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 '—'■"■ *
Vol. 1.
B«mi«n LakB, B C jAwiAKy 20,1900.
No. 36.
An EnfoyabU Event.
Last evening saw the good steamer
Clifford Si fton in gay attire. The most
largely attended dance of the season
was that of last night, for the inde
fatigafife hostesses, Mesdames Barry
and Engelhardt, had extended their
kind Invitations to nearly all Bennett,
and nearly everybody was represented
there. The highest credit is due to
these ladies for the excellent way in
which everything was managed, and
for the pains taken to ensure warmth
and comfort to all the guests. It was
no light matter to transform a steamboat, which has been laid up for weeks,
into a palatial ballroom, but this stu*
pendous task ^proved no obstacle to these
estimable ladies, for it was successfully
accomplished. The long saloon of the
beat furnished ample room for all the
dancers, while the entrance lobby (or
waiting room) was patronized by the
lovers of the fragrant wood, and ample
accommodations by side tables was provided for those inclined to card playing. The dancing programme was a
long one, and nicely arranged, beginning with a grand march, ledV by Mr.
and Mrs. Roberts. The cake walk was
the most enjoyable event of the evening.
The first figures of the "walk" were
danced very^nicely by Mrs. Engelhardt
• and Mr. Phelps (tils), followed by the
evening's premiers, Messrs. D. Von
Cramer and A. Engelhardt, who appeared costumed as a couple of "dead
swell coons." Their efforts were loudly
applauded. The refreshments offered
by the fair hostesses were bounteous
and graciously served. The lotion department was in capable hands. The
celebrated Jenner-Oartmel orchestra
(unabridged), on a raised platform, gave
general satisfaction, and altogether
everyone most thoroughly entered into
the spirit of enjoyment, and left regret-
ing tne close of such a pleasing event
in the history of Bennett.
Brother Barry is to be complimented'!
: pn his zealousness in escorting the'
ladies to the dance. He first of all gave
his arm to one lady, and leaving her on
•board, said he must go in search for
Wore; and when he again reached the
boat it was in company of six ladies,
thus bringing upon himself the well-
earned title of "the beau."
Thermometer at 2 p. m. to day stood at
20 degrees above zero showing only 12
degrees frost.
Report of a great British victory by
Gen. Buller has come over the wires.
Severe fighting is said to have taken
place at Tugela river, resulting in
losses: 900 British; 3,000 Boers. Report
also states that two British regiments
in mistake fired on each other, with
losses in both regiments, and the mistake was not discovered until actual
bayoneting commenced. Explanations
will undoubtedly follow, but possibly
thick brush was the Cause of disaster.
Mail Carrier Humphries has been
laid up with a severe cold the greater
part of this week. He is now about
again and is waiting mail from Skagway, when he will at once set out with
the Dawson portion.
Or v,/
1 for Job
I Printing
Givethe Bennett Sua ?\hters
» chance to.Pgure wiih you
before you
Send to
Skagway |
And pay duly and a soli, itor'a
commission on your printing.
We submit a proof of the work
before it is printed that you
may know what you are get'
ting, Are you extended that
privilege by out'of town print
stores f
A train left at 6 o'clock this morning
without passengers, and another left
Skagway at about the same hour. Both
trains convey men to open up and clear
the track. 'Che rotary is said to be at
Frazier. It is hoped that regular traffic may bo'Resumed early next week.
About, 125 men were put to work.yes-
terday shoveling snow off the railroad
track and did good service, making it
possible now for anyone to reach the
depot. _ j£.
The Bennett Bakery aud Restaurant
is the commissary for the N. W. M. P,
boys quartered ou this city.
It is' reported that the steamer City
of Seattle encountered very stormy
weather going south and dragged her
anchor a considerable distance; Report
says she was towed ashore by the
Cottage City; that steamer rendering a
like service to the Townsend.
Mr. Brooks' mules arrived from
White Horse Thursday night, 17 in
number. Brooks is supposed to be in
Skagway. One of these mules, it is alleged, made the hole that the Red Lino
teams broke through.
The next train in from Skagway will
bring back many snow-bound residents
of Bennett; among tho number are J.
