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 ggms '     ��� '���'
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v *
fwnmmW$Mn9tf ' <f2ftl
���    ��� .  *        "^. ���> ���  ������'      '     -��� ��� ���:���;��� <i      j ,, j&��M     - :j ta*
��l   Ilia*NO.   fie '*   "i
ara^ ���
.   ���
VANCOUVER.  B.   C, JUNE,   190f. ; , >.
=~t- , i .      vi it.,;.. ,ii in  ,.', ,i   __���
of Our Work
, D.   M.   8TEWART,   Prop.
���     Phone taw ahU 1044.
J8J*** ":
'   ">���    ^
ffef-:-' >
1   *       J >
*  y
Aw^egss        aa g^avv^an    ikau^aW
.    i B
Labor Hall, Vancouver, B. C,
i   i   ' ��� ' ���     ' '      '  '   !. j
ther and more definite information t
on the subject. W
The following resolution waa in.
Whereas, the following advertise-
��� ment appesred in. The Weekly  Dis
patch (England) on March It, Itfilr
���^ "Situations   vacant���Canada���Bu 1 ld-
���Chalrman Sayer reported relative ^ m<>ChanIca wanted.   Workhrisa^
Thursday, fay 21, 'fig.     to the Laundry Workera' Union, and    excellent outlook; wagea high; farm
asked for extension of time, owing    workera' special party   to   Western
to the president* detention in quar-    Canada,   sailing   May '^'ii|
j mechanics and female workers; ail
trades.   Write for pamphlets to John
Committee elected to inquire into    CralfheiMlt (UkXm t^-fc^d,, 16
the methods of civic authorities   In    Strand, London." >ovhj
letting contracts  reported progress.        And Whereas, the  above  advfcr-
��� ���-���<
Regular meeting held this evening, W. W. Sayer presiding as chairman, and B. P. Pettipiecfcsa^se^re-
Ury, in the absence 6TPre^fu>nt !Uc-
Vety and Secretary Cowan. /
Minute, of previous meeting read
and affirmed. * 0
An application for affiliation from    **>*** Chairman Corcoran.
Cecal 162 of the International Union
of United Brewery Workmen was re-   the Parliamentary committee, brought     vailing in the building and  skilled
ceived and accepted. ��� in the following recommendation.;
New Delegates: Thomas A. Bell, That R. G. Macpherson'a letter to
International Union of United Brew- the council relative to the Dunsmuir-
ery Workmen Local 162; L. H. Coen, Ootoh contract, be taken up and dls-
International Association of Machin- cussed with s view to securing fur-
Ists, Beaver Lodge 182;  (vice J. L. '
tlsement Is a false and  wilful   mlB-
Delegate Sellars,   as chairmen  of     representation of the conditions pre*
vailing in the building  and  skilled
tradea in this territory;
Therefore, Be it Resolved, That the
Vancouver Trades and Labor Council
������������������������     '-'���'���"
Haddon, resigned); T. Turner,
Musicians' Mutual Protective Union,
Local 146, A. F. of M.; John Cameron, International Barbers' Union,
Local 120. Credentials received and
delegates obligated.
���Communications:       From    R.   C.
Edwards, of the Calgary Eye-Opener,
relative to the council's attitude and
position upon the matter of school
books being supplied by private and
foreign concerns. ���'
Aicken-Ley���That secretary be instructed to answer Mr. Edwards, setting forth the council's record In the
matter of free text books, and polnt-
L B. Oar K m O-FflCluUS.        -   u* out *���** the   British 'Columbia
     |                   f*vennent haa already been induced
/vai���.k��� r.iai�� M��� afijiflUa* m <   * lop** **���* ���chool books,  begin-
Columbua, Ohh> May fij^The foL,   ^ ^^ ^ mmm&r holIdaym of
lowing officer, of the International fk9 preitnt year; �� movement en-
Brotherhood of LocomotiraJ|nglneer�� dor#ed by the worker, in this pro-
were elected all by acclamation: viitea. , m&$*# ^
Grand chief engineer, W, S. Stone, Aeanunta: J.O.Mortlmore, plumb-
Cleveland. Assistant grand chief^en- JjJ %***"* W0|J *"u T' W***1**'
glneer, B. W. Hurley. Cleveland. As- UJ��
alstant grand chief engineer, F. A. _, a
Barges.. Cleveland.   Aah. Kennedy, Execu
general chairman of the general com- factory state of Homer street front-
mlttee of adjustment of the Canadian Ing Labor hall, waa referred  to the
Pacific Railway waa elected to oW parltamenUry  committee, with
of tha poalUoa. of aasistant chief.��� .truction. that thn auestion be U.
t np with the civic authorities.
David Spencer
(Continued on page 2.)
������>    P|
:���."!/!# ',-'.'.��������:
��� . ..!��� 6)   r.'.s:Hti
.... ���, a  ��� - >:-���; uff .> 'Miilrt
:'���������'' :   \.���:;jf��-otta#5 -I
*Ji?.��� ������-. Jj-iiv' ''��?'<*$.
Our aim    is to carry a stock of
all kinds of good Dry   Goods, Wo-
men's Ready-to-Wear Garments, Mil-
Unery,    Men's    Furnlsbingi    gnd#
:-itj.*x��'i ?i
i      |
I- v, .     h
by-laws and ooi
House Furnishings to., suit the labor-   V.'..
lii/man. ^ ���'~ WMmJ. #%,
We   realise   that   thrauMt* ��*&
We    realize    that   through
medium of fair prices and
our business haa been estab
and that will be our policy to t
enu. , , < ������ aaasfla
'  i .. yNRKJm
ra.     ������   '     .^tl___'*'   ��� .*�����/���'
Wia��lpaa������aa.��wwMeaeaa�� a ��� I ,  i   n  ,��
��� :i-^^i,_.;,?^^5^^,<a -ifl^\!a^.'^(bs4"^.^ri^i
^���3#n , |i.1Wr^;f^m>^a*f ; I
i,���. '.'i/k���   i'���        i"TLltill'tWf '"
S��r ��r **>H
Hastings St Vancouver, vR C
When Patroniziuo Our Advertizav flonl Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist.
��� ssal :
i ���  ���
v - '
f ^
��jii n^as
of Vancouver
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demand of the Dominion government that it take such sctlon as will
put a atop to such glaringly false
advertisements; and also take proceedings to hsve the British government prosecute the firms placing
' such advertisements In newspapers
within its jurisdiction.
t Upon motion of Delegates Sellars
and Kernighan the resolution was accepted and the secretary Instructed
to forward copies to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, Mr. Borden and the. Secretary of the Trades and Labor Congress
of Can ad a.
Roll call by Statistician S?llars.
Attendance, fair, but room for improvement. <
Bartenders' Union delegates reported that the Nee Fountain bar
waa agaain signed up, but the Tourist
was still unfair to their organisation.
Unemployed list among membership
becoming smaller.
Builders' Laborers' Union delegates reported that one of their members who had been hurt while working on the Bank of Commerce and
confined In the General hospital, bad
had 'his wsges garnisheed by the Hospital board for $30, a $20 account
and $10 costs, without notice and
shortly after coming from the hospital.
Several delegates related unsatisfactory Incidents of the Hospital
board's attitude towards the working
class, and the discussion resulted in
the election of a committee consisting of Delegates Payne, Craig and
Aicken to Investigate some of the
many charges made and report to the
council. ���
Cigarmakers* Union delegates reported that another factory would be
established In the city soon; employ
union labor; add ivM jCelowag tobacco, a Canadian articjkjj. An active label
campaign wMiheing waged, jgyhlch
bad" resulted lira reduction of their
unemployed membership.
Cook, and Matters' delegates reported trade very dull;-Chinese competition playing havoc with their
membership, especially the cooks.
Bricklayers: About ten per cent,
of their membership employed; all
building trades very slack, with hundreds of job-seekers.
Iron Moulders: Trade picking up;
pretty well employed. *
Printers: Lot of work being
diverted to uhlon office, through
vigilant label campaign; three unfair
print shops in Vancouver, besides
Chinese and Japanese offices. Still
plenty of printer, for work available.
Requested other delegate, to the
council to report tat their respective
union. ..king that peWkbelled printed matter be left at Labor hall, so
that the Allied, ^Printing Trade.
Council could more readily return to
customers with the "sticker"���"returned because of the absence of
Union Label."   (
Pressmen: Work fair. Also assisting Allied Council la label campaign.
Upon motion of ^legates Pettipiece and Corley thaifmatter of cooperating with other organisation. In
the city whlch\wer�� urging the establishment or a Jufantie Court was re-
ferred to . tlie . Parfyamentary committee; and Delegates Sellars, Aicken
and the acting secretary will constitute a committee tq attend a meeting
In Lester ball on Tuesday, Jlay 26,
for the purpose of securing further
Information for use fcf the Parlia-
mentary Committee."���<'��*&.
Corley-Burns: That acting secretary be instructed to write Secretary
Cowan, who is at Ottawa at present,
authorizing him to act for the council In the matter of securing copies
of the contract and other papers In
���ro the contract between Gotoh.and
just the Uh/ny
At this season of the year a little tare is required
morning and evenings only.       ;
meets the case exactly. A little
kindling and a^ihovel or two of coke
wilt take the otm off and make the
house comfortable.
' e  i y mail    ill  ii]  un
r*. J
Host Comfort at Least Coi
Try a ton, or half a ton, and judge  for  yourself:
One ton* delivered  a .���'....   ....      ...    *.$8.00.
Half-ton, delivered
Sellars 8mlth: That the secretary.
write the Trade, and Labor Congress
of Canada, asking that President Ver-
vllle, If. P.. be requested to demand
that all paper, and correspondence
relative to the Dunsmulr-Gotoh contract be brought down in the house.
Sec.-Treas. Born, reported that the
police station could give no information as to where President Scott of
the Laundry Worker.' Union, waa
quarantined for small-pox. Acting
President Sayers was asked to make
further Inquiries, with power to set.
Under the heading of Good and
Welfare, an hour was disposed to the
discussion of further amendments to
the Workmen's Compensation Act in
this province, with a view to having
the government do the prosecuting;
tb|s because oi the Inability of the
average to do so, and the big rake-
off, exacted by lawyer..
The initiative and referendum also
came In for a share of discussion, In
which Delegates Payne, Aicken,
Amason and Pettipiece participated.
Receipt., $49; disbursements,
$66.60.     *
Adjournment at 10.36 p. m.
Labor Hall, Vancouver, B. C.
Thursday, May 7, 1908.
Regular meeting held this evening;
W. W. Sayer presiding as chairman,
and R. P. Pettipiece as secretary, in
the absence of President McVety and
Secretary Cowan.
Minutes of previous meeting read
and affirmed. *
New Delegates: J. A.* Archibald,
and Wm. El lender, Cook, and Walters; L�� Hllldebrand, Iron Moulders.
Credentials received and delegates
Communications read from Acting
Minister of Labor; P. M. Draper; R.
G. Macpherson.   Received and filed.
The following accounts were presented, with the report of the Executive committee, and ordered paid:
Cascade Woodyard, $7.60; Leslie G.
Henderson, $1.00; B. C. Saturday
Sunset, $2.40; A. Earl A Son, $14.00;
B. C. Electric Co., $17.72; A. R.
Bum., $73.20; E. T. Kingsley.
printing account in full, $16.10; In-
terest,-$14.     '
Report of Parliamentary committee was received and partially adopted, one or two recommendations
being* referred back to the committee
for further consideration.
Secretary waa Instructed to write
the local license commission asking
if a license had been granted to any
Japaneee to sell liquor. jjgrfw
committee    to    inquire    Into
methods of the City Council In the
tter of purchasing supplies.
A lengthy discussion took place
over a resolution brought In by the
Parliamentary committee  anent 1m-
Write,, fa.IIJnstati^L
migration.   The amtter was fli
referred back to the committee   foi
Mr. Rochester of the Lord'.
Alliance, aaked for a hearing,   which
waa granted.   It was announced that
possibly a mass meeting  would   be
held to further discuss the questlc
at no distant date.
Typoa^mah|dr^��t weQ prose-
cutlng a vigorous label campaign, and
asked for the co-operation of j the
delegates In the matter of collecting
non-labelled printed matter.
Iron Moulder, reported as being In
favor of a labor parade; business
quiet. ���
Machinists:    No parade���let
be kept tor election day in   future.
Conditions still unsettled:   _.t..
Street Rail way men: Against par-]
ade; also recommending election day
as the proper day to demonstrate
the workers' strength. Delegates j
wanted to know why there was no
teacher available for the local
Orphans' Home, when Asiatics above
school-age were being taught in the
public schools.
Cigarmakers: Trade gradually improving;   urged'  demand   tor* blue
To set the    trademark    "Keen
Kutter" on any tool is to know that
it Is the best grade In its class that
it is possible to produce. Don't
take chances on unknown brands;
buy Keen Kutter TooIs-every one
guaranteed.       v&i&i -M
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist ..
���   ������. ���
1 <*>��/��l -' to-, tfiaatta* A'tfiii'*' 1
���:'���'* ���     /
SB ... ���.' I
k, conditions
Where everything a Smoker Wants Can b^ U~*   1 �� 9
iaUs'".;     Had. - -    Union Cigars a Specialty "��*���  ��� �� *->
Cigars a Specialty
. Vancouver
label; registered kick against drug
stores selling non-union cigars on
Sundays. Union spending considerable
money boosting their label.
Motion by Delegates Pettipiece and
Sellars that the council take no action In the matter of a public parade,
waa concurred in.
The election of an organization
committee was again laid on the
table for two weeks.
Parliamentary committee was instructed to look Into the city wharf
and cement transactions, and report.
Secretary was Instructed to write
the Department of Labor at Ottawa,
urging that the secretaries of Central
Labor bodies throughout Canada bo
appointed correspondents In their respective localities, for the purpose of
securing a more correct report of
the conditions of -the labor market
aa affecting the various trades.
