.
Rest  -
... ,      , .    , • The Safest way to remit Money is by Bank Draft,
they will be shipped to his sorrowin^tpayab,e at any pofnt in Canada an'd the United States.
We can sell you drafts
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Gold Dust Purchased.
F. ,L. MURRAY, Manager.
leaves a wife children to mourn his sudden death.
Not Enlrely Reformed Yet,
Charles 0   Summers, well  known
himself a Winchester. Its "cheerful
laughter'- can be heard at any time one
haB the courage to remove a board from
the fence thereon.
Monday   and   Tuesday's   passenger
trains  were an hour late owing to a
, Juneau people under the alias of James j 8nQW blockade about three   mile8 this
W. Morrison,  has been  pardoned -from I side f)f the Summit.   The  new rbtary
snow plow cut  the  way  through  an
the state prison of Mississippi by the governor. He was serving a term for express
rob' ery. He it was who built the Comet
saloon and Louvre theater in Juneau. In
the spring of 1S97 he joined the stampede
to Dawson where, ii is said, he made a
good foitune in mining. He afterward
voluntarily gave himself up to the authorities of Mississippi. He is now at work on
a booly$i\ing a history of his criminal
life ^Skagway News.
eight-foot drift.
Patronize the Advertiser.
The man who advertises builds up the
town.   If you are interested in your city
patronize only the advertising merchants.
—Juneau Miner.
A. B. Badges $3, Pioneer Jeweller, Skag
At the Trradnell Mine.
The September report ot the Alaska
Treadwell company shows 540 stamps
crushed 58,407 tuns of a value of $07,646,
with a saving of 1,083 tons of sulphurets
of a value of $30,173 The ore averaged
$1.83 per ton. Gross receipts for the
mouth were $107,087, and expenses $36,-
5(0. The dividends are 37ic per share
Since the first of last July, when the
new Alaska revenue law went in effect,
the people of that territory have paid
OTICE is hereby given that application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia at its next Session for
an Act to incorporate a Company with
fiower to construct, build and operate a
ine orlines of tramway from the City
of Atlin to the Town of Discovery in the
District of Cassiar and from either or
both the said City and Town to any and
all other cities, towns, villages or settlements in the said District of Cassiar;
to run and operate such line or lines of
tramway by electricity, steam or any
other power; to erect and operate telegraph and telephone lines or either of^
them between the said City of Atlin and
said Town of Discovery and elsewhere
in said District as above mentioned with
power to connect with other tramway,
into the national treasury the modest' ^graph and telephone lines that may
,„„,„„,. *    ,. ...   be constructed and erected outside the
sum of $153,276.40 for licenses of van-, gaid Dl8tI,lct. or Province; t0 ^nerate
ous kinds.  That entire amount is clean and supply electricity, steam, air, water,
pick-up for Uncle Sam, and is "dead
horse" for the people who are developing the country.
M. Sundeen is in possessor of a town
lot on Thirteenth street, Skagway, and
to retain such possession he has armed
J. T. Bethune & Co.
Commission merchants, Real
estate, Shipping and Insurance
Mining and Customs Brokers*
B—H xxx —
Front St., Bennett
or other power for the purpose of supplying light and heat or for any other
purposes whatsoever to the said City of
Atlin and Town of Discovery and to any
and all the other cities and towns and
to villages, to corporations and individuals within the said District; to acquire
and hold water rights for the purpose
of generating power whether for their
own use or for the use of other corporations and individuals; to acquire and hold
land, timber rights, rights of way and
other easements for the purposes of the
Company; and to carry on the business
of merchants, traders and hotel-keepers
for the purpose of supplying their employees and others in the said District;
and all other usual necessary or incidental powers, rights and privileges as
may be necessary or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above
objects or any of them.
Dated at the City of Victoria, B. G,
this 25th day of November, 1899.
Solicitors for Applicants.
Benneti Br«s Store—
NewDrugs, Patent Medicines, Stationery, Prescriptions Carefully Filled.
Neville J. Lindsay, M. D. C. M., Prop-
Physician and surgeon; Graduate of
Trinity University; M. C. P. & S.,
Ont.; M.-C. P7 & S., N. W. T.; M. C,
P. &S.. B. C; M. C. P. &S., Y. D,
I West i.Co.,
Ciquors and Cigars
Bennett Bakery
and Restaurant
1 Proprietors.
Pies and   Assorted
Always on Hand.