Westj D. Burns, George Stelly, Frank
Turner, Rev. Sinclair and E. E. Siegley.
On Thursday the blackboard iu the
waiting roo.ni of the depot stated:
"The. rotary will not leave Summit
until the storm is Over."
Local Postoffice authorities say the
mail left Skagway, on Friday morning
by dog team, so we may look for letters
about Monday.
Mrs. J. G. Phelps, wife of the yard-
master of the White Pass railroad at
this place, arrived in the city last Saturday evening and will remain some time.
Mr. Bindley is thinking of giving
another concert; the date is not .definitely fixed, but probably Monday, 29th
inst. ,
The Brannick hotel at Skagway was
destroyed by fire on Wednesday last.
Stop that cough! Ur. Lindsay's cough
cure will atop it.   Try it
James Arnold, Caribou.
Percy Aguew, Skagway.
Anton Miller, Lebarge.
James Mitchell, White Horse.
Alex. McGreger, Dawson.
Joseph Pyke, Caribou.
George Reilly, Skagway.
Peter Vicuna, Victoria.
Percy Gravis, Bennett.
James Johnson, Victoria. '
fames Keeler, Vancouver.
John McFareii, Vancouver.
George McKay. White Horse.
Five men from Crazier Section.
■» t * N.
Freighting to Lak€ Lebarpe
. THE RPNNFTlf MNSf E R AND i^»^*#« J
™BENNE   URANSFER ANDfi$* equi^ra^t:
experienced men in Gbaiw.
Solicit large and small Freighting contracts to Foot of Lake Lebargfi and intermediate :points. '•
Address all communications to J. L. CAGE, P. O. Box 100, Bennett,. B.C. '
A SPECIALTY. Delivered in any part
of the city. When you order a cord of
Wood of us you"receivHl2i cubic, feet. ]
Wood! Wood!
Eloquent Divine in Bennett
The Rev. Mr. Pringle left Atlin with a
sled and three dogs Monday morning of
last week and reached Bennett Wednesday morning—having accomplished the
journey in two days. The next morning
(Thursday) he started with his dogs for
Tagish to visit his brother, Sergeant
Pringle, of the N. W. M. P. The reverend gentleman expected to be back in
Bennett by Monday or Tuesday of this
week, but the severe snowstorm delated
his starting. He arrived in this city about
I o'clock on Thursday, having left Caribou eailyon Wednesday morning. He
was in company with M. J. Heney's two
teams which went through the ice. He
tried to make Bennett Wednesday night,
but the storm was too severe and the trail
very bad, so he and others who were with
him built a fire, and spent the night, without blankets. When they reached the
engineers' camp, three miles from Bennett, they had been 24 hours withoufc-food.
Mr. Pringle will remain in town over
Sunday and will preach at both morning
and evening services.
Nexl Tuesday's Social
As no train liife yet brought  Miss Lilly j j o,xvX50CX')vCOO?XrOOOOfX^OCXVD
It New Furniture and ;
.ru Ituprovim. nts Including Gas Lights v.vd I ismo.'
ffi ($ (fX iff J
£I)C VllkOII turner * Co., Props.
The pioneer house of Bennett. Concert every evening
it is hoped that Mr. Li ly may
again consent lo delight the Bennett audience with his violin music. Mr, Anderson, who was unable to appear list Tuesday, will do his best, to be present with
his bagpipes next Tuesday, Other new
features of interest are flute solos and
6ongs froth Mr. Ritchie, and "The Ash-
croft Trail" song by Mr. Drnry. It is
also hoped that Rev. Pringle may stay
over for the social.
Social Ball
Mr. James Hume, of the Dawson
hotel, gave a social ball on Thers'day
evening in honor of Mi. Henry McCauley
of Dawson, who reached Bennett last
Monday, only .nine days from the Klondike metropolis. Quite a crowd was in
attendance, and a most enjoyal le evening was spent. The delightful measures of music was furnished by the
consolidated Jenner- Carl rael orchestral?.
Dainty refreshments were served.
Mr. McCauley was very much disap-
Meat Market.
N. P. Shaw & Co.
Jusi Received Another
Consignment of
Choice Beef and
Three Hiles
Boundary   Island.