The matter of re-arranging Labor
hall inner doors was referred to the
Executive committee.
Delegate Sayers was authorised to
sign checks till next meeting, in absence of secretary.
A report waa received from Delegates A. H. Dutton, John H. Ley and
W. W. Sayer, a special committee
elected to interview the Tlmms' print
"After considerable argument pro
and con your committee withdrew,
convinced that the shop in question
would continue in its present unfair
attitude toward Union Labor."
Receipts, $111.30;   disbursements,
Work very etacK. conditions considerably moH4 thnufitiiep* wereWfew s
months ago. With all the boosting of
building permits the press has dona.
.litre Is less to show at the present
time In the building line that there
��ias been for years. Vancouver at
; resent Is a very poor place for i
laborer, in fact for any one wanting
work. There are thousands walking
ilv streets and quite a few poor
devils who are driven by hunger to
ask lot . meal. And this In the
month of June, when they ought to
be saving a little for nest winter.
It is rumored we are to have an
assistant building Inspector. New
wonders will never cease. Hitherto.
when things were booming and three
times as many men were employed In
building operations, one inspector
was enough, but new, when there is
hardly any building going on. there
has to be* two,. Of course there Is
some reason no doubt. It cannot be.
surely, that the City Council is at
last going to grant our request for
inspection of scaffolds, derricks and
other hoisting gear? That would be
expecting too much although we
certainly ought to have someone
'.vh.se attention we can call to sue1*
matters. Our union alone lun ha-1
six of its members seriously Injured!
and one man killed, to say nothing
of minor accidents through derrick
booms breaking and electric hou.t
accidents. q. p.
The election of officers of th * �����
ternatlonal Typographical Union has
been officially announced as follow*:
President, James M. Lynch, Syracuse, N. Y.
First Vice-President, J. W. Hayes,
Secretary-Treasurer, J. W.  Brain
wood, Denver, Colo.
Agent Union Printers' Home, Geo.
P. Nichols, Baltimore, Md.
Delegates to American Federal 1 jn
of Labor, Frank Morrison, Chicag.;
Max. S. Hayes, Cleveland, O.; M.
Hugh Stevenson, Toronto, Ont.; T.
W. McCnllough, Omaha, Neb.
Trustees, Union Printers' Home,
Anna C. Wilson, Washington, D. C;
L. C. Shepard, Grand Rapids, Mich.;
Thee. McCafferty, Colorado Springs,
The total for the candidates for
president was 21,076 for Lynch and
13,361 for H. S . Hudspeth, of New
A meeting of the joint conference
board of the Allied Printing Trades
was held June 3 at the headquarters
of the International Typographical
Union to take up matters that had
referred to It from various
allied printing t
The Inside electrical worker, of
Vancouver, formerly members of the
I. B. E. W. No. 213, have by mutual
consent decided to form a local union
of their particular craft, with district
and International affiliations. The
electon and Installation of officers
took place oh Tuesday, June 2, at K\
of P. hall, as follows:
President, J. W. Cook.
Vice-president, O. Peel.
Financial Secretary, A. Montgomery.
Recording Secretary, E. J. Peel.
Treasurer, W. Jar via..
Foreman, O. Phillips.
Geo. Jenkins, Vice-president of
British Columbia Pacific District
Council, No. 1. of the I. B. E. W..
conducted the Installation, and he
with B. C. Knight, gave the members',
a little talk ringing with sound sense
and good advice, alter1'
M    Lanirtrv
easae    aaMaawovga^uas g*
Satisfaction,qr; Money Refunded
Largest    Stock    of    Imported
Goods in Vancouver
Suits Made to  Ord er
$29 Vp
.122 Hastings St. W.
of the evening was devoted to the
social side of life, with singing, music
and refreshments. Among the contributors to the program were Bros.
Jobson, E. C. Knight, F. H. Thompson, Peel, G. Jenkins, II. H. Free and
Phillips. ��� .     ��
A fact that should not be overlooked is that in cities where efforts
are being made to suppress free
speech and public assemblage the police, as a rule, are not much better
than Irresponsible bands of crooks.
In New York, where the unemployed
demonstration-was attacked In much
the same manner as the minions of
the Czar rode roughshod over the
people of St. Petersburg on "Bloody
Sunday," the World show, that $30.-
000 a month has been paid In bribes
to the police In one district alone by
keepers of gambling and crap joints
and pool rooms. The World started
a decoy gambling house and laid bare
the whole rotten mess.
Often there Is more true love concealed under calico dresses than
there is under silk gowns.
1 f�� mmm m m mm ���,�����<���������!
,*$'-.  iii     Y
~ . .  i
.*-'��� wt&fim
��� mi
,       a-      ,.w     mv *_ '
day. look alike to nature.
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Uni "    -
  a^aaeai nm ��� ��������������       ��a
%>,,    Officers, Committees, Delegates���WhoThey .Are, When They Meet,
1    T"l      ���        A    1 1
and Their Addresses.
. - - .    *     ..  ���   ��� .. ���-��.    ..
��� ���If . ���
J. H. McVety 1744 Ninth Ave. W.
Sto��e catters. No. 1 Branch Amalgamated Careen-   |
H. Sellars *. .17.0 Albert St    H. J. Nagle .....     tas^^���Alternate Tuesday.
O. Payne 15. Lansdowne Ave.    A.  Hamilton ��w Builders' Laborers���Alternate Tues-
(Phone AI214.)                                              Typographical day.
J. Comerford    .441 Barnsrd St.    R. P. Pettipiece.. 2138 Westm'r. Ave.
i.... . .i
R. P. Pettipiece. .3138 Westm'r Ave.
Central Secretary.
Harry Cowan 880 Homer St
A. R. Burns Lsbor Hall
H. Sellars 1790 Albert St
(Phone B1965.)
J. Duacanson
T. A. Bell .
R. A. Stalker 978 Hasting. E.    A. R. Burns Labor Bail w*tM^_m
William Griffin 220 Reefer St.    ����� ^Wilton..... .Evans,A Heatings    Bnrbera--iri.
��__ ^   .^_  5,^E?1V uS8!?^6* ��    BHeklayera and Masons���First and   ]
Building Trade. Alliance. H. Neelands ......80S Thurlow St Third Wednesday..
j. J. Corcoran $61 Carl Ave. Tailors.
J. H. Ley............. 569 Hornby       day.
* ��W              Stereotypers���Sec
A. Pateraon  (w^-
Lathers���Second and   Fourth  Wed*
nesday. r^r
United Bro. Carpenters���Second and
fourth Wednesday.
and third Wednesday.
PlMUma-*** ��inW W-a��-
nd Wednesday.
���-. Oreenwhll 1141 Pacific Ave.
A. Heuft  Crown Hotel
R. Craig 116 Georgia St
L. B. Davis Kurtz Cigar Factory    j. Hanafln
Electrical   Wire   Workers ��� Every
Thursday. ���
A. Lee     Leather Workers���First Thursday.
J. H. Ley 669 Hornby    J- Clarke  	
E. W. King	
Executive  Committee. _    _____        . _��, .
Cooks ami Waiters.
G. W. Fraser
Civic Employees.
Trades and Labor Council���First and
third Thursday. ^',
uv.��w ua..��� .a..^.      ... ��*    PHo Drivers���First and third Thurs-
Frank Heays 1836 Triumph St.        ^av
Above officers   and   J.   Comerford.    J.A.Archibald..       Angus Frsser 116 Howe St        ���'nt rSrt%r^rlL_sU^nA th�������
Andy Smith and Thoe. C Rysn. Wm. Ellender  Garment Workers���Second Thursday.
I*ther** Cigar Workers���Second Thursday.
       Laundry    Workers ��� Second    and
         Fourth Thursdays. j
Executive meets  evening   preced-     **' *****    ~   ������_...
.a-   �����_ _, i' w  a.     #a     ��� ���; c- Davis   H. Norton
ing Tradea and Labor Council meet-     A  j  AnuuMm   j. ptnlayson
ing In Labor Hall, at 8 p. m. riM����-e��ai-i Tvwr*..i...r* p* Dempster
mt_Mt                 ^_ Ooasaaerclal TOegi*|*crs. R Burnett     Tailors���-Fourth Thursday.
Parliamentary  Ooansalttec. w   Phllina                     ....                                                                                                                  -'������.���     -���'
^ _M __      . . ��� ��   ��� ��         TlMKMatrfcal   Stage   Employees. Parliamentary Committee ��� Second
Messrs.   Sellars.   Kernighan.   Hays,    A. J. Morgan        ~~\ and fourth Thursdays.
*    Dutton,   Aicken.    King.  Field. ^             m.     TO   ._ A. N. Harrington          ����� iw�� ihhwi-.,
Mathson, Arnason. Norton. Dun- Electrical Wow Workers. j. Percy        Bridge and Structural Iron Worker.
E. C. Knight 1333 Keefer St ���First and third Fridaya.
Meets  second  and  fourth  Thurs-    II. T. Fitzgerald    Pressmen���First Friday.
* **** w t?SSr:::::::::::::::::- """S^JTESTmS <&*"* c.^.0>w^��o����.oar*
!_.._     Sfaaaal.la.aHJ MEETING.
DELEGATES TO TRADES COUNCIL MTOm mamaen-   Pattern Makers���Third Friday.
Chris. Cropley
Bricklayers and  Masons.
W. W. Sayer  687 Homer St.
J. J. Welsh 330 Dunsmulr St
M. B. Curtis 891 Princess St.
l. Hiidehrand.;:;:;;::;;::;;;:;  ������sr&sa^^ 0r��nito 0***^���* Friday.
Commercial Telegraphers ��� Second    Iron Moulders���Fourth Friday.
Carpenters'  Council���Alternate Fridays.
Sunday afternoon.
Boilermakers���First and third Monday.
Sunday morning.
Andrew Smith 996 Keefer W.Roberta Cascade Laundry rn^trieal I3tagw Bmployeea-Secoud
A. M. McLeod... .1376 Seymour St J. Scott Pioneer Laundry        Sunday afternoon.
MCQimx., 710 Seymour Mre. PoweII p.oneer 1^^ >TyIK>gTaphIcal--Laet 8ulldmy.
atmtjmrbsjod of Caipenters. Machinists.
JS. Kernighan . .830 Twelfth Ave. B. j M. McVety . .1744 Ninth Ave: W.
W. Dowler... 601 13th.Ave. E. l. H. Coen .  Bro.   Railway   Carmen���First   and
1 1^76 Seymour w. White 860 Tenth Ave. third Monday.
im   .���** 8th. Ave.*. C. Matteson 833 Helmchen St g^eet   Metal   Woriaem-FIrst   snd
l^ilHelmckhn ^ Fenton  .__...........
A. J.   Maiacord..................
J. Ryan .... Lighthouse Hotel    W. G. Field ......1134 Melville St.
a ���' i u rn vji ����������������***��>**��___,��������>��������� ��� ��� ���
t. .Quinte Hotel    . -..
Letter Carrier.���Second Saturday.
Bakers���Second and   fourth   Satur-
��� - 1
'   -*   4   ���> *,  * ���*��*���
;     �����. Taylor .
;0. Wi
 ."751 Keefer   n m,,,���     ~
__   i ..       W.  JUUUSUU .������.....-.
4m&$*& Q��ieen'a Hotel
I. irhinnie   ....622  Princess St.
Morgan ...........a........
. third Monday.
Allied Printing Trades-Council���Second Monday.
Blacksmiths ��� Second    and    fou rth
Machinists���Second and fourth Monday.
Stonecutters (Soft)���First Tuesday.
-    Y
Painters���Plumbers' Hall, 313 Cam-
ble St. Every Tuesday.
Plumbers���313   Cambie   St.   Every
wed*ntwr^f ^;^G:f _    :|;
T. Brunt, Wood'. Barber shop, cor- J:   paXftwR.^    * *
nor Hastings and Carall iitreeta. f ^AUkon. 11'. I Mi ^^ard Bt **
N. Pinto Savoy Barber Shop F. A. Hoover. .613 Westminster Ave.    Maintenance  of   Waymen 	
.J. L. Cameron, Metropole Barbershop    A. Flak  Tuesday. *
Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades
������ "a.     !
>rner Rohson and Gi
vllle. Second Sunday.
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nevvesi ana oesc ana at me
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��� *    .
displays; by so doing many a
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575 Granville St
Phone 3541
���     Ottawa. April 24. 1.08.
Mr. Harry Cowan. Secretary Tradea
and Lahor Council.. Vancouver.
a c;
Dear Sir and Brother: Replying '
to your favor of the ��th instant, I
beg to state that the Congress executive did not accept the Lemieux. or
any other agreement, on behalf of
organised labor, or any other way.
Faithfully yours.
P. M. DRAPER, Secy
��� ��
Large flflravlanre at
Vancouver. B. C. March 8, 1908.
P. M. Draper,   Secretary   Dominion
Trade, and Labor Congress, Box
515, Ottawa, Ont.
Dear Sir: At the last regular
meeting of this council I was in-
structed to write you asking if the
following is a correct summary of
the Interview, as relating to Japan-
recently took place between
tecntive and member, of the
The deputation expressed the willingness of organized labor to Judge
by practical results the measure
agreed on between the Canadian
minister and the authorities at Tokyo
for the restriction of Japanese immigration to this country.���Winnipeg
Voice. ;..'> 1
The following resolution waa introduced at the last meeting by the
Parliamentary committee of this
council and was laid over for two
weeks In order that I might communicate with you and learn If the
report waa correct:
Whereas the Dominion Trades
Congress at Winnipeg paaaed a resolution demanding that the government abrogate the treaty with Japan
and exclude Asiatics from   Canada;
m*A �����^4Kr **�� \ ���
Whereas, the Winnipeg Voice re-
congress as slating to the government that organized labor was will-
lag to give the understanding with
Japan a fair trial,
Therefore, be It resolved, that we,
Vancouver Trades snd Labor Council, protest against any such statement and declare that we still stand
by the resolution aa passed at Winnipeg. ���
I remain, fraternally,
Ottawa, March 18, 1908.