The Best Place in Bennett for a
flood Meal.
I   General merchandise.
deo. L. Rice.   David Hustle.    John P. Qulno
finest tine of Bowses in Alaska.
Geo. C. Rice
Pack Train Inn, Bennett, B. C.
The Nevada Cafe, Juneau, Alaska.
The Bank, Skagway, Alaska.
Grand Hotel and Cafe, Atlin City, B. C
Tint-Glass 3ob Printing at the Sun Office.
Get Our Prices. thy the efforts of a Windsor chef.   A i    Mr.  Seigley, paymaster and general
jolly good  time, spend  in feasting and j agent for M. J. Heney, left on a business
I toasting was indulged in till 2 o'clock I trip to Sound points^yesterday.   He will
H3«nitett Sun Printing and Publishing €6.1 a. m.   The host and hostess, Mr. McNeil I return at New Year's.   Mr. Johnson is in
PROPRIETORS. j and Mrs. Simpson, were the recipients of charge at  headquarters  during his ab-
—•— --[many,thanks for their valuable assistance : sence.
in making the event so great a success.
F. SoharschmtdtJ Editor •
-j- :
Published Every Saturday Morning> , grette(, ,)y tue community i(1 general
.. A. F. Cross returned from her
The captain left on Wednesday's train ; yacation ]m MoQday
en route  to Victoiia.'his departure re-j 	
Sibgle Copies.
. .$4 Per Annum.
.10.Cents Each.
1    McKay Bros, loaded a scow last Sun-
! day with quartered beef and started
1 with itthrough the ice-to onen water-in
?veHlsing rates made known on applir | ()|.(]ei. t0 sail t0 CttribolJ.   During Mon-
Mr. Mellot has been added to the W.
P. & Y. office staff at Bennett
Division Superintendet J. P. Rogers
was a Bennett visitor last Wednesday.
..cation to the office.
TtfE ONLY'ftOU'fift '
The action of the Skagway Chamber
of Commerce in deciding to publish the
result of investigation of the Skagway:
Bennett' Route to Nome is very commendable, and should receive the unanimous approval and endorsement of the
citizens of this portion of the North.
After careful delibeiatiou of and a
searching examination oi all facts anil
data pertaining to thi? matter, it has decked to assist in the advertising of the
route mentioned.
I day and Tuesday they made progress at
the rate of about 200 yards a day. On
Wednesday the ice encountered was too
thick to cut easily, so they attached a
long rope to the caps-tan o-f-th-e.stea.mer
Gleaner and endeavored to pull "the
scow on the ice in order to mount it on
sleds, and by that means get it to the
water, but the ice
enough to bear it.
looks as though the proposition would
have to be abandoned.
Atlin and Bennett Divisions of Cassiar District.
Church Services.
Rev. J. A. Sinclair will hold services
tomorrow at 11 a hi, and 7:30 p. m. at
Notice is hereby given thut a COURT
was   not  strong!t,,e ASSESSMENT ACT will be held at
mu. , .      .'tht-following places and dates:
Tins morning it. fi K
Court Room, Atlin, B. C, 24th November, 1899.
Government   Office, Bennett,   B.   C,
Wt dnesday, 6th December, 1899.
Dated at Atlin, H C, this 14th day of
November, \  D, 1899 „
St. Andrew's Presbyterian church. All  JwUe of Court of Revision and Appeal,
are .cord i all v invited.
A pleasing characteristic of the man- —„„, ,u„TOu, ■NOTICE is hereby given that an ap-
ner iu which they have presented the | The church is open on week days 11 plication will be made to the Par-
case is the extreme conservative tone of: from 10 a. in to 10 p. tn. as a public 1 * liament of Canada, at the next ses-
the statements and arguments given,' reading room. It is a good-place to sion thereof, for an Act to incorporate
' and a total absence of catch-penny false-' spend a pleasant hour Writing mate- j g^^ ~^ J Jggg
hoocs, so often introduced into matters rial free , ana- freight, of a gauge not less than
of this kind. 1
Tlie Skagwayites have adopted the:
motio "Honesty is the best policy."'