Goorl Meals a d plenty of reading matter
in a couifortab'-,■ log house.
pointed at riot, being abte to reach the
coast, as he had a good start to make a
record breaking trip.
Mr. Jacob, Kline, formerly of Seattle,
but now a t evident of Dawson, lias been
spending the Week in Bennett much
against his will He arrived from
Dawson last Monday, and is on his way
to the Sound country to visit his wife
and babies. Mr. Kline is in the mercantile business, but en the "out" trip he
is acting as correspondent of the Dawson
Daily News. He informed The Sun
that on the way out he gleaned all the
information he could in regard to the
mysterious disappearance of Fred- H.
Claysonof Skagway, Len Relfe of Seattle, and —- Olsob, a telegraph line re-
pairerfor the Dominion Telegarph line,
and says he has no doubts but that they
were murdered for their money.
Was Informed
Two men walked into one of Bennett's
big stores last Monday during ihe heavy
snowstorm, and one said to the proprietor:
"Wid you please Inform us where the
steamer Gleaner is lied up?"
"Just across the bay there," was the
reply, pointing toward the vessel;   'but,"
he added, most urbanely, looking over
his eyeglasses, "1 dony't thinlw she'll get'
away today." r'.
Ill in Skagway.
Ou Thursday a telegram was received
from Skagway staling that Rev. Sinclair
had been ill, but was now better, arid
hoping that Mr. Pringle might be able to
take the Sunday service; iu Bennett.
On Wednesday the telegraph wire was
down between Bennett and Skagway for
a short time. On Thursday the line l.e-
tween Bennett and Caribou was for a little
while out of order.
Our young friend J. Rooney is again able
to greet his friends 0 1 the boulevards.
Turkeys, Oysters and. Cured Meats
Always in Stock.
Squire Falconer this week moved the
office and bar of the Klondike hotel
into the new addition, and a very warm
and pleasant room it is, too. With his
•usuakaptitude, the Squire has placed a
large blackboard on which he daily
records the principal events of the day.
imw\n Rotci
'.'.. .Log Cabin, B.C.
The Oldest and Bent Place.in. Cabin.
Only Wooden Building With Rooms.
Opposite Custom House.
Accommodation* for Eadies.
■M THE BENNlfr^ Stjji J4W^Y jo, rywi.
JScmiett $un Printlna and PublUnina Co.,
—r—' :—:— ■   '..a- ; — -
Published Every Saturday Morning.
Subscription $4 Per Annum.
Single Copies.. .10 Cents Each.
Adwiising_rates made known on appli-
," 'citifjn toifee otticej !    ,
>.:.i. .-••'
A great deal is being said at present
about the likeness in spirit and action
between the miner and' the gambler.
So closely do some claim to trace this
resemblance that they cannot draw the
line between the man who wins at black
jack or roulette and the prospector who,
with pick and shovel, digs gold from
the Oarth. .
again the time-worn expression: **iyiin-
fog i an^gai^i^^r>nlyIfi rjajue,
their' inherehtr pMflc'iplts a*et «$« the
same order.',' Accepting this as a self-
evident truth, the thoughtless adopt it
as a rule of action and gamble away
their money and thtejr wif s. This alone
is about all .the injury the ill used words
can'do. Sfntelligtmt miners will continue to prospect new districts and
gamblers will woo the god of chance at
the roulette or black jack table without
ever finding a eonvergence or meeting
of their respective lines. There is
nothing congenerous nor in common
between them. The line of demarcation is so distinct that all may find it.
—Juneau Miner. *
All things will be so pure and good,
A hundred years from now,
That'folks can't quarrel if they would,
A hundred years from now.
The churches then will all unite,
While men in office will do right,
Accept no bribes add riot get "tight,
A hundred years from now,
Then foreigners won't be so bold,
A hundred years from now,
To "pull our leg" and swipe our gold,
•  A hundred years from now,
The Anarchists will all be dead
H. M»itldiid   Kcney.
Managing Director
i «i >;.'..-I.. . •/■lUi'ifj,,. .y,'
Carrying British and Ignited Stetjes Mail's.
[V;f;. ;*««,,"• w.open,to book      "■'■ :<
"2 •    tHUOUQfl TO DAWSON.