Harry Cowan, Secretary Trades and
Labor Council, Vancouver, B. C.
Dear Sir and Brother: I desire to
acknowledge receipt of your letter of
March 6, respecting the representa-
tltona made by the executive of the
Congress to the Dominion government
on the Japanese question. The executive presented the. resolution passed
on the subject at Winnipeg, and
stated that it represented the matured
judgment of. the Congress, and that
we emphasized every word in it.
We further stated that we observed
that Hon. R. Lemieux was reported
to have made arrangements in the
matter, but that we are not concerned with methods, but with results, if the grievance haa bean removed, well end'good; If not, we
would be heard from again. Fraternally yours,     '
P. M. DRAPER, Secy.
and Ry-Uws Asla_ateal
The New Westminster Tradea and
Labor council, which waa recently
organized, held their first general
meeting Friday evening, May 17 in
the Oddfellows* hall. The attendance
waa large and the proceedings were
followed with keen Interest by all.
J. J. Randolph, president, occupied the chair, and the other officers,
C. Feeney, vice-president, and J. Mc-
Murphy, secretary, were in their
Committees "were appointed as
follows: Auditing, F. B. Johnstone
(convener), H. Schofleld and W.
Dodd; organisation and grievances.
R. A. Stoney (convener), R. Hemphill and J. Wood; municipal, T.
Turnbull (convener)/ C. Feeney, V.
Johndro, J. MeMurphy and P. Paulson; parliamentary and legislative,
W. Dodd (convener), T. Turnbull.
H. Schofleld, G. Stein, F. aV Johnstone, J. Morgan, H. Lawaon, L.
Holman,    R.    A.    Stoney   and      C.
��� ai '    * i
The new constitution and by-laws
were thoroughly discussed and finally
adopted and the officers were authorized to have them printed at once.
The council will meet hereafter on
the third Friday of  the month at
�� ��
8 p. m.
>r ���
uopifl KV
���  i
The local union of Bartender, have
notified their employers that after
July first the minimum scale will be
$21. instead of $18 aa heretofore.
The, change only effects a ve.7 small
percentage of their memberhsip aa
most of the hotels are already paying
above the minimum. The membership is doing good work In the label-
booming campaign which Is just now
occupying the attention of ail union
men. Next raonrh they. Intend: to do
some specific label and card work on
their own account.
ports the Executive
of the
Vancouver. B. C, April 6, 1908.
P. M Draper,   Esq.,   Secretary   Dominion Trades and Labor Con-
���   '     .      is,.
A MWia.
���l    vl.Ull.��,     a I
Etc.   Qeillty and
Ottawa, Ont
Yours of March 18th
last to hand and waa read to our
last council meeting. I was instructed to reply that your aiiewjr
to the question naked was hot eft-
They   desire  a
3 *mr;vr
144 Cordova
organized labor as a
the question.   I remain,
��� �����
���   i
How a woman doe. enjoy seeing
a man fool himself thinking he's
fooling her!
msm%      aa ���      ���*���
,���"������: h: -vs.i
. -   ���-  .,y ������ ,: ���,
Systems of Water
��;< V.    .1 if'
OK ���
a     a ia    a..     d!��'    u
��� a
���   '
Installed for
^ i	
1   M
employing   white   labor
- :
Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist
. ���
i _
r" '
I ���
',:", ;:,,;,���
Wc's A// i?/s/Ar
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one of our Campbell milts this
season has good rscson to be
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accounts for tin low prlc33.
A. E. Lees (go
The Cash
Flack Block
Tbe "National" Trades Council Is
not recognised by the American Fed*
eratlon of Labor* nor has it any
connection whatever with the Trade*
and Labor Congress of Canada. The
Mount Pleasant band, like the place
they get their printing done. Is nonunion, ed far as   international   or-
or | c��nc
���7wv TTcs**
PHONE 1266.
Fancy Groceries and Provis
Carpets,   Linoleum..   Curtains,
Blinds. Sth^ Go-carts.
Buggies, etc. 10 per coat.-j
for cash on Furniture.
700-702 Westnaiaster   Avenue,
Harris Street.
,,;:��������� lam   '���
The editor of The B. C. Trades
Unionist Is in receipt of a semi-personal letter from John F. Leheney,
dated at Port Arthur1, Ont. As Bro.
Leheney haa been busy making a
reputation for himself for some
month, pant, dating from the; Winnipeg convention of the Trade, and
Labor Congress of Canada, it Is probably due his friends that his private
opinion In this Instance be publicly
Nothing, however, despite the roast,
has been Mad, to Justify champions
of labor's cause Ih ah over-indulgence
In "hooch."   Here', the letter:
Port Arthur, Ont.,
May 9, 1908.
R. Parm. Pettipiece,
Vancouver, B. C.
My Dear Parm.:    I owe you a letter for quite a long time, and I Intended to make It duly    apologetic
when I got round to  It.    However,
I saw the May copy of   the   Trades
Unionist, and I'made up my mind that
for two "gossipy" Items you were, to
some extent, responsible.   They refer
to Haywood and myself.   While I do
not particularly care what impression
the Treties Unionists of the West, or
of the Dominion as far as that Is concerned, receive   of    myself,    I    am
strongly of the opinion that the comment on BUI Haywood in the columns
of the Trades Unionist (Boose.   "Nuf
sed") will not have the   effect   of
raising It the esteem of those    who
lave the best interests of the labor
movement at heart.    It betrays the
hypocrisy the petit bourgeoisie  that
vould measure the worth of a man
by the standard of Ita puny moral (!)
code.   The one thing, that it is essential we bear^n mind, Is thst the per-
iciality of Its   propagandists    hsve
absolutely no bearing on the merits
of the Socialist theory.   Whether the
truth was voiced In the Trades Unionist or not, It was in extremely   bad
taste; a gauge by which the   small
nature of the editor and .contributor
may be safely measured.     Men   of
generous disposition will be inclined
ttt Tecn%^mp*i$ipyn^ of Haywood to the cause of the workers; a
loyalty which never wavered even in
the shadow of the gallows.   Men intimate with his record will remember
the magnificent courage he displayed
resenting the taunts of that arrant
coward,   Sherman   Bell,   when   he
punched him. though surrounded by
his uniformed thugs.   Of course, re-
labor-leaders of the bom-
ohn Mitchell .tripe, would not
been guilty of anything so vulgar nor la there the slightest reason
for supposing that Big Bin Is slated
for any   appointment   that   would
VUgVUttVI     OWU     U"��    CUUJI Im��  UU1CUV     \JL
that he waa ever faithless
to the men who gate hlnt^heXr confidence. "Boose. Nuf sed!" , JtJD
I presume, to be understood that he
likes It, but remember not; no well
that he could not forego* It on occasions such as the one on which he
gave expression to this historic utter-
ance: "The wine In your goblet,
would turn to blood upon my lips,
etc." Search the record, of your
labor-men and when you find them
occupying the Jail and the bullpen, being hurried to the gallows, rather
than participating in capitalist-labor
love feasts at civic federation banquets you have found men who are
to in ful to the cause of labor;, jmen, _,
v l.o, if the doing of dnty merits any
thinks, are entitled to the gratitude,
of the workers. I say this without
qualification; it holds good all the
way through. The test for a Haywood or a Pettipiece It not, Does he
Indulge In intoxicants? But: Has he
ever contemplated treason to labor?
I am confident that neither in your
cate or Haywood's, drunk or sober,
your faithfulness would be beyond
The only excuse that could possibly be offered in extenuation of the
insertion of this un-called for criticism is seal for the cause of labor,
and this brings his Judgment into
Far better that the rag waa never
l-Mblished at all than that it should
undertake to do the dirty work of
the capitalist class. It Is up to the
Vancouver council to see that a man
capable of exercising commonsense
is appointed to edit it.
A critical time in the affairs of
labor Is at hand, and the need of the
hour Is more Hay woods; labor has
nothing to fear from such as he, but
It behooves it to watch carefully
those who stand ready to lead It to
the capitalist shambles by the liberal,
conservative, Joe Martin independent
or labor (?) chutes.-- r
If this is the mannerta. which labor
Our Tailored, XL. Clothes
for men are made up In Scotch
Tweeda. English Worsteds and
A big line of Spring goods
just opened up, nil the new
Bhadea of browns, olives and
treys. '��*��
��i *'��" i.' 5*>J
Whether yon want to buy or
not we will ha pleased to show
you the new goods.
���NT���  '
Clothier and
1M and  158   CORDOVA   ST.
; ���*-
Intends to reward Its heroes (though
I think Haywood would object to the
term) It will have a tendency to
encourage indifference. It Is a pity
that you did not draw attention to
this, and have it blue-penciled, for
I cannot reconcile It with my experience of you, to believe that yon would
be a party to its publication. If yon*
were, well damn your indiscretion,
for you have done something that
cannot be very easily undone; erected
another monument to your
As to the brand of "hooch" I was
indulging in at the Peg, It waa the
kind he usually drinks who Is a Judge
of good liquor, "Irish" with the taste
of the turf on it. it was partaken of
In the company of aa rare a bunch of
good fellows as are to be found    in
��� ��� -aSi.
'   ��$&|
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them���you can do it as well aawJcanf
id we
only di
We are prepared to supply the
up 2952,1157 or 676 and we will deliver promni^nms
536 Hasting:. St. Went
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Donf Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist
���'-''"'ll'f .afltpBT . ��� =
^mm1m*. ,*^^^W.TX^^PwW^"WJrT_fJ f   W^mm^W^W^^^  ^ ^S^W*^ p-r^W^JB^-B^a^^BiiBiB^B^ * a^i ���������     ���    ���   -*i��� v v
$1.60 per day and up
I Special Rates by the week
���at Outside Bright. Airy Rooms
Steam Heated
EV & BfcDADE, Props.
Westminster Ave.,
Vancouver, B. C.
i  ���    , . ...     .......
and gratifying. NoW about that An.
archy declaration, I will enlighten you
In some future communication. Tonight I go to Port William to try and
get a labor meeting to declare for
Socialism. Regard, from ��� * ��$$%���
* V * to the old-timers.
Yours In tha Revolution.
.,.���������  .: rr
. "  '"���
There Is too much boosing going
on In what Is known as the Labor
This Is becoming more snd more
apparent to the members of the rank
and flle.
The directors of the destiny of
Labor should cut out fighting
It's had for the movement (hey
represent; It's bad for-themselves.
It leaves them open to suspicion.
It gives spies snd detectives an op.
portunlty to do all kinds' of things.
What Is needed at this Juncture
of the Labor movement Is clear heads
and the right line of action.
A\   La/   Ca.
wMl5 **$#��	
is proved by the sales which amounted to
jaaVous  flavor is apparent the
he teapot   Sold by all  leading
from 50c a lb.
iii-iii i n'~    i I, i   .
i a. J
Bricklayer, and Masons: W. Bayer*
J. J. Welsh. A. 8mith.
Brotherhood of Carpenters: t. W
Dowler. a. Xernlgnn.
Bookbinders: O. Mowatt.
Barbers: Bro. Pinto,
Builders' Laborers: H. Sellers, (1.
Payne, J. Comerford. W. Grlffln. R.'
There 1. absolutely no room In the    A  Stalker.
' ;
Labor movement for men who are
under the Influence of boose all the
time they can spare.
And the sooner the rank and file
demand sobriety as one of the qualifications of the men they entrust with
their Interest, the better for all concerned.
Among the official, of various La
thi. Dominion, all of them friends of
tours, too.   Here I was In Winnipeg
with the expenses piling up and no obr organisations there Is too much
chance that I could see to clear them booze-fighting and hot enough sober,
iOxf.   Ii went to see    ���     *     * and he earnest work.
asked no questions but did a stunt This Is   no time   for "fiddling.
f (tj-et Endear, him to me for all time. Hut a time for action.
jflta did It I believe as much because 1 If some of the present "leade
; was a friend of yours as for any other of the Labor movement will insist
I reason; in fact more for that reason standing still   (while  an   outraged
than any other.      Tour   choice   of working clars demands industrial 11b-
adjective.   in   describing    me    was ert>') end spending their energies in
; rather unfortunate.   Character! why the    bar-room,    and down-the-line.
��t agitator,^labor-fakir, unionist, Oil then.the. sooner the rank and file
mething of that kind?    What   In tnro* them out of their service the
kind of "hooch" were  you   in- better for themselves ad all the reat
you    penned    that ��- iluA* c,aaB-
Cigarmakers: R. Craig.
Civic. Employees: J. Clarke, E. \V.
Cooks snd Waiters: J. A mason.
Machinists: S. W. C Coen.
Printing Pressmen:    O. Johnson.
Plumbers:    J. McWhlnnle.
Street Railwaymen:    J. A. Aicken,
��� r.
���      - ���    .
Gent*. Famishing*
Boots, Shoes' and Hate
62 & 64 Cordova
��� '���
an ;
lglng In
electable piece of "news?" What lt * not * Q������tlon of temperance
t&e blase, do the reader, of that! , Wctly, but of guarding against men
! freak rag care what I do any more wno ��**ht to kno* better being
jiahjl care what one-half of them <*loroformed by the agencies of the
'think of met { .Thn jfoUJcltude ^, ***m'
|fy friends ib Interpret %he signs they
from afar off Is consoling
Be'   P.".  P.
C. P. It. Telegraph.**' Complaints.
The Labor Department has granted
the request of the C. P. R. telegraphers    for the appointment of a
board of cone!Illation     and Investl-
Cation Into the dispute regarding the
relnstatemeat of a dismissed telegrapher at Megan tic. The C. P. R.
has named O. 8.'Campbell; K. C���
and the telegraphers have chosen J.