TLey realize that any'lies officially pro-
nunjn.tt'ii by the chamber in its huiud
ciroalir would at once furnish to the'
ttll.-o'ss'eaa transportation companies a'
strong leverage on the public. I
The great strength of the arguments
I three feet, from a point on Fiftv-Mile or
At the Big Outfitters-Whitney & Ped- Lewes River at or about 25 miles below
lar— out'can find so many suitable arti-  the northerly end of Lake Marsh, Y.T.,
cles for'this seas.:., of the ye ir.   They  thence in anortherlyditmion.following
fine line of candies,
approximately the course of the river on
have just received _, .,„e ,.,.«= u. eauu.es, mer 8ide thereof, to a point at or near
nuts, Uriel and iresh f.uits, etc., which is the mouth of the Takhina River, with
simply delicious Watch their announce- power to construct and maintain branch
meet in'next week's paper. ' ^'uws not exceeding 10 miles in'length to
 '                     ! certain copper and other mining prop-
We Want to Know ']ert'ies in the vicinity of a creek situate
in -iHvovof 1 iu> Sk-iu-wiu.i^nnptt- winio1 -.■ about (i miles southerly from the mouth
nlavoolthtbkagvay-l.enm,., route Jf fc   6(~ m 1]0t enjoy himself at the of the said Takhina River, and to ope-
lies in the fact that the more thorough        ^liquet : rate the same by elec'.ricitv, steam or
the investigation made of the question    V '.   k .    ■ .    '.'.-..,   other motive power as to tlie company
Ihe town that has a more popular rail- - may wsm^. with.power to construct,
road staff than Bennett. i 0p iirate and maintain, telegraph and tele-
Whether --— isn't a real big darling,   j ljl.'oae lines necessary for the purposes
'ot the company; and tor all other nec-
Where you can find a better display of I essary and usual powers.   . -,
goods than at Whitney & Pedlar's1, -  LEWIS & SM EL LIE,
or the II A. C. Solicitors for the Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa, 19th August, A. D.
by the travelling public, urupoi'ticn-
ately more will they be con<Tiiced ofthe
truth contained therein and must arrive
at but otic conclusion—to start early by
the all-Yukon route and beat the direct
ocean travellers by 30 days. It is an un-
disputjible fact that, for practically a
niont) after the Yukon is clear of ice,
the entrance to Behri-ng Sea is barred
by the ice pack, made by the Yukon and
northern sound ice jamming in that
Rant Banquetted,
The palace hotel was the scene of great
festivity on Tuesday evening last, the oc
cason being a complimentary dinner
given to Capt. Rant on his retirement
from Government service at Bennett.
Some thirty in number welcomed the
guest of the eveuing around the festive
board,  ou which  was  served a menu
How that "goose' made a mistake iu hiss-1189:).
ing during the debate.
If "that sleigh" has returned home yet.    1    j^
The district that has abetter climate than
J. H. falconer
Doing such a large
Bar trade at the
If Tuesday is a banquet, what's the mat-, ANSWER:
• ter with the next day?
Government Agent J. D. Graham was
in town a short time this week, having
come over the Tail Tail from Atlin, ou
his way to the capital.
Because fie Sells Only
the finest ease 6ooC$.
Miss Lilly, the popular and efficient resident member of the firm of Lilly Bros.,
left on Thursday last for Seattle
Office at the
Klondike Hotel.
Orders for Fire Wood
promptly and satisfactorily filled. «!
Cbe Sun
Sob Printing
Rooms Vou0an6et
Executed to Vour entire
Satisfaction in Uery
Short Order at
Cow Prices.
Arc 3ust
Che Proper -Article.
they'll Stand
the UJear
And tear
Of a Hard Climate.
Try Us for Printing
Tuesday'! Social.
Counter attractions seemed to have no
effect on the attendance at the Ladies'
Aid social; the church was filled with
people, and the musical numbers aiid debate were intensely interesting. Mr. Jack
Allen, one of the N. W. M. P. boys, gave
entire satisfaction of the capacity pf chairman.   Following is the programme:
Organ solo Mr. Bindley
Vocal solo Mr. Barry
Vocal solo Mr. Holden
Orchestra Miss Gilbert,
Messrs. Cartmel and Jenner
j Vocal solo ' : Mr. De Brisay
I Vocal duet Mrs. and Miss Francis
| Vocal sclo Mr. Holden
'Whistling solo. - Mr, Cullin
i Talk on Klondikers... Rev. Sinclair
Debate: War in the Transvaal.