,Semi-Wcc>|.:iy fervice in cot'mctioii
Willi' .Wait■ Ser'vicr. Relays at all
stations,Travelling Day.and N^-ht.
K> as*.liable rali>.
Th.inmglily equipped ami com-
pfete system' of'
Road fiou$e$
AJJ,fBguB}ents to the contrary not-
witmjtfindip^iwe (^ntifmd:,.thati»iti^g j 6r haVe"Jpa7so much p'eHiTad,
is not gaming, nor . is the miner a For privilege bur soil to tread,
gambler. The business of the miner is a     A hundred years from now,
lawful. one,.stripped ofthat ever-vary- j The cause of justice will advance,
ing chance, as chance is defined, which |    A, hundred years from now,
when gratified kill all the finer impulses'And e11 men have an equal chance,
and feelings.   These destructive inher- j w^bnUD^'ed Lvl'^ "ow-'        ,
... ,        .-■ ! When schemes of the designing rich,
ent qualities are shorn from, mining, Of trusts, monopolies and  "slob"
which is asTbarmless to the mind of man Will be.'"side tracked "or in the''ditch,"
' 1'ttr the' .iccommo 'ation of travellers Meals Ji to $1.50 Berths $1.
Eveiy effort will be made lo e> sure
civility : 111 (I tttteufhlji to guc&s
Good lieals. Clean Beds. Warm
ami'well-ventilated rooms Me Is
at all hours ,■.,,
Horse and Dog F-eil for Sale at All Statist a.
Por'.ful1 particulars apply to the Company' s offices
^1 DAWSON, Y. T.
Doing such
Bar I rack
II. falconer
la r^ Klondike ?
til the
Because fie Sells Only
the finest Case Goods.
as the duties of 11 merchant or those of
any other legitimate business. All the
essential parts of chance are foreign to
the vocation of the true miner.
The devotee of the   black jack or
roulette table is one who gambles for
A hundred years .from now.
They'll get the business down so pat, \
A hundred years from now, ' !
Our rain and moisture and a' that, j
A hundred years from' how, |
That/they can tap the firmament, !
And when they want the showers sent,
Office at the
■ Klondike Motel.
\    Manager,
Orders for Fire Wood
promptly and satisfactorily filled.    I
money or other stakes; one whose gain' -lust' pull the plug and "let'er went,"
is   another mar.'« loss, whose loss is j   A hundred years from now. '
that other's gain.   Ownership of the Then monetfoaners won't be known,
stakes is determined by the turn of a;    A hundred years froih'now,
eard or th* revolution of- Wfe wheel, iThey *%$£ ^^W'f^l't" .gHps ",'"i
The element of chance'entirely governs j    AliSed years from how'
the. decision.   Any  and  all of those Then money will be free as air;
attributed'.fehfoj^i.pOlJijflkWiiMJ is;im;pera- j Enough 'for all and some to spare -
tiv'e to.t-Jbe successful miner are to the' "liR* U8' we ™"'1' be *'»*<'«*
' 1,     '   ■ * ■■'".'• \   ■,       r..,. i    A hundred years from now. ■
gambler     non-essentials.    Diligence,      ••■/..:
pecfWKerence^i  in,te,)l.igen,tly - directed The "fad" will then be for to try,
labor, together with a practical knowl-    A huti^red £ea£* fl'0m now'
* ■'  i-A. -ii   ust V*       'Vi .To travel on the Av,
edge.;of,;^,M8erf,.mi|)iflg Wfiliawe^ \  A hundred yeari from now,
govern the luck;qrfprtiunepf the miner. And take a trip at break of day,
If the preciou/i metal.be in the ground From Boston town to Frisco bay—
hewln8,^|tMe losfts.  ffisfciftune ^turh at, night to :play croquet
.   ..      T.'J3*il: ■. s     fnfs  ,. \   Ahundnd years from now.