J. ODonohue as their representative.
���     4
The: moment a wage-worker
himself in his true light he severs his
relation, with all capitalist political
partes, for he realizes at once that he
no more belongs there than Rockefeller belongs to the labor party.���
TflrArflttrInnal  RnnlrhlnHor ' I i-
International Bookbinder.
1 from afar on  is  consoling
Wsj cater particularly to your
1 blotnW ant! Furiilshlhg
vftflB!cata����*J**j *-i* *
���_ ���
MAIiCi   AAXIIsbH^ ...
[here are now 17,010 tarn a. c*ihl;     ^^
��� the Vancouver city electoral district
voting list which have been paabed
upon by the court of revision. Most
of these are wage-earners, but so far
no representatives of their class have
been elected to write and enforce
laws in their own interests.    That It
11. LYNCH,
Preenee. er I. T. V,
���->:' mm'-'MttU- 'roi\n
F. A. Hoover. A. Flak.
Tyimgraphlcal:    R. FftppfpflaoA, j
A. R. Burn, H. Neelands.
Tailors: J. H. Levq, F. Perry, A.
Dometic Help
'     ^^o^^ CMu-ment Wn*m%pp^B
an ,a>ai^ai��k>an>a��
 ���������...-  I      ...   . .	
anaaa.aiiai i ��� ����������������������������� �� -.Uaaaawii
r J M-i ���< ,.a';."n..       .
\   ���   *��� �� ���'
'eJMw.      ���..-.����� .   . win
i &���'������
only employers of Asiatic
ission sitting m Vancouver at this tune.
.��� ������
hit** >) :   .       L��''"
is being
L.   .   ^
owners are
^ in Vaiicouyer,
ere is absolutely only one Way to avoid the p
ciotning p
'���l    .
is to
the above Union Label.
'���������:!   ���.,��.
iere is no excuse for a wor
Shirt or Overalls, without the above Label.
man, and es
��� Y i)*u.
i't > r* X .   .  #
a union man weanng a
.>.'*-: Vi'      ���'
. ������ ���   ..
(I-   .iv}
;, ' ;'; .������'/'��� '    '
���"   ��� . ��� ..:������
0: .-������
r x
���  r .-:���
There is no need to wear cheap ready-to-wear non-iuiion clothing wh^n you
can get a suit made to order, under all the conditions for which the Union
��� ���>
���������A--.*'.��.���.    Y;\
stands, by patronizing firms who alone are entitled to use this Label.
��� ��J send your money to the Flowery Kingdom or Eastern west-shops when
:���.'.- . ��� ������.-���     ��� . ��� ���
<���-*->...., ,U-.*,.i.. -.Ms.,., .......311 J   ;���?frPJ&PK:'. .M/rajftS-ii.        1    ��� 1  ��� .  - .1' -������'��������� -.��"-'.'-���������>��� ������ ���   ��� 'la.. a �� a
you can get ^made, union-made clothing at the same pnce, quality considered.
i   ��� ��� i     ���       t     i t ���      Ait m&**m i r   i.   ���       ii.
It is a social cnme for Umon Men to purchase the products of d^^^^r*asnriin��
non Men to purchase the products of disease-breeding
i   ufacturcrs. U *     Made Shirts and tltiisati   ^i   Bmfkf^^^^^^^
ND  WOOLEN MILLS make to-Onler Union-
g���See advt m\oty*tm**&m
::i j
* I*''
. m
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Dont' Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist.
I ���
* .1
es Unijn Directory
****W**mWtkaaMtt��Jiy\A    ?*Af>%t\t>,    ,      av
ftiltQK   fi    w   it
met t���When
   (        ���       ���  r
Secretaries sre n
id to notify
Press Co* mittee of change of
officers anil *ul<I reuses.
cants inserted fur |i.oo per
month. *       , l
" ���"   - -������'-������     ��� ' '     ' ���    ,        ',,T
���; VANCOUVER    trades    and
LABOR COUNCIL���Meets 1st and
jvlrd    Thursday    In   Labor   Hall.
Pres,. J.   H. McVety;   Vlce-Pres,.
B.  P.  Pettipiece;    Gen. Bee.,   H.
Cowan. Labor  Hall;    Sec.-Treas.,
A. R. Burns. Labor Hall; Statis
tician,    H,   Sellars;    Sergeant-at-
, ana.. 4. Lay; Trustees, R. P. Pet-
tiplece, 1. Commerford. J. Smith.
COOKS'. WAITERS' AND WAITRESSES, Local 28���Meets every
Friday night at 8:30 o'clock.
Chas. Davis, Secretary and Business Agent. 155 Hastings St. E.
Hall for rent suitable for socials,
dance, and societies.
���     ' 	
Local Union 313���Meets 2nd snd
4th Wednesday, Labor Hall, 8 p.
m. sharp, j. E. Dubberly, Pre..,
res. 1812 "3th ave., Vancouver, B.
C; Geo. Jenkins, Rec.-Sec., 3 j a
Harris St., Vancouver, B. C.;; C.
. T. Hammersmark, Fin.-Sec, 641
Jackson ave., Vancouver, B. C.
*!�� Meets
LATHERS',    Local    207���
2nd and   4 th   Wednesday,
Labor   Hall,   Homer   St.;   C.   H.
Lev/Is, President; Frank M.t-
honey, Secretary* 314 Cordova St.
.UNION, .Vancouver Local No. 105
President, J. A. Scott;  Secretary,
W. Roberts. Meets Labor Hall,
2nd and. 4th Thursday at 8:00
p. m. each month.
ih     UNION     NO.     32,
l^ln Labor Hall, Homer St., every
alternate Tuesday, at 7:45 p. m.
id quarters,   Owl   Pool   Room,
Hastings St., E Agent's nours,
) to 8:30 a. m., 1:2 to 1 and
) to 8:80 p. m.     G.   Payne,
t; H. Sellars, President.
ICE���Meets every Monday
Room 3, Ingleside Rooms,
KeUy.   9&2
P%06.t   641
Robeon -StU^t*,)**;> m ��.#
nHi,,>i(iniiii "'liiiiiiii'in^^-i^ *.���"���''�����. ���
According to the most reliable report, at our command, a. I speak
here this afternoon, there are at
least four millions of workingmen
vainly searching for employment.
Have you ever had to go up the street,
begging for work, In a "great city
thronged with surging humanity���
and, by tbe way, my friends, people
are never quite so strange to each
other as when they are forced Into
artificial, crowded and stifled rels- /
I would rather be friendless out on
the American desert than to be
friendless In New York or Chicago.
Have you ever walked up one aid. of
the street and come back on the other
side, while your wife wss waiting at home with three or fonr children for you to-report that you h.d
found work? Quite fortunately for
me I had an experience of somewhat
similar nature to tL��s quite early in
my life. Quite fortunately because,
had I not known from my own experience just what it is is have to beg for
work, Just what it is to be shown the
door as if I were a very offensive in-.
truder, had I not known what it 1. to
suffer for the want of food, had I not
seen every door closed and barred In
my face, had I not found myself
friendless and alone in the city as a
boy looking for work, and in vain,
perhaps I would not be here this afternoon. I might have grown up
as some others have who have been
as they regard themselves, fortunate.
I might have waved aside my fellow-
men and raid, "Do as 1 have done.
If you are without work it is your
own fault. Look at me; I am self-
made. No man Is under the necessity
of looking for work If he-is willing
to work."
Nothing is more humiliating than
to have to beg for work, and a system in which any man has to beg for
work stands condemned. No man can
defend it.���E. V. Debs.
IS* * fr*^^
LEAGUE l^^M#^.^anaowrar, ��.
C���Meets La
and 3rd Sunday
Fin. Secy. Geo. W.
O. Box, .34. Phone "39.
The executive committee of the
Washington State Federation of Labor held its semi-annuai meeting recently at Tacoma.
"There Is no question that the labor organisations are in favor of
reading.rooms, conveniently located,
where workingmen may drop in to
read newspaper, and magastnes,"
said Mr. Cottefllt,
"The federation indorsed a Bimilar
Aberdeen  meeting
v e r l. feiMJiitl aah&s
j   X   -  -     -.O     a   -.H..    -    *      ,
__n i ���
���������"": "T ') r-tiifl
���   "7mm-.        ,;
Making due allowance for race
prejudice, from which the member,
of the Labor Union, .re not more
free than other people, and for the
.Influence of demagogic appeals, which
have their effect with workingmen
just as much as with any one else, the
real basis of the hostility of .the Labor Unions to Oriental labor is tbe
conviction, born of experience, that
the white and yellow races cannot
work side by side in competition with
each other, and that the introduction
into Canada of races which are alien
in every respect to our institutions
ftarviug for lack of work; but instead
is bound In the long run to be pro-
without flattery that in no soda?
sphere do the great economic problems of the day receive closer or more
intelligent consideration than among
the members of the Labor Unions. In
the ranks of these organisations are
to be found some of the most earnest
and careful students of these questions, and the average amount of attention paid to them by wage-earners
as a class Is much greater than
among any other class in the community. It is true that they are apt
to look chiefly oh one side 6f the'
case, but we do not know that in this
particular they differ materially from
other people. The solution of the
great economic problem, of the1 day
will rest in the end with the Wage-
earners, and the sooneiv.that fact to
appreciated the, sooner, will ^satisfactory solution be peached.���Victoria
Colonist. lf-,V
The Los Angeles time, invoke, the
power, of government to be visited
upon every man who dare, to open
his lips In criticism of an Industrial
system that puts broadcloth upon one
man and rags upon thousands. The
frenzied idolator of Mammon, who
moulds the policy of the Champion
rag In scab-journalism, pours out the
vials of his wrath against every brave,
courageous man who speaks against
corporate oppression and for the liberty of humanity. In the very city
in which the Time, la published
thousands of men and women with
gaunt faces have been forced to seek
the soup house and the "bread line,"
and beg for the measly pittance that
would sustain a miserable existence.
With thousands of unemployed In
Los Angeles walking the streets,
homeless, shelterless and penniless,
this prostituted journal has opened.
Its columns to every advertisement
that would bring more men and. Women to a city that has been swamped
with human misery and wretchedness.���'Miners' Magazine. (
r '��� -*,
At a convention of the Brotherhood
of Railway Carmen In jtJTinn.^ on
'May 9, officers v^o; will serve forthe
d Is still in favor, of   ne# two years were installed.   They
to __.' ������u-'.'-i .-������   .
n rou zo
.,     -.,, . i  ,' .;     3
_ . '    ""aaaa**�����l II
336 Hastings St., Vancouver.
If you wish a first-class
course in Bookkeeping. Commercial Law, Penmanship,
Gregg Shorthand, Pitman Short
hand, Touch Typewriting,
Mechanical and Civil Engroeer-
and. Telegraphy.   J ^ ^
r. J^pfeorr.^        &^
��� !
J 10
M ������
The Trades
'. i
I   '
 "���' -
IT yon receive The Tradea Union-
���������^bi^b      j   uav   tauw��Hiw  A*lWe^��* anH
%#��j<-m^aa�� -.wa*Sh jhsaWi;
What do you suppose would have There are some 8.000 trade, union-
been the result In the workings of ista^the c*ty of Vancouver, and yet
the Lemieux Act. at Winnipeg In the not a solitary store In town carries a
case of the C. P.R. v.. its Union em- Union-made  ready-to-wear  garment.
t pay any attention to the dis-
agreeable things  people  say
you���If they are not true.
. bodr38f
it Is high time the "labor market"
Price, $1.00 per annum-     was abolished.   The term "market"
to unions subscribing tn\j is. only applied    to.   thing..     Men
ployees. had the
the "UBlott "withdrew" from the proceedings, .. did the C. P. R. attorney? V
shouldn't stand for It
*,    A
Mailing list, news and correspond-
ce   columns   In
of Pro
iece,  chair-
tral  Body.
ion who are afraid
of throwing your votes aw.y think
that you can do better by giving them
to your enemies? /
Address all correspondence, com-
munlcstlona^rilltt(ml��av   for sub-
ions, and exchanges to R. P.
?lece, 2IS8 Westminster Avenue,
iter, Brc.
n^ti^v *yk>   ���
1 ****am*&0 ��
Robbery through legislation is
just aa honorable as WgWay robbery.
Beside. It brings far greater return.
The National Association of Manufacturers have appointed a committee to attend the Republican and the
Democratic convention, for the purpose of preventing the Insertion of
"class declaration planks" in the
platforms. They re-elected 3. W.
Van Cleave as president
*���*">������'" ��� ���/
When a whiteman to stranded and
haa' to rtsort to the backdoor route
for a haa\d-OUt, the local representative^ of^aw and order soon nan* him
demanding   the  label,   for   a
if the label 1. to be the
I a      m��       l    .
reapon of organized    1.1
let', .hoot o^mt^lsWW
nen wn Monk PI f p*._; un_un.
tioned" then It will be time to qui
monkeying, and tsks poasession of the
whole shooting works.
Cowardice haa . ne*e��J/-
thing.   The ,
Is better than none la L
a quarter of a loaf, than
and finally to atarta
tent.   What   la wanted
rights and human   justice,
tal Is thoroughly
toot   what   they    consider
with very little risk.
%   forHaaJf^ey.   But hundred, of poor    righta and the working class    will
Advertising patronage In charge of
8. J. Gothard. Advertising rates will
be supplied upon application at Room
1, 428 Richard. Street (upstair.).
P. O. Drawer 1229.   Telephone 2258.
i.,1. i     , ���     i ���] ������	
Before election the old party politician, shake the worker's hand; after election they shake him alto.
gether.���Walter Hurt,    j"
The  Trades
promptly   the
Unionist I. Issued
first week of each
month. It alms to furnish the latest
and moat authoritative information
on all matters relating to the Labor
Contributions are solicited from
correspondents, elected by their respective unions, to whom they must
be held responsible for contents.