Affirmative Mr. Dunn
Negative.. Mr. Dolph
Messrs. Barry, Humphrey. Trump and
Ewing also expressed good ideas on the
subject under discussion.
Next week the social will "tackle" that
old and time-tested subject: "Pursuit or
The Checker Carnival.
The 327th inning of the Great Inland
Checker Carnival at the Bennett Bakery closed last evening after one of the
most exciting sessions of the series with
Mr. James Ritchie (the house) a great
favorite in the betting, but leading the
next highest contestant (Mr. I. T. Mi-
zony) by only two games, and the lat-
ter's first move. The score stands as
Won. Lost.
Ritchie (the house)  194      133
Mizony :  192      135
Neilson (silent half of house) 184      143
Jack Allen .(.... 106      221
John (buukhouse landlord)....   93      234
There is a large field of indifferent
and occasional, players, too many for
enumeration. This championship contest is one of the longest on record: lasting from the close of navigation to the
opening of the same, and the interest,
like the cold weather, is beginning to
get intense.
P. c. Owens, has been confined to his
bed since Monday with an attack of
typhoid fever. On Wednesday his chief,
Mr. De Brisay, had him removed to a
Skagway hospital. Mr. Owens' many
friends hope to see him return shortly
in good health.
Mr. Joel P. Geer, whose announcement appears in this paper, has opened
"The Home" roadhouse, situated three
miles below Boundary island, and has
warm and neat quarters for travellers.
Mr. Geer is already meeting with great
Palace Bote! Bar
Nothing but the best of Liquors and
Cigars served to our patrons
Mr. P. D. Whitehead, of Skagway,
■the editor and proprietor of the new
Alaska-British Columbia Magazine,
was in Bennett several days this week
looking up material for his. publication,
and reports that he received a great
deal of information and much encouragement from our citizens. The Geld of
this new illustrated magazine is an
immense one; recognizing no boundary
lines, and endeavors to promote the interests of British Columbia and Yukon
territory with as much zeal as those of
Alaska. The publication will appear
monthly, illustrated with many full-
page half-tone cuts, containing nnmer-
0118 original articles and an exhaustive
review from the daily and weekly newspapers of the great Northwest.
Best Equipped in Bennett.
All Modern Improvements.
Every Delicacy ir. the Market Served
Bennett, B. C.
Fresh Oysters in Every Style.
Open Day and Night.
Elegantly Furnished Private Boxes for
Ladies and Parties.
Rates Reasonable Spring Beds and Linen
Grand Palace fiotel
Opened Sept i>t.     Lake Ben lett, B. C.
The best equipped hotel in the Yukon '
district.     Everything new  and
first class.   Mealsin connection.   Mrs. Lane & Mrs. Taylor, Props
View the Scenery From
Bennett to Skagway free
H. C. Barley, Cor. Fourth and Broadway, Skagway,
Station and
Saloon, Restaurant,
- Store.
Free Stable.
Meals $1.00.
Nice Log
Solicited. IN THE LAND Of GOLD.
LvGov. Mclnnes Talks of the Muv
eral Riches of British
' Ottawa Citizen, Nov. i.     )
Lt.-Governor Mclnnes, of British Columbia, is in the city, and is a guest of
the Hon. J. I. Tarte, at the latter's
residence, Metcalfe street. This is the
first time Mr. Mclnnes has been here
in, .two years, and to a Citizen reporter
yesterday afternoon he chatted pleasantly on the prospects of the great west,
where he has been located now for nigh
upon a quarter of a century. Mr. Mclnnes is an extremely agreeable man to.
meet, and converses fluently, though
not volubly, upon every subject that is
presented to him.
"It is a beautiful day,"he commenced. "I understand that your, weather
here has been somewhat changeable all
summer—quite peculiar at times. That
was the way with us, too; I think the
same conditions must have prevailed
all over the Dominion. We had a great
deal of wet weather in. British Columbia, and this had a detrimental effect
upon the crops in the Fraser valley.