utmjdaself.:  -   •; 1 -.;.<
is the weahor Woe oinone but hims
OTJfOJS is hereby given that an ap-
ulit ation will be made to the Parliament; of ('anada, at the next ses-
jsion thereof,\foi'an'Act to incorporate
a company to construct a railway or
1 .tramway for the carriage of passengers
I and freight, of a gauge not less than
j three feet, i'roiij it point on Fifty-Mile or
i-Lewes River at or about 2f> miles below
I tlie. northerly end of Lake Marsh, Y.T.,
; thence in a northerly dii'ection,following
!i|ipj'oxiuiately the course ofthe river on
either side thereof,, to a point at, or near
; the mouth of the Takhina River, will;
I power to construct and maintain branch
I lines not exceeding 10 miles in length to
I certain copper and other mining properties In the vicinity.of acreek situate
} about (i miles southerly from the mouth
1 of the said Takhina River, and to operate the same by electricity, steam or
If he strikes pay tjipMJQ impoverishes They:all will eat doughnuts and jujubes, other motive power as to the company
no one; if not, heyniily loses his time  iiA;hundred years fromnow: hiay seem best: with power toconstruct,
and Uhor.  VhMdTntMiZnM^ While :tcavehng.th.rOugh.  pneumatic ope.-ate and maintain.telegraph and tele-
and labor.   The elements of gambling
are not in theitrausaetion* uHe.Jias bpt
failed in an  honest,.vocation  and is
neither a knave potafool, '   . i'^^toga^op, walk, mvtrot
a"; " •?T,;   "a'l it By—"dropping nickeleln.the slot,"
But, ceaaon and .talk..** we may, on H A hun^lM.yetirs ffomnow.
ev*^«de.*e. hew.retfjefitefl^aila^Bd;''     .. . ^.U, G. inJufleau Truth.
, •. . .tubefc ,-jy    .,..    , phone lines necessary for the purposes
A hundred years from now, of the company; and for all other nec-
When horseless carriages can be "sot" essary and usual powers.    '
" " ;  '.   ' LEWIS & SMKLL1E,
■ ■••     •   Solicitors for the Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa, 19th August, A. D.
1899...    :,■'. THE BENNETT SUN, JANUARY 20, 1900.
Our population was considerably
stirred up on Thursday morning over
the report thai! a man in the employ of
Chalmers McKay, the meat man, had
been frozen to death the night previous.
One report had it that the frozen man
had been found, and another that a relief
party had gone in search of the missing man. Happily, all proved false'
us the man came to town about 1:30 on
Thuifday afternoon in good shape, notwithstanding the fact he was exposed
all night. ,
A nan named Rjan, an employee of
- the railway, had bis hands badly frozen
on Monday night near Frazier station/
As'it was impossible to remove the in-
fortunate either to Skagway orBenheti,'
a messenger was .despatched to this
place bearing a letter to Dr. Lindsay,
who forwarded medicines for his relief.
It is thought his hands will have to be
merchants Bank of fialifax.
Head Office: Halifax. N, S.
Capital   -
Rest   -   -
- $1,506,000
- $1,250,000
On Wednesday last two teams be-
'longjng to ihe Red Line Company were
crowt ed in Lalte'Bennett while on the
vay to this city from Caribou. There
v.eie set en men in the party, among
ll..em was Hey; J. H. Pringle, the Atlin
minister; and all escaped.
All the Same
Bennett barber (applying the lather):
'•'I think I've got a better soap now
than I've ever had before;','
Customer: "1 can't see any difference.
It all tattes alike to me."
Mr. William Merritt, for a long time
head cleik at the Pack Train Inn, is
scheduled lor a vacation and recreation
trip to Skagwa\. Mr. Merritt will be
gone several weeks.
nume's gabin fiome
Lower Labarge, Y. T.
A   irst-Class, Home-Like Roadhou>e.
Evt rything for Conifoi t of Travellers.
Good Feed and Stabling for. Horses
and Dogs,
I). H. HUME, Prop.
Good Slab Roadhouse on
Lake Bennett
21 Miles 'from Bennett City.
The Koadhouse is well outfitted; 400,
feet of lumber; one log calun, 10x18, for
$80, if sold at once.
J. H. BURT. Caribou
The Safest way to remit Money is by ■Bank Draft.    We can sell you draft*,
payable'at. any.point ip Canada and the fjnited Statesl
A General Banking Business Transacted.   Gold Dust Purchased.
s •' F. L. MURRAY, Manager.