1     j '   !���
If beer keeps the! working class
poor, wouldn't it * naturally follow
that champagne would keep .the
suers of It poorer?    But does it?
4 ���; ��� '
From   present   Indications   there
will be no parade on Labor Day   in
Vancouver this year.      Many of the
delegates to* the Trades and Labor
Council declare that this will be reserved for Election Day.
JUNE... 1008
Members of
organized labor In
Vancouver are urgently requested to
see that the names; address, and officers of their respective union, are
correctly recorded In the Trade, and
Council directory on page 3
Issue of The Trade. Unionist
errors appear, clip out the
union, mark
I to R. P.
en, 2138 Westminster avenue,
-    f'v^LY
The newly-organised , Trades and
Labor Council at New Westminstea> is
already discussing the advisability of
"celebrating" Labor Day in the Royal
City. If it decides to do so,> many "
Vancouverites will assist in making
the day a memorable one.
The local Inquiry Into the claims
for damages by the Chirfsse residents
of Vancouver, being conducted .by
Mackenzie King on behalf of the
Federal government, is bringing out
Hindus, Imported by merciless cor-
Derations, Mem to be able to practice
the sdiae methods of getting a bite
to eat and enjoy Immunity. The law
Is administered with equality all
right���to equals.
At Brsndon, Man., the workers are
doing a little organising stunt worthy
of note; but the printers havo not
yet joined In the procession. The
Trades and Labor Council should go
after them hot-foot. A town with two
or three dallies and no Typographical
Unicn! Seems hsrd to believe; but
It's the truth.   It Is time to come out
of the cellar.
* The action of Vancouver Trades
and -Labor Council In deciding to
devote an hour of the lsst meeting of
the month to the discussion of questions of Interest to the work nig class
is commendable. There has been too
much attention to routine business
embers of organised labor In the
d not enough attention paid to
good and welfare."
never get anything hut the short
end of the .tick until they also know
enough to organise to protect their
more   than
It Is estimated that
fifty per cent, of the building tradea
craftsmen In Vancouver are idle, or
only partially employed. Just what
the condition will be like thi. winter,
���God knows." And the Salvation
Army officers have nothing to say.
If the Lord's Day Alliance were
very anxious to assist the workers In
the matter of one day's rest in seven,
why not demand of the federal
authorities a six-day-week and an
eight-hour-day measure?
That was a mean and ungracious
act of the Eastern Union employees
of the C.P.R. mechanical department
to .name to the rescue of their West-
evidence that should make thetouiv >�����> alllee, just when the Company
geoisle of this locsllty sit ti> and ; WBM aboUt to take advantage of the
take notice.
Officer, and correspondents of all
local unions can have their names
placed opon the mailing Hat, free, If
Trades Unionist readers should
carefully note the content, of the
Tradea and Labor Council proceed-
they will
The Trades Cou
names and ad-
* ���     ��� :'_.������
anxious to
published elsewhere in this
Issue. It serves to ��� give one a line on
the activities and tendencies   of or-
dition of the labor market and
ugurate the open .hop.    If this
of "federating" on'the part of
continue, what on earth will
Tne label campaign being conducted by the Allied Printing Tradea
Council is bringing results. Bat
there are .till three non-onion jobbing office. In town, In addition to
Chinese and Japanese printing offices
which are doing work for "BrUmb"
patriotic business men. And there
is also too much work being sent to
Eastern sweatshops by men Who
should at least spend their
accounts where they set their ,
���In Vancouver. For names apply
to the printers. They know.
e that the danger
be eliminated by
work-shop, well
iue   irwn wbtoi .<��� aaai&aviui  w     rJi^;- T ., Z^'T C
make thte paper express the beet in-    e��M*ed tabor In this part Of British
terests of Labor; If It Is not doing    Columbia. , ffct. V;
so, it Is the fault of affilla
ber..   Bach union ahould elect a
respondent, and aee
Bentf* eVaSaC    '���*���
The Tradea Unionist will be .
exactly what the workera make it.
you don't like It, say so; If you
let there be some evidence of it.
merely ]
be pitied for
being able to
tween social
oulosis; snd
nectlon  be-
and tuber-
la true of al-
: it is tne fp*#.-
they inny both    hn|ian society, hat the only  decent
to the point where they will    part of present-day   civilisation,   if
put the union label on church    one m to judge from the reports  of
printing.���Daily Socialist. their own press.
���man by Hebe.
aaflKaaWaaaanaa^arsa^ -W. .>4aa^aafji| finrinl ^-^-i-"�� ask mMmMMt*-;iA�� ~*~*^~*-<* -.*-*���*
irncn rawvipjangtwr Mvemzers ooni rorgeitmmmmwirm Trades UfNomst.
raised by
conditions.   Give the people
to eat, give them sanitary dwell!
glvo tMan tteedom!   Then they will
be prepared to drive hence the demon
of alcohol.���Translated fromth|per
���i ������-���   .
1 ��� ; "i  f
<T      .
IMMini     /.IM.IM/.'HWJ'/ /I. ��"
We sett only the best.  Our
prices sre the same as those
charged by other firms for in*
ferior grades.
I   mmmimm���a
���   ���  ,'
������   . a* .,
i ���
i'' t timVI.
Bankers. Foot of Smythe 81,
OFFICE .293,
yam wmcm or wmffitf.~~
������rt    ' 7 r
The man who works for two dol.
and    employer,
there is some-
Even some of the \ recently.Imported Hindu, have been forced to
leave British Columbia; not because
of anything any of the governments,
provincial or federal, have done, but
.imply because they could find no
aale for their labor-power, even at
quoted. Apparently too
good husky white job-seekers
at prices satisfactory to the men who
own thi. province. Hence the government-assisted, Salvation Army*-
cnaoeronpd "farm hand." are "all
a day produce, more than tw
1'   worth   of   wealth.   If
doesn't do this there Is nothing In It
fo^ the employer;
don't employ unless
' thing in It for 4n>m.   It i$ the surplus wealth produced by the wai
worker    that    makes    his*
wealthy, and give, him more
over those whom he hires.   The object of Socalism 1. to establish
Industrial  system  in    which
worker would retain this surplus ln-
1 stead of turning it over to some capitalist or 1 corporation. \ There da" no
be accumulated save by the appropriation of this surplus; and there II
Water Heaters, Hot Piste and
all kind, of cook
er *
and Re-'
far Prices
��� ���
St Phone J704
"Spending their money for whis- no way by which the working class
sky" Is not the   cause   of   poverty can hope to obtain more than an un-
among member, of the working class; eertaln and precarious living for la-
on the contrary. If all the workups bor performed than by capturing po-
who are now incapacitated through Utkal power, and thereby so re-or-
The British Columbia legislature
haa apparently spent more time framing and enacting factory legislation
than its officers have in enforcing the
law, after It is passed upon. A factory act without an inspector, with
power to enforce his mandate, Is a
screaming farce. And, .peaking of
inspectors, is there any one in British
Columbia who knows whether they
.are-eating hog-cholera pork or not?
It's about time the workers not only
wrote the lews of British Columbia,
but had representatives enough In the
bouse to see that the proper officials
are placed In charge of the enforce-
over-indulgence In boose were to
suddenly sober np. and "show up"
for work in the morning, there would
Immediately be a lowering of wages
because of the more Intense competition for job*. If the "drank" got a
job at all, it might be your Job, at a
lower wage. The liquor traffic is one
of the thing, that assists In the perpetuation of the rule of capital, because the minds of the worker, are
kept from a realization of their enslaved position in human society.
There I. only one solution for the
"prohibitionist." to apply. If they are
In earnest, and that Is to remove the
profit from the sale of liquor. This
however, will probably never be done
until the workers secure the reins of
government snd do It themselves.
The capitalists and taxpayers of the
present time cannot be expected to
bring about their own undoing. It is
they who profit by the boose business; not the workers.    *
gsnlslng industry as to legally and
effectively secure this surplus to the
men whose labor produces it. Socialists are organized for the purpose
of doing this thing; and, If yon are
a worklngmsn, you owe It to yourself
to throw all your power into the
movement, and contribute to Its Inevitable success.���Ibid.
Medical Health Officer Underbill a
few days ago had a busy time over a
case of suspected leprosy. The. man
waa brought In here by the C. P. R.
from North Bend, having wandered
there, it la alleged, from Kamloops.
He was found under thn trestles at
the V., WAY. depot, and taken to
the Chinese hospital, and when the
health department heard of It an Investigation was Immediately made.
Superficial examination suggested
that the man might be leprous, but
analyses made by Dr. Underbill, and
further examination of the suspect,
proved he waa simply in the same
predicament as the beggar at the gate
�� many of those who  are  "In
the labor movement" are working It,    C. P. it.
|!     '  '���    '> U\ ��-Vi
The general committee
������HFAr     m & v *f  e^
wasted     on      inef U
through the
ing the mechanical organlsatldtt of
railway, which
the Grand Un-
rather than working at It. There
Can be no objection to paying men for
their services, providing they deliver
the services. In fact thto Is the least
the rank end filecan do, since they
are unwilling or unfitted to do the
.ere*, a lot
and short-
it. ��� a��  \I_m1w ��
}~S <%WBbJhetOT* of
ibor organixatlona. TPhls is a time
for study, thought and action. It
the workera were njftnaMjteataa a
lot of oxen there wnnln^aw^Saa^e remarkable change, made In their war.
fare Jnet at tarn time.   The employ-   nam tan old acquaintance?"
era are doing their best to force the    we're slightly   acquainted.   In
worker, to do the right thing; and    .he', a sort of distant relation.
once the latter tackle the job they    was the first wlfs of my second
Wttdo.teVVeiwt'' *  W> flrtt himrJaMad."-^f��mgo
A local union of tbe International
Brotherhood of Electrical Workera
was organized in Nelson, B. C, last
week. The officers elected are as follows: President, Ira King; vice-
president, H. Crosby; recording secretary. W. E. Psyne; financial secretary Leslie Steel. The membership
st present Is. 15. Tbe charter waa
obtained by Leslie Steel and others
from the headquarters of uhe Brotherhood at Springfield, ill. The number of the local Is 618. The meetings
will take place each Monday night for
the present at Miner.' Union Hall.
1      ���?                  *'                                ���   '           *          ,                  *      J    '    �� \   H   *       a .���������'���
���       %' II ��� I    ��� ���	
'   ���
From some of   hla   remark,   on
British Columbia, we judge that Mr.
Kudyard Kipling's cordon of friend.
were not altogether , successful In
keeping the whole truth from him.���
Toronto Star. } aH;mk
The Street Railway Employees' Union haa been turned down by the
management In their request for Increased wages. M. Sinclair, Toronto,
international officer, .1. In Ottawa,
but the railway company refuse, negotiations with him, as ". professional union man," The operation of
the Lemieux not, will be Invoked for
arbitration.. ,>s^; % 1a, ;il/ ,., ^
. u (,-.; aP��UH?"JIII)l1 -Ji"  .1. 'I ..-��� -A oifc$.
The typographical union of Oer*
many < composed of printer.; prase-
men, feeders and typefounders), according to ita last report, had a membership of 53,807 and a treausry
5,891,100 marks (about $ 1,470,00
The benefits also provide for
widows and orphans of Ita
When PaUiwiiliii ItoAtaMim OmiT ffMette afcatiign Uft rliftteilMonist. *
*,;:^-;'V.'i.    "���������<-
r��nv  Coffee, Spices
and Extracts
Award for Qyalily
for B. C.
ouglas & Co., Ltd.
I ��� ���
:  -
Long ago the capitalists found the
Salvation Army a thing worth en-
couraglng. Capitalism inevitably
produces unfit, degenerate and also
worthy bnt unsuccessful men. While
it is to capitalism', interest to have
a sort of army of surplus laborers on
hand right along so that there will
be competition for the jobs and therefore a low rate of wage., the condition of being out of work tends to
demoralisation and so overtaxes the
capitalist charity arrangements.
Moreover a large element of such despoiled people Is dangerous and the
Salvation Army sets itself the task of
keeping this element just above the
reckless and desperate line. And to
this it hss sdded colonisation. It
ships away the people that capitalism
feels uneasy about. A concrete" instance of ita methods is found in the
cry from the Canadian organised
workers against the stimulated Immigration to that country. Although
the Canadian labor market Is overrun, and badly so, the assisted Immigrants keep pouring In, and It is
claimed that the Salvation Army Is
responsible for a large part of this.
The Army knows that Canada Is overcrowded with men looking for work,
yet Its main purpose la seen in its
continued effort to get London's burden out of the way and off on to other
soil.���S. D. Herald.
John M. Love, general organizer
for the United Association of Journeymen Plumbers, Oss Fitters, Steam
fitters' Helpers of the United States
and Canada, with headquarters st
401-406 Temple of Music, Chicago,
111., was s visitor in local labor circles
during the psst week. It Is more
than probable that an organization
will be perfected In this city, snd, If
necessary, will co-operate with the
other union employees of the C. P. R.
so fsr aa that portion of its membership Is concerned. Mr. Love appears
to be a hustler; informed as to the
labor movement���and works at it.
Chicago Union Men to Raise gos.ooo
raid to  Cover Construction
��� m t^ A!v.Vj CeaiaUi V^Vm..^ ,
A workingmen's hospital, similar
_to the ohe which has been succesg-
fully operated In New    York for 35
men^tfg^ ^H^I^Sep-
It|la. proposed to raise a^und of
B��JFr r Klc��ft*0 ����T<*" *** **&
, HwhtaiitJof f|sj Udf^taW *aut ��ft
first year's work, by the sale, of annual memberships of $3 each.
> committee of union leaders in
the Chicago    Federation   of Labor.
headed by Treasurer John J. Brittaln
of the Carpenter.' union and Attorney John D. Farrell, are working out
the detail.. The plan, are drawn
and the negotiation, for the purchase
of the site are under way.