But then we have none of the excessive
heat that you have here!"
"Are the opportunities for the young
man as great now in British Columbia
as formerly?"
"It depends very much on the young
man- and upon what he does.   The call-1
Cold Weather Clot
The elegant new stock of Winter Clothing which we have just place; on.our
shelves can't be equalled north of Victoria. Knowing the needs of .he people
during the winter months in this rigid climate, we have supplied everything!
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hoccasins,
Fur Caps, Underwear, German Sox,
Rubber Boots and Shoes, Etc., Etc.
\        The Big Outfitters of Bennett.
"Dolge" Felt Shoes....
Heavy Felt-Lined Rub- 0 «jr
Buckskin Moccasins  a.i<Jv
All-Wool German Sock» - I tL*J
Hudson's Bay Duffles..
Fur-Tipped'Denim Par-    *\ CA
quetts            L,mo"
I British America
Corporation, Ltd.
Wholesale, and Retail General
ings represented by clerks and commercial men are pretty well filed: perhaps
somewhat overcrowded. ButasTopStne
main industries of the province -mining, fishing' and lumbering—scarcely a
limit may be placed upon the possibilities in these different lines."
"What are the prospects in mining!"
"Mines are being opened up and developed all over that mighty province
which covers 400,000. square miles I
claim that by all odds we are the richest province in the Dominion as far as
mineral wealth is concerned. Our opulence in this particular is simply beyond the conception of the most daring
thinker. Only last summer I went
1,300 miles north of the northern boundary of British Columbia, through the
disputed territory to Bennett and Atlin.
Notwithstanding that mines were practically tied up for the best two. months
iii the year, they took out from between one and two millions in gold nuggets." These mines, too, are only just
commencing to be developed."
"What is the future likely to hold in
store for the^ Atlin district!"
"Atliu, in my opinion, will become the
greatest hydraulic mining country in the
world. You will find there gold-bearing
graveHeposits of from a few feet to 150
feet down to ■ bed rock. The whole district seems to he more or less gold-bearing, from the grass down to bed rock.
And' within a few miles you can take
water from lakes 200 to 600 feet above
these gravel deposits. Hundreds o'f
leases have been applied for within the
past three months, and many of them
granted. Each of these leases contains
80 acres. Generally about two dozen of
the holders combine; they form a company, and put in hydraulic machinery.
Very often where one man would starve
in attempting to work a holding individually, a company, properly equipped, can
make a fortune. There is any amount of
English, American and Canadian capital
already invested there.   It is not the
ideal poor mail's gold field' One nugget
was taken out weighing within a few
pennyweights of seven pounds; of course,
it contained some quartz, but it was
valued at $750. While in the country I
weighed a few-nuggets. One contained
qi ounces of pure gold; another was of 8|
ounces of gold, with considerable quartz;
a third was \\}{ ounces;' and a fourth
was i6| ounces of pure gold, with no
trace of quartz.'
Mr. Mclnnes has some rather interesting nugget specimens.
"What do you see in this one?" he
asked the reporter, holding out one of
circular form, flattened 00 either side.
"Nothing hut gold and quaitz," replied
the scribe.
''Is that al?" pursued Mr. Mclnnes.
"Where is that picture of Sir JoLu?"
And the reporter looked upon the wall to
where a speaking likeness of ihe ex-chieftain looked down. "Look at this sideways. Doesn't that look like Sir"John's
profile?" And then indeed the reporter
recognized a most correct semblance.
nOTICE is hereby given that application will be made to the. Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia at its next session for
an Act to incorporate a company with
power to construct, equip,,operate and
maintain a railway from a point on or
hear the Dyea river on the International boundary between British Columbia and Alaska to a point at or near
Lake Bennett, thence to the 60th parallel of latitude, with power to equip, construct and operate branch lines; to
build, own and maintain docks and
wharves; to equip, own and build boats,
and to operate, the same; to equip, own
and operate telegraph and telephone
lines; to generate electric power for
lighting and heating; to expropriate
land necessary for the said railway; to
lny and collect tolls and to make traffic
arrangements incidental to said line of
Dated at Vancouver this 12th day of
October, 1899.
Solicitor for Applicants.


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