Notice  the change in the Bennett
drugstore adv. ,-iii_—_4
Commission merchants, Real
estate, mwm and insurance
Mining and Ctr.toms Brokers.
'   From St.. Benfi'et't.
BAOTICE isheteby given that applir
11 cation will bw made to >he Le'-asla-
B* live Assembly of the Frnvinee of
British Obiatnb'a at its next fjessif.' for
an Act to incorporate a C m-iany with
power to consi.rtK.t, build and o jprnte a
line or lines of tramway fi'lufi '"■ <"ity.
of Atlin to the Town of Dvco-v-.iyr., > 'e
District of Cassiar and f 1 om " th o
both the said City and "'■ wu ■ ■ 1 nv a; d
all other cities, t■■•■.'" . v5'hisr''« 1 ■•• set
tlcments in the said District 0! ' 'assist r:
to run and operate such lino or lines 0
tramway by electricity, steam «v an,
other-power; to erect arid operate tei
graph and telephone lines or either of
them between the said Qjty of Atlin at d
said Town of Discovery and elsewhere
in said District as above mentioned with
power to connect with other tramway,
telegraph and telephone lines that may
be constructed and erected outside the,
said District or Province; to generate
and supply electricity,.steam. air, water,
or other power for the purpose of supplying light and heat,or for any other
purposes.whatsoever to the said City of
Atlin and Town of Discovery and to any
and all the other cities and towns and
to villages, to corporations and individuals within the said District; to acquire
and hold water rights for the purpose
ot generating power whether for their
own use or for the use of other corporations and individuals; to acquire and hold
land, timber rights, rights of way and
other easements for the purposes of the
Company; and to carry on the business
of merchants, traders and hotel-keepers
for the purpose of supplying their employees and others in the said, District;
and all other usual necessary or incidental powers, rights and privileges as
may be necessary or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above
objects or any of them.
Dated at-the City of Victoria, B. G,
this 25th dav of November, 1899.    - .
."■;:'    LANGLBY & MARTIN,
Solicitors for' Applicants.
Tmb Dtufj* aihd Collet armies.
50 Per Cent. Re Motion oh Finny Articles. -
Railroad Liniment, 25c bottle. C«mp.
I^Chn Mixture (for the kidneys) 50c bottle.
Indian Cough Mixture, unequalled for
lung diseases, $1 bottle. Cigarettes, 13c.
Oqtiors and Cigars
j Bennett Bakery
ana Restaurant
Bread;  Pies and   Assorted  Cakes
Always on Hand.
The Best Place in Bennett for a
(food Meal-
General merchandise.
Geo  L. Rice.   David Hastle.    John P. Quinn
finest Cine offenses in Alaska.
KM-I:|:|:|,       "~
Illtlf I;
Pack Train Inn/Bennett, B. C.
The Nevada Cafe, Juneau, Alaska.
The Bank, Skagway, Alaska.
Grand Hotel and Cafe, Atlin City, B. C
Tirst-eiast 3ob Printing at Che Sun Office. - ' .-
■■'■'■       ■      . .    - .
T*1£$ENNETT SUN, MMUARV 2a, i^)o.
jit     ;  ]:[:
De Sun
lob Printing    I.
Rooms You gan Get
executed to your entire
Satisfaction jit Uery
Cow Prices.
>,'.'. Xfte Proper Jlrticle.
pey'll Stand
p..  Che Wear
'    flitiCear     ^
Of a Bard Climate.
Try Ls f or f^rintino
t^f """"~ ■■   l!l '""   ;1'- rr
; Sunday's Sacred Concert
i' toBc-whig is the programme of the,sacred concert given at the church last Sunday evening, Mr. Howard iu the chair:
Hymu,;i62,   ■'■•■■■'•    < : .
Organ solo—O Rest in the Lord ...
11 ,j£,; ;. • :.Mrs. A. LBitrlfey
Solo--Calvary Mr Cartmel
Hytnli'559   ■ .{•■■■■■
Violin solo...::.-.......,..'.' ;,. ..Mr. Lilly
Solo—Nazareth ..-  Mr. Miller
Hymn I397.