For the $3 a year that a person
will pay as a member of what probably will be called the Workingmen's
Hospital Association, the subscriber
will be entitled to free treatment at
the Institution whenever he is 111.
The treatment will Include medicines,
medical attendance, nursing and
Have you ever    stopped to  v
think what it would mean to
ou were your home and Its
The new schedule of the local
Barbers' Union appears to be working out all right, and the members
are taking on the attitude of a real
live union; united for a purpose, snd
determined to attain their aims.
There sre several non-union barber
.shops "for sale."
���V A"*'.
The Blue Label is on the
--, .-.-!*_- *-M
Ask fori
cigar stores.   Made by
In the old day. if the majority had
insisted on using the stage coach we
would not have had the railways of
to-day. Looking back it is easy to
see how foolish such people would
have been. To-day there are a great
number of people who would similarly retard the world's progress to better things and greater achievements
by sticking to th. old way of doing
things instead of adopting the new.
f.fi    vi rArrangement, are completed for a
j     party  of   sixty-five   Doukhobors  to
leave Broadway for Waterloo, B. C,
to take np land. purchased In the
Peter V��
* m ^Federal Judge Hunt, of Helena,
Mbnt, bn'May 1�� granted an lnj
tion restraining Butte and Anaco
ing witn xne oi
Jas. H. McVety, president of the
Trades and Labor Council, and a
prominent officer of tbe Machinists'
Union, who has been in Winnipeg
for some little time, recently attended a social meeting of the Carmen's
Union in the prairie capital, and if
one Is to judge by the daily press reports, McVety must have turned his
���buss-saw loose.   Here is an excerpt:
"Bro. McVety, president of the ma-'
chinists, said that Mr. Marshall had
sounded a thought which he hoped
Would occupy tbe minds of those
present for some time to come. He
spoke of the necessity for a federation, and believed that all were fully
aware of tbe efforts of the company
and their Intention. 'If; as individual
lodges,' he said, 'we have made progress, how much more should we do
if we became united. There.!, something of far greater importance than
this, andJ^nt. is political action; we
have nothing to be proud of In tie
action taken by working men In the
past. I( has been said that the future belongs to the . working class!
Take hold of it and make something
on^iD| ^ia _ ,j^tTa#voirnn��mm, rMf*
4one Httle good to the working men.
and we can expect but little from the
present government or the opposi-
��� ��� ��� ���       ii   WW)tf i .Mel*, i t.l.1>li>V��    1""
���        '- -' ..-mm a
poor    man's
out of which
hlanallj hili pill at any time
that the house failed to yield an income to the landlord.
insure you' for $1,000 ahould
suoh a calamity happen.' Take
warning from^Vrttosti.
W. S. HOIIrUvO, AfBOcy
^n5^{%7 Pender St.
. The Nova Scotia government has
appointed Rev. Principal Magllt, of
the Presbyterian collage, Halifax; D.
W. Robb of the Robb Engineering
Co. Amherst and Henry McDonald.
barrister, Glace Bay, as a commission
to enquire Into the feasibility of an
eight-hour day in the Industrial occupations of the province, but chiefly
���in mining and manufacturing. The
commission will start work in August.
With the country filled with Japs,
Chink., Hindus, Siwashes, Doukhobors, Dunkards and old-party poll-,
ticlsns, British Columbia will ere
long resemble the Garden of Eden
overrun by swarms of locusts and
Los Angeles has a new publication which is devoted to the union
label of the various organisations. It
1. Intended to instruct all classes of
people a. to union label, and what
they stand for.
���   :
���  1 L.   ���       , ���.r.-Jtil'Y
An Investigation of 1,600 of New
York's 1,900 street cars made recently showed that 106 were filthy,
401 had flat wheels, 786 rattled noticeably, 340 were without headlamps, 102 with broken glass, 1,006
with noise from the gear..
1-.!V til
i <��� ������...*>>
���#n\ ���
��� xii
*���* ha^gs Street,      .   |
When PabwtdiHJ J^ A(heal2*te5airt f*0et to Mention the
-1 ni Yh&%:i0fentii'w
Everything      stricture
prices ^moderate.
Wrst-ctasB music In
If \4H-mj ������   ��� . ��
& McKImNNON,   .Props. -   ���
-'�����       ���  't
I   ' ��� >i   '   '���   '    '        ���
' i^�� ,Y  .___.��� __���__.      ���
Union men in Vancouver of the presence of the
Union Label on their printed matter, and the relation it had to their volume of business, they
be fewer Chinese and Japanese printing offices
patronized by them in Vancouver ��� and less
'���   a
printing would be sent to Eastern sweat-shops.
More well-paid printers in Vancouver  means
,���_,.,_.��__;___    -_ .    .   -
more purchasing power, more homes, better
' s<tfisKSBesBesBesBesBesBesBBB
homes, and healthy conditions in the workshop.
The printer has no authority to put the Label on
You; printing unless you request it Mark "Label
Wanted" on your next
I *" - *
. <
I s
���-. * *mI._    ��� Sy ��� .-.. -.-    ... .
The following is a list of the Union
printing offices In the city. Ton nan .
get the label put on your printing
at any of these place, and yon
should not forget to ask for It. It
will not be put on unless you do ask
for It:
Bolhain 4b Hornet.  40  Hastings St.
Phono B2379.
Clarke   & ' Stuart,   corner Seymour
and Cordova;  phone 3.
Clelland * Welsh, 629 Pender   St.;
phone 2578.
Evans A    Hastings.   125    Hastings
��t.; phone 189.
Farrow A Jewell. 626 Westminster
Ave.; phone 8711.
Ham.  r.  N.   A Co.,   660  Granville
St.; phone 685.
Hughes & El kins,  528 Pender St.;
phone 666.
Jackson 4 Morrison,    153   wftfrg��
St; phone 778.
Klngsley, E. T..   166   Hastings St.;
phone 884.
IScCall B., North Vancouver.
Nicholson, J. C.  A  Son, corner _
ond Ave. and Arbutus St.; phone
.   *<.
A    *����>���
couW only see the number of letters from Van-
couver business men who have signified their
willingness to demand the Union label on their
printing, they surely would redouble their efforts
in collecting the remaining non-labeled printed
matter and leaving
to be
nythe Atted Printing
. *^jr   '^r*1 ���-- v
Trades Council.   The printers are watching
" ���{ I
II ���"    .        I IIHIII
���    * "   ���
!   a.      ���      ���������
a .   - ���      - ���
North Vancouver Express.
News Advertiser (Job), .801 .
St.;   phone. Branch Exchange 89
and 40.
Oxford Press, Howe St.
Roodde. G. A.. Richards St;   phone
Tlu.ii.son  Stationery   Co.,   Heatings
St.; phone, Branch Exchange 8520.
Trythall & Son, 649   Seymour   St;
phone 1320.
White & Btndon, 113
phone 1132.
a,, ���_ 'J.
IN e wspapers.
News-Advertiser,   World,   Province,   wi
Saturday Sunset, Western Clarion,      tt -J
Trade Unionist, B. C. alining Bx-     -*A j
change. ��� ���     Y   t$ *��vlajf**_j
���f,H      ���'    -���.
��� hCSS - ��� ������ ��� i
;������;.���:- /,<-?.: ^^'m^j^vav^ssMsaaaai
- *as/v
 . _ 5	
tflfflfra This Labd is an Emblem of Good Workmanship
and the Product of White Laior in Vancouver.
.1     I ��� ������a.ng
; St:
Patronizing '   14
����*e^a^e   ^lw^^^mm^^^^   %fa^.a^M^.*.aiaae    .^eee^^^. w^.^^l^|   4^Kwat^^a   ^^���^���^^/^������^^���^���^
lie Wei Dressed Ma's Favorite Shoes-We Show
��� �������    n��n    ���aawNrawia   laiaau as  isi.sjiiiaf vhvv��i       tva��  wnwn
M| Styles and Leathers, a Shape for Every Foot and
a hice for Ewy Ptise.
- -.  =
��� i-f.V v ���
One of the new button* buckle effects-
| m*fe in gun metal and
I /MlW cofY, goodyear welt
���new swing toe. Price.
that yon oppose the action of your
union. oi<^^^f^    i^^' "^ '  v*
..''"When yon nave a personal spite
to a brother save np your wrath
meeting night, then tell him what
you think or htm.
"Always hint or Insinuate that
those who do the work for the anion are seeking an oillce or some
glory* M the same time be very
careful that yon do not do any work
lest yon be accused the same way.
"Be .are never to say anything
good of labor agitators who work for
the anion when yon are at the thea- .
ter. the saloon or In bed.
Never be guilty of going-to labor
mass meetings If yon can find any
excuse for hot being present.
"Then after doing all these things
boast of being a model anion man.
. *. a.-.*
'Then let this model union man
write his epitaph la the family album
O. Budd. President
V. E.  Gilmer. Secretary
rV Vice-President j
*���*:!  ���    If
Wide Awake
Furniture Co. Ltd.
Vascoaver, B. G.
GABLES: Cwl, Vancouver.
T*he Uriplefit
Shoe Store
566 Granville St.
Illl I
���a     * "
���   r-> e     i     I     a
Ottawa, April 29. 1808.
Harry Cowan. Esq., Secretary Trade-;
and Labor Council,  Vancouver.
���B. C.
Sir:   I am directed by the Honorable the Minister of Labor to aek*
>wledga    your communication    ad-
to the minister under date of
81 referring to   n   resolution
by the   Trades   and   Labor
of Vancouver urging a eye-.
of Inspection along the line of
Application hen
made tor a
���I have reaped where I nave   conation board, under the Lemleax
have enjoyed beneita    ^ to enqu|r6 Into ww condition.
not sown.
which I had no part Vn making. I
have hnng onto the coat-tall of the
great labor movement doing all I
could to retard Its progress. I have
smitten the hand that brought me
blessing. I am ad ungrateful coward.' "���Miners* Magazine.
enclose for your Information a copy
of the regulations with relation to
construction camps as . result of the
Investigation conducted by the commission of 1897 referred to in your
letter and the enforcement of which
Is In the public health branch of the
Dominion government service.
I have the honor to be, air, your
obedient servant,
���Acting Deputy Minister of Labor.
_  I
'  -    ,
%\       ���    aa aajajaS �� . T     r * ft * >
Grand Trunk  Pacific   and
to the findings of a Royal        Bvery dty official wants an offi-
n that In 1897 Investigated del automobile   now.     Since   the
conditions of construction camps chief Of the fire department is  al-
tiie line of the   Crow'.   Neat leged to, be using the official auto-
railway, mobile of hie department for   pleas-
In reply, I am Instructed to Itate ant Sunday excursions   around   the
the minister hss noted the eon- boulevards    for   his    family,    and
ta of the resolution of your conn- friends, they all want to   also   in-
and will bring to the attention of creaaes the "efficiency" of their de-
the proper   authorities   the   various partments "for the city's good."���S.
suggestions contained therein. D. Herald.
In the meantime, I am directed to
at Sydney mines In the works and
mine, of the Nova Scotia Steel and
Coal company. The men naked- IK
per cent Increase In wages and the
management states that if any of
their men receive increases there
will have to be a general re-adjust-
ment of wages. The company em*
ploy. 3,000 men.
cee en 1 anted
*    Ifo
A little pecuniary transaction
taken place between Jlmmle and til.
"Ton might Just as well glee m.
the other nickel," Jlmmle said.
"Mlnale'U only waste; It She onto
bar money in the bank right away. I
bar thing, with mine."
--���   ���' '~~~ fe
The    Pennsylvania
BMC Label
printing office for the purpose of
turning out Bin. label advertising
matter. AH kinds of label advertising matter will be handled and the
R. P. MBTTIPIBCK, proflta, If there are any, will go for
Western Canada Organiser for I. T.    an organisation fund    to   be   used
U. and Labor Congress of Canada,    among the Pennsylvania cigarmakers.
���! m\ ^-V-.'Hiaia1.   ���-" !TT
j- ...
.-'':>  ^ ' *�����
  ��� >Mm&
���    ' "
i -
Brawn Bros. & Co.. Ltd.
m Haetinga St. E.
Phone A 81S1      Phone 988
. - - -
An exchange publishes the following as to the  manner In  which a
labor union can be  rendered   weak^
and heipi
"Send your dues In by a brother.
"Sneak evil of your union when'
ever there is an opportunity.
"Threaten to leave yonr union
disobey its laws if It does'nt do j
a. yon would hare It.
"Never attend meeting
there la no other place to go or to
save a fine.
"Be rare to tell everyone yon meet
��� m .' * .SSJiaW^-ii:'-      . . \
��wt�� rs����� * an**? tateV'taa*!
���    _. ^   Vjl
Grocre   for
other.   They are th* Vest
��������*&�� ���     ���...   .   nm
<        "  I. ���'
Whin Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades
i 3=
"Un test
1 "'""��" '���
me wono are round hi Canada and united States.
ra .i/f nr <���*:*   ���   ���
Now there Is no doubt thi. la largely due to tbe splendid work
of the Trade. Unions, but surely some IIUe trend of praise is due to
tbe fact that In no other countries In the World has clothes making
reduced to such a science
, We will be doubted when w. claim trat BeaBiirry Brand Cloth-
bag is the high water mark of thi. art. but we believe we can prove
it If yon will give .ue an opportunity.
613   'rramnlh St.
..   .
" i  * -
lembership of Over  Four   Haadrrd
nnherimti for Trades t ni<>n.��t
la a Body.
���From thai date every member of
Streetrallway Employee.' Union.
which Include,  all   the   traflc   employees of the B. C. Electric Railway
���Company In Vancouver, will receive
"n copy of the Tradea Unionist, their
union having subscribed in a body at
their  last regular   meeting.     The
Typos., Cigarmakers,  Federal  Labor
Union and Barbers' Union are already
In line with tbe 400 members of the
Streetrailwaymen.    Other,  have the
matter under consideration, and  by
I next Issue it Is likely that some of
the Building Trade.' Unons will be
represented In title respect.   A Trad a*
E:     Unionist correspondent is to be provided for, and In future the activities
of   the    Streetrallway     Employees'
Union will   be   recorded   In   these
��� columns.   Next?
Members of organised labor In
Vancouver can assist the Label agitations In Vancouver by leaving all
non-labelled prlted matter at Labor
hall.   Ihe printers will do the rest.
A man can not be a brilliant light
Mr. Han I tain (Saskatchewan) says
and go out every night.
he has no use Tor free school books
because they spread disease. Paper
money haa ths same fault.���Leth-
brldge Herald. f
May Bay was observed In Paris
.by large meetings in various quarters
of the city,.at which orators denounced the exploitation of workmen
by the capitalist class, after which
resolutions In favor of an eight-hour
law and the continuation of the social
revolution were adopted. The authorities forbade the street man! festatio
planned for tbe day on   the   boule-
F WHS    I .: .  I* .
W .despread will be tba regrea ahta
the rr.wa la promulgated of the d*i.u
���if Joseph Henry Watson, known to
hii hundreds of friends and acquaint-
a teas aa "Joe" who, in early day.
<���** in the forefront la all undertakings for the promotion of the trades
urioaa movement. Mr. Wateeevhaa
of late year, been n -dark In the
custom, department, but before that
aa a delegate from the Boilermakers he was a prominent member
of the Trade, and Labor Council. He
also took a deep interest In politic.
and waa a "wheel-horse" In the Liberal party.
The deceased, who waa born in
England 54 years ago. resided at
1015 Howe street, and leaves n wife
and six children. He haa been In
Vancouer for 88 yean. Death came
very suddenly, as the deceased waa
at work aa usual the day preceding
death. The Tradea Council charter
will be draped as a token of past
Restaurant on  European  Plan
Strictly First-class Cafe
Everything Neat and Clean
Open Bay and Night
Diet. S4j L A.
of M.. now��g#aawWB Represent ive of Union in Negotiations
with the C P. R. Co.
After a man ban levelled off aev-
f lager
The interprovlncial convention of
the Socialist party in British Colum-
tia and Alberta was held la the
Miuers' Hall. Fernie. commencing on
Saturday, May 23. A large number
of delegates were present from both
provinces. The proceedings at the
opening were mainly coneerced wit i
the .appointment of committee, on
credential and procedure, And receiving assessments, opening speeches,
etc.      - '"��� '*
The proposal that the party obtain possession of the Western Clarion waa'warmly adopted, and a com:
mittee nominated to submit proposals to th. management of the
paper. It was decided to send B. T.
Klngsley, editor of the Western Clarion/to Calgary on May 87, and to
Winnipeg on May 28. Thereafter he
will bd at the disposal of the Ontario provincial executive during the
political campaign in progress there.
He will then go to Quebec.
The beat method of spending the
party'a funda caused a good deal of
discussion, but method, satisfactory
to_nll present were recommended and
adopted, to be ratified by a referendum vote. A notable feature arrived
at waa the decision to el\ back at
those employers who allegedly make
The world doesn't respect a
who haa no respect for himself.
.- :/*.
4 ���   - #
At a meeting recently of the executive committee of London Society of
Compositors, which ban a membership
of over 12,000. it waa decided to send
n delegation of English printers to
confer with the International Typographical Union .of. America at. the
convention of the latter In Boston
next August.
Paironiztog Our Advertizers
tor Jue-
in a capitalist court is aa nope.
aa a traveller looking for water
to mention the Trades Untenist PW��.��^-^.��-��aaB_B_B.----"
Union men agitate tor the   eight* f. J ,j*��r ijiU'lillwr: IlilliuT^IUtj
hcur day��� J    The Methodist Ministers* Assocla-
.   Because of the pre.set long-hour tion of Chicago, held  a stormy  sea-
da v many are unemployed,   and the slon on April 7, and. after  a bitter
man on the street fixes the   wage, debate, pass id a set  of rvaiolutiou***
paid to the man at work.        �� calling for the appointment of a corn-
Labor saving machinery   haa   la- mittee   to   investigate   the  Western
c eased the producing    capacity    of Methodist Book Concern's attitude to
workmen, who in justice should be af- fighting against the Eight-hour day.
forded leisure. The firm haa been on the unfair Hat
It would give greater opportunity of organised labor since the strike of
for social and  educational develop- the Typographical Union two years
meat* ago.    James W. Kline, of the Black-
It would raise the standard of llv- smiths' and Helpers' Union, said that
ing, upon which prosperity depends. Methodism had suffered among union
It would promote an   Independent men because of the action of the book
spirit, which is lacking in overworked concern.    /
people.                                                                    yrsjf	
It would build up tradea   unions,     aj*   UNPLEASANT   RBALIZA.
and concentrated effort, la the law of
success In the militant world of industry.
j It would give men a chance to get
acquainted with their families.
It would promote temperance by
removing the desire for stimulants,,
which comes from long hours of labor.
It would make better citisens by
. giving the citisens more time to understand their duties.���Gray. Harbor
Soon Force
Market   May
Kind of
An advertisement for strike-breakers in New York the other day
brought such e rush of applicants
that the police had to be called out
to maintain order. The Incident I.
significant of labor conditions across
the border. These men did not like
to net aa strike-breakers; they just
had no work.���Calgary Herald.
See Our 9few
Summer Suits
AT f 10.00. $12.80 AND $15.00
New straw hats $1 to $S
Balbrlggan underwear, per ault
��� *    **0   . * * a  ������*es**e**eW BfJrJPf
Light wool underwear, peg,
I* to ��� * �����
We carry onion made over
alia and gloves.
���   ���        _____
e-^Pej  aaaiwaJM^*   oa���    a*.
Being Made Ready for the Workers'
Work la to be commenced immedi-
Slave driving methods; tyrannical
and a system of espionage
.--    i
��� V
Union Hats, Glomes
BO Cordova Street
Vancouver, B. 0,
ately oa the upper storey of the west which Is carried on by special polio,
wing of the parliament buildings, to keep the workers.in aubjeetion at the
addition which is rapidly approaching um of Chicago.   Hunger Is the lash
completion.    The new storey 1. to wWel ^m. ^   workwt  to   ^
_?aaanLv     * oomma* wetaa����t. t^k*   They are hired without con-
Workingmen are bo busy attending    with kitchen   accommodations   and tract of any sort, are forced to pay
.a..   -a.-i_   -_  liv __-_ _1 tv_          T.HvHt��  itlnfnaf   NMMI -_.          . _                              ,^            .   ���WV^��   W    Ymf
nam for alleged carelessness at the
to the affairs of othsrs that they have   Prtreto dBu^ roonie.
little time and leas energy, left to
look after their own interest., pertl-
remarks    the Philadelphia
Union News.
discretion of the foreman, and any
attempt at organisation ia blocked by
the efforts of two special policemen
wmt *
-ir J
Ton had aa well pick a fight with
a monkey, or a dog, or a snake, or a
viper, as to notice the Insults of every
man who brave.
The Calgary Trades and Labor %?**����?* 0^^rmWlt
Council will discuss the matter of
sending a delegate to the Halifax
convention of the Trades and Labor
Congress of Canada at their June 15
meetig; an example which should be
followed by all central bodies in the
Canadian West without delay.
About the only   time   the   state
shows  any  Inclination   to  help the
| juvenile Is after it has developed
"criminal" proclivities.
$��%&k. ���'. ���' ��������� ���     ���    ?.���;������>-.;& im*-   ����� . f��
~ "~* '-���    '���   Y
���i .' ���        '���  ���       i
Thousands Wear
. ____    -. . M,_
. t m
1 '
.   .
places are being flUed by men
from outside points, and. they are
now seeking to return to their old
"1"    "
 r,���r: rr
Made-to-order, made-to-flt, made-
to-measure, made-to-satisfy. Union
men should wear Union Made
Clothes, if they want the best. Our
Clothes are right Onr prices are
right.    Leave your measure with us.
'   T
Mills Company
BBS Heating. St.
ims** .41
ng Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist
'V:. ��� ������>������ ��� '
...   '
.    . ...
��� "
if  .'"���
��� ���* , $35fl��,
who Is sincere In his union-
lam can be supplied with
clothes here from Hat to
Socks. ,#
r ���
Union Label
is a matter of principle with
us, therefore we keep a full
���took of���
,    V  v __
Union Hats
Union Suits
Union Shirts
Union Sock.
Union Overalls
Union Smocks
Union Suspenders
���   ���        ��� _
We draw your attention to
this In your own paper.  Show
us our principle is justified.
,. ���*>
iwii.<waBaimftar^ivaatWimirw-iMiw-Wi��irini)iiiiaaawmaiiiiiiiii>aV'. ifliMii<UJl.it-iHi.mlli^l_iS..' .
��� -f.". pj-! ��>a> '��� hnit ���������-
15, received three application, for
Board of Conciliation under the
Lemieux Act The employee, of the
Acadia Coal Company of Westvilie,
700 and 800 In number respectively,
nominate Charles M. Taner. M. L. A.,
aa their representative. Station
freight clerk, of the Intercolonial
railway at Halifax and St John have
also applied for a board.
91 Hastings St.
Opposite Tram Office
.... ..
  i m pmj4mimmm*mmm*~*m*t'
1: .,;
I am traveling to tile
tbe Dominion to get ..^
a strictly Union Cigar and
made in Vancouver.
Tg.i'vrjir.'-'.T. .;:v. ������:������������rw.itatt;
.#   taTCUUUieaf
82   Water  St,.
��������� !   '��� '      =
t f, ,
��:a ��r
Secretary Thoa.   Dunbavaad,   780
Hawk, avenue, report, a membership
of sixty-four; rate of wages $8, eight The Olhdetone, B. C, local of the RBGINA printers* NEW 8C
hours, four hours on Saturday.   But ^ted Mine Workers, Is building a
rriTe��.oar.r^r: %��$&^*t# ^sSiSSTSs
berthlp building Is now in course of Write- h*** *m*miul In negotiating a wage
       . tion, the whole of tiie work   being *��*.�� and working conditions for the
carried out on the" day-labor plan, enrolng twelve month..    The   chief
Several unfortunate and not a few Tne building will have   .tores   for alteration was the advance of the job
._ 1jPS1
fatal accidents have been    reported    renting on the ground floor, and also     compositor.' sealsi from/ $15 to |18
from the Crows' Nest valley district    a billiard room, and a theatre with    P** weefc-^Thla concession was made
during the past month. Up to the
hour of going to pros, there is no evidence of any of the mine-owner,
having been Injured; except one,
whose pleasure yacht went wrong
and had to be towed in port. "The
risks of captlal" are something
a seating capacity of 800.    Smaller    by the employing printers of the city
halls will be located   on   the   next
without dispute.
leading Questions Which   Apply   to
AB IjocmUtkOX
Jhrery woman   who   believe,   in
trade, unions; every woman who ia
Sixteen British trade, union., with
opposed to child labor; every woman    a membership of 300,000 are support
who believe, that eight hour, should
constitute a day's labor; every women who believes that all labor should
be done under sanitary conditions;
every woman who wants to do soma-
thlng to help the working people to
gain a higher plane of living; every
woiean who wants to keep the chll-
Hjjin.of the working people In school
ids-end of forcing   them   Into   the
vorkshop, thus making a better citi- The reason the average worklng-
zi., a hlghr moral standard, should man.gets excited over an election Is
jo*n In the Union Label campaign because It won't make any differ-
av 1 work to gain these condition. once to him how It comes out.
Ing a movement to establish a one-
cent eight-page dally newspaper in
the Interests of labor. Its title Will
be the Morning Herald. The parliamentary committee of the Trades
Union congress will manage the venture. The suggested capital Is
8500,000. What about the T. and L.
C. of Canada.
"Did you attend the laat meeting
of your union?"
"And why not?"
"Because I went out to have a good
'And did you have a good time?"
*.On..:\     ,,    ;,..m     ...    ,.;-.<> .,; .jf,
'You got full?"
"And spent your money?
"Yes���two dollars and a half."
"Are you clear   on   your   union
"Not quite."
Mat    A
Ir-revr��� p���~"
"Do yon buy the paper that
f.rdf your interests?"
AaaaMBMaaaeaaaAl     Dill.Aral     aaaaal
LOfiimerciai billiard ana
He called her Lily, Pansy, Rose.
And every other flower of spring.
Said she:  "I cant be all of those.
So you must Li-lac everything!" ;
If your Interests?"
Would what you .pent the othei
night dear you on the union books
and pay your subscription., ,fpr,,year
ialm^naperr        ..*-:.,,.>/Ml '.��lH&|
"I guess it would." r I .���
A man haa reached Seattle   who
has traveled 104.000 miles in search
of a wife. When looking for trouble union man?"���Peterson Labor Stan
seme men care nothing for distance, dard...���>w,-t*bM . ���>- ��� ���^���-.- l
������: 1  .. 1���  .'M%i33?
"The fellow who tsiee
without ai
who thro
a silent kiss in the dark.   He knows whoa, while a good many of the rest
what he ia doing, but nobody dee are busy strewing banana peels along
does."���W. J.' Bryan. the 11|dr of-maTlih^^rnV Philistine.
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to- Mention the Trades Unionist
.,��� a. v ��� ���. =
UTflOaflBT, ���.
���   .
923 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C.
By W. R. Trotter, Relegate from the
Trades Congress of Canada la
the Labor Leader of May 8.
. Much haa been said during the past
few months on the subject of emigration; and the issuance by the
Salvation Army of a circular in their
own defence leads us to pen a few
lines on the situation without resorting to tempting details.