Solo-The-Better Land Mr. Bindlet
Hymn 262.
Violinso.to ,...Mr, Lilly
Solo—The Holy City...' Mr Cartmel
Solo—He Was Despised  Mr. Miller
Hymn 457.;;~—-—.- ~—
Lolo—Rocked iu the Cradle of the
' ~ ' Deep..,.'...'....::     Mr. Cullen
Solo—The Children's Home., t.....
-•„■ ,-. Mrs. A. L  Bindley
Hymn 494.
Organ tolo—Hallelujah Chorus	
 ' :,;... Mr, A. L. Biudley
Hymn Joi.   .
National' Anthem.
Tuesday's Social
Mjr. J. R> Shaw occupied the chair.
Mr/ Anderson found it impossible to be
present with his bagpipes, but hopes to
be able to ''peep" neju Tuesday. All
the items were encored..
Before singing the National Anthem
Mr. Miller' proposed, and Mr. Stewart
seconded, that there be a debate for
second half of the programme next
Tuestlay; this was carried unanimously.
Mr.' Miller •proposed, and Mr. Lilly seconded, that subject of debate be "Resolved, That capital punishment be
abolished.", This.was carried, and the
subject seemed.to beyei-y favorably received. At thc.cjpsr of the entertainment it Was undeisiood that Mr. H.
Blown will lead in jftj^ affirmative.
Organ solo—Selection from;Pinafore
 ! Mr. iuidley
S'Mig—The Ivy Green....  Mr. Stewart
Violin solo - .'..  Mr. Lilly
Soiig--I'in a Fric.r of Oiders Gray	
 ' « ..: ,..., Mr. Millet
Mandolin silo ,....:. Mr. Cartmel
Song—A Little Summer Shower...
 :.     Mr:, Bindle\
S')iig-;-(With banjo .accompaniment :
by Mr. Jenner)...: Miss Francis
0 Chcstral quartette... Messrs.
Lilly, Cartmel, Jenner and  Bindiey
Banj .'solo...,.   : Mr.Jenner
Song—The Village blacksmith, Mr,Miller
Song—Tlie Bandit's Life Mr; Stewart
. Interval of 10 minutes.
Orchestral qiiurtette....' Messrs,
Lilly, Jenner- Cartmel and  Bindley
Scotch-so g, ...•:•..':..''..'..:..'.:..:•....., Mr. Stewart
Song—lireak .the NaWs Miss ..Francis
Violin soto,,..;^.. v   .Mr Lilly
•'Soug-The Mack Sheep' .......Mr. Wi'ibips
Chorus-AuUi Lang Syng, led by...:..    ■
.'•' 1'   ....:.::..■. i-V;.",::: '..'..:..,..,..: Mr .■'Stewart
,   . National Anthem.. /
pootor, but it (s feared the greedy grabbers and a few territorial officials will
induce the government to tike this
littlettrom them.   Alaska Truth.
"/Ttflck" Allen, the widely known ex-
N. W. M. P.haa associated himself
with Mr. Wattere, a well-known young
map of ■ Bennett, in the customs
brokerage and forwarding business.
Their place oTpiisiriess is adjoining that
Of,Harry's, at the head of the Red
Line trail. ; '■_'■",':■ ;>" .
the family fjoteJ ot the City,
Hotel Portland
Tim Glass, everything neat and Clean.
Puter & Palmer, Props.   Bennett, B.C.
Palace fiotel Bar
Nolhing but the best of Liquors and
Cigars served to our patrons
Best Equipped in Bennett.
All Modern. Improvements.
{tilery Delicacy in fche Market Served
>: There is said to be only about three
feet of tide at Cape.Nome. With.the
shoal water of the Nome beach; the land
left bare by receding tides must be quite
extensive. It is hoped this'arest will
be preserved to the impecunious pros-
Bennett, B.C.
Fresh Oysters in Every Style.
■'• Open Day and Night.
Elegantly Furnished Private Boxes for
Ladies and Parties.    '■   .;    -
View tlie,Scenery.From
H..C. Barley, Cor.: Fourth and Broadway, Skagway.'
Station and.
Postoffice, i
Saloon, Restaurant,
- Store.
Free Stable :<
Meals $1.00; '
Nice Log
v <'
The Big Outfitters.
Family Orders
Promptly attended to. Call and
inspeet our mammoth stock.
We can make you vt ry hapr/flj
Miners' Supplies
A Specialty.
Only the best goods kept and
lowest prices qnoted. Call oh
us and firing your friends.
Restaurant and
Hotel Trade
We can supply your kitchen
and table with all the luxuries.
Our stock is unequalled.
Road Houses
Can rely on W. & P. for only
first-class supplies, and plenty
of them.
m Sell everything
1 Shop Adjoining
Hotel Portlam
FhM Quartz
Mr. L. Craden, of Craden & Wilcox,
has in his possession a specimenof quartz
which, he avers, was taken from a ledge
in place at a point t-ot reniStirliwm.Dawson, that is calculated 'o aro.use emotions
pf cupidity in the hearts pf the most indifferent and phlegmatic. It is studded
with native gold in particles as large and
larger than  a grain of wheat, and  and
Whitney K Pedlar, The Big Outfitters,
Our Stock is Complete.
We have what you
Our Prices are Right.
ritisl. America
Corporation, Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail General
would conclude that the weight of gold
relative to ihe whole is sufficient to fix its
valuta at not less than $5 0,000 per ton.
It won'd not takt a very large vein of
this character to establish the reputation
of this district as one rich iu quartz.
In the light of what we see and hear
concerning the gold bearing quarts, formations, hi this vi;unity, it is certainly not at
all reckless to -predict a great future for
the district as a quartz-mining field.-—
Yukon Sun.
Victimized by Forger ;
VAncouviiU,B. C, Jani4.--Local store-
I eepers have littn victimized i\i whole-
sale st lc by a clever and succe sful forger
who has worked this city pretty thoroughly. All ofthe fdi^eries were checks
drawn upajtal&e BanMBf British Coluuibia,
with what prasuineu to he tlie firm signature of Morrison & Armstrong Each
check was drawn in favor of George
Voldmar, who represented himself its a
workman in the employ of the firm. The
firm name was placed on the check with
a rubber stamp, having also the signature
klow,  'W. H. Armstrong, manager."
The amount ofthe check, which was
invariably $10, was punched through the
paper, and the check had every appearance of genuineness. The forger's simple
method was to make a small purchase,
tender the check and receive about $9 in
change. The scheme worked like a charm
and it was only when the bank refused
payment that the guileless merchants
suspected anything wrong. The forger
has not been arrested, although the police
have his description
Percy Travis, familiarly known as
"Monty," dispenses aromatic and fine
mixtures at the Klondike hotel bar.
"Mouty" is a winner, sure.
Speculating About a Throne
Though Queen Victoria heads a very
large family order, and has descendant*
of impetial as well as royal.ranks, it is
interesting to note that, next to the Duke
of York's two sons and deughter, the
Duchess of Fife's two daughters count
beforeall otherrin nearness to the crown.
It is a far look aliead, but in 203 years, if
the York line fails, as did the senior
Bour on line of France, to the principal
representative* of the bouse of Duff will
then fall the kingship, or the queeuship
of England, or the name of it.
The Ladies Duff are, consequently,
being carefully trained in the way they
should go, though the chance is mighty
slim of sturdy Prince Edward, or hia
equally sturdy little brother Albert ever
giving his cousins a living show in the
throne business. Yet dynasties have
suQdenly petered out before now.—Boston Herald. .
Mr. Jack -Allen has consented to leadr
the negative in the debate on Tuesday
evening next.
'1 -*-
A large drove of horses reached Bennett today from Atlin. They were If
days on the trip.
nOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made to the Parliament of Canada at the next session
thereof for an act to incorporate a Company to coustruct a railway from a point
on the west Side of Lake Bennett in the
Yukon Territory to Lake LaBarge and
thence to the mouth of the Hootalinqna
River at its junction with the LewiV.
River, and to own. and navigate ves.sel»k»4
said territory, and to own and construct
works for lighting, heating and other
purposes by electricity.
Dated at Vancouver, British Columbia*,
this nth day of December, 1899.
Solicitor for Applicants.


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