The Salvation Army has drifted
until It has become an exceedingly
useful adjunct to the method, usually employed for exploiting the worker. Every Salvation Army officer is
a recruiting sergeant for international
capital. The further the eye. of the
worker can be directed from "things
visible," the more desirable as an unmurmuring slave will he be ' in the
eyes of the overseas employer.
Workers'   Resentment   and   Employers' Praise.
The workers of Canada are beconi
loroughiy aroused to the evil of
tuatlon which is being created
continual    Interference   of
then, people and the disturbance of
those conditions relating 10 the law of
supply and demand which their operations are bound to bring about.
Whatever may be their pretensions,
the country which becomes the scene
of these set I vi ties ss wholesale Importers of human freight will ultimately and quickly become a good
country to stay out Of, for UO Improvement in the position of the
worker will be possible; and It is
because of this fact that the figureheads'of the movement are now carried around In saloon ears and feasted
snd feted by the employing corporations until they Imagine themselves
to be divinely appointed agents for
the cure of human ills. The people
who are lauding them In Canada and
elsewhere are not such fools; they
realise the usefulness of a combination which can deliver wholesale the
particular kind of human goods they
want���1. e., "those with eyes from
earth remote"���so thst the game of
further exploitation will not be hindered, as It most assuredly will be unless s disturbbing of economic conditions (such ss accomplished by the
Salvation Army) can be brought
Testimonials and Rig Cheques.
The army has been circularising
the press, and It Is noteworthy that
In seeking testimony they quote the
secretaries of the Manufacturers'
Association. Solicitation for the needs
of the man at the bottom is supplanted by an overwhelming desire
to satisfy the men at the top, from
whom big cheques may come. The
cruel part about the whole business
is that such operations are made pos-
sib'e only because they are "sick led
over" with the odor of sanclty.
Methodists In Honest Revolt.
The army claims an international
standing which enables it to better
assist the workers. Let me say that
the Salvation Army will never have
an organisation in Canada anything
���tfV ': t^'. ��� '
Boot and Shoe
246 Summer St. Boston,
That the best made shoes���the shoes
made under the best manufacturing
"itions,  the shoes that best stand
bear the  Union  Stamp   as
ere with.   ���   ii>;_;a..i
ask your dealer for .union Stamp abaca, and if he
cannot aupply you WRITK
ajsAti.     I
- ' **    '     ' a V "a*>
We are showing the very Latest Novelties In Men's. Boys' and
Children'. Nothing. We carry the largest stock In the Province
for  your   Inspection  and  the  PRICES ARR RIGHT.
Union made Overalla ami Jumpers always kept In stock.
Clubb (8b vStewart
Telephone 702.
800 to SIS Hastings St. W.
������   -
approaching to that of the Methodist
church; yet It will never be said of
this church that it stopped to play
such a game as that now.carried on
by the organisation which would be
more fitly called "The Emigration
Army." In fact, it is significant that
the Home Mission department of the
Methodist church of Canada has sent
a warning circular over to Britain
speaking, among other things, of the
"congestion of the labor market," and
this at the same time that the Salvation Army is advertising in almost
every Old Country paper for emigrants. The work of tne Salvation
Army in Canada compnred to the
Methodist church is utterly insignificant, and at this time the contraiy action speaks volumes, for it helps to
show that the commercialism of the
Salvation army has utterly warped the
judgment and outlook of thosa responsible for its direction, and they
sre prepared to carry on this or any
other scheme in tbe lace of fact and
circumstance, provided only that it
rhall be profitable to the promoters.
Profits and "Thicker Soup/'
If it were not for the fact that they
are now in the shipping business
wholesale, and apparently possessed
of the determination to continue in
it whether results are good, bad or
indifferent���If they return a profit,
then to-day and all through this last
winter the Salvation Army officers
would have been found declaiming
against the evils of transferring people to a land where so many. were
of taking their stand with the more
honest religious societies, we have
their responsible Canadian. leader,
"Commissioner" Coombs, actually
adding insult to Injury by telling the
people in Glasgow that "it is better
to be unemployed In Canada than unemployed In England, because the
soup Is thicker."
?j-:* Huxley's Forecast
We are led to remember a state-,
ment of I^easor Huxley In 1880:
"Who Is to say." asked he, "that the
Salvation Army, in tbe year    1880a
shall not be a replica of what the
Franciscan order had become In the
yaar 1260 ?" The description of this
order Is that within thirty years of the
death of St. Francis they had become
"one of the most powerful, wealthy,
and worldly corporation. In Christendom, with their fingers in every sink
of political and social corruption, If
so be profit for the order could be
fished out of it."
Huxley'8 forecast is 18 year.'old,
and with 12 years for further develop-
mant' on present lines they ought to
make an Interesting comparison In
view of the situation as it even now
reveals itself.
Under the auspices of the Cigarmakers' Union, No. 486 and the Bartenders' Union No. 784, a smoker was
given In Eagles' hall to union men of
New Westminster last Wednesday
week. The committee. In charge provided a programme of songs and instrumental selections. A bumper
crowd was present and quite an Impetus given to the organised labor
movement of the Sockeye Royal City.
The Supreme Court at Lethbridge,
Alta., has awarded Joseph Tinsley
$3,152.80 damage, for a broken leg,
received in an accident at the mine
of the Canadian West Coal Co., Taber,
Alta ' ���    "'
Wholesale a Retail O.al.rt
nil ���
BaVS      -.
KIMSa  e e
.     T>,.���    ,..���,.       ...
ij6 Cordova St Tel. 684
' 1   i   '
: v*-$l
���t    ' :
1  "; .'
;'  .
i      ���.
;  ���
. J.
"��� "Mil"."      " "
'"  ��� '"I1" ���"  * ,'!' ���������������������aa���a���aa������*����_������
See that this Label
.. is on every box .-.
a���i-a \\
See that this Label
i oa ai.ua- PAPtal    %
.��� is on every box...
*>hi i<
Hand Made
The members of Local No. 357, of the Cigarmakers' International Union of America, want all Union men to assist in combatting
the evils of eastern child-labor sweat-shops, by increasing their local
membership of well-paid eight-hour day men to at least 300.   By
simply demanding that the above Union Label, (printed on blue paper)
is on every cigar box, this can be easily accomplished.
Best tobacco grown used in their manufacture; not made in dirty
disease-breeding shops, but in clean and attractive local premises.
i  i.
....    ; gr*i imtt- .
Well Made
���  ..  .-
��� ��� f.-Y** ���
- '        M>
.**���������   ��� ��%-.NfV  I '-v����w
��� ,,(^T,
i-V.,v-'w.      > - -. -    *.      .   ��� "
Cigarmakers spend their money where they make it.
S3t" '
g Our Advi
rt Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist
���ee���� iet.^j.i<f^'��i^^ie��iw>a>qf��'���- 'f^Y    t-Hiipn'l
��� %��� -A $&���;
.. is on every box ..
aa. ��� vvf.?v,,;
���if ' ,JI
.. is on every box...
��� '-AfiftJl |' ���
f fc*J.
���'i ������-���
1 he members of Local  No.  357, of the Cigarmak*
national Union of America, want all Union men to assist in c<
the evils of eastern child-labor sweat-shops, by increasing their local
membership of well-paid eight-hour day men to at least 300.    By
simply demanding that the above Union Label, (printed on blue paper)
is on every cigar box, this can be easily accomplished.
Best tobacco grown used in their manufacture; not made in dirty
disease-breeding shops,  but  in clean and attractive local  premises.
;   -'.   (
��� ������   ti' .' .'?
���St..   .
��� nil.
.... :$���*.���,
��� i i
' :'���>
.   ,
itoiiA mhdiifiVrin :���-
.  ���*
', --''i. "�����*.*' *���',, ��i.fr-*
 1 :	
e ...
(Si: ���'...
r    Cigarmakers spend their money where they make it.
'      ������������':.:��� ..'���.: ,<..Vv4-*r
���������.a���11���pmmm���a������i���   i
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist.
������ E
1 I"
���      J"   ��� "      I.
'���: '
'   ,i��   1     '
��� I �������    ".    i
_ ^olinston, Kerfoot
Jm>   Iter?*
y km
akmn^mm   AAmenyn^Mma   Vf*)nvKmAmm��� e    ���e^"%^#V ���^���saaa.   gaeflalaaay   ^^#V^/f^avOv^aVe
Ban    i SJ       anawpi ������a'^^aaaw���a�����w^aa������aaw^aa���^�����
" L*\r
A district board meeting; for district
No. 18. U.M.W. of A. was la session
at Per||le last week.      Considersb
Important business waa done.    On
pf the Important question, dlscu
wa�� the Michel strike.    Thn following were present: ���.,
P. R Shera^. PreaMeet.
J. R. Calvin, Vice-president.
J. A. Macdonald, Secretary Treasurer
Thee. Biggs, sub. dlst. No.l. Fernie.
*�����    Ua.
Frank Scott, sub. dlst. No. 8,
Frank, Alt*.
D. L. Miller, sub. dlst. No. t.
Taber, Alta. ; \
investigate a��d buy voir clothe, from the
store that bandies union-made clothe..
We carry label, oa all oar goods.
Sol Agents for
V   ��. .. ���
Council   Representatives  on
���Tttbercalosls  Society   Hxecn-
in   Hecurlug
ailing Bate   of Wage.**   for
8,000 Sanitarium at Trau-
Fagan. provincial hea'th Inspector,
will start la oa a canvassing . trip
thi. month and hopea to secure the
balance required.
The. matter of engaging a permanent business agent and secretary
was dscussed by the commttee at
length, as It was felt that Dr. Fagan
W. H. Donlap. sub. diet. No. 4.
Bankhead, Alta.
Thoa. E. James, dhtt organiser,
Edmonton, Alta.
Alex. Susnar, International organ-
lesr, Edmonton, Alta.
The Allied Printing Tradea Conn-
�� ' ;>
A meeting of the general executive was too busy a public man to give th*    ell proposes to get out a local Labor
committee of tbe Anti-Tuberculosis institution and society the  attention    aTxd Label directory and devote the
Society of British Columbia waa held it so clearly required.   However, the
In Dr. Proctor*, office, Vancouver, on matter was left to the next  reguiar
the evening of May   29.        .    ��� t '   ' meeting of the executive, when the- e
Plans were submitted by Architect Jwlll probably be some change. In
Dalton for the proposed new sani- this respect. i
tartan, at Tranquille lake, to icost It was gleaned during the meet-
something like $76,0Q0 when, com- ihg that at present five Chinamen are
pleted, and the architect Instructed engaged by the management in the tne Tanana (Alaska!, branch of the
to complete the specif .cations and cooking and laundry department.. Western Federation of Miner, and
call for tender, at one. This will be remedied as soon as the   ���***�� ��* **��� miners' organ there,
The Tradea Council representative new building, are completed,   when   has 06en convicted of criminal libel
oh the hoard succeeded In getting a it Is; thought the difficulty of keep*   to the United States   Commissioners'
������prevailing rate of wage" clause  in- ing white help may   be   minimised' ..eiwrt for editorial attack,   on   the
sorted, and no tenders, will be award- somewhat.    All other work  is done   Tanana club, a leading social organi-
net revenue to-the label campaign
fund.. The proposal has been authorised by the Trades and Labor Council.
William E.  Priestly, secretary    of
ed until the full committee again
considers them, when It will be made
.are that no non-union firm secure,
the contract If at all possible.
' There are over twenty patients at
e present sanitarium, and when .the
building la completed there' will
accommodation for about sixty,
ich will still be entirely inadequate
meet the requirement, of this
_vince. \\
The B. C. gjrrexnment is   liberally
tion, and thoaais
n sight for  the
ent I m&Wffifc
by white labor, including mill, farm,
building, etc.
Dr.. Stephens, Underbill, Proctor,
Fagan, and a Victoria member of tha
finance committee, were present, beside. R. P. Pettipiece, representing
the Vancouer Trade, and Labor
Council, and Mayor Gordon of Kam-
loops, an active Interior director,
the latter presiding. i
The next meeting will be called
when the tenders are ready for consideration by the executive hoard..
sat Ion of Fairbanks.
)���       '     i   "aim
: ��� i.   .
��� ��aa^aaaa.
a a       ..... ��� e
e a ,
**��. Aaneta   4��,400.ooo
��� ���
Five Branches In Vancouver.
Seventeen Branches la British  Columbia.
' igs Bank
Aft all    Branches
en the
of Accounts.
A monkey can be trained' to act
like a man, but man, baring superior
intellect, can act   like   a   monkey
The Socialists announced  on May wlthoat training.���Labor
22   that   Leo.   T. English,   of  the '.f   "     ; .'
Typographical Union,   and   one   of Contrary to general belief, cigarette
their members, will be a candidate smoking does not injure the brain;
for Port Arthur  In   the ' provincial ' people with brains do not use   them.
elections.���Daily press dispatch.
���-. ���
~- MM
p. Mcelroy,
Nicely furnished rooms
first-class dining room In con*
Vancouver, B. C
The law passed by the Canadian
parliament for the compulsory Investigation of controversies between
workmen and employers is subject to
much adverse criticism. It Is still too
young in Its operations to admit of
Justified final judgment.���Amercan
it   '
Grind Our Own
Do yon belong to a lodge or h
secret society? Do they nee
nnlon label on ^air printta*? If they
don't, find oaJ^r||r^l If there Is
no good excuse, have a motion put
before the meeting to instruct the
secretary to have the Union Label
put on all printing.
We have Worh Room Fitted Up With the^Best
Grinding Plant in the West.
���������'���*rlBt ^W*        A.     mIbT    aC '
fc.��. _������
Jeweler, and Optician*,
60* Hastings St W.
111 '"'       ii
When Patronizing Our Advertizers Don't Forget to Mention the Trades Unionist
irii.rili   iliil, ������! ,���";������,,' ,__M---MiiJiul��aae